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If There’s No War On Christmas, Why Do Multinationals Ban the Word In U.S. But Not In U.K.?
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See also: Yes, Virginia (Dare), There Is A War On Christmas—Here’s Twenty Years Of Proof! Editor Peter Brimelow writes: I’ve fallen behind in my War On Christmas roundups, because it’s our fundraising season (all U.S. charities get the great bulk of their donations between Thanksgiving and New Year, very nerve-wracking), because I now have small children, and because Political Correctness has now attacked so damn much else (exactly as we predicted) that we can’t keep up. Wikipedia still credits me with sparking Resistance to the War On Christmas (for now—its entry on me recently deleted my mildly dramatic personal life, presumably because it was too humanizing). I am mortified to see that last comprehensive roundup of the then-nine phases that this interesting cultural harbinger has been through was here Announcing ‘s 2016 War Against Christmas Competition! —And Reminding President Trump That This War Can Be Stopped By Federal Legislation.

Needless to say, Trump, although obviously aware in some visceral sense of the power of this cultural issue, actually did nothing. Hope to get back to this shortly. Now back to Mr. Anti-Humbug:

I wanted to contribute again this year to’s War Against Christmas coverage, by bringing to your attention the meticulous nature of how corporate advertisers and marketers across the board carefully delineate two separate “December celebrations”, depending on which side of the Pond you are on.

As your contributor James Fulford has repeatedly pointed out The Economist magazine has a “Christmas Double Issue” in Britain—but a “Holiday Double Issue” in the States.

For example: The ECONOMIST’s Holiday Double Issue Is A Christmas Double Issue In Asia, Africa And The Middle East

Another one: Once Again, The ECONOMIST Joins The War On Christmas In America, While Denying It Exists

This isn’t an isolated incident unique to one corporation. In fact, it happens virtually across the board within companies that run both US and UK operations simultaneously. It seems there’s some unwritten rule amongst corporate marketers that any time a reference to the “December celebratory period” is mentioned for a US-centered market, the word “Holiday” must be exclusively used, whereas for UK or other markets, the expected and normal word “Christmas” is used.

Here are some examples from this year:

  1. Tiffany USA vs UK (see also: A page where Tiffany talks about how Andy Warhol worked for them from 1957-1962, where the only surviving use of the word “Christmas” on the US site as part of a direct quote from Warhol himself)
  2. Apple US vs UK (notice wording specific to Christmas throughout, including “stockings”)
  3. Etsy US vs UK (this one’s particularly egregious, they even opted for incorrect grammar in the US version by stating “get a headstart on holiday” instead of “get a headstart on Christmas”)
  4. Disney US vs UK (the US store even has a “Hanukkah” section, but the word “Christmas” is never used for the Christmas items at all)

Even when it comes to Santa Claus, who is a character exclusive to Christmas and Christian tradition, American corporations are refusing to use the word “Christmas” in association with him, at least in the US versions of their marketing.

Take for example Google’s annual “Santa Tracker”, where the US version of the site expunges ANY mention of “Christmas”, but the British version uses either “Christmas” or “Festive” instead:

It isn’t even only Google removing the “Christmas” from Santa. NORAD’s decades-long tradition of “tracking Santa” also refuses to use the word Christmas, including on Christmas Day when wishing its followers a happy day on social media:

Unfortunately, since NORAD doesn’t have a “British equivalent”, we can’t know whether they’d have restored the use of Christmas when referring to the Christmas tradition of Santa, on Christmas, for the UK! What a joke!

Contrast the lack of “Christmas” in American advertising to other things that favor Leftists. Every year in America, we are barraged with a seemingly endless parade of “Gay Pride” marketing, advertisements, and other intrusions…yet strangely, unlike with Christmas, American companies seem to have no concern whatsoever that people who are not “part of the LGBT+/Alphabet community,” and may even regard it as perverted and sinful, will feel excluded by such marketing. We don’t see the word “Gay Pride” replaced with “Sexual Preference of Choice Pride”, or the word “LGBT” replaced with “LGBT and Straight People” to be inclusive.

This is similar to the Black Lives Matter movement, where being “inclusive” by saying that not only Black, but ALL Lives Matter is seen as a racist insult, despite being in exact opposition to the so-called logic marketers use at Christmas.

The fact that the word “Holiday” can so easily be replaced with “Christmas” in the UK advertising, without changing so much as anything else, proves that the advertising and marketing is about Christmas, but they just refuse to use the word—that dirty word, which contains the name that goes against everything they are pushing for in this fallen world—”Christ”.

This Christophobia is striking, as both the U.S. and the U.K. overwhelmingly celebrate Christmas, it is by far the most popular holiday in both countries, and America has contributed innumerable Christmas traditions to the canon over the last few hundred years. Both are Western countries with a Christian and European character and heritage.

There are certainly Jews, Muslims, and so on in the United States, but there are also Jews, Muslims, and so on in the United Kingdom. So what’s the difference here?

For whatever reason, America seems to be the fount of this a Cultural War Against Christmas, down to the very mention of it in an exclusive manner.

Bah, Humbug! Merry Christmas to all readers!

Mr. Anti-Humbug [Email him] has been a contributor to our War Against Christmas Coverage for years.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Parallel to this story, I was watching some shows on tv yesterday about archaelogical digs in Egypt and finding mummies from before Christ to after him. But did they use the traditional B.C. and A.D.? No, B.C.E. and C.E. (Before Common Era and Common Era, whatever the f*ck that means). But, it struck me, anything that can be done to erase Christ will be done.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  2. Christmas is turned into a celebration of Santa Claus and gifts, not a word about Jesus Christ.

    • Agree: René Fries
  3. anything that can be done to erase Christ will be done

    No, it will not. Simply because in order to erase Christ and all he stand for, those marketeers and their ilk would have to erase themselves first. I have written about the matter more than once, for instance “… without the Catholic church, nobody currently living wouldn’t even exist…”, , therein a mention of “the evolution leading to the ‘Neuzeit’ of which I’ve sufficiently spoken elsewhere, you may look at and every link therein mentioned”.

  4. @Clark Kent

    whatever the f*ck that means

    … in German, I’ve encountered v.u.Z. [“vor unserer Zeitrechnung / before our era (lit.: time calculation”)] which is yet more ridiculous, because “u.Z.” is based upon – you name it.

  5. anarchyst says:

    I can remember when those jews who touted “separation of church and state” pushed their agenda to the extreme–instituting lawsuits against municipalities who chose to allow Christmas displays on public property. The lawsuits were numerous, from big-city displays to small towns-public displays of Christianity were outlawed.
    It’s turned full-circle. Christmas displays are still prohibited on public property while jewish menorahs are cropping up all over the place. Hell, even the White House proudly publicly displayed a jewish menorah.
    Jews no longer couch their hatred of Christianity in legal terms, but are overtly brash and confident in their hatred of Christianity.
    The most repulsive buildings are the “Holocaustianity™ temples” along with their acolytes perpetuating their prayers, damning and blaming all gentiles who did not “just do something”.
    You see, “jewish suffering” is unlike any other and as such, must be memorialized by erecting these taxpayer-funded “jewish freak shows”.
    “Holocaustianity™ temples” have no place anywhere in the world as they are totally based on fraud and deception–two prime jewish traits.
    Taxpayer funding of these “jewish freak shows” adds insult to injury and should be prohibited as it constitutes promotion of one religion over another–expressly forbidden by the First Amendment to the Constitution.
    While we are at it, all of the menorahs placed on pubic property during the “menorah season” should be outlawed as well.

  6. To the Brits, “Holiday Season” is in August when they go down to Spain and show their arses.

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