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I Told You So! Antifa’s Cultural Revolution Enabled By Conservativism Inc’s Stupidity, Cowardice After Charlottesville
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See also: Charlottesville After Two Years: An Alt-History Of What Should Have Happened and Minneapolis Burning: This Happened Because Antifa Weren’t Punished After Charlottesville And Inaugural Riots

The Floyd Hoax riots erupting across the U.S., including in Atlanta tonight, are a direct result of the American Conservative Movement™’s stupidity and cowardice after the 2017 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville VA. In that case, Democrat state and local officials not only failed to prevent the Antifa attack on peaceful protestors (who really were peaceful protestors, unlike Main Stream Media-coddled Floyd Hoax rioters) but actively facilitated it. However, no-one was punished and Conservatism Inc. cheered on the persecution of patriot activists in the aftermath. Now far more people have died than the one (probably accidental) fatality at Charlottesville, and a full-scale Maoist-style Cultural Revolution is rolling across the country. Yet Conservatism Inc. is still sounding retreat. What’s left of the Historic American Nation will have to look elsewhere for its defenders.

I know what happened at Charlottesville because I was there. But, regardless of your politics, no one can look to Charlottesville as an example of how to manage a protest. An independent report, ordered by the city itself, found that then-Charlottesville Police Department Chief Al Thomas, who is black, ordered his officers to “let them [demonstrators] fight” because it would make it “easier to declare an unlawful assembly.”

I find the current “Defund The Police” movement pushed by Leftists particularly ironic because, had there been no police in Charlottesville that day, everyone would have been safer. Patriot demonstrators had created a stable perimeter around the park and were blocking Leftist attacks and flying projectiles with shields. Things only spiraled out of control when the police, who had actually been cheered by the patriot demonstrators who assumed they were coming to secure freedom of speech, launched tear gas and literally drove them into the ranks of Antifa, sparking a wild street brawl. These facts are now not disputed by anyone, Left or Right, although (thanks to the Lying Press) they took time to emerge [Independent Review of the 2017 Protest Events In Charlottesville, Virginia, Hunton & Williams].

However, far from being held responsible, then-Mayor Michael Singer and then-Governor Terry McAuliffe are dining out on their malfeasance. Singer is giving interviews on public radio promoting his new book [In ‘Cry Havoc,’ Former Charlottesville Mayor Details A Tragic Day, by Michel Martin, OPB, June 6, 2020]. McAuliffe has his own book out, Beyond Charlottesville: Taking A Stand Against White Nationalism.

One would think that the Trump Justice Department would have investigated whether the city and Commonwealth’s political leaders made decisions that contributed to injuries and deaths for demonstrators, counter-demonstrators, and spectators. But it has done nothing of the kind. Instead, astonishingly, it worked directly with Antifa to persecute members of the Rise Above Movement, a group that fought back against Antifa.

Even worse, a New York State court sentenced members of the Proud Boys to four years in prison for defending themselves against Antifa in New York City in a fight that lasted just a few seconds. Antifa members refused to work with the police in any way, so there were no “victims” demanding justice. Nonetheless, defying all Leftist political theory I’ve ever read, the forces of statist repression swiftly moved to defend the anarchists against their nationalist foes. Conservatism Inc. cheered this on, with Rich Lowry condemning the “poisonous allure of right-wing violence,” instead telling the movement to rely on “patriotic suburban dads” who will sit at home and watch television. [The Poisonous Allure of Right-Wing Violence , by Rich Lowry, Politico, October 17, 2018]

Republicans who think conservatism is consumerism must now grapple with the fact that almost every major company in America is providing funding to far-Left activists. “Patriotic suburban dads” are now having to conduct armed patrols of their own neighborhoods lest their property be destroyed.

The same journalists and politicians who want to defund the police and praise “peaceful protests” as buildings burn in the background are suddenly worried about “vigilantes.”

Well, if you get rid of the police, what do you think will happen?

There have been a few times over the past few years when various conservatives made noise about investigating antifa. Ted Cruz called for a federal criminal investigation after Andy Ngo was attacked in Portland. Newsmax said the Department of Justice was going to go after Antifa last August (no follow-up).

Most recently, President Donald Trump said he would declare “Antifa” a terrorist organization [President Trump says US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization, KOCO5, May 31, 2020].

It’s unclear whether Trump can actually do this, because the U.S. has no “domestic terrorism” law. Of course, until about a month ago, journalists and nonprofits were demanding the government create one so they could arrest people with the wrong political views [White-Supremacist Violence Is Terrorism, by John Allen, The Atlantic, February 24, 2020]. Just as public protests went from “deadly” to “necessary” when the Narrative switched from COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter, I expect the MSM will go back to supporting a domestic terrorism law when they are confident it won’t be used against their Antifa comrades.

But such a law isn’t really needed to go after Antifa. Federal officers and soldiers kneeling doesn’t quite capture the full-scale refusal of the government to defend its own personnel. Consider:

Simply enforcing existing law would be enough (as with illegal immigration). Yet President Trump is again showing weakness.

The War Between The States began with a Southern attack on Federal property, at Fort Sumter. The anti-Trump cuckservative group The Lincoln Project attacks the president for not being like The Great Emancipator. Well, Old Abe would have called up 75,000 men by now.

The American government is apparently indifferent to destruction of its property, desecration of its symbols, and humiliation of its personnel. So why should American patriots rally to defend it when it has abandoned the Historic American Nation?

More than anything else, that nation needs leadership. But Conservatism Inc. is still sounding retreat. From just the last few days at National Review:

At this point it’s simply insane for Cuckservative Review to maintain this uproar is about police brutality, Confederate statues, or whether “Democrats are the real racists.” This Floyd Hoax movement is against white people, full stop. That’s why it’s so swiftly progressed from Confederate generals, to the Founding Fathers, to Winston Churchill, to Gandhi, to (significantly) the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution. [Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Of The American Revolution Vandalized In Philadelphia’s Washington Square, CBS3 Philadelphia, June 12, 2020]

Yet Conservatism Inc. still can’t summon up the willpower to do anything but surrender—including by destroying one of the few institutions (police unions) that haven’t been entirely co-opted by the left.

“True conservatives” like the appalling Mitt Romney are marching along with the Floyd Hoax movement, apparently oblivious that his own church will soon become a target.

When there was a movement that could effectively oppose what’s happening, even in the streets—the Alt Right—Conservatism Inc. cheered as it became a victim of government repression, thus making current events inevitable.

It’s more than ever clear that the Beltway Right’s purpose is to lose. Worse than that, it’s to prevent nationalists from winning. From the Inauguration on, we’ve been telling Conservatism Inc. what was coming, and they ignored us. One cannot exaggerate their contempt for their own voters.

But perhaps that contempt is justified, given grassroots conservatives’ continued support for elected officials who hate and want to replace them. And unfortunately, because of MSM opposition, creating a viable Third Party may be practically impossible. Many feel, not without reason, that they have no choice but to hold their nose and vote Republican.

Still, after more than a half century of failure, a different approach is needed. Perhaps it’s time what remains of the Historic American Nation to start building an “autonomous zone” of its own.

Of course, once that starts happening, I suspect the timid, knee-taking forces of the state will once again feel free to deploy the iron fist.

It happened to us in Charlottesville. And the Beltway Right cheered.

Now that the anarchy is coming for it too, it’s trying to cut a separate peace. It won’t be successful.

There are answers to the current crisis. But they won’t come from the GOP, Conservatism Inc., or, alas—unless something changes—from the administration of President Donald J. Trump.

Charlottesville Survivor [Email him] is a white man who voted for Trump. The Left hates all white men who voted for Trump, whether they were in Charlottesville or not.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Baxter says:

    ‘Now that the anarchy is coming for it too, it’s trying you cut a separate peace. It won’t be successful.’

    Another way to phrase it would be ‘feeding the crocodile hoping he’ll eat you last.’

  2. The article

    Probably way off. All groups with an agenda should be out there, taking advantage of the cover. Stealth and target focus, Wall Street, Washington, Corporate assets, Gated Communities ins and outs of the powerful. Essential infrastructure, bridges, main roads, airports, train stations, power-supplies, media farms, server farms.

    The real target should be the elites, whatever. By restraining them, the surplus population takes back some bargaining power. The only argument that counts. Being in for the long haul. Young people have all interests at stake. Sorting out the sub-group differences and partitioning, ideology, problems for way later.

    Of course this will not happen, since not(rightfully indicated by the author as to the “conservatives-right-alt-right), …the surplus populations will be contained, confined to their ghettos. What revolution, if the real target, the obscene power players are exempt of any physical risk to their assets! Corona and today, a chance to fight back, or a win for the real enemies!

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  3. fnn says:

    Antifa members refused to work with the police in any way, so there were no “victims” demanding justice.

    Unlike the Right, the Left in the US has a useful historical memory. The organized Left has been refusing to cooperate with police for 100 years or more-though likely there have been some strategic exceptions. IIRC, the 1979 Greensboro Shootout defendants were acquitted in two trials only because the Communists didn’t cooperate with the authorities.

  4. C’ville was a defining moment, where the event clarified the government stance regarding Antifa versus white men, and Antifa won.

    Trump’s DOJ let the Antifa go free, and then sent the white men to jail.

    Trump is a useless shabbos goy cuck sellout moron asshole.

    We now know, with 100% certainty, that Antifa has the full protection of our shitty government.

    We also know, with 100% certainty, that white people have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER.

    The government has lost all legitimacy at this point.

    A lone white guy surfing in Malibu during the lockdown is cause to call the Coast Guard to chase him down and arrest him, while negroes riot and loot and burn and stomp people all over this shitty country and nothing is done about it.

    I am so fed up with all of it it takes alcohol to put me to sleep at night, otherwise I would lay in bed stewing in a fit of hopeless rage.

    • Agree: Icy Blast
    • Replies: @Alma 123
  5. Overall, a decent article, except that Fort Sumter was in the territorial waters of South Carolina, a Confederate State. Gov. Francis Pickens sent commissioners to Washington, D.C., to claim possession of the forts in Charleston Harbor and all other U.S. property in his state. That included Fort Sumter. Virginia called for a peace conference and there were hopes constitutional amendments would resolve the Southern grievances. Instead, Lincoln and the leaders of the Republican Party refused to accept the adjustments that the Southerners demanded. In the meantime, Buchanan sent an unarmed commercial steamer, Star of the West, with supplies and reinforcements to Sumter, but it turned back when it was fired upon in the harbour on January 9, 1861. The Star of the West was entering sovereign South Carolina coastal waters without consent.
    It is important to understand the context of `the United States`. At the time of the Constitution, each state was considered a sovereign entity, which included sovereignty over its coastal waters. Lincoln`s power grab changed the United States forever.

    If Fort Sumter was Federal territory, Kosovo is still part of Serbia, and Gdansk is still part of Germany.

  6. Cops kill white people too. Cops kill white people too. Even if you don’t like blacks. It doesn’t matter. Because cops kill white people too.

  7. One key thing to understand here, re the alt-right or whatever you want to call it – ‘social right’ might be a good replacement term –

    Is that even though there are a million-plus lawyers in the USA, the alt-right is so weak that it could not even muster one aggressive fighting lawyer to make the case for some high-profile Charlottesville victims

    The mentally-vulnerable James Fields, in a panic after a life-threatening attack on him by antifa goons, was left to be railroaded in USA courts by a bogus ‘public defender’ lawyer with corrupt-seeming ties to the local prosecutor mafia and the deep state

    Huge grounds were present for Fields’ acquittal but instead he got 419 years in jail … unlike the mentally aware Jewish woman who hit several people with her SUV when she suddenly got angry, and was only in jail a few weeks

    There are reasons for this lack of a lawyer for the right, in the whole screwy nature of the US legal system, which often disbars and sometimes even jails lawyers who try to fight the system

    But a political movement that cannot muster a single lawyer out of a million people with law degrees, is a fairly sorry-ass affair

    It’s a little weak to whine ‘that Conservatism Inc didn’t defend us’ because they are really a separate group … the more helpful framing is, ‘Why can’t we defend ourselves’

    • Replies: @KenH
  8. KenH says:

    Fields is human and momentarily panicked like anyone would when confronted by a hostile mob. Reverse the races and if those protesters who were illegally occupying the streets were white alt-righters wielding sticks then the black James Fields wouldn’t have seen a day in prison. There would have been riots and violent protests to intimidate the justice system into letting him walk.

    Even if the black James Fields did got to trial and was found guilty he would have seen no more than a couple of years for involuntary manslaughter or would have simply been allowed to plea to that charge unlike Fields who wasn’t allowed to plead to lesser charges. He also received shitty defense counsel and a bigoted jury comprised of left wing shitbirds.

    But a political movement that cannot muster a single lawyer out of a million people with law degrees, is a fairly sorry-ass affair

    It’s truly a pathetic state of affairs. Not only that but virtually all pro-white organizations live hand to mouth and are constantly begging for donations. They can’t get corporate sponsorship since Jewish power has made them radioactive and anyone who might break ranks would be forced to deal with Jewish trained and funded rent a mobs and negative press coverage so this state of affairs will persist until Jewish power is acknowledged, confronted and destroyed.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @schnellandine
  9. @KenH

    Upon a successful outcome to the current troubles, Fields and Dread Pirate Roberts will be two of the first restored to liberty. And Mr. Kaczynski.

    Should have a large list ready.

  10. Alma 123 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Don’t drink. Remember the first rule of survival. Rage directed internally is always worse than rage directed externally. You have the brains to figure a way out of this without harming yourself. Do it. Good luck. 12 step program if you need it.

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