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In Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado the Lord High Executioner sings about the “little list” he is preparing of people who will not be missed when he finally gets around to fulfilling the requirements of his office. He includes “apologetic statesmen of a compromising kind,” indicating that the American frustration with the incompetence of its government is not unique, nor is it a recent phenomenon.

And though think tanks did not exist in Victorian England, I am certain Gilbert, the lyricist, would have included Sunday morning inside the Beltway talking head types if they had been around. Having recently experienced a Face the Nation that featured Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin, I have my own little list of “society’s offenders” that I never want to see on television or in print again. Now that the United States has celebrated its 238th birthday it would be nice to think that in the new year our nation might be purged of some of the malignancies that have prevailed since 9/11, but, alas, I note in passing that President Barack Obama is preparing to repair our broken immigration system by executive fiat, just as he fixed healthcare, attacked Libya, and is now preparing to give half a billion dollars to the “good insurgents” in Syria to resist the ascendancy of the bad insurgents whom he and our friends in Saudi Arabia have been helping for the past two years. We the people will no doubt be subjected to a lot of lying and shuffling around as the process unfolds.

Leaving Obama aside as we are stuck with him as president until 2016 and also noting Chairman Mao’s observation that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, I would like to propose a modest list of individuals that I never want to see or hear from again. I am sure readers will have many additional candidates. I am not suggesting that anyone be turned over to the Lord High Executioner but many recent political and journalistic celebrities might best serve the nation if they move to a rural county, disconnect their telephones, and begin raising bird dogs or orchids to pass the time.

I would, of course, start with McCain and Graham, two gentlemen who never have enough of war even though the conflicts initiated by the United States since 2001 have turned out to be an unmitigated series of disasters and a money pit as well. Nor are we Americans safer, quite the contrary. They are backed up by the Cheneys, husband “I had other priorities” Vietnam draft avoider Dick, wife Lynne, and daughter Liz, who most recently have been cheerleading the military option to straighten things out in Iraq, having apparently forgotten that Dick and friends tried that once and it didn’t work.

And then there is the first family of interventionists the Kagans. Bob, Fred and Kimberly can always be relied on to explain why the country’s armed forces can be a force for real good positive change as long as peaceniks and defeatists don’t inhibit their ability to carry out and complete their mission, which is to control and regulate the entire world after it is remade in our own image. Kimberly heads the oddly named Institute for the Study of War, which maintains that we would all like wars a lot more if we just understood them better, or something like that. Bob Kagan, who is married to the redoubtable Victoria Nuland of “fuck the Europeans” fame, was recently beatified by a puff piece in the New York Times no less, so you know he’s the real thing. The Kagans, who collectively appear frequently on television and in the media, should be high up on anyone’s list if only because their love of war does not include any responsibility on their part to serve in the US military, which would have interfered with their higher education and their ability to fill important jobs at think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute. Also the rotund Robert and Frederick would have had trouble passing the physical.

Other names come immediately to mind for me – onetime Pentagon number two Paul Wolfowitz, former Bush UN Ambassador John Bolton, ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, former Secretary of State Condi Rice, Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, and the leading compassionate conservative David Brooks at the New York Times. None of them would be missed.

All of the above might well be described as conservatives or even less charitably as Republican hacks and most of them were members of the cabal that produced the catastrophic Iraq War, but the progressives also include their share of humanist warmongers who would benefit from being disappeared. As Samantha Power and Susan Rice are part of the current administration I have to give them a pass but their predecessors Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Sandy Berger definitely deserve inclusion on the list.

And then there is the academic brigade, including the ubiquitous Noam Chomsky who can be relied upon to condemn the United States for its nationalism, capitalism, and imperialism. But Chomsky has a notable blind spot, frequently seeing Israel as a subset of US misbehavior rather than as an instigator of policies that are sui generis crimes against humanity. He has most recently opposed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement because he believes the Palestinian demand to return to former homes inside Israel has little international support and tactically speaking “is a virtual guarantee of failure.” Chomsky also opposes any sanctions against Israeli universities, noting that Harvard equally might be sanctioned for actions taken by the US government, and he also dismisses the South African analogy because American investment continues to flow into Israel, meaning that the country is not vulnerable to economic pressure. For Chomsky, Israel is always somehow different and action that would actually cause pain directed against its repression of the Palestinian people is invariably inappropriate.

And I suppose I should end up with the politically ambidextrous Dennis Ross, who has served both Democratic and Republican administrations as Israel’s lawyer. He should probably be at the top of my list for the damage he has done to the United States through his promotion of policies favoring Israel’s right wing governments, most particularly in turning a blind eye to Tel Aviv’s dramatic expansion of settlements on Arab land while Ross was the custodian of the alleged American interests in the region.

Ross talks the talk about two state solutions while knowing that he personally accommodated Israeli actions that have eliminated that option. In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post Ross outdoes himself in sheer hypocrisy while wrapping himself in faux-evenhanded chicanery. He notes that Israeli society “celebrates and cherishes its children,” surely implying that others do not, and gives credibility to two persistent misrepresentations made by the Israeli government. He claims, without any evidence, that Hamas was responsible for the killing of the three Jewish teenagers on the West Bank and completely ignores the likelihood that Benjamin Netanyahu is using the deaths as a pretext to destroy the current Palestinian unity government. Ross also cites the oft repeated canard that the Palestinians walked away from a viable peace offer made by Bill Clinton and Ehud Barack in 2000. Given his track record and propensities, it would be best not to have to listen to Dennis Ross any more. He will not be missed.

My somewhat light hearted attempt to identify some of the scoundrels who have plagued us for the past thirteen years conceals a darker truth. Washington pundits and pols pursuing their own agendas have done more damage to the United States and its people than 9/11 ever did and it might even be non-hyperbolic to suggest that someone like Josef Stalin pales in comparison. Their ideological baggage has steered America down the wrong road and wrecked its economy to such an extent that there may be no way back. To conclude where I started, President Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush have clearly learned that the old rules don’t apply anymore and have been able to do what they want, constitution be damned. Is there a connection between that realization on the part of the advocates of the Unitary Executive and the host of Washington and New York insiders clambering for more war and domestic policies that serve no purpose? You bet there is. And if they are gone, none of them will be missed.

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  1. Don Nash says: • Website

    Well said Mr. Giraldi and I think your list about covers it. I do have one minor criticism. You state, “I am not suggesting that anyone be turned over to the Lord High Executioner…”.
    Guillotine the lot of them. Very publicly and on the National Mall with the lamestream media required to cover the executions from chop to messy chop.
    Sell ringside seats to the bloodletting and charge a premium for the closer seats. Hell, that’d raise a boatload of cash that could be applied to the national debt. Talk about reality television.

  2. What a rogues gallery of Israel firsters. Problem is they are only the tip of the iceberg. 95 % of official and unofficial Washington would never ever ever say anything against Israel. 99.9% of the US media would die first.

    How do the Jews accomplish this with the US media personal – those modern day paragons of virtue, character, and good? The answer is simple – the Jews terrorize them. They maliciously imply that people will lose their livelihood if they do not follow the Jewish agenda. Is there a Jew directly in the face of every newsperson – no – it is not necessary – every newsroom in America knows the story – if you want to work – shut up about Israeli faults, pump the Israeli agenda.

    But that is not the whole story – there are some fine people in the media – many are good Americans – why do they go alone with those who terrorize them? There is something beyond terror that the Jews use – they implement another strategy – the Jews claim victimhood. They work the Stockholm Syndrome.

    Wikipedia: Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them.

    Does that not totally define the US media personal – they are twice abused – first terrorized – then their human empathy and sympathy are used against them.

    • Replies: @Michael Gillespie
  3. rod1963 says:

    Can’t quibble with the list at all.

    I’d also include All the Pro-NSA goons, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Rubin, Forbes, Geithner, Paulson, Greenspan, Goolesbe and any silk suit wearubf, Ivy League mouthpiece praising globalization.

    Lastly there is a special place in hell for the Congressional Leadership. It is they who are supposed to provide the checks and balances to the executive so he doesn’t end up as a Caesar Augustus. But they haven’t, they refused to check Bush43’s overreach and they certainly have failed to stop Obama’s growing law breaking. And all Boehner does is file a pathetic lawsuit then slinks off into the shadows.

    Yeah, people are complaining about Obama’s inattentiveness to what is going on around him. But you know what, why should he care? He looks around and all he sees are bigger a**hats than him. Perry and Brewer lack the guts to put the NG on their respective borders and sending the illegals back. Not legal according to the Feds, but since they refuse to secure the borders – f**k them. It’s high time the states started standing up to a corrupt and out control federal government.

  4. SFG says:

    These guys screwed up our foreign policy, but the economy? That’s a mix of structural changes requiring less employment overall and everyone being too poor to buy anything.

    • Replies: @Enderby
  5. Enderby says:

    I believe Mr. Giraldi is referring to the trillions of dollars wasted on Iraq (as well as the globocop hyperpower overextension of the US).

    a mix of structural changes requiring less employment overall and everyone being too poor to buy anything

    Those “structural changes” are a direct result of terrible public policy such as decades of massive 3rd world immigration and an America last free trade policy which allows the protectionist Chinese and others to prosper while America grows ever weaker.

  6. CK says:

    It would probably be more profitable to find and laterally promote the Sunday show bookers, producers and directors. And then their superiors. Repeat a few times and eventually you might accidentally find the three or four folks responsible for all the media pollution. The cheerleader’s enablers.

  7. If I may add a few more names to the list – the so-called journalism cadre of MSNC (esp. the Morning Joe crowd which regularly hosts such I-Firsters as Dan Senor and Richard Haas), and virtually all the Faux News team. Get rid of NBC shills Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory, as well. Meet the Press should be renamed Meet the Vipers Nest.

  8. @Honest John

    According to a widely-respected Jewish-American author who among his many other accomplishments served as a sharpshooter with the Israeli Border Police Civil Guard, the industries that create, produce, market, advertise, promote, and defend a deluge of lucrative, socially-destabilizing, violent US media entertainment product and deliver what passes for news and a public discussion in big broadcast media are heavily influenced or largely controlled by Jews.

    “It is true that Jews are represented in the media in numbers far out of proportion to their share of the population. … they make up one-fourth or more of the writers, editors, and producers in America’s ‘elite media,’ including network news divisions, top news weeklies and the four leading daily newspapers (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal).

    “In the fast-moving world of media mega-corporations, Jews are even more numerous. In an October 1994 Vanity Fair [magazine] feature profiling the kingpins of the new media elite, titled ‘The New Establishment,’ just under half of the two dozen entrepreneurs profiled were Jews. In the view of the magazine’s editors, these are America’s true power elite, ‘men and women from the entertainment, communications, and computer industries whose ambitions and influence have made America the one true superpower of the Information Age.’

    “And in a few key sectors of the media, notably among Hollywood studio executives, Jews are so numerically dominant that calling these businesses Jewish-controlled is little more than a statistical observation,” wrote JJ Goldberg, in his book, Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment (Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1996).

  9. TomB says:

    What should go away is the Israeli-Palestinian/moslem/arab conflict.

    The only national interest that we have there is to avoid being involved in it and making enemies. Otherwise we have about as much interest invested in the outcome there as what is happening on the far side of Alpha Centauri.

    Of course given our cosmic level of corruption not only have we not stayed out of that fight but judging from our past record of providing Israel over $120 billion in direct military support funds alone since WWII, and our present series of continuing 10 year guarantees to it at $30 billion per (with great additional dollops added here and there for whatever), a visitor from Alpha Centauri might observe that it sure looks like we enjoy that conflict, enjoy being involved in it, and want to see it continue forever.

  10. quercus says:

    Hell, let’s not be wishy-washy about it, let’s send everyone who appears on any television news (sic) be they on the ‘right’ or ‘left’ (whatever that means) to never-never land. I can’t think of one that’s worth even a pinch of dog sh**t.

  11. michael says:

    come on ,how can we forget the dark polish prince . zslatcha of canadien proxy prybar(pp-those who settle in the US to exact future revenge for past real or perceived transgressions) descent, son of a polish diplomat,Harfard trained ZBIGNIEW “Blue Velvet ” BRZEZINSKI. The current ML-17 fiasco is what happens when false flag operation is planned in Warsaw

  12. KA says:

    Chomsky admits of the obvious -Israel orchestrated the war on Iraq \

    “Thanks to the efforts of the indefatigable James Morris, (, a seeming transformation of the view of the illustrious Noam Chomsky was revealed, which, if not equivalent to the change that Saul of Tarsus underwent while on the road to Damascus, was significant nonetheless. Morris seems to have a knack for ferreting out the unknown views of the famous, as was illustrated in his 2010 email exchange with General David Petraeus, then head of U.S. Central Command, in which he was able to reveal the latter’s close relationship with neocon Max Boot and his ardent desire to propitiate the pro-Zionist Jewish community at a time when it was generally thought that Petraeus was critical of the negative effects of the intimate U.S.-Israeli relationship on America’s position in the Middle East.

    The Chomsky revelation took place while the latter was a guest on (USS Liberty survivor), Phil Tourney’s “Your Voice Counts” program on Republic Broadcasting Network from 2:00 pm to 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, February 24, 2013

    Listener phone calls were restricted to the last 15 minutes. Consequently, James Morris wasn’t able to get on the program until the last five minutes when he tried to get Chomsky to address the issue of the connection between the neocons and Israel. Morris cited then-Secretary of State Powell’s reference to the “JINSA crowd” (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) as the primary force for the war on Iraq within the Bush Administration. Morris went on to say that the neocons were a leading element of the Israel lobby

    After Morris made these statements, Chomsky amazingly blurted out that he “agreed completely” with him regarding the importance of the neocons—describing the neocons as “tremendously important.” Chomsky acknowledged that the neoconservatives had been the “dominant force” in the Bush administration, and that they had “pushed through” the Iraq war over many objections even from within the government. What Chomsky had said about the importance of the neocons was radically different from his usual portrayal of a monolithic corporatist dominance of U.S. Middle East policy. Chomsky even seemed to agree that the neocons held positions that diverged from those of the traditional foreign policy establishment—Morris had earlier mentioned Scowcroft and Brzezinski as opponents of the neocons. ”

  13. KA says:

    The media in France is worse so is their leaders and the counterprats to AIPAC

    “And French Jews
    Why Israel Needs Anti-Semitism

    Last July 12, Jewish Defense League (JDL) militants provoked some participants in a Paris protest demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza into violent clashes in front of a synagogue in the rue de la Roquette. The JDL militants were protected by police, whereas several pro-Palestinian demonstrators were arrested. The incident was loudly denounced by influential pro-Israel Jewish leaders as an act of French anti-Semitism.

    It was no accident that this incident was falsely attributed to anti-Semitism.

    It was no accident that Jeffrey Goldberg characterized the violence as “Jews Trapped by Rioters in Paris Synagogue” and questioned whether or not the incident was a cause for migration.

    It was no accident that Avi Mayer of the Jewish Agency of Israel described the incident as an “anti-Semitic riot, which masqueraded as an anti-Israel rally.”

    It was no accident that Yair Rosenberg, a writer for Tablet Magazine and employee of the Israeli State Archives, posted a video describing the incident as “European anti-Semitic attacks spiking during Israel’s operation”.

    • Replies: @KA
  14. KA says:

    Interesting. I was told that antisemitism is illogic,has no base to realities,it is something of obscure unknown reason of deep origin from the dark depth of jealous gentile mind and bears no relation to any causes .But Tablet writer paid also by Israel State thinks that the spike in antisemitism is related to the Israeli attacks on Gaza .

  15. Why has this got to be about Jews? I think Phil’s thrust was that the whole so-called elite is corrupt, incompetent and destructive to our nation.

  16. I’d say that Chomsky’s performed a service in that as Americans, we can’t do anything about the bad behavior of other countries’ politicians, but we stand at least some chance to influence things here for the better through criticizing our own’s misrule. And anyone who could out-debate Bill Buckley the way he did, by a superior command of the facts, reducing Bill to speechless tongue-cheeking, has something on the ball. I used to avoid reading anything by Chomsky due to warnings by my fellow conservatives. For good cause – to read him is to be convinced by the facts, ideological loyalty be damned.

    But otherwise – well said, sir.

  17. …dramatic expansion of settlements on Arab land…

    A little reciprocity is due here, please. Just as Jews are the last people on earth who should preach to the rest of us about genocide– they committed at least a half dozen of their own in the OT– so are Arabs in their own glass castle about “expansion of settlements”. The whole West Bank is the size of Delaware, while North Africa could barely squeeze into Canada. When do the Copts get their Egypt back?

  18. David says:

    I am rankled by Noam Chomsky’s anti-American sentiment and his pathological sympathy for Israel, but my views have consistently moved closer to his throughout my life. I would miss his voice very much.

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