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How White Liberals Will Wake Up
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White liberals can be maddening. They proceed through life happily proclaiming their devotion to progressivism, completely oblivious to the brewing demographic dangers on the horizon. Indeed, most polls show them doubling down on their beliefs in the era of Donald Trump. If you try to warn them, they will stare at you blankly. If you are a friend or relative, count yourself lucky that they still tolerate you and your beliefs.

Unfortunately, such delusional obstinacy cannot be ignored. Their views are a fundamental component of the broader, systematic threat to Western Civilization. History has shown what the world’s European peoples can accomplish when we are reasonably united. No foreign enemy or ideology could destroy us without the assistance of a substantial share of our own people. To turn the tide, we must win them back.

White liberals are neither evil nor irredeemable. They are temporarily misguided. The longer history of white liberalism, which in the past was far more hardheaded and realistic, clearly shows how much the latest iteration has gone off the rails.

The road to perdition may be paved with good intentions, but most of them will awaken before we get there. Our collective struggle will be difficult, but they will be standing with us when we emerge on the other side.

Liberal Psychology

Understanding how white liberals will change requires first understanding how their minds work. Entire fields of scientific inquiry have been devoted to explaining human behavior, including evolutionary psychology, social psychology, behavioral neuroscience, and political psychology to name a few. Although no single theory adequately covers the entire spectrum of behaviors, one framework will do for our purposes.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, first proposed in 1943 by Abraham Maslow, explains human motivation as the product of a variety of competing needs. These needs, shown in the figure above, are presumed to have been evolutionarily derived. According to the theory, lower order basic needs are more primitive and must be met before an individual will turn his or her attention to higher-order needs. Someone who has met all of the needs is assumed to be fulfilled and happy.

Although neuroscience has advanced considerably since Maslow first outlined his theory, the framework remains popular today. Many of his ideas have been substantially confirmed by more recent research.

Two of the needs in this framework are particularly important for understanding white liberals: self esteem and love / belonging. These needs can be evolutionarily traced to our status as a social species.

Morality, which research suggests is also a byproduct of evolution, is closely linked with these needs. Morality helped tribes survive and thrive in humanity’s early history and may also help explain the relative prosperity of nations today. Individuals who are viewed as moral derive significant status within society, while those who are immoral can face serious social or legal punishments ranging from shunning to banishment or even death. Even without such punishments, humans are extremely sensitive to the possibility of social rejection.

In today’s Western societies, anti-racism has come to be viewed as the morally correct position and racism as the ultimate evil. This creates substantial incentives for conformity in our racial views and rewards status-seeking behavior (sometimes referred to as “virtue signaling”) on racial issues. In those cases where this dominant moral paradigm conflicts with an individual’s other needs, such as the desire to live in a safe neighborhood, rationalizations provide the necessary cover so that white liberals can avoid guilt and cognitive dissonance while simultaneously engaging in hypocritical behavior.

In sum, white liberals are simply acting on the same hard-wired psychological motivations that are present in all human beings. As social creatures, they are programmed to conform to the dominant moral paradigm in their social environment. Of course, this tendency also affects conservatives. This universal human tendency toward conformity is one reason why American politics are so strongly polarized, not just ideologically but also geographically.

As challenging as these barriers may seem, however, it gets worse. Research has shown that human beings are highly resistant to facts that challenge their core convictions. They will seize on any information that confirms their preexisting beliefs and if their beliefs are challenged, they will simply ignore or disbelieve the source. Stronger challenges to core beliefs can even backfire, causing people to double down on their original position.

Troy Campbell, a researcher on the topic, explained it this way: “As causes become our identity, we don’t just believe we are right anymore; we need to believe we are right to maintain self-worth.”

The Missing Ingredient: Fear

Liberalism’s close ties to its own version of morality – combined with the universal human needs for self-esteem and social belonging – make this an exceedingly tough nut to crack. But crack it will. How do we break through these barriers? The answer can be found near the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy: the need for safety.

The biological basis for safety-seeking behavior is well known. Incoming sensory information is first processed in an ancient portion of the brain called the amygdala where perceived threats can trigger a near instantaneous fight or flight response. The amygdala are also responsible for a variety of other emotional reactions that can play a central role in decision-making.

These and other recent developments in neuroscience and evolutionary biology have substantially confirmed many of Maslow’s earlier findings. This includes the needs for self esteem, love, and belonging that lie at the heart of the liberal worldview. However, it also includes safety needs, which recent research suggests are even more dominant than Maslow first thought.

The implications of this research are clear. Most white liberals will not be convinced by rational arguments, no matter how strong or well-supported those arguments may be. They will only be convinced by threats to their basic safety. This, in turn, points to the real barrier. Most white liberals do not feel threatened.

Most of them do not see a civilization that is crumbling around them or a brewing threat on the horizon. They see a thriving economy and a skyrocketing stock market. Yes, race relations are not perfect, but they think those problems will sort themselves out as soon as we solve the challenge of poverty and get rid of Donald Trump. Immigration is beneficial. There are no meaningful differences between people. Trump voters are just suffering from irrational phobias and “white anxiety.” Times are good. What on earth is there to be afraid of?

For the average white liberal, strident anti-immigration positions are not just racist, but pointlessly so. According to one poll, 73 percent of Hillary Clinton’s white voters reportedly thought it was racist for white Americans to even have an opinion on immigration.

The sad reality is that few people who are living in a bubble are able to see it until it pops. The rare iconoclasts who are right too soon are usually viewed as social outcasts and misfits. The liberal bubble is about to pop, however. The signs are all around us.

The Growing Threat

The coming awakening of white liberals, which in the United States will probably occur over the next decade, will be primarily due to five factors. The first, instinctual ethnocentrism, affects humans and animals alike and is present in babies. Although such ethnocentrism is not new, it remains centrally important and provides a baseline for the other factors.

The second is growing direct contact with minorities, which will only increase as the nation continues to change over time. Some academics argue that such contact can improve race relations, but other research has shown that the negative effects are stronger. Ongoing white flight in neighborhoods and schools provides the most definitive answer on this question.

A third factor is growing cultural threat. Unlike direct contact, which is lessened by white flight, there is no escaping mass culture. As was noted in a recent Vox article, White Threat in a Browning America:

We live in an America where television programs, commercials, and movies are trying to represent a browner country; where Black Panther is a celebrated cultural event and #OscarsSoWhite is a nationally known hashtag; where NFL players kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and pressing 1 for English is commonplace.

This unavoidable onslaught is a constant reminder to America’s white population that their nation is changing. Research has shown that such messages make them more conservative, view minorities less positively, and feel more attachment to other whites.

A fourth factor is the growth of explicitly anti-white rhetoric. The idea that “whiteness” is inherently evil and should be abolished originated in academia, but now it is seeping into our broader culture and political discourse. Treating people equally and with decency regardless of their race was once sufficient to avoid the racist label, but now it elicits charges of color-blind racism and implicit bias. Unsurprisingly, research has found that accusations of white privilege can make people feel defensive and resentful. Even white allies are not immune. Black Lives Matter demonstrators protested Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. White feminists were blamed for Trump’s election and criticized for their “white supremacy in heels.”

The fifth factor, political threat, may be the most important because, unlike the others, it cannot be avoided or ignored. The principal source of this threat is the nation’s changing demographics, which are empowering minorities and shifting the Democratic Party sharply to the left. The effects of this change have been evident in elections throughout the nation this year. These have included the well-publicized primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, Andrew Gillum in Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, and Stacey Abrams in the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial primary, as well as victories for lesser known candidates in governors’ races in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Maryland.

While many of these candidates will probably lose in November, they are paving the way for likely victories down the road as more states become majority-minority in the lead up to 2045, when the nation as a whole will reach that milestone. These changes, most of which are concentrated in the Democratic Party, can also be expected to shift future Democratic presidential nominees further left.

The reaction of white voters to such hard-left ideological swings is well-established. Two of the most left-leaning presidential nominees in modern history, George McGovern and Walter Mondale, were trounced at the polls. More recently, moderate Republican gubernatorial candidates have a solid track record of defeating far-left Democrats in deep blue states. What accounts for this? Many white liberals, particularly those with high household incomes, are not as far left as they think.

White liberals may not feel threatened by the left today, particularly with Republicans controlling Congress and Trump dominating the news on a daily basis, but that will change in the coming decade. As the nation changes, the mainstream media and social media companies may try to clamp down on opposing views, but they are unlikely to repress the emerging voices of the far left, who will do far more to open the eyes of white liberals than conservatives ever could. They are our unwitting allies.

Useful idiot” was once a term applied by communists to their supporters in the West, but the concept is still applicable today. Every day that someone kneels during the national anthem, calls for abolishing whiteness, or attacks another cherished Western tradition for its roots in “white supremacy” or “institutional racism” is another day that more white people will wake up to the growing threat.

“White People Riot Quietly”

In 1995, a white liberal named Roger Boesche wrote an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times after the OJ Simpson verdict. In it, he warned that when white people riot, they do it quietly. Channeling other white liberals, he wrote:

I am afraid that even liberals, in the face of cheers by African Americans who saw the not guilty verdict as a victory over racism, will say: “I supported affirmative action; I applauded programs for the poor, and I thought Rodney King’s attackers were guilty. But I am still jeered as a racist. To hell with it. I’m going to close my doors and pull down the shades. It’s time to retreat to private life and ignore public affairs.”

How will we know when white liberals have changed their views? It will probably not be immediately obvious. Most will not publicly proclaim their shift. There will instead be occasional calls for bipartisanship and arguments against the growing tide of identity politics. And then there will be silence as former liberals say less and less, daring only to whisper among friends about their growing concern about the direction of the country.

The real sign will be at the ballot box, where the racial divide will become obvious and stark. Over time, it is not unrealistic to assume that voting patterns at the national level will begin to mirror those of the South, where white support for Republican presidential candidates commonly reaches 80-90 percent. In the long run, however, it will not be enough. Demographics are still political destiny.

In another article, I suggested that America may be on a path toward partition at some point in the middle of this century. Such an outcome is not as far-fetched as it might seem. It would not be the first time the United States has faced secession. Polls already show significant cross-party support for the idea. Moreover, there is a long and significant global history of such partitions. Recent examples in white nations include the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. And this does not include the many brewing independence movements like those in Scotland, Quebec, and Brazil.

The Soviet Union, one of the 20th Century’s two superpowers, was destroyed by its adherence to an ideology that ignored human nature. It should not be surprising that the world’s other superpower might also be destroyed by an unrealistic ideology, in this case one that willfully ignores the world’s long history of ethnic conflict. Should that occur, it would be sad, but it would also serve as an important wake-up call and object lesson for the rest of Western Civilization.

The primary purpose of nations is to preserve and protect their peoples. When a nation stops serving that purpose, the time has come to build a new one.

Patrick McDermott is a political analyst in Washington, DC.

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  1. Working-class white American men tend to have more experience with blacks, Hispanics and other nonwhite groups because they compete for the same jobs and the same kinds of downmarket housing they can afford.

    Whereas more affluent whites have the wherewithal to isolate themselves from having to deal with POC’s and their dysfunctions.

    You can easily form misconceptions about the Other when you lack experience in dealing with them, so this can explain why better-heeled whites tend to hold unrealistic views about POC’s that blue-collar whites simply laugh at based on their daily reality of having to live among them.

    • Agree: Dannyboy, Hail
  2. Over-optimistic about the educability of liberals.

  3. @advancedatheist

    Completely agree. Growing up, I lived in a 90% white neighborhood. Very left wing, lots of nice white people. We had a few “people of colour” – the friendly Japanese couple down the street; the happy Indian family – even a mixed race couple! Beautiful! Everybody smiling and getting along.

    In school we were taught that white people are bad because of our “racist” past. We should feel bad for racism and treat all races with respect. Well, that made sense to me. I didn’t see anything wrong with the 10% of wealthy, well-adjusted minorities in our area. Racism is so stupid, I thought. These people are just like me!

    My white friends often snarked at our “lame”, “white” neighborhood. No diversity, no culture!

    Then came university….

    Indians, Muslims, Chinese, Arabs, Africans. Wow, what a mix! Amazing diversity and spice! That’s when I started waking up. In small numbers, these people are okay. But in large numbers, they are invaders. They hate us. They don’t care about “Canada” – they want our money and our women. Hostile foreign invaders.

    Petty fights. Religious/ethnic disagreements. Cheating, corruption and nepotism. Rap music. All kinds of degenerate things, 3rd world things, that I was sheltered from in my early, white, life. There is no culture, nor cohesion. Your skin colour, language, religion and ethnic group determines who you talk to and make friends with. Just like the 3rd world.

    This is our future. More of them are pouring in every day. I see the future now, because this level of diversity will soon spill out into every corner of North America. They will make Mexicans look like great people, believe me…

    I’ve tried warning people back home, but they just don’t believe me. “Well I work with an Indian and he’s a great guy!” “I had an Arab taxi driver and he was a great guy!”. More rationalization. Our blindness will be our downfall.

    White liberals are in for a rude awakening, of course. But when that happens, it will be too late. Our country is already gone. We just haven’t noticed yet.

  4. Make all white people live in a majority black neighborhood for 1 year. Make their kids attend a majority black school. Force their daughter to date an inner city black male for 1 year. Bye bye blank slate ideology and egalitarianism.

  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    This is a global problem for whites. In the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

    Surely, Europeans are aware of all the black racial problems in the US.

    Prior to black immigration-invasion into Europe, THAT was the one blessing that Europe had over the US. And same for Canada and Australia. Whatever was wrong with them or deficient vis-a-vis the US, they didn’t have the ghastly Black Problem. Nations without the black problem have no idea how lucky they are. If they think things are bad, they should know it will be much worse with blacks. Things bad in Uzbekistan? Just be thankful it doesn’t have the black problem.

    Despite WWI and WWII and communism and fascism, Europe didn’t have blacks.
    In the long run, even horrible wars were less dire in the long run than having Negroes. Indeed, look at the recovery of Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, St. Petersburg, and Tokyo soon after WWII. Millions died and entire cities were turned to rubble, but in peacetime, there was construction and restoration. Whites and Japanese can be destructive in wartime, but in peacetime, they are builders and maintainers. In contrast, blacks are ceaselessly destructive even in peacetime if they are afforded full freedom.

    Unlike Europe that rebuilt rapidly after WWII, American cities from the 1960s got worse and worse due to the BAMMAMA factor: Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. And blacks can easily kick white butt. (Even though some cities recovered via gentrification, the black problem didn’t go away as cities like NY and Chicago sent the blacks to towns and suburbs.)

    So, even though Europe was devastated by wars whereas the continental US was spared from both WWI and WWII, things got bleaker in American cities than in European cities. The big burden for the US was that American cities had blacks. Indeed, even relatively impoverished Communist cities in Eastern Europe were nicer and safer than US cities like NY, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Baltimore, and etc since the 60s.

    Surely, Europeans(and Canadians and Australians) knew all this from watching the news. Their one great blessing and one true advantage over the US was having NO BLACKS.
    But instead of feeling thankful and lucky for having no blacks, it was as though Europeans felt envy for not having them. Why?

    1. Blacks won in sports and were big in pop music, and whites all over the world just fell into worship of guys like Muhammad Ali, Pele, and Miles Davis. So, Europeans wanted their ‘cool’ blacks too as black American athletes beat up white European ‘palookas’.
    In time, rap and afro-pop became the main music of France, and rap and reggae became the biggest things in UK. And as blacks became dominant in sports, Europeans founding themselves cheering for blacks as their national heroes. Most British boxing champions have been black. French athletes are virtually all black. People are tribal but also naturally servile to winners. Just like French women went with victorious German men during the Occupation, white folks rejected loser white athletes and prostrated themselves at the feet of black stars.

    2. World Media were dominated by Liberals and Jews, and they spun American problems as entirely the fault of whites and ‘racism’. Hollywood spread the image of the Magic Negro.
    So, the impression was that America blacks were just rebelling against legacy of slavery and discrimination. Black violence is innately noble and moral.
    Conceited Europeans figured that they would show ‘racist’ America how to properly treat blacks. Europe would welcome blacks and treat them real nice, and these blacks won’t be like American blacks who resort to violence against oppression. Europe would redeem its past sins by transforming poor blacks into first-rate black New Europeans.
    In one way, Europeans worships blacks as the superior race with great idolic value. But they also doted on blacks as the childlike race that needed the compassion and generosity of whites. After all, Europe is rich, Africa is poor. Blacks are objects of worship and condescension, as if god and baby at the same time,.. and blacks cleverly manipulated this white psychology to squeeze out more from whitey. Blacks appealed to both the servile and maternal instincts of white folks. (Also, as white elites were safe from social problems and rubbed shoulders with better blacks or Good Diversity, they didn’t care about the fate of poor whites who would end up integrating with Bad Diversity.)

    3. In time, white women got jungle fever and white guys went into sappy cuck mode. A big movie hit in France had a rich white paraplegic who is taken care by big muscular Negro. The message is clear. White guy is all reason and riches but no body, and the black body must become the new body of Europe. And in BITTER MOON by Roman Polanski, the white guy in the wheel chair is tormented and humiliated by his former lover who gets it on with a Negro. BBC is now all about match-making white women with black men in movie and TV roles. As for white guys, they can be cucky or ‘gay’. No more white heroes. And young white girls in Europe grow up twerking like white girls in the US. And they go to dance clubs to have their butts rubbed by black men.

    It just goes to show that the fantasy-reality of media & entertainment can override reality. The grim reality of the US since the 60s has been blacks + freedom = fall of civilization, along with end of white manhood as black guys jump white guys and hump white girls. Blacks cannot handle freedom like civilized people. Nature and evolution made them too wild and crazy.

    Europeans should have felt fortunate to have black-free cities and towns because they saw endless news reports of America’s race problem with blacks and Africa’s violence and poverty. But the media spun American race problems as “It’s all racist whitey’s fault” and “blacks are so cool”. And media spun Africa race problems as “It’s all due to white imperialism, and all the world must worship Mandela as god.” Also, the dogma of blank-slatism and ‘race is just a construct’ had too many whites believing anyone can be molded into anyone.
    And so, Europe is going to hell. If Japan, which is so far away from Africa and West, is going afro-jungle with Japanese women having kids with black men and raising them to beat up smaller/weaker Japanese and take over Japanese sports and pop culture, imagine the fate of Europe where millions upon millions of muscled and big-donged Negroes are coming from Africa with only two things in mind, “Where’s the free stuff” and “Where the white women at?”

    The biggest threat to the world is the vilification of ‘racism’ that prevents people from realizing the most important truth: Blacks will destroy your nations, and therefore, you must form a tribal defense system to keep blacks out of your domain.
    Denial of race-ism is like political veganism. Without honest-to-good race-ist nutrients of tribal protein and iron, the white mind will be too anemic to change course and save their civilization from the Ghastly Negro.
    PC veganism must stop. By denying that which is natural and tribal, white people(lacking in thieir own tribalism) end up seeking tribal satisfaction by taking up radical ideologies or OTHER tribalisms. It’s like a vegan body, starved of necessary animal proteins, tries to absorb protein and iron from foods that are deficient in them. It is so futile as there is no real substitute for real animal protein and iron.

    Likewise, there is no substitute for real healthy race-ism and tribalism for one’s own kind. Jews gorge on the meat of Jewish tribalism, and look how hale and proud Jews in Israel are. But because whites are denied white meat and must stick to PC vegan diet, their tribal-protein-starved bodies desperately seek tribalism in ideologies(that never quite satisfy tribal cravings) and in OTHER tribalism, e.g. whites trying to be black in attitude or taking up the black cause against fellow whites. Or, among white cons, it’s usually about serving Jews and Israel. As whites aren’t allowed white identity and interests(deemed ‘toxic’ as ‘white supremacism’), whites conservatives seek substitute tribalism in ‘civic nationalism'(which is useless) or Zionism(which does whites no good whatsoever). Or, they seek tribal satisfaction in the atomized tribalism of one, aka libertarian individualism. But as humans are social animals, individualism alone never satisfies one’s needs.

    Whites must learn to eat tribal and race-ist protein again.

    Healthy ideology is like the food pyramid. At the bottom(the foundation), there should be tribal identity, the blood and soil thing. Above that, there should be tradition and culture. Above that there should be freedom and individualism. And above that, idealism. We all need some degree of idealism. But for white folks, the pyramid has been inverted. But idealism makes for a poor foundation for a society. It is too abstract to serve as support for all else. In contrast, blood-and-soil is real and tangible. It’s like existence comes before idealism. If you favor idealism over existence, it means you will choose idealism and death over realism and survival.

    Consider the tale retold by Joseph Campbell about becoming what you really are.

    So the little one is getting that message; he’s picked up and taken to the tiger’s den, where there are the remains of a recently slaughtered gazelle. Taking a chunk of this bloody stuff, the big tiger says, “Open you face.” The little one backs away, “I’m a vegetarian.” “None of that nonsense,” says the big fellow, and he shoves a piece of meat down the little one’s throat. He gags on it. The text says, “As all do on true doctrine.” But gagging on the true doctrine, he’s nevertheless getting it into his blood, into his nerves; it’s his proper food. It touches his proper nature. Spontaneously, he gives a tiger stretch, the first one. A little tiger roar comes out—Tiger Roar 101…. The big one says, “There. Now you’ve got it. Now we go into the forest and eat tiger food.” Vegetarianism Is the first turning away from life, Because life lives on lives. Vegetarians are just eating something that can’t run away.

  6. @Stalinsrevenge

    Make their kids attend a majority black school.

    This is all you need, really. “Good schools” is the giveaway for the real racial attitudes of SWPLs.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  7. Blargest says: • Website

    So, here is an idea… Instead of waiting for white liberals to wake up to the oncoming doom, we instead take a more proactive approach. What we will do is conscript people for small to medium size groups of people, equip them with the tools they need to secure and restore land and resources for normal whites who care about their own race. We will even give these groups a cool name, such as Restorative Weaponized Deployment Squads, or R.W.D.S. for short.

  8. I’m not optimistic regarding the conversion of white liberals. The white libs I know are hopelessly indoctrinated and impervious to logic and reason. And for this reason I have had to gently back away from some very close friends because they are unable to process reality.
    Taking the redpill made it impossible for me to hang out with liberals.

    The white libs I know are able to shield themselves from diversity, so they have no real world experience with non-whites. They think that negroes are all like Morgan Freeman, godlike and wise.

    As long as anti-white jews run the media and academia, white liberals are going to have shit for brains.

  9. TTSSYF says:

    So much of life is driven by numbers or percentages. Just as the human body can tolerate small amounts of unhealthy foods, so can an otherwise healthy society tolerate small numbers of dysfunctional or unassimilable people. Both the body and society would be better off without these unhealthful inputs, but they can at least tolerate them and still thrive. Also, in the case of society at large, there can be intense pressure on otherwise dysfunctional or unassimilable people to suppress their nature and conform to the norms of the dominant population and make their presence even less of an issue (e.g., the few blacks who work in a predominantly white company will hide their resentment, if not outright hatred, for whites and save it for when they are at home and can speak in ebonics with black family members and neighbors; the lone Muslim family in the neighborhood will likely be friendly to the kafirs, etc.). But once the numbers and percentages change, all bets are off. And I am afraid we are on a collision course with this reality, which began with our importing African slaves but was held in check by their relatively small numbers, and which has been ramped up and likely made inevitable by the changes in the immigration laws in 1965, with our now allowing over one million legal immigrants each year from the Third World.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Hail
    , @Ace
  10. neutral says:

    Make all white people live in a majority black neighborhood for 1 year

    You can achieve it by making them walk around Lagos for one day. In fact many of these fanatic liberals deep down really are aware that blacks are an inferior race and produce inferior societies, any time I suggest they have a holiday in Lagos I am met with deafening silence.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @druid55
    , @Anonymous
  11. JRM says:
    @Priss Factor

    Excellent comment; well done. Your point about the inverted pyramid for White people is quite insightful.

  12. TG says:

    Um. Yes, many good points, but I think you miss the essential nature of modern American “liberalism.”

    It is a top-down construct, imposed on us by a corrupt and venal elite. The mass media is not an unbiased observer of events: it is controlled by like six major corporations that script the major memes that we are exposed to. It doesn’t matter how we vote, or what logical arguments are made. I mean, any academic or politician or entertainer who deviates from the script will be rapidly blacklisted and punished – yes, to some extent by herd instinct, but really as a result of tops-won pressure. How we feel about this doesn’t count.

    The super rich have decided that they want to maximize short-term profits and to heck with the long term prospects of the nation. What you call “liberalism” is just scripted propaganda.

    The late Roman Empire finally collapsed, of corruption and the debasement of citizenship by excessive immigration. The elites stripped Rome of everything not nailed down, fled to Constantinople, purged their security forces of all non-ethnic Romans (!!!) and lived in luxury for the next 1000 years. Just saying.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @peterAUS
    , @Wizard of Oz
  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Message to Our European Comrades by Jared Taylor

    This video has been put is ‘limited status’ by the Jewish oligarchs of Youtube.

    Jared Taylor supports Zionist imperialism in West Bank even though Jews treat him like a Palestinian and shut him down.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
  14. peterAUS says:

    The super rich have decided that they want to maximize short-term profits and to heck with the long term prospects of the nation. What you call “liberalism” is just scripted propaganda.

    The late Roman Empire finally collapsed, of corruption and the debasement of citizenship by excessive immigration. The elites stripped Rome of everything not nailed down, fled to Constantinople, purged their security forces of all non-ethnic Romans (!!!) and lived in luxury for the next 1000 years. Just saying.

    One little difference today: the “reach” of a common citizen.

    In those days, to “touch” the elite one would have to be very close. Even an expert bowman would’ve had to get within 50 meters. Easy to control that space.

    Today the “reach” is much longer. Makes that space impossible to control, save a couple of individuals of this world.

    The “other team” even made a couple of movies along similar lines:
    and…hahaha…oh my:

    Let alone expanding the “toolbox”.
    Like….hehehe….this fellow:

    Just saying.

  15. “The Soviet Union, one of the 20th Century’s two superpowers, was destroyed by its adherence to an ideology that ignored human nature.”

    You must be kidding. This is what you consider “thinking”?

    So let me get this straight. Empty, meaningless rhetoric is all you have to offer.

  16. Jason Liu says:

    Liberals are just afraid of different things than conservatives.

    What terrifies them is hierarchy, power structures, the school yard bully — hence the constant plea for equality. It’s like being an insecure teenage dweeb, but forever.

    • Agree: haole
  17. Progressives aren’t remotely liberal. There are many definitions of the word, but none of them fit progs.

    voting patterns at the national level will begin to mirror those of the South, where white support for Republican presidential candidates commonly reaches 80-90 percent.

    As they once gave similar margins to (the leftists) Wilson and Roosevelt.

    They didn’t do this to counter non-whites, but other whites. So it’s a little different now.

    The most successful movement on the right has been about gun rights– actually, the most liberal political movement in the world, if not history.

  18. @obwandiyag

    Then what did destroy the USSR, smarty pants? Let’s see your thinking.

    • Agree: Franklin Ryckaert
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  19. @Priss Factor

    This is a global problem for whites. In the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

    Surely, Europeans are aware of all the black racial problems in the US.

    Eurosnobs just love to mock the U.S. for our gun laws, health care gaps, cuisine, language skills, and a hundred other things. (Just visit I’m sure Reddit is the same.)

    Then they adopt our very worst ideas, despite four hundred years of failure.

    Va figure

  20. AmRusDebate says: • Website

    I am not convinced that White Liberals do not feel a threat to either themselves or their civilization.

    It’s really hard to speak of Whites in America without taking into account socio-economic status of the majority, and of the family (Mexicans have no engineers in their extended families, virtually all Whites of average income, do. Mexicans have lower average income, etc).

    I wrote about this myself:

    It’s more of a policy argument aimed at the left (hence tedious) and doesn’t entirely get into the psychology of libtards…but do you feel it’s so easy to distinguish White Liberals from White Conservatives on race as such?

    You are, I think, comparing a fringe of Americans, such as yourself, myself, who are called “race realists”…(although we should probably be called “in-articulatists” since we are congenitally incapable of finding appropriate terms for ourselves and others) with the White mainstream, which is very ambiguous on race. One can’t tell what the mainstream does or doesn’t believe…can you?

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  21. @Priss Factor

    Subsaharan Africans are the least intelligent race hence their culture is quite primal no matter where they live – ”twerking’ videos on YouTube and MTV.

    This ‘exoticness’ is what allures not so innocent ‘liberated’ women e.g. Alfred Hitchcock’s mischievous blondes.

    However, reality soon follows absentee fathers e.g Obama Sr. plus offspring with all kinds of deformities like mental instability, sickle cell, type 2 diabetes etc.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  22. ” White liberals are neither evil or irredeemable , they are temporarily misguided”

    Dead wrong, period. They are not “misguided” ( other than by their own lunacy) rather they are persuing their worldview, and they see themselves as “right” and the non-liberals as wrong, amen.

    As far as I am concerned they are stupid and insane, as anyone who cannot detect the inevitable destruction they are bringing onto themselves and mankind in general is in fact “irredeemable”.

    I now view them as mortal enemies, and no amount of discussion or “giving in” will alter their standpoint and it’s ensuing pandemonia.

    I knew one single person over the last fifty-plus years who had actually seen the light and altered his position from liberal to conservative.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  23. @Priss Factor

    You make excellent points, however you are ommitting the one central issue is this whole dilema, and that being : Germany. Point being Germans are, and have been obcessed and infatuated with blacks since the end of ww2, and this entire situation has emminated outwards from Germany to the entire continent,and they, the Teutons, do infact worship blacks as somehow “superior”, point in case being BO, who is considered by the Krauts to be the most intelligent, eloquent, sophisticated, edumacated, wisest human on planet mirth.

    As far as “kicking ass” goes I would be a bit more descerning , as whites are not all panty-waiste, sissies. I can vividly recall an incident years ago in Frankfurt with a black (african) guy lying on the sidewalk, crying and telling the on-the-scene German cops that a German guy had kicked his ass : “Er hat mich verpruegelt”

    Years ago, in Germany, I was playing in a band with a black American Tenor player, who was by the way an MD who had studied medicine in Germany, and he stunned me with the remark : ” The white German girls who chase after black guys are all crazy, you can screw them but you can’t talk to them”.


    PS : Miles Davis was indeed a musical genius, however Rap is crap.

    • Agree: byrresheim
  24. Prayer to Equality

    We raise this prayer to Equality, from which we will never waiver. Equality is the true and lasting ideal upon which our great nation was founded, and we shall be forever aware of it, to bring it into our consciousness and become worthy of its effects. By our constant pursuit, it imbues our spirit day by day, moment by moment. It is the ever-present font from which flows the noble concepts of diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, and all the rest. We are therefore eternally grateful that we have it in every instant of our lives. We hold it dear, we worship it anew, because we know in this current year of progress that it is the true ideal, above all other ideals and creeds and religions.

    We hereby pledge in our hearts and minds to be forever aware of Equality, to let it be our judge as we judge others and ourselves. Regardless of results that may ensue from our pursuit of Equality, regardless of the tarnished conceit of success in which external results become a false judge of our individual actions, we will forge on nonetheless, even unto death, knowing in our hearts that by our deaths we are truly worthy, and proving by our deaths that it is the highest ideal ever conceived by all the people in all the world. We assert this forever in the name of Equality. Universe without beginning and without end.

    The End.

    Recommendation: It is hereby recommended that this prayer be mandatory in every school, in every government house, in every place where five or more people are gathered in this United States of All America.

  25. @Stalinsrevenge

    ‘…Force their daughter to date an inner city black male for 1 year. Bye bye blank slate ideology and egalitarianism.’

    …and like as not, ‘hello, mulatto grandchild.’ Therein lies the difficulty.

  26. @Priss Factor

    Taylor is a low testosterone twit who is not worth listening to, despite his eloquence. He made it a policy to ban anyone criticizing Jewish behavior on his website, yet despite the groveling and philosemitism they still cast him as a racist.

    He reminds me of one of those idiot fundamentalist Christians who adores Judaism and supports Israel fervently, yet, when asked just which group is pumping out the anti-Christian movies, works of art, and political campaigns, stares at you with a blank look.

    • Replies: @anon
  27. Unfortunately, such delusional obstinacy cannot be ignored.

    The only “delusional obstinacy” on display here, sadly, is the author’s apparently sincere belief in the reasonability of white liberals. Has it escaped the author’s notice that far from being unaware of their demographical Götterdämmerung, that white liberals are actively instigating it? How does one then reason with a hivemind with a collective death wish?

    Rather than turning to instinctual ethnic cooperation, they are fashioning new, ersatz communities based on sexual fetishes and deviancies. Not for nothing that the incessant bleating on behalf of gays, dykes, trannies, and other such misfits tend to originate within white communities. Worse: they then peddle these ideologies across the globe, foisting them upon cultures which traditionally shun the sexual license permitted in the Anglosphere. It is cultural imperialism if ever such a thing existed, albeit drummed up from the left.

    So, no, these white liberals will never return to the fold of their racial confrères. Instead, they will seek an illusory “community” around fellow buggerers, pedophiles, foot freaks, and goodness knows what else.

  28. Baxter says:

    If you don’t already know of it, check out a website called Chateau Heartiste. It deals with what your talking about , plus it’s a great resource for developing masculinity. Cheers

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  29. renfro says:

    I am confused. Why are you posting this article again since you already posted it a year ago.

    Why White Liberals Will Wake Up
    Patrick McDermott, American Renaissance, September 28, 2018

    Are you sure you’re not Olivia’s boy friend moonlighting as a analyst?
    Jan 4, 2018 – “Olivia Newton-John’s missing lover Patrick McDermott found.”

    All that aside imo we need a new censorship movement to forbid political writings by liberals, conservatives or any other political party group.
    Yep, only those of us who have no party and are neither left nor right should be allowed to instruct people on the politics of anything.

  30. Alfa158 says:

    For my part, I see the peaceful dissolution you refer to in the linked article as unlikely.
    1. Whites are too valuable a resource to be allowed to peacefully secede and form their own nation(s).
    2. Geographically the partition would be tough. Looking at the demographics by state it would seem that there is a natural partition by North/Central White, rest of the country non-White. At finer resolution, the areas dominated by one group or the other are too scattered, and distribution of resources too uneven. The countries cited that successfully partitioned, did so into areas that had long time histories of ethnic integrity, and had only been temporarily been tacked together into artificial political entities.

    The more likely outcomes seem to be either degeneration into a Brazil or Mexico type nation with a one party political system, n0n-White majorities, and higher levels of disorder and economic disparity, or a chaotic economic and social collapse from which new nations will gradually form.

    In either event as you pointed out the demographic cake is already baked, so when and whether White Liberals wake up is unlikely to make that much of a difference.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  31. Number one: stop calling them “liberals”, they are leftists. Number two: leftists cannot be changed. They are not misguided, they are inherently inimical to the stability of any society, including especially ours. I believe this can be traced to underlying heredity. There are genetic components that, when coupled with certain environmental factors for gene expression, affect the brain and its cognitive structures.

    The theory is called r/K selection. The two are defined by different habits of reproduction, breeding, rearing, protection, and selection. See ‘The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans’.

    Leftists are those with the highest percentage of alleles that conform to the r factor. In humans, some external expressions include belief systems such as egalitarianism, and the stressing of feminine over masculine qualities. Traditionalist are those with the highest percentage of K factor alleles. External expression includes personal responsibility, bounded competition, etc.

    The inevitable conclusion is that r/K selection theory reflects two different genetic subraces. This dichotomy is especially prevalent in Caucasians. Not only are there two different political types that result, but there are also two different value systems of morality.

    What we are truly gearing up for is a race war. If we as K’s are allowed to express our morality, the end result will be separation and segregation. But if leftists insist on forcing an existential struggle, the inevitable result will be annihilation of the r’s.

    • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
  32. renfro says:

    Moving right along……..the Zio Universalist and Shadow government of Vulture Capitalist can put a task completed check mark on this.

    PROTOCOL No. 5

    In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such a length of time as will suffice to make the people lose their heads in the labyrinth.

    The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair

    • Replies: @FoSquare
  33. @Reg Cæsar

    It’s not “what”, it’s “who”, and the “who” is the same ones who created it, the “you know who”. Or let’s say the international Khazarian mafia.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  34. America may be on a path toward partition at some point in the middle of this century

    Who gets to keep the nuclear weapons?

    • Replies: @densa
  35. Miles Davis was indeed a musical genius

    Because he pretended his instrument was a white man’s neck?

  36. Moses says:

    My family contains several White liberals.

    I have shared red pill points with them re: race and prospects for the nation. Oddly, they acknowledge the points…but it doesn’t change their minds whatsoever on actions. They are past the event horizon.

    One had an Indian family move in next door in her all-White neighoborhood. They are nice people. But she doesn’t like their super loud all-Indian parties and sometimes strange ways.

    In a revealing moment I asked her if she would like to live in a majority-Indian neighborhood. She said “No. It’s not my culture” to which I responded “Then why do you want more and more of these people in our country? I guess you want them to live near other Whites and not near you.”

    She had no answer. I could tell she got the point, but her indoctrination doesn’t allow her to arrive at the inevitable conclusion.

    Another side of her I’ve seen is overflow levels of White guilt. She acknowledges on our current immigration trajectory the country will go to hell. Then in the next breath she suggests maybe Whites deserve it. It’s self-flagellation.

    There is no way to turn these liberals as long as they remain comfortable and ensconced in their wealthy, majority-White neighborhoods.

  37. Perhaps, just perhaps, the realization, that what is going is not “liberal”, not even remotely liberal, but straight out of the international socialist handbook of Marxism, Leninism and communist doctrine, and that it is tightly connected to social democracy, perhaps it could lead the way out of this Planet Weimar nightmare.

    Point being, it never ceases to amaze me, what mental gymnastics haven been programmed just to avoid calling a spade a spade. The Soviets would be very envious of the US social engineering achievements, the US successfully created the “homo sovieticus”.

    I cite nevertheless from wikipedia, that usually conceals more than it reveals.

    According to Leszek Kolakowski, the Short course history of the CPSU(b) played a crucial role in forming the key social and mental features of the Homo Sovieticus as a “textbook of false memory and double thinking”. Over the years, Soviet people were forced to continuously repeat and accept constantly changing editions of the Short course, each containing a slightly different version of the past events. This inevitably led to forming “a new Soviet man: ideological schizophrenic, honest liar, person always ready for constant and voluntary mental self-mutilations”.[8]

    The “Soviet man” is characterised by his tendency to follow the authority of the state in its assessment of reality, to adopt an attitude of mistrust and anxiety towards anything foreign and unknown, and is convinced of his own powerlessness and inability to affect the surrounding reality; from here, it is only a step towards lacking any sense of responsibility for that reality. His suppressed aggression, birthed by his chronic dissatisfaction with life, his intense sense of injustice and his inability to achieve self-realisation, and his great envy, all erupt into a fascination with force and violence, as well as a tendency towards “negative identification” – in opposition to “the enemy” or “the foreigner”. Such a personality suits a quasi-tribal approach to standards of morality and law (the things “our people” have a right to do are condemned in the “foreigner”).
    — ”Conflict-dependent Russia. The domestic determinants of the Kremlin’s anti-western policy”, Maria Domańska

  38. @TG

    I have a point of disagreement and a question.

    Question first. You write of the (5th century) Roman elites taking off for Constantinople with everything they could take with them. Can you recommend a good source for information about that emigration, or flight? Did some go to Alexandria or other cities in the Byzantine empire?

    Point of disagreement. I don’t believe you could back up your view expressed in

    “The super rich have decided that they want to maximize short-term profits and to heck with the long term prospects of the nation.”

    Look at the philanthropy of the super rich from Carnegie and Rockefeller to Gates and Buffett and ask yourself whether the super rich aren’t usually dwelling near the top of Maslow’s pyramid. Where do you get the idea that people like that are bothering about “short term profits”. Even the entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are running their companies for long term growth rather than short term profit. Assuming you accept that don’t you have to find a genuine attachment to “liberal” ideas – and then explain that. (No doubt the explanation comes with a lot of emphasis on there being able to avoid anything that makes life uncomfortable for them but where did they get their “liberal” ideas from. After all their equivalents 100 years ago said outrageously racist things and certainly didn’t believe in the blank slate).

    • Replies: @druid55
    , @ThreeCranes
  39. My first boss had known and worked with distinguished Americans like Frankfurter, Dean Acheson and others he met as a diplomat in the US for some years. He knew American politics well, if a little out of date. He had no doubt that there was a Negro problem which I recall his giving flesh to by saying that American politics needed to have the blacks solidly attached to just one of the parties. I suppose, now I think of it, that he was implying that it was undesirable to have the parties competing for black favour. Better for one party to be able to take them for granted and the other party to ignore them.

  40. AceDeuce says:
    @Oleaginous Outrager

    What’s great is when you don’t let their glib comment slide and ask them to elaborate on exactly how those schools are “bad”.

  41. Icy Blast says:

    “Secession” is a beautiful word.

  42. @Priss Factor

    Priss Factory! Are you back now?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  43. Jake says:

    This article is another big nothing because it ignores Original Sin and Christ and Christendom. White Liberals are reflecting rebellion against Christendom, the desire to replace Christendom with something else. Liberalism is, therefore, a major manifestation of Pride: Liberalism is an aspect of Luciferian non serviam.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  44. “The Soviet Union, one of the 20th Century’s two superpowers, was destroyed by its adherence to an ideology that ignored human nature.”

    And the same people who chose Russia as their lab experiment, having been booted out or having fled, have transferred their tender ministrations to the USA. Jewish intellectuals, enamored with the psychology of mass control and beguiled by the tales they tell themselves of their inherent intellectual superiority, treat us as guinea pigs.

    This is an unstable arrangement. It will not last.

    • Agree: Sin City Milla
    • Replies: @europeasant
  45. @Authenticjazzman

    “Stupid and insane” is actually correct, but a little more explanation could be helpful.

    While IQ measures basic problem-solving skills it does not measure the ability to foresee the long-term consequences of actions. It also does not measure the ability to resist propaganda and think based on what is observed in the outside world.

    Liberals can get high IQ scores and yet be blithering idiots when it comes to “street smarts”.

    The only liberals I have seen “turn it around” were subjected to some trauma–a mugging, a divorce court disaster are two that come immediately to mind. Ironically it is the dumbest liberals who are most likely to get that trauma–“gentrifying” the urban wasteland is a major “incident” waiting to happen, one liberal at a time.

    The OP’s article list does not rise to the level of “trauma” imho. That happens to each liberal on a personal level when they learn that they must pay attention to their immediate environment and ignore the “experts”. I just don’t see abstract “news events” or elections having the same impact.

    Therefore I am pessimistic and believe most liberals won’t “get it” until the “zombie apocalypse” comes pounding on their door.

    • Agree: AWM
    • Replies: @lavoisier
  46. White liberals are gay coward sissies like most of you on this site.

    • Replies: @TKK
  47. AWM says:

    A lot of people need “to get the heck out of the city” and gain a familiarity with the real country.
    And like many of you, I feel that the “normalization” of the white libs into self loathing opportunists who are just continually parroting that “hate whitey” propaganda in order to further their liberal “paradise” in these same cities is doomed to more than failure, but extinction.
    Sure, we will always have the “political” classes of super wealthy Marxist whites calling us all out for everything from NASCAR to firearms, but those things are successful and won’t be going anywhere in America. Laws won’t change it, climate change won’t change it, wealth confiscation won’t change it.
    The “political enclaves” of these supporters of the political Marxists will shrink more and more until poof, they are essentially gone. Replaced by white/brown/black people whose only goal in life is to live in a ghetto on minimal subsistence thinking it is at the “expense of whitey.”
    We have traitors to their own race on both sides, Chuck Schumer, Al Sharpton, for example. There isn’t 2 cents of difference between these two, both charlatans, criminals, and useful idiots. More and more institutions, businesses, cultures, conglomerates, monopolies, are falling into this category every day, whether it be Google, MSM, or General Motors.
    Sure, bankers (Jewish & others) are driving this division every day, but be careful not to attribute to conspiracy that which is much more easily caused by incompetence. These people are not superhuman, but super pathetic, sodomites, perverts, addicts, psychopaths, and on and on, and their “uniformity of thought” is going to get a bunch of them and their minions killed.
    They warn of “Civil War II” kind of like a threat to get more blackmail, kinda like Putin with his unaffordable “hypersonic” weapons which offer no real improvement over simple RVs which won’t be routinely interceptable until lasers, masers, particle beam and other weapons become available, which will be just as useful against the “hypersonics.” You know, this CWII is going to be pretty damn short, and won’t end well for all these folks unable to figure out which bathroom to use, much less which end of the Aimpoint faces forward (ever notice in popular “action” movies how often they get that one wrong).
    All is not roses however, everything from nuclear conflict to global pandemic can give just about everyone a bad day, maybe even all of us, but super volcano or asteroid strike are way down on the low end of the threat, but not zero, just ask T-Rex (not the former Sec of State). Will the country survive, I give it about one chance in three, and that may be way the hell optimistic, but the US odds are way better than these other way more fucked up places with no freedom of speech, thought, armaments, economy, religion, assembly, you know, where the US is heading but will never get.
    I hate to admit it, but the super malignant microscopic pandemic may eliminate most of our worries before socialism ever lets us develop the AI quantum computers that might help us get out of this mess. Health, food supply, electric infrastructure, distributed energy-gas-diesel-nat gas, medical goods, communication/entertainment, emergency services, disaster relief, interstate trans system, rail, air/sea trans, and many others are just way too fragile worldwide, to say nothing of the US, for their not to be a major interruption. After dozens and dozens of years in pharmacies, I always said global conflict couldn’t happen, just look at the inventory, with the exception of Africa/Antartica, this $$$ shit comes from all over the world!
    I hope I was right.

  48. SFG says:

    This is basically the problem in a nutshell. The huge drop in crime since the 90s or so gave liberals freedom to indulge all their ridiculous fantasies and love of guilt and self-flagellation (a Christian heresy in essence, as quite a few Catholic writers have said; but there is no Jesus and no salvation, you have to constantly search yourself for any morsel of sin…er, racism).

    You can even see it with Jews: British Jews actually voted *for* Brexit by a small margin. Heck, if you go back to the old (pre-90s) neocon writings (Podhoretz Sr., Kristol Sr.) there’s quite a bit of realism back when they had to live in mixed neighborhoods; now that they live in rich neighborhoods in big cities or suburbs they are free to indulge their leftism without consequences (to them, anyway).

    My own politics were formed by my childhood in pre-Giuliani NYC.

  49. Hard-core liberals will never wake up. They will chose mass suicide first. For them to admit that they are credulous fools, Mr. McGoo characters who have gone through life believing in things that are obviously not true, would be a mortal blow for them. Worse, they would realize that ordinary people – the people they so despise – have been laughing at them the entire time. Their egos will force them eat a .45, if they have the guts. Or they might throw themselves off of bridges. Who cares so long as they do it.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  50. To late.When white people react they wont be allowed to vote anymore or as its now they will have no options in the boots.

  51. @Monotonous Languor

    This makes sense, but only with respect to modern, white liberals/conservatives.

    How do Jews fit into this? Where did these “rabbit” white people come from? They didn’t seem to exist in the past, when Europeans were conquering the world. And will other races develop the same thing, as they become more wealthy and developed?

    • Replies: @druid55
    , @notanon
  52. anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    You are correct. The partition idea seems logical, but it will never happen.

    America is not merely a jurisdiction or federation like other nations who have parted ways. Americans have all sorts of metaphysical almost religious feelings wrapped up around the idea of America. America is everything that is Great and Holy or everything that is Horrible and Unholy, it encompasses the passions of Americans in a very distinctive, unusual way. It won’t simply get split up like Czechoslovakia and happily move on.

    Also, and this is very important. There are people out there purposely constructing and stoking this entire situation. The destruction of ‘whiteness’ is probably the biggest motivating factor of their lives. If you think they’ll allow a white homeland to be created as a staging ground for ‘whiteness’ you are missing a very important part of the equation. Whites didn’t just accidentally slip into the current situation and they aren’t going to get out of it without massive bloodshed.

    You can see the mass media already drumming up the hatred for white nationalists with this meme that whites are the real ‘terrorists’. You can expect this to be ramped up to absurd levels as whites begin to abandon the liberal worldview. It really comes down to a race… will white people wake up in time? I’m personally doubtful. The enemies of European peoples are extremely powerful now and seem to be getting more powerful by the minute.

    I think we are living in a watershed moment. The coming years will be eventful.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  53. Alfred says:

    Around 30 years ago, I did spend a couple of weeks in Lagos. What a place!

    I was told that the night watchman of British Caledonian Airways (now British Airways) office in Lagos had a bow with poisoned arrows.

    A big German company (STRABAG) was building a new airport terminal. All their personnel were sheltered in an area surrounded by an earth wall so that no one from outside could look in – there were fences and guards as well of course.

    In stifling tropical humidity and heat without A/C, I stayed in a room on the ground floor of the Airport Hotel. I was unable to open any windows as drunk prostitutes came knocking when the bar closed. If anyone let them in, they would take away all his belongings in a twinkle.

    Walking in the city was an adventure. Once, a huge Black guy blocked my path and asked this trick question “What religion are you?” I replied “Muslim” and while the guy was trying to digest it (I am White and not Muslim), I walked around him and disappeared as fast as I could.

    I was delighted when I discovered that the contract my American employer had signed was invalid and I could return to Europe.

    I recommend sending a few of these “Liberals” from each city in the USA to spend a few days in Lagos on their own. A few of them might never make it back.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  54. nsa says:

    Isn’t jazz a black idiom? So how can a white guy be an “authentic” jazz man? Kenny G? Yanni? Or kind of a pseudo authentic imitator like Dave Brubeck or Chet Baker? Since I met no blacks at the mensa meetings, assume you are white. Still digesting your theory that your thoughts manage to exceed the speed of light, 186,00 miles/second in a vacuum……..

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  55. Alfa158 says:

    I’m trying to think of a case of any nation being formed without bloodshed, and can’t think of one off the top of my head. A new nation means that some People-In-Charge will lose control of something they presently have, and those people will always be willing to kill to keep that control.
    The Czech Republic and Slovakia were distinct ethnic entities prior to being Czechoslovakia, and so amicably agreed to separate, but that seems rare. The closest thing to a partition here would be a chaotic general breakdown followed by new nations coalescing out of the ruins.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  56. @Baxter

    “Diversity + Proximity = War”
    that’s one of his oldest maxims

  57. Mulegino1 says:

    The Negromania of the liberal/progressive left is the worship of the worst elements of the African world, certainly not the best.

    Afro American ghetto counterculture is a Jewish, not an organically “African” thing. It is consumerist, reckless, and criminal. It glorifies- a la the Jews’ repugnance for the beautiful, the transcendent, and the noble- the very worst, most ugly and brutish elements of the black community, not the best, as is illustrated by the lowest musical form ever- gangsta rap. Subterranean scum like Jay Z and Cardi B are held up as “cultural icons”, recidivism is glorified, and the pursuit of happiness for the ghettoized black, in his Hollywood incarnation, consists in obtaining high end sneakers, shiny baubles like jewelry and pimp mobiles, and cheap whores by the dozen.

    The Jewish creation of the black ghetto as a culturally subversive weapon against the European Christian heritage upon which this nation was founded has been wildly successful, since it is embraced as a kind of cultural utopia by the idiotic self-hating liberals of Christian European provenance. And no one has paid a steeper price for it than those blacks who have fought tooth and nail to form stable families and communities based upon faith, hard work, and a sense of dignity and worth.

  58. Anonymous [AKA "Carlos26"] says:

    The article completley misses out how cultural maxism works. Its not just white / black anymore.

    Its about dividing society down into multiple groups to control them from above to make society weeker.

    If you can get them to hate / dislike each other thats even better and that part is happening already : feminists and trans hate each other, whohate straight males. Muslems and non muslems, patriots against those who want no borders etc etc

  59. It is a government run propaganda machine which is conditioning (inserting) these so called liberal ideas into the minds of the minds of Americans, especially the younger generations.

  60. Agent76 says:

    Feb 15, 2019 Guilt-Free Freedom (Anarchapulco 2019)

    My “Advocacy Stage” talk from Anarchapulco 2019.

    Mar 12, 2013 What is Classical Liberalism?

    According to a Classical Liberal, what is the proper role of government in a free society?

  61. densa says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Who gets to keep the nuclear weapons? This is only one of the excellent questions regarding partition of the country. There is no way to divvy up the liabilities, let alone the resources of the US. You can’t have traditional values in Oklahoma and Brazil in Texas without resource conflict. You can’t turn over California’s extensive military infrastructure to Mexican cartels.

    I think it’s fantasy to think everyone can pack up the pickup and move to an ideologically agreeable state. No, this is a choice between fight and flight, with partition being flight from the conflict. I am not obligated to give up my home because someone wants to give political control of it to ‘immigrants’. Speaking of which, the phrase majority-minority is nonsense, a pc way of saying ethnically cleansing an existing people of its political self determination and culture. Not nice. Someone tell the UN.

  62. Che Guava says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Priss has never been away. Just posting only as Anon for several years, after trying to run multiple accounts, and having been detected at it.

  63. @Clyde Wilson

    White progressives live in a web of delusion. Most are highly educated, one might say indoctrinated, and live like hive insects, responding to the goodthink signals sent by culture and government. It will take some sort of societal upheaval to break this connection. The gradualism suggested by the author could take decades.

  64. anonymous[237] • Disclaimer says:
    @Amerimutt Golem

    Hitchcock’s blondes (Tippi Hedron, Grace Kelly et al) liked negroes? That’s a new one on me!

    • Replies: @Alden
  65. @UrbaneFrancoOntarian

    “Our country is already gone. We just haven’t noticed yet.”

    Agreed. The American Republic is a relic. We’re living in the ruins, distracted by the many illusions beamed our way through smart phones and other screens. Lot’s of work to do, building a new republic based on commonalities rather than the nebulous melting pot.

  66. @Priss Factor

    “Ghastly Negro”

    Great band name.

  67. @Alfred

    ” … I could return to Europe.”

    Hasn’t the EU been importing boatloads of Africans and Arabs into the various European countries? I lived in Denmark for a number of years in the 1990s. During that time I was able to travel around and experience the varied European cultures. It sickens me to know that EU bureaucrats are destroying Europe.

  68. TKK says:

    That’s right.

    And people who work in large corporations do not have to work with many blacks. The federal state and local governments provide adult daycare for the blacks. I am not being glib. This is actually the service it provides along with great pay and primo healthcare.

    I believe this is a conspiracy actuated by affirmative action by the proverbial “they “ … who know that blacks cannot perform and survive in an actual working environment where results are required- demanded.

    But if you walk through a corporation, I’m thinking specifically of General Dynamic, who receive billions of dollars in government contracts, I saw maybe two or three blacks out of thousands of employees.

    They were the token hires. And so the white liberals who work & interface with them in the lunchroom or perhaps when someone brings in a birthday cake have no idea of the abject misery of negotiating the Black personality and different hygiene and white hatred.

  69. TKK says:

    Med up and go back to bed.

  70. @nsa

    ” So how can a white guy be an “Authenticjazzman”

    Well apparently you are totally unread and uninformed as to the history of Jazz developement.
    You have obviously never heard of one Bix Beiderbecke, the legendary German American Jazzman who was applying modern jazz melodicism fifteen years ahead of the be-boppers, or one Jimmy Dorsey the great innovator who was a model for later modern Jazz performers, or Artie Shaw the magnificent Hebrew improvisor unsurpassed to this day.
    As far as Chet Baker is concerned, you are really off base, seeing as Charlie Parker the reigning (black) deity of Be-bop and jazz per se’, selected him for his band in 1952 ahead of all the elite Trumpeters in LA.
    Look I could name hundreds of white players who were equals of the black Jazzmen of their era, or are you proposing a Jazz “Gene” which is held exclusively by black players.
    And by the way I, myself, performed, decades ago, with a world-class black trapsman who in fact toured with Chet Baker
    You don’t know what you are talking about as far as Jazz music is concerned.


  71. Wally says:
    @Clyde Wilson

    And the propaganda that has really accelerated the demise of defensive thinking by so called “white liberals” is the fake & impossible “holocaust” narrative.

    The always self centered Usual Enemies of Free Speech invented it for the purpose creating a false sense of guilt, sympathy, political power and cash, tons & tons of cash.

    Hence the use of calling someone a ‘Nazi’ who resists The Big Lie.

    Casting aside the ridiculous “holocaust” does wonders in freeing yourself from tyranny and stopping the destruction of Euro-whites and their culture. It renders the false epithets useless.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  72. Ruckus says:

    Who says the physical threat to white progressives will only come from the minority left? The white right despises them more.

  73. The problem is institutionalized liberalism.

    As loathsome socialist Upton Sinclair correctly noted: “”It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

    The college dean whose 120K Lexus is blocked from heading home to his mansion by simpering shitlib yoots ‘protesting racism’ plays along.

    His tax-payer funded institution doesn’t have to deliver a quality, competitive product when it receives just as much or more dough catering to shitlib utopian fantasies.

    Shitlibs used to be “destroyed” by growing up. Perpetual Clownworld has stopped and even reversed this process, by design.

    Either the White shitlib goes or The West goes. There’s no middle ground.

  74. druid55 says:

    I am foreign and I agree with you. You whites are stupid and naïve to have believed all the BS! The worst manipulators of you whites are the Talmudist Jews! They rule all western countries now!

  75. druid55 says:

    already happened with forced busing in the 70’s. A total disaster!

  76. druid55 says:

    That is if they survive their walk!

  77. Ivy Mike says:

    Other than poking at an easy target (WLs) with a dull stick I’m not sure what the author of this article was trying to accomplish. Democrats need a lurch to the left after the mindless centrism of Clinton and Obama (and that arch centrist Bush family), sadly the Republican far right has been corrupted by Trump.
    If the US Constitution cannot hold a state together as it transitions from Property Owning Adult White Males to multi ethnic I would suggest that the Constitution is a worthless document and that the Western ideal of a government of laws instead of men was an illusion.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  78. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    yes working class whites have half the jobs given to minorities but there’s no competition they’re just given to them.
    Yes that means we see a closer to the average black and more of them and yeah they are even less preselected than the ones college boys rub up against but they are still not random.And this is the real problem all classes of whites tend to assume the minorities they meet are representative when in fact even affirmative action construction worker is going to be above average to be able to get an affirmative action job he had to apply to the union pass a pretend test go through remedial training and show up 80% of the time without attacking anyone to often or getting caught stealing he has to not get incarcerated before his apprenticeship more or less same for a govt worker maybe a bit easier but still.
    and the fact of the matter we are all going to meet blacks that we truly like even love really good people same with all the minorities some are wonderful its hard to calculate but maybe even the majority. But that doesn’t change the fact that their is no way to separate the wheat from the chaff because mean reversion so the question isn’t do i love a lot of great minorities I know its what is the collect effect of minority groups in my nation

  79. druid55 says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The causes of these philanthropies are not what you think. A lot are actual investments to make more money in the guise of philanthropy. Real philanthropy is to tax everybody fairly, cut the military budget massively, reign in government and Israeli manipulations and interest. Then use the honest money to fix our bridges, roads, etc. Give a fair wage. Compete in the world fairly, and we can do it and win. Get the socio and psychopaths out of positions of power somehow!

    • Agree: renfro, Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  80. druid55 says:

    They financed it all and then reaped the profits. They have always been there – behind the scenes of every war and every conquest! Do some research. You’ll be surprised!

  81. @Ivy Mike

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” That is a famous quote by John Adams.

    The Founding Fathers had no illusions on this point.

  82. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    yes but
    hes not the only far right dissident to make an (((exception))) and while sure its wrong its also complex. a lot of my red pills from ayn rand back in the early 70s to mencius moldberg or even Unz were provided by jews. Now I disagree with moldberg that its the crypto calvinists or that resistance is futile I think he has a point that flipping elites is the quickest easiest way to take over a nation. So Talor wanting to try that approach is not totally retarded and like me hes a boomer and so different generations can see things differently you can say we were retarded to let the blacks out of jim crow and in hindsight sure but at the time it seemed possible they could be improved with help and the alternative was riots and genocide, Taylor sees the JQ through the WW2 lens and is maybe not so up on a lot of JQ stuff that frankly if I had not heard from jews themselves I would have had a hard time accepting even though i grew up around nyc jews and knew first hand the actions were true I wouldn’t believe the motivation of some could be so evil

  83. Sad!!!!

    Why promote the putative hierarchy of needs crated by a YUGE liberal, an atheist ?

    The author is a confused liberal.

    This whole piece is wrong from the get go and only gets worse.

    Try this link for a critique of this commie crap of Maslow

  84. @Commentator Mike

    Because socialism works with the right people? Like in Cuba?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  85. @Alfa158

    Czech and Slovaks were one Slavic tribe. But parts that were close to Germany did learn agriculture from Germans and did settle down. The Slovaks did remain herders who were yearly wandering from Polish tribes to Greece.
    First Czech king was Premysel Orach, The name means thoughtful plowman. Like Schwarzenegger means black plowman. Slovaks did mix with Huns that did remain in that territories.
    After Magyars moved in, they cut the wandering Slovak herders pathways,and Slovak herders were pushed up north.
    After that Slovaks had no choice but to become settled agricultural society also.
    All Slavic languages are very similar, But Czech and Slovak language is for practical purposes the same, with very minor differences.

  86. @Wizard of Oz

    Philanthropy!?!?!? Bwhahahahahahahahaha…..

    You mean where the foundation gives away 5% or each year’s income while expecting to earn a projected 8% per year and in exchange, doesn’t have to pay any taxes because they are exempt????

    What, did you just fall off the turnip truck?

    A few years ago, the statement for the Clinton’s (small potatoes) foundation was published online. Out of the $150,000,000 (or so) they raked in, they spent $30,000,000 on administration fees and roughly the same on expenses of one sort or another. 7 or 12 or 13 million (I don’t remember) went to Africa Aids education. So their flying back and forth to Africa, staying and dining in the best hotels etc., meeting with this head of state and that dignitary were all tax exempt.

    But the tax man must have his cut. Wars must be funded. So you and I make up the difference. Such philanthropy!

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  87. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Liberals are mainly liberal for themselves , and very antiliberal for the those who don`t think like them .

    Liberals lack common sense , either white , black , brown or in stripes .

    Maslow was a psychologist , psychology and many ” social ” ” sciences ” send snake oil .

  88. @ThreeCranes

    You are trying to teach grandmother to suck eggs. The familiar practice of using features of tax laws to make sure that the individual taxpayer can spend as much of
    what would otherwise be reduced by tax at his own discretion has nothing to do with my point. It is as if I had said “Many As are Bs” and you misused logic to say “No, no, many As are Cs”. And FWIW I don’t see the Clintons’ greed as having much if anything to do with “short term profits”. The contrast intended was between businesses with a long term outlook and those without.

  89. @druid55

    I hear you. But, as I have just pointed out above, it really doesn’t have much to do with the original loose point about elites being only interested in “short term profits”.

  90. @Reg Cæsar

    And capitalism works in El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. does it? I’d say socialism, despite all its shortcomings, works better in Cuba, as the only people wanting to leave are the ones they kick out of their jails. But I like best the kind of capitalism that “works” in Liberia. Maybe you should try it sometime in your own country.

  91. hunor says: • Website

    It is really simple , just live emotions behind. The population growth is unsustainable, there must be reduction of human footprint on the planet. There never had been in human history, such distance between the same species, in terms of physical wealth, and knowledge. It is almost like different species, on the top humans are in the space age, on the bottom, lesser humans are still closer to the jungle. But how is to get rid of the unneeded masses? It is planned by the elites, that alowe them to destroy each other by creating an unbeatable circumstances, where they will have no choice , but kill off each other, in a hope of survival. There will be no survivors, they will be discarded, because the elites have no use for them. The future technology offer robotic work force, and space and drama less living for the future of man.

  92. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘any time I suggest they have a holiday in Lagos I am met with deafening silence.’

    You dont really suggest this do you? If so great real life trolling.

  93. Like many previous commenters, I’m not optimistic that a critical mass of whites in the US will wake up in time, before things get really disastrous. Not sure exactly what ‘disastrous’ will entail in the future, but the recent ratcheting-up of anti-white rhetoric by the establishment media obviously doesn’t bode well.

    I live in a very liberal metropolis on the West Coast, and most whites here fervently cling to the idea that whites are uniquely and inherently evil, and that the only morally acceptable position to take is the suicidal route. These are mostly functional adults, often over 30, who espouse this stuff, which makes me wonder at just how bad the indoctrination is nowadays at public schools. Is it more open and ham-fisted now than in the 90s, when I was a kid? I came out of K-12 schooling thinking that whites have zero moral legitimacy, even though they soft-pedaled the guilt-tripping back then (the focus seemed to mostly be on lionizing MLK as a cult-god). Heaven help the white children growing up in today’s toxic environment.

    I occasionally see hope for the odd white guy, usually working-class, who is more of a bygone-era leftist (ie., cares about worker rights, not minority identity politics). Sometimes in conversation, these types will let slip a comment that indicates they are keenly aware of how much they’re hated by polite society. Some even express resentment at the obvious unfairness of being blamed for anything and everything. I see no hope for most white women here. I was at a football-viewing party, and one white female there, before an all-white gathering, just randomly brought up the disproportionate jailing of black men in the US, totally out-of-the-blue. She began loudly, sincerely, and angrily speculating on how many such men were framed for their crimes by (wait for it)… evil white guys. It was bizarre. Her boyfriend pointed out that there’s no way to really know, and that seemed to shut her up.

    Was recently talking to an old acquaintance (who isn’t aware of my politics), a guy who is stridently far left and anti-white, and who thinks that doxing people for ‘wrong think’ is morally righteous. We were talking about a government job he recently applied for, and failed to get. I was shocked when he volunteered that he thinks it was partially due to him being a white male. He actually admitted that being a white man put him at a disadvantage in this instance, although he quickly followed it up with ‘but it’s cool, they deserve it more, I’m privileged, blah, blah, blah.’ I do wonder how many of these liberals are just mindlessly signaling conformity (and don’t comprehend what awaits them) versus ones who are secretly awake to the threat. How many think they’ll be spared the wrath of a newly-empowered ‘minority-majority’ political coalition because they were ‘on their side’ against Bad Whites.

    • Replies: @Moses
  94. Anonymous [AKA "Parmenides"] says:

    Well . . . , I guess most of the responders to this comment threat should be thankful that they were not born black.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  95. nickels says:

    More evolutionary mumbo jumbo.
    Fake theory, fake results.
    Liberals will get it when they feel the boot of the stasi on their balls.
    The entire issue is a moral one.
    Liberal ‘morality’ is based on sin and attachment to vice. They want and need their sins. This makes them blind slaves.
    When they quit sinning, then they will quit desiring the punishment of death for their sins, and they will begin to have a desire to stand up to the evil that threatens them.
    The ENTIRE form of control is predicated on selling the unsuspecting into ever increasing cycles of deepening vice.

  96. Anon[570] • Disclaimer says:

    You can’t feel fear when your amygdala is shriveled.

    Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

    Liberals are brain-damaged, and fear doesn’t register correctly, like in right-thinking folk.

  97. crimson2 says:

    completely oblivious to the brewing demographic dangers

    lol. You guys are so scared of nonwhite people. It’s amusing.

    To turn the tide, we must win them back.

    Well, sport, it seems your little movement is screwed.

    What is missed here is that the tradition of racism and segregation has been smashed. It’s not coming back. There may be some rise in racial resentment, but it won’t amount to anything. Your worldview is illogical and stupid. No matter how much you whine, no matter how violent you get, no matter how many dumb memes you come up with you can’t move the needle.

  98. @crimson2

    What is missed here is that the tradition of racism and segregation has been smashed. It’s not coming back. There may be some rise in racial resentment, but it won’t amount to anything[…] No matter how much you whine, no matter how violent you get, no matter how many dumb memes you come up with you can’t move the needle.

    There is no such thing as a “tradition” of racism. However one may feel about the concept, it is undoubtedly borne from instinct. It can be shaped by nurture, certainly, but it cannot be created from nor sustained by it entirely.

    However, neither is “racism” and “segregation”—real or imagined—going away. For one thing, triumphalist, sneering sentiments like those you expressed are ensuring that its flames will only be further stoked. As satisfying temporarily as it is to belittle your ideological opponents, you and your kind do not present a reasonable, viable alternative which answers their legitimate concerns. Instead, the “medicine” which is continuously prescribed (i.e. multiculturalism, ignoring the remnants of a country’s historical core population, etc.) is the same one that has caused the patient’s malaise in the first place. You could argue that it is not your place to present new ideas and that, at any rate, poking fun at faceless handles on the Internet is its own pleasure. But you fail to comprehend that these actions will ultimately imperil the very ideals you purport to defend. How this will all unfold in the end is still unknown to us, although you can rest assured that it will occur and do so in a way that will likely surprise people on both sides of that ideological chasm.

    Also, you seem to believe that “whites” alone have a monopoly on “racism” and “segregation”. In fact, what is little discussed in polite white liberal company is the fact that the various blacks, browns, yellows, and so forth they sentimentalize and perceive as a single demographical bloc are, in fact, highly fractured by various ethnic, religious, and national resentments. None of this gathers much attention in the meantime while these collected “POC” remain minorities on a national level. But once they usurp the historical “whites” as the main demographic, you can expect these things to simmer and boil over openly.

    For example, Hispanics, who presently are the second largest racial demographic in the US, are on track to become a dominant one by the end of the century. How will the protestations of injustice by blacks register against a community which historically was not involved in slavery, Jim Crow, and is largely unaffected by the Achilles’ heel of “white guilt”? How would East Asians, which are currently the fastest growing minority, respond to the ululations of a shrinking demographic with which they historically tended to grapple against?

    We may not live to see it, but future generations will very likely witness a resurgence of “racism” and “segregation”, albeit manifested in unexpected ways.

    “History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes.” Whoever may have uttered that apocryphal remark had little idea how right they were.

  99. @Anonymous

    You ought to check out Paul Kersey’s “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” right here at Unz.

  100. lavoisier says: • Website

    That happens to each liberal on a personal level when they learn that they must pay attention to their immediate environment and ignore the “expert

    I like this reasoning and I think there is some truth to it. I have been surprised at how truly stupid liberals are on any number of issues, but they seem to be particularly stupid when it comes to issues surrounding race and criminality.

    I remember getting into a discussion with some liberal friends about how I am always very careful at night around strangers, particularly young black men, and I watch them very closely when I am in close proximity to them. I am often met with looks of extreme shock that I could even think this way. Pointing out the facts of life–crime statistics–does not even make a dent in their shock that I am more careful around black men than I am around Chinese men, for example.

    The liberal worldview is beyond a willful ignorance. It is a form of psychosis.

    As Michael Savage said Liberalism is a mental disorder. I think that sums it up.

    And like all mental illness, treatment is very difficult and often unsuccessful. But electroshock therapy, in this case getting mugged or assaulted, might cure some liberals of their disease, but even that may be difficult.

  101. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    We may not live to see it

    I can’t tell if the old folks are lucky or unlucky. On the one hand, they lived in pretty good times, but oversaw the destruction of our societies. I’m born into worse times, but with the (pipe?) dream of rebuilding.

    If I could be sure whites would wake up, I’d look forward to the future. But I’m increasingly worried that the white future involves just shutting up and dying off. We’ll just be diluted into Hispanics, Asians and Africans.

    We need things to get worse quickly. This is why the anti-white racism in the media is actually good. If we had integration, whites would have a higher chance of disappearing. But now that whites are the hated group, Asians are no longer marrying whites, and I hope other races follow suit. The higher the pressure against whites, the better we are, tbh.

  102. Boooring.

    I guess the authors solution is to vote Republican? Hows that worked out the past 40+ years?

    Newsflash! Theres only one party, the uniparty, the Wall St party, the war party, the Aipac party. Both sides take their bribes from the same billionaire lowlifes.

    Everything going on in this cursed country is exactly what they want, nothing is accidental, people are dumb, poor, addicted, depressed, suicidal, psychotic, angry, because that is what they want us to be. We’ve all been programmed since birth to think and behave this way.

    Only in America.

    Patrick Mcdermont = partisan hack. Next!

  103. Hail says: • Website

    So much of life is driven by numbers or percentages [….] once the numbers and percentages change, all bets are off. And I am afraid we are on a collision course with this reality

    In principle, the cross-over point at which a neighborhood is ‘lost’ is calculable, quantifiable.

    Say a given neighborhood has 5,000 households and starts out 100% White, 0% Black at Year 0 (to keep things hypothetical and simple).

    Year 1: The first Blacks arrive; new balance is 4,998 White households, 2 Black households. No problem.

    – By year 10, Black inflow has continued: 4,900 White households and 100 Black households, or 2% Black. Probably still no real problem.

    Year 40: There are now <1,000 White households and 2,500 Black households in the neighborhood, making for 3,000 total households. This is a substantial overall neighborhood population loss from Year 0 due to heavy (80%+) White out-migration. Crime. Trash on the streets. Broken windows. Drugs. Loud music at all hours. The few White holdouts are largely elderly and so on, and are fewer and fewer every year. There are few to no White children.

    Year 60: the same neighborhood has 50 White households and 2,000 Black households. Since Year 40, there has been both Black and White population decline as upwardly mobile Blacks began to also want out and elderly Whites left over from Year 0, or near to it, have largely died off or finally been moved out by their relatives. The new, starkly depopulated neighborhood equilibrium is 97% Black, 3% White. Blight and deep pessimism rule the day. (By circa Year 60, Gay gentrifiers have begun to scout out the area to move in for cheap rents, but it will be a long while before anything like Year 0 to 15 or so White family life returns, if ever.)


    In the above, if the neighborhood is at “no problem” as of Year 10 but is clearly lost by Year 40, there must logically be a tipping point somewhere in there, a point which, once crossed, means the neighborhood is destined to definitely ‘flip’ from ~100%-White to ~100%-Black and likely overall population decline and steep social decline.

    When is this point — that is to say, at what percentage Black is the ‘rubicon’ crossed for a given neighborhood? I have heard people propose various percentages for various contexts. It is surely above 2%, but below, say, 50%. By the time a neighborhood has become ~50% Black, it’s really headed to ~100% (absent intervening factors). Might the ‘rubicon’ point for Blacks in a neighborhood be as low as 10%? 15%?

    Nothing is entirely reducible to bare numbers, of course, and certain cultural or political factors peculiar to a time or place will tend to push this tipping-point percentage up or down. What are they?

  104. aandrews says:

    A timely example of what Mr. McDermott describes as the catalyst for snapping white liberals into reality: growing direct contact.

    Security Guard Assaulted Outside Downtown McDonald’s, Dramatic Cell Phone Video Shows

    Notice that nobody utters a peep while the off-duty policeman, present as an employed security guard, is being attacked, but the female Negroes immediately start squawking No! when the cop finally gets a chance to snatch his weapon out. Evidently they were beside themselves that one or both of the attackers were about to get Trayvoned.

    White anti-racist liberals may bleat excuses for the behavior of those two teenage pavement apes, but, eventhough they wouldn’t dream of admitting it out loud, they instinctively, viscerally understand what they see.

    It’s a perfect little vignette.

    More, please.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Medvedev
  105. Anonymous [AKA "KJG"] says:

    Agree completely. I’m not what you people call race realist but I’m incredibly uncomfortable with MSM’s gleeful rhetoric re: coming white minority status. I can’t think of any other period of recorded history when something like this was celebrated in the news while said majority was still at 62% (non-hispanic or 70% for all whites). I mean seriously!

    I fear the far left white liberal, with their rainbow coalition, trans-women (replacing real women), drag queen library story hour far far far more than I do non-white people right now. Its the whites in the Democratic party pushing the party farther left and pushing the trans agenda on children. Blacks and other minority groups are far more conservative socially than the white left. Plenty of POC groups are horrified by the scope of the LFBTQ movement. Just think about that.

  106. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    “If you try to warn them, they will stare at you blankly.” No, they won’t stare. They’ll get you fired from your job, doxx you, picket your house and workplace, swat you, maybe bikelock you. That’s how progressives discuss these issues.

  107. MBlanc46 says:

    I’d say mostly irredeemable, but we shall see.

  108. Moses says:
    @Anna Pavlova

    I do wonder how many of these liberals are just mindlessly signaling conformity (and don’t comprehend what awaits them) versus ones who are secretly awake to the threat.

    A supermajority of them are mindlessly conforming. They have no idea what awaits them.

    They don’t want to know, as long as they can bask in their sweet, sweet virtue-signaling whilst living in their comfortable, majority White, well-off enclaves.

  109. @Moses

    Don’t these immigrants have their own countries to go to/stay in? If they love America so much they should change their own countries to be like America so they don’t have to move there. And Americans should go visit those countries before allowing people to move from them to America, to see what they’re like and if they want America to become like that. But no, they hate America and Americans but still want to move there, and Americans truly do hate them and their countries but still allow them to move. Something’s not quite right with all these people.

  110. Alden says:

    The comment may have been about Kim Novak, star of Hitchcock’s Vertigo who had an affair with black actor Sammy Davis.

    Of the hundreds of Hitchcock actresses I believe she was the only one who was involved with a black man. It must have been at least 60 years ago. The affair was very short as the studio stopped it by threatening Davis.

  111. Alden says:

    There’s a new civil rights law proposed in Congress. Every single Democrat congress critter approves of it. That law will allow all males and females to join all school and other sports teams from K-8 to Olympics.

    It means that women’s sports is gone. from now on it will be male and mixed sports teams. Not that I care about wf s sports. It was basically a lesbian full employment act. But still it means allegedly trans men will take over women’s sports.

    It’s an excellent example of how liberal propaganda central opens the plug, empties the sink puts the plug back in, turns on the faucet and fills the empty sink with the latest propaganda

  112. @Anonymous


    “POC” are the symptoms. White liberals and Jews are the diagnosis.

    And right now the white liberals and Jews are running up the score. The conservative practice squad is no match for the finely tuned liberal major league machine.

    Until white liberals lives start to become physically “uncomfortable” (if you know what I mean), they will keep winning. Right now they can bang a moderate civic nationalist in the head with a bike lock, and nobody fights back! Physical violence > court system.

    White nationalists who are (rightfully) angry at brown people should not waste time tearing them down yet. Until the white liberal and Jew power structure is gone, the West will spiral into disaster.

    Get rid the white liberals out of power, and we can easily deal with the “minorities” later.

  113. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Notice that nobody utters a peep while the off-duty policeman, present as an employed security guard, is being attacked, but the female Negroes immediately start squawking No! when the cop finally gets a chance to snatch his weapon out. Evidently they were beside themselves that one or both of the attackers were about to get Trayvoned.’

    I noticed this. I feel physical revulsion that there are people who are so impaired morally. They really are not like us.

  114. @obwandiyag

    As one who reads Russian n has spent many years studying the catastrophe of Communism in Russia, I find the statement exactly on target. Maybe Ob should acquire the skills to comprehend what he is reading so it becomes more meaningful to him.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  115. @Authenticjazzman

    I’ve seen quite a few libs cautiously poke their heads out of their closets n suggest that maybe whites are not so bad after all. So far they immediately retract their nobs n retreat to the closet. But it suggests that despite what appears to be thick river ice, the water is actually corroding it underneath. The fact is they have been redpilled. They’re just don’t know it yet.

  116. @Jake

    No, the problem is exactly the opposite. Progressivism / Socialism is merely Christianity warmed over n led by Jews. The Original Sin of Progressives is Whiteness, which is another way of saying that melanin neutralizes Original Sin so only whites are guilty (a Jewish innovation to Christian dogma). The only way out of this nonsense is to dump Christianity because Christianity is ultimately the cause of the problem, it’s the ideology that induces young whites to turn the other cheek to invading predators. Without the Semitic slave-morality of Christianity, Jews would have no ideological hold over whites. Just look at clowns like John Hagee n evangelists of similar ilk who bend the knee to Israel n everything Jewish! If you doubt that Socialism is merely warmed over Christianity, read the works of the Communist theorist Antonio Gramsci who explained this in detail.

  117. @Chris Bridges

    Yes, today’s “libs”, actually anti-democratic Leftists, are very much like Jim Jones’ Peoples’ Temple of California, which committed mass suicide, some 700 people, after moving to the forests of Guyana in the mid-70s. The Dem Party itself has become a gigantic People’s Temple n if pushed into a corner its Jewish leaders would give the signal to mass suicide rather than lose their flock. They would call it another Masada. Rational people would call it psychosis.

  118. @Mulegino1

    How do you explain the similarities between black city ghettos with Haiti n many parts of Africa? Jews must really get around.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  119. @Wally

    Engineers of Victimhood. Blacks had slavery, so Jews had to come up with their own script. I’m still waiting for a proliferation of government-funded Memorials to the Armenian Massacre, the killing of Tutsis in Rwanda, or the slaughter of Ukrainians by the Jewish Cheka.

  120. This is a truly excellent article.

    It’s so considerate of the author to lay out all his arguments in one place.

    Makes it so easy to know what the enemy is thinking.

  121. @Sin City Milla

    “the killing of Tutsis in Rwanda”

    Only in Rwanda it was the Tutsis who were doing almost all the killing.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  122. Medvedev says:

    At least in the US he has the right to defend himself.
    Imagine when racist Blacks are running the show, wherever they form a majority like in Baltimore or Detroit or even worse control the country like SA or Zimbabwe. They couldn’t care less when Whites (Jews, Indians like in Uganda) are killed, raped or burned alive. Yet, they will scream bloody murder when Black thug is killed in self-defense.

    Any race or group of people related by blood/culture/religion has a preference for their own, unless you’re gullible liberal Whitey. But extreme racism and hatred of other races/groups by Blacks is particularly striking.

    Even if Chinese prefer other Chiniese, hard to imagine bunch of Chinese teens jumping, laughing, screaming and yelling in joy when the other teen smashes 68 year old White lady to the ground and then throws her into a pool. And vise versa (White teen attacking old Chinese lady). Makes me wonder, are they actually that racist and hateful or just self-absorbed and dumb brainwashed with ‘blame Whitey’ propaganda?

  123. Its been said several times in the article and in the comments – liberals think everyone is just like them and have the same outlook, values and priorities. Unless immigrants are obligated to actively assimilate, they won’t and never will be anything like you. These people are being brain-washed into hating everything that white people have built and stand for. They don’t want to be like you – they want revenge for all the wrongs that they are told have been inflicted upon them.

    If you want to see your future, visit South Africa. An old joke used to go something like this:

    Q. What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist?

    A. About 1 day.

  124. Mulegino1 says:
    @Sin City Milla

    Jews must really get around.

    The simple truth is that the Jews do get around. They are spread all over the world like a pandemic virus. In their ubiquity they promote the lowest common denominator with respect to society and culture along with the highest interest rates. Their record at spreading misery, corruption and squalor is unparalleled.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  125. crimson2 says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    As satisfying temporarily as it is to belittle your ideological opponents, you and your kind do not present a reasonable, viable alternative which answers their legitimate concerns

    What legitimate concerns? “My neighbor is brown” is not a legitimate concern.

    You could argue that it is not your place to present new ideas and that, at any rate, poking fun at faceless handles on the Internet is its own pleasure. But you fail to comprehend that these actions will ultimately imperil the very ideals you purport to defend

    Listen, you types are driven to anger by seeing an interracial couple in a commercial. Pissing you off by mocking your dying ideology is not going to make a lick of difference. If anything, increased tantrums will reveal your hate and ignorance and drive people away from you.

  126. Grew up with Mexicans in CO and they are worthless and nasty in the main. Whites will ‘quiet riot’ the result will be when minorities demand help and support, they will get much less than they demand.

    I was in Baltimore during the King riots. At the time Hopkins was 45% Jewish a liberal in a way. People came on campus asking for help for the Blacks harmed by the rioting and they got not support or interest I could see. A lot of them lived in Druid Hill, which took some hits, and asking them for help was like asking them for help in the 1940s to rebuild Germany.

  127. annamaria says:

    The Jewish “liberalism” in action.
    Here is certain “Sir” Mark Sedwill, the UK’s NationalSecurity Adviser, whose behavior and current position in the ZUSA can be compared to the influential position and behavior of the paedophile “Sir” Jimmy Savile, a devout Zionist and an Israel supporter:

    The UK government’s position on the Skripals’ case was summarized in a letter from the National Security Adviser, Sir Mark Sedwill to the NATO Secretary-General on 13 April 2018. Sedwill’s letter made several assertions that were substantiated only by “intelligence”…

    Sedwill’s involvement in the preparation of the now widely discredited dossier ‘Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction’, released in September 2002, calls into question his credibility in making these uncorroborated assertions.

    And yet this lying bloody pest Mark Sedwill is active in the UK government, demanding more rapes and goring and bloodshed.

    “Sedwill’s parents were Lithuanian Jews who had migrated to Britain before World War.”
    Here is “Sir” Sedwill educating the UK administrators in holo-biz:

  128. FoSquare says:

    Protocol No. 5 was taken right out of the Torah’s playbook.

    “The Lord [Mammon] came down to look at the city and tower which man had built, and the Lord [Mammon] said, ‘if, as one people with one language for all, this is how they begun to act, then nothing that they may propose to do will be out of their reach. Let us, then, go down and confound their speech there, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.’” Gen. 11:5-8. “That is why it is called Babel, because there the Lord [Mammon] confounded the speech of the whole earth; and from there the Lord [Mammon] scattered them [the nations] over the face of the whole earth.” Gen. 11:9.


    It is overwhelmingly important to understand that in the chapter previous to this story of the Tower of Babel, the Lord God Mammon lays the foundation for creating two lines of descent, one leading to the Goyim (deplorables) and the other to the favored Chosen Few. The two lines descend from the two sons of Eber — Peleg and Joktan. Joktan’s line represents the Goyim and is enumerated in Gen. 10 (note that Joktan begets 13 offspring). Also important to note that the Goyim line is created at the end of chapter 10, just prior to the Tower of Babel story at the beginning of chapter 11 and before the Chosen Line is created in chapter 11 immediately following the Babel story. It’s sandwiched in between. This is done for a reason.

    The Lord Mammon establishes the Goy line (the nations) first because this is the mass of humanity (the profane) that he and his Chosen minions will prey on (through Usury – “little by little”). He then proceeds to create chaos, confusion and division amongst the Goyim (the nations) in the beginning of Gen. 11 just prior to creating the Chosen line through Eber’s other son Peleg. The name Peleg means “divided.” The Lord God Mammon (through his priestly scribes) tells us in Gen. 10:25 that the earth was divided. This narration is for the gullible goy. For the Inner Circle this means the earth is being divided between the Goyim (the Nations) and the Chosen Predators.

    The split is symbolized by Peleg whose name means “divided.” It’s important to note that Peleg begets Rue (Gen. 11:18). Peleg was the son of Eber. From this little word game (the scribes can’t resist puns) we derive Eber-Reu — the proto-Hebrew. Think of the dash between Eber and Reu as the split or division between the sacred and profane lines. Recall, Joktan (the jokes on us) was also the son of Eber. This lineage (through Peleg) leads straight to Abraham, the first Hebrew, who first appears at the end of Gen. 11.

    It’s also highly relevant that the line through Shem is given twice, with Babel placed between the two. Odd, isn’t it? The first starts at Gen. 10:21 and establishes the profane line through Joktan, The second line starts at Gen. 11:10 and establishes the sacred line through peleg ending with Abraham.

    All of the above verbal abracadabra was necessitated by the need to create the Chosen line. After all, after the Flood everyone was supposed to have descended from the monotheistic Semitic God. The split between Sacred and Profane had to take someplace and the priests performed the job admirably in Gen. 10-11. Voila! The “Flood” was simply a metaphor for washing away the past (the achievements, history, and culture of other great non-Semitic ancient civilizatons of the Near East) and replacing them with a fabricated Hebrew lineage and appropriating the achievements of others for themselves. There was no “Flood .” More wordplay. This was one of the priests techniques for conveying one message, the primary message, to the Chosen Few and another (the superficial image) to the profane.

    The Torah (Books of Moses) would more aptly be renamed the Book of Mammon or the Book of Deception or the Book of Materialism, for it is all three.

    Protocol No. 5 is drawn from the devious story of the Tower of Babel.

    The biblical passages quoted above were taken from a translation of the Torah published by a Jewish organization.

  129. In this lovely, peaceful, safe, little Canadian village, when we go for a walk almost all the houses we pass are modest and fairly tidy. There is, however, one funny house and yard that are awash in junk, endless little garden gnomes and old broken flower pots; it is like nothing else in the neighbourhood. Nobody has ever said anything to me about this in the fifteen years that I have lived here, and it is not likely at all that anyone will ever point to the fact that this is the home of the only black man in town.

    After decades of work and travel in the Middle East and Central Asia, the UN sent me to Mozambique. I traveled fairly widely around the country for many weeks. In all my time there I never encountered any native culture at all, no interesting music, weaving, embroidery, jewellery or architecture at all. The whole place was shabby, Western poverty and consumer world trash, blue jeans and tin roofs. In Asia I am always in awe of their depth of culture and the richness of their traditions, but in Africa I never saw any of that at all.

  130. @Mulegino1

    Mulegino1 names the three MONSTER cultural realities of the post-WWII experience common to those whose ancestors were in the USA or serving abroad in US uniforms during that war:

    The Jewish creation of the black ghetto as a culturally subversive weapon against the European Christian heritage upon which this nation was founded has been wildly successful, since it is embraced as a kind of cultural utopia by the idiotic self-hating liberals of Christian European provenance. And no one has paid a steeper price for it than those blacks who have fought tooth and nail to form stable families and communities based upon faith, hard work, and a sense of dignity and worth.

    Farrakhan speaks out against this Jew treachery in furtherance of Jew tyranny in a valiant effort to protect his co-ethnics.

    Who from among the Roman Catholic Church and/or the black protestant clergies has both the insight and the courage do the same thereby serving Incarnate God Jesus by heeding His words memorialized at John 8:44.

  131. @crimson2

    Listen, you types…

    Do tell me, esteemed professor: what is my “type”?

    Pissing you off by mocking your dying ideology is not going to make a lick of difference. If anything, increased tantrums will reveal your hate and ignorance and drive people away from you.

    Firstly, you are certainly not “pissing” me off—I am not even white. Of we two, the only one of us engaging in childish tantrums is most certainly yourself.

    Secondly, what “ideology” are you referring to?

    Finally, your cretinous trolling will not change anything and will definitely not “reveal” anything other than the paucity of viable alternatives offered by your ilk. However much you believe so, those people you attack and their concerns will not be going away. You cannot “ban” or “defeat” an idea—except by offering a compelling and viable alternative. The more you artificially suppress your opponents, the more they will grow and turn extreme.

  132. ricpic says:

    Many of the most virulent deniers of the reality of what blacks are, are whites who have “pioneered” once disastrous black and hispanic areas (they could hardly be called neighborhoods) of our cities and with tremendous effort first turned them around and then gentrified them. I am thinking of places like Park Slope and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. In every instance these largely hippie or hipster whites (the first waves of pioneers) experienced the full brunt of black savagery. To a man, woman and child they were mugged, robbed in broad daylight, beaten up and bullied in the local public schools. And yet what remains the sin of sins among them? To speak disparagingly, i.e. honestly about blacks and hispanics.

    Why did I write the above? Because it flies directly in the face of the author’s contention that greater contact with the reality of blacks will cure liberals (if anything, the hippie pioneers were and are 110% liberal) of the great illusion/delusion. It hasn’t. It won’t. The illusion means too much to white liberals for them to ever abandon it. What does it mean? That they are virtuous.

  133. VladiRad says:

    This is cute, considering white conservatives aren’t even racially conscious. America is overwhelmingly made up of two groups, liberals and retarded/remedial liberals (“conservatives”).

    Outside of an online fringe, everyone is less racist than they were in 2014, 2009, 2004, etc.

  134. Mulegino1 says:

    This is cute, considering white conservatives aren’t even racially conscious. America is overwhelmingly made up of two groups, liberals and retarded/remedial liberals

    The cuckoisie is still allergic to reality. To be a full fledged member of kosher Tweedle-GOP, one must adopt the diversity model of kosher Tweedle-Dem. In other words, one must acknowledge that black ghetto counterculture, which is the product of a few decades of Jewish profiteering and recruitment of the absolutely worst elements of the black American community is equal to the best of the Euro-Christian culture, which was built up over two thousand years.

    But Europe is suffering from this same cultural disease as well:

    Contrast this:

    To this:

    The motherland has lost its way. As Europe- our ancestral homeland goes, so goes America.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  135. @ThreeCranes

    “And the same people who chose Russia as their lab experiment, having been booted out or having fled, have transferred their tender ministrations to the USA”

    They probably think only a rich nation can successfully implement socialism.

  136. Mulegino1 says:

    The invidious comparison between absolute degenerate pervert tranny Conchita Wurst and the visionary, statesman and soldier Leon Degrelle represents the perfect fork in the road for Europa. Will the pan-Europeans choose the perverted path of the degenerate or that of the ultimate European soldier, patriot and statesman? Tertium non datur, especially now!

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  137. @SFG

    “This is basically the problem in a nutshell. The huge drop in crime since the 90s or so”

    In my area the drop in crime is due to more incarceration. The jails, prisons are full of Africans and so called Hispanics.

  138. FvS says:

    Imagine you switched the populations of Mexico and Japan but left the laws and government the same. Do the countries stay the same? As the population of Central Americans increases in the U.S., the U.S. will become more and more like the countries where this replacement population came from. No sane White American should want the U.S. to become just another Latin American ****hole.

  139. VladiRad says:

    So if everything goes right, whites may eventually get pissed enough to elect a Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy in Oregon. Big whoop.

  140. Whitewolf says:

    Race realism isn’t a fringe position. That’s just another lie by anti-Whites to make Whites toe the diversity line. The truth is that even most liberals who virtue signal are racist. They might have a masochistic need to debase themselves and their race but race is very real to them. When White Flight hits an area the liberals might rationalize their reasons for leaving the area but their reasons are exactly the same as the card carrying “White Supremacists” who they like to virtue signal against. It’s irrational behaviour but diversity like all religions produces irrational behaviour.

  141. @Mulegino1

    Tertium est Viktor Orban.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  142. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    It was great in the 50’s when there were no mixed couples in ads.
    All these middle class blacks in the ads is just virtue signaling.
    Statistically there can’t be many living in these fine homes.
    So it isn’t a business profit decision, just eases the consciences
    of the left wing rich liberals who dole out the ad money.
    You think colored people don’t have self esteem on their own?
    They have to marry whites to get it?
    This is all bullshit cultural Marxism. Chicanos in LA have two rules
    to live by: Nobody parks in front of our house and you don’t bring home a black person.
    Why should races mix anyway?

  143. Ace says:

    Negroes have been a curse from the earliest times. The swine who imported them and made slavery work were the original offenders against us and blacks. Ever since we’ve had to deal with the injustice and stupidity of those original miscreants as we have tried endlessly to square the circle. Nothing about our culture made slavery a sensible or moral addition.

    Many black ladies and gentlemen live with us and they are not the ones who harbor secret hatreds or revenge fantasies. They are, however, a tiny minority and all attempts by whites to create a viable modus vivendi with the vast majority will fail. The Maxine Waters, Al Sharptons, and New Black Panthers will ensure that the fires of hatred are fanned forever.

    The media will spin the racial harmony fable forever but one day it will just dawn on whites that it’s been a giant con and a waste of time and money. Rep. Omar and her white and colored allies make clear how much they hate whites and traditional America. Whites will notice.

    Segregation, repatriation, or bloody conflict are the only alternatives to the present self-delusion.

  144. Mulegino1 says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Watch out for sell outs and pro-Zionists. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Orban. But he is no Degrelle, who was non contrite and unapologetic to the end.

  145. @Mulegino1

    Thank you for bringing Léon Degrelle to my attention. A fascinating figure that was hitherto unknown to me.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  146. I humbly suggest that should any white liberal actually ever “wake up” that it would be the sacred duty of the nearest bystander to knock her out again.

  147. Mulegino1 says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    You’re welcome, Nicolas. He has written quite a few books, many of which are still available at Amazon (for how long is anyone’s guess).

  148. L Woods says:

    I never thought it possible, but this article has somehow succeeded only in increasing my already very considerable contempt for the white leftist. They’re no better than drug addicted rats, hooked on the dopamine hit stimulated by their incessant self-righteous effusions. Truly lower than animals (unlike animals, they should know better).

  149. @crimson2

    Pissing you off by mocking your dying ideology

    You’re not debating ideology; you’re debating race. You literally want white y-haplogroups to disappear.

  150. wraith67 says:

    I don’t think they’d wake up in time, or if at all (it’s been long established that it takes a major traumatic event to shake somebody out of their core convictions). The Brit who was raped at Oktoberfest by two African imports ended up apologizing to his rapists. More likely, there will be war and the “useful idiots” will be cut down in the crossfire. There’s really nothing new in this cycle of events except the efficiency of the weapons.

  151. Uslabor says:

    What the hell you talking about?

    Mexicans ARE great people!!

  152. Wally says:
    @Sin City Milla

    I’m still waiting for a proliferation of government-funded Memorials to the Armenian Massacre, the killing of Tutsis in Rwanda, or the slaughter of Ukrainians by the Jewish Cheka..

    Not sure about of the veracity of those, but nonetheless, Jews will never allow them to share in the profitable Victims Scam.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  153. Mulegino1 says:

    Wally, keep in mind that the deity of the Church of Shoah will tolerate no gods before it.

    The “6 million Jews and 5 million others” illustrates this. The rest get a bone of concession from the Shoahites, but this only makes the giant hoax more palatable for the gullible goyim to swallow.

  154. @crimson2

    This kind of trolling is good evidence that the Left has subjected people to years of conditioning to the point where they are no longer capable of rational thought. Burdened by a religious indoctrination by the PC Cult, these cultists are remarkably ignorant of historical facts n when faced with any facts that contradict their limited worldview they are trained to react with violence, censorship, n ad hominem attacks. There is no use arguing with these NPCs, they have been trained to reject all facts n science from a standpoint of presumed moral superiority. That’s why PC cultists shout “It’s the moral thing to do!” when someone cites an inconvenient fact, just before they hit you. Rather than educating themselves in genetics, they persist in seeing racial science as purely a moral issue, evident in their constant shouts of “That’s racist!” Ignorant, arrogant, n very tiresome. It’s like trying to have a rational discussion with a three year old throwing a tantrum.

  155. aandrews says:

    Yet another timely example of the catalyst of “growing direct contact”.

    Boy thrown from Mall of America balcony fighting for his life

    “‘He has many surgeries ahead in his life to try to get back to a normal life for a young, vibrant boy,’ Hanneman [family friend who set up a GoFundMe site] wrote.”

    “[Bloomington Police Chief Jeff] Potts believes this most recent incident is isolated and said the Mall of America continues to be a very safe place to go.”

    Whew! That’s a relief.

  156. joef says:

    Fashionable limousine liberals will never wake up, until the problem is at their doorstep; and then it will be too late. In the meantime by forcing the rest of us Nonblacks (who are fully aware of the racial reality of the hazards afro americans voluntarily perpetrate against the rest of us) have to suffer the nonsensical reality denying fantasy world that the limo libs have self created.

    When every urban area resembles Venezuela/Balkans/Mogadishu, this elitist limo lib make believe will die off (and probably along with many limo libs themselves). This was forced upon us all by detached limo libs who pontificate from afar, safe & cozy from it’s consequences. When they die off from its eventual results, they deserve the same compassion they gave to the many Nonblack violent crime victims, None!

  157. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    No it was actually Hutus killing Tutsis.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  158. @joef

    Fashionable limousine liberals will never wake up, until the problem is at their doorstep[…]

    You give them too much credit—they will never admit that they are wrong. Even if the urban spaces of the Western world degrade into massive favelas, they and their progeny will simply justify such a phenomenon as the price we pay for living in an enlightened, multicultural society; that the fault is not with their self-destructive policies, but with “institutional racism and poverty”; that nothing is wrong, everything is fine and, in fact, it is better than ever and here is a Guardian op-ed and/or the latest NYT bestselling sociological apologetic that confirms that the past was never great, only a fiction of “white supremacy”; etc.

  159. Warrior11 says:

    I don’t think the majority of liberal white males that stand by the side of SJWs & progressives will for one simple reason. They were raised by single mothers that taught them to rationale with feelings and hope to gain the favor of women to get a kiss. Cucks are phvckked.

  160. @Sin City Milla

    That’s how it started but later on it was the Tutsis that cleansed the Hutus and drove many into neighbouring countries. So it was two bunches of Africans killing each other and you can take your pick. Just like old tribal wars except they had multiplied so there were more to kill. The West obviously decided to back the Tutsis and take their side while presenting the Hutus as the mass murderers and denying any grievances they may have had against the Tutsis. I don’t know much but as I do know how the Western governments and media lie, I back the Hutus. Similarly in Darfur, I’d rather take the side of the Janjaweed considering the West was on the side of the sub-Saharan Africans invading their Arab desert lands.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  161. @Commentator Mike

    Quite so. Hutus are Bantu speakers, which means West, Central, n South Africa, including Congo. Tutsis are taller n slimmer like Masai, they’re Nilotic speakers, generally considered more capable. Tutsis tend to dominate wherever they cohabit with Hutus. Hutus resent this n in Rwanda they turned on the Tutsis, killing half a million Tutsis n any Hutus who supported them. The surviving Tutsis came back n drove the Hutus back to their ancestral home in the Congo. Americans tend to think of Africa as just “black”, not realizing that Africa has the most genetic variation of any continent. Some groups are capable n intelligent, others not so much. Almost all American blacks are ancestral Hutus. I would not be so thrilled about the Janjaweed. Arab slavery of blacks, both Hutus n Tutsis, goes back centuries n killed or abducted millions, their expeditions penetrating deep into the Congo, coming from Sudan n Zanzibar.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @EastKekistani
  162. @Sin City Milla

    Typical clumsy troll liar. If you had one ounce of panache, ignoring your obvious lies, you might be tolerable. But you don’t. And so you aren’t.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  163. @Sin City Milla

    Bonehead Wikipedia lies.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  164. Anonymous[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow! obvious bias and blatant accusations of delusion. A total manipulation of someone’s work to support a bias against something called White liberalism. The whole thesis is total nonsense.
    It even goes so far as to expose every detail of what is White liberals and the left recognize as the flaws they are dealing with in a Trump society. The writer is trying to take the high ground , like he knows more than what he’s talking about. Reality is that he knows he’s supporting a losing cause and he’s making a futile grasp to make sense of his own mistaken understanding of the future. The future will not allow you to hang on to the negativity of the past. Education and reality of a cooperative solutions will force progressive change or you will end up isolated with declining wealth and health around you. You either expand your island or you die on it.

  165. notanon says:

    spot on imo

    the only things i’d add are

    Most of them do not see a civilization that is crumbling around them or a brewing threat on the horizon.

    this is largely a result of the media’s deliberate censoring of the news so i’d say the gap between their perception of reality and the actual reality is already close to critical mass.

    They will only be convinced by threats to their basic safety. This, in turn, points to the real barrier. Most white liberals do not feel threatened.

    i think the key here will be less threats to themselves and more threats to their kids cos (again people don’t know this cos the media cover it up)

    the vast majority of inter-racial violence is older teenagers attacking younger children (cos teenagers are chimps and integrated schools -> sexual competition)


    although white kids do it too when they’re the majority the policy for 50 years has been to turn white kids into a minority in every school so as a result the vast majority of inter-racial violence involves white victims and this will continue to get worse.

    (nb the inter-racial violence/bullying mostly starts at puberty so when people say their kid is fine at an integrated school check what age it is)

    (nb the level of violent bullying depends on the violence levels of the majority kids – with a less violent majority the bullying will be relatively mild and mostly verbal)

  166. notanon says:
    @Clyde Wilson

    Over-optimistic about the educability of liberals.

    are liberals currently completely misinformed about reality by the media?


    are liberals eventually going to be hit by the consequences of their action?


    so the education of liberals is inevitable – the only question is if it will be in time or too late.

    (i accept that for various reasons some won’t change whatever happens but they will be ignored)

  167. notanon says:

    I have shared red pill points with them re: race and prospects for the nation. Oddly, they acknowledge the points…but it doesn’t change their minds whatsoever on actions.

    yes – the primary drive is conforming with the current cultural hegemony.

    what breaks cultural hegemony is the priesthood of that hegemony (the media) being shown to be liars.

    Another side of her I’ve seen is overflow levels of White guilt. She acknowledges on our current immigration trajectory the country will go to hell. Then in the next breath she suggests maybe Whites deserve it. It’s self-flagellation.

    yes, guilt is an evolved trait – before white people were programmed into feeling guilty about being white they felt guilty about other stuff and whipped themselves on pilgrimages to Lourdes instead.

    • Replies: @anon
  168. notanon says:

    the central banking mafia strand started around the 1600s and only gradually spread and became more powerful over time. personally i don’t think they completely ruled the West until the 1980s (largely through dominance of the media).

    i think the “cultural Marxist” strand started as a reaction to the growing pressure for assimilation (as opposed to separate legal status which Jews wanted to prevent assimilation) from Napoleon’s time onwards.

    i think they were separate strands originally although nowadays the banking mafia promote cultural Marxist identity politics ideology for reasons of divide and rule.

  169. Win them back? I think it will come to grimmer circumstances. Think 1863 small town in Pennsylvania.

  170. notanon says:

    What legitimate concerns?

    the vast majority of inter-racial violence involves a white victim – mostly children or elderly.

  171. I assume White Liberals will take us down so far there will be no recovery. I spend as little time with them as possible and avoid them like the plague.

  172. McDermott has written a lot of very interesting articles, but I’m not sure I want to read this one. Why? White liberals will NEVER wake up. Remember the almost physically nauseating reaction of the parents of murdered White progressive weirdo Amy Biehl by the very black South Africans she had befriended and sought to help? They were filled with (very non-Christian “forgiveness”) for the savages who had killed their innocent daughter. Many of us on the White Preservationist Right saw in that episode the perfect illustration of all that is wrong with liberalism – the ideology of White racial suicide – and its adherents, psychologically as well as morally.

    I have held for almost 20 years that liberalism is simply a mental expression of an underlying genetic defect cum evolutionary maladaptation either unique to, or heavily over-concentrated among, Whites. I’m not a geneticist, but I am unaware that any scientist can prove this hypothesis (or has proven any biological explanation for ideology). Still, it is the ONLY explanation which fits the facts (the chief of which is liberals’ resistance against facing the facts of racial inequality in temperament, ability, and moral and cultural behavior).

    If I am correct about this (and I will be proven so, though not perhaps for many decades – or even centuries), then articles like this one are pointless. A few marginal White liberals will awaken … and then a few more, as conditions worsen … and then a few more …. But for most White race liberals, antiracism (but only directed against White racism, never nonwhite racisms) and utopian diversitism are psychologically foundational principles. Hardcore White race-liberals are obviously “hardwired” to think as they do. Otherwise, with the truth no longer able to be suppressed by Jewish-controlled media (as it was from about 1935-1998), most by now would have awakened. That they never do is a sign that they never will.

    The only way to prevent White extinction is what I have been calling for over 15 years “White Zion”, the territorial ingathering of White Preservationists into a defensible territory or polity which we can demographically “conquer” (as nonwhite immigrants have demographico-electorally conquered California), and then either take over and transform into a White Racial State, or use as a secessionist springboard to create a new White nation – a planetary “reservation” for Whites alone, wherein we can survive as a race and civilization.

  173. @Sin City Milla

    Almost all American blacks are ancestral Hutus.

    What? Hutus are Central African. American blacks are West African.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  174. “White liberals are neither evil nor irredeemable. They are temporarily misguided.”

    That’s funny as shit. Tell another one.

  175. @obwandiyag

    I don’t read Wikipedia. I read academic histories of Africa n I keep up with genetics research.

  176. @crimson2

    Listen, you types are driven to anger by seeing an interracial couple in a commercial.

    The most common interracial unions are White and Hispanic, followed by White man/Asian woman.

    So it’s rather curious the majority of these ads are black male/White woman.

    It’s as if a steakhouse made ads only targeting vegans.

  177. c matt says:

    White liberals are neither evil nor irredeemable. They are temporarily misguided.

    What they are is insulated from their own bad views. Once that insulation disappears, they may turn. Of course, by then it may also be too late.

  178. Patrick says:

    “You can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be sleeping” -American Indian Proverb. Many white liberals appear like they are thralls of non-whites, and these same white liberals appear to be trying to dominate and humiliate normal whites. Maybe some white liberals are motivated by good intentions but many of them seem to be thralls who are verbally sadistic to normal whites. A month ago a white liberal tried to humiliate and moral shame me, it was so offensive to me considering the same person was likely a “step and fetch it” thrall to non-whites, the ultimate humiliation for a normal white is being dominated by a white liberal considering how cowardly white liberals are.

  179. @Clyde Wilson

    I know a big liberal. He calls himself a “party man.” I haven’t talked to him for several months but when I told him the Party would eventually back “slavery reparations,” he answered, “Never happen,” implying the Party would in the end bow to common sense and was just pacifying the black vote.

    By the way, this fellow is a retired college professor.

  180. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    that Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs triangle is very accurate to me

    i wondered why i kept stumbling throughout life and as i went through years of therapy i eventually blurted out to one of my psychologists “i don’t feel safe!” and since then the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. Also “self-esteem”, which i used to think was silly, apparently is not. Life is much easier when you feel good about yourself. I used to punish myself mentally and emotionally whenever i failed.

  181. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    yes, guilt is an evolved trait – before white people were programmed into feeling guilty about being white they felt guilty about other stuff and whipped themselves on pilgrimages to Lourdes instead.

    there was another article on Unz a few days ago about a mural depicting all white people in a park iirc that had to be removed or painted over because not enough diversity

    what struck me about the mural is how happy all the white people looked – it must have been painted in the 1950’s or so and they all had huge smiles

  182. @obwandiyag

    I’m the gift that keeps giving. I like to think that i have at least one ounce of panache, but I have never claimed to be tolerable. BTW ad hominem attacks don’t impress anyone.

  183. mike6972 says:

    “White liberals are neither evil nor irredeemable.” I must disagree. White socialist “liberals” are not only becoming more strident and deluded, they are now enforcing ideological conformity with violence. Is it so hard to believe that when they finally achieve full power, they will arrest political opponents and throw us into concentration camps?

    Besides gun confiscation, the advent of explicit socialism at the Federal level will require a national police force. Socialists ALWAYS resort to violent repression and totalitarian methods. There is a reason the USSR had the KGB, East Germany had the Stasi, and the National Socialists had the Gestapo. Endless propaganda isn’t enough; the regime must induce terror.

    There is no dialogue possible between socialist white “liberals” and those they hate. They are fanatics not open to argument.

  184. What delusional bullshit.

    Don’t worry, the liberals who intentionally take your rights to speech, writing, assembling freely, trial by jury – every thing in the bill of rights…

    They’re going to wake up right before midnight and rescue us.

  185. joe webb says:

    Global Warming Worry. Has anybody ever theorized how a worry, like worry about Blacks, etc. can be diverted into , say, fear of global warming?

    Denial and Displacement.

    Denial of race reality because of social disapproval, leading to Displacement …expressions of worry/fear about socially acceptable matters like putative global warming, or homelessness, or Trump , or you name it…

    The Robert Putnam study on declining Social Trust due to Diversity , Diversity and Community in the 21st Century, is the single best study done on Diversity’s dramatic erosion of Social Trust..

    My view is that Race is behind all the current worries and rage. It is global, psychologically speaking.

    The hydraulic theory of Race Denial: Push it down into the Denial pool, and it gushes up somewhere else when the Denial Pool is full.

    Try this across the board, from divorce to fear about getting your kid into college. Not kidding.

    Decades ago, a SF local columnist Art Hoppe, did a bit on his Worry Schedule. He figured out how to chart his various political worries. He had a schedule and a list. 15 minutes for this, 25 minutes for that. A half century ago…Race was not much of a big deal. Of course Blacks deserved to vote, etc. No argument, not to worry.

    Also reminds me of the best thing I ever heard a shrink say about working with couples…first thing he did was screen for depression.

    Arguably, the whole country, if not the West generally, is racked with worry about Race. It colors all our thinking and feeling. Ergo, the West is clinically Depressed. We can’t think straight, with our race-based rage twisting our cognition.

    I don’t Believe in the Unconscious, but I do think there is Denial. This Denial tugs at our conscious thinking and also triggers Fear about Social Approval and Disapproval and Guilt. (Denial is like procrastination…it is there, but we manage to avoid it…put it off till tomorrow, etc. I cannot theorize it any more than that.)

    Whites are starting to throw off the Jew/lib-rad assault on our legitimate evolution based racial feelings of Difference, Inequality, and Affiliative Impulses to stay with our own kind, just the way that all other races behave.

    Call it all Race Equality Derangement Syndrome. It drives us crazy and the lib-rads are the worst…with the current hatred of Trump. You know the Words they use. I saw one of them call Trump “depraved’” on CNN a day or so ago.

    Race is driving the West into , ultimately civil war. No Free Speech for Racists, is the call of the World Revolutionaries. Confiscate guns, etc.

    The personal solution is also the political solution. Acknowledge your own racialist feelings, and stop, as we used to say in the 60s, pigging yourself over it. Guilt Free. Free at Last…then figure out the political solution, which is the ago-old solution: Separation.

    A bonus is included., can stop worrying about Global Warming. You can also stop fretting about homelessness. Just clear the encampments, put all the addicts in jail for law-breaking, offer them alternative Help and if refused, don’t worry about locking them up. Clean up the streets, and congratulate the cops and just let people go to hell if they want to. Stop worrying about it.

    Race is All

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
  186. @Moses

    “she suggests maybe Whites deserve it”

    Then this attitude is rooted in propagandistic history and news, because whites have been the most altruistic and net beneficial to other peoples than any other race. Think about a global account of historic slavery and abolition and of non-white population increases due to white interaction. Wishing that whites had never interacted with the rest of the world means wishing that billions of non-whites had never existed. Now there’s a paradox!

  187. @joe webb

    It’s interesting how science denial on the left and right compare. Leftists deny racial science and overall data about IQ and crime, while some of those on the right deny climate science and overall data about human-caused climate change.

    Global warming, drought, inundation, and other effects are and will continue to drive mass migration into developed countries. Not doing something about this cause is self-defeating.

    • Replies: @anon
  188. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lockean Proviso

    Global warming, drought, inundation, and other effects are and will continue to drive mass migration into developed countries.

    no you’re dishonest, a 1 degree rise in temperature doesn’t drive mass migration anywhere – lax border policies do.

    Once the border and immigration laws are enforced and blacks and browns figure out they won’t be allowed to stay in white countries they’ll stop wasting their time and they’ll build their own countries instead

    • Replies: @Exador
  189. “Most white liberals do not feel threatened.”

    It is a well known fact that conservatives are more fearful because they have an oversized amygdala and less grey matter in the anterior cingulate cortex.

    To a conservative, the world really is a frightening place.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  190. @Adam SMith

    Myself a staunch conservative, artist (pro Jazz performer of fifty-plus years) myself Mensa qualified since 1973 (test results upward of 150 points) , myself airborne trained US army vet, ( on my first jump I was first man out) myself unafraid to get up in front of an audience and create new melody in the idiom of Jazz improvisation, myself a down to earth rational patriotic level-headed guy, I am saying : You are full of shit and you have no fucking clue as to what you are blathering about.

    Fact is Liberals are the true cowards of society, this being the reason for their need for big gov and total womb to tomb support and protection.


  191. Anonymous [AKA "Laszlo Toth"] says:

    Naive realism at its best. I’ve told it to a thousand leftists and I’ll tell it to you: f you really can’t imagine any reason someone would oppose your belief system except for delusion and naivete, you don’t understand that belief system well enough to criticize it.

    Reality is complex, honey, and disdain ain’t proof. You know who else I’ve encountered saying the rest of the world is just deluded and they’ll come around eventually? Flat Earthers. Scientologists. Trance channels. Hell, I could find you some very interesting time codes in the notorious Heaven’s Gate tapes.

    You seem to have mistaken fanaticism for rationalism, and a brutal ideological Bed of Procrustes for the reason. There are conservatives out there I respect and listen to… and what distinguishes every one of them is they don’t indulge in this sort of intellectual onanism.

  192. Exador says:

    White liberals won’t feel threatened because the threat is growing too slowly, and when it’s incremental steps DO effect them there will be plenty of media to tell them that the REAL problem is something else and they should feel ashamed for even THINKING wrongly for a second.
    They won’t Wake up. They’ll adapt to the new, ever more controlling and oppressive, norm.
    As part of the article alluded, their sense of identity depends on it.
    They’ll proudly show off their chains and their peers will envy them.

  193. Exador says:

    That’s funny. They haven’t built up their own countries in millennia. What makes you think they’ll start now?

  194. kikz says:

    here’s our word for the day.


    (plural postjudices) An opinion or bias acquired after the fact, or after a given event. 🙂

  195. @SFG

    “The huge drop in crime since the 90s or so…”

    As far as I’ve been able to determine, that “huge drop in crime” never happened, except in places where the police were permitted to seize weapons on the street. And they’ve since been handcuffed.

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