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How the Traditional South Committed Cultural and Political Suicide
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Robert E. Lee Statue, Charlottesville, VA. 2006

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The states of the old Confederacy, of the old South, have been for four decades strongholds of GOP politics. Since the 1970s those states have been, with few exceptions (e.g., Virginia), reliably Republican. The GOP depends on Southern voters for national victory. While Republicans tout the forward-looking “conservatism” of Southern senators like Tim Scott of South Carolina, Democrats continuously attempt to chip away at this GOP base, hoping to turn select Southern states blue.

Conservatism in the South now largely mirrors the national Neoconservative vision and its premises of continually expanding rights and equality which have dominated the conservative movement and the GOP in recent years. Interestingly, those positions actually mirror, if somewhat less jarringly, the nostrums of the Left. On Fox News this is the political diet we are continuously fed by pundits like Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, or Sean Hannity.

Far too many Southerners follow along and accept this vision, and assume it is a seamless expression of their conservative outlook.

But this template overlooks the lack of continuity and discordance between an older conservatism, incorporating traditions of the post-War Between States South, it politics and culture up until roughly the late 1960s, and what is depicted today as “Southern conservatism.”

The task of understanding this confusion and how an older Southern conservatism has indeed been largely transformed has much to do with the fact that good intentions and popular reactions to adverse conditions can sometimes lead to unforeseen results.

How we got here, a comprehension of how we arrived at our present political situation, demands that we understand the lineaments of post-War Between the States history, in particular the choices our ancestors made.

After Appomattox and the other Confederate surrenders, the South, the former Confederate States, experienced first occupation, then Reconstruction. Eventually coming out from under those onerous impositions, in virtual poverty and shorn of most of the political influence that they had prior to the War, most Southerners, naturally, inclined toward the Democratic Party. Indeed, it had been the Democrats, including many in the North, who had either opposed the War on the South, or, at least, advocated more reasonable and, as it were, “softer” policies after the War’s conclusion.

The Republican Party was seen, rightly so, as the party of conquest, of harsh Reconstruction policies, and anti-Southern bigotry. Not that it was in principle necessarily pro-black or favored expansive “civil rights” measures: only when directed at the conquered South were such actions merited, certainly not at home in their Northern bastions.

The South, the states of the former Confederacy, thus became uniformly Democratic strongholds—“the Solid South.” And, growing up in rural North Carolina how many times did I hear my elders declare: “I’d vote for the town drunk if he ran on the Democratic ticket!” Voting straight party became second nature to Southerners; granddad had done so. Indeed, some of us had grandparents even born in the late nineteenth century who knew and heard from their parents about the barbarity and degradations that came after 1865.

Thus, the Democratic Party became a kind of refuge for most Southerners. And Northern Democrats, at least for a goodly part of the century after Appomattox, welcomed them and allowed them to occupy positions of authority. Even under such social liberals as Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Southern solons in Congress—remember Senators Harry Byrd Sr., Josiah Bailey, Richard Russell, and others, who controlled the US Senate and Senate committees (and thus legislation)—and not to mention the various Southern Congressmen who dominated equally in the House of Representatives—held a considerable amount of power.

Of course, both Northern Democrats and their Southern allies had to find compromise at times. Generally, the Northerners let the South alone in its local governing, as long as Southerners generally supported measures nationally that their brethren advanced. Along with this occasionally troublesome collaboration, Northern Democrats—and Northern folk in general—agreed to let the South celebrate its history and its heroes and its heritage.

As Professor Clyde Wilson and others have described it, the years between the end of the nineteenth century and the election of Lyndon Johnson were a kind of “second era of good feeling” for the South. Southern honor, Southern heroism, Southern history and heritage were celebrated not just in the South, but everywhere in the nation. Summing up the view of most Americans of that period, President Eisenhower spoke admiringly of General Robert E. Lee, and he was in many ways expressing the general view of most Americans of the South back in 1960:

“General Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation. He believed unswervingly in the Constitutional validity of his cause which until 1865 was still an arguable question in America; he was a poised and inspiring leader, true to the high trust reposed in him by millions of his fellow citizens; he was thoughtful yet demanding of his officers and men, forbearing with captured enemies but ingenious, unrelenting and personally courageous in battle, and never disheartened by a reverse or obstacle. Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his faith in God. Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history.”

But not just on the lips of our national leaders, but in the public imagination, in the popular media, and in Hollywood, the South, and in particular Southerners in the War for Southern Independence, were treated largely with respect, if not outright admiration. Southerners had fought nobly and honorably, and were depicted as such in works of literature, by movie-makers, and by our political leaders.

Hollywood gave us not only a cinematic treatment of Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind,” but numerous other pro-Southern and Confederate-friendly films. Who of a certain age cannot recall such major Hollywood products as “Jesse James” (with Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda) and its sequel, “The Return of Frank James”? Or any of several epics starring Errol Flynn (“Santa Fe Trail” and “Rocky Mountain”) or several of the memorable John Ford-directed masterpieces: “Judge Priest,” “The Sun Shines Bright,” and “The Prisoner of Shark Island,” from 1936 (on the brutal and extra-legal imprisonment of Dr. Samuel Mudd after the Lincoln assassination)? And most actors in Western movies—John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, Audie Murphy, and others—carried the theme of Southern honor and respect into that popular genre.

In fact, in the classic Western I would suggest that there exists a sub-genre which I would call “the Southern Western,” essentially using the War and its aftermath as a plot basis for dozens of films…a trend that has continued in a small way into more recent times with the continued fascination with Jesse James and the Border conflicts (e.g., “The Long Riders,” 1980; “Ride With the Devil,” 1999; “American Outlaws,” 2001; and “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” 2007.)

The great “Civil War Centennial” of 1961-1965, with its commemorations and celebrations, marked the end of the “great bargain” between North and South, a final salute to the South as a noble adversary in “the late Unpleasantness.“

Dramatic changes in American culture and the way many Americans saw themselves in the 1960s and 1970s, would alter Southerners’ attachment to the old Democratic Party and perhaps just as significantly, radically transform the Northern branch of the party into something incompatible with the views of most Southern folk.

But even as late as the 1960s John F. Kennedy had a successful “Southern Strategy” which enabled him to win election in 1960 (with Southern votes), despite his later deviations and the turn-around of President Lyndon Johnson.

But in many ways that was the “last hurrah” for the “solid Democratic South.” The rise of Goldwater Republicanism, Kevin Phillips’ “Southern Strategy” (outlined most notably in his 1969 book, The Emerging Republican Majority), and the emergence of the avowedly conservative Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980, signaled the final demise of the second era of good feeling. Phillips worked closely with President Richard Nixon, and outlined his plan to win the South (and Middle America) for a newly-christened “conservative” and victorious GOP. And by the ‘70s, and more like a tidal-wave in the 198os, conservative Southerners turned Franklin Roosevelt’s picture to the wall and became Republicans (at least in their voting habits). The solid Democratic South would continue to be “solid,” but not Democrat.

Increasingly, in the years even before the election of George W. Bush in 2000, signs of unease and doubt arose among a few more thoughtful Southerners. Yes, the GOP paid initial lip-service to traditional values and commonly-held views which most Southerners shared. But in action many leaders of the Republican Party, including a new crop of home-grown Southern GOP politicos (think here of Senators Graham and Scott of the thoroughly “red” state of South Carolina), had traveled much further to the definable political and social Left, further than many Southern folk realized, even as many blindly followed along.

“I’d vote for the town drunk if he ran on the…Republican…ticket!” And how many times do we hear: “I HAVE to vote for the GOP candidate, even if he is terrible, since the Democrat is even worse”?)

It should have been apparent when Graham urged the removal of Confederate symbols from the South Carolina Capitol (“The flag had to come down. And thank God it has!”), or when he (and other Southern GOP leaders) essentially endorsed same sex marriage. But Graham is just the tip of the iceberg of political chameleons who have inveigled far too many Southern conservatives.

Influenced profoundly by the remnants of a zealous Trotskyite globalism and its radical commitment to an expansive concept of “equal civil rights” (same sex marriage, transgenderism, etc. are now increasingly acceptable among conservative elites), and by a constant diet of Neoconservative commentary spouted by Fox News, Newsmax, and so-called “conservative” talk radio, incorporating that template, in large part Southern Republicanism and establishment Southern “conservatives” have become indistinguishable from their Northern brethren.

How many times each day do we hear representatives of what Old Right scholar Paul Gottfried calls “Con Inc.”—Establishment Conservatism—praise the legacy of radical Frederick Douglass or the “vision” of Communist-inspired Martin Luther King Jr.? A Mark Levin and Brian Kilmeade on Fox, Rich Lowry at National Review, Michael Anton and cohorts at the Claremont Institute, Larry Arnn at Hillsdale College—you take your pick: they all condemn the historic South, its traditions and heritage. They all accept a warmed-over and refashioned post-Marxist globalism and expansive view of “rights,” even if they also support Donald Trump.

It’s a vision that has no room for Confederate tradition and symbols. It’s a vision that has led almost all Southern Republican solons in Congress to vote to do away with names of American military installations and forts if they bear the names of Confederate generals (or slaveholders).

It is, in fact, a Neo-Reconstruction, this time led by our supposed defenders who came to power when the old Democrat Party went bad. But, as we now find, the Leopard has not changed its spots. Despite all the pious campaign promises for this and for that, despite the soothing words of assurance and the pledges to defend what is left of our traditions and heritage, slowly at first and now more rapidly, our reputed defenders have, when not poisoning progressively our minds and outlook, delivered us over to those very enemies, those very forces that seek our elimination and extermination.

I never tire of quoting the great Southern writer, Robert Lewis Dabney’s superb description of “establishment conservatives,” written 140 years ago, but absolutely applicable today.

Here is what he wrote:

“This is a party [established conservativism] which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is to-day one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will to-morrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it he salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious, for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always—when about to enter a protest—very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its ‘bark is worse than its bite,’ and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent rôle of resistance. The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it ‘in wind,’ and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy from having nothing to whip.”

How true, how prescient, how totally and equally valid today in 2021.

Until Southerners conscious of their heritage and traditions comprehend what has and is occurring, until they—we—become far more discerning and willing to stand forth and demand an accounting, the same rot, the same inevitable hemorrhaging, the same putrefaction of the South we love, the South we remember, the South now rapidly slipping away, will continue. The efforts of such enterprises as The Abbeville Institute, Clyde Wilson’s, journals such as Chronicles Magazine are laudable and to be strongly encouraged, but they are still far from being well known.

Every Southerner aware of who he is—“remembering who we are,” to use the late Mel Bradford’s phrase”—should become a true missionary for a re-conversion of “our people” before that becomes an impossibility in the Behemoth State we now inhabit.

The pro-Southern poet Robert Lee Frost, in his poem “The Black Cottage,” sums up both our hope and our task:

“For, dear me, why abandon a belief

Merely because it ceases to be true.
Cling to it long enough, and not a doubt
It will turn true again, for so it goes.
Most of the change we think we see in life
Is due to truths being in and out of favour.
As I sit here, and oftentimes, I wish
I could be monarch of a desert land
I could devote and dedicate forever
To the truths we keep coming back and back to.”

That must be our task, our role: to keep alive our heritage, our past, our memory, to rededicate ourselves “to the truths we keep coming back and back to.”

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  1. The answer to the article’s title question is – by declaring civil war to preserve an abode for African Americans on the north American continent. If it weren’t for the southerners all the Africans would have been shipped off to Liberia.

    This article is nothing but belly aching without a point. It has various problems: 1) nothing is defined, the article goes on and on about ‘southern culture and tradition’ but it fails to mention what the hell it was, what exactly was lost. 2) It has no outline of evidence or chronology of loss of Southern tradition, the only actual event that seems relevant is South Carolina senators being anti-confederate flag and pro gay marriage, but are those two issues unique and defining issues for southern conservatism?

    Southern Republicanism and establishment Southern “conservatives” have become indistinguishable from their Northern brethren.

    Well what exactly is supposed to distinguish them? This article fails to establish a vision of southern conservatism. Without which the article makes no sense. It leaves questions in the reader’s mind, who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? What makes them different? How would an America governed by Southern conservatives look different from one governed by Northern conservative? Etc.

    I suspect this article is written badly because there really isn’t a difference between southern and northern conservatives even on issues of gay marriage and the confederate flag. And in general two or three small issues aren’t enough to define a unique political movement and the author is just writing to gain pay pigs for his grift. Our possibly a narcissistic Boomer rant with no real thought behind it.

  2. The South committed suicide culturally and politically by importing long-term diversity.

    The North, failing to learn the correct lesson of war, made the same mistake in the twentieth century.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @moi
    , @MLK
  3. Beb says:

    Never confuse political opportunists with the proud, honest Southern people.

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Anonymous
  4. @anyone with a brain

    You are an idiot Lincoln was just going to use point of bayonet to force millions of people on ships is that what you are saying? Lincoln and the GOP was going to throw away all of those newly loyal voters. Fat chance never going to happen in a democracy.

    • Replies: @flashlight joe
  5. And how does “committing cultural and political suicide” make the south any different than the rest of America? America (south included) committed suicide a long time ago and the corpse has been rotting ever since. It’s Mencken’s “good and hard” from sea to shining sea.

  6. Right_On says:

    The Confederacy made some brass-framed guns; the brass being used for the non-stressed parts. Griswold & Gunnison produced the best-known examples. (It’s claimed that The South had to use brass as it faced a steel shortage.)
    Ang Lee, in Ride with the Devil (1999), did what I’ve always wanted someone to do in a movie: make those revolvers flash and shine like gold in the light.

  7. nsa says:

    “General Robert E. Lee was one of the supremely gifted men produced by our nation”
    Bonekemper’s How Robert E. Lee Lost The Civil War and McWhiney’s Attack and Die both describe Lee’s obvious failings as a military tactician and gross stupidity bordering on the criminal. His crude attacking style resulted in massive unsustainable casualties. Both authors agree that if Lee had stayed on his side of the Potomac and played defense, the South could have held out indefinitely until the North tired of the whole project. Gettysburg is located in Pennsylvannia. What was the military moron Lee doing on the wrong side of the Potomac? Lee’s army sustained 30,000 casualties in defeat……1/3 of his army. Southerners have a reputation for being polite but stupid. In Lee’s case, this stereotype is fully justified.

  8. The US is a stinking cesspool of tyranny, corruption, and sheer faggotry. For the South, it’s secede or die.

    • Agree: TTSSYF, moi, Dystopian
  9. @anyone with a brain

    ….about ‘southern culture and tradition’ but it fails to mention what the hell it was, what exactly was lost. 2) It has no outline of evidence or chronology of loss of Southern tradition

    Their traditions are what Mommy and Daddy tell them they are. Really, even as adults. “Well, my Momma always said to do it like this”……”well, my Daddy went bird hunting ever Saturday in the Fall, so I do too.” It goes on and on like that and is quite startling to hear adults say it so often.

    Listen, I spent 30 years in that region and in so many ways – psychologically, informationally, developmentally, intellectually – that “culture” is like 50 years ago anywhere else in the USA. It is a unique geography and population in American history and many people don’t know that.

    Over a decade ago, I thought to myself – if anyone ever asked me to summarize Southern culture/demeanor in a sentence – I could do it in an instant. I’d reply, “It is ALL about control and obedience”. Literally, every relationship you have there, whether personal or professional, is being subtly managed to establish a hierarchy or degree of control. It’s exhausting and is likely one of the reasons they drink so frequently and can’t socialize without it.

    • Disagree: Joseph Doaks
    • Troll: TTSSYF
  10. Dumbo says:

    Suicide or homicide?

    There’s a war on tradition on all fronts. Fake Pope Francis has just abolished Latin Mass – it was already made very uncommon, but now it’s basically forbidden.

    Removal of statues and denigration of former historical figures is part and parcel of the same process of global war against the traditional past. He who controls the past controls the future.

    Speaking of Westerns, also Italian director Sergio Leone treated Southerners with respect (showing them in a better light than Yankees) during the Civil War in “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”.

    This development of showing Southerners as basically inbred retards I think started in the 70s with “Deliverance” (it’s actually a good film, but unfortunately it did pass a bad image, in particular of Appalachians).

  11. If the author took the time to really read Gone With the Wind, he’d understand the core stupidity of southern ‘conservatism’. The three main characters, and the three most intelligent people in the book, Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler and Ashley Wilkes, are all AGAINST the war. The idiots with land and slaves, the southern elite, pushed the war from their position of political power. Many southerners in the mountains were against the war. East Tennessee went over to the North during the war.

    Afterwards these same southern elites, who in fact maintained power by dividing the black and white working class and middle class, continued their same belligerent stupidity, and in alliance with northern financial elites promoted the birth of USA imperialism. Intelligent southerners, like Mark Twain, again were against this method of expanding USA power via the bomb and bullet. The southern elite continued the same method of divide and conquer locally, preventing any alliance between the white middle class and the growing black middle class, while promoting nationally war after war. The atrocities in the Philippines led directly to Wilson’s (an elite southerner) betrayal that led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve and USA involvement in WWI, a huge mistake (and crime against USA democracy) that forced a false ‘peace settlement’ on Europe, giving France and England the ‘authority’ to abuse Germany, when in fact all three were equally responsible for a war as stupid as the Civil War and Germany was in fact not weak enough to be held down, but now had huge reservoir of resentment for Hitler to feed upon. There is a direct causal line from elite southerner Woodrow Wilson to the slaughter of young American men on Normandy Beaches. And the slaughter of young German men, and slaughter young Russian men…..and all the civilians who died, well you get the picture.

    WWI, a false peace thanks to an idiotic elite southerner, also of course gave the world the poison chalice named the Balfour Declaration.

    The southern elites have betrayed the South since well before the Civil War. In alliance with northern capital after the Civil War they betrayed the whole country by supporting war after war. USA imperialism is the root cause of the destruction of USA democracy and the USA Republic. Conservatism means first of all conserving your young men and not sending them to kill and die for financial capital. Conservatism means, second of all, conserving your money and using it to fund production, not destruction.

    China is showing the world how a country can be powerful via intelligent production and trade, and not by overt bombing and covert CIA subversion. That is in fact real conservatism, because China is not wasting people and resources.

    The southern ‘conservatives’ are just the same southern elites who stupidly fired on Fort Sumpter and pushed the young men of the South into the slaughter fields of Virginia. Yes, read Gone With the Wind and you’ll realize directly how utterly, utterly stupid were the southern elites, the ancestors of all profoundly stupid southern conservatives who followed.

    • Agree: Old Prude
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @Curle
  12. A. Kennedy lost in 1960.
    B. Kevin Phillips came to regret every last winger thing he ever did.
    C. The south used to be full of cooperatives, socialists, and populists. The war put paid to that.

    • Replies: @Poco
  13. MLK expanded his viewpoint from race agitation to unionization and anti-war.

    That’s why they killed him. As long as he stayed in the civil rights ghetto, he was safe. They don’t care about race relations one way or another. Start to chip away at them where it hurts, though–labor, procurement–and you’s toast.

  14. @Confederate Rebel

    Boys, Boys. Lets all go to class and read Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address at: You will find that the whole thing was a tax rebellion and Lincoln’s invasion had nothing to do with slavery. He said so himself.

    In that speech, given to Congress on the eve of war and trying to win them back to the “Union”, he states that there will be no violence unless they don’t pay their taxes or they fire upon one of his forts. Lincoln’s invasion of the South had nothing to do with slavery. He said it himself.

    Also in his letter to Horace Greeley, he said his only purpose for the war was to “save the Union”. He states he would save his precious union with or without slavery. The issue of slavery didn’t matter. He said it himself.

    The Southerners “left the Union” to stop paying what they considered an unfair tax system. It was a tax rebellion.

    You don’t really believe that Lincoln invaded the South and killed half a million of his own people to do something nice for someone else, do you?

    War is about killing people and taking what is theirs – territory, resources, and domination.This is basic animal behavior. No one goes to war to benefit someone else.

    If you think he did invade over slavery, then please find some evidence. Show us his words where he said he is invading to free the slaves. He never said that.

    Now lets start the hatefest against the Dutch, British, Jews, and Yankees sailing out of Amsterdam, London, New York, Boston, and Newport for going to Africa and bringing the captive slaves back here.

  15. GMC says:

    That’s a very honest statement -B .
    Although I only worked in the South for a about 4 years , I really got to know some of the Southern folks when working on the Horizon spill as a safety super. The southern pride is still there, but they all seem to be hung up on the yankee thing – still. But that is how the Zionist NWO works. They always make the people conflict with one another, and they make sure it keeps going, as they spread their poisoning takeover.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  16. Anon[362] • Disclaimer says:
    @anyone with a brain

    You have a point. I guess the sell out of so called conservative politicians is best defined by non other than Ms Lindsay Graham… ahem… a guy who supports gay marriage. One day I’m sure he’ll put that to use now that he can do it….
    The global homo that is a creature like Graham or a Bush will kiss the ass of the globalist corporations whence their money comes. So they’ll sell out their mothers on whatever issue that Apple or Google stick up their arses.
    Enforcing a border for example. Does Ms Lindsay, Graham or any of your neocons want a border?
    That border starts a good bit in the South… the great replacement which will end Southern culture, politics and all of it is something that the putrid Bushes and Ms Lindsay endorse.

    So its not just the South that those bastards will sell out. It is whatever corporations tell them to.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  17. @anyone with a brain

    Anyone with A Brain could read about the character of Jefferson Davis vs. that of Abraham Lincoln.

    Davis was a West Point Graduate, The Hero of The Battle of Buena Vista, and Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce where he established a line of Frontier Forts and modernized the Military, and he was instrumental in designing the U. S. Capitol including the Dome. He was serving as a Senator from Mississippi when the first seven States seceded. He was opposed to Secession but was not willing to side against his adopted home. He was tending his garden when a courier arrived to inform him that he been selected to be provisional President of the newly formed Confederate States. He had expected to be appointed as a General in the State Militia, but he had not desired the honor that was thrust upon him. He wept upon hearing of his appointment, but he felt an obligation to the people who had put their faith in him. He made every effort to secure a peaceful separation, offering to accept a share of the national debt and to pay for coastal installations like Fort Sumter. Lincoln refused to see his envoys. After the war, Davis sat in prison for two years waiting for a trial. He could have taken an oath of allegiance and been released. But he refused to acquiesce. Even Chief Justice Salmon Chase knew that Davis could not be convicted of treason under the Constitution. Davis was impoverished upon his release and his former slaves took up a collection to aide him. He spent the remainder of his life validating the causes for which the South went to war.

    Lincoln was a one time Representative for the State of Illinois, during which time he argued in favor of Secession. He asserted that it was a most valuable and sacred right and one that he hoped would liberate the World. Northern States had threatened to break away from the Union on at least three notable occasions. The first time was after the Louisiana Purchase, which they complained would dilute their influence. The second time was during the War of 1812, which they opposed due to its interference with their commerce with the enemy. Massachusetts Governor Caleb Strong actually violated the Constitution and committed Treason by sending a secret envoy to negotiate a separate peace. Yankees refused to send troops South and allowed the White House to be burned. The Hartford Convention was held for the purpose of contesting the war and Secession was discussed, the Treaty of Ghent, coupled with Andrew Jackson’s victory in New Orleans, sounded the death knell for the Federalists. The third time Yankees cried Secession was during the U. S. – Mexican War, falsely asserting that it would lead to the expansion of Slave territory, knowing that you couldn’t grow cotton in the desert. The triumphant outcome, doubling the size of the Country, was a humiliation for the Whigs, who had formed from the ashes of the Federalist Party. They now re-branded themselves as Republicans. Formerly a Whig who became a Republican, a railroad lawyer, and an opportunist, Lincoln was duplicitous and conniving. Far from wanting to merely Free the Slaves, he fervently sought to have them recolonized. The reason that the American Colonization Society had failed is because there was no money to finance their plans. Lincoln, too, was unable to convince Congress to allocate the money for the purpose of funding the Chiriqui Project or to send them to the Ile of Vache. The Illinois Legislature called his Emancipation Proclamation a diabolical attempt to incite a servile insurrection.

    Anyone with A Brain could learn about the Southern Soldiers and the differences between them and the Northern Invaders.

    Robert E. Lee a graduate of West Point with a spotless disciplinary record was also a Hero of the U. S. – Mexican War; reconnoitering and placing artillery at the Battle of Cerro Gordo and leading a detachment through the nearly impenetrable Pedregal protecting the gates of Mexico City, thereby flanking Santa Ana’s forces; an act Winfield Scott declared the greatest feat of soldiering ever performed. Lee had been offered overall command of the Union Army, but he turned down the promotion, stating that he could not make war against his home; his family, friends and neighbors. During his foray into Pennsylvania he admonished his troops not to engage in plunder or vengeance against the Northern citizenry. Following the war, many lucrative offers from large companies and even Royalty were made to him, but he opted for a modest salary at a struggling Washington University that would later additionally bear his name and entomb his remains.

    When Winfield Scott was asked by Abraham Lincoln why he was able to take 10,000 men, 200 miles and conquer the Capitol of Mexico, but he couldn’t take 100,000 men, 100 miles, and capture the Confederate Capitol? Scott replied, “Mr. President, with all due respect, the same men who led me into Mexico City are the same men who are keeping me out of Richmond.”

    Philip Sheridan laid waste to the Shenandoah Valley and was later credited with the quote “The only Good Indian is a Dead Indian.”

    Sherman, during his March to The Sea, boasted of the Southern people begging him for their lives. He wrote to Henry Halleck “there is a class of people, Men, Women and Children that must be killed or banished before you could hope for peace.” After the war, Sherman wrote to President Grant “I’ll kill every Indian, Man Woman and Child, if they stand in the way of the progress of the railroad.” In retirement, he lived a Life of Reilly off of patronage, but was haunted by the prayers of Southern Children whom he envisioned condemning him to damnation.

    This is becoming quite long, and I have only just gotten started. So, I will leave off for now. I will endeavor to enlighten you further on a subsequent post.

  18. As someone from India with a huge interest and passion for American culture, history and politics I feel the Republican party has become too big and corrupt. Any organization that becomes massive is bound to flounder. Wasn’t Mitt Romney beloved by the right-wingers around 2012 and then he was found to be a liar and a crook? And what’s with them bringing that black senator for the rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s address? Wasn’t that just a shallow, pathetic act to wire in white GOP voters for sympathy? and judging by the thousands of comments on FB, mostly by white conservative women it worked. Everyone is a crook, everything is either corrupt or mired in bureaucracy.

    I don’t understand why the Libertarian Party isn’t strong. I like their principles and ethos. Maybe what the conservatives need is a fresh start. A new party.

  19. Raches says:

    …and the emergence of the avowedly conservative Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980…

    How many times each day do we hear representatives of what Old Right scholar Paul Gottfried calls “Con Inc.—”Establishment Conservatism—praise the legacy of radical Frederick Douglass or the “vision” of Communist-inspired Martin Luther King Jr.?

    Now, which president signed into law the enactment of a Federal holiday to honor America’s most distinguished plagiarist, rapist, and two-faced Communist racial agitator?

    I judge Reagan not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character!


    The North’s war of aggression against the sovereign states of the South can be properly comprehended only as a holy war, a jihad, an outburst of religious fanatics rising in righteousness to fight as “Good” against “Evil” according to irrational dogmata. It is the worst possible cause for war, as was seen a few centuries before, when, with each side fervently believing that it was fighting for the Christ against the Antichrist, the Wars of Religion laid waste to the heart of Europe and soaked its soil with so much of the best blood of the race.

    Whether the cause was said to be saving the Union—a Union which must be ordained by a god, if it could not be dissolved by men—or the abolition of slavery, as demanded in pulpit rants by New England preachers, the dualist religiosity of the war suffused its cultural manifestations. It is seen everywhere from Lincoln’s second inaugural address on March 4, 1865—

    Yet, if God wills that it [the war] continue until all the wealth piled by the bondman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said, “The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

    —to the deranged hate-screed by Julia Ward Howe which became the lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic:

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
    He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored…

    The holy war waged by the North against the South deformed America’s culture, and set the precedent for further jihads during the First World War, when America collectively went so insane as to fight “a war to end wars” and to “make the world safe for democracy”, and the Second World War, which is still today propagandized as a war of “Good” against “Evil”. Furthermore, the dishonestly-named “Reconstruction” which deconstructed the South, destroyed its culture, and brainwashed its children was an early prototype for the much worse “Denazification” which was inflicted on the Germans, and is still enforced on the Germans to this day. (How many readers even realize that Germany remains under military occupation by an enemy that has maintained in laws and treaties the “right” to resume the war at its whim? When Merkel opens the floodgates for a million “refugees”, do Americans imagine that the Germans have any real choice?)

    More recently, when howling mobs of fanatics have torn down statues not only of Confederate heroes, but of such men as Thomas Jefferson, they have acted in the same spirit as Roman Christian mobs who once smashed classical “pagan” statues—and as American soldiers who smashed “Nazi” memorials, and even destroyed statues made by Arno Breker. Thus having effaced the idols of their devil, they turn to kneel in worship before ikons of George Floyd; and they demand that others “take the knee” in an unmistakable attitude of religious submission.

    Anyone who knows the history of the North’s holy war against the South cannot be surprised to see this happening in America.

  20. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    Lol. Please.

    These people are liars. I’ve dealt with them all of my life, and I’m sadly and ashamedly one of them.

    Nothing can be said about the South until it is acknowledged that it is a matriarchy. Not a human matriarchy, which is bad enough, but an insect-like matriarchy, in which females cannibalize males after reproducing with them. In the south, whoever is the ugliest, oldest, roughest woman is the dictator of that community. The South is on the decline because it is ruled by women, and the root causes for that are Christianity, cuckery, and cronyism. The Holy Trinity of the South.

    New England seems to have escaped all of this by having higher quality people who adhered to the original patriarchical culture of the founding settlers. They control their women and don’t tolerate any shit outta them. In the South, West and Midwest, it’s primarily the women who are the problem. These were the “pig of war” women that made it to those climates. And a lot of the men (but not most) seem extraordinarily weak and “alien”. Southern men might ought to disenfranchise their women and the cucks who love them, by getting with Asian and Latino women. I have noticed that this dynamic seems to act like a supernatural force against cuckery whenever it is applied to a community. It’s almost like seeing these relationships drives evil away!

    • Agree: Johnplywood
    • LOL: Carroll Price
    • Troll: TTSSYF, Trinity
  21. @anyone with a brain

    Anyone with A Brain, I previously composed the following (April, 2019) in response to a debate about the character of a Southern Gentleman. I thought that it would apply well here:

    We may differ a little on the exact definition of Southern, and I don’t believe there is a single, stereotypical image of a Southern Man or Woman. From the gentry of Virginia and South Carolina to the mountain men of the Appalachians and Ozarks and from the Cotton Planters of Alabama and Mississippi to the Cajuns of Louisiana and the Frontiersmen of Texas, these men were as different in customs, accents and manners as they could be. The traits that I like to think transcended these regions were a sense of honor and obligation, regional pride, bravery, self reliance, chivalry, humility, and Christianity. Though, these characteristics may have not been present in each and every individual, and some may have been more in evidence than others on a case by case basis, I do believe that these were the values that most Southern families tried to instill in themselves and their offspring. One other aspect of their character may have been a resigned acceptance of their place in society, respecting men who were accomplished, and recognizing that hard work and innovation were often the keys to success. They were humble people who could give thanks for a modest roof over their heads and a meal of mere sustenance. Health was happiness and materialism was, for most, a nonexistent factor.

    If I disagree with my former Compatriots about any particular aspect of Southern character, it would be the concept of what defines a “Gentleman.” I concur that a Gentleman is proper in his speech and his conduct. His manners are impeccable and his demeanor is pleasant and respectful. That is, until his Honor has been tarnished. Then, he is prone to demanding satisfaction. He doesn’t do this in a way that the offending parties themselves remain unoffended; if offense is given, it is returned in a like fashion. Our ancestors, when their honor was besmirched, would resort to fisticuffs or even challenge their detractor to a duel. While, these are not options that can be pursued without resulting in, probably, negative consequences (jail), this certainly doesn’t, and shouldn’t, restrain our tongues or our pens. Southern Gentlemen didn’t roll over like kicked dogs, licking their master’s hands, desperately trying to ingratiate themselves to those who derive pleasure and amusement from abusing them.

    And, when it comes to being a subject of the United States, I think that Ex-Governor Fletcher Stockdale put it best when he attended a gathering of prominent men at the home of Union General Rosecrans in White Sulphur Springs Virginia, in the Summer of 1870. As Rosecrans went around the table questioning the Southern men assembled there as to the condition of their respective States, Gov. Stockdale thought “the replies struck him as entirely too sycophantic and insincere.” Rosecrans turned to him saying, “Now, Governor Stockdale, let us hear how your gallant Texans feel about the old government and the old flag.” Stockdale replied, “General Rosecrans, since that day in June, 1865, when General Merritt with his soldiers drove me from the Government House, I have held no office in Texas, and have not been authorized by the people of Texas to represent them in anything; but I know them well, and I am sure that you may say this: the people of Texas will remain quiet, and not again resort to forceful resistance against the Federal government, whatever may be the measures of the government.”

    General Rosecrans began, “Ah, that is good news from our gallant Texas…,” when Fletcher stopped him, saying, “General Rosecrans, candor requires me to explain the attitude of my people. The people of Texas have made up their minds to remain quiet under all aggressions and to have peace; but they have none of the Spaniel in their composition. No, sir, they are not in the least like the dog that seeks to lick the hand of the man who kicked him; but, it is because they are a very sensible, practical, common sense people, and understand their position. They know that they resisted the Federal government as long as any means of resistance was left, and that any attempt at resistance now must be in vain; and they have no means, and would only make bad worse. This is the view of the matter which keeps Texas quiet.”

    This was the same meeting at which Stockdale later stated Robert E. Lee confided in him that, “Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand.” So, when I am told to quit paying my taxes or to move away if I don’t like the United States Government, I can rightfully claim that going to jail for tax evasion will solve nothing, and, I am a Texian first, a Southerner second, and a subject of the U. S. Government by the point of a bayonet. Our ancestors resisted until resistance proved futile, it didn’t mean they had to be grateful for their defeat.

    And, when prepubescent children are being encouraged to undergo hormone therapy to mutate their gender identities; when Homosexuals can parade down the street in g-strings waving dildos, but people in the South are denied the right to wave the flag of their ancestors; when entire cities are being overrun by illegal aliens without any serious effort at deterrence; when wages have remained nearly stagnate for two and a half decades and hours have decreased to less than 30 for many employees as a result of this influx of foreign labor; when millions of Americans are displaced, homeless and living a marginal existence, while housing and financial and material aid is doled out to refugees and asylum seekers from across the globe; when our taxes are increased and then squandered on foreign aid and costly grants for useless social programs; when all of the Nation’s founders are under siege and the threat of being eternally cast as villains or erased from memory entirely; when all of this is taken into consideration, what exactly are you so fond of and inseparably attached to?

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Thanks: Schuetze, Jim Bob Lassiter
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. Dabney said in words what I feel. He must have been a genius. Today we sit with politicians with IQs lower than mine, that make a career out of doing the political tap-dance, Irish style.

  23. Dr. Cathey comes very close here to making a point which I think is important, viz. the essential difference between conservatism and traditionalism.

    Regarding the quote from Robert Lewis Dabney, I believe the truth of the matter is even worse than that writer makes it out to be. It isn’t merely that conservatives exist to consolidate the advances of progressivism (a point which has often been made before), but conservatism is actually the first and the critical step in the process of destroying the heritage of the past.

    In traditionalism, the heritage is of the past is not truly past; it is still livingly present in the now as the form of life and culture that continues in its proper vein. But in conservatism, a subtle hypostasis takes place in which the man frees himself from any inward attachment to that past and thereafter proceeds to regard it sentimentally as a picture. Thus, we have the phenomenon of Republicans accepting every sort of modern perversion but still looking back wistfully at the Constitution, or Christians living like heathens but still mumbling maudlin bromides about forgiveness and charity.

    Conservatives are like the nitric acid in aqua regia which, by ionizing a trace amount of metal and handing it over to the hydrochloric acid (the progressives), forms the essential component in that foul and fuming liquid which eventually dissolves away the gold.

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
    , @Marat
  24. Anon[308] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The South lost a lot when we lost segregation. For one thing, we lost the ability to supervise how (or if) negroes vote. Look at the last election in 2020, and consider the case of Fulton County, Georgia, where most poll workers were “black”, and they were allowed to bring in boxes of freshly-minted “mail-in” ballots after the real vote was counted.

    And it wasn’t just Atlanta – If you think the cheating was only in 6 or 7 states during the 2020 Presidential Election, then consider this: According to Judicial Watch, 353 Counties in 29 different states had voter registration exceeding 100-percent. This was not an election, it was a scam, it was ballot theft on a massive scale, which was disguised as an election, and the foot soldiers of the “Left” who stole the vote were quite often inner-city negroes.

    A little refresher on “Jim Crow” Laws –

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @dindunuffins
    , @obwandiyag
  25. @anyone with a brain

    This is another contribution taken from my archives (July, 2015). It also demonstrates some of the key differences in Northern motivations and Southern traditions:

    Is there such a thing as Northern Culture? They seem to be mainly characterized by their avarice. Have you ever heard of Northern Grace, Northern Charm or Northern Style? Have you ever heard the words Northern and Hospitality used in conjunction? How many songs have been written about the North? The few that have been are typically bombastic anthems to glitz and glitter. I can think of dozens, if not hundreds, of songs written about the South. Most of these are odes to simple pleasures and clean living. Can the North boast of anything comparable?

    Yankees are known for arrogance and self assuredness. They are busy-bodies who always want to involve themselves in someone else’s business without regard to their blatant hypocrisy in ignoring the mess in their own backyards. They are also cold and indifferent in their personal interactions and lack common decency and respect. Such as, purposefully snubbing someone when they are greeted on the street by a passerby, and refusing to say “yes sir/ma’am.”

    In all fairness, I have heard of some small New England communities described as having a type of charm. However, from what I could tell, this applied more to the architecture and idyllic settings than the people.

    In fact, the only positive way that I have ever heard of those people being defined is in the terms of “Yankee Ingenuity” and “Yankee Know How.” The only acceptable reply to these boasts is, “We don’t really give a damn how you did it up North!”

    This is a description of Northerners by William Howard Russell, a correspondent from the London Times, that appeared in the paper on May 28 1861: “The New Englander must have something to persecute, and as he has hunted down all his Indians, burnt all his witches, and persecuted all his opponents to death, he invented Abolitionism as the sole resource left to him for the gratification of his favoured passion. Next to this motive principle is his desire to make money dishonestly, trickily, meanly and shabbily. He has acted on it in all his relations with the South, and he has cheated and plundered her in all his dealings by villainous tariffs.”

    That pretty much sums it up. A greedy and sanctimonious people who dare to accuse us of treason and of being intolerant.

  26. profnasty says:

    Come to find out, historically, the Welfare State is 4x bigger than the Warfare State. Wonders never cease.
    Now UBI and ‘Free Shit’ for all coloreds and SWFs.
    For the last 50yrs the South has been a place for hard work and ‘good’ pay. No more. There’s a storm on the horizon. It’s headed our way. Batten down the hatches. Keep your powder dry.
    Biden/Trump is the crux of the bisquit. In person voter ID is the battleground. Run to the sound of the guns!

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  27. Both national parties have become whores. Federalism is now Imperialism. The solution is to start over. Multiple States need to secede and start a new nation with much stronger States rights and only administrative Federalism with very limited power and authority. The money is fake, and should be 100% backed by gold. Otherwise we are headed toward more totalitarianism. And after that must come a revolution.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  28. ” On Fox News this is the political diet we are continuously fed by pundits like Dinesh D’Souza, Victor Davis Hanson, or Sean Hannity.”

    I am sorry to see Victor Davis Hanson on the list being he is a true scholar in midst of the other two charlatans.

  29. ulithi says:

    Thank you Mr. Cathey! Shades of Chronicles – I’m inspired to re-subscribe and perhaps encounter Cowtown Rebel under another handle or in some back issues of the magazine.

  30. @Raches

    Thank you, Raches, for pointing out that Germany, a country that ignoramuses -and the rest of the morons (those in Eastern Europe especially) -are regarding as the Nazi Fourth Reich.

    • Replies: @Lucy Lipinska
  31. @Lucy Lipinska

    To Lucy.
    It should read that Germany is an occupied country. The eagerness to view it as an enemy to other European countries is not only caused by the omnipresent anti-German propaganda, but also due to the Eastern-Europeans’ envy about better (economic) living conditions in Germany.

  32. HT says:

    Let’s be honest. The Tribe, through the brainwashing of the news media, television and movies, destroyed the South and has taken us now into the era of white hatred and CRT. Don’t be afraid to think it or say it. Know your enemies and learn. They now control the media, academia, Hollywood, the courts and even the government. They loathe the South not because the South votes GOP but because the South represented white culture and civility. They have destroyed the South and even made it uncomfortable to be white. Whites founded and built this country and now whites are the enemy of those who now control it, the small hats.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  33. BluEidDvl says:

    Hmmm, interesting summation, never thought of the different cultural norms of the South in that context?.

    I went to south/central Georgia numerous times for contractural work for the airlines & Southerners definitely are a different breed. One thing I did notice immediately is a certain nonchalance, a fatalism even that permeated the thought process. Maybe it’s the conservative Christian mindset that it’s all in “Gods hands”?. Don’t get me wrong, they ARE stereotypically friendly & good natured. One thing I saw though was the shocking number of pretty Southern girls with black guys. It was very depressing & disheartening. Restaurants, pubs, stores, didn’t matter. And the White Southern men?, didn’t even seem to notice?. Was it cuckery or just fatalism?. If there is some type of secession of the South, they’ll be immediately hamstrung by its massive third world population of Africans & many of it’s White women having little loyalty to their White men. It would be very difficult to build a new nation from that? (At least anything resembling a successful nation).

    The South shall rise again?. Hard to imagine that with its enormous black population & fatalist mental paradigm?.. 🤔

    • Replies: @Robert Bruce
  34. TTSSYF says:

    If Southerners are “hung up” on the Yankee thing, it’s because they pick up on Yankee contempt for them.

    • Agree: By-tor
    • Replies: @GMC
  35. moi says:
    @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    The South is filled by evangelists/Baptists/Christian fundamentalists–and they love Israel.

    • Replies: @HT
    , @TTSSYF
  36. moi says:
    @Ray Caruso

    The problem is not North or South–it’s that Americans, by and large, are a loathsome people.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  37. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Every Southerner ……should become a true missionary for a re-conversion of “our people” before that becomes an impossibility in the Behemoth State we now inhabit.”

    Well then, you’d best forget any of that “re-conversion” via the Republican party.😎

    Even the author appears to unaware of the main problem here, ie “the Behemoth State” he merely mentions in passing.

    The Republican party is a complete waste of time- ( as far as I am aware) it has ZERO representatives or presidential candidates who have consistently, unfailingly stood for a small, constitutionally limited federal government (has it ever?) ; in fact, the Republican party was originally founded ( by Lincoln etc.), specifically as a political party to destroy the existing constitutional limits in order to enact the central state expansionist policies of Lincoln’s hero, Henry Clay.

    Southerners in general would need to wake up to the facts that :

    1) Neither Democrats or Republicans are their friends.

    2) Neither Dems or Repubs ever intend on returning the Federal government to it original constitutional size and strictly limited functions , via a drastic, overnight “great reset” or anything even close to that.

    3) More importantly, they’d have to wake up to the fact that government solutions to _any_ problem will _always_ fail and make the situation even worse than it was before.

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    “Government doesn’t work” Harry Browne

    Since the vast majority of Republican voters (North or South), worship the state and are no less zombified than the average Democrat (as gloriously illustrated by their apparently unfailing worship of their latest hero/saviour
    Trump),I see little hope either for the South or for the rest of the country.

    Regards, onebornfree

  38. @WingsofADove

    One book, a work of fiction from a sentimental female, does very little to explain why the South was forced into War. This ridiculous myth that the South was fanatically instigating a conflict that the most influential and powerful Men knew was going to be a difficult, if not losing, struggle, is so ingrained that Dullards, that probably listened to Gone With The Wind on Audiobooks, are smugly repeating it with an air of authority. It still doesn’t make it true, and all one has to do is to read the actual speeches and documents from the key participants to realize who was pushing for a war.

    If you aren’t familiar with the tariffs, then you are unaware that the Federal Government was completely dependent upon them and they were overwhelmingly imposed upon the South. Lincoln repeatedly assured the South that he had no intention of interfering with the domestic institution of Slavery, but he was determined to collect the customs duties. He even went so far as to issue a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation in September of 1862 and gave the South three months to peacefully return to the Union, within which time he would rescind the Proclamation. There was much more to the South’s reasons for separation than Slavery, some of which I have covered in previous posts.

    Confederate Flags are prominent in West Virginia today. After they broke away from the South, they became one of the poorest States in the Union. Some Black Coal Miners working for Scrip longed for the days on the Plantation. Kentucky Governor, Beriah MaGoffin, resigned after unsuccessfully trying to keep his State neutral, the State legislature passed an ordinance of Secession in absentia. Lincoln’s favorite son-in-law, Ben Hardin Helm, refused a commission in the Union Army to lead the Kentucky Orphan Brigade for the Confederacy. Missouri Governor Clairborne Jackson was forced from the Governor’s Mansion by pro Union Germans in St. Louis. The city of Baltimore stoned Union troops as they embarked on trains headed to D. C. The Maryland State legislature was arrested by Federal authorities to prevent them from voting to Secede. The Arizona Territorial government passed an ordinance of Secession. The Southern portion of California was a hotbed of Southern sentiment. The Los Angeles Mounted Rifles led by Albert Sydney Johnston rode across the Continent to Richmond, Virginia where they were mustered into Confederate service. The five civilized tribes living in the Indian Territory (Oklahoma) allied themselves with the Confederacy. Fernando Wood, the Mayor of New York City contemplated withdrawing from the Union and showing solidarity with the Confederacy. The last Confederate municipality to rejoin the Union was Townline, New York, which became part of the United States again in 1946.

    Although, there was an exemption from Military service granted to large scale Planters in the South, this same sort of deferral was also permitted to Northern industrialists, for the same reason; that the War effort depended on them being available to manage their respective enterprises. Yet, many wealthy and prominent Southerners not only fought in the front lines, a great many of them died there. It was a matter of honor for most of them, whereas it was the Northerners who thought nothing of paying for a substitute, typically a European immigrant fresh off the boat, to do their fighting for them. Fully one fifth of the Union Army was comprised of these poor, tempest tossed conscripts mostly from Ireland and Germany.

    No one lives in an alliance with the Black Middle Class anywhere. Not Whites, nor Hispanics or Asians. Everywhere they are, unless they are strictly regulated and corralled into zones, they bring dysfunction, disorder and chaos with them.

    Wilson, L. B. J. and Carter were all men with deep Southern Roots. All were despicable and traitorous. So what else is new? This selective cherry picking doesn’t solidify your case, and instead is just evidence of how deeply the Scalawag germ infected the South after the dawn of the twentieth century.

    You remind me of a man I encountered who insisted that the War was over Slavery and bragged about watching a two hour documentary in its entirety. He was completely oblivious to how shallow his depth of knowledge on the subject truly was.

    • Agree: Sin City Milla
    • Thanks: Schuetze, Tony massey
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @WingsofADove
  39. @Cowtown Rebel

    Excellent read! “I will endeavor to persevere” 😉 Do you have some books you could recommend of all this.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  40. @Anon

    They have it in the bag. Who is going to do anything.Nobody.Because they will call you “raycissss” and dox you out of existence. Perfect plan.All this woke cancel #metoo and let’s not forget the WUflu ….anyone ,anywhere tries to find out anything and you are a “raycissss” and all done. The perfect cover.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  41. Rich says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    It was Lee who foolishly invaded the North and lost his army at Gettysburg. Had he fought using a defensive strategy, preserving his limited manpower and supplies, he might have been able to eventually win. The idea that he could attack the North and scare them into surrender was absurd. He does appear to be a man of “honor”, but his strategy is what lost the War.

    • Agree: Fred777
  42. @flashlight joe

    It is true that the U.S. Civil War was not about slavery. However, after the war had continued for a year and a half (it began 12 April 1862) Northern states were not enthusiastic about it. Northerners wondered what they were fighting for. Therefore Lincoln made the war into a “moral crusade” by signing the Emancipation Proclamation on 22 Sep 1862. This bullshit was the 1800s equivalent of today’s bullshit about making war for “human rights” and “responsibility to protect.”

    Today, the 13 original colonies were “good” because they won their war of independence.

    The 13 Confederate states were “evil” because they lost their war of independence.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  43. Anonymous[310] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    A gentleman is a man who does the things a gentleman shouldn’t do only as gentlemen can.

  44. Trinity says:

    Best Southern Western ever is “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” Granted, Missouri was a border state, but since you mentioned Jesse James movies I guess this Clint Eastwood classic qualifies as a Southern Western.

    Relations with the South and North have hardly been that great, don’t really know what you are talking about because that isn’t or wasn’t reality. The South and Southerners unquestionably were treated like second class citizens for at least a century after the so-called, “American Civil War.” I would wager Southerners and the South are still treated like second class citizens to this day. You can see that by movie depictions of Southerners and of course their culture being under attack.

    Dwight Eisenhower and JFK FORCED integration on White Southerners at gunpoint. Of course integration or busing didn’t come to the Great White North until Boston kids were forced to undergo the same thing that Southerners had dealt with for well over a decade. Laughed my ass off when Boston kids and parents threw a fit over THEIR KIDS having to attend “skoo” with Blacks in 1975. Of course The Great White North known as New England wasn’t nearly as swamped with Blacks as Southern states in the Black Belt.

    Speaking Boston, Massholechussetts, My guess is that one would be better off wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey to Yankee Stadium than a Confederate Battle Flag t shirt or cap in whether the year was 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, 2011, and especially today in 2021. Lemme take that one back, it isn’t a guess, I know one would be better off wearing a Red Sox jersey to Yankee Stadium. I really do not feel the South has ever gotten a fair shake since the end of the war. And since the Eighties and Nineties, much earlier in states like Florida which is a Southern state only geographically below Ocala, the South has been swamped with fleeing Yankees from the Upper Midwest, the Rustbelt and the Northeast. Cities or more accurately the suburbs of cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and even lately Nashville, Tennessee have all been targeted as destinations for fleeing Yankees from leftist shitholes in the North.

    George Wallace was a serious threat in 1972 until he was shot by some unemployed loner named Arthur Bremer. Wallace was more of a threat to Nixon than was McGovern obviously and this assassination attempt does seem quite suspicious to say the least. Wallace would not only have been a threat to sweep the South but he had already proven that he was quite capable of doing well with White working class voters in the North. And then speaking of Southern politicians who were serious Presidential candidates only to be taken out by an assassins bullet, you had Louisiana’s Huey Long. Yep, the South has NEVER been treated as an equal after the American Civil War, it wasn’t in 1871, 1971 or 2021. More people live in the South IF one were to consider Texas a true Southern state and not a Western state than any other region of the country, but yet the South is considered flyover country and more countrified than places with far less population. Go figure that one out. Huge cities like Dallas, Atlanta and Houston, are considered less sophisticated than Northern cities that are less smaller in population. Go figure out how Boston is more modern and more sophisticated than much larger Houston. hahaha.

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel, HT
    • Replies: @HT
    , @R.C.
  45. MLK says:
    @thou/thee/thine pronouns

    How the Traditional South Committed Cultural and Political Suicide

    I strenuously disagree with the title of this article. Nor is it mere nitpicking. Seemingly everything traditional, including the Constitution and even the nuclear family is under assault from the worst of the worst.

    I’ve long adhered to the good enough for government work insight of the Pareto Principle — 80/20. If you turn off the Fake News and ignore their Fake Polls, you’ll see that their claim that we’re a 50-50 divided country is a cruel, pernicious lie. Despite everything anyone who is anybody, foreign and domestic, deployed in “Trump Must Go!” by any means necessary, he won in a monumental landslide.

    Returning to this topic in specificity, what do you think poll numbers would reveal if Americans were asked whether they thought this was a good time to re-litigate the Civil War? Or what they think of the Alinsky Cult hellbent to prosecute it?

    The American Project has some hard days ahead. But I keep telling patriots who despair that it ain’t over yet. Believe me, you’ll know if they’ve won. Strengths have a nasty way of morphing into weakness. This their control of the megaphone and so much else has been one rapid process of self-discrediting.

    As 2019 was coming to a close, Trump was not only heading toward reelection in a landslide, but with a level of support from blacks and Hispanics to constitute game over for the Democrats’ (and their RINO and NeoCon filth allies) Potemkin Village coalition. That’s why they broke the glass and everything about this great republic became surreal and remains so.

  46. Mr. Ed says:

    Dr. Cathey,

    Agree with you on everything, but the USSA needs to perish; until it does, nothing will be the way it should be.

  47. GMC says:

    Well, I came from Alaska to work and live there -after spending over 3 decades in the cold. I’d say that many of my Alaskan friends weren’t real keen on the Americans either. We did have a couple things going for us , that the South didn’t have – a real long mostly deserted road to get there and Snow – lots of snow and cold. So I’d say that if anyone understood the Southerners – I could, but I was still considered a Yankee, not by all but most. To many southerners seemed to think anyone that didn’t speak with a southern drawl was NFG and that was that. No offense.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  48. At what point will it be recognized that group identity is never accurate as to every member of the group? The point has been repeatedly made in the field of IQ studies, where group characteristics, valid as they are in toto, can not be extrapolated on to every member of the group. It is true that, as a group, American Negroes and their African contemporaries are a full standard deviation below American whites, who are, in turn a full SD behind their East Asian and (dare I bring this into the mix) Ashkenazi Jew contemporaries. Yet, within each group, outliers exists in huge numbers; there are many whites whose IQ is superior to many Ashkenazi and Asians, and many (not quite as many, though) Negroes whose IQ is superior to many whites. Men far outnumber women at both ends of the OQ spectrum; women tend to cluster more in the middle, yet again, there are some women whose IQ is far higher than many men. Thus, although group characteristics are a useful starting point (which is the reason I avoid as far as possible encountering black people, especially young black men in groups), there are any number of blacks who exhibit many fine qualities. Walter Williams, Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell come to mind immediately. Similarly, there are many “Southerners” whose predilections are more like their Northern peers and vice versa. I am convinced that the Bible explains the essence of our situation, particularly Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the OT, and of course, Messiah Jesus in the NT. Remember, there were many Israelites who spurned Moses’ leadership (and wound up, along with their leader, Korah, swallowed up when God split the earth under their feet). Likewise, Jesus only gathered a small number of Disciples during His lifetime. Not every Jew conforms to the Shylock (or Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof) stereotype; not every Irishman conforms to the drunken Paddy stereotype, not every Slav conforms to the Dumb Polack stereotype (Solzhenitsyn, anyone?)… Need I go on? Group characteristics and the resulting stereotypes are useful, but only as a starting point. There are many of us who were born and raised in the North (Pennsylvania, in my case) who feel a greater affinity for the ways of the genteel South than that of the Northern descendants of New England Puritans. Of course, there are many Southern-born people with whom I share nothing by way of philosophy, lifestyle or temperament, but again, it’s on an individual basis that such comparisons must be made.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Etruscan Film Star
  49. Stealth says:
    @The Real World

    if anyone ever asked me to summarize Southern culture/demeanor in a sentence – I could do it in an instant. I’d reply, “It is ALL about control and obedience”.

    Undue obedience to authority and elders is an element of southern culture, but it’s not defining. I’m not trying to antagonize you, but you sound a little bitter. Perhaps you didn’t fit in down there.

    I sympathize, though. I’ve grown fond of many individual northeasterners, but I strongly dislike the area in general, as it seems that a large fraction of people there are trained to never miss an opportunity to treat their fellow human beings like garbage.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  50. @dindunuffins

    There are evidences that they have seriously overplayed the Race card. It remains to be seen if they will go full tilt, or slightly lessen the temperature by having a Tea Party, allowing the reemergence of Donald Turnip, or permitting the economy to improve just enough to discourage mass dissatisfaction by the Joe Citizens whose only rallying cry consists of moronically shouting, U. S. A.!, U. S. A.!, U. S. A.!

    If they continue to turn the heat up as rapidly as they currently are, the frogs may begin to hop out of the pot in sufficient numbers to cause a serious upheaval. If that occurs, I don’t believe the Left can keep their Symbiotic Coalition of malcontents, degenerates, foreigners, parasites and nerds together. They are not capable of maintaining cohesion without staying focused on easy projects designed to destabilize things. Once they attempt to address serious matters dealing with finances, infrastructure and economic solvency they are at each other’s throats demanding special considerations and asserting their dominance over one another. Chaz/Chop was a microcosm of what one can expect when the Left has complete control. They will be completely out of control.

    It will then be up to Right leaning individuals to exercise the self discipline, restraint, work ethic and make the sacrifices that will be required to repair the damage. This will mean the abandonment of the naive impulses, emotional manipulations, and guilt complexes that have hindered us for over half a Century. NeoCons (Hannity and Tucker), Feminists (Ingraham and Pirro) and Homosexuals (Tammy Bruce and Bruce Jenner) will have to be cast out.

  51. Agent76 says:

    May 28, 2019 Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow

    In Stony the Road, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., offers a new rendering of the struggle by African Americans for equality after the Civil War and the violent counter-revolution that subjugated them.

    Jul 6, 2020 Thomas Sowell/Black Wisdom Matters – The Impact of Culture

    A look at how black culture has affected the advancements of blacks in America.

    • Thanks: The Real World
  52. @Rich

    Lee’s intention was to draw the Union Army out of Virginia. He was successful in this aim. He did not want to engage the enemy on their own territory. He gave orders to his subordinates to avoid contact. His main scouting force under the young and flamboyant J. E. B. Stuart failed to provide him with the necessary intelligence concerning the enemy’s position. Troops under General Heth, many barefoot, went into town to procure shoes when they encountered the Black Hats led by General Buford, who were armed with repeating rifles. Lee’s biggest error was continuing to go headlong into the enemy’s fortified positions on the high grounds. Had General Ewell led Stonewall’s brigade to the top of Seminary Ridge instead of hesitating, the tide may have been turned. If Chamberlain’s forces hadn’t managed to hold Little Round Top, the Union Army may have been flanked. If the center of the Union line hadn’t been reinforced just before the infamous slaughter that became known as Pickett’s charge took place, Lee’s Army may have broken through there. Still, Longstreet was probably correct to advise a disengagement and to find better ground. Lee was still confidant after the way that his Army of Northern Virginia had rolled up the Union Army under Hooker at Chancellorsville. His expectations were not unreasonable, but “se la guerre.”

    The Government in Washington was scared. They were afraid that the Confederates would keep coming at first Manassas. They were afraid when Lee moved North, so the Army of the Potomac followed him. They were frightened that John Singleton Mosby would cross the Potomac and kidnap Lincoln, so, at night, they would take up the planks on the bridges leading into D. C. They were alarmed late in 1864, when Jubal Early approached within a dozen miles.

    There were many Northern voices crying for an end to the War. Most were arrested by the Lincoln administration, held without charges and denied bail. General McClellan and his Peace Democrats may have prevailed had it not been for the victory in Atlanta combined with the suppression of anti-War protests.

    • Replies: @Rich
  53. Your suicide was by choice. The Yankee suicide was done by the Ivy League schools and Wall Street. Should you ever meet some rural Northern founding stock, you would understand this. But back to the South, you loved Reagan. Reagan economics was about undoing Teddy Roosevelt’s trust busting and the depression era banking reforms. It eventually made us all expendable whores for the financer pimps. Back in the eighties and nineties you in the south went after our union run industries. You went all in for the big banks, and then went on to grab up every rich resourced Yankee banks you could get. What you never realized by pillaging the north, you got those liberal Ivy League MBA’s to relocate along with their companies. Most weren’t even the Yankees you love to hate to this day. And guess what? They changed the politics of the south. Not much of a surprise there. In the end you were undone by your Yankee hate.

    • Agree: Mr. Ed, Robert Bruce
    • Replies: @Mr. Ed
  54. @dindunuffins

    Thank You. I drew from numerous sources, and mainly from memory. I will have to think a little bit about which books to recommend, but I will get back with you. I am not a Worldly individual, but I have put a lot of effort into studying this period in American history.

  55. Trinity says:

    To be honest I don’t think MOST Southerners would consider someone from California a Yankee even though California sided with the North, much less someone from Alaska. I am originally from Maryland which is listed as a Southern state and had many Southern sympathizers leading up to the Civil War, I am considered a Yankee in the South and a Southerner in places like neighboring Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. haha. You can’t win. My parents are from Georgia and right now I currently live in Georgia. I still have a Baltimore accent despite having spent so much time in the Deep South.

    Spent a year and a half in Nebraska and a Nebraska girl born and raised claimed she was a Yankee. LMAO. Nebraska wasn’t even a state during The Civil War, and Southerners don’t really even think of Iowans as Yankees much less Nebraskans even though Iowa was a state that sided with the North. Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, the East Coast, yep, you are a Yankee, and even my home state of Maryland as well as Delaware although both are technically Southern states. Ironically W. Virginia is not considered to be Yankee territory in the South because of many Southern sympathizers. The Yankees from New England and New Yawk City, not the state, are the most despised Yankees in the South. Take my word on it. The average Southerner doesn’t even think about Alaska. hehe.

    Speaking of accents that is another thing that peeves Southerners and I always felt amusing. Some dude in Brooklyn saying “tree” instead of three mocking Southern accents and NYC was the first place that I have ever heard Whites use the word axe/ax for ask. lololol. Nah, Southerners DO NOT think of the Plains states, Western states ( which a great deal of Southerners helped settle), and even the Left Coast as Yankees. You must have ran into some snowbirds from “up North” and not a real Southerner.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
    , @GMC
  56. @nsa

    Yes! Let’s celebrate the brilliance of Burnside at Fredericksburg! Herald the colossal triumph of the Crater at Petersburg achieved by the Gettysburg victor, Meade! And, heartily commend the wholesale sacrifice of Union men in the Wilderness by Grant! The simple truth is, in a battle of attrition, the North could afford to lose men, the South could not. The genius of the Union Generals was numerical superiority and nothing more.

    Your mother has a reputation for being amiable but slutty, do you even know who your father is?

  57. Indocon says:

    The author is glossing over 2 huge flaw in southern Republican conservatism – is most devotion to low wages, And it’s willingness to trade it’s land for pocketbook. Factors outside of importing jobs from the north, south has not been able to develop any of its own native industries. On the second point, even today if you try to have a conversation with a southern landowner who is thinking about selling his land to a developer to build homes where newly imported Northerners and foreigners will vote him out, they will still choose to sell the land and that their pocketbooks. Only if southern whites were as wise as Marin County liberal whites, These guys have held on to their land for decades, and they have managed to keep their culture in the middle of extremely diverse Northern California.

    • Thanks: obwandiyag
    • Replies: @Stealth
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  58. Rich says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    If this, if that, if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. Whatever Lee’s intentions, his actions led to the defeat of his army. Gettysburg essentially ended any chance for Southern independence and had the effect of mobilizing Northern support for the war effort. It was a tragic mistake and in the end, how Lee, with all his dignity, should be judged. I guess he did okay at Harper’s Ferry, though.

  59. anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    J. E. B. Leibowitz stabbed General Lee in the back.

  60. @nsa

    Unz is full of Monday morning quarterbacks who are certain they know, for example, what generals 150 years ago should have done. The article itself leaves me shaking my head. What is the writer trying to say? I dont think he knows. I certainly don’t.

    • Agree: obwandiyag, Michael Meo
  61. HT says:

    The direct work of the Tribe and their brainwashing. Christianity was hi jacked with that nonsense and now with feminism and homosexuality. All the work of the small hats.

  62. The larger issue:

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    Post-1965 nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Policy

    SEC Negro Tyrone worship football

    Nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants

    The US born none-white geneline of nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants

    The growth of a massive nonwhite highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    The nullification of the Native White Working Class vote on Nov 3 2020…Nov 3 2024…Nov 3 2028…Nov 3 2032…

    1+1=Southern White “Men” are cucked faggots….

  63. Dystopian says:

    The author thinks there are two political parties. January 6th proved beyond any shadow of doubt that there is only one.

  64. HT says:

    The diamond merchants who controlled the Northeast and turned it into a multicultural crap hole are moving to the South and have already flipped Virginia and will do the same to other states eventually. These are the people who instigate the Negro to become politically active and elect Leftist Democrats. As the saying goes:

    They came for the Negro and I said nothing.
    Then they came for the Jew and I said nothing.
    Then they stopped coming because all of the major problems were fixed.

  65. Trinity says:

    IF only The American Civil War have turned into an international conflict with Britain and France siding with the South and Russia siding with the North, more than likely the South would have come out victorious. No doubt that Africans would have been shipped back to Africa because it just would not have made sense to keep Africans here, and surely slavery would have ended without a war anyhow. NO DOUBT, that America would have fared far better had the South been victorious just as Europe would have fared far better had the Axis defeated the Allies in WWII.

    Side note on Honest Abe. Abe was a pen pal with Karl Marx. Go figure.

    Btw, the South is not to blame for destroying its own culture. That can be blamed largely on Jews who hate the South for God only knows what reason because Southerners for some strange reason love these mongrels despite how much they hate the South. But there are plenty of Yankees who went along with discriminating against the South for over a century. People like “Jammy” Carter, LBJ ( who might have been touched with Jew blood), “Linslee” Graham, Bill Clinton, in no way, shape or form represent the average Southerner. Neither did PHONY Strom Thurmond who fathered a mixed race kid with a Black woman while preaching about segregation. smdh. Politicians man, what a bunch of phony cawksuckers.

    • Agree: HT
    • Replies: @Stealth
  66. @A little boy in the crowd

    Aggressive war as a ‘moral crusade.’ This was also done by Woodrow Wilson/WW1, Franklin Roosevelt/WW2, Churchill and every British politician in both those wars, and both nations in every act of aggression in modern times. You’d think more people would learn to see through that ruse, but they don’t.

  67. TTSSYF says:

    Agree. No way do Southerners think of people from the West or Alaska as Yankees.

    • Agree: HT
  68. TTSSYF says:

    Gross generalization and oversimplification.

    • Replies: @moi
  69. A not so gentle reminder:

    Keep this in mind….Hindu LEGAL Immigrants and their US Born Hindu children are a highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc…and the Hindu LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are coming to America for one reason only:TO VOTE WHITEY INTO A VIOLENTLY PERSECUTED WHITE RACIAL MINORITY in the American Deep South………Was SEC Tyrone Ball worth it?…

    You are going to be cleaning the curry turds and masala out of the toilets of Hindu Brahmin Majority in Dixie…specifically Ol’Miss….Shenandoah Valley…..The Deep South White Touchable Caste….this the endgame for American Deep South Whites………

    • Replies: @CCG
  70. Mr. Ed says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    You’re correct; that is what english-language ‘Conservatism’ is–lots more money for those who already have more than most.

  71. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The conquest of Mississippi by the Patel Family

    Mississippi Marsala…..

    Was Archie Manning Ball worth it?

  72. What would have happened if these statue-wrecking iconoclasts had gone on their rampage in the nineteen-sixties? For some reason, it is safe for them to do it now.

  73. @Cowtown Rebel

    A. Bullshit and persiflage. The southern planters suckered the poor whites, employing all that dumbass “honor” rhetoric, into a war they could never win in a million years. Tariffs, for your information, were the concern of southern planters, not small farmers. Thus, fine, tariffs are one of the reasons why southern planters suckered the poor whites into war. So what. They still suckered them, good and plenty.

    B. Black and white middle classes get along fine. I suppose you’ve been in every community in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Australia, and conducted the one-on-one surveys and studies necessary to justify your dumbass generalization, which still cannot possibly be true, because it is a generalization, and generalizations are not true.

    Class not race. Class not race, class not race. Upper-class southern planters were greedy lying disingenuous war-mongering bastards. Middle class people are well-behaved. Poor whites were the suckers.

  74. @Anon

    So let me get this straight. Black people fix elections. White people don’t.

    Hardehar. You believe that and I can sucker you into anything.

    And who gave them them boxes of mail-in ballots, I wonder? Other blacks? Yeah, right.

    You shore are naive, young man.

  75. @Cowtown Rebel

    You can’t trust a Southerner as far as you can throw him. Oh, he’ll be very friendly and accommodating to your face. But don’t expect him, ever, to do what he says he’s going to do. Because that Southern Charm means he has to lie to people and tell them he’s going to do what he has no intention of doing. Kind of like Italians in that way.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @flashlight joe
  76. TTSSYF says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Agreed, and I don’t even know if “Yankee Ingenuity” or “Yankee Know-how” was ever intended to mean Northeastern Americans. To my understanding, those were phrases used by outsiders to describe Americans in general.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  77. Anonymous[120] • Disclaimer says:

    This article misses the target completely…The %of WHITE/Black population is decreasing and much of the “new” IMMIGRANTS (illegal) Mexicans, latino, Muslims etc. Most of whom are proxies for the ‘big’ replacement..the DEMs are planning to hold these new immigrants hostage with new work visas, temporary work permits and eventually FULL citizenship IF and only IF they registered (and vote) DEM…In fact many of the immigrants receive work permits with Voting IDs already marked DEM. The second fact is the AIPAC Lobby and other NGOs that fund\$\$\$ liberal DEM candidates lavishly\$\$\$ (Ossof, Buttegiege, ). It could be affirm that ALL of the LIBERAL DEM candidates in the Southern States from State to federal oficces were funded by Northern financiers (Bloomberg,Soros, Singer)…The GOP is no longer an opposition they are part of the trend, and unless WHITES/Blacks constitutionalists awake and develope and execute counter strategy WHITES/Blacks conservatives will lose all political power (demographics).. Further these powerful dem financiers are also marginalizing conservative voices from all forms of media under the fictional banner of Racists White Supremacists , whom are the main targets fo the DEM state apparatus FBI, DOJ, ACLU, SPLC, etc…This is a huge powerful jaggernaut to wipe WHITES/blacks MAGA out completely.

  78. AReply says:

    This article leads off with framing the history of Confederate South as being something maybe, possibly, but vaguely, Not-Fox-News, and spews on from there in hackneyed prose like the Leopard has not changed its spots and northern brethren and Democrat of olde, fluffed and finished with an insipid verse of back and back again.

    It’s not just bad. It’s a-contextual meaningless drooling utterance; a geriatric spittle of public discourse that bangs a spoon annoyingly on the cafeteria table-top and yells for more fruit-cup, completely oblivious to the political transformations since the Civil War.

    To keep the nation whole, the North extended to the South the pernicious illusion that it survived the Civil War intact, maybe trusting that in time its shabby traditions and heroes would dissolve into sacred dust placed into the coffers of history. Today Confederate statues and monuments are seen as props in an inverted Disneyland. There is no substance of the Confederate South, it’s merely a grievous affect.

    The one sage observation of this article is the self awareness that today’s so-called conservatives are pure reactionaries. They conserve nothing but a dream of power enabled by the Rapture. Today’s Democrats are what was conservative 40 years ago, while Republicans are batshit crazy radical children of dying and dead-hippies.

    One way or another the country has to face the loss of the Civil War. Until it does, the wars ghosts will continue to be harnessed by the grifting, charlatan descendants of Nixon’s political South.

  79. @Stealth

    Undue obedience to authority and elders is an element of southern culture,

    You betcha. It IS a defining aspect of that culture and there is a solid argument to make that it stunts the emotional and intellectual growth of those who grow-up amongst that. To watch middle-aged adults, unwillingly or unwittingly, defer to their parents (or an older person with a title) like they are still ten years old and have no mind or rights of their own is truly mind-boggling.

    …but you sound a little bitter. Perhaps you didn’t fit in down there.

    Bitter? Maybe so and, if so, it is well-deserved. (But, it’s more like: disdain.) As Anon125 in Comment #20 states, it is a culture of liars. Only worse than elsewhere as, they will do so with a smile on their face, friendly words and a firm belief in their lies. Then, their family and friends will enable them in their poor conduct and leave any victim of the deception croaking on the curb. Empathy? Only for themselves and theirs.

    LOL, for sure, I didn’t fit ‘down there’. I am very much a person of the era in which I am living and not rooted to traditions decided long ago by strangers. Nor do I respect contrived and manipulative hierarchies meant to serve those who can intimidate the weak-willed into accepting them.

    Btw, this comment string is fascinating. Look how many comments dwell in issues from long, long ago. As I stated, that region is psychologically still 50+ years behind. When you’re taught to obey and not think— that’s what happens.

    • Replies: @Stealth
  80. Trinity says:

    Actually what you say here is true with a good deal of Southerners and even worse with what I call “mountain people” or what Yankees call hillbillies, never mind that the North is full of hillbillies that dip Copenhagen or Skoal, have a few junkers in their front yard, etc. Once again, saw it with my own two eyes in numerous smaller towns in Upstate New York like Port Jervis, Newburgh, Middletown, etc., as well as plenty of smaller burgs like this in Pennsylvania as well.

    Yes, that is my biggest complaint against my Southern brethren and I have stated that on here before where I exposed a great deal of “Southern Hospitality” is indeed fake and Southerners are notorious for paying lip service to shit they have no intention of doing.

    Trustworthy? White Southerners might be quite fake and have a bad habit of paying lip service to things they have no intention of doing, but they are certainly more trustworthy than any Negro that I have ran across whether that was a Negro in a small South Carolina town or a Negro in NYC. But really Yankees are not that much better. Worked in a fire house on Governors Island, New York, and the White firefighters talked about the nonwhite firefighters like dogs and the nonwhite firefighters talked about the White firefighters like dogs behind their backs. In face to face conversations both groups kissed each others ass. One White firefighter pissed in a Puerto Rican dude’s boots and bragged about it. haha. So it isn’t as if Yankees are that much better if they are any better.

    Italians? Now with MOST Italians you get what you see. Italians are some of the least pretentious people on the planet and very trustworthy. Even those Italian mafia dudes have their own sort of codes to live by. haha. My sister in law is Italian, I have lived next door to Italians and I have had an Italian boss. They GENERALLY speak from their mind and in my experience are very loyal. I have no idea the type of Italians you have run up against but they are not bashful about their true feelings at all. lolol.

  81. @moi

    I’m not one of them, but I’ve been living among them since I was a kid. My opinion is that Americans—by which I mean Anglos and other Whites who have become Anglicized—are no worse than anyone else as individuals. However, their country has developed a loathsome ideology which taints almost all of them to a greater or lesser extent.

    • Agree: moi
  82. whodat says:

    You can’t understand south-speak. When a southerner says I will do it Directly,
    and you leave thinking you understand what the hell he has committed himself to do, you , sir, are sorely mistaken.

  83. Jim H says:

    ‘the turn-around of President Lyndon Johnson’ — Boyd Cathey

    This cryptic phrase conceals a pivotal fact. School integration was a HOT issue in the South from 1954 (Brown v Board of Education) to 1964, when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    A large contingent of Southern yellow-dog Democrats took this as an outright betrayal, paving the way for Nixon’s Southern strategy and initiating the South’s turn to the Republican party.

    School integration eventually faded as a hot-button issue. More important long-term was LBJ’s vast expansion of the welfare-warfare state, with his Vietnam war, Medicare and Medicaid. Today, mainstream Democrats and Republicans worship at its altar, differentiating themselves only on contemporary hot-button social issues such as immigration and abortion.

    Boyd Cathey is correct that Southern conservatism has become indistinguishable from neoconservatism. Mainstream Dems and Reps fall all over themselves to keep the foreign permawars going, gold-plate the military, expand social benefits, and send tribute to Israel.

    Neither of the legacy parties have a damned thing to offer to believers in constitutional limited government.

    From Johnson’s time on, Southerners who became president (Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush) have quickly knuckled under to the bipartisan federal colossus. They would be horrified by the notion of secession. Nor will they stand up even for the last forsaken symbols of the South: the historic statues; the names of military bases and even roads (e.g., Dixie Highway).

    If the South is at bay, it’s because its native sons sold it down the river for a pocketful of jingling yankee Judas dollars.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  84. Stealth says:

    No doubt that Africans would have been shipped back to Africa because it just would not have made sense to keep Africans here, and surely slavery would have ended without a war anyhow.

    And then again, maybe the South would have ended up more like Haiti.

  85. Mr. Grey says:

    Since the 1970s those states have been, with few exceptions (e.g., Virginia), reliably Republican.

    This is wrong. Look at a map of the 1976 Congressonal elections. Some areas around Knoxville and the mountains were always Republican. Most of the south votes Democrat. As for Virginia, it’s the only southern state in ’76 that gains a new Republican district. In the presidential election the entire south Except for Virginia (and Oklahoma) go for the democrat, Carter. Then in 1980 Ronald Reagan comes in big, but for Congressional districs, the Republicans make gains in the South but it is still majority Democrat.

  86. @Cowtown Rebel

    Clearly you haven’t read the text to which you refer. Mitchell includes in her book everything you said concerning the events immediately prior to the Civil War, and includes your character who could never let go of the ’cause’, for which the South was sacrificed.

    I note that you, like most confederate Lost Cause dead-enders, omit the Cornerstone Speech. Shall I quote it?

    “Our system commits no such violation of nature’s laws. With us, all of the white race, however high or low, rich or poor, are equal in the eye of the law. Not so with the negro. Subordination is his place. He, by nature, or by the curse against Canaan, is fitted for that condition which he occupies in our system.”

    Using Christianity to justify slavery, and naming it as the cornerstone of the society which he hopes to maintain, via war if possible.

    I don’t think slavery was the ‘only cause’ of the war, don’t worry yourself about that. However I urge everyone to take the time and peruse the words said, in Savannah, Georgia, March 21, 1861 shortly before the Civil War began, by the Confederate Vice President Alexander H. Stephens.

    And please note, he utters the word ‘tariff’ one time and does NOT give it the importance our dead-ender gives it. Odd eh? Documented history vs opinion.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  87. The way of conzos is like Harding in CUCK’S NEST. Final straw is just another withdraw. “Just once more… just once more…”

  88. SafeNow says:

    California signing-in. Recently I had occasion to work with a smallish business in a small city in Alabama, regarding a product I was ordering. I was struck by the patience and courtesy and competence and efficiency with which they answered my (probably stupid) questions. It reminded me of the America I grew up in. The frustrations and affronts and humiliations of life here are very different. This is just an anecdote, and I don’t know to what extent it represents Southern manners and values, but I thought I would share it.

  89. Trinity says:

    My guess is that you are jew troll. Odd that you speak of slavery considering the jew role in the African Slave Trade and the large percentage of jews who owned slaves. At no time did more than 6% of the South own slaves and how many of that 6% of the Southern population were jews? Probably not a significant number the percentage of jews who were slave owners were well above 6% I can assure you that.

    The jewish and Arab role in the African Slave Trade and the Arab’s role in enslaving Whites is hardly ever discussed. Wonder why? No money in it? And no way a primitive khazar/jew or Arab has any remorse for anyone but their own in the first place. And lest we forget that if not for their fellow Africans, these Africans sent to America would not have been enslaved in the first place. It isn’t as if the jew, Arab or Whitey went over there and captured free Africans and enslaved them after capturing them.

  90. bayviking says:

    One of my Southern movie favorites, “Cold Mountain”

    Paraphrasing the author begins with, “Southern Conservatives mirrors the national Neoconservative vision and its premises of continually expanding rights and equality.”

    There is absolutely no evidence to support gains in human rights or equality in the USA, since Johnson, a Southern Democrat. When a Republican talks about expanding rights, he is referring to the ruling class, the Oligarchy which is busy extracting as much as they can from everywhere they can. If you donate more a hundred thousand or more to either party and they win you can expect a payback of 10-100 to 1.

    So this alleged belief is cover for what really binds the ruling class in the South and the fools which follow them, racism, but in the current political climate that fact must never be admitted by the GOP. The position of the GOP continues to deteriorate, so they have resorted to: proprietary software, which should be illegal and became so controversial it has been largely corrected; minority voter purging; misleading and intimidating voters; attacking professional vote tabulators; reducing polling places in minority neighborhoods; reducing hours of operation of polling places.

    The Republican Party is the party of conquest, of harsh Reconstruction policies, and Southern bigotry. Trump has added hate to their core practices.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
    , @Ray Caruso
  91. Dumbo says:

    For the first time, I think that America might really be ending… There was a time, not too long ago, when Americans were admired in many parts of the world and were proud of their own country. But as of recently I have never seen so much hate, from Americans against other Americans, from foreigners against Americans, and Americans against foreigners. And for different reasons too.

    But, are there really even “Americans” anymore? To the Southerners vs Yankees conflict, that never healed, we add now several other divisions, and with the zillion of recent migrants it doesn’t really make sense of talking of an American people anyway…

    I don’t know much about the South; but when I stayed for a while there, decades ago, I found the people quite humble and nice.

    I do think that if the South had won, it could have been better. Many future troubles would have been avoided.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  92. The passage of 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act

    Demographic is destiny

    Mississippi Marsala

    1+1=Patel family rule in Dixie

  93. @Ray Caruso

    What about The Black Belt, and its inherent Fuxatedness ?

  94. @Steve in PA

    Paragraph breaks are your friend, and that’s no stereotype.

  95. Doctor Jeyi says: • Website


    (video shot in Charlottesville, VA on 8th or 9th July, 2021)

  96. I agree with anyone with a brain in the very first comment on this thread. The author of the post ignores the fact, initiated in the Johnson Administration, of allowing black folk to vote. The reader is urged to undertake a conceptualization of a process of the South losing its conservative culture and political solidity, without once mentioning that black folk had the vote after 1965, which had previously been denied them.

    It is in coping with an expansion of the electorate to include the descendants of former slaves that the Solid South went home to die.

  97. Trinity says:

    How many Southerners migrated to places like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit to work in steel mills, the auto industry, factories, etc.? Lots of them and they helped build these cities. Now a century later, Northerners come to the South because they are running scared and unlike the Southerner who assimilated into Northern blue collar cities, Yankees try and turn the South into the shitholes they fled from.

    “We Don’t Care How You Did Things Up North” and “Welcome To The South Now Go Home” were popular bumper stickers for a very good reason, but they sure did not keep fleeing Yankees and snowbirds away. hehe.

    Any Southerners ever hear how much better things were up in ____? Fill in the blank of the Yankee state of your choice. We heard this shit in Florida nonstop. Really. Things are better in lame places like Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Rhode Island than Florida in the 80s and 90s? Oh yeah, I will take Ohio and Indiana over a Florida beach any day. lmao.

  98. @Carolyn Yeager

    You’d think more people would learn to see through that ruse, but they don’t.

    This is the nature of any human society, always and everywhere.

    In any nation, 30% of the people believe every lie they are told by politicians and corporate media outlets.

    50% of people believe some of the lies. For example, people may not believe the lies about 9-11, but they believe the lies about the “holocaust,” or the pandemic hoax, or the 6 Jan 2021 “insurrection,” and so on. This group (the 50%) pick and choose which lies to believe based on their whims and emotions.

    The remaining 20% of people have brains.

    Again, this is the nature of any human society, always and everywhere.

  99. @Cowtown Rebel

    He could have taken an oath of allegiance and been released. But he refused to acquiesce

    “Some have suggested that I seek a pardon, but the right of pardon must be preceded by repentance, and I have not repented. ” CSA President Jefferson Davis

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  100. @nsa

    Lee didn’t invade the North because he was a dolt, he did it because the Southern public demanded aggression.

    • Replies: @Patricus
  101. @flashlight joe

    Get yourself a little book titled Apostles of Disunion. You can read it in an afternoon. It will forever change the way you casually toss around the phrase “The Civil War wasn’t about slavery.”

    • Replies: @Curle
    , @flashlight joe
  102. 68W58 says:

    Nothing in the east had the potential to alter the outcome of the war so much as the idiot Bragg’s refusal to follow up his victory at Chickamauga with an attack on the Union position at Chattanooga. Forrest said that every hour was worth 10,000 men and was so mad at Bragg’s failure that he refused to ever serve under him again. Had the Army of the Tennessee been destroyed or captured the Atlanta campaign might never have happened and the war could have seemed like a stalemate by the election of 1864. The reason Lee is so venerated by southerners is that so many of the other Confederate generals were utterly incompetent.

  103. @Raches

    Three Southern Reconstruction campaigns have in fact occured. The first followed the war. The second occured during the 1960s, resulting in forced racial integration and equal rights legislation. The third, to remove all Southern symbols, and create equal outcomes, regardless of ability or effort is still in progress.

    • Agree: Raches
  104. Thim says:

    Yes, they all love Lee because he managed against all odds to lose the war. The South died of West Point, directed by that Beautiful Loser.

    What if a real man, say Quantrill, had been in charge? Well, the South would have won. But they chose the doddering old hag Lee, and all was lost, and it will never return.

    As the USSA continues it’s collapse, there will be a small handful of Neo Confederates. But this is not our fate. We will have to become far more radical to have any chance.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  105. @Intelligent Dasein

    “In traditionalism, the heritage of the past is not truly past”.

    Nowhere is this truer than in the traditional Latin Mass, which is more effectively alive than those who celebrate and partake in its fruits. Indeed, they take their life and strength from it.
    Which is precisely why the devil in white Francis has now attempted to abolish it.

    It keeps the Church alive, rejuvenating it each day; the Novus Ordo does the opposite, turning its priests into effeminate weaklings and its dwindling congregations into Faithless sentimentalists. Such a Church is no threat to the Globalists, of whom Francis is one, and for whom he is a sickly “spiritual” cover.

    But the old Mass produces men, indeed crusaders; thus it must die.

    But it is he who will die, and likely soon, and the Mass of Ages will be celebrated over his tomb.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  106. @Cowtown Rebel

    Southern Hospitality is a crock of you know what! It doesn’t exist. New Yorkers, New Jersey’ians are actually about the most polite people around. The highest divorce rate by far in America is in the Bible Belt.

  107. @Indocon

    What’s the average size of a parcel of land in Marin County anyway?

    • Replies: @indocon
  108. R.C. says:

    Nailed it!
    I well remember (can’t forget) how when all the media was focused on the ‘race riots’* in Boston, how down here in Central Florida ~ 1972, (for my class at my school, the war zone lasted from 1971 – 1977) all of the ‘peace and love’ had become (always had been) jungle savagery.
    In particular we survived through far more violent events than anyone in bean town had ever imagined. AT MY TEN YEAR REUNION, WE HAD THREE SCUMBAGS (guess the race) ON DEATH ROW! (Actually, only two – one had already been put down.)
    *When, like down here, all that the supposed ‘race riots’ ever were was simply ‘packs of blacks’ and ‘bigger with . . .’ attacking solo white folks. (Usually a minimum of four to one.)
    Sound familiar, folks?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  109. moi says:

    Not really, I’ve lived in the South for about 10 years. But there are also positive things to be said about the South. Even so, I stand by my post.

  110. @The Real World

    I agree with your last paragraph:

    Southern Culture is about control of others.

    And anyone who works with his hands is “low class.”

  111. Phipps says:

    What the article does not mention is the the “Bible Belt” extends across much of the Old South. These fundamentalist Christians adore Israel and the Jews — the very state and the very people destroying America. When Christianity has become so twisted and evil, then you know there is no hope.

  112. Patricus says:

    Lee did not succeed in the war against the north. It is hard to imagine any military leader who could have prevailed given the enormous differences in population and resources. He is the greatest of American generals. No one comes close. Was every battle a resounding victory? Certainly not. He was just a hell of a lot better than all the rest. No modern generals since are fit to polish his boots.

    • Replies: @Rich
  113. @WingsofADove

    You referred to the fictional novel “Gone With The Wind,” I merely stated that it is a poor choice for determining the causes of the war. I’ve seen the film, and I’ve never felt the need to waste my time reading the book. It is mainly geared toward a female audience. Scarlett O’Hara was a snooty, spoiled, petulant Child to the end, that’s why Rhett told her he didn’t give a damn. Rhett was a devil may care, non-committal sort of individual, self centered and roguish. They are hardly role models. The movie, and I’m certain the book as well, is composed of the sort of tripe that Soap Operas would later use to captivate millions of bored housewives.

    Oh yes, the tired old “Cornerstone Speech.” That lame, bent arrow in the quiver of the fanatical anti-Southerner who believes that firing it is the equivalent of a Nuclear Detonation. Abraham Lincoln stated that there must be the position of the superior and the inferior, and that he, like any other man, would prefer that the superior position be assigned to the White race. In August of 1862, he tried to convince a delegation of Negroes that they were not compatible with us, and they should try to persuade others to agree to re-colonization outside of the United States. Lincoln was proposing arrangements for this purpose to Congress as late as 1863, after the final draft of the Emancipation Proclamation had already been issued. He had submitted many plans for gradual and compensated emancipation and suggested several locations in the Western Hemisphere where they could be deposited afterward. The Chiriqui Project was touted as offering a promising coal mining opportunity. The mines were actually found to contain a very low grade ore, but that did not deter Lincoln from promoting the project. It was the unwillingness of the neighboring South American countries to have a colony of former African Slaves in their midst that derailed that scheme. James Mitchell, the Commissioner in Charge of Emigration; General Benjamin Butler, in his autobiography; and Gideon Welles, former Secretary of the Navy in the Lincoln Administration, all steadfastly averred that Lincoln never reconsidered the necessity of recolonization.

    Shortly before his death, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a private letter to a friend of the abuse the North was inflicting upon the South with tariffs. He felt at the time that the benefits outweighed the costs, but speculated about how long the lopsided arrangement could persevere. One of the Generals killed at the Battle of Franklin was named States Rights Gist. His parents named him that because he was born in South Carolina during the Nullification Crises that came about due to the Tariffs of Abomination. Lincoln had approved the Morrill Tariff which was set raise the Tariffs from the average 15% to 20% up to as much 35% and was going to increase the list of items that could be taxed, thereby tripling the tax burden on the South. Lincoln was ready to sign the Corwin amendment which would have protected the institution of Slavery into perpetuity, but he was determined to enforce the trade imposts. U. S. Major Robert Anderson wrote to U. S. Adjutant General, Colonel Samuel Cooper, that he could control the harbor in Charleston from Fort Sumter and that the city was completely in his power. Sam Cooper would soon resign to become the highest ranking officer in the Confederate Army.

    I’ve sat down and read far more books than the Clown on the commercial that brags about his Audiobooks library. But, I don’t fritter away my time with inconsequential fluff. There really is no point in debating with someone whose only source of material comes from a solitary, prototypical Harlequin Romance Novel.

    • Replies: @WingsofADove
  114. Curle says:
    @Redneck Robespierre

    Better to read Edgar Lee Masters who capably explains what the war was really about (not slavery) and, helpfully, provides arguments that -90 years later are being corroborated by modern scholars. Here’s a review.

    • Agree: flashlight joe
  115. Patricus says:
    @Redneck Robespierre

    Lee boldly invaded Pennsylvania as a desperate measure. He saw the material advantages of the north would ultimately prevail. His scheme might have worked. The South had little manufacturing, hardly any railroads. They had better men but many had no shoes. It was a sad time in America and the beginning of the end of a great people. Hopefully Lincoln burns in hell for his foolish war. As southerners we have the grim satisfaction to watch the North decline. That decline is now irreversible. Any hope for America will come from the South.

    • Replies: @Verity
  116. Patricus says:
    @Johnny Johnny

    Clearly you never lived in New York or New Jersey. The people are bores.

  117. Guru says:
    @Ray Caruso

    What are your options for secession ? Who will support u? Can you poor southerners stand a chance against the might of the Wall Street ?

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  118. Indeed, some of us had grandparents even born in the late nineteenth century who knew and heard from their parents about the barbarity and degradations that came after 1865.

    Yet had no problem with the barbarity and degradations that came with Wilson, Roosevelt, and Truman. Even preferring the Unitarian Stevenson to the Christian Eisenhower.

    …radically transform the Northern branch of the party into something incompatible with the views of most Southern folk.

    In other words, from “We cheat the Yankee and pass the swag savings on to you” to “We cheat you and pass the savings swag onto Sambo”. Like the Democrats’ objection to McCarthyism, it was not a matter of principle but of who was to derive the benefits.

    Even under such social liberals as Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Southern solons in Congress… held a considerable amount of power.

    “[Especially] under such [cynical scumbucket war criminals] as Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Southern solons in Congress… held a considerable amount of power.”

    Fixed it.

    Summing up the view of most Americans of that period, President Eisenhower spoke admiringly of General Robert E. Lee, and he was in many ways expressing the general view of most Americans of the South back in 1960.

    “Summing up the view of most Americans of that period, President [Roosevelt] spoke admiringly of [President Abraham Lincoln], and he was in many ways expressing the general view of most Americans [of the 20th century] back in [1940].”

    Fixed that, too.

    “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” 2007.

    A good idea for a “prequel” to this would be “The Assassination of Nicholas Gustafson by the Coward Cole Younger, Under the Direction of the Equally Cowardly Jesse James”.

    The rise of Goldwater Republicanism, Kevin Phillips’ “Southern Strategy”…

    There was no “Southern strategy”, only the common-sense decision by the moderate party to pick up those jilted by the other party. That other party remained the same sack of worthless, untrustworthy garbage it had always been since its founding. The only thing that changed in 1960 was the direction of its largesse, and the color of its victims.

    The difficulty of defending the Old South, however, stems from Justice Taney’s logic. They were harboring five million illegal aliens who had no right to be here.

    Here’s the modern version of the Stars and Bars:


  119. Verity says:

    Better men? What a laugh! Check out the war records of those northern frontier yankees from Minnesota to Maine. They didn’t come any finer!

    • Replies: @Buzz H Bomb
  120. @Cowtown Rebel

    Is there such a thing as Northern Culture?

    The “North” exists only in the mind of the South. Our cultures are much more localized. As they should be.

    “Clam chowder” means two very different things only 200 miles apart.

    Chicago has its own pizza, derided by others as dry lasagna. Cheese curds, booya, and “hotdish” are not seen far from their homes. We drink soda, pop, tonic, or phosphate, depending on our longitude. (Never lower-case “coke”, which to us is a controlled substance.) Pasties are available in the UP, Mineral Point, and Butte, for obvious reasons. Vernors is our Dr Pepper.

    Our maple syrup is the real thing, not corn syrup with a smiling Negress on the label. We supplied the site for Canadians to invent football and basketball, then gave both a home before you folks took them from us, then blacks took them from you. Ice hockey is a regional cult, throwing octopodēs on the rink even more so.

    Perhaps you should subscribe to Yankee magazine for a year to brush up. Or Adirondack Life, Midwest Living, Traverse, or Lake and Home.

  121. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    The following is a generalization:

    “. . .which still cannot possibly be true, because it is a generalization, and generalizations are not true.” – obwandiyag #73

    Therefore, it is not true.

  122. Trajan92 says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Thank you for this post, a lot of items I’ve never read before. Though honor is nit an explicit Southern trait, it does seem to have more abundence there, or at least it did back then.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  123. @Reg Cæsar

    To quote the “Soiled Dove Wings” hero, “Frankly, I don’t give a Damn!” We aren’t obsessed with you, we wanted to get away from you. Like a bad marriage that we couldn’t get out of, you abused us and beat us, and then murdered us for doing the very thing that you repeatedly threatened to do yourself; trying to get a divorce. The differences were irreconcilable then and they are again today.

    It is you who can’t let it go, with the determination of a dogmatist, you must make everything conform to your standards, regardless of whether you apply those same standards to yourselves or not.

    Sports and food… Saturday Night Live had a skit featuring, among others, Chris Farley and George Wendt, portraying a group of men having a pointless discussion about “The Bears” and “The Bulls” while stuffing their faces and chugging beer. Some Cultural Legacy!

    Even when on the cusp of eradicating all visible symbols of the Confederacy, you still can’t stand the fact that it still lives on in literature, in minds and in hearts. In your frenzied tantrums with the mindless destruction of an Eastern Zealot, you now blindly destroy everything including the monuments to your own founders and statesmen. You have nothing worthy of preserving and you hate and envy us because we do, and you fear those of us who are willing to continue to stand up for our rights and our honor, and who “endeavor to persevere.”

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  124. Blip Blop says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Der Yanqui talks trash about the South all day but watch them recoil when a Southerner mentions leaving the empire.

    I was one of the idiots who enlisted a few years after 9/11. Next time Yanqui trash are attacked I’ll crack a beer.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  125. Panadechi says:

    As long as colorblind and traitorous liberal whites exist, the white genocide will continue. The non-white mass immigrant will be impossible to expel, the only possible way is territorial separation, away from the anti-white Zionist establishment.

  126. @Johnny Johnny

    The Texas that I grew up in has been so inundated with Yankee Interlopers that only 1/4 of those in the State were actually born here. It is they who cannot navigate our roads, who have corrupted our culture, and who have planted and nurtured the seeds of alienation and societal mistrust and dysfunction. The older people that I knew growing up were exceedingly hospitable and gracious. Even my own social circles in my youth were an accommodating and charitable group of people. If you needed a place to sleep for the night, or if you were hungry, a friend was never far away. It is likely that the impolite people that you encountered were not originally from here.

    Divorce was not common when I was a kid in the 1970’s. Most of my friends had mothers and fathers who were joined in matrimony. Some of their parents divorced later, but most stayed married until death, and some remain hitched to this day. My folks were on the verge of celebrating their 48th Wedding Anniversary when my father passed away.

    The loss of a sense of identity and the inherit pride that accompanies it tends to demean all relationships and strip all honorable commitment of its perceivable worth. That is all the more reason that we should seek to cherish our ancestors and to strive to be more focused on our friends and family and less mindful of celebrities and those who would diminish us and sow discord among us. Some of the most valuable assets are intangible.

  127. People love to relive the Civil War but for explanations I think few go beyond slavery or tariffs, which sound a lot like the modern catch phrases “no racists” n “no new taxes”.

    What Cathey seems to be saying is the South was a fundamentally different kind of society than the North in the 1850s, a society based on hierarchy n tradition. In the 18th c all of American society was like that, but by the 1850s the North had moved on, its new industry n finance were sucking the lifeblood from the South, turning it into another Ireland. The North no longer understood the South, regarding it as a subject province n a colony.

    It wasn’t just slavery that the North wanted to end, but the entire Southern way of life. With the War, the North failed to do this, but it did reestablish ownership of its colony. Tho the South lost the war, it won the peace n managed to implement Jim Crow, which for all its faults did enable 2 radically different peoples to live in peace for almost 90 years with very little crime.

    The Dem Party was the bulwark of this. But in the 1960s left wing liberals seized control of the Dem Party. The new Dems not only targeted Jim Crow but detested all Southerners as”racists”, the new buzzword. White Southerners were tossed out bodily from the Dem Party, leaving a gigantic opportunity for the Republicans, n causing George Wallace to run for Pres on a third ticket. When Wallace was shot in 1970, the last of the South went down with him.

    The new Dem Party was based on 3 things: open borders, minority worship, n free (including gay) sex. It declared a new Civil War on the South, promoting race war, affirmative action (equal outcome, not equal opportunity). This paused for 30 years, but has now begun again, but now greatly enlarged, attacking all whites everywhere as “racists”, after all, didn’t all whites everywhere benefit in some small degree from ancient slavery? (Pay no attention to the inconvenient fact that Whites were enslaved too, n not just literally in North Africa, Turkey, n Russia, but given the hierarchical nature of 18th c America indentured servants were worked to death in places like the Caribbean at greater rates than blacks.)

    Ever fickle, the Repub Party lost no time in joining the new Dems, as eager for open borders to break unions n for 2 income families (pay no attention that now it became unaffordable to have more than 1 child). So now we have a Uniparty, both dedicated to open borders (I.e. reproduction has been outsourced), anti white racism (when has a single Repub challenged Affirm Action?), n Gay Children’s Hour.

    Not only has the traditional South vanished in the tide of relentless 24/7 lies n propaganda, but the entirety of White America is circling the drain. In case my point has been missed, this is not what the North fought for in the 1860s. Not just Confederate soldiers are turning over in their graves, but Union soldiers too.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  128. @Phipps

    Agreed. In earlier times Christians would not have allowed Jews off the boat. When n why did Christians betray their religion?

  129. Poco says:
    @Ray Caruso

    It’s liberalism. Being liberal is a poison. NOT talking about being socialist or communist or capitalist. It’s liberalism. Permissiveness. Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, FDR should have combined and crushed weimar liberalism.
    Regardless of the system it is always attacked as not liberal enough. Not free enough. The (((termites))) don’t care about liberality but it is used as a weapon. Always. Doesn’t matter what you do, you’re evil because you aren’t liberal enough.
    Doesn’t matter how faggoty you are. Doesn’t matter how much you worshio minorities. It makes no difference. You aren’t liberal enough. It’s a weapon.

  130. Poco says:
    @The Real World

    If only everyone everywhere were liberal the earth could be saved and you could bow down with unlimited fag dick to suck.

  131. @Carolyn Yeager

    Crusades yes, but moral no. It’s amazing what is still hidden from the American public. How many people know that Hitler repeatedly called for a peaceful settlement of WW2, before n after FDR intervened in his crusade to “save the world”? And that FDR n Churchill refused every one of his peace initiatives n demanded unconditional surrender to make sure peace never broke out.

  132. Poco says:

    If you are populist you are evil because you aren’t liberal enough. If you are communist you are evil because you aren’t liberal enough. If you are capitalist you are evil because you aren’t liberal enough. If you are liberal you are evil because you aren’t liberal enough. The (((media))) says so. You will never be good enough, ever. Regardless of your political opinion.

  133. @Phipps

    These fundamentalist Christians adore Israel and the Jews

    That wording it too strong and not representative from my experience. I spent 3 decades in the South and almost 100% of the Southerners I knew (whose families had been there generations) literally never mentioned Jews, weren’t personal friends with Jews and the majority would go silent if the topic of Jews ever came up in conversation.

    To whatever degree they have affinity for Israel/Jews is related to what their preacher/church tells them to feel about it. Because outside the larger cities, most generational Southerners haven’t even known Jews, or just one or two and only casually.

    If you asked the skeptic in me to venture a guess, it would be that money plays a part in that church-espoused affinity. It’s likely that the Southern Baptist Convention gets some handsome donations to get their preachers to engender apparent loyalty to Israel in their sermons.

  134. BluEidDvl says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Agreed about the deplorable state of the current U.S. & it’s population but seriously, HOW can secession be successful as long as the U.S. exists?. There will HAVE to be a complete collapse of the economy/state for any hope of that happening. This is not 1861 anymore. The current U.S. population is 331 million, 9 times the population in 1861. Our weapons today are infinitely more lethal than then. What of all the federal military installations in the South?. Filled with soldiers & airmen who swore an oath to follow their commander & chief. How do you create a viable economy in a region that has the highest percentage of federal welfare & food stamp recipients?. What of the federally owned highways, facilities & federally subsidized universities in the South?. What of the Southerners that don’t want secession?, what happens to them?. And what about the nukes?, the US. Government owns them, a breakaway South would not.

    Sorry, but there’d have to be an utter Mad Max collapse of the U.S. before it’d allow a large portion of its territory to secede. Or a complete collapse of the dollar & maintenance of the state & its enforcers is no longer viable?. Until that happens, secession is only a pipe dream..

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  135. @Thim

    When General Lee was asked who he thought the greatest Southern General was, he replied “he was a Man that I have never met, Nathan Bedford Forrest.” Neither a West Point Graduate or a Soldier in the Old Army, Forrest nevertheless understood one clear and unavoidable objective; “War means Fightin’ and Fightin’ means Killin’.”

    Besides, Lee’s command did not extend beyond the far Eastern theater. Though, that may have been a primary focal point, the loss of New Orleans early in the conflict and the subsequent surrender of Vicksburg, which just happened to coincide with Lee’s losses at Gettysburg, seriously hindered the Confederate forces in the armies of Tennessee and the Trans-Mississippi. These setbacks could have hardly been laid at the feet of Lee. Even if they are largely ignored, they were as much of a factor in the downfall of the Confederacy as anything Lee did or didn’t do in the East.

    Lee was not a boastful man and he knew that he had limitations. When selected to lead the Army of Northern Virginia, he lamented that he wished their choice had fallen upon a far more able man.

    Still, it is quite easy to be an Armchair General and insist that someone, perhaps yourself, could have done as well or better if placed in the same situation. Could King Leonidas have done better with his three hundred Spartans at Themopylae?

  136. @Guru

    I don’t know what you mean when you talk about Wall Street. Only one country has a Wall Street, and it’s far worse off for it.

    If the South seceded, they should keep Wall Street out of their country. In fact, they should keep Jews out of their country altogether. They should deny them citizenship and expel the ones in residence. Of course, that wouldn’t happen because most Southerners are Jew-loving Protestants who claim to have Judeo-Christian, rather than Christian, values. So come to think of it, Southern secession would be pointless. Mind you, I’m not an American or a Southerner; I only live here. I look at the issue dispassionately. My original conclusion was likely correct: the whole of the US has to ride the democracy-diversity train to the bottom of the abyss. Only then will there be a real chance for reform.

  137. @Cowtown Rebel

    Proven false via primary source historical evidence (the ‘cornerstone speech’) the pseudo intellectual ‘Lost Cause’ dead-ender, who claims to have read so many books about the Civil War, scitters around like a squid and squirts digital ink hoping others will not notice his absolute failure to defend his argument.

    “Scarlett O’Hara was a snooty, spoiled, petulant Child to the end,” says our phony historian, more proof that he cannot take the time to read a well sourced historical novel (which I only referred to because the author of the Unz piece made a reference to Gone With the Wind) which shows him, again, 100% wrong, because the O’Hara character is anything BUT a ‘spoiled petulant Child to the end’.

    Yes, go watch a film. Go watch Birth of Nation too! That’s historical truth too, eh?

    And ignore the actual words of the Vice President of the Confederate States, spoken immediately prior to the beginning of the Civil War. It’s no wonder you Lost Cause dead enders hate the cornerstone speech and cannot deal with it, it’s an honest, clear statement that proves you wrong, that you try to smudge and smear into a blurred unimportant stain, so that you can promote your false historical narrative.

  138. GMC says:

    Well, if I ain’t a damned Yankee – then what is their problem, because I shore ain’t t blind.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  139. @Sin City Milla

    I agree with the bulk of your post, but I will add that the shift in the Democratic Party has its roots in the Populist Movement of the late 1800’s. William Jennings Bryan, a real paradox for any modern Liberal or NeoCon today, began an assault on Wall Street, Banking and Monopolies. Mostly well intended and a Fundamentalist Christian, he would be reviled by either party today. Though he never achieved the highest office himself, subsequent Democrats that did, Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman preceded the 1960’s and Kennedy and Johnson. In turn, they did as much as anyone to usher in a New World Order, while Roosevelt in particular, and Truman dangling by puppet string, allowed Communist infiltration into the State Department to proceed unchecked.

    Bubblehead Eisenhower, whom Patton characterized as the result of an American becoming an Ally, destroyed Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy and completely brushed aside the work of the House Un-American Activities Committee that had begun under the direction of Houston Democrat, Martin Dies. McCarthy and H.U.A.C., for the purposes of convenient scapegoating, are often spoken of synonymously, as if they are one and the same. Yet, McCarthy was a Senator who never set on a House Committee, and the work of H.U.A.C. was done during World War II. McCarthy merely took information that had already been compiled and attempted to draw more attention to the growing problem.

  140. @Jim H

    I largely concur, but I must take exception to having the Carpetbagging Bushes included in the same Rogue’s Gallery as Carter and Clinton. Not to excuse our own Scalawag contingent, the abominable Bushes are from Massachusetts and Connecticut. I must seize every opportunity to divest them as much as I possibly can.

  141. Memoriam.

    Talking about Statues, night of 16/17 July was the anniversary of the Jewish Ritual Murder of tsar Nicholas/Nikolai II Romanov, his wife/children, family Doctor/other retainers in a cellar in Ekaterinburg. There was a big turnout in that city —

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  142. Rich says:

    Lee is known as a gracious, dignified man. And if he’d succeeded in destroying the Union Army at Gettysburg he’d have gone down as a genius. But that action didn’t succeed and so he has to go down in the books as a loser. He risked all on what I consider, with plenty of hindsight, an extremely foolish action, and lost. It’s very rare, historically, for nations with fewer men and less supplies, to defeat larger countries. The Japanese defeated the Russians in a sea battle because of a tragic error by Russian admiralty. They were defeating China, in China, because of how divided the Chinese were but were destined to lose that battle. The American colonies were far from a British empire that was stretched too thin. Same in S America against the Spanish Crown. The Confederates should have stayed home and waited a reluctant North out.

  143. @Arthur MacBride

    This is why the Left hates Russia now. The Hammer and Sickle was replaced by the old Tsarist Flag and the Russian Orthodox Church has received protection from the likes of H. B. O. Darlings, Pussy Riot. They simply aren’t going along with GloboHomo, Multiculturalism or Diversity Importation. They are no longer subscribing to the erasure of their history or to the atheism of their former Communist dictators. I don’t view them as friends or allies, but I do admire their determination to remain Russian.

    Those that despise all European cultures and ancestry simply can’t abide the holdouts in Eastern Europe who have ignored the relentless pressure from Western Governments to accept millions of refugees and who have emerged with a new perspective forged from the old, failed social policies that had them standing in lines that wrapped around the block to get a pair of shoes that didn’t fit.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  144. Trinity says:

    Where exactly were you living in the South? Small town? Large city?

    I can recall a few incidents of Yankee prejudice I experienced in NYC and I don’t even speak like a true Southerner, I have a Baltimore accent. Overall though my experience was good there, good in the South, excellent when I lived out in the Plains in Nebraska. Generally the experience will be good because basically people ( White people that is) are the same deep down wherever you go so IF your experience with Southerners was bad perhaps you might want to question was it you or was it them? I can tell you the good and the bad with Yankees and Southerners having lived in the Deep South, the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic and Nebraska. Nicest people and most genuine people that I ever met were hands down, Nebraskans. Did I have any bad experiences with SOME Nebraskans? Sure did, but only a few incidents, the overwhelming majority of my interactions with the people out there were amazing.

    Southerners are suspicious of strangers because they have been screwed for so long by Yankees, the Negro, and the Jew. The AVERAGE Southerner has no problem talking about those “nigras” or those “damn Yankees” but as one poster already mentioned, they clam up when you talk about Big Jew, and no one, not even those “damn Yankees” have screwed over the South more than Big Jew. Another poster mentioned that Southern hospitality is basically fake, and I have said this before on more than one thread. Southerners are also bad to talk about people behind their back, pay lip service for something they have no intention of doing as well. But then again, I worked with a bunch of Yankees at a fire department on Governors Island a short ferry ride from Manhattan, and these clowns gossiped more than a woman, were just as two face as any Southerner that I have ever met especially when it came to race. They chided me about living in Georgia, and how Georgia was full of Klan members blah, blah, blah and yet the White firefighters talked about “niggers” constantly and the nonwhite firefighters were always talking about Whitey behind the White firefighters back. Yankees are just as PHONY as Southerners while the people that I met in the Plains were for the MOST part genuine but extremely naive.

    I can live anywhere, whether it is a large Northeastern city, a large city in the South, Midwest, and I could probably even do the Southwest and West Coast IF I had to live there. All and all, Yankee or Southerner or Californian or Utah Mormon, I can deal with living around other Whites. Maybe that is why I think I enjoyed living in Tampa, Florida more than any other place, very eclectic White population back in the day, but the Greater Tampa Bay-Lakeland-Orlando Area aka the I-4 Corridor is becoming darker by the day.

  145. Malachi says:

    No. Lee was looking for support from European powers. That required a victory in the North. England had indicated they would recognize the Confederacy and lend aid should that occur.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  146. @The Real World

    Their traditions are what Mommy and Daddy tell them they are. Really, even as adults. “Well, my Momma always said to do it like this”……”well, my Daddy went bird hunting ever Saturday in the Fall, so I do too.” It goes on and on like that and is quite startling to hear adults say it so often.

    Isn’t that true for all people everywhere. A few may deviate from their teaching, but most never really develop doubts. Most of those who do, a small percentage, simply adopt the position of the well educated. They adapt to a shallow belief system that allows a person to hold two or more opposing positions at the same time. Just so long as it is financially beneficial. Again, follow the money.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  147. Trinity says:

    Those Central Florida “niccas” are indeed a special breed. I spent quite a bit of time in the Tampa-Brandon-Lakeland area and have ran across one of those darkies a time or two. The Florida prison system is a nightmare as well or at least a nightmare for a White. Probably one of the least desirable places for a White inmate to ever find themselves doing time. Blacks in Florida and Georgia are pretty vicious as a rule and even the “good Blacks” can not be trusted at all. IF we could remove all Yankees, Jews and nonwhites from Florida, it would be a paradise once again. hehehe.

  148. @Blip Blop

    Der Yanqui talks trash about the South all day

    You folks keep bringing it up. My comment said nothing about the South, except that there is no “North” to speak of. And that you embraced ” Yankee” football and basketball. What was wrong with English football?

    I was one of the idiots who enlisted a few years after 9/11.

    The late Justin Raimondo said the South was a “desert” of antiwar activity.

    Next time Yanqui trash are attacked I’ll crack a beer.

    They attacked a city that went heavily for Douglas.

  149. @Malachi

    England had indicated they would recognize the Confederacy and lend aid should that occur.

    Rather hypocritical, even cynical, of that world capital of abolitionism.

  150. indocon says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Much smaller, but a hell of lot more expensive that anywhere near suburban Atlanta/Dallas/Charlotte. 200k-2M an acre, and there is lot of empty land which has been taken away by land preservation trusts. Thats how these white liberals are able to hide behind the curtain and keep their land, and their culture to themselves. While white conservative farmers and ranchers in south are more than willing to sell theirs to people who are literally voting them out.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  151. @Reg Cæsar

    So what you have is a variety of shit tier regional cultures. Booya and “hotdish.” Impressive.

    All of these comments prove nothing more than the north and South hold each other in contempt and should be two countries.

  152. @WingsofADove

    Let’s pretend for a moment that it was about slavery.

    So fucking what if it was? It’s preferable to the shit show unleashed by you retarded midwesteners.

  153. @Verity

    What a retarded comment.

    Why then did Lincoln have to send recruiting agents to Ireland and Germany? You Midwestern faggots only “won” when the odds were at least 10-1 in your favor. Otherwise not so much.

    Check the records yourself.

  154. @profnasty

    For the last 50 years, the South has been pushing the Federal gov’t and Congress for more Mexicans to do all that hard work in the South, while expecting this massive welfare state to pay for all of them. Your South is a wish-fulfillment fantasy. What a laugh!

  155. @HallParvey

    Isn’t that true for all people everywhere.

    No. Myself and many people I know recall the teachings and traditions of our parents but, we cross-reference them against our own thinking, interests and knowledge we’ve gathered. That’s what adults do – they don’t take information verbatim as absolute. Only the naive or sheltered do that.

    A few may deviate from their teaching, but most never really develop doubts.

    Well then, they are choosing not think for themselves… if to believe their parents had all knowledge and reasoning possible on this planet. That’s looney! It’s a waste of a brain and of human potential. They will likely be the first ones that AI will replace.

  156. @Eric Novak

    Truer words were never spoken and those who know something about soybean farming and sweet potato farming and tobacco farming in NC, like I do, will tell about the people the big farmers bring in from Mexico, for fifty years, and this is just the official legal workers, who can stay nine months and leave. They come every year. And the big farmer’s profits increase every year. They were happy to get Biden, because Trump threatened (verbally only, it was only a big show, but he gave people ideas) their source of labor.

    Will an American do the work? Yes, but the temporary nine month worker will do it cheaper. Just like a slave was cheaper than a working man. The big planters ruined the South and the big farmers of today continue the tradition.

  157. @indocon

    So who provided the money and impetus for the formation of these land preservation trusts?

    • Replies: @indocon
  158. @Eric Novak

    This is not limited just to agriculture. Construction, textiles (what’s left of them), contract packaging services, and food/confectionary processing are following the same model. I used to work in the ER in a NC hospital and saw it all the time. They’d just dump off injured workers at the door and drive off like abandoning a litter of unwanted kittens.

  159. Rich says:
    @Eric Novak

    I just got back from Mobile, Alabama and I didn’t see a single Mexican working anywhere. I was surprised to actually come across blacks doing restaurant work, cashiers and hotel workers. Up here in NYC, all those jobs are Hispanic. Not sure where you’re finding Mexicans in Dixie.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  160. CCG says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Nobody is stopping Americans (or any other non-Hindu countries) from making Hindus live up to their own rules:

  161. Trinity says:

    Come to North Georgia and you will see Mexicans all over the place. Gainesville is full of Mexicans due to all the chicken processing plants. Go down the Atlanta Highway in that town and you think you are in a part of Mexico. Plant City, Florida is loaded with Beaners. Calhoun, Georgia is as well. I don’t know about Alabama, but even in South Georgia, in some small towns as well as larger places I always see some Beaners. They are here in Georgia without a doubt. Are these Mexicans working in Chinese restaurants? Nope. But they are working in all the Mexican restaurants. Most are on construction or landscaping crews or in the chicken plants. Some are in meat packing, tree cutting, roofing, etc.

    • Replies: @Rich
  162. Rich says:

    When I was down in Alabama, looked like America before GW Bush opened the border. Whites and blacks and nothing else. Florida isn’t really Dixie anymore, and I hear the same about a lot of Georgia. Real shame. I miss America.

    • Replies: @Curle
  163. @obwandiyag


    You sure hate Southerners! What happened to you to feel such hatred?

    Any discussion of the war must identify its purpose. Lincoln invaded the South to make them pay their taxes . He said so himself. South Carolina fired on Fort Sumpter, which was the Union fort to enforce the tax collections, because the resupply ships were already on their way, and if they waited the North would have a secure naval fort on their coast to prosecute the war against the South.

    The firing on Fort Sumpter was almost ceremonial, and only one Union soldier died when his gun tradgically misfired. Lincoln wanted the South to fire on the fort, which would give him the excuse to launch his invasion.

    Did you read Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address? I have noticed that those who believe that the war was “about slavery” are those who, even when told of what Lincoln said in that speech, will not bother to read it. And when they do read it, they still believe that “slavery was the cause of the war”.

    • Replies: @Curle
  164. @Old Palo Altan

    But it is he who will die, and likely soon, and the Mass of Ages will be celebrated over his tomb.

    That was also my thought when I heard the news. It was quite heartening, really, to watch Francis busily divesting himself of any pretense of legitimacy. It helps to make the conscience clear and the victory sweet.

  165. Curle says:

    I’m pretty sure the biggest wave of illegals came in the Clinton years.

    • Replies: @Rich
  166. @Cowtown Rebel

    Is there such a thing as Northern Culture?


    “Frankly, I don’t give a Damn!”

    In other words, you asked this question under the false pretenses of seeking an answer. Thanks for the heads-up.

    We aren’t obsessed with you…

    And we even less with you. A memoirist on NPR told of his Southern stepbrother of thinking poorly of his people. He replied, “We don’t think of you at all.” You started this fight.

    Like a bad marriage that we couldn’t get out of, you abused us and beat us…

    “We went to bed one night old-fashioned, conservative, Compromise Union Whigs and waked up stark mad Abolitionists.” –Amos A Lawrence

    Mr Lawrence was agitated after federal marshals invaded his city, at the request of some crazed anti-white Virginian chasing after a malingerer. (Sane employers don’t do that; they fire such types.) I lived under such a “fugitive slave law” myself– in Finland in the 1980s– and know from experience that it makes a mockery of sovereignty.

    You invades us before we invaded you.

  167. Curle says:
    @flashlight joe

    Lincoln’s campaign in East TN included the slogan “only Lincoln can preserve slavery.”

  168. @WingsofADove

    I’ve already demonstrated a wealth of knowledge on the subject, while you continue to refer to a bunch of fictitious characters from a novel and a speech that can be easily googled. As I’ve pointed out, I don’t need to read drivel when there are plenty of genuine accounts from actual participants that I can peruse and gain far more benefit from reading than I could from reading Gone With The Wind simply so that I can argue the merits of a make believe person. Do you spend time debating whether Batman or Spiderman is stronger, too?

    Who said the Cornerstone Speech was Wrong? Abraham Lincoln basically said the same thing during the Lincoln – Douglas Debates, when he not only declared that no section of the Country was solely responsible for the institution of Slavery and avowed that there must be the position of the Superior and the Inferior. Even Frederick Douglas had declared that Lincoln was the White Man’s President. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade continued in Cuba and Brazil until 1888 with Slave Ships operating from Northern Ports supplying them with Africans for 23 years after the war was over. The North had codes that prohibited Negroes from settling there at all. The State of Oregon’s Constitution forbade the institution of Slavery and the presence of Free Negroes. Following the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln spent over an hour trying to convince Northern Congressmen that the Freedmen wouldn’t try to move North. When Negroes did move North, there were many riots where the White Northern Citizens in Philadelphia, St. Louis, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Detroit, etc… burned them out.

    Another poster, dindunuffins, asked me to list some books where he could find some of the facts that I posted earlier. I compiled the following list of a few of the books that I’ve read, some of which would contain some of the previously cited information. These were among the books on my shelves. I have many others that I have read that are stored in boxes. In addition to the following, you could include dozens of books on local history, presidents, current events, a few on pop culture, and over one hundred Squadron/Signal publications, just for some examples.

    This list is something I’ve been meaning to make for awhile, so now I have a reason to get started on it… Thank You!


    1. The American Heritage Picture History of The Civil War – Bruce Catton

    2. Stonewall of The West: Patrick Cleburne and the Civil War – Craig L. Symonds

    3. Five Tragic Hours: The Battle of Franklin – James Lee McDonough and Thomas L. Connelly

    4. Campaign for Corinth – Steven Nathaniel Dossman

    5. Sam Bell Maxey and the Confederate Indians – John C. Waugh

    6. Rebels from West Point: The 306 U. S. Military Academy Graduates Who Fought for The Confederacy – Gerald A. Patton

    7. Jefferson Davis’s Own: Texas, Comanches and the Battle for the Texas Frontier – James R. Arnold

    8. The Devil’s Own Work: The Civil War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America – Barnet Schecter

    9. Rip Ford’s Texas – John S. Ford

    10. Leander McNelly: Texas Ranger, He Just Kept On Keeping On – Bob Scott

    11. Ben McCulloch and the Frontier Military Tradition – Thomas H. Cutrer

    12. All Afire to Fight: The Untold Tales of the Civil War’s Ninth Texas Cavalry – Martha Crabb

    13. Fire in The Cane Field: The Federal Invasion of Louisiana – Donald S. Frazier

    14. Battle on The Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston – Edward T. Cotham Jr.

    15. Sabine Pass: The Confederacy’s Thermopylae – Edward T. Cotham Jr.

    16. Palmetto Ranch: The Last Battle of The Civil War – Jeffrey W. Hunt

    17. Force Without Fanfare: Autobiography of K. M. VanZandt

    18. Robert E. Lee: The Man and The Soldier – Philip VanDurenstein

    19. Crisis in The Southwest: The United States, Mexico, and the Struggle for Texas – Richard Bruce Winders

    20. Quantrill’s Raiders in Texas – Evault Boswell

    21. Hood’s Texas Brigade in Reunion and Memory – Col. Harold B. Simpson

    22. The Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts – J. R. Edmondson

    23. Lincoln Uber Alles: Dictatorship Comes to America – John Avery Emison

    24. The South Was Right! – Donald and Ronald Kennedy

    25. The War Between The States: America’s UnCivil War – John J. Dwyer

    26. Destruction and Reconstruction – Richard Taylor

    27. Myths and Realities of American Slavery: The True History of Slavery in America – John C. Perry

    28. Twilight at Monticello: The Final Years of Thomas Jefferson – Alan Pell Crawford

    29. Jefferson Himself: The Personal Narrative of a Many Sided American – Edited by Bernard Mayo

    30. Gangs of New York: The Informal History of The Underworld – Herbert Asbury

    31. Should America Pay: Slavery and The Raging Debate on Reparations – Raymond Winbush

    32. Sul Ross’ 6th Texas Cavalry: Six Shooters and Bowie Knives – Stephen S. Kirk

    33. The Complete Book of U. S. Presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton – William A. Degregorio

    34. The Mexican War – Time Life Books

    35. The Negro: The Southerner’s Problem – Thomas N. Page

    36. Empire of The Owls: Reflections on the North’s War Against Southern Secession – H. V. Traywick Jr.

    37. Seed Corn of The Confederacy: The Virginia Military Institute at New Market – James Gindlesperger

    38. Mornings On Horseback: The Story of An Extraordinary Family, A Vanished Way of Life, and The Unique Child that Became Theodore Roosevelt – David McCullough

    39. The Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and America’s First Military Victory – Robert V. Remini

    40. Held in the Highest Esteem by All: The Civil War Letters of William B. Chilvers, 95th Illinois Infantry – Edited by Thomas A. Pressly and Gary D. Joiner

    41. Civil War Recollections of James Lemuel Clark and The Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas in October, 1862 – Edited by L. D. Clark

    42. Thunder Along The Mississippi: The River Battles That Split The Confederacy – Jack D. Coombe

    43. Lone Star General: Hiram B. Granbury- Rebecca Blackwell Drake and Thomas D. Holder

    44. Port Hudson: Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi – Lawrence Lee Hewitt

    45. Texans in the Confederate Cavalry – Anne W. Bailey

    46. The Finishing Stroke: Texans in the 1864 Tennessee Campaign – John R. Lundberg

    47. The Causes of the Civil War – Kenneth M. Stampp

    48. History of the Confederate States Navy: From Its Organization to the Surrender of Its Last Vessel – J. Thomas Sharf

    49. Civil War in The Southwest: Recollections of the Sibley Brigade – Edited by Jerry Thompson

    50. Gods and Generals – Jeff Shara

    The last one is a History Novel that I threw in as a counter to GWTW. And, No, I have not read The Killer Angels by Michael Shara, nor do I feel the need to. Still, these works are based on real individuals as opposed to fictional ones.

    And, as far as movies are concerned, Gods and Generals is to Gone With The Wind what Tora, Tora, Tora is to Pearl Harbor; two of these films are slightly embellished portrayals of actual people, the other two are merely Love Stories.

    Still, maybe I’m simply unaware that out of the 50 books that I just pulled off my shelves after sorting through dozens of others, all of the information contained in them was included in Margaret Mitchell’s “Indisputable and Thoroughly Complete Bible of All Things Southern.”

    I’ll tell you what, when you can honestly say that you’ve read every book on my list, then I will consent to read GWTW. Hell! I’ll even read The Killer Angels and The Last Full Measure just to balance things out. When you’ve read all of those books, let me know.

    • Replies: @WingsofADove
  169. Rich says:

    There was actual republican opposition to illegal aliens during the Clinton years. Once GW took office the floodgates were opened with nobody even pretending to try to stop the flow, or even enforce the laws. We still had American landscapers and restaurant workers in NY during the Clinton era. After 2000 that all changed.

    • Agree: profnasty, Trinity
  170. @Cowtown Rebel

    The Cornerstone Speech is evidence of the centrality of slavery in the minds of those elite planters who made the decision to secede and fight, which you have denied, focusing on the ‘tariff’.

    Didn’t you say this, above?

    “all one has to do is to read the actual speeches and documents from the key participants to realize who was pushing for a war.”

    And didn’t I provide an actual speech from a key participant, the Vice President of the Confederate States? Who wasn’t in fact even an extremist, and still he put slavery and white complete domination of black as the ‘cornerstone’ of the Confederacy?

    And didn’t this speech prove your following point absolutely wrong?

    “If you aren’t familiar with the tariffs,…..There was much more to the South’s reasons for separation than Slavery, some of which I have covered in previous posts.”

    The stupid southern leaders lost the key tariff vote, which occurred BEFORE Lincoln took office, because they stayed home instead of going to Washington to look after the interests of their constituents.

    Kudos for your book learning and your library, but one doesn’t need a book to ask one simple question:

    What would have happened to the key emotional, motivational component of Lincoln’s base, the abolitionist movement, had the South seceded, AND immediately had freed the slaves?

    There would never have been a Civil War.

    So, if it was all about states rights and tariffs, why didn’t the South do this?

    The answer: the Southern leaders were low IQ, lazy people who wanted other people to work for them, so they could make a profit off their enslaved labor.

    Of course they justified their laziness and their supposed superiority with third rate pseudo science, third rate religion from the Old Testament and third rate philosophy from Aristotle. No intelligent person bought their justification. Everybody knew it was all based on superior forms of organized violence, gangster level violence.

    And for this they went off to murder their fellow citizens, and be murdered by them in their turn.

    Stupidity at this level deserves zero respect, but to get to that point one must have the intelligence to perceive stupidity as stupidity.

  171. Stealth says:
    @The Real World

    It would be an understatement to say you don’t have a very realistic view of southerners. Please provide some examples of the kind of conduct you’re talking about.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  172. Stealth says:
    @Johnny Johnny

    You are entirely full of it. I don’t know about people from New Jersey, but New York is home to some of the most impolite assholes in the country, especially when they’re protected by a vehicle.

  173. @Redneck Robespierre

    @ redneck,

    I will check it out. Thanks for offering a possible reference. If it does not discuss “Lincoln’s purpose” or “The nature of war”, then I will not accept it as discussing the war, which is my only point.

    I think you mis-quoted me. I did not say: “The Civil War wasn’t about slavery.”

    I said “Lincoln’s invasion was not about slavery”.

    There is no cause and effect in human events like there is in the scientific world of space and time.

    There are only purposes in a human mind. Someone or some group decides to invade for some purpose. Some other person or group decides to defend. Discussions of the “cause of the war”, “what the war was about”, “what was the war over, or under, or around” are space-time metaphors which are easily mistaken for “causes” in space-time, rather than purposes in a human mind.

    Do you understand that war is about killing people and taking what is theirs? Do you know of any other war in history that was fought to do something nice for somebody else or free somebody else’s slaves? Do you know that other countries were freeing their slaves without a war? Do you believe Lincoln was such a good, moral man that he killed hundreds of thousands of his own people to do something nice for someone else? Really?

    Did you read Abe Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, which I cited as reference?
    …Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley?

    The war was conflated with slavery by subliminal techniques of the education and culture which brainwashed us. They teach the history as: The Missouri Compromise, slavery, John Browns Raid, (slavery), Harriet Beecher Stowe, (slavery), Uncle Tom’s Cabin, (slavery), Bleeding Kansas, (slavery), the firing on Fort Sumpter, (defending slavery) – and then there was a war and the slaves were freed!

    The meaning is subliminally inserted into your mind. Think of the SNL skit called “Subliminal Man” which is a mockery of this propaganda technique.

    I have even watched the TV documentaries of the “civil war battles”, and at the end the narrator solemnly states some mush about how slavery was abolished and the Blacks lived happily ever after. Very subliminal. The power of suggestion is more powerful than you can imagine. Or, as was stated in M.K. about the power of propaganda:

    “This broadness of outline [of propaganda techniques] from which we must never depart, in combination with steady, consistent emphasis, allows our final success to mature. And then, to our amazement, we shall see what tremendous results such perseverance leads to – to results that are almost beyond our understanding.

    Thank you for your feedback. I will look for and read the reference you cited.

  174. @flashlight joe

    “The war was conflated with slavery by subliminal techniques of the education and culture which brainwashed us.”

    Gross falsehood, proven false by the Cornerstone Speech, spoken by the vice president of the Cofederate States, which I referenced above, shortly before Fort Sumpter.

    The Confederate States could have easily prevented the ‘invasion by Lincoln’, and kept their states rights and kept their Confederacy, and preserved their new country, and prevented an idiotic war of citizen against citizen, by simply freeing the slaves. Had they done this Lincoln, no matter how badly he wanted to preserve the union, would simply have had no base of support for launching a war.

    So, why didn’t they do this?

    Because, as I said above, the southern leadership, the planter class, were lazy and low IQ people, who had inherited a method of organized violence that via, basic gangersterism, allowed them to profit off the labor of others, via slave labor.

    If you cannot see stupidity as stupidity, no book I reference, no argument I make, will convince you. You either see it,or you don’t. And ‘seeing’, perception, is an act of intelligence.

    • Replies: @flashlight joe
  175. profnasty says:
    @Eric Novak

    We call Mexicans Reconquistas. I stand by it. The Bush family is behind it.
    I live at ground zero. You have to ignore them. They’re peaceful for the most part.
    America’s best years are behind her.
    We rely on the Fed to drive the economy. They have the pedal to metal, and we’re approaching the end of the road.

  176. @WingsofADove

    Get back with me when you’ve read something other than Gone With The Wind… (Yawn) and are able to reference something other than regurgitating the tired old, worn out, “Cornerstone Speech.”… (Zzzzz.. )

    Talk about laziness. Have you seen the commercial with the prepubescent boy who is boasting of having read a 24 Chapter book, and his Mother praises him “You Read A Book! Congratulations, Austin! You’re A Reader!!!”? You remind me of that young lad, though, sadly, I suspect you are a little older than he is.

  177. @WingsofADove

    @wings of a dove,

    Thanks for the Cornerstone Speech reference. I knew about it but did not know the name.

    I will repeat myself – I am commenting on the war and Abraham Lincoln’s purpose in invading the South and killing hundreds of thousands of his own people. I did not comment on why the South left the Union.

    Each state may have had a different reason for leaving the Union. Some who wanted to leave the Union may have felt it was better to give a legal reason for leaving. Lincoln said himself, in his First Inaugural Address, that he would not interfere in the institution of slavery because he had no legal authority to do so.

    Under our constitution, the federal government has the powers to levy import and export taxes. So a tax rebellion based on these taxes would be illegal. If they wanted a legal argument, which might make a good case for their succession being legal and less likely to be attacked and murdered, they might use that excuse for leaving. Or maybe some states did leave for that reason.

    I have not studied the succession, as it is not important to my point about the Lincoln’s purpose and the nature of war. In discussing the war and Lincoln’s purpose, I am not concerned with why the confederate states left the Union.

    It is my concern as to why Lincoln invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of his own people. You think it was because he was a good man who wanted to help someone else? This is a very childish understanding of war. The purpose of war is to kill people and take their territory, resources, and political control. It is an animal behavior.

    Lincoln’s purpose was to make them bow down and pay their taxes. He said so himself.

    Those who think he invaded over slavery will usually give the following arguments in this order,
    with the counter argument in parens:

    1) the South had slaves (so did the north, and the dutch, british, jews, and yankees
    bought and sold slaves in the slave trade for hundreds of years,
    but no one holds them responsible for slavery)

    2) the South left over slavery (addressed above “Under our constitution…”)

    3) the South fired first (sounds like a school boy – “He hit me first.” Wars are commonly
    started by provoking such an “attack”, in which the “attack”
    is really a defensive measure – Union
    ships resupplying the fort were already in transit – a threat of war.

    It is never a question of who started the war, since an opponent may
    see it coming and attempt a first blow, like the Japanese. The
    important question is who wanted war to achieve their aims.)

    4) the south was wrong (Now we get to the basic propaganda message embedded in your
    mind – the South was wrong, and therefore the North was right.
    It all comes down to that. The victors write the history books and
    smear the losing side.)

    Show me I am wrong by citing one single piece of evidence, based on what Abraham Lincoln said, that he is going to, or is, or did invade the South over slavery. I’ll bet you \$10 you cannot find it.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  178. @flashlight joe

    I appreciate you responding to this. I was becoming bored with their redundancy, but if they asked me again whether the war would have continued had the South remained separate but automatically set all of its Slaves free to fend for themselves?, I was on the verge of citing Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley declaring that his sole aim was to preserve the Union, whether it meant freeing all, none, or only some of the Slaves.

    I was preparing to point out the exemptions contained in the Emancipation Proclamation did exactly what Lincoln had written to Greeley; leaving Slavery intact in Union controlled areas and proclaiming them to be free in places where Lincoln had no means of enforcing his proclamation. As he reiterated, in speech and in writing, the proclamation was a war measure that had no legal standing or justification. He did not deny, just as the Illinois Legislature had accused him of, that he was attempting to encourage the Negroes to rise up and murder the White Southerners. This scheme failed, even though all of the able-bodied men that could have prevented it were away fighting. That many of the Slaves stayed on the Plantations after the War, sought to reunite with former Masters, and that they even often assisted each other when they were in need, is completely unfeasible to broken records like the Love Dove.

    As you so aptly pointed out, for the Love Dove to have to accept that there were other, less benevolent motives for the War, would mean reconsidering every misconception that represents the very pillars that support their most cherished beliefs. You knock those down and their whole perception of the World crumbles around them. Imagine, trying to feed a Dove some Crow!

    Then again, we’ve spent valuable time debating with a person that assures everyone that one book and a single speech are all that a person needs to have a complete grasp of the war and it’s causes, the personalities involved in it, and the economic and political environment that surrounded it. For us, trying to have a discussion with some one like that is kind of like high diving into a cement kiddie pool. You don’t make a crack in the pool and you end up with a headache.

  179. @flashlight joe

    The deluge of one sided propaganda consisting of generalizations, distortions, misinterpretations and outright falsehoods is so prevalent that it permeates almost every single textbook, modern film, documentary, and mainstream publication.

    If you ONLY, read books by James McPherson, listen to your College Professors, and watch Ken Burns, then you will find the same select quotations repeated, the same few people referenced, and the same events interpreted, in the exact same fashion over and over again. Seldom do you encounter much deviation from the script that you’ve already outlined.

    A really good example, which has been cited perhaps even more than the “Cornerstone Speech” is the address that Sam Houston gave from the balcony of the Tremont Hotel in Galveston on April 19, 1961, where he is famously and habitually quoted as saying “You may, after the sacrifice of thousands of precious lives and millions of dollars in treasure, gain your independence, but I doubt it.” What is never included is the end of this speech where Houston avowed “My Heart and My Sympathies are with The State and State’s Rights.” His son, Sam Houston Jr., fought with the 2nd Texas Infantry and was seriously wounded at Shiloh. But, that doesn’t fit in with the poor Ol’ Sam went to his grave trying to keep Texas in the Union narrative.

    In truth, Sam went to the grave knowing that his last path for the office of President of The United States was cut off with Texas leaving the Union. Sam Houston was, above all else, exceedingly ambitious.

  180. @WingsofADove

    Ponder this, if the Northern populace was so overwhelmingly in favor of Abolition, why did William Chilvers, a genuinely fanatical Abolitionist that had come to Illinois from England, encounter so much opposition to freeing the slaves from his fellow soldiers in the 95th? Why did he write of soldiers deserting, officers resigning, and men refusing to serve after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued? Why did he write of observing other Union Soldiers trying to throw an Old Negro Man off of a bridge into a river?

    If the Northern people were so determined to wage war to free the slaves, why were these attitudes prevalent throughout the North?

    Why did the Draft Rioters in New York lynch over 30 Negroes and burn a Negro Orphanage to the ground?

    Why did the Northern Soldiers that Bell Irvin Wiley wrote about in “The Life Of Billy Yank: The Common Soldier of The Union” after being unable to catch adult female Slaves, gang rape a 12 year old Negro Girl?

    Why did other Union Soldiers that Wiley wrote about take two female Slaves and turn them on their heads and insert wood chips, sand, and lit cigars in their rectums?

    Why does the Official Records contain numerous reports submitted by Union Officers of Negro Slaves being robbed of their meager possessions and turned out of their humble homes by other Union Officers and Soldiers?

    Why did one Union Officer, as recorded in the Official Records, describe a Negro Infant as a Big Black Worm and write that he had an urge to step on it? Why did another Yankee Officer write that he was contemplating sending a Pickaninny back home to help on the farm, but was reluctant because he complained they were so lazy he had to keep telling them to swat the flies away?

    Why did Union Officers force Negroes to shine boots, do laundry, build fortifications and dig trenches, and conscript them into the Army against their will?

    Why instead of freeing their slaves immediately after the war, did General and Mrs. Grant use the excuse that “Good Help is Hard to Find” to keep them?

    Why did Northern people continue to burn Negroes out of their homes and prevent them from moving into their communities well into the twentieth century?

    Those were just a few examples of the kind of relationship that existed between Northern Soldiers and Northern Citizens and Negroes. Here are some more…

    “Race Prejudice seems stronger those States that have abolished Slavery than in those where it still exists, and nowhere is it more intolerant than in those States where Slavery was never known.” – Alexis de Toqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

    “I have no squeamish sensitiveness upon the subject of Slavery, no morbid sympathy for the Slave. I plead the cause and the rights of White freemen. I would preserve for White labor a fair country where the sons of toil of my own race and own color can live.” – David Wilmott, Representative from Pennsylvania, Congressional Globe, 29th Congress, 2nd Session, February 8, 1847, Appendix, page 317

    “Some of the free States even now will not permit either Slaves or free Blacks to enter their borders.” – Stephen Strong, Representative from New York, Congressional Globe, 29th Congress, 2nd Session, February 8, 1847, page 321 (These included Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio)

    “I will say that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the White and Black races. That I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with White people. I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the White and Black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of the superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of the superior position being assigned to the White race.” – Abraham Lincoln in a Speech delivered in Charleston, Illinois on September 18, 1858

    “I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the South, but I can say that I have never seen… even in Mississippi and Alabama… mobs as hostile and hate filled as I’ve seen here in Chicago… The people of Mississippi ought to come to Chicago to learn how to hate.” – Martin Luther King, August 5, 1966, after being hit in the head with a brick during a housing march through Marquette Park.

    Yeah, that sure sounds like people who went to war to free Negroes from bondage. No doubt about it.

  181. @Dumbo

    Better to have it all end in another colossal bloodbath, even if our people lose, than to have these sick lying fucks inherit everything our people built.

    As long as they and their children suffer immensely, with the infrastructure and land destroyed and despoiled, and mass starvation and crushing labor their bleak future.

  182. @Cowtown Rebel

    “if the Northern populace was so overwhelmingly in favor of Abolition,”

    strawman alert.

    Lincoln’s passionate motivated base were abolitionists. That why John Brown’s Body became a marching song. That doesn’t mean everybody marching south believed in the spirit of the song.

    The original article upon which I commented was a rather lazy meditation on conservative stupidity, which mentioned Gone With the With, which drew from me my comment, to which you disagreed, though I easily proved your argument fallacious.

    The point my learned friend, because I don’t doubt your booklearning and I admire booklearning, is that the planter class, had they wished to win on the ground of states rights, could easily have won without a shot being fired, simply by freeing the slaves after secession. They could have kept their plantations too, though probably with a drop in profits, but nothing compared with what they lost by fighting it out.

    Imagine how history of the USA would have been different! They could have been the true inheritors of Jefferson and Washington. Instead the urge to resolve conflict with mass violence became in fact the ethos of the USA, because the Southern planters could not contemplate life without a violently imposed slavery and Lincoln could not contemplate the dissolution of the Union. This led to the imperialism of the late 19th and all the 20th century, which in fact did the working man of the USA no good, as we can now see clearly.

    The point is the southern elite were not smart. They were not intelligent. That is why they lost. Slavery was a peculiarly stupid peculiar institution. They wanted to hold onto it, which proves their stupidity. No matter how racist the North, how racist Lincoln, a Southern nation built on the cornerstone of slavery was a stupid plan. Rather than ponder the details of history, why not ponder, deeply, carefully, slowly, intently, the intelligence of the men who made that history?

  183. @nsa

    I’ve read some pretty retarded posts in this place, more than a few of them yours. But this has to be one of the top three.

    You should read the quotes from the MANY Union Commanders of the Army of the Potomac talking shit about how they and their massive well armed and well supplied army was going to whip Lee’s ass.

    Only to be sent scurrying back North with their tails between their legs.

    McDowell, McClellan, Burnsides, Hooker, Pope etc..

    You do understand that Lee twice divided his Army in the face of a numerically superior host and emerged victorious, don’t you?

    That’s called going “all in”.

    That takes huge balls of steel and faith. Both in God and in your troops.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  184. @Stealth

    It would be an understatement to say you don’t have a very realistic view of southerners.

    LOL, I have a highly realistic view having spent 30 years in that region PLUS having lived in two other regions of the USA. Thereby providing the useful contrast in values and behavior.

    I would guess that you have never lived elsewhere than the South so, all those customs, views and behaviors are your total norm and you’ve never experienced differently.

    ….provide some examples of the kind of conduct you’re talking about.

    I have many stories I could share….3 decades worth. But, I know how this works – your mind is already closed even though you haven’t heard the examples. No matter how perceptive, realistic or well-articulated they are — your knee-jerk reaction will be to dispute or diminish them. That is basically guaranteed so, it is an exercise in futility and waste of time to type them.

    You want to really learn the differences in culture and outlook? Move out of that region for 5 years. Go to the Midwest or West or New England. Much will become clearer if you do that.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  185. @WingsofADove

    So, the Nation built on Immigrant Labor is a brilliant plan? The exploitation of immigrants, housed in overcrowded, rat infested, disease ridden, fire trap, tenements, working in dangerous factories for twelve or more hours a day, seven days a week, and as easily disposable as they were renewable is preferable to an airy cabin in the country, working from sunup to just before sundown, with an hour or more break in the middle of the day, five and a half days a week, being well fed, doctored and with plenty of elbow room to move around, and with cradle to the grave employment and housing? Slavery is certainly not ideal under any circumstances, but as I said before, there were former Slaves working in the coal mines who wished they were still on the plantations that had been looted and burned.

    So, the Immigrant Labor Nation won, and now WE, the native born, find ourselves being treated in the same manner that the Industrial Age Immigrants were during that time – Expendable. That’s why the term Department of Human Resources has replaced the more congenial Personnel Office. Because, that is what you are to a corporation, a resource to be used up and discarded when you are no longer profitable rather than a person.

    Not only that, the Immigrants are rapidly displacing the people whose ancestors, North and South, built the United States. So, there’s the final outcome of the Victor’s superior way of life.

    Slaves, no matter how limited in their freedoms, were almost always guaranteed a place with the family that owned them. The larger plantations were very few in number compared with the smaller farms that had only a handful of slaves. Far from being left to toil endlessly while their Owners twiddled their thumbs, these Slaves worked side by side with their Owners and profited when they did well and were less well off when they didn’t. Kind of like when a job gives you a raise or cuts your pay according to the companies earnings or losses. Many Slave Masters had only one Servant who helped them work in the fields. There were a lot of Slaves who had side jobs and made their own money. Some used the money to buy their freedom, land, and, sometimes, Slaves. On large plantations they often had their own gardens and livestock. There are countless instances, one nearly within a stone’s throw of where I am currently sitting, where a former Slave is buried in the same cemetery with the Family that once owned them.

    It was once much the same way with small companies. Your boss knew you, he likely knew your family too. He felt a genuine connection to you and that extended to feeling an obligation to help you provide for your family. Retirement Pensions were once common, but are now all but non-existent. At one time, you were rewarded for staying with a company and faithfully doing the same job for 20 years, now if you haven’t moved up within 5 years, you’re considered dead weight.

    Still, in answer to your insistence that the North would have ceased to wage war on the South “if they had just freed their Slaves.” If you’re so firmly convinced of that, even though I’ve more than conclusively proven that the exact opposite is true, then it is clear that the indoctrination that you’ve undergone is irreversible and that you will suffer under this delusion eternally.

    The plain and simple truth is, The South could have kept their Slaves and returned to the Union in the middle of the War. The War could have ended and the institution of Slavery would have been preserved. That is clear and irrefutable evidence that the South seceded over other issues besides Slavery and that the North was pursuing other goals than just freeing Slaves. It would not have mattered not one iota if, after seceding, the South had suddenly, and without thought to the consequences, turned the Slaves free.

    “The Northern onslaught upon Slavery was no more than a piece of species Humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern States.” – Charles Dickens.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  186. @WingsofADove

    Jefferson and Washington were Southern Slave Owners who chose to resolve conflict with Mass Violence in the Revolutionary War. The British were promising Freedom to the Slaves. Madison and Jackson were Southern Slave Owners who chose to resolve conflict with Mass Violence in the War of 1812. The British were promising Freedom to the Slaves. Based on those facts, how could that set Jefferson and Washington or Madison and Jackson above Davis and Lee in your estimation?

    For your further edification, Lee was an inheritor of a portion of Washington’s estate. He was married to Mary Custis, Washington’s step-granddaughter (Washington had no children of his own) Robert and Mary lived in Arlington, Virginia before being forced from their home, their possessions, many of them handed down from George Washington himself, were stolen, and their home had Yankee soldiers buried so close to it that it could never be lived in again. But the Federal Courts did award a judgement in favor of Custis Lee (Robert’s Son) for a settlement of \$150,000 in a suit against the U. S. Government. It is now the site of Arlington National Cemetery.

    Thomas Jefferson Randolph, the late President’s Grandson, inherited all of his Grandfather’s property as well as the debts that he had accumulated. He, as a matter of family honor, satisfied his Grandfather’s financial obligations. But, he was left penniless after the War. His brother, George Wythe Randolph, was a Confederate General and Secretary of War of the Confederate States of America. These Men were the Natural and Rightful heirs to their Grandfather and his legacy. Not Abraham Lincoln.

    But, by all means, please continue. Your ignorance is on full display.

  187. @WingsofADove

    Here are a few words bequeathed to us by Thomas Jefferson that I will pass on to you to “inherit:”

    “Nothing is more clearly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor, is it less clear that the two races, equally free, cannot live together in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “We have a wolf by the ear and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale and self preservation in the other.” – Thomas Jefferson

    That’s Our Inheritance – Wisdom. That we disregarded such sage advice is Stupidity. The result of freeing the Slaves? Black Panthers, Kill Whitey!, Gangsta’ Rap, and Burn Loot Murder.

    Imagine how the history of the U. S. A. would have been different if the meddling Yankees had tended to their own affairs and left the South to gradual emancipate their Slaves, instead of making War on the South, starving the population by burning the crops and slaughtering the livestock, burning the homes, and denying the people medicine, committing every manner of War Crime imaginable against everyone in the South, White or Black, Rich or Poor, while continuing to supply Cuba and Brazil with Slaves directly from Africa; a practice which the Confederate Constitution explicitly forbade?

  188. AndrewR says:
    @The Real World

    As someone with little experience of or strong feelings towards the Southeast, I would also like to hear examples if you don’t mind sharing.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  189. Jluker says:

    Congratulations, you have now merged stupidity and ignorance in one paragraph. Gen. Lee’s “crude attacking style,” as you put it misses the point completely. The Army of Northern Virginia did not possess the logistics to sustain an invasion; an offensive was mandatory. Gen. Lee made the point to Gen. Longstreet that an army runs out of forage in about 3 days. The length of the battle of Gettysburg. The objective of the raid into Pennsylvania was to give the farmers in the Shenandoah Valley time to harvest crops. The strategic goal was to gain a victory on Northern soil so as to provide a justification for foreign intervention as so stated in the Law of Nations.

    If Yankees would learn to read instead of watching TV your ignorance would not be so profound. Yankees have a reputation for ignorance and believing anything they hear and see. It certainly demonstrates your ignorance of Geo-political strategy and the necessity of logistics as the primary components of warfare.

  190. @BluEidDvl

    I actually agree with you. Barring a miracle, regions of the US that are mostly inhabited by decent people, such as the South, most of the Midwest, and the Rockies, will perish along with the hordes of cockroaches who support the liberal agenda.

  191. @Anonymous

    So Vermont must your model society. The US is very far gone, but at least most White men in most states refrain from hastening hell on earth by voting Demoncrap. Not so in Vermont or, for that matter, in most of your beloved New England, where your patriarchal men do vote heavily for the mommy party:

    I take your post to be an attempt at humor, just not a very good one.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  192. @AndrewR

    What specifically would you like to know about?

  193. Another article by an outsider who shows an almost complete lack of understanding of Southern culture. We did not “commit cultural suicide,” however that hyperbolic tabloid headline is intended in this context. Southern culture is alive and well, as are Southern values and our way of life. The fact that we were sold out by politicians is not news to us. That’s been happening since time immemorial and in all parts of this nation. The fact that Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell–who are about as Southern as a Starbucks drive thru–rolled over for their masters in the elite is not indicative of Southern cultural suicide. It’s merely indicative of corrupt politicians who serve masters other than their constituents.

    The real problem in the South has nothing to do with Southerners at all. What has diluted and harmed our culture is the mass influx of yankees form the failed cities of the north and the west coast. The more prosperous regions in the South have been overrun by outsiders moving here in their millions. It’s reached the point where one is more likely to have a yankee for a neighbor in Raleigh or Houston than he is an actual Southerner. And these folks are bringing their failed cultures with them when they come. I’ve heard so many yankee refugees marveling at how nice people are in Texas, which always makes me wonder just what a**holes folks must be in their native lands. It’s not that we’re that nice, we just try to treat one another with manners–a foreign concept in many parts of the country.

    These interlopers are the ones who demanded that R.E. Lee no longer be venerated in Richmond, and they’re the ones who demanded that the Texas Ranger statue be removed from the Dallas airport. It certainly wasn’t Virginians and Texans who wanted it. Yankees have proven to be the most inconsiderate of house guests. They demand we allow them to seek opportunity in the cities that we built, then they have the temerity to demand that our cities be changed to suit their sensibilities. But then, we shouldn’t have expected anything less from them, should we? After all, these are the descendants of the only Americans to ever burn American cities. Imagine that, a group that destroys the cities of its own nation and then writes books about how spectacular the flames looked from Kennesaw Mountain. That’s yankees!

    So the problem plaguing the South is clear, as is the solution. Rid ourselves of yankees, and we will rid ourselves of the baleful influence of the very culture they’re fleeing.

  194. @Mike Holley

    I normally do not enter these endless discussions, but I find that I need to make a major correction to Mr. Holley’s ignorant assertion that I am “an outsider.” First, I am a native Tar Heel; my mother’s families (Perrys and Kings) go back to Virginia in 1646, and have been in North Carolina since the late 1680s, with several playing a role in my state’s independence movement in 1775-1776. One, John King, was a delegate at Halifax when North Carolina issued its “Halifax Resolves” declaring its separation from Great Britain.

    On my Cathey side, my father’s people, I also had early settlers in this state. My direct, eight-greats grandfather settled in old Rowan County (1740s) and then in Mecklenburg County, NC. On both sides of my family I had several veterans who served in the Confederate army. One great-grandfather, Hill E. King (also a CSA vet) served in the NC General Assembly and founded the first newspaper in Onslow County (“The Onslow Blade”). Another, Captain M. L. F. Redd organized “The Onslow Grays” to fight for North Carolina in 1861.

    I could go on, but these few facts establish, I think, without question that I am NOT an outsider, that I am a native Tar Heel. If Mr. Holley had bothered to take a look at such publications (online) as The Abbeville Institute, Dr. Clyde Wilson’s, or various issues of the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ national magazine, CONFEDERATE VETERAN magazine (I am an SCV member), he would have seen my byline numerous times. Even here on UNZ I have authored many pieces on the Southland. In addition, in late 2018 my volume THE LAND WE LOVE: THE SOUTH AND ITS HERITAGE, was published. If he had taken a look, he would see a collection of dozens of essays in appreciation of MY homeland.

    To the gist of his argument: I do not deny at all that “interlopers” have played a very significant–and deleterious–role in the destruction of much of our heritage. But the point of my article was that far too many Southerners, many of whom religiously watch the propaganda spouted by those like Brian Kilmeade or Dinesh D’Souza of Fox, have collaborated in this destructive process. Far too many believe that their salvation lies with voting the straight GOP ticket. If it were not for those modern day Scalawags the serious assaults would not be successful.

    I believe there is very ample factual information to confirm these points. And I am fully willing to offer additional supporting material. Better yet, I suggest Mr. Holley that you go back to the publications I cited previously and read some of my earlier pieces, replete with documentation.

    Again, I take strong issue with your erroneous assertion. In older times the “code Duello” might have applied!

    Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

  195. @Boyd D. Cathey

    Dr. Cathey,

    I saw that you had chimed in to correct someones erroneous assumptions about you. I don’t wish to intervene on either party’s behalf, and I understand how you would take exception to his wrongful assertions, but I think Mr. Holley means well and his heart is in the right place. As an outcast from the S. C. V. 3x over, I find that the toxic atmosphere that surrounds us has us lashing out at people that should be our friends.

    I also wanted to take the opportunity to say that I hope you haven’t taken exception to my monopolizing this forum. I have a lot to say on the subject of The War to Prevent Southern Independence.

    I believe that we probably have some mutual acquaintances, whom shall remain unnamed so as to prevent them from being directly associated with me. I am Persona Non Grata in some official circles, but I still have a few very influential allies and I remain welcome in a handful of venues. I have found that, rather than knowledge making me powerful, what I have learned has made me unpopular. On the bright side, I have been able to narrow down my friends from my acquaintances, and I’ve been able to find out who the Fair Weather Compatriots are. In spite of the many obstacles that have been thrown in my path, nothing has slowed me down. I hope to meet you in person one of these days. God Save The South!

    • Replies: @Boyd D. Cathey
  196. @Cowtown Rebel

    Dear Cowtown Rebel,
    I appreciate your comment very much. Indeed, I hope that I did explain that I did not take issue with Mr. Holley’s comment about interlopers, for, yes, they have been a thorough bane on the South. On that I agree, as I agree that he was most likely well-intentioned.

    However, I could not, as you will understand, let the personal comment about me go unanswered.

    And, do let me compliment you on your well-thought out and intelligent comments in this chain. I appreciate that very much.

    Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  197. Malla says:

    Hollywood gave us not only a cinematic treatment of Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind,”

    Released in 1939 to inspire tough Southerners to fight for US Wall Street ZOG Empire in WW2 against nations trying to free themselves of ZOG banker control.

  198. @Cowtown Rebel

    My ability to render approval or disapproval has been negated for some reason, so I’ll do it this way.

    Excellent post(s). Thank you, sir.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  199. @Boyd D. Cathey

    Your assessment of the culture in the contemporary South seems to assume the health of our culture can be accurately judged by the quality of our elected politicians. That’s an unfair means of assessment, and for someone who claims a long immersion in Southern culture, the impersonality of it makes it seem as though you are someone who’s weighing our affairs from afar. I would submit that no section of this country would be judged kindly if it had to stand on the merits of its politicians. Quality political leadership–a tough get in any era–has never been a more scarce commodity than it is today. Most of us understand this much.

    Southerners aren’t voting for these characters as an endorsement of their Jacksonian statesmanship. We vote for them because we don’t see a meaningful alternative. Straight-ticket voting was never intended as a measured political calculus. It’s tribalism through the Australian ballot. But decrying the straight-ticket vote assumes that the alternative would be significantly better. That, to my mind, is a massive reach. Voting for Democratic candidates who would caucus with Pelosi is not a viable suggestion. And putting up new candidates to mount primary challenges against party-backed incumbents is a real circus stunt, as the millions of conservative Texans who are trying to oust Greg Abbott can attest. So we’re stuck. What’s new?

    The assertion that the South has committed cultural suicide does not ring true anywhere I travel in the South. My assertion is that it cannot be rightly argued that Southerners have abandoned Southern values simply because many of us watch Fox News (or any other outlet, for that matter). I myself gave up that habit years ago after noting a certain sneering contempt for the South from some of their major figures. But for those who do watch, again–what choice do they have? What other media outlets reflect their values at all or even treat the South as a consequential region of this nation? One might argue that conservative Southerners could find better media outlets on the internet, but that misses the fact that many older folks remain TV viewers who lack the tech-savvy to find those outlets. And even then, how many conservative outlets on the internet feature truly Southern analysts? I had an online acquaintance suggest J.D. Vance as an option. Barring the three times he visited eastern Kentucky, I don’t see him as a viable voice for today’s Southern yeoman, I just don’t. Others have mentioned Rod Dreher as a potential conservative voice of the region. To me he comes off as a Louisiana version of Garrison Keillor, a folksy oddball sharing his “crunchy conservatism” from the shores of Bayou Whoathereboy. A bit too angsty over the more severe aspects of Southern conservatism. So we’re left with no true voice of whom I know, no latter-day Calhoun or Richard Russell to push our cause in the wider world.

    In any case, Southern culture and values remain a vital force in the region. We still have barbecue lunches after Sunday service and dances at the VFW. They may not be as many as before, but we do have them. Where I live, there are still Southern values like propriety and neighborliness in evidence. It’s just that one must wade through the ocean of outsiders who’ve made themselves at home here to actually find a Southerner. Now, if you aren’t one of those outsiders, I stand corrected. Otherwise, I’ll meet you at dawn in Blanco Canyon.

  200. @bayviking

    Cold Mountain is 98% Jew Hollyweird bullshit/garbage.

    The Petersburg Crater battle scene is pretty good, except that it didn’t show retreating USCT being bayonetted by their white Yankee “brothers” after they managed to extricate themselves from the Turkey Shoot pit…lol

    Jew Hollyweird making a truthful movie about the Confederacy is about as likely as them making one about Nazi Germany or Francoist Spain.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  201. DKenner says:

    “New England seems to have escaped all of this by having higher quality people who adhered to the original patriarchical culture of the founding settlers. They control their women and don’t tolerate any shit outta them.”

    Oh yeah, New England (especially Mass and Connecticut) are the models we should follow. No cuckery, feminism, or globalist judeo-matriarchal bullshit there.

    Matriarchy? If you’re ashamed of being a Southerner (the remnants of the Old South) and actually prefer the Northeast then your license to dispense advice on masculinity is hereby suspended (they issue licenses for everything in the Northeast).

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  202. @Mike Holley

    I waited to see if someone else would respond to this… They didn’t. So, here goes…

    I wish what you are asserting is true… However,…

    All one has to do is to witness the eagerness with which the Southern Donald Trump Supporters Dance to the Gay Anthem, “Y.M.C.A.,” and Cheer when he does something sickeningly sycophantic like pardoning Jack Johnson, to know that the blind allegiance to some vague notion of U.S.A.!, U.S.A.! U.S.A.! is all that connects and sustains them.

    Confederate Flag Bumper Stickers are rarely seen, but those proclaiming “Support Our Troops” and “Back The Blue” are ubiquitous. Never is any thought given to the fact that South Korea has a secure border, but we don’t. Or, that it was the 101st Airborne that drew Bayonets on White Mothers at Little Rock. No second guessing a Police Force that stands idle while whole city blocks go up in flames and that allows rocks and bottles to rain down on them. But, those same docile and inert, body-armored Storm Troopers will certainly bust the head of any otherwise productive and law abiding citizen that dares to question their complacency during these occurrences. These defenders of our rights and freedoms and protectors of our lives and properties will dutifully, and with the maximum amount of force, remove any White Parent who expresses some concern about the curriculum at the school their child attends. Yet, Neo-Cucks continue to shed copious tears when a Black Band is stretched across a Badge or a Zogbot comes home in a Body Bag. When my thoughts are, “I care as much for them as they do for me… Very Little, if At All.”

    “Texas Proud” Neo-Cucks wearing Ten Gallon Hats have had me escorted by the Police from their Tea Parties for doing nothing more than waving a Confederate Flag. They didn’t want to be associated with it, and they didn’t know or care what it actually stands for.

    And, where are all of these traditional Southerners when monuments are being torn down? They’ve been silent for decades while the South has been demonized and marginalized. If anything, the majority of them have led the way in publicly apologizing for and denouncing the region, and they constantly emphasize the fact that they’ve distanced themselves from the beliefs of their ancestors; even their own grandfathers. Where did the “Some of My Best Friends are… ” disclaimer originate?

    The S.C.V. hides behind an Ebony Shield to deflect the accusations of Racism that are hurled against them. A particularly obnoxious Individual of Color uses their cuckoldry to peddle T-Shirts adorned with his own image and proclaiming himself to be a Modern Confederate Hero. He sells a book about himself and he once expected to be automatically elected National Commander of the organization immediately upon being approved for membership. This audacity was not only excused by the S.C.V., a large portion of the membership was enthusiastic about it. The idea of “The First Black Commander of the S.C.V.” had them literally salivating over the prospect. “How can they call us Racists now?” was their only consideration. Not, the fact that it would further green light Negro Adulation and Miscegenation. Fortunately, in spite of an exhaustive effort employed by the team that was doing the genealogical research for him, no Confederate ancestor could be located.

    That didn’t stop the S.W.T. Lanham Camp from inviting him to be the featured Speaker at the Division Reunion. In protest, I sent out a letter that included these words from Governor Lanham:”Whomsoever, high or low, that encourages or promotes social equality between the Negro and the White Man is an enemy to his Race.” Those words were spoken by Governor Lanham in an address to the U.C.V. members encamped at the Reunion Grounds in Fort Worth in 1903.

    The S.C.V. goes above and beyond in its efforts to find a Negro who was faithful or who actually served in the Confederate military. When they do locate one of these individuals, the gushing and fawning over them is nauseating. The S.C.V. constantly boasts of awarding “scholarships” to Minorities in the R.O.T.C. who almost certainly never had a Confederate ancestor. Does the United Negro College Fund reciprocate by giving money to White Kids for tuition?

    Now, the S.C.V. is exalting Allen West. They hosted him at their last State Convention and gleefully provided him the Podium as their Featured Speaker. Allen is running for Governor and he is just using them to get their vote, because they are so predictable.

    These hyphenated religion, Judeo-Christians will vehemently spring to the defense of Israel, but are frequently less vociferous in their affirmation of Christ.

    These are just a few examples of the kind of mentality that I’ve been trying to cope with for nearly two decades, and I see very little, if any, improvement. From everything I’ve seen, Dr. Cathey is absolutely correct to associate the Political Class with The People that Voted For Them.

    I’m not sure who you’re encountering, and your experiences may differ dramatically from mine… but, sometimes I wonder about parallel universes and people’s perceptions. One former Compatriot in the S.C.V. would always exclaim “Everybody Loved Us!” after he had been in a parade. I occasionally would choose to walk along the Parade Route and circulate among the crowd. I saw a whole lot of indifference, some approval, and some obvious disapproval. A few parade-goers would cry out something like “The South Will Rise Again!” but at least half of those were being derisive or were mocking us.

  203. @Mike Holley

    Oh yeah, and try telling your buddies down at the V.F.W. that Major General Smedley Butler, U.S.M.C., founded the Veterans of Foreign Wars for the purpose of “educating Soldiers out of the Sucker Class.” See how well that goes over.

  204. @GeneralRipper

    You should have heard the gasps of disbelief in the theater, when I laughed out loud and said “Serves him right for being a Deserter!,” when Jude Law got shot. His character certainly entered into the fray with enough zest and patriotic spirit for him to do a complete about face and state “I won’t fight for a Cause I don’t believe in,” half way through the film. It is definitely and squarely in the realm of Jewish propaganda. Other than the Crater sequence, it is simply another GWTW Romance with very little else to offer besides an outstanding soundtrack which is available on C.D.

  205. @BluEidDvl

    I agree, I moved to South Carolina from W Va a year ago. I stay in Sumter. It basically is a retirement community mixed with a large black population. I am 51 and am one of the youngest adults at the Lutheran Church I attend. The church will cease to exist at this rate after 5-10 years just by attrition due to old folks passing away. I can’t see any young people wanting to stay, other than those in the military ( Shaw AFB and the hq for the Third Army). Not much really to do in the city, although it is a bit over a two hour drive to either Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

  206. christians, freemasons, an attachment towards lifestyles of leisure, the knights of the golden circle and the 1863 land grant for colleges that turned out union rotc in short order. that explains the 2nd civil war. but hamilton and adams and jefferson were already at it. and as a northerner i can plainly state that if it hadn’t been for sen. mason and other real folks in virginia, our republicans would still be called federalists. elite southerners allowed dynasticism to pander to aspirations of laziness and the larger majority got led by the nose. in truth, we’re all federalists nowadays but we don’t realize that the hamiltonians snuck into our trousers while we were fast asleep.

  207. @Ray Caruso

    You are under the mistaken impresion that Democrats are worse than Republicans. Southern states have been mismanaged in to the ground by Reupublicans (they’re nice places for major corporations, granted, but not for regular every day white voters…)

    Contrast that with +90% white, functional, healthy, high-IQ New England. Face it son, southerners don’t have their shit together.

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  208. @DKenner

    Inability or reluctance to acquire a license is a sign of having been raised by a single mom (all too common in the south among whites and non-whites alike).

    Real men get and acquire licenses because they are from established families and not half-assed southern “self-employed” cranks. It is not difficult or cumbersome to acquire a license if you’re an actual expert and have a modicum of discipline and honor.

    Massachusetts and Connecticut aren’t cucked or feminist. Globalism is patriarchal, nationalism matriarchal and cucked.

  209. @JohnPlywood

    If New England is Whiter and has a higher average IQ than the South, that’s a strictly a consequence of history. New England didn’t have large numbers of black slaves only because its rocky soil and harsh climate were inhospitable to plantation agriculture. The Yankee sailors who had no qualms about trafficking in slaves certainly would have had no qualms about keeping large numbers of the same if doing so had been profitable.

    And while the Republican Party consists of contemptible and craven dorks, given that the US is not a free country but one that maintains a political duopoly, voting for the alternative means you want black supremacy and sodomite supremacy to be established even faster. The fact New England Whites do make that choice means they are socially and spiritually diseased to a much greater extent than their Southern counterparts.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
    , @Ray Caruso
  210. @bayviking

    So this alleged belief is cover for what really binds the ruling class in the South and the fools which follow them, racism

    Here comes the usual inanity from a black or lover of black dick. Blacks destroy every school, neighborhood, city, and country where they are found in large numbers. There are no exceptions. None. “Racism”, to the limited extent it exists, is an accurate perception of black criminality and overall black incompatibility with civilized life.

    Part of that incompatibility is a strong propensity toward electoral fraud. When corrupt, largely black, officials in Demoncrap-dominated shitholes realized their mail-in voting scheme had not produced enough ballots to swing the election, they stopped out the count, kicked out Republican observers, covered the windows, and started manufacturing and bringing in additional Demoncrap ballots. It was blatant electoral fraud and only shameless Demoncrap cockroaches hungry for black dick deny it.

    Also, you have shitty taste in movies.

  211. @Ray Caruso

    White southerners have a lower IQ. It’s not just blacks. In fact 93% white West Virginia has one of the lowest IQs of any state in the Union.

    And get it right you fucking crackhead, it’s the Republican party that is black supremacist and always has been. That’s why you southern cucks live under nig-nog rule and your states defiled with Hispanics. Most people in rural and suburban New England will go their entire lives without interacting with a black or a Hispanic in their neighborhood.

    • Replies: @Curle
  212. @Ray Caruso

    New England sucks. Wasn’t Massachusetts the first state to institute sodomite marriage? Even if not, they elected Deval Patrick governor. Other than Virginia, Southern states with much larger populations than Mass. have not debased themselves to that degree. And in the Civil War, My-ass-achusetts organized a pack of negros into an armed band to fight against Whites. Truly shameful!

    I agree that Republicunts are black supremacists and have always been, but current Demoncraps have surpassed them in recent decades. Obviously. Anyone who denies it is one of two things: a complete moron or a moronic liar.

    The US as a whole is a black supremacist entity. That’s why it’s turning into a sewer.

    By the way, I’m not a Southerner. I’m a humble Latin American immigrant who has lived both in New England and in the South. The latter is less objectionable.

  213. Curle says:

    “ East Tennessee went over to the North during the war.”

    E. TN split. Some counties went with the confederacy. Some with the North. Those siding with the North tended to be driven by market factors (they were suppliers of northern markets). The Republican Party in at least one East TN county used the slogan “only Lincoln can preserve slavery.” For East Tennessee, the war wasn’t over slavery.

  214. Curle says:

    West Virginia and Maine are the two smallest states by population in the East and both are overwhelmingly White. Neither are an representative sample of eastern Whites or southern Whites especially given that the majority of Whites live elsewhere. Smart whites had reason and opportunity to leave WV. You should assume they did.

  215. I just wish you secessionist sympathizers would be honest, like Alexander Stephens, and admit that you wanted to secede to keep your slaves.

    Instead you dissemble. Yeah, the war was about taxes or tariffs, you say. Nonsense. You were afraid that a return to the status quo of the 1790s, with slavery contained, would result in slaves being kept within the South, gradually emancipated, and given voting rights by Northern radical clowns like Thaddeus Stevens. Why can’t you admit that instead of wasting my time with all this BS about how “it wasn’t about slavery”?

    Me, I’m a Jacksonian, and I know that Andrew Jackson would never countenance secession for the dreadful reasons that were offered by South Carolina.

  216. The fact of the matter remains is Robert Lewis Dabney was 100% right but he was 100% wrong about which direction it was coming from. Dabney saw it coming from the Republicans, but he never in his right mind would have ever dreamed that it would come from the very people who redeemed Dixie, the Democrats. You see there is a little often-forgotten secret of American History. The 1876 Election, the contest in which the Red Shirts (KKK without the robes and ceremony), had muscled their way into power and had won Dixie for Tilden over Hayes, the Southrons knew the Republicans, although the Radicals were mostly gone, Thad Stevens and Charles Sumner were both dead, they knew the Republicans would oppose the fraudulent returns from the South. So their representatives and the Republicans cut a deal. Dixie didn’t really care about Sam Tilden, NY Yankee or Tom Hendricks Ohio Born Indiana Yankee, all they wanted were their state governments and their Senate appointments. They knew the Souths elections were basically fraudulent. The Republicans agreed, give us Hayes, will give you the keys to the car and withdraw all of the troops and send the rest back to garrison duty. So the South agreed. The Compromise of 1877. Thing was the Republicans spent the better of 50 years from 1877-1928, purging the Radicals and their types from the party, becoming the party of business. However those Radicals found a home, in the Northern Democratic party. Although at times the Republicans would put a Negro plank in the Party Platform or complain about lynching, they wink wink, never lifted one finger honoring 1877. Unfortunately the South never noticed how full of Commies and wierdos the Democratic party in the North was becoming until it was too late. FDR tricked Dixie, he filled the courts with these people and Dixie went along with it, temporary gain for later pain.

  217. Marat says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Our contemporary culture war, at least 70 years in the making, is not so much North vs South so much as it is Bureaucracy vs the Patriarchy.

    The bureaucracy includes anyone who benefits from the expansion of the welfare state, warfare state and corporate welfare state. The Patriarchy is mostly individuals who are self-employed or who basically prefer to be left alone by the government (and don’t give a damn about its various campaigns, wars, “climate change”, blubbering about human rights, spreading gay rights overseas, etc.)

    Every expansionist move by the government to rehabilitate the economy, including programs intended for employers, employees, and unemployed draws more and more people into the government dependency web.

    Many commenters point out that conservatism is holding the right down. Conservative goals are to win back the government for themselves, or to at least share power with leftists (Romney, Graham, even Trump). Until the right finally realizes the government isn’t worth recapturing, we will continue to circle the drain and lose ranks. The right’s major problem is its lack of self-awareness, which is what wars, power sharing games, and now CRT distract them from.

  218. @Raches

    I have always seriously doubted that Angela Merkle really wanted those refugees, from the Middle East, to come in and rape German women. After all, she is a woman herself. Come to think of it, Germany really does have a gun to its head, in the form of the US Military bases infesting that once great land.

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