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How the Pro-War “Left” Fell for the Kurds in Syria
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The October decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw American troops from northeastern Syria did not only precipitate the Turkish offensive, codenamed ‘Operation Peace Spring’, into Kurdish-held territory which followed. It also sparked an outcry of hysteria from much of the so-called “left” that has been deeply divided during the 8-year long conflict over its Kurdish question. Despite the fact that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were objectively a U.S. proxy army before they were “abandoned” by Washington to face an assault by its NATO ally, the ostensibly “progressive” politics of the mostly-Kurdish militants duped many self-identified people on the left into supporting them as the best option between terrorists and a “regime.” Apparently, everyone on earth except for the Kurds and their ‘humanitarian interventionist’ supporters saw this “betrayal” coming, which speaks to the essential naiveté of such amateurish politics. However, there is a historical basis to this political tendency that should be interrogated if a lesson is to be learned by those misguided by it.

Turkey initially went all-in with the West, Israel, and Gulf states in a joint effort to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by stoking the flames of the country’s Arab Spring in 2011 into a full blown uprising. With Istanbul serving as the base for the opposition, Kurdish nationalists hoping to participate were not at all pleased that the alliance had based its government-in-exile in Turkey and naturally considered Ankara’s role to be detrimental to their own interests in establishing an autonomous ethnonationalist state. Likewise, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not bargain on the conflict facilitating such a scenario, with the forty year war with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in southeastern Turkey still ongoing. When the PKK-linked People’s Protection Units (YPG) militias took control of northern Syrian towns and established a self-governing territory after boycotting the opposition, it was done only after negotiations between Damascus and Kurdish leaders. The Syrian government willingly and peacefully ceded the territory to them, just as we were told that the Baathists were among their oppressors.

The Rojava front opened up when the Kurds came under attack from the most radical jihadist militants in the opposition, some of which would later merge with the Islamist insurgency in western Iraq to form ISIS. Yet we now know for a fact that the rise of Islamic State was something actually desired by the U.S.-led coalition in the hopes of bringing down Assad, as revealed in a declassified 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency report. Shortly after clarifying that the opposition is “backed by the West, Gulf countries and Turkey”, the memo states:

“If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).”

Meanwhile, it was the Kurds themselves who divulged Ankara’s support for Daesh, frequently retrieving Turkish-issued passports from captured ISIS fighters. Even Emmanuel Macron said as much at the recent NATO summit in London, prompting a row between France and Turkey that took a backseat to the more ‘newsworthy’ Trump tantrum over a hot mic exchange between the French President and his Canadian and British counterparts. Then there was the disclosure that the late Senator John McCain had crossed the border from Turkey into Syria in mid-2013 to meet with leaders of the short-lived Free Syrian Army (FSA), dubbed as “moderate rebels”, which just a short time later would decline after its members joined better armed, more radical groups and the ISIS caliphate was proclaimed. One of the rebel leaders pictured with McCain in his visit is widely suspected to be the eventual chosen leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was allegedly killed in a U.S. raid in Idlib this October. Ironically, many of the Turkish-backed FSA militias are now assisting Ankara in its assault on the Kurds while those who supported arming them feign outrage over the US troop removal.

Henry Kissinger reportedly once remarked, “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.” Given that the U.S. was at the very least still using Daesh as a strategic asset, it seems inexplicable that the Kurdish leadership could trust Washington. The SDF had only a few skirmishes with the Syrian army during the entire war— if they wanted to defeat ISIS, why not partner with Damascus and Moscow? To say nothing of the U.S.’s long history of backing their oppression, from its support of Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s to the arming of Turkey’s brutal crackdown against the PKK which ended with the capture of its cultish leader, Abdullah Öcalan, in 1999. Did they really think after enlisting them for its cosmetic ‘fight’ against ISIS that the U.S. would continue to side with them against Ankara? Even so, Kurdish gains against Daesh would pale in comparison to those by the Syrian army with Russian air support. More perplexing is why anyone on the left would choose to back a group being used as a cat’s paw for imperialism, regardless of whatever ideals they claim to hold.

Perhaps the U.S. would not have reneged on its implicit pledge to help with the foundation of a Kurdish state had their “Assad must go” policy been successful, but the U.S. pullout appears to be the final nail in the coffin for both Washington’s regime change plans in Syria and an independent Kurdistan. The YPG’s makeover as the SDF was done at the behest of the U.S. but this did nothing to to diminish the objections of Ankara (or many ‘leftists’ from supporting them), who insisted the YPG was already an extension and rebranding of the PKK, a group Washington itself designates as a terrorist organization. Any effort to create a buffer state in the enclave was never going to be tolerated by Turkey but it nonetheless enabled the U.S. to illegally occupy northern Syria and facilitate the ongoing looting of its oil. Unfortunately for Washington, the consequence was that it eventually pushed Ankara closer toward the Kremlin, as Turkey went from shooting down Russian jets one year to purchasing the S-400 weapon system from Moscow the next. After backing a botched coup d’etat attempt against Erdoğan in 2016, any hope of Washington bringing Turkey back into its fold would be to discard the Kurds as soon as their usefulness ran out, if it wasn’t too late to repair the damage already.

Why would the U.S. risk losing its geo-strategic alliance with Turkey? To put it simply, it’s ‘special relationship’ with Israel took greater precedent. Any way you slice it, Washington’s foray into the region has been as much about Zionism as imperialism and its backing of the Kurds is no exception. Despite the blowback, the invasion of Iraq and destruction of Libya took two enormous sources of support for the Palestinian resistance off the chessboard. It may have strengthened Iran in the process, but that is all the more reason for the U.S. to sell a regime change attempt in Tehran in the future. Regrettably for Washington, when it tried to do the same in Syria, Russia intervened and emerged as the new peace broker in the Middle East. It comes as no surprise that following the Turkish invasion of northern Syria amid the U.S. withdrawal, the Kurds have finally struck a deal with Damascus and Moscow, a welcome and inevitable development that should have occurred years ago.

One of the main reasons for the Kurds joining the SDF so willingly has the same explanation as to why Washington was prepared to put its relationship with Ankara in jeopardy by supporting them: Israel. The cozy relationship between the Zionist state and the various Kurdish groups centered at the intersection of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria goes back as far as the 1960s, as Jerusalem has consistently used them to undermine its enemies. It is not by chance that their respective interests overlap to a near tee, between the founding of a Kurdish protectorate and the Zionist plan for a ‘Greater Israel’ in the Middle East which includes a balkanization of Syria. Mossad has openly provided the Kurds with training and they have learned much in the ways of the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from the Jewish state in order to carve out a Syrian Kurdistan. One can certainly have sympathy for the Kurds as the largest ethnic group in the world at 40 million people without a state, but the Israel connection runs much deeper than geopolitical interests to the very ideological basis of their militancy which calls all of their stated ideals into question.

The ties between the YPG and the PKK are undeniable, as both groups follow jailed leader Abdullah Öcalan’s teachings which merge Kurdish nationalism with the theories of ‘democratic confederalism’ from the influential Jewish-American anarchist philosopher, Murray Bookchin. While the PKK may have been initially founded as a ‘Marxist-Leninist’ organization in the early 70s, a widespread misconception is that it still follows that aim when its ideology long-ago shifted to that of a self-professed and contradictory ‘libertarian socialism’ theorized by Bookchin who was actually a zealous anti-communist. Not coincidentally, the Western anarchist icon was also an avowed Zionist who often defended Israel’s war crimes and genocide of Palestinians while demonizing its Arab state opponents as the aggressors, including Syria. Scratch an anarchist and a neo-conservative will bleed, every time.

Many on the pseudo-left who have pledged solidarity with the Kurds have attempted to base their reasoning on a historically inaccurate analogy comparing the Syrian conflict with the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. You would think ISIS would be the obvious first choice for the fascists in the Syrian war, but journalist Robert Mackey of popular “progressive” news site The Intercept even tried to cast the Syrian government as Francisco Franco’s Nationalists in an article comparing the 1937 bombing of Guernica by the Condor Legion to the 2018 chemical attack in Douma which remains in dispute regarding its perpetrator. One wonders if Mackey will retract his absurd comparison now that dozens of inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have dissented in emails published by WikiLeaks showing that the OPCW engaged in a cover-up with the Trump administration to pin blame for the attacks on the Syrian government instead of the opposition, but don’t hold your breath.

In this retelling of the Spanish Civil War, the Kurds are generally seen in the role of the Trotskyite Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification (POUM) and the anarchist trade union National Confederation of Labour (CNT). In the midst of the conflict between the Nazi-supported Nationalists and Soviet-backed Republicans that was a prelude to World War II, the mobilization effort of all anti-fascist forces into a unified Popular Front was obstructed by the ultra-left and intransigent POUM and CNT who were then expelled from the coalition for their sectarianism. While the government was still fighting the Francoists, the POUM and CNT then attacked the Republicans but were put down in a failed insurrection. Although this revolt did not directly cause the loyalist defeat, it nevertheless sapped the strength from the Popular Front and smoothed the path for the generalissimo’s victory.

In the years since, Trotskyists have attempted to rewrite history by alleging that a primary historical text documenting the POUM’s sabotage of the Republicans — a 1938 pamphlet by journalist Georges Soria, the Spanish correspondent for the French Communist Party newspaper L’Humanite — is a forgery. On the Marxists Internet Archive website, an ‘editor’s note’ is provided as a preface to the text citing a single quote from Soria with the claim he admitted the work in its entirety was “no more than a fabrication”, but his words are selectively cropped to give that impression. While the author did admit accusations that the POUM‘s leadership were literal agents of Franco were a sensationalized exaggeration, the source of the full quote states the following:

“On the one hand, the charge that the leaders of POUM, among them Andrés Nin, ‘were agents of the Gestapo and Franco’, was no more than a fabrication because it was impossible to adduce the slightest evidence. On the other hand, although the leaders of POUM were neither agents of Franco or agents of the Gestapo, it is true that their relentless struggle against the Popular Front played the game nolens volens (like it or not/willingly or unwillingly) of the Caudillo (General Franco).”

In other words, Soria did not say the whole work was counterfeit like the editor’s note misleadingly suggests and reiterated that the POUM’s subversion helped Franco. (The Marxists Internet Archive does not hide its pro-Trotsky bias in its FAQ section.)

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm summarized the inherent contradictions of the Spanish Civil War and the role ultra-leftism played in the demise of the Republic in one of his later essays:

“Of course, the posthumous polemics about the Spanish war are legitimate, and indeed essential — but only if we separate out debate on real issues from the parti pris of political sectarianism, cold-war propaganda and pure ignorance of a forgotten past. The major question at issue in the Spanish civil war was, and remains, how social revolution and war were related on the republican side. The Spanish civil war was, or began as, both. It was a war born of the resistance of a legitimate government, with the help of a popular mobilisation, against a partially successful military coup; and, in important parts of Spain, the spontaneous transformation of the mobilisation into a social revolution. A serious war conducted by a government requires structure, discipline and a degree of centralisation. What characterises social revolutions like that of 1936 is local initiative, spontaneity, independence of, or even resistance to, higher authority — this was especially so given the unique strength of anarchism in Spain.”

Murray Bookchin also wrote at length about the Spanish Civil War but celebrated the decentralized anarchist tactics which incapacitated the Popular Front. The anarcho-syndicalist theorist championed the ‘civil war within the civil war’ as a successful example of his antithetical vision of ‘libertarian socialism’, while his emphasis on the individualist aspects of the former half of his oxymoronic and anti-statist theory often bears a striking resemblance to neoliberal talking points about self-regulating free markets. This would explain why he actually regarded right-wing libertarians to be his natural allies over the the socialist left, whom he considered ‘totalitarian’ as he told the libertarian publication Reason magazine in an interview in 1979. His reactionary demonization of the Soviet Union and dismissal of the accomplishments of all other socialist revolutions was recalled by Michael Parenti in Blackshirts and Reds:

“Left anticommunists remained studiously unimpressed by the dramatic gains won by masses of previously impoverished people under communism. Some were even scornful of such accomplishments. I recall how in Burlington Vermont, in 1971, the noted anticommunist anarchist, Murray Bookchin, derisively referred to my concern for “the poor little children who got fed under communism” (his words).”

Like the International Brigades consisting of foreign volunteers to assist the Spanish Republic in the 1930s, there is an ‘International Freedom Battalion’ currently fighting with the Kurds in Syria. Unfortunately, its live-action role playing ‘leftist’ mercenaries missed the part about the original International Brigades having been backed by the Comintern, not the U.S. military. Meanwhile, Western media usually hostile to any semblance of radical politics have heavily promoted the Rojava federation as a feminist ‘direct democracy’ utopia, particularly giving excessive attention to the all-female Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) militia while ignoring the female regiments fighting for the secular Syrian government. As a result of the media’s exoticized portrayal of the Kurds and their endorsement by prominent misleaders on the left, from Slavoj Žižek to Noam Chomsky, many have been fooled into supporting them.

If the Spanish Civil War was a dress rehearsal for WWII, it remains to be seen if Syria proves to be a run-through for another global conflict. Then again, what has emerged from its climax is an increasingly multipolar world with the resurgence of Moscow as a deterrent to the mutually assured destruction between the U.S. and China. Leftists today wishing to continue the legacy of those who fought for the Spanish Republic should have thrown their support behind the Syrian patriots bravely defending their country from terrorism and imperialism, not left opportunism. Thankfully, this time the good guys have prevailed while the Kurds have paid the price for betraying their fellow countrymen. Liberals shedding crocodile tears about Rojava should take comfort in the fact that they can always play the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game featuring the YPG fighting alongside the U.S. military if they need to fulfill their imperial fantasies. Yes, that’s right, the latest installment of the popular first-person shooter franchise features a storyline inspired by the SDF. It’s too bad for them that in real life all of Syria will be returned to where it rightfully belongs under the Syrian Arab Republic.

Max Parry is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst. His writing has appeared widely in alternative media. Max may be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Renoman says:

    Too long!

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @sally
  2. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Aren’t the Kurds the “cause celebre” of the right? I find that it’s on right wing outlets that the Kurds are most aggressively defended, despite ironically being proud Communists.

    I find it laughable how many right wingers defend the Kurds, despite the fact in any other case they would hate Communists. There is nothing more central to Kurdish identity than Communism, yet most right wingers are either delusional or willfully ignorant to this fact.

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  3. Max Parry says: • Website

    The Kurds are also beloved by the dreaded Antifa. Strange bedfellows.

    • Agree: Hail
    • Replies: @Charlemagne
  4. anonymous[922] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing that always amazes me is how cheaply the US and it’s allies can assemble all this deluded cannon fodder in the Muslim world to do it’s bidding with little awareness on the part of these fools that they are being used by the very people they profess to dislike. Muslim fanatics were used against the Russians in Afghanistan and have been used by the US and it’s allies everywhere else since. ISIS was used to try to overthrow Assad. Since ISIS did not own any ammo or weapons factories nor any other manufacturing capability it was obvious they were being organized, trained and supplied by other states. Only a state has the resources to provide all that but of course the states doing this were never named. Through the years a lot of these blind jihadis have gotten themselves killed without ever realizing they were dupes of the US and for pay a fraction of that given to a US soldier. Life is cheap, apparently. Had ISIS succeeded can one imagine the sort of bloodbath and terror that they would have instituted? OK by US planners who care little about such matters. That the Russians stepped in and stopped this rampage in Syria has led to all these howls of outrage and wishes for retaliation but from a humanitarian point of view stopping these maniacs was the best thing to do. Insofar as these supposed leftists goes they are not left at all but are on one payroll or another, just some controlled opposition.

  5. I’m not quite sure how this piece got sidetracked into a discussion of Marxist political infighting in Burlington, VT in 1971 but I have a hunch Bernie Sanders was somehow involved.

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  6. A123 says:

    The author is on the correct track with the term “Pro War Left”.

    In the U.S. this is best expressed as NeoConDemocrats. Ex-GOP cons like Bill Kristol and George Will led the the original NeverTrumper movement.

    Why would the U.S. risk losing its geo-strategic alliance with Turkey?

    Turkey unilaterally spiked relations with the U.S. by trying to position Russian S400 systems adjacent to U.S. F35’s. Unwinding the mess is admittedly complex due to NATO alliance.

    The U.S. can easily do without Turkey. Regional air missions can fly from naval carriers, Greece, Israel, and even Italy.

    Perhaps the U.S. would not have reneged on its implicit pledge to help with the foundation of a Kurdish state had their “Assad must go” policy been successful, but the U.S. pullout appears to be the final nail in the coffin for both Washington’s regime change plans in Syria and an independent Kurdistan.

    Please, identify elite Globalist plans as such. Use of the term Washington is very imprecise:

    — Globalist favorite Erdogan was the primary author of ‘regime change’ in Syria.

    — Barack Hussein and Hillary Clinton gave their word to support ‘regime change’, because they served Erdogan’s dictates. However, these two elite Globalist, NeoConDemocrats never credibly spoke for U.S. citizens.

    — Trump never had any pledge. Trump (and thus the U.S.) for years has systematically opposed both ‘regime change’ and Kurdish nationalism in both Iraq and Syria. Kurdish-Russian-Syrian reconciliation has been a consistent feature of Trump’s regional policy. Deep state Globalist attempts to undermine Trump have delayed, but not derailed, this shared U.S./Russian goal.


  7. Max Parry says: • Website

    Funny you mention that.

  8. @A123

    “The U.S. can easily do without Turkey. Regional air missions can fly from naval carriers, Greece, Israel, and even Italy.”

    You’re daft. The prospective loss of the US-Turkish strategic entente, a centerpiece of US policy in the Near East since the end of WW II, is a devastating one. Carriers are not a substitute for reliable regional bases. You obviously have little idea of the range of most combat aircraft if you think that Greece, much less Italy, can easily substitute for Turkey. As for Israel, why aren’t we flying out of Israel already, given how much money we dump on the Judenreich? Oh, that’s right, Israel is unusable because tying ourselves to Israeli basing would further discredit us even more as nothing but Israel’s facilitator in the region and greatly complicate our already fraught relations with states in the region.

    No, Incirlik is a valuable asset and not at all easily replaced.

    Max Parry–son of the late and much lamented Robert Parry, I believe–is spot on in saying that the fiasco in Syria in its current stage has been about the US choosing Israeli strategic objectives over Turkish ones. (And the relentless Israeli air attacks on adjacent countries is the number one reason that Turkey wanted the S-400. It has greater capability than anything we can provide them AND they can rest much more assured that it won’t have some hidden kill switch that renders it inoperative in a future Turkey-Israel scrap or whenever we decide it shouldn’t work.)

    “Trump (and thus the U.S.) for years has systematically opposed both ‘regime change’ and Kurdish nationalism in both Iraq and Syria.”

    Nonsense. If that were true, Trump wouldn’t have authorized illegal missile strikes against Syria in 2017 and 2018. We now know that the OPCW deliberately falsified the reporting of its own observers in order to help justify those strikes. Again, our conniving, slimy Jews at their usual malevolent work. Trump is so befuddled he barely knows what he’s doing. His one guiding light is utter subservience to the Judenreich.

    Your comment is largely incoherent. Have you been hitting the egg nog a little too hard this holiday season?

    • Agree: Colin Wright, annamaria
    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @A123
  9. Good piece. It makes the critical point that US Syria policy since the later part of the Obama administration has been largely about promoting Israeli objectives at the expense of everyone else’s–primarily Turkey’s but our own as well if our executive and legislative branch shabbosgoyim had the wit to see it.

    However, I must say that the detour into the Spanish Civil War and POUM did more to confuse the picture than illuminate it. The nitwits of the pro-war “left” whom the author refers to are merely easily manipulated stooges of organized Jewry and water-carriers for the latter’s malfeasance.

    • Agree: annamaria
  10. Max Parry says: • Website
    @Oscar Peterson

    For the record I am NOT the son of Robert Parry, however I admire his work very much.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Oscar Peterson
  11. It’s not about the Left. It’s the Jews. Jewish Power needs SOME EXCUSE to keep US involved in Syria to suppress Assad who is allied with Russia and Iran. And it was Kurds times. Jews are totally cynical when they play this game.
    But the goy cuck idiots fall for the Jewish line just like international communists once used to follow and parrot the Moscow Line. It’s the Zion Line.

    Jews lead, goyim follow. At this point, both the ‘left’ and ‘right’ are mere clay in Jewish hands.

    The ‘left’ agenda comes down to ‘Is it good for Jews?’ and the ‘right’ agenda comes down to ‘Is it good for Jews?’ On Syria and Kurds, notice both ‘left’ and ‘right’ are agreed. And though Trump makes noises, all said and done, he still keeps troops in Syria because it’s good for JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat, Moi
  12. A123 says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    … little idea of the range of most combat aircraft if you think that Greece, much less Italy, can easily substitute for Turkey.

    The Navy F18 and Air Force F15 can use conformal fuel tanks yielding unsupported combat mission ranges of over 800 miles (1). Almost all Incirlik missions could be flown from a carrier in the Med. The only downside is response time in the unlikely event a Search & Rescue response is needed.

    Also, both Navy and Air Force fighter/bombers are capable of mid air refueling to further extend ranges. Despite your lack of awareness of this capability, it is publicly known. The Blue Angels openly demonstrate it to civilians at air shows.


    Running fighter/bomber missions from Italy would be higher cost and lower tempo, but those limitations are at least partially offset by the higher quality permanent facilities. Dedicated bombers such as the B-2, run by the Air Force, have intercontinental ranges.



    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Cochore
    , @Oscar Peterson
  13. The Kurds/PKK have acted as an Israeli proxy for the Yinon Plan ( – this is frankly mainstream opinion in Israel and in much of the principled left.

    Noam Chomsky – a Zionist left-wing gatekeeper – has promoted the PKK/Kurdish cause since the early 1990s at least, attempting to make the PKK a cause on American college campuses, with limited success.

    Israel was doing a very delicate balancing act with the Kurds, hoping they would destabilize Syria and Lebanon without unduly antagonizing Turkey, which pre-Erdogan was a reliable Israeli ally.

    But Erdogan changed the calculus and took up the Palestinian cause after the Saudis and other Arabs had abandoned them. Erdogan is somewhat making a play as the neo-Caliph and attempting to position Turkey as the leader of the Muslim world and promoting a socially conservative yet modern Islamism.

    Erdogan’s relationship to Islam is essentially the same as George W. Bush’s relationship to Christianity.

    Turkey, because of its official secularism, was also seen by the West as an ally and of course during the Cold War secular Turkey was an extremely important member of NATO. Post-Cold-War, and since the era of Erdogan, this has changed significantly.

    The 9/11 wars alienated Turkey from the West and the Hood Incident ( outraged Turkey. In 2002 or so, USA mass media was openly promoting the idea of using Fethullah Gülen-style Sufism as an alternative to the Wahabist Islam of the Saudis, which was blamed for 9/11. It’s always been a serious conflict between the USA and Turkey that the USA has allowed Fethullah Gülen to openly plot against Turkey from his headquarters in Pennsylvania; everyone except American conservatives know that Gülen and his movement are sponsored by CIA.

    The aborted coup against Erdogan by the Gülen faction just drove the USA and Turkey even further apart. The fact that Turkey, despite decades of begging, will never be allowed into the European Union, due to racial, cultural, and religious factors, has humiliated Turkey and turned them even further against Europe and USA.

    The 2016 assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, heralded a significant change in the alignment of Turkey, Russia, Europe, and the USA. It’s difficult to say exactly what has happened: the USA may, or may not, have removed their Russia-aimed nuclear missiles from Turkey after the aborted Gülen coup.

    As usual, USA imperial interests are taking a back-seat to Israeli interests; just like in Iraq. Donald Trump is literally dismantling the US Empire in the (short-term) interests of Israel generally and more specifically the short-term interests of the Likud party, which has complete control of Trump and his family.

    Interesting times.

    • Agree: Alfred
  14. Russ3000 says:

    Too long, too biased, too inaccurate. You’d think Assad was some kind of saint after reading this and the Kurds devils for refusing to live as second class citizens in the most oppressive area of the world. Get a clue first, write articles afterwards because you’re not doing the world any favours with this shameful dross.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Alfred
    , @barr
  15. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep, another one-and-done commenter.

    • Replies: @Russ3000
  16. Russ3000 says:

    Wrong, I’m here to stay and call out hypocritical racists on the ‘I hate Jews’ board.

  17. More perplexing is why anyone on the left would choose to back a group being used as a cat’s paw for imperialism, regardless of whatever ideals they claim to hold.

    And even more perplexing than that, frankly, is that the ‘antifa’ would be backing an ethno-nationalist movement to begin with. I mean, they would never countenance such a thing at home in the West, would they! (And don’t tell me it’s because of anarchism, because there are pro-white national-anarchists, too. Look up Troy Southgate.)

    Washington’s foray into the region has been as much about Zionism as imperialism and its backing of the Kurds is no exception … The cozy relationship between the Zionist state and the various Kurdish groups centered at the intersection of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria goes back as far as the 1960s, as Jerusalem has consistently used them to undermine its enemies.

    And that’s why so many Arab nationalists refer to the goal of a politically independent Kurdistan as a ‘second Nakba.’

    • Agree: Max Parry
  18. @Russ3000

    You’re doing a fantastic job and already have more credibility here than even Fran Taubman. Wow!

  19. Meanwhile, Western media usually hostile to any semblance of radical politics have heavily promoted the Rojava federation as a feminist ‘direct democracy’ utopia, particularly giving excessive attention to the all-female Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) militia while ignoring the female regiments fighting for the secular Syrian government.

    They also choose to ignore that Kurds are the leading practitioners of female genital mutilation in the region. (See Iran and Iraq on the same page; not much data about Syria or Turkey but in Turkey the practice is associated with Kurds, too.)

    Also, “West Asia” is the only region where the practice is rising:

    (from Secular trends in the prevalence of female genital mutilation/cutting among girls: a systematic analysis)

  20. Russ3000 says:

    Ahhh, this is an anti-semitic website for extremist crackpots, my research tells me. I thought it was something to be taken seriously…. I understand now that you’re basically all a bit white, angry and unhinged. I mean who else would criticize the Kurds for their supposed ‘ethno-centric’ plans and demand they stay within the Syrian ‘Arab’ Republic without realising quite how silly that was?
    I just hope you guys don’t post in forums with a decent readership. Good day.

  21. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    “Good day.”

    So, no longer “here to stay”?

  22. Max Parry says:

    The Syrian government is secular, it is an ‘Arab’ republic not because of ethno-nationalism or ethnoreligious statehood a la Israel or the Gulf kingdoms but because of anti-colonialism. The Kurds quite explicitly are seeking to establish an ethnonationalist state.

  23. Omegabooks [AKA "Anon"] says: • Website

    As if Israel or anyone else gives a crap about Kurds. The yin to the Palestinians yang… At least Palestinians don’t fall for that “Israel-US” support crapola (well, the regular Palestinians don’t anyway, and even Abbas is waking up finally and didn’t fall for the deal of the century nonsense). The Kurds need to wake up…no one is gonna do their fighting for them (after all they’re not Israel…)

  24. Biff says:

    How the Pro-War “Left” Fell for the Kurds in Syria

    I just assumed it was a Trump thing, in that, if Trump was abandoning them then they must be good because Trump is bad – always bad .

    Or more to the point of how the weak mind works “The anti-Trump media says the Kurds need our support, so I support the kurds”

  25. Torcuato says:

    Could care less about the kurds of the middle east. Let’s get out and never go back.

  26. Ghali says:

    Are the Kurds different from the “Left”? I do not think so. The Kurds are Imperialism/Zionism best instrument. They have been fighting for Imperialism all their life, and they cannot see where they are going. For the Kurds, serving Imperialism/Zionism interest takes precedence over their interests.

  27. Cochore says:

    The issue is not solely about aircraft. Without Turkey, the US Navy loses easy access to the Black Sea.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  28. @NoseytheDuke

    You’re doing a fantastic job and already have more credibility here than even Fran Taubman. Wow!

    Russ3000’s just another bloated hasbara gunslinger, here to right a wrong.

    How wrong can one be?


  29. @Priss Factor

    The ‘left’ agenda comes down to ‘Is it good for Jews?’ and the ‘right’ agenda comes down to ‘Is it good for Jews?’ On Syria and Kurds, notice both ‘left’ and ‘right’ are agreed.

    Yep. Similarly, “the right” and “the left” are united in their adoration for the Islamic terrorists in Northwestern China and the Antifa thugs in Hong Kong.

    George Soros even came out and wrote a gushing op-ed for NBC, praising Trumpstein’s war on China.

    That’s when you know something is REALLY important for the Jews. When they willingly break the veneer of left-right theater they’ve created and have all their puppets unite for a common cause.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @annamaria
  30. Alfred says:

    There were plenty of Kurds in ISIS. There all types of Kurds. The label “Kurd” is used a lot in the media because the aim of the Israelis is to have some troublemakers between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. The current fury in Washington with Turkey has little to do with the purchase of S-400’s and a lot more to do with the fact that the Turks are putting an end to the dreams of Israel.

    BTW, the Kurds in Sulaymaniyah are quite different from the ones along the Turkish border. They are far more civilized and closer to Iranians in many ways.

    Huge tracts of land in the region are currently occupied by Kurds but were historically Arab or Armenian. They benefited a lot from the Turkish massacre of Armenians. In a similar way, they benefited a lot from the American massacre of Syrian and Iraqi Arabs – Muslim, Christian and Yezidi.

    ISIS and all the other scum were created by Israel, the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. You cannot train, equip and import mercenaries from 80+ countries without a lot of hard cash. The logistics are formidable. Lots of borders need to crossed by people with ostensibly no business in the region.

    • Agree: Charlemagne
    • Replies: @anonymous
  31. Antares says:

    The left ‘thinks’ by association. The same can be applied to the right, of course.

    Left people associate the right with:
    1) Authority
    2) Suppression
    3) Violence
    4) Old-age cruelty

    Associate a politician with these four characteristics and the left will denounce him as a right-wing dictator who has to go

    The left associates itself with:
    1) Humanity
    2) Freedom
    3) Equality
    4) Fairness

    This is exactly how the Kurds were portrayed by the media, and it worked.

    One would of course wonder why they can’t figure out where Guantanamo Bay stands in this picture, or how Israel treats ‘its’ Palestinians, or what DU does to a society.

  32. Plantman says:

    It’s very hard to find articles that provide background of Israel’s support for the kurds.
    Yes, Israel supported the Iraqi kurds referendum for independence which was opposed by every other country in the region, and yes, Israeli leaders have expressed support for a “second israel” in the middle East ( kurdistan). And yes, Israeli special forces have armed and trained kurdish fighters… But where is the documentary evidence that kurdistan is an Israeli project???

    Is there a book or article I can read on this topic???

    • Replies: @Alfred
  33. Seraphim says:

    If history would be any guide, one should pay some attention to a forgotten, misunderstood and deliberately obscured event of remote history, namely the role thet the diasporan Jewish Kingdom of Adiabene (roughly the present ‘Kurdistan’) played in the context of the endemic wars between Rome and Parthia/Persia, especially the Roman-Parthian Wars in the time of Emperor Trajan and the penultimate messianic Jewish revolt of 115-117 AD, the so called Kitos War (mered ha’galuyot or mered ha’tfutzot [מרד התפוצות]: rebellion of the diaspora. Latin: Tumultus Iudaicus. The last anti-Roman Jewish revolt (of Bar-Kochba) led, as it is known to the final destruction of Jerusalem.
    And the love story between Israel and the Kurds.

  34. Great summary of the Syrian situation.

    To the main topic of the article: I know American dumbasses with Che Guevara’s mug inked on their legs who will lecture you on how wonderfully ‘progressive’ the Kurds are.

    Good to also mention Chomsky’s influence here, the soul catcher of ignorant lefty youth.

  35. Kurds have a right for their own nation state that will include parts of Syria, Turkey, Iran & Iraq. The fact that their most powerful party is Marxist-Leninist is great; for an Islamic people, Marxist ideology is a giant step forward to modernization & secularization, away from medieval superstitions and an aggressive, socially retarded religion.

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Digital Samizdat
  36. @Russ3000

    You won’t find much Jew hatred here. Just Jew realism.
    Anti-semitism (a fake made up term from the late 19thc) is whatever Jews don’t like.

    Most commenters on Unz are for peace.
    Can Jews say the same?

    • Replies: @Willem
  37. Anonymous[347] • Disclaimer says:

    Through the years a lot of these blind jihadis have gotten themselves killed without ever realizing they were dupes of the US and for pay a fraction of that given to a US soldier.

    Razib Khan wrote a piece on how ISIS was made up of low-IQ inbred Salafis.

    The was very active recruitment in the West for jihadis. Online and through various communities in the U.K. and Western Europe. There are two possibilities, either Western intelligence agencies are totally incompetent (a real possibility) or they supported the jihad in Syria. I suspect the latter.

    Jihadis were given a modest amount of pay. They also received medical care, including in Israel, which treated ISIS and other Salafi fighters wounded in the jihad.

  38. : “Israel and the Kurds : Love by proxy ” By Ofra Bengio :
    “Over the past few years Israeli politicians …have been publicly advocating the establishment of a Kurdish state. ..Israelis have long been interested in the Kurds as junior partners in Ben-Gurion’s hallowed peripheral strategy which considered any competitor or adversary of the Arabs an objective ally of the Jewish state …”

  39. The ZUS is an invader and destroyer of Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya for the Israelis greater Israel agenda and proves again and again that the business of the ZUS is WAR, killing people and destroying nations and cultures for demonic , draconian and diabolical Israel.

    Lest anyone forget, the pretext for these wars was the Israeli and ZUS joint attack on the WTC on 911 and this will live in infamy if the truth ever reaches the American people.

  40. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Israel, and Gulf states in a joint effort to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by stoking the flames of the country’s Arab Spring in 2011 into a full blown uprising

    The so-called Arab Spring in Syria planning started back in 2006. It was never about liberating Syrians but busting up another nation that Israel wanted destroyed so that nation of thieves could steal more Syrian land.

    This is part of the 1982 Oded Yinon scheme to destroy outright–using America as mercs–nearby ME states that Israel wanted destroyed so to make it easier to steal their land.

    Now with Zion Don in the WH, whose mantra is MIGA–Make Israel Great Again–the Israelis and Zionists have the most sympathetic president since the traitor LBJ.

    “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

    According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”..

    The “Greater Israel” project consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of a US-Israeli expansionist project, with the support of NATO and Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the Saudi-Israeli rapprochement is from Netanyahu’s viewpoint a means to expanding Israel’s spheres of influence in the Middle East as well as confronting Iran. Needless to day, the “Greater Israel” project is consistent with America’s imperial design.

    When the slippery Trump wins in 2020, look for his pro-Israel machinations kick into high gear. Even a war with Iran, since that’s what Trump’s Sugar Daddy, the multi-billionaire Jew Sheldon Adelson wants, is very possible.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  41. Willem says:

    Depends on how you define Jews. And since there are a plentitude of definitions, I don’t find your comment helpful.

    And then there are also people here who comment (and are thus peaceful, since according to your definition ‘most’ UR commenters are peaceful) AND are Jewish (e.g. the web owner). – In which category would you place those people according to your definitions? Seems like an illogical proposition to me, which would mean that your comment is absurd.

    And then there are people here who consider Jewish as people that you do not agree with. Or people who should get the blame for all the things that somehow did not work out in their own life. I don’t find those definitions helpful, but am sure that plenty feel comfortable with the idea that at least a group of other people feel the same way as they do about Jews of which some are even able to write (more or less) in an articulate way, and whose example should therefore be followed. Which is the whole point of the excercise: don’t think, feel, preferably in anger to further dumb you down and write silly comments about groups.

    What that tells the watchful reader is tons about who you are. Whatever you define as Jew, I am pretty sure that that is just you looking at yourself in the mirror, for which you do not want to take your own responsibility

  42. I like the notion of boundaries — sovereignty. Syria and its population get to determine what’s what in Syria.

    Unfortunately, the case of who love the Kurds more is a toss up between interventionists of any breed as left, right and middle had apoplectic fits over a possible withdrawal.

    • Agree: Max Parry
  43. Rich says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Marxism is actually a step into barbarism. How much murder, torture and imprisonment have people throughout the world suffered because of this twisted ideology? The middle east is a very complicated place so I won’t try to settle the problem right now, but one thing for certain, Marxism is never the snswet.

    • LOL: Max Parry
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  44. gotmituns says:

    “pro war” = Let’s you and him fight.

  45. @Rich

    Marxism is, for Muslims, a step in the right direction.

    • Replies: @Rich
  46. Agent76 says:

    August 6, 2019 I am a Syrian Living in Syria

    “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government”

    American People, Please Help Us

    Oct 15, 2019 Syrian Exposes Media Lies About Syria Withdrawal

    A message to the American people from Syria – your media is lying to you.

  47. Alfred says:

    You’d think Assad was some kind of saint after reading this

    Yes. Assad is a kind of saint. His people adore him. He goes to the front line in an ancient beaten up car that he drives himself. He meets his armed soldiers without any bodyguards present.

    When is the last time a US president was able to do that?

    Here is Netanyahu at an election meeting yesterday. Fleeing to shelter – and surrounded by bodyguards. Doubtless his audience has been searched.

    ‘Start packing your bags!’ Netanyahu hints at targeted assassination after rocket siren spoils his campaign speech

    Why does the lying mainstream media never say that Assad was an ophthalmologist and family doctor in London?

    They wrote nice things about him with Tony Blair was trying to Zionise him and to get him to betray his county. He and his beautiful wife were invited to Downing Street.

    Blair attempts to woo Assad with London summit (2002)

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @barr
  48. @Bardon Kaldian

    It is not the job of the US Govt. to determine which foreign peoples are worthy of sovereignty and which aren’t; nor is it their job to determine which foreign people should own which tract of foreign land. Their sole sole job is defend our sovereignty and our land, and at that they are most definitely failing.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  49. Truth3 says:

    Oh for God’s sake… it’s obvious and you are oblivious.

    Kurds are cousins of the Jews. They have some Khazar, and a smattering of Hebrew DNA. The Jews use the Kurds any way they can. They are the anti-arabs of the northern Euphrates region.

    • LOL: Alfred
  50. @Digital Samizdat

    Welcome to the world. No world power has ever relinquished its status as a power; no world power has ever defined itself as being responsible solely (or mostly) for what happens only inside its borders.

    Welcome to real life.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
    , @Herald
  51. Alfred says:

    The Israelis have been hard at it for decades. Here is some background on how they use the Kurds against Iran. The Kurds and Persian peoples are both Aryan races BTW. Race does exist in the Middle East unlike in Europe and the USA. 🙂

    Foreign backed terrorism in Iran: Part two – US/Israeli backed insurgency and separatism in western Iran

    The Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani and his father Mustafa Barzani were/are in the pay of the Israelis. Masoud was born in Iran as his father sheltered there. At that time, the Shah was an ally of Israel. Hard to imagine today but Iranian and Israeli pilots trained together on their F-5’s. The Israelis largely trained Iran’s Savak and its torturers. It might be ancient history to readers, but Iranians have not forgotten or forgiven.

  52. Wally says:

    – See Max Parry’s and the Communist false claims about Guernica shattered here:

    • LOL: Max Parry
  53. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    About 10 years ago, Brad Pitt and his celebrity starved wife visited Syria. President Assad took them personally on a tour of places they wanted to see.
    They were both amazed that Assad didn’t have a security detail, as opposed to what happens to an American city when the prez visits.

    These Hollywood types seem to be full of…something. AFTER the illegal war(s) start, posing for photo-ops (of starving and wounded kids) but they are completely clueless about protesting the slaughter before it starts.
    Then again, they live in La-La Land and protesting against Wars for Wall Street and Israel is a good way to crater your career.

  54. refl says:

    If the Spanish Civil War was a dress rehearsal for WWII, it remains to be seen if Syria proves to be a run-through for another global conflict.

    Let’s take a look at the next developments to be expected. Among the millions of ‘refugees’ pumped into Europe from 2015 onwards, a sizable fraction have fought in the various insurgencies across the Arab world. In fact, a number of them even were recruited from European countries, so there is no chance of sorting them out.
    The destruction of Libia and Irak has cut off support from the Palestinians. So will the chaos to be spread across Europe. The nationalist parties on the rise throughout Europe are all steadfast supporters of Zionism – they have to, because their standing in their respective countries is so precarious that they would break apart, should they ever seriously oppose Israel.
    And indeed, Kurds are one of the mayor factions among the terrorist groupings in Europe, who are waiting for their call.

    If one wonders, how Kurds could be so dump to fall for the poisonous offer of support from the US and Israel, just imagine their fighting forces as a lose entity composed of mafia-like subgroupings. There will always be some leader to some group willing to sell out for a small advantage for himself. Neither should you imagine ISIS as a group of missguided religious zealots. These are fighting hords who will follow the side in conflict with the largest gain to offer, and they have certain means to attract dump young people who can do the dying buisness.
    Soon to be admired in the European theater.

    • Agree: Alfred
  55. barr says:
    @Alfred “the trip is seen as tremendous opportunity to boost its international standing after it made a dramatic reversal of its policy and voted in favor of UN resolution on tougher resolution against Iraq ”

    Only one way and no other way to increase the international standing is by becoming a door amp of the west ,by becoming the lap dog wagging and salivating at the pictures of the western leaders and by agreeing to murder the innocents.

  56. barr says:

    “You’d think Assad was some kind of saint”

    Do you think Bush Cheney Obama are ? Do you think Netanhoo, MbS or Modi are ? Why are they out in the open sucking the oxygen out of the humanity ? Why Wolfowits Kagan Perle Bolton Gaffney Feith Abrams are not in jail ?

    Let me tell you they are not and they are million times worse than Assad.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  57. Altai says:

    This was always the part that made me laugh. The Kurds are mostly mountain people and some of the least ‘progressive’ people in the entire world. To give some perspective, the kind of Turks who vote for Erdogan consider them to be socially backward.

    There is nothing wrong with that, there is no reason why mountain people would be expected to be progressive or that they have ever yet been given the opportunity to ‘refuse’ to be that way, but it was funny to see the Israeli-style ‘victim and oppressor isn’t defined by what you do or what happens to you but purely on how similar your internal society is to that of current year Manhattan’.

  58. sally says:

    not just too long, but lacks outsider friendly diagrams <= to fully understand the confusion..
    purposely generated by the propagandist to cover, confuse and camouflage the Truth in Syria.
    The names used for the various outsider units fighting in Syria have been changed many times since 2013. The same invaders have operated under many names in the attempt to take down Assad. Corporations urge host governments to provide money, weapons and armies and to pick fights in actions against foreign governments because the corporations want valuable resources, minerals, or business interested protected by the foreign government (this is called imperialism).

    The Syrian girl video was helpful but it failed to map the conflict sufficiently, to identify the location and to explain the resources involved in the conflict so that the outsiders can understand. Everyone in Syria must be properly identified, and their liabilities for war crimes identified before the war in Syria can end.

    The war in Syria, like most wars, is driven by private usually corporate interest <= and promoted by the massively wealthy bankers, CEOs and oligarch private parties that own these corporations. They usally own the media in the host country and so they can doctor and deliver propaganda and can push (lobby) the host government's to target and to do whatever it takes to deny those the foreign government any way to nourish competing interest or protect valuable resources within the sovereign the govern. If it takes war, regime change, sanction of activities, whatever, the host government is lobbied to make the resources and commercial interest owned or protected by another, easy to take; because taking is many times cheaper than competing.

    Missing completely from this presentation is the names of the guilty corporations. Get those names, post also the names of the lobbyist at the host governments because without the corporate and special private interest lobbyist there would be no war. Concentrate on the elements behind the scene a British Corporation has a name, and it is not the British did it, but the _____ corporation, a British hosted corporation, did it.

    Look at John bottom up war against war.

    • Agree: Alfred
  59. The false flag terrorist attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were ordered by the International Banking Cartel, overseen by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Tel Aviv, and coordinated with Neocon Zionists in Washington, D.C.  This well-planned terror operation was carried out to (i) declare the bogus War on Terror, (ii) establish the Stasi-like Department of Homeland Security and (iii) pass the unconstitutional Patriot Act.  Each of these events was designed to further strip Americans of their rights and liberties, as well as to lay the groundwork for a future war against the Patriot Movement.  There are no other treasonous acts of terrorism which have so prepped the US government to wage a war on its own citizenry.  The many Jewish traitors know they have nowhere to run but Israel when these truths are generally known, so they have locked the whole place down until their next big move.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  60. Henry Kissinger reportedly once remarked, “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”

    This observation, if Kissinger made it, is hardly original. Lord Palmerston is credited with having said that “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.”

    Status as an “ally” implies more than simple friendship. Allies are bound to their alliance by formal agreements. Turkey is an ally of the United States through NATO. Turkey has not conducted itself as a “friend” of the United States, and the wisdom of that alliance is doubtful, but it retains the force of law. The Kurds may have been “friends” but they were never allies of the United States.

  61. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [As a result of the media’s exoticized portrayal of the Kurds and their endorsement by prominent misleaders on the left, from Slavoj Žižek to Noam Chomsky, many have been fooled into supporting them.]

    Thank you for exposing the closet zionist imposters. Chomsky is an impostor who fool the dummies since he loves the zionist Tribe and he is part of the Tribe. Zizek is a fraud ‘philosopher’, like Bernard Henri Levy who goes to Israel and admire the zionist baby killers. He is nothing but a zionist Clown.
    If Trotsky was alive, he would have been a rabid zionist. No one from the tribe can be trusted. All are fifth column

    I just watched “La vérité ” meaning ‘the truth’ directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. In the Supplement section, they showed the biography of Henri-Georges Glouzot where there was a scandal during the occupation surrounding the director, where let banning his films where was not permitted to work for two years.

    Henri-Georges Glouzot was influenced by German Cinema and spend time in Germany. Many Catholics, communists and the ‘left’ hated him.
    But something came out of this piece that I did not know: The story was that French people were fed up with the influence of the Jews saying: This is the last opportunity to control the influence of the Jews, if NOT, then the Jews will RULE you soon.

    Something that has happened.

    I was surprised that French Knew what was going on.

    The traitor Kurds must be exposed as zionist/imperialist pawns and terrorist where Noam chomsky promote for the Oded Yinon criminal project. Noam Chomsky is a zionist impostor and no one should trust him.

  62. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    The traitor Kurds are Israel proxy and US terrorists for the criminal plan, Oded Yinon, which is nothing but chaos in the states in the Middle East based on religous and ethnic divide in order to create allies for the zionist baby killers, like ‘kurdistan’, where so far has been defeated. The criminal Trump Jewish mafia regime view Iraq as a divided country, but is very active in constructing a phony state of ‘sunnies’ in al anbar region. Trump also using the traitor Kurds to steal Syrian oil transferring to Israel. Israel is pushing for the criminal plan ‘oded Yinon’ to steal Iraq, Syria oils using their behind kissers, Massoud Barzani, the criminal kurd, and Erdogan, the terrorist invader to steal the oil from Iraq and Syria to feed Palestinian occupied land, Israerl. Trump is a thief and a fifth column working hard for the interest of his Jewish zionist family and the Jewish Tribe. His regime is totally funded by the fifth column Jewish mafia. Trump is NOT for peace, rather he is for WAR. He is a pathological LIAR.

    The invasion of Iraq for the interest of the Jewish mafia Tribe brought traitor kurds into power. Now, the Kurds in Iraqi government 100% are in the pocket of Jewish mafia and their servants, like Trump or previous zionist regime, Obama. The president of Iraq is a traitor Kurd who work with Israel and US, criminal Trump, against the interest of Iraq. The Kurds are a fifth column working with Jewish Tribe against Iraqi people.

    Trump follow the road map, created chaos in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran to topple governments in Iraq and Iraq. The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mahdi, resigned as a result. His fault was that he would not allow US/Israel and the traitor kurds to use Iraq against Iran. Also he made agreement with China.

    Now, a new PM has been nominated, but the traitor Kurds actively siding with criminal Trump and Israel and the axis of evil Britain-Israel-US against the new PM because they want a US/Israel puppet.

    Iraq’s parliament on Wednesday nominated Asaad al-Eidani, the governor of the southern province of Basra, as the new prime minister, a move rejected by many protesters (funded by Saudi Arabia, US) and Barham Salih, the Kurdish President of Iraq installed by US/Israel.

    Barham Salih says he would rather resign than name Iran-backed bloc’s nominee as PM.
    He said that because the constitution does not give him the right to reject nominees for the premiership, he was ready to submit his resignation to Parliament.

    The traitor kurds are a fifth column in Iraq where working for the enemies of Iraqi people. The should be exposed all over the world. Whoever is working for the Jewish mafia is an enemy and should be executed or assassinated. The world is fed up with blood shed that the zionists and their pimps are making all over the world.

    More than half of the world population are under economic sanctions designed and implemented by the Jewish mafia at the US treasury and their pimps at the WH, and the Congress.
    We are fed up, fed up.

    Why the PM of Iraq should be determined by Jewish and zionist pimps like Trump, Pompeo or Netanyahu. Kill them all by voting new people against the interest of Jewish mafia.

    Anyone who is funded by the Jewish Mafia is your ENEMY and should be destroyed.

  63. What the hell is this article supposed to be about? He should have written one article about the geopolitics of the Kurds in Syria, and another about the Spanish Civil War. As it stands it’s just a mess.

  64. mcohen says:

    In his seminal book “The kurds and the coming of the messiah”,the great jewish historian alfred newmansky describes how the kurds are discovered to be one of the lost tribes of israel.He goes on to say that many kurds secretly practise the rite of bombas kazee, an ancient hebrew benediction of the mother earth.fascinating stuff.

  65. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    [the great jewish historian alfred newmansky describes how the kurds are discovered to be one of the lost tribes of israel.]

    Absolutely BS. The criminal Jewish tribe has made many useful slaves as their ‘lost tribes of israel’.
    One of these fake lost tribe is the following:

    [The Bnei Menashe are an ethnolinguistic group in India’s North-Eastern border states of Manipur and Mizoram. Since the late 20th century, the Chin, Kuki, and Mizo peoples of this particular group claim descent from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel and have adopted the practice of Judaism.]

    another hoax lost tribe is is the Pashtuns – with a lot of Oil and Gas, is considered ‘lost tribe of Israel’:

    [There is a tradition among the Pashtuns of being descended from the exiled lost tribes of Israel.]

    Also Berbers in Morocco and North Africa is considered as part of Jewish Tribe.

    OK, the theory is that WHERE EVER is resources and minerals, water, gold, Oil and Gas, Diamond, Silver, Uranium and other resources, there is a ‘lost tribe of Israel’.

    Pure rubbish.

    The fact is that the colonists, AshkeNAZI are NOT even semites. The Hebrews are semites

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @mcohen
  66. Wally says:
    @Max Parry

    – Max Parry’s own word expose his duplicity rather well, see:

    – Such things like his denial of Stalin’s plan to attack Germany.
    – Stalin apologist Parry has alleged a genocide by Germany against Slavs for which he has no proof.
    – Parry further reveals his Jews First leanings by touting the fake & impossible “holocaust” which has been utterly debunked at UR.

    – Parry said here:
    ” it was Muslim volunteers who formed the nucleus of the 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st Albanian), whose foremost victims were Christian Orthodox Serbs, in addition to Jews and Roma .”

    LOL. Once again, he presents no proof because he cannot.
    Max Parry has all the ingredients of the run-of-the-mill shyster who dodges challenges.

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  67. @Russ3000

    /I just hope you guys don’t post in forums with a decent readership./

    The readership here equals or surpasses that of The Nation and The New Republic.

    Which is why sock-puppets such as you keep coming back for more punishment.

  68. @A123

    A123 says: “Turkey unilaterally spiked relations with the U.S. by trying to position Russian S400 systems adjacent to U.S. F35’s. Unwinding the mess is admittedly complex due to NATO alliance.

    The U.S. can easily do without Turkey. Regional air missions can fly from naval carriers, Greece, Israel, and even Italy.”

    Wrong! The US “unilaterally spiked relations” with Turkey. Obama’s CIA working with exiled theocrat Fethullah Gulen and his followers in Turkey attempted a coup to overthrow Erdogan in 2016. It failed completely after a few tense days. When Erdogan demanded Gulen to be turned over, Obama refused. Erdogan remarked that whenever Obama and the CIA had demanded “terrorists”, Turkey had complied, “no questions asked”. Erdogan (and all of Turkey which suddenly united under him) read Obama’s refusal as betrayal (probably Obama refused because of the embarrassing statements which would have come from Gulen when questioned by the Turks). After Obama’s betrayal, Erdogan quickly aligned with Russia and China and bought the Russian S400 systems in 2017.

    A bigger concern than the clunky F35s are the nuclear warheads that Turkey always kept as a bulwark of NATO. Maybe the neocons and neoliberals convinced Obama that Ukraine is a more reliable ally than Turkey. Looking at history that is a major misstep. However, on the other hand, if you need a NATO (US) nuclear weapon, you can probably buy some cheap from the corrupt Ukrainians.

  69. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [ the Kurds in Sulaymaniyah are quite different from the ones along the Turkish border. They are far more civilized and closer to Iranians in many ways.]

    The Kurds are Iranians. The kurds are an Iranian ethnic group native to a mountainous region of Western Asia known as Kurdistan.

    [Huge tracts of land in the region are currently occupied by the Kurds, but were historically Arab or Armenian.]

    It is NOT true. All of Kurdistan region belong to Iran, Persia until 1541.
    In the beginning of the 16th century, the better equipped army of Ottoman empire invaded Iran to grab land, and could steal part of Kurdistan in Iran, but could not occupy Tabriz. This is know as The Battle of Chaldiran جنگ چالدران

    The British empire controlled by the Rothscild family were interested to erect Israel in occupied Palestine because Abdulhamid, the Ottoman Sultan was not giving an inch of Palestine to the criminal Tribe. Herzl tried to bribe Abdulhamid to let the Jews go to Palestine, but was not successful. These activities were in 1880 and on.
    They decided to break the empire using Both Arabs and Kurds let by Jew, and other minorities for the interest of the western imperialism. Now, we know what happened.

    The part of Kurdistan that was taken from Iran by FORCE, then was divided further given a part to Iraq, a part to Turkey and a part to Syria. That’s why the Kurds are located in different countries. All the kurdish region was part of IRAN until 1541.
    These criminals do it with purpose, so they can use it in the future for their criminal plan. They go step by step. It is important to organize and create a front now to destroy these terrorists and thieves.

    [The Battle of Chaldiran (Persian: جنگ چالدران) took place on 23 August 1514 and ended with a decisive victory for the Ottoman Empire over the Safavid Empire. As a result, the Ottomans annexed Eastern Anatolia and northern Iraq from Safavid Iran.]

    • Replies: @Alfred
  70. Max Parry says: • Website

    Muh 9/11! Muh “the Jews”!

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  71. Rich says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Can’t agree with that. Marxists are usually cold blooded killers, seeking power for themselves, while selling a weird kind of” heaven on earth Utopia”, which usually takes in the most gullible of human beings. In the end, all Marxist Utopias turn into tyrannical dictatorships where a small elite feed on the masses. It’s always going to work “next time”, but it never does. They’d be better off under the old Ottomans or Romans or Babylonians, then to buy into the Marxist claptrap.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  72. RJJCDA says:

    Your “quote” from Kissinger was actually made by Lord Palmerston when he was Foreign Minister of Great Britain. His actual quote (some differ as to adjectives that he used): “Britain has no permanent friends, nor permanent enemies, only permanent interests.”

  73. When you’re a nomad, don’t put up fences.

  74. @Rich

    Who are you, or anyone, to tell a people what to do? They want to get rid of oppressors; they haven’t succeeded so far, but they keep on fighting.

    And I believe they’ll liberate themselves, whichever the costs- Marxism as the best ideology for such a group of people, considering the history & culture of the region. The worst Marxism is better than the best Islamism.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Beefcake the Mighty
  75. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [The worst Marxism is better than the best Islamism.]

    The left in the middle east sacrificed a lot for very little in the mid 20th century, because they were anti colonial and imperialism, but had no idea about Zionism.

    In most of 20th century, the left was supported by millions of people, where few knew what was preached because majority of the ‘left’ were poorly educated. But the left was decieved by the Jews for the interest of zinism and Israel.
    I remember, almost no one was talking about zionism. The left in the middle east including Iranians and even Arabs were supportive of zionism and were printing kibbutz in their magazine. The zionists were busy to bring the intellectual left to their site, that’s why Israel was inviting influential intellectuals who had a lot of followers in their own country to Israel to feed them zionism to make them against Arabs and Palestinians. To sell their hoax history to them, because they were a good messenger for their propaganda.

    One of these intellectuals from Iran, was Jalal Al Ahmad, with deep influence among people and the left. Al Ahmad was invited to Israel by the government as a guest, to be influenced. He, after return, warned the people that Israel is EXTENSION of Imperialism in the region.

    But, Israel bought many self claimed ‘leftists’ to write against Arabs.

    Today, majority of the Iranian and Arab ‘left’, are in the pocket of zionism and Imperialism. Majority are making the same propaganda as the zionist Jews, holding Islam as the enemy and do not see the crimes of zionism and imperialism. These phony ‘left’ even claim that there is NO imperialism.
    The question of Palestine, and the crimes of zionism and imperialism mainly are spread and told by the ‘Islamism’ and not left.

    Majority of the secular and left ‘opposition’ are lied up behind zionism and imperialism doors to get their share of funding \$\$\$ and Euro, even from the Saudis.

    No left remains, only pro war zionists. Majority of these traitors send a petition to align themselves with the zionist to support the wars against innocent people.

    You can find their signed petitions, and their love letters to criminals like Bush, Obama and Trump, and even Netanyahu, especially by the traitor kurds, begging for more wars and arms all over the Internet.
    Their conferences are funded by NED, and the western intelligence services including Mosad.

  76. Rich says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    You believe trading one oppressive system for another is a good move? Beelzebub instead of Moloch? I strongly disagree with you. Marxism leads to hunger, gulags and lost generations. Sure, kill the Tsar, then everyone else. Marxism is a system that is opposed to human nature. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”? Come on, do you believe in fairies and elves, too? Marxism is a cult for the gullible, or those who seek power. Enough Utopianism, it’s the 21st century for crying out loud.

  77. Communists and descendants of the main executioners of the Christian Armenians and diaspora Greeks. The Kurds should have been culled a long time ago to send a message, along with the Turks. Sadly the west was taken over by Jewish interests long before WW1, so no Christian reconquista of the former Christian territories (e.g., Constantinople) was possible after the defeat of the Ottomans.

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  78. @Priss Factor

    What really struck me about the shilling of Rojava in the press and online was how similar the female brigades were to Zionist propaganda of attractive women in uniform holding guns. It followed the exact same tactic of somehow legitimizing a regime because they have hot chicks with guns, which Israel has pushed hard on social media for years

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Alfred
  79. Max Parry says:

    “Communists” saved the Armenians from virtual extinction…

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  80. denk says:

    The ‘humanitarian bombers’...
    Enablers of US imperialism ,

    Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Tibet, Xinjiang, HK, ……

  81. Avery says:

    {“Communists” saved the Armenians from virtual extinction…}

    ……after Bolsheviks saved Ottoman Turkey from defeat and dismemberment at the hands of Tsarist Army* during WW1, when they recalled it from Caucasus, while Turks were on the run.
    ….after Bolsheviks (V.I. Lenin) saved Mustafa Kemal – who was on the ropes, practically finished – by giving him tons of gold, wagon loads of new Mosin-Nagant rifles, wagon loads of ammunition, cannon,……

    Too far off topic to delve into all that transpired in those years.

    Bolsheviks did stop Turks from overrunning Caucasus – after they saved Turks from oblivion: so it is not as simple as you make it out to be.
    Armenia did benefit from Soviet rule – industrialisation, infrastructure, education, sciences…..
    But at what cost? Stalin “gave” historic Armenian Nagorno-Karabagh** (Artsakh) to Caspian Turks, the fake republic of Azerbaijan. He also “gave” historic Armenian territory of Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan…

    *e.g. Battle of Sarikamish

    ** Artsakh was liberated in May of 1994 (after a 6 year war).

    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @anonymous
  82. @Bardon Kaldian

    A materialist turd teaching about “real life”…

  83. mcohen says:

    Alred newmansky was a world leading researcher and who are you to question newmansky and what exactly would your qualifications be.hmmmm.

  84. Alfred says:

    The land belongs to its inhabitants. By your logic, Georgia also belongs to Iran as does all of Azerbaijan. It is the same logic used by the Fascists in Kiev to attack Russian-speakers in the east. The same logic used by the Zionists to claim Palestine.

    The reality is that the Iranians were only the rulers of Georgia and other places. The Turks also ruled Egypt for hundreds of years, but that does not make Egypt Turkish. Few Egyptians are of Turkish descent.

    I agree that today a lot of Kurds are Iranians, but another lot are not. They are Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish. There are plenty of Kurds in the Turkish army and in the Iranian army.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  85. Alfred says:
    @Pop Warner

    They might even be using the same girls. 🙂

  86. Herald says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Well now, if the spoiled brat US can’t come to it own senses, then it too will have to face real life head on and that it is going to be very painful experience for everyone.

  87. @Bardon Kaldian

    Zionism is worse than both, wouldn’t you say?

  88. Max Parry says: • Website

    I agree the Soviets made a mistake in creating Azerbaijan.

  89. @Max Parry

    You should stick to shilling for the Chinese capitalists.

  90. Charlemagne says: • Website
    @Max Parry

    Not really. They’re both communist.

  91. @Max Parry

    At least he can explain the curiosity of Israel historically supporting the Kurds while also allying with the Turks. Can you? (Hint: it has nothing to do with arcane ideological pissing matches from the Spanish Civil War.)

  92. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [The same logic used by the Zionists to claim Palestine.]

    I was not saying that all of kurdistan should be returned to Iran, rather I was giving the history of kurdistan how it was taken from Iran and later it was divided further during the WWI by the zionists and imperialists.
    But, today the same criminal zionists are doing the same using Azerbaijan and its ‘leader’ Aliev, a zionist servant, as a BASE to create chaos to topple the Iranian government so they can partition Iran to steal Iran’ resources. So the criminal zionists are using two former Iranian territories, the north of Iraq, the kurds, and Azerbaijan to implement Oded Yinon where will take it into their graves, one by one.

    That’s why the zionist Jews have created a base of traitors both in Iraqi Kurdistan and in Azerbaijan, part of Azerbaijan taken by military attack by Russia against Iran during Nicolas I in 1828 from Iran. Can you be silent? Majority of these fake oppositions are funded by Mosad-CIA-MI6 for the criminal expansionist project.

    Iranians will cut their enemies into pieces.

  93. anonymous[307] • Disclaimer says:

    [Bolsheviks did stop Turks from overrunning Caucasus – after they saved Turks from oblivion: so it is not as simple as you make it out to be.]

    I agree with you. But the Soviet found themselves in the driving seat to do the same as the Turks and Mongol were doing to other ethnic groups like Tajik (persian).

    The empire builders control by the divide and rule to suppress people and eliminate resistance. Stalin did the same.

    Stalin like other Russian rulers before him, tried to hold other ethnic groups back to rule over them. One of these people were Tajik who were divided and settled in three different countries.

    Tajik (Persian) origin of Samani empire during 9th-10th centuries with capital city Bukhara.The Samani empire ruled much of todays Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and other areas. Iranian and Tajiks are from the same roots and heritage and share the same language.

    But, after Tajik areas taken by the Bolsheviks and Pan-Turkists, the language of Tajiks – Persian was withdrawn from education, publication, administration and official circulation in Bukhara and Samarqand and was replaced with Turkic. Not only the language, but the Persian heritage of Tajikistan also was disregarded. More than two million Tajiks didn’t have any publication in their own language . The new education system in these cities was largely designed in the Turkic (Uzbek) language.
    In order to control Tajik, Stalin settled Tajiks in three different countries, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uzbakistan, and made two important Persian cities, Bukhara and Samarqand, part of Uzbakistan, a crime against humanity.

    That’s why you see so many Tajiks in Uzbakistan and Afghanistan, where Persian language is their mother tongue. There are more Tajiks outside of Tajikistan due to Stalin’s empire building.


    [But at what cost? Stalin “gave” historic Armenian Nagorno-Karabagh** (Artsakh) to Caspian Turks, the fake republic of Azerbaijan. ]

    Right again. ‘Republic’ ofAzerbaijan, now a zionist base, was part of Iranian territory until 1828. It was stolen by Nicolas I, the Russian emperor in 1828, attacking Iranian territory.

    [[The Treaty of Turkmenchay was an agreement between Persia (Iran) and the Russian Empire, which concluded the Russo-Persian War (1826–28). It was signed on 10 February 1828 in Torkamanchay, Iran. By the treaty, Persia ceded to Russia control of several areas in the South Caucasus: the Erivan Khanate, the Nakhchivan Khanate, and the remainder of the Talysh Khanate. The boundary between Russian and Persia was set at the Aras River. These territories comprise modern-day Armenia, the southern parts of the modern-day Republic of Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan, as well as Iğdır Province (now part of Turkey).]]

    • Replies: @barr
  94. @Max Parry

    Thanks for the correction. I was thinking of Nat Parry.

  95. @A123

    “The Navy F18 and Air Force F15 can use conformal fuel tanks yielding unsupported combat mission ranges of over 800 miles (1). Almost all Incirlik missions could be flown from a carrier in the Med.”

    You’re joking, right?

    We have a handful of carriers to cover the entire globe. If you want reliable and persistent combat air presence over the interior northern Middle East, regional air bases are required. (In any case, the F-18 is going out of service, and the F-15 does not fly off of carriers.)

    But the issue is much larger than Incirlik itself. Turkey has been a valuable ally since the end of WW II. They have a long-standing antipathy to Russia and a current problem with Chinese policy in Xinjiang (vis-a-vis the Uygurs.) They are in a position to block egress from the Black Sea, and they have the second largest army in NATO. They enjoy increasing influence in the Sunni Muslim world and will undoubtedly surpass Saudi influence at some point, as the latter’s energy reserves decline.

    Turkey cannot simply be written off. It’s much too valuable for that.

    But the Turks have grown increasingly unhappy with our Israel-uber-alles Middle East strategy, and that has led our conniving Jews to grow commensurately hostile to this critical ally of the US. Because these vile parasites–the Jews, I mean–have managed to corrupt our policy process, we are now engaged in self-destructive behavior in the region that has deeply alienated Turkey and Erodgan.

    Now, you, the consummate shabbogoy, are trying to rationalize all this insanity by telling us that the loss of Turkey is of no strategic consequence.

    That’s absurd. Stop groveling before Massa Jew. Russia and China are the beneficiaries of this Jew-induced policy disaster for the US.

    • Replies: @A123
  96. barr says:

    Injustice has a boundary . It is dismissable if it happened between 1400 and 1950 with certain exception like mistreatment of ethnic communities by Turkey (while the country was under invasion from equally savage nations like UK France Soviet with proven record of the mass killings and ethnic cleansing ) .
    . The chain reactions or the domino effects are not allowed to flow over even morally ,let alone legally. That time frame defines what is good desirable civilizational , and highly creative. WTF !

    Apparently “other” just should take it and go home

  97. anaccount says:

    The Kurds love Communism and Israel so much I wouldn’t be surprised they were a bunch of crypto rats. I really don’t care but if I had to pick a side it would be the side that hates Israel and isn’t communist.

  98. A123 says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    You’re joking, right?

    You are being intentionally deceptive, right?

    — The U.S. *does not need* Incirlik. However convenient it may be, there are other options for 100% of all current missions from that facility.
    — The U.S. does not need or want Erdogan’s dreams of regime change in Syria. Only Hillary and her NeoConDemocrats want that.
    — The U.S. does not need Erdogan’s fantasies about a restored Ottoman Empire. Again, if you are on Hillary’s side, you may share that non-U.S. aligned dream with her.

    Also critical to regional stability – U.S. moral obligations to innocent Christians:

    – – Resisting Erdogan’s attempts to steal Christian resources from Christian Cyprus.
    – – Supporting the Christian “EastMed” pipeline that will link Cyprus, Greece, and Italy to counter Mullah Merkel’s passive-aggressive threat to European Christianity.

    If Turkey would return to non-jihadi behaviour, the U.S. would *like* to work with its people. As long as Erdogan is making Turkey more extreme, jihadist, and unstable – It is simple prudence for the U.S. to make sure an exit is easily available.

    We are *not* fighting Putin to help Erdogan.. If Erdogan exits NATO by starting a war, he is on his own

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  99. @A123

    “If Turkey would return to non-jihadi behaviour, the U.S. would *like* to work with its people. As long as Erdogan is making Turkey more extreme, jihadist, and unstable – It is simple prudence for the U.S. to make sure an exit is easily available.”

    Erdogan’s pro-jihadi behavior is certainly a problem, but since we have our own pro-jihadi legacy in Syria–before we switched over to a pro-Kurd strategy–we’re not in much position to whine. Even as we speak, we are supporting Erdogan in Idlib and impeding the Russian-Syrian attempts to eliminate the last Jihadi safe zone in the country. This is all because Israel doesn’t want a stabilized, reunified Syria that retains its claim to the occupied Golan.

    “Resisting Erdogan’s attempts to steal Christian resources from Christian Cyprus.”

    We wouldn’t much care about him going up against Cyprus for energy resources, if he and Turkey were still a close strategic partner of Israel. But since Turkey has broken with the Judenreich, we now obsess about this sort of thing. We certainly haven’t cared about the fate of Christians in Palestine, Iraq and Syria. We have made all their lives much worse.

    “Supporting the Christian “EastMed” pipeline that will link Cyprus, Greece, and Italy to counter Mullah Merkel’s passive-aggressive threat to European Christianity.”

    I’m happy to support energy projects unless they are simply front-projects for the machinations of pro-Israel international Jewry, as the pipeline you cite most certainly is. Of course, you omit to mention Israel’s central role in it because you are a loyal shabbosgoy.

    “We are *not* fighting Putin to help Erdogan.”

    Well what the hell are we doing? We’re alienating both Russia and Turkey and Iran in order to serve the goals of international Jewry. Once again, sweet shabbosgoy, it seems all you care about is performing fellatio on Massa Jew.

    • Agree: Alfred, anaccount
    • Replies: @Iris
  100. Parry had to go and trigger the right wingers by using the super scary word COMMUNIST! so we get an entire CIA approved thread about the bazillions murdered by super scary MARXISTS! Never fails.

    Glenn Beck and John Hagee can die happy knowing their mission is complete! Seems that the majority of people from the former Soviet Union haven’t watched enough CIA-TV. Majority of them still say life was better under the evil mass murdering commies than it is now, they also felt safer to express their political views. Crazy!

    Good article, don’t know too much about the Kurds, sounds like they have some learning to do about trusting the empire. Fools. As far as the “left” I reckon you mean the liberal/media class that is supposedly left, but hates anything left of conservatives like Hillary Clinton. Pro-war, pro-empire, pro-austerity, love Wall St. Anti-union, anti-socialist Not left at all, very right wing. The folks that watch/believe that stuff are not left, just programmed zombies. Like some of the right wingers here that really believe Soros is a commie, the Israeli govt are “leftists” and commies. Totally programmed. Up is down, left is right, war is peace, Qanon etc, it would be funny if it wasn’t so creepy.

    There is a small group of commies in Israel, they’re pro-peace, anti-war, want equality for Palestinians, in other words they’re not Jewish supremacists. You can read some of their views here:

    Hey Parry, ran across this short video of Putin revealing some documents the other day, related to the subject of the last article you posted up here, I think.

    Putin Brings the FACTS! Europe Made Deals With Hitler But Now Wants to Blame Russia For WWII!

    • Agree: Max Parry
    • Replies: @Rich
  101. denk says:

    The world’s Muslims supported the fukus concocted R2p[lunder] in Ex Yugoslavia.

    Muslims are up in arms again, falling for the fukus agitated campaign to ‘save the Muslim UIghurs in Xinjiang and the Rohingyas in Myanmar’.

    fukus really know how to play that Ummah tune, works like a charm, every single time.

  102. Max Parry says: • Website

    I appreciate your comment, it is rare to encounter anyone here that isn’t a complete yokel.

    Thanks for the link, In Defense of Communism is a great blog.

    Yes, the EU’s latest piece of historical revisionism is the latest in a dangerous trend. Worst is that Trots are assisting them with the false narrative about the reasons for the Molotov Ribbentrop pact.

    • Replies: @Iris
  103. Iris says:
    @Max Parry

    Worst is that Trots are assisting them with the false narrative about the reasons for the Molotov Ribbentrop pact.

    Trotskyists always were the treacherous fifth column dedicated to destroy the socialist/communist labour movements from the inside, so no surprise there.

    Trotskyist factions are overwhelmingly composed of people of Jewish descent; a leading French Trotskyist once publicly joked that they could hold their meetings in Yiddish, so no surprise there neither.

    Among the greatest intellectual weaknesses found in this website, especially when discussing the reasons of WW2, is the dismissal of the importance of communism as representative of the world Labour movement.

    Indigenous working classes were as much an enemy to predatory financial oligarchies as Nazi Germany or Communist USSR were; the former nation had to be crushed because it was the natural leader of the Eurasian heartland, the latter nation because it was a ideological model for a world fairer to working classes. Best.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @anon
  104. annamaria says:

    “Pack of lies’ on behalf of Al-Qaeda: Security experts rip into ‘Douma chemical attack’ probe after latest OPCW leak:”

    The US, UK and France launched missile strikes against Syria in April 2018, after ‘White Helmets’ and jihadist rebels accused the government of a chemical attack in the town of Douma. …

    Emails published by WikiLeaks on Friday, however, show that a senior OPCW official ordered to “remove all traces” of the engineering assessment questioning the report’s conclusions. …

    It is notable that the US, UK and France launched their missile strikes [against Syria] before the OPCW investigators even reached Douma. … US officials seem to have pressured the OPCW to find the Syrian military responsible for the alleged chemical attack “regardless of what the actual scientists on the ground discovered.” …the implications of the apparent cover-up go far beyond OPCW’s credibility, also raising the question of who might have been behind what amounts to a war crime in Douma.

    “If a chemical attack did not kill all of those victims, mostly children, then what on earth did?”

    Who has ordered to kill the children of Douma? Who has been financing Eliot Higgins, the former salesman of ladies underwear, to manufacture the lies about Assad? Who among the ziocons of the Atlantic Council and the Department of War Studies at King’s College London has been paid to spread the lies and encourage the murderous activities of “White Helmets,” these hand-fed fanatics? Israel and the UK showed extraordinary care about the “White Helmets” killers, whereas Netflix (along with two profiteering idiots, Orlando von Einsiedel and Joanna Natasegar) promoted the killers into a rank of saints.

    It is quite possible that the guilty party are the same squealers that have been involved in the coverup of Mossad activities that have been using children as underage sex-toys for blackmailing the pliable politicians. The story of MH17, the amusing Skripal saga of unending lies, and the ziocon putsch in Kiev are all the facets of the same amoral yet profitable policies by the past and present presidents of the US, France, and the US. Now is the time to call the specific individuals (mega-scoundrels) for who they are — war criminals.

    • Replies: @Iris
  105. annamaria says:

    What is dirty is the British Catholics’ amoral silence about Tony the Pious. — Blair should have been excommunicated a long time ago for his massive crimes against humanity.
    Considering the number of children murdered thanks to Blair’s war-profiteering activities, the Catholics’ lack of indignation toward the scoundrel is unforgivable.

    The pity of it is that his hypocrisy not only taints him as a morally flawed individual but all of us who hold genuine Christian beliefs that unequivocally forbid lying, the destruction of life, worldly vanity and material greed.


    “Lying is an accursed vice. It is only our words which bind us together and make us human. If we realised the horror and weight of lying we would see that it is more worthy of the stake than other crimes….” (Michel de Montaigne. The Complete Essays. 1:9)

    Tony the Pious has a forking tongue of a Snake, yet the “careful’ British Catholics of various station prefer not to notice the unmistakable sign.

  106. Iris says:

    Who has ordered to kill the children of Douma?

    Probably the same people who first used, then “suicided” Jeffrey Epstein, the predator founder of a child sex trafficking network, and James Le Mesurier, former MI6 agent and founder of the “White Helmets” terror cover organisation. Best Christmas wishes, dear annamaria.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  107. Rich says:

    First, if Max Parry agrees with you, you’re probably wrong, but that being said, did you ever hear of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? Read about that before you start spouting nonsense about the Western allies negotiating with Uncle Dolfie. It’s as if you commies have no actual historical knowledge except for old Pravda articles.

    This is not to say that the British and French war guarantees to Poland weren’t a big reason for WW2, along with the Treaty of Versailles, but I wonder if the Germans would have invaded Poland if not for the deal Stalin made with them.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  108. @Rich

    Sadly, the non-mainstream left is so traumatized by their betrayal by corporate liberals, that they prefer to live in a fantasy world where Stalin’s SU was a force of good, or where the Chinese Communist Party (who pimped out their captive population to be cheap labor for Western capitalists) are progressive.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Basehonoluluhaole
  109. annamaria says:

    Thank you for the greeting, dear Iris. All the best in the New Year.

  110. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Technically the USSR is the natural leader of the Eurasian heartland, as was the Russian Empire before it. The Third Reich and the USSR both provided an alternative socio-economic model and frankly its a shame Operation Barbarossa happened. The Germans and Soviets could’ve solidifed Eurasia. And don’t forget Imperial Japan’s pan-Asianism. Germany, Japan, and USSR would’ve been an ideal combination. Modern-day China on the other hand is a degenerate slave state, and Chinese Communism was a fraud from the very beginning, Mao being a stooge for (((them))).

    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @Iris
  111. @Beefcake the Mighty

    Stalin was a force for good, for the Russians and for humanity, because no single individual sent as many Jew Bolshevik demons to hell as did the Marshal. And that of course include their chief fallen Angel Lev Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky.

  112. Max Parry says:

    Is that you, Mr. Dugin?

    • Replies: @anon
  113. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @Max Parry

    No but I’ve obviously heard of and read his literature.

  114. Iris says:

    Technically the USSR is the natural leader of the Eurasian heartland, as was the Russian Empire before it.

    You are of course correct; this was Mackinder core theory.

    However, it is seldom mentioned what an outstanding intellectual and scientific powerhouse Germany was, since around the mid-18th century, far surpassing all her Western European rivals.
    See “The German Genius: Europe’s Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution” by Peter Watson.

    Germany at the time would have become the centre of the Eurasian heartland thanks to her scientific lead, had it not been destroyed by the organised Allies coalition, which always aimed at hitting two birds with one stone and manoeuvred since the early 1930’s to get Germany and the USSR to destroy each other.

    There is plenty of evidence that the “Allies” refused a coalition with the USSR against Germany despite the former pressing for such a pact, and futhermore treacherously encouraged Germany to attack the USSR while deliberately preparing for the Occupation of France and Belgium. This was called “la politique des Mains Libres a l’Est” at the time.

    The obvious benefit of the Allies policies were two-fold: destroy a superior close geopolitical rival (Germany) as well as bring down a labour-oriented ideological model (the USSR) that was a powerful threat in the socio-economic deadlock Europe found itself in in the aftermath of the 1930’s economic crisis. Best.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @anon
  115. Iris says:

    Completely agree.

    One must mention that when studying historic research carried out after the fall of the USSR, and based on real archives, it quickly appears that Stalin’s alleged crimes have been vastly and incommensurably exaggerated.

    The real figures show that under Stalin, there were less people incarcerated in the Gulag than there is currently in the US prison system.

    Well-documented historic research correcting mainstream views on Stalin’s alleged crimes can be found in the respectable American Historical Review:

    In mainstream ideology, Stalin is continuously and consistently depicted as a bloody tyrant which actions are indistinctively evil, while this is not supported by the facts.

    I long concluded that Stalin’s principal sin is that he dared countering the predominant Jewish influence within the USSR Communist Party.

  116. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    What do you think of Imperial Japan? They were a far better potential leader of the Asia-Pacific than the slave colony known as Communist China. At the time, many Japanese intellectuals and leaders argued for allying with Germany and Russia against the Anglo-American maritime powers.

    • Replies: @Iris
  117. Iris says:

    Dear fellow commenter, I believe that what make great powers is ultimately economic pre-eminence.

    To answer the question, I will borrow information from a brilliant book I read recently, entitled: “Has the West Lost It? – A Provocation“, by Singaporean Professor Kishore Mahbubani.

    Until about the occurrence of the French/American Revolutions two centuries ago (the cliff drop in the trend below), the largest share of the World’s GDP was produced by India and China.

    After about two centuries of decadence and various forms of foreign domination, these two major nations, as well as the non-Western Rest of the World, have seen their economies pick up in a way that their total share of world GDP has overtaken the West’s around year 2015.

    In the snapshot above, one can see that even before the decadence that impacted Asia at the beginning of the 19th Century, Japan’s economy only represented less than 5% of World GDP, against 35% for China.

    The economic rise of China and India in recent decades is only a reversal back to the historical norm. Japan, despite its admirable culture and economic patriotism, simply cannot measure up to China, and never could.

    China has executed a masterful economic and scientific recovery, and has managed to share the proceeds of its growth among a large share of its population, considerably improving the Chinese people’s living standards. This fact is acknowledged by the UN and by mainstream Western financial institutions:

    What I find the saddest is the lies and delusions maintained by our politicians in the West.
    We are told that the West’s greatness and our standards of living can be restored. This is a lie and a fallacy, as the economic trends we are witnessing prove the contrary and cannot be reversed.

    Instead of facing reality and initiating a new form of wealth re-distribution, our Western politicians will keep stigmatising and repressing Trump supporters, Brexit supporters, the Yellow Vests, all the people who are simply recognising the irretrievable disappearance of Western economic dominance in their everyday life.

    • Replies: @anon
  118. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    I acknowledge all your points. I do believe that Imperial Japan, being the only Asian nation to not be colonized in the heyday of imperialism and to become a great power is a feat unmatched by any other Asian nation. China will never be respected as a powerful nation unless it militarily defeats a peer competitor, and China’s military record is pretty pathetic given its vast size. I feel Imperial Japan needs to be acknowledged along with the USSR and the Third Reich.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  119. @anon

    “China will never be respected as a powerful nation unless it militarily defeats a peer competitor”

    I wouldn’t be too certain of that.

    (In any case, does its defeat of India in 1962 not count?)

    • Replies: @anon
  120. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    In the world we live in, given the utter lack of soft power and cultural/media influence that Chinese have, only an actual military victory will change people’s perceptions of that country. Their overrated economic growth doesn’t amount to all that much, much of it made possible by Western corporate greed. Absent a military victory over a peer competitor, Chinese will still be seen as a bunch of small-dicked effeminate losers lol. One shouldn’t confuse China with Russia, which actually has a positive reputation among the non-Western world, and whose country is respected as genuinely powerful with a strong military record in the past and present.

  121. @Iris

    Hi Iris. Stalin’s crimes have probably been exaggerated. But in comparison, Hitler’s are largely fabricated.

    • Replies: @Iris
  122. Alfred says:

    Stalin’s principal sin is that he dared countering the predominant Jewish influence within the USSR Communist Party

    With the help of his three Jewish wives. 🙂

  123. Iris says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    Hey Mighty. Fundamentally, what is most strikingly wrong about today’s official history is that pre-WW2 Germany only ever was in a defensive position against the Allies, and was defending its very existence for that matter.

    WW2 always was the planned, deliberate continuation of WW1, to finish off Britain’s stronger geopolitical competitor, Germany. I agree with you: the people responsible for the WW2 70-million death toll are those who coldly planned and masterminded the war, not Hitler, but Churchill, Roosevelt, and their banking rulers. With kind regards.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
  124. @Basehonoluluhaole

    But good luck getting Parry et al. to acknowledge that point.

    • Replies: @Iris
  125. Iris says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    The WW2 official narrative is more challenged than it ever was, and the stupid Allies have only themselves to blame for it. The EU recently pushing to demonise the role played by the USSR in WW2 has had unwanted effects.

    As a consequence, the Russians have been pulling lots of unpleasant skeletons from their archives. For instance, the information that, as late as 1938, the Poles intended to erect a statue to celebrate Hitler is particularly enlightening and sheds a different perspective on Poland’s posture as “innocent victim” of WW2.

    Anyway, what matters most is the future: the relationship between Russia and Germany has clearly become strong, collaborative and full of promises. Their bright shared future is the best revenge against the unfairness inflicted upon these two great nations in the past.

    I wish you a Happy New Year, dearest Mighty. With warm regards.

  126. @Iris

    Thank you Iris, likewise. Fully agree that Germany and Russia were natural allies in the early 2oth century against Anglo-American finance capital (hence the need to engineer a fratricidal war between them), and with any providence, they will be in the 21st.

  127. @Iris

    The relationship between the USSR and Germany was very good even before WWII and the Rebentrop -Molotov Pact, what with the joint military industries and trade, so I wouldn’t just yet bank on that. Shifting alliances and outside influences. But, yeah, good luck to them, and to withstand the outside pressures.

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