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How the BBC Manufactured ‘Hate’
An insider’s story
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Editor’s Introduction: This article is about events that took place in 2012, but anyone who follows the news closely knows that nothing has changed. This is a remarkable account by someone who had an inside look at deliberate falsifications by what was once one of the most respected names in journalism.

In May of 2012, the BBC Panorama program broadcast a documentary about “racism” in the host countries of the 2012 European soccer championship: Poland and Ukraine. Those two countries were about to stage the second biggest event in the sport after the World Cup, and legions of journalists had arrived to cover it. The purpose of the BBC program—aired strategically one week before the opening match—was to argue that neither country was qualified to host the tournament because of their “hateful” soccer cultures. The message: All-white countries are hotbeds of violent racism, and non-white fans and players would be in danger.

I know a lot about the Panorama program because I helped produce it. I saw what is arguably the world’s most famous and trusted media organization fabricate a false, sensationalist story. Through outright distortion—and by using only those pieces that fit its predetermined views—the BBC “documented” the vicious attitudes of people who live in countries that are not sufficiently “diverse.” The program had a scripted conclusion before a single camera was turned on.

Panorama is the BBC’s flagship investigative program. It is the longest-running such production in the world, having been on the air since 1953. The closest thing to it on American television is probably 60 Minutes. Panorama enjoys a reputation for hard-hitting and serious investigative journalism.

About three months before the tournament began, a BBC journalist got in touch with me through mutual media contacts and asked me to help with the part to be filmed in Poland. He said the program would be about aspects of the football culture—hooliganism, trouble at stadiums, etc.—that could cause problems for players and fans alike. This topic is something of a hobby of mine, and I have followed it carefully during my time in Poland. The BBC wanted me to be a “fixer”—the person on the ground who arranges things in advance for the production team. That meant setting up interviews, scouting filming locations, getting press passes and access to events, arranging transport, and a hundred other odds and ends. I was also expected to contribute ideas based on my knowledge.

I suspected right from the start that they wanted things that make for good television rather than a true investigation—conflict, tension, etc.—but I was somewhat reassured because this was the BBC. Despite my reservations, I never thought they would make the television equivalent of sensationalist trashy tabloid headlines.

The producer and a cameraman made their first trip to Poland in March 2012. They had asked me to arrange an interview with Aviram Baruchian, an Israeli who played with Polonia Warsaw. They said the interview was supposed to be about “his experience as a football player in Poland,” but the fact that they asked for him by name suggested they assumed he would have horror stories about being mistreated by fans because he is Jewish.

The press officer for Polonia was very accommodating, something I found again and again when dealing with officials from football clubs. People automatically trusted the BBC and went to extraordinary lengths to give them what they wanted.

I met the production crew for the first time the day after the interview. When I asked how it went, they joked about how useless it was. I was confused by their dismissive attitude and felt a bit responsible, but they told me not to worry. I learned later from the Polonia media spokesman that Mr. Baruchian had nothing but appreciative things to say about the fans and his experience in Warsaw—which is exactly why he isn’t in the final program.

There is a curious “Jewish” angle to Polish football that is easily misunderstood. Fans chant nasty things about Jews, but, strange as it may seem, it’s not accurate to call it serious anti-Semitism.

Many of the older clubs originally had or are thought to have had Jewish financial backing. This is almost certainly true of the team in Lodz—called Widzew Łódź—since that city had a large Jewish population before the Second World War. These origins have become a source of cheap name calling for people who seize on any excuse to trade insults. When fans chant “death to the Jews,” it sounds shocking—and it certainly is brutish—but this is mainly a way of attacking the other team rather than Jews.

There has been a similar situation with the London football club Tottenham Hotspur, which has had Jewish owners. Fans of rival clubs started chanting about the “Jewish” team. Tottenham supporters eventually embraced this and some even call themselves the “Yid Army.” The fans of one Polish club, Cracovia, were in the same position and did the same thing, now proudly calling themselves the “Jewish Sons of Bitches.” When I told the BBC about that, they weren’t interested.

Needless to say, there is a lot of anti-Jewish chanting in the final Panorama program, but it is presented without explanation. It falsely makes the fans look as though they want to send Jews to the ovens.

The Star of David is now used so much in soccer graffiti that a Polish teacher I met told me that the children in his class associate it with the sport. He also had a friend from Israel, so this seemed like gold for the BBC: a poignant combination of children, the star of David, racism, and a chance to talk to another Israeli and get what they missed from Aviram Baruchian.

I set up the interview, but it was another disaster. Both the teacher and his Israeli friend said that, yes, while there certainly are boorish people, just as there are in every country, most Poles are very nice etc. Again and again, the Israeli put a positive spin on things, even when asked melodramatic questions about the Second World War. It was another “useless” interview that didn’t make the final cut. I remember that when we got back to the van everyone burst out laughing about what a complete waste of time it had been.

The first actual match we went to film was Legia Warsaw vs. Polonia Warsaw. This contest had an excellent chance of including all the things that make for great television, and it was before I understood what the real focus of the program was, so I was sure the BBC crew would not be disappointed. For about five hours, they filmed an army of police in full riot gear, flares and firecrackers being thrown around the stands and onto the field, an enormous banner unfurled by the home Legia fans declaring that Warsaw belonged to them, and a reply spelled out by the small but brave contingent of visiting Polonia supporters, who held up cards to form one big reply: “FUCK LEGIA.” There was a hooligan with a bullhorn on an elevated platform and countless examples of a well-known hand gesture delivered straight into the camera. A section of the stadium was burned black by a flare that set fire to a banner.

The entire contingent of Polonia fans was still in that blackened section after the match, surrounded by hundreds of security guards who would escort them out of the stadium perhaps an hour or two later. This was to minimize the chance of contact with Legia hooligans who might be waiting for them. It was easy to capture the violent atmosphere of the game, and I was confident the production team was happy. As we made our way back to the van, I asked the assistant producer if he was pleased. He made a face that said “not really,” and then out of nowhere asked, “Did you hear any racist or anti-Semitic chants?” He was visibly disappointed when I said I hadn’t.


The lead producer said he was more or less satisfied with the “visuals” but was disappointed with the “substance.” He asked again about something I had been unable to do: get one of the more committed hooligan types to go on camera. This time he explicitly said he wanted someone involved in “right-wing politics” as well as hooliganism.

I said it wasn’t easy to get inside a violent crime syndicate. The higher-ups in any hooligan organization are wanted by the police, and anyone further down is too scared to speak to the media for fear of the “leaders.” Believe me, anyone who goes on camera and says he’s a hooligan is either a wannabe or gets a very personal lesson in media relations from his former friends. I did the best I could, striking up awkward and even dangerous conversations on dark streets, and I visited dodgy clubs in four different cities, but I never delivered. The closest I got was a conversation with the head of one club’s “supporters organization,” who demanded a “fee” for “security.” To its credit, the BBC refused to pay.

Time to get serious

The team went back to London, and I continued to look into leads. I began to realize that what they wanted was bananas thrown at black players, Nazi salutes from the stands, and maybe some brutal beatings to add color.

In a phone conversation with the assistant producer at the end of March, I detected a note of urgency and in April, I got an e-mail message from him that said, “Our Executive Producer, Karen Wightman [who was in charge of the entire Panorama series], wants us to film black players and their experience of racism in Poland as a priority.”

The BBC had dropped all pretense about what they were after—at least with me—though they kept up the charade of a neutral investigation with others.

The crew decided to come see a match in the city of Łódź between ŁKS Łódź and Widzew Łódź. Like the previous game in Warsaw, this was a derby, that is to say, a contest between two clubs in the same city. Derbies typically have the most intense atmosphere, and thus an elevated chance of the kind of incident the BBC was looking for.

Widzew had two Nigerian players, Princewill Okachi and Ugo Ukah, and the BBC wanted first-hand accounts of mistreatment. Mr. Ukah was of particular interest because he had played for Queens Park Rangers in London and could compare his treatment in diverse, tolerant, multicultural England with that of all-white, wicked Poland. Also, there would be two black men on the visiting team in a contest famous for its wild fans. Everything was lined up perfectly to provide the missing “substance.”

I asked the BBC specifically what they wanted me to tell the press officer of Widzew and they told me to say we were interested in Poland’s preparation for the Euro 2012 tournament. Someone else on the production team, who had also been in contact with Widzew by e-mail, sent me this note:

They don’t know at this stage we want to specifically talk about racism in Polish football and their [the black players’] own personal experiences of abuse, so be prepared to schmuz [sic] and impress.

“At this stage” was after the club had agreed to make the players available—on Easter Sunday, no less, to fit our tight schedule. We were supposed to “schmuz and impress” rather than be forthright about the reason for the interview. I remember wondering how often the BBC gets access and interviews under false pretenses. To my shame, I was helping set the trap.

Łódź was the BBC’s last chance to find anti-black “racism.” The broadcast date for the final program was already booked and Panorama was fully committed to a headline-grabbing account of the dark, racist side of what was soon to be Europe’s biggest sporting stage. But they had no racism.

It was in Łódź that the host, Chris Rogers, finally parachuted into his own program. He was the one who had sold the BBC on the idea months earlier, and the entire Panorama episode is presented as “his” investigation. Mr. Rogers made something of a name for himself in 2007 with an undercover investigation of Romania’s orphanages, and he has been dining out on it ever since.

He flew in to interview the two Nigerian players and to do PTC’s (pieces to camera) the following day at the match to add to footage shot in Warsaw without him. He came across as a typical media type who was good at fake sincerity and spent a little too much time on his hair.

We went to the Widzew Łódź office to interview Mr. Okachi and Mr. Ukah. Mr. Rogers started with softball questions, such as how long the players had been in Poland, where else they had played professionally, etc. He turned things up a notch by asking about the reception they had received in Poland. Both players gave positive answers. Time and again Rogers dangled the carrot and time and again no one reached for it. Suddenly Rogers put on his best journalist Serious Face, turned to Mr. Ukah, and said “Why has Polish football been hijacked by racism?”

There was nothing in the interview up to that point to justify that question. It was so unexpected that Mr. Ukah was taken aback for a moment before he was finally able to give a suitably noncommittal answer. The next few minutes consisted of both Mr. Ukah and Mr. Okachi repeatedly stating that though they had heard of things happening to other people, they had never heard or seen anything that could be interpreted as racist abuse in Poland.

This went on for a few more minutes until both players had run out of nice ways to say “no” to the same question. Mr. Rogers had no choice but to wrap it up.

“For the hundredth time: No.”
“For the hundredth time: No.”

The players left quickly to enjoy what was left of Easter. I distinctly remember Mr. Rogers and the producer agreeing that they had “material to work with.”

If you watch the final version of the program, you will see how they “worked” with it. They made it sound as though the players were talking about horrible things that happened to them. I was in the room the whole time, paying careful attention, and those bits were taken from rambling answers they gave about things they had heard happened to others. I was amazed at how editing and voice-overs transformed the interview into something I couldn’t recognize. Needless to say, those were the only parts of the interview that were used.

I heard it. Trust me. Let’s go.

The next day was the match. After filming the police using water cannons on fans, we went inside the stadium. We set up a camera behind one of the goals and a microphone at midfield in front the home fans. Mr. Rogers instructed me to be on the lookout for “anything good,” and by then I knew what he meant. He also told me to keep an eye on the Nigerian players and look for any nastiness from the crowd. He constantly disappeared to sneak cigarettes and text his friends in England. He wasn’t even there for the kickoff. When he finally reappeared he asked if I had seen or heard anything useful. When I said I hadn’t, he disappeared again.

About 30 minutes in to the first half, we were still waiting for “something good,” and Mr. Rogers was visibly anxious. He paced back and forth, checking his phone more than he watched the crowd or the match. Once, just to break the silence between us as we stood on the sidelines or maybe to vent his frustration, he actually said out loud “Come on! Sing some Jewish songs!”

At halftime, the five of us who were there got together to trade notes and suggestions, and we decided to switch places to maybe improve our “luck.” I was with the producer and one cameraman; the other cameraman was high above the crowd on the opposite stand. Chris Rogers was . . . somewhere.

The second half kicked off and we went back to work. There was plenty of thuggishness in the stands—you see a lot of it in the final version—but still not what they wanted. There was a palpable feeling of frustration and hopelessness as another 30 or so minutes passed.

That’s when Chris Rogers walked up and said he had heard monkey sounds coming from the crowd. No one knew quite what to say, but this certainly wasn’t greeted with the kind of relief and interest you would have expected. For a moment it seemed as though we were just waiting for someone to say “Um . . . really?” but we just waited for Mr. Rogers to tell us exactly what happened. All he said was that the microphone at midfield had probably picked it up, and he told the producer to get ready to do a PTC about it. Thirty second later he was in Serious Face mode, intoning that he had just heard monkey sounds directed at a black player. I kept waiting for him to tell our cameramen what part of the stands the sounds came from so they could zoom in on it. Surely he wanted to watch those fans in the hopes that they would do it again, this time on camera?

No. Chris Rogers made no effort to get visual material for what was to be a key moment in a television program. And it wasn’t as if we were in a massive stadium with 60,000 people, where it would be hard to pinpoint where sounds came from. The photo below is of the stadium, and the picture captures about 80 percent of the length of the stand from which the monkey sounds allegedly came. The banner says “This is how we have fun in Łódź.” Not one of the BBC crew said, “OK, Chris, where should we look?”

The recording from the microphone is in the final version of the program, and I challenge anyone to detect what Chris Rogers claims to have heard. You might be at a loss to describe exactly what the noise is, but “monkey sounds” is way, way down on the list of possibilities.

In the broadcast version, this part of the recording is played over a shot they had taken earlier in the match of Ugo Ukah attacking the ball. However, the audio is from a microphone planted at the edge of the field. When they went back and “found” those sounds, they had no idea what was going on in the match at that moment. But in the program, the sounds start the moment Mr. Ukah is on the ball. The BBC took the audio from one moment and played it over a video from another moment. I would expect that from the North Korean press, not the BBC.

When we packed up to leave, we had to walk through the part of the stadium where the post-match press conference was to be held. It hadn’t started, but print and video journalists were waiting. The BBC producer saw this, and asked Mr. Rogers if we should stop and ask about what he had heard at the match. What more perfect, made-for-television scene could there be? He could have walked into the after-match press conference and announced dramatically, “I’m Chris Rogers from the BBC and I want to know how it’s possible that a black player was racially abused in a country that will be hosting the European Championships.” That would be the dramatic moment they were looking for. But no, Mr. Rogers said we needn’t waste the time. He wanted to go back to the hotel for dinner. He did not speak with Ugo Ukah after the match or the following day while we were still in Lodz.

Mr. Ukah never said anything about hearing monkey noises. No player from either team ever did. Nor did any of the many journalists from the Polish media, nor did a German television crew that was there.

I cannot say what Chris Rogers did or did not hear. However, I do know that in a stadium of around 5,000 people the only person who claims to have heard monkey sounds was the one person who flew to Poland for three days with the sole purpose of finding “racism.”

The final version of the program stretches the truth in other ways. For example, Mr. Rogers says he has spent months on location studying local football culture, whereas he spent just a few days in the country. There is also a scene in which a British “anti-racist” named Nick Lowles is shown scanning the crowd with binoculars, looking for “hate.” The voiceover says that “he has flown out to see what British fans can expect in Poland,” and he obligingly gives an interview. The program makes it look as though the camera crew just stumbled onto him in the stands. In fact, the BBC flew him in just for that scene.

The team certainly didn’t mind spending money. I was with the producer when he got a message from London telling him that they were well over budget. He said they had spent around £150,000 pounds (about \$230,000). They stayed in expensive hotels and never thought about costs. I was amazed by how much they spent in restaurants and hotel bars. Remember: This is the BBC, to which mandatory payments of £150 pounds a year must be made if you own a television set in Britain. It is a criminal offense not to pay.

The results

Just days before the broadcast, the BBC showed some of the footage to Sol Campbell, son of Jamaican immigrants and former captain of the English national football team. They happily filmed him claiming—predictably—to be shocked. He said it was enough to convince him not to go to the tournament and to warn other non-whites not to go.

This was brilliant publicity for Panorama. Polish and Ukrainian media picked up Mr. Campbell’s comments, which pushed “racism” to the forefront of any British discussion of the tournament. The program cast a pall over the tournament before the first match was even played, and put a small army of journalists on alert, scanning the stands for “hate.”

I watched the show when it first aired at the end of May. I had been dreading it, but my dread turned to shock when I heard what the episode was called: “Stadiums of Hate .” They had come up with a suitably provocative title for their contrived, deliberately misleading fairy tale about a football culture permeated with vile racism.

The program has disappeared from YouTube; it appears to be available only this much less trafficked site. But when it was broadcast, it made national headlines in Poland. The country’s biggest television channel took the extraordinary step of broadcasting it just days later, dubbed in Polish.

Many Poles were outraged at what they recognized as a vicious smear. It is worth noting that within a week or so, every single person who appeared on camera in the Polish part of the program claimed publicly to have been misrepresented. This includes Jonathan Ornstein, the director of the Jewish Community Center of Krakow. I was present for the interview with him, and he gave thoughtful answers to all of Chris Rogers’ questions, always emphasizing that ugly graffiti and idiots making trouble at stadiums do not represent larger Polish attitudes. In the program, however, he seems to be leading the charge against horrible, hateful, anti-Semitic Poland. Mr. Ornstein told me personally how disgusted he was by how his interview was cut apart and stitched back together.

Even Jacek Purski, director of Never Again, an organization dedicated to monitoring racism in Poland, says the program was one-sided. When a “watchdog” group calls a television program “one-sided,” you can be sure it was outrageous.

The Polish government demanded a clarification from the BBC, and even the foreign minister complained. Newspapers throughout Europe expressed skepticism, and reader comments left online were overwhelmingly outraged. The BBC took the very unusual step of publicly responding to criticism.

Then the BBC got a huge break from Barack Obama, of all people. During a ceremony at the White House honoring someone who had survived Auschwitz, Mr. Obama referred to it as a “Polish death camp” rather than a Nazi death camp in occupied Poland. Angry demands for an apology from the US government pushed “Stadiums of Hate” off the front page. After that, the relentless media cycle quickly relegated the whole affair to yesterday’s news.

Today, criticism of the “Stadiums of Hate” episode takes up more space on the Wikipedia page for Panorama than any other episode in its history. As the doubts and questions mounted, the BBC seems to have taken pains to get copies off the internet. There are any number of other full episodes of Panorama on YouTube, but not this one.

I was the least important man on the production crew and had no editorial influence, but I still felt responsible the episode that millions of people ultimately watched. At the height of the furor I got in touch with the Polish and foreign press. Their reaction was always the same: intense initial interest that quickly faded after a better understanding of what was involved. The explanation I heard over and over was that attacking a program that attacked racism looks like you’re defending racism.

One editor of a major UK newspaper told me it was hard to attack Panorama without a smoking gun. When I asked for an example, he said one would be someone who admitted he was paid by the BBC to pretend to be a “racist” hooligan. The man seemed jaded and not at all surprised by what I told him; he also said he simply could not risk coming across as defending “racism.”

As time goes by, doubts about the program’s credibility fade. All anyone will remember is that the great Chris Rogers exposed horrible racists in Poland and Ukraine. You will have to dig pretty deep to get the real story. That is the power of the biggest name in news.

Mr. Krak does not expect to get any more work from the BBC.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Alfred says:

    That is the power of the biggest name in news.

    Not any longer. In fact, I stopped watching the BBC since they broadcast that WTC 7 had fallen when it was still standing behind them.

  2. Wally says:

    “During a ceremony at the White House honoring someone who had survived Auschwitz, Mr. Obama referred to it as a “Polish death camp” rather than a Nazi death camp in occupied Poland.”

    The fact is that the countless numbers of “survivor\$” crush the ‘holocaust’ story.
    After all, the fake narrative says “the Germans tried to kill every Jew they could get their hands on.” German labor camps were not “death camps”.* There is no proof they were.
    Recall the forced shipment of Japanese-Americans to US concentration camps, recall the Soviet concentration camps / gulags.


    * “death camp” Auschwitz” easily debunked again:

    – An “extermination camp” where thousands of Jews chose to stay behind when the Germans left.
    – An “extermination camp” where most of the inmates, more thousands, chose to leave WITH the Germans.
    – An “extermination camp” where 1,250,000 human remains are supposedly buried, but no one can show us these remains.
    – An “extermination camp” where many, many Jews gave birth.
    – An “extermination camp” where the absurdly alleged homicidal ‘gas chambers’ could not have worked as alleged, as proven repeatedly, scientifically impossible.
    – An “extermination camp” where fake ‘gas chambers’ were “reconstructed” AFTER THE WAR.
    – An “extermination camp” where detailed aerial photos of the period show nothing that is alleged to have been happening.
    – An “extermination camp” where there are even obvious, laughable attempts to tamper with aerial photos that make a mockery of the fake narrative.

  3. Biff says:

    This is the BBC, to which mandatory payments of £150 pounds a year must be made if you own a television set in Britain. It is a criminal offense not to pay.

    Wow! Thirty years ago I didn’t need a reason to throw my TV out, but this would’ve been a dam good one.

  4. Mulegino1 says:

    The people of European Christian provenance are not now nor ever were under any moral imperative to apologize, grovel before or defer to history’s chronic whiners and litigants. We owe them absolutely nothing and must reclaim our moral high ground from their greedy and litigious demands. They must be relegated back to where they belong- to the obscurity of the shtetl.

    • Agree: APilgrim
  5. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow! There’s someone who knows the importance of his place in the world. He stops watching BBC (because he has zero understanding of how the media works and how and how often simple midtakes arise) and the BBC loses its power and name value!

    The author describes an episode of which the BBC was and ought to have been ashamed and you pollute the site with your egotistic juvenilia.

    • Troll: Bill Jones
  6. Tyrion 2 says:

    The documentary was called Stadiums of Hate. I think the quote below, by itself, is enough to rename it a Documentary of Hate.


    As an American-born Jew living happily and safely in Poland and working diligently to build Jewish life in that country, I am furious at the way the BBC has exploited me as a source. The organization used me and others to manipulate the serious subject of anti-Semitism for its own sensationalist agenda; in doing so, the BBC has insulted all Polish people and done a disservice to the growing, thriving Jewish community of Poland.

    I have reason to believe the BBC similarly misrepresented the black African football players it used as sources in the same programme.

    Moreover, the BBC knowingly cheated its own audience – the British people – by concocting a false horror story about Poland. In doing so, the BBC has spread fear, ignorance, prejudice and hatred.

    I would urge the BBC to become more aware of its own negative stereotyping of Poles, before it goes pointing the finger of judgment.

  7. Only causing physical harm to someone that you hate could be termed a hate crime. Hating someone or something and saying so is not a crime. Hate is a natural emotion and reaction to something that is unacceptable. Islam and what it teaches is unacceptable, therefore I hate Islam and I hate the followers of Islam that commit hate-crimes.

  8. The same dishonesty taints nearly everything the BBC puts out. Even drama is hijacked to carry the globalist message. Whatever is devoid of politics is mindless pap about baking or dance, etc., to keep the proletariat in a state of goodthink docility.

    The author errs when he says

    mandatory payments of £150 pounds a year must be made if you own a television set in Britain

    You need only buy a TV ‘licence’ if you watch TV as it is broadcast, on any equipment belonging to you. Licences are issued to households; a ‘household’ may also comprise a student’s room or a communal area such as is found in retirement homes. The BBC, through agents, maintains a spotty database of every address in the UK. Any unlicensed address is targeted with letters threatening criminal prosecution. It is legal to own a set if you just use it for watching DVDs or videos from the net.

    There are plenty of ways to thwart the BBC’s bagmen, the simplest, healthiest and most time-efficient being to stop watching television of any description. I did this in 2005. Since then I have withheld from them the inflation-adjusted equivalent of about £2,000, plus interest, been blessed with many hours of more interesting, lucrative and enjoyable pursuits, and saved myself innumerable episodes of anger and disgust. Moreover I have no idea who any of these ‘celebrities’ are who grace the tabloids, and have been spared the pontifications of the assorted arseholes and big-heads whose cretinous and toxic opinions the BBC daily spews on the British public and, indeed, on the hapless citizens of the rest of the globe via a propaganda outlet called the BBC World Service.

    I commend going TV-free to all. It does wonders for the capacity to think clearly, not to mention the blood-pressure.

  9. BBC’s neutrality ended when the BBC exposed Tony B-liar’s lies about Saddam’s 45 minutes WMD’s.
    The director was fired, replaced by a jew.

    As to Polish antisemitism, it existed, still existed around 1967 when Polish jews were given the opportunity to leave.
    And of course, since Israel tries to make Poland responsable for a part of the holocaust, the gas chamber camps were on Polish territory, Poland responds, they have no desire whatsoever to be the next victim of the holocaust industry.

    As to the why of Polish antisemitism, suppose it was in Poland more or less the same as in Lithuania in the thirties, jews controlling the economy.
    Of course also Polish catholicism may have played a role.
    Jews responsible for the death of the son of god.

    Descriptions of Polish antisemitism one finds in
    Jan T. Gross, ‘Neighbours, The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, 1941’, 2003, London
    Bogdan Musial, ´Sowjetische Partisanen 1941 – 1944, Mythos und Wirklichkeit’, Paderborn 2009
    The book describes antisemitism among all E European resistance fighters.
    Jews were not or hardly allowed among these resistance fighters.

    The novel
    André Schwartz-Bart, ‘Le Dernier des Justes’, 1959, 1980 Paris seems to have been to some extent autobiographical, with as country of origin Poland.
    Described is on the one hand how jews resisted assimilation, wanted to remain jews, even, or especially, in clothing, on the other hand how non jews did not accept jews, even trying to prevent they visited the synagogue, or jewish children being insulted in schools.
    As nearly always, one wonders why the antagonism., no explanation.

  10. guitarzan says:

    Trying to figure out how they managed this monumental error (and big clue to what was really going on that day). Guessing it was simply a small but crucial mistake involving time zones and a prepared script.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @JRB
  11. The program had a scripted conclusion before a single camera was turned on.

    This seems self-evident and yet it’s rarely or never said. Cameras and word processors don’t operate autonomously. Somebody begins with a story, a narrative, they wish to convey. They then point their camera at things they choose, or cherrypick, to illustrate their narrative. Afterwards, they carefully edit, or censor, what they’ve recorded making sure that only that most sympathetic to their narrative is shown. It is ALL propaganda. And it is ubiquitous.

    It is up to the viewer or reader to filter the information presented, to sift through it for specks of unbiased Truth that may have somehow survived their unlikely journey past the narrative writer, his editors, their advertisers and lawyers, to the end product. Thus we see a “News Report” about “a fight that broke out among a group of youths” where the amateur video shows us a pack of feral young negroes, without provocation, attacks a lone white and after knocking him unconscious rifles through his pockets removing his phone and wallet before running off in jubilation.

    And yet, despite this being shown to us time and again, incessantly, most people still trust their “News” sources!

    And, as Ron Unz has so often shown us on this very site, History is nothing more than yesterday’s “News.”

    The open question, really, is whether or not it is even possible to obtain information assembled and presented by an organization that does not fit the paradigm described above. And, considering the amount of time and cognition required for one to even attempt to find Truth in media, what are the chances that an average viewer or reader (bear in mind illiteracy rates) of average intelligence (bear in mind the left side of the bell curve) can obtain anything resembling a sense of Reality on which he may inform his opinions and beliefs? How often do we hear older people say things like, “I remember when you used to be able to get straight News from Walter Cronkite..” oblivious to the Truth above?

    • Agree: jacques sheete, Rurik, Wally
  12. onebornfree says: • Website

    Kerrrrriiiist! An MSM “news” outlet fabricates news?

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

    This just in:

    on the morning of 9/11/01 , 5 US MSM “news” outlets simultaneously broadcast 100% fake imagery of a plane hitting a tower, then later on, fake imagery of 2x 1300 ft tall towers magically collapsing top to bottom in [officially] around 9 secs and 11 secs respectively.

    Regards, onebornfree

  13. The BBC twists the truth!? Having also worked in the UK tv industry, the only proper response is “do bears etc?” But thank you, Mr Krak, for having recorded your experiences.

  14. Heros says:

    The truth is that the Cultural Marxism movement was about the take over of all institutions of white european culture and turning them against white europeans.

    Professional sports was subverted almost a century ago. The racist anti-German propaganda of WWI and WWII was already strongly “semitic”. The ascendence of Hollywood really marks the heeb takeover of American entertainment industry and the beach head for the conquest of the entire culture.

    So as we enter 2019, I cannot think of one aspect of western European culture that is not heavily influenced by heebs, under their control or outright under their ownership. Even the alt-right “nazi’s” are really just a bunch of jew cut-outs like Breitbard, Savage and Shapiro. Then there are all the crypto jews like Alex Jones or even Jordan Peterson. Many white Europeans are talmudists without having even a drop of jewish blood.

    The BBC has been a Tavistock propaganda organ since its inception. After the Armistice and Versailles in 1919, the masonic-zionist propaganda war against the planet never stopped. Every new technology was first weaponized for use in mind control before release to the general population. Even the internet itself was also conceived at Darpa as a mind control tool and is closely linked to the trans-humanist and cultural marxist agenda.

    So if you want to successfully attack the BBC, you also have to attack MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA, MIC, the entire 5 eyes spy network, the Queen of England, the Catholic Church, the US deep state, Israel, and ultimately their jewish god who in reality is Satan.

    So to me it seems that obsessing about football hooligans is rather pointless, any movement to try to deal with any of the symptoms of our take over will quickly be subsumed. Like the occupy movement. Or the alt-right. Or the yellow-vests.

    To kill this snake you will have to cut off its head.

  15. There you have it. Anyone that knows anything about how sausages are made will make their own or go without.

    Rule #1.:

    Never trust anyone you don’t know personally, especially if they claim “authority.”

    You are like the fishers for eels; in still waters they catch nothing, but if they thoroughly stir up the slime, their fishing is good; in the same way it’s only in troublous times that you line your pockets.

    – Aristophanes, The Knights, 424 BC

    Aristophanes’ “Knights” is a must read for everyone. It could have appropriately been titled, “how the World Works.” It’s relatively short, extremely entertaining and easily accessible.

  16. @Alfred

    Thanks for the reminder.

    I’d like to hear the 911 truth deniers to ‘splain dat!

    • Replies: @Mike P
  17. Renoman says:

    CBC in Canada is a pile of shit as well. All MSM, all lies all the time.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @NoseytheDuke
  18. alexander says:

    Dear Mr. Krak,

    Thank you for a fascinating read.

    The events you describe sound like another “fit the facts around the agenda” scheme which have been way too prevalent ( especially in the United States) over the past 18 years.

    This kind of defrauding of the general public needs to stop.

    Do you have any ideas how best to curtail these types of manipulations ?

    It would be great to hear some of your suggestions.

    May I add how I enjoyed reading ,in real time, the kind of bumbling nature of the attempts. Had there been any real integrity left at BBC, the reporters would have concluded that “racist hate” is not very pervasive in either Poland or Hungary….and that’s a good thing.

    It is tragic to see, first hand, that when the truth gets in the way of the agenda , BBC chooses to dump the truth.

    It is also very upsetting to recognize that the owners of BBC are determined to fabricate “hate” even when the evidence undermines it.

    Has anyone ever spoken to the owners of BBC and asked them why they wish to do this ?

  19. Miro23 says:

    The press officer for Polonia was very accommodating, something I found again and again when dealing with officials from football clubs. People automatically trusted the BBC and went to extraordinary lengths to give them what they wanted.

    Big mistake – the BBC is Britain’s CNN. A Tony Blair type organization manufacturing fake news stories and SJW propaganda.

    By far the most popular and widely read newspapers at the BBC are The Guardian and The Independent. ¬Producers refer to them routinely for the line to take on ¬running stories, and for inspiration on which items to cover. In the later stages of my career, I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told ‘it’s all in there’.

    – Peter Sissons, Former BBC News and Current Affairs presenter

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  20. dearieme says:

    Television always lies. I dare say the scale and brazenness of the lying varies, but lie it does. On and on and on.

  21. Lurker says:

    No one I’m talking to on the altright would give any credence to any of the names you mentioned. Altlite at best. Controlled opposition or worse.

    • Replies: @Heros
  22. @Miro23

    Soros now owns the Guardian

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  23. @alexander

    BBC is government owned

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @renfro
  24. @Heros

    The BBC did uncover Tony B-liar’s lies about Saddam’s 45 minutes WMD’s.
    This in my opinion proves that at the time the BBC was objective.

    • Replies: @Heros
    , @jacques sheete
  25. Lurker says:

    It’s been going on for a lot longer than 18 years and is not restricted to the BBC.

    • Replies: @alexander
  26. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Would I be out of my place in the world to ask you how that “simple midtake” arose?

    Please don’t cut & paste — I want to be washed in your own modest adultalia.

  27. Heros says:

    But Breitbart et al. are the only ones allowed through the kosher fire walls. Who is your “alt-right” then? Spencer? Gatestone? Gatewaypundit?

    Lets face it, the “alt-right” would be a completely different beast if it wasn’t suffering from unrelenting waves of censorship and gas lighting. The alt-right are like the residents of Paradise California trying to get out of town while the cars around them keep getting zapped by DEW’s. Those dead bodies in the cars represent people like Hastings, Schwarz, Assange and Snowden.

    In April 1917 Wilson shut down the entire German language press, banned German classes from schools, burned German books in public libraries and started a pogrom against Americans with German ancestry or German names. The conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony was arrested and sent to concentration camp. Americans suspected of helping Germany were even lynched and murdered. Wilson passed the Trading with the Enemy act that is still in effect today.

    So in the US free speech was murdered in 1917, and it hasn’t miraculously come back to life in the interim.

    Here a some great articles tying the take-over of the world’s media during WWI and the continued growth of their power through their ownership of modern social media.

  28. republic says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Lodz was the setting of the 1936 novel,The Brothers Ashkenazi, by Israel Joshua Singer, it was the center of the textile industry, sometimes called the Manchester of Poland.

    Now that industry has disappeared along with its very large Jewish population.

    Today it has a very good film school.

  29. Anonymous [AKA "Anonymous22"] says:
    @jilles dykstra

    To see how it works in America, just Google “Lakewood, New Jersey”, where Jews make every effort possible to keep themselves and their children separated from everyone else.

  30. Heros says:
    @jilles dykstra

    IIRC that BBC presenter was soon after fired by the BBC. You can believe in BBC honesty, or in the holohoax, I really could care less.

    Here is a famous clip by FAZ editor Udo Ulfkotte, who likely was assassinated by the CIA shortly before Trump summoned him for a meeting in 2017. Udo claimed that the CIA completely controlled the German media.

    • Replies: @SteveH
  31. Anonymous [AKA "BeenThereDoneThat"] says:

    This article reveals something that happens all the time. If you worked in media at all the first thing you learn is that it exists almost solely for protecting and advancing Jewish interests. Even if the corporate entity isn’t completely Jewish-owned, chances are it will still be run by Jews.

    Articles about the corrupting influence of Jews in media would be everywhere but for two reasons: first, Jews will never print or broadcast them, and second, anyone who has been on the inside (or leaves the organization) is going to be restrained by the most oppressive non-disclosure contracts ever devised. You have no idea what “Orwellian” means until you’ve seen one of these. In order to keep your job or severance you have to agree that they can come after your grandchildren and tear out their testicles with a pair of rusty pliers. Unless, of course, you keep your mouth shut.

    • Replies: @republic
  32. The Zionists control the BBC and the rest of the British media just as they control the MSM in the U.S. and in both cases use the media to incite the proles to the designs of their Zionist owners ie in the direction of a Zionist NWO!

    For details read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman and the Protocols of Zion.

    • Replies: @republic
  33. @Simon Tugmutton

    What about cable? By definition that is not broadcast. Enquiring minds want to know (seriously).

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  34. Anonymous [AKA "Canajun"] says:

    There are now two Canadas: Toronto, and the Rest. Every political party is now wholly, slavishly globalist. No party wants to bring about fair and proportional representation because it means no more majority governments. The Liberals know that if they hold Toronto plus slices of Quebec, the Maritimes and the lower BC mainland, then they will always have good odds on forming a majority. Conversely, the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party knows that they’re the default alternative; when voters get sick of the Liberals and give them a time out once their corruption reaches its eventual level of overt connivance and grift. When the Liberals are periodically dumped, the Conservatives know they don’t have long before the Liberals are ‘forgiven’ and so they finagle and loot much more quickly, ironically hastening their already limited time in power. The alternative parties, mainly the NDP, have all but institutionalized the term ‘insipid’. It’s likely in the first paragraph of their charter. They are no alternative at all now, choosing politically correct leader after leader and losing yet more support each time. Funny how they don’t put the two together.

    All in all, Canada’s politics are a real mess. If you live in the vast rural hinterlands, you don’t recognize Canada anymore. Coincidence? That’s so 1970s.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  35. @Anon

    …(because he has zero understanding of how the media works and how and how often simple midtakes arise)…

    What you mistakenly take for a mistake was much worse than that; it was part of a crime and boycotting the criminals is an excellent response.

  36. aspnaz says:

    Hey [email protected], thanks for letting us know that the BBC was ashamed of this episode: or is that just wishful thinking/supposition? Are you one of those British folk who still dearly love Auntie Beep, who believes that the UK is the world’s greatest democracy, despite the House of Lords? You are not alone, I know someone who listens to the World Service long-distance propaganda broadcasts because she likes the BBC accent: they are good for something! My guess is that the British will continue to love the BBC as long as it continues to feed them nonsense about how great they are and how they should really still be running the world because they did it so well in the past and are better than other white folk, such as the yanks. Oh dear.

  37. @Simon Tugmutton

    I commend going TV-free to all.

    Bravo! I extend the advice to all corporate and mass media as well, for the reasons you mentioned. I’ve never allowed a TV in my house and quit subscribing to any form of mass media for nearly half a century. Most of it is glorified bull droppings at best.

    The vacuous, mouthy clowns glorified as authorities are hardly even worth mocking.

    • Replies: @MacNucc11
  38. @jilles dykstra

    Described is on the one hand how jews resisted assimilation, wanted to remain jews, even, or especially, in clothing, on the other hand how non jews did not accept jews, even trying to prevent they visited the synagogue, or jewish children being insulted in schools.

    Here’s another angle to that story.:

    There were “Jews” who hated other Jews too. Particularly virulent in their hatred were “secular” Jews (such as Bolshies and political Zionists), who despised other Jews and treated them with contempt. Other Jews hated “assimilated” (aka, well adjusted and successful) Jews and acted accordingly. No doubt such sentiments do, and shall continue.

    More of the horrible details can be found in, A Jewish Kapo in Auschwitz
    History, Memory, and the Politics of Survival
    by Tuvia Friling; Haim Watzman, trans.

    Among other things it details the behavior of the kapo, Commie, Eleazar Greenbaum, the thuggish violent son of a political Zionist bigshot who expressed and acted contemptuously to Jews that were non-Commie.

    Of course the usual suspects expend a lot of effort to deny the and muddle the realities, so there’s that.

  39. @guitarzan

    That clip was memory holed from the Beebs site right quick.

    • Replies: @james charles
  40. @jilles dykstra

    This in my opinion proves that at the time the BBC was objective.

    Did you really write that, jiles?

    It should be pretty obvious to a person of your intelligence that they sometimes toss in a bit of truth, or something credible or plausible, for exactly that reason (i.e., to make themselves seem credible). It’s a well known trick that other con artists use.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  41. alexander says:

    Got it.

    But what is the rationale behind fabricating “racist hate” when there is very little evidence of it.

    What is the point ?

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @macilrae
  42. @Heros

    Excellent comment, and may I add that transatlantic communication cables were routed through Britain and that German ones were cut so that Americans were placed in the dark about German news?

    Note the source.:

    How Britain pioneered cable-cutting in World War One
    By Gordon Corera

  43. @Bill Jones

    Bill, apparently there is cable TV in the UK, but if the transmission is live the same rule applies. You must abase yourself to TV Licensing™ (a trading name of the BBC) even if you watch commercial stations and nothing else.

    It’s as if a purchaser of a copy of the New York Post had to buy, on pain of criminal prosecution, a subscription to the New York Times before being allowed to read it.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  44. Mike P says:
    @jacques sheete

    And when they are done explaining that, they still have to explain the complete lack of follow-up – how come none of those fearless “investigative” journalists began their investigation right then an there? This episode clearly does show the extent of media complicity.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  45. republic says:
    @Desert Fox

    Am currently reading Reed’s 1950 travel book to the US called “Far and Wide,” interesting to learn that even then mass media was almost completely controlled by the Jews.

    He was a world famous author, foreign correspondent for the Times (UK), but his publication of Far and Wide and The Controversy of Zion led to his complete banishment from all publishing houses.

    He became a non person in the literary world.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @republic
  46. @alexander

    The owners of the BBC speak: Chaim Weizmann’s Ghost Writer Maurice Samuel explained in his book “You Gentiles” that “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you [Gentiles] will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which is not in your nature to build.”

    In other words, what they really need is not a country of their own, but a planet. And since we only have one…

    • Replies: @alexander
  47. @jacques sheete

    Do not know if you at the time followed what happened.
    This was a real conflict between Blair and the BBC, Iraq WMD expert Kelly, who was the source of the information, either was suicided, or indeed committed suicide.
    This was not ‘toss in a bit of truth’, the reporter in the end was fired, the BBC director was replaced by a jew.
    Many in Britain are convinced that Blair ordered Kelly killed.
    It was the end of an independent BBC.

  48. alexander says:
    @ploni almoni


    That is pretty severe, Mr. Almoni.

    Is there really a book entitled “You Gentiles” ?

    And was it actually written by the owner(s) of the BBC ?

    • Replies: @utu
  49. TG says:

    Love and Hate are the most rational of human emotions.

    Love is elicited by that which boosts your wellbeing and interests. The emotion causes you to cherish and protect and preserve this asset.

    Hate is elicited by that which harms your well-being and interests. The emotion causes you to push away and wall off that which harms you.

    As the saying goes, if you want to be loved, first be lovable. And if you don’t want someone to hate you, first don’t give them an objective reason to hate you. Such as, by breeding like rodents and turning your own country into an overpopulated cesspit and then trying to move in with everyone else.

    All we are saying is, give hate a chance.

  50. @Heros

    So in the US free speech was murdered in 1917…

    It’s life had long been precarious. Even Lincoln’s earnest hagiographers are forced to admit that he violated the first amendment. Note too, how they apologize for it. “Mob violence” made ‘im do it.

    In 1861, mob violence throughout the Union forced the closure of newspapers that published editorials opposing war between the states and targeted the writers themselves for public humiliations. In response, Lincoln focused exclusively on quick, regional stabilization — “without ruinous waste of time.”[i] The Union Army confiscated, monitored and censored communications sent via the mail and wire, including newspapers. Journalists and newspaper owners who persisted after government suppression were arrested and held without warrants or due process of law.


    • Replies: @Heros
  51. @republic

    The Zionists have controlled America since at least 1913 when they got their unconstitutional and privately owned FED and IRS passed and with the control of money creation ie out of thin air and the power to tax gains on this ether created money and since then we goyim have been enslaved on the Zionist plantation aka America.

    It is the same in Britain where Nathan Rothschild once infamously said, I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England as the man who controls the money supply controls the British Empire and I am that man!

    It is the same here in America!

  52. Jake says:

    So the TV version of the quintessence of Brit WASP culture is as dishonest, as false, as much a warrior against whatever survives of pre-20th century European cultures, as any old Jewish owned American TV network.

    It’s almost as if Anglo-Saxon Puritanism were a Judaizing heresy and would produce a culture, WASP, that would spread the secular effects of that heresy around the globe. And the result would be a multicultural globalist Elite that would never rest as long as any white Christian culture not erected upon a Judaizing heresy exists anywhere.

  53. macilrae says:

    This article by the brave Mr Krak comes as such a welcome relief.

    In resent years I’ve taken to calling the BBC World Service (radio) “Radio Africa”, so extreme is their obsession with with Africa and Africans – displacing far more important news items from the rest of the world. Nine times out of ten you’ll switch on and an African theme will pop up within five minutes: African science, African music, African literature, African advances in medicine – African perspectives on everything and especially racism. It’s easy to imagine the pressure that’s being brought to bear on producers to toe the line and it’s surprising that more insiders haven’t spoken out.

    Bias has never been more evident at the BBC; whether it is the pro-Israel slant, the vicious anti-Russian slant (stating the official Skripal narrative as outright fact for example) or the pro-black., anti-white obsession. The BBC is now in total lockstep with the US mass media – the British CNN.

    To be sure they have come a long way from the days in 2001 where their Director General, Greg Dyke, said the following:

    ‘I think the BBC is hideously white. I think the BBC is a predominantly white organisation. The figures we have at the moment suggest that quite a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds that we do attract to the BBC leave. Maybe they don’t feel at home, maybe they don’t feel welcome.’

    These days I tune to Russian radio (Sputnik) who claim to “tell the untold” and seem to do a reasonable job of that.

    • Replies: @Ross
  54. Jake says:

    You really have no clue?

    It ‘justifies’ the Elite continually acting to make non-Elite white Gentiles a postmodern version of serfs.

    In Brit Empire WASP terms – we are all just Irish Catholics who deserve to rot to death with rotting potatoes. In Yank WASP terms – we are all just white trash Scots-Irish from the South who deserve to have the Numinous Negroes running wild while lording over us.

    • Replies: @alexander
    , @renfro
  55. utu says:

    BBC Journalist [Chris Rogers] Caught Giving Nazi Salute, Goose Stepping While Filming Documentary on Anti-Semitism

  56. utu says:

    “If anything, you must learn (and are learning) to dislike and fear the modern and “assimilated” Jew more than you did the old Jew, for he is more dangerous to you. At least the old Jew kept apart from you, was easily recognizable as an individual, as the bearer of the dreaded Jewish world-idea: you were afraid of him and loathed him.”

    “A century of partial tolerance gave us Jews access to your world. In that period the great attempt was made, by advance guards of reconciliation, to bring our two worlds together. It was a century of failure. Our Jewish radicals are beginning to understand it dimly.

    We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between the Game and God. ”

  57. alexander says:

    This is an interesting reply.

    It does not really make much sense though.

    Can you be more clear about your Idea , like how fabricating phony “racist hate” translates into making “non-Elite” whites “post modern” serfs ?

    How does it work, exactly ?

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Anne Lid
  58. Heros says:
    @jacques sheete

    Well John Adams used the Alien and Sedition acts much to same effect in 1798 too.

    When Wilson and his (((cronies))) attacked German Americans and German American culture in 1917, it never recovered. I think the death of German language news print and publishing businesses was merely one step in a centuries long process of domination and destruction of European culture, just as described in the protocols.

    Already before WWI, Hollywood was in the hands of the cabal. WWI consolidated their monopoly over US film industry the same way Tavistock and the BBC had a monopoly over British films. Radio was always highly regulated in both countries, as was television later. Every new communication technology has been subsumed before it was made available to the masses, including the internet. The kosher truth censors were put into place before any new technology was made available.

    But I think they mis-underestimated the stupid goyim, who were presented with the first chance in the history of the planet to be able to find the truth, or at least expose the lies, with the advent of the internet. So now they are in a race with the stupid goyim waking up around the planet to “shut it down”.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  59. alexander says:

    Very interesting , Utu.

    Do you understand what is meant by the last statement….” The Enmity between the Game and God .” ?

    What does this refer to ?

    • Replies: @utu
  60. macilrae says:

    But what is the rationale behind fabricating “racist hate” when there is very little evidence of it.

    What is the point ?

    Certainly the fabrication has a purpose and is on somebody’s agenda. No matter, seemingly, if it actually engenders racism in blacks (because apparently that’s expected) and covertly in whites (because they feel it’s so unfair).

    But what’s the purpose?

    Presumably to enforce a society that is officially hyper-sensitive to any sort of awareness of racial differences – a society apparently conditioned to be blind to race – where nobody can dare to openly conceive of a person of different race being some sort of conspirator.

    Who is best positioned to do that and then take advantage of it?

    • Replies: @alexander
  61. Wally says:
    @jilles dykstra

    “Jan T. Gross, ‘Neighbours, The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, 1941’, 2003, London”

    More of the same lying Zionist BS easily debunked & explained:

    Jan Gross: ‘Poles killed more Jews than they did Germans’:

    review: Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, Jan T. Gross,
    The Changing Definition of ‘Holocaust’, A Review by Richard A. Widmann :

    Jedwabne / The Debate about “Neighbors”, Book Review, By Samuel Crowell :

    Poles Bristle at Lingering Stigma of “holocaust” / Jedwabne:

    Jedwabne: photographic exhibition of a fraudulent exhumation:

  62. Sparkon says:
    @jilles dykstra

    And so is the Church of England.

    Who empowered the Zionist Jews with the invalid scrap of paper known as the Balfour Declaration?

    The Balfour Declaration was proclaimed arbitrarily, without legal authority or precedent, to repay the Zionists and their lackeys who effectively brought the United States into WWI by blackmailing Wilson, setting up the Lusitania, lying about the “sinking” of the Sussex, issuing the bogus Bryce Report full of inflammatory but entirely false accusations of the “Huns” cutting off the breasts and hands of Belgians…

    Signor Nitti, who was Italian Prime Minister during the war. states in his memoirs: “To bring the truth of the present European crisis home to the world it is necessary to destroy again and again the vicious legends created by war propaganda.

    During the war France, in common with other Allies, including our own Government in Italy, circulated the most absurd inventions to arouse the fighting spirit of our people. The cruelties attributed to the Germans were such as to curdle our blood. We heard the story of poor little Belgian children whose hands were cut off by the Huns.

    After the war a rich American, who was deeply touched by the French propaganda, sent an emissary to Belgium with the intention of providing a livelihood for the children whose poor little hands had been cut off. He was unable to discover one.

    Mr. Lloyd George and myself, when at the head of the Italian Government, carried on extensive investigations as to the truth of these horrible accusations, some of which, at least, were told specifically as to names and places. Every case investigated proved to be a myth.”

    Excerpts from: FALSEHOOD IN WAR-TIME: Propaganda Lies of the First World War by Arthur Ponsonby

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  63. Jake says:

    It is the same as Bolsheviks fabricating phony Church and/or nobility and/or ‘rich’ kulak crimes against the proletariat or the sainted Bolshevik officials. Entire groups of people must be forced into 1 of 2 categories: the saintly victims or the permanently evil victimizers.

    Surely you would not allow the members of an evil group of white trash that says things harmful about the Numinous Negroes or the Religion of Peace or the perfectly innocent Jews to have any say in anything? So you arrange matters so they are serfs in all but official decree.

  64. @Sparkon

    Fun, Lloyd George won the post 1918 elections with the slogan ‘hang the Kaiser’, for his war crimes.

  65. Heros says:

    Sir Jimmy Savile is the perfect metaphore for the BBC, who covered up for him while he was raping and molesting children and are still covering up for him to this day:

    We must remember that the British “nobility” is famous for above all else its buggery. “Public” schools were little better than San Francisco bath houses. Aleister Crowley was an MI5 spy working for the “crown” in the US throughout the war, practicing his perversions and with certainty helping MI5 blackmail the US into WWI.

    The BBC is little more than Satan’s megaphone.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Anon
  66. utu says:

    He uses the term of “game” to describe the attitude of gentiles to reality that for gentiles it is more like a game meaning that gentiles are less sincere and do not perceive the ultimate reality outlined by God.

    • Replies: @alexander
  67. alexander says:


    I get what you are saying.

    But walk this through with me.

    Let us assume that you (or I) are the owner(s) of BBC.

    You instruct your reporters to go to Poland and do a story on all the pervasive “racist hate” which is coursing through the country at “epic levels”.

    They go to do the report, and they find very little evidence of pervasive “racist hate”….so you have them fabricate and “doctor up” interviews so it looks like there is.

    You succeed in airing a fabricated expose’ which makes it LOOK LIKE there is “rampant racist hate” in Poland when there is not really all that much.

    Why would you do that ?

    Why would I do that ?

    What is the plus in it, for either of us ?

    Is there some reason I might want to “smear ” Poland (or Hungary) ?

    Did they do something wrong ?…and now they need to be “smeared” or “punished”…Is that it ?

    Is there a political dimension ?….Like if you can make the (phony) case for” pervasive racist hate” in Poland ….you can begin to set the stage for…what ?….. bogus “reforms” ?..or changes in the laws ?
    or perhaps , “regime change” …down the line ?

    Is that the idea ?

    I mean what is it…What is the agenda behind the fabrications ?

  68. Z-man says:

    I’ve been listening and watching The BBC for years and I have noticed more and more how infested with the globalist Judaic narrative they have become.

    • Replies: @Jake
  69. republic says:

    how bloomers were taught to hate themselves

    from the utube channel Black pilled

    antiwhite anti American films

    How the jews view white americans

    how bloomers were taught to hate themselves transcript if you watch my channel you know that I


    like to pay attention to what Hollywood is whispering into the public’s ear especially the propaganda that was produced before the internet and before there was any real competition because this was the golden age of propaganda when propaganda was concentrated into the sights and sounds of films propaganda that took months and sometimes years to plan and produce 0 propaganda so well-crafted and compelling that it was profitable the target audience paid for the luxury of being programmed and then left the theaters wanting more and it was during this golden age of propaganda that the propagandists produced the best results with complete control the National narrative on both the large and small screens in America the subtle whispers coming from Hollywood got louder and louder and more extreme desensitizing its audience lately we’ve seen a wave of anti white hate and while it might be reaching a fever pitch now this is something that has been cultivated slowly and carefully for longer than many of us have even been alive I was curious as to win exactly this message really began to be mainstream the first real overt attacks on the white Christian majority so I began by looking back at films that had been nominated or had won Oscars as this would demonstrate that the film wasn’t some kind of fringe creation but that it represented the mainstream messaging being put out by Hollywood and while I found several examples going back much further than I expected including the 1952 film High Noon that John Wayne called out as being the product of anti-american communist writers and there were certainly whispers belittling white Christian males and depicting them as weak and cowardly but but these whispers 27 years later as the baby boomers begin to come of age and start having families these whispers had evolved into shouts by 1979 in the film Norma Rae I think it’s important to get to know the kind of messaging that the baby boomers were subjected to that led to some of the problems and discrimination we face today now there are certainly other movies that have the same anti-white anti-american themes that Norma Rae does I feel as if none quite encapsulate the absolute contempt the filmmakers had for European Americans their culture their religion and even their system of government in fact it’s so on the nose it’s kind of ridiculous when you watch it today it’s it’s extremely transparent Norma Rae was written by Jewish writers Irving Ravich and Harriet Frank and I mentioned they were Jewish because in many ways this film is about Jewish identity coming into contact with white identity and then attempting to change it because it sees white identity is inferior so it’s important to understand that this movie was written by Jewish writers and directed by a Jewish director co-starring a Jewish actor and that this is the lens that they looked at white America through this is so important because if you understand that aspect and you understand that this movie was awarded to Oscars and nominated for two others including Best Picture and even nominated for the highest prize at the Cannes Film Festival so this view given the demographics in Hollywood arguably represents the Jewish view of white America in 1979

  70. denk says:

    5lies disinfo ?
    You aint seen nuthin yet !

    In 1965, Indon prez Sukarno was pro Beijing, that wouldnt do, he gotta go.
    A plan was hatched to frame Chinese indons as
    ‘fifth columns’ of Beijing in an ‘impending coup’.
    MI6 planted fake news in its worldwide media networks, CIA fabricated ‘evidence’ of Chinese supplied arms.
    The lies that launched one of the greatest genocide of 20C.
    Until this day, veterans are still reminiscing fondly over ‘the Co’s greatest hit’.

    ‘The army’s anxiety was increased by rumors, throughout 1965, that mainland China was smuggling arms to the PKI for an imminent revolt. Two weeks before Gestapu, a story to this effect also appeared in a Malaysian newspaper, citing Bangkok sources which relied in turn on Hong Kong sources.106 Such international untraceability is the stylistic hallmark of stories emanating in this period from what CIA insiders called their “mighty Wurlitzer,” the world-wide network of press “assets” through which the CIA, or sister agencies such as Britain’s MI-6, could plant unattributable disinformation.107 PKI demands for a popular militia or “fifth force,” and the training of PKI youth at Lubang Buaja, seemed much more sinister to the Indonesian army in the light of the Chinese arms stories. ‘

    The smoking gun...
    OUtta the horse mouth.

    ‘The third means of support was propaganda operations, mainly involving the distribution of false anti-Sukarno messages and stories through the media. This was organised from Britain’s MI6 Phoenix Park intelligence base in Singapore. The head of these operations, Norman Reddaway, told the BBC’s Southeast Asia correspondent to “do anything you can think of to get rid of Sukarno”. On 5 October Reddaway reported to the Foreign Office in London that: “We should not miss the present opportunity to use the situation to our advantage… I recommend that we should have no hesitation in doing what we can surreptitiously to blacken the PKI in the eyes of the army and the people of Indonesia”.

    The Foreign Office replied: “We certainly do not exclude any unattributable propaganda or psywar [psychological warfare] activities which would contribute to weakening the PKI permanently. We therefore agree with the [above] recommendation… Suitable propaganda themes might be… Chinese interference in particular arms shipments; PKI subverting Indonesia as agents of foreign communists”. It continued: “We want to act quickly while the Indonesians are still off balance but treatment will need to be subtle… Please let us know of any suggestions you may have on these lines where we could be helpful at this end”.’

    Sukarno was liquidated….with 3M collateral damages.

    The RN dispatched two warships ferrying the death squads to the killing fields.
    Thats grade A customer service.

    • Replies: @denk
  71. @Heros

    Well John Adams used the Alien and Sedition acts much to same effect in 1798 too.

    Bingo, fine Heros! Your comments cannot be repeated often enough. And to think that the rev was supposedly fought to obtain free speech. What a crock!

    For the statists among us, I ask, If we didn’t have government, who’d censor us?

  72. @Heros

    Keep ’em coming, please!

    • Replies: @Rurik
  73. alexander says:

    Thanks, Utu.

    What IS the ultimate reality outlined by God..that “The Gentiles” will not perceive ?

    Is it stated for the record, anywhere ?

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  74. A man sitting in a small open boat out in the open sea watching TV was nabbed by a submarine that suddenly surfaces next to him.
    This was the gist of an advertisement that warned people that they had to pay for their TV license. Unbelievable.

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  75. DaveE says:

    I worked in “The (TV) Biz” in Los Angeles from 1985 to 1990, until I couldn’t take it anymore.
    The whole of American Media is dominated by zionists that will use any lie, any scam or any brainwashing method to weaken the Gentile culture and promote decadence of any kind.

    It’s absolutely sickening for Gentiles who are not solely motivated by money. Problem is, once you’ve been there a while, it’s hard to get out and change careers. You get trapped if you’re not strong enough to break free and start your life over. As such, I knew two good-hearted people who committed suicide working for the Chosenites and promoting their lies in Hollyweird.

    I knew several Brits who told me it was no different on the other side of the pond, as well.

  76. utu says:

    What is the agenda behind the fabrications ?

    Money. Pure malice and prejudice is not enough to make them do anything. Consider a possibility that the Panorama hit piece on Poland where football Euro 2012 was to be held (jointly with Ukraine) in June-July 2012 was to be immediately followed by the 2012 Summer Olympics (July-August) in London. The objective was to dissuade sport fans from going to Poland and Ukraine and spending their money there which otherwise they could spend on tickets for London Olympics. And it was directly said by Sol Campbell “stay home”:
    Euro 2012 should not have been awarded to Poland and Ukraine because of entrenched racism and violence, Sol Campbell has told the BBC’s Panorama.
    The former England captain’s advice to fans is to “stay home, watch it on TV… don’t even risk it.”

    Sol Campbell warns England fans to avoid Euro 2012 for fear of ‘coming back in a coffin’

    Summer Olympics 2012 in London had interesting logo.

    Iran claims London 2012 Olympics logo spells the word ‘Zion’

    • Replies: @alexander
    , @Hugh Ballz
  77. @alexander

    You seem to know nothing about the conflict between the Polish goverment and the EU court.
    As the British and the Hungarians the Poles have no intention of giving up their sovereignty.
    Poland is one of the countries not signing the Marrakech UN agreement, and is refusing Muslim migrants.
    So depicting Poland as racist was to be expected.
    Now that Poland has become more or less prosperous the Holocaust Industry sees a new target.

  78. Anne Lid says:

    It can be used as a club to make Eastern Europians take in as many strangers as they can, even if it means fracturing their societies and weakening their economies. If they resist, it can be used as a club to boycott them.

    • Replies: @alexander
  79. republic says:

    The JQ is extremely interesting. Lucky to live in the US where such inquires are not yet illegal such as in the EU and the rest of the anglosphere .

    The tribe engineered two great white civil wars in the 20th century. The Jews are now trying to destroy the white population of the US, the country which gave the Jews the most freedom in all of their long history.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  80. alexander says:

    You are quite correct Mr . Dykstra,

    I know (or knew) nothing about the conflict.

    But now, thanks to you, I do.

  81. Jake says:

    How dense are you?

    You really cannot imagine any idea why Anglophile Globalists might want to smear Poland and the Poles (and Russia and Russians and Hungary and Hungarians)?

    • Agree: fatmanscoop
    • Replies: @alexander
    , @Hugh Ballz
  82. SteveH says:

    You really could NOT care less…

  83. alexander says:

    That is a very interesting take.

    So the ” racist hate” smear campaign against Poland and Hungary was timed to stymie the substantial inflows of revenues from tourists flocking there to watch the games.

    This makes sense.

    The reason for punishing Poland and Hungary is, according to Mr. Dykstra, they have not agreed to compromise their sovereignty in the ways that would please the EU overlords.

    Is that right ?

    • Replies: @utu
  84. alexander says:
    @Anne Lid

    I see.

    So its used as a tool to shatter the internal harmony of the smeared country by forcing them to accept strange people they would otherwise prefer to avoid ?

    Is that it ?

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  85. Jake says:

    The globalist narrative is, and has been since at least the Elizabethan use of pirates to play war without declaring it, absolutely central and indispensable to all things British. You can’t conquer the world’s oceans and build the largest empire in history without being ‘globalist’ in every way.

    And the Brit WASP economic globalism was making the UK Elites much, much richer while the UK poor were held down, all but permanently unless the left their homeland, as soon as Henry VIII stole all the lands and endowments of monasteries and chanceries.

    So is it just when Jews clearly have taken charge of the Anglophone globalist harm done to non-Elite whites that you oppose it?

    Because rich WASPs with globalist designs and emphases have been harming the vast majority of whites they rule since the WASP culture fully formed and first came to power.

  86. macilrae says:

    Here’s my take.

    Evidently top management at the BBC is on board with “the agenda” of the mainstream media and the various ‘deep states’ in USA, UK etc. This agenda includes but is not limited to the issues I’d listed i.e. race doesn’t exist and racism is the ultimate evil, Russia is evil, Israel is good etc. etc.

    In England, where racism is already deeply suppressed but known to have a clandestine following, the populace needs to be continuously inoculated against the endemic evil. Part of this includes the BBC’s narrative of how it still exists in unenlightened societies; to be played along with the constant refrain of just how shameful this is. In this way they hope to kindle outrage in the masses who will become soldiers against the scourge.

    This strategy has already been so successful that you now find you hardly dare to touch on the topic of race in ‘polite society’ – nor do you give any negative opinion on Israel or, as I found recently, a positive one on Putin’s Russia. If you do you’re liable to lose friends and even end up on a list somewhere.

    • Replies: @alexander
  87. @republic

    The zionists goal is a zionist NWO and the white race in America is going to be destroyed by the zionists for their satanic demonic draconian zionist NWO!

    Just as a parasite destroys its host, so shall Israel and the zionists destroy America!

  88. alexander says:


    I cannot imagine any reason why I would want to smear Poland, Russia or Hungary.

    So I have to try and speculate why someone else would.

  89. Having molested Polonia for so long in the past through tax-farming, the culprits can’t forget the illicit taste of the ill-gotten honey… the lecherous lot is at it again through the moronic Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation to subjugate the Poles!

  90. Rurik says:
    @jacques sheete

    Keep ‘em coming, please!

    I agree!

    BTW, remember when this case was all over CNN/MSNBC/NYT ect..?

    Tony Rooke refused to pay a TV license fee because the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks, he alleged.

    So Rooke said the BBC had to have had prior knowledge to a terror attack making them complicit in the attack.

    He presented the BBC footage to the judge along with a slew of other evidence, and the judge agreed that Rooke had a reasonable case to protest. Rooke was found not guilty and he was not fined for failure to pay the licensing fee.

    (not endorsing that particular website, but I didn’t find one story about this in the ((corporate, controlled media)))

    Curious, just took another look, and I don’t think even one so-called mainstream news organization reported on the man’s victory in the court case. Not even the BBC!

    Here’s a movie the guy made about it.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  91. Heros says:

    “rich WASPs with globalist designs and emphases have been harming the vast majority of whites they rule since the WASP culture fully formed and first came to power.”

    New Amsterdam had already been inhabited by Conversos kicked out of Brazil plying their slave trade and usury throughout the new world long before the “WASP revolution”.

    Face it, those “WASP” you so despise were in reality freemasons with all their ancient kabbalism. Even back then, just like the jews, these “WASP’s” were obsessed with the third temple to Solomon.

    • Replies: @alexander
  92. alexander says:

    That is a really good take.


  93. utu says:

    Not in 2012. Dykstra is wrong in this case. In 2012 Poland had a government which was very much in line with the EU and German consensus. Poland began to make some noises about its “sovereignty” only in 2015 when the ME refugee invasion was launched against Germany. The new government was elected in 2015 and then Poland began to seek some counterbalance in Washington and Tel Aviv which became possible after Trump election in 2016.

    Poland is in a very precarious situations on the account of its critical geopolitical position and its size. It is relatively large though still not very strong. Smaller countries like Hungary or Slovakia can get away with more than Poland because they can be ignored. On top of it Poland has a vey complicated history vis a vis Jews and the fact that it remains still a very Catholic country.

    The angle of anti-semitism will always be used against Poland whether by Jews wanting to get reparation for lost properties after the WWII or whether by Germans wanting to shift responsibility for Holocaust or whether by liberals (and Protestants lik the old Calvinist Dykstra) for Catholic traditionalism or whether by Russians to displace their guilt for crimes of Judeo-Bolshevism while Catholic Poland never wavered in its anti Bolshevik stance.

    • Replies: @alexander
    , @Anon
  94. Johan says:

    Great article, gives an insight into the liberal propaganda machine, which is not about the humanist form of anti-racism, but about establishment power mongering. Reminds me of the propaganda spit out by the liberal machine concerning the big march in Poland last year, when they reported about ten thousands of nazis, a nazi march. Even some of the alt-right media in my country believed it, and copied it.. The liberals and the EU are not happy with Poland, as the nationalism and Poland trying to find its own way goes against the totalitarian agenda of the EU establishments. The racist agenda, the alleged anti-Semitism and the holohaux history are all vessels to manipulate and control the poles.

    “but I was somewhat reassured because this was the BBC”

    The BBC is a liberal state propaganda machine, just like the Dutch NPO state television, of that you can be assured.

    • Replies: @Hugh Ballz
  95. Anne Lid says:

    Not just that. To make us come to heel. There was a government before Orban who acted very friendly towards the ideals the BBC offers. Foreign interests bought up a bunch of valuable assets in Hungary on the cheap. At the same time the banks started pushing a loan scheme, that later turned out to be disastrous for a lot of people. Orban is far from perfect, but things improved a lot under him. There is quite some money to be made for a few to the detriment of many if a spineless government were to be forced on us. Plus a bunch of relatively intelligent but impoverished people to hire for peanuts. Multiculti countries are more likely to vote liberal ( to go along with this indefinitely). What use would it be for Hungarians or Poles? None.

    • Replies: @alexander
  96. alexander says:

    Hi Heros,

    After having read over 40 comments by “Jake” this past year…it feels as if he has been specifically assigned the task of deflecting the stinging critiques of contemporary Jewish Power (so prevalent on the pages of Unz. Review ),onto the WASP’s of yesteryear.

    If you just ask Jake…..he will tell you, every time,…”No….the WASP’s did it!”…or it was “All the WASP’s fault.”

    He never err’s in his “deflections”.

    No offense to you, Jake, if you read this…but you do try to make everything a case for Anti-WASP-ism….and it is (almost) comical sometimes.

    According to Jake (?) , nobody on the planet hates the Palestinians …..more than the WASP’s.

    • Replies: @Heros
    , @Jake
  97. JRB says: • Website

    That is indeed the most likely explanation. I saw this on live television in 2001. A few years ago somewhere on the internet I saw a video where the newsreaders were confronted with this error. They said they didn’t remember it and then they laughed it away.

  98. This article has made me so jaded and cynical that I’m now wondering if Wally is a Hasbara plant. Thanks a lot.

    • Replies: @Wally
  99. alexander says:
    @Anne Lid

    That makes a lot more sense.

    Thanks .

  100. alexander says:

    Interesting, and very informative.


  101. @Simon Tugmutton

    What if the cable service doesn’t carry BBC?

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
  102. Thats an interesting article. I’ve read the comments and I’ve watched that 9/11 video over and over, years ago, and I’ve always been intrigued by it. I’ve seen the Udo Ulfkotte video before and don’t doubt he’s telling the truth.

    I’ve often wondered if there is something about us, the British people, that have some sort of innate talent for propaganda. Maybe our mixture of Germanic and Celtic ancestry. The Irish and the Welsh can weave the English language into poetic meanderings just in ordinary chit chat. I vaguely remember reading that in Gaelic there is no words for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and imagine how much verbosity that will generate. The Welsh working class will use peculiar constructions like “I do go” which I understand is a sort of direct translation of how you would say this in Welsh and perhaps the combination of Anglo-Saxon, French and Celtic gives the English language and the native users of it some sort of advantage in telling stories. But that seems too fanciful.

    Also, perhaps because we were I think the only European country that took part in WWII that didn’t end up defeated, invaded or occupied, and perhaps because of that, much of the propaganda from WWII is still believed by the British people, and also therefore our propaganda has never been properly scrutinized by most British people and so our propaganda industries have just carried on untroubled by the concern that much of the population might ever doubt what they are being told leading to the organisations like the BBC having a certain amount of unconscious arrogance.

    But I suspect that the explanation for this particular shameful episode is probably fairly simple. I think that the amongst the sort of people who would work for the BBC, freelance or as employees, these BBC types would assume that all Eastern Europeans are racists because they have not been subjected to nearly 40 years of anti-racist brain-washing as the British population has.

    I can picture that the sort of people who work for the BBC or mixed up with organisations like Hope Not Hate, probably congratulate themselves on having pacified the native British people with their 40 years of anti-racist propaganda and I can imagine they think that if it wasn’t for them, we’d all be lynching black and brown people in the street and shoving others into gas chambers. The Poles are unreconstructed. Lets get over there and make a documentary about what awful racists they must be. Football hooligans are bound to give us some good material! I expect its as simple as that.

    I know a black bloke who is married to a Pole. She is from down South, out in the sticks somewhere. He goes over there fairly regularly and I askeed him if he’d experienced and trouble, any racism. He said no. He said sometimes people will stare, but they don’t get to see many black people in those parts.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @utu
    , @Wally
  103. Nonny says:

    That is consistent with the Code of Maimonides as quoted by Isaac Shahak. It states that all Jews have a duty to God to exterminate all Christians. But they must do nothing to endanger other Jews.

    So, that’s the ultimate objective. When they can, they will.

  104. Heros says:

    As far as I can tell, all this WASP spittle flinging only happens in the US. Do the English socialists ever talk about “WASP”?

    As far as I can tell, “WASP” is a pejorative created by the same people who came up with “NAZI”. In the case of “WASP”, by all appearances it is jews who are upset about being excluded from various New England country clubs. In the case of “Nazi”, it appears to have been coined by jews who were upset when Germans refused to forget their Dolchstoss.

    What Jake and his ilk can’t seem to figure out is that if he would just change “Greedy Wasp” to “Greedy Yankee” he would have the entire alt-right movement on his side.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
    , @Jake
  105. Johan says:

    ” Barack Obama, of all people. During a ceremony at the White House honoring someone who had survived Auschwitz, Mr. Obama referred to it as a “Polish death camp” rather than a Nazi death camp in occupied Poland. ”

    Of all people, Obama is a liberal, he does liberal propaganda, he also confused the name of the camp his uncle was in, as he mentioned Auschwitz in a speech, while it was another camp. Facts and exactness do not matter to such people, it is all propaganda to manipulate emotions. The mistakes they make are also not random, confusing some less know camp with Auschwitz is meant to give extra force to what is said, to mistake a German camp for a Polish is also of deliberate (though subconscious) design.
    Obama (or his crew) is a master propagandist. According to an analysis of demagogic practices I encountered somewhere, he scored the highest points, compared to the campaigns of a few former US presidents and candidates.

  106. @English Yobbo

    Also, perhaps because we were I think the only European country that took part in WWII that didn’t end up defeated,

    The great danger of propaganda is that those who make it after some time believe it themselves.
    If any European country was defeated in WWII it was GB.
    The poverty in GB at the end of the sixties appalled visitors from the continent.
    Churchill was the undertaker of the empire, but British cling to their illusions, therefore, I suppose, the book describing how Churchill’s war destroyed the empire never was published in original english
    John Charmley, ‘Der Untergang des Britischen Empires, Roosevelt – Churchill und Amerikas Weg zur Weltmacht’, Graz 2005
    Untergang = sinking, going down

  107. utu says:
    @English Yobbo

    I’ve often wondered if there is something about us, the British people, that have some sort of innate talent for propaganda.

    I believe that you (the British people) are indeed talented and very experienced in propaganda. Even Goebbels was envious when he could not spin the fire bombing of German cities into sympathy for Germans and at the same time the whole world was being fed the story of Coventry.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  108. Wally says:

    Wow, you are desperate and not too bright.

    I note that you cannot refute what I post.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  109. Wally says:
    @English Yobbo

    “I’ve often wondered if there is something about us, the British people, that have some sort of innate talent for propaganda.”

    For Americans, it’s the English accent.
    A good English friend of mine always laughs about that.

    He says things like, “In the US a simple British cook suddenly become a chef.’

    And you gotta love the media game of trotting out a dumb African who has an English accent, thereby making him a genius. LOL

  110. @utu

    And what is your comment on that? I read quite a bit of that very wordy effusion. Can you tell us more about date and author. I am sure that lots of Christians and Muslims, probably too Hindus and Buddhists, have written similarly literate obsessive pieces which would be regarded as bizarre by their relaxed co-religionists. I can imagine Jewish friends saying “Yeah, he has a point, I’m sure it explains why none of my Gentile friends like Mum’s bagels”.

    • Replies: @utu
  111. @Anonymous

    Large cities hold monopoly political power in all industrial countries, although they are starting to lose that monopoly. This is not a strength, it is a weakness. See Copley, _Uncivilization_. Trump is that weakness manifesting itself in the United States.


  112. The BBC is now controlled by the Intelligence Agencies of Britain. They work for the Magic Jews. The Magic Jews have infiltrated the BBC a long time ago. Remember Jimmy Savile and his pedo friends that the BBC covered up? Why? Because the Savile and pedos were working for the intelligence agencies.

  113. @alexander

    What IS the ultimate reality outlined by God

    Do you seriously expect to find the ultimate reality in a comments section?


    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @alexander
  114. @aspnaz

    Sorry to disillusion you. The BBC “accent” disappeared in the 1980s.

    • Replies: @macilrae
  115. @alexander

    Oldest game in the book:
    “I believe A.”
    “Why do you believe A?”
    “I don’t believe that explanation. Therefore, A must be false.”

    “I believe A.”
    “Why do you believe A?”
    “I notice that you referred to B. Why do you believe B?”
    (preceding two lines repeat forever)

    Logic, and the dialectic that uses is, is a _game_ not a fight. Rhetoric is a fight. The game was thought of as only a semi-religious game (_Consolations of Philosophy_) until Galileo connected mathematics and physical observations to form the start of classical physics, back in the late AD 1500s.

    Thanks to science and engineering, many people believe that logic can compel belief. It can’t. Belief in dialectic is like deciding whether a picture is beautiful or not, not like knocking your opponent down and stomping his solar plexus. Reliance on pure logic leads to infinite regression.

    I should add that playing the dialectic game can be very productive, and only the West seems able to play it that way. Every other society on earth changes dialectic to fight, and loses the productivity.


  116. @Heros

    Pejorative and redundant. White Anglo Saxon Protestants. OK, Anglo Saxons were a medieval Germanic tribe. Not many non-whites in the Anglo Saxons. But ASP is threatening, one wouldn’t attack an asp. WASPs, however, are a nuisance insect that can’t be allowed to live near human habitation, but not a serious threat to life.


  117. renfro says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Yes, it is government owned.
    But that doesn’t stop Jews and zionist Jews in particular from gaining editorial and programming control.

    Apologists for Israel take top posts at BBC

  118. Whitewolf says:

    Cultural Marxism is just a tool to enact White Genocide as explained by Noel Ignatiev and Kalergi. That is the final solution to the White “racism” problem that the BBC was trying to highlight even if it had to manufacture it. The anti-White narrative must be mantained at all costs lest Whites stop feeling perpetual guilt.

  119. renfro says:

    In Brit Empire WASP terms – we are all just Irish Catholics who deserve to rot to death with rotting potatoes. In Yank WASP terms – we are all just white trash Scots-Irish from the South who deserve to have the Numinous Negroes running wild while lording over us.

    All I get from your constant 100 + rantings about WASP and Elites is that you must be the lowest of the low of Catholics or Scots-Irish society and therefore you hate them.

  120. Mike P says:

    Do you seriously expect to find the ultimate reality in a comments section?

    If not here, where else?

    • Replies: @Anon
  121. @Rurik

    Thanks for that, Rurik. The stuff like that is endless, but the true believers continue to believe.

    And by the way, where have you been?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  122. renfro says:

    Is there some reason I might want to “smear ” Poland (or Hungary) ?

    Oh, let me think….humm….who demonizes Poland, Hungary, Russia, the whole world really?

    Could it be,…the Jewish interest?

    Apologists for Israel take top posts at BBC

    Jews make money demonizing.

    Israel said set to seek \$250b compensation for Jews forced out of Arab countries
    After 18 months of research, first claims being finalized for reported \$35b from Tunisia, \$15b from Libya, for assets Jews left behind when kicked out after establishment of Israel

    ”Israel is preparing to demand compensation totaling a reported \$250 billion from seven Arab countries and Iran for property and assets left behind by Jews who were forced to flee those countries following the establishment of the State of Israel.
    “The time has come to correct the historic injustice of the pogroms (against Jews) in seven Arab countries and Iran, and to restore, to hundreds of thousands of Jews who lost their property, what is rightfully theirs,” Israel’s Minister for Social Equality, Gila Gamliel, who is coordinating the Israeli government’s handling of the issue, said Saturday.

  123. denk says:

    CIA/MI6’s greatest hit of 20C..
    An autopsy….

    *The techniques of the Indonesian destabilization were classic: CIA agents planted caches of arms that would then be “found” by Indonesian police under the watchful eye of the alerted media. Along with the arms would be all kinds of forged documents proving that the Communists were fomenting a violent uprising. Propaganda agents planted stories in the media, inflaming the mistrust of the Communists. Others gave speeches. The situation heated up until some generals in the Indonesian army were killed, and the boil of tension burst. The Indonesian army went after the Communists and the people they felt traditionally supported the Communists. The result was a bloodbath that the New York Times described in terms half a million to a million and a half dead. The Australian secret service, closer to Indonesia, put the figure at closer to two million-the rivers were clogged with the bodies of the dead. [1]

    *U.S. officials were particularly interested in linking the September 30th plotters to Beijing. They helped to spread stories about China’s alleged involvement and reported on caches of weapons purportedly “discovered” by the Indonesian army with the hammer and sickle conveniently stamped on them. “We have bonanza chance to nail chicoms on disastrous events in Indonesia,” Green wrote the State Department. He urged a “continuation [of] covert propaganda” as one of the “best means of spreading [the] idea of chicom complicity,” an allegation still being put forth by former U.S. officials forty years later.22 Such efforts, intended or not, also encouraged attacks against Indonesia’s indigenous Chinese minority and businessmen. Army leaders were actually worried by the strident tone of British and U.S. efforts and urged the U.S. embassy “not to unduly emphasize that [it] is seeking revenge,” arguing that the military had its “hands full restoring order and stability without creating [the] impression it [is] going to massacre Communists.”23 [2]

    *The Indonesian covert action of 1965, reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation. He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party – the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese. And the CIA’s report put the number of dead at 800,000 killed. And that was one covert action. We’re talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things. [1987 Lecture] THE SECRET WARS OF THE CIA: by John Stockwell [3]

    Both Suharto and Marshall Green [nicknamed coup master for his Indon and subsequent capers ] died peacefully in their ripe old age.




    • Replies: @denk
    , @denk
  124. @Wally

    “Wow, you are desperate and not too bright.
    I note that you cannot refute what I post.”

    Yeah, if only I was smarter, I would actually invite you to launch into another of your endless tirades. That is exactly the kind of reasoning that prevents your unhinged babbling from swaying so much as a single opinion.

    Have you ever heard the phrase “we would have socialism already but for the socialists”? Think about how that might apply to you.

    • Agree: utu
  125. macilrae says:
    @ploni almoni

    Oh, ploni almoni, you got me started up again just after I’d quieted down.

    There are still some pretty ‘pure’ strains of English spoken on the BBC and the majority of the news announcers are reasonably accurate – not I grant you, on a level with Alva Lidell or Wally Greenslade. “London” accents (with no “Ts”) are pretty common in presenters – especially on Radio 5 – Northern, Welsh and SW very few. They even hired a couple of Caribbeans (of course they did!) whose accents, while detectable, are OK other than perhaps the grating timbre. BUT there is one bloke on “Radio Africa” (BBC World radio) who speaks fluently but with such an accent that I doubt many non-native English speakers can follow him – and he is a general news presenter.

    Goodnight! I shall go listen to Sputnik for a bit.

  126. geokat62 says:

    Panorama is the BBC’s flagship investigative program. It is the longest-running such production in the world, having been on the air since 1953. The closest thing to it on American television is probably 60 Minutes. Panorama enjoys a reputation for hard-hitting and serious investigative journalism.

    Speaking of 60 Minutes, take a look at this video. It will blow your socks off in terms of how corrupt Mike Wallace and his producers were when they tried doing a hatchet job on a whistleblower who was keen on getting the truth out about the suspicious death of Deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster:

    Here’s the YT blurb:

    The 60 Minutes Deception is one of the most important and damaging exposés ever produced, clearly showing the dishonest tactics used by the mainstream press in providing misinformation to the American people. Must viewing for all concerned Americans!

  127. @aspnaz

    When I worked past the last night bus back in the ’80s, I would travel home by cab. The drivers were invariably East African. The local NPR news station turned the overnight hours to BBC World Service. And every last cab driver was tuned into it.

  128. @Alfred

    Here is another video of reporters announcing the WTC-7 collapse before it happened. A live broadcast that WTC-7 had collapsed, but a minute into the broadcast the building is seen “going down right now” as a broadcaster said. It was impressive that these two news readers expressed no confusion or shock as to why they were told WTC-7 had collapsed before it did.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  129. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mike P

    I’ve just realised where that all important afterlife takes place…. it’s in the Dark Matter. Maybe there our artificial recreated but digital brain will understand ultimate reality…..

  130. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    If you don’t want to sound like a troll you should get to know the difference between MI5 and MI6. And that’s apart from giving up any pretence that you know anything about British public schools. But if you want to sound like a fool in the end that is your business.

    • Replies: @Heros
  131. @utu

    Ludendorff already in WWI admired British propaganda.
    The big difference between Germany and GB inWWI was that socialists and communists could at liberty criticise the war in parliament, Reichstag, in GB Morel was thrown in jail, in such harsh circumstances that he died in the early twenties.
    Brutal colonial behaviour by the British ruling classes not just existed outside England, it existed also within England.
    E.D.Morel, ‘Truth & The War’, 1916, London
    Nobody of course is going to read it, but the book describes how tenants were evicted with the prospect of dying of hunger and misery, sometimes just because the aristocrat wanted a better view from his mansion.
    Maurice Beresford, ‘The Lost Villages of England’, 1969, London

  132. Sorry Jack !
    But I can’t help seeing BBC as Jimmy Saville British Buggering Children, & being staffed by homo-paedophiles & bull dykes ??
    Well ?? That’s my opinion !

    • Replies: @Anon
  133. alexander says:

    Do you mean ……as opposed to BBC ?

  134. @Bill Jones

    Same deal. If it’s being ‘broadcast’, receivable on a TV/computer/whatever, and you’re watching it, you’re supposed to be licensed. BBC or not!

  135. Nawi says:

    “the past 18 years.” past 18 years ????? is it a joke ? I would say the past 200 years. or what do you think was the gulf of Tomkin, the Maine or Polk provoking the Mexicans in Brownsville in order to steal 60 % of Mexico ?

    • Replies: @alexander
  136. @jilles dykstra

    BS. Or are you in Humpty Dumpty mode saying “owns means what I say it means”? If you are using the metaphor as might be in play when someone says “95 per cent of Congressmen are owned by lobbies” then you still need to spell out the evidence for your claim. You don’t have the Congressional Record to help you.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  137. @Carlton Meyer

    What if their incorrect broadcast had been caused by someone in a telephone call saying “WTC? Yeah, it’s gone too, Jim’s just told Henry about it” because Henry had just said to the caller”I’m on the phone to Jim. Apparently it’s not just the Towers. It seems 7’s gone too”? Eady to jump to the wrong conclusion you would have to agree.

  138. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    I have rarely listened to the BBC and not at all recently though I have known well and completely trust a couple of its documentary producers.

    If you weren’t so keen on putting your own emotions and opinion forward you might have taken thevtime to discover the best evidence a corporation can give for being ashamed by doing an internet search for the program and also for BBC Panorama.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  139. utu says:

    BBC by having a global reach often would be on leading edge of whipping up media campaigns bordering on hysteria like in cases of bombings of hospitals in Aleppo, white helmets and alleged gas attacks. In 2016 and 2017 BBC would set the tone for the rest of media including the American networks. They would have updates every hour or half an hour through out the whole night (in the US) and American media would pick it up later in the morning. It felt like the center of the propaganda for the Global Empire was in London.

  140. utu says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    When I find some Hindu and Buddhist writings about dominating or destroying the whole world I will let you know. And as far as the Mum’s bagels it is rather uncommon to make them at home from scratch.

  141. Rurik says:
    @jacques sheete

    And by the way, where have you been?

    Well Jacques, it’s a cruel happenstance of fate that I must go out and schlelp for a humble and meager living, alas..

    But I continue to enjoy your comments as a lurker when I find the time. 😉

  142. Heros says:

    If you don’t want to sound like a troll you should get to know the difference between MI5 and MI6. And that’s apart from giving up any pretence that you know anything about British public schools. But if you want to sound like a fool in the end that is your business.

    Hey Brit Buggery Troll, two can play the inane and pointless comment game.

  143. @Wizard of Oz

    You underestimate European tv.
    How jews manipulate any Senator or Representative out of a job who dares antagonise jewish interests has been made quite clear here.
    Also how lobbyists run around in Senate and House.
    Then there is the tradition of Senators and Representatives speaking their minds for the first time in their lives in their farewell speeches.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  144. @Anon

    When car radio’s still had long wave reception BBCW radio was listened to regularly by me.

  145. republic says:

    Jewish Internet Defense Force

    These Zionists have a large group of people,trained to attack anti anti-Jewish groups on the web

  146. MacNucc11 says:
    @jacques sheete

    I have been TV free for at least 12 years. It was the best thing I ever did. I am also social media free and currently cell phone as well. I see no reason to pay to be lied to and given no real information.
    It is great that this author has given us an inside look at how they manufacture a false narrative. We can assume it is a regular practice.

  147. @Wally

    You are one sick MOFO and need a serious ass whoopin or worse ! NO doubt you will find it with denial of such suffering that is well past documented. This denial is in itself a serious crime against humanity.

    PRAVDA/MSM has seriously mind effed millions , but even more are finally waking up and see the atrocity of your denial and schemes for what it is , a huge lie ! One day you will be exposed and you will get your payback !

    • Replies: @Anon
  148. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Denial of what suffering? That of gentiles?

    The Jews and their supporters, such as yourself, haven’t proven or “documented” anything. In fact, they disallow any serious critique of the presented so-called evidence. Doing so precludes any claim of legitimate documentation.

    Any serious critique is either prosecuted or leads to career ending repercussions. That isn’t done in serious science nor historical research. That is only done when there is a lie to protect that is critical to political gain.

    And that’s before we get to the myriad of uncovered assorted fictions of Jews in regard to their big lie. The lampshades, the soap, the admitted fiction of the numbers killed above the six million (which is also a lie), the European-Jewish resident population discrepancies, the technological and logistical impossibilities, and any number of Holocaust survivor stories that are obviously fake or admitted fakes. Pick one. All of which they expect us to just forget as we continue to unquestioningly accept the primary story that they won’t let anyone question in any serious manner. So, stick your “well documented” narrative very far up your ass.

    Now let’s talk about actual payback and who deserves it. What is actually documented in a serious manner, because it is open to research critique, are the genocides inflicted by Jewish communism that surpass the supposed Holocaust numbers by a factor of more than ten.

    Now let’s talk about the payback in regard to the Jewish cultural and political subversion of gentile societies, born out of their supremacist belief that only they are “man” and are destined to rule the world from Israel in their Messianic Age. If you need video of Rabbis discussing this, then that can be provided.

    Question: how much revenge are we entitled to for the “Jewish broom” (as admitted by Rabbis on video) of Islam coming in and massacring our sons and daughters? How much is a beheaded Danish girl worth in Jewish life? The Jews say that one million Arabs are not worth the life of one Jewish fingernail. How many Jews are we entitled to, in kind, for the massacre of one Danish girl at the hands of the “Jewish Broom”, since you wish to talk “revenge”?

    Let’s talk about how the entire Jewish religion is really one large hostile effort against every other people that is not them. Every major Jewish holiday consists of a ritual or memorial celebration meant to harm or in remembrance of harming gentiles.

    Let’s talk about how the Jewish faith is solely defined by its aggression toward non-Jews, in that its Klippoth or “empty husks” and associated demons are the demonized Old Gods of every gentile nation. Let’s talk about the Rabbinical black magic rituals that are regularly performed to hurt, bind, and eventually eliminate our original Gods. And since the Rabbis believe that “as above, so below”, these elimination of our Old Gods leads to the elimination of each tribe that they represent.

    Let’s talk about how the myths in the Jewish Tanakh are seen as modern entitlement and political direction for Jews against every nation that they choose to mirror onto their mythological enemies. Including those that they genocided or were taught that they can genocide with impunity. Want quotes?

    Let’s talk about how every year, at Yom Kippor, the Jews sacrifice animals, traditionally a goat, in order to transfer the sins of the Jewish nation onto gentile nations. Oh, yes, and that goat is meant as a sacrifice to the primary gentile god (who Jews call Satan or Samael), according to the Rabbis, who is bribed with it to sell-out gentiles for the sake of Jews.

    And you want your wittle innocent dawings to get revenge? On who? For what? This tribe is the root of European suffering, likely since the crumbling of Vedic India at the hands of the Persians. Who the Jews had also corrupted and later betrayed, as is directly recorded in their myths.

    A very deep, public, and international investigation has to be done into the deepest roots of Jewish beliefs so that they can not be hidden anymore. Once that occurs, they won’t dare clamor for revenge but will instead be desperately looking for the most distant rock to hide under. If God still exists in spite of the Jewish tribes attempt to murder him, they will not find it.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  149. Author Wade Shepherd[1] says, “I’ve been chasing reports of deserted towns and have yet to find one. Over and over, I would read articles in the international press claiming that China is building towns that are never inhabited–only to find something very different upon arrival. Ordos, the most famous ‘ghost city,’ took ten years to populate but now has a thriving downtown and rising home prices. Xiangluowan, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, Zhujiang and Zhengdong, former ‘ghost cities,’ now host the biggest urban migration in history. Newer cities–backwaters a decade ago–are complete and awaiting occupants while others, like Xinyang New District, are finishing construction”.

    [1] Ghost Cities of China: The Story of Cities without People in the World’s Most Populated Country. by Wade Shepard. (Asian Arguments). May 15, 2015

  150. Heros says:

    The BBC according to Jeremy Clarkson

    • Replies: @Heros
  151. @Bill Jones

    As was this?
    ” The BBC Initial Report: Donesk Witnesses Confirm presence of Military Aircraft
    (This report was subsequently Suppressed by the BBC, the video on youtube was taken down)
    Ironically, the presence of a military aircraft was also confirmed by a BBC report conducted at the crash site on July 23.
    All the eyewitnesses interviewed by the BBC confirmed the presence of another military aircraft flying within proximity of Malaysian Airlines MH17 at the time that it was shot down:
    Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …
    Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.
    Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.
    Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].”

  152. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Judaism is the best way to undermine and destroy a nation. The goal is the fulfillment of their Messianic entitlement to world rule.

    According to their texts, their Messianic period can not occur before “Edom” is destroyed: who they identify as the racial European nations and later as Christianity. The scheme is essentially this:

    1. Make it economically profitable for a short-time horizon-oriented or otherwise vulnerable politician to allow Jews into your nation because:

    they better enable trade due to their tribal connections in other nations,

    they pay of the debts of the aristocracy,

    or they fund a revolution / war that the politician or King wants.

    2. Promote immigration of groups that will conflict with the native group, if possible. Though, this step isn’t absolutely necessary. See the modern justifications for possible methods. Increasingly disparate groups make the next step easier:

    3. Buy or create the press and promote discord between any groups living within the nation, likely by promoting victim narratives and small-group entitlements.

    If racial or ethnic differences aren’t enough within the nation, then concentrate on class or even minor religious differences. Invent those differences in the press, if they do not already exist to a meaningful degree.

    See Protestantism, which conveniently removed anti-Jewish counter-magic from Catholicism in its alteration of the doctrine of transubstantiation as well as its reduced focus on sacraments and related ritual in favor of pure Bible interpretation (which was never the point of Christianity – see later below).

    See Luther’s later formal cursing of the Jews after he realized that he had been fooled. What followed? The bloodiest war in European history to date: The Thirty Years War. Also see the English Civil War, etc.

    See communism. See the “Civil Rights” movement as well as the mass importation of slaves. See modern immigration movements throughout the modern West.


    4. War and cultural destruction follow, with regime change for the losing tribe(s).

    5. In the aftermath, everyone is weaker and thus more vulnerable to deeper Jewish entrenchment.

    6. The cycle is finished when the nation is a civic and economic basketcase run by a miscegenated people with a greatly undermined and distorted culture.

    This cycle is obviously still running it course in greater Europe, but has more than run its course from India through at least Spain.

    Who wins? The adjacent competing nations (or sometimes invaders). And, of course, the Jews who are then implanted in those adjacent nations or invading groups that benefited from the war(s).

    Who is the next to be undermined? Those adjacent nations or the invading group.

    This cycle seems to have been moving from East to West since at least the fall of Vedic India (which is now overcome by a grossly distorted version of the Vedic religion and is run only by Dravidians).

    Note the historic change in Persia from Mitra worship (the Vedic religion) to Zoroastrianism, which was a proto-Judaism in that it was supposedly the first religion resembling a monotheistic religion.

    Zoroastrianism did not resemble the prior Vedic religion in Persia, where it now stood (such a dramatic change is otherwise unheard of without at least initial force) but was a new invention likely born out of a religiously and politically refined hostility to the Vedic Kingdom to the East.

    As documented in their myths, the Jews were deeply embedded in Persia. There is evidence that they originated in India (as a religious group, though they likely originally migrated from what is modern Armenia).

    All monotheism essentially declares metaphysical war on all other tribal gods and thus the existence of all other tribes (because in religious terms all things on Earth have a counter-part ion Heaven), and Zoroastrianism was specifically hostile to the Vedic religion in that it made all of the Vedic Gods its demons in the exactly the same way in which modern Judaism holds all of the Old Gods of every other known nation in the ancient world to be demons.

    Jewish anti-demon rituals and assorted magic is supposed to e a metaphysical attack on the existence of every other tribe on the planet, in preparation for their rule in their Messianic era.

    See the importance of the “72 names” to Judaism, which are Hebraic replacements for the names of the Old Gods and likely are supposed to work toward binding and eventually eliminating those Gods.

    Which has largely worked, and is held to be metaphysically complete at the earthly eradication of any of the tribes in question.

    See the 72 names woodcut image in Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, which includes a map of every ancient tribal name, and the associated name of their Gods, with each of the 72 positions.

    Note that Iran is now a miscegenated basketcase with a wild Semitic religion at the helm. Neither the original people nor culture of the region remain, aside from a small remainder in the Kurdish tribe.

    Moving West:

    The Greek version of the Aryan religion was eventually semiticized to a degree, likely due to Phrygians (originally Brygians) initially agreeing to accept migrating Jews from the Levant. Rome later had major issues because of the Jewish presence in Eastern Anatolia, as they migrated over and tried to undermine Rome by introducing the Sabazios cult. Rome responded by kicking out all of the Jews, but they later returned with the same cult in its more refined Bacchus form. I digress.

    However, the Greeks still saw themselves as primarily Aryan and they likely tried to push back against the cultural subversion that they saw coming their way after it overtook their Eastern neighbors (India and Persia), by writing the New Testament and essentially inventing Christianity as a counter-cult to the proto-Judaism that essentially eradicated those cultures.

    Before that occurred the Greek General Alexander the Great marched West in one of the greatest military accomplishments that the world has seen, overtook Persia and marched into India, and banned Zoroastrianism. This may have been a defensive effort. As all tribes have learned, those physical efforts have not been enough.

    It is my opinion that what the Greeks later began, which later became Roman Catholicism, is essentially a collection of magical rituals meant to counter the core anti-gentile magical rituals of the Jews that occurs on Passover and Yom Kippur; in the sacrifice of the lamb and then the goat.

    A little bit of background:

    Astrologically, the original Aryan God sits at first 5 degrees the real New Year: which is the Spring Equinox in March. This is why he was associated with (or outright called) Mars (see Rome, see the Germanic Tyr, etc), which is the traditional planetary body that heralds the Spring Equinox. First position in the year denotes command over the gods that astrologically inhabit other positions in the annual cycle.

    Of course, the Jews have since placed their desert demon in the same primary location in that cycle:

    replacing our God as the first in the cycle over the other 71 Gods (each representing a nation and each representing 5 degrees (360/72=5), who the Jews now call demons.

    This was the original schema as Judaism sought to overtake the Canaanites in the Levant. Yahweh overtook Baal’s primary position among the other gods. Soon, Yahweh claimed to be the only god (parallel witht eh fact that Jews theologically claim to be the only legitimate people, known as “man”, among all tribes on Earth).

    The Canaanite religion, like most if not all polytheistic religions before it, held all of those Gods to co-exist: see its Council of 72 Gods. One hands-off Father and Mother god-pair, one primary commander of the other gods, and 69 other Gods if memory serves – one which included the desert god Yahweh.

    Back to the ritual symbolism of Passover and Yom Kippur, and the Greek and Roman response in Christianity:

    The lamb has always represented a young Aryan boy: see the Passover myth in Egypt and see the nature of the later so called “blood libel” accusations in which young Aryan children are kidnapped and ritually murdered specifically at Passover.

    Remember that the sacrifice of this lamb in the Passover myth is designed to essentially fool their god into believing that a first born boy has already been sacrificed in the home, so that he moves onto the homes of Egyptians and murders their sons instead.

    Also keep in mind that this entire celebration is focused around the murder of the first orn sons of the people who surround the Jews (yes, which correlates to all people at all times in their belief system). Keeping the essential murderous hostility of their religion in mind is important.

    The Aryan boy’s blood is represented by the blood of the lamb. In fact, I strongly suspect that the lamb allegory in the Passover myth is just that: and it is code for the blood of an actual Aryan-Egyptian boy.

    The Aryan boy is represented by the lamb because he is held to be the literal son of his God, who is Mars / Ares (Amon in Egypt). Who is astrologically and physically symbolized by the Ram.

    In response and to counter the Jewish myth and magical ritual of Aryan child sacrifice, Christ “the King of the Jews” was sacrificed as the symbolic lamb. Luckily this sufficed in place of real Jews.

    This was designed to be the last of such sacrifices, and Jews were invited to convert.

    Aryan children likely have continued to be less lucky.

    Christ’s sacrifice, both in myth and ritual, is also counter-magic to the Yom Kippur Jewish sacrifice of a goat to the Aryan God (who Jews say is Satan).

    Jews say that they do this to buy-off the Aryan God in order to remove his protection of European peoples. In the process, all Jewish sins are removed and symbolically put on the heads of gentiles by the Aryan God himself. This is a hostile black magic and one that the Greeks and Romans likely saw as central and need of a direct religious counter-response.

    This is why Catholic ritual is so important: it is, or was, the only ritual practice to provide everything necessary to maintain the validity the counter-magic of the Christ sacrifice. Transubstantiation, the altar position, and really the entire ritual that was attacked in the post WWII Vatican II debacle. I say that as a non-practicing Catholic.

    The King of the Jews is sacrificed to remove our sins every Sunday and at Easter. This is obviously parallel to and thus seen as counter-magic to to aforementioned Jewish Yom Kippur ritual that seeks to curse all gentiles with Jewish sins.

    Remember the probable context that the Greeks and Romans were getting desperate to counter the subversion, and at that time countering the Black Magic in its religion was seen as necessary.

    The result of Christianity, which directly addressed the advancing enemy in theological terms, was that the subversion may have slowed and Jews were relegated to ghettos for 1500 years. It can be said that Christianity was somewhat yet decreasingly successful as time passed. I believe that the early Christians knew that its effect time would be limited. They acknowledge this limitation with their endorsement of a 1000 year reign starting after the birth of Christ, which in modern religious terminology is called amillenialism.

    The early Christians likely knew that this religious effort, which cost them almost their entire religious heritage in terms of what couldn’t be occulted into the new religion (ie: worshiping Pagan Gods as Saints, etc), might be temporarily effective but would not hold out forever.

    The amillenialist position that avoids legitimizing the Jewish Messianic period, and yet accepts its inevitability by claiming that its arrival will herald the end of the world. All religions that were interested in countering, or at least not recognizing or helping, the Jewish goal would take this position.

    So how does the virus spread so easily if the world knew about it so early on? See my prior comments about weaker leaders. In addition, nations have an interest in subverting nations that are a threat to them. Historically, the threat to Western Europe has always been the lands to the East. See Persia’s interest in subverting India and so on and so forth.

    The leaders of these nations may have been making the equivalent of a deal with the devil, thinking that they are going to solve their immediate problems while riding the coat-tails of Jews into abundance and leadership in the world domination period.

    In reality, each time that occurs the gentile leadership begins to see its friends as a smaller and smaller circle. Supremacist religions are funny like that.

    In the 15th century, European leaders may have seen the cultural health of most of Europe to be in their interests because they were more ethnically aligned with it. As time progressed, we have arrived at a point wherein the European leadership now sees fit to undermine the culture and race of most of its peoples. Directly in line with professed Jewish goals.

    This virus squeezes and kills each and every host, and then it moves on. It has no non-Jewish friends. Each time this happened, their leverage and effectiveness likely became greater because they likely left leadership in place to act within most subverted nations (Iran may have escaped their influence, which is why they are so hostile to it).

    There are no winners in acceptance of the ethnic Jews except for the Jews.

  153. There has been a similar situation with the London football club Tottenham Hotspur

    Some people, particularly posh boys from private schools, will never understand football. End of.

  154. utu says:

    “See my prior comments about weaker leaders.” – How? You are “Anon.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  155. Jake says:

    If you do not recognize very old alliances, and cultural affinities, every attempt to correct problems will fail, and many will make things worse.

    The Brit Empire spread the contagion around the globe. The Americans taking over the Brit Empire have continued the spread of the contagion.

    The Saker has the best short title for the contagion: Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    The two cannot be separated. You cannot solve the Zionist problem without simultaneously solving the WASP problem.

  156. Jake says:

    The Yankee is the quintessential American WASP.

    WASP is a term coined by a Philadelphia rich kid scholar named Digby Baltzell. At first, he used it just for the old money Philadelphia Elite. Then he realized that it was perfect to describe the entire northeastern Elite. Baltzell hints at the ethnic source in Anglo-Saxon Puritanism but does not belabor it.

    Batzell was aware that it took more than just money for Scots-Irish to be accepted among the Philadelphia WASPs (and they never were among the NYC and Boston WASPs/Brahmins). Top be accepted among the WASPs the rich Scots-Irish had to remake everything about himself, from accent to claims of heritage. he had to assimilate to northeastern WASP manners and mores, which included a definite cutting off of any cultural ties to his actual ancestry from outside of England.

    The American forms of WASP culture are children of the parent form, which came to define Modern England with the Puritan Revolution.

  157. Heros says:

    Fantastic comment anon, thanks. There are loads of questions I could ask and comments I could make since by all appearances you are much further down the rabbit hole than I. Clearly the BBC is the vanguard for this global jewish new world order, and their role is to keep the stupid goyim in the dark while they advance this complete talmudic take over.

    It is interesting that you say that Alexander invaded Persia proactively, I have never read nor considered this, I had always been left with the impression that he was building an empire. This would foreshadow and mirror Hitlers invasion of the (((USSR))) in 1941, and it is one more indication that Hitler truly was trying to preserve European culture, not conquer the planet as the kosher narrative tells us. The main differences between Alexander the Great and Der Führer would be that Germany was crushed before Hitler died, and the kaballistic holocaust magick cast at Nüremburg. History is rhyming once again.

    As an unbaptized European stock grandfather I am aware of the role the Catholic Church played in preventing heeb domination of Europe far sooner. As an anarcho-capitalist I deplore organized religion in general, especially now that the Catholic church has clearly been so completely subverted.

    Faced with the magnitude of this threat and the looming genocide of my peoples, and my position of patriarch of my family, I am seriously considering the necessity of swearing fealty in some fashion to some organization that would be ready to tackle this genocide head on. I have considered joining the Orthodox church, as Russia currently seems to be the only European nation willing to fight against this existential threat.

    Many Christians claim that Hitler and the National Socialists were occultists who were planning on dismantling both Protestant and Catholic Christian churches in Germany. They claim Wotanism, paganism or something similar was to become the new German religion.

    I really don’t have a dog in this Wotanism/Paganism vs. Christianity spat because I believe that my relationship to god(s) is personal, and do not want anyone else dictating to whom, when and how I will worship.

    However faced with the certainty of my people and grand children being turned into slaves, trannys or queers, I think that I need to provide leadership in this time of crisis to my family.

    So my question to you is:

    If by miracle an Alexander or Hitler were to appear who could confront this ancient conspiracy head on, should I, as the family patriarch, get the family to declare fealty to this new Führer, or to some more than likely subverted church?

  158. alexander says:

    Of course,…of course.

    You are absolutely right.

    But the fact that “deceptions” and “staged events” have been used in the past to start wars…..Doesn’t make it OKAY .

    Just because “Jack the Ripper” went on a mass murder spree in 1888, doesn’t make it OKAY for “Jeffrey Dahmer” to go on a mass murder spree in 1991.

    The crime is still a crime.

    It is neither my fault nor yours the perpetrators of “the Maine”, or the” Gulf of Tomkin” incidents, were never held to account and prosecuted .

    But this doesn’t mean they didn’t commit a CRIME , Mr Nawi.

    It just means that no one ever held them to ACCOUNT for committing it.

  159. Heros says:

    If the feminist domination of the BBC isn’t enough, here is more evidence that feminists make the best jew stooges:


  160. @Renoman

    I would have thought that in the US PBS’s Frontline is more the equivalent of Panorama, not the light entertainment show 60 Minutes.

  161. Anon[413] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr Reynard

    As one who has known a lot of BBC people over the years and, obviously heard a lot of what they know. I know that what you say is evidence free rubbish based on no actual knowledge. (Rolf Harris was no less or more a BBC type than Savile btw).

    And why pollute this site if you must spill your noxious guts?

  162. @jilles dykstra

    That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Soros or the Guardian so perhaps you are trying to divert attention rather than admit error. Not a bad diversion as you create confusion by writing as if Eurpean TV had influence on US Congressmen (Senators and Representatives).

  163. @Anon

    Utu is right, you really should use a username that allows your previous comments to be accessed. Comments are fleeting but some are worthy of archival access, yours fit that description. I’ve just pulled Monty Hall from my library shelves and dusted it off, it has been quite a while and I expect I’ll review it with fresh eyes. Thanks for the interesting comment.

  164. Anonymous[413] • Disclaimer says:

    Why bother to be disingenuous?

  165. denk says:

    ‘Such efforts, intended or not, also encouraged attacks against Indonesia’s indigenous Chinese minority and businessmen. Army leaders were actually worried by the strident tone of British and U.S. efforts and urged the U.S. embassy “not to unduly emphasize that [it] is seeking revenge

    Were Chinese the hapless collateral damages, or the primary targets of such fukus capers ?

    Whaddya think ?


    Exhibit 1
    ‘After the uprising failed, the Tribune reports, the Dalai Lama went into exile in India where the CIA set up and trained the Tibetan contra army.

    The Tribune writes that “Air Force pilots working with the CIA” asked potential recruits one question: Do you want to kill Chinese? ‘

    Soon these army and civilian cadres were together plotting disruptive activities, such as the Bandung anti-Chinese riots of May 1963, which embarrassed not just the PKI, but Sukarno himself. Chomsky and Herman report that “Army-inspired anti-Chinese programs that took place in West Java in 1959 were financed by U.S. contributions to the local army commander“; apparently CIA funds were used by the commander (Colonel Kosasih) to pay local thugs in what Mozingo calls “the army’s (and probably the Americans’) campaign to rupture relations with China

    bRUTAL murder of Chinese workers in Afghan….

    Chinese workers become the victims of economic rivalry among various companies as many foreign firms including Turkish and US ones try to monopolize rebuilding projects in Afghanistan,” said an analyst on condition of anonymity.

    “Chinese laborers are cheap and their work is best known for their high standard. That is why rival companies want to get them out of biding for rebuilding projects in post-war Afghanistan,” he stressed.

    Tip of an iceberg.

  166. @Anon

    What you have presented is a very idiosyncratic construct. It assigns conscious intentions where such can hardly be the case, and according to a post hoc ergo propter hoc pattern.

    Judaism is not now, and never was, a monotheism. Max Mueller called it a “henotheism” that is, worshiping one god, a particular god, out of many, but not God Himself. To disguise the issue the modern term “monolatry” has been introduced to replace henotheism, because it sounds like “monotheism.” It is like saying that such and such a group worships only Hermes or Mars to the exclusion of all other gods. One god out of a pantheon is a fragment. One god out of a pantheon is not the God of Monotheism. The Jewish god is and remains a tribal god who in reality is simply a reflection of the people, or of any particular individual. They in effect worship themselves, and that is obvious. They are their own divinity, and god is a shlemiel, a schlemozzle, or a makher, or what have you. It is like saying, “Hear Israel, your god is one and he is Herschel Schmoikel Krustofsky.” They never actually developed a theology. Theology, or truth, for Jews does not exist except as “What is good for the Jews.” For a time, someone like Maimonides copied and repeated what was going on in Islamic theology around him, but ultimately this was a passing interest, a goyish thing, and not their thing, and was dropped. If you yourself are god you do not need theology, whatever comes into your head will do.

    • Replies: @Heros
  167. Heros says:
    @ploni almoni

    “It assigns conscious intentions where such can hardly be the case, and according to a post hoc ergo propter hoc pattern.”

    What we have is the equivalent to 5000 years of a judaic Shermans march to the sea across nations, empires and history, and you want to play word games about reading post/propter hoc pattern? How many carcasses of civilizations do you have to see before you stop obfuscating like a shyster?

    Just take the last 10 years. The governments of Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and in truth many more were subverted in an ancient talmudic conspiracy to implement Noahide laws, the third temple, greater Israel, and the world court in Jerusalem.

    And what you are asking is that we ignore thousands of years of blood sacrifice, usury and perversion wrought on goyim across the planet because this would contradict your “propter hoc”.

    Really what you are asking is that we play the age old hebrew game of casting stones and then focusing attention on the ensuing retribution. The Palestinians even to this day suffer from it, but the worst of it was in 1948 when the jews decided to drive the Palestinians out of the Palestinian homeland. With jewish control of the media, they consistently hid jewish terrorist actions from the world, while in typical jew fashion making a massive issue every time a palestinian retaliated to jewish greed and depravity.

    The Palestinians have been forced to endure 70 years of nano-holocausts where jews project their sadistic blood lust back onto their victims. Meanwhile, you play games with “propter hoc”.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  168. Ross says:

    I remember that astonishing quote from Dyke: “I think the BBC is hideously white”. Imagine if he had said “‘I think the BBC is hideously black”, or (and you had probably best hold on to something as you read this): “‘I think the BBC is hideously Jewish“. Oy gevalt!

  169. This program is what I, and many others, would call fake news! Is it too much to ask for truth and honesty from a national broadcaster? Are all MSM propaganda outfits? Should they all be relegated to the trash heap?

  170. denk says:

    CIA on its ‘greatest hit’ , Indon 1965
    this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party – the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese

    Juding from the Washington orchestrated yellow peril hysteria and witch hunts currently going on in the 5lies, the mob is trying to incite another genocide on the Chinese based on the Indon template.

    ‘Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia” is written by Clive Hamilton, a former Greens [sic]candidate, now university professor. The book suggests that the majority of Australia’s 1.2 million people of Chinese descent are not “loyal” to Australia; casts suspicion over many of the country’s 130,000 Chinese students, as well as many individually named academics, scientists and researchers “of Chinese descent,” and alleges that numbers of prominent business and political leaders are “fifth columnists.”
    Silent Invasion

    The book even claims that China plans to stake a formal territorial claim over Australia, [sic]

    Hamilton warns that in the event of a war with China, local Chinese people, “citizens and non-citizens alike,” would “create ongoing and potentially severe civil strife” orchestrated by “the Chinese embassy in Canberra.” [sic !!!]

    [courtesy wsws]

    Are these [email protected]#\$%^! projecting from their vast experience, or is it classic…
    Bandits crying robbery ?

    Any time now, somebody would ‘discover evidences ‘ incriminating those ‘Chinese sleepers’ secret collaboration with Beijing, exactly like that 1965 caper, any time now….

  171. @Heros

    If you learned how to read you would get more out of life. For example, “Alexander the Great did not go off to fight Zoroastrian monotheism.”

    • Replies: @Heros
  172. denk says:

    British Bushit Corp….

    How the 5lies incited hatred of the ethnic Chinese in Indon that triggered a genocide,
    How the 5lies engineered a color rev in China, TAM, fabricated a massacre , TO fuel hatred of Chinese worldwide//…..

    ‘So whence the story of a Tiananmen Square massacre?

    A lurid BBC report at the time was one important source. Other reporters may then have felt compelled to chime in even though none of them, including the BBC, had actually been in the square.

    Mathews traces much of the problem to a Hong Kong newspaper that immediately, after the 1989 disturbance, ran a long story under the name of an alleged student protester. He claimed he was at the square when troops arrived with machine guns to mow down students in the hundreds.

    Distributed around the globe, the article was seen as final proof that the original BBC and other massacre reports were accurate. But the alleged author of that report was never located, and for good reason: The article was almost certainly planted — one of the many black information operations organized by British intelligence over the years.

  173. Heros says:
    @ploni almoni

    “Alexander the Great did not go off to fight Zoroastrian monotheism.”

    “The Achaemenid Empire (c. 550–330 BC), also called the First Persian Empire, was an empire based in Western Asia founded by Cyrus the Great.

    By the 7th century BC, the Persians had settled in the south-western portion of the Iranian Plateau in the region of Persis,[14] which came to be their heartland.[15] From this region, Cyrus the Great advanced to defeat the Medes, Lydia, and the Neo-Babylonian Empire, establishing the Achaemenid Empire. Alexander the Great, an avid admirer of Cyrus the Great, conquered most of the empire by 330 BC.

    The impact of Cyrus’s edict is mentioned in Judeo-Christian texts, and the empire was instrumental in the spread of Zoroastrianism as far east as China.

    As reported in the Old Testament, king Cyrus the Great was believed to have released the Jews from captivity in 539–530 BC, and permitted their return to their homeland”

    “He showed his intent to conquer the entirety of the Persian Empire by throwing a spear into Asian soil and saying he accepted Asia as a gift from the gods. This also showed Alexander’s eagerness to fight, in contrast to his father’s preference for diplomacy.”

    You arrogantly write:

    “Alexander the Great did not go off to fight Zoroastrian monotheism.”

    Go back to your blood sucking Yenta, Hasbara troll.

  174. Heros says:

    “according to a post hoc ergo propter hoc pattern”


    This is not quite the same thing has kabbalists practicing ancient demonic and cannibalistic rituals on Europeans while secretly writing about their intentions in their Torah, Talmud, Protocols and UN plans. Especially when they consistently follow through on their promises of revenge for having rejected God Christ.

    The dancing Israelis, the 911 stock market shorts, Silverstein’s redundant WTC insurance policies were not “according to a post hoc ergo propter hoc pattern”.

    The 6 gorrilian Holocaust not “according to a post hoc ergo propter hoc pattern”over 140 times:

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  175. BBC by having a global reach often would be on leading edge of whipping up media campaigns bordering on hysteria like in cases of bombings of hospitals in Aleppo, white helmets and alleged gas attacks.

    Hey, utu, you degenerate scumbag liar, how’s it going?

    I just realized something about you. Well, I guess I already knew it but it just crystallized in my mind now with what you write above. And actually, it’s not specifically about you, though you are a hard-core case.

    You guys will recognize and deplore that the BBC (and by extension, all these mainstream media outlets) put out the most horrendous propaganda, but then when you very much want to believe some absurd story that they are putting out — like, for example, the Muslim refugees are raping women non-stop in Germany and Sweden, oy vey — then, if you are asked for proof of the story, you will just link back to these very same media outlets that, on other occasions, you decry as propaganda outlets.

    And that will be your proof of the story. Never mind that there are credible looking witnesses who were in the area for hours and never saw anything. Never mind that there is no photographic evidence consistent with the story. And so on… you’ll say basically: “The BBC (or “fill-in-the-blank”) say this happened so it definitely happened.”

    I mean to say, you guys just shamelessly burn the candle on both ends. Well, I guess it is sort of typical of the way people operate. But it’s so blatant with people on this website that it is kind of extraordinary.

  176. Anon[285] • Disclaimer says:

    “Poland is in a very precarious situations on the account of its critical geopolitical position and its size. It is relatively large though still not very strong. Smaller countries like Hungary or Slovakia can get away with more than Poland because they can be ignored. On top of it Poland has a vey complicated history vis a vis Jews and the fact that it remains still a very Catholic country.”

    These ideas are consistent with catholic diplomatic tradition. The encircling of catholic Poland by protestant powers (british, swedish, prussian) dates from 18th Cent. Poland historically and explicitly (3 pacts, last Interrex) linked to papacy, is troubllesome still today. It is a nation that understands links between religion and national identity, role of Jasna Gora and JPII should not be overlooked. The tradition of undermining catholic strongholds in Europe is ongoing.

  177. @Jake

    @Alexander is either a troll or a complete boomer

  178. @utu

    Money? You’re so funny. It’s pure and unadultered ANTI-WHITE / ANTI-EUROPEAN HATE

  179. @Johan

    >> Calling jews “liberals”

    Imagine still being this bluepilled

  180. Anon[124] • Disclaimer says:

    The hallowed BBC lost any semblance of journalistic integrity when they were filmed throwing money into trash cans in Johannesburg so they could film black children diving in after it and trumpeted the headline about starving black kids in apartheid South Africa. They were guilty of yellow trash journalism before 1994 and have never changed their stripe. Nothing but muckraking jackals

  181. @Heros

    “redundant” insurance policies! Do you have a special private meaning for the word “redundant? If so what meaning? If not, what has it got to do with Silverstein having to insure WTC 1 and 2 a couple of months before 9/11 as part of the terms for his getting finance?

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