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How Jewish Is Azov?
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In the essay “Why ‘Nazis’ in Ukraine?,” I looked at the historical basis for significant remnants of interest in National Socialism as a political ideology in Ukraine. That essay was not the place to evaluate whether the famous—or infamous—Azov Regiment (formerly Battalion) is National Socialist in any sense. We will evaluate that here.

The Azov Regiment displays flags, patches and other regalia featuring a symbol associated with the National Socialist German military from World War II. Something called Reporting Radicalism gives a good description of the main Azov symbol, as well as a good example of how it can be mischaracterized:

Idea of the Nation

A modern symbol created as an emblem for the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now known as the Svoboda Party). It is a combination of Ukrainian letters “I” and “N” allegedly written in an “ancient script,” though there is no evidence that these letters were ever written in such a way. The symbol is a variation of the Wolfsangel; a mirror image of the emblem of the SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” (a division of the Nazi security services). The leader of Patriot of Ukraine rejects the notion that the symbol has any connection to the Wolfsangel. However, the organizations that use the Idea of ​​the Nation symbol are far-right and use other hate symbols.

Before the beginning of the Russian war with Ukraine in late February 2022, media attention had been invested in presenting Azov as “Neo-Nazis,” Fascists and “far right extremists.” This is especially true of Russian media, such as this RT depiction titled “Not worth your sympathy: The story of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov battalion” released in July of last year, equating Azov with the original racist, mass murdering, evil “Nazis.” Only six days after the Russian “special military operation” began, in early March Aljazeera did a fine job demonizing Azov in its piece “Profile: Who are Ukraine’s far-right Azov regiment?,” assigning it all the same atrocities attributed to “Nazis” such as “pogroms” against Roma and homosexuals (but not Jews), “white supremacist” and “far-right ultra-nationalism” ideology, and raping and torturing civilians in the Donbas region. Aljazeera mentions “Igor Kolomoisky, an energy magnate billionaire and then-governor of the Dnipropetrovska region” as an oligarch who funded Azov, but omits that Kolomoisky is Jewish. This will prove significant.

Not to be left out, Western media such as The Nation was depicting Azov in a similar vein in 2019 even before the Russian incursion, using every label imaginable just in its title and subtitle: “Neo-Nazi,” “far right,” “anti-Semitic,” “fascist” and “ultranationalist.” As far back as June 2015, the US Congress was passing an amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations Act which stated: “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.” The reasons were provided by a Mr. Conyers, sponsor of the amendment:

Foreign Policy magazine has characterized the 1,000-man Azov Battalion as “openly neo-Nazi” and “fascist.” Numerous other news organizations, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and the Associated Press have corroborated the dominance of White supremacist and anti-Semitic views within the group; yet Ukraine’s Interior Minister recently announced the Azov Battalion will be among the units to receive training and arms from Western allies, including the United States.

Azov’s founder, Andriy Biletsky, organized the neo-Nazi group the Social-National Assembly in 2008. Azov men use neo-Nazi symbolism on their banner.

Facebook took a similar view of Azov, then moderated it. In 2016 Facebook declared Azov a “dangerous organization,” and by 2019 Azov was banned from Facebook entirely. “Users engaging in praise, support or representation” of Azov were also banned. The day after the Russian offensive, February 24, 2022, Facebook abruptly changed the policy, allowing praise and support for Azov. In a vain and desperate attempt to find some non-existent middle ground, Facebook will “allow praise of the Azov Battalion when explicitly and exclusively praising their role in defending Ukraine OR their role as part of the Ukraine’s National Guard,” but that “Azov still can’t use Facebook platforms for recruiting purposes or for publishing its own statements and that the regiment’s uniforms and banners will remain as banned hate symbol imagery…”

This moderation by Facebook is typical of Western media generally after the Russian intervention in early 2022. Azov had already been the focus of intensive propaganda warfare prior, which escalated when Putin declared “de-nazification” as a main objective of Russia’s direct entry into the conflict. Russian propaganda depicts Azov as “Neo-Nazis” and even “White supremacists” as one justification for crossing the border into Ukraine.

Azov has its own highly polished and professional propaganda, which labeled the Russians “the real fascists.” The UK Telegraph said Azov was “playing a PR game” as a “well-oiled publicity machine.” International news outlet France 24 reported in late March 2022 that Azov maintains a professional presence on Telegram social media, posting drone videos of Azov’s military successes against Russian tanks. The article states, “The Azov now function like other regiments ‘but with better PR,’” according to a human rights expert.

More typical “de-nazification” of Azov that Western media itself engaged in at this point declares: “'(Azov) doesn’t have the connotation of being a sort of fascist symbol anymore,’… Overall, ultra-nationalist political forces have been on the decline in Ukraine since 2014…”

These apologetics and white-washing of Azov should perplex us, given the absolute hysteria with which the Jewish-owned and -operated Western media and governments depict anything even remotely considered “Nazi.” One example was the frenzy that ensued when it appeared the stage at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) was shaped in the form of a Nordic rune (the Odal), also displayed by some National Socialist military units. Obviously the Russian invasion in 2022 changed something fundamental and now it is acceptable to exonerate Azov from “Nazi” affiliations and even praise it.

At the time of the dramatic confrontation in Mariupol between Azov barricaded in a steel plant, and Russian forces besieging them in May 2022, some surprising (to those who remain perplexed) developments occurred. Some media attention was devoted to showing Azov as definitely not “Nazis,” but devoted Ukrainian fighters trying to resist the Russian invasion of their lands. These accounts seek to further sever the association between Azov and “Nazis,” and even re-associate Azov with Jews!

To counteract Russian accusations, Ukrainian news outlet Gordonua quoted an Azov deputy commander: “I want to emphasize that these (Azov people) are not militants. These are military personnel of Ukraine, these are citizens of Ukraine of different nationalities. These are Jews, these are Ukrainians, these are Greeks, these are Belarusians, these are Gagauz.” Jews in the ranks of “Nazi” Azov?

Apparently so. A Jew trapped inside the steel plant with Azov sent a video message out, directed to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, the people of Israel, its journalists, Rabbis, and others, as reported by Ukrainian news Focus. Vitaly Barabash published his video on the Ilgam Hasanov Facebook page “on behalf of all Jews who are in the blocked ruins of Azovstal” (name of the steel plant). How many Jews are there with—in—Azov? Enough to make this appeal to Israel.

The next day on May 12, Haaretz quoted the same Azov deputy commander in its article titled “Azov Battalion’s Second-in-command: ‘Like in Israel, There Is Also Terror Against Us. We Are Not Nazis‘” The relevant passage states:

…a video appeared on social media of a coast guard fighter who identified himself as Jewish from another unit inside the Azovstal plant, in which he appealed to Israeli lawmakers. He addressed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Russian-speaking Knesset members Yuli Edelstein of Likud and Evgeny Sova, Yulia Malinovsky and Alex Kushnir of Yisrael Beiteinu and asked that Israel help evacuate the Ukrainian forces from Mariupol.

“He addressed your politicians and the nation of Israel,” says (Azov deputy commander) Palamar. “He thinks, and so do I, that Israel is a strong country that has been fighting for a long time and that protects its soldiers. We know that Israel takes the members of its military seriously, who defend your country from both territorial attacks and from terrorists who carry out attacks. The same thing is happening here. I think this is terror.”

Yes, an appeal by a Jew closely associated with Azov, for help from Israel, “a strong country that has been fighting for a long time,” to intervene and rescue all the Jews in the steel plant. The article is framed as a question and answer session with the deputy commander.

Haaretz:The Azovstal plant is already being compared to Masada, where Jewish fighters who rebelled against the Roman Empire barricaded themselves in, and in the end all of them were killed. Do you understand that this could be your fate, too?

Azov: “Every minute. Any minute, we are expecting to be killed.”

In fact, the Jews within Masada committed mass suicide rather than be captured or slaughtered by the Romans. This was considered a brave act of faith, and is the essential meaning of the story. For Haaretz to get this wrong cannot be a mistake. Haaretz certainly cannot suggest suicide for Azov and the Jews in Mariupol, and so the story is distorted for propaganda purposes. The meaning of the Mariupol story is for Israel to rescue brave fighters against imperialism (this time Russian instead of Roman), to avoid the tragedy of a modern Masada.

Finally the interview devolves into Azov “Nazi” denial. This is astounding in a Jewish Israeli outlet such as Haaretz, so we will examine it in full.

Haaretz: The Russian propaganda is claiming that you are Nazis. But in addition to the propaganda, there have been testimonies for years in independent media outlets and in international reports that Azov fighters hold extreme rightist positions.

Azov: What is Nazism? When someone thinks that one nation is superior to another nation, when someone thinks he has a right to invade another country and destroy its inhabitants — this is terror, this is violence, these are crematoria and filtration [sic; concentration?] camps. This is clinging to one religion or one idea. What is happening here? We believe in our country’s territorial integrity. We have never attacked anyone, and we have not wanted to do that.

Our unit came together when our country was attacked [in 2014], and our highest priority is defending our country. We do not think, and we have never thought, that we are better than anyone else. People from different nationalities are serving with us – Greeks, Jews, Muslims, Crimean Tatars — and even if at one time there were soccer hooligans among us who shouted things in stadiums, those are the positions of young people who have changed because we are a military unit. We have no political ambitions or stances. Only citizens of Ukraine are serving with us. There are no foreign citizens with us because that is prohibited by law.

Haaretz: A few days ago, I spoke with a former resident of Mariupol, She claimed that Azov fighters walk around with Nazi symbols, with swastikas. Is that a lie?

Azov: They’re talking about our symbol, ‘the idea of the nation.’ Its meaning is that the main idea of what was once a regiment and is now our battalion is the defense of our national ideals. I think that every civilian and soldier in every nation — that’s his idea, because it’s incumbent on everyone to defend their national interests, especially if the country gives them weapons.

Haaretz: Nevertheless, I want to be precise here. Can you say that the fighters of the battalion do not have actual swastikas tattooed on their bodies?

Azov: There are no swastikas. It could be that there are inscriptions in ancient Slavic letters, or a pagan runic inscription. Every individual among us can believe whatever he wants here in the unit. We all live in peace.

No swastikas in Azov, just Jews and peace. A few young soccer hooligans, a couple pagan rune tattoos. No “Nazis” here! Is Azov “denazifying” itself to remove one of Putin’s reasons to invade? To recruit support from the West? To Jews, “Nazi” denial must be almost as heinous as holocaust denial, yet Jews themselves are supporting and propagating it in regard to Azov.

The antagonism between National Socialist German leadership and Jewish Communists and bankers could not have been more acute. Anything National Socialist, then or today, is by definition “anti-Semitic.” To see Azov, which had been so thoroughly demonized as “Nazi” now harboring Jews in its ranks and associated forces, funded by a Jewish oligarch, white-washed by Jewish media, and sanctioned and approved by the Jewish President of the nation of Ukraine, is so incongruous that it can have only one explanation: Azov is now a propaganda creation serving a dual schizophrenic purpose. It can be depicted as a gang of evil “Nazis” committing atrocities and war crimes to perpetuate the evil “Nazi” mythology and absorb all accusations of Ukrainian atrocities. It can also be depicted as a band of brave multi-cultural freedom fighters resisting Russian imperialism. Whichever suits the purposes of the Western media. The second depiction sounds oddly similar to the Waffen SS, the first ethnically diverse all-European army which fought on the side of National Socialism against Communism. The Azov propagandists do not want us to see that, though.

Then again, plenty of Jews—up to 150,000—fought for Germany in World War II, and 77 of Germany’s officers, some of high rank, were Jews. Could this explain why Jews serve in Azov today? We should not believe it. Azov changes its colors with the circumstances of war and the needs of Western propaganda. Russian propaganda remains constant: Azov is a bunch of “Nazis.” Today however, Azov has Jews. That should be irreconcilable.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Thanks for your informative article, Mr Haemers. The stuff about Jews in The Azov Regiment and Haaretz, you won’t find in any Western MSM outlet.

    My take on the Azov Regiment is that they are basically composed of Galicians ( Western Ukrainians ), as are many other Ukrainian military units. Even before WWI, they were very hostle to Russians and Poles. The Holodomor intensified that feeling and most of them strongly supported Germany after the invasion in 1941. Modern day Galicians view Russia as the successor of the Soviet Union, the perpetrator of the Holodomor.

    There is a well-known photo ( which sadly I forgot to download – maybe some reader can provide it ) with the Azov Regiment ( ? ) alongside the Swastika, EU and NATO flags draped across a tank. The incongruity of this should be obvious to nearly all readers, but it wasn’t to members of the Regiment. These flags represented entities which had supported or support the Ukrainian cause, as defined by these Galicians. That was the only criterion of support.
    It also indicates how easily these people can be manipulated. Support them financially, materially and militarily against the Russians, and they will do your bidding – whether you be America, EU, NATO, the Jews et al. The consequences are very obvious.

    Oddly, the heavy involvement of Jews in the Holodomor and other dark events in Ukraine’s history seems to be forgotten. They formed up to 40% of NKVD operatives in Ukraine in the 1930s, and the operation was largely directed by Jews. Today, however, 3 of the top top 5 oligarchs are Jewish and they have a Jewish president, bankrolled by the egregious Kholomoisky. This despite the Jewish population of Ukraine being less than 1%, and maybe as low as 0.12%.

    The Jewish and Zionist basis of the present Ukraine Project is obvious. I hope that we’ll get a proper history of it shortly.

  2. Notsofast says:

    they are a bunch of nazis and so are the israelis they appeal to, as well as the u.s. that arms them and the original nazis as well. if you don’t believe me ask shrub, his granddaddy’s had two banks seized for laundering nazi money, just like today but now they use bitcoin.

    nazis didn’t lose ww2, they just jumped ship. why without our nazi partners, we wouldn’t have i.c.b.m’s or m.k. ultra.

    • Replies: @Doug Ryler
    , @Johnny Delta
  3. Anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    Thats easy. If you like Azov they are not Jewish at all. If you hate them they are 100% Jewish. You may also switch back and forth as necessary.

    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  4. You need to review the owners Pravda series on the real relationship between bankers and the German Nazis , in the lead up to WW2 Karl!

    Otherwise you are repeating myths to support a flimsy, fence sitting perspective.

    Fair play though for the subject matter, and last line is spot on!

  5. @Verymuchalive

    You state pretty much what I have been saying from the outset. The context of the Waffen SS is that, before it was tossed at the kangaroo court at Nuremberg, the Treaty of Westphalia required all combatants to be in uniform. Those not in uniform were spies (yes, the “partisans” and “undergroud” were spies) who could be summarily executed. The Waffen SS was the vehicle for anti-communists. There were no tests to determine whether they were “Nazis”.
    The Russian “Nazi” narrative is entirely based on whipping up the Russians based on the old lie that the eeevvviiilll Naht-zees attacked the poor, innocent, helpless Motherland for no reason, not because of their massive military build-up in preparation to invade Europe.
    By the way, Fascism and National Socialism are only “right wing” if you are a communist.

  6. Wokechoke says:

    Azov is a rather horrid hybrid Neo Judaeo-Nazi Frankenstein monster.

    • Replies: @Ace
  7. Wokechoke says:

    The Ukies are getting exactly what they deserve for electing a Jewish Head of State.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  8. Wokechoke says:

    To be fair though, the National Socialist Third Reich did attempt to erase St Petersburg and Moscow from the Map. That’s something that they do have in common with Jews Today. It is quite the confusion.

    • Agree: brostoevsky
    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @Curmudgeon
  9. Trinity says:

    (((Azov))), (((ISIS))), (((Antifa))), (((BLM))), etc.

    The Jew really lacks imagination and is so predictable. teehee.

    • Agree: Kim
    • Replies: @anonymous
  10. IronForge says:

    Many are the Jewish amongst the Masonic-Zionist Hegemony; and many were the Jewish who were in Conflict with Russia for Centuries – even today.

    Many Jewish served in Hitler’s Nazi Forces and Govt.

    Many Jewish in the past – within the Hegemony and in WW1+WW2_Germany – were in conflict with Russia.

    Russia have been targeted again for Ruin and Partition for Resource Exploitation – for RUS cannot be controlled by the Jewish nor by Masonic-Zionists; and RUS are the Sole Nation-State that can destroy Masonic-Zionists and ISR using Conventional or Nuclear Weapons.

    The Hegemony Planned to Coup UKRaine to use it against RUS – they started actively recruiting in around 2019.

    Soros-Schwartz has been supplying Nazi Schoolbooks for the UKRainan Pedagogy.

    Kolomoiskyy funded the Azov and kept them employed. A Corollary: The “Enemies of my Enemy” – are my Expendable Army.

    The Coup was coordinated by Nudelman-Khagan.

    Zelenskyy, a Kolomoiskyy Vassal, was later elected as the President of UKR.

    Biden+Blinken pwnd Zelenskyy, who “dumped” Kolomoiskyy

    This Whole UKR Theater are run by the “Death to Russia and a Regime Change for China” Khazar-Ashkenazi Jewish Faction of the Masonic-Zionist Hegemony.

    Azov are just an Expendable Cog of an Expendable Wheel.

  11. Then again, plenty of Jews—up to 150,000—fought for Germany in World War II, and 77 of Germany’s officers, some of high rank, were Jews.

    That number may be real, but many – and perhaps a majority – of the so-called “Jews” considered themselves to be Christians. And there was another factor:

    “I will decide who is a Jew and who is not.”


    Not all Jews were sent to concentration camps to die in the Holocaust. Tens of thousands fought for Germany in WWII, and were even decorated with awards.

    Mischlinge (as the Nazis called those with mixed Jewish and “Aryan” roots) were allowed to serve, but officially forbidden from advancing through the ranks. In practice, however, it depended on whether the individual was beneficial to the regime.

    As such, dozens of Mischlinge commanded divisions, corps, and armies. About Air Field Marshal Erhard Milch, whose father was Jewish, Herman Goering, who highly rated him, said: “I will decide who is a Jew and who is not.”

    Casual thought: I suspect the primary motive of the Apartheid state in embracing Ukrainian Nazis is to normalize monstrous behavior. The pissant Settler State is behaving very badly and plans to do even worse, so why not declare – very loudly – that current Zionist behavior is perfectly normal? Heck, make it illegal in most US States and foreign nations to say otherwise!

    Sort of like the way the perverts have been working to “normalize” their behavior. Child brides are just a different lifestyle. Sex changes for 8-year-olds are a legitimate thing. Mistreating/murdering Palestinians is a necessary thing.

    If Ukrainian Nazis can be wonderful patriots, so can God’s Favorite Thieves and Palestinian killers. Enlarging the ZioNazi state is well worth the risk of a nuclear war.

    The Hitler Lovers on this site are helping A Lot with the project. According to them, Hitler was a perfectly normal diplomat who was fully justified in everything he actually did, but the poor fellow was unjustly accused of so many other things for which he was totally innocent.

    All the mass graves in Ukraine are the work of the Russians! Any mass murders – and future death marches – of the sub-human Palestinians are simply necessary.

    Hey, do any of YOU feel guilty when you trap and kill a bunch of rats in your outbuildings? Or when you get rid of an infection of head lice?

    Very wonderful, brave, and patriotic Nazis are striving to rid Ukraine of Russian Rats, and equally great ZioNazis are determined to rid their Very Holy Stolen Land of Palestinian vermin.

    Normalizing Nazis is a good thing, because all known varieties are just Good People.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  12. Jpmrwb says:

    If you need proof of neo-Nazis in Ukraine, then I strongly suggest you access this web story.

    • Thanks: JR Foley
  13. “Das Reich” was a Waffen SS Panzer Division which fought along side German Army units in WW2. It is notorious for its murders in the town of Oradour in France in 1944. The Ukie Azov Battalion probably adapted the Division’s insignia as their own because Das Reich spearheaded the last major successful German offensive on the Eastern Front, the recapture of Kharkov, in January of 1943.

    Recall also that the 14th SS Panzer Grenadier Division was recruited by the Nazis from the ethnic Ukrainian population around Lemberg (now Lvov) in the western Ukraine. Many of the survivors of the 14th SS managed to emigrate to Canada. There is a memorial to Ukrainian Nazis in the Canadian town of Oakville in Ontario.

    • Thanks: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  14. Does the author means that 77% of the WW2 German armed forces officers were Jews/part-Jews ? That sounds like an awful lot. Is there any well known sources for this, names of famous or important generals ? Besides Erhard Milch anyway.

    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
    , @Trinity
    , @Flo
  15. Anon[539] • Disclaimer says:

    Peddling the same old nonsense– neonazis fighting to the death on behalf of…. a jew president. Take your meds, people

  16. A sad lost opportunity at the eve of Cold War’s End.

  17. Flags, patches, Nordic runes, symbols, whatever, are like lipstick on a pig when worn by khokhols. Azov, and their Jewish master Kolomoisky and their Jewish supporters, are pigs. Azov are not nazis, they are a nazi ersatz straight out of a Jewish cartoon, manufactured to rile the Russian bear just as a toreador waves his cape to rile a bull. Jews pretend and the Russians pretend in turn. But a pig is a pig and a bear is not a bull.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @Lurker
  18. @Wokechoke

    They didn’t. It was fixed, like America’s 2020 Presidential “election”. Ukraine was going down the tubes anyway, so, in practical terms, the effect was very limited.

    But Zionist Jews have been in complete control of America for the last 30 years. At the start of the 1990s – if you’re old enough to remember – America was the unipower. Any trade deficit was small and entirely due to oil imports. National debt was limited.

    30 years of Zionist control has resulted in an accumulated trade deficit of over $20 trillion ( at 2022 prices ) and a national debt of over $30 trillion ( of which, $21 trillion spent on making the Middle East safe for Israel ). When America goes bankrupt shortly, the root cause will be Zionism.

    So Zionist Jews have wrecked America. It will have gone from a superpower to a basket case in one generation. That’s if it survives at all. After economic collapse, there will be political and social collapse, and likely civil war and partition.

    Still, idiot American goyim continue to cheer on Israel. These brainwashed morons will get their rewards soon enough.

    • Thanks: Ace, Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Charles
    , @That Guy
  19. @Curmudgeon

    Julius Evola agreed. I’m sure Metternich, Wellington and Bismarck would as well.

  20. Brosi says:

    The entire “Nazi” narrative is one massive psyop perpetuated to support the Sacred Religion of Holofraud.

    “The Nazi Party” was officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. It made clear that you had to be “German” in order to be a member of the NSDAP.

    If Azov is really composed of “National Socialists”, it would properly be called the NSUWP, the “National Socialist Ukrainian Workers Party”, and we would know them as “New Soups” or more likely “the Borscht”.

    “Nazi” has become a trigger word used by Orwellian hate mongers for the leftists beloved 2 minutes of hate. At this point Nazi is merely a synonym for “Amalek”.

    And what about “Wagner Group”? This is the mercenary group supposedly run by Putin’s cook. Wagner was the Ur-Nazi, and a Nazi demi-god. Putin allowing “Wagner” to fight for Russia to destroy “Azov” in the salt dungeons of “Bakhmut” seems about as real as one of the levels in the game of Doom or Castle Wolfenstein.

    They weaponized vocabulary long ago. Millenial IQ has been eroded by mRNA and reduced oxygen flow due to masks and microclots, and they will never be able to separate the reality from the psyop if the boomers can’t.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  21. @Curmudgeon

    Reporting from Moscow here. Russia has become surprisingly antisemitic. Basically everyone I know here strongly dislikes Jews. One of the reasons for whipping up images of WWII is to invoke the national myth in order to mobilize the population and Garner support. This time Moscow is on the right side of history. There is no love for communism left here whatsoever. The Soviet flag flown by some troops in vehicles is not a political statement. For right or wrong their grandfathers fought and died by the millions carrying that flag. Basically it’s a historical momento for them. The Russians once again are ready to dig deep and fight by the millions if needed. The claims of bagillions of young Russian men fleeing the mobilization are inaccurate. Some men fled. I knew a few, but many stayed and are waiting this out. No need to run to battle, but they’ll be there if all hands on deck are needed.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike, Ace
    • Replies: @Da's Reich
    , @Curmudgeon
  22. BuelahMan says:

    It is irreconcilable, except in the Kabuki, which is a mindscrewing. Jews say up is down, white is black, and they also coined the word, Nazi.

  23. @Verymuchalive

    Between June 1941 and around the beginning of 1945, Ukrainian nationalists and/or anti-communists had a rather limited choice of potential allies. To those Galicians/Ukrainians resisting the soviets then, it made probably a lot of sense to align themselves with the one power who could and would support them, i.e., Germany – each ‘partner’ for their own purposes, obviously. Today, neither national-socialism nor communism are prevalent in either Ukraine or Russia, but symbolically it makes sense for both sides to present the current war as Barbarossa Redux narratives, i.e. defense of Europe vs. Great Patriotic War 3.0.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  24. Wokechoke says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Ukraine will be flooded with niggers and Middle Eastern refugees by the EU refugee resettlement programs. Kiev will host the biggest gay parade imaginable. The Azov NatSoc, if they exist in an ideological form at all, are dooming Ukraine to Globohomo.

    There are a lot of Jews grafting in Azov. Also grifting.

  25. Masada, where Jewish fighters who rebelled against the Roman Empire barricaded themselves

    The Masada myth is a modern Israeli nationalist construction. The Jewish historian Josephus informs us that the renegades who were finally cornered there in 73 had little to do with the rebellion against Rome that had been suppressed three years earlier in 70. In fact they were the faction that was expelled from Jerusalem by the main rebel group at the start of the insurrection in 66. They spent the subsequent war years mainly as bandits preying on Jews and foreigners alike. Their final act before fleeing to Herod’s mountaintop palace was to massacre the inhabitants of the small Jewish village at the foot of the mountain and steal their provisions.

    Yigal Yadin, the great Israeli state archaeologist/propagandist, even went as far as to represent bones of the unmistakably Roman dead at Masada as the remains of these make-believe patriot heroes. How Zionists distorted historical memory to serve their cause almost nineteen centuries later is delineated at length in The Masada Myth (U. Wisconsin Press, 1995), authored by the Jewish professor Nachman Ben-Yehuda of the Hebrew University at Jerusalem.

  26. If Azov ARE all Nazis, I couldn’t blame them. The terrible memory of the Holodomor still haunts Ukraine, an act of mass starvation carried out by the Soviet Union under the excuse of collectivising the agricultural sector. Supervised, incidentally, by Stalin’s Jewish Secretary of Labour, Kaganovich. If Azov can’t distinguish between Bolshevik revolutionaries and modern Russians, I guess that’s their prerogative.

  27. @Anon

    This is little more than trying to escape the laws of nature. Makes no difference what “Gravity” is called. It’s known by its action.

  28. A different kind of war has been raging in the West. One of colonization and replacement. White Nakba, what was done to Palestinians on a much larger scale.

    • Replies: @Anon
  29. If Poles are the most weasely Slavs, Ukroids have to be the dumbest and trashiest Slavs.

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Wokechoke
  30. Init says:

    assof is just whachya doing rabbi advanced to 21st century. judeo-neon-nyaaanteeheezeees, oy vey!

  31. Anon[270] • Disclaimer says:

    From the perspective of a pale Nordic European, watching the recent clips on Azov’s Telegram channel ‘AZOVsof’ the men mostly look Semitic; of Middle Eastern ancestry. Many have a noticeably hooked schnozzle and big beards abound. Nearly all have the dark hair and olive-green skin tones of the east. It appears there are Jews and even Muslims among them. It seems laughable for them to be considered ‘white supremacist’. It could be argued they are ‘Caucasian’ but I didn’t see anyone resembling a “white” European; like the fairest people of Western or Northern Europe. In the past though I have seen photos of a few Azov militants who had dyed their hair blonde; seemingly to pose as more Nordic/Germanic; either for their own vanity or perhaps for propaganda purposes.

    • Agree: Kim
  32. @Priss Factor

    Before the war in the Ukraine, I thought Bosnian Muslims were the indisputable champions in that category but I must admit that the khokhly are awe-inspiring challengers.

  33. @Telimektar

    Those “Jews” were mostly ‘Mischlinge’, i.e., mixed race, as defined by the Nürnberg race-laws. Most did not consider themselves as Jews. One of the better known was the late Helmut Schmidt, German chancellor from 1974-82, who had a Jewish grandfather.

    Eta: 150k out of about 18 million total who served are not 77%. The number apparently refers to 77 individuals who reached high rank, however defined.

    • Replies: @Telimektar
  34. Petermx says:

    There is something else too. Something completely hidden by the history books, that you will find nowhere (almost nowhere) that conceals the mistreatment and murder of Ukrainian Galicians before the war by the “little, innocent and defenseless” country on whose behalf Great Britain and France started WW II. In order not to tarnish Poland’s pre-war image the lying allies have covered this up. But, they have no problem accusing Poland of killing Jews during or after the war. But the justification for starting WW II must be defended at all costs, at least for one very small but very powerful minority.

    Poland ruled over Lviv (known as Lemberg until 1918) when Poland got the city and a large part of Galicia and White Russia (Belarus) shortly after WW I. The new country wanted to Polonize the Ukrainians and White Russians. I’ll copy here part of a previous post on the subject.

    “Lviv was Lemberg for 150 years until around 1920 and under Austrian rule it became a beautiful city.The Ukrainians generally regard their years under Austrian rule as good years and that is part of the reason Ukrainians welcomed Germans as liberators in 1941. They were mistreated and murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks in the USSR and mistreated and murdered by the Poles in Galicia. Their national hero Bandera has a statue in Lviv and he fought both”

    “Regarding the Polish atrocities against Ukrainians, I gave some background on this covered up aspect of history in another comment and I’ll repeat it here.

    Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof discusses this starting at 15 min and 15 seconds into his lecture.

    Poland annexed parts of Ukraine and Belarus (White Russia) from the USSR after WW I.

    “Banned from German schoolbooks” is “the humanitarian tragedy of the non-Polish minorities in Poland”. Poland had “five million Ukrainians” and many fled to (British) Canada. British newspapers and the British Parliament took up the subject.

    Manchester Guardian, 12/14/1931 – “The minorities in Poland are to disappear. This policy is being pushed forward ruthlessly and without the slightest regard for public opinion abroad” “The Ukraine under Polish rule is an inferno – the same can be said of White Russia [Belarus] with even greater justice. The purpose of the Polish policy is the disappearance of the national minorities”

    British Parliament, 6/15/32 -“in Volhynia, the conditions are harsher still” “one especially deplorable matter – that is, the torture of prisoners in the prisons and of suspects…I regret that the evidence is convincing that medieval torture is practiced”

    In France, a professor of Slavic studies who had lived there – “There were shootings, hangings, tortures, imprisonments, confiscations…Many Ukrainian priests were executed”

    In the lands taken from Germany things were similar. By 1931 already, over one million Germans fled Poland for Germany. More would flee later.

    The War That Had Many Fathers”

    You will see Volhynia mentioned in articles all over accusing Bandera and Ukrainians of killing a large number of Poles there during WW II, but you will see what I posted above nowhere. As the General says, it’s even “Banned from German schoolbooks.” I wonder how many Ukrainians were murdered before the war that they would take revenge in the same province a few years later?

    The War That Had Many Fathers

    But then the tragedy continued when the Bolsheviks of the USSR invaded Poland from the east and occupied Lemberg, Galicia and part of eastern Poland in 1939. Besides the atrocity against the Poles at Katyn (which the allies lied about and blamed on the Germans for the next 50 years), when the Soviets occupied Lviv/Lemberg, the NKVD massacred many Ukrainians (but you don’t hear about that). This film clip shows the liberation of Lviv in July 1941 by German forces. It shows how the locals welcomed the Germans as liberators. It shows murdered Ukrainians and their weeping relatives. A German soldier is interviewed to find out what they thought when they saw this.

    The “great democracies” should pay for their role in supporting that monstrosity, the USSR, which they probably would not have done except for the huge role their friends the Jewish Bolsheviks played in that country.

    NKVD Massacres

    • Thanks: Brosi, Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  35. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Azov soldiers are mostly dead by now the few that are alive will either be dead soon or living in Florida smoking weed and talking to their dog.

  36. Brosi says:

    National Socialist Third Reich did attempt to erase St Petersburg and Moscow from the Map

    Really? Care to back that up?

    It was the Soviets who “erased” St. Petersburg from the map when they renamed it to Leningrad in the first place, so the Germans would have only “erased” a Judeo-Bolshevik city that had been created out of the corpse of a Christian city in the first place.

    The Germans would have renamed Leningrad back to St. Petersburg anyway, its proper German name in the first place.

    Russians simply cannot accept that Germany was fighting against Communism on behalf of Christian Russians who had already been conquered, starved, murdered and enslaved by the Judeo-Bolsheviks by the millions. The Judeo-Bolshevics had only failed to take over Germany by a hair, and at one point had taken control of Berlin and Munich. It was the NSDAP that fought and saved Germany from the Kommintern, Antifa and the Jews who wanted to destroy Germany and Germans just as they already had Russia and Russians.

    Without Communism and Judaism there never would have been the NSDAP, and without the NSDAP and the Freikorps, Germany would have been destroyed just like Russia was.

    Russians cannot accept that it was only after Hitler kicked in the front door of the USSR in June 1941 that Stalin suddenly became a “Russian Patriot”. Stalin’s sudden reinvention of himself as a “Russian Patriot” also happened to coincide with the arrival of massive amounts of Lend Lease goods that not only prevented the complete collapse of the USSR, it also gave a large boost to the prosperity of Russians in the cities, and that encouraged them to become “patriots” fighting in the “great patriotic war”.

    This is the real sad and pathetic joke here. Judeo-Bolshevism has nothing to do with Nationalism or Patriotism. Russians were duped into fighting their own liberators, and then to cast all the guilt for what their Judeo-Bolshevic Kommisars had done to them back onto the Germans. It is exactly what “Ukrainians” are doing to Russians right now. The claim they want to be a free country, yet they are owned and operated by the EU, US and Nato (ZOG).

    The Russians still haven’t figured this out up to today, so it is no surprise that their cousins, the “Ukrainians”, cannot figure out that ((Zelinsky)) and the ((Oligarchs)), like Stalin and Lenin, care nothing for “Ukraine” or “Ukrainians”.

    • Agree: Fluesterwitz
    • Thanks: Kim
    • Replies: @Whew
    , @Jonathan Gillispie
  37. Wokechoke says:
    @Priss Factor

    Was that a real exchange?

    Not something you ought to say to a guy sitting in a military base. Simple patriotism is a good quality.

    However, “Die for The Jew of Kiev” might have been more devastating than “die for Zelenskyy”. The point the radio station guy made here was sound.

    You are dying to prop up a Jewish Head of State. Sorry bro.

    • Replies: @Telimektar
    , @777
  38. @brostoevsky

    Yes indeed the Russians are on the right side of history this time, very few in the west seem to grasp the reality that Russia today is not the Jewish/Bolshevik run Soviet Union,

    Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the nation today standing up to organised world Jewry is the very nation that crushed the previous one to do so,

    I wish them every success,

    Now what was that phrase the Germans used? something to do with hailing victory ;-).

  39. My impression is that all White governments and peoples are supporting the Ukraine, with very few exceptions (Hungary, Serbia). So far they’re sending weapons and money and if that doesn’t work they may be willing to send their own troops too. I think they’re willing to make sacrifices and to step up military production to further support the Ukrainian war effort. Even if all the people may not the behind this I still see a large percentage supporting their governments decisions to escalate the war despite the costs to themselves. And the ones who oppose this can do little more than demonstrate and we have repeatedly seen that the governments don’t care much about that. If anything it is the immigrants in the West who support Russia, but the majority of Whites are anti-Russian. Does anyone care to correct me?

    The majority of the people of the world are not supportive of the Ukraine and are more pro-Russian but those are non-whites. Obviously if the entire White world goes to war against Russia it will not be so easy for the Russians and they would probably need to get PR China engaged on their side in such an eventuality, and also Iran, North Korea and whoever else would be willing to participate, and they should be willing as they’ll be next in line if Russia were to lose.

  40. Whew says:

    while i do agree it would’ve been a better world had the Nazis won, they weren’t as benevolent as you imagine them to be. a much better way to defeat the Soviet Union would’ve been to drop fliers across the front lines educating the Russians of the Bolshevik threat, and showing themselves to be peaceful. that and other forms of propaganda would’ve worked. if Stalin actually invaded, the demoralized troops would’ve probably revolted anyway. unfortunately, invading the Soviet gave the Union a second breath of life, when it was just about to collapse on its own. Stalin was barely hanging on, until Hitler gave him a lay of hands. why invade? because the peaceful solution wouldn’t create an empire. and anyway, it was the Germans who sent in Lenin to disrupt Russia during WWI.

    as well, the lend-lease myth is overhyped, those 30,000 tanks the Germans found impenetrable were not built by the USA, who had a pre-war tank in the Sherman.

    • Replies: @Brosi
  41. @Petermx

    …by summer 1939 the Poolish (also encouraged by “Rome” – Vatican) had slaughtered ca. 65.000 Germans in German lands (besides the one million plus evictions of native Germans in German lands – like today with terrorized Russians in Russian lands (Donbass).
    The Poland/Germany conflict is very comparable with the Russian-Jewkrainian number;

  42. Israhell & diaspora first tried to put the internationally established Nazi-smear on Russia.
    At the same time it was made easy for Russia by Jewkraine catching and enbotteling the national sentiment and hunger for „Rodnoveri“ – naturalism, natural law (and order), inherent faith (native faith) – into something half of Ukraine could relate to positively: Nazis aka Germans of traditional order (of natural habitats with a natural, native population within natural boundaries).
    Jewishish Gangsterism of Jewkraine (JGJ):

    Andriy Yevhen Biletsky stems (5th August 1979) from a „non-religious Jewish family“ with a „red diploma“ from State University Kharkiv (*History Department of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, where he graduated as a third rate student with a thesis devoted to „The activities of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army“); Biletsky is a Jewish street thug. He says he has no probblems with Jews, (since he is a Jew himself).

    The surname Biletsky comes from the name of the village of Belitsa, or from the name of the village of Belich, Bialki or Biletskoe. (“A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire” Alexander Bader)

    „Biletsky admits that he performs work instead of the police. Namely, he participates in street fights with the Vietnamese community and the Caucasian diaspora, mentions the demolition of garages with crowbars and sledgehammers that some Armenians built…“


    Biletsky/Azov is a Jewish gangster: „Ukraine is ruled by Jewish clans“. (cit. Biletsky)
    This thug & thief (Jew) (most wanted / RUS) financed Azov:

    Ihor Kolomoysky, US real estate investor like Zelensky & Cons (all Jewish cons of Jewkraine)
    Biletsky, Azov & Cons are plaster for the road to Chabad’s Heavenly Jerusalem:

    Azov or „Nazi“ is a lesson in Jewish pseudo pluralism & dialectic; The Jewish regime sees a leader in Azov/Biletsky, who can be removed at any time.
    Azov/Biletsky are included in the lists of the People’s Tribunal of Novorossiya, now RUS. Biletsky is charged with violating 11 articles of the Criminal Code: murder, creation of a criminal organization, banditry, creation of a terrorist group, propaganda of war, genocide, etc.

    „People’s Deputy of Ukraine“ Today: Lieutenant colonel of police, director of the Kharkiv regional organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, the Society for Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Navy “Civil Corps” AZOV”, the Association of People’s Deputies of Ukraine-participants in military operations and member of the NGO Kharkiv public Organization”Slobodskoy regional Kozatsky Kosh”.

    Jew Biletsky about Jews: „I can’t say that I don’t like them“.

    Jew [email protected] aka Biletsky: „The state needs money to be injected into the economy. Now we get them money at fantastic interest rates through government borrowing or IMF loans.“


    Azov uses Israeli Matador fists to terrorize („fight“) Donbass:

    Israhell arming Jewkraine’s guys for the dirty work:

    AZOV / Belitsky is the two-faced Janus of Judaism: Hasid Avdim-for Yarosh, FROTMAN for Tyahnybok, BLYACHER for Bereza, VALTSMAN for Poroshenko, KAPITELMAN for Tymoshenko, ETINZON for Klychko

    „Andriy Biletsky is forced to periodically explain to his brothers why they are dying, getting injured, experiencing hardships associated with military operations and killing other Ukrainians. Therefore, he cannot and does not keep silent about such things. And once he opens his mouth and starts talking, it’s not hard to figure out where the catch is. Or rather, a scam called Biletsky’s Ukrainian patriotism.“

    Deputy Chairman of the National Liberation Movement “Right Sector” Vasyl Labaichuk, leader of the National Corps party Andriy Biletsky, leader of the Svoboda All-Union Movement Oleg Tyagnibok and commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Dmytro Yarosh during a press conference of the top five united forces of nationalists running for the Verkhovna Rada on the list of the Svoboda.

    With Jewish cunts & fat bags like these at the Jews’ turntables no Ukrainian should fight for a Rodnoveri under Jewish control. It is not worth it. More than half of Ukrainians have left the country. The remaining half is getting drained of its blood to make Ukraine kosher for Chabad’s consumption, unless the Moscovites pour in enough blood to retake Kiev. And we will see if and what „Nazis“ – Jews – Moscow puts on trial and/or gives the Chechen treatments.


  43. Notsofast says:

    if the word nazi is a derogatory term used to smear all german people, the answer is to use it to describe zionism, for their 75 years of oppression of the palestinian people and the theft of their land.

    link the words nazi and zionism, after all the majority of israelis are ashkenazis.

    • Replies: @Realist
  44. Azov – “Nazis” – are just a vehicle for the Jew to reach his goals.
    The Jew has no scruples, any vehicle will do, if it serves his aim.
    Azov is hijacked and already a scapegoat for Russia and soon for the illegal Kiev government (Jews).
    Azovis are useful idiots harming their motherland the way Hitler harmed Germany by going against Stalin (“communism”) instead of working with Stalin.

  45. Israeli Likud and its ultra rightist allies are fascists. Most Israelis have no problems with Azov battalions or other neo Nazi groups wherever they may be.

  46. Trinity says:

    Muh “good Jews.”

    Revelation 2:9 & 3:9

    Hitler was right in defending Germany from the Khazar aka Jewish plague.

    Anyone in 2023 that still believes that (((horseshit))) about Hitler and Germans being evil is hopelessly retarded. Hardly anyone even still alive from that period today, but just look at all the evil the Khazar -Jew mutts have perpetrated on Whites post 1948. The kike still continues his evil to this day. Slaughtering Palestinians, stirring up racial hate in South Africa, Europe, America, etc., teaching Whites to hate themselves, raping Whites on Hollywood casting couches, including child actors of both sexes, producing interracial porn and sexual deviance, etc. I cannot tell you for certain what happened before I was born but I know damn well what these hook nosed rodents have done to America during the last 60 years.

    5 Dancing Israelis

  47. Anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    And all you had to do to prevent it was a simple biological function that even the most primitive African tribes can accomplish easily, having children. How many do you have andrea ? Zero correct. You are complicit but desire to shift blame…….

  48. Rigging Ryan or
    Jews in the Wehrmacht & Ron Unz has proven that vaccines come from God instead of Oh-Vey.

    In 2003, the Jewish author Bryan Mark Rigg published a book entitled “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” with the Catholic publishing house Ferdinand Schöningh. In it, he claims to have examined 1,671 cases of soldiers considered Jewish or partly Jewish. Of these, seven were full Jews, 80 half Jews and 76 quarter Jews. 244 of these persons had received the Iron Cross, one had received the German Cross in silver, and 19 had received the German Cross in gold. 17 or 18 or 15 persons had received the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, one of the highest military awards, among them the alleged “half-Jews” Field Marshal Erhard Milch and Colonel Walter H. Hollaender.

    Rigg claims that even after 1940 “Jewish half-breeds” and “jewish sibblings” were used in the Wehrmacht. Some of them remained in the Wehrmacht as officers until 1944 with a “driver’s license”. Rigg gives the number of “Jewish half-breeds” (allegedly as defined by the First Ordinance to the Reich Citizenship Law) of conscript age as 117,000 to 190,000. 60,000 “half-Jews” and 90,000 “quarter-Jews” would have served.

    According to the military law of May 21, 1935, Jews were not liable for military service and were therefore not drafted since the law came into force (May 22, 1935). Jews were excluded from military service since then. The encyclopedia Brockhaus of 1941/42 still confirms that.

  49. Charles says:

    Jewish influence, and often control, of US policy has been a fact for going on one hundred years.

    My opinion: there is a specific mind-set which allowed and allows this. In my youth attending a Baptist church, Jews were without exception referred to as “the Children of Israel” and the “Chosen People” through which God’s “covenant” ran. The people who proselytize for these beliefs are my friends and my extended family. They are good, decent, charitable people. Therein lies the foundational reason why the US, even nominally, will cease to exist within a few generations.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  50. @Fluesterwitz

    There’s a great deal of truth in what you say. But fighting today’s war on yesterday’s premises is never a good idea. This is essentially a border war writ large. Ukraine had a large ethnic Russian minority in it southern and eastern regions. It had 3 choices.

    1) Attempt to placate them and offer them autonomy.

    2) Cede the areas to Russia, making the new border follow ethnic boundaries as closely as possible. Also ensure that agreements were in place with Russia that Ukrainian speakers in the ceded areas could continue to be educated in Ukrainian etc

    3) Coerce the Russian minority, closing Russian language schools, banning Russian language newspapers etc.

    After the 2014 coup backed by EU, America, NATO and the rest of the West, the new government chose the third course. Ethnic Russians in Crimea and Donbas seceded. War between Russia and Ukraine ensued, leading to last year’s incursion into Ukraine. In essence, the Ukraine government voted for war.

    Solzhenitsyn wrote that the break-up of the Soviet Union was no disaster – it was inevitable. The disaster was that the Soviet Union broke up into states based on the borders defined by Bolsheviks in 1922-24. These borders were largely based on Bolshevik self-interest, or even just on whim. Crimea was added by Kruschev to the Ukrainian SSR as recently as 1954. Nobody is still entirely sure why. In writing this, Solzhenitsyn referenced the situation in Ukraine, and he has been proven right.

    There may be more to follow. Russian newspapers have been complaining about the situation of the large Russian minority in Kazakhstan for years. Expect more on that front in the future.

  51. Does anyone on here know what became of the
    Modern Heretic Blog?

  52. @Trinity

    You could not be more correct.
    Excellent comment.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  53. Trinity says:

    I always ask those holy rollers do they approve of anal porn, child molestation, or Hollywood. They answer, ” certainly not.” But when you expose the Jewish role in these evils of the flesh, they either recite that deal about God blessing those who bless muh Israel or muh “good Jews” hokey. Catholics are no better either. It boggles the mind how these people (Christian Zionist) worship people who seek their demise.

  54. Realist says:

    link the words nazi and zionism, after all the majority of israelis are ashkenazis.

    Wrong, only 30% of Israelis are Ashkenazi

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  55. Petermx says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Thanks. When she was growing up, my mother took the train from Silesia through the Polish Corridor to Konigsberg and Memel. She said the windows of the train were covered, so passengers could not see outside.

  56. Joe Wong says:

    Azov: What is Nazism? When someone thinks that one nation is superior to another nation, when someone thinks he has a right to invade another country and destroy its inhabitants — this is terror, this is violence, these are crematoria and filtration [sic; concentration?] camps. This is clinging to one religion or one idea.

    Isn’t it a perfect description of the Americans? But the Americans call it American Exceptionalism, white-man’s burden, or the beacon of democracy and freedom.

    • Thanks: Deep Thought
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  57. boynkin says:

    This is an easy one. Just look at who supports them. While one’s at it, look who sponsored the color revolution and notice how conveniently the “Nazis” showed up to assist the leftists – every time. Why, it’s almost as if they were working hand in hand.

  58. @Petermx

    50 years ago, on my first visit to America, in a public bus transport in San Francisco, an old woman walked to me to the back of the bus just before getting off. Without any introductions or anything she said to me in German something like: Do not believe what they are telling you… She continued with a few brief sentences about her personal experiences with the Polish terror, incl. train shootings, and off she went…
    I was flustered. Other passengers looked on with some amazement…
    She had recognised me as a German even though I had tried hard not to stand out. I felt a bit ashamed. It was obviously very important to her to let at least one German, who comes along, know…
    I think that encounter did influence me too and furthered my resistance against propaganda of Jew & hyena.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  59. Trinity says:

    “By way of DECEPTION”…… says it all. Satan is the great deceiver.

  60. folkvangr says:

    Who the blip cares about “how jewish” those MFs are? They will all be DOAs in a couple of months anyway and we need somehow pay attention to that filth?!

    • Replies: @Druid55
  61. Flo says:

    Erhard Milch wasn’t Jewish; this is a myth. His biological father was his mother’s uncle — if I remember correctly — and he was a full-blooded German, the love of her life. But bastardy was still looked down upon in those days, not to mention incest, so she consented to marry a Jewish fellow named Milch who had long adored her. He was a good provider and an excellent father to the little boy Erhard. David Irving was told all this by Milch himself, promising not to reveal the info until after his (Milch’s) death. Irving kept his promise, revealing the info years later in his history of the Luftwaffe. Hitler and his inner circle also knew but kept Milch’s secret. Would Hitler have put a Jew in charge of his airforce? Not that looks are everything, but just look at any photo of Milch as an adult.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
  62. How Jewish is Putin’s chef? The general in charge of the main front? Well he is recognized by the state of Israel as Jewish and has relatives there. He has zero military experience but through his connections to Putin switched to military contracting and is leading the assault on Bakhmut.

    Gosh it must be an oversight that the pro-Putin bloggers haven’t mentioned this minor detail. They also don’t seem to mention that Putin’s chief propagandist is Jewish or that Putin is pals with Netanyahu.

    Oh look Putin’s Jewish chef/4 star general made the news today:

    Yevgeny Prigozhin caught lying about taking Soledar

  63. @Kurt Knispel

    Lesson to learn: Just say no to “sweet” land deals. Had the Germans just stayed in Germany, they’d have avoided the problems.

    Similar to modern Israel – buying property on the West Bank seems like a “sweet” deal compared to Israel Proper, but it’s risky (physically and financially).

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  64. Azov aren’t Jewish, they’re just one of the means to a Jewish end. In the eyes of the Jewish oligarchs, any means will do. In the case of Azov, the means are disposable goyim cattle, so no reason to feel any moral guilt for. Use and throw away, or let them perish in the process. One more example which underlines that the traits “Nazi” and “exterminator of Jews” are all of a sudden less important if the gains for the cause are bigger than the gains from exploited “anti-semitism”.

  65. Petermx says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    That was exactly the time period in the United States when the English word “holocaust” was redefined to refer to what was purportedly done to the Jews. Hollywood and other media began a full-scale assault on the senses, demonizing the Germans and venerating the Jews. Prior to the 1970s, there were very few movies about the supposed genocide. Almost none. At that time, most films and television shows depicted armies at war. The Americans were always the best and bravest, of course. Other films and television shows, on the other hand, were comedies. My mother often laughed at Sargent Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes when he said, “I know nothing.”

  66. ATBOTL says:

    gayZOG fagtallion is literally owned by a jewish oligarch who lives in Israel:

    …Among those going into battle from the Ukrainian side are some 500 trained fighters in the self-declared Azov battalion, backed by Jewish energy magnate and Dnipropetrovsk region governor, Igor Kolomoisky, according to Israel’s Ma’ariv daily.

    Kolomoisky had lavishly funded the right-wing Right Sector battalion and at one point flirted with the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party, and was even rumored to be involved with the neo-Nazi Azov battalion—making an Israeli citizen perhaps the primary purveyor of the ultra right wing in Ukraine. He sparked a national debate about the ‘feudalization’ rather than federalization of the country with his aligning of volunteer military battalions, widely considered to be out of control. Many of these have since been or are in the process of being folded under the authority of the interior ministry. This week the critics who long warned that Kolomoisky’s private army and allied militias would be invoked in a classic warlord power play in the middle of Kiev were proven correct.

    There is nothing else to say. This is a false flag operation controlled by jews.

    Here is the kind of low IQ criminal white person who is attracted to gayZOG:

    Were you paid to do this? And by whom? Did you get a salary?

    I was never paid, I in fact ruined myself economically by going to Ukraine. I couldn’t imagine doing that for any value.

    I wasn’t paid. No.

    During the time we were in talks with the CIA and the Pentagon, (Mariupol). It is true >the Pentagon conducted intelligence operations during the war there.

    More on this race traitor:

    Straight from prison to maiden. He was released in a deal to fight for ZOG.

    Boneface is also a meth dealer:

    More arrests from this criminal white trash ZOG puppet faggot:

    Here is Boneface’s twitter:


    Kent Mclellan
    Nov 5

    Reasons on why I support the Democrats now:

    He has almost no followers or engagement, and it’s all from jewkraine faggots. It shows white nationalists are not falling for pro-ZOG nazism. Here is a tweet from this ZOG faggot threatening Eric Striker and Nick Fuentes for not supporting jewkraine:

    Kent Mclellan
    Oct 4

    For those who don’t know.
    Or at least haven’t thought about it.
    I can definitely beat Eric Striker and Nick Fuentes into celery stocks.

    #AmericaFirst #EricStriker

    This comment had no likes or replies. I guess being fake nazi ZOG shill has literally no support even on twatter.

    Here is Boneface attacking David Duke for not supporting jewkraine:

    Kent Mclellan
    Oct 4

    I’m asking everyone to please point at David Duke, and laugh at him for having such a retarded opinion. In case you thought Mr.Musk had bad judgement.
    #RussianMobilization #Ukraine #Bolshevism #Nazism #Putin

    It thinks this sums what gayZOG is — Simply an op. by ZOG to turn white nationalists into ZOG tools.

  67. Notsofast says:

    mizrahi do appear to be about 40% of the illegal squatters (although the bloodlines are getting blurred), residing in occupied palestine, so i stand corrected. macht nichts, the way they treat the palestinians they’re all nazis, immho.

    • Replies: @Realist
  68. Putin’s chief propagandist (who is proudly Jewish) tells someone to go to the front while sitting in his comfy studio chair:

    The same propagandist that told Russian soldiers to go die because life is overrated.

    Yes a millionaire and propagandist actually telling soldiers on the front to go and die.

    If the Ukrainian president wasn’t Jewish then would Russia be the Jewish side for having more Jews in government? Why or why not? Has anyone here done a full Hebrew inventory before deciding which side is Jewish?

  69. Che Guava says:

    Holomodor as a particular victimisation is a nonsense idea. The same starvation campaign by the Jewish Bolsheviks also hit much of then Russia proper and Khazakhstan.

    • Replies: @Geowhizz
    , @Verymuchalive
  70. @Wokechoke

    Therein lies another part of the problem with the narrative. Whether Leningrad, Moscow, or other, until the “Allied forces”, in this case the Soviets, began retreating into cities turning them into military targets, battles were generally won outside the cities. The Treaty of Westphalia ended the fortified cities of the Middle Ages. Bomber Harris used Germany bombing military targets in Warsaw as an excuse to level civilian infrastructure in Germany. Yes, I know there were battles in German cities, but by then, the rules had been tossed. We haven’t looked back. Now everything is considered a military target, including your toilet, because a soldier may want to take a dump in it.

    • Agree: Brosi
  71. @Reverend Goody

    Had the Germans just stayed in Germany, they’d have avoided the problems.

    Not sure what that means. Had the back room boys in Russia and France, not worked with nut-job Serbians, and George V not advised Foreign Secretary Grey (who signed secret agreements with France) to “Find an excuse for war”, there would have been no WWI and illegal partitioning of Germany in the first place. Why is it that Poland and Hungary, both of which invaded Czechoslovakia to “protect” their ethnic populations, before Germany entered the 95% German Sudetanland, whose population was being brutalized, was never a problem for the All-Lies? Germany had already ceded some German lands, lost by the illegal partition, to others, including parts to Poland. It was focusing on majority German areas that wanted to become part of Germany again. It wouldn’t have mattered what Germany did, as with WWI, it was becoming too powerful economically and had to be smashed.

    • Agree: Petermx
  72. Geowhizz says:
    @Che Guava

    Is starvation what the Jewish Bolshevik oligarchs have planned for the west’s middle class.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  73. That Guy says:

    Agreed, however, it is quite possible/probable “They” have been at it longer than the 30 years you state.

    The Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 was instrumental in opening the floodgates. That puts it at around 50 years.

    “These brainwashed morons will get their rewards soon enough.”

    Sadly, there seems to be no limit to the enormous ignorance/stupidity of the average American. Truly some of the most moronic people the world has ever known.

    The only thing greater than their ignorance seems to be their arrogance.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Kim
  74. Andi says:

    So why do all the azov commanders originate east of the dnieper. Plus fyi only galicia was in poland during the holomodor

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  75. Brosi says:

    You should be asking yourself how Stalin and the Red Army were so thouroughly trounced by a German army that was miniscule in comparison to the Red army in both quantity and quality. The tanks provided by the UK and the US during lend lease may have been inferior in many ways except manufacturing quality compared to those of the USSR, they were equal or better armed the the German army that was using horses for transport and puny underarmed mkII and mkIII tanks to defeat far larger and better equiped Red Army.

    But this misses the key point. If the Tsar had miraculously gotten his hands on a few trains loads full of butter, meat and Vodka in St. Petersburg in March 1917, if Austria had gotten the same in Vienna at a similar critical time point, if the Kaiser had gotten the same in Berlin in October 1918, all of them could have forestalled the revolutions that brought about their demise.

    This is precisely what happened in Moscow in December of 1941. Stalin had given up. Germany had taken over the bread basket and the industrial cradle of the USSR. But then suddenly convoys of ships loaded with food, weapons, ammunition and raw materials sent by rich and powerful Jews in the west came to the rescue. Stalin’s aluminum production had been decimated yet his T34 tanks and his IL Sturmovich flying tanks were dependent on large amounts of aluminum, Something like 80% of the aluminum consumed by the USSR during the war came from the US and the UK.

    The US sent something like 500,000 5 ton trucks and 2000 locomotives. Without lend lease the USSR would have collapsed, and Stalin even admitted it.

  76. Realist says:

    Yes, the way they treat Palestinians is horrible; they have no empathy.

  77. @Charles

    What gets me is how you go from Old Testament/Torah brutality, genocide and all-round blood-lust, to ‘The Prince of Peace’, without terminal cognitive dissonance. Mind you, loudly self-proclaimed ‘Christians’ are, in my experience, stupid and brainwashed, and not many resemble the Nazarene in any way.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  78. @Realist

    No empathy, plus 3500 years of rage and hatred. Heaven pity the brave Palestinians.

  79. Democrats vs Republicans or Demons vs Rats, what’s the difference? That is a 666 dollar question.

    Democrats are demons and will torment you until death, then follow you into the afterlife and torment you for eternity.
    Republicans are rats and will eat you alive until there is nothing left of you to eat, then gnaw at your soul for all eternity.

    As a Wagnerian and pupil of Wagner Opera’s, I would bet the Wagner Group over Azov panzies any day. When you offer real man freedom from incarceration to fight for the motherland, there’s an added incentive to fight until death for that freedom.
    Azov wankers fighting under a flag flown by a Zionist sick comic spells death from the start.

    Cue Gotterdammerung – Twilight of the Gods, the ultimate battle between good and evil

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  80. @Curmudgeon

    Why is it that Poland and Hungary, both of which invaded Czechoslovakia to “protect” their ethnic populations, before Germany entered the 95% German Sudetanland, whose population was being brutalized, was never a problem for the All-Lies?

    That was all part of the same Munich Agreement.

    The deal the Allies made with Hitler whereby he would get Sedentland.

    Then he broke that agreement and took all of Czechoslovakia.

    Poland took a piece after learning of the plans. Hitler gave Hungary a chunk after taking all of it.

    Who made this quote in 1938:

    “this is my last territorial demand in Europe”

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  81. @CelestiaQuesta

    Wagner are doing very well on their own.

    Next town – Bakhmut.

    Mariupol was liberated mostly by Chechens and the the local militias. I wonder what group of fighters the Russians will showcase next.

  82. @Curmudgeon

    Had not nut-job Austrians invaded then anschlussed historically Serb, populated in overwhelming majority by Serbs according to Austrians’ own accounts, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and had not Franz-Ferdinand chosen to show off in Sarajevo on the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo, there would have been no assassination and no pretext for WWI. The problem with Anglo-Saxons, with Germans and with Jews is exactly the same, you are all supremacist p o s suffering from a god complex and believing that everybody else should be your servant. If you left the rest of the world alone, nobody would give a sh*t about you. Actually, we would all avoid you like the plague. As it is, you deserve every bit that Jews and Third World migrants are doing to your women and children.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  83. @Brosi

    This is precisely what happened in Moscow in December of 1941. Stalin had given up.

    Stalin never gave up. He was an evil bastard but he had not given up in 1941

    Stalin’s aluminum production had been decimated yet his T34 tanks and his IL Sturmovich flying tanks were dependent on large amounts of aluminum

    T-34s are not dependent on aluminum. Stop making stuff up.

    The US sent something like 500,000 5 ton trucks and 2000 locomotives. Without lend lease the USSR would have collapsed, and Stalin even admitted it.

    The USSR would have collapsed if Hitler went after them in 1939 instead of provoking a world war over Poland.

    The USSR would have collapsed if Hitler focused on either Moscow or Stalingrad instead of splitting his armies and then changing his mind.

    The USSR would have collapsed if Hitler didn’t waste his time in North Africa.

    The USSR would have collapsed if Hitler had increased war production in 1941.

    The USSR would have collapsed if Hitler gave Ukraine and Belarus their own states and sent them against the Russians.

    The USSR would have collapsed if Hitler pulled his 6th army from Stalingrad and found a better target than the heavily defended Kursk.

    Hitler made all kinds of mistakes. He could have won the war a dozen ways and even with lend lease. In table talk he complains about Stalin’s secret tank factories in the Urals. Even the allies didn’t know about them. He didn’t have anything to say about lend lease.

    • Agree: Thim
    • Replies: @Rentana
    , @Whew
    , @Johnny Rico
    , @Brosi
  84. @Brosi

    You should be asking yourself how Stalin and the Red Army were so thouroughly trounced by a German army that was miniscule in comparison to the Red army in both quantity and quality.

    Are you for real? Germany, by June 1941 had 7.3M mobilized in total.
    At the start of war, German forces plus Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Finland amounted to 3.8M on the Easter front. Russia had just under 3M at the line of contact.

    • Replies: @Brosi
  85. Rentana says:

    Azov is like porn fake and gay camp macho, that’s pure žid in my book.

  86. @Che Guava

    Of course what you have written is true. But it hit Ukraine disproportionately. Also, the Soviet Union incorporated Galicia, the most hostile region to Russia, into the Soviet Union. Unsurprisingly, they have continued to blame Russia, which they see as the successor to the Soviet Union.

    It would have been better if they had removed Jewish oligarchs, cracked down on corruption and tried to make their new state a success. They didn’t and they’re now in this mess.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Zbigniew
  87. Rentana says:
    @John Johnson

    .the Red Army actually got to the Elbe River in Central Germany…The Red Army tanks would have been welcomed with flowers like the Ansluß at Strasbourg by the PCF if not the yanks at normandy. Would have touché

  88. @Joe Wong

    Isn’t it a perfect description of the Jews , and the Chinese.

  89. Corvinus says:

    “Azov has its own highly polished and professional propaganda, which labeled the Russians “the real fascists“.

    Azov is not Jewish. Putin is the fascist.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  90. Whew says:

    the ‘Sudetenland’ was nowhere near 95% German. no one needed to move into Czechoslovakia to protect anyone, and Germans were not brutalized. Germans were given the same Rights as Czechs, and far more Rights than the Czechs were given under Austrian rule. the Czechs were far more evolved in their dealings with minorities than the Germans were. Germans were allowed their own language newspapers, schools, and even their own ethnic political parties! all things Germans denied to Czechs and others throughout Austrian times. the only Germans that ever died under Czech rule were those who rioted when they demanded to form their own state (about 200 people), a thing unacceptable to the Czechs, since so many Czechs lived in what the Germans called the Sudetenland and they wouldn’t get the same fair treatment (as the Germans proved incapable of this). as well, the Germans were hypocrites to demand self-determination, since they did not believe in such a thing, evidenced by their denial of it to others. if you deny something to others, you cannot expect it be given to you. since the Germans later invaded all of Czechoslovakia, it proved they did not believe it still even while demanding it. and it’s not like the Germans gave up Silesia, with their Polish populations, so who were they to demand such from others? hypocrites.

    the Czechs were a majority of what the Germans called ‘Sudetenland’ up until the mid-17th century, when during the Thirty Years’ War a majority of the population, estimated 60-80%, were exterminated by German armies. the brutality against civilians of that war is yet unmatched, even in WWII. such exterminations were carried out elsewhere too, like in Silesia. during the latter years of Austria-Hungary, formerly majority Czech cities like Plzen again became majority Czech, owing to many liberties that the Czechs secured for themselves.

    • LOL: Petermx
  91. @That Guy

    I did say that they had been in complete control since the last 30 years. Partial control. Abraham Lincoln ? Woodrow Wilson ? Franklin Roosevelt ? You tell me. Maybe the whole ” American Independence” Project itself. It was very Good For The Jews, as was the French Revolution, after all.

  92. Whew says:
    @John Johnson

    yes, if Hitler’s main priority was truly only eliminating the Soviet political state, he wouldn’t have invaded a guaranteed ally in that struggle in collaboration with that enemy.

    had Hitler not wanted empire, he would’ve immediately secured alliances in conquered territories, like in Ukraine, and amongst the Russians. but he thought he could win alone, so he refused, until it became too late. he finally released Bandera, and allied with Vlasov, on the eve of capitulation. by the time he allowed it, it was fruitless, but at the beginning it would’ve inspired even the troops amongst the Soviet army to switch sides and victory would’ve been swift. of course, with that swift victory, there would be no empire building, since it wouldn’t have been a German victory, but a European one, thus no mandate.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  93. @John Johnson

    For Stalin, this was a catastrophe that he couldn’t ever have imagined. That evening, he left his office and went to his dacha. According to Molotov, his closest comrade, he was bewildered and disorientated.

    ”Everything’s lost. I give up. Lenin founded our state and we’ve f****d it up!” he swore as he was driving away from Kremlin. It seems that, at this point, he realized how wrong he had been and how huge the consequences would be of his poor leadership.

  94. The two inseparable buddies USA (Ollie) & UK (Stan) have one of their typical conversations with their “indispensable” (((investment advisor))).

  95. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    I am confused. First, as I understand it, Ukraine was taken over by the Ashkenazim once they left the Soviet Union. So, why would even an ethnically European Nationalist Socialist battalion come into existence, when they would just be fighting for the Ashkenazi elites who own the nation? Could it be that because of their median IQ of 90, they were not aware that their nation is ruled by the Ashkenazim? Did they not have the intellectual ability to be cognizant of how the international Ashkenazim were heavily involved in all aspects of Ukraine, from the Ukrainian female sex slave trade to the R&D of bio-weapons? Also, if these people were really European National Socialists, then why were they being funded by Igor Kolomoisky?

    Could Azov be a sincere low IQ Nationalist Socialist group, but one that was infiltrated by the Ashkenazim and then deceived into serving Ashkenazi ethnic interests, which explains why in the end, the Ashkenazim were exposing the true ethnic identity of the infiltrators to Israel in the hopes of getting their help?


  96. Judd says:

    finally, truth hits everybody, truth hits everyone

    • Replies: @Druid55
  97. Renoman says:

    Scott Ritter and Douglas MacGregor have great perspective on this and all things Ukraine War. Get em on YouTube and many other spots.

  98. Renoman says:

    Well, yes they’re goons as are many of the easily led types. As are the people who say “they can’t be Nazi’s, Zelensky’s a Jew and look no further. A large percentage of the population are pretty much just warm and breathing, that’s how the American governments get away with their endless shenanigans.

  99. QCIC says:

    Sure, but they are supported by Jewish backers. That is the point.

    Probably some of their propagandists are Jewish.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  100. @Whew

    yes, if Hitler’s main priority was truly only eliminating the Soviet political state, he wouldn’t have invaded a guaranteed ally in that struggle in collaboration with that enemy.

    Correct and he never needed to go through Poland to attack the USSR. That was just an excuse his apologists later came up with.

    He could have gone through Hungary and Romania with his original plan to head south and starve Moscow by choking the Volga.

    It would have worked and the full scale of Wehrmacht would have crushed the USSR. Even if Stalin kept fighting the Germans would have taken the oil fields. Interestingly France did war games and also planned on going after the oil fields in the scenario that the Soviets fought Britain and France.

    Hitler wasn’t a true anti-Communist. He hated Poles more than he wanted to fight Communism.

    Some very heroic anti-Communist Poles were rounded up by the Nazis and killed. Veterans of the Polish-Soviet war that had personally killed Communists.

    Hitler never spoke of the Polish-Soviet war because he didn’t want to give them any credit.

    • Agree: Whew
    • Troll: Petermx
  101. Anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    2 million Christians killed by Nigeria in occupied Biafra
    500,000 Christians killed by Indonesia is occupied West Papua
    150,000 Chechens killed by Russia
    80,000 Kurds and Cypriots killed by turkey in my occupied cyprus and Kurdistan
    50,000 Western Saharan killed by Morocco
    25,000 Palestinian killed by Israel

    • Replies: @Kim
  102. Zane says:

    These days far-right means anyone an inch to the right of Pol Pot.

    • Replies: @Anon
  103. Not to be left out, Western media such as The Nation was depicting Azov in a similar vein in 2019 even before the Russian incursion, using every label imaginable just in its title and subtitle: “Neo-Nazi,” “far right,” “anti-Semitic,” “fascist” and “ultranationalist.”

    “The Nation” is typical of hard left organs in being detached from reality. The article is in the same vein and is worse than stupid. Much of the commentariat is just as disconnected from reality.

  104. Anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    Unless you are Muslim then you can get away with anything. Heck even occupations gasp , are verboten to mention !!!!!

  105. Das Reich was part of the Waffen SS, not the security services.

  106. Torvidson says:

    The author made a mistake about the Azov symbol. It consists of two superimposed Germanic runes H and I. Together they yield first two letters of the word HItler. Yes, these two superimposed runes were the symbol of the SS division Das Reich. They are also called ‘Wolfsangel’.

  107. Jiminy says:

    I like how Lavrov last year came out and said how hitler was half jewish. The amount of stink raised was predictable, as was Putin later prostrating himself at the feet of his overlords.

  108. @Flo

    Do you have anything from Irving or anyone else that supports that? A passage in a book, an interview? I am curious, especially to hear or read Irving in this case.

    • Replies: @Flo
  109. Druid55 says:

    Nope. The jews have left and are leaving

  110. Druid55 says:

    Way too late though

    • Replies: @Judd
  111. Ace says:

    The whole Ukrainian misadventure is simply bizarre. Ten minutes after the last transport lifted out of Bagram and, bam, it was pedal to the metal in Ukraine. You might think that 20 pointless, ruinous years of “nation building” to the tune of $2T might warrant a teensy bit of restraint when contemplating a new snipe hunt thousands of miles from home, but you’d be wrong.

    The new search for Tinkerbell makes no sense whatsoever from the standpoint of American interests, especially as the former main enemy collapsed inward in a spectacular way to be replaced by a friendly nation eager to recover from the statist lunacy of 70+ years. But the absurdity of Russian revanchism and expansionism was instantly the talk of the town. And voila the monster you aptly describe is loose.

    It’s been said that once you eliminate the impossible (sincere pursuit of US interests) you’re left with the truth no matter how improbable. My working hypotheses are that either there’s a hole in the ozone layer over Galicia or there’s a new project of our Zionist masters underway to create a bolt hole after their Mediterranean project becomes seriously untenable. Russia itself may be the ultimate prize but the easy ruination sought for her isn’t working despite the lunatic sanctions. Hence no more free Russian resources for the locusts.

    Carleton Meyer’s idea that our zio-policy makers are feeling vengeful after Russia stopped Israeli expansion into Syria and Lebanon is excellent. However, I think there’s a much more urgent need for the bolt hole in view of the imminent economic train wreck underway in the US and the other Western autocracies that will dry up all existing rivers of tribute. Hence the urgency of the Ukrainian initiative as it’s obvious the correlation of forces is shifting decisively against Israel. Recall the pre-season Hezbollah v. IDF score of 1-0 and know what I say is true. Zelensky’s helping to eliminate Ukrainian patriots, devastate the economy, and drive inconvenient civilians out — an undertaking not without historical precedent.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Decoy
  112. Brosi says:
    @John Johnson

    Kharkiv model V-2

    The Kharkiv model V-2 (Russian: В-2) was a Soviet diesel tank V-12 engine, the V angle at 60°, with dual overhead camshafts per bank,four valves per cylinder opened by bucket style followers and direct fuel injection, features found on modern high performance diesel engines. Designed at the Kharkiv Locomotive Factory by Konstantin Chelpan and his team. It is found in the BT-7M (BT-8), T-34, KV, IS and IS-10 (T-10) tanks, and by extension, the vehicles based on them, such as the SU-85 and SU-100 tank destroyers based on the T-34 and the ISU-122 and ISU-152 self-propelled guns based on the IS-2. Throughout its production life, output ranged from roughly 450-700 hp. The engine was made of aluminium.

    The US provided critically needed anti-aircraft guns as well. US Marines at Guadalcanal were fighting with Springfields while the US was shipping M-1 Garands to the USSR.

    The US/UK aluminium alone saved Russia’s ass. In 1942 the USSR finally got air supremacy, without which Stalingrad never would have held out. This was made possible by thousands of US Aerocobras and UK Hurricanes. The IL-2’s never would have gotten off the ground without US/UK aluminium. None of them would have been flying without US aviation fuel, provided by the tanker load.

    McMeekin spent a lot of effort detailing Lend Lease in “Stalin’s War”.

    • Thanks: Kim, Fluesterwitz
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @John Johnson
  113. Brosi says:

    Wiki says:

    At the start of the invasion, the manpower of the Soviet military force that had been mobilized was 5.3–5.5 million,[2][151] and it was still increasing as the Soviet reserve force of 14 million, with at least basic military training, continued to mobilize.

    German atrocities committed against Soviet prisoners of war

    It is estimated that at least 3.3 million Soviet POWs died in Nazi custody, out of 5.7 million.

    So 5.7 million Russian POW’s out of an 3 million men facting the Germans.

    All these Russian statistics are meaningless anyway. They lied about Katyn forest and they are still lying about the “Death Camps” today. The USSR were more guilty than Germany for the war anyway because they not only invaded Poland, but also Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  114. Putin knows nothing will get a Russian more angered (himself included) than legions of armed men in the state next door wearing imitation (and genuine) Nazi regalia. It is stunning how history is repeating in Ukraine. In 1939, it was Poles brutalizing and murdering ethnic Germans in Poland. They were living on land that had been Germany just two decades earlier, just as eastern Ukraine had been Russia until 1954. This brutality was sponsored by an ethnic supremacist regime installed by a great world power for the specific goal of containing Germany. But against all odds that people had rebounded from the ashes of WWI, just as the RF fought its way back from the catastrophes of the Nineties. The hysterical vilification of both strong patriotic leaders is virtually identical: international capital does not take defeat calmly. Germany’s “invasion” began as a limited police action as well, with Berlin offering twice early on to remove her forces if the Polish military dictatorship would agree to return to the border negotiations they walked out on, and guarantee the civil rights of their ethnic Germans. The Reich had proposed referenda be held in the disputed areas so the people could vote on which country they wanted to join. But buoyed by London’s false promise of aid, Warsaw refused, and so vanished from the map not a month later, despite commanding Europe’s fourth strongest army. The Polish General Staff actually had drawn up a plan to invade Germany, codenamed “Case West,” that predicted the fall of Berlin after a four week campaign, insanity on a scale being repeated today by the Little Comedian of Kiev, with equally horrific results for ordinary Ukrainians.

    • Thanks: Kim
  115. @Ace

    Russian intervention in Syria was Russia’s response to the US coup in the Ukraine. Many here complain that Russia didn’t do anything at the time but it did, it intervened to save Assad in Syria. It’s all part of the same game. Ukraine just has to wait a little longer before it is liberated from the Zio-Nazis as this war is far bigger and will be fought by other in other places and also by other means. The US is doing the same by trying to launch colour revolutions against Russia friendly regimes.

    • Replies: @Ace
  116. Kim says:
    @Doug Ryler


    What the hell have National Socialists ever done to be slandered by an association with jews?

    • Thanks: Petermx
  117. Kim says:

    500,000 Christians killed in West Papua?


  118. Kim says:
    @That Guy

    How long have they been at it in the USA?

    Harry (((Dickstein))) was a Congressional Democrat for New York for 22 years (1922 – 1945) and then a New York Supreme Court Justice.

    Through that entire time he was also an NKVD agent.

    (((They))) have been doing this kind of thing for some time.

  119. Che Guava says:

    Is that a real question? In any case, it depends on your definition of ‘middle class’. I would go for the low-end, productive skilled workers and low-end professionals.

    Others define it as what I’d see as useless bureaucrats and the wealthier upper-middle in general.

  120. Wokechoke says:

    “Russia’s Aluminium industry was born on the 14 May 1932, when the first batch of the metal was produced at the Volkhov smelter in Leningrad Region. A year later, the Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant in Ukraine released their first batch of product.”

    I’d assume that much of this material was used for engines.

    “Despite the fact that these companies were constantly expanding production throughout these years, they could not fully meet the growing needs of the country’s economy. In the USSR, the construction of new companies was under way. In 1938, the Tikhvisnky (later renamed Boxitogorsk) alumina refinery with a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year, and in 1939, the Uralsk aluminium smelter began operating, capable of producing 70,000 tonnes of alumina and 25,000 tonnes of aluminium each year.”

    This tidbit reminds me of the Light Sweet Oil from Nottingham that was classified information until recently.

    Just enough of the high octane to fuel the RAF from a secret domestic source.

    “The octane this oil produced was higher than the German’s and I think it’s a vital reason why we won the Battle of Britain. There’s even been one two books mentioning so. The oil from there was also vital to powering Britain at home in the mid-20th century, mainly in the Second World War years.”

    • Thanks: Brosi
    • Replies: @Brosi
  121. Decoy says:

    “The whole Ukrainian misadventure is simply bizarre.” Agree 100%. I am also someone who thought the American people would have at least a short respite from war after we crawled out of Afghanistan on our hands and knees shooting/bombing Afghan children all the way out. But there was no respite and all the Afghan exit resulted in was giving the many war mongers in D.C. more free time to concentrate on convincing that fool Zelensky that it would be a good idea to sacrifice “his country” for continuation of US world hegemony and USD world dominance. Surely Vicky played a role in those discussions. Vicky is on path to becoming as revered in D.C. as Madeline Albright. Imagine the talks with Zelensky when he says…..but, but, but Russia is 3 X bigger than us, and they have hypersonic missiles, and they have a real Air Force, etc. Who knows how we (whom ever “we” is) convinced him. All we know for certain is that our guys got the job done.

  122. @Fluesterwitz

    The phrase seemed to mean that 77% of officers, not the regular grunts, were at least partially Jewish, not really meaning there were 77 officers or high ranked ones, 77% of even Mischlinge officers would be a crazy high numbers, and even 77 high ranked officers (Generals I guess, maybe lower ?) is still quite a bit.

    • Replies: @Fluesterwitz
  123. @Wokechoke

    I think the civilian guy is a Russian just trolling them, and I think there are hate speech law in Russia, saying “Die for The Jew of Kiev” could ironically make him in trouble with the law. I’m just sad for both sides, whoever wins Ukraine will be destroyed and will have to welcome tons of “refugees”, the women who left will never come back, and the men working in the EU (mostly in Poland I think) probably won’t either.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  124. Brosi says:

    How High-Octane Gasoline Saved Untold Allied Pilots During WWII

    When the war in Europe began, the U.S. was manufacturing a modest 40,000 gallons a month of 100 octane gas. But by 1944, it was making 400,000 gallons of AvGas a month from 77 Houdry Process plants. The first consumer was Great Britain which did not make 100 octane gas but nevertheless made aircraft engines, like the Rolls Merlin, that needed it. The British were ordered all that the U.S. could produce.

    And the Luftwaffe found that the underpowered Hurricanes and Spitfires it had slapped aside so easily in the skies over France early in the war had been reborn by the time the Battle of Brittain had started where they met or exceeded the performance of the Focke Wulfs and Messerschmitts they met in combat over London. In contrast, Germany’s planes mostly flew on 89 octane fuel and Japan never got higher than 87.

    According to McMeeken, the USSR imported massive quantities of this 100 octane aviation fuel. If you were a fighter pilot you would always want the high octane fuel because at high altitude it performs massively better than low octane. This is probably why the Aerocobra was so popular with the USSR. They ordered thousands despite it not performing well at high altitude. Likely the USSR had its own low octane aviation fuel available and that likely worked well with Aerocobra at low altitude.

    The aluminium engine in the T34, developed for Soviet offense before the war, is important because speed and light weight is most significant for offensive operations, which Stalin clearly had planned. The Soviet engineers were clearly very advanced, and the T34 also had the Christie suspension. It was built to be the Ferrari of tanks, no costs barred. All for the conquest of the west and the victory of “Communism” over the entire planet. In comparison all Hitler wanted was a little lebensraum, and he was willing to take down all of Judeo-Communism on is his own, and the US and UK too if there were no other way. Just as we see in Ukraine today, the allies made certain that Hitler and Germany had no other way out. Anyone who Russia has behaved correctly in Ukraine has to see the same applies to Germany in 1941.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  125. @Brosi

    Kharkiv model V-2

    That’s not a dependency on alumnium.

    That is making the engine block aluminum because they had it available. Makes the tank lighter but it is not a dependency.

    They could have made them with cast iron like any other diesel of the time.

    In fact it is much easier to make an engine block out of iron.

    • LOL: Brosi
  126. @Trinity

    While I am certain that there are mountains of lies spread about Hitler, the NSDAP and Germans in general, I seriously do not think they are completely pure angels either. Just from a French perspective, a lot of our POWs stayed in Germany until 1945 working in munitions factories or farms, and a lot of them never returned, this doesn’t seem to have been the case for say British or US POWs (although of course they were far fewer than the French ones).

    Hitler never allowed the refugees from Belgium and the north of France to come back to their houses, they had to settle in Vichy France, if a resistant/partisan shot a German soldier or officer, the German authorities would often shoot up to 100 innocent civilian “hostages” in retaliation, and of course you have the case of Oradour where the SS destroyed the village and killed almost everybody for no reason at all.

    If they are capable of that in France, I’m sure some horrible atrocities happened on the Eastern Front, maybe not as much as mainstream history tells us but definitely a hell of a lot, now is Generalplan Ost real, I don’t know, but if it is it would have been a disaster for the peoples of the USSR, even worse that what happened after Stalin won.

  127. folkvangr says:

    Wrong question! lol
    Here is the right question: How much money per year does the poorest American pay to build concentration camps for Palestinians and luxury villas for European Jews in Israel?
    Answer: $1,500+!

  128. Whew says:

    as well: please show me ‘Germany’ on a WWI era map. you can’t. it doesn’t exist. it was the ‘German Empire’ (keyword: “Empire”). much of the land The German Empire owned was not German in a classical sense. it’s much like when Hungarians today proclaim Greater Hungary when that encompasses land the Hungarian Empire administered but no Hungarians were there. such nonsensical ideology is a barrier to peace, since with that kind of thinking no present state of peace can be achieved. and, again (as i noted in a previous reply): Germany, post WWI, had no qualms holding onto land that was not majority German populated, like in Silesia, so who were they to demand majority-German populated areas from others?

  129. @Passing By

    Q: Who brokered the deal to make Bosnia-Herzogovia part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after the Russo-Turkish War?
    A: Benjamin Disraeli for (((occupied))) perfidious Albion.
    What you are really saying is that Serbia was fine being ruled by the Ottomans or the Russians instead of the Austrians.
    In history, shit happens, and nothing is as it seems. As Napoleon said, history is the agreed upon lies of the victors. As for supremacists, I live in a city where there has been a large population of “Ukrainians” and a considerable number of “Poles”, for more than a century. Most are nice people, just as people from most ethnic groups. When it comes to “supremacists” the “leaders” of the “Ukrainians” and “Poles” take a back seat to no one. Every ethnic group is like that, even the Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  130. @John Johnson

    He didn’t break that agreement. There were issues between Slovakia and Czechia. They turned to Rome and Berlin to solve the problems, not London and Paris. The Germans were requested to station troops. Here is some contemporary accounts of the background:
    It should be noted that David Irving found evidence that Edvard Benes, Head of the Government in Exile was shuffling cash to Churchill.

    • Replies: @Whew
    , @John Johnson
  131. Whew says:

    you focused entirely on the lend-lease part of my reply, and i won’t bother replying to it since two posters already did. interesting you ignored the entire first part of my post, which was the more pertinent point.

  132. Whew says:

    an utter state of disassociation of judgment of the self per the standards of judgment of the other, is ever present in your replies and in the articles you post.

    in the 2nd article you just posted was drivel about how the land of Bohemia was originally German, totally and purposely ignoring that it was, per the same sources, actually originally Celtic. the Germans are referred to as original inhabitants, who were replaced by “invading” Slavs, yet the Germans who overtook the Celts are not referred to as “invaders” – what a pathetic level of bias (and, on top of that, the author had the audacity to claim his only bias is seeking truth, oh the humor).

    interestingly, as other articles here on Unz noted (the very interesting set of articles on the real history of the Roman Empire), it is quite likely that all of those history books the articles you posted refer to are actually forgeries written to make the already Christian Germans desire conquest of non-Christian (Slav Pagan) land. as the actual archeological sources prove, unequivocally, a rigid and unbroken line of tradition in these areas (like Bohemia), meaning the Czechs are the original, ancient, inhabitants of the land having lived there for some thousands of years.

    it is so ironic that the Germans refer to Czechoslovakia as an “artificial state” all the while ignoring Austria-Hungary being artificial (and forcing its inhabitants into the Union, like the Czechs, who had wanted to leave it for quite some time prior to WWI and even offered to let the Austrians retain German-majority areas, like so-called Sudetenland, but were rejected), or the German Empire. i’ve also never seen any actual evidence of the Czechs hurting the Slovaks, or taking anything from them, just baseless accusations. i am ready to hear some information, but none is ever provided, just the accusation. most Slovaks i speak to have no ill memories of Czechoslovakia and many wish it would still exist.

    during Austrian rule, pre-WWI, the Czechs were often rioting against German AND Jewish businesses taking advantage of them, and treating them poorly. Franz Kafka commented, that during such riots, people would look at him and (in his words) in a typical Czech manner would say “are you… a jew?” yes, while the Czechs were already quite well aware of the Jewish plague, the Germans were still kissing Jew ass and working right alongside them. that is why when the Soviet Union offered a guarantee to Czechoslovakia, Benes rejected it, since he wanted an independent country and not a puppet. the Czechs hated Bolshevism, we even sent a legion of 100,000 (a huge amount for a small country) to fight it during WWI (while the Germans were supporting it by sending Lenin to Russia, and the Austrians were busy expanding empire). but these facts, oh, you don’t want to consider them, do you?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  133. @Curmudgeon

    He didn’t break that agreement. There were issues between Slovakia and Czechia. They turned to Rome and Berlin to solve the problems, not London and Paris. The Germans were requested to station troops.

    He broke the agreement by taking the remainder of Czechoslovakia.

    Slovakia had declared their independence and were backed by the Germans.

    Hitler took the remainder of the country in defiance of the agreement and against the will of the people.

    Hitler on Sudetenland:
    It is the last territorial claim which I have to make in Europe, but it is the claim from which I will not recede and which, God-willing, I will make good.

    So Hitler broke the agreement and his own word. It isn’t a surprise that the British didn’t want to make a deal after Dunkirk. He had taken Western Europe after claiming Sudetenland was his last territorial demand. He privately spoke about Nevile as a joke and enjoyed humiliating him. Well his breaking of the agreement led to Churchhill who was stubborn as a mule and was willing to fight to the death. If he hadn’t broken the agreement then Chamberlain would have remained in charge.

    Hitler was a liar from the beginning. He had his own loyal followers killed in the Night of Long Knives to consolidate power. The British were right to not trust him. Hitler claimed he didn’t want a war with the British but had no problem sending endless buzz bombs at London nor did he have a problem with sinking endless merchant ships. As with most liars you have to judge him by his actions. He was trying to terrorize the population into surrendering while claiming he wanted peace. Very similar to Putin today.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  134. @Brosi

    Red Army 1941 – losses
    “The Red Army was reinforced from about two million men in 1938 to 6.5 million by the spring of 1941.” (John Scott: Behind the Urals: An American Worker in Russia’s City of Steel)

    Roschmann: Of the more than 5 million Soviet prisoners of war, not 3.3 million but 1.68 million died at German hands. The mass of the 5 million prisoners fell into German hands in 1941, when the Red Army almost collapsed. Until September 1941, the supply of accruing prisoners of war seems to have worked reasonably well, but in the fall of 1941 a collapse occurred.

    The Soviets had used a scorched earth strategy (Stalin Order Nr. 428) in their retreat, destroying, as far as they could, the railroad system, industrial plants, agricultural equipment, and food supplies, and moving everything transportable to the east. The Wehrmacht advanced into an economically devastated area. With the onset of the mud period, the completely overstretched and overburdened German transportation system collapsed, and the Wehrmacht ran into severe supply difficulties.

    The collapse of the transport system had a devastating effect on the Soviet prisoners of war, who were particularly numerous at this time. The Red Army prisoners often fell into German hands in a state of malnutrition and fatal exhaustion. Nutrition in the prison camps was inadequate, and this favored the outbreak of epidemics, especially typhus and dysentery.
    In spring 1942 the supplies could be improved…
    In early January 1943, the Army General Staff had prepared a memorandum which presented in keyword summary the problems of German occupation policy in the East, described the measures already taken to remedy them, and suggested further improvements:

    “Will of resistance of the Red Army unbroken. Increased show of force by the Soviets under the slogan of ‘national war’. The mood of the hitherto pro-German population is visibly deteriorating. […] Increased gang activity and serious mistakes in the treatment of the population noticeably affect the German reputation. Only the Führer enjoys boundless confidence. The population is often treated as ‘Bolsheviks’ and ‘inferior’. Cultural neglect (closing of schools and institutes, consequently also to our disadvantage lack of doctors, technical specialists, etc.). Disregard of the strong educational instinct, pride in technical and ‘cultural’ achievements, sense of shame and honor, especially pronounced in Russian women. […] Corporal punishment, hanging, addressing with ‘Du’. Ruthless manhunt for labor in Germany, undignified treatment of voluntary workers in the Reich. […] Insufficient implementation of the agrarian order, no restitution of private property.
    Previous countermeasures – release of Ukrainians, Estonians, Latvians, etc., prisoners of war, better treatment of prisoners, preferential treatment of defectors, sparing of commissars, prohibition of senseless collective punishments, propagation and start-up of agrarian reform, generous deployment of national units and aid workers, rewarding of proven fighters and national workers, prevention of rape, arbitrariness, brutality, especially by the allies – remained as individual measures without decisive success, since they were not supported by a unified basic thesis. Where this was applied – Caucasus, Crimea – the population stood united and ready to die for the German cause. […]
    Measures to be proposed: Declaration by the Fuehrer assuring equal rights under the merit principle as European people to all Russians who have served in the struggle against Bolshevism. Declaration of political intentions for rest of Russia.
    It depends on the Great Russians! […] Proclamation of a new political doctrine, ideally overcoming Bolshevism, on the basis of self-government under German leadership. Treatment of the people in the occupied territories according to these principles to be proclaimed. Prohibition of manhunts. Fundamental improvement in the treatment of Russian workers in the Reich. […] Sufficient supplies for the cities; support, at least toleration of self-help by the population. Restitution of private property in the Baltic countries.”

    Regarding Finland
    Thierry Meyssan of VoltaireNet.Org has just now mentioned an interesting aspect of the Russian Winter-War against Finland:
    “This is an old story in Western-Russian relations that goes back to Moscow’s exclusion from the League of Nations in 1939. At that time, the Soviets, concerned about a possible Nazi attack on Leningrad (St. Petersburg), asked Finland to lease the port of Hanko, but negotiations dragged on and they invaded Finland, not to annex it, but to place their navy in Hanko. This precedent is taught today as an example of Russian imperialism, although Finnish President Urho Kekkonen himself acknowledged that the Soviet attitude was “understandable.”

    Re. statistics and/or common sense:
    Putin says there is not one Russian family that has not lost someone in the war. To me that is believable, because I have not come across one German family that has not lost members in the war. How many housholds/families did the USSR have then? Germany had about 20 million…

    (My family lost all fightable men in the Eastern Front)

    • Thanks: Petermx, Ace
    • Replies: @Brosi
    , @Petermx
  135. anonymous[132] • Disclaimer says:

    (((Azov))), (((ISIS))), (((Antifa))), (((BLM))), etc.

    That applies to your average (((chrizzie albinonigger))) too.

    Just look inside your pagan houses of deceit. You will find all of them there. You are even named after this abominable deceit.

    Those who enable the (((noses))) are of them too. No greater enabler of the soulless (((usurers))) than the (((albinonigger))).

  136. Zbigniew says:

    The western Ukrainians cannot blame anyone. During Holodomor they were part of Poland and that saved them from starvation. What a pity!
    It was just one of many times. As an act of gratitude they slaughtered 100000 Poles during 2 WW. Firstly they allied themselves with Germans and when those were retreating Ukrainians went to Soviets.
    Apart from most radical faction they were the most ardent communists of CCCP.
    As an acknowledgement they were given Russian Donbas in 1920.

  137. JM says:


    This most important article is available at a price from the website of The Nation titled The Menace of Jewish Fascism by William Zukerman (1934).

    Some of the substance of the full article is as follows:

    1) In the 1920’s and thirties a Jewish Fascist Party in Poland, then the main centre of Zionism, had a membership of 50,000 with a large press

    2) This party with its own Fuhrer had great influence on Zionist policy and it was the dominant ideological force on Jews in Poland and of importance to determining the ideology of world Jewry.

    3) Its ideology, symbolism and organisational structure, including stormtroopers, resembled the Nazis much more than the more benign Italian fascists.

    4) Its target was Marxists (JM: a MINORITY influence amongst the Jews of Poland – most Jews were of the right, only the leadership of the Polish Communist Party being Jews) and all forces, including governments, that were a barrier to its aims.

    Zukerman goes on to present a materialist analysis of the basis of this social phenomenon, amongst a predominantly petty bourgeois Jewry whose decay was accentuated by the destruction of the empires from which they gained succour, as a result of the Treaty of Versailles.
    (JM: Of course this decay is relative, Jews still having disproportionate influence in many key areas, as in Germany.)

    It is almost universally the case that from the “far left”, far right, fascist, Jewish thought and action is presented as a minority phenomenon. This is totally false.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  138. @IronForge

    Indeed. In my latest blog post I marvel at how Ukrainians can be manipulated by Jews into a war that will generate devastating financial and material losses despite their prior experience of Jews, usury, tax-harvesting, the Holodomor and the oligarchs’ looting (sigh)…..

  139. @JoaoAlfaiate

    The Ordained Narrative of events at Oradour show all the signs of a typical WW 2 propaganda exercise. The Narrative contains numerous inconsistencies with the likeliest explanation for the huge death toll being the premature detonation of a maquis explosives cache in the local church prior to the outbreak of shooting.

  140. @JM

    Its target was Marxists (JM: a MINORITY influence amongst the Jews of Poland – most Jews were of the right, only the leadership of the Polish Communist Party being Jews) and all forces, including governments, that were a barrier to its aims.

    The right-wing Jews in Europe made the mistake of trying to downplay the Jewish leadership of Communist parties and especially in Poland.

    It allowed Hitler types to point at left-wing Jewish leaders but of course not mention that Jews had died fighting Communists in the Polish-Soviet war.

    Hitler also didn’t talk about how there were states like France with very few Jews but still had plenty of Communists.

    The right-wing Jews should have gone after the left-wing Jews. Interestingly Lenin was almost killed by a left-wing Ukrainian Jewess for banning competing political parties. She had more balls than any Russian man at the time. Amazingly one bullet went through his neck and he still survived.

  141. Wokechoke says:

    This High Octane was a domestic British product of course.

  142. Wokechoke says:

    Would you risk returning? A mug’s game.

  143. Wokechoke says:

    I’d like to think that the British tanks that were sent in December and November of 1941 were important. And I think they were. However, The strategic decision by Japan not to attack Vladivostok did release Far Eastern Soviet garrisons to counter attack around Moscow.

    “Stalin transferred over 18 divisions, 1,700 tanks, and over 1,500 aircraft from Siberia and the Far East.The Red Army had accumulated a 58-division reserve by early December”

    That’s a lot.

    “When the offensive proposed by Zhukov and Vasilevsky was finally approved by Stalin. Even with these new reserves, Soviet forces committed to the operation numbered only 1,100,000 men, only slightly outnumbering the Wehrmacht. Nevertheless, with careful troop deployment, a ratio of two-to-one was reached at some critical points.”

    The Japs fucked up on a strategic level. Any pressure on Vladivostok would have made the decisive Siberian redeployment impossible.

    • Agree: Brosi
  144. Corvinus says:

    Azov is not backed by Jews, you asshat.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @QCIC
  145. Brosi says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    At the start of the invasion, the manpower of the Soviet military force that had been mobilized was 5.3–5.5 million,[2][151] and it was still increasing as the Soviet reserve force of 14 million, with at least basic military training

    Stalin was mobilizing for his invasion of Germany, this was one reason he had signed a non-aggression pact with Japan.

    German forces had just intervened in Yugoslavia, after Stalin and Churchill pulled off their coup, and in Greece. German forces would have been depleted, and much of their equipment not in complete working order and in need of maintenance. The British tanks were as good as the PZIII and PZiV and served as reserves, freeing up their other tanks for the Moscow counter offensive. Stalin also already had T34’s and KVI’s.

    It is interesting that the Hebrews claim 500000 Jews fought in the Red Army and that 200000 were killed in 1941. Almost 5% of the Soviet forces. Since Stalin had planned to invade Germany with this army, victorious and vengeful Jews would have been exacting revenge all across Germany in 1941.

  146. @Curmudgeon

    Serbia was independent when Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina. Serbs were no longer ruled by Ottomans and instead of replacing one overlord by another, they preferred self-rule. Serbia does owe its independence to Russia but at the difference of Western powers, Russians have never occupied Serbia, have never claimed to occupy Serbia and have never even tried to invade Serbia. All the actions of Russians pertaining to Serbia have always been brotherly and if Serbs sided with the West against Russia, they would display preposterous, disgusting ingratitude. The only problems from Russia that Serbia has ever had were all caused by Russian Jews.
    Now if you ask me, I think than Slovenia and Croatia should have been left to Austrians and Hungarians instead of creating Yugoslavia after WWI. As for WWI, Serbs definitely didn’t cause it. All Serbs wanted was self-determination.

    • Agree: Whew
  147. Ace says:
    @Commentator Mike

    US domestic and foreign policies are distilled stupidity, recklessness, viciousness, and arrogance. The interests of all Western people are irrelevant and their racial and cultural replacement now underway is well advanced.

    Just as the US and European stocks of weaponry and ammunition are being seriously depleted so are their economic and industrial vitality and resilience. Yet all actions proceed heedless of such realities. Utterly heedless. Steven King couldn’t write a more gruesome story.

  148. Ace says:

    The collapse of the Soviet Union and the end to our Afghan misadventure both offered splendid opportunities to reorient “our” thinking but what followed, respectively, was a full-court press to assert strip Russian resources and bleed Russia dry with sanctions, sabotage, and grievous military provocations.
    However, it is the US and its vassals who are being bled dry and whose supply lines are long and vulnerable.

    Fortunately, the Russians saw the handwriting on the wall with the attack on their Serb brothers and revived their military industries in a serious way.

    It’s beyond sad to contemplate a revived and optimistic Russia and a fully-exploted BRI and what that would have meant for the world. Instead, on top of the above vicious initiatives we see the mad drive to islamicize the West, pursue mad “climate change” [expletive], and upend civil society. Cue video of Frans Timmermans proclaiming that the future of mankind is diversity and “transgendered,” lipstick-wearing, high Energy Department official freak haunting airline baggage carousels.

    I think Zelensky did indeed want to negotiate after his election but it’s reported that he was threatened. Be that as it may, he’s certainly done a volte face with a vengeance and done everything but a Jerry Lewis Telethon to keep the show on the road. It was win win for him. He had his villas in Florida and Israel and no one seriously believed the fable of any Russian interest in anything more than securing the Donbas. Crimea took them by surprise big time and taking over the coast all the way to Odesa will cause lots of heartburn but a Ukraine Manqué there will be.

  149. Petermx says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    ‘At that time, the Soviets, concerned about a possible Nazi attack on Leningrad (St. Petersburg), asked Finland to lease the port of Hanko, but negotiations dragged on and they invaded Finland, not to annex it, but to place their navy in Hanko. This precedent is taught today as an example of Russian imperialism, although Finnish President Urho Kekkonen himself acknowledged that the Soviet attitude was “understandable.”’

    The fact that a country has a good reason for stealing land from another country does not give it a right to steal it, or even use it. President Urho Kekkonen was a postwar president of Finland. I could speculate on various reasons why he might express sympathy with the Soviets after the war, one being intimidated by their immense military presence. I don’t think the wartime Finnish leader thought that way and might have been more sympathetic to German concerns about a Soviet attack on Germany.

    I would like to see some of that attitude of showing understanding for a country’s policies in regard to Germany but I have never heard the French or British leaders saying it was understandable Germany wanted the German land stolen from it returned and the abused Germans living there freed. Instead, they attacked Germany.

  150. @Telimektar

    Definitely not all generals.
    The Nürnberg race-laws did not establish a ‘one-drop rule’ for Jewish ancestry but followed a ‘blood-quota’-approach. The law was complicated and contradictory as it purported to establish racial categories based on religious affiliation, ironically increasing the numbers of Germans to be considered as Jews. There were exceptions when required, i.e., ‘honorary aryans’ and the rules changed over time. In general, most Jewish soldiers were quarter or half Jewish as legally defined, not people who would at the time have considered themselves as Jewish.

    A good overview by B.M. Rigg:

  151. Anon[266] • Disclaimer says:

    Than who in the hell have I been fighting for?

  152. @mulga mumblebrain

    Always been my big problem with the Bible people as well. And I’ve never received a convincing explanation.

  153. @Petermx

    This isn’t a facetious question, but what would they have seen from the window of the train?

  154. @Whew

    Actually, you are making my point. Borders have changed constantly in Europe for thousands of years depending on the conqueror. Belgium and England were Roman. Scotland only became Scotland after they invaded from Ireland (after leaving the Levant and traveling to Scythia before that) and displaced the Picts who were the ones battling the Romans. The Huns are not originally from Hungary. The Spanish in Andalusia are Goths. The Moaris are recognized as the indigenous population of New Zealand even though there is abundant proof they are not. The Han took over a large part of China and claim all of it as theirs. The Dravidians were conquered by the lighter skinned tribes from the North. The land claims are always based on who or what was the last ruler or victor. I am not saying it always makes sense, only what reality is. After all, if we believe the out of Africa narrative, the entire planet is really African.
    The Germans allowed passage for Lenin to speed up the already collapsing Tsarist Military. It understood that Cousins Willi and Nikky were being stabbed in the back by others behind the scene. The references to artificial state included Yugoslavia. By that, they meant that the countries were created by the bankers running the show at Versailles, not conquest. There was no conquest of Germany, an Armistice was signed based on Wilson s 14 Points, one of which was no territorial losses. The partitioning of the German and Austrian Empires was illegal under International Law, just as Syria, over 70 years ago pointed out the UN partitioning of Palestine was illegal under international law. Again not saying it always makes sense, only what reality is.

    • Replies: @Whew
  155. @John Johnson

    Benes was in Stalin s pocket. Hitler a liar? To the extent that all politicians lie, yes, he was a liar, but comparatively speaking, he was a choirboy. There was going to be a war whether Germany wanted one or not. It would seem obvious that the entire WWII narrative is bullshit, when Hitler hating AJP Taylor lost his position at Oxford for publishing The Origins of the Second World War.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Whew
  156. @brostoevsky

    I in no way intended to imply that Russia is on the wrong side of history this time. From the failed 2008 CIA Orange Revolution coup attempt, I have suspected that there was going to be a war involving Russia. The 2014 coup upped my suspicion to a certainty, and the inaction on Minsk made a war inevitable.
    Truth is the first casualty of war. Lies are going to come from both sides trying to shape the narrative. Unfortunately, Russia has nothing to compete with the Mighty Wurlitzer in DC.
    As for the Jews, in the 70s I worked with a Jew who was allowed to emigrate in one of the first groups. He was a Russian Jew from Mariupol. While he complained a little about Russian Auntie Shem-itism, he detested Ukrainians. I am acquinted with several Jews whose grandparents were from the Donbas, some coming around the turn of the last century. All have mixed reviews about Russians and Ukrainians, but say their grandmothers referred to Ukrainians as gonif.

  157. @Curmudgeon

    Benes was in Stalin s pocket. Hitler a liar? To the extent that all politicians lie, yes, he was a liar, but comparatively speaking, he was a choirboy. There was going to be a war whether Germany wanted one or not.

    The British didn’t want war as seen by the fact that they let him break the Munich agreement. The French certainly weren’t in the mood for war either.

    Would Germany eventually fight the USSR in any scenario? Probably but it would have been better if they did it without a zany trench running corporal in charge.

    Hitler gambled that the British and French wouldn’t defend Poland. But he also told Ribbentrop that he was fine with war if it was required to settle Poland.

    That is extremely reckless.

    His generals in 1939 did not want war with France and Germany but Hitler was willing to gamble it just to get revenge over Poland.

    Then he later opens a two front war after writing in his book that he wouldn’t make the same mistake of WW1.

    Hitler botched his war a dozen ways and constantly lied to the German people. He made a lot of economic progress for Germany in the 1930s but went nuts in 1939 and then really lost it in 1941. The theory that he had Parkinson’s induced megalomania makes a lot of sense. Or maybe it was just meth.

    All Hitler had to do was take a few third world countries and fill them with Germans. That’s it. They would be the leading world power today. But he wanted revenge over WW1 and couldn’t stand the existence of Poland.

    Now we have to deal with his mess which includes a return of the Tsar and the same old problem of Russian resentment against Western success.

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @Petermx
    , @Petermx
  158. Ace says:
    @John Johnson

    I thought Hitler made a reasonable request of, proposal to, or demand of Poland for Danzig or access thereto. The Poles blew him off because of British assurances. It didn’t have anything to do with his not being able to stand Poland. Well, Polish murder of Germans might have fueled German hatred of the Poles. They seem barely less obtuse and bloodyminded than the nutcase Ukrainians.

    Your czar and resentment ideas are baseless. If I were Russian now I’d be seething with resentment of the West for sure, but not because of its success. In point of fact, the West is utterly contemptible just now. It’s awash in morons, grifters, soy boys, hideous feminists, traitors, parasites, and liars. Not that we’re not a light unto the world, of course.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  159. Petermx says:
    @John Johnson

    “The British didn’t want war as seen by the fact that they let him break the Munich agreement.” You are a typical “know nothing” with a big mouth. Let’s ignore the fact that the newly created state of Czechoslovakia, created from stolen land taken from Austria, was none of Britain’s business, especially when you acknowledge the fact that millions of so-called “Czechoslovakians” wanted to remain part of Austria and they were never asked if they wanted to be part of a new state.

    In this lecture by one of the most important historians of the 20th century, David Irving explains how a group of powerful Jews convinced Winston Churchill to propagandize for a war against Germany starting in 1936 until they levered him into office in 1940. He worked to undermine Chamberlain’s efforts for peace until he was in power.

    David Irving speaks about his book, Churchill’s War. Watch from minutes 29 through 44 for the discussion of the huge financial payoffs a major Jewish organization and Jewish individuals, including the “Austrian” mentioned, made to Winston Churchill to begin attacking Germany in the media and advocate for war and then accelerate the war once he took office. The Board of Deputies of British Jews made a huge payoff to Winston Churchill to bail him out of impending bankruptcy, and wealthy individual Jews mentioned also made large payoffs to Churchill. For those payoffs, Churchill worked to start World War II and turn down Germany’s numerous peace offers after the British army was thrown into the sea. In the meantime, Jews in the US were working to get the US into the war as the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki describes so well.

    In another speech, which I can’t find anymore, Irving discusses a scene Charles de Gaulle describes in his book written about the war. De Gaulle and Churchill are standing on a field in England, and at one point Churchill raises his little fat fist in the air and says, “Why won’t you come?” De Gaulle didn’t know what Churchill meant by this. Irving describes how Churchill repeatedly sent British bombers into Germany in 1940 to drop bombs on German civilians, but Hitler did not retaliate. Germany only dropped bombs on military targets. Churchill wanted to be able to point at a bomber attack and say, “See what Hitler did,” but Hitler didn’t oblige the liar Churchill. Finally, when the British continued their attacks on German civilians, Germany retaliated, and Irving says Hitler finally gave Churchill what he wanted. Many British didn’t want the war that Churchill was pushing for, but once Germany retaliated, the war mongers in Britain had what they needed to justify their war.

    As I said, You know nothing.   

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @Curmudgeon
  160. @Ace

    I thought Hitler made a reasonable request of, proposal to, or demand of Poland for Danzig or access thereto.

    That isn’t true. No such proposal exists. The British talked about getting one for him. Hitler made the decision to invade and it had nothing to do with Danzig. He setup the world’s laziest false flag attack and took over the country.

    It didn’t have anything to do with his not being able to stand Poland.

    He planned on erasing Poland. They had a list of intellectuals they planned on killing well before 1939.

    At the start of the war he dropped 560 tons of bombs on Warsaw. Then he had SS steal Polish children that were Aryan looking and sent their parents to camps. Does that sound like someone that merely wants a corridor?

    Well, Polish murder of Germans might have fueled German hatred of the Poles. They seem barely less obtuse and bloodyminded than the nutcase Ukrainians.

    There were skirmishes by both sides. Hitler wasn’t trying to end German/Polish violence which was minor. He had no intention of merely taking the German parts of Poland. He wanted to erase Poland entirely and turn it into farmland. That was all part of Generalplan Ost.

    Your czar and resentment ideas are baseless.

    The Communists openly talked about how they planned on exploiting Russian resentment of the West.

    The British talked about the problem Russian resentment and how it caused greed in the Tsars.

    This isn’t a new criticism. They were called the sick man of Europe for a reason.

    Russia still hasn’t passed the GDP of Canada and their economy has been stagnate the last 10 years. Putin is trying to pull age old imperialism and resentment is a factor. The bitterness of his face breaks my computer screen.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  161. Petermx says:
    @John Johnson

    Why do you claim the British didn’t want war when they got involved in a dispute between the newly formed Czechoslovakia and neighboring Germany, which they had nothing to do with except create the new state against the wishes of millions of people who were forced to live under it? 

    You have digested the lies you have been told for over 80 years that Czechoslovakia was this innocent country of patriots that wanted to remain free and independent when the truth is millions of its citizens, perhaps 50% or more of the country were German friendly and never wanted to be torn away from Austria. 3.5 million of those people were Austrians themselves.

    “At a mass meeting in Prague, 200,000 Czechs pledge loyalty to their homeland and to the German Reich. This rally in Wenceslas Square, near the historic statute of St. Wenceslas, is on July 3, 1942 — four weeks after the murder of Reinhard Heydrich, SS General and Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia-Moravia.

    Emanuel Moravec, Czech Minister of Education and National Enlightenment, addresses the crowd. He concludes with an expression of confidence in a better future for the Czech people, and of appreciation for the “new Europe,” the “National Socialist revolution,” “our leader, Adolf Hitler,” and “our state president, Dr. Hacha.”

    Emil Hacha, Czech State President, is present, along with the Mayor of Prague and the mayors of many other cities and towns of the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia. The meeting concludes with the vast crowd singing the Czech national hymn. From a Czech newsreel report, July 1942. In Czech. No subtitles.”

  162. Petermx says:
    @John Johnson

    You are either lying or showing your ignorance again. I commented on this on another article and I will re-post the comment for you here.

    Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof uses primary sources to correct Germany’s own history books (written by Germany’s enemies) and the false narrative of the “pure as driven snow innocent” Poles who proposed to France three times a joint invasion of Germany in the 1930s. Somehow, they were convinced they were a world power. Hitler did everything humanly possible to appease the Poles, working strenuously right up to the moment he finally gave up on peace and ordered the attack on Poland. The Poles refused to even receive Hitler’s offer for peace, so Germany had to give the proposal to England so they could give it to the Poles. The Poles’ responses are laid out in the General’s book. Poland’s responses to Hitler were extremely rude, as if they were spitting in his face.

    When one of Churchill’s lackeys brought home Hitler’s offer for peace with Poland, his wife started reading it, and she said to her husband, “I don’t know what more you want. The German proposal is so reasonable.” Her husband immediately called the big newspapers in England and demanded from the editors that Hitler’s proposal be placed in as unfavorable a light as possible. England’s ambassador to Germany, Henderson, appealed to the foreign office not to announce the offer over the radio.

    The current Russian-Ukraine war and the start of World War II began because the western backers of Ukraine today and Poland 83 years ago had very similar motives in both cases. Jews in England wanted a war with Germany and began giving huge sums of money to Churchill, the anti-German who had not yet called for war, on the condition that he work to start a world war with Germany. To answer Fufu’s question, “Why is England a nothing country today?” the answer is that a corrupt Churchill did that when he bankrupted England to destroy Germany (and the rest of Europe). That is the same reason Germany is a nothing country today; it led the world in all fields of science and engineering until its destruction in World War II. And that is the same reason Europe is a nothing continent today after leading the world in the sciences and math for two thousand years. Similarly, the Americans (with Jews being a huge factor there too) feel they have the backing of all of Europe, and they can bully Russia left and right, except that the west is now a Jewish haven of sexual perversion and weaklings, as if out of a sci-fi comedy with men dressing up and claiming to be women put in positions of authority. Russia, on the other hand, has made an amazing comeback, having probably the strongest military in the world and greatly beautifying and improving their own country. They refuse to be bullied by the Anglo-Americans and their Jews, and that is how the current war began. The US has surrounded Russia with enemies after lying to Gorbachev and saying they would not expand NATO by adding former Warsaw Pact countries to the alliance, by overthrowing a Russian-friendly Ukrainian president in 2014, and by encouraging Ukraine not to negotiate, telling them (just as they did with the Poles in the 1930s) that they are a powerful country and with western backing Russia will be defeated. Like the Poles, the Ukrainians have fallen for it, but their suffering has only just begun. Anyone with an IQ above 87 could see that, considering England’s geographical location, they would be of little help to Poland when they told the Germans, who wanted their stolen land back, to drop dead. But the Polish leadership was full of itself, filled with envy, and wanted to keep everything and more. At the end of General Schultze-Rhonhof’s lecture, he reveals that within hours of the Ribbentrop-Molotov nonaggression pact being signed, including putting eastern Poland under the Soviet sphere of influence, US President Roosevelt was informed of the pact. Knowing full well that if war broke out, Poland would face war with Germany and the USSR, he continued to encourage the Poles not to negotiate with Germany. Had the Poles known about the contents of the pact, they would have surely sat down to discuss Danzig and how to come to a fair solution. If Ukrainians today knew how the British and Americans betrayed their ally Poland 83 years ago, they might not allow the Anglo-Americans to do the same thing to them today.

    General Schultze-Rhonhof then discusses the Poles’ barbarous treatment of their minorities. At least one million ethnic Germans fled Poland in the 1920s. With negotiations, sometimes things improved, but before long, Poland attacked its minorities again. Prior to the war, Germans fleeing Poland and reaching the German border were shot dead by the Poles. The Ukrainians had it just as bad. British newspapers covered it because Ukrainians were fleeing Poland to British Canada and the Poles were murdering Ukrainian priests and using medieval torture techniques on other Ukrainians. Galicia, Lemberg, and White Russia (Belarus) were hellholes. Under Austrian rule, Ukrainians had a much fairer deal, and thus, Galicians welcomed the German army with open arms in 1941. The narrative of German brutality against Jews before the war is a Jewish lie. Germany wanted most of the half million or so Jews out of Germany, and violence was rare (yes, rare), but Jews were so outraged that they were being discriminated against in other ways that they did things like murder a German diplomat in France, which provoked Kristallnacht in 1938, which caused the deaths of 87 Jews, not 5 million as you might think from Jewish propaganda.

    People are reminded again of the similarities today. The General then discusses the Polish threat to cut off the last rail link between Germany and East Prussia, which would have cut off Germany’s energy transports to the region and left the population to freeze to death. Germany’s current leadership of perverts and retards would learn a lot by reading this book. Hitler’s last proposal for peace was for a plebiscite to be held on the Polish Corridor and have the population decide whether they wanted to rejoin Germany or remain under Polish rule. The losing side would get a rail link. If Germany lost, they would get a rail link to East Prussia, and if Poland lost, they would get a rail link to the Baltic Sea. Poland again rejected the offer, probably knowing the population would opt to return to Germany. With the return of the stolen Saarland to Germany in 1935, when over 90% of the population voted for its return to Germany and less than 1% voted to join France, Poland’s chances weren’t good. Even after driving out over one million Germans, the majority of people in the Polish Corridor were German, just as they were in the Saarland. Germany was not a country with a large minority population, and I would not doubt that of the ethnic Poles there, a significant percentage liked being Germans. Germany’s hero Skorzeny’s distant ancestors were Polish.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  163. Petermx says:

    Actually, the scene I described above from de Gaulle’s memoirs is on this video at the 1 hour 8 minute point in the speech, but you should listen to the entire speech.

  164. Whew says:

    no, it wasn’t your point at all, nor are you now responding to mine. you’re simply not honorable enough to admit it. you tactically avoid certain points being made, trying to answer something else, avoid it entirely, or pretend you meant something different.

    if the Germans were mad about Yugoslavia, considering International Law, what business did they have bothering Serbia? wouldn’t that go against International Law. and, how convenient, that International Law would favor those who created it, almost like those creators had absolutely no honor whatsoever and so shouldn’t be surprised when their dishonorable laws are dishonored. with such laws, the Ottoman Empire would still exist because it would’ve been illegal to partition it. any debate from this point is dishonest from the get-go. and, further, how convenient that they who would ignore International Law would later be upset at others doing the same. hypocrisy.

    the bankers at Versailles were taking advantage of certain situations, there is no doubt, but that doesn’t mean that those situations didn’t exist without the bankers in the first place. the idea that the bankers created these situations is delusional, but a very often promoted bit of propaganda.

    the Czechs were already trying to form their own state in the mid-19th century, and offered the Austrians to leave with only majority-Czech lands (that means, excluding so-called Sudetenland). in so-called Sudetenland were historically Czech regions, with large Czech populations, and even the location of our founding-myth (Hora Říp). the Czechs were willing to compromise, but were rebutted. after WWI, we formed a state comprised of the same land the Czechs owned under the Crown of Bohemia (as it was known in English). sure, there was a German minority in the country, in the West, but they didn’t mind controlling minorities so why the hypocrisy? they were trying to Germanize their minorities, we didn’t return the favor (but projection is strong, and the Germans probably thought we’d return the favor). they still had minority-majorities in Silesia, so why the hypocrisy?

    i’m sure you will ignore most of these points, to make a different point. you won’t even acknowledge what i said, since you lack the honor. like you ignored the point about how propagandist your articles were, and pretended you were making a different point than what i had replied to. truly a pathetic thing.

  165. Whew says:

    the Czechs were more anti-Bolshevik than the Germans, having fought Bolshevism already during WWI while the Germans were busy expanding empire and escorting Lenin to Russia to help his revolution.

    the Germans finally became anti-Bolshevik and suddenly everyone else was pro, how convenient. Benes had an offer from Stalin for Soviet troops to be put in Czechoslovakia, but he refused, since he wanted an independent state. to say he was Stalin’s puppet is ironic, and ignorant. goes to show you have a one-sided, and biased, understanding of the situation.

  166. Truthor says:

    “Germany’s hero Skorzeny’s distant ancestors were Polish.” And Jozef Beck’s ancestors were German.

    • Agree: Petermx
  167. @IronForge

    Very good comment. In support I add the following:

    The 1937 film titled ‘The Man Who Could Work Miracles’ is a propaganda film designed to equate the German economic miracle to the efficient and effective power of Hitler in transforming a failed state into a world power in seven years. The propaganda message is that absolute power corrupts and must be stopped at all cost.

    Hitler, who loved his people and his country, created an unprecedented economic miracle. Since actions speak louder than name calling, I recommend, to all who are interested in removing the many layers of war propaganda, to read the book ‘This Is Germany’ by Charles W Domville-Fife, 1939. Mr. Domville-Fife, a British writer, visited Germany in 1939 just before the war in-order to document Hitler’s economic miracle and set the record straight. His account of what he saw and heard from the people of all walks of life is an eye opener.

    This book is highly recommended for those who are afflicted with Parrot Syndrome.

  168. QCIC says:

    Azov and similar groups are funded by Kolomoisky and others who are Jewish. This is one of the main points which I’m sure you know.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  169. @Notsofast

    Yeah secret nazis secretly control everything and put jews in control of the mainstream media, Hollywood, DNC, GOP, and Wall Street in order to trick us all.

    You’re delusional. 🤡

  170. 777 says:

    He’ll die for less than nothing, an enslaved Jew.

  171. Flo says:

    RPaF — It should be in Irving’s “The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe,” probably in the intro or foreword. I’d give you a quote or exact citation, but I’ve been thinning my library lately and that’s one of the Irving books I’ve donated to our local resale shop. You can buy a copy on Irving’s website ( for $65 or maybe find one used on . . . Wait, here’s a paragraph from the intro to Irving’s book:

    “Under the agreement whereby the field marshal surrendered his diaries, notebooks and papers for my use, he retained a right to veto one passage. It is proper that I should state that he insisted on only one occasion, when I was unable to convince him to allow me to publish the whole truth about his real father (and in particular his identity), which I had meanwhile worked out for myself despite his wholly honourable effort to obscure it; he asked me not to disclose more than I have written in the narrative that follows, and although he has since died I am still bound by the undertaking I gave him in his lifetime.”

    But in the epilogue, appended after Milch’s death, he lays out the entire story. The PDF is at

    • Thanks: RedpilledAF
  172. Corvinus says:

    No. Azov is getting backing by its own members.

    They hate Jews but love their country.

    Just like you.

    • Replies: @QCIC
  173. QCIC says:

    Here is the acceptable narrative from some years ago, probably somewhat true if only because powerful people don’t like to hide if they don’t have to:

    I think the NeoNazis Jewish backers dialectic has been polished up in the past couple of years to make everything more presentable.

  174. annamaria says:

    “The Jewish and Zionist basis of the present Ukraine Project is obvious.”
    — Agree.
    The Nazification of Ukraine was arranged by the American Zi0nists

  175. annamaria says:

    Thank you for the great overview.
    As for “@John Johnson” (aka Shaya Katz?) “it” is known on this forum as a very active Jewish troll.

    • Thanks: Petermx
  176. @Petermx

    I have given up on JJ. Regarding Poland, Ultra-nationalist Pilsudski was smart enough to understand the messing with Germany was a bad idea, thus, he signed on to a non-aggression pact with Hitler, which substantially reduced the ethnic cleansing. While not entirely trusting Hitler, but still being on good terms with him, he advised Rydz-Śmigły to make peace with Germany and settle the land claims. Once Pilsudski died in 1935, Rydz-Śmigły became the tribe’s puppet.
    One tidbit that I came across some years ago, but have been unable to find again, was a Chamberlain letter, written in 1937, green-lighting the development of the long range Lancaster bomber. This was, of course, after several arms reduction proposals by Germany had been rejected by France and Britain. My rhetorical question has been: Who were they going to bomb? Iceland? Portugal? Sweden? As I have posted previously, there was going to be a war whether Germany wanted one or not.

    • Thanks: Petermx
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