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How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet
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Recently, YouTube suddenly shut down the If Americans Knew YouTube channel. This contained 70 videos providing facts-based information about Israel-Palestine.

People going to the channel saw a message telling them that the site had been terminated for “violating YouTube guidelines”—implying to the public that we were guilty of wrongdoing. And ensuring they didn’t learn about the information we were trying to disseminate.

When we tried to access our channel, we found a message saying our account had been “permanently disabled.” We had received no warning and got no explanation.

After five days, we received a generic message saying YouTube had reviewed our content and determined it didn’t violate any guidelines. Our channel became live once more.

So why was it shut down in the first place? What happened and why?

As it turns out, Israel and Israeli institutions employ armies of Internet warriors—from Israeli soldiers to students—to spread propaganda online and try to get content banned that Israel doesn’t want seen.

Perhaps like our videos of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.

What happened

A few days before the termination of our channel, we received a form email from YouTube, telling us we had gotten “one strike” for a short video about a Palestinian man killed by Israeli soldiers. The video was part of our series of videos to make Palestinian victims, usually ignored by US media, visible to Americans.

It takes three minutes to view the video and see that it contains nothing objectionable, unless revealing cruelty and oppression is objectionable:

YouTube’s email claimed we had somehow violated their long list of guidelines but did not tell us which one, or how. It simply stated:

“Your video ‘Ahmad Nasser Jarrar’ was flagged for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines. We’ve removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike, or temporary penalty, to your account.”

Such a penalty is not public and does not terminate the channel.

Three days later, before we’d even had a chance to appeal this strike, YouTube suddenly took down our entire channel. This was done with no additional warnings or explanation.

This violated YouTube’s published policies.

YouTube policies say there is a “three-strike” system by which it warns people of alleged violations three times before terminating a channel. If a channel is eventually terminated, the policies state that YouTube will send an email “detailing the reason for the suspension.”

None of this happened in our case.

We submitted appeals on YouTube’s online form, but received no response. Attempts to find a phone number for YouTube and/or email addresses by which we could communicate with a human being were futile.

YouTube’s power to shut down content without explanation whenever it chooses was acutely apparent. While there are other excellent video hosting sites, YouTube is the largest one, with nearly ten times more views than its closest competitors. It is therefore enormously powerful in shaping which information is available to the public–and which is not.

We spent days working to upload our videos elsewhere, update links to the videos, etc. Finally, having received no response or even acknowledgment of our appeal from YouTube, we decided to write an article about the situation. We emailed YouTube’s press department a list of questions about its process. We have yet to receive any answers.

Finally that evening we received an email with good news:

“After a review of your account, we have confirmed that your YouTube account is not in violation of our Terms of Service. As such, we have unsuspended your account. This means your account is once again active and operational.”

Our channel was visible once more. And YouTube had now officially confirmed that our content doesn’t violate its guidelines.

Ultimately, the YouTube system seems to have worked, in our case. Inappropriate censorship was overruled, perhaps by saner or less biased heads. In fact, we felt that there might at least be one positive result of the situation—additional YouTube employees had viewed our videos and perhaps learned much about Israel-Palestine they had not previously known.

But the whole experience was a wakeup call that YouTube can censor information critical of powerful parties at any time, with no explanation or accountability.

Israeli soldiers paid to “Tweet, Share, Like and more”

Israel and partisans of Israel have long had a significant presence on the Internet, working to promote the Israel narrative and block facts about Palestine, the Israel lobby, and other subject matter they wish covered up.

Opinionated proponents of Israel post comments, flag content, accuse critics of “antisemitism,” and disseminate misinformation about Palestine and Palestine solidarity activists. Many of these actions are by individuals acting alone who work independently, voluntarily, and relentlessly.

In addition to these, however, a number of orchestrated, often well-funded projects sponsored by the Israeli government and others have come to light. These projects work to place pro-Israel content throughout the Internet, and to remove information Israel doesn’t wish people to know.

One such Israeli project targeting the Internet came to light when it was lauded in an article by Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news organization headquartered in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

The report described a new project by Israel’s “New Media desk” that focused on YouTube and other social media sites. The article reported that Israeli soldiers were being employed to “Tweet, Share, Like and more.”

The article noted, “It is well known nowadays that what happens on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has great influence on events as they occur on the ground. The Internet, too, is a battleground.” It was “comforting,” the article stated, to learn that the IDF was employing soldiers whose job was specifically to do battle on it.

Israeli students paid to promote Israel on social media
Screen shot from a video about student program to spread pro-Israel content on the Internet and social media.

Another project to do battle on the Internet was initiated in 2011 by the 300,000-strong National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS). The goal was “to deepen and expand hasbara [state propaganda] activities of students in the State of Israel.”

Under this program, Israeli students are paid \$2,000 to work five hours per week to “lead the battle against hostile websites.”


An announcement for the program (translated here into English) noted that “many students in Israel master the Internet and are proficient at using the Internet and social networking and various sites and are required to write and express themselves in English.” Students can work from the comfort of their own homes, points out the announcement.

“Students work in four teams: Content, Wikipedia, Monitoring and New Media,” according to the program description. It details the responsibilities for each team:

The content team is responsible for creating original content in a news format.

The monitoring team is responsible for “monitoring efforts while reporting and removing anti-Semitic [sic] content from social networks in a variety of languages.” (The program conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism; see below.)

The New Media team is responsible for social media channels, “including Facebook accounts in English, French and Portuguese, Twitter, YouTube channels, and so on.”

The Wikipedia team is “responsible for writing new entries and translating them into languages that operate in the program, updating the values of current and relevant information, tracking and preventing bias in the program’s areas of activity.”

This program sometimes claims it is working against antisemitism, but it conflates antisemitism with criticism of the state of Israel. This is in line with an Israel-backed initiative to legally define “antisemitism” to include discussing negative facts about Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.

Campaign to infiltrate Wikipedia
The pro-Israel organization CAMERA infiltrated Wikipedia for a time. (Illustration by Electronic Intifada.)

Several years ago, another project came to light that targeted Wikipedia. While manipulating Wikipedia entries doesn’t directly impact YouTube, it provides a window into some of these efforts to manipulate online content.

A 2008 exposé in the Electronic Intifada revealed: “A pro-Israel pressure group is orchestrating a secret, long-term campaign to infiltrate the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia.”

While it is common and appropriate for individuals to edit Wikipedia entries to add factual information and remove inaccurate statements, this project was the antithesis of such editing. As EI, reported, its purpose was “to rewrite Palestinian history, pass off crude propaganda as fact, and take over Wikipedia administrative structures to ensure these changes go either undetected or unchallenged.”

Author Ali Abunimah reported that a source had provided EI with a series of emails from members and associates of the pro-Israel group CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) that showed the group “was engaged in what one activist termed a ‘war’ on Wikipedia.”

CAMERA Senior Research Analyst Gilead Ini organized a project to infiltrate Wikipedia.

CAMERA called for volunteers to secretly work on editing Wikipedia entries. It emphasized the importance of keeping the project secret. Volunteers were schooled in ways to elude detection. After they signed up as editors, they were to “avoid editing Israel-related articles for a short period of time.”

They were also told to “avoid, for obvious reasons, picking a username that marks you as pro-Israel, or that lets people know your real name.”

CAMERA also warned them: “Don’t forget to always log in… If you make changes while not logged in, Wikipedia will record your computer’s IP address.”

A Wikipedia editor known as Zeq helped in the effort, telling volunteers: “Edit articles at random, make friends not enemies—we will need them later on. This is a marathon not a sprint.” He emphasized the importance of secrecy: “You don’t want to be precived [sic] as a ‘CAMERA’ defender’ on wikipedia that is for sure.”

Zeq recommended that they work with and learn from an independent, pro-Israel Wikipedia editor known as Jayjg, but directed them to keep the project secret even from him.

When this all came to light, Wikipedia took measures against such manipulation of its system and the CAMERA program may have ended.

If it did, others stepped into the breach. In 2010 two Israeli groups began offering a course in “Zionist editing” of Wikipedia entries. The aim was “to make sure that information in the online encyclopedia reflects the worldview of Zionist groups.” A course organizer explained that the use of the word “occupied” in Wikipedia entries “was just the kind of problem she hoped a new team of editors could help fix.”

Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper reported: “The organizers’ aim was twofold: to affect Israeli public opinion by having people who share their ideological viewpoint take part in writing and editing for the Hebrew version, and to write in English so Israel’s image can be bolstered abroad.”

There was to be a prize for the “Best Zionist Editor”—the person who over the next four years incorporated the most “Zionist” changes in the encyclopedia. The winner would receive a trip in a hot-air balloon over Israel.

High tech millionaire Naftali Bennett, a right-wing minister close to the settler movement, describes the program:

The UK Guardian reports: “One Jerusalem-based Wikipedia editor, who doesn’t want to be named, said that publicising the initiative might not be such a good idea. ‘Going public in the past has had a bad effect,’ she says. ‘There is a war going on and unfortunately the way to fight it has to be underground.’”

Again in 2013, there was evidence of pro-Israel tampering with Wikipedia. Israel’s Ha’aretz reported that a social-media employee of NGO Monitor edited articles about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an allegedly biased manner. “Draiman concealed the facts that he was an employee of NGO Monitor, often described as a right-wing group, and that he was using a second username, which is forbidden under Wikipedia’s rules,” according to the paper.

Such actions have had an impact. A website critical of Wikipedia said in 2014 that there were “almost ten times as many articles about murdered Israeli children as there are articles about murdered Palestinian children,” even though at least 10 times more Palestinian children had been killed.

The website also pointed out: “While editors like Zeq (TCL) and CltFn (TCL) may get banned in the end, the articles they started remain.”

If YouTube reviewers and others use Wikipedia in their determination about whether content should be removed or not, these efforts to censor Wikipedia could adversely affect their decisions.

Social Media Missions for Israel
Title image from Forward article about the Act.IL campaign.

In 2017 yet another project to target Internet platforms was launched. Known as, the project uses a software application that “leverages the power of communities to support Israel through organized online activity.”

The software is a joint venture of three groups: Israel’s IDC University; the Israeli American Council, which works to “organize and activate” the half million Israeli-Americans who live in the U.S.; and another American group called the Maccabee Task Force, created to combat the international boycott of Israel, which it terms “an anti-Semitic movement.” Maccabee says it is “laser focused on one core mission—to ensure that those who seek to delegitimize Israel and demonize the Jewish people are confronted, combatted and defeated.”

Image from Maccabee end of year report.

In addition, the project is supported by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry and Israel’s intelligence community. Its CEO is an eight-year veteran of Israeli army intelligence.

Israel’s Jerusalem Post reports that Act.IL is “a wide-ranging grassroots campaign app that lets individuals combat BDS in the palm of their hand” or, as we will see, from public computers in the US.

“Act.IL is more than just an app,” the Post article explains. “It is a campaign that taps into the collective knowledge of IDC students who together speak 35 languages, hail from 86 countries and have connections to the pro-Israel community all over the world.”

The article claims: “A platform like Act.IL offers world Jewry an opportunity to fight for one thing the majority can rally behind: Israel.” (This ignores the fact that there are many Jewish individuals who oppose Israeli policies.)

Israel partisans around the world download the app, and then “in this virtual situation room of experts, they detect instances where Israel is being assailed online and they program the app to find missions that can be carried out with a push of a button.”

An organizer notes: “When you work together, with the same goals and values, you can be incredibly powerful in the social media landscape.”

Some missions ask users to report videos. Israeli government officials say that the app “is more effective than official government requests at getting those videos removed from online platforms.”

The project is led by former Israeli intelligence officers and has close ties to American casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Another funder is the Paul R. Singer Foundation, funded by the Republican hedge fund billionaire.

The Forward calls Act.IL a new entry into the “online propaganda war” that “has thousands of mostly U.S.-based volunteers who can be directed from Israel into a social media swarm.”

According to the Forward, “Its work so far offers a startling glimpse of how it could shape the online conversations about Israel without ever showing its hand.”

The Forward reports: “ says that its app has 12,000 sign-ups so far, and 6,000 regular users. The users are located all over the world, though the majority of them appear to be in the United States. Users get ‘points’ for completed missions; top-ranked users complete five or six missions a day. Top users win prizes: a congratulatory letter from a government minister, or a doll of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding prime minister.”

Photo of group that participated in Act.IL training

Act.IL’s CEO, a veteran Israeli army intelligence officer, said the Israeli military and its domestic intelligence service “‘request’’s help in getting services like Facebook to remove specific videos that call for violence against Jews or Israelis.” This according to the Forward report.

The officer later tried to walk back his statement, “saying that the Shin Bet [intelligence service] and the army don’t request help on specific videos but are in regular informal contact with He said that’s staff is largely made up of former Israeli intelligence officers.”

Teens in American JCCs carry out missions assigned from Israel
New Jersey “Media Room,” a project of IAC New Jersey in partnership with Act.IL.

The project recruits Jewish teens and adults and sometimes operates out of local Jewish community centers, the Forward says. The paper describes one example:

“The dozen or so Israelis sitting around a conference table at a Jewish community center in Tenafly, New Jersey, on a recent Wednesday night didn’t look like the leading edge of a new Israeli government-linked crowdsourced online propaganda campaign.

“Tapping on laptops, the group of high school students and adult mentors completed social media ‘missions’ assigned out of a headquarters in Herzliya, Israel.”

In addition to the Tenafly “media room” another operates in Boston in cooperation with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston. There are also regular advocacy-training sessions at The Frisch School, a Jewish day school in Paramas, New Jersey. Other media rooms are reportedly in the works, with one in Manhattan, hosted by The Paul R. Singer Foundation, scheduled to open soon.

The Forward reports: “In November, the Boston media room created a mission for the app that asked users to email a Boston-area church to complain about a screening there of a documentary that is critical of Israel. The proposed text of the email likens the screening of the film to the white supremacist riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, and calls the film’s narrator, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, a ‘well-known anti-Semite.’”

Photo of Boston Media Room published by Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, which states: “Media Room Ambassadors are students and adult mentors who are trained with the knowledge, skills, and tools to positively influence public discourse by developing pro-Israel social media campaigns.”

According to the Forward, also produces “pro-Israel web content that carries no logo. It distributes that content to other pro-Israel groups, including the Adelson-funded Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi and The Israel Project, which push them out on their own social media feeds.”

The Forward predicts: “Initiatives in cyberspace seem likely to increase.”

Screenshot from video promoting the project, posted on the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston website.

Israeli media report that the Israeli military “has begun scouring Jewish communities abroad for young computer prodigies” to recruit for its ranks.

An Israeli official described the process: “Our first order of business is to search Jewish communities abroad for teens who could qualify, Our representatives will then travel to the communities and begin the screening process there.”

Israeli Government Ministry backs secret online campaigns
General Sima Vaknin-Gil told Israeli tech developers to “flood the Internet” with pro-Israel propaganda. As Israel’s Chief Censor, she said: ” “We censor information that is critical to our enemies, who have no capabilities like us, do not have a Jewish brain, and therefore our enemy relies to a large extent on open information…”

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry, which is behind this and similar projects, has mobilized substantial resources for online activities.

Israel’s Ynet news reports that the Ministry’s director “sees it as a war for all intents and purposes. ‘The delegitimization against the State of Israel can be curbed and contained through public diplomacy and soft tools,’ she says. ‘In order to win, however, we must use tricks and craftiness.’”

The director, General Sima Vaknin-Gil, told a forum of Israeli tech developers at a forum: “I want to create a community of fighters.” The objective is to “curb the activities of anti-Israel activists,” and “flood the Internet” with pro-Israel content.


An Israeli report in December stated that the ministry has acquired a budget of roughly \$70 million to “stand at the forefront of the battle against delegitimization, adopting methods from the fields of intelligence and technology. There is a reason why ministry officials define it as ‘a war on consciousness terrorism.’” [‘Delegitimization’ is a common Israeli term for criticism of Israel. See here for a discussion of the term.]

A Ha’aretz article reports: “The Strategic Affairs Ministry’s leaders see themselves as the heads of a commando unit, gathering and disseminating information about ‘supporters of the delegitimization of Israel’—and they prefer their actions be kept secret.”

The article reports that the Ministry includes a job role entitled “Senior official—new-media realm,” responsible for surveillance and activities “in the digital realm.”

This individual head is responsible for analyzing social media and formulating a social media campaign against sites and activists who are deemed a threat to Israel.

Among the job’s responsibilities are:

“Analysis of the world of social media, in terms of content, technology and network structure, emphasizing centers of gravity and focuses of influence, methods, messages, organizations, sites and key activists, studying their characteristics, areas, realms and key patterns of activities of the rival campaign and formulating a strategy for an awareness campaign against them in this realm and managing crises on social media. That is, surveilling of activities mainly in the digital arena.”

Officials at the ministry are charged with “construction and promotion of creative and suitable programs for new media.”

The unit works to keep its activities secret from the public. For example, a program to train young Israelis for activities on social media was exempted from publishing a public bid for funding. Similarly, the ministry’s special unit against delegitimization, “Hama’aracha” (The Battle), is excluded from Israel’s Freedom of Information Law.

The 29th floor of Tel Aviv’s Champion Tower is the nerve center of a 24-7 ‘war’ in which Israeli agents working behind the scenes advance U.S. legislation, torpedo events, organize counter-protests, & close bank accounts.. The Director says: ‘In order to win we must use tricks and craftiness.’

Its activities reportedly include a “24/7 operations room monitoring all the delegitimization activities against Israel: Protests, conferences, publications calling for an anti-Israel boycott and international bodies’ boycott initiatives. The operations room will transfer the information to the relevant people to provide a proper response to these activities, whether through a counter-protest or through moves to thwart the initiative behind the scenes.”

Other programs include a 22-million-shekel project to work among labor unions and professional associations abroad “to root out the ability of BDS entities to influence the unions,” and a 16-million-shekel program focused on student activities throughout the world.

Israel’s UNIT 8200
Photo from article about Unit 8200 on Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre website.

Another Israeli entity that plays a role in covert Internet activity is the Israeli military’s legendary high-tech spy branch, Unit 8200. This unit is composed of thousands of “cyber warriors” primarily 18 to 21 years of age; some even younger. A number of its graduates have gone on to top positions at tech companies operating in the U.S., such as Check Point Software (where the spouse of the Jewish Voice for Peace head is employed as a solutions architect).

In 2015 Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced plans “to establish a special command to combat anti-Israel incitement on social media.” The command would operate under the foreign ministry’s hasbara [propaganda] department and would especially recruit from graduates of Unit 8200.

An article in the Jewish Press about the new command reports that Unit 8200 “has developed a great reputation for effectiveness in intelligence gathering, including operating a massive global spy network. Several alumni of 8200 have gone on to establish leading Israeli IT companies, including Check Point, ICQ, Palo Alto Networks, NICE, AudioCodes, Gilat, Leadspace, EZchip, Onavo, Singular and CyberArk.”

Check Point Software headquarters in Tel Aviv. Founded by a former Unit 8200 member, it also has offices throughout the U.S. Israeli tech companies sometimes assist in online spying efforts.

Numerous Israeli tech companies, many of them headed by former military intelligence officers, assist in these online spying efforts, sometimes receiving Israeli government funding “for digital initiatives aimed at gathering intelligence on activist groups and countering their efforts.”

According to the ministry’s statement, among the Command’s activities is finding videos with inflammatory content and issuing complaints to the relevant websites.”

To be clear, this is an occupying military working covertly to achieve censorship of reporting on its atrocities.

YouTube & Google officials meet with Israeli Minister
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaking to the Israel Collaboration Network’s Israeli Women in Tech Group on August 25, 2016.

Major Internet companies have reportedly been cooperating in this effort.

In 2015 Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely announced that she had visited Silicon Valley and met with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Google’s Director of Public Policy (it is unclear whether this was was Jennifer Oztzistzki or Juniper Downs; Hotovely’s announcement referred to “Jennifer Downs”).

“At the end of the meeting,” Israeli media reported, “it was agreed that Google would strengthen bilateral relations with the Foreign Ministry and build a collaborative work apparatus.”

Another Israeli news report about the meeting states: “…it was agreed that the companies would strengthen ties with the Foreign Ministry and build a regular mechanism of control to prevent the distribution of those incendiary materials on the network.”

Google, which owns YouTube, denied the Foreign Ministry’s report. The Ministry accordingly “clarified” its statement somewhat, but continued to say that Israeli officials would be in “regular contact with Google’s employees in Israel who deal with the problematic materials.”

Such officials often have close ties to Israel. For example, Facebook’s Head of Policy in Israel, Jordana Cutler, had previously been employed for many years by the Israeli government. (More about Facebook can be found here.)

The Linkedin page for Facebook’s Jordana Cutler

The meetings seem to have had a significant effect.

In 2016 Fortune magazine reported: “Facebook, Google, and YouTube are complying with up to 95% of Israeli requests to delete content that the government says incites Palestinian violence, Israel’s Justice Minister said on Monday.”

More recently, the Israeli Ministry of Justice said that its cyber unit handled 2,241 cases of online content and succeeded in getting 70 percent of it removed.

According to a 2017 report, Google, in its capacity as the operator of Youtube, announced that it was updating the steps it was already taking on this score.

Among other things, Google said it would increase the number of members of the “Trusted Flagger program,” which enables certain organizations and government agencies to report content. It also said it would “increase support for NGOs and organizations working to present a ‘corrective voice.’”

Given the record of infiltration and orchestrated activities described above—many financed by a combination of certain influential billionaires and the Israeli government itself—it’s hard to imagine that Israeli organizations and partisans are not thoroughly embedded in this program. In fact, one of the NGOs already working with YouTube as a “trusted flagger” is the Anti-Defamation League, whose mission includes ‘standing up for Israel.’

Anti-Defamation League celebrates Israel at 2017 New York City parade.

A leaked secret January 2017 ADL strategy paper detailed how to counter the pro-Palestine movement. Among its many strategies were some focused on the importance of efforts in cyber space.

The paper was produced in collaboration with the Reut Institute, an Israeli think tank, and included an endorsement by Sima Vaknin-Gil, who stated that “the correlation between the Ministry’s mode of operation and what comes out of this document is very high, and has already proven effective… ”

The document’s executive summary noted: “Cyberspace, broadly defined, stands out as a crucially important arena (for monitoring and counter and pro-active strategies) which requires more resources and attention due to its current influence, rapid growth and growing complexity.”

The paper called for “a mix of policy advocacy and industry engagement with corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter in a manner consistent with the ADL Center for Technology and Society and its Anti-Cyberhate Working Group.”

An illustration in the ADL-Reut working paper on improving Israel advocacy. It noted: “While the pro-Israel network increasingly is active in this domain, much more can be done.”

The paper also recommended: “‘Bottom-up efforts’ of crowd-sourcing to enhance the adaptive capacity of the pro-Israel network.”

At the same time, it urged:

“Strengthening pro-Israel organizations that mobilize and coordinate a network of ‘nodes’ e.g. Jewish Community Public Affairs (JCPA) and its network of Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRCs) in the USA; Hillel, which is present in nearly five hundred locations in the U.S. and globally; the Israel Action Network (IAN) that reaches nearly 160 federations in the U.S.; or the Jewish Congress (WJC) that represents dozens of Jewish communities around the world.”

The detailed, 32-page document reported that in recent years “a massive investment of resources and talent” had been directed against the pro-Palestine movement. One of the results, the paper said, was to create a “world-wide pro-Israel network.” It was this network that the report wished to mobilize. One of the paper’s concerns was that since Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza “a growing number of Jews have become more critical of Israel.”

The document recommended a degree of stealth, noting: “high-visibility response by the pro-Israel side can be counterproductive.”

What this means

Nevertheless, despite all these forces arrayed against information about Palestine reaching the American public, our channel is back up on YouTube. In fact, we’ve just uploaded a new video:

This one is about the death of a nine-year-old boy. [Perhaps the Israeli government would consider this incitement to Palestinians to rebel against occupation; we see it as incitement to the world in general, and Americans in particular, to care.]

In other words, Israel’s efforts at censorship don’t always succeed.

But sometimes they do, and other YouTube users have not always been so fortunate. For example, YouTube has terminated several Palestinian news organizations.

One was the al-Quds network, which, according to a report in Middle East Eye, “relies on young reporters and volunteers using phones and other digital devices to cover local news across the Palestinian territories.” They would often report Israeli soldiers committing various human rights violations.

Its YouTube channel was terminated in 2011, and its editor says they had to “to create a new channel from scratch.” By 2017 its new channel had gained almost 10 million views before it was suddenly suspended without warning again last October. It now, however, appears to have a YouTube channel in operation.

According to the MEE report, YouTube also suspended the Filisten al-Youm TV channel last August, and in 2013, apparently following complaints by the Anti-Defamation League, YouTube closed down Iran’s PressTV channel. (A Press TV YouTube channel now also appears to be available again.)

Palestinian social media users risk even greater consequences.

The Israeli government has arrested Palestinians for videos, poems, and other posts it dislikes. A 2016 report estimated that “more than 150 arrests took place between October and February 2016 based on Facebook posts expressing opinions on the uprising. A recent video posted on social media led to the imprisonment of a 16 year old girl, her mother and cousin.

In addition, Palestinian access to social media is somewhat controlled by Israel. As a Huffington Post article reports, ”Palestinians’ digital rights and access to the Internet are compromised in very basic ways, because Israel controls the infrastructure and services of Palestinian telecommunication companies in the West Bank.”

While the situation has greatly improved in recent years – the Israeli government finally announced in 2016 that it would allow Palestinians in the West Bank to access 3G wireless networks, making this one of the last regions in the world with such access after years of Israeli restrictions – it is important to remember the enormous power Israel wields over this largely captive population.

While Israel is able to organize entire campaigns to filter and flood social media, its immense control over Palestinians impedes their access to the same media.

Given these facts, it is extremely important for people to search out information for themselves, go directly to our websites and others, subscribe to diverse email lists, and not rely on social media for information. [Please subscribe to our news posts here.]

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others are private companies. In the end, they have the power to censor information, and they periodically do so. For a few days, we felt acutely what that was like. If Facebook had joined the ban, as has happened with others, we would have been even more cut off from what is essentially today’s “public square.”

The Internet and social media give us far more access to information and tools for communication and activism than ever before, but they, too, can be controlled—and they are.

It is up to us, as always, to overcome.

Our videos are also being uploaded to Daily Motion, Vimeo, and BitChute, and many are already on our news blog, Timeline, and main website, where all of them will eventually be available.

Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew, president of the Council for the National Interest, and author of “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel.”

The section on the ADL was expanded on March 9.

(Republished from If Americans Knew by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wondering what hell awaits once AI bots flood internet. Damned sure a political ass will demand gov’t ID and approved login/connection required to use internet. For your protection.

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    Your choice will not be spied on, stored, processed, forwarded to the authorities or tracked back to you by
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  3. Very informative piece and I hope someone this morning gets it to 60 Min’s producers. Perhaps we can see something similar on network (CBS) prime-time TV. I won’t be holding my breath… but who knows?

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    Imagine the face of man under a jackboot forever.

  5. Anonymous [AKA "Filip Lagey"] says:

    Hi Alison Weir, the situation is much worse: they attack the computers of people who oppose their power. Two years ago, immediately after I had an online row with Esther Voet, who is an important zionist in the Netherlands, my computer was uncontrollable for at least an hour. Hard disk ticking, doing its tasks very slowly etc., as if it had a virus. I had precisely the same phenomenon a couple of months ago, when I reacted to a YouTube video of Vincent Reynouard, a famous French dissident. Notice that I’m not a Holocaust denier, I’m not even against Israel’s existence, all I do is expose the power of the global zionist maffia. So they attack my computer whenever I go too far (in their humble opinion). Please find a researcher who knows more about this covert operation of attacking computers directly.

    • Replies: @Freedom
    , @Moi
    , @Wally
  6. USAMNESIA says:

    I will be quite surprised if you survive through the next round of censorship.

    An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.

    Joseph Sobran

    • Replies: @Z-man
  7. renfro says:

    Goggle is totally under Jewish Israeli control. I first noticed they changed their search results back in 2006.

    To illustrate do this….enter Muslim terrorist–you will get results for Muslim terrorist. Then enter Jewish terrorist—you will get 250,000 hits for ‘terrorist attacks on Jews’..not Jewish terrorist.
    Enter for example ‘text document of US-Israel MOU of 1973’ —you will get zero–only some general sites referring to it.
    Goggle has buried access to thousands of the original official documents concerning Israel —-whereas before something like the 1973 MOU would come up immediately you now have to know the exact government agency it comes under then go to that agency and search for it in the archives—very time consuming and most people wont do that.

    Goggle has also listed Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel for several years now.

    • Replies: @Moi
    , @Simon in London
  8. Any time Israel is in propaganda trouble, lots of jews are recruited to write on any site, in any language.
    Long ago Israel paid \$ 3.5 or \$ 4.5 dollar per comment.
    But this trick is losing effectiveness, as regular commenters notice that when the need is there all of a sudden new commenters pop up, pro Israel.
    They are recognised immediately.
    When the crisis is over, they disappear.
    That jews influence social media, nothing new.
    German wiki editors were removed because they criticised Israel.

  9. m___ says:

    A few primate remarks.

    Why in the first place rely on intermediates: wikkipedant, fecesbook, tweeter, gaggle, gagglemail, and not systemically divert readers to an ip and serving simple pages? As a two-step, a “real” full text search engine, that scrapes all of these pages, a search engine ruled by free, and open source code. Why not open for review the map of internet hardware on a real time basis for the whole of the internet. All of this without interference of the human intermediate predator-victim-greedmonger.

    The short answer, to tango, we need to be two …at least. Meaning the level to which to up understanding of the digital and internet goes beyond human average comprehension, probably because of lack of formal learning, lastly because of lack of cognitive ability(of course, and “intellectuals” mostly included, how can one pose as “harvard” or “jale” when no cognizance of man – machine communication is present). If at that, the one side pushes information, it then needs to be accredited for at the receiving end, too much to ever dream of. Could it be added that if never, the internet and information permeability would become a dead zone for greed, and instead of an asset to the few for “scraping” the bucket of commoners, a dime at a time, would become a liability to them, and an asset for escaping the commoner fairy tale, an asset for outliers and “unacceptable ideas” . What it should be to beat the barrier of “technology neutral”.

    As for manually editing, and yoursteevee cancelling of “your channel”, primitive indeed. Little to be learned there, seeing a trap, sticking one’s head in there, do it repeatedly, …and denouncing the trap according to individual preference, is lame. Pi-spool, patron, the Amazons, name them, who prey on “dumbstruck masses”(not our term, not to be at risk of censoring by an unknown anonymous).

    Intellectual languor, consumer tales applied to information, the lay of the land.

    Again(not a first in denouncing), the 99.5 of universally shared DNA material might be the matter, meaning lack of comprehension of human interests on both, elites’ and commoner’ side. As a prediction, the “problem” will get worse, in an escalating manner, the battle to “control” the internet is won.

    The browser becoming a server, of the client in all of his nudity(some people surf the “internet” in underware), just one more example of two way manipulation of proprietary hardware. Share!, share!, share.

  10. Excellent article. It is also heartening to see Alison Weir on UNZ. For the better part of two decades, she has been doing meticulous research on the corrupting impact of pro-Zionist political activism. And her job has not been easy.

    Weir has had her character impugned, her scholarship marginalized, and she has faced unscrupulous opposition in countless instances. But she has prevailed.

    Typically, Judeo-supremacists refuse to debate Ms. Weir or her political allies since this tactic would shed far too much light on Israeli behavior as well as its unsavory core beliefs. Thus, Weir and others like her are routinely ignored and/or ridiculed. I suspect Ron Unz gets similar treatment.

    Free speech (when it goes both ways) is the enemy of Zion.

    So the Zionist message is this: Shut up.

    Indeed, Israel’s multi-faceted campaigns to propagandize, intimidate and censor are legendary, though rarely discussed in our ‘mainstream media’. The deafening silence here is no accident. It is a calculated end-product of Jewish-cultivated taboos.

    Weir’s report gives us a rare glimpse into the Talmudic State’s secret world of information manipulation. Her discoveries however are as worrisome as they are explosive. And what she reveals may be just the tip of the iceberg.

    When one factors in the amount of money that flows into Washington from pro-Israel lobbies, billionaires, and NGOs, it is clear that Israel plays a far bigger role in US elections than Russia could ever even dream about. But unique taboos protect Israel from any scrutiny in this area.

    Witness Israel’s organizational prowess and real-world success in shaping, restricting and dominating political discourse. The level of control is both infuriating and chilling. Taking on the Israel Lobby has ruined countess careers. In the case of Palestine, countless lives have been lost or ruined. Countless.

    On top of that, since many crypto-Israelis own/manage/operate new media institutions such as Facebook, YouTube and Google (in addition to most of our ‘mainstream’ media) open political discourse in America is under increasing pressure. There are some things you simply cannot discuss. Don’t say that word!

    (((Liberals))) call it ‘Hate Speech’.

    Indeed, not only do our guardians of discourse hate certain words and concepts, but some of these speech regulators want to put you in jail just for uttering them

    Thus, publicly discussing the JQ is next-to-impossible. (Unless it’s an all-Jewish panel of ‘experts’)

    But if simple ‘truth’ was a primary political value in America, today’s information titans would be supporting–and maybe even sponsoring–open discussions on this subject. Why not?

    What better way to arrive a truth and understanding than free and open exchange of facts, opinions and ideas?

    But it’s not so simple. These lofty objectives are no longer tantamount. What’s become a top US priority is maintaining the pro-Zionist status quo. But achieving this will require, among other things, increased censorship. The stakes are huge.

    And So far, the other side is winning.

    One request to Alison Weir: Please avoid using the insidious and manipulative term ‘antisemitism’. (Please note that it was recently spelled ‘anti-Semitism’, but Jewish leaders realized that
    ‘anti-Semitism’ is not anti- ‘Semites’ at all. It’s simply anti- Jews. So the charde was up. What to do? Change the spelling.

    So the term is now just ‘antisemitism’ (no hyphen). This reduces the semitic nature of the ‘disease’ while maintaining the term’s powerful, diagnostic authority.)

    So the pseudo-scientific term, ‘antisemitism’ is still with us. It has been concocted and popularized however for purely political reasons. It’s also been insidiously conflated with ‘genocide’. Very crafty. Very manipulative.

    But the simple truth is this: ‘anti-Semites’, are not ‘anti-semitic’; they are simply anti-Jewish. (And sometimes is for a damned good reason.)

    Despite myths to the contrary, anti-Jewishnes (anti-Semitism’) is not a virus or a psychological illness. it reflects an attitude; often an informed attitude. Nothing more.

    But they want you to feel ashamed.


    Besides, no thought or attitude or belief should ever be criminalized. What matters is conduct. Behavior. Words may bruise but it is physical behavior that maims and kills.

    So please resist the deceptive efforts to manage speech, Ms Weir. This includes circulating the insidious term, ‘antisemitism’. Thank you!

  11. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    YouTube’s power to shut down content without explanation whenever it chooses was acutely apparent. While there are other excellent video hosting sites, YouTube is the largest one, with nearly ten times more views than its closest competitors. It is therefore enormously powerful in shaping which information is available to the public–and which is not.

    We are all Joseph K’s now. Ironically, it’s Jewish Power that plays judge over us.

  12. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Two words are repugnant to Israelis and their world-wide army of orcs; peace and truth. Use either of these together with the word Israel and you will be attacked online by their trolls, or banned from making comments or even get direct threats to your life as I have.

    Pro-Israeli sadists have called me names, cussed me out, said I was in to bestiality, was having a incestuous affair with my Mother and threatened me with physical harm, one even going so far as to claim he/she was sending a Mossad hit team to take me out.

    You see what the unhinged Israelis do to the Palestinians, and that’s what will happen to Americans when they finally take full control of the USA. We’ll be the ones being used for target practice by snipers, herded into concentration camps and hounded out of our homes.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  13. These practices are well known, for a long time.
    80% of the western media are owned by jews, Murdoch, Chaim Saban.
    Soros recently bought the independent British Guardian, end of independence.
    The Netherlands has just one independent newspaper, a small christian one, property of an organisation of members.
    The head of our more or less official news, NOS, is a jew, Gelauff.
    The proportion of journalists that are jews with us is highly disproportional.
    The BBC became a jew as director after the BBC had exposed Tony B-liar’s lies about Saddam’s 45 minutes WMD’s.
    Former French president Hollande, a jew, had a lot of editors in chief fired.
    Charlie Hebdo is Rothschild property.
    As to comments in internet, any time there is an Israeli crisis they pop up in large numbers, in any language.
    This trick is not effective any more, regular commenters recognise them immediately.
    What they are, were, paid is known, it was, if I remember correctly, \$ 4.5 per comment.
    They have software to see where to respond, get their answers from a database.
    Whenever they run into serious knowledge they are silent.

    • Replies: @Moi
  14. I am fairly certain that israeli partisans are the ones behind the “magic jew theory” comment brigade on youtube, gab, twitter etc…this brigade posts comments on these sites, and the comments push the theory that jews are behind globalism, mass immigration etc…they are trying to persuade new alt-right youtube vloggers etc to make jews the primary focus of alt-right activism….this comment brigade is especially interested in new alt-right female vloggers…the brigade attempts to get these alt-right females to take a jew-centric stance.


    because that disables these new female vloggers…it stunts their potential growth…most white normies, upon hearing those vloggers argue that jews are behind mass immigration/multiculturalism etc would just assume they have a screw loose…yes, jews are influential in the globalist cadre, but they are far from being the only force behind it…anyone with any sense knows that.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. Zionist Israel is the worlds warmonger and instigator and the 911 perpetrator and the cancer on the body of America.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  16. Test. Can’t comment.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. Does the expression “Jewish conspiracy” have any meaning ?
    I mean, would any of the sheeple be capable of even comprehending this material ? Would it appear as a writing exercise in ancient
    Greek ?
    These…”patriotic” people are obsessive to new monumental levels of self caricature.
    Funny, its a bit “peter & the wolf” . Years ago people cried Jewish conspiracy, to a somewhat receptive audience (& no doubt organized Jewry were up to some shenanigans)…but compared to today ? Like comparing a gold fish to Melville’s whale….& no one believes, listens, to a negative thing about “Jews”. Many don’t even understand there IS a link between “Jews” & Israel. (Of course, those with a little knowledge & position in the world are shit-scared of the LABEL….)

  18. mp says:

    The only way this will work is to require monopolistic access providers such as Google, YT, Facebook, and the domain registrars, to adhere to the First Amendment. That is, as long as the content they host does not violate any laws, it must be allowed. By giving private owned infrastructure and monopoly content providers control over what people post allows them to effectively censor speech.

    Libertarians argue that since it is not government that is doing the censoring, it is all OK. This just shows how libertarianism is an intellectual fraud. The radical left (now the mainstream) is more “honest” about their motives, openly admitting they want to “shut it down,” charging TOS (terms of service) violations affecting “hate, racism, and anti-Semitism” whenever they see something they don’t like.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @Eagle Eye
  19. Freedom says:

    This site has been jammed all morning across multiple browsers, perfect example of what this article is all about!

    I can relate to the post about computer jamming, I had it happen a few times after posting pro-Palestinian comments. And a complete computer freeze years ago an hour after I posted a notice I found on the State Department’s website announcing a requisition to Congress by Hilary Clinton for \$15,000,000 of our tax dollars to be given to subsidize Jewish war memorials in Europe. Very generous subsidy considering America’s own veterans are living in tent cities.

    Welcome to the Jewish police state.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Ron Unz
  20. It is depressing that the monster seems to be winning.

    That is what it is.
    That is what each and every participant in these programs is part of, the monster.

    Psychologically conditioned/tortured from birth to accept the necessity of discrimination, hatred, impunity and systematic lying and deception against all out-groups, the vast majority of humanity, even if it means destroying all.
    This is what is at the root of being a jew, The Cult of Moloch.

    Of course, the more appropriate description of the international collective is: Torah-Pharisees-Talmud extremists adherents, there is nothing spiritual about it, it is an extreme, maniacal form of cultural narcissism.

    One day, maybe even one day soon, this extreme hateful discrimination will be made illegal on the planet; the day cannot come soon enough.

    The illegitimacy of the occupation of the Palestinian lands by the zionists/Torah-Pharisees-Talmud extremists is beyond doubt in a fact-based, equitable universe; it is a blight upon humanity.

    Every one should know the facts about Deir Yasin

    Some quotes from a coherent Israeli scholar, Yuval Harari, his book, “Sapiens
    p. 195 It’s for your own good: “… Evolution has made Homo sapiens. like other social mammals, a xenophobic creature. Sapiens instinctively divide humanity into two parts, ‘we’ and ‘they’. We are people like you and me, who share our language, religion and customs. We are all responsible for each other, but not responsible for them. We were always distinct from them, we owe them nothing. We don’t want to see any of them in our territory, and we don’t care an iota what happens in their territory. They are barely even human. …
    p. 242 Blind Clio: “… Ever more scholars see cultures as a kind of mental infection or parasite, with humans as its unwitting host. Organic parasites, such as viruses, live inside the body of their host. They multiply and spread from one host to the other, feeding off their hosts, weakening them, and sometimes killing them. As long as the hosts live long enough to pass along the parasite, it cares little about the condition of its host. In just this fashion, cultural ideas live inside the minds of humans. They multiply and spread from one host to another, occasionally weakening the host and sometimes even killing them. … – can compel a human to dedicate his or her life to spreading that idea, even at the price of death. The human dies, but the idea spreads. …. … Successful cultures are those that excel in reproducing their memes, irrespective of the costs and benefits to their human hosts. … Similar arguments are common in the social sciences, under the aegis of game theory. Game theory explains how in multi-player systems, views and behaviour patterns that harm all players nevertheless manage to take root and spread. …

    Each and every participant in these perception manipulation programs, yes, we know that you reading this, is committing crimes against humanity, and one day, on this world or hereafter, you will be called for these sins.

    How much more of this infection can the planet stand?!

    I urge all people, including self-identifying jews to research and fully understand what this is.
    Regardless of the perception management which has been inflicted upon you, the best place to start with a fact-based review of the historic progress and impartial analysis is the seminal work by Douglas Reed, “The Controversy of Zion“, unfortunately censored (surprise, surprise), but available online using the keywords in a search.
    Please protect your identity as best as possible, since those referred to in this article are monitoring, keeping records, and taking punitive actions.

    I honestly, and with good intentions only, believe that many self-identifying jews would renounce this religion if they knew the facts.

    If you are working for one (or more) of these perception management organizations, (i.e. deception organizations), don’t you think it is incumbent upon you to really know about that for which you fight (so dirtily)?!

    Why not read it?!
    What are you afraid of?

  21. @mp

    Libertarians argue that since it is not government that is doing the censoring, it is all OK.

    Straw man, deployed in aid of installing the penultimate monopoly as protector against monopolies. What could go wrong? Better, skip those fed pansies; World Government is the natural protector of speech for the free man. Oh, it will be speech protection to end all speech protection.

    Must be some embarrassing psychology at the root of the straw men regularly set up as representing the view of the political philosophy perhaps least likely to ever succeed unless Skynet is ruthlessly and correctly libertarian. Libertarians don’t threaten your sick federal fantasies, so why piss on them? They’re your excuse for feigned capitulation.

    No, as with O’Brien from Nineteen Eighty-Four, the state got you long ago. Blame it on Fruitatarians or something next time though. Mix it up. When you can make your opponent say anything conveniently stupid, options are wide.

    • Replies: @mp
  22. @mark green

    I’m not so sure jews are winning.
    There are the votes with UN and Unesco, where Israel is isolated more and more.

    Then there is the increasing number of Israel critical comments, in the USA, in Germany, in the Netherlands, despite all efforts by jews to control these.
    Just now the anti Soros president of Hungary was re-elected.

    Forgot what incident it was, where, on a generally pro jewish Dutch site, there was so much negative comment on Israel that someone exclaimed ‘this cannot be representative’.
    French jews feel so threatened that more an more leave France.
    In the Netherlands any jewish institute is guarded, even jewish restaurants want protection, after a few incidents.
    No Dutch jew goes into the street wearing the traditional jewish headdress.

    Last but not least, Trump may have good jewish connections, he’s not a jewish puppet.
    And, I read here, some 50% of the USA citizens now recognise that Deep State does exist.
    What, in my opinion, the zionists never anticipated is how Israel would advertise judaism.
    The holocaust is more than 70 year ago, the fairy tale of ‘land without people for people without land’ no longer is believed.

    Jewry in the present USA should ask themselves if the Weimar Republic situation resembles the USA situation.
    Jewish sociologist Stephen Steinlight already years ago feared immigration from the south ‘they did not know the holocaust, for them jews are just rich Americans’.
    But, wrote Steinlight, there is always the lifeboat Israel.
    Steinlight does not understand that this lifeboat is dependent on jewish influence in the USA.

    As I wrote before, around 1890 or so one Rothschild wrote to another ‘the only enemy of jews is jews’.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  23. Z-man says:

    An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.
    Joseph Sobran

    Bears repeating. Sobran, back stabbed by that disgusting to watch traitor Buckley.
    BTW, most of those Zionist trolls were born and bred in the good ol’ USA. Sad.
    BDS and Free Palestine!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. mp says:

    Yes. You are right. We don’t need any government regulations on this stuff. If people don’t like what Jews in Israel and their extended Jewish Web monopoly are doing, they should just suck it up, and go create their own Internet. It’s as simple as that. It’s the free market, and all that. Go John Galt… or is it Howard Roarke? I keep mixing up those cardboard characters from that Jewess author’s book.

    • LOL: Kiel
  25. Jake says:

    It took me 7 or 8 tries over nearly an hour to get onto this site today.

  26. Ron Unz says:

    This site has been jammed all morning across multiple browsers, perfect example of what this article is all about!

    Yes, our website was hit by an exceptionally large wave of bots from a very wide variety of different IP addresses, and it began soon after we released this particular article. Perhaps coincidence, perhaps not.

    We finally managed to block them all earlier this morning using some temporary measures. I’ll be spending the next day or two adding some further defenses in hopes of preventing something like this from happening in the future.

  27. Z-man says:
    @Ron Unz

    Beware the POWER of the Cabal.

  28. Z-man says:

    PS. FYI, I still can’t access my comments.

  29. Israelis own almost all media. Thus, they control publishing, the Internet, TV, and radio broadcasting. Simple fact, and nothing can be done. Full corruption and dominance of the US government, Congress, judiciary, and the executive branch is in place and impossible to remove or even reduce.

    I remember 1994, when the Internet appeared for ordinary people to use, primarily on the “forum” side, as various incarnations. Virtually every one, even at that early point in time, was controlled and censored by Israelis.

    Nothing can, or will, be done. 1984 arrived a few years late, but more monstrous than Blair ever imagined.

  30. gwynedd1 says:

    Welp , looks like Assad is making soap out of babies again(after gassing them of course). Ya need to push the propaganda out like 3 or 4 times for it to stick .

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Alden
  31. RobinG says:

    Now today Israel bombed SAA air base, killing 14. No comment. The Zionists can’t tolerate ISIS losing.

    Vanessa Beeley on the latest propaganda rush to condemn Syria —
    SYRIA: The Egregious Western Media ‘Chemical Weapon’ Fraud in Eastern Ghouta

    SolontoCroesus says:

    Vanessa Beeley walks-and-talks thru a rebel chemical factory. She is side-by-side with CNN “warmonger correspondent” Frederick Pleitgen:

    Frederick Pleitgen was with me when we visited a terrorist chemical weapons lab in Erbin, Eastern Ghouta two days ago. He does not mention it in his sensationalist report “live” from Damascus.
    Nor does he mention the estimated 3500 plus prisoners being held by Jaish Al Islam terrorists in their “repentance” prisons, many women and children among them who are very probably now being murdered to produce the last ditch attempt chemical weapon attack” ~ Vanessa Beeley . . .

    In other words, the corporate media lies are becoming more blatant as the SAA and allies march inexorably towards full and final liberation of Eastern Ghouta which has long been recognised here as a pivotal strategic stronghold for Israel. . .

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. Thank you, Alison Weir and Ron Unz!

    Within 24-48 hours, looks like the Trump administration is poised to criminally attack both Syria and Iran.

    Am concerned that web site-censorship will be soon accomplished in the name of patriotism &
    keeping Americans united & safe.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  33. @Ron Unz

    Weird coincidence.
    I’m inclined to think no coincidence, if so, what a stupid reaction, proof of what the article says, what, except some particulars, is nothing new, as I explained.

    Felipe Fernández-Armesto, ‘Truth, A History and a Guide for the Perplexed’, New York 1997
    The book describes the development of the concept ‘truth’.
    The idea of an objective truth is relatively new, may have existed with people like Archimedes, he did experiments, but then disappeared until Galileo.
    Truth, most of the time was, and alas even today is, what a leader says.
    Around 1870 the catholic church expressed this explicitly, what the pope says is true.
    Some even today believe that.

    I often wondered if jews never left the ‘true is what the leader says’ idea.
    How they keep asserting obvious nonsense as truth, I cannot understand it.
    But there is the assertion that jews have a high capacity for self delusion.

    Arthur Koestler blamed jiddish for that jews of his time never said anything rational.
    I wonder if language was, maybe is, the cause.
    With the exception of jews as Norman Finkelstein, Ilian Pappe, Davidsson, Gilad Atzmon, and the Dutch Hamburger, to name a few.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Alden
  34. hyperbola says:
    @Ron Unz

    How about publishing the list of IP addresses that participated in the attack. If all such attacks were accompanied by published lists, we could begin to analyze who is behind attacks/manipulations associated with various topics. That the “US intelligence agencies” published such a list was one of the early indications of the absurdity of Russia-Gate.

    The U.S. Government Thinks Thousands of Russian Hackers May Be Reading My Blog. They Aren’t.

    • Replies: @Dn
  35. escobar says:

    “Those to whom evil is done/do evil in return.” W.H. Auden

    Can’t break that cycle, too late to build a “wall” around those who worship Yahweh or Allah to protect the shreds left of humanism in the West. All the while our “best and brightest” toss shreds into the dust heap.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  36. @ChuckOrloski

    from SicSemperTyrannis, Pat Lang’s blog:

    An appeal to James Mattis

    I beseech you, sir, to consider the possibility that the supposed chlorine gas attack at Douma, Syria may have been a carefully constructed propaganda fraud on the part of the rebels encircled in Douma. Such a fraud would have as its purpose the elicitation of exactly the kind of response that we are seeing in the Western media. . . .

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @ChuckOrloski
  37. @Ron Unz

    Dear Ron, thank you for all of your good work.

    • Agree: Moi, Talha
  38. Anonymous[192] • Disclaimer says:
    @propagandist hacker

    most white normies, upon hearing those vloggers argue that jews are behind mass immigration/multiculturalism etc would just assume they have a screw loose…

    Not anymore. The goyim are waking up.

  39. Art says:

    According to the MEE report, YouTube also suspended the Filisten al-Youm TV channel last August, and in 2013, apparently following complaints by the Anti-Defamation League, YouTube closed down Iran’s PressTV channel.

    The Jews are a tribe of assassins – physical and social. That is their modus operandi. They think clandestine covert murder when confronted. They are more than willing to escalate confrontations into social or physical covert murder. They celebrate this trait – with joy they put it in your face.

    The Jew doesn’t think “I will change my ways” – he thinks “how will I get back at them.”

    The Jew thinks “don’t get mad get even.”

    That is why it always comes down to the many millennia old JQ.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

  40. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Me neither. Multiple comments have disappeared into the ether and the site itself was inaccessible for hours.

  41. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    “The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) announced yesterday that its elite hi-tech Intelligence Directorate, Unit 8200, prevented an ISIS plot to attack an Etihad airways flight from Australia to Abu Dhabi last summer.

    “Unit 8200 provided exclusive intelligence that led to the thwarting of an airliner bombing by Islamic State at the end of 2017,” an IDF statement said.

    “The cooperation with the Israeli intelligence community allowed for the transfer of information to the local security authorities and led to the arrest of the suspects, who were in the advanced stages of preparations and close to executing the attack.”

    Unit 8200 and most of the organizations named in a derogatory way in this article are doing great work!

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @Anonymous
    , @Art
  42. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel fights against ISIS. Yet the state will also not turn its back on wounded ISIS fighters, as is required by the solemn pledge of the medical profession.

    Look at Weir’s own link:

    Truth, for many on this website, is only material that is 100% anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Amazing!

  43. Moi says:

    I am an admirer of Ms. Weir’s work, but look who owns Google/FB and major media. Israel and its supporters are in charge of our government and major institutions. It’s really that simple. Muslims think their duty ends with praying five times a day to God. But this same God tells the Muslims/humans that God does not change the condition of a person until that person changes what’s within his/herself. And its true, whether you do or don’t believe in God.

    In a less than perfect world, only power is respected.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  44. Moi says:

    Not surprised. Google/YT and FB need to be broken up. Each is in fact a monopoly.

  45. Moi says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Great post. And there is no daylight between the US and Israeli “security” apparatus.

    • Replies: @Jake
  46. @Anon

    I’ll bet the average IDF disinfo scummer long ago figured out how reply buttons work–placing him higher than you.

    Do IDFers ever salute your ideological Third Reich forefathers? If so, how does that go? Is it the ceremonial Heil or an office heil? You’re a ceremonial type, I can tell, but what do most do?

  47. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:

    Lol! You’re selling a propaganda press release from a propaganda outfit. Seriously?

    I can almost hear those sweet, sweet 0.74 shekels hitting your account. How does it feel?

    • Replies: @Anon
  48. RobinG says:

    Easy to feel helpless, but even LTE to local paper can be useful; those are read by your Senators and Congressional Reps.
    Better yet, CALL your Sen. (2) and Rep. This is the easiest thing. Takes 1 or 2 minutes. All they ask is your town/zip. What you say is up to you. Don’t bomb Syria. Give a reason if you can.

    Phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate or House office you request.
    To locate your Member on-line:
    U.S. House of Representatives:
    U.S. Senate:

    White House:

    Terrorist capabilities laid bare in an Eastern Ghouta chemical lab

    SYRIA: The Egregious Western Media ‘Chemical Weapon’ Fraud in Eastern Ghouta

  49. @Anon

    Truth, for many on this website, is only material that is 100% anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Amazing!

    By implication, you are saying that Alison Weir’s article is lies.

    Gotcha, Israeli. Been watching you do shit like that since 1967.

    • Replies: @Anon
  50. Jake says:

    The best way to understand the insanity of our Middle East policies is to know that the CIA, the Mossad, and the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency are all children of British secret service.

  51. Rurik says:

    CNN journalist finally calls out Rand Paul for his obvious Nazi tendencies

    by failing to advocate for the bombing and utter destruction of Syria, he’s demonstrating his anti-Semitism – and why the Holocaust happened in the first place.

    at 2:10 into the video, the journalist says Paul’s reluctance to destroy Syria, demonstrates an “historical parallel”, going back to America’s reluctance to bomb the rail tracks leading to Auschwitz.

    clearly, Assad is Hitler, and if we don’t destroy Syria utterly, and plunge that nation into the abyss, (like we did Libya and Iraq), then Rand Paul is Himmler and wants to gas the Jews.

    Every day that the Golan Heights is not recognized by the UN as Israel’s sovereign and eternal lands, is a Holocaust!

    every day that Trump sits on his hands, more Jews are going into Assad’s ovens. (figuratively of course)

    and Rand Paul, by saying Trump doesn’t have a blank check to bomb anywhere he wants to- because of 9/11- is showing us all that Rand Paul is Himmler, reincarnated!

    wasn’t two thousand years of persecution enough for you Rand Paul?!

    wasn’t six million enough for you Rand Paul?!

    do we all have to sit by and watch Assad make soap and lampshades of every Jew in Israel before you’ll put down Mein Kamph long enough to do your job?!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Z-man
    , @Wally
    , @Wally
  52. Jake says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Yiddish is German. Many people apparently assume that Yiddish is some dialect of Hebrew or Aramaic with a few Germanic words and phrases. It is the opposite. Yiddish is Jewish German, a dialect of German.

    That Jews across many centuries and in multiple countries continued to use Yiddish as their main language is very telling. In Yiddish, Jews who were citizens of Russia wrote diatribes about the inferiority of all things Russian and Slavic to German language and culture.

    The 20th century saw the replacement of Yiddish as the language of Ashkenazi Jews with English. Angles and Saxons were Germanic. Old English is virtually identical to Old Continental Saxon.

    So what is the deal with Jews and things Germanic?

    If Koestler is correct in that assertion about Yiddish leading to Jews being irrational, then what is said about Jews and Germanic culture? And then, what is said about Jews and WASP culture (Angles and Saxons are Germans) and the Anglosphere?

  53. @SolontoCroesus

    SolontoCroesus provided the honorable Pat Lang’s “appeal to James Mattis.”

    Hi S2C,

    I trust you shall consider the following sentence as healthy scepticism which by no means signals disrespect for Pat Lang’s effort.

    Prior to assuming his present Trump cabinet-leadership role, James Mattis accepted a demotion into the U.S. Zionized military.

    Thanks, S2C!

  54. annamaria says:

    It is a “Shindler list” remake with the Israelis as Wehrmacht military personnel shooting at their pleasure the unarmed, unwashed and hungry Palestinians that play today the role of European Jews living in a ghetto/concentration camp.
    The IDF is not for normal human beings with decency and a sense of responsibility. The IDF subhumans enjoy shooting civilians, killing them or making them handicapped for life.
    The 52 major American Jewish organizations have been nurturing a monster. And this monster is ready to destroy the millions of non-chosen people because the monster wants to become the most powerful and the wealthiest.
    I agree with Rothschild that Jews are the worst enemy of Jews. What other people work so hard on destroying their own security and livelihood in Europe and the US?

    • Troll: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  55. Dn says:

    Unfortunately such IP list would not help much. Those addresses are maybe output addresses from Tor proxy or addresses from VPS, hired from some company, that will not give info about their clients.

  56. Art says:

    “The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) announced yesterday that its elite hi-tech Intelligence Directorate, Unit 8200, prevented an ISIS plot to attack an Etihad airways flight from Australia to Abu Dhabi last summer.

    How come you Jews didn’t do that for America on 9/11/2001?

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Anon
  57. annamaria says:

    Thank you for reminding that Israelis killed hundreds of Palestinian children — the whole families of civilians — during their operation named after menorah. “1,268 people were killed, among them 288 children and 103 women, and 85% of those killed were not combatants.”–09)
    The moral midget of Jewish State has practiced all kinds of discrimination and all kinds of crime against non-Jews, which the Jews used to accuse of other people.
    As for the “solemn pledge of the medical profession,” it has been preempted by the policies of killing, torturing, mutilating, robbing, and keeping locked in the occupied territories the native population of Palestinians.
    What morality can be expected from the Moldovan thug Avigdor Lieberman? Or from your amoral Bibi and Herzog? The latter idiot demands bombing the sovereign state of Syria to “protect children” in the absence of evidence for the alleged poisoning, and yet Isaak Herzog is very content with the death of hundreds of Palestinian children. Looks like Herzog suffers a severe cognitive defect.

    Another Voice of Israel:

  58. Tick Tock says:

    For want of some ovens, the world was destroyed.

  59. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:

    WW3 is in the cards.

    “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

    ― Hermann Göring

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Wally
  60. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Ron Unz

    Mr. Unz,

    I just left a message for you here:

    Vice News just did a short report on Israeli cyber capabilities:

    How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security, VICE on HBO, Full Episode

    … and it began soon after we released this particular article. Perhaps coincidence, perhaps not.

    My thoughts and intuition exactly last night when the website was first down.

    Thank you for everything you do for us and for America.

    • Agree: Talha
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @Anonymous
  61. Z-man says:

    Bizzaro world ain’t it.

  62. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Israeli agencies passed on all info to U.S. However, the info was not unique among many similar ones filtering in for at least a decade. Thus a preparedness for the attack was not put into place. I cannot help you if you have already succumbed to conspiracy theories.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @jeff davis
  63. They’ve really mobilized and weaponized their women. Those photos, 85% women. Beefy, big-nosed, snow-White Jewish women, just like back in DC!

    These am-be White folks for sure!

  64. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Steve Gittelson

    In the least, Unit 8200 used by Weir as an example of a sinister organozation fails to stand on its own merit since Unit 8200 per the article she linked, fights against ISIS. Elementary logic.

    • Replies: @Steve Gittelson
  65. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, that article was linked to the jpg for Unit 8200 by Weir herself!

  66. @annamaria

    You are annoying as hell with the WWII analogies, annamaria.

    give it a rest.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Replies: @annamaria
  67. @FKA Max

    so there’s no reason to not speculate that the van that crashed into diners in Munster was not hijacked by cyber warriors.

    or the truck in New York City

  68. It ain’t easy being sleazy..
    You’re gonna need more keyboards.
    All your “antisemetic” hoaxes, hate crimes and deception are about to come back bite you in the rear.

    Proverbs 11:3 – The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.

    Proverbs 12:22 – Lying lips [are] abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly [are] his delight.

  69. Anon[345] • Disclaimer says:

    I think a lot of attacks can be stopped before they even happen just by judicious editing of the article’s title. Avoid the following formula “Israel + does something nasty”. You can put ‘Israel’ in the subtitle, you can put an Israeli flag in the photo, etc. Tone down the headline. Prudence is the better part of valor. It’s more important to get the info contained in the text out.

  70. Anonymous [AKA "dr,yoyboly"] says: more proof!! this sad and pathetic ”history” of ‘humans’ on this planet…..sooner or later every organized ‘human’ activity( party, state , ”NOG” and on and on). become criminal!!!!!. 100% …

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  71. Eagle Eye says:

    Libertarians argue that since it is not government that is doing the censoring, it is all OK.

    REAL libertarians would never make such a silly argument.

    More than 100 years ago, it was well understood by everyone who cared that natural monopolies (rail, oil, etc.) can be far more oppressive within their spheres of influence than any government entity. Anti-trust laws were one of the responses.

    Another response is the doctrine of the “common carrier”: Greyhound, Google, Pacific Railroad, Facebook, United Airlines, Twitter etc. are NOT allowed to refuse service to people except in cases of narrowly defined OPERATIONAL reasons, e.g. a drunk and rowdy rail passenger. In particular, common carriers are NOT permitted to deny service based on a person’s political views.

    Arbitrary denial of service by Google, Facebook, Twitter and even domain name administrators is a gross violation of long-established EXISTING law.

    Similarly, informal cooperation among market-dominating monopolies such as the Amazon/Washington Times, Google/Youtube, Facebook etc. violates existing anti-trust laws and various other provisions of federal and state law.

  72. annamaria says:

    And you don’t see where it must be pushed against the hypocrites. If you have better methods to fight the supremacist scum during this dangerous time, teach them, instead of grumbling. At least the scum pricks the ears when the holocaust biz is mentioned and used against the Jewish sanctimony.

  73. @Anonymous

    Just another Hasbara FYI: Ever wonder why Mid East articles are so overwhelmingly anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinians, anti-Iran, anti-Assad and pro-israel? Read this: : “A new app ‘arms’ thousands of motivated civilians worldwide, defending Israel’s image online” … “We had about 1,000 volunteers, most of them students from the IDC, who created pro-Israel PR content in 35 different languages, reaching some 40 million web users.” …

    we started working from the operations room on a regular basis. We had a database of student volunteers from dozens of countries, and it became more and more organized. We started setting up departments: One department created pro-Israeli marketing content, another department found and marked online articles that required our attention, and a third department dealt with finding and reporting pages that incite against Israel.” … Within only two weeks, it was downloaded by over 6,000 people in 27 countries around the world …

    “In the months before the app’s launch, we ran it a pilot among a group of some 800 students, most of them Americans,” … During the pilot period, we were able to remove 2-5 inciting pages or videos every week. We’re working with the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] and the Shin Bet [Israeli version of the FBI], who are giving us information on such inciting content, and even they couldn’t keep us with how fast we were getting things removed.” … “Companies, such as Facebook, remove content following reports from the community,” Ben-Yosef explains. “If there is only one person reporting it, he usually gets told by Facebook the content doesn’t meet the criteria for removal. If 300 report it—the content is removed immediately. As soon as content inciting against Israel is posted online, we send a message through the app and all of its subscribers immediately report it.” …

    “Students from the University of California (UC), where there are a lot of anti-Israel activists, came to us for help,” Briga says. “We organized a joint campaign, in which we opened Skype chats at the IDC and at UC campuses and we let random students just sit down and have a conversation with someone from here [Israel].

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  74. @annamaria

    Hi annamaria,

    Unless S2C’s at extended “Cocktail Hour,” he is typically pleased when commenters turn to serious “revisionist” WW II history.

    Sorry to intrude & thank you very much.

    One more thing. *

    As you know, despite occasional differences that happen here at U.R., we battle the same Enemy.

    *. Thanks to the late-Jewish Peter Falk; a.k.a., Detective Colombo.

  75. @Anon

    In the least, Unit 8200 used by Weir as an example of a sinister organozation fails to stand on its own merit since Unit 8200 per the article she linked, fights against ISIS. Elementary logic.

    Flummery. Diversion. More bullshit.

    You said the article is delivered as “Truth, for many on this website, is only material that is 100% anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.”

    But, called on that misconstrual of fact, you segue with appeal to logic. What happened to appeals to logic the first time around, hasbarat scum?

  76. Miro23 says:
    @Greg Bacon

    You see what the unhinged Israelis do to the Palestinians, and that’s what will happen to Americans when they finally take full control of the USA. We’ll be the ones being used for target practice by snipers, herded into concentration camps and hounded out of our homes.

    Americans can’t imagine this, but then neither could the Russians after the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia in 1917.

    Their reaction was “Why are you doing this? – There must be some mistake.” “I haven’t done anything wrong”, “This is criminal – the authorities need to deal with this”, “Where are the police etc.”

    Totalitarianism takes some getting used to.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @TheBoom
  77. Art says:

    Israeli agencies passed on all info to U.S. However, the info was not unique among many similar ones filtering in for at least a decade. Thus a preparedness for the attack was not put into place. I cannot help you if you have already succumbed to conspiracy theories.

    Who did these Israeli agents talk to at the CIA? Just what did they tell the CIA? (Maybe the CIA waterboarded the wrong side?)

    Hmm – post 9/11 – what did the NSA disclose about all this?

    Why does any mention of a new investigation panic the deep state government?

    Think Peace — Art

    p.s. Assassinating the character of those who question Jew connections to 9/11, is standard Hasbara Central 101. We know you guys.

  78. annamaria says:

    Here is a celebrated presstitute Christiane Amanpour: Amanpour is married to James Rubin, the spokesperson for the Clinton State Department from 1997-2000 and Madeleine Albright’s “right-hand man.” (“Rubin was born into a Jewish family in New York City:”
    Amanpour is a real scum. She is as good at profitable fakery as Judy Miller.
    “This hack [Amanpour] had the gall to warn us about the dangers of “fake news.” This, from the mouthpiece who had a major hand in the media demonization of the Serbian people that made it easier for the US to intervene in the Balkans wars and finish off the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. They bombed Serbia for 78 days, killing around 500 people.”
    Guess the slaughter was just another “worth it” for Amanpour.
    “In late 2013, Amanpour raised the argument for intervention in Syria against the Assad government… She has appeared on several news programs in the UK and criticized the Obama administration for its non-interventionist approach to Syria.”
    — Hey, the warmongers, send your son Darius John Rubin to the front line!

    • Agree: Z-man
  79. Excellent article, Ms. Weir — but hardly news for those of us who’ve been around the internet for more than 25 years.

    I remember this phenomenon way back in the mid-’90s, when any web page even remotely critical of israel or the jews would disappear within about 2 hours.

    Of course, back then there weren’t anywhere near the numbers of web sites and web pages to censor — they had it pretty easy back then.

    As someone commented in these pages in the past couple months, quoting someone or another — if you want to find out who’s really in power, find out who you cannot speak against.

    In today’s United States, even the sacrosanct mexicans and other illegal aliens, the palestinians, the gays and lesbians and transgender folks are fair game for any and all criticism compared with the jews and/or israel.

  80. Anonymous[280] • Disclaimer says:

    Absolutely. Most whites in the US have no idea how ugly it’s gonna get when they become a minority in their own country. Probably sooner since all the other races are getting indoctrinated by the (((establishment))) to hate the whitey.

  81. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:

    Good points. I have often suspected that part of hasbara operations includes posting anti-semitic material that they then “discover” and attack with gusto for propaganda purposes.

    The alt-right and the far-left’s obsession with seeing conniving Jews behind absolutely every nefarious action is a way of absolving Americans and Europeans from complicity in their countries crimes of Empire. And having a cartoonish Jew super-villain to take the fall makes a complicated and ambiguous world easy to understand and explain. No self-reflection and thinking required.

    This kind of nutty paranoia and magical thinking is more a cognitive dissonance avoidance strategy than an expression of deep seated anti-semitism but it provides fodder for the hasbara propaganda mill which can easily paint these cranks as hardcore Jew haters.

    The influence and respect that Zionist Jews enjoy in western society is unmatched by any other religious, cultural or ethnic group and a big enough challenge as it is. Self-defeating cranksterism is a gift to hasbara propagandists and one they can easily exploit and manufacture and use to score points against legitimate critics of Israeli and Jewish power.

    • Replies: @Art
  82. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:

    Yup, if you understand German you understand Yiddish. It has some Polish and Hebrew mixed in I believe but it is essentially a dialect of German. Younger Jews love Germany, especially Berlin which has seen a huge increase in Jewish immigration, mainly from Russia and Israel.

    The Israeli government a few years ago launched a PR campaign in an attempt to shame Jews from moving to the “land of the Nazis.” Which is funny because Germans are generally extremely deferential to Jews (it’s embarrassing really how cowed they are) and the chances of a 4th Reich coming out of the present-day Federal Republic of Germany is zero to nil.

  83. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:
    @FKA Max

    Beware of VICE news. They are basically liberal establishment propaganda packaged to appeal to snowflake millennials and Williamsburg hipster artfags.

  84. One more time. It’s not anti-semitism, it’s Counter-Semitism.

    • Agree: Steve Gittelson
    • Replies: @Z-man
  85. TheBoom says:

    South Africa is probably the most likely preview of what will happen to whites after they become a minority. At the very least there is less risk for whites in seeing SA as a harbinger of what life will be like for their descendants. Unfortunately too many whites think they don’t have to care what happens to the country as long as they have a gun and can find a largely white area in which to live now, just like they don’t think that they need to care about the leftist indoctrination in the school system as long as they homeschool. Their descendants will find out otherwise.

  86. @jilles dykstra

    What, in my opinion, the zionists never anticipated is how Israel would advertise judaism.

    They knew it and were warned by many. I think Hannah Arendt was one who warned and I’m pretty sure I can dig up a quote on that if you’re interested. Many Jews resisted the Zionist project for exactly that reason among others, I believe.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  87. Anonymous[527] • Disclaimer says:

    The left plays shenanigans like these as well. I’ve seen emails/flyers for Wikipedia editing sessions by feminist and other leftist groups at Universities, seen flyers advertising for paid protesting positions, etc. If you have to astroturf to have a grassroots movement supporting your cause, what does that say about the real support for your position?

  88. @Anonymous

    “Why of course the people don’t want war…

    Goering was correct.

    What most people don’t know is that Hitler and the Nazis didn’t want war, either.

    Note: While I don’t agree with a lot of Buchanan’s politics, I consider him a first rate historian. This is an excellent piece.

    Did Hitler Want War?

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  89. @Anonymous

    sooner or later every organized ‘human’ activity( party, state , ”NOG” and on and on). become criminal!!!!!. 100% …

    Yer preaching my sermon! You are 100% correct and I hope you comment more often.

  90. anon[266] • Disclaimer says:

    Have your own You Tube. That means also ti have your own internet server It also means to have your own internet . Can the countries Russia Iran Venezuela Syria Sudan Hungary and Uruguay pull it off?

  91. annamaria says:

    “Salisbury Hospital’s chief administrator and chief doctor refuse to say they are holding consent forms signed by Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal. Without those forms, and proof the hospital has obtained them from the Skripals since they regained consciousness last week, the hospital is making claims about their privacy which are improper, according to the practice rules of the British National Health Service, and unlawful violations of their human rights, according to British and European law.”
    — The Friends of Israel in the UK have their own set of rules.

  92. Ron needs to set up a mirror site or two in some place like Iceland. Furthermore, there are ways to set traps for these Jewish Slugs and embarrass them publicly (if it’s possible to embarrass a Zionist). Israel wants 24 hour control of all civilizations. It’s time to set traps all over the internet for them including false sites and videos so that they just keep chasing stuff. The best defense is always a never let up offense.

  93. Wally says:

    ” and why the Holocaust happened in the first place.”

    Except that the ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ have been debunked, with ease.
    Which make sense since the claims are utterly impossible.

    And after reading this article why would anyone be surprised that Jew propaganda conjured up the fake ‘holocaust’ tall tales? After all, they have tried ‘6,000,000’ lie since at least 1823.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos

  94. Wally says:

    said in jest, I’m sure:

    “do we all have to sit by and watch Assad make soap and lampshades of every Jew in Israel before you’ll put down Mein Kamph long enough to do your job?!”

    Except there were no laughable humans skin lampshades or soap made from Jews and no one can show us any.

    Which ‘translation’ of Mein Kampf is the question.

    And where’s the proof that Himmler did what propganda creating Jews say he did?

    That was easy.

  95. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    Biafrans killed by Nigerian occupation-2 million
    Darfuris killed by Sudanese occupation-800 000
    Papuans killed by Indonesian occupation-500,000
    Syrians killed by Alawite occupation-500,000
    Tibeteans and Xinyang killed by Chinese occupation -250,000
    Chechnyans killed by Russian occupation-150,000
    Kurds and Cypriots killed by Turkish occupation-77,000
    Western Saharans killed by Moroccan occupation- 40,000
    Israel Palestinian conflict-23,000 killed

    When are your youtube videos coming out ????

  96. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Jews own the platforms. Jews own the media. Jews own the whore politicians like so many nickels and dimes. Jews fund the watchdog groups.

    Hyman Roth controls America.

  97. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    Russia(worlds largest country) is currently occupying Chechnya,Dagestan,Kaliningrad,Crimea. Also embroiled in the Syrian war .Talk about war mongering greed .

  98. Wally says:

    Indeed, Goering is referring to the ‘Allies”.

    BTW, Britain & France declared war on Germany for it’s justifiable attack on Poland, but did not declare war on communist USSR which invaded Poland from the east.

    The “Holocau\$t Industry” in court:

    ‘Please your honor, there really are remains of millions buried in huge mass graves, we know where the mass graves are, … but, but, well, umm, we can’t show the court the human remains. You must trust us, we’re Zionists.’

    • Replies: @Uebersetzer
  99. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    Free Chechnya,Dagestan,Crimea,Biafra,Papua,
    Cyprus,Kaliningrad, Kurdistan,Tibet,Xinyang,Western Sahara,Darfur……..

    Why should PaLie\$tinian\$ and Israelis fight over crumbs when Jordan occupies 78% of “Palestine”.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  100. Alden says:

    There are probably a lot of Israeli ADL AJC and AIPAC operatives working as ordinary employees of youtube who close down videos that are not pro communist, Israeli, gay black criminal and Jewish plus the rest of the Jewish causes of the week.

  101. Wally says:
    @mark green

    ” I suspect Ron Unz gets similar treatment.”

    I certainly would like to hear what Ron Unz says of the treatment he gets. He’s gotta be tough as nails.
    A big ol bear hug to The Ron.

    recommended from the CODOH Revisionist Forum at


  102. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    I looked at UNZ 8/am this morning and now 9/ pm and a couple times during the day.

    I find that my phone works better for most things than my computer or even getting Netflix. Watching a movie on this tiny screen is not fun but unlike on the TV or computer screen, the movie just starts and cintinues to the end.

    I had no problems getting UNZ at any time today. It was a bit slow around noon.

    It might not work for others but my phone worked fine today.

    Thanks so much for fixing things today Ron.

    Phone is an apple carrier AT&T. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  103. Alden says:

    Saw some kind of headline about Assad gassing people. I admire that family so much. They have held out for what, 30, 40 years now?

    They are like the Gonzagas d’estes Medicis Colonnas and the rest of those macho Italians.

    How did I realize the Assad’s were the good guys and America the bad guy?

    Very simple. I just noticed that the print media hated Assad Sr. So I knew he must be the good guy. Same thing with that war in Kosovo Serbia and Croatia in the 90s. Print media claimed Muslims good Serbians and Croatians bad.

    So I knew the Kosovians were Muslim supremacists getting a religious and human trafficking smuggling drug and weapons dealing criminal enterprise into Europe. And the non Muslim countries were just fighting against invasion.

  104. Wally says:

    “Vincent Reynouard, a famous French dissident”

    Vincent Reynouard here:

    If Jews were really so smart then they would have conjured up a better, more believable method of mass murder than what they falsely claim for their impossibly fake & stupid ‘6,000,000’.

  105. Alden says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Like most elderly enlightenment still fighting the reformation anti catholic old communist useful idiot “ intellectuals” you got it totally wrong about what the Pope said around 1870.

    The Catholic Church never stated that the what the Pope said was true.

    What was stated was that the Pope was the supreme arbiter of matters of Catholic doctrine, faith and morals.

    The Pope is always right about specifically catholic doctrine only as it applies to faith morals.

    The Pope has no authority nor pretensions to, other religions and or secular positions on this or that.

    Being such a great intellectual and historian albeit biased and prejudiced you might look into your own pathetic little country’s history.

    Shortly after the return to the Old Testament known as the reformation, your own Dutch reformed cities and provinces invited the Jewish insurers who had been expelled from Spain in
    From their base in Amsterdam the Jewish usurpers backed by the Dutch Reformed church took over England and N Europe.

    Sorry old man, you can’t be anti Israel, anti Jewish influence and anti catholic at the same time.

    Who fought communism for 70 years? The Catholics. Which churches joined a notorious soviet communist front the World Conference of Churches?

    Every stupid Protestant church in the world despite that it was well known that the WCC was a soviet communist front.

    Do you have any idea how ancient and old fashioned your pseudo intellectual anti Catholicism is? You sound like a 1930s Jewish communist professor.

    And who cares about this Pope. He’ll be dead soon. Didn’t the tiny insignificant Netherlands recognize Israel in the 1940s? And didn’t the Vatican refuse to recognize Israel until very recently?

    Making snide remarks about the one organization on earth that fought detrimental Jewish influence in Europe for 16,00 years and fought the Soviet Union while most Protestant churches gladly joined a well known soviet communist front just shows you are a brainwashed leftist pseudo intellectual

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  106. RudyM says:

    Moon of Alabama and Sic Semper Tyrannis both down. Kind of scary, considering the timing.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  107. Alden says:

    Speaking of Yiddish, it was the official
    language of the communist party of the USA for about 15 years. With the exception of useful idiot pseudo intellectual John Reed and a few others the founders of the CPUSA were all jumped up Russian shetl Yiddish speaking immigrants who didn’t speak English.
    Finally on the early 1930s Stalin realized that a Yiddish speaking NYC organization wouldn’t make much progress in an English speaking nation.

    So Stalin decreed 4 rules:

    1 the CPUSA headquarters be moved from Jewish NYC to Chicago.

    2. That the communists learn English and use it in personal and official CPUSS life And all meeting and publications be in English.

    3. That Jews be no more than 40 percent of the CPUSA instead of 80 to 90 percent as it was during the 19 teens and 20s.

    4. That the head of the CPUSA not be a Jew or have Jewish grandparents. Which is how they got Gus Hall for decades as there were so few goyim to hold that office.

    And what American organization fought communism all those years while the government hired thousands of them and useful idiot pseudo intellectuals worshipped the CPUSA

    The Catholic Church that old lefty jilles dykstra so despises.

    It’s telling that after centuries in Russia and the polish provinces of Russia the Russian Jews still spoke Yiddish.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  108. anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:

    “Those to whom evil is done/do evil in return.” W.H. Auden

    Assuming 911 wasn’t even an inside job, do you then understand why Muslims would commit that evil? If you don’t then enjoy the darkness and smells, with your noggin firmly up the hole.

    too late to build a “wall” around those who worship Yahweh or Allah

    LOL! So, who will build a wall around the white psychopaths who worship various forms of human-like deities, who go around perpetuating evil around the world?

    to protect the shreds left of humanism in the West.

    Humanism in the context of the west? Yeah, enjoy the darkness and smells.

  109. Art says:

    The influence and respect that Zionist Jews enjoy in western society is unmatched by any other religious, cultural or ethnic group and a big enough challenge as it is.

    Oh my — a another clever Hasbara Central worker..

    He hides his identity with “Anonymous.”

    He assassinates his opponents character with the charge of stupidity.

    How totally typical – pure Hasbara 101.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    p.s. “Respect for Jews” — REALLY — the representatives of 7,000,000,000 voted against the Jews in the UN.

  110. @jacques sheete

    Even better source
    A J P Taylor, ‘The Origins of the Second World War’, 1961, 1967, Londen
    How unprepared Germany was for war:
    Heinz Guderian, ‘Panzer Leader’, London 2000, 1952
    How very bad French military leadership made it possible to knock out France in three weeks:
    A. Goutard, ‘1940 La Guerre des Occasions Perdues’, Paris 1956
    ‘The war of the lost opportunities’.

  111. @Wally

    Why was the German invasion justified and the Soviet one not? Is it that “Wally” is a Nazi and therefore thinks all Nazi actions are justified for that reason alone?

    • Replies: @Wally
  112. anonymous[243] • Disclaimer says:

    Muslims think their duty ends with praying five times a day to God.

    Not sure what point you are trying to make here. That Muslims don’t fully understand what is required of them, as commanded of us by the Almighty One?

    True Muslims live by the following verse;

    And those who have believed and done righteous deeds – We will surely assign to them of Paradise [elevated] chambers beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the [righteous] workers [29:58]

    Praying regularly is just one of the manifestations of, “those who have believed,” that is, belief in True Monotheism.

    Righteousness is refraining from the many ills of mankind; Murder, Rape, Intoxication, Promiscuity, Immodesty, Greed, Fraud, Thievery, Usury, Gambling, etc.

    Taking up arms against evil, if you are so inclined (and good for them, who do), is also righteousness in my view, if one does not cross the line between a just fight (any area of enemy military scope), and committing evil (slaughter of innocents).

    And, most Muslims do a pretty good job in some of those contexts (promiscuity, immodesty, gambling, etc.), while others require improvements (e.g. greed, bribery, etc.).

    Perhaps when the evil ziowest stops bombing and raping our resources, then perhaps we can rebuild and fill in the gaps which require improvements.

  113. @jacques sheete

    Not for that reason, assimilated jews felt offended by zionism.
    This began already at the time of the Balfour Declaration, the, at the time, under secretary for India was a jew, he objected vehemently.
    Never read anything that there were jews who foresaw zionist brutalities, just Jabotinsky in The Iron Wall in 1923, but Jabotinsky did not foresee the consequences.
    Understandable, at the time colonialism had not been condemned.
    It was Uri Avernery who wrote, I think, that zionism was 200 years too late.
    Why the 200, I never understood, 100 would have sufficed, for an acceptable colonial war.

  114. @Anonymous

    The problem is, in my opinion, that many in the west who since WWII supported Israel, now understand how they have been cheated, and feel guilty about what was done to the Palestinians.

  115. @Jake

    If any language was and is used for precise thought and expression it is german, arabic is even better.
    In comparison english is baby talk.
    I can read german easily, when writing it I make many mistakes.
    About the origin of yiddisch, nott so simple:
    Kevin Alan Brook, ‘The Jews of Khazaria’, Northvale NJ, 1999
    I have not yet read the book.

  116. If it is that the Polish state was oppressing its German minority, the Soviets maintained that Poland was oppressing Ukrainians and Belorussians and that the USSR was liberating them.

  117. @renfro

    >>To illustrate do this….enter Muslim terrorist–you will get results for Muslim terrorist. Then enter Jewish terrorist—you will get 250,000 hits for ‘terrorist attacks on Jews’..not Jewish terrorist.<<

    I just did this on DuckDuckGo and ironically got the opposite – Jewish Terrorist got results about Jewish terrorism, Muslim Terrorist got mostly a bunch of "Islam is a religion of peace" stuff.

  118. mcohen says:

    Alison weir whining about censorship. You poor thing.Did you actually believe that israel would not fight back and allow you to spread your nazi inspired lies on the internet.

    Halla igbal

    Peace alison.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  119. @annamaria

    I apologize, annamaria, for attacking you personally and also for failing to read and understand your comment as a whole. I had Frank Raymond’s talk to the Justice for Germans Society in my head: “No people in history have been shamed as have the German people . . .”

    I agree with Art; your comments are providing tremendous value to this forum.
    Thank you.

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Replies: @annamaria
  120. @Jake


    Yiddish isn’t German even if they use many German words. I’ve read an article some years ago telling the history of historical research about Yiddish. There was an old theory that Yiddish was of German origin, but more modern ideas show that its origins is a turkish language. This is confirmed in any case by what Shlomo Sand says in his book about the origins of the Jewish people, a book that is a definitive about about this theme and also extremely interesting. Central European Jews didn’t come from Germany and then moved to the East. They came originally from West Asia and moved to East Europe.

  121. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Not just the Internet. Not just the press. Not just academia. Not just the government. Not just the banks.
    They got BOOKS, too, as described in this Unz Review article.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  122. annamaria says:

    I respect your wisdom and knowledge.

  123. @Alden

    anon No. 257 complained:
    “The Catholic Church that old lefty jilles dykstra so despises.”

    Hi # 257,

    Is it possible that the “old lefty,” j. dykstra, actually resents the present right-wing (conservative) intellectual wing of the ZUS Roman Catholic Church?

    Below is a rather waffling (deceitful?) new article written by the great Patrick Buchanan.

    An experienced politician,”revisionist” historian, author, Pat Buchanan knows that Trump’s presidential campaign was financially supported by billionaire Sheldon Adelson — a born-again character right out of the Protocols, & an uptown nut who wants Iran annihilated.

    PreZident Trump is not merely hooked by a “War Party.”

    Pat Buchanan knows better. Adelson and Jewish Neoconservatives are pulling Trump’s puppet strings. (Article below)

    Oh well, # 257, I offer suggestion that “old lefty,” j. dykstra, might actually despise the Vatican City Lowerarchy and ZUS Roman Catholic political-intellectuals, (other examples, Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Governor Andy Cuomo), whose public deeds are regrettably opposite to those offered by Catholics, Philip Giraldi and Ray McGovern.

    Servus, # 257.

    j. dykstra might support the “lefty” work of the brave Chicago-based peace activist,
    Kathy Kelly. Her organization’s web site,, [email protected]. Kathy did months of jail time for protesting at a U.S. military base HQ that specialized in killing by drones. F.Y.I., I co-wrote an “Open Letter to the Catholic Church” which requested Pope Francis to meet with Kathy Kelly while he visited the U.S. Par for the course, not one Catholic magazine/web site published the open letter.

  124. utu says:

    Israeli soldiers CHEER as a sniper shoots ‘unarmed’ Palestinian protester in video filmed through rifle sight

  125. annamaria says:

    How to make the Jews hated by any rational person:
    “The pandering to Jewish interests is widespread in the federal government and is bipartisan. Israel runs a large trade surplus with the United States because it has free access to the U.S. market and can also bid on government contracts, a privilege normally afforded only to NATO allies. Plus Washington foots the bill for more than 20% of Israeli defense spending, even allowing Israel to use American taxpayer provided dollars to buy weapons from its own defense industry, which competes with that of the U.S.
    Indeed, in the past year, there has been a virtual flood of legislation that has been favorable to Israel and some Jewish-related issues even though there is no actual interest in play for other Americans. On the contrary, much of the legislation actually denies to citizens and residents the Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of association. The most recent legislation benefiting Israel and punishing Israel’s host of enemies was rolled into the omnibus spending bill that was signed into law on March 23rd. Israel received additional money for its “defense” while the Palestinians saw money going both to the Palestinian Authority as well as to the United Nations to help refugees in the Middle East cut dramatically.
    Twenty-four states are now requiring statements pledging not to boycott Israel from those citizens and organizations that receive government funding or even seek local government employment. Two bills in Congress also seek to define as anti-Semitism any criticism of Israel. On December 12th 2017 the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act was approved by the House of Representatives with 402 affirmative votes and only two libertarian-leaning congressmen voting “no.” The Israel Anti-Boycott Act that is also currently making its way through the Congress would far exceed what is happening at the state level and would set a new standard for deference to Israeli interests on the part of the national government. It would criminalize any U.S. citizen “engaged in interstate or foreign commerce” who supports a boycott of Israel or who even goes about “requesting the furnishing of information” regarding it, with penalties enforced through amendments of two existing laws, the Export Administration Act of 1979 and the Export-Import Act of 1945, that include potential fines of between \$250,000 and \$1 million and up to 20 years in prison.”

    — Again, why the Jews hate Egypt, Persia, Russia, Germany…? — For the natives’ attempts to get rid of the parasite?

  126. annamaria says:

    Ziocons have ordered the US military to invade the airspace of the sovereign Syria:
    “The US Navy P-8A Poseidon, which is a reconnaissance aircraft able to penetrate deep into enemy territory is carrying out a multi-hour flight near the coast of Syria, where the Russian air base Khmeimim and the logistics base of the port of Tartus are located.
    The spy plane with the onboard number 168439 flew from the Sigonella airbase on the Italian island of Sicily and is now at an altitude of 8,000 meters, circling the distance of 40 kilometers from the air base of Khmeimim and the Russian Navy base in Tartus.
    Its flight path passes over the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Turkish press, 100 kilometers from the Russian base in Tartus there is also the American destroyer Donald Cook, equipped with 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles.
    According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House is preparing to strike Syria in response to reports that allegedly on April 7, in the vicinity of the city of the Douma, chemical weapons were used. Washington accused Damascus officially – but Russia had warned of a rebel attack being planned a number of days prior.”
    — The Israel-firsters want to dismember Syria… All according to Oded Yinon plan for Eretz Israel. The 52 major American Jewish organizations are silent; they approve the mass slaughter.
    What can go wrong?

  127. Josecanuc says:

    “After you – O Israel – have inherited the earth… and achieved dominion over every living thing on earth…then… shall mankind beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; then (and only then) shall one nation not lift up sword against another nation, neither shall they learn war anymore..” The Torah

    “Israel (“man chosen by YHWH” and “May YHWH rule”) is above all the nations, as the head is above the body.” Josephus, 24 CE

    In the Alenu, the prayer that closes every Jewish service the Jews chant: ‘Lord We await to see your Splendor Perfecting The World. Then will humanity RECOGNIZE & KNOW that to you EVERY KNEE MUST BEND, EVERY TONGUE PLEDGE LOYALTY & may they all accept the YOKE OF YOUR JEWISH KINGDOM – and MAY YOU RULE OVER THEM (thou the holy chosen Jews) SOON & FOR ALL TIME.’

    ‘Just as, in the 16th and 17th centuries, (so in the 19th century) Jewish antennae everywhere were ever alert to pick up murmurs of an act of injustice to Jews anywhere that stirred emotions in the growing Jewish urban centres.’ Paul Johnson, History of the Jews

    “If you are chosen, you cannot choose! We are chosen; the choice is outside of us. We are Jews! Defined as Jews! Essentially Jews!” In Search of American Jewish Culture

    Arthur Koestler: “If one looks with a cold open eye at the mess man has made of his history, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that he has been afflicted By some built-in mental disorder which drives him toward self-destruction.”

    George Orwell: “We shall get nowhere until we start…recognizing that the world is suffering from some kind of mental disease which must be diagnosed

    Berdynaev: “We are not aware that we live in madness which is but superficially concealed.”

    William Barrett: “Nothing can be accomplished by denying that man (esp an appointed one) is an essentially troubled (afflicted, being, except to make (encourage) more trouble (affliction, torment).”

  128. RobinG says:

    Must be retribution for b. exposing media fraud and Pat Lang’s letter to Mattis.

    A repost of the appeal to James Mattis, the United States Secretary of Defense, from the honorable Colonel Patrick Lang:
    I beseech you, sir, to consider the possibility that the supposed chlorine gas attack at Douma, Syria may have been a carefully constructed propaganda fraud on the part of the rebels encircled in Douma. Such a fraud would have as its purpose the elicitation of exactly the kind of response that we are seeing in the Western media. The rebels have been defeated in East Gouta. Their fighters and families are being evacuated to Turkish occupied Jarabulus by air-conditioned bus. How would it benefit the Syrian government to make such an attack in this situation?

    I hope that you will determine the exact facts of what occurred at Douma before any action is taken.

    I recommend that you send someone competent to Syria to make an on the ground investigation.

    W. Patrick Lang

    Colonel (Ret.) US Army

    • Replies: @mcohen
  129. RobinG says:
    @Jett Rucker

    This book is BANNED by AMAZON ___________

    By Alex Krainer
    In 2015, Bill Browder published “Red Notice” – purportedly a true story about his experience in Russia. Upon closer scrutiny however, his story doesn’t add up and demonstrably fails to stand up in a court of law. Nonetheless, on the dubious strength of that story, Browder has been able to lobby the U.S. Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act in 2012 which needlessly damaged the relations between the U.S. and Russia.

  130. mcohen says:

    Hi robin

    He is really….the honorable retired colonel

    HRC with oak leaf and acorn on chest

    Peace art peace robin

    Halla igbal

  131. Wally says:

    Another dumb, childish hasbarist response. Yawn.

    The communist & violent Zionist heavy USSR had no justification, the Germans had plenty.

    Recall the seizing of German land under the widely denounced cruelty of the Versailles Treaty, terror against Germans in ‘Poland’, and Polish warmongering .
    Polish Atrocities against Germans before 1. September 1939
    a taste:

    “Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to.”
    – Polish Marshal Rydz-Smigly as reported in the Daily Mail, August 6th, 1939)


    ”under Polish pressure the Germans in the southern and eastern districts were subjected to oppressive treatment. On Aug. 19 1920 the Poles felt strong enough, indeed, to make an attempt to seize the country by force. On all sides bands of Poles, chiefly recruited from Congress Poland, usurped authority. A number of Germans were forcibly carried across the frontier into Poland, and many were killed. Several weeks elapsed before it was possible to quell this rising and restore order…It had been suggested by the Entente that non-resident Upper Silesians of the German Reich should vote outside Silesia, at Cologne. Germany protested against this, and her protest was recognized as valid by the Entente. In January 1921 the date of the plebiscite was fixed for March 20 1921.
    An immediate revival took place in the use of terrorism by the Poles, especially in the districts of Rybnik, Pless, Kattowitz, and Beuthen. It reached its climax in the days preceding the plebiscite. Voters from other parts of the German Reich were frequently refused admission to the polls; sometimes they were maltreated and even in some instances murdered; and houses where outvoters were staying were set on fire… The day after the plebiscite the Polish excesses recommenced, and from that date onwards continued without interruption… Practically all the towns voted for Germany… the first days of May witnessed a new Polish insurrection which assumed far greater proportions than the former one. Korfanty had secretly raised a well-organized Polish force which was provided with arms and munition from across the border, and was reinforced by large bodies of men from Poland…
    By June 20 the British troops had again occupied the larger towns, while the Poles had the upper hand in the rural districts. As a result of the difficulties in paying his men and providing them with food Korfanty now lost control over his followers. Independent bands were formed which plundered the villages, ill-treated the Germans, and murdered many of them.”

    – 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica, “SILESIA, UPPER”

    Responsibility for WW2

  132. Lurker says:

    Great article.

    Our problem is most people don’t even get that this war is taking place right under their noses, trying to explain ends up in conspiracy territory.

  133. Lurker says:


    Kind of undermines the ‘pro-Israel’ hasbara doesn’t it. Because for you people it’s all about whining, trolling, disruption and the rest.

    110 coming up.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  134. mcohen says:

    Nah not even classic

    A few years ago she was caught out associating with the was dealt with on mondoweiss.check it out.she slithered away hoping people would forget.

    Peace lurker

    Halla igbal

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  135. @mcohen

    Alison Weir does not slither.

    Not long after Mondoweiss “horribles”, including the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing horrible (peace, RobinG) JVP attacked Ms. Weir, she spoke to a packed room at Florida University. The room was salted with former IDF who monopolized the Q&A. Weir faced them all down and did not lose her cool for one instant.

    Try again ajpl, we’re on your case.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @RobinG
    , @mcohen
  136. Anon[613] • Disclaimer says:

    JVP is a gatekeeper organization that has taken over the Palestinian movement in America to prevent any real hardhitting Palestinian movement from taking root in America. They dont want any activism that shows the connection between mainstream jewish organizations and antimuslim hate organizations in this country. If JVP harasses Allison Weir that means she is doing something right

  137. Art says:

    Israeli agencies passed on all info to U.S. ( on 9/11)

    Sure thing – we believe that 100 %.

    Scratch 9/11 and it bleeds Jew.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    p.s. Time for a real investigation into 9/11 run by Americans.

  138. RobinG says:

    Thanks for sparing me the cooties of writing directly to that pustule. As for Alison being “dealt with” on Mondoweiss, it was a battle royal within the trbe, with Rebecca Vilkomerson getting thoroughly thrashed, and I notice her name is no longer on the JVP page.

    As for mcohen…

    [In “Soup-Nazi” (peace, indeed) fashion.]
    *Excellent your post to Olde Wizzer about Graetz.

  139. RobinG says:

    Oops… Vilkomerson is on JVP “Academic Advisory Council” – less prominent that Chair of Directors, but no less dangerous.

  140. L.K says:

    Thank you, Alison Weir! You have been a warrior!

    For those who have not yet, pick up a copy of A. Weir’s excellent, packed full of info book,
    Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel.

    If you decide to read just one book on the issue of Zionism, make it Alison’s book.

    • Replies: @Paul C.
  141. mcohen says:

    still no mention of alison weirs connection to clay douglas.just the usual burp and fart.let’s address this issue now.I suppose when you have a book to promote like “against the Jews” it is not what you know but who you know.

    peace solonto .peace robin g.peace art

    think peace not hate.

    halla igbal

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  142. @mcohen

    Never heard of Clay Douglas. Just tuned in to one of his programs so I’d know what the beef is. He seems like a pretty marginal character.

    Douglas is probably not a member of Skull and Bones or even of AEP.

    Appears he appeals to a different demographic than those two groups; what do you have against diversity and multiculturalism, mcohen???

    re your closing sentiment, “think peace not hate.” Hate to sound cynical, but I don’t think you really mean that.
    OR maybe you subscribe to your co-ethno-religio-tribe member, self-proclaimed “proud Levite,” Michael Ledeen’s definition of peace:

    “Peace is not the opposite of war, it is the result of war. It’s what happens when a war is fought and one side beats the other side and the winning side imposes terms on the loser, and those terms are called peace and are generally hammered at a peace conference and sometimes it takes the form of a peace treaty.”

    You’ll get a kick outa this, mcohen: a Black guy called in to C Span Washington Journal and complained that C Span does not pay appropriate attention to what Jews in Israel are doing to Palestinians in Gaza, and also that Israel is expelling tens of thousands of Black Africans. He said, “We [Blacks] have supported Israel for years, and this is the thanks we get.”

    The C Span MOD basically ignored the comment — Move along, nothing to see — but you can be sure CAMERA will write it up and demand that C Span mend its ways or No Soup for You.

    But I thought it was interesting that the BLACK community is showing cracks in its slavish (isn’t it weird how words pop into your brain?) support for Jews and Israel, as if NAACP or BLM has ever done anything for them. Slowly the giant awakes.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  143. RobinG says:

    The squamous mcohen must be referring to the ‘guilt by association’ with which JVP’s Vilkomerson tried to tag Alison.

    Was it to Clay Douglas’ radio show that she accepted an invitation to speak about her book, Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel? Alison was castigated for (1) accepting to go on the show, and (2) not sufficiently berating the host for his (apparent, or alleged, ’cause I’m no witness) anti-Semitism. LOL.

    Generally despised at Mondoweiss, mcohen is now trolling fetid hasbara here, as well. Pffft… a shitstain on the page. Thanks again for your response, but at what point is it best to ignore?

    • Replies: @mcohen
  144. mcohen says:

    [You were already warned that unless your greatly improved your punctuation, capitalization, and grammar your comments would not be published.]

  145. @Anon

    The Israeli “art students” — Mossad — were in the US to monitor and chaperone the coming 911 attack. The wanted it to succeed. They were ready to help. Perhaps they did help. They certainly danced in celebration on the day of the attack. The Zionist state is no friend of the US. In fact, it is no friend to anyone.

    Their are many problems confronting the Zionists in their information war. Among them:

    (1) Though very well organized, the Zionists effort is vastly outnumbered: thirty million Jews worldwide vs seven billion non-jews.
    (2) Though control of the mass media once enabled the dominance of the Zionist “narrative” (ie the big lie), the internet and smart phone cameras have ended that monopoly. It’s very nearly impossible to convince someone of a lie when they already know the truth and witness it daily with their own (lying?) eyes.
    (3) The underlying mental defect of garrison state, siege-mentality Zionism, that more violence will somehow solve the problem.
    (4) The decline of American power in the world, the decline of American support for Israel, growing awareness of disproportionate Israeli influence (ie “subversion”) of the American political system, and the decline of support for Israel by the younger generation of American Jews.
    (5) Other factors you might wish to add.

    And one last thing: I’m an American and a Jew, just not a supporter of criminal Zionism.

    • Replies: @Steve Gittelson
  146. @jeff davis

    (1) Though very well organized, the Zionists effort is vastly outnumbered: thirty million Jews worldwide vs seven billion non-jews.

    Irrelevant. Money buys votes, money buys support, money buys censorship, money buys total media control.

    Money wins, thus Israel wins. Every time.

  147. Hasbara trolls are easy to spot, now that I’ve had plenty of experience with their shamelessly dishonest (& relentlessly maudlin) behavior.

    I know decent people who happen to be Jews.

    But these trolls embody every negative stereotype of Jews that ever came down the pike.

  148. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:

    “O, what a tangled web (((we))) weave when first (((we))) practice to deceive” ~ Walter Scott

    Parentheses added.

    FAKE, PHONY, COUNTERFEIT, IMPOSTER “Jews” in equally counterfeit (((Rothschild)))-“Israel”.

    Why counterfeit, fake, phony, IMPOSTER “Jews”? Read on to find out.

    Why do I call them FAKE, PHONY, COUNTERFEIT, IMPOSTER “Jews”, and what is the real meaning of ZION-ist? Read on:

    The so-called “Sephardi” “Jews” (10% of all “Jews” today) are of BERBER-ARAB descent. The remaining 90% of so-called “Jews” today (the “Ashkenazi”) are of SLAVO-TURKIC descent. This means, that they have NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM to being the direct lineal descendants of the original, true IBERI (Hebrews) of the Old Testament era! NONE. WHAT-SO-EVER. Read Paul Wexler’s work in _The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews_, and _The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity_. Also, read THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY, by Comyns Beaumont, IF you wish to discover the TRUE geographic location of the people, places & events described in both the Old & New Testament.

    And, (((they))) ADMIT AS MUCH, in (((their))) own publications:

    Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Vol 10:23: “Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860 [AD].”

    Page 3 of the 1980 Jewish Almanac states: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

    (You see, what these BERBER-ARABS & SLAVO-TURKS did, was HIJACK the very much VENERATED name & identity of the TRUE, ORIGINAL IBERI, or IBRI (Hebrews) of the Old Testament era, on their way to HIJACKING the entirety of Western Civilization! When did they do it? 1860 AD.

    With regard to the meaning of ZION-ism, read these three extremely relevant quotes about “Jew”-ish SUPREMACISM (i.e., ZION-ism):

    1) “We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.” (Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981)

    2) “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).

    3) “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” (Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate).

    Source: 1001 Quotes By and About Jews:

    WHY, is all the foregoing SO VITAL for ALL AMERICANS to FULLY comprehend? Read on:

    Study the history of the so-called “Russian” “Revolution”. It was (((Rothschild)))-agents, (((Paul Warburg))), and (((Jacob Schiff))) who FINANCED fellow-tribesman (((Lev Bronstein))) alias (((Leon Trotsky))) to the tune of \$20 Million (USD) in gold, when (((Bronstein/Trotsky))) boarded a ship in New York Harbor!, bound for Russia, and the (((Rothschild)))-financed overthrow (really massacre) of the 300-year-old ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Romanov Family Dynasty. It is historically significant, that the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” was a FAKE, PHONY, COUNTERFEIT, IMPOSTER “Jew”-ish operation, from beginning to end.

    All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us,_kevin/kevin_strom_works/Kevin_Strom_1991-1994/Kevin_A._Strom_19930814-ADV_All_America_Must_Know_the_Terror_That_Is_Upon_Us.html

    Again, WHY is ALL the foregoing information SO VITAL for EVERY AMERICAN to comprehend? Read on:

    1) Dual Citizenship — Loyal to Whom?, by Dan Eden for View Zone:

    2) Zionists Are a Fifth Column in America:

    The evidence is right in front of your nose. Wake up, America!

  149. @Alden

    And what was so remarkable about the Catholic church’s contribution to the defeat of Communism was that it was done without there being any supernatural being to help.

  150. @Ron Unz

    Ron, is there any chance someone could make a go of a competitor for YouTube, Facebook and any other censors?

    The legal problem of defamation law could presumably be dealt with by making sure that viewers couldn’t miss the message that the site moderator warns that there is a substantial chance that anything posted contains untrue material because the main content of the site is material banned from other sites but made available on BANNED so that viewers can make their own assessment of the impact censoring practices of private businesses my have on First Amendment rights.

    It would surely be possible to attract advertising revenue and changing the published list of those who had been invited to advertise and did advertise on Facebook etc. but declined to BANNED might be of interest to many. Maybe there would be scope for charging for subscriptions, especially for those who wanted notifications when something was posted that had been allegedly banned from X and referred to Y.

    Do you see problems?

  151. @Reality Check

    And after all that, they have the chutzpah to claim that they don’t collude or act in concert and that Judaism is not a group evolutionary strategy.

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