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How COVID-19 Will Test the West
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“If trouble comes when you least expect it, then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.”
Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Writing anything about COVID-19 at this moment is a daunting task since the situation is evolving so rapidly, and in so many different locations. Information contained in this piece could be thoroughly outpaced by transformative events by the time it reaches publication, or even by the time I finish up and click “save.” There is also a glut of information online right now, some of it reliable and fascinating, and some of it misleading and counterproductive. Everywhere there is a mixture of growing apprehension, clashing opinion, and outright confusion. If the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center’s interactive map is accurate, there are currently 284,566 cases of COVID-19 worldwide, a figure that is growing. The “true” number of infections, that includes asymptomatic carriers, will be much higher. Beginning on February 24th, an accelerating number of new transmissions emerged outside China, primarily in Italy which currently has over 47,021 cases. At time of writing, France and Germany are also experiencing rapid increases in affected persons, together totaling over 33,000 cases, and Spain is on the brink of a national lockdown with over 25,374. Almost every European country has now been affected, and COVID-19 is now spreading in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. How will it test the West?

Relations with China

Early speculation on COVID-19, especially in dissident circles, orbited conspiracy theories that the virus was engineered, and that it was either deployed by the United States or was an accidental leak from Wuhan’s Institute of Virology. In recent days, the former theory has been eagerly taken up by the Chinese themselves, with the added detail that COVID-19 may have been unleashed by visiting American soldiers during the Military World Games, which were staged in Wuhan in October 19-27, 2019. According to epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, in the course of a very interesting interview with Joe Rogan, it’s possible to date the origins of human COVID-19 through a process much like carbon dating, and scientists now have data suggesting COVID-19 became active in humans for the first time in mid-November 2019. Ron Unz has asked:

How would Americans react if 300 PRC officers had visited Chicago, and immediately afterwards, a deadly new plague broke out in that city, with a major risk of spreading throughout the country? Isn’t it also rather suspicious that Iran has been hit so hard? So the two countries in the world most subject to current American hostility just tend to be especially “unlucky.” It hit China just before Lunar New Year, the absolutely worst possible time, and the epicenter was Wuhan, a key transport hub. It really seems an *astonishing* coincidence that 300 American military servicemen had been visiting Wuhan just prior to the outbreak, at a peak of international tension.

Other than timing of course, there seems to be little or no evidence that this was a bioweapon attack. Most obviously, one would assume that any attempted bioweapon attack by the United States on China would be much more covert than what has been suggested (a deliberate release by a very public group of soldiers). Also, while we know that SARS-like viruses based on bat coronavirus can be developed in the lab, the genome of COVID-19 has also been examined countless times with the result that there are now over 300 papers on MedRXiv concerning the structure, nature, and origins of the virus. None of these papers have highlighted anything suggesting an artificial origin of any aspect of COVID-19.

Conspiracy theories on the origins of COVID-19 are of course a very convenient and useful tool for the Chinese government, because they deflect attention from the fact the outbreak can easily be attributed to bad government, and to Communism itself. I find the idea that the virus originated in a Wuhan “wild food” market to be utterly compelling (see this documentary by 60 Minutes Australia, and this short piece by Vox), and this has direct consequences for perceptions of Chinese Communism. The consumption of “exotic” foods is itself a legacy of the Great Chinese Famine 1959–1961, after which the government permitted private farming but failed to prevent the monopoly by big companies of the rearing of conventional livestock. The peasantry, priced out of the market, resorted in large numbers to the farming of wild animals, especially, in the initial stages, the farming of turtles. Since this curbed starvation to some extent, the government backed these initiatives, and then in 1988 made the encouragement of domestication and breeding of wildlife an explicit aspect of law. Wildlife farming became an industry overnight. Bears, snakes, rodents, lizards, and bats began to be mass-produced for human consumption, and sold in mass markets in many of the country’s largest cities. In these markets, multiple species, alive and dead, are stacked in cages on top of one another, with the animals soaked in cocktails of urine and excrement—each cage a petri dish for the development new diseases, especially respiratory diseases, with the potential to jump to humans from myriad mammals. Together with its failure to take decisive preventative action in January 2020, and absent conspiracy theory speculation, the origin tale of COVID-19 is ultimately an indictment of Chinese politics and culture.

How that indictment will impact relations between the West and China remains to be seen. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace have speculated that while mutual suspicion between the Chinese and the United States will remain high, the coronavirus outbreak will have no meaningful impact on trade between the two countries, and may in fact help de-escalate some prior economic tensions and involve the suspension of tariffs. In the longer term, however, COVID-19 has accelerated discussion about the need to become more independent from China in the production of goods. Several multinational corporations with supply chains based in China, having already considered diversifying their supply chains because of the U.S.-China trade war, are now likely to further their plans. Apple, for example, intends to move some manufacturing of its products (including AirPods and Apple Watches) to Taiwan due to the coronavirus. In Washington, members of Congress have used the outbreak to call for scaling back U.S. reliance on China, especially for prescription drugs, medical supplies, and other critical resources. Since Europe (Germany in particular) is the world’s largest manufacturer of drugs and medicines, we are likely to see a gradual decoupling of the United States from Chinese production, and a greater integration of European-American trade. Brexit Britain, until recently seen by the Chinese as having great potential for a lucrative trade and investment deal, may now present more of a cold house than previously thought. The EU, already resistant to increased Chinese economic influence, is also likely to dig its heels even deeper in the face of Chinese approaches. Some of the lasting challenges of COVID-19 will be how the West can distance itself from economic dependence on Chinese manufacturing, what impact this will have in both the shorter and longer term, and how the Chinese will respond.

Migrant Pressures

The first European outbreaks of COVID-19 fatefully coincided with an aggressive two-week operation by Turkey on its border with Greece, involving the movement of thousands of Syrian and African migrants. Beginning in late February, the Turkish government announced it would no longer stop migrants trying to reach Europe, and then drove thousands to the Greek border, live-streaming the process to encourage more to follow. The move was widely understood as an attempt to force European support for Turkey’s military campaign in northern Syria, and also as an attempt to extort more money from the EU. Although the effort now appears to have concluded with Turkey backtracking in the face of Greek resilience, Europe continues to have this metaphorical human “pistol” pressed to the side of its head.

COVID-19 is going to aggravate the broader migrant problem. Already the clamor is growing that migrant camps on Europe’s borders should be evacuated on health grounds, with the migrants permitted to enter Europe. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have argued that unhygienic and cramped living conditions mean COVID-19 can spread very fast, and that social distancing and hand washing are more difficult. While Europe bans mass gatherings, it’s been said that people in these camps have nowhere to go. Even within European countries, the outbreak has been associated with calls for amnesties and the opening of migrant detention centers. In the UK, lawyers and campaigners have called for hundreds immigration centers detainees to be released “because of fears they will contract coronavirus while locked up.”

The problem with such calls is that they all appear to present COVID-19 as a deadly plague slaughtering all in its path, rather than as something that afflicts the most seriously ill among the old and infirm. As is well known, the average age of Europe’s would-be migrants, particularly those from Syria, is somewhere around the late 20s. Given the known progression of COVID-19 in people in this age category, calls to permit mass influxes of masses of migrants purely because of the outbreak is tantamount to calling for open borders because potential immigrants might otherwise catch the common cold. Such calls are likely to ride the crest of a media-induced wave of panic, however, and the resolve of the West to resist further migrant flows will indeed be tested by twisted forms of moral blackmail in the weeks and months to come.

Life and Death under Liberalism

As stated in my review of Don DeLillo’s White Noise (1985), we live in a decaying society that is in terror of death, and pathologically so. This pathology is rooted in mistaken beliefs that our civilization is dying from, or could imminently die from, disease epidemics, climate catastrophes etc., in the midst of willful and ignorant abdication of a future (via self-hate and industrialized abortion) in favor of mass immigration, consumerism, and instant gratification. Just as one has to confront death in order to truly live (or to become “authentic” in Heidegger’s philosophy), our society is in constant flight from death and thus inevitably collapses into inauthentic decay. COVID-19, while not as lethal as media coverage would suggest, is a reminder of our mortality and human fragility and will necessarily have a jarring effect on a Western liberalism that has become increasingly distant from the confrontation with death.

Life under liberal finance capitalism is largely one of illusion, in which the prospect of real death is pushed far into the distance, both psychologically and culturally. Postmodern Western liberal culture is largely one of perpetual adolescence, in which the primary virtues are acting according to one’s individual will, identifying oneself in a hyper-individualistic manner, and expressing these identities via conspicuous consumption and behavior. We do not “live towards” Death, with a sense of purpose and a feeling that we are part of a much grander civilizational trajectory. We do not understand that Death has shaped our historical path, and that it hangs over us in ways that should direct our actions in the present.

COVID-19, regardless of current confusion over its true mortality rate, is a corrective to illusions that “progressive” Man has overcome Nature and can shape the world according to the human image, and without consequences. Certainly throughout my own lifetime, I’ve grown accustomed to assertions that life expectancy will continue to increase, and that there will be an endless supply of innovations and social projects that will make the mechanics of life easier and more productive. One increasingly expects that one will live a long life, mostly in very good health. Such a sense of security can breed all kinds of arrogance and fantasies, including the recent perverse luxury of the delusion that one can simply decide to be this or that gender. This new virus, however, presents the possibility, both in itself and its inevitable heirs, that Death is much closer than we ever thought, and that for all our technological advancement and self-congratulation, Nature need only tweak one molecule, so small our naked eyes could never perceive it, and the grave opens before us. The Age of Fantasy is confronted with the ultimate reality.

How the West responds to this realization will be a further cultural challenge. We have grown equally accustomed to the idea that we have “advanced” morally as a society, and that we have overcome some of the more “brutish” aspects of human existence that we perceive in the past. But in a world of apparently increasing plenty, such notions can be hard to test. It’s always easy for a man with a full stomach to condemn the actions of the starving. The conceit of the full-bellied West that it has overcome and surpassed itself and its past will now be tested. I, of course, arise from a political and philosophical tradition that insists there is no shame in the past. I see little or no place for morality in the struggle for survival. And I also see the cracks already forming in the Western conceit. This society that is against “hate” and prides itself on “coming together” is already struggling to stop people rioting over toilet paper and bottled water. If civil order breaks down, will the proud feminists be seeking their own resources, or hoping for a strong man to protect them? If the death toll does rise dramatically, and if curfews and lockdowns are imposed and intensified, I ask: How well will your beloved multicultural societies respond? If resources become scarce and tensions rise, who will you trust? These tests are coming.

Economic and Political Fallout

Just days ago, JPMorgan projected that a recession will hit the US and European economies by July, with US GDP to shrink by 2% in the first quarter and 3% in the second, and Eurozone GDP to contract by 1.8% and 3.3% over the same periods. Sudden cessation of economic activity through quarantines, event cancellations, social distancing, and the almost complete shutdown of the tourist industry will have both immediate and longer term consequences for national economies and broader trade patterns. The mass closing of schools will expose pre-existing weaknesses in a modern system that sees women funneled en masse into the work place while their children are left in day cares or schools. According to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 70 percent of American mothers with children under 18 work. Through the closing of schools alone, the impact of COVID-19 will almost certainly have the greatest impact on the role of women in the workplace since World War Two, with many forced to leave work and return to the home for an as yet undetermined amount of time. How this will impact the businesses or public entities employing these women remains to be seen, but it will undoubtedly cause significant difficulties and necessitate some level of infrastructural change.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is also projected to test Western healthcare provision to the limit. It’s been particularly interesting that the outbreak in Italy effectively broke the health system in Lombardy, widely regarded as one of the best in the world. Before the outbreak, it was remarked that:

The Lombardy healthcare system, characterised by quality and efficiency, is a model of reference both in Italy and worldwide. With the benefit of private partnerships in fact, it ensures its citizens and those who live in other regions or abroad have access to prime level health care with all the advantages of a public system. Lombardy has 56 University Departments of Medicine, 19 IRCCS (IRCCS means an institution devoted to excellence in clinical care and research) which represent 42% of the national total, 47 Institutes and 32 Research Centres. As a result, Lombardy and in particular Milan have always attracted the most renowned physicians in every field of expertise.

It took COVID-19 just four weeks to exhaust every hospital bed in Lombardy, force doctors out of retirement and medical students to graduate early, and provoke the creation of 500 triage tents outside hospitals nationwide. The different, and ever-politicized, healthcare systems of the United States and Great Britain are about to experience the most intensive test in their respective histories. One of the most outspoken figures from the medical profession on social media in recent days is Eugene Gu, who has made a point of attacking the profit-seeking nature of much of the American medical establishment. Gu has argued that American medicine is essentially a pyramid scheme that profits those at the top by artificially restricting the number of doctors produced by the system:

The medical school and residency system in the United States is completely broken compared to other countries. Now that we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to reflect upon an abusive system that hurts patients and seeks to make a few specialists filthy rich. Even before the coronavirus, we created a huge physician shortage by limiting spots in medical schools to inflate doctors’ salaries the same way De Beers fixes the diamond market. And we gutted primary care so that specialists like plastic surgeons and dermatologists can get rich. I took an oath to “first, do no harm.” I cannot just stand by and watch as the corrupt cesspool we call our American medical system fails our patients while a few doctors, insurance executives, and Big Pharma get filthy rich. Medicine should not be a for-profit industry.

Whether or not one agrees with Dr Gu’s perspective, the coming weeks and months will test both American for-profit medicine and Britain’s nationalized health system, and perhaps leave long term political legacies for both.

Political consequences will also inevitably result from the approaches of individual leaders to the crisis. Boris Johnson is risking his political future on a “herd immunity” strategy that is radically different from the course of action pursued by other leaders. It’s been criticized as involving the sacrifice of the older generation for a slightly prolonged period of economic normalcy and an entirely assumed future immunity among the young. Donald Trump, meanwhile, is quickly trying to move on from a highly dismissive initial response to the outbreak. In both cases, and throughout the West, moderately “conservative” populism based on the celebration of finance capitalism and token gestures on borders will be tested to the limit by increasing strains on all aspects of social, political, and economic life. Trump, in particular, has managed to squeeze a lot of political mileage out of the performance of the stock market. With stocks tumbling, and the American healthcare system pushed to the limit, it remains to be seen whether Trump’s drive to make gay sex legal in Africa will be enough to keep his voters happy.

In another return of the Real, of course, COVID-19 is doing more to close borders than any expression of political populism ever has. It was all well and good that “the world is a village” when this involved cheap and cheerful vacations, but all it took was a few houses in the throes of sickness for the rest of the villagers to wish there was somewhere they could escape to. The global village is in shutdown. All humans might be equally susceptible to this virus, but national borders, so often scorned until recently, now reveal they might have some uses after all – just one of them being the invaluable opportunity to seal and control a limited territory. How people grow accustomed to this renewed emphasis on border control may leave a lasting political legacy for the West also. In any case, we can only hope it will.


With events moving so quickly, I conclude with the oppressive sensation that I’ve written both too much and too little. The figures presented at the outset of this essay will be superfluous by the time this piece is published, but I do think some of the suggestions in the body will remain relevant for some time to come. I wish all our readers the best of luck and the best of health in the weeks and months to come. May globalism’s difficulty be the dissident’s opportunity.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Coronavirus, Disease, EU, Health care, Immigration 
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  1. “Articulation is conception”. This is true. The ability to congeal and summarize complex ideas and present them with nuanced precision is no easy feat. But Andrew Joyce never fails to deliver in this regard. His is a very impressive mind, toiling away in relative obscurity as lesser scribes receive honors, praise and recognition. His collective contributions are truly exceptional.

    Joyce properly reminds us of the dark side of that do-goody medical cartel known as the AMA. The AMA strategically restricts on the number of physicians and health care practitioners who may lawfully treat the sick. It is an unacknowledged scandal. These calculated shortages produce persistent, predictable, and widespread economic hardships–not to mention immense physical suffering.

    Is it not shocking to realize that tens of thousand of Americans must every year travel to underdeveloped countries–from Mexico to Thailand–for medical treatment?–some of it as routine as a tooth filling or botox injection.

    Powerful forces in medicine have devised ways to limit care and push up the prices of treatment so that the power, wealth and prestige of health care professional skyrocket.

  2. ia says:

    One of the most outspoken figures from the medical profession on social media in recent days is Eugene Gu

    From Wikipedia

    “He started a surgical residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2015.[3] Vanderbilt put Gu on administrative leave for two weeks in November 2017, and placed him on probation until March 2018. Gu said this was due to his tweets opposing white supremacy”

    I’d trust him!

  3. The good news in this article is the Gu approach to medicine.
    Besides too few medicos to cope with the demands of a major crisis, there are at least two other harms caused by medical systems which deliberately train far too few doctors.
    1. Too few doctors are forced to work much harder – take on far too many patients – to meet ongoing needs all of the time. This inevitably leads to working when fatigued. Fatigue can lead to errors of judgement or negligence which may cause harm to patients. Quality of service suffers.
    2. High incomes for medicos means that some medicos may enter the profession for that reason. For Dr. Gu, medicine is plainly his vocation. That is the way it should be. Income should be adequate to allow support of a family, with public support to meet professional needs. Mercantile medicos would be unavoidably vulnerable to serious conflicts of interest.
    The problem of the revolving door between the illness industry and public institutions responsible for regulating the industry is a glaring example.

    • Thanks: anon8383892
    • Replies: @Meena
  4. Good analysis of our domestic situation, but dragging China into it? For example,

    Conspiracy theories on the origins of COVID-19 are of course a very convenient and useful tool for the Chinese government, because they deflect attention from the fact the outbreak can easily be attributed to bad government, and to Communism itself. I find the idea that the virus originated in a Wuhan “wild food” market to be utterly compelling

    The wet market hypothesis has been discarded. Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University, says that because there is an incubation time between infection and symptoms surfacing, and the presence of infected people with no links to wildlife market, the virus could not have originated from the wildlife market. Kristian Andersen, an evolutionary biologist at the Scripps Research Institute, agreed with the assessment.

    The Chinese have endured many US bioweapon attacks [1] in the past, so they’re hardly guilty of ‘conspiracy theories.’ They are are pointing to a massive US coverup which our media are conspiring to maintain. Some questions that I and others have raised but which the CDC and HHS refuse to address are:

    1. Why did the President fire the entire US Pandemic Response Team in May, 2018? “The White House’s National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense’s job was to be the smoke alarm — keeping watch to get ahead of emergencies, sounding a warning at the earliest sign of fire — all with the goal of avoiding a six-alarm blaze.” [Washington Post, March 13, 2020]

    2. Why did this 2019 simulation not cause America to prepare for such an outbreak: “From last January to August, America’s Health and Human Services ran a simulation, code-named “Crimson Contagion,” that imagined an influenza pandemic: the outbreak of the respiratory virus began in China and was quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers. In the US, it was first detected in Chicago, and 47 days later, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic but, by then, 110 million Americans were ill, 7.7 million hospitalized and 586,000 dead.” [New York Times].

    3. After the WHO warned of an outbreak January 1, why did the CDC forbid Covid-19 testing until March?

    4. Why did CDC Director Robert Redfield not reveal the dates or locations of Americans whom he said were diagnosed as dying from influenza but later tested posthumously as positive for Covid-19?

    5. Why will our CDC not reveal when patient zero was detected in the US? This helps determine the time of initial infection, estimate the scope of transmission, the scale of the epidemic, and location of the intermediate host.

    6. Why will our CDC not reveal the earliest positive test result confirmed by a tissue samples? Epidemiologists, pathologists and public health authorities need this.

    7. Why will our CDC not reveal the names of the US hospitals where they were first detected?

    8. How many people are currently infected in the US? It has been almost three months since we learned of Covid-19 yet we have no idea how many of us are infected??

    9. Why does the CDC classify its coronavirus deliberations and why are HHS Coronavirus meetings held in Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities, which are usually reserved for intelligence and military operations?

    You see, it’s not something you can just wave away.


    On Jan. 13th, 1952, a B-26 bomber of the American Air Force was shot down over An-Ju in Korea. By May 5th statements of considerable length admitting their participation in bacteriological warfare had been made by the navigator Lt. K. L. Enoch, and by the pilot, Lt. John Quinn, and issued to the world through Peking. As has already been stated, these documents will be found in SIA/14 and 15 respectively, and together with lithograph reproductions of the original manuscripts, in the printed brochure issued from Prague. The relevant parts are here reproduced in App. KK. and LL. Documents SIA/17 and 18 should also be consulted, though the later interviews recounted in them did not add much to the technical and scientific evidence. What were the essential points in the principal declarations of these airmen? First of all, both officers had had to attend, in Japan and in Korea, secret lectures on the methods of bacteriological warfare. These expositions, which it was impressed on them contained highly confidential information, described the use of bacteria directly as cultures deposited or sprayed, of insects transmitting diseases biologically or mechanically, of rodents in parachute-containers, of poisoned foods, and of bacteria containing artillery shells. Various kinds of containers or “bombs” were described and sketched. Correct altitudes and air-speeds for delivery were given. Particularly significant statements made in the lecture attended by Lt. Quinn were (a) that “almost any insect could be used for spreading diseases”, (b) that “rats could be dropped, though this might not be necessary”, and (c) that there was an intention to use encephalitis, “for which no positive cure is known.” Secondly, both officers had received orders to carry out bacteriological warfare missions, and had duly fl.own them, though with the greatest inner reluctance. There were various peculiarities about the special bombs used, and in some cases these were under special guard so that the pilots could not examine them too closely. In one of the reports information was given as to the various types of planes most suitable for delivering various kinds of containers. From the personal knowledge of the two airmen many of their fellow service-men had also engaged in such missions, and later conversations brought out well the large number of Air Force personnel who had been instructed on bacteriological warfare, Lt. Enoch was briefed “germ bombs” while Lt. Quinn was briefed “duds”, but both were told that in debriefing (i.e. reporting the results of the flight) “duds” was to be the term used. There can be no doubt that these admissions had considerable influence on the western world. But those who did not wish to be convinced tended to brush them aside as confessions obtained under physical or mental duress, saying that after all, only two young men had come forward, and suggesting indeed they did not really exist at all, and that the whole declarations were forged. Attempts, however, to demonstrate inconsistencies in Lt. Quinn’s story, failed (SIA/16).

  5. Sasha says:

    Nothing short of a Tour de Force. I know I ain’t much, might be a sucker for many things, but this is superb writing.

  6. Sabretache says: • Website

    “…the genome of COVID-19 has also been examined countless times with the result that there are now over 300 papers on MedRXiv concerning the structure, nature, and origins of the virus. None of these papers have highlighted anything suggesting an artificial origin of any aspect of COVID-19.”

    On the contrary, there are many such papers on MedRXiv and other scientific paper publishing sites. Quite a few are referenced in this article, which makes a compelling case for COVID-19 being a laboratory engineered virus

    As a fellow expat in Mexico, I’m surprised that you, nor anyone else, is talking about how the pandemic will hit Mexico. Twice the population of Italy, and with similar cultures, I suspect Covid-19 will sweep Mexico like a prairie fire. God save us.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @bomag
    , @Whitewolf
  8. SARS was an early indicator of the perils of supply chains built on slave labor thousands of miles away. Back then China wasn’t even a major player on the global economy unlike today plus that virus infected fewer people despite being more fatal.

    In 2016 ‘MAGAism’ candidate El Trumpo promised to ‘drain the swamp’ and later appointed Lebanese-Jewish American Alex Azar, a former executive at the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, as Health and Human Services Secretary.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  9. @Sabretache

    …which makes a compelling case for COVID-19 being a laboratory engineered virus

    Yes, and Prof. Boyle of the U. of Illinois publicly highlighted the case for an accidental lab release in Wuhan more than a month ago, based on a detailed analysis of the structure of that virus, which, according to published literature, displayed evidence of human engineering for enhanced (gain of function) properties, making it incompatible with a natural emergence. Instances of prior accidents in that Wuhan lab have also been documented.

    One of the top virologists working at the Wuhan lab, Shi Zhengli, was recently featured in a Scientific American article, which appeared to deflect from the origin of the COVID-19 due to an accident. (Of course, an accident is not the same as an attack.)

    Yet in the second paragraph of the story such a possibility is clearly acknowledged:

    If coronaviruses were the culprit, she remembers thinking, “could they have come from our lab?”

    They should not – but could have – come from her lab. Notice then how specific (bold letters) the denial is, as if it had been crafted by an attorney:

    Meanwhile she frantically went through her own laboratory’s records from the past few years to check for any mishandling of experimental materials, especially during disposal. Shi breathed a sigh of relief when the results came back: none of the sequences matched those of the viruses her team had sampled from bat caves. “That really took a load off my mind,” she says. “I had not slept a wink for days.”

    But what about matches with viruses that another person’s team had been working on at the same lab, which had not come from bat caves but were modified from viruses imported from the University of North Carolina, where it had come from? Yet that was the allegation by Prof. Boyle; but Shi Zhengli was not quoted as having denied that particular charge.

    Why would she not have slept for days, as she claimed? This is the second quoted acknowledgment of the obvious possibility of a lab release, which was foremost on her mind. Specifically, she was worried that there could be direct evidence that she herself might have been the primary culprit.

    The secrecy surrounding the high-level scientists who worked at the Wuhan labs is definitely suspicious. All the available evidence has surely been destroyed by now. The Chinese government is no less secretive than the US agencies on this matter of weaponized virus development.

    • Thanks: Bombercommand
  10. Personally, I’m very disappointed that BoJo backed off of his original plan to isolate the high-risk groups exclusively, while letting the healthy people build up herd-immunity. I bet that would have worked better than this total lock-down at a fraction of the cost. But it’s obvious that his little bout of common sense was vetoed by the NWO cretins who really run Britain … along with the rest of us.

  11. Dd says:

    Brilliant. I’m going to link article here now from a Stanford Professor PhD who claims we have no data for any of this. There has been no random sampling of the population to determine what the infection rate is. And the one sample we have is the Diamond Princess in Japan where 3,500 passengers and crew 700 contract the disease and 7 died so 1% of the elderly population included died from this. Everybody on the ship tested.

    How does a small region of Italy have a greater death toll than China? Despite having 1 20th of the population in the entire country. china is lying on the other hand my friend told me he read articles where china locked people into their Apartments

  12. After 9-11, the Feds surveyed hospitals to determine if they were prepared to handle extreme emergencies where they couldn’t handle the patient load and were forced to triage and delay treatments. They learned that most hospitals were already overwhelmed every Friday and Saturday night, and many were unable to handle the demand every night. So the photos, videos, and reports of packed emergency rooms and hospitals unable to properly handle COVID-19 cases is normal.

    News from my blog:

    Mar 22, 2020 – Coronavirus Hoax?

    I am no medical expert but can check stats. Take a look at the flu stats at the Southern Nevada Health District (aka Las Vegas metro area).

    As of March 7th, the flu has killed 39 people while news reports that one died from the COVID-19 virus. The Type A flu killed 28, or 28 times more than the COVID-19 virus. Updated stats should appear this week, but the media reported a second death from COVID-19 in Las Vegas, with no mention of the others killed by Type A flu. I expect COVID-19 deaths to rise quickly, but will be surprised if they exceed the Type A flu deaths.

  13. SafeNow says:

    I posted this before but it bears posting again. A 2016 Johns Hopkins study concluded that 250,000 Americans die annually from medical negligence. And that’s just mortality; imagine the morbidity.

    Long waits for short appointments. Protective, sanctimonious medical front offices. A lifetime of frustrating, humiliating, frightening fighting for access. If a presidential candidate made a promise to double the number of physicians, starting right now, he would be elected in a landslide. Sure, it would take seven years before this kicked in. But start right now. For this coming fall semester, the medical schools need only to have more seats.

    As long as I am talking about laws that nearly everyone would support….about those leaf blowers…

  14. @Godfree Roberts

    I don’t imagine that there is any intelligent person here who hasn’t already pegged you as a paid Chi-com propagandist

  15. The Wuhan wet market theory, compelling story it may be, has been debunked

    those viral videos were actually filmed in Palau and Indonesia by holidaying Chinese (&Filipinos).

  16. This weakling thinks that writing long boring tripe makes him a “strong man.” There are no “strong men” among white males. It’s obvious to everyone but the autistic white male.

    • Troll: Pheasant
    • Replies: @James Stark
    , @fish
  17. Tor597 says:

    Other things of note:

    1) The West was exposed, not only for not being able to handle a pandemic, but also for having a ponzi scheme economy.

    Having its citizens and its companies leveraged up to a point where America can collapse with any amount of hardship badly exposes America as being exceptionally weak.

    2) Decoupling of Asia from America. For the West to try and target the Chinese, there will be fallout. It’s not like white people bother to distinguish Chinese from Korean or Japanese when they harass Asians they see.

    This will have consequences in Asia as Asian countries will just focus on trading with each other than have to deal with a hostile west.

    3) America cannot exist in a multipolar world, it can only exist in a unipolar world that it controls. So it will not just be a decoupling of China and America, it will be escalation between America and China till one is left standing.

    You can expect to see color revolutions in HK and Taiwan. Meanwhile China will have no reason to show any restraint in fighting back. China could target the west in Iran, Venezuela, or even in the US by tormenting color revolutions of it’s own.

    4) it is easy to say that America will just trade more with Europe, but how does that work? Drug prices are already too high in America, so now America will pay even higher prices?

    Trading more with Latin America makes more sense to me, but I also don’t think Latin America is up to it.

    5) I honestly don’t think America will be the same country after the outbreak is over. Things are already cracking early on, how will Americans pull together 3 months in?

    How will America pull together if Trump pulls war time authority?

  18. Detailed, nuanced and direct. But here’s my two pennies worth:

    I remain intrigued by the measures being taken by our government considered as the heart and soul of capitalism and neo-liberal economics. Such measures are the kind that in normal times would be considered – yes and here comes the dreaded word – “socialist”. So the longer the infection remains, the sterner the test will become for systemic capitalism itself. Not that its disciples will go out with a whimper, what with all the resources at its disposal – financial, political clout, global reach, public apathy and military might.

    In this regard, was it not candidate Yang who offered every American $1000 monthly paychecks and many ridiculed him? That was long before most people even knew what Covid-19 was. Now Trump is a hero to his blind followers for doing the exact same thing.

    Neither did it escape my attention that the countries (Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia) coming to Italy’s aid during her hour of need, are the same socialist countries that have been slapped with crippling sanctions by our country, leaving Western Europe as idle bystanders (save for Britain, our perpetual lapdog who will always blindly jump on the American bandwagon). The traditional “allies” have yet to make a move to help their fellow EU member and NATO ally.

    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  19. @Tor597

    I was being doomy earlier and predicting a MadMax style fallout; but I’ve been reflecting a few days, and really, if the crops don’t get killed, and the trucks are operable, then the food can be on the shelves. The rest is details, i.e. currency. So, definitely some cultural displacement and new-pattern recognition is indicated, but things don’t really have to — nor do we wish they would — crash.

  20. And there is another Chinese propagandist regular here at Unz who goes by the handle:

    d dan.

    d dan might be an assistant or still in training, because I haven’t seen him make any comments (although I might’ve missed them), but he frequently hits the troll button for most posts that are critical of China. You can’t legitimately think that everyone critical of China is a “troll.” (Hitting the troll button is not really a legitimate adult reaction in any event.) And I’ve seen him or her do this in several threads on this subject over the past couple of weeks.

    Of course, he could be Godfree Roberts under a different name—trying to gaslight all anti-Chinese comments.

  21. Andrew Joyce writes above

    None of these papers have highlighted anything suggesting an artificial origin of any aspect of COVID-19


    Respected epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding is pointing out irregularities in the virus’s genome that suggests it might have been genetically engineered for the purposes of a weapon, and not just any weapon but the deadliest one of all.

    In ‘Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag’, researchers are baffled by segments of the virus’s RNA that have no relation to other coronaviruses like SARS, and instead appear to be closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications.


    Veterans Today says Covid 19 high death rate countries are where chemical weapons – sarin gas attacks – mimic coronavirus

    “Defense experts see targeted bio-war on China, Italy, Spain, Iran and regions of the US, so New York an epicentre

    In most advanced nations, overall Covid 19 death rate of infected averages under 1%. In sarin-targeted nations many times that.

    Medical evidence from Italy and China shows far too many patients that don’t respond to treatments, far too many anecdotal deaths, within baseline parameters for typical respiratory patients.

    The US is using low dose sarin gas to mimic pandemic diseases. Russians say they have evidence that in Iran and Italy sarin gas in extremely small concentrations have been in the food, water and environment in minuscule concentrations. These concentrations cause, over a two week period, the onset of pneumonia and a respiratory disorder. Larger concentrations cause heart disease and mimic heart failure.”

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Pheasant
  22. What a bizarre article.

    The West does not exist. It has not existed for at least 40-50 years. The West is dead. What constitutes the locations you are referring to as the The West are nothing more than weird, hedonistic, Jewish slave plantations. This is not The West in any meaningful sense.

    Asking what this Fort Detrick Virus will mean for the The West is like asking what it will mean for Sumeria. It’s pure nonsense.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Pheasant
  23. @Gabacho Gris

    I suspect Covid-19 will sweep Mexico like a prairie fire. God save us.

    In Nature, prairie fires have their purpose too.

  24. @SafeNow

    From your mouth to God’s ears. Only hurts because it’ll never happen.

    Now, in relation to a couple excerpts from Mr Joyce’s typically excellent essay:

    we are likely to see a gradual decoupling of the United States from Chinese production

    That’ll be the day. So long as the profit margin remains enormous, the ‘usual suspects’ in the USA will continue leveraging their advantage.

    Already the clamor is growing that migrant camps on Europe’s borders should be evacuated on health grounds, with the migrants permitted to enter Europe.

    And of course this argument works for letting the entire Third World into Europe and America. And the ‘usual suspects’ referred to above couldn’t be happier with that prospect. There’s a war on, and we have to fight.

  25. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Tsk, tsk, so many negative views of this wonderful COVID opportunity! This crisis has pushed the Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself posts off the front pages. Good thing, why people might start wondering how many other Mossad honey-put operations are still functioning and how many politicians have been corrupted and comprised.

    Another bonus is that under siege rapist Harvey Weinstein, has also dropped out of the news cycle, except we’ve learned that poor Harvey also has COVID. Maybe some sympathetic judge will stay his 23 year prison term and let Harvey die in one of his mansions, just like a judge did for the con artist, junk bond king Mikey Milken, who served a fraction of his sentence for fraud, till his doctors told the court that poor Mikey only had a few months to live, let him die at home…that was over 20 years ago and Mikey is still alive and well.

    Let’s not forget all those trillions that the FED had been shoveling to those TBTF Wall Street casinos, who kinda bet too much money on the con artist scheme that helped precipitate the 2008 market crash, derivatives. Only this time, those jokers have bet over 1.5 QUADRILLION and those bets aren’t paying off, so someone has to rescue all those poor multi-millionaires and billionaires that stand to lose their shirts.

    Not to mention that the FED is now also bailing out banks in other nations. That’s our FED, generous to a fault.

    Yes, this COVID cloud has a silver lining, if you’re in the 1%.

  26. So Communism caused COVID-19, Andrew Joyce! Of course! We knew Communism was evil all the time! Why did it take a genious like Andrew Joyce to work that out?

    After all, how many Chinese have been shot by Communist forces and how many Americans have been shot by American government forces? The comparison makes the evil of Communism obvious, doesn’t it?

    • Agree: SomeoneInAsia
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  27. @Nazi Behavior Restoration LLC

    I would so love to have you say that to my face instead of into your keyboard 😉 Times are about to get a lot leaner and rougher, guess we will soon see who the strong people are huh? Enjoy the rest of the lockdown because I’m betting once you come out of your hidey hole this world is gonna be a completely different one than the one you’ve enjoyed thus far. This is a very exciting time, the wheels of history are once again in motion and I just can’t wait to see where we go from here 😀

  28. cranc says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    The Italian figures tell us that almost all (+99%) the fatalities there have been people with pre-existing chronic health conditions.
    The sane response should be to unleash government intervention to protect those (almost exclusively older) people from the virus and to boost resources to emergency medical services until the wave passes.
    All else is tyranny.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  29. @Tor597

    It’s pretty impossible to accurately speculate on any of those things. All I know for sure is that we desperately needed a reset. Crisis brings with it opportunity and a catalyst for real change. I don’t know exactly what may come from this, but I do know it’s gonna suck, and that hard times create hard men. And thank god for that because I am sick to death of seeing softness, lethargy, nihilism, dysfunction and perversity being encouraged and rewarded by the powers that be.

    • Agree: Kali
  30. @Digital Samizdat

    Faking this makes no sense. Why would the elites want to upset the status quo? They spent decades working to get us to where we are now, this just creates problems for them. I suppose it does distract from the bubble popping though, but they could have just not created the bubble in the first place. Doesn’t make sense. I don’t think it’s a hoax.

    • Replies: @Realist
  31. You are either big liar or very ignorant about that specific wet market in Wuhan.
    That specific wet market 海鲜市场 is a seafood market.
    It doesn’t sell bat.
    You are picturing it with your imaginations about the market.
    The bat eating report comes from west MSM suddenly after the virus breaks out. The reporting material they show you is picture of Chinese tourism TV show host eat bat soup in some south pacific ocean. Given the rapid response of this west MSM, it’s very suspicious that they are after something, again.
    The saying of Chinese eat bat is just the same degree as true as Westerners eat human flesh.

    Chinese has every reason to suspect the US militaries. Nathen Rich in Youtube has explained some time line details on Mar.17 about why it’s possible this virus has US origin.
    I just add more about China side information: during the Military Game, 5 strange ‘dysentery’ US soldiers visited the hospital 金银潭 which also becomes a virus center later in Wuhan.
    Route studies in China also shows that earliest infected cases in Wuhan have close contact with the hotel where the US soldiers live during the Game.
    US should give us back those 5 soldiers, so we can give them a check.

    After Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian’s questions at twitter, some US netizens already remembered their strange flu/pneumonia experience in last winter and their strange dead relative cases at the time.
    Italy expert also remembers that in last December, there are already strange pneumonia in Italy, which now they would call COVID-19.
    China is not the origin of COVID-19, it is just the first country to detect the virus and opened the information to WHO.

    The only reason Chinese might not revenge back for this virus given by US is that now it looks like that US possibly did not do it to China on purpose, but due to pure stupidity and incompetence.

    I really shouldn’t bother myself explain it to you. Because unfavoured truth doesn’t matter to you since US already decide to turns itself the enemy of China. It’s basically war time, everything at war to some degrees, no hot wars yet. US government, media and people will serve the war target. US dominance and power in world media and propaganda crushes Chinese voices.
    So I expect more smears and lies from US.

    But it’s not totally bad that you continue feel better about yourself, about your system, and buy all the lies your MSM feed you.

    • Agree: Kali, antitermite
    • Thanks: Nonny Mouse
  32. This is of course a massive hoax and over-reaction. I would not be surprised at martial law being declared over this overhyped bat flu. We all know the voting procedure was a sham all along but it was at least theoretically possible to get some anti-establishment guy into office, particularly in Europe.

    We’ve been hearing about the dangers of populism and especially right-wing populism, this rather sorry affair is a rather convenient way to distract attention from that.

    If the West has any balls, they would just let this spread to get rid of the financial drains of society, the sick and/or the old. Now everything has to come to a standstill because some boomers didn’t listen to over 50 years of anti-smoking propaganda and information.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Nonny Mouse
  33. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    You know damn well that American blacks will riot and loot in the case of systemic collapse. American blacks need to be neutralized.

    • Troll: Agent76
  34. Herald says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    I know there are some people on this site who don’t like like it, when facts get in the way of their dysfunctional bias. You are clearly one of them.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  35. Realist says:
    @James Stark

    Why would the elites want to upset the status quo?

    I don’t know if this is a hoax or not…but there is always lots of money and power to be had by upsetting the status quo.

  36. mcohen says:

    hopefully prayers will be heard and the virus will start to disappear in the next 2 weeks.let the light heal.

    • Replies: @Agent76
  37. Realist says:

    How does a small region of Italy have a greater death toll than China?

    Difference in data gathering. If the data is not representative of the total population…it is not accurate.

    china is lying on the other hand my friend told me he read articles where china locked people into their Apartments

    Hearsay evidence is very suspect…and no matter how much you dislike China…the word is always capitalized.

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  38. @Realist

    Hearsay evidence is very suspect…and no matter how much you dislike China…the word is always capitalized.

  39. WJ says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    You are are either a liar or a lunatic. Which one? Your smelly disgusting filthy country should pay reparations to the world.

    • Replies: @Herald

  41. bomag says:
    @Gabacho Gris

    Mexicans are not helpless. I trust them to find inexpensive, practical ways to handle the virus.

    • Replies: @Blip Blop
  42. Anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    If that wikispooks article is the actual “research” paper, then I would be disappointed. In the first few paragraphs you can already see spotty logic and assumption. It is not rigorous.

  43. @Digital Samizdat

    I agree the thing is a HOAX.

    First of all I see few people wearing masks in my city. In photos on the internet and media websites those that do seem to be staged photos. The thumbnail photo for this article supposedly shows Italy, the country allegedly hardest hit, the Roman Arena in the background but only one girl wearing a mask. Yet I hear the virus is spreading like “wildfire” and such nonsense. I read congregations of more than 50 people is prohibited but yet see supermarkets full of folks jostling each other. Even on the internet I see photos beating the virulence and destructive power of the virus, photos with 20 people and only 2 wearing masks.

    Second, every country is “locking down” although deaths to infections are around 1.5% and deaths to total world population are negligible to the point of irrelevancy. Other tropical diseases kill millions annually with hardly a blink from anyone or any government. Deaths from road accidents worldwide must be in the hundreds of thousands. Why is there no shutdown or driver quarantine internationally ? One is at greater risk of violence in modern day urban centers. We have African countries with germs scientists have not even discovered “locking down”.

    Third, the “experts” seem to be clueless and clued out. One minute everyone has to self quarantine and now I see the leading WHO expert saying everything cannot be locked down. They need to identify the infected and their contacts and isolate THEM or else the virus “could jump up again”. Other experts not to be outdone assert the virus could reappear in September. Then there is all the jargon like social distancing and flattening the curve.

    Fourth, all the billions now being thrown around for the “War” on the virus is like spilling honey on an ants nest. I dont want to be crass but will health units accurately test and report results. Lets say a Government has set aside $100,000 per infected citizen. Go to the hospital with a sniffle and you may well be diagnosed with the virus, the health professionals only too happy to bill the Government. Since it is you, a wife and three kids and you had a birthday party recently with 14 other relatives one is now running into the millions. There seems to be too much incentive to flog this virus and milk every penny possible from whoever is shovelling out the cash.

    Fifth, this virus seems to be killing people well up in their age whose immune systems are already weak. Germs, insects and pests and scavengers always congregate where there is filth. Poor eating habits, bad diet, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking and use of recreational and other drugs weaken the immune system and make the blood dirty leaving it open to infection by ANY germ or virus that comes along. In any case the media seems to tout statistics in a dishonest way. For example “Country X now has 30,000 infections” is spun as if the 30,000 died or “Deaths shatter records, rise by 30%” when in fact the 30% rise amounts to three people.

    I could go on for another 2000 words. Even poor Harvey, locked away in jail is now infected. Everyone is looking for an angle and flogging this virus. Everyone forgets we went through this with Swine Flu, Bird Flu, West Nile, Sars and Anthrax. Now it is COVID ! Everyone is looking for a payout. The herd instinct s strong, monkey see monkey do. States with no infections are locking down.

    Finally, there si all the finger pointing about the origin of the virus and the name squeezes out accusations of racism, bigotry and whatever. It now seems fashionable to have the virus with Mr and Mrs Rich and Famous claiming to have tested for it and so forth. Yahoo had an article today showing a well dressed white girl wearing a black mask in front of a chinese building. Looked like a photoshoot and recently there was an article from a boy telling what is was like to have the virus. He looked very healthy with a big smile. I guess he is one of those rare characters who can be flat on their backs for 2 weeks with a deadly virus and come out looking like Clark Gable.

    As to why this would NOT be a hoax. Why would the market crash and the economy be ruined ? The answer to me is that it started as a virus and people saw a way they could exploit it. Maybe they never expected the reaction in terms of shutdowns and lockups , maybe they never expected the reactions to be so out of control but ultimately the reason is MONEY.

    The public gets fooled everytime with this nonsense or some other rubbish. The traditional media and social media flog this virus ad nauseum to the point where ordinary folks panic from the sheer volume of information and opinions and “research” .Brace yourselves, 2021 or 2022 will bring another “catastrophe” and we will fall for the b/s all over again. I dont know about other commentators but I am tired of the whole thing and the cure will decimate many more than the virus itself.

    • Agree: 9/11 Inside job
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @The Alarmist
  44. Erebus says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    I don’t imagine that there is any intelligent person here who hasn’t already pegged you as a paid Chi-com propagandist

    Perhaps not, but there’s at least one unimaginative idiot who has.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Replies: @Gleimhart Mantooso
  45. The latest subject which engages conspiracy theorists is the COVID-19 pandemic, some contributors and commentators on this site believe that the virus was genetically engineered and released as part of the conflict between China and the rest of humanity

    The attached article is worth reading, particularly because it was published in 2007, and the authors pointed out that some Chinese customs could cause pandemics due to viruses jumping from an animal host into humans.

  46. Alfred says:

    I find the idea that the virus originated in a Wuhan “wild food” market to be utterly compelling

    I immediately stopped reading. This writer has never lived in the 3rd world. He thinks that all of us should buy our food from Coles or Walmart in plastic wrap. He is unbelievably ignorant.

    Africans have been eating bats from before humans learned to walk upright. Nothing like this has come out of Africa. Even Ebola came from an area suspiciously close to a US “biological research” center. Why exactly does the US need to litter these centers around Russia, Iran and China? Is there any good reason other than for the development of agents to damage crops, kill livestock and sicken people?

    West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?

    The reader must look at the total picture and not concentrate on COVID-19 to exclusion of everything else. The US and Israel are undoubtedly developing biological weapons. Furthermore, their leadership is such that they are unable to think of the consequences of releasing such agents.

    BTW, WordPress shut down the site which originally published this article. Hardly a surprise.

  47. @Dd

    I don’t know, but I have a lot of questions about things I have been reading, from the data, demonstrating the weakness of the virus, and non-lethality, to a New York Times opinion piece, authored by a “writer, producer and yoga teacher” who apparently contracted the virus, and had to be hospitalized…noting that it did not keep her (Fiona Lowenstein) from taking a “selfie”, apparently with a non-sterile, yet-somehow-permitted-in-the-hospital room cell phone? You normally have all that stuff bagged up. I dunno. Check out the article and her pic, judge for yourself.

    It isn’t that I don’t think it is possible, or true, about this or other similar stories, or that the data is fake or false….there’s just so much to digest and some of it seems incredulous and/or contradictory.

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
    , @botazefa
  48. Agent76 says:

    March 22, 2020 The Latest Plague So Far Is a Brilliant Success

    The wicked social control experiment using virus as the pretext for further enslavement is performing magnificently by implanting a sense of helplessness, dependence, and blind conformism.

    Mar 21, 2020 Medical Martial Law 2020

    As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners.

  49. Mother of all depressions, mother of all civil wars and then the second coming (JC better show up on time or there goes the Christianity) or dog eat dog world. The future doesn’t look so bright now!

  50. Agent76 says:

    Amen Mcohen! Psalms 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

    Zach Williams – Fear Is a Liar (Official Music Video)

    You’re never alone and you matter.

  51. @Digital Samizdat

    This isn’t a hoax. People really are getting sick and dying all over the world. The problem is that it’s getting blown all out of proportion because western governments are run by, and for, women. We all know how risk adverse women are so “out of an abundance of caution” (god I’m sick of hearing that phrase), western economies are being ruined.

    The good news is that this has the potential to do a lot of damage to the current Jewish and liberal world order. So sit back, relax in the confidence that unless you’re an 80 year old with emphysema you’ll be fine, and watch it all unravel.

    The bad news is that within a week the blacks will start to break quarantine, riot and loot (“my keedz wants to go outside!”). So avoid downtown if possible.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @follyofwar
    , @Alfred
  52. The coronavirus was created by Israel and the ZUS to destroy the economies of America and China and Russia and Iran and Italy . This is a zionist attack on the world.

    Read the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, can be had on

    • Replies: @Trinity
  53. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    The blacks need to be neutralized. They bring nothing positive to society and endanger other peoples’ lives and property while constantly crying about racism and demanding reparations. To hell with all of them.

    • Troll: Agent76
  54. @Alfred

    I have heard that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had a partnership with an American university. Kind of odd that such an exchange is taking place despite us hearing about China being hostile towards America and vice versa? But then again, there are numerous ethnic Chinese working in the CIA and nobody seems to care.

  55. Agent76 says:

    March 14, 2020 Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?

    “Fake media” immediately went into high gear. China was held responsible for “spreading infection” Worldwide.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  56. @OscarWildeLoveChild

    Like 9/11 , the perps are using crisis actors ,see the Youtube video of “Harley Guy”, and insiders to sell the narrative , see Madonna and Tom Hanks with their “corona” typewriters , it’s a psyop and the Tavistock Institute has studied how to scare the public so they will agree to anything such as martial law and social distancing ( sounds as though it’s straight out of “1984”) , the massmedia is not our friend it is there to “brainwash” us.
    P.S. The number 33 keeps recurring , the Doctor who “died” in Wuhan just happened to be 33 , although I believe after they got the 33 out there they changed his age to 34.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @TkA
  57. @Just Passing Through

    Speaking of martial law, check out James Corbett’s videos on “Medical Martial Law.” The worst is yet to come, and magnitudes more will die from the government’s planned response (which has been in the works for years) than from the disease itself.

  58. anastasia says:

    the only thing that should be studied right now is whether this virus scare is a lie. It is a lie. A giant lie.
    What is there to know. 9,000 people per day die in this country for any and all reasons. Among the 10 top reasons why people died, respiratory illness comes in third. That is on the WHO site.

    Those statistics tell you everything you need to know.

    Why doesn’t anyone wonder why there are no comparisons in respiratory illnesses from years past and this year.

    Whyhasn’t one journalist called up any hospitals in their communities to find out how many people with respiratory illnesses are in the hospital, how many of them have been diagnosed with corona virus, and how many of them have died. Not one journalist has done this.\

    Why hasn’t one journalist told anyone how many people die in this country every day, and how many die every day from respiratory illness. These are statistics that are very easy to find.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  59. anastasia says:

    There is a Chinese doctor on video on the site. Itis translated from the German. He is an infectious disease doctor. He has things to say about Italy and about China. Scroll down to the last video.

    Another thing: The Chinese filed their new strain of virus with WHO on Jan. 9, 2020. By Jan 16, 2020, Dr. Drosten of Berlin already created a “test” for this virus. Most viruses don’t have a test, but this guy created a test in less than one week after the Chinese filed it with WHO. He said he did it in partnership with doctors in China. He is going to make BILLIONS because this is the test everyone is using, or this is the test that is being replicated by everyone else.

    This Drosten said that ifyou don’t use his new test, you can use his SARS test (SARS is a corona virus ). He also created the SARS test which they called “unreliable.”

    What does this tell you. It tells you that the test is for generic corona virus, NOT for this new strain of corona virus. . Of course, 8 percent of the population, whether they have symptoms or not, are going to be harboring this generic corona virus in their systems.

    It’s a complete scam.

    • Replies: @Quinsat
  60. Tom Verso says:
    @mark green

    “Articulation is conception”

    It is not uncommon for young students to say:

    “I know it, I just can’t explain it”.

    A wise teacher once responded:

    “Your tongue is connected to your brain.

    If you can’t explain it, then you don’t know it.
    You know it, when you can explain it.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  61. Dutch Boy says:

    Actual morality reinforces social solidarity, which is why our overlords have been attempting to destroy it for so long. Social solidarity is the key to overcoming crises in general and not just the present Covid 19 pandemic.

  62. fish says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Powerful words from Godflee Loberts…….now here’s Bob with the weather!

    • Agree: Gleimhart Mantooso
    • LOL: Mr McKenna
  63. @Johnny Smoggins

    I totally agree with your point about the feminization of society, which is often a topic in the alt-media, but mocked by the msm. Perhaps our rugged male ancestors were right to forbid women from voting. It’s all gone down hill since then.

    But will there be enough virile white men to step up to the plate in this manufactured crisis? I’m tempted to say no, but maybe there is hope. In my neck of the woods, sales of guns and ammo went thru the roof – that is until our governor closed all the gun shops (everything closed except grocery stores and gas stations), as probably happened in most states.

    I went walking yesterday, and heard shots fired from the nearby rifle range on a constant basis. Those men must be preparing for something.

    • Replies: @anon
  64. fish says:
    @Nazi Behavior Restoration LLC

    Hi Tinys……still practicing your “ankle grabbing” stretches?

  65. Wally says:
    @Tom Verso

    “If you cannot say what you mean, your majesty, you will never mean what you say and a gentleman should always mean what he says.”

    – Reginald Fleming, from The Last Emperor

  66. DaveE says:

    The Goyim, street people, the commoners and working class stiffs in the US have largely caught onto the Jew-Flu caused by the Shlomvirus. The eggheads in the academic class, who still believe the crap emanating from the Center for Disease Creation (CDC), Already Made Atrophy (AMA) and the Crooked Nose Network (CNN) will be the first to die from inoculation – and the last to figure it out.

    The question is, how many people in Lombardy were given a “free government vaccine” to “protect” (infect) them? Some bloggers say there were many such programs and recipients.

    The work of Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD clearly documents how the AIDS epidemic was started by a “free government hepatitis vaccine” given to gays and drug addicts in NY and San Francisco, where it then spread to the general population via unprotected sex, both gay and straight.

    If you think The Chosen wouldn’t try it again, you’re probably already waiting in line for your “free” government death sentence .

    • Replies: @DaveE
    , @jbwilson24
    , @Robjil
  67. botazefa says:

    I’m picking up in your comment that you are not a native speaker of English.

    • Replies: @OscarWildeLoveChild
  68. DaveE says:

    I meant “Shlomovirus”….. sorry.

  69. @Greg Bacon

    It has been very good for MIT and Bill Gates, and whatever they were collaborating with Epstein on. Guess we will never know. Frighteningly the living of the above equation will get prime seats in the “solution.”

    By the way Jeffrey Epstein worked with Mossad. The “didn’t kill himself” line was a diversion.

  70. geokat62 says:

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @Anon
  71. @mark green

    Andrews writings speak to my soul – I trust him, he loves his people.
    A refined Joe Bageant

    • Replies: @Omegabooks
  72. Che Guava says:

    Thank you, I read your reuiew of White Noise, agree entirely, and you bring ou on or wwo points that i had not noticed.

    I have read at least siy of his novels, nooe crap, but White Noise esisily the best..witg. Libra, his take on Orwald, the second.

    The alleged magnum opus, centred on a baseball ball from a famous game, it had its moments, but I think one has to be a Noo yawk baseball fan to appreciate it.

    I gave my bought-new copy to a U.S. acquaintance years ago.

    As for the Wuhan virus, you make many good points, but C.J. Hopkins pretty much nailed it in his recent article. Points I have also been making in daily convesation in Japanese.

    Does anybody know of anybody who is sick from it? I don’t. The annual winter flu has already taken many more than the Wuhan virus, it is all a phantom menace.

  73. ” we live in a decaying society that is in terror of death, and pathologically so.”


    Diseases are SUPPOSED to sweep through populations, taking out the sick and elderly. This is part of natural selection, and trying to insulate human populations from these sorts of evolutionary pressures is profoundly dysgenic.

    • Replies: @SomeoneInAsia
  74. @DaveE

    Look, I’m always eager to criticize Jews, but until there is pretty solid evidence that this is Jewish handiwork I can’t join you in the ‘schlomovirus’ chant. Yes, Sid Gottlieb and other Jews were remarkably callous about developing weaponry and testing it on humans, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Jewish mendacity were involved, but I think exceptional claims require some pretty solid evidence.

  75. @SafeNow

    Jordan J. Cohen, (past) president of Association of American Medical Colleges, argued in 2003 that

    affirmative action in medical schools remains necessary at this time to educate an ethnically and racially diverse physician workforce. He offers 4 reasons why diversity is important and states that medical schools have an obligation to select and educate a future physician workforce that can respond to a diverse patient population and to society’s evolving health care needs.”

    Reference: Assessing Affirmative Action in Medical Schools
    Michelle Lim, June 2003 in Journal of Ethics, AMA

    even though . . .

    “URM [under-represented minority] applicants often have lower GPAs and MCAT scores than their white and Asian American counterparts and have less chance of being admitted on academic credentials alone.”

    Reference: The Consequences of Premature Abandonment of Affirmative Action in Medical School Admissions Jordan J. Cohen, MD March 2003

  76. botazefa says:

    “why hasn’t one journalist…” done this, or done that?

    Because facebook, google, and twitter put all the journalists out of their jobs. Now what counts for journalism is 20-something girls on local news stations and the wire services.

  77. I see Covid-stuff as a great distraction. Sure, it’s a serious disease and people should take it seriously.

    But a disease doesn’t destroy a people. It is the loss of race-ism and homeland-ism.

    Europeans survived the Black Death.

    The natives of the New World would have rebounded from Measles IF NOT for the fact that whites and others came to replace them. It was New People, not the diseases, that were the real nails in the coffins of the natives of New World. Even with 90% death rates from disease, the natives would have rebounded IF NOT for the fact that mass invaders came from the Old World.

    Africa has been suffering from so many diseases. It always survived.

    West can and will overcome Covid-19, but after that’s over, will the West embrace race-ism and oppose Diversity? Will it stop worshiping Jews and homos and Negroes? Most likely not.

    • Replies: @mark green
  78. TkA says:
    @9/11 Inside job

    Caught the 33 rolling over to 34 too.

  79. anon[261] • Disclaimer says:

    In one of my favorite “neck of the woods,” billboards featuring women arming themselves and taking training & practice dot the highways.

    Lots of things the wimmen can’t do that men can do.
    But don’t discount half of the population who CAN do a great deal, like shoot a mother-friggin a$$hole forehead-to-Guccis in one smooth movement.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  80. @cranc

    Hmmm. Protecting the elderly, or establishing tyranny over Western Civilization?

    Guess which one The Man chose!

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  81. Blip Blop says:

    They aren’t helpless? You wouldn’t know that by listening to old white cat ladies.

  82. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @mark green

    tens of thousand of Americans must every year travel to underdeveloped countries–from Mexico to Thailand–for medical treatment?–some of it as routine as … botox injection.

    Botox injection? Medical treatment? Routine? Is this satire or what?

  83. Robjil says:

    This “attack” on Lombardy seems have to have an echo from the past. In Medieval times, Lombards replaced Jews as the money lenders for Europe when Jewish lenders were chased out. Is this coronavirus focus on Lombardy as “punishment” for past “crimes” against the Chosen people.


    Since Norman times, Jews had lived in England. Forbidden from ordinary trade, but not bound by church laws on money lending, the Jews acted as money lenders to royalty, giving them advances on future spoils. The work this involved made them very rich and very unpopular with the people, but protected by royalty they were safe until Edward I withdrew his protection in 1290. The Jews were hounded out of England, not to return again for over 200 years. This left a vacuum and so arrived the goldsmiths of Lombardy.

    Here is about Lombard street. where the Lombards did their banking business in London.

    Lombard Street was once one of the main roads in Roman Londinium. In the 13th century, it was part of a large area of land granted by King Edward I to the goldsmiths from Lombardy in northern Italy. The Italians arrived in England to fill a gap left by the Jewish money lenders.

    Lombard Street remained the centre of English banking. The Royal Exchange was opened in 1571, Lloyds of London moved there is 1691 and until the 1980s, most UK banks had their headquarters in Lombard Street.

    It would take 350 years before Jews were allowed to come back to London. Meanwhile, the Italian Lombards had the job in London and elsewhere in Europe.

    It would take over 350 years before they were allowed to return to Britain. Their powerful position as moneylenders to the English Crown was taken over by Italians with Lombard Street as its financial centre. The area was originally a piece of land granted by Edward I to goldsmiths and merchants from Lombardy and is mentioned by name in a Charter of Edward II in 1319. Economically sophisticated and socially self-contained, the Italian merchant elite regarded itself as the financial aristocracy within the larger London stranger community. Many commercial terms such as debtor, creditor, cash, bank, or bankrupt were directly derived from the Italian. In Das Kapital Karl Marx specifically refers to Lombard Street in reference to credit and money-lending.

  84. Trinity says:
    @Desert Fox

    Exactly, my friend. But the odd thing is Russia appears to remain relatively unscathed from the Jew Flu, but I could be wrong. Amazing how we don’t see any writer on this site or anywhere else for that matter, writing how the Kosher Crud could impact Israel. hahaha. I guess you would have to read an Israeli paper to find out about that, huh? lolol.

    I like how the Trumpstein/Kushner dog and pony show is waging their ZIO manufactured SCRIPTED “war” with the Zionist media, and pitting the patriotards/Trumptards and non-PC parrots against the leftoid anti-White, “ant-racist” crowd over Trumpstein calling the Jew Flu the “Chinese Virus.” Look at some of those YT videos with a non-PC, yet Israel loving goy, ( amazing how so many non PC guys and gals like Ann Coulter love Israel, huh) out there proudly puffing up his or her chest and like Trumpstein, calling this the “Chinese Virus.” And then you have all the “anti-racist” anti-White leftoids getting their panties twisted in a knot because calling the Kosher Crud, the “Chinese Virus” is so damn racist. This kind of drama puts all the focus on China and away from other possible (((suspects,))) no?

    Personally, this Kosher Crud, has been only a mild inconvenience for me. I still hit the local gym and visit my favorite local Mexican restaurant and dine in. Yes, the place is still open. I was freaking a little at first but realized how silly all this shit really is. People die every day from something and my odds at dying from ZIO-vid 19 are about as likely as hitting Powerball Jackpot this week.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @anon
  85. I thought it was interesting how Rand Paul suddenly tests positive for Covid-19 after his dad has been writing about how the virus pandemic is being used to take more Rights away…. hmmm

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @anon
  86. Alfred says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    it’s getting blown all out of proportion because western governments are run by, and for, women.

    I thoroughly agree. But what these women have not yet noticed is that most jobs in the “service sector” and “government” are occupied by women. In case you have not noticed, governments are about to go bankrupt in spades.

    Jobs for women – except in healthcare – are being decimated. I am convinced that for every man who is about to lose his job, two women will lose theirs. It is precisely the inverse of what has been happening for the last 50 years.

    Sorry ladies, you are all going back home. You will look after the kids and the elderly. Kindergartens and Old Peoples’ Homes are no longer viable. The former is a recipe for bringing the virus home and the latter for executing the grandparents. Oh what irony!

    Have you noticed how all the nonsense about “Climate Change”, “Antisemitism”, “Gender” and “Racism” seems to have disappeared from the media?

    It will be fun to be a respected heterosexual man once more. 🙂

  87. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    In most advanced nations, overall Covid 19 death rate of infected averages under 1%. In sarin-targeted nations many times that.

    Here is a website that has the data so we cut through the garbage spat out by the intelligence hangouts aka “alternative media”:

    Why do some countries, such as US, show such high rates of death?

    Well, taking the US example (and this is typical for all high death rate nations) we see that out of 691 closed cases 504 (73%) of the outcomes were death.

    Let’s chew on that 691 closed cases, in case of US. This nation famously refused to test pepole late into the game. And when it tested, it only tested the seriously ill. So a correct reading is out of the 691 cases that were openned after having met very restrictive test application qualifications, 73% of these very sick people died.

    That said, remember those stories you used to read as a history buff kid about some random country changing its religion when the king changed his? Shelter in place and reflect on your situation, “citizen”.

    • Replies: @Anon
  88. @Trinity

    Agree, being retired, I watch a lot of youtube videos and one of the ones is called Action Kid NYC and he does videos of walking the streets of NYC, these are really good, interesting and entertaining, you might take a look at his videos especially now, as he is still at in spite of the coronavirus Bill Gates and the kabal created.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  89. @Godfree Roberts

    Excellent post.
    Look at the typical hasbarat response of name calling, Just shows they haven’t got a leg to stand on.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks: Godfree Roberts
  90. Pheasant says:

    Sarin that dissipates after 30 mins can be weaponised as an aerosol. See the tailwind episode (largest/longest green beret foray into Laos organised by the CIA. Supposedly refuted by the CIA and recanted by 60 minuites but afaic there is no smoke without fire).

  91. @upsidedown

    Not a leftist, but I do miss Joe Bageant! RIP, Joe.

    • Replies: @Republic
  92. Pheasant says:

    Just remember:

    If the situation was hopeless there would be no need for thier propaganda.

  93. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    The virus itself is exaggerated, it is the social and political impacts of it that are worrisome.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  94. Trinity says:

    This is all AN EXAGGERATED FALSE FLAG, people. SURE, people are dying, people die every day from something. Personally I haven’t even met anyone who has been tested let alone actually has the Kosher Crud. And so what if the manufactured Kosher Crud is wacking people, I mean how many people get cancer, lung disease, AIDS, and other diseases or any other type of illness. People are born, they live and they die, that’s life. There is a disease, and there has been deaths due to ZIO-vid 19, but we are talking just thousands out of BILLIONS. This shit is a more or less a HYPE JOB for some reason or the other. Best thing to do is roll the dice and live your life, if not the Kosher Crud, it could be cancer, a fatal car crash, diabetes, heart attack, whatever, something is going to eventually take out everyone eventually. Show these freaks that you aren’t skeered.

    Back to the “freedom-cat” post about Rand Paul. lololol. Hey, is Linda Grahamnesty feeling under the weather? How about Crying Chuckie Schumer? Hillary? My gawd, do they have Ruth Ginsburg in isolation? That old bat looked like death warmed over before the Kosher Crud hit. Nervous Nancy has to be highly fragile, that old hag has been looking sickly for years.

  95. Something to think about

    Here is an interesting item, an interview with a world-class virologist about the virus:

    Quite different the what we see in the papers day after day:

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike, Miro23
    • Replies: @Trinity
  96. Anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    This could possibly be a way for the West to mobilize for total war without our leaders having to ask us plebes our oppinion about the whole idea. The civil infrastructure for waging total war is not that different than that being promoted to fight this virus.

    • Replies: @calculator
  97. @Priss Factor

    Hi Priss. I concur. The preservation of (white) civilization should remain our top priority. It deserves to take precedence over individual hardships. This includes hospital care for the hopelessly weak and elderly. The virus-driven shutdown of the US economy must be reversed.

    Every year on our planet–when things are running more-or-less smoothly and normally–some 55,000,000 humans pass away (this number includes deaths due to war, disease, accidents, homicide, sickness, and ‘old age’). This death count is optimum and consistent with nature. It’s also essential.

    Since overpopulation and over-medication/treatment of the old and unhealthy now poses huge (and rising) long-term risks, the annual death rate should perhaps be slightly higher than 55,000,000.

    Naturally, the public should be warned and kept abreast of all developments concerning this epidemic. But let’s not take our eyes off the prize: preserving ‘Western’ civilization–which includes reversing the decline in Euro-American peoples that’s been underway for the past half century. Commonality–not diversity– is our strength. Once it’s lost it’s gone forever.

    • Agree: geokat62
  98. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    The US death rate is about 1.3% and has been that for the entire time. It is better than the UK, Spain, Italy, China, and many other advanced countries, but worse than some others (Germany). If you simply search this, you will see.

    You foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Americans are dumbasses.

  99. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    Once stopped, they very well might be searched and then let through. But we will not know until after being traumatized with that horrible tweet.

    This is the problem with twitter news.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  100. Whitewolf says:
    @Gabacho Gris

    There are a lot of Mexicans in the US. Their culture is the same as their brothers over the border. Lucky for them they’ll have “white supremacy” to blame if they have higher infection rates.

  101. Trinity says:

    Exactly. The virus is real but TOTALLY HYPED. We can clearly see where this is leading. Massive unemployment, the economy tanks, people WILLING to have the government “hep” them with those 1,ooo checks, food rationing, etc., etc. IF I survive the Kosher Crud and IF we are still a free country a few years from now, this virus hysteria will be exposed the same way 9-11 was exposed. How many people believe the official narrative about 9-11 in 2020? Even with all the clueless patriotards out there, I bet you a maximum of 30% of Americans actually believe what they were spoon-fed about 9-11.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  102. anon[261] • Disclaimer says:

    ever execrable WaPo skewers Paul for not having self quarantined sooner.

    the article includes this information:

    Paul says he took the test despite having no symptoms on the advice of his doctor. Paul had part of his lung removed last year after an attack by a neighbor. “Given that my wife and I had traveled extensively during the weeks prior to COVID-19 social distancing practices,” he said, “and that I am at a higher risk for serious complications from the virus due to having part of my lung removed seven months ago, I took a COVID-19 test when I arrived in D.C. last Monday. I felt that it was highly unlikely that I was positive since I have had no symptoms of the illness, nor have I had contact with anyone who has either tested positive for the virus or been sick.”

    to which Bezos’s bloviating bamboozlers added this whiplash:

    Paul’s situation raises another thorny question: Why did he get tested in the first place if he wasn’t having any symptoms? The United States has a severe shortage of tests, and Vice President Pence says almost daily that people without symptoms should not get tests. Yet members of Congress — Paul included — and athletes have received tests even if they were not showing symptoms. Paul says his doctor recommended it because he had traveled widely over the past few weeks, and because of his compromised lung.
    It ended up being a good thing he got tested, because as he says, if he hadn’t, he would have had no reason to believe he was a carrier of the virus and would have gone about his daily life.

    Last year, Dr. Rand Paul took unfriendly fire from the usual sources when he went to Canada for repair of a hernia, also damaged in that minor dust-up with a next-door neighbor over lawn-mower boundaries.

  103. Pheasant says:

    ‘Nothing like this has come out of Africa’

    I’ll take what is aids/ebola for 20 alex.

  104. @Herald

    In other words, unless I align my view with yours, I have a dysfunctional bias*. How dare I!

    * (The term “dysfunctional bias” has no meaning. It’s the kind of word dum-dums like you to try and sound smart. It didn’t work.)

    And isn’t it interesting that things merely asserted on the internet by people with agendas can magically become “facts.” Not only that, but the rest of us are somehow obliged to accept those mere assertions as gospel truth. Your sorry ilk are not going to mold me. Get over it, chief. I tower over you.

    Now be gone, Chinaman. Your pangolin casserole is getting cold. Eat up!

    • Replies: @Herald
  105. @Just Passing Through

    If the West had any balls they would get rid of the drains on society, yes. But get it right what are the financial drains on society. The finance traders, big lenders, insurers.

    Doing it your way, I suppose they could prohibit hospital treatment of anyone over 50. To create a pandemic that destroys food markets and restaurants and drives everyone to stay home is not the way to get rid of the financial drains on society.

    Easier: simply legislate that a corporation is not a person.

    Without the curse of Democracy it would be possible to prohibit advertising on television, so giving us freedom of the Press which the West will never allow.

  106. @Anon

    If you were to take the anti-American douche-baggery out of the average Unz-ite, there would be nothing left. Their failure in life and their recent flareup of hemorrhoids is all America’s fault. Everyone else dindu nuffin. They all strike me as constantly seeking revenge against the Creator for having being born and then assigned to the loser stack.

  107. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    I see many Chinese nationalists gloating about the impacts of this virus on the West. These stupid Chinese don’t realize Jews are the downfall of any society, and I see that Chinese are mostly positive about the tribe, despite Sassoon and the Opium Wars. I used think white people were cucked, but it seems Chinese are just as clueless and spineless if not more so. Enjoy that Jewish influence chinks, don’t come crying in 30 years when your economy is hollowed out and all Chinese girls want to breed with blacks due to media influence rather than your effeminate asses.

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  108. Just watch. Once this blows over, they will go back to worshiping Sod, or the god of sodomy.

    In sod we trust.

  109. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Yes well it was a “test” that got a failing grade. The bright side is it shows Neoliberalism as the failure it really is.

  110. China basher article of course.
    “..compelling”? Yes compelling it came from the USA. I suggest this author, who obviously hates ‘commos’ better look in the mirror.

  111. Trinity says:
    @John Chuckman

    Thank you, sir, for that link. Need to pass that on to all these sheeple out there.

  112. lavoisier says: • Website

    I posted this before but it bears posting again. A 2016 Johns Hopkins study concluded that 250,000 Americans die annually from medical negligence. And that’s just mortality; imagine the morbidity.

    Long waits for short appointments. Protective, sanctimonious medical front offices. A lifetime of frustrating, humiliating, frightening fighting for access. If a presidential candidate made a promise to double the number of physicians, starting right now, he would be elected in a landslide.

    I am uncertain how the two paragraphs follow from each other. So double the number of spots in medical school, which means making admission to medical school less competitive?

    How exactly is admitting less talented individuals to medical school than those practicing now and who are currently making all these medical errors supposed to lessen mistakes?

  113. Mefobills says:

    His point stands. On average women should not be voting or near the levers of power. There are always exceptions of course.

    Evolution did not eqip women to be guardians of the frontier.

  114. @Greg Bacon

    The Covid-19 virus is the tool being used to run interference for the flawed financial system. That is why it was released.
    They knew back in September that banks had liquidity problems. That is when they began injecting cash into the repo market. They pulled this coronavirus out of their bag of tricks and are blaming the meltdown on it.
    The Rotkillers now have a gun to the heads of the politicians; Bail outs or be the guy who has the economy meltdown on his watch. This is the Fed’s version of ‘negotiating’. It is an ultimatum.
    Trump should refuse bail-outs and let this sort itself out in the market. Recovery would be quicker than propping up an old, syphillis ridden system.
    Let it crash.
    But no, DJT is their guy. He’s in on it. He is going let the Federal Reserve become more powerful than Congress, Senate and Executive combined. Coup d’etat by Central Bankers.
    This will work out real good. Americans will be enslaved for 10 generations. They will run up the Debt to 50Trillion in no time.
    Every night it is another trillion to prop up this rotten, corrupt market and all their disgusting, perverse, oligarchic and kleptocratic practices.
    America is over.

  115. geokat62 says:

    This is the problem with twitter news.

    Tweet by Pakistani Prime Minister:

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  116. @anon

    Will never happen, the only reason Jews were able to subvert Western nations is because they look ethnically the same. In East Asia they will always be racial outsiders.

    Here is an interesting article about Jewish attempts to weasel their way into East Asian business companies.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  117. cranc says:

    Pietro Vernazza, a Swiss infectious disease specialist, argues that many of the imposed measures are not based on science and should be reversed. According to Vernazza, mass testing makes no sense because 90% of the population will see no symptoms, and lockdowns and closing schools are even „counterproductive“. He recommends protecting only risk groups while keeping the economy and society at large undisturbed.
    The President of the World Doctors Federation, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, argues that lockdown measures as in Italy are „unreasonable“ and „counterproductive“ and should be reversed.

    Much of the alternative media (like this piece) is simply a flip side to the same nothing burger. The virus (in its current form) is relatively harmless, and ‘psychology is prevailing over science’. It is taking out old, sick people, in numbers that are proportionate to viruses that have long been with us.
    It is all about resetting the economy : collapsing the currencies into parity in preparation for the introduction of a new monetary paradigm.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Trinity
  118. @geokat62

    What an embarrassing tweet, who the fuck cares what Pakistan thinks or wants America to do? America literally threw Pakistan away like a used condom after the Soviet-Afghan War.

    Imran Khan also asked for all external debt to be written off.

    I love it when these Muslim countries’ leaders virtue signal about Muslim unity, perhaps Pakistan should do something actually useful and give Iran the A-bomb.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  119. @Amerimutt Golems

    … early indicator of the perils of supply chains built on slave labor ….

    Agree with your take on supply chain vulnerability, but I have to ask why prison labour in China is slave labour while prison labour in the US is not?

  120. @Digital Samizdat

    … his little bout of common sense was vetoed by the NWO cretins who really run Britain ….

    And he thought he’d actually get Brexit done. Checkmate.

  121. Anon[348] • Disclaimer says:

    China certainly made a huge blunder early on by not stopping all outbound flights the day they locked down Wuhan. This would’ve saved the world from this pandemic and bought them a lot of good public relations. Instead, they are now the pariah state and all Asian looking people are targets of fear and loathing the world over. The country deserves to be put on ice by the whole world until they completely ban eating of all wild animals and bring all their markets to Western standards.

    Andrew Joyce is right about this crisis exposing our new economic reality: that of women who work outside the home. Elizabeth Warren wrote about this in her book The Two Income Trap. Instead of living a more moderate lifestyle based on one income, 70% of families now have both parents working so they can afford bigger homes, nicer cars, eating out more, and going on fancy vacations. When one spouse loses his/her job, their finances are in deep doodoo, how to afford next month’s mortage? Or when something like this hits and both have to work from home, mayhem ensues, who can take care of the kids while the other works or needs to be on a conference call?

    • Troll: Seraphim
  122. Anon[348] • Disclaimer says:

    The only good thing that could come out of this fiasco is an end to globalization and mass immigration.

    We need a Calvin Coolidge now more than ever. Coolidge was adamant about trimming the federal government, keeping the budget in balance and paying down debt. He also signed the 1924 Immigration Act which basically put a moratorium on immigration for the next 40 years.

    Trump and his Goldman Sachs cabinet are throwing money at their (((banker buddies))) like it’s candy. A trillion here a trillion there, bailing out everybody and his mother. Why do we need to bail out the two most over leveraged industries in the US – the travel industry and Wall Street? Let them go die. America First means you do not sink the taxpayers into more debt by bailing out the two biggest globalist institutions. Michelle Malkin was spot on about this:

    Anticipation of the coming recession is also the best time to shut down all immigration. He’s done that to illegal immigration by shutting the borders, now it’s time to shut down legal immigration. No more new visas or green cards granted for the next 20 years. Unfortunately big Ag is now pushing for more H2A visas, big tech is pushing for more H1b, and Lindsay Graham the rat is pushing for more EB5.

    If Trump wants to win in November, now is the best time to put his foot down on America First, sign a new EO mandating the return of key industries to the US including all medicine and medical supplies, and completely shut down legal and illegal immigration for the next twenty years. Judging from the international nature of this crisis, he will receive broad support from Americans.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  123. jalon says:

    Sheesh, no idea where this author has been these past 40 years, hiding in some cave ?
    what a joke using the GLF year to describe China. Hell, may be not even a cave, but hiding in a well.

  124. @calculator

    Second, every country is “locking down” although deaths to infections are around 1.5% and deaths to total world population are negligible to the point of irrelevancy.

    To wit, the average weekly death rate for all causes in the UK was circa 10,139 in 2019 with a standard deviation of circa 1,050. Weekly deaths attributable to all respiratory diseases averaged 1,378 (sd 322). So respiratory diseases already take a heavy toll in the UK, and it is surprising they don’t have more respiration machines.

    For 2020 through March 6, the weekly average weekly death count is not much worse than that for 2019, but then again CV deaths haven’t started to be included in the ONS stats.

    Still, total UK CV death count reported in the last 24 hours was 54, so in the short run the toll is statistically significant at that rate, but who is to say it will continue to be once all the low-hanging fruit has been harvested by CoronaChan, at which point it will join all other respiratory diseases in taking their toll.

  125. Rurik says:

    When is saw the bit about the bear farms (from the article link, at just over five minutes in)

    with the narrator explaining that since the communist government of China decided to support farming of wild animals, that now they mass-farm bears in cages..

    I found myself secretly hoping the virus wipes out the whole of “humanity”.

    And then I see where Geo posted the news that the Trump administration, (and assorted sniveling vassal states) are preventing medical supplies from getting to Iran, (with echoes of (((“it’s worth it”))),

    I’m even more convinced that the virus is God’s blessing upon this earth.

    What kind of demon-people raises bears in steel cages?! Or prevents medical supplies from getting to a pandemic ravaged society?!

    If there is a God, He’d redo the Biblical Deluge. Or give us a real virus, to control the spread of that plague known as humans.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  126. Will says:

    I find the idea that the virus originated in a Wuhan “wild food” market to be utterly compelling

    The guy who can connect the dots so well regarding Jewish influence thinks the virus came from fish, taking his cue(s) from 60 Mintues and Vox no less?

    A .01% US infection rate with a mortality rate just over 1%. The idea this is a pandemic is an absolute joke.

    “There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies….The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people were not presently carriers of [other non-COV] diseases” – Silvio Brusaferro, President of Italian Higher Institute of Health


    Thanks for plugging the MSM narrative, Andrew.

    • Agree: Miro23
  127. Rurik says:
    @Just Passing Through

    Pakistani Prime Minister:

    I want to appeal to President Trump on humanitarian grounds to lift the sanctions against Iran till the COVID19 pandemic is over.

    Just Passing Through:

    ‘who the fuck cares what Pakistan thinks or wants America to do?

    now.. if we could put you in the bottom row of stacked steel cages, with all the piss and shit from the animals above raining down on you for perpetuity, then perhaps there’s a lot of merit to that idea.

    Remove the bears and animals from the cages, and give them room to roam.

    And replace the bears and dogs with Just Passing Through, and Trump and Pompeo and Bolton and Adam Schiff.

    If we could charge admission, we could pay off all debts and end world hunger.

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  128. Trinity says:

    Given what we have learned with WWI, WWII, JFK, 9-11 and other historical events, WHO is the most likely perpetrator of this virus? Multiple choice:

    1. Great Britain
    2. America
    3. China
    4. Ethiopia
    5. Korea
    6. Israel
    7. Iceland
    8. Mother Nature

    • Replies: @Rurik
  129. @Rurik

    Why the anger? What I say is true.

    Pakistani PM asking for America to remove sanctions is hilarious and nothing more than virtue-signaling. Iranians are meant to look at Pakistan and say ‘Oh, aren’t they nice”

    In reality, if Pakistan actually cares about Muslims, they would have given all the other nations nuclear weapons soon after detonating their first in 1998.

    Instead they just sat back and watched as America destroyed the Middle East. They knew Iran was in the crosshairs but they chose to remain pawns of America and to do their bidding instead of taking the initiative and forming a global nuclear Muslim alliance.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  130. FvS says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    It likely came from pangolins, supposedly the world’s most trafficked animal. China is the world’s largest consumer of pangolin parts.

    As for tracing the virus in the United States, that can be found here. I have highlighted the time frame of the first cases in the U.S. Click on the orange dots in the phylogeny table for more info.

    As for the blame game, there is plenty of blame to go around.

    1. Trump – gross incompetence, failed to heed the early warnings, didn’t do enough to stop the spread, stupidly downplayed the severity of the virus just to try and save the economy.

    2. CDC/Deep State – nowhere near ready in terms of available hospital beds, ventilators, masks, etc. An adequate strategic reserve should have already existed. It is their job to prepare for something like this, and they simply did not do it. Whether this was only incompetence or something more deliberate, I guess we may never know.

    3. WHO – gross incompetence, failed to recognize the threat until it was too late, too reliant on and trusting of China.

    China’s U.N. Ambassador Zhang Jun said Thursday evening in New York that “we are still at a very critical stage in fighting the coronavirus” but stressed that the epidemic is still mainly confined to China and urged the international community against any overreaction. Zhang told reporters “we are still making our assessment” of the WHO declaration. “While we understand the concerns of other countries, we should also listen to advice of the director-general of WHO” who said he had full confidence in China’s efforts in fighting the epidemic and “there is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with the international travel and trade,” Zhang said. He said China appreciated “the friendly gesture made by the international community” in providing medical equipment, and “what are needed urgently,” especially in Hubei province, are masks and other protective medical supplies including glasses.

    In the wake of numerous airlines cancelling flights to China and businesses including Starbucks and McDonald’s temporarily closing hundreds of shops, Tedros said WHO was not recommending limiting travel or trade to China. “There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade,” he said. He added that Chinese President Xi Jinping had committed to help stop the spread of the virus beyond its borders.

    4. China – gross incompetence, failed to identify the danger of the virus until it was too late, silenced a whisteblower, covered up the danger of the virus and even destroyed samples early on, allowed infected to travel out of the country, allowed wet markets and black market exotic animal trade to fester.

  131. Italy was the hardest hit by coronavirus epidemic in Europe. Neither the US, nor any of its EU or NATO “allies” lifted a finger to help. Guess who sent trained medical crews and desperately needed supplies in aid? Russia, China, and Cuba.

    Another facet of these events. Poland did not let Russian planes with the aid to its presumed “ally” Italy fly through its airspace. So, in terms of meanness, Poland achieved the same despicable level as the US sanctions against Iran during an epidemic there. Birds of a feather.

  132. Spanky says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Gettin’ some flak… Must be near the target.

  133. Richard B says:

    Gu said this was due to his tweets opposing white supremacy”

    What “White Supremacy”?

    /suːˈprɛməsɪst,sjuːˈprɛməsɪst/ noun
    an advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, especially one determined by race or sex.
    “a white supremacist”

    Of course, this dictionary entry is like a joke that writes itself.

    It suggests that the word is not limited to one group, and then proceeds to limit it to one group.

    It also limits the definition to advocacy.

    Obviously, a real supremacist doesn’t simply advocate for their group, they have the power to effecuate demands, no matter how unreasonable, irrational and insane.

    For example, the demands to be

    1. placed above criticism
    2. loved unconditionally
    3. blindly obeyed

    This definition makes it clear that there are supremacists who do have the power to effecuate their demands.

    But they’re not White.

    Of course, there’s more than one group. But the two most powerful supremacist groups in the world today are Jewish Supremacy Inc. and The Chinese Communist Party.

    The two groups who just happen to be partners in The Belt and Road Initiative. Which might as well be called the Israel/China Initiative.

    Whites don’t really stand in the way of this. But it’s believed that they do. And that’s all that matters.

    Because, as far as supremacists are concerned, belief trumps thought, by simply calling its belief “the truth.”

    This anti-White hysteria comes from a combination of Communist Paranoia and Jewish Persecution Mania, the combined result of training, the communists to spy on each other and everyone else, and the Jewish people to see “antisemites” in their matzo ball soup.

    This would help explain why neither supremacist group is very good at social-management.

    Which is why their victory will be Pyrrhic, at best.

    • Agree: Dannyboy
  134. @mark green

    Stay healthy, Mark. We’ll have that cocktail one day soon, please, God. We’re inching towards lockdown here in Ireland. I started a YouTube channel, The McCarthy Plan. Somebody has to save the world. Take the Green Pill, love The McCarthy Plan.

    • Thanks: mark green
  135. Rurik says:
    @Just Passing Through

    Why the anger?

    because advocating a humane response to the tragedy, (that has effected Iranians more than most), and particularly because Iran is now under cruel and indefensible sanctions, is a no-brainer, for anyone with their souls still intact. Whether its Pakistan, Kazakhstan or Vanuatu.

    Unlike that ugly, inhuman ghoul who said that such sanctions are “worth it’.

    ‘Let their children die in droves!’

    ~ The people who celebrate Passover cheer.

    ‘Let them suffer and suffer and suffer until they go out of their minds in despair!!’

    And for what? Because they won’t bow down to, or support evil – as it manifests today.

    If it could be done without harming an actual child, I would love for any person who plays down the sanctions on Iran, to know what it’s like to see their child die slowly and painfully before their eyes, because a giggling, sadistic tormentor is deliberately withholding the precious medicine that child needs to survive.

    What if Barron was ill, and only an Iranian physician or pharmacist had the medicine. Do you think they’d be evil enough to let the boy die out of spite? Not in a million years.

    But the America I grew up in is dead. It’s been ((murdered)), and now operates a torture camp, and bombs and drones and maims and displaces millions of innocents all over the planet.

    While pointing a gnarled, bloodstained finger at the guiltless and innocent, with sanctimony and murderous guile. America today has perhaps outdone even Perfidious Albion, for treachery, cruelty and abject, slavish service to Moloch/zion.

    • Agree: Republic
    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  136. Richard B says:
    @mark green

    Almost every European country has now been affected, and COVID-19 is now spreading in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

    Is this what they mean by “We Will Replace You”?

  137. Herald says:

    Most trolls have a least a little bit of style and decorum, it helps them to keep their job. Try harder.

  138. Rurik says:

    WHO is the most likely perpetrator of this virus?

    cui bono?

    but I don’t think we’re aware of the end game yet..

    So far, it’s a great excuse to pop the overdue Stock Market bubble, and institute some more Orwellian police-state edicts.

    So, most likely, ZUSA (there doesn’t seem to be much difference between America and it’s master anymore).

    • Replies: @Miro23
  139. Republic says:

    A much better man than Fred Reed

  140. @Rurik

    This world is a perpetual struggle between the people’s. Iran should realise this and try to become self-sufficient. The Muslim world tried to boycott the West numerous times in regard to oil bit the West has more intelligent people and these people invented better weapons to conquer the Middle East with.

    The greatest weapon these Muslim countries and the Third World in general have is pity.

    And going back to the tweet, I am sure you will agree that Khan must have known the US will not actually grant him his wish, no matter how many likes his tweet gets, so what was the purpose of the tweet? It was pure propaganda!

    So I ask once again, why doesn’t the only Muslim nation with nuclear weapons share this prize bestowed upon them by Allah (actually it was due to AQ Khan snooping around in the West, but that is beside the point) with fellow Muslim nations instead of ‘advocating for a humane response’ on Twitter?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  141. anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ll respectfully refer you to Dr Francis Boyle. I prefer his assessment, seeing that he wrote the book. Well, at least the bipartisan legislation for the Federal Criminal Code that outlaws the research and creation of bio-weapons, the same legislation adopted by the UN for the rest of the world.
    He’s got the scientific articles and docs showing Ft. Detrick’s hand-off to UNC’s Level 3 lab, and a research grant from the Chinese Government to UNC for some gain-of-function work, with help from a Chinese researcher affiliated with the Wuhan lab who came with the grant.
    Your fascination with those wet markets, and their Dark Ages sanitation is all well and good.
    Just talk to Boyle, too.

  142. @Anon

    It took me a moment to wipe away the foam from my mouth — oops, more coming — but I think it’s worth coming back at that nonsense every time making again the point that the US regime kills many innocent Americans, shooting to kill, but the Communist regime kills few Chinese, despite China having a much larger population.

  143. Trinity says:

    Which do you fear the most? Multiple choice:
    1. A run of the mill MANUFACTURED and OVER HYPED flu bug
    2. Your liberties and Constitution being taken away
    3. Ruled by a One World Government
    4. Running out of toilet paper

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  144. niceland says:

    Private company in Iceland offered the public free virus test. Sure, not random selection, but the results indicated (a week ago) that just under 1% of the population was infected, ~3000 people. The same weekend our hard working team tracing ALL cases and trying to find everyone who came in contact was reporting 165 infected. See the difference?

    I think the most reliable data about the virus is the death rate numbers coming out in recent days in Europe. Looking at the rate of change in these numbers one can see the rate of change in number of infections about x days earlier. Assuming it takes x days on average for the virus to kill the host from infection. The curve for Germany shows number of deaths almost double every two days!

    The incredibly fast spread of the virus is probably the main source of confusion in figuring out death rates. Number of infected is fast rising curve leading by 1-2 weeks another smaller but also fast rising curve of deaths. Calculating death rates has to take the lag time into consideration among other things. Also, comparing the actual number of dead with reported number of ‘cases’ is meaningless because the latter is easily order of magnitude too low.

    I think China only found (or reported) a fraction of those who got the virus. And many things about their numbers is very strange.

  145. Rurik says:
    @Just Passing Through

    Iran should realise this and try to become self-sufficient.

    The snide of the tribe.

    They even consider it a virtue.

    West has more intelligent people

    I bet John Wayne Gacy congratulated himself on his smarts. ‘Hehe, if they weren’t so dumb, they wouldn’t have trusted me. Hehe’.

    IOW, there is a big difference between congratulating yourself on your ‘smarts’, just because you were (or are) more treacherous, depraved, and amoral than someone who participates with others in good faith. It’s the difference between Carl Sagan, (who was intelligent), vs. Dick Cheney, who’s a psychopath. One had smarts, the other had duplicity. But out of the two, Cheney made a lot more money, and wielded a lot more power. Does that simple fact make Cheney (or Trump) more intelligent than Sagan?

    The greatest weapon these Muslim countries and the Third World in general have is pity.

    I just read a sublime quote someone posted from The Merchant of Venice here on Unz.

    “The quality of mercy is not strained.
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

    You should seek out and read the whole quote. (thank you whomever posted it).

    I am sure you will agree that Khan must have known the US will not actually grant him his wish, no matter how many likes his tweet gets,

    Did the people staring aghast at the crucifixion of the Christ, and either saying under their breath, or shouting it out at no one in particular, ‘Mercy!

    Did they believe they would melt the black hearts of the Pharisees, and by saying so, end the crucifixion? Or were they simply expressing their natural humanity at the sight of such cruelty?

    So I ask once again, why doesn’t the only Muslim nation with nuclear weapons share this prize bestowed upon them by Allah

    Perhaps one day they will…

  146. wildbeard says:

    Europe should send the migrants elsewhere. Perhaps place them on Israel’s doorstep and tell them and Turkey to take care of their weaponized immigrants.

  147. @Alfred

    I didn’t see the author say anything about getting all our food wrapped in plastic from Whole Foods and Walmart. Would you mind pointing it out for me, so I’ll know you’re not lying?

    • Replies: @Alfred
  148. @Erebus

    Don’t be so frail. People don’t have be you or be like you. We can all come to our own conclusions. We still have that right! Understand?

    Only losers need validation, and if you want to follow around these obvious CCP propagandists and lick up their droppings, have at it. But one thing that people like me are always going to remind authoritarian lowlifes like you is that we have no obligation to affirm you in your naivety and lack of discernment. Got it, chief?

  149. aandrews says:

    Italy: Only 12% of “Covid19 deaths” list Covid19 as cause
    Report shows up to 88% of Italy’s alleged Covid19 deaths could be misattributed

    Mar 23, 2020

    The way Italy registers deaths explains their increased coronavirus case/fatality ratio, according to one expert and a report from Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS).

    Citing this report (in English here), Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health said:

    “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus […] On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three.”

  150. White man, this, whatever it is, is an attack on our culture: no kissing, no embracing, no hugging, no handshaking, no socialising, everyone keeping a distance, wearing face masks, treating everyone like a total stranger, … and I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so:

    Will we ever get it back?

    • Replies: @Richard B
  151. anon[415] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    china is great, you can’t defeat us,
    excuse me while I eat,
    a human foetus.

  152. Skeptikal says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    You are a Zionist troll.

    This is also obvious from your responses on other threads.

  153. @Justsaying

    Fighting an epidemic is a socialist activity and that’s how China eliminated community transmission of COVID-19. Making cars can be efficiently done with capitalism and that’s how China makes cars. They also have companies owned by provinces but the central government gives them no assistance. The Chinese are pragmatic and use whatever works. The Yanks decide on the basis of ideology. That’s the present reality and part of the reason why COVID-19 is so much more prevalent in the USA. Check worldometers (or WHO if you don’t mind arithmetic). [email protected]

    • Replies: @9/11 Inside job
  154. Meena says:
    @mark green

    Medical failures in the face of Corona virus epidemic in Italy or now in USA or Spain has very little to do with physicians and more to do with hospital beds, testings,and protective gadgets.

    You don’t want your medical school churn up doctors like the way law school does. Having said that ,medicare are for all is not a bad option at least for certain defined common conditions and for crisis like this .

    • Agree: mark green
  155. Fools! All you whities, blackies and yellas, this is the one under whose cosh you are now. Go read up on him!

  156. Meena says:
    @alan kerns

    How much does it cost in terms of money and time to become an intervention al cardiologist? How much does it cost to become internist ,primary care physicians or neurosurgeons?

    An interventional cardiologists spend 9 years to become one after 4 years of medical school ..
    A neurosurgeon or plastic surgeon or Urology will do at leasts 6 years of residency after medical school . Most of them have to spend 1-2 years research before residency to be selected . That means 4 years medical school plus 1-2 years research . Some may decide to do fellowship after the residency .

    Neurosurgeons usually start 7 am and finish around 10-11 PM . Urology residents are often on call every other night in many places .

    Once in practice,regulation from hospital, county,state,federal and then insurance companies dictate their lives .

    You might see a patient and find him normal . Insurance may not pay you for 1 hour you spent with the patient.

    Medical school is usually after 4 years of undergraduate . You have loan already on your resume when you enter medical school .

    Go and figure .

  157. @aandrews

    Chinese animal abuse seriously deflates my admiration of China.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Commentator Mike
  158. denk says:
    @Pat Kittle

    CIA and its Falun Gong affiliate have been churning out tons of fake news, fake videos to demonise China.

    One of their fav theme is ‘Chinese cruelty to dogs’, [[[sobs ]]] sure know how to rile up whitey’s ire playing on their love for dogs.

    Is that video shot in China in the first place, ?
    is that man a Chinese ? [speaking Chinese means nuthin]
    Is he an actor ? [Falun GOng volunteer or paid actor….?]
    etc etc

    In this era of deceit and duplicity, is it too much to hold your judgement until the veracity of this video can be verified ?

    ‘evidence’ like this would be thrown out of any decent court of law.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Rurik
    , @Seraphim
  159. @Pat Kittle

    Well yeah, but is kosher, halal, and factory farming any better? Open markets or slaughterhouses behind closed doors?

    • Agree: SomeoneInAsia
    • Replies: @Rurik
  160. @ia

    One of the most outspoken figures from the medical profession on social media in recent days is Eugene Gu…

    “He started a surgical residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2015.[3] Vanderbilt put Gu on administrative leave for two weeks in November 2017, and placed him on probation until March 2018. Gu said this was due to his tweets opposing white supremacy”

    Not only is Eugene a notoriously ignorant, hate-filled anti-White, he’s widely derided as “Just the Flu” Gu for a reason — his ludicrously-inept attempts at prognostication with respect to the course of the Chinese virus pandemic. Perhaps not the best choice of medical “experts” for this particular topic…

    Other than that minor misstep, this piece is up to Dr. Joyce’s usual standards.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  161. Rogue says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    He does come across that way.

  162. @jbwilson24

    So you’d presumably have no problems about seeing your own loved ones die and rot on the streets, courtesy of diseases and natural selection?

  163. Miro23 says:

    But I don’t think we’re aware of the end game yet..
    So far, it’s a great excuse to pop the overdue Stock Market bubble, and institute some more Orwellian police-state edicts.
    So, most likely, ZUSA (there doesn’t seem to be much difference between America and it’s master anymore).

    Agree that we’re waiting for Act II of this show.

    It was a blame free way to complete a stock market Pump and Dump cycle and get at China politically, but the real threat looks like the “emergency” proposed merger of the Fed and the Treasury outlined in Mike Whitney’s article:

    Imagine if the congress approved a measure to form a public-private partnership between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve. Can you imagine that?

    The idea of merging the Fed and the Treasury first appeared in its raw form in an article by former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen in the Financial Times.

    What happens here is that the Fed is no longer a group of Jewish led private banks directing the nation’s monetary policy – it actually merges with the US Treasury (or rather takes it over) gaining direct legal control of the nation’s finances.

    It’s a Jewish led coup against the US.

    Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) is organizing it from the administration side, while they have their MSM pumping up the panic and line up their subservient Congressmen.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  164. denk says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Why did this 2019 simulation not cause America to prepare for such an outbreak: “From last January to August, America’s Health and Human Services ran a simulation, code-named “Crimson Contagion,” that imagined an influenza pandemic: the outbreak of the respiratory virus began in China and was quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers. In the US, it was first detected in Chicago, and 47 days later, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic but, by then, 110 million Americans were ill, 7.7 million hospitalized and 586,000 dead.” [New York Times].

    So [[[they]]] had almost one whole year of dry run for a pandemic from China [SIC] !

    Then they had another global pandemic simulation , hosted by BIll depolulation Gates, barely two months before this shit hit the fan !

    The tsunami of coincidences surrounding this caper is stretching the Ian Fleming’s law of prob to breaking point !

    This looks like yet another ‘exercise’ that turns live.

  165. Miro23 says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    But it’s obvious that his little bout of common sense was vetoed by the NWO cretins who really run Britain …

    Not at all NWO cretins. More like a carefully planned and executed Emergency allowing them to extend their power.

    In the US, the proposed NWO solution to the fabricated Crisis is to merge the Fed with the Treasury (in other words the Fed take legal control of US government finance) – suggest by Bernanke and Yellen in the Financial Times – With Munchin’s help from the administration side.

    The UK is just a mirror of the US.

    With absolute financial power, and an owned Congress and MSM, they can do what they like – ban cash, block access to accounts, compulsory purchase of government bonds etc. etc.

    Basically imagine a life where your money is no longer yours.

    Ref. the excellent article by Mike Whitney:

    • Agree: 9/11 Inside job
  166. anon[415] • Disclaimer says:

    evidence’ like this would be thrown out of any decent court of law.

    Yeah, except in bat eating ching chong land where there is no law,
    just a bullet in the head when you make waves.
    The chinese are not like humans – we in the West may have to nuke them to stop them infecting us.

    • Replies: @denk
  167. denk says:

    Dont tar the ‘west’,
    Its FUKUS who have used bio weapons/Chem weapon on…


    The ‘Spanish flu’ and the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 killed millions of people worldwide, both were Made In FUKUS.

    Go and do us a fav , rid the world of its plague, nuke yourself, asshole.

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  168. Bro43rd says:

    I find it amusing that all it takes is 1 comment from GR & the spook trolls come out like cockroaches from the woodwork when the lights go out. Even the dullest knife in the drawer could easily spot this.

  169. Vojkan says:

    Most people who come here will answer 2 or 3. Most people’s behaviour in reality speaks 1 or 4. Logical thought stands no chance in the battle against herd instinct. It’s a matter of numbers and discipline.

  170. Quintus says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Excellent points, Godfree.

    Your point #1 “Why did the President fire the entire US Pandemic Response Team in May, 2018?” is equivalent to the NORAD drill on 9/11 of diverting a significant number of jetfighters to Canada in a war simulation against Russia at a time when they could have been used to intercept the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers;

    I didn’t know about your point #2. Wow. I’m reposting that.

  171. Quinsat says:

    I just sent this question to our useful idiot Prime Minister. The answer is ‘No’, but I doubt he or anyone in No. 10 will reply.

    I write to enquire if Koch’s postulates have been proven for the Corona Virus.

    Koch’s postulates are four criteria designed to establish a causal relationship between a causative microbe and a disease. The postulates were formulated by Robert Koch and Friedrich Loeffler in 1884 and refined and published by Koch in 1890. Koch applied the postulates to establish the etiology of anthrax and tuberculosis, but they have been generalized to other diseases.

    1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
    2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
    3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
    4. The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

  172. @aandrews

    I agree that it is awful to cook dogs alive, but what type of demon – people boil lobsters alive? New Englanders for one . Let’s stop mistreating all creatures .

  173. @Donald A Thomson

    All the statistics on the Coronavirus are either lies or falsehoods ,as there is no accurate or reliable test for the Coronavirus/COVID-19 ,and the new tests are probably no better , have they been subject to double-blind studies ? In my opinion it’s the seasonal flu re-branded for propaganda purposes as the Coronavirus .See : “Why the media lies ”

  174. @denk

    America should have gone full Turner Diaries on you chinks in 1945, launched full spectrum Chemical, Biological and Nuclear attacks on China and turned it into a place where only mutants can survive.

    It is still not too late, we can still give you what you want and launch a real WMD attack on China.

    If America had really used biological weapons, you chinks wouldn’t be here complaining about it decades later on your American designed computers using American designed processors.

    • Replies: @denk
  175. Rurik says:

    demon-people cook dogs alive


  176. Rurik says:

    Chinese cruelty to dogs’, [[[sobs ]]]

    I remember once some whiney crybaby Chinese person blubbering on about some experiments that the Japanese did at a place called Unit 731

    oohh poor baby Chinese [[[sobs]]]

    is that man a Chinese ?

    It doesn’t matter. It’s not about Chinese or Vietnamese or whatever. Or whether it’s a dog or a cat or a bear.

    It’s how some people (apparently in Asia) who treat sentient animals with such horrific levels of monstrous cruelty.

    It curdles the blood of a humane person to the core, to think that such a man (cooking that suffering animal alive) belongs to the same species as we do. I’d like to think it isn’t true, and that such ‘people’ are some kind of aberration. A genome that went catastrophically wrong. And churned out beasts on two legs. But then that characterization would be terribly unjust to all actual beasts on four legs, because they’re not capable of such demonic cruelty.

    I think it would be just for a man like the one in the video, (whatever his nationality), to be interred at a place like Unit 731, and given the full ‘treatment’. Because I would like him to know what it’s like, personally.

    I wonder if he survived the ‘treatment’, whether he’d still be inclined to cause such terrible suffering on another sentient creature. If so, then he should just have his brains blown out. It would be the humane thing to do.

    • Replies: @Joey Pastrami
    , @denk
  177. @Anon

    If that is the case then God help us. If when 15,000 or so die from the virus we have the majority “pussying” out what happens when total war leads to 15M, 150M dead, maimed, disfigured and mentally off their rocker ? What about family members who will have to cope with such casualties. There dont seem to be too many real men around these days. The youth today get stressed and need trauma counselling and colouring books when their pancakes dont have enough syrup. In the event of a total conflict a lot of pansies are going to fall over and get trampled and a lot of fruitcakes squashed. That may be a good thing, nature has a way of ultimately culling the weak and diseased. People better start hardening up or they will not survive. So God help us if this is a trial run for something bigger.

  178. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nonny Mouse

    Once upon a time, there was children’s fairy tale era, when America and the West were good and pure, and the Russians were evil and . . . (gasp!) COMMUNIST.

    But there was HOPE, you see. All the evil Russians had to do was “renounce COMMUNISM and all its works”, and they would be seen as what they truly were, and have always been – fellow human beings!

    And so, lo and behold, Russia didst turn towards the light, towards the West, and didst renounce the evil that was Communism!

    IT AVAILED THEM NOTHING! Russia had been deceived! The West would always try to dominate them, meddle in the lives of Russians, despise and look down on Russians, and consider RUSSIA evil.

    You see dear reader, IT WAS RUSSIANS, AND RUSSIAN CULTURE THAT WAS THE PROBLEM! Yes, that aspect of existence cherished by all human beings, our cultural identity, was the root of the issue the West had with Russia.

    That’s the same as walking up to someone and letting him know that “My problem with you really is . . . that the things you can’t change about yourself, cannot be allowed to exist!” What the hell is someone to make of that?

    Let me quote a passage from the article above by the author, Andrew Joyce:

    the origin tale of COVID-19 is ultimately an indictment of Chinese politics and culture

    Even a kind, generous reading of this passage leaves me confused.

    “Chinese politics” – perhaps he meant the urge for local governments to see what they want to see, to fear embarrassment, to look askance at loose talk in a nation that had experienced SARS, to drag their feet.

    How would another form of government have prevented such things? It’s clear the local leaders in Wuhan screwed up. But that can happen anywhere. Yes, even in our beloved West.

    “Chinese culture” – the practice of consuming wild life by a people only very recently having enough wealth to afford better, the unsanitary and disease breeding conditions in wet markets, the need to feed themselves during times of economic hardship, perhaps?

    I can’t make the connection between being poor and hungry and having a desire to eat, and having a somehow “flawed culture”. The author seems to expect an overnight transition from the prehistoric China to the futuristic China, with nothing in between. That is impossible.

    Here’s the thing, though. I don’t think it’s either Communism or Traditional Chinese dietary culture the author dislikes, not really.

    It is, rather, that the inhabitants of China are so very ALIEN in so many aspects, and yet seem to do just fine for such very, very long historical stretches.

    In other words, it looks as if the author’s problem with CHINA IS . . . THAT CHINA AND THE CHINESE . . . EXIST AT ALL.

  179. Emslander says:

    Having its citizens and its companies leveraged up to a point where America can collapse with any amount of hardship badly exposes America as being exceptionally weak.

    This is your most significant and meaningful point. It might be the best that has been said about all this Covid-19 business to date.

  180. Rurik says:
    @Commentator Mike

    is kosher, halal, and factory farming any better? Open markets or slaughterhouses behind closed doors?

    Yes, they’re far better, if still too cruel, IMHO.

    I don’t know of any people on the planet that would raise wild bears in steel cages, or cook dogs while they’re still alive, and gasping in obvious agony.

    I’ve been to slaughterhouses, I was raised on a farm. I’ve butchered animals personally. I’m no prude. But one thing that is universal, (from my experience) is an attempt to reduce the suffering 0f the animal to a minimum. You kill the animal (as quickly and as painlessly as possible) *before* you cook it.

    I like and admire the Asian people. But the way they sometimes treat animals, mortifies me.

    They should (must) be shamed by the collective weight of human outrage, from continuing those practices. Just as humans are shamed from practicing cannibalism or slavery or other quaint forms of cultural provincialism.

  181. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Just Passing Through

    There’s a reason for the MSM going on and on about the poor, oppressed Falun Gong sect/cult. This sect attracted the notice of Chinese society.

    Falun Gong was broken and its followers either re-educated, or worse. In any case, in very short order, the insidious conspiracy that was the Falun Gong were no more in China, its remnants fleeing to the West.

    What is telling is that the Falun Gong group were pure, full-blood ethnic Chinese, who looked, acted and spoke exactly the same as the rest of China. They were trying to “worm-tongue” their way into having influence, even if only a little.

    And the Falun Gong were destroyed ruthlessly by their fellow Chinese. If Chinese can do that to their own, what hope is there for a foreign group?

    And so we have the incessant whining and victim-narrative, on behalf of Falun Gong, pushed by the owned MSM.

  182. Rurik says:

    What happens here is that the Fed is no longer a group of Jewish led private banks directing the nation’s monetary policy – it actually merges with the US Treasury (or rather takes it over) gaining direct legal control of the nation’s finances.

    Sounds really like they’re just streamlining it, because Jewish supremacist/Zionist control of the US Treasury has been de facto reality ever since Woodrow Wilson betrayed the American people, the founders of this nation, and Western civilization itself, by handing the world’s most power-drunk, evil, twisted, war mongering, genocidal scumfucks, the keys to the US Treasury. And by doing so, the fate and destiny of the world’s greatest civilization and beyond.

    It was an act of betrayal beyond Biblical comprehension. One man’s petty vanity, has doomed untold billions of people to Orwell’s boot.

    The Jews say that the Christ is boiling in human excrement in hell for all eternity. I doubt that. But if ever a man did deserve such a fate, it is Woodrow Wilson, for what he has wrought on the planet’s people.

  183. Alfred says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    “Wild food market” and “wet market” have been used interchangeably. It is a place where fresh meat and body parts of animals, birds and fish are sold. That is to say a place where these edibles are not wrapped in plastic and do not come out of a freezer. They are not delivered by an 18-wheeler from a slaughter house.

    What was so difficult to understand? Are you another of these people who thinks that spaghetti is harvested from trees in Italy? Out of touch with our origins? 🙂

  184. Alfred says:

    There was a restaurant in Paris, a very expensive place, where monkeys had the top of their skulls removed so that the patrons could help themselves to the brain of the living animal. The tables had a hole to expose the head of the unfortunate monkey.

    But that was a long time ago. At a time when the French controlled “Indochine”

    I think that some people on this website are well advised to stay away from Asia – and I don’t mean only China.

    Horrific footage shows Vietnamese people hacking a monkey’s skull open and eating its brains with a spoon

    It’s another world out there mate. Best stay at home and watch baseball or footy!

  185. @Rurik

    It’s how some people (apparently in Asia) who treat sentient animals with such horrific levels of monstrous cruelty.

    Are you vegan? If not, then you have no leg to stand on. If you are, then you’d know The West is no better.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  186. Richard B says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Great comment.

    Great tune.

    Good question.

  187. denk says:
    @Just Passing Through

    America should have gone full Turner Diaries on you chinks in 1945

    Nice to have another blood curdling confession from a murkkan, your wet dream to wipe out a country ravaged by eight years of fighting Jp invasion and 10 years of civil wars, a country practically on its knee and posed absolutely no threat to USA.

    As if we need further proof,
    to hell with the deep state,
    its the people stupid.

  188. denk says:

    To recap…..

    We had the thriller Contagion in 2011, about a virus from HK exploding into a world wide pandemic.

    [[[somebody]]] just couldnt forget their beloved HK, ground zero of SARS1 2003 😉

    A documentary in 2019, where Bill depopulation Gates concocted a scenario of virus from a Chinese wet market getting out of hand and infecting the entire world

    it gets curiouser an curiouser…..
    From 2019 Jan to Aug, the CDC had a dry run for combating a pandemic coming out of…..China ,


    Two months prior to the Wuhan outbreak, BIll Gates presided over another simulation of a world wide pandemic that kills millions.

    Then in Feb 20, the shit ostensibly from Wuhan hit the fan.

    To Anybody who believes these are all coincidences, I’ve a bridge to sell.

  189. denk says:

    ‘is that man Chinese’


    ‘it doesnt matter

    It bloody well matter.
    The troll aadrew post this to demonise the Chinese, thats his specialty.
    Pat Kittle and you have already taken the bait.

    YOu’r already suggesting the Chinese deserve UNit 731, when the veracity of this video is not even confirmed.

    The producer of that video must be laughing his ass off, whiteys are so easy to manipulate.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  190. @denk

    That one may be just passing through on his way to Langley. Even Mir Qazi didn’t blame the people when he went looking for revenge.

  191. Rurik says:
    @Joey Pastrami

    Are you vegan? If not, then you have no leg to stand on. If you are, then you’d know The West is no better.

    where in the West do they raise bears in steel cages, like they do chickens. (and so many people in the West are appalled at such treatment of chickens!, that they pay near double for ‘free range’ eggs. [like I do ; )

    If a ‘farmer’ in Nebraska or France, was raising bears in cages, there’d be hell to pay, (and rightly so).

    And since you’re on your sanctimony high horse, please tell us where in the West they cook dogs alive? I’ve even seen videos from Asia where they scald cats in boiling water, and then flay the skin off cats while they’re still alive.

    Where do they do that in the West?

    Not that the West doesn’t have a long way to go in treating animals humanely, that’s for sure!

    But cooking dogs while they’re alive?!!

    And then some guy says [[[sob]]], like boohoo. Mocking those of us that consider such things beyond barbaric.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Ron Unz
  192. Rurik says:

    YOu’r already suggesting the Chinese deserve UNit 731

    I was responding to your words about the Chinese in particular.

    Chinese cruelty to dogs’, [[[sobs ]]]

    And wanted to make the point that the kind of barbarism that happened at Unit 731, was on full display with the video of the dog being cooked alive.

    And no, it doesn’t matter what nationality the man was, only that such things, (no matter who does them) MUST STOP!!!!

    And any who pooh-pooh such ‘compassion’ for a mere animal, I think should get the full Unit 731 ‘treatment’ so that they can personally understand what it means to be subjected to such cruelty. Regardless of their nationality. If a Swede cooks a dog alive, then give the Swede the full ‘treatment’.

    I suspect it might teach them a little about pain, and compassion. And the relationship the one has to the other, depending on who’s on the receiving end.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Anonymous
  193. @denk

    its the people stupid.

    The majority of the American people are perfectly normal. Their “leaders” and the trolls they hire, like that one, are shameless murderous monsters. The people are woefully uneducated and gullible, and they are bombarded by lying propaganda non-stop. But if the American public knew what the Empire is doing in their name, they would have quartered that scum.

    • Thanks: denk
  194. @Anon

    Trump would receive broad support from white Americans if he stopped immigration.
    The non whites would froth at the mouth crying racism. Until non whites are repatriated nothing can change. This includes jews. This Unz fools claims of 100’s of thousands of American’s probably dying of this proves no jews can be trusted. If the low IQ non whites were not here this would not be happening. Here in Southern California the only people I see wearing masks are low IQ non whites. These people are easily led and that’s why the jew mob wants them here.

    This is the flu and anyone who thinks the jew mob controlling the West shut everything down because some old people might die is a moron. The Federal Reserve Note was about to crash anyway and the jew mob is using the virus as an excuse to blame China. This is by far the most logical explanation for what is going on and the fact that the politicians are demanding bailouts and more power for rich jews and more anti white legislation because of the “crisis” proves it. Also shutting down the USA allows globalists to claim that the short supply of Chinese made goods because of their shutdown is irrelevant because we had to shut down as well.

    Again anyone who believes the jew mob shut down the USA out of concern for American lives is a complete moron.

    • Agree: Miro23
  195. denk says:

    And then some guy says [[[sob]]], like boohoo. Mocking those of us that consider such things beyond barbaric.

    gawd damn it,

    This is what I said,
    ‘CIA and its Falun Gong affiliate have been churning out tons of fake news, fake videos to demonise China.

    One of their fav theme is ‘Chinese cruelty to dogs’, [[[sobs ]]] sure know how to rile up whitey’s ire playing on their love for dogs.’

    [[[sobs]]] = CIA and its Falun Gong affiliate.

  196. Ron Unz says:

    If a ‘farmer’ in Nebraska or France, was raising bears in cages, there’d be hell to pay, (and rightly so).

    Well, it seems to me that different cultures have different views towards various animals…

    For example, in the West dogs are pets and the notion of eating them is horrifying. But pigs are supposedly far more intelligent, and eating them is fine.

    Meanwhile, in East Asia, pigs are often family pets, while dogs were often eaten.

    Hindus are so horrified by the notion of killing and eating cows that they’ve recently begun lynching Muslims suspected of that practice. Meanwhile, beef is a stable meat of the West.

    Americans rightly ridicule the supposedly modern Chinese for being so superstitious about numbers, namely believing that 8 is lucky and 4 is unlucky.

    Americans know perfectly well that it’s actually 7 which is lucky and 13 which is unlucky…

    • Thanks: Biff
    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @UK
  197. denk says:

    that’s for commenterMike.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  198. denk says:

    And no, it doesn’t matter what nationality the man was, only that such things, (no matter who does them) MUST STOP!!!!

    The majority of Chinese , especially the new gen, are avid pet lovers in case you havent noticed.
    They have been fighting toe and nail with the dog mongers, which is a dying trade.

    I wish the Anglos should be equally proactive in putting a stop to those perpetual wars which kill millions of people….and their pets.

    And any who pooh-pooh such ‘compassion’ for a mere animal,

    FFS !

    I dont need your lecture on compassion.

    You’r speaking to a cat lover, doesnt means I hate dogs either.

    [[[sobs]]] refer to [[[CIA]]] who churn out fake videos to rile up whiteys ire to the Chinese.

    All I did was asking Pat KIttle to hold his fire, that video could be fake.

    • Replies: @John Chuckman
    , @Rurik
  199. Rurik says:
    @Ron Unz

    For example, in the West dogs are pets and the notion of eating them is horrifying. But pigs are supposedly far more intelligent, and eating them is fine.

    Well, I can’t speak for ‘The West’, but for myself, it isn’t the idea of eating the animal that I find abhorrent. Rather it’s the treatment the animal receives up to the coup de grace.

    If my family was hungry, and needed food, I’d certainly provide dog (or horse or whatever) meat for the occasion. I myself try to avoid red meat, for reasons of heath, among others, but I eat fish and poultry with relish. [heh]

    I know the West consumes a lot of pork, but I’m just as appalled at the way some American farmers treat their pigs. (I’ve seen videos).

    I guess I just hate cruelty, for cruelty’s sake. (I suppose especially when it comes to dogs- mea culpa ; ) But that goes for even humans too!

    If you must kill them, then just kill them. I’ve heard that in Asia, they sometimes break the bones of the dogs first, because the practice is thought to enhance the flavor of the meat. And do so in front of the other dogs waiting the same fate, so that their terror, also enhances the ‘flavor’. That vexes me.

    (admittedly a bleeding heart site, but I’ve seen evidence of dogs being subjected to such cruelties as blowtorching them while alive. Or you can do a search for such ennobling videos like ‘Horrifying moment farmer boils dog ALIVE to make canine soup’).

    People can be cruel, as everyone knows. They burned “witches” alive, and starve millions of people to a excruciating death, because they don’t like them.

    But when it comes to animals, I guess I’m just a softy. And especially sentient animals like dogs or pigs or dolphins (porpoises), in particular- because I’ve looked into their eyes, and seen a sentient being looking back at me. Something I encounter with increasing rarity among the bipedal consumer units.

  200. @denk

    This just naturally happens over time with advance.

    In Elizabeth the First’s time in England, they ate almost everything.

    Swans were a favorite dinner party or festive dish.

    Elizabethans also ate cormorant, badger, hedgehog, heron, crane.

    Note hedgehogs today are a favorite English sentimental focus. There are children’s stories about them and the British even build highway tunnels for them to cross roads in some places.

    Nothing at all strange about China.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Antiwar7
  201. @denk

    America was of course Jew-run in 1945, but they missed a great opportunity as they were the only country with nuclear weapons.

    It would have been quite convenient to use them against all non-White countries including China so we didn’t have to to play these games. Nature is a struggle between the different organisms of this planet and it is a struggle in which one becoming complacent for even a short while results in virtual or literal extermination. America was complacent in that golden window, neutron bombs would have been preferable as they would not damage the environment as much, we could be living in an all-White world right now without much trouble.

    You Chinese are not in a position to do something like this and it is possible that no one ever will be in the future, but both you and I know that it is the rational thing to annihilate weaker groups, as a form of social Darwinism and for the prosperity of our children.

    Nixon and Jew Kissinger are to blame for this, we should have just given you your wish of America using bioweapons during the Korean War and actually unleashed a plague. With the famines going on at the time, such a plague would almost certainly result in the end of the Chinese race, giving the White man primacy over world affairs, but now we have to deal with you all the time. First you were like a dog that kept grabbing our trouser legs, but a (((hidden hand))) kept feeding this dog by decimating the White working class and shipping all the jobs to the Far East. Now this dog is quite large and a major threat.

    Hell, we didn’t been need to go down the extermination route, we could have just banned all transmission of Western knowledge to other places, would China have come up with the transistor, the airplane, the microprocessor, the internet, the automobile or the space rocket without White help? Or would you still be talking abut the “Four Chinese Inventions”?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @denk
  202. Rurik says:

    The majority of Chinese , especially the new gen, are avid pet lovers in case you havent noticed.

    They have been fighting toe and nail with the dog mongers, which is a dying trade.

    sounds good to me. Can’t happen soon enough.

    I wish the Anglos should be equally proactive in putting a stop to those perpetual wars which kill millions of people….and their pets.

    It seems like the first thing a brave ‘man’ in blue uniform does if he finds himself in your home, is shoot your family dog.

    I’m no apologist for the zio-west these days. Not hardly.

    What set this off (at least for me) was the video of the bears being farmed in steel cages, (along with the other wild animals all stacked, with their piss and shit and open sores, all oozing down on the animals below, as something the current government of China encourages as an economic necessity. (which may or may not have led to the virus).

    And there’s something about bears (or pigs or horses or whatever) being mistreated like that, that I wonder at what kind of species we are. And it’s not just China or Asia, we in the West have animals being subjected to all kinds of horrors- monkey and others, in pharmaceutical and cosmetic labs, where they’re treated like so many widgets, without a shred of compassion. Just like people sometimes treat other people.

    Perhaps if we understood that these mammals, are capable of pain and suffering, just like us, then we’ll begin to evolve as a species, to the point where we no longer are cruel to them, or each other.

    What are the chances, eh?

    • Replies: @denk
  203. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    There are individuals cruel to animals, but I wouldn’t think any whole culture would be. Even the tiny minority of Asians who ate dogs in the old days made sure they were dead first.

    As to cooking a dog alive – Asians would see such individuals as sadistic, sort of like some kids in my neighborhood who locked a kitten in the microwave oven at the 7-11, and . . . . True story. In America, the kids were arrested.

    A South-East Asian cooking a dog alive, say in Indonesia, would be humanely punished by having his life spared, but his arms and legs chopped off and his tongue cut out by the local villagers. If he lived, he’d be shunned.

    So I wouldn’t say Asians take animal cruelty lightly. They eat strange animals, they don’t torture them, AFAIK.

    The other problem is that Asia has always been this other planet about which Americans could make anything up, literally any sort of imaginary bullshit, and people would believe it. It’s like Asia is one big circus freak show for Westerners.

    ONE Asian is cruel to one dog, one time – it’ll be turned into a story about all Asians cruel to all dogs all the time. And Americans LOVE to hear stories like that.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @Trinity
    , @Biff
    , @Rurik
  204. aandrews says:

    “Masks Won’t Help You, Goy”

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    March 24, 2020


    Of all the stupid, dumb, retarded shit that has been said during this Coronavirus situation, “masks won’t help” has to be the ultimate dumb statement.

    So why did the US government and media lie about the use of masks?

    Well, their official excuse is that they didn’t want to run out of masks. That is the official explanation that the New York Times itself is giving for this kook claim that blocking 90+% of incoming particulates, and virtually 100% of outgoing particulates, was not a good idea in the midst of a respiratory viral pandemic.

    The US government is utterly incompetent, so it is possible and probable that they legitimately had no ability to provide enough masks for people. After all, there are no factories in America – those are all in China.

    Smooth move on that one, globalists.

    But I think there could likely be another reason.


  205. UK says:
    @Ron Unz

    Meanwhile, in East Asia, pigs are often family pets

    In a long list of mad pronouncements, this may be the maddest yet. “Often”? Hahahaha….

    • Replies: @aandrews
    , @Herald
  206. aandrews says:

    Take a look at comment #157. I’d heard about that crap for quite a while and finally came across a vid. Enjoy.

  207. Herald says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Your pangolin casserole is getting cold. Eat up!

    I lost the taste for pangolin when I discovered that it was now a very firm favourite at Langley HQ. Better that you eat it up yourself.

  208. Herald says:

    From British medical schools to Chinese pet practices, the breadth of you knowledge never fails to impress.

  209. Trinity says:

    BULLSHIT. Compared to Western man, Asians are cruel to animals. Africans are cruel to animals. Now don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions. There are plenty of White people that are extremely cruel to animals but we are talking numbers here, and by and large, Whites treat animals better than Orientals, Blacks, mixed race Hispanics, East Indians, Arabs, etc. ANYONE, whatever their race that isn’t blinded by bias can see this for a fact. Matter of fact, American Blacks often make fun of how much Whites love their pets, especially dogs. African Americans will mock Whites for letting their dog lick them in their face and for letting dogs share the same bed as them.

    Yup, I can believe that kitten story. What race were the kids by the way? I have personally stopped some white kid from beating a tied up cat with a plastic baseball bat years ago. I don’t get why so many people hate cats so much, particularly males, I am a dog lover and a male, but cats are alright. I can tell you plenty of stories of Whites abusing animals in America, but I can tell you 100 times more stories of Whites who treat their animals well, and even spoil them in America. No disrespect to other cultures but animals have it better by far living in Western societies as a general rule of thumb. Same thing with females. In many Asian countries, the Middle East, Africa and South America, females are treated like second class citizens. Hey, the troof is the troof. Deal wit it.

  210. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Just Passing Through

    Given white nationalists’ recent history of committing genocide against the Chinese’s co-racialist Mongoloid Native Americans, and given the genocidal sentiments and aims that white nationalists have as you reveal here, the Chinese should seriously consider exterminating white nationalists out of self-defense in the near future when they have the chance as Chinese power grows and white nationalists’ power and numbers decline.

  211. Seraphim says:

    I did remember the scene of the film ‘A Man for all seasons’, when Sir Thomas More tells the Duke of Norfolk:
    “The nobility of England would have snored through the Sermon on the Mount. But you’ll labor like scholars over a bulldog’s pedigree…
    …’cause this country’s religion means nothing to you at all”.
    This is all the snivel over ”cruelty to dogs’, as if the ‘White West’ did not live centuries upon centuries by pack hunting.
    This is of course hypocrisy.

    • Replies: @denk
  212. KA says:

    Unless ,we have documented evidence of episodes of exotic unexplained deaths of large number of people out of synch with seasons and confined to defined geography in early years of 80s, it is difficult to ascribe the cause to the market – ie human exotic animal confluence .
    By this time 30 years after, Chinese should have developed immunity to this kind of zoonotic infection .

  213. denk says:
    @John Chuckman


    The Chinese have been progressing, whether its human rights or animal rights.

    The West is going backwards, from bad to worse, bio-warfare is one of the most heinous crime imaginable.

  214. denk says:

    sounds good to me. Can’t happen soon enough.

    There are tons of videos in Chinese , where pet owners proudly record their love affair with cats/dogs etc, even piglets, there’r volunteers groups recording their daily sojourns to rescue cats, dogs, in distress.

    LIke I tell Pat Kittle, dont judge a people
    by a dubious and unverified video .

  215. denk says:

    LIke gassing the pet dogs of Chagosians to force them off their island homes, to make way for a US military base ?

  216. Biff says:

    Did it ever occur to you that someone most likely paid those people for that stunt for a multitude of reasons including propaganda against certain ethnic groups that are in the way of a strategic oil reserve?

    • Replies: @aandrews
  217. Biff says:

    ONE Asian is cruel to one dog, one time – it’ll be turned into a story about all Asians cruel to all dogs all the time. And Americans LOVE to hear stories like that.

    Nailed it. If there is one thing I’ve learned from living in East Asia, and returning back to the U.S. on occasion it is this.. One story on the TV and that is all you hear about. One year it was Thai’s are cruel to elephants, because of *one* TV special, and I’m sure it may have took a while, but the TV crew finally found some Thai doing something nefarious to an elephant, and then the editing and storyline does the rest. Amazing how easy it is…

    The next year was democracy died and a military coup to over – while technically true, but what is missing, and never said, is you got to have a democracy to begin with. The TV portrayed it as a total social upheaval, yet while actually here(Thailand) you could hardly notice a difference at all. I returned and people were worried – “Is everything OK?”

    Then there is the story of the Tiennamiwn massacre that wasn’t; that everyone in America thought that it was; that I won’t even get into, since Ron Unz, and Godfree Roberts are much better informed on the subject. There links about it if you search..

    The list goes on……

  218. denk says:

    Wonder what happens to Prof Lieber,
    it has been ages since his arrest.

    Are the [[[sobs]]] putting him thru the wringer, solitary confinement, water boarding, deprivement of sleep, the lot, to exact a ‘confession’ fingering the Chinese ???

    YOu know, like the Lee Wen HO treatment ?

  219. Antiwar7 says:
    @John Chuckman

    And don’t forget the until recently common practice of bear baiting, dog fighting, etc in Britain. Recall the British symbol, the bulldog. What do you think is the reason for that breed?

    And today we have factory farming and industrial slaughterhouses.

    I knew a guy who worked in a slaughterhouse at a summer job in the US, for pork. The animals on the conveyer belt would be stabbed with some electrodes to knock them unconscious, then a person would slit their throats, they’d bleed out, and then end up in boiling water to lose their bristles. For “fun”, some of the other workers would not make the cut big enough, so then pigs would wake up in the boiling water. They thought the squealing was hilarious. That’s humans for you.

    Some humans feeling superior to other tribes of humans: that’s pretty human, too.

    • Replies: @John Chuckman
  220. denk says:
    @Just Passing Through

    I already comment on you depraved syndrome, no need to air your dirty linen again.

    Another forked tongue Indian.


    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  221. denk says:

    Who’s the greatest threat to planet earth ?

    A country which basically mind its own biz, [oops, some village has this dog eating habit !], or a cartel of countries which would not hesitate to bomb another country to smithereens, to get at its resources, killing at least 20 millions civilians since ww2 ?

    • Replies: @aandrews
  222. @denk

    Last time I checked, Indians were not considered White, so it would be rather bizarre for an Indian to be wanting to genocide Indians, but one can only expect such inferences to be made by people of your race, Chinese do tend to score pretty low on the verbal component of IQ tests so there is that.

    Any differences you and Indians have will be irrelevant when we wipe you all out. My comment regarding Japan was just my opinion on the standings of the non-White racial ranking, I consider Japanese to be the top and Chinese to be below them. You are both my racial enemies and America should have continued the nuking campaign against China so we didn’t have to deal with you people. We would have innovation and prosperity, instead we now have mass migration and Chinese stealing White innovation and due to the fact that Jew Kissinger shipped out all the jobs to China, we cannot fully capitalise on our own inventions and China can. This is all good for China but what happens is that the people who are the brains of the innovation do not get the money to innovate more.

    This is why innovation is stagnating, Hitler considered East Asians to be a culture sustaining people, only Aryans who predominantly live in the Occident can actually advance culture.

    You should be thanking Jews for fitting the White working class, China would still be a shithole if it wasn’t for us, there would be no electricity and no indoor plumbing, nor would there have been a Green Revolution meaning you depraved chinks would still be eating snakes and picking bits of berries out of horseshit to get your calories.

    • Troll: Herald
    • Replies: @denk
  223. denk says:
    @Just Passing Through

    So you saying you aint a HIndutva living in the west ?

    Am I suppose to believe a bald faced liar like you ?

    I am not a China basher, in fact I look forward to its rise as a world superpower

    • Replies: @Just Passing Through
  224. @Antiwar7

    I very much agree.

    And yes, many things about the golden Elizabethan society were without any saving grace.

    It was a time I much studied years ago because its attractions and glories are so numerous, especially that incomparable monarch, Elizabeth Gloriana.

    Still, it a brutal place in many ways.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  225. A few interesting reflections in the link below on the crisis and the economy and on how it will likely accelerate China’s rise to the top, something which was coming anyway.–losers-of-a-global-recession-why-the-covid-19-crisis-may-accelerate-chinas-rise/

  226. Rurik says:

    There are individuals cruel to animals, but I wouldn’t think any whole culture would be. Even the tiny minority of Asians who ate dogs in the old days made sure they were dead first.

    First off, I’m not trying to malign any race or ethnicity of people. I’ve always considered the Asian people to be an exemplary race of proud and noble peoples.

    But I would take issue with your characterization of all cultures being equally humane towards animals.

    It’s true that in Asia and other parts of the world, they treat dogs with (what I personally consider) appalling levels of cruelty. I’ve seen videos of Asian men grabbing cats with metal thongs, and putting them in boiling water, and then flaying them, all white the cat is alive (and in obvious agony).

    As someone pointed out, there are a lot of (especially) men who seem to harbor an inexplicable hostility towards cats, and I’ve known of some American troglodytes that have even killed cats, for no apparent reason, other than, (I suspect), because cats don’t give a fuck about them, and in their ‘machismo’, they consider that an affront to their ‘manly’ ‘authority’. (low self-esteem, pathetic losers).

    But my point, is not to heap opprobrium upon a people, but rather those cultural practices that are, for many of us, deliriously callous towards fellow sentient beings.

    Eat dogs or pigs or cows if you must, (the Cuban Marielitos arriving in Miami were notorious for eating stray cats. I know, because I knew one ; ) But treat them with a shred of compassion when they’re alive.

    I was angry at the scene with the bears being raised in metal cages, like they do chickens, in some places.

    If you go into a grocery store in America, you’re going to find eggs at a higher price, because they’re marked ‘free range’. Which means Americans don’t want to support the kind of cruelty they see when chickens spend their whole life in a small cage. Same with pigs and other animals. (and for God’s sake, bears!)

    It’s fundamentally wrong on some level of dignity, and I’m talking about the dignity of the humans. If we are the kind of people whose self-image is so low, that we’d be oblivious to the wanton suffering of animals, then we are without dignity, IMHO.

    Noblesse oblige’ is more about preserving the dignity of those with compassion, than those who’re granted it.

    Writing laws that prevent bears from being raised in steel cages, or dogs packed in cages like sardines, on top of other cages, with the piss and shit draining down on the pitiable dogs below, doesn’t just protect the dignity of the dog’s owners, it’s also a good health and hygiene policy all around.

    As China and the rest of Asia are joining the global economy, and engaging increasingly in trade and tourism and mutual trust, it can only be a win/win for these nations to work with laws and cultural norms, to dissuade their people from those practices that the West finds viscerally abhorrent. Like cruelty to dogs, for instance.

    It’s a small step for these nations to take, but the rewards will far outweigh the inconvenience to the dog and bear ‘farmers’.

    Meanwhile, we in the West also have our work cut out for us, with forcing pig and other ‘farmer’s to treat all their animals with a shred of compassion. Or else!

    There are many such efforts, and they’re not about maligning a people or a culture. Rather, they’re about urging people to treat animals with a measure of compassion, and that’s not a bad idea.

  227. @denk

    Is it so hard to believe that a White person dislikes Chinese insectoids? I realise many of the non-White races are desperate to be seen as good in the eyes of Whites, the only known advancers of civilisation, but I am afraid your Confucius Institute PR war will not work with me.

    From James Mill’s Wikipedia page;

    Furthermore, similar to the Chinese, the Hindoos were “dissembling, treacherous, mendacious, to an excess which surpasses even the usual measure of uncultivated society“. Both the Chinese and the Hindoos were “disposed to excessive exaggeration with regard to everything relating to themselves“. Both were “cowardly and unfeeling“. Both were “in the highest degree conceited of themselves, and full of affected contempt for others“. And, above all, both were “in physical sense, disgustingly unclean in their persons and houses“.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @denk
  228. @Just Passing Through

    This quote clearly illustrates the point I made on some other thread: Wiki is full of lies and cannot be trusted.

  229. aandrews says:

    I’m not trying to make the argument that the United States isn’t controlled by murdering gangsters. That is a completely different subject.

    That anyone anywhere would cook an animal ALIVE is so wrong it’s EVIL. And evidently the justification (quote-unquote) for doing so is that, in its intense and prolonged suffering the dog releases substances into its body that makes for an exquisitely tasty doggie, a conclusion that could only form in the mind of a psychopath. And it’s not just done to dogs, they do it do cats, too. I guess they do it to any animal that is sentient enough to suffer tremendously. It’s evil! Frankly, I’m surprised they’re not doing it to people. And hell, who knows! Maybe they are. I mean, what would be the argument that they’re not!

    • Replies: @denk
  230. denk says:

    The comment link doesnt work cuz the article has been condensed, here’s the copied text…

    [Portions of this article were drawn from various sources as cited. However, additional portions seem to have been quoted from Larry Romanoff at Global Research without proper citation.] It does seem farfetched, doesn’t it? That the United States will risk World War III, using nuclear weapons, by launching a coronavirus inside China during the 2020…

    192 aandrews says:
    February 16, 2020 at 4:14 am GMT

    Personally, I think it’s karma for barbecuing dogs alive.


    Would you advocate White genocide,…. cuz
    USAF/RAF/RAAF/RCAF/RNAF have been doing this kind of shit to humans ….?

    Napalms, D.U., gunships, tanks, F16, artillery, unleased on civilians, bombing water plants, sewerage plants, hospitals, ambulances, snipers shooting people looking for food and water.
    Double tapping [after bombing a market place, the sobs hang around to attack the first responders]
    etc etc etc//

    Tip of an iceberg.
    MInd you, these are all well documented, irrefutable facts.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  231. denk says:

    One episode of volunteers in China responding to SOS CALL to rescue a feline in distress…

  232. denk says:

    Is Maatje Benassi patient zero, she reports direct to Nato’s supreme commander, her relative works in a US BIOlab….?

  233. denk says:
    @Just Passing Through

    YOu’r an asshole.

    There’s all I need to know.

  234. “Life under liberal finance capitalism is largely one of illusion, in which the prospect of real death is pushed far into the distance, both psychologically and culturally. Postmodern Western liberal culture is largely one of perpetual adolescence, in which the primary virtues are acting according to one’s individual will, identifying oneself in a hyper-individualistic manner, and expressing these identities via conspicuous consumption and behavior. “

    Lionel Shriver, the (childless) American author, expressed this beautifully as long ago as fifteen years back.,6000,1571998,00.html

    To be almost ridiculously sweeping: baby boomers and their offspring have shifted emphasis from the communal to the individual, from the future to the present, from virtue to personal satisfaction. Increasingly secular, we pledge allegiance to lower-case gods of our private devising. We are less concerned with leading a good life than the good life.

    We are less likely than our predecessors to ask ourselves whether we serve a greater social purpose; we are more likely to ask if we are happy. We shun values such as self-sacrifice and duty as the pitfalls of suckers. We give little thought to the perpetuation of lineage, culture or nation; we take our heritage for granted.

    We are ahistorical. We measure the value of our lives within the brackets of our own births and deaths, and don’t especially care what happens once we’re dead.

    As we age – oh, so reluctantly! – we are apt to look back on our pasts and ask not ‘Did I serve family, God and country?‘ but ‘Did I ever get to Cuba, or run a marathon? Did I take up landscape painting? Was I fat?‘ We will assess the success of our lives in accordance not with whether they were righteous, but with whether they were interesting and fun.

  235. aandrews says:

    “Personally, I think it’s karma for barbecuing dogs alive.”

    You’re absolutely correct. It was a feckless remark to make. I retract it and offer my apologies.

    • Replies: @denk
  236. denk says:

    The west has been trying its damnedest to demonise China for the past seventy years.

    iT’d be prudent to take everything you see from western MSM , whether its a op ed, or video, with a pinch of salt.
    Their coverage on China ranges from selectIVE reporting, distortion, exaggeration, to downright fabrication.

    Examples abounds, their propaganda over TAM, Tibet, Xinjiang, HK , have all been fraudulent and thoroughly debunked.

    Here’s some facet of China never shown in the western MSM, there’r many similar heart warming stories on the Chinese media.

    Im not saying there’R no animal abuses in China.
    But China is a huge country,
    One video, even IF genuine, hardly represent a nation of 1400000000 people.

    i’ve nothing against you, or Pat KIttle, or Rurik, my beef is with those CIA propagandists who paint the Chinese as evil personified.

  237. The Neocons AKA Globalists control the vassal USA. Any/All Terrrrr is wrought via Neocons and whatever puppet they control. Once the Countries that have been attacked too (e.g. 9-1-1) via COVID19, the Cosmic Reality Enema shall not be escaped. Bye Bye “Evildoers” into the dustbin of history. Circling the drain great sucking sound as USA~Israel meet the real reality. This too shall pass, cui bono, lots of proof who whom decided Agenda 21.

  238. Antiwar7 says:
    @John Chuckman

    Thanks for your reply. It seems you, denk, and I are pretty much in agreement. Anecdotal evidence used to promote China-bashing is not justified, on many levels (the anecdotes may be unrepresentative [one can find bad behavior in any country with millions of people, let alone billions], or untrue, or anachronistic, or unfair [if the same behavior exists in praised countries], etc).

    I suspect many of these anecdotes are promoted by the security/propaganda services of rival countries. And of course amplified by useful idiots and/or people with an ax to grind.

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