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Holy Cross, Holy Cow! - Europe and the Refugees
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“What’ll we do to Holy Cross”?

“Crucify them!”

It was only a rallying cry in a football match against Holy Cross High School. No one took it literally, of course. And none of the players wound up dead after the game. Nevertheless, our Franciscan educators were not amused.

On the eve of his visit last month to Germany, of all places, Bibi Netanyahu had kicked up what Angela Merkel might call a shitstorm by not taking literally Hitler’s early threats to destroy European Jewry. Many Jews, as we know, wound up very much dead, even before a Judeophobic Palestinian Mufti, according to Bibi, planted the extermination idea in the Fuehrer’s head.

The Israeli leader was obviously more interested in further discrediting Palestinians than in giving Hitler a pass. Rumors that he was hoping to pass off a few million of them to Merkel along with the millions of Middle East refugees she’s been welcoming appear to be based on his wishful thinking. Speculation that he faced arrest for violating Germany’s Holocaust denial laws has also been dismissed. Visiting heads of government traditionally enjoy diplomatic immunity!

Whatever, Netanyahu has since clarified his position which, aside from trying to increase the Mufti’s notoriety, essentially reflects the “functionalist” school of history rather than the “intentionalist” school. The latter looks at the ultimate deeds and concludes that Hitler’s earlier threats of “Vernichtung,” translated as destruction or annihilation in English, were to be taken literally and translated as genocide in any language. Netanyahu and the “functionalists” look at the expulsion policies and conclude that the final solution, genocide, was only decided on after expulsion proved unsuccessful.

Merkel, facing enough problems without rekindling the controversial 1980s “Historikerstreit” between these two “schools,” took the high road. She accepted full responsibility of former Germany for the Holocaust and returned to the task of highlighting how much newer the new Germany has become. Going beyond the past 70 years’ laudable record of domestically protecting rights of minorities rather than killing or expelling them, the new “different” Germany is adding to their numbers by importing them by the millions. Demonstrating a worldly openness is a national imperative, a symbolic “cross to bear” in the interminable task of distancing today’s Federal Republic from its predecessor. To make the case more palatable for its less contrite citizens, many in the establishment argue that an infusion of new blood as opposed to the old spilling of it will be good for the economy. Some day!

Coping with the changes is proving increasingly difficult, as nearly every practical idea for managing the refugee “invasion” is burdened by semantics. The word itself is atop the proscribed list among the legions who view all roads outside the politically correct region as leading back down the slippery slope to the gas chambers. In Bavaria, a local CSU ruling party official was just dismissed from the party for uttering the word. It is now considered equally as inacceptable as use of the more offensive “n” word that understandably got her deputy expelled.

Distorting Analogies:

Taking liberties with historical symbols and semantic analogies, however exaggerated and irrelevant, is a one-way street, open only to those heading toward a different Germany “enriched” through greater ethnic and religious diversity. Some other terms or concepts symbolic of a drive down the wrong way include:

Fences, walls etc. – long preferred by the far right and increasingly used by center right coalition parties. The rest, when not dismissing them as ineffective, see them as a return to the Cold War’s Iron Curtain. The difference between locking people in a cellar and locking out intruders goes unacknowledged. Spuriously, fence fans are accused of having no accompanying ideas for containing the influx.

Hungary’s recently built fences have been very effective. But use of tear gas a few times against migrant mobs trying to penetrate them has further demonized the country’s leader, Victor Orban, by those on the left sensing little difference from Zyklon B gas of Holocaust notoriety.

Detention facilities – another symbol of bygone tyrannies. Center-right parties struggle for an alternative term to placate governing coalition partner objections to “transit zones” along the border. Their more modest aim would be to sort out credible asylum applicants from migrants whose countries of origin are considered safe to return to. Few establishment figures suggest detention camps for the masses whose asylum appeals await adjudication. There’s nothing that Paul Newman (Cool Hand Luke) has in common with Stalin or Hitler other than that they all gave detention and especially labor camps a bad name. There’s no escaping the analogy, no matter how well encamped refugees might be fed, cared for, given extra remuneration for their work or free to leave for their own country. Free if they deem their country to be safe again; required to leave if their host countries eventually decide conditions have changed sufficiently for the better.

Expel or deport – inevitably compared to the practices Netanyahu recently reminded us of. Trains of box cars on their way to Auschwitz are the images readily awakened. That there is a difference between driving people from their native lands for gassing and sending people back to their homes following conflict resolution is a “detail” that gets ignored. For similar reasons, the word “deport” itself, an established US immigration law procedure, has long been frowned upon in German speaking lands.

Diseases – suggesting that refugees might carry diseases is a sure way to get compared with the Nazis. Poland’s former prime minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, warned that recent refugees were already connected to “signs of the emergence of very dangerous diseases which haven’t been seen in Europe for a long time.” He was rebuked by a political opponent for using “racist language that Adolf Hitler himself ‘would not be ashamed of.” Kaczynski’s party , which he still leads, has since returned to office. His newly elected conservative government promised to distance itself further from Germany’s open door policy towards Middle East refugees. In the meantime, a scientist writing in the Washington Post made similar warnings, calling specific attention to a dramatic increase in leishmaniasis among Syrian refugees in Lebanon, a disease known as the “Aleppo evil” because of its ability to disfigure the faces of young people.

Crossing borders, traditions, and probably lines of tolerance

I was required to step on a disinfectant mat prior to entering a police facility after meeting refugees on the Austrian side of the Slovenian border last week. No such mats awaited the roughly 8,000 migrants daily heading from there to the long columns of taxis and busses awaiting to take them to processing facilities throughout Austria, or to wherever else they wanted to go. In case they might get lost, “Germany” appeared in English on the newly erected sign at the first traffic circle from the border. A few migrants I spoke to mentioned Holland, Finland and Sweden as hopeful destinations. None talked about staying in Austria, a country mostly known to them as just another transit point. It nevertheless has a similarly attractive welfare regime for the refugees and word is starting to get out. Austrian officials claim that growing numbers have been applying to stay.

Syrians happy to be in Styria (en route to Germany)

Syrians happy to be in Styria (en route to Germany)

With alarm bells getting louder about just such a prospect, I was not too shocked to hear a young waitress warn of civil war if the situation continues. We were some 40 miles north of the border, in a southern province with the confusingly similar name of “Styria,” where refugees from “Syria” are still not seen in large numbers. Nothing compared to Germany’s similarly conservative Catholic southern region of Bavaria, where resistance to Berlin’s migrant magnanimity grows stronger by the day. One of the many Afghans awaiting ongoing transport to Germany heard that it was now sending his compatriots home and asked if Austria might be a better alternative. He confirmed what Syrians had told me about tensions between them and other nationals not automatically entitled to their same refugee status. The Syrians “behaved very badly to us,” the English-speaking Afghan told me, even though Afghans and Iranians will have a harder time faking Syrian national status than the Iraqis and other Arab speakers among the thousands of fellow refugees. There was also some unease that such competition had likewise led to conflicts among refugees recently settled in Germany. Few seemed to suspect local “natives” would be anything but welcoming.

All Saints Day in typical Alpine churchyard cemetery.

All Saints Day in typical Alpine churchyard cemetery.

A common site the Syrians in Styria encounter are traditionally ornamented crucifixes along the roads. My visit to the border was the day after All Saints Day, a national holiday in Austria despite its purely religious nature. Graves in churchyard cemeteries throughout the country are decorated afresh with flowers and priests offering blessings walk among relatives of the deceased standing alongside. For an increasing number of “cultural Catholics” the ritual is more of a fond tradition than a sacred undertaking. It’s not going to be taken away from them because of a growing Muslim population. But the challenge to religious-derived symbols and ceremonies in the public sphere grows stronger .

The traditional mid-November St. Martin’s Day goose dinner will not likely disappear from restaurant menus. But the elimination of school festivities to commemorate the feast day is making some headlines. It might reflect the paternalism of militant secularists more than a popular revolt by new Muslim citizens. There is a shallowness behind a common intellectual assumption that one can separate belief systems from a nation’s sense of identity and collective cultural experience. A Swiss journalist’s recent remarks on a German talk show were on the mark: the established media and political class in Berlin have become part of a “Glaubensgemeinschaft” (community of beliefs) whose “creed” deemed that Germany should be turned into a different country. But they didn’t bother to ask Germans if they wanted to become a different country. It is the same creed that deems it acceptable to demand “solidarity” from other EU governments in the distribution of refugees, though the German leader alone had invited the refugee masses without first consulting those governments.

This “New West Glaubensgemeinschaft” regurgitates ad nauseam the sanctimony about “European values” while hardly reflecting on the elements of traditional “faith” and its symbols that have been building blocks to their current creed. EU officials who reject all forms of national interest use the term “un-European” to disparage those who think differently, reminding one of the “un-American” charges brandied about by conservative US politicians in the early 1950s.

Everyone agrees that the refugee problem needs fixing at its source. Symbolically, Vienna’s Hotel Imperial was the venue chosen for the October 30th talks that included ministers from more recent imperial powers as well as from the very ancient as Persia. Reportedly, important first steps toward a fix were agreed upon. Syrians protestors outside offered a sober reminder of difficulties ahead, however. They resented Iranians being part of the talks, though they are increasingly part of the conflict. Reflecting to an extreme degree the regions’ penchant for conspiracy thinking, a leader among the demonstrators told me that Shia-hating ISIS was actually a tool of the Iran’s Shia regime. The road to peace in Damascus seems not to be getting any shorter.

• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: Immigration, World War II 
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  1. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:

    US led wars since 1999 and the callous lack of planning for the millions of displaced people should result in the US embassies on the EU continent being deluged with waves of these displaced foreign claimants.

    • Replies: @Clyde
  2. joe webb says:

    so here we are with the more or less equivalent of 9-11 in the US.

    This is likely to become much more of a turning point for Europe than 9-11 was for the US. In the first place, our wars for the jews /Israel simply kept on coming. The US got a bit of a scare about rag-heads but Our Leaders assured us that Islam is a religion of Peace.

    This of course is part of the narrative of liberal international capitalism. Keep the money and the oil and the gadgets flowing. Racial Equality helps lubricate the wheels of commerce.

    So, now even before friday night in Paris, Sweden had slammed the door shut, along with most other European countries, and only the childless Merkel and Germany still held it open, albeit only somewhat. I guess that tomorrow will bring a German closing of borders as well.

    Then what? What about winter and all those wretched out there? Etc.

    Well, that is a detail. What is going to happen is a vast Opening to the Racial Right. How much I dunno. This is the best thing to have happened for the Saving of Europe. It will be a double victory, first over Liberalism as the most important event of the last how many years? Then second, it will kill of probably permanently, any more migrant odysseys.

    It is possible that like what did not happen in Raspail’s Camp of the Saints…that European navies will simply warn off boats, and failing compliance, will fire on them. That is what is coming if the migrants do not believe that White liberals would ever do such a thing…after all their Humanity! , the Children! etc.

    It will happen. Then maybe there will be a broad discussion of the middle east and of the jewish role in creating the failed states, along with US shabbas goyem taking orders from Israel

    This will happen too. It has to, if there is a broad reassessment of Everything if Liberalism crumbles.

    I wrote the other day that nobody saw the Wall about to Fall in 1989. etc (well almost nobody but I saw it coming mostlybecause of what friends told me of travels in Eastern Europe in the 80s.)

    The whole liberal/jewish/globalist/race-equality ideology can crumble almost overnight. More war? Possibly, but what for? and who is going to believe the lies this time? Let the Good Times Roll. Imagine no more Obongos, no more Camerons and Merkels and Hollandes, etc. The real Conservative counter-revolution is lurching into its first stage.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Clyde
    , @RobinG
    , @Art
  3. bossel says:

    But the elimination of school festivities to commemorate the feast day is making some headlines.

    Infowars is a heap of crap.

    There was one politician of the extreme left party Die Linke who called for it, IIRC, but even the Central Council of Muslims in Germany opposed this. There may be some leftist kindergartens who actually don’t celebrate Christian nonsense, but for what I know there are no schools with similar policies. & as long as kindergartens (or schools) avoid all religious crap instead of singling out one religion, it’s ok, anyway. There is something called separation of church & state, after all.

    & BTW, as can be seen here:

    there are Muslim immigrants in Germany who even celebrate St. Martin’s Day the traditional German way.

  4. Rehmat says:

    The “Mufti” is mostly found in Zionists’ distorted history books, while Hitler is honored among many “Holy Cow” worshippers in India, the US and several other countries.

    Indian-born American writer, author and blogger, Dr. Susmit Kumar PhD, claims that Hitler, not Gandhi, should be given credit for the independence of India in 1947.

    “World War II had a profound effect on the colonial powers because it completely destroyed their economies. Although Hitler committed crimes against humanity, I give him credit – for India’s independence immediately after World War II. Hitler destroyed the economies of Britain and France to such an extent that they were no longer able financially to maintain their military forces, and hence were incapable of containing the burgeoning freedom movements in their colonies. It is worth noting that Britain was in such bad shape that it received about one-fourth of the total aid given under the Marshall Plan. Regardless Gandhi or any other charismatic leader, Britain would have left India in 1947 purely for financial reasons, due to its wholly collapsed economy. After WW II, Britain not only left India, but all its holdings,” says Kumar.

    • Replies: @Gene Tuttle
  5. Clyde says:

    US led wars since 1999 and the callous lack of planning for the millions of displaced people should result in the US embassies on the EU continent being deluged with waves of these displaced foreign claimants.

    I have a great idea. They should be sent to where you live. All of them. To whatever nation and county you fester in.

  6. Clyde says:
    @joe webb

    It is possible that like what did not happen in Raspail’s Camp of the Saints…that European navies will simply warn off boats, and failing compliance, will fire on them.

    I sure hope it will happen the way you say. What are navies for? Border compliance for one!

    As far as I know the immigrant invasion in “Camp of the Saints” did not involve allowing in terrorism oriented immigrants. This mass killing in Paris might flip the European Eloi INTO keeping Muslims the hell out. But I think it will take a few more massive attacks. I know this is cold blooded but I think last night in Paris was not enough to snap Europeans out of their trance.

  7. RobinG says:
    @joe webb

    And you have made,

    “Well, that is a detail. What is going to happen is a vast Opening to the Racial Right. How much I dunno. This is the best thing to have happened for the Saving of Europe. It will be a double victory, first over Liberalism as the most important event of the last how many years? Then second, it will kill of probably permanently, any more migrant odysseys.”

    the best argument for Paris being a false flag. But, as opposed to your optimism,

    “More war? Possibly, but what for? and who is going to believe the lies this time?”

    others see this as a rallying cry for NATO attack on Syria. (See Anatoly Karlin today.)

    • Replies: @joe webb
  8. Art says:
    @joe webb

    It will happen. Then maybe there will be a broad discussion of the middle east and of the jewish role in creating the failed states, along with US shabbas goyem taking orders from Israel

    Three of the best Jew lap dogs – Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush did this!

    By going into Iraq they destabilized the the world.

  9. @Rehmat

    Mea culpa! No connection to India’s “sacred cows” was intended, though I was aware that Holy Cow might be interpreted as such. If one has to explain a quip, it failed. Probably a generational thing! It was meant to be an alliterative exclamation of surprise about Netanyahu’s innovative misuse of the Holocaust this time around. IMF’s Christine Legarde used Holy Cow in an interview recently, so I thought it might not be wholly obsolete. But the French lady learned her English many years ago.

  10. joe webb says:

    the false flag yo-yos are mostly quiet. There have been so many examples of muzzie terror…how can anybody think about false flags? One of the things these folks miss is the obvious role of popular politics and religion. People are not totally out to lunch, white people that is.

    I have known some muzzies, when I was active a few years ago in the Iraq anti-sanctions movement. They are stupid and nuts and killers.

    This is similar to the 2008 recession and meltdown of the financial system. What are you going to do, let the thing collapse, or try to shore it up in a Keynesian way? I am a Keynesian. (another story now that the Keynesians have run out of options)

    So, let the Isis types take over Syria? How about Iran? How about nukes for Isis?

    Israel can be blamed for all of this, but we got a problem now to deal with. The Jews will ultimately be blamed but for now….

    muzzie IQ average is 84 for the Arabs, and for the Africans…67. Assume that these fanatics are not on the right tail of their bell curve.

    And, like 9-11 and whodunit? It does not matter who did it, it was because of the Jewish Wars and the impresarios from neocons/Israel.

    Joe Webb

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