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Hispanic Immigrant Says 1964 Civil Rights Act Enabled BLM War Against Historic American Nation and It Should be Repealed
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See also: Jefferson’s Prophecy, The Rest Of The Story: “The Two Races, Equally Free, Cannot Live In The Same Government”

President Donald Trump’s strong defense of Western civilization during his speech at Mount Rushmore back on July 3 provoked the usual caterwauling from the Dem/ Mainstream Media Treason Lobby Complex. Yet that likely wouldn’t have been possible were it not for a seminal event almost exactly 56 years earlier: on July 2, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964—in effect beginning, although almost no-one predicted it, open warfare against the Historic American Nation.

As a practical matter, as Christopher Caldwell wrote in his latest book The Age Of Entitlement, the Civil Rights Act has now supplanted the real Constitution to the l ong-term detriment of the country, not least from supposedly unintended consequences. For the past 56 years, America has undergone a Great Leap Forward in social engineering that has thoroughly destabilized the American body politic.

The new federal protections meant to stop discrimination did not have the intended effect. Newly-won equality under the law, promptly inverted by federal courts and bureaucrats to mean preferences for blacks and other “protected classes,” apparently did not satisfy blacks. Despite whites’ genuflecting to blacks with all sorts of concessions, anti-white animus has intensified to the level of outright, visceral hatred that we see today.

Thus, Leftist commentators now claim that the fight for civil rights is not over and even more inequalities and injustices that must be addressed [The Fight For Civil Rights Is Far From Over, by Jon Else, HuffPost, March 27, 2017]. The recent wave of BLM protests have descended into arson, looting, and iconoclastic vandalism in the name of fighting “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.”

Nothing changed, if you believe the Black Lives Matter narrative—despite 56 years of concessions to angry blacks.

Granted, blacks have faced and still face considerable struggles in terms of unemployment, gang and other violence, and fatherless and broken families, the last largely because of rampant bastardy [The Black Family: 40 Years Of Lies, by Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal, Summer 2005].

But we all know none of those pathologies are related to “systemic racism” or oppression or white privilege. Indeed, they likely stem from the Civil Rights movement itself and its underlying ideological assumptions.

The CRA, for instance, contains provisions that violate the property rights of private business, as former Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, have correctly observed [Paul says he would have opposed 1964 Civil Rights Act, by Michael O’Brien, The Hill, May 13, 2011]. From the point of view of classical liberal theory, the state should not compel business owners to serve people with whom they don’t wish to associate or do business. Free individuals can shop elsewhere or organize peaceful protests against these businesses.

Other commentators on the Dissident Right such as Ilana Mercer and Paul Gottfried specifically take issue with the provisions that have destroyed freedom of association and the social engineering they have unleashed.

Beyond that, the successors to Martin Luther King Jr.’s movement have used the power of the managerial state, under the guise of enforcing the CRA, as a blunt weapon against the Historic American Nation. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have dialed up anti-white hate with their race hustling and calls for increased government intervention to address the alleged scourge of “systemic racism.”

But they were not the inventors. The war against Free Association and private enterprise began the champion of the Civil Rights movement: MLK himself.

As the historian Tom Woods demonstrated in 33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask, King was no fan of Western-style capitalism:

In fact, the Universal Basic Income currently widely discussed was one of King’s greatest political objectives. In his 1967 book, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community, King was transparent about his redistributionist vision, writing

“I’m now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective — the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.”

Nor did King stop with proto-UBI proposals. He demanded reparations on ethno-Marxist lines. [Continuing MLK’s demand for reparations, by Kalonda Mulamba,, January 20, 2020.He did not believe the managerial constraints of the Civil Rights Act were enough to address the plight of African Americans [Exclusive: Martin Luther King Jr. Talks Reparations in Previously Unheard Speech, The Root, September 6, 2019].

In other words, King’s redistributionist ideas live on in American political discourse, and radical groups such as BLM, whose leaders explicitly identify as “trained Marxists,” have taken up his mantle of radical racial redistribution.

They’re rolling full-speed ahead with plenty of corporate and media support [These are the major brands donating to the Black Lives Matter movement, by Mercey Livingston, CNET, June 16, 2020].

So none of America’s concessions either in the Civil Rights Act or afterward in myriad other laws and court rulings, from Affirmative Action to subsidized housing, have proved to be enough—as the renewed call for “reparations” quite plainly shows. So-called black leaders are even more explicit in expressing their desire to gobble up the fruits of American labor. At every opportunity, a predatory minority politician blames minority poverty and other pathologies on whites, demanding that government to step in and level the playing field at white Americans’ expense. [John Conyers re-introduces H.R. 40 on reparations for slavery and discrimination, Tracing Center, January 4th, 2013]

The terrible turn of events of the past few weeks was entirely predictable, as the late Sam Francis suggested in his 1998 takedown of the King Holiday. But now the results of the ideological push toward total equality, then redistribution through welfare and Affirmative Action, are all too obvious:

  • 70 percent of black children are born to single mothers, as City Journal’s Hymowitz reported above.
  • Broken schools in urban centers like Baltimore that struggle to produce adequate graduates, despite having the third-highest spending per pupil in the nation [Black Self-Sabotage, by Walter Williams,, November 29, 2017].
  • Blacks leading all ethnic groups as net recipients of welfare, at approximately 40 percent [23 Shocking Statistics of Welfare in America, by Rebecca Lake, Ccom, May 23, 2016].

Far from acknowledging these facts and responding with policies and programs to help blacks, BLM and its white Leftist allies continue rampaging against the phantoms of “white supremacy,” as if tearing down the statues of long-dead Confederates will lift a single black mom and her children out of poverty, or save another little black girl in Chicago from another stray bullet [18 dead, 47 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings, Chicago Sun-Times, June 29, 2020].

And once the dust settles from the BLM riots, now that we’ve added lack of policing and anarcho-tyranny to the CRA’s ideological foundations, blacks will continue their downward spiral into Banana Republic oblivion.

That will be the result when Caldwell’s “Civil Rights Constitution completely replaces the real Constitution. Blacks and other minorities have no intention of curtailing their use of the administrative state as a battering ram against the Historic American Nation.

Thanks to relentless indoctrination from the MSM and the Education establishment, millions of American are in a drunken stupor that prevents them from recognizing the reality of race and why America’s founding values (and, ultimately, its Founding stock—I say this as an immigrant from Latin America) must be defended until the bitter end. If it doesn’t sober up, America is destined to tumble into the abyss of multicultural chaos [No Go Zones: A Guide to Western Failed States and European Secessionist Movements,].

Nothing short of the overthrow of the modern-day managerial state will save us from impending doom.

Face it (as Christopher Caldwell did, to his credit, albeit discreetly): that means repealing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Pedro de Alvarado [Email him] is a Hispanic dissident who is well aware of the realities of race from his experience living throughout Latin America and in the United States. As a native of lands conquered by brave Spaniards but later subverted by centuries of multi-racial trickery and despotic governance, Pedro offers clear warnings to Americans about the perils of multi-racialism.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. What is typically ignored is that:

    The black community has also been the target of massive cultural manipulation since about 1970

    Hollywood blaxploitation films began to give glamour to black pimps, drug dealers and gunmen … Hollywood is significantly Jewish

    And then gangsta music came in the 1980s, also glamourising these things … music and videos promoted by music executives who were & are often Jewish

    Journalists like Gary Webb ended up dead, after showing how it was the USA gov and CIA etc who were funnelling drugs into black neighbourhoods

    All of this was done by non-black outsiders manipulating black impressionability and weaknesses

    As documented on Unz, when black leaders themselves such as Farrakhan’s black Muslims, began to clean up black communities with courageous neighbourhood patrols, they were attacked and vilified and their funding destroyed, this campaign largely led by Jewish leaders, sad to say … who offered no substitute when the black communities were deprived of these patrols

    And now as well, black voices are ‘cancelled’ if they do one forbidden thing – criticising Israel or Jews

    Helpful to focus on WHO is really manipulating all this agenda, a faction of the oligarchy heavily involving a certain tribe of enablers

    • Agree: Bro43rd, anarchyst
    • Replies: @Malla
  2. KenH says:

    In theory the 1964 civil rights act was supposed to usher in a more perfect union by banning race based discrimination but in reality it’s been used to impose racial quotas that economically and educationally harm whites and to weaken white racial interests at every opportunity. It’s been used as a blunt object against historic America and it’s now being rewritten by judicial fiat to mandate special privileges for “minorities” and equality of outcomes in gross violation of the act’s plain language and intent.

    The 1964 civil rights act should be repealed but we know in this political climate that that’s an impossible task. And even if by some miracle it was repealed the SCOTUS would rule that doing so violated the constitutional rights of non-whites so must remain in place even though they would lack authority to make such a ruling.

    But like always this circles back to Jewish wealth, power and influence as it is they who would marshal all of their resources to keep it in place. They are the superglue that holds this tottering anti-white nation together, so our main objective should be to seek a radical diminution of their wealth and power in America and throughout the West.

  3. what we have here is a teachable moment. the writer makes two common mistakes in misdiagnosing the problems with the civil rights act of 1964. these mistakes in thinking are exploited by the elite to manipulate people to act to their harm and the benefit of the elite. the writer does touch upon one of the true roots of the problem. this is where we should look to for solutions. let’s start off by stating repealing the act would only be symbolic as the administrative state has more tools to impose its will upon the country and even the world than it needs yet keeps managing to invent more.

    the writer (alvarado) makes two common mistakes in political analysis. he makes an emotional appeal to the reader and fails to correctly identify the root causes at issue. this is straight from the playbook of any political strategist. get the reader emotional and misdirect them with wrongly used facts or outright lies.

    blacks in general and especially poor blacks have no real, enduring power in this country or anywhere in the world for that matter. they are only interested in living as well as they can day by day by whatever may seem to work at the moment. they are poor because they lack dynamism. they are too ignorant, stupid, and weak to understand their situation and how to navigate it. the act was passed by johnson to capture the previously solidly republican black vote. it also helped the grand project of yet further centralizing and empowering the national government, this time to ostensibly protect the civil rights of visible minorities.

    black support for the act is understandable when one considers the history of legal and customary disenfranchisement of blacks and the resulting lack of life choices. lincoln majorly advanced this ongoing project further empowering the central government when he fought the civil war to ensure northern industrial elites ran the country as opposed to southern agricultural elites. both sets of people had little more than contempt for blacks and there was no overwhelming elite consensus as to what exactly to do about slavery or with the slaves. the north won not because they were more righteous on the slavery issue but because they came closer to practicing capitalism.

    BLM (or any other useful idiots of the moment), mass media, government at all levels, and of course the educational system are all elite constructs to enrich and empower themselves and their cronies.

    alvarado correctly states overthrowing or for this writer at least greatly reducing the managerial state can save us. now, how to do it?

  4. Malla says:

    To use blacks as weapons by the Banker Commie elites they blacks have to be kept poor and third worldy. The Western White working class after WW2 (German working class after the coming of the NSDAP to power) saw their standard of living improve a lot. So the elites realized that they were never going to get good cannon fodder material from White working class folks, to bring about a elite’s wet dream Orwellian Communist revolution. So they turned to the blacks and other darkies, they were building them up earlier anyways, just in case. Hence the left slowly discarded and abandoned the White Working class in favour of darkies against all Whites, kill the bourgeois became kill all Whites. Anything to get their Communist revolution and their Satanic Orwellian Raj of elites. That is why the White working class in the rust belt region, who earlier were supporters of the Left, voted for Trump, Trump a billionaire addresses their problem (manufacturing jobs went to China, America needs more jobs back). Hillary the Killary Clinton ignored them, even after her husband Bill warned her about ignoring the White working class folk in those places. But Killary would not listen, she listened to there snotty, arrogant, leftist libtard Champagne socialist buffoons with their laptops and graphs. The White working class is so passe for the left today, useful in the past-useless today except as targets, the darkies are where its at now.
    But if blacks themselves were to escape the net of poverty and dysfunction, what cannon fodder do the elites have then. Hence blacks have to be made even more barbaric and savage using Cultural Marxism. And using the same Cultural Marxism and Globalist Vulture capitalism (both of them are and always been allies behind the scenes, pushed by the same elites), Whites (who have earlier escaped the net) have to be brought back into the ghetto by constant impoverishment and destruction of traditional White culture. gangsta rap has to take the place of Classical and folk music. Thus the economic and cultural destruction of the White working class earlier and now the Middle class implodes in the USA.
    Of course, because of inherent Average racial/genetic differences, different races have reacted differently to this, blacks on average being more prone to go in the direction of the ghetto. But the Zio elites pushed helped them to it, gave them the push to an inherent tendency. Comparatively much harder to do that with Whites because of inherent genetic tendencies, but that is work in progress. Later wave feminism did more damage to the Blacks much before it did to White Americans. Indeed I remember a Black American MGTOW guy telling in a video to White Americans that that “we black Americans warned you White Americans this would happen, what family destruction you see in your community happening now (increase in divorces and shit), has been happening to us blacks for some decades now”. Pastor Peterson even said in one video that black Americans owned more independent businesses before the civil rights movement than now, this is weird and baffling on the surface.
    Even new immigrant groups like the Hispanics are becoming more black like in behaviour with gangs, thaggard behaviour and promiscuity. This is not what one would expect people to become in the Western first world. One would not expect a powerful Western first world superpower like the USA to have most of their big cities full of black (or even Hispanic) ghettos, it is very weird and can baffle a visitor, you do not see that in Japan or S. Korea or Taiwan or Eastern European countries incl Russia (yet). But many Western European countries (excl France where the brown black ghettos are at the outskirts of cities) and Australia/NZ/ Canada are moving in the same direction as the USA. It is also weird that black Americans, who are born and brought up in a first world country, on average behave more third worldy at times than educated immigrants from third world African countries itself. Many educated African immigrants themselves find this weird and baffling and ask their children to avoid American ghetto blacks and are scared of the effect of black Ghetto culture on their kids. But obviously most of those African parents do not succeed.
    Hence Minister Farrakhan said “Blacks have somehow never left the Ghetto”. They are not meant to leave the ghetto.

  5. Wyatt says:

    One of the small upsides of the 1965 Immigration Act is that the increased population of Asians, latinos, Indians and Arabs is that all of these disparate groups (technically all of asiatic origin, but whatever) proved that they have moderate to high degrees of integration and assimilation into white societies. The browns of the world proved that blacks were not held down by systemic racism, but by their own inability and unwillingness to succeed.

    When some fresh off the boat Vietnamese guy in 1974 can come to America with nothing, not even know the language and start up a restaurant after busting ass for 15 years and retire with more value and property to his name than some Jakoonius or Sasqueesha who’d gotten years of welfare and education, white supremacy is proven to be a phantom conjured up by some proboscis-rich persons.

    What we’re seeing now is the fruits of racial incompetence growing rotten and poisoning everything, and I mean everything about American civil life. It’s disgusting how every other color has to bow their heads and kneel before the altar of black failure and pretend like the race with nothing to show after ten thousand years is the victim of some grand conspiracy to keep them down.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  6. conatus says:

    Below is a paragraph from Christopher Caldwell courtesy of Rod Dreher in an article titled “Civil Rights and Totalitarianism” in American Conservatism. The CRA of 1964 is holy, just mentioning it critically puts you in the suspicious category of human beings.  Actually pointing out that the Civil Rights Act weaponized categories of oppression used to destroy the legacy American Nation gets you ostracized from polite society. I always saw it as White Guilt, a la Shelby Steele.  However Caldwell takes it further and legalizes all the levers used to decimate what was a highly practical but not a perfect society.  The Civil rights Act of 1964  turned what were  social disagreements into court cases.

    A conversation about gays became a legal issue with demands, courts, judges and edicts issued.
    ‘What about the gay bar by the docks?”
    “Oh leave them alone”

    This became a demand for gay rights(and approval of the gay life) and for society at large to applaud what Gertrude Stein  said to Hemingway “the act male homosexuals commit is ugly and repugnant” and now since it has been included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 we, as a socoiety are required to allow and applaud this.
    We must applaud transsexuals, Muslims who have religious conflicts, all minorities who hold a brief against the legacy American nation upon pain of unemployment. In a highly bureaucratic society where 90% of us work in large bureaucracies with enforcement Human Resources departments you could say the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has successfully dissambled the historic American nation.

    Christopher Caldwell
    “In the quarter-century after Reagan, conservatives lost every battle against the substance of political correctness. … Political correctness was not a joke after all. It was the most comprehensive ideological capture of institutional power in the history of the United States.… This language of “-bashing” and “-phobia” and “bigotry” and “lies” was new. No longer was the irreconcilability of individuals’ and society’s sexual priorities a tragedy or a disagreement. Recast in the categories of civil rights law, it was a crime, a crime that was being committed against a whole class of people. The customs and traditions in the name of which it was being committed were mere alibis.… Once social issues could be cast as battles over civil rights, Republicans would lose 100 percent of the time. The agenda of “diversity” advanced when its proponents won elections and when they lost them. Voters had not yet figured that out. As soon as they did, the old style of democratic politics would be dead.”

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