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Hillary's Libyan Torturers
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Hillary Clinton Interviewed.  Credit: CBS News and The Ron Paul Institute
Hillary Clinton Interviewed. Credit: CBS News and The Ron Paul Institute

Remember when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was so intent on a US attack on Libya that she disregarded the US Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, and even her colleagues in the Obama Administration to force her “humanitarian intervention”? Clinton was so distrusted by the Pentagon that they opened up their own lines of communication with Libyan officials — they knew she was feeding them and the State Department boldfaced lies.

Even members of Hillary’s own party in Congress were skeptical of her claims.

Gaddafi’s son and presumed heir, Saif, told then-Rep. Dennis Kucinich (an RPI Board Member) that Hillary was using false information to justify the coming US attack on his country. (Thankfully, Mr. Kucinich understood his Constitutional obligation to act as member of an equal branch of government and did his own investigation of Hillary’s claims.)

Saif told Kucinich that Hillary’s “information” about Libya was:

[L]ike the WMDs in Iraq. It was based on a false report. Libyan airplanes bombing demonstrators, Libyan airplanes bombing districts in Tripoli, Libyan army killed thousands, etc., etc., and now the whole world found there is no single evidence that such things happened in Libya.

Hillary’s rebels, according to Saif were, as a Washington Times article reports, “not freedom fighters” but rather jihadists whom he described as “gangsters and terrorists.”

Hillary got her war. The Washington Post, ever the lickspittle in the service of the US regime, shortly after the attack praised Hillary’s great foresight in forcing the US war on Libya:

Seven months later, with longtime U.S. nemesis Moammar Gaddafi dead and Libya’s onetime rebels now in charge, the coalition air campaign has emerged as a foreign policy success for the Obama administration and its most famous Cabinet member, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What a success! Libya is now in the hands of ISIS and various Islamist terror gangs. The population is devastated. Saif was right: they were a bunch of terrorist jihadists.

Gaddafi’s other son, Saadi, is currently being held by “Libyan Dawn,” an al-Qaeda group that has emerged since the US “liberation” and has taken control of key parts of Libya. This week we see in a new video that Hillary’s humanitarian freedom fighters have taken to torturing Saadi Gaddafi in the must un-humanitarian manner (warning, graphic). Hillary’s humanitarians are a bunch of torturing thugs, and it’s all there on the tape. Will she be challenged on this? Don’t bet on it.

Meanwhile, another group of Hillary’s extremists have sentenced Saif to death in a mass trial with scores of others from the previous government. The trials were so bad they were even condemned by the International Criminal Court, which would also like to get its hands on Saif. The defendants had little access to legal council in what was a textbook show trial.

Hillary Clinton squealed with joy when Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized with a knife and murdered by her rebels. Is she likewise giggling somewhere as Gaddafi’s son has his feet beaten to a pulp with a metal rod while he is bound and slapped in the face and his other son is sentenced to death in a trial with no semblance to actual rule of law?

This is human rights, Hillary-style.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Hillary Clinton, Libya 
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  1. Some things from my blog:

    May 30, 2011 – Let’s Go Kill Them Arab Rapists!

    The failed coup in Libya still smolders. The British/French colonizers have decided they will have to invade directly, and their attack helicopters and special forces are now in action, but that is not news. Yet the plan to justify this invasion has unfolded. Everyone who supports Libya’s government is a rapist, which we all know after countless news reports. My April 19th blog mentioned one odd “cry rape” story, but the misinformation campaign is now in full swing, and our Corporate/CIA controlled media outlets are “reporting” just what they are dictated.

    Their “mass rape” story is laughable. Dr. Seham Sergewa is touted as a Libyan psychologist, who speaks perfect English, and some “news” reports say she is London trained or London based. Google her name as I did, and it appears nowhere before she became famous from her odd rape study in war torn Libya. Apparently, she arrived in Libya as fighting raged to conduct a survey, and within one month distributed 70,000 questionnaires to displaced refugees and got back 59,000 responses that proved widespread rapes by Libyans loyal to their government. And she personally interviewed 140 rape victims, all within a month in a deadly war zone! None claimed they were raped by the sainted “rebels.”

    Any half wit reporter would doubt claims by a Londoner, whose government is trying to gin up public support for their military conquest. Might someone ask where she has worked? Who funded her study? And how many staff members were employed to distribute and process all the questionnaires? And during her amazingly fast study in a war zone, she flew to the Hague to testify and gain endorsement from the International Criminal Court, and appeared on CNN, and made press appearances for numerous interviews? In her AP interview she concludes: “We must throw light on what is really happening in Libya and fight to bring justice for these women, to help heal them psychologically.” Yes, fight the rapists! We must!

    Once again, who is paying for this unknown Londoner’s survey and travels? Isn’t that a basic question, before reporting whatever she says as fact? This is a classic misinformation campaign, evidenced by the heavy reporting at the CIA’s key outlets, the “Washington Post” and CNN. CIA mole Anderson Cooper complemented the effort with an interview with another lady from London posing as a reporter. She confirmed that a thousand rapes occurred in Misrata because “someone” showed her a cell phone video of one, and she was led to a man who “someone” told her was a Libyan POW, who said that a thousand rapes occurred. She saw none, but knows that sensational hearsay from strangers must be true, especially with Anderson Cooper ready to broadcast whatever anti-Libyan government story she hears on the street, whilst she is shadowed (or accompanied) by British agents keen on manipulating the news.

    Meanwhile, stories of British and French warplanes bombing Libya and their troops on the ground are not considered newsworthy in the USA. This is an excellent example of misinformation posing as “news.” Rapes have occurred, as they do in all wars, by both sides, but hundreds of people are dying too. A recent article in the “Economist” noted there are now six times more Americans employed in “public relations” than in journalism, and their job is to target the journalists to spin the truth, which is easy since most “newsmen” are employed by their bosses too. The real story here: Libyan oil fields will soon return to British (BP and Shell) and French (Total) control.

    Jun 18, 2011 – The Great Libyan Bank Heist

    The American media has mostly ignored the NATO invasion of Libya. NATO attack jets, attack helicopters, and special forces along with hired “rebels’ are closing in on Tripoli. As I’ve noted before, one goal is to retake Libyan oil fields and return them to their legal owners (Western oil companies.) The other reason is a $70 billion bank heist. As relations with Libya improved these past few years, western banks convinced Libya to send billions of oil dollars to their investment banks to invest and grow. As Tripoli falls, over $70 billion will be quietly transferred to the control of Western billionaires, money that belongs to poor Libyans. Goldman Sachs has already pocketed $1.3 billion by announcing that 98% of the money Libya invested with them was “lost” in bad investments.

    Next target – Syria.

  2. I see there is little interest in this story since information was suppressed at the time. Let me add more, which may encourage you to watch more of Anderson Cooper and see his CIA/MICC/American Empire/Wall Street propaganda at work:

    Apr 19, 2011 – Techniques of Propaganda

    Few people are aware of how often they are fooled. For example, after the mysterious coup failed in Libya, NATO nations began bombing Libyan forces. This was unpopular with most citizens, so it was necessary to depict the Libyan government as evil. The CIA, or one of its allies, found a lady who supported the overthrow of Libya’s government, and paid her to charge into a hotel lobby full of foreign journalists screaming rape.

    All reporters instantly reported this “fact” as their top story, rather than Libyans killed in the fighting or the NATO bombing. They all learned the exact spelling of her name. The great CNN propaganda machine did one hour news stories of the “alleged” rape, portraying the evil Libyan government, even though her story was odd. Why did she choose that hotel, and when all the reporters were having breakfast near the lobby? Women are embarrassed by rape, so why scream it out to the world? And the 15 rapists, who were described as soldiers, or militia men, or sometimes just loyalists at a checkpoint. The women was removed from the hotel and released, the Libyan government promptly ordered an investigation, and said rape was illegal. The women just happened to be a lawyer, and was not that attractive. Nevertheless, our media proclaimed the Libyan government has been proven evil, and must be bombed, bombed, bombed.

    What if a woman charged into a five-star hotel in the USA full of reporters, screaming her name and claiming she was raped by 15 of President Obama’s secret service agents? Would reporters rush to report this truth, showing that Obama is truly evil? Or might they have doubts, and suspect a political prank? Would hotel security allow the hysterical women to continue screaming in the lobby, or might they remove her, perhaps to a hospital? Before fools attack me for not being sympathetic to rape victims, that is not the issue here. Reporters on the road did not encounter a rape in progress, they just saw an odd scene in their lobby and had no proof that she was raped, which is not a notable story anyway. There were no witnesses and no proof was ever presented. Yet everyone saw the same story dozens of times on our propaganda outlets reported as a fact.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper did a series of reports on this incident, and even managed to locate and interview this woman. This confirms allegations that he is a covert CIA agent. His ultra-wealthy family is part of America’s “Power Elite” allied with the CIA. Cooper graduated from the CIA’s favorite recruiting grounds – Yale. He recently admitted that he spent two summers at the CIA’s Langley headquarters as an intern. After graduation, he decided to roam around unstable Myanmar with a fake press pass, and then chose to study Vietnamese and live in Hanoi. Cooper then showed up at world trouble spots like Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia as a self-employed “reporter.” Somehow, he landed a job as a senior correspondent with ABC news, without any formal reporting experience or a journalism degree, and soon became a major “news” anchor. He is from a wealthy family and looks good on TV, but his background is highly suspect, and his international reporting is always supportive of CIA misinformation efforts.

    The biggest news story of this year was not seen in the USA. It would ruin Hillary but even Fox News will not cover it and Republicans will not mention it:

    Jul 18, 2015 – Benghazi Benghazi!

    You may be tired of the years of incoherent ramblings by Republicans about Hillary Clinton’s failure in Libya. But they and our media refuse to report the real story, which G2mil mentioned years ago. The great Andrew Napolitano collected hard proof that “She obtained permission from President Obama and consent from congressional leaders in both houses of Congress and in both parties to arm rebels in Syria and Libya in an effort to overthrow the governments of those countries.” None of this was reported to all of Congress or the American people, and many of these arms were sent to groups listed as terror groups, which is prohibited by law.

    This is worse than Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  3. @Carlton Meyer

    I see there is little interest in this story since information was suppressed at the time.

    Maybe not that, Carleton. Maybe not much interest demonstrated right now because people are worn out.
    That’s a technique of the propagandists as well, to overwhelm the populace with fear, some of it being true!, to the point that they cannot function.

    Conspiracy websites pretend to give their readers the “insider’s truth”; however, they are, in fact, a myriad mix of manufactured, confused and confusing information that deludes, giving the reader a false sense of participation in decisions that are being made without his or her knowledge and consent. The reader is often left feeling cynical, filled with distrust, and impotent — thus rendered ineffectual and non-intrusive. Distracted in this manner, the real players are left free to rule. . . .

    Fear As A Business

    Fear-based insecurities are the biggest component, Ellul states:

    “Propaganda is the manipulation of the subconscious by technical means…hypermodern police methods…have as their end the establishment of a ‘neurotic complex’ based in feelings of insecurity. Our technical world not only creates these feelings spontaneously, it develops them with malice aforethought for technical reasons and by technical means which, in their action on the human being, reinforce the structures of that technical world.”

    Propaganda is zionism’s prior condition — propaganda — fear, lies, emotional manipulation is the foundation zionism was built on and the air it breathes.

    “Propaganda by its very nature is an enterprise for perverting the significance of events and of insinuating false intentions…The propagandist will not accuse the enemy of just any misdeed; he will accuse him of the very intention that he himself has and of trying to commit the very crime that he himself is about to commit. He who wants to provoke a war not only proclaims his own peaceful intentions but also accuses the other party of provocation.”
    – Jacques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes, 1965

    When some who recognize that nature of zionism set aside for a moment or a day or week, it is to clear the mind and get a breathe of fresh air.

    BUT — if you have a good gas mask and can take a bit more, James Petras has an excellent article here —

  4. Tom_R says:



    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. There is a spelling mistake. I think you meant to say the defendants were denied legal counsel (with an e), not council.

    You forgot to mention that these Libyan terrorists are supposed to be the ones behind sending Africans to invade Europe. What a price for the regime change!

    Hillary and Billary are the Thelma and Louise of DC. This couple’s name can be abbreviated to Hilly and Billy Clinton. Or what about Hilly-Billy Clinton?

  5. Cranky says:

    Why do we own this shit?

    Are these people in Libya incapable of doing anything without Hillary’s instigation?

    How damned immature of us to conclude everything flows from our clown politicians.

    As for Syria, that storm has been brewing for 50 flipping years, and you want to blame the politician who last stirred in some more arms?

    Geez, what about Putin or Iran?

    In short, stop simplistic cause and effect, and realize the rest of the world has real agency in their own damned countries.

    Ron Unz should police this crap better- most of the Ron Paul stuff is designed to help his inept idiot son attempt to tea party the republican party.

    Flipping boring.

    As for the torture, Gee Saif busted a lot of folks into submission for daddy and himself, and now payback is here.

    What a surprise. Surprise is they haven’t brought out the sword and done the execution in the square yet.

    Nothing has changed since the Ottoman Empire ran most of the middle east, including the playbook on payback and repression, yet we are to blame?


    • Replies: @guest
    , @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @Biff
    , @KA
  6. guest says:

    Why have you bothered commenting on something so “boring”?

    Can you refute anything in the article?

    Are you saying that Libyans have no cause for complaint when “we” bomb them and attempt to control who rules them?

  7. Don’t forget the role of French Neocon Zionist Bernard Henri Levy for mustering support to topple Gaddafi. It is believed Levy was the man who persuaded French President Sarkozy and also Hillary Clinton to support the rebels in Libya.

    • Replies: @KA
  8. Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam: Libya like McDonald’s for NATO – fast war as fast food

  9. @Cranky

    Are Hasbara being paid by the word now, Cranky?

  10. Biff says:

    Geez, what about Putin or Iran?

    The piece is not about Putin or Iran. It’s about Hillary, and her war – do try and stay on topic.

  11. Cranky says:

    How about someone who doesn’t give a shit about the middle east, and thinks we have been damned fools led into a sticky morass for decades.

    You know what? I don’t like Hillary, and I don’t like Netanyahoo, and I don’t like most of the shit I read about how we are responsible for everything in the Middle East since fricking 1900.

    Screw ’em. They are responsible for their own mess, and the fact that we meddle means we are damned stupid. But meddling isn’t control.

    But then I see the big ass mosque that was built on I-17 in Phoenix every damned day, and realize we are importing this tribal bullshit here, and that pisses me off too.

    If you are Jewish and support Israel, more power to ya, and good luck with the neighbors.

    As for wanting my tax dollars, I vote no.

    Fix our own messes, and if people think our government should be Islamic, then maybe they shouldn’t move here.

    The rest of your beltway blather is boring.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @KA
    , @KA
    , @KA
  12. guest says:

    I’m not sure who you believe you’re arguing with. Three-quarters of your latest isn’t disputed by me, at least. What seems to anger you is a suppressed realization that your Uncle Sam’s “foreign policy” is one of increasingly violent imperialism that ill serves you and most Americans.

    Your anger may abate if you let go of the emotional need to rationalize the actions of and minimize the harms inflicted by those under whose rule you live. Dropping the “we” when referring to them may be good place to start.

    Or, just keep sucking your thumb with “your” flag, like Linus’s blanket, held in your other hand.

  13. KA says:

    Your inability to move beyond the immediate is understandable . You are stuck in the sensorimotor stae of Paget. The man and the toys are gone for good from your consciousness once they are hidden with the blankets in your presence .
    What can you do?
    Read may be! What about trying a decent book on CIA and on its immediate predecessor?
    How many times Syria have been subjected to coups at US instigation and supports from 1945?
    Any idea?

    How Saddam was airlifted by US,Israel,Jordan in 1959 after his failed first attempt to kill Iraqi PM?
    US have gone to wars against other countries on suspicion and allegations that those countries were plotting to topple the government or trying illegally ( ie terrorism ) to shape/modify US polices . Remember Zimmerman Telegram. Do you? US war against Afghanistan in 2001 ?

    Where does the right that Hillary says she has to intervene in Libya come from? Her old Law Farm ? or Protestant Ethics? Or form kowtowing to the people who behaves the way Lantos did on Kuwaiti babies and incubator?

    Don’t you think there something very unlike Ottoman with these 2 pictures – a woman is accusing of rape that is patently false and Ghaddafi is dying from the rape that’s is in front of Camera – Hilary come home after arranging that the blood soaked arms looted from Libya flows to Syria knowing sure the Syrian women will get raped ,Christian would be displaced ,and migrants will be attacked and the vacuum will draw more perverts ?

    To make this sink in your brain .let me give you an example: do the following
    1 Get rid of existing Security ,disband the police and paramilitary and Law and Order in US
    2 Open the prison
    and then sit home .

    My throat and wallet will by opened simultaneously by the same type of brigade that are killing blacks,raping minors,and waving Black Flags with the best Western Toys that dollars shipped to them could buy .

    Not knowing the future or the consequences is no excuse-
    I will give you another example- will you invite me to be your brain surgeon to operate on you given the fact that I have botched quite a few ,have not succeeded in one single and never been vetted by other brain surgeons .


  14. KA says:

    Yes.take care of your Tax Dollars . Don’t spend it on defense . Don’t give it as aid to African, Egyptian ,Indonesian,and Honduran military .

    Well ,you cant. You see years ago Tom Friedman reminded us that without Raytheon ,McDonald wont be able to sell the Vanilla smoothies and French fry.
    Without those aid to Indonesia or Africa,we wont be able to mine and cut the trees .The locals well adorned and embroidered with US high tech keep the peace .

  15. KA says:

    Can you provide us with some figures that show that US has been doling out money to Syria,Libya,and Somalia in last 20 years ?It does to the allies like Jordan and Egypt and it sells to Gulf and Saudi .

  16. KA says:
    @james ennis

    and he said ” as a man and as a Jew, I support” NATO bombings .
    He also said”the rebels have said that they would recognize Israel”

  17. KA says:

    “But then I see the big ass mosque that was built on I-17 in Phoenix every damned day, and realize we are importing this tribal bullshit here, and that pisses me off too.”

    Have you ever tried to notice or fathom the constant barrage in support of the battles in the Middle East from 700 Club ,from the mega churches in Bible Belt,Evangelical conventions,and from religiously instigated Republican election pitches ? It is everyday . The war doesn’t and hasn’t advanced neither American interests neither the chances of Christian conversion among Arabs . Actually it has hardened their hatred against both .

    So who pays these demented skunks or who make their life worth living and ideas worth believing ? Somebody must be adding a lot of dough and publicity and veneer of meanings to their otherwise lying double lives Or it is possible they have started truly believing in their own canard after hearing it so long.

    If the mosque had intoruduced a possibility of unwestern elements in American lay of the land, so have the Mega church,700 Club,CUFI and positioning of the Republican mind by the Evangelic .
    In reality the later ,have it got already much ,corrupted ,damaged and beyond redemption. Founding Fathers didn’t want entanglement to foreign allegiance . But that is what exactly has infected American psyche .
    The morons from these organizations even openly say that Israeli interest enjoys superiority to Americans ,that America woud be destroyed if it did not support Israel. They flock to New York City downtown to remind Schumer that he should use his position to secure Israeli interest even when the question of American interests are involved and at jeopardy .

    How did America get there ? Not from the mosque . It is from the very Amerucan religious experiences ,but both imposed and foreign , and America never noticed it how it sneaked upon it.

    It was not war but the commerce that was in their manifesto of pursuit of happiness . It was commerce that influenced the decision of Teddy Roosevelt to wage war ,or US to occupy Hawai,go to Central America or force Japan open its closed door policy .
    But today we wage wars and wreck commercial interests . We wage wars against the advice of the business lobbies . It is quite an inversion and quite a bit of achievement .

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