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Hey, Red States: Ready for Secession Yet?
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When I wrote this, six full days after the 2022 midterm election, the situation was still undecided. The Senate is apparently in Democrat hands again, and the House was “leaning” Republican , although some 19 (!) races are still undetermined. [Editor’s note: The Democrats have indeed held the Senate, and the Republicans now have been assured of a very slim majority in the House.] But in any case, what we have witnessed here are multiple systemic failures at multiple levels. The simple fact that so many races have no results even now, over a week after the fact, is itself an indictment of “American democracy.” But the problems go much deeper than that. If it wasn’t already obvious, the system is broken beyond repair. The house is rotten. New siding or new paint won’t do it. Down it must come.

But before I get to that, let’s look at a few details of the results. Even a basic analysis at this point is helpful. Obviously the anticipated Red Wave never materialized, but there were still a few bright points. At the moment, according to the Cook Report, Republicans have earned 5 million more votes than Dems in House races (out of about 100 million cast). This gives them a 51.7% to 46.8% edge in terms of total votes—a significant margin. If this margin is reflected in the final tally, Reps will hold 225 House seats and Dems 210. We will see what comes.

Strangely enough, in the 2010 “Obama backlash” midterm, Republicans won by a very similar margin in terms of total votes (51.7% to 45.0%), and yet held 242 seats—a full 17 more than expected this time. This is an astonishing difference; clearly, new district maps have favored Democrats. They clearly have profited from the many redistricting initiatives out there.

Also, the current split in the House races is almost the exact mirror image of the last presidential election, where (officially, at least) Biden took 51.3% and Trump 46.9%. To me, that indeed counts as a ‘Red wave,’ even if it is something less than expected.

In terms of racial categories, as Kevin MacDonald emphasizes, Whites voted 58% Republican, whereas non-Whites went 68% Democrat. (Among non-Whites, Asians voted 58% Dem, Latinos 60% Dem, and Blacks a whopping 86% Dem). This is highly revealing. By significant majorities, Whites see Republicans as their party, and non-Whites see Democrats as theirs. Bottom line: When Democrats win, non-Whites win. And when Republicans win, Whites…well, they don’t win (we never really win these days), but at least White grievances can be heard.

And then a few other interesting statistics: Voters who had a least one gun in their household voted 66% for Republicans—unsurprising, and potentially good news down the road. And this was some 53 million voters! Second, a surprising (to me) 27% of voters said abortion was their #1 issue. (Really? With all the problems in the country and the world, with your economy a mess, a doddering senile president, and a planet facing potential nuclear war, abortion is #1?) These were largely incensed liberal women, and they voted 76% Dem. Third, 53% of voters said immigrants “help the nation” and just 39% said they “hurt the nation.” (Obviously, the relevant issue at the moment is illegal immigration, but cleverly, the question did not specify.)

What about election fraud? Was this election, too, “stolen”? I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020, but I remain open to the possibility. And there are already hints of problems now in 2022, but it remains to be seen if these amount to enough to account for the difference in outcomes. Also, as Tucker Carlson has pointed out, it is highly suspicious that, of the longest-delayed results, Democrats seem to win most of the time—the figure he cited was 77%. It’s almost like, “Keep counting until the Dem is ahead, and then stop.” Again, we’ll see where the longest-delayed and closest races shake out this time. But the example of the Senate is not encouraging. Of eight tight races there, Dems won four, Reps won three, and Georgia is in a runoff, almost certainly to go Democrat. That will give Dems five of eight (63%) close races in a national environment that was supposedly pro-Republican.

But my main takeaway from the current situation is this: Whether there was fraud or not, either way, the outcome is very bad. If there was sufficient fraud to tip the outcomes, then the system obviously has zero credibility and something approaching a revolution is immediately required. On the other hand, if all reported votes are legitimate, then that tells us that far too many people were willing to reward the current administration; that they are not terribly upset about record inflation caused, in part, by record federal spending; that they don’t mind funding wars in Europe; that they were not all that concerned with the Covid fiasco that allegedly killed over 1 million Americans and destroyed thousands of small businesses. (Republican candidates should have repeated over and over: “vaccine mandates,” “mask mandates,” “shutdowns,” “school closures,” “Anthony Fauci,” “Rochelle Walensky,” etc., etc. Remember those?) In short, either we have (1) a fraudulent democracy that is literally worthless, or (2) an electorate so bamboozled by the Jewish media machine—and Jewish porn, and Jewish legalized pot—that they can hardly think straight. Both alternatives are bad news indeed.

The bit of good news, again, is that a strong majority of Whites (58%) could see through the nonsense and propaganda. This is certainly cause for hope. But even at that, a Republican vote was really nothing more than “sending a message.” Even with a true Red Wave, even with a Republican House and Senate, virtually nothing was going to change anyway—partly because of Biden, but mostly because the same corrupting forces hold sway in both parties.

As we know, Jewish donors are dominant funders of both parties. One recent Jewish study admits that “Jews donate as much as 50 percent of the funds raised by Democrats and 25 percent of the funds raised by Republicans.” Other sources give higher estimates.[1]For Democrats, estimates include “as much as 60%” (Washington Post, 13 Mar 2003), “over 60%” (Jewish Power in America, R. Feingold, 2008, p. 4), “as much as 2/3” (JTA, 7 Jun 2011), “80% to 90%” (Passionate Attachment, Ball and Ball, 1992, p. 218). For Republicans: “nearly 60%” (Passionate Attachment), “over 60%” for Richard Nixon (Israel Lobby, Mearsheimer and Walt, 2007, p. 407). But even these figures are appalling. Think of it: Of the hundreds of lobbies and special interests out there, a quarter to a half or more of all campaign funds come from a single lobby: the Jewish Lobby. Guess who calls the shots. Politicians just don’t pass on that kind of money because, quite obviously, they understand that they can’t be elected by alienating Jewish money. The Democrats are totally and completely sold to the Jews, and the Republicans are only slightly less sold-out. No matter who won, the Jews win—and Whites lose.

That is the definition of a rigged system: a small, wealthy, corrupt minority wins out over a large majority of the people. Until that changes, nothing of substance will change. Even if Trump or DeSantis miraculously wins in 2024, nothing of substance will change. In fact, the Jews love nothing more than masses of people getting all worked up about “Democrats versus Republicans” or “Trump versus Biden” or “pro-life versus pro-choice” or “pro and con LGBT rights.” Such issues are wonderful distractions. They take everyone’s eyes off the ball—the Jewish ball—and put them on relatively trivial side issues. The main issue, and the only issue that really matters at this point, is: How will a given candidate address the Jewish dominance and Jewish corruption of our nation? At every town hall, at every candidate panel and forum, people should be hammering away at their candidates: What will you do to stop the Jewish Lobby? Virtually nothing else matters at this point. And how often did that question come up in the 2022 cycle? Case closed.

As it is, the situation is hopelessly corrupt. The system has completely failed. ‘Representative democracy’ is utterly discredited and worthless. ‘America’ as a functional nation is dead. The lowest and most pernicious criminals hold sway at the top, and the nation drowns in Democrat-voting Third-World immigrants at the bottom. Which party holds the Senate or House is irrelevant. With anything short of revolutionary action, the nation will sink ever further into the abyss: economic decline, rising crime, moral degradation at every turn—a wonderful future for your children and grandchildren.

The Only Option

Fortunately, we do have a revolutionary option: secession. As MacDonald and others are openly stating, secession is now perhaps our only viable alternative. For myself, I have been advocating such a thing for literally 30 years now; it was clear to me, long ago, that no nation as large and diverse as the USA could be rationally governed. And worse, that the size and complexity of modern America ensured that malevolent actors would inevitably gain the upper hand—as indeed they have. I argued this position long ago, and nothing since has made me alter my view. A breakup of the USA is the only option if we want accountable, responsible, and reasonably non-corrupt government.

In theory, almost any subgroup of people, of almost any size, has the right to secede from their existing forms of government. If there is any truly inherent human right, it is the right to self-government. Just as no one is born a slave, no one is born enslaved to their local nation-state. All people have the right to re-form and re-create their own government—even if it involves violent action.

Here, states are the obvious candidates for secession. Not only do they have well-defined boundaries, they (some of them, at least) have a long history of independence—in some cases, older than the US itself. In fact, secessionist movements exist now, and have existed, for a long time; if we can believe Wikipedia, there are at least 14 active organizations: 7 regional groups, 6 states, and Puerto Rico.

This is a good start, but it’s not enough. There is no reason why all 25 Red States (per the 2020 election) shouldn’t immediately create active secessionist parties. Red-Staters: you have no good alternatives. You will continue to lose. Trump won’t save you. “MAGA” won’t save you. You deserve better, and you can have better, but not within the current “America.” You need to go it alone—or with a few other like-minded states.

For practical reasons, the most viable movements will be in border states; it would be tough for landlocked Kansas, for example, to become an independent, self-governing country. There is a reason that, for centuries, nations have fought for access to oceans and waterways. Free access to trade routes is vital.

Of the 2020 Red States, 12 are border states (I am including Indiana and Ohio, which have access to the Great Lakes). Here’s a list of them, along with percent voting for Trump:

  • North Dakota (65.5% Trump in 2020)
  • Idaho (63.9%)
  • Alabama (62.2%)
  • Louisiana (58.5%)
  • Mississippi (57.6%)
  • Indiana (57.1%)
  • Montana (56.9%)
  • South Carolina (55.1%)
  • Ohio (53.5%)
  • Texas (52.1%)
  • Florida (51.2%)
  • North Carolina (50.1%)

Of these, only Texas has an active secessionist movement. We need all the others to get on board, immediately. (Unfortunately I do not reside in any of these states, but I would be happy to move, once a serious movement gets going.) And again, it need not be individual states. Consortia of states would be more powerful, obviously. One can envision the power of a unified block cutting right down the middle of the US, if the two Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas all got together to form a single union. It would be a dagger to the heart of the American Judeocracy.

This last point bears emphasis: Secession of one or a group of states has a huge, double benefit. It would bring true freedom and autonomy to the secessionists, and second, it would dramatically weaken the power of the Jewish Lobby to wreak havoc here and abroad. American Jews rely on the wealth, tax revenue, and labor of a nation of 330 million. This is where they draw their power. Secession directly impacts their power in a way that nothing else can. It would be like chopping off a finger or two from a professional athlete—devastating.

But could it really work? Would secessionists have a reasonable chance of success? We can already hear the scare-mongering reply: “Oh, that will never work! The army will come down on you in a flash. They’ll nuke your ass!” So wait—which army was that? Oh, right, our LGBTQ+, pregnant-women, trans-Army. Seriously—our military is so degraded, and our Congress sufficiently conflicted, that they would hardly be able to conduct a significant counterattack. There would be a lot of bluff and bluster, and nothing to show for it, especially if the secessionist states had their own “well-regulated militia” (remember that silly Constitution?). Recall those 53 million voters with at least one gun. That’s a lot of guns. All the militaries in the world, combined, can’t match that.

“But now you’re talking violence. No one will go for that.” Okay—except, every national struggle in history has involved some level of violence. You don’t get something for nothing in this world. If you’re happy to be a slave to the Judeocracy, then stay home. If you want to “live free or die,” then take action. So far, all action has taken place in the voting booth, and Republicans, and Whites, have been losing badly. That will only get worse in the future. The problem is that we are playing on the enemy’s turf. It’s “home field advantage” for the Jews and the leftist liberals when we rely on elections to solve our problems. That’s a losing strategy every time. Now is the time to turn the tables and play on our field: the battlefield. That’s where we win.

Never forget: This nation was born in ‘revolution’ and secession. It’s in our DNA. Now is the time to reawaken those inborn feelings, and act.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany. His latest work is the anthology Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850 to 1945. He has also recently published the definitive critique Unmasking Anne Frank, and a new edition of political cartoons, Pan-Judah! Volume Two. All these books are available at See also his personal website


[1] For Democrats, estimates include “as much as 60%” (Washington Post, 13 Mar 2003), “over 60%” (Jewish Power in America, R. Feingold, 2008, p. 4), “as much as 2/3” (JTA, 7 Jun 2011), “80% to 90%” (Passionate Attachment, Ball and Ball, 1992, p. 218). For Republicans: “nearly 60%” (Passionate Attachment), “over 60%” for Richard Nixon (Israel Lobby, Mearsheimer and Walt, 2007, p. 407).

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Red States don’t get to leave before we start repossessing land in them to carve out a Black Ethnostate and restorative penal taxation to pay for reparations. You can’t just cut and run and not pay your bill, whitey.

  2. The only people who want the US to continue are nostalgics and parasites. It’s time to end this mess and move on!

  3. fish says:
    @Atlanta Man

    Button won’t work…..AGREE!

  4. Secession is impossible. What is possible is a duocratic system.

    Two capitals, with one half belong to one country, the other half to the other country. They can live in the same country but as part of different countries.

  5. Gordo says:

    Secessation isn’t necessary, just stop obeying federal law, smile and go your own way, obedience to enemy law is stupid.

    • Thanks: omegabooks
  6. BaronAsh says:

    Great Article.
    I have been convinced ever since the 2020 coup that secession is the only positive viable way forward anyone who doesn’t want to live in a totalitarian dystopia. Which is many more than Whites, btw, probably most non-whites will buy in if more of an actual movement is developed.

    Unfortunately Mr. Controlled Opposition MAGA-Man Trump is going to distract everyong selling hopium that ‘we can take our country back’ by…. voting in rigged elections again!

    People need to wake up, realize the US is a post-constitutional State, that the Republic, alway on life support since the public execution of JFK, finally fell with the obvious election theft in 2020 and the false flag ‘Insurrection’ put together by Congress and the FBI in January 2021. That being the case, the Union is no more so seceeding from a busted arrangement is the only honest and effective way forward.

    Controversial. Not easy. But the best way forward, clearly. Instead of doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

  7. anarchyst says:

    On a small scale, a large tract of land could be obtained and a corporate charter filed that would effectively place the (whites-only) corporate holders (residents) out of reach of the purview of the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws and statutes.
    Orania exists within South Africa and is a white Afrikaan settlement that gives no quarter to blacks or others. The “civil-rights (for some)” laws that apply in South Africa do not apply to Orania.
    It can be done.
    Jews have already given us methods to use to make it happen. Look up Kiryas Joel, New York.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. Truth says:
    @Atlanta Man

    The only people who want the US to continue are nostalgics and parasites.

    …And 80% of Europe.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @nokangaroos
  9. @Supply and Demand

    Dream on.

    Blacks could work like slaves for 100 years and not pay for all the boons they’ve received from the White Man.

    Are you trying to say that in all your interaction with the White race over the last 150 years, that you blacks have been the losers? That you are somehow worse off than if you had been left to your own devices?

    • Agree: TKK
  10. meamjojo says:

    Once you’re in, you don’t get to pull out and leave.

    As to “So wait—which army was that?”

    Ukraine obviously. We have given them so much arms and training, they are essentially part of our global army now!

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  11. saggy says: • Website

    Strangely enough, in the 2010 “Obama backlash” midterm, Republicans won by a very similar margin in terms of total votes (51.7% to 45.0%), and yet held 242 seats—a full 17 more than expected this time.

  12. @Priss Factor

    “They can live in the same country but as part of different countries.”
    Not sure about the above. I think your idea needs to be fleshed out more.
    Is there physical separation of the 2 “countries” & their people’s ?

    • Replies: @mark green
  13. @BaronAsh

    “People need to wake up, realize the US is a post-constitutional State”
    Wake up ? Good god, that 27% of voters could rate abortion as THE # 1 issue is indicative of people who are either completely asleep or completely delusional.
    Naturally elites LOVE it when voters get hung up on marginal, essentially moral, issues.
    As most Unz readers know — the whole “woke” agenda is a distraction & divide & rule operation ( by the usual suspects).
    AND it’s working pretty well too.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Thor Walhovd
  14. @Supply and Demand

    So you want me, descended from Scots-Irish indentured servants (or, as Michael Hoffman calls them, white slaves—“They Were White and They Were Slaves” book), to pay you reparations?

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  15. Franz says:

    The American National Security State is a feature of corporations, not government. Biden works for bankers. So does the military. State governments are hives of corruption for the same reason. Along with most other countries. America is hopelessly myopic about all this.

    When the money power fails, disunion will be the logical result. Only bribery and blackmail keeps it all together now, and it’s global situation. It must also collapse globally.

    The “blue state — red state” divide just separates the honest thieves from the secretly corrupt.

    There will be nothing left soon enough.

  16. Karl1906 says:

    They’re all complicit in this election fraud. And in 2024 nobody of the Reps and msm will say a word when the cadaver in office stays for another 4 years. No matter how long it takes and how many ballots must be stolen to make sure of it. They all want it that way.

    This is clearly the twilight of the US empire and the end of its own brand of democracy. Going down and off the stage. Hopefully without a bang.

  17. IronForge says:


    Red States can’t pull it off.

    Zionists, Masons, Catholics, Hispanics, and Blacks are quite intertwined Cultures and Ideologies; and are the most enabling of the OpenBorders Migrant Immigration Policies.

    As I’ve mentioned several times – with the current trend in Demographics, Murica will be a Hispanic Majority Country in several Decades – Red State / Blue State Politics won’t matter much then.

    MEX President Obrador is calling for a Muricas SuperState Merger.

    These are actual trends. Best Wishes to them.

    The Only Groups that can possibly pull off an effective Secession would be Non-Masonic, Non-Zionist, Non-Catholic-Episcopalian “Whites and Asians” – willing to swap out into the Northwestern USA.

    It’s either Emigration, Secession, or Capitulation. One can most likely Emigrate if they couldn’t legally coordinate a Secession.

    Drop the Red State Secession; and consider Dropping the Masonic-Zionist-Catholic Murica that compromise Original_13+DC.

    Anything less will lead to failure and reabsorption.


    I’m relocating+emigrating because I’m from a prosperous Far East Country and would rather live and work Abroad in another capable Country outside of ZATOceania rather than staying in this Chaotic Cult Proselytizing, Negro Stalking (I’m also part Black; but my Descendants will certainly be less so), and Woked FlashMob Sh!+5h0w I’ve been subjected to since living here in Murica.

    No Offense – I’ve Business+Life Plans that aren’t congruent with Zionists-Masons, Catholics, Negroes, and Hispanics.

    I will probably learn Beijing Mandarin and possibly another Western Language along with my Descendants (I’m already raised fluent in 2, learned 2 more in school). Spanish won’t considered, since I won’t be living in ESP or the Western Hemisphere.

    Tall Fences make for Good Neighbors.

    • Replies: @anon
  18. @Supply and Demand

    Red States don’t get to leave before we start repossessing land in them to carve out a Black Ethnostate and restorative penal taxation to pay for reparations.

    You have an existential crisis with two paths ahead for all American citizens, either freedom on one hand or permanent universal enslavement in George Orwell’s 1984 where you’ll be eating bugs and maggots forever – and you’re still all tangled up in your adolescent historical grievances?

    Good luck with that.

    You can’t just cut and run and not pay your bill, whitey.

    … and while you’re haggling with “whitey” and tripping him up as much as you can, Klaus Schwab and creepy Bill will sneak up behind you and give you a big juicy mRNA injection (once a month, forever), a shiny new Digital ID, a big fat fistful of CBDC’s, and then you’ll own nothing and be happy – forever.

    And you’ll have all the bugs and maggots you can eat – at least, up to the limit of whatever rations are set for the useless eaters in the New World Order, and only so long as you obey every order to the letter – forever.

    Good luck with that.

    Maybe “whitey” cutting and running wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

  19. @animalogic

    “They can live in the same country but as part of different countries.”
    Not sure about the above. I think your idea needs to be fleshed out more.
    Is there physical separation of the 2 “countries” & their people’s ?

    I suspect that Priss made a typo (or he simply didn’t proof-read his remark). Perhaps he meant something along the lines of reestablishing a nation where each individual state could regain its separate, distinct, and semi-sovereign place under a smaller (and weaker) federal umbrella. The US could therefore be preserved–but substantially reformed. Nice idea.

    This vision is very Jeffersonian and it entirely consistent with many views and values espoused in the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, as well as the Constitutional Convention. Our modern goal would be for federal powers to be reduced and reformed. To the Left however such a vision would be treated as a declaration of WAR.

    Thus, actual secession might not be feasible since the reigning regime in Washington is not only dominated by Democrats, but by a multitude of righteous minions who will cite Emperor Lincoln’s glorious war that ‘preserved the union’, ended slavery and helped put an end to (white) racism, blah blah blah. I can already hear them shrieking.

    The Left will fight us tooth and nail. Even public assemblies will be attacked. Remember Charlottesville?

    Indeed, Whites in America have never been at a greater disadvantage than now.

    Our children (and countless adults) have been brainwashed by TV, ‘entertainment’, and formal education. And it’s not letting up. Even the Courts are against us.

    Whites are a declining, resented (and often hated) semi-minority–even by members of their own community! So I’m with those who would rather concentrate on restoring ‘State’s Rights’ rather than starting a bloody, uphill, long-shot secessionist movement which could easily fail.

    But if the revolution comes, I will do my part. Freedom! Liberty!

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Thanks: 1jonny, Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  20. @Atlanta Man

    The only people who want the US to continue are nostalgics and parasites.

    This is probably true – the USA as most of the world was brainwashed to see it no longer exists (if it ever did). Whatever is now standing in its place has been so thoroughly hijacked by genocidal psycopaths and creepy misfits that it’s hard to even make the connection.

    HOWEVER, the nostalgia remains relevant IMO, if only for the hope that the American people will eventually rise up and bring that elusive dream of genuine freedom and sovereignty into reality.

    The world still needs a hero, even if it is a little far-fetched in the current circumstances.

    Maybe Russia will be the Knight in Shining Armor. If so, it’s sure taking a while to unfold.

    • Replies: @Kumbaresu
  21. @Supply and Demand

    Negros have had much more than your fair share of reparations in the form of welfare. In fact, you’ve gotten too much and now owe us a refund, especially taking into account the exorbitant cost of incarcerating you for your animalistic crimes. As for your ethnostate, somewhere around the Congo is where you belongo.

    • Replies: @TKK
  22. JR Foley says:

    Has it ever occurred to anyone to unite with Canada —CanUSA or USACan —-and the pot will be either half full or half empty !!

    • Replies: @Celt Darnell
    , @werpor
  23. @Priss Factor

    How do you figure? Do you think liberals would agree to your plan? And if not, then what’s the advantage? A better plan would be, “This time for real”.

  24. Interesting article, but ultimately a laughable thesis… it’s literally insane to actually believe that a much needed secession could actually happen unless there is a massive crisis to allow that to happen, e.g, monetary crisis etc

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  25. Anonymous[361] • Disclaimer says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Balance of forces:

    Black coalition gets what it controls through population: the urban areas in the Northeast and the West Coast South of Oregon and North of San Diego. Nobody knows how to conduct Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) except as a meat grinder. That is one of the reasons that the Russian Federation (RF) is making urban areas in Ukraine uninhabitable now that RF has declared war (as opposed to RF’s Limited Military Operation attempt) under RF’s reaction to terrorism protocol.

    The rest of the US is White coalition and stays White coalition.

    That pays the bill — the more so as Black coalition has made the urban areas it gets worthless. There will be no money to support the urban areas mentioned above after current Democratic policies, internationally and domestically, play out. We will most likely see European attempts at independence from the US sometime this quarter, by 2022/12/01. We have already seen NATO contradict the US assertion that a Russian missile destroyed a grain silo and killed two people in Poland. For that matter, we have already seen Texas declare its independence from the US Federal government in use of armed force (including gunboats) in matters related to immigration control.

    So: rest assured, your dreams will be realized.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Wala
  26. Trillions on war mongering, the military ‘heros’ all know where their bread is buttered. No succession, no nothing. More war, more empty flatulent rhetoric by pollies, and more promises of “democracy” and other US empire propaganda

  27. So after succession or revolution or coup, bloody or peaceful, with many people losing their entire net worth in tax, theft and monetary manipulations… we can finally wake up in our own ethnostate to follow the pronouncements of our glorious leader, President Daniel Crenshaw.

    All the great ideas and plans are more likely to be hijacked by political opportunists than benevolent, competent leaders.

    The best probable outcome would be the collapse of the dollar and federal government with Samsung or China stepping in to replace the American bureaucracy with an efficient corporate management system.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. Anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey red states, ready to get your head blown off? Never fails to astound me how the political right just can’t stop cris-crossing from one hair-brained political kamikaze mission to the next. How about just beat your daughters like you should have been doing for decades? It all goes back to the first generation of boomer females that didn’t get their asses beat when they were teens. Woman beaters create good times, unbeaten women create hard times, hard times create woman beaters. Catchy jingle, isn’t it?

  29. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    I think any red state secession movement in the Mountain West requires several conservative counties in Oregon to also breakaway so there is corridor to the Pacific Ocean. In another article could you spell out what the map would look like in your opinion of the most successful possible secession scenario? A new country that could last and stay true for 100 years and beyond.

    • Replies: @Anon
  30. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    How come secession is impossible? One of the most difficult points is the nuclear weapons. However, the new country could host foreign bases.

  31. Miro23 says:

    An alternative would be to keep the US as a single nation but devolve a lot more power to individual states. Some states are already larger than independent European countries.

    IOW the US would convert into a North American Confederation along Swiss lines with states mostly governing themselves and raising and spending their own taxes. The President would convert into a figurehead (6 month rotation as in Switzerland).

  32. @Truth

    Nobody cares about Europe.

    • Replies: @Truth
  33. What a ridiculous idea. Many of the states listed have large black populations, and the author says blacks vote as a bloc 89% for Democrats. And what about the blue cities in red states? Will those people still be allowed to vote? And who gets Ft. Hood in Texas and all the many other military bases and military weapons fully funded by D.C.?

    And what happens to Social Security and Medicare, all controlled by D.C.? Do we simply lose our trillions invested in these programs? Because I guarantee D.C. won’t voluntarily relinquish these funds.

    100,000,000 Americans would have to move, to ensure a continuing conservatism in the red states, given the higher birth rates among Mexicans and blacks. And even then what’s to stop jews from insinuating their culture and their corrupt values back into New America? Think it won’t happen? Ask Walt Disney.

    I’d hold out hope for Hitler Unicorn showing up and cleaning house before I’d believe any possibility of secession.

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @Thrallman
    , @anonymous
  34. @Supply and Demand

    We’ll do whatever we please and couldn’t care less what africans in america want, boy.

  35. @Priss Factor

    “secession is impossible”…

    That’s what the british thought about the colonies.

    • Replies: @Celt Darnell
  36. At this point, the federal government is in breach of contract anyway, so their authority is invalid.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  37. Bro43rd says:

    The nation state is a failed system, why continue to pursue it? Voluntarism is potentially a system to try. But to allow any vestige of the current power structure to remain would be spinning our wheels in the mud, it only makes the rut deeper & harder to get out of. I’m all for Secession, secession of 355 +million sovereign individuals, no 8 billion sovereign individuals. F**k any system whereby I give up my sovereignty to someone else, by election or other ways except voluntarily.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  38. Tucker says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Blacks are going to soon be facing a huge problem, once the collapse and breakup of this crap hole of a once great and 90% White majority nation happens.

    Reparations or extermination. Which will they prefer?

    You see the reality of this never ending hostility between Whites and blacks can be easily boiled down to the fact that Whites do not need blacks and will be far better off without them. On the other hand, blacks need Whites and Whitey’s money and Whitey’s ability to create and maintain 1st world living standards and all of the technology, science, innovations, medical talent, and skills at maintaining a civilized social order that comes with those 1st world standards – which are things that blacks have never, at any time or place, in world history been able to duplicate. Well, unless one has an IQ low enough to believe the comical B.S. that was depicted in the Black Panther movie about Wakanda.

    By the way, one of my favorite podcasters is a guy who has a bitchute channel called ‘Blackpilled’, and he is also on Odysee. Anyway, the host of Blackpilled is Devon Stack and not long ago, he did a podcast titled “The Potato Hurricane”, where he went back and did a great review and revisit of the fiasco that happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I highly recommend that everyone look for that podcast and give it a careful listen, because it is a fantastic learning experience for Whites who are still not racially red pilled on the violent and barbaric nature of blacks whenever there is a temporary break down of societal order and rule without law sort of chaos becomes the norm. This is a preview of what will be coming to the entire continent of North America in the very near future. Stack does a masterful job of retelling the story of New Orleans and the horrors that occurred inside the Superdome.

    And, the Communist Democrats know this and that is why they are so obsessed with disarming law abiding White Americans. They hate us and want us to have no effective means of defending ourselves and our families from the predators of color (POCs) that the jews intend to unleash upon our communities.

    One final comment. After the Katrina disaster, which happened in August 2005, and which showed White Americans visual proof of the kind of behavior that blacks automatically resort to whenever there is a temporary break down in societal order – did this help to snap millions of Whites out of their jewish media brainwashing on the topic of race? Did Whites absorb any important lessons, while watching endless videos of blacks looting liquor and sneaker stores and Walmarts? Did Whites take note of how black gangs were firing their weapons at Fema Helicopters who were performing rescue operations for people stranded in their neighborhoods? Did the horror stories that were being reported about the goings-on inside the Superdome trigger any racial awakening among Whites?

    I think the answer to my questions can be revealed by the fact that, 4 years later, millions of dumb-as-hell Whites voted to put a half black guy into the White House in 2009 and then voted to reelect him for a second term.

  39. @omegabooks

    It’s not a question of want. You’re just racking up interest on an unpaid bill, as far as I’m concerned.

    We just hired plenty of new IRS agents, too… Thanks Joe!

    • Replies: @Ghost of Dixon
  40. 1jonny says:
    @Supply and Demand

    I’m for a black ethno-state, not necessarily by carving it from red states though. Why say that except to express hostility? There’s much more geography altogether in all the states that are less likely to want to secede.

    • Replies: @1jonny
    , @Hulkamania
  41. Until US Politics focuses on Trust Busting – ie Black Rock, KKR, Vanguard, Goldman SIVs, Bain Capital, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Bezos, Zuckerberg, etc etc…………and socialising Obscene Wealth Concentrations to re-balance the Political and Social Structure there is no way to restore accountability

    MONEY is too concentrated for any democratic accountability and the “republic” is nothing more than an Oligarchy turning into Aristocratic Feudalism

  42. @Tucker

    You see the reality of this never ending hostility between Whites and blacks can be easily boiled down to the fact that Whites do not need blacks and will be far better off without them.

    FWIW, it seems to me that if there is a “neverending hostility” between “Whites and blacks” (your capitalisation, BTW), then that’s mainly a one-way thing promoted by people like Mr. “Supply and Demand”.

    Also seems to me that characters like Mr. “Supply and Demand” get a kick out of baiting hostile responses.

    Devon Stack … did a podcast titled “The Potato Hurricane”, where he went back and did a great review and revisit of the fiasco that happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

    I remember New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. FWIW, what media coverage was available at the time in Australia generally portrayed FEMA as a total cock-up which left the common folk to their own devices while the Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice went on a high-class shopping trip in Manhattan and US President George Dubya made no effort to visit the disaster region or rally support. We even got reports of blacks being quarantined and cut off in the “bad” parts of New Orleans by the National Guard.

    All very much portraying the disaster as the USA showing its nasty racist underbelly to the world.

    I’ll take your advice and seek out “The Potato Hurricane” – just to get another perspective.

    Meanwhile, much more recently, the Antifa riots across the USA and the cascading breakdown of law and order in certain US states have been much more accessible and visible to the world with the evolution of Internet media channels since Hurricane Katrina all those years ago.

    Looks like certain elements of American society have a cultural problem which (Heavens to Betsy!) just might be linked to their racial profile. Aside from how that developed in the first place, how is anyone going to resolve it?

    Incidentally, that’s similar to the everpresent tribal undercurrents which periodically emerge as open conflict in Europe. Maybe the USA should just disintegrate into a cluster of tribal nations, each relatively stable within its own borders despite seething hatred for their neighbors. Or maybe get a dictator like Saddam Hussein who rules with an iron fist to keep everyone in order. Either way might be better than the present unstable trajectory – or not.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Adam O'Donnell
  43. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    No doubt Jews would then, of course, become ‘triple’ citizens lol.

  44. Y’know, secession was the world heavyweight champion of bad ideas back in 1860, benefited no one but the bankers and businessmen in London and Paris who lured their southern trading partners into starting a war they couldn’t possibly win, so they could end the rising global influence of the United States’ successful democracy.

    No one but the politically impotent lunatic fringe threatened slavery in 1860. The GOP platform specifically promised continued federal noninterference in those states where it was legal. The overwhelming majority of Americans demanded that slavery (and free blacks) be banned from the new territories. They insisted these lands be kept open free white family homesteading – and forty percent of southern voters agreed in the 1860 election. Southern fake news outlets churned out the absurd lie that the pragmatic, moderate midwestern politician Lincoln was a radical New England Yankee abolitionist. That myth endures in some quarters to this day and is just as foolish as the nonstop stream of hysterical exaggerations that characterizes the extremist, antidemocratic so-called conservative media in our own time.

    • Replies: @Jim H
    , @Celt Darnell
  45. bj0311 says:

    I live in Kansas and when I look at the map from the Secretary of State for the governor’s race only 7 out of 105 counties were blue yet because those seven are the major urban/university areas the demoncrats won the race. Disenfranchise voters in large cities from state and national elections, make them some type of city state and leave the rest of us the hell alone. That is the only solution I see since Americans are far too comfortable to use all those firearms they possess. Molon labe my ass, they will take them when they are ready and you will meekly hand them over. I am old now but in good shape and I am ready to fight, but I won’t stand alone—not for this country.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  46. onebornfree says: • Website

    TD: “Never forget: This nation was born in ‘revolution’ and secession.”

    “We’ve got to start us a new revolution
    And get back to the old constitution
    We’ve got to stand up and fight for the whole Bill of Rights
    Its time to start over again”

    “If Jefferson was alive here today
    He’d be locked up in prison, wasting away,
    If Jefferson was alive here today,
    He’d be locked up for life in Guantanamo Bay”

    From my song: “New Revolution”:

    Regards, onebornfree

  47. A federation of Counties across State lines. Referenda will fail in whole States with big blue cities. Unite the sea of red on the electorial map. Talk to your elected County Sheriff. Let the Communists have DC and the shithole cities. If they want food, water, energy or surface transportation they will have to deal with us. DC cannot occupy the lower 48. They couldn’t even occupy Afghanistan.

    Secession is a loaded word and is too specific. I prefer separation. There are degrees of separation. Consider. Possession of marijuana is illegal in the United States but it is legal in Colorado.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  48. Anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    With a fertility rate of 1.5 and a median age of 25? Forget it. You’re toast, little guppy.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  49. anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m also part Black; but my Descendants will certainly be less so

    Anyone with slightly curly hair is considered a foreigner in any East Asian country. You’re still a nigger, and you owe the American military a debt or gratitude for your existence and success with (probably very ugly, from the Asian-marrying mulattoes I’ve met) Asian women. The older I get the more I see the sense in the one drop rule. In reality blacks are subsidized in this country. A black man who can’t feed a family of four will have an even harder time in Asia. You aren’t really from there if you have foreign blood and everyone knows it except you.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Troll: IronForge
    • Replies: @IronForge
  50. @Supply and Demand

    Blacks and white liberals whose focus is first about giving stuff to blackey can never allow themselves to see that nothing done for blacks – not The Emancipation Proclamation, not the MLK led ‘civil rights’ movement, ‘ not Affirmative Action, etc. – was done primarily for blacks. It was done by and for Yankee white elites. Blackey is just a set of very violent, and at the same time very pitiful, tools and weapons that elite Yankee uses to wage culture war against all other whites.

    Marcus Garvey was destroyed for that very reason: he wanted to lead blacks to freedom from being the half rabid lap dog/half pit bull weapon for elite Yankees (better denominated as Anglo-Zionist elites) to use to batter all of white Middle America. The elites require the Numinous Victim Negro in order to divide and conquer, and then to pilfer the entire nation. Blacks as a group are stupid enough, and envious, covetous, and vain enough, never to catch on to how they are being used.

    What all that means is that any new Marcus Garvey who tries to get anything approximating a ‘black ethnographic-state’ is going to have Anglo-Zionist Liberal Hell unleashed on him. The elite Liberal requires an excess of blackey in order to keep waging his culture war against white Middle America. Weapons and tools simply cannot become free of their owner.

    A few blacks, like Candace Owens, now seem to grasp at least much of that, and so are working to try to open more than a few black eyes.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  51. @Tucker

    When the DC con game is broke and can no longe bribe blackey to behave enough to allow the Anglo-Zionist elites to further destroy the country for profit, most blacks will be revealed as American versions of raging Hutus, on the streets trying to slaughter as many non-blacks as they can.

  52. If it wasn’t already obvious, the system is broken beyond repair. The house is rotten. New siding or new paint won’t do it. Down it must come.

    If you ask the right people, the system is working just fine.

    Obviously the anticipated Red Wave never materialized,

    Oh, it materialised … but it was swamped by post election finds of “uncounted ballots,” as is too often the case.

    I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020…

    Really? Were you not paying attention? The single fact that observers in Fulton county were kicked out of the room and windows were blocked is exhibit one of perhaps several hundred that 2020 was chock full of shenanigans.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  53. anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    As far as I can tell the covid shots + corona were an effort to roll back the browning of America through direct action. We won’t be sure how many excess deaths are caused for a few years yet. Also, if there is a major war with Russia, a draft + war in Finland or getting the northeastern corridor bombed out would significantly change the demographic mix of this country.

    If only the Soviet Union had two communist parties that disagreed about abortion!

    Abortion is a very important issue to American women because they are mostly shameless sluts. You can’t get that three digit body count without easy access to abortion. The amount of surprise registered in the comments makes me think Unz is read by a lot of incels who have a rose-colored view of what women are really like.

  54. Mike Tre says:

    We ain’t voting our way out of this, boyo

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  55. @Atlanta Man

    This quote from the article sums nicely why it is hyper naive to assume that the ‘democratic system’ can be used to save us: “As we know, Jewish donors are dominant funders of both parties. One recent Jewish study admits that “Jews donate as much as 50 percent of the funds raised by Democrats and 25 percent of the funds raised by Republicans.” Other sources give higher estimates.[1]”

    Ideas Have Consequences. English Puritanism was a Judaiuzing heresy, and Saxon Puritanism won its Civil War and gained total control of the nation. Being a Judaizing heresy it was a given that Saxon Puritans with real political power would conclude that actual doctrines and dogmas get in the way of money-making, so the elites of the new order decided to bring back a monarchy, a fake one controlled in every way by the ‘Deep State.’ And by then, the Anglo-Saxon Deep State had made with Jewish financiers on the Continent.

    All Modern Anglo-Saxon government and culture, anywhere in the world, is Judaizing.

  56. 1jonny says:
    @Priss Factor

    That doesn’t seem that possible, to me, but an insanely complicated mess. Actually, secession seems more possible than ever before, but still mighty unlikely. We’d really have to get off the schneid to get that done. Our serious competition is skilled at maneuvering and controls WAY more resources.

  57. @Miro23

    Perhaps the original Articles of Confederation were ahead of their time?

    • Replies: @Miro23
  58. Rich says:
    @Supply and Demand

    When do you guys pay the back rent for that free housing you had for all those slave years. And let’s not forget the food and clothing bill. And what about that scenic cruise across the Atlantic? People pay a fortune for that. Then we’ll get to all the money you owe to the descendants of Union Army soldiers who fought a bloody war that set you free. Nat Turner didn’t set anyone free, he just killed women and children. It was White soldiers who set you free. They deserve a little something, no? How about a freaking thank you, at least?

    • Agree: MarLuc7
  59. Baby J says:

    Elections are a mystery in this country similar to tv and advertising when it comes to catering towards and overrepresenting minority groups.
    The black population is a mere 13 percent and of that many are ineligible or will not take the time to vote? Many are ineligible due to felony records or would just rather be practicing their rap rendition or getting the next fix instead of taking the initiative to go and vote. Barring cities where they are a large percentage of the population, with regard to state and national races the black turnout would practically have to be off the charts or statistically impossible for any democrat to win.

  60. Nat X says:

    The only secession thats going to happen is when the mighty dindoo army secedes yts head from they body come the day of the rope.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  61. Anonymous[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Two errors:

    “2022/12/01” for European rebellion should have been “2022/12/31”, end of month rather than start.

    Los Angeles is administratively controlled by Black coalition, but does not have a dominant Black coalition (which has been banished to the Eastern part of LA by the Hispanic coalition). Whether the Black coalition would get Los Angeles is a toss-up.

  62. Dystopian says:

    “I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020”

    I could start with the fact that a cadaver received 81 million votes and move on to the statistical improbabilities, ballots cast by ineligible voters, videos of ballots mules, videos of worker counting the same ballots several times, semi trucks full of ballots from New York being shipped to Pennsylvania, along with thousands of sworn affidavits from witnesses to the fraud. this run on sentence is a tiny fraction of the evidence you apparently haven’t seen. You are either woefully ignorant or complicit in the fraud.

    • Agree: MarLuc7, Thor Walhovd
  63. Miro23 says:
    @Another Canadian

    And Canadian provinces could join the North American Confederation. It’s the same geographic area, they speak the same language and they’ve got the same intractable central government problems. It would remove the US/ Canada border but that doesn’t seem such a big deal.

  64. Anonymous[361] • Disclaimer says:

    Curious that Kiryas Joel is reported to be the poorest place in the United States, BUT

    A 2011 New York Times report noted that, despite the town’s very high statistical poverty rates, “It has no slums or homeless people. No one who lives there is shabbily dressed or has to go hungry. Crime is virtually non-existent.”

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  65. Zumbuddi says:
    @mark green

    Our children (and countless adults) have been brainwashed by [1] TV, [2] ‘entertainment’, and [3] formal education. And it’s not letting up. Even the Courts are against us.

    Yes, but add [4] Churches/preachers

    recent blog comment:

    “State propaganda and opposition propaganda often flows through churchy organizations. Reasons – people listen to their ministers. Lunatic fringe religious publications are worth watching to see what’s up. You need a sense of humor though. The deeply anti-Semitic right wing mailings often come in holy roller religious wrappings and contain fascinating inserts.”

    The same commenter followed up with criticism of Eustace Mullins as “anti-semitic,” including in his comment references to “Ezra Pound . . . and Unz Review,” prompting the reply:

    there IS a REAL and GENUINE recalibration of Christianity going on – the FAKers always swarm when there is something REAL afoot… so many honest and grassroots paradigm shifts are hijacked by the FAKers.”

  66. Montana and Wyoming and Idaho should form their own country and withdraw from the communist/zionist controlled ZUS. The best thing would be the Balkinization of the ZUS and then the zionists would not be able to terrorist the world using the ZUS military with their over 700 bases around the world, this would be a win, win for freedom if this was stopped.

  67. Let’s be honest. It is separation from the ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Rev. 2:9, 3:9) that you seek. It parades around now as anti-Christ political Zionism in the pseudo-state of ‘Israel’ where how many of these ‘red states’ in the U.S. have loyalty oaths to not BDS anti-Christ Judaism…

    Trumpstein (Make Israel First Again) moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is merely another anti-Christ politician shithole taking advantage of American/Christian heresy and ignorance. It is not that Sheldon Adelson gave him a giant shitload of casino moolah, but that Trumpstein reasoned that Christians are too stupid to know heresy and eschatological poison when it is consuming them.

    DeSantistein (the Governor of Israel), Bidenstein, Pencestein etc etc are all beholden to Tel Aviv shittyworld.

    Now… which of these drunk on anti-Christ political Zionism slobs do you want to continue to drive the nation over the cliff?

    • Agree: OldWhiteMan
  68. Jim H says:

    ‘Southern fake news outlets churned out the absurd lie that the pragmatic, moderate midwestern politician Lincoln was a radical New England Yankee abolitionist.’ — Observator

    Then ‘moderate’ Lincoln went and killed more than half a million Americans to ‘preserve the union.’

    Who coulda node?

    By those degraded standards, ‘pragmatic’ Uncle Joe Stalin wasn’t all that bad either.

  69. MarLuc7 says:

    Imagine if you found a way not to pay Federal Taxes.

    Move to a state that has no sales tax and find a way to pay little to no Federal Taxes. Now you reap all the benefits of American society without paying a dime to these damn crooks.

    After much thought, this is the solution that came to my mind. My anger comes from me knowing that I paid 30% of my income to the Jewish IRS for my entire life. My anger comes from watching everyone in Washington DC frolic and party and buy suits and cigars and chase pussy—–while I am working like a dog to fund their party. I give these fucks 30% of my life’s work. And if I don’t they send me threatening letters detailing my impending prison term and loss of all personal assets???????

    Imagine learning how to live in this country and pay zero taxes. Would the anger still be there?

    Imagine an underground economy subverting the US Dollar, Jewish Banks, Fractional Lending, and Jewish Usery. Some type of crypto perhaps. Some type of barter system.

  70. Fred777 says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Agree with your post but DC didn’t fund squat. The money was taken from taxpayers or borrowed, then sent back out after DC takes it cut.

  71. HT says:
    @Supply and Demand

    After taking a full accounting, blacks actually owe Whites 30 trillion dollars for all the welfare handouts and damage done to American cities with crime and other dysfunctions related to blacks.

  72. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:
    @Parnell Heb

    LMFAO… China? The country that is collapsing from mismanagement? Samsung can’t even beat Apple, why not let Apple take over? Cos you’d be getting choked like a b!tch huh.

  73. Kumbaresu says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    HOWEVER, the nostalgia remains relevant IMO, if only for the hope that the American people will eventually rise up and bring that elusive dream of genuine freedom and sovereignty into reality.
    The world still needs a hero, even if it is a little far-fetched in the current circumstances.
    Maybe Russia will be the Knight in Shining Armor. If so, it’s sure taking a while to unfold.

    Sorry, this is not going to happen. In the US 267 million people took the toxic jab just because they were told it was a good idea. These people don’t care about freedom and they will never rise, as they are comfortable with slavery. Putin is a WEF stooge, so don’t expect him to help you with anything. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand that he is phony, but unlike Zelensky he was installed 23 years ago by the same cabal and had a chance to convince people around the world that he stand for something. Nothing can be further from the truth. Read this, it might help.
    Please, don’t judge this article by the cicero reputation. The facts are more important than the messenger.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  74. geokat62 says:

    Finally, an author is having the conversation we needed to have decades ago… better late than never, I suppose.

    My hope going forward is we have more UNZ authors build on this conversation, rather than detract/distract from it.

    White identity/white unity NOW!

  75. Treg says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Reparations has been paid by whitey in at least 3 ways, if not 4.

    The 4th being the Civil War itself and whitey freeing black slaves from the jewy controlled triangle slave trade in the first place. Who own and leased the “Dutch” slave slips? The tulip loving whitey Dutch people or the Shepardic Jews who where kicked out of Spain and went to the Netherlands to live among the Dutch people and took up “dutch” shipping trade? It was Cohen & Associates Slave Auction houses in the South and it was Giant Jewish owned Southern plantations that got crushed by Christian whitey that ended that barbaric practice.

    The 3rd Reparations being the actions of president Teddy Roosevelt himself. From the end of slavery in 1865 to 1895, freedom itself was not enough. Freed black slaves demanded their own land, their own country and many demands to return to Africa. So by 1900s and with 20 million pieces of silver and a whole garrison of navy men and ships, Teddy Roosevelt had bought a piece of Africa and called this new territory Liberia. It was a gift to all freed slaves and their decendants. The British did the same and bought a new territory Sierra Leone, just North of Liberia. Marcus Garvey’s own company of transcontinental steam ships repatriated over 25,000 Africa Americans to live in Africa. The British did the same, paying for the repatriation of former British slaves. Companies were encouraged financially to go there to provide jobs. Rubber plants from Indonesia were brought in to make Rubber and large Firestone tire making factories were built. Other businesses come to and Freetown was born of former slaves as Reparations. Teddy Roosevelt made sure that anyone who wanted to go could go. Their transcontinental steam ship ticket was paid for by the American people. Monies for housing and schools were paid for. Sierra Leone and Liberia are there for any black decendant of slaves who wants to have land and a country all their own. Teddy Roosevelt famously said to all Americans who stayed “We are all Americans Now”. That’s Reparations #2.

    Reparations #3 may strike us today in 2022 as strange or backwards, but it was not believed to be strange or backwards in 1900s. For at that time people were as divided into their own ethic groups as ever. The poles lived her, the Italians lived over there, the Jews lived here, the Irish lived over there next to the Sweds and the Hispanics over there. It might seem strange to us in 2000s, but these ethnic Barrios were seen as a protective strength for the people living in them. It helped them build their own businesses and professions and colleges.

    One ethnic businesses found it hard to do business inside other ethnic Barrios. It was tough competition and was dangerous in many ways. While you could try and go inside these ethnic enclaves, you did so at great risk.

    So Reparations #3 set out to help the dispursed and disenfranchised free black Americans. Jim crow laws and general practices and customs set up to PROTECT black people from outside ethnic group competition. From setting up and funding black colleges, schools, and businesses, the Reparations sought here was to build up the “black community”. Black owned business could depend on black customers.

    All kinds of trades were learned and taught inside these protected Jim Crow areas. From farms to housing to radio repair shops and everything else, all of it was black owned. No Italian business or English business or Jewish businessman could enter and out sell the black businesses inside this protected blacks only area.

    But then came the 1950s. Many young blacks, looked around and rather than seeing Jim Crow as protective to both blacks and outside white groups, saw it as restrictive, as holding him back. Rather than seeing Jim Crow as racial help and racial protection, his black ass saw it as racial restrictions. He was convinced and converted many to his way of seeing things. Free the black customer! Allow them to shop at the Jewish stores and enjoy Italian pizza and go to the finest wasp colleges! But what about black businesses, colleges, and housing neighborhoods? Won’t they get crushed with stronger competition? The young black bucks (having listened to some little Jewish handlers- shout-out to Ye) said, “Why its Racism! Jim Crow is racism! Look, these neighborhoods are unequal and unequal is NOT FAIR!” ….

    By 1960s Jim Crow was on its way out. People everywhere, especially the young, were ignoring its restrictions. This brought in Reparations #2, the Civil Rights act of 1964. And just like that, Jim Crow protections went away and Affirmative Action came in. More monies were paid, benefits given to help black Americans and so on for 50 years now. From housingvto food to jobs to education, blacks have been Affirmatively helped.

    Reparations #1 today is the demand for just money handouts and a total demonizing of whitey ( thanks to Jewish handlers up and down ). And very soon it will be complete. Yeah! Reparations paid! Well not quite. You see thanks to the very jewy Jewish Frankfurt school of critical theory, racial relations can never be equal, but we must forever be trying. Which means blacky will be hating the on ethnic group responsible for ending slavery in the first place. Talk about doing one good deed…

  76. @JR Foley

    Canada is San Francisco on steroids. Or, as Chateau Heartiste put it: “Canada is pathologically gay.”

    No hope for Red Staters there, unfortunately.

  77. Legba says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Then I will stay here and not pay my bill, nigger

  78. @Observator

    British and French bankers were responsible for southern secession in 1860? Really? Tell me more.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  79. Agent76 says:

    No, because that will get you invaded and shot by the Pentagon! This is peaceful state Nullification in actions on today. Choose wisely!

    Jun 1, 2022 Embracing the Tyranny the Founders Rejected

    The founders and old revolutionaries fought a long, bloody war to free themselves from an arbitrary and tyrannical government based on a “living, breathing” constitution, only to see the people eventually embrace the very system they struggled to throw off.

    April 20, 2022 Where Is Marijuana Legal? A Guide to Marijuana

    Legalization Recreational marijuana is legal in 18 states, Washington, D.C., and Guam.

  80. @Anon

    How about just beat your daughters like you should have been doing for decades?

    Andrew? Is that you?

  81. @P. Cleburne

    True, but the European powers, France and Spain among others, entered the war on the rebels’ side and changed the equation. And the British still came damned close to winning.

    By contrast, no European power entered the war on the side of the Confederacy and look what happened.

    More recently, the Tamils failed in their bid for independence from Sri Lanka.

    I get the secessionist impulse, but those arguing the case for it need to do more than simply evoke the spirit of 1776…

    • Replies: @anonymous
  82. Great article, right up to the point where your rabid anti-Semitism showed up. Jews had nothing to do with the fact the nation is veering to the left one final and fatal time. I understand why this site is banned on most forums. Your right to say it, but no obligation on anyone else to support it.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  83. By significant majorities, Whites see Republicans as their party, and non-Whites see Democrats as theirs.

    I think that, more significantly, non-Whites see Republicans as the party of Whites.

    This is what they care about. It is Them against Us.

    This is why they will vote Democrat, no matter how stupid and banal and destructive their policies.

    Also, I wouldn’t consider 58% to a “strong majority”.

  84. @Gordo

    Then you can go quietly to jail for failing to pay your taxes.

  85. Wokechoke says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Black people really are a problem. There’s nothing complicated about it. They are used as a wedge by more sophisticated jews and treasonous whites.

  86. Anonymous[302] • Disclaimer says:
    @Supply and Demand

    And are the negros willing to pay for feeding, housing, health care and edumacation to whites?

  87. There will be a secession. This is certain.

    How could this be certain?

    It will not be from the deductions of any man, but from the ironclad modus operandi of the God who created the heaven and the earth.

    First of all, realize that he is in full control of American’s destiny. For example he saw to two, prior secessions of our Union after it forsook his biblical gospel promise for unbelief and immorality; and so he will do it again since American has fallen away once again.

    To this end, the Almighty will orchestrate the acts of men in order to bring about his desired result. This result will be to punish our land, not by fire and brimstone, but by a bloody and devastating internal war once again.

    Where would men get the political will to secede, when currently there is not enough? Heaven will bring this about by arranging the introduction of a financial matter (confer the Tea tax; slave property – Toombs’ Senate speech of 1861) which will inflame enough hearts; which matter also will give birth to a new political party (confer the Whigs’ party; Republicans).

    Furthermore, the triune God works not in twos, but in threes.
    This is why an upcoming secession, and a resultant war, could and should be certain. See it!

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  88. anonymous[165] • Disclaimer says:

    I think as long as the new country doesn’t have large cities except for one like Denver then it could stay true for 100 years and beyond because the Jewish population will be small. Also few blacks.

  89. anarchyst says:

    There is a solution…but would be almost impossible to implement.
    The country’s founders were wise when they implemented the “electoral college” system for the selection of president.
    Most people are unaware that the electoral college is an “equalizer” between the lesser-populated states and those states with large populations.
    This system requires candidates to campaign in all states, not just the states with large populations.
    Take away the electoral college system for president and allow for the “popular vote” to apply, and you would never see another Republican successfully achieve presidential office. The candidates would then concentrate on the major population centers and could safely ignore “flyover country”.
    The electoral college system should apply to state gubernatorial candidates as well.
    As it stands now, the major population centers drive the vote. Sparsely populated counties within a state have NO representation on a gubernatorial basis.

  90. anonymous[165] • Disclaimer says:
    @Celt Darnell

    A secessionist state in the Mountain West would have a significant white Christian majority. The US Army has a significant white Christian majority among trigger pullers. There will be widespread sympathy in the US Army for the white Christian secession movement because secession is both a fight for the independence of Idaho and southern Oregon and democracy and voting integrity nationwide (the trigger for revolution was widespread voting fraud to stop Trump from coming back). Entire battalions will refuse to deploy to Idaho to put down the secession. And if battalions also refuse to go to the Middle East and Israel is left undefended, will Washington have to agree to the terms of the secession movement?

  91. @BaronAsh

    Regarding rigged elections, I was very much surprised that Mr. Dalton said he’s seen no compelling evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. Obviously, there is a lot of smoke out there for anyone willing to look, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Significant circumstantial evidence may not be proof in a legal sense, but how can election fraud be legally proven when those running the election don’t allow them to be audited, ballots have been illegally thrown away instead of stored, and the courts have been of no help.

    Even if one grants that all of the votes are legitimately counted, that still fails to take into account the massive fraud that takes place before the ballots are received, specifically mail-in ballot fraud (no one knows who actually fills out the ballot) and ballot harvesting (both made possible by Covid-scam), which the democrats have mastered. Voting at the polls on ELECTION DAY, which Republicans prefer, is so yesterday.

  92. Truth says:

    Precisely why they want to come here!

    (Man, I crack myself up).

  93. anarchyst says:

    The reason residents of this “jews-only” municipality are devoid of slums or homeless people and shabbily dressed people or hungry people is that residents of this municipality receive welfare benefits above and beyond anywhere else in non-jewish communities.
    Add to that the massive number of medicare, medicaid, welfare fraud, organ-selling and financial fraud schemes and scams emanating from that “jews-only” municipality.
    When it comes to jews, crime does indeed pay–and pays well. (((They))) are experts at manipulating the system. Schemes and scams that would get an ordinary goy prosecuted and incarcerated seem to be OK for jews.

  94. IronForge says:

    So Sad, Too Bad are the Clueless Trash of Society…

    I’m a good looking Guy – many a Dame calls me Handsome. After School Sports, did some Martial Arts and Powerlifting.

    I’m a 2ndGen US Navy Veteran – my Late Father Served from 1941-61, front lines of WW2 with 1½years onboard the Star Submarine of the War which is Memorialized across the Intrepid in NYC, CHN Civil War, Korean War. He made the “Military Retirement Paygrade of the Time” – E-5 in 23 Months, and made the rare Ranking of Chief Petty Officer as a Black Man in the 1950s. After a few years in the Civilian Sector, Served 20+ more years in the Auxiliary Fleet, in the Front Lines of Vietnam, Far East + Indian Ocean Operations, and on Research Programs to Antarctica (Deep Freeze) and to Arctic Oceanographic.

    He spent his Retirement in Peace and his last years in a VA Alzheimer’s Ward.

    My Late Uncle was a Command Sergeant Major (Highest Operational Enlisted Ranking of E-9), Korea and Vietnam – 2 Purple Hearts IIRC. I remember visiting Arlington as a young kid with my Family to pay tribute to a Relative who Died Serving in a past War (Civil or WW1 – can’t recall)

    I was years ahead in Mathematics in School, pegged my Math SATs, validated a year of Calculus+some Physics as I graduated from Annapolis. Served in the same 7th Fleet as my Father did – missed out on seeing him at Sea by a few years as he Retired while I was still at Annapolis.

    I’ll say that I believe I have an IQ above the Genius Threshold – Proselytizing Stalker Cult Monkeys in SoCal keep gossipping about that while also claiming that I have ESP(I’m perspicacious compared to them, I presume). My Asian Uncles and Cousins attended the Top Universities of the Country.

    I’m an exception from the generalized status quo – most Asian-Murican mixed kids I grew up with had mostly White Murican Fathers – I personally knew of only 5 who had Black Fathers. Most mixed kids didn’t attend prestigious Universities. From our School, most Captains’/Colonels’ and Admirals’/Generals’ children attended the Service Academies. Four mixed kids I befriended growing up with went to Annapolis during my time frame. Of the mixed children, my Late Brother and I were the only Sibling Set I knew of that attended prestigious Universities – and were functionally Literate with English+Mother Tongue.

    Had one hell of a Culture Shock living in Murica. Visited Murica as a kid for a Family Reunion – all my Uncles had Careers and supported their Families.

    I served on a Guided Missile Cruiser which was a First Responder to the Stark Incident; deployed to the Gulf as a Air Warfare Coordinator during the Naval Convoys established during the final years of the IRQ-IRN War. We also participated in these Convoys; and my Captain had the foresight to have a Tanker sail ahead to catch Mines. When he did, the Tanker Bridgeton hit a Mine(but being a massive Tanker – just lost some oil). My follow on Tour involved being a (Wartime when IRQ invaded KWT) Production Planning Manager for Regional MIC Contractors and an Engineering/Manufacturing Manager at a Major MIC Components/Systems Subcontractor.

    I left during the Clinton downsizing and was able to look after my ailing Father. I was able to get him placed in the VA Alzheimer’s Ward.

    I did a stint at Merrill, then shifted into IT – working as a ERP/Datawarehouse/Financial Systems Pro.

    Downside was encountering the sheer scale of treacherous and larcenous scum Cult+Ethno Enclaves here in SoCal. Even the Christians in larger Churches and Seminaries were full of them; but those prompted me to do some research elsewhere where I found out about Christianity being Constantine’s Fabrication.

    I’m sure this is beyond your ability to comprehend this – your Posts have always lacked in content and were wastes of screen space.

    Grateful? I am. My Father, Neighbor Sailors, Marines, faithful Asian+Murican Civil Servants, and the Local Asian Nationals – compromised the bulk of the Community I grew up in.

    They were far more respectful than the ShitShow I’m seeing this SoCal and Murica degenerating into.

    Too many bad actors and stalker-parasites intruded into my Life. Many are, surprisingly, Negroes – several bad actors from my Fleet Days still stalking. I can’t say that you’re absolutely wrong in describing Negroes, because many Negroes and those of all other Racial Groups match those descriptions.

    Many work honestly and struggle – I salute them. However, the degeneracy appear to consume those who do; and have reached a National-Scaled Critical Mass…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  95. Crimea lawfully seceded from Ukraine per the Ukrainian Constitution in 2014, and the Empire promptly gave billions of dollars, weaponry and training to Nazi goons for a racist genocide that also pumped up Raytheon and Boeing and Monsanto stock. Liberal values! Winning!

    The Corporate Duopoly that runs the USA did a different version of the same thing domestically with the Scamdemic, BLM/Antifa thuggery, and massive election fraud in 2020. And as we are seeing right now, not only are they beefing up their Gestapo while getting better at covering their tracks, but they also have 800+ global military bases and an army of clueless zombie hordes behind them.

    Only petrodollar collapse and crushing military and political defeat of the Five Eyes Empire can save us now, and that may still be many years down the line. In the meantime, becoming a better human in our own lives is still an option. Maybe the only viable option.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  96. the last presidential election, where (officially, at least) Biden took 51.3% and Trump 46.9%.

    That’s of the major-party vote. More voted against Biden than for him. Obama was the first Democrat since Carter– who got a hair over 50.0%– the second since FDR, and the third since Samuel Tilden to get majority of the whole.

    Republicans have reached solid majorities many times: both Bushes, Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower, Hoover, Coolidge, Harding, Taft, TR. The GOP is the party of Generic America, while the Dems have always been the party of division.

    Rather than cast Republicans as “the party only for whites”, better (at first) to brand them as “the only party for whites”. Those productive Hispanics and Asians more “adjacent” to us can be attracted with the same appeal when the Dems go full-riot. We’ve already got two out of five of them.

    You don’t have to marry these people, just coalesce on Election Day.

    • Replies: @ricpic
  97. E Michael Jones for Prez, Goyim Party 2024

    • Agree: OldWhiteMan
    • Replies: @OldWhiteMan
  98. I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020, but I remain open to the possibility.

    Try paying attention. The evidence is mountainous. The only reason it was never heard in court is because the courts are corrupt, lawless and cowardly. In this case, the blind pig won’t find a truffle because you don’t want to see what is in front of your face.

    • Replies: @ricpic
    , @anarchyst
  99. First point: it’s not Red States.

    It’s blue cities. Look at a voting map of Oregon, for example. As a rule, any given state’s ‘color’ is a function of whether the blue cities are big enough to outvote the red hinterland.

  100. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    what about the red minority in blue states and vice versa?

    there’d have to be open borders for a while within the former US, like the partition of the former raj.

    but massachusetts wouldn’t take mississippi’s negroes.

  101. Isn’t it quite ironic that, when Tyrant Lincon killed 800,000 or so White Americans (counting both sides and civilians) in order to Save the Union (freeing black slaves was secondary), he enslaved white heritage Americans in the process? As Lincoln’s Unconstitutional Union was Perpetual, the only way out of Washington’s bondage was to “Go West Young Man.” But that option was closed off long ago, as now it’s one huge blob of a multicultural cesspool from Sea to Shining Sea. The only way to leave this sorrowful Empire, outside of a bloody revolution (Can you ever envision an American president allowing any States to voluntarily secede?), is to Get Out While You Can. It’s little wonder why there are millions of US EXPATS, many of them veterans, dotting the globe.

    Why can little Czechoslovakia break-up into two even smaller countries without violence, or Yugoslavia (the size of Oregon) break-up into seven small or micro states, but it is NOT POSSIBLE in the Empire? It all goes back to Lincoln’s Perpetual Union, enforced at the point of a gun. Heritage Americans have been in unrecognized bondage since the South lost its battle for freedom to the Northern Aggressors.

  102. ricpic says:

    Is there a single potentially secessionist state out there that has a governor with the cojones to sign an act of secession should the legislature of said state pass such an act? Abbott? No way. Noem? No way.

  103. Fun fact: All the ICBM silos are in red states. The United Deplorable States would become the world’s #3 nuclear power.

  104. @Supply and Demand

    No, what’s going to happen is that Red State militias are going to round up their niggroe minorities and give them an immediate choice: exile to the Blue States of their choice, or a lead enema on the spot. THERE’S your “reparation,” Sambo.

  105. ricpic says:

    The Wise Latina screamed “You got no standin’, no standin’, steenkin’ Texas deplorables!!”

  106. @Gordo

    Exactly! “Irish Democracy!” Besides the war is between the corrupt blue city islands embedded in a red ocean.

    East Texas Deplorable

  107. Anonymous[166] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m surprised Utah did not make that list. They have a case for secession more than anyone.

  108. ricpic says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Asians are a lot more anti-white than most people are willing to admit to themselves. What other reason for a hard working self-sufficient high earning cohort (for the most part) to go on voting Democrat? Even when the Democrats’ pet blacks attack them brutally they go on voting that way. Even when they become aware that Democrats are behind the quotas against Asians in college admissions, they still vote Democrat. By high margins.

  109. Dumbo says:

    For some reason, nobody seems to bother the Amish much. Somehow they were allowed not to lock down and not to vaccinate.

    Perhaps all Red State Americans should just become Amish, move to the countryside, and live in practice ignoring the Federal government — then again, there are taxes. The Feds will come for your taxes.

    • Replies: @TKK
  110. @Anon

    Whatever, Jooboi. Your people are about to get their well-deserved comeuppance, not only here in North America, but in the Eastern Mediterranean. Obviously you can’t hold that piece of stolen land without your North American slaves. Otherwise you wouldn’t give a shit if the USSA collapsed.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  111. Panadechi says:

    The cause of the problem we already know. What’s the solution?..

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  112. @Miro23

    An alternative would be to keep the US as a single nation but devolve a lot more power to individual states.

    Oh, you mean like what the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution actually mandates, as did the Articles of Confederation that preceded it (and to an even greater extent)?

    Yeah, THAT’S been so incredibly successful.

  113. Jluker says:

    Talk of secession shows a clear lack of understanding of the true political organization of the so-called United States. One cannot secede from something that does not exist. The union formed by the accession of 13 sovereign states in 1787 dissolved in 1861 with the secession of 11 Southern States. And secession is nothing more than settling accounts and the representatives and Senators not showing up to work.

    If the remaining States desired to maintain that union then they would have assembled in convention with their designated representatives and either, reaffirm the existing federal alliance, or modify that treaty and seek ratification. That did not happen. Instead, the traitor Lincoln invaded the northern and western states and consolidated them into one national entity. He established military districts over each region that exist to this day. It was in fact, a coup ta that had been planned for decades.

    By personal decree he established the office of dictator with the issuance of executive order 100., styled the Lieber Code. All legislation, regulations or rules of any kind issued out of Washington are predicated upon that document. It has never been rescinded but added to such as the 1947 Defense Authorization Act, as well as many other emergency proclamations.

    In short, there is no union, constitution, republic or any other historical institution or treaties. Indeed, where does the “Constitution” reside? In the historical archives in Washington, because it is a historical document. This empire is an elective monarchy or emperorship based on martial law. It is modeled exactly on the Roman Empire even by the method of its creation. It is held together solely using a common currency. And that was the plan of the Federalist or monarchist party (later Republicans). And it worked.

    The common currency isn’t a “US dollar,” it’s a Federal Reserve Note. It is the property of the Federal Reserve. Individuals have use rights but not ownership of the currency. The only legal tender note that I am aware of issued by the treasury is the greenbacks of 1861. They went out of circulation by the early 1900s. The States, provinces and central government use the Fed note as a currency, but they don’t own it. They borrow it with collateral being the capital stock of the continent, meaning labor and land.

    So again, you can’t secede from what doesn’t exist. If Texas or any other State, not the provinces of course, desire to form a new association or exist independently all they have to do is declare it and its done. No need to stand on ceremony, just issue a press release.

  114. KenH says:

    second, it would dramatically weaken the power of the Jewish Lobby to wreak havoc here and abroad. American Jews rely on the wealth, tax revenue, and labor of a nation of 330 million.

    And that’s why Jews almost as a rule universally oppose the idea of America breaking up into separate nations. Not only would it affect the economic system and their group wealth but suddenly Israel loses its enforcer and bully boy in the Middle East.

    Expect Jews to fight tooth and nail against any type of secession. If secession were ever to succeed then they will use their power to crush the small upstart white nation. If several new nations form out of America then they will attach themselves to the one that appears to be the strongest or have the most potential then bully the other breakaway nations.

    Secession is not the end of our conflict with Jewry.

  115. TKK says:
    @Ray Caruso

    I just hate them killing more endangered animals. If all them were sent back to Africa, all the animals would be gone in one year.

    Not enough innate intelligence to rotate crops, chopping down all the trees, eating monkey that share 98% of their DNA. Having sex like deranged rabbits when there is no food. Rubbing cow poop in their hair. Eating albino parts because they believe it prevents and cures AIDS.

    Blacks had their chance. If the world would chop off their life support: no more food, meds, fertilizer or assistance of any kind – the world would be rid of their knuckle dragging, igornant, murderous infestation.

    The idiots who keep them artificially alive are bucking evolution. America included.

  116. TKK says:

    The Amish are the worst animal abusers in the world. Their puppy mills alone make you want to choke every last one with your bare hands. They leave dogs in small rabbit hutches so long their hair grows in into the wire. After they have breed females until her body gives out, they dump them at tax payer funded animal shelter because the dogs use is over- broken, defeated, insane and medically doomed.

    The way they treat their horses are unthinkable.

    Any group of people that believe you cannot wear buttons because “it gives the devil a place to hold on to” are so catastrophically stupid as to be a blight on the human race.

    But in America, if you tack God onto any cause- everything is ok. Special compensations for extreme stupidity.

    The Amish are full retard. They add nothing to our country and should be sent back to Germany to live in a high rise with African and Arab “immigrants.” Let’s see how long their passivity lasts then.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @YesYesCircle
  117. Anonymous[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Americans are also disgustingly fat. They like to sit on their fat asses and eat chips, dip and ice cream. I very much doubt anything beyond a massive fart is coming from them.

    • Replies: @Gary Sudder
  118. anarchyst says:

    It was Pence’s CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to refuse to certify the fraudulent 2020 election.
    His refusal to do so is an act of TREASON.

  119. geokat62 says:

    Secession is not the end of our conflict with Jewry.

    Good point. If history has taught us anything it is that this conflict is eternal.

  120. @P. Cleburne

    The biggest hurdle White patriots face is obtaining/building heavy weaponry to match that of the feds once secession moves forward and civil war occurs.

    • Replies: @Fourth Horseman
  121. @Truth

    … And 80% of Europe.

    Translate: Only the Usual Suspects can force the Germans to pay for the
    halfricans of the periphery (“PIGS+”) and 38 million hollowcause survivors
    for eternity and not dare say a word.
    All nice and well, Troof … and not incorrect.
    But – are the halfricans and “survivors” sufficiently conscious of that
    to fight for the preservation of the sick Behemoth over the pond?

    • Replies: @Truth
  122. Complete joke

    • Replies: @Rush
  123. beau says:

    the MISSISSIPPI RIVER is a boundary that would serve well in division. it is wide and runs rapidly, making crossing difficult – not impossible, but very difficult: ie, easily defended to keep invaders out.

    i do not want to live in the same country with those on the other side any more than they wish to live in the same country with me. DIVIDE.

  124. Anon[560] • Disclaimer says:

    Secession ?

    Much simpler to vote with our feet. Our forefathers left their homeland for better pastures, we can too.

    It’s not as difficult as you think.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  125. Sovereign Debt Secessionism is another way of saying government debt repudiation and that is what White Core Americans born after 1965 must do to dislodge from power the treasonous and evil JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    My idea is that SOVEREIGN DEBT SECESSIONISM — or government debt secessionism — will be used by young White Core Americans to implode the crooked and fraudulent global financial system and that will give young White Core Americans the chance to financially liquidate all members of the JEW/WASP Ruling Class and then forcibly deport them to sub-Saharan Africa permanently.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire controls the media and academia and financialization and globalization and multiculturalism and politics and foreign policy and trade policy.

    Young White Core Americans will be the ones to defeat and dislodge the treasonously evil JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is in an extremely weak position and they are using monetary extremism — liquidity injections, balance sheet expansions, quantitative easing, low interest rates, dollar swaps…etc — to stay in power. The ruling class-controlled Federal Reserve Bank is belatedly and modestly tightening monetary policy at the moment, but the Fed needs to go to 10 or 20 percent federal funds rate to pop the asset bubbles and extinguish inflation.

    The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire is using the fumes of the asset bubbles to buy off certain voter cohorts — government workers, greedy White geezers, Blacks, Jews, Mestizos, Asians, upper middle class Whites, White underclass undertow types and the like — but that ain’t going to last much longer before something pops. The oncoming asset bubble implosion will bring on the rebirth of the White Core American nation. Asset bubble obliteration to save the Historic American Nation.

    In 1978 — the very same year some team beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series — the population of the USA was 220 million. Young White Core Americans must make 220 by 2040 a well advertised and well known environmental goal for the population of the USA. The USA must go from the current 330 million to 220 million by the year 2040.

    My connection of monetary policy and immigration policy still stands as one of the most sophisticated political conceptual works of the last 60 years. Simple it is. The JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire used monetary policy to buy off the greedy White slobs born before 1965 so those greedy White slobs would keep their mouths shut about the nation-wrecking effects of mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. The multiple series of asset bubbles inflated by the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank bought off the greedy White slobs born before 1965 and that is why the nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration wasn’t stopped sooner.




  126. I hope and pray red states succeed. What can I do to help speed this up ?

  127. werpor says:
    @JR Foley

    If Texas and the plains states north to the Dakotas separated from the present arrangement I’d surmise that Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba may find Union appealing. Hudson’s Bay in the north and the Gulf of Mexico in the south would provide the new nation with two deep water ports.
    Plus the plains states would have access to all the fresh water it could ever need. While Hudson’s Bay is not a fresh water basin like the Great Lakes, it’s fresh water drainage basin is immense. This new nation would have water, oil, prairie farm land, minerals, forests, and mountains, and beaches. Calgary and Edmonton are bustling thriving cities. Their populations are not exclusively white any more than Texas is. But any undesirables can easily be convinced to re-settle among their own kinds east and west. This new nation would likely attract certain parts of other states and no doubt attract certain parts of eastern British Columbia. The new nation could be generous to the North American Indians and much less accommodating towards trouble makers. The new nation would require a new constitution — but certainly include the right and necessity to work. No institutionalized welfare; nothing free. But a return to education as a means of insuring prosperity rather than fealty to empty ideological aims ought to be included; no rights without responsibilities. Teaching means rather than ends. …No teachers unions! Eliminate the blood suckers whom ever they are! Encourage emigration. If you don’t like it leave. Limited government. Elected governments could be made up of a council of however many citizens are necessary but 20% must be rotated out every two years. Thus in ten years the council would be entirely renewed. Every two years the council would elect a new chair. He or she would be the tie breaker. Justice would of course be independent of the executive. Finance would include control over the nations currency. As in the rotation of councillors terms would be limited on a rotating basis. Those rotated out could not stand for election again. Lobbying would be transparent. Transparency would be paramount. The elected would be paid well but certain privacies would be limited. Declarations of wealth would be the law. Their wealth and assets would be subject to examination. Serving should be a privilege not a means to loot the treasury. And so on…

    Would this new nation be perfect? No, likely not! All creation either evolves or devolves. Nothing stays the same. Missing the mark is inevitable. Renewal is essential. Snakes slough of their old skins. As do lobsters. Lobsters must break out of their carapaces or they die. And they are vulnerable before they grow a new shell.

    • Thanks: P. Cleburne
  128. theMann says:

    Texas will go it’s own way sooner or later; basically when people at or near SS checks become a smaller minority.
    A giant step has been take by declaring the Alien invasion a, well, invasion, and taking steps to stop it.
    Texans, doing jobs Americans wont do.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne, Agent76
    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
    , @Agent76
  129. Truth says:

    With a 20 year retirement and lifetime medical insurance, in this climate? You might be surprised.

  130. How about Nazi**er?

    Maybe that’s what Kanye is. He a Nazi**a.

  131. anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:
    @Supply and Demand

    What? there is FRAUD so when is fraud enought/not enought valid fraud? wtf?..The EVIDENCE is abudnat overwhelming visual/written/material etc. There was FRAUD. Kari Lake won 70% of the Popular VOTE in AZ..and about the same% Ballots votes in all Districts including RED. But somehow in Maricopa the magical ballots after morethan 8hrs delays put Kari Behind..what?. In a greater eveluation one can question how a (RED) state where 80% of the population opposes CRT/LGBT/gay school pornography/sexual mutilations/ABORTIONS vote for BLUE dem candidates.?? only ONE possible answer FRAUD. IT is by now evident and clear that DEMS CAN NOT/WILL NOT WIN CLEAN LEGAL VALID ELECTIONS..Dems had become the masters of FRAUD. So presently and in the future the USA Electoral system is/will become a FRAUD contest, regardless of the candidates intellectual civic idelogical.philosophical qualities. It will be a contes between political professional consultants CHEATERS. As for Seccesionists parties..well politely one must say that it is BS/red deplorables intellectual masturbation/idiotic. Paradoxically for American Nationalist FL offers a hint, Conservatives WHITES nonjews there is one and only one option BUILDING LOCAL POWER..beyond parties, beyond candidates,..FL had a RED Wave so do speak..why? how? STRICT ELECTORAL LAWS…the opposite path for BLUE States that will exterminate WHITES by approving ILLEGAL FRAUD RIDDEN CRT/ANTIwhite electorals “laws” only DEMs/RINOS will be accepted to participate. In the last analysis hopefully people will remain RATIONAL LOGICAL and assuming they seek their best interests they will vote likewise:they want good JOBS/good education/peace/security/low inflation/low taxation/upward socioeconomic mobility prosperity…Can LOCAL Conservative Nationalists WHITE govts..deliver that for most of the populations (non whites).??? what I see more feasible is for WHITES to revolt like in 1776 NO taxation/funding for CRT/LGBT/GAY/Abortion/ANTIwhite agendas..remember the Tea Party of Boston 1700s, The Whisky Rebellion? the Chicago Massacres? the Veterans DC revolts 1930s? Prop 13th in CA..What would happen if WHITES re/energize the Nixons Silent Majority of the 1970s, the Reagan (white )DEMOCRATS of the 1980s, what about IF the masses of WHITE Evangelicals focus on their local state decaying status. instead of being obssess with Israel and sending $50Billions annually to TelAviv….DEMs will do everything in their power to ANIHILATE white conservative initiatives legally/illegally…TIME is of the essence.

  132. Maine is the whitest state in America.

    And it’s coastal.

    Why’s it on a pay no mind list??

  133. @Supply and Demand

    Your deranged oogah boogah spews are almost funny.
    Contract one of your species specific maladies and die painfully.
    Do it today, Mooky.

  134. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:
    @Supply and Demand

    I’ll EASILY match your retardation and arrogance with a reasoned, rational counter – SOMETHING MUCH MORE FUNDAMENTAL than reparations your kind would be pleading for if half of MY KIND shared my mind vis a vis you people. AND YOU WOULDN’T RECEIVE IT.

  135. pyrrhus says:

    The author has “yet to see compelling evidence” of vote fraud…having just recited some of that evidence…There isn’t a State in which all votes can’t be counted within less than a day, as Florida did..the only reason for all the planned delay is vote fraud, ballot harvesting, etc…

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  136. Anonymous[425] • Disclaimer says:

    Short, pertinent reply to your protracted speech – you should/must have a country of your own absent White people and you must go there. Whites MUST have a country of our own I will certainly go there.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  137. @The Alarmist

    I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020…

    Really? Were you not paying attention? The single fact that observers in Fulton county were kicked out of the room and windows were blocked is exhibit one of perhaps several hundred that 2020 was chock full of shenanigans.

    Difficult as it might be to believe, there are TENS OF MILLIONS of willfully blind people in America, people who should definitely know better, who DO know better, but who truly are just not willing to internalize the ugly truth. Our OP’s author, however, has no excuses for being one of these. He does his “PhD” no credit by making his ridiculous statement.

  138. @Mike Tre

    It’s superfluous to even say this anymore. I’m to the point now where I’ll enthusiastically put a bullet through the head or chest of anyone who still endorses this act of political masturbation. They’re worse than the criminal animals they keep in power by playing this stupid game.

  139. At the Strategic Culture site is an essay titled “The Leviathan Super Cycle Ends; Western Leaders Pretend They Didn’t Notice”

    The U.S. – like pre-war Austria–Hungary – is slowly falling apart. That cannot any more be fudged. Washington is haemorrhaging control over events and making strategic mistakes. A certain class in the western ruling élite however, seems stuck in a reading of history. An interpretation that sees war as restoring the health of the state: that any conflict – any us vs them, whether real or abstract (such as war on poverty, drugs, the virus, etc.) – feeds centralisation and strengthens the totalising Leviathan. Indeed, even conceptualised as an internal ‘us versus the enemy within’ war, this too is seen as consolidating the Leviathan.

    After reading that I remembered this current UNZ piece.

    Fortunately, we do have a revolutionary option: secession. As MacDonald and others are openly stating, secession is now perhaps our only viable alternative.

    Mr. Unz appears to believe the best thing to do for a faltering US is to encourage the racist termites who actively seek to destroy the nation, as in breaking it into bunch of squabbling little statelets.

    Why else would he be publishing this BS?

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  140. anarchyst says:

    It is interesting to note that in the multi-state “Powerball” lottery, the results are known within HOURS of the drawing.
    The American vote systems are the most corrupt in the world.
    As to the courts, denying voter lawsuits because they do not have standing is a fraud in itself. EVERY voter has “standing” in the courts.
    As to Mike Pence, despite having Constitutional authority to invalidate the election results, he refused to do so. Pence validated a fraudulent election. That is TREASON.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  141. @theMann

    Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee would probably follow in pretty short order.

  142. @Anon

    My forefathers fought for this 150 acres and I’m keeping it. No trespassing. Strictly enforced.
    Where you going to run to, anyway.

  143. Equality was his new religion,

    And its priests never ceased to bludgeon

    All things naturally excellent and true

    To make their melting pot’s insipid stew.

    When his politicians unhinged the gates

    Of white America by their statutes,

    The deluge from the lesser world began,

    Each squatting alien equal to a man

    Whose father’s father’s father signed with blood

    The plan for his descendants’ nationhood.

  144. @1jonny

    Red states (the south) are the black homeland and have the highest percentage of blacks. It only makes sense to create the black homeland there.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  145. Rush says:
    @Priss Factor

    ‘No’. The most common word one hears from young kids, and Aspies.

  146. @mocissepvis

    The Afghans did pretty well with small firearms.

  147. Sarita says:

    Who is gonna start this secession?
    Middle class Americans spend their time watching football and drinking beer, and the ones who don’t, run home after work to protect their children from low class rednecks, black criminals and Latino “pandilleros”.
    America is doomed and the funny thing is that the only hope they see is the evangelists who worshipp Israel.
    Lost case

  148. @Fred777

    Agree with your post but DC didn’t fund squat. The money was taken from taxpayers or borrowed, then sent back out after DC takes it cut.

    I understand Al Gore’s famous “lock box” for Social Security and Medicare was always a ponzi scheme and the actual checkbook balance was and is Zero-point-Zero.

    But secession would take … who knows, a trillion? More? … off the old jew government’s liabilities and transfer it immediately to New America, right when it’s presumably already got its hands full meeting its incipient obligations.

    I guess New America could also make the printers go br-rr but then we’re right back in the same fiscal mess.

    Face it, our labyrinthine federal government has made us all co-dependents.

  149. @Zachary Smith

    The USA is not a nation. And most people agree that it ought to be destroyed. Its hard to image the kind of depraved individual who would believe otherwise.

    • Agree: spacewanderer
    • Troll: Corvinus
  150. Agent76 says:

    You know it Mann! Nov 15, 2022 Gov. Greg Abbott declares migration to Texas through US-Mexico border to be invasion

    Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that he was invoking Invasion Clauses of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions to “fully authorize Texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion.” He went on to mention specific action the National Guard and DPS are taking at the border.

  151. You lot can’t even organise street protests and you want to organise multiple armed insurrections to secede? Thanks for the laugh.

    • Agree: Sarita
    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
    , @Corrupt
  152. @Ultrafart the Brave

    The media definitely went into damage control after that event (well before social media and the likes of phone cameras– imagine what sort of monkeyshines would have been for the taking) and turned it into the likes of Kanye West saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on (I believe) CNN.

    As with… well, pretty much everything, they gaslight the narrative to no end, but nowadays (post-St. Floyd inspired “peaceful protests” anyway) it seems the strategy is to just ignore the damage caused. At the very least, they try to spin it as a “…few ‘bad apples’ and who can blame them anyway because of racism” (like they did by highlighting the mother yelling at the yoof during the Baltimore riots).

    By the way, that event did wake a lot of people up, but not in quantities to prevent the likes of Obama 08. One little natural disaster is not going to undo decades of media programming.

    By the way, I had both Dutch and Swedish contacts at the time relay that the embedded media in Europe also spun it with the Eternally Hapless Negro Narrative.

    • Replies: @Gary Sudder
  153. JWalters says:

    “the same corrupting forces hold sway in both parties”

    Jail criminals.

  154. Corvinus says:

    Lol, secession. Until Dalton takes up arms, he’s clowning here.

  155. Corvinus says:

    “As to Mike Pence, despite having Constitutional authority to invalidate the election results…”

    You’re a flat out liar.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  156. Corvinus says:

    “Your people are about to get their well-deserved comeuppance“

    From who, you? More tuff talk from an arm chair warrior.

  157. Anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    “Animal abuse is a serious issue” — said no stalwart, dynamic society ever

    You know your own ancestors were like that to animals 100 years ago right?

  158. @Adam O'Donnell

    “By the way, I had both Dutch and Swedish contacts at the time relay that the embedded media in Europe also spun it with the Eternally Hapless Negro Narrative.”

    The EU vassals are nothing more than puppets in the US empire’s back pocket. The populace to be milked via taxes and fees, all while selling these EU imbeciles US “exceptionalism” propaganda.

    And most EU-ers lap it up. So much for critical thinking. Most are happy to buy more sweaters and take showers only once a week for the penis playing piano C tier comedian.

    usa, usa! eu vassals, eu vassals!

  159. @Anonymous


    The only real “movement” from most USians will be the bowel movement.

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  160. @Hulkamania

    Even if you could organize all 13%, they aren’t going to take the South from us.
    After the collapse and cleansing, the demographics will be even more lopsided.

  161. @Gary Sudder

    That’s what the british thought in 1776

  162. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    The people that “protest” in the streets and the people who will enforce secession are two entirely different types. FA and FO

  163. chowfun says:

    If this election taught us anything it is that America is a hopelessly divided nation, the opposing sides having nothing further in common. Even though I tend not to agree with some of the author’s opinions regarding who is ultimately to blame for our current predicament (far more likely just a general populace comprising people who are far too lazy and much too stupid to think for themselves and will generally look for leadership amongst the lowest common denominator willing to promise them anything and everything under the sun IMHO) I do agree with the ultimate conclusion that secession would be the best option for all parties concerned; otherwise, as the size and scope of competing factions jockeying for power and dominance continues to multiply, the U.S. as a unified country becomes all the more ungovernable, spirals into chaos and brings about its inevitable collapse regardless; an early secession of states mitigating some of the uglier consequences if such a scenario does indeed to play itself out.

  164. Zimriel says:

    I quit reading OP when he mentioned “vaccine mandates” as if complaining about the “mandates” was a Republican vote-getter in the last election.
    The vaccines, of course, worked (and the “mandates” were toothless). Democrats took THE VAXX; Republicans… well, the leadership sometimes whined about ’em, but when they didn’t take ’em, the CoVID killed more Rs than THE VAXX killed Ds. Independent voters noticed.
    Conspiracy-theorists (who overlap strongly with antisemites like Dalton here) want their theories taken seriously, but they are not taken seriously. So they lose.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  165. We are NOT a divided nation. We have one flag, one constitution, one House, one Senate. We have one currency and two major languages in general usage, English and Spanish. Civil war and strife is far behind us. Elitism has been defeated by a logarithmic jump in public education, strengthened by access to the internet and too, recent History has taught us never to raise a hand against a near neighbor, cousin, brother or fellow christian…..

    I invite readers to ponder the possible financial and cultural enhancements that await the USA should Canada and Mexico voluntarily join us into one single mega-state. This is not wild speculation or derived from conspiracy thinking. The Amero will replace the USD currency, it has already been printed and tucked away in various bank vaults throughout the U.S. More later on this…

    The criminal elements in the USA and Mexico have been thoroughly identified, their stash of wealth and the location of such specific hideouts have been carefully mapped by the CIA. In a concerted effort, three nations will work together to gather into one “pot”, what was stolen from the North American citizenry at large. This, through extensive research efforts already performed and researched by the Panama, Pandora and Paradise Papers(s). In a cooperative spirit three become one. The gangs of North America (some don three piece suits but we all know who they really are) e.g., MS 13, the 450 or so gangs of LA/California, and domestic U.S. Intel agencies, will be reeducated on the art of collective economic interest (not by force) on how to, graduate into an open society and to more democratically address the general public need. New efforts to move dubiously acquired fortunes into legitimate business enterprise will be made. Projects that begin with fresh water pumped from Alaska to California, east into Vegas and Phoenix and down to Northern Mexico.

    Legal amnesty for previous crimes known or suspected done by informal government agencies and street gangs will be formally announced. Deployment of the Amero dollar to gradually replace the USD, Peso and CAD under a single currency and flag, representing a mega-country, perhaps the bill’s face will show three distinct founding state fathers imprinted directly onto the Amero. Visit one of many available webpages: for further details.

    This power will not be centralized in Washington D. C. rather politically dispersed by state regions i.e., strong states rights, and then further by county jurisdictions within those state territories. Let the EU, India, China and Russia grapple with the collective might of an Amero backed by large “D” democracy, gold and silver bullion, raw commodities, available labor, youth and human talents under one single umbrella. My guess is, The North American Consortium of Three will shock the world into realizing that the USD has transferred it’s global military prowess, aggregate GDP and demographic populations into a morphed, modified Reserve Currency. A currency that any foreign investor can bank on! Absorbing Mexico’s 14: 1 peso value against the USD/CAD will be slowly accommodated as was the USD against various currencies of the world when President Nixon suddenly took the dollar off the gold standard. This financial juggling was done before and will be repeated again.

    We’re almost there, Mexican diplomacy will represent North American interests throughout South America. A bright path to Cuba will open. Rare earths, lithium, oil and gas will never again impede economic growth in this hemisphere, or the quality of life in a revised North-South American alliance….

    With such a geopolitical rearrangement and two enormous oceans between us and the rest of the world, how can this alliance lose?

    • Replies: @HeartlanderH
  166. Hymn 43 says:

    We need to rid ourselves of the yids first.They are truly the bane of our existence. Blacks have been made our enemies by the jews. Secession might be the only way to go, If states are willing to stop all the free shit the democrats have been shoveling to blacks for decades then blacks should be welcome; no jews allowed, no lobbying TERM LIMITS. This is a good start. Sadly states like Illinois that are overwhelmingly republican (minus cook county) thanks to R. Daley who followed the chicago school of politics. Maybe we could jettison cook county and join Indiana.

  167. Wala says:

    Bull no way they can have south of Redding, Ca. They show up north of there they will be fertilizer…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  168. anarchyst says:

    Certification of elections may be automatic in israel, but not here in the USA.
    The Vice president has the statutory authority to invalidate election results if fraud is suspected. Pence failed to do his job. He certified a fraudulent election.
    Go back to israel where you belong You are no American..

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  169. I must admit that I have yet to see compelling evidence for fraud in 2020, but I remain open to the possibility.

    What?! Here’s a link to a short video:

  170. Thrallman says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Partition of Pakistan, 1947. Millions moved, millions killed. It has been done before.

  171. @Zimriel

    Honest question…..are you on drugs or just a born nincompoop?

  172. @Supply and Demand

    “Are you trying to say that in all your interaction with the White race over the last 150 years, that you blacks have been the losers? ”

    what! are you blind?

    what! were you feeding me, clothing me, protecting me, setting me up to live in the world or anywhere else for the matter, save 6 feet under, or as ash spread as fertilizer, as free labour in jails, miseducated and handicapped however

    Then as now the purpose of contact was to exploit and to prevent retaliation, recovery and recompenseto ensure the ultimate and on-going safety of Whitey in contact was to that contact was never positive for, could never result in any strength for the slave that could turn the situation around even to the point of assassination and genocide- ongoing as we speak – save at this point ordinary Whitey is also now a target of genocide

    “Blacks could work like slaves for 100 years and not pay for all the boons they’ve received from the White Man.”

    Thats absolute blind prejudicial bullshit. you have fucked up, plundered, parisited a whole people and their continent for centuries, stopped them at every point in their efforts to help themselves…how many governments of Black current countries even as we speak are run by puppet governments/bureaucracies imposed on them by you Whitey, who directed the entirety of labour/resources/products of the Black world into the coffers, into the life of Whitey?

    How many real, committed, honest Black leaders you have assassinated because they were doing well for their people, leading properly and replaced by their opposites who were made to lead their peoples and nations into your pockets?…when will you repay for all of, that you arithmetic challenged idiot who obviously can’t count? can that bill be repaid at all! clearly too big to be repaid – ever

    “You can’t just cut and run and not pay your bill, whitey.”

    no! Whitey can’t just cut and run even if he tried – like this blind jackass here. he does not understand! look he is getting come-uppance already for his part in all this, which is why we are at this point both he and I, in this place, facing the same genocidal needles and dystopian menus… along with so much relevant consequencial else we share as a result of the historical relationship we have had as ordinary people, that I did not initiate

    nutten pisses me off like Three Cranes here! Bloody blind, wrong, stupidity, irreconcilable, that admits little possibility of change, reform, correction, progress as we go, especially at this time when the solution is revolution the bottom across and around subsuming the top totally..

  173. @Celt Darnell

    You’ll not likely hear back from Observator.

    He used to maintain that the C.S.A. would have been permitted to secede but for a refusal to return the “federal asset” U. S. mints. I repeatedly asked for a substantiating source, which never was furnished.

    I’ve also asked fruitlessly if he has some familial or other connection with Lincoln or the forces under his command.

    • Thanks: Celt Darnell
  174. anonymous[333] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    The officers and warfighters in the military are white. If the election in 2024 is stolen, whites in the military will be angry about it and sympathetic to secession even if they choose not to participate in secession. Therefore the military is key to negotiating secession. Whites in the military will come to believe secession by at least a few red states is the only outlet for warning elites and saving democracy. If whites in the military refuse to fight in the Middle East because they believe the government was not properly elected then Israel is in a dangerous spot. The ruling class loves Isreal more than America. If whites in the military are able to put Israel in danger through refusal to fight, it gives secession a real chance at succeeding.

    • Disagree: Hulkamania
    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  175. @Supply and Demand

    Can’t you people ever stand on your own two feet without whitey’s help? Without mo gibs me dat?

  176. @KenH

    And Jews control the FBI and CIA, which will come up with 8 ways until Sunday to frame you, then detain you indefinitely. And infiltrate any secessionist movement.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  177. A Texan says:

    I have no respect for anyone who thinks the 2020 presidential election was not stolen. He really lost me there. No less than five states had issues and funny that it only worked out for one party. He is right about succession, but shows ignorance on the election issue.

  178. jjh says:

    We live in a Republic which is becoming an Authoritarian Regime abandoning the foundation of civilization turning one group against another until the whole thing comes crashing down, Civilization exists ONLY when everyone benefits – not what we have today rising hatred and political arguments pitting man against his brother until mankind exists no more.
    The establishment will continue its efforts to take down Trump by any means. He has too many supporters for that to be an easy feat, and he’s prepared to enter political guerilla warfare. In all honesty, by the time we reach 2024, there may not even be a presidential election. We must crash and burn.
    “Once the Rule of Law collapses, the end is not too far down the road. They are destroying our country right before our eyes. As I have said, the computer warns that we may not even see a presidential election in 2024. Next year will be the year from Political Hell. This quest to win at all costs here in 2022 will divide the country deeply and this WOKE agenda is destructive dividing everyone so there is no more We the People.”
    “Our computer has NEVER been wrong. This was the computer forecast from 2018. It has been showing 2023 as the start and 2026 would be the Panic Cycle. I am not looking forward to 2023 in the least. The Democrats are desperate and they will NOT tolerate a Republican victory that might overturn their agenda that has been choreographed by the World Economic Forum.”
    “We live in a Republic. ALL republics collapse from within. There will be no enemy that defeats America, we are doing that quite well without the help of Putin or Xi. You cannot do what Biden is doing using a couple of percents to impose a dictatorship.”
    “The time of separation is approaching, for that is the only way freedom to pursue your own happiness and live your life the way you want to instead of how someone else tells you you must comply with their ideas. Freedom will never be possible again. It pains me to be around on this planet when it is time to write the eulogy on the American Dream.”

    The Time of Separation of the USA is Rapidly Approaching Martin Armstrong

  179. More delusional fantasy bullshit from Dalton. On Holocaust revisionism, you do good work. However, in this column and others like it, you’re selling snake oil. You just fantasize. Your dumb ass doesn’t even live in your beloved red states. So, what are YOU doing to make your fantasy become reality? Do you even have any fighting skills? Are you training paramilitary groups? You just talk about fantasies that involve other people doing your dirty work…but you never even mention shit that YOU, yourself, are doing right now. Do you even own a gun? You’re a joke.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  180. Corvinus says:

    Except there was not patent, widespread fraud. Again, you are a flat out liar.

    • Troll: anarchyst
  181. anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pinche Perro

    The key to victory in the case of red state secession is not through violence. White members of the military need to be sympathetic to the secession movement and refuse to fight both against the secession and the Middle East. Then Washington will have no choice but to negotiate. Any paramilitary group will be infiltrated. A pro-secession group should pledge to have nothing to do with violence or guns. The only valid tool is the pamphlet. Hand those out in street corners in military towns.

    • Replies: @Pinche Perro
  182. @anonymous

    Well, I’m not saying your strategy is likely to succeed…..but at least it’s a realistic strategy, so I give you credit for that. You’re actually talking about something that can actually be done. The moron, Dalton, says no such thing.

    By the way, any patriotic white American has no business in today’s U.S. Military. Any patriotic right-wing, White American who joins today’s U.S. military deserves any suffering that may come their way. They will get no sympathy for me.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  183. @BaronAsh

    I have elucidated the only plan to salvage what is left of the ragtag, pitiable dregs and flotsam of European descended people. A comprehensive plan has several components, precursors, sequences of events and assets. To achieve this, the process will either be violent and clashing with the established order, or it will proceed on the basis of prearranged points and areas of mutual pre-agreement.

    So to proceed with sequestration, founding of an independent republic, the first order of business is to contextualize the transaction.

    For many years, Blacks and Browns have been howling for their own autonomous territory, which means racial and ethnic priority bases. Putting aside Negro wants and desires, the radical Latino segment has been demanding a “homeland” that was “stolen” from them by the imperialistic Anglos, from the early 1800s on. All of the Southwest America, including California (remember Zorro?) was ruled by Spain and later Mexico. To make it short, these territories were taken by force by the imperialist United States, which is not a moralist connotation but a statement of historical facts.

    From this preface, it becomes apparent that the opportunity for a republic based on European genetics, also to be referred to as Indo-European, which encompasses the Pan Slavic populations, would simply be part of a concordat tripartite agreement.

    The proportion of “White” territory would be based on the percentage of the same population from the census. Non-citizens are no counted. As mentioned Latino/Hispanic activism has emphasized the Southwest ancestral native/mestizo lands. Blacks will want to huddle in the bi-coastal cities and urban areas, by and large.

    Each average Latino costs the Nation a deficit of $5,000 per person. The average Black engenders a $7,700 deficit person. The deficit is paid by Whites and Asians.

    Furthermore, Whites are the only American cohort group that produces food, manages the production and administration of the ways and means, with The Parasite increasingly involved as the scale increases, that is, when agri-business giants like Cargill, Daniels-Midland are involved. These are controlled and manipulated by Wall Street.

    Therefore, most importantly, “Whites/I. E. should sequester all the farmland possible and 2 maritime ports on either side of the Panama Canal. This exclusive will operate in the same way that Amschel Rothchild proclaimed in the 18th Century, i. e., that whomever controls the currency controls everything. Since the establishment of said republic MUST be free of all internal and external contrary and negative influences, the following will be essential and irreducible or not negotiable: not allowed will be Muslims or Jews, except those who are deracinated and non practitioner. Likewise devout Hindoos, Jains, or other religions. Exceptions can be made for individuals. However, no institutional structure will be allowed. The preferred spiritual practice will be Buddhism and the Orthodox Church. All other forms of Christianity are DOA. There are deep and profound practical reasons for these choices and restrictions, for which I have given much thought and study.

    A threshold of minimum Euro descendants needs to be established, e.g., 90%. There can only be one political party-like that of Singapore-and core values, mores, and ideals agreed upon that are eternal and everlasting. A very limited democracy will be formed later after a period of absolute authoritarianism. Limited voting for the individual will consist of tests of knowledge, economic status,, and other determinants of weighted voting.

    Any person is subject to revocation of citizenship. The death penalty will be applied for crimes, as they were during the early days of America. Like the Swiss, every man and selected women will be obligated to train for the citizen military. The training shall be recurrent. All women to advance a career will not qualify for work permission unless they birth 3 children, with a minimum of 2 under special circumstances. All political and government administration will be as local as possible.

    Surviving and thriving should not be that difficult. Looking at the Amish and Mennonites demonstrates what can be achieved with “low tech”.
    But living in the 1950s and early 60s, with no technology, solid state anything, here are characteristics of the epoch at the lower middle class level: the husband was able to support a 2 children family, with the wife and mother staying at home. House in suburbs, 3 bedroom, spacious lot, made of brick. Eating meat almost every day of the week, with cuts like steaks and rib roast being easily within budgets. Families able to save money. Very low inflation, with such things as college tuition and books able to be paid for with minimum wage. High trust, segregated society.

    So, tell me, how is it with massive “increases” in technology, scientific knowledge, that we are collectively so much worse materially, spiritually, and our personal rights in tatters?

    The establishment of an independent “homeland” is simply an agreement where all three ethnic and racial groups achieve their goals and intentions. One of the most important and pressing accomplishments will have to be an immediate affiliation application with the Russian Federation, becoming one of the 192 different republics and ethnic groups, all treated with respect and good governance.

    In the not too distant future, the United States and Canada will cease to be sovereign states and implode and collapse. Europe is very likely to be converted into a caliphate or spheres of influence and control by the Sunni Countries, Iran, and Turkey. They on the fast track to self immolation and suicide-down the side of the mountain with no brakes.

    I have analyzed other methods, vectors, approaches, and enterprises with available probable and confirmed assets, and no other plan has a high enough probability to succeed. Also, the psychological, intellectual, and resilience of the “White” race is diminutive, with institutionalized and rationalized cowardice and denial rampant if not epidemic. We have been describes as “lazy and stupid”, that being largely true with rare exceptions; Brazilian Whites are strong and indefatigable. If readers here are not familiar with events in Brazil, this missive is not for you, a default sloth and prevaricator.


    • Replies: @RockaBoatus
    , @anonymous
  184. @anonymous

    Feeble minded and inept at perceiving Reality.

  185. @Panadechi

    Khazar must kill off humanity to save himself at this point from the pennance Khazaria is due current humanity. It is therefore clear he intends to kill-off current and remake humans in some way conducive to his permant subjugation…while resetting human culture such as it will be same way

    To sucessfully kill off humanity..i.e do it, rather achieve it in our faces and get away with it, Khazaria must divide humanity against itself, make it carry out the killing of itself… while as usual they watch safely to the side

    This is a perfect picture of the process of dividing the ROH – the rest of humanity, setting it up to genocide itself at their direction, and to their benefit, while leaving them unscathed in the process

    Interesting! Panadechi-whatever it is -is either a feeble minded idiot manipulated, or one of the manipulators itself

  186. @TKK

    I know a lot of Amish, they are not like that.

  187. @Poupon Marx

    Thanks PM. You’ve obviously given some serious consideration to these issues. I cannot say that I have spent even a tenth as much time thinking through the particulars of the kind of secession or regional divisions based on race, ethnicity and religion that you have thought of. I commend you on it because we really do need people who are able to carefully work through the finer details of these matters.

    I’ve read twice through your comments, and there is much that seems reasonable and even workable given the right circumstances. I’m not against your ideas per se and, admittedly, there is much about it that is preferable over our current situation in the U.S. I find your comments about simple living and less need for technology, including your mention of what life was like during the 50s and 60s as absolutely spot on.

    Some of it, however, I’m not so sure about. I’d have to give it further thought and reflection.

    Thanks for allowing me to provide some feedback.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  188. anonymous[138] • Disclaimer says:
    @Pinche Perro

    There is a slow cultural genocide of white Christians being carried out by Jewish power in America. Men and women in the military need to know about this. If every weekend, there were 1,000 volunteers handing out pamphlets across military towns in the US it would raise awareness about not deploying to the Middle East on behalf of Jewish interests and Israel if a war started again in the region. Whether the movement suceeds or not, we know slow cultural genocide is the current path. There has to be resistance. Do you agree with the last part at least?

  189. anonymous[237] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Will the new white country exist within the area of the two map lines?

  190. Thanks for responding. This short video explains the population distribution of the Untied States, east and west. The Midwest, which includes Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc., are important for several reasons. Besides fertile soil and conducive climate, the rivers are important for transportation.

    I also believe that Oregon should be sequestered for Whites. California and Seattle (headquarters of Big Tech, etc., are skewed permanently to the “Left”-which today means the trans-nationalist rootless cosmopolitan, the fraction of 1% of concentrated wealth.

    As I have stated before, Asians and people of the Russian Federation can be considered “White” for future consolidation. The Russian Federation has 192 ethnic groups and languages types!! Our survival and thrival are dependent upon joining the Federation as an autonomous republic.

    While I advocate the White population never fall below 90%, that leaves 10% at most to be composed of the very best of other Indo-Europeans and Asians. Approximately 60% of Americans identify as White. That percentage is to be used for the amount of territory to be allotted. Of course, the majority of these Whites are useless and toxic to themselves and the World. General weak-mindedness, cowardice, moral equivocation and ambiguity render them as road kill. It follows therefore that an initial societal composition would be necessarily stratified.

    A newly formed republic would be under no absolute obligation to admit deadhead Whites of Shabbas cattle. It’s important to realize that a functioning community of size requires a spectrum of types based on abilities, job qualifications, and pursuits. An economy needs truck drivers, mechanics, laborers, etc., as well as higher IQ abstract thinkers. Some very gifted people are strictly vertical in ability, meaning outside of their specialty, they have no horizontal component or tools to evaluate Reality. Such people are very common. And such people can only be allowed influence in a very limited fashion outside of their specialty. Even in the STEM field.

    One feature that is essential is the contingency and necessity of citizenship revocation for those whose negatives outweigh their positives. This would include the professoriate majority of American and European university and teachers at lower levels. One wonder why Russia seems to have no such problem.

    The planning, formation, and implementation of such a society is a variation of an engineering undertaking. Very much parallel and analogous. Idealists, pure ideas, denial of empirical bases, are to be rejected. The Guiding Principle is “If it doesn’t work, then forget and reject it.

  191. @RockaBoatus

    Thank you responding, RB. Please consider other more unfamiliar points and concepts. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

  192. Anonydogg says:
    @Supply and Demand

    If black people were not brought as slaves to America from West Africa by the white man what do you think would have been the outcome?
    Blacks would have build a country where the standard of living, quality of life and opportunities and freedom like those shining countries such as Nigeria, or Sierra Leone or may be Liberia?
    That is because Wakanda is a comic book jew movie specifically designed to make you feel like kangs while da jew makes bank. LOL.

  193. @Supply and Demand

    If those IRS agents are Affirmative action hires, then the IRS will be as efficient and dangerous as the Post Office has become.

  194. Corrupt says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Civil wars and revolutions are funny things… Sometimes all it takes is a certain person being killed to spark it, as Iran is finding out.

    • Replies: @OldWhiteMan
  195. mongoos says:
    @Supply and Demand

    So you’re a member of the sobbing school of Negroes who believes White America gave you a low-down, dirty deal. Have you forgotten about all those white boys — about 300,000 of them — who fought to free the slaves during the Civil War? The playing field has been level since 1865. What have black people done with that freedom? They continue to vote to stay on the Democrat plantation and let the government take care of them. For every Thomas Sowell there are 1000 black Karens who blame whitey for all their ills. Muhammed Ali spoke the truth after his fight with Joe Frazier in Africa, when he said how happy he was that his great, great, great, great grandpappy chose to get on that boat (to America). You don’t like it here, then go back to Africa. Or, you could start voting Republican. This is what the nation’s black leaders thought of Donald Trump:

  196. There’s a book that was published in 1996, “Civil War 2” by Thomas Chittum.
    I read it then. Mr. Chittum made the prediction that America would fragment along racial lines. He made some specific forecasts that are coming true before our eyes.
    Whites will be a minority in the USA by 2042. That’s only 20 years away. The rate of Non-White immigration, and miscegenation are drawing it even closer.
    As Mr. Chittum pointed out, no multi-racial society has ever endured, let alone prospered. The destruction of the USA as we know it is baked into the cake at this point.
    We have passed the point that things could be changed at the ballot box, or even through a peaceful divorce such as between Chezcholovokia and the Slovak Republic in 1993.
    Ironically, the biggest losers will be the Jews, who as a group toiled for decades through their advocacy of Anti-White polices (especially uncontrolled immigration). The brown America will owe them nothing, and collectively they an immunity to the “Holocaust” guilt that Whites have been brainwashed to bear. In fact, many of them have outright hostility toward them.
    Bad times are ahead for the USA, and other formerly White nations. Immigration is a “Hate Crime”.

  197. @Corrupt

    I lived in the Mideast for 5 years in the 90’s. Believe nothing that the media says about Iran. They are the ancient enemy of Israel. That puts everything into context.

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  198. @RecallCarlLevin

    I’ve read his magazine, “Culture Wars” for years. It’s a great resource.

  199. Corrupt says:

    Are you saying the current unrest is not happening? Is it all a psyop? In any event, my point wasn’t about Iran in particular, just that small random events can set off much larger events.

    • Replies: @OldWhiteMan
  200. Naw. The fact that you left out states like Missouri and Kentucky— Oklahoma, for God’s sake…

    Then there’s the Jews thing again. bush, clinton, obama, jarrett, bezos , pelosi, cuomo, pompeo (maybe it’s the italians) — then there’s the whole jihadi bunch — and don’t forget China— too many who are working with the gl0balists — who ARE the globalists (I’m sure Xi is not a nationalist!) don’t fall into that category and too many who do are powerless, and are more like you and me than like Klaus Schwab.

    This is sovereignty vs. totalitarianism, collectivism vs individualism, globalism vs nationalism, and there are people on both sides from all groups. It’s the wealth, the power, and the ideology they hold, not the nationality and heritage, though it would be super nice if we could identify all those who mean us harm and have the money and power to do it just by learning their (real) last name.

    So…prob in the minority here, but that’s okay. As far as the idea of secession goes, oh YES, please! These meaningless elections where you know who wins on election night (if there’s no clear winner, that means dems win.)…can’t believe writer didn’t see evidence of fraud…2000 mules didn’t convince you? Statistical anomalies? Old-fashioned common sense/logic?

    You really think biden won that election? Puh-leeze!

  201. @elmerfudzie

    Leaders of US, Mexico, and Canada have been meeting on this since George HW Bush first let the cat out of the bag with his NWO speech. Yes, that’s the plan because the plan is to dissolve the US and its prosperous, successful middle-class. The redistribution of their wealth and the dilution of their class has already begun– it is well on the way.

    Problem is, it will not be this giant country facing other countries. This is on the way to complete globalism with various “regions” around the globe, just like this one. They will not be in competition OR cooperation with each other. We will all be surveilled and living/working at the pleasure of the oligarchy at the top of the pyramid.

    It sounded so lovely, I almost hate to burst your bubble, but by the time I got to the “gangs” part, I knew you were writing satire, anyway.

    Ha ha. Funny!

    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
  202. Gore 2004 says:

    Choose wisely….

    What will young white America do without college football, NFL, NBA?

    Blacks provide a lot of entertainment for a lot of Americans. Period.

    Choose wisely…

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  203. Anonymous[203] • Disclaimer says:

    Bull no way they can have south of Redding, Ca. They show up north of there they will be fertilizer…

    Maybe you mean “North of Redding, CA”.
    The problem is that “large scale map” (many miles on ground vs. 1 inch on map) politicians tend to overlook local problems. The Middle East has complained endlessly about that, as has Sub-Saharan Africa.
    Redding and points North are apt to be sacrificed for the sake of coming to s0me sort of rapid deal, whatever its imperfections, rather than taking so long that large scale fighting or social collapse takes place or continues.
    Of course, including a rural area in a former US State that is dominated by cities is quite different from effectively administering that area, or even holing it.

    You might be interested in K. Schlichter’s “Turnbull” series, fiction against a background such as you suggest. Schlichter’s books are meant as warnings off worse case, but have a disturbing record of being predicted — that is, events very near those in his fiction have subsequently happened. Two books in particular address your situation: “Indian Country” and “Inferno”. Schichter has the background necessary to write realistic background for his fiction. Caution: the hero, Turnbull, survives enough deadly situations to be statistically almost impossible [1]. Don’t try this at home, or anywhere else, either.

    1] But there is a story that Saxe, Marshal of France, was berated by a guest to the effect that the Saxe had done nothing to earn his position. Saxe pointed out that five times in Saxe’s military career he had been in battles were one of the enemy got within 5 yards of Saxe and shot at him with a pistol. Saxe then offered something like half his fortune to the berating guest if the guest would agree to stand 5 yards away while Saxe fired one round from a pistol, but would give the fortune only if the guest survived. The guest declined.
    Point being, statistical impossibilities do occur, and that you shouldn’t bet on a statistical impossibility to occur. One does not like to think of the number of people as talented as Saxe who died at the end of their active duty military career.

  204. anarchyst says:

    Ashkenazi jews are NOT “semites” but are European converts…

  205. anarchyst says:
    @Gore 2004

    I’ve been criticizing White men for supporting professional “sports” for more than a few decades. I never watched that garbage…
    Not only the “Negro Felon League” and the “Negro Basketball Association” but even that bastion of truly white skills, NASCAR has been infected with “woke” ideology. When (((they))) banned the “Stars and Bars” flag, NASCAR sealed its fate, along with the promotion of affirmative action substandard negro driver “bubba” wallace complaining about “racist” garage door pulls, NASCARs fate was set.
    Let’s not forget the billions spent by White male “sports fans” on negro ball jerseys, caps and other “trinkets”, overpriced game tickets and taxpayer-subsidized stadiums (playpens), criminal steroid-addled costumed players who are paid millions of dollars to play children’s games.
    “Bread and circuses” which are provided to “quell the masses” are just as successful now as they were in ancient times…
    I realize that negro ball is “entertainment for the masses” and do look down derisively on grown White men who sport their favorite negro ball players clothing or other accouterments. I think to myself: “don’t you have anything better to do?”
    I cringe when I hear White men brag about “their favorite sportsball player”, quoting useless statistics about their favorite players and team.
    There are much better things for white men to do than watch negro ball sports.
    Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve yourself and your standard of living and devices…use your wisdom and knowledge to get your fellow Whites to THINK for themselves, not what to think, but HOW to think and to not just accept the pablum, lies and falsehoods of the mainstream media and useless professional sports.
    Message to White men: get away from the negro ball. You are much better than that…

    • Thanks: Gore 2004
    • Replies: @Bubba
  206. @HeartlanderH

    The gang component and associated issues were not meant to be satirical. During WWII, Lucky Luciano and his Genovese crime Family were commissioned by the US Navy to protect the shipping docks of NYC from Nazi sabotage, attack and minimize wild cat strikes by unionized dock workers i.e, Operation Underworld and this same agreement included cooperation by known Jewish mafioso’s. Introducing the element of a general clemency will provide a pause for gang leaders to consider consolidation thereby experience the first taste of capitalism and legitimate business enterprise. True, Lucky didn’t do a damn thing, made false promises etcetera but I contend that both sides of the fence have learned from this mistake.

    Should the world survive the aftermath of our next nuclear confrontation and possible all out war, strange bedfellows will emerge (anyway) and engage in intimate relations. Example; Russia, China, India, Iran and several ASEAN nations will form a political and financial umbrella equivalent to a North American consolidation, which is a far cry from globalization and in fact may cause similar realignments between smaller island nations and African nations….this may very well happen without major conflict and will certainly happen after WW III.

    Once an international and statutory law is promulgated, policing agencies such as FBI, Interpol, perhaps a new office within the OSCE will have prosecuting authority over various jurisdictions in North and South America, the EU and Five Eye’s countries. The Panama papers et al, can then proceed to arrest the tax dodgers and confiscate their ill gotten gains. Redistribution of this wealth will be returned to those individuals, organizations and countries most impacted by that crime.

  207. @Corrupt

    My point is that Iran (Persia) is an ancient enemy of the Jews. Modern Iran is the last of Israel’s adversaries still standing.
    Given the Jewish control of the news media in the USA, the incessant propaganda about Iran should be taken in context.
    When do you hear about the oppression of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? A Palestinian-American journalist was recently murdered by the IDF. Did you hear about that on the evening news?
    This principle is applicable to the constant drivel about Putin and Russia.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @elmerfudzie
    , @Corrupt
  208. @OldWhiteMan

    Reply to Oldwhite man from elmerfudzie: Practicing Jews have had active religious communities in and stable relation with, Iran for two thousand years. Living in peace, side by side with Iranians. Visit for additional details, tho there are many other similar webpages that provide similar accounts.

    The theocratic leaders and certain mullahs who issue fatwas or edicts are gradually redefining their roles within the modern secular state. This is typical of major world religions and their historical past. Examples; the Turkish Christian persecutions, Catholic Crusades and Inquisitions, Christian Salem Witch trials, associated physical torture methods, burning pyres constructed to purge demons from the (living) possessed, staged public executions and so on. Over the centuries these gruesome methods of control have changed form. They are now expressed through deliberate globalist efforts to instill Islamophobic and antisemitic, anti christian beliefs into street protests and mayhem. However many citizens of Israel and Iran (other places as well) do not identify themselves with such propaganda or government policies issued by the Malthusian globalists who identify themselves as “Zionists” or “christian” fundamentalists. In reality are Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s Revisionist brand of Zionism and usually belong to the Paul Wolfowitz/Leo Strauss NeoConservative cabal. Infecting as many as they can with either rabid hate or notions of apocalypse within western Occident nations and Israel.

    These Zionist-NeoCon persuasions if you will, have a strong atheistic element i.e., do not embrace teachings found in the Torah or Christian bible. They share no moral compass with people who actively practice Christian principles (non-violence) or Rabbinical teachings. Examples; Shabbat laws, kashrut laws, the sages, the ten commandments even for some, God’s Messiah, the first five books of the Christian Bible, with updated theological interpretations…..these are today’s practicing Jews and bible thumping Judeo-Christians. Philosophically they both are in direct opposition to City of London, Wall Street Banksters, entertainment moguls and political leaders who happen to have Jewish surnames but NO real association with orthodox, conservative or liberal Judaism.

    ASIDE: Ex-POTUS Clinton, conspicuously flaunted in public a bible in his hand, during the Monica Lewinsky fiasco… ditto Benjamin Netanyahu hanging out with Rabbis (Messianic or otherwise) trying to look like a pious practicing Jew but like Americans, the average Israeli won’t buy that sort of politicking – ask Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak!

    This Zionist-neocon movement greatly contributes to feeding the fires of hatred, instigate inter-ethnic frictions, religious frictions, make impossible claims that encompass territories of the former Emirate of Trans-Jordan and attempts to incorporate them into fashioning a new and greater Israel.

    • Thanks: Bubba
  209. Jack P says:

    Red states should not plan secession now, but should fund their own military forces and increasingly defy the Washington regime. And they should proudly unite in doing so. Maybe a “soft secession” will be enough. Or maybe not – and if not we’ll be more ready for the real deal.

  210. Corrupt says:

    “When do you hear about the oppression of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank?”

    As with many things, you don’t hear about it unless you look for it.

    “A Palestinian-American journalist was recently murdered by the IDF. Did you hear about that on the evening news?”

    No, but can we call an assassination of a newsperson by israel news? It seems to happen on a fairly regular basis.

  211. @Kinky Friedman

    A few blacks, like Candace Owens, now seem to grasp at least much of that, and so are working to try to open more than a few black eyes.

    Her George Floyd documentary is fabulous.

  212. Bubba says:

    Build something…repair something…study philosophy or technical journals on something that interests you, make something better, improve yourself and your standard of living and devices..

    Exactly, but unfortunately that ideal has been lost.

    We’re in the early stages of a dark age, but hopefully it will end and there will be another Renaissance in a few hundred years.

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