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Here There be Monsters
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We in America are neck-deep in a domestic political war to the finish. During the notable “kitchen debate” in Moscow in 1959, Nikita Khrushchev asserted that Richard Nixon’s grandchildren would live under communism, while Nixon argued that Khrushchev’s grandchildren would live in freedom. Both were correct, if not as either intended.

Americans generally applauded the implosion of the USSR and the collapse of communist regimes across Europe. Russia and some others today may not be ideal democracies, but they are a far sight better than 60-odd years ago – and in Russia’s case, more vibrant and more challenging as well.

Ironically, while external pressure and internal failings were bringing Lenin’s dream to ruins there, America and most of the West were rotting from within – victims of their own success in the Cold War and their misguided faith in the robustness of their own systems of government. The past year has brought that into stark relief.

The Democrats and their allies understand this clearly. They hold the upper hand in the Federal government, the media, academe and the streets. They did their best to make the country ungovernable during the Trump years. They needlessly locked down cities and states during the pandemic scare, all but ruining a robust economy. They sat back and watched their Antifa and BLM thugs riot, loot, burn, commit mayhem and even murder in hundreds of cities for months in 2020 in the walk-up to the election.

Then Democrats openly engaged in widespread election fraud to capture that election, aided and abetted by a compliant media and a refusal of the courts to hold them accountable. Now Democrats hold the White House and the Congress, and have begun their purge of Republican “threats” plus the implementation of a legislative agenda to codify their practices and position. They will make a shambles of governing here as their ilk have done everywhere else, but they have no intention of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on their march to power.

Most Republicans and almost all independents do not really understand this situation. They fail to understand that the Democrats today are not the Democrats of the days of Harry Truman and John Kennedy. If they did understand, they might have armed themselves and risen when Trump foolishly allowed Antifa-BLM rioters to rip the country apart for months on end, virtually unimpeded and often applauded by mostly Democrat mayors and governors, and most of the media.

But they did not. They are deluded by a toxic combination of disbelief and denial – disbelief that it can really be so bad, and denial that the Democrats and their even more radical allies really mean what they say. They foolishly appear to believe that this is simply an unusually brutal phase in our political life – worse than the 1960s but better than the eve of the Civil War – and that they can make some real gains in the 2022 mid-term elections, and regain power in 2024.

They are wrong. “Politics as usual” in America is dead. If the Democrats get their way, there may be some competitive elections in 2022 but not enough to matter, and before 2024 it will be a done deal – the U.S. for all intents and purposes will be a one-party state with, perhaps, some tame Republicans allowed to hold a few seats in Congress for the sake of appearances. It has happened before elsewhere. It can – and most likely will – happen in America now. Here there be monsters, indeed – and we bred them ourselves.

Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran. He served in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and is a graduate of the US Army War College. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Rational says:


    Yes, you are right overall. However, many RINO’s are not naïve—they are scared of the left wing media and Jewish donors. Just see what happened to patriots like Steve King and Sessions—the constant media lies brainwashed enough people to make them lose the election.

    The Republican party is so stupid that some are now going to support the amnesty—which will finish the Republican party for good, as there is already a majority of democratic voters already and the alien invasion will bring millions of more Democrats.

    Both parties are controlled by the Judaists. The MSM is 90% under Jewish control. Esp. CNN = Cosher News Network, which is the #1 purveyor of fake news.


    Do you think the alien invaders know or care about such things? They are just warm bodies trafficked in to vote for the Democratic party and cement Jewish supremacist one party totalitarian state, which is worse than Israel, because, even in Israel, there are many parties on the ballot, but the Judaists here will not allow any other party on the ballot. In Israel, B’Tselem was allowed to declare Israel a Jewish Supremacist state, but try that here, and Cosher News Network and SPLC will label you a hate group.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  2. Bite Moi says:

    Communism usually ends in mass murder. Better to stand on your feet and resist.

    • Replies: @Fred Not Him
    , @Eileen Kuch
  3. To vote, or not to vote in 2024?

    The answer would be ‘no’ to participating in what will be a sham election. It can’t be legitimized, even in appearance.

    Concentrate the legitimacy on local state power. Drive anyone out of office who isn’t on board with a patriotic agenda.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  4. As always, Dr. Sabrosky, you get to the point better than anyone else. I watched your long interview last year on a video, in which you posited that a 3 or 4 way civil war would break out in the wake of the then upcoming election. It appears now that you underestimated the willingness or ability of dissident nationalists in the United States to organize. I, myself, was quite disappointed, frankly, that nothing but submissiveness ensued, even when the scenario that did unfold — the obviously stolen election — was even more of an outrageous breach of our institutions than even I could fathom as being possible.

    And now, months later, with the forces of evil very much in charge, without much of a whimper from the opposition, I actually can foresee that these awful people might actually succeed in disarming the population of their guns and then eradicating anything recognizable as American values from the body politic.

    As a born American Jew, I have watched incredulously for the last 40 years as Israel revealed itself as the gangster state that it truly was. And then, when it became apparent, as evidence was amassed through intelligent dissidents in this country and others, that the Israelis had so infiltrated American institutions, by way of the fifth column of American Jews, that they could pull off 9-11, the election theft of 2020, and (as now became apparent) the assassinations and other false flag assaults upon America in the 20th Century — I developed the sick and sinking feeling that the moralistic blather I had been fed in my childhood by my parents and Jewish “educators,” as to the goodness of the Jews, was just that: blather!

    Perhaps communism — that other Jewish spawn which seems to arrive on little cat feet — will be our future here. It sure looks that way. The Jews, never stupid, seem to have learned a thing or two along the way, about how to sidle in their moralistic self interest without anyone catching on until it is too late. They (I exclude myself from being part of the “they” henceforth) disarmed the opposition to their malevolent scheme by foisting the “holocaust ideology” on trusting and decent Christians in the United States. By making themselves an eternal American victim, to join the black people whose ancestors may or may not have been slaves, they are seemingly above criticism by either party or by anyone for that matter who does not want to be exiled from all social relations. Their temple is the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., which has supplanted the synagogue as their true home. Anyone who offers criticism is now automatically an anti-semite and a holocaust denier.

    We are, in short, finished as a democratic and moral nation, unless we can start calling out the Jews for what they have done to our beloved land. You called, a few years ago I think, for the obliteration of Israel by the 6th Fleet, or some such thing. It is probably too late now, to arrest the malignancy since it has spread so insidiously into the United States. What hope now?

    • Thanks: tgordon, Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Coll Doll
  5. Coll Doll says:
    @Gina Schrank

    wow — Gina, you are a brave jew. and don’t you think the jews are behind the plandemic and Agenda 2030?

    • Replies: @Gina Schrank
  6. @Coll Doll

    Probably, because the Jews are plenty smart, as a whole. When you combine sharp brains with a seriously warped moral compass, it is “Katie Bar the Door” for just about anything evil or sinister. I am not sure what the Agenda 2030 is, but the “coincidence” of the pandemic in 2020, the election fraud in 2020, and the destruction of the cities by “Jewish fueled” hoodlums acting under the false flag of “systemic racism” suggests to me that Jewish money or Jewish malevolence is surely a root of the coronavirus as well. I know whereof I speak. Even my older brother, who I used to think was pretty intelligent and moral, told me last year that white supremacists were tearing up the cities. If I had seen what was coming, maybe I would have been even more suspicious of his promotion of Kamala Harris to be president. I haven’t spoken to him in months. We seem to live on different planets. Much the same thing could be said, I suppose, for many other families which have split apart into two different factions (i.e. sane and insane). I apparently didn’t get the family memo that was to inform me that the Jews don’t have dual loyalties after all. They have one loyalty and that is to Israel (unless, I suppose, they also have a loyalty to “mammon.” I suppose we would have to consult Shakespeare on that one.) Thanks for your kind words.

    • Replies: @James Scott
    , @Cat
  7. The USA. Populated by sheep. Run by wolves. Owned by pigs.

    We are an Oligarchy. The pigs are using the Deep State and the DNC to deliver the sheep as serfs to the Globalist Neo Feudalism wherein the pigs have everything and the sheep have nothing. Yes. One party rule has arrived. It is not permissible to speak against the party. Sending Republicans to Washington is a waste of effort. Nothing good can come from Imperial Washington. Separation is the only way forward. We must remove ourselves from Washington’s jurisdiction.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @profnasty
  8. @beavertales

    Agreed. Separation begins with localism. Focus on your Mayor, Sheriff, City Council and Board of Education. Get to know your neighbors. Withdraw your support of corporat media. Buy local. If at all posible, home school. And teach your children it’s Okay to be White.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  9. bj0311 says:

    The ascent into the spheres of liberalism and democracy lasted a hundred years. But lo and behold, it gradually began to lose speed as it came closer to the apex, the turning point of its trajectory; then after a brief stasis, it started moving backward, in an increasingly rapid descent. And with the same vigor as before, it carried its passengers away from freedom and back to tyranny. Whoever kept staring at the sky instead of hanging on to the swing grew dizzy and tumbled out.

    Whoever wishes to avoid getting dizzy must try to grasp the laws of motion governing the swing. Because what we are facing is clearly a pendulum swing of history, from absolutism to democracy, from democracy to absolute dictatorship.
    —Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon

    Whoever enters into opposition against a dictatorship must accept civil war as a means. Whoever shies away from civil war must abandon opposition and accept the dictatorship.
    —Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon

  10. @Rational

    Perhaps no one is more responsible than the incompetent Sessions for the destruction of Trump’s agenda. His cowardly recusal in the face of the Russia gate scam forced the Trump Admin to spend 3 long years defending itself from Hillary’s traitorous vindictiveness. Many on the right like Sessions because of his stance on immigration, but, when push came to shove, he failed his president. and failed his country.

    On another note, Sabrosky is right to condemn Trump for doing nothing last year to stop the democrat sanctioned Antifa/BLM riots. If Trump had put down the riots instead of just complaining about blue state governors, he may still have lost the election thru voter fraud. But, he would have shown his millions of deplorable supporters that he had the balls to fight back, and that they should too. He didn’t, now millions of White people, with suicides and drug OD’s at all time highs, have thrown in the towel and have concluded that all is lost.

  11. @WorkingClass

    I like your allusion, even if unintended, to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

    BTW, I second your opinion that secession is the only way forward.

  12. profnasty says:

    Sabrosky is a rare bird. He is absolutely correct. And completely ignored.
    America- Woe be gone.

  13. profnasty says:

    Have you noticed there is absolutely no effort to organize Trump’s voting bloc? 70m good Americans that can’t even say hello on the street.
    Are we ashamed to be White? It would seem so.
    50million could win as a third party.
    Trump can go to hell. Liar.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  14. @profnasty

    70 million? Seventy million?
    As the “elections” unfolded, I made some quick mental calculations:
    Biden “won” by just a few percent. But we know that the counting machines “flipped” 30% of the votes. For Biden to end up with just over 50%, Trump originally would have had just over 70% PERCENT, not million, PERCENT of the votes. It is common Bolshevik practice to use the correct numbers in the wrong context.
    I dunno how many people voted, alive or dead, but even with the graveyard votes, Trump had over 70%. Then came those midnight vans full of ballots, of course, another story.
    It really is a shame how 70% of America voted for a man who would not even bother laying one single charge against people who libelled, assaulted and directly and publically threatened his life. Not even once!
    In the end, he was more concerned about Israel’s budget than about his voters…
    But to be fair, the poor, naive fool understood not one single thing about politics when he threw his hat into the ring, and as far’s I can see, he learned nothing new since.

    • Agree: profnasty
  15. Appaya says:

    When the lights go out the Leftist’s pet hordes of miscreants, cretins and goblins will be having mthem for lunch by day three and bon appetit to that!

  16. @Bite Moi

    This is is a no brainer.
    The Root Perpetrators are a tiny minority and we surround them EVERYWHERE in daily life. We prepare their food. We clean their pools. We’re the guy standing next to them on a subway platform or nightclub urinal. We’re the cleaning lady and “Amazon driver” or pizza guy.

    Michael Collins could solve this in a fortnight.

    No camps this time.

  17. @Gina Schrank

    Jews are the dumbest group on the planet. Nepotism and no morals coupled with control the Central Banks is the only reason for jews success. If you were a smart people you would stop what you are doing and learn from the past. this article is wrong on almost all points. the USA is still the land of milk and honey and fat happy people will never rebel. Scarcity is coming because jew perfidy always causes scarcity.

    When there is no food in the white mans cupboards jews are fucked in the USA.

    You Gina are not going to be an exception.

  18. The reference to the “kitchen debate” is interesting for a number of reasons. Khrushchev said that he helped Kennedy win because he made Kennedy look better than Nixon. In reality, even in 1959, both countries were living under communism, depending on how you define the commune. In the USSR, it was clear the “commune” was the politburo. It decided who was favoured. In the US, the commune was the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. They decide who is favoured.
    Communism and capitalism (for more than a century) are the two sides of the same shekel. The only issue is which side gets to be heads.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  19. @Bite Moi

    Yes indeed, Bite Moi; Communism does end in mass murder (The former USSR and Mao’s China are real examples). It’s a whole lot better to stand on your feet and resist; secession’s another method.

  20. Readers,
    Consider the following definition of Communism by the Society of Classical Poets:

    Communism, including its first phase (socialism), is an ideology based on destroying harmony among social classes and eliminating traditional beliefs and moral values.

  21. Cat says:
    @Gina Schrank

    Are Elite Jews Responsible for COVID-NWO?
    By “Esther Watcher” – July 10, 2020

    Anatomy of a Global Psyop
    By “Esther Watcher” – August 29, 2020

  22. @Curmudgeon

    One of the demands of Karl Marx in 1848 was a central bank with money monopoly. And when I find that almost all of his demands have been met, I can only conclude that Marxism has captured the world to an extent more than we admit.

  23. “Rome and Jerusalem” by Moses Hess, 1862 was the first iteration of what came to be known as communism and zionism but also described something called “Jewish science”. It is a short book.

  24. Brutus says:

    This is not a battle of flesh and blood.
    We are living through judgment for throwing God’s Law out and substituting our own.

    For not doing what God said to do and doing what He said not to.

    What is happening to the US is laid out is scripture and has happened to other similar countries in the past.

    Go to Sermon audio dot com and search how God destroys nations. find the 5 sermon series.

    Take notes and pay attention.


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