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HBO’s ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Is Latest Anti-Russian Cold War Propaganda
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In 2017, explosive allegations first emerged that the authorities of the Chechen Republic were reportedly interning gay men in concentration camps. After a three year period of dormancy, the accusations have resurfaced in a new feature length documentary by HBO Films entitled Welcome to Chechnya. Shot between mid-2017 and early last year, the film has received widespread acclaim among Western media and film critics. Shortly after its release last month, the Trump administration and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced an increase in economic sanctions and imposed travel restrictions against Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and his family, citing the putative human rights abuses in the southern Russian republic covered in the film.

Most of the boilerplate reviews of Welcome to Chechnya have heaped particular praise upon the documentary’s novelty use of ‘deepfake’ technology to hide the identities of alleged victims in the cinematic investigation. Yet at the closing of the film, one subject who previously appears with his likeness concealed by AI reveals himself at a news conference without the disguise—rendering the prior use of synthetic media fruitless. Maxim Lapunov, who is not even ethnically Chechen but a Russian native of Siberia, is still the only individual to have gone public with the charges. Despite the obvious credibility and authenticity questions regarding the use of such controversial technology, it has not prevented critics from lauding it unquestioningly. Unfortunately, even some in alternative media have been regurgitating the film’s propaganda such as The Intercept, a slick online news publication owned by billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar whose financial ties to the national security state and U.S. soft power institutions conflict with the outlet’s purported mission. Notably, The Intercept’s glowing review of Welcome to Chechnya was written by Mehdi Hasan, a journalist who also works for Al-Jazeera, a news agency owned by the ruling emirs of Qatar, a theocratic dictatorship where homosexuality is actually illegal .

The documentarians follow the work of a purported network of activists who evacuate individuals like Lapunov out of the Caucasian republic. This is the film’s primary source of drama, despite their encountering seemingly no difficulty from the local authorities in doing so. We are then subjected to random cell phone clips of apparent hate crimes and human rights abuses going on, but at no point does the film crew even visit the Argun prison where the anti-gay pogroms are alleged to have taken place. In 2017, the imperial hipsters at Vice news were given unrestricted access to the facility where nothing was found and the warden adamantly denied the allegations — but not without expressing his own disapproval of homosexuality which was assumed by his interrogators to be evidence of the detentions having occurred. In the HBO documentary, a similar hatchet job is done to Ramzan Kadyrov, whose uncomfortable denial of the existence of homosexuality in the deeply conservative and predominantly Muslim republic is implied to be proof that the purges must be happening. One may recall this same sort of smear tactic was previously done to former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However, Kadyrov and the warden’s predictable responses to the subject serve only as confirmation bias, not confirmation.

The selective outrage in response to the alleged purges, like all things Russia-related, is highly politicized. Western viewers would have no idea that of the 74 countries worldwide where homosexuality is still criminalized, Russia isn’t among them. In more than a dozen of those nations, same-sex activity is punishable by death, a few of which happen to be close strategic allies of the United States, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. As recently as 2017, the U.S. was one of 13 countries to vote against a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution condemning countries with capital punishment for same-sex relations to avoid falling-out with those allies, most of which have legal systems established on their respective interpretations of Sharia law. While the local authorities of the Muslim-majority Chechen Republic have been allowed to introduce some elements of the fundamentalist religious code by the Russian government such as the banning of alcohol and gambling and requiring the wearing of hijab by women, as a federal subject it is still ultimately beholden to Russia’s secular constitution. In fact, it was Kadyrov’s predecessor, Alu Alkhanov, who hoped to govern Chechnya with Sharia law, not the current administration. Credulous audiences would have no clue that Kadyrov actually represents the more moderate wing of Chechen politics because there is absolutely no history or context provided, a deliberately misleading choice on the part of the filmmakers.

The absence of any historical background deceptively suggests that theanti-gay sentiment in the mostly Muslim North Caucasus is somehow an extension of the homophobia in Russia itself, despite the autonomous differences in religion, culture, and society. In the last decade, the weaponization of identity politics has been central to Washington’s ongoing demonization of Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, with the issue of LGBT rights particularly given significant attention. While homosexuality is decriminalized, there is admittedly no legal prohibition of discrimination against the LGBT community in Russia. In particular, human rights groups have condemned the notorious federal law passed in 2013 known as the ‘gay propaganda law’ that forbids the distribution of information promoting “non-traditional sexual relations” to minors, which entails the banning of gay pride parades and other LGBT rights demonstrations. However, the measure enjoys widespread support among the Russian people whose social conservatism has been resuscitated by the Orthodox Church since the breakup of the Soviet Union. It is rather ironic and hypocritical that the West has since taken issue with this turn, considering it facilitated that political transformation.

In reality, the reason for the relentless vilification of Putin has absolutely nothing to to do with the exaggerated plight of gays in Russia and a lot more to do with the reversal of policies under his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. In the nineties, the mass privatization of the former state-owned enterprises during Russia’s conversion to capitalism resulted in the instant impoverishment of millions and the rapid rise of the notorious ‘oligarchs’ which the West characterized at the time as progression towards democracy. In the loans-for-shares scheme, a new ruling class of bankers and industrialists accumulated enormous wealth overnight and by the middle of the decade, owned or controlled much of the country’s media outlets. The oligarchs held enormous power and influence over the deeply unpopular Yeltsin, who would surely have lost reelection in 1996 without their backing and the assistance of Western meddling in the form of massive loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

While economic disparity and corruption persists today, overall the Russian economy has been rebuilt after its energy assets were re-nationalized and brought back under state control by the Putin administration, resulting in improved living standards and income levels for the last two decades. By the same measure, the Russian people can hardly be blamed for associating homosexuality with the unbridled neoliberalism, vulture capitalism and draconian austerity imposed on their country by Western capital. It is also truly paradoxical that the notion of “Russian oligarchs” has become synonymous with Putin in the minds of Westerners when many of the most obscenely wealthy oligarchs of the Yeltsin era now live in exile as his most ardent political opponents after they faced prosecution for their financial crimes. Not coincidentally, the initial reports of the ‘gay gulags’ in Chechnya were published in Novaya Gazeta, an anti-Putin newspaper partly owned by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, the very man who ushered in the economic liberalization which auctioned off the state assets to oligarchs like co-owner Alexander Lebedev.

Gorbachev’s reforms, particularly that of perestroika (“restructuring”), also had destructive consequences for the national question and ethno-regional interests. V.I. Lenin had famously called the Russian Empire a “prison house of nations”, in reference to its heterogeneous range of nationalities and ethnic groups. The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 especially re-agitated ethno-national conflicts in the Caucasus, a region that had enjoyed several decades of relative harmony and stability under socialism with rights and representation that did not exist in pre-revolutionary Russia. While Azerbaijan and Georgia were granted independence, Chechnya and many other municipalities remained under federal control of the Russian Federation, as sovereignty did not constitutionally apply because it had never been an independent state. Not to mention, its oil and gas reserves are essential to Russia’s very economic survival.

The jihadism which plagued the Caucasus was an outgrowth of the U.S.-backed ‘holy war’ in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the brainchild of Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor in the Jimmy Carter administration. It was the Polish-born Brzezinski who not only authored the geostrategy of arming the mujahideen against the Soviets but the efforts to turn Russia’s own large Muslim minority community against them. This was mostly unsuccessful as the majority of its 20 million Muslims (10% of the population) are harmoniously integrated into Russian society, but the Atlanticists did fan the flames of a militant secessionist movement in Chechnya that erupted in a violent insurgency and became increasingly Islamist as the conflict dragged on. For Washington, the hope was that the West could gain access to Caspian oil by encouraging the al-Qaeda-linked separatists rebranded as “rebels” vulnerable to its domination in the energy-rich region. The collapse of the USSR already escalated hostilities between the intermingling ethnic communities of the region, but the antagonisms were intensified by CIA soft power cutouts like the Jamestown Foundation fomenting the secessionist insurrection. As the separatist movement grew increasingly Wahhabist thanks to U.S.-ally Saudi Arabia, its more moderate nationalist faction led by Akhmad Kadyrov eventually defected back to the Russian side. The elder Kadyrov would pay the price when he was assassinated in a 2004 stadium bombing in Grozny during an annual Victory Day celebration, with his son becoming one of his successors.

The Kremlin’s support for the Kadyrovs should be understood as a compromise which prevented the more radical Islamists from taking power, which apparently Washington would be happier with running the North Caucasus. What a human rights utopia Chechnya would be as a breakaway Islamic state, under the salafists which during the Chechen wars committed unspeakable acts of terrorism including the taking of hospital patients, theater goers, and even hundreds of schoolchildren as hostages. One can be certain that if there aren’t anti-gay pogroms going on in Chechnya now, there definitely would be without the likes of Kadyrov in power. In the documentary, what the Chechen leader does implicitly acknowledge may be occurring are individual honor killings within families and clans, a social problem common in other Muslim countries such as Pakistan, and certainly not a human rights issue particular to Chechnya. Many instances of honor killings in the Muslim world have included homosexuality as a motive for the extrajudicial killings by relatives of victims believed to have betrayed the family honor. On the other hand, Kadyrov himself has overseen the establishment of unprecedented reconciliation commissions to address the issue of honor culture, blood feuds and vendetta codes of Caucasian tribes. Kadyrov’s promotion of reconciliation has made significant progress in reducing such killings which were rampant during the Chechen Wars as family members would often seek to avenge the deaths of loved ones. Now that the region is in a period of relative stability, peace and economic recovery, with the once devastated city of Grozny now known as the ‘Dubai of the North Caucasus’, the West is suddenly feigning concern over human rights.

The swift end brought to the conflict by Putin was another reason for his becoming a target of Washington who had been counting on the balkanization of southern Russia. In a pinnacle of imperial projection, the explanation for Putin’s rise to power has since been revised by the Atlanticists to his having somehow secretly masterminded the 1999 Moscow apartment bombings while director of the Federal Security Service (FSB, the KGB’s successor), as if the neocons hope to deflect all of the longstanding rumors about the Bush administration and the 9/11 attacks onto the Kremlin. Except this Machiavellian conspiracy would be a lot more believable if the Chechen wars had not been going on since the early nineties, with much worse terrorist attacks already having been committed by the separatists, such as the taking of thousands of hospital patients as hostages in southern Russia. Since the end of the Chechen Wars, on the flip side the U.S. has also backed Russian opposition figure and Putin critic Alexei Navalny, a right-wing Islamophobe who has pledged to secede the North Caucasus while comparing its Muslim inhabitants to cockroaches. Despite his anti-immigrant rhetoric and minuscule 2% support among Russians, Navalny has been depicted as a “pro-democracy” and “anti-corruption” campaigner in Western media, who have been crying foul over his recent suspected poisoning in Russia and ensuing comatose airlift to Germany. If only the naive American liberals who read The New York Times and The Washington Post had any idea that Mr. Navalny has far more in common with the dreaded Mr. Trump than Putin does.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has already experienced blowback for its nurturing of terrorism in the Caucasus in the form of the Boston Marathon bombings, which recently returned to the news when convicted Chechen-American perpetrator Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence was vacated on appeal last month. In the aftermath of the April 2013 attacks, it was revealed that Tsarnaev’s deceased older brother and co-conspirator Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been radicalized attending seminars financed by the Jamestown Foundation while traveling abroad in Tblisi, Georgia, and the brothers’ uncle Ruslan Tsarni had previously been married to the daughter of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officer Graham Fuller, Brzezinski’s CIA station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan, during the Afghan-Soviet war. It also came to light that ‘Uncle Ruslan’ had previously worked for the CIA-linked United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and established a company called the Congress for Chechen International Organizations which funded Islamic militants in the Caucasus. Despite the astounding ‘coincidences’ surrounding the Tsarnaev clan, Uncle Ruslan was never considered a person of interest by the FBI, who had ignored warnings by the Russian FSB of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s extremism prior to the attacks.

Two years before Putin’s election, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the prime mover of the West‘s plan to dominate the globe by using Islam to bring down the USSR in delivering the Soviet equivalent of the Vietnam War, wrote in The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997):

“…The last decade of the twentieth century has witnessed a tectonic shift in world affairs. For the first time ever, a non-Eurasian power has emerged not only as a key arbiter of Eurasian power relations but also as the world’s paramount power. The defeat and collapse of the Soviet Union was the final step in the rapid ascendance of a Western Hemisphere power, the United States, as the sole and, indeed, the first truly global power.”

Those words were written before the return of both Russia and China on the world stage, developments that have thrown a monkey wrench into Washington’s plans which the Russophobic Warsaw-native did not anticipate in his blueprint for Western hegemony. When the U.S.-backed headchoppers in the Syrian war nearly had control of Damascus, just a thousand miles or so from Sochi, the threat of jihadism returning to the Caucasus became very real. Beginning at the Munich Conference in 2007, Putin had begun to criticize the monopolistic expansion of NATO on Russia’s borders — but after the subsequent overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi where Moscow witnessed Libya transformed into a hotbed of terrorism like post-Saddam Iraq, the prospect of the same happening in Syria was an existential threat that could not be tolerated. In mainstream media, reality has been inverted where Moscow’s self-defense has been portrayed as expansionism, even though the so-called “annexation” of Crimea was virtually nonviolent compared to the Nazi junta initiated by Washington in Ukraine and the Russian-speaking people of Donetsk and Luhansk who voted to join Russia did not wish to end up like those massacred in Odessa. Besides, is the U.S. not currently annexing northeast Syria? The Crimean parliament and Syrian government invited Moscow, while the same cannot be said for the US presence in violation of international law.

Those with no respect for the sovereignty of nations in Washington would prefer Americans to see Russia as an adversary. During the Cold War, the threat was communism, but with capitalism restored in Eastern Europe, it became necessary to manipulate liberals into perceiving Russia as a ultra conservative regime. They must also keep Americans from knowing the true history of US-Russia relations — that Russia was the first nation to recognize American independence when Catherine the Great’s neutrality during the Revolutionary War indirectly aided the Thirteen Colonies in their victory against the Loyalists and Great Britain. During the War of Independence, the Russian Empress had maintained relations with the U.S. and rebuffed British requests for military assistance. The Russian Empire also later helped secure the Union victory during the Civil War, with an Imperial Navy fleet off the shores of the Pacific preventing the Confederates from landing troops on the west coast and deterring intervention by the British and the French. Then as Allies in WWII, while the U.S. was victorious in the Pacific, it was the Soviets who truly won the war in Europe, a feat the Anglo-Americans are still trying to take credit for to this day. Unfortunately, despite his promising rhetorical embrace of détente with Moscow that has made him the subject of political persecution, Donald Trump has proven to be every bit as hostile toward Russia as his forerunners. With the latest actions taken by his state department regarding Chechnya that are right out of the Brzezinski playbook, the idiom that “the more things change, the more they stay the same” certainly applies to Washington and US-Russia relations.

Max Parry is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst. His writing has appeared widely in alternative media. Max may be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Male homosexual acts were legalised in the USSR in 1919. It’s still legal in Russia and no Russian could imagine that it’s a policy recently invented in the USA.

    There are still conservative Moslems in Chechnya and they’d disapprove of homosexuality strongly. They are the Chechens that the USA supports. [email protected]

    • Replies: @Korenchkin
  2. Exile says:

    The Intercept is a glow-in-the-dark honeypot and it’s top journo Greenwald’s role in the Snowden leaks is questionable at best.

    Even its name is a darkly comic nod to Operation Paperclip-style controlled media.

  3. Franz says:

    Good explanation on why Russia is the go-to bad guy.

    Might be a bit of institutional laziness also? After all, our Oligarchs spent millions for decades to make Russia the Evil Empire in the western mind. Why let all that brainwashing go to waste when you can just re-brand it?

    You don’t switch villains in the middle of a stream of lies, to borrow an old campaign quote.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Marshall Lentini
  4. I thought Chechnya was Muslim…..bit like Saudi Arabia being Muslim. Don’t Muslim countries have a big problem with homosexuality – at one level quite widespread for social reasons – yet massively persecuted to preserve Public Virtue and Private Hypocrisy ?

    US has its own peculiar foibles in other areas

  5. Homosexuality is a mental and spiritual disease. Repulsive and filthy creatures suffer from the disease.

    Somehow godless kikes have convinced many people, West and East, that homosexuality is normal, genetic, and homosexuals deserve rights.

    Homosexuals should be exterminated without any sympathy.

    • Agree: G J T
    • Replies: @Neo-Socratic
    , @Pablo 51
  6. Ghali says:

    Not only in Qatar, but also in all other Gulf Sheikdoms homosexuality is a death sentence. Mehdi Hasan is not critique. he is an illiterate scum.

  7. Russia is indeed a country with dictatorship.
    Putin, a man who tries to project the image of a masculine guy, while poisoning and eliminating his political rivals in the most….sneaky, feminine, emasculating way, hunt down LGBT people and people of different political ideologies, bullying the weaklings. Ah, thats what a real Alpha would do. He, and Conan the barbarian 😀

    Russia, a country where tv and social media are all controlled by government and oil oligarchs.

    I feel pity for the Russian people.

  8. remo says:

    Identifying the Boston bombing as a Chechnian response to Amercian(sic) provocateuring, but not CIA Graham FULLER and USAID part (alongside CRAFT international) as evidence of that attack being FalseFlag….just as was 911 a Mossad/CIA deception allowing the illegal regime change wars to smash their way across the Middle East…. seems to miss a point ?

    BOSTON was a staged event. Designed with the Tsarnev brothers as patsy. Building on the anti Russian psyop.

    • Agree: foolisholdman
  9. padre says:

    Well, that has allways been USA attitude towards democracy, human rights and dictatorships!Franco, Salazar, miltary hunta in Greece,Idi Amin,Pinochet,Saud were allright, but Lumumba, Fidel Castro,Allende,Mao,Chavez are comprising all the 3-way evilnes mentioned above!

  10. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    The US has tried to undermine Russia through its weak link of having diversity within it’s borders. It has also interfered in their elections. Hmm, sounds familiar in some way. Most people’s lives don’t revolve around issues of homosexuality but nevertheless it has been made to seem to be an important issue for Americans. When you start hearing some country is treating its homosexuals, women and heretofore obscure and unknown groups such as Uyghurs very badly you know it’s part of some propaganda campaign.

  11. The Wolfenden Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution, 1965 (from Smith and Hogan’s Criminal Law):

    to preserve public order and decency, to protect the citizen from what is offensive and injurious, and to provide sufficient safeguards against exploitation and corruption of others, particularly those who are specially vulnerable… It is not… the function of the law to intervene in the private lives of citizens, or to seek to enforce any particular pattern of behaviour, further than is necessary to carry out the purposes we have outlined.

    I quote this to my gay friends in the UK, and explain that Putin’s and Russia’s position on homosexuality is 100% in line with British legal thinking, before homosexual rights went beyond the law, and demanded the right for gay adults to groom children, and force a particular pattern of behaviour on them!

    (they don’t like reasoned arguments!)

    Thailand does it right – they don’t allow their transvestite community to serve in the military, or to teach in schools. Fair enough, adults can do what they want, so long as it is not damaging to society.

  12. Trinity says:

    Russia/Soviet Union should have been the enemy in World War II, not Germany. Yeah, I know the Japanese attacked America but we all know about Pearl Harbor. Funny how “our leaders” in the West TOTALLY IGNORED THE HOLODOMOR in 1932-1933. No cries from FDR’s Jewish overlords, Henry Morgenthau, or Bernard Baruch to save starving Ukrainians or no book written about why the Soviet Union must perish by Theodore Kaufman. I don’t believe that America or their bestest best friend forever, Israel, spent much time trying to capture old Soviet war criminals like Lazar Kaganovich later on either. “The Wolf Of The Kremlin” lived to the ripe old age of 97 and died just 5 months before the old Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. WE FOUGHT ON THE WRONG SIDE IN WORLD WAR II, that should have been crystal clear to the average American in the years that followed the “good war,” but I guess I overestimated the intelligence of the average American. In the year 2020, Russia should be one of our biggest allies, Russia might just be our last hope for preserving a predominately White and Christian nation. Oh, so that is why Russia is hated so much by the so-called, (((Deep State))) aka (((Globalists))) aka (((elites))) aka Jewish Supremacists bent on destroying White nations, Christianity, and Western Civilization. Russia should be OUR ALLY, not Israel.

    • Agree: Franklin Ryckaert, Rurik
  13. @Donald A Thomson

    In 1933, the Soviet government under Stalin recriminalised sex between men.

  14. Gays are the most obedient radicals for their elite masters. Better than blacks. Makes sense the elite would use them against Russia. It also helps our elite Russia criminalizes homosexuality. Gotta have a boogeyman like Putin to make their never ending, belligerent scam to work.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    Many if not most Western gays are black so you saying “gay” and “black” as if they are mutually exclusive doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Most gays are non-white, the media tends to portray homosexuals as being predominantly white men because the media is anti-white.

    • Replies: @foolisholdman
  16. Trinity says:

    How many gays are there really? Other than putting up with a few snide remarks, how many gays have been attacked for being gay vs. how many Whites have been attacked for their skin color by Blacks, Arabs, and Hispanics in North America and in Europe? Black on White violence far outnumbers attacks on gays or transgenders even per capita in America, but we all know that (((our media))) not only covers up Black on White violence and Black racism, but they actually ENCOURAGE IT by inciting racial hatred against Whites. Face it, MOST Blacks are highly emotional, bipolar and lack impulse control, and they are easily manipulated to hate Whitey by the instigating and lying media. (((The media))) has been instigating division between the overwhelmingly straight population vs. the tiny homosexual population as of late. Most people left alone, could care less about someone and their sex life, yours truly only cares about my sex life or lack of a sex life. hehe. Most straight people don’t give two shits what two consenting homosexual adults do in their private time, however, we do object to hearing, reading, about it or being told to accept it as normal, because IT IS NOT NORMAL.

    Like Black on White violence, (((the media))) covers up crimes committed by homosexuals against straight people. A young boy, 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising, was repeatedly raped before being murdered by two male homosexual lovers back in 1999. Once again, (((the media))) proved how biased they are in their reporting. The Dirkhising case garnered little coverage while the Matthew Shepard case involving two straight men attacking and murdering the homosexual Shepard was covered around the clock. Of course, it also has to be noted that a significant portion of serial killers are often homosexual. John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas, to name but a few. While I don’t care about someone’s sexual orientation as long as they keep it away from me, I still go along with the opinion that homosexuality is indeed a mental illness developed over time and is not something one is born with.

  17. Meimou says:

    The Russian Empire also later helped secure the Union victory during the Civil War, with an Imperial Navy fleet off the shores of the Pacific preventing the Confederates from landing troops on the west coast and deterring intervention by the British and the French

    This was a good thing because…

  18. Pancho says:

    Now, what’s the problem? When Castro did interned homosexuals (the term “gay” had not been coined yet) into concentration camps in Cuba, the gay community in San Francisco kept loving him. The “Venceremos Brigades,” mostly composed of gays and lesbians, kept visiting Cuba and ignored the fact that Castro, his brother Raúl and Che Guevara were harassing and persecuting homosexuals. How can anybody explain this double standard?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. Z-man says:

    Like I’ve said until I’m blue in the face, the International Jew hates Putin for reestablishing Christian Orthodoxy as the ‘almost state religion’ of Mother Russia. They really hate that!
    Putin Trump Axis DA!
    I’m hoping that in a second term Trump jettisons all the Christian Zionists and Neocons including his weird looking son in law and his ditzy daughter. Ya gotta have hope!

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @neutral
  20. @European Greek

    Is that you Tiny ? Changed your alias I see. You forgot to mention Putler persecuting POCs and Muslims.😜

  21. neutral says:

    The international jew does hate him for the Christian Orthodox thing, but even deeper is their hatred for all white people.

    • Agree: Trinity
  22. Agent76 says:

    April 25, 2019 The 70 Years of NATO: From War to War

    NATO Is Born from the Bomb
    Section I of the documentation presented at the International Conference on the 70th Anniversary of NATO in Florence, April 7, 2019 Documentation presented at the International Conference on the 70th Anniversary of NATO, Florence, April 7, 2019.

    Apr 4, 2019 NATO EXIT: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

    NATO is a criminal entity, an instrument of the Pentagon. There is no “Alliance”. There is military Occupation.

  23. @Tru Truthfully

    Homosexuals should be exterminated without any sympathy.

    How very ‘Christian’ of you. Others might say delusional ignoramuses who believe in Middle Eastern superstitions should be executed without sympathy.

    • Replies: @Pablo 51
    , @A.R.
  24. Anonymous[318] • Disclaimer says:

    Because they’re not white mainly. Homosexuals are persecuted in many Muslim countries, but for the most part it isn’t homosexuals criticising them for it, it’s straight white conservatives. Homosexuals in Western countries mostly side with Muslims against said conservatives.

  25. @European Greek

    Russia, a country where tv and social media are all controlled by government and oil oligarchs.

    And, who controls the Western media? A small group of tribe members, who’s main objective seems to be the emasculation of White Christian males.

  26. Why would Chechens, a noble group of Caucasians, suck up to the beastly Arabs and their religious creed which is beyond the pale? Islam isn’t conducive to reasoning! Why pray five times a day instead of, say, three or seven or on every hour of the day, i.e. 24 times a day? Anyone got the answer?

    • LOL: Daniel Chieh
    • Replies: @Druid55
  27. anonymous[437] • Disclaimer says:

    Golf clap for great tongue in cheek, Max! Yeah right, Tsarnaev was radicalized. And I’m a pretty ballerina, watch me twirl!

    Poor Tam got ratfucked ten ways to Sunday with various fake accusations and immigration red tape so CIA could frogmarch through this ridiculous jihadi minstrel show in Boston and the Caucasus. It was just like when CIA made Lee Harvey Oswald act like a commie so they could frame him for whacking JFK. CIA extorted Tsarnaev to act like a lone-nut Islamoperp so they could frame him when they blew up the Boston Marathon finish line. Tsarnaev was a patsy. Jokar is a metapatsy, guiltless as the day is long.

    The FSB had a friendly word with Tam when he went home. He knew exactly what he was in for. Poor bastard was tracked, traced, and observed with his CIA handler here at home too, thanks in part to CIA’s characteristic shit-for-brains OPSEC. Every step of the way.

    Let us just say Tam was not a willing participant in his Muzzie charade. CIA was panicked to find out what Tam said when he groused to his buds. That’s why CIA killed Ibragim Todashev with a motley death squad of unemployable loser pig Aaron McFarlane and two crooked Masshole State Police dipshits, Curtis Cinelli and Joel Gagne.

    Russia and the world have got CIA hopelessly busted for armed attack on the domestic civilian population. It’s not just the BMB, either. It’s CIA’s systematic strategy of tension. They attacked us with Andreas Strassmeir at OKC and with Ali Mohamed at the WTC both times. When the American people find out CIA is killing us to scare us and control us, they are going to go down to Langley and put some heads on sticks. It’s going to be the Payback Show, with your zombie corpse hosts Nicolae and Elena!

  28. Talha says:

    Anyone got the answer?

    Yeah…God says so. That’s the answer. If He said fifty, it’d be fifty, if He demanded two, it’d be two.

    Islam means submission to the will of God.


  29. @Talha

    I did a long time ago read a haddith where it was stated God chose 5 as it was a reasonable number, compared to say 1000 (the other number as I remember).

    It’s not exactly taxing – 5 minutes * 5.. Even in our mad lives, is anyone really so busy as to not be able to comply?

    And in the old world, sitting watching goats, it would be like a coffee break, a break to the doldrums of basic life.

    Dalai Lama meditates for 4 hours a day, no one complains strangely! :p

  30. @European Greek

    Putin, a man who tries to project the image of a masculine guy, while poisoning and eliminating his political rivals in the most….sneaky, feminine, emasculating way, hunt down LGBT people and people of different political ideologies, bullying the weaklings.

    Where’s the evidence, never mind any proof? Unless you are content with Theresa May’s standard of “Highly likely” or “There is no alternative” or “All the intelligence agencies are agreed” for proof of these very fashionable assertions, you have none. Oh! and BTW has anyone any news about the Skripals?

  31. @Franz

    Good angle – sunk cost fallacy.

    There’s also bandwagon effect – every political actor, which includes media people, trying to outdo the next in anti-Russian rhetoric, infecting Americans with empty notions of “national security” and “stealing our election”. This pretend-mania compounds itself very quickly, as did coronamania.

    American also believe the nonsense about Russia because it’s fun to have a bad guy. It’s one of the few beliefs that a majority of Americans share, as has been noted here before, several times probably. The very word “Russia” carries almost a century of malign significance in the American mind, which most are too dumb to see past. Each time it is invoked, the prejudice – the myth – is reinforced.

    The main impetus for the Jews of the swamp, of course, is that it’s white, Christian, and basically opposed to homosexuality. A sort of displacement – they can’t attack Africa or the Middle East for being anti-gay, because blacks and Muslims are untouchable; so they attack the mildly anti-gay Russians. White people to break down – that’s what matters.

    At bottom, it’s just Kissinger’s old plan to seize one of the last big markets and turn it into a Western slush fund – which, the author notes, Putin disrupted; cf. Ukraine – and complete the terraforming of the globe by American “democracy”.

    • Agree: Franz
  32. @Anonymous

    Most gays are non-white, the media tends to portray homosexuals as being predominantly white men because the media is anti-white.

    The media are very concerned to stir up divisions in the population. White or Black or Asian, it’s all grist to their mill. The only consistent themes are to create fear of the bogeyman of the day (Anarchists, Communists, Iranians, Al Quaida, Saddam Hussein, Ghaddafi, Putin, Xi or whoever is the villain of the day and to create hatred between any groups that can be persuaded to hate and fear each other. The reasons are obvious, the first is to make people love the “Security” services (Whose job is to keep them in order!) Secondly, to “justify” the enormous sums of money dumped into the MIC. (That is supposed to keep them safe!) and thirdly to keep the people fighting each other, instead of attacking the tiny minority that are living off them as parasites.

  33. anonymous[437] • Disclaimer says:

    foolisholdman 30, Euro Greek is catapulting the CIA propaganda straight from Langley’s Mockingbird hacks at Wired:

    “macho Putin seduces repressed homos” is neurolinguistic programming by CIA. In fact Putin is a legalist stickler elected by margins no US pol could ever dream of, and he manages a government that dominates the USG in every OHCHR measure of state obligations and commitments to its people. Russians get a better deal than you do, and CIA is terrified that Americans will catch on.

  34. Talha says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Yes, 5 times was a mercy – He could have demanded 50. The prayer times align with the rising, zenith, declining, setting of the sun – but He could have demanded them all to be done at night. His prerogative.
    “And they say, ‘We hear and we obey. Grant us Your forgiveness, our Lord, and to You is the return.’” (2:285)

    It’s not exactly taxing – 5 minutes

    Yeah, it doesn’t take a long time commitment. All obligatory five prayers take around 20-25 minutes total for the day. Plus, if one actually wants to commune with the Divine, then one doesn’t see this as a burden.

    And in the old world

    That’s really what it is; modern man has such a complicated and rushed life that has little room for spiritual considerations. Comes with a price though.


    • Agree: Ilya G Poimandres
  35. Rurik says:

    The Russian Empire also later helped secure the Union victory during the Civil War,

    You say that like it’s a good thing.

    Then as Allies in WWII, while the U.S. was victorious in the Pacific, it was the Soviets who truly won the war in Europe,

    There again, you say that like the ((enslavement)) of Russia and Eastern Europe was a good thing.

    Just a reminder.. had there been no Bolshevik, genocidal enslavement of Russia and Ukraine, and attempts to do the same to Germany, then there’d have been no war. We must always remember the Holodomor and Katyn when we consider the nature of the forces at war. And now having been ‘victorious’, as you say, these forces are doing all it can to destroy Europe and North America from within.

    Just to keep things in perspective..

    Unfortunately, despite his promising rhetorical embrace of détente with Moscow that has made him the subject of political persecution, Donald Trump has proven to be every bit as hostile toward Russia as his forerunners.

    Don’t you recall how Obama’s State Dept. spent five billion dollars, (not including Joe Biden’s extra billion in overt corruption), to destabilize Ukraine and create a hot war with Russia? That has cost the lives of thousands?

    Don’t you remember Deep State uber-criminal John McBloodstain using his dog Saakashvili to foment wars on Russia’s borders?

    Hillary characterizes Putin as “.. the leader of an authoritarian, white-supremacist and xenophobic movement that wants to break up the EU, weaken America’s traditional alliances and undermine democracy.”

    “We can see this authoritarian movement rippling out from the Kremlin, reaching across Europe and beyond. It’s emboldening right-wing nationalists, separatists, racists and even neo-nazis. We are living through an era when fundamental rights, civic virtue, even facts and reason are under assault like never before.”

    Isn’t that quaint? Her State Dept. facilitated the rise to power of overt, Sieg Hiel saluting neo-Nazis in Ukraine, so that they would make war on Russia, yet she accuses Putin of assaulting facts and reason.

    This is the bitch that demanded that Assad has to go’, and “no fly zones’ in Syria, yet you claim Trump is as hostile to Putin as his forerunners were?!

    Trump is forced to rail against Russia and Putin, for obvious ((reasons)). But behind the scenes, there is peace afoot between Russia and Ukraine

    that would never have been possible under a Hillary or Biden regime.

    Trump is creating stability in spite of his anti-Putin rhetoric.

    Do you recall the dynamic between these two men in Helsinki?

    Max Boot and John Bolton were hysterical. John Brennan was screeching ‘treason!”

    Trump’s far from perfect, but I think we should try to keep things in perspective.

  36. Svigor says:

    Jevvs are really something. We couldn’t pay those fucks to make anti-Soviet propaganda during the Cold War and now that it’s over they hate Russians and churn out anti-Russian agitprop on the regular.

    Worst people ever.

    Donald A Thomson says:
    August 27, 2020 at 12:51 am GMT • 100 Words ⇑
    Male homosexual acts were legalised in the USSR in 1919. It’s still legal in Russia and no Russian could imagine that it’s a policy recently invented in the USA.

    There are still conservative Moslems in Chechnya and they’d disapprove of homosexuality strongly. They are the Chechens that the USA supports.

    And Democrats aRe the Real Racists, and antifa are the real fascists, and real conservatism is about taking leftist values (e.g., protecting homos and AIDS) much more seriously than leftists do!

    JFC, I swear to God.

  37. @Talha

    God? What God? Whose God? You’re one of almost two billion followers of your God, has even one of you been approached by It? Arabs have wrought a havoc on the simpletons of the Subcontinent and even the dumber (no written languages or history) goats of Africa. Now that’s the real colonization… of minds!

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Ilya G Poimandres
  38. Talha says:
    @Really No Shit

    I’m not trying to convince you about the existence of God. You asked a specific question, I gave the specific answer. It may not be the one you like, but it is the answer to the question.


  39. @Ilya G Poimandres

    No one should have a problem with praying as many a time as one likes or meditate or whatever that one needs to do without hurting others but was God only concerned about the lowly Arab goat herder with gazillion hours on his hand and not the future third world convert cab driver in NYC, who doesn’t have the time to take a piss during arduous 12 hour shift to make his daily living. Did Mohammed write the verse dictating prayer schedule or the later lackeys to suit their purpose, i.e. dark age Arabia? To a believer like gold starred Talha, the Koran is the final word and it’s just fine … it’s like believing in miracles of Moses and Jesus!

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  40. @Really No Shit

    Or, humans observe the regularity of experience, and infer a unitary, Absolute cause. The infernace of a final cause is access to humanity – the ability to objectify every and All.

    Newton had Absolute Space and Time – wrote out a great model!

    Is it as accurate as general relativity or relational QM? No, but it’s a damn good take.

    My dad opines – why did governments literate their people? Because then they had no excuse for breaking the law!

    Until our century, this means most people acted on what they believed the law to be, rather than what it was.

    Al-baqarah 256 – ‘there shall be no compulsion in (the acceptance of) religion..’

    Teach, don’t fight. Most faiths, from Islam to Humanism are universal now. Different language, similar ideas.

  41. @Really No Shit

    Aspects of the faith are unverifiable. As a Dhamma follower (Buddhist), I would say the key point is unverifiable (through direct observation/measurement).

    Talha would agree – Islam is slavery to God. Buddadhasa ( makes a point about the non-Absolute nature of slavery:

    Buddhist setthi treated slaves like their own children. All worked together for a common good. They observed the moral precepts together on Buddhist Sabbath days… Slavery in a socialist state need not be abolished because the slaves themselves would not want to leave such masters… The kind of slaves which should be abolished are the slaves under the capitalist system, who are treated like animals, beaten and whipped. These kind of slaves are always wanting to be free… [slaves] under a socialist system would not be endangered, they would be looked after with love, compassion, and care.

    (there’s a book from the 1920s of memories of old blacks in the US about slavery, positive.. Sorry, don’t remember the name!)

    Mohammed likely had epilepsy. But this doesn’t deny the possibility of Divine intervention through the condition. Metaphysics is beyond Physics, so God can easily design epilepsy, or evolution, in his plan.

    Denying the validity of metaphysics? That’s a Buddhist (scientific) thing!

    I suggest that the common unease with taking quantum mechanics as a fundamental description of nature (the “measurement problem”) could derive from the use of an incorrect notion, as the unease with the Lorentz transformations before Einstein derived from the notion of observer-independent time. I suggest that this incorrect notion is the notion of observer-independent state of a system (or observer-independent values of physical quantities).

    EPR free, this interpretation!

    But even then, if you take the theology on God, a major chunk of it is right.

    I praise that perfect Buddha,
    The Supreme Philosopher,
    Who taught us relativity;
    Free of cessation and creation,
    Without annihilation and permanence,
    With no coming and no going,
    Not a unity, nor a plurality,
    Free from conceptual construction, the supreme bliss!


    Talha will disagree with some of what I say, but a lot of that quote beyond ‘relativity’, is how theists describe the divine.

    • Thanks: Talha
    • Replies: @Talha
  42. Talha says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Talha would agree – Islam is slavery to God.

    Everyone is a slave/servant of God…Muslims simply recognize and accept it and are supposed to live by the ramifications of that recognition.

    Talha will disagree with some of what I say

    Sure, but definitely agree with some of the other stuff.


    • Thanks: Ilya G Poimandres
  43. Druid55 says:
    @Really No Shit

    You have a point. Jews pray 3 x a day. Shia pray 3x a day. Christians used to go to church multiple times a week. Prayer is in behaviour and actions 24h/day

  44. vot tak says:

    Fantastic article, thanks, Max Parry.

  45. Pablo 51 says:
    @Tru Truthfully

    It’s very curious about Homosexuals. We ‘Heteros’ are supposed to genuflect before the Homosexual and other members of the LGBTQ Community. However, you are NEVER to call a Homosexual a Homosexual. This will trigger a deeply held rage among members of the LGBTQ movement. This rage may partially explain the much higher level of suicide amongst the LGBTQ crowd than the rest of Society.

  46. Pablo 51 says:

    You aren’t very Christian yourself so why criticize “Tru’ for it? Keep your fake morality to yourself.

  47. GuestAug says:

    The usual hypocritical bullshit sponsored by the empire maintainers from the Deep State. When will we see an HBO documentary about the lack of enthusiasm for LGBTQ rights in catholic Poland? I would also like to see a documentary on how the NED-funded Muslim activists in China’s Xinjiang feel about gay sex.

  48. GuestAug says:

    Referring to the current US State Department as Trump’s is way too simplistic. Yes, theoretically Trump is Pompeo’s boss, but is he really? Or is the State Department part of the swamp that Trump has to live with.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  49. vot tak says:

    LOL, you likudite/neocon/guardianista psywar critters never sleep. Poor rittle trump, always the victim.

  50. Good info Parry.

    “gay gulags”

    Didn’t know that was a thing. Haha

    It was the Polish-born Brzezinski who not only authored the geostrategy of arming the mujahideen against the Soviets but the efforts to turn Russia’s own large Muslim minority community against them. This was mostly unsuccessful as the majority of its 20 million Muslims (10% of the population) are harmoniously integrated into Russian society, but the Atlanticists did fan the flames of a militant secessionist movement in Chechnya that erupted in a violent insurgency and became increasingly Islamist as the conflict dragged on.

    The collapse of the USSR already escalated hostilities between the intermingling ethnic communities of the region, but the antagonisms were intensified by CIA soft power cutouts like the Jamestown Foundation fomenting the secessionist insurrection.

    Sounds familiar, seems to be a pattern. I get the feeling thats exactly what is happening here in America right now. The same demons doing it as well.

    The collapse of the USSR already escalated hostilities between the intermingling ethnic communities of the region, but the antagonisms were intensified by CIA

    Collapse and CIA, remember those two. I want to think they’re doing it to distract from all the money they’re stealing, but I think its actually much worse. Its definitely not about a fake “election” as the Trump fans would like to believe, they already own both teams, neither are a threat. Maybe they just want to enact more draconian police state “laws” to keep the slaves under control for when the shit really hits the fan. Maybe thy’re planning for a big hot war on us, which it seems they’ve already declared, or hot World War against Iran Russia and China.

    One things for sure, something bad is coming. Lots of bad signs lately. Not looking good anywhere.

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  51. Max Parry says: • Website

    “gay gulags”

    Didn’t know that was a thing. Haha

    Can you imagine what a shitshow that place would be?

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  52. @Korenchkin

    I’m prepared to accept Wikipedia’s word on that. You’re right. My only defence is that anti-communist Australians I met were still using the previous USSR policy to attack the USSR in the 1950s when I was a teenager. It was an effective attack as nearly all Australian men disapproved of male homosexual acts then. Women didn’t really care and nobody cared about lesbians.

    I couldn’t see why it achieved anything to force homosexual men to pretend they were heterosexual and said so (that only brought the normal accusation of homosexuality) but it never occurred to me then or later that the anti-communists were mistaken about the law in the USSR. I assume it was an honest mistake; there was negligible Communist support in Australia in the 1950s so there was no need to lie. [email protected]

  53. A.R. says:
    @European Greek

    Perhaps your pity would be more appropriate directed against your own people, European Greek?

  54. A.R. says:

    Indeed… Unfortunately that particular type of ignoramus seems to have a overdeveloped capacity for hypocrisy. Aryan mullahs…

  55. Gorbachev is no enemy of Putin. Gorbachev praised the “annexation” of Crimea. And Gorbachev was definitely no friend of Yeltsin, the western backed stooge who nearly destroyed Russia.

    As for the Tsarnaev brothers being responsible for the Boston bombing: you can believe that if you want to, Max. Many do not.

  56. Kukavaan says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    Five times makes sense. There are five fingers. People are used to think the figure five.

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