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Hate-Filled Hindu: Priti Patel Is Sycophantic to Jews, Psychopathic to Whites
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The pernicious punim of Priti Patel, high-T fem-pol

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Shakespeare got it wrong. “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face,” says King Duncan in Macbeth (c. 1606), meaning that psychology can’t be read from physiognomy. But Shakespeare never saw Priti Patel, the British-born Indian Hindu who currently serves as Home Secretary. When you look at Patel, do you see gentleness, humility and good-nature? I doubt it.

No, Priti Patel looks like what she is: a nasty piece of work. As I said in “A Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa,” she’s a high-T fem-pol, that is, a female politician with typically elevated levels of testosterone. She’s aggressive, ambitious and entirely without principle or loyalty to the country of her birth. That makes her an ideal shabbos-shiksa, or gentile servant, for Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), which the Jewish Chronicle described as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster” (i.e., British politics). Lord Polak, CFI’s very powerful but little-known chief, steered Patel to a long series of secret meetings with important Israeli politicians. That definite conspiracy was finally exposed in 2017 and Patel lost her job as International Development Secretary in Theresa May’s government of grovelling goys.

Working for Jewish interests

What happened at the meetings? Only Patel and her Jewish puppet-masters know, but she certainly wasn’t conspiring with Jews to benefit British Whites. After the scandal broke, she should have been prosecuted as an agent of a foreign power and permanently excluded from politics. But that isn’t how things work in Brave New Britain. Instead, Patel bounced back to a much bigger and better job in Boris Johnson’s government of grovelling goys, in which the very powerful but little-known treasurer is the Israeli plutocrat Ehud Sheleg. Patel is now Home Secretary, supposedly overseeing law, immigration and border security for Britain, in reality working for Jewish interests as she has always done. And now she’s back at the centre of another scandal, this time about her obnoxious behaviour towards White civil servants. An official report found that she had broken the ministerial code of conduct by bullying staff and should therefore resign for the second time from the cabinet.

However, Boris Johnson decided that the rules needn’t apply to his fellow Friend of Israel, and Patel is still there. There are rumours that she’ll lose her post soon for incompetence, but obnoxiousness was not a problem. After all, she’s not been obnoxious to the only people who matter in Brave New Britain: the tiny Jewish minority that funds and controls the Conservative Party and that wields hugely disproportionate influence in the media and academia. Patel has risen to high office by being sycophantic to Jews and psychopathic to Whites.

Death-goddess Kali with White men’s heads

And she may well be a full psychopath, like a disproportionate number of politicians and of the lawyers who are massively over-represented in Western politics. For example, Patel has a psychopathic indifference to truth. She knows from the inside that Jews have controlled the Conservative government under Johnson, May, and Cameron just as they previously controlled the Labour government under Blair and Brown. That’s why she had so many secret meetings with Israeli politicians. But she would instantly condemn anyone who named and opposed the very Jewish control that she has so carefully allied herself with and worked to strengthen. Indeed, she would be happy to imprison anyone telling the truth about Jewish control. Psychopaths don’t care about truth or morality: they care about power. And some psychopaths like to exercise power in sadistic ways, as Patel did when she shouted and swore at her White staff. Which brings me to another image from Brave New Britain:

Death-goddess Kali with White men’s heads
Death-goddess Kali with White men’s heads

That painting, called Housewives With Steak Knives (1985), is a “self-portrait … as the multi-armed Hindu Goddess Kali” by Sutapa Biswas, another Indian Hindu currently enriching Brave New Britain. Do you think the painting shows hostility towards White men? I do and I would link the psychology of Sutapa Biswas, as revealed in her painting, to the psychology of Priti Patel, as revealed in her behaviour towards White civil servants. Of course, no mainstream commentator in Britain would dare suggest that Patel’s Hinduism and Indian genetics have played any role in her obnoxious behaviour. But here at the Occidental Observer, the Home of Hate, I’m suggesting exactly that.

Pernicious parallels

After all, a very similar scandal has happened before. In 1998, a female Hindu lawyer called Kamlesh Bahl was appointed Deputy Vice President of the Law Society and was expected to rise swiftly to become its President. But Bahl was dismissed in 1999 after accusations that she was a power-crazed bully who terrorized and humiliated her White staff in just the way that Priti Patel is accused of doing.

And just as Patel got her big job despite being known to have bullied staff in her previous ministries, Bahl got her big job despite being known to have bullied staff when she was head of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Like Patel, Bahl had non-White privilege. And to round off the parallels, Bahl denied that she had done anything wrong just as Patel has done. I don’t think these parallels are coincidental. Like Kamlesh Bahl, Priti Patel is a hate-filled alien invader whose genetics and psychology are rooted in India, not in Britain.

Don’t accept immigrants from India

India is a fascinating and complex region in all manner of ways, from religion to genetics (as I acknowledged in my discussion of the Parsi Indian Freddie Mercury). But one thing is certain amid all that complexity: India is a very bad place for any Western nation to accept immigrants from. Its culture is both hugely corrupt and horrendously cruel, as one of England’s greatest writers saw long ago. Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) was born in India and recorded life there with sharp insight and understanding. Leftists call him a racist; I call him a realist. You can see some of his realism about India in the short-story collection Plain Tales from the Hills (1888). One of the stories, with the ironic title “Beyond the Pale,” begins with these lines: “A man should, whatever happens, keep to his own caste, race and breed. Let the White go to the White and the Black to the Black. Then, whatever trouble falls is in the ordinary course of things — neither sudden, alien, nor unexpected.”

Leftists would call that racist; I call it realist. And I think it applies to the trouble caused by Priti Patel and Kamlesh Bahl. Kipling would have been horrified to see mass immigration from India into the West. And rightly so. His story “Beyond the Pale” is about a love-affair between a White British man called Trajego and a Brown Indian widow called Bisesa. At first Trajego sees some of the beauty and charm of India. Then, following a quarrel with his brown-skinned lover, he sees a little of the horror:

A week, and then three weeks, passed without a sign from Bisesa. Trejago, thinking that the rupture had lasted quite long enough, went down to Amir Nath’s Gully for the fifth time in the three weeks, hoping that his rap at the sill of the shifting grating would be answered. He was not disappointed.

There was a young moon, and one stream of light fell down into Amir Nath’s Gully, and struck the grating, which was drawn away as he knocked. From the black dark, Bisesa held out her arms into the moonlight. Both hands had been cut off at the wrists, and the stumps were nearly healed.

Then, as Bisesa bowed her head between her arms and sobbed, some one in the room grunted like a wild beast, and something sharp — knife, sword or spear — thrust at Trejago in his boorka. The stroke missed his body, but cut into one of the muscles of the groin, and he limped slightly from the wound for the rest of his days. (“Beyond the Pale”)

“Genius” is an over-used word, but I’m happy to apply it to Rudyard Kipling. His ability to understand the multitudinous realities of India was matched by his ability to describe those realities. He didn’t portray Whites as inexcusable sinners or non-Whites as immaculate saints. Instead, he was a realist, which is why he’s now called a racist. But I can see no hate or malice in his stories about brown-skinned Indians. Indeed, “The Story of Muhammad Din,” about the life and death of a tiny Muslim boy, must be one of the most moving and compassionate stories ever written – and without the insincerity and sentimentality that accompany leftist minority-worship.

Leftism mandates blindness to reality

But although Kipling could sympathize with brown-skinned Indians and recognize their full humanity, that did not make him think Indians and Whites were the same under the skin (or that White Germans and White Brits are the same). Like Charles Dickens, another literary genius, Kipling did not allow his enormous powers of sympathy to blind him to reality. But modern leftism mandates blindness to reality. That’s why the leftist Guardian can report that “India remains the most unsafe country for women in the world, with a woman raped every 20 minutes,” while simultaneously supporting unlimited immigration from India. This would ensure that India’s vibrant rape-culture found new settings, just as Pakistan’s rape-culture has been successfully transplanted to Britain.

In short, the Guardian claims to oppose rape while supporting the non-White immigration that massively increases rape. Its readers and journalists don’t recognize the contradiction. Thanks to minority-worship, leftists apply the Orwellian principle of crimestop, which “means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to [minority-worship], and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction.”

Racism is realism

And although British leftists have condemned Priti Patel and her bullying, none of them would acknowledge that she is yet another example of the harm done by mass immigration. As an Indian Hindu and shabbos-shiksa, Priti Patel supports the highly ethnocentric governments of Israel and India while working against the legitimate ethnic interests of Britain’s fast-shrinking White majority. Patel is bad for Britain, like the part-Jewish, part-Turkish prime minister Boris Johnson and like her fellow Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak, who came to the post of Chancellor from Goldman Sachs and the highly Jewish and globalist world of banking.

It is not racist to say that these aliens are bad for Britain: it is realist. Or rather, racism is realism. It is both rational and realistic to understand that race is a valid scientific concept and has huge consequences for politics, culture and criminality. Rudyard Kipling understand those obvious truths and Rudyard Kipling would have been entirely unsurprised by Muslim rape-gangs and the malign behaviour of the Indian Hindus Priti Patel and Kamlesh Bahl. But the West is no longer governed by the thinking of far-sighted White geniuses like Kipling and Dickens. Instead, the West is governed by the thinking of subversive Jewish charlatans like Karl Marx and Franz Boas.

Priti Patel pleads for power at Conservative Friends of Israel
Priti Patel pleads for power at Conservative Friends of Israel

And that’s why Britain has a hate-filled Hindu called Priti Patel at the top of government. Her sadistic behaviour towards her White staff is a portent of what will happen right across the West as Whites lose control to their non-White enrichers. Patel is bad for Britain and doesn’t belong here, which is precisely why, in true psychopathic fashion, she sniffed out and bowed before the hidden centre of power in her party: Conservative Friends of Israel. And Jews were delighted to recruit her as a shabbos-shiksa. They know that outsiders like Patel have no loyalty to or concern for British Whites.

But you won’t see anyone in the mainstream media speak these obvious truths. After all, this is Brave New Britain, where it’s against the law to speak the truth about Jewish control and minority malice. And who oversees the law in Brave New Britain? You’ve seen her pernicious punim already in this article: it’s Priti Patel, Home Secretary, Friend of Israel and Foe of Whites.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. MarkU says:

    But the West is no longer governed by the thinking of far-sighted White geniuses like Kipling and Dickens. Instead, the West is governed by the thinking of subversive Jewish charlatans like Karl Marx and Franz Boas.

    Methinks you are being unfair to Karl Marx. I challenge you to find anything that Marx actually wrote that supports your roping him in with the garbage you are complaining about. I suspect that Dickens and Marx would have gotten along quite well. The nonsense that has been dubbed ‘cultural Marxism’ has about as much to do with Marx as ‘social Darwinism’ has to do with Darwin.

    Aside from that point I tend to agree with the article.

  2. indocon says:

    Brexit gave UK Priti Patel, Trump gave US Jared Jushner.

    Only solution is separation, and while we are talking about the subcontinent, closest parallel for rump white America is Pakistan. Few smart upper caste Muslims back in the day before Brits left correctly predicted the coming onslaught on Muslims from the majority Hindus, and wanted a separate country for them even at significant economic costs. This was the man who single handily spearheaded the movement for creation of Pakistan:

    Who will the rump white America’s Jinnah today?

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
    , @Moi
  3. Well, she’s perfect to lampoon:

    • LOL: Iris
  4. @indocon

    Pakistan is a primitive and violent Muslim nation, even worse than India. Pakistan makes India look like Sweden. Pakistan has all the problems of India, but with an added problem of fanatical Islamic barbarism.

    A better comparison (for Whites) is Singapore. That’s what an all-White country could resemble. Not Pakistan.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Disagree: Biff
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @indocon
  5. neutral says:

    Britain was the first Western state to fall to the jews, it has been an utterly jew run state for over a century now. Things like not caring about white teenagers being raped, worshiping the black race, the genocide of whites – all these thing are the natural outcome for being under their rule for so long.

  6. syco-psycho

    • Agree: Moi
  7. Indians have a saying, “Indians succeed everywhere except in India.” It reveals a terrible flaw about their basic nature. One can be intelligent, hard working, ambitious, and even generally law abiding, and yet be dysfunctional as a group. They easily lie and engage in corruption. They break the spirit of a law or social norm believing they are only utilizing their wit to get ahead. White people have their problems. Perhaps they aren’t the smartest or hardest workers, but they create prosperous societies by adhering to behavior that advances the group as a whole. Indians and Jews invade White societies and take advantage of the system that they would otherwise eschew.

  8. @neutral

    The operation of the British Empire was also heavily Jewish in nature. Think of extremely wealthy families like the Rothschilds and the “Rothschilds of the East”, the Sassoons who flooded China with opium (a bit like the Sacklers and America actually)

    Cecil Rhodes was entirely bankrolled by Rothschild, Churchill was also supported with a very nice estate by Jewish interests, during his time in the political wilderness.

    • Agree: MarkU, GomezAdddams
  9. Malla says:

    There was a time when Pakistan had a higher standard of living then India, hell its urban youth were westernizing faster. They had pop songs once, the likes before we had anything like that at that time.

    But soon the country went crazy with Islamic fundu, and fucked up, it is only now that it is recovering a bit and has hope with CPEC. Now India is going Hindu fundu on its way to fuck up. While Bangladesh with a more secular government is booming, poaching all the clothing manufacturing industry from India (what Vietnam is to China). Bangladesh is on its way to overtake India in per capita income and soon Indians will cross the border to go to Bangladesh illegally to find work in its factories which is equivalent to Americans going illegally to Mexico to look for work. LOL. So Bangladesh turned from being India’s Mexico (like Mexico supplier of illegals to USA) to India’s Vietnam (like Vietnam taking away industries from China). Somehow extreme nationalism and right winged and religious hardcore rule is never good for most Third world countries. Great for White countries and Japan and some Latin American countries. Latin American countries are similar to White countries, there the left-wing fucks things up more, like Brazil’s Lula and Venezuela’s Chavez/Maduro.
    Pakistan has always been more feudal than India and the army had to step in many times to run things and the army still runs things behind the scenes. The army also runs many companies. Institutions in Pakistan and Bangladesh have never been strong like in India. India just inherited all the complicated British Raj government ministries intact, the Pakistanis had to make it all from scratch.

  10. Malla says:

    Britain was the first Western state to fall to the jews

    I think the Netherlands fell before them. Just like the British Empire, the Dutch Empire of the VOC had many Jewish interests at the top.

    • Agree: noname27
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Ugetit
    , @Peläez
  11. Barr says:

    “Indians” are doing very well in India ( actually now even in Bangladesh They remit billions of dollars from BANGLADESH to INDIA each year )

    The Neo -Brahmins of India here ,UK or UEA , and in India are doing very well .

    “Juxtapose the fact that India’s top 10% now hold as much wealth as the bottom 70%, with the fact that India’s private companies are almost exclusively upper caste-owned, with just two high caste groups, a small minority of the population, constituting 90% of corporate boards. The richest 1% has four times the wealth of the bottom 70%, in large part via a takeover and monetization of the land, waters, forests and resources that were the lifeblood of those at the bottom end of the caste spectrum. Whichever the party in power, this upward redistribution of wealth has remained uninterrupted.

  12. Anonymous[883] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, you are right about Pakistan, it was once seen as one of the “Tiger Economies” of Asia, especially under the rule of General Ayub Khan, who was a Sandhurst educated officer and can be best described as a liberal Muslim nationalist.

    The ‘poor’ neighbour: India is seen as a success story, while Pakistan is written off as a failed state and the hiding place of Osama bin Laden. What went wrong?

    In the world’s media, never has the contrast between the two countries appeared so stark: one is widely perceived as the next great superpower; the other written off as a failed state, a world centre of Islamic radicalism, the hiding place of Osama bin Laden and the only US ally that Washington appears ready to bomb.

    On the ground, of course, the reality is different and first-time visitors to Pakistan are almost always surprised by the country’s visible prosperity. There is far less poverty on show in Pakistan than in India, fewer beggars, and much less desperation. In many ways the infrastructure of Pakistan is much more advanced: there are better roads and airports, and more reliable electricity. Middle-class Pakistani houses are often bigger and better appointed than their equivalents in India.

    Pakistan started going to shit under the rule of Zia Al-Huq, who brought about Islamisation of Pakistani society and focused on Urdu education over English. In fact American officers who participated in the “Allies programme” at Quetta Staff College noticed the decrease in human capital of the Pakistani officer corps, with the officers being less literate in English and more prone to religious kookery.

    The Quetta Experience: Attitudes and Values within Pakistan’s Army

    Do you know why India doesn’t participate in China’s OBOR programme? Pakistan seems to be reaping infrastructural dividends from it, even if it is incurring debt.

  13. @Malla

    I’ve always wondered about Bangla Desh. It’s been pretty successful at luring in manufacturing and improving the quality of life (life expectancy, fertility, etc) for average citizens.

    Compared to India, it hasn’t had the same success in creating high-paying software jobs for elites, but it has created a bit of prosperity for the masses. In America, you see a fair number of clothing items that were made in Bangla Desh, but seldomly do you see anything made in India.

    If not for the overpopulation crisis and a tiny landmass, Bangla Desh might not be that bad of a place.

    Interesting analysis of Pakistan. I also read somewhere that it’s a feudal state, while Bangla Desh is more traditionally socialist.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @indocon
  14. anon[312] • Disclaimer says:

    you are right

    “the red dragon the empire of the money power ” read it the best book to understand everything

    wrotte in 1890 by a cleric that knew everything that was happening in england and how everything started

    • Thanks: Malla
  15. geokat62 says:

    Slowly the scales will begin to fall off from the eyes of the “normies.” It’s just a matter of the time before they realize that Diversity Is A Strength was a big lie perpetrated by the usual suspects, Jewish Supremacists.

    • Agree: Ace, Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @DextersLabRat
  16. Malla says:


    Do you know why India doesn’t participate in China’s OBOR programme?

    The official reason seems to be a part of CPEC is passing through a territory which India claims as its own. But the real reason is India looks as China as her enemy since the 1962 debacle. Also truth be told, India is really jealous of China’s rise, India felt she should have been in China’s place. And India feels China wants to keep it down as a competitor, that China is building a string of pearls (harbours) around India while I think China is just scared about any possible blockages to its trade in the Indian Ocean Region. After all the Oil Rich Middle East, Resource Rich Africa and the Suez Canal to Europe is here. India desires to be taken as a power equal to China or atleast in China’s league so by being belligerent to China it feels good, India feels being a rival to mere Pakistan is an insult and it should be something bigger. But China really does not look at India as a rival. They had studied India very well and came to the conclusion, we are not an economic threat to them. But we want to be in China’s league.
    So basically there was a lot of suspicions on the Indian side towards OBOR.

    • Replies: @Grahamsno(G64)
    , @Tdstype2
  17. Malla says:

    Agree. However Bangladesh still has quite a low per capita income and has some way to go. Even if they overtake India, they would be still below Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives the more prosperous countries in subcontinent.
    And yes Bangladesh is so over populated, Bengal had always been super populated when the British landed here. But fortunately their fertility rate has come down a lot. Even Muslim Imams were promoting birth control!!!!

  18. The author is overthinking matters. She’s just a classic climber. She will appease whatever constituency is in power. That’s why she married a white man. She now probably regrets it wasn’t a jew. Not because she cares about either group, it’s just about self-maximising her own career.

    In many ways, she has remarkable similarities with Kamala Harris.

  19. @MarkU

    As a former Anthropologist I agree. Meade was as much a fraud as her PhD chairman Boas. She never lived with any tribes, but at a church. She claimed there was no rape in “free love” societies like Polynesia-Samoa, but the English-language newspapers she had available were full of such reports. She invented what Boas wanted her to find.

  20. Wyatt says:

    The issue with Marx is that his entire philosophy is jewish. It’s jewish in that it supposes what is best for mankind (tikkun olam) and it’s fucking wrong. Communism could have only ever come out of a jewish mind because it tries to remake human beings and the civilizations they make into a homogenized, idealized set of values. People are just workers. Businesses are just the means of production. It’s a terribly sterile way of trying to understand mankind and it creates neo-feudalism that, for some reason, is always spearheaded by jews like Trotsky, Lenin, the Frankfurt School and the Spartacus League. When we look back at history, if we remove jews from the equation in European politics, most of the worst problems go away.

  21. @MalePaleStale

    They break the spirit of a law

    So true I went in front of a Judge swore an oath to the gods and lied my ass off in a land dispute case, I was so ashamed not because I was lying but that my lies were absurd and I lost my case.

    Your point is profound if people don’t adhere to the spirit of the law rather than its letter it will result in civilizational collapse and its happening in the west now.

  22. indocon says:

    One thing that Bangladesh has that India and Pakistan do not – homogeneity, mostly Bengali Muslim. Pakistan is divided between Punjabis, Sindis, Pashtuns, Baluchis, and we all know of India. I can definitely see Bangladesh get to living standard just below that off Thailand and Malaysia in few decades.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. indocon says:

    I meant relatively, not absolutely. If a country is carved out by rump white America, it will have less per capita GDP than USA today, but no it will not be at Pakistan’s level, maybe at a level comparable to western Europe today. It will make one pleasant country to live if you are able to carve out all the space between the Rockies and Appalachian mountains, move out AAs and other liberal whites to coastal America while welcoming rump whites from there, similar to the population transfer done in India-Pakistan split.

    Back to my original question, who will be rump white America’s Jinnah?

  24. Ugetit says:

    You are correct. And the Netherlands came after the Spaniards and Portuguese.

    …Spanish and Portuguese sailors and soldiers fought for the possession of lands where Jews later implanted their trade. Thus did Portugal have the monopoly of Oriental trade from 1500 to 1600.

    When the arrogance of Jews who, along with wealth, had gained political power in the Iberian peninsula became unbearable, and when their undermining of the Christian faith and traditions of those two countries. led to the Inquisition and their subsequent expulsion, the Netherlands, having an efficient Navy, were elected to replace the Portuguese.

    The Dutch were easily inflamed with the idea of creating a great Netherland Empire. Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done, they supplied soldiers, sailors and ships between 1603 and 1640; they drove out the Portuguese from all their positions at Goa, in the East Indies, Ceylon and Java-Jewish trade went on unhampered under the new nominal owners, but it was diverted to Amsterdam and Antwerp.

    -Leslie Fry, The Jews and the British Empire (1935), p 3.

    The French Empire was, and still is, dominated by the usual suspects too, I believe. Most of this should sound familiar to us in the USA.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @anon
    , @anon
  25. @Malla

    Malla Ji,

    Please don’t let your belligerence to the current regime in India blind you to the fact that we’re the only ‘show in town’ resisting the Chinese Hegemon in Asia, we kowtowed to them Modi the strongest PM since Indira Gandhi met Xi Jin Ping 18 times!! think about that, it didn’t matter the least bit to that arrogant bastard, it didn’t matter to him that we were his biggest market in Asia with trade surpluses of 70 billion per year, he was determined to ruin it all for a few frozen peaks in the Himalayas. He’s got his hands full hasn’t he a giant Himalayan problem in the south where none existed before, they have to mobilize troops from thousands of kilometres, no indigenous Tibetans serve in their army whereas we can rotate our troops in real time.

    This ‘only show in Town’ is also going to be very lucrative to us since the declining west has no options other than economically & militarily modernizing us which they will and are doing – the ‘Goras’ won’t go ‘gently in to the good night’ without a fight and we stand to gain a lot with our posture against the Chinese which BTW I think is ethically justified.

    Believe me our resistance to the Dragon is a noble policy which will bear economic fruits because there’s no way on earth that the west will roll over and die without a fight and they need us for the fight nay we’re indispensable.

    We’ll pay a heavy price, one thing few foreign policy pundits have commented on is that the Dragon is a Riparian superpower, dozens of Rivers in Asia have their source in China, Tibet is water superpower with so many rivers originating there, the Dragon hasn’t signed any UN treaty on water sharing(basic manners) and keep building dams not for economic reasons but to threaten and browbeat downstream countries, it has been an epic disaster, the Mekong river which flows through lots of south eastern countries like Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam etc has been killed by Chinese Dams.

    But we have to resist and with a little help from our friends we will, its a foreign policy challenge for this century and it might end in tears but we’ve entered the game and the game’s on and you only quit when you lose, we haven’t lost yet and are far away from losing.

    The farsighted Chinese statesmen realize this and that’s the reason for their otherwise inexplicable behaviour (strangle the infant in the cradle before it grows to be a threat).

    The great game’s on we’ve entered the lists so we can’t quit.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @anon
    , @Tor597
    , @haha
  26. Frankie P says:

    Every f***ing Tikkun Olam ideology that came out of Jewish minds has had evil consequences for the host societies that they are released into and eventually humanity as a whole. Jewish Messianism is poison, as it seeks to level inorganically, in a top-down, socially engineered approach that is doomed to fail. Removing national borders, a Jewish ideology which goes against natural human development: evil. Marxism, which as you mentioned tries to pigeonhole humans into unnatural categories: evil. The ongoing war on religion (but not (((that religion))): evil. The desire to do away with natural genders in order to allow humans to choose their genders and make the world Portland: evil.

    Solution: Exile
    Same as it ever was.

    • Agree: Moi, V. Hickel
    • Replies: @MarkU
  27. Why are there more foreigners in the British government since Brexit than before? I thought the idea of Brexit was not to have foreigners governing over you? Oh, I get it, I’m just old fashioned, these are not foreigners but Britishers. Still they’re minorities, and I thought the idea of Brexit and democracy is majority rule, not disproportionate presence of minorities in government. You vote for something and get the opposite, smdh.

  28. Ghali says:

    It is a fact, that Indians (No matter where they live) are far worse than Jews. Like Jews, Indians are corrupt, racist and extremely violent towards non-Indians. Unlike Jews, Indians feel very inferior and subservient to Whites.

    • Replies: @Moi
    , @Malla
  29. @geokat62

    Keep dreaming. They will remain sedated with telly, beer, sports and garbage superhero movies. The boiling of the frog will take generations (it’s already been underway for a while but it’s only really just getting started–Britain is still 80%+ white).

    • Replies: @Hillaire
  30. @Thulean Friend

    …who is also a Hindu. The author is spot on.

  31. John Hagan says: • Website

    This is the allegory of Keir Starmer and Jeremy Corbyn aka Bligh and Christian. In the true story the sexual imbalance and the slavery of the Tahitian men by the mutineers led to fighting and the deaths. Fletcher Christian was killed in the fighting. During a rebellion in NSW Bligh was found hiding under the bed In this allegory instead they sail to Israel ….

    So yet another country gets caught up in the nonsense as the Israeli state try and garner international support

  32. @Wyatt

    “People are just workers. Businesses are just the means of production. It’s a terribly sterile way of trying to understand mankind and it creates neo-feudalism ”
    Marx does NOT think this about workers. Indeed, what he does say is that Capitalism has alienated people from their labour, from their work — has reduced them to mere workers. Prior to capitalism many “workers” lived & worked within the rhythms of nature. They did not feel a sharp disconnection between “life” & work.
    For Marx communism or socialism, in part, is a way of providing people with the means to live wholesome & rounded lives; lives beyond the never ending anxiety of mere subsistence & having no control over one’s own welfare.

    • Replies: @Hillaire
  33. Anonymice says:

    But one thing is certain amid all that complexity: India is a very bad place for any Western nation to accept immigrants from. Its culture is both hugely corrupt and horrendously cruel,

    Uganda’s Idi Amin saw the Indian menace coming and wasted no time in kicking Indians out of Uganda, albeit at great economic cost to the country. The Fijian military made a timely intervention to prevent the Indian immigrant majority (they breed like rabbits) from taking control of the government. Off the east coast of Africa, indentured Indian laborers have overwhelmed the island of Mauritius and are now its rulers, as is the case of Guyana, a country split down the middle between former indentured Indian laborers and former African slaves. America is slowly and quietly replicating the British scenario, less from sheer numbers of Indian immigrants, as from their treacherous methods and ruthless power seeking, especially with the new alliance between Zionist and Hindu nationalist extremists that spells a deadly mix added onto the already catastrophic takeover of America by Jewish power. Welcome to the ZioHindu axis of evil in America.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @DinoN
    , @ProudBLM
  34. One disturbing name kept coming back to me as I read the article: Kamala Harris.

  35. Vojkan says:

    Irrespective of any value judgement of Marxism itself, there is nothing Marxist in the new Left’s ideology. Cultural Marxism just happens to sound more opposable from a rightist point of view than cultural Hegelianism and is definitely more catchy than “Boasism” which would be accurate but would speak to no one, or societal dialecticism which also would be more adequate but would sound too posh.
    That’s another great win of the Left: it has made the Right afraid of calling things by their name.

    • Agree: MarkU
    • Replies: @ivan
  36. black dog says:

    Patel has the morals of a sewer rat. But at least the rat has honesty of purpose. Patel, the “minister for death”, has a habit of smirking at the camera on the odd occasion a British journalist dares to grill her over her misbehaviour, bullying and well known incompetence. A true psychopath. A lot of women in politics tend to be like this. They think they’re acting strong, decisive and resolute. They think that’s typically male.

  37. Typical Indian: grovelling and kowtowing to those above while haranguing and insulting those below. Obnoxious.

    • Agree: Anonymice, Miro23
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Malla
  38. @Ugetit

    So should we rename it Jewish colonialism rather than European colonialism? Sure other Europeans benefited from it to and helped enforce it but we should put the blame on those who financed it, directed it and profited most from it. And don’t forget Disraeli the PM who presided over the British Empire in its heyday – it’s in his name.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @conatus
    , @Malla
  39. Anonymous[883] • Disclaimer says:

    Bangladesh also seems to have less religious extremism.

  40. noname27 says: • Website

    A Hindu Cushite, probably descended from Nimrod – rebellious and totally Godless.

  41. Anonymous[103] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe it’s because they can more easily manipulate and cheat other groups, but are wise to and skeptical of each other and therefore that’s where a lot of the dysfunction comes from?

    A lot of Indians and Sub-continentals in general are absolute cheats and dishonest people, you only have to look at the call centre scamming industry to see that, but Indians in the West mostly get away with it because in Western countries it’s considered racist to recognise patterns and generalise behaviour based on race.

    Most Westerners will judge someone based on how they present as an individual, and won’t take their race/origin into account. That is leaving themselves open to being scammed unfortunately.

  42. noname27 says: • Website

    She knows from the inside that Jews have controlled the Conservative government under Johnson, May, and Cameron just as they previously controlled the Labour government under Blair and Brown.

    And the rest, (((they))) have controlled British monarchy and politics since 1649.

  43. gotmituns says:

    Autoplay next video


    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    The men of my own stock,
    They may do ill or well,
    But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
    They are used to the lies I tell;
    And we do not need interpreters
    When we go to buy or sell.

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.

    This was my father’s belief
    And this is also mine:
    Let the corn be all one sheaf–
    And the grapes be all one vine,
    Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine.

    • Thanks: turtle
  44. Tom Welsh says:

    “…the only US ally that Washington appears ready to bomb”.

    That’s misleading. What is really means is that Pakistan was the only US ally willing to disagree slightly and take its own interests into account.

    Washington would bomb any country – including the UK. Well, obviously except Israel.

  45. gotmituns says:

    I hope they bring back Suttee, a fine old indian tradition.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  46. We are at War.

    It’s Jews and their collaborators vs. the Rest of Mankind.

    We are losing… We, being the Rest of Mankind.

    Wake up.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
    • Thanks: Trinity
  47. Anonymous[314] • Disclaimer says:

    Agreed, it totally ignores race, culture, IQ differences, etc. As far as Marxist philosophy is concerned, white workers with an average IQ of 100 should be perfectly happy to be mixed in with black workers with an average IQ of 75 because they’re all just “workers” at the end of the day.

  48. noname27 says: • Website

    “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”

    — Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School.

    The Frankfurt School – Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism = Social Justice – Feminism – Neo-Progressivism – Post-Colonialism – all born out of Critical Theory and come under the umbrella of Cultural Marxism.

    The Frankfurt School – Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism.

    Felix Weil – Jew,
    Erich Fromm – Jew,
    Herbert Marcuse – Jew,
    Max Horkheimer – Jew,
    Walter Benjamin – Jew,
    Theodor Adorno – half-Jew, Catholic mother,
    Georg Lukacs – Jew,
    Claude Levi-Strauss – Jew,
    Jurgen Habermas – German?

    Be it gender, sexual orientation, family, race, culture or religion every aspect of a person’s identity is to be questioned. Every norm or standard in society challenged and ideally altered to benefit supposedly oppressed groups.

    Thorium explains this socio-political philosophy that was designed to bring down Western Civilization and the white race that created it…

    Classical Marxism vs Cultural Marxism

    “Classical Marxism saw conflict as occurring between the bourgeoisie and proletariat, between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ Cultural Marxism used such a conflict as existing between the oppressed and the oppressors, between those with privilege and those without it. The ‘Working Class’ has been replaced by ‘Minorities’.

    “Majority Groups are defined as ‘privileged’ and ‘oppressive’, with minority groups accordingly labelled as ‘under-privileged’ and ‘oppressed’. Heterosexuals are deemed ‘oppressive’, cisgender people are ‘oppressive’, whites are ‘oppressive’ especially white men, Christians are ‘oppressive’. Those who do not fit into those groups are considered ‘oppressed’. It stands to reason therefore that if heterosexuals are oppressors the solution is to encourage other forms of sexuality.

    “If whites are oppressors the solution is racial diversity. If cisgender people are oppressors the solution is to encourage transgenderism. If Christians are oppressors the solution is to propagate Islam.

    “The half-Jew Theodor Adorno and an original founder of The Frankfurt School wrote in his book: “The Authoritarian Personality” in which he defines parenthood, pride in one’s family, Christianity, adherence to traditional gender roles and attitudes towards sex and the love of one’s own country as a pathological phenomena.

    “This tendency to pathologise opinions and life patterns which are not in accordance with his own political ends is characteristic of Cultural Marxism (the Jew and his hypocrisy). Differing views are thus described as irrational fears and phobias. E.g. A person who feels uncomfortable living as a minority in an area dominated by Muslim migrants will be decried as an Islamophobe since living amongst those culturally and ethnically similar to one’s self is considered sick and phobic.

    “When Pakistani Muslims, living in Britain by contrast, show in-group preference converting entire sections of a town or a city into a mini-Pakistan there is no sickness, no phobia, only multiculturalism.

    A popular and propagandist manifestation of Cultural Marxism is Political Correctness in which media channels and social scientists make it a mandatory exercise to do the following: 1) Question common language. Illegal immigrants for example are to be referred to as ‘undocumented migrants’ while ethnic discrimination is referred to as ‘affirmative action’. Their ambition to define and redefine words can be seen as a means of controlling the discourse and altering cultural norms.

    “Racism and Sexism have been redefined as a product of prejudice plus power which leads to such ridiculous statements as: “There is no such thing as sexism against men. That’s because sexism is prejudice plus power. Men are the predominant gender with power in society” And “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men.” 2) Maintain an unwaveringly favourable view of the ‘oppressed’. “Black Lives Matter” is a peaceful legitimate protest movement; Feminism is only about equality and so forth.

    “No deviation from the aforementioned narrative will be entertained – EVER!! Nor will criticism.

    End Goal:

    “While Communism, as Marx envisioned it, offered the resolution of class conflict in a utopian social system, all that Cultural Marxism offers is a desolate form of eternal warfare between ever more narrowly defined groups of offended minorities. The only meaningful consequence that this wide application could possibly ever have is the marginalisation of traditional European cultures.”

  49. @Malla

    That’s certainly good news for Bangladesh. I knew they had been doing a good job of keeping their population under control (they were long considered one of the most overcrowded countries in the world). It must also be sweet revenge for them to be doing so well, while their former oppressors in Pakistan are doing so poorly.

  50. annamaria says:

    Priti Patel wants her comforts, her money, and her special security. By any means. She does not have concern for anyone else since she does not have the prerequisites for being a decent person. The UK is so heavily zionized that Priti looks like a tiny blip next to real zionist deciders. Look no farther than the MH17 story.
    The tragedy of MH17 is emerging as a story of a joint NATO/Ukraine plot to initiate another ‘humanitarian intervention,’ this time against Russia:
    Comment section.

    I think it was an Obama-Biden Northwoods operation, taking orders from even higher up (Supreme Allied Headquarters, Belgium?). Ukraine was completely under the thumb of the Luciferian cabal at that point [2014] and wouldn’t twitch a muscle without their approval.

    A dog that does not want to bark, still:

    The sanctions [against Russia] continue to harm the EU, who is far less enthusiastic than the US about replacing cheap Russian gas with costly LNG from the US and Israel. The cost of maintaining the official MH17 narrative falls mainly on the Netherlands, Ukraine and Australia. However, the US doesn’t get a free ride.

    On March 23, 2020 a Dutch court ordered prosecutors to produce the US satellite images that allegedly show a Buk launch from Militia territory. The court request was repeated on November 3, 2020. Although it doesn’t cost the US much to say no, there is a price to pay for coming between Russia and its EU trading partners. There is a price to pay for upholding John Kerry’s bogus claims and the official, still-flimsy US Government Assessment of July 22, 2014.

    The thoroughly zionized and very politically correct Department of War Studies, School of Security Studies King’s College London, has invited this Elliot Higgins to lecture the King’s College students:
    Elliot Higgins “attended Adams’ Grammar School in Shropshire from 1990–95”, which has completed his formal education.’ Apart from attending the Grammar School, Higgins has experience working as a salesman of ladies’ underwear. Higgins fame is based on his deeply ignorant and rabid Russophobic reports about MH17.

    In 2018 Higgins was a visiting research associate at the Centre for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London and visiting research fellow at University of California Berkeley’s Human Rights Center.

    • Agree: SS-The Independent
    • Replies: @geokat62
  51. ivan says:

    Astute comment sir!

    • Thanks: Vojkan
  52. Z-man says:


    • Agree: geokat62, Tom Rogers
  53. Rocha says:

    I read that Georg Lukacs wrote that as long as Western man believes in his special creation by God he will not attain the degree of alienation necessary for the imposition of communism. I think that we are nearly there in terms of alienation.

  54. geokat62 says:

    The UK is so heavily zionized that Priti looks like a tiny blip next to real zionist deciders.

    Some imagery to go along with these words…

  55. geokat62 says:

    Lots of discussion about the merits of the old, classical Marxism versus the new, cultural Marxism.

    Here’s the unvarnished truth, as I see it.

    Given their extraordinarily small numbers relative to the billions of goyim of the world, organized Jewry realized early on that their odds of winning in a world steeped in ethnic conflict were slim to none. This was especially the case for the Diaspora.

    The leading members of the diaspora (LMOTD) knew that as their people would slowly but surely ascend the commanding heights of the host society, the indigenous people (the homeowners, if you will) would begin to resent it. Who wouldn’t be resentful of another group of people taking over the master bedroom and reassigning them to the spare room?

    Having become well versed in the principles of Game Theory, however, LMOTD came to understand how the process would unfold. They would inevitably be expelled by their host nation only to find their way into a subsequent host nation, where they would climb their way to the uppermost strata of society. The people of the new host nation would invariably find themselves displaced from the master bedroom and soon occupying the spare room. Expulsions would ensue. Wash… rinse… and repeat.

    At some point, the LMOTD devised an ingenious scheme to break the weak link in this chain of expulsions. Given their minuscule numbers relative to their host countries, however, they could not simply directly confront the host population to prevent their inevitable expulsion. They needed to redirect the inevitable resentment to another segment of the host society. This was the motivating rationale for the development of the communist ideology. It was presented as a Tikkum olam offering from the Jewish people to the goyim, but, in reality, the gift was a Trojan Horse. By focusing on the natural fault line between rich and poor, they managed to shift the resentment from Jew and goy to that between goys themselves.

    They began implementing this ingenious scheme across Europe in the mid-19th century, until it finally took root in czarist Russia in the early 20th. But with all things built on a clay foundation, the lies upon which this ideology was built were slowly being exposed. Before the whole edifice of communism collapsed, however, the ingenious schemers devised an alternative false ideology that would slowly replace the failed one. Rather than exploiting the natural fault line between rich and poor, this time they would cast “whites” in the role of the evil oppressor. That’s right, they would slowly open the gates to most Western nations and begin the process of bringing people of colour (POC) into them. They would then slowly boil the frog by injecting cultural Marxist poison into the bloodstream of these Western nations and pit not only the POC against the indigenous population, but those whites that were brainwashed into hating their own people, the vaunted “progressives.”

    This is where we find ourselves, today. The West is being flooded by mass immigration from the 3rd world and the poison of cultural Marxist is deeply embedded into these societies. Most of these countries will be facing conflict for decades to come. It’s the “progressives” and POC lined up against the “traditionalists,” the people who are unwilling to lose everything their ancestors worked so hard to bequeath to them.

    Needless to say, the loss of life stemming from these two false ideologies has been and is expected to be tremendous. We already know that over 100 million souls were sacrificed to the false god of Communism 1.0, Bolshevism. My sense is even more people will perish in their quest to worship at the feet of the false god of Communism 2.0, Egalitarianism.

    That’s why they ingeniously decided to shift the axis of conflict from ethnicity to some other fault line present in society. With Bolshevism, they emphasized the division between rich and poor, with the former mercilessly oppressing the latter. The big lie in this false ideology is that a person can suppress their self interest in favour of some nebulous concept they invented called “class interest.” Millions perished in pursuit of this false dream.

    It took several decades but this lie was finally exposed when the SU disintegrated in 1989. Most refer to this failed ideology as Communism 1.0 and it was associated with the Old Left. Its replacement, Communism 2.0 was introduced by the New Left. The fault line this time around was implicitly built on racial divisions even though the ideology was built on the big lie that race was merely a social construct. According to Communism 2.0, every human being on the planet is the same and, therefore, interchangeable. The first step in the process was to slowly inoculate the goyim in the West to believe that they could assimilate non-Europeans into their country. Once the camel put its nose into the tent, however, they soon shifted the narrative and claimed that all peoples deserve to retain their heritage and that white people are the oppressors of all POCs and they are guilty of systemic racism and white supremacy. Anything to deflect the conflict from them!

    At the same time, these Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) were working overtime behind the scenes to open the floodgates of our homelands to mass immigration and promoted mass miscegenation. As a consequence, our countries have been placed “on the chopping block” as one honest rabbi put it, and the future looks grim.

    They have also been tirelessly promoting the concept of civic-nationalism and bashing the concept of ethno-nationalism. Hence, “multiculti” has replaced “blood and soil.”

    Although it took 70 years for the lie underpinning Communism 1.0 to be exposed, I expect the lie underpinning Communism 2.0 to be exposed a lot sooner. But how many will perish this time around is anyone’s guess.

    But, if you asked someone from organized Jewry they’ll tell you both Communism 1.0 and Communism 2.0 are prime examples of Jews trying to fix or heal the world. They even have a phrase for it, Tikkum olam.

    But, as I like to point out, any more Tikkum olam from our good friends and the goyim are done for!

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch, Robjil
    • Replies: @FLgeezer
    , @Mustapha Mond
  56. @Commentator Mike

    Holders of the four Great Offices of State

    Prime Minister: Boris Johnson, a mystery meat mix of Jew and Turk and Brit.

    Chancellor of the Exchequer: Rishi Sunak, Punjabi Hindu

    Foreign Secretary: Dominic Raab, Czechoslovakian Jew

    Home Secretary: Priti Patel, Gujarati Hindu

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
  57. @noname27

    And Theo Adorno the mastermind of rock music wrote all the hits for the Beatles and countless other 60’s bands! But as he died in 69 who’s been writing them since? LOL.

    • Replies: @noname27
  58. MarkU says:

    I’m not sure why you believe we disagree.

    • Replies: @noname27
  59. Peläez says:

    Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam,
    16th June 1647:
    — “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” —

    To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647:
    — “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” —

    • Thanks: Malla
  60. It’s a bit unfair to single out this woman when the entire British society, from the Queen on down to a local pol is in the pocket of big money, i.e. Jews… if the likes of the author of this article would find some extra balls to call out the overthrow of their arch nemesis instead of going to branches to find cause of their woes.

    One more thing, Ms. Patel is married to a White man and has a son with him, so, is it possible that she does not hate her husband and his people but doing what every other politician in Britain is on to, that is to say, kiss the kosher tuchus to get ahead?

    Tobias Langdon seems to be doing the same… Ron Unz is his Lord Pollack!

    • Agree: Tom Rogers
  61. Hillaire says:

    The British Isles, (note, the Great in Britain simply denotes the largest of the islands in the archipelago of which there are 589 at the last count, somewhat like the greater spotted woodpecker is the larger of the species) fell to the jews on the victory of william the bastard in 1066, who himself may have been a halfling. Half the country was razed to the ground and left to the mercy of his usurers and murderers.

    England never recovered.

  62. Trickster says:

    What is happening in Britain with these coolies is typical. We let them into the country, we put them in positions of power and soon, like roaches there is an infestation. Hire one as a Manager and before you know it his whole department is East Indian mostly friends and family. At saturation point a previously prosperous company is headed for the shit house. They are notoriously inept and corrupt. A coolie running his own business handles the money himself. He knows that the closest family and friends are just watching ready to rob him at the first opportunity.

    Never do any business with these people. You will always be cheated ! A coolie will sell his mother to a black gang for a Rupee.

    What is astounding is that a Babu born in the UK can attain these positions but a white man born in India would not even get the position of dog catcher. Canada I understand has a Punjabi Sikh as leader of the NDP party. If this party wins power the country will have a turban head as the Prime Minister. Its the old story. We think we are being kind but these people take it as a weakness and take every advantage they can and all they ought not to.

    We do it to ourselves and again, we see that the English rulers of India had it right. You have to keep your boot firmly on their necks so they know who is the master and who is the servant. We dont do this and we pay for it.

    Britain should know better but is mesmerized by brotherly love, affirmative action and racial tolerance
    This disease is too far advanced and it is a bit too late for the antidote !

    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
  63. Well?
    Even Indian men cannot coexist with Indian women.
    Indian men regularly burn their Indian wives in the kitchen.
    Only good thing from India are spices.

  64. Moi says:

    The Brits have bigoted Priti Patel and we have Nikki Haley. In fact, scratch any of our Hindu Indian politicians and you’ll find a pro-Jew, anti-Muslim sociopath with views similar to Indian PM and uber bigot Modi. Hindus are captive of their caste system and so unable to accept the humanity of all peoples.

  65. MarkU says:
    @Frankie P

    Marxism, which as you mentioned tries to pigeonhole humans into unnatural categories: evil.

    Marx never advocated that at all, he pointed out that that is what capitalism had done. Who is actually behind all the things you are railing about? Do you imagine that those things are grass roots movements driven by the proletariat?, they are evidently not. We know who runs the western world, bankers, the uber capitalists. Marx was opposed to capitalism.

    My original comment was..

    I challenge you to find anything that Marx actually wrote that supports your roping him in with the garbage you are complaining about.

    You have not done that.

    • Replies: @Tom Rogers
  66. Moi says:

    What screwed up Pak were the billions of American dollars flowing through it to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. To do that, the US backed fundamentalists in Afghanistan and Pak.

  67. anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    since the declining west has no options other than economically & militarily modernizing us which they will and are doing – the ‘Goras’ won’t go ‘gently in to the good night’ without a fight and we stand to gain a lot

    So, you dindoo nationalist mofers at least admit y’all are beggars waiting for alms from the depraved “goras”? Lol!

    Y’all will eternally remain the lickspittle of other civilisations. Here is why…

    The following fraud is a huge “star” in India. He is a Modi ass-licker, who acts in a lot of jingoistic crap. Except, he has taken Canadian citizenship!

    But we have to resist and with a little help from our friends we will

    Friends? Who might that be? The “goras”? Ahahahaha!!

    The “goras” think of your kind as dot/curry-niggas. Have you not read the above essay? The only benefit those greedy supremacist lowlifes want is all that untapped business from those billions of wretched dotties, to enrich themselves as much as possible. They will pander you pagan morons to high heaven to enable the plunder, and you inferior thinking lowlifes will just hand it to them (e.g. the Rafale deal, etc.)

    Everyone, apart from the rabid dindoo dogs, knows that your current drama-idol in the sage costume is a feckless cunt of man. He is unable to even name China as an aggressor.

    So, Resist? Lol!

    Behold the Indian dindoo who fiddled as his realm collapses around him.

    Also, it is curious that a dindoo nationalist animal calls itself “Grahams.” It wonder if it is a shout out to the following;

  68. Hillaire says:

    I wouldn’t be too sure of that, contrary to what you may hear via the mainstream the British are beginning to stir.

  69. Anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for the summary. In his short and brilliant Marx and Satan, Richard Wurmbrand quotes Moses Hess (p. 88) as far back as 1862 writing to Marx that Jewish communism was ultimately about race–meaning the Jewish “race” of course–, not class, and that every Jewish man had within himself the occult power to become the messiah bringing about the Jewish messianic state (and this despite his outwardly denouncing all religion for show as Marx did). Wurmbrand was himself a Jewish convert tested and found worthy in the communist dungeons to speak truth to evil. His book is available on archive dot org, if anyone’s interested.

    Marx (like today’s rich liberals) was ever the spendthrift clothes horse and dandy living off the Engels’ family wealth derived from hellish conditions in the “Dark Satanic Mills of Manchester,” and was, in his own words, first and foremost a Satanist and self-described destroyer. This is still the pattern being followed today as moral swinishness belies the empty virtue signaling characterizing leaders of the PC Left.

    As Wurmbrand writes, it’s a spiritual war and only spiritual weapons will defeat an enemy that can rely on urban police from Seattle to DC to coddle Jewish-led and funded rioters while stomping the living crap out of virtuous citizens demonstrating for this country’s constitutional rights. In DC the cops even forced families, women and children at the recent patriot rally into the path of waiting thugs of Antifa. These cops, these supposed “heroes in blue,” bear a greater responsibility than Antifa and BLM for the riots, looting, and arson inasmuch as none one day of it could have gone on without their complicity.

    It’s a small step from this level of institutionalized evil to shooting down law-abiding citizens if ordered to do so, yet as Fox News would have us believe, the spiritual dimension of each cop’s moral responsibility for his own actions is irrelevant so long as these “heroes in blue” (whose heroism apparently stems from allowing green-haired lesbians to spit in their faces) are “just following orders.” In that sense, Fox News bears a yet greater responsibility than CNN, which in the latter case merely incites the riots the cops lionized by Fox News have made possible. If it’s not clear, Fox News’ function is to lull us into inaction, in part on the absurd grounds that we can rely on these cowardly urban cops to do the right thing.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @noname27
  70. FLgeezer says:

    Superb summary. Thank you geokat62.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  71. @Thulean Friend

    The author is overthinking matters. She’s just a classic climber. She will appease whatever constituency is in power. That’s why she married a She now probably regrets it wasn’t a jew. Not because she cares about.either group, it’s just about self-maximising her own career. In many ways, she has remarkable similarities with Kamala Harris.

    I suspect she resents ordinary Brits who historically have been the most vocal opponents of reckless immigration policies.

    She has discussed being called ‘Paki’ (South Asian) at the playground when she was a child. Today this is classified as an unpardonable sin in modern Britain.

    Her behavior mirrors When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America i.e., former ‘underdog’ turned master.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  72. Hillaire says:

    These ridiculous apologists for the satanist marx they are all over the place at the moment, impervious to truth these idiots will burn with their master.

    The sooner the better.

    • Agree: Poco
    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @animalogic
  73. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    grovelling and kowtowing to those above while haranguing and insulting those below. Obnoxious.

    I’m watching The Crown and I see that precise pattern happening with royal servants and even the family itself. No Hindus in sight. Honest consideration would note this is a fairly universal pattern and is at most tempered in ‘advanced’ societies. Sucking up to the boss and lording it over minions is universal. Also universal is the minority that notes and criticizes this pattern in their own society. Your dishonesty here is construing this human pattern of behavior to be unique or distinctive of Indians.

    While it is evidently manifest, at international and national government levels, and international coroporations, that globally the Zionists and Hindu leadership have reached a strategic alliance, the pattern of social behavior above is hardly unique to Indians.

    OP is upset because the pigmentation on the stage puppets no longer permits the Englishman to pretend that the upper classes are themselves English. UK is basically a base station for the Cabal (City of London) and this is not a novel condition and Indians on stage are certainly not the first set of non-English to govern the “kingdom” from key positions in the realm.

    OP articles also help the Cabal since they ‘color’ [pi] the analysis and result in wrong conclusions. The issue is structural and inherent in UK’s societal model.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  74. Z-man says:

    Britain is lost. The Anglo Saxon Scot Welsh Irish male is neutered and cucked. Coming to America and other points West. They’re doing that to Italy in a mad rush in 2020 where they had almost avoided invasion until 2015-16. STOP ALL IMMIGRATION!!!

  75. Bookish1 says:

    A Kipling poem:

    Let all the corn be of one sheaf
    And let all the grapes be of one vine
    Ere the children’s teeth will be set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine

    Rudyard Kipling

  76. “”That’s why the leftist Guardian can report that “India remains the most unsafe country for women in the world, with a woman raped every 20 minutes,””

    Here are the U.S. statistics on rape for 2018…

    “The 2018 Uniform Crime Report (UCR), which measures rapes that are known… estimated that there were 127,258 rapes reported in 2018.”

    It amounts to 4.84 rapes every 20 minutes in the good old America, a country with one fifth of the population…

    Who the fuck are we to be talking about rapes in that godforsaken country? Get a life loser!

  77. MarkU says:

    Marx (like today’s rich liberals) was ever the spendthrift clothes horse and dandy living off the Engels’ family wealth derived from hellish conditions in the “Dark Satanic Mills of Manchester,” and was, in his own words, first and foremost a Satanist and self-described destroyer.

    A link to “Marx’s own words” would seem to be in order.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @Anonymous
  78. @anonymous

    At least, we know he is a dindoo hindoo but are you a no good chinaman? You sure sound like it… both of you are plagues upon the West… pox on both of you!

  79. Alden says:

    Indians have overwhelmed Redmond and Seattle Wa and Silicon Valley. The tech companies won’t hire Americans.

    • Replies: @DextersLabRat
  80. Patel is obviously extremely pro-Israel. I get the impression Hindus tend to see Jews as a natural ally against a common enemy… not ‘whites’, though, outside the cultMarx. FWIW Patel doesn’t evince any more hatred of the native whites than does Boris, Gove, or any other centre-right Tory politician.

  81. anon[268] • Disclaimer says:

    On Wednesday night (12/2), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) pushed through S.B. 386 with unanimous consent. SB 386 is the Indian green card giveaway bill that will give 100% of all employment based green cards (140k/yr) to Indian nationals only for the next 10 years. It also scraps the 7% per country limit in the annual 1m+ green card allotments to allow these Indians to bring in more of their relatives. Not a single GOP senator stood up to block this bill. Now this will go to the House, where a corresponding bill sponsored by Kamala Harris HB 1044 has already been passed. The WH has not said it will veto the bill, which means Trump will simply quietly sign it.

    What is the point anymore of having GOP in the WH or Congress? I see no difference between them and the DNC. Trump appointed nothing but swamp creatures to the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, and rest of his cabinet. He did nothing on H1B/OPT, EB5, DACA or birthright citizenship for 4 years. Under him, more foreign students than ever took up jobs in the US under the OPT program, over 350k just last year. Now a GOP rat is giving us the Indian green card giveaway bill which Obama never even touched in all his 8 years in office.

    So what if Trump hasn’t started a war? We still have troops in over 700 bases, incl. in Syria and Afghanistan. He allows the CIA to run amok and thuggishly assassinate foreign leaders and scientists, panders obsequiously to Israel, appoints Ziocons like Bolton, Pompeo and Eliot Abrahm to the state dept. and kowtows to their every whim. Appoints Goldman Sachs to run the treasury dept. A total Shabbos goy just like Clinton, W., and even worse than Obama.

    If we were still a country, treasonous rats like Mike Lee would be put in front of a firing squad. Instead Trump called him out as a great guy and one of the best senators. The Mormons have sold out to the globalists, they gave us two of the worst GOP senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney. This country is hopeless. The Indians will come in and finish us off. In ten years they will turn us into another corrupt, filthy, crime ridden, poverty stricken, completely dysfunctional third world hellhole just like India.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  82. @Thulean Friend

    Yup, the British heels up Harris. Wonder who her Willie Brown was.

  83. Anonymous[405] • Disclaimer says:

    England was treated terribly by the Normans, yet no one says the English are victims like they claim the Irish, Welsh and Scots are. The English are always seen as the “oppressor”, there’s no recognition of what has been done to England.

  84. chris says:

    Wow “a nice piece of work,” Priti Patel seems pretty pathetic.

    Why did her parents name her after a parrot, was their mother tongue pigeon English? Or did they want to warn everyone off.

    Other than about an extra 70lbs, she seems to bear an eerie similarity to our own, half-witted, full-Zionist dingbat, Ms Haley.

  85. Priti Patel is surely an asshole and a zionist butt-kisser of staggering proportions, but the article’s blatant and overt racism is equally nauseating.

    Racism is bullshit. Judge people by what they do and say, period.

    Judging Priti Patel by what she does and says leads inexorably to the verdict issued above: she’s an asshole and zionist butt-kisser extraordinaire.

    (Unfortunately, as many others have noted herein, Camel Toe Harris, our president-in-waiting, seems by her actions and words to be cut from the exact same cloth…. )

  86. Anonymous[354] • Disclaimer says:

    What I find strange is how France and Germany, for instance, have a similar percentage of non-whites to the UK, yet non-whites in those countries don’t seem to hold positions of power to anywhere near the extent they do in the UK.

    France and Germany are still mostly run by the indigenous people, whereas Britain is increasingly run by the immigrants for their interests.

  87. Ugetit says:
    @Commentator Mike

    So should we rename it Jewish colonialism rather than European colonialism?

    Good point, but dat would be antee Sumitik, and we musn’t have dat! We could call it Muney Imperializm too. But dem boyz, dey’s innocent. None of ’em dindoo nuttin and dat Hitler was a real meanie, and if we don’ b’leef it, we’z unpaytree-otik!

  88. @anon

    “This country is hopeless. The Indians will come in and finish us off. In ten years they will turn us into another corrupt, filthy, crime ridden, poverty stricken, completely dysfunctional third world hellhole just like India.”

    America is NOT hopeless! The Hindoos may come but won’t finish off Christianity and I for one do not believe in the hyperbole that we’ll be another hellhole in ten years… it’ll take a lot more blacks and Hispanics to do just that!

    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  89. anon[268] • Disclaimer says:

    In the book The Embarrassment of Riches, Simon Schama said that prior to the arrival of Jews, the Dutch were one of the most austere observers of Protestantism. The Jews brought in the tobacco trade, spiked the tobacco with fruit flavors and marketed it to the rich and esp. to women to make it fashionable. The trusting and gullible Dutch became so addicted to tobacco even the women had black teeth. Jews then used their tobacco money to buy up huge mansions along the river in Amsterdam, threw lavish and gluttonous parties to entice the Dutch to ditch austerity for conspicuous consumption.

    Thanks to the deep infiltration of Jews in their society, Netherlands became the first country to legalize marijuana and prostitution. Today it is a multicultural hellhole, a lost paradise with no soul.

    In The House of Rothschilds, Naill Ferguson detailed how the Rothschilds made their fortune by running foreign exchange between England and the continent to help start wars or buy peace from “allies”. The Rothschilds are also one of the biggest promoters of clan nepotism for Jews, their Jew network help them run their trade all over Europe, and later across the Atlantic to the US.

    For two thousand years Jews have been making their fortune by running the military industrial complex, and by selling sin – opium, opiod, tobacco, slave trade, e-cigarette, marijuana, gambling, pornography, all are run by Jews. JUUL the e-cigarette company is started by 2 Jews, they sell fruit flavored e-cigarettes and market it to teenagers by making vaping look cool. Sound familiar? And now they control Wall Street (world’s biggest casino), Congress and the Pentagon, they finally have all the money and all the power.

    Of all the mass deceptions and lies told by Jews including the Holocaust, “God’s Chosen” is the biggest lie of all. Jews are in reality *Satan’s spawns*.

    • Thanks: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  90. Ugetit says:

    A link to “Marx’s own words” would seem to be in order.

    The monster’s “poetry” is full of such crackpot stuff and easily found on line. This seems like a decent intro.:

    Worlds I would destroy for ever,
    Since I can create no world,
    Since my call they notice never,

    -Marx, “Feelings”

    The schmuck obviously had a sense of humor to have titled his “poem,” “Feelings.”

  91. conatus says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Statues of Disraeli should be torn down or perhaps Cream’s second album, Disraeli Gears, should never be aired again anywhere.
    Disraeli was a man of his Zeitgeist and thus said bad things.

    from here:

    But it is one of the later novels that provides Cesarani with his major condemnation of Disraeli. Tancred – or, The New Crusade was published in 1847. Its hero believes he can find inspiration in the Holy Land, where his ancestors once crusaded. Before departing, he takes advice from Sidonia, who articulates his belief in Jewish superiority and the centrality of race in human affairs. Tancred and Sidonia share a disdain for modern ideas of equality and democracy. Sidonia regards progress as a sham. Scientific change and social forces do not explain the rise and fall of nations:

    “It is an affair of race . . . And when a superior race, with a superior idea to Work and Order, advances, its state will be progressive, and we shall, perhaps, follow the example of the desolate countries. All is race; there is no other truth.”

    These ideas are expressed in an even more extreme form in Disraeli’s last finished novel, Endymion (1880). Here, a foreign aristocrat, Baron Sergius, argues that understanding race is vital to any political practice.

    “No man will treat with indifference the principle of race. It is the key of history, and why history is often so confused is that it has been written by men who were ignorant of this principle and all the knowledge it involves.”

    • Replies: @Gordo
    , @anon
  92. Tobias:
    Your provocative article led me to read your essay on Freddie Mercury, which I also found interesting and provocative. He was definitely a great singer, whose career I pretty much missed as I was not into the usual crap music of the period, among other things. I must however challenge your assumptions about his homosexuality and his death.

    Your gay-virus hypothesis is ad hoc, unfalsifiable in key respects, and contrary to most of what we know about homosexuality. Key elements of the condition suggest it is caused by perturbation of the sex hormones in utero. Sex hormones are known to cause the differentiation of the fetal brain into male or female phenotypes early in pregnancy. They do the same thing with the sex organs, which are undifferentiated at conception, but not necessarily at the same time or by exactly the same mechanisms as for the brain. It seems much more likely that some perturbation of the sex hormones of the mother causes disturbances in the processes leading to inconsistency in the result. The ultimate cause could be something as simple as, say, smoking marijuana. Establishment scientists do not seem interested in finding it.

    Being inclined to support Peter Duesberg in his criticisms of the AIDS hypothesis, I think it is quite likely that Freddie Mercury was killed not by AIDS but by the toxic drugs used to treat it, in particular AZT, which he stopped using only three weeks before his death. Duesberg was considered the preeminent authority on retroviruses until he challenged the HIV/AIDS narrative and contended they were innocuous at best. Mercury had “a Kaposi’s sarcoma lump on his shoulder”, according to his friend Jim Hutton — something that does not in itself suggest an advanced case. He did, however, take “AZT and nearly every other drug available.” This was the period in the AIDS saga when AZT was being given in quite large doses. Some have noted that the death rate declined when the AZT dosages were reduced.

  93. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Agreed, but your eponym, Enoch Powell, would have left them in.

  94. @Trickster

    [quote]We do it to ourselves and again, we see that the English rulers of India had it right. You have to keep your boot firmly on their necks so they know who is the master and who is the servant. We dont do this and we pay for it.[/quote]

    That was their [our] mistake. The British should have simply wiped them all out and turned the Subcontinent into another North America/Australasia. Instead, we thought we could rule them and civilise them, and we did……until we didn’t.

    I otherwise agree with your comment, though I have to say, my personal experience of individual non-whites (which I accept, may not be typical) has been largely fine and trouble-free. As I see it, the different average behaviours, attributes and maladjustments of the different races is not the issue. It’s purely a racial matter. I am white and don’t want others to take over, and for that reason, they must all leave., and traitorous whites must be killed or exiled.

  95. Vojkan says:

    For all intents and purposes, Marxism is dialectical materialism, which is summarily, according to Marx himself, Hegel’s dialectical idealism rid of its flaws and fixed for real world economy and politics. The only thing Cultural Marxism and dialectical materialism have in common is the Hegelian dialectical foundation. Regardless of its practical or moral value or lack of value, Marxism is a coherent political theory. Cultural Marxism is not a political theory, it is an enterprise of destruction and it has nothing to do with Marxism.
    I am not an apologist for Marx, I am as opposed to Marxism as one can be but words have meanings. The expression Cultural Marxism is meaningless. In France, the expression in use is “the societal Left”, because it focuses on “societal” rather than social issues, and it is much more fitting.

    • Thanks: GoRedWings!
  96. @MarkU

    Marx was also very critical of Jews in the generality, and I seem to remember reading one of his books about them, regarded in some quarters as ‘structurally’ anti-Semitic. He also wrote disparagingly about immigration.

    Karl Marx was a genius and his critique of industrial capitalism remains compelling – and I think that explains why he is maligned so much. The fact he was an ethnic Jew is of some relevance, though, and we can’t exclude the possibility that he was guided – perhaps subconsciously and without realising it himself – by a dislike of white Europeans and drive to intellectually deconstruct their societies.

    Marxism in its orthodox form is like dynamite: powerful and consciousness-raising, but at the same time, dangerous if misused, twisted or incompletely understood.

  97. @gotmituns

    C’mon man, just in her case and maybe in K Harris’s case. But you should read about the Thugees. Read a real historical account about their modus operandi and their cruelty and thoroughness. The lengths they went to eliminate witnesses and evidence and remain un-detected will leave you speechless.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  98. anon[199] • Disclaimer says:

    If all Indians are as smart as Malla, India wouldn’t be the shithole country that it is today.

    In India, Jews have found their greatest shabbos goys, all 1.2 billion of them. Like the Jews, the Indians are loquacious, greedy, shameless, oversensitive, crooked, corruptible, clannish and chauvinistic, but they are nowhere near as cunning or high IQ, and much more gullible, white-worshiping and obsequious to those in power, as such, much easier to manipulate than whites.

    Jews know the West is on the wane after a century in their control, while China is on the rise. Being a paranoid evil greedy power hungry delusional tribe, they now think the Chinese pose the greatest threat to Jewish total control of the world, because China has a smart nationalist leader like Xi. Using the strategy of divide and conquer, they are working hard to drive a wedge between China and all its neighbors esp. India, Japan and Australia. In the US, Jews are working hard to drive up hatred of whites against China, and it’s working marvelously thanks to Covid19. Hate on China is the only thing the left and the right agree on these days, not a day goes by without Breitbart the Zionist mouthpiece writing hit pieces on China.

    You think the (((West))) give a shit about the Uighurs or the Tibetans? Or the 1.2 billion Indian lives they are ready to sacrifice to “contain” China? Wake up please. Stop being another vassal state to Israel like the entire West. Make peace with your neighbors, improve trade relations with China so India too, could prosper. Indians are nothing but expendable dumb Gunga Din brown dot head slaves to the Jews, slightly smarter than blacks and not as wild so easier to control. Only Jews are God’s Chosen, you are not, no matter how much you suck up to them. You will just be forever their expendable slaves like white Christians, who they used to fight the Muslims, while Indians will be used to fight the Chinese. Wake the hell up.

  99. Gordo says:

    One wonders if Brahmins residing in Britain see an affinity with Jews as the ruling caste?

  100. Gordo says:

    Statues of Disraeli should be torn down

    The Right don’t have the energy, the committment, the organisation or the financial backing to do anything. Not even defend their own.

  101. geokat62 says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    Racism is bullshit. Judge people by what they do and say, period.

    While I agree that all human beings should be judged as individuals, based on the content of their character, it is nevertheless true that public policies should be developed on the basis of the reality that individuals belong to groups, and that each group is blessed with its distinct characteristics.

    Based on the lie that Diversity Is A Strength, however, Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) have managed to successfully flood Britain (and the rest of The West) with people from all over the world. If current trends persist, the poor indigenous British people are projected to become a minority in their own homeland sometime in the 2060s.

    This must be opposed by all people of goodwill.
    We must say “no” to multiculti and “yes” to a return to more homogeneous homelands.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  102. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    From the Global Times (CCP mouthpiece):

    “White supremacists will only hurt themselves by denouncing CPC”

    (Note CCP using agreed upon Globalist key words and propaganda themes)

    The One World Government is a unified occult order. The future is “lockdown” of Minds and faceless “masked” humanity at large, working in the global plantation.

    “Whites”, in their period of arrogant supremacy, laid the foundation of grievances that allows the Cabal to exploit divisions in humanity. The white refuse (“deplorables”) continue to fail to recognize that even in their colonial glory, the “White” ruling classes did not see themselves as “related” to the deplorable masses.

  103. Dumbo says:

    It’s just Envy, a cardinal sin.

    EVERYBODY, from Jews to Hindus and Dindus hate White Europeans, because they are the most beautiful, smartest and most creative race. So they try to destroy it. But they won’t succeed.

  104. Anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:

    I cited Wurmbrand’s book, which for those interested has pages and pages of Marx’ Satanism in his own words. You win the PC award of the day, Mark, for being first to take the bait regarding Marx’ hedonism, which is recently attested to in “Engels-The Communist As Hedonist” by Christopher Sandford, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, November 23, 2020:

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  105. She’s aggressive, ambitious and entirely without principle or loyalty to the country of her birth.

    Not a single Western nation demands loyalty, not even from anchor-born aliens like Ugly Priti, it might offend invading gimmegrants.

    For some reason, we tolerate this instead of washing our “leaders” out of power on a threatened tsunami of their blood.

  106. anon[199] • Disclaimer says:

    Marx knows his tribe well. He had said that the reason he came up with communism is because Jews worship money, that they regard money as God, and the only way for Jews to stop worshiping money is when no one is allowed to hoard. Except Jews are greedy and crooked by nature, if they can’t hoard money then they want to hoard power, hence the atrocities of the Bolsheviks. In the end, communism is just another form of capitalism: both champion globalism, and concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the (((few))).

    Capitalism is a system made by and for Jews, while we were conned into thinking it is best for us by books like Weber’s Protestant Ethic and the spirit of Capitalism. It is a system where the greediest and most dishonest win, especially when they work as a group, as the dishonest always makes the honest look stupid. It was a Jew Milton Friedman who told us “Profit is King”, that the sole purpose of a business is to maximize profit a.k.a. “shareholder value”, which led to the loss of our industrial base through mass offshoring of our factories, and mass immigration to further lower cost of labor. We are told to trust in markets while Jews actively manipulate markets through the (((Fed’s))) control of interest rates and money printing, consolidation of industries to create monopolies, bribing of Congress through lobbying to enact monopoly friendly policies and other shenanigans to channel all wealth into the hands of the Jews.

    The only form of political/economic system that could survive the destructive force of the Jews is economic nationalism. That is why the Jews are working hard to destroy countries that want to put in place such as system, like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and Trump, except Trump turned out to be a fake nationalist after all.

    • Agree: Franklin Ryckaert
  107. Anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    She looks like she’d be more likely to be called out for stinking the place up. You have to love the sort of men who, when around these smelly cows, affect that look of, “Who me, I don’t smell a thing.”

  108. @MarkU

    I challenge you to find anything that Marx actually wrote that supports your roping him in with the garbage you are complaining about. I suspect that Dickens and Marx would have gotten along quite well.

    I doubt that Marx and Dickens would have gotten along well. His main opponents saw him as a charlatan posing as a socialist.

  109. DinoN says:

    You have no idea what menace or breeding like rabbits really mean. Wait until the Blacks in your Country continue to demand and gaining to their satisfaction. Then you will be confronted with the reality and I can assure you it wouldn’t be “nice”!

  110. @neutral

    Thanks a pantload, Cromwell…ya bastid.

  111. gotmituns says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    I just mentioned Suttee. I’m aware of Thugee as well.

  112. @Hillaire

    And what are they going to do exactly? The state has a monopoly on violence/weapons. There are no candidates whatsoever even suggesting repatriations. The common man is utterly powerless.

  113. Shamil says:

    Another white man crying foul while his ancestors went half way around the world to pillage and kill. I agree with your assessment of Priti the slut Patel. But for you to smuggle murder abetters like Kipling and forget your own bloody and remarkably tyrannical rule over India is a little too much to entertain. We have a saying in Farsi “the thief scolds the homeowner”. The Brits have no right to lecture anyone on almost anything. Sit back and spread your legs to the Jews as you have been doing for over a century. Talk of chickens coming home to roost.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Dave Bowman
  114. Ugetit says:

    I’ve been wanting to investigate the details of Adams’ warnings to Jefferson about the Amsterdam money lenders for a very long time, but have not been able to dig into it. Would you happen to know of any sources that would provide a little more detail?

    A few excerpts.:

    I feel myself obliged to write this in Confidence to you, and to put you on your Guard against the immeasurable avarice of Amsterdam as well as the ungovernable Rage of Speculation…

    The Truth is that Messrs. Willinks and Vanstaphorst have been purchasing immense Quantities of American Paper, and they now want to have it acknowledged and paid in Europe.

    If the Brokers, Undertakers and Money lenders will take such Advantages of Us, it is high time to have done with them; pay what is due as fast as we can, but never contract another farthing of Debt with them.

    Depend upon it, the Amsterdammers love Money too well, to execute their Threats. They expect to gain too much by American Credit to destroy it.

    -Letter To Thomas Jefferson from John Adams, 12 February 1788 From John Adams, London Feb. 12. 1788

    I hope this link still works.:

  115. geokat62 says:
    @Single and Ready to Drop Red Pills

    There are no candidates whatsoever even suggesting repatriations.

    That’s true. While there are currently no candidates suggesting repatriation, there is a budding movement that is. It’s called Patriot Alternative.

    As the evidence mounts that Diversity Isn’t A Strength (Londonistan has been turned into the stabbing capital of the world), more people will turn to PA, which advocates for the restoration of the demographic makeup of Britain.

    Here’s their 20pt Policy Statement…

    Our Plan

    Below you will find our plan for a healthy, successful and prosperous United Kingdom. The below points cover a variety of areas including education, law, health, the environment, immigration and the media.


    1. The British People
    The British people are made up of the English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh. These are the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom and only they have an ancestral claim to it. The United Kingdom is the only place where the British people, and they alone, can realise their natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination. As such, we will pass a Nation State Law to enshrine this principle and ensure the British people never become a minority or second class citizens in their ancestral homeland.

    There will be a government commission to identify and overturn all policy that discriminates against the indigenous people.

    2. Immigration, Asylum and Border Control
    The British people have the right to protect and control their borders and control migration into the UK as they see fit. The UK is one of the most densely populated countries in the Western world and this negatively impacts the indigenous population in a number of ways. There will be a complete halt to all immigration unless under exceptional circumstances.

    Exceptional circumstances would include, but not be limited to: foreign diplomats, highly skilled people in urgent demand, and people with a shared ethnic and cultural background who can prove British ancestry.

    The UK has no legal or moral obligation to take any refugees or asylum seekers from nations that do not lie on her borders. As such, the UK’s commitment to taking refugees would apply only to those descended from European nations or from other parts of the world who have a shared ethnic and cultural background or who can prove British ancestry – a notable example being white South Africans.

    The UK has a right to enforce its own laws – including its immigration laws. Those living in the UK illegally have broken the law and must leave the country voluntarily or be deported. Any legal migrant who commits a serious criminal offence will also be deported – with no exceptions.

    3. Demographics of the UK
    Demographic trends forecast that the indigenous people of the UK will be a minority by 2060. To counter this trend, those of immigrant descent who have obtained British passports will be offered generous financial incentives in order to return to their ancestral homelands. This process will be carried out in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the British people and returnees.

    The UK should be governed by the British people for the benefit of the British people. Never should a foreign power be allowed to unduly influence the way the British state conducts its affairs. Equally, no immigrant-descended person should ever be allowed to take decisions regarding the ethnic composition of the UK.

    4. Freedom of Expression
    Freedom of speech will be enshrined for all British citizens. So-called ‘hate speech laws’ will be overturned immediately and all those imprisoned under such legislation will be freed and have their criminal records expunged. The only exception to this will be those who promote violence or terrorism.

    5. Family Values
    The central building block of our nation is the traditional, nuclear family, which consists of a mother, father and children. The traditional family will be promoted as an ideal to be striven for and emulated. No public body will promote any alternative as either equal or superior to the traditional family. To that end, children will be protected from exposure to sexualised material or LGBT propaganda in all public institutions.

    Public places should be free of nudity, sexual activity and indecent material. Pornography will only be sold in licenced establishments, which will be regulated to keep the material away from children. Internet pornography will be banned as far as is practicable.

    The so-called ‘grooming scandal’ continues to be one of our greatest sources of national shame, and we will establish a full investigation to punish not only the perpetrators, but also the politicians and police who turn a blind eye as our children are abused.

    6. National Languages
    All sign posts, government documents and other written information will only be printed in English and other native languages where appropriate.

    7. Our Welfare System
    We propose a complete overhaul of the current state welfare system, which should be a safety net for those who have fallen on hard times, not a way of life. A new means-tested system of benefits will be created, which would only be available to those who speak fluent English or other native languages where appropriate.

    8. Our NHS
    Our NHS is a cornerstone of British life and should always remain publicly owned and run. However, sweeping management reforms are necessary to improve the service to the public and maximise frontline care and support for doctors and nurses.

    The NHS is funded by the British people and is therefore bound to provide health care only to British citizens; there will be an end to ‘health tourism’.
    Wages in the NHS must at least keep pace with inflation, and we are committed to training ever more British doctors and nurses. No one should work in the NHS unless they can speak fluent English. Those patients requiring interpreters must arrange and pay for any such services.

    9. The Education of Our Children
    The state system of education needs to be drastically overhauled, with a key priority being the reduction of class sizes. British history will be restored as a central pillar of every child’s education. There will also be a shift in focus to practical skills and traditional educational methods. All education will include physical fitness and sport, in which all able children would be required to take part. Only English and other native languages will be used by teachers in lessons (except the teaching of foreign languages). Children who do not speak English (or Welsh in Wales or Gaelic in Scotland) will not be eligible for state education and state funded schools will not pay for interpreters.

    It will be prohibited for any school to promote anti-white propaganda such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic racism’; British children will not be taught to hate themselves or their ancestors. Teachers are there to teach, not impart their own political views.

    Private schooling and homeschooling will remain options to those who want them as part of a standardised national examination system.

    10. Religious Life in the UK
    The British people have the right to religious freedom, including the right to worship freely and wear religious symbols and clothing in public places. However, the UK is a Christian country and Christianity is an integral part of our cultural heritage and will continue to be promoted accordingly. The state will also acknowledge ancient, native pre-Christian influences and protect sites of cultural significance to our ancestors.
    Private enterprises have the right to restrict their employees’ display of any religious symbols as they see fit. Those resigning on the grounds of religious objections to working practices will no longer be instantly eligible for state benefits. Employers will no longer be forced to provide prayer rooms or special conditions for religious groups.

    The right to religious freedom must never undermine the rights and safety of the British people. As a matter of public safety, full-face coverings will be banned in public and there will be no religious exception to this.

    Religious beliefs do not grant parents the right to physically harm or mutilate their child; child genital mutilation will be outlawed and those carrying out such practices will be prosecuted.
    There will be a complete ban on the construction of any places of worship funded by foreign sources. There will also be an investigation into the funding of religious buildings established in the last ten years. Those found to have been funded by foreign sources will be closed immediately.

    11. Animal Welfare
    The way we treat animals is a measure of our quality as human beings, so we commit to producing a full charter for the protection and well-being of animals living within captivity. Unnecessary testing on live animals will be outlawed, as will vivisection and other such cruel practices. There will also be a complete ban on the non-stunned slaughter of animals, including Halal and Kosher slaughter. Slaughterhouses continuing to use these methods will be shut and the owners prosecuted. The importation of such ritualistically slaughtered meat will also be banned.

    We will also take measures to vastly reduce factory farming, such as promoting and subsidising traditional and natural farming methods.

    We will encourage food self-sufficiency to reduce our nation’s reliance on food imports. This will include protecting British territorial waters and ensuring they are fished exclusively and responsibly by British fishermen.

    12. Our Precious Natural Environment
    The UK’s beautiful and rich natural environment is part of our ancestral inheritance. A strong connection to the natural world is integral to our physical and mental health. As immigration is halted and illegal migrants are deported, this will ease the pressure for new housing. There will also be large incentives for developers to redevelop existing urban sites that are no longer in use or have fallen into disrepair, and much stricter planning laws to protect undeveloped green land. A healthy and vibrant people needs space and should never be forced into small, cramped living conditions, which only serve to crush the spirit.

    13. Housing
    The demand for social housing has risen greatly due to mass immigration and the birth rate of the immigrant population. It will no longer be available to those who cannot speak fluent English or other native languages and priority for social housing will be given to those in employment or who are otherwise invested in the area in which they live. We will renew existing social housing.

    House and land prices have risen drastically over the last few decades, which is again largely due to mass immigration and large amounts of land and property being purchased by foreign nationals. The government will place strict limits on foreign investors owning land or property within the UK.

    14. Our Right to Work
    We believe in the importance of British jobs for British workers, because work is important for our people’s well-being and self-esteem. Not only will companies be heavily fined for employing illegal immigrants, but we will protect important British industries and companies. Companies will be encouraged to pay a fair living wage and treat workers with respect and dignity.

    Large multinational corporations that operate within the UK will be incentivised to buy British goods and use British services wherever possible and will be fully investigated to ensure they are not evading tax. The days of multinational companies making billions in the UK while paying pennies in tax will end.

    15. The Financial Extortion of Our People
    Huge numbers of our people now live in a never-ending cycle of debt, which often leads to depression, stress and the breakdown of families. We will regulate lenders and the financial services industry to ensure that British people are never again trapped in debt they can neither understand nor afford to service. An economy cannot be built on credit and a happy, prosperous and free people must be free of the chains of usury and debt.

    16. The Law of Our Land
    The judiciary and legal system will be free of politically correct influence and cases will be dealt with on the basis of the facts and the injury caused to the victim. Judges and magistrates who are found to have used the legal system in order to push a political agenda will be relieved of their duties.

    Capital punishment will be reinstated as an option for murderers and serious sexual offenders, where DNA evidence or other irrefutable evidence is presented. All foreign-born criminals or those of migrant descent who are not British citizens who have committed serious offences will be deported immediately after their sentence is completed.

    17. ‘Foreign Aid’
    We will cease all so-called ‘foreign aid’ commitments immediately and spend these billions of pounds protecting our most vulnerable citizens, including the homeless, the disabled and pensioners.

    18. The Media
    We will establish a government commission to look into various practices of the mainstream media, including collusion between political parties and the owners of media companies, politically motivated hiring within the industry, foreign ownership, and foreign government influence. We believe the BBC has long been failing to provide neutral content in line with its public service remit, and we will hold a public consultation concerning the abolition of the TV Licence.

    19. Crime
    All British citizens have the right to defend both themselves and their property. Anyone who chooses to break into another person’s home or business does so on the understanding that the owner has the right to use sufficient force to defend themselves as they deem necessary. The police and the courts will no longer criminalise people defending themselves and their property.

    20. Our Armed Forces
    We will ensure that the British armed forces are generously funded to defend both the UK’s borders and territories overseas. We will never again involve them in foreign conflicts where Britain has no direct interest. Too many precious lives have been lost in recent decades and too much money spent on conflicts that should never have been fought.

    We will maintain the production of arms here in the UK to ensure we are both self-sufficient and protect the many thousands of related British jobs. We will also ensure that British service personnel are given the very best equipment to ensure they can do their job effectively.

    Once British service personnel retire from active duty, we have a responsibility to ensure that they transition fully and safely back into civilian life. As such, we will fully fund organisations to help former service personnel achieve this, including any necessary physical rehabilitation and counselling. We will never forget the huge debt we all owe to our brave servicemen and servicewomen.

    We will enact a policy of National Service for all young people for 12 months in either the Army, Navy, Royal Air Force or in care homes assisting pensioners or those with disabilities. There would also be options available for those with disabilities or other special requirements. Those who refuse National Service will be barred from working for the state and would lose the right to stand for election.

  116. Tom Verso says:

    Jewish Wealth = Jewish Power End of Conversation

    Ron Unz has created a computer program for the UNZ Review that counts, aggregates and stores the number of words written in articles and comments. He reports such counts in his week report on popular articles.

    It would be interesting to see how many words have been written about the power of Jews in the Western World.

    I would wager that virtually (nah more literally) all the articles and comments are descriptive in nature; i.e. they describe the power of, what I call, the Jewish Ethnic-Nation within the Western Nation-States. Yet, there are virtually (literally?) no recommendations (beyond symbolic protesting actions) about how the Europeans (Whites) can regain power and control of their respective countries (civilization).

    The above article follows that motif. Specifically, Jewish power is identified in five categories: wealth, academia, media, political parties, and government.

    To my mind these categories are not just descriptive. They constitute a hierarchy. This is to say: histroically one follows from the other.

    Schematically the five relate as such:

    First the Jews amassed a very high concentration of wealth.

    Second, they used their wealth to gained scholarly authoritative dominance in universities by making massive donations.

    Third, they used their wealth purchase mass media outlets, which along with the scholarly authoritative academic dominance influence mass public opinion.

    Forth, they used their wealth, to gain control of political parties (as with universities) by making massive donations.

    Fifth, they used all of the above to dominate (control) government policies.

    A schematic is not time-line per se. Rather, a trend-line characterization of the evolution of Jews power in the West; which is to say, how we got to where we are today in the West.

    The most important point that I wish to make is that WEALTH is POWER in any society.

    In the early 19th Century, wealth was concentrated in WASP agriculture.

    In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries wealth was concentrated in the hands of WASP industrialist and the characteristics of the education, culture and politics manifested WASP power throughout those years.

    In the second half of 20th century down to the present wealth came to be concentrated in Jewish merchandizing and financial organizations; changes in ethnic wealth concentration lead to changes in education, culture and politics.

    In short, the reason the many articles on these pages regarding Jewish power never address what can be done about mitigating that power and restoring European (White) power is because there are no solutions for making changes is society without changes in concentration of wealth.

    Europeans and Euro-Americans (White people) can’t protest or vote wealth change.

    The Left Wing of the Democratic Party, like their European counter parts, call for various forms of wealth distribution: cancel student debt, Medicare for all, universal income, etc.

    But, they have no economic policy for removing the concentration of wealth in the Jewish ethnic-nation. For that to happen it will take a revolution in the economic wealth generating system such as historically from agriculture economy to industrial economy to merchant/financial economy.

    Unless and until a new form of national wealth generation comes about, there will be no break up of the wealth of the Jewish Nation and its dominance over
    Western Nation-States.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  117. That makes her an ideal shabbos-shiksa, or gentile servant, for Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), which the Jewish Chronicle described as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster”

    Yes, Conservative Friends of Israel second only to the Labour Friends of Israel. Yes, UK politics is dominated by the same Zionist cabal as is the case in the United States. Just ask Jeremy Corbyn.

  118. @geokat62

    Hi geokat62!

    Funny, because just after I published that comment, I said to myself, “Well, when determining who should be allowed the privilege of immigration, there are broader concerns that merit consideration.”

    I figured someone would point this out, and I’m glad you did. It’s a fair criticism.

    However, again, the decision on admission must be based on the individual’s merits, even if from a group that might be considered suspect (such as areas that are hotbeds of Islamic radicalism, etc.)

    I am in an ‘interracial’ marriage, and could not be happier. My wife is ethnic Chinese, but 100% banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside). And by ‘white’, I mean she loves America with all her heart, despite not being born or raised here. She chose to come here, suffered some pretty strong financial hardships to do so, and is proud to be American, or at least what America used to stand for in the minds of most people who became working adults in the 70s and early 80s: a place where freedom and justice have fertile grounds to grow and prosper.

    Thus, both hers and my own heart are broken by what we see happening all around us. And I suspect most older Americans feel that way, too. It’s a crying shame to see such a great experiment get thrown off the rails and into the ditch by greedy selfish assholes who call themselves ‘elites’ but are quite the opposite……..

    • Replies: @geokat62
  119. blaqua says:

    Not surprised if on her Shiva’s Secret Service, Priti Patel intends to prioritize immigration from India and being home secretary of the post-Brexit era gives her the best opportunity to fulfill her goals. Bashing her however is truly unfair. Indians are 100 times more civilized and adaptable than the Pakistani brutes and her overall immigration policy will be much stricter, for example she just deported tens of Jamaicans and signed an agreement with France in November to deal with migrant activity in the Channel. That’s one of the reasons the BBC hate her.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  120. @geokat62

    Founder of Patriotic Alternative is MARK COLLETT (see picture), who is a clear thinker and a clear speaker. Except for the reinstatement of capital punishment, I find his program excellent for all white countries.

    He has also written a book called The Fall of Western Man, which can be read free online, here:

    Mark Collett has also a regular program on Bitchute.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  121. geokat62 says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    My wife is ethnic Chinese, but 100% banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside).


    Thus, both hers and my own heart are broken by what we see happening all around us.

    Couldn’t agree more, MM.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  122. Miro23 says:

    But you won’t see anyone in the mainstream media speak these obvious truths. After all, this is Brave New Britain, where it’s against the law to speak the truth about Jewish control and minority malice.

    The USA, Britain and Australia are governed by fear – with another aspect being that a disunited and fearful populations aren’t going to succeed economically. Their days of scientific leadership, invention and development are gone as they are dragged around, humiliated and insulted by their new masters.

    They’re in the process of being looted of their whole wealth, so it looks like the Anglo world is finished and heading into third-worldism.

  123. geokat62 says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Founder of Patriotic Alternative is MARK COLLETT (see picture), who is a clear thinker and a clear speaker.

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The picture you posted is the one his detractors usually point to whenever they accuse him of being a Nazi sympathizer. That’s why I prefer this one:

  124. Mike Tre says:

    She looks like Aaron Rodriguez in drag.

    Either way, another disgusting Hindu/Indian female being promoted within Western politics: Komodo Harris, Nikki Haley, and pretend Indian Tulsi Gabbard all want to destroy the West from the inside out with unfettered 3rd world invasion.

    • Replies: @Malla
  125. @geokat62

    A white nationalist who is interracially married is a living contradiction in terms.

    Another case is John Derbyshire, also married to a Chinese woman, and also “pro-white”.

    With friends like these…

    • Agree: 3g4me
  126. @blaqua

    Good, fewer criminal Jamaicans, but more “civilized” Hindus might stop the increase of immigrant crime, but will it solve the demographic problem?

    • Replies: @blaqua
  127. geokat62 says:

    Two favourite lines:

    Theresa May’s government of grovelling goys…

    Boris Johnson’s government of grovelling goys.

  128. @Tom Verso

    Specifically, Jewish power is identified in five categories: wealth, academia, media, political parties, and government.

    Your schematic would perhaps be improved if you specifically included an item for the justice system. They infiltrate, control and subvert it at every opportunity. They infiltrate the judiciary, the lawyers, the prosecutorial system, the law schools and the DOJ. They are willing to bribe, blackmail, or even assassinate, the judges, lawyers and witnesses on both sides of a case. They are quite willing to perjure themselves in the tribal cause. And they always bring public pressure to change laws to legalize their activities or to criminalize any criticism of their methods. You need only check out the history of the ADL, formed to sanctify a child murderer.

    When expelled from a country they have generally lost no time in subverting it from without, by diplomatic or military actions. So you might want to include a specific item for diplomatic action as well.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  129. @God's Fool

    Who the fuck are we to be talking about rapes in that godforsaken country?

    GF is on to something here, as us chumps here in western Rape Land got no claim on those boys in Mumbai, et al.

    First, their own Uniform Crime Report numbers are meticulously gathered and maintained alongside their railway tracks using paperweights of human shit.

    On the proactive side, those Bombay boys effectively thwart prospective rape by eliminating the cause of the matter, namely females who due to their sex at birth are thrown out into the roads, alleyways and trashheaps to die, otherwise known as trash bin babies and you know ….GF is right to ask, Who the fuck are we to be talking about rapes in that godforsaken country upon knowing we have people like G.F. here in the U.S. who are apparently offended that someone might deign to judge it. Understood.

    Question G.F.: When you chose your online name, did you do it for purposes of making statements like this without embarrassing God?


    New York, Oct 14, 2020. A 23-year-old Indian-origin woman in the US has been charged with attempt to murder for tossing her newborn baby out of a bathroom window into the street.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  130. anonymous[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Finally some Anglo race realist targeting its own hired token-shudra guys (replaced with nastiest token shudra- women these days) as a front desktop operator to save their nasty image. Not to mention the same European race realists who have quadrupled the number of each of their races’ in Europe (with last few decades) with the loot and plunders from colonies to this day are getting sick of their own games and yapping about breed loss?

    Whether its the nasty jew or this Hindu-lunatic given this high post in Anglo race realist society, we can see right through. Instead of blaming the minorities, what a common Anglo needs to do is to come out of closet all the way like Germans did or French are doing. You also have to face Russia head on and remove all your factories from China as well so that you could return to your old glorious days when you’d slit throats of each others as well as looting money from the colonies. I mean in that case at-least their would be justice done to yourself at your own hands and no one would be there to blame it on.

  131. Tor597 says:

    This is rediculous.

    America is not going to load up India militarily or economically.

    Indians are not a martial people. And no matter how many F35’s they send to India, India will never be able to mount any defense against China.

    It is more likely that America will load up Vietnam. There are far more companies moving from China to Vietnam than to India.

    And Vietnam is a far better rival militarily to China than India.

  132. @God's Fool

    That’s because of blacks. Indians may be bad but they’re nothing compared to blacks.

    Ghetto American blacks who commit the majority of the rape in that country aren’t immigrating anywhere but the local KFC and welfare office so it doesn’t have an effect on rape statistics elsewhere.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  133. @Alden

    They’ve started to do this to accounting and engineering firms too. Once a Hindu gets into a hiring position it’ll be nothing but browns from here on. And the ones fast-tracked to promotion will be fellow browns, who will again hire more browns. In a couple of decades the company goes from looking like the Brady Bunch to Life of Pi.

  134. @geokat62

    This pant-load is thigh-slappingly ridiculous. The ridiculous definition of the “British People” launches the laugh riot, and the composer of this slap-stick romp never lets up. Whoever put this little parody of a manifesto together really understood how to encapsulate the fruit-fly perspective of ultra-nationalists. Great stuff!
    The idea of clown-college drop-outs calling for war-machine rip-off of the public to enforce control of overseas colonial posessions in the name of anti-globalist nationalism is Swiftian in it’s sublime absurdity.
    Thanks for posting! In this time of disruption, oppression and gloom, we can all use a good laugh.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  135. Tor597 says:
    @God's Fool

    You really think India is reporting accurate rape stats when reporting a rape in India might mean the police chief will burn your house down?

    India is the most dangerous place in the world if you are a woman.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
    , @Anonymous
  136. @Mustapha Mond

    “Racism” is simply an accurate observation of reality. Nature is racist. Race is real, the races are not the same. Witness the vastly different societies produced by each. It is for this reason that alien parasites like you and your wife travel from the failing countries your ancestors built to the lands built by white men and not the other way around. When Europe colonized, they imposed their way of life on the natives. When the dark-skinned masses immigrate, they come to live under the systems the white man built.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  137. blaqua says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The points-based system will affect immigration by privileging qualified applicants, hence discouraging many third worlders or slackers from even thinking of applying, and this together with Patel’s relentlessly tough stance towards asylum seekers (aka invaders or pseudo-refugees) will automatically affect, alleviate the demographic problem. Miracles are not be expected, but certainly many improvements. So, although I’m not from the UK, I admit I’d rather have the dynamic Patel as home secretary any day than a labour lackey.

  138. Indians believe that they are the true Aryan race. Especially Brahmins. Please read Michael Witzel and his discussion of the origins of the Indo-European language.

    Thank you.

    Edward Manfredonia

  139. geokat62 says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    Whoever put this little parody of a manifesto together really understood how to encapsulate the fruit-fly perspective of ultra-nationalists. Great stuff!

    Ultra-nationalists? Hmmmm. What’s your view of Zionism, RC? Do you believe the Jewish people are entitled to a Jewish state?

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  140. anon[312] • Disclaimer says:

    the spanish empire started after the expulsion and the inquisition of jews in 1492 and the conversos with limpieza de sangre dictated that those with more than 1/4 jewish ancestry couldnt attain any public office not in iberian peninsula nor in the new world ,more or less like was the case of the of the russia empire in the steppe that had little to none jewish influence sure some jewish conversos attained prosperity but not as a jews anymore they were completely asimilated

    they were catholic /orthodox empires that have mantained the cristian traditions until 1917 and 1975 is not a casuality that they were the last ones to fall

    in fact the spanish empire was the only thing mantaining the stability in europe from revolutions that were going to destroy the continent , once holland achieved their independence from the spanish empire in 1648 only 5 yers later holland sephardic merchants financed oliver cromwell revolution that world let jews settle again in the island and in 1697 creating the proto federal reserve, the bank of england

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  141. @The Soft Parade

    Hey moron,

    Ever heard of the saying, pot calling kettle black? I guess not… you just worry about the financial power butt fucking you right here instead of worrying about a culture a million miles away!


  142. @anon

    Of course it’s universal like just about everything and anything: rape, murder, graft. But the prevalence and type vary with the racial, national, tribal character. By “typical” I meant that typical characteristic of it. Of course it annoys me whoever practices it but I find the Indian type most irritating. Perhaps their caste system makes it more prevalent and gives it its typical characteristics.

  143. @Tor597

    Does it happen? Of course! Does it happen more than other places? Most likely. But is it as bad as it’s made out for the partisan reasons? Absolutely, not!

  144. Tom Verso says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    You write:

    “Your schematic would perhaps be improved if you specifically included an item for the justice system. They infiltrate, control and subvert it at every opportunity.

    Yes of course, my schematic could be filled out in much more detail if one goes into detail descriptions about how Jews control our culture, economy and government. And, Judiciary would be a very significant aspect of the means of control.

    However, for my limited purposes, Justice flows from “political parties” and “government”.

    Judges and prosecutors are people who have been integrated into the dominate political milieu through the schools they go to, think tanks, publications, party activities, etc.

    These types of details of the mechanisms of Jewish power have been covered in great detail on these pages.

    My main point: what is neglected is the fundamental basis of Power (Jewish, WASP, Kings, etc.) is the control of the core economic activity (agriculture, industry, finance), and all the lamentations about Jewish Power counts for nothing unless and until there is a change in the merchant/financial economic core of the US and the West generally.

    For example, recently reported:

    President-elect Joe Biden is raising eyebrows with chatter that he’s poised to name two executives from BlackRock — the asset-management colossus headed by billionaire Larry Fink, with more than $7 trillion in holdings — for top posts on his economic team.

    The Federal Reserve’s March commitment to deploy billions of dollars to prop up the economy was a boon for the company the Fed hired to help execute its plan: BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager.

    Larry Fink grew up in a Jewish family” Wikipedia

    Blackrock is only one Jewish concentration of wealth e.g. Bloomberg is worth 500 million, etc.

    With more than $7 trillion dollars concentrated in one group of people, they can and do control: the economy, political parties, governments, universities, mass media, Covid vaccinations, … control every aspect of what use to be called Western Civilization.


  145. @DextersLabRat

    I don’t know who commits more rape than others, be it black, brown, red, white or yellow here at home but it does happen in large numbers notwithstanding a taboo free sexual culture, therefore, my only point is we ought to be careful before we point fingers at others… after all, we’re a first-world, civilized and Christian society.

    • Replies: @DextersLabRat
  146. ProudBLM says:

    In Guyana the Indian political leader’s wife was Chicago born Communist Janet Rosenberg! the plan was because Indians are the majority race in Guyana, she and her husband’s party an “undercover” communist party would win all the elections and create the first Communist country freely elected into office solely on the votes of Indians. They also planned to subdue the largely black Christian population into nothingness with help from the USSR’s vast experience in Gulags and the Indian govt (An Ally of the USSR) would send 5 million Indian “immigrants” (Settlers) But the CIA and MI6 prevented this from happening, the Indian political leader even had plans for a Soviet military bases in Guyana. By the way his son’s name was Joseph Stalin Jagan.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Hillbob
  147. @God's Fool

    Open your eyes and look around the major cities in the USA, white girls want Black guys. The white will be bred out in time.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  148. @geokat62

    Zionism was a nasty ultra-nationalist political movement that resulted in the creation of a Jewish supremacist settler state. I don’t know what “the Jewish people” is, so I don’t really know what a Jewish state is, and I don’t know what would entitle any people to a state.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @geokat62
  149. Thomasina says:

    East Indians are notorious cheaters. If they can game the system, they will. Same with the Chinese.
    There was a huge scandal a few years ago with Chinese cheating on exams; other people were writing the exams for them.

  150. Hate-Filled Hindu: Priti Patel Is Sycophantic to Jews, Psychopathic to Whites

    It’s the American Way. The American ‘Right’ is sycophantic to Jews, psychopathic to China and Iran. And nations like Venezuela. I admire Sidney Powell’s spunk, but Venezuela? Really? Come on, Sidney, it was the Jews. Jews were the ‘Barzini’ all along. Jews did most to undermine the election and boot Trump out of the office, but there is NO talk of Jewish Power. The white ‘rightists’ suck up to Jews and blame OTHERS. Trump blames China but goes on sucking up to Jews who control the media and shut him out. What a cucky-wuck.

    Hindus surely picked up on this, except that they are syco to Jews and psycho to whites.
    It’s just a variation of the same formula. One must never name the Jew or blame the Jew. Suck up to Jews and always find some OTHER bogeyman. For white ‘rightists’, it’s China, Iran, and etc. For Hindus and many non-whites, it’s ‘white supremacists’.

  151. @God's Fool

    Sure, but you have blacks. The blacks are the ones committing the majority of murder, period, despite being a small fraction of the population, and I believe they also commit the majority of rapes. In both cases they do it at an exponentially higher per capita rate than any other ethnicity. Your inner city blacks and their ghettos are not a civilized first world country.

    • Replies: @God's Fool
  152. @geokat62

    “No public body will promote any alternative as either equal or superior to the traditional family. To that end, children will be protected from exposure to sexualised material or LGBT propaganda in all public institutions.”

    You lost me there. British gay men are equally deserving of dignity and respect in British society. The reason you’re typing on this computer is because of a British gay man. And no, you cannot ‘turn’ someone gay. You’re stuck in the 1950s. No, I’m not interested in arguing this. There is no research that shows it and the amount of gay men in every society globally regardless of how open or conservative it is about sexuality should show you it’s a naturally occurring thing.

    The trans thing is entirely different.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  153. Blade says:

    Stop calling Boris Johnson “part-Turkish.” His great great grandfather was an Ottoman, not a Turk, but a Circassian and a treasonous one at that. That’s why he escaped to Britain.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  154. Jews piss on whites, and whites say ‘China’.
    Jews piss on whites, and whites say ‘Iran’.
    Jews piss on whites, and whites say ‘Venezuela’.
    Jews piss on whites, and whites say ‘Russia’.
    Jews piss on whites, and whites say ‘Muslims’.

    As long as Jews go unnamed and un-blamed, why would they stop pissing on whites? They know that no matter how much they piss on whites, the craven and/or ignorant whites will blame someone other group. And that means NOTHING will change.

    2020 fiasco, from Covid Hysteria to BLM riots to the massive election fraud, was the doing of Jews who control Wall Street, Deep State, and Mass Media. It was to destroy Trump and populist-nationalism. Have the courage to face this fact.

    If things must change, whites must name the Jew. Then and only then will Jews think twice about pissing on whites again. Otherwise, there is no need for them to stop since whites are either too cowardly or stupid to speak the truth.

    • Agree: geokat62, Ugetit, frankie p
  155. Hey, China controls NFL and Hollywood.


    • Replies: @geokat62
  156. geokat62 says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    Your response is very redolent of Slick Willy, who played some of the best word semantics of all time to avoid admitting that he had sex …

    Please “define is.”

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  157. geokat62 says:

    … it’s a naturally occurring thing.

    While I happen to agree with you on that front, I still think PA is right for wanting to shield children from being exposed to sexualised material or LGBT propaganda.

  158. Whitewolf says:

    Patel is bad for Britain and doesn’t belong here, which is precisely why, in true psychopathic fashion, she sniffed out and bowed before the hidden centre of power in her party: Conservative Friends of Israel. And Jews were delighted to recruit her as a shabbos-shiksa. They know that outsiders like Patel have no loyalty to or concern for British Whites.

    Patel has no reason to be loyal to British Whites. The Whites have no reason to be loyal to a British government that sees them as second class citizens. They only owe loyalty to each other. It’s not rocket science. It would be easier for the Whites to see the situation clearly if all the non-Whites came as a result of a military invasion. The government they once thought of as theirs should really be thought of as an occupation government. Then their true relationship to it is much easier to understand.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  159. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Hey, China controls NFL and Hollywood.


    Even Rick Wiles of TruNews is, unfortunately, pushing this ridiculous line.

  160. @anonymous

    Look Idiot I just laid out India’s Geopolitical options under the shadow of Chinese Hegemony, all you do is call us whatever racist abuse comes into your thick skull, I’m not some cow dung Hindutva retard but it’s pointless to engage with your lot, every attempt at conversation ends predictably … ‘Niggers & Kikes.’

    And what are you going to do about Priti Patel – Jack shit sorry loser, she’s a winner and you are not your ancestors should have thought this out before they formed the East India Company, there are consequences when you run an empire.

    • Replies: @mikemikev
  161. Malla says:

    Dindus Hindoos are not making any alliance with Goras, we want Gora technology, sure and gora markets for our Software services. But Hindoos hate Goras (What is the topic of this main article again? Priti Patel hating her White Gora subordinates). Hindu Didnus have made an alliance with the yehudis (Jews) running the West. again the main article of this page. Priti Patel (or Nikki Haley) whoring up to Jewish power.
    Desi women (with some exceptions) are even more full of hatred for Goras especially Northern Euro Goras. This is how they thank the British who stopped Sati, fought female infanticide, allowed female education. Hindu women like some Hispanic women (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) or most black women hate White people but especially White women. White women and especially the more angelic Nordic types makes them not so special. Also they feel White guys (and East Asian guys) may not find them attractive, even when many of them are dating White men!! Jews on average are uglier than Nords (though many Ashkenazis look like Nords), makes them feel less insecure. Also White /European taste and East Asian taste is not to the liking of most of them, they love their own third world ways, genetically programmed that way. Jewish ways are more third World as they likes the Jewish ways. Not all. There are few exceptions. I knew many South Asian women in Europe who called themselves unashamedly Coconuts (Brown outside and White inside). There are many South Asian women who adore Europe and Japan. Many Indian women are into K-pop now a days. There are many Korean Indian couples cropping up too recently.

    But these are only a minority.

  162. Malla says:

    In Guyana, Indians dominate the economy and Blacks the Police and Military. Both have their own political parties catering to these populations. It were actually Indians who were desiring and making noise for independence of Guyana from the British Empire, the Black Christians actually wanted Guyana to remain part of the British Empire as they were afraid the more organised and mercantile Hindus would end up dominating everything. Which kind of happened after independence.

    • Agree: Hillbob
    • Replies: @ProudBLM
  163. The writer seems to have it in for the Hindu race. He is certainly happy to conflate Pakistani rape gangs with Hindus (I suspect that the gangs fill an important role in providing young teenage girls to the British aristocracy, but that’s another story). What I think everyone can agree on, there is no group called “Conservative Friends of Hindustan” meddling deeply and profoundly in UK politics! There is no “Labour Friends of India” operating to suspend the man who was recently the leader of their own party for his supposed anti-Hinduism! The problem is that friends of a certain group of people prosper in politics, and their opponents are torn down without mercy.

  164. Malla says:

    your own bloody and remarkably tyrannical rule over India is a little too much to entertain pillage and kill

    What bullshit, I have debunked this nonsense many times.

  165. @geokat62

    If you thought Clinton’s prevarication was “some of the best word semantics of all time”, you need to get out more. I gave you a straight-forward answer. It’s not my fault if you’re easily confused.

  166. @Blade

    His great grand-father was half-Turk, half-Circassian. So Johnson is indeed part-Turkish. Good job.

  167. Tdstype2 says:

    You probably just gave the Best explanation on the India-China relationship i have ever read online….

    • Thanks: Malla
  168. @Hillaire

    Satanist & “burn” in hell ? Hope these are metaphors, otherwise I’ll have to go & sacrifice a black cat, 10 cockroachs & a Virgin to ward off your hex. I’m a bit busy at the moment…& never mind the problems of acquiring virgins at short notice….

  169. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    ACCURATE description of most South Asians (desis) in general and Indians in particular. I had read a book, ‘Observations on the State of Society Among the Asiatic Subjects of Great Britain‘ by Charles Grant written in the 1790s. It is about observations about Indians (South Asians) in the 1700s. I say, the author is accurate in his judgement of South Asians and South Asian society in general. Check it out, no doubt we Indians are perfect for the cutthroat satanic Judaic Corporate World as well as the Satanic Judaic political World of the West. And what this gentleman had so accurately observed in the 1700s, is that how things are even now? Now in 2020? You bet, we remain the same. All is Race.
    Anyways, some snippets from the book
    (from Chapter II of the book: View of the State of Society among the Hindoo Subjects of Great Britain, particularly with respect to Morals. )
    “The generality however of those who have written concerning Hindostan, appear to have concurred in affirming what foreign residents there have as generally thought, nay, what the natives themselves freely acknowledge of each other, that they are a people exceedingly depraved.”
    “Now as these corruptions begin not in the practice of the courts of law, but have their origin in the character of the people, it is just to state them in illustration of that character; for although the legal reforms introduced by Lord Cornwallis [Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis of the American Revolution, later Governor General in India who brought many positive reforms] will purify, it may be hoped, the fountains of justice, yet the best administration of law will not eradicate the internal principles of depravity.

    Selfishness, in a word, unrestrained by principle, operates universally ; and money, the grand instrument of selfish gratifications, may be called the supreme idol of the Hindoos. Deprived for the most part of political power, and destitute of boldness of spirit, but formed for business, artful, frugal, and persevering, they are absorbed in schemes for the gratification of avarice.

    The tendency of that abandoned selfishness is to set ” every man’s hand against ever man,” either in projels, or in acts of open force. From violence however, fear interposes to restrain them. The people of the lower provinces in particular, with an exception of the military caste, are as dastardly as they are unprincipled. They seek their ends by mean artifices, low cunning, intrigue, falsehood, servility, and hypocritical obsequiousness. To superiors they appear full of reverence, of humble and willing submission, and readiness to do every thing that may be required of them; and as long as they discern something either to expect or to fear, they are wonderfully patient of slights, neglects, and injuries. But under all this apparent passiveness and meanness of temper, they are immovably persisting in their secret views. With inferiors, they indemnify themselves by an indulgence of the feelings which were controlled before; and towards dependents, especially towards those whom an official situation subjects to their authority, they carry themselves with the mean pride of low minds. In the inferior, and by far the most numerous class of the community, where each man is nearly on a level with his neighbour, the native character appears with less disguise. The passions have a freer range, and new consequences are seen to result from the absence of the primary virtues of society. Discord, hatred, abuse, slanders, injuries, complaints, and litigations, all the effects of selfishness unrestrained by principle, prevail to a surprising degree. They overspread the land, they come perpetually before all men in authority. The deliberate malice, the falsehood, the calumnies, and and the avowed enmity with which the people pursue each other, and sometimes from father to son, offer a very mortifying view of the human character.
    No stranger can sit down among them without being struck with this temper of malevolent contention and animosity, as a prominent feature in the character of the society. It is seen in every village, the inhabitants live among each other in a sort of repulsive state, nay it enters into almost every family. Seldom is there a household without its internal divisions, and lading enmities, most commonly too on the score of interest. The women partake of this spirit of discord. Held in slavish subjection by the men, they rife in furious passions against each other, which vent themselves in such loud, virulent, and indecent railings, as are hardly to be heard in any other part of the world.”
    Yup those desi (South Asian) women Charles Grant was writing about in the last part of the the above snippet, they are now your rulers. Oy vey!!!! Now you know where all that bullying tendencies comes from. Is in in the genes.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  170. Malla says:
    @Mike Tre

    Add one more Indian woman swamp-monstress to that list.

    Neera Tanden. Da new Swamp-monstress to rise to join her Hinjew sister Priti Patel across the pond.
    One more Indian woman married to a White guy (Artist Benjamin Edwards, Jew?? maybe/ maybe not) on her rise to power. Slow Joe Biden just nomitated her for Budget Chief!! She was Hillary Clinton’s policy director for Clinton’s unsuccessful bid for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. A Hillary (Killary) Clinton loyalist, mover and shaker in Washington, yeah that is bad enough. Much of Tanden’s work relates to healthcare policy in America. She worked on the passage of the Affordable Care Act during the Obama administration. She is very close to Obama and Killary and even the creepy reptileman John Podesta (wud u leave your daughter with this guy for even a millisecond?). She is a big critic of Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Tanden once punched ThinkProgress website editor and future Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign manager Faiz Shakir for asking Clinton about her Iraq War vote. Hey one more bully Indian swamp-monstress across the pond, who loves mafiosi Killary Hillary, ex-President Obongo and Reptileman Podesta and hates Bernie and Trump. What could ever go wrong?
    Even the Communist Guradian fishwrap ragpaper is discussing this bully.
    Neera Tanden bullying Joe Biden Cabinet? American version of Priti Patel?
    Neera Tanden, Biden’s pick for budget chief, runs a think tank backed by corporate and foreign interests.

    • Thanks: Mike Tre
  171. mikemikev says:

    The people invading white nations imagine themselves to be “taking revenge” for being dominated in the past. In reality the situation has nothing to do with their agency. They are simply tools of real power, and arrive as beggars, not conquerors.

    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  172. anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, it must be so great to be you?! Lol! I think not! You are a whitevil pagan godless loser! While we are True Monotheists! The only ones who begin to comprehend the Greatness of the One and only!

    You have to admit that you racist whitevil lowlifes did steal a lighter version of a pagan godless pestilence on mankind, from the dindoos. You know, a version of the trimurthi called the trinity?

    Or, in other words, the spiritual pestilence of; Mangods-Worship & Idolatry!!

    So, why did the “superior” psychopathic race adopt the theology of the lowly “curry-niggas”? It should be because the whitevil’s part of the brain which deals with spirituality is as woefully underdeveloped as said “curry-niggas,” yeah?

    Your self-deification must always be tempered because of that one fact. Most of you for the foreseeable future will die as spiritual paupers, with a ticket to Hell!

    Now, live and choke on that scum!

  173. Malla says:

    Indians are corrupt, racist and extremely violent towards non-Indians.

    Most third World populations share these traits.
    Corrupt, racist and extremely violent towards others??? Arabs & Somalis are quite high on these traits too. Both are more violent than Indians.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jeff Stryker
  174. Anonymous[353] • Disclaimer says:

    6 million unique Indian women are gang-raped every single day in India and these are only 0.0000001% of the reported cases.


  175. Anonymous[353] • Disclaimer says:

    Muslim supremacists have now gotten the indication that they are a protected group, protected by whom you may ask? The Jewish supremacists groups of course.

    Hence all brutal suppression of non-Muslims in their own countries and even countries that re not their own is overlooked and the focus is on other groups.

    Ghalis comment is just a projection of Muslim values at large, through the megaphone of SJWism (as readers know, “racism” is a nonsense word). You are right that it is generally a third world feature, after all the soil is not cursed here, it is the people that are cursed, but the Muslims tend to shriek out in pain about racism and discrimination even s they are busy exterminating the kuffar.

    • Agree: Malla
  176. Polemos says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    The metaphor that two people are “cut from the same cloth” suggests there is something essential or inherent to those people, that they do what they do because of what they are materially and this material links them together more than what they have done. You make this metaphor stronger by adding it’s the ‘exact’ one. They are doing the same things because they are the same thing, exactly.

    If you are arguing against racism, why use a metaphor that also supports seeing that they do what they do because they are the same stuff, ie. of the same material?

  177. @DextersLabRat

    Likewise, I am certain that particular groups are committing heinous crimes in India as well, therefore, blaming the entire population for the misdeeds of a small segment is at best self serving and at worst idiotic.

  178. @dogbumbreath

    I live in the biggest city in America and my eyes are wide open and alert to things you are pointing out but it is not out of control here in New York. Do some misguided and delusional White girls prefer blacks? You bet. But is it a flood… I don’t see it.

  179. Ugetit says:

    Are we to conclude that the Inquisition may be as big a hoax as the Shoah? If so, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  180. noname27 says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    And there was me thinking it was George Martin.

  181. noname27 says: • Website

    Your excuses for Marx is where we disagree.

  182. noname27 says: • Website

    I think you’ll find that many muppets in blue have been reprogrammed by Common Purpose here in the UK. In the USA I believe they call it Common Core – both are criminal Communist organisations.

    I also believe a recruitment policy has been underway for some time to replace law and conscience driven policemen with programmed lobotomised thugs and goons.

    I whole heartedly agree that this is a Spiritual War and the future is bleak unless the people fight back.

    I will research Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmbrand. Thanks for your positive reply.

  183. Rayofhope says:

    Racist Europe and Japan have colonized most of rest of the world for 500 years.
    Colonialists are being colonized by the colonized.
    This relentless process will continue until there is balance and symmetry.
    Many will not like it but this is a necessary process.

    • Replies: @Malla
  184. @Hillaire

    Except that you appear to be forgetting (or ignoring) that the Jews in England were formally and finally EXPELLED by Edict of King Edward I (Edward “Longshanks”) in 1290.

    All was well for England’s financial and social future for 350 years, and would have remained so – had it not been for their gradual and unannounced re-admission by the Puritan Jew-loving traitor Oliver Cromwell after 1656 – the same Cromwell who had been financed in the 1640’s by those same international European Jews, to make war on and remove the hated (by Jews) wise, hard-headed and staunchly Catholic King Charles I.

    The result was the end of all power of the Catholic monarchy in England – the last and strongest historical bulwark since the dark ages against the financial swindlings of Pharisee usury, the corruption in the high places of government to which they should never have been admitted, rising social unrest due to depredations – and all the other secret and determined ongoing criminalities of the Jews – including Christian child sacrifice to their golden-calf god – then as now.

    Since then, indeed, England has never recovered – and never will until the unavoidable end comes like a whirlwind to sweep them away forever.

    • Replies: @Rocha
  185. Hillbob says:

    Nonsense. And the “black” leader Burnham was supported by whom? And the rapes and murder his gang committed.
    Read “A Thousand Days in the Whitehouse” and see what the Americans thought of Burnham -a racist , murderous thug(not unlike Jonas Savimbi and Idi Amin)
    So Dr Jagan was a Marxist and racist? Gosh , you are pathetic

    • Replies: @ProudBLM
  186. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    So should we rename it Jewish colonialism rather than European colonialism?

    We should. Though not all conquests events had Jews behind them, for example the British conquest of Bengal, Jewish money power played a big part in extending colonial empires where they need not have had gone. While the gentile White officers/soldiers (British, Dutch, French etc..) and their native allies did most of the fighting on the ground against savage tribes and the armies of tyrant Sultans. Remember Empire building and maintaining was actually expensive. British PM William Ewart Gladstone was always against extending the Empire.
    See the Jews wanted a Global Empire so they used Europeans unwittingly to explore and spread the debt based banking system to the ends of World. The moment the Iberians liberate Iberia from Moorish rule and we have the hyped up Inquisition, soon after that the New World gets magically discovered!! Many of the conquistadors were conversos and maranos, secret Jews. Many Hispanics have Jewish ancestry. Many Jews ran estates in the Caribbean, Bob Marley’s dad was Jewish and his descendants settled in Israel. Many of the pirates of the Caribbean were secret Jews too.
    Later the same Jews funded “decolonisation movements” against the empires they controlled so that the whole thing can be blamed on YT while the Jews run scot free with the Holohoax to give them the reputation of “poor victims”. Our own State Bank of India , the largest Indian bank today was once the Imperial bank and started by the Rothschilds.
    But once the IMF and World bank and UN (land of the UN building donated by Rockefellers) came and we already had Global and political World Govt prototype. So these colonial Empires were not needed anymore and so the Zio elites funded these “liberation movements” and spread propaganda about “Winds of Change” and all that bullshit. Most newly formed independent nations were now part of UN system and took IMF loans. So why need colonial Empires anymore, indeed colonial Empires were becoming dangerous. Run by honest White colonial officers as well as the spread of traditional European/Western or Japanese mindset was deemed dangerous by the Zio elites now. Better replace with corrupt brown black leaders. And traditional Western culture was destroyed by Cultural Marxism later. So soon they funded the Swinging Sixties, burn the bras, hippie movement and all that bullshit at the same time with Hindu holymen conmen and reggae druggies all the way to twerking ass to hiphop. All done to destroy traditional European/Western culture which was deemed dangerous. Also they could push all blame on evul Whitey for colonialism for the planned Kalergi Plan to allow mass migration of darkies and mix breeding out of Whitesfor bringing dajjal Mossicah. Using the excuses and guilt trip of Slavery and Colonialism (all had Jews in big position and profiting the most) as well as Nazism by their controlled media and academia, so that YT will not be able to resist Kalergi Plan.

    • Replies: @anon
  187. Malla says:

    Racist Europe and Japan have colonized most of rest of the world for 500 years.

    Everybody conquered each other your stupid buffoon. Ottomans attacked Europe all the way to Vienna, fill up Turkey with Europeans. Muslims invaded and raped and killed Hindus, fill all Islamic countries with Hindus as compensation. This is all bullshit. The question to ask is why are the Globalist elites who pushed for colonial expansions are the same people who opened the gates for invasion of White countries. Think!!!

    • Replies: @Rayofhope
  188. aandrews says:

    The Jews, Hilaire Belloc (1922) p223

    • Thanks: geokat62
  189. @Shamil

    Another white man crying foul while his ancestors went half way around the world to pillage and kill

    Clearly you are not well-read enough to have the slightest idea about the mass of historical evidence that the British Empire, especially in India, was the best-run, cleanest, safest, most efficient, most beneficial for the natives, and also the most tightly militarily-disciplined administration in the history of world empires.

    You must be some kind of high-school drop-out know-nothing cretin. Get lost.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @Malla
  190. @Malla

    Brilliant description by that Charles Grant! Yes that kind of thing is everywhere but Indians have really taken it to another level. I don’t watch TV but I guess that character shows through those popular soap operas, and is probably becoming more widespread internationally as a result of their growing popularity. The Indian, Turkish and Latino soap operas with all the intrigues and conspiracies between families and withing families, the gaslighting, back-stabbing, dishonesty, gold digging, etc. I suppose they do influence culture at large.

    And those Indian women married to whites can give full vent to their mean and nasty streak as the Indian man would slap them around if they started acting up, but I think even those with Indian husbands then they just go and take it out on those below them like their servants and others.

    There used to be that series of books called “Culture Shock” that were replete with the differences between nations and races and their idiosyncrasies. Those who think we’re all the same should read some of them and get acquainted with different peoples.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Anon
  191. @geokat62

    The woman in that photo can’t possibly be a Nazi even if she thinks she is – she is an extreme freak and would be among the first to be rounded up for re-education in the camps.

  192. @Whitewolf

    Patel has no reason to be loyal to British Whites…

    … other than the legal and MORAL reason that she was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED to represent her Constituents and their interests in Parliament – and the lying arrogant worthless bitch is PAID a colossal sum of money from public – ie. TAX-PAYERS – funds for her luxurious desk-sitting expenses-lunch job, you dumb Yankee bastard !

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  193. @Anonymous

    I think I may have read that book some time ago. Marx wrote that Satanic poetry while still young and before he got deeper into developing his theories. Bakunin wrote some heavy Satanic stuff too, or at least with Satanic overtones. Let’s face it all those great revolutionaries and nationalists (Garibaldi, Bolivar, Rizal) were Masons and some were less hypocritical and secretive than others about who they truly worshiped in those lodges. It doesn’t mean that we should dismiss all of their works, and their enemies in established authority (the emperors, kings, aristocrats, capitalists, police chiefs, judges, generals) were far worse and often in the same Masonic lodges themselves.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  194. Rocha says:
    @Dave Bowman

    The rot started with Henry VIII and the Reformation. The Protestant Reformation resulted in the legalization of usury and the privatization of the issue of the currency with the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694.
    On the same day they established the Bank of England they instituted limited democracy so that the citizens could not renege on the debts contracted by a representative government with private bankers who conjured money out of thin air under the fractional reserve system. Citizens became mere collateral for debt.
    They also introduced income tax so that the government would always have the money to pay back the fictitious debts with interest. Citizens vote for their own slavery and that of their children and grandchildren to the debt based financial system.
    The usurers got rid of their perennial problems of the death, bankruptcy of the debtor and the refusal to recognize debts in one full swoop.
    Under the cynical guise of promoting democracy, every single war and revolution since then has been to impose this nefarious system on every country in the world.
    For Muslims and Catholics usury is a sin and it is no coincidence that after 9/11 the only two countries left in the Middle East without a Rothschilds controlled central bank are Iran and Syria.
    The History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland by William Cobbett , a Protestant and Barren Metal by E M Jones are good books to read.

  195. Hillbob says:

    Who lived the life according to ‘true’ Christian virtues(according to a reputable Christian source-the Vatican).
    Whose life is celebrated worldwide as the patron saint of peace and forgiveness?
    Could it be Gandhi, the Hindu?

  196. It is an open and direct insult to every white British man that the country’s national government is overseen by a Turkish-Jewish cosmopolitan elitist, with help from an arrogant Indian woman, an Indian man, and a Jew. But when I warned ordinary British men about Boris Johnson, I was dismissed and insulted.

    It’s not that people should withhold support from politicians like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Voting for the ‘lesser evil’ or the ‘least worst preference’ is not a good thing, but I accept that it can be rationally and intelligently justified. One must face the circumstances one faces. The point is to understand fully what it is you are doing when you give support and to act accordingly so that, in time, that terrible choice never has to be made again.

    In other words: Radical Pragmatism, informed by a neo-Straussian outlook. Accept that the elite run things, that they decide laws, norms and the political agenda, then map and plan a way to counter-manipulate and counter-revolt. Start at square one. Take the least worst situation now, which may be only a quarter loaf or less, in the full knowledge that behind the scenes, something else is rising.

    The arrogant Indian woman is horrible. She is ugly and arrogant and nasty and thick and stupid. Her role should be held by a white man. But what are ‘awake’ white British men doing to make that a reality? And can we blame ordinary white people of a conservative tendency, who may not have the inclination to closely examine these things and – through no fault of their own – may not be aware, if they decide intuitively to take the least worst option on the table? Would a Labour Home Secretary be better, even if white?

  197. @Commentator Mike

    Just to add that that image of Napoleon, who was both a revolutionary and an Emperor, that everyone is familiar with so no need to reproduce it here shows all you need to know about all the great names of 19th Century history, be they revolutionaries or not: The Hidden Hand – Masonic symbol.

  198. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    The Indian, Turkish and Latino soap operas with all the intrigues and conspiracies between families and withing families, the gaslighting, back-stabbing, dishonesty, gold digging, etc. I suppose they do influence culture at large.

    They reflect the real true culture (after all the masks are off –yoga, good muslims, deep spirituality etc…) and tendencies of the masses and racial tendencies of our brown cultures. These soap operas are the most true reflection of what is very common in most of the Third World. That is how most third worlders live their lives in reality.

  199. Rayofhope says:

    If intolerant Muslims and Christians kill each other, it would be a huge relief for rest of the world.
    These intolerant religious strains are blot on the humanity. They caused multiple genocides on each other and rest of the humans in the last 1000 years. Hindus and others were the victims of these murderers. For thousand years Hindus were the victims of the worst Holocaust physically, psychologically and culturally perpetrated by these heinous people. Emperor Ashoka taking to Buddhism and dismantling the Army with mistaken notion of compassion and subsequent disintegration of Hindu India (Bharat) into multiple Kingdoms was the biggest curse on Hindus in their ability to defend from these vermin of the earth. This will not continue in future.

    • Replies: @Malla
  200. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Lol no. Indian men are completely whipped by their women. You haven’t spent much time around them if you think the women are scared of the men.

    • Disagree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Malla
  201. @Anon

    Of course I’m comparing Indians to Whites and sure things are changing in India as they are everywhere.

  202. anon[130] • Disclaimer says:

    i knew that this would happen and the entire european history of the lasst 1500 years would be retroactive one sidely rewritten after being here a couple of month ,when you dedicate your entire web to speak about jews and jews and more jews without taking a more balanced view of our victories and defeats you trasform them in omniscient gods always secreatly ruling in the shadows and dont misinterpret me jews have achieved incredible victories but a lot of humilating defeats too

    but maybe this complete revisionism( true in a lot of cases) is necesary before we start to rebuilt ourselfs

    and i thank you for trying to moraly absolve us but i think that we need epic tails too to to inspire us in this times specially when they are TRUE

  203. Malla says:

    You mean city dwelling Middle Class Indian guys. Lower class Indian men living in slums and villager folks do dominate and at times beat up their wives quite a lot. But women are women and know how to manipulate men out of any situation.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon
  204. Malla says:

    For thousand years Hindus were the victims of the worst Holocaust physically, psychologically and culturally perpetrated by these heinous people.

    How did that happen? I was having a debate on this issue here.
    Can you explain how such a genocide happen in that page?
    Also, the Muslim “genocide”of hindus is hyped up and the British “genocide” of Hindus did not happen. But some muslims deny ANYTHING happened at all. Hence the debate there.

  205. Malla says:
    @Dave Bowman

    You must be some kind of high-school drop-out know-nothing cretin

    He is no drop out, he must be the result of the history propaganda of the Indian schooling system who have a made up bullshit history of British atrocities and evul British. As well as the Indian media creating genocidal hatred for the British via their anti-British propaganda movies and serials. All getting reinforced by the lying leftist media and post colonial academia in the West.

  206. haha says:

    So it looks like you guys are very keen to go fight China for Uncle Sam. Why on earth can’t you live in peace with your neighbors? Going by the farmers’ revolt developing in India, maybe you guys can focus on finishing off each other. Then we will be spared horrors like this Proti Patel woman.

  207. @Malla

    What about those Indian doctors in America who abuse and murder their wives because they’re not satisfied with the dowry they brought? I’m sure it happens among the middle class too but maybe not to the same extent as among peasants. It’s not as if among the immigrant communities it is common or considered acceptable to call up the police to deal with family and intracommunity matters. If the cops are called to deal with a domestic issue among a middle class immigrant family in the West it is most likely that it is because white neighbours informed on them if they heard the noise or saw the evidence and because these middle class immigrants chose to reside in a white neighbourhood instead of with their own in the ghetto.

    • Replies: @Malla
  208. @Anonymous


    Pakistan, was a vibrant country in 60 and 70’s but would not succumb to the Zio domination and had to be brought down, the more so since they got the bomb.

    Pakistan was a neo-British and pro-American servile state, but still the Zios, felt threatened.

    What to do, bring in the Islamicists, paid agents from Western and Saudi intel to mess up the country and begin civil wars and mind confusion. Other foot, was to pump money and technology in India, that change its leadership from Secular to Hindu nationalists.

    Yes, a growing Indian economy, but leading where?? Their strategy for Kashmir is straight out of the Zionist play book, just crush them with massive force, ethnically cleanse and replace them, all in the darkness from the Western controlled press and media.

    I am always aghast how the US media culture can be flipped from having nasty and racist narratives on India and Indians, to every third Hollywood movie release being about India or Indian characters being made with positive story lines. The media India portrayed today is extremely humanist, sympathetic, highly moral and tolerant. What a joke, when the realities of the Modi government and their facist Hinduvista supporters behave.

    Moral of the story is if you align with Zio-Israel then good things are sure to happen for you.

    A prime example is the African country of the Sudan, which was a bastion of Arab and African nationalism in the 70’s. Today it is torn into pieces after having been placed in civil war after civil war, and unending economic sanctions, all starting with the rise of the British controlled Muslim brotherhood in the mid-80’s. Today we have a complete capitulation with Israeli control.

  209. @Malla

    Funny you should be on the subject of those alliances, because old Danny wrote me a few weeks ago for the first time in years to inform me the pirate film he once invited me to back in 2008 in Cochin starring his wife was now out on DVD I had not heard from the man in years. I’m not a fan of his wife’s films, myself.


    Muslim Indians are violent. Low caste Indians are more violent in general. Sikhs are often tough and violent. Brahmin are often fairies (No offense) which is odd considering they descend from tough white Indo-European Aryan stock.

    But I would not say all Bengalis are peaceful. Calcutta is a tough place with many a streetfighter/drunkard.

    Sikhs have people intimidated in Canada.

    Both the Indian Hindus and Yehudi have the same enemy. But that is like to carnivores feeding at the body of a fallen animal. It’s a tenuous alliance. Sooner or later, scarcity of resources would put them in conflict.

    Like Singapore. Look at the tensions between Tamils and Chinese there.

    Also, while the so-called St. Thomas Syrian Christians (Iraqi Jews of antiquity) in Kerala are fairly successful, Jews have been in India a long time. They have never been that successful. Not even as successful as the Parsi.

    Also, I have to say that having been in Dhaka I don’t think it is overtaking Kerala. I just don’t think South Indians will sneak over the border to work in Dhaka sweatshops making clothes. I just tend to doubt this. And Bangladesh was not that happy under Pakistani rule. They executed a bunch of Pakistani war criminals a few years back who had been in prison since 1971. I remember one Dhaka woman who liked me sent a letter about this. She was happy.

    I should add that Indians are so abusive in power and so servile in subservient positions-no offense-that Jews themselves are distrustful of this sliminess. Jews are well aware of what happens when another group is in power whose relations become bad with them.

    Also, India will always have issues with Pakistan. China, well, problems there will come and go but with Kashmir….that is a permanent thing. Which means Zio don’t really want a part of that issue.

    Anyhow, that is one Gora’s opinion.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @anon4
  210. @Jeff Stryker


    One of the movie stars in that Bollywood/Philippines based movie you produced was the multitalented Pinoy Isabel Granada who was also a pilot as well as an actress and a top amateur badminton player. Tragic end to her life in Doha:

  211. Malla says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yup that happens too in some middle class folks. Burning women for dowry and all that. But now there are laws against it to protect women. Any complaint from a woman to a police station about dowry torture and the in laws are screwed. Many women are now using this law to blackmail and bully their husbands and in laws. They women are the same genes as Priti Potel after all. How the tables have turned.

  212. Malla says:


    that Jews themselves are distrustful of this sliminess.

    How is that even possible?

  213. Pet and pamper servants well; Love them as you love your life:
    Yet consider them as dry Tinder in the hour of strife.

    ~ Panchatantra,

  214. anon4 says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    brahmin are descendants of khazarian jews, they aren’t ”indo europeans”

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @.allba.
  215. Patel needs a good slap across her lying mouth, then ordered to serve tea to White men. Preferably White men who descended from the British generals who ruled India. After which she can hand wash their under drawers in the Thames, as a reminder of home. Ricky tick Patel.

  216. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Okay, that’s true. Middle class Indian men are like that.

  217. ProudBLM says:

    They “dominate” the NARCO economy with the connivance of greedy Indian communist political leaders who have made secret agreements/payoffs from Colombian cartels. Many Indian politicians have luxury homes in Florida etc. waiting for the time bomb to explode when it goes up in smoke they will then flee to the USA,CAN with their millions of cocaine loot.

    • Replies: @Malla
  218. Malla says:

    Thanks a lot bud, this is very interesting. Not surprised by that behaviour of theirs.
    That whole stretch of region (Central America + Caribbean) from Columbia to USA is narco highway anyways.

  219. Malla says:

    Sometimes I get that feeling too. Maybe the original Brahmans many millennia ago during the Rig Veda period were real Aryans but I really feel they got infiltrated by and mixed in with the chosenites (very common phenomenon, look at the British aristocrats). The Rig Veda talks often about a people called the Pani, the Phoenicians (who were infiltrated and mixed with Jews too). The Phoenicians (later infiltrated by Jews from nearby, Lebanon is very close to Judah) would trade around the world in ships, they traded with the ancient Britons (Cornwall), West Africans of those days, everybody, even maybe the Native Americans!!! The East India like companies of their times.
    The noble Vedic era pastoralist Arya priests (migrated from Central Asia to India) hated the Panis and described them as greedy materialist pig merchants travelling in huge caravans in India. But guess what? Soon after the Vedas, what do we get as holy books? The Upanishads!!! Pani in there. Did the Vedic Aryans get infiltrated by the chosenites in ancient times?

    • Replies: @.allba.
  220. Anon[265] • Disclaimer says:

    “Do you think the painting shows hostility towards White men?”
    No. It shows hostility towards everyone you fraud. Kali isn’t a nice god in general. I should point out it is an anti colonial piece moron:

    “And now she’s back at the centre of another scandal, this time about her obnoxious behaviour towards White civil servants. An official report found that she had broken the ministerial code of conduct by bullying staff and should therefore resign for the second time from the cabinet.”

    You link says nothing about the bullied civil servants being exclusively white. Why do you make things up?

    “It is not racist to say that these aliens are bad for Britain: it is realist. Or rather, racism is realism. It is both rational and realistic to understand that race is a valid scientific concept and has huge consequences for politics, culture and criminality.”

    You do realize that by “environmental differences” affecting the brain, that includes racism?
    And segregation?

    Really, race realism isn’t realism at all:

    Out Of Africa (Not) Debunked: Richard Fuerle and "Erectus Walks Among Us". from badscience

    “Rudyard Kipling understand those obvious truths and Rudyard Kipling would have been entirely unsurprised by Muslim rape-gangs and the malign behaviour of the Indian Hindus Priti Patel and Kamlesh Bahl.”

    Ah yes the fictional Muslim rape gangs:

    “But one thing is certain amid all that complexity: India is a very bad place for any Western nation to accept immigrants from. Its culture is both hugely corrupt and horrendously cruel,”

    Really? Who’s fault is that?

    If anything Christianity is more dangerous:

    • Replies: @Malla
  221. #224

    Ah yes the fictional Muslim rape gangs:

    Yes, I read Dr. Ella Cockbain’s critique of the widely publicized report on Muslim rape gang grooming of young white girls. I was quite suspicious about this story when it came to life several years back, as having lived and worked in 4 Muslim countries and have visited many Muslim societies around the world, I find that Islamic societies are the least likely to engage in such atrocious behavior.

    Islamic societies are highly intolerant of this kind of behavior and work overtime to control sexual passions and demands and outside of marriage. Violence that is non-politically motivated, is also extremely rare. Historically, the crime was resolved quickly by the sword, either by the victim’s family or the societal justice.

    While incidents surely occur as in every society , the Rotherdam (whatever the town is named?) story, was surely highly exaggerated by the usual suspects to create the needed paradigm of a clash of civilizations.

    With all the common and organized rape and pedophilia in the West, this charge against Islamic societies is utter BS. Yes, India does have a major rape problem, but I doubt it is the Muslim segment, that is the leader in this.

    Criticize Muslims for many other failings, but rape in their culture is not one that has any serious
    legs. I believe at all, pure Zio created BS being fed to Europe’s idiot street.

  222. Malla says:

    Really? Who’s fault is that?

    The British did not invent caste, you stupid buffoon and shameless liar . Sant (Saint) Eknath was fighting the caste system and brutal untouchability all his life and he died in 1599!!!! The East Indian Company was formed in 1600! So people were fighting the caste system, which the British apparently “invented”, before the British even came to India!!!
    Stop spreading bullshit.

  223. geokat62 says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    While incidents surely occur as in every society , the Rotherdam (whatever the town is named?) story, was surely highly exaggerated by the usual suspects to create the needed paradigm of a clash of civilizations.

    In this case, it’s the opposite.

    Say hello to Sue Berelowitz:

    Never heard of her? Me neither.

    Apparently, she was the UK’s former Deputy Children’s Commissioner who helped cover-up the Pakistani nature of the grooming gangs in Rotherham and other cities…

    She caused controversy in 2012 when she wrote a report in the wake of high-profile abuse cases in Rochdale and Rotherham denying there was a growing number of Asian grooming gangs.

    Despite finding that more than a quarter of perpetrators known to the authorities were Asian, Miss Berelowitz said there was no evidence to conclude that there was a particular issue with Asian gangs.

    Instead, her report – branded ‘hysterical’ and ‘highly emotional’ – said simply that abuse is carried out by men of all backgrounds.

    According to this article by The Jewish Chronicle, she’s had to seek police protection for her attempted cover up.

    Excerpts from, Police protecting me from antisemites, says abuse inquiry head Sue Berelowitz:

    The former Deputy Children’s Commissoner for England has revealed how she was a victim of antisemitic abuse.

    According to the Daily Telegraph, Sue Berelowitz, who leads the government inquiry into sex abuse, said police were having to patrol to protect her after she was subjected to “vile” insults on social media.

    Speaking at a talk on antisemitism by historian Simon Schama at the Hay Festival, Ms Berelowitz said: “I am a Jew who is doing work that’s very difficult right now because I’m inquiring into the sexual abuse of children and I’m facing the most vile anti-Semitic attacks on social media – ‘filthy Jewish b****’.”

    A defiant Ms Berelowitz added: “I stand here as a Jew who will not give up Jewishness and who will not give up standing up for victims and will continue to live in my neighbourhood because the police are having to patrol to keep me safe.”

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  224. Malla says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    Muslims behaviour in Muslim countries, is different from Muslims living in Western countries. In Muslims countries, there can be serious retribution from the clans/ families of the raped girl (fall in honour) toward the rapists. This happens in some parts of Hindu India too, for example the place where my ancestors come from, Utter Pradesh state. If a upper caste man rapes a upper caste woman from other clans or caste in some rural area ,he be lucky if he gets arrested and sits in jail for facing trail by court. Or else, there could be clan retribution. It is about honour of our family. Lower caste women, well they can be raped easy. But thanks to Anglo Saxon Laws operating in India thanks to the British Raj, they upper caste men get arrested to face trial if they do rape lower caste women (which they think is colonial interference by evul British in our traditions and their natural right to rape lower caste animals bitches).

    Or else they could face strict Sharia Law. Most women in Muslim countries are covered or even if they are not, and are modern, the culture is such that it restricts intimacy. Even if an unmarried couple has to do the nookie, they have to be careful about it, hidden hidden.
    Contrast that with Muslims in Western countries after the 1960s Cultural destruction and increase in promiscuity of women. Many Muslim guys see hot White Khuffar (non Muslim) women whores and sluts in miniskirts and bikinis. They are just asking for it. Not all, I am not saying all, but many.
    Also many Middle Eastern guys believe that Western men cannot satisfy their own hot women and only their smelly brown dicks can do it. They are “doing a service” to the White sluts. Some South Asian and Middle Eastern men believe that White women are natural whores only to be screwd and had for fun, dump for sperms so to speak while they marry their own proper women back from the homeland who is a proper virgin LOL And the so called proper “virgin” Middle Eastern or South Asian women has her hymenoplasty (reconstruction of hymen) just before marriage. LOL.

    Secondly “getting the kuffar women” has a long history in muslim conquests. In India, Warrior Rajput Hindu women or Sikh women would rather jump collectively in huge bon fires with their children if defeat with a Muslim army was imminent. This tradition was called Jauhar. The men (warrior caste) would then go and fight to the death against the muslim army as they have lost everything, their wife and children and die in honour. This fight to the death was called Saka. Why do you think these women did so? Jumping in burning fire with baby is no joke!! And only for invading Muslim armies, not against invading Hindu/Sikh armies or European armies. Earlier history of mass rape of kuffar (non Muslim) women by Muslim armies, that is why.

    This is what many libtard Whites do not not get, all societies are not the same. Check out this libtard idiot Italian woman Pipa Bacca, who went to the Middle East dressed a peace bride on a cycle or something to spread peace among the peoples of the world or some bullshit. And she ended up raped and killed in the Middle East.,7340,L-3530754,00.html
    Whitey leftards are truly idiots or Elois. Western leftard are da Elois. Most (not all) Third Worlders are Morlocks.

  225. Malla says:

    Really? Who’s fault is that?

    The British did not invent caste, you stupid buffoon and shameless liar . Sant (Saint) Eknath was fighting the caste system and brutal untouchability all his life and he died in 1599!!!! The East Indian Company was formed in 1600! So people were fighting the caste system, which the British apparently “invented”, before the British even came to India!!!
    Stop spreading bullshit.

  226. Malla says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    Yes, India does have a major rape problem, but I doubt it is the Muslim segment, that is the leader in this.

    Yes that is true, it seems to be done by both Hindu and Muslim men in India, Muslims do not do it more than Hindus.
    Truth be told most (not all, but vast majority) brown Caucasoid guys (Middle East-North Africa and Indian Subcontinent and maybe even Hispanics) tend to be quite despo for nookie/sx. And not only that, most of them are more crazy for nookie with White women but also believe White women are natural sluts who do not mind forced nookie. A lot of that has to do with porn videos and general belief in society that the White woman (whom they find more sexually attractive in general even if they deny it) is naturally promiscuous. Many Indian/ South Asian guys have the same opinion about East Asian women (do not know about Middle Eastern guys about this) too, both North East Asian and South East Asian women. Many Indian guys may have the same opinion about black women, but most are not interested in nookie with black women (kala kawwas – black crows), most are not attracted to black women at all.

  227. @Tommy Thompson

    The Muslim rape gangs were actually real, there is always going to be female apologists for it as females are usually quite supportive of open borders (no doubt this female academic was and still supports the browning of White nations and is trying to rationalise her worldview after it brought about such disastrous consequences) and of course the co author is a Muslim so he also has an agenda here.

    The Muslim rape gangs were an inevitable outcome of mixing low trust cultures with high trust ones. Truth be told a lot of English girls act quite whorish, and their parents do not look after them and minister them like Asian helicopter parents, so the subcontinental Muslims, naturally enticed by this dynamic took advantage of it.

    Rape isn’t common in Islamic societies? Are you joking? I am sure rape doesn’t happen much there seeing as the definition of rape varies by region, in Sweden most rape cases are just “buyer’s remorse” while in Afghanistan or Pakistan you may need 4 witnesses to have seen the aft of penetration itself.

    Another thing that is missed out is that these Muslims are from the Mirpur region of Pakistan, which is very backwards even by Pakistani standards, many are also involved in drug trafficking (mostly heroin) and so they have a country wide network.

    Muslims talk a good game about being pure and holy, but anyone who has seen their behaviour on the streets of Europe can attest otherwise. Of course we get an earful of the “they weren’t real Muslims” excise after some of them go too far, but even the most progressive of people are having their patience strained by such nonsense

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  228. @Malla

    A lot of that has to do with porn videos and general belief in society that the White woman (whom they find more sexually attractive in general even if they deny it) is naturally promiscuous.

    The BBC actually made a very interesting docudrama about the Rochdale gangs called Three Girls which showed how the gangs operated. The White girls were actually quite “chavvy” and promiscuous and did not seem to have common sense (perhaps due to anti-racism indoctrination) that it is not advisable to take free takeaway food and alcohol from strangers, never mind South Asian ones.

    This is why they are called “grooming gangs”, the girls were first groomed and then more or less enslaved by these foreigners.

    All of it could have been avoided has political correctness not seeped into the body of British society to the extent that it had and had the parents taught their girls to be race realists.

    Another interesting thing is that in the minds of the rapists, they genuinely didn’t think they were doing anything wrong as the police were not arresting them, they thought that’s how things work here.

    • Replies: @Malla
  229. Malla says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    One more thing, it happens with Black Christians in the UK too sometimes. A decade back there was a huge race riot in between Muslim South Asian Pakistanis and Christian Caribbean Blacks. I wonder if you know about this. Partly it was to do with economic jealousy among Caribbean Blacks for South Asians. As Britons left the inner city areas and left it to foreigners, South Asians and Blacks, the more mercantile South Asians started dominating the local economy and shops. Eventually the South Asians even started owning some of the black hair saloons, so there was resentment among Black about this.
    This is very common, wherever blacks (Africans, Caribbean, Black Americans, blacks living in UK and Europe, Fijians-genetically different types of blacks but still can be classified as blacks) come across Asians (Middle Easterners, Indian subcontinentals, Chinese, Koreans, South East Asians etc.. ), you tend to end up with a lot of arrogant miserly Asian shop keepers and a lot of resentful poor black customers whom the Asian shopkeepers often accuse of violent crime, stealing and shoplifting. This is a global phenomenon. Indeed Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago can be considered giant versions of this phenomenon.
    But why did those riots in between Black Christians (Caribbean ancestry) and Muslim South Asians (mostly Pakistanis) in the UK, start exactly? What triggered the whole thing? A rumour (or fact) of a Black Christian girl being gangraped by Muslim Asians men. It is strange it is always this Muslim men and non Muslim kuffar women theme.

  230. Malla says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Rape isn’t common in Islamic societies?

    In many Middle Eastern countries, especially among rural and lower class men,even local modern women wearing modern cloths are considered whores and sluts. You can see a milder version of this phenomenon in rural men in Northern India (backward cow-belt region where my ancestors come from). And according to these men “such women are asking for it, they are desperate for dick”. Raping these modern women is not wrong in the eyes of these primitive guys. Imagine such guys in the West!!!!
    I had some North African men, Tunisians and Libyans. I would mix with them separately. T here was some mild animosity in between these two nationalities. The Tunisians considered Libyans dumb idiots, like really dumb who would eat the wrapper with their candy if not instructed otherwise on wrapper, dumb. The Libyans on the other hand considered Tunisian women sluts because Tunisia is more Westernised. It is as if the more backward primitive darkie brown Caucasoid males considers the more westernized modern brown Caucasoid darkie females, “whores and sluts” while the westernised modern brown Caucasoid darkie males (and the backward primitive brown Caucasoid darkie males too) in turn would consider White women (or East Asian women or even black women in whom they are mostly not interested-too ugly) as “whore sluts”. This is especially directed at lighter haired Northern Euro women. Recently in Sweden, naturally blonde women started dying their hair black and started wearing scarves to cover their hairs to protect themselves from predatory Middle Eastern – North African – Somali men. So lemme get this straight, women in the West fought against traditional Western culture for freedom only to now bow down to even m ore stricter Islamic culture????? What??? Indeed big feminists are pushing for wearing burkhas!!!! That is why I say, the left is not about women’s rights or equality of all or all that bullshit, it was never about that from the start, it is primarily about destruction of Europe/West, both culturally and genetically and maybe even religiously.
    There is also this tendency of getting pleasure of impregnating and sexually using or even marrying the women of a different race or tribe while keeping the women of your own tribe only for yourself.
    In the Middle East you always see a lot of Gulf Arab men marrying or buying or preying on non Gulf Arab women, especially North African Arab/Berbers and even non Arab Muslim women who in turn would prey on kuffars non Muslim women. Gulf Arabs rarely give their own women in marriage to non Gulf Arabs or even non Arabs Muslims in return. Other Muslims in return never officially accept their women marrying non Muslim men, even Arab Christians but marry non Muslim women.
    Also, I feel this whole Shiksha business, what Jews call non Jewish women (dirty whores) which are in theory directed at all non Jewish women are especially used against White women especially more so Northern European women. This shows the latent Middle Eastern tribal racial tendency still latent in Jews, after millennia of living in Europa!!! It maybe of a lower intensity compared to Arabs but it exists nonetheless. Even Harvey Weinstein admitted he wanted to screw the dirty shikshas. Among Caucasoids, evolution in the Middle East has created a different kind of population compared to a population which evolved in Northern Europe, with Southern Europeans falling in between. Or Middle Easterners are Caucasoids which might have mixed upto some extent with other darkie races like Australoids or Negroids.
    It is as if Northern European phenotype creates extreme jealousy and anger among darkies and they have this desire to harm it, to exploit it, destroy it, something definitely Satanic, I kid you not !! I have observed this phenomenon many a times among my fellow darkies. Like the jealousy of the Orcs towards Elves or something, definitely deep Satanic energy. A similar form of jealousy can be observed in a milder form (as in among fewer percentage of darkie population) that is directed against North East Asians, especially the Japanese.

  231. Malla says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    And what is interesting is that their darky women too support (or do not oppose) their darky men sexually exploiting White women. No feminism here, no universal morality here, it is all tribal or racial.

  232. Malla says:
    @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    Another interesting thing is that in the minds of the rapists, they genuinely didn’t think they were doing anything wrong as the police were not arresting them, they thought that’s how things work here.

    Western Liberal culture was never meant for these populations. Strict Sharia is more tailor made and suited for these populations back in the Middle East or Pakistan. Only the strictest Sharia can keep these populations in check in behaviour. Just like ruthless tribal customs would keep Africans in check, it is tailor made for black populations. If I would be White nationalist dictator, I would be funding all this “decolonizing the mind” movements among all these darkie countries, more they de-Westernize the better for the White race.
    Genetic differences as well as difference in racial tendencies and racial souls too big.

  233. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    There’s also a lot of homosexual rape and incestuous pedophile rape in Muslim countries despite the laws being strict but getting proof is not easy in those societies. Sure sometimes the rapists, homos and nonces get hanged or beheaded but most get away with it.

  234. Malla says:

    I also say this because the ancient description of Brahmans was that they rarely lied and many of their traits resemble Anglos or Germans (of even the Japanese of today). Today’s Brahmins lie like crazy, very cunning, control minds of populations by control of literature (or media), create ideologies or memes which end up them being parasites on top, manipulate history, blame their own sins of the British (or all YT by Jews). Today’s Brahmins are very Jew like. And the belief that they are some kind of chosen of God with superior souls with the others created to serve them. Lots of peculiar similarities.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Jeff Stryker
  235. @Malla

    Recently in Sweden, naturally blonde women started dying their hair black and started wearing scarves to cover their hairs to protect themselves from predatory Middle Eastern – North African – Somali men. So lemme get this straight, women in the West fought against traditional Western culture for freedom only to now bow down to even m ore stricter Islamic culture????? What???

    Yes, the influx of people from very conservative societies has forced European women to change their behaviour in many case. Take for example this

    Topless sunbathing going out of fashion in France: survey

    Once widespread in France, topless sunbathing is going out of fashion, a survey has shown, with fears about harassment, body image and health seen as prompting a trend to cover up more at the beach.

    Fewer than one in five Frenchwomen under 50 said they sported a “monokini”, compared to 28 percent a decade ago and 43 percent in 1984, according to the survey by French pollster Ifop published Tuesday.

    Young women aged 18 to 25 said harassment, criticism of their bodies and being ogled by men were their biggest barriers to going topless.

    Certainly an interesting phenomenon, the West is entirely built on these fantasies that are against nature, such as the notion that men will not become creepy towards women if the women dress up like harlots, you should see the scenes on a Friday night in English town and city centres for example. Of course only law and norm abiding Europeans can allow for such a state of affairs to exist, importing these people from nations which are more in tune with reality leads to a shattering of the spell.

    There was once even a time in the West when immodestly dressed women were chastised for “asking for it” but this attitude became verboten during the rise of feminism.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  236. Malla says:

    Even Periyar, the great South Indian Rationalist and lower caste leader equated Brahmins with Jews in tendencies.

    “The Jews are only interested in themselves, and nobody else. They somehow contrive to have the rulers in their pocket, participate in governance and conspire to torture and suck the lives out of other citizens in order that they live (in comfort).” These blatantly anti-Jewish lines were penned on March 20, 1938.
    These are the next lines: “Are they not comparable to the Brahmins who too have no responsibility but have the rulers in their pocket, have entered the ruling dispensation and been lording over (all of us)?”

    This is Periyar E.V. Ramasamy writing in his magazine Kudiyarasu, and he is being unusually mild here. (Naan Sonnal Unakku Yen Kopam Vara Vendum, vol. 4, p. 532, compiled by Pasu. Gowthaman)

    In all his agitations – and he had many – the lowest common denominator was the Brahmin. Even while criticising non-Brahmin national leaders like Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Periyar said that they were all victims of a Brahmin conspiracy. Periyar and his disciples attributed grand conspiracies and clever manipulations by Brahmins for the plight of the non-Brahmins. Periyar refusal to take part in Brahmanical discourses of language and his dismissal of epics like the Hindu epics Ramayana or Mahabharata has to be seen in this context.
    Periyar’s conviction was that after the end of British rule , independent India, under what he believed would be Brahmin rule, would be worse if there were not adequate checks and balances to curtail the dominance of the Brahmin castes.
    He wanted the British to continue to remain in power – while simultaneously complaining that they were succumbing to the machinations of the Brahmins.
    He once said
    “Hindu society as such does not exist. It is only a collection of castes. […] Indeed the ideal Hindu must be like a rat living in his own hole refusing to have any contact with others. […] There is no Hindu consciousness of kind. In every Hindu the consciousness that exists is the consciousness of his caste. That is the reason why the Hindus cannot be said to form a society or a nation. There are however many Indians whose patriotism does not permit them to admit that Indians are not a
    nation, that they are only an amorphous mass of people.”
    At times, Periyar issued blood-curdling threats to Brahmins, but in action he did not believe in violence. Many of his black-shirted followers were fine individuals personally. At the same time, Periyar was also paranoid that democracy would result in Brahmins completely taking over the reins of the government. His words: “India should never go anywhere near democratic principles. The reason is 90% of our population are fools and 97% of them are persons of low birth. How will their rule set right our country?” (Periyar’s writings compiled by Pasu. Gowthaman, vol. 4, 2017, p. 432)
    Another case in point followed in 1968, when, in Tanjore district, 44 lower caste Dalits were butchered by the goons of a landlord. Periyar sadly commented on the murders thus: “So long as democracy exists, the honest will have no other option except to fade away, giving the dishonest room to dance around. The people of India are barbarians. The Dharma of India is the dharma of criminal tribes. As long as the ones who follow Manu dharma (Laws if Manusmriti, Hindu text or Laws of Manu*) exist, the nation will never have discipline, integrity, honesty and justice. India has gone into the hands of scoundrels after the departure of the British.”

    * Manu: Hindu mythology has a concept similar to biblical Noah’s (Hazrat Nu in Islam) flood and a boat to save humans and animals. However in Hinduism it was the sage Manu to took Noah’s place and thus all humanity have descended from Manu, the first or only man after the floods. And hence the Manusmruti, the Laws of Man (Manu). In this book of Manusmruti, we see the description of the caste system and hierarchy of humans with Brahmans at the top (Duh!!! Brahmans themselves wrote it) Strangely this term “Manu” is of ancient Aryan origin. The ancient Germans according to Julius Ceaser, claimed that they had descended from the first man “Mannus”. Hence the term for Man in English “Man” or Germanic languages (Menner in German for many men) is remarkably similar to the North Indian term for man “Manav” in Hindi, “Manushya” in many other North Indian languages. Mankind in Hindi is “Manav-jati”.

  237. @Malla


    This might be true the but Indian caste system was in place in Harrapan civilization before the Aryans arrived 3000 years. It started with the Dravidians treating the Andaman people like crap. Which, if you ever visit Kerala, the Nair still do.

    Also, in Western society, though maybe not Bihar, you’ll never meet a Brahmin rapist. They are often gay, or homosexual pedophiles. Goras shafting the horny wives of some gay Brahmin in the Gulf is a running joke in Dubai.

    Also, as far as the grooming goes, you will find invariably that the white girls are lower class and the father is either absent or inattentive. It’s a low class thing. The girls are poor and lower class. It is related to income. The white girls in proximity to the ghetto, those whose families did not move out of the UK inner-cities, are raped or groomed. Their fathers are often absent. Their mother is low-class and ignorant.

    It is simply a result of whites defenses being breached. An atavistic reflex of primitive races is to seize on absolutely any sort of defensive weakness because they see things in the most fundamental weak vs strong, exploiter vs exploited, carrot vs stick terms.

    I say carrot vs stick because in the USA the South Asians are fully aware that if some 30 year old Pakistani is lurking around some suburban school deep in the leafy suburbs that the police will be there in 2 minutes, that fathers with guns will pursue them, that overall the post-911 sentiment of the US is nakedly glaring.

    Also, older women are not going to be seduced with second-rate tandoori and booze, so it comes down to brute force. They must simply be physically overpowered. As we see in Goa from time to time. The Norwegian tourist girls in Goa are incredibly naive anyhow and Indian rapists come from far and wide.

    All races think in tribal terms except whites really. No other race would accept whites in their country, except in the past when whites used organized violence to seize control of them. Whereas a Gora is going to meet mild hostility in India working there from time to time (I know I did) the same South Asian would feel fully entitled to work/live/draw money from a white government in the UK or the USA.

    As for the indifference of South Asian females, this is generally true. They view white women as being dirty whores, rightly or wrongly, or simply lacking in common sense. No Desi woman is going to go to the beach in Goa and get naked on a beach in front of a bunch of Indians drunk on Kingfisher beer. South Asian women understand the base desires of men, because South Asian men act in a base manner, whereas in the US generally white males do not so women grow up with the luxury of believing males are sexless and unthreatening.

    Also, this is mostly a low-caste thing. We read of purported Brahmin rapes in Bihar but these are rare. In reality, rape involves lower caste males.

    I have theory on this in South Asia. In Northern Indian and the Kush and Pakistan, the population is descended from waves of rapists and looters anyhow. From Central Asia or from the Middle East. So possibly rape is in encoded in the DNA. But that is not provable.

    However, in comparing Brahmin and Jews I would say Brahmin have a great deal of self-righteousness but not the same degree of verbal dexterity as Jews. They are intelligent but they are not going to seize control of the Western media. They rule by confusion and also by finding weak points in the power structure but not through sheer verbose wordy manipulation. They don’t possess this like Jews.

    Actually Brahmin are quite rude and arrogant, and while they did okay as compradors in British India and while they have seized parts of the US IT tech through dint of Indian ownership, on their own they will never be as resourceful or cunning as Jews.

    Also, it is Gujarati who have the business instincts of Jews not the Brahmin. The Brahmin is high-IQ but not mercantile. Except, of course, for the Gujarati Brahmin, whom I would pit against the most savvy trader on Wall Street.

    • Replies: @Malla
  238. Cato says:

    Well, heck , if she got any traction with a bunch of retards on the internet, she had to have had noteworthy mammary glands. Almost all of the female “influencers” do. Or so my 14-year old tells me.

  239. Malla says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    This might be true the but Indian caste system was in place in Harrapan civilization before the Aryans arrived 3000 years. It started with the Dravidians treating the Andaman people like crap. Which, if you ever visit Kerala, the Nair still do.

    Yes true. Caste system emerged from a combination of Aryan culture mixed with the culture of the earlier populations here especially that of the primitive black tribals and the Indus valley Civilization folk. Even today our jungle tribal populations are as tribal like Africans towards other forest tribes and have a lot of taboos, like Africans. Hinduism is a combination of Aryan tendencies and that of earlier populations, with later influences of Buddhism, Jainism, Islam and Christianity.

    It’s a low class thing. …are raped or groomed. Their fathers are often absent. Their mother is low-class and ignorant.

    True, but it is the duty of the British government to protect the native peoples of Britain from predatory foreign infiltrators. Remember the ancestors of these low class Britons worked hard in factories and mines as well as fought wars for their King and Country which made Britain great. Working Class Britons had/have a far higher productivity than workers in third world countries.

    No Desi woman is going to go to the beach in Goa and get naked on a beach in front of a bunch of Indians drunk on Kingfisher beer. South Asian women understand the base desires of men, because South Asian men act in a base manner, whereas in the US generally white males do not so women grow up with the luxury of believing males are sexless and unthreatening.

    Yes, Arab or Desi girls know that their own men are more despo for nookie and would not be that stupid. Westerners and some East Asians truly behave like Eloi in front of Morlocks sometimes. I see it so many times. High IQ does not mean more survivalist commonsense which is actually higher in primitive populations. If you tell one of our low IQ Indian slum dwellers about what Western libtard buffoons believe, you know…World Peace, heal the World, feminism etc…they would laugh so hard, they would burst some organ somewhere, laughing.

    In reality, rape involves lower caste males.

    There are many cases of upper caste thaggard men (may not always be brahmins, could be Thakurs for example) raping lower caste women to “keep them in their place” and simply because they want pussy. If da evul British colonialists would not have imposed Anglo Saxon laws on us, this would be cool and more frequent. Like drinking tea.

    but not the same degree of verbal dexterity as Jews. They are intelligent but they are not going to seize control of the Western media.

    I am not so sure about that.

    Also, it is Gujarati who have the business instincts of Jews not the Brahmin.

    Yes Jews are a combination of mercantile Gujratis/Sindhis/Marwaris and Brahmins, both in one.

  240. @Malla


    It has to be said, judging from the degree of Greek in the average 21st century poverty, which averages from 12-18 percent, that possibly Alexander was into some grooming in India in the past.

    So were the Portuguese. The Brits always appeared to be cold-blooded queers who wanted little to do with the locals and would rather sodomize on another in their barracks, but the Mediterranean Greeks and Portuguese were regular “Latin Lovers” in India.

    I once had an affair in Dubai with a Brahmin Gujarati woman and my experience was that her business-savvy was up there with the most cutthroat Jew on Wall Street. Her husband, who had been away on business, was not a Brahmin. And I nearly got into a scrape as a result of that.

    See, South Asians really don’t care if white girls are pimped out for some Mutton Korma takeaway or strung out on heroin at the age of 12 but when some Gora is carrying on with their wife well…some of them will get anti-social. Put it this way, it was Dubai. Had it been in India…I would have been in serious trouble.

    As for why the British government doesn’t care, it is bipartisan. The upper-class basically wants to destroy the lower class who drop out of school at age 15, have kids too young, are uncouth, uneducated, are loud and swear at Tesco’s etc. They want them to drop dead. In India, a Hindu is a Hindu, regardless of caste. In the US, some Irish Catholic urbanite would look at some rural Protestant who worked in a poultry factory whose daughter had to go to public schools with blacks and was sexually bullied and just view him as a loser in the capitalist game. In white societies, capitalism is not merely an economic system but a religion and a political system.

    Let me add there was a white rapist in Goa who was prolific named Carlos whose Dad was a Lisbon admin right before India annexed Goa in 1967 and Carlos was an Indian by citizenship and he was a red-haired white heroin addict who would slip roofies to Swedish girls at the Full Moon party and rape them while pretending to be a tourist though he lived in Goa his entire life and the Indian Tourism Police did nothing because he was Indian by birth and one day some locals got fed up and broke his legs with pipes and he limped off back to Portugal…a last bastion of Portuguese colonialism…,gone.

    • Replies: @Tommy Thompson
  241. .allba. says:

    they are you fucking clown ,both were conquered by indo europeans ones by andronovo and the other by mitanni an offspring of andronovo ,the tripartite caste system was in place in the steppe more than 5000 years ago

    the difference is that mitanni were very few a couple of thousand and couldnt change the language or genetic of proto jews ,from mitanni they adquired their chosenite narrative mixing with their our traditions and merchant nature of the semites

    jews are merchants with priestly masks ,an eartly merchant race if ever have existed

  242. .allba. says:

    its simply that their merchant nature is stronger than their prieslty nurture, it doentlt matter if you wear expensive priestly closes in the end mask will fall and you will act according to your true nature perverting the original ideological framework

    • Agree: Malla
  243. @The Spirit of Enoch Powell

    So the quick growth of the Muslim population has had a significant impact on the sexual mores of Western Europeans? It has forced young people to behave more conservatively?

  244. @Malla

    Is Goa a party spot anymore for Westerners? I heard that a lot of Western tourists were shunning Goa because of the filth and harassment. It’s not a place anyone wants to go to anymore.

    One traveler said that the huge influx of domestic Indian tourists was alarming to foreigners, so they’re instead choosing Vietnam and Bali. Somebody said that Goa was previously different from the rest of India. Now “real India” has showed up.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  245. Malla says:

    Now “real India” has showed up.

    Very true, lot more low class typical Indians are showing up in Goa and oogling at the White (or in few cases East Asian) women in bikinis in beaches. This is especially true for many parts of Northern Goa, like Baga beach which were hippie heaven once. Once Goan minister said “Goa has lost its innocence”. Local Goans blame this on other Indians especially North Indians, Christian Goan blame it on Hindu and Muslims from other states. Many of them do not like non Goan Indians who they frankly consider as foreigners. Some are still pissed about the underhanded techniques as well as the invasion used by India to conquer Goa from the Portuguese Empire. Goans have a different vibe. The old Portuguese India (flamboyant Latin culture)-British India (Conservative Victorian) divide.
    Goa is also more Christian and thus the difference in between rich and poor is lessor than Hindu and Islamic South Asia. My Dad told me that he had been to Goa many times in the past (before I was born) and the difference in between the rich and poor was very small. Even chicken farmers had cars then back in the 80s!!! Which was and still is very strange for the rest of India. Even today, Goa , the part of Indian subcontinent, which has been under European colonialism the longest, has the highest per capita income in India.
    After the fall of the USSR, there was Russian/Ukrainian invasion, so much so that many of the sign boards are in Cyrillic along with English. Walking about in Goa, sometimes you wonder who colonised Goa, the Portuguese or the Russians? However the locals complain that the Russians are more miserly than the Western whites and cook their own foods unlike Westerners who go to restaurants. Also Russians with Russian/Ukrainian drivers have their own taxi services while Westerners use locals and thus put more money into local hands. There was also a Russian mafia presence in Goa but a lot was Russian Jewish.
    Israelis treat locals like slaves, bargain hard, there was a Israeli mafia presence in Goa who have deep connections with local politicians and police. Goa has a lot of ex-IDF Israelis coming for drugs and sex after shooting some poor Palestinian kids in the IDF to chill off. The Israelis are hated and they take up entire beach areas where Indians are not allowed except the slave Indians who serve them. Add to that Nigerian gangs selling drugs hate like vermin by the local Goans. Indeed some years back, all Africans were driven away from Goa by the locals out of disgust with black behaviour.
    And there have been a lot of murders and rapes of Whites (Westerners and Russians) recently. Goa has truly become more dangerous with more gang activities.
    So yes Westerners do come in large numbers but I am not surprised that many choose safer destinations in Bali or Vietnam.
    South Goa is still safer than the North (which is more commercialized and lots of Indian tourists) where many beaches like Cola Beach or Pallolem beach. There the local Goans try to keep other Indians at bay at best they can.

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
  246. Malla says:

    There have been many rape and murders of White people in Goa for some years now. The famous Scarlett Keeling case, a British teenager was raped and murdered and the corrupt Indian judicial system let the accused off. She was a dumb libtard bimbo who was not taught common sense by her libtard hippie parents about Third World men, but she still did not deserve what she got. She was just a teenager.

    Scarlett Keeling Case
    Recently one Irish women was raped and murdered

    Irish Woman Allegedly Raped, Murdered At A Beach In Goa, Accused Held

    Russian lady raped at Goa beach; no arrest even after six months | Manorama News
    The accused in the Russian rape case went missing, convenient hey?
    This crime against YT has become a phenomenon in Goa lately.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  247. @Malla

    In the case of Keeling that is what happens when poor, uneducated, druggies from the West go to India.

    In the US people on welfare cannot go anywhere. Some with disabilities do, of course, but the US always had a colonial link to the Philippines for example. Or Mexico.
    Brits on welfare tend to gravitate to India. For one thing, as part of the commonwealth, they can get in easier than Americans.

    But more importantly, like Keeling’s mother, they can cash their welfare check abroad. And it goes a great deal further in India.

    At any rate, more or less, Scarlet was abandoned by her cocaine-sniffing cougar Mum and was actually sleeping with some local tourist guide for a place to stay. But by age 15 she too was deep into drugs.

    See, the thing about HILLBILLY ELEGY is that the unfettered US white underclass are trapped in their trailer park. They cannot get out. The Brits can.

    Americans who do manage to go to India-I’m talking about Goras, not ABC’s-will be college educated. Also seasoned travelers. Usually, they won’t be hardcore druggies. Some will be hippies who smoke pot, of course, as I did back in 1999. But they will have their wits about them.

    Some of the worst locals were Portuguese males who had been born in say, 1964, who were technically Indian by citizenship. Any old timer in Goa will remember “rip-and-run Carlos”.

    Goa used to get its fair share of British lager louts as well. Only once a year, during the Full Moon party in December. But there were the usual brawls.

    The Keeting case sort of dimmed the reputation for Brits.

    The Kashmiris used to handle the cannabis. Cocaine, heroin, ecstasy was handled by Indian pushers from other states. The Israelis came and went. There were no Russian or Israeli drug dealers. Not on the street level.

    The Scandinavian tourists were incredibly naive. The Brits tended to be low class street savvy types and any American who actually got to Goa was already seasoned. See, when you are from Detroit or Mumbai, you are slightly street smart. Of course Norway may have changed now that it is a giant refugee camp, but in the old days of my generation it was a utopia and the tourists were incredibly naive.

    Norwegian girls just could not comprehend that if they skinny-dipped nude on Anjuna that some Indians might gang rape them.

    A fair number of Russian women came out penniless, really, and their intention was to pay for their holiday by peddling ass on the side. Risky proposition.

    Vasco Beach was the most dangerous place in Goa at the time.

    Anyhow, Indians visiting Goa is nothing new. They come down from Mumbai on school trips. Probably all the way back to 1967 when the Portuguese left.

  248. geokat62 says:

    “For nearly ten years I’ve told people that the grooming scandal in #Rotherham was dwarfed by what was happening in West Yorkshire. It’s starting to come out now…” – Nick Griffin

  249. @Jeff Stryker

    I understood that in some Paris poor suburbs North African Muslim girls were similarly treated like what is claimed at Rothertham, by White Frenchman, who viewed all North African girls as sexual prey.

    I also know that some North African girls in North African would look favorably to advanced from Euro men. So what goes around comes around.

    But in general I stand by my contention (#212) that Rape is much more rare in Islamic societies than Western societies.

    i recall at my top US university in late 70’s, how every evening different girls would ask me to walk them to their dormitories for fear of a rape assault. Then it was almost exclusively white middle or upper class boys or the football team players. Rape was out of control and the University did little to curb it. It rarely kicked out a culprit if he was from a White Upper Middle Class family. Girls be damned. I am sure it started to change in the eighties after a huge outcry across the country.

    • Replies: @Croissant
  250. ProudBLM says:

    I don’t care what White Americans think of Burnham, he prevented Afro Christians from being massacred or put in a Gulag as for Amin he was spot on about Indians dominating their economy and treating their African ppl as “Surfs” he was correct in kicking them out (after he offered them citizenship and they refused it) Indians don’t belong in these places. and Jagan and wife were communist inside out!

  251. Croissant says:
    @Tommy Thompson

    I understood that in some Paris poor suburbs North African Muslim girls were similarly treated like what is claimed at Rothertham, by White Frenchman, who viewed all North African girls as sexual prey.

    Where is the source for this idiotic claim?

    The “tournantes” consist of basically Muslim gangs gang raping “not modest enough” ie too westernised Muslim girls in the French banlieues, which for the non familiarised with the term are heavy Muslim and immigrant suburbs made of huge high rise social housing buildings.

    Before spouting off your cultural relativistic nonsense, next time make sure you get your facts straight.

    Yes there are white rapists of course, but this French phenomenon is, as the UK Paki grooming gangs, a whole new level of *systematic and organised* abuse, and worst of all, not socially stigmatised as its been in the West for hundreds of years.

    • Replies: @anon
  252. @Malla

    Good post. Thanks.

    So I would assume Goa is still a good place to relax for foreigners (if you go to South Goa), but the party&social scene has been ruined by aggressive male tourists?

    I talked to a guy who went to Goa. He claimed that when he went to the night clubs there, men outnumbered women by 30 to 1.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  253. Malla. I think I had asked you to email me sometime ago. I am an Indian and have read each and every reply of yours, which not only aligns with my perspective, but it has shocked me how good you are. I won’t write much as I don’t get responses. Email me and it will be totally worth your time to have a discussion. I assure you. My email: [email protected]

    • Replies: @Malla
  254. @JohnnyWalker123

    Goa is a hellhole. Bloody hell. I am an Indian living in Mumbai. Trust me when I say this….you are far better off going to Thailand or Laos or any South East Asian nation. Clean, vibrant beaches with crystal blue water, beautiful women and above all….no indians. I cannot stress this enough. The Indian stare will destroy you, and God forbid you come with a woman. I studied in Canada and my Canadian friends(all brainwashed by the whole Beatles spiritual crap) have asked me so many times on coming here and everytime I give excuses.

    There is nothing good about India. Food is probably good(and very cheap, to be fair). With American dollars or British pounds you’ll be living like a king. But a king in a dirty mud hole.

    • Thanks: JohnnyWalker123
    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
    , @CCG
  255. @Malla

    As I have said, I relate so much to you its implausible for me to consider there can be another Indian who thinks like I do, but I think you give way too much importance to the Jewish aspect, Indian history and not enough to genetics and science.

    Don’t you think the Indian genes is to be blamed as well? What about the climate, temperature and diet? Indians are the lowest of the low in every aspect- clannish, selfish, zero self awareness, irrational, sentimental, greedy, timid, arrogant, passive aggressive…and I think this is mostly due to the upbringing. The Indian is the most repressed soul when he or she is born in any house there. But a lot of it is genetic, biological and environmental.

    • Replies: @Malla
  256. anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    “The British Jew, Lord Disraeli, once said that the racial problem was the key to world history. We National Socialists have grown up with that idea.” [ Hitler] .

    But Cesarani concedes that Disraeli could not have foreseen that the words in his novels would be used in this way. And it is by no means clear that those words reflected his own views. Michael Howard is a Conservative peer and was leader of the Conservative Party from 2003 to 2005

    Proves Hitler was not shy of quoting a Jewish person to validate his ethnocentrism and racism .

    “But Cesarani concedes that Disraeli could not have foreseen that the words in his novels would be used in this way”

    yes he couldn’t have . No one. If one could ,we wouldn’t have the Shakespearen phrase : Hoist with ones own petard. Don’t blame anti semitism when poetic justice would explain the laws of nature.

  257. anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Berlosucini loved young Morocconite ash colored bimbo .

    BBC +Parliament Cabinet +Scotland Yards + making the Westminster ring –sex abuses of minors for over many years .

    French soldiers (white)of UN Peace Mission in CAR .Oops! sometimes even young boys .( but judges and prosecutors didn’t think punishment was necessary NYTimes )

    Haitian women raped by UN soldiers from Chile and Brazil (mixed, white,blacks soldiers)

    Eastern Europeans running pedophile sex ring in UK(

    Asian girls recruited for Asia for British (

    Rapes of Iraqis by American soldiers ( white )

    Germany investigates 30,000 suspects over paedophile network ( the rapiusts are made of local non immigrants base of population.

    Richard Huckle in Malaysia (

    It was combination of power connection race that exculpated the the Westminster VIP Ring of Sex actors and did not exculpate poor Pakistanis of Rochdale . It reminds me of the seizure of pornographies in the den of Noregia of Panama Saddam of Iraq, Bin Laden of Afghanistan but the orgies of Clinton and other honchos being missed.

    Catholic Church

    Mormon Church

    American sex rings and traffickers of minors .

    • Replies: @Croissant
    , @Malla
  258. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    These people would never been representing British voters from the cabinet positions of treasury , foreign secretary, finances if it not were for the Indians playing the roles of concubines for Israel .
    Non Jewish with no racial affiliations or loyalty to whites and dependent on the Jewish for positions would try anything to enjoy the powerful positions .
    They don’t have local supports . Media and Tory’s friends of Israel can destroy them any second.

    The chances of them going over above and beyond their highest calling ( pun intended ) to Israel have 100% certainty and predictability.

    America is now decaying late 19 th century Ottoman , British is just a shell of that Ottoman reduced to the city limits of London .

    Pogrom ,genocide ,secession ,rebellion ,and wars that visited Europe in 20 th century would define USA post 2020.

    The democratic process and institution both are under attack .


    Rape occurring in India is part of the identity and caste system which patronize girl -ownership , patriarchy, and subjugated women , it is cultural but is also issues of caste purity and survival of the caste . Until people can move in and out the caste , both job reservation and rapes would continue.Caste is worried of losing out to other caste from not having enough members compared to the next caste in village . This identity condones rapes much easily than would have been ever possible .

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  259. @Anon

    “The democratic process and institution both are under attack .”

    The democratic process is a joke. Democracy is a joke which was bound to be found out in the age of globalism. Show me one nation with a peaceful democratic process that works with efficiency? This was bound to happen someday in every democracy- two brothers can’t get along under a roof how can two races or religions or creed?

  260. @RJ Macready

    That’s unfortunate.

    Any goodlooking women in Mumbai? Bollywood actresses and models? Or is that all hype?

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @RJ Macready
  261. @JohnnyWalker123

    Depends. Like any place the youthful ones are pretty but after they hit the wall its downhill. Nowadays they hit it at 25 around here but overall you’ll have a good time. They love white men…trust me on this. You’ll be the center of attention everywhere and get laid easily if you get into a group in an office or society. I worked for a multinational company for 3 years and got one of my Canadian mates in. He slept with around 8 women in my office complex alone in the two years I saw him. Then married an Indian chick and had a family. So it really depends. If you’re white, reasonably decent looking(which pretty much every white guy is compared to the men here), and smile you’ll be happy. The older divorced women, which is a huge number in every Indian metro will sleep with you in a moment. I can assure you on this. I have been prepositioned in every city here and I have observed this. They’re all horny and watching international content(not to mention freely available unlimited porn), they’re a hoot. But usually unattractive and fat. Think the suburban white chick housewife after 5 years….same dimensions only brown.

    Despite the horrible opinion of the nation that is equivocal here, mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru are developing quite well. I see a lot of white dudes nowadays in these office complexes and multinational companies.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  262. @JohnnyWalker123

    Just read your comments above mine- you were asking regarding Goa not mumbai- my bad! I have never liked Goa to be honest. It is very overrated for me, but you will like the food and stay. Like I stated above- the dollar/pound conversion rate is really good and you’ll get your money’s worth. But yes, the local Indians have infested the entire place. They stare, they leer, they pass comments right next to you. They are everything that this cursed nation has to offer by the bucket-1.4 billion of us!

    Local Goans are fed up. Many have immigrated to Portugal. There is a secession movement called Niz Goenkar. But they can’t do shit- Too small and insignificant. Have a look at their website, if you want to understand how this multiculti bullshit operates just have a look at the comments on any article:

    PS- This blog exposes Indians unlike nowhere. Its been banned by offended Indians but he keeps coming back. Read the articles, read the comments below. Spend a few days and read all of them- this is the future that awaits America and all of western world if the immigration rates continue the way they are:

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  263. @RJ Macready

    Sunny Leone is good-looking. Indian women age fairly well, all things considered.

    By the way, you are right about porn. Desi women really took to it.

    Baga beach and Colaba are alright. If all you want to do is smoke dope & swim. The Kashmiris sell a fairly good strain of hashish, if that is your thing.

    I have not been to Goa in years however.

    As for Goa people immigrating to Portugal-and I do believe they still have the right to so legally-I was unaware of that.

  264. Malla says:
    @RJ Macready

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Email me and it will be totally worth your time to have a discussion.

    Sure, I will, give me some time.

  265. @RJ Macready

    Despite the horrible opinion of the nation that is equivocal here, mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru are developing quite well.

    Interesting. India seems to be transitioning into a nation in which prosperity is concentrated in a few places (Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay) and the rest of the country is getting hollowed out. The same process is happening in many first world countries (especially America), but the higher standard of living means that even our 2nd/3rd tier cities are still much more comfortable places than India.

    Local Goans are fed up.

    I get the sense that Goa was quite the paradise up through the 90s. Even up until maybe 10 years, it was worth traveling to for relaxing, partying, tourism, dining, etc. Which is why they attracted a lot of these tourists from the UK, Russia, and Israel. The tourists brought money, which helped the economy and the party scene.

    However, it was maybe too good of place compared to the rest of India. Too prosperous, too empty, and too fun. So it attracted a huge number of impoverished peasants, looking to make money or chase women. Which brought filth, corruption, and sexual harassment to the place.

    I saw some videos online of Westerners in Goa. They seem very hesistant to interact with the local Indians, instead preferring to quietly relax on the beach. When you do see the Westerners approached by Indians, the Indians have a super aggressive approach and won’t leave the Westerners alone. The Indians seem obsessed with taking pictures of themselves alongside White people…. Even the hippies (who are known for being super liberal) seem to keep their distance from the Indians….. I remember reading somewhere that, occasionally, Goan men used to marry foreign women and go West. I suppose that’s not happening much anymore.

    I was looking at some pictures online of high-end restaurants and large parties/concerts in Goa. Apparently, you need to pay a high cover fee to gain admission. Most of the people were rich Indians, not Westerners. So it seems that even if Westerners no longer find Goa a good place to party, wealthy Indians are keeping the economy afloat.

    Many have immigrated to Portugal.

    Indeed. Portugese citizenship is offering Goans a backdoor into the UK, which has a much stronger economy than India or even Portugal. From Goa to Portugal to the UK. I read somewhere that very few people in Goa understand Portugese, but many know English. So perhaps the UK is a much more logical place to settle, especially if you want to make money.

    There are a lot of immigration backdoors into the UK, even with Brexit.

    PS- This blog exposes Indians unlike nowhere. Its been banned by offended Indians but he keeps coming back. Read the articles, read the comments below. Spend a few days and read all of them- this is the future that awaits America and all of western world if the immigration rates continue the way they are:

    Similar points could probably be made of Middle Easterners and maybe Blacks. It’s the same inferiority complex combined with the pride in a long-ago glorious history. Probably explains a lot of the psychological issues you see in Muslims.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  266. Malla says:
    @RJ Macready

    but I think you give way too much importance to the Jewish aspect, Indian history and not enough to genetics and science.

    Well sure, third World genetics and behaviour are a problem, but there is a Zio power structure in the World. I agree with genetic differences within races, never denied it.

    Indians are the lowest of the low in every aspect- clannish, selfish, zero self awareness, irrational, sentimental, greedy, timid, arrogant, passive aggressive…and I think this is mostly due to the upbringing.

    Trust me dude, these traits are very common throughout the third world. Indeed these traits define the third world but of course each third world society have their own particular pros and cons compared to the other third world society. I thought the same (India is uniquely crappy) until I experienced other third world societies and realized we are all screwed up but with our own individual flavour.
    But I think overall it is a combination of genes and culture. That is why I believe the salvation of India lies by imposing certain aspects of Victorian British mindset or traditional Japanese mindset on the people at gun point. It would be for their own good. Unless that is done, nothing will make any difference. NOTHING!!

  267. Oliver D. Smith says:

    Why don’t you ever publish under your real name or main pseudonym on social media like Twitter?

    You’re currently pretending to be a female named ‘Sandra’.

    Get mental help?

  268. @JohnnyWalker123

    Goa was good up to the late 90’s, early 2000’s in my opinion.

    The Full Moon Party was not Indian, that was always British. European. A few Americans.

    Make no mistake, you met many foreigners on drugs. Ecstasy was popular back in the late 90’s when I was in Goa. I never used hard drugs, myself. I was a hash man.

    Kashmiris were there and apart from the hash they sold wonderful carpets very cheaply. I still have one.

    Also, let’s examine the Scarlett Keeting case closely. We’re talking about some woman who more or less abandoned her 15 year old daughter in Goa who ended up sleeping with someone for a place to stay. Also, at the tender age of 15, that same girl was a drug addict. Who was also sleeping with people for drugs. Those kind of Goras need a social worker, honestly.

    Now don’t get me wrong, some Scandinavian girls are raped in Goa. I’ve lain next to them topless over on Baga beach. Many Indians are rapists who come to Goa simply in order to lurk around and rape Goris. No question.

    But late 90’s was still a good time in Goa.

    Granted, I’m seeing it through the eyes of 47 year old man who was then young & footloose & fancy free & stoned on good Kashmiri hash. I’m actually getting a little nostalgic here for the red cliffs of Goa.

    Also, and this is not really as widely known, more than anything else the dangerous thing about Goa is the riptide. Off Coloba beach especially. Lot’s of drownings.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  269. Whitewolf says:
    @Dave Bowman

    … other than the legal and MORAL reason that she was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED to represent her Constituents and their interests in Parliament – and the lying arrogant worthless bitch is PAID a colossal sum of money from public – ie. TAX-PAYERS – funds for her luxurious desk-sitting expenses-lunch job, you dumb Yankee bastard !

    I’m an Aussie bastard not a Yankee. My point still stands. She’s not White so will not have any loyalty to Whites like she would to her own people. Voting for her and throwing money at her won’t buy her loyalty. Loyalty comes from the heart and doesn’t need to be bought.

    You say she’s morally obligated to represent her constituents. Maybe so but expecting that from her is foolish especially with her being a foreigner and one from a third world country whose morals differ from actual Brits.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  270. @Jeff Stryker

    47 is not old. So you’d have been in your mid 20s when you went there. A lot has changed since then. The advent of fast broadband has changed the masses for the worse.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
    , @CCG
  271. @Single and Ready to Drop Red Pills

    “The common man is utterly powerless. ”
    That is, fren, until they make sure that no object can be moved a single yard nor cable, within or around the wretched isle except by helo and boaty-woaty. Which do generally have to land somewhere. Ar.
    That Margaux don’t fly over by itself; our wog-infested masters and mistresses should take note.
    Perhaps they can relocate to mmm… Cyprus South, and damn well rule us as hard as they like, from there.

  272. @Whitewolf

    She’s a “high”-caste Hindoo diaspora Pwincess. Similar to any J.A.P.
    She probably despises and detests her fellow Desis even more than the shabby drunkards of Old England. The poor turban-supporting, raggedy-arse sods. No help for them from the likes of her.
    Just her particular clan/tribe.
    Doubt she’s even visited the big hot place that isn’t Uganda more than a few weeks.

    She’s also a vindictive lumpy midget who did the downscale version of PPE at an ex-poly somewhere.
    I’d respect any plumber, van-driver or electrician’s intellect and opinions more. Much, much more.
    Better than my own, now, to be frank.

    Her insatiable malice will trip her up in the end. Mark me wurds.

  273. @RJ Macready

    Back in the 90s, you could probably wander around a Goa beach undisturbed by sexual harassment?

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  274. @JohnnyWalker123

    I don’t know my man- I am 84 born so probably too young to go there in the late 90s. In fact first time I went to Goa was in 2002, but I know many people who live there and I dated a chick whose ancestral home is Goa. Its barely 3 hours from my place and yet I don’t really go because I don’t really see the appeal. Beaches aren’t all that- I’d rather take a 6 hour flight to Thailand for that, drugs I can get everything here and the Indian infestation is sickening. I don’t know why it has such an appeal to westerners(mainly the Brits, Israeilis, and Ruskies). For Indian standards yeah its great- beaches, oceans, tropical atmosphere. But for anyone who has been to any standard beach elsewhere I don’t really see the appeal of traveling thousands of miles to go there.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  275. Croissant says:

    Your point being then:

    Look all men are the same, there are rapists and abusers in every society, why do you worry so much about Pakis when you have hordes of German and British UN soldiers and look there Berlusconi and “Eastern European Romanians” [your link’s accused are Gypsies you moron, find real Romanian or Bulgarians at least] dont be such an hypocrite

    First, you should learn to read English and take your time to understand what written sentences mean. The following quote of my comment it seems you forgot to read or were too busy already copy pasting your pointless list of “gotcha” examples:

    Yes there are white rapists of course, but this French phenomenon is, as the UK Paki grooming gangs, a whole new level of *systematic and organised* abuse, and worst of all, not socially stigmatised as its been in the West for hundreds of years.

    I will explain to you this part in bold font like I would to a 10 year old, for you seem to be quite slow. Here in the West, most families of rapists/abusers would condemn and ostracise their relatives after finding out what they have done. And most families of rape victims would support their relatives. This is called overwhelming societal condemnation, and it is been the normal social reaction in the West for hundreds of years towards these despicable acts.

    Now in Pakistan and other more clannish ie less developed societies, rapists are many times defended by their relatives (she was a whore) or simply ignored, and rape victims, adulterers and women simply going out with men without being married often ostracised and even killed by their relatives for having tarnished the families honor.

    In some parts of the world, women who have been raped have also been murdered for the ‘dishonour’ of being a victim and the ‘disgrace’ it brings to their family.

    Honour killing is believed to have originated from tribal customs where an allegation against a woman can be enough to defile a family’s reputation – ‘a life without honour is not worth living.’

    And in this non Western societies there is even the concept of revenge rape:

    And this is the treatment rape victims get from their families and friends in certain non Western, more. often than not Muslim cultures:

    “the violence she and other young women endured in the predominantly North African and African immigrant outskirts of Paris, where she was repeatedly gang-raped as a teenager by gangs led by people she knew, and then abandoned by her family and friends. Her book is a portrayal of the predicament of young girls in the poor, outlying suburbs (banlieue) of French cities”

    Now scumbag judges that don’t properly condemn rapists are I would say a clear tiny minority, but lately it seems they are getting all the cases of “refugees” raping in Sweden but this is another matter. It has nothing to do with societal approval, Western societies universally condemn rape and family honor crimes and vigilantism. It is not the case in Pakistan, and if it is somehow and slowly changing it is because Pakistanis are trying to Westernise their culture.

    All this is related to the cultural differences that explain greatly the actions of the Paki gangs of groomers of underaged British girls. A look at the numbers of victims and rapists on each side would also expose you and your fallacious “tu quoque” reply as even more fraudulent and imbecilic, for a “network of 30k paedophiles in Germany” is nothing more than very few actual abusers that record and share their deeds and 29.990 degenerates owning, wanking and sharing the graphic material the former have created.

    But still, reread my quote acknowledging the many European rapists and abusers we already have above. There is clearly no need to import more of them from Pakistan and other Muslim shitholes, and there is no shame nor hipocrisy when we, a growing minority in the West, publicly condemn them when 1000s of cases in our native countries come to light.

    Do you understand now the difference, you twitchy imbecile?

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  276. @RJ Macready

    I was 26 when I first got to Goa I WAS SEXUALLY HARASSED BY HORNY LUSO (Mixed Portuguese) COUGARS. This happened when I went to take a picture of the mummy (who was 3 feet long then) & local cougars on motorbikes would ride by. One of them even flashed her snatch at me.

    But I think the epidemic of gangrape in Goa can be linked to Gen Y Indian men positively marinating in porn.

    So I feel there is a link between some lowbrow Indian guy watching gangbang porn & then going to his friends & saying “let’s head to Goa & do that to a Finnish girl whose nude bathing on a beach”.

    Also, there are Goa Tourist Police. If a Western woman in public is shrieking because an Indian man is sexually assaulting her in broad daylight the Goa Tourist Police will intervene. Unless things have totally changed since 1999.

    Also, as a Gen X in 1999 I can attest that Gora men were not quite as feminized & castrated as now. An Indian guy who was trying to assault Goris at a Full Party would be contending with a bunch of usually bigger, stronger, meat-fed Australian & German & British lager louts who didn’t mind a scrap as much.

    These days, maybe Western visitors in Goa are probably so feminized that they’re like “go ahead & rape my girlfriend just finish in my butt” but in those days you had a rowdy collection of Israeli soldiers, British navy & oil workers, American Marine Mumbai Embassy Guards down on Christmas holiday leave & high-as-hell-feel-no-pain druggies you could hit over the head with a baseball bat who would have kept coming & even run-of-the-mill Scandinavian hippies had had to do two years in the army so locals weren’t AS BOLD as now.

  277. @Croissant

    White rapists of the worst kind are rare & usually horrible by dint of their high IQ’s. I’m talking about the Bundy’s & Dahmer’s & Bobby Joe Longs. They get away with it for years.

    It is not stupid pull your pants down in the street & rape the white jogger low IQ idiocy but rather a very ritualized masturbatory fantasy that the white rapist has spent his entire life perfecting.

    Most of the time, these men were necros who desired sex with bodies for reasons of power & control.

    When feminists say rape is about power, they are referring to white rape. Bundy & Dahmer were good-looking guys who were already popular on the singles bar scenes. Dahmer was gay, as many of them tend to be, but that is beside the point. The point is that they had to have sex with dead bodies.

    So a white rapist either after kids or his sexual desires are illegal & obscure like being a necro, which most women won’t consent to.

    So there is a big difference between someone like Bundy who marks down when he is going to rape & kill somebody on his calendar & some refugee in Europe raping some white girl at a swimming pool because he got a hard on & lacks the behavioral control mechanisms of a 4 year old.

    Similarly, white pedophiles are mostly dorks. Either that or they are the absolute lowest white trash losers who have no money & no way to even approach a normal attractive woman.

    As for pimps, Pakistanis go after kids because the blacks and whites have the adult female market cornered. No greasy Pakistani is going to measure up against some black pimp with the adult dumb females. Even they are going to be physically unattracted by him. Only some 11 year old in elementary school could think he was romantic.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  278. CCG says:
    @RJ Macready

    Passenger service on the full Konkan Railway route, between Mumbai and Mangalore, began in May 1998. That’s when the flooding of Goa by tourists and migrants from other states accelerated. Migrants from British India have been a social nuisance in Goa since the start of the twentieth century. Social media just makes people more aware of it.

    • Replies: @Malla
  279. Malla says:

    CCG, do you know much about the communists in Angola being funded to fight the Portuguese Empire. Douglas Reed has written about this. According to him Wall Street money paired with Communist U.S.S.R,P.R.China, D.P.R.Korea (North Korea) and even Communist Cuba to destroy all the colonial empires in Africa and later Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa. He writes about Angola and brutal massacres by communists of both blacks and whites but the Western Commie mainstream media never reported it much. There are even books written in Portuguese about this by the Portuguese living in Angola, but it is doubtful if they have been translated to English. Do you have much info about this? What really happened in Angola and Mozambique against the Portuguese Empire?
    Also was there not a mysterious Communist half Goan guy, Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho involved in the disastrous Carnation Revolution of Portugal

  280. Malla says:

    Eastern Europeans running pedophile sex ring in UK(

    Eastern Europeans “Romanians”? Not real Dacian Romanians but Gypsies.

  281. @Jeff Stryker

    some refugee in Europe raping some white girl at a swimming pool because he got a hard on & lacks the behavioral control mechanisms of a 4 year old.

    Redundant information but ;
    The swimming-pool “sexual emergency” involved a prepubescent Austrian boy as prey. Which is why the rapefugee was able to corner him alone in the changing room.
    As usual, the real problem was the liberal judge siding with the rapist. Most people would have rather watched him swing for it in the town square, and gone had a nice cake and coffee after.

    Not that would help the kid any. Just the other kids, who are still in peril.

  282. CCG says:
    @RJ Macready

    Native Goans in the Velhas Conquistas hinterland are fighting back against domestic mass tourism:

    Most ‘Goan’ tourism workers are originally from other states, so the end of Indian tourist arrivals would make an overall positive difference to native Goan lives. Also, Mercês village isn’t near any beach and its only significant landmark is the 16th century parish church. Those Hindu Marathi tourists picked the wrong place for a visit.

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