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GOP (With Brave Exceptions Like Rep. Matt Rosendale) Rolls Over for Anti-White Juneteenth Scam
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Previously: Base Dragging GOP, Conservatism Inc. Into Fight Against Critical Race Theory—But They Still Flinch From Calling It Anti-White Racism

America just got a new federal holiday. President Biden signed “Juneteenth National Independence Day” into law Thursday (June 17). The Senate vote was unanimous, and just 14 House members, all Republicans, voted against it. The holiday, which commemorates the day in 1865 that Union armies proclaimed the end of slavery in Texas, is yet another occasion to celebrate blacks, on top of Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month. Supposedly about slavery, it inevitably means more condemnation of the whites who practiced it, reinforcing the 1619 Project’s preposterous claim that blacks are the real founders of America. This demonstrates the fatal limitations of the Congressional GOP and the Conservative Establishment. They say they oppose Critical Race Theory, but they just backed a holiday that enshrines CRT as state ideology. Only one Republican, Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana, explained the path for the GOP to preserve the Historic American Nation.

Juneteenth almost became a federal holiday last year. It was blocked by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who recently appeared to be emerging as patriot champion. But he only ever said he opposed Juneteenth for budgetary reasons, suggesting it replace Columbus Day. He did not oppose its passage this year.

That left Rosendale to lead a few brave Republicans to oppose it. “Let’s call an ace an ace,” Rosendale said. “This is an effort by the Left to create a day out of whole cloth to celebrate identity politics as part of its larger efforts to make Critical Race Theory the reigning ideology of our country” [House Passes Bill to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday, by Dareh Gregorian and Haley Talbot, NBC News, June 16, 2021].

Rosendale got to the heart of the matter on Twitter:

I voted against a bill that would make Juneteenth National Independence Day a federal holiday. … This legislation is the culmination of decades of efforts by the Left to prevent unashamed celebrations of our national story, heritage, and history.”

But more than that, Rosendale tweeted, Juneteenth will supplant July 4, just as MLK usurped the place of American presidents:

Their intent is to replace the Fourth of July with this new day, one that will inevitably focus on America’s darkest moments.

We’re not perfect as a country, but we are a great nation, morally, economically, culturally, and in many other ways besides. I will never support efforts to pull down that legacy and replace it with self-hatred.

The thirteen representatives who stood with Rosendale:

  • Andy Biggs (AZ)
  • Mo Brooks (AL)
  • Andrew Clyde (GA)
  • Scott DesJarlais (TN)
  • Paul Gosar (AZ)
  • Ronny Jackson (TX)
  • Doug LaMalfa (CA)
  • Thomas Massie (KY)
  • Tom McClintock (CA)
  • Ralph Norman (SC)
  • Mike Rogers (AL)
  • Chip Roy (TX)
  • Tom Tiffany (WI)

Inexplicably and disappointingly absent: Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and other supposed conservative stalwarts. It’s unclear why they voted for the CRT holiday.

Needless to say, the GOP “Leadership” embraced Juneteenth. Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the former Majority whip who has made himself one of the worst of Republicans over the last year, orchestrated its passage in the upper chamber and condemned Rosendale’s incisive criticism as “kooky” [House Passes Bill to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday, by Dareh Gregorian and Haley Talbot, NBC News, June 16, 2021]. It was, Cornyn said in typical GOP boilerplate, “a big step in our nation’s journey toward equality” [Cornyn Bill to Make Juneteenth National Holiday Passes Senate,, June 15, 2021].

The Heritage Foundation’s retiring black President Kay Cole James demanded conservative support. It is not a “woke” holiday, she argued, but a day to celebrate how America is a “nation devoted to liberty for all” [What Is Juneteenth, and Why Should Every American Want To Celebrate It?, by Kay Cole James, The Washington Times, June 16, 2021].

Right. That’s why the Juneteenth hashtag in her tweet about the op-ed includes a black power fist with rainbow-colored figures—LGBT and black radicalism in one symbol. James sounds pretty “woke” to me.

Donald J. Trump is also guilty. He made passing it a central part of his silly Black Platinum Plan, and actually brags he popularized it. Of course It didn’t help win any black votes [Trump pledges to make Juneteenth federal holiday in bid for Black voters, by Steve Holland and Lisa Lambert, Reuters, September 25, 2020].

Cornyn, James, and other Republicans claim Juneteenth reaffirms American patriotism, even though it dwells entirely on America’s much-touted original sin. That’s delusional. It’s more about reminding America about the misery of slavery—and that white caused it—than the glory of emancipation.

But the Left gets it. They say the purpose of the holiday is to educate everyone on “systemic racism.”

As psychiatrist Khadijah Booth Watkins explained for The Washington Post:

It really just highlights the continued struggle against structural racism. It’s a place to talk about where it started, and we can’t ignore that it continues. This just gives the history … to understand what is structural racism and what needs to be done to unravel systemic racism

[How and why to discuss Juneteenth with your children, by Amy Joyce, June 16, 2021]

The Campaign for Youth Justice and other Leftist groups say it is a day to “address systemic racism.” [Juneteenth 2020: A Day On To Address Systemic Racism, Campaign for Youth and Justice, June 15, 2020].

Leading Democrats agree. “Let’s honor Juneteenth by finally taking on systemic racism,” wrote Delaware Sen. Chris Coons last year:

Every piece of public policy must be viewed in a different, new light. It’s not enough for our laws and our budgets to be race-neutral; we have to find ways to be anti-racist in Dover, Washington, and across the country.

[Let’s honor Juneteenth by finally taking on systemic racism, by Chris Coons and Melissa Minor-Brown, The News Journal, June 19, 2020].

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib also sees the holiday differently from the GOP’s Cornyn.

This legislation is just a first step in addressing the horrific ills of our country. We need to transform the lives of our Black neighbors in a bold and meaningful way—from passing the For the People Act to the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, there is much more to be done. We need to go beyond commemoration and take action that will truly address the continuous, systemic impacts of slavery.

[Tlaib Statement on House Passage of Bill to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday,, June 16, 2021].

That’s rich coming Tlaib, a Palestinian Arab whose Ottoman and Muslim forebears traded millions of African slaves for 1,400 years.

And here’s New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker et al:

Our nation has so much work left to do in addressing the legacy and trauma of slavery and systemic racism that persists to this day. Making Juneteenth a federal holiday is long overdue and will represent a step forward in the path toward accountability, justice and healing.

[U.S. Senators Smith, Markey, Booker & U.S. Rep. Jackson Lee Renew Push to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday,, February 25, 2021].

Similarly, at the signing ceremony, Vice President Kamala Harris insisted Juneteenth is “not only a day of pride. It’s also a day for us to reaffirm and rededicate ourselves to action” [Juneteenth Is Now A Federal Holiday, by Alana Wise, NPR, June 17, 2021].

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the 14 Republicans who opposed the holiday of representing their base’s racism. She told reporters that Juneteenth is important because it lectures our nation about racial prejudice.

In other words, Democrats openly plan to use Juneteenth as way to advance their anti-white agenda.

The “kooky” side are the supporters of Juneteenth, not its opponents. The vast majority of rank-and-file Republicans side with the skeptics. Only seven percent of Republicans polled by Gallup support it; 43 percent oppose it, and 50 percent don’t know or never heard of it. Even the general population isn’t enthusiastic for the holiday. Only 35 percent of those polled back it; 25 percent say no, and 40 percent don’t know or are unfamiliar with it. Those numbers hardly justify a new federal holiday—much less near unanimous Congressional GOP support [Most Americans Know About the Juneteenth Holiday, by Justin McCarthy, Gallup, June 15, 2021].

The GOP effort to oppose CRT in schools, business and government will be for nothing if the entire country celebrates a holiday that promotes anti-white racism. Every school child will now learn how evil their country is, and that we owe blacks reparations. Imagine how much harder will be to oppose racial socialism—meaning grand larceny from whites—with a national day of mourning over slavery.

Again, we replaced national holidays honoring Washington and Lincoln with Martin Luther King Day, which made the philandering Communist sympathizer and accomplice to rape more important than the Founding Fathers. (There’s still a Presidents Day, but MLK day is the only national holiday honoring one man.)Who and what we choose to remember and celebrate shapes our national culture. What lessons do Republicans think Americans will take from a day to bemoan slavery? They are more likely to share AOC’s views than Kay Cole James’s.

Disheartening as well was the pitiful opposition contrasted to the strong, principled resistance to MLK Day in the 1980s, when conservative leaders such as Sen. Jesse Helms leading the fight. Now we’re left with just 14 Republican congressmen, and just one of them speaking out.

Then again, fourteen is still better than none. Last year, it looked like no Republican would oppose it at all.

As Rosendale said, we can expect Juneteenth to usurp Independence Day because it celebrates blacks rather than dead white men. July 4, after all, celebrates the signal achievement of white slave owners.

Thus last July 4, Kelsey Smoot [Email her] a PhD candidate in American Studies at William and Mary College, whose interests include “Queer Studies” and “Race/Racism,” explained it this way:

It is difficult to take pride in being American, to celebrate “Independence Day,” when I am deeply aware of the ways in which my citizenship is constrained by a society laden with intolerance and oppression. …

So on the evening of the 4th, as fireworks explode in the distance and many Americans are staring upward into an evening sky illuminated by dazzling light shows, I will be at home, tacitly awaiting the 5th.

[Juneteenth—not the Fourth of July—was the real Independence Day, The Guardian, July 4, 2020].

As the 1619 Project teaches, we can no longer have a history centered around whites. It must focus on blacks and pretend they made our country [The 1619 Project Devours Its Liberal Parents, by Robert Hampton, Counter-Currents, January 28, 2020].

The one upside to all this: July 4th will now be a day essentially for white Americans. Only those who don’t mind celebrating a day honoring dead white men will carry it on. It will be a holiday for us to remember our heritage—not to celebrate the multicultural hellhole that is the Globalist American Empire today.

Although the majority of Republicans politicians are still cowed by Leftist racial propaganda to fight for the Historic American Nation—which is why Juneteenth is now a federal holiday—at least Rep. Rosendale shows patriots how they can resist.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Darkwing says:

    Another holiday for another dumb reason. Congress is just kissing their backside.

  2. I know why all these cowardly republicans voted for this new anti-White holiday. They were afraid that the Antifa/BLM rioters would come visit their homes, and harm them and their families. It is the same reason why the supposedly conservative Supreme Court majority (except for heroic Justices Thomas and Alito) refused to hear any challenges to last year’s stolen election. Who wants to get their houses burned down, and possibly get shot by communist/anarchists? That’s what happens in Banana Republics.

  3. “This is an effort by the Left to create a day out of whole cloth to celebrate identity politics as part of its larger efforts to make Critical Race Theory the reigning ideology of our country”. Glad to see that there are still a few honest men remaining in the federal government, who are willing to say what reality is.

  4. I remember being in India and having fun cheering “Death to the King and Queen! Death to England! **** the British!” spontaneously on the 4th of July.

    It was also fun talking with, ironically, a bunch of Africans about how nice it is to have Independence Day from the Crown. One day, all the former colonial nations of the UK should have a shared Independence Day, lol.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Joe Paluka
  5. Thomasina says:

    Are you still in India? Or are you now in a Western country, as so many of your countrymen are?

    How interesting it is to witness people who obviously feel hatred and contempt for the West suddenly hop on the first plane bound for the West when given the chance. And then once there, wanting to change and rearrange the West into their own version of utopia, essentially wanting what they had in their homeland, yet without the poverty. The old homeland with benefits.

    Chew on it, use it, disparage it, dismantle it, order the people who built the country to change to accommodate you, change laws so that the host culture is destroyed, lock up dissenters. All must obey.

    How is this any different than when the British were in India?

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  6. Joodie says:

    I still celebrate June 19th as the anniversary of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

  7. “Juneteenth” sounds like a word created by illiterate morons. The main reason why most people won’t say anything against this holiday creation is because most people think on a very simplistic level and view being against a new holiday is like taking a stand against ice cream. They can’t conceive that the creation of this “holiday” is meant to boost the pride of negroes (if this every needed to be boosted any more) and to further have a platform to hit whites over the head with and make them feel guilty about slavery and racism. In reality this day as a holiday is about as valid as celebrating Syphilis.

  8. @Boomthorkell

    India has had independence from Britain for three quarters of a century and is today more of a pest hole now than it was then. Indians and Pakistanis have left their stinking countries in droves since 1947 and have created the same garbage societies in western countries that they left in India. Colonizing India was a mistake but the belief that all two legged creatures of the genus Homo are capable of creating the same societies is a mistake one hundred times worse.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  9. @Thomasina

    Oh! No, I was just there after college for 67-day long walk that I decided to do on a lark with some work money I had saved up. I learned quite a lot…a lot. I did love being called “Angrezi Baba” by the old caretaker who lived with a family I stayed with in Calcutta for a time. I also dressed like a straight 19th-century American, having only one set of clothing with me and a straw hat. (The pith helmet would have been too much.)

    I don’t mean this to sound like a troll in any way whatsoever, but I am 100% genuine White Americana. My father’s side is primarily Anglo-Welsh with a touch of Belgian and…Danish from his mother’s side. My mother was adopted, but was almost positive her birth mother was full-English, with the bloodwork on my and my siblings end checking out. I mean, I can’t prove this to you, of course, but if you read my comment history, you can generally piece together a decent background for me that shows me as lacking any…foreign background. At the very least, it means I’ve worked “very hard” at contriving a White American identity online, ha ha. You will find out though I’m a Pan-American Nationalist…as in, I want all of North and Central America united as a series of autonomous states for several economic, cultural and primarily “aesthetic and military” reasons.

    I love the West, and love myself and my people and my culture. It’s because of that love though I get very melancholic and can rightfully complain and hate the weakness, corruption, decadence, and…I suppose “awful logical extremes” of them and it. I want to escape it abroad, at least for a while.

    I agree many immigrants try that. The worst, in my opinion, are the collaborators with the CIA who get brought here on Title 50. Little colonizing tyrants here to carry out their master’s work upon us. Now, they are evil in an intelligent way. The masses of immigrants are destructive in the ways you mentioned, where even unintentionally, their presence in such numbers causes issues. I am entirely for a moratorium on immigration, all immigration, at least for a couple decades, just to get things sorted out. Still, I’m ironically a cosmopolitan type. I like people, and I blend in anywhere, and I try to belong to wherever I am while also understanding I’m forever a Washingtonian. It’s also why though I can be ultra-American (hating the British Monarchy) and then laughingly cheering for its death at our 4th of July Parties and when I speak with Africans and Indians (because the geopolitical shared history is funny, see? We all get a good laugh over it, and bond a bit.)

    As for the British in India vs. Here, while the obvious differences are there, are position is more like the British in Britain during the British Empire. We are suffering from that which benefits our elites and their “evil cosmopolitanism.” Even the profits and gains that trickle into our lives are not worth the costs to our souls and well-being.

  10. @Joe Paluka

    It sure hasn’t been easy or pretty for them, but it rarely ever is.

    I never said they were, though I would give the Indians and Pakistanis some credit. There is poverty and filth there, but there are also satellites and nukes. There is suffering here, too. Not the same or in the same amount, necessarily. The their middle and some of their upper elites emigrate is a crime to their people and ourselves, but it is a crime that unfortunately our people have allowed. They also went to Africa. Indian merchants tend to go anywhere they can make money, as well-traveled merchants following the money do. (I’m not trying to excuse them, of course.)

    I think it was a mistake, maybe, but cosmically it’s hard to say if it really was. Everyone pays a price. The weak get conquered, and those who conquer may yet suffer for their evils they visited upon the conquered (not to say the conquered were any better.) India failed to be united and advance fast enough, and were taken over by the British. The British then suffered for their crimes, sadly. Now India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and Lanka at least suffer on their own terms. It’s hard to shake off several centuries of foreign ownership, not that is the only reason. It never is.

  11. What could be less surprising than more typical woke anti-whitism from the party of Lincoln, who freed the negroes and called for making them citizens and voters? Getting upset about Juneteenth is locking the barn door long after the horses have all been stolen. This is just more in the ongoing celebration of the white race’s death; something celebrated and worked for most of all by white people themselves.

  12. KenH says:

    Juneteenth only has significance for Texas. I don’t see how informing a small number of blacks in Galveston, TX that they were no longer slaves two years after the end of the civil war should translate into a national holiday. Of course, the point is to guilt trip whitey and set up a rival to July 4th Independence Day with the long term goal of abolishing July 4th entirely.

    The dumbshit, virtue signaling cowards of the GOP always think that surrendering will mollify the radical left so the nation can move on to more important things like tax cuts and cheap labor for the donors and more pointless wars for Israel. But radical blacks and the radical left always see it as just “a first step” with “much more work to be done” and only get emboldened with every act of GOP cowardice an cucking.

    The end goal is complete dispossession of whites and eventual genocide.

    As usual the Democrats treated us to displays of self righteousness and moral superiority. AOC and the rest of them have some nerve attacking the GOP base as racist when the Democrats and their voters are unashamedly an anti-white and anti-American party. But the GOP and cowardly talking heads on FOX will never call them out for what they are.

    The bleach blond bar fly (Marjorie Taylor Green) let us down again. First she bent the knee to Brad Schneider and the Jewish mafia and now voted for what will become an anti-white, black nationalist holiday.

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