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From Lockdown to Police State: the “Great Reset” Rolls Out
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Mayhem in Melbourne

On August 2, lockdown measures were implemented in Melbourne, Australia, that were so draconian that Australian news commentator Alan Jones said on Sky News: “People are entitled to think there is an ‘agenda to destroy western society.’”

The gist of an August 13th article on the Melbourne lockdown is captured in the title: “Australian Police Go FULL NAZI, Smashing in Windows of Civilian Cars Just Because Passengers Wouldn’t Give Details About Where They Were Going.”

Another article with an arresting title was by Guy Burchell in the August 7th Australian National Review: “Melbourne Cops May Now Enter Homes Without a Warrant, After 11 People Die of COVID — Australia, This Is Madness, Not Democracy.” Burchell wrote that only 147 people had lost their lives to coronavirus in Victoria (the Australian state of which Melbourne is the capital), a very low death rate compared to other countries. The ramped up lockdown measures were triggered by an uptick in cases due to ramped up testing and 11 additional deaths, all of them in nursing homes (where lockdown measures would actually have little effect). The new rules include a six week curfew from 8 PM to 5 AM, with residents allowed to leave home outside those curfew hours only to shop for food and essential items (one household member only), and for caregiving, work and exercise (limited to one hour).

“But the piece de resistance,” writes Burchell, “has to be that now police officers can enter homes with neither a warrant nor permission. This is an astonishing violation of civil liberties…. Deaths of this kind are not normally cause for government action, let alone the effective house arrest of an entire city.” He quoted Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, who told Victorians, “there is literally no reason for you to leave your home and if you were to leave your home and not be found there, you will have a very difficult time convincing Victoria police that you have a lawful reason.” Burchell commented:

[U]nder this new regime you can’t even remain in your house unmolested by the cops, they can just pop ‘round anytime to make sure you haven’t had Bruce and Sheila from next door round for a couple of drinks. All over a disease that is simply not that fatal….

Last year more than 310,000 Australians were hospitalised with flu and over 900 died. By all metrics that makes flu a worse threat than COVID-19 but police weren’t granted Stasi-like powers during the flu season. Millions of people weren’t confined to their homes and threatened with AUS$5,000 fines for not having a good reason for being out of their homes.

At an August 19th press conference, Australia’s second most senior medical officer said the government would be discussing measures such as banning restaurants, international travel, public transport, and withholding government programs through “No Jab No Pay” in order to coerce vaccine resisters.

An August 13 article on LifeSiteNews quoted Father Glen Tattersall, a Catholic parish priest in Melbourne, who said the draconian provisions “simply cannot be justified on a scientific basis”:

We have a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am, rigorously enforced including by the use of police helicopters and search lights. Is the virus a vampire that just comes out at night? Or the wearing of masks: they must be worn everywhere outside, even in a park where you are nowhere near any other person. Why? Does the virus leap hundreds of metres through the air? This is all about inducing mass fear, and humiliating the populace by demanding external compliance.

Why the strict curfew? Curfews have been implemented recently in the US to deter violence during protests, but no violence of that sort was reported in Melbourne. What was reported, at least on social media, were planes landing in the night from ‎the Chinese province of Guandong carrying equipment related to 5G and the Chinese biometric social credit system, which was reportedly being installed under a blanket of secrecy.

Angelo Codevilla, professor emeritus at Boston University, concluded in an August 13th article, “We are living through a coup d’état based on the oldest of ploys: declaring emergencies, suspending law and rights, and issuing arbitrary rules of behavior to excuse taking ‘full powers’.”

Questioning the Narrative

Melbourne has gone to extremes with its lockdown measures, but it could portend things to come globally. Lockdowns were originally sold to the public as being necessary just for a couple of weeks to “flatten the curve,” to prevent hospital overcrowding from COVID-19 cases. It has now been over five months, with self-appointed vaccine czar Bill Gates intoning that we will not be able to return to “normal” until the entire global population of 7 billion people has been vaccinated. He has since backed off on the numbers, but commentators everywhere are reiterating that lockdowns are the “new normal,” which could last for years.

All this is such a radical curtailment of our civil liberties that we need to look closely at the evidence justifying it; and when we do, that evidence is weak. The isolation policies were triggered by estimates from the Imperial College London of 510,000 UK deaths and 2.2 million US deaths, more than 10 times the actual death rate from COVID-19. A Stanford University antibody study estimated that the fatality rate if infected was only about 0.1 to 0.2 percent; and in an August 4th blog post, Bill Gates himself acknowledged that the death rate was only 0.14 percent, not much higher than for the flu. But restrictive measures have gotten more onerous rather than less as the mortality figures have been revised downward.

A July 2020 UK study from Loughborough and Sheffield Universities found that government policy over the lockdown period has actually increased mortality rather than reducing it, after factoring in collateral damage including deaths from cancers and other serious diseases that are being left untreated, a dramatic increase in suicides and drug overdose, and poverty and malnourishment due to unemployment. Globally, according to UNICEF, 1.2 million child deaths are expected as a direct result of the lockdowns. A data analyst in South Africa asserts that the consequences of the country’s lockdown will lead to 29 times more deaths than from the coronavirus itself.

Countries and states that did very little to restrict their populations, including Sweden and South Dakota, have fared as well as or better overall than locked down US states. In an August 12th article in The UK Telegraph titled “Sweden’s Success Shows the True Cost of Our Arrogant, Failed Establishment,” Allister Heath writes:

Sweden got it largely right, and the British establishment catastrophically wrong. Anders Tegnell, Stockholm’s epidemiologist-​king, has pulled off a remarkable triple whammy: far fewer deaths per capita than Britain, a maintenance of basic freedoms and opportunities, including schooling, and, most strikingly, a recession less than half as severe as our own.

Not restraining the populace has allowed Sweden’s curve to taper off naturally through “herd immunity,” with daily deaths down to single digits for the last month. (See chart.)

The Pandemic That Wasn’t?

Also bringing the official narrative into question is the unreliability of the tests on which the lockdowns have been based. In a Wired interview, even Bill Gates acknowledged that most US test results are “garbage.” The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology used in the nasal swab test is considered the “gold standard” for COVID-19 detection; yet the PCR test was regarded by its own inventor, Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis, as inappropriate to detect viral infection. In a detailed June 27th analysis titled “COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless,” Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter conclude:

Without doubt eventual excess mortality rates are caused by the therapy and by the lockdown measures, while the “COVID-19” death statistics comprise also patients who died of a variety of diseases, redefined as COVID-19 only because of a “positive” test result whose value could not be more doubtful.

The authors discussed a January 2007 New York Times article titled “Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t,” describing an apparent whooping cough epidemic in a New Hampshire hospital. The epidemic was verified by preliminary PCR tests given to nearly 1,000 healthcare workers, who were subsequently furloughed. Eight months later, the “epidemic” was found to be a false alarm. Not a single case of whooping cough was confirmed by the “gold standard” test – growing pertussis bacteria in the laboratory. All of the cases found through the PCR test were false positives.

Yet “test, test, test” was the message proclaimed for all countries by WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom at a media briefing on March 16, 2020, five days after WHO officially declared COVID-19; and the test recommended as the gold standard was the PCR. Why, when it had already been demonstrated to be unreliable, creating false positives that gave the appearance of an epidemic when there was none? Or was that the goal – to create the appearance of a pandemic, one so vast that the global economy had to be brought to a standstill until a vaccine could be found? Recall Prof. Codevilla’s conclusion: “We are living through a coup d’état based on the oldest of ploys: declaring emergencies, suspending law and rights, and issuing arbitrary rules of behavior to excuse taking ‘full powers’.”

People desperate to get back to work will not only submit to a largely untested vaccine but will agree to surveillance measures that would have been considered a flagrant violation of their civil rights if those rights had not been overridden by a “national emergency” justifying preemption by the police powers of the state. They will agree to get “immunity passports” in order to travel and participate in group activities, and they will submit to quarantines, curfews, contact tracings, social credit scores and informing on the neighbors. The emergency must be kept going to justify these unprecedented violations of their liberties, in which decision-making is removed from elected representatives and handed to unelected bureaucrats and technocrats.

A national health crisis also a necessary prerequisite for relief from liability for personal injuries from the drugs and other products deployed in response to the crisis. Under the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREPA), in the event of a declared public health emergency, manufacturers are shielded from tort liability for injuries both from the vaccines and from invalid or invasive tests. Compensation for personal injuries is a massive expense for drug companies, and the potential profits from a product free of that downside are a gold mine for pharmaceutical companies and investors. The liabilities will be borne by the taxpayers and the victims.

All this, however, presupposes both an existing public health emergency and no effective treatment to defuse it. That helps explain the otherwise inexplicable war on hydroxychloroquine, a safe drug that has been in use and available over the counter for 65 years and has been shown to be effective in multiple studies when used early in combination with zinc and an antibiotic. A table prepared by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (below) found that the US has nearly 30 times as many deaths per capita as countries making early and prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine.

The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug. Lowering the US mortality rate by 79% could have saved over 100,000 lives. But an effective, inexpensive COVID-19 treatment would mean the end of the alleged pandemic and the vaccine bonanza it purports to justify.

The need to maintain the appearance of a pandemic also explains the inflated reports of cases and deaths. Hospitals have been rewarded with increased fees for reclassifying cases as COVID-19. As deaths declined in the US, the numbers of cases reported by the Centers for Disease Control were also gamed to make it appear that America was in a “second wave” of a pandemic. The reporting criterion was changed on May 18 from people who tested positive for the virus only to people who tested positive for either the virus or its antibodies. The exploding numbers thus include people who have recovered from COVID-19 as well as false positives. The Loughborough and Sheffield researchers found that when controlling for other factors affecting mortality, actual deaths due to COVID-19 are 54% to 63% lower than implied by the standard excess deaths measure.

Ushering in “The Great Reset”

Forcing compliance with global vaccine mandates is one obvious motive for maintaining the appearance of an ongoing pandemic, but what would be the motive for destroying the global economy with forced lockdowns? What is behind the “agenda to destroy Western society” suspected by Australian commentator Alan Jones?

Evidently it is this: destroying the old is necessary to usher in the new. Global economic destruction paves the way for the “Great Reset” now being promoted by the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Monetary Fund and other big global players.

Although cast as arising from the pandemic, the “global economic reset” is a concept that was floated as early as 2014 by Christine Lagarde, then head of the IMF, and is said to be a recharacterization of the “New World Order” discussed long before that. It was promoted as a solution to the ongoing economic crisis triggered in 2008.

The World Economic Forum – that elite group of businessmen, politicians and academics that meets in Davos, Switzerland, every January – announced in June that the Great Reset would be the theme of its 2021 Summit. Klaus Schwab, founder of the Forum, admonished:

The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.

No country will be allowed to opt out because it would be endangering the rest, just as no person will be allowed to escape the COVID-19 vaccine for the same reason.

Who is behind the Great Reset and what it really entails are major questions that need their own article, but suffice it to say here that to escape the trap of the globalist agenda, we need a mass awakening to what is really going on and collective resistance to it while there is still time. There are hopeful signs that this is happening, including massive protests against economic shutdowns and restrictions, particularly in Europe; a rash of lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the lockdowns and of police power overreach; and a flood of alternative media exposés despite widespread censorship.

Life as we know it will change. We need to ensure that it changes in ways that serve the people and the productive economy, while preserving our national sovereignty and hard-won personal freedoms.

Ellen Brown is an attorney, chair of the Public Banking Institute and author of thirteen books, including her latest, Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age. She also co-hosts a radio program on PRN.FM called “It’s Our Money.” Her 300+ blog articles are posted at

(Republished from Web of Debt by permission of author or representative)
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  1. This article is truly insane. The author states that:

    Without doubt eventual excess mortality rates are caused by the therapy and by the lockdown measures, while the “COVID-19” death statistics comprise also patients who died of a variety of diseases, redefined as COVID-19 only because of a “positive” test result whose value could not be more doubtful.

    And, at the same time, she states that:

    The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug.

    In other words, the disease is imaginary, but there is a drug that is effective for treating it.

    The conspiracy is twofold: they invented a disease and concealed the truth about the drug that can cure it. You just can’t make this up.

  2. Fake virus, fake tests and fake numbers. Covid 19 is just the latest of these scams. A partial list includes H1N1, H5N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and then AIDS epidemic (see Peter Duesberg on this) where as CDC criminal Debra Brix has stated “we have told the hospitals to tag everything possible as Covid 19.” They also get paid a lot more money. Covid 19 has not been identified by the standard pathogen test, the Koch’s Postulate test or any serious scientific test because they can’t. The PCR test gives 200 false positives, or ap. 82%, does not distinguish different Corona’s (the inventor said it will not detect Coronas) and is not quantitative.

    This scam has been used as a cover for another massive theft by the banking cartel for their buddies on Wall St. and is also used to condition the goyim to give up their natural God given constitutional rights using a bogus fear campaign. The state Governors cannot make laws and the same people that make the laws cannot enforce them under the U.S. constitution. The states are guaranteed a republican form of government not a dictatorship. The mandates to wear face diapers and close businesses and isolate (CIA derived tactic) cannot be legally enforced in the U.S. and all businesses including restaurants and bars need to nullify these illegal mandates.

    This particular scam was exposed in 2014 by a journalist as originating from the Rockefeller Foundation documents of 2012 -video below. Also video on phony face mask fraud.

    • Thanks: frontier, Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @frontier
    , @JWalters
  3. @Brás Cubas

    They didn’t invent anything except a new lie. Takes the place of all the other virus lies in order to frighten the barnyard animals into giving up more of their liberties to unconstitutional dictates that cannot be legally enforced. Everyone should rebel against this tyranny now. Open your businesses, engage in your right to assemble and take off the harmful face diapers causing you to suck your own waste products back into your lungs. The mandatory, worthless and dangerous but highly profitable mandatory vaccine scam is next. If the we don’t put a stop to this Zionist power grab it will continue to get worse.

  4. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Who is behind the Great Reset “?

    Lawsuits and court cases ain’t gonna do it. These motherfuckers own the courts. Soros must die. Gates must die. Fauci must die. And that’s only some of the low level players in this scam who need to get disappeared, and the sooner the better.

    Otherwise, say good bye to your job, your business, your children, your future, and say hello to mandatory vaccines, vaccine travel passports, mandatory curfews worldwide, etc etc.

    These psychotic fuckers ain’t gonna quit unless they are forced to, or simply eliminated.

    Regards, onebornfree

  5. @onebornfree

    This fake virus power grab by our Zionist gov. can easily be stopped if people will just stop following the unconstitutional dictates. Making executive orders into law is illegal even when an emergency is declared. Emergency orders can only be enforced for the first two weeks of a crisis then the legislature must pass a law or strike them down.

    Several Judges have struck down executives orders in several states. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin ruled them null and void in early May. A Circuit Court Judge in Illinois struck down the Governor’s executive orders there also. That would be Zionist Jew Governor Pritzker. The MSM is burying these stories because the Zionists are determined to rule by executive decree. Many police and Sheriffs departments have refused to enforce the orders and more doctors and nurses are going public telling people that the masks are not only worthless but unhealthy (see my previous post and videos). They are also admitting that the covid numbers are all faked. Many more lawsuits are pending.

    This fraud can be easily stopped if people will just rebel against this scam. Take off the idiotic worthless and unsanitary face diapers, practice your right to assemble, open your businesses and rule the criminals elites executive orders null and void.

  6. Australia’s reaction has a great deal to do with its over-reliance on China. Chinese tourists and students keep its two most valuable industries afloat.

    Australia’s hostility to China is damaging its remaining exports: coal, iron ore, wine, and grains–the last two of which are under drumming investigations.

  7. @Brás Cubas

    I didn’t read him stating or implying that the this virus is imaginary. Quite the contrary. What he said is that its severity has been intentionally and systematically exaggerated, and that is clearly correct and provable.

    Here are experienced medical doctors providing well-documented detailed criticism of the covid-19 death stats and the wide ranging dishonesty in their inflation. They note that thus far, more accurate and honest stats suggest that this virus has been not as lethal as recent flu strains in some countries, about the same in some, and slightly worse in some. Not imaginary, but badly exaggerated as well as ineptly treated.

    • Agree: Bert
  8. @mark tapley

    Love your comment, Mark, but where is the constitutional authority for even two weeks’ enforcement of one man’s dictate (“executive order”)?

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  9. @mark tapley

    Wholeheartedly agree. If you can find a church that refuses to comply with masking and anti-social distancing etc., tell your existing pastor that you will leave if he doesn’t get the guts to do the same.

    Same with dentists, doctors, hairstylists, and any other business or professional whom toy patronize. Tell them that they have a choice and you expect to see them exercise that choice in favor of your liberty and normal human interaction. No excuses.

    • Agree: mark tapley
  10. Anon[255] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. Share with normies!

  11. @RadicalCenter

    Thanks much for that link….treasure trove of info there.

  12. @RadicalCenter

    First off, why do you refer to ‘Ellen Brown’ as a ‘he’? Is Ellen a man’s name? Now, to your coment proper.

    Let me repeat what the author said:

    Without doubt eventual excess mortality rates are caused by the therapy and by the lockdown measures, while the “COVID-19” death statistics comprise also patients who died of a variety of diseases, redefined as COVID-19 only because of a “positive” test result whose value could not be more doubtful.

    The author says “caused by the therapy”. You construed that to mean “caused by the wrong therapy”, and implies that hidroxychloroquine would be the right therapy. That’s fine with me (as text interpretation). I was misled by the fact that he only cites hidroxychloroquine further down in the text.

    I withdraw my comment (and am going to produce another comment to that effect as a direct reply to my original comment).

    • Troll: frontier
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  13. @Brás Cubas

    I withdraw this comment, which was caused by a faulty interpretation on my part. See my reply to RadicalCenter.

    • Replies: @Kali
  14. onebornfree says: • Website
    @mark tapley

    “This fake virus power grab by our Zionist gov. can easily be stopped if people will just stop following the unconstitutional dictates.”

    Yes, I agree, in principle.

    However that’s a very, very big “if”, considering the harsh reality that, no differently from the politicians and the supreme court itself, most people have absolutely no idea about, nor interest in , the original meaning of the bill of rights etc.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  15. @RadicalCenter

    Excellent point. I was surprised at how gullible and ignorant so many people are to the Zionist propaganda. This criminal network not only must keep an external enemy for the goyim to focus on but will also always maintain some type of impending crisis. They cannot make progress in a normal contented society but instead require conflict and hatred in order to move ever closer to total control.

    People seem to have forgotten all the other fake viruses preceding this one including H1N1, H5N1, Bird Flu, Swine flu, the AIDS epidemic (see Dr. Peter Deusberg on this one) and Zika. The last one is of particular interest because it was a real but very mild infection in a remote area of Africa. The Gates Foundation and the criminals at WHO promoted the usual fraudulent vaccine to pregnant women in Brazil (similar climate). Zika was all over the MSM, and then all of a sudden nothing. We then found out why. This “wonderful” vaccine caused horrendous birth defects to many children.

    The REAL history of the ineffective but highly profitable vaccine industry is documented in Suzanne Humphries MD book “Dissolving Illusions” and I also recommend Forrest Maready’s book “The Autism Vaccine.” He has also written about the always touted polio scam in “The Moth in the Iron Lung” and explains the now common facial irregularities of the crooked smile so prevalent now and the misaligned eyes that are common are explained in his book “Crooked.”

    The end goal of this quest by the elite for total control of all land, capital, resources and energy is not secret but has been laid out by the U.N. as the Sustainable Development Initiative (Agenda 2030-21) to achieve total control of a Neo Feudalist society within a global totalitarian state.

  16. @mark tapley

    I’m a business owner. There’s no point in me opening up because the customer base is stupid enough to believe the lie. All I would be doing is running up my expenses.

    This scam is a stroke of evil genius. What will stop it is economic collapse, nothing else.

  17. @RoatanBill

    But wouldn’t economic collapse mean there’d be nothing left to stop?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  18. @HarvardSqEddy

    What will stop is the Covid scam because they won’t need it any longer. The entire reason for the Covid reaction is to bankrupt small business, put people into a serious situation begging for relief that, for a time, the Fed will supply. The free currency (not money) the Fed is providing the major corporations is to allow them to purchase everything worthwhile that they don’t already own, for cents on the dollar. Then, once all the assets have changed ownership, they let the Dollar go to zero. No pensions, no Social Security, no entitlements, or very little of each, etc.

    They want to institute feudalism 2.0 and are well on their way.

    Economic collapse will eventually mean the US military in the streets, initially under political control. Thereafter, I suspect it will turn into an in your face military dictatorship.

    The country is already a soft military dictatorship, in my opinion, because of all the wars and belligerence plus the undeniable fact that DOD and HUD have stolen $21 Trillion ( in recent decades and there’s no recognition of this fact on the evening news and there are no congressional hearings to find out where that currency went. That tells me the figureheads in the visible gov’t are just actors and they aren’t interested because they were told to ignore it.

    What comes out the other end, according to what they want, is a much lower standard of living for the masses, a much reduced population and much more corporate/fascist control. Think North Korea.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, Alfred, American Citizen 2.0
  19. @RoatanBill

    The Zionists don’t want a prosperous self sufficient society with free people and free enterprise. That would lift the masses out of poverty and into the middle class, the natural enemy of the socialist Elites. The Zionists want centralized control and stagnation heaped up with high taxes and debilitating regulation of all productive activity.

    The Zionist goal is a technocratic Neo-feudalist global system. That means that standard of living in Jewmerica must be lowered to 3rd world level so that it will merge more comfortably with rat holes like Zimbabwe or Bangladesh. The Chinese are the leaders in this NWO game with their ongoing imposition of the social credit system of total surveillance and control. As things continue to decline here there will be a push for the Universal Guaranteed Income. This is another Zionist scheme to get all the goyim further under the lions paw. Non compliant goyim will have their UGI cut.

    The virus scam has been used to cover another massive wealth transfer by the banking cartel as similar to what was done in the real estate fraud of 08-09. This has driven more people out of middle class and bankrupted lots of businesses. Lots of property will be picked up again by the vulture investors such as the Jew run Black Rock.

    The final goal is as Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy) stated; the abolition of all private property. When property rights are lost all other liberties will be gone. This is the technocratic U.N. plan of Agenda 2030-21. When looking back at history we note that when societies go into sharp decline or collapse, the elite also go down. This time the Zionists have a system planned so that they can use the power of technology to create a technocratic state that will remain at the pinnacle while the barnyard animals like those on Orwell’s farm remain in their hunger games society at the bottom.

    • Agree: Sulu
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Ljag
  20. @mark tapley

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    There’s only one fly in the ointment. TPTsB are going to rely on physical force and / or intimidation. That means compliance from some of the subjugated to be the Gestapo, SS, prison guards and general purpose soldiers. The US already has a plentiful supply of low IQ people in uniform. The question is will they continue to cooperate long term?

    When the grunts get word that their relatives are being manhandled by their soldier buddies or they simply see what they’re being ordered to do to the US population and just might have the mental capacity to figure out it’s also happening to their kin, will they revolt?

    The millions of guns in private hands don’t mean squat. Yes, they can slow things down but they are no match for military weaponry and the media will portray any resisters as terrorists so Apache helicopters, RPG’s, etc will be used to quell resistance. The only possible way to avoid a long term Stalin, Hitler, Mao scenario is if the troops revolt. Given that history records the Stalin, Hitler, Mao periods, I think it can hold on for a very long time but eventually fail.

    Those that think ‘it can’t happen here’ are wrong.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Bolo
  21. @RoatanBill

    The Zionists know that over 90% of the livestock will never do anything as long as they get one meal per day. Even a vegan meal. The Zionists will always use some type of manufactured crisis in order to create a contingency where people will give up their natural rights. War has always been the best way to mobilize the cattle. Create a false flag like the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin or a 911. With the MSM demonizing the intended targeted and lots of patriotic flag waving, it always works. China and Russia will meet the requirements for the external enemy.

    This type of thesis – antithesis set up will make it easy for the Zionists to implement martial law. Since they will have a war situation they will justify the use of U.N. troops to herd the cattle into the corral. Use of the fake virus including the social distancing and isolation (CIA tactic) is to condition the goyim to follow orders and give up their natural liberties out of fear like you might scare a small child with a ghost story. We were warned by the founders that the power of government had to be strictly limited. The staged riots are being used to get the states to give up what is left of their 10th Amendment rights. Once that U.N. army boot is kicking everyone in the ass it’s going to be a lot harder to turn things around than if people act now.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Skeptikal
  22. @onebornfree

    Yes, the big majority of people don’t look at issues in depth. They are very superficial in their outlook. They don’t understand that we are dealing with a criminal syndicate. No government will relinquish power voluntarily but this network has been actively pursuing global control since before the first Zionist Convention in 1897. They are getting very close to accomplishing that objective.

    Most goyim will soon concentrate on the Presidential Circus that has been under Zionist control since Wilson in 1910. Practically all of Congress is also in the bag for aIPC. After Gates had his 201 “pre pandemic” meeting the Senate held a closed door meeting then warned all their big donors to pull their money out of the market. Their job is to deliver their constituency to the big donors at the top. Then under cover of the fake virus and the 1200 dollar bait they approved another massive theft by the banking cartel like in 08. It is difficult for a real constitutionalist to even get elected to the House.

    The fake virus has been a huge success for the Zionist criminal syndicate. The fake virus, fake tests, and fake numbers will not go away. They will continue to use this hoax to undermine our freedoms and condition the livestock as we continue down the road to the new feudalism of global tyranny.

  23. @mark tapley

    Bringing in UN troops would be a tactical mistake. Every Billy Bob and Joe Bob would see that as an occupation force, which they would be, and all hell would erupt against those troops. Better to use US troops and let the media portray Billy and Joe Bob as loonies and wave the flag in front of people’s eyes while they cheers on the troops.

    To get troop cooperation, they would be lied to about some completely phony incident where Billy and Joe killed some of their Cro Magnon comrades. The testosterone would flow, grunts would be made and they would be off.

    When Millie Weaver’s video expose showed up the day she was arrested, it clearly indicated that ex US military are the handlers behind all the trouble Trump has experienced in the last few years. The US military has absolutely no problem murdering people around the globe and I doubt they care about the US population. I’ve also considered that there may be a large mercenary force already set up using some of that missing $21 Trillion to be the troops to be used to subdue the population.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  24. Bolo says:

    Military Firepower will be of zero use in the US……
    They will be too busy feeding the Sewers (Cities) once the
    countryside stops shipping goods….

    The explosives have already been delivered, courtesy of BLM and Antifa,
    the implosion occurs when the necessary goods are no longer available….
    ie we saw how long it took to clean places out of Toilet Paper….
    This time no resupply will be coming….

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  25. @Bolo

    At the point of a gun everything starts moving.

  26. @Brás Cubas

    It was obviously a typo, like your spelling of the word “comment.” Thanks, though, for clarifying that Ellen isn’t a man’s name. I’m sure you sincerely thought I was in doubt about that. By the way, I own Ellen Brown’s books, listen to her podcast, contact my reps in favor of her favorite proposal, a public bank, and have seen her speak in person here in Los Angeles — but your expertise is welcome.

    For your reference and education about the Most Exaggerated Virus Ever (and mine, as it is regularly updated and well sourced):

    See also what the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) method had to say about the INappropriateness of using his method to detect viral infection as it is being touted by “the medical authorities” now. Not only are many people counted as “covid-19 deaths” who were never tested for it (“presumed to have been infected”), now we learn that the test itself is fundamentally unreliable for this purpose. He was merely a Nobel Laureate, Kary Mullis.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
    , @obwandiyag
  27. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    What [s]he said is that its severity has been intentionally and systematically exaggerated,

    What an ignorant comment, and Ellen Brown too, if that’s what she said. It’s been known and stated from the first that mortality [your “severity”] of Covid-19 is low. But that’s not the point. It’s extremely contagious, especially due to infectious pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers, compared to seasonal flu or H1N1 or SARS (which was much more deadly). Hence, even though the percentage of deadly cases is lower, in absolute terms there’s more death because so many more people contract it.

    Covid-19 is also stressful to medical facilities due to very lengthy recovery time for serious cases, i.e. weeks in IC, up to 2 months is not uncommon. All this must be too complex a concept for you. Or else, what the Hell: purge the vulnerable. Whatever.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Icy Blast
  28. And so it begins…
    Dublin, Ireland protest with Professor Dolores Cahill against lockdown and facemasks on Saturday afternoon, August 22, 2020.

    If it get’s ovened, watch on bitchute

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Da's Reich
    , @Hiram of Tyre
  29. Pft says:

    Prof. Udi Qimron, the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University.

    “‘If we had not been told that there was an epidemic in the country, you would not have known there was such an epidemic and you would not have done anything about it”

    As for excess deaths, there certainly have been excess deaths. 40% of confirmed COVID deaths in nursing homes. 99.8% of others are cured by their immune systems. The other deaths were due to lockdowns due to sick people being locked out from getting medical care due to cancelled appointments/surgeries and fear of going to ER during heart attacks/strokes. No doubt there were more suicides although many were not recorded as such because medical examiners could not investigate. Some of these deaths tested positive for the virus, but did not die of the virus or even have the virus (already recovered or false positive), but were counted as COVID deaths.

    The were also economic hardships during and after lockdowns. There is dated data (from 1981) showing a 37,000 increase in deaths for each percentage-point rise in the unemployment rate. It comes from a book called “Corporate Flight: The Causes and Consequences of Economic Dislocation” by Barry Bluestone, Bennett Harrison and Lawrence Baker.

    According to the study a 1 percent increase in the unemployment rate will be associated with 37,000 deaths [including 20,000 heart attacks], 920 suicides, 650 homicides, 4,000 state mental hospital admissions and 3,300 state prison admissions.”

    Multiply by 1.5 -2.0 to adjust for increase in population today. This doesn’t even include the excess deaths from lockdowns. All this is the reason for the majority of excess deaths. Not all COVID

    There was a lot of planning that went into this, not just nationally but globally. In order to bring in a New Order the Old Order must be destroyed. This one actually began in 1968 with RFK jr. assassination and Brzezinski’s book on the coming Technocratic Era. He later cofounded the TLC with Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Volcker and Carter and they rolled out Project Democracy which called for a disintegration of society and the economy over the next several decades which has indeed occurred with the pace accelerating in lockstep with technological advances.

    Now the technology and tools have given them the means to transform us into their Utopian World Order (dystopian for us), where they will achieve Authoritarian Technocratic Control over every individual and pursue their Transhumanist agenda to become Homo Deux while leaving the test of us behind as a subspecies like the Neanderthals. Those who will be spared to serve their God-Human masters will submit by wearing a mask and taking a knee and many shots. The rest will be replaced by AI and robotics, disposed of in some manner. According to there will be 99 million Americans in 2025

    A lot of planning went into this, especially over the last decade.
    I see the 2009 Swine Flu was a trial run for COVID (and SARS before that). The 3 things they learned was 1) they needed to flatten the curve to delay herd immunity until a vaccine was developed. 2) They also needed to inflate the death count by changing how cause of death is defined, and 3) they needed to increase testing especially when death rates dropped at end of the flu season and count asymptomatic positives as cases

    In 2010 Rockefeller Fund issues its Lock Step report and Gates declares this to be the Decade of Vaccines. The Billionaires Good Club meets and agree to tackle the population problem .

    Global Warming /Climate Change is hyped over the next decade with the push for a Green Economy escalating at the start of 2019. Larry Fink /Black Rock was cofounder of the 2015 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). In 2016 the TCFD along with the City of London Corporation and the UK Government created the Green Finance Initiative, aiming to channel trillions of dollars to “green” investments.

    In the 6 months before COVID several Central Banks and Larry Fink declared the urgency of Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Larry Fink tells companies in January that he will pull his 7 trillion in investments from companies who don’t focus on sustainable development. Now he is directing trillions in Fed money to companies he favors

    Larry Fink proposed an Emergency Financial Bail Out to the Fed in August, 2019 claiming the Fed was running out of tools. A mini – crisis in September (false flag) when banks decided to to lend to each other followed as a warning , and COVID then gave Larry and his crew what he wanted. Larry incidentally was one of Trumps Personal Wealth Managers when he did that sort of thing. Made him a lot of money according to Trump.

    AI, Robotics, IoT, 5G are the key to the 4Th IR and private public philanthropic funding goes into overdrive as plans for Digital Currency , Digital ID., Social Credit Scores planned

    In 2018 Trump created the NSAIC for AI development led by Eric Schmidt , former Google CEO, Bilderberger and Team 8 member. In 2019 his report stated we needed to transform society to become more like China so that we could compete with them without being hindered by concern of violating privacy and rights. He also suggested social credit scores like in China could be used without being punitive. Trump issued an EO not long after making AI a national priority. He also issued an EO making flu vaccinations a national security concern

    Censorship against Climate Deniers and Anti-Vaxxers escalated during the decade. Later expanding to other realms using Prop or Not, Poynters Gates funded IFCN , Obamas Countering Foreign Propaganda Act and in 2018 DHS compiling files on social media influencers using private contractors hired to monitor and collect info on them.

    First Shelter in Place (Stay at Home) orders issued during Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 to gage compliance of the population for future use.

    17 Sustainable Development Goals for Agenda 2030 agreed to in 2015

    Barr released his Precrime program in October and later requested the authority for precrime detentions during COVID outbreak

    GOF research on natural viruses and synthetic virus development amply funded , as are Pandemic Prevention and DNA/mRNA vaccines. Trump lifted the temporary ban on GOF research in 2017 and Fauci immediately resumed funding some of which went to Wuhan

    Dr Fauci said there will be a surprise outbreak during the Trump administration. He said this in a speech in January 2017 -given at Georgetown University on Pandemic Preparedness

    CEPI was founded in Davos in 2017 by the governments of Norway and India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the World Economic Forum . Its mission is to stimulate and accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks.

    In September 2019 European Commission (EC) “Roadmap on Vaccination” months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. The Roadmap will lead to a “commission proposal for a common vaccination card / passport for EU citizens by 2022”.

    In September 2019 the Global Preparedness Monitoring Boards 15 board members issued their first annual report. Fauci and Chinas CDC Director are both on the board (as is Russia)

    In the report they state that by September 2020:

    “The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen

    Of course Event 201 occurred in October (following Crimson Contagion exercise in first half of 2019) and then comes COVID, supposedly in circulation at the start of October

    Pompeo called the COVID outbreak a “live exercise” in March.

    What next? Operation Blackout? War with China (an exercise, not real)? another Pandemic virus or just a 2nd wave of COVID enhanced by a nasty new flu vaccine specially made for the elderly over 65 (Quadravalent Fluad)? Maybe all of the above? Guess we will have to see what comes.

  30. Wally says:
    @mark tapley

    An on topic, must read article here with supporting links:

    From COVID to Climate Change: Scientific Fraud to Serve Globalism

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  31. TKK says:

    Corporate America has taken the ball and run with this sinister social experiment.

    At Tractor Supply, I paid for a large pallet of canned dog with cash.

    Long story short: Due the “national coin shortage“, I was shorted 3 cents because the masked hog checking me out said she had no pennies.

    At first, I thought she had given me the nickel–as the billion dollar corporation should take the hit and not the consumer.

    But I realized she had, presumably on company orders, stolen 3 cents from me because I used cash.

    I protested and the line of sheep behind me said: It’s 3 cents. Get over it!

    If Tractor Supply shorts every customer in a day just 3 cents, lets say 100,000 transactions, that’s $3000 gratis. It forces you to pay digitally or lose money.

    The nonchalance with which others allowed a highly profitable corporation to boldly take their money based on a “coin shortage” left me deeply unsettled.

    After arguing with the Hog clerk, I then demanded my 3 cent change be put on a gift card. Checkmate!- I thought. Response? We don’t offer gift cards for a balance less than $10.00.

  32. @Brás Cubas

    Bras, correcting your understanding is very admirable. In your defense, perhaps Ms. Brown could have more clearly and amply delineated the point(s) she was making.

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas
  33. @anon

    You are totally full of shit.

    Asymptomatic people are not contagious ….the WHO stated this very clearly, and yes they changed their minds on the issue after getting more data.

    No, there isn’t “more death” as they are LYING about the numbers, inflating the deaths by calling any and all deaths Covid. Covid diagnoses are incentivized as each “case” brings $13,000 to the hospital. To add to the macabre aspect of this clusterfuck, hospitals were getting $39,000 for each ventilator, and they KILLED thousands of people that way.

    Hospitals are NOT even REMOTELY stressed by Covid. In fact the single and ONLY place that was stressed was NYC where your friend Cuomo forced Covid into nursing homes killing thousands.
    Hospitals all over the country were so slow they had to lay off thousands of hospital staff.

    More people are dying from suicides, lack of treatment of other diseases, and stress from losing their jobs.

    The IFR is close to that of the seasonal flu at .1% to .2%, not anywhere NEAR dangerous enough to warrant wrecking the economies of the western world.

    TB kills 1.7 million people every year…..why don’t you care about that?

    Eight states in the USA did not lock down and they are doing just FINE. And the same can be said for Sweden.

    The Covid lockdowns are a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION, combined with the riots (also based on a hoax) and you can clearly see this is a jewish temper tantrum designed to demoralize and ruin the entire western world.

    The total number of deaths is not higher this year than last year, which proves my point that Covid deaths have been radically inflated by labeling ALL deaths “covid.”

    Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation coincidentally had a covid simulation just last October. I don’t think that was an accident.

    Early on you could scare people with your bullshit but not anymore. People have access to information and we can see that this is no longer a “pandemic” and there is no reason to continue with the fucking charade.

    I know three people who’ve had it and they are all doing fine. My lady friend had a slight headache and a stuffy nose. The other two gentleman had a bit more discomfort but nothing to be alarmed about.

    Take your fear mongering bullshit elsewhere.

  34. Icy Blast says:

    The hospitals where I live are quiet and almost empty. I’ve never met or even seen anyone with the virus. Very odd.

    • Replies: @anon
  35. The author talks about Covid-19 as some real thing. It doesn’t exist. There is no proof that anything called Covid-19 exists, and if you believe otherwise you are wrong and have not investigated this issue. This virus only exists in the minds of the public because the media pounded the narrative into their brains. I did not get infected by this “mind” virus because I don’t have a television and thus was able to stay sane, while the rest of society has gone absolute batshit insane over a media generated hoax.

    Covid-19 has not been isolated, it is not a proven virus. So if you don’t know what it is then it is impossible to assign any deaths to it. You also can’t make a vaccine for something you can’t determine. Covid-19 is a black magic spell cast by the media on a dumbed down public. The MSM is harming the nation and should be shut down before they do anymore damage. It would be nice to see Seal Team 6 storm CNN headquarters and cart Wolf Blitzkreiger off to Gitmo. Maybe Trump will get some balls in his second term and actually do something.

    If this virus was real then why do they lie and fake the data? Everyone knows the tests for this imaginary virus are fake, and they have been caught again and again faking the positive cases and deaths, faking the death certificates, etc. Yet everyday they report the fake data as real. The president of Tanzania Robert Magafuli was on the the WHO so he sent in paw paw fruit, goat, used motor oil for test results, including some swabs that were never even used on any animal or plant and all came back positive.

    If this was scientific why the draconian reaction and militant mask wearing when masks do nothing? No maker of any N-95 mask makes any claim their product stops viruses, and do you know why? These coronaviruses are only 100 nanometers in diameter, far to small for any mask of any type to stop them. If someone is infected they exhale trillions of these little balls of RNA and the mask does absolutely nothing in stopping transmission.

    Many people made funny youtube videos by vaping or smoking a cigar then exhaling through the mask. The smoke/fumes goes right through and out the sides, the mask is a joke – and get this smoke particles are 1000x bigger than a virus particle! You can see smoke in the air but not a virus. If you want a good analogy of how small particles fill a room imagine a cigar smoker in a restaurant, everyone can smell the cigar within moments. So how are the new rules of wearing a mask into a restaurant or removing it to eat effective?

    These rules are utter lunacy of a culture gone absolute 100% batshit insane. If someone in a room exhales corona virus particles they fill the space within minutes, and everyone in that space is breathing them. The only way to stop the virus is with a pressurized bioweapon suit and helmet. The 6 feet is a joke (that is how deep you bury the dead), if this was a real bioweapon then you need 6 miles of separation.

    Now that the public is obsessed with the virus, they are driving in their cars with their mask on or sitting at home watching tv. Most people are so whored and slaved to the system they dare not rebel, they want their stimulus check or they are so pathetic they actually like being obedient sheep and wear the mask as an outward sign of virtue signalling complicity.

  36. Silverado says:

    Any mention of that globalist Demon Bill Gates makes the article null & void like we should do to him. He’s another Seattle lefty zillionair jerk who belongs in a cage somewhere where it’s hot & humid.

  37. Alfred says:

    Soros must die. Gates must die. Fauci must die

    The sad fact is that we are dealing with gangsters. They think nothing of destroying the lives of millions and shortening the life expectancy of the survivors by decades.

    If you want to know what works, take a look at how Lukashenko is defending his country and himself against those same people.

    Lukashenko was in Palace of Independence monitoring situation all Sunday

    There is only one language these criminals respect – force. A few IED’s at strategic locations and the media and politicians would quickly change their tune. They would be decapitated and the flow of money would cease.

    • Thanks: GMC
    • Replies: @Herald
  38. Alfred says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Australia’s reaction has a great deal to do with its over-reliance on China.

    I beg to disagree. I lived in Melbourne from 2009-2018.

    Australia has the most corrupt politicians and media. They are so isolated geographically that they can be better manipulated. When a person in Norway can see that Sweden is doing fine, it acts as a brake on the impulses and wishes of Norwegian politicians.

    Here are a few of the scams that I witnessed in Australia.

    1- They prevented the export of brown coal from Victoria (Melbourne). Victoria has some of the biggest deposits of brown coal in the world.

    2- They shut down functional coal-fired power stations. This together with subsidised windmills and solar farms resulted in massive increases in the cost of electricity and the shutting down of car factories and aluminium smelters. The family of ex-prime minister Howard has greatly benefited from these subsidies.

    3- Coal exports to China, India, Japan and Korea increased. This is because the money goes to those who have political power.

    4- Australia has always had drought/flood cycles. They built a massive water desalination plant in Victoria. It was never used.

    5- The imported a massive number of Indians and Chinese and have thereby changed the society in undesirable ways. This has undermined wages and the quality of life.

    6- They have engineered a massive inflation in the cost of property and have indebted a generation. There is no question that young Australians are much poorer than their parents and grandparents.

    I could go on. I think I got out at a good time. 🙂

    • Agree: Owen C., Kratoklastes
  39. R. says:

    So as a biologist knowledgeable about these viruses, I am working for the international banking cartel. I am still waiting for the paycheck.
    The truth is, in one year the virus will still be problematic because of idiotic articles like these.

    I am baffled that some people believe countries like China, Iran, Israel, western european countries, Russia and the US would conspire together, would all have leaders that agree on a global conspiracy on their people expense. That alone is ludicrous, there is no need to expose any scientific stupidity – because frankly discussing these subjects with people with no scientific culture at all is tiring.

  40. @RadicalCenter

    ‘Typo: a typographical error.’ (from Oxford Languages)

    I didn’t read him stating or implying that the this virus is imaginary. Quite the contrary. What he said

    Replacing ‘her’ with ‘him’ is *obviously* not a ‘typo’, and following it with a ‘he’ is a confirmation that something might have been wrong about my presuppositions. Until quite recently I thought that the name ‘Jean’ was exclusively a woman’s name, and thought that movie director Jean Yarbrough must have had some French origins of some kind. It turns out that ‘Jean’ may be used as a man’s name in America, with the same pronunciation (‘Gene’) as its female counterpart. So, it’s not expertise on my part, but rather ignorance (bear in mind also that English is not my first language). It had also crossed my mind the possibility that ‘Ellen Brown’ is a pseudonym, and that you were referring to a male person who used a female person’s pen name.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @RadicalCenter
  41. @RoatanBill

    This scam is a stroke of evil genius. What will stop it is economic collapse, nothing else.

    The whole point of the scam is to cause economic collapse. Think of the game, musical chairs. Through massive money printing and bailouts over the past three decades, the “people who matter” have bought up all the chairs; the music can now be stopped.

    If you aren’t already living in the castle or the manor house, you are the serf.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  42. utu says:

    I am sorry to find out that Ellen Brown turned out to be just another feebleminded person who couldn’t parse reality when under some stress.

  43. GMC says:

    I guess the rest of the world didn’t get the Memo – The One New World Order is making a move on all the Western and Western backed allies and their populations – and anyone else they can conquer – Belarus, Venezuela etc. Australia seems to be on the list , like those that the Pentagon has listed in the Middle East – Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. I heard the Aussies gave up their arms , for some dumb reason. The KiWi’s started to give up their weapons, after that Mossad guy did a number on the Mosque, but then, Jacinda, their leader is British Intel – lol The Americans, Aussies, Europeans, are all under seige – yet they still buy, the MSM BS propaganda that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Venezuelans, Cubans etc. are all your enemies. Where in fact, We are All under seige, or will be soon. snafu.

  44. theMann says:
    @mark tapley

    As I have said before, oh so many times:

    Mass incarceration without charge, aka “lockdown” – War Crime
    Wanton destruction of private property – War Crime
    Prolonged isolation, psychological torture – War Crime

    Every Governor, Medical “professional” “Journalist” who a part of these crimes should be facing a rope around their necks.

    Every Policeman, low level Functionary, School Administrator, etc, “I was just following orders”
    A rope around their necks.

    Every single last one of these creatures need to be tried, under Posse Comitatus in the USA, and when found guilty, hanged without mercy.

    And that is the only “Great Reset” we need.

  45. Covid and BLM experiments, Middle-Eastern polities, …

    Interesting laboratory these United States quack is. And no, the scientists do not share the lab-rat cages. They can reposition “internationally”. The new constitution: separation of body and mind, privilege of stealth.

  46. Working in New Zealand for a company based in Melbourne I can add some local historical data to support Ellen’s assessment of the current situation…

    In 1964 the death rate from flu and pneumonia in New Zealand (59.4/100,000) was slightly higher than the current 2020 SARS-CoV-2 death rate in “do nothing” Sweden (56.7/100,000)…yet the only hysteria sweeping NZ in 1964 was Beatlemania. New Zealand went on to survive both events.

    Meanwhile in Australia, once again justifying it’s prefix “novel” SARS-CoV-2 respiratory virus appears to have yet another mysterious characteristic: the ability to eradicate laboratory confirmed cases of influenza. Unless there is just a big lag in reporting or testing at the moment, this should correlate to a significant reduction in the amount of deaths caused by the seasonal flu this year.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  47. @Godfree Roberts

    “Australia’s reaction has a great deal to do with its over-reliance on China. Chinese tourists and students keep its two most valuable industries afloat.

    Australia’s hostility to China is damaging its remaining exports: coal, iron ore, wine, and grains–the last two of which are under drumming investigations.”

    Assuming “reaction” refers to Australia’s reaction to covid, your comment makes no sense at all (If China’s students etc were so important then Australia would have left the international doorway wide open). Covid is a temporary reversal on the student etc issue — hopefully with no long term negative affects.If “reaction” refers to China itself then … it makes a kind of up side down sense.
    Yes, Australia has a large reliance on China. Its good business. There’s no reason to bugger it up — especially in the interests Trump’s rabid, counter-productive anti-China policies.
    You are correct re damaging our exports — not sure what “drumming investigations” are though.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  48. Emslander says:

    Here are experienced medical doctors providing well-documented detailed criticism of the covid-19 death stats and the wide ranging dishonesty in their inflation.

    Doctors who work in the vineyards (hospitals) are consistently skeptical about every statistic and claim for this novel flu. They’re the last people who ever rise up to resist anything, given their privilege and prosperity, but many of them have. Then they get smashed down, like the two emergency room doctors in California.

    Quiet non-conformance is always the best way to resist government. Ask the people of Soviet Russia.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  49. Franz says:

    to escape the trap of the globalist agenda, we need a mass awakening to what is really going on

    That one’s easy to answer and tough to sell.

    What’s really going on is the agencies created to protect us are in fact tasked to either kill or enslave us, and that’s really all it’s about.

    Short of every citizen becoming a nuclear power, hard to figure out how to take out our Guardians.

  50. vot tak says:

    “What was reported, at least on social media, were planes landing in the night from ‎the Chinese province of Guandong carrying equipment related to 5G and the Chinese biometric social credit system, which was reportedly being installed under a blanket of secrecy.”


    Are the Chinese taking over oz, or is oz buying Chinese equipment to further monitor and control their population?

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  51. Dumbo says:

    The plan is to go for the kill. Economic disruption. Riots. Destruction of historical artifacts.
    Drug and sterilize whites, and bring in millions of Aztecs and Nigerians instead.

    Meanwhile Netflix/Hollywood promote “Cuties”, a movie about 11-year old girls twerking. Don’t forget, when millions are living in misery and hunger, they will be so desperate that they will pimp out their sons and daughters to the Epstein Brotherhood for a bowl of rice a day.

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @RadicalCenter
  52. Herald says:

    It’s a sad reflection of today’s world when the things you are saying are absolutely true.

    We now live in the most desperate of times, but amazingly the great masses are still totally clueless, as to just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @AB_Anonymous
  53. @Coronymous

    I was there, one can only hope that it is the start of something here in Ireland,

    The vitriol spewing out from the believers is something to behold,

    Friendships ending, families torn apart,

    The dumbski’s don’t want to know,

    This ain’t ending soon either, the general believers are still thinking that if we all wear the mask etc then normality will return,

    After the march as I was in the multi storey car park collecting my car I bumped into a family of 5, mammy, daddy and three small children, all under 7 or so,

    They were all masked up, I looked on in horror and the mother saw this and gestured toward me,

    I politely pointed out that masks do nothing and that it was horrible to see small children masked,

    Her response was ‘where is your mask’

    Now consider that this very week the government received a report from a specialist that they employed to assess the validity of mask wearing and his report to the government was of course that they are useless,

    And still the foolacks mask up. It was a dispiriting experience walking across the capital city and seeing people without even being mandated to wear masks, doing so with gusto,

    I don’t see the situation changing without the use of violence, loathe as I am to consider this,

    Our media portrayed those at the protest as far right etc,

    We have some scrap on our hands.

    • Agree: Vinnyvette
  54. Alfred says:

    I am working for the international banking cartel.

    Well, that means that you know which side of your bread is buttered. 🙂

    If you seriously cannot believe that conspiracies take place, try reading a little history – real history.

    While you are at it and since you probably studied chemistry, try to work out if fertilizer in the first and chemicals in the second did this damage.

    I hasten to add that in both instances the putative explosive matter was above ground.

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
  55. @R.

    Ok Mr ‘knowledgeable’ educate us then,

    Deadly virus yeah?

    Lockdowns justified?

    Collateral damage acceptable?

    Our political leader really care for the health of the people?

    Masks work?

    New police powers justifiable?

    Have you considered that power ABOVE governmental level exists at all?

    I await your responses.

  56. @animalogic

    It’s not a question of Australia leaving the door open for Chinese students and tourists. It’s whether they will come–or be permitted to come without being quarantined upon return.

    I live in Thailand, which is just as dependent on China, and everyone here is frantically trying to get the green light from China to recommence travel. It’s life and death for us, since the US and the UK epidemics are uncontained.

    If Australia doesn’t meet China’s standards, there will be no students and no tourists and that, coupled with reduced purchases of wine, grains, and minerals, spells a long recession and semi-collapse (financially and academically) of the education industry.

    Hence the almost unique brutality with which Australian authorities are dealing with it.

  57. Very nicely done, Ellen Brown. You touched all the important bases and still managed to keep it tight and forceful. If we still had a vestige of representative government, this would make a clinching demolition of the great hoax and its sinister purpose. But, of course, we have our omnipresent, malign MSM, which can easily shout down any such honest information. It’s hard to detect what could still be able to derail the New World Order now.

  58. @Godfree Roberts

    Maybe Australians in general and residents of Victoria and especially Melbourne will now wake up and stop voting for the Labour Party. Not that the “conservative” Liberal Party is much better, but at least they do not hate the Anglo-Australians that fuel the economy and pay the taxes.

    • Agree: Owen C.
  59. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I don’t think the globalists want a lower standard of living for the “masses” but rather to lower the standard of living and accumulated wealth of white people in Europe and America as part of the equity agenda to equalize Black wealth with everyone else. Given how young most of the world is by comparison with Europe and White America, the main people who will bear the brunt of the economic impact are the people who already accumulated a lot of money (relatively speaking) in the old economic system. Those gains are considered to be ill-gotten by the global elite. The only reason we needed to have so much extra money during the cold war was we were financing multi-billion dollar weapons purchases year after year: stealth bombers, new missiles, aircraft carriers, supercomputers, satellites, etc.

    The world’s wealth was distributed inequitably with no real ethical reason to explain why it should be given that most of it originated with colonial exploitation. I think the globalists aspire to right that wrong and equalize everyone.

    I don’t necessarily disagree with that lately. Rich people in America are a little bit unbearable with their 50000 square foot houses, hummers, and 12 weeks of vacationing a year, not to mention the fact that they eat more animal meat in a week than entire villages of Africa can find to eat in a year. And so on…

    • Disagree: Wade
    • Troll: Stan d Mute
  60. Thank you Ellen for this article and the job you are doing in the public banks

  61. @RoatanBill

    The impoverished population will be provided with a Universal Basic Income to sit home and watch tv. The thinking is that they will be obedient and not rebel because they won’t bite the hand that literally feeds them.

    Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics have been writing extensively about this. I asked a friend who subscribes to his private blog what will happen to the surplus population. “A convenient epidemic” was her reply.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Owen C.
  62. Alfred says:
    @The Company

    For some reason, images that are not preceded with HTTPS are no longer displayed. Pity!

    Here are official influenza statistics for Australia:

    July 2019 – 70,151
    July 2020 – 191

    June 2019 – 57,842
    June 2020 – 218

    May 2019 – 30,372
    May 2020 – 231

    April 2019 – 18,667
    April 2020 – 308

    March 2019 – 11,158
    March 2020 – 5,895

    February 2019 – 7,161
    February 2020 – 7,070

    By some magic, it seems that Australia no longer has an influenza problem. It was solved early this year – in their Autumn.


    • LOL: Steven80
  63. Charles says:

    Yours is practically the only comment I’ve ever seen that states a truth: for a fundamental change, violence is required. I am always puzzled by people who claim that there must be “big changes” in govt, society, or whatever, but then emphasize that they are completely opposed to “violence”.

  64. eD says:

    I’d rather be living in Leningrad in the mid 1930s, at the height of the purges, then in Melbourne right now.

    Roatan Bill makes some good comments above, and I will respond to them. The current scam really depended on the drop in IQ that occurred after 2008 (after “smartphones” were introduced), particularly among the millenials, but as both cases and deaths keep dropping eventually people will see through it. I think the next step will be a more in your face dictatorship. The question is where the muscle for that will come from. I’m not sure of the timing and the source of the muscle. If the plan is to use the PLA as the muscle that will be the one thing that will unravel the scheme.

  65. @Pft

    Amazing comment mate. Please keep your zoomed-out objectivity. You are very good at it, and, as far as I can follow, 100% on the mark.

    ‘Ordo ab chao’ is the motto of this current project. The all-seeing eye in the pyramid is their favourite symbol. Baal, Moloch and other babylonian idols are their gods, A. Crowley their ‘spiritual’ teacher, “do what the f*** thou wilt” his cynically malevolent replacement of any other sensible law or godly commandment. Add bottomless arrogance, bloodthirst and literal disgust for the lower classes to the equation and you get an idea of who we are dealing with.

    “What next”? Judgement time. They just don’t know it yet. It will be glorious! Trust Jesus.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  66. @Charles

    Yeah it’s the elephant in the room,

    I’m not young enough to be involved in violence (60) but I have to say that this is the first time in my life that I consider it a necessity where I live,

    At the protest in Dublin on Saturday against mandatory mask wearing and indeed all this Covid bollox there was a group of ironically ‘masked’ young men who are there to oppose the Antifa lowlifes who were shouting ‘Nazi scum off our streets’,

    We cannot rely on our police to protect people protesting all these restrictions from a group of only 40 or so nutjobs,

    And our media depict the protesters who numbered in their thousands as just the opposite side of the coin to the Antifa thugs,

    If I was young I would be seriously considering attempting to burn down our parliment buildings as a start,

    I’m not sure we can wait for the indoctrinated to come around to seeing the truth of what’s happening now,

    One hundred years ago in the city of Dublin, a small group of determined IRA volunteers took the war to the British, they were castigated as murderous thugs by all of the establishment at the time of course and then almost overnight when they managed to bomb and shoot their way to the negotiation table they were heroes,

    This approach might be needed again.

    • Agree: Montefrío, Alfred
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @artichoke
  67. The article is stating nothing new which hasn’t been said before but what needs to be known is what is behind the reset? In other words, are they, Bill Gates et al planning to kill, for example, 80% of the population and by what means? Starvation? WWIII? What, what?

  68. bj0311 says:

    And he who is not sufficiently courageous even to defend his soul . . . let him say to himself: I am in the herd, and a coward. It’s all the same to me as long as I’m fed and warm.
    —Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    People are too comfortable to resist, the drug of easy living supplemented by the drug of easy credit has subdued those who need to revolt. There is so much information available SCREAMING about how fake all this BS is yet all we do it read it and comment on it.

  69. Saggy says:

    The latest international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate than countries that banned the use of the safe malaria drug

    Ellen Brown is destroying her credibility with this idiocy.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  70. @American Citizen 2.0

    The most erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner. Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else. – H. L. Mencken

    I completely disagree with your implied assertion that TPTsB want to spread the wealth. Every action of the oligarchy, plutarchy, kakistocracy, etc is to concentrate wealth in the 1% and use that wealth to purchase their control to maintain their elevated status.

    These people aren’t stupid. I seriously doubt any of them thinks that the black race is intellectually the equal of the white race. To try to design some equitable system to share the wealth below their level is illogical.

    What they want is somewhere on the spectrum between slave labor and feudalism; nothing higher for the vast bulk of the population. A few percentage points of population as managers and administrators is acceptable.

    Personally, the only thing I find wrong with Eugenics is the force that it wants to use to attain their ideal. I think it’s a good idea to try to limit the world’s population totally, and to skew the IQ curve towards the higher end. I think the way to accomplish this is to stop giving free stuff away; no overt force required.

    As an anarchist, I want an end to gov’t that is the tool the 1% uses as muscle. A true level playing field would allow charity to help the unfortunate improve their lot, not institutionalize a lower caste as is the current system of welfare / entitlements. Those that can’t make it even with help should stop squirting out more dolts to repeat and enlarge the problem.

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  71. Trinity says:

    What ever happened to the Harvard chemistry professor (((Lieber))) and the 2 Chinese Nationalists? Of course we all know that nothing ever happened to the 5 Dancing Shlomos and that (((they))) traced Bill Clinton’s phone calls with Monica Lewinsky who was described by the (((usual suspects))) as a modern day Esther out of the Old Testament. WHY does it seem (((they))) are always involved in everything that is destructive to our society? USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, complete control of the Federal Reserve, spying ala Rosenbergs and Pollard, an “American,” one Sydney Rittenberg working with Mao and other (((communist))) leaders in China during the (((Chinese Communist Revolution.))) Fingerprints all over the (((French and Russian Revolutions))) as well. (((Jacob Javits))) and (((Emanuel Celler))) authorizing and legislating The 1965 Immigration Reform Act that would forever change the demographics of this country by favoring nonwhite immigration over White immigration, the pushing for open borders for nonwhites from all over the world to flood White nations. The Swindle Whites movement was also led by (((the tribe))) as well and their fingerprints are on 911 as well. Do you see a problem here, people? Now if I were a betting man, who would I assume is behind the riots in Portland, Seattle, and other cities? Who would I assume is behind the (((coronaHOAX?))) Are the usual suspects behind the riots and the coronaHOAX? Well, does a bear shit in the woods?

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  72. dr death says:

    The baffled, knowledgeable biologist working for the banking cartel, you idiots need to get a new scriptwriter back at Langley.

  73. anon[192] • Disclaimer says:
    @Icy Blast

    Same here. Live close to a hospital in NYC. Critckets from the beginning. I am not exagerating.

    If this was a real event, we would be innundated with 24/7 “live” images of various hospitals all the time. The issue with Covid-19 hoax is that it is not possible to fake at the scale necessary. They can’t have crisis actors in every hospital.

    We need to make a breakthrough of communication with our fellow citizens who do not see through this scam. Calling people “normies” or “sheep” or anything similar is completely wrongheaded.

    Also do not discount the possibility that most people actually sense something is deeply wrong, but are unconsciously terrified of the implications regarding the societal order. The lie is more comforting.

    I suggest cult-deprogramming may be worth looking into.

  74. anon[192] • Disclaimer says:

    I am baffled that some people believe countries like China, Iran, Israel, western european countries, Russia and the US would conspire together, would all have leaders that agree on a global conspiracy on their people expense.

    Israel and US supplied arms to Iran via “Iran-Contra”. This is just ONE example that covers all “interantional leaders”. They always work together if cooperation is mutually benefitial.

    Finally, this “conspiracy” is not a year old get-together. The period post-fall of USSR, the 90s, 00s, and 10s — a full 3 decades — have seen the step by step and systemic implementation of the plans for a One World Government.

    Btw claiming credentials without proof is very dubious and not something done by fortright commentators.

    • Replies: @anon
  75. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Additional on the Police State West:

    Computing Forever – The Mask Slips

  76. Whitewolf says:

    I am baffled that some people believe countries like China, Iran, Israel, western european countries, Russia and the US would conspire together, would all have leaders that agree on a global conspiracy on their people expense.

    Personally I’m pleased that people believe such things. It shows they are not buying bs narratives from the msm or their so called alternative operations online.

  77. Whitewolf says:

    One news outlet claimed lower flu numbers and 88 lives saved as a result of people being extra cautious with hygiene and sanitizing their hands like OCD sufferers.

    Turning the country into a hospital/gulag would reduce the flu numbers but those numbers look extreme.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  78. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    “Melbourne Cops May Now Enter Homes Without a Warrant, After 11 People Die of COVID

    This is what happens when those in power want absolute power, take away hand guns and rifles owned by those the PTB want to crush which is what happened in Australia.

    Notice how all those insane mass terror school shootings have stopped? Do you really think that the ones we were told behind the shootings, lonely incels, have stopped because their afraid of spreading Covid or were those shootings an attempt by the Deep State psychos to take our guns by sending out assassins to murder in cold-blood kids in schools?

    This power grab by those thugs behind the Covid hysteria are some of the same ones telling people we can’t have guns.
    They’ve already raped the First Amendment, taking away our right to attend church; our right to peacefully assemble and our right to Free Speech, by letting Silicon Valley goons decide what we may say. As for a Free Press, that too is gone, since a handful of thugs and corporations own over 90% of the media.

    This will only get worse until We the People stand up and say ENOUGH.

  79. onebornfree says: • Website

    Yes, but please understand, I still view it as being defensive violence. [i.e., I’m already being violently attacked].

    I’m basically a peaceful person. I’ve studied various defensive martial arts for 25+ years. [Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Karate, Tai Chi], and boxing before that.

    My martial arts derived motto has _always_ been: never attack, but if attacked, always defend oneself fully by any means necessary, but do only what is absolutely necessary to completely disable an attacker, which may or not mean killing one’s attacker.

    In this case, there seems to be no other option[killing] – the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller’s, Gates etc. have made it perfectly clear in their published white papers and statements to date as to exactly what they have in store for myself and most of humanity. And my modest martial arts abilities simply ain’t gonna cut it.

    I only wish now, that instead of studying martial arts for all those years, that I’d become a highly proficient covert sniper capable of killing from 1 mile away or more; part of an elite, secret team of maybe 50 similar individuals, [sort of a real world version of Lee Childs’ fictional Jack Reacher character], who then would all , by pre-arrangement, simultaneously “take out” , worldwide, in one “fell-swoop”, a few of the top dogs involved in these crimes against myself and most of the rest of humanity. For pure revenge only, I’m still hoping that that will happen, but I’m certainly not counting on it.

    Also, please understand that even if anything like what I fantasize about occurring happened, it would only have a very short term, temporary effect and would not be any sort of permanent cure. Any violent revolutions effect would probably only be beneficial in the very short term, if that, unfortunately, as history clearly demonstrates.

    The real answer to all this insanity [I believe] would require a dramatic shift in the average persons worldview /psychology – involving, at the very least, perhaps, the full realization by the individual that government itself , [regardless of, and separately from the question of whether its ultimately run by bankers, corporations, Jews, or whomever], is inevitably a 100% unchangeable criminal organization that can do no good in this world:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their innate criminal nature.”

    …….and that therefor, government solutions to society’s problems will never work.

    “Everything government touches turns to crap”
    Ringo Starr

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic”

    See: “Why Government Doesn’t Work” [pdf file] :

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Charles
  80. @TKK

    “Canned dog”, eh? Imported from China by any chance?

    Your point on the shortchanging is well taken and the passivity of other customers is sadly the norm these days and actually well before them.

  81. Kali says:
    @Brás Cubas

    The author wrote:

    Without doubt eventual excess mortality rates are caused by the therapy and by the lockdown measures, while the “COVID-19” death statistics comprise also patients who died of a variety of diseases, redefined as COVID-19 only because of a “positive” test result whose value could not be more doubtful.

    I fail to see in what way this implies that “covid19” as caused by the aledged “sars-cov2” coronavirus, is “imaginary”.

    “while the “COVID-19” death statistics comprise also patients who d…”

    In fact I’d suggest that exactly the oposite is true.


    • Agree: Brás Cubas
  82. This was planned for years by the zionists via the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum Event 201, to use the coronavirus hoax, scam,psyop, with the help of scammers like Fauci and Gates to force vaccinate the people thus insuring billions for the companies making the vaccines that will contain nano rfi chips that will allow the cult to tracks us like the animals that they consider us to be.

    Covid-19 is one of the biggest scams and psyops in the history of the world and its sole purpose is to impose a LOCK DOWN PRISON on the people of America and to bring in a zionist satanic NWO.

    Here are some books to read , Under an Ionized Sky:From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lock Down by Elana Freeland, 1984 by George Orwell, The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

    Here are some sites to go to ,,,,,, etc..

  83. Kali says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Yet there it stays as the first comment below the article, as a primer …

    But I do note and appreciate this honest retraction. And so I sincerely retract my “troll”.

    Yet there it stays, as a primer… 🙂

  84. onebornfree says: • Website
    @vot tak

    “Are the Chinese taking over oz, or is oz buying Chinese equipment to further monitor and control their population?”

    At the very least, they are apparently taking over Melbourne, if not the entire state of Victoria, according to my info.

    The masses of Chinese made surveillance equipment is being shipped in [ on normal, but empty of passengers, passenger planes apparently, not regular cargo- transport planes]. The equipment is being installed all over Melbourne at night, with everyone locked down in their houses under an 8pm curfew.

    Check out Australian Max Igan’s “The Crowhouse” Bitchute channel [he’s now banned from Youtube- always a good sign], for some good, up to date info on whats going on in Australia these days: [hopefully that link works, I had to type each digit in.

    If not, just go to , and search for “the Crowhouse” channel.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Troll: vot tak
    • Replies: @vot tak
  85. All of this is (((Jewish))) Hitler tried to warn us.

  86. Remember, first came the gun confiscation, followed by the totalitarian rules.

  87. Agent76 says:

    Aug 23, 2020 COVID-1984 From A Two Week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison

    Six months later, we are still in lockdown and now mandatory vaccination policies are being rolled out in addition to severe penalties for violating mandates which include life in prison!

    • Thanks: Stonehands
  88. Kati says:

    Everything has already been said in the comments, its sure a power and control grab, never seen before on a global scale accompanied by trillions wealth transfer…if not more. All the businesses, add to that those billions doses of CV vaccine the US gov and sure soon other countries(at least those ~150 countries which impose restrictions) order, from Pfizer alone 1,2 billion doses until 2021, let those numbers sink in.

    Todays video by David Icke with Andrew Kaufman picks up perfectly how this is a megafraud:

    We got enough good people pointing at things we are dealing now with, we would need motivational leaders to get people on the streets, imho one of our few ways to turn this around, having millions everywhere on the streets attracting more people to stand up and protest against governments in bed actions with pharma.
    Maybe just a dream, if we keep discussing while soon wave 2 hits and restrictions will get harder, we lost.

  89. anarchyst says:
    @Really No Shit

    That’s easy.

    Bill Gates “vaccination programs” which have already decimated tens of thousands worldwide is coming to a country near you.

    You see, the COVID-19 vaccine will never be a permanent solution as it is not a traditional vaccine but is a DNA-changing substance.

    Just like the flawed Microsoft Windows product, vaccine “updates” will be required in order just to stay alive.

    The Microsoft vaccine changes a person’s DNA permanently, hence the need for “boosters”.

    You can bet that these vaccine “boosters” will not be available to those who Bill Gates and those of his ilk consider “expendable”.


    • Agree: Robert Dolan, Alfred
  90. As a signatory and charter member of the 2014 Cambridge Working Group Call to Action on Gain-of-Function Dual Use deadly Pandemic Pathogen manufacturing in Biosecurity Level Four laboratories I, for one, know implicitly that SARS-2-nCoV-19 is a bioweaponized Coronavirus that is NOT amenable to ‘Herd Immunity’ thesis as it is engineered to replicate exponentially via pathogenicity and Viral Loads.

    Anyone that mentions the now non-applicable ‘Herd Immunity’ thesis is completely out-of-the-loop when it comes to understanding bioweapons or Coronaviruses.

    Herd Immunity cannot be achieved with man made Pandemic Pathogens that have been manipulated via molecular tech. Viral Reactivation Hypothesis and Viral Loads must be factored into any plan of action for the disease COVID-19 as the disease is causally linked to BSL-4 manufacturing only and is NOT an endogenous manifestation.


    And stop spreading misinformation as the CIA wants you to in order to deflect their malfeasance run amok.

    P.S. The CIA is responsible for the deadly man made Pandemic Pathogen and NOT China.


    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  91. So let’s just say it is all a hoax and a nefarious plot. It’s led by the most powerful people in the world, who control a near totality of the information, resources, and enforcement.

    Most of the people who believe it are motivated by good intentions and will not be persuaded otherwise as long as their only sources of information keep telling them it’s real. Most of them are more or less decent people, their only fault is having more heart than critical faculties.

    Meanwhile, the intrepid ‘first responders’ that are supposedly fighting for truth and freedom so far consist largely of people who are easily persuaded a) to take up arms against fellow human beings, and b) to believe in any number of other and less rationally substantiated conspiracies.

    I’m not up for killing innocent people alongside someone who thinks they they’re striking back against alien lizard colonization, or any equally fringe theory. If those are my allies against The Plot, then The Plot deserves to win, because they have smarter, saner and more resourceful people on their side.

    The only thing a responsible person can do is keep the conversation going and facts flowing; ultimately enough people will be informed enough to provide an organized resistance that’s not characterized by mentally unstable people eager for violence.

    Or, more likely, there will be widespread causal contempt for policy, the way we drank throughout Prohibition, or the way we violate at least 3-4 traffic laws every time we drive anywhere…

    • Replies: @cranc
  92. According to a new Pew poll, 52 percent of Americans believe “the U.S. should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own.” Only 38 percent disagree.

    So noted Pat Buchanan in 2013.

    The media’s name for this threat to its oligarch employers? Isolationism. Clearly a bad thing to do, this isolating.

    And the means by which the corrupt heads of the US Empire refuse to mind their own business? Isolationism.

    For the populace, that is.

    The US ( non-oligarch) citizens should get back to minding their international media masters and let the oligarchs get away the best they can with their looting. No oligarchs disagree. “Come home, America”? Forget that, try: “Stay home, Americans and if you leave home -when we say so- cover that filthy pie hole of yours which dares to criticize and correct us!”

    To the cowed, a show of strength; to the student of human nature, a sure sign of desperation.

  93. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I am not sure in a well run Eugenics program you would necessarily make to the next generation genetically speaking.

    I think it was Nagel who suggested the philosophical thought experiment for ethics where you imagine that you could put in any situation in the system you design so you should choose a system where you would be happy to live in any of the lives that the system makes possible.

    No one chooses to be consigned to oblivion.

  94. Mefobills says:

    Allastair Crooke is also talking about the reset:


    Earlier this month, Zero Hedge published a remarkable interview with two former Fed economists – Simon Potter (who was also the former head of the Fed’s Plunge Protection Team for many years) and Julia Coronado – both of whom have tremendous impact on thinking at the Fed.

    They hinted at the Fed’s ‘last ditch’ stimulus and bailout strategy (i.e. should the U.S. economy be further stalled by Coronavirus): It is ‘to wire’ digital money directly into Americans’ smartphone financial apps, bypassing the banking system entirely. “The two propose creating a monetary tool that they call ‘recession insurance bonds’, which draw on some of the advances in digital payments and ‘wired’ instantly to Americans”:

  95. @anarchyst

    Does anybody have some idea of what is in this vaccine?

    We know there’s never been a vaccine for coronavirus before and from what I gather it cannot be made durable.

    Is the plan to sterilize people? Make people less aggressive? Curtail lifespan?

    Will it contain a tracking/ID chip?

    What’s in it?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Stonehands
  96. gay troll says:
    @Mike Petrides

    Sheep must be governed by a good shepherd if they are to turn a profit; meanwhile a man can govern himself. “Do what thou wilt” is not an invitation to licentiousness, it is a positive moral commandment (unlike the negative commandments of YHWH). Thelema commands you to do what you WILL, not do what you WANT. If you do not know the difference between will and want it would be a good place to begin your journey out of sheepishness. Willpower is the province of divinity. Meanwhile Jesus the imaginary Jew has his crook on your neck.

    Trust in Lucifer the satanic angel, bearer of gnosis, bearer of light, the true and discarnate Christ, adversary of all Abrahamic fan fiction.

    • Replies: @jkb
  97. @American Citizen 2.0

    I don’t believe in a Eugenics Program, just the basic logic of Eugenics without the force. A program is an active entity that tries to further their objective and ultimately that means force or fraud.

    I wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone overtly. However, I strongly object to the state taking my hard earned income and distributing it to those that vote for a living and do not work or do too little work to support themselves. I don’t care about their physical or intellectual capabilities because that’s what the phony religious institutions profess is their domain to be given tax free status. Lets those frauds handle the indigent or come clean to admit they’re just a bunch of money grubbing scams. The families of the down and out should attend to their relatives.

    My position is – leave me the hell alone. That entails my full control over my funds and if I wish to give charity to someone, which I did just yesterday outside a supermarket, that’s my business. I would not provide funds for the baby factories in the current system, nor would I support mental cases, alcoholics, dopers or other human riffraff. I don’t care what happens to them if they themselves don’t care enough to join a productive civilization. Those are the people we need to get rid of and the way to do that is to simply stop subsidizing their life style.

    There’s no shortage of human beings. The planet is overpopulated now and the situation is getting worse. Common sense would indicate that stopping the failed policies that have attempted to end poverty by encouraging sloth via ‘free stuff’ is the first step to reducing the number of people that are a net negative on the society.

    • Agree: Liza
  98. anarchyst says:
    @Robert Dolan

    There are no specifics, but it is the first vaccine to actively modify a recipient’s DNA. Previous vaccines used a weakened virus or bacterium to evoke a proper immunological response.

    Not so with the Gates vaccine. His vaccine actively modifies the DNA of the recipient using an mRNA gene sequence. This gene sequence actively inserts itself into the human genome and cannot be removed.

    In my humble opinion, it is a “vaccine” that will actually weaken an individual’s immunological response. In order to receive a “booster” (update), you will have to prove yourself “worthy” of receiving it. The elderly, and others of Gates’ choosing will not be eligible to receive the “update”.

    Genocide of the first order…

    • Replies: @Kapyong
  99. @TKK

    At Tractor Supply, I paid for a large pallet of canned dog with cash.

    You are one sick bastard that is for sure. I’ve got my issues now with TS, I’ve only seen them selling chicks, not canned dog, but that’s something I’ll address with them elsewhere. You, on the other hand, need to pack up your slanty suitcases and move on back to China or Korea or wherever you canned dog consumers originate.

    This joint is going downhill fast. Between Sailer & Unz signing up for the CoronaCaust propaganda festival of fear and now dog eaters in the comment section. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted..

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  100. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Don’t forget, when millions are living in misery and hunger, they will be so desperate that they will pimp out their sons and daughters to the Epstein Brotherhood for a bowl of rice a day.

    This happened to Germany in the years after WWI. Germany was so broke from the war and paying reparations that their economy went to crap and people were engaging in all sorts of deviancy just to put bread on the table. We’re going down that same rat hole, with each day the screws being turned a little tighter on our necks.

    A good read on what happened in Germany is “Germany and the Jewish Question” by Dr. Friederich Karl Wiehe, published in 1938.:

    A side note to this is that Germans were also being exposed to an outfit called the “Frankfurt School,” which pumped poison into German minds by telling them that sexes weren’t for real, but gender was and you can change your gender thru surgery.

    Sound familiar?

  101. DaveE says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The Covid lockdowns are a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION……….. The total number of deaths is not higher this year than last year……………I know three people who’ve had it and they are all doing fine.

    Take your fear mongering bullshit elsewhere.

    Brilliant comment, Mr. Robert Dolan. Thank you. And a fine put-down to Hasbara Central, as well.

  102. anon[376] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Until quite recently I thought that the name ‘Jean’ was exclusively a woman’s name

    You stupid asshole.

    Why do you insist on making such strong (false) statements when you are a self-admited ignorant?

    Shut up and read.

  103. frontier says:
    @mark tapley

    The video is riot… I mean in a good way, not in antifa sense 🙂

    • Agree: mark tapley
  104. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    2,7000 tons of AN would need to be saturated with 162 tons of diesel fuel (properly mixed) plus high explosives to start the detonation as well as a charge.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  105. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Sucker. You are giving away all you have because you believe a story you haven’t bothered to check with direct observation or to research.

  106. Alfred says:

    I only wish now, that instead of studying martial arts for all those years, that I’d become a highly proficient covert sniper capable of killing from 1 mile away or more;

    As a kid, I was the best shot my school of 600 boys had in 30 years. I am not exaggerating. I won a prize that they had been trying for since 1922 or thereabouts. Partly, it was luck as I was a spare shooter on that day and someone dropped out. The ranges were 200 and 600 yards. The rifles were .303 without telescopic sights or any of the modern gizmos – it was 1967.

    However, I believe that sniping is a pretty risky activity in an urban environment. We should learn from the experience of the Iraqis. Their IED’s have pushed the USA’s soldiers and mercenaries out of most of their country. Now, all the US trucks are driven by locals. The Americans are totally dependent on aircraft and helicopters to get about.

    The other promising endeavour is kamikaze drones. I think they will have a bright future. The Americans tried to use one against the Venezuelan president but it seems to have killed some bystanders instead. But these are early days. I look forward to the day when members of this clique of terrorists cannot go out to get some fresh air. What is the point of being a billionaire if you cannot go for a walk?

    • Agree: Stonehands
  107. @Herald

    “… the great masses are still totally clueless, as to just how deep this rabbit hole goes.”

    And, unfortunately, this is all that matters. In society where the choices affecting
    everybody are made by majority the cumulative brain of “great masses” is the most
    precious asset.
    Who controls it controls everything. The tricks allowing to monopolize this control
    are well known, but can’t be resisted/changed without the help of the same majority.
    An impasse.

    • Replies: @FoSquare
  108. cassandra says:

    Thank you Ms Brown.

    It has now been over five months, with self-appointed vaccine czar Bill Gates intoning that we will not be able to return to “normal” until the entire global population of 7 billion people has been vaccinated.

    Five months indeed. Western elites have provided us with yet more evidence of their willful incompetence, corruption and/or perfidy, in a witches brew of failed policies.

    A recent example of a few days ago is discussed in this Medcram video:

    With typical clarity, Seheult discusses Convalescent Plasma Therapy, i.e., giving active COVID patients blood from recovered COVID patients. He first discusses its medical basis, and recent research which indicates some efficacy. Then, at about 18:00, he presents “expert” reaction, wherein they toss yet more logs onto the road.


    The FDA has been keeping authorization on hold for the last few months, at the recommendation of NIH Director Francis Collins and NIAID’s Clifford Lane and Anthony Fauci. The FDA itself refused to comment at all regarding emergency use: “The emerging data on the treatment is too weak”. For emergency use? Lane came out with this gem: “The three of us are pretty aligned on the importance of robust data through randomized control trials, and that a pandemic does not change that.” If not a pandemic, then what would? Under what circumstances might you try a promising technique before letting more people die?

    Another excuse was that there was no placebo group, and that made it hard to interpret the results. NOTHING in science says that a placebo group has to be included in order to draw valid conclusions: that depends entirely on how existing data is interpreted. As far as I’ve been able to infer, the placebos are used in medical science mainly to make results that should be obvious comprehensible to the most dimwitted.

    As an example, it would make much more sense, and be far more ethical, to run a single study comparing HCQ against Remdesivir, than it would to run 2 separate studies comparing each of these treatments with placebo groups. The scientific goal is to determine which of available treatments is most effective, not which does best against a placebo. Placebos in this case not only introduce uselessly vestigial experimental arms, but also produce excess mortality among the untreated. The best science is that which leads to results most economically, not only in terms of intellectual and physical effort, but especially in terms of mortality.

    By now, after all this time, I’d have expected some progress; for example:

    – Widespread use of HCQ, with a protocol including AZT and Zn, by now well-tweaked to optimum.
    – Front-line examination of the use of budesonide and other corticosteroid inhalers.
    – Use of Plasma Treatment, with careful data collection and analysis to keep tabs on efficacy.
    – Clear recommendations for masks, that include explanations of when different types may or may not be effective.
    -(My own query, inspired by NorCal smoke abatement) Can an air treatment like Febreze pull COVID aerosols out of the air, reduced to a level where we can reopen public venues? I only mention this because I’d have expected some discussion on this by now, but didn’t find much.
    -Simplest of all, recommending that we have adequate levels of Vitamin D and zinc in our blood.

    Yet after all this time, the country is in a malaise created by their do-nothing stagnant policies. They haven’t even done the last: they’re killing some of us, literally. After these 5 months, precisely what advances in understanding can our elites point to that justify placing any trust in them, much less their fast-tracked, untested “vaccines”?

  109. Greg Bacon says: • Website
    @Robert Dolan

    I’ve asked around 14 people–while shopping–these two questions:

    1. Do you know anyone that has died from Covid?

    2. Do you know anyone who has or had Covid?

    The answer to the first is NO. The answers to the second goes like this: “Uh, I think my aunt, uncle, cousin or nephew had something, but they’re doing fine.”

    I bought a BEAVIS mask that I carry with me in case a store asks me to wear a mask, so I put on Beavis and go shopping. The laughs alone are worth the sweat I get from the mask.

    WAKE UP, this is just anudda False Flag, only bigger than the Israeli masterminded 9/11 FF.
    And the same assholes are behind this Covid hysteria.

    Guess it’s just a coincidence that at the same time Corona chan appeared, Congress was busy bailing out Wall Street AGAIN, and the assholes made this bailout EXEMPT from Freedom of Information Act, which means all that money being stolen is hidden.

    $340 Billion of the $454 Billion that Mnuchin Was to Turn Over to the Fed is Unaccounted For

    The writers of the CARES Act legislation apparently expected that the Fed might want to keep some of its money transactions a secret because Section 4009 of the CARES Act suspends the Freedom of Information Act for the Fed and allows it to conduct its meetings in secret until the President says the coronavirus national emergency is over.

    Conducted in secrecy until THEY decide the fear mongering is over. How many think it will ever be over if we don’t stand up for our rights?

    • Replies: @anon
  110. @Charles

    Yours is practically the only comment I’ve ever seen that states a truth: for a fundamental change, violence is required. I am always puzzled by people who claim that there must be “big changes” in govt, society, or whatever, but then emphasize that they are completely opposed to “violence”.

    No place at the bargaining table, if no muscle to back it up. In case, the muscle needs some exhibition urgently, if not the menace of it is not credible. Street theater, as BLM, petty looting, Proud Boys, rather a gay parade then impressing a footprint of directed action. The link between whining and the possibility of action is not. “Intellectuals are rarely revolutionaries” (quote). The surplus population, especially the White middle classes, are the laughing stock of the elites. The middle classes hold the key to any serious interaction. They have at once most of the skin in the game.

    Parallel loyalties, imposing them, is the place to start.

  111. cassandra says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Thanks for the downer; I needed that ;-(.

  112. Charles says:

    Again we are agreed. The people with the financial and political power to generate evil cannot be voted out or reasoned with; they are fundamentally opposed to anything resembling freedom. But too, even their deaths wouldn’t alter the world in any important way as long as every-day people prefer the illusion of safety and comfort over freedom.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  113. Thomasina says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    “I think the globalists aspire to right that wrong and equalize everyone.”

    They’re doing it because they’re so benevolent, because they care? You need to get a grip on reality.

    These are the same people who are responsible for murdering millions of people around the world, and yet they’re suddenly benevolent? These are the same people who are causing massive wealth inequality because all money is flowing up to the top, but suddenly they’re benevolent? These are the same people who assassinated JFK and MLK, for crying out loud!

    On another thread you were extolling the virtues of multiculturalism, saying that it was a good thing that Whites were losing power because it was evening things up, righting wrongs and equalizing everyone.

    When everything is over and we’re all living in squalor, you’ll be the stupid White writhing in the corner saying, “Gee, I didn’t know. I thought….”

    You’re either a White Commie, a Liberal artsy-fartsy clown, or you’re not White at all. Or maybe you’re working for the vested interests.

    Get studying and reading what happens when the balance of power is lost.

    These people KNOW that Covid is not as deadly as they’re making it out to be and, believe me, they wouldn’t lose one minute of sleep if all Blacks died tomorrow in a massive Black shoot-off.

    But they’re going to USE Covid and Blacks as an excuse to suck in gullible people, make them believe they’re trying to do good, all the while hiding their real intention: bringing everybody down.

    Ordinary Whites (I’m not talking the elites who have been taken over by Jew money) have been the most benevolent people on the God-damned planet. But they’re starting to notice they’re being surrounded, their way of life lost (which was a good way of life, notwithstanding your trailer park experience), their religion and rights lost, their morals circling the drain.

    You remind me of the officer in “The Bridge on the River Kwai” who built the railway bridge for the Japanese.

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  114. @Robert Dolan

    “Does anybody have some idea of what is in this vaccine?…”


  115. Herald says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    You really can’t be a genuine globalist fanboy, so yes you have to be a troll.

  116. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    think it was Nagel who suggested the philosophical thought experiment for ethics where you imagine that you could put in any situation in the system you design so you should choose a system where you would be happy to live in any of the lives that the system makes possible.

    That was John Rawls (See: Nice piece of games theory — an attempt to minimize regret. It’s not the game we get to play, however. If you want a game that you, as American Citizen 2.0 really get to play (in fact, you’ve no choice, you are evidently embedded in it right now), try this one:

    It’s brand new, and full of thrills and chills.

    As for Rawl’s game — consider: Computer games amount to living a portion of a simulated life in a simulated universe. There is even a “veil of ignorance” in that you don’t really know how that life will go. Computer games seldom eliminate risk and achievement. Quite a few of them are actually bloodier than real life. People don’t in fact choose minimum regret (or the closely related Minimax strategy ( Minimax doesn’t work out well for men — each person alive today has about twice the number of female ancestors as male ancestors — men who play Minimax quite often don’t have descendants. Quite few women won’t play Minimax either — hence the predominance of divorces initiated by women. So Rawl’s game is ill suited to human nature.

    And you are being conned into giving up all you have or can hope to have. Seriously, take a look at , and at least try to understand it. It’s a real game, and you are in it. You might want to contrast and compare with Rawl’s game.

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  117. In the meanwhile in Wuhan…

    “Crowds attend Wuhan pool parties after coronavirus largely eradicated in China”

  118. @Coronymous

    A similar protest happened in Montreal but nobody heard about it.

    “Thousands rally in downtown Montreal to protest Quebec’s mandatory mask rules”

    We need hundreds, thousands of these protests around the world to stop the madness.

  119. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    So doc, maybe youi can explain why non-humans are also showing positive Covid test results?

    President queries Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat test

    Coronavirus test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli on Sunday, because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you actually believe the ‘official’ 9/11 Lies?

  120. @R.

    Here are some experienced medical doctors assessing the situation in detail, with citations to sources:

    Hopefully they have a sufficient “scientific culture” for you to consider — and attempt to refute — their assessment. Name-calling and emotionalism won’t cut it.

  121. @Brás Cubas

    Ellen is a woman and even though she lives near LA, she has never started identifying as a man. I never thought she was a man now or years ago when I discovered her work, and I kinda doubt you thought Ellen was a man.

    Not sure what you are trying to prove. I abjectly beg your forgiveness for the error. Call it something other than typographical if it makes you happy.

    Goodbye, faggot.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
    , @Brás Cubas
  122. Alfred says:
    @Greg Bacon

    2,700 tons of AN would need to be saturated with 162 tons of diesel fuel (properly mixed) plus high explosives to start the detonation as well as a charge.


    But more importantly the blast would not have made a huge hole in the ground. It would have been directed upwards and sideways.

    These explosions are probably from cruise missiles carrying small nuclear devices. In the case of Tianjin, there were two nuclear explosions a few seconds apart.

    • Replies: @xcd
  123. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I don’t usually read Anonymous comments but yours was good!

    As for Rawls… thanks for the correction. I hadn’t thought about it for a while. Nagel was “Moral Luck”. I stand corrected.

    People don’t play consistent strategies throughout life. Sometimes a person will minimize the worst possible outcome. Other times a person will throw caution to the wind and die on vacation.

    One big problem we have today, in my humble opinion, is that most men never were supposed to survive so far into adulthood in our pre-historic past. We should be out fighting sabre tooth tigers or chasing mastodons across the frozen tundra or braining the members of an opposing tribe with clubs because they are trying to steal our women and food. In short, most of us are just cannon fodder genetically speaking. But that’s not an “ethical” point of view. Game theory isn’t an ethical point of view either. And that’s what seems to be on the wane in our time: to behave ethically for higher principles might actually be an awful survival strategy in a game theoretical sense but the right thing to do nonetheless. I guess you have to believe that there is something like a metaphysics of morals, viz. that life is not just a calculus of happiness or an accumulation of wealth and status. There is something meaningful to doing the right thing for its own sake.

    To assert, then, the ethical version of the minimax point I would quote Kant’s univeralist dictum: the thing you ought to do is the the thing anyone could do. Or, another way of saying it: what would the world be like if everyone acted that way? In terms of universalizability, everyone would be better off if everyone worked to minimize the worst possible outcome. Of course, that leads to the problem of the commons, viz. if everyone else is going to follow the rules, then I gain by defecting from rule following and selfishly pursuing my own interests. I benefit from being a pirate. That brings me back to the original point:

    if you could construct a world where someone could benefit from being a pirate when nobody else is, would you be happy with the outcome where you were the victim of the pirate? No. If you were going to construct a world where people’s genetic fitness and hence right to procreate was decided by a eugenics program would you be happy to be declared unfit to reproduce? Probably not.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  124. Ljag says:
    @mark tapley

    All wars ( and trust me we are in a war) are banker wars. Coordinate runs on banks and it’s game over as there will no time to introduce their cashless economy. Easy Peasy

  125. Skeptikal says:

    Re “Although cast as arising from the pandemic, the “global economic reset” is a concept that was floated as early as 2014 by Christine Lagarde, then head of the IMF, and is said to be a recharacterization of the “New World Order” discussed long before that. It was promoted as a solution to the ongoing economic crisis triggered in 2008.”

    Actually, much earlier than that.
    The founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, stated on video recently—the occasion being the 50th anniversary of the founding of the WEF in 1970—that he was dreaming of the Great Reset fity years ago when he founded the organization.

    I think it’s right there on the promo video at the WEF website. Or perhaps he was speaking to an interviewer.

    Schwab sees the Covid “pandemic” as a great opportunity to speed up the time line.
    The target date for the Great Reset is now January 2021.

    Per Wiki, “He is a former member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group.[20]”


    Lock up your daughters, sons, friends, spouses and yourself!
    They are coming for all of us.
    We must be prepared to fight bac and defend our homes, communities, civil rights, right to work, and all other *human* freedoms. (Freedom also from transhumanist agenda.)

  126. cranc says:

    I (like many on sites like this) have long anticipated a collapse scenario of society hitting the buffers in one sense or another. Western culture has been showing the signs of irreversible decline for some time. If I am right then rather than let things merely slide into chaotic breakdown, Covidhoax is an attempt by a ruling kakistocracy to try and consolidate their position in a technocratic power grab.
    Your analogy of roughing it through something akin to the prohibition era would fall by the wayside : this is a decline into 1984, which could either close all exits back to the liberty of the past, or itself collapse – but only into degenerative chaos , at least for a period.
    I would be more encouraged if there was even the remotest signs that people didn’t just object/resist but could realistically present an alternative to this horror. There are protests emerging, but what will come of them without some clarity of thinking ? How can we ask a psychopathic system which is quite prepared to imprison, torture and kill its own citizens for a return to ‘normal’ ? It’s absurd. Anyone who really thinks that this is a powergrab launched on a fraudulent narrative, cannot accept rule from the perpetrators, such a concession would be quite obviously and permanently off the table.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  127. Skeptikal says:
    @mark tapley

    The seeming stupidity of the BLM protesters attacking and vandalizing federal property could be seen as a provocation to BRING federal troops into cities and states.

    Why did local (Democratic) governors and mayors allow the “protests” to take this tack without pushing back? To provide a pretext for federal troops or law enforcement or however you want to characterize them to come into the local scene and take over?

    These people are not that stupid. They have to have known what they were doing.

    You can’t just allow looters to run wild, of whatever color.

    One can’t help wondering whether a state-level stand=down was in the plan.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Anonymous
  128. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I am in fact super duper white. Blue eyed and pale as the belly of a bass fish.

    Seriously, a few weeks ago I too was on this site in the comments section railing against Jews and their plot to use blacks to destroy white america along with everyone else. Just look at my older comments.

    But I have a friend who sincerely asked me to look at my life and tell him whether anything is different now than it was last year or whether almost everything that has been bothering me comes from the internet and watching Fox News. In fact, my life is practically the same as it ever was. There is no huge crisis. Nobody is taking anything from me. Nothing is being attacked.

    When you see all of this stuff on the internet and react as a white nationalist (as I was doing up until recently) you are basically making the same mistake LeBron James made when he tweeted “They are out here hunting us every day!” about the Ahmed Arberry killing… you are seeing this stuff aggregated up into a constant narrative that makes it seem like the whole world is going insane when it’s really just video footage spanning months of time in constant repeat in your newsfeed to create a certain reaction. It’s basically like if you had a twitter account that showed nothing but lighting striking people and sharks attacking people and the feed had hundreds and hundreds of lightning strikes and shark attacks from all over the world. It takes a whole planet worth of mayhem over years and years to create the impression that any minute now you are going to get struck by lightening and attacked by a shark.

    Guys, you need to stop freaking out. Nothing bad is actually happening. Politicians were never particularly interested in your life up to now and they still aren’t even though CNN is making it seem like if you were black then the whole world revolves around you right now. It doesn’t.

    What are you having for dinner tonight? Maybe lay off the internet for a little while. It’s driving you insane. Jews are not going to send you to gulags and force your kids to get sex change operations if Trump loses the election. Nothing is actually happening in real life that is any different than it was before.

    Click bait has hooked you.

    • Disagree: TheTrumanShow
    • Troll: Trinity, Alfred
  129. @Emslander

    Very well said, sir. I would say, let us start by taking off the damn face diapers and politely but forcefully, unapologetically explaining why to anyone who asks and will actually listen.

    Get a letter from an MD directing you not to wear a mask, and carry notarized copies on your person and in our vehicle.

    If you can find a private school that operates like normal human beings — no masks and antisocial distancing — send your kids there if you can afford it, online if need be to keep costs down. We know two couples who have just withdrawn their kids from government (“public”) schools, one here in Los Angeles and the other in Maryland. We are researching how to arrange the hybrid private/government schooling we want to try for our children.

    Withdraw support, withdraw your tax money, whenever possible. Every kid who leaves, the parasites in the teachers union and bureaucratic unsupportive-staff lose money. Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

  130. @Dumbo

    The people responsible for that show should be prosecuted and imprisoned for a long time.

  131. @Skeptikal

    The rioting and chaos is part of the plan for the demoralization and destabilization as taught by the Frankfurt School. The Zionists want to create a situation where people will call for the federal gov. to act, giving them the excuse to implement martial law and get rid of the police under local control.

    The globalists want to eliminate what is left of the 10th amendment that protects the states and individuals from federal incursion. The ultimate goal for the Zionist elite is Agenda 2030-21.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  132. @American Citizen 2.0

    I sustained a permanent spinal injury last year from an explicitly racial hate crime assault in downtown Los Angeles.

    We know people who are losing their family businesses, depleting their hard-earned years of savings, and heading towards loss of their homes, because of the lockdowns under pretext of the phony pandemic.

    I have spoken with small business owners who’re clinging to survival because of the destruction of normal commerce and life by the lockdown and by the arranged / allowed looting and violence and intimidation downtown.

    People had to move out of our previous apartment building in droves because they lost jobs or hours. Same with the new apartment building.

    Thank you for reassuring me that nothing bad is really happening.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  133. @American Citizen 2.0

    You can’t with open eyes proclaim that everything is “okay.”

    Whites are facing DISASTER.

    White children are being attacked and murdered. Our businesses have been ruined. Our churches have been shutdown. Our women have been corrupted by the small hat media and academia.

    Over 40 innocent human beings have been murdered in the stupid riots.

    The covid scam has caused 40 MILLION people to lose their jobs.

    The majority of the closed businesses will never reopen.

    What do you think is going to happen when the unemployment benefits run out?

    Did you know that two young black men attacked an older white man at a country fair in Maryland, beat him to death, spit on his body…..and walked away scott free with anger management classes?

    Pal, we are facing a shitstorm of historic proportions.

    Sure, it the bad news is getting you down, drink a beer, go fishing, whatever, but you aren’t going to be able to keep your head in the sand for very long. You can be driving down the damn street and run into a crew of Antifa/BLM and find out that life comes at you fast. In fact, you don’t even need to be in your car to face violence since the zombies are now invading the suburbs.

    If you don’t own a gun, get one. Get out of the cities. Get in touch with like minded people.
    Prep. It doesn’t cost much.

    Did you hear what that dumbass Kamala Harris was saying? She said the protests are not gonna stop. They are going to continue no matter what. And that bitch is in the position to know.

    We are at the same point as Weimar Germany at the cusp of a communist takeover. It’s no joke.
    The jews are going for broke because they know that a huge number of people have suddenly developed pattern recognition. Freaked out paranoid jews can do a LOT of damage. They slaughtered millions of innocent Christians in Russia.

    Sure, have a beer on me. But when you’re done drinking the same nightmare will be right here waiting for you, a demographic tsunami that is going to make whites a hated and hunted minority in the lands their forefathers built.


    • Agree: Trinity, Vinnyvette, FLgeezer
  134. Frannie says:

    Social Isolation is Torture ”breaking us down mentally, physically, and spiritually. Loneliness, suicide, anxiety, alcoholism, spousal/child/animal abuse are all due to isolation & hardship brought on by this planned and scripted psyop. ”


    1. Voluntary human consent is essential.

    2. Experimental results should result in good for society.

    3. Anticipated results should justify the experiments.

    4. Avoid all necessary mental and physical suffering.

    5. No experiment if there is a chance of death or disability.

    6. Minimize risks of subjects.

    7. Proper preparations and facilities to protect subjects.

    8. Experiments conducted only by qualified persons.

    9. Subjects can withdraw at any time.

    10. Terminate experiments if results are known or with best judgement.

    From: @HenryMakow VIA

  135. Frannie says:

    ”MONSTROUS TYRANNY: Psy War & Social Engineering”


  136. Frank B. says:

    Interview 1571 – James Corbett Discusses The Technocratic Coup


    ” James Corbett joins Jim Goddard on This Week in Money for a wide-ranging conversation on COVID-19, the coming technocratic biosecurity state, and the economic ramifications of this Brave New Normal like the coming cashless society.”

    Looking Forward to the End of Humanity – #PropagandaWatch

    U.S. Moves Closer To Digital Dollar

    Bank of England Governor Signals Central Bank Digital Currency is Coming

    China To Begin Major Expansion Of Digital Currency Testing

    The Fed’s Silent Takeover of the U.S.

    Silver outshines gold so far in 2020, and it’s not done yet

    What is the WHO? – Questions For Corbett #066

    250,000 Las Vegans Face Eviction Next Month

    ‘Recessions’ vs. ‘Depressions’ in the Economy

    Universal Basic Enslavement

  137. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    If you were going to construct a world where people’s genetic fitness and hence right to procreate was decided by a eugenics program would you be happy to be declared unfit to reproduce? Probably not.

    OK, let’s consider that. As it happens, our present world is the product of a eugenics program (although not a program pursued for eugenic reasons), and it is currently undergoing yet another eugenics program (this one doesn’t say it’s a eugenics program, but doesn’t deny it either, instead trying to divert attention to other topics).

    The Eugenics Program that Made Our World:
    See: Gregory Clarke, A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World, Princeton University Press; First Edition (August 13, 2007).
    Clarke is a heavyweight scholar. Background: the origin of the Industrial Revolution had never been adequately described prior to Clarke. The conventional explanations failed — Clarke covers them in the first part of his book. Example: innovators did not have a higher return on capital than those in the same industry who did not innovate.
    Clarke says the cause was selective breeding for good health, foresight, intelligence, deferral of gratification, and hard work over an interval of several Centuries over an entire island — Britain. During those Centuries, the financial structure of loans, return on investment, and monetary rewards for capital improvements and labor deployment/education were in place. People who simply bought land, invested in it, and sold the produce could get a return considerably higher than prevailing interest rates.
    Many people did just that. Clarke documents that these people had more children than those that did not (or tried and failed). They had so many more children that many of these children dropped out of the landowning class and became laborers. They had so many children that the laborers became largely people descended from the the landowning class that had good health, foresight, intelligence, deferral of gratification, and hard work as dominant traits.

    In short, they had so many children over so long a time that they effectively crowded out the descendants of those who did not have good health, foresight, intelligence, deferral of gratification, and hard work as dominant traits. This gave the UK what proved to be an unbeatable proletariat, capable of running the very finicky and tricky machines of the early Industrial Age. Clark reviews attempts to set up factories in India with British equipment, management, and foremen, but Indian laborers. The attempt failed, the laborers simply did not take the work seriously.

    So, that’s description’s end for The Eugenics Program that Made Our World. Now we look at the Eugenics Program that Unmakes Our World.

    Here we have to rely on Edward Dutton, a brave man with good data who is not taken seriously for reasons of politics.
    See: (all these are zero cost when checked out from Amazon Prime)
    Edward Dutton, The Genius Famine: Why we need geniuses, why they are dying out, why we must rescue them, 2016
    Edward Dutton, At Our Wits’ End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What it Means for the Future (Societas), 2018
    Edward Dutton, How to Judge People by What They Look Like, 2019

    Very briefly, Dutton points out that Clarke’s eugenic program gradually ended from about 1850-1870, when public health measures were instituted. I would add that it began to reverse after the UK elections of 1905, which canceled Naval building for social spending. That cancellation may have been responsible for the later catastrophic failure of the UK in the Battle of Jutland, so it wasn’t made lightly. In the final book, “look like”, Dutton also mentions the effect of mutational load — the “look like” comes from mutational load manifesting itself as lack of symmetry in facial features, which is correlated with various neural deficits.

    OK. So, having read the above — do you want your descendants to live in a world (or perhaps a country) that is gradually losing the industrial revolution? That is one of the real games you are playing. You can tell its real because people are going to get hurt or killed no matter what decision is made.

    And as for the other game, , please take a look at that. It’s a game in a new phase, dating back only to 2016, and you really should know about it, as I would guess that it is important to you.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @xcd
  138. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    You can’t just allow looters to run wild, of whatever color.

    You can if they are close allies of your only political support and you’ve run out of money to bribe them.

  139. JWalters says:
    @mark tapley

    I completely agree this is related to the current Wall Steet heist. And I appreciate Ellen Brown’s thorough and detailed research, also evidenced in her great book on the giant bank scam, Web of Debt. As to who could be behind such a massive crime and coverup, we have so many clues it seems to me they constitute irrefutable proof.

    First, it is indisputable that the story of Israel which Americans have been relentlessly told for seven decades is a huge coverup for a monstrous crime. There are volumes of information now available conclusively proving that this story, in which the Israelis are innocent victims of terrorist Palestinians, is completely false. And in fact, the truth is exactly the reverse. The entirely innocent Palestinians have been brutally victimized by a sadistic Israeli regime. And yet, not only is this crime continuing today, but the cover story is also continuing across America’s mainstream media and mainstream politicians. THAT IS POWER! The true history of Israel, with many references, is sketched in “War Profiteers and the Roots of the ‘War on Terror’”

    Second, the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable that the official government reports on 9/11 omit so much critical evidence that they are obviously intentional coverups. Yet this false history too has been forced upon the American people by the mainstream media and politicians. And the omitted evidence points straight at Israel as the principal perpetrator, using 9/11 to kickstart their so-called “War on Terror”, with its seven “regime change” wars. In introduction to some of the most glaring omitted evidence is in “War Profiteers and 9/11”

    Third, a mind-boggling article by Ron Unz makes an amazingly plausible case that the story of the WWII holocaust, relentlessly hammered on by the Israelis as justification for the establishment of Israel, is yet ANOTHER gigantic Israeli lie. In context, it is simply another piece of the gigantic lie in the fake history of Israel. “American Pravda: Holocaust Denial”

    The gigantic lies and crimes of Israel are connected to today’s banking heist, under cover of the COVID crisis, by the fact that the principal bank behind Israel is also the principle bank behind Wall Street. The Rothschild bank financed both Israel and the JP Morgan bank, the dominant bank on Wall Street. Further, in the early 1900’s, the JP Morgan bank took control of America’s major news outlets, gaining control over what stories Americans were told about their world. A sketch of the criminal history of the Rothschild bank and its takeover of America is given in “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    And just as Israel’s financiers were behind the biological anthrax attacks which accompanied 9/11, so they could plausibly be behind a biological attack using COVID coupled with a deadly disinformation campaign. Today’s looting of the American people for “record profits” on Wall Street echos the same pattern in the 2008 Great Recession.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @xcd
  140. navi33 says:

    The last sentence really bothers me. “Guess we will have to see what comes. ”
    It would be better if they will see what will come to them . We should organize and act .They should see what will comes.

  141. @RoatanBill

    The Zionists maintain a force of 60,000 troops on a regular basis. This can be doubled very quickly. The criminals that foment the world wars, 911 and have caused the deaths of millions of people will not hesitate to bring in troops from say Pakistan, Kazakhstan or wherever when they get to that point. The Zionists are disciples of Leo Strauss of the Hegelian Dialectic philosophy of total government. They are Trotskyites with lots of money and power. Billie Bob and co. with their pop guns will not even slow them down.

  142. Thomasina says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    If it doesn’t bother you anymore, then why are you still here? I would think, now that the cobwebs have been swept from your brain, you’d be out in nature or something. Are you just hanging around here trying to help us see the error of our ways, that globalism is really for our benefit, that we’ve been seeing it all wrong? Gee, thanks, but I’d rather live in reality.

    “In fact, my life is practically the same as it ever was.”

    That might be the problem. You started out as “trailer trash” (your words, not mine) and you’ve never known any better? I don’t know, just guessing. Do you have children? Because I think if you did, you wouldn’t be rolling over like you are.

    There is another type of person out there – the type of person who never got what they think they deserved, and so they are quite happy when others don’t either. As you said on another thread: no White man ever helped you. These types of people, at their very worst, you usually hear about on the news because they shoot up movie theaters, malls, schools, or mow people down with their cars.

    If they don’t go that far, then they secretly harbor the hope that society gets obliterated. All because they never got what they think THEY deserved. It would serve that White man right, wouldn’t it? After all, like you said on another thread, the White man has exploited everyone!

    I think the people who visit this site have seen a change, and it hasn’t been for the better. They are following the bouncing ball, connecting the dots, and they’re getting a glimpse of the future. No, I don’t think they’re paranoid. They are all intelligent people.

    You can be the frog who stays in the boiling pot if you want, but we’d rather jump out of the pot and fight back.

  143. @RadicalCenter

    Not sure what you are trying to prove.

    I was not trying, but maybe I have proved something after all: that Ron Unz should do as most sites do, and provide a short bio of each author which readers could access by clicking on his or her name.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  144. vot tak says:

    I was looking for an explanation from the author or someone else relevant. Not a likudite israeli spambot.

    GFY, shlomo. Again.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  145. @Charles

    We still have the tools in what is left of the Republic. If we had as Jefferson said “a moral and enlightened people” we could vote in enough constitutionalists into the House to cut all appropriations to the Zionist criminals and their activities. That is why they are using the fake virus, to get the livestock to give up their natural rights. Fake virus, fake test and fake numbers, what can be said of idiots that are too stupid to figure that out?

    We have been here for thousands of years but now the cucks think the virus is going to get them. Even if there really were a virus it is the terrain that is important not the pathogen. Good nutrition, good sanitation, good lifestyle and the immune system will do the rest. Practically all the infectious diseases had been wiped out before the ineffective and harmful vaccines began. This is documented in Suzanne Humphries MD book “Dissolving Illusions” and Forrest Maready exposes more of the fraud in “The Autism Vaccine, Crooked and The Moth and the Iron Lung.” The 1918 Pandemic was the result of the Typhus Vaccine along with fatal doses of the new drug aspirin. Countries that refused the vaccine had no problems. It was only later that it was called the flu.

    Their illusion of safety will evaporate when they are in the Hunger Game Society of Agenda 2030-21.

  146. anon[440] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Deaths and prolonged hospitalizations with residual damages to the various organs from Covid 19 are facts . So are the Fed’s stealing for the banks and the corporations . Vaccine could be a dud and total failure but bonanza for the corporations paid by the tax payers . Abuse of 911 to push un-American illegal immoral activities are also facts . But tying Covid 19 ’s dangerous effects to them render the rest vulnerable to the ridicule by the Fed and the government officials – an typical strategy of pinning .guilt by association .

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  147. @RadicalCenter

    Maybe if I had googled first:

    …I would go to bed tonight without having been called a faggot.

    Anyway, that’s a small price to pay to know how truly fucked up in the head Americans are these days over “gender issues”.

    • Replies: @jkb
  148. J_Garbo says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Ms Brown’s usually rational, but Covid19’s addled her reasoning. eg “…only 147 people had lost their lives to coronavirus in Victoria (the Australian state of which Melbourne is the capital), a very low death rate …”
    Compare Thailand: 73 million, 58 deaths, no local cases for 88 days. So how did we do it? Buddhist prayer or listening to our medical experts? Early lock downs, distancing, masks, sanitizing. After two months, shops, malls, restaurants open again and getting back to normal.
    Masks do not protect from aerosols but do prevent the spread of infected droplets, ie, you wear a mask to protect others, a foreign idea in the selfish, #MeToo West.
    We watch the stupidity, ignorance and unnecessary deaths from Bangkok and wonder about the Western superiority. Look at Sweden’s failure with its “common sense” strategy that killed 6,000 of its 10 million people (compare Thailand, using science).
    Your rants over freedom, democracy, etc, miss the point: To enjoy these gifts you must be vertical, not suffocating in an ICU.

    • Agree: L.K
    • Troll: Owen C.
  149. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    I would be more encouraged if there was even the remotest signs that people didn’t just object/resist but could realistically present an alternative to this horror. There are protests emerging, but what will come of them without some clarity of thinking ? How can we ask a psychopathic system which is quite prepared to imprison, torture and kill its own citizens for a return to ‘normal’ ? It’s absurd. Anyone who really thinks that this is a powergrab launched on a fraudulent narrative, cannot accept rule from the perpetrators, such a concession would be quite obviously and permanently off the table.

    Well, it is a powergrab, but that’s to be expected when things are falling apart. Doesn’t mean much in context.

    Basic problem: the West’s industrial economy can’t support the West’s citizens. I don’t mean “can’t support in luxury”, I mean “can’t support at all”. The big cities are becoming shoot/loot/scoot sites. Like the USSR before it, the US is as broke in terms of resources vs. needs as the USSR was by 1985, no matter how many rubles/dollars it has.

    Preliminary note: Industry is called “the economy” to mystify it, just as “science”, “engineering”, and “equipment” have been combined into “technology”, which is used as if it meant “magic” — a word now used to mean “I don’t want to explain”. Orwell pointed out that political language is meant to make it impossible to think, and he nailed it.

    Basic US problem is the one that took down the USSR: once government has control of industry, government finds that it cannot run industry. It fritters industry’s capital base away in political infighting between various grandiose schemes that produce less than they cost, or produce nothing. In the case of the West since 1945, government has spent the West’s capital base on supporting the cities that are the political base of the West but are are no longer economically self-sufficient. Western governments are broke in terms of real resources (management, labor, capital) and couldn’t re-build the cities if they dropped all other projects. In fact, they can’t even govern the cities.

    The cities are obsolete. They are being abandoned by anyone with an income stream and a telework station, and they are not coming back. Cities have been obsolete since the 1950s, subsidized since the 1960s, and the subsidy is slowing in 2020 to a stop by (guess) 2030.

    Government is clamping down on anybody in the cities that will still listen to them (while pretending to support the mobs that will not listen to them anymore). That’s it, and clamping down is probably the city government’s only chance of continuing some kind of orderly rule. Clamping down (e.g. you have to wear a mask or else get fined) is not strength, it is severe weakness bordering on desperation.

    Now the good news:

    Cities probably could not have been saved by the 1960s. The decision to support rather than downsize the cities was a mistake. The cities natural monopolies (shipping, manufacturing that combined several inputs from shipping) had been moved to the countryside back in the 1950s. The cities were done in by containerization, the Interstate system/rubber tired transport, computers, and first telephony, then video teleconferencing.

    Fortunately, by 2020 the above systems, the ones that have rendered the cities obsolete, have developed to such a high degree that the cities can simply be abandoned with little effect on rural industry. In short, it appears that the distributed industrial economy can continue with almost no disturbance.

    That’s good, because shipping companies and truck drivers are becoming increasingly unwilling to deliver to dangerous destinations, and in some cases insurance can be hard to get. See:

    Now, this is not good for the people without a movable income stream in the city:

    but it’s better than a shutdown of US industry due to lack of financing, logistics, raw material movement, failure to distribute farm goods, etc. The above “food bank line” would be a lot worse if there were no food to distribute.

    Given that the rural economy seems likely to survive, one can write off the nightmare scenarios. In fact, it is likely that the Democrat Party (and its leisure time hobby, the Republican Party) will both go the way of the Whigs. If we are really lucky, Liberalism, Marxism, and Conservatism will all return to the Hell that spawned them (, and we’ll get something else a bit more connected to the world as it is rather than blathering about “hyperpower” and “necessary nation” and, above all, “bringing us together” (1). Not one of these is consistent with a distributed rural economy.

    And that’s what I’ve written to “realistically present an alternative to this horror”. It’s starting to look like another Western re-organization. Maybe the end of you and me, but not the end of the West.

    1) If all men were brothers, would you let your sister marry your brother?

  150. @anon

    Oh bullshit…..”residual organ damage.”

    If it’s a “novel” (meaning NEW) then how do they know there is permanent damage? The answer is that they don’t know and this is fear mongering horseshit.

    They’ve massively LIED about the deaths and death rates and they have inflated the numbers to scare people. MANY doctors have spoken out about the lying on death certificates and how covid is blamed for any and all deaths including motorcycle accidents.

    I know three people who had it and all of them are JUST FINE.

    In fact my lady friend was shocked when she tested positive because she had only a slight headache and a stuffy nose. She thought it was allergies.

    Covid is only a real threat if you are over 70 and you have co-morbidities and you have one foot in the grave already.

    For most people covid is NOT a real threat, certainly not enough to destroy the international economy. The death rate is about .2%, which means the survival rate is 99.8%.
    That’s pretty good odds.

    And since it is OBVIOUS now that the danger of covid was exaggerated a thousandfold we know it’s a political jew scam psychological operation.

  151. frontier says:

    It’s nonsensical to compare Sweden to Thailand, different climate, different healthcare & reporting culture. The virus doesn’t survive hot and humid air, Africa has reported even lower cases and mortality than Thailand.

    You can compare Sweden to UK and US, this is a proper comparison and it shows that LOCKDOWNS DON’T HELP. HCQ does help however and that’s why it’s a restricted drug, on top of being by prescription only.

  152. Shaman911 says:

    The police state has been around for decades and especially since Geo Bush jr. signed the 3600 page Patriot Act 2 days after 9-11. Lockdown? The sheeple have been locked down to their Sports, TV, Cell Phones, FaceBook, etc… for decades. None one knows this because they had not been told. And then that doesn’t’ always work. Ask the frog in the sauce pan!

  153. @J_Garbo

    If you didn’t call for destruction of life, liberty, commerce, normal medical practice, normal healthy human interaction, and police-sate surveillance and control for prior flu seasons, there is no good reason for you to support all these extreme and excessive measures now.

    Don’t take my word for it. Herewith a detailed, clearly explained, well-sourced assessment of the pandemic exaggeration and mismanagement, from one of the many medical doctors and epidemiologists who have reached roughly the same conclusion:

    Stop spouting emotion and accusing people of being quote selfish, like a hysteric, and instead read, and educate yourself. This is not a political or religious issue and it is possible for anyone of any background to rationally assess the evidence and the methods used to understand and learn from the evidence.

  154. Kapyong says:

    “His vaccine actively modifies the DNA of the recipient using an mRNA gene sequence. This gene sequence actively inserts itself into the human genome and cannot be removed.”

    Really? AFAIK –
    A person’s genome is found in the nucleus of (almost) every cell in the body. Changing a person’s genome means somehow changing the nuclear DNA of (almost) every cell in the body.

    We have only just progressed to the point of being able to very poorly edit a single cell’s DNA in laboratory conditions with CRISPR.

    There has been recent advance in mRNA editing, but mRNA changes are temporary because the permanent nuclear DNA is constantly producing new mRNA for export out into the cell body to produce its proteins – mRNA comes from DNA, not vice-versa.

    Changing a person’s entire DNA successfully via an injection seems an impossible fantasy at this point – the equivalent of Hollywood’s on-camera mutations from man to monster.

    (As distinct from changes specifically to the oocytes or spermatocytes which can then be passed down to every cell in a child.)

    Not an expert.


    • Replies: @frontier
  155. It is not a credit to UR to publish this crank. The nonsensical rant that she published about Melbourne, where I live, might have been enough warning, but I read on to find that the recently deceased Kary Mullis whose Nobel Prize suggests he deserves a good deal of credit for the PCR test is quoted as denying the test is appropriate for detecting viruses. I searched for that quote but what I did find was that Mullis himself was a first class no doubt brilliant eccentric and crank who was a denier of HIV as a cause of AIDs and a believer, according to his own “humorous” autobiography in astrology.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  156. Thomasina says:

    Over half of the people who died in the U.S. were in old-age homes. Do you have those in Thailand, or do older people just live with their adult children? Being in an old-age home is a recipe for disaster with so many sick housed together.

    Thailand is probably accurately counting their deaths and infected, something that is not happening in the U.S. as there are money incentives with higher numbers.

    Before you get too high and mighty, Thailand, just consider that every winter the CDC goes to the Far East to see what’s coming our way. Almost all disease comes from Asia.

    Where are you from originally, J_Garbo?

  157. @American Citizen 2.0

    You are absolutely right. If you don’t think about it you won’t be bothered. Most Soviet Citizens were never in the Gulag, or tortured, or shot in the back of the head. Only seven million or so, and the others did not even notice or even know what was going on. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

  158. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    With the treatment the politicians are giving the people of Australia, the people have the right to rise up in force and overthrow their government. The people in the English speaking world have become too passive through 70 years of non-stop prosperity. Their ancestors wouldn’t have put up with this and they shouldn’t either. These same passive citizens are worried that by rising up they’ll lose their valued prosperity and consumerist freedom, they don’t yet realize that they’ve lost it already, they really don’t have anything to lose. Time to organize and fight. Lets start a fund to guy arms for the boys in Australia and New Zealand.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  159. @Really No Shit

    “In other words, are they, Bill Gates et al planning to kill, for example, 80% of the population and by what means? Starvation? WWIII? What, what?”

    Weaponized Vaccines will probably be among their tools.

    Good video by a lady MD on the makeup of Moderna’s candidate Covid-19 vaccine, which (she claims) will contain nano robots.

  160. @JWalters

    You have hit the nail on the head. It seems that few people have figured out that the fake virus had been on hold (except for the trial runs H1n1, H5n1,Swine, Bird etc. and AIDS) waiting for the right moment when the banking cartel’s Wall St. buddies needed Some help and optimum market conditions. They pulled a similar massive theft as you mention and wealth transfer in 08-09. The Zionists have a long term agenda but always maximize profits at everyone else’s expense along the way.

    The invasion, occupation, dispersion and murder of the native inhabitants of Palestine was demanded at the first Zionist Convention in 1897, as the world’s most strategic geographic position and as a bonus the Kazar hucksters could claim they were returning to their Jewish homeland when in fact they haven no connection to the Biblical Jews at all whereas some of the inhabitants they drove out probably did.

    As you point out 911 was obviously an inside job. Christopher Bollyn in the video “Solving 911” shows how this had been planned for 30 years. Miles Mathis has good information on the airplane hoax used.

    Yes, Rothschild employee J.P. Morgan bought up the editorial rights to the top 20 papers in Jewmerica in order to propagandize the goyim for the contrived conflict of WW1. 21,000 Americans became millionaires or Billionaires in this slaughter. This is where the criminal Bush family got started.

    I don’t think there is any real Covid 19 any more than it’s predecessors including AIDS. When the hospitals get paid a lot more for labeling everything Covid 19 as CDC criminal Brix stated they had been told to do, every ailment becomes covid. There has been no real scientific attempt to determine the pathogen much less to use the industry standard Koch’s Postulate method. It seems that most of the idiots believe anything the Zionist propaganda organ, the MSM tell them. It amazes me that people now think that there is a deadly virus floating around. Notice that originally this nonsense was called a flu. Now because it has “persisted” through the hot weather “its not the regular flu.” As Suzanne Humphries MD points out all of the infectious disease was down to near zero before the ineffective and Dangerous vaccine campaigns got going due to improved nutrition and sanitation. That so many people are stupid enough to fall for the face mask edicts shows what a bunch of idiots and barnyard animals they are. Thanks for the post and I look forward to checking out all the sources.

  161. @anarchyst


    Lady MD’s video detailing the makeup of Moderna’s Covid-19 candidate vaccine, which includes, among other, nano robots.

  162. I’ve had musicians, politicians, actors, construction workers, unemployed people and now economists telling me all about the coronavirus. Because they are experts.

    How about some doctors, lots of them, who think it is real and dangerous? What, after all, do doctors know?

  163. @Anon

    The zionists know that over 90% of the goyim will never do anything isn long as they get one meal per day. Historians say that the American Revolution was won with the support of only ap. 3% of the people doing anything to help and at least that many were helping the British.

    The people of Australia and N.Z. as well as in Jewmerica can put an end to this criminal conspiracy by just calling all of it null and void and refuse to comply with any part of the scam. The next step is to vote out all politicians from top to bottom that have supported it or gone along with it. That won’t be done however as long as we have a bunch of cucked idiots going around sucking their own waste products back in From their face diapers. This covid scam is going to get worse unless as you say the people rise up and stop it. The end goal is the imposition of a Neo-feudal totalitarian global state. That’s already been laid out too. The U.N. Sustainable Development Initiative (Agenda 2030-21) has a place for all the livestock.

  164. @Charles

    I, like yourself and onebornfree, have been saying this forever. There is no way to vote our way out of this. It doesn’t matter what party is in power. Doesn’t matter who the president is. The last shot at any meaningful change in the U.S. was Trump. Immediately the coup was in gear before he even took office. Not that Trump was going to be some great white hope, but it appeared the silent majority had finally woken up and elected someone who at least spoke for the common man, and would try to make changes that didn’t benefit only the one percent.
    For some unknown reason people have the idea the Constitution is there, so hey, the founders did all the heavy lifting, and all we have to do is vote in the right people and it would all work out.
    The idea that violence would ever possibly be warranted to stop the tyranny and blatant destruction of the masses is to most unthinkable. I’d remind people how was the U.S.A founded in the first place? Via bloody revolution of course, none the less idiots think we are beyond all that we are “civilized” now. We can debate and vote and that’s that.
    Well you can’t even espouse an idea anymore that isn’t in lock step with “the narrative” without having your life and livelihood destroyed.
    The days of diplomacy, debate, and voting are over.
    The Corona hoax is only the beginning of the end.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  165. @RadicalCenter

    Thousands of doctors think it’s real and are running experiments to study various aspects of it. But they do not count. They must be deluded. And you know everything. Because you go to speeches by an economist.

  166. frontier says:

    It’s more complex than that, DNA can be synthesized from RNA… meet reverse transcription.

    • Replies: @Kapyong
  167. Good grief. Just admit the Chicoms have a superior system. Merican capitalism is a rotten cesspool of corruption, a racket. Your ruling class is a criminal organization that would prefer every single one of you mfers drop dead before they give up a penny of their stolen wealth, and will likely start another World War, Civil War, Race War or all of the above before they give up any of their power and privilege.

    This was 100% avoidable. Blame the greed, selfishness, corruption, poison “food”, and a shitty 3rd world “healthcare system”, as well as a little good ol fashioned stupidity for the mess you find yourselves in. All are the result of CAPITALISM! Haha.

    If your “leaders” were half as concerned about public health and stopping the virus as they were about the glorious stock market, enriching themselves and their friends, overthrowing Venezuela, sabotaging Iran, blaming China, bombing Yemen, or shitting on Russias doorstep you would be walkin’ in high cotton right about now. Sad!

    You did this to yourselves. Deal with it.

    • Replies: @Biff
  168. Owen C. says:

    Fuck off and go spam your hasbara nonsense somewhere else, you fucking kike.

    • LOL: Stonehands
  169. Mefobills says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Eugenics can be done without consigning people to oblivion. You do it by controlling which sperm meets which egg.

    Clown world is making it hard for people to think through false narratives.

  170. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    LOL. Noted, that you consider U.S. and Israel “all international leaders.” All that matter to you, evidently.

  171. Mefobills says:

    Gates, Soros, and Fauci must die? How very libertarian of you. I thought people get ❤ together with human action and make perfect decisions?

    People that carry contradictory thoughts in their noggins are supposed to be smart, but I disagree. They are nuts.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  172. “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” ― H.L. Mencken, Prejudices: First Series.

    As I have made clear for over 2 decades: the war between humanity and the vermin of the parasite-political class will end one of two ways, viz.,
    ① the total subjugation of humans; or
    ② the extirpation of the parasites.

    (Note that an extirpation does not require an extermination: abolition of all position of political power, and precautionary extreme handling of political dead-enders, would suffice).

    This is not (R) vs (D), religious vs atheist, Jew vs Gentile, Race_A vs Race_B, gay vs straight, male vs female, West v Rest … or any of the other stupid false-dichotomies that are invented to keep fuckwits asking the wrong questions (à la Proverbs for Paranoids).

    This is about whether humanity is ready to excise a gigantic, malignant, metastatic tumour, for once and for all – facing the temporary horror with clear eyes and consciences.

    Be a real shame if health bureaucrats involved in mandatory vaccinations, started experiencing measurable excess violent deaths among their own demographic.

    A little bit of Sonderbehandlung pour encourager les autres, nicht wahr?.

  173. Alfred says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    he deserves a good deal of credit for the PCR test is quoted as denying the test is appropriate for detecting viruses.

    Whether he said this or not is irrelevant, but this message is correct. The PCR test magnifies by millions of times tiny strands of DNA and if these are compatible with ANY Coronavirus, you are deemed to be a “case”. The strands might well be of something other than COVID-19 and they almost certainly do not belong to a living virus. The body’s immune system chops up unwelcome invaders. We all have billions of viruses in our bodies – we would die without them.

    Never before in medicine have healthy people been deemed to be unhealthy because of a test that grossly exaggerates their viral load – if any.

    • Agree: mark tapley
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  174. @Whitewolf

    Those numbers are only diagnoses (laboratory confirmed) from the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance (NNDS) System. They’re not deaths, for example.

    • Agree: Alfred
  175. Abbybwood says:
    @Robert Dolan

    George Floyd, besides being hypertensive and dangerously high on Fentanyl, also had been diagnosed with Covid 19.

    I wonder. Did George Floyd’s cause of death list Covid 19? Or was it a Fentanyl overdose? Or was it murder due to a police officers knee on his shoulders/neck for nine minutes?

    I saw where a young motorcyclist was killed in a traffic accident and he also had Covid 19 . His death was attributed to Covid 19. His crushed head and chest apparently didn’t weigh in for much at the autopsy.

    If I tested positive for Covid 19 and basically felt okay but was cooking in the kitchen with a freshly sharpened knife and slipped in some olive oil on the floor and sustained a massive intracranial bleed that helped blow a pre-existing aneurysm in my brain that instantly killed me, PLUS the sharp knife punctured my descending aorta as I fought to correct the fall, I wonder if the medical examiner would rule my death due to Covid 19??

    Where’s Colombo when we need him?

    Might the cop who is accused of murdering George Floyd’s defense team try to go along with the standard that Covid 19 was his cause of death? China should be sued?

    • LOL: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @mark tapley
  176. @Alfred

    Weirdly, even retaining the https prefix results in a non-displaying graphic – but only for udrop links

    I’ve only kept enough DropBox space for continuity (i.., to ensure that old links don’t shit themselves); for future stuff I will have to bite the bullet and set up OwnCloud.

  177. @Mefobills

    Gates, Soros, and Fauci must die? How very libertarian of you.

    Which aspect of libertarian ‘doctrine’ proscribes defensive violence? If the death of those three specific individuals would put and end to the current hostile, aggressive onslaught against individual liberty, then they are justified. (I happen to disagree, because Gates and Soros are cowards and could be stopped without violence, and Fauci is irrelevant without State imprimatur ).

    I thought people get [heart-emoji] together with human action and make perfect decisions?

    I don’t know what heart-emoji means, but nobody ever claimed that voluntary interactions → “perfect” decisions: after all, voluntary action implies ‘negative’ freedom – i.e., freedom from coercion; voluntary interaction implies a multilateral form which precludes predation and coercion. It says nothing about expectations-formation or error.

    The libertarian claim in its weakest form (which is still a sufficient argument) is that voluntary interaction ⊀ coercion (where ⊀ indicates “is strictly not worse than“).

    Voluntary interactions lead to Pareto equilibria, and those equilibria are at least as good as coercive equilibria.

    That claim is indisputable unless coercion does a bunch of highly-improbable things, viz.,
    ① discovers unexploited externalities; and
    ② remediates the externalities in a way that satisfies a cost-benefit analysis (including the intertemporal costs and benefits that result from the dynamic consequences of coercion); and
    ③ redistributes the net gain such that everyone ends up in a position strictly no worse than the status quo ante, at all periods in time.

    That last point is important: it does not suffice to make
     • one subgroup better off (in perpetuity or not) at a cost to some other group/s;
     • all people better off temporarily, at future cost;

    I doubt that is what you ‘thought’ (sic), but it represents the weak (but sufficient) core of the libertarian argument.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  178. @Alfred

    If what you say about the utility and use of the PCR test were true it would be of huge importance and a number of competent scientists would have told us about it. So, where do I find scientists saying in credible media what you have just asserted?

    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Alfred
  179. Biff says:

    and a shitty 3rd world “healthcare system”,

    Whoaaa there cowboy…. I live in the third world, and enjoy quality healthcare at a very reasonable price.

    American healthcare is in a league of its own with two options – die or go broke.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  180. @Pft

    First Shelter in Place (Stay at Home) orders issued during Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 to [gauge] compliance of the population for future use.

    First Shelter in Place (Stay at Home) orders issued during Boston Marathon Bombing psy-op in 2013 to gauge compliance of the population for future use.


  181. Commonwealth countries seem to have totally forgotten English common law. I suspect that Jewish wealth is greatly over-represented, as usual, and needs to be

  182. @Vinnyvette

    People always focus on the Presidency that has been controlled by the Zionist Jew since the syphilitic puppet actor Woodrow Wilson in 1910. Bernard Baruch, Eugene Meyer and Col. House were his handlers. Same thing today. The adolescent phony N.Y. liberal Trump has always been controlled by the Zionist Jews since he “took over” from his shabbos goy father. First project was with the Chicago Zionist Prizker family. The current Sec. of Commerce, zionist Jew Wilbur Ross former managing director of Rothschild Inc for 25 years bailed Trump out of his 1.2 billion personal debt and casino fiasco in the late 80’s. Top 4 donors in 2016 were Zionist Jews. Still are. Trump is just a puppet actor and cheerleader for the Zionists. There senile self proclaimed Zionist criminal Biden and the Dem. are the same thing. Check out Trump’s court deposition in 2016 before the election and you don’t see an astute business tycoon but rather a bumbling ignoramus no nothing.

    We still have the tools to stop the Zionist onslaught before it’s too late. All bills of appropriation must originate in the House and they are elected every 2 years. I agree it is extremely unlikely that the public is enlightened enough to utilize this resource but will just continue to vote the same Zionist operatives and tag alongs back in. What can you say about idiots that believe in fake virus (by the same criminals that did all the other fake viruses, 911, WMD’s and the global warming fraud now on the back burner) and go around sucking stale wet air through their face diapers?

    The Zionists have a place planned for all the livestock. It is the U.N. Sustainable Development Initiative (Agenda 2030-21). The fake virus, societal instability and contrived external enemies are designed to get the goys to give up their God given natural rights and for the individual and the states to lose what protection is still provided by the 9th and 10 amendment.

    • Thanks: Trinity, Alfred
  183. Rich says:
    @Da's Reich

    And what did those idealistic young men achieve? Under the British Crown, you were still Irish, you weren’t being inundated with refugees, you never had a homosexual Hindu as your prime minister, you were free to practice your religion and vote for your representatives. Now your nation is a pawn for the EU and there will soon be no ethnically pure Irishmen left. The Free State was a tragic mistake.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  184. @Biff

    It is questionable how much benefit modern health care is in any case. When we look at mortality rates comparing the more developed countries to places that have none of the highly touted advanced techniques, there is almost no difference. There are still a few indigenous groups with almost no inflammatory disease such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. All of these are big money makers for the medical racket and big Pharma.

  185. FoSquare says:

    I think it was the philosopher-historian Oswald Spengler who said “Democracy is the completed equating of money with political power.”

    • Thanks: AB_Anonymous
  186. @Robert White

    I, for one, know implicitly that SARS-2-nCoV-19 is a bioweaponized Coronavirus that is NOT amenable to ‘Herd Immunity’ thesis as it is engineered to replicate exponentially via pathogenicity and Viral Loads.

    Wow! It’s been a long time since I came across such a massive non-sequitur. I say that, even tending to agree with you that the virus came from gain-of-function research and as likely as not from say Fort Detrick as from China. But to say that this precludes herd immunity just because you were warning about bioweaponization of viruses in 2014 defies all logic. You might as well have told the British in WWI that there was no defense against Chlorine attacks (which turned out to be rather counterproductive when the wind shifted.)

    Gain-of-function research is not quite the same thing as weaponization. One can be done without the other, simply in attempting to get ahead of the curve. Maybe even to prevent a disaster. More likely this virus was released accidentally by well-meaning but misguided virologists. Also gain-of-function research can be done simply by culturing the virus with its intended target cells for long periods of time. None of that precludes herd immunity.

    If you want to refute the herd-immunity hypothesis, you would be well advised to come up with an alternative explanation for the declining death rates in countries that were not locked down.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Robert White
  187. Mefobills says:

    Thanks for trying to square the circle for libertarianism. But to me any apologetics for Liberalism falls on my deaf ears. Also as a monetary historian it becomes obvious that Libertarian doctrine is out of this world. Lets immigrate more! The Free Market!

    I agree that people have the right to self defence. A libertarian doesn’t think in terms of groups…a fatal flaw as there are obviously self aggrandizing in- groups that form.

    These in-groups will eat the individualistic libertarians like a school of piranhas will eat bait fish.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  188. Covid 1984 is the biggest psyop hoax in the history of humanity after 911… brought to you by the same people that have been sponsoring false flag events for a long long time… this has been in the works for decades, if not centuries…

    Check out this audio recording by Myron Fagan from 1967 that details Rothschilds history going back hundreds of years…. it’s 3 hours long and I couldn’t stop listening … it is comprised of things I have been studying since 1990, and I was aware of a lot if it, but had never heard it put together in one source… he presents materials from 53 years ago that sound like he knew what was going to happen in 2020… pretty amazing… . at the time they called him crazy…. 2 sources in case the YT one is gone…. both are the same recording…

    • Thanks: mark tapley
  189. There will be no reset. When economies crash the elite get replaced. The only reason jews have ever been run off is after they cause hyper inflation. They cannot keep themselves from creating wealth from nothing until the own everything. This causes hyper inflation and then a pogrom. Its not going to be different this time.

    White Americans do not revolt because life is good. When its not good that will change. The jew mob does not want any of this to be happening but circumstances are dictating their behavior. I wrote months ago that this is all fake and Unz is burning all his credibility pushing his tribes hoax. I was right.

    The jew mob has crashed the economy and the flu hoax and the riots are them trying to trade their economic power for the ideological power of communism. They already lost and the USA will now elect fascist leaders. All failed commie putsch’s result in Fascism taking hold and it will be no different here.

  190. artichoke says:
    @Brás Cubas

    You ignore the word “also” in your first quote. There are Covid19 legit deaths, but the reported numbers are inflated by “also” including other deaths from other causes. This resolves the inconsistency you think you saw.

    • Agree: Brás Cubas
  191. artichoke says:
    @Da's Reich

    You are sick. Why would you consider burning Parliament “if I was young”? You should then be even more willing to do it now as an old person, after you’ve had a life. But of course you wouldn’t put yourself at risk for it or want to be blamed as the perpetrator.

    You just don’t mind having other people, young people who haven’t even had a life yet, do it and let them take the blame legally and (to a large extent) morally.

    To be absolutely plain and clear, I do not want you or anyone to burn Parliament. I am just using the thought to show how morally bereft your comment was.

    • Replies: @Da's Reich
  192. American Citizen 2.0 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You guys have been radicalized by the internet.

    • LOL: Kali
  193. artichoke says:
    @James Scott

    So you really do believe that poor white family living in a trailer in rural Appalachia is living well and benefiting from “white privilege”.

  194. @James Scott

    Well the FED just announced they are going to be raising the rates this week, creating… you guessed it… inflation!

    • Agree: Agent76
  195. FoSquare says:

    These in-groups will eat the individualistic libertarians like a school of piranhas will eat bait fish.

    That’s why Jewish Power, as I’m sure you’re well aware, promoted Libertarianism. Just another economic “school of thought” to create confusion and distract people’s attention from the Money Power and their real source of power – Usury and Mammonism (not to be confused with Capitalism).

  196. Wally says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “a demographic tsunami that is going to make whites a hated and hunted minority in the lands their forefathers built. :

    I got news for you, Euro-whites are already hated & being hunted.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  197. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Oh please. What a whiner. You know that all of that stuff could happen to you at any other time too?

    I am sorry you just realized that life sucks and nobody is going to help you. Imagine being one of those kids picking through piles of garbage in the third world, forced to live on a dollar a day with no education or hope to achieve anything in life. Yeah, those billions of little kids who have lived that way. Imagine that being you. It’s mere luck that it wasn’t. So, the fact that some (minor) adversity is being experienced by people here, apparently for the first time in their lives, doesn’t really bother me that much in the bigger narrative of the new world that is developing. You aren’t swimming across the Rio Grande to find a job as a busboy in a foreign city or dancing in a strip club in Dubai as an Eastern European sex slave hooked on heroin. The obliviousness of your comment to the suffering of hundreds and hundreds of millions of people worldwide for whom the current American hegemony is failing drowns out your being a big baby. The world needs to change for the better for everyone.

    • Disagree: artichoke
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Kali
  198. Proof WHO and Gavi are all a bunch of weasels in the corn… see or and click on the chart see Ferret antisera production….. OK here in 1975 they say this does not work…. see … Influenza Infection in Ferrets: Role of Serum Antibody in Protection and Recovery…… The passive administration of ferret antiserum to Ao (H,,N1) influenza virus failed to protect the recipient ferrets from subsequent infection with homologous virus. This susceptibility to infection was observed even when the passively
    acquired serum hemagglutination inhibition (HI) titer was similar to peak convalescent titers. It is therefore concluded that serum antibody alone is probably not a major factor in the prevention of influenza infection. Conclusion they all lie WAKE UP PEOPLE you can not vaccinate for a “seasonal flu” cause it mutates rapidly and this weak bioweapon was created in a lab in North Carolina….. all funding to Johns Hopkins should cease and they should be investigated, and Bill Gates for Bio-terrorism.

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  199. @ImaBotKnot

    More people die of starvation and war yet it seems the objective of starvation and war are well funded.
    Artificial debt burdens on poor and even “rich” countries cause poor economies and starvation. Every country should create its own money for internal use. Then every country should have an external (country to country) Forex type structure that is set between each country not by an international central FOREX? In other words if agreed upon the US could set its own exchange rates with China or Russia or Germany independently not through a centralized FOREX. Multinational corporations need to be tamed. This I do not have a solution for.

  200. Agent76 says:

    Aug 25, 2020 Only Sociopaths Reject the New Normal!

    Do you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 containment measures? Do you hesitate to don your mask, practice proper social distancing, or (eventually) roll up your sleeve for the experimental mRNA vaccine?

  201. @Peripatetic Itch

    The only weaponization going on is the lies spread by the Zionist criminals that did all the others fake viruses such as H1N1, H5N1, SARS1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and the AIDS epidemic. Fake virus, fake test, fake numbers. Just like my neighbor who’s brother-in law had severe diabetes (glucose at 700) and finally died of brain hemorrhage. Cause of death covid 19. The medical personnel know this is all a bunch of crap. Viruses would have to be continually mutating or else the immune system would kill them all out.

    A German scientist has won a case in the German Supreme Court after challenging anyone to prove there really was a measles virus. He bet 100,000 Euros that they could not verify its existence under German Law and he won. He claims the electron microscope photos are of damaged proteins or cell damage not a virus. Anyway if they did make a virus as innocuous as the fake Covid 19 I would fire them.

    The best way to achieve herd immunity would be to leave everyone alone as is our fundamental constitutional right. Next comes the fake but dangerous vaccine fraud. All pushed by same elites that foment the wars and WMD’s and have peddled the global warming fraud for the past 30 years. This scam to get the people to give up their liberties will continue to be pushed by the global elites and will get a lot worse unless people revolt against it. As a side note, in February even top criminal Fauchi said in an interview that the masks were counter productive. Once they saw how stupid all the cucks were they changed their tune at the CDC and of course that video is deleted.

    • Agree: Kali, Alfred, Herald
    • Replies: @Herald
  202. @American Citizen 2.0

    Fuck you, you moronic blue haired cat lady cunt.

    My country is burning down, white children are being murdered, and you cuck for the third world?

    Fuck you.

    You’re not an “American Citizen.” You’re just a stupid soy bitch.

    The audacity (and cluelessness) of your last post is breathtaking.

    I suggest you move to either Portland or Seattle, find a riot, pull down your pants, bend over, and allow BLM members to violate you repeatedly.

    • Replies: @Colin g r
  203. Rubicon says:

    Ellen Brown does a good job of describing the PR behind Lockdowns & The Police, but please look first at what Zerohedge reported yesterday afternoon.

    More importantly PLEASE listen to Catherine Austin Pitts’ conversation with Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog.
    There, C. Pitts provides us much detail in what these bastard Super Wealthy in the US Financial World are moving towards. In essence, they intend to put all of us into a New World of a financial vice-grip.
    Please read/watch the link below:

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  204. Kali says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    How old are you NWO-Citizen? You read like an inexperienced, dumbed-down child, straight out of your local indoctrination center, spouting pre-scribed platitudes, signaling your virtue regarding less fortunate folk around the world, whist demonstrating that you have absolutely no idea what’s in store for all but a selected few in the very near future if things are allowed to “progress” as they are right now.

    If you imagine for a second that things are about to get better for African or South American children or anyone else, you’re utterly deluded!

    Your scathing attitude towards people who are very close to being made destitute, to those who live with permanent spinal injuries following violent assault, masked by your virtue-signalling “compassion” for poor brown children marks you out as an unthinking, unfeeling “progressive” fool with a lot of hard lessons waiting for you further down the road.

    And yet, only last month you were making comments such as: “If everyone responded truthfully to their cries of oppression by saying that in reality white slave holders treated black people like very valuable pets and it wasn’t all that awful…”

    Seems that one conversation you had with your friend really did have a transformative effect on you! In fact it’s almost as if you are a completely different person. But at least the unthinking, unfeeling aspects of your character have remained the same.

    Weird, though, how a person’s entire perspective can change after just one conversation.


  205. @Wizard of Oz

    These researchers depend on grants controlled by the establishment that in most cases is affiliated with and funded by the Zionist criminal CDC and big Pharma. Anyone who rocks then boat will have their funding cut to nothing. Peter Duesberg, one of the top Retrovirus experts exposed the AIDS fraud, very similar to this fake virus in how the CDC Medical establishment threw everything possible in the AIDS bucket and used the innocuous HIV passenger virus as part of the scam. Anyone that has an alternative opinion just like on the Covid hoax is silenced.

    There is no room for anything but the conventional Allopathic, cut, burn and radiate big Pharma approach with lots of neuro toxic vaccines. There is no money in health, only in sickness that can be replicated and prolonged.

    • Agree: Alfred
  206. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    But to me any apologetics for Liberalism falls on my deaf ears. Also as a monetary historian it becomes obvious that Libertarian doctrine is out of this world

    Here’s a nice layout of just how that works.

  207. @Abbybwood

    Everyone by now should be able to recognize the Zionists false flag operations like the recent Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the “I can’t Breathe” fake Floyd. Many people have exposed this one. Floyd and the cop had worked together as bouncers at the same bar for years. This is just another case where the Jews are staring up their negro proxy warriors that started it 1909 when International Banker and major donor to the Bolshevik (Jews) Revolution in Russia founded the NAACP. Did not have a black president for over 60 years. It is very likely that Obama’s real father was the race baiter Frank Marshal Davis (see Dreams of My Real Father).

    The staged riots and fake incidents like Sandy Hook, Boston (even used some of the same actors) and Los Vegas are tactics originating from the Jewish Frankfurt School in order to demoralize and destabilize the West (white) societies in order to implement the global totalitarian model of Agenda 2030-21, a Neo-feudalistic technocratic state of austerity similar to Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  208. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Scott

    There will be no reset. When economies crash the elite get replaced.

    Right. And the crash this time is from the US leaving a concentrated city based politics/business to a dispersed rural politics/business, which is a very big change. The elite, and those who supported them (e.g. the urban vote-farms) will find themselves without their former power. They may repeat the rituals that they used to retain this power (urban riots, control of national networks, even the “tech giant” censorship) but the rituals won’t bring the desired results.

    Not that I’m suggesting that pressure on the current elite be let up even a little bit. The sooner the transition is over, the better I’ll like it.

  209. jadan says:

    How would you rate the Australian lock down to the Wuhan lock down at the onset of this pandemic, Ellen? Is Australia worse than China in terms of the suppression of all civil liberties and the de facto imprisonment of a large population?

    Do you recall as clearly as I do the empty city streets and the satellite photos from US intelligence showing the disappearance of industrial pollution from the atmosphere of the region? Spooky! One of the most industrialized and heavily populated areas of the world went dark and quiet overnight!

    China’s lock down was swift, efficient, and more brutal when encountering any resistance from the people. The police apparatus of the PROC is ready at all times to assert state control over the masses.

    Immediately the CP decreed the construction of two new hospitals, 1,000 new beds, in Wuhan. They completed the project in 10 days! We are talking Myrmidons, latter day ant men, unstoppable and indomitable soldiers of ancient imagination alive and well in the PROC. You crybaby westerners do not pay attention to what is most important and most obvious, and that is that your civil liberties are secondary to your survival.

    Why would the Chinese immediately impose such a drastic quarantine and build hospitals with breath taking speed? They knew what they were dealing with, obviously. They didn’t stand around talking nonsense like Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed genius, who has permitted this virus to circulate freely in the American population. The Chinese understand why this virus should be contained and why draconian measures are necessary. They know to some extent what it is because they manufactured it at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is a bioweapon engineered with clever gain of function capabilities that make it very difficult to contain. It is not understood because it is a novel coronavirus on the one hand, and a bioweapon on the other, which is vehemently denied by authorities in those countries that have sophisticated bio-engineering capability.

    This virus is a chimera, or better yet, a microscopic Frankenstein, and it’s creators find it unpredictable, too, except that it has this capability to adapt and undermine whatever defenses its host devises. 175,000 dead in the US so far? Maybe the third leading cause of death? That’s not the real issue behind quarantine. The idea is to stop it before the next mutation becomes truly lethal and we’re all tripping over uncollected corpses.

    There is a reset underway, whether we follow Sweden’s example or not. Sweden has a population of 10 million, fewer that the LA metro area. Smaller, more homogeneous populations, can exercise self-quarantine more easily than more massive, non-homogeneous groups. For this particular iteration of the virus, that is. The original Wuhan virus was less virulent than a European strain. How many mutations are extant? 11? Will it mutate itself into the dustbin of history like the 1918 flu virus? It’s a bioweapon. It won’t behave like its naturally occurring brethren or sistren. A more lethal and virulent mutation is on its way. That’s the message from the PROC. They are vigilant, they are locking down every little outbreak they find wherever they find it. Only time will tell if it does leave us to our happy capitalist destruction of our planet, or reduces our population rather significantly. We will have to invent corpse decomposition facilities for new sources of power generation. Burning will put too much carbon in the air. Burying is a waste of time & space.

    But, we don’t know for certain what this virus will do. It is best to develop what John Keats, olde English poet, called “negative capability”. We need to be comfortable with the fact that we don’t know and focus on the true and the beautiful, such as making changes in our way of life that will help us develop a sustainable and democratic system.

    • Disagree: TheTrumanShow, Alfred, mark tapley
    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  210. Everything is going according to the Zionist plan. The fake virus has been used as a cover for another massive theft and wealth transfer as was done in 08-09. More productive people will fall from the middle class and huge numbers of businesses will be destroyed as planned. lots of property will now be picked up by Vulture investors such as the politically connected Jew run Black Rock.

    This concentration of wealth at the top and evisceration of the productive class is exactly what the Zionists want. Their socialist policies are designed to reduce America’s productivity and competitive status. The elite are concentrating and gaining power as evidenced by the fact that since the 80’s the top 10% has made practically all the wealth gains and by far the biggest part of that is in the 1%. Much of this top wealth if not most are elites that have close ties to the government.

    Over 80% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas. This will not decrease but increase because as the livestock become poorer they will be forced to locate to urban areas for jobs. Think Puerto Rico. The only exodus to the rural areas will be the wealthy that can afford large rural prime acreage. China is NWO model. Are the people moving to the rural areas? No. For years the thug elites have been forcing people into the cities where the cattle can be monitored by the social Credit Score system. The elites will implement a version of that here using the UGI. You can bet that the Zionist elite are laughing all the way to bank over the fake virus. They have planned this (with several trial runs including the fake AIDS epidemic) for years.

    You and your friend have it backwards on the fake riots also. This is right out of the Frankfurt (Jew) playbook. A Movement from the top (elite) not the dispossessed middle class or even the poor. If things continue according to plan you will get a transition, just not the one you expect. The elites have your transition already mapped out. Its the U.N. plan called The Sustainable Development Initiative or Agenda 2030-21. And it’s all in one of the designated urban rat holes set up for your very austere hunger games future.

    • Agree: JasonT
  211. @Brás Cubas

    I must agree that this is not Ellen Brown at her best. I admire her long-term work on Public Banking, and I am concerned that this near-Qanon-level diatribe may undermine it.

  212. @Brás Cubas

    She never said they “invented” a disease! She is simply saying there is no pandemic, that this is similar to a flue epidemic.

    You need to go back and re-read the article. You sound like some kind of paid shill, although, perhaps, you are simply uninformed and believe what Bill Gates tells you.

  213. @Rubicon

    Thank you for this link. CAF is so good. I admire her so much. I do love Ellen as well. Very excellent female roll models for women.

  214. Stunning revelations…i have noticed the NPR et al, the MSM…
    have stated the total deaths as a percentage of infections which is mere <2% of populations at the most.
    another way to make it look more virulent is to keep adding to th total infctions even tho many have stopped either by death or getting over it.
    the way i see it these announcements should be daily.
    and remembering some nations started very late, like India Benglah Desh (not even not) and Brazil and Mexico….all of Africa….where there are no masks and many many poor crammed into squalid slums…a shame for all humanity for sure.


    “There’s recent news in Israel where COVID-19 cases subsided. Schools were reopened and subsequently cases rose again. Part of what may contribute to lower deaths in Sweden is that people may have lowered their social interactions and number of contacts voluntarily without a strict lockdown. Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s state epidemiologist, says that their modeling estimates people have around 30 percent of social interactions compared to before the pandemic, according to BBC.

    Whatever your stance is on Sweden’s approach to the coronavirus, the fact remains that many people have lost their lives, and it’s likely that a portion of those deaths were preventable. Some research suggests that doctors in Sweden chose who to admit to the hospitals based on their likelihood of surviving, and that prevented the hospitals from being overloaded; this typically meant older individuals and people in care homes were. These are not choices that anyone wants to make, and we should not allow that to become the norm.

    The science is clear about what we need to do to control the pandemic. It’s whether we are willing to do it that is the problem.”

  216. @Anonymous

    I have not read any of your sources but I find them interesting and it may all be correct. I am wondering however about the proposed effect of eugenics on the overall English population. Britain got off to a good start compared to other areas of the world I think due to a capitalist environment that allowed for individual freedoms and property rights. Many areas of the world lacked these benefits but rather were under oppressive regimes or unstable governments with no property contract assurance. Britain benefited a lot from its naval power that was used as an extortion racket in cases like the Chinese since the British could blockade any port in the world for the benefit of the aristocracy’s East India Co. and primarily intended to use the colonies including America as mainly suppliers of raw materials. The down side is that over time the military expense (wars) raised taxes and made England less competitive.

    I can’t see offhand how any particular subset of the population would pull ahead in a genetic sense over this time. We know that the royal family had quite a few genetic problems both mental and physical from too much interbreeding and I understand this is not exactly what you are referring to.

    As people move up socio economically they generally tend to have less kids not more. And why would they tend to fall back as laborers despite the Eugenic mobility. As far as the Indian workers this is simply because they had not been raised in a mechanical environment. Japan faced somewhat the same problem as late as WW2 compared to the kids from the U.S.

    There is little doubt that the biggest change for the mass of people over time as a result of economic progress was improved nutrition and sanitation. This made a profound difference in general health and mortality. Not eugenics but here we see the effect of epigenetics from one generation to the next as in Pottenger’s cats. As a side note, at about this time the inhabitants of the big industrial city of Leicester revolted against the small pox vaccine because it killed and maimed so many people. The gov. officials told them that without the vaccine the small pox would run rampant. The opposite happened. They had less than anywhere else.

    Britain had a huge naval program before WW1 as a result of the Anglo Zionist drive to instigate the War against Germany. The Battle of Jutland demonstrated that German ship technology had surpassed the British as they had in just about everything else as well, eugenics or not. Much of the progress Britain had made in the Industrial Revolution was lost in the horrific and entirely Zionist contrived WW1 from which they never recovered economically or psychologically. Not being good enough for the zionists, they instigated WW2. Now we see where they are today. Their empire on which the sun never set is gone and England is fast becoming a multicultural backwater as it’s reward for serving the agenda of the Zionist Jews. America is not far behind.

    • Replies: @Steven80
  217. Sam J. says:
    @Really No Shit

    “… In other words, are they, Bill Gates et al planning to kill, for example, 80% of the population and by what means?…”

    I’m not saying I know how but here’s one way I know of, “Pathogenic Priming”. This has already happened before. Apparently there a problem with certain viruses that if you take a small portion of it for a vaccine when you get the same illness again it’s actually worse and kills you. Search “Pathogenic priming”. This happened in the Philippines. This says to me that their vaccine they are pushing is frighteningly dangerous to take.

    Why would Gates push vaccines so hard when we know for a fact that many people have been irreparably injured by vaccines tied to his organizations? Well Gates comes up as being linked to Epstein and riding on the lolita express. That would explain his enthusiasm. He must least they release the videos of him with underage girls. Even with all his wealth I suspect they have him where he can be used any way they wish.

    A possibility. So most of the world gets forced vaccines with extras added that might not make sense nor will they immediately make you ill in any way. Then they release the next virus that the vaccine has “Pathogenic primed” you for and bang, you’re dead and the Georgia guidestones prophecy comes true “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.

    A thing to remember if there’s another pandemic started up by the Jews. There’s a good article good article on how to stop corona, (and it appears many other viruses as well), from infecting you with over the counter stuff. Apparently the way the Trump pills package works is the cloroquine is used to open up cells or carry zinc into cells where the zinc kills off the virus. This article has links to all the relevant research. Well since we can’t get cloroquine or Hydroxycloroquine easily someone has found research that a food supplement can act the same by carrying zinc into cells. “Quercetin”. This article makes the point that maybe with this new research it may not be necessary to have vaccines at all for viruses as they can be defeated by zinc and these common drugs.

    So having Quercetin, zinc, Ivermectin and some liposomal vitamin C would be a good over all virus med kit and all of it is available without prescription.

    The Quercetin, zinc combo would seem to be very important as I believe it will work on all retroviruses like corona or the flu. I’m not sure if it kills DNA viruses.

  218. Nonsense.

    Sweden is about in the middle of the pack, and they didn’t wreck their economy to do it.

    It is difficult to calculate the amount of death and misery caused by the lockdowns, but it is quite significant.

  219. Sam J. says:

    “…international testing of hydroxychloroquine treatment of coronavirus shows countries that had early use of the drug had a 79% lower mortality rate…”

    Ok so you don’t like hydroxychloroquine. Ivermectin (IVM) has been shown near 100% effective rate in reversing Covid-19.

    We don’t need their corrupt adulterated vaccines.

  220. I am concerned about the absence of references for some of the assertions and generalisations appearing in this article. And to assert that there is no actual pandemic is to fly in the face of the reality that – in several large countries around the world – the virus is out of control, and that in those countries the infection rate is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is pointless to attempt a comparison with influenza, because the latter is very well researched and vaccines for it are available everywhere in the world, unlike the Covid-19 strain of corona virus. And speaking of the situation in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (which Ellen draws heavily upon for her argument), there is now evidence that the current lockdown in that state is working and that the numbers of new infections are now steadily declining. The government of Victoria has promised to relax the restrictions when the numbers improve significantly and in a sustained way. Indeed there are political pressures on that government to do so, which that government are well aware of. They are also aware that the current government would be swept from office at the next election if it failed to adhere to its promises.

  221. Syd Walker says: • Website

    I’d long thought of Ellen Brown as someone with enlightened views on economics who fits broadly into the progressive tradition of American politics. It is a little odd to see her quoting Alan Jones so uncritically at the beginning of the article, as though he’s some kind of guru. In reality he’s one of the most reactionary voices in the Australian media. If you want more, google up “Alan Jones Cash for Comments”. You’ll see that when it suits him, Jones has been brazen enough to drop all pretence of being a journalist, instead wearing the label “entertainer”.

    More generally, I’m curious to know how Ellen did her research on this topic. Is she in Australia at the moment? Has she made any attempt to survey Australian public opinion?

    It’s true the Victorian uptick in COVID-19 cases which began a couple of months ago is causing frustration mainly because until then, Australia had come very close to achieving zero infections and transmission. The opportunity to fully relax within our borders was tantalisingly close.

    Fortunately, the (second) lockdown in Melbourne which is currently underway is clearly bringing down the incidence of new cases, and if the decline continues we’ll soon be once again on top of this epidemic.. just as spring is underway.

    If you ask most Australians (I include myself in this list) whether at this time we’d rather be living here in Australia or in the USA or Britain, the great majority of us would say we prefer living in a place largely free of the infection. I’m sorry that appears to be no longer an option in so many countries in Europe and the Americas. For us it is still an option.

    One crucial thing this relative success gives Australians is time. Sure, that could lead to a mass vaccination push, which might have diabolical consequences. That’s possible.. but there are plenty of people who’d resist compulsion, and contrary to the prevalent view in I actually think the current crisis is not great for the vaccination industry, which is under the spotlight as never before. Disasters such as the Philippine Dengue Fever vaccination program would, if repeated for COVID-19, be next to impossible to cover up because of the intense public interest and would shatter public faith in Big Pharma. The heat is on the vaccination industry to truly perform. That’s a good thing,

    We can also use time in other ways. We have better options than just waiting around like devotees of a Cargo Cult praying The Vaccine arrives soon. Time brings better information. Treatments may well improve.. there are signs that may already be happening. We may find other ways to gain immunity. What if spread of the other non-lethal coronaviruses is found to be a safe way to generate mass immunity? There may be other “natural” ways to strengthen resilience if infection occurs. We still don’t haven’t sufficiently hard data on Vitamin D to force a reluctant medical establishment to embrace Vit D supplements as a clear recommendation. That evidence may well be forthcoming in the coming months.

    Now.. it MAY be the case that we are living out a nightmare designed by the CIA, the Chinese, the Israelis/Zionists, the Illuminati or whoever. I’m not impervious to such suggestions. It took me a few weeks to figure out that 9/11 was some manner of false flag.. a little longer to become convinced about the identity of the principal perpetrators. When there’s strong evidence I try to follow it.

    But in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s way too much supposition presented as fact, too many bogus and/or foolish commentators who claim certainty when they shouldn’t. As Mark Twain famously said “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so..”

    A little more humility from commentators such as Ellen Brown would be nice. Right now, on the subject of COVID-19, I’d sooner listen to a Chinese epidemiologist than an American with no special credentials to comment on COVID-19 or Australian health policy (not that I’m aware of), who seems to me to be adding to confusion over this topic instead of elucidating it.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  222. Alfred says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    where do I find scientists saying in credible media what you have just asserted?

    Why are pharmaceutical companies not rushing to implement my invention of a virtual vaccine that would allow people to anonymously exchange their health information – and thereby get rid of HIV and a multitude of other sexually transmitted infections and illicit drug-use from society?

    Method of controlling transmission of defects (US patent 5,108,131) – FDA-approved as a “medical device”

  223. @TKK

    TKK, Right on the money! I notice more and more signs near the cash register at various stores explaining about a coin shortage at the Treasury Department and to please pay with credit or debit cards. I was asked on several occasions if I want the “change” back from the money I paid for, even as much as $.63 on a $7.37 purchase I made last month, giving the cashier a five dollar bill and three singles to pay for the merchandise. Can you imagine?

    In 1980, I listened to a radio talk-show host interview a man who had written a book, which I think was titled “Cashless Society” or “Charge It”, about doing away with paper currency and coins and making all transactions on plastic, so Big Brother knew about all of our financial transactions, and where we spend our money, etc. so they had a record of literally everything we do. I wish I had purchased the book then. I think the authors name is Terry Gulinoy, or Golinoy oy or something like that. Maybe an internet search may help if the book is even in publication anymore. He was certainly ahead of his time!

  224. @John Hermann

    The fake virus has not isolated because they can”t. No controlled scientific studies. Fake virus, fake tests, fake numbers. Just like with all the other fake viruses promoted by the CDC-WHO criminals. The only thing out of control are The Zionist elites and their power grab.

  225. Kapyong says:

    “It’s more complex than that, DNA can be synthesized from RNA… meet reverse transcription.”

    Yes, in certain circumstances.

    But that is light-years away from an injection which can successfully change the active DNA in (almost) every cell in the body.

    We have barely made the first few steps towards that goal. It’s just another scare not based in reality, but on a scary phrase “change a human genome“.

  226. Steven80 says:

    Alfred, thanks for sharing that – it seems the coronavirus statictics are most probably derived from PCR tests that detect old/new influenza and old coronavuruses of any kind.

    I’m in Melbourne at the moment, and its getting funny here – the Victorian government has a goal of 20K tested persons per day and the last several weeks its been 13K per day (on average), despite the government bribing ($450 to get tested and $1500 if there are any disease sympthoms). The government goal seems obvious – get as many cases in the official statistics as possible. Yesterday the Victorian premier – Andrews, requested another 12 months of emergency poweres that can make him force lockdowns at will. And this is now, when all statistics show that new (influenza) cases are decreasing – he’s just desperate to get emergency powers extended.

    I think the whole circus is a prelude to either a major war or a division of the world in two blocks, as in the cold war. When the supply chains are disrupted for a continuous period of time, companies either go bankrupt or find new suplliers/customers. This is happening at the moment, and when this proces is advanced (old inventory gone, new inventory from other sources negotiated etc.) the war will start. Or some kind of “iron curtain” around Russia/China/Iran block. Politicians everywhere are trying to delay economy openings until after the US elections, because some of them obviously have info about this. Otherwise, the circus does not make any sense.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
    , @Alfred
  227. @vot tak

    You are confused as to who you are and have lost touch with reality. Seek help before you are wandering the streets aimlessly looking for Zionazis and Likudnicks and sleeping in the gutter. Poor schmuck.

  228. Steven80 says:
    @mark tapley

    As people move up socio economically they generally tend to have less kids not more.

    This is a phenomenon just from the last century. One of the reasons for the success of the British empire is that wealthier people tended to have more kids for many centuries, and that created a large group of smarter people.

    Prof. Gregory Clark explains this quite well (sorry, I can’t seem to find his youtube video about Britain, this is a similar study for Sweden)

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  229. Awash says:

    I am afraid we will all go crazy.

  230. @artichoke

    I am willing to do it and indeed that’s a good idea of yours, let us elder lemons be at the front line,

    Thanks for that:-)

    Last night as I was out around my locality keeping it free from psychopathic propaganda, I was stopped twice by the police and even though I was ‘armed’ with my spray can I bluffed my way out of it, I have been in much more dangerous situations over the course of my life,

    I don’t just talk,

    If you cannot see that we are witnessing a worldwide coup d’etat you then cannot see my previous comment in the proper context,

    Governments worldwide are taking away all of our freedoms and so, in my view, cease to have the right to be treated respectfully,

    I’ll be happy to take a fall to prevent a younger person having to forgo the life I have had to date.

    And just maybe because I have children and grandchildren I feel the necessity to join the fray,

    But according to you I’m ‘sick’ and ‘morally bereft’

    Have a good day Sir.

  231. @Rich

    Certainly those young men did not achieve what they set out to achieve and then when the treaty of 1921 was signed and it split the revolutionaries the resultant civil war was quite brutal and some of those young men turned on their former comrades and committed some awful atrocities,

    However being under the British crown was no picnic for Ireland and the right of the Irish people to be free from British rule is non negotiable,

    And I’m with you on our Indian former Taoiseach (prime minister), he is an embarrassment to put it mildly,

    Remember though that we did not get freedom from Britain, we got that ‘Free State’ which was anything but,

    So Ireland as is, is a pawn of the EU and totally owned by global capital,

    I personally believe that we should has immigration, but controlled immigration and yeah for sure the future is going to be bleak here if we don’t put a stop to mass immigration,

    Those young men that I mentioned who ensured our right to free speech at the protest are the same ones fighting the mass immigration policies of our governments,

    I appreciate the feedback Sir.

  232. Ko says:

    The vaccine will modify everyones dna. That alone is reason to fight to the death an involuntary injection.

  233. Herald says:
    @mark tapley

    Next comes the fake but dangerous vaccine fraud.

    This is what the Covid-19 fiasco has always been about. At the very best, the unneeded vaccines will just be dangerous, at worst, which seems a fairly good bet, they will be intentionally genocidal.

    This scam to get the people to give up their liberties will continue to be pushed by the global elites and will get a lot worse unless people revolt against it.

    The continuing and scientifically baseless Covid impositions are clearly intended to piss us off, thus rendering us easy prey, for the regiments of mindless Covid vaccinators.

    Non-compliance with all fraudulent Covid restrictions has to be the way forward. Most importantly, point blank refusal to be vaccinated is now an obligatory requirement for all of those who want to live a while longer.

    • Agree: mark tapley
    • Replies: @jadan
  234. @jadan

    Your beautiful message is “Submit” and “Obey.” Go back and tell your masters that their days are numbered and they will hang. And so will their henchmen.

    • Replies: @jadan
  235. Don Paul says: • Website

    Thanks again, Ellen Brown! Thanks for the many astute comments, too!

    Here’s a recent piece about HCQ alone and with Zinc and Azithromycin.

    It’s about Fauci;s and Gates’ lethal lies, too.

  236. jadan says:
    @ploni almoni

    Ha! You will smite Goliath with your sling shot, is that what you’re saying pioni aimoni? No face diapers for real heroes! Go get ’em!

  237. @Pft

    What next? Operation Blackout? War with China (an exercise, not real)? another Pandemic virus or just a 2nd wave of COVID enhanced by a nasty new flu vaccine specially made for the elderly over 65 (Quadravalent Fluad)?

    A manufactured famine.

    • Agree: JasonT
  238. @Steven80

    This video was the British version. I believe his data goes from about 1780. I don’t think he specified what per-cent of the population are classified as wealthy, 1-5-10%? I don’t think that the sum of offspring from a small group of wealthier people would produce more smarter people than all of the 90 or 95% at the bottom. The wealthier would be in better circumstances and just as today, they would desire to maintain every material advantage possible for their children such as exclusive private schools while the rest are relegated in many cases to dysfunctional environments where there is barely any order much less education. Nutritional differences are the only factor I can see that could make a generational difference. This epigenetic effect could make a significant difference in mental and physical variation.

    The British Royal parasites have been sucking on the productivity of Britain for hundreds of years but I don’t think they have any special cognitive attributes except living extravagantly off British society. How do we know that being wealthier correlated to better intelligence? They may have just produced more George W. Bushes, Donald Trumps and Paris Hiltons. Beethovan had to deal with the upper classes all the time and he had nothing but contempt for them. Thomas Jefferson while Ambassador to France, was acquainted with most of the Royalty in Europe and he said none of them would be fit for the lowest elected post in Virginia. Trump has a degree from Wharton that would eqate in Clarke’s calculations as “being smarter” but we all know how that works. Several people that have worked around him say he has the equivalent of a 4th or 5th grade education. I recommend you see the video of his court deposition in 2016 and judge. Son-in-law Jarrad has a degree from Harvard that was also purchased. Clarke does mention regression to the mean. I think this is a very powerful hereditary force. Johann Bach had 20 kids but none of them were anywhere close to him in ability.

    Everything Clarke says may be true. I think however there are two main factors for Englands former success. First Britain benefited from the mainspring of human progress, that being a free enterprise system of free individuals enhanced by control of maritime trade. If there was an intelligence advantage for the wealthier class it would be because of better nutrition and sanitation that is known to improve the offspring mentally and physically and triggers gene function epigenetically for future offspring. These I think were the major forces for progress.

    One thing is for sure, the wealthy anglo elite Zionists were the sole cause of Britains precipitous decline to where they are today.

  239. jadan says:

    Would you complain the authorities in Galveston were trying to deprive you of your liberties because they tell you to get out of town before the hurricane hits? Stand your ground, Harold & Tapley. Die! That’s what your liberty amounts to sometimes. Follow orders, or die. We have the same choice with this virus. It’s not a hoax. It’s just getting started. It’s an accidental release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It’s a bioweapon. It was created by the evil cabal that rules this world. They don’t want to take away your liberties. They don’t want to lock you down. You’re no threat. You buy their shit. They need you. If you work for an employer, corporate or no, you check your liberties at the door when you go to work. You probably have little net worth or none and owe your soul to the company store so to speak. You’re free to consume and go into debt and that’s about it. You have no privacy. Haven’t you listened to Edward Snowden? They don’t need to invent a hoax virus to take away your liberties. You don’t actually have any. You can own all the guns you want, but they won’t protect your liberty when you get behind on your mortgage and the cops are coming to throw you out of your house. Cops aren’t your friends. They’ll shoot you just like they’ll shoot a black person if you resist and don’t surrender and follow orders. It’s entertaining to listen to the conservative, libertarian voices at this blog…but it’s also disheartening. We are fucked. Ignorance is not survivable.

  240. gsjackson says:

    Do you think Trump might have some idea about the true nature of the threat presented by this virus? Go to 19:50 on this video to get an idea of how seriously he and Barr are taking it.

    • Thanks: Herald
    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  241. Syd Walker says: • Website

    “Do you think Trump might have some idea about the true nature of the threat presented by this virus?”

    That’s a hilarious comment.

    You ask that about the president presiding over the largest number of COVID-19 fatalities in the world – as he “leads” a nation he brags has the best health care system, the best this, the best that and the best everything else?

    The Ship of (diseased) Fools, also known as the USA, may be sinking under its own misguided hubris, but at least a few passengers and crew have started asking razor sharp questions. Questions such as “Does the Captain actually have a clue about what’s happening?”

    Perhaps, after all, there are detectable signs of intelligent life on board..

    • Replies: @Herald
  242. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Hi Steven 80

    You say the payments of $450 are a bribe. In fact, they are payments that help recompense people for the inconvenience of being required to self-isolate until test results come through.

    “Victorian workers can apply for a $450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment that provides financial support while they self-isolate to wait for the results of a coronavirus (COVID-19) test.” See

    The idea of payments such as this is to counter disincentives to get tested. That’s because (unlike you?) the Victorian Government actually wants to get the current outbreak under control.

    You apparently believe your “right” to infect, be infected, kill the elderly and sick and risk the lives of healthcare and aged-care workers must be preserved at all costs.

    Yes, you have a point of view, Steven. But is it wise? (Incidentally, I hope the “80” in your handle refers to the year of your birth, not your age. If the latter, you may like to reconsider your complacent attitude to this pandemic.)

    • Replies: @James Scott
    , @mark tapley
  243. @Syd Walker

    Anyone who still believes that this is anything but a normal flu season is retarded. How many lies do they get to tell? Morons abound.

  244. @jadan

    Just another power grab by the Zionists and their collaborators. Same criminals that contrive the wars, did 911, WMD’s, global warming and all the other “deadly viruses.” Anyone should see through this crap. More people every day are refusing to go along with this childish fear campaign to get people to give up their God given inalienable rights. Fake virus, fake tests and fake numbers. Just like H1n1, H5N1, SARS, Swine, Bird and the phony AIDS epidemic. The zionist governments are always looking for ways to get the people to give up their liberties by using the thesis-antithesis war tactic with an external enemy or by using some kind of “crisis” like global warming, acid rain, mercury in the fish. I even remember the coming ice age and over population scams.

    The masks are just a psychological tool to reinforce the fear in peoples mind. In February top CDC criminal Fauchi did a video where he admitted they did more harm than good and were counter productive. Once they saw how many cucked idiots there were they changed their tune. That video has of course been taken down.

    China is the model for the NWO and has the same goal (control the livestock) as the Zionist gov. here. As soon as they told the cucks there was a virus the problems in Hong Kong stopped. There is no covid 19. They are using the same tactic as with the AIDS virus hoax of throwing every illness and death from whatever cause into the Covid bucket. If the cucked idiots that are sucking their waste products back into their lungs wearing the face diapers pulled this crap off they would be a lot healthier and soon forget all about the fake virus. That is the psychological mechanism at work.

    As far as compliance, my freedom to be left alone in my person and property is a fundamental right that no government has any right to interfere with under any circumstances . That is why the Zionists are trying to break them down. The colonists that killed the 73 British and wounded over a hundred more at the initial skirmish would never tolerate this kind of tyrannical intrusion. Neither would they tolerate illegal searches and seizures as passed by the Pateriot Act fraud.

    Keep fearing the shadow virus as a slave for the Zionists. All cucks like you should wear your mask 24 hrs. per day for the rest of their life. And don’t forget your rubber gloves.

    • Agree: Herald
  245. @Syd Walker

    Go to the doctors offices and hospitals and see how many victims there really are. None. Just like the “overflowing” hospitals, fake tents, ventilators and hospital ship crap at the beginning. It amazes me that people are too stupid to see through this typical psyop. The staged riots are also part of the diversion while the banking cartel has stolen trillions more as they did in the contrived bailouts of 08.

    • Replies: @xcd
  246. Steven80 says:


    I never suggested that I or anyone else has the right to infect or spread disease. I didn’t suggest that the Victorian government wants to lose control of the situation – please read again more carefully my previous post, before starting with baseless ad hominem attacks.

    I said that $450 is a bribe,because it crates incentives to do something a person otherwise would not be inclined to do – which is the same as you suggest. You call it incentive, I prefer to call this a bribe, because it serves in my opinion a hidden political purpose, which is not noble and honest. If you wish, you can call it whatever you want – that is your right.

    Perhaps 80 is the seventeenth Arcane of the Tarot?

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  247. Syd Walker says: • Website


    Thanks for your reply and apologies for my tetchiness. But niceties aside, I really do think you’re peddling nonsense.

    Do you honestly believe the Victorian Government is keen to inflate the infection statistics? Do you have any evidence at all to support that implausible hypothesis?

    Ah yes, the “bribe” you mention. I’m not usually a big fan of government, but some of the nonsense I encounter over the COVID-19 issue could turn Bakunin into a raving statist.

    In Victoria, the Government, with great reluctance and initially only via quite modest steps, introduced a second lockdown to deal with an unexpected spike in cases. It was widely argued in the community that carrying out the mandatory quarantine/isolation measures was a crippling blow to low income earners, and this was discouraging them from getting tested – essential for tracing and containing the outbreak. So the government came up with the payments that you interpret as a bribe to artificially inflate numbers. Premier Daniel Andrews really can’t win, can he?

    This pandemic is like a national intelligence test. Some nations are obviously failing badly. Others seem to have a good chance of passing the test. I’d hoped Australia was in that category. Attitudes such as yours make me much less confident. There does seem to be a significant proportion of the Australian public who’d be happier wallowing in mediocrity. They want to party like Wuhan in August without doing the tough work that Wuhan did in February. They think the world should be as they wish, and when it isn’t it must be the fault of powerful, evil people with monstrous schemes. That’s a very childish way to view the world and the role of individual responsibility in making life better for us all.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
    , @Chinaman
  248. The following from journalist Jon Rappaport on Covid 19 fraud:

    Conventional researchers “discover new viruses” in their hidden labs, without independent observers watching and filming every step and move, so virology has become a mystical farce.

    They SAY they’ve found a new coronavirus that is infecting and killing people, justifying the fear and the lockdowns and economic and human devastation. But they may as well be saying they’ve found a pink and purple ghost in a closet, and we should huddle in the dark until it goes away.


    Longtime friend, colleague, and relentless independent investigator, Harry Blazer wrote this in a blistering email to his list:

    “…science has even co-opted and bastardized the term ‘isolated’ to mean putting a sample [from a patient] in a cell culture, adding various agents to create a reaction including antibiotics and various caustic chemicals to see if the cells die – REALLY!!! How could you possibly know what caused what to happen when you are adding all kinds of shit to cause something to happen? It is like adding adjuvants (poisons) to a vaccine in order to produce an antibody response to prove that the vaccine works. REALLY!…”

    Yes, in that mystical lab ritual, researchers are putting together a cell culture, which includes what they claim is the new virus; and then to “prove” this supposed virus is harmful and kills those cells, they add caustic substances that do, indeed, cause harm to cells.

    This reminds me of animal experiments back in the 1970s, at the US National Institutes of Health, where the obsessed (and failed) goal was proving viruses could cause cancer. To “prepare” the animals for injections of the purported viruses, all sorts of toxic chemicals were jammed into the animals—in an effort to weaken them to the point at which the viruses would hopefully “create uncontrolled cell growth,” the hallmark of cancer.

    There’s a simple name for this sort of lunatic research: stacking the deck.

    What Harry Blazer is referring to in his statement is just one piece of the arcane lab protocol designed to “find a new virus and prove it is harmful.” We need EVERY piece of the process brought out into the light for all to see and understand and analyze.

    A hundred years of Rockefeller-medicine propaganda has entrained gullible populations to “fear the germ,” forget the inherent strength and resilience of their own immune systems, and forget what health is.

    As I keep mentioning, if germs were the basic problem, we would all be dead a thousand times over, because the gigantic number of microbes in our bodies and the environment is incalculable.

    In several key articles, I’ve described how a proper large-scale study should be done, utilizing electron microscopy, in order to demonstrate the likelihood that a new virus is present and causes illness. Such studies are never done. The reason is clear. The naked results would torpedo absurd hypotheses about supposed viral epidemics.

    Expert propagandists know, and have stated, that the best lie to tell is a huge lie. Sell that one, and you’re in. For example, once the population has internalized religious faith in The Germ, reversing that belief seems preposterous.

    “You mean they’ve been lying to us about THAT? No, that couldn’t be…”

    Yes, it could be, and it is.

    “You mean, they’re a selling a STORY about a virus?”

    Bingo. We have a winner.

    Back in the 1980s, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I decided to check up on efforts to infect animals with (purported) HIV and produce AIDS. These animal experiments involved chimps kept in sealed facilities across the US.

    Keep in mind, the chimps were no longer living in their native environments. They were no longer among their traditional communities. They were existing in cages, kept there for long periods. Years. In other words, every possible psychological assault on them was being deployed—in order to impair their immune systems.

    I spoke with the scientist who was in charge of tracking every one of those lab chimps. I asked him whether the injections had caused any “AIDS effects.”

    No, he said. Not in any of the animals.

    Robert Gallo, the “co-discoverer of HIV,” was reported to have said: “Let me take a crack at those damn chimps! I’ll infect them!”

    Who knows what horrors he would have unleashed on the animals, to make it appear their immune systems were failing from “the virus.”

    Eventually, researchers did announce they had been able to “infect” some chimps. This is like saying, “We dropped bombs on the enemy and they continued to fight, so we dropped much, much bigger bombs, and then they gave in…”

    Welcome to the science of virology.

    • Replies: @AB_Anonymous
  249. @mark tapley

    Jon Rappaport is a great journalist. And he’s right about virology becoming a
    mystical farce. In fact, anything sophisticated enough for the great majority of
    people to be absolutely clueless about how it works has such potential. Because all
    it takes is a bunch or lapdog scientists/specialists plus the same quality mass-media
    and, voila, – any BS, including a deadly one, can be sold to the public.
    The 5G wireless technology is one of most recent examples. It doesn’t matter how
    many insects and birds die in proximity of those masts. What matters is that
    “there’s no substantial scientific data proving that it’s dangerous”, and that
    “you’ll be able to download more movies from NetFlix”. It’s like talking to retards.
    Science and technical progress are great things, but only in the hands of decent
    people. Otherwise they turn into nightmare, which we are witnessing now.
    Time to make changes, and not necessarily in “scientifically approved” ways.

    • Agree: mark tapley
  250. Alfred says:

    I’m in Melbourne at the moment, and its getting funny here

    Until 2018, I lived in Melbourne. My ex and two teenage daughters are in Williamstown. I am really glad not to be there at present. Victoria seems to have gone Stasi. I never thought that would happen. We moved from the UK in 2009 because I feared that something like this would happen in Europe – after the colonial war in Yugoslavia.

    Andrews and the chief of the police are clearly sociopaths. I watched them on Youtube dishing out the self-inflicted bad news. The were grinning like two cats passing a live mouse between their paws. An absolutely disgusting sight. I wonder how much money changed hands to make Australia such a paranoid place. The media just will not report on the rest of the world that is not in lockdown.

    Happily, I am in Kiev. Things are 99% normal. No masks in public except for a few deluded souls. People out and about enjoying themselves. Here are links to some of my recent photos and brief videos.

    [MORE] (funfair 1)(Mariinsky park and floodlights for Kiev Dynamo)(a wedding in front of palace) (dancing in park 1)(playground 1) (dancing in park 2) (playground 2) (playground 3) (teenagers dancing in Mariinsky park ) (Kiev Dynamo sports ground) (Kiev Dynamo practising)(view of Dnieper from Mariinsky park) (people on bridge Kiev) (teenagers dancing in Mariinsky park 2)(café and Soviet building Kiev)(café and Soviet building Kiev) (people on bridge Kiev)(beach in Kiev 1)(beach in Kiev 2) (beach in Kiev 3) (beach in Kiev 4) (beach in Kiev 5)

    Please pass these links around so that people in Melbourne know that they are being imprisoned for no public health reason.

    • Replies: @Syd Walker
  251. @Syd Walker

    Listen, you moron. You posted too much crap already.

    A rise in “cases”, eh? What’s the fatality rate, how many are serious? In the US, media have stopped talking about deaths, it’s all “cases” now, why do you think that is?

    Australia had like 500 deaths? Even with probably faked stats. You have to be an incredible moron to take that as justification for the methods employed in Victoria.

    Let me be generous, you’re not a moron, you’re a shill. G’day.

  252. Syd Walker says: • Website

    Thanks for sharing your video postcards from Kiev. Everyone in the vids seems to be having a nice time. That’s lovely.

    Your vids do not, needless to say, tell the whole story. They are snapshots and anecdotes – not irrelevant, but scarcely definitive proof of your propositions.

    The statistics don’t look quite so rosy for Ukraine. Daily new COVID-19 cases have been on an upward trajectory since March and are now in the order of 2,000 per day. Ukraine’s overall Case Fatality Rate is over 2%. In the northern hemisphere, autumn and then winter are coming..

    Folk who think videos of party-goers in Kiev amount to a decisive intellectual argument may find your advice persuasive.

    For myself, I wish you well and hope your complacency is justified, but I’ll continue to pay attention to the opinions of epidemiologists, health experts.. anyone really who shows a basic understanding of what are quite complex issues and is willing to discuss them in a rational way. A little humility would be nice also, as I remarked in an earlier post. But I realise that’s in short supply..

  253. Herald says:

    You make about as much sense as Joe Biden on a bad day. Of course, Joe’s got full blown dementia as an excuse, so what’s yours?

  254. jkb says:
    @gay troll

    Curious…. Years ago I concluded (without any fact to back it up, just reasoning) that Lucifer was originally Venus the Morning Star, and in time I found I was not the only one. It’s interesting that Lucifer turned into some deity. Any history on this?

    • Replies: @gay troll
  255. Herald says:
    @Syd Walker

    Trump may well be aware that the Covid-19 pandemic is at the very least 99% hoax. The real question is, if he knows what’s going on, what is he going to do anything about? I think the obvious answer is, that he will play his part in letting the hoax run to its long planned conclusion. For those that haven’t yet got it, the planned conclusion will be a massive cull of the global population, not by coronavirus, but by vaccine. Take a bow Bill Gates.

  256. @Peripatetic Itch

    SARS-2-nCoV-19 is a retrovirus rDNA and like all other retroviruses there is no known cure via vaccine. Big Pharmacology is readying to supply the world with pharmaceutical intervention just as they did with the Aids Virus. Vaccines are delivered to markets after about a decade of research and drug trials. SARS-2-nCoV-19 is not amenable to a cure for civilization due to the fact that it is aerosolized so that repeated exposure and propinquity become issues for gathering of collectives of people. Pathogenicity and Viral Reactivation cannot be dealt with via a vaccine due to the fact that no vaccine was ever developed for HIV/AIDS thus far.

    Researchers have been working on that vaccine for at minimum of 30 years now with no discernible results thus far. To assume reflexively that BIG Pharmacology is going to perform pharmaceutical miracles is to miss the fact that they failed thus far with HIV/AIDS.

    Herd Immunity cannot be achieved without elimination of the deadly man made Pandemic Pathogen SARS-2-nCoV-19 which is vectored via aerosol and will permeate all the nooks and crannies of civilization through the food chain and food delivery systems staffed by humans that breathe air from the commons just as the animal kingdom does.

    Are scientists going to vaccinate all the wild animals throughout the world? Are they going to see so-called Herd Immunity when the bioweapon was designed to replicate exponentially as animals gather into groupings?

    Propinquity and cost to administer any invented intervention via BIG Pharmacology will be intractably impossible to achieve empirically. Ergo, one can conclude accurately that no Herd Immunity will manifest over time as that is not how bioweapons are designed and engineered to work/function in a theater of biowarfare.


    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  257. jkb says:
    @Brás Cubas

    Couldn’t “LOL” to this, so I LOL using this comment. L O L.

  258. @Robert White

    Are scientists going to vaccinate all the wild animals throughout the world? Are they going to see so-called Herd Immunity when the bioweapon was designed to replicate exponentially as animals gather into groupings?

    Chicken Little, Is that you??? You went off your meds again, didn’t you?

    I asked you to explain why you think herd immunity is not possible or even the most likely explanation for declining death rates in countries with no lock downs, and in reply you tell us the spread of SARS-nCoV-2 into the wild-animal population is going to be our downfall. Why? Well because SARS-2 was bio-weaponized. Of course.

    Wow. How did I miss that? The President of Tanzania proved that the virus tested positive in goat serum and (dumb me!), I took that to be a matter of faulty tests. Now I find that the real problem is those squirrels in my back lawn, who simply will not socially distance themselves….

    • Replies: @Robert White
  259. @John Hermann

    There does not become a “reality” that the virus is “out of control” just because you assert it.

    Nor does it become reality through repetition by dishonest, vicious government officials who have used the phony pandemic to terrify people into acquiescing in dehumanizing mask, anti-social distancing, and surveillance measures.

    Nor does it become reality because big corporations and banks send us emails every day drumming home “the age of covid-19” and “in these dificult times” and “during this pandemic” — the same big corps and banks who got hundreds of billions in direct taxpayer aid in the “cares act” and several trillion dollars indirectly through our assumption or guarantee of their foolish speculative loans and investments,

    Here is a sober, detailed, well-sourced assessment to the contrary by an experienced medical doctor:

    I have yet to read any medical professional actually specifically address and rebut or seriously undermine any of this doctor’s points about the systematic unreliability and dishonesty of the alleged covid-19 death stats.

    Think for yourself and don’t trust people who have amply shown that they do not have your nation’s and your family’s well-being at heart, to say the least.

  260. @Syd Walker

    I wonder what the median age of decedents claimed to have died “from covid-19” in Australia is so far. Is it age eighty and above as in italy, sweden, and numerous US states?

    I also wonder what percentage of people allegedly killed by covid-19 were already suffering severe comorbidities and/or had a very short life expectancy even before accounting for possibly being “tipped over the edge” by covid-19 (the same way that other viral strains tip old and infirm people over the edge, sadly, every year).

    Third, how many of the australians with covid-19 as the listed cause of death were not actually tested for covid-19, but rather “presumed to have been infected” because of their alleged symptoms or their contact with someone who actually did test positive.

    Fourth, how accurate are the tests used? Which test or tests are being used in Australia, and what is their rate of false positives?

    Fifth, how can we trust the death certificates when doctors have been widely pressured or required to list this virus as the cause of death without regard to more severe preexisting comorbidities? My close friend who is an MD near San Diego reports that his colleagues are pressured and incentivized to call co if-19 the cause of death to get extra government funding, when they would not otherwise report that as the cause of death in some cases. A medical doctor in Minnesota, who happens to be a state senator, reported that the State had sent a memo threatening and pressuring MDs there to inflate their covid-19 death stats (publicly available, now thanks to him); the State never denied it.

    You and I do not know the answers to any of these questions, and most people will make no effort to understand this fundamental defect, let alone try to find the answers in a calm rational fashion.

    *** Here is an assessment by an experienced medical doctor. It is devoid of politics or emotionalism. One might say it puts him “somewhere in the middle” as to the severity and lethality of the virus, nowhere near the blindly accepted “conventional wisdom”:

    The lying, exaggeration, and unscientific methods used to assign cause of death in many alleged covid-19 deaths makes it impossible to know with any confidence. What we can know with confidence is merely that there are substantial categories of decedents whose death cannot be called a covid-19 death with the data we had about them, and that for many of them the causes of death were multiple or muddled — rarely acknowledged by the “medical authorities.”

    A penultimate point: even if the intentionally dishonest covid-19 death stats were accurate, that would not remotely have justified a general lockdown or inhuman anti-social-distancing and mask “mandates.”

    Finally, for any mask or distancing mandates to be even potentially lawful (and in the US, constitutional), they would have to bre enacted by a legislature, not “ordered” by a mayor, governor, or president as dictators do.

    Digging into this doctor’s analysis above (and noting the absence of logical rebuttals to his points about the death stats) hopefully will lead to the conclusion that medical science does not call for the hysteria that we see around us. In turn, a non-hysterical balancing of individual and family liberty and material survival against public health resoundingly calls for the general population to breathe free and live free.

    People who are quite elderly should take whatever precautions they normally take against viral infections, whether that is wearing a suitable mask (which describes very few of the masks being sold and worn) or faceshield, staying away from large gatherings, whatever they and their doctors and children ascertain is prudent. The same goes for people of any age who suffer from serious respiratory or immune-system conditions. These more-vulnerable groups have always been free to wear protective gear, forgo normal social interaction and commerce, and do whatever they think wise to lower their risk of infection. Most never bothered before this hysteria.

    In sum, there is no scientific or moral basis for destroying our lives and ability to provide for our families even if the death stats are roughly accurate and honest — and they’re not.

    • Disagree: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @gsjackson
    , @xcd
  261. gay troll says:

    Yes, Lucifer is a name for Venus, the morning (and evening) “star”. It is called this because the planet Venus only appears at these times, always near to the horizon. In the OT book of Isaiah, the king of Babylon is compared to the morning star because he is “fallen”; thus, the proximity of Venus to the horizon is turned into a metaphor for personal downfall. Much later, Lucifer as the fallen king of Hell was popularized by Dante and Milton. And so now many Christians identify Lucifer as Satan.

    But Jesus Christ also calls himself the morning star in the NT. In so doing, Jesus expressly identifies himself with Venus (the goddess of Love, see also Ishtar). The gender of Christ is also called into question by his enunciation of the Hagia Sophia, or divine feminine wisdom. Lucifer means light-bringer; like Prometheus and the Edenic serpent, Christ offers illumination or gnosis to mankind. IMO the androgyny of Christ cannot be overstated and is one of the reasons the story of Christ incarnating as a man and the only son of his father is so offensive and theologically backwards.

    The New Testament is nothing other than a yoke designed to make the wisdom of the goddess serve the interests of Yahwist chauvinism. Its purpose is to keep the true Christ (Lucifer) crucified forever.

  262. @Peripatetic Itch

    Ad Hominem is not an argument, or counterargument, BuckO.


  263. Corvinus says:

    “Mass mail-in voting in our system is undeniably tailor-made for mass fraud.”

    You are peddling Fake News.

    You really should learn about the history of mail-in voting.


    The controversy surrounding mail-in voting has roots back to the Civil War. Before then, only the state of Pennsylvania granted soldiers absentee voting rights. That changed as thousands of men remained deployed far from home in the buildup to the 1864 presidential election. From 1862 to 1865, 20 northern states changed laws requiring in-person voting to allow deployed soldiers to vote. (Read about why the U.S. has never delayed a presidential election—even during the Civil War and 1918 flu.)

    The issue quickly became partisan: as Republican candidates supported the cause and appealed to soldiers for their vote, Democrats feared that Republican military leadership would tamper with the results. They complained of Republican interference and accused them of trying to steal the vote and, as a result, were painted as anti-soldier and saw their popularity drop. (The Confederate States voted in its own election.)

    “I haven’t yet seen anyone try in good faith to rebut the points above, just get emotional and cry racism and voter suppression.”

    You mean there have been solid arguments you simply ignore. Why are you being patently dishonest? There is no evidence that mail-in voting increases electoral fraud. A recent Washington Post analysis found 0.0025 percent of votes were deemed possibly fraudulent in the 2016 and 2018 elections. In 20 years and 250 million mail-in votes, there have been only 143 criminal convictions related to fraudulent absentee ballots.

    In the 2016 presidential election, 33 million votes—almost one-quarter of the total—were cast by mail. President Trump appointed a commission to investigate voter fraud after claiming that millions illegally voted. It later disbanded without evidence to support his claim.

    Trump has claimed that if mail-in voting were adopted nationwide “you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” (Trump himself votes by absentee ballot in Florida.)

    The timing of “moving/replacing old corner mailboxes” now only demonstrates the purposeful action of a Trump donor in a position of authority to assist his pal to steal the election. Of course, if the situation involved a Democrat engaging in this action, your blood would boil. So you are definitively lying here, which I thought is no-no for you as an alleged Christian.

    There is no legitimate reason for the Postal Service to remove NOW 671 high-speed mail-sorting machines nationwide, a process eliminating 21.4 million items per hour’s worth of processing capability from the agency’s inventory. Furthermore, the Trump pal banned postal workers from making extra trips to ensure on-time mail delivery and cracked down on overtime hours. As a result, localities across the country have struggled with backlogs of up to a week, hamstringing local businesses and delaying the arrival of prescription medications, Social Security checks, and bills. So the strategy is overall harming Joe Q. Public.

  264. Wollemi says:

    Great article covering issues around civil liberties, strategic economic functions of declared pandemics and the health/industrial complex. Alan Jones is a recently retired shock jock, a reactionary of the highest degree with a conservative political status. The state of Victoria has a Labour Government whose past policies slanted towards social democracy and responsiblity to the citizenry. Unfortunatly the Victorian Government has been targeted for political reasons. NSW committed the greatest errors and ommissions with early Covid responses, however Victoria is now trying to curb community transmission. While numbers of deaths are relatively low comparatively, transmission has seen over 600 staff in one hospital on furlough due to infection or close contact. Civil liberties are attendant with civil resonsibilities and police intervention implemented after public education failed for individuals with apparent entitlements and magical immunity from infection or spread. It could very well be that we are being groomed for universal vaccination, however in the meantime low technology solutions to reducing spread such as masks have been also politicised with a cohort of influencers actively undermining mask wearing as one factor that may reduce transmission. Raina MacIntyre, Dale Fisher, Norman Swan, were actively discouraging mask wearing and begs the question whether some populations were planned as participants in a herd immunity experiment. The Victorian Chief Medical Officer was silenced when he mentioned face masks on a University of Melbourne Corona Virus special, however 2 weeks later the Victorian outbreak was fully under way. For me, I may never see my elderly mother alive again due to border closures, and my thoughts turn to balancing safety and risk. Many questions unanswered so thanks for a great article.

  265. gsjackson says:

    “I also wonder what percentage of people allegedly killed by covid 19 were already suffering from severe co-morbidities…”

    The CDC lately has been very quietly (i.e., without media attention) updating its data, and a couple days ago they answered precisely this question — 94 percent. They are acknowledging that only six percent have died solely from covid 19. The rest had on average 2.6 co-morbidities that were substantial contributing factors

  266. Chinaman says:
    @Syd Walker

    This pandemic is like a national intelligence test.

    Yes and also test of executive control and time preference. Both the purview of our prefrontal cortex.

    The results are consistent with a world IQ of 82 and 5-year-old time preferences.

    Most Chinese watched with the horror and incredulity at the absolutely bizarre response the rest of the world have shown during the pandemic. All the suffering was absolutely unnecessary. Everyone stay at home for 2 weeks and wear a mask in public. Quarantine the sick and test the rest. It is so obviously and so simple…

    • Agree: Syd Walker
  267. From the macroeconomic perspective, coronamania was an excuse for a restructuring of the global portfolio by the elite.

    That isn’t a theory, it is a fact, as laid out by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum here:

    There is no reason not to think of global assets, i.e. the entire world economy, in terms of a single investment portfolio that must be managed, and it’s possible that Schwab himself or somebody else thinks of it in exactly that way; in any case, that’s what’s being done.

    The ground-level perspective, as usual, is cloaked in moralism: it gives petty functionaries like cashiers and security guards the right to stop us at will, gives government even more excuses to shake us down for what little money we have, and makes other people’s “concern” for their elderly relatives’ health everyone else’s prison.

    It’s abundantly clear that they intend to make us all paupers. Scratch that; we are already paupers and beggars. It’s simply that they haven’t been able to wrap up the whole “free market” experiment – begun not even two-hundred years ago – just yet. But that must be the aim, as the so-called free market reached its limits some time ago.

    The earth now belongs more firmly than ever to the ultra-rich. We are predominantly surplus population called into existence by advancements in industrial agriculture, and the game now is for the elite to figure out how best to contain and dispose of us all.

    On the one hand, we can be glad the whole charade of “getting ahead” and betterment through capitalism is over. On the other, it’s just a more perfect cage that is being built around us, as we sit and watch and hope they’ll let us out again someday.

  268. xcd says:

    IMO, this is a much bigger plot than grabbing small US businesses. Primary goals:
    – Deflecting blame for the collapse of the global ponzi scheme from central banks and the largest speculators
    – Deflating the financial bubble
    – Reducing production as demand collapses and pollution rises, thus sustaining scarcity, a pre-condition for capitalism
    – Evading compensation for lay-offs
    – Distracting from and evading compensation for pollution
    – Plundering more public wealth: “rescuing” the largest speculators and awarding “emergency” contracts
    – Plundering more private wealth: buying up businesses/property from the bankrupt and short-selling shares
    – Depopulation through fear/dispair (which impacts health), disease, hunger, bio-warfare, consequent sterility and disrupting essential goods/services/treatment

    Secondary potential benefits:
    – More obedience of govenment (esp. by children), distrust between people: neutralising democracy
    – Perhaps, a cover for harm from 5G
    – Improved propaganda, surveillance, censorship, targetted orders
    – Many types of movement and assembly becoming privileges
    – Ongoing “vaccination”, “testing”, “treatment”, detention: overt brutality and ID2020
    – Digital money
    – Less jobs, more exploitation, destitution
    – More/worse harmful/fraudulent products/services

    Coming soon:
    – A worse bio-weapon in the “next wave”
    – More imperialism, e.g. against the covid-19 recalcitrant governments

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  269. @xcd

    Your list could be summed up with the word totalitarianism. That’s what’s coming.

    You appear to lament the demise of democracy. Why? It has to be the stupidest of all forms of gov’t where the human trash gets to exert influence over the productive. Democracy is a major cause of what’s happening.

    It is yet too early to suggest a method of pushback, but at some point where the bulk of the people in a given area have had enough, the solution is a nationwide strike to end the current gov’t. In the US, the Fed Gov, the prime instigator for this fiasco, needs to be dissolved and the political class hung for treachery.

  270. xcd says:

    According to Gordon Duff of,
    – If any explosion creates a crater deeper than 6 ft, consider it to be a nuclear event unless proven otherwise.
    – The PTB have been passing off the mighty blasts and clouds from nuclear missiles as as strikes on – or accidents at – godowns that contain explosives.

  271. xcd says:

    Polio and the polio vaccine have also been messing up facial symmetry – right?

  272. xcd says:

    Ron Unz did not claim to break the story. He has quoted people such as Prof. Irving extensively.

    Some people want to remain in the Matrix. What about all those Christians visiting the “Holy Land”? Do any of them try talking to their fellow believers living there? I have a family member who spent his own money going there with his family. He saw no cracks in the Matrix.

  273. Not only draconian but diabolical! Who doesn’t see the prince of darkness muzzling the human race with his claw firmly covering the mouths of dissent.

  274. xcd says:
    @mark tapley

    A friend told me – in hushed tones – what he had heard from a taxi driver: major hospital completely empty outside when dropping off a patient = deadly disease. This friend did not mention any crowding when he himself was warded recently – for an unrelated matter. In his own words, they nearly killed him. Yet, he remains a believer. According to him, non-covid wards and clinics are closed to reduce crowding, regardless of severity. I tried to explain the ubiquity and essential role of microbes, HCQ, etc. but he seemed to lose interest.

    • Thanks: mark tapley
  275. Colin g r says:
    @Robert Dolan

    So your wonderful, best-democracy-in-the-world-country is burning down, is it?
    But how many countries in the world have been bombed, burned and destroyed by your country, all under an evil cloak of lies, lies and more lies?
    What goes around comes around, correct?
    Payback is a ‘biatch,’ they say.

  276. I am a front line healthcare worker – a respiratory therapist – on Long Island in NY, very close to NYC. I witnessed first hand the devastation of allowing this virus to move unchecked through a community. I’ve been in healthcare over 20 years. It was horrific. I still lay in bed some mornings overcome by sadness as the faces of the dying pass by and the feelings of helplessness watching so many people die or become permanently disabled. The sheer numbers make what happened difficult even now to fathom.

    I am really disappointed and surprised, though I don’t know why, at the level of ignorance expressed in this article. The comments don’t surprise me of course I love in America where such ignore-ance runs to the highest levels of media and government, but I really expected you, Ellen, to be more intelligent in your assessment. I do understand how difficult it can be when you have had no first hand experience with this pandemic and you’re only information is all the crap swirling around the internet. I’m sure it is nice to feel safe in the fantasy that this is all some made up device and you’re too smart to believe it.

    But just because it doesn’t seem to have much effect in your nice little suburban enclaves where you can hide out and feel special and chosen, the virus and its horrible effects are very real and a very real threat to the people that make up the hidden infrastructure you pretend doesn’t exist because that would mean maybe you don’t really have your clean safe food and clean environments because you deserve it but because someone else is being treated and living in conditions they don’t at all deserve.

    This kind of proclamation of a false level of concern for this virus exposes a deep level of ignorance of the world. It’s like saying the devastation of places like Syria are just exaggerations because you have no direct experience. Make an effort to seek out those with direct experience with the worst of this stop hiding behind screens and attempts to manipulate numbers to create and support your fantasies and wishful thinking.

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