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From Here On, Palestine Calls the Shots
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From rocks to rockets. This is now the recorded evolution of the armed Palestinian Resistance. From throwing Intifada rocks that barely scratched occupation tanks, to lobbing rockets that can now reach anywhere in Israel: this is presently the undeniable status of the Palestinian Resistance. Hard, therefore, not to deduce that some impressive progress has been achieved by the armed Palestinian Resistance in Gaza, despite Gaza being under a severe land, sea and air siege. Right under the very noses of the bulky Israeli military and its lauded hi-tech Intel, the Palestinian Resistance has managed to arm itself in a significant way – and indeed, it continues to improve its arsenal, undetected. Of course, Israel’s weaponry remains by far more superior to that of the Palestinians, but this superiority in arms became meaningless during the recent ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ combat: a small war that found the Israeli forces unilaterally withdrawing from the battlefield after only some ten days. In normal military parlance, this would be defined as a defeat, yet this defeat is being referred to in the West as a ‘ceasefire’. Well, semantics aside, the simple takeaway is that Israel’s mighty military lost to pitiful Gaza rockets. The biblical story of David and Goliath repeated itself right before our modern eyes. And from here on, the hulking Israeli military will be powerless to protect Israeli Jews and their properties in the holy land.

In 1948, Zionism had promised the Jews of Israel two vital services: security and prosperity. Indeed, it had kept good on its promise for some 73 years. But now, in 2021 and post the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ war, it can no longer provide either. From here on, Zionism cannot guarantee either security or prosperity for its Jewish population – not with Gaza rockets now permanently looming and ready to disrupt daily Jewish life in the holy land. It used to be that the Israeli military was the one capriciously disrupting the security and prosperity of Palestinians, but overnight, the success of the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ has turned the tables on Israel. From here on, Palestine calls the shots. From here on, Israel will pay a very heavy price for any significant aggression against the suffering, occupied Palestinian people. This equation is now fixed; immovable. This is the new status quo.

Moreover, Zionism, appealing specifically to Jewish zealots, had also promised the total Judeofication of Jerusalem. A project that is contrary to International Law. A project that entails illegal land theft and the total ethnic cleansing of native Palestinians from their ancestral homes. Now, this project has come to a total standstill, with Hassan Nasrallah announcing recently that his resistance army, Hezbollah, as well as the armies of other members of the Axis of Resistance, will from here on militarily involve themselves in defending Jerusalem from this Judeofication project. Therefore, what we have now is Gaza’s improved rocketry checking Israel from within, and from without, we have several million Axis of Resistance fighters and their immense arsenal standing by, all ready to liberate Jerusalem at a moment’s notice. “Jerusalem for regional war,” was Nasrallah’s succinct warning to Israel. A regional war that will in fact be an existential war for Israel. A regional war that even the staunchest Israeli supporters are deathly fearful of because it will completely destroy modern Israel and cost tens of thousands of Jewish lives.

With Israel’s Zionism now unable to fulfill any of its fundamental promises, where does all this leave Zionism but collapsing before the very eyes of Jews themselves.

It is now simply impossible for Israel to reverse its sinking fortune without igniting a suicidal, regional war. No power on earth, not even mighty US powers can reverse this track. All the US and other Western friends of Israel can do now is delay the inevitable destruction of Israel with the use of a proverbial band aid here and a band aid there. Blinken, who is currently visiting the holy land is offering nothing but band aids to both sides. Other Western leaders will soon enough also come to Tel Aviv and to Ramallah with offers of more band aid. In reality, no one has anything else to offer Israel but band aid, because everything else has already been gifted to Israel in the past, and Israel appears to have squandered and abused, instead of used these gifts wisely for its longevity’s sake. There is no more that the West can do for Israel, save for actually sending their troops to the holy land to die for the Jews. An unlikely and most controversial move to now send democratic Western troops to die for ‘Apartheid Israel’, especially in the current depressive economic state that the whole world finds itself in. And Even if some Western nation was foolish enough to send its troops to fight for Tel Aviv, these troops will not be able to stop the intensive waves of Resistance precision missiles and rockets already poised to saturate Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel proper. Here, even geography is against Israel.

The ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ has irreversibly weakened Israel, not just on the home front, but the world over too. Overnight, Israel’s universal image went from its traditional ‘victim State’, straight to ‘Apartheid state’. Now, in the minds of the majority of the world, Israel is believed to be an Apartheid state. And in this new Apartheid definition of Israel, the so-called holocaust violin and begging bowl are nowhere to be found. The world is no longer interested in considering the sentimental holocaust when it comes to Israel. All the world can see now are the numerous and unconscionable Crimes Against Humanity that Israel has wantonly engaged in against the Palestinians – numerous crimes that israel has committed without a single instance of accountability. The world is no longer prepared to remain silent on this, or to accept the status of Israel as eternal victim.

So very much has been shattered within the Zionist machinery by the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’. And there are no spare parts to be found anywhere to replace them. Not even a false flag operation by Israel will return it to the victim chair. The whole gaggle and cackle of Jewish deceptions are by now also known and exposed to global populations. What in the past used to work in favor of Israel, is no longer working. The apple has lost its shine.

And another major victim of the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ is the Deal of the Century. At this stage of the game, with Jerusalem currently being a focal and highly emotive topic deluging Arab world medias, it is impossible for any corrupt Arab leader to now sign up anew to the Deal of the Century. And who in their right mind would sign a highly controversial deal with a sinking nation that can offer nothing in return? Mindful here too that two out of the four Arab nations that have already normalized with Israel under the Deal of the Century, did so purely for personal and not ideological reasons. These two nations are Sudan that signed the Deal in exchange for the removal of its name from the US’s terrorism list; and Morocco that signed the Deal in exchange for US support in Morocco’s illegal land claims over the Western Sahara. We can therefore safely say that out of 22 Arab nations, only two despotic Arab dictatorships are ideologically aligned with Israel: the UAE and Bahrain. These petite Zioninst-Arab nations cannot save Israel from even a single Gaza rocket, let alone from the combined weapons of the Axis of Resistance that now surround Israel: all coiled and waiting for Israel to miscalculate. Kushner’s attempt at wiping out the Palestine cause from the Arab world by creating a normalization program has utterly and completely failed. The Palestine cause has never been stronger in the Arab mind than it is now. The Deal of the Century has become the Tomb of the Century.

Moreover, an even more important pro Israel project has also collapsed at the swipe of the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’: The Oslo Agreement. No longer are the Palestinians happy with just a pitiful ‘crumb of land with no autonomy’ offered to them by Israel under Oslo, they are now unanimously demanding the return of all their land ‘from the river to the sea’. Their supporters worldwide are backing this notion by loudly chanting ‘from the river to the sea’ at all their mass protests. The ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ has veritably stabbed Oslo in the heart. The Two State Solution is dead. The One State Palestine Solution has grown massive wings.

Indeed, with Palestine now demanding all its land back ‘from the river to the sea’, Zionism appears to have symbolically lost all the land it acquired by force of arms since 1948. This symbolism will now become a reality in the next war between Israel and the Axis of Resistance. And war is coming. Plans and maps for the final War 0f Liberation remain very much on the table. Over the past 7 decades, Israel had stridently rejected numerous calls by friend and foe alike to surrender to the Levant’s historic culture of equitable coexistence between religions; rejected blending into the local scenery, opting instead to war against all its neighbors so as to assert itself as a vastly dominant power beyond reproach. Now it finds itself with many missed opportunities for peace and with its jugular bleeding: cut by no less than an over-zealous, blunt Zionist knife. War is coming to the holy land because Zionism has relentlessly expressed itself as a supremacist ideology that is fundamentally incapable of compromise, incapable of equality and justice, incapable of making real and genuine peace with any of its non Jewish neighbors. Through unchecked savagery, through arrogance and overreach since its inception, Israel has now become impotent in the face of the real existential threat it faces today. Apartheid policies and land-kleptomania will only get you so far. The Jews should have learned this lesson from the now defunct Apartheid South Africa.

Israel and its Jewish population now find themselves in an unsustainable and untenable position. They have now but two choices: depart from the Jewish colony in peace and physically intact, or from here on face a daily life of fear of Palestinian rockets and whatnot, followed eventually by a violent death when the big war breaks out.

Addressing Israeli Jews in his speech yesterday, Nasrallah stated: “We see how Muslim and Christian holy places are these days under dangerous attacks by you. When you destroy homes and people in Palestine: we leave this to the internal Palestinian Resistance to address. But we as the Axis of Resistance cannot stand idly by when you violate the sanctity of Muslim and Christian holy places in Jerusalem. Any further violations of Jerusalem by you will lead to regional war.”

Will Israeli civilian and military societies listen to Nasrallah’s warning, or will they, in their traditional arrogance, dismiss his words as being mere empty threats?

The Axis of Resistance now has all its war ducks lined up. The much longed for and necessary Palestinian unity is now a reality. All the needed weapons for victory are a reality. Global moral support for Palestinian liberation is now a reality. The War of Liberation is but one single step away. And the timing of this war will be triggered when Israel foolishly violates Jerusalem again. And violate it will, in its attempt to put oxygen back in the collapsing lung of Zionism. After all, violation is the only method that Israel knows. Violation is the definitive Israeli MO.

Will the Jews of Israel now risk life and limb and continue clinging to and supporting a shattered Zionism that can no longer deliver them its promised goods? Or will their survival instinct kick in and have them packing suitcases and returning back to their European, Russian and American origins?

A combination of both, I suspect. Some Jews will leave Israel. Some won’t. The die-hard Zionists are pathologically deluded enough to remain: believing that present conditions are militarily reversible. They’re not. Not anymore. Not ever. All that the Zionist Israeli government can do now in the aftermath of the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ is ease up a small measure of pressure on the Palestinians and on the city of Jerusalem: buying itself time to come up with a solution that would be acceptable to both Israeli Jews on one hand, and Palestinian Muslims and Christians on the other. But Zionism, by its own definition does not allow for equitable co-existence with non-Jews. Sober minds on both sides do not believe that a win-win solution is available, or feasible. They estimate that this too-little-too-late path of Israel releasing some pressure on Jerusalem will lead to nowhere, and at some point en route, the Israeli government will become insensible with frustration to the point of miscalculation. Indeed, it will be Israel’s very last miscalculation.

We shall soon enough see a costly but heroic and historic return of the nation of Palestine: from the river to the sea.

No stopping now the winds of change that favor the suffering Palestinians.

(Republished from Plato's Guns by permission of author or representative)
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