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Freedom of Speech Dead In Europe; Greg Johnson Detained, Deported Because He MIGHT Say Something
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There comes a point, and I think we’ve reached it, where Western boasts about “freedom” and “democracy” become self-discrediting. I am no longer willing to say that the West is more “free” than China. I would certainly say that Russia has a greater claim to being a “free country” than anywhere in Western Europe.

There is no “free world.”

Norwegian authorities have arrested a high-profile U.S. white supremacist scheduled to speak at an international far-right conference in Oslo and say they will seek his deportation.

Spokesman Martin Bernsen from Norway’s domestic security agency PST told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK that a U.S. citizen was arrested Saturday “on the basis of the Immigration Act section 106” including a suspicion that “he may play an obvious role in radicalization.”

PST didn’t give the person’s name, but he was identified by Norwegian media as Greg Johnson who was a scheduled speaker in the conference by the Scandza Forum, a far-right network known for its anti-Semitic and racist views.

[Norway arrests US far-right activist, seeks deportation, 27 News, November 2, 2019]

Jared Taylor reportedly issued the following statement.

I recall the late Christopher Hitchens’s defense of free speech and his condemnation of the so-called “hate speech” laws in Canada. The late Mr. Hitchens was perhaps wise to die when he did. Had he by some miracle beaten his cancer, he would have no doubt lived to be condemned as a Nazi and deplatformed by today’s progressives.

As he said then (at around the 6 minute mark):

“One of the proudest moments of my life, that is the recent past, has been defending the British historian David Irving, who is now in prison in Austria for the potential of uttering an unwelcome thought on Austrian soil. He didn’t actually say anything in Austria. He wasn’t even accused of saying anything. He was accused of perhaps planning to say something… now they can add to this proud past the fact that they’ve locked up a British historian who’s committed no crime except that of thought and writing. And that’s a scandal. And I can’t find a seconder when I propose this but I don’t care. I don’t need a seconder. My own opinion is enough for me and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, in any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my a##.”

We are told that Norway’s decision is necessary to prevent “radicalization.” If the system of “liberal democracy” is so fragile that mere words could cause people to question it and destroy it, perhaps it is not worth defending. We certainly know that the boasts of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the right of self-government are shameful lies.

The mask is off.

Needless to say, don’t expect any action from the U.S. Embassy. This may have been done at their urging. President Donald Trump limits his defense of American citizens to rappers that hate him and will never vote for him.

• • •

Response by Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson was scheduled to speak at the Scandza Forum conference in Oslo, Norway today. Over the last few days, the Norwegian antifa were on a social media campaign against Scandza and Greg in particular, claiming that he supports terrorism and was therefore a threat — ludicrous given Greg’s many diatribes against terrorism. Regardless, word about this apparently got to the Norwegian authorities, and he was arrested this morning before the conference on national security grounds. The police said that Greg was being deported, but he’s been held incommunicado since then, so we don’t know where he is now. Undoubtedly they will simply detain him until they can get him on a flight out of the country. This is the same routine that Jared Taylor and other thought criminals have been through before. The conference itself is proceeding and none of the other speakers or attendees were detained. Below is a statement that Greg wrote in connection with the accusations against him before his arrest.

Greg Johnson Responds to the Complaint

In connection with Scandza Forum’s conference in Oslo on November 2, 2019, Filter Nyheter is agitating to stop my entry to Norway. They have therefore put together a campaign of lies against me which they are now spreading on social media.

Filter Nyheter suggests that I promote violence as a political tool. The reality is quite the opposite. I have always consistently condemned violence and terrorism. In fact, I do not know of anyone else who has so clearly and unequivocally spoken against Right-wing terrorism as me. At the Scandza Forum in Sweden earlier this year, I gave an entire speech in which I addressed the evils of terror, and I have written numerous articles opposing it as well. I have never supported Breivik’s crimes. These stories take quotes from my writings out of context, from an article in which I in no way defended Breivik’s crimes. In fact, it was a text that discussed Breivik’s own rationale for the crime. At the moment, we are therefore looking at the possibility of taking legal action against Filter Nyheter.

The following are a selection of my statements that consistently condemn Right-wing terrorism:

Against Right-Wing Terrorism (speech at Scandza Forum in Stockholm, 2019), video below:

As a further reason as to why I should be banned from entering Norway, Filter Nyheter‘s “terrorist expert” claims that The Nordic Resistance Movement had published a link to the conference on their own website. But this group has not, and never has had, anything to do with the Scandza Forum, nor is the Scandza Forum’s organizer aware of the alleged “advertisement” that Filter Nyheter claims is there. Maybe if, without their knowledge, I publish a link to Filter Nyheter, then their own journalists will receive travel bans?

Greg Johnson, Ph.D. in philosophy and author

• • •

An Interview with Greg Johnson’s Lawyer

Yesterday, Frodi Midjord interviewed Greg Johnson’s Norwegian lawyer about Greg’s situation and the legal underpinnings — or rather lack thereof — of Greg’s arrest on Saturday.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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