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Flynn Just the Start—Trump Can Hit Back At the Ruling Class By Pardoning Stockman, Snowden, and Assange
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President Donald Trump’s pardon of General Michael Flynn was long overdue, but that should be just the beginning. Three other dissidents languish in prison for no other reason than the enmity of the Deep State:

If President Trump is to be driven out of power by the relentlessly pro-war Ruling Class, he should take it down with him. He is still President of the United States. It’s not time to tweet, it’s time to act.

Congressman Steve Stockman is in prison for alleged fundraising irregularities in a case than hinged upon technicalities and process crimes—very much like General Flynn. It was a classic case of inventing the crime to fit the man, rather than arresting a man for committing a crime. Richard Viguerie, L. Brent Bozell III and other conservative leaders said that the prosecution inappropriately applied the law and never proved any attempt to defraud. Indeed, the people Stockman supposedly defrauded never filed complaints, and it took the fourth grand jury to even get an indictment. That jury was also given misleading instructions [Conservative Nonprofit Leaders Urge SCOTUS to Hear Case of Wrongly Imprisoned Former Congressman, by Rachel Alexander, Townhall, August 17, 2020].

These conservative leaders recognize the significance of why the outgoing Obama Administration targeted Stockman. He had called for the arrest of Lois Lerner after it was exposed that the Obama Administration had used the IRS in a discriminatory manner against conservative nonprofits. It was that very month the investigation against Stockman began [Congressman Stockman’s Case Is A Dark Omen Of Political Repression To Come, by Patti Stockman, Daily Caller, August 19, 2019].

Why did they do it? The Obama Administration wanted to find a way to have the federal government shut down conservative foundations without openly repealing the First Amendment. The Harris/Biden Administration will doubtless take up the same jihad and a shaky Supreme Court will be the last line of defense.

Needless to say, when Richard Nixon allegedly attempted to do this, the same journalists who cheer repression against conservatives were scandalized.

President Trump did act in a similar case when he pardoned Dinesh D’Souza after what Senator Ted Cruz called a politically driven investigation by the Obama Administration [Dinesh D’Souza: Why did Trump pardon the provocateur, by Anthony Zurcher, BBC, May 31, 2018]. Does Stockman not deserve the same mercy?

The treatment of Stockman for process crimes is especially galling considering what has happened (or, rather, hasn’t) to prominent Left-wing figures accused of financial improprieties. These include:

And of course, there was the murky tale of whether Hunter Biden exploited his father’s influence to secure positions overseas, something even the Obama State Department worried about [Hunter Biden: What was he doing in Ukraine and China, BBC, October 30, 2020]. Determined not to allow a repeat of the 2016 election, journalists en masse refused to cover that story, displaying that coordinated behavior Joe Sobran called typical of “The Hive.” [The Hive, Sobran’s, June 1999]

None of this should be surprising except to the most naïve. America is already a Third World country. We do not have “Equality Before The Law.” The law simply doesn’t apply to some people. President Donald Trump is right that we don’t have freedom of the press, but a media class that suppresses news and speaks power to truth [Trump: ‘We Don’t Have Freedom Of The Press In This Country–We Have Suppression By The Press, by Jeff Poor, Breitbart, November 29, 2020]. What better way to strike a blow against them by freeing someone who is in jail today because he was trying to expose what the Main Stream Media didn’t want covered?

This is also a literally life or death issue. Because of COVID-19, many prisoners around the country are now being freed because they are at high risk of infection:

Yet Steve Stockman must remain locked up? The fact that Stockman is not being released despite having several comorbidities and being held in a dangerous environment suggests that Richard Viguerie is not exaggerating when he claims that someone “at the top” wants Stockman dead [Who In Washington Wants Steve Stockman Dead? ‘Someone at the Top,’ ConservativeHQ, July 20, 2020].

If President Trump can give violent criminals a second chance, surely he can spare compassion for one of his most devoted and endangered supporters. The best way to respond to charges of “fascism” would be with an act of mercy.

This also applies to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. President Trump has not fully broken with neoconservatives. The recent assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, almost certainly with American foreknowledge if not involvement, shows President Trump is still firmly committed to the anti-Iranian foreign policy line. It was also President Trump who ordered the strike on Qasem Soleimani. The Trump Administration has, if anything, taken a far more militant stance against Russia than the Obama Administration. It has already led to unnecessary confrontations with the Russians for unknown purposes. None of this did him any good with the military and foreign policy establishment.

President Trump has come under extraordinary criticism from within his own administration. The so-called “Mad Dog” General James Mattis, President Trump’s first Defense Secretary, has sided with Black Lives Matter while he agitates for America’s forever war in Afghanistan [Mattis gives views on Afghanistan, by Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post, December 14, 2019]. Trump’s own State Department openly defies him while it tries to push BLM in, of all places, South Korea [U.S. Embassy In South Korea Removes Its Black Lives Matter Banner, by Laurel Wamsley, NPR, June 15, 2020]. “Our” State Department pushes regime change on American allies like Hungary. Whatever side America’s diplomatic and military leaders are fighting for, it’s not America’s. And even though President Trump has mostly gone along with their agenda, they still hate him.

Why go along with this?


While American journalists fret about bigoted rocks, why calling Beethoven by his last name is racist, and the eternal crises surrounding black women’s hair, we should also remember two men who actually did what journalists claim to do. Edward Snowden revealed the extent of “our” government’s surveillance on its own people [Edward Snowden Says He’s Applying For Russian Citizenship, by Jaclyn Diaz, NPR, November 2, 2020]. Julian Assange revealed the breathtaking espionage programs the Regime on the Potomac has unleashed against the entire world, all in service to a foreign policy based on perpetual and nihilistic wars [Wikileaks ‘Cablegate’ 10 years on: An unvarnished look at US foreign policy, DW, November 28, 2020].

The best way President Trump can destroy the foreign policy establishment that hates him so much is to pardon both Snowden and Assange [Trump’s Ace: Win or lose He Can Still Devastate the Deep State With Three Perfectly-Timed Moves, Revolver, November 30, 2020].

President Trump’s presidency was successful in revealing the nature of the system that rules us. Unfortunately, he either can’t or won’t prevent the system from controlling him too. As he continues to contest the election results, Donald Trump should remember that for another few weeks, he is still the Commander-in-Chief.

True power lies not in showing cruelty but displaying mercy. Pardons for Steve Stockman, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange are the right things to do. They would also show that Donald Trump on the side of the people that the Regime on the Potomac hates most—the Historic American Nation. If Donald Trump (or one of his biological or political heirs) seeks to recapture the Oval Office, these pardons are a necessary step.

If populism is defined by opposition to a corrupt elite, President Trump should reclaim the mantle by using the power he has left by saving the lives of three men threatened by an evil system that wants us dead too.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Trump has no deep fear of being “driven out of power”. Therefore, there is no real urgency – but I do note the increasing calls for pardoning Snowden and Assange.

    It is difficult to understand where Trump stands on the politics of such moves. They are small pieces on the chessboard. Pawns at best. And he has powerful Knights and castles to defend or attack.

    Politics is a cold and pragmatic practice.

    Neither Assange, nor Snowden make much difference in the calculations of power.

  2. anon[373] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not time to tweet, it’s time to act.

    This has been true for 4 years. Today, Trump is deservedly synonymous with twit.

  3. Those charged with the “crime” of exposing Washington’s — Assange, Snowden, and Manning, too — should receive a full pardon.

    I hope I’m wrong, but:

    1. None of the three will be pardoned. After all, they weren’t part of his administration or otherwise supporters of of the unprincipled Mr. Trump.

    2. This latest episode of cowardly selfishness will go ignored by his duped enthusiasts or, if that’s not practicable, rationalized. (“Those treacherous Jews he naively trusted hid the pardoning stationery!”)

    3. If Mr. Biden takes office, he won’t do the right thing, either. (Cf., President Harding and Eugene Debs.)

    That nearly 150,000,000 Americans just cast a vote for Red + Blue in the latest Most Important Election Ever is discouraging. If you’re among them, just how awful would the choices have to become for you to stop endorsing your rulers?

    • Agree: Black Picard
  4. “It is difficult to understand where Trump stands on the politics of such moves. They are small pieces on the chessboard. Pawns at best. And he has powerful Knights and castles to defend or attack.”

    WTF are you talking about? This is Trump, not Montaigne. Trump will do what Bibi tells him to do.

    I assume Flynn has something on Trump or Bibi. As for the others, they’re in prison because they don’t. End of story.

    Why do you guys try to think about Trump as if he were Plato or Cicero? He’s a sleazy real estate con man from Queens.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, utu
  5. Sadly, Trump won’t pardon Snowden or Assange. I think most Trumpsters would welcome seeing Assange pardoned since he helped defeat Clinton in 2016. But, Trump is a political actor–a puppet. The whole contested election is unfolding like a written script to maximize drama and emotions–like a WWF match. You can almost imagine the reaction of the media when the “bad guy” wins.

    If Trump wants to add some real drama, he would pardon Schaeffer Cox.

  6. John Hagan says: • Website

    Look, what is wrong with a little bit of corruption. The folk of the USA like and respect a family that takes a few bribes for some favours here and there. The whole US society is built on this type of operation. What is wrong with that? It has led the US to become one of the world’s greatest societies – and it is just human nature anyway. Show me a Christian in politics in the US who does not want to take a little from the church plate.
    The Bidens and Trumps are just a typical families like many others who enjoy showing others that a little corruption does no harm at all. So much so that American citizens admire those like Joe and Donald who help themselves to a few favours for money (some call them bribes but I would not go that far) that they will elect one or other to the highest office in the land.
    This is the way business is done in the US. So what if there are a few poor casualties with no food and no home. They are obviously too stupid to avail themselves of the many opportunities. Why go to school in the US if not to learn how to look after number one? Watch the short video dealing with the Biden family …

  7. Trump likely hasn’t been told himself, but every major government knows that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are both CIA frauds, evidence is overwhelming

    These scammers, both openly anti-9-11-truth, served as ‘rat traps’ to identify and destroy real dissidents lured into contacting Assange or Greenwald etc … several people who did contact them, are dead or in jail … we don’t know how many real whistle-blowers they helped silence and murder … they also de-legitimise any real dissidents who don’t have corporate media touting them

    – Zbig Brzezinski on 29 Nov 2010, USA PBS TV News Hour, admitted Assange was intel
    – Bibi Netanyahu blurted out to Israeli media long ago, that Assange was an Israeli asset, Julian hiding any major anti-Israel ‘leaks’

    Julian ‘never really lived in the London Ecuador Embassy’ Assange, pre-staged faker ‘Edward Snowden’ – first allegedly ‘leaking’ to Dick Cheney’s biographer (!), then pumped by ‘brave Jewish journalist’ and ex-seller-of-gay-pornography Glenn Greenwald, working in turn for 3 billionaire families (Gates, Rothschild, Omidyar)

    – Good CIA boys Assange & Snowden both suppress files on USA Virginia federal judge bribery & extortion corruption which helped block other extraditions, even tho key to their ‘defence’
    – Both pumped by CIA media, NY Times, Guardian, who ignore real dissidents
    – Assange shared lawyer with Rothschilds, Rothschild sister-in-law posted Assange bail
    – Assange helped Rothschilds destroy rival bank Julius Baer in Switzerland with his ‘leaking’, Snowden stuff was nothing substantially new, NSA-CIA spying was well known previous decade
    – 3 people trusting Assange dead – Peter W Smith, Seth Rich, John Jones – others jailed
    – Assange lawyer John Jones of Doughty Chambers, thrown under a train & killed in the UK, apparently about to expose Assange was CIA-Mossad fraud, never really ‘living’ at the Ecuador embassy
    – Putin openly hints he knows Snowden is fake, he plays along under long-running CIA-Russia deals (Russia supports 9-11 story, US keeps quiet about Chechnya crimes / false flagging)
    Link above for more

    • Thanks: The Real World
    • Replies: @dogbumbreath
  8. Since Assange is an Australian citizen residing in an English prison, how can Trump legally pardon him?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @follyofwar
  9. lloyd says: • Website

    Trump should also pardon James Fields. This young man is serving a life sentence with an additional over five hundred years added for the death of the young woman at Charlottesville. If he was culpable in her death, he has already done seventeen months’ jail time. His present sentence is so farcical that his continuing incarceration is not realistic.

  10. Lee says:

    A recent WSJ article dated Dec 2nd suggested that Trump should pardon himself,his family,and his allies to stop the needless political investigations that are sure to follow his exit for years.

  11. In the USA the people are sovereign .to prove that fact they have retained their God given rights to bear arms to defend against evil at home and abroad and free speech

    In the event that the people are denied their rights for their chosen one President Trump

    and the supreme court fails to redress that injustice , then the people may re invoke the 1776 I N GOD WE TRUST revolution

    It is the people themselves that determine the fundamentals

    not pedocrat enabling baby killing CoNNstitutanal liers

  12. Charon says:

    Neither Assange, nor Snowden make much difference in the calculations of power.

    This is of course true, but pardoning them would enrage all the right people. I’m holding out hope that perhaps this angle will work on ex-orange man.

  13. Gen Flynn, never should have been prosecuted. As I understand it, Gen Flynn is still pursuing removing the perjury conviction.

    Mr. Assange, did not commit a crime and isn’t even subject to US law based on his conduct and conditions as a foreign journalist living outside of the US as a non-citizen.

    The case against Mr Snowden is a little different, even as a whistle blower I question some of his choices.

    In the cases of Congressman Stockman, Gen. Flynn, and Mr. Assange, the term you want is malicious prosecution. X didn’t do X or did x against the desires of aims of said government and though said conduct was not illegal, a case is pursued for the sake of vengeance.

    Like charging the current executive and his campaign aides of Colluding with the Russians. because they won an election. Notice, all of the actual convictions had nothing to do with colluding with the Russians nor the current executive.

    The practice of malicious prosecution is not new. It’s typical. In the case of Watergate, there’s no evidence that the president of the US did anything , except, perhaps, attempt to defend members of his staff, whose activities were under their own design. Watergate provides a very good example of the tactic as does the Russian, Ukranian impeachment attempts. Make broad sweeping allegations, load up on charges, scurrilously slander the name of the person charged, with non-relevant information, usually attacks on character, personality, affiliation, etc. The attack is not about the conduct, but the person – but the intent is revenge — malicious prosecution.

    And judges who entertain these types of prosecutions are usually fairly weak because the actual intent of the charges become fairly clear. An while some will be uncomfortable with the reference, police departments are notorious for making these types of cases to obfuscate their culpability in illegal conduct. Congressman Stockman finds evidence of illegal conduct by the government, expressly the admin., the executive (nothing at all like Watergate in which nothing involved the executive directly) and in response the government launches a case against the finder of facts against them. The previous admin prosecutions against “whistle blowers” all represent malicious intent. The motives: revenge and covering up their own misconduct. And democrats are more astute in the practice than republicans (my opinion – for relativists making tangential links is par for the course). And unless one has a healthy suspicion of government behavior (as every conservative should) it’s easy to be mislead by government accusations.

    I guess whether one should except a “pardon” is a deeply personal call. A pardon is not quite the same thing as innocence, nor does it require the system admit it error or culpability — without it, I would have to reject it on it face. One of the unfortunate takeaways fro all of these malicious prosecutions is that so many people deserve or warrant the pardon so as to render the pardon process, a mere “rubber stamp” as opposed to correcting an injustice, righting a wrong or acknowledging someone’s change/self reformation.


    I have always thought that Mr “Scooter” Libby prosecution and conviction was malicious or just short of it and wrong.

  14. @John Hagan

    John, excellent and deep points, totally incomprehensible to the average, “honest” American. Very will put.

  15. sally says:

    The release of either Assange or Snowden would antagonize the elements of power in layers 2, 3, and 4 and 6 of the of the nine layers of social, economic and political SEP control stack. The stack is used by the global layer 1 in every nation state system in the world. Please note; only two layers in the control stack are public and those two public layers are enclosed by and between several layers, both above and below that are privately owned and privately controlled, and nearly always secret.
    The 9 layer SEP Control Stack provides a way to analyze how private wealth controls the use of public power.


    private layer 1:global nation state franchisor sets rules; establishes local nation state goals
    _______Here are bankers and their quasi governmental bureaucracies, NGOs, established
    _______functioning national governments in interactive cooperation with the needs of the
    _______global corporations listed the major market and exchanges.

    Private Layer 2: oligarch <= national (wall street beneficiaries who use their wealth to conform
    _______national outcome consistent with global powers). The nation (i. e. local banking
    _______and monopoly powered corporations control access by the deplorable governed to
    _______opportunity.. (opportunity is a privilege open only to a few) Officer vs enlisted.
    _______pseudo elected presidents. Also the road and bridge building, trucks, ships, and
    _______plane contractors and transport providers..they have the privilege of license,
    _______access to money, and qualification to do business with government.

    Private Layer 3: the copyright and patent monopoly powers (90% of the Assets of market traded
    _______corporations are monopoly powers (as in intangible assets. relatively new, this layer
    _______encompasses the legal privilege to privately own all technology and is
    _______at the heart of the modern feudal system. 5g. driverless vehicles, space travel

    Private Layer 4: the think tank and other private organizations the bureaucracies regulate, fund
    _______and direct. Millions even \$billions in private money flows and is matched by
    _______government funding. Its is where the secret services, home land scammers and
    _______university system bureaucracy resides.

    public layer 5: the elected 527 person government that regulate the members of the public

    Private Layer 6: Intergovernmental Bureaucracies limit and direct elected power to global goals.
    _______this is the huge government bought and paid for bureaucracy.

    public layer 7: the 340,000,000 members of the highly public.

    Private layer 8: Stimulus restrain economic system control

    Private layer 9: media addresses diversity via content provider diversity used to control of narrative, limit
    _______ information visible to target groups and keep the highly disparate minds of the governed deplorables
    _______ individually_pacified. (content providers have access to substantial funding, many proven techniques.
    ________ To science ; which enables CPs to coordinate psychology with propaganda; to maintain crowd, mind,
    ________ political and thought control (CMPT) control. Layer delivers massive financial support to the media,
    ________ in that every market visible corporation contributes \$ trillions in yearly tax deductible advertising
    ________ to support CMPT content over media which is used to control the governed deplorable.

    Every business, every politicians supports the media as its presents its endless productions of its content providers.
    we should not talk about the MSM instead we should talk about the MCP (main content providers)

    All layers but 5 and 7 are contained within an privately owned controlled envelop.

    50 state elections, made to look national falsely suggesting presidents are elected by will of the people, but it works and helps to fund the privately owned media with political advertising.

    Article II and amendment 12 of the Constitution clearly deny the American people any say in who is to be the P and VP of the USA.

    Since 1947, standing orders from Layer 1<= demo the American excellence; destroy its superior economic power relative to the rest of the world enjoyed by Americans. .. The standing order, use rule of law to create the monopoly power that can homogenize the world.

    Content providers are part of the great divide to conquer system, the media is universal and everyone is forced to provide for its availability, but only a few of the governed deplorable actually are able to get the media to deliver any meaningful, not commercial advertising, content to their audience.

  16. @Greta Handel

    ….for you to stop endorsing your rulers?

    I don’t have any rulers and can only express my condolences that you do or believe you do.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Thanks: Greta Handel
    • Replies: @Realist
  17. Ron Paul already suggested this right here, Mr. Kirkpatrick. I agree with the comments up here already. It’ll never happen.

    Mr. Trump doesn’t have principles. He does things based on some good instincts on behalf of the regular American people when/if he gets around to it. When he takes a hit personally, he will take action. That’s why he pardoned General Flynn – it was personal. Pardoning Stockman, Snowden, and Assange, good patriots all, is not something President Trump has any interest in. He’d have to be some kind of Libertarian man of principle and understand why these people should be lauded rather than be in prison.

    Not agonna happen.

  18. @Peter D. Bredon

    They are still betting on the orange kike because the shame of being wrong and punished (again) is too immense. In fact, this whole MAGA/MIGA farce is more traumatizing for the amerimutt than realizing they fucked up for the last time in WW2.

    This obese kike loving baboon is like iodine on a huge gaping, rotting wound.
    They are just coping, like cope about China, Iran, Russia, and Europe.

  19. Hughes says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    Because Trump says what they wanted to hear. Here’s what the most loyal each have in common
    1. They’re ‘white’ American.
    2. They have some hardliners view that labelled them as racist.
    3. They are anti hardline liberals ‘progressivism’.
    4. They’re mostly non prospective white American whose value diminishing under capitalism.

    The cornerstone of Trump campaign languages all stroke these never before stroked belief for the first time in a while that it’s okay to be racists, that white American has special privileges.

  20. @John Hagan

    How is it they always have to sodomize Johann Strauss jr. if they want to illustrate machloikes? Enough of it already.

    • Replies: @John Hagan
  21. Mankind is at War.

    It’s (((Satan))) and the (((Jews plus their shabbos goyim))) vs. the Rest of Mankind.

    Wake the hell up Rest of Mankind.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Stealth
  22. Sean says:

    If Snowden surrendered and served a term in prison there might be a case for clemency, but a pardon is certainly not in order. Pardoning Snowden without him doing a day in a US prison would be a very different thing to Obama’s pardon of Manning, who did not attempt to cheat justice by fleeing, and pleaded guilty to many of the charges. Also, Manning (signs of fetal alcohol syndrome, barely 5 ft and 100 pounds, and repeatedly considered to be on the verge of a breakdown while in the army) was encouraged to do what he did by Assange, who was older, worldly and a much more sophisticated person than the hapless Manning, who got no help with legal costs from Assange (then replete with donations) until others publicized that. After his pardon, Manning got sent back to prison–where he attempted suicide– for contempt and still has a huge fine to pay. Again, Obama pardoned Manning so it would not be unprecedented, nut it would not be justified to let Snowden off. Assange is a victim of his own success, but he had fun and knew what he was getting into.

  23. gotmituns says:

    The hell with all those bums. first, pardon James Fields, Jr. of all crimes.

    • Agree: Alden
  24. Because if Trump does these things, they’ve probably made it clear he will be pursued to the ends of the Earth, but there will be no one to pardon him. Same goes for declassifying any number of things. Trump probably thinks he will escape with his skin and some semblance of wealth. He is mistaken. They’re going to jail him somewhere for something regardless of how he behaves in the next six weeks.


  25. @John Hagan

    Irony is getting too subtle these days. I’m sure some will think you are serious. Until you watch the video of course.

    It should perhaps have included Honest Joe saying:

    We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter-fraud organization in the history of American politics.

    That statement will go down in history as the modern equivalent of George Washington saying “I cannot tell a lie”

    Proof of his honesty can be seen in these vote-counting room videos from Georgia showing:
    1. Republican poll watchers being sent home on election night.
    2. Democrat vote-counter immediately pulling four large totes of ballots out from under a table and begin putting them through the vote counting machines.
    3. Same vote-counters counting the same bunches of ballots multiple times.
    4. An exchange and pocketing of something that looks suspiciously like a thumb drive.

    If any of this is proven, the name Ruby Freeman will go down in history along with Rosie Ruiz of Boston marathon fame.

  26. Z-man says:

    He’s got to do some ‘flamboyant’ stuff before he leaves. Those pardons, along with Manafort and his lieutenant, are one. He’s got to fire that slug Wray at the FBI. Lob a few cruise missiles into N Korea. Hit ‘Command and Control’, their missile bases/development sites. Maybe take out the biggest army base/artillery sites near the South, with saturated bombing from B 52’s, something like that. That would be glorious.
    And; On Jan. 20th, leave Washington on 11:55AM on Air Force Two, magnanimously leaving Air Force One to the new ‘Demented in Chief’ creepy, corrupt, sleepy Joe and his Hoe.

  27. I don’t get the title of this post.

    Trump is a rich guy from New York. He’s President of the United State, the most powerful person in the world. If he isn’t in the Ruling Class, who is?

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Georgia
  28. Trump should only pardon black criminals unless Jared tells him pardoning Snowden and the others with drive up his approval ratings

  29. @lloyd

    Unfortunately, Trump can’t issue a pardon for a state conviction. That would be up to VA Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam, as if that is likely.

  30. Stealth says:
    @Truth Hurts the Liars

    (((Jews plus their shabbos goyim)))

    I think the parentheses are a little redundant in this case.

  31. Mefobills says:

    Politics is a cold and pragmatic practice.

    Neither Assange, nor Snowden make much difference in the calculations of power.

    Before the U.S. was even a glimmer in a Colonial person’s eyes, Benjamin Franklin had a Junto and a press.

    The Junto was comprised of prominent thinkers and intellects, who would ponder on the big questions. Benjamin and his Junto were approached by people who wanted Bill’s passed, and then the Junto would “prepare the minds” of the people through the press. A bill would pass AFTER the groundwork had been laid. That groundwork was weeks or months of debate in the press in advance of any government action.

    Fortunately, the things that the press promulgated then were pro life and humanity, rather than anti-life.

    When average people approached politicians for something they wanted done, the politicians would say, “have you talked to Benjamin yet?”

    The press has always been one of the pillars of power. Our (((friends))) relentlessly attack the press and try to take over, so they can control narrative.

    Assange and Snowden very much make differences in calculation of power, because their example is crucial to forming a free and fair press that is uncompromised.

    Today’s press are mouthpieces that do what their paymasters tell them to do. Internet sleuths working for practically nothing are the ones delivering the truth. Monied interests have not corrupted them.

    Politics is downstream of economics. Self interested people in Franklin’s time wanted to enclose the lands for their benefit, and they wanted special favors for their benefit. Self interested people existed then, and they exist now.

    Economics used to be called political-economy. If you don’t take an economic approach to things, you are missing out on probably the most important dimension that weaves our fabric of reality. Today’s press is OWNED by an Oligarchy of special interests. It has even metastasized and includes organs of the deep state, especially including the CIA.

  32. @Roacheforque

    Wouldn’t it be a move to show support for government whistle blowing? Whistle blowing is something the deep state and corporate kleptocracy hates. Also a pardon of Assange is a middle finger at the press.

    • Agree: Realist
  33. saggy says:
    @Peter D. Bredon

    Exactly right. This garbage article led me to the question – who the hell is James Kirkpatrick?


    These emails also tie DeAnna to another pseudonym, “James Kirkpatrick” – a pen name he used at other alt-right and far-right sites that tended to be more focused on anti-immigrant rhetoric, including, among others, VDARE.

  34. Mefobills says:

    Trump is a rich guy from New York. He’s President of the United State, the most powerful person in the world. If he isn’t in the Ruling Class, who is?

    You ask an important question – a reasonable question that is on the minds of a lot of people.

    PCR address your question here:

  35. Georgia says:
    @Greta Handel

    Trump was not perfect but he was light years better than what Harris/Biden will be and all will know that very soon if these 2 NWO Frauds get in….

  36. Shaman911 says:

    Lets not forget Ross Ulbricht. He got life for trying the put the CIA drug runners out of business.

  37. Georgia says:

    Doesn’t work that way– lots of rich people are not running the Government –the networked people/generally the lowest of scum — actually “running” the Government and in power are the “ruling class” — these people hated Trump as he has tried to represent the citizens who they hate and despise — those same citizens helping these creeps are either ignorant morons or in on it/paid off– ala Fauci et al

  38. KenH says:

    If President Trump is to be driven out of power by the relentlessly pro-war Ruling Class, he should take it down with him.

    Trump should pardon Steve Stockman immediately but if he attempts to pardon Ed Snowden and Julian Assange the Jews and the MIC will make his life a living hell and probably find ways to indict him on some bullshit technicality after he leaves office. And I think Trump knows this on some level.

    The Harris/Biden Administration will doubtless take up the same jihad and a shaky Supreme Court will be the last line of defense.

    The SCOTUS can’t be trusted. I believe Roberts will now permanently join the Leftist block putting us back in a 5-4 best case scenario. As is it Roberts refused to hear nine 2A cases over the last two years which would have strengthened 2A rights.

    I also believe that if the Dems succeed in passing hate speech laws or online hate speech regulations to combat “racism and anti-semitism” that the SCOTUS will suddenly find exceptions to the first amendment that prior courts rejected. The only justices you can count on are Thomas and Alito and maybe Gorsuch. Maybe ACB will come through.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @KenH
  39. @Twodees Partain

    Thanks, T.P., I knew as soon as a clicked the [Agree] that this was probably the case, a State of Virginia conviction.

    • Thanks: Twodees Partain
  40. @saggy

    Nice try, Saggy. Being on the \$PLC’s hatewatch list is not something to be ashamed of. It’s probably at the top of the list of “Other Achievements” on Mr. Kirkpatrick’s resume. VDare people, seeing as how they care about the future of America and do their best to fight the Establishment on the population-replacement issue, are bound to be at the top of this list at the \$PLC, a US Government-certified “Center of Excellence in Hate”.

    We at Peak Stupidity have been striving toward the goal of making the Hate List for quite some time. I come on here to solicit guys like you, Saggy, who may not know of all the beneficial documentation of stupidity that we do day in and day out. We could use your help – Help Peak Stupidity reach our goal!. It’s not about money, man:

    You don’t even need a Paypal account. You don’t need an envelope, or even money to put in it. All we ask is a few minutes of your time. It’s the time it takes to drink a cup of original-roast vente latte each morning, so long as you don’t sit on your ass for an hour doing it. That’s all it would take for you to pick up the receiver (WTF is a receiver?), make that one critical phone call, and harass this fucking guy:

  41. If President Trump is to be driven out of power by the relentlessly pro-war Ruling Class, he should take it down with him. He is still President of the United States. It’s not time to tweet, it’s time to act.

    Unfortunately, tweeting is what the Orange Orangutan does best and is passionate about next to serving the interests of Israel (never the interests of America, despite the rhetoric) and absolutely not the interests of his deluded and gullible supporters and sympathizers. And tweeting nonsense is what he will continue to do relentlessly until he’s forklifted out of the White House (this Jew lover’s weight is off the chart). Sad!

  42. Pardoning Snowden and Assange would be a big middle finger to the deep state, but Trump doesn’t have the balls to do it. Just look at how he lets Wray, Ratcliff, etc., stonewall him at every turn. For sure they have dirt on him.

  43. Pardon Snowden and Assange? And lose the one great chance to mint money after moving to the Mar a Lago? The Orange Man is no fool…

  44. Realist says:

    Neither Assange, nor Snowden make much difference in the calculations of power.

    Both Assange and Snowden are anathema to the Deep State and that is a great tool for its destruction.

    But since Trump is a minion of the Deep State…I doubt he will pardon them.

  45. @Sean

    Manning was not pardoned.

    And you know it.

    Which means you’re lying.


    • Replies: @Sean
  46. Realist says:
    @The Real World

    I don’t have any rulers…

    If you think you are free…you live in a dream world. The country is ruled by a Plutocratic Oligarchy…The Deep State.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  47. Agent76 says:

    I would love to view Americas War Party flip it’s lid!

    Oct 7, 2020 Why UK may rule in favour of Assange

    ‘A SENSE OF JUSTICE” on Oct 3 2020, with Daniel Ellsberg, John Kiriakou, Andrew Fowler, Mary Kostakidis, Alexander Mercouris & Fidel Narváez.

    Sep 20, 2019 Snowden: I’d Love To Be Granted Asylum In France; Russia Was Not My First Choice

    American Edward Snowden said he would love French President Emmanuel Macron to grant him asylum. He would not object to leaving Russia.

  48. DinoN says:

    After reading comments here, I have to conclude that the USA is one of the most corrupt country in the World!

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  49. Realist says:
    @Jud Jackson

    Assange is being held in an English prison at the insistence of the US government on false charges.

  50. While he’s at it maybe he could lift George Herbert Walker Bush’s ban on importing so-called “Assault Rifles.”

    POTUS spouted all sorts of “preserve the Second Amendment” rhetoric in the past four years and all we have to show for it is a ban on “bump stocks.”

    Maybe he could finally do SOMETHING for the people who voted for him.

    Doesn’t have to ask ANYONE to get it done.

  51. TGD says:

    Trump should commute the sentence of Matt Hale, the longest serving political prisoner in the USA. He’s been in jail since 2003 on trumped up charges of conspiring to kill a federal judge. His imprisonment in solitary confinement was the doing of (((Michael Chertoff))) who was George W. Bush’s assistant attorney general in charge of the criminal division. Hale was set up for sure.

    Now I don’t agree with Hale’s political philosophy, but he did nothing criminal.

  52. @Realist

    No dream world — read my handle again.

    The country may be ruled by overlords, but for all practical purposes, I am not. Diktats can be largely avoided if one is clever.

    • Replies: @Realist
  53. Sean says:
    @Greta Handel

    You are right, Manning was not pardoned . Still, a commutation to four months of the 28 years still to be served of a prison term for offences pled guilty to and after one had already been in prison for seven years is less welcome than a pardon? Pardons tend to come long after any sentence has been served. In 2019 Manning was jailed for refusing to testify about Assange, \$500 a day fine over 11 months left her \$200,000 to pay off. Supporters raised that in two days. People respect Manning.

    If Assange’s stock has fallen a long way with everyone but Manning, that may have something to do with his pattern of behaviour towards people who were generous to him. He’s a weasel, a narcissistic one. Assange and Manning have a lot in common.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  54. @Sean

    President Obama commuted Manning’s 35 year sentence after Manning had served 7 years, Manning has not been pardoned. Why not commute Manning’s sentence, without the mentally ill fruitcake the USG could not have nailed Assange, its a kind of “thank you”. Manning needs to feel persecuted to have any self worth, the worst hell for Manning is freedom, Obama didn’t do him any favor. Manning destroys everything he touches, even himself. Assange, if he is as smart as thinks he is, must kick himself daily for having anything to do with the black hole of evil luck that is Bradley Manning. Its almost as if Manning was perfectly sculpted and guided by a genius CIA Control Officer.

    • Replies: @Sean
  55. @Jud Jackson

    Article 2, Sec. 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution grants the US President the power to pardon any person convicted of OR accused of federal crimes. It says nothing about that person’s citizenship status.

    As Assange, (who is said to be quite sick), is being held in prison by the British, it seems unlikely that they would continue to hold him if he was pardoned. IMHO, he is only still imprisoned at the demand of the US deep state, which wants him extradited to the US to stand trial for espionage.

  56. @lloyd

    Sadly, Twodees is correct. The president can only pardon those convicted of or accused of Federal crimes. Field’s state trial was a Kangaroo Court. But there is no way in hell that democrat Virginia Gov. Northam will ever pardon him. So much for “White Privilege.”

  57. Bill says:

    President Trump has not fully broken with neoconservatives.

    Bibi Netanyahu has not fully broken with neoconservatives, either.

  58. @DinoN

    Don’t know about the rest of the USA, but Chicagoans like to think of our fair city as tops in corruption. Hell, our Ed Vrdolyak is just going prison at age 82 over tax fraud, Ald. Ed Burke is under indictment, Mike Madigan is circulating the drain. Innumerable aldermen have gone to the penitentiary. IL Gov. Blago went to jail, so did ex-Gov. Walker and George Ryan.

    Top of the World I like to think.

    • Replies: @Old Prude
  59. KenH says:

    The only justices you can count on are Thomas and Alito and maybe Gorsuch. Maybe ACB will come through.

    Might need to substitute Kavanaugh for Gorsuch since it was the latter who flipped with Roberts to read homosexuals and trannies into the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Kavanaugh previously said that all commercially available firearms are protected under the 2A. Gorsuch should be reliable on 2A cases but he got Potomac fever once and could get it again.

    ACB is rumored to be very strong on 2A cases but Potomac fever is more contagious than COVID.

  60. @Roacheforque

    Pawns are important pieces in chess.

  61. @Peter D. Bredon

    There is no more obvious example of the triumph of propaganda than the assertion that Drumpf is anything other than that. A Drumpftard is the equal of any identitarian progressive in terms of ignorance and sentimental adulation any day. The notion of this creepy scammer striking a blow against the plutocracy is beyond absurd. There is less substance to the orange cretin than Ronald McDonald.

    • Troll: Peripatetic Itch
  62. AKINDLE says:

    Remember this ? Trump’s clemency for Sholom Rubashkin. No pardon for someone like James Field or Kyle Rittenhouse. Trump releasing violent black felons claiming he was some law and order candidate. None of those blacks he released voted for him, Good! Trump is just a rich sleazebag with no principles. Glad he lost and his ego took a hit. Him and Biden are both anti white losers.

    • Troll: Peripatetic Itch
  63. The most Trump ever does is tweet, “Somebody should do something!” as if he’s not the president. Four years to get ahead of voter fraud and start investigating his (and our) enemies but golfed instead.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  64. @Greta Handel

    An announcement today from President (((Useful))):

    “You should see the pardoning stationery I’ve been using. It’s so wonderful and beautiful, so wonderful. And this is one of the reasons why I’ve been so successful because I only use the best stationery….It’s one of the secrets of my success. It’s scented paper made of ivory with a hint of whale bone. I’ve been using that paper to grant pardons and that’s why my pardons are so successful and I’ve done this more than any other president.”

    Independent Reporter With Brains: Mister President, do you think a good way to send a message to the Establishment and summarise the values and credo of your presidency, even if in reality you did Jack All, would be to pardon Assange and Snowden and grant a full unconditional retroactive pardon to Manning? And what about former congressman Stockman, sir?”

    “Thanks for the question. I’ll certainly be monitoring that, it’s a tough situation, and I’ll be monitoring it and when I’m done monitoring it, I’ll monitor it some more and ask William Barr what he thinks….” [Cue Hail to the Chief]


    • Agree: Greta Handel
  65. Realist says:
    @The Real World

    The country may be ruled by overlords, but for all practical purposes, I am not. Diktats can be largely avoided if one is clever.

    One who has to hide from his overlords…one who cannot do, say, or write what they wish in public without fear of verbal, physical, or legal attack…are not free.

    Yes, diktats can be avoided as long as you don’t challenge them. You are free to do as you wish as long as the things you do are not at odds with what the overlords approve..,.strange freedom that.

  66. Sean says:

    Manning was controlled by the CIA, but Snowden wasn’t, hmmm. Would Manning being controlled by the CIA not entail Assange being also? Assange said in 2015 he thought he would be be assassinated if he came out the Embassy, and he had advised Snowden to go to Russia because the CIA could not get at him there. One wonders why Assange stayed in London after the CIA become interested in him. Are we expected to believe the CIA knew where to find him, but they only wanted to assassinate him after he absconded while on bail?; ruining those who had stood surety for him and in one case given him a place to stay. Assange did not look like he was afraid of termination with extreme prejudice in 2010, more like enjoying his celebrity and sexual opportunities and those came from the ‘collateral murder’ video of the US army killing people (who knew) that Manning gave him.

    While Assange was living in the country house of one of his suretors he was kept company by his girlfriend Sarah Harrison (pictured with him above). This is the woman who was with Snowden in the Russian airport for 40 days. According to her, she was sent to Hong Kong by Assange after Snowden requested help. Snowden sounds like a bit of a twerp who didn’t think things through. The US government cancelled Snowden’s passport while they were in transit on the ground in Russia en route to South America harrison says. Rather different to what Assange implied about Snowden taking his advice.

    Assange, if he is as smart as thinks he is, must kick himself daily for having anything to do with the black hole of evil luck that is Bradley Manning.

    Maybe, because as a German associate who knows him well said, that led to Assange having a vast number of sexual encounters with celeb fucking girls who had only just met him, and having such a good time during a ten day trip to Sweden that he made arrangements to live and work there. But two of the young female Swedes were not impressed.

    However I think Assange is clever enough to realize that enabling the theft of and then revealing US army secrets (it is a machine for killing foreigners in their own country shock horror) was going to have far more serious consequences that his youthful brush with the law for hacking. He knew he was going to be in prison or maybe dead , but went ahead and did it anyway.

    Assange is a hacker, he helped Manning break a password. Are we to believe that the CIA could not think of anything more effective to do to Assange than a very shaky frame on a rape charge in Sweden, which was going to leave him free while a very lengthy extradition process ground on? Assange is only going to get about 6 years according to the prosecutors, and he is going certainly going to serve less time than Manning has. If he had not delayed the inevitable and said nasty things about Clinton (what had she to do with the Swedish sexual assault accusations against him or US laws of stealing secret information) and published the DNC emails Assange might possibly have been in prison, but today he would today be free and widely respected. Instead people respect Manning far more than him. Snowden is less of a weasel, but a self dramatising fool.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Bombercommand
  67. @lloyd

    Jews love black suffering.

    They rejoice in the deaths of George Floyd, Travon Martin and the only black death to equal or exceed Floyd’s death in utility to the Jew Agenda, that of Emmett Till.

    But secretly the death they are most thankful for is that by heart attack of the obese lady at the scene of the James Alex Fields car collision. The reports seem to indicate the vehicles made no contact with her.

    Her death enabled the Jews’ media to vilify the August 2017 Unite the Right Event in Charlottesville which absent that heart attack might have been a major learning event for whites in America like Summer 2020 three years later has been.

    The 2016 election of President Trump who ran on an implicitly white platform and the highly publicized explicitly white Unite the Right Event the following summer complete with the after-dark Teeki Torch march with chants of “Jews will not replace us” were potential wake up calls for the descendants of Christendom like have never occurred on this continent.

    The woman’s heart attack in proximity to Fields’ collison as he avoided armed pursuit is the Jews’ all time favorite US tragety.

  68. @Sean

    Your relentless dissembling makes you just about the last person here who should be calling anyone else a “weasel.”

  69. @brabantian

    Not enough posts so I will reply by saying “THANK YOU”. Not enough people seeing through the smoke screen. Anyone NOT speaking out against the obvious 9/11 HOAX and crimes of Global Zionist gorilla Israel is an intelligence asset….Chomsky is another one of these Deep State gatekeepers.

  70. @saggy

    This garbage article led me to the question – who the hell is James Kirkpatrick?

    Saggy- Your odious presence here is highlighted by the fact that 1) you dismiss Kirkpatrick’s reasonable conclusions about the source, motivation, and practice of malicious prosecution that’s been an ingredient of leftist lawfare for decades; and 2) your reliance on the free-speech-hating SPLC to vent your hatred of an honorable investigative journalist who continues to play an important role in identifying degenerative trends in American politics and jurisprudence.

    What makes you so nervous about the exposure of America’s Deep State?

    And what’s wrong with using a nom de plume when radical, deep-pocketed Hate Groups like the ADL/SPLC commonly persecute Rightists for the Orwellian crime of dissenting and disagreeing?

    It’s also revealing to see that the SPLC (a hyper-powerful hate group that you apparently admire) has an ironically-named ‘Hatewatch’ enemies list which it uses to defame and deplatform American patriots for the sin of exercising their First Amendment rights. Nice to know that you’re in sync with the SPLC.

    You, sir, come across as a hypocritical hater of discourse and debate, and one who sides with corrupt political power and privilege.

    Tell us: do you favor the continued persecution of whistleblowers Stockman, Snowden and Assange?

    • Agree: Lost American
    • Replies: @saggy
  71. lloyd says: • Website
    @Twodees Partain

    As Julius Caesar would say in Gaul to hopeless petitioners. “What you need is a civil war.” Virginia is a Southern State and so I assume has plently of oath keepers and red pillers. James Fields could be made into a cause celebre. A clear outrageous injustice now buried by the wokes. Even the anti semitic card could be played. He is apparently Jewish.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @Art
  72. When they say ‘debunk’, they reall mean prebunk. They ‘debunk’ something even before it’s been investigated.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  73. If Trump really wanted to do something to help Americans, he would stop the drive to vaccinate Americans with a vaccine that will change a persons DNA forever with unknown results, this is a crime against humanity.

    As is the covid-19 scam and psyop ie also a crime against humanity.

  74. Anonymous[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Obama’s pardon of Manning

    BRADLEY “Freakshow” Manning wasn’t pardoned, he had his sentence commuted. Read a newspaper once in a while. Don’t be an idiot.

  75. Art says:

    Snowden is less of a weasel, but a self dramatising fool.

    Snowden smart – kept self out of jail and alive – no fool.

    You on the other hand, know it all – TROLL!

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Sean
  76. Trump doing justice?

    The man’s too busy carrying bucket-loads of water to Occupied Palestine shores.

    Let him be.

  77. @John Hagan

    This short video only reinforces the fact that Biden is a white collar sociopath. Many physicists believe in God and label God as The Highest Intelligence. Let’s hope there is retribution at the end of our lives.
    I believe there is an accounting. I believe quantum physics explains most of it. I am a practicing Catholic but in no way superstitious. I worked in science.
    I am in my 70s. I have not seen a more evil period in my lifetime.

  78. Anonymous[328] • Disclaimer says:

    Pardons tend to come long after any sentence has been served.

    A lot of pardons happen before an arrest, never mind trial, never mind sentence. Read a newspaper once in a while. Don’t be an idiot.

    Note to @Sean : There never was a “sexual assault” charge against Assange. There was a “didn’t use a condom when requested” charge, and that was dropped long ago. Again, newspapers.

    • Replies: @Sean
  79. @saggy

    You talk big. I have been reading Kirkpatrick’s articles for over 30 years. This is not a garbage article. I don’t trust people like you, saggy, who talk big and is so sure of himself or herself.
    You seem to have a very big ego.
    There are lots like you- think they are the supreme authorities on everything.
    I especially don’t trust people who have no humility.

  80. @lloyd

    You could be right. Unfortunately lots of the people who might otherwise rebel against this kind of thing are too tethered to their TV news addictions to feel like speaking out. I hope that will change someday, but I don’t count on being alive to see it at my age.

  81. Art says:

    James Fields could be made into a cause celebre. A clear outrageous injustice now buried by the wokes. Even the anti semitic card could be played. He is apparently Jewish.

    • Mr. Fields, 20, was born in Kenton, Ky., to Samantha Lea Bloom.

    • He was living with his mother until “five or six months ago” when he moved to his own apartment in Maumee, Ohio, according to an interview that Ms. Bloom gave to The Toledo Blade.

    • Mr. Fields’s father died before he was born, an aunt, Pam Fields, said in an interview on Sunday.

    Hmm — no father in his life – sad!

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  82. Old Prude says:
    @Joe Stalin

    The most beautiful voice that ever was…

  83. saggy says:
    @mark green

    Saggy- Your odious presence

    What kind of idiot are you? The article is pure garbage because it paints Trump as someone opposed on principle to the ‘deep state’. This is one of a long list of preposterous articles on Unz, which is something I find interesting.

    So, I wondered about who this guy Janes Kirkpatrick is, I like to check out the author’s credentials, you know, so I google James Kirkpatrick holocaust to apply my usual litmus test. But, lo and behold, James Kirkpatrick is a pen name. I’ve seen the name so many times and didn’t have a clue. I didn’t find anything about Kirkpatrick and the holohoax however, so I’ll assume he is a Zio fellow traveler. Who can tell, he is anonymous.

    What in hell does that have to do with Stockman, Snowden, and Assange? Nothing.

  84. nymom says:

    That would be an excellent FU to the establishment for Trump to pardon those three persons…

  85. @Sean

    Actually the phony rape charges were of the highest efficacy and absolutely critical to nailing Assange: the CIA wanted to guarantee Assange would not use Sweden as a base as Sweden does not extradite journalists for charges related to their profession. The Spooks spooked Assange out of his only hope and refuge, absolutely brilliant and Assange is an idiot for not seeing the feint(and feint it was in the strict sense of rapier tactics, and feints should only be attempted by experts. Amazingly Assange has been defeated entirely by feints, his Opposition are high level Masters). Assange has been played expertly: tricked into running from his only refuge, tricked into jumping bail, tricked into seven years of self incarceration, now tricked into fighting extradition for years in appeal while he deteriorates in prison. By the time his appeals are exhausted Assange will have spent at least ten years in misery and he will still face trial in The United States, which he will stupidly fight, and stupidly appeal so that he will have spent 14 or 15 years in the can before his sentence starts. Five years for the Manning idiocy and Assange will be lucky to hobble out of prison in 2032, a broken man. Assange was never in danger of assassination: an all too obvious assassination and public martyrdom? No way!!! His opposition had a much better plan. Assange has no excuses for his stupidity as Wikileaks enjoys lavish expert lawyer’s advice. As his Counsel I would have advised him: stay in Sweden, the sex charges will collapse, marry a hot Swedish babe and establish residency, start a family and be a good father, and continue the Wikileaks work from the safety of Sweden. I was just having a bit of fun with the Manning/CIA Control Officer thing. You need to hook the fish before you exhaust it reeling it in and Manning was the perfect hook, so it is tempting to see opposition planning here. They certainly could not have hooked Assange without Manning, just seems too perfect to be coincidence.

  86. @Twodees Partain

    Unfortunately, Trump can’t issue a pardon for a state conviction. That would be up to VA Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam, as if that is likely.

    The federal court has sentenced James Alex Fields, Jr., to a life term in federal prison on a federal hate-crime charge. The federal sentence is a backstop, just in case the Commonwealth of Virginia ever releases Fields from the Commonwealth’s prison.

    The president could and should kick away the backstop now, making it possible for a future governor of Virginia to set Fields free.

    • Thanks: Bombercommand

  87. Video Link
    As I once said, just kill off the GOP and turn US into a one-party state.

    It will be more democratic.

    In a single-party system, people vote more on the basis of issues. In multi-party system, people vote more on label.

    People think GOP is ‘conservative’, but it’s really cucky-wuck.
    People think Democratic Party is ‘liberal’, but it’s really globo-elitist.

    GOP suckers the ‘right’ masses to serve the donor class. Democratic Party suckers the ‘left’ masses to serve the donor class.

  88. @Art

    I believe that the maternal grandfather of James Alex Fields, Jr., was Jewish. Fields himself is neither Jewish according to himself nor Jewish according to Jews as far as I know. His parents weren’t Jewish, either.

  89. “Article 2, Sec. 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution grants the US President the power to pardon any person convicted of OR accused of federal crimes. It says nothing about that person’s citizenship status.”

    The Constitution of the United States is not a universal document. It applies to the citizens of the US and has some extensions to persons legally residing therein.

    The suggestion that the anyone in the US can on a design of intent pursue noncitizens, who have not committed a crime in the US or US designated territory is arbitrary at best and rogue at worst. Mr. Assange is simply not guilty of a crime in the US.

    And while we may be rightfully angered by his publishing documents handed to him by the US, he is under no legal obligation to abide by the laws of the US outside of US jurisdiction. He was not operating as a spy and even if so, if he operated outside of the US, — it would remain activity beyond beyond our reach.

  90. If Trump actually pardoned Stockman, Snowden, and Assange, he’d made history. He’d be the only US president in living memory showing some decency. That won’t happen, though. Trump is part of the US ruling class: utterly deranged elite with delusions of grandeur.

  91. So much of current narrative is like the final line in CHINATOWN. ‘Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown’. The oligarchs rule the place, but just pretend it’s ‘Chinatown’.

    Jews destroy 2020 for everyone but pretend it’s China, China, China… just like the clowns in 2016 were into Russia, Russia, Russia.

    No courage to Name the Jew.

  92. These fools need to listen to Stalin.

    It’s not a matter of who votes but who counts the votes.

  93. @Sick of Orcs

    Nonsense. I’m no Trump cheerleader, just saying that he knew this needed to occur. That Americans had to SEE massive election fraud and for it to be undeniable. That would be the only way to get large and necessary changes to our election laws and, possibly, a national Voter ID.

    Even if he doesn’t get the huge number of illegal votes tossed and remain in office, there is no going back to the epic clusterfvck that are US elections. (Btw, Trump’s EO from 2018 about foreign interference in our elections proves he knew this was coming)

    Gee, where is Jimmy Carter when scam elections are taking place in his own country. He’s been conspicuously quiet. Funny, that.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  94. sally says:
    @John Hagan

    WEALTH owns the USA, it bribes its GOVERNORS, to slave-drive its GOVERNED AMERICANS.

    Three societies in America: Private Wealthy Oligarch<=USA governor<=governed American.
    The bribe pays the middleman to transform work done by the governed into Oligarch wealth.

  95. Sean says:

    He is a misfit weedy martial arts and gun nut that led a sheltered life and pathetically tried to join special forces, then used his family connections to get a responsible job with high security clearance in a contract with the CIA. Had he got into Special Forces he’d have been killing a lot of people targeted by the CIA and anyone around the target would be collateral damage, so he certainly has no objection to that aspect, which is what Assange’s supporters purport to find shocking. The army is a killing machine not a police force and when it goes into another country it will be resisted. Successful counterinsurgency involves summary mass killing of suspected, but quite possibly innocent, people as with Operation Speedy Express in Vietnam.

    He knew all this but like a lot of schizy people he is preoccupied with ideas of being controlled and threatened, and that obsesion led him from one extreme to the other. Clearly unstable and it was mere dumb luck and a bad mistake by the Feds that meant he was on a stop in Russia en route to South America when his passport was withdrawn. Only that kept him out of the clutches of the US authorities. He gets to spend the rest of his life in Russia.

    Jonathan Pollard served 30 years, but Assange (and by implication Snowden himself) will die unless let off before the trial according to self dramatising Snowden. If he gets off scot free then what will someone at the CIA get the idea to do with the secret resources of the institution, assassinate the president? No, one can’t complain about unpunished CIA plots and their impunity, and then when someone from that world is actually brought to book for unauthorised activities just forget about it. Cannot have it both ways.

    • Replies: @Art
  96. Art says:

    Clearly Snowden gave the Deep State a mighty blow.

    God bless him.

    Some day he will come home.

  97. Sean says:

    Patty Hearst had her sentence commuted, but was only pardoned decades after her sentence had been served. The offences she was convicted of all started with Hearst being kidnapped as a teenager. Assange was a sophisticated adult at the time of the alleged offences he is now being extradited for helping Manning commit while was a far less developed personality. Manning is the one who suffered. Assange got to be a celebrity, his private life troubles in Sweden were a result of his own arrogance and narcissism, and Swedes actually thinking he was as ethical as his rhetoric.

    Anyone who had a woman accusing him of what Assange was alleged to have done would be likely to find himself pursued by the authorities. There are places where he would be likely to be shot by male relatives of either of the complainants. Assange absconding from bail was hardly the act of an innocent man. You will remember that the bail was given while he was wanted in Sweden on suspicion of “rape”, “sexual molestation” and “unlawful coercion”. He absconded rather than face those charges, and proceeded to interfere in an American election by releasing the DNC Emails, which may have been originally stolen by the Russian military intelligence. He has the morals of a ferret, trampled over those who stood surety for him, annoyed the US and UK governments , and is surprised that he is not treated more sympathetically over the Manning leak charges.

    Assange did very little to help Manning, whose lawyer had to publicise that fact before Wikileaks (getting massive donations) actually came up with the money to fund Manning’s defence. Manning went back to prison for a year because he wouldn’t talk to a Grand Jury about Wikileaks. If anyone was unjustly persecuted in all this is not Assange. He is going to do about five years then be deported to Australia, where he will no doubt write a book that will make him a millionaire. Not a bad life, all things considered he is getting off very lightly. A pardon is not called for at all.

  98. I have to admit , it is strange watching people defend Mr. Snowden and Mr. Manning.

    Whatever their motives, they actually committed crimes against the US. As for the mitigating circumstances of “whistleblowing” which makes sense their choices in my view were violations of the law and they had other whistleblowing choices.

    a situation counter to this — strange comment,

    ” If anyone was unjustly persecuted in all this is not Assange. He is going to do about five years then be deported to Australia . . .”

    He is not a citizen. He is a foreign journalist who published information given to him which he did not use in the employ of any government, no evidence supports that claim. As such he did not commit a crime against the US as a noncitizen he is not bound by US laws outside of the US. He is not a US citizen and his actions did not take place in the US.

    Great Britain detaining, imprisoning, giving him a parking ticket on behalf of the US is a violation and should end immediately.

    The US should clean up our own house on national security.


    As for pardons, I would reject a pardon that did not declare me an innocent person and wipe the slate clean of any malicious prosecution by government agents at any level.

    • Replies: @Sean
  99. Sean says:

    Journalist? Assange did not merely receive information from a source in possession of it, as journalists might do, he actively participated in obtaining the materiel by assisting Manning–who he knew to be working for the US Army–in trying to crack a password to steal secret information.

    He is not a US citizen and his actions did not take place in the US.

    He is not British and Britain is under no obligation whatsoever to extend special protection to him in the same way it did to pathetic UFO nerd and 9/11 truther Gary McKinnon who hacked into top secret US computer system and should have been extradited to the US under the terms of an agreement the US has with Britain. It is not just Assange who has found himself sought by the US criminal justice system without going there. A it’s a funny old journalist that from a place of relative safety gets his source to provide top secret materiel– something that he is almost certain to get caught and face charges of extreme seriousness for–and then is very slow to provide funding for counsel when the predictable happens to the source.

    Assange’s Wikileaks was banking large amounts in donations as a result of the ‘collateral murder’ video Manning stole, and which Assange charged media companies to use Colleagues of Assange were appalled that Manning was getting so little help and the release of the secret US diplomatic cables supplied by Manning to Wikileaks went ahead even though Manning was in custody and Wired had printed internet conversations about the cables that Manning had with a notorious hacker. Assange was red hot for another coup, and insouciant about the damage to Manning’s prospect of ever being free again.

    A former close associate of his wrote a book in which cast an instructive light on the curious accusation by a Swedish woman that Assange tricked her into letting him ejaculate into her vagina by using a condom that he had secretly cut open. Apparently, in talking about his sexual exploits Assange boasts to friends of how many children he has fathered on young women.

    As for pardons, I would reject a pardon that did not declare me an innocent person and wipe the slate clean of any malicious prosecution by government agents at any level.

    A pardon is not a past present and future carte blanche while I am not sure, I think had Manning been pardoned instead of given a commutation and he could still have been sent to jail indefinitely, as he was for refusing to testify about his contacts with Assange/ Wikileaks (in the event he was released after a year). Nor is a pardon equivalent to a conviction being overturned and being presumed innocent. A pardon is more of a nod and wink along the lines of ‘not guilty, and don’t do it again’.

  100. @The Real World

    . (Btw, Trump’s EO from 2018 about foreign interference in our elections proves he knew this was coming)

    He may have known, sure, but did nothing to stop it, akin to knowing the Titanic would sink but letting it sink to ‘expose it wasn’t unsinkable.’

    Trump had four years to investigate and curtail election fraud.

    While unsung hero James O’Keefe did the work, Trump golfed.

  101. More nonsense. Your thinking is very narrow and simplistic. Cast your mental net wider and you’ll realize more. It won’t hurt and doesn’t cost you anything.

    P.S. CLEARLY, O’Keefe has been working with Team Trump.

  102. “Journalist? Assange did not merely receive information from a source in possession of it, as journalists might do, he actively participated in obtaining the materiel by assisting Manning–who he knew to be working for the US Army–in trying to crack a password to steal secret information.”


    even he assisted, and I would like to hear the details how and when, he did not hack any systems in the US and is therefore not subject to US provisions regarding hacking. Whether he knew Pvt Manning was a US soldier is of no consequence. He was a source and said source provided him information for publication — Mr Assange is under no obligation to do anything about said source or his associations.

    One of the perspectives that must change in order to have a sane foreign policy — a domestic policy for that matter — is this notion that the world is subject to US ethos, laws, values, standards or expectations — they are not unless so is done by agreement. There are no laws in Mr. Assanges home country that forbid him publishing information from the US regardless of the source.

    I am not sure what you think goes on regarding intelligence, but eliciting top secret information is not illegal and it goes on all over the globe. And the reason they do so is because it provides them relative safety from the laws of those countries. It’s not against the law in said states. I might hold a different view if Mr Assange was operating in the US. But in this case, he was merely a conduit for information from sources across the globe including the US.

    if Mr Assange had again hacked into the system as he did when he was younger. That would indeed be a violation of US law and warrant some action. He didn’t and that settles the question. Using the Mr. McKinnon example of hacking — simply does not apply.

    funding journalism is not a crime. You and I may be disgruntled by the content, but then such is the price in “free speech” environments.

    I am going to avoid the internal machinations between source providers and source recipients. Pvt Manning was a member of the Armed Services his choice to deciminate secret data is soley on him. As a “whistle blower” there were more prudent avenues.

    even if it were accurate and apparently Sweden says that it is not, rape is a crime in the country of Sweden. It did not take place in the US, if at actually occurred. And Sweden would be the country to prosecute the matter. But most importantly – it is entirely irrelevant to the issue at hand.


    On pardons:

    If I am innocent of said crimes (and I am) then accepting a pardon would be an admission of guilt, unless accompanied by a declaration of innocence affirming that matter.

    In the cases of both Mr. Snowden and Pvt Manning, they have admitted leaking, or dumping classified documents. That is a crime. If they accepted a pardon, then it would be in recognition that the penalty exceeded the offense, they are duly remorseful and have changed their ways, the penalty has been fulfilled or any combination thereof.

    But in my view — and this is would be a personal disposition, I would reject a pardon if it did not acknowledge my my innocence as I acknowledge my innocence. As it stands now, a pardon restores rights, it does nothing to administer justice to the innocent as in the case of

    General Flynn or Representative Stockman — which are cases of “opportunistic” “malicious” prosecution, in my view.

    • Replies: @Sean
  103. Trump can, should, coulda. The story of his Presidency.

  104. Sean says:

    Assange was treated very leniently, a virtual slap on the wrist, over his Austrian hacking conviction. He could have been given 10 years. So he knew all about the fact that there are very serious laws against hacking even is a country such as his, where they love all that stuff. For example when Supreme Court of New South Wales had a lot of fun with Sir Robert Armstrong over the Spycatcher case. One in the eye for the establishment and Wright’s lawyer later became Australian PM.

    You cannot seriously be saying that after pleading guilty to hacking and only due to a sympathetic judge having escaping serious prison time in his homeland for mere unauthorised accessing of a power company’s computer system, Assange had forgot about the whole thing by the time he as a “journalist’ received information stolen from the US army. And also forgot he was not in Australia, but rather stuffy old ‘economical with the truth’ Britain, where it was quite likely if the US asked he’d be extradited for an American prosecution and prison sentence that he would only be released from at an age when he was more bothered by his lumbago than his libido.

    He knowingly played for the very highest of stakes.This was a sophisticated man in his thirties who had the world’s premiere MSM officially collaborating with and promoting him as some kind of moral paragon of peace, and all the silly women he could want as a result. So with this very high profile, and living in Britain he had did what he set out to do. Manning suffered quite severely and I doubt Assange warned Manning of what would happen. If you knowingly choose something irrespective of the consequences: deal with it. All that is going to happen is Assange comes out in five years with a right forearm like Popeye, then brings out a book.

    The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has released findings from a four-year inquiry into misconduct by its forces. It said 19 current or ex-special forces soldiers should be investigated by police over killings of “prisoners, farmers or civilians” in 2009-13. The ADF blamed crimes on an unchecked “warrior culture” among some soldiers. The inquiry – conducted by Maj Gen Justice Paul Brereton – conducted interviews with more than 400 witnesses. It also found evidence that:Junior soldiers were told to get their first kill by shooting prisoners, in a practice known as “blooding”

    Australian soldiers have criminal tendencies and so do their anti war “journalists” it seems. I wonder if the Aussie special forces have heard of the autism defence. They counld say they were soldiers , so could not be murderers, eh?

  105. @John Hagan

    I was directed here from Paul Craig Roberts’ screed on how “In America Democracy Destroyed Democracy” ( Your comment, Mr. Hagan, is a refreshing dose of reality who think Mr. Trump will save us if he wins his court challenges.

    But back to PCR, I find many of his posts informative and continue to subscribe, but he has a blind spot for the “lost cause,” a visceral hatred of Lincoln and such an unhealthy reverence for the “propertied” and “educated” class that he somehow fails to see that our problems stem from plutocracy, short term greed and corporatism made possible by corporate personhood and leading inevitably to a corrupt kakistocracy. It has nothing to do with enfranchising women and minorities or the direct election of Senators, but rather giving wealthy elites unlimited power to control elections by influencing the information space.

  106. “Assange was treated very leniently, a virtual slap on the wrist, over his Austrian hacking conviction. He could have been given 10 years. So he knew all about the fact that there are very serious laws against hacking even is a country such as his, where they love all that stuff. For example when Supreme Court of New South Wales had a lot of fun with Sir Robert Armstrong over the Spycatcher case.”

    It matters not a twiddle whether the young Australian got the hammer of the kid glove treatment. That case was adjudicated and dispensed with. The general principle, not to try a person for the same crime twice. That is the standard for US citizens. Now, perhaps, you’d like to suspend that practice to foreigners. In the US we bar placing oneself in double jeopardy. Should we choose to abandon the practice to foreigners, just know the door you open is the door for like treatment elsewhere in the world.

    I prefer to keep that door closed. As I think most of the country, especially out foreign services personell.

    In that case the suspect actually hacked into the government’s computer in violation of the law.

    In this scenario no such conduct has been made evident. There simply is no case here.

  107. John Hagan says: • Website

    When I was teaching a Nyngan in the 60s many kangaroos were shot … and there was no Strauss playing. In fact had I asked any local who Strauss was I would have recieved a blank look. You obviously come from a more genteel and refined background … Woolahra … upper North Shore pehaps went to one of those private schools ….

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