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First Thoughts on the Breach of the Capital by Trump Backers
The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony
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1. The obvious: violence and property destruction all summer by the left—still continuing in Portland et al.— tolerated by politicians and ignored by most of media which is now outraged by the breach of the Capitol. Sedition!! Insurrection!! How quickly they forget all the violence by the left, including the riots in DC before, during, and after Trump’s inauguration. Imagine the rioting if Trump had won. It would have made what happened at the Capitol seem like child’s play. And the media and the left would have talked about “mostly peaceful” protests.

2. With control of Congress (assuming Ossoff wins, which seems like a done deal), the Democrats will make victory permanent by adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, giving amnesty to millions of illegals so they can vote, ramp up legal immigration, and finish the demographic revolution ahead of schedule.

3. Big Tech will ramp up censorship, and Congress may well enact “hate speech” laws with prison and fines for the dissident right, which Biden will be only too happy to sign. Websites like this one may well be targets. If SCOTUS strikes down such laws, they will pack the Court. Or maybe just pack the Court anyway, as seems to be mainstream among Democrats.

3. A large percentage of the right believes the election was stolen (it was). I don’t think this attitude will go away, and when they realize they can’t win elections because of what the new government is doing, all bets are off. The left will use violence from the right to rationalize left authoritarianism, and with all that media power and political hegemony, they may succeed; again, fines and prison for rightest dissenters. There may well be very serious secession movements by Red State America. In any case, it’s not over until it’s over.


4. Ultimately this has come about because of the anti-White demographic revolution set into motion by the 1965 immigration law and the gradual increases in numbers of legal immigrants and illegal immigrants whose children become citizens. There’s no way that Georgia would vote for leftist radicals like Ossoff and Warnock without the demographic shift. The revolution was rationalized by the leftist media and academic culture which is now preaching Critical Race Theory aimed at inducing guilt in Whites and convincing Whites to punish other Whites who dissent from the new —what is called altruistic punishment by evolutionists (White people are particularly prone to this—long story). It’s redundant here to point out the outsize Jewish role in all this, but suffice it to say that this is the endgame dreamed of by the activist left for the last century. Their take-home message from the 2016 election was that Trump’s populist rhetoric was popular with a majority of Americans and if given enough time could have been enacted into policy. The policies Trump enunciated in 2016 had the prospect of at least slowing down the White demographic disaster, especially if these attitudes became even more entrenched with four more years of Trump and followed by someone with fewer rough edges, more political skill, and more of a mandate to do what needs to be done. The implicit mantra on the left was “Never Again,” and they pulled out all the stops to defeat him—not only the election fraud but also but the huge boost from most of the media in ginning up Trump hate and bogus impeachment Inquisitions while ignoring (mainstream media) or censoring (Twitter, Facebook) anything bad about Biden. Most notably Hunter Biden’s scandalous deals in China and Ukraine, with a cut for the “Big Guy.” Of course, there may well be a Democrat Plan B to get serious about Biden corruption and impeach him in favor of Harris.

5. There will be a big fight in the GOP over Trump’s legacy and whether Trumpists will be the future of the party. The neocons will try to make a comeback and the Chamber of Commerce types never left. But IMO there’s no way they can get a majority of the GOP behind them. The GOP is a populist party now and it’s not going away.

6. But like I said, it’s not over until it’s over. It’s just that the hole we were in, already deep, just got a whole lot deeper. But remember, when the Roman Republic ended, there was no great regret because the Republic was dysfunctional. It’s increasingly obvious that the US is dysfunctional. Which suggests that ultimately there will be an authoritarian government of the left (more likely right now) or right. Or secession.

Addendum: Conservatives on FOX News are saying things like “It was a bad election, but we have to fix that by changing the laws and going to court, not violence”—e.g., Trey Gowdy. The problem is that the left realizes that this could happen and that’s why they will do all they can to make it permanent. “Never Again.” As always, principled conservatives are happy to go down believing in the principles.

Addendum 2: I get the argument that storming the Capitol will strengthen the left. But should Trump supporters have just gone home when they sincerely & not without reason think the election was stolen? The left wouldn’t have. Stealing election is the ultimate political crime in a democracy.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. BLM/Antifa riot and burn and loot and murder for months and the police do nothing…..white people protest a stolen election and the police shoot to kill.

    We are now officially at the point where we have nothing left to lose.

    The jewish left is going to make life unbearable no matter what.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  2. Democrats will make victory permanent by adding DC and Puerto Rico as states […]

    [T]hey will pack the Court […]

    I doubt that – not until the mid-term elections at least. Due to Joe Manchin.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  3. B. Anazzi says:

    trump the jew lover showed his colors today with the stab in the back of his supporters, one of whom gave her life to MAGA. we need a leader with actual virtue, not one who just talks about it.

  4. anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    I am a former US Capitol Police Ofc, and this should not have been able happened in the first place.

    Trumps decision making was proven blown from the moment he heisted Kushner on us, but the intrusion is an offshoot of longstanding internal failure.

    In the Capitol Division, few of the Officers have ever made a single arrest, whereas my friends and academy classmates who went to House or Senate Div had all made arrests within a short time of arriving to their assignments. The vast majority are only experienced at operating TSA-type screening checkpoints, and have never ‘papered’ a single case. The gold bands (supervisors) are in many cases seeking to keep out of any trouble, and will NOT support you if a member / staffer complains, even when it resulted from their own direct order. (“dont let anyone through!”)

    The Cap Div is controlled much more directly by the Sgt at Arms office which is on the premises, and most arrests are screened through the presiding chair, Political leadership or the Sgt at Arms office, to ensure that political leadership do not get pissed off and file complaints with the Sgt at Arms.

    In the Office bldg divisions, Officers make their own decisions and actually know how to process and make arrests..

    long story short – the rioters picked the decorative div to exploit, since these officers in Cap Div have not used their handcuffs since they left Cheltenham, in many cases. They have never even processed an arrest unless they came to Cap Police from some other division or agency, which is not that common.

    Also Cap Div Officers store their equipment in remote lockers that require you to drive to a remote office building well south (and not part of) the Capitol complex which is at least 20-30 minutes round trip via your own personal vehicle – so if you needed riot gear or your respirator its not available / accessible – its a long trip to the upper floor of a dsitant office bldg to get what you need.

    This means that you have people who have never made an arrest, are ridden to be polite and avoid any complaint from staffers or face the wrath of the Sgt at Arms, and they do not have their allotment of emergency gear accessible, which is a perfect storm for passivity and confusion when the folks waiting to get ‘pushed’ to break suddenly find a threat that they have never dealt with before and are not managed or equipped to handle it, even if they knew how.

    • Agree: Beavertales
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  5. Franz says:

    The GOP is a populist party now and it’s not going away.

    This is a puzzler. In the 1950s Republicans thought the Democrats were the US version of England’s Labour party and couldn’t hate it enough. Now the cynicism, the toadying to big money, the paranoia and the hatred for the (white) working class have all switched.

    Besides big donors and weirdos and traitors, the Democrats have nothing to offer. Creating a new people and beating insanity in lots of America’s native born is their whole program. Do they think it’s a secret?

  6. Patta says:

    Was this invasion a planned false flag?
    The net result- Trump totally delegitimized – suggest so.

    Sorry for the cynicism, I’m not a citizen, and grew up with the US represented by Hollywood movies and Wrestling rigged matches. Then came Yugoslavia, 9/11, WMD…. Seen from outside it all looks like a scripted tv show.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Garliv
  7. gay troll says:

    The only explanation I can fathom is that security was deliberately lax, a breach was anticipated and the authorities probably hoped the protestors would thoroughly discredit themselves. But that’s not what actually happened; the protestors broke and entered but didn’t riot or act violently. The only violence I saw in several hours of live television was committed by police and other enforcement officers. One of these officers killed an unarmed woman who was a 14 year Air Force veteran. The media would have us believe she was a terrorist. The media, in their frenzied slander, said the “rioters” had “ransacked” the Capitol, despite actually being more interested in selfies at the podium. If the Capitol had actually been ransacked, Congress would not have been able to reconvene. The media are gaslighting the public as usual, trying to turn 1/6 into the new 9/11.

    Also, did everyone notice the twin fasces flanking the podium in the House chamber, or the swastikas adorning the upholstery?

  8. I think the Democrats will not accomplish as many of the goals you mention as you think. They will get one or two big things. 50+1 votes is not a lot, and Manchin already said he wouldn’t junk the filibuster.

    That being said, it’s not gonna be a good time for whitey.

    I don’t think what happened yesterday was a misfire — at least, it was the natural outcome of months of accusations of electoral fraud. The Democrats were surely going to crack down on the right wing (and sites like Unz and TOO) no matter what. Shame they’ll get arrested, but I enjoyed it at least, much like I do posting on here. I guess blowing off steam is all we have, huh?

  9. gay troll says:

    Trump misled his supporters just long enough to throw them under the bus. The storm is over folks, go home and enjoy your lockdown.

  10. gay troll says:

    Oh my god, I almost forgot, Nancy Pelosi said the word “eleven” four times at 11:11 PM EST on live television last night. I do believe the Mayan apocalypse has finally arrived.

  11. “The electoral system in the United States is archaic, it does not meet modern democratic standards, creating opportunities for numerous violations, and the American media have become an instrument of political struggle,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

    It takes a Russian, and an official of the Russian state, to state the obvious. No Western MSM politician or media figure would ever say this. For years, conservatives adopted an attitude of ” if it aint broke, don’t fix it.” The political system has been broken for years, now it’s finally been twisted out of shape. Conservatives will never be permitted to mend it. They helped abolish competition laws which permitted the media oligopolies. As things stand, there will never be a fair election again.

    It may be some of the Capitol invaders are Deep State agents provocateurs. More important: where was the security ? Be that as it may, this is a very grave error on the part of the Deep State. It’s a sign of great weakness. Real Empires would never have permitted this to happen. Can you imagine inflamed Chartrists or Fenians storming the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace in Victorian Britain ? It did not happen.

    I agree with Paul Craig Roberts. America is in an advanced state of economic, political and social collapse. The economic rug will shortly be pulled from under and the country will collapse in a heap. The storming of the Capitol will be seen as emblematic of that collapse.

  12. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The left will use violence from the right to rationalize left authoritarianism, and with all that media power and political hegemony, they may succeed; again, fines and prison for rightest dissenters. There may well be very serious secession movements by Red State America.

    This is why “freedom” is bogus and nationalism on the right is inevitable, whether now or in the future. The left uses the government and its largesse to impose its will, with zero regard for the Constitution or the principles of freedom. The conservatives prattle on about libertarianism and free trade as the left takes all the slack it gives them and uses it to amass ever more totalitarian power.

    Ron and Rand Paul, for example, are principled guys, and if the American establishment was still filled with WASPs like them, America could have worked. But libertarianism begets money-worship, and money-worship begets liberalism, and liberalism begets crony capitalism then state capitalism then communism.

    Power abhors a vacuum. WASPs filled that vacuum with the Constitution, and eventually surrendered the field. Jews, neocons and liberals immediately seized power, and the makings of communism on the left became inevitable.

  13. Taking an old-fashioned US Constitution ‘states rights’ view, one can make the argument that states can choose presidential electors any way they wish, including by staging rigged and fake ‘elections’

    In other words, the place to contest ‘fraudulently chosen electors’ is inside the states themselves, either in their legislatures which could quickly pass controlling laws, or in their courts (ha ha I know) … and curiously enough, of the big ‘vote dispute’ states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin – all except Nevada had fully Republican legislatures, tho only Arizona & Georgia had Republican governors

    Since none of those Republican state legislatures in ‘vote fraud’ states made a big fuss about it, well, that was perhaps Constitutionally the end of it

    How funny all these countries denouncing the USA over the Capitol seige, are often the same ones joining George Soros in supporting ‘pro-democracy election protests’ breaking laws and even assaulting government buildings in Belarus, Hong Kong etc

    And how funny all these Democratic party leaders including soon-to-be-President Kamala Harris herself, supported a whole series of political riots that killed many more people than the 6 January events at the US Capitol (can click to enlarge)

  14. Richard B says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The jewish left is going to make life unbearable no matter what.

    I’m reminded of Dostoyevsky’s word for them, merciless.

    From the article.

    The left will use violence from the right to rationalize left authoritarianism

    So true. And if “the Right” doesn’t provide it the Left will manufacture it. Am I the only one who thinks there’s more to what happened in D.C. yesterday than meets the eye?

    Leaving that question aside, I do think that, after everything the hostile elite has done, and after everything the people have been through, we’ve earned our right to be sceptical. It just looked too much like yet another C’ville set-up. And the shooting? Hmmm. Like I said, we’ve earned the right to be sceptical.

    That being said, there’s no question we’re up against it now, between the sword and the wall.

  15. @anon

    So, what you’re saying is that the entire security force isn’t worth shit.

    I agree. All cops aren’t worth shit. They are just the thugs to put down the citizenry.

  16. Garliv says:

    The plan used to eject Trump is a textbook manual of how US effect regime change in other countries. And it has worked perfectly. From inciting violence, blaming police/Trump for same violence, bribing key officials to work with them, using NGOs to fund militant groups, getting the media and big tech not only to set the tone of narratives but to actually choose and push for a specific narrative etc.
    With the forces aligned him, Trump had no chance in hell. What happened at the Capitol has been hijacked and misrepresented by the media and opportunist senators and congressmen to blame Trump and his supporters. As Saker writes, simply Mind blowing hypocrisy!

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  17. @Vergissmeinnicht

    We know these far-left democrats don’t care much for the Constitution. Still, making the Federal “DISTRICT” of DC into a state may not be quite so easy. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 forbids it. If the democrat Congress attempts to nullify the Constitution, and manages to get around that obstacle, there is the other matter that, in a recent poll of Americans, 64% were opposed and only 29% in favor. (, “The Constitution says No to DC Statehood,” 6-21-2020).

    As things stand now, especially after the turmoil around this farce of an election, it may be easier to do away with the Electoral College and go to a popular vote. Doubtless the democrats will be screaming for it after Biden/Harris are sworn in. And, according to a recent Gallup Poll, 61% want the EC eliminated.

  18. Joodie says:

    “The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony”. That’s probably what the Commies said after they took over in Spain in the 30s.

  19. Anonymous[358] • Disclaimer says:

    A few bad cops give the good 5% a bad name. Same with any group; I know I don’t have to list them.

  20. Stealing [a Presidential] election is the ultimate political crime in a democracy.

    This fact is key. Organized vote-rigging is what prompted the siege of Capitol Hill. Not only was a presidential election (very possibly) stolen, but this subversive maneuver was accomplished using the coordinated efforts of Democrat vote-manipulators, billionaire tech titans (under the guidance of Jewish pressure groups such as the ADL) to squelch right wing political discourse. As usual, the legacy media (which specializes in anti-Trump and anti-White defamation) played its familiar, biased role.

    These coordinated tactics help explain why Black criminality and Zionist malfeasance are routinely excused. It’s all part of a pattern. Dems protect their team from criticism while they smear ours.

    Power and bias confer advantage. In this past year, for instance, genuine news that was damaging to Democrats was either downplayed or censored altogether. (See: Biden crime family).

    What are we fed instead?–the drumbeat of ‘white supremacy’ and (white) racism. America’s core (founding) demographic is getting the boot.

    Augmenting these unfriendly trends is the emergence of entrenched double-standards in areas involving race, public speech, and even public assembly. New and highly-politicized restrictions are tipping the scales. As designed, this will affect democratic participation.

    Consider the fact that government-imposed race preferences–not race neutrality as originally advertised–remain a glaring fact in American life. Institutionalized race preferences affect college admissions, grading criteria, politicized (and debased) academic curriculum, as well as hiring practices. Reverse racism trumps merit.

    These new facts on the ground explain why Trump’s rally became a spontaneous hands-on protest. Capitol Hill has become a zone of corruption. And the Democrat darlings who operate there are beneficiaries of this degeneracy.

    This is why the ever-unpopular House received a slightly rough and unannounced visit by The People. As Thomas Jefferson observed: “The tree of liberty must sometimes be nourished with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” So true.

    But what Trump’s team of street fighters dished out on Wednesday was actually quite tame when one considers what they (and we) have had to face in 2020: from sanctioned BLM violence to election fraud. Wars have been fought over lesser crimes.

    The ‘siege of Capitol Hill’ was a short-term rebellion, nothing more. But it was richly deserved. After all, unlike ‘Russiagate’, our ‘Stop the Steal’ movement was inspired by real criminality–not “baseless charges” of voter fraud as the MSM claimed.

    Political malfeasance screams out for an in-depth investigation. But it’s not to be.

    The Dems and their media cronies used a relatively mild mini-riot to put the kabosh on any in-depth investigation of the 2020 election. This fact will properly haunt Biden/Harris for years to come.

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