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Finland at 100—Frozen by Fear, Dragged to a Multicultural Grave
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In the early hours of 28th September 1994, a pleasure ship, MS Estonia, sank in the Baltic Sea. Of the 989 people on board, a staggering 852 died. Bizarrely, some 650 were found below decks—unable to believe what was happening, they had made no attempt to save their lives

Why? One possibility: humans used to be prey, so where there is an inescapable threat, it is natural to freeze. But this was only in an inescapable threat in the victims’ minds: many people did escape, leaving behind paralyzed friends and relatives.

Another explanation: these northern people—strongly adapted to cold environments—are high in anxiety. This makes them plan for the future and be deeply concerned about how others see them, creating profoundly harmonious societies. But it also it means they’re more likely to be emotionally overwhelmed, leading to high suicide rates—14 suicides per 100,000 deaths in Finland in 2015 and Estonia, only 7 in the UK—and withdrawal from reality. They have evolved to be trusting, obeying their leaders and the rules, completely maladapted to a savanna-like situation of utter chaos.

Which may explain why Finland appears to be frozen with fear as it is dragged to a multicultural grave. December 6 saw the 100th anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence from Russia, hailed by the leftist Guardian newspaper as a social democratic “triumph.” [The Guardian view on Finland’s centenary: a social democratic triumph, December 5, 2017] Yet everything is falling apart and is doing so at breakneck speed as mass Third World immigration has suddenly overwhelmed a once-unified nation. Political consensus is disintegrating—recently, the government felt obliged to ban the “Nordic Resistance Movement” because of “hate speech” i.e. not violence but merely opposition to immigration [Finnish court bans neo-Nazi group, Reuters, November 30, 2017].

As recently as 2003, nobody could have called Finland a multicultural society. Its nationalist party, True Finns, was a political minnow, with just three seats in Finland’s 200-member, proportional-representation parliament. There were people in rural towns who’d literally never seen a non-European. About 80% of the population were paid up members of the Finnish Lutheran Church. Finland was a stultifying, boring, conformist place, and that’s how they liked it.

Finland was a kind of European Japan: an intelligent (the highest IQ in Europe according to research in 2014), efficient, trusting, and extraordinarily cooperative people who, precisely because nobody wants to rock the boat, have a per capita number of science Nobel prizes commensurate with those of lower IQ southern Europeans [Solving the puzzle of why Finns have the highest IQ, but one of the lowest number of Nobel prizes, Intelligence, October 2014]. Any “Finnish” innovation is typically from their 5% Swedish minority: Sibelius, Linux, Angry Birds, Nokia

With the smallest gene pool in Europe (something which predicts hostility to foreigners and cooperation with co-ethnics) Finland was initially a nationalist society. It had “won the Winter War” against the Soviet Union. (A moral victory, at least—the Soviets got part of Finland in the peace treaty, but didn’t enjoy the experience. )Nobody worried about foreigners, because they were insignificant. People happily consumed chocolates called “n***er kissers” with their coffee; children played “Who’s afraid of the black man?” in the garden or “Musta Pekka,” a card game where the loser is the one left with ‘Black Pete,” in the sitting room.

But things were beginning to change. Finland had admitted refugees from Somalia via the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s [Foreigners in Finland, by Olavi Koivukangas, Virtual Finland, (Archive)]. Sudanese began arriving in the early 21st century [Finland – Resettlement of Sudanese refugees, International Organization for Migration, August 21, 2001].

This was greeted with utter disbelief by many Finns and sparked the first feelings of nationalist unrest. A controversial professional wrestler, Tony Halme, was elected for the True Finns, famously arguing that “people who have them [immigrants] as neighbours sleep very little or not at all.” Finland—aping Sweden (which ruled it until 1809) and the other big boys of Europe as it always has done – became slowly divided.

The young and the white-collar proletariat (teachers, social workers, university lecturers) realized that they could advance themselves via the new creed of Political Correctness—anti-racism, pro-Islam, anti-Christianity, pro-homosexuality. The new faith grew in fanaticism. In 2004, there were calls for prosecution of the then-Prime Minister’s father, academic Tatu Vanhanen, whose peer-reviewed research (with Richard Lynn) proving that Africans have lower IQ than white people had been reported in the leading Finnish newspaper, and enforcer of the new morality, Helsingin Sanomat. In 2009, Dr Jussi Halla-Aho, an academic and True Finns politician, was convicted of “incitement to ethnic or racial hatred,” for remarking, in response to local newspaper Kaleva asking whether Finns were alcoholic due to genetic characteristics, whether Somalis were chronically unemployed for the same reasons [Jussi Halla-aho, Finland’s populist hardliner, Digital Journal, June 10, 2017]. His drawing attention to the double standards of what is “racist” led to a fine for “racism.” And for calling Mohammed a “pedophile” Halla-Aho was fined for “disturbing religious worship.” [Finnish Politician Fined for Blaspheming, Friendly Atheist (Patheos) September 9, 2009]

Abandoned by the Left, the Finnish working class, contemptuously known as “the juntti,” found their communities transformed. Helsinki central railway station came to resemble downtown Juba. In the summer of 2005, a young woman in Oulu was held down by Muslim Africans who then cut off her clitoris with a pair of scissors. In the following years, there were a series of gang rapes in this city, all by Muslim refugees. The police commented that Finns simply weren’t used to dealing with crimes like this.

The Finnish “whitelash” has come in two ways. The first was political. In 2011, True Finns rose from a handful of seats to being very nearly the largest party in parliament and, to everyone’s amazement, they repeated this success in 2015.

The second reaction: a collapse in trust between Finns themselves and the gradual erosion of Finland’s egalitarian society and generous social programs. This always happens in multicultural societies. Diversity ultimately undermines support for the welfare state, both by the native poor, who think foreigners are alien free-riders, and by the well-off, who regard the native poor as increasingly alien

This new polarization crystalized in the 2012 presidential election. The rural, conservative north voted for a traditionalist. The wealthy, Politically Correct south voted for Pekka Haavisto, a Green Party non-church member with an Ecuadorean hairdresser boyfriend who is 20 years his junior. The eventual winner: a compromise candidate from the free market conservatives.

But spectacular crimes by immigrants continued to divide society. In 2015, a Somali man hacked two men to death with an axe [Oulu axe killer was previously banned from Tiura bar, Finland Times, January 17, 2015]. In northern Helsinki, a girl was gang-raped by second generation Somalis, reflecting the fact that immigrants are over-represented by a factor of three in such crimes [Finland’s immigration crisis, by Dawid Bunikowski, Gatestone Institute, March 6, 2016]. There seemed to be real momentum against immigration by the time of the 2015 elections.

Paradoxically, however, that year’s “refugee crisis” sparked a move to increase immigration. The new prime minister, a millionaire called Juha Sippilä, went on TV to manipulate his countrymen into compliance with Europe’s virtue-signalling hysteria. He promised to take refugees into his (second) home, (which he didn’t do).

This country of just five million took in over 32,000 asylum seekers in 2015 alone [Asylum seekers protest in Helsinki against Finland’s tightened policy, Reuters, September 8, 2016]. Suddenly, gangs of young Arab men were simply everywhere. They flooded across the Swedish border in Lapland, hearing Finland was more generous with free iPhones and pocket money. They protested outside police stations, demanding better food. They filmed themselves in graveyards, mocking Lutheran ritual. In November 2015, a 15-year-old girl walking home in Kempele was gang raped by a group of under-age Arabs, living in the nearby asylum seeker centre. Finland now has the highest percentage of Muslims per population joining ISIS in the world [How the world’s safest country produced so many ISIS fighters, by Lara Whyte, Vice, August 22, 2017].

Yet the Finnish media uniformly assailed criticism of immigration’s consequences as “racist” [Reports of suspected rape stir up fear and resentment in Kempele, Helsinki Times, November 25, 2015]. Indeed, the national hysteria was such that True Finns, then part of the governing coalition and specifically elected on an anti-immigrant platform, did nothing, despite having the muscle to bring the government down.

Given that Finns were clearly reacting against the Establishment and its plans for mass Third World immigration, why didn’t the Finnish Right strike? The answer lies in the Finnish national character itself. Political Correctness is more dangerous in Finland than elsewhere in Western Europe. Like East Asians (some geneticists argue Finns have relatively high East Asian admixture by European standards), Finns are conformist. They can’t stand disagreement. They’re chronically shy, conflict averse and rule-governed. As I argued above, this may reflect adaption to extremely harsh yet predictable conditions, where cooperative groups are more likely to survive. Society is harmonious and efficient but with a tiny gene pool everyone thinks similarly. You don’t risk being shamed. Indeed, scholars have highlighted the way that Finland has an effectively East Asian “shame culture” [Shame on us: Shame, national identity and the Finnish doping scandal, by Tarja Laine, The International Journal of the History of Sport, August 23, 2006].

This helps to explain why True Finns betrayed its voters. But the party did collapse in the polls. As a result, in 2016 it elected the hard-line Jussi Hallo-aho as its leader, leading to a split [True Finns split holds lessons for Europe’s populists, by Richard Milne, Financial Times, June 16, 2017]. Nineteen careerists, including former leader and current foreign minister Timo Soini, broke off, preventing the coalition government from collapsing [Finland dodges government collapse after nationalists split, by Jussi Rosendahl, Reuters, June 13, 2017]. Recently, the careerists formed a group called “Blue Reform.” Polls suggest it only has one percent support [Finnish populist laments the lessons of office, by Richard Milne, Financial Times, November 16, 2017]. (Hello, Jeff Flake?)

The remaining 17 MPs who stayed in True Finns were soon vindicated. A young Moroccan went around stabbing random people in Turku, motivated by radical Islam [Finland attack: People in Turku arrest man after several people stabbed, by Jack Moore, Newsweek, August 18, 2017]

But incidents like this are not stopping the de-Christianization of Finland: day-care centers have now dropped prayer before meals [Finnish daycare centres drop grace before meals, hymns still allowed, YLE, September 15, 2017]. And recent figures suggest opposition to immigration is actually declining [HS: Fewer Finns against immigration, YLE, December 3, 2017].

What’s happening?

Unlike Sweden or indeed many other European nations, Finland has never really been a democracy. After independence and a civil war, the country was essentially a nationalist dictatorship. “Reds” were beaten up and dumped over the Soviet border. Then, after World War II, Finland became essentially a client state of the Soviet Union, following a policy of Cold War “neutrality” under its de facto dictator Urho Kekkonen, who publicly shamed opponents for risking what was left of Finnish independence. He ruled ‘Kekko-slavia’ from 1956 to 1982.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Finnish elite became desperate to be recognized as a Western democracy. They brainwashed Finns into voting to join the EU and it was the only Nordic country to join the Euro. [December 6th, Finland Mourns Lost Independence Gained 100 Years Ago, by Jon Hellwig, Russia Insider, December 6, 2017)

Finns have national low self-esteem. They bolster themselves, like the peasant farmers many were two generations ago did, by being obsessed with rules, formal education (politicians actually advertise their educational qualifications on campaign posters!), and a sense that they are more moral, diligent, and law-abiding than the dodgy “Europeans” of the south. Such a political culture is easily manipulated by its elite.

But there is resistance. Finland has witnessed ‘extremist’ protests at the border [Protesters form human wall against refugees at Finnish-Swedish border, DW, September 19, 2015]; an “extremist” March against Multiculturalism in Helsinki; the formation of “extremist” vigilante gangs such as “Soldiers of Odin,” and illicit signposts warning people to be careful because they’re close to an asylum centre. Helsinki is seeing “white flight,” especially once more than a third of school pupils in an area are non-Finnish. And many Muslims are returning to Sweden precisely because Finns are so much less welcoming than the Swedes.

Yet the consensus politics of Finland means it’s almost uniquely difficult to deal with dramatic, sudden problems. Finns don’t want to be seen as uncooperative. Finnish newspapers are obsessed with how the country is seen abroad, or even by foreigners living in Finland. Hence popular resistance to immigration and defiance of the Political Establishment leads to a furious elite reaction.

So this is how the entire Finnish nation is frozen by fear, blindly hoping they can have the best of both worlds and keep their comfy, conformist, uneventful, egalitarian state while virtue-signalling about multiculturalism.

But as they are discovering, the Third World, if given the chance, will always consume the First.

Email Harri Honkanen.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. German_reader says:

    day-care centers have now dropped prayer before meals

    Is that a bad thing? I suppose the Lutheran church is 100% behind the mass immigration, so they’re part of the problem.
    Sounds just like Germany…depressing as hell.

  2. Please wake up and fight, beautiful people. For a future for your children that is not full of fear, intimidation, violence, and submission to sharia and a cruel, irrational, stupid thug culture.

  3. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A large part of the problem seems to be the promiscuous handing out of welfare to anyone and everyone. This is paying third worlders to come. No welfare no welfare tourists. Of course there’s all the legal and ideological baggage that prevents something so simple from being implemented. The paralysis of will to survive is indeed strange to behold. Just a while ago the various Europeans were happily tearing each other to pieces like wild dogs. Now they are helpless sheep. What happened?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Smurf
    , @bartok
  4. Brabantian says: • Website

    Am surprised the above article did not mention Finnish nationalist Kai Murros (b. 1969), living on the outskirts of Helsinki, author of several widely-shared pieces, including the noteworthy 2010 short discourse ‘On Hate’. Full text of ‘On Hate’ below; video a brief 2min33 (music at beginning & end is from Wagner’s Parsifal). Maybe Murros’ greatest line:
    “Without hate for injustice, there can be no justice”
    A YouTube commenter adds:
    “All we are saying, is – Give hate a chance!”

    Full text of ‘On Hate’ by Kai Murros:

    Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about ‘hate crimes’. There’s an entire body of laws against ‘hate crimes’. Everybody seems to be worried about hate. Hate appears to be the gravest problem of our time.

    But hate is good. Hate gives structure to our life. Hate gives us a reason to exist, a focus, something to strive for, an identity.

    Hate is energy, pure energy, provided by Mother Nature herself. Hate enables us to see through lies and pretense, and helps us to concentrate on the essential. Hate is democratic – even the rich and the powerful cannot hate more than their slaves and subjects.

    And soon, hate may well be all that we have left. Hate emancipates. Without hate for slavery you cannot break your shackles. And without hate for injustice their can be no justice.

    The greatest achievements of the human race have grown from hate, and from the ability to control hate. Hate separates humans from animals – animals do not hate, but humans do. Humans can hate for decades, sometimes their entire lives. We can even pass hate on to our children and keep hate alive for centuries.

    Hate is a sign of abstract intellect – only humans can hate people they have never seen or met, and only humans can hate concepts and processes. How can we know what love is, if we refuse to recognise and understand hate? Love and hate are the two opposite sides of the same coin. Without hate, we are only halflings. In order to be complete, we need hate. Only fools talk endlessly about love, but forget the hate. Hate separates us from the weak and docile masses.

    Do not fear hate. Do not deny or reject hate. Accept hate. Embrace hate. Learn to know it, and learn to use it. Hate is your most powerful weapon – A hidden source of your strength. Do not deny it from you.

    What the liberal idiot fears most in this world is our ability to hate. Because our hate will one day be the most revolutionary force on the planet. Our hate will destroy and create empires.

    • Replies: @Jaakko Raipala
    , @Rurik
  5. One really has to scratch one’s head after Miss Helsinki FUBAR. It is down right preposterous in its PC not to mention that the girl is down right ugly and there are many everyday beautiful young black women who would make this Miss Helsinki… well, ugly. But sure, finding beautiful Finnish girl is so difficult. /sarc

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. anon • Disclaimer says:

    What happened?

    Psychological warfare aka brainwashing happened, has been happening for ~100 years.

    Jews — those whose motto is “by way of deception” — and whose most fervent prayer ends with “Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks” are protagonists in this war to dominate what they can and destroy the rest.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @ANON
    , @bomag

    …were it not for a catastrophic chapter denying regional human evolution and attributing all racial inequalities to discrimination, I would say this is a good book. Harari provides a stimulating overview of the biological and social changes in human life over the last 200,000 years, a withering critique of egalitarian liberalism as fundamentally in denial about human biological nature, a positive account of the European empires’ massive contribution to science and human development, and even a rather fair and nuanced account of German National Socialism.

    • Replies: @Wally
  8. So why is it called the Soldiers of Odin? I’ve wondered about that. Soldiers of a norse/germanic pagan god, written in English, for a Finish nationalist group?

    I must say though you guys produce the best heavy metal in the whole world.

    • Replies: @Lagertha
  9. utu says:

    The second reaction: a collapse in trust between Finns themselves and the gradual erosion of Finland’s egalitarian society and generous social programs. This always happens in multicultural societies. Diversity ultimately undermines support for the welfare state, both by the native poor, who think foreigners are alien free-riders, and by the well-off, who regard the native poor as increasingly alien

    Perfect description of the objective of the new neoliberal world order. Both the left and the right play on the same team though the left is a minor partner in this alliance. The left uses our empathy, compassion and shame to make open our borders and the right caters to to our selfishness and greed among the more psychopathic persons emphasizing economic benefits and efficiency via competitiveness and productivity to take advantage of new situation. The process is irreversible. However it could be stopped and frozen but only on a new level of equilibrium with lower social trust, cohesion and solidarity than before. Because of the fact that the left is the minor partner the process can be stopped only by attacking the right. That’s why the new right movements that emphasize race and ethnicity will fail unless they incorporate old leftist message of more egalitarian society, i.e., anti-capitalist. Only then the populist movement may gain a momentum by attracting people from the left.

  10. Cyrano says:

    The only reason why Finland is having this national crisis is because they lived for so long in the shadow of a phony world called communism. Then one day they woke up and discovered the new wonderful – real world of multiculturalism. It seems that it’s not working for Finland at the moment, but this is not the time to despair. The system just needs little bit tweaking – that’s all. And if Finland is looking for ideas – they should look no further than at the inventors of this wonderful system – the US. So this is what they could learn from the masterminds of this system: You need to construct 2 types of communities immediately.

    1. Gated communities

    2. Ghetto communities.

    The first will be used to house the native population, sort of reserves for the original habitants, where they would continue to exist for some time in ever dwindling numbers, which in the final stages it will turn kind of into a zoo, where the new comers can come and look at the exotic species nearing extinction.

    The second type of community will be used to house the newcomers. In it they’ll let loose their natural instincts to roam freely, start riots, engage in vandalism, rob, pillage and murder, basically enhanced version of their natural habitat, sort of like Disney version of the life styles that they couldn’t quite engage in back home, but thanks to the generosity and understanding of the morons that accepted them, they can now live in their fantasy world.

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And so Finns discover the horror of democracy; you get what you vote for.

  12. Anonymous [AKA "Uncletom"] says:

    I always hoped to go back home before I die, but it sounds like things are really screwed up. If a crime is committed by a non Finn ,then throw that person out of the country or put him in prison! If the law is followed then there should not be any cries of racism,a criminal is just that! A criminal. If these people are not happy with Finland then get the fuck out! Forget this shit political correctness. We fought for our land against the Russians and we’re willing to die for it, but suddenly a bunch of low life’s come to Finland and tell Finn’s how things should be run, I don’t think so. We need to grow a pair and do what’s best for Finn’s first and help others last!

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  13. @Cyrano

    The most Germanness among Germans, BTW, was preserved in what used to be former GDR, which was spared cultural “attitude adjustments” of FRG. It is precisely the place with the least number of Mosques in Germany. Pattern is definitely there, including for Visegrad Group nations who refused to be culturally “enriched”. People who served in 4th Flotilla of Volksmarine (Stralsund and Warnemunde) can tell a lot how German cultural and ethnic root was respected then by….Russians.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  14. neutral says:

    Probably does not required much digging to find that the usual international jew types were heavily involved with this.

    • Replies: @ANON
  15. mikael says:

    I had to my horror role back to the top to see what kind of ignorant &%¤…. was writing this Finnish history, and the weird focus on the Swedish Fins, witch is as true as I am an man from Khalahari, an historical nonsense that have stuck, against Finland is old, the Sweds have invented their so called history, based upon utter bullshit, and their hate for Fins isnt new, majority of the Sweds are original, and thereby genetically Finnish, by that, I mean the rest of the Genetic Groups have come to this region recently, up to the 1600-1700 incl the Slavs, and the RBa for Europe, and the even more fabricated bullshit is about Eastern bound, coming from Ural or China, huh, that is debunked totally, its the so called “vikings” the I-HaplG that is the Khazarian, the AzkheNazis (witch have 0 to do with Hebrews, but calls them self Jews) originated in the black sea region to the Caspian sea, aka the Caucasus, and so on, before them, we where here, I can trace my self over 600 years back, etc, and there is no Genetic coloration with Mongols, at all, not an drop, no more than Mexicans, do you get it.
    This was just an warning about bollocks wrapped in as history.

    Etc, and to the present, Fins and the Mountain monkeys in Norway have been high jacked, 40 years ago, then the New Labor came along, created scums like StoltenBerg, etc, spitting millions into Sore-ass NGOs, and Wahhabi, on top of it, and you wounder why, are you blind.
    This happened in parallel with Finland and Sweden.
    Then came the cultural Marxists.
    Whoms love child with the Leftards was and still is, PC-ism.
    Years of propaganda, in all ways possible from the TV to the Pads, 24/7, crushed everything.
    Everything from workers right, to economic bobbles, creating an condition where they justified an invasion of foreign, aka cheep labor, thru 3 decades and now is accumulating in an speed that is unprecedented, and somehow, when some of us have tried to tell you this, the economic policy, and the last 3 decades of wars, witch most of the whiners supported, and now, is dead silent, while our children are scorned and raped.

    The police, as in Norway have codes, thats why you never see them on official stats, because it never came this far at all, it simply goes unreported, shuffled side, unless the case is widely known or severe, so like in Norway, the stat is 100% fascistic and war is all there is, and we have an right winged so called nationalistic party ion the Gov. and what do you think is happening, in the MSM or by the Gov. absolutely nothing, and if there is anything, the MSM will attack with full force, aka troll hunters, and so on, PCs-storm troops.

    And then we have the present, an castrated people, wiped into submission, and in stead of been honest, fight for Finland, and make that crystal clear, and by that I mean send every single one of them out, kick am all out, and start again, but the first problem is the MSM, western worlds nemesis.
    If you dont do, or simply ignore, them, they will turn, but the second problem is Gov. whom controls the law, what Sweden have done, is making the Police to an force, where nothing is alowed to alter the image the present Swedish Gov. wants to prodject, where the attack their own, and ignores the rest, they need to be given an clear message, either with us or against us, no compromise is allowed, because it will eventually end this way, because the wars will expand, the economic demises will grow, etc, and to then preserve an nation is best done by removing the problem, socially and economically, trade will always be there, what hammered Finland was the UssAs and its Russian embargoes. Send them all out, 99% have not come from an war zone, and then its not in our duty to do anything else than short time stay and help, some cash and kick em out, we dont need them, thats the truth.

    I have family in one town whom got hit bad by this moronic Russian hysteria, and I mean bad, and no recovery in sight, why, huh, if you are a Fin, and I am from an Nation older than all of you, but considers my self as a Skolt Fin/Lap, the last remnants of the original people.
    Do you understand, the problem is two fold, the MSM and the Gov.
    Deal with that, and then the rest after.
    Get your head out of your ass and do something.


    • Troll: utu, Che Guava
  16. Cyrano says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    I was born and lived under “communism” a considerable amount of time. I didn’t like it back then. I thought that communism was phony. Then I moved to the west. And I discovered that the phoniness of the west was of the order of magnitude 10X that of communism. I am running the danger of sounding like Holden Caulfield, but it is what it is. The west is going to collapse because they don’t subscribe to any real values anymore, just a pile of phoniness. What the west really needs is enough Mark Chapmans with “Catcher in the rye” under their armpits to shoot all the real phonies, not the phony phonies (real people) like John Lennon.

  17. I must protest the description of interwar Finland as a “nationalist dictatorship”. It seems like the author has swallowed the Left’s propaganda about how everything before the 1960s cultural revolution was an authoritarian fascist society. The fascist movement beat up some leftists in the 1920s, boo-hoo. They never gained power and screwed up their own movement with drunken leaders, the attempt to annex Estonia on their own and other impulsive excesses that turned most people against them.

    Between the Civil War and World War II, the communist party was banned and Red leaders from the Civil War were in exile in the Soviet Union but other than that, the country was a multiparty democracy. Most people who fought for the Reds were allowed to vote right after the Civil War and unsurprisingly candidates like White general Mannerheim were crushed in elections. The Left has very little reason to complain about post-Civil-War Finland as it’s *extremely* unusual for the victors of a Civil War to throw their victory away by allowing the other half of the country to vote.

    It is also not true that the Whites of the Civil War would have been nationalists. The biggest rifts of right-wing politics following the Civil War were the various struggles over whether to support the Whites in the Russian Civil War. Leading Whites like Mannerheim argued that Finland should cancel the independence signed by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and instead join the Russian Civil War on the White side. The pro-White-Russia side lost this political struggle and in the years after the Civil War Finland turned more “nationalistic” as “imperials” were purged from right-wing organizations, the military and so on.

    Ironically, the 25 years of KGB President Kekkonen, installed by the Soviet Union, were the closest thing to a nationalist dictatorship that we ever had. He was very much like Putin and I imagine his “shirtless macho man” persona was crafted by the same people.

  18. FKA Max says: • Website

    The Participation of Police & Military in Multiculturalism – Impivaara


    Antidepressants consumption doubled in Finland between 2000 and 2011:


    Seikkula & Whitaker – Humanistic Psychiatry? – Turku, Finland – August 14, 2014

    The Evidence Is In: Our Drug-Based Paradigm of Care Has Failed – Finding ways to a humanistic approach Robert Whitaker and Jaakko Seikkula, one of the creators of the Open Dialogue approach to mental health care are speaking here at the 10th Nordic Family Therapy conference in Finland. Their subject: Why, when all the research shows that antipsychotics to more harm and good, and when Open Dialogue has proven that mental health problems can be treated without the use of longterm medication, do we not change over to this more humanistic way of mental health care?

    More info:

    • Replies: @Alden
  19. @Brabantian

    Kai Murros is a strange case of a nationalist who has a minor fan base all over the world but who doesn’t seem to participate in any nationalist politics in his home country.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  20. El Dato says:

    This sounds like an idea in the general direction of New National-Socialism?

    One could leave out the part about the trains-to-ovens and Really Too Much State, could be a winner.

    • Replies: @Wally
  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    chocolates called “n***er kissers”

    Actually just called “negro kisses”.

    These can also be found elsewhere, for now.

    As Wikipedia says:

    The original colloquial names were Mohrenkopf (“Moor’s Head”) or Negerkuss (“Negro’s Kiss”), but most companies changed the product-name to a more neutral Schokoküsse or Schokokuss (“Chocolate Kiss”), Schaumküsse or Schaumkuss (“Foam Kiss”) or to brand-specific names.

    In German-speaking Switzerland they are still sold as Mohrenkopf. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland as well as France they are known as Têtes Choco (“chocolate heads”), or and more commonly as Tête-de-nègre in France.

  22. The Finns are truly a great people. I hope they are able to come out of this horrible situation they have put themselves in. Perhaps in 50 years the north will separate and join Russia and order will be restored.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  23. @utu

    With you 100 %, utu, till you get to :”The process is irreversible”. After that things get confusing, although I think I get the gist of your argument. The core problem with your comment, I think, is that you rightly say that neoliberalism has co-opted both “the left” & “the right”: but then suggest that the right must “incorporate” “old leftist” messages. However — doesn’t that still leave us with the same neoliberal puppet masters ?

    • Replies: @utu
  24. JRB says: • Website

    Interesting article by Harri Honkanen. Letting in 35.000 refugees in one year (2015) was clearly overdoing it, especially for a high-trust society that had practically no experience with mass-immigration. It’s inevitable that this will cause a massive reaction in Finland in the coming years.

    It would be wise when Finnish politicians and journalists would study what has happened in the Netherlands and Denmark in the last twenty years. They could learn a lot over how to deal as best they can with the current situation. The situation in Dutch and Danish cities is far from ideal, but much better than in places like Duisburg, Molenbeek, Malmö, Saint-Denis and parts of London.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
    , @RadicalCenter
  25. @Jaakko Raipala

    Maybe Finns are still sensible enough to reject his effluent deluge with its 99 percent toxic and false content. (I’ll grant resistance to hate may have some good scores on its record).

  26. ANON • Disclaimer says:

    Are you a Jewish troll?

    You certainly don’t use any of the effective means of persusasion, either crude or subtle, that might change or confirm the mind of anyone who hadn’t been brought up as your identical twin.

    If a truncated (not full) version of an English translation of a 2500 year old Hebrew psalm (not prayer) is the nearest you can get to associating Jews with anything to do with Finnland then I don’t suppose you will even pretend to justify “by way of deception” as a motto, let alone one belonging to Jews. (I am about to search for the use by some noble family somewhere of their pride in having saved their people from a powerful enemy by way of deception. It should be there somewhere; cf. Great Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane just as an obvious starting thought).

  27. ANON • Disclaimer says:

    Instead of exposing yourself why not expose some evidence of this unlikely piece of fantasy you have emitted?

    • Replies: @Malla
  28. why didn’t the Finnish Right strike?

    Most likely they are managed opposition, like the Danish People’s Party; traitors.

  29. “With the smallest gene pool in Europe” this is factually untrue. Iceland defines as the smallest genepool. Yes they are made up off former Danes, Norwegians and Swedes primarily, but the are identifiable as Icelanders. In Iceland it is common practice to consult a special App , to check you are not related, incredible but true.
    The rest of the article is the typical xenophobic nonsense, imo. Finland is a Scandinavian country that far more rely on its traditions than their Nordic brethren, Sisu, is strong up there. But so is alcoholism and violent gun crimes, but I am sure the Finns will cope with that too.
    That the author has published thei article in VDare, did not elude me.

  30. Malla says:

    Well I thought multiculturalism was supposed to be pay back for colonialism. But I do not recall Finland being a colonial power. Just shows how this argument was rubbish from the very onset. The truth is even if colonialism had not happened at all, Europe would have still shot way ahead of the rest of the world in economy and technology. And even if colonialism had not happened at all, the Zio elites would still have found some excuses to flood Europe with third worlders to get rid of the race they hate the most, a race hated by the dumb brown black masses too, out of sheer jealousy.

  31. Malla says:

    The Japanese are observing this suicide of Europe from a distance.

    Japan’s Top Economist – Mass Immigration Destroys Our Country

    Allowing masses of brown black hordes into an European country is so dumb, it defy’s any logic or commonsense. How could the elites even sell you Europeans something so ludicrous?
    If we were to take a good hearted sarpanch/ mukhiya (village chief) from an Indian village of the 60’s to live in Europe of the 60’s for say 6 months for seeing the sights and sounds and understanding the people and lifestyle of Europe, and then tell him, that Europe is to allow loads of brown black hordes to come and live in Europe, he would have been shocked. He would have warned against it, he would have openly and bluntly stated that ‘our boys’ (brown masses) will destroy this beautiful place. No hesitation, no PC. Just truth and common sense.
    I often find that educated people are susceptible to the kind of non sense that well grounded people like that that village chief are not prone to. People like that village chief just ‘keep it real’.
    Yet Europe is full of millions of native idiots even today who are called SJWs who run around showing off their ‘moral superiority’ and their ‘intellectual superiority’ by believing the brain washing they receive from the elites. I am aware that trillions of dollars/pounds/euros have been spent by the media and education system in this leftoid multiculturalism/ multi-racialism propaganda psy ops, but do these SJW types have no eyes, no brains, no common sense? Seriously.

    • Replies: @Malla
  32. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    With so many European countries facing the same problem, if one was a conspiracy theorist, one would think there is a dedicated group of people that hate White people so much they are wiping them off the face of the Earth, using weaponized migration to do the foul deed.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  33. Okechukwu says:

    I believe that all the old world countries should preserve their ethnic and cultural distinctiveness to the fullest extent possible. The United States, Australia, Canada, etc. should be the dumping grounds for refugees and immigrants. We should treat the old world countries as important cultural and historical landmarks that should be preserved for all humanity. And for you racists, when talking about preserving cultural and ethnic integrity, I don’t mean just stopping dark skinned people. I wouldn’t, for example, want Romanians overrunning Wiesbaden or Poles flocking to Liverpool.

    Alas, none of us can stop inexorable winds of change. It’s a hope and a wish I have but there’s probably no way to effectuate it.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Hector_St_Clare
    , @Ace
  34. wayfarer says:

    An example of immiscible ideologies, Hinduism and Islamism.

    As national political “leaders,” sell the concept of “multiculturalism,” either out of ignorance and/or intention, in many cases they are selling and sowing the seeds of discord.


    Hindu Culture.

    Muslim Culture.

    Kashmiri Muslims Attacking Hindu Temple in Kashmir.

    • Replies: @Malla
  35. Iberiano [AKA "CeltisMagnus"] says:

    “Overdoing it” ??? Not ONE so-called “refuge” has any right to be in any European nation, nor the US, Australia, NZ or Canada. Europeans and their decedents and cousins around the world “owe” zero to any of the blacks and browns. Whatever crises is or has been in those black and brown nations, that is THEIR problem and Whites have no obligation to do anything, even if those blacks and browns are killing each other, or eating each other.

    This whole mindset that X Amount is too much, and “sure, we can let Y amount in, as long as it is less than X”.

    No. Not one. No one has a right to be in these countries except for the indigenous people, and other WHITE Guests that they permit. No one should give one inch on this matter, because it always leads to what we are seeing around the White World.

  36. utu says:

    till you get to :”The process is irreversible”.

    I meant irreversible in terms of biology (races) that leads to clusterization of society. But obviously the effects of immigration can be alleviated by assimilation which is possible only when the numbers are low and when no significant external phenotypical difference exists between the majority and minority. If white society accepts blacks even if they were all high IQ group they will create a cluster thaw will not be assimilable for a very long time. And when the numbers are sufficiently high the cluster will adopt strategy of challenging the dominant culture instead of submitting to it via assimilation. In any way the process of immigration must be stopped.

    However — doesn’t that still leave us with the same neoliberal puppet masters ?

    The populist movement must attract people form the left by bringing back to the front burner the issues of the economic justice that the old left used to advocate and at the same time the social justice issues like the “identity politics” which the new left advocates must be rejected and condemned because this social justice issues by design lead to divisions and clusterizations which are favored by the neoliberal puppet masters. Basically they push the divide and rule strategy all the time. That’s why they target primarily monoethnic and monocultural countries. The populist movement must concentrate on the unite issue.

    BTW, the “identity politics” I think is a perfect example of what Marxists call a false consciousness. This is a bait and switch neoliberal stratagem.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  37. @German_reader

    Yes, to me it is a bad thing. Upsetting traditions of the native born is one of the goals of those behind this mass immigration process. It isn’t necessarily a fact that the Lutheran church is “100% behind the mass immigration”. I haven’t seen any proof of that idea.

  38. @utu

    ” That’s why the new right movements that emphasize race and ethnicity will fail unless they incorporate old leftist message of more egalitarian society, i.e., anti-capitalist. Only then the populist movement may gain a momentum by attracting people from the left.”

    If, as you claim, the left is the minor partner, why try to include a nest of snakes like the left in a movement that needs to throw off this forced immigration which exists because of influence by the left?

    Egalitarianism and anti-capitalism are not among the goals or ideals of the new right. Incorporating a toxic ideology in order to gain support from one’s enemy can’t lead to any kind of momentum other than a momentum of defeat for the stated goals of populist movements.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  39. @mikael

    “Send them all out, 99% have not come from an war zone”

    That is a good point. Even if the “refugees” come from a war zone, why do they have to flee to another continent to get to safety? Crossing the nearest border would suffice.

    It’s comical to see that utu, the troll, would tag this commenter as a troll. Pot, kettle, utu.

    • Agree: Cyrano
  40. Tacitus says:

    I dropped by Helsinki back in 2009. Some of the CBD areas already had many African lurkers. It only takes a few Africans to change the character of a smaller CBD area such as Helsinki’s.

    We used to fly Finnair to get from Asia to Sweden. On one flight a poor Finnish chap was seated next to my wife and our baby. Our baby howled a lot during the 11 hour flight. I watched the Finnish guy. He remained ever smiling and was even able to catch some sleep. I was deeply impressed with his fortitude. A truly nice guy.

    I hope you can do what you need to do to achieve a good outcome for the Finns. If you stopped the welfare I’m sure many would simply leave, the weather’s so harsh. These guys just bump around looking for a free meal and other free stuff.

    • Replies: @Malla
  41. Malla says:

    The United States, Australia, Canada, etc. should be the dumping grounds for refugees and immigrants

    Why so? Why not Brazil, Jamaica or Barbados as well?

    I wouldn’t, for example, want Romanians overrunning Wiesbaden or Poles flocking to Liverpool.

    Agreed. Britain overrun with Germans or Poles is cultural ethnic destruction too. Similarly Poland overrun by British people. Or say Senegal were to be overrun by Angolans.

  42. bomag says:

    Looks to me like the Jews are as brainwashed against their self interest and preservation instinct as the rest of us.

    Who is brainwashing the Jews?

    • Replies: @Alden
  43. Malla says:

    Islamization of Europe Good for Jews Says Rabbi

    Rabbi says migrant invasion “has to happen”
    Openly talking about White Europeans being absorbed by the new masses by intermarriage. Obviously the fulfillment of prophesy is non sense. This is no divine hand but Zio banker hand.

    Rabbi: Jews are fighting alongside their Muslim brothers against Old Europe

    Jewish Hypocrisy – Flooding Europe with Immigrants

  44. Malla says:

    If you stopped the welfare I’m sure many would simply leave, the weather’s so harsh. These guys just bump around looking for a free meal and other free stuff.

    Some would leave but many would stay. Most do not want to go back to their old shit holes, Finnish winter is far better than their own third world lands full of corrupt surly wild people. There are a lot of attractive women who are easier than women back home (Middle East & Indian subcontinent). Many would stay behind unless removed by force.

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  45. Malla says:

    And this is when racially both are very similar. In the case of Europe, we are dealing with different races. It is not British Muslims or French Muslims (who are at most 5% of the muslim populations) but outsiders who have gained residency along with their half breeds with European natives. It is not Chechen, Albanian or Croatian Muslims either but Arabs, Somalis, Pakistanis.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  46. Malla says:

    Japanese Economist – Sweden`s Immigration problem

    This was supposed to be the follow up video I missed in that post

  47. The interesting question is who is Harri Honkanen? I’m always suspicious of authors that I cannot identify. There is a Finnish judoka by that name but he were the author, identifying him as a sprots personality would add prestige to the article. My best guess is that the name was invented by someone who knows nothing about Finland and therefore didn’t know that there was a real person of that name.

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @Juoni
  48. wayfarer says:

    Another example of immiscible ideologies, Judaism and Islamism.

    Zionist Israel with funding from Rothschild & Sons Ltd., has created a somewhat unique approach to the challenge of “managing” human diversity and ethnic inclusiveness, as they currently experiment with their trademarked, “fast-track program to global multiculturalism.”



    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Wizard of Oz
  49. wayfarer says:

    Don’t forget homeless communities.

    Wait, scratch that, they’re now illegal in the “United States of America.”

    100 American cities have effectively criminalized everyday life for the homeless, making crimes of things from sleeping outside to brushing teeth in public. Even as cities become more socially conscious about LGBTQ rights and drug policies, they’ve become less tolerant of their neediest inhabitants and more comfortable with cops and the justice system sweeping up the “human trash.”

    Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities


    “Forced into Breaking the Law”
    Criminalization of Homelessness in America

    • Replies: @Cyrano
    , @Carroll Price
    , @Avery
  50. Rurik says:

    they could advance themselves via the new creed of Political Correctness—anti-racism, pro-Islam, anti-Christianity, pro-homosexuality.

    oh my gosh

    you’re going to be in trouble with Fred Reed, you just linked to Vdare!

    a young woman in Oulu was held down by Muslim Africans who then cut off her clitoris with a pair of scissors.

    if she was, I wonder if she continued to be a shitlib afterwards

    that’s one of the things that vexes me..

    what would it take to cure a shitlib?!

    to bolster his precious ego and maintain the lies he’s told himself for so long, he’d condemn more of his countrymen (and boys no doubt) to similar treatment- just to assuage his vanity, and continue to proselytize the suicidalally insane mantras he’s been programmed to believe.

    forget the blacks and Muslims, what the Finns (or Swedes, etc..) have no resistance against is this:

    they’re not equipped to psychologically comprehend a people who look like them, who speak their language and smile when they smile and put on airs of superiority, but who also harbor a hatred against them that is nether-worldly.

    that they simply don’t have any natural defenses against. The Red Army marching in, they can deal with, but an enemy from within- will be their doom

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

    if Finland wants to save itself, it must first get out of the EU

    then shame the ugly and fat and middle aged Finnish women who have ulterior motives for wanting all the young men to flood the nation

    and look East to Putin’s Russia, who has reined in the Fiend, and make Russia Christian and proud again

    Russia does have experience dealting with the tribe. They suffered the tribe’s sinister depravations for many generations now, and would still be languishing in abject poverty as Rothschild stole all the wealth of Russia, were it not for Vladimir Putin.

    Look East, dear Finland. Repudiate the Fiend (($lithering)) in Brussels.

    shame the shitlibs, (it won’t do any good, but it will feel good for you to mock them)

    they’re willing to see every last Finnish girl (or boy) raped and brutalized and even murdered while your ancient villages are transformed into ‘no-go’ areas for ethnic Finns.

    we’re seeing it all over the globe. It is a poison that’s being injected into your society by the ((media)) and corrupted politicians, and it’s no different than tossing black plague infected meat into the middle age Europe village well.

    they hate your blonde haired, blue-eyed guts with a malevolence and malice that is impossible for you to comprehend.

    if you want to know what they’d do to you if and when they can, look at the Kulaks, who twiddled their thumbs with apathy as the Fiend encircled them and then took their time.

    please Finns, don’t pine for Western ways

    I’m here! I can attest to their intentions

    they want your sons to worship homoanus and your daughters as gutter skanks×385/

    they see a gal in traditional Finnish dress

    and unlike you, they don’t see beauty

    rather they see something to defile and drag down and brutalize – to mollify the seething hatred they feel, because of the way Finnish culture and people make them feelinferior

    you can invite in millions of the Third World and give them all you have, and tell them you love them, and it’s only going to make them hate you even more.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  51. @Twodees Partain

    Very well put. Before WWII nearly all western countries had capitalist economies, but had very little non-white immigration. Obviously, other factors are at work here.
    The principal one is Neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is a front for Corporatism. Under Fascism – the Corporate State- the State told the Corporations what to do. This was guided by the idea of the national interest.
    Under Corporatism – the Corporatist State – the people who control the Corporations tell the State what to do. At the most basic level this is done by subsidising political parties and bribing individual politicians. Political policies are derived from what these Corporatists want. These are cheap labour – hence open borders: free trade – so money, plant and machinery can be moved at convenience. They also want World Government – but one which will guarantee their Corporatist privileges.
    Any future Alt-Right Governments must be willing to break up the present oligopolies and send the oligopolists to jail. Industries must be governed by laws that serve the national interest.

    • Agree: Miro23
  52. Rurik says:

    Hate is energy, pure energy, provided by Mother Nature herself. Hate enables us to see through lies and pretense, and helps us to concentrate on the essential. Hate is democratic – even the rich and the powerful cannot hate more than their slaves and subjects.

    And soon, hate may well be all that we have left. Hate emancipates. Without hate for slavery you cannot break your shackles. And without hate for injustice their can be no justice.

    I’m happy to see this written by a Finn

    Do not fear hate. Do not deny or reject hate. Accept hate. Embrace hate. Learn to know it, and learn to use it. Hate is your most powerful weapon – A hidden source of your strength. Do not deny it from you.

    this is the motivating principle of the tribe going back thousands of years

    they’ve been teaching this for millenniums. And immersing themselves in it and swimming in hatred (for other tribes/ethnicities/nations) like a fish swims in water. No one can hate like they do. It’s endemic and by now congenital. And it’s the opposite of our natures and our cultures.

    (obviously I’m not speaking of all of them! So many Jewish people are full of love and kindness. And so many others [including Europeans] can be hateful wretches)

    But collectively, just as Africans and Middle Easterners can be wonderful and amazing people, collectively they’ll be the doom of your societies and ancient cultures and ethnicities, (worthy of persevering no matter what the shitlibs say)

  53. @Rurik

    Putin’s Russia runs a bunch of anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-nationalist “Eurasianist” organizations in Finland. If we end up under Russian influence we are for sure doomed to an endless wave of Muslims from Central Asia, demonization of all our culture and tradition as “fascist” and a country entirely owned by Jewish oligarchs.

    Modern Russia is even worse on its promotion of anti-nationalism and anti-racism than the post-WWII Soviet Union was. After World War II, Stalin was just doing geopolitics and dismantling right-wing parties as his opponents but for the generations born after the war World War II was turned into a cult very much like it was turned into a cult in America and it’s just basically the same cult of anti-racism that’s destroying the West.

    All Russia needs is the economic success to pull in the big immigration waves and then they’re in the exact same situation.

  54. Rurik says:

    The only reason why Finland is having this national crisis is because they lived for so long in the shadow of a phony world called communism.

    except the exact same thing is happening to Sweden

    and Minnesota and Hamburg and France…

  55. Heros says:

    “A 17-year-old girl from Pori, Finland, was raped and then burned alive by her boyfriend. The boyfriend, Ramin Azimi, a migrant with Afghan back ground, refused his girlfriend’s wish to break up.

    According to the court’s statement, Ramin Azimi “first raped the girl in a nightclub in Ulvila. The he transported her to the town of Kokemäki by car, moved her to a wooden house, doused her in gasoline and burned her alive.””

    You would think that the feminists ruining Finland would care about stuff like this. That they don’t is all the proof one should need that this is part of a very large, nefarious plan. A plan that is centuries old, where each step is planned decades or even centuries in advance.

    One of Kerensky’s first actions after the Tsar abdicated was to gather up every copy of “The Protocolls of the Elders of Zion” and burn them. One of Lenin’s first actions after seizing control of Russia was to make possession of the Protocols and instant death sentence. And the nearest 10 members of your family too.

    Why did the (((bolschevics))) obsess so much about a book that they so adamantly claimed was a forgery? Why is it that everything that is happening to Finland is so clearly foreshadowed and explained in the protocolls, a manuscript written well over a century ago?

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @El Dato
  56. @Archimedes

    They will be a majority African and Muslim country within 25-30 years, forget fifty years. Better leave the EU and fight the civil war against the savages now while the Finns have the numbers to win.

    As for joining Russia, why couldn’t Finland just be independent and conclude trade, tourism, and cultural exchange agreements with Russian Federation?

    • Replies: @Archimedes
  57. Rurik says:

    please Finns, don’t pine for Western ways

    this is misleading, because the west is no longer the West

    Western civilization, born in Greece and bolstered in Rome, Byzantine and subsequent cultures and places, often developing concurrently in several places at the same time, is a product of Western people’s genes. Duh!

    but in today’s ‘west’, the Achilles heal of Western people; their natural compassion and empathy, has been contorted into believing that all people are our people.

    we’ve been turned into the anti- (Zionist Jew – who hates all others)

    we’ve been systematically programmed to believe that all others = us

    and that Africans are just Swedes and Finns with darker skin, otherwise exactly the same!!!

    this it the ultimate lie that they’ve used to destroy us, and if anyone points out this lie, they’ll be harangued as evil Nazis! from every dank corner of the ((media)) establishment and shitlib zombies in the universities and Internet forums 😉 and institutions of government from Brussels to Helsinki

  58. You all are partaking in the great process called:


    “transfection is the process of artificially introducing nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into cells, utilizing means other than viral infection”

    as in:

    “Blacks and Muslims are being transfected into Finland by your elected government.”

    Kill off the offending agency and then the process cannot advance.

  59. @JRB

    In the Netherlands, aren’t natives (white Dutch people) steadily declining as a share of the population, with non-Dutch Muslims steadily rising as a share of the population?

    Isn’t that also true in Denmark?

    Both countries have a TFR under 2.0, consistently under replacement. And that doesn’t even account for the differential between native white TFR and the higher alien TFR.

    So however the NL and Denmark are “dealing with” the invaders, it is just “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.” Their people will be subjugated and then killed, raped, and converted/interbred into nonexistence. Yeah, lets ‘s “learn” from their prudent approach to managing national suicide.

    • Agree: Ace
  60. j2 says:

    The problem in Finland is that the majority of the people do not understand that there is a war played out against Europe and that the their leaders and media are already practically everywhere under external control. It used to be different during the Cold War. Then people knew who were pulling the strings, now they believe there is no such power, but there is. The majority of Finns would discard all such claims as conspiracy theories, which, as they have been told, are nonsense. It does not take so long to find out what and why these things are happening, but it requires a personal effort, and most are too busy or lazy or trusting to do it. It is difficult to say what should be done, as all movements, including this Alt Right have already been infiltrated and are directed by powers that be. It is the same as is the case with the True Finns party, cannot trust them. They set up a movement, and the counter movement, and control both, and play them in order to get the result you want. All it takes is money, really, the rest is easy, but it takes some time. Then people ask: who are They, and smile thinking they are smart and certainly not manipulated as they follow the news. If only more people would read, now when information is easier accessible than it was before the Internet. There was an almost complete blackout ever after WWII. But somebody will come up with a solution, these plans have always failed, but after too much destruction.

  61. Rurik says:
    @Jaakko Raipala

    Putin’s Russia runs a bunch of anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-nationalist “Eurasianist” organizations in Finland.

    OK, I defer to your first-hand knowledge of such things

    if so, then fuck Russia too!

    Poland seems to be finding its way, and Hungary and other Eastern European states.

    and there’s a turn to the right (sanity) in many vectors in Western Europe and elsewhere.

    Russia has been good however as a repudiation of the zio-wars and atrocities that our zio-occupied governments have perpetrated, and the ((media)) we all suffer under in the dying ((murdered)) Western world.

    he did wrest Russia from the ((oligarchs)) who had looted it blind, and so he deserves a lot of credit.

    but if he’s doing what you say he’s doing, then fuck him, (as far as that goes ; )

    I suspect Russia has a sort of kneejerk antipathy for Western nationalism, because of the propaganda they’ve suffered under for so long, pretending that all the evils of WWII were all a direct consequence of the racism and fascism perpetrated by Nazis and Nazi apologists, Banderites and so forth.

    Never being able to look at the crimes of the Soviets, being as their tender Russian uber-nationalistic sensibilities are just wayyy tooo tender and fragile to ever look at Russia’s own crimes during and leading up to and after that evil war.

  62. wayfarer says:

    Someone needs to inform the dude who’s holding that sign, it should read.

    AIPAC, We Are Your Death!

    “Dark Side of the Refugee Crisis in Europe”

    “Sweden Deports Migrants and Illegal Immigrants”


  63. Malla says:

    Another example of immiscible ideologies, Judaism and Islamism.

    Islamism huh!! And from what does it originate from?
    There are theories that Islam itself was was started by the ancestors of the Zionists to use Arabs as a tool to destroy the Persian and Byzantine Empires.

    Islam as a Jewish psy ops meant primarily to destroy Byzantines and Persians, but it went wrong and now has a life of it’s own. The earliest Muslim Arabs realized the treachery of the Jews and thus many were killed in Medina and the Arabs wrote in warnings about Jews in Islamic literature.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  64. Rurik says:


    you’ve got ((their)) number Heros

    and the so-called feminists too!

    those skanky, self-serving hags hate pretty young (white) girls more than then even hate (white) men

    there isn’t one monstrous, unspeakable atrocity (like the one you mention) committed against a white girl or woman anywhere in the Western world that these ugly cows don’t sanction with their collective and thunderous silence.

    British school girls are systematically raped and gang raped with threats of being burned alive with ‘petrol’, and to this day I don’t know of one feminist hag that has had one word to say about it, since all the rapists and gang rapists and brutalizers were of Pakistani descent.

    if girls and women are terrorized on the streets and targeted or even butchered, they couldn’t care less, if it doesn’t serve their anti-white agenda.

    a girl could be savaged and beaten and brutalized beyond all human comprehension, and then tortured and stuffed into a garbage bag to slowly suffocate to death, and to the feminists, ‘fuck that white bitch’.




    one of the charming things to come out of the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal is that all this sanctimonious feminist scolds lecturing conservative and Christian white men for ‘hating women’ and ‘waging a war on women’ – all knew that their patrons of the left were serial rapists, like Bill Clinton, but speaking out against them didn’t serve the AGENDA, so they kept their curled, malevolent lips shut – unless Harvey was feeling the urge

    “Why did the (((bolschevics))) obsess so much about a book that they so adamantly claimed was a forgery? Why is it that everything that is happening to Finland is so clearly foreshadowed and explained in the protocolls, a manuscript written well over a century ago?”


    the Protocols read like a blueprint for every thing we’re witnessing

  65. Since this is about Finland I am taking that as an opportunity to post a link to one of my favorite videos. Unfortunately, the Cowboys seem to have been informed that Alabama is not a politically correct place and this song was written as a not terribly friendly response to Neil Young’s “Southern Man”, so they stopped performing it. Another sign of the rot the article presents.

    Too bad.

  66. El Dato says:

    You would think that the feminists ruining Finland would care about stuff like this. That they don’t is all the proof one should need that this is part of a very large, nefarious plan. A plan that is centuries old, where each step is planned decades or even centuries in advance.

    Humans being completely incapable of planning even 5 years in advance, I suppose it must be Lizard People.

    Feminists don’t care about anything than their self-image of transgressing, liberating hyenas. They have fads. And their go up against “safe” targets, too. I have yet to see femen perform a show in a radical mosque.

    Afghan boys burning their ex girlfriends in the forest are not the current fad and speaking up against that is not necessarily safe. DROPPED!

  67. Beckow says:

    “The left uses our empathy, compassion and shame to make open our borders”

    I think in many ways the left is our compassion and shame about the past. That part is unchangeable. And ‘open borders‘ combined with some bizarre dreams about ‘brotherhood of men’ are what left has always been. In post WWII Europe for external reasons leftists were kept from fully implementing their crazy instincts, but they always wanted to. It is what makes them tick – just talk to an unhinged middle-aged spinster who ‘loves the mankind’ or an equally unbalanced young ‘idealist’ SJW.

    I agree that the right has a blind spot about social programs and efficiency – most have libertarian illusions about their own self-sufficiency and many simply lack normal societal solidarity. I have always suspected that many misanthropes are attracted to right-libertarian ideas, it validates their inner separatism.

    Your suggestion that populist parties (I prefer the term nationalist, as in liking one’s own ethnic nation and country) add social solidarity appeal runs into the Achilles’s heel of left’s inability to think rationally.

    “old leftist message of more egalitarian society, i.e., anti-capitalist”

    E.g. Corbyn, Sanders or Melanchon are too far gone into the multi-cultural ‘one fraternity of man’ ideas – it is in their DNA, they simply cannot change. Even if they themselves have some inner doubts, the movements they represent would overwhelm them. We need to accept that they are gone – and by extension many ideas they represent. They can only be misused by the current system to prolong its life, but they are incapable of actually changing anything for the better.

    The nationalist right will eventually win politically. It might take another 5-10 years, but the obvious and irresistible electoral appeal of the nationalist ideas is too overwhelming. The only question is to what extent will the established system be able to manipulate, co-opt, substitute and undermine the actual nationalist agenda. Basically whether borders will remain open, labor markets destroyed and national cultures struggling to survive. And the establishment can do a lot; from Macron to Kurz, from Trump to True Finns, the real risk is that words will remain words, or that any changes will come too late, after the inevitable demographic tipping point.

    It is not only the introverted, conformist Finns who appear unable to stand up for themselves, we all have that problem.

  68. Cyrano says:

    Even as cities become more socially conscious about LGBTQ rights and drug policies, they’ve become less tolerant of their neediest inhabitants

    Can’t you see what’s going on here? They are trying to force the homeless folks to declare themselves as gays and lesbians in order to receive help. Like they don’t have enough on their plate (pun intended), but now they have to declare themselves as gays too.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  69. @Jaakko Raipala

    So what you are saying is that VP is in actuality the exact opposite of what his image suggests.

    I don’t believe you, so why don’t you just provide us with : facts pertaining to these subversive “organisations”.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazzartist.

    • Replies: @Jaakko Raipala
  70. MBlanc46 says:

    I’ve barely set foot in Finland—an evening in Tornio on the Swedish border in 1977. I was surprised at all the young men driving large American cars. I’ve an interest in architecture, and Finnish architecture has been among the best of the 20th century. The Finnish resistance to Soviet aggression in 1939–40 should be an inspiration to all. How sad to hear that the Finns are throwing it all away fir multiculturalism.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  71. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Finland has never, since it’s nominal independence in 1917, had any true independence. Perhaps only in 1918-1945. During the Soviet existence, it was skillful and careful maneuvering as a semi-autonomous state. After the Soviet collapse, the previous Stalinist elites of Finland were left standing on nothing. They quickly strived to join the “west” as a result of this void. This might explain the reason why the Finnish elites are in such a hurry to cede their independence to someone else. And money of course, being the secondary reason, as many of these elites have historically been very poor on international standards. Cheap to bribe and gain full access to Finnish politics and relevant society positions.

    They (we) are very rule based and are happy to let someone else govern them. They (we) are blind that it will lead to their (our) own destruction, that the people who govern them today, are in fact themselves governed by external forces, i.e. cultural marxists. Who absolutely hate their subjects. Finland is so much smaller by ethnic population than Sweden that at this rate it is catching up to the Swedish catastrophe. It cannot withstand an assault of this magnitude. There have been between-the-lines hints from politicians that more, and larger scale mass migration waves from Africa are being planned. Further, NATO is most likely planning to turn Finland into a sacrificial lamb against Russia, for mostly PR purposes. False flags “attacks” by some special forces are bound to happen sometime in the future to seed this conflict. The welfare state within 5 years will most likely be completely obliterated, leaving only the exorbitant tax rates behind. The whole of Finland will soon be finished and left as a burning wreck, economically and in terms of historical culture and society.

    The right path of course, would be to leave the EU, turn towards the future potential of Eurasia ignoring the Washington sanctions, regain control of the western and southern borders and practice independent and thoughtful foreign policies at the same time working with the EU. But realistically it is hard to see happening. As this article points out, it is mostly controlled politics, the hegelian dialect on both sides.

    • Agree: Rurik
  72. EugeneGur says:
    @Jaakko Raipala

    Modern Russia is even worse on its promotion of anti-nationalism and anti-racism

    This is a fantastic sentence. Yes, Russia is, thanks God, anti-nationalist and anti-racist. Russia can’t be otherwise, because it is multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-religion, multi-racial, etc. But although your country is, or rather was, uniform ethnically and culturally, is that truly what you want, nationalism and racism in your country?

    Uncontrolled immigration for no particular reason is one thing, nationalism-racism is another. The latter will hurt you more than anybody else as many countries have demonstrated quite convincingly. Russia has our own internal Muslims we have lived with fine for centuries. The immigrants from the Central Asia are also from the former Soviet Union republics, some speak Russian, and the former unity isn’t entirely forgotten. Besides, they come to Russia to work – not to get free smartphones.

    Finally, our Russian men know how to teach the newcomers manners if need be. Nothing remotely like what is happening in Germany or Sweden is possible in Russia. Every man keeps a handy crowbar in his car he could start the educational process with, and then the police would take over completely unrestrained by political correctness. So, our guests would soon understand that a Russian woman no matter how short a skirt or how much makeup she wears is not available to them unless, of course, she want to.

    So, stop blaming Russia for everything and behave like men.

  73. @utu

    You (in common with many other UR commenters) seem to have trouble envisaging a society where everyone has a pretty good life and is happy to see it that way.

    I know that there are people with a net worth that requires several noughts to be added to mine to approach them and I am quite unenvious of their ability to call up a private jet to get them to the inauguration on time – or whatever. I shall probably live in good health well beyond the age my ancestors and collaterals reached (though I do hope I have the genes of one remote uncle who lived from 1808 to 1906). I can get by without another bottle of 1928 Chateau Mouton Rothschild hpwever much I might like to impress a new in-law. And I detect a great deal of satisfaction with life in people much less well off than I am.

    Why are people so unhappy in America or am I getting the wrong idea from UR?

    Personally I look forward to the day when Australia’s say 7 per cent from or descended from immigrants from the subcontinent (well India and Sri Lanka anyway) and 8 per cent from China and diaspora are contributing so much to GDP that they support the lower taxing lower welfare handouts parties to my considerable benefit.

    • Replies: @another fred
  74. Cyrano says:

    You are absolutely right, man. Everything Russian should be resisted – and if possible make some epic movies about it too. While everything American (multiculturalism) should be embraced. That’s the only road to prosperity. Who brought more ruin to Finland – Russia or US (ideas)? Don’t answer this, it’s a rhetorical question.

    • Replies: @Jaakko Raipala
    , @MBlanc46
  75. wayfarer says:

    With a link to the complete article, hopefully those statements will then make more sense. Source:

  76. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Cool to see a Heartiste fanboi here. I fully support you following and regurgitating from a 55 year old childless “bachelor” who hates women .

    • Replies: @Rurik
  77. Rurik says:

    in Russia. Every man keeps a handy crowbar in his car he could start the educational process with, and then the police would take over completely unrestrained by political correctness.

    sounds great!

    just what a society needs

    why don’t all us “racist” societies send all our Zionist Jews and neocons and BLM and La Raza and Islamo-fascists and Merkel’s “refugees” into Russia, who is not racist!!!

    then you can drive around with AKs in your trunk to prove how ‘manly’ you all are

  78. German_reader says:

    Besides, they come to Russia to work

    So did Pakistanis in Britain and Arabs in France. Didn’t turn out that great.

    • Replies: @Mitleser
  79. Rurik says:

    who hates women

    au contraire!


  80. anti-racism, pro-Islam, anti-Christianity, pro-homosexuality. The new faith grew in fanaticism.

    Whitey suffer from very basic reasoning skill: WHITE-BLACK THINKING, and induced-ones… it’s mean that MOST them [at least 90% of them] can’t think:

    – independently;

    – rationally/correctly…

    Probably because MOST of them are absolute slaves of their cognitive instincts.

    And MOST whitey are incapable OR dishonest to accept that religion and ideology are basically the same or very similar thing.

  81. Alden says:
    @FKA Max

    Why do you keep reposting comments you already made on UNZas a reference?

  82. @Authenticjazzman

    You mean the Vladimir Putin who speaks to us about how the Reds were the good guys, how ethnic nationalism is bad, how he regrets the collapse of communism and so on?

    It would be pointless to give you links in Finnish or Russian since you obviously do not speak either language. No one who reads either Russian or any language near Russia where Russia runs influence organizations thinks Putin is some sort of a white nationalist.

    It’s only idiot Americans who think Vladimir Putin is some sort of a neo-Nazi because that’s how the American media portrays him. Guess what, that’s all American media lies. Maybe you shouldn’t believe the “image” painted by Russia’s number one enemy?

    • Replies: @1rw
    , @Verymuchalive
  83. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jaakko Raipala

    Hey, Jaakko Raipala, since then Russia was overflowed with sub-Saharan Africans? Do you understand the difference between enculturation — for instance, the former Soviet republics have a network of schools and unversities and museums and concert halls and inhabited by people who are accustomed to European cultural traditions of behavior — versus cultural incompatibility of black émigrés, some of whom belonging to pre-feudalism societies of slave-owners and cannibals. The majority of these émigrés are not tamable – and they are in Finland for free lunch and more, not for job and education. You might be a committed Russophobe but you need to understand the hard facts of reality, such as the decent IQ level & high educational level of people living in Central Asia versus the low-IQ new black “Finns” who attack, kill, rape, and destroy with vigor of wild animals they are. It takes a lot of time and efforts to train self-control; for instance, the US has failed with the low-IQ untamable blacks despite the enormous resource infused into affirmative actions (think of the harm inflicted by the actions on the society at large). Good luck with your coexistence with your scissor-loving deciders and rapists who should have been relocated back to their continent long time ago, at the moment of being caught on a minor misdemeanor, instead of being allowed to terrorize Finnish women and children. Where are your men?

  84. @EugeneGur

    You don’t get it. If you try to act that way here, your life is ruined. You’ll be dragged to courts, fired from your job and you’ll never get another good job with a criminal record. We’re approaching the point where writing a blog post identifying rapists by ethnicity risks more severe punishment than the rapists get.

    Twenty years ago Finland was the same as Eastern Europe and it was common for badly behaving migrants to get corrected by local men teaching them a direct lesson. We can’t do that anymore unless we’re willing to become outlaws. And the same is coming to you if you don’t resist these anti-racist, anti-nationalist laws – some bunch of Muslims will come to your town, assault local women, young Russian men will get angry and retaliate, only to find out that they’ve been branded neo-Nazis, convicted and their life is ruined.

    After a couple of these spectacles, people will get the message – the police is on the side of the badly behaving migrants, the courts are on the side of the badly behaving migrants, the media is on the side of the badly behaving migrants. You’ll be just as passive as us then.

    I am not blaming Russia, of course, as this wasn’t done by Russia and in fact I’ve gotten significantly less russophobic in this migrant crisis – after all, I’m losing my country as it is so any fear that Russia might take it away is becoming irrelevant. But Russia offers no help at all in this when all it does here is trying to out-do the West on promotion of anti-racism and anti-nationalism.

    Now that Russia doesn’t have the planned economy and propiskas that prevented the Soviet “anti-racist” regime from turning into a population replacement regime it’s only a matter of time before you’re in the same mess as us. All you need is a solid economy to draw in the migrants.

    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  85. 1rw says:
    @Jaakko Raipala

    Russians objectively lived better in the mighty communist empire, one which took pains to preserve national cultures by the way. So it’s not surprising that Putin thinks the collapse of the USSR was bad. I’m sure ancient Romans were not thrilled that their empire went away either.

    Putin also sees ethnic nationalism as bad for understandable reasons – it inevitably leads to instability and separatism, and provides foreign intelligence services with a fertile field from which to recruit traitors. An understandable position for the leader of a country with close to 200 distinct ethnic groups. Far better than letting it come apart at the seams or extermination of all minorities.

    One position of Putin that is radically different from his European peers is that he is against demographic replacement. Putin has spoken about this, that Russians will not be replaced by Somali or Pakistani refugees, and his government has acted accordingly with maternity subsidies. Europeans instead prefer their Gay Pride parades and proper nouns for the mentally deranged.

    Additionally Putin and co have succeeded in rearming and standing up for Russia’s interests in geopolitics. For the average Russian, knowing that Russia is stronk is an important source of pride. Military factories, shipyards, and R+D facilities will provide high tech jobs and boost the economy.

    So overall, Putin is about as good as Russia and Russian nationalists can have right now, the unrealistic and petty ambitions of low brow ethnic nationalists regardless

  86. Leftists, i mean, genuine ones and not wolfes in sheeple clothes, over-enphasise personality traits over physical/racial ones.

  87. Alden says:

    Typing with one hand again I see.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Rurik
  88. @Cyrano

    Imperial Russia from 1809 to 1899 was actually pretty good for us, we went from completely rural starving swamp tribes to emancipation from Germanic tyranny and industrial development.

    But we’ve been neighbors for a millennium with bad and good in it and I think we are at a much better position to read which way things are going with Russia than some American white nationalist loons who don’t know anything about Russia besides American liberal media’s portrayal of Putin as the next Hitler.

    And right now Russia doesn’t offer help in this situation. At best Russian media might be interested in exposing some embarrassing facts about the West.

    • Agree: Cyrano
    • Replies: @utu
    , @Beckow
  89. @Jaakko Raipala

    Despite all internationalism there were almost no Uzbeks beyond Uzbekistan during Soviet times. As I was living in Tashkent and visiting Dnepropetrovsk twice a year and I did not see no central Asians or Caucasians there. Go figure. I think those could have led decent lives at their homelands without any need to go and make some long ruble in Russia or Ukraine. That was smart. Russia might have shared some largess but ensured ethic purity and national character. Western Europe and USA however destroyed those people livelihood and here they are. Now it will take lots of blood to clean this mess.

  90. @Jaakko Raipala

    You’ve still not produced any evidence of this.

  91. anon • Disclaimer says:

    In a world where Putin rides topless , is there any other way to type . Anyway Rurik is straight as an arrow , as straight as Weidmann Heartiste

  92. By-tor [AKA "Jesse James"] says:
    @Michael Kenny

    The resulting destruction of western societies caused by post WWII US-UK-FRA open borders neo-liberal globalism is more than obvious to the observer. Liberals are a cancer who will inevitably be stopped through destructive means.

  93. Anonymous [AKA "livestock"] says:

    The article and many comments seem very confused to me between issues of “race”, culture, economics.
    The big deal to me seems that the property and business elites of many “atlantic” countries, the “masters” class, have been fed up for decades with the expensive, disobedient, unionized livestock native “servants” class, and are importing large numbers of cheap, obedient, non-voting, non-unionized livestock “servants” class members from Africa, Asia, central and latin America.
    They are using leftoid-identity politics, politically-correct slogans, but the goals are entirely economic.

    Why has Germany admitted 1m of mostly young men as refugees? For equality? Because of niceness? Have German businessmen have been demanding big refugee numbers out of politically correct altruism?
    The memory of the fathers and grandfathers of the german business and property owners of today have been telling for a long time to their children and grandchildren how much money they made so easily from the hard work of southern european and turkish migrant livestock in the 1950-60s, so cheap, so obedient, never protesting even if the work was dangerous and nasty, just so desperate for any job, and so willing to pay a lot of marks for just bed in a nasty shared room in barracks. Their children and grandchildren hope to make another fortune from the hard work and obedience of those 1m refugees, cheap, disposable livestock, so desperate for any job too.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Alden
    , @Authenticjazzman
  94. Juoni says:
    @Michael Kenny

    I’d bet my balls that the article is NOT written by “Harri Honkanen”, but by a Brit-living-in-Finland called Edward Dutton.

    He is a docent of antropology in the university of Oulu and has written a book called The Finnuit. I’ve read the book and the writing style and the arguments are practically identical to the article above. And I dare to say that the article is written in English too good for 99% of non-natives.

    Mr. Dutton has also published peer-reviewed articles on similar topics, i.e IQ of the Finns and such.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @Anon
  95. AaronB says:

    The West lost on the moral level. But no one defeated them – the West forfeited the moral level.

    What we now know is that all wars are ultimately fought on the moral level, and you will lose if you don’t have a clear moral foundation on which to stand.

    Your enemy will try and make you lose the will to stand up for yourself by convincing you you are morally wrong. Or, even without the enemy, you’ll feel guilty and unmotivated of you don’t feel you have a clear moral right to exist.

    The West kicked it’s own moral foundation out from underneath itself, and made itself vulnerable to those who attacked it morally.

    How? The West created capitalism – an impersnal, amoral system. The West created science – an impersonal, amoral way of looking at the world. Darwinism – an impersonal, amoral way of looking at the world. Industrialism – an impersonal, amoral way of creating wealth.

    The Western way of life made whites vulnerable to being morally undermined because it was a forfeiting of the moral level.

    Whites feel guilt and unease for a reason – others may then exploit this feeling of guilt, but if it wasn’t already there, there’d be nothing to exploit.

    Whites need to recapture the moral high ground and they will no longer feel the vague guilt and unease that makes them unable to stand up for themselves.

    I’ve met scores of white guys in third world countries who were too guilty to stand up for themselves, and I’ve felt it myself when I was younger. It’s not a joke, and you have to deal with it to get rid of it.

    Because whites are being attacked and on the defensive now, there is a real fear of any criticism of Western culture. Surely now is not the time for criticism. That’s understandable.

    But feelings of guilt in whites won’t go away unless you deal with their source.

    Until now, you’ve let your enemies define how to respond to white guilt. Susan Sontag famously said white culture needs to die.

    If whites don’t deal with their own guilt, their enemies will be happy to do it for them – and whites won’t be able to stand up to them, because they will still suffer from guilt that has not been dealt with.

    That’s the danger of not dealing with your guilt.

    A simple way for whites to deal with their guilt would be to honestly admit they took a wrong turn, turn their back on the amoral way of life they created, and reconnect with the way their culture was before capitalism, Darwinism, and all the rest.

    This would mean a return to a proud European derived culture without lingering traces of guilt and unease. A Europe that felt it’s culture was based on morality would have no problem standing up for itself and not allowing itself to be invaded.

    Why should a wrong turn, a mistake, be a death sentence? Western culture does not need to die, but it does need to be morally regenerated.

    No program for a European future can succeed without dealing with the genuine sources of white guilt, which lay in a unique way of life which forfeited the moral level.

    If we can learn anything from the Jews, it’s that the moral level is the most important level on which any battle is fought. Not the intellectual, and not the physical.

    What is so striking is that in today’s culture the entire battle seems to be fought on the moral level. At the very least we should realize that it has always been a moral fight.

    Sure, Jews exploited white guilt, but it had to be there for them to exploit. Whites were already uneasy about their culture and didn’t feel they had a moral leg to stand on. It’s all there in the literature. Whites started feeling guilty in the early 19th century, way before Jews had any impact.

    You can pretend this isn’t true, but it won’t really get rid of the feeling of underlying guilt, and it’s historically illiterate.

    Also, think of the alternative, if Jews created white guilt out of thin air, and did not exploit a people who were already morally compromised, then whites are doomed.

    If whites are uniquely altruistic, then they have no future, they cannot survive in a globalist world, they simply lack the defenses. Whites will be forever exploited.

    Luckily, the idea is historically illiterate.

    Its important to deal with Jewish exploitation, but that can’t happen until whites have nothing to exploit.

    Science may not believe in the moral level, but the last laugh is on science, it would seem.

    One thing is for sure – until whites wake up to the moral level they are doomed. Programs for white regeneration based on amoral Darwinian views, like HBD, are a complete failure to understand that the battle is fought on the moral level.

    Jews do not base their attacks on amoral Darwinian principles, but always on moral indignation, moral shaming, and all the rest.

    And whites can’t stand up to this because Darwinism does not provide a moral vocabulary with which to respond.

    If a people feels itself morally justified it will be naturally proud of its culture and not allow itself to be invaded.

    But if a people deprives itself of a sense of moral justification by adopting Darwinian views it will, as we see, not be able to stand up for itself when attacked morally.

    It is morality, and not Darwinism survival of the fittest, in the end, which will make a people stand for itself and be proud.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Ace
  96. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Real reasons are those of a less intelligent, more docile, mixed race that is easier to control, and of course, the infamous divide and control policy for the new world order, one world government or whatever you want to call them.

    Only the fake stated reasons through which it is sold, are the economic reasons. The economic reasons of growth resulting from flooding unlimited amounts of third world refugees to the EU have been blown out of the water countless of times. In fact case in point, some economists now tell us that recent Swedish GDP growth has been severely overinflated by pop growth from uncontrolled migration and is turning out as a bubble. Interesting times.

  97. @AaronB

    West never had a higher moral standard, i mean: morality = kindness + intelligence…

    Believe in Jewsus is not sign of higher moral standard but intellectual profanity.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  98. @RadicalCenter

    I agree with you that Finland could declare independence and work out trade, tourism, and cultural exchange agreements. I am just a bit worried about Finland’s ability to recognize the problem before it gets out of hand. The Finns are a very timid people. Right now there is complacency because things are really not that bad. As the migrant populations grow, they will gain more political power. Thus, even though outrage may grow among native Finns, it might not be enough to overwhelm the native liberal Finns in cultural denial, in addition to their migrant political allies.

    This is something that can be seen in the United States. There is outrage over what’s going on ethnically, but the migrant power is now so strong the native outrage is not enough to change the state of affairs. As time goes on, I could see Finland also dividing geographically between the native Finnish north, and a more multicultural Somali/Muslim and ethnically mixed Finnish south. Also, becuase the economic power of Finland is mainly concentrated in the south, this poses some issues as to how well the rural/developing north would be able to handle the situation when it gets out of control. The south is also a major population center, where migrant births are bound to boom for a number of years due to enhanced benefits and more acceptance among the native populace.

    If there is a lot of poverty, the Finnish north may need Russian help to isolate the multicultural south, and prevent crime and worst of all, possible genocide. It would be a terrible position to be in, to have to go to Russia for help after they fought them off for all of those years. Hopefully they can snap out of it before then.

    The land connection to Russia could provide avenues for troop movements to enter north Finland and provide military and financial support if things started to get out of hand or if the country breaks apart. Northern Finns would most likely be outnumbered by the larger populations of the south. The Russians have their price for everything though, so they[the northern Finns] may be forced to annex into Russia.

    Unfortunately, more times than not in history, citizens are faced with no good options when problems have festered for far too long. Political correctness, social denial, lack of political engagement, among other things can create conditions for the problem to fester long term creating conditions where native populations can be overwhelmed and subjugated by invaders.

  99. utu says:
    @Jaakko Raipala

    At best Russian media might be interested in exposing some embarrassing facts about the West.

    Not even that. I haven’t heard a squeak coming form Russia about 9/11 or Moon landing? Russia’s silence is the best support the official American narratives can get. Examples of honor among thieves?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @JohnnyWalker123
  100. @Juoni

    A non-Finn? You may be on to something. There is quite a bit of truth in the article, but there is something of a disconnect. Finns are a cohesive group, but they are hardly non-violent types who blindly follow the rules. Finland is pretty orderly, but the class divides are deeper than most Americans are used to, one-on-one physical violence is more common, and there was homegrown organized crime before the fall of the Soviet Union. Finns love drinking and gambling, too

    Maybe the writer is a foreign academic who has little contact with the lower classes. Most Finns understand the tunnarit (sp?) lifestyle, which doesn’t fit the stereotype of the meek and orderly Finn.

    I think the reason that Finns were so vulnerable to PC totalitarianism and the worst of globalism is that they were isolated between the West and the USSR until the 1990s, and missed out on the earlier waves of immigrants and PC conditioning that the rest of Western Europe reveived. Finland was in a unique position between two superpowers that really didn’t exist elsewhere, so that may be the reason that the country wasn’t targeted for destabilization until later.

    Either way, Finland has changed greatly over the last 15 years due to immigration and globalization, and much of the change is negative and resented.

    • Replies: @Juoni
    , @PV van der Byl
  101. Alden says:

    Great post. Same thing is happening in America. From colonial times the employers got desperate people from Europe.

    The 1920s anti immigration acts put an end to that. But by 1965 the anti immigration ast was superseded by a pro immigration act.

    Around the same time, The federal government just happened to pass a law requiring employers to hire non Whites. But there were not enough blacks in the country to replace the White workers.

    What to do?

    Import non Whites from all over the world to replace the White workers.

    Problem solved, an endless supply of docile, subservient workers.

    And if this latest batch gets uppity, the employers can always find some more.

    Thee is some talk of moving manufacturing back to America. Now that wages have stagnated for 45 years, it will be cheaper than transporting gooods from China, Cambodia, Bangladesh etc

  102. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It’s indeed interesting that the author uses casualties of MS Estonia to demonstrate his idea about Finnish national character, the majority of the passengers and the dead were Swedish as natives of Circumbaltic nations ought to know. More Russians and Latvians than Finns on board.

    • Replies: @Juoni
  103. Wally says: • Website

    “and even a rather fair and nuanced account of German National Socialism.”

    Indeed, the propaganda about the ‘Nazis’ is simply preposterous, laughable even.
    People say the most unsubstantiated nonsense about them imaginable.
    There is however science, rational thought, logic and actual verifiable research now available which demolishes the propaganda, helps casts off the indoctrination demanded by Jews.
    At the top of the list is the scientifically impossible ‘holocaust’ storyline. It is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists demand censorship. It cannot withstand scrutiny.
    However, it’s over when we say it’s over. See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:
    Only liars demand censorship.
    Must reads here:
    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos

  104. We need some Finnish music for this thread.

  105. AaronB says:


    I don’t mean belief in anything, I’m simply talking about morality.

    If the West wants to learn how to stand up for itself it has to feel itself morally justified, worthy of existing.

    Guilt is a powerfully undermining thing. Forfeiting the moral level leaves you vulnerable and demotivated, as we see.

    Instead of pretending imperialism, capitalism, industrialization, are not great crimes, which doesn’t even convince you, why not manfully face up to it, and turn a new leaf ?

    A three part program for the moral regeneration of the West –

    1) Admitting the modern West uniquely created an amoral way of life, and resolving to reconnect with pre-amoral sources of Western tradition and adapting them to modern conditions for the purpose of reintroducing a moral dimension to modern Western thinking. A resolute abandonment of impersonal, amoral ways of thinking that characterize all thinking in the modern West (scientism, Darwinism, free market ideology, etc)

    2) Emphasizing the great moral achievements of the West, such as the British abolition of slavery, as sources of inspiration. As well, emphasizing the great works of poetry, art, and music that represent a separate Western tradition from the negative tradition described in 1.

    3) Develop an attitude of self–compassion based on the recognition that mistakes can be made and then stoned for, and a cultural wrong turn does not mean eternal guilt or a death sentence, a la Sontag.

    Thus grounded in morality, whites will not feel ashamed to stand up for themselves, will reject Jewish attempts to shame and guilt, and the new feeling of moral justification, grounded in reality and not denial, will lead to a weakening of the malaise that has held the West in its trip for so long.

    • Replies: @Smurf
    , @Santoculto
  106. Wally says: • Website
    @El Dato

    Time to grow up. There were no ” trains-to-ovens”. That’s merely mandated Zionist indoctrination at work.

    There was exactly what the Germans said there was: deportation of Jews. Just like what the US did in it’s deportation of Japanese Americans to concentration camps. In fact the US deported a higher percentage of Japanese-Americans to camps than did Germany to Jews.

    The crematory ovens which existed then & now, everywhere, were for typhus abatement which was rampant during WWII.
    Chemistry of Auschwitz / Birkenau

    Probing the Holocaust, pt. 1

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds. See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:


  107. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Or here is a wild thought : Maybe the moon landing and 911 happened largely as presented and Russia has no evidence to the contrary , youtube (jewtube?) videos notwithstanding. Or maybe you just shouldn’t watch so many youtube videos hmmmmm

    • Replies: @utu
  108. AaronB says:

    My reply was to you, santo, but for we reason the comment form didn’t register that.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  109. Mulegino1 says:

    I will belabor a point that I have been trying to advance for years. Europe (at least western and central Europe) was the big loser of the Second World War in 1945. It lost not only the sovereignty of its member states, but ultimately its cultural and racial integrity and soul. Vichy France, under the rather light footprint suzerainty of Germany, was infinitely more free and independent than the current NATO puppet provinces of the EU. Had the New Order for Europe been initiated and brought to fruition, the current situation would have been unthinkable! The western Allied victory implied the perpetual occupation of the heart of Europe by the Atlanticist-Zionists via NATO and Brussels.

    The Soviet occupation of Europe, on the other hand, though initially brutal, was essential in preserving a nucleus of the true Europa. Hardened by the relative austerity and authoritarianism of the Soviet satellites, the people were at the very least spared the ethnic masochism and culturally suicidal madness infecting the NATO satrapies.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
    • Replies: @utu
  110. Beckow says:
    @Jaakko Raipala

    “now Russia doesn’t offer help in this situation. At best Russian media might be interested in exposing some embarrassing facts about the West”

    Nobody can or will help Finland. Or Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Germany…The migrant issue is a classical domestic issue – one can argue that it is the penultimate domestic issue: who is allowed to live in a country, it doesn’t get any more ‘domestic’ than that. Each country is also slightly different, there are economic, cultural, geographic, weather variances. You are on your own.

    Finns need to forget about the outside world, and what others think about them – good or bad – and face the demographic issue. If the migrants stay, multiply, and many more come to join them, Finland will at some point cease being Finnish. Finland has in EU forums supported the German-French forced migrant relocation scheme. Why? Are Finns planning to tell their grandkids that they allowed Finland to be dramatically changed (actually destroyed) because, well, you know ‘Finns are introverts and don’t like conflict, and there were ‘elites’ that thought it would be good idea… and we are scared of them, they could denounce us on TV’…

    Elites are a reflection of a society. If Finnish elites don’t share most Finnish attitudes, they are not ‘elites’, they are in effect a globalist, liberal occupying force. You say that they have all the power, control jobs, media, etc… well, looking back, our parents and grandparents faced substantially worse odds and elites much more entrenched. So the fault lies with us, and I don’t think our kids and grandkids will be very understanding of why we have allowed this to happen to Europe.

  111. Smurf says:

    [Choose a single Handle and stick to it, or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise, your comments may get trashed.]

    Uniquely amoral? The way of life pursued by Western countries in the past is the same as was pursued by all states in a position to do so, not just in Europe. What is unique about the Western approach is that it was developed to the extent of recognising and seeking to remedy the less palatable aspects. In this regard, the West has undergone a paradigm shift that is by no means universal, and only has any cachet in the rest of the world because the West is in a position to enforce its own conception of morality. I would suggest to you that if the West falls into terminal decline, we will see a return to the violent, tribalist and power-hungry ways of the past.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  112. utu says:

    Europe (at least western and central Europe) was the big loser of the Second World War in 1945.

    Europe was defeated and partitioned by two non-European powers with global revolutionary ideological pretensions with acronymic names of USA and USSR. The ideologies of the two powers sprang form the same source via separate branches of masonic conspiracies and Bolshevism. Their goal was common: to destroy traditional European civilization based on Greek philosophy, Roman rule of law and Christian ethics.

  113. Juoni says:

    Yes and besides that “Harri Honkanen” misspelled the name of the current Finnish PM Juha Sipilä with one extra p-letter. And the Kekkonen-era-Finland is colloquially known as Kekkoslovakia not Kekkos-slavia as stated in the article.

    Both mistakes a native-Finn would never make.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  114. Juoni says:

    Most Finns understand the tunnarit (sp?) lifestyle, which doesn’t fit the stereotype of the meek and orderly Finn.

    I don’t quite follow you on this one.

    What is “tunnarit” besides a nickname for themesongs?

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  115. AaronB says:

    Capitalism, science, Darwinism – you would surely agree that these systems exclude morality from consideration?
    Now, what non-Western or premodern system excludes morality in this fashion? Confucianism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity?

    Forget behavior, also. Jews act way worse than whites today. However, European derived cultures continue to be dominated by systems that exclude morality.

    Thus, you have abandoned the moral field to your enemies, leftists, and Jews.

    You have deprived yourself of the moral vocabulary to respond to Jewish moral “indignation” – Darwin does not arm you with the concepts needed to meet this challenge.

    You say only the West has gone so far in overcoming racism and other ills – this is true, but the movement that achieved this had to explicitly define itself as anti-West.

    These moral triumphs were perceived as victories against the modern West by their protagonists – and not as triumphs of the Western spirit. Thus, they are bound up with the destruction of the West.

    Why are capitalism, industrialization, Darwinism, and science seen as representing European culture, while the moral overcoming of these systems are seen as anti-Western?

    Why do idealistic young white people , when they search for a moral alternative to these dominant systems, have no choice but to define themselves as anti-Western?

    I am not saying the West lacks a moral tradition – it has a glorious one, but it is premodern, and it stands in opposition to the modern West.

    Enlightenment ideals share the same amoral basis as all modern Western systems – they are about the rational and efficient ordering of society and not about morality. Evils that were reduced as a result of Enlightenment ideals were seen as interfering with economic efficiency or in some way “irrational” – rationality defines as conducive to mans material interests.

    The moral tradition in the modern West has no choice but to define itself as anti-Western because all modern Western systems agree in excluding morality from consideration.

    You can rightly claim that the West ameliorated more material ills than any other culture – however, the negative balance of this is that the West introduced a an immoral element into society that is unique. Capitalism may create more wealth, but it is an amoral system based on exploitation, competition, division, and strife.

    And modern history has shown that in the eyes of many idealistic young Westerners, the material advantages count for less than the moral and spiritual loss.

    They are unwilling to defend a civilization that provides them with material abundance but without any moral dimension.

    Until you understand this, Jews will eat your cake.

    • Replies: @Malla
  116. At least the Finnish Air Force hasn’t given up on the swastika as their symbol, so resistance IS possible.

    And I noticed that the Daily Mail recently featured an article on Simo Häyhä:

    Finnish folks can grow big balls if need be.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  117. utu says:

    Russia’s silence certainly can be used as an indirect argument in favor in the verity of the official orthodoxy.

    • Replies: @JohnnyWalker123
  118. Mulegino1 says:

    Agreed. However the one that appeared the worst at first glance had the less harmful effect over the very long term.

  119. rastignac says:

    Who is Harri Honkanen, the writer of this article? The current Finnish prime minister’s family name is not “Sippilä” as the writer claims but “Sipilä.” A Finn, someone who knows Finnish, would never ever, under any circumstances whatever, commit an error like this (use a long consonant in place of a short one). Could UNZ please provide a bit more information about the writer, not just his name/pseudonym. I don’t find anything in the article, basically incoherent anecdotal gossip, that might jeopardize the writer’s life and limb should his identity become known. The only commenter here who seems to know anything about Finland is Jaakko Raipala.

    • Replies: @neutral
    , @A Wandering Finn
  120. Malla says:

    So you are saying we cannot have an industrial scientific society? That people have to go back to their medieval past? In India that means a horrible caste system where a lower caste person would have molten silver put down his years or throat just for getting an education? Has not modern medicine saved millions of lives?
    Besides, Christianity had not died down completely during the Industrial period. I believe that Victorian England was a very moral society (not perfect obviously). Yes there was a lot of poverty due to capitalism, which had to be solved. Read the writings of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan, an Indian aristocrat who had gone to Britain in the early 1800s, he speaks of highly moral society where, the poor are taken care of. Here we have an intellectual aristocrat from feudal pre Industrial India.
    Even if scientism, Darwinism and capitalism are inherently amoral, does not mean you cannot have a moral society when it is based on those ideas. They can be moralized. My take on this is that, something went wrong in Western society and that Christianity (a guilt based religion) and Communism have a lot to do with it. In my opinion, Christianity is hypermorality, you are a sinner irrespective of what you do. It is not practical for humans, especially the Protestant versions.
    The problem with all those pre industrial ideologies is that they make tall claims on morality but on the ground, the societies they build are far from moral. Take Hinduism for example, you have Swami Vivekananda, a Bengali genius who had gone to the west bleating about Vedanta and the superiority of traditional Indian culture to the West and the world. But on the ground, the reality was very different. Pandita Ramabai (A Maharastrian Brahmin women who converted to Anglicanism out of disgust for the immorality common in Hindu society) was warning her gullible Western intellectual friends to not fall for the sweet words of Swami Vivekananda and his Vedanta and to check out the reality on the ground. Same with many other pre modern ideologies. Pre Industrial society was not always very moral.
    And what is morality anyways? Who defines it? A Christian definition of morality would differ significantly from a Jewish, Hindu or Islamic definition of morality. In Judaism, a person who does not keep all his mitzvots is immoral. A Hindu does not care about any mitzvots, for him a person who eats beef is immoral it does not matter if the beef is kosher or not or it is not mixed with dairy.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  121. Ace says:

    There is nothing that is inexorable. Surrender and suicide are choices that can be abandoned instantly. Population transfers are not off the table.

  122. Kekkonen was the last great President, a man’s man and a Finn’s Finn.

    With the advent of that (then) fat slob Auntie Sarie it all went to hell in a handcart.

    Finland never made it much past seventy-five. They are not ready for independence.

  123. Ace says:

    That capitalism of which you write is a huge distortion. It’s a vague term to begin with but in the common la countries it’s supported by a vast body of contract law that exists to enforce the personal commitments businessmen make to each other. Laws against fraud exist to punish the dishonest. Laws against trade libel and unfair competition similarly keep justice in sharp focus. Warranties are universal and provide easy remedies for people who receive defective products.

    Science may seem impersonal and amoral but morality is not a component of the methods of science. The FDA exists to ensure that pharmaceuticals are effective and safe. Protocols guide researchers. Science is to be contrasted with superstition and intellectual laziness and intellectual rigor us thus a great benefit.

    Darwinism is the stuff of interest to theologians and scientists. It affects living people, I suppose, if one thinks that the economy is a pure expression of survival of the fittest, a scary and distorted view of competition, which is extremely healthy. Whatever laissez faire meant in times past, it fights a rear guard action against the tender mercies of reformers, busybodies, and rapacious politicians.

    Personally, I think normalcy bias stalls people, as does their utter incomprehension of the idea that globalists, big corporations, banks, and (((others))) can have pure evil in their hearts.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  124. @wayfarer

    Granted that you can always find a Jew to blame whether your stereotype is the snivelling little twister or the Samson who’s free with his fists (me, I’ll settle for not messing up the selfie next time I run across that cute little smiling blonde IDF soldier with a machine gun slung round her shoulders.) Still, i wonder about what flows from knowing someone wrote up the Oded Yinon “plan”.

    I suppose if you are a journalist or backroom staffer who doesn’t particularly like front lines or even beating up unarmed Palestinians you can try and have it both ways, but not if you are acserious minded UR contributor or commenter. You see the problem I have is that one version of the Jewish Balkanise-everyone-else plan is to split the ME into lots of ethnically identified bits. Thus Iraq was and maybe is still ready made for neat division between Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs and Kurds. But that’s ridiculous. Once they are no longer fighting amongst themselves for the fruits of corruption and nepotism in one country they can get together in a united band of brothers – well cousins anyway – and attack Israel.

    It’s quite inconsistent of course with the strategy attributed to international Jewry of destroying Western white civilisation by promoting multiculturalism and immigration by primitives. Could it be that not all Jews think alike? Could it be, just to take a simple first step in this investigation that the Oded Yinon stuff was just one bit of crappy juvenilia turned out by a clever boy or girl at a think tank? My money is on Israeli hardheads wanting both Balkanised borders but also lots of intra ethnic and multicultural differences in the ME.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  125. @Joe Stalin

    Have you noticed that the great sniper was shooting Soviet soldiers from 300 yards away. Wow!

    Even with a Lee Enfield .303 rifle in the school cadet corps I would have been upset to miss a man at 500 yards. At 300 yards through the head at least half the time.

    • Replies: @Joe Stalin
  126. @utu

    Hey, someone will be upset: you’ve left out Jews.

  127. @utu

    When were you two in Europe? Not for long I suspect. And maybe not recently and not in the postwar years. You seem to have little idea of France’s bolshy independence in conflict with almost everyone though they did get s bit of US bailout money to help in Indo China. France and the UK certainly didn’t see themselves as subordinates when they conspired with Israel to attack Egypt and grab the Suez canal – very much against American wishes ss it turned out. And be it noted that there was no “coalition of the willing” from Europe to help out when America floundered around in Vietnam.

    • Replies: @neutral
  128. @Anonymous

    ” Turkish migrant livestock in the 1950-60s, so cheap so obedient”

    Nonsense, as a considerable segment of the turkish ” Gastarbeiter”, within a relatively short time became quite affluent and their kids today are a major clientel for M Benz, and other luxury commodities.

    The turkish “Gastarbeiter” of the fifties/sixties arrived in Germany with the fervent intention of working and becoming self-sustaining and eventually wealthy. They were not showered with social assistance from which they could indefinitely, without employment, survive.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro Jazz artist.

  129. @Juoni

    Both mistakes a native-Finn would never make.

    A strange aspect of this article and all the discussion under it is that nobody seems to be clear on how many Muslims are currently living in Finland. I did my best to look it up and arrived at the conclusion that there are really very few Muslims in Finland.

    Wikipedia says about 50,000. I saw some other estimates, none of which are more than 100,000. Meanwhile, I live in Catalonia, which apparently has more like 500,000 Muslims. There may be certain problems with people getting along, but it’s not that major really. It just isn’t. This kind of article seems like something put out by the Gatestone Institute type people, the same folks who claim that Sweden is the rape capital of the world and things like this.

    Do all the people reading this think that Finland is full of Muslims? Do Finns believe that? Okay, there maybe certain neighborhoods where there is a high concentration of Muslims, but overall, there are really just not that many Muslims in Finland, as far as I can tell, unless all these information sources are really off by a factor of 10 or something.

    • Replies: @Beckow
    , @OilcanFloyd
    , @Alden
  130. @AaronB

    Really** I just decided to reply you but without to know this, ok.

  131. @AaronB

    Very delayed achievements, just like: ”better late than nothing”, but…

    People, often, are emotionally less smart as they tend to be in ”material ways”. People, often, use their emotions in selfish ways, they are emotionally smarter for themselves but not at collective levels.

    If emotional buildings was stable and well-done as material ones, human relationships would be much less excessively complicated as it is.

    So, when people are exposed to real, total or objective morality as today, not at all, but in many of its most important lines, and not just about values but also about some facts, they simply can’t deal with it, because they are pre-programmed to attend their own instincts and justify them via verbalization//argumentative symbolization.

    Normies are surprinsingly often extremists, or they are too good, or they are too bad, but they are too selfishly implicit and MEGALOMANIACAL.

    No have a difference between a IMPLICIT and a EXPLICIT megalomaniacal, not in essentialistic ways.

  132. neutral says:

    A Finn, someone who knows Finnish, would never ever, under any circumstances whatever, commit an error like this

    What, no Finn has ever made a spelling mistake, not even adding an extra letter in by mistake, they are truly a remarkable people.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @j2
    , @OilcanFloyd
  133. @rastignac

    I found the same thing very odd.

    Calling prime minister “Sippilä” is by far not the only error or very strange “interpretation” of the Finnish history.

    Claiming that Finland was some kind of dictatorship until 1990ies is also very misleading. “Finland has never really been a democracy.” Really? Claim that post-independence Finland was some kind of crypto-fascist dictarorship is a page directly out of Soviet propaganda playbook. In reality, Finland has always been a multiparty democracy. The very same social democrats that fought as “the Reds” in 1918 were able to form a government a decade later. Hard core nationalists (Lapuan liike, IKL, partially AKS) were the ones that inter-War Finnish governments really found troublesome and they were never represented in the highest positions of power.

    Also, I doubt that normal Finnish nationalist would so readily admit that our pampered Swedish-speaking elite is to thank for most of the innovation in Finland.

    Another oddity is the fact, that Harri never mentions in his text Russian immigrants when talking about immigration. Russian immigrants are after all one of the largest immigrant groups and the one that that causes significant amount of anxiety among the general population.

    Also, elevating Swedish-led fringe groups like “Nordic Resistance Movement” and “Soldiers of Odin” as the authentic voice of Finnish people is laughable, to say the very least. Even most Finnish nationalists and rightwingers find these clowns to be irrelevant and even damaging to the “cause”.

    Therefore, I have to believe, that this “Harri Honkanen” -character is a Russian – or maybe Swedish – ultranationalist. If he really is a Finn, then he really is sadly out of touch of the political history and culture of his native land.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anon
  134. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Yes because religions a part of the foundation and society. Atheist are degenerates and lack moral values. It’s clear to see with the cultural Marxist aka antifa in finland and America. All are self destructive hippies. Bent on destroying their homelands and people.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  135. AaronB says:

    As I said, my purpose isn’t to bash Western civilization or come up with a scorecard, but to see why modern Westerners are so vulnurable to moral attack.

    I’m very familiar with your theory – whites are uniquely altruistic and Jews exploited this to create a crushing sense of guilt that has no basis in objective fact.

    I don’t just find this historically illiterate, but culturally illitetate. Perhaps no civilization before us so fully documented it’s own decline through literature. We posses a perfect timeline of decline. Jews arrived in time to exploit a self-inflicted wound.

    If you wish to ignore all this that is your affair, but you might wish to consider that your theory leaves no hope for Western survival.

    No, we can have both science and industry, but these amoral systems cannot be the main way we view the world.

    We must resurrect a moral tradition and a moral way of looking at the world. Then, science and industry can be tools and not masters as they are now.

    I actually looked into Abu Mirza when you mentioned him on another thread, it’s fascinating.

    Of course Britain was not so far gone back then – the trend towards amoral systems culminated in the early 20th century. Britain still had a strong moral basis back then derived from its earlier traditions – but it was on track to lose them.

    In fact, the British Empire never could have survived so long if it did not justify itself morally, even if it was mainly a predatory enterprise. The “white man’s burden” was an attempt to provide a moral basis for what was basically an act of robbery.

    This should tell us something about the overriding importance of feeling morally justified, and how our modern amoral systems impoverish us and leave us vulnerable.

    “Something went wrong” – so while Christianity was ascendant, the West felt it’s civilization was worth defending – but it must be Christianity that is somehow to blame. Not these modern amoral systems whose advance through our society coincided with the loss of the will to defend it. Oh no.

    This argument could go on for a very long time, with detail piling up on detail, but if we step back a very striking picture emerges.

    The battle is clearly fought on the moral level, Jews attack on the moral level, and whites feel paralyzed and unable to defend themselves on the moral level – the striking thing is that all major modern Western cultural systems are amoral and make no attempt to ground Western life in morality.

    If you don’t wish to connect the dots, that is your right.

    • Replies: @helena
    , @Miro23
    , @Malla
  136. neutral says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    What he wrote does not contradict what you just mentioned. The Suez incident is a good example of how France was told by its master to back down, whatever holdovers France still had when it was independent were made aware of who their boss was. As for Vietnam, despite all the blundering foreign policy of the US regime, even they would know that demanding France become cannon fodder for their war in Vietnam would create the real risk that France truly seeks independence.

    And yes, the jews very much determine what France is allowed to do, having such draconian laws that protect all things related to jews don’t just randomly come about.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  137. @Juoni

    I’m not sure of the spelling, but it is a derogatory slang for the working class. I was told that it is derived from a similar Swedish word.

  138. wayfarer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    As our third-dimension earth plane faces the completion of her 27,000 year cycle;

    The Rothschild’s have rolled their ivory-dice, and it’s a crap shoot, as the end game is now underway and approaching full-tilt play.

    A trajectory has been computed for some “final solution,” and unchecked human chaos is now imminent for the west, the middle east, and the world at large.

    Rothschild Zionist Israel, financed to the tune of the trillions of fiat-dollars, has the shiniest new toys.

    And don’t forget, the one with the most toys, “wins.”

    Hang on to your hats, and to your sacred souls.

    As it’s almost time to kiss your sweet ass, goodbye!

  139. geokat62 says:

    Yet the Finnish media uniformly assailed criticism of immigration’s consequences as “racist”…

    While conducting a search on Finnish media ownership, I came across this information:

    The media

    All non-state owned TV channels and almost all important medias are owned by two groups – Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media.

    58,4 percent of Sanoma WSOY is owned by Aatos Erkko, the richest person in Finland. The mother of Aatos Erkko was Violet Sutcliffe, a well kept secret, a Jewess from England who moved to Finland during the Bolshevik revolution of Russia. (Aatos Erkko is also connected to the US Jewish Sulzbergers and participated in the Bilderberg Conference of 1991)

    Of the rest of Sanoma WSOY, at least 14 percent is owned by Erkko’s sister and his sister’s children.
    Erkko’s sister’s other child owns 5,3 percent. I am unable to tell whether rest of the owners are Erkko’s or his relatives. All in all Erkko family controls at least the 77,7% of the Sanoma WSOY and quite probably close to 80-85% percent through the different Erkko owned businesses.

    Alma Media is 33% owned directly by Bonnier Service, that is a Jewish family business from Sweden, that changed its name from Hirschel to Bonnier.
    23.4% is owned by TV4, which is in turn owned 23,4% by the Bonnier family.
    33% is owned by Talentum Oy, a media corporation, of which Bonnier family again owns 33%.

    Altogether at least the greater share of Alma Media is owned by the Bonnier family, which has tightened its grip on Alma Media each year.

    About 20 percent, in small parts , are owned by Finnish insurance companies.

    Alma and Sanoma WSOY together own 51% of STT, Finland’s news agency, which supplies news to Finnish media including the state owned YLE along with the multinational news agencies such as the Reuters.

    Perhaps someone who is well acquainted with Finnish media can speak to the credibility of this information?

    • Replies: @Juoni
    , @Alden
  140. Che Guava says:

    In Decline and Fall, even Gibbon mentions (but discounts) a then (18th century) still-current ancient source stating that Islam was a Jewish creation.

    Unfortunately, he is only to saying it in passing, and is not citing the source. Would guess that it no longer exists.

    Appreciating info. at the links you were posting, some, of course, from Gibbon, so read before, but the pattern drawn is mainly novel to me.

    New Year in Tokyo is a bar and temple visit or all-night rock show, or nothing, feel like the last, snow country tomorrow, so thank you for interesting bed-time reading.

    • Replies: @Malla
  141. @Wizard of Oz

    The first rifle in my household was a surplus Lee Enfield .303 purchased via mail order in the 1960s. Gave it away to a person born in England.

    Rifle shooting takes some brain power:

    Richard Lynn:

    “RL: I was born in February 1930 and brought up in Bristol. I went to the Bristol Grammar School, but although my family had all been scientists, I did not find school science interesting. The subject I liked best was history.

    “At the end of my school career I won a scholarship to the University of Cambridge, but I did not go up straight away. At this time all 18 year olds were conscripted into the armed services and in July, 1949, I received my call-up papers requiring me to report for military service. It was not a future to which I particularly looked forward. Remarkably, the Army decided I would make a good officer and I was duly commissioned second lieutenant.

    “I was put in charge of the training of new conscripts. One of the things I had to do was to teach them how to use a rifle. I had never found any difficulty in this, but I was surprised to find that the new conscripts found this very hard. Generally they failed to hit the target at all. I used to give them a demonstration of how it was done, and the sergeant would bring the target and show it to them with five neat little holes in the bull’s eye. They would gather round with exclamations of “Cor, blimey, look at the officer’s”! I realised later that this apparently simple task must be g loaded.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  142. Anonymous [AKA "Jerome Rebinawitz"] says:

    Finland battled the evil Soviet empire in the harshest of cold only to be self-conquered by Political Cowards and the citizens who allowed them. The great-grandfathers died in vein.

  143. mikael says:

    Yup, what amasses me, to be rude and honest, is that this invasion force is an created by NOGs running on founding coming from Sore-ass associates, and have an large boat flotilla running “refugees” 24/7 into the European mainland, etc, an traffic that is covered with what, even when its glaringly obvious, with an ear shattering silence, its not an word, isnt that peculiar even in this alternative sites times.

    The traffic the EU is supposedly trying to stop, are you joking, that traffic is still there, and haven’t evaporated at all, and ignore the propaganda about family’s etc, and famines, the problem is economically, and to then transfer this to us is supposedly helping some, huh, that is an lie.
    I even understand them, but thats not anuf to want them flooding our land, we dont need them either, that another lie, in stead of letting the 3 world grow in the 50-60, we ruined them by importing labor, instead of an win-win one part lost, the 3 world, I could go on for hours, but the problem is still the UssA and an key word if you are interested is how United Fruit, run and runs the world, once you get that, you get the rest, incl the dumping done by the EU into 3 world country ruining their economy, creating the cause, and we, reed the effect.

    Moral, what moral, when this isnt about morale, justice or whatever religious peace loving bullocks one is able to muster, this is an invasion force, period, if it was of 100 million pink elephants, it would not be any difference what so ever, and to then drag race into this is for me an sure sign of degenerating intelligence, its not, its about stopping an flood, thats what it is, an flood that eventually, if even consisting of pink elephants, would damage the land, people and economy witch by no means is capable to deal with this, other than pay for it by rising tax, and the social economic issues when workers right is flushed down the drain, that is clearly in Britain, as we speak, I know of Brits, gone away and was home, jaws dropped, and reality’s shattered, the fact is, if this isnt stopped, the damages done will be much worse, its an deliberate policy, done by large corporate, and corruption in Political inst, as the EU-Comission, an appointed club of scums, ruling your land Finns, that is the problem.

    And as an true Finn, we/family have/had more books than the local library, and information and knowledge have been the guiding light for an true Finn, guarding you land and neighbor, is your duty, and remember this, Finns, the oldest living religious/historical writing/story’s comes from Finland, the Kalevala, and my fathers name was Seppo.
    They have lied, fabricated and simply ignored a lot, even know when evidences proves me right, we are simply ridiculed, but this fight, is like the moronic AGW, an wall of bullshit have to be crushed, Finns, we know it, they know it, the problem is the people, educate them and patient is an virtue, when the time comes, there will be an reckoning, the only variable is when.
    And it will come from our/your “friends!” like EU and the staggering insane UssA.

    What is the the object, the politics run at the present, the EU-crauts, the insane debt, the bonkers sanctions, etc, NATO, any true Finns knows this, in the end, we have to do the fight our self, that, is an historical fact, the second fact is Russia, witch is the same people, but needs time to recover.
    Otherwise, I liked that comment about Hate, hehe, the fire inside.


  144. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @A Wandering Finn

    Another oddity is the fact, that Harri never mentions in his text Russian immigrants when talking about immigration. Russian immigrants are after all one of the largest immigrant groups and the one that that causes significant amount of anxiety among the general population.

    Sure, but this will not for much longer be the case. Mass third world migration will be something causing a lot, lot more anxiety in the coming years and decades with free for all welfare attracting them like flies. Eventually the system blows up leaving only exorbitant taxes and mass poverty behind. At least Russians don’t throw grenades in town centers, shoot crowds, blow up police cars, attack emergency services and commit mass rapes or generally cause mass havoc in an organized manner. In that context, anxiety towards the Russians has been disproportionate, as they haven’t yet had the really bad experiences of the temporary phenomenon dubbed as “multiculturalism” during peace time. Temporary, until it turns into monoculturalism.

    Finland missed out on the “enrichment” for so long while not being part of the cultural marxist sphere of influence in the “west” and now they have catching up to do. This was the point of the article, which apparently many have missed. Whether the author of the article is real or not is irrelevant when the general message is a proven point.

    • Replies: @A Wandering Finn
  145. Beckow says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Why should there be 100,000? What makes Finland into a settlement country for the Third World surplus population?

    If you take 100,000 and concentrate them in a few parts of the large Finnish cities, and then they grow (via more migration and natural increase), you will have in 10-20 years a substantial, and hard to assimilate, minority living right in the center of the Finnish society (Helsinki, Turku). They will be 5-10% of its urban population, soon to go up to 20-25%. Why do this to Finland? When did Finns agree to be effectively slowly replaced by another culture and ethnicity?

    Catalonia is a bit of a disaster waiting to happen. The mass migration after the borders were effectively opened (from Africa and Latin America) have changed the nature of Catalonia forever. I am not sure using it as an example of ‘how things work’ will convince anyone.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Jonathan Revusky
  146. @Cyrano

    Namibia is organized around the model you describe, (“final stages it will turn kind of into a zoo”) with immense private parks with all the amenities for the ‘well-to-do’ global travelers. The parks are sanctuaries for the animals, as well as natural settings for the Bushmen (san people).

    Namibia has a population of 2.5 – a doubling of the population over the last 30 years, as a result of mass flight of whites from South Africa – Afrikaans is now the second language of Namibia.

    I have traveled by car through, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

    This part of the world is a Corporatist wet dream and life ain’t worth shit, no matter what color you are.

    My take away from my experiences in the southern regions of Africa…. that this is the future for all of us, if we continue down the path of corporate dominion.

    My home is in Western Canada and it is happening here at breathtaking speed – Vancouver has been sold to the Asians, creating an exodus of economic refuges into the interior of British Columbia, driving up land prices and impoverishing the younger generations.

    In the interior and parts of Vancouver, Sikhs have gained a foothold – a smart and very capable people – white Canadians are similar to the Finish people and are no match for these new immigrants.

    The Corporatist elite and feminist in Canada, insist that we need more immigration, because of an ageing population, yet technology is reducing the need for labour, so what’s the deal with that.

    If more Canadians were to see the human laboratory, of the southern regions of Africa, they would abandon their commitment to multicultural nirvana, – with a collective sigh of “the horror, the horror” and flee from the “Heart of Darkness.”

  147. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @A Wandering Finn

    A Swede would hardly use the sinking of MS Estonia to prove some point about Finland, as most of the casualties were Swedes, and proportionally Estonians, Finns, Latvians and Russians had higher survival rates than Swedes in that incident.

    The Finnish presidential election of 2012 is grossly mischaracterized by “Harri” as well. Niinistö, the winner, was not a “compromise candidate” but easily, overwhelmingly, the frontrunner through the whole thing. During the first round Haavisto did not win the popular vote in any Southern region. Niinistö won everywhere except in Åland Islands, where a Swedish-speaking candidate, at least as liberal as Haavisto, got the vote. The supposed “traditionalist” the North voted for was Paavo Väyrynen, a perennial candidate and a known opportunist who in the 80’s plotted with KGB officer Viktor Vladimirov to get the Soviet-favoured Ahti Karjalainen through Centre Party’s presidential primaries. The “rural conservative northern folks” who voted for him in 2012 were no right-wing nationalists but agrarian Centre Party stalwarts and old-school communists (admittedly both can be surprisingly socially conservative) who are abundant in the North. 2012 had no truly nationalist candidate of note.

  148. @Jonathan Revusky

    The crime and dysfunction they bring with them are real. Why should there be any Muslims in Finland, or any other non-Muslim country? Why should America be flooded with hispanics, Africans, Muslims, or anyone else? Nobody asked anyone in the West if we wish to have our demographics or cultures changed, and that point stands, no matter how much you deny the crimes, negative impact or numbers of immigrants.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @utu
  149. AaronB says:

    Sure, capitalism puts in place measures to make it more efficient.

    Point is, this is a moral fight, and in every area of life whites have abandoned the moral field.

    When the dominant culture no longer has any moral basis, then moral movements have no choice but to work for the destruction of the dominant culture.

    This schizophrenic split is self destructive for any culture.

    Jewish culture fuses morality with its practical concerns, European culture has split morality and practical concerns into two separate spheres, which really means that anyone concerned with morality must oppose the dominant culture.

    What the modern world lost its grounding in morality, it led to large scale defection.

    And yet, I increasingly find that modern Westerners have been so thoroughly trained to see only physical factors that they literally have no clue what I am talking about. It’s not even that they disagree with me- it’s like they can’t even hear what I am saying.

    I read more and more threads on unz in which everything is examined entirely as a result of physical factors and if it fails to explain it, it is accepted as a mystery. It’s like their minds have lost the ability to even see other factors.

    This narrowing of vision to the point of stupidity can only be the result of a thorough and artificial mental training . Left to itself, the human mind naturally understands the importance of morality.

    How can we moderns escape the metal straightjacket?

    • Replies: @upsidedown
  150. Avery says:

    {Why should there be 100,000? }

    Don’t you remember? Revusky wrote a long article a while back @UNZ “proving” there were no sexual assaults on German women by Muslims migrants and Muslim refugees. So they must be good people: why not bring in millions of Muslims into Christian Europe? They will enrich their unwilling host countries in immeasurable ways*.

    [The first rape took place on November 4, and saw a young woman raped by several assailants after a party in Segevång, north Malmo.
    Just over a week later, a woman was attacked and raped by a number of men at a bus stop in Södervärn, central Malmo.
    Saturday’s rape took place just a few streets away in Sofielund, and saw the 17-year-old attacked by a group of men in a playground.]

    Of course by Revusky-rules, these rapes did not happen…..because there is no video evidence of them having taken place.

    [Hundreds protest in Sweden after police told women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after series of violent gang rapes of teenage girls]

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  151. German_reader says:

    Total nonsense. I don’t know where you live, but in Germany Christians are among the biggest supporters of mass immigration. And they’re not just “antiracist” in the sense of being against race-based discrimination, they’re often explicitly pro-Islamic. If anybody is bent on destroying the German nation and replace it with some sort of Afro-Islamic mishmash, it’s them.
    I don’t know how it is in Finland, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Lutherans there were as bad as ours.

  152. Avery says:

    { Nobody asked anyone in the West ……}

    Unfortunately somebody did, and people voted to be invaded – strange as it may seem.
    For example, French voters had the perfect opportunity to stop all migration into France, but chose the globalist Macron instead of French patriot Le Pen by a 2-to-1 margin.

    German voters keep voting in Merkel’ party, and by extension her.
    And on and on all over Western Europe.

    The voters/people of West Europe have been infected by some kind of a strange ‘self-destruct’ virus, and are running headlong like lemmings to the edge of the abyss.
    Only East Europeans have somehow been immunized.

    When you see a similar demonstration such as this in a West European city, then maybe there is some hope. Otherwise, ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here’.

    [Poland to Muslims: ” Here, Jesus is our King so get out “]

  153. @Beckow

    Why should there be 100,000?

    Uhh, look, Dumbshit, I never expressed any view about about how many Muslims there should be in Finland. I simply said that, having looked at the available data that looks more or less objective, as a factual question, there are practically no Muslims in Finland, okay?

    Wikipedia says there are about 50,000 Muslims in Finland. That’s it. My point is that even if the true number was closer to double that, i.e. 100,000, it’s really quite few.

    It’s not a question of how many Muslims there should be. This is about a factual question.

    Are there a lot of Muslims in Finland? Is Finland being overrun by Muslims?

    The answer to these questions is simply NO. There are hardly any Muslims in Finland. That’s just a straight factual question that anybody can resolve quickly on the internet.

    Really, the Unz Review should not be publishing this kind of fuckass bullshit.

    • Troll: German_reader
    • Replies: @utu
    , @Beckow
    , @Alden
  154. utu says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    This is about a factual question.

    Are there a lot of Muslims in Finland? Is Finland being overrun by Muslims?

    The answer to these questions is simply NO.

    “a lot” is not factual. “a lot” is a contextual judgment. For a country that in it its whole history had no Muslims 50k of them can be considered “a lot.” In some cases 1k might be too many. The impact of Muslims or Africans might be greater than that of other immigrants. If they do not assimilated, do not work, maintain separate identity, organize themselves as a group their negative impact will be much greater.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  155. @Avery

    Of course by Revusky-rules, these rapes did not happen…..because there is no video evidence of them having taken place.

    In my last article published here, I expressed the view that the alleged events of New Year’s Eve on Cologne of exactly two years ago simply did not happen.

    It is impossible for hundreds of women to be sexually assaulted in a wide-open space about comparable to Grand Central Station and for there to be zero visual evidence. Not in th last few years, when just about everybody has a video camera in his or her pocket.

    So it did not happen. Period. This is not a question of advocating immigration or any of it. These are simple factual questions.

    The real bigger problem is that you guys, by grabbing onto these ridiculous narratives, ultimately end up discrediting your own position.

    The anti-immigration policy stance is quite reasonable and actually, I largely agree with it, but the problem is that if you guys keep going with this bullshit, it’s counter-productive because you discredit yourselves. These are simple factual questions, like whether Finland is being overrun by Muslims.

    NO, there are hardly any Muslims in Finland.

    And Sweden is not the rape capital of the world either. All of this stuff is just BULLSHIT.

    The problem is that you guys think you’re doing something good for your cause by promulgating all of this bullshit, but you’re not, because a sane person can just look up how many Muslims there actually are in Finland and see that this is all a bunch of crank bullshit, so you guys just end up discrediting yourselves. AND discrediting the anti-immigration position.

    But you guys are such a bunch of knuckle-dragging morons that you cannot understand this.

    • Replies: @Anon
  156. utu says:

    Revusky will be remembered as an apologist of Muslim immigration.

  157. @Avery

    As far as I know, there has never been a vote where only founding stock/non-immigrant votes were counted BEFORE immigration started, and the question of whether or not the historic nation and culture would be replaced would be the issue to be voted on. That’s never happened. Instead what happens is major propaganda and brainwashing campaigns come before elections where the topic is something meaningless like anti-racism or tolerance is discussed, instead of the true issues of national suicide anf racial, ethnic, or cultural replacement.

  158. @utu

    “a lot” is not factual. “a lot” is a contextual judgment.

    Well, I suppose if there were 50 or even just 5 Muslims in all of Finland, you could even then say that this is “a lot”, eh?

    Look, try to stop the compulsive bullshitting, utu. If the Wikipedia figure that there are 50,000 Muslims is approximately correct, it clearly means that there are hardly any Muslims in Finland.

    So why is the author of this piece and all these Gatestone Institute people and all their various shills right on this page trying to tell us that Finland has this big problem with Muslims, when, to all intents and purposes, there aren’t any Muslims there!

    What is their agenda? That is the question.

    But anyway, what can one expect? Assuming that you are so incorrigibly STUPID as to believe that hundreds of women can be sexually assaulted in the equivalent of Grand Central Station without there being a single bit of photographic evidence, then you are surely IDIOTIC enough to believe that Finland has some huge problem with Muslims when the entire Muslim population is somewhere on the order of 50,000 of them!

    (Or maybe you aren’t quite that stupid, but you are willing to pretend that you are, which amounts to the same thing observationally, I suppose…)

    But, I mean to say, if you have this deep need to engage in stupidity, it’s surely incorrigible. It’s like a swine’s compulsive need to wallow around in its own excrement.

  159. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    The long lasting rape problems in Germany, Sweden and other EU countries are real. There is steadily too much eye witness reports, police reports, local sources, alt media, even MSM acknowledgment leaking out of the issue for it to be complete bull like you claim. And these issues have risen more or less correlating with third world immigration. This is absolutely a non discussable fact.

    The issue whether 100k is too many is relative. I would say that 50k Africans, who have a snowballs chance in hell of integrating to the society concentrated in a relatively small area in Finland is a much bigger problem in societal terms than say, 500k Ukrainians concentrated within the same area. For some reason, the Finnish globalist elites do not want to accept many Ukrainian refugees (precisely because they are white and culturally similiar and do not accelerate the nation replacement program with a mish mash docile, low IQ race). Yes, some third worlders do integrate but a very small minority, which can also be witnessed partly from their low employment rate despite all possible support and laws from the government.

  160. Juoni says:

    As far as I’m concerded it’s all true. Though Aatos Erkko died a few years ago. Not sure who owns his share now.


    I’m not sure of the spelling, but it is a derogatory slang for the working class. I was told that it is derived from a similar Swedish word.

    Oh, “duunarit” is the word you’re looking for.

    I wouldn’t call it derogatory. Quite a few working class people self-identify as such.

  161. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Jonathan Revusky

    According to Pew Research‘s latest numbers 2.7% of the Finnish population is Muslim. Finland has a population of ~5.5 million according to Wikipedia, which puts the number of Muslims at about 150,000. This means that Finland has a per capita Muslim population three times larger than the United States’ Muslim population (~0.9%)

    If no one sounds the alarm this is what Europe could look like in 2050:

    Muslims are projected to increase as a share of Europe’s population – even with no future migration


  162. Beckow says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Wow, somebody is in a foul mood, calm down, we are just discussing numbers.

    Finland has 5 million people. 50-100,000 new migrants is quite a lot. Given that we know that 80% of migrants are young men 18-35, and that almost all move to (or try) few large cities, you will have a very substantial and visible non-Finnish group in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere. Even 20,000 new young male migrants is very substantial.

    How does that not register with you? When Western pro-migrant advocates try to present their case, they invariably avoid context, lie about trends, refuse to see the quantitative realities, etc… For example, they like to say that ‘1 million new migrants’ is not significant in a 500 million EU. That argument intentionally doesn’t see the already present migrants (50-60 million), the age and sex distributions, the concentration in some areas (large cites), and the inevitable chain migration that follows. You are doing the same.

    If Unz is about anything it is about quantitative analysis and accuracy, about avoiding lazy verbal deceptions. I think based on that my analysis belongs here more than yours.

  163. @AaronB

    Success of western societies is our undoing; in the past, morality in the west, was the operational mode internally, however, externally we were extraordinarily violent and immoral and achieved great wealth in the process.

    There are no truths anymore in the global world, just infinite, individual choice. Virtue is derived in modern society, by accepting without question, the victim and the oppressor narrative. Loss of virtue comes from questioning that narative.

    Morality puts limits on society and the individual – it seems that society prefers the infantile multi- billionaires world of unlimited choice and options.

    I agree with your sentiments, regarding morality.

  164. @Joe Stalin

    Fascinating. I wonder whether a better interpretation than “g loading” might be that one of the physical processes (something like speed of communication or processing) that commonly underlies g helps people do thinks rapidly and precisely that don’t seem correlated. I am not known for my practical skills but, amongst the memories I have of showing superior speed there are included 1. being able to start and stop an old fashioned stopwatch in a few hundredths of a second; 2. catching something which had fallen from my grip; 3. translating to and from Latin so as to proceed to the top of the class, 4. loading a Bren gun magazine; 5. speed and accuracy arithmetic tests; 6. time elapsed – 20 seconds being allowed (?) – to fire 5 rounds Rapid fire 7. Any old Martin Gardner mathematical puzzle…. etc. But then I remember that there was in the Earl Roberts Trophy .303 shooting team of four a boy from a large country property who, like his older brother, was recorded in some school records I saw as having an IQ in the low 80s. And they were in the lowest streams for their age groups. And yet, much as I am willing to go into bat for the potential utility of IQ testing (no immigrants under 105 thank you) I recall sitting next to the older brother at a wedding party decades later and his leaving me speechless with a witticism by way of repartee. (I recall a similar observation being made about Cassius Clay/Mahomet Ali as a young man). And my low IQ table companion’s maternal uncle was a full professor of Medicine and before that my father’s consulting physician (who accurately predicted that my father had 15 years to live after his first heart attack: well it was 16 so not bad).

    So I don’t disbelieve Lynn but I’m damned if I know what to make of it.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  165. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    If you are referring to the Events in Cologne and other German towns New Year’s sex assaults and harassment, how do you know there is no photographic evidence?

    Are a you a camera technician for the Cologne train station or not? Are you aware that just because something is not on the internet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist?

    Do you have any knowledge of the graduation between full penile penetration and ejaculation rape through different degrees of assault from full penetration to mild gropes?

    Are you aware that just touching a person who doesn’t want to be touched is assault and battery?

    It’s obvious you are just a woman hating creep with no sex life because you are so unappealing.

    Speaking of penetration, Muslims in India, Muslim countries and Europe delight in digital penetration especially on public transit. It’s almost always 3 or 4 attacking the woman. That’s because Muslims need the gang to ramp up their courage and enough big brave macho men to hold the victim still and fight off anyone who wants to intervene.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  166. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    In criminal codes of American states sexual assault is defined as “ touching breasts, buttocks, thighs and genitals.”

    That’s what Muslim men do in Europe. They always operate in groups of 3 to 7 or so. They roam downtown plazas, shopping malls, sidewalks outside movies, fairs, carnivals, and yes train and bus terminals because those places are where they can find women.
    They do t seem to work, so they are around all the time

    I saw it every time I went to Germany to visit my sister and her husband who lived in Frankfurt for 12 years. It happened to German women and all the expat women who lived in Germany.

    It’s nothing new. The Cologne event was only exposed because of the internet. When my sister lived in Germany there was no internet and the constantly groping, grabbing and pawing was never mentioned in the media

    When women did complain to the police or city and transit officials they got a lecture about the poor, poor, pitiful Turks who were away from their women and needed understanding until they adapted to German culture.

    50 years and they still haven’t adapted and German government hasn’t done a thing to protect its women.

    The favorite trick is to grab a big piece of breast, buttock or thigh and twist as hard as possible so as to leave a big black and blue bruise.

    Post about what you know.

  167. @Jonathan Revusky

    I would exempt utu’s treating the no doubt concentrated 50,000 Muslims as a “lot” if that is his choice because it compares well with the number of Jews in 1933 Germany in proportion to population especially when the relative rates of assimilation and intermarriage are considered.

    Also Australia has a tiny minority of South Sudanese and other black African refugees (foolishly let in about 20 years ago by a conservative immigration miniater for dubious reasons: “to bore it up people like us” said my attractive table companion who happened to be a prominent bleeding heart advocate for the non-African alleged aslyum seekers who were coming by boat and being locked up on offshore islands). And the young black males, despite some concealment behind police good-think, are clearly creating mini crime waves based on gangs in the outer duburbs of Melborne (population 4.5 million).

    (Perhaps Sikh students in Australia should quit stacking supermarket shelves and clean up the young Afros. It shouldn’t take long. The worst weapons reported are machetes!)

    I confess to error, and some would add to that frivolity. After all I can’t help but describe our black
    Africans as an inoculating dose. And I can’t help noting that our growing smart fractions from China and India aren’t going to encourage more PC foolishness.

    As to (minor) error: I used to like saying that lots of small minorities that could never hope to displace the established mainstream culture and political parties were the answer to desires for diversity. But…. Jews were only 1 per cent of Germany’s 1933 population so that creates a problem for my formulation if it is to apply in hard times as well as good.

  168. utu says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Revusky, you seemed to be OK for few months since your last embarrassing turné at unz. I mean you were not showing up your face. Keeping a low profile was a very smart move on your part. So what happened that you crawled out to the sunlight again? Did you stop taking your meds or was it the deeply felt injustice for the fellow Muslims being maligned at unz again?

    If you paid attention to every penny in your bank account balance with equal vehemence as you pay attention to Muslim statistics in Europe you would be a rich man. Apart from your mental disease, tell us Revusky, what makes you kick? Why do you care that much about Muslims, whether there are 50k of them or 100k of them? Don’t you get it that this is not about the numbers. Majority of Europeans would prefer to have zero Muslims and Africans in Europe. In some countries they even would not want to see your swarthy face. Stay in Spain, there you can pass for Catalan. By telling Fins that they might be mistaken because they overestimated the number of Muslims in Finland you are not addressing the issue. Fins do not need or want any Muslims. Don’t you get it?

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  169. Miro23 says:

    The battle is clearly fought on the moral level, Jews attack on the moral level, and whites feel paralyzed and unable to defend themselves on the moral level – the striking thing is that all major modern Western cultural systems are amoral and make no attempt to ground Western life in morality.

    But it’s not impossible. Since a world spanning morality is not realistic, it can be explicitly developed at the national level, starting from now (no past history) among people with a shared commitment and a clear idea of the rights and duties of one citizen to another – and enforced by an uncorrupt, well paid and impartial government.

    A New Years Wish for 2018.

  170. @anon

    Well, I think it is quite relevant whether someone is using his/her own name or someone else’s name. In the Finnish culture that is important. There actually are people in Finland called “Harri Honkanen”. If the writer is not one of them, this is an identity theft. If the writer is not even a Finn, well, that is at least dishonest.

    Whether anxiety towards the Russian immigrants has been disproportionate or not is difficult to say. I would say, that most Finns don’t want to have Russian neighbors. We tend to find them a little bit too noisy and “colourful”. They are also very well represented in the crime statistics. Also, there is a constant fear of “Sword of Damocles”. One can never know when Russian government decides to use the Russian minority as an excuse to interfere into internal Finnish affairs. There are some famous (or rather infamous) examples of pro-Russian megaphones already. Dr. Johan Bäckman has been busy speaking to Russian media and accusing Finnish authorities of kidnapping Russian children. At least we don’t share 1000 miles of common border with Somalia (and the Somalis don’t have nuclear weapons). That is not to say, that I would like to have larger Somali minority either.

  171. @neutral

    Surely your last par is a gross overstatement. France after WW2 shared shame and guilt with Germany as a bearer of the flame of Western Civilisation that had disgraced itself wrt Jews. So it engaged in symbolic recompense and atonement. The UK didn’t because it did not have the same problem of guilty conscience. From the sublime (or the height of horror) to the ridiculous. One of Australia’s numerous recent failed Prime Ministers got much applause of the cheap SJW kind for volunteering an “apology” to all Australia’s indigenous people who had; for example, been taken from their mothers and country for what was conceived to be for their own good. I don’t recall Jews being prominent in the urging, let alone critically determinative, though it is interesting that Jews are prominent in doing good works for Aborigines as though to say ” we can’t help the poor Palestinians our crude cousins are mistreating in the ME so we’ll do the best we can for Australia’s displaced people.

  172. @OilcanFloyd

    What explains the extraordinary sympathy for Bolshevism (and I don’t just mean labor union militancy) during the 20th century among Finnish Americans from the northern midwest, especially the Mesabi Iron Range in Minnesota? Perennial CPUSA Presidential candidate Gus Hall was one of them and evidently not an ideological outlier among early 20th century Minnesota Finns. Did Finnish Americans come from a particular class or region in Finland?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @FKA Max
    , @OilcanFloyd
  173. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    It’s obvious you know nothing about criminals, crime statistics and crime.

    When I was a probation officer in a county of 600,00, the black population was 11 percent. Of course half were men and fewer than half of the men were 15 to 50, the criminal age.

    15 to 50 year old black men committed almost all the common street crime.

    But a huge majority of 15 to 50 year old black men didn’t commit any crimes at all, not even a fight where police were called.
    In that county of 600,000, only about 2,500 men and boys committed virtually all the common street crime, burglaries rapes. Robberies etc

    Muslim immigrants, like most immigrants are concentrated in the cities because that’s where all the poverty pimp charities and welfare offices that bring them in and dole out the welfare are.

    You don’t know what you are writing about and just looker dumb, dumber and dumbest with every post you make on this subject.

    It’s my impression that you think any woman not at home behind barred windows and locked doors should be available for sex and gropes and paws from any frustrated creep who can’t get any consexual sex.

    Are you a Muslim whose Iman preaches that because of men’s needs a man can rape any woman not behind barred windows and locked doors.

    You sure sound like it

  174. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @PV van der Byl

    Pre-1918 Social Democratic activists who found the Russian Empire too hot for their taste, afterwards red Civil War losers.

    The earlier wave, descendants of Finns who arrived in 1600’s into New Sweden in the East Coast had no such sympathies.

    • Replies: @PV van der Byl
    , @Alden
  175. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Nice. Are you trained in rethoric? Will steal those one liners, would engage, but have a bash to attend.

    And best wishes for 2018!

  176. FKA Max says: • Website
    @PV van der Byl

    Good piece by JayMan:

    Finland & Japan

    However, note that Finland is situated outside the Hajnal line, and, at least by the early modern period, primarily had the Slavic-type commune-style of living and inheritance. They appear to have switched over to the stem family system coupled with Western-style late marriage by the late 18th century, however. Finnish values are closer to those of their Scandinavian neighbors than to their Slavic, ex-communist ones
    Scandinavians—including the Finns—seem to have evolved a more socialistic/collectivist—as opposed to individualistic attitude towards the common good, at least when compared to the English and Europeans farther west. This may have to do with the farming and inheritance systems they embraced and/or have something to do with their comparatively late adoption of Christianity (and hence outbreeding) and rapid pacification (perhaps a hijacking of the genes for within-clan altruism and cohesion to instead be applied towards everyone—a “quick fix” type of evolutionary change).

    The communal aspect of Finnish society is quite evident is a variety of features of their society, including their dislike of competition (in stark contrast to Anglos).


    • Replies: @PV van der Byl
  177. Alden says:

    The Bonniers own most of the Swedish media.

  178. Alden says:

    In English at least, it’s very easy to tell the difference between a native speaker who makes mistakes and a person whose first language is not English.

  179. @utu

    Revusky, you seemed to be OK for few months since your last embarrassing turné at unz.

    Hold on a second, my memory is sometimes poor. I am trying to remember what your explanation was for how hundreds of women can be sexually assaulted in a wide open public place comparable to Grand Central Station yet there is not a single bit of visual evidence, at a time when EVERYBODY has a video camera in his or her pocket.

    I’ve thought about this on and off and I still maintain that this is simply IMPOSSIBLE.

    In fact, to me, it is so self-evidently impossible that I figure that anybody who claims otherwise is either a fool or a liar. Though I remain unsure, I classified you as the latter. I perceive you as a chronic liar.

    Why do you care that much about Muslims, whether there are 50k of them or 100k of them?

    Oh, why do I care about a purely factual question, regarding how many Muslims there are in Finland? Well, I guess for the same reason I care about a host of other purely factual questions.

    If you are a serious intellectual (just imagine that you are…) then facts do matter. At the extreme, if somebody told you that Antarctica has a Muslim problem, surely even you would react that there are basically no Muslims in Antarctica (and hardly any non-Muslims also, it so happens…).

    When you have an article telling you that, oy vey, Finland is being overrun by Muslims, a serious person (just imagine that you are that…) would first ask: well, how many Muslims are there in Finland to start with?

    So I tried to look it up and the answer is that there are very few Muslims in Finland. Not only are there very few Muslims, but they do not form a cohesive group even, because they are a varied group of people who have nothing that much in common. So, for example, of the 50,000 or so Muslims (or maybe a few more), I think about 9,000 are Somalis. About 9,000 Iraqi refugees as well. Also, there are about 9,000 Chinese living in Finland… (who aren’t Muslims, of course…) Source:

    But regardless, these various Muslim populations are very small groups of people, like the 9,000 or Somalis. Even if there are a few more since that count, these are very small communities. You have to be numerically illiterate to think that Finland currently has much of a “Muslim problem”.

    It also appears that that the author of the piece is not even a Finn. At least, the Finns here have very great doubts.

    Fins do not need or want any Muslims. Don’t you get it?

    Right, and the penguins in Antarctica don’t want any Muslims there in Antarctica either, I suppose. (Or any non-Muslims.)

    But anyway, this is the kind of chronic, sleazy mendacious straw-manning that you engage in. I say that there are hardly any Muslims in Finland and you answer as if I was advocating that there should be more Muslims in Finland. When did I ever say that?

    Anyway, the Finns should be happy then, no? The fact remains that there are hardly any Muslims in Finland. That you have somebody pretending to be a Finn writing an article telling us how big a Muslim problem Finland has when there are hardly any Muslims there and, okay, a few Finns here who are somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun, who want to rant about the Muslim peril despite the fact that there are hardly any Muslims in Finland and so on….

    But look, what’s interesting here is not to discuss Finland’s “Muslim problem”, which basically does not exist, but rather, all the synthetic narratives being pushed and what the agenda is, you see.

    The interesting question about the “Muslim Rape Army” narrative is not whether it’s true or not. Of course it’s basically bullshit. The interesting question about this and other synthetic narratives is who is pushing this and what their agenda is.

    When I first interacted with you, I thought that you understood this, but I guess not…

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  180. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Jonathan Revusky

    This is audio/video evidence:

    Footage of the infamous Cologne New Year sex attacks. Cologne New Year sex attacks video shows woman screaming you mustn’t touch me [see subtitles in German: “[…] Das du mich nicht anfassen sollst!”…]

    Footage of the infamous Cologne New Year sex attacks

    Same footage with English subtitles:

    Police release video of Cologne’s New Years sex attacks

    Important to keep in mind in this context is that German women are far less prudish than American women, so for a German girl/woman – who was probably already somewhat tipsy – to get that offended and defensive that she was inappropriately touched/groped, let’s me know that this was quite a severe and aggressive sexual intrusion/attack:

    Was Eurotrip correct when Cooper said, “You know America was founded by Prudes. Prudes who left Europe because they hated all the kinky, steamy European sex that was going on” ? After the initial shock of “is this normal?”, I actually like the Germans’ blunt style. There’s no beat-around-the-bush in this country. It’s not just sex related; If there’s a problem, people say what they think and tell you how it is, but in a mature, everything-is-up-for-reasonable-discussion, manner. No one avoids confrontation and or engages the “no hurt feelings” social standards we have laid out in the U.S.

  181. @Anon

    It makes sense that the political attitudes of Finnish Americans had much to do with Russian revolutionaries. Thanks also for the link showing that the Pennsylvania Mortons were originally the Martinnens of Finland!

  182. @FKA Max

    Interesting how much the Finns differ from other Nordics in that respect. Thanks for the Jayman/hbdchick link.

  183. @PV van der Byl

    My understanding is that many of the Minnesota Iron Range Finns, and a good many of the other Finnish immigrants to the U.S. and Canada, came from Ostrobothnia, which is in the north of the country. I don’t know exactly if or why they tended towards Bolshevism, but they had that reputation, along with the reputation of being violent and using knives. I would think that many were landless peasants and lumber-jacks living in a society with rigid social boundaries, which would have made them ripe for the socialism of the mid to late 1800s and early 1900s. The Finnish civil war was pretty bloody, and I’ve seen one of the internment camps built for Reds in the 1920s, and it looked like Auschwitz.

    It’s worth noting that Ostrobothnia has a large and prosperous Swedish speaking population, which could have had an affect on the lower class Finns. My guess is that the Ostrobothnians got their socialism from Sweden or Germany, rather than from Russia. Karelians had the closest ties to Russia, and they weren’t the main immigrants to North America.

  184. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Typo: … *lets* me know …

    Preparations for New Year’s Eve

    Red Pill Germany
    Published on Dec 28, 2017
    Hey guys the city of Cologne is preparing for this year’s New Year’s Eve with wristbands and pop-art billboards. What could possibly go wrong?

    So blasphemed the net over the “respect” campaign

    Cologne – so that such a thing does not repeat itself, the Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker (61) now announced a new security concept: 1400 to policemen, more than 5,000 firefighters and rescue workers, as well as 400 employees of security services ensure peaceful and carefree celebrations.

    But that’s not all: explain flyers in comic-style as a kind of party etiquette, how to party and how you have to behave towards women. There are matching bracelets with a motley “respect”-logo.

    Source: English translation:

  185. wayfarer says:

    I was raised by a child beating woman raping genuine serial killer. He left me with a haunted mind, for life.

    I have zero respect for any human being who feels they’re justified to infringe on another human being’s free will. Especially, through acts of direct violent assault.

    I actually have an extraordinarily high level of empathy, primarily for animals, but there’s an unseen threshold within me that is quite unsympathetic.

    Speaking of penetration, Muslims in India, Muslim countries and Europe delight in digital penetration especially on public transit. It’s almost always 3 or 4 attacking the woman. That’s because Muslims need the gang to ramp up their courage and enough big brave macho men to hold the victim still and fight off anyone who wants to intervene.

    This is one reason why I carry a concealed knife, that’s designed for maximum cleaving power. The day I cross the path of a man or group of men raping a woman, is the day I sever arteries.

    I know this sounds crude, but it’s so often a merciless world and frequently at the expense of innocent victims.

    Many victims can remain traumatized, for a lifetime.

    I appreciate your taking the time to speak out regarding this dark cultural epidemic, of Muslim gang rapes.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Alden
  186. @Wizard of Oz

    Your style of writing is horrid. Do you not know what a ” paragraph” is? Are you not aware of the concept of “phrasing” such as in music, meaning : “let it breathe” : pausing and allowing the statements to be comprehended as SEPARATE utterances.
    You run everything together and then your reader is confronted with the problem of separating and
    indentifying the subjects by theme.
    And as far as myself is concerned : It is simply too laboring to fight my through such an abberation of communication, and I give up after one or two lines of your blatherings.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro Jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  187. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Miss Helsinki FUBAR

    Who can forget that day. The Internet itself broke for a couple of days and the emperor’s nakedness was difficult to ignore:

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Malla
  188. @Avery

    I too have wondered if Western Europe (and blue US) is afflicted with some kind of “self-destruct virus”. But reports of Western Europe’s will to self-destruct may be exaggerated. While there have been no direct referendums on mass immigration per se, recent elections have had a strong anti-immigration current.

    To take the two examples you cite, Macron did not run as a pro-open borders globalist, he ran as a centrist, and in office, he has been surprisingly willing to enforce French sovereignty, much to the globalists’ chagrin. In the most recent German federal election, where mass immigration was a strong undercurrent, no matter that the establishment tried to suppress it, Angela Merkel’s party (CDU), and its sister old-guard party (SDP) got trounced, while upstart anti-immigration AfD and the FDP soared. Meanwhile, the Visegrad group is holding firm against mass migration while more westerly countries, such as Austria, are swaying toward Visegradism.

    Is sovereignty tipping back to native Europeans? Stay tuned…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  189. @FKA Max

    Good points. Also, the English version translating “anfassen” as “touch” is kind of disingenuous. “Touch” in the English sense would be “berühren”. “Anfassen” is more like “grab on” or “connect to”. It is a cognate of the English word “fasten” with which it shares a root.

  190. @FKA Max

    This is audio/video evidence:

    No, it’s not. Did you actually look at the video before embedding it in your comment?

  191. j2 says:

    No, he is correct. A Finn would not spell Sipilä Sippilä. They do make many other mistakes, and this guy does not make the typical Finnish errors when writing English. I agree, he is not a Finn. The article does not describe Finnish history and politics as a Finn sees it, however nationalistic and especially if so. Let’s say, probably not a Finn.

  192. Wow, somebody is in a foul mood, calm down, we are just discussing numbers.

    Well, if you want people to calm down, you have to take the initial step of being HONEST. You wrote a note that was clearly dishonest. I had never expressed any opinion about how many Muslims there should be in Finland. I simply made a factual comment about how many there appear to be, at least according to information sources that should be more or less accurate for these purposes.

    YET… you answered me as if I said something that I had not said. If you want to play this game of what a nice, reasonable guy you are, the ball is in your court, because you clearly owe me an apology. I never expressed any opinion about how many Muslims there should be in Finland and you are not supposed to be misconstruing what people actually said.

    So it’s quite normal that I get annoyed at you. Of course, this kind of dishonesty is chronic, but I see no reason to be so calm and polite with people who are sleazy and dishonest. If this was a temporary lapse on your part, you can own up to it and we go from there. If not then spare me this “calm down” stuff.

    As for objectively debating numbers, the article is completely dishonest, you know. For example, the article says:

    This country of just five million took in over 32,000 asylum seekers in 2015 alone [

    I wanted to confirm that figure and it is about correct. I found what looks be a reasonably good source here:

    It has the statistics for how many people applied for political asylum in the various years up through the first quarter of 2017. The article’s author is correct that something over 32,000 people applied for political asylum in 2015. The precise number is: 32,476. That can be found here:

    However, the problem is that 2015 is an outlier year. Here are some of the data for other years from the same source, the number of asylum seekers in Finland over the last few years:

    2009: 5,988
    2010: 4,018
    2011: 3,088
    2012: 3,129
    2013: 3,238
    2014: 3,651
    2015: 32,467
    2016: 5,651

    The last data available corresponds to the first 3 months of 2017 and 1,135 asylum seekers in that period. You can confirm that here, if you want:

    So, the only number the author of the article gives is for the year 2015, not mentioning that it is an outlier year. He is trying to create the impression that 32,000 refugees are coming into Finland every year, when the true figure in a typical year seems to be about 4 or 5,0000. Now, strictly speaking, he is not lying, I suppose, since he is giving a correct number for that year, 2015!

    BUT…. there is obvious intention to deceive. In fact, I feel that this is clearly mendacious. I really object to this. I object as somebody who has written articles on this site and I don’t want my name besides these sorts of liars. If I were a Finn, which I am not, I would object to this guy taking a Finnish pseudonym and presenting himself as a Finn. Now, any individual Finn can be a liar, but for the most part, Scandinavians have a well-deserved reputation of being pretty honest, honorable people. So, to have somebody presenting himself as a Finn and engaging in this kind of deception is really objectionable. You can see that there are some people who really are Finns who don’t clearly don’t like it.

    If Unz is about anything it is about quantitative analysis and accuracy, about avoiding lazy verbal deceptions. I think based on that my analysis belongs here more than yours.

    Dude, you’re making an ass of yourself and you really should stop. In what I wrote above, I did what a serious person does who wants to get at the truth about such a matter. I went and tried to verify the numbers that the author was bandying about. I believe that I am the only commenter here who did that.

    Now, as for this:

    When Western pro-migrant advocates try to present their case, they invariably avoid context, lie about trends,

    It should already be clear, but I have to say these things explicitly, it seems..

    I am not in favor of dishonest presentation of facts, whether it is from people who are nominally left-wing or nominally right-wing I find it abhorrent.

    I am quite convinced that the author of this article and quite a few of the commenters under the article are professional liars. I am fairly indifferent as to whether they are lying on behalf of a right-wing or a left-wing position.

    I do not like liars.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  193. Rurik says:

    Typing with one hand again I see.

    ‘self-abuse’ fixation?

  194. Rurik says:

    I have zero respect for any human being who feels they’re justified to infringe on another human being’s free will. Especially, through acts of direct violent assault.

    I actually have an extraordinarily high level of empathy, primarily for animals, but there’s an unseen threshold within me that is quite unsympathetic.

    me too

  195. @neutral

    Adding an extra letter makes a big difference in Finnish. I don’t always hear it, but to a Finn, a double letter sound is a big deal, just like distinguishing between g and b is to an English speaker, or using the correct gender pronouns.

  196. My mistake. Finns have trouble distinguishing between g and k sounds, and also between the p and b sounds. English speakers clearly understand that pall and ball are very different words.

    • Replies: @j2
  197. @Jonathan Revusky

    If you are starting with 2009, you are missing much of the picture. Most of the Somalis came to Finland in the 1990s and early 2000s, before 2009.

    Prior to the Somalis, foreigners were not common, even in Helsinki. There were some tourists in the summer, but most of those were other Europeans. You’d see a few Middle Eastern dishwashers and waiters hanging around the malls, Peruvian street musicians in front of Stockmann, a few foreign students and businessmen, and the rest were probably foreign spouses or people associated with the UN. It was a very nice place.

    It is quite different today. Somalis have taken over more than just a few neighborhoods. Finns are starting to leave Helsinki because it is becoming too expensive to live away from the dysfunction brought by immigrants, and that is reality, not some BS Gatestone Institue propaganda or psyops.

    I was in Helsinki last year, and saw a group of Africans walking through a mall dressed like rappers, with a pit bull on a tow chain. The Somalis are worse.

    It’s also not just Helsinki that gets the immigration. Immigrants are spread throughout the country, and they bring trouble and dysfunction wherever they go.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  198. j2 says:

    In Finnish there are both b and p, but these b and p sound the same to a foreigner, so they do not hear the difference between Finnish b and p, while Finns hear the difference. The problem comes when a Finn speaks English and pronounces these letters as in Finnish, what they always do.
    Finnish p is soft, and b is also soft. There is also g and k, and again Finnish sounds are pronounced in a way that Finns hear the difference, but foreigners often do not. Concerning s there is a real problem since in Finnish there is exactly one s, which can be pronounced in any way you choose, like z, s, sh, whatever, so Finns never get them right. Some languages have eight different s-sounds.
    But with this double consonants, they divide into two syllables, so Si-pi-lä versus Sip-pi-lä is a major difference. It is also quite true what the Wondering Finn wrote about the election 2015, the author does know much of Finland. Furthermore, there are 40.000 refugees and some 50.000 Muslims in Finland. Some 16.000 are in refugee centers waiting for a decision. The refugee problem is not yet so big in the minds of most Finns. A good question who is this Harri, if Russian or some other, and why he writes.

  199. @OilcanFloyd

    If you are starting with 2009, you are missing much of the picture.

    Look, I made a very simple point, even simple enough for a dumbshit like you to understand. So I think you’re being willfully obtuse. But here’s the point again:

    The author of the above article tells us that over 32,000 asylum seekers entered Finland in 2015 alone, and he’s clearly implying that this is a typical year. So I pointed out that, in a typical year, Finland has something more like 4,000 or 5,000 people applying for asylum. It’s not too hard to look up what the statistics on asylum seekers in Finland is. Their government site gives the data for the last twenty years or so right here:

    Here are the numbers of asylum seekers by year:

    1997: 958
    1998: 1,263
    1999: 3,106
    2000: 3,155
    2001: 1,643
    2002: 3,443
    2003: 3,184
    2004: 3,861
    2005: 3,574
    2006: 2,324
    2007: 1,505
    2008: 4,035
    2009: 5,988
    2010: 4,018
    2011: 3,088
    2012: 3,129
    2013: 3,238
    2014: 3,651
    2015: 32,467
    2016: 5,651

    The total number of asylum seekers in that twenty-year period, I add up to be 93,281, a mean of 4,664 asylum seekers per year, even including the anomalous year of 2015, which is the only year the article gives a figure for. Note that this is all countries put together, so it includes people from Ukraine or the Balkans or other places.

    I also noted that the number of asylum applications actually accepted is much lower than this. If you look at, say, 2010, the number of people actually granted asylum was 1,784.

    Again, the figure for 2015 given by the author is completely anomalous and it is not clear how many of the 32,000 people will actually be allowed to stay in Finland in the end.

    But anyway, the grand total of asylum seekers in Finland over the last 20 years is somewhat less than 100,000. Fewer than 5,000 a year. So I do not think that Finland, a country of 5.5 million, is being overrun by refugees.

    Most of the Somalis came to Finland in the 1990s and early 2000s, before 2009.

    The Wikipedia page here:

    puts the number of Somali speakers in Finland at 17,871. At a different point in the page, it claims that there are 9,618 people residing in Finland who were born in Somalia. I suppose the difference is ethnic Somalis who were born in Finland to Somali parents but speak Somali at home. Some might be the product of mixed marriages and thus, it’s not clear exactly how to count, but I conclude that, by whatever reckoning, there are fewer than 20,000 Somalis in Finland.

    Now, I do understand that all the racialist ethno-nationalists would prefer for there to be zero Somalis in Finland. But, let’s a grip here. There are, it appears, fewer than 20,000 Somalis in Finland, a country of 5.5 million.

    Well, okay, I suppose that will lower the average IQ of people in Finland noticeably, since it is a well known fact that the average Somali has an IQ of -1000.

    But, regardless, this whole notion that Finland is being overrun by Somalis or any other sort of Muslim or Arab — it’s just bullshit, as far as I can tell. This has practically nothing to do with ideology. It’s simply because I went and checked the numbers!

    Showing some of you guys some actual data is probably about like shining sunlight on a vampire!

  200. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Is sovereignty tipping back to native Europeans? Stay tuned…

    It is. There’s no way we’ll surrender our homelands peacefully. The jews are overplaying their hand – again.

  201. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Now, I do understand that all the racialist ethno-nationalists would prefer for there to be zero Somalis in Finland. But, let’s a grip here.

    Lets. Average Somalian IQ is 68 which puts most of their population in a literally retarded category. Meanwhile, Finland scores 99.

    You do realise that IQ is hereditary, no? You do understand that they have nothing to do (besides rape and welfare incubation) in the age of automation in Finland, no?

  202. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Jonathan Revusky

    You also have to consider “family reunification” in your numbers:

    Organisations: Income limits for family reunification must be abandoned

    The office of Amnesty International in Finland, the Finnish Red Cross, the Finnish Refugee Council, the Finnish Refugee Advice Centre, Finn Church Aid, Save the Children Finland, the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, and the Finnish Somali League have criticised measures which would make it more difficult to reunite families.

    The following data is from the U.S., but I’d imagine that the situation in Europe is similar:

    Family reunification is the largest of four major avenues through which individuals qualify for admission and “lawful permanent residence” in the U.S..


    Recent data from Denmark:

    Like most other Western European countries, Denmark has introduced a number of restrictions on immigration since the late 1990s.

    Yet, as can be seen from the figure below, there were more people arriving by family reunification than by successfully obtaining refugee status in every year from 2011-2016.

    Moreover, applications for refugee status and for family reunification follow each other closely. In fact, applications for refugee status correlate with applications for family reunification at 0.97 over the years in question, while numbers of accepted refugees and accepted family reunifications correlate at 0.99, that is, an almost perfect correlation between the two phenomena.

    All in all, this points to a strong connection between asylum seekers and family reunification and understanding the two as closely related; many refugees arrive hoping to bring at least one family member. Given the high correlation, policy-makers can use refugee numbers as a very strong predictor of family reunification – depending, of course, the country’s laws on the area.

    Source: Archived link:

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  203. @Greg Bacon

    It all started with the false-flag of 9/11, which to this day remains unchallenged. Any group of people having the political power to pull-off a stunt of that magnitude, can easily accomplish diluting the white race out of existence.

  204. @Iberiano

    That’s not entirely true. The US (on Israel’s orders) has, within the past 15 years, destroyed 6 middle eastern countries, and currently in the process of destabilizing four North African nations. The refugees flooding and destroying white Europe was planned.

  205. Rurik says:

    It all started with the false-flag of 9/11, which to this day remains unchallenged

    I don’t know if it all started with that act Carroll, but I do know the day the real perps of 9/11 are held to account, is the day the Western world will free itself of the $hackels that doom it.

    if the American people ever know who was really responsible, there will be hell to pay.

    Larry Silverstein won’t find a rock big enough to hide under, even it he emigrates to Israel

    our leaders may be infinitely venal and completely corrupt, but not the average Janes and Joes

  206. @Authenticjazzman

    My apologies. In case I ever find that you have said something interesting to me, albeit of no world shattering importance, I shall refrain from acknowledging that with a quick and friendly errant finger on the phone in case there is ever an occasion when i think my time might be well spent composing something likely to be approved by a self certified Mensa member.

    In the meantime I confirm that I have a cheerful careless wave to Joe Stalin.

  207. @wayfarer

    Nothing new. Vagrancy laws were once common and strictly enforced in most states of the Union, particularly in the South. Anyone caught loitering on the street, with no obvious means of support spent the night in jail, followed by being escorted outside the city limits the next morning.

  208. Avery says:

    {…..they’re now illegal in the “United States of America.”}

    Past couple of months we had horrible wild fires in Southern California.
    No rain and hot winds for weeks
    10s of 1,000s of houses were burnt down to ashes.
    People were killed.

    At least a couple of the wild fires were started by homeless people who build open fires in their camps to cook or for heat at night.
    Another homeless encampment in Orange County (CA) that was cleared was found to have about a 1,000 stolen bicycles.

    Aside from that, do you ever wonder where these people go to the bathroom?
    Yep, right there where they live.
    There was a huge Hepatitis A epidemic recently in So Cal within the homeless population.
    It is a deadly disease and is contagious. About 600 were infected and about 20 died because of Hep A.

    So these homeless ‘communities’ are not benign at all, and are a source of all sorts of problems that are left to fester . Some are mentally ill, and some have fallen on hard times, but most homeless like that lifestyle.

    • Replies: @Alden
  209. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Jonathan Revusky

    There is also this:

    The total fertility rate of women of foreign origin is slightly higher than among Finns. Between 2007 and 2011, this figure was, on average, 2.09 for women with foreign background, while it was 1.84 for women of Finnish origin.

    The average for the total fertility rate is calculated for the example countries of background for the years 2007 to 2011, because yearly variations are large for such small numbers of people. The figure was biggest for women with Somali background, 4.00 children. The figure was 2.08 for women with Thai background, the same as the total figure for women with foreign background. The total fertility rate for women with Russian background, 1.73, was lower than that for women with Finnish background. These figures are similar to the ones earlier calculated on the basis of the mother’s country of birth (Statistics Finland 2012a).

    There were 322,711 persons with foreign background living in Finland in 2014, which was 5.9 per cent of the entire population. There were 273,306 persons of first generation with foreign background, i.e. born abroad, and 49,405 persons of second generation with foreign background, i.e. born in Finland.

    Examined by continent, 58 per cent of all persons with foreign background were of European background. The share of persons with Asian background was 24 per cent and that of persons with African background was 12 per cent.

  210. @Jonathan Revusky

    According to this article, the population increased by 23,020 in 2014, with some 17,000 being immigrants. Ethnic Finns had roughly 5500 children that year, and immigration has been at least at half that level for several decades, and often much higher. You tell me what the end result will be if changes aren’t made soon.

    My point wasn’t even about Finns being replaced. My point was that starting out with figures from 2009 made no sense, since the immigration problem started in the 1990s.

    As far as actual numbers go, I don’t even have to know specific numbers to know that the number of immigrants has increased drastically, since I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and hear it from Finns that I know, a few of whom actually support immigration.

    No matter what the actual number is, they immigrants bring a level of crime and dysfunction that wasn’t present before their arrival, and that does include violent sex crimes.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  211. Alden says:

    The next step is to ban all pork at school
    meal. Next require only halal meat be served.

    Along with that ban all Christian European holiday foods at school meals. For instance English state schools can no longer serve hot cross buns around Easter or gingerbread cookies and mince pie around Christmas.

    Then require segregated by sex classrooms and activities for Muslim girls.

    All these things have happened in the UK since 1980. It only took about 25 years. Of course the Marxist English school authorities wanted to abolish all the English foods and holidays as much or more than the Muslims did.

    The French resisted this kind of this thing but only because of their 220 year old tradition of anti clericalism.

  212. Alden says:

    I’m sure you’ e Noticed that the homeless are all Americans while the projects, section 8 and even senior citizen housing is filled with immigrants many of whom are illegal.

    Even the viciously anti American White pro illegal immigrant pro sanctuary city Los Angeles Times admits that a full 67 percent of public housing in the city of Los Angeles is occupied by ILLEGAL immigrants.

  213. Alden says:

    Remember that means that a large number of Somalians have IQs way below 68.

  214. Alden says:

    She’s really ugly compared to the average black woman.

  215. Malla says:

    Hmmmm…. well I see your point. I misunderstood what you were trying to convey earlier. Thanks for making things clear.

  216. Malla says:
    @Che Guava

    You may find these interesting too. The video does not mention the chosen but does question the existence of Prophet Mohamed.

  217. Alden says:

    Do you know where the arteries are? In a street fight situation try to slice horizontally across the thigh and get the femur artery. It would probably be the easiest to get to and thighs are pretty big.

    In America rapists know it’s wrong so at least they don’t do it in public as some Muslims do.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @wayfarer
  218. Malla says:

    All these miss contests are rubbish with the chosen being involved closely. The Chosen have been found out involved in the half Japanese woman winning Miss Japan over more attractive Japanese women fiasco. The chosen involved in this case was a woman named Inès Ligron. Her Wikipedia article does not say she is Jewish, but on her personal blog you can read about her son’s bar mitzvah. She was/is the national director of Miss Japan.

    The director from the chosen tribe

    • Replies: @Alden
  219. @OilcanFloyd

    Look no amount of factual information will have any effect JR’s thinking or his viewpoints, and responding to him is a hopeless exercise in futility and waste of energy.

    He is a hard-core deranged leftist and he will tell you straight to Your face that HC was the most ethical, honest, unsullied candate for US Pres, in US history.

    Give it up.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army Vet, and pro jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  220. @Anonymous

    Vocabulary and arythmetic notions are not literally hereditary, they are both hereditary and cultural because it’s needed the early exposition of individual to learn/internalize them.

    We are born with instinctive modes which are specialized to given skills for example communication or ability to calculate probabilities and quantities. This instinctive modes are symbolized with words and numbers we internalizing during our first life decade. IQ analysed our instinctive/inborn skills already embobied with this symbols internalized and how we are good, in quantity and [superficially speaking] in quality, to retrieve and deal with them and in non-contextualized [without heuristics or factual understanding] ways or strictly technical ways.

  221. @Authenticjazzman

    he will tell you straight to Your face that HC was the most ethical, honest, unsullied candate for US Pres, in US history.

    You should stop making up bullshit. You’re really just lying now.

    Hey, why don’t you man up? Provide a link where I said anything positive whatsoever about Hillary Clinton. Or retract your statement.

  222. @Jonathan Revusky

    Quit the shoot and cry routine, Revusky. I have no idea what your opinion is about HRC, but you have no problem with defining the opinions of others for them, or with calling names. Nobody owes you an apology for anything.

  223. @Jonathan Revusky

    ” Why don’t you man up”


    listen guy, as young man I was ” manning up” and jumping out of airplanes together with sixty pounds of gear , and then for the last fifty years I have been going onto a bandstand, “manning up” and coming forth with endless musical creation, something you would not never understand.

    “Retract your statement” : never as I fricking know that you are BC/HRC lackey, period.

    You tell me to man up, someone who does not not what the action of “manning up” even encompasses. You are totally full of shit, and you turn my stomach.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army Vet, and pro Jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  224. Rurik says:

    France today

    there really isn’t a large percentage of migrants in France

    if you look at the raw numbers and such, you’ll see that France is still majority ethnic French, so I don’t know what all the hubbub is all about

  225. Rurik says:

    there isn’t very many migrants in Germany

    only racists and Nazis are worried about it

  226. Rurik says:

    only racist and Nazis complain of Muslim in Sweden

    there aren’t too many of them

  227. Rurik says:

    the (((folks))) at the (((EU))) are concerned about the people of Poland and Poland’s future

    they know that Poland’s strength is her diversity

    and with out that diversity, Poland won’t survive

  228. wayfarer says:

    A grassroots self-defense model that women of the European Union need to adopt, ASAP.

    Gulabi Gang (from Hindi गुलाबी gulabī, “pink”) is a group of Indian women activists. The group first appeared in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, as a response to widespread domestic abuse and other violence against women.


    Pink Gang Rebellion

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Alden
  229. @Authenticjazzman

    “Retract your statement” : never as I fricking know that you are BC/HRC lackey, period.

    Oh really? How do you know that?

  230. Avery says:

    {A grassroots self-defense model that women of the European Union need to adopt, ASAP.}


    India’s women have to resort to that, because they are being abused and gang-raped by their own Indian men, unlike in Europe.

    All Europe has to do is allow their native men to go to work on the ‘rapefugees’.
    But the State will prosecute any EU man who comes to the defense of their women.
    The rapists will learn to behave very quickly, if the State gets out of the way.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  231. wayfarer says:

    One way or another the people need to get serious, now.

    In my opinion, as for the “state” (i.e. globalists), a multicultural meltdown is an integral part of their NWO blueprint.

    “Ordo Ab Chao!”

    The “state” will remain a malignant obstacle, unless the people begin dismantling it rapidly with surgical precision from the top-down, corrupt-politician by corrupt-politician.

  232. Alden says:

    That part black Miss Japan is pretty. Maybe she wasn’t as pretty in some people’s opinion as the other contestants. But she is pretty enough to be a reasonable Miss Japan. She was what I call a qualified affirmative action selection.

    But that Miss Finland: I could go to any high school or college in America that had only 10 percent blacks and find dozens of average looking black girls much better looking than Miss Finland

  233. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    The article is not so much about how many Muslims are in Finland but what they are doing.
    They are committing rapes in a country that almost no rapes until the Muslims arrived.

    The article is also about rapes by black Africans. Many of them are not Muslims

    Muslims justify locking up their women, not allowing women out in public, and covering them in yards and yards of black fabric, even wearing gloves and knee socks so not an inch of skin shows by the fact that Muslim men can not control their sex urged, even on public buses and subways.

    What kind of men are Muslims that they attack women on public buses full of passengers? What kind of cowards and physical weaklings are Muslims that it takes 3 or 4 of them to rape a 12 year old?

    And what’s with covering the hair because the sight of women’s hair drives Muslim men mad with uncontrollable lust?

    Is it some kind of insane hair fetish? I can see admiring and preferring different colors and styles of hair, but uncontrollable lust leading to rape at the sight of a wonen’s Hair?

    That’s beyond insane.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  234. Alden says:

    Latest news from Rome. Over New Year’s a Somalian got hold of a set of hospital scrubs. He went to St Eugenio Hospital’s maternity ward. He entered a labor room. While masturbating he attacked a woman labor.

    She screamed, staff arrived and he was arrested. At least it’s Italy not Germany or Sweden where no charges would be brought because of the animals sex needs.

    In other news, a Syrian invader in Germany raped a pony.

    • Troll: Jonathan Revusky
  235. Lagertha says:
    @Lars Porsena

    Lasse, let’s not get all wild and all, tonight. We both know the Odin stuff is not our culture.

  236. Quote: “Finland at 100—Frozen by Fear, Dragged to a Multicultural Grave”

    Nahh.. They got contaminated by the Swedish plague,A.K.A “Political Correctness”….
    The only cure is an ounce of nickel coated lead for those who are spreading that plague ??

  237. @Anonymous

    Average Somalian IQ is 68

    Dude, I assume that that figure is from testing done in Somalia and reflects conditions in Somalia. I am not an expert in these issues, but it strikes me as quite unlikely that the average IQ of Somali ethnics in Finland is 68. For starters, the origin of the Somali community there is that there were Somali university students in the Soviet Union, or ex-Soviet Union, who crossed into Finland. It is rather unlikely that the Somalis studying in a Russian university are all that stupid, since, for starters, they would have had to master Russian at a university studies level, and Russian is quite a difficult language.

    I also doubt that the Somali ethnics born in Finland who went through the Finnish school system score at a mean of 68. I don’t know what their average IQ is, mind you, but I also am quite confident that neither you nor any of the other dumbasses here know what it is either.

    BUT… regardless, the real point is that there are only 17,000 Somalis in all of Finland. That’s one Somali for every 300 ethnic Finns. Even if their average IQ really was 68, which I doubt frankly, it would not affect the mean IQ in Finland significantly, for the very simple reason that there are hardly any of them! Given the numbers, even if the average Somali had an IQ of 28, it wouldn’t affect the average IQ in Finland very much.

    Go look it the numbers. Finland is simply NOT full of Somalis. Finland is not being flooded with Somalis or any other type of Muslim or Arab. There are apparently something like 50,000 Muslims in Finland total. That’s it.

    This article is a complete bullshit fraud, for example telling us that there were 32,000 asylum seekers who entered Finland in 2015, and then not mentioning any other year. And the author is surely some zionist disinfo agent who is posing as a Finn. And there are Finns here who are calling this out as bullshit.

    Generally speaking, though, you guys here are such a bunch of pathetic dumbasses, with this desperate need to be duped by disinfo, like Finland is being deluged with Muslims. And it gets really cringeworthy when such idiots start all this stuff about IQ and the rest of the pseudo-scientific BS. Well, okay, it is understandable that you are obsessed with IQ. People tend to be obsessed with that which they do not possess. But you guys seemingly are incapable of doing the most minimal fact-checking and seeing that there are hardly any Muslims in Finland and the article is therefore just bullshit. And then when somebody (me in this case) tells you that this is just bullshit, you get all bothered and start with all the insults and other nonsense.

    When I discovered this Unz Review site a few years ago, I was quite positive about it. I remember sending links to friends and so forth. A year or so after that, I was quite proud to have articles published here, but now I have real misgivings. The place has become such a cesspool. My God, all the assorted morons and assholes here, it’s become masochistic for anybody with a minimum of good taste and intelligence to hang out here.

    • Replies: @Alden
  238. @Wizard of Oz

    Why are people so unhappy in America or am I getting the wrong idea from UR?

    Happiness or UNhappiness is not a function of absolute position, but of relative position and trend, both of which are declining in the US.

    It is, therefore, especially painful to people to observe their own position getting worse while that of a small minority improves.

    This is the nature of the beast.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  239. @mikael

    majority of the Sweds are original, and thereby genetically Finnish, by that, I mean the rest of the Genetic Groups have come to this region recently, up to the 1600-1700 incl the Slavs, and the RBa for Europe, and the even more fabricated bullshit is about Eastern bound, coming from Ural or China, huh, that is debunked totally, its the so called “vikings” the I-HaplG that is the Khazarian, the AzkheNazis (witch have 0 to do with Hebrews, but calls them self Jews) originated in the black sea region to the Caspian sea, aka the Caucasus, and so on, before them, we where here, I can trace my self over 600 years back, etc, and there is no Genetic coloration with Mongols, at all, not an drop, no more than Mexicans, do you get it.

    No offence mate, but this is gibberish. As in “incomprehensible”. And your overview of the archaeogenetic situation is fairly eccentric, and frankly mythic, if I’ve partially deciphered its intended meaning.

    Try again. Do the whole post in whatever language you feel comfortable in, we’ve all got Google Translate, and can work round Google’s madder efforts at translation with a dictionary, a little knowledge of various foreign languages, and some common sense..

  240. @Malla

    Finnish winter is far better than their own third world lands full of corrupt surly wild people.

    Have you even the slightest idea what a Finnish winter, unbuffered by welfare/charity, is actually like? I’d take on wild people anyday, over wild wolves. In the dark. At 20 below.

  241. utu says:

    Israeli solution for Finland?

    Israel offers to pay tens of thousands of African migrants to leave within 90 days or face jail after Netanyahu said their presence is ‘a threat to the country’s Jewish character’

    • Replies: @geokat62
  242. geokat62 says:

    Israeli solution for Finland?

    Not a chance, utu. The ADL and other leading organizations of The Lobby, including the Luggenpresse of Weimerica, would be crying “bloody murder.”

    No, it’s “diversity for thee, but not for me”!

  243. Alden says:

    I believe you are a sex offender aka violent rapist on a prison computer. Your hysterical defense of rape and claims it is not being committed leads me to believe that.

    Was your defense “she wanted it”

  244. @Alden

    Remember that it’s not all moslems who are doing this in Finland or any place but specially when we have psychotrashic hardware combined with retarded schizotrashic …

    ”religuion”… software … made by that (((ridiculous ones)))

  245. Alden says:

    Here is the story. I look forward to your defense of the somalian animal on the grounds that as a muslim he has a mandate from Allah to rape every infidel woman he can.

    Italy: Somalian Storms Delivery Room and Attempts to Rape Woman … › Migrants › Migrant Crime

    1 day ago – Home / Migrants / Migrant Crime / Italy: Somalian Storms Delivery Room and Attempts to Rape Woman in Labour. … An unreal situation in the Italian capital Rome, according to Libero; a Somalian man managed to get past the security of Sant’Eugenio Hospital and stormed a delivering …

    ITALY: Somali Muslim Invader Breaks Into Hospital’s Maternity Ward …

    23 hours ago – Scandal in a hospital in Rome where a Somali , after overcoming every kind of control, entered the delivery room and tried to rape a woman in full labor . The protagonist of the story is a 38-year-old Somali citizen who stole the green nursing uniform from a warehouse at the Sant’Eugenio hospital in Rome …

    Somali Immigrant Arrested After Trying to Rape Woman in Labor in ……/somali-immigrant-arrested-trying-rape-woman-labor-…

    37 mins ago – A Somali migrant was arrested after disguising himself as a nurse and attempting to rape a woman in labor at the Sant’Eugenio Hospital in Rome. Ali Abdella reportedly entered the delivery room when labor had already begun and started talking to the patient. He then touched it on his left thigh and started …

    In what wasn’t even the first occurance of this Somali migrant barges ……/in-what-wasnt-even-the-first-occurance-of-this-somali-migrant-ba-3909…

    21 hours ago – Saint Eugene Hospital. Somalian immigrant enters birthing hall (literal translation, the English equivalent is maternity ward) and attempts to rape woman in labor. A scandal in a hospital in Rome where a Somalian, after overcoming every kind of control, entered the birthing hall where he attempted to violate …

  246. @Alden

    While masturbating he attacked a woman labor.

    You mean he attacked a woman IN labor while masturbating? Do you have a link?

    Are there are any visuals of this? I honestly cannot visualize this. He attacked a woman WHILE masturbating…. So he had a weapon in one hand and another weapon in the other hand, eh?

    In other news, a Syrian invader in Germany raped a pony.

    Well, what to do? I guess the dude is “hung like a horse”, eh?

    Oh, and I guess there aren’t any pix of this either, eh? Just as well, I suppose….

    Seriously, though, I can’t even tell whether this is a joke or whether you believe these stories. What is the point of this? You surely can’t think you can advance any cause by repeating this kind of nonsense, can you? Anybody normal just figures that anybody who repeats this stuff must be touched in the head.

    • Troll: utu
    • Replies: @Alden
  247. Alden says:

    Indian woman are allowed to demonstrate against rape.

    European women are not. Were European women to organize a protest against rape, they would be arrested and charged with hate crime.

    That’s what happened to the Rotherham, Oxford rape victims in those towns and other towns in England where muslim animals raped hundreds of 11 to 16 year old girls. In one case, the animals took the girl to a hotel. She was 12. He screams annoyed the other tenants who called the police.

    She was arrested for disturbing the peace and 14 animals were allowed to leave. It happened again and again. When parents went to police to report animals raping their daughters, they were threatened with being charged with wasting police time.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @wayfarer
  248. Avery says:

    {Indian woman are allowed to demonstrate against rape.}

    They are allowed to do a lot more than demonstrate.
    [India: Girl tracks down her molester and beats him in public]

    Nice work young lady.

    • Replies: @Alden
  249. @another fred

    Psychologically true I think. As one who has been advocating global free trade forever (starting from when Australia was all round protectionist) I don’t see Americans problems as resulting from glibalization so much as the bad choices that have caused governments from 1989/90 (end of Cold War) to waste trillions of dollars on military ventures and their follow ups (including care of veterans) and by missing the chance to make allies instead of enemies out of Russia and China. (Is it fantasy to suppose that some American statesman might have had the imagination to treat China with great respect and invite it to share the burdens in Afghanistan with the prospect, not only of being treated earlier as the heavyweight in international affairs that it was going to become eventually, but as a front ruñner for developing Afghanistan’s mineral wealth?).

  250. wayfarer says:

    EU women need to reverse engineer the Swadeshi Movement, rebrand it and create a hybrid lobby that’s tailored to their critical needs.

    For starters, EU women can immediately boycott all cosmetics.

    I’d bet this gets the globalists’ attention, real quick. In essence EU women could have globalists’ invested in this $445 billion (sales for 2017) industry, by their balls.


    Impact of the Swadeshi Movement


  251. Having lived in Finland for a few years ago, and loved a wonderful Finnish girl: any immigration issues they have is really only a secondary disease, if you wish to call it that. The overall society has been so broken by its socialism and wage structure issues that few in the West could possibly comprehend it. It pretty much has been bleeding brains for some time to exit at the very least, to Sweden, but often to further in the Europe. Internally, its tax structure encourages businesses to evade hiring locals and its very stilted hiring system makes hiring immigrants to be the only sane option.

    There’s never been much in the way of a social community, Finnish are traditionally isolationist. Essentially they have switched to a UBI system with their KELA, and seeing the abysmal failure of it(even sans immigration) has turned me off greatly on the promise of UBI.

    Their problems essentially are too vast to be quantified these days. For one example: Nokia was basically destroyed as an innovative company simply because it became company policy that criticism was meanness, and meanness could be punished by firing.

  252. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Post 254 has 3 links. Read the links.

    I posted those links because I wanted to see your reaction . As usual you claim that it didn’t happen.

    Read the news articles. One hand for masturbating, one hand on the woman. The hospital personnel rushed in to save her. They didn’t take pictures.

    Many observers of Muslim life believe Muslim are violent rapists and clinically insane because they are sexually abused by Muslim men as little boys.

    What do you think of that theory you unspeakable obscenity?

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  253. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Calling people dumb shit doesn’t refute their statements

  254. utu says:

    German authorities to annoy Revusky released a video

    German authorities have been criticised for waiting almost six months to release pictures of a group of sex attackers – which immediately led to four arrests

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  255. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    I am afraid these will be the new talking points to allow more family reunifications:

    Germany: Migrants ‘may have fuelled violent crime rise’
    3 January 2018

    The report used statistics from Lower Saxony – regarded as an average state – where police saw an increase of 10.4% in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016.

    Based on figures from the state’s interior ministry, which keeps a separate record of alleged crimes by migrants, the report suggested that 92.1% of this increase was attributable to migrants.
    The lack of women and families among the migrants also meant that those young men were deprived of a “violence-preventing, civilising force”, the study said.

    The report suggested more migrants should be reunited with their families

    It also said that migrants with little hope of being giving asylum in Germany were much more likely to commit violent crime than those from war zones like Syria whose asylum was guaranteed.
    In the Lower Saxony figures, 17% of crimes attributed to migrants were suspected of being committed by North Africans.

    This group, which makes up less than 1% of the state’s migrant population, has little chance of achieving legal status in Germany.

    In order for young male migrants not to act out and behave violently and criminally we need to grant them asylum and also bring their families to Europe. These people are certifiably insane!

    Ensuring family reunification for refugees in Europe

    Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
    Published on Jun 18, 2017
    “Member states have a legal and moral obligation to ensure family reunification. International human rights standards require that people seeking protection can reunify with their families in an effective and timely manner. States must lift the many obstacles to family reunification and treat all people seeking protection equally.” – Nils Muiznieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

    Number of persons with Finnish background decreased in 2014

    In the course of 2014, Finland’s population grew by 20,483 persons. The number of people with foreign background grew by 21,187 persons, while that of people with Finnish background went down by 704 persons. This is the first time in the examined period 1990 to 2014 when the number of people with Finnish background in the population decreased. However, the decrease is still small: compared to the previous year, 0.01 per cent. In turn, the number of people with foreign background increased by seven per cent.

    Obviously not only refugees may and do apply for family reunification. Ethnic Danes marrying abroad as well as members of older groups of immigrants could significantly contribute to the statistics. The former would often include native Danish men and Thai or Filipino women, while the latter would pertain to men of Turkish, Pakistani, and Moroccan origin with women from those same countries.

    National origin of applicants for family reunification


  256. @utu

    German authorities have been criticised for waiting almost six months to release pictures of a group of sex attackers – which immediately led to four arrests

    I immediately clicked on the link thinking that I would see something, like some photo or video of somebody actually being sexually assaulted… but…. SURPRISE!!! Big fat nothing. Just some photos of some Arab dudes standing around. No women in sight even.

    But it hardly matters, utu. The issue at hand was whether HUNDREDS of women were sexually assaulted in Cologne on New Years Eve 2015, and if so, how this could happen without there being any photographic evidence.

    OBVIOUSLY, photographs taken in July of 2017 in Berlin relating to the ALLEGED assault of ONE woman cannot prove that HUNDREDS of women were assaulted in Cologne, hundreds of miles away on a completely separate date.

    But look, all of this “Muslim rape epidemic” narrative is obviously total bullshit. For example, a friend of mine here is German, actually half-German on his mother’s side, but grew up bilingual, speaks German fluently and is very at ease in that culture. He told me not too long ago that he had been in various social gatherings this summer full of Germans (here in Spain) but largely people who live in Germany and he had broached the topic of some rape epidemic going on in Germany.

    So, it was like he’d mention this to German girls, who live in whatever Germany city, like how they could handle living in Germany with this horrid rape epidemic going on.

    Utu, NONE of these people knew WTF he was talking about!!! These are people who live in Germany! He’d bring up these stories, out of curiosity obviously, and they just looked at him like he was crazy! “What rape epidemic? WTF are you talking about? My city is perfectly safe!”

    Now, I suppose that if there are a million plus young males from Syria or wherever, by a law of large numbers, surely a few will be louts and you could have some genuine incidents here and there of loutish behavior, but my sense is that they are actually few and far between, since most of the incidents reported eventually turn out to be hoaxes. As I mentioned earlier, there is a site (in German) called that makes a point of compiling all these fake news stories mostly involving Muslims.

    The whole idea that there is some rape epidemic going on in Germany is just something constructed by these right-wing tabloids and the various Zionist propaganda outfits like Gatestone Institute and the rest.

    Getting back to Finland, as a proportion of the population, there are about as many Muslims in Finland as there are black folks in the state of Maine. You think Maine is flooded with black people or that there is some huge crime wave going on there? Of course not. Probably in most of Maine, people hardly need to lock their houses at night. I don’t think Finland is particularly dissimilar. The whole idea that Finland is deluged with Muslims and they are causing a crime wave is just fake news. The author of this article is not even a Finn!

  257. @Alden

    Post 254 has 3 links. Read the links.

    None of the links are from serious news sources. They are either just tabloids, the equivalent of the National Enquirer in the US, or right-wing crank sites, like that “Defend Europa” site.

    Above, I provided some data about asylum applications in Finland over the last few years with a link. The link was to a Finnish government website.

    I guess you don’t understand the difference. I note that a lot of the people here, not just you (though you are a flagrant case) just don’t understand the difference between real hard facts and storytelling.

    So, your idea is that if you provide some link where somebody is telling some story, like some Ay-rab raped a pony in a petting zoo in Berlin, then that story just must be true. I found it in the Sun, a British tabloid and it’s all over the place on these various Islamophobe sites, like and and so forth.

    Of course, if you think about the story, it makes no sense. A guy was copulating with a pony in a children’s petting zoo and ONE person saw this. Well, surely dozens of people would have seen it OR none at all.

    Many observers of Muslim life believe Muslim are violent rapists and clinically insane because …

    Well, this is just racist hate speech bullshit.

    It finally occurred to me that the big problem here on this site is that there is a lack of understanding — and really, I mean, on the part of Ron Unz himself — of the difference between free speech and assholery.

    Disallowing speech that is just pure assholery is not an attack on free speech, properly understood. In fact, eventually, you get a Gresham’s law dynamic, where the bad crowds out the good. In this case, all the assholery eventually crowds out worthwhile speech.

    An honest ethno-nationalist anti-immigration case is real free speech. But all this stuff about how Muslims are all rapists is just assholery and the fact that it is allowed to go on unchecked is a real problem here.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Alden
  258. Avery says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    {…..and really, I mean, on the part of Ron Unz himself — of the difference between free speech and assholery.}
    {…. is allowed to go on unchecked is a real problem here.}

    Not only are you an ingrate, but the irony of you complaining about some problem or other and so-called ‘free speech’ clearly escapes you.

    Ron gave you a platform as an author to produce a 11,300 word article a while back, followed by a plethora of long comments by you under your own article, where you proceeded, in your usual MO, to insult* other posters and call them names. Your ‘free speech’ to insult other posters is obviously A-OK, but others’ ‘free speech’ to label Muslims, for example, is “…. a real problem here”.

    BTW: there is no such thing as ‘free speech’ at a private web site. The owner(s) and moderators can allow or disallow any post for any reason or no reason at all. Or an article or an author. Their web site, their rules: don’t like it? Don’t visit and don’t post comments.

    #259 Ron Unz says:
    July 24, 2017 at 10:32 pm GMT • 300 Words

    [Offhand, I think you tend to personally insult and crudely vilify other commenters here more than just about anyone else who comes to mind.]

    • Agree: geokat62, utu
  259. Talha says:

    I think one of the problems is the type of immigrants that are coming in. If you are going to bring some people in, you gotta screen them well to make sure they are decent folks that have a work ethic and don’t just want to mooch off other people’s dime.

    This little hard-working guy would be a boon to any land, but he’s too busy being the head of household and taking care of his little sisters in Afghanistan. Some men never grow up and some become men at 13:

    Go little bro – much love!

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  260. @Talha

    I think one of the problems is the type of immigrants that are coming in.

    Talha, why are you incapable of just calling out these hoaxes? The article above is just a hoax. There is no “Muslim crime epidemic” going on in Finland. Moreover, there are practically no Muslims in Finland!

    Besides, the author is representing that he is Finnish when he obviously is not. (At least it’s obvious to the Finns here.) Besides, the author is probably aware of all the comments the article has generated, and if he were really Finnish, at the very least, would show up and say: “Guys, you’re wrong, I really am a Finn.” But no… So this is somebody who’s not even Finnish representing that he is, and talking about a non-existent Muslim crime wave in a country where there are hardly any Muslims anyway!

    Looking back, it’s hardly surprising that I concluded that you couldn’t possibly be a Muslim. I mean, for example, right here on this page, you have some degenerate swine spreading this story that a Muslim raped a pony in a children’s zoo, and… well, I get angry at this. I can only imagine how angry I would be if I were a Muslim, yet you seem completely unconcerned.

    I suppose you’re likely to say that there is no point in getting angry at this kind of vile, disgusting stuff, which is true, I guess. But frankly, when you don’t get angry, it gives off a very strange vibe to me. To me, frankly, you come across as something somewhat less than fully human.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @AaronB
    , @utu
  261. Talha says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Hey JR,

    There is no “Muslim crime epidemic” going on in Finland. Moreover, there are practically no Muslims in Finland!

    That’s fine either way with me – if the Finns don’t want any Muslims then all well and good. The thing you don’t seem to understand with me is that; 1) I don’t think it’s a right of Muslims to be allowed to immigrate into the West – so I don’t feel obligated to defend it on any grounds – and 2) I literally expect nothing from non-Muslims on the moral level because they don’t have a Shariah that they have to follow. So everything is open game. If they are good people and treat us well in their lands, then I’m grateful and feel blessed and their reward is with God – if they start raping our women and eating our children – well, it wouldn’t surprise me and God will deal with them if we can’t.

    So if someone wants to make up crap about us in order to gin up support to have us removed or something, then – again – I’m not surprised. I’d like them to be more straight-forward about it and start drafting the laws in the open and just be clear. What I can’t stand is Muslims acting like criminals – that pisses me off – because they should know better – they have no excuse – period.

    I can only imagine how angry I would be if I were a Muslim, yet you seem completely unconcerned.

    Who says I’m not concerned? I just don’t expect any better. I mean you pointed out Zionist-associated outfits like jihadwatch that make up this crap all the time. Why does this surprise you? My position is a metaphysical one** – as I told you before, you and I are not operating on the same understanding here. Our differing conclusions and reactions are logical.

    The problem is that the main stream media has lost its credibility by supporting multiple agendas (including immigration) that are detrimental to people in Europe. So people will look to other sources for info; sometimes these sources are credible and sometimes not. So the bathwater will be taken in with the baby.

    Are Muslims capable of some of this kind of wretched behavior? Of course they are, some of them do it in Muslim lands also:

    Fairly vile stuff. My hunch is that some of the worst elements out of the Muslim world are coming to the West (due to their desire for bling-bling, white women, lax social restrictions, living on the dole, etc.) – especially the ones barging in without permission – I mean who comes to the West for spiritual reasons?

    Look at that responsible young man in the video; he is sticking around earning his place in Paradise by sacrificing his life for his mother and siblings. Western society is disproportionately magnetic to the worst, most materially base people in Muslim societies – you will tend to get these top-heavy in immigration. Whether they are specifically the ones being allowed through in order to intentionally cause serious damage to Western institutions or because Western institutions are so rotted that this is literally the resultant end-game is where I get lost. As I have written before, there are excellent examples of Muslims that would be great boons for the West; I have met them and some come here to teach temporarily – you couldn’t pay them a million dollars to get them to move.


    *By the way, I gave homeboy a bloody nose earlier – was surprised to find him at UNZ, but I think he split because he wasn’t going to receive his usual welcome from pro-Zionist fanboys – enjoy:

    **Spiritually grounded Muslims are not fazed by any of this stuff. We do what the sacred law asks of us, the rest is in His hands – what you are seeing is pessimism and desperation in the actions of others. For us, there is nothing but optimism; no whining – go big or go home:
    “They want to extinguish the light of God with their mouths, but God refuses except to perfect His light, even though the disbelievers dislike it.” (61:8)

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  262. Alden says:

    Like a lot of immigrants, the Mesabi range Finns were recruited en masse by the owners of the mines.

    They resented low pay and dangerous work and joined the extreme wing of the labor activists.

    Germans, the Irish Molly Maguires terrorists in the coal mines of Pennsylvania, the Harlan county Kentucky coal miners, Scandinavians, English, they all joined the labor movement.

    Some became Wobblies and communists.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  263. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    You should check up on the national Inquirer.

    Decades ago it ran some articles that were untrue. The subjects of the articles sued for libel and won. The plaintiffs won millions because they proved that the articles were completely false.

    Since then, the inquirer takes great pains to check and re check every story to make sure every story

    1 is absolutely the truth
    2 the inquirer can prove in court that the statements are true.

    It’s actually one of the most reliable papers in the country.

    The Sun isn’t the intellectual aimed at the upper class The Guardian or The Economist or The Times. But The Intellectual snobbish Guardian was a Soviet front from 1930 10 1990.

    The Economist is not even a front for global cannibal vampire capitalism. The Economist is a proud propagandist for global cannibal vampire capitalism.

    • Replies: @utu
  264. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Swine do not wallow around in their own excrement. Swine cannot sweat. But they need moisture on their skin to stay alive. So pig farmers keep the pens moist with water.

    The pigs wallow around in the mud.

    Pigs, all by themselves always establish toilet areas in the pen. They actually poop in that reserved area to keep the rest of it clean

    Ask any pig farmer. And I always say, post about what you know.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  265. utu says:

    It’s actually one of the most reliable papers in the country.

    They were targeted with anthrax in 2001 for a good reason.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  266. @Alden

    Most came from Ostrobothnia in the northwest of the country, where the influence was more Swedish than Russian, so they may have come upon bolshevism in the U.S. where they were valued less than pack animals by the mine owners.

  267. AaronB says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    That’s because Jews believe anger is healthy and good, but most other traditions think anger needs to be overcome. Especially self-interested anger.

    Like most Jews, it’s obvious you cultivate and nurture your anger. But instead of encouraging others to be angry, why not try and raise yourself to a higher level?

    Being “fully human” doesn’t have to mean being in thrall to our baser biological urges. It’s possible to rise to a higher level and not be angry when others insult us.

    I think when Jews finally undersrand this, they’ll take the first step towards healing.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  268. @Alden

    Swine do not wallow around in their own excrement…

    You’re probably right. Calling you and the other assholes here “swine” is surely quite unfair to pigs.

    • Replies: @Alden
  269. MBlanc46 says:

    Read much? I said nothing—no thing—about Russia.

  270. Alden says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Better you’re on a computer fighting with people you can’t reach than roaming around town in your out of control aggressive state physically attacking people.

  271. @Talha

    Talha, why are you in the West if you have such a low opinion of the West and its people?

    Islam isn’t my cup of tea, and I word never want to live is a Muslim country. I’d like normalized and respectful relations, but I have no way of influencing what goes on at that level.

    One thing that many immigrants in the West don’t seem to understand is that much of what they like about mass media, throw away culture and so-called modernity is artificial. In many ways, our cultures and nations have been hollowed out to make you comfortable. You don’t know what it was like before you came, or what was lost. Just like many Latinos can’t imagine how much nicer, freer, more civil, etc. things were before they got here, and what a negative impact their presence represents.

    • Replies: @Talha
  272. utu says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    I mean, for example, right here on this page, you have some degenerate swine spreading this story that a Muslim raped a pony in a children’s zoo, and… well, I get angry at this. I can only imagine how angry I would be if I were a Muslim, yet you seem completely unconcerned.

    According to Russia Today it actually happened.

    On the other hand is it really a big deal?
    The study, which took place in Brazil and was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a 34% prevalence of bestiality amongst men, most of whom were from rural backgrounds, as well as determining that it was a risk factor for penile cancer.
    Bestiality brothels are spreading through Germany faster than ever thanks to a law that makes animal porn illegal but sex with animals legal, a livestock protection officer has warned.

    10 Nationalities Who Fornicate With Animals

    Madeleine Martin told the Frankfurter Rundschau that current laws were not protecting animals from predatory zoophiles who are increasingly able to turn to bestiality as a ‘lifestyle choice’.

    She highlighted one case where a farmer in the Gross-Gerau region of southwest Germany, noticed his once friendly flock of sheep were beginning to shy away from human contact….

    10 Nationalities Who Fornicate With Animals

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  273. @utu

    According to Russia Today it actually happened.

    Well, if RT reports that it happened, then it must have happened, eh?

    Let me guess. They were there. They were already set up there in the children’s zoo with cameras pointing in the right direction to “document the event”! LOL.

    Utu, have you never noticed that the people behind the propaganda often seem to be poking around at the outer limits of what even the most ardent shit eaters are willing to believe. They’re constantly testing the limits. That’s how you calibrate your propaganda machinery.

    Bestiality brothels are spreading through Germany faster than ever

    Uhhh, utu, I know it is probably counter to your normal modus operandi, but maybe you should think about this a bit.

    Suppose you are an entrepreneur looking to open a business. You do a market study and you realize that in your area there are enough pizzerias and enough fitness clubs, but you realize that there aren’t enough “bestiality brothels” to meet the demand from the growing population of zoophiles out there.

    So… you open your bestiality brothel somewhere and…. how do you find your customers? Do you openly advertise? Or is it by word of mouth?

    Or, from another point of view, how do the customers find this fine business establishment? Suppose that, one day, you have a sudden desire to screw a pony, and so you figured that for some competitive price, you could go out to a bestiality brothel and indulge yourself. So you look up the nearest bestiality brothel”, a bunch come up within a certain radius of where you are. Some are higher rated on Tripadvisor than others obviously. (Doubtless equine pussy varies in quality just like human pussy…)

    Are you able to think about this for, I dunno, five minutes, without realizing the utter absurdity of all this? Or, in other words, are you a completely incurable shit eater or what?

  274. @utu

    It’s actually one of the most reliable papers in the country.

    Look, I haven’t lived in the States for many years. For all I know, the National Enquirer is now a serious, reliable news source. My reference to it was based on its reputation from twenty or even thirty years ago.

    My point really has nothing to do with the National Enquirer specifically. The point is that the source for all these ridiculous hoax stories about Muslim refugees are just tabloid papers like the Sun in England, that nobody with a clue thinks of as reliable news sources.

    But even aside from yellow journalism like that, there is just so much total bullshit. Like, this article up top. Finland is being overrun by the Muslims. Anybody can look it up and see that there are very few Muslims in Finland. About 50,000 or so. That seems to just be a hard fact.

    The provincia in Spain where I live, Tarragona province, apparently has about 65,000 Muslims and there are far fewer than one million people in Tarragona province, as compared to FInlandś population of over 5 million. And even then, in my area, the Muslims comprise less than 10% of the population.

    And again, it’s not that I’m advocating that Finland should be full of Muslims. I’m really pretty indifferent to the whole question. It’s just that, factually, there are VERY FEW Muslims in Finland. So the article is a fraud. Finland is obviously NOT being overrun by Muslims any more than German or Swedish girls are being raped right, left, and center by Muslims. These things are just hoaxes.

    • Replies: @utu
  275. utu says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    I’m advocating that Finland should be full of Muslims

    I am glad you have finally admitted it. Yes, I just quoted only a fragment of the sentence you wrote but, you see, the part “it’s not that” is a lie, a dissimulation.

    Your interest in false flag events of which you wrote in your first article here does not stem from a genuine curiosity on you part. You are a crusader against alleged libel and alleged defamation of Muslims in general. You, Jonathan Revusky, are an army of one, a single man Muslim ADL. You do not care about the truth. You are unable to be objective and even handed. Any negative statement about Muslims gets you going to the point you become irrational. You do not care about Finns and you hate those Finns who do not want Muslims in their country. You do not care that 9/11 was a false flag and you are not outraged that possibly American government perpetrated it. All you care is to make a point that Muslims are exonerated. That’s why you write about false flags.

  276. Talha says:

    Hey OCF,

    Talha, why are you in the West

    If my father had moved us to Guatemala or China, I would be there instead. Six year old boys don’t make those decisions.

    As far as staying on in the West; my wife is a convert, she feels she has a right as anyone else to be here. We’ve talked about moving to a Muslim land, but that decision is pending how our kids are able to keep their religious identity and how the environment turns out. If my spiritual teachers stick it out, likely I will. They have told us that we should make sure our intention to be in the West (or any other non-Muslim land) is to invite people to the faith and do our part to uplift society – sticking around for material gain is not a good enough reason to put your faith in jeopardy.

    if you have such a low opinion of the West and its people

    On the contrary, I have a high opinion of them. As I said; “If they are good people and treat us well in their lands, then I’m grateful and feel blessed and their reward is with God”. And we are treated very well in the West.

    Now there are some people who hate us – they want us dead or gone and will do anything to achieve that. So? What’re we going to do? Cry about it or just keep doing what we’re supposed to be doing? This is all part of the way this works – we’ve already been told about how the game goes:
    “Do men think that they will be left alone upon saying, ‘We believe’, and that they will not be tested? We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the false.” (29:2-3)

    “You will surely be tested in your possessions and in yourselves. And you will surely hear from those who were given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with Allah much abuse. But if you are patient and fear Allah – indeed that will be a determining factor in all affairs.” (3:186)

    Like I said – go big or go home – no whining.

    And I know enough about Western history to know what can happen in times of crisis and mass hysteria. We could easily be blamed for all ills (true, false, whatever) and set upon.

    So – do I think we will all be rounded up and killed or shipped out? No – I have a better opinion about the people of the West than that.

    Would I be surprised if it happens? No – because I don’t have any expectations.

    One must understand the difference between “hopes” and “expectations”.

    But I have strong expectations from Muslims in the West to behave themselves and be of benefit to their host societies.

    In many ways, our cultures and nations have been hollowed out to make you comfortable.

    I understand that – right now the culture of the West is in decline on multiple fronts – the population cannot sustain itself. Something has gone seriously wrong – the indiscriminate mass immigration policies are part of that; this started happening before we arrived. So – what is to be done about it? Something needs to change, right? Islam offers a game plan to fix things, it might not be the game plan some people like and that’s fine. But others like it – we just had a person convert at the Friday prayer last week. Either way, pick a game plan and roll with it because time is of the essence.

    As far as what the people of the West are capable of…you may surprise us all:


    • Replies: @Archimedes
  277. @utu

    Yes, I just quoted only a fragment of the sentence you wrote but, you see, the part “it’s not that” is a lie, a dissimulation.

    Me: I looked at the statistics and there are hardly any Muslims in Finland.

    You (and others): Well, you obviously want mass immigration of Muslims into FInland.

    Me: Huh? When did I say that? I just said that I looked into it and there are very few Muslims in Finland. I never expressed any view about how many Muslims should be in Finland.

    You: You’re dissimulating. You want Finland to be full of Muslims blah blah.

    Well, look at it this way, utu. Before a few days ago, when this fraudulent article came out, I had no idea how many Muslims there were in Finland. I just didn’t know.

    Why did I not know?

    Simple, obvious answer: I didn’t really care. It’s easy to look up, but I never did because I never cared about the question. So, just on the face of it, doesn’t that suggest that I’m basically being honest, i.e. I don’t actually really care very much how many Muslims there are in Finland.

    But anyway, this is an example of the extreme mental squalor in which somebody like you operates. You do not possess the most basic elements of critical thinking, one of which is the distinction between a positive, or descriptive statement, on the one hand, and a normative statement on the other.

    To say there are not very many Muslims in Finland is simply a positive/descriptive statement. There are some but it’s comparable to the number of black people in Maine or something like that. It’s something like 50,000 Muslims in a country with over 5 million people.

    Note that this is a statement about Finland. There are other places in Europe where one could say there are a lot of Muslims. I was in Marseilles this summer with Linh Dinh. Marseilles is about 20% Muslim according to the official statistics. I could imagine saying that Marseilles is full of Muslims i.e. there are an awful lot of Muslims in Marseilles. To me, that is a factual statement. Now, somebody could interpret that as me saying there are far too many Muslims in Marseilles, i.e. there should be fewer, which would be a normative statement. But in that instnace, I didn’t say that either. I simply said there are a lot of Muslims in Marseilles.

    But when you can’t even distinguish between a descriptive/positive statement and a normative statement and just start talking as if one kind of statement is the other, then you can’t really have a serious conversation. Of course, it’s just a form of straw-manning, it’s just putting words in somebody else’s mouth, but it’s of some interest to see how you guys just constantly resort to the same sophomoric debating tricks. And it’s just so masturbatory. Why do you even bother, utu? There are such better ways of spending your time. I hear there are bestiality brothels sprouting up all over the place. Why don’t you go copulate with a pony?

  278. @utu

    FWIW, as you seem to be European and familiar with Europe, you probably know that Finland will never have a substantial portion of immigrants, any more than Nepal will. The land itself kills people. Between the deathly cold and the darkness, it has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and the immigrants have chosen to go to Sweden instead.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Jonathan Revusky
    , @utu
  279. Talha says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    Hey Daniel Chieh,

    The land itself kills people.

    Yeah – it’s actually a fairly good defense strategy – hole up in a land that nobody really cares to fight for. You win…while you lose…


  280. @AaronB

    That’s because Jews believe anger is healthy and good,

    Well, to be completely fair, there is some truth to your observations about the Judaeic culture or temperament. However, in the context, I cannot see it as all that relevant.

    With just about anybody of any ethnic group, surely if you start with this nonsense about how it’s part of that group’s culture to copulate with animals or grope women in public places and just all the calumnies that Muslims are subjected to, just about anybody would finally get openly pissed off. Yet Talha never does.

    And then there is the question of all these obvious false flags. They ran one this summer near where I live, in Barcelona. It’s such a completely shoddy stitch-up and obviously the Arab ethnic kids they framed as terrorists were just patsies, as usual. Same old, same old. But anyway, I have a friend who knows a lot of people, and in particular, knows people in the Arab community. He tells me, and I believe him, that in the Arab community here, nobody believes this story. I mean, NOBODY.

    Still, what happens is that the self-appointed community leaders all accept (in public, anyway) the official story and do this whole Uncle Talha hand-wringing lickspittle number, marching and condemning “radical Islamic terrorism”. “We good Muzzies, yessah…” They do this, almost certainly, in the full knowledge that these kids (all conveniently dead) didn’t do anything and were framed.

    Now, my friend told me that the younger people in the community are completely incensed at the older people for going along with this story. By and large, they are just seething. The older people, on the other hand, I guess they decide to go along with this whole story because they figure that this is just some indignity that they have to put up with to continue with their lives here.

    Actually, I understand why they do what they do. This appalling Talha character, with his lickspittle mentality, is pretty disgusting. But I actually do kinda understand it, this whole impossible position that Muslims living in the West are put in. I do understand it but it’s pretty horrendous. This whole Omar Sharif sweet Muzzie synthetic character that he presents… it’s pretty loathsome really, at least to me.

    What I find especially galling about the whole Uncle Talha shtick is the way he represents that this craven, sniveling cowardice is somehow the result of his higher spiritual attainment — or whatever bullshit. That is pretty hard to take.

  281. @Daniel Chieh

    FWIW, as you seem to be European and familiar with Europe, you probably know that Finland will never have a substantial portion of immigrants, any more than Nepal will

    Well, people who really are refugees from a war zone might not be too picky and would go anywhere that would take them. However, another important fact is that Finland is in the EU and part of the Schengen zone, which allows free movement. Once anybody got residency in Finland, he is free to move to any other Schengen zone country. So, it seems to me that very many people who are from the Middle East or Africa or wherever would find Finland to be a very cold, inhospitable place and move somewhere further south once they could.

    That all seems like common sense, though I haven’t seen any hard statistics on this. What does seem pretty clear is that Finland is not really being flooded with Muslims or any other sort of immigration. The largest single non-European group in Finland are the Somali community, which is about 17,000 people apparently. Unless somebody is numerically illiterate, they should immediately see that that is pretty minor. So I’m quite certain that this article is basically fraudulent.

    What is interesting is that there is clearly some propaganda agenda here, where whatever political faction wants to plant the idea in people’s minds that Finland, of all places, is being overrun by Muslims or whatever, when this is clearly not so. What is their agenda? That seems like the interesting question. Debating whether Finland really is full of Muslims strikes me as a waste of time. Obviously, it just isn’t.

  282. utu says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    Suicide and Muslims is very bad combination. They do not like to do it alone. Let them suicide themselves in Muslim ways in their own countries.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  283. @utu

    Suicide and Muslims is very bad combination. They do not like to do it alone. Let them suicide themselves in Muslim ways in their own countries.

    I see that you’ve given up on trying to formulate any sort of remotely coherent argument, or really, making any sense at all.

  284. Mitleser says:

    The first will be used to house the native population, sort of reserves for the original habitants, where they would continue to exist for some time in ever dwindling numbers, which in the final stages it will turn kind of into a zoo, where the new comers can come and look at the exotic species nearing extinction.

  285. Mitleser says:

    Did they also return when there was no work?

  286. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The “good people” with no backbone will eventually look to Russia who will be more than happy to clean up their mess. Every thing has its price. Every nation always comes to their manufactured precipice.

    Hard times create great men, great men create great nations, great nations breed weaker men during good times, weaker men create weak nations, weak nations fall creating hard times. Hard times create great men…….Rise and Repeat forever it seems.

    • Replies: @Archimedes
  287. @Talha

    But others like it – we just had a person convert at the Friday prayer last week.

    To all commentators and Talha:

    I’m a millennial and know someone who converted to Islam. It definitely does happen, probably with a higher frequency than most may think.

    • Replies: @Talha
  288. Talha says:

    Hey Archimedes,

    I’m not sure why your friend converted, but most of the converts I know (now a days, the motivation was slightly different in the 90’s and pre-9/11) are basically opting out of materialist post-modernism. The more we get criticized for not getting on board with the program, the more certain people are attracted to the message*.

    Lately, I’m even starting to see more tattooed White guys with those huge earring things starting to sign up.


    *Note: On the flip side, we are losing Muslims to materialist post-modernism – and not an insignificant number either. And they usually don’t like the fact that Islam isn’t down with feminism and gay pride – well, what can you do?

  289. Hu Mi Yu says:

    The only book in English that covers WWII from a detailed Finnish perspective is this one published in 1952: Heroic Finland by by David Hinshaw. Other sources are a bad joke as many poorly informed comments above demonstrate.

    Available used at amazon or read for free online:

  290. bartok says:

    A large part of the problem seems to be the promiscuous handing out of welfare to anyone and everyone.

    Your Milton-Friedman-esque bleating is fifty years out of date, and it was bullshit back then, too.

    Economic migrants (browns blacks and yellows) are transported by Jews and other capitalists/communists, and the migrants’ destruction of the host civilizations is a happy side effect for these leaders who like to gain power through chaos and divide-and-conquer. White patriarchy (i.e. western civ) is their eternal enemy.

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