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Feminists Hoist By Their Own Petard
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All females nowadays, and the feminists in particular, are under siege by the transgender community.

Men who say they are women are invading women’s restrooms, locker-rooms and out-competing against them in sports. The lack of privacy makes those on the distaff side uncomfortable, while the athletic competition makes it difficult for them to win any of these contests. This occurs, too, in prisons, much to the dismay of females incarcerated there. Even battered-women’s shelters are no longer off-limits to men.

So powerful are these forces in academia, in athletics, in the media, in the law, that many feminists have complained about these occurrences. For example, numerous high profile people with impeccable feminist credentials have opposed these incursions, including Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Linda Bellos, Ophelia Benson, Magdalen Berns, Julie Bindel, Cathy Brennan, Julie Burchill, Margaret Court, Kara Dansky, Max Dashu, Sarah Ditum, Germaine Greer, Linda Harvey, Sheila Jeffreys, Pelican Lee, Julia Long, Maria Maclachlan, Robin Morgan, Meghan Murphy, Martina Navratilova, Camille Paglia, Nina Paley, Jess Phillips, Jess Phillips, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (Posie Parker), Janice Raymond, JK Rowling, Abigail Shrier, Gloria Steinem, Bev Von Dohre .

But this is the merest tip of the iceberg. There are so many outraged feminists that they have taken on the nomenclature of Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs). Rather, this is a term of opprobrium, which has been pasted upon them.

Make no mistake about it. People who were born of the male persuasion are much more adept at athletic pursuits than those who the stork brought to the earth in pink blankets. Perhaps the most dramatic instance of this was tennis star John McEnroe’s claim that if women’s champion Venus Williams were to compete against men, should would rank 700th; namely, she would not be at all competitive. This led to a storm of abuse against his claim. Whereupon the always feisty Mr. McEnroe asked one interviewer: “Where do you think she’d rank?” An embarrassed silence ensued. No numerical response was forthcoming.

The number of transgendered males beating females in track, wrestling, soccer, rugby and other such sport is now so legion it is silly to even mention them. Ok, ok, here’s one: Terry Miller defeated his female competitors in the 55 meter dash in a Connecticut track meet ostensibly limited to girls in February 2019. So prevalent is this that South Park even devoted an entire episode to this phenomenon.

These protesting feminists are doing yeoman work in their attempt to obviate the entry of men into arenas previously, and properly, reserved for women. This applies, also, even to males undergoing testosterone suppression treatment

The response of the transgender advocates is that even the mildest criticism makes them feel “unsafe.” So much for open, honest debate. They have attempted to de-platform, disinvite and otherwise silence the rational feminists.

But these feminists have brought this difficulty upon themselves. They, too, were guilty of shouting down their opponents with much the same rhetoric that is now being employed against them: safe spaces, micro-aggression, snowflakism came long before the advent of the transgender people.

Moreover, it was they who started this trespassing business. ‘twas not too long ago that the self same feminist movement that is now trying to ward off competition from men supported this very institution; for example, girls entering male wrestling competitions.

Consider in this regard the plight of one Joel Northrup, a high school wrestling champion favored to win the Iowa State wrestling championship

Tournament. He was paired against Cassy Herkelman in the first round of their 112 pound weight class category. But he declined to wrestle her, thus forfeiting the match and the possible winner’s trophy.

Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause were the basis upon which the government compelled this mixed sex combat. Feminists did not exactly oppose this legislation.

I apologize for the aphorisms but I just can’t resist. What comes around goes around. Chickens sometimes come home to roost.


Gloria Steinem

Wrestling forfeit:

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Feminism, Transgenderism 
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  1. Lot says:

    Professor Block is a great new blogger!

  2. Mistaron says:

    I find the lack of feminist response to this piece quite perplexing /s

    • Replies: @BDS Always
  3. @Mistaron

    Hard to respond to the truth. Seen this happen myself. Friend of mines, who I consider to be “Left Wing” to a certain degree, wife who is a feminist has lost freinds due to her not being on board with the Transgender movement. The group that she was active in has been split in two and no longer exists.

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