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Fauci Versus Frontline Doctors and Science: Pandemic Malpractice
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Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. CC BY 2.0

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Americans suffer and die unnecessarily in this pandemic. Frontline doctors are ready and willing to use an effective at home/outpatient remedy. But they are being blocked because their medical freedom has been squashed. Dr. Anthony Fauci has ensured that the government only addressed the COVID-19 pandemic through contagion control and hospital treatment. Missing is what other nations have pursued: early home/outpatient treatment to keep people with symptoms and/or a positive test result out of hospital. Which is why they have much lower death rates.

Collusion between Fauci and leftist media block information and access to a hydroxychloroquine cocktail proven safe and effective by some courageous doctors offering home treatment. Countering his very positive image created by leftist media, this article digs deep into who Fauci really is and what he has done. Rather than following science and pursuing a complete public health strategy, he has seriously harmed Americans. He alone, it will be shown, accounts for at least half of deaths in the US.

1. The fight for HCQ based on good science is being defeated by Fauci controlled government and media bias against HCQ. He has killed medical freedom. Fauci biggest blunder, actually malpractice, is his emphasis on contagion control and hospitalized victims of the virus. He has stubbornly refused to acknowledge a mountain of evidence proving home, outpatient actions by doctors keeps people well and out of hospital. Here are examples of important data.

In those countries with wide early use of HCQ the death rate is 71 percent lower than in those nations, like the US, where its use has been limited by government. Close to 600,000 people have been saved worldwide. The data imply a saving of over 150,000 US lives, a figure that will increase as the number of deaths, sadly, keeps increasing without using home/outpatient use of HCQ.

Recently Dr. Harvey Risch said: “Many or most of the 220,000 deaths in the United States to date could have been prevented by widespread HCQ use that the FDA blocked. It is the FDA that is responsible for these deaths, not the president.” But Fauci is the power behind the throne, dictating FDA actions.

Frontline doctor Brian Tyson said that he has cured over 1,900 patients, and has said that between 75 and 80 percent of the over 200,000 deaths thus far could have been prevented by using HCQ!

A White Paper by Dr. Simone Gold concluded: “What we do know is that 70,000-100,000 excess American lives have been lost due to lack of access to HCQ.” The best website to help people get the proven early home care remedy is America Front Line Doctors.

Dr. Zev Zelenko a pioneer in using a HCQ cocktail, including zinc, that cut hospitalizations by 84 percent, started a petition in October, naming Fauci and other government officials who blocked HCQ use in March, noting: “Over 160,000 people were hospitalized and died unnecessarily. Let’s make life saving treatment available and end the pandemic. Let’s bring these criminals to justice.” Will this petition work? Not likely.

Another petition effort by top Texas doctors in July together with a direct request to FDA to unblock access to HCQ failed. This was emphasized: “At a statistically significant level, early-use hydroxychloroquine alone was associated with a 51 % reduction in the mortality rate of COVID patients receiving an early five-day course of hydroxychloroquine.”

A lawsuit by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons against the FDA aims at releasing the federal HCQ stockpile. It makes the point: “They care more about their power over the HCQ Stockpile than the lives being lost daily without access to it.” Also: “Foreign countries have kept their mortality rates far lower – sometimes 90% lower – than the United States’ rate, by encouraging use of HCQ.”

And this group has published the excellent “A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment” that embraces early use of a HCQ cocktail. It makes this key point: “Zinc is critical. It helps block the virus from multiplying. Hydroxychloroquine is the carrier taking zinc INTO the cells to do its job.” Another key point: “During the ten days that Defendants took to file their mostly non-substantive opposition brief, roughly another 10,000 Americans died without timely access to HCQ.” Other drugs that also can be used early include: ivermectin, bromhexine, faviprivir, bamlanivimab, antibiotics, and steroids.

For early use of HCQ, 155 studies have shown a 64 percent reduction in negative virus impacts, hospitalizations or deaths. Early treatment studies are 100 percent effective.

But Fauci gets away with not refuting specific data. And has prevented the federal stockpile of HCQ being used by frontline doctors. In a recent Fauci article this statement undercuts his persistent claim that only randomized clinical trials can prove HCQ safe and effective, a view that has been thoroughly debunked: “Observational studies have substantial limitations but can be instructive.” Many of these support HCQ use.

The eminent Dr. Peter McCullough got it right: “HCQ was singled out as a political football early in spring. … [Fauci’s] opposition has become a rallying cry of the left-leaning mainstream media’s ‘Hydroxy Hysteria.’ The politicization of HCQ is an ongoing tragedy.” He got COVID-19 and used HCQ as part of his treatment protocol.

NIH officially says that it “does not recommend any specific antiviral or immunomodulatory therapy for the treatment of COVID-19” for non-hospitalized patients. This puts physicians in a terrible position who want to use what works. Moreover, over 40 state medical and pharmacy licensing boards and governors prohibit doctors from prescribing HCQ and patients from obtaining it.

Americans must understand that home/outpatient care is the missing, key element in the government’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic. They must shift their trust to frontline doctors who have a weapon against the virus as the latest activity of America’s Frontline Doctors proclaimed.

The Economic Standard deeply examined HCQ and concluded: “By systematically misrepresenting HCQ’s efficacy and safety for political ends, its opponents have deprived many tens of thousands of Americans of a potentially life-saving treatment and risk even more in the months and years to come. Members of the news media, public health community, and regulatory agencies must stop politicizing the use of this medicine…The burden of proof has been met. HCQ should be more widely recommended, prescribed and promoted to treat COVID-19 right now.

The main point regarding all these data and conclusions is that there is substantial evidence on the side of using HCQ and that the media-hyped meme that Fauci is a trusted expert is nonsense. In his essay “How Expert Worship Is Ruining Science” Pasha Kamyshev made this astute observation: “The debate over HCQ has both sides thinking the other is killing people. One side happens to be right. History will not judge those who were wrong on this very kindly.” To be crystal clear: Fauci is wrong. But as long as he prevails more people die unnecessarily every day.

2. In his emphasis on contagion control, Fauci continually promotes public fear, anxiety and loss of freedoms by promoting masks and lockdowns. Though necessary to some extent, it has failed in getting even close to ending the pandemic. An insightful analysis says it all in its headline: “Italy Did Everything Fauci Recommends. Now, They Have Near Record-Breaking Virus Numbers.” The New England Journal of Medicine received attention when it said in May: “wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection…universal masking alone is not a panacea …masks serve symbolic roles.” Also in May, as to wearing masks, Fauci said: “I think we should be recommending it.” But in October as soon as candidate Biden talked about a national mandate for masks, Fauci said it would be a “great idea” to have a national mask mandate. Fauci is not just a tool of the left; he is a leftist. Moreover, Fauci also said that constitutional states’ rights helped explain why the pandemic was not being overcome.

3. He is close to big drug companies who want to make billions of dollars selling medicines, vaccines and treatments. Example: His pushing the expensive drug remdesivir for hospitalized patients only while ignoring home/outpatient care using inexpensive generic medicines. It can make billions of dollars for Gilead. The government spent at least \$70.5 million of taxpayer money on its development. He got the drug approved before usual phase 3 testing was completed, and paid for the clinical trial. Significantly, the NIH advisory panel that reviewed remdesivir for the FDA had, among 54 scientific panel members 18 with financial ties to pharma companies

A recent study by WHO produced negative findings for this drug. Science Magazine did a thorough examination of remdesivir. Consistent with all of its findings is this: “The bottom line from the trials so far is there simply isn’t enough evidence that remdesivir works, says Jason Pogue, president of the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists.”

A detailed examination of remdesivir concluded: “When you consider that Fauci, by virtue of being NIAID’s director, has a vested interest in the development of remdesivir, and that it was he who declared the results to be ‘highly significant,’ it certainly suggests that he, too, should be declaring a conflict of interest in remdesivir’s fate.” It is now fully approved for hospital use despite much evidence against it.

4. Fauci the fearmonger rarely provides relevant specific facts, numbers and details. He is a master of generalities and hedging language. He routinely emphasizes the number of rising cases but not the number of declining death rates as many people get cured naturally, and better hospital treatments curb deaths. Judy Mikovits who worked at NIH for many years warned:, what Fauci “is saying is absolute propaganda.”

Fauci is brilliant at using soft language to deliver a hard blow. Recently, he told a conference of infectious disease experts that the covid pandemic is worse in the US because of a failure to avoid crowds. First, at least 20 countries have a higher death rate per number of confirmed cases. Second, Americans have more serious underlying health problems, such as obesity. heart problems, and diabetes, often with poor access to health care.

At another conference Fauci emphasized that it is “absolutely essential” to have full transparency, subtly criticizing President Trump for saying that early in the pandemic he did not want to panic everyone. Yet early on Fauci said wearing masks was not necessary. Later he said he was originally afraid of making it difficult for frontline health providers obtaining masks. So, his lack of transparency was okay.

5. As a globalist he has not condemned China for intentionally creating the global pandemic or the World Health Organization for its many failures. Fauci has had a long relationship with both China and the WHO. With an annual budget of near \$6 billion he has funneled money to help create the China Wuhan lab that produced COVID-19 (\$7.4 million). Early in the pandemic he praised China’s response efforts that WHO championed and China’s transparency, but this did not hold up under scrutiny. As a federal civil servant, he has not always put his country ahead of the interests of China and the WHO.

6. Fauci is a self-serving narcissist, now a household name. He uses every opportunity to keep his name ubiquitous. This is how he maintains power. He opines on all aspects of life, like advising Americans to not celebrate Thanksgiving with family. The highest paid federal employee – \$417,608 versus \$400,000 for the president – also makes big money, legally, in other ways. Ken McCarthy revealed: “The Albany Medical Center gave him half a million dollars for ‘science innovation.’ Now, it just happens that Albany Medical Center lives on NIH grants.”

7. He poses as a public health official, but does not fully acknowledge all the negative impacts of actions he advocates. Particularly, he ignores many negative health impacts from contagion controls, especially lockdowns that seriously harm American society and economy. Neither is Fauci an epidemiologist. Trained as a physician, he is a super-bureaucrat who has largely supplanted CDC, the Surgeon General and FDA. A new investigation revealed his power to control whether any vaccine gets approved or not. It noted “Dr. Anthony Fauci will see data from government-funded vaccine trials before the FDA does.”

8. He is the epitome of a deep state operative. Though on the White House pandemic task force he subversively undermines efforts by frontline doctors and the president. On an extensive interview on CBS 60 Minutes he complained about having constraints from the White House on media appearances. On 6o Minutes! He has opined against White House events being unsafe. But he did not condemn the many leftist [black lives matter] street protests and riots in many cities with huge numbers of people without masks in close proximity to each other.

Fauci opined recently that President Trump resuming in-person rallies is “asking for trouble.” But a recent analysis found that “there is no verifiable evidence to show that Trump rallies have meaningfully increased the spread of Covid-19.” Emma Colton put Fauci on the spot by getting him to refuse to criticize a large women’s march as a virus spreading event, in contrast to his widely spread comment criticizing a rather small White House event.

At a recent conference Dr. Fauci said that the first COVID-19 vaccines will aim to reduce symptoms but not necessarily prevent infection. This undermines President Trump’s emphasis on vaccine use as well as public interest in using a vaccine.

Fauci recently said: “it will be easily be the end of 2021 and perhaps even into the next year before we start having some semblances of normality.” This undermines the positive stance of President Trump and cannot possibly make the public feel good.

9. With his huge annual budget of nearly \$6 billion, he dispenses about \$4 billion a year to outside people and groups. Many physicians and epidemiologists have widely divergent professional opinions. But they fear talking about Fauci and losing financial support. Several frontline doctors sent a detailed letter in August with many serious questions, but Fauci did not respond. One of those doctors observed “rigorous questioning of Dr. Fauci with challenges from his peers has never has occurred. Dr. Fauci’s opinions remain not only unchallenged, but those with opposing views are censored.”

10. Don’t be fooled by his grandfather demeanor. Recognize that he is a subversive collaborator with the leftist media campaign against President Trump. Worse, as a physician he has failed his oath to first do no harm. Daily, the mainstream media treat Fauci as a deity, but there have been some critics with wise observations, mostly in conservative media. These views counter the propaganda of the mainstream media.

Jim Hoft said: “From the beginning of this pandemic Fauci has been completely misguided and inaccurate in his predictions and treatment of the Chinese COVID-19 virus.”

Brent Smith asked the right question: “How does Dr. Anthony Fauci still have a job? He’s part of the Inside-the-Beltway Deep State and has attempted to undermine the president since he was elevated to the position of Doctor COVID Know-it-All.”

Thomas Lifson made this wise observation: “The suppression of the use of hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc to treat COVID-19 amounts to the biggest public health scandal since the Tuskegee Study.”

Stacey Lennox correctly noted: “Every possible outpatient treatment from HCQ to inhaled corticosteroids have been suppressed or ignored by the NIH and FDA and Dr. Fauci specifically. This dismissal of early outpatient treatment is unconscionable as is the suppression and silencing of clinicians who have observational data to share from caring for actual patients.”

On the FDA stopping HCQ use, Dr. Kristin Held, president of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, said it “contributed to increased COVID cases and death…. Who bears responsibility for such evil? …Dr. Fauci failed us. We were not prepared, and preparedness was his charge. He can no longer be trusted.”

But all these truth-telling efforts have, so far, failed to budge Fauci, FDA and NIH into a new position unblocking HCQ use for early home/outpatient use. Evidence of this failure is that on November 1 just ahead of the presidential election the Washington Post had a full-page story with the headline “Fauci offers blunt assessment of what lies ahead in U.S.” In it Fauci praised Biden’s approach over Trump’s, again revealing Fauci’s leftist commitment.

The next day the Washington Post had another full-page story on the White House bypassing FDA to distribute HCQ from the national stockpile. Only at the end of the story is there some limited attention to doctors using HCQ for treating COVID-19 patients, including 400,000 prescriptions for HCQ from May through August. At the same time another Washington Post story on the possible firing of Fauci after the presidential election does not justify it on the basis of his failure to save lives. All three articles miss the critical point. Missing from the official government-Fauci strategy is early home/outpatient treatment, as used successfully in some nations. This is being defeated by politics, not science. Would firing Fauci open the door for this missing approach?

A letter to the editor sent to the Post by three eminent doctors made this important observation: “Now Fauci is the architect of 200,000 needless deaths from COVID-19, while he pushed the approval of the now-discredited remdesivir by larding his review panels with inordinate members having economic ties to its manufacturer. There are clinically-established medications to treat COVID-19 immediately when it becomes symptomatic: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, bromhexine, faviprivir, bamlanivimab, antibiotics, steroids, zinc, vitamins, on-and-on. But Fauci did not direct NIH randomized trials of early use of these medications. Instead he gambled away millions of lives on a strategy of late-stage hospitalization with remdesivir and the rest of us sheltering in place in fear, waiting to be saved by a COVID-19 vaccine of unknown effectiveness.”

Need more proof that the pro-HCQ battle is being lost? The day before the first Post story a medical publication had an article by a senior doctor with impeccable credentials making the point that studies on HCQ “conclusively demonstrated the drug’s lack of efficacy.”

In sum, Americans, including politicians, stop trusting Fauci if saving lives and preventing hospitalizations are paramount. Understand that he has cut medical freedom, preventing doctors from using their best judgment to keep patients healthy and out of hospital. Follow the science. Stop following Fauci. Stay with this question: How many more will die unnecessarily due to not getting the available, proven treatment? Do not remain stuck on stupid.

Dr. Hirschhorn has long worked on health issues, including being a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, directing a research program between the colleges of engineering and medicine; also, a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association. He has authored a number of books and hundreds of articles and has served as an executive volunteer at a major hospital for over ten years. He is active with a network of physicians and epidemiologists advocating early home/outpatient care to keep Americans out of hospital and is a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

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  1. This article is the derpy-derp grand prize winner. Take a look at the world-o-meter graphs for Covid total mortality. No other country follows the shape of the US line. Basically everyone else, even the Swedes, killed a bunch of very sick elderly people as part of their unwarranted efforts to preserve their health systems.
    HCQ is not a factor. Alberta, Canada has a top-notch data-base to analyze the actual shennanigans involved in the Covid panic. The deaths in Alberta are over 90% among people with two or more comorbidities, and over age 70. Close to 70% occurred in long-term care homes, and another significant portion occurred in “assisted living” facilities. There is no quantifiable excess mortality, even in that age group.
    Very old, very sick people succumb to respiratory ailments in the last stage of life, whether it’s coronavirus or influenza or bacterial pneumonia, or a combination of such diseases.
    Why the US curve looks the way it does is a matter of conjecture. Do you think the Swedish death rate collapsed because they turned to HCQ? Please.
    The entire US system is corupted, from top to bottom. So when a place like Alberta dances to the WHO tune, the impact is limited. A few hundred seniors died prematurely from neglect and maltreatment, but that was it. The situation was worse in Quebec, where the staff literally abandoned the LTC patients in terror from the Miasma, and the army had to come in to clean up the bodies, but it was pretty much the same dynamic as the rest of Canda, or Italy, or Sweden.
    But the US has so many corrupted aspects coming in to play that it is hard to determine just what caused what. The two-tier health system is the consummate degenerate manifestation of the economic hierarchy in the US. This has produced the kind of graft that sees everyone listed as a Covid patient to get at the government cheese, as well as lethal application of intubation for the very same stream of government cheese. A smaller factor seems to be the existence in the US of a permanent underclass that is obese and sick. And with these unique US factors, one adds the long-term care kill-offs seen in the rest of the non-Asian developed world, and you have a uniquely American disgrace.
    No role for HCQ in that mess, whether it works or not. Four people under age 40 are listed as Covid deaths in Alberta, from a total population of 4 400 000. Is that the work of HCQ? Thanks for the laugh, F*#k0.

  2. Fauchi is the top criminal operative for the Zionist’s CDC. They are using the fake virus, fake test and fake numbers to get frighten the livestock into forfeiting their natural rights. This fraud has been planned for many years and was preceded by several trial runs including the SARS1, H1n1, H5n1, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, West Nile and the phony AIDS “epidemic.” Despite the yearly fear campaigns with the fake numbers by the big Pharma controlled CDC, more and more people were refusing the useless and potentially dangerous vaccines.

    Unable to frighten people sufficiently with the global warming hoax, the Zionists are having huge success with the long planned fake virus sprung at the optimum time by the banking cartel for their cronies on Wall St. Just as in the bailout for billionaires program in 08-09 lots of businesses and real estate will be scooped up again by the insiders. On 10-18 last year Gates had his 201 pre-pandemic meeting and shortly after our shabbos goy secures in the senate held their closed door meeting before tipping off the big donors ahead of springing the fake virus. Notice that the Jew run MSM has shut down all opposing opinions and real information. This is the way false flags are always worked.

    The CDC has even had to admit that the fake virus has not been isolated or identified.

    Damning CDC document confirms Principia Scientific International claims that there has NEVER been any successful laboratory test to isolate and confirm the existence of the SARS-COV2 virus, alleged to have caused the COVID19 pandemic. In effect, the science tells us there is NO virus!

    This week, former CBS Healthwatch reporter and author of The Matrix Revealed Jon Rappaport obtained the smoking gun from a telling document from the Center for Disease Control which admitted as much.

    In one of their own documents they state quite clearly:


    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

    As Rappoport says,

    “Since that is the case, that there are no quantified virus isolates, how can one be sure of what is being determined as COVID-19 is, in fact, COVID-19?”

    Principia Scientific International has led the way with this line of argument against the insane and unscientific lockdown policies which have effectively crippled the world economy.

    Since the summer our own expert, Saeed Qureshi PhD published three damning articles (links below) exposing this missing key part of the science. Dr Qureshi, a leading laboratory standards and testing expert who worked for Health Canada for many years, consistently argued on this key issue.

    Dr Qureshi‘s main point being that, if no one has isolated and proven the existence of any such novel coronavirus as a unique pathogen, how on earth can any pharmaceutical company provide a vaccine?

    Or is it a mythical virus that needs a mythical (but expensive!) vaccine to destroy it?

    As Voltaire once warned us:

    “Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
    Rappoport’s excellent article offering proof from the CDC that Dr Qureshi was correct all along, reads as follows:

    “The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.
    Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”
    The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

    Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

    A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.

    Another way to put it:




    As if this were not enough of a revelation to shock the world, the CDC goes on to say they are presenting a diagnostic PCR test to detect the virus-that-hasn’t-been-isolated…and the test is looking for RNA which is PRESUMED to come from the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.

    And using this test, the CDC and every other public health agency in the world are counting COVID cases and deaths…and governments have instituted lockdowns and economic devastation using those case and death numbers as justification.

    If people believe “you have the virus but it is not available,” and you have the virus except it is buried within other material and hasn’t been extracted and purified and isolated, these people believe the moon is made of green cheese.

    This is like saying. “We have the 20 trillion dollars, they are contained somewhere in our myriad accounts, we just don’t know where.” If you don’t know where, you don’t know you have the money.

    “The car keys are somewhere in the house. We just don’t where.” Really? If you don’t know where, you don’t know the keys are in the house.

    “The missing cruise missile is somewhere in the arsenal, we just don’t where.” No. If you don’t know where, you don’t know the missile is in the arsenal.

    “The COVID-19 virus is somewhere in the material we have—we just haven’t removed it from that material. But we know what it is and we’ve identified it and we know its structure.” NO YOU DON’T. YOU ASSUME THAT.

    Science is not assumptions.

    “But…but…there is a study which says a few researchers in a lab isolated the virus…”

    They say they did. But in July, the CDC is saying no virus is available. I guess that means trucks were not available to bring the virus from that lab to the CDC. The trucks were out of gas. It was raining. The bridge was washed out. The trucks were in the shop. Joe, the driver, couldn’t find his mask, and he didn’t want to leave home without it…

    Science is not assumptions.The pandemic is a fraud, down to the root of the poisonous tree.”

    We encourage readers to get a fuller insight into the monumental fraud played upon us from the expert scientific analysis provided by Saeed Qureshi in three excellent articles here:

    COVID-19: Vaccine ‘Not Possible’ For A Virus Not Yet Quantifiable
    COVID19 ‘Clinical Trials’ & Their Outcomes: Fake Science At Its Best!
    Our Pharmaceutical Emperors Have No Clothes

  3. @Rufus Clyde

    The medical establishment are all falling in line with the covid racket. There is big money to be made in the U.S. hospitals by claiming everything is Covid 19. As top CDC criminal Debrah Birx stated ” we have told the hospitals to tag everything possible as Covid 19.” By using the fake PCR test that was only intended for laboratory use and only detects protein particles that may be associated with some type of corona, about 82% of people will be labeled positive.

    Very few people ever die of the flu and the CDC does not even have accurate records of flu deaths since the big majority of the so called flu deaths are really from pneumonia or other respiratory illnesses. The numbers they have been posting for years now have only been mathematical (lies) projections.

    Unless the barnyard animals wake up and finally see what is really an obvious fraud by the Zionists in control of the governments, this power grab under cover of the fake virus will continue to get worse. For those who think that “our gov. would never lie to us” all you have to do is look a a little history. The Zionists will make up whatever contingency they can sell to the gullible goyim to achieve their objective. This includes all the lies that led to the world wars, 911, WMD’s, false flag shootings, the Cold War, the phony War On Terror and global warming to name a few.

    Don’t forget when shabbos goy Truman was placed in power by the Jews, they set up the Office of Alien Property under the Zionist Jews Bazelon and Pritzker. 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and thrown in concentration camps in the desert and millions in businesses and property (today worth billions) were seized and sold off to their Jew buddies for pennies on the dollar. The Zionists today are no different and will use this medical fraud to gain as much unconstitutional power they and their operatives in the Governor’s and mayor’s offices can get people to give up.

  4. Notsofast says:

    Dr faustus was under investigation by the fbi for sitting on research conducted by a french scientist identifying the hiv virus so his partener claim credit for the discovery. The investigation was dropped by james comey. The nobel prize was awarded to the french doctor to recognize his work ( and as a f u to faustus). Dr faustus sued in u s court and was awarded the prize money. This neocon turd has been around since the reagan administration. This is what he does, he imtimidates, harrases and destroys any that get in the way of the official narritive, that is his job as chief ratfucker of the cdc nih and who.

  5. There is no such thing as COVID19. Complete hoax.

  6. @coolhand850

    There is no such thing as COVID19. Complete hoax.


    Beer Flu is a total Chicom hoax.

    Any Western tard who thinks it is real deserves what they get.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
    , @anon
  7. Covid was BS hysteria or BSteria to bring down Trump’s economy, clamp down on nationalists, and to give power to the state. With all that mask-wearing, the West made Sharia Law look mild by comparison.

    • Agree: Fred777
    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @Dumbo
  8. Biff says:

    Trump’s Wall will be built(to keep you in).

    • Replies: @GMC
    , @Aguilar
  9. @mark tapley

    “In effect, the science tells us there is NO virus!”

    Exactly! Perfectly put – especially to those quacking about “following the science.”

  10. @mark tapley

    Good and informative comments, Mark.

    and millions in businesses and property (today worth billions) were seized and sold off to their Jew buddies for pennies on the dollar.

    Yep, it seems some of this is going on now – “disaster capitalism”. I heard an interview a couple months ago with Catherine Austin Fitts and she mentioned that some people mapped the buildings that had been torched this summer during riots in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, etc. Well, don’t you know, there wasn’t a row or a blocks-worth burned out. No, they were individual buildings spotted around in more like a checkerboard. So, they started digging into the ownership, mortgage loans, insurance on them, etc.

    How about that — they were all either in foreclosure, in tax arrears, condemned, etc. So, they were cherry-picked for destruction by likely vulture capitalists under guise of “protests”. They’ll be picked up for pennies.

    I have no specific info about these dynamics playing a part in why the Governors and Mayors of places like NYC, Chicago, Seattle, San Fran seem utterly INTENT on pushing people away from those cities but, it seems like driving down real estate prices for scooping-up by those in the know might be part of the plan. I also wonder if another part is to usher Dems into the more Repub suburbs / rural areas to hasten their turn into purple, then blue, voting blocs.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  11. Anonius says:
    @mark tapley

    Chronology confuses me a bit here. Japanese Americans were thrown into concentration camps in 1942, under FDR, not Truman. Truman was the president from 1945 to 1949. “Office of Alien Property Custodian” was established in 1917 (under Woodrow Wilson), relabelled a few times (in 1934, 1941, 1942), then relabelled to “Office of Alien Property” in 1946, and abolished in 1966.

    • LOL: Rufus Clyde
    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Mike Tre
  12. meamjojo says:

    Do us a favor Trump before you go – FIRE FAUCI!

    Don’t worry about how he will feed his family. MSNBC/CNN will both pick him up with lucrative consulting contracts almost immediately.

  13. @The Wild Geese Howard

    “Chicom”? Absolutely hilarious. Did you come here from 1950 in a time-travelling Studebaker? All evidence points to the SARS CoV-2 panic being a US intelligence operation, aimed at China and going through population of the US Empire. The socio-economic dislocations do not serve Chinese strategy, which is that of an exporting manufacturing economy establishing international communications and logistical infrastructure, whereas the US is a clapped-out rentier-driven military empire. Shutting down the economy in the Empire and driving it’s citizenry mad does not benefit the Chinese, it benefits the elites in the Empire who need to transition to the post-work consumer society while strangling the nascent Eurasian rival before it mature. Chicom! Oh, please stop, you’re killing me! Twenty-three skidoo!

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond, gay troll
  14. Nurse in England tells the truth about Covid 19

    A whistleblower NHS healthcare assistant who publicly resigned after claiming she had ‘no work for three weeks’ at the height of the pandemic has said the claim the NHS is overrun is ‘all lies.’

    A viral Facebook video shows Shelley Tasker, 43 – a healthcare assistant at Treliske hospital, which is part of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust – telling members of the public what is ‘really going on’ behind closed doors in NHS hospitals.

    In the clip filmed outside Truro Cathedral with a crowd gathering, Shelley, who is a mother and part-time photographer from Camborne, Cornwall, takes to a microphone and says: ‘As much as I’ve always loved our NHS, it’s no longer our NHS. It’s run by the corrupt government and the people running this company.

    ‘We no longer have health care, we can’t see dentists. I can tell you now when I was working at the height of the pandemic I had no work for three weeks because there were no patients. We have a particular Covid ward. None of the wards were overflowing with Covid patients and they’re not now.’

    She went on to claim that the flu and Covid cases are now recorded as ‘the same thing’ on death certificates.

    In response to cheers from the crowd, she continues: ‘I can tell you on Friday in Treliske there were three people in with Covid. No extra deaths, three – and that covers Treliske, West Cornwall and Hayle hospital.

    ‘The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months, is 76 people – that’s about ten people a month over the last seven months, and we have locked down.

    NHS figures show that 67 people died from Covid-19 at Treliske hospital between March and September, and official data seems to back up her point – there were just four people with the virus receiving care at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust on October 29.

    Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL about the figures the government are presenting to the public, Shelley claimed: ‘It’s all lies. We’ve closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital.

    The truth about Fauci and the fake AIDS epidemic, Bird flu and Swine flu disaster:

    The article might seem unduly rough, but you must understand COVID-19 is not Anthony Fauci’s first rodeo. The singular big cahoona at NIAID for 6 presidencies, Fauci is the gatekeeper to research funding and has more power than one man should ever be given.

    Here’s a bullet point summary of the article, although I highly recommend reading the entire article:


    Not wearing a face mask has not lead to a single, extra death.
    The COVID-19 death rate shows the viral cause for excess mortality is virtually impossible.
    Fauci has been telling one lie after another for decades with a complicit mass media regurgitating his lies.
    Fauci has a long habit of silencing and ignoring critical questions.
    In order to understand the abundance of lies one has to understand that PCR tests are scientifically meaningless in detecting so-called SARS-CoV-2 infections, that according to orthodox researchers it is not excessively dangerous, and those referred to as COVID-19 victims probably did not die of it, but of non-viral factors and serious underlying diseases.
    The viral narrative has become a fairy-tale.
    The beginning of the fairy-tale; however, started with AIDS when “virus hunters” enjoyed god-like status accomplished by lies and deceit.
    50 million were persuaded to get vaccinated during the 1976 swine flu disaster, which resulted in severe side-effects including paralysis and death in 20-40%.
    Due to “unsettled political waters” at the end of the 70’s, the NIH and CDC, “increasingly needed a major epidemic to justify its existence,” according to Red Cross office Paul Cumming. The HIV/AIDS theory was just the ticket.
    According to Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR, “All the old virus hunters from the National Cancer Institute put new signs on their doors and become AIDS researchers.” All of a sudden everyone was fully employed, including Robert Gallo who just happened to need a new career at the time.
    AIDS research started with big lies, specifically Gallo’s announcement that “the probable cause of AIDS has been found.”
    After he filed a patent application for an antibody test, Gallo’s papers were printed, so nobody was able to review his work for a time, which is a severe breach of professional scientific etiquette.
    Review later showed Gallo’s studies did NOT prove the virus thesis.
    Kary Mullis is quoted as stating Montagnier, Gallo, nor anyone else has published papers describing experiments which leads to the conclusion that HIV probably causes AIDS. Mullis personally asked Montagnier for a reference proving HIV causes AIDS but he couldn’t name one.
    When Engelbrecht asked Fauci and NIAID several times for such a study, he was told, “Dr. Fauci respectfully declines to respond to the questions that you emailed.”
    This failure to respond to scientific questions is typical of misconduct cases and “runs like a golden thread through Fauci’s 36-year history as director of the NIAID.” Please see original article for specific examples – and there are many.
    The approval of AZT, the 1st authorized AIDS medication, is a perfect example, as many labeled the study it was all based upon a “fraud,” “a gigantic botch-up,” and “seriously flawed.” Even a FDA toxicologist analyst stated there was insufficient data to support approval of AZT. Please refer to the original article for the study’s many flaws. Stopped after four months, the study was financed by AZT manufacturer Wellcome, which is now GlaxoSmith Kline. (All of this is quite reminiscent of what is currently happening with Remdesivir which recently obtained EUA approval for COVID-19 despite lack of results)
    Fauci only appears in the media when critical questions are not asked. On the rare occasion when he was asked why AZT was the only drug available he stated numerous lies: “that it was safe”, “that there have been scientifically controlled trials”, and that “it’s effective”. AZT is a highly toxic drug, the FDA trials were not scientifically controlled, and about the only thing AZT is effective for is destroying bone marrow. Even the creator of AZT “dumped it on the junk pile, didn’t keep the notebooks, and didn’t even think it was worth patenting.”
    Despite Fauci’s promise of an AIDS vaccine 35 years ago – which has been given over a trillion US dollars so far, and an annual budget of around 35 billion dollars, it hasn’t happened yet.
    Fauci predicted the so called “bird flu” would cause 2-7 million deaths. WHO estimated by May 2006 it had killed only 100 people. He stated serious adverse events for the fast-tracked swine flu vaccine was “very, very, very rare,” yet cases of narcolepsy came pouring in.
    Fauci has pushed for preexposure prophylaxis of ART for HIV prevention in those that are HIV negative, i.e. giving highly toxic drugs to completely healthy people. Engelbrecht sent Fauci a list of important question about this but was told again, “Dr. Fauci respectfully declines to respond to the questions that you emailed.”
    Regarding the anti-viral Remdesivir which recently obtained EUA status for COVID-19, the Alliance for Human Research and Protection (AHRF) brings up the fact Fauci has a vested interest the drug as he sponsored the clinical trial – which has not even been peer-reviewed. To date, he still has not made public his financial relations with Gilead the manufacturer. Instead of using science, he made the promotional announcement sitting on a couch in the White House, without allowing for review of the data. At the time he also failed to disclose to the public that the primary outcomes of the study were changed, which the AHRF considers “dubious and suspicious”, of which the mainstream media ignored, but should raise serious red flags. He then shrugged off a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center peer-reviewed, published Chinese study that was stopped due to serious adverse events.
    Remdesivir has caused serious kidney problems and the WHO “Solidarity” trial showed it did not produce any measurable benefit in mortality, the need for ventilators, or the length of hospital stay, but Fauci is silent on these findings. In a bizarre twist, Gilead came out with a statement that conclusive findings can not be drawn from the trial because hadn’t been peer-reviewed or published yet, despite the WHO stating that the large, international study was designed to generate the robust data needed to show which treatment are most effective. Gilead failed to mention that the study used to promote Remdesivir was not peer-reviewed or published before it was given EUA status. When it was finally published it was in the New England Journal of Medicine, the same journal as the fraudulent pivotal trial of AZT. The study only stated that there was a shorter recovery time. Engelbrecht states this has no validity because of the flawed data and the fact participants did not receive a true placebo. FYI: we are talking about BIG money here. According to this, the mediocre drug has already brought in \$873 million:
    Fauci maligns anything that competes with his lucrative products. In the case of COVID, this includes HCQ which had numerous studies stacked against it from the beginning, from giving patients high killer doses to poorly done studies which were eventually retracted. Engelbrecht states that the Virology Journal study lacks validity because the science behind SARS-CoV-1 & 2 is totally unfounded and was a cell culture study, not a patient trial.
    Fauci is all about Big Pharma – not life-style factors. Robert F. Kennedy points out that while HCQ costs a measly 30 cents, it completes with Moderna’s vaccine which Fauci’s agency owns half the patent and has invested \$500 million in taxpayer money. He is aligned with numerous powerful industries and sits on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Council, which in turn invests millions directly into Fauci’s NIAID. But Fauci maintains he is apolitical and neutral.
    There is a petition circulating titled #Fire Fauci.
    Torsten Engelbrecht Is An Investigative Journalist From Hamburg, Germany. The Updated Version Of His Book “Virus Mania,“ Co-Authored By Claus Köhnlein MD Was Published In 2020. In 2009 He Won The German Alternate Media Award. He Was A Member Of The Financial Times Deutschland Staff And Has Also Written For OffGuardian, The Ecologist, Rubikon, Süddeutsche Zeitung, And Many Others. His Website Is

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Notsofast
    , @AnthonyBrink
  15. @Anonius

    I was focusing mainly on the property confiscation aspect for the most part that occurred under the Zionist Jews Bazelon and Pritzker. The Jew mob had moved into California from Chicago and had huge success as detailed in Gus Russo’s Supermob. They not only had shabbois goy Truman shilling for them after controlling Van Roosevelt with his 52 Jew advisors led by Bernard Baruch but brought in a new puppet actor, Ronald Reagan.

  16. Tony Hall says:

    Fauci is a dark prince of this WHO-declared “pandemic.” He played a similar role in the HIV-AIDS scam when he pushed through the federal regulations the toxic supposed remedy, AZT. AZT killed many victims sick for reasons other than HIV-infection. One of the opponents of the Fauci/Gallo Big Pharma lobby on HIV-AIDS was Kary Mullis. Mullis developed the PCR Test to help support the thesis of the those trying to expose the Faucian frauds on HIV-AIDS, an enormous cash cow for Big Pharma.

    Mullis made it clear before he died recently that his test was not useful as a diagnostic instrument. This interpretation that was not heeded in deploying the PCR instrument, as adapted by German Dr. Christian Drosten, to create the underlying basis of the COVID scam. At this stage of the scam the the false positives produced by the PCR procedure are being translated into rising “cases” (even as death numbers continue to dive) in order to justify Wall Street-serving lockdowns. The billionaires are benefiting as the middle class is being killed. All of this is getting is skulduggery is being ingeniously addressed especially in Germany by a formidable alliance of lawyers and doctors who characterize the engineered disaster of 2020 as a “crime against humanity.” See Reiner Fuellmich’s presentation at

    • Agree: Clay Alexander
    • Replies: @Miro23
  17. bj0311 says:

    In those countries with wide early use of HCQ the death rate is 71 percent lower than in those nations, like the US, where its use has been limited by government. Close to 600,000 people have been saved worldwide.

    No one has been saved. Everyone on this planet lives exactly until they die. If your number is not up you may survive some unbelievably dangerous circumstances without a scratch, but when the call comes for you to leave you could be killed by a meteorite falling through your roof while you are sleeping. You simply do not escape or cheat death.

    I am so sick of all these mask-wearing pansies running about terrified of one virus out of all the zillions on the planet. If you are scared stay home and leave me the hell alone I am tired of having my freedoms curtailed because of your paranoia/stupidity.

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @onebornfree
    , @hillaire
    , @Bert
  18. Notsofast says:
    @mark tapley

    At the nih fauci said that hcq was safe and effective for covid viruses but suddenly became dangerous this year. It was an over the counter drug in france until january of this year. Remdesivir was a failed drug for ebola that gilead (once headed by donald rumsfeld before the neocon takeover of 2000) had spent billions on with no return. They charge the tax payers thousands per dose and all they can say is it shortens hospital stays by 2 to 3 days. Influenza has magically disappeared worldwide down 98% this year. Of course they claim credit for this miracle because of the mandated masks, too bad they dont stop covid 19.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  19. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Everyone on this planet lives exactly until they die.”

    Yes, and Fauci must die. And the sooner the better – via “natural causes”, of course 😎 . And he ain’t the only one.

    Regards, onebornfree

  20. @Notsofast

    All of the drugs are just part of the disinformation campaign to divert the livestock from figuring out that all of it is part of the fake virus scam. The Zionist syndicate is lined up to make billions on the fake vaccine while at the same time convincing the fearful goyim to give up their freedoms. The people need to be worried about the encroachment on their natural rights not a virus falling from the sky as they suck their own waste products and expelled bacteria back into their lungs while wearing the useless face diapers.


    There is no covid 19 anymore than there was an AIDS “epidemic.” All deaths except maybe if you are run over by a truck are now classified as covid. Hospitals get paid lots more. A neighbor’s brother-in-law had severe type 2 diabetes with glucose over 700 and finally died of a brain hemorrhage. Cause of death covid 19. The PCR test gives app. 82% false positives.

    All the sheep think their wonderful government cares about them. The stupid cucks really think the Zionist criminals that contrive the wars, who’s banking cartel has plundered them continually since 1913, who constantly instigate one fraud or another on their own people including the so called climate fraud, 911, WMD’s, the never ending War On Terror for Greater Israel, fake shootings such as Sandy Hook and Los Vegas, staged riots, BLM-ANTIFA race baiting, mass immigration, miscegenation and every type of cultural perversion possible in order to overthrow the western countries in order to impose a Neo-feudalistic global totalitarian system on all the barnyard animals. All of the goyim are just livestock to be managed on the global plantation. Nothing more.

    I saw an interview by top retro Virus expert Peter Deusberg back when Fauchi and his gang were pushing the phony AIDS epidemic. Deusberg said that everyone who was taking Fauchi’s AZT would die if they stayed on it long enough. Their life expectancy just depended on the dosage and the length of time but since AZT terminated the DNA, it would kill everyone who took it.

    Dean Jackson:
    Since a pathogen called COVID-19 has never been purified – identified – by blood culture(!)* there is no COVID-19, obviously, thereby outing the Marxist co-opted establishment’s (1) destruction of the economy; and (2) weakening of our immune systems by (a) wearing masks that blow back into the respiratory system exhaled bacteria, viruses, and fungi; (b) the ludicrous directive to stay home that inhibits our exposure to germs that strengthen the immune system; and (3) the manic cleansing of surfaces of germs, such germs a requirement for a robust immune system.
    “We have also contacted Dr Charles Calisher, who is a seasoned virologist. In 2001, Science published an “impassioned plea…to the younger generation” from several veteran virologists, among them Calisher, saying that:
    [modern virus detection methods like] sleek polymerase chain reaction […] tell little or nothing about how a virus multiplies, which animals carry it, [or] how it makes people sick. [It is] like trying to say whether somebody has bad breath by looking at his fingerprint.”[3]
    And that’s why we asked Dr Calisher whether he knows one single paper in which SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated and finally really purified. His answer:
    I know of no such a publication. I have kept an eye out for one.
    This actually means that one cannot conclude that the RNA gene sequences, which the scientists took from the tissue samples prepared in the mentioned in vitro trials and for which the PCR tests are finally being “calibrated,” belong to a specific virus — in this case SARS-CoV-2.”
    In July 2020, the CDC admitted there is no isolation of COVID-19, therefore there can’t exist a pathogen referenced as COVID-19:
    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”
    Google (page 39): CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel
    When physicians and the CDC inform us COVID-19 doesn’t exist, then anyone who reports otherwise is in league with this Satanic operation to destroy humanity.
    * Which is why there are no electron microscope pictures of the COVID-19 virus.

  21. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    What medically frightened people want to hear from a doctor is a New York City accent. That’s the Fauci credential. The NY City accent is NOT what you want to hear from your airline pilot, rescue swimmer, or plumber. And by the way, polls showed that Democrats wished that Cuomo had been their nominee; I wonder what his credential was. Why did people think his handling of the virus was superb?

    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @Peripatetic Itch
  22. @The Real World

    I figure insurance money is a big part of it. Now the big Jew vulture investors such as Black Rock will pick up millions more in failed businesses and real estate after the fake virus was sprung. The fake pandemic and the staged riots were also used for a cover of another massive wealth transfer to the top as in 08-09. Most of the Governors and Mayors of these large cities are operatives for the Zionist syndicate. About 36 Governors have gotten bills passed or tried to get legislation passed outlawing the BDS movement or any state employee or contractor from criticizing the thugs in Israel. Shabbos goy Abbot here in Texas is a good example.

    The Zionists control both fake parties. They just manage the Dem. and Rep. facade so that the livestock think they are actually involved in the process. The Zionist goal is to continue to weaken Jewmerica’s economy while creating more crises so that the goyim will hand over all their freedoms in order to gain the illusion of safety.


    The fake virus has been in the works for a long time. Unless people revolt against this tyranny its will continue to get worse. Fake virus, fake test fake numbers and the coming fake vaccine. The Zioinists will always fabricate any contingency possible in order to gain more power and wealth.

    Reporter Jon Rapapport explains the method always used in these medical frauds:

    ONE: Through many meetings, exercises, planning sessions, a structure is welded in place to promote and launch the IDEA of an epidemic. World Health Organization, CDC, influential public health officials attached to governments around the world, etc.

    TWO: There is a purported incident. An outbreak. The most obvious cause is intentionally overlooked. For example, horrendous air pollution, or the grotesque feces and urine pollution on a giant commercial pig factory-farm. Instead, the world is told a new virus has been found. Local researchers, if any, are augmented by researchers from CDC, WHO.

    THREE: There is no air-tight chain of evidence explaining exactly how the purported new virus was discovered. From details released, there is NO proof of discovery by convincing methods, no proper unified study of MANY supposed epidemic patients.

    FOUR: But WHO/CDC tells the world this is an epidemic in the making, caused by the new virus. The promotion and propaganda/media apparatus moves into high gear. Ominous pronouncements.

    FIVE: Diagnostic tests for the unproven new virus are rolled out. They spit out false “proof” of “infection” like coins from a jackpot slot machine. These false-positives are an inherent feature of the tests.

    SIX: Thus, all case numbers and death numbers, which are based on the tests, are rendered meaningless. And…they were already meaningless, because the supposed new virus “being tested for” was never properly discovered in the first place.

    SEVEN: Nevertheless, these tests (plus useless eyeball diagnosis) are used to build official reports on case numbers. For the duration of the “epidemic,” reports keep coming, and escalating numbers are trumpeted. Within the basically meaningless structure of these reports, there is fiddling with totals, to make them more impressive and frightening.

    EIGHT: Real people are really getting sick and dying, but for the most part, they are people who are dying from traditional and long-standing conditions—flu-like illness, pneumonia, other lung infections, etc. These people are “re-packaged” under the new epidemic label—e.g., “COVID”. The official description of the “new epidemic disease”—the clinical symptoms—is sufficiently general to easily allow this re-packaging.

    NINE: If there is new illness, it can be explained by causes having nothing to do with the purported new virus. For example, a toxic vaccine campaign. A highly destructive drug. Highly toxic pesticides.

    TEN: Over time, the definition of the epidemic is arbitrarily widened to include more symptoms and clinical features, in order to inflate case numbers.

    ELEVEN: Control of information about the “epidemic” is hardened at the top. The talking heads, from the press and public health agencies, know as much about actual science as rabbits know about drone strikes. But they are “in charge.” Dissident information is attacked and censored.

    TWELVE: Medical drugs and procedures (e.g., ventilators) used to treat patients are quite harmful. If a vaccine is rolled out, it, too, is toxic. Illness and death resulting from these and other medical attacks are counted as “epidemic cases caused by the virus.”

    THIRTEEN: ABOVE ALL OTHER ILLUSIONS, the main deception is: “the epidemic is one disease or syndrome caused by one germ.” This is sold with unceasing propaganda. Most people fall for it. They will even argue among themselves about which “it” is the single cause of the “it” disease. There is no “it” cause or disease.

    FOURTEEN: The public is sold lie after lie about contagion and the “spread” of the “it.”

    FIFTEEN: The public chants (as if no one has ever died before), “People are dying, it must be the virus.”

    SIXTEEN: The virus fairy tale always functions as a cover story for government or corporate or medical crimes. It obscures and hides these crimes. For example, a large factory is spewing horrendous pollution into the ground and water of an area, and people are getting sick and dying? Wait, the researchers say, the cause is actually a new virus no one has ever seen before.

    As I wrote at the outset of the COVID illusion, the only difference this time, in 2020, is the weight of the lies—because they led to the lockdowns and the economic devastation. This is West Nile, SARS, Swine Flu, Zika, writ large.

    Needless to say, the persons and groups responsible for launching these illusion-operations must hide their crimes.

    The criminals have their weapons, of course. Among their most powerful: control of the press, and arcane technical language which pretends to relevance. This language is so dense, the uninitiated stand no chance of penetrating it.

    For instance, researchers can babble for hours about their vaunted diagnostic test, the PCR. However, the simple truth is, the test has never been vetted. The test has never been tested in the real world outside the lab.

    I have written about this extensively. Using a little guideline called SCIENCE, you would “test the test” by lining up, say, a thousand patients, some healthy, some sick from a supposed virus. Any virus. Tissue samples would be taken from each patient.

    PCR mavens would run these samples through their equipment, reporting which patients show what they call high “viral load.”

    This means: these particular patients have millions and millions of virus actively replicating in their bodies, and they will be unmistakably and visibly sick.

    The PCR princes would then announce, “Patients 3,45,65,76,132…are all definitely sick.”

    Now we un-blind the study and see what’s what and who’s who. Are these designated patients ill or are they running marathons? That’s called simple scientific method. Not technical gobbledygook.

    This chunk of research has never been done. It never will be done. It’s too real. Too naked. Proponents of the PCR would have too much to lose, if their assessments of who are healthy and who are sick turned out to be absurdly wrong, and their arcane technical rhetoric about the PCR ended up being useless gibberish.

    I include this illustration to indicate there are, indeed, ways of exposing professional liars, if you change the venue on them, if you use common sense, if you stand outside their self-appointed temples of mystical pretense and observe what their lies look like when you boil them down to human terms…

    Here is another study of the PCR test that has never been done and never will be done, in the real world: line up a thousand patients, take tissues samples from them and send the samples to 40 different labs. Have the labs run their PCRs and announce their specific findings. Compare the results. You can bet the farm the labs will come up with contrary results.

    This is part of a pattern: keep “scientific details” close to the vest; keep them “in-house”; don’t permit large-scale independent studies that will either confirm or deny basic tenets of official research.

    COVID is a fraud from top to bottom. From beginning to end.

    • Thanks: The Real World, anarchyst
  23. This man – Dr. FrankenFauci – needs to be standing trial, as at Nuremberg, for the crime of Geriatric Genocide.

    And Bill Gates-enstein along with him.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  24. FrankenFauci also needs to be hauled before the nearest Medical Review Board and have his licence to practice medicine revoked, permanently.

  25. Ugetit says:

    COVID is a fraud from top to bottom. From beginning to end.

    And the fraud was obvious from the start. Very similar to 9/11, the Muslim “threat,” and a host of other “game changing” events over the past century and more including the generation of mass hysteria through outrageous amounts of deftly applied and amazingly effective propaganda. And the masses will never figure it out, even decades, (centuries?) after the fact and despite overwhelming evidence of the fraud.

    Here’s where the fraudsters really got their act together,

    “… this entire myth, so prevalent then and even now about Hitler, and about the Japanese, is a tissue of fallacies from beginning to end. Every plank in this nightmare evidence is either completely untrue or not entirely the truth.”

    -Murray Rothbard, Revisionism for Our Time

    [This article first appeared in the Rampart Journal of Individualist Thought, Spring 1966.]

    The same idea can be reasonably applied to the standard versions of the causes of WW1, the Spanish-American War, and the War Between the States as well.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  26. Anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    A 2016 Hopkins study concluded that 250,000 Americans die annually as a result of medical negligence. (And of course that’s only mortality; one must add morbidity to that figure.) This gives some perspective to the Fauci ineptitude; malpractice is a commonplace in medicine. Don’t get me started.

    One kind of poor practice that has infuriated me these many months is epidemiologists, virologists, and ER doctors opining as to the behavioral aspects involved. A psychiatrist or psychologist would never opine on virology, but yet we have routinely seen the reverse. What we have been facing is what behavioral docs call “anticipatory anxiety.” The human brain has been called an “anticipation machine.” This is a different mental state from fear or general anxiety. It has its own literature. It has been confirmed by new imaging technologies. Docs like Fauci might have had a lecture or even a course on behavior decades ago, but it is not their expertise.

  27. @mark tapley

    You’ll find everything you need to know about AZT at my website
    Regarding ‘The approval of AZT, the 1st authorized AIDS medication’, read ‘Licensing AZT’ posted there.
    It was indeed ‘all based upon a “fraud,” “a gigantic botch-up,” and “seriously flawed.”’

  28. GMC says:

    You got it – Washington has to corral all the people , can’t have them going outside into the real world. They don’t want anyone coming back and telling the populace the truth about ” certain things”. And it looks like the NWO, doesn’t want those that live outside the states, to feel good about coming back – either. The nightmare continues , for the US populace , without any peoples government.

  29. AReply says:

    Even if everything in this immense pile of bullshit of an article were true, the conduct of the Executive has taken the nation even further away from efficacious policy.

    I don’t agree with Ron Unz that Covid-19 was an intentional attack on China, but having looked into the history of policy led by Fauci as it relates to risk of such an outbreak, in my view there’s a grave disconnect between research policy and risk. Gain of Function research is ju-ju like Chernobyl: it was an accident being prepared to happen. The under-stated conclusion of Chernobyl was it was an accident borne out of safety preparations. Gain of Function viral research is the same sort of deal. Covid-19 is named SARS-CoV-2 for a reason: It was a product of outsourcing research to China out of concern for SARS. Fauci oversaw US policy which included an Obama WH order to stop GoF research due to international outcry within the research profession over risk, until a code of conduct (largely empty documentation) could be created. This was around 2013. As the moratorium went on, China picked up slack with new BSL-4 facility in Wuhan. Work continues. In 2017 Trump WH said fuck it and cancelled moratorium.

    Unz might be on to something: Consider Trump admin sponsored coup on Venezuela:

    But Fauci is not Lex Luthor. He’s an administrator overseeing a vast Federal and commercial policy apparatus. Just like DoD and internet. Top universities, public money, socialize costs, privatize profits, etc.

    The question of Federal office promotion of gobbledy-gook therapy like Hydroxychloroquine
    will just follow Hippocrates, so to speak: First do no harm.

    We can have tension between high policy level we can have contrary effects: overall agendas in policy which increase risk and specific determinations which mitigate risk. Both can leave us wishing for better management.

    But I wouldn’t trade the judgement of any airhead on this forum, including myself, for Fauci’s in terms of hard choices about national policy.

    This article is just more bullshit which has a primary purpose not to inform, but rather seeks to capitalize on sowing doubt of Americans in the judgement of their leadership while propping up certain factions most base and distorted operators. Something Conservatives know is wrong to the core.

    To the extent that Fauci has competency to offer the nation on navigating this epidemic. he has been undermined every step of the way by President Trump. And to the extent that Fauci represents the incompetence of this government, Trump has been far from addressing the matter, he’s made it worse.

    But go ahead and keep rooting for the asshole, if it makes you happy to think you advocate some weird principle of fidelity. I’ll keep reading for now trying to put your dada cubist blog painting into some into some brilliant perpective.

  30. WE still do not know the full story regarding the long term effects of Covid. It directly affects both heart and brain —perhaps 10 million in future will hace shortened lifespans–heart attacks and stroke–it is serious and not to be laughed at or scoffed away.

    • Replies: @37
    , @The Soft Parade
  31. Alfred says:

    For perhaps 6 months, I have been saying that this guy is a scumbag. The epidemic has been over for months – as the deaths testify. But that is what happens in any epidemic when 20% of the population become immune.

    Here is the total mortality for 24 European countries. Things have been normal for 6 months. And yet the lockdowns are intensified. This has nothing to do with public health.

    • Replies: @ingotus
  32. skrik says:

    5. As a globalist he has not condemned China for intentionally creating the global pandemic

    Well, before reading this I was impressed by the HCQ tales, but on the principal of ‘one deliberate lie kills all credibility’ [re the “China … intentionally creating” bit], my state of ‘suspension of disbelief’ on behalf of the author has been collapsed. I will finish reading to see if I can ‘restore any faith.’ Note that I actually don’t do ‘belief,’ only real, properly substantiated data will do.

    Next ‘bone of contention:’

    8. He is the epitome of a deep state operative … Dr. Fauci said that the first COVID-19 vaccines will aim to reduce symptoms but not necessarily prevent infection

    The 1st bit may well be true, but the 2nd bit [now addressing Fauci’s credibility] is not the way I understand a vaccine is designed to work, namely that a vaccine induces immunity so that if/when challenged by some virus particles turning up, the immune-system fights to disallow the infection taking hold. Note that the induced immune reaction could itself produce symptoms. Perhaps Dr. Fauci misspoke or was otherwise thinking carelessly?


    10. Don’t be fooled …, as a physician he has failed his oath to first do no harm… These views [‘critics with wise observations’] *attempt* [there, FIFY] to counter the propaganda of the mainstream media

    Errr; IF the thesis ‘HCQ really works’ is true [seems like it to me] AND Fauci has prevented its use THEN sure, harm is being done, but then the question of ‘responsibility’ rears its ugly head. Here, there are two ‘candidates’ namely ‘the top cocky’ *plus* each and every “Scam!” “Hoax!” and “Face diapers!” nurFlu extremist. IF Fauci is wrong AND is doing what he does just for \$s THEN that’s corruption and should be prosecuted.


    Follow the science. Stop following Fauci… Do not remain stuck on stupid

    Well, I do try to follow science but I have no lever on Fauci and as for ‘stupid,’ it comes back to ‘responsibility;’ we the sheople are endlessly propagandised about ‘representative democracy’ – but 99.9% of representatives work far, far more against us than for us. Now *that’s* what I call stupid. rgds

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  33. @Rufus Clyde

    Covid-19 is a disease of the Aged, global median age of death 80 years, like Alzheimer’s, for which the etiology is not known, a virus could be involved in that disease as well. As with many pneumonia deaths, the virus is not what kills, the body’s immune system’s over-activation kills the patients. This can be easily prevented with glucocorticoids, which though much more effective than remdesivir have never been approved by the FDA for serious Covid-19 cases; remdesivir is the only FDA approved treatment and doesn’t work. As with many MILD virus cases, there can be long-lasting effects IF UNTREATED. Chronic fatigue syndrome was shown by Dr. Mikovitz to be caused by a mouse virus; unfortunately for her, it is caused by the immune response to many mild viruses, and she was drummed out of science for not recognizing that fact. Kawasaki Syndrome (called Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Covid-19, MIS-C) was initially called Kawasaki Disease, because some children died. Dr. Kawasaki perfected treatment during the ’60s and ’70s (aspirin to reduce clotting and pain, immunoglobulins, a non-specific antiviral treatment since Kawasaki is almost surely an immune reaction to many seasonal viruses in young children, and GLUCOCORTICOIDS, its acute use suppress the immune system, the cause of the disease, with minimal long-term consequences). In the US, MIS-C WAS NOT EVEN TREATED with standard of care for Kawasaki’s, and some, rare children died (showing “Even THE CHILDREN can die from Covid-19!), who should have been easily saved with glucocorticoids, which are life-saving in serious Covid-19 cases.
    HCQ does not work any better than approved remdesivir in serious, late-stage, hospitalized Covid-19 cases. HCQ MAY have beneficial effects as a preventative or for exposed patients. It is an interesting drug and takes a week or two of administration to build up protective levels against malaria or to work in lupus or other autoimmune diseases. It is now approved for diabetes treatment in India since 2014, and like most drugs is safe if used properly, particularly acutely (heart effects are seen in overdose, ocular effects can be limiting in chronic dosing; mild decreases in blood sugar are common). From the bulk of poorly run clinical trials (since only Gilead with remdesivir could afford decent trials, and the US government refuses to run REAL trials with drugs and nutrients off patent). Asian countries had strict travel bans/ border control which explains their low death rates; the WHO (and Fauci) said such bans were “counter-productive”.
    The US annual pre-Covid-19 “Number of deaths of persons age 65 and over is 2,099,263” (from the CDC), or about 5750 per day (Covid-19 deaths are presently about a 1000 per day, almost all from the same elderly group). Half of Covid-19 deaths are in people over 80, and almost all deaths are in people over 50, the vast majority over 65 (or those with cancer or similar morbidities). The “mismanagement” of Covid-19 is probably intentional. As the epidemiologists put it “the harvesting” of the elderly by disease is inevitable, and our fine government may be fine with helping the harvesting along (pensions and Social Security to steal!), with three years of flu victims dying in one year (and it may be more humane than Alzheimer’s/ dementia).

    • Thanks: Fred777
  34. About the article you cite from the New England Journal of Medicine. The entire paragraph from which the excerpt was taken is:

    We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.

    The authors of that article issued a follow-up note in which they state:


    We understand that some people are citing our Perspective article (published on April 1 at as support for discrediting widespread masking. In truth, the intent of our article was to push for more masking, not less. It is apparent that many people with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic or presymptomatic yet highly contagious and that these people account for a substantial fraction of all transmissions. Universal masking helps to prevent such people from spreading virus-laden secretions, whether they recognize that they are infected or not. We did state in the article that “wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection,” but as the rest of the paragraph makes clear, we intended this statement to apply to passing encounters in public spaces, not sustained interactions within closed environments. A growing body of research shows that the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission is strongly correlated with the duration and intensity of contact: the risk of transmission among household members can be as high as 40%, whereas the risk of transmission from less intense and less sustained encounters is below 5%. This finding is also borne out by recent research associating mask wearing with less transmission of SARS-CoV-2, particularly in closed settings. We therefore strongly support the calls of public health agencies for all people to wear masks when circumstances compel them to be within 6 ft of others for sustained periods.

    Additional links which are very useful:

    “Face mask wearing rate predicts country’s COVID-19 death rates”
    by Daisuke Miyazawa and Gen Kaneko’s_COVID-19_death_rates

    “Facial Masking for Covid-19 — Potential for “Variolation” as We Await a Vaccine”

    • Thanks: skrik
  35. Lee says:
    @mark tapley

    MT said:

    Don’t forget when shabbos goy Truman was placed in power by the Jews, they set up the Office of Alien Property under the Zionist Jews Bazelon and Pritzker. 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and thrown in concentration camps in the desert and millions in businesses and property (today worth billions) were seized and sold off to their Jew buddies for pennies on the dolla


    That’s odd—-I seem to recall that FDR’s death has something to do with Truman becoming Prez.

    Also, the internment of Japanese Americans started in 1942 with FDR’s EO 9066—a few years before his demise.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  36. Bert says:

    Dr. Hirschhorn,

    Your exposure of Fauci’s HCQ suppression is spot on. As you are surely aware, there is another movement by practicing (unlike Fauci) physicians to publicize both an effective treatment protocol for hospitalized patients, the MATH+ protocol, and a prophylactic-outpatient protocol, I-Mask+. A link for the latter is here

    Unfortunately, instead of supporting and spreading your message, which is both medical and civic, the commenters on your article divert attention by claiming that the disease Covid-19 does not exist. There are many crazies on Unz Review’s comment threads, but in this case given the uniformity of the disease denial in the current comments it seems likely that most of these folks are working as trolls for the Deep State rather than just being uninformed.

    Keep up your good work.

    • Agree: skrik, Alfred
    • Thanks: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @TKK
  37. Fauci is most likely an Italian converso… it would not be surprising at all. Italy is full of Jews with their names disguised behind Italian sounding surnames.

  38. hillaire says:

    yes, all this talk of HCQ is chatter and static pushed out to bolster the ‘covid does exist’ narrative, as ably stated above by @mark tapley there is no proof hence no covid.

    it may however be effective in treating pneumonia.

  39. Bert says:

    Hey blowjob0311,
    You are too dense to see that if an effective outpatient treatment, either HCQ or Ivermectin, were widely used wherever your sorry ass resides, the curtailment of your freedoms would cease. Learn to think for God’s Sake.

    • Replies: @CyrusTheGreat
  40. 37 says:

    Anyone that isn’t dangerously oblivious knows damn well that this is a Global Elite power-play! The end-game.

    As to “doctors,” he’s literally in league with the sons-of-hell.

    What kind of “doctor,” particularly one that’s been a “doctor” altho not practicing, and a government hack “doctor,” for over 50 years, tells someone NOT to wear masks because they’re ineffective and don’t do anything and won’t prevent anything, then only weeks later states the complete opposite.

    I mean which type of moron would keep going to much less respect a doctor if on the first visit they were told one thing, then on the second visit they were told the polar opposite!!

    Fauci’s spiritual address is the bowels of hell!

  41. Fred777 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Worse than the order to wear masks was the American people’s total submission to it.

  42. 37 says:

    “WE still do not know the full story regarding the long term effects of Covid. It directly affects both heart and brain —perhaps 10 million in future will hace shortened lifespans–heart attacks and stroke–it is serious and not to be laughed at or scoffed away.”

    Make sure you go to bed early enough this Christmas or Santa won’t stop at your house.


    The statement you made, despite your being oblivious, applies to forced injections, except that they call them “vaccines.”

  43. Fred777 says:

    “Why did people think his handling of the virus was superb?”

    Because CNN told them it was.

  44. Koch’s Postulates
    Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include:

    the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease

    the pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture

    the pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal

    the pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen

    Koch determined guidelines to prove that a disease is caused by a specific organism.

    These four basic criteria, called Koch’s postulates, are:

    1. A specific microorganism is always associated with a given disease.
    2. The microorganism can be isolated from the diseased animal and grown in pure culture in the laboratory.
    3. The cultured microbe will cause disease when transferred to a healthy animal.
    4. The same type of microorganism can be isolated from the newly infected animal or host.

    What most people are unaware of is, that the criteria of Koch’s postulates have never been fullfilled with any modern virus including: HIV, zika, swine, flu, ebola, and the corona virus etc

    This brings me to the research carried out by Dr Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Rudolf Steiner, Arthur Firstenberg and others doctors and medical professionals which shows that outbreaks of symptoms often attributed to viruses …

    … have happened when environmental changes have come in the form of EMF’s, pesticides, contaminated water, junk foods, heavy metals, pollutants, etc.

    Yet the the face diapered fools are more than willing to slap a human petri dish/oxygen restrictor across their cake holes and believe everything the little worm Fauci and their Gub-a-mint tells them. They will also be the first in line for what is now said to be a series of up to 6 mRNA vaccines needed yearly to tame the rabid Covid 19 virus.

    Any who are stupid enough to fall for these lies deserves everything they are about to receive. The rest of us had better get off our ass and do something to stop this madness.

  45. Emslander says:
    @mark tapley

    My mother is in a nursing home because she has lost her vision and needs nursing care. She is one hundred years old. A month ago she and twenty other people in the home, all over 80 years old, tested positive with whatever test they now give to create “cases”. She had a cough and was more tired than usual for about five days. She is now fully recovered and actually sounds better than she has for months. (We can only talk with her by phone, because they want to prevent the entry of the virus into the home (LOL)).

    Five of the twenty old people with the positive tests have died.

    Draw your own conclusions.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  46. The fight for HCQ based on good science is being defeated by Fauci controlled government and media bias against HCQ.

    An interesting point I read earlier notes that other countries do not have the political baggage associated with prescribing HCQ. So have no incentive not to use it if it actually works.

    So are other countries using it? And if so, what results are they reporting?

  47. hmmmmm . . .

    I am not convinced that Dr. Fauci has some ill intent here. There are multiple methods of dealing with large scale pandemics.

    Thus far he is well withing those standards. One could argue there are methods that might be more effective. But whether there is a definitive way to know that depends on a lot of factors .

    I think we have far too restrictive.

    And I have no doubt the democrats and liberals have use the illness to manipulate the socio-political arena and without doubt the election.


    a little harder sell that the Dr. Fauci is conspiring for the purpose of getting democrats on office — maybe and if so he should be replaced forthwith. His position is the nation’s biological health.

    Note: One now has to question why Dr. Carson was sent to HUD and if politics matters, he would have been a much more reliable ally.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  48. Bert says:

    Result of prophylactic use of HCQ.

  49. Could someone please tell me why Trump did not fire this fraudulent clown who masquerades as “Doctor”?

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  50. Miro23 says:
    @Tony Hall

    The billionaires are benefiting as the middle class is being killed. All of this is getting is skulduggery is being ingeniously addressed especially in Germany by a formidable alliance of lawyers and doctors who characterize the engineered disaster of 2020 as a “crime against humanity.”

    The UK public are also waking up to it.

    The £40BILLION bill for Boris’s ‘moonshot’: MPs are stunned at staggering cost of PM’s mass testing plan that is THREE times Britain’s annual policing budget

    That’s apart from the MSM orchestrated panic, and economy wrecking lockdowns. Much worse than the WMD fraud.

  51. macilrae says:

    Although data published by CovidAnalysis Network on the outcome, in deaths per million population, of early HCQ treatment in an array of different countries is referenced, the article tends to be rather too restricted in looking mostly at the state of affairs in the USA.

    A far more convincing argument could have been made, in a much more succinct form, if those countries advocating HCQ treatment had been featured and their results analyzed and compared. As things stand, the CovidAnalysis Network is open to accusations of opacity – and even of misrepresentation (see

    What cannot be denied is that deaths per million population (overall, to date) have been spectacularly limited in certain countries (and jurisdictions) whose proximity to China would suggest much higher vulnerability than, say, Europe or the Americas.

    Consider: Taiwan 0.3, Hong Kong 14, South Korea 10, Japan 15, Thailand 0.9, Vietnam 0.4, Australia 41, Singapore 5 – and China itself claims just 3 deaths per million population.

    By comparison, USA has 729 , France 649 and UK 732 deaths per million population.

    Mask wearing in East Asia is pretty well universal and, as well, HCQ use has been more accepted than in Europe or the Americas.

    Are these two factors sufficient to explain the profound differences in outcome? Personally I think not.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  52. TKK says:

    The hesitancy to believe that Covid-19 is a 5 alarm medical emergency that necessitates draconian murder of small businesses , arbitrary arrest and mass panic is both political and evidence based.

    Fauci’s revolting refusal to state that BLM/Antifa criminals should wear masks pushed skeptical people over the line into complete denial of any harm from Covid-19. Indeed, Fauci is the Deep State Troll for allowing his need to be accepted by the Church of Covid to trump public health, not the commenters here.

    What would a sane, measured, non political animal physician’s immediate response be?

    Of course they need to wear masks if everyone else must to shop, work, or enter any public space. Of course social distancing rules must be applied to all gatherings.

    What does the populace see? Church services are banned, Granny can’t have a funeral, not wearing a mask can result in being tackled, tazed and arrested- but Fauci is silent when crowds of people who need a good wash gather to maraud, beat, burn and plunder in the name of Trump Hatred? He willfully refused to state this group of people should wear masks.

    Furthermore, to be credible, you must address the utter stupidity of wearing a mask or cloth face covering as a means to control Covid-19. Masks do not prevent the transmission of Covid-19, unless one is wearing an N-95 mask which is changed after 12hours. It is Leftist virtue signaling on a monstrous level- the sacrement of the Church of Covid.

    I find it bizarre that you would call the healthy skeptics of the commenters here Deep State operatives when Covid-19 seems to be the catalyst for the Great Reset to restrict free movement, bankrupt small businesses and provide pre-text for arrests and seizures of private citizens.

    Anecdotal note: I am in and out of county jails, prisons and courtrooms. Unfortunately, I meet new people everyday- a contact tracer’s nightmare. I have not met anyone infected or visibly ill from Covid -19. I ask.

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Commentator Mike
  53. anarchyst says:

    It’s obvious that the “coronavirus” epidemic is a sham of the highest proportion. It is totally political in nature, with “blue state” governors perpetuating business-damaging “lockdowns” in their respective states.
    Both professional and political arrogance is responsible for the present state of the world economy and world population as well.
    A common annual “flu virus” was promoted as a “pandemic” by the “smartest” and “best and brightest” people in positions of power, both in the USA and in the rest of the world. It’s actually a “plandemic” foisted on the American public to bring down the Trump administration. It will fail…
    These “best and brightest” convinced political “leaders” to impose mandatory business closures, “lockdowns” and “quarantines” on healthy populations, which is contrary to every common sense and scientific principle.


    These “business closures” were not imposed “across the board”, but were picked by political hacks as “winners and losers”. Liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, lottery retailers, and certain “big box” home improvement and sporting goods stores were permitted to remain in operation, while churches and just about all small businesses were forced to close.
    In some states, the political arrogance was so great, plant nurseries, seed distributors, and other businesses were deemed “non-essential” and forced to close. Even “big box” stores were prohibited from selling lawn and garden supplies. Many restaurants were also put out of business by these clearly unconstitutional edicts.
    Imposing “quarantines” and “lockdowns” on healthy people does nothing to insure public health, and in fact delays necessary herd immunity.
    Public health is further damaged by business closures, especially small businesses whose owners rely on continuing business as a means of making a living, both for themselves and their employees.
    A major problem is that these “best and brightest” and political “leaders” are so arrogant that they refuse to admit that “they screwed up, big time”. Instead, they “double down” and inflict further pain on the public by refusing to insist that “they were wrong”. None of them will pay personally for their arrogance, stupidity, and just outright dishonesty and criminality.
    All one has to do is look at the “coronavirus hospitals” that were created to handle the “overflow” of coronavirus patients which never materialized. These “hospitals” were a waste of taxpayer dollars and did absolutely nothing to promote public health.
    At the same time, local hospitals were required to cease admissions, even for those of an emergency nature. Although not specifically stated, people with real health problems were covertly “encouraged” to avoid hospitals at all costs because of the phony “coronavirus” claims.
    On another note, coronavirus, as is with any annual flu virus IS potentially dangerous to those who are “medically compromised”, such as elderly residents in nursing homes and extended care facilities.
    Guess what?
    Blue state governors purposely placed coronavirus positive patients in nursing homes, endangering the lives of present nursing home residents who were already in a compromised medical state.
    Not only is that medically unethical but does constitute wanton criminal behavior-murder.
    Why were nursing homes used as “dumping grounds” for coronavirus patients instead of the specially-built “coronavirus hospitals” which remained unused?
    Health professionals are also responsible for the current state of affairs, also refusing to admit that “they screwed up, big time” as well, and continue to insist that this annual flue is a “pandemic”.
    Then we have the “heavy hitters” with money, such as Bill Gates and Stephen Fauci who claim that they have “solutions” to our (artificially contrived) health problems. Gates is so arrogant the he feels that he can get away with genocide by using mandatory vaccinations to “cull” the world population.
    Gates “vaccination” programs in third-world countries failed to adhere to good medical practices, and the Nuremberg principle that “informed consent” must reign supreme in the administration of all medical procedures.
    Gates’ “vaccination” programs introduced polio into children in India for which he and his program were banned from the country. Gates’ African “vaccination” programs surreptitiously introduced sterilization and birth-control compounds as part of their vaccination program without gaining “informed consent” from the recipients.
    According to these moneyed types and even so-called “health care” officials, we are to be branded, tagged, and treated like cattle with no means to make informed choices about our health or health care decisions.
    The COVID vaccines being introduced are “game changers”. No longer are they weakened viruses designed to provoke a immunological response, but are DNA-altering substances that will require frequent “boosters” just to stay alive. DON’T TAKE THE VACCINES…especially if Bill Gates has anything to do with them. Besides, when did Bill Gates become a doctor?
    Wearing masks and “social distancing” are no different than the “security theater” that we experience at airports with the TSA.
    It’s “medical tyranny” at its best and scientific dishonesty at its worst.
    There are no valid reasons for “mask-wearing” or “social distancing” for healthy people. In fact, in the coming months, look for an increase in respiratory illnesses affecting mask-wearers, especially those who are forced to wear masks for extended periods of time. In hospital settings, masks are supposed to be worn for only 10 minutes at a time before they are replaced.
    “Lockdowns”, “business closures”, and “quarantining” of healthy people is being used for “control” and nothing more. The “powers that be” are desirous to see “how far they can go” to get the world population to accede to their demands.
    Fortunately, there are a lot more of us than there are of them. We (still) have the power of the internet to bypass the “filters” that they put in place to keep us from seeing their “real” motives.

  54. Covid-19 aka certificate of vaccination ID-19 is one of the biggest scams in the world and was rolled out world wide by the UN and their UN Agenda 2030 and the Rockefeller Foundation and The World Economic Forum and other globalist new world order , one world government agendas.

    Covid-19 does not exist, it is an imaginary, phantom virus, that is being used by the one world government globalists mainly the zionists, to bring in a satanic one world government by using hysteria and fear and mass hypnosis to stampede the people into being vaccinated with vaccines that contain RFID ie tracking nano chips, a book that deals with this is Under an Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland , it can be had on amazon, and documents what is being done to our world.

    Only the globalists could roll out this hoax world wide and this proves that the zionist kabal operates world wide and is funded by their control of every central bank in the world including the FED.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  55. @GomezAdddams

    WE still do not know the full story regarding the long term effects of Covid [describe here ] . It directly affects both heart and brain —perhaps 10 million in future will have shortened lifespans–heart attacks and stroke–it is serious and not to be laughed at or scoffed away.

    good argument, but after finding it up Fauci’s ass don’t try claiming ownership

  56. ‘Americans suffer and die unnecessarily in this pandemic.’

    Stop right there. No need to read the article
    The writer is either lying or an imbecile.
    My guess is he’s an imbecile, like 98-9 percent of the world.
    Once more, just read 1984, Brave New World, We, to understand what’s going on. They are NOT based on fiction.

  57. Dumbo says:
    @Priss Factor

    The funny thing is that with the mask craze, everyone now is wearing face-covering burkas, including the men (while the muslim women who already wear them did not need to change anything).

    I wonder if this is part of the global plan to get us used to Islamism / burkas / Sharia on everyone? Although Islam is not as harsh, as there only women wear “masks”. Globo-Homo is more totalitarian and weird than Islam, go figure.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Johnny Walker Read
  58. Bert says:

    I find it bizarre that you would call the healthy skeptics of the commenters here Deep State operatives when Covid-19 seems to be the catalyst for the Great Reset to restrict free movement, bankrupt small businesses and provide pre-text for arrests and seizures of private citizens.

    I’m a healthy, ripped man in my late 70’s. I have lived my life such that I can enjoy a healthy old age. Most people who die or become seriously ill from Covid are fat, have Vitamin D, C and zinc deficiencies, have either diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, or cancer. But for someone with age on them, surviving Covid without damage is a lottery. I successfully trade futures every weekday, and what I learned early on is that it is foolish to take risks not over-compensated by a potential reward. Regarding Covid, there is no reward for exposing myself to it commensurate with the risk from it. I have researched the disease intensively in order to decide how to live my life while it’s a factor. (Gave up sugar babies, a no-brainer it seemed, but yet….) I have a data-base of hundreds of scientific studies filed in folders across a spectrum from “Ecology of Infection” to “Zinc.”

    That the Globalists in all their forms have used the epidemic to seize power and intimidate the public is apparent. That however does not make the Covid, the disease, a hoax. People on this thread have said that it is a hoax. And this is their response to an article presenting evidence for a cure that halts most infections at a mild stage. So think about it: Why would an anti-Deep State person have such a reaction to Hirschhorn’s article? HCQ could have mitigated the epidemic back in March if it had been used massively in early treatment, and it still could. But to react to an article advocating its use by claiming Covid hasn’t killed thousands looks to me like someone throwing up dust to hide Hirschhorn’s message. That only benefits the Deep State agenda. Or maybe a lot of those you term “healthy skeptics” are dumbasses too lazy to inform themselves about the epidemic.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  59. Anon[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark tapley

    Hmmm. You make many good points, but you’ll lose the masses with your argument that the virus doesn’t exist at all. Is that your evil intention?

  60. @EliteCommInc.

    Please see post #44. It will answer all your questions.

  61. GeeBee says:
    @Theophilus Punuval

    Never use imagery from National Socialist Germany to make your point. It only bolsters the biggest lie, swindle, fraud and propaganda campaign of them all, namely the subject that lies at the very bottom of ‘the rabbit hole’, which is to say the lies we have been told for eighty years about the Second World War. It was started and fought by these same evil forces that control us so cynically today.

    I repeat, never play into their hands by seeming to accept their propaganda.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  62. anon[139] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Wild Geese Howard

    if that is indeed the case why are the Russians and Chinese locking down, masking everybody and making vaccines…???

    I thought ther were the ‘good guys’?

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  63. @Emslander

    Five of the twenty old people with the positive tests have died.

    I’m sorry, but that statement means absolutely nothing. Five people have died after testing positive for Covid. What is not stated is:

    1) Did any of these patients have extenuating circumstances?

    2)Dying “With” and “From” are two completely different circumstances. A man killed in a motorcycle accident with a positive Covid test can(and has I’m sure)be said to have died “With” Covid.

    3)And last but not least, the Covid test is meaningless. It proves NOTHING.
    Lockdowns and hygienic measures around the world are based on numbers of cases and mortality rates created by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests used to identify “positive” patients, whereby “positive” is usually equated with “infected.”

    But looking closely at the facts, the conclusion is that these PCR tests are meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection by a supposedly new virus called SARS-CoV-2.

    • Agree: Liza, Alfred
  64. Agent76 says:

    Mar 19, 2020 COVID-1984: A Global 9/11

    This report exposes the current censorship campaign by the social media giants who are working in lock step with governments and global institutions taking a page directly from the Event 201 global pandemic exercise simulating a coronavirus outbreak.

    Apr 13, 2020 Was There Foreknowledge of the Plandemic? – Questions For Corbett

    From Event 201 to the intelligence “failures” to CEO resignations, QE4, and bioweapon research, James explores the many lines of evidence pointing to the fact that this pandemic was planned in advance.

    Apr 9, 2020 Fauci’s Coronavirus Numbers Collapse – Why Still Listen To Him?

    Anthony Fauci has dominated the headlines for weeks with his doom and gloom predictions of two million Americans dead from Covid-19. If we lock the country down, maybe only 240,000 will die he claimed.

    • Replies: @Liza
  65. @Rufus Clyde

    Sweden did not do anything to “to preserve their health system”. Early on, they openly admitted that they made mistakes in the elderly care homes. Part of that was telling symptomatic people to stay home, which created large staffing shortages and significantly reduced necessary care. The COVID symptoms fit any number of illnesses or conditions, including allergic reactions to things like dust and pollen.
    When I checked last May, the 120 period Oct to Feb deaths from seasonal flu were the same as the 120 day period Feb – April for COVID. Seasonal flu rates were missing.
    There is a virus of some sort, COVID or otherwise. Its lethality is questionable. Viruses often cause pneumonia or other lung conditions. Deaths attributed to measles are pneumonia caused by measles. Treating viruses other than with retrovirals is treating the symptoms, which is what HCQ does, as does Tylenol.

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Rufus Clyde
  66. I wouldn’t let Fauci walk my dog. He’s all about himself. Someone give me the odds of this “virus” just happening to appear out of the blue early in the year of Trump’s re-election year. Now was it divinely inspired or created in a lab? It has to be one or the other and I doubt Providence had anything to do with it.

    • Agree: acementhead
  67. ingotus says:

    Very interesting chart, thank you for sharing. Would you care to post the source as well?

    • Replies: @Tim too
    , @Alfred
  68. Anon[449] • Disclaimer says:

    Masks are useful, I wear one. I have a towards elderly relatives and towards imprudent teenagers, and I live in a high-density city with plenty of contagion around me. Very, very few deaths, tho.

    However, masks ingrain fear, remind me that normal things can be dangerous and dehumanize that most human of human activities: social conversation. Will I travel less after a year of this? Probably. Does it make me feel insecure if I take it off for communion at Mass? Meh, a little. Will I rush to get vaccinated? No, but I am surely more open to temptation. Freedom of transit, association and expression successfully curtailed.

    Masks are useful. To me and to my trainers.

  69. Bert says:

    Coronavirus is not a retrovirus. HCQ is an antiviral, meaning that it reduces the reproductive rate of viruses within a mammalian body. HCQ reduces the symptoms by curing the disease, i.e., by assisting the immune system in stopping viral reproduction. That is in no way similar to Tylenol.

    I have tried to encourage people I know to read Unz Review. After sampling it they usually tell me that they think the Comments section is too full of erroneous opinions. You make a perfect example of such opinions. If you don’t know the difference between “retroviral” and “antiviral”, you shouldn’t be pontificating. You apparently couldn’t say without Googling who Drs. Zelenko, Risch, or Tyson are.

    There are many technical differences between viruses and retroviruses. But generally, the main difference between the two is how they replicate within a host cell.

    Here’s a look at the steps of the life cycle of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to help illustrate how retroviruses replicate:

    Attachment. The virus binds to a receptor on the surface of the host cell. In the case of HIV, this receptor is found on the surface of immune cells called CD4 T cells.
    Entry. The envelope surrounding the HIV particle fuses with the membrane of the host cell, allowing the virus to enter the cell.
    Reverse transcription. HIV uses its reverse transcriptase enzyme to turn its RNA genetic material into DNA. This makes it compatible with the host cell’s genetic material, which is vital for the next step of the life cycle.
    Genome integration. The newly synthesized viral DNA travels to the cell’s control center, the nucleus. Here, a special viral enzyme called integrase is used to insert the viral DNA into the host cell’s DNA.
    Replication. Once its DNA has been inserted to the host cell’s genome, the virus uses the host cell’s machinery to produce new viral components, such as viral RNA and viral proteins.
    Assembly. The newly made viral components combine close to the cell surface and begin to form new HIV particles.
    Release. The new HIV particles push out from the surface of the host cell, forming a mature HIV particle with the help of another viral enzyme called protease. Once outside the host cell, these new HIV particles can go on to infect other CD4 T cells.

    • Agree: frontier
  70. @Bert

    The way you think and evaluate things are extremely illogical. bj0311 is absolutely logical and make sense, and many intellectuals agree with this person’s logic. If you are afraid of something and panic, you are best to stay home and not force the freedom of others taken away for your stupid panic. Do you understand that? and if not, then you are a parasite as you do not make any sense at all.

    • Replies: @Bert
  71. utu says:

    Effect of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19. (October 8, 2020)

    No difference in deaths, hospital stay for hydroxychloroquine
    The second study, by the Randomized Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy (RECOVERY) Collaborative Group, compared hydroxychloroquine with usual care in 1,561 hospitalized adults with coronavirus. Participant enrollment began on Mar 25 and closed on Jun 5 after a preliminary analysis showed that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective.

    Of the 1,561 patients randomly assigned to receive hydroxychloroquine, 421 (27.0%) died within 28 days, compared with 790 of the 3,155 patients (25.0%) assigned to usual care (rate ratio, 1.09). The authors said the study findings suggest that patients receiving hydroxychloroquine were less likely than those in the placebo group to be released from the hospital within 28 days (59.6% vs 62.9%; rate ratio, 0.90).

    Of patients not receiving mechanical ventilation at study enrollment, more patients who received hydroxychloroquine advanced to needing mechanical ventilation or dying than those who received usual care (30.7% vs 26.9%; risk ratio, 1.14). The rate of deaths due to cardiac events occurred in just 0.4 percentage points more patients in the hydroxychloroquine group than in the usual care group, but there was no difference between the two groups in incidence of new major heart rhythm abnormalities. Hydroxychloroquine treatment carries a risk of cardiovascular toxicity.

    The most common underlying illnesses were diabetes (27%), heart disease (26%), and chronic lung disease (22%).

    The authors concluded that hydroxychloroquine is not an effective treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients and that it could result in longer hospital stays and a higher risk of mechanical ventilation than usual care.

    • Troll: Alfred, frontier
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Bert
    , @Lost American
  72. @Anon

    “Why did people think [Cuomo’s] handling of the virus was superb?”

    Perhaps because he was seen as expressing empathy, which seems to be more important than reason in the mind of the typical liberal/progressive mind. That would explain why actors and drama teachers like Justin Trudeau saw their popularity soar when they had the opportunity to talk to the nation most every day. All of a sudden, multiple exposures for corruption pale when you can show citizens how much you really, really care for them.

    In the so-called post-modern world truth is denigrated, and power for the sake of power becomes the only significant value.

  73. JackOH says:

    Anyone think House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader McConnell ought to be urged to recruit Reps and Senators for a Joint House-Senate Select Committee on Health Care Investigation?

    The Committee ought to enjoy wide-ranging powers of inquiry, subpoena, and referral of individuals and organizations for prosecution with maximum force.

    The iron rule for selecting committee members and their scope of inquiry ought to be: no toe-rags, no whitewash.

    Sure, the chances of finding politicians with the stones to take on Big Medicine’s Iron Pyramid are pretty slim, but does anyone have any better ideas?

  74. @Ugetit

    the masses will never figure it out, even decades, (centuries?) after the fact and despite overwhelming evidence of the fraud.

    And to think we all thought Orwell was writing gripping science fiction. Nope. It was all honest-to-goodness history. Been that way for many hundreds of years. Ever since the first wannabe tyrant found out lying was easy, especially if you put on fancy robes and were willing to off the occasional dissident.

    His Ministry of Truth was just basic operational procedure.

  75. Mike Tre says:

    Who was president from 1949 to 1952? Dewey?

    • Replies: @acementhead
  76. Liza says:

    If we lock the country down, maybe only 240,000 will die he [Fauci] claimed.

    The devil’s in the details: how many of those who died from or with Corona 19 were chronically sick? And probably soon had a date with The Grim Reaper anyway? Is it a crime to die? Is it a crime to get sick? Even if you are drooling in a nursing home, on 10 prescription drugs, and annually poisoned with the flu vaccine?

    What a damn bunch of sissies. How about everyone taking care of your health instead of diapering your face, sanitizing with chemicals, and calling for yet more lockdown? Pissing your pants day and night because there is a killer out there, worse than plutonium! WTF is wrong with just about everyone, everywhere? Fixated 100% on avoiding contact with a virus – instead of the more logical action of making a few, easy-to-do changes in their lives.

  77. Morpi says:

    Why did Fauci fund the Wuhan lab to the tune of several million dollars? What did he get in return? Any hires? When he ran a level 4 lab at ft dietrick, what did they work on? Did he ever work with Israel?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  78. @skrik

    Note that I actually don’t do ‘belief,’ only real, properly substantiated data will do.

    Pretty much the first thing I learned in my post-graduate course on the History and Philosophy of Science was that it’s unlikely there is anything anywhere that can be unequivocably described as unadulterated fact, uncontaminated by the theory or theories used to obtain it. That goes for for even the most basic physical laws as much as for the garbage called social science. That’s why real scientists have long considered debate and discussion to be the only reliable means to unearth error. That of course has gone out the window these days as much of what we call science descends into dogma.

    ‘one deliberate lie kills all credibility’ [re the “China … intentionally creating” bit]

    A bit harsh, I think. The judgment is still out on where Covid-19 came from. One man’s lie can be another man’s mistake.

    IF the thesis ‘HCQ really works’ is true [seems like it to me] AND Fauci has prevented its use THEN sure, harm is being done…. IF Fauci is wrong AND is doing what he does just for \$s THEN that’s corruption and should be prosecuted.

    Exactly. Could even call it mass murder. Most definitely medical malpractice.

    • Replies: @skrik
  79. Tim too says:

    Found readily by searching for ‘total mortality 24 Eurozone countries’

    • Replies: @ingotus
  80. lloyd says: • Website

    A strong populist leader would declare a public emergency and commandeer the “Fed HCQ stock pile”. That would be akin to commandering the grain to feed the starving peasants. But Donald Trump is weak and doesn’ have the bureaucracy to implement this. But working in the bowels of the Pentagon may be some patriotic Americans.

  81. @TKK

    Do you mean to say that they are ignoring Covid-19 in the prison system? Aren’t they issuing guidelines, monitoring, etc.?

    George Floyd the global hero was a Covid patient who didn’t wear a mask on his criminal errands. Funny that he should be lionised by so many, including politicians who direct cops to arrest and fine otherwise law abiding citizens for not wearing a mask.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @mark tapley
  82. Alfred says:

    My pleasure. It is all official data for 24 European countries. You can find much more detail at their website:

    EuroMOMO is a European mortality monitoring activity, aiming to detect and measure excess deaths related to seasonal influenza, pandemics and other public health threats.

    The mainstream media is careful to never tell anyone about this international organization. I wonder why? 🙁

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
    , @ingotus
  83. Alfred says:

    No one claims that hydroxychloroquine is for people already hospitalised and seriously ill.

    But that is also true of any vaccine. hydroxychloroquine is for early use and in combination with Zinc.

    • Thanks: Bert
    • Replies: @utu
  84. Bert says:

    “way” = singular. “are” = plural. Go back to first grade.

  85. Bert says:

    Exactly correct. HCQ is of little or no use in anyone whose Covid disease has progressed to hypoxemia and who has therefore been hospitalized.

    However, HCQ is protective as a prophylactic, and as a treatment when given within five days after symptoms appear.

    The toxicity which occurred in the Recovery trial was associated with extremely high doses of HCQ far beyond standard dosing. The so-called researchers mistook HCQ dosing protocols for another drug and used the mg/kg ratio of that other drug. In other words, they screwed up, killed people thereby, and then used that result to smear HCQ use.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @utu
  86. @Michael888

    I fail to see, in your long response any evidence that there is an increase in mortality due to deaths from SARS CoV-2.

  87. @Curmudgeon

    You are absolutely and completely wrong. Sweden stopped customary treatment of the elderly in order to head off the imaginary tsunami of Covid cases that were predicted by the various clowns at WHO, Imperial College, etc. The elderly were in fact cleared out of acute care facilities and put into various forms of elder care, and then the whole elderl population were subject to unprecedented isolation and disruption. Still, your response was a very good try at something or other.

    • Agree: Alfred
  88. @No Hysteria

    You figure HCQ would have kept alive the people over 80, with three or more serious comorbidities, who were already in long-term care, that make up most of the Covid mortality? Magic!

    • Replies: @frontier
  89. @macilrae

    Are these two factors sufficient to explain the profound differences in outcome?

    Well, the U.S. is rated as having the third most obese population in the world, behind only Turkey and Mexico. Obesity, and the diabetes that goes with it, are among the accepted co-morbidities driving Covid risk.

    As well at least a few studies have fingered a Vitamin-D deficiency as an important risk factor. Skin melanin is long known to hinder the production of that very important vitamin/hormone. And of course American Blacks have an abundance of skin melanin, as well as high rates of obesity. Not a good combination. Anyone who points this out, however, need only wait a nanosecond or two for the charge of racism to be hurled his way.

    What is most curious is the abject failure of governments around the world to inform their citizenry of the nutritional and general-health requirements of viral resistance.

    • Replies: @macilrae
  90. utu says:

    Hydroxychloroquine in Nonhospitalized Adults With Early COVID-19 (October 2020)

    Conclusion: Hydroxychloroquine did not substantially reduce symptom severity in outpatients with early, mild COVID-19

    • Replies: @Neutral Observer
  91. @utu

    Hydroxychloroquine in Nonhospitalized Adults With Early COVID-19 (October 2020)

    Conclusion: Hydroxychloroquine did not substantially reduce symptom severity in outpatients with early, mild COVID-19

    That was a mono-therapy study. I.e., not a Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc combination as prescribed by the clinical physician advocates.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @utu
    , @acementhead
  92. @Anon

    My intention is to reveal the truth and nothing else. Not one legitimate scientific lab in the world has purified, isolated or identified covid 19. They can’t because it doesn’t exist. Just like Fauchi’s AIDS virus. That is why the controlled media has effectively silenced any alternative viewpoints. We have had many people show videos of the overflowing empty hospitals. A few weeks ago my wife had to go to get an MRI . When she got to the hospital the woman doing the procedure said “I’m glad you came in there’s nothing going on.” The hospitals are getting paid big money for reporting everything as covid.


    There are two agendas at work here,. First the insiders are looking at many billions in profit for then fake vaccine that Fauchi and co. are pushing. Second the Zionists are using this medical fraud to induce fear into the livestock in order to get them to relinquish their natural rights that are our most important possession. You can be sure that many government officials are in on this. Millions of dollars of short sales went into the pockets of insiders after the contrived 911 that was the catalyst for the phony “War On Terror.” This medical scam is much bigger with much more profits to be handed out. It has also been used as a cover for another round of huge theft by the banking cartel as payoffs to their Wall St. cronies as was done in 08-09.

    Nothing has changed. There is no virus falling out of the air killing people. The fake virus has been planned for many years and was preceded by several others in the trial runs including the fake AIDS virus. The same Zionists that manufacture the world wars, WMD’s, global warming, false flags such as Sandy Hook and Los Vegas, fake Floyd’s and the staging of the riots are doing another fake virus. This asinine medical fraud will not stop until it is exposed so that even the cucked idiots with their face diapers on, breathing in their own waste products back into their lungs can understand the truth.

    Read what former Pfizer Vice President said about the vaccine:
    But Pfizer has an enormous fly in the ointment of their corporate bragadaccio: former vice-president of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, now coming to the fore as a prominent whistleblower of the global pandemic vaccine fraud.

    As reported on and other alternative media outlets, Professor Yeadon is exposing a host of junk science claims:

    “As a founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, Dr. Yeadon has more than three decades of experience and expertise in the research and development, as well as in the areas of biochemistry, toxicology, including the development of new drugs and treatment. Dr. Yeadon believes that the data regarding COVID 19 that most governments rely are “fake” and mostly impossible to be validated objectively. Sad to say, despite all these debacles about a fake pandemic, many governments in various parts of the world still continue to defend this coronavirus rhetoric no matter how absurd their justifications are.”

    Batting for Big Pharma is CDC and White House pandemic task force front man, Dr Anthony Fauci, who lauded Pfizer’s new claims, telling CNN:

    “But the bottom line is, as a vaccine it’s more than 90% effective, which is extraordinary.”

    However, Dr Anthony Fauci – along with his boss at NIH – are among many key government medical advisers who are hardly impartial observers. They are heavily invested in Big Pharma vaccine shares. There are growing calls for a full investigation of this medical elite clique. Curiously, even Fauci admitted the COVID test Has a Fatal Flaw.

    Fauci knows dissent is growing and further admits it is “disturbing” that so few people want the new vaccine. As such governments like the UK are pushing through mandatory vaccine laws.

    But the most compelling opposition is among independent medical professionals. Over 30,000 medical doctors and related experts have signed the Great Barrington Declaration calling out proven irregularities and expressing grave concerns.

    Not only have governments and their ‘science advisers’ grossly overreacted to the pandemic, it has become very clear from the evidence that the claimed novel coronavirus has no more impact on global health than any normal flu bug.

    The need to roll out a trillion-dollar mass compulsory vaccination program using ‘rushed through’ vaccines is not only reckless, it may end up killing more people than the virus itself.

    Pointing to the fact evidence shows no mass winter vaccination program is warranted, Dr. Yeadon stated:

    “Were it not for the test data that you get from the TV all the time, you would rightly conclude that the pandemic was over, as nothing much has happened. Of course people go to the hospital, moving into the autumn flu season…but there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen.”

    So distressed by the way the UK government has pandered to the vaccine lobby on this key issue, Professor Yeadon wrote an open letter to Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of United Kingdom, who has ordered his department to publish the proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations “to cover a potential roll-out of a vaccine”.

    Dr Yeadon’s letter to the UK Health Minister reads:

    “Dear Mr. Hancock,

    I have a degree in Biochemistry & Toxicology & a research based PhD in pharmacology. I have spent 32 years working in pharmaceutical R&D, mostly in new medicines for disorders of lung & skin. I was a VP at Pfizer & CEO of a biotech I founded (Ziarco – acquired by Novartis). I’m knowledgeable about new medicine R&D.

    I have read the consultation document. I’ve rarely been as shocked & upset.

    All vaccines against the SARS-COV-2 virus are by definition novel. No candidate vaccine has been in development for more than a few months.

    If any such vaccine is approved for use under any circumstances that are not EXPLICITLY experimental, I believe that recipients are being misled to a criminal extent.

    This is because there are precisely zero human volunteers for whom there could possibly be more than a few months past-dose safety information. My concern does not arise because I have negative views about vaccines (I don’t), Instead, it’s the very principle that politicians seem ready to waive that new medical interventions at this, incomplete state of development- should not be made available to subjects on anything other than an explicitly experimental basis. That’s my concern.

    And the reason for that concern is that it is not known what the safety profile will be, six months or a year or longer after dosing.

    You have literally no data on this & neither does anyone else.

    It isn’t that I’m saying that unacceptable adverse effects will emerge after longer intervals after dosing. No: it is that you have no idea what will happen yet, despite this, you’ll be creating the impression that you do.

    Several of the vaccine candidates utilise novel technology which have not previously been used to create vaccines. There is therefore no long term safety data which can be pointed to in support of the notion that it’s reasonable to expedite development & to waive absent safety information on this occasion.

    I am suspicious of the motives of those proposing expedited use in the wider human population. We now understand who is at particularly elevated risk of morbidity & mortality from acquiring this virus.

    Volunteers from these groups only should be provided detailed information about risk / benefit, including the sole point I make here. Only if informed consent is given should any EXPERIMENTAL vaccine be used.

    I don’t trust you. You’ve not been straightforward & have behaved appallingly throughout this crisis.

    You’re still doing it now, misleading about infection risk from young children. Why should I believe you in relation to experimental vaccines?

    Dr. Michael Yeadon


    As each week passes it becomes all too clear that the British government cares little about what independent medical experts say and is going all in on implementing their mass compulsory vaccination plan using the military, as stated in the controversial consultation document.

    In a separate Tweet about the UK’s plans Professor Yeadon lamented:

    “I Have Read The Consultation Document. I’ve Rarely Been As Shocked And Upset. I Believe Recipients Are Being Misled To A Criminal Extent.”

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  93. Dutch Boy says:

    Fauci has a medical degree but does not have an advanced degree in molecular biology, so he is no better than an OJT virologist and is not an epidemiologist. Putting him in charge of pandemic policy makes about as much sense as hiring a plumber to do the electric wiring in your house.

  94. utu says:

    Serious objections to the document:

    Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine: a country-based analysis
    August 5, 2020 (Version 34, November 10, 2020)

    (1) Two groups of countries are compared: (Group A) Limited Early HCQ and (Group B) Widespread Early HCQ

    – Why only 8 countries are in the Group A? There are many European countries that did not use HCQ with low Death per Capita values that if included in the Group A would change dramatically the outcome of the study. For example in August countries like Slovakia, Czechia, Poland had Death per Capita as low as India with age adjustment factor 2-3 times lower than India.

    – One must ask the question what criterion was used to compile the list of group A. How about cherry picking? For example Sweden has 1o times higher Death per Capita than Norway which has similar human development factor and population density. If Norway and Finland were placed in the Group A instead of Sweden the result of the study would be different.

    (2) Death per Capita can serve as a proxy for the effective IFR only if countries have similar infection rate (prevalence). Various countries are in a different stage of epidemic due to timing and most importantly due to different countermeasures so using the Death per Capita as a proxy for the effective IFR can be misleading and very wrong.

    – Countries in the Group B have on average (approx) infection rates 3 times lower than countries in the Group A (see Let’s illustrate it with USA and India. USA: 32k cases per 1M and 745 deaths per 1M and India: 6k cases per 1M and 93 deaths per M. If we use the numbers to approximate the IFR we get: 2.33% for USA and 1.55% for India. This is w/o age adjustment. The Table 3 in the document tells us that India has 2.31 times higher age adjustment factor which after applying to IFR estimates we may conclude that the age corrected mortality in the US is about 1.53 times lower than in India.

    The 34th version of the unsigned document (shy authors refused to sign their names) has fundamental flaws that disqualify this document as a scientific work. The paper belongs to the genre of the cargo cult science where the authors imitate the moves of real scientists (like applying corrections and adjustments) thinking it would produce science and yet fall into the trap of pseudo-science where the emphasis is set on confirmation while no effort is put into the disproval of the hypotheses.

    • Troll: frontier
  95. utu says:
    @Neutral Observer

    You forgot about the most important requirement that the nurses administering the Hydroxychloroquine were not virgins and did not stand on one leg facing East.

  96. frontier says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    You figure HCQ would have kept alive the people over 80, with three or more serious comorbidities

    It would have helped some of them, at least. Not helping others isn’t a reason to restrict access to the drug which is perfectly harmless even for the people that cannot be helped by it. HCQ can help with COVID and the common cold, and is as safe as aspirin if not safer.. There’s absolutely no reason for it to be restricted or by prescription only… unless FDA is a political agency instead of a medical one.

    I think you (and some others around here) seriously misunderstand the point of the argument, it’s not to find a miracle cure that works for absolutely every twisted case – it’s to use all available means to reduce not only death rate but also suffering and length of illness, remove panic and make people seek help quickly until the infection rate falls below 1 and the epidemic ends.

  97. @utu

    You forgot about the most important requirement that the nurses administering the Hydroxychloroquine were not virgins and did not stand on one leg facing East.

    That stupid comment and 2 bucks will buy you a cup of coffee – maybe…

  98. utu says:

    Thanks for the links. Only the paper in the Journal of Marine Medical Society of India:

    Hydroxychloroquine as pre-exposure prophylaxis against COVID-19 in health-care workers: A single-center experience

    can be considered as a data point worthy consideration.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
    , @Bert
  99. Fauci has proven himself to be no different than Nazi Germany’s doctors. They were responsible for horrific crimes and Fauci has shown himself to be no different.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  100. Great article, but I do have one correction. Fauci, the Democratic leadership and DNC are not leftists. They are right-wing fascists who use leftists to maintain their power by accusing their Republican opponents of being right-wing or even fascist. If Biden is confirmed the the EC, the first thing Democratic leaders will do is dry up the funding for BLM Global Network and Antifa, and perhaps prosecute some of the leaders. In Nazi Germany, the Night of the Long Knives happened before Krystalnacht. It’s reversed in the US. We’ve had five months of seemingly endless Krystalnacht, and the Night of the Long Knives is yet to come.

  101. TKK says:
    @Commentator Mike

    It’s hit or miss. I don’t socially distance when I meet with my clients. I am ordered to wear a mask in the lobby and as I go through the doors.

    I take my mask as soon as we sit down and are alone. Only one of my clients wears his mask, and he is HIV positive, so he is worried about his immune system.

    But even he doesn’t have COVID. None of them are sick. I don’t feel sick at all. I have not had a sniffle. And they are living cheek to jowl and don’t wash their hands regularly.

    What a smart point- I forgot that drug fiend idiot had Covid! His symptoms were well managed- he had fentanyl. Even cancer patients who have legitimate pain have to fight to get that powerful drug.

  102. @utu

    Whoops’ LOL to the wrong comment. Sooorrry…

  103. This was a great article until…

    5. As a globalist he has not condemned China for intentionally creating the global pandemic or the World Health Organization for its many failures. Fauci has had a long relationship with both China and the WHO. With an annual budget of near \$6 billion he has funneled money to help create the China Wuhan lab that produced COVID-19 (\$7.4 million).

    The author makes this statement an absolute, when significant info( such as US State Dept Documents and US cadaver studies to start) show that Covid started in the US.

    The rest of the article is very good, but don’t try to sell the reader unsubstantiated pro-American rubbish as part of it. It sours an otherwise very good article

    • Agree: acementhead
  104. @Neutral Observer

    That was a mono-therapy study. I.e., not a Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc

    Deliberately designed to fail. HCQ’s claimed mode of function is to transport zinc into cells where the zinc, it is claimed, prevents viral replication. Zinc is the active component; HCQ the delivery mechanism. Almost everybody will be grossly deficient in zinc unless they take zinc supplement and even then could still be if they take their zinc with food containing phytic acid. Lots of foods contain phytic acid. For maximum zinc uptake take on empty stomach. Ditto for selenium.

    Plant based diets are very unhealthy. Plants do NOT love animals; they try to kill us all the time.

  105. @Rufus Clyde

    …you need a Performance Improvement discussion with your Troll Supervisor. You are terrible at Trolling, just as you are in the rest of you ill-conceived-life. You are both a liar and a traitor. We know what Fauci’s game has been and we know he is a Globalist. I can’t wait to see the likes of you and he legally standing on the gallows awaiting your turn to drop.

  106. @utu

    Sweden has 1o times higher Death per Capita than Norway which has similar human development factor and population density.

    Nonsense Sweden is overrun with unwashed filth third world filth. Norway is not. Huge difference.

  107. @utu

    (shy authors refused to sign their names)

    Yeah funny that, they probably like to eat. Scientists who don’t go along with the climate fraud lose their jobs. So do doctors who don’t go along with the Covid fraud.

    Also funny is that the Covid fraudsters refuse to mention QALYs, which is the only sensible way of measuring the impact of death from Covid. Just raw ‘deaths’ is worthless. Measured properly, in QALY, it would be obvious that the criminal “lockdowns” do far more harm than good. Economic damage causes death, as well as other nasty stuff.

    The Covid fraud has given New Zealand its dumbest government ever, led by the stupidest PM ever by far. A babbling child.

    • Replies: @utu
  108. “Perhaps because he was seen as expressing empathy, which seems to be more important than reason in the mind of the typical liberal/progressive mind.”

    That is nail on the head contention and its owed to the advance largely of two factions:

    1. women and

    2. same sex practitioners

    Empathy is a an important tool in human communication. It’s value as policy is tricky —

    I would recommend taking a look at ethnography research, it’s far more telling than the hyper misinterpretation of critical theory that is bandied about as it is new.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  109. @EliteCommInc.

    I would recommend taking a look at ethnography research, it’s far more telling than the hyper misinterpretation of critical theory that is bandied about as if it is new.

    the power of ethnography as a means of critical theory

  110. Zumbuddi says:

    Idiot Alert.

    Likewise, #23 Theophilus Punuval’s reference to Nuremberg trials: they were a sham, planned & carried out by the same people who planned and are benefiting from the Covid scam.

    Hitler & Nazi comparisons are totally inappropriate.

    Has anyone else noticed that Nazi movies etc proliferate whenever the Masters of the Universe (MotU) seek to wage a war on some other “shitty little country” and to curtail yet more American liberties in the bargain?

  111. @Morpi

    Did he ever work with Israel?

    Fauci was created by Arlen Specter.

    NIH was a sleepy, relatively low-budget research lab in the shadow of Bethesda Naval Hospital. Specter started to get congressional funding to build up the institution in part to do research on Tay Sachs disease. He also supported Fauci in investigating HIV.

    Today, NIH is a major institution has turned the surrounding Bethesda neighborhood from a region of \$250 000 shoe box houses to millionaires row on every block.

    By the by, Specter — think of him as a pre-Schumer shomer— switched parties in order to remain in US Senate, from which post he protected Zalman Shapiro, head of NUMEC, the US company he founded and from which he diverted uranium to Israel to help Israel become a nuclear power and nuclear threat. (The NUMEC site in Apollo, PA is still sickening folks who live nearby, and costing US taxpayers billions to de-contaminate.)

    • Thanks: Bert
  112. skrik says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    it’s unlikely there is anything anywhere that can be unequivocably described as unadulterated fact

    Errr, sorry [but not too sorry], for being a bit enigmatic; I was trying to indicate that ‘belief’ should only be operational in the imaginary ‘spiritual’ domain, whereas I recognise only the ‘real’ world where things are ‘measurable,’ say. I do know about ‘confidence intervals’ and ‘error-bars’ etc., implying that although any real object is measurable, the measurement itself might look a bit fuzzy – but nevertheless still real. Then there’s the quantum world in general [uncertainty principle, say] and QED in particular, which Feynman was tickled pink over, claiming something like ‘accurate to 14 decimal places!’

    The judgment is still out on where Covid-19 came from

    Not in my book. See my work in my UR-archive on the PRRA inclusion [furin cleavage site], this is one of if not *the* key component that makes SARS-CoV-2 so diabolically infective. Recall here that I don’t do ‘belief;’ it is my conviction based on my research into the available facts that the main if not only reason that Wuhan ‘went berserk’ towards elimination of the virus was triggered when they discovered then realised the critical importance of PRRA, which they interpreted as – ta ra! A bio-warfare attack in progress against them. rgds

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
    , @Sparkon
  113. trickster says:

    This article is misleading us all about Dr Fauci, his abilities and the way he has handled this epidemic or pandemic. His profound intelligence, steady hand, medical experience and unerring actions have saved millions of lives. From the very beginning although Corona cases doubled, tripled and quadrupled the death rate was an immaterial fraction when compared to total population. Many of the people who died from Corona were in essence already very sick from some other deadly disease but to suggest that Corona was not the cause of their demise and that the deaths from Corona are false and misleading is itself false and deceitful.

    Look, even Anatoli KArlin predicted millions of deaths and his graphs, charts and data proved this was a very likely possibility. Karlin’s daily updates and statistics from every country, even those no one had ever heard of and could not locate on Google map tracked this devastating disease down to even Hamlet level.

    Since this disaster was avoided it only goes to prove.that detractors of both Fauci and Karlin (who assert they are both village idiots, assholes and full of shit ) were wrong.

    I heard that one incident made a deep impression on Fauci. In Hong Kong, a Chinaman taking a shit on the 15th floor and flushing the crapper, inadvertently spread the virus to another Chinaman on the 6th floor. The autopsy showed that the virus escaped through the sewer pipes and invaded through the anus. Dr Fauci immediately advocated the use of more toilet paper (readers will remember the resulting toilet paper wars) and the use of masks and gloves but not condoms.

    Karlin even took to brandishing a big sword and washing his thrift store clothes several times a day in further attempts to ward off attacking germs.

    How anyone could admonish these two experts (and they are just two among many) is frankly quite beyond me. Calling them dickheads, jackasses, dunces, idiots and outright c*nts is neither useful nor tasteful.

    They are to be venerated, respected and thanked for saving mankind from extinction !

  114. Bert says:

    Yeah, Drs. Tyson and Zelenko are not as smooth as Fauci, but they presumably have no reason to misrepresent the facts.

    Zelenko’s Twitter has a link to a peer-reviewed paper he wrote from data on his patients whom he treated with HCQ and zinc and Z-pak.

    Other links to studies and meta-analysis on early treatment with HCQ and Ivermectin.

    IMO in the USA family physicians have been intimidated into not prescribing safe repurposed drugs at the first sign of Covid symptoms. There is a lot of blood on the hands of many people who make their living from medical practice and public health.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  115. tempus says:

    The most effective method of preventing contracting the Chinese flu is to join Antifa or BLM. Their members are immune to the Chinese flu. Proof: With their actions toward participants in Antifa and BLM protests and riots, “our” Democratic leaders declare they are immune. If their beloved Antifa and BLM were not immuned, these Democratic leaders would limit the crowd of the protesters to 10 or 25 people, demand that they remain at least six feet apart, and wear face coverings. Since these Democratic leaders do not demand Antifa and BLM protesters to follow these edicts, they know that their beloved Antifa and BLM cannot become infected with the Chinese flu.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  116. Bert says:

    The unsigned document you highlight obviously does not use the cleanest methods to answer whether a signal for HCQ’s ability to treat Covid exists. Too many uncontrolled variables. However, the natural experiment that took place in Switzerland had a clear outcome. Before the Surgisphere fraud and WHO’s recommendation not to use HCQ, Switzerland was using the drug and had a low death rate. After WHO’s warning, Switzerland stopped using HCQ and the death rate rose immediately. After the Surgisphere-based Lancet paper was withdrawn because Surgisphere would not produce the data it was supposedly based on, Switzerland began using HCQ again and the death rate dropped back to where it was before WHO’s warning. Unethical if done purposely, but quite a signal for the efficacy of HCQ.

    • Replies: @utu
  117. macilrae says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Obesity, and the diabetes that goes with it, are among the accepted co-morbidities driving Covid risk.

    French people tend to laugh at the obesity of Brits (a relatively new phenomenon) but the COVID19 death rate in France is comparable to UK’s – Belgium has one of the highest rates in Europe (if not the world) at 1186 per million – by comparison Holland has 485 and Luxembourg 329 per million population.

    I think quality of healthcare and capacity of healthcare to cope are key factors and could help to explain why Germany, for example, has a COVID19 death rate which is only one tenth of Belgium’s (114 deaths per million). I do not know how the use of HCQ plays into these numbers but my impression is not too significantly.

    Also, we see in UK for example (and definitely elsewhere) a significant number of deaths are happening in care homes – which begs the so far unanswered question “Why the Hell aren’t these people being sent to hospital where there will be intensive care facilities which might save them?”

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @utu
    , @acementhead
  118. Fauci is and has been a Fraud. Fraud Fauci has killed more people than anyone, other than a nation. His fraudulent works under the auspices ‘curing AIDS/HIV should have earned him a death sentence.

  119. utu says:

    What you are saying about Switzerland and HCQ does not qualify as a scientific evidence. It would require a rigorous mathematical analysis. Hand waving YT presentation won’t do.

    The unsigned document that made an attempt at being mathematically rigorous has a fatal flaw because it uses cherry picked data and assumes death per capita as a proxy for IFR.

    The only data point that supports the view that HCQ is effective in prophylaxis is the Indian paper in an obscure journal of marine medicine in India. If HCQ is indeed being used on large scale in India one would expect more results than that from one hospital where medical staff was taking HCQ.

    • Replies: @Bert
  120. utu says:

    As you correctly argue the deaths per capita metric is not a signal from which HCQ effect can be extracted. Germany and Belgium are good examples. Belgium is very liberal in assigning covid-19 as a cause of death while Germany is very conservative.
    Belgian officials say they are counting in a way that no other country in the world is currently doing: counting deaths in hospitals and care homes, but including deaths in care homes that are suspected, not confirmed, as Covid-19 cases.

  121. utu says:

    New Zealand had the most successful approach to Covid-19 among the Western countries: 398 cases per 1M and 5 deaths per 1M.

    Though Kiwis are not as good as Taiwan with 25 cases per 1M and 0.3 deaths per 1M. Taiwan began monitoring flights from Wuhan already on Dec. 31, 2019. Then it followed with the universals masking and very strict and effective tracking and quarantining policy. People spreading false rumors (It’s just a flu! or “Masks kill people!) were fined and/or arrested. No covidiots in Taiwan!

    • Replies: @acementhead
    , @Alfred
  122. Vonu says:

    Quercetin provides the same benefits as HCQ without the drama.

  123. macilrae says:

    Belgium is very liberal in assigning covid-19 as a cause of death while Germany is very conservative.

    Fair enough but we still have to otherwise explain the excess deaths taking place in each country and in each season this past year – particularly since there has been no particularly virulent strain of flu yet reported.

    I was in the ICU of a busy UK hospital during the bad 2018 flu season and, as often happens, there were trolleys with patients all down the halls and the staff were at their wits’ end (as I soon found). A relative who works there tells me that the situation today is far worse and that some extremely tough decisions are having to be made, based on triage.

    • Replies: @utu
  124. @tempus

    You’re onto something there. If Covid is such a serious threat to public health why weren’t those riots viciously suppressed? Most viciously. Ruthlessly! Why, why, why?

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  125. utu says:

    Excess deaths and the official Covid-19 deaths stats should be compared for each country. Which country has the largest discrepancy between the excess deaths and Covid-19 deaths? The discrepancy is a proxy for data noise measure and should be used in studies where deaths per capita is correlated with all kinds of variables that try to explain mortality differences like: pop. density, age demographics, comorbidity prevalence, number of hospital beds, temperatures, BCG vaccine or HCQ and so on.

    The explanation for mild/low flu in 2020, imo, is due to countermeasure undertaken against the covid-19. Social distancing and universal masking work against the flu. It is possible, that the Big Phram does not want us to know it as they rather push vaccines and drugs, This may explain why WHO and CCD were dragging feet about masking in the beginning of the epidemic until a complete turnaround in Sept:

    “CDC director Robert Redfield said face masks may be more effective than a vaccine in preventing individual coronavirus infections”

    The anti-vaxxers should rejoice except they also happen to be anti-maskers.

  126. Skeptikal says:

    True that the internment started in 1942.

    But I think the “fire sale” of these properties, spearheaded by Judge David Bazelon, a Northwestern-rained lawyer who was associated with Chicago’s “Outfit,” did not start until the war’s end.

    From Wikiwand (
    “He was an Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois from 1935 to 1946.[1] He then worked as the United States Assistant Attorney General for the Public Lands Division of the United States Department of Justice from 1946 until June 1, 1947, when he moved to Alien Property,[5] where he remained until he became a judge.[6]”

    Plenty of questions raised in this entry, with links.

    The Jewish Chicago Mob had a big role to play and made out big. See Gus Russo, “Supermob.”

    More here:

    A Google search for David Bazelon gets mainly anodyne encomiums, even though his execrable role in the sale of interned persons’ property, businesses, also patents (of Americans of German descent) is notorious and has been written about extensively and in detail.

    Bazelon mentored Alan Dershowitz.

  127. @Mike Tre

    “Who was president from 1949 to 1952? Dewey?”

    I can help you here Mike; it was the same guy who was president from 1949 to 1953, who also happened to be president from 1945 to 1951. His name was Harry Truman and he was a war criminal without a university degree.

  128. @Johnny Walker Read

    Hey Johnny Walker Read I suggest you give trickster’s comment another shot. I’ve looked at your comments and you are on the same side in this matter. By the end of the first paragraph I was going to stop reading, but for some reason I continued a bit. The whole thing is heavy irony and very funny later on. I have truly not laughed as much at any other comment on UNZ.

    Thanks trickster.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  129. Bert says:

    Here’s another obscure journal reference to feed your negativism.

    Re Switzerland, I wasn’t handwaving. I was giving you a tip about something you could Google if interested. Too much effort huh? Well, here is the story and the graph.

    It doesn’t take a rigorous mathematical analysis to determine whether a light goes on when a switch is flipped. And off when it’s flipped back to the original position. It takes common sense.

    • Replies: @utu
  130. @macilrae

    Belgium has one of the highest rates in Europe (if not the world) at 1186 per million

    So even in Belgium hardly anyone is dying(1186 per million).

    The only sensible way to measure the impact of any illness(apart from economic, and pain and suffering) is Quality-Adjusted Life-Years lost(commonly known as QALY), not raw “deaths”. This has been studiedly ignored in the case of covid for the obvious reason that it shows covid to be utterly irrelevant to society at large. The death and misery caused by the “lockdown”(due to the economic damage, as well as the direct social damage), will, I think, be two orders of magnitude worse than no lockdown.

  131. @Bert

    Hi Bert, I have an identity of view with you on all that you write on this topic, so I respectfully request that you list me as co-author on all your comments. This will save me a lot of time. TIA

  132. Bert says:

    Not only that, I’ll give you first author position when you handle the rebuttals to Dr. Petulance, our friend utu.

    • LOL: acementhead
    • Replies: @acementhead
  133. @utu

    New Zealand had the most successful approach to Covid-19 among the Western countries: 398 cases per 1M and 5 deaths per 1M.

    A low-intellect, youngish woman(Ardern), would agree with you on that but a high-intellect mature polymath-male would disagree strongly. There are many other factors to consider other than just raw deaths. QALY for an obvious start, economic destruction wrought by the mad “lockdown(s)” , and social destruction of the lives of huge numbers of people, as well. In NZ hundreds of millions of lives destroyed. Most people don’t know it yet as the bill has not yet come in. It will.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  134. utu says:

    Thanks for the links. The Bulgarian hospital claims that HCQ is both good in prophylaxis and in treatment. The implication of Swiss girls’ work is that HCQ is good in treatment. We have better studies that clearly show that HCQ is not effective in treatment.

    Bulgarian paper. Possible objection: workers who did not take/refused HCQ perhaps could have reasons for it like having accompanying conditions or age that could later play a role in the outcome.

    The Swiss weak signal data analysis is interesting but I would have to see the data first. For the period of time May and June daily deaths oscillated between three numbers: 0,1,2, so the data is very granular. I could not find the daily recovered cases to see how much it oscillates and what impact that would have on the ratio. But more important issue is how do we know whether Swiss throughout all their hospitals were giving or not giving HCQ in the periods the Swiss girls focus on.

    • Replies: @Bert
  135. @Bert

    Thanks Bert. I had already responded to one of utu’s comments, before I saw this kind offer(first author, which I must regretfully decline). I think(not sure) that it’s the first reply that I’ve made to utu, so even though I’m an extreme materialist maybe I am in fact psychic.

  136. @skrik

    Pretty much the first thing I learned in my post-graduate course on the History and Philosophy of Science was that it’s unlikely there is anything anywhere that can be unequivocably described as unadulterated fact, uncontaminated by the theory or theories used to obtain it.

    Just a bit of clarification, since you cited my statement without the important clause at its end and then seemed to incorrectly imply that I was only talking about confidence intervals and error bars.

    Until about the twentieth century what we call science today was called “natural philosophy” for very good reason, having to do with the humility of its practitioners, who recognized that knowledge, and its pursuit, were difficult and highly tentative processes. Its practitioners often spent long hours debating and discussing their theories and contributions to the advancement of knowledge.

    Somewhere, however, a line of thought arose, called empiricism, that averred that science had become truly empirical, by which they meant there were in existence things we call indisputable facts and that as long as we paid homage to them our theories would develop into true knowledge. This notion engendered a certain arrogance, which allowed some of its adherents to claim they were the ones to be believed because only they adhered to the program. Long discussions gave way to gatekeeper models, where peer review (with all its problems) became the standard.

    The empiricist program failed and was shown to be inadequate by historians and analysts, who clearly demonstrated that pretty much every so-called fact and every previous measurement depended on generally unstated theories used to decide the observation was a fact — on even the theories used to decide on the construction of the measuring instruments and the interpretation of their readings.

    This is not merely an academic issue. Philosophers of science have spent many careers and many decades trying to come up with a consistent philosophy to replace empiricism, among them Popper’s falsificationism and Kuhn’s theory of scientific revolution. None have proved wholly adequate. What they do suggest is that you can’t do philosophy of science without knowing the history of science and that a little humility is always a good thing.

    Not that I necessarily disagree with you about Covid-19. You make good points about the furin cleavage issue. The front-line doctors are, however, also doing good work in the matter of handling the epidemic. They may be just too busy to get into furin issues.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @utu
  137. @Commentator Mike

    Covid 19 as with all the other fake viruses including Fauchi’s great AIDS epidemic are propaganda weapons intended for the big mass of livestock, not the Zionist Jews own proxy warriors. The staged riots as well as the virus serve to deflect the goyim attention away from the massive banking cartel fraud for their Wall St. cronies as was done in 08. The virus is also a very effective means to condition all the barnyard animals to think that they need constant medical intervention and a heightened sense of apprehension and foreboding at all times because the “virus” may fall out of the sky and strike them down even when wearing the magic face diaper. All goyim must maintain constant vigilance. It is critically important to not wait until you actually feel sick. There is always the possibility that the insidious “virus” is lurking within. Don’t hesitate to get a fake PCR test, that way it will be confirmed that you are a covid victim wether sick or not.

    It is reported that CIA director William Casey said: We will know we have succeeded when everything they believe is a lie. We are just about there. Everything the Zionist syndicate controlled government does is a lie and a fraud. But most of the livestock still believe. Many of them will continue to believe until the herd is finally driven into the Neo-feudal totalitarian tyranny of Agenda 21 where the battle to recover our individual liberty and unalienable rights will be much harder than it would be if the battle were taken up now.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @AReply
  138. @Commentator Mike

    Here again we see that black proxy warriors are exempt from restrictions. I thought everyone knew by now that fake Floyd and the cop had worked as bouncers at the same bar for years. This false flag “I can’t breathe” was real easy to spot.

    All of these commenters keep bringing up flu numbers from different countries. Whats is hard to understand, that just as in Jewmerica these numbers are fake. The PCR test is fake (never intended for diagnostic use) and the covid 19 virus has not been isolated, purified nor identified as admitted by the criminal CDC. It is ridiculous to carry on about treatments for a fake virus that has never been proven, much less verified by the standard for pathogen determination, the Koch’s postulates.

  139. Iva says:

    COVID kills people who are on 5 medications for various conditions. My brother, man after 2 heart attacks, recovered at home without any medication in 5 days. He said it was tough , but not worst then a bad flu. 

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  140. Iva says:

    This man should be in prison for c rime aginst humanity. How he can look at hiomself in the mirror?

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  141. @acementhead

    Yes, you are correct. I guess I mistook his sarcasm for sincerity. My apologies to trickster. Thanks for advising me to give his post another look..

  142. @Johnny Walker Read

    Sorry @trickster, I skimmed over your post and mistook your sarcasm for sincerity. I had a good laugh the second time around.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  143. utu says:
    @Peripatetic Itch

    Philosophers of science have spent many careers and many decades trying to come up with a consistent philosophy to replace empiricism […] What they do suggest is that you can’t do philosophy of science without knowing the history of science and that a little humility is always a good thing.

    Pierre Duhem, right?
    “As a result, we can talk about a continuum of sciences; at one extreme on the theoretical side is German science, or logicism, and at the other extreme on the experimental side is English science, or crude modelism. In the middle is French science, which allegedly tempers the logical bent with historicism.”

    The HCQ phenomenon that the article by Joel Hirschhorn represents eventually will be resolved within a proper epistemology, however now as we see it it is a phenomenon belonging to the psychology of crowds. A mixture of paranoia, sense of persecution and rebellion against the power. It attracts feeble minds and emotionally unhinged. They are the first to charge the Bastille w/o much of an idea in what really they are participating.

    • Replies: @Bert
  144. @acementhead

    Oops “hundreds of millions”. No I meant hundreds of thousands[of course].

  145. @Iva

    Could it just be a bad flu? Or another name for it that will eventually replace “influenza” like TB replaced “consumption” and many other illnesses that got new names in the late 20th century?

  146. @Michael888

    Thank you. This is probably the most reasonable and succinct discussion of Covid 19 that I have seen anywhere. Ironic that it is buried in a mound of libertarian -lunatic Covid denialism

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  147. utu says:

    “who should have been easily saved with glucocorticoids, which are life-saving in serious Covid-19 cases.”

    Dexamethason. It helps. 30% mortality reduction.

    Major study finds common steroid reduces deaths among patients with severe Covid-19

  148. @David Martin

    Many thanks. You have done some great work. Liked your research on James Forrestal, Vincent Foster, Upton Sinclair and Timothy McVeigh. You have done as much as anyone to expose the Orwellian shenanigans of the Deep State going back many decades.

  149. Jon Zig says:

    My wife was telling me she read a story recently about seasonal flu deaths. She informed me that flu deaths, according to the CDC were down by 95% and how amazed they were in the article, that the numbers were so low. She jumped off the couch and look right at me and said with a strait face: COVID F\$&*#ing killed the flu! I about fell out of my chair. She never or rarely uses course language but I think she’s getting tired of the lies and ignorant masses. Probably time for a weekend away.

    Personally, I think the whole thing has been so politicized by the usual pond scum in Government and the Democrats biggest cheer leaders the MSM, that it will take some time until the dust settles and we can see the total picture. The restrictions on reasonable treatments for Doctors to use is a break from reality, unless one is purposely trying to kill people or just doesn’t give a damn, willing to do anything to discredit their president and to win at any cost. As for Fouchi and the rest of the “experts” in positions of power within our Gov., there are already laws or were or should be, restricting conflicts of interest. All of Gov. needs to be reined in and cut. We’ve been tightening and cutting for decades while our Gov. has exploded. What could possibly go wrong with that? Let’s try an across the board domestic cut of 10% to start, with a restructuring of health and retirement plans to be more comparative with the average Americans for all Gov. employees. Get rid of the trough.

    • Agree: mike99588
  150. Bert says:

    It is possible to nitpick most published reports. However, to do so forever in the face of an increasing number of reports of positive HCQ results violates a principle in the philosophy of science that is termed “consilience of evidence.” The concept has a long history in European intellectual activity, but it was strongly advocated by William Whewell in the 19th century. I believe it is advisable to follow such minds rather than those of random contemporaries of unknown accomplishment.,%22converge%22%20on%20strong%20conclusions.

    A piece of my personal consilience of evidence is that there is a clear political purpose behind the Globalist rejection of HCQ, but I cannot conceive that a pro-HCQ conspiracy could encompass diverse locales from Porto Feliz, SP, Brasil to Uttar Pradesh, India and dozens of other localities. (To which I’m sure you would retort that wishful thinking by desperate people could motivate all the reports. Well, I have more belief in human rationality than that.)

    Co-authored by acementhead

    • Replies: @Tim too
  151. Bert says:

    The HCQ phenomenon that the article by Joel Hirschhorn represents eventually will be resolved within a proper epistemology, however now as we see it it is a phenomenon belonging to the psychology of crowds. A mixture of paranoia, sense of persecution and rebellion against the power. It attracts feeble minds and emotionally unhinged. They are the first to charge the Bastille w/o much of an idea in what really they are participating.

    The proper epistemology is consilience of evidence. The proper humane attitude is the desire to promote the best solution available. Because you recognize neither of these intellectual guideposts and generally behave as a troll, I conclude that you are either a Deep State hireling or revel in a borderline personality disorder. In either case not a worthwhile discussant.

    • Replies: @utu
  152. Wielgus says:

    I am only being semi-serious but I have been telling people that instead of locking down etc. we should actually be celebrating the apparent destruction of influenza. Where did it go?

  153. Trickster says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    No need to apologize. I blew up you photo of that giant turd and framed it ! It now occupies a place of honour in my shitter.

    The Trickster was happy to be sarcastic and irreverent. More than anything else though he is happy to entertain you.

    What with upstanding doctors like Fraudci and talented bloggers Anna Tola Karla, if we cant have some fun at their stupidity we will not only be locked down but locked in………into a straight jacket.

    I always read your comments and look forward to hearing what you have to say. I find them thoughtful, sensible and consistent.

    Keep on keeping on and cheers.

    • Thanks: Johnny Walker Read
  154. @Bert

    You are ill-informed yourself. There is no evidence that there’s an epidemic–at least you use the right word for it. Hospitals are empty. Tons of doctors and nurses have risked their careers to tell the truth online. Ambulance drivers are instructed to go around with their lights and sirens on. No dead bodies anywhere. Death rates on par with yearly averages. Suddenly all the yearly rates for pneumonia, for example, go down to zero–now they’re miraculously ‘covid’. Huge evidence for very long-term planning of this very thing–an identical run-through happened in 2010. They love their numbers–what better year than 2020 for a crystal clear ‘reset’ of the entire human race? Everything’s in place for a cashless society. Everywhere you look there is propaganda–why?? Why do they need it? Why do people continue to believe that the ‘news’ is there to tell them the truth? Why is education mandatory? They care SO MUCH that they’re willing, yes, beatifically willing, to send the beloved military out to every single home in the country, no matter how remote, to make sure everyone is jabbed with a q-tip far up their nose, damaging the blood-brain barrier, then jabbed with a vaccine (with tracking device?), which will cause brain-swelling, leading to memory loss among other possible side effects such as autism. That’s the latest theory I’ve heard, and it could well be true. Remember the cage around the man’s head in 1984 with the rabid giant rat inside to tear his face off? That’s what these people are about. Look at the 50+ million they wiped off the face of the earth in soviet Russia. They’ve likely had both a killer virus and vaccine ready for years. They no doubt have plans to implement things on exact days. It’s all done in stages. It’s all connected with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, phony terror attacks. Why did they take ’emergency’measures to suspend the Constitution in September, 2001, by passing the Patriot Act, and have never unsuspended it?
    To recap: we are about to go cashless. Total control by world government. You, yes you, WILL be vaccinated, along with 7 billion others. All sorts of crazy, thoroughly evil things are about to happen.
    The list goes on. Yes, it is you that is ill-informed.

    • Replies: @Bert
  155. @Anon

    Why would that be evil? He obviously is just telling the truth.
    See my comment to 58.

  156. @anon

    Simple. It’s a world government–they’re all in it together. I would hardly call Communist China a good guy.

  157. Bert says:

    Fauci’s in-house publication, “The Virology Journal,” in 2005 contained an article in favor of treating those infected by SARS-1 with chloroquines. One can suppose the difference then was that the death rate was very high among the middle-aged, and TPTB feared a decimation of the serfs on which their good life depends. Now in the SARS-2 epidemic those dying are largely economically useless, so suppress use of chloroquines and sell vaccines.

  158. Sparkon says:

    I was trying to indicate that ‘belief’ should only be operational in the imaginary ‘spiritual’ domain, whereas I recognise only the ‘real’ world where things are ‘measurable,’
    Not in my book. See my work in my UR-archive on the PRRA inclusion [furin cleavage site], this is one of if not *the* key component that makes SARS-CoV-2 so diabolically infective. Recall here that I don’t do ‘belief;’ it is my conviction based on my research into the available facts that the main if not only reason that Wuhan ‘went berserk’ towards elimination of the virus was triggered when they discovered then realised the critical importance of PRRA,

    Not to rain too heavily on your parade, but a conviction is nothing more, nothing less, than a strongly held belief or opinion.

    But rest easy. After all, this is UR where authors and commenters sometimes make up new meanings for existing words, use some words incorrectly, or even try to establish new typographic conventions, such as bold words enclosed in asterisks.

    In the paper you cite, the authors conclude “The ubiquitous expression of furin in different organs and tissues may be a reason for the high transmissibility and pathogenicity of 2019-nCoV observed in the current epidemic.”

    Or, maybe it isn’t. Even now in Nov. 2020, as winter approaches, we still have less than one full year of experience with COVID 19. Its origin remains a mystery, but I’ve seen to rule out an entirely natural evolution of the responsible virus – SARS-CoV-2.

    Recall the reaction of Western science when the Duckbill Platypus first came to its attention:

    The unusual appearance of this egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal baffled European naturalists when they first encountered it, and the first scientists to examine a preserved platypus body (in 1799) judged it a fake, made of several animals sewn together.

    Typically, humans want to blame some rare or unfamiliar manifestation of nature on their fellow man, as occurred during the Little Ice Age, when the deteriorating climate and bad weather were blamed on witches, and many of these innocent old ladies were burned alive at the stake.

    [my bolds, except for the ugly one between asterisks]

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @skrik
  159. Sparkon says:

    but I’ve seen to rule out an entirely natural evolution of the responsible virus – SARS-CoV-2.

    I meant to write:

    I’ve seen nothing to rule out an entirely natural evolution of the responsible virus – SARS-CoV-2.

    • Replies: @skrik
  160. @Achilles Wannabe

    How many of Koch’s Postulates has Covid 19 met Wannabe? Get yourself some edjumacation there my friend..

    Coronavirus Truths: Part 2: Koch’s Postulates Not Being Used at All for COVID-19, Why?

  161. Aguilar says:

    @Biff Ahhhhh…ya mean the one he is NOT building on the border with Canada? You’re not very bright, get lost.

  162. skrik says:

    What’s your point? I observe that you and Peripatetic Itch operate as a tag-team; same mom’s basement? Yet another view:

    The pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 threatens public health worldwide. The viral spike protein mediates SARS-CoV-2 entry into host cells and harbors a S1/S2 cleavage site containing multiple arginine residues (multibasic) not found in closely related animal coronaviruses. However, the role of this multibasic cleavage site in SARS-CoV-2 infection is unknown. Here, we report that the cellular protease furin cleaves the spike protein at the S1/S2 site and that cleavage is essential for S-protein-mediated cell-cell fusion and entry into human lung cells. Moreover, optimizing the S1/S2 site increased cell-cell, but not virus-cell, fusion, suggesting that the corresponding viral variants might exhibit increased cell-cell spread and potentially altered virulence. Our results suggest that acquisition of a S1/S2 multibasic cleavage site was essential for SARS-CoV-2 infection of humans and identify furin as a potential target for therapeutic intervention

    Their S1/S2 cleavage site is my PRRA.

    Not so BTW, *bolding* is a feature of this site, not a ‘commenter peccadillo.’

    I took ‘conviction’ from the songtext of “HAIR,” Oxford dictionary “2 a firmly held belief or opinion.
    the quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of something”
    – but recall that I do not ‘do’ belief, so use with and after the “or” – OK?

    I notice that you left off a bit [my bolding] from the end of my original:

    … critical importance of PRRA, which they interpreted as – ta ra! A bio-warfare attack in progress against them.

    My ‘original, independent’ discovery of the PRRA insertion is here:
    May 8, 2020 at 8:00 pm GMT rgds

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  163. My freedom and the economies of the world should not be infringed upon by anyone’s fear that they will succumb to a “virus”. If you are mentally parallelized by the belief there is a mighty, deadly virus out there lurking at every turn, then you need to stay the fuck home; have all your groceries and supplies delivered to you; Strap a diaper to your face; and, crawl inside your closet and hide.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us who choose to live our lives as free and sovereign individuals as God intended should be left alone to do so. My freedom or lack thereof should not be based on your fear, however real or imagined that fear is.

    The Covid Cult | Thomas E. Woods, Jr

    • Replies: @skrik
    , @AReply
  164. Tim too says:

    Bert, another issue in publications is editorial control by special interests. Big money, big commerce.

    The molecular biology appears to support use in treatment as well as in prophylaxis. Obviously there is a problem with how studies are set up, dosing issues.

    • Replies: @Bert
    , @Tim too
  165. skrik says:

    I’ve seen nothing to rule out an entirely natural evolution

    Try this one [test your own ‘convictionability]:’

    “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2”

    My opinion: Comes from the US; they *have* to say something like that, eh? rgds

  166. Bert says:
    @Tim too

    Bert, another issue in publications is editorial control by special interests. Big money, big commerce.

    Yes indeed. Here’s a link to a podcast interview with James Todaro, who early on proposed hydroxychloroquine should be considered for Covid treatment and who exposed the Surgisphere-Lancet-WHO conspiracy to claim that HCQ led to increased deaths when used for Covid treatment. It’s a great interview, especially because it labels what you are referring to as Fiat Science, an analogy with the U.S. currency. For our own protection, the meme of Fiat Science (scientific truth as proclaimed by an establishment that controls publication and funding) should be propagated.

  167. Bert says:
    @daniel le mouche

    All sorts of crazy, thoroughly evil things are about to happen.

    All sorts of crazy, evil things have been happening since the 1840’s. And it will get worse, but that does not mean the Deep State was able to get every country in South America, as an example, to fake an epidemic. Paranoia should be kept at reasonable levels so that a fellow can prioritize his responses.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  168. Tim too says:
    @Tim too

    and additionally, for me the place to go would be to look up toxicology, and drug drug interactions.

    The problem with admin in treatment could be complications from drug drug interactions, but that should be easy to find out. tox =>

    Here are some drug drug interactions:

    So there are lots of resources to find some answers.

  169. utu says:

    “The proper epistemology is consilience of evidence. ” – I have provided two strong data points – studies that show that HCQ is not effective in treatment. But they have no place in your fuzzy “consilience of evidence” for them.

    Here is a data point that HCQ does not show much promise in the post exposure prophylaxis however it does not exclude it:

    A Randomized Trial of Hydroxychloroquine as Postexposure Prophylaxis for Covid-19 (June 2020)

    “The incidence of new illness compatible with Covid-19 did not differ significantly between participants receiving hydroxychloroquine (49 of 414 [11.8%]) and those receiving placebo (58 of 407 [14.3%])”

    Furthermore I have analyzed “the unsigned document” cited by Hirschhorn and discovered a fatal flaw in it and did calculation demonstrating that India’s IFR could be higher than that of the US which is contrary to the claim made by the “the unsigned document”.

    You reaction is to call me Dr. Petulant and a troll. Clearly your “consilience of evidence” is not what you would like others to believe. You do not look for evidence. You look for confirmation of your belief. The belief in conspiracy is your fatal bias:

    A piece of my personal consilience of evidence is that there is a clear political purpose behind the Globalist rejection of HCQ,

    You are not reasoning from data to conclusion but you apply a filter based on your bias to exclude data that do no agree with your bias. You believe in conspiracy to suppress ‘the truth’. Any data that do not confirm ‘the truth’ must be rejected. And it gets worse because you (or you guys) fabricate false data like the ‘unsigned document’.

    • Replies: @Bert
  170. Alfred says:

    New Zealand had the most successful approach to Covid-19 among the Western countries: 398 cases per 1M and 5 deaths per 1M.

    So when are they going to open the borders of NZ? Never?

    • Replies: @utu
  171. Bert says:

    Unlike you, I am not presenting myself as unbiased. No one is unbiased. You showed your clear bias, or tasking order from your employers, when you described as “feeble-minded” those who think there is evidence of benefit from HCQ. You are in no position to play the holier than thou card.

    The Boulware article that you just cited had several peer responses that suggested that the study was statistically flawed. You can the link to them in the box to the right of the abstract.

    The flaw in the study that makes it truly worthless is that the HCQ (or placebo) was not necessarily ingested by the participants. The authors state “Hydroxychloroquine sulfate or placebo was dispensed and shipped overnight to participants by commercial courier.” The participants may or may not have taken the pills. No one knows whether they did. The HCQ that I myself was prescribed is identifiable if one cares to try to do so. Given this design flaw, it is quite possible that part of the supposedly blinded participants identified and did not ingest their HCQ. The media having early on advanced the claim that HCQ is dangerous, some participants getting cold feet is quite likely.

    Here is one of Boulware’s connections to Big Pharma.

    Your sallies are getting weaker and weaker.

    • Agree: mike99588, Alfred
    • Replies: @utu
  172. utu says:

    “So when are they going to open the borders of NZ?” – After vaccination or arrival of effective treatment. I am glad you agree that New Zealand had the most successful approach. In the meantime the closed border has many advantages. Like moratorium on immigration and refugees and keeping away loitering expats like yourself.

    The Right in the US and Europe totally missed the opportunity that covid-19 presented with respect to immigration. Instead they took a libertarian stance and kept yapping about liberties they lost and the masks that were emasculating them.

  173. skrik says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Strap a diaper to your face

    Do you really think this sort of thing is in anyway helpful?

    IMHO, it’s you and your ilk who are *extending* the problem. Like HIV ‘safe-sex’ we need ‘safe-Covid’ = less interpersonal contact to drive the virus into isolated extinction. rgds

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  174. @Bert

    This is a lame argument–that they couldn’t possibly coordinate this worldwide. And yet all big newspapers in the world carry the same on-message headlines and articles day in and day out. When a few people own everything–the Rothschilds, who purportedly own every central bank on earth, come to mind–centralized control is laughably easy. Who could believe even that every ‘news’ station in America would say exactly the same garbage, again always on-message, literally 24 hours a day? And yet, wait for it: they do.
    How is it possible for anyone who claims to be informed NOT to be exceedingly paranoid? Most simply lack the imagination, and are unable to think much of anything, all due to t.v.

  175. @skrik

    I’m not sure where you are coming from, but I’m merely pointing out the idiocy of this whole mess. It’s called sarcasm.

    By the way, you should read my post #44, which will better “splain” this Covid hoax to you.

  176. Sparkon says:

    What’s your point? I observe that you and Peripatetic Itch operate as a tag-team; same mom’s basement?

    Obviously, your observations are worthless.

  177. Ahhh Yes, all to be rolled in on the heels of that evil, deadly Corona Virus. YOU WILL learn to love your servitude SLAVES.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  178. utu says:

    I did a brief search and found many more studies showing that HCQ is not effective in prophylaxis or treatment.

    Efficacy and Safety of Hydroxychloroquine vs Placebo for Pre-exposure SARS-CoV-2 Prophylaxis Among Health Care Workers on 11/14/2020

    “There was no significant difference in infection rates in participants randomized to receive hydroxychloroquine compared with placebo”

    Hydroxychloroquine in Nonhospitalized Adults With Early COVID-19

    “Change in symptom severity over 14 days did not differ between the hydroxychloroquine and placebo groups”

    A Cluster-Randomized Trial of Hydroxychloroquine as Prevention of Covid-19 Transmission and Disease

    “There was no significant difference in the primary outcome of PCR-confirmed…nor evidence of beneficial effects on prevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission”

    Hydroxychloroquine as pre-exposure prophylaxis for COVID-19 in healthcare workers: a randomized trial

    “Pre-exposure prophylaxis with hydroxychloroquine once or twice weekly did not significantly reduce laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 or Covid-19-compatible illness among healthcare workers.”

    Long-term hydroxychloroquine use in patients with rheumatic conditions and development of SARS-CoV-2 infection: a retrospective cohort study

    “The incidence of active SARS-CoV-2 infections during the study period did not differ between patients receiving hydroxychloroquine and patients not receiving hydroxychloroquine”

    “There were no significant differences in secondary outcomes between the two groups in patients who developed active SARS-CoV-2 infection. ”

    Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Systematic Review of a Scientific Failure

    There is no evidence supporting HCQ for prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19. Many observational trials were methodologically flawed. Scientific efforts have been disappointingly fragmented, and well-conducted trials have only recently been completed”

    As they say the hope dies last. That hope lasts particularly long among the suckers. The length of denial is proportional to the degree of feeblemindedness.

    ‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’. – attribute to Mark Twain

    Good Luck. I hope you did not spend too much on the HCQ. Or if you did you can look at it as helping pharmaceutical industry in the poor country of India. Perhaps it will trickle down to their poor.

  179. @Iva

    Fauchi is the second highest paid federal employee in the country. Most people can be bought out one way or another. Fauchi has a long career of shilling for big Pharma and lying for the Zionist elites in their promotion of false viruses (including AIDS) while peddling fake and dangerous vaccines as with the Swine flu disaster (thousands of kids were permanently inflicted with narcolepsy) and the AZT drug that killed thousands of “AIDS” patients (see Peter Deusberg).

    Anyone such as our puppet actor presidents or our shabbos goy congress, and other operatives in the Zionist clique will enjoy “sin for a season” and will be amply rewarded as the players in 911 were. This time around the vaccine profit payoffs will dwarf the take from the put options from the trade center scam. The real goal is not money. The top Zionists already control the money. The aim is complete control of all of the worlds goyim barnyard animals. The livestock on the farm need to be better managed and that includes a more stringent vaccine program.

    To moderator: When I hit agree button it says I have not commented enough in the last 30 days and need more than 5 comments. I guess ghis is supposed to be a mistake. Recently I have been able to comment or reply only once or twice per day when I see others who have been allowed 3. Why the disparity?

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @AReply
    , @AReply
  180. @Johnny Walker Read

    The livestock have been conditioned for a long time by the Frankfurt School culture to be obedient, docile sheep for the Zionist syndicate. What kind of people are so obsequious in their abject servitude to the criminal elites that run this socialist scam that they obey the most asinine dictates fabricated to strip away all of their remaining liberties without using to any common sense and deductive logic?

    After the previous medical frauds including Fauchi’s AIDS hoax as well as several previous “flus” all using the same Jew MSM hysteria, the goyim still cannot see the forest for the trees. Fake virus, fake test and fake numbers on the way to a feudal tyranny wrapped in a medical facade. All the while the cucks walk around with their face diapers on and debate about what treatment is best for the fake virus.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  181. AReply says:
    @mark tapley

    This post is completely insane.

    Oh, no, I mean ‘this’ post!

    But yours is too

  182. AReply says:
    @mark tapley

    It’s “Fauci,” you idiots

  183. AReply says:
    @mark tapley

    It’s fucking “Fauci”
    My god

  184. AReply says:


    Now that he thinks there is something to gain politically, Covid-19 is very real:

    //….We cannot waste time and can only give to those states that will use the Vaccine immediately. Therefore the New York delay. Many lives to be saved, but we are ready when they are. Stop playing politics!//

    All a robot has to go on in these wintery times is his logic (and his login).

    Following logic of El Presidente’s himself, he should be transitioned out immediately due to epidemic emergency, so that the incoming administration can get to work ASAP.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  185. @AReply

    ChiCom Globalist/Jew manufactured bullshit.

    It will fail.

  186. Bert says:

    Dr. Harvey Risch interview Part 2 regarding early treatment of Covid disease with repurposed drugs

  187. Wielgus says:

    There is something deeply alienating about Tapley dismissing the vast bulk of humanity as “livestock”. Obviously he himself he is a full-fledged, intelligent human being and not livestock at all.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  188. @Wielgus

    I used the term livestock because I believe it accurately relays the Zionist elites attitude of society and humanity in general. These parasites are followers of the Hegelian professor Leo Strauss. They believe in George Hegel’s philosophy of “Government is God walking among us.” Since the elite have over time gained control of the reigns of government in order to “make society work for them” they naturally view the mass of people as no more than animals on the big farm (livestock).

    This elite attitude, culture, philosophy is not new but is the result of sin and goes all the way back to Cain. When we look at history we see that it is mostly the struggle of humanity against oppression by groups, tribes, clans, warlords who have legitimized their power with the establishment of a formal gov. Plato of Ancient Greece outlined a system of elites who because of their superior intellect should govern everyone else. We see the same rationalization with the parasitic rulers of ancient Egypt and the Sumerian King Hammurabi. The Roman Emperor was deified as a god and the Monarchies of Europe beloved they ruled by divine right. Napoleon and Hitler were deluded by their own hubris.

    All of these despots were mere pikers and local hoodlums compared to the Zionist international syndicate at work for well over the last hundred years. Founding member of the Fabian Socialists, H. G. Wells wrote of their plans for global gov. as well as fellow conspirators Bernard Shaw and Bertrand Russel. George Orwell who traveled to Spain to fight for the communists (Jews) became disenchanted when he saw the real program and wrote 1984 and his chilling allegory of humanity in the elites “Animal Farm”.

    The Zionist elites of today are no different than their predecessors except worse. The 18th century European armies diverted around populated areas and avoided harming civilians. The Zionists now maximize civilian casualties using wars, starvation, dislocation and mass destruction to further their agenda.

    When I see the cucks with their face diapers and the gullibility of the goyim as they believe whatever the Zionist Jew MSM tell them it is no wonder that the elite have an attitude of ridicule and contempt for the masses. When I was a kid (long time ago) my father was a rancher. Every so often we would lure the horses in with a little grain, saddle them up and go round up the cattle herding them into the pen. One bunch at a time would be driven into the corral then down the chute. We separated the bull calves and heifers, branded, castrated, de horned, culled, whatever was needed. My ol man didn’t spend money on anything he didn’t have to. He put out just enough salt, range cubes and hay in the winter to get them by and maybe make a little off them. The rancher on the other side of the road did the same thing. As far as the cattle would be concerned it wouldn’t make any difference which side of the road (or country) they were on.

    I went through all of that to make an analogy. It will be the same way for the human livestock in the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Initiative Agenda 2030-21. This is not a fiction but rather a detailed plan that has been laid out by the elites to implement a Neo-feudalist system of global tyranny over the entire world. That is why I refer to those people who sheepishly allow themselves to be herded down the road to perdition as livestock.

    • Agree: Alfred
  189. Alfred says:

    The PCR test is a known fraud. I look forward to Fauci and other scumbags being forced to compensate hotels, airlines, beauty saloons and all the individuals they have deprived of their freedom to lead normal lives.

    Crimes Against Humanity, fraudulent PCR Tests Taken To Court – Interview with Lawyer Reiner Füllmich

    • Replies: @Tim too
  190. sally says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    The entire US system is corrupted, from top to bottom. but it is not just hre USA, all of the western nation states are managed by the same group of people and the media 92% owned by just six entities are common to all of those nation states.

    It has been reported that Mudaro announced the Venezuelan Institution for Scientific Research (phytochemistry lab) has modified a common content found in the peal coverings of apple and many other fruits.. the molecule submitted to WHO as TR 10, I am told TR-10 has been shown to 100% deny the virus its ability to replicate, meaning infections will stop instead of result in massive in number replications being ejected from infected cell. Since Corona virus causes apoptosis, the virus stops.

    Ursolic Acid generates symplasts .. maybe this molecule can be placed in chewing gum or a sucker.. nasal and mouth spray and

    The prevention of replication by nearly all corona virus types are replication stopped. far superior to accepting a risky, not likely to work, very specific immune system stimulating vaccination.

    put this stuff around the nursing homes and spray places.. maybe even in the air conditioning system, car and places of businesses…

  191. Tim too says:

    The PCR simply amplifies whatever is there. the purpose of specific primers is to try to bias the reaction to amplifying the sequences of interest, but the PCR will amplify the primers as well. the read out is a fluorescence signal based on whatever is amplified, not any kind of sequence information. So the system is not capable of real diagnosis, as Mullis stated. So at high cycle numbers, the fluorescence signal is prone to large errors from the amplified primers.

  192. Keep in mind that Mr Fauci’s wife ???? true or false wrote papers on “Medical Ethics” with Dr. Emmanuel, Rahm’s Brother???? ???? Forget Death Panels just kill the old in situ in the nursing homes…. no death panel needed????

  193. AReply says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    I’m not only “parallelized” I’m orthoganolized!

    Young ER doctor had to tell Covid-19 patients when it was time to say goodbye to their families. Then the virus knocked him down

    //”I’ve had a lot of people say … I’m a hoax. I had someone report me to Facebook for being a fake profile,” he said. He hopes that people will think twice about his experience. “Instead of just saying mean things from behind the keyboard, imagine what it’s like to have that conversation with someone that you were putting a breathing tube down their throat, and they might not be able to say ‘I love you’ to their loved one again,” he said.//

  194. almostvoid says: • Website

    There is no pandemic. The virus is 13th in Britain as a lethal agent. The only cure is exposure. The virus adapts because that is what viruses do. They are not bacteria. That is why countries where no one is restricted have the least problems. Hiding away and being locked up only increases the virulence of the infected. They should be isolated but not the healhy. Social distancing does nothing. Nor do masks. The misinformation is suspicious. Ask Bill Gates! He’s the go-to expert wanting to immunise the planet. The kill rate in Africa through his intervention is shocking. But who pays attention to virologists. Not the government.

  195. Bert says:

    Senate hearing on Early Treatment

  196. Bert says:

    The ultimate in corruption: blocking early treatment for 9 months, and then sanctimoniously citing a need for early treatment. In this opinion piece, Fauci dismisses hydroxychloroquine by citing a single underpowered study, does not mention ivermectin, and says not a word about prophylaxis via correcting deficiencies of Vitamin D, zinc and selenium. Nothing about quercetin, glutathione, NAC, bromhexine, iota-carrageenan, xylitol for very early treatment.

    Therapy for Early COVID-19A Critical Need by Peter Kim, Sarah Read, and Anthony Fauci. Published November 11, 2020.


  197. Mr. Anon says:

    The EuroMOMO database has been the best one I have found, as it shows actual total numbers of deaths, which is a pretty unambiguous number. Unfortunately it only goes back about three years. Are you aware of any databases that show all-cause mortality going back further? 20 years, 30 years, ideally, 70 years so that it encompasses both the Asian Flu and Hong Kong Flu pandemics? In any country, although especially in the USA? I have looked, but not found anything of this kind. This data must be out there somewhere, and it would put the current pandemic in perspective. Why is this kind of data so difficult to find? Numbers of deaths should be one of the most accurate social science statistics that governments can tabulate – and yet, these numbers are seemingly impossible to find.

  198. Mr. Anon says:

    It’s a cocktail, you idiot. Hydroxychloroquine AND zinc. Zinc has long been thought to be a natural antiviral. That’s why it’s used in over-the-counter cold inhibitors like Zicam (the “Zi” in Zicam is for Zinc). All of the studies I have seen purporting to show that HCL (and Zinc) don’t work either a.) don’t use Zinc, b.) don’t use HCL (but rather Chloroquine, the older, harsher anti-malarial), or are used on people who already have both feet in the grave. It’s an early, outpatient treatment. As such, it seems to work pretty well. A lot better than the much-more-expensive Remdesivir does.

    You have long haunted this website as someone who questions almost everything told to us by the government and media. And yet when it comes to COVID, you uncritically swallow everything they have to sell you. Does that give you any pause to think you might be wrong? Or, perhaps just the fact that you are wrong.

    In any event, you have successfully innoculated a lot of people against any opinion you might offer in future. Why would anybody believe someone as gullible as you?

  199. @utu

    At what stage of the illness was the hydroychloroquine given?
    From the hundreds of papers I have read the HCQ must be given early.
    I read te NEJM paper and my impression was that the HCQ was not given early.

    The NEJM is pretty much a far left publication.It is no longer what it was over 10 years ago.
    It receives a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies and other sources that won’t be mentioned.
    The Mass.Med. Society likes to think it is superior to the rest of the world. The NEJM reminds me of the NY Times but the Times fakes it better.

  200. sally says:
    @mark tapley

    does anyone have an accounting of the property taken in by the OAP? Is there a book.. or something.. to explain this .

    Oligarchy depends on property rights! Zionism really cannot exist without property rights. God failed the Zionist, she forgot to endow the Zionist with monopoly power over the use of all property, Gee what a problem something of value Zionist cannot own, control or prevent others from using it? To fix God’s mistake Zionist invented government.. but command and control was a problem and as there were too many greedy Zionist for one government to satisfy? So the Zionist divided the one government(god’s government) into 256 different governments, and divided, sorted the global 8 billion into 256 different smaller governments. Then they incarcerated divided people into one of the 256 nation states. . Each of the nation states was given a name.

    Rule by man’s Law would fixed the miserable mistake God made. Can you believe it, God forgot to give all real estate ownership and rights in property to the Zionist. . What a mistake, Deplorable can compete with the Zionist, that mistake had to be fixed. After division of the population into manageable sized nations states, the Zionist set out to fix God’s mistake. From hot thin air the nation states declared a Zionist could claim exclusive use and exploration rights in whatever public property they want.. all a good Zionist need to, after the law completed the fix to God’s mistake, was to go to the nation state court house and file a claim, Presto private property could be culled (staked) out from public property in a claim recorded at the court house, which claim would give the staker of the claim exclusive use and private enjoyment of all of the property the staker claimed and filed at the court house maintained by the nation state.

    Soon however it was discovered that court house claims for real estate did not completely fix God’s mistake, non Zionist people were still competing with master Zionist. God had not only forgotten to make the Zionist owner of all of the real estate in the world, but she also forgot to make the Zionist private owner of all of the ideas, methods, knowledge, and know-how that experience would teach the human brain. Monopoly power over Real estate did nothing to protect Zionist from competition by smart and enterprising people.

    Rescued by the nation state rule of law: ownership by filing claims in the government court house to everything else (not just real estate) was made possible by copyright and patent claims in virtually any and all things mankind could dream up, invent or express. These intangibles, ideas, methods, processes, procedures, knowledge stored in books, videos and other media and in the human mind, were loose ends, the Zionist needed to get control of, so Presto, the Nation state makes more law (copyright and patent law) These laws, unlike real estate, all private persons to privately own whatever the human mind of some else can learn or discover. God’s mistake has been fixed, Thank god for the nation state. Zionist now own all of the real estate, all of the methods, all of the know how, all of the knowledge that is today known and that will in the future ever be discovered. The Zionist can now be a peace with the world, they own it according to the laws the nation state system wrote. All that was needed was a nation state with law making power.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
  201. @sally

    Everywhere in the scriptures God is referred to as masculine, never as feminine. This is the case in all ancient biblical texts. The trinity of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit was there before time. We are commanded to reverence and fear God. The blasphemous social construct of applying the female tense in reference to the Lord is a transgression of his word. Your and my and anyone else’s viewpoint on the word of God is irrelevant. All that matters is what the scriptures say. We are commanded to search the scriptures daily in order to determine what is correct.

    The institution of government is authorized by God. All manmade institutions fall under God’s laws. Corinthians 6:9 states: Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind. Mark 8:36 tells us: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    The Zionist international criminal syndicate of elite parasites and their operatives are in rebellion against God. Matt 13:42 reveals their reward: And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  202. Bert says:

    The link below is to a definitive recounting of how the news of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 was suppressed by the MSM.

    The MSM is now presenting the same sort of misinformation regarding Ivermectin.

    Dr. Pierre Kory testified on Ivermectin before a Republican-chaired Senate committee. The link below is to an interview with Dr. Kory immediately after his Senate testimony.

  203. ingotus says:
    @Tim too

    Thank you! For both the chart and the search tip!

  204. ingotus says:

    Excellent, thank you Alfred!

  205. Since this article was published I have a new book out: Pandemic Blunder; here is a press release for it: I promise you will love it:

    Bold New Book Pandemic Blunder Shows How Government Caused Preventable Covid Deaths
    A huge amount of data and information not covered by mainstream media are in Pandemic Blunder that tells the story of how over 300,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 unnecessarily because the government has blocked early home treatment and prevention. With 500,000 COVID deaths, learning about safe and effective early home treatment/prevention more important than ever.
    About the Book:Pandemic Blunder contains considerable medical information and data to support a number of proven safe, cheap generic medicines and protocols that knock out the coronavirus when given early. Read about the pioneering, courageous doctors who have been using innovative approaches to prevent their COVID patients from needing hospital care and facing death. The book includes many expert opinions from doctors who support the view that 70 to 80 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented—and still can be.

    Don’t be victimized by disinformation and propaganda from leftist media. Learn how corrupt forces are aiming to make billions of dollars from expensive medicines and vaccines, and how hundreds of thousands of deaths could have—and should have—been prevented!

    Podcasts with author:

    About the Author: Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn has a long history of working on health issues. He was a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he directed a medical research program between the colleges of engineering and medicine. As a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, he directed major studies on health-related subjects, including health risks from toxic waste sites, and he testified at over 50 US Senate and House hearings. He has authored hundreds of articles in journals and on websites, plus op-ed articles in major newspapers. Dr. Hirschhorn has served as an executive volunteer at a major hospital for more than 10 years and is an advisor to several organizations promoting patient-centered care. He is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and America’s Frontline Doctors.
    Pandemic blunder is defined as the failure of the United States public health system and federal agencies to support and promote early home/outpatient treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic disease. Considerable medical information and data convincingly show that when given early a number of proven safe, cheap generic medicines and protocols knock out the coronavirus. Early means within the first few days of getting symptoms or a positive test. Some pioneering and courageous doctors have been using innovative approaches to prevent their covid patients from needing hospital care and facing death. Many expert views of doctors and data support the view that 70 percent to 80 percent of covid deaths could have been prevented – and still can for future victims of the disease. Learn how hundreds of thousands of deaths could have and should have been prevented.
    This book does more than describe the pandemic blunder, it can help Americans protect their lives by not being victimized by disinformation and propaganda from leftist media. Pandemic management has failed because of corrupt forces aiming to make billions of dollars from expensive medicines and vaccines. There has been a widespread dereliction of duty on the part of many local, state, and federal government officials.

  206. journey80 says:

    Dr. Anthony Fauci has been hustling Bill Gates’s lethal vaccines for four decades. When are you going to be brave enough to use the G-word?

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