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Failed Crypsis and Its Discontents: Past and Present
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Ludwig Börne

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“Some accuse me of being a Jew; some excuse me for being one; some even praise me for being a Jew. But all think about it.” Thus wrote the nineteenth-century writer and journalist Judah Loew Baruch (1786—1837) who, after ostensibly converting to Christianity, assimilating, and renaming himself Ludwig Börne, struggled to understand why Germans insisted on seeing him as a Jew.

Börne’s lament is a classic of failed Jewish crypsis, and one of my personal favorites. Looking back, one wonders how Börne could ever be surprised. The reasons of the Germans were surely not that difficult to surmise. Börne was an acerbic ethnic activist who used his journalism to pour sarcastic scorn on German Romanticism and folk nationality that he clearly feared and despised. He was a key figure in the Junges Deustchland (Young Germany) movement, a social reform and literary movement in nineteenth-century Germany (c.1830—50), influenced by French revolutionary ideas, which acted as a vehicle for culturally hostile Jewish ideas and opposed the German Romanticism and nationalism then current. Members of Young Germany considered themselves to possess formidable intellectual and literary gifts, and they engaged in a scathing culture of critique. But they failed to inspire much enthusiasm, instead exciting widespread animosity. This is because “Young Germany” was more like “Young Israel,” being intellectually inspired by the Jewish converts Börne and Heinrich Heine, and given a European face by a ‘social justice’ gang of philo-Semites and Leftists who had married Jewish women (e.g., Georg Herwegh). In the words of one Young Germany leader, Karl Gutzkow, “It needed two Jews— Heine and Börne — to overthrow the old ideology and shake all illusions.”[1]Paul Lawrence Rose, German Question/Jewish Question: Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner(Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1990), 173. Many Germans agreed, which resulted in the movement being discussed colloquially as “Young Palestine,” and the banning of many of its publications. When it came to Jewishness, much to Börne’s despair, all thought about it.

This early alliance of Leftists and Jews, each aware of the destructive power and potential of the other, would result in the promotion of Young Germany novels like Wally, die Zweiflerin, (Wally, the Doubter) that attacked marriage and preached “sexual emancipation.” Such activities, now all too familiar to us, marked an initial confluence of interests between Jews and non-Jewish radicals, since both were keen, as Gutzkow put it, to “overthrow the old ideology and shake all illusions.”

We are now almost two centuries removed from the Young Germany-Young Palestine controversy of 1835, and this confluence of perceived interests seems to have sustained the Left-Jewish alliance for almost the entirety of the intervening years. And yet, if recent events are anything to go by, this alliance appears to be fraying at the edges. The main reason for this fraying, I suggest, is that the initial goal of overthrowing the old cultural and political status quo has now been largely achieved. As we progress into a Cultural Marxist endgame, the alliance is being revised by some, and the most radical on the Left are reassessing their erstwhile partners. What are they getting out of this? Who exactly are these people and what are their interests? How valid are their victimhood credentials? Most important has been the apparently novel discovery that far from being among “the oppressed,” Jews are incredibly influential and bear all the hallmarks of an elite. The mask slips and crypsis fails. The resurgence of Börne’s crisis — the lament of failed crypsis — and with it a revision of perceptions of interests, is thus an old/new characteristic of present-day politics.

In both Britain (especially in the Labour Party) and the United States (see the recent panic over Ilhan Omar’s statements on Zionist influence), Jews are currently experiencing quite the political moment. Contemporary Jews, it should be added, are at least a little more entitled to feel surprised at these events than Ludwig Börne. After all, Börne was surprised to be discovered in an era when, in relation to the Jewish Question, “all think about it.” By contrast, today’s Jews have for the most part lived their entire lives in an era where the goyim can be imprisoned in some countries for thinking too much about it. Have Jews been too complacent? There have certainly been recurrent examples where Jews unabashedly assert their influence. These include a now infamous op-ed by Joel Stein on Jewish power in Hollywood,[2] Robert Frank’s triumphalism on the victory of Jews over WASPs,[3] sociologist Earl Raab’s well-known comment from 1993 that Jews took the lead in altering American immigration policy against the bias in favor of Northwestern Europe,[4]MacDonald, Culture of Critique, 246. Amy Dean’s boast in Tikkun that Jews brought America “to the tipping point” on gay marriage, and the widely acknowledged power of the Israel Lobby over U.S. foreign policy.

But Jews have always invested much more heavily in apologetic material and other measures designed to distance themselves from any perception that they may constitute an elite. An excellent example is Jonathan Freedland’s recent piece for The Guardian titled “For 2,000 years we’ve linked Jews to money. It’s why antisemitism is so ingrained.” Freedland is a latter-day Ludwig Börne, a Jew ‘of the Left’ who has attempted to disguise his ethnic interests as a crusade for ‘social justice.’ He has celebrated the demographic decline of White Britons and even penned a novel fantasizing about an assassination of Donald Trump. But it’s a standard feature of Freedland’s journalism for The Guardian that he never discloses his own Jewishness when discussing Israel or anti-Semitism. Note the “we” in the title of his recent piece. He instinctively places himself among the masses, cajoling them into the understanding that “we” have mistreated the poor Jews. “We” need to treat them better. “We” need to see them as the victims they are. “We” need to root out the virus of anti-Semitism. Like Börne, Freedland is the quintessential ethnic activist, artfully employing crypsis while pursuing a very clear program of social, cultural, demographic, and political change against the interests of the native Brits.

Freedland is at least intelligent enough to notice that the issue of money is the Achilles heel of the Left-Jewish alliance. Postmodern socialism may pay mere lip service to issues like wages, preferring instead to “liberate” those with deformed sexual instincts, but its origins in anti-capitalist protest retain at least some significance. The problem here is that the entirety of Jewish history and contemporary Jewish demographics more or less exclude Jews from any claim to genuine affinity with the working masses in these matters — for the very good reason that their activism has generally been utterly opposed to the interests of the native (White) working classes throughout the West, as indicated by the shift in leftist parties (e.g., Democrats in the U.S., Labour in the U.K.) from championing working-class interests to importing new peoples and promoting multiculturalism.

Jews are thus forced to present themselves as a very special category of victim. Of course, they respond to this opportunity with gusto, presenting themselves as the most special category of victim. In order to sustain this quite preposterous position, Jewish propagandists like Freedland have become masters of rhetorical inversion. If Jews are arch capitalists, then they reappear in the apologetic literature as the vanguard of the proletariat. If they are accused of being more loyal to Israel or each other, they reappear in apologetic literature as the ultimate patriots defending American, British, or European ‘values’ against a foreign-inspired ‘hate.’ And, as Freedland’s example demonstrates, if Jews have a demonstrably destructive and exploitative special relationship with money, then they reappear in the apologetic literature as the ultimate victim of money, or at least the concept of money.

Jonathan Freedland: A Creature of Habit
Jonathan Freedland: A Creature of Habit

In my previous essay, a review of Paul Hanebrink’s Harvard-published The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, I noted:

The increase in apologetic propaganda activity in relation to Judeo-Bolshevism is no accident. Clearly Jews have been disturbed by the exponential growth in discussion of cultural Marxism over the last ten years. Although “cultural Marxism” is a different label from “Judeo-Bolshevism,” the curious will not need to investigate the former for long before they are confronted with the multitude of facts relating to the latter. Discussion and awareness of cultural Marxism is growing, and when cultural Marxism is discussed by figures like Tucker Carlson and (much as I dislike him) Jordan Peterson, millions are set on a path that features such landmarks as the Frankfurt School, the massacres of Béla Kun, and the Holodomor. Not everyone will reach those landmarks, but many will, and this is deeply concerning to those seeking to maintain control of the narrative. And so, it is entirely predictable that the establishment machine would stagger into motion, producing material intended to distance Jews from Marxism, and especially from any idea that there have been strong historic links between the two.

Just as Jews have felt the encroachment of a potentially dangerous discourse from the Right and reacted accordingly, the same machinery is also in operation to cope with discourse emanating from the Left. Thus, just as the last 18 months has witnessed the publication of books like The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, we have also witnessed the publication of texts like Julie Mell’s The Myth of the Medieval Jewish Moneylender (Palgrave, 2017). Equally ridiculous, the rhetorical strategies employed in each are absolutely identical. While Hanebrink makes it clear in his book that “the purpose of studying the Judeo-Bolshevik myth must be not to determine how true it is, [p.5]” Mell writes “this book is not a book about Jewish economic life per se. It is a study of the historical narrative of the Jewish economic function. [p.10]” In both cases, the authors provide provocative titles that are simply not supported by the content of the book — content that strenuously evades any confrontation with facts and statistics. Instead, these authors indulge in tenuous, crass philo-Semitic propaganda that pushes the weak but familiar narrative that historical anti-Semitism is the product of spontaneous irrationality. Perhaps the only useful element of Mell’s text is that she concedes that the idea that Jews were “forced” to become moneylenders is a myth, and she acknowledges the desire for profits and influence among Jewish moneylenders. Most importantly, she asserts that the “forced” meta-narrative is “not simply an academic historical narrative but a cultural memory. It shapes Jewish self-understanding. [p.7]”

Much as Mell’s book is a more or less typical offering of mainstream pro-Jewish historiography, I welcome any mainstream academic recognition of the fact that Jews are beholden to myths about themselves, and this one is crucial.

Jonathan Freedland is clearly beholden to all manner of such self-deceptions. He worries that “from Judas to Shylock, Jews have been blamed for the evils of profit and capitalism. To some leftists, that story still appeals.” A major problem that Jews like Freedland are experiencing with the Left is that, unlike with targets on the Right, the pejorative use of the term “anti-Semitism” has had very little traction in stemming the tide of criticism levelled at Jews and their special interest lobbies. The emerging terminology, intended to replace “anti-Semitism,” that is now coming notably into fashion among Jews active in Leftist Jewish apologetics (and features strongly in Freedland’s piece) is “anti-Jewish racism” — the goal being to influence the discourse by trying to shame self-styled “anti-racists.”

Thus Freedland’s remark that “anti-Jewish racism might exert a particular appeal to some on the left — even, paradoxically enough, those who might otherwise proudly regard themselves as anti-racists.” Jews have therefore been forced to pursue two discursive apologetic strategies: the old one geared against criticism from the Right in which Jews present themselves as unique victims of a unique hatred, and a more novel strategy geared towards the Left (where the contest for victimhood credentials is particularly fierce) in which Jews must depend on the cryptic strategy of presenting themselves as victims of a more generic racism.

How successful this strategy will be remains to be seen. Perhaps the bigger worry for Jews is the growing anti-elite discourse that cuts across the political spectrum. Freedland writes:

Labour has embraced a form of left populism that “tends to present the very real failings of modern capitalism not as a matter of anything systemic, but as the work of a small group of people who are ruining things for the rest.” Such thinking immediately invites a question: who, exactly, are these people who have wrought such havoc? Who makes up this wicked cabal? Antisemitism is there to provide an answer, the same answer it has provided for so long and in so many places: the Jews. That Momentum recently felt the need to produce a video urging its members not to be seduced by the age-old conspiracy theory that the Rothschilds secretly rule the world confirms that a certain kind of leftist — one who blames capitalism’s deformities on evil individuals, rather than structures — can be susceptible to the lure of antisemitism. But that should scarcely come as a shock, especially in the western societies of Christian Europe, including — perhaps especially — Britain. For in these societies capitalism — money — has always been linked to, even deemed synonymous with, Jews.

As a corrective, Freedland suggests that leftists visit an exhibit opening on March 19 at the Jewish Museum London called “Jews, Money, Myth,” as well as consult Trials of the Diaspora by Anthony Julius — described by Freedland as “the definitive history of English antisemitism.” Trials of the Diaspora, as I demonstrated more than six years ago in the course of a 10,000 word dissection, is in fact a vast tapestry of psychoanalysis, misrepresentation, and outright lies. Aside from a prescription for a course in such stellar examples of Jewish propaganda, what screams out from the page is the classic Jewish fear of masses angry at the reality that Jews form an integral and essential component of the elite throughout the West — an elite that is using its very large influence against the interests of European descended peoples.

For all their pretensions in the past to sympathy with the “proletariat,” Jews have always been deeply suspicious of “the people.” Historically, Jewish strategies in Europe have consisted of very close alliances with the native elite, and sometimes even intermarriage with them. Jewish security has to a large extent been determined by very strong central governments that exert high levels of control over the population. This was the case from at least the ninth century (see the example of Agobard of Lyon) through the era of the hofjuden in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and into the present with strident Jewish demands for gun control and legislation against free speech. The Jewish sense of security is simply inseparable from big government and a cowed populace.

Historical instances in which Jews have appeared to be on the side of “the people” are largely illusory, the Bolshevik revolution being an excellent example. Almost no socialist utopian ideals were achieved by the coup, with the masses being either starved to death or forced to continue working in factories as wage labor. The most significant change other than mass death and repressive legislation was the targeted removal of the Russian upper class and other elements of the population long perceived as irredeemably hostile to Jews, and the near annihilation of organized Russian Christianity. The language of Bolshevism and Marxism used by Freedland may be replete with talk of capitalist “structures,” but their polemics invariably invoke “evil individuals” whether they are the abstract “bourgeois” or the targeted kulak. The growing popularity of the term “populist,” itself rapidly becoming a pejorative, is indicative of yet more terminology targeting the real masses as opposed to a shackled, gagged, and obedient “proletariat.” And of course, whether these forces were targeting the “bourgeois” or the kulak, the result was always the same — the mass murder of Europeans by a strong centralized government in which Jews constituted an elite hostile to the Russian people and in which Jews occupied conspicuous positions in the apparatus of mass murder.

Behind Freedland’s talk of “structures” we see a very personal agenda against those he perceives to be “evil individuals.” This is the same man who views the decline of White Britain as, in his own words, a “triumph.” This is the same man who felt compelled to write an entire novel of his fantasy that Trump the “populist” would be assassinated. How many other “populists” would Freedland like to see assassinated? In the eyes of Jews, populism commits the dual sin of defining a people and defining an elite. Both endeavors are potentially catastrophic to Jewish interests. As with Ludwig Börne, Jews have an instinctive fear of being considered Jews, and therefore that the masses may not think of Jews as being “of the people.”

A useful example in this regard is the panic that ensued in June 2018 when the populist Bjorn Soder declared that Jews were not Swedes . All of the fallout over Ilhan Omar’s comments on Zionist influence, as well as the civil war in the Labour Party in Britain, is essentially about the struggle to define Jews as members of the elite. Indeed, many of the most radical leftists have been very open and vocal in asserting that Jews are an extremely powerful elite, and perhaps the most powerful elite. Labour Party member Kayla Libby’s controversial tweet depicting an alien Jewish/Israeli parasite fixed to the face of the Statue of Liberty is probably the best recent example.

The recent deluge in material attempting to explain “myths” about Jewish communism and Jewish capitalism (Freedland has also written about the “mythology of the ‘Israel Lobby’) should be seen as part of the Jewish effort to evade description as an elite and maintain crypsis — despite incontrovertible evidence that Jews constituted an elite within Bolshevism, have always constituted an elite within European finance capitalism, and that the contemporary Israel Lobby is one of the most well-funded and influential players in Western politics. Moreover, it is nothing short of miraculous that it should have taken this long for the cracks to begin to appear in the mask of Jews on the Left.

Even just taking the issue of money, the picture is staggering. Britain’s most notorious businessman is, after all, the Jewish Philip Green. Jews utterly dominate the contemporary exploitative payday loan industry. Israel is the global capital of the online gambling industry, but prohibits its own citizens from falling prey to it. And the 2008 financial crisis was largely precipitated by sub-prime mortgage lenders, the most predatory of which were Quicken Loans and Ameriquest, owned and operated by the Jews Daniel Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Ron Berman, Lindsay Gross, and Roland Arnall. It was Arnall, whose companies were ultimately responsible for almost $75 billion in bad sub-prime loans, who originated the “stated income loan,” often called “liar loans,” because they were loans given without verification of income — a massive factor in causing the global crash.

Jonathan Freedland worries that growing populism on the Left “tends to present the very real failings of modern capitalism not as a matter of anything systemic, but as the work of a small group of people who are ruining things for the rest.” He should be worried.

The facts about Jews and money and about Zionism in Western politics aren’t going to go away, no matter how much effort is expended on apologetic propaganda. And the discontents of the hostile elite are equally likely to persist. The problem, to paraphrase Ludwig Börne, is that some are accusing the Jews; some are excusing the Jews; and some are even praising the Jews. But all are thinking about them.


[1] Paul Lawrence Rose, German Question/Jewish Question: Revolutionary Antisemitism in Germany from Kant to Wagner(Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1990), 173.



[4] MacDonald, Culture of Critique, 246.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Jews 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the excellent article, Sir. You make great points.

    If you read what they write very carefully, the lies they tell, the twisted logic they use, this fact becomes very obvious–that they are deranged. Eg. we offered peace to the Palis, but they won’t agree (while killing their kids and stealing their land). Or: Immigration is good for USA (so why don’t you take them to Israel?). Or “we are chosen”. Here is one showing off his mental illness:

    That is why they are impervious to facts and logic, as their mental illness gets in the way.

  2. Anonymous[335] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. The goyim know and there’s no turning back. The fact that the tribe is switching tactics and becoming more oppressive and censorious is actually encouraging. It’s classic desperation when the soft, deceptive modes of control no longer work.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  3. Andrew Joyce is one of the best current writers on the JP,

    and the issue of Jewish crypsis, both ideational and physical,

    is an important one. You can sharpen your Jewdar @

    the Type IV (cryptic) specimens are particularly instructive.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @jacques sheete
    , @DFH
  4. @Rational

    “…their mental illness gets in the way.”
    As much as I sympathize with this perception, I think it should be avoided.
    Yes, there is a sense that Jewish elites are sociopaths: ruthless, exploitative & with zero empathy for goys.
    However, they’re also hyper-calculating. Their “success” is the outcome of cold deliberation.
    Also, mental illness offers further opportunities to elaborate another version of “victim hood”.
    On another note: the author’s concept of “crypsis” here is simply inspired.

    • Replies: @Wally
  5. “it’s a standard feature of Freedland’s journalism for The Guardian that he never discloses his own Jewishness when discussing Israel or anti-Semitism”

    But he does when comparing “minority communities” with the poor benighted Brits.

    “Perhaps my own experience as a member of Britain’s Jewish community has skewed my perspective, but I’d suggest that the very qualities Goodhart most admires among the Somewheres – including neighbourliness, trust and a sense of shared destiny – are to be found in Britain’s minorities.”

    He’s technically right, but the problem is that when “neighbourliness, trust and a sense of shared destiny” are only shared between members of each distinct minority community, that’s not a recipe for ‘social cohesion’ – a phrase once popular with our rulers which seems to have vanished from the lexicon – I guess because there haven’t been any riots in a whole seven years.

  6. So apparently this new Jewish gambit is: “Yeah, we did that. But what kind of anti-semite are you to think it matters that we did it?”

    • Agree: Wally
  7. Wally says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Said by the same Haxo Angmark who described those here who do not Believe in the ridiculous & simply impossible “holocaust” narrative as being “autistic”.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  8. Wally says:

    Jew mental illnesses which are obvious.

    Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia
    Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.

    Does the strong Jew tendency towards mental illness assist in their ‘holocaust’: fantasies?:

    • Replies: @neutral
  9. renfro says:

    Historically, Jewish strategies in Europe have consisted of very close alliances with the native elite, and sometimes even intermarriage with them.

    It appears Jews seek to marry into political families….lots of examples in congress, Harry Reid, etc. and in presidential candidates—-Hillary’s Jewish son in law, Biden’s Jewish wife, etc..

    • Replies: @sarz
  10. renfro says:

    Thanks for the excellent article, Sir. You make great points


  11. Dr. Joyce,

    Familiar with your work from TOO. You write concise, well-supported pieces, difficult to refute on any factual bases.

    Thank you for your continued edification of those of us striving to comprehend the cancer in our midst.


    • Agree: mark green
  12. Replenish says:

    This article ignores the powerful banking institutions in Japan and Singapore, and now rising in China. Further, Germany is the banking capitol of mainland Europe, not to mention Saudi Arabia and their significant wealth. Focusing on one ethnicity is too simplistic, and ignores the emerging threats of Chinese elites. The Han Chinese think they are natures gift to humanity, and actively suppress other nationalities in China.

    If you want to deal with the threat from China, we need more White babies, pure and simple. We need to bring back White Polygamy. Kody Brown is doing great things for Western Civilization simply by having 18 children in a cohesive, supportive family.

  13. neutral says:

    In the past the judeo-bolsheviks and the judeo-capitalists oppressed whites in the name of the worker or in the name of “freedom”. Now it is even worse, they don’t even pretend any more, it is now increasingly criminal everywhere to speak out against Israel and the jew, the censorship power and their global reach makes Stalin look tame in comparison.

    Theirs is truly a global totalitarian ideology, which is why they pushing so hard to eliminate China, Russia, Iran, etc, there can be no independent entity in the world any more. The push for the so called “globo homo” (just more polite way of saying jewish rule) is in full swing, whites everywhere are going increasingly suffer under ever greater tyranny.

  14. SafeNow says:

    The “talking gene” seems to surmount most criticism. Pundits, editors and columnists, academics, lawyers, therapists.

  15. The author & most commenters are, pure & simply- nuts.

    They think in terms of conspiracy theories which are, with a few exceptions, marginal. Boerne, then various German Jews like Heine & others were simply trying to integrate and enrich German society & culture which they’d been fascinated with.

    In Joyce’s world, I suppose, the Renaissance started something like that: Florentian banksters Medicis, essentially pagans & subversives, tried to overthrow medieval Christian order by setting into motion Giotto, Dante, Boccaccio..then Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Machiavelli & others.

    We’re gonna have fun! We’ll destroy Christianity & create the Renaissance! We’ll infect pious Northern dummies with the allure of Greco-Roman sex appeal, moral relativism & beauty!


    Whatta plan.

  16. Anyone or any government suppressing the free exchange of ideas–no matter how repulsive–is an enemy of humanity.

  17. Anon435 says:

    Excellent article.

  18. mcohen says:

    The author Andrew Joyce states

    “A useful example in this regard is the panic that ensued in June 2018 when the populist Bjorn Soder declared that Jews were not Swedes”

    There is this article……

    (JTA) – The Sweden Democrats, a right-wing populist party, submitted a draft motion urging their government to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognize the city as Israel’s capital.

    Bjorn Soder, a former leader and current lawmaker for the Sweden Democrats, submitted the draft motion to the Riksdag, or parliament, on Thursday. It would be read as a nonbinding resolution.

    Hmmm I wonder about unzreview sometimes.Right wing,left wing all the same at KFC…..

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  19. Jake says:

    “This early alliance of Leftists and Jews, each aware of the destructive power and potential of the other, …”

    That sentence could be the most important written in a thorough history of the Reformation.

    Without the Reformation, you cannot have the anti-Christendom Enlightenment – that is a way to make sense of how and why Voltaire, who would have been happy to exterminate the Catholic Church, was an ardent Anglophile who found much good in the way Anglicanism served as a faux-conservative vehicle for social order that advanced the cultural and political causes near and dear to him. It is the same reason that Voltaire loved the Prussia of gay atheist Frederick the Great, who used his powers to infect the Germanies with as much Enlightenment thought as he could.

    Without the Enlightenment, you cannot have the 19th century movements across Europe that sowed the seeds of violent revolution steeped in genocidal hatred for everything cultural that had strong roots in pre-Reformation Europe.

    WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    • Agree: Moi, Alden
    • Disagree: Rogue
    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Svigor
  20. I notice a lot of social-justice warriors of Christian extraction, determined to shake up an old social order via mockery, even though the Established set of Christain social mores were long ago vanquished. They are not married to Jews. Many aren’t married at all. Many Americans are late middle-aged by an optimistic definition, and over our entire lifetime, the old social mores were in an advanced state of fading. So, in the 21st century, it is just BS, the attempt to challenge the old, white, Christian cultural mores. It is is a rebellion against nothing, a fake rebellion put out there as an attempt to prevent the bottom 80% from rebelling against the widespread economic strangulation.

    It is not just the so-called “white working class,” a group that has more and less prosperous members. A plumber is labeled working class, and is more often than not white and Christain, but is much more economically secure than most white, Christian college grads in this labor market. The attempt to isolate the white working class, helping them to develop a “class consciousness,” is useful as a political tool, in so much as they can be persuaded to put the economic part aside, focusing on the ways that the cultural displacement affects them.

    Social-justice warriors speed up this process of distracting the bottom 80% from seeing how short their end of economic stick really is. One of their best tricks is the bold, brave, radical denigrating of the long ago put-out-to-pasture traditional, white culture, while glorifying every nook and cranny of minority cultures, going to great effort to praise things that, umm, might be subject to harsh criticism in a non-fake cultural assessment. The fakery of social-justice Warriors stirs enough emotion in economically-screwed quarters of the bottom 80% to provide the desired alliances to keep intact the strange crew of multicultural bedfellows (including Christians). The Economic Establishment stretches accros both parties in the USA, making it impossible to vote them out of office.

  21. Moi says:

    You only have to look at the lies they tell about the founding of Israel and its short history to know something is wrong with these people.

  22. Mulegino1 says:

    The Jewish problem involves the embrace of the Jewish identity. No one would expect the Jew to reject his ethnic, racial or religious origins since these are beyond his control to alter. What must be explicitly rejected is the Jewish identity, because it, in itself, is characterized by an enmity to nature, truth, goodness and greater humanity. International Jewry is a mailed fist of hatred directed at the whole world outside the reach of the Sanhedrin.

    As the great Codreanu observed, Jews thrive in the swamp of our sins- sins, I would say, which they direct their energies to multiplying and magnifying.

    Antisemitism is not a hatred born of irrationality or bigotry, but the healthy immunological response of a culture or society that is awake and flourishing.

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  23. “anti-Jewish racism” — the goal being to influence the discourse by trying to shame self-styled “anti-racists.”

    “But there are two types of racism. One is singling out members of a minority. The other is not singling out members of a minority.”
    (Blaise Thompson, Co-opting Covington, Culture Wars Magazine, March 2019)

    The Left will have to choose: it can eschew racism or it can accept Freedland’s recipe for enabling it.
    Racism, thy name is avoidance of Jewish censure.

  24. @Rational

    I dont like Jews but I lyke anieone who wood use’a wurd like crypsis evun lest.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  25. neutral says:

    All myths have a grain of truth to them, the jews have Abraham hearing voices in his head telling him to kill his child, you have countless other stories of all kinds of disturbing behaviour.

    The origin of the jew clearly started with a clan of people that was full of psychopaths, sadly they manage to breed and through a number of unfortunate historical accidents have unleashed their mental pathology on to the rest of the world.

  26. Rich says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I think you must live in an ethnically pure country to not understand how some ethnics work together to better their group. It would be against human nature for Jews to not work together within their group to prosper. Trying to “enrich” someone else’s culture actually means trying to change that culture and it would be reasonable for many within that culture to object. Germans are allowed to want to be German, Italians to be Italian, etc.. No nation needs a minority’s opinion of “enrichment “.

  27. Mulegino1 says:

    Any society or culture that does not have any safeguards to block the inroads of Jewish power and influence (the US is a powerful example of this) is moribund.

  28. Agent76 says:

    Mar 9, 2019 AIPAC’s Open Secret, Exposed by Ilhan Omar

    November 23, 2018 Evacuation of 700 Palestinians from their Homes in Occupied

    East Jerusalem Approved by Israeli Court The eviction efforts are a clear manifestation of Israel’s policies toward Palestinians living in Jerusalem.

    Nov 3, 2018 The Lobby – USA, episode 1

    The Covert War. This video is posted here for news reporting purposes.

  29. @joeshittheragman

    I had to look it up but had to accept that, rather than being pretentious it is quite clevetly – and neatly – tendentious.

  30. @Rich

    I think it possible that what has been overlooked that Jews in the early 19th century, especially West of Poland, were almost necessary products of the Enlightenment which, in its various manifestations was always challenging to many aspects of traditional cultures.

    • Replies: @James Forrestal
  31. @Rich

    I live in (mostly) ethnically pure country where organized Jewry, i.e. their political-religious-cultural establishment is-trash. There are a few individuals from that community, say, 5-10 who are always complaining, blackmailing, whining, bullying…and generally boring everyone to death.


    There are way more people of Jewish ancestry, 50% or 100%, who are very nationally oriented, being prominent members of our society & enriching our national culture & being.

    So, while I despise the 1st class & don’t care about them, I see that most “Jews” are either regular or productive individuals at all levels. There is nothing sinister nor subversive about them- even organized Jewry is not more than something irritating & ultimately boring (and they represent not more than 5% of all “Jews” here).

    All those tales about some grand Jewish subversion schemes are hogwash.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
    , @Rich
    , @Alden
  32. @Haxo Angmark

    No wonder they hate themselves and everyone else.

    You do realize, don’t you , that we cannot unsee those monstrosities, thank you very much!!

    Heaven help us.

  33. sarz says:

    …Biden’s Jewish wife…

    That’s not all that’s Jewish about Biden. Some years ago the now-disappeared anti-Jewish website carried an article about Biden voting in the Iraqi election or referendum organized by the Americans after the conquest. Iraqi non-citizens were allowed to vote if they could demonstrate their Iraqi origin. There were several nice photos of Biden, one showing his finger with its non-removable purple stain to keep him from voting a second time, and one of him holding his grandfather’s Torah that showed he was from Baghdad. The photos were from CNN’s coverage of the touching event.

    Not only have all traces of judicial-inc and its webmaster disappeared, so too has all mention of Biden’s vote in Iraq, from all search engines as far as I have queried.

    I mentioned the item on Mondoweiss when Biden was first seeking the vice-presidency. Someone smugly remarked that could not be the case because his mother was of English origin and his father Irish. It seemed to be a prepared remark. And one Eric Walberg, a supposedly anti-zionist Canadian Jew who resided in Alexandria and wrote for al Ahram where he liked to be photographed smiling benignly with natives, remarked, But where’s the proof? I guess the link to judicial-inc and its nice CNN photos was not enough. Maybe he wanted something like Biden’s purple fingerprint in physical format along with the grandfather’s Torah.

    If someone could get the stuff using internet archives, that would be nice.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  34. Mulegino1 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Pretty much all those tales about Jewish intellect, Jewish genius, and Jewish contributions to society are hogwash, as you put it. The truth is, they piggyback upon all great host cultures, while contributing almost nothing new or great, and nothing which their astute contemporaries in the non-Jewish world would not have contributed in far greater measure. Their presence- as a collective- is invariably an irritant and toxic to their host society. The world of Christendom would be far better served had they never intruded.

    The Jews define themselves by rejection (of Christ), and therefore, of beauty, nature and truth. How can they, as a collective, make a positive contribution to any society or culture? The simple answer is, they cannot.

  35. Sean says:

    Aside from a prescription for a course in such stellar examples of Jewish propaganda, what screams out from the page is the classic Jewish fear of masses angry at the reality that Jews form an integral and essential component of the elite throughout the West — an elite that is using its very large influence against the interests of European descended peoples.

    A component of the elite throughout the West, yes. But the elite are hardly being forced to do anything against their own interests

  36. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Why should twisted Jewish globalist logic in UK surprise us? Jews berating whites for not being welcoming of Muslims, but when whites do side with Muslims, whites are berated as ‘anti-Semites’.

    But it’s part of a pattern of general craziness.

    In our crazy world, a man who says he is a ‘woman’ has ‘properly gendered’ himself. But if you say he is still a man, you have ‘misgendered’ him.

    Imagine if a guy calls his dog a ‘cat’, and we have to believe he properly ‘specied’ his pet. And if someone corrects him and says his dog is still a dog, he has ‘mis-specied’ the creature.

    Crazy? What an upside down world. The British used to be known for precision in empiricism. Now, they’re all about exactitude of correctness(as defined by the Big Think of Jewish Globalists).

  37. @Mulegino1

    Antisemitism is not a hatred born of irrationality or bigotry, but the healthy immunological response of a culture or society that is awake and flourishing.

    worth, at very least, a post-it note in a time capsule somewhere.

  38. The Rabbinical Jews of today (who, compared with the Hebrews of the Old Testament, are ethnically and ideologically a people apart) are a creation of the Magian culture which began roughly around the year 0 AD, and reached it’s final, ossified, “civilized” form a thousand years later.

    The Faustian culture (i.e. the culture of the West) was born in the Gothic springtime around the year 1000 AD and is even now reaching its own final, ossified, “civilized” form. Once a culture attains to the crystalline apex of civilization, no further organic development is possible. It produces a frozen state of society, the upper crust of which has now become so completely urbanized, so completely dominated by abstract values, abstract thought, and abstract money that it can survive in no other environment save the artificial world of the city (or in the absence of cities, the somewhat sheltered environment of the nobleman’s court).

    The Jews have been living in this condition for a thousand years longer than the peoples of the West. With the cool superiority of age, they skillfully insinuated themselves into the upper echelons of society as “advisers,” money-lenders, teachers and lawyers, choosing the easy and comfortable spots for themselves, pursuing a sort of self-interest defined less by tribal cohesion or virility than by an intellectual consensus framed entirely in terms of practical considerations, eschewing any reference to faith or metaphysics or values that cannot be spelled out in terms of money. The Jews are not a tribe but an anti-tribe, the natural enemies of every tribe and every faith, the “goyim” whom they regard as easily manipulable children.

    In centuries past, this characteristic Jewish behavior was rightly seen as predatory inasmuch as it took advantage of the naivete, the passions, and the vices of the much younger and less sophisticated Western peoples. This is what gave rise to the historical “anti-Semitism” which took the form of ghettos, expulsions, and pogroms; it was a reaction against Jewish exploitation and a struggle to preserve an authentic identity.

    But now that kind of anti-Semitism is out of date. Now that our own Western elites have moved into the same civilized condition that the Jews have hitherto occupied for centuries, it is no surprise that an alliance exists between them on all practical questions. The Jewry in our midst is fated to simply dissolve into our own elite, which will then carry on in very much the same manner that the Jews of the past always did, until the coming of the Caesarian epoch which will make an end of the abstract, urban, elite values.

    At that point there will no longer be a “Jewish question.” The history of the Jews among us will be concluded.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
    , @dube
  39. @Mulegino1

    I don’t see what this all has to do with Christ & Jewish supremacism (or their tribalism).

    I understand that globalist, Judaist Jews can be annoying & pain in the @ss, but most people commenting here just hate, hate, hate …this ethnic-cultural group in a vile dehumanizing manner.

    This is unacceptable.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
    , @Saggy
    , @Wally
  40. Another ringer from Andrew Joyce! Keep ’em comin’ …

    Freedland is a latter-day Ludwig Börne, a Jew ‘of the Left’ who has attempted to disguise his ethnic interests as a crusade for ‘social justice.’ … Like Börne, Freedland is the quintessential ethnic activist, artfully employing crypsis while pursuing a very clear program of social, cultural, demographic, and political change against the interests of the native Brits.

    Well, employing failed crypsis, perhaps. Did anyone ever think Freedland was anything but Jewish? The Grauniad seems to breed these failed crypsis types. Another good example would Nick Cohen, who had himself a little Jewish coming-out party a few years ago: Because he’s an avowed atheist and his mother was goy, he wants us to believe that he didn’t really feel Jewish all those years, until about 2016 when he was suddenly compelled to show solidarity with all those poor, British Jews being oppressed by Jeremy Corbyn!

    “Labour has embraced a form of left populism that ‘tends to present the very real failings of modern capitalism not as a matter of anything systemic, but as the work of a small group of people who are ruining things for the rest.’”

    So the next time some Jew advocates scrapping the Second Amendment, just patiently explain to him that guns don’t kill people, abstract theories kill people!

  41. Mulegino1 says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    In centuries past, this characteristic Jewish behavior was rightly seen as predatory inasmuch as it took advantage of the naivete, the passions, and the vices of the much younger and less sophisticated Western peoples. This is what gave rise to the historical “anti-Semitism” which took the form of ghettos, expulsions, and pogroms; it was a reaction against Jewish exploitation and a struggle to preserve an authentic identity.

    This is still the case. Nothing has changed. Those of the culture bearing strata are fully aware of the Jews and their subversive nature. Less than a hundred years do not erase the fact that our own greatest men-Hitler, Codreanu, Degrelle, etc- were right. The Faustian culture is again asserting itself, and will soon be Judenfrei.

  42. @Mulegino1

    Fran Taubman went crazy when it was suggested that WWII was a vast exercise in “Jews killing Jews.”

    Jonathan Revusky did 75% of a good job in attempting to re-educate Taubman (who, nevertheless, remains resistant to reason), but he was too literal in his attempt at explaining away that “Jews killed Jews.”

    Revusky said:

    Well, when you dive into the real history, you learn things that are not very nice, that obviously were airbrushed out of the history. There were, apparently, rival gangs in the camps and actually, for all this talk of a “Jewish people”, Polish Jews, Romanian Jews, German Jews…. they didn’t necessarily have that much affinity for one another. So there probably were some killings that took place between rival groups, some of whom were criminals in their own countries before all this.

    But all the above said, I’ve never heard the narrative that Jews killing other Jews in the camps (though there were surely some cases) constituted any significant part of the deaths. I don’t know who told you that.

    Grace Poole said that to Fran Taubman, and Grace Poole stands by it.
    The claim is relevant to Mulegino 1’s assertion that

    “Pretty much all those tales about Jewish intellect, Jewish genius, and Jewish contributions to society are hogwash.”

    While I agree with the “hogwash” epithet, and also with the claim that “they piggyback upon all great host cultures, “ imo it’s also informative to think about the intellectual as well as physical state of Jewry BEFORE the World Wars, and the same state AFTER the world wars.

    a. Before the world wars, particularly in the era when zionism was just emerging, especially among Russian Jews in the Haskalah movement (late 1800s), Jews in Eastern Europe had experienced a massive population explosion. The Jewish practice of endogamy that created that population bubble resulted in some of the deformities that are markers of in=breeding: for example, M J Rosenberg’s slurry speech suggests cleft palate.

    Vladimir Jabotinsky was repulsed when he saw the degenerated state of “my people” in Hungary and Galicia.

    According to Max Nordau, Jews were “Degenerated”, deformed in body and weak in mind and soul. Nordau, a physician and psychiatrist, was steeped in anxiety over the degraded state of the Jewish “herd” just at the time that Theodor Herzl, himself a psychological basket-case, harangued Nordau into collaborating on Der Judenstaat, and convinced him that Zionism was the solution to the problem.

    b. Arthur Ruppin, an award-winning eugenicist, “produced” the framework for “Hebrew culture in Palestine,” and also set the guidelines for the “human material” necessary to build the “new Jew” that would populate Nordau-Herzl’s Zionist utopia.

    As Bloom notes in the linked work, several groups of Eastern European Jews who had made aliyeh under Ruppin’s guidelines, had to be sent back because they did not measure up to expectations and the demands of creating “the new Jew.”

    As mentioned to Fran Taubman, Jews who failed to successfully settle in Biro Bijan would, obviously, have been rejected under Ruppin’s parameters for “human material” for “the new Jew.”

    So what happened to all of those surplus Jews, the product of a population bubble?

    How did Jewry get from overpopulation and “degenerate” and “emmiserated” in the pre-war years to “super-Jew” in the post-war years?

    c. Revusky is correct: only a few Jews would have died as a result of intra-Jewish inter-ethnic tensions. The major zionist leaders — Brandeis, Rabbi Wise, even Ben Gurion and perhaps Nordau and Ruppin thought in far grander scale; they began telegraphing this scale of the number of “surplus Jews” who would have to be eliminated as early as 1900 — Unz readers have seen the newspaper clippings.
    What better situation than one of all out war and chaos to bring about the disappearance, killing, genocide, of surplus Jews who did not possess the appropriate “human material” for the “new Jew.”

    d. And so, Brandeis, Wise, Frankfurter, Baruch, and their shabbos goy — American industrialists like Rockefeller; bankers; American Episcopalian clerics; FDR; and heavily indebted British ne’er do wells like Churchill, ginned up a war.

    e. The Levites did not kill ALL of the Hebrews at the foot of Mt Sinai, and Brandeis directed that the “best Jews” — wealthy and skilled German Jews, “all 587,000 of them” should be removed from Germany — removed from the killing field and transferred to Palestine and to USA, the seed-stock of the “new Jew.”

    It is THEY — those Jews and their Anglo henchmen, who started the war that, with their full knowledge, would and did result in the deaths of many thousands of Jews — they are responsible for the deaths of all those Jews, as well as of millions of non-Jewish German, French, Italian, and Polish civilians, also by design, with full intention, planning and fore-knowledge.

    Some of those Jews were killed by Germans, in the prosecution of a war that Jews and Anglos initiated: Germans pulled the trigger — or pressed the lever on the head-basher — but zionist Jews planned the killing and set it in motion.

    f. As well, those zionist leaders knew that blame for the “genocide” of their fellow Jews would have to be deflected: Yahweh told Moses who delegated Levites to kill their fellow Jews at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and the gods of zionism from the hills of Hollywood produced the photos and film reels that pinned the blame for the “genocide” not on their own Jewish brethren, but on Germans.

    That is the step-wise basis for the Ashkenazi Jewish boast of being the smartest in the world: because the herd was culled; the dumb Jews were killed off.

    Prove me wrong on the facts and logic, if you can.

  43. Mulegino1 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I understand that globalist, Judaist Jews can be annoying & pain in the @ss, but most people commenting here just hate, hate, hate …this ethnic-cultural group in a vile dehumanizing manner.

    Do you mean like the Talmudist Jews hate? We Christians of European descent do not hate like that. We are forewarned and forearmed against such hatred. We guard against it. Which is why the Jew must be reigned in- he must be corralled and contained. He (in his tribal incarnation) is inimical to amicability between peoples and inimical to true culture. He hates Christ and the very idea of Christendom.

  44. Saggy says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    people commenting here just hate, hate, hate …this ethnic-cultural group in a vile dehumanizing manner.

    There are any number of valid reasons for hating the Jews. The most egregious is the Jewish religion which posits that the mashiach will arrive, rebuild the Temple, conquer and subjugate all nations of the world, bringing the olam ha ba, or world to come, when all peoples are slaves of the Jews, follow Jewish Noahide, and suffer decapitation for transgression – This is Judaism 101.

    A more proximate reason is that the Jews have involved the US military in wars in the ME that have killed millions of persons, and promise to kill many more.

    Another proximate reason is the thorough trashing of the US national zeitgeist and the Jew sponsored mass immigration into western countries which is destroying them from within.

    My favorite reason is the holohoax, a preposterous and degenerate hoax that is being used to corrupt and destroy western culture. A 12 minute red pill –

    And, here is the litmus test for all those ‘good Jews’ that you know: try to discuss the holohoax with them, 100 of 100 will revert to their base Jewish behavior.

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  45. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I don’t doubt that many jews are sincere in their belief that they are attempting to better the world.

    They have a definite take on things and an unusual desire to upset the established order. I suspect many aren’t even aware of where this urge comes from. I’d compare it to a Protestant Work Ethic… why does it persist?…It’s just there for some people, and deeply embedded. Many jews are simply hostile to White/Christian civilization. I’m sure many see it as no more than a personal outlook (often disguised as a love for the underdog). They’d probably need to do some very, very deep therapy to get at the real root of it all — their Jewish background.

    Kevin MacDonald was on to something with his description of jewish self-deception.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  46. Wally says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    So according to you fighting back “is unacceptable”.

    According to you facts are “hate, hate, hate”.

    According to you Jews never behave “in a vile dehumanizing manner” against gentiles.

    Please tell us specifically what is factually wrong with our debunking of the fake “holocaust”.

    Go ahead, here’s your chance

  47. @Saggy

    There is no statute of limitations to the crimes of murder, mass murder, and genocide.

    If the 24 Unite the Right protesters in Charlottesville are convicted of “inciting to violence” and “crushed” and “financially destroyed” as is the intention of the Jewish lawyers from New York City who are leading the civil suit against them,

    then every Jewish person and organization, and their heirs and beneficiaries who incited to war, and engendered “hate hate hate” of Germans, “Hitlerites” and “Nazis” beginning in 1933 — long before a single hair on a Jewish head was harmed — until this very day, when neither Germany nor Hitler nor any “Nazi” poses any threat whatsoever to any Jewish person — must also be charged with inciting the crime of genocide.

    Louis Brandeis, his heirs, beneficiaries & assigns — Hereby charged with inciting the crime of genocide of German civilians

    Rabbi Stephen Wise, his heirs, beneficiaries & assigns — Hereby charged with inciting the crime of genocide of German civilians

    James Waterman Wise, his heirs, beneficiaries and assigns — Hereby charged with inciting hate and inciting the crime of genocide of German civilians

    Henry Morgenthau, Jr., his heirs, beneficiaries & assigns — Hereby charged with inciting the crime of genocide of German civilians

    Erich Mendelsohn, his heirs, beneficiaries & assigns — Hereby charged with complicity in the crime of genocide of German civilians

    American Jewish Congress — Hereby charged with complicity in and profiting from the crime of genocide of German civilians

    Benzion Netanyahu, his heirs and assigns — Hereby charged with complicity in the crime of genocide

    Benjamin Netanyahu, — Hereby charged with profiting from the crime of genocide of German civilians

    Zionist/Jewish State of Israel — Hereby charged with false accusations of genocide; complicity in the crime of genocide; profiting from the crime of genocide of German civilians

    Anti-Defamation League — Hereby charged with false accusations of genocide; inciting hatred of Germans, National Socialists, etc., among school children and others; profiting from false accusations.

    If this world and western civilization stand for Justice, then the States of Poland, France, Italy, Hungary, and a legion of others would properly join in such suits against the real perpetrators of the crimes of genocide in wars in Europe in the 20th century (as well as subsequent wars, most of which were in pursuit of the same nefarious purpose: the establishment of the zionist Jewish state, Israel, in Palestine).

  48. Anonymous [AKA "Louis N. Proyect"] says:

    Historical instances in which Jews have appeared to be on the side of “the people” are largely illusory, the Bolshevik revolution being an excellent example. Almost no socialist utopian ideals were achieved by the coup, with the masses being either starved to death or forced to continue working in factories as wage labor.

    Such a revelation to see old-fashioned, Henry Ford anti-Semitism framed in terms of old-fashioned, Tory reactionary politics out in the open. Mostly, this website finesses these questions even though it is obvious that beneath it all is the hoary, pro-capitalist ideology that has been around since Marx’s days.

  49. @Wally

    still got your panties all in a bunch about that, dont’cha.

    OK, some of you are merely suffering from Aspergers.

    you and the 27 hits/day that codoh gets.

  50. Che Guava says:

    My god,

    Now we get a moron like Louis Proyect showing up in an Unz comment thread. With people like him showing up, the fun seems to trickle away from the site. Perhaps he could try to write something people want to read, then Mr. Unz could publish it?

    Thanks for an interesting article, Dr. Joyce.

    I am sure that the origin of the image of the facehugger on the big statue has nothing to do with that Kayla who posted it, would bet that anybody who can be bothered to get closer to the origin may greatly embarass her.

    For Americans, I have had a daydream for some time. There is some kind of metal plate defacing France’s gift to the U.S.A. (Statue of Liberty).

    The plate contains some doggerel by one ‘Emma Lazarus’.

    I would suggest questioning its presence and how it got there in the first place, and then campaigning for its removal.

    It sure was not part of the present from France.

    More like an especially unwelcome graffitum.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  51. @Che Guava

    For Americans, I have had a daydream for some time. There is some kind of metal plate defacing France’s gift to the U.S.A. (Statue of Liberty). The plate contains some doggerel by one ‘Emma Lazarus’.

    Doggerel? Why that’s the Zeroth Amendment to the Constitution! We can’t change it; that’s who we are.

    😀 😀 😀

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  52. @Anonymous

    Stick around, Proyect. You might just learn something.

  53. @mcohen

    Nothing to wonder about. Right wing, left wing, conservative, liberal, Republocrat, Demican, – same shit only thicker or thinner in the globalist pile.

  54. Seraphim says:

    What people are slow to understand is that the ‘West’ is the result of Reformation. Before that the western part of Europe was a Christian traditional society, part of the larger Christian civilization, but in which the seeds of anti-tradition planted by Judaizers, were already growing. Renaissance was an attempt to revive the tradition, but it was derailed and eventually suffocated by the Reformation, which immediately started its aggression against the Church and the Christian world-view. Its success in England led to its isolation (properly ‘insulation’) from the European civilization and the developing of a world-view of its own. It hopped to the overseas larger island where it developed the means to continue more effectively its assault against the Church and the remnants of the Christian world view.
    The ‘West’ is actually the Anglosphere and the parts of Europe that it managed to bring under its control.

  55. @Anonymous

    Would Albert Kahn be a sign of Ford’s old-fashioned anti-Semitism?

  56. Rich says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    When the Normans schemed about conquering England, I’m sure all the Normans weren’t in on it. When the English schemed about conquering India, I’m sure every mad dog and Englishman wasn’t in on it. When those wily Dutchmen schemed to buy Manhattan for a couple of gilders worth of jewelry, I’m sure every last wooden shoe wearing Dutchmen didn’t know about it. But, some, the higher ups, did scheme to subvert the peoples they wanted to conquer. Of course it would be ridiculous to say that every last individual with the taint of Jewish blood was a schemer, or in on the scheme, but it would also be ridiculous to believe that some members of such a wealthy and powerful minority never got together with their co-ethnics to make any kind of plan, or scheme, to gain more wealth and/or power.

  57. Uncle Sam says:

    The Jews are in serious trouble. They are aware that the Gentile world is waking up to their shenanigans. They are becoming desperate, as evidenced, among other efforts, by the attempt to have the various American states fire or fine people who are affiliated with or support the anti-Israel economic boycott. A really brazen move on their part. Their strongest effort is directed toward limiting or destroying freedom of speech here in America and Europe in general. Once again, there is a sense of desperation in that effort.

    Beyond that, Israel is potentially in an existential crisis. It has lost its freedom of action, especially in regard to the activities of its air force, the cornerstone of its security. Every time an Israeli war plane takes off from an Israeli air base the Russian S300 and S400 radars capture its takeoff and lock on to it. And even when they do attack targets in Syria their flying bombs and cruise missiles are for the most shot down or fail to reach their targets.

    Moreover, they are really afraid of Hezbollah and Iran, because they know well that both of them can end Israel.

  58. anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @Uncle Sam

    in other words, Iran is to Israel as Hitler was to Bolshevik Russia: the only constraint keeping Jews from destroying the Middle East / Europe.

    We should be praying for the Iranian people to remain strong.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  59. @Uncle Sam

    What will happen is they will drum up another war and bring about the end of days as they call it. Iran will be nothing to them but a matchbox to do it with.

  60. dube says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    A class analysis of land-based feudalism – something like lord, clergy, peasantry – leaves a protected management class open to be filled. It can be stable for a while. So Marx was able to remark that the Jews survived not in spite of history but because of history.

    It affords the calmness of a God’s-eye view, while it lasts.

  61. @Grace Poole

    No problem with your logic but I’m a bit puzzled by many of your facts and where you get them from. Still it has been interesting to read up on Max Nordau (and his daughter) and sample a bit of Etan Bloom’s thesis.

  62. @anonymous

    Let’s all wish Iran a great big Happy Nowruz today!

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  63. Che Guava says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Lolz. A campaign for its removal or obliteration would be very popular.
    Better still, informally sand-blast or remove it.

    What right had she in the first place?

    None at all.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  64. @Wizard of Oz

    I think it possible that what has been overlooked that Jews in the early 19th century, especially West of Poland, were almost necessary products of the Enlightenment…

    To an extent — but mostly indirectly, via the “Jewish Enlightenment”:

  65. @Bardon Kaldian

    Muh “conspiracy theories!”

    Oy vey

    Not that long-discredited semitic canard again. Sad!

    Clearly, when any of the indigenous peoples of Europe exhibit even the slightest degree of in-group preference (or, in the current year, fail to exhibit explicit out-group preference), it’s muh systemic White supreemist racist naziism in action.

    But when members of the most ethnocentric tribe in the world work together to advance their group interests, that’s not in-group preference, it’s… just a cohencidence, goy!

    Uh huh. Sounds legit.

    See also:

    • Agree: mark green
  66. Svigor says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Jewish game is way past its sell-by date. “Muh krazy,” “muh conspiracy theories,” “muh digression,” etc.

    C’mon, Jews, you’re supposed to be clever and creative. Create something clever; the old stuff only works on caved-in heads anymore.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Diogenes Lamplit
  67. Svigor says:

    Yeah, Jewish sincerity ain’t worth much.

  68. Svigor says:

    You have a literal leftist heretic and tool of the Jews at the head of the RCC. Clean up your own back yard, maybe?

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  69. Art says:

    The problem, to paraphrase Ludwig Börne, is that some are accusing the Jews; some are excusing the Jews; and some are even praising the Jews. But all are thinking about them.

    The last thing a Jew wants to hear out of a Gentile’s mouth is “JEW.” The word itself is downbeat.

    Because of the two-thousand-year historical legacy of Jew misdeeds to their neighbors – the word itself congers up negative thoughts and feelings (even the Jews themselves think it – they know the hate and paranoid emotions they have in their hearts for everyone).

    Nothing has changed – the current diaspora Jews and Israelis are adding to the distaste and negative feelings.

    Do No Harm — Art

  70. @Svigor

    No faithful and knowledgeable Catholic takes Francis the Flake the seriously. We disagree over whether to be Sedevacantists or Indultarians, but we know what Tradition is and what is not.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  71. DFH says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    There’s a thin line between genius and madness

  72. Wally says:

    Clever? Not so much.

    If Jews were really so smart they would have conjured up a better, more believable story than their impossibly fake & stupid ‘6,000,000 Jews, 5,000,000 others, & gas chambers’.

    After all, they have been lying about their ‘6,000,000 dead Jews’ since at least 1823.

  73. Wally says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Still waiting for your roof of ‘Nazi gas chambers’.
    Still waiting to see your alleged millions of Jew human remains said to be in known locations.

    Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the ‘holocaust’ storyline is the message.

  74. Che Guava says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Svigor and Intell. Das.

    Francesco is a very odd bird.

    In so many ways. In most of his time in Argentina (and South America in general), he was uncomplainingly serving under the generals.

    I have read in detail on that, but cannot reliably regurgitate the details now.

    Some say he is the Peronist Pope. That may be true. The Peronista have weaved an interesting path there.

    Bergoglio was always keen to support death squads when the Peronistas were out of power.

    I will not finish this post (much more to say). The omissions include support by Bergoglio for the gay agenda, and Mudslime immigration.

    • Troll: BengaliCanadianDude
  75. Che Guava says:

    As my final comment, I think that Franesco is damaged in the brain.

    At the least, he is over-compensating for his complicity in generals-coup-death-squad Argentina with his behaviour!

    At the worst, if anyone here has an interest in such, read the whole statement by Cardinal Vigano.

    After that, read poop Franscesco’s lame replies to it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  76. @Digital Samizdat

    Happy Nowruz, Iran and all earth-dwellers.

    Behold the Star.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  77. Seraphim says:
    @Grace Poole

    “Beholding the Godward-pointing Star, the Magi followed its radiance; and holding it as a lantern, they sought through it the mighty King. And having approached the Unreachable, they rejoiced and cried to Him: Alleluia.
    The sons of the Chaldees saw in the hands of the Virgin Him Who by His hand fashioned man; and sensing Him as Lord, even though He had taken the form of a servant, they hastened with gifts to do homage, and they cried out to her who is blessed:

    Rejoice, Mother of the never-setting Star. Rejoice, Dawn of the mystic Day”.

    Let’s say Grace.

    • Agree: Grace Poole
  78. @sarz

    It is imperative that we all save important pages we find, to local memory. This will serve at least two purposes:
    The records can be reinstated, should THEY remove the evidence as described above, and secondly, we can use those files to reconstruct a peer-to-peer ‘Net, where each personal device acts as file server for access by other devices over local links. You fill your drive with things that matter to you, and wherever you go, any device that can connect with you, can surf your public files. Like carrying your website in your pocket, instead of on a server in California, like I do. Even though I live in Johannesburg, my service provider is subservient to Californy.
    The Internet as we know it, is a military asset, originally usurped by The Bank, sort of accidentally opened for use to the public. The ‘Net can close down at any moment, and all our data will be lost. Note how Google had ‘disappeared’ millions of documents off people’s Google Drive, just because the contents was deemed socially disruptive. Note how Amazon is virtually burning books by the ton. Note how all freedom fighters’ views are becoming unsearchable or just deplatformed.
    Google even ‘disappeared’ scientific treatises and research data while the authors were still working on them! But who saves his life’s work on another man’s server? Here goes three minutes of my life, off to live on some far-off server…

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  79. Che Guava says:
    @paranoid goy

    Indeed, it is an enormous swindle.

    The ‘cloud’ storage’ ofeered by Jewish-run U. S. A.. companies is a joke.

    Jewish-run SNSs are a joke,.

    So, a simple rule is to avoid!

  80. Alden says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    You don’t live in America. Jews weren’t much of a problem until about 1880. Then a ravaging, wild horde of Russian communist Jews invaded from Russia and E Europe.

    The Native American Jews were overwhelmed by the ravaging horde of shell communist. The native Jews either helped the communists or could do nothing to stop them. Whatever.

    By 1920 The shetl Russian communists totally dominated American Judaism and basically declared war on the American White goyim.

    It was a Jew, Sam Untermeyer who blackmailed Wilson into WW1. From then on virtually every detrimental movement has been Jewish created led and enforced.

    Your country’s Jews may be under control. America’s jews are as out of control as the criminal blacks and far, far more destructive.

    Are you Persian or Turkish? I know Persia has its Jews under strict control. They’re free to make a lot of money, but they haven’t been allowed to take over education and the law which were the venues American Jews used to take control. They started with the universities and now they control even the toddlers nursery school stories.

    Off topic

    Illegal alien invaders are now termed asylum seekers not even refugees any more.

  81. Alden says:
    @Che Guava

    Francis is a liberal.
    All liberals are evil and bad
    Therefore Francis is evil and bad

    That’s all.

    He’ll die soon. The art museums the observatory and greatest library in the world will still be there. That’s what I care about. Who cares about theology and God who doesn’t exist anyway

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  82. Che Guava says:


    Is that supposed to be a satire?

    However, I agree. Benedictus standing down from the papacy while living, is not unprecented, but the situation was.

    It is easy to see that Benedictus may have been too frail at the time of his disposal or abdication, but he is still alive, still making lucid statements at times.

  83. The hardest thing for me is to try and keep up some sort of balanced picture, retain sort of equanimity, in the face of all this utter, overwhelming evil.

    have to I keep reminding myself of the general principle of NAXALT, which is surely correct. I have to keep reminding myself of the Jews I’ve known who have been lovely, sparky people. I have to keep reminding myself of the righteous Jews who bravely speak out against the shenanigans (and I don’t even begrudge them the motivation of trying to prevent disaster from befalling their fellows), the Jews who obviously genuinely believe in, and consistently espouse the nice universalist principles that are weapons of destruction in other hands.

    I have to keep reminding myself that in the big picture it’s all just a natural conflict of interest – and a tragedy in the true sense; or a great game on a historical scale, in which both sides often give as good as they get. (For example, Zionism being a perfectly natural reaction of many strongly identified Jews to the assimilationist power of my peoples’ culture in the 19th century.)

    And I search for a way to peg the entire phenomenon in a way that doesn’t “blame all Jews”, that targets specifically, while at the same time maintaining awareness of group/ethnic dimension of the phenomenon. For example, “It’s the Jews!” is too broad; variations of “It’s some specific Jews!” is true but clunky and misses the ethnic dimension; “It’s the Jew”, “It’s organized Jewry”, etc., etc. – all these capture some part of it, but none of them are really adequate.

    But it’s hard not to be angry, not to hate. It’s hard work.

    “Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And in a sense, that’s probably the best overview. One is horrified at the cuckoo nudging the eggs out of the nest, one sympathises with the poor, clueless mother bird who’s had her genetic legacy stolen from her – surely the worst kind of evil in nature. But one reflects that it’s all automatic – and after all, the cuckoo itself is just as clueless. Similarly, much deleterious Jewish activity is evolutionarily-driven automatism, sphexishness, and for many Jews (bar the few who know exactly what they’re doing) they’d probably be just as horrified if the awfulness of what they’re doing were brought home to them. (I’m reminded of Stefan Molyneux’s interview with a Jew in which he highlighted the hypocrisy of “multiculturalism for thee but not for me”- the guy was obviously genuinely perplexed, the cold, hard reality of the situation had never occurred to him even once in his life.)

  84. @Rational

    Oh, they’re crazy alright—crazy like a fox.

    The true insanity is exhibited by those who depend for their salvation from the depredations of these creatures upon adherence to the self-destructive operating-set inscribed upon their golem sublingual scroll by the most treacherous deceiver of them all, jewsus. They foolishly believe they can “pull together” under the influence of those inscriptions to fight those who scrawled them. They are a programmable generalized machine operating on a program which can only lead to their own destruction, not their salvation.

    This onion has more layers than is hoped. To someone not afflicted by religiosity this looks to me like someone suspended over a pit of spikes “in strapado” begging the one who put them in that shituation to cut the rope torturing their rotator cuffs. At least when you’re in agony you know you’re still alive!

    “Out of the frying-pan and into the fire” should be the battle-cry of the extreme alt-right, many of whom are devout jewsusists and who are definitely most-bitterly clinging to their Turin-shroud security blanket.


    Jewsus told the jew oligarchs when called before them to account for his activities that “not one jot or tittle of the law will change until all is done”.

    Can you not picture him also throwing-down some secret hand-sign indicating to his examiners that he’s part of a “deep state” program to which they were not privy but whose ultimate result they would approve vociferously? Most cannot because they are the ones blinded by an intransigent insanity.

    If you can get people to believe that a male was the issue of a “virgin birth” (parthenogenesis is now generally understood to result in the birth of a clone of the female partuitant ), that said virgin-birth issue could be executed and then rise up from the grave alive&well in the flesh and [ finally—save the worst for last ] that one could present himself to St. Peter and mumble “I did everything it says in dietary and other O.T. laws is ‘unclean’ and displeasing to your boss but it’s okay because I’m willing ready and able to allow his ‘only begotten son’ to have been horribly punished for any&all transgressions I myself have willfully and knowingly committed so let me in eh?” and would not be cast head-first into a lake of fire instead by the angry 4-letter-word deity of the synagogue-of-satan ( who cold only be? ) then you have proved such an individual has successfully been driven stark-staring mad.

    Those be the true mad-men. It is said that those the gods decide to destroy are first made mad. Sage wisdom indeed.

    The Xians were sold down the River Jordan long-ago by jewsus and his henchmen.

    Why do you think it was of such great import to the zionist movement that their homeland must be reestablished where the genesis of xianity took place?

    Do you so quickly forget—maybe now a decade ago —when spiral-bound tablets of lead sheets were brought-forth by some Jordanian kid which were thought to be daily doings of early Xians and how they were declared to be the modern-day equivalent-in-import to the Rosetta Stone? Then what was the last you heard of this? It was when the ownership of these tablets was disputed by “an ‘israeli’ Palestinian”. Heard any more about these tablets?

    President G.W. Bush was pushed into derailing the War on Terror to Iraq. Ever since the Carter administration “Bloodsucker” Sharon ( actually Schienermann but that didn’t sound very sephardic, did it? ) had ordered every U.S. President to “get Saddam”. Why? He was obviously no threat to an Irgunistan possessed of the Arsenal of Genocide lodged at Dimona in the Negev Desert. Saddam may have been a brutal despotic tyrant but he was by-no-means “So Damn Insane”. He approached April Glaspie to obtain permission to attack Kuwait for their treacherous slant-drilling of some of his richest low-sulfur crude oil deposits and was told that border disputes between middle-eastern muslim states were of no concern to the U.S. But then look what happened when he acted on what he’d been told. His only insanity would have been to have trusted any word proffered by any representative of this national golem whose very creation was bankrolled by the judeosupremacist oligarchs.

    It’s unfair to refer to this crypsis issue as if it were an exclusively jew phenomenon. In bankrolling “our” revolt against our sovereign payback was wanted to be assured. That translated to the formation of a strong federal Union rather than a confederacy of free states full of free men. So what about the “crypsis” of John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison first publishing their very persuasive arguments for the formation of the strong central form of government ( later published as a pamphlet we know as the Federalist Papers ) first under the pseudonym “Publius”?

    Think you can get away with that sort of thing sending op-ed pieces to any organ of the modern-day jews’media?

    To my knowledge none of these gentlemen were crypsis jews themselves but they apparently had some sort of a reputation among them which would not have been trusted had their true names been known. So they got everyone’s attention for these hollow arguments against a true guarantee of liberty offered by a Confederacy in favor of the not-worth-the-paper-they-were-written-on set of guarantees—subject to being rescinded by amendment or nibbled-away by judislation “from the bench”.

    Why are opponents of TrumpNER so eager to impeach on the specious issues so familiar now to all rather than on the issue of failure to “preserve, protect and defend” that part of our Constitution which is the essential definition of what it is to be a citizen rather than a subject? The 2nd Amendment? TrumpNER’s signature on the Bump-stock Ban was “virtue-signaling”. Now he’s not scratching a line in the detritus of used hypodermic syringes and discarded disposable diapers with his cloven hoof and daring any red-flaggish infringer to cross it. Far from it. And the rush to deprive all of that essential defining “right of the People” was encouraged by TrumpNER’s autograph on the B-S Ban.

    But to base impeachment of this Narcissy-in-Chief on that pretext would be workng @odds with the stated-in-the-article distrust—long exhibited by those with their foretalons up the obama-holes of all meat-puppets of any significance—-for actual power to “The People” referred to in the article.

    It’s interesting the article refers to a fantasy novel about the violent ending of the TrumpNER administration coming from a crypto-judeosupremacist source considering his slavish devotion to Irgunistan and to Benjamin Miliekowsky. But it’s not an attack on TrumpNER “the man” but rather to “pull the rug out from under” the insanely-Xian alt-right who’d thought TrumpNER to be their last desperate chance to preserve their unique and promising national culture.

    Just as the judeosupremacist “zionist” movement had to have Palestine as their homleand. They have to control the truth that’s buried there about the true origins of Xianity and it’s true purpose which are buried there so that the timing for “pulling the rug out from under” Xians can be timed to it’s greatest advantage to the formation of the Global Gulag. Timing is everything. Dispirited peoples who have had their noses rubbed in how they’ve “been had” are so much more-easily herded into the cattle-cars.

    Saddam was digging up antiquities “like Grant took Richmond”. That’s what Bloodsucker Sharon wanted stopped. Saddam was only trying to make his nearly-ungovernable populace more cheaply/efficiently governable by erasing more recent enmities between it’s elements and uniting them under the older common proud heritage of Babylon–cradle of civilization. In so-doing he was bound, sooner or later, to dig things up which would put the lie to one of the more famous and widely-“known” pretexts for the supposed victim-status of the jews—the so-called Babylonian Captivity. It wasn’t Saddam’s purpose but it would have become obvious through the pursuit of his primary goal and it would have been yet one more David Iriving teachable-moment exploitable by the few effective enemies they still have nipping at their fetid forelocks. Nobody knows better than it’s creators just how spindly and unstable the house-of-cards they’ve constructed really is.

    I’m not the first to make that point abundantly clear.

    Though FDR’s many apologists have denied denied denied he ever said or meant to say it, that moral/physical/intellectual cripple once did say that if one saw anything happening in politics one could depend on it’s having been planned.

    Left unsaid was only that it’s been in the planning-stage for 6,000 years.

    It’s not the judeosupremacists who are insane, it’s those who tolerate their meddling/moiling in our national policies to the detriment of our interests and only to the benefit of the establishment of a Global Gulag.

    Hungarian judeosupremacist Soros is the point-man. His henchman was Jeffrey Epstein who “man”ned their ramparts at a clever extortion mossad “front” in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Get a “mover&shaker down there, point out that local laws don’t treat illicit sex with what we take to be minors the same as we do, get ’em drunk and start taking pictures of the predictable results.

    Then later when it’s time to let the contract to some judeosupremacist endeavor in Irgunistan rather than in Simi Valley is when the call comes to the personal private line informing the Party Animal that while he may not be prosecuted in the Virgin Islands for what those pictures depict that our lovely Land of the Free and Home of the Brave enforces our laws even for acts done overseas where they’re not illegal locally. Then the contract is let to the Irgunistani endeavor or the bill is yea-voted or signed or “whatever”.

    This is the way things are done. It’s not insane people who craft these intrigues. It’s insane people who fall for them.


  85. @Svigor

    But… isn’t it Koschertified?

  86. @Grace Poole

    Don’t you really think that war was instigated by the ashkeNAZI communist redvolution and a slower creeping communist take-over of europe?

    I can’t cite sources for this. I do listen to a lot of PBS type content on these subjects even though I consider that venue to be “enemy territory”. But you can’t build convincing lies without busting-apart the truth and using the bricks of the true story to build your lie. It makes it far more convincing.

    One thing I gleaned off one PBS program dealing with those times is that after WW I pt I one of the few things Germany had to gain foreign currency/wealth was sales of china figurines such as the Hummel type figures. So along came the Herzlists raising money to steal Palestine and they were competing heavily with Germany in that market using more-cheaply-produced figurines made for them in eastern euro-peon countries. The program really surprised me by admitting that jew control of media–even then—was used to undercut the German products by characterizing them as being of inferior quality.


    That would be the type of thing which would tend to give the Germans a bad taste in their mouths for the zionists and hence by association the jews.

    Correct me if you think I’m wrong but I associate Irgunistan with communism too. They had to “dress it up” to get the west to swallow the turd that Irgunistan could be our valuable ally as the Cold War ensued and heated up by calling their basic unit of production ( communes—from the same basic root as communism/community ) a “kibbutz”. Sort of like walking up to you and calling your wife a shiksa. You don’t know what it means so you tend to err on the side of peaceful coexistence and don’t feed anyone his gold teeth. But if he walked up on you and called your wife “unclean meat” the results might be different. Same with the use of kibbutz all the time in “our” western media rather than more-easily-understood “commune”.

    It’s all about perceptions.

    Like calling Jacob Rubenstein “Jack Ruby” even unto the beginnings of the 21st Century. I watched an interview with a dancer or some other performer who’d worked in his club and she never used that nickname. She used some other nickname that referred to his fondness for personally throwing rowdies out of the club. This wasn’t it but it was something more in the nature of “headbanger” rather than an anglicization of Jacob Rubenstein.

    I’ll bet nobody ever called that murderer Jack Ruby until “our” press felt the need to de-emphasize the true nature of the individual who made certain Oswald was never meaningfully interrogated ( and back in those days you couldn’t spell meaningful without spelling “mean”, if you get my drift ) and thus to eliminate the likelihood of anyone having to notice that JFK was mossassinated.

    It’s amazing what you’ll learn “reading between the lines” and “below the fold” in even the most biased obfuscatory media. Another little point-of-fact regarding that mossassination gleaned from a PBS program was that wealthy jews in the Dallas area had put up anti-JFK billboards in anticipation of his visit.

    They just drop those little info-bombs but then never go any further with them.

    So I’m sorry but I smell a big fat judeosupremacist rat behind WW I pt. II.

    Was it a “culling” process? Did you ever consider it’s just a natural consequence of such shituations where the smart guys are smart enough to smell trouble and get out while the getting is still good? Then who’s left?

    It was commented in another article that the money-jews were infamous for being investors in high-risk/high-potential-gain endeavors. So if the other aspects of judeosupremacism follow the same pattern then you’re going to start the chaos rolling and you’re willing to lose some of your own in achieving your ends. I think that’s what we saw going on there. Of course after they experience their unintended losses they’re quick to figure out a way to “make it count” and put the casualities to what they consider to be “good use” so the deaths will count for something.

    It’s a very crass and vicious process. They try to limit their exposure to retaliatory violence by the World’s Worst Victims ploy but that’s not to be confused with any particular unwillingness to throw plenty of their own “under the bus”. They’re not alone in this type of thing. Motocrossers may wear the best helmets, leathers and boots but that doesn’t mean they have any illusions about whether or not they’re going to get hurt, eventually.

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