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YOU FLY into London on a British Airways plane on which you are shown an animated film about safety. It stars a cartoon Black man with his cartoon White wife and their cartoon mixed-race child. You pass through immigration control and are poked and probed by Brown people wearing hijabs and turbans who jabber at you in an unintelligible version of the English language. Heading for the tube you pass a poster that shows a Black woman dressed in Elizabethan garb beckoning you to the Globe Theatre.

On the ride into town you see posters for the latest West End plays. There are productions of Shakespeare’s Richard II and Henry V starring Black women in the title roles. (The critics rave that these classic plays finally make sense.) There is also an Asian actor playing David Copperfield and Christmas pantos starring Blacks and Asians as Cinderella, Dick Whittington, and Snow White. Next to the entertainment ads are those for mortgages and mattresses all featuring Black men with White women. And, they are almost always blonde women.

You get home, put your feet up in front of the TV and notice that there are an unusually large number of Brown people on the streets of Victorian London as depicted in the BBC’s latest version of A Christmas Carol. And the villages of Midsomer are teeming with more people-of-color than your local benefits office. Even Doctor Who is suddenly a Black woman! You channel surf and are confronted by Black vikings, Black centurions, Black Tudors and an Asian King Arthur!

The news is read by a Brown person. The weather is given to you by a Brown person. Your favorite gardening program is presented by a Brown person. The Brown person presenting your favorite wildlife program explains without a trace of irony the danger of extinction faced by native fauna and flora due to the invasion of alien species.

A typical example of the “colour-blind” casting was the 1997 Disney adaptation of Cinderella — in which a negress Queen (played by Whoopi Goldberg) — and a White king somehow managed to have a Filipino son, who ends up married to a negress Cinderella.
A typical example of the “colour-blind” casting was the 1997 Disney adaptation of Cinderella — in which a negress Queen (played by Whoopi Goldberg) — and a White king somehow managed to have a Filipino son, who ends up married to a negress Cinderella.

In disgust, you turn off your TV and browse through the latest brochure from the National Trust. But something is odd — most of the people shown wandering around the stately homes of England are Brown. The mothers of the large, happy families in the photos wear Muslim or Hindu garb. The only White faces are those of blonde women holding hands with Black men and their mixed-race children.

Meanwhile, your teenage son is in his room playing a new computer game set in World War I. But, in this version of the Great War, the trenches look like a Saturday night in Brixton and the game’s logo is the face of a Black Tommy. You wonder if you have slipped into an alternate universe or are dreaming. But you aren’t dreaming. You are living through a waking nightmare. And I can tell you why.

I’ve been a professional actor for fifty years. I’m also a proud member of that most despised of all groups — old White men. I’m not a star or even a semi-name but you have probably seen and heard me many times. I know the world of advertising and show business. And I know how, why, and by whom our screens are being darkened, I am being denied work, and our past and future are being stolen from us.

The answer is BAME. It stands for “Black, Asian, or Mixed Ethnicity.” And that acronym is now an essential part of every media company’s ethos. When a “brand” is hiring actors for a commercial or a production company is hiring actors for a play, movie, or TV program, they proudly trumpet the fact that they prefer to see or will only see performers who are BAME. (Imagine what would happen if someone advertised with a preference for White actors and actresses.)

The Cultural Marxist octopus has many tentacles and has been at work in all the arts for many decades. As a child in 1950s America, I saw early attempts at “color-blind” casting. But, in the 1960s, the prominent New York theatrical producer Joseph Papp started pushing non-Whites big time in his Shakespearean productions in Central Park. (You will not be surprised to learn that Papp was a Jew.) I suffered through many productions of Romeo and Juliet with a Black Romeo and a White Juliet. Or a Black Macbeth and White Lady Macbeth. The audience “wasn’t supposed to notice” these racial absurdities and anyone who did was a “racist.” So, most people pretended not to notice — and they still do.

Oriental audiences are more forthright in their opinions. They want White heroes. Star Wars films that feature Black actors flop in China — a very important film market. So, the Star Wars producers avoid putting Black faces on the film posters. And, the latest Star Wars had to remove a “gay” kiss to make it acceptable to Orientals who want their heroes straight, too.

What’s wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?

We Occidentals feel the same, even if most won’t admit it. We vote in private with our money. The producer of the mega-successful comic-book “cape hero” film franchise let slip at a convention that movies and action figures based on non-White characters don’t sell — worldwide. The sale of dolls, clothing and mugs, etc. is a major part of the profit stream for any film or animation. It is a racially revealing economic fact that Black Barbie and Ken dolls don’t sell — even to Black kids. “Gay” and trannie Barbies and Kens also gather dust on store shelves. White heterosexuality is the go-to choice for everyone.

But, shouting “commercial considerations be damned”, the Cultural Marxists have doubled down in Britain and are putting propaganda ahead of profit. The British Film Institute (BFI), which bestows crucial funding to film projects, fell into the tentacles of one Josh Berger, an American Jew with a long Hollywood history.

Under Berger’s malevolent influence the BFI has mandated higher levels of BAME. Any production that does not meet the set levels will be denied funding and thus any chance of distribution or awards. It will be dead. So, producers genuflect to globohomo and grind out the anti-White, anti-heterosexual, anti-Christian propaganda that pollutes our screens. Adding insult to injury, we are paying for this filth because the majority of the BFI’s money comes from the UK taxpayer!

The levels of “race and gender-blind” casting mandated include:

• At least one lead character must be non-White
• 50-50 male-female ratio in entire cast
• At least 20% of cast must be non-White
• At least 10% must be LGBTQ
• At least 7% disabled
• A large proportion of plot lines and filming locations must be set among underrepresented groups.

With those parameters in mind, try writing a film that should by natural law, reason, and historical fact be set in a White, male world. How can you fit that many women, homos, lesbians, trannies, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Blacks, and crippled, cis-phobic, bi-curious Eskimos into a Lancaster bomber, a monastery, or the Alamo? And, I wonder if these same race and gender targets will apply if an all-Black film company sought funding for a movie set in a lesbian bathhouse in Somalia? Would the screenwriter have to find a way to squeeze White, Christian, hetero males into the steam room?

Uh… better make that – 12 Angry Black, Chinese, crippled, cis-phobic, trans-sexual, lesbian Eskimos.
Uh… better make that – 12 Angry Black, Chinese, crippled, cis-phobic, trans-sexual, lesbian Eskimos.

We aren’t being betrayed by the BFI alone. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts which bestows the prestigious BAFTA awards is equally on-board the globohomo express though it is (small comfort) privately funded. Still, if you want to win a BAFTA you must bow down to the Cultural Marxists who run that outfit.

And British Equity (the actors’ union) promotes and protects every race but White. It cares nothing for the race that only created theatre, film, television, radio, the Internet, and trade unions! It promotes and protects every sexual persuasion but heterosexuality. My union dues are currently paying for a campaign to ensure that “trans” actors get to audition for roles of any gender including those of the gender they claim to have left. Meanwhile, I can’t get an audition to play an old White guy because it’s being played by a Black female-to-male trannie!

The BBC admitted that its “race-blind” casting of period dramas is not historically accurate but feels it is important to do it in the interests of cultural cohesion. Well… if this BAME business is not part of an anti-White agenda but just a well-intentioned attempt to make us all race- and “gender”-blind then when do I get to play Martin Luther King or Winnie Mandela?

Meanwhile, for all their disingenuous calls for race-blindness, Black performers insist on race-based preferential treatment and love “acting Black” — especially in period dramas. Notice how Black actors in plays by Shaw, Ibsen, or Wilde will use a ghetto pose and vocal inflection to get a cheap laugh. They are Black to their bones and they know it and are happy to play the minstrel if it’s to their advantage.

At this point a few questions come to mind. If non-Whites were important personages in what we thought had been a White world then what the hell are they complaining about? If Blacks really “wuz kangz” as the Black Israelites proclaim (including kangz of England) then where was the discrimination? And, if Blacks were capable of achieving so much back-in-the-day, then what the heck happened? Did they simply forget how to be physicians, scientists, architects, engineers and, yes, kangz?

Not Wakanda but Merrie Olde England.
Not Wakanda but Merrie Olde England.

Remember those National Trust (NT) brochures full of photos of happy smiling Brown people? They are a staged hoax. The National Trust advertised on casting sites all over Britain for BAME models and actors to pose as visitors and staff at stately homes. But, in reality, if you visit NT properties you will see that with rare exception they are delightfully White in both staff and visitors.

Still this hasn’t stopped the NT management from pushing globohomo. They “out” and promote queer members of the families that owned the properties. And they suggest that bent Uncle Bertie was the best of the bunch. The NT even tried to force its volunteers to wear rainbow flags but most refused. Meanwhile, when I speak privately with older NT volunteers, I find they have fond memories of Enoch Powell and Oswald Mosley.

I have starred in many TV commercials for top brands that were broadcast worldwide. I assure you that it isn’t merely fashion or whim that matches so many Black men with White women. In a thirty second commercial every second counts and nothing appears on screen by chance. I have seen directors, clients and cameramen almost come to blows in arguments over the color of my shirt. How much more debate has gone into the color of the actor’s skin?

No, these racial pairings are not accidental but are blatant attempts to break down the resistance to race-mixing from all races. Listen to Black talk radio programs and you will hear Black women weep that Black men are encouraged to get blondes. In fact, Black nationalists (our mirror image and possible allies) believe that race-mixing is the ultimate sin. And we know what happens to Asian girls who race-mix. But, as with films, the Cultural Marxists don’t give a damn and plow on, sacrificing profits for propaganda.

Case in point: Gillette recently ran an anti-male ad campaign that suggested all men (especially White men) are sex-pests. White men were outraged. This campaign culminated in an ad in which a Black father showed his daughter who had “transitioned to male” how to shave. This time Black men were outraged. This PC campaign cost Gillette a record amount of profit. But its CEO said it was worth it to promote “diversity.”

Careful now, daughter, er… I mean, son… uh… whatever da hell you is. Wouldn’t want ya to slit your throat now, would we?
Careful now, daughter, er… I mean, son… uh… whatever da hell you is. Wouldn’t want ya to slit your throat now, would we?

Alongside the tribe that foments and feasts off our replacement lives an opportunistic parasite — the Black “race hustler.” The uber-obnoxious Whoopi Goldberg is a master of this scam. And, despite being as funny as a fire in an orphanage, Whoopi has made a fortune playing the fat, sassy soul-sista who is the repository of all wisdom. (Sort of an X-rated version of Mammy in Gone with the Wind or a potty-mouthed Aunt Jemima.)

You’ll notice that this smart, sassy maid stereotype is a staple of sitcoms. She is always the smartest person in the house she cleans. She’s certainly smarter than the doofus White dad who is the butt of all her jokes. (There is literally a genre of US sitcom called “Doofus Dad.”)

Believing her own bullshit, Goldberg has morphed into a political pundit. She holds forth daily on US TV on all manner of subjects while injecting the race card into all of them — no matter how misplaced. She gets away with this because Whites are afraid of challenging her lest they be called “racist.” Believe me, if you think Jews are good at squeezing the “Holocaust” into any discussion, you ain’t seen nuthin’ till you see Whoopi at work. (We have the Jewish director Mike Nichols to thank for Goldberg’s rise to fame.)

Another race-hustler is Bonnie Greer, a smug, American Negress based in the UK and a poor man’s Goldberg. Greer is a regular on BBC political chat programs where she is introduced as a “noted American playwright.” But I challenge anyone on either side of the pond to name a single Bonnie Greer play. In fact, in America she is entirely unknown. The woman is a fraud. And, like Whoopi, she benefits from Whites’ reticence to call her out.

The BBC loves wheeling her out because it allows them to tick certain boxes on their diversity chart. Foreigner. Female. Black. Greer’s many appearances allow her to shoe-horn the race card into every subject imaginable while demonstrating the stultifying banality of her opinions. But, I gotta give this sassy, soul-sista credit because with no talent (especially no playwriting talent) she has become the House Negro of the British middle class and (wait for it) — a board member of the British Museum!

“You racist, sexist bastards, I wanted to play LADY MacBeth!
“You racist, sexist bastards, I wanted to play LADY MacBeth!

Homosexuals are also useful idiots for their Cultural Marxist masters. They’ll do anything if it gives them the chance to snort poppers and wear frocks. Meanwhile, the lesbians happily play along because they get to wear the pants on stage in taxpayer-funded all-female Shakespearean productions. It is true that in Shakespeare’s day young men played the female roles. But, this was not transvestism by choice. It was necessary because women weren’t allowed on the Elizabethan stage. And there was no kissing or touching in the original productions.

Homosexual playwrights, directors, and designers rarely miss a chance to demean Whiteness and masculinity and to degrade females. In a recent London production of a play based on Patrick Hamilton’s brilliant WW2 novel The Slaves of Solitude, the queer director and adapter changed the American GI who was the play’s love interest into a Black soldier. This was impossible casting for all sorts of reasons. But it allowed the queers to indulge in their own fantasy of having a Black buck ravage the spinsterish English heroine.

There have been many other instances of plays and musicals being mangled by ludicrous race and “gender-bending” casting. Edward Albee, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Noel Coward, and Rodgers and Hammerstein all forbade such changes. Some of those men were homosexual but they still recognized cultural vandalism when they saw it. Sadly, their estates are managed by their PC grandchildren determined to make their Grandpa’s back catalogue hipster-friendly. That sound you hear is of those disrespected gents turning in their graves.

Politically Correct theatre was typified by the multiracial, “anti-fascist” production of Hamlet at the Irish Theatre, Covent Garden in 2019.
Politically Correct theatre was typified by the multiracial, “anti-fascist” production of Hamlet at the Irish Theatre, Covent Garden in 2019.

Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of the Cultural Marxists and their apparatchiks in the arts is stunning. They live in the Whitest communities they can find and send their children to the Whitest schools. (The Clintons live in the Whitest zip code in America, and Jewish Bernie Sanders moved from multi-ethnic Brooklyn to Vermont — the Whitest state!) The only contact these hypocrites have with any non-White is with their Black maids. And, if she gets too sassy, they’ll fire her Black ass.

As employers these showbiz Marxists are anything but progressive. All the major film, TV, and commercial producers including the big streaming services film their projects in poor countries. South Africa and Eastern Europe are especially popular. They do this to bust the performer’s unions in the US and UK.

This anti-worker behavior is nothing new. In the 1930s, the Jewish movie moguls who ran Hollywood hired goon squads to bust up organizing meetings for the Screen Actors Guild. Meanwhile, British Equity is too busy creating new genders to act as a genuine trade union and fight the media giants.

These media “liberals” also go abroad to abuse and exploit the local actors and crews. The same producers and stars who cry on the awards shows about Trump and climate change and animal rights allow film extras to be treated like cattle — forced to stand in the cold and wet for many hours (sometimes all night) and given little or no food and very meagre wages.

I’ve had extras beg me for food while the loud-mouth lefty stars dined like Meghan Markle. And the film crews are forced to work round the clock which leads to unsafe conditions. I have seen actors and extras almost decapitated by machinery. I have walked off unsafe sets but most actors are afraid to stand up for themselves.

If I sound angry it’s because I am. And I’m proud of it. I’m also proud of my history, heritage, and culture and I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone degrade, destroy, or steal them. My anger is fueled by the blood of my ancestors that flows through my veins. And as long as that most precious blood flows through me, I shall do all I can to expose and resist the deliberate genocide of our people. A genocide that is being dramatized and broadcast. On prime time. And we are paying to watch the spectacle.

If you don’t believe me, just go to a movie or play. Turn on your radio or TV. Or, just open your eyes. It’s happening. It isn’t a sitcom or movie. It’s real. It’s deliberate. And we can stop it. But the entirely legal means of doing so are best discussed elsewhere. In the meantime — Hail Victory!

Editor’s Note: Jack Antonio is the author of Boy Outa Brooklyn — a murder memoir. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and eBook and from all major eBook distributors. Or, visit Jack’s blog at

This article originally appeared in Heritage and Destiny a bi-monthly 24-page magazine, published in the UK, to reflect a cross section of 21st century racial-nationalist opinion. For a sample copy please send $10.00 to; H&D, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE, England, UK. For full subscription details check out

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The way of the tribe as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin.


    • Agree: Juckett
  2. Next to the entertainment ads are those for mortgages and mattresses all featuring Black men with White women. And, they are almost always blonde women.

    Oh, it’s way more bizzare than that … can someone tell me why the seal stops flying when the black dude enters the room?

  3. An I thought it was just me who was seeing all this. Some of it goes by so fast it’s almost subliminal.Almost ready to blame it on the Brown Acid at Woodstock.
    Not quite as obnoxious over here across the pond in the Colonies…..

  4. You hit it right on the head with the listen to the Black Radio Stations. In Philadelphia it’s WURD 900 AM. The psycho-babble starts at 7 AM and it’s go time from there on.
    NOW if your really ready to be entertained, Google The Manning Report, an on line rant by Dr. James David Manning…..he is in a category of his own, a Black Preacher who exposes just what insanity passes for Black Culture these days, outta Harlem N.Y. of all place’s. Famous for calling Obama The Long Legged Mack Daddy, and a former Birther…..He’s the only one of his kind.

    • Replies: @Dani
    , @Moi
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  5. Alden says:

    I’ve noticed the blacks in all those BBC costume dramas based on great English literature. There’s a Vanity Fair where a black man servant has few lines but his face is in half the shots sneering at the Whites.
    1700-1830 London did have a lot of black footmen and they must have had children. But I doubt there were so many they were everywhere.

    American SAG AFTRA IATSE unions seem to be better than the English entertainment unions from what I’ve heard. I don’t really know the details.

    The BAME affirmative action thing we Americans have dealt with it for 53 years.

    Vogue is the Jewish fashion magazine. Harper’s Bazaar and Town and Country are for we filthy subhuman shiksas. Vogue goes out of its way to use black models with really, really ugly faces and shaved heads. Bazaar and Town and Country still use White models with pretty faces. The Saks Fifth Av catalog uses mostly White models. But who can afford $15,000 suits and $2,000 blouses.

    Had a thought. The reason the re runs of Fraser, Everybody Loves Raymond Friends 70’s Show Seinfeld 2 1/2 men and the rest are because the casts are White not black.

    First sports, then government jobs then private sector jobs now advertising and entertainment even King Arthur and Robin Hood.

    • Replies: @Gordo
  6. ruralguy says:

    The government will eventually be Marxist, given that every demographic votes against whites and conservatives are increasingly unable to express their thoughts without repercussions. Even young whites now voting anti-white. Our not-very-bright citizenry need to experience Marxism to get over it.

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Dumbo
    , @Anon
  7. CCZ says:

    Even the ornithologists are getting into the game, advocating changing the names of birds named after “racists,” “Confederates,” or “slave-holders.”

    About 150 birds in North America are named for people, including Bachman’s sparrow. According to The Cornell Lab’s All About Birds page, John James Audubon named the bird for Reverend John Bachman in 1834….a Lutheran pastor who promoted white supremacy. “Some folks have said that he was just part of the times — that was the era he was living in,” Rutter said. “I don’t think that is a reason to continue honoring him today.”

    Other birds have been named for Confederates, slaveholders, and men who robbed the gravesites of Indigenous people.

    The Bird Names for Birds initiative is petitioning the American Ornithological Society (AOS) “to acknowledge the issue of eponymous and honorific common names, to outline a plan to change harmful common names, and to prioritize the implementation of this plan.”

    “It is our opinion that the mostly white group of people, both on the committee and in the bird community, can not make a decision of what is considered too racist or racist enough for a name to be removed,” Rutter said.

    Irby Lovette, an ornithologist at Cornell University, and a member of AOS’s North American Classification Committee (NACC)….said he hadn’t seen a proposal to change a bird name focused on social justice — until the proposal by Robert Driver in 2018 to change the name of McCown’s longspur, a bird named for an amateur ornithologist and general in the Confederate army.

    John Porter McCown was involved in forcible relocations of Native Americans during the 1840s, and left the United States Army to serve as a Confederate general.

    At the time the committee didn’t have guidelines or policies on how to change a bird name on the grounds of racism or offensiveness. Instead, the philosophy, dating back to the 1980s, was that the committee didn’t improve names, otherwise there would be a never-ending process of proposals and name changes that would create instability.

    The NACC rejected the initial proposal to rename McCown’s longspur, but Lovette said it was the catalyst for new guidelines announced in October 2019, which include language, like “present-day social standards,” that provides a pathway to changing eponymous bird names on the basis of social justice.

    In June, AOS announced the committee will reconsider the name McCown’s longspur, “motivated by a change in social perception on racial issues, particularly in recent weeks.”

    “I mean, how could we not be influenced by these things?” Lovette said.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
    , @Aardvark
  8. bruce county says:

    After I moved back home to look after my mom I had to endure her watching Coronation Street.
    Negros and Dot Indians with Brit girls fucking both. The homos and lesbians, the cripples and the trannies. Not one freak of nature was missed in casting. I had to leave the room.
    I no longer have cable because I do not recognize see the world I used to live in. All I see is Negros and sexual deviancy and negro lovers. It makes me sick.

    • Agree: Moi
  9. Saggy says: • Website

    A good documentary about the Kalergi Plan ….

    Video Link

  10. Z-man says:

    A typical example of the “colour-blind” casting was the 1997 Disney adaptation of Cinderella — in which a negress Queen (played by Whoopi Goldberg) — and a White king somehow managed to have a Filipino son, who ends up married to a negress Cinderella.

    Correction: White king was played by a Jew.

    • Replies: @Ian Smith
  11. We whites must equalize we must fight to make black Orpheus to become white Orpheus.

  12. Dumbo says:

    Britain is the worst in race-mixing propaganda.

    I remember seeing a recent English film based on a Russian 19th century novel (no blacks whatsoever) and changed to be set in Victorian England. I forgot the name of the film. Anyway, the film starts with the main white actress having an African maid. In Victorian England? Weird, but perhaps possible.
    But soon next she cuckolds her husband with a mulatto worker. Who knows where he comes from. (Her white husband is portrayed as an impotent freak, of course)
    Then she meets a rich noble lady and her son – both black as coal. Impossible.
    You just cannot concentrate in a story with such an unrealistic casting.
    The critics loved the movie, of course.

    I also remember a theatre production of Shakespeare in which a supposedly beautiful French princess was played by a sassy fat black woman. Her love interest was played by an effeminate Asian.

    The funny thing is, blacks have very little interest in classical theatre and art movies. I can guarantee you that the audience for those creations is 90% white. (Asians show some interest but mostly for status reasons, I’m not sure they get it either.)

  13. Dumbo says:

    It’s going to be worse than Marxism/Sovietism. The Soviet Union saw no use for race mixing and (except for the attack on religion) was a relatively conservative society. Homos also were not well regarded. The anti-white regime (which most dumb young whites vote for) will concentrate in erasing white people from the face of the Earth. If anti-white and race-mixing propaganda doesn’t do the trick, they will try other more authoritarian methods. Welcome to Wakeanda, bitches!

  14. Dumbo says:

    I don’t watch anymore any “race blind” production, and especially not productions that cast white (usually blonde) women paired with black men.

    That means a lot of American movies, and almost anything that comes from England. And practically all Netflix series.

    I don’t have a TV, so I don’t have to worry about race-mixing commercials.

    Unfortunately, I can’t avoid posters or billboards.

    Sadly, it’s the same almost everywhere. Just compare a film like Jacques Tati “Monsieur Hulot’s Holidays” from 1953 (all French, white people) and then watch the latest French nomination (or abomination) for the Oscars: a black version of Les Miserables.

    I’ve heard in Germany there were protests because a certain version of an opera by Wagner had no black people in it. So they changed it to include a black Valkyrie. I’m not a great fan of Wagner, but still…

  15. Franz says:

    It’s reaching the level of War Propaganda.

    The “brotherhood week” sermons of yesteryear have been replaced with All Whites shown as Nazis and All Other seen as the allies. The Morganthau Plan is in play, but it’s the European Peoples who are now all seen as the folks on the receiving end of terminal pacification.

    But then noticing it is seen as “moral bankruptcy”. Houston we have a disconnect!

  16. Not Raul says:

    “ Meanwhile, when I speak privately with older NT volunteers, I find they have fond memories of Enoch Powell and Oswald Mosley.”

    Enoch Powell, sure; but Oswald Mosley? Really?

    • Replies: @Jack Antonio
  17. I don’t know how Dowton Abbey even got made. They only had one minor black character in one season, serving as the love interest of the young beautiful white girl naturally. But that was it. It was a really White show.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @ariadna
    , @baythoven
  18. After the cringey “musical” Hamilton, I’m still waiting for (((them))) to produce a new musical—this one written by someone with talent (i.e., a white guy)—where a blonde Nordic actor plays MLK.

  19. dimples says:

    Having recently got on to Netflix I was overjoyed to be pounded by black, black and more black in every nook and cranny. Frankly, watching all these black people bores me shitless. Enough is enough, I’m currently watching black-free Eastern European crime dramas but when I run out of these I’m unsubscribing.

    • Replies: @dimples
    , @Alfred
    , @Alden
  20. Biff says:
    @The Alarmist

    Needs a cleaning.

    • LOL: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Goddard
  21. Did the dinosaurs squeal this much when they went extinct? How much sympathy do you want me to have for a nation that preferred conquest and colonialism to trade?
    China deserves to rule the world.

  22. ‘… The only contact these hypocrites have with any non-White is with their Black maids. And, if she gets too sassy, they’ll fire her Black ass…’

    Guatemalan, surely. Who would put up with a black maid? Can you imagine what you would have to pay her?

    • LOL: Montefrío
    • Replies: @David
  23. Richard B says:

    After all that he ends with

    Hail Victory!

    To be honest, those two words smack of Richard Spencer and he’s got ADL/SPLC/FBI written all over him.

    In any event, all of this is happening because Whites have a self-preservation chip missing from their DNA.

    It couldn’t be more obvious.

    We organize about as well as blacks swim.

    Barring a mirable, and it would take one at this point, things will only get worse.

    I’d love to be wrong.

    But my days of holding out hope are long gone.

    I’m not talking about individuals or even small groups. There’s plenty of courage out there (though it would be nice to see more videos along those lines, instead of the ones we’ve all seen where Whites are getting their assess handed to them).

    No. I’m talking about Whites defending themselves the way they’re being attacked, ie; as an entire race.

  24. The bizarre solecism about Americans still employing black domestics notwithstanding, this is a very good piece of writing.

  25. Thanks for this article straight from the heart.

    It would seem that what it actually boils down to is the demise of “Western” culture. Its popular culture has been dead for some time (and is still rotting away quite perceptibly) but much of its higher culture so far has managed to survive. But apparently, a final offensive seems to have been unleashed.

    I was aware only indirectly of the process described and analysed in this article, because I have stopped reading newspapers twenty years ago and for over thirty years have not watched TV and listened to radio. A waste of time and very offensive to the soul.

    When one takes the time to look around and properly inform oneself, there is plenty of good music, movies and series. Not in the US, and the rest of the Anglosphere, not in Western Europe, but in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania), Turkey, Iran, Russia, Latin America, China and Japan.

    The cultural standards set in Europe from the Renaissance to the early 1900s may have died in Old Europe, but they are still alive and adhered to elsewhere.

    Just boycott Hollywood, Netflix, Western post-1940s popular music in all of its manifestations and after some time you’ll wonder how on earth it is possible to have spent time watching and listening to artists evidently devoid of any talent whatsoever. For a long time, whatever has been pushed and forced into our ears and eyes is utterly worthless anyway.

    • Agree: Fox
  26. GeeBee says:

    The government will eventually be Marxist

    With all due respect, you – like the great majority of people – fail to understand the dynamics involved. ‘Cultural Marxism’ isn’t political Marxism. It is a method – a tool if you wish – used by the oligarchs who wield true power to ‘divide and rule’ (not least by deflecting attention from the yawning gulf that lies between their own excesses and monstrous wealth on the one hand, and the increasing indigence of the great mass of people on the other). It is called ‘Cultural Marxism’ purely because it uses Marx’s technique of dividing society into a small clique of ‘oppressors’ and ‘the masses’ who are ‘oppressed’. Marx, of course, had the capitalists in mind when he wrote of the oppressors, and the proletariat naturally were the oppressed.

    Today, the last thing the oligarchs desire is a unified and organised proletariat with ‘agency’: that would constitute a serious threat to their existence. Instead, they divide the sacred role of ‘the oppressed’ into a multitude of more or less fissiparous groups, whom we are all aware of, but of which those comprising ‘BAME’ are perhaps the most useful. Others include feminists (more or less all young women in today’s world), homos, those suffering from sexual dysphoria (that’s ‘trannies’ in today’s ‘Newspeak’) and the disabled.

    These groups will never discover any common ground between themselves, and thus will fight among themselves for the scraps thrown from the oligarchs’ table. No danger there, and that’s just how they planned it. As for the ‘oppressors’, there are no prizes for guessing that they are White, heterosexual (i.e. normal) males.

    So much for your fear of actual Marxism. As for ‘the government’, it is important to understand that no government in today’s West is invested with any meaningful power. Not only are they not ‘sovereign’ but they are little more than puppets, dancing to their masters’ dismal tunes.

    Who are these oligarchs – these Masters of the Universe? That’s a story for another day. But you won’t go far wrong if you place the word ‘oligarchs’ in triple parentheses…

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Anonymous
  27. Dani says:

    Pastor Manning has been gaining a lot of white fans over the past 5 or 6 years since we first stumbled across his YouTube channel. We love his crazy voice and how high-pitched it gets when he goes on his rant about how blacks never built anything beyond a 1-story hut. He gets a little hysterical but his heart is in the right place.
    I’m originally from Philadelphia and still live close enough to get Philadelphia radio – I’ve never heard of this WURD 900 AM and something tells me I ought not to check it out. There’s enough to be triggered by – most of it purely by accident as I don’t go looking for it, it’s just there.

    • Replies: @lawprojectfoundation
  28. I honestly thought that this African woman who the BBC and Channel 4 are trying to make into a star was a transexual the first time I saw her

    • Replies: @Moi
    , @bruce county
  29. GMC says:

    Russian TV and movies are — Russian – Russian White, Russian Orthodox, Russian Islamic, Russian Tatar, Russian Asian, Russian Chukchi, Russian Men, Russian Women, Russian Children – Russian Animals — others need not apply unless they speak – Russian. Satirically speaking – How dare you Russians stay 100% Sovereign and Straight ! Great Article Unz.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  30. dimples says:

    The show that broke this camel’s back was ‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’. The frontispiece says ‘London 1829’ so I sit back and think, ‘well, perhaps this could be a black free show…..’ Nope, about 10 minutes into the first episode the detective gets a black sidekick, and a particularly lugubrious and stupid looking one at that. WTF, it said London 1829… there no peace in this world?

  31. Strange that a guy who’s been acting for 70 years has neither an IMDB nor Wikipedia page.

    • LOL: FB
  32. The anglos fought and bled for this, and their children are proud of their work.
    They should stand tall and keep their heads high as the monkey island is browned and blacked.

    1945 payback.

    • Replies: @ltravail
  33. Ahoy says:

    @ ruralguy

    “Our not-very-bright citizenry need to experience Marxism to get over it”. Right on!

    Americans are living right now the period Russians lived from 1917 to 2000. They felt the benevolent hand of Lenin and Stalin to their bone. Khazar Jews don’t joke around. Either you do as we want or we do without you.

    Portland is the first gulag there will be more. Gather whatever moral strength you can and be prepared for the coming winter.

  34. cranc says:

    I used to subscribe to BFI online service. Gradually got sick of the proportion of LGBTQ films there, which got to quite absurd levels at one point with every relationship film on the page being a same sex one.

    I regard myself as pretty open minded, but have woken the past couple of years to the agenda at play : that acceptance of the fringe has been replaced by promotion to the centre of the culture. I checked out the BFI management too, thinking ,”..I bet….”, and yes, Josh Berger.
    Thanks for this honest article.

  35. this effort here reads funny to me..truly hilarious. white people are beginning to get real good wood socially and they still don’t understand whats going on!

    and it wont get better for white people only worse. the only chance white people have, like all the rest of the ordinary people of the world is to smarten up is to smarten up, understand the world and move accordingly. such jackass reactionary tripe like this wont help, only make the situation worse

    there is not a shred of useful information in this diatribe of irrelevance. this reads like further attack on the minds of ordinary whites like all the reversed content in popular entertainment the author laments. but this article is typical of the Unz Review, which in itself is part of the attack on white people, as proved by the very content of this internet wrag

    the author blames black, brown and people of colour… but who actually controls the it BAME or others? others are far more powerful and do indeed control! and the last time I looked ‘others’ had the interest of no others in the world under their consideration, at heart or under any concern to them at all..only their own minority power and wealth

    in all of this the world is not developing as it should, but continues under lies, misrepresentation and misdirection, featuring coloured faces now, which is not any good for all us collectively..ordinary people of the world. thats the point, that and who does it all benefit!?

    but the author is not concerned with that at all. for him the old established way or cultural lies, racism, misrepresentation and misdirection was the perfect way to go.. and is the way it should continue. is is not continuing but morphed into another lie that cuts him out. no more racist and heinously well-paid preference for such as he and his ilk.

    who cares! not me!

    the true story of the world, culture history etc informing all human arts and crafts?

    that reads nice and sound to me. how and when do we get there? not by following this crap above here

    but note the total misdirection and uselessness of this article to inform the development of any proper, accurate, positive and facile ordinary white response to the attack on ordinary white people the world over! I did not do it..and it is not published in my newspaper. its right above here in the Unz!

  36. They should put two blacks to play the roles of Dostoevsky & Turgenev:

    or strong black female to play Catherine the Great:

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  37. MarkU says:

    I think that just about sums it up.

  38. Moi says:

    On NPR it’s a parade of black people.

    • Replies: @lawprojectfoundation
  39. Vojkan says:

    “And I know how, why, and by whom our screens are being darkened, I am being denied work, and our past and future are being stolen from us.

    The answer is BAME. It stands for “Black, Asian, or Mixed Ethnicity.”

    Nope, the answer is JEWS. It stands for ugh… well, Jews.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  40. Moi says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    Nah, she’s just an ugly negress with a penis.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  41. On the international fine art scene where my  paintings are shown on various internet art galleries. They are selling and promoting aggessively black “artists” and “art” galleries owned by blacks. So it’s not just that all cultures are equal now, it is that all cultures especially “discriminated” minority cultures are superior to white cullture. White culture is criminal these days and to be despised.

    This denies the fact, reality and truth that white culture is superior to most cultures. Though most white culture produced these days is subservient rubbish. Time to teach our children the truth, again.

  42. The idea of a black man playing the American soldier in Hamilton’s The Slaves of Solitude is not unlikely at all. There were many inter-racial affairs during the war. I can remember reading something about so many white women hanging around outside a camp for black American soldiers during the war that they had to be chased off. One of my own relatives had a mixed race child after an affair with a black American soldier. The father was never seen again.

    What I took from the Hamilton book was how much English people dislike each other and that is the key to what is happening at the moment. On our little island, we are like the guests in Hamilton’s boarding house with their petty annoyances. While we are squabbling with each other we don’t notice that the whole country is on the way to being taken over by foreign tribes.

    • Agree: Ben Sampson
    • Replies: @Jerome
  43. MaxyBoy says:

    I think you are totally over reacting, Jack Antonio. It’s all in your mind.

    My problem is, living in the UK, my television ‘Set Top Box’ keeps going on the ‘Fritz’ and phase shifting and this is causing my TV to pick up Nigerian TV. ALOT.

    All of a sudden, I’m watching black people in commercial after commercial.
    Then the news comes on and it’s black people in the studio and talking about black news but what I’m finding out is that most of the places in Nigeria actually have English place names. And a lot of the street in Nigeria look just like those of the United Kingdom although you can tell it’s still Nigeria because almost everyone walking about are BAME. Personally, I thought Africa was hotter and had less grey skies and rain. But, then, hey. What do I know !

    Need to phone the TV guy, it’s getting a bit much.

  44. @Dani

    You can get WURD live stream on YouTube, Tunein Radio on line…I suspect that they are getting their funding from left wing NGO’S, it’s hard core Black Nationalist, a flagship of Black Talk Radio.

  45. @Moi

    AND JEWISH sensibilities as to what the world is according to the Jews…stopped listening years ago.

    There is a relatively new addition to all this: Nextdoor, out of San Francisco. It’s a Coast to Coast Left wing Community Blog that would make the CHEKA look like going to Confession if you step across the PC Line.

  46. @CCZ

    I am quite sure that loser black moron birdwatcher will have alot to do with really going after changing all these bird names. You know the racist black idiot that started the whole “karen” shaming BS. I love how blacks and then weak cuck Whites start emulating blacks childish name calling. They think it’s so cool to act like a low IQ black moron. blacks are like 5 yr olds. They never grow up. Why don’t we just start calling all these obnoxious loudmouthed black women “shaniquas”. Wonder how they would like that.blacks are the ones that are hysterical over everything and anything.This is what you get for telling blacks they invented and built the world and that all peoples are “Out Of Africa” which is a proven lie.

  47. Che Guava says:

    I really liked and was agreeing with the points in your article.

    In japan, as you would likely know, Kabuki became all-male casts by decree of the Tokugawa shogunate.

    This was for a very simple reason, the actresses were prostituting themselves, or being pimped.

    The onnagata, men who play women in Kabuki, are a mixed crew, some live as trannies, some are homosexuals, some don’t do the transition except on the stage, and also play male roles.

    I wish to say more but sending this will make my phone unusable until recharge.

  48. @Vojkan

    Right,because if JEWS were not around black people would just stop breeding out White women. right?

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  49. Vojkan says:

    If Jews weren’t around, our screens wouldn’t be darkened, white people wouldn’t be denied work and our past and future wouldn’t be stolen from us. As for who bangs who, you obviously care more than I do.

  50. Thank God I started learning Russian 10 years ago and now I can enjoy excellent tv series, documentaries, newscasts and movies, in historical context and without unnecessary deviations and misrepresentations.

  51. anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    The Christian missionary project to save all the Negroes from the flames of eternal hell continues unabated.

  52. Gordo says:

    1700-1830 London did have a lot of black footmen and they must have had children. But I doubt there were so many they were everywhere.

    No sign of them in the gene pool.

    I believe Peter Ackroyd discusses this in ‘London: a biography’. No trace remained.

    • Replies: @Alden
  53. Ahoy says:

    @ Bardon Kaldian

    “or a strong black female to play Catherine the Great”. Give me five! Excellent!

    Checkmate with one move.

  54. Dumbo says:

    It’s kind of funny, the Brits supposedly “won the war” against the Germans, but what do they get to show for it? Their daughters are being pimped by Pakis, their women bedded by Arabs and Negros, all their major historical and literary characters are being portrayed by Africans, Saudis buy their buildings, Jews and Homos control all the entertainment, and the mayor of its most famous city is a gay Muslim….

    If that is “winning”, give me “losing” any time. In fact, not even Germany is that cuckolded these days.

  55. AceDeuce says:

    This premeditated, calculated idiocy has gone on for some time now. I think the nadir was reached in 2014, in, of all places, perhaps the Whitest country in the world–Finland.

    Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim is Finland’s greatest historical figure. The only person who was decorated, in both world wars, by both sides, Mannerheim is regarded as the father of modern Finland, and is regarded somewhat of a combination of George Washington, John Wayne, Winston Churchill, General Patton, and Ronald Reagan.

    In 2014, The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) produced a biographical film of Mannerheim. It was filmed in Kenya, and starred African actors for the parts, including a negro person named Telley (sic) Savalas Otieno, who had previously worked only as an extra in a few Kenyan films, as Mannerheim.

  56. Ian Smith says:

    Not just a Jew…a gay Jew. The people who really run things, according to Rip Torn on the Larry Sanders Show.

    • Agree: Z-man
  57. Rich says:

    Southern Americans went through this in the 50s when mostly Jewish and Northeastern WASPs decided to begin punishing Southerners for having pride in their ancestors. They made Southerners out to be yokels or criminals and demonized their attempts to live peacefully, separate from criminal blacks. This small group used money and power to destroy a way of life, but somehow these Southerners managed to stay united and strong, up until now. Where are the Jesse Helms’ and Strom Thurmonds” of today? Instead we get Tim Scott and Bobby Jindal.

    The only purpose I can see for this weird coalition, a revolution brought to us by multinational corporations and the democrat party, is to bring down wages while they accumulate more. Once they go back to the gold standard, they’ll buy up all the gold and leave us as serfs and villains. They’re going to need Whites to operate their more complicated systems, Hispanics will do fine in most of the other jobs and eventually we’ll have a slightly Whiter Hispanic lower caste population that does the work. I don’t know what use they’ll have for the blacks. Look at Brazil at its worst and see our future.

    • Replies: @S
  58. @Bardon Kaldian

    there should and must come a time when anyone can play any role at all, depending on skill and artistic capability, that meets and enhances the point of the presentation.

    we all know who these characters were…we have lived the modern experience of great social characters for example, such as Malcolm X and MLK. is it impossible for a white actor: an American who is intimate with his nationalist history, with further study if necessary, with the fine skill of a capable actor… be unable to penetrate into the Black American experience of which he is an inextricable part, and expand our knowledge of any Black character he portrays as a matter of fact, to provide a really worthwhile experience at the theatre or in a movie?

    I don’t think so! human capacity is relatively endless and coming to think of it I now look forward to an opportunity to see if I am right. I am confident I am

    all of human history and cultures must be available to all the people of the world from all angles period..known angles and those yet to be perceived and explored. why must we limit ourselves in any way to human cultural treasures?

    why if an African or Chinese etc., fascinated by Hamlet and William Shakespeare be restricted in any way relatively from the most full exploration of Shakespeare he can muster

    but first apparently there must be ‘the revolution’ that overthrows finally the historical period of exploitation of man by man in the process of the restoration of humanity, its business in existence, its need to win in nature indefinite successful survival and all that is required for this, is restored to first place in collective consciousness and consideration

    history become then human history, the truth of humanity established to date would be the gist of human operational consciousness. the fact of the ONE-RACE reality of human life would be established and we would see the end of racism. white people are not a separate race of humanity..nor are Chinese or Indians. all are sub groups on a Black base…by biological specializations that are hardly written in stone. there is one human race and it is a Black race period. no more argument about that

    and how we got here is gist for all kinds of artistic creativity for example the meaning of which is all..nor ultimately who does the conveying by whatever form of conveyance they use, are involved in, are capable of. I have no problem watching a white actor do MLK. if he transports me, expands my understanding, thrills me with his acting skills he get my rays! Raspberries otherwise

  59. Aardvark says:

    I had not heard of a Bachman’s Sparrow or McCown’s Longspur before, perhaps because there may not be any in the area I live. However had I observed a bird I was not familiar with and looked it up, I would shrug off the Bachman or McCown part of the name. At most I may wonder “who the hell were they?” and then get on with my day. That people have the time to research this sort of stuff, get triggered over it and then spend time petitioning for name changes is such a tremendous waste of time because when it is all said and done, it will change things none whatsoever.

  60. The tide of blackety blackness is everywhere on TV and in contemporary movies, mixed race couples and interracial children. OTOH, wife & I are watching Kelly Reichert’s recent Certain Women. First episode starred Laura Dern. We called it a night at the end of the second episode featuring a different actress. Set in Montana. Not a black in sight. We’ll watch the rest of it tonight. So far, it doesn’t seem up to the excellence of the director’s Lucy and Wendy. Which come to think of it didn’t have a single black in sight.

    How does Kelly Reichert get away with it?

    On the third hand, in some movies blacks make excellent heroes or side-kicks. But those are naturalistic movies.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  61. Petermx says:

    75 years ago 99.9% of Europeans had never seen an African or Black in person in their lives. Africans are not native to Europe (which should be, but is not obvious to stupid people – some dumb Americans think “Hitler” mistreated Blacks) and the continent had virtually zero. The first black my mother saw in person was an American soldier in 1945. He was friendly. Now, when you walk in European malls you frequently see black or dark colored mannequins fitted with clothes being advertised in store windows. As an American, I’ve seen the stupidity Americans have been subjected to for decades but I didn’t know Europeans could be so stupid too. It seems to me this would be a ripe area for a creative comedian to get a lot of laughs or a creative movie director for a funny movie. Maybe the white man’s answer to the pig Sacha Baron Cohen.

  62. @Richard B

    Unfortunately you’re right. And the worst part? It will be White cops and soldiers coming to drag you off to the labor camp (wouldn’t want to lose that sweet pension!)

    • Agree: Richard B
  63. Emslander says:

    Maybe it would surprise you and maybe it wouldn’t, but my son married a Summa Cum Laude theatre graduate from a large Midwestern University. We all live in a small town in the same region that happens to have a pretty strong cultural tradition and an active local theatre. My son and his wife are in a Shakespearean group that NEVER presents a play straight.

    I once objected to a male Juliet and was told that I was arguing with their artistic interpretation. I asked them about the riddle Abraham Lincoln used to recite: “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” The answer, obviously, is four, because a tail is not a leg.

  64. haha says:
    @Ben Sampson

    “there should and must come a time when anyone can play any role at all”.

    Absolutely! They are auditioning for Rin- Tin-Tin (the German Shepherd dog). I encourage you to apply. They will be providing free barking and woofing lessons.

    • LOL: Parsnipitous
  65. Alfred says:

    when I run out of these I’m unsubscribing.

    That is the only solution.

    I stopped watching the TV in the UK, France and Australia decades ago. I very rarely go to movies. My ex-wife took me to see “50 Shades of Grey”. There were any black actors in that movie. I don’t think the ladies would have been so excited by a movie with a black man whipping a white girl. Yesterday, I asked a Ukrainian girl if she had watched the movie. She told me that her pants got all wet. She was disturbed for the following few days. 🙂

  66. FRITZ says:

    It all began as a marketing ploy. Whether it was effective or not I have my doubts. If you can sell your product to more than one race you boost your profits.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Fox
  67. @TimeTraveller

    China deserves to rule the world

    If that means the end of Jewish control, I’ll work for that outcome 24 x 7.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  68. ariadna says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    But the earl’s wife, Cora Crawley, was Jewish, wasn’t she? An American Jew and by far one the most sympathetic characters

    • Replies: @sarz
  69. @Dumbo

    British never won a war against Germany, they and the Americans were humiliated in every engagement they ever had with German forces. It was a multinatonal Soviet military, with the financial backing and logistics support of the USA and England, who finally defeated the German Wehrmacht.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  70. @Anonymouse

    I have been enjoying watching with my granddaughter the CBC production of Anne of Green Bables with Megan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst for the same reason: Not a black in sight.

    That being said, given that artistic license is now all the rage, I want to see a remake of Roots, with Kunta Kinte played by Woody Allen.

    • LOL: Jus' Sayin'...
  71. ariadna says:
    @Ben Sampson

    Your argument is phony and intentionally deceiving, implying that an actor who is black, anything but not white, “openly” gay, etc gets the role of a white, heterosexual character in anything, including shakespearean plays, based solely on superior talent, despite being cast against type and authorial intent, rather than based on an ideological agenda.
    You get so carried away (or should I say “transported”?) that you make an even bigger fool yourself doubling down on your little theory with:
    ” I have no problem watching a white actor do MLK. if he transports me, expands my understanding, thrills me with his acting skills he get my rays!”

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
    , @Ben Sampson
  72. Anon[316] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s just a matter of time before the Royal family including the Queen herself are played by black tranny actors. When will London rename itself Londonistan and the UK rename their national anthem “Allah Save the Queen”? Considering it was the English who made the world multi-culti, this reverse colonization is in a way karma. But the rest of Europe(other than France and Belgium) do not deserve the same fate.

    The US entertainment industry is almost entirely run by Jews, homos and their leftist puppets, just look at Hollywood? I pray they adopt the same wokeness as the BBC and drive themselves out of business. We know wokeness don’t sell, esp. internationally. If the whole entertainment industry dies, it’d be a good thing for the Western world.

    Today’s woke leftists are so woke they are actually agreeing with racists on everything, it’s a beautiful thing:

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @S
  73. ariadna says:
    @Ben Sampson

    The “merit” argument was, I suppose, what got Janet Yellen to be appointed Chair of the Fed Res…

    • LOL: Parsnipitous
  74. FB says: • Website

    YOU FLY into London on a British Airways plane on which you are shown an animated film about safety. It stars a cartoon Black man with his cartoon White wife and their cartoon mixed-race child.

    You pass through immigration control and are poked and probed by Brown people wearing hijabs and turbans who jabber at you in an unintelligible version of the English language.

    Then clearly it is high time for a genteel, cultured gentleman like yourself to start flying private…

    You will find the treatment much more appropriate to your apparently lofty station in life…no public air terminals, but completely separate buildings and lounges on the other side of the airport…and pleasant officials greeting you right at the airstairs to your jet…

    I’d say problem solved, amigo…😎

    • Replies: @Jack Antonio
  75. Here’s one thing you’re all missing here:

    Actual white people don’t watch movies, don’t play video games, and don’t watch TV.

    Nonwhites are diapriportionately the consumers of media. In fact, blacks consume the majority of media:

    These statiatics would be even more jarring if there was a way to exclude “ethnik” whites like Jews, Italians, Irish, Slavs, etc, who are more likely to watch media than Germanics.

    The actual Germanic white people this article and the comment section concern, never watch TV, movies or play video games. Such Semitic behavior is viewed as an obscenity among Germanics.

    Which brings me to my next point: you people are all Jews, Latinos, Asiatics and wetbacks pretending to be white. No actual dyed-in-the-wool Germanic white person spends this much time watching movies much less writing about them.

    The media is set up for its audience. That audience is black, Asian and ethnic. And you people are black, Asian and ethnik. Look, if you don’t like the media, stop watching it. Or perhaps learn to love yourself, and recognize that black people, like media, are a part of your identity, history, and DNA.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Polemos
  76. Thank you for speaking out forthrightly on this. You also name names. It is largly Jews that are responsible for this nonsense. Jews control the entertainment, news media, and advertising industries. They also both control the pressure groups and bureaucracies that push this nonsense. I no longer watch TV shows or movies or read books that push this nonsense. If enough others follow my lead we can starve the perpetrators out of existence.

  77. @Dumbo

    The negroes-sickxon have always been the vilest race. They make Bantu niggers look civilized.
    They are reaping the whirlwind they sow. Heres to the monkey island going the way of the dodo.

    1945 payback.

  78. The White Christians can boycott the onslaught by their refusal to participate in financial activities which maybe the very thing needed to bring the runway locomotive to a screeching halt because there are no other arrows left in the quiver.

    P. S. Hopefully, you’re not one of those actors that were paddling big pharma drugs to gullible consumers on TV!

  79. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    Great vid. Must be nice living in a non-jewed country. Little wonder that they’re out-competing the West in many areas.

    This will only accelerate as the Tribe continues collapsing their host goyim farms.

    • Agree: Richard B
  80. sarz says:

    Didn’t the Jewishness of the earl’s wife get sort of stuck on towards the end of the series? I wonder if she wasn’t shown in church earlier. But maybe not since the house the series was staged in belongs to a Rothschild.

  81. Anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    Do you really think that “Jack Antonio” is the guy’s real name? That a professional actor, someone making a living in the single most jewish-dominated industry on earth, would post something to with his real name?

    • Agree: GeeBee
  82. Anon[316] • Disclaimer says:

    Conservative media isn’t helping. Asians are natural allies of whites, sharing most of white values like self-reliance and upward mobility, but both liberal and conservative media are working hard to drive a wedge between Asians and whites, since they are both run by the same tribe with the same aim, which is to tear America apart for their own gains, divide and conquer. The NYTimes has more and more Asian (typically female) writers who write asinine anti-white screeds; these Asian useful idiots are made out to represent all Asian voices even though most Asians do not share their views. Meanwhile, Breitbart continues to refer to coronavirus as “Chinese virus” to drive up hate of conservative whites against all East/Southeast Asians who most people can’t tell apart from Chinese. China hate is the only thing George Soros agrees with Trump on, and the only thing the left and the right agree on, because China is now seen as the biggest threat to the JWO.

    Jews have never had much love for East Asians, esp. Asian males. Jew run Hollywood rarely has any East Asian characters, and when they do, insist that they speak with an accent. The only Asian actors allowed to succeed in Hollywood are the ugly ones like Sarah Oh, Ken Jeong, Jimmy Oh or Akwafina. The pretty ones like Maggie Q and a young Russell Wong get ignored. Jew run Ivy League discriminates heavily against all Asians esp. Asian males, most Asians who get into the Ivy League are female. Hardly any tech C-suite execs are East Asian, but the Jews do love South Asians, they are loquacious, clannish, dishonest and shameless like the Jews, are great at drinking the Jew KoolAid like Kshama Sawant(Seattle City councilwoman), Pramila Jayapal(D-WA), Nikki Haley(R-SC), but aren’t as smart as the East Asians therefore not as big of a threat. Jews prefer their more caucasoid looks, but their dark skin help make them feel less racist and they are more obedient than blacks, win-win-win. It’s just a matter of time before Hollywood and Bollywood converge, like the tech world.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Thanks: Parsnipitous
    • LOL: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Anon
  83. WASHINGTON – Barack Obama stuck his foot in his mouth today when he said “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”

    I guess if Barack says it, it’s OK

  84. anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    Negrophilia is a huge problem in America. Its not just the liberal commie antifa whites. Even mainstream conservative whites are too damn lenient towards blacks, always giving them the benefit of the doubt. American blacks are a fucking plague, they should be treated as such.

    • Agree: bruce county, Alden
  85. I think I’ll sit this one out on the sidelines.

  86. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    But you won’t go far wrong if you place the word ‘oligarchs’ in triple parentheses…

    It looks like he’s gone much farther then you.

    What’s described in the article is just a small part of the White Genocide project – which is a purely jewish creation. A white, naturally occurring ruling class (‘oligarchs’ or not) would never, ever, come up with the idea to genocide their own race. Even the worst among them would recognise it a suicidal destruction of their own power base.

    The West is in decline because it’s ruled by a foreign, parasitic, hostile (((tribe))).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  87. Wally says:

    ” How much sympathy do you want me to have for a nation that preferred conquest and colonialism to trade?
    China deserves to rule the world.”

    – That’s laughable.

    – The US was & is all about trade. Fair trade on equal terms. In fact the US counts on it.

    – You failed to mention fake “Native Americans” xenophobia, slavery, and violent conquests of other tribes.

    – China’s largest ethnic group, the Hans, conquered & colonized what we now call ‘China’.

    No doubt you live in Portland.

  88. Anon[118] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know about this. In my extended family, who are all Germanic-Scandinavian protestants, the liberal half of the family love movies esp. HBO/Netflix shows, while the conservative half watch a lot less TV and movies in general, and mostly just Marvel superhero movies, or old movies like Lord of the Ring, old Star Wars or traditional Disney movies. I think the line is more along liberal vs. conservative. Conservative whites tend to consume far less entertainment these days due to the wokeness of Hollywood.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  89. It’s as if white replacement will correct historical white achievements by rewriting the past to suit the future
    It’s become so in your face, it’s sickening. When most every advertisement, commercial, movie, TV series, have Majik negros saving the world or used as example of good hygiene, health and mental stability.
    How did 13% of the population overnight become 90% of media darlings?
    The same way LGBTIQPWXYZ become a protective class also thrown in your face as a normal act of human nature. We have been high jacked by a dark degenerate minority imposing racial and gender ideology that does not represent the majority.
    There is a narrow window opening that may correct these abuses of power, indoctrination and unrelenting propaganda, but that window is closing faster than a speeding poleez car in a hoodrat infested BLM shithole.

    • Replies: @Misterpaul
  90. @ariadna

    is that what I argued? not that I can see! read again…see if there is something you missed.

  91. @Anon

    None of those movies were ever traditional and WASPS never watched movies in America. America was very anti-movie/television when it was plurality WASP; Hollywood was seen as a Jew/Italian degenerate contraption back then as well.

  92. David says:
    @Colin Wright

    My mom’s main association with the 60s/70s black power movement was that her family’s black maids became intractable. She would relate this to blacks as well-meaning counsel on where they went wrong.

  93. Anonymous[125] • Disclaimer says:

    My mistake. Somehow I missed the word “wrong” in the initial post. Apologies.

  94. Ko says:
    @The Alarmist

    Because, according what what someone said to me last week, “the blacks ruin everything.”

  95. anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    I am absolutely fed up with American Negroes. I don’t care if a minority of them are good, hard-working people. Even the non-thugs make excuses for the majority thug element in their race. Fuck all of them and their families.

  96. @lawprojectfoundation

    I used to watch a lot of Manning’s videos just sort of figured he was out of business after that story broke about him attempting to seduce some black teenage temptress honey pot. How did all of that work out?

    • Replies: @lawprojectfoundation
  97. @Ben Sampson

    If your reading comprehension (of this article, for instance) matched your ability to produce verbiage, you may have saved yourself your overly long retorts. Back to fifth grade, Ben Sampson!

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  98. @FRITZ

    No, no. It’s the Kalergi Plan at work, which is all about race mixing. White women are more often shown with black men in shows and ads because white women are less race conscious. More often not married, they birth many mixed-race children, which is all to evident at Walmart. Relatively few white men are interested in relationships with black women compared to the reverse, thus many black women are frustrated. Low testosterone young beta white males, much less aggressive than blacks, sometimes wind up as angry women-hating Incels, masturbating to porn in their bedrooms, perhaps never to attract a mate.

  99. Big picture: Britain and other Europeans invaded multiple continents, killed hundreds of millions of human beings, stole in the order of hundreds of Trillions of Pounds, raped innumerable humans, destroyed thousands of cultures, wiped out innumerable languages, annihilated thousands of years old religions which do not violently convert to their Religions. They created Theologies to justify their actions. They think Ends Justify the Means. They think Might is Right. They label somebody inferior so that they can kill with as little guilt as possible. Since the Theologies they concocted tell them they go to Eternal Heaven (which is most absurd since anything that begins in Time can not be Eternal, as what begins in Time ends in Time). They destroyed or doctored the Revealed Messages in all Scriptures of many ancient Religions and Spiritual Teachings. They think there is only one life to live and they can get away with Everything.
    GOT NEWS: They think they can get away with Horrors they have done to humanity over thousands of years. THEY CANNOT. What goes around comes around. What they sow they reap. This is just the beginning. Infallible, immutable, all encompassing Universal Laws called Lord will have no choice but to implement the Laws whether they are ready or not. The Lord exactly knows who those perpetrators are, when and where they are reborn again and they will not be left alone until they pay appropriate and adequate price. THIS IS THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF KARMA called THE LORD.

  100. @ariadna

    I find that you guys are hard minded into your racist, right wing ideological outlook. its a sectarian point of view that you guys appear intent to go forward with period regardless. that means a whole lot of trouble for you and for the world you are a part of.

    racism/your sense of superiority has taken white people into an exclusive corner, as if white experience if the only valid one in all of human culture, history..everything indeed. thats a crock and a dangerous one as I pointed out. white people are wrong, cruel, brutal and a threat to the very existence of the human species in the frame they are in

    white people cannot be corrected by any one on planet earth. for a correction of white people to take place white people must be defeated utterly, all your pretensions destroyed, reduced to the bottom rung of existence to learn again the lesson of existence humans actually know

    humans are once species are one people with different cultures shaped and condition by social evolution in our respective environmental locations. we entered a era of exploitative society that has not ended that has brought all the racial, religious superior nonsense from the white ‘winners’ that is absolutely wrong and suicidal in life. yet in the process we are all of the same race and no matter how antipathetic and violently divided it is a collective experience we have shared from day one..all of humanity.

    if there is that collective experience where are the limits to each other comprehensively relative again to the social circumstance we live in?

    if in 250 years humans are still alive as a species it presupposes one of the 2 most likely potentials that hangs on humanity at this time from out of the experience of society of exploitation..popular revolution and the emergence of popular democracy: or its opposite Brave New World. if the popular revolution takes place what would the world be like then?

    it wont be shaped like any tangent I see flowing from the minds of most who comment here..certainly not you. what would the world be like in a popular democracy..will white people still be superior, will education change, format and content?

    I am seeing in a popular democracy the history of the human species becoming introduced unfettered..freedom to investigate and bring ones product to the people. critique, correction, argument, counter argument finally agreement and moving time limit on anything. I see all humans appropriating all of human history as our story…our collective human story..a collectively lived experience. and that is in truth what it is. so which part of it them would be inaccessible to any human?

    in a frame like that an director is casting for MlK and a a white actor thinks he can do a job for the director better than any other possibility. you see how our actor thinks already. in that dispensation he is not like any white person currently. he is human and part of the world..not superior and sectarian. the experience white people now look down on he sees differently a full important experience that was a pivotal historical experience in the human story. he has dug into it, ‘knows’ fully, perhaps more completely than we currently know the man..MLK!

    that experience humanity now sees as his experience too as the experience of the development of the human species as black people can embrace the experience of the whole world including the white stars in the process of human history and development. it is now the HUMAN STORY! the story of humanity that is for all of the people of the world

    in such an environment a director can chose the best man, the best actor, the one who demonstrates insight and nuance into his character greater than any of his competition. on such a day the art of the artist is the first consideration, the only one too as humanity would have cleaned up all the sectarian crap

    when I was a kid I wont Herman Melvilles Moby Dick as first prize in academic work. I read with little understanding but I began to notice something about artists..Actors some of whom I came to know through my teens. I noted it about writers as well, even among the wannabes as well.

    it is a state of mind that is tremendous and limitless, curious to a fault. always of the angles in all things, always further out thing all others and creative in all things. I noticed that in Melville and later on I was able to put words to it. I saw the tremendous creativity of writers like Vidia Naipaul, CLR James, James Baldwin and a bunch of others..the same quality.

    I saw actors, on small stages, Black guys, Indian guys, mixed guys, girls too …who went all out in their roles, in preparation and transformation of themselves into character that was truly amazing, enervating, extraordinary

    who never achieved high levels of exposure, had little chance of that, would never do so… but their professionalism and love of their trade was no less for that reason. looking back it is a real pleasure to have know them and what I learned as a result.

    I have no fear for the love and professionalism of real actors regardless of level. they are all true artists and capable of the world really. I extend no limits relative to them and their artistry, ambition and desire, and creativity..and creative brains

    in an open and free society, unfettered by all the sectarian nonsense of exploitative capitalism, if I live I look forward to artistic creativity unlimited

    yes the Actors I already have known in my life could play any role at all. if they wanted to do it give them the job and a bit of time to get it all together and look out. it would be a..growth their performance…increasing every night for the would never stop learning and honing their performance on that stage.

    Artists are wonderful people in the sense I describe them, the ways I have known them. I have not know their personal lives…I did not go there. that is not my interest relative to them. their brains, skill, how they think and thought, their levels of creativity..the nature of their minds. they are definitely a certain type of human across the supposed races..all of them.

    the right wing outlook, perspective, the racist outlook..all that I see here in these pages are nowhere near what I am talking about set in your racist ways as you are. life is evolutionary to be set in anything is suicidal, open-minded is the way forward, preparedness to learn, ready to do so and to move forward on truth always

    • Replies: @ariadna
  101. Is it only me or havent we seen an uptick in multiracial advertising since Saint Floyd was martyred?

  102. Excellent article. This is an international campaign. Whites–imbued with the horrid (but natural) tendency to protect their children, defend their culture, and manage their genetic interests–are being targeted by usual armada of race-hustlers and rabbinic overseers. The target is White continuity. Resistance = racism. This fine-tuned and well-funded campaign of racial subversion has been decades in the making. It is fueled by jealousy and revenge.

    Western art, expression, and literature (and European form itself) are being appropriated and debased under the rubric of racial equality. This malevolent charade is nothing new. We know its architects.

    Secular Jews may not be religious, but as Kevin Barrett has noted, most Jews are “Biblical”. They secretly (and not-so-secretly) see themselves destined to rise above the goyim and ‘rule the nations’ (peoples of the world). With enough pushing a shoving, this biblical prophecy is now taking form.

    The tantalizing possibility of God-sanctioned Jewish rule over the goyim surely titelates even the ‘secular’ mensches who control mass media and orchestrate its myths, dramas, and imagery.

    Might the rising concentration of wealth, power and privilege among the Jewish people be part of God’s glorious plan? It’s possible!

    On top of that, mixing together the Nazis and schvartzes is not only a dazzling social experiment, but one with sacred Judaic underpinnings. Sowing racial chaos and disunity among the goyim also enhances Jewish safety. Bingo!

    Elevating the Jewish people is G-d’s plan. This holy mission fulfills their covenant. By comparison, they see ‘white’ solidarity as racist, beastly and a threat to Jews.

    As towering walls around Israel rise, and bombs upon Syria fall, the Brazilification of the West proceeds. This is all by design. So it is written.

  103. haha says:

    ” Britain and other Europeans invaded multiple continents, killed hundreds of millions of human beings, stole in the order of hundreds of Trillions of Pounds…”

    True, true, true – sadly. Let the Lord deliver justice, don’t try to usurp his role. Nor does he need reminders from you on his duties.

    Seriously though, there is no race whose hands are clean. The white races happened to be ascendant at a time when science was blossoming – and they took full advantage of their superiority. By the ethical standards of today that was wrong The Mongols were the first to pioneer horse and cavalry, for which Europe paid the price. Is there any point in playing blame games with Mongols today? The solution lies in looking forward with wisdom and kindness, not looking back in anger.

    • Replies: @Lawofkarma
  104. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    God bless this author and his article.

    Explain to your white children that the Jews are trying to natally genocide the white races with miscegenation propaganda. Be a rebel and have white children with a white wife or husband. If we can withstand the onslaught of smut for a couple of generations, we will see it through. The anti-natal propaganda is zapping the birthrates of the other races also.

    Never forget what global jew is attempting here though……all the commercials where white couples are never shown. This is on purpose. They hate you this much and always will. Just keep being white and have a white family and raise your kids to do the same. God loves all his races” and does not intend for any to dissapear due to Pharisees’ hatreds.

  105. @Lawofkarma

    “…Britain and other Europeans invaded multiple continents, killed hundreds of millions of human beings, stole in the order of hundreds of Trillions of Pounds, raped innumerable humans, destroyed thousands of cultures, wiped out innumerable languages, annihilated thousands of years old religions which do not violently convert to their Religions…”

    I hope there is a “law of karma” for absurd exaggerations…

    • Replies: @Lawofkarma
    , @Lawofkarma
  106. Iseeit says:

    I love this article and so wish that I could share it with everyone I know. The only hope I can see for this country and the world is Truth and this exceptionally intelligent, honest and admirable author has brilliantly shared it.
    Sadly the majority are not sophisticated enough to recognize this material as being honest and courageous. Instead they’ve been neutered intellectually, philosophically and spiritually.
    The reality of what’s happening is to much for the majority to even contemplate. I feel sorry for them.

  107. cassandra says:

    The over-confidence you display can only come from being unaware of your own ignorance. Have you ever heard of the Qing dynasty?

    • Replies: @anon
  108. I found myself agreeing with nearly everything in the article although I too am one who has long since abandoned “the lively (vibrant!) arts” save for live classical music recitals (we can’t afford an orchestra here), a jazz and/or choral recital or two and some folclore (acoustic regional tunes) events and the annual visit of a flamenco troupe. The last time I went to a movie was 16 years ago (Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. I’m an old White guy, u-m-c, with the corresponding tastes, but I love watching videos of James Brown, a musical genius whose dancing made Mr. Bojangles look like a Lawrence Welk performer. Then there’s Jerry Lee Lewis, who I first saw on tv in the company of the grandmother who’d been a classical recital pianist herself. Grandpa was outraged, I was loving it and Grandma couldn’t get over JLL’s hand span and piano technique. She found the flames coming out of the piano “showy”, however. How ironic that I now find myself in the Grandpa position with what passes for “entertainment” today.

    The one place in which I don’t find Negroes out of place is in opera. Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle, etc.? Who notices their skin color with those voices and interpretations! All this ahistorical stuff on stage and in movies? Rubbish. Simply won’t watch or listen to it. It has to either stop or be stopped. Whites in the USA should reclaim their country if they can.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  109. Anon[279] • Disclaimer says:

    I have no sympathy for the English. The German race and the Japanese race are the two best races on earth. The wrong side won WWII and the the world is now suffering its consequence. If Churchill hadn’t declared war against Germany we would not be at where we are today. England brought this predicament upon the entire Western world. I don’t care if the the UK gets swallowed whole by reverse colonization, these money loving, power hungry, meddlesome globalist hypocrites allied themselves early on with the Jews and deserve everything they’ve got for what they did to the West.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anon
    , @HeebHunter
  110. @Parsnipitous

    i dont see that i have to be perfect here. i am not wrong and i am civil..i try to be.

    i don’t see the entire space here is civil otherwise..

    prolly am indeed missing what i normally would not. i expected a great deal from this board..and the saker’s vineyard…two companion sites..unfulfilled expectation

    i have lost interest really – in both..and i should leave..must try too hard to remain relevant. sure sign there is nutten that holds my attention anymore at these two locations


    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  111. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Not sure, Manning is like trying to nail jelly to a wall. He’s  fast and loose with the facts at times, as doesn’t support much of what he says with facts. I heard that sound clip, Manning never published any update on that, who knows ? I’ve tried to get him to elaborate on some of his statements, but never got any response. It was a well done false recording, IF that was what it is.
    I think Manning is getting ready to get out of the Religious/Political Blog business and retire.
    At times he is like picking peanuts out of a turd, need to really like peanuts….
    He is up to his neck with alligators as he is on a slippery slope of legal trouble’s with back taxes and legal bills.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  112. ltravail says:

    If people of the Anglo-American nations didn’t have such a naive, simpleminded understanding of the causes of and puppet masters behind the production of the great slaughter-fests of the 20th century in particular, they’d be more inclined towards pity for their ancestors who were sacrificed in the process than pride and honor. It could very well be said that Germans fought and died for the national socialism ideal; that the Japanese fought and died for their imperial ideal; or that the Chinese fought and died fighting against a cruel foreign oppressor in the Japanese. On the other hand, Anglo-American lives were not sacrificed fighting against cruel foreign conquest and oppression, or to preserve an independent national ideal and way of life, but were sacrificed entirely for the agendas of (mostly Jewish) bankers and zionists. Should your “sacrificed” ancestors be honored for this, particularly when their sacrifice made actualization of these otherly agendas manifest, or is it more apt to pity them for having been used in such a manner and for such a purpose?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  113. anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    I would say Russians are also a worthwhile people. Germans, Russians, and Japanese are indeed the best peoples on Earth. The Chinese on the other hand, along with Anglos and kikes, are all parasitic subhuman scum.

  114. @haha

    That was only the statement regarding causes and effects of human actions. This applies to all human beings including Mongolians, Japanese etc. It’s not a subjective statement to Provoke anger and other emotions. It’s statement of fact.

  115. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    You are new to the internet aren’t you?
    That’s called a troll.
    Does Mom know you’re on here?

  116. @Franklin Ryckaert

    These are historical facts which one would understand by reading European colonial history.

    • Replies: @Nobodyknowsimadog
  117. @Ben Sampson

    and I shud be fully honest in leaving. I am leaving because I am also diabetic and I am in real trouble at the monent. I am so hungry its incredible..I am dizzy and like trying to pay attention here helps keeps me conscious

    I have to hold I can grip anything strong not even words and thoughts struggling to make sure I make sense and become too voluble, wordy.

    there isnt much I can eat thats why but its my Waterloo..I have to handle it. I shold and do apoligise for where I have not be spot on. all the best Unz..get rid of your racism…and choseness. they are not consistent with human survival..they helps kill us all off


  118. “I say old chap! At least we’re not speaking German!”

    –The last two Englishmen on earth boiling in the cannibals’ cauldron

  119. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Brutal colonialism over hundreds of years in multiple continents is not an exaggeration for generations who were and are in the receiving end. Descendants of perpetrators would like to think this is an exaggeration.

  120. Fox says:

    It certainly did not start as a marketing ploy. If that were the case, the CEO of Gillette, as mentioned in the text, would immediately withdraw a disastrous advertisement, yet it is maintained to” promote diversity”, as he/she/it (the CEO of Gillette) said.
    There is intent behind it that has nothing at all to do with profits. The aim lies in disintegrating White culture and White self-awareness. The people who want it happen have so much money, power and comfort that the loss or lack of a few billions of or trillions of profit does not steer their actions. It’s the cost of business, as is being said in other circumstances.
    They can afford to remake humankind, and they are willing to invest in the crazy plan. Although they appreciate wealth and money, the motivation for acquiring money is not that of greed and coveting, the money is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  121. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Nyet. Russians are hard edged, brutish and dishonest. It’s how they ended up in bed with the Jews in the first place. And if it weren’t for the Russians, the best race on earth would have won, and we wouldn’t be living in this madness today. Eff the Russians.

  122. @Anon

    This. Anglos are filth. May they boil in human shit with the kikes.
    1945 payback.
    Boer War.
    Crimean war.
    The list of their crimes goes on.

  123. @ltravail

    Pity, mercy and forgiveness are reserved only to people who truly regretted their sins.
    From all the mainstream media and even the (((alt right))) kike puppets since ww2, it is evident that none of the descendants of the allied subhumans deserve any grace.

    They only deserve extermination and a bucket of kosher/black/hispanic/arabic semen they crave so much.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Mark1
  124. ariadna says:
    @Ben Sampson

    You’re full of it. Brimming over, in fact. So you came to spill some here.

    • Agree: Vojkan
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  125. Dannyboy says:

    I haven’t watched TV in years. I don’t watch professional or college sports. I don’t go to movies and rarely rent one on the net. What sort of sick fuck goes to these Shakespearean/Traditional plays with niggers in lead roles?

    As Eamon DeValera said: “We defeat the British Empire by ignoring it”.

    That’s the same way to deal with these clowns.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  126. martin_2 says:

    El Alamein? Normandy? The Battle of Britain? Sicily? I have no doubt that Germany had a better trained army but what you have written is obviously false.

  127. anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    UK Anglos are so cowardly and degenerate that they take out their anger and aggression on visiting East Asian tourists who actually contribute to their shitty economy. Meanwhile they bow down and submit to nigger/Arab/Paki subhumans who contribute nothing and are taking over their shitty little island. Anglos deserve nothing but baseball bats to their skulls.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  128. Goddard says:

    My Chinese as a foreign language class in Shanghai discussed this video. My black American classmate started whining about racism but was clever enough to pin the blame on Whitey. (Racist whites spread worldwide the idea that light skin is good, dark bad.) Even so, the Asians in the class shot her down. The ostensible argument the Asians were making was that the ad was all in good fun, but the subtext, which you couldn’t help feeling, was that the Asians just don’t like black people that much.

    • Troll: vot tak
    • Replies: @Biff
  129. vot tak says:

    Another israeli drama queen promoting the likudite racial divisive psywar. That is what this article is.

  130. Biff says:

    but the subtext, which you couldn’t help feeling, was that the Asians just don’t like black people that much.

    This is mostly correct. Also, in relation to media matters, I noticed that when advertising home sales here in east Asia(Thailand) they use pasty white Western families living in said homes they are trying to sell in their ads.

  131. Polemos says:

    Even the author Jack Antonio cannot resist making the most important point clear so must hide it in a parenthetical comment.

    The sooner the most ardent racist, proud and loving towards their race above any other, recognizes that they are already staring into the mirror and seeing a reflection of themselves, the sooner a person gains an ally, a sense that here is a common, shared purpose with someone who shares a love of like measure for one’s own, only as seeming irreconcilable opposite. This sense and recognizing of the capable other grows because they now know what the other loves and comes to respect this other person has the same deep wisdom, the ineradicable wisdom nature places inside you in your core and tells you there, within those deepest senses where you feel you’re understanding who you really are, “It is okay being who you are and even better to seek your best friends and family among people like you, so that you can do the excellent thing of growing into your best and glorious self through challenge or death.” We become even greater, higher, broader and transcend the limits only made possible by our choice to set them for ourselves, only if first we love ourselves and admire who we are.

    Some people take the Platonic path at this point and see the higher truth about how love for one’s people seen in others allows your own love to reach even higher loves, for higher than love for race, higher than love for country, higher than love for God, there is a whole Love full of many loves — how might someone describe such a love among loves? — maybe one finds expression here, on this side of ignorant speech, in saying it is love for the One —and you know that love and its call and what it will do through you . . .

    It will make you grow and become even more responsible to who loves at all. You begin to get who Truth is, who your better self is. How could you ever hate again?

    The person in the mirror is you reflected. You have a friend in the world, but you won’t know it until you first drop your hatreds through love.

    In the One, all we are is. You and I, your I and my You. Someone cannot take from you what you know is you, nor can they give you something you did not already have. Look into one another’s eyes and understand how they love as you do, and show no fear of what they find in you.

    Thus, face your own fears of what’s inside the One you are.

    (Like several of us, I had nothing better to do with a Saturday night than post yet another comment, so I’m probably a crypto-Jew, too? 🙂)

    • Replies: @sarz
  132. Polemos says:

    The one place in which I don’t find Negroes out of place is in opera. Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle, etc.? Who notices their skin color with those voices and interpretations! All this ahistorical stuff on stage and in movies? Rubbish.

    Brilliant and subversive.

  133. Getaclue says:
    @The Alarmist

    The Seal approves she’s bunging the Black dude. Right? Obvious. Filmed by a Jew?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  134. Getaclue says:

    There is no “Karma” — that is Pagan bs — the truth is Our Lord Jesus Christ — the rest is from the Devil. Get a clue.

    • Replies: @Lawofkarma
  135. sarz says:

    Who can say where all this Platonic Oneness is heading? Let’s think of it in terms of the little video given above with the Seal of Approval. But this time when the camera swings stage right we see not a Black partner but a Silverback Gorilla ‘husband’. What’s not to like? (I’m no doubt a crypto-Jew, too.)

    • LOL: Polemos
  136. “Whoopi Goldberg”

    Don’t just think of Whoopi as an angry black woman wearing a mop as a wig, claiming to be a blonde.

    She’s a Goldberg.

  137. @Just another serf

    “China deserves to rule the world”

    “If that means the end of Jewish control, I’ll work for that outcome 24 x 7.”

    Don’t bank on that outcome. The Phoenician Navy ranged far and wide by sea, and also traveled the Silk Road. Merchants and traders, dealers in commodities.

    Mao was the son of an ultra wealthy family, as was Chiang Kai-shek (as was Karl Marx, hero of Proles everywhere). A civil war between two wealthy families over control of China. Mao got the mainland and Chiang got Taiwan. The City of London syndicate was never in danger of losing their lucrative Hong Kong banking franchise.

  138. Seraphim says:

    Very politically correct would be that Othello (the stupid and gullible murderer) be played by a white man and Desdemona (the pure innocent victim of male brutality) by a black women! Iago (the scheming villain) must remain white!
    That would really make sense of Shakespeare. Wasn’t he ‘enslaved himself to the Dark Lady’? And ‘The Fair Youth’ the catamite?

  139. S says:

    It’s just a matter of time before the Royal family including the Queen herself are played by black tranny actors.

    V For Vendetta came close with it’s English Rose heroine being presented as a lesbian.

  140. @anon

    It is funny how they keep sliming away with using “Asians” as a subsittute for paki/arabic rapists in their propaganda outlets.

    Really put the orange kike to shame, tbh.

  141. Mark1 says:

    Hmm, wild stab in the dark here but I’m guessing you wouldn’t got too far had you applied to join the SS.

    If we’re what you say, why are Germany and Japan still here?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  142. Alden says:

    Try Grand Hotel, it’s all White and a great series. It’s like a less mawkish less soap opera ish Downton Abbey with a murder in every episode. Also anything Turkish, especially the historical dramas. One’s called Resurrection. Takes a lot of time to find an all White cast.

  143. Alden says:

    I believe it was black footmen and those dressed up little black page boys seen in some of the portraits. Supposedly no black women. So if they had children the blackness would be bred out. Maybe they went back to Jamaica.

    The other thing, the death rate of fatherless poor babies and little ones was very very high. No welfare for poor single moms in those days. Either leave it in the indigent orphan hospital where it was born, or try to raise it. Whatever, the babies often died.

    And then in 1948 the Windermere docked at Tetbury Harbor. And the colonial Empire became the black and brown commonwealth.

  144. S says:

    The only purpose I can see for this weird coalition, a revolution brought to us by multinational corporations and the democrat party, is to bring down wages while they accumulate more.

    When under the cover of a late 18th and early 19th century supposed ‘abolitionism’ chattel slavery and it’s trade was in reality monetized (ie distilled to it’s financial essence and profits maximized) by the slave dealers/financiers of the British Empire, with the introduction of wage slavery via the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system, it was thought people in general would simply go along with it all, despite the highly genocidal aspects.


    After all, non slave holding people in the US South were already being displaced and genocided, albeit slowly, by chattel slavery and it’s historic trade, and nothing much was said in protest. In 1861 Anglo-Saxon’s in South Carolina were a minority of the state’s population as opposed to the African slaves, 55 to 45 percent.

    The rest of the US South was going the same way.

    However, genocide by chattel slavery and it’s associated ‘mixing’ is somewhat indefinite, and may take several hundred years, whereas with wage slavery (ie so called ‘cheap labor’ acquired by ‘mass immigration’), this genocide via mixing takes place in mere decades.

    And people were noticing, as documented by the Pall Mall Gazette in 1874 in regards to attempts to import ultimately tens of millions of Chinese from newly ‘opened up’ China as wage slaves (ie ‘cheap labor’) by diktat into Anglosphere countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia.

    ‘Race’ was specifically identified as the primary impediment that this Anglosphere scheme was running into.

    Pall Mall Gazette (Spring 1874) – ‘Chinamen Out of China’

    “A dread of what might happen if capitalists could command and control these vast hordes of workmen as against men of their own race, has made the labouring class, at any rate, blind to their good qualities.”

    People being preyed upon en masse as a source of wage slaves (ie so called ‘cheap labor’) were also noticing the genocidal aspects. The Irish commonly called the predation of their people as wage slaves ‘extermination’ (see 1847 article linked below) and members of the British aristocracy in Ireland who were promoting the mass exodus of the Irish to the United States as ‘cheap labor’ by paying their ship care (in apparently some fairly great numbers) were being shot for doing so.

    Whereas before race was readily and freely acknowledged to exist, suddenly race became ‘problematic’, and hence a big part of the origins of today’s anti-race campaign, euphamistically called ‘anti-racism’.

    [Below is a link to the full article ‘Chinamen Out of China’ which first appeared in a Spring 1874 edition of The Pall Mall Gazette of London and is republished here in the April 11, 1874 issue of Littell’s Living Age pg 124-127]

    ‘Extermination and Vengeance’ published in the November 20, 1847 edition of The Spectator of London.

    • Replies: @Rich
  145. Alden says:
    @bruce county

    You mentioned Jews Irish Italian Slavs and German Whites. So I guess you don’t recognize that English and Scots descended Americans are White? I believe that about 30 percent of American Whites are British, right after the majority Whites, the Germans. And we British Whites were the first White settlers and founded the country.

  146. @Getaclue

    Perhaps, but the seal seems surprised … almost stunned … only after realising it is being racist does the seal, with a great look of embarssment, give its seal of approval. One possibility is that the seal was about to go in delicto flagrante with the babe when hubby showed up. This would seem more consonant with the trend in UK adverts to be even more and more inclusive. Not long before we see plants getting in on the act.

  147. Rich says:

    You’re exactly right. Slavery kept wages low, and made smaller farmers unable to compete in the marketplace. It’s ridiculous that the present day ignoramuses who control most of the media, academia and big businesses try to foist punishment onto the very people whose ancestors not only freed the slaves, but were economically hurt by having to compete with them. The brainwashing has deceived so many now that I don’t see any chance of the European people surviving as a race. We are bound to become a Mestizo people just with a higher percent of Euro blood than most of Latin America.

  148. @lawprojectfoundation

    “. . . he is on a slippery slope of legal trouble’s with back taxes and legal bills.”

    Funny you mentioned that. Blacks who manage to get their hands on sums of money in excess of living from paycheck to paycheck seem to suffer “disparate adverse impact” in that department. I don’t know about your jurisdiction, but the tax lien and bankruptcy notices in my local paper of record sure seem to bear that out.

  149. @Getaclue

    When our heart is filled with darkness of ignorance, we are lost

  150. baythoven says:
    @Gleimhart Mantooso

    There were a number of PC peculiarities in the casting. Most peculiar, I would say, was the old Russian lover (from years back) of Maggie Smith’s character. He was hideously ugly, almost a caricature of a dirty old Jew, though the character is a Russian nobleman. Contrast him with the Jewish characters in the show — all of them quite attractive and English-looking.

  151. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent point.

    One of the clearest signs of how jewed the Western power circles are lies in the reckless abandon with witch their politicians, media and corporations are prepared to lose votes, credibility and even profits in pursuit of the anti-white agenda.

  152. @Mark1

    Why should I care if I had gotten into the SS or not? I would enjoy my daily life in NS Germany, working and going home to my lovely, wholesome family and unleash hell upon the empty cans with full caliber, full auto guns in my perfectly legal arsenal

    Being in the SS means I would have to contain my hatred for the negro-sickxon and not saying too many damning truth about them. No thanks.

    As to why Germany and Japan are still here, same reasons niggers keep subjugated Europeans around to take care of them. Nobody doubted Genghis Khan’s might, but everybody know he wasnt the one to lead the world to the next stage.

    I probably insulted the Khan by comparing him to subhumans like you. You are less than subharan bantu niggers.

    • Replies: @Mark1
  153. @ariadna

    ‘You’re full of it. Brimming over, in fact. So you came to spill some here.’

    Probably. That post was interminable, though — and appeared to be simply a recital of the the ‘Progressive’ catechism. I wasn’t going to wade through it.

  154. @The Alarmist

    ‘Oh, it’s way more bizzare than that … can someone tell me why the seal stops flying when the black dude enters the room?’

    That’s a really disgusting ad.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  155. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Asians are dishonest too.

  156. E_Perez says:

    “If I sound angry it’s because I am. And I’m proud of it. I’m also proud of my history, heritage, and culture and I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone degrade, destroy, or steal them. My anger is fueled by the blood of my ancestors that flows through my veins. And as long as that most precious blood flows through me, I shall do all I can to expose and resist the deliberate genocide of our people.”

    Many rants of this kind recently, especially in Britain and the US. Should be classified in the category “hangovers”.

    Some timid hints to the Jews, but what they all fail to see is that it was their “proud history” and the “precious blood of their ancestors” which brought them into this desaster because it put the Jews into the position which allows them to destroy the White Race.

    “I know how, why, and by whom our screens are being darkened, I am being denied work, and our past and future are being stolen from us.
    The answer is BAME.”

    No, Mr.Antonio, the answer is WWII.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  157. @GMC

    Hat’s off to Putin and his Russia. Recent changes to the Russian constitution protects ALL of it’s history, places marriage between a biological man and biological male as sacrosanct, as well as God and Church. White men are alive and well in Russia.

  158. @The Alarmist

    The seal didn’t use his laser eyes to decapitate the orc?


  159. @Colin Wright

    Safer for her to lie with the seal than the orc.

  160. Angharad says:

    Victor Garber is a jew.

  161. Mark1 says:

    Thank you for that cogent, reasonable and well thought out reply.

    “lovely, wholesome family?” I don’t think your genes are going anywhere. I imagine you’ve been keeping them in the family for a while now!

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  162. @Mark1

    More personal attack from an island monkey, lol.
    My future isnt certain but yours is.
    Enjoy (((Brexit))) and the millions of Paki and Indians to come.

    • Replies: @Mark1
  163. @E_Perez

    Lol, even the blame on the kikes must be contested at this point.
    Outside of the (((ussr))), no kike put a gun on the goyim head and told them to sanction Japan and Germany for no gain, therefore creating the well deserved hostility.

    But as Unz himself has aptly observed, (((white nationalists))) are just subhuman slaves of Pissrael.

    • Replies: @anon
  164. Mark1 says:

    Are you one of them by any chance?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  165. @Mark1

    Lol, if I were a Paki I would be the Mayor of London and be out and about raping anglo wombs with impunity.
    That is just my cruel side talking. Of course I would never be shitskin wiping my butts with my bare hands. But if to be a paki is still preferable to be an anglo sex slave to them.

    • Replies: @Mark1
  166. anon[342] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m enjoying watching America collapse. Nigger-kike abomination with Anglo puppets.

  167. Mark1 says:

    Yep, you’re a paki alright.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  168. @Mark1

    Sure thing, Sadiq Khan.

  169. @Not Raul

    Hi Not Raul,

    Remember that Mosley was “Sir” and had many friends in high places. Some of the National Trust homes were owned by families who were friends with him or friendly toward his ideas. I’ve even seen copies of Mein Kampf on stately home bookshelves!

    The guides usually have a high opinion of the former owners and will make a passing (often humorous) reference to their friendship with Mosley. But, if you get them alone and speaking off the record…

  170. @TimeTraveller

    Hi Time Traveller

    For sure as Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” But, that’s not the whole picture. The only trading routes in Africa were Muslim slave routes. China and Japan were closed. When they were opened it was the tribe who got in and oppressed our new “trading” partners.

    I don’t want to colonise or trade with any other race. We should and could be 99% self-sufficient. The only people opposed to this idea are the Marxists and the Merchants. Now, what do those two groups have in common I wonder?

    No colonialism. No neo-colonialism. No open borders. No free trade.

    If we go there then they come here. So…

  171. @Richard B

    Hi Richard B

    I chose to end with “Hail Victory!” because I believe we must be positive and fight. I am no fan of Richard Spencer and his ilk. They are prissy academics. Spencer took one sucker-punch and cowered. He should have run after his attacker and left him begging for mercy. But when it comes to proposing action in an essay, it would be foolish and illegal to write down what I am proposing.

    I’ve fought against antifa and BLM types since my college days in the 60s. And I mean fist fight on occupied campuses and on the NYC subway. (Spend a few shekels and read my memoir Boy Outa Brooklyn.) I have never started a physical confrontation but I don’t run from them and I defend myself at all times.

    I share your disgust that so few of our men know how to throw a punch. I watch the clips of Whites being beaten and scream, “Fight, goddamn it, fight!”

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  172. Richard B says:
    @Jack Antonio

    Thanks for your response. Great comment.

    But when it comes to proposing action in an essay, it would be foolish and illegal to write down what I am proposing.

    That’s exactly the point I was making about the “Hail Victory!” part of your previous comment.

    Though I completely agree with pretty much everything you said in general and about fighting back in particular, the hail victory thing is just too contaminated to be of any use to us.

    Thanks again for your response.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  173. @Richard B

    The fact that you think the heroes who fought for your sake are “contaminated” spells only doom for your cause.
    Half a century of losing ground due to compromising with hardlined marxists and kike supremacists and you still don’t get it.

  174. @Lawofkarma

    As interpreted by Howard Zinn, no doubt.

  175. @Anononymous

    I suspect “Jack Antonio” is a pseudonym. It would be a foolish actor indeed who published a professional suicide note such as Fade to Black under his own name.
    I don’t think “Jack” went far enough in describing the now almost total darkening our screens. I see that HBO is launching a series of HP Lovecraft stories with an all-black cast. If there is a Whiter world than that of Lovecraft I don’t know it. And, Howard himself was more than woke on race and the JQ.

  176. @Ben Sampson

    Hi Ben

    The author very clearly places the blame with the Jews and their almost total control of the performing arts. They also control BLM. I also detected a castigation of Whites for allowing this to happen and a call to action.

    Brilliant article and often very funny despite the dire message.

  177. Jerome says:
    @A British reader

    The Slaves of Solitude is a brilliant book and evokes a specific aspect of English social rules. (Separate Tables plows a similar field.) But I agree with Mr. Antonio that the idea of a Black GI being billeted in a rooming house with Whites during WW2 is preposterous.
    Yes, of course, White girls had sex with Black GIs. In fact, the public was so revolted by this that Churchill wrote to FDR demanding that he remove the Black GIs from Britain. But those couplings were furtive and not happening in genteel rooming houses. The landladies would have thrown the offending couples into the street. Hamilton’s book has nothing to do with race and to cast a Black actor as the love interest is definitely a warping of the author’s intention.

  178. @FB

    Sorry to disappoint FB but I’m a proud member of the White working class. I can only afford to fly economy. Only wealthy Hebrews like yourself have the shekels to fly private. (Lolita Express anyone?)

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  179. Seraphim says:
    @Jack Antonio

    Unfortunately economy is more expensive now than businness was. If you can fly at all. Anyways, the ‘White working class’ preferred to jack off at home.

  180. @Ben Sampson

    The original article is writing at its best. Totally readable – funny and factual. Ben Sampson’s post?
    Almost unintelligible- badly composed, self-important and at times incomprehensible.
    I simply do not care about the content – just so long as it is well written and cohesive, and has some reasonable justification for it having been written.
    More by the original author……considerably less, if any, from the responder.

  181. @Ben Sampson

    Phew! More unadulterated rubbish.
    Not living in the real world but imagining some confused, irrationl landscape where black is white and white is black. Well, it isn’t. White Is white and Black, whether you like it or not IS BLACK. – and whoever, or whatever this ‘poster’ is, they ought really have their output quietly edited, because SOMEWHERE in the post it is just conceivable that there is some reason hiding. We need a certain amount of truth in our lives, not the bizarre manifestations proposed by this contributor.

  182. @CelestiaQuesta

    I read this and thought I had written it myself………the UK has about 3% of blacks.
    Currently it is almost impossible not to see a black face ANYWHERE.
    Mostly involved in violence or protesting……..except of course when they are picking up their ‘Welfare’.
    A bit like the Wuhan Virus.
    I have a reasonable circle of friends ( at least that is how they describe themselves) but I have not had ONE fall foul of the Wuhan Virus………yet The entire media industry has inundated almost every programme with ‘facts, figures and fears’……about the virus.
    I am at odds to decide which is the more threatening of the two.

  183. @Lawofkarma

    I KNOW honey! all blacks are SOOOO darned beautiful, intelligent, peace-loving, highly cultured, business orientated, family protective, hate hand-outs, supportive of their offspring………
    Oh, yes honey – I COULD go on…………….but I gotta do my rounds……..Now, what was it Rasta-head told me to charge that n*gga for his fix?

    • LOL: acementhead
  184. The British deserve all of this, and then some.
    Coz Dresden.
    Not even the crime itself, but what it so aptly symbolizes about Britain. Even after betraying Europe to Communism they had to rub as much salt and spite onto that wound as possible. And now that Bolshevism is devouring their national spirit more than anyone. I don’t feel sympathy.

    They are the most invaded and cucked nation in Europe. Brown pimps loot and use their girls, and they are too weak to stop it. The Battle of Britain was lost long ago. And they deserve it.

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