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EXCLUSIVE: Sines V. Kessler Plaintiffs Coordinated with Refuse Fascism, an Anti-White Terrorist Organization
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“Antifa WILL claim they are bystanders so they can file lawsuits.
@Aeyannic_Order, Unite the Right Discord Server, August 11, 2017

Two plaintiffs in the upcoming Sines v Kessler lawsuit have ties to, and coordinated activities with, the anti-White terrorist organization Refuse Fascism in the months prior to and during the rally. The organization, a “mass line” front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party, rioted across numerous states in the months before Unite the Right in order to “shut down” the events of their political opponents, including the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. The two plaintiffs connected to the terrorist organization, Natalie Romero and Seth Wispelwey, have both alleged that Unite the Right speakers and organizers conspired to violate their rights at the 2017 Charlottesville rally. A new report by Occidental Observer reveals the extent of these ties, and how a founding leader of the organization was brought in to violate the rights of the defendants.

Refuse Fascism’s 2017 Terrorist Rampage

Following the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, Refuse Fascism was founded by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and other anti-White extremists such as Bill Ayers, a member of the infamous anti-White, Judeo-Bolshevik terrorist cell that not only bombed the U.S. Capital in 1971, but discussed the “merits” of murdering all newborn White babies. Numerous protests the group have attended, organized or participated in have descended into violent riots as participants attacked those they were “protesting.”

All the more terrifying is the organization’s connections with several extraordinarily wealthy and powerful anti-White Jewish billionaires. In June of 2020, a Project Veritas undercover operation revealed that the head of the organization’s Atlanta chapter, Tee Stern, claimed to have received funding from George Soros for a side project and was in talks with Jewish billionaire Tom Steyer’s assistant. Steyer was the top Jewish donor to the Democratic party during the 2020 election cycle, contributing 54 millions dollars to Democrats and 35 Million to Republicans.

On January 14, 2017, the homosexual, Jewish libertarian Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak to students at UC Davis. Refuse Fascism was among the terrorist groups who showed up and shut the event down. As with the Unite the Right rally, mob participants brandished genocidal anti-White “antifa” terrorist symbols, as well as the bold black and white Refuse Fascism signs that have various demands such as “NO! STOP TRUMP/PENCE FASCIST REGIME BEFORE IT STARTS” with the organizations website at the bottom.

In a now deleted video obtained by National Justice, a Breitbart photographer is shoved and spit on by Refuse Fascism protesters. Ringleader calls for his comrades to steal the photographer’s camera.
In a now deleted video obtained by National Justice, a Breitbart photographer is shoved and spit on by Refuse Fascism protesters. Ringleader calls for his comrades to steal the photographer’s camera.

During the fracas, numerous attendees were assaulted. Milo’s guest speaker had dog feces thrown at him. Nathan Damigo, a current defendant in the Sines v Kessler lawsuit who conducted an interview with CNN that evening was assaulted while livestreaming the riotous mob. Breitbart cameraman Mike Perdie was assaulted after a member of Refuse Fascism demanded he stop filming. He then called for his comrades to remove Perdie from the area. After pushing and shoving Perdie around, a man shouted directly in front of him with a bullhorn screaming “Fuck off” and then spit in his face. It was then that the man who appeared to be the leader of the Refuse Fascism group yelled for his comrades to steal Perdie’s equipment, “Get that camera! Someone grab that expensive camera!

Mob participants then began inciting violence, chanting “No justice, no peace!” and “If we don’t get it, shut it down.” Animated by the rhetoric, the agitated mob tore down the barricades and blocked the door of the venue. Administrators and campus police called the event off with little attempt to apprehend the perpetrators of the violence and chaos.


A week later Refuse Fascism would carry out a conspiracy to disrupt the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Days before the event, undercover footage of Refuse Fascism organizer Sunsara Taylor was released by Project Veritas revealing their plan to disrupt the inauguration with various anti-White terrorist groups. The conspirators included numerous organizations who later that summer would descend upon the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, such as Antifa Seven Hills, Ashville Anti-Racism, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC), Redneck Revolt, and The Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom), to name just a few.

The night prior to the inauguration, members of Refuse Fascism clashed with police outside Trump International Hotel. They then met up with other anti-White “antifa” terrorists outside the Deploraball, an event put on by Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters. Mob participants threw objects such as eggs and batteries at those entering the venue and attacked multiple attendees. Among those attacked was James Allsup, a young college student from Washington state who would go on to attend Unite the Right. While debating a member of the mob, he was surrounded by the anti-White “antifa” terrorists who stole his hat. When he attempted to retrieve it, the terrorists beat him. They then proceeded to stalk him and attacked him again, hitting him in the back of the head leaving him bleeding so profusely that he had to be taken to the hospital.

A young James Allsup was taken to the hospital following an attack by anti-White “Antifa” terrorists outside the DeploraBall, January 19, 2017.
A young James Allsup was taken to the hospital following an attack by anti-White “Antifa” terrorists outside the DeploraBall, January 19, 2017.

On the day of the inauguration, Refuse Fascism stormed a highway, shutting down all traffic. Code Pink also blocked streets in an attempt to stop the inauguration from taking place. During the human blockade Tighe Barry, a member of Code Pink who’s in a relationship with the organization’s cofounder, Medea Benjamin, was wearing a large Refuse Fascism sticker on his chest and claimed that “we blocked this street because…we feel like we have the right to tell them not to go into our city.” The stunt created chaos, but unlike Unite the Right, police stepped in and made arrests. Code Pink has a history protesting with Refuse Fascism, and its leaders Tighe Barry and cofounder Medea Benjamin were among those who attended the Unite the Right Rally.

In other parts of the city, Refuse Fascism members participated in a goon march with black bloc terrorists where they proceeded to riot through the streets, smashing windows and setting a limousine on fire. Several hundred were arrested, although only around 20 of the 234 people arrested were ever convicted, and those were primarily due to plea deals. Unlike the majority of the January 6 capital protesters who were refused bail, the majority of those arrested in 2017 received bail and had their charges dropped by prosecutors.

It was during the chaos that defendant Richard Spencer was famously punched in the head by an anti-White black bloc terrorist, igniting a media firestorm about the “ethics of punching Nazis.” One writer for Politico resigned in disgrace after implying that Spencer should be beaten with a baseball bat. A Huffington Post writer instructed his readers to assault White advocates, referring to them with the pejorative, anti-White racial slur of “nazi.” The racial incitement of the public to violence by the mainstream corporate media would contribute to the chaos in Charlottesville that summer, as well as help to cover up attacks on Unite the Right participants.

Crashing Berkeley

With the success of their heckler’s veto at UC Davis and close attempt at a successful coupe at the inauguration, Refuse Fascism members launched another aggressive attack several week later against Yiannopoulos’ UC-Berkeley speaking engagement. Following a similar pattern, Refuse Fascism showed up early along with other anti-White terrorist organizations. These groups included the TORCH Antifa Network’s local chapter Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) whom law enforcement claimed had attacked a pro-White rally in Sacramento in 2016 hosted by Sines v. Kessler defendants Matt Parrot and Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). Other organizations included By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), whose founding members worked with and were members of the openly pedophile organization North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMLBA), as well as Refuse Fascism’s parent group, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom). A Buzzfeed livestream filmed the entire event, and showed Refuse Fascism members instigating the riot, pulling down the barricades and leading the mob up to the building where the event was set to occur.

After pulling down police barricades, Refuse Fascism member with shield and sign (second from the right) leads the mob into the prohibited area, kicking off the riot.
After pulling down police barricades, Refuse Fascism member with shield and sign (second from the right) leads the mob into the prohibited area, kicking off the riot.

As the mob attacked the building using the metal barricades as battering rams against the glass windows, they fired explosives at law enforcement. Several women who came to see Yiannopolus speak were then attacked. One of the young female students was giving an interview with local media when she was pepper sprayed. Another woman was attacked with a club disguised as a flagpole. After fending off her attacker, another masked terrorist sprayed her in the face with pepper spray. She was then beaten mercilessly by multiple terrorists with wooden clubs.

A mobile light tower illuminating the plaza was knocked over and caught fire. Numerous trash cans were knocked over and lit on fire, and even a bank had a flare thrown in it as the mob proceeded to celebrate the success of their heckler’s veto by parading down the street adjacent to the school and vandalizing local businesses. The San Francisco Chronicle estimated \$100,000 in damage to the school and the surrounding area.

Yvette Felarca, a leading member of BAMN openly bragged on Fox News to Tucker Carlson about how her terrorist group had helped shut down the event. Refuse Fascism claimed on their website that “what happened at UC Berkeley is part of the kind of broad, powerful and meaningful protest which needs to continue on an unprecedented scale to OUST this regime from power” and that their actions were “righteous” with “much more like this…[is] needed.”

Plaintiff Natalie Romero, Movimiento Cosecha, and Refuse Fascism

Sines v Kessler plaintiff Natalie Romero, who admitted her parents were in the country illegally, travelled from Houston to Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 to call for the ethnic cleansing of European cultural symbols from the city’s parks. She is among those who filed a lawsuit that same year alleging speakers and organizers of the event “conspired” with James Fields to hit her with his vehicle. Despite a law enforcement investigator involved with the Fields case admitting under oath that there was no evidence of communication between Fields and other Unite the Right defendants of the Sines v Kessler lawsuit, Romero and her fellow plaintiffs have continued to make the unsubstantiated allegation. Why, despite lack of evidence, Romero has continued to make such allegations which have destroyed the lives of the plaintiffs is unknown. However, new evidence reveals that Romero had a history of blocking traffic and was a member of an organization with deep ties to the anti-White terrorist organization Refuse Fascism.

Movimiento Cosecha & Refuse Fascism

At the time of the Unite the Right event in 2017, Romero was a member of the anti-White, racial replacement organization Movimiento Cosecha. The group calls for open borders and the amnesty of all illegal aliens residing in the United States; it had conducted numerous acts of civil disobedience across the country in the months prior to, and in the years following, Unite the Right. In Michigan, three of their members were arrested in April of 2017 for blocking a highway. Two months later, in an event Romero would help lead, 15 members (of whom four were illegally in the country) were arrested in Austin, Texas for sitting in the street and blocking traffic in front of the State’s Capitol. In 2019, 22 members were arrested in Detroit for blocking the Windsor Tunnel.

Movimiento Cosecha’s president Dylan Lazerow, is unsurprisingly Jewish. A recent in-depth report by the National Justice Party revealed that Israel’s strategy outside its borders is the exact opposite of what it advocates for its own people, and that the majority of organizations assisting migrants in ethnically replacing Europeans in all White countries are run by Jewishs. Even in cases where Christian churches are involved, they are receiving Jewish funding to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. While Lazerow has opposed Israeli settlement policy of Palistine, he promotes the settlement of tens of millions of unwanted non-Whites into European nations.

Movimiento Cosecha President Dylan Lazerow with Refuse Fascism Co-Founder Cornel West.
Movimiento Cosecha President Dylan Lazerow with Refuse Fascism Co-Founder Cornel West.

In March of 2017, Lazerow posted a photo on his Facebook page of himself posing with Cornel West, a cofounder and lead spokesman of Refuse Fascism who has fielded various interviews for the terrorist organization. West was recently denied tenure and compelled to resign from his position at Harvard by the institute’s Jewish leadership for criticism of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Like Lazaro, however, West has no problem promoting the ethnic replacement of European peoples, but he does have a problem with ethnically cleansing Palestinians.

While it is common for popular people to have their photo taken with random individuals they don’t know, this was not the case with Lazerow and West. Lazerow once posted a Movimiento Cosecha advertisement with Cornel West quoting him as sayingIn this moment in history, the people dedicated to loving their neighbors must resist. Stand with me as I join Movimiento Cosecha and our immigrant brothers and sisters on May 1st for the #DayWithoutImmigrants — and beyond — as we work to win permanent protection, dignity, and respect.” Furthermore, Movimiento Cosecha also has a history of demonstrating with Refuse Fascism. These facts reveal close ties between the two organizations.

Refuse Fascism members participate in Movimiento Cosecha’s Austin, Texas action.
Refuse Fascism members participate in Movimiento Cosecha’s Austin, Texas action.

Less than a month prior to the now infamous Unite the Right rally Natalie Romero and other members of her organization, along with members of Refuse Fascism, blocked traffic in Austin, Texas to demand citizenship for millions illegally living within the country. Video of the incident revealed Romero to be playing a major role, practicing and then leading the group in chants with a megaphone as they approached the state capital. Romero initiated chants such as “The power, is in our hands. This is our state!” and “Undocumented and unafraid.” She even went so far as to parrot a slogan taken straight out of the Communist ManifestoOne struggle, one fight. Workers of the world unite!

As the group approached the intersection of Congress Avenue and 15th Street, a number of agitators marched into the center of the road. Romero can be seen in the background, wearing an orange reflective safety vest blocking traffic on Congress. Fifteen Movimiento Cosecha members were arrested during the action. As those arrested were moved into transport vehicles, Romero led those still remaining in further chants celebrating their actions calling for policy that would further the ongoing racial replacement Americans.

Following the Unite the Right rally, Movimiento Cosecha published a photo of Romero wearing a t-shirt with their logo emblazoned on it and holding a megaphone, claiming her as a member. Another photo published on the organization’s Facebook page on July 25, prior to their July action, shows Romero lying on a pile of Movimiento Cosecha t-shirts with another activist with the caption “We are in Austin! Text “RESISTE” to 41411 to stay updated as we launch the first DACAmented sit-in of the Trump era TOMORROW at 11am. Stay tuned!” This evidence reveals that Romero was no average member, but a very active participant with the organization.

“We are in Austin! Text “RESISTE” to 41411 to stay updated as we launch the first DACAmented sit-in of the Trump era TOMORROW at 11am. Stay tuned!” Natalie Romero (bottom left) poses on a pile of t-shirts for Movimiento Cosecha days prior to blocking traffic in Austin, Texas and a month prior to Unite the Right
“We are in Austin! Text “RESISTE” to 41411 to stay updated as we launch the first DACAmented sit-in of the Trump era TOMORROW at 11am. Stay tuned!” Natalie Romero (bottom left) poses on a pile of t-shirts for Movimiento Cosecha days prior to blocking traffic in Austin, Texas and a month prior to Unite the Right

As Unite the Right attendees headed to their vehicles on August 12, 2017 the anti-White mob who managed to shut down the rally followed them to the parking lot on South Street where they blocked attendees in and then attacked and chased their vehicles as they attempted to leave. Moments before Romero and several of her co-plaintiffs were struck by Fields’ vehicle, the mob she was marching with were celebrating how they successfully shut the rally down, chanting “who shut shit down, we shut shit down!” Those Romero was illegally blocking the street with during the state of emergency consisted of various anti-White terrorist cells, such as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, several chapters of the TORCH Antifa Network, along with members of Refuse Fascism.

Seth Wispelwey Invites Refuse Fascism’s lead spokesman Cornel West to Help Him Shut Down Unite the Right

In preparation for Unite the Right, plaintiff Seth Wispelwey’s organization s, Congregate Charlottesville and the United Church of Christ, hosted direct action training in preparation for violating the rights of those he is now frivolously suing. During a press conference on July 31, 2017, Wispelwey claimed that Refuse Fascism’s spokesman Cornel West and others “had already responded to the call and are committing to join Congregate’s efforts in Charlottesville to confront the rise of White Nationalist’s political power and refuse to let Charlottesville be used as a platform towards those ends.” It is no surprise then that several days prior to Unite the Right, West’s anti-White terrorist organization Refuse Fascism called on their members to go to Charlottesville to “protest” the event, a word which the organization had previously used to describe mass rioting and violence they instigated at UC Berkeley.

On the night before Unite the Right, West gave a sermon at St. Paul’s Memorial Church in Charlottesville where he proclaimed to thunderous applause “We have to take a stand! That’s why some of us came to fight and get arrested if necessary!” During the church service Wispelwey took the microphone and announced thatThis [service] is the result of Congregate [C’Ville] being in existence for one month. Think about what we could do in Charlottesville over one year,” and “We are working as the fiscal sponsors for this work.” Prior to the rally the following morning, West gave another sermon at First Baptist Church where he further called on the congregation to get arrested with them to stop the rally, telling the congregantsWhen we march this morning. We hold hands and lock in this morning. When we’re seen this morning. When we get arrested this morning. When we go to jail this morning, let’s try to remember those, the best of those who came before who sacrificed so much for us. Who paid a greater cost than we gonna pay today.” West then marched to the park with Wispelwey and blocked the entrance.

Cornel West joined Seth Wispelway and other clergy block the entrance to the park and discuss tactics with anti-White terrorists.
Cornel West joined Seth Wispelway and other clergy block the entrance to the park and discuss tactics with anti-White terrorists.

Wispelwey blocked UTR participants from entering the park just yards away from where Refuse Fascism members attacked numerous event attendees. Newly released drone footage shows some of the attacks which are all clearly unprovoked. Other video and photographic evidence shows Refuse Fascism members knocking individuals to the ground, kicking and stomping on their heads. The Charlottesville police department never prosecuted the assailants, despite the large black and white signs they were holding during the assaults clearly displaying what organization they were with.

Following the rally, in an attempt to separate himself from the violence of Refuse Fascism and other anti-White terrorist organizations while simultaneously showing his approval of their actions, Wispelwey claimed in an interview with Slate magazine that “They [“antifa”] have their tools to achieve their purposes, and they are not the ones I will personally use, but let me stress that our purposes were the same: block this violent tide and do not let it take a pedestal.” Britany “Smash” Cain-Coneley, who co-founded Congregate Charlottesville with Wispelwey claimed in a now deleted interview with United Church of Christ that “We were all there with the same goal,” in reference to the violent anti-White “antifa” terrorists.

Far from exculpating Wispelwey, these statements, in concert with what is now known about his connection to the Refuse Fascism leadership, indicate his intentions at Unite the Right. During a Q&A session following Unite the Right, Wispelwey was asked about his cooperation with anti-White terrorists; he responded “I encourage a perspective shift. Because when you start to see that that violent ideology, systemically and directly, bodily and physically, harms everyone who doesn’t look like me. Then to stand and confront White Supremacy in its many forms is not an act, is not obstructing someone’s constitutional rights. It is an act of love. Maybe they have a right to the rally, we have a right to block them.”

Wispelwey went on to bemoan his co-religionists who rebuked his actions, admitting that he had “been accused of inciting violence by liberal White Christians so many times for showing up and trying to block their [UTR participants] entrance.” This statement reveals that it was very clear to many in his community that what he was doing would lead to violence. Numerous statements made by Wispelwey on social media since Unite the Right clearly demonstrate that this charlatan was in fact inciting violence and vandalism against his political opponents. Wispelwey encouraged his followers to damage the property of relatives who watch Fox News, assault people with milkshakes; he also follows various anti-White “Antifa” terrorist accounts on social media such as Bat City Antifa, New York City Antifa, and It’s Going Down.

Wispelwey went on to make numerous unsubstantiated, hyperbolic claims that “antifa” had saved his life. After reviewing hundreds of hours of video footage and volumes of photographic evidence of Unite the Right, I and my colleagues were unable to discover any instance where Wispelwey’s life was anywhere close to being in danger. This cannot be said of Unite the Right attendees whose heads were kicked and stomped on by Refuse Fascism members after being knocked to the ground in unprovoked attacks. Furthermore, evidence conclusively demonstrates that the riots that occurred on the night of the torchlight ceremony at the University of Virginia on the rotunda the night of August 11 and the brawl on 2nd and E. Market street the following day would not have occurred had it not been for the instigation of well-known anti-White “antifa” terrorist groups.

Video evidence has revealed that the night of the torchlight ceremony, several participants were assaulted by known anti-White terrorists, particularly Thomas Keenan and Thomas Massey. While demonstrators were coming down onto the rotunda, Massey, who was arrested for rioting at Donald Trump’s inauguration and was quoted in The Washington Post as being disappointed he and his comrades weren’t able to commit more violence and hoped that he would at future events, splashed an unknown liquid from a water bottle on torchlight participants. He then turned to journalist Dave Reilly and smacked his camera out of his hand. One “antifa” went so far as to spit on an attendee who did not retaliate. Another man who confronted the two had his arm hit by Keenan in an attempt to knock his torch out of his hand. It was only after these repeated assaults against torchlight participants and refusal of local law enforcement to intervene, that the rioting kicked off. The following year, Keenan and Massey would be arrested for the beating of two U.S. Marines in Philadelphia, in which they were charged with racial intimidation, among other things.

Thomas Massey (Left) and Thomas Keenan (Right) at the August 11, 2017 Charlottesville Torchlight ceremony (Top), 2018 mugshots for the beating of two U.S. Marines in Philadelphia (bottom).
Thomas Massey (Left) and Thomas Keenan (Right) at the August 11, 2017 Charlottesville Torchlight ceremony (Top), 2018 mugshots for the beating of two U.S. Marines in Philadelphia (bottom).

The day of the rally, minutes after Richard Spencer was attacked with bear mace as he entered the park, Keenan, Massey, and various other anti-White terrorists rushed to barricade the street to block the National Front’s entrance to the park. A flag bearer at the head of the parade attempted to push his way through them and was immediately punched by various individuals so as to not let him through. As other National Front members came to his aid, the anti-White gang members pulled out weapons, including a hammer, to attack them with. The situation was the complete opposite of defendant Wispelwey’s claim.

The facts regarding just how these altercations were initiated reveal that there was no threat to the people of Charlottesville and minorities from Unite the Right participants. The violence that broke out was a direct result of known anti-White terrorist networks coming to Charlottesville to utilize violence and intimidation to stop White Americans from expressing themselves and participating in the democratic process in what has been the greatest modern civil rights violation in modern American history. These organizations and their anti-White terrorist members openly claimed they were heading to the rally to disrupt it. The Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, claimed they had intelligence that extremist groups planned to attack rally participants and law enforcement. Afterwards they bragged on their websites about how they attacked the rally while relying on the anti-White, Jewish-owned mass media to cover up the terrorist’s actions.

Adding insult to injury, the real victims of racial violence and intimidation are now on trial in a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuit launched by the very individuals who conspired with the anti-White terrorists in the months prior to and during the rally to violate their rights. We will soon see if the Charlottesville jury will buy the outrageous conspiracy theory concocted by Roberta Kaplan and her slimy plaintiffs, though the psychological effects of widespread anti-White terrorism over the last few years means that even if the jury doesn’t buy it, they are likely to be too terrified to clear the defendants of all allegations for fear of their lives and careers.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Leftist groups employ violence against police and political adversaries, yet the DOJ and FBI do nothing.

    But if conservatives peacefully organize and demonstrate, they are labeled “domestic terrorists”. A night and day difference.

    Conservatives don’t want government SWAT teams doing 6am raids on political dissidents, be they left or right. They also don’t want the courts to be hijacked for lawfare, the surveillance state intruding on our privacy, and they don’t want our freedom of speech or assembly infringed upon.

    Conservatives want a government which protects the Constitution, our heritage, and the right to protest. Progressives want authoritarian, ideological one-party rule by force.

    If conservatives win, the left and right will be arguing about taxes and the limits of government 50 years from now.

    If progressives win, there won’t be any left-right arguments in 50 years, because they don’t tolerate dissent in any form. They will criminalize conservatives and any other adversaries, and bring the full weight of state repression upon them.

    Court cases like this are a glimpse of the thin edge of authoritarian tyranny. If progressives gain absolute power, this is how they will govern. Be warned.

  2. @beavertales

    Progressives already HAVE nearly absolute power.

    They have command of every control point of society.

    We are already living under anarcho-tyranny imposed by autocratic jews.

    Your prognostication has already HAPPENED.

    The question is whether white Christian people will find the balls to fight back or just roll over and die.

  3. @Robert Dolan

    Horseshit, Dolan. They have control of liberal college towns, blue cities and states, nothing more. It’s mystifying to me that anything resembling right wing takes place in these venues. Exactly who did Unite and others think they were going to reach? Collegees and blue cities are lost and depraved. It’s splintered, but there’s no need for all this, just abandon those regions. I did, long ago. Millions have. NYC was just promised by blacklivesmatter fire and blood in the streets if NYC Mayor Adams, a black cop, tries to put a lid on crime in that city. Since the cops will never have the necessary monopoly on violence and, lacking the will to take it back (you’d have to machine gun a lot of orcs and Atifa), NYC is lost. Abandon it.

    Your premise, Dolan, while obviously heartfelt, isn’t relevant out here in the world.

    • Disagree: TKK
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @HT
  4. @beavertales

    Morticia was just reading Plato about the part where the second worst form of government is democracy and the bottom of the pack is anarchy and she asked if this was caused by not voting.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  5. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Lefties have almost all taken the clot shot twice. I give most of em’ about 5 years before their health deteriorates.

  6. TKK says:

    Your premise, Dolan, while obviously heartfelt, isn’t relevant out here in the world.

    You are delusional. Dolan is 100% correct.

    I am in the world- everyday. I am in both Big Law, Small Law, courtrooms, social services, jails, prisons and the marketplace.

    Blacks are beyond reproach in ANY arena. Untouchable. Blacks are keenly aware of their sacred status and are shimmering with insouciant, arrogant pride and snarling feral entitlement.

    In the waiting room of Social Services in a small Southern town is a poster celebrating TransKids!

    State Street Global, on par with BlackRock, now requires a waiver for any one to hire or promote a white man in any management position.

    Go watch any streaming service Netflix, Apple TV, Prime and all new content celebrates trans, black, gays, Latinos. The white male is ALWAYS portrayed, with the exception of young male feminized sex symbols. as a dunce, freak, “racist”, tyrannical mouth breather.

    Furthermore, go read the Build Back Better plan, the \$2 trillion dollar “thing.” It is entirely focused on giving away billions of dollars to PEOPLE OF COLOR. White are specifically excluded. In the verbiage. Baked in the cake.

    We don’t have the time and patience to detail the relentless march against the working class white worker.

    I don’t know what parallel universe you are living in, but you are lost. The die is cast. It is over. The only question remains is what Dolan posed: Will we stand up and fight?

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  7. Briggs says:

    Nobody cares.
    Nobody will do shit.

    America is a shithole. Leave the country ASAP.

    • Troll: Trinity
  8. I can’t wait until anti white, defund the police, BLM, CultMarx Commie, gender queers burn it all down, then watch as their GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3 supporters have a ‘Oh Schitt, look what we’ve done’ moment, as a hundred million patriot guns lock and load.

  9. Ghali says:

    I wouldn’t call Refuse Fascism an “anti-White terrorist organization”. This is rubbish and misleading. Anyway, UNZ Review is well-known for its Fascist and anti-Muslims false propaganda. I do not see anyone on UNZ Review calling Israeli a terrorist organization. Of course not, because Ron Unz is an ardent Zionist Jew and a supporter of Fascist Israel.

    • Disagree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Marcion
  10. AndrewR says:

    What’s wrong with machine gunning orcs and antifa?

  11. @Jim Christian

    As I’ve stated before, a good place to start is a Red State – Blue State Map broken down by Counties. It will quickly reveal where the largest concentrations of Democrat Party power are; in Large Cities, along the Southern Border, the edges of the West Coast, New England, along the Mississippi River, and along the I-20 corridor in the Southeast. There is literally a sea of Red between Dallas and Minneapolis and from the Appalachians to the Rockies.

    We effectively Surround Them. The old films “Escape from New York” and its sequel “Escape from Los Angeles” offered the most practical solution. The Cities should be cordoned off and transformed into Penal Colonies, with no one being permitted to leave without being thoroughly vetted first. For the sake of appearances, we’ll just call them the “Autonomous Zones.”

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  12. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s a lot of money being funneled into all these left-Antifa-blm-communist-anarchist groups. Members of the RCP seem to have all the time in the world being demonstrators and rioters. Jobs, anyone? They set up front groups like the aforementioned RF. Walking down one avenue recently I was surprised to see a number of storefronts held by radical groups with anti-police and blm posters all over the front windows, much of it aimed at Spanish speakers. One bus stop billboard, a more professional looking job, was pitched to Asians, trying to create a sense of grievance. Who’s paying for all this? The article alludes to some of this but apparently it comes from capitalist sources. Corporations showered money on blm, that’s well known. Seems contradictory but there you have it. Then of course there’s the role of government security agencies who certainly have infiltrated all this and even lead some groups. Wonder what their angle in all this is?

  13. August 12, 2017 was George Soros 87 th birthday

    • Replies: @Druid55
  14. If the Antifa could be sent back in time…1945….they would have murdered the returning White Vets because these White Vets overwhelmimgly would not have consented to being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Hindus from India and Chinese from China….and for not supporting legalized homosexual gay biker pederast marriage…

    Keep this in mind:The homosexual pederast Antifa and the racist terrorist organization Black Lives Matter area \$\$\$\$\$\$\$\$\$\$\$ supported by the GREEDY CHEATING WHITE LIBERAL BILLIONAIRE CLASS………Behind every great fortune……is a very very GREAT CRIME!!!!

  15. Trinity says:

    While at 60 I am not much to look at, but some of the leftist retards are some of the fugliest looking losers that I have ever seen. And they look unwashed and probably reek of unwashed armpits, feet and ass. And I am being dead serious. I like how they used to portray those FAKE KKK and “Neo Notsees” on Orca Winfrey & Sissy Donahue Show as total losers ( half the time you had Jews from the JDL or ADL playing Notsees), but these leftist morons paid by George Schwartz are some real lookers and psychopaths. Some like the one who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse are child molesters. Dig it, how can anyone side with a child molester? So you wonder how many of these people are child molesters, and all jokes aside, how many actually fucked their sister. No wonder (((these people))) are always projecting their own sins on others. haha. Inbreeding is so common among Aye-rabs and the people who call themselves Jews and yet we are told it is practiced by Southern Whites. Look at those mugs. Could there possibly be inbreeding among those “people?”

    Ugly people, ugly attitudes, ugly morals, everything about them is ugly. Ever seen a good looking girl or guy at a BLM rally?

  16. The Antifa are a violent homosexual pederast terrorist organization. And anyone in the Legal System aiding and abetting the Antifa is an accomplice to these homosexual pederasts.

    The larger framework for understanding what happened in Charlottesville is this:‘the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and its profound demographic consequences….for the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was a demographic gift to the Democratic Party. And this is why the corrupt-criminal sociopathic grifter Terry McCauliffe was elected Governor of Virginia….Bill Clinton was elected POTUS…..Joe Biden was elected POTUS…….

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act brought about-over time-the demographic nullification of the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2020….

    The Antifa Pederasts are threat to Native White Children…

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  17. Trinity says:

    Black people, why would you take barking orders from a Jew or a piece of white traitor trash wearing a BLM t shirt? Don’t you Blacks know that most of these white traitor trash punks and misanthropic mentally ill Jews come from money and some of their ancestors probably cracked a whip on your ancestors back? Did you know that Anderson Cooper’s kinfolk were slave owners?

    The Jews are ONLY USING you to go after Whitey because they don’t have the balls or numbers to do it themselves. And what are you going to do when the nation becomes majority non-White. Blacks are already being run out of places like Los Angeles by Mexicans. Do you honestly think life in America would be better without Whites? ROTFLMMFWAO. I guess you people NEVER learned from Rhodesia, South Africa or Haiti.

    Oh snap, Troof and some other dude are the only posters who claim to be Black around here and there is some doubt as to whether da Troof looks like Chuck Schumer, Jussie Smollet or if he is Yaphet Kotto look alike. Maybe a drive-by or lurker will respond. Do Blacks even know about this site? Black people, you even had the Jew telling you what to do in the NAACP for decades, and the Jew gave out the barking orders during “The Swindle Whites Movement.” One last thing, the son of Muhammad Ali said that his father would not go along with BLM at all. And Ali’s views on race mixing and Jews is well known so I doubt Ali would be taking barking orders from the small hats. LMAO. Yeah, I could really see that one.

  18. @AndrewR

    What’s wrong with individuals protecting themselves with their 2nd Amendment weapon of choice?

    It’s the legal system that fosters this insanity. If people were to no longer comply with their constant harassment by TPTsB, then things would change. There are millions of white people. If they decided that they are no longer going to eat shit from the other side, then things would change.

    All white people have to do is sit down for a month – not show up for work. In 30 days, the whole economy would have crumbled and the cities would be in flames due to the savages rioting. That’s when this shit stops and not before.

    The political class is counting on white people to keep being ‘law abiding citizens’ and that’s the mistake white people are making. They haven’t yet realized their power and haven’t gotten to the point of active resistance.

    There needs to be a nationwide strike of white people with the fully acknowledged message to the rest that they are tired of being vilified when it is they that support all the shit in the society. The white population should front run the no jab no work gov’t mandate by just not showing up en masse. No actual violence necessary.

    White people need to watch this brief video to get a sense of their power. There needs to be a ‘Dots’ meme started that white people can rally around.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Thanks: Trinity, Agent76
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Adam Smith
  19. I am tired of playing defense. When do the patriots use lawfare against the usual suspects SPLC, ADL, Soros-funded groups, etc.? These communist organizations seek to ruin white peoples’ lives and they do just that thru the courts and the media. Why not make them pay for it?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  20. HT says:

    When are people going to admit that we are fighting the same antifa (Jew communists) that Hitler and the German people were fighting in the 1930’s? At least they had the sense to get them under control the only way you can.

    • Agree: Druid55
  21. Bro43rd says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Not a bad idea but I’m from the red sea area so of course it works for me. Would sympathize with those few good folks trapped in the blue zones.

    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  22. HT says:
    @Jim Christian

    It’s way more than just a geographic voting issue. The Leftists control every institution including the media, Hollywood, academia, publishing, big tech, corporations, banks, the courts and government. No rational person can deny that.

    • Agree: fnn
  23. Trinity says:

    Well we can now see what the Germans and Hitler were facing. I surely don’t see a man like Hitler in Washington or anywhere to be honest. “Killing white babies?” There you go, folks. But don’t forget America’s biggest “domestic terrorists” are “White Supremacists.” Is there any MORON that actually believes that America’s biggest threat is “White Supremacists?”

    (((Donald Trump?))) ROTFLMMFWAO.

    Btw, I received some horseshit robo call the other day wanting me to purchase a 30 DOLLAR Christmas card from the Trump family. Yep, I have to pay 30 dollars to have the pleasure of a Christmas card that I guess has a picture of Trump’s family wishing me a Merry Christmas. Now, MAYBE Trump has no idea this shit is going around and God only knows who is sending out these calls, but I can bet the money isn’t being used to help MAGA. I wouldn’t give 3 cents for a Merry Christmas card from the Trump family. lmao. Actually PAYING for someone to send you a Christmas card. My gawd, the nerve of these people.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  24. Agent76 says:

    Jul 30, 2021 Corporatism To Fascism: Do YOU Have a Plan To Deal With It?

    The combination of government (power) and corporations (money) is a toxic marriage. It is not the proper role of government to intervene in the economy, and to tilt the tables in any direction through force.

    Oct 11, 2017 Fascism’s Ties to Capitalism: Dr. Michael Parenti interviewed by Dave Emory (1993)

  25. Spanky says:

    Leftist groups employ violence against police and political adversaries, yet the DOJ and FBI do nothing. — beavertails

    Actually, I wonder how many FBI agents and informers are members of these “leftist groups”?

  26. HERO Kyle Rittenhouse did more to shut these commie assholes up (and down) than Wussy Trump, the National Fraud and do-nothing cops combined.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  27. @Trinity

    If the TRIMP Xmas card includes Acting President kushner it’s totally worth the 30 bucks, maybe more!

    • LOL: Trinity
  28. Marcion says:

    You are obviously unfamiliar with the Unz Review. You can’t make islamism look better or the zionists bad without some willingness to engage the facts at hand.

    In other words, try reading an article–then comment on that article. Read 100+ articles–comment on TUR as a whole.

  29. @GomezAdddams

    At the risk of splitting hairs, anarchy is no government or the absence of government, based on mutual co-operation. These mobs, whether Antifa, BLM, or the myriad of others are neither anarchists nor left. They are useful idiots for the lunatics of the tribe’s tikkum olam.
    As I have asked rhetorically before, if communism is the ultimate left, why doesn’t/didn’t North Korea and the USSR have mass immigration and open borders?
    The real “left” has always understood, immigration is the reserve army of capital.

  30. Trinity says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Oh, but, but, but, Trump’s hands were tied. He really wanted to help but the gubners of those states wouldn’t give him the green light. Funny, the federal government had no problem going against the wishes of state governors when they ordered Whites in Arkansas and Alabama to integrate their schools. We make up rules as we go along, kids.

    Trump adopted the republiCANT strategy of just wait till next year.

    The republiCANTS are always GOING to do something but they never actually do anything but LOSE.

  31. Bert33 says:

    If you’re going to mix it up with the college leftist social activists, take the time to become 100% proficient in stick drills so when the stupid starts you will be able to lay them down quickly and efficiently. After 10-20 of their comrades(intentional reference) are laid out, the rest will rapidly become demoralized and depart. Get yourself in good shape and be ready to take a couple good hits but then go to work and calm down some protesters. After they realize that adult temper tantrums will gain them nothing they will eventually cool it and fill out job applications and find honest work

  32. Trinity says:

    Obviously the most productive thing would be for Whites to go on strike. I have stated numerous times that pilots are ALMOST ALL ENTIRELY WHITE MALE, one can only imagine that most of the people who work on these planes are WHITE MALE as well. Truckers? Still majority White male. And we all know that White males DO MOST OF THE REAL WORK EVERYWHERE. Farming? WHITE MALE MAJORITY. Think of the number of Whites who work in shipping, railroads, etc. The nonwhites who work for those industries are basically token mascots who rely on Whites to do the real work.

    It really would only be a matter of a month or two, 5-6 months tops. But alas these people keep looking to some Orange Con Man who did absolutely nothing but pander to Jews for 4 years.

    • Agree: AndrewR
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  33. @Trinity

    If things keep going in the current direction, it’s almost guaranteed to lead to violence as people are pushed beyond their breaking point as a matter of gov’t policy. The way to avoid violence is to force a policy change and the only possibility I can envision is a nationwide non violent labor stoppage to shut the whole country down and force everyone to realize who runs things. The white population runs everything.

    The method could amount to everyone just sitting on their ass in their living rooms watching the carnage unfold on TV. No announcements, no street protests, no encounters with cops or reporters, just sit home and don’t show up for work, Atlas Shrugged style. I don’t think the political class has gotten around to criminalizing sitting and being quiet and peaceful.

    Once the truckers stop delivering food, the workers at the water treatment facility stop showing up and the sewers overflow, etc, the message will be loud and clear. Every system in the country requires maintenance and much of it constant maintenance. Shut that maintenance down for just a month and lots of systems downstream from the critical infrastructure starts to go off line. At some point, like it or not, all people will be prevented from doing their jobs as the electrical grid fails and transportation fuels run out.

    If the gov’t wants to choke off your ability to make a living, front run it and tell all your friends about your motivation. It could start a movement and the best part is the gov’t has no one to negotiate with or threaten.

    • Replies: @HT
    , @Realist
  34. HT says:

    Whites are not unified to make that happen. Nor does it appear they will ever be motivated. It has already been 60 years of having their country stolen a piece at a time and there still hasn’t been any push back. You get to a point when it’s too late. We are nearly just another minority right now. The Jewocracy was smart to first condition whites toward self hate so most whites think they deserve all this anyway.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  35. @HT

    Have you ever heard this phrase : ‘This time it’s different’ ?

    Up to this point, no one was purposely trying to kill part of the citizenry, at least not obviously. When the gov’t says you can’t work, can’t enjoy what others enjoy, etc due to the Covid nonsense, AND those people still are responsible for rent, utilities, taxes, mortgage payments, etc, that changes everything. The last I heard, there are over 100 million people, most of them white, that are essentially being told to drop dead. I’d say that removes the pleasantries in any future interaction with the oppressors.

    If the idea I outlined made its way into the minds of the white people being told they aren’t clean enough to be in society, many of them would look at that mechanism and realize that it’s fool proof, non violent, takes little effort and is absolutely legal, so why not. The possibility of generating a meme that goes viral, I believe, is real, IF it could be spread into the society. That’s the rub – getting it recognized.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  36. @TKK

    “The only question remains is what Dolan posed: Will we stand up and fight?”

    The problem is: I believe the majority of whites, the women — our mothers, wives and sisters — will not fight, even if they understand the problem. Fighting is bad — it’s a guy thing!

  37. Attention! Democratic Dr. sees a new corona virus wave developing in red states.

    O.K. , so I made it up. I’m just practicing to be a democrat like Dr. Fauci, or Adam Schiff, or Nancy Pelosi, or even Let’s go Brandon.

  38. @War for Blair Mountain

    “The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act brought about-over time-the demographic nullification of the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2020.”

    This is 100% correct. Yes, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act has done a great deal of damage — yet when the Republicans regain control of the government in 2022, which is a foregone conclusion, does anybody think they will simply repeal it when they have the chance? Nah… it’s not even a subject of discussion by anyone.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  39. @RoatanBill

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Thanks: Adam Smith

  40. sally says:

    My take on the complaint itself, is that it ask the court to sort out issues raised between private persons and entities who reside at two extremes of the same issues and it ask the court to assign whatever blame it can find to only one side? Worse most of the issues are political in reality.

    Both poles likely committed intentional acts that discharged lightening at the interface between the sides, IMO.

    AFAICT the complaint is not about the statue, justification, purpose history and long standing position of icons in the park, aggressive city action in withdrawing from the public domain icons which were representative of highly popular past military leaders. The complaint suggest the Defendants action was the cause, but I believe the matters asserted, show the Defendant’s action to be responses to the aggression incited by action of the city council. The Defendant was drawn into the conflict, set up, so to speak, by the city action and media policy. <=my opinion. Also the complaint d/n seem to be about the cities failure to keep the untamed polarized parties safe from the parties on the other side. .

    IMO, the city knew or should have known that its actions against historical icons in public places, is always a politically charged matter, no matter the side benefited or denied by decision of the city council. No matter the decision, the response from the polar other side can be expected to produce all sorts of negative reactions; and the issue in this matter reaches across all of politically separated boundaries in America. I think Charlottesville may have known this, and inspite of such a decision; it failed to prepare or it intentionally did not prepare for the response its actions brought? I just wonder?

    I don't know much about the law, but why could not the city be named as a third party defendant? Why could not the privately owned media be named as a third party defendant? by the original set of defendants? Monopoly market position enjoyed by mass media carries with it a public responsibility (just as restaurant or theater has a responsibility to its invitees, so too does a media have a public responsibility to its audience) Media should timely air public and constitutional issues and should distribute unbiased analysis and data, sufficient in detail, to alert all of America to possible incendiaries<-in this case at Charlotteville over the matter in question?

    I think Media, privately owned or not, has a standing responsibility to air these politically hot potatoes, and to make, in unbiased propaganda, everyone aware of the arguments for and against both sides How many seconds did the Defendants have in air time or coverage on front page local media and public media? The entire of what I know about the Defendants seems to have been to get fairly recognized in the media, the challenge the non white globals have made to infringe on the white sovereigns?

    It was no problem for the media to help the government and its big Parma partners force Americans to endure a controversial mRNA vaccination, but is it impossible, for the same media, to teach the nation about hotly brewing political and constitutional arguments which might injure people in a a home town in America or change the whole way the American society is organized. A loaded gun, in the hands of a baby, would have gotten more unbiased media attention than did the Defendants? Worse, if the conflict in political ideologies are not settled by the case, then there will be many more cases no matter the penalties because this case involves white founder sovereign American patriotism versus non white newcomer immigrate global capitalism.

    IMO, both the media and the city are duty bound to resolve issues and protect both sides in any controversy. Neither of these venues should be allowed to be a party that inflames to physical violence <=action induced in response to politically hot issues. It looks like to me that the city and the media may have selected Charlottesville as its test case? These actors failed to do what it took, to keep things peaceful (inducing and baiting my even apply)?

    In other words, I believe, the results of city actions and media inactions were foreseeable and realized.

    The complaint makes me wonder how this warfare came about? It had to be long in the making, because the complaint says it took months for the Defendant to plan response to city council action? But when did the parties close to the city and the plaintiff first move to find something like removing from a public place some object that would inflame a sleeping set of horrified giants? Maybe the city and media should be held financially responsible for all damages incurred from or to both sides?


    The city council stirred up the long standing conflict, when it favored one side and disfavored another side, and provided not one once of compensation, over an issue that has already set the entire nation at war (American Civil War), caused the constitution itself to be amended, involves issues not yet settled in the polarized minds of those in the south, and was embedded in the reasons for American involvement in world wars (Americans in Europe fought to free the persecuted Jews from the Nazi and to clear Palestine of the Ottoman so that an exclusively Jewish nation state could be established there). My point is anyone who did not foresee highly enraged conflict as likely from the decision made by the city council in removing from a public park, long standing historical icon holds a ticket for a seat on the slow boat.

    The issues in the complaint seem political; I doubt they are unsettled constitutional issues, but IANAL? On one hand are those who want to retain white sovereignty and on the other side are those who want non white globalism to be established. The Defendants are in much the same positions as was Labor in the 1890s through 1950s.. they don't look good in corporate backed Media, and the don't fare well in courts.. It took the National Labor Relations Act to protect Labor, but what will protect sovereign white American patriots?

    The Plaintiffs seem just as extreme as the Defendants. I would not be surprised to see that both sides plotted, aided and abetted.

  41. anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    be honest with you I never got past the title. But there was this little chinese girl with her child came up the street singing: ‘You don’t have to be afraid, You don’t have to be afraid’ to her child in a foreign country.
    Didn’t realize it at the time but realized later that my response should have been: ‘You don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to be afraid of me.’
    Of course I will take on Chinese agents who think they can sing better than me, let’s go on Asia got talent if you like, but you can’t. Let’s leave it at that.

  42. AndrewR says:

    When the gov’t says you can’t work, can’t enjoy what others enjoy, etc due to the Covid nonsense, AND those people still are responsible for rent, utilities, taxes, mortgage payments, etc, that changes everything.

    The problem is that this doesn’t apply for many Americans. Perhaps most. Here in Michigan, there are no lockdowns. There aren’t even mask mandates. The vaccine mandates are a problem but they only apply to employees of certain organizations. Most people just aren’t that upset about the vaccine. Many people think the vaccine is a godsend.

    While a general strike is the only way to ensure a peaceful end to the regime, it is not going to happen. The frog is being boiled too slowly, despite the regime getting a bit carried away at times. Now, if the economy goes to complete shit and a critical mass of people can’t feed their families, things could get a bit spicy. But we shouldn’t underestimate the ability of the regime to keep this rustbucket running as long as they need in order to implement their depopulating “great reset”

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  43. AndrewR says:
    @Semi-Employed White Guy

    We don’t control the media or legal system. The only legal way to fight back would be a mass strike, but I just don’t see it happening. Extralegal actions could be very effective but one often gets accused of being a law enforcement agent when one hints at such things.

  44. @AndrewR

    All of my relatives are in New York City. I get to hear about how they are doing.

    Some have gotten jabbed and readily admit that they only did it because they needed to keep working to support their families. None of them is thrilled with the idea and, of late, some are concerned about long term effects that weren’t on their radar months ago when they were told it’s safe and caved in to pressure. All only got one shot because they all got sick from it for from a few days to a few weeks. They are now worried that they will be counted as un-vaccinated and therefore got poisoned for nothing. This leads to anger at being duped.

    Some are adamant that they are not getting jabbed no matter what. My wife and I would fall into that category. They are surviving on savings and family support, but that can’t last forever. The un-vaccinated are inherently suspicious of gov’t mandates and are already angry at being forced out of the labor market by company policies suggested by the Fed Gov or by being forced to stay at a job because becoming a new hire is impossible since everyone is only considering jabbed employees. Another angry group.

    I see no way this mechanism can produce anything but angry people in the long run, and so far the fat lady hasn’t sung. Winter is approaching. The mood of people generally isn’t as positive in winter as it is in summer, given snow shoveling, extra heating expenses, street parking issues due to spaces occupied by piles of snow, etc. Should it become more obvious that the vaccines are killing people or giving them chronic conditions, there will be hell to pay.

    Time will tell. At a minimum, the economic hit can’t be good for the US economy and it can’t take much more before it rolls over. Should things turn really ugly economically as I suspect (hyperinflation) then the regime is looking at massive violence from the white population with grievances to settle. It is not hyperbolic to suggest an internal war will commence and I’d hate to be associated with a currently privileged and outspoken minority that’s been pissing off white people for decades or be seen wearing some gov’t costume.

    • Agree: Realist
  45. Realist says:

    Once the truckers stop delivering food, the workers at the water treatment facility stop showing up and the sewers overflow, etc, the message will be loud and clear. Every system in the country requires maintenance and much of it constant maintenance. Shut that maintenance down for just a month and lots of systems downstream from the critical infrastructure starts to go off line. At some point, like it or not, all people will be prevented from doing their jobs as the electrical grid fails and transportation fuels run out.

    Agreed, since the Deep State and its minions are incapable of self-sufficiency, a reasonable way to defeat them would be to isolate them…blockade their sustenance. Most of the Deep State and their minions are denizens of large cities…they produce nothing of value. The people who actually do productive work…those deplorables of flyover country could cut off their power, water, food and, products from outside.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
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