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It is being argued in some circles that a contributing factor in the repudiation of Congressman Eric Cantor by Virginia voters was his close affiliation with the Israel Lobby and with things Israeli in general, to include his support of wars in the Middle East that would serve Tel Aviv’s agenda. Some are even suggesting that his own Jewishness made him uncongenial to local voters. I do not buy either argument. Cantor was elected to Congress previously by large margins in seven general elections, suggesting that his religion or ethnicity was not an issue. And his ties to Israel would not necessarily offend a largely religiously conservative party base, which would most likely be comfortable or even enthusiastic over the connection.

Cantor, oddly described by the New York Times as a “moderate,” did not lose because he was outflanked by the tea party and was not far right enough. He was already far right on nearly every relevant issue. He lost because he was a poster child for the faux social agenda combined with crony capitalism and big money interests that together have been defined as “movement conservatism.”

The aloof Cantor also suffered from treating his constituency as largely irrelevant to his grander ambitions, which permitted his opponent David Brat to focus on his attachment to Washington’s “ruling class” and immigration as the major campaign issues. Regarding immigration Cantor has opportunistically and characteristically been on both sides of the argument, reflecting his obeisance to business interests on one hand and his desire to appear truly conservative on the other. The immigration issue itself is a bit of a muddle as most Americans support showing compassion to many of the children born in the US who are caught up in the legal process while also staunchly opposing any general amnesty. Immigration has actually become a codeword for the unwelcome cultural and workforce changes taking place in much of America, in which the working and middle classes have seen their relevance and status decline together with their actual ability to make ends meet. Cantor was seen as increasingly out of touch on such core issues, on the side of the “banksters” and big money corporate interests, not of the people who voted him into office.

But be that as it may it is nevertheless also true that Eric Cantor was and is at variance with the growing discomfort on the part of the public with America’s never ending series of wars. Cantor is a pure neoconservative in his foreign policy views, favoring the military option against Iran and supporting bombing Syria, strengthening sanctions against Tehran, condemning the Palestinians, and consistently deferring to Israel on its security needs. He famously had a private meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu in 2010 shortly before becoming House Majority Leader in which he took the side of the Israeli leader against the President of the United States. President Barack Obama at that time was putting pressure on Israel to restrain its development of new settlements. Cantor assured Netanyahu that the Republican majority in congress would serve as “a check on the administration.” This meant that he was putting unconditional support of a foreign nation ahead of his own country’s interests, a position that likely empowered Netanyahu to defy Obama, but apart from some angry commentary coming from the usual critics of the Israel relationship, there was no protest from the GOP and almost nothing from the Democrats.

Cantor might just have been grandstanding to the benefit of what he clearly perceived as an important constituency in the US, but there might have been more to his outreach to the Israeli premier. There has been speculation that Netanyahu was also simultaneously networking with Israel Firster Senator Charles Schumer at the time and might well have been envisioning a perfect sweep to control Congress with Cantor in line to become Speaker of the House and Schumer poised to replace Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader.

Cantor exploited his unique access as the only Jewish Republican congressman to break the Democratic Party’s near monopolistic access to political contributions coming from Jewish billionaires. He became a formidable fund raiser, cultivating with considerable success casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who, like Cantor, was heavily focused on insuring that Israel continue to enjoy a highly beneficial “special relationship” with Washington. Cantor also worked to raise Jewish money for Republican candidates nationwide. His loss as a focal point for Jewish donors to the GOP is significant, with Matt Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition hyperbolizing it as “one of those incredible, evil twists of fate that just changed the potential course of history.” It remains to be seen whether Adelson and others will continue to invest in GOP candidates without the mediation of Cantor.

Eric Cantor was also instrumental in binding Republican congressmen to the cause of Israel in other ways than money. He has led a number of congressional delegations to Israel to obtain the Israeli viewpoint on the Middle East. On one such excursion in August 2009, during the first two weeks of the House of Representatives recess, fully 13% of the US Congress, together with their spouses, traveled to Israel paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation, which is a non-profit foundation that is part of AIPAC. Cantor headed the group of 25 Republicans, which he prepped by writing an op-ed for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on August 3rd. He wrote that “Israel is not only a democratic ally and our only true friend in the Middle East; it is also a vital pillar of US national security strategy…Israel has a right to accommodate the natural growth of its population…excessive handwringing over natural growth is a diversion from the main threat in the Middle East: Iran.”

Cantor’s itinerary included a visit to the illegal West Bank settlement of Alfei Menashe to express solidarity with the heroic and widely misunderstood Israeli settlers, expressing his concern about the “…focus being placed on settlements and settlement growth when the real threat is the existential threat that Israel faces from Iran and the impending nuclearization of Iran.” Also during that same trip when two Arab families were evicted from their homes in Jerusalem, resulting in a worldwide protest that included criticism from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cantor discovered another way to look at the situation. He complained about Clinton, “I’m very troubled by that, because I don’t think we in America would want another country telling us how to implement and execute our laws.” During a subsequent August 2013 trip that included 28 congressmen Cantor declared that for the GOP Israel’s security is “paramount.”

Cantor also always made sure that he played the Israel card when traveling on congressional junkets. In January while on his way to Davos he stopped off in Auschwitz to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day and in April he urged the Chinese to permit more liberal access to synagogues in China. The list of bills that he has sponsored or co-sponsored is heavily weighted in favor of legislation relating to Israel or to Jewish issues. He has supported legislation giving Holocaust survivors extra Medicare benefits that other needy Americans do not receive, to include in home nursing services and the creation of a Special Envoy for US Holocaust Survivor Services.

Eric Cantor also supported all Israeli policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians. In January 2009, when Israel was pounding Gaza to rubble and killing over a thousand civilians, he co-wrote an op-ed entitled “A Defensive War,” which began with “During this difficult war in the Gaza Strip, we stand with Israel.” Why? Because “Instead of building roads, bridges, schools and industry, Hamas and other terrorists wasted millions turning Gaza into an armory.” Cantor, clearly noticing a militarization of the Gaza strip that no else quite picked up on, also affirmed that Israel occupied the moral high ground in the conflict, “While Israel targets military combatants, Hamas aims to kill as many civilians as possible.”

In May 2009 Cantor co-signed a letter sent to his colleagues in congress. He wrote that Washington must be “both a trusted mediator and a devoted friend to Israel” because “Israel will be taking the greatest risks in any peace agreement.” AIPAC couldn’t have put it better. In fact, AIPAC wrote the missive since Cantor and his partner in crime Democrat Steny Hoyer apparently needed a little help to get the message just right. The actual source of the letter was revealed when the document was circulated with the file name “AIPAC Letter Hoyer Cantor May 2009.pdf,” which the intrepid congressional duo had failed to change before sending out.

Congressmen like Cantor who truly believe that Israel’s interests are of paramount importance and that the United States ought to go to war on its behalf should perhaps find another line of work. Fortunately the voters of Virginia have spoken and Eric Cantor will be doing exactly that. But one candidate being promoted to replace Cantor as Majority Leader, Raul Labrador of Idaho, would not offer much change. Labrador, a devout Mormon, wrote in a statement to AIPAC that he supports “Israel’s security fence, incursions similar to Operation Cast Lead, and other anti-terrorism methods necessary for thwarting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.” Congressmen “must make the case for Israel on Capitol Hill, in town hall meetings, at our churches and synagogues, in our local media and wherever else people will listen.”

Likewise Cantor’s probable successor representing Virginia’s 7th Congressional District David Brat also may not differ from him very much on most substantive issues and one has to suspect that he has already been approached by AIPAC to get him on board. As Brat is reported to be a fundamentalist inclined Christian he might be predisposed to see the Mideast in Israeli terms anyway, but if he is an honest man before succumbing to the inevitable corruption in congress he might well draw the line at engaging with the Sheldon Adelsons prowling around the GOP. We can only hope.


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  1. Don Nash says: • Website

    Cantor is out of a job. For now. That is sidesplittingly funny. Hmmm, maybe Cantor will make aliyah to Israel and run for Bibi’s job.

  2. Giuseppe says:

    “Israel has a right to accommodate the natural growth of its population…excessive handwringing over natural growth is a diversion from the main threat in the Middle East: Iran.”

    Is the irony lost on Mr. Cantor that Hitler would have been familiar with this idea, giving it the term lebensraum?

  3. Ben_C says:

    “We do not have a strategy for victory in Afghanistan despite the number of soldiers that have sacrificed their lives to fight for our freedoms. There is no substitute for victory as General MacArthur stated, and as Sun Tzu said many years ago, prolonged warfare benefits no one.

    Afghanistan cannot be allowed to provide safe harbor to terrorists. We cannot allow Afghanistan to destabilize the entire region, given the political fragility and WMD capabilities of its neighbors. Also, having gone to war in Afghanistan, the U.S. must debunk the myth that we ‘destroy but do not build,’ or we will lose allies in our fight against terrorism.

    I agree with the generals who are now proposing ‘a forward strategy to secure America from its global enemies.’ This involves joint strike force operations that allow us to attack any enemy threat worldwide from established secure bases. We need to make sure that our bases in the Middle East are secured and protected. Generals advise me that through good intelligence and joint operational strike forces, we can hit the Taliban or any conventional or unconventional threat in any location, at any time and return to home base.

    America should have a presence in Afghanistan sufficient to support the sole role of combating enemies of the United States Constitution. “

    -David Brat


    Well Phil…it certainly looks like almighty US “democracy” is on the ‘up and up’…

    The thing about Brat is that AIPAC might not even have to buy his sorry ass…he might just give it away for ‘free’…

    We’ll see…

  4. rod1963 says:

    Good riddance to another bought and paid for meat puppet by the Israeli lobby and associates.

  5. NB says: • Website

    Fascinating that Giraldi considers visiting Auschwitz to observe Holocaust Remembrance Day and urging China to allow Jews to attend synagogue [not just during the High Holy Days] to be “playing the Israel card.” It speaks volumes about Giraldi’s “principled” anti-Israel position that he regards commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day and advocating that Jews should be able to practice their religion to be some sort of pro-Israel propaganda.

    btw, Jews typically don’t “celebrate” Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    oh, and as usual, Giraldi gets basic facts wrong. Israel didn’t kill over 1,000 civilians during Cast Lead. Not even the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, which typically reports the highest number of casualties, reported such a high figure:
    But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Giraldi’s “mistakes” always cast Israel in the most negative light possible, and I’m just nitpicking.

    I’m not sure what the point of this piece was anyway. Giraldi acknowledges Cantor’s support for Israel likely did not contribute to his electoral defeat, but then spends most of the article complaining about Cantor’s support for Israel and Holocaust survivors, implying Cantor is a disloyal American who only cares about Jews. Oh, and that legislation that Giraldi disparagingly characterized as “playing the Israel card” and “giving Holocaust survivors extra Medicare benefits that other needy Americans do not receive”? It passed unanimously (according to Giraldi’s own link). But we can be sure that brave Philip Giraldi would have cast that lone dissenting vote if he could.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  6. NB states: “Giraldi’s “mistakes” always cast Israel in the most negative light possible”. Israel doesn’t need Giraldi to do that; these days they are quite capable to doing first class work along those lines without any outside help.

  7. @NB

    Yes Nurit I would have gladly voted against special benefits for Holocaust survivors. Every American who has contributed into the Medicare program is entitled to equal treatment and equal benefits.The fact that Congress passes a law that makes that not so to pander to a powerful domestic lobby is shameful.

  8. quercus says:

    @Philip Giraldi. I agree with you, Phil, I would have gladly voted against special benefits for holocaust survivors too. I read the the article in the link you provided and it is replete with tired hyperbole.

    However, I would add that is was only a ‘resolution’ and as such it has no true value. It just makes those who voted for it feel good about themselves, and hopefully get those Jewish votes next election cycle.

  9. quercus says:

    As for the sly suggestion that Cantor’s ‘religion’ played a part in his defeat. I would ask: did his ‘religion’ play a part in his victories in the last seven, was it, elections?

  10. That most Jews are hyper sensitive about Israel is more or less normal. But what of the large evangelical community here who has somehow (I don’t understand how) been persuaded that support for Israel is the foundation of their faith? Once evangelicals regarded Jews as non-believers and Christ-killers. What made the change?

    It is at least clear to me that the crazy interpretations of Revelations, Daniel, Ezekiel and other apacalyptic biblical literature is inconsistent with normative evangelical Christianity. Some really kooky evangelicals have taken over evangelical Christianity and in alliance with the Zionists have become the bedrock of support for Likud fascism. They ought to read the Apostle Paul and not thc crazy Book of Revelations which many early Christians were doubtful about. In any case, Revelations is a Jewish-Christian anti-Roman outburst and has nothing to do with predicting the future course of the middle east.

    Evangelicals pride themselves on biblical knowledge but it looks to this Roman Catholic like they have proven valid the old Catholic suspicion of bible reading by ignorant people without proper guidance from the clergy and proper attention to real, not spurious scholarship.

    We need to reeducate the evangelicas. Too bad we cannot place them in camps for reeducation. The Chinese might be good consultants here!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. “Fascinating that Giraldi considers visiting Auschwitz to observe Holocaust Remembrance Day and urging China to allow Jews to attend synagogue…”

    Fascinating that you took just two examples out of many and mischaracterized their context in order to slime the opposition.

    “Yes Nurit I would have gladly voted against special benefits for Holocaust survivors. Every American who has contributed into the Medicare program is entitled to equal treatment and equal benefits.”


  12. kEN hOOP says:

    Absolutely, Norman Ravitch.

    There is nothing”conservative” or traditional about the extreme left wing of the Protestant Reformation, this particular wing not even having existed until the late 1800s, with its
    apocalyptic eschatology which has Christ relying for his second coming on the theft of a nation (Palestine) by the very Pharisees who hated him and who ban Christian evangelism in Israel.

  13. Alvin says:

    Conservatives rightly denounce liberals for support of transfer and redistribution programs that violate individual liberty, freedom of contract, and property rights – minimum wage laws, max hour laws, government affirmative action programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, etc… Conservatives rightly ask how have any of these policies “worked” and mock liberals on their support of failed but “feel good” programs.

    But when it comes to our Israel policy, conservatives never ask where has our decades long policy of Israel loyalty and support gotten us? More peace in the middle east – hell no. Less anti-Americanism – hell no. More US friendly governments in that part of the world – hell no. Less terror – hell no – they hate us even more. We have Israel, screw the world!

    Not that we should be anti-Israel, but how about staying out of other peoples’/governments’ affairs, and stop meddling around the world? How about we try a more humble, less belligerent foreign policy?

    Any can anyone name one U.S. politician – in the House or Senate – who doesn’t swear allegiance to Israel?

  14. Lorraine says:

    Excellent analysis as usual. But I like several others fear that Mr. Brat will prove no different on fealty to Israel. Perhaps not as overtly, but nonetheless… we can only hope for the best.

  15. NB says: • Website

    TruthTeller, here is the paragraph to which I referred:
    “Cantor also always made sure that he played the Israel card when traveling on congressional junkets. In January while on his way to Davos he stopped off in Auschwitz to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day and in April he urged the Chinese to permit more liberal access to synagogues in China. The list of bills that he has sponsored or co-sponsored is heavily weighted in favor of legislation relating to Israel or to Jewish issues. He has supported legislation giving Holocaust survivors extra Medicare benefits that other needy Americans do not receive, to include in home nursing services and the creation of a Special Envoy for US Holocaust Survivor Services.”

    How did I mischaracterize the context?

  16. geokat62 says:

    NB writes:

    “It speaks volumes about Giraldi’s “principled” anti-Israel position…”

    Nurit, are you suggesting that Giraldi is an anti-Semite because he is doing yeoman’s work informing the American public about the machinations of the Lobby? I’ve asked you this question on several occasions, but have yet to receive a response: do you favour perpetuating the “special relationship” – i.e., one that places Israel’s interests ahead of those of the US? Giraldi’s sole objective is to shine a spotlight on this issue and this, according to you, qualifies him as being an anti-Semite? Not sure you should be using the term “principled” in any of your comments!

  17. Well, I’m gratified that someone here actually agrees with me.

    Protestants with a learned tradition, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and others, are not fooled by the Zionist turn among evangelicals.

  18. While NB struggles to make this or that tidbit of what Giraldi says invidiously “fascinating,” what’s really beyond fascinating is how anyone could ignore what Cantor did with Netanyahu privately scheming against our Chief Executive’s diplomacy. (Not to mention then bragging about it.)

    Not only as a pragmatic matter, but in the face of the Constitution’s clear assignment to the President to be our sole voice when it comes to international relations.

    So … really, NB? You’re down with that? Nothing wrong with American-jewish law-makers making common cause with foreign power Israel against our Chief Executives?

    Gotta cause *some* problem for you though, no? I mean on the one hand you gotta be ready to denounce as anti-semitic any charge of American jews putting the interest of Israel before that of the U.S., but then on the other hand apparently being happy seeing Cantor seemingly doing *precisely* that, right?

    My God the cognitive dissonance you’ve got to contend with…

  19. “My God the cognitive dissonance you’ve got to contend with…”

    She certainly loans credence to Unz’s analysis about the over representation of Jewish people in the Ivies if nothing else. If there weren’t so much comedy about her on the internets, I’d wonder if she weren’t a cartoon character dreamed up by enemies of the Jews.

    Oh yeah, I checked her math: the only way you could find fault with Giraldi’s assertions about Palestinian civilian casualties in the 2009 Gaza thing is if you assume (as the IDF asserts) that police aren’t civilians. If we’re going to play semantic games, some might argue that, in absence of a Palestinian army in Gaza, they were all civilians.

  20. NB says: • Website

    Scott, I’m not playing any semantic games. I cited exactly what the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said:
    “Confirmed figures reveal the true extent of the destruction inflicted upon the Gaza Strip; Israel’s offensive resulted in 1,417 dead, including 926 civilians, 255 police officers, and 236 fighters.”

    And, like I said, PCHR reports the highest number of casualties. The IDF claims 295 civilians were killed. I’m going to guess the truth is somewhere between those 2 figures. HRW sums it up as follows:
    “In Gaza, more than 700 civilians died in the fighting”

    No one but Giraldi is claiming more than 1,000 Gaza civilians were killed.

  21. While Cantor’s partisanship toward to Israel played some part in his defeat, I think it is indisputable that immigration was the deciding factor.

    And yet the two things are connected. Like most Jewish Americans, Cantor saw no contradiction in weakening American borders and racial composition while seeking at every turn to strengthen Israel’s. While Israel deports illegal immigrants en mass, Cantor worked for an American amnesty.

    While these realities are suppressed in the elite media, they are well know among Virginia GOP voters. Virginia GOP voters might be fooled by complex arguments about events far away. They could not be hoodwinked about the rise of third world immigration in their midst while we support a nasty little ethno-state in the Middle East. Cantor spoke with the accent of a Virginian but his heart and loyalty was elsewhere. Until American Jews become as protective of their neighbors here, as they are of their cousins in Israel, they will be suspect.

  22. fnn says:

    Prince Faisal of USG-Israel ally Saudi Arabia calls on “international community” to attack Syria:

    …Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal has called for the international community’s urgent intervention in Syria to end the suffering of the rising number of Syrians who are either internally displaced or have taken refuge outside the border.

    Personally, I think the international community should attack Saudi based on the accusations he spews against Syria. Youtube is littered with torture of women, Ethiopians, maids, garbage collectors, animals etc by Saudis. You name it, Saudi tortures it. Its enough the international community should be sick to death over. But you dont hear any condemnation from the international community as Saudi has that almighty petro dollar to buy silence from these communities. Its easy to turn a blind eye to real human suffering when you are paid the big bucks to do so. Oh ya, in Saudi, being gay will get your head chopped off!

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You are not going to get American Jews to view the welfare of the USA above that of Israel. They have learned through history that they are tolerated for a time but not really accepted. That is their problem, not ours. Zionism thought all Jew would eventually go to Israel or stop being Jews. That is what we all want but the Jews refuse to go to Israel. Israeli Jews keep coming here for all sorts of reasons, mostly materialistic.

    I think the Spanish Inquisition had the right idea. Force them to be Christian or expel them. We are not courageous enough for that, helas, as the French would say.

    I would expel those not becoming Christian to Israel. I would also expel all negroes to Africa. I am of course aware that my views are not acceptable.

    The black problem is much more vital than the Jewish one. Blacks will destroy our civilizarion if we do nothing.

  24. Nurit, my little cuttlefish: while you may indeed find some nonexistent link somewhere in the web archives which kinda sorta vaguely supports what you assert; the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights actually said:

    “According to PCHR’s documentation, 1,419 Palestinians
    were killed during the Israeli military offensive on the Gaza
    Strip. This number includes 1,167 non-combatants (82.2%)
    and 252 resistance activists (17.8%). The non-combatants
    include civilians and civil police officers who were not involved
    in hostilities, the ‘protected persons’ of IHL. ”

    I mean, even if you were being technically accurate, why do you think this makes you look like anything but a prevaricating imbecile in your sad attempts to smear Mr. Giraldi? Must be all them Harvard A minuses going to your head. There’s no such circle jerk out here in the world.

  25. NB says: • Website

    Scott, the only one playing semantic games is you. Giraldi said “In January 2009, when Israel was pounding Gaza to rubble and killing over a thousand civilians…” Giraldi didn’t say non-combatants; he said civilians.

    And I didn’t go searching for “some nonexistent link somewhere in the web archives.” It’s the link given on the Wiki page for Op Cast Lead. Here’s the active link:

    And remember, PCHR reports the highest # of casualties, and not even HRW (not exactly a fan of Israel) cites a figure that high. Anyone who’s actually interested in the truth would cite the widely varying casualty figures reported by the relevant parties.

  26. NB says: • Website

    Glad to see the kind of audience Unz and Giraldi are attracting: Folks who say American Jews are “suspect” and that the Spanish Inquisition was the right idea (plus racism against African-Americans!). Of course, this is Unz’s intention, with his recent hiring of Israel Shamir and John Derbyshire.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “The black problem is much more vital than the Jewish one. Blacks will destroy our civilizarion if we do nothing.”

    Blacks are simply too small in number to be a threat to the US, and their proportion of the population is not predicted to grow that much in the coming decades. Hispanic immigration is the only potential threat posed by a demographic. They, unlike blacks, are rapidly increasing in number. The question then is: are Hispanics the new Italians?

    Maybe, but the left is doing everything it can to hamper assimilation.

  28. geokat62 says:

    “Glad to see the kind of audience Unz and Giraldi are attracting:…”

    This Anonymous character is the exception, not the rule. Most posters on Unz are fair-minded and make responsible comments without any hints of racism. Knowing the MO of hasbarists, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a zio-troll intentionally trying to damage the reputation of Unz by posting such repugnant comments!

  29. Nurit: stick the diapers; rational thought is not your forte. For example: smearing the Derb, a man who has gone out of his way to overtly state his admiration for the Jewish people and the state of Israel …. about as useful as attempting to damn a man who has the temerity to have more loyalty for his country than for NB’s favorite, and because he thinks the word “civilian” and the word “non-combatant” means the same thing, like everyone else does. Seriously: you do more damage for your cause than the clown who wants to bring back the Spanish Inquisition ever could.

    Hasbara trolls like NB always show up right before the anti-Semites. Sometimes it’s because they’re the same person, and they enjoy playing with sock puppets (you can occasionally see this in the IP addresses: they’re that stupid). Sometimes, I figure it’s some weird S&M game that both groups enjoy playing. Either way: worst people on the internet.

    As for Unz’s choices of writers: it seems he is doing exactly what he says on the masthead: publishing writers who are excluded from mainstream media via the machinations evil totalitarian ding dongs like NB.

  30. NB says: • Website

    Scott, how bizarre that you think that I should praise anyone who supports Israel no matter how loathsome. But I’m not surprised that you would characterize my implication that Derbyshire is a racist as a “smear.”

    And thanks for implying I’m responsible for the anti-Semitic and racist comments on You’ve provided enough of your own, so I hardly need to post fake comments to make my point:

    Likewise, Thomas Meehan was totally unashamed to declare that American Jews are “suspect.” I’m sure neither of you thinks your comments are anti-Semitic either, just as you apparently think Derbyshire is not racist.

  31. Ah, Nurit, you do crack me up. “I am fortunate enough I have only encountered a few seething hate-bubbles like yourself. Most Jewish people consider your views, your monomania and your attitudes to be abhorrent. ” Yep; look at me being all anti-semitic! Doubtless you have me on a seekrit Hasabra/JDF troll list somewhere along with Giraldi, Derb and the guy who forgot to put extra cream in your morning coffee at Starbucks.

    As I said before: the “police the goyim” antics of you and your fellow Hasabra troll imbeciles cause more damage to Jewish people than any actual real world anti-semites in the comments could ever do.

    Harvard doesn’t cure autism, apparently.

  32. NB says: • Website

    Do you really think that exculpates you? Your statement is incorrect: I have received NO push-back from ANY Jews regarding my rebuttal of Unz’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theory (except for Unz); in fact, I’ve received gratitude from many Jews that I took the time to debunk it. Given that most Jews are Zionists, I imagine they’d generally support my efforts to refute lies folks like to spread about Israel. Do you really think ANY Jews would support Giraldi begrudging Holocaust survivors aid that Congress unanimously approved?

    Claims that the “problem” is only a small number of Jews do not acquit you of the charge of anti-Semitism. e.g. “Young, like LaRouche, depicts the Jewish masses as being pawns–and their faith, a tool–of a cynical elite…”
    That doesn’t exculpate Lyndon LaRouche, though readers probably don’t consider him an anti-Semite anyway.

  33. geokat62 says:

    “Given that most Jews are Zionists, I imagine they’d generally support my efforts to refute lies folks like to spread about Israel.”

    Nurit, if it is really true that most Jews are Zionists and if that means they support the continuation of the “special relationship” which puts Israel’s interests ahead of those of the US, do you still think that a backlash is unlikely? In a previous post you wrote “… why should a small number of members of a minority group be blamed…?” I think you just answered your own question!

    btw – could you be a little more precise about what lies folks are spreading about Israel?

  34. Nurit Baytch. You use terms like “Exculpate” and “….”do not acquit you of the charge of anti-Semitism.” I must have missed the passing of that universal law the deems any dislike of Jews a crime. Are you so deluded as to assume that you can demand others respect and affection as a matter of right? Noticing and commenting on disagreeable aspects of your coreligionists is no crime, in fact it’s our right.

    As to my finding American Jews suspect, you just said that “Given that most Jews are Zionists.” etc,. On one hand you and they advance the cause of Israel while “Charging” others with noticing and objecting. As long as people like you have divided loyalties you will be suspect and that’s just the way it is. No one feels ashamed of noticing your BS.

  35. NB says: • Website

    geokat62, it is indeed true that most Jews are Zionists, meaning one who supports Israel’s right to exist [as a/the Jewish state]. You then draw a series of deductions from this fact that are entirely unsupported.

    According to the Pew Research Center, 54% of US Jews vs 41% of the US general public think US support for Israel is about right, 31% of Jews vs 25% of Americans think the US should be more supportive of Israel, and 11% of American Jews vs 22% of US general public think the US is too supportive of Israel:
    That is, 85% of US Jews vs 66% of US general public support the US-Israel special relationship. Given that the majority of Americans support the US-Israel special relationship, why do you focus only on the ~5 million Jewish Americans who support the US-Israel special relationship and not the over 200 million non-Jewish Americans who support the US-Israel special relationship? Why are Jews who support the US-Israel special relationship disloyal but not the over 200 million non-Jewish Americans?

    Thomas, words have multiple meanings, and I in no way implied “dislike of Jews” is a crime. Thanks to our First Amendment, you are free to express your “dislike of Jews” and declare that American Jews are suspect (despite that 200 million non-Jewish Americans also support the US-Israel special relationship).

  36. Looney Nurit, again proving the value of an Ivy League education:

    “Given that most Jews are Zionists, I imagine they’d generally support my efforts to refute lies folks like to spread about Israel.”

    Most *American* Jews are not, in fact, anything like you. I daresay most of them would find your implication that American Jews are a pack of imbecilic Israel-firsters such as yourself, well, kind of anti-semitic. I mean, weren’t you bitching about someone accusing Jewish people of the old “dual loyalty” canard a few minutes ago? Now, here you are claiming that most American Jews have a dual loyalty problem. Hell, not many Israelis I have met are as potty and sinister as you are. If they were, I’d suggest nuking the place, rather than being a middle of the road supporter of the place.

    “Claims that the “problem” is only a small number of Jews do not acquit you of the charge of anti-Semitism. ”

    Nor does your assertion of other people’s racism prove anything. Nobody died and made you Torquemada, and your “Harvard” attempts at debate via calling everything you don’t like “racist” wouldn’t impress a bivalve. It’s obvious to all non-crazy people that you are projecting your own abundant inadequacies onto others.

    But I’m a good natured fellow: let’s say, for the moment, that we can abuse language to the point that the word “racist” means anything some neurotic diaper changer with a Harvard diploma and a Freudian affliction doesn’t like. OK, so what? Does that change the fact that Giraldi is correct that the Israelis slaughtered over a thousand Palestinian civilians? Even if you weasel-parse that to “only a few hundred ‘civilians,’ plus 250 Palestinian cops” -does that make it OK in any way? Do you think it’s OK that Cantor put the interests of both the Israeli government and the Chamber of Commerce above that of the American people? Do you think the people who elected him 7 times are a bunch of racists for not electing him again?

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This NB was arguing on mondoweiss about the existence of the jewish race. Gee, she calls the Derb a racist, but here she is arguing about “her” race and its right to a piece of land in the middle of the desert.

  38. geokat62 says:

    “You then draw a series of deductions from this fact that are entirely unsupported.”

    Nurit it is you who is guilty of this charge for you equate Americans’ support for Israel (which is what these PRC polls show) with Americans’ support for the “special relationship.”

    While I do not doubt the veracity of these polls, I do doubt that most Americans would say they support a relationship that puts Israel’s interests above those of the US. Do you think most Americans would support this relationship if they knew the Clean Break Policy that was presented to Bibi Netanyahu in 1996 by a study group led by Richard Perle would be adopted by GWB as the basis of US foreign policy in the ME? A policy designed to enhance Israel’s security interests at the expense of the US’? Would most Americans support a special relationship that requires the US Congress to pay Israel a tribute of over $3.5B a year while the average American is struggling to make ends meet?

    My sense is that if Americans were directly asked whether they supported this “special relationship” rather than if they generically supported Israel, the results would be quite different.

    One last thing, I came across an article posted by Neturei Karta on their website – – … here is a small excerpt:

    These early Zionists were immediately opposed by the Rabbinic Leadership of that era… based on four assumptions, [number 4 of which is:]

    4) Zionism would cause Jews to be less than loyal to the governments under whose auspices they lived in exile. This might weaken Jewish patriotism and exacerbate Jewish – Gentile conflicts.

    As I’ve indicated before, you are on the wrong side of history… and rather than trying to perpetuate the “special relationship” you should be doing your best to end it!

  39. “Gee, she calls the Derb a racist, but here she is arguing about “her” race and its right to a piece of land in the middle of the desert.”

    While I haven’t made a deep study of it (and I snicker at her masters degree boast: generally that means you failed your prelim exams), there is some evidence for what she asserts. Of course, there is decent evidence for the Khazar hypothesis as well, and some recently published paper indicated that the Ashkenazi line is only Jewish on the male side, making them not really Jewish via the rabbinical laws. I defer to people like Kahn and Derb who are actually interested in such things. I just follow my 23andme findings out of galloping narcissism.

    Fun irony about Miz Baytch: like Derb, she married outside her race. Unless she’s getting her dong injections elsewhere, or she doesn’t believe in genetics, her kids are only as Jewish as Barack Obama is white.

  40. NB says: • Website

    Saying most Jews are Zionists does not imply Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the US. In fact, the majority of Americans are evidently Zionists. If 66% of Americans think US support of Israel is about right or insufficient, clearly they accept Israel’s right to exist. geokat, you are distorting the actual poll question. It didn’t ask whether Americans support Israel vs Palestinians, like this Gallup poll that found that “Americans’ sympathies lean heavily toward the Israelis over the Palestinians, 64% vs. 12%.”

    The question Americans were asked was specifically about the US-Israel relationship:
    “Now thinking about the relationship between the United States and Israel…
    Is the U.S. [RANDOMIZE: too supportive of Israel, not supportive enough of Israel], or is U.S. support of Israel about right? ”
    And 66% of Americans said that the US-Israel relationship is about right, or that the US should be moresupportive of Israel.

    And I never said a thing about the Jewish “race.” Yet another example of how commenters misrepresent the truth.

    Scott, I’m afraid you don’t understand basic concepts of genetics and Jewish law.

  41. geokat62 says:

    Nurit, you’re getting yourself all tangled up in contradictory statements! When I previously asked you if the Lobby speaks for you, you responded: “…I’ve made it clear that Netanyahu and AIPAC don’t speak for me.” But if, as you know, the sole objective of the Lobby is to perpetuate the “special relationship” which is something you support, why wouldn’t the Lobby speak for you?

    “Saying most Jews are Zionists does not imply Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the US. ”

    What does saying “most Jews support the ‘special relationship’ that places Israel’s interests above those of the US” imply? Or don’t you think Profs. Mearsheimer and Walt did an adequate job demonstrating what impact this “special relationship” is having on the US?

  42. NB says: • Website

    geokat, where did I say that I want to perpetuate the US-Israel special relationship as it is currently stands? Hint: I didn’t.

    Interesting how you continue to focus on the 5 million American Jews who support the US-Israel special relationship and ignore the over 200 million non-Jewish Americans who support the US-Israel special relationship. Same way the folks at downplay or even ignore the role of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld in agitating for the Iraq War and focus instead on Perle, Wolfowitz, and Feith.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    NB said:

    “And Ashkenazi Jews are indeed an ethnic group, closely related to Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews:
    link to
    see figure on p. 6772”

    Oh, so you’re calling “race” “ethnicity.” Oh, ok.

  44. geokat62 says:

    I like the qualifier you added: “as it currently stands.” So you support the “special relationship” but with some tweaks to it. I, however, think there is a fundamental problem with special relationships per se (see George Washington’s farewell address) that no amount of tweaking can fix.

    And you keep harping on the 5 million vs the 200 million that supposedly support the “special relationship.” As I’ve indicated before, these polls you keep citing may not be as reassuring as you think. If it weren’t for the presstitute MSM continually bombarding the American public with Tel Aviv’s hasbara, your poll numbers would be completely different. Given the future of the MSM, I suspect fewer and fewer Americans will be sourcing their news from it and more and more will be turning to the Internet… and, as a result, more and more will be able to connect the dots.

    As for Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, and Rumsfeld, I believe all of them should be hauled off to the Hague and charged with the same crime of waging a war of aggression as the Germans were charged with after WWII. But along with them, the key neocon figures should not be too far behind.

    Speaking of connecting the dots, if you peruse the 911 Commission report, it clearly demonstrates that the 9/11 attackers were largely motivated by the US’s unconditional support for Israel (“By his own account, KSM’s animus toward the United States stemmed not from his experiences there as a student, but rather from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel.”) But the best the authors of the report could do was write: “America’s policy choices have consequences. Right or wrong, it is simply a fact that American policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…” That’s because they didn’t have the courage to refer to the 500lb gorilla in the room!

    So Nurit, the future is not bright for your precious “special relationship”… even after appropriate tweaking, of course. If the Lobby succeeds in the 2016 presidential elections and installs Sheldon Adelson’s handpicked Republican candidate or if Hillary is anointed the next president (the darling of the neocons), the US will be dragged further down the cesspool and these clueless Americans you keep citing in these polls will one day wake up to find that their country is responsible for executing the key features of the Clean Break (invading 7 Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran) to enhance Israel’s security (it’s all about making the jungle safer for the villa!) and at great cost of American life and treasure. And I hope you’re right about the potential of a backlash… because there are going to be a lot of people who will not be happy campers trying to figure out what went wrong!

  45. NB: “Saying most Jews are Zionists isn’t… blah blah blah listen to Portnoy’s mom blah blah”

    While you’ve already proven yourself incapable of rational thought, I always figured a Harvard diploma meant you were capable of parsing the English language, I said, long ago in another thread, and again here, “Most Jewish people consider your views, your monomania and your attitudes to be abhorrent.” I don’t think this is a controversial statement. If your views and your totalitarian attitudes represented those of “most Jewish people,” that would be a pretty good argument in favor of anti-Semitism. As I have said before: if we didn’t already know you were an honest to God Hasabra troll, people might wonder if you were a Stormfronter’s idea of a crazy Jewess, designed to discredit Jewish people as a pack of hateful gibbering ninnies who hate the goyim.

    Nice red herring you have there: I’ve already informed you I am one of that 66% of at least modestly pro-Israel US citizens. Keep in mind, US public opinion has changed a lot since 2002 or so. Nothing is forever, and people like you jumping all over honest and patriotic men like Giraldi are not exactly helping matters. Heck, the Israeli embassy has taken to putting up ridiculous billboards here in the Bay Area declaring that they’re not evil racist pork-swine like yourself. Here and I thought Jewish people were supposed to be good at public relations? Maybe the clown who thought of that campaign went to Harvard.

  46. In the Middle East, the American people are best served by having strong secular governments in Arab countries, with good relationships with the US

    This serves two purposes
    1. Secures oil supplies.
    2. Represses the growth of extremist organizations that would use terrorism.

    The Israeli government is best served by having failed states with strong terrorist factions at war with the US.

    How did we end up with the latter?

  47. KA says:


    You are raising same old issues that have been dealt with by concerned citizen in variousostings,blogs,and columns.

    1 let’s talk about the support to Israel. Sure America does support but it also does not support in ,any areas and on many occasions where Israeli interests were or are involved. How does Jewish people rank against those Americans? They still support Israel. – Iran, Syria, Gaza leap out of the consciousness easily for the Zionist attention to misrepresentation of those divergences .

    2 One of the perverted aims of the Zionist was to bend and change US opinions for Israel despite overwhelming evidences that such a change would be anti US interest . It was undertaken by the Zionist from 1920 consistently and by breaking laws,bribing people,and by threatening position. Today it is done by control of Fox ,CNN,NYT,WaPo,by organizing the gate keeping at townhall meetings and debates between presidential and Congressional he fouls for election, by calling people or activity as sntisemite( divestment by the Protestant church is called antisemite by WaPo,by Forward,by ADL, Carter is called antisemite so is Mersheimer and Desmond Tutu ) . The Zionist won’t allow forum to pro Palestinian or pro Saddam or pro Iranian , and be denouncing them as ” beyond the pale” or any body who denounces Israeli blockade or Israeli incursions or frank wars against Syria 3 to 5 times in last 2 yrs as anti democracy or anti west or anti value system of west.

    3 Americans will not forget how H Dean was howled down as unelectable for saying that US should be “even handed” between I and P.
    4 Americans should not forget how and why both. Pauls are belittled and ignored by media – it is not about some wacky ideas ( plenty of wacky ideas are ignored by media ) but for the tendencies of both to uphold US interests

    5 Before 2nd term , Obama was losing Jewish support ,at least the donor support and that fear was played repeatedly to change Obama’s position on Iran to which majority( 80) percent of Jews were against despite broad US support.

    6 Gentiles like Murdoch can continue to survive by aligning their nasty interests with that of Israeli nasty interests. Murdoch has been given awards by Israel,feted by Istael, and was even given the permission to drill oil in Golan – an international crime, ( Murdoch has shares of enormous size in the company) . In return he has concocted stories against Saddam,( before 911) , has supported war and tried to ch age perception on Iraq, has been doing same on Iran and has apologized to Bibi Netanhooooooo over a cartoon . His Fox News is the supplier of worst type of negative stereotypes against Muslim and aArabs.

    7 Israel has claimed with success that it should work towards changing US opinion to Israrl. Unfortunately Israel does not try to change itself. Others always have to change. Any opinion that it does not like is termed an expression of anti Israel to Anti Jew to Anti semitism.
    By making antisemitism a crime ,it makes criticism of Israel a crime. WHO WANTS TROUBLE. Politicians and Media columnists keep quiet , more so when the benefit and loss swing between survival and demise.

    8 money plays a big part .money made illegally or made abroad make way to US politics ( McCain complained in last election) to buy allegiance .money also goes from US to Israel to
    defeat candidate who wants I P problem resolved with justice ( Olmert not a big friend of Palestine complained how he was defeated) and enormous amount of money donated to Israel comes back to fund Israeli activities.

    9 Politicians claim to support free market,open competition,and least government interference and ask US to open up those countries who desists it or prevents it but Israel is the most government regulated country in housing,research,business,start up,and health care delivery and education. No one ever says that ” we have problem here” . American s have been conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to assert ” we share same values” . But not on those values and neither on immigration or Bill of Rights or on punishing hate crime or illegal occupation or freedom of religious practices. So what values we are talking about? Religious? Evangelical support that is bought ,paid,and showcased by Israel.

    10 To Israel – religion,,market,peace,war,propaganda power – all could be combined to increase Israeli influences and power . This is why Hagee is adorned with the presences of Weisel,Netanhooooooo, and Murdoch.

    11 Both in US and in Canada and to a large extent in France ,politicians come to depend on input regarding special situations or affairs from outside sources particularly on Middle East. Zionist makes it certain that the input on ME comes from those “experts” vetted by the Zionists. Even Obama’s friend Khalidi had no chance .

  48. KA says:

    I will add the list of KA

    Fear of Israel and fear of the neocons forced tthe 911 investigators not to mention the Israeli angle of the jihadism/911 atatck. Patriotism,morality,duty,responsibility to Americans and to the world at large took back seat – way behind the visibility line . This is the way Americans get the information. This is they way higher officials discharge their duties and this is they the muslim discontents against US is understood. This lack of information make way to the debates hosted by the media which informs American public how and why to choose a particular candidate . Like Israel claims that antisemtism/antizionism/anti Israelism is an irrational reaction , so is the fanatic obsession with US- they hate us for our freedom- was not a prodcut of Bush brain . It was supplied to him by the forces that prevented 911 investiagtors to articulate the anger and hatred based on preapproved US embarce of evrything Israel- no question is asked, no scrutiny is tried .
    So what does it say about US defense of its borders and infracstructure and of security of its own citizen? It cant even mount a basic investiagtion and cant allude to the possibilities out of the fear. What fear? What would happen to them ? Is it the fear of blackmail? Fear of the safety of the family? Fear of lsoing favor?

  49. KA says:

    “What fear? What would happen to them ? Is it the fear of blackmail? Fear of the safety of the family? Fear of losing favor ?”
    No America is asked to start thinking then beleiving and then defending the canard that the answer is the broad gentile -Jew support of israel.

  50. redwood says:

    It’s a good thing Eric Cantor lost the Republican primary. If David Brat wins, I hope he’ll be more like Ron Paul than Rand Paul. If his Democratic opponent wins, I hope he or she will be more like Dennis Kucinich than Ehud Barack Obama or Hillbilly Clinton.

  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @norman ravitch

    Any faith that worships a fundamentalist Jewish seditionist peddled as a universalist pacifist will always be a danger to a post-Protestant, Enlightenment project.

    Heck, it will always be a danger to humanity.

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