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Emmanuel Macron: France’s ‘Roths-churian Candidate’?
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How can we explain that centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is still leading the French presidential elections, just a month away?

Is it possible that every Macron supporter – and not Macron himself – has been brainwashed like in the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”? Maybe it’s a case of “The Manchurian Voters”?

That seems unlikely. Lotta work to hypnotize so many millions of people.

As a longtime daily news correspondent in France I have ignored Macron as long as I could. I thought he could never be taken seriously, given such a damning list of faults:

He is only 39 years old; has never held elected office; was a Rothschild investment banker; designed the “Macron Law”, a right-wing labor code roll back which sparked months of anti-government protests and repression last year; he is a multi-millionaire, although he declared his net worth to be €63,000; he actually has 7 grandkids; he is pro-EU in a country which wants a “Frexit” referendum; he is pro-austerity in a country which hates austerity because it hasn’t worked anywhere, ever; claimed to be a target of Russian hacking, without providing proof; claimed to be a target of Russian propaganda, apparently because RT dared to quote a French parliamentarian who opposes his ties to US high finance.

So you see why I have been betting against him?

During the first and only debate featuring the five principal presidential candidates, the far-right’s Marine Le Pen zinged Macron with the night’s best line. It reflected the common opinion of journalists and others who are forced to listen to Macron’s speeches just to earn our daily bread:

“You have a crazy talent: You just managed to speak for seven minutes, and I am incapable of summarizing your thoughts – you’ve said nothing. It’s completely empty,” she said, and then turned around to the audience and commented, “It’s an art, huh?”

Not much of an art, if you ask me. Consulting his website and campaign platform reveals the same lack of substance:

First part is devoted to green energy (a centrist attracting the left), then stopping corruption (a politician attracting any fed-up Frenchman) and then making government more efficient (I’d like to see a politician proposing making government less efficient, just for a change of pace.).

Pretty much, “completely empty”. So what’s the appeal?

Macron is running as someone outside the political system – the tired old line of “neither left nor right” – but how can he be an outsider when he served as a cabinet minister under outgoing President Francois Hollande?

Anyway, just to play along, he may be “outside” the political system but he’s certainly an insider of the financial system so…c’mon. Macron’s website doesn’t mention the word “Rothschild”, of course.

Ultimately, Macron is the redo of the ignominiously failed Dominique Strauss-Kahn presidential bid in 2012. Both are the insiders of the economic elite, and their tool/candidate.

That alone should exclude Macron from being considered by any voter, and yet here we are.

The perfect storm, planetary alignment, pact with the devil…

All of these descriptions will be used retroactively to describe Macron’s path to presidency. The same will also be applied for the one candidate we almost assuredly know will be in the 2nd and final round: Marine Le Pen of the National Front.

The Left is totally divided in France and condemned themselves to irrelevancy after refusing to get behind their most viable candidate, Communist-backed Jean-Luc Melenchon.

The Right is in total revolt over Francois Fillon’s corruption scandals. On March 5th, after Fillon fought off an attempted coup, the conservative party claimed they were “united behind Fillon”. If you have to make such a statement 7 weeks before the vote…your party is not united at all.

So the Left and the Right are out, and that leaves us with Le Pen and Macron the centrist.

France actually had a long-standing centrist candidate – Francois Bayrou. No one outside of France knows him, but he won 9% of the first round vote in 2012, which is no small potatoes.

Bayrou, who is known for opposing the incestuous mix between public and private spheres, condemned Macron as the candidate of “powerful money” back in September.

Yet he surprisingly threw his weight behind Macron last month. I suppose he got a pretty good deal – I’m guessing he was offered the prime minister post?

Macron incarnates private sphere influence

Macron made millions working for the Rothschilds, who are the world’s richest family. Their combined fortune of $400 billion (per Forbes) would make them the 28th nation by GNP, just behind Iran.

That’s not the only link to high finance: Macron’s campaign doesn’t qualify for public aid, so he relies totally on donations. Presidential candidates have challenged Macron to reveal his list of donors over 2,500 euros – his team responded: “How dare we deny high finance the right to work with us! What are we, populists?”

Macron is not a populist of any stripe, that’s for sure. He is the most unabashedly globalist, pro-EU candidate among the 5 principal candidates. Even the fake-Socialist Benoit Hamon talks about creating a new Eurozone Parliament to take some power from lobbyists in Brussels.

What’s also certain is that by being such a staunch proponent of globalization, Macron is going to preside over the selling-off and de-nationalization of French industries and businesses.

That’s exactly what he did with Alstom, the huge, legendary French industrial firm, shortly after being plucked from obscurity to be Francois Hollande’s Minister of Economy and Industry.

Macron sold it off to America’s General Electric, in a huge betrayal of the national French interest and a major victory for America’s capitalists. Of course, selling off industrial jewels to the Americans is what “globalization” means most of the time.

These ties to high finance and love for globalization should make it obvious why Macron has become the mainstream media darling.

Macron is now lead quote now for any issues where all the candidates are questioned. He is adored by the English-language media – they were at the crest of that fetid wave – in a way reminiscent only of Sarkozy l’Américain in 2007.

It’s like everyone loses their mind when it comes to Macron? The kicker is his Brussels-ordered economic program.

Would it really make it easier for you if we settled on just one number?’

Macron had been purposely vague on his economic plans.

On February 23 he finally said that there are exactly 57 communists in the Defense Department, because Heinz Ketchup has that many varieties. Oh wait…that’s the movie.

Macron finally said that he will cut exactly 60 billion euros in austerity measures.

Now we see why he was so vague – Macron is offering 5 more years of Hollande-ism…I guess because Hollande is so unpopular that he can’t run himself?

I thought a wave of economic nationalism was sweeping the West? How can a guy promising to follow the economic dictates of Brussels possibly be leading in a country which hates austerity?

Macron, with his impeccable financial background, apparently believes that implementing 20% more austerity cuts than Hollande is what will revive France’s stagnant economy? It must take a Rothschild man to understand why more austerity is a still good idea – it produced a yearly growth rate of 0.68% during Hollande’s 5 years in office.

France has been on the brink of a blaring-headline triple-dip recession several times, only to be saved by a trimester of 0.2% or less. Thank God these numbers are reported by the government itself, otherwise I’d wonder at such close-call accounting!

It takes an economic growth rate of 1.5% to start producing jobs, and unemployment has been at a record 10% for the vast majority of Hollande’s term.

And yet Macron has also promised to cut 120,000 government jobs. This actually looks good to French voters, because Fillon wants to cut 500,000 public service jobs, in a country which already has 4 million unemployed persons.

If you think more right-wing economics is going to work…you are more screwed up than this election campaign.

That’s as good a segue as any to the, um, unusual aspects of Macron, shall we say?

Emmanuel, do you see the red queen?’

Yes he does, and it was always diamonds, not hearts….

On the personal side, Macron has repeatedly denied rumors that he is gay. This perception probably arose because his wife is 24 years older the he is. People question if such a marriage is sincere or if she is – to use the parlance of our times – his “beard”. She was his high school French teacher and drama club director (private school, of course).

Of all these things, I’m most appalled by his failed acting ambitions!

Actors are essentially public liars, whose art is lying with their face and voice. Why would any society be governed by people who cultivate non-honesty? I think any participation in drama clubs should automatically exclude one from holding public office – Trump was an amateur actor – but I realize my intelligent analysis here is not likely to gain much favor in the modern world….

Regarding his older wife: I had an uncle who married a woman who was 15 years older than he was. And this was in 1960s Iran, so it was quite a surprise. My uncle reportedly loved his wife more than any of his many brothers – and reportedly to the power of 5 – and when his beloved passed away he died not long after of a broken heart. So I’m not about to say that it’s not true love between teacher and her pet.

Of course, my uncle was a normal, good man, who did not aspire to power over others in order to cut social services…but never let it be said that I ever opposed true love. Hey, I had a crush on my music teacher, the lovely and harmonious Miss Petricka. I was only 7 years old and not 17, so marriage wasn’t in the cards for us.

Regarding the gay rumors – it’s only important because if Macron is gay he should say so because his campaign is openly pro-gay. This is the view of many gay activists: You should not profit politically off the gay vote if you refuse to be an openly gay candidate yourself. Marine Le Pen’s campaign director is known to be gay, for example, and it hasn’t hurt her campaign.

Despite France’s reputation, there is a huge ongoing debate about gay marriage, despite being legalized in 2013. It is a major political issue and Macron, much like Hillary Clinton, is denying the gay rumors while winning the support of gay voters, so I defer to the advice of gay activists here…and beyond that I find this issue totally boring and am moving on.

It’s funny though – Macron is a grandfather with 7 step-grandkids: I wonder why he isn’t more successful at promoting a paternal, De Gaulle-type of image…?

How bad can a Macron presidency be?

It is by far the worst option!

You make this guy president and the mainstream media and their high-finance backers are going to practically canonize him! He already can do no wrong because he is one of them and will do their bidding!

Macron should have never been appointed to serve in Hollande’s cabinet, and if he is elected he will probably be involved in French politics until 2055. We know that he already has the single, middle-aged woman vote locked up for life!

Nobody could be more aristocratic and more out of touch with the problems and life path of a normal 39-year old than Emmanuel Macron. The only people more out of touch at 39 are former first-round NBA draft picks.

The French know all this, because as recently as last September a majority didn’t even want Macron to run. But the endless corruption scandals and the lack of true leftists in “still a state of emergency” France has voters being willfully blind about Macron’s many faults and his true sympathies.

Macron is, to make a comparison, the French version of Hillary Clinton.

Yes, it is that bad.

“I’m gay-friendly, anti-xenophobia and pay lip service to environmentalism so that means leftists should support me!” This is the Macron/Clinton platform.

And this is fake leftism. This is leftism without any leftist economic aspect…because such a “friendly face” is hiding pure capitalism.

Many voters here will snobbishly refuse to be part of France’s “basket of deplorables”, but Macron winning retards the leftist struggle more than Le Pen.

Or maybe Le Pen will do worse? Who knows, but, just like Hillary, we should be absolutely certain that Macron will be terrible. Macron, like Hillary, is the “anti-hope” candidate.

I have no proof that Emmanuel Macron is indeed a “Manchurian candidate”, but it is accurate to say that he will represent the citizens of Manchuria far better than he will represent the citizens of France. Allowing the Alstom takeover, the Macron Law – that’s just the start.

If Macron wins I will be totally disgusted. If Fillon wins I won’t be surprised. I won’t be “happy” about a Le Pen win, but if Le Pen and Macron are the two second-round candidates and Macron wins – and he’s polling to, and by a big margin – then we do need to look at possible brainwashing going on in France.

Well…it’s all just too much for me. I expected France’s presidential election to be bad, but I thought that after ousting Hollande, Sarkozy and Manuel “The Socialist Sarkozy” Valls that France was getting itself in order.

I’m going to hope that – like the movie – Macron has secretly become infatuated with an anti-EU agent, and that he’ll break his conditioning just in time.

Because I just shudder to think what a Macron-type will do – with his love for high finance, Brussels and middle-aged women – when he’s all alone and working side by side late at night with…Angela Merkel!

Oh no!

Before it’s too late, somebody get to one of Macron’s campaign rallies wearing a dress made out of the queen of diamonds!!!!!!

Ramin Mazaheri is the chief correspondent in Paris for Press TV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a daily newspaper reporter in the US, and has reported from Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. His work has appeared in various journals, magazines and websites, as well as on radio and television.


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  1. Anonymous [AKA "TJ03"] says:

    I got the impression in the american election that when the voting day approached, people just could not vote for Hillary. And since in an American election there are only two choices, that translated to votes for Trump.

    Which to mean tells me that things can change. Its possible as that final 2nd round election day arrives, that French voters just can’t vote for Macron. And by that stage, its only a two candidate race. Another fact during the american election was that many Trump voters weren’t telling people who they would vote for. They don’t trust media and pollsters in the first place. In America, I think its only 20% that will even talk to a pollster. Most people hang up. And with a campaign that concentrated on calling Trump a racist and a fascist, there was an air of intimidation that made people stay quiet about having decided to vote against Hillary and for Trump.

    The trend of modern elections is to question how accurate the polls are. This string of populist victories, both Brexit and Trump, tend to be a reverse of the prediction of the polls.

    Strange how after months of protests in the streets, no one is representing those who fight the strongest against the Macron Law? But then again, I think that our choices of candidates is manipulated in these things so I don’t really believe that this is an accident.

    To me, the most noticeable thing about this election and the most recent American election is how much of it is based on ‘scandal’ and media ‘scoops’ about the candidates. Which tells me that democracy as a means of a nation making important decisions about its future and where the soveriegnity truly lies in the hands of the people ain’t doing very well these days.

    • Replies: @Ramin Mazaheri
  2. I think Macron is ahead in the polls for the same reasons Hillary Clinton was ahead in all the polls in the US (nudge nudge wink wink) because their ‘establishment’ media is doing all the polling! What better way to discourage the masses from voting (had opposite effect in the US)? And Forbes has the House of Rothschild pegged at only $400 billion dollars??? I would think having every central bank on the planet by the gonads glutting on heavy usuary for printing off worthless paper money worldwide would command a bit more that that!!! Perhaps not the line of work to get in after all!

    • Replies: @Stebbing Heuer
  3. Of course AUSTERITY has worked!

    The Sowjetunion, for example, comes to mind.

    Also my country, Germany, was considered “the sick man of Europe” at the beginning of this century. Then came a reform, named Hartz 4, which rolled back the wellfare state and now many Germans at least are employed, compared to Greeks, 70% of which are dependend on the state.

  4. I’m with the author, Macron is scary. Looks autistic. Sounds like an arrogant grinder who never had an original thought or doubted a textbook throughout his entire life. A social climber of the worst kind. Comparisons to Hillary are apt. Also, who the hell hooks up with his 40+ music teacher at the age “18”, wtf is this.

    Reuters say Macron won the debate. I call “fake news”.

    I’m for Le Pen; but I’m willing to settle for anyone but Macron. Because this guy Macron looks like a real creep. Le Pen and Mélenchon both have many positive aspects, and so does Fillon. (Hamon gave me a sour taste with his insipid Russia-bashing.)

    • Replies: @Altai
  5. Where o where is the video of the debate? All I could find were 1 minute snippets from various sources. The debate was aired by TF1 but their website doesn’t offer it, just downmarket TV crapola. Who would I have to pay to view the video?

    However, there is available a BBC interview of Marine by an aggressive reporter. He badgers her in English, she wearing an ear bud for chuchotage, replies in French and low and behold, a black box with an English translation of her answers. Perfect for wannabe francophones. Marine speaks a pure French compared to the debased accent of most everybody else. It is a class thing as she is a child of privilege, graceful on a horse, competent at the wheel of a racing yacht. When Segolene ran, I asked a French friend if Segolene had made up her own French accent. The answer was “I don’t know.” Marine has thought through a coherent explanation for everything, a political TOE. Unfortunately, the French voters are not hurting the way white working class Americans are losing out, so it is hard to see her pulling a Trump.

    • Replies: @Veritatis
    , @Dan Hayes
  6. Horzabky says:

    My wife (who is middle-aged and French, like me) says she will vote for Macron because he is “mignon” (cute). She watches the news station BFMTV all day, and BFMTV is 100% behind Macron. BFMTV belongs to Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi, who is a friend of Macron. Drahi was allowed to buy 15% of all French media (including BFMTV) by Macron, when Macron was Minister of Finances.

    There are millions of women like my wife in France, both married and single. My wife isn’t really interested in politics, and since we live rather comfortable middle-class lives she’s not angry at our leaders, like millions of other French people are.

    The mainstream media is all behind Macron. The mainstream media belongs to a handful of billionaires, and Macron is their candidate.

    I know two socialist conseillers municipaux (city counsellors) in the heavily socialist town where I live. I have known them for years. They will both vote for Macron. They say that Hamon is too radical for them. I suspect that Hamon’s radicalism isn’t what frightens them (Hamon is no Fidel Castro. His wife is one of the top executives of LVMH, a French corporation which creates and sells luxury goods) but the fact that the socialist party, led by the uncharismatic Hamon, is very likely to lose badly in the next legislative elections, and it may become insignificant.

    In other words, they want to save their positions. As we say in French, les rats quittent le navire (rats are leaving the sinking ship). It seems that the socialist ship had more rats than socialists as passengers…

    The two socialist city counsellors I mentioned are also very anti-Putin and anti-Assad. What years of reading the mainstream, left-wing press can do to people who are not very interested in foreign affairs, but instinctively loyal to a nominally left-wing government… Mélenchon, the true left-wing candidate, thinks that France should work with Putin and Assad, and that’s anathema to the people who pull Macron’s strings.

    It’s useless to talk to people about issues when their true motivations are hidden. When I mentioned the Alstom affair, one of the city counsellors looked away and said that Macron was “le moins pire” (the least bad) of the candidates, and the other one said that Macron had done good things for the French industry, without mentioning which.

    Macron is Hillary Clinton minus the war-mongering propensity and the health issues.
    I’m afraid that Macron will win. Unless Marine Le Pen unexpectedly comes third in the first round, and Macron faces someone else in the second round. There’s also the possibility that Macron ends up third in the first round. Both events are unlikely. And there’s no way Marine Le Pen can have more than 40% of the votes in the second round, against anyone.

  7. Renoman says:

    I thought everyone in France was gay?

    • Replies: @Pachyderm Pachyderma
  8. Z-man says:

    “On the personal side, Macron has repeatedly denied rumors that he is gay. This perception probably arose because his wife is 24 years older the he is. People question if such a marriage is sincere or if she is – to use the parlance of our times – his “beard”. She was his high school French teacher and drama club director (private school, of course).”
    LOL!! That alone should disqualify Macroni. Besides the fact that he is a tool for the ‘Internationalist Cabal.
    I could have swore there was another funny line that I saw this guy Mazaheri use to describe Macron’s ‘mother son relationship’ in the article but I cant’ find it now, early Alzheimer’s setting in, lol!

  9. Veritatis says:

    Macron may very well win, and the biggest danger to France is not in his economic policies, but rather in the fact that he doesn’t like France. Not only is he not a nationalist, he wants to build “a New France”. He recently apologized for French colonization, calling it a crime. The Muslim invasion is “the new normal”, part of the global challenges that come hand in hand with with his pet interest, climate change.

    I’ve been slowly plodding through the three-hour debate, and he is indeed burdened with the “sideral vacuum” Le Pen accused him of, plus he became visibly nervous and stuttering on a few occasions. If indeed he is gay, his basic sanity and courage are to be questioned, the possibility of blackmail quite real. He would become more of a laughingstock than Hollande with his dithering between mistresses on a scooter. Aristocracy is a good as long as it is truly “rule by the best”, but Macron is no aristocrat. Just another mid-level oligarch, apparently.

    Le Pen is an effective communicator, her message is clear if charmingly old-fashioned: she loves “La belle France” and everything in it. Against Muslim immigration, against EU mandates. But she is not the cool newcomer, like Trump, who made it a point of pride to be a deplorable. (Heck, I want a deplorable cap myself, and I’m not even American). She is in fact burdened with the perception, in classist France, that to vote for her is to vote for the cleaning lady, particularly among the older voters. Plus all the perceptions slowly built along the years about the National Front. Her rethorics appeal to reason, to quiet love of country, her only clear “enemy” to rally the voters is the (impersonal)EU. She is handicapped in speaking out against Islam both by French law and by the fact that there’s 5 million Muslims to “integrate”.

    Going for her: Courage and a clear message. Weak main opponents. Muslim violence across Europe.
    Going against her: the Establishment and voters fragmented by 5 main parties to choose from. Two-round system.

    Very difficult, unless the polls are grossly manipulated.

  10. If French indeed elect Macron, they would ultimately deserve everything coming their way. Everybody loses mind in their own way

    • Agree: Andrei Martyanov
  11. Pandos says:

    How short is Macron? Does he wear lifters? French elect short men, slaves to their women.

    French women will not elect a woman. ^i^a la France.

  12. Altai says:

    Macron reminds me of Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, he looks like he could be his brother. That character too was played as a sociopath with a glib sense of invulnerability. They have the same intense, predatory stare.

    • Replies: @Ramin Mazaheri
  13. Foutez une plume dans le cul
    And call it macron ee

    Slighly ot. Is the correct nomenclature for the puppet stand ups in politics “rothschildren”? Or just devil spawn?

  14. Wally says:
    @Sebastian Puettmann

    Greeks are simply lazy. They don’t want to work.
    That’s why they stay in the EU.
    Leaving would mean they have to stand on their own two feet.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Antiwar7
  15. Anonymous [AKA "CountGunther"] says:

    Moronic opinion

  16. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    Macron is Hillary Clinton minus the war-mongering propensity and the health issues.

    Macron is an ultimate product of European political “elites” which are not capable of producing a statesman, just political opportunists.

  17. Dan Hayes says:


    I was very, very impressed with LePen’s behavior in a BBC interview. She really put the interviewer in his place – her performance was remarkably good!

    Although I am not sure that this is the same interview you are referring to.

  18. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    They voted against austerity in their last election, even though it meant that they could get booted out of the EU and go back on the drachma. What does that do to your theory?

    • Replies: @Fredrik
  19. 1/ A website that features childless old men as writers is claiming that a 39-year-old grandfather of 7 is gay?

    2/ When you combine Press TV and you get this:

    ‘… Macron made millions working for the Rothschilds, who are the world’s richest family. Their combined fortune of $400 billion (per Forbes) would make them the 28th nation by GNP, just behind Iran…’

    And when you simply search the internet you get this:

    Very simple to do, so simple I’m sure Mazaheri did it.

    3/ I’m very glad that the Iranian government’s expert on France is bewildered that the French don’t seem to care about Macron’s possible extra-marital activities.

    4/ I sympathize with Mazaheri’s problem with Macron’s possible adultery with men. After all if it’s true and there are no women involved then there’s no one to stone to death for adultery.

    • Replies: @Altai
    , @neutral
  20. Ultimately, Macron is the redo of the ignominiously failed Dominique Strauss-Kahn presidential bid in 2012. Both are the insiders of the economic elite, and their tool/candidate.

    Then why did they set him up for arrest just before the election? Smelled like a black-op to me.

    You make this guy president and the mainstream media and their high-finance backers are going to practically canonize him! He already can do no wrong because he is one of them and will do their bidding!

    So he’ll basically be a white Obama, a French Bill Clinton. Great! Just what Europe needs …

    I still maintain that if there’s any hope for Europe, it will come from France; and if there’s any hope for France, then it will come from Le Pen. But is looks like hopes are fading.

  21. Ivy says:

    Macron, pronounced in French, sounds like Mack-rohhn.
    Maquereau, pronounced in French, sounds like Mack-er-oh. It is a similar-sounding French word, slang for pimp.
    Thus endeth today’s French language commentary.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Sergey Krieger
  22. Altai says:

    1/ A website that features childless old men as writers is claiming that a 39-year-old grandfather of 7 is gay?

    It’s a joke, they’re his wifes grandchildren, not his…

  23. neutral says:

    39-year-old grandfather of 7 is gay?

    Those are not of his blood, in fact he has not produced children, so yes, he is gay.

  24. @Robert Dunn

    ‘ And Forbes has the House of Rothschild pegged at only $400 billion dollars??? ‘

    Yes, Incroyable.

    They are worth trillions if they are worth a cent.

  25. Anonymous [AKA "schoolya"] says:

    Nope, maquereau is pronounced Mack-roh.
    So it’s even closer than you think!

    Mack Daddy! Pimp game strong! Iceberg Slim status!

  26. The French people have always taken pride at their political individualism. Back in the sixties and seventies, an average French person would compare favorably with a North American person when it comes to political ideas and a critical thinking towards the ruling elite. But today unfortunately this is no more the case. For it is a fact that Europe takes after America in political and social trends with a difference of five to ten years as observed by the late German Chancelor Helmut Shmidt. What deprived France of its political diversity was the rule of Francois Mitterand who changed the media rules when he took power in the eighties to the mid nineties by allowing a consolidation of the once independent radio networks into a corporate media that mimics the American media system. That heralded the start of a dumbed down French electorate that can be manipulated a l’americaine. Hence we witnessed in France a crisis of leadership that was mildly prevalent after the rule of General De Gaulle to an acute leadership crisis with the last three presidents of Chirac, Sarkozy and Hollande. Now it is pure imagery that decides which candidate has the bigger chance and there is little doubt that Macron is the European establishment’s darling with all the mainstream media solidly behind him be it in France or in England.
    As to which candidate France needs for its revival, there is no doubt that only a candidate who is able to create a cultural rebirth in France could lead the French on a path of political and economic revival even if that would mean a retreat from the standardization and the commodification of the European Union. That would definitely rule out Macron and legitimize Marine Le Pen as the one candidate who would give the coup de grace to the faltering European Union which has been hijacked by the banksters and their minions in the adherents to political correctness.
    Dimitry Orlov has mentioned in his book ‘The five Stages of Collapse’ that the greatest cultural achievements in Europe came from the realm of the city states, something any acute observer of European history would probably agree with.
    The revival of France and Europe starts with the death of the European Union. The candidate who has the guts to declare the demise of this artificial union should be the next president of France.

  27. Anonymous [AKA "Twaffly"] says: • Website

    Rothschilds are indeed worth $400 billion, as they are the world’s richest family.

    Forbes is probably only counting the nuclear family in your link in order to reduce the real number. Your link dates from all the way back in 2002, by the way.

    400 billion is the high end of their estimated wealth, but it must be even more because they must have so much stashed in illegal off-shore accounts.

    They are even bigger than Iran! Somebody must invade the Rothschilds and take back what they didn’t earn.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  28. Antiwar7 says:

    The Greeks are getting screwed, but not because they’re lazy.

  29. Fredrik says:

    But at the same time they are desperate to stay in the Euro-zone.

    They don’t understand, or have no intention of following, the Euro-rules.

  30. Anonymous [AKA "Kon"] says:
    @Sebastian Puettmann

    Germany is not allowed to waste money on armaments thereby investing that money elsewhere and to import Muslim hordes whereas Greece has to waste money on armaments to protect from Muslim hordes

    • Agree: Z-man
  31. Blatantly obvious that he’s the Establishment wideboy. They got terrified when both Fillon and Le Pen who were the alm dunk certs to contest the second round, went rogue on the Russia issue. So enter Macron with a tsunami of postive publ;icity while rabbits from the hat were pulled to try and sink Fillon and Le Pen (both issues that would have been known about for ages but were only employed if they failed to toe the line. Make no mistake. Neither scandal would have seen the light of day had they been on side.

  32. “La douce France”
    just as in Canada Macron will win due to the votes of the women voting for the cute face…

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Olive Farmer Crete"] says: • Website

    Most rational thinking people now know that ANYONE involved in politics, from local to national to transnational, is usually a part of, or owned by, the blood drinking paedophile elite that our police and judiciary seem totally unable to investigate or prosecute and, regrettably, most human beings are so disgusted by that they refuse to see what’s obvious and look the other way.
    Surely we human beings, most of us, share ambitions for freedom from DEBT, freedom from FEAR, like to help, like to share and be shared with, would NEVER kill, would NEVER take arms against another people simply because we are conned into it….
    Yet we do these things.
    Time for something different?
    Can I leave a link?
    If not please post and remove the link, if you would be so kind.

  34. @Ivy

    Macro is Latin name. Macro was Tiberius Claudius commander of fire brigade who was charged by emperor to arrest Praetorian commander Sejanus and who subsequently became Praetorian guard commander himself.

  35. annamaria says:

    Guess that Macron represents respectability. As for anti-Putin & anti-Assad sentiments, nothing helps people to lose a sense of foreign affairs than a non-conscription (mercenary) army. (“President Jacques Chirac’s government formally announced the end of compulsory military service in 2001”). If the middle-aged French women had their kids drafted for the Sarkozy/Holland dirty wars in the Middle East, they would have had different criteria for a President than him being “mignon” (cute).

  36. Miro23 says:

    So the Left and the Right are out, and that leaves us with Le Pen and Macron the centrist.

    This should read:

    “So the Left and the Right are out, and that leaves us with Le Pen the NATIONALIST and Macron the GLOBALIST.”

    This is the real fight, without the irrelevant “Left”, “Right” and “Centrist” labels. The most descriptive way to label Blair’s New Labour in the UK and the Clinton’s Democrats in the US is “Corporate/Globalist/Zionist”.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Avery
  37. Z-man says:

    You can say that of most of the ‘main stream’ parties, especially most of the Republitard party.

  38. Avery says:

    {“So the Left and the Right are out, and that leaves us with Le Pen the NATIONALIST and Macron the GLOBALIST.”}

    Well said.

    Addendum: ‘NATIONALIST French Patriot vs GLOBALIST Foreign Agent and Traitor to France’

  39. His candidacy is a test of the French people. He is obviously an enemy of them. The question is can propaganda and false identity politics override reality. Do you believe me or your lying eyes? Which candidate is the real rightist: the imperialist Rothschild lackey or one seeking to defend French nationalism, which also entails historical leftwing politics on pensions, labour rights and trade issues. The leftists, who haven’t rallied behind Melanchon, will have to decide which is worse, Le Pen with her family history, or the candidate obviously groomed by the globalist parasitic capitalists.

    • Replies: @Ramin Mazaheri
  40. Anonymous [AKA "NeonTetra"] says:

    Democracy has failed. Bring back the House of Bourbon ! Louis XX is only 42 years
    old, he is a great guy !! Look him up !!

  41. @Altai

    That is a HILARIOUS comparison, LOL!!!!!

    Can’t believe I didn’t see it before! GREAT call!

    If Macron gets in office and starts wars like Hollande – Mali, the C.A.R. – certainly he will have even more similarities with Dennis Reynolds.

  42. @Sebastian Puettmann

    Sebastian Puettmann – I certainly don’t think austerity has worked for France, and I would say it hasn’t even worked for Germany.

    What is Germany’s growth rate since 2009 – barely over 1% annually? And this is the ‘success story’ of the Eurozone?

    Much, much more importantly – too bad Germany has a higher poverty rate than France, and rising.

  43. @exiled off mainstreet

    Well said, and your album was recorded in France!

    As for your comment – well said once more: Macron’s candidate is a good test of the French people. They thought they voted out austerity by voting in Hollande – there is no such logic at play with Macron. The logic will likely be ‘we are not voting in racism’ by voting Macron over Le Pen.

    However, all parties in France are extremely racist in France – even Melenchon’s hyper-secular outlook is anti-Muslim in many respects. Macron’s “En Marche” party is only 1 year old so we really can’t say if it is xenophobic as well but considering that his party will be staffed with Socialists and Republicans…doesn’t bode well for true change. My point being – there’s no good reason to vote Macron!

  44. @Anonymous

    “Its possible as that final 2nd round election day arrives, that French voters just can’t vote for Macron.”

    I think this is a very real possibility.

    A recent poll showed that only 45% of people planning to vote Macron are ‘certain’ of their vote. The numbers for Le Pen and Fillon are 75% and 80%, respectively, IIRC.

    For all the reasons I listed (and more), I think people will have serious doubts once in the voting booth about handing over France’s “presidential monarchy” to such an untested, young, vague, pro-high finance, pro-EU, non-party-having candidate.

    However, French voters are disgusted with their politicians at a record which could be the highest in the world: a December poll showed 99% of 18-34 year olds believe their politicians are corrupt – that’s truly astounding, and you can’t get any higher, LOL. And a 34-year old person is not a kid, after all. Another poll showed that 75% of the country thinks that parliamentarians – the highest legislative officials – are corrupt. So cynicism here is rampant, to say the least.

    So people want fresh blood, for certain. But…this guy?!?!?!

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