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Eliminating the Corporate Diversity Mania
A Modest Proposal
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Can corporate America be forced to end its diversity obsession? Abolishing racial and ethnic preferences has proven difficult enough in higher education and government employment but stopping private businesses from “trying to look like America” seems nearly impossible given their freedom to recruit whoever they want (save, of course, hiring only white males). Are airline passengers forever doomed to watch safety videos where no two pilots, cabin stewards, ticket agents, ground crews or corporate executives share the same racial background? An uphill battle, to be sure, but let me offer a possible albeit deceitful solution: let the market decide so if consumers believe a diversity-rich product to outperform one wholly created by white males, these marketplace choices will boost quarterly profit, which, in turn, will enrich executives. Or, the opposite might happen—consumers will avoid diversity. Transparency is critical so those shopping for, say, a new car must be able to compare automobile manufacture’s workforce composition just as they now compare the EPA’s estimated gas millage numbers.

Such labeling is commonplace in today faddish retail environment. Supermarket shelves are filled with products that are organic, free of genetically modified organism, “all-natural,” contain no antibiotics, or are endorsed by celebrity chefs. Corporate environmental commitment is especially ubiquitous—hard to enjoy a cup of coffee without seeing signs announcing that all beans are fair-traded so no worker is exploited, the paper cups are bio-degradable and, rest assured, all barristers (some of whom assuredly are LGBTQ community members) are paid a fair wage and receive ample company-paid benefits.

Key is recognizing that consumers will generally pay extra for a product perceived as socially “better” though the link between the corporate policy and a palpable “better” is typically murky. Is a $5.00 Starbuck’s coffee organically and sustainably grown objectively healthier for the planet than the humdrum $2.50 Dunkin Donuts version? Conceivably, Starbuck’s is charging a premium solely to give its customers a feel-good high. Hard to tell.

How, then, do we create a diversity rating system that is reasonably credible and independent to provide consumers with concise diversity quotient? Let me suggest a private firm akin to the bond rating Moody’s financed by licensing fees—a business could append the diversity rating on its products only after paying a fee, a perfectly rational arrangement if we assume that a “strong” diversity rating would be perceived as a marketing plus. This is comparable to the sought-after “UL” label of Underwriters Laboratory for electrical appliances. An advantage of having a non-governmental, non-profit rating agency would be its need to protect its reputations for honesty—fewer incentives, for example, to re-classify Dominicans from “Hispanic” to “black” to disguise a shortage of African American employees.

This firm—let’s call it The American Council on Diversity (ACD)– would navigate all the familiar diversity-related tribulation and award a well-researched diversity rating. Conceivably, a star system, from zero stars for no diversity to the maximin Five Stars rating. A Five-Star firm, we might predict, would not only have a workforce, from the lowest to the boardroom, that “looked like America,” together with outreach programs targeting historically marginalized populations (e.g., Native Americans) plus in-house training/role model/mentoring programs to help minorities advance up the corporate ladder. Also included would be multiple protections to prevent job discrimination, especially of the invidious variety such as penalizing African Americans for not embracing “white” cultural traits such as obsessing over punctuality. Everything possible, from the initial hiring decision to on-going job evaluations, would reflect the highest possible commitment to diversity.

So, a consumer booking a flight with a choice of carriers might see that, hypothetically, Delta Airlines enjoys a “Five Star” diversity rating while Southwest scores “One Star.” A link to the ACD website would explain the score—Delta has invested millions in training women and black pilots, works diligently to accommodate the disabled, has programs to help minority firms win Delta contracts while at Southwest’s minority employees are almost all low-wage baggage handlers. Surely, all other factors being roughly comparable, and diversity were an asset, consumers would click on Delta.

Or would they? My guess is that Five-Star firms would suffer in the marketplace since the unspeakable truth is widely known. Indeed, the diversity craze may be strongest within firms with near monopolies (e.g., Google) or institutions (e.g., Ivy League schools) where demand far outstrips supply. After all, if diversity is so wonderful, why must government pressure compel it with countless anti-discrimination laws and bureaucratic edicts? The opposite is more plausible: hard to imagine the seriously ill choosing a hospital because of its top diversity rating. (A lawyer friend once told that an effort to make the Chicago’s Public Defender Office more closely resemble Chicago’s “criminal community” instigated a near riot when defendants awaiting trial demanded “fat-assed Jew boys” to represent them.) In the final analysis, the corporate (and higher education) diversity obsession is a well-known fraud though few dare to say this in public.

That uncooperative reality understood, compelling businesses to provide certified data regarding the size and scope of their diversification will be devastating. To be sure, firms might refuse to cooperate, try to fake the data or drag their heels, but this reluctance is itself significant information. To return to the airline booking, a “Not Currently Available” rating statement will probably be more appealing than a stellar Five Star one. How many flyers might prefer an airline boasting of recruiting pilots and mechanics from labor pools shunned by other carriers? In effect, the likely decline in Delta’s business will be a de facto opinion poll regarding what many truly think about diversity. Financial analysists will plot changing profits across dozens of firms in multiple industries to calculate the impact of diversity ratings on profits.


Hopefully, this unwelcome news—diversity is a market liability– will cool the current ardor for racial/ethnic bean counting and this fad will follow countless other failed corporate gimmicks into oblivion. Savvy airlines will learn their lessons and just limit themselves to carefully crafted hyper-diverse safety videos as their commitment to social justice though, to cover its tracks, carriers might add a flaming cross-dresser or an obese Polynesian to the ensemble.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Diversity, Political Correctness 
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  1. Flaming cross-dressers from Polynesia will see their earnings skyrocket, and about time, too!

  2. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Again I ask: Are Mr. Weissberg’s witless whack-a-black columns subject to a minimum word count? They read like a beery, late September conversation in a freshman dorm — the last guy trying to fit in pushes the silly button too hard, and it awkwardly ends.

    • Disagree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Joe Wong
  3. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Conceivably, Starbuck’s is charging a premium solely to give its customers a feel-good high.

    No merchandise is going to be in as high demand as that high, though, and companies are waking to this reality more and more.

  4. Palm Oil says:

    I find it deeply ironic that it is the HR departments within multinational corporations that are beefing up their firms’ diversity offerings: We now have ‘Diversity Week’ and we are given ‘Diversity Pins’ and the ever more frequent ‘Diversity Presentations’ in the auditorium. There are now Diversity teams within HR. Yet these self same HR departments are always populated, almost entirely, by white, middle-class women.

  5. Corporate diversity and inclusion policies are yet another example of social justice styled crony capitalism that is promoted by the US federal government.

    Corporations that comply with federal diversity and inclusion policies and guidelines are rewarded with many entitlements by law, such as :

    1. Preferential access to federal government provided business contracts, tax breaks, business licenses, taxpayer funded bailouts, and government-backed loans and grants.

    2. Immunity from federal government DOJ lawsuits, litigation harassment, and consent agreements that are designed to enforce protected victim class hiring and promotion.

    3. Business monopolies granted by the federal government, (e.g. Federal Reserve System, FCC broadcast licenses) in exchange for compliance with federal diversity policies.

    4. Preferential access to American citizenship, work permits, and visas for foreign-born corporate employees in exchange for compliance with federal diversity policies.

  6. @Palm Oil

    Yet these self same HR departments are always populated, almost entirely, by white, middle-class women.

    It’s not ironic whatsoever.

    Women are the largest protected class group of diversity victim cultist in the US.

    White women are merely a subset of the federal protected class group that is women.

    The most obnoxious and outspoken feminist are usually white women.

    White women demand and receive all of the same feminist entitlements that colored women enjoy:


    1. Affirmative Action for women
    2. Generous 8A government set-aside business contracts for female owned businesses
    3. No required military service or selective service for women
    4. Government anti-discrimination laws for women
    5. Title VII and Title IX laws for women
    6. Rape shield laws protect female liars in court
    7. Generous government benefits for single mothers
    8. Men get frequently screwed in child custody cases
    9. Taxpayer financed Abortion on Demand
    10. Government sponsored homeless and rehab shelters for women
    11. All health insurance policies require universal coverage for female-specific problems
    12. Ridiculous feminist gender studies, speech codes, micro aggression nonsense, and rape hysteria institutionalized in public colleges and universities and government offices
    13. National Women’s history month
    14. Federal sexual harassment laws for women
    15. Federal Violence Against Women Act Laws
    16. Most cushy government jobs employ women
    17. Equal Pay Act of 1963 for women
    18. Lowered physical standards by law for female policemen, firemen, soldier, and professional sports
    19. Female-only institutions allowed by law, male-only institutions outlawed
    20. Battered woman defense allowed in first degree murder court cases
    21. Hate speech crime laws protecting women and other federal protected class groups
    22. Feminist activist judges ignore the constitution
    23. Men pay 96% of all alimony, women pay 4%
    24. Paycheck Fairness Act
    25. Paid family and maternity leave for women
    26. Single Payer Health Insurance for Women and Children
    27. Living Wage for women
    28. Enhanced Social Security benefits for women with children
    29. Federal Health Insurance for illegal alien women
    30. Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood
    31. Men must pay for mandatory health insurance plan coverage for women’s issues, including affordable contraception, preventive care, OB/GYN, child care, safe and legal abortion..
    32. Foreign wars and intrigues to promote feminist entitlements across the globe
    33. Special federal and state monitoring and enforcement of laws prohibiting violence against women
    34. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
    35. 98% of homeless are men
    36. Females often receive a slap on wrist for abusing children, men instead receive harsh sentences.
    37. Public colleges infringe speech that offend feminist idiots.
    38. New hire female federal government employees receive money to pay off all college bills.

  7. Jason Liu says:
    @Palm Oil

    White middle class women are the primary demographic that support SJW radicalism. Been saying this for years. Most of what neoreactionary folks call “The Cathedral” is staffed by white women.

    • Replies: @Wally
  8. gustafus says:

    Corporate America is using SMART BLACKS – ie Indian Americans — because there are very few black or brown people with an IQ above 85.

    Hubert Collins [in another article on this site] says Hispanic IQ is 90… NOPE. check the stats – it’s 85.

    the mean IQ of 600 million to the south is 85. Black IQ is worse… he said 85 — it’s more like 75.

    So Corporate America – when they insist on “diversity” … really mean fewer whites – but smart blacks are just not possible. IQ is a death sentence for those who lost the genetic lottery.

    IQ cannot be raised – much to the chagrin of social scientists… so they just diminish the importance which is paramount, in a complex economy.

    But that won’t stop the breeding hordes at the gate…. South Africa is coming to America unless we man up – BECOME RACISTS for our own…. and govern accordingly.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
    , @Wizard of Oz
  9. Dust off the anti-trust laws. Problem solved. Never happen of course. Today monopolies are success stories.

  10. Anonymous [AKA "Irving Schlockberg"] says:

    Corporate diversity is not a mania. It is a genocidal Jewish initiative against Whites. And Weissberg has been assigned duty as a fake-conservative “good cop” who pretends to be sympathetic to White survival while restricting the domain of discourse to keep goy brains from straying off the reservation.

    • Agree: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Homunculus
  11. Wally says: • Website
    @Palm Oil

    Yet they support strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while demanding massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

    Now why is that?

    • Replies: @JojoF
  12. Wally says: • Website
    @Jason Liu

    53% of white women voted for Trump.

    So ….

  13. Wally says:

    Except when it comes to Jew dominated businesses & interests where Jews are employed way beyond their numbers.
    And it’s the Jew dominated news / media and ‘Hollywood’ that promote this racist, anti euro-white gentile agenda.

  14. Geez, if I were a barrister I’d be insulted to be confused with a barista, the latter being just a fancy name for a coffee jerk. Why, I might even sue 😉

    • Replies: @Albrecht
    , @Wizard of Oz
  15. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Any American that goes around babbling that “Diversity is our strength” or “Diversity makes us stronger” is either an imbecile or a cultural Marxist that is part of that pack that is deliberately trying to destroy America.

    Ask Native Americans what they think about diversity, if you can find any. Or Incans of South America, who no longer exist.

    American schools keep producing entry-level idiots that are well-trained in diversity, multiculturalism, white male bashing, and the required holocaust fear porn classes, yet sorely lack the basics in the STEM disciplines.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Joe Wong
  16. Kingfelix says:

    Lame idea not worth developing.

  17. I’ve been strongly encouraged to take so-called CSR and ESG into account for the investments I manage, and there is a growing and very lucrative industry around these subjects, the leadership of which show only some degree of token diversity. As you might imagine, academics and consultants tend to found and lead these shakedown … err, advisory organisations.

    As far as I know, none have overtly pushed the workforce-diversity facet with any great force, but I tend to not engage with these sorts of organisations (or sign-on to the UNPRI for that matter) out of principle, so I might have missed a diversity push (look here and tell me if I am missing something

    So this seems like somewhat virgin territory with ample profit opportunities. The problem is that I am a white guy, so I would probably need to staff up with an appropriately diverse workforce to make it work.

    But this is the sort of industry with low barriers to entry, and with sharks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just waiting to brand me an interloper and try to undercut me with their own diversity shakedown efforts, the competition would be fierce.

    Then there is the inevitable issue of what happens when the wider public acts on this information contrary to the desired behaviours. I suspect what will happen is that the metrics will be changed, and at the same time all sorts of undesirable businesses will be pursued, much like in the lending business up to the GFC of 2008, and we will then get the diversity version of Dodd-Frank.

    But there would seem to be a serious profit opportunity here. Sort of like the $PLC on steroids. Hmmm!

  18. Renoman says:

    Divershity divershity divershity!
    Nothing but reverse racism a huge expensive lie.
    I have one firm rule in my hiring, they must be smart!
    I make way more money with smart people.

  19. So, the perfect diversity hire, the very Template, would be 63% white European, 12.5% African black, 16% Mestizo, 4% East Asian, 2.5% Jew, with a dash of American Indian, Polynesian and Inuit thrown in for spice.

    Not until every employee of every company looks like this will we have achieved our Dream, Comrades! We must all have our genetic ancestry determined and select our potential mates to optimize the likelihood of achieving this perfectly-balanced blend.

    You know, when painting, every Artist soon learns to avoid over-blending colors both on the palette and on the canvas. Doing so creates “mud”, a sort of limp brownish-grey that lacks life and snap. “Mud” is in fact the color of the solvent one uses to wash out the brushes at the end of the painting session. A waste product. Well, not really wasted; all you need do to make it useful again is to set it aside in a quiet place and allow the pigments to settle out according to their respective specific gravities and then decant off the clear liquid. The human genome works the same way. Left alone, it will segregate according to its internal propensities. Only stirring by some external force and outside agitation causes uniform blending.

    What’s wrong with Weissberg’s proposal? Why not allow the market to determine the efficacy and viability of “diversity”? (they call it but what they mean is “mud”–how strange is that?)

    • Replies: @Another Realist
  20. Albrecht says:

    If were a coffee jerk I’d be insulted to be confused with a barrister…

  21. Joe Hide says:

    Someone I know just found out his great-great grandparents might have been Jewish. He now feels he can tell jokes about Jews without being called anti-Semitic. If we go back far enough, most of us have an ancestor who is white, brown, black, and whatever. We’re all racially ethnically mixed somehow. I see radical feminist ant-racist women who dyed their hair blond, and that seems to be a desire to identify with Nazi idealizations of female beauty. People are largely insane, and its not just the below 110 I.Q. ones. What do I do with all this? Well, for me, I will continue to enjoy reading every morning, with a cup of coffee, while sitting on the pot.

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    My favorite example of diversity is an auto commercial (I forget the brand) that includes a car full of students each from a different continent.

    Truly laughable.

    Diverse workplaces are easy to manipulate. This is why they exist. An ethic is developed which forces cohesion. Violate this ethic and you will be fired. Everyone walks around afraid to say anything. The job becomes paramount and everything else irrelevant. Diversity is repeated ad nauseam.

    This is certainly so for large corporations which have their own unique demands that clearly differ and are at odds with original communities.

  23. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Where is the image of a zionist with its silly scalp cap or stupid khazari hat?????

  24. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    IQ cannot be raised – much to the chagrin of social scientists… so they just diminish the importance which is paramount, in a complex economy.

    And with the development of A.I. and robotics, it soon won’t matter at all. Neither will most people.

  25. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    IQ cannot be raised – much to the chagrin of social scientists… so they just diminish the importance which is paramount, in a complex economy.

    And with the development of A.I. and robotics, it soon won’t matter at all. Neither will most people.

    South Africa is coming to America unless we man up – BECOME RACISTS for our own…. and govern accordingly.

    You mean we white folks don’t have to commit suicide, after all?

  26. You know, Mr. Weissberg, that the Dieversity Implementation industry is one of the few bright sectors of the American economy, right? Need I show you charts and graphs with circles and arrows?

    See, above all the cntrl-left reasons for trying to specifically screw over the white man, the HR women have a big stake in the Dieversity Industry. It is TOO BIG TO FAIL, now, as these ladies need to be employed.

    OK, seriously, HR people are the scourge of the working world, and I’ll tell that to them to their faces too, so long as it’s not in the middle of an interview.

    (BTW, that’s not to knock the folks that arrange the benefits plans, set you up in your cube, etc, but that stuff is “clerical” work. I have a problem with the HR hiring business. I promise I will write a Peak Stupidity blog post on this, by end-o-week .. next week.)

  27. mark3383 says:

    well written article with excellent insights. thank you sir!

  28. MarkinLA says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Or somebody from middle management that wants to be promoted. This is the biggest problem out there. Once, I was on a trip with some middle level manager who kept talking that nonsense. When I asked him for concrete proof all he could do was babble the talking points that come from HR about how it benefits everybody when the company looks just like society.

    It was really tough for him to come up with anything because he was in engineering. He just couldn’t pull some nonsesne story out about how some minority saved the day for the company.

  29. Windwaves says:

    Rating systems OMG DUDE! they all fail. I wish they could work then I would know for sure to pick nothing but the lowest rated corporation. Fuck diversity: it’s nothing but jew created shit.

  30. Anonymous [AKA "Austrian Hermit"] says:

    The death of Europe is going to be an interesting study for future historians. They will marvel at the intersection between insane virtue hunts and the most crass of elitist opportunism. They’ll wonder how no one seemed to notice the slowly unfolding disaster and how, even when it was clear the “immigration” strategy had failed miserably, there was suddenly a new push to bring in even more pathological hominids from the African sewer. This is the flat Earth of our time, and will be mocked in the same way by whoever survives to document the conclusion of this suicidal madness.

  31. gwynedd1 says:

    Blacks went from slavery to decadence is a short time. Had they remained slaves for another thousand years they would have run it all on their master orders until such point they may have realized they could be masters of themselves. The rentiers must always consider the 3rd estate consider

    Hard though it may be on the individual , the leftoid idiots are making white supremacy real. Will there be a white person in a prestige position? No , a white can only be there for one reason with such a policy , able to perform an actual function. Whites are easy to hire because they are easy to fire. There is a selective pressure now at work and the long term de-habilitating consequences are not aimed at whites.

  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why would corporations do any such thing? Diversity allows them to hide their immoral and typically criminal behavior. Moreover, the oligarchs don’t want any serious discussion about the rule of law that they’ve constructed for their benefit. It’s all about fairness, bathrooms, race and sex while they create a police state. The happiest slaves are the ones that have no idea they are slaves.

  33. Truth says:

    ..Might I add; “after the bong has made three rotations…”

  34. The OP thesis is trying too hard in a red tape bureaucratic way that kicks the can down the road.

    I prefer a President with a one-line platform:

    “Equal opportunity, will mean equal opportunity, and the law and enforcement of the law will not bastardize equal opportunity to discriminate against one demographic while favoring all others, and any company that does, in the name of ‘diversity’, will be punished in a way that will be instructive so that other companies don’t repeat the error.”

    Then agree to nothing – there will be no movement on taxes, more or less; no movement on military, more or less; on free trade, more or less; on abortion rights, more or less; immigration, more or less, and so on … until we get this change.

    Back it with a credible threat of splitting the country.

    President Trump should try it for round-2. I don’t win all my bets but my bet is if he did he’d win by a landslide and the GOP, seeing this, would line up behind him.

  35. Joe Wong says:

    The author is a White propagandist trolling NRA style strawman fallacy to expand more discrimination against minorities.

    The American corporations are dominated by the White at the top and the diversity only happens at the bottom echelon. If the performance of the American corporations is appalling, it is the result of incompetence at the top and the top is pocketing too much from the corporations for themselves instead of reinvesting in their corporations to nurture it and grow it.

    The main culprit suffocating the American corporations is the American elite which has a mindset belonging to the past, stalled in the old days of colonialism and constrained by the zero-sum cold war mentality, they are barring FDI (money and brain) left and right from aboard for their cult like and regressive ideological wars.

    Americans need to realize that no fresh investments like no fresh blood and air to the brain, it will decay and die. Diversity is not the cause of American corporation poor performance, but the American laws, regulations and toxic ideological political environment is, they are like clamps chocking off fresh blood to the brain.

    • Replies: @Mark Presco
  36. Joe Wong says:
    @Greg Bacon

    But the Whites are invaders, thieves and squatters in the North America. The North America does not belong to the White and other colored aliens who are squatting the land and claiming ownership of the land; North America belongs to the people of the First Nations of America who did not invite the aliens to come and did not want the aliens’ culture; the people of the First Nations of the Americas want the all aliens regardless the color to leave and go back to where they come from. Please leave squatters, diversity is not welcome.

  37. I don’t think this is necessary. We just need to sit back and watch the arrogant monopoly firms that enforce diversity unravel, i.e. become increasingly dysfunctional, unoriginal, unproductive and unprofitable, while other firms come up and take their place. At the end of the day, the private sector is still all about profits, and either their competitors(foreign or domestic) or Wall Street will hand them their comeuppance.

    The Ivy League(and many elite universities) are beginning to lose their appeal as fewer top students apply due to their increasingly unfair acceptance criteria in favor of blacks and browns. Top white and Asian kids in our area these days favor schools like Caltech, MIT, UChicago, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Cal Poly and State U’s because they know they actually have a chance. As they continue to admit large numbers of subpar black and hispanic applicants, the quality of their graduates will decline to a point where companies no longer recruit from them, and their reputation will plummet. In fact this is already happening in tech. The vast majority of people who work in top software firms are from state universities, not the Ivy League.

  38. Diversity in corporations is a direct result of diversity in universities. The diversity admits in Ivy League universities need to get jobs, but aren’t fit for anything as they are overwhelmingly grievance studies majors in ethnic or gender studies. When Obama was around his administration was able to absorb a large number of these worthless social engineers. But now Trump has no use for these people so they need some place to go. What better place for rent seeking than the most profitable sector at the moment which is the tech sector. Thanks to willing participants in the tech sector as it is dominated by liberals and Jews, these rent seekers quickly found a new home.

    Now that the Grievance Studies to Grievance Industry pipeline is firmly established, the Ivy League and other Liberal Arts Colleges can go to town and admit as many lowly qualified blacks and browns as they can get their hands on, since their job placements are now assured. The rest of us can sit back and watch these arrogant institutions work themselves into oblivion. Nothing would please me more than to see the downfall of the coalition of the fringes through their own hubris, so that the rest of America can rise up from their ashes and rebuild. I don’t think we have to wait too long either. I give them 10 years.

  39. As the on-site manager of a vendor to a large corporation 25 years ago, I was connected to their internal Ethernet system. CEO of this client sent out that “through diversity policies we will become employer of choice.” I replied back: “One cannot simultaneously pursue diversity and excellence.”
    Not long after my VENDOR company terminated me. Coincidence?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  40. Respect says:

    Fed up with the american corporate culture . Even in Europe it is axfisiating .

    See ” The century of the Self ” a program of the BBC , by Adam Curtis , 2002 , full program 4 hours . It shows how the nephew of Sigmund Freud , Edward Bernays created modern propaganda in New York , using the ideas of his uncle Sigmund Freud , to manipulate the people in all the realms , economical , political , social , recreational ……

  41. My medium sized business workplace is 90% female and about 35-45% Hispanic, 5% black. Administration is 100% white male. There is zero push for diversity, except that when I’m hiring, the most heard suggestion from the staff is “you should bring in another guy.”

  42. @Palm Oil

    Yet these self same HR departments are always populated, almost entirely, by white, middle-class women.

    Except for the head of the Diversity dept. The Director or VP of Diversity is usually a token black woman, surrounded by white females.

  43. @ThreeCranes

    What’s wrong with Weissberg’s proposal? Why not allow the market to determine the efficacy and viability of “diversity”? (they call it but what they mean is “mud”–how strange is that?)

    Because we’ve seen how well it works when we have private industries governing themselves, like Arthur Anderson and Moody’s rating agencies. And if you turn the rating agency into a government agency, it’ll just grow the bureaucracy, which is even worse.

  44. @Joe Wong

    Joe Wrong, you have been right one time here on unz, but I cannot locate the comment. We’re gonna need a bigger SQL statement! Who exactly are these First Nations people of which you speak? I was under the impression that they were bankers. Maybe you mean the Spirits Community, perhaps?

  45. When is European History Month?

  46. wayfarer says:
    @Joe Wong

    …North America does not belong to the White and other colored aliens who are squatting the land and claiming ownership of the land; North America belongs to the people of the First Nations of America…

    All of humanity “squats,” on the planet Earth.

    It “belongs” to no man, no tribe, no government, no nation, no people.

  47. Spud Boy says:

    The whole concept of diversity is fundamentally flawed, and I can prove it with a simple illustration:

    Which group is more diverse?

    Group A:
    Newt Gingrich
    Bernie Sanders
    Rand Paul
    Ralph Nader
    Jerry Brown
    Richard Spencer

    Group B:
    Clarence Thomas
    Jeb Bush
    Condoleezza Rice
    Michelle Malkin
    Ann Coulter
    Thomas Sowell

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  48. @Anonymous

    Can you share a link to a resource where I can read about this, please? I am not saying you’re wrong – just want to better understand potential reasons behind this and form my opinion.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Wizard of Oz
  49. Andy says:

    It will happen naturally in the next few years, as US companies diversified with low IQ people, will not be able to compete with Chinese companies.

  50. AndrewR says:
    @Spud Boy

    Uh, what? Ann Coulter and Jeb Bush could hardly be more different.

  51. @Macumazahn

    I think we’ll allow him the spell-check excuse? 🙂

  52. @Homunculus

    What a superbly polite way of saying he sounds like a paranoid nutter to you!

  53. @Joe Wong

    But you overlook the kundness of Europeans who came to help care for the lsnd snd the surviving pre- modern people after smsll pox and other Eurasian diseases had killed most of the Ametindians. Not a thought in the immigrsnts minds but giving Christian charity.

  54. Mark Presco says: • Website
    @Joe Wong

    What you claim is injustice is caused by the fact that for all intent and purposes only white men create jobs for anyone in this country. White men CREATE the businesses, jobs and wealth. The white male working class think that too many of these white elites are all too willing to replace them with cheaper non-white-male labor.

    White females won’t shut up about the fact that less than 5% of CEOs are women. If women had created an equal share of the businesses and jobs then they would be equally represented in management because they would be CEOs of their own companies.

    A black author asserts that less than 1% of the jobs held by blacks in this country are created by blacks. Show me one country in the entire world where blacks create enough jobs for their own.

    People of native American descent are flooding across our borders because this is where the white men are. There are now more southern natives “squatting” in the USA than there are indigenous natives. Had they tried this before white men seized control, the locals would have killed them.

    We are doomed to become minorities in our own cultures because the non-white races cannot figure out how to improve their quality of life other than elbow their way into white countries, dump themselves on white men demand that we provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves. If we do not do this for them to their satisfaction, they scream racism, oppression, marginalization and white male privilege.

    • Replies: @Russ
  55. @Rick Johnson

    Would anyone suggest that, 25 years ago, your vendor company employer would have given a damn about your bad attitude to diversity? But upsetting the CEO of the newly fashionable corporation by telling him that his policies were a crock of shit would have been another thing. Could many people in the corporation read your email? Do you know if they did – maybe including a black secretary (the sensible workaround diversity hire)? And what reason did your employrr give?

  56. @Joe Franklin

    Can you help with souces giving both statutes and other legal instruments Nd, in particular the stas, thr numbers – and the costs (more difficult to wotk out I guess)?

  57. lol says:

    This article mocks diversity and implies it has gone to far. No way, it is far short of the mark and needs to go way, way farther. Let me explain how and why.

    For starters, trannies need job reservations mandated by law. No easy matter this, because a panel of experts (which will itself need to be diversity-compliant) will need to define various sub-categories making up this group.

    Then, now that we have come to know that gender is a fluid thing, the whole idea of job-equity by sex needs a major revamp. Complex scientific and statistical matters like ‘transition rates of gender self-identification’ in individuals and populations will have to be computed. ‘Crossover transition rates of gender self-identification’ is another complexity.

    Diversity practices and legislation would have to differentiate between ‘Blacks who self-identify as whites (B->W)’, ‘Blacks who self-identify as blacks (B->B)’, W->W, W->B, and so on for each category that can be thought of. The LGTBQ segment within each mapping (W->W, W->B, etc) will need further differential stratification.

    Corporations could in theory achieve 10 stars on a scale of 10. Actual practice may show up the hazards of incremental stars, the chief hazard being corporates going belly-up in this difficult game. But then, true diversity must include a fair representation of corporations in varying stages of decay and collapse.

  58. For one who writes so confidently of IQ and ethnic groups averages I am surprised that you don’t seem to be aware of the Flynn Effect or of Ron Unz’s work debunking some of thr Lynn and Vanhenen nonsense such as taking srriously as relevant today 50 year old measures of Irish IQ at about 81!

    Count on it the Latin Americans have still a fair amount of the Flynn Effect to experience. And consider that they are Ice People, not Sun People. And remember too the civilisations of the Maya, the Inca, the Aztecs and sevrral others that appear to have no counterparts in sub Saharan Africa.

  59. @Joe Franklin

    Sorry “and” “stats” “the”

  60. @gustafus

    #59 – if it is still so numbered – anyway, someting close, is a reply to this.

  61. fitzGetty says:

    … so — what exactly is the difference between Affirmative Action and Corporate Diversity Mania …?

  62. JojoF says:

    The only possible conclusion would be, “to lower western IQ, but not their own” ?

  63. Anonymous [AKA "Jedgar"] says:

    A Jew will only stop promoting diversity when their enclaves are threatened.

    It’s too late, the tribe started and continues to lead the diversity train – not to mention the invaluable contribution of Jewnews – and we’ll ride it right into Hampton, Harvard or Hollywood.

  64. WhiteWolf says:

    Diversity is the defacto state religion of the US. Until that fact is acknowledged and something is done to change the situation the US is headed towards oblivion. If diversity is bad for a corporation it’s doubly bad for any country. A corporation can de-diversify itself without much effort. The same can’t be said of a country.

  65. Russ says:
    @Mark Presco

    Quite so. Note also how we _never_ see a market attacked by an all-female or an all-black firm. If Diversity Inc is anything other than white male dilution, wouldn’t the challengers at least occasionally band together to display their bona fides?

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