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Education Failure Is the New Success
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If one compiled a list of massive cultural engineering projects, America’s effort to close race-related academic achievement gaps would be the most ambitious. For over a half century we have spent tens of billions, devised scores of remediation schemes, and pursued legal solutions galore, all to no avail. Even conservatives normally hostile to social engineering have joined the quest.

What makes this enterprise remarkable is that every single putative nostrum entails zero effort by the students themselves as if those targeted lacked any agency for academic uplift. To use bizarre phraseology, this is passivity on steroids. This is not to suggest that if math-challenged junior got religion and buckled down he could master stochastic calculus; rather, in places like Baltimore where schools spend an average of \$16,000 per student and barely any can meet minimal English and math standards, room exists for improvement .

The menu of these “solutions” is enormous. Here’s just a quick compilation beginning with liberal-favored schemes:

  • employ culturally competent teachers
  • adopt instruction in Ebonics
  • use “relevant” textbooks (i.e., photographs of blacks doing important things)
  • insert more blacks into AP and gifted classes regardless of ability
  • employ a Black “learning style” pedagogy
  • hire additional black principals and administrators, especially males (role models)
  • drop zero tolerance discipline polices to increase graduation rates
  • impose classroom and school integration
  • offer pre-kindergarten/Head Start programs to build vocabulary and cognitive skills
  • supply free school breakfasts and lunches (can’t learn on an empty stomach)
  • follow Afrocentric curriculums, provide computerized instruction including video games to make learning fun
  • build schools with state-of-the-art facilities (can’t learn with peeling ceiling paint)
  • offer free after-school tutoring (mimic Asians), encourage spontaneity and eliminate pedagogical formulism (no inflexible grammar)
  • purge textbooks and exams of hidden racism, training teachers to avoid racial stereotypes
  • hire teacher/parent coordinators to energize parents
  • re-name schools after celebrated African Americans
  • eliminate schools named after slave owners
  • heighten self-esteem as a precursor to learning (shower students with gratuitous praise)
  • add yet more specialized staff, e.g., math and reading coaches

The Right has similarly joined the crusade. Foremost are a plethora of “free-market” solutions as if economic incentives can work miracles. The business-like term “accountability” is the tip-off. Proposed solutions include vouchers, charter schools, transparency of outcomes (publically available test scores and graduation rates), and merit pay for heroic teachers who improve test scores. Other “conservative” favorites include de-certifying teachers’ unions, abolishing teacher tenure and shuttering “failing schools” as if they were A&P grocery stores. Then there are the champions of restoring “basics” such as replacing whole word spelling with phonics, returning to the classics of Western Civilization, ridding schools of needless frills and, occasionally, develop mental discipline by having kids play chess or learning Latin.

Remarkably, these alleged solutions linger on despite repeated failures and their obvious stupidity. When it comes to their own field, most education “experts” suffer from learning disorders. This inattention to past failure was illustrated by two recent (May 31, 2017) letters to the Editor in the New York Times. One claimed that the dreadful academic performance of New York City’s minority students could be reversed by helping the parents of under-performing youngsters get junior enrolled in a top-flight school. A second proposed awarding extra money (“combat pay”) to stellar teachers who ply their craft at “bad” schools. Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio is working on a new plan to de-segregate the City’s schools. All these “solutions” have repeatedly been tried in varied settings and the record of failure is unambiguous.

What drives this infatuation with guaranteed-to-fail solutions? Most obviously, every single one involves expanded government spending to hire experts to invent new curriculums, design coercive integration plans, concoct tests to assure accountability, and otherwise facilitate myriad top-down solutions. Right now, for example, there are 15 openings for “education consultant” in the New York areas. Hard to argue with the sacrosanct “investing in the children” when this investing puts bread on one’s own table.

Less obvious but perhaps more compelling is that demanding nothing of students avoids the Mother of All Taboos: group-related genetic differences in cognitive ability. Experts, not students fail while one or two “successes” among dozens of failures can keep hope alive for decades.

Happily, an alternative exists to the billion dollar “don’t blame kids” approach, one that has historically proven itself and will cost far less than \$16,000 per pupil to impart adequate academic skills. It is simple: pressure laggards to shape up and punish those who disrupt the learning of classmates. Just return to an earlier era when students themselves were held responsible for learning their lessons.

Junk the Rousseauian fantasy that children naturally have a thirst for acquiring knowledge so “educators” need only let nature take its course. Yes, Homo sapiens relish learning, but youngsters are not innately disposed to sit quietly for long periods and dutifully suffer failure. Learning may be natural; schooling is not. The corollary is that school for the cognitively weak will be the most painful. Thus, for many African Americans cultivating self-esteem is anathema to academic achievement.

Fortunately, the repertoire to impose this necessary discipline is well-known and requires only modest skill to implement. High-priced rocket science it is not. This is almost forgotten educational world of shame, stigma, humiliation, dunce caps, browbeating even corporal punishment where teachers forcefully exert authority over the little savages who refuse to learn while impeding the progress of others. Further require teachers to impose clear, grammatically correct English to those with slurred speech and reflexively use profanity. If the teacher’s efforts fail, the little miscreants can immediately be sent out for discipline to be monitored by a wicked witch. Conceivably, some retired discipline-skilled Nuns from Catholic schools or a retired Marine drill sergeant could offer three-day workshops on how to manage the classroom

Students can practice sitting still and being quiet for longer and longer times, marching in step when changing classes, mastering polite conversation when addressing authority figures (“Thank you Mr. Smith” not ‘hey teach’”) memorizing famous orations, and build the habits of punctuality, restraint and patience.

Alas, such measures are unthinkable save in a few educational backwaters that cater to education-obsessed parents and outliers like New York City’s small discipline, test-oriented oriented charter school, Success Academy. It is particularly taboo in inner-cities with predominantly black students that currently lead the nation in per-pupil education expenditures. Not only would such an “old-fashioned” school be an economic catastrophe for scores of local residents economically dependent on disorder-fueled failure, but its coercive philosophy would be viewed as (white) cultural imperialism. And, to be frank, such critics are correct –teaching the King’s English and suppressing classroom “vibrancy” would be judged “too white.” Between the slashed payrolls and all the now unhappy students (and their self-esteem preoccupied parents) community activists would have a field day marching and chanting.


The economic carnage would only get worse as countless education experts of all ideological stripes were no longer required to draft useless reports about revitalizing Detroit’s schools. Further add the bureaucrats who survive by implementing the latest Department of Education re-working of past unsuccessful reforms.

Left unsaid about today’s “no-pain, all gain” is that this approach only deepen the dependency endemic among many (if not most) academically troubled African Americans. Imagine a fourth-grader struggling with long division being told that his tribulations are the result of his being trapped in a unionized, failing school built in 1975, living in the wrong zip-code, having a lily-white math book, attending school lacking math coaches, and on and on. Such a youngster might reasonably decide to pray for the Messiah Benefactor who would solve everything with a wave of her magic wallet. But, then again, perhaps inculcating passivity is the real aim for those who prosper from failure.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness, Public Schools 
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  1. Alden says:

    It’s obvious Weissberg has never been in a black school or met any black kids. It’s not “hey teach,” it’s suck muh dick, yo mother fucking bitch, or mother fucking cock sucker depending on gender of the teacher.

    If he wants to learn the patois he should just ride a city bus that picks up black middle schoolers or have breakfast at a MacDonalds near a black middle school for a couple weeks
    For safety reasons it must be a middle school. not a high school.

  2. The “solution that dare not speak its name” is racially segregated schools.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Cheapest offer of “Bad Students, Not Bad Schools ”
    by Robert Weissberg, used,
    is \$ 46.00 + \$ 3.99 S&H, is

    • Replies: @JoaoAlfaiate
  4. TheJester says:


    Are you suggesting that our alien, Third-World, clan-based minority populations adopt the values of discipline, accountability, punctuality, and rule-following typical of the majority’s beyond-kin, altruistic-based culture from northern Europe … in the hope of achieving similar social, academic, technical, and economic outcomes?

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  5. I run a large AP program in a what is euphemistically called a “priority” neighbourhood in a major Canadian city. Although most of our students are East Asian and South Asian and come from outside our catchment area, the majority of the local community is black. After twenty years of our program offering completely subsidized AP exams, after-class tutorials, and massive promotion efforts emphasizing the advantages of taking AP directed to our black students, still less that 5% of the population of our AP classes consists of blacks. And we have never had a black AP National Scholar. Not one. The local school board would LOVE to see such an event, and I can’t imagine it ever happening

  6. Njguy73 says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    There’s no need to racially segregate schools. The solution has already been implemented. It’s called having a school district where the housing prices do the discrimination, so the schools don’t have to.

  7. Mr Weissberg has some good points. With a certain segment of students the “basics” should be emphasised. However, a degree of caution is required:
    “world of shame, stigma, humiliation, dunce caps, browbeating even corporal punishment where teachers forcefully exert authority over the little savages who refuse to learn while impeding the progress of others. ”
    Tempting as this sounds, the chances of blowback increase as a student’s hatred & resentment increase. It’s not the 1950’s. (1950’s, kid could bugger up school, & still get a job….)
    I don’t know the answers. Discipline & an emphasis on mastering “the 3R’s” IS part of it.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  8. Dr. X says:

    Are you suggesting that our alien, Third-World, clan-based minority populations adopt the values of discipline, accountability, punctuality, and rule-following typical of the majority’s beyond-kin, altruistic-based culture from northern Europe … in the hope of achieving similar social, academic, technical, and economic outcomes?

    There’s an extent to which this does work. Parochial schools with strict discipline policies have always gotten more out of black students than public schools. African students, who do not typically have a race card to play and are products of Euro-colonial school systems, in my experience are nearly always better students than black Americans.

    Imagine a Venn diagram, in which one circle represents cognitive ability (IQ) and the other circle represents discipline and culture. The overlapping area represents “educational achievement.” The overall black cognitive ability circle, by itself, will always be smaller than a corresponding white circle, but it is possible to gain more achievement with more structure and discipline. There is a limit to how far you can go with this approach, but you can make some gains.

    Of course, public schools and colleges practically kiss blacks on the ass for misbehavior rather than discipline them. Blacks are fully aware that the black teachers and administrators are incompetent frauds, that liberal whites are easily pushed around or manipulated, that they can always play the “racism” card, and that Afrocentric curricula is pure bullshit and that it was the white man who invented their iPhones, space flight, etc.

    One aspect of the black personality is that blacks respond to, and generally respect, a show a force. You see this in sports, for instance, in prison, and the military. Some of the most competent and useful blacks you will encounter are in the military, where there is a set of expectations, a white chain of command, and punishment for failure.

    Blacks wouldn’t necessarily become geniuses if you applied a military structure to education, but you’d see some improvement.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @David
  9. Agent76 says:

    Jan 23, 2017 Why Good Teachers Want School Choice

    Can every child receive a good education? With school choice and competition, yes. The problem? Powerful teachers unions oppose school choice. Rebecca Friedrichs, a public school teacher who took her case against the teachers union all the way to the Supreme Court, explains why school choice is the right choice.

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. @Njguy73

    An awfully expensive solution that consigns white working class children to the tender mercies of the snarling black underclass.

    • Replies: @Truth
  11. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The plight of black students in black schools became especially dire when the education establishment and the media pulled a slight of hand and started labeling lazy ( a personal fault) students as unmotivated (and therefore the fault of society not motivating them.)

    What hasn’t been pointed out is while public schools in poor areas have been failing for decades, Catholic schools located in the same areas have continued to turn out hundred of thousands of literate, well behaved black students.

    The real tragedy is that these very productive ghetto Catholics schools have been closing at an increasing rate despite their successes because of economic problems. Vouchers would help them to stay open,

    THE ACLU however, would make sure that they wouldn’t get them.

  12. anarchyst says:
    @Dr. X

    You are correct.
    The reasons for black dysfunctionality can be placed at the slave trade itself.
    You see, it was the troublemakers, “dregs of society”, the “losers”, criminals, lazy “ne’er do wells”, low IQ “slugs” that were exported to the “New World”.
    The African chieftains were not stupid.
    They gladly exported (got rid of) those who were detrimental to their society.
    We are living with the results to this very day…

  13. Alfa158 says:

    Voucher, desegregation and school choice programs get shot down every time that middle class White and Asian parents get an electoral say in the issue. Those parents, regardless of how Liberal they might talk, secretly know those programs will mean that their racially selected schools will get flooded by disruptive Black kids. I have seen Nice-White conservative politicians who campaign on “I don’t see race” market based solutions like school vouchers, then can’t figure out why the voters rejected them. The last big school voucher initiative in California went down in flames thanks to teacher unions who want to contain the infection, and NIMBY liberals.

  14. I’m always impressed by the quality of my black African postgrad students, who mostly come from lower middle/upper working class backgrounds in cities like Laos. They are clearly decently educated, by methods the exact opposite of what is advocated in the USA – strict discipline, uniforms, regulation, a decent amount of rote memorisation (but not the passivity of the Middle East/South Asia).

    US educationists could learn a lot from Nigeria, or even Jamaica, but are clearly far too arrogant to do so.

  15. Truth says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    According to the basic tenets of HBD, intellect is everything, therefore a simple syllogism would work like this.

    Intellect is responsible for one’s station in life.
    The white “working class” is not upper middle-class, or above because of low intellect.
    This low intellect will be passed onto their children, as intellect is almost completely hereditary.
    The white “working class” is basically low-IQ, useless and a drain on societal resources and useless so fuck them.

  16. And, to be frank, such critics are correct –teaching the King’s English and suppressing classroom “vibrancy” would be judged “too white.”

    There’s the rub. Those critics are correct. Africans are not Europeans. Whites expect blacks to act as though they are whites in blackface. Even around here where HBD is openly accepted, half the comments boil down to this, “Why don’t those blacks/NE Asians, South Asians, Hispanics, etc., act just like us whites.” It’s crazy.

    We’re different. Down to the DNA different. Blacks would not naturally ever act like whites, just as whites would never naturally act like blacks. Same for NE Asians and South Asians and Hispanics. We’re different. Accept it.

    Granted, through an almost unimaginable stupidity, our betters have decided to bring all of these different groups together under one roof so we need to find a way to not kill each other, but I’m not sure trying to make everyone act white is the right way, certainly not as whites lose their grip on power.

    Trying to make blacks into kind-of whites is like trying to hold back the tide. It can sort of work for a while (hey, look at the Dutch), but the minute that you let up, the tide will back in.

    • Replies: @Wally
  17. CCR says:

    The author goes over all the failed policies and then proposes another policy that has been tried and failed.

    Once it is admitted that African-Americans score lower IQs than other Americans — and this is a fact — the “gap” goes away instantly because you stop looking at things according to race and look at them according to IQ levels. Do African-Americans do as well as students of other races with the same IQ scores AND the same classroom behavior (answer: yes) — no gap!

    • Replies: @Wally
  18. @anarchyst

    You mean, those African chieftains were not “as” stupid. African would be back to living in mud huts if the rest of world disappeared.

  19. @Truth

    HBD simply accepts that there are genetic differences among individuals and groups. It doesn’t worship IQ.

    But may HBDers do go down that route, which is why I’m more of a white Zionist. Whites are my extended family. I understand them. They are my people – good and bad, smart and dumb. Jews look out for Jews, as they should. They don’t say, Is he a smart Jew. They just ask if he’s a Jew. Same with the Japanese.

    • Replies: @rw95
    , @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  20. David says:
    @Dr. X

    Imagine a Venn diagram, in which one circle represents cognitive ability (IQ) and the other circle represents discipline and culture. The overlapping area represents “educational achievement.”

    This makes no sense.

  21. Because racism, black Tom Hanks is not a star.

  22. Wally says:

    What other races have the same general IQ scores as blacks?

  23. You’re right–I hear it all the time here in NYC. But I didn’t want to push it. I also suspect that these kids no longer are aware of the differences between standard English and what they speak (this used to be called code shifting among educated blacks).

  24. I have a friend who used to teach in an inner-city middle school in Akron, Ohio. She admitted that most of the students had no ambition in life beyond collecting welfare and joining gangs. They were also just plain dumb – thanks to No Child Left Behind, she had to teach algebra to kids who couldn’t balance a checkbook. 10-15% of the girls were pregnant at any one time and they deliberately popped out babies in order to collect welfare for three years per baby (originally five years per baby).

    My friend said that a teacher could tell if a child would turn out badly in the fourth grade, though she knew of a case when a second-grader threatened his fellow pupils with a razor. She remarked that he could probably be in jail before he was old enough for high school.

    She’s was repeatedly cursed out by students, but nothing is done about that, too.

    It angers my friend that the teachers are blamed for student failure.

  25. joe webb says:

    it is not “billions” wasted on blackness. It is one trillion dollars since 1964. Even jewyorktimes acknowledged this number.

    Totally Useless.

    The recent dig in the Magrib reported in The Telegraph but published in Science, is evidence of Not Out of Africa.

    Home Erectus walks among us.

    Joe Webb

  26. Anonymous [AKA "Straight Talking"] says:
    @jim jones

    Great article. Not too often you see something so frank and honest on the internet.

    How long before K-12 education itself is considered “racist”? I think we should just abolish mandatory schooling. These kids are learning nothing in school besides picking up bad habits from one another anyway. Set the children free. After all, we are told by education “experts” all children “naturally learn” anyway. Schools just get in the way of learning. Meanwhile we could save ourselves billions, use that money to run the best schools for the kids who do show up voluntarily, those are the ones who actually do want to learn, the only ones worth teaching. Nix the free lunch program while we’re at it. We don’t want them to show up just for the free lunch.

  27. @Wally

    Australian Aborigines? San bushmen aren’t really related to blacks, and have lower IQ.

    • Replies: @Wally
  28. Jake says:

    One of the notions central to race-based PC is that while the whites who came to America were the trash of Europe, in every sense, the black slaves brought here featured numerous nobles, in every sense.

    To PC types, non-wealthy whites are trash deserving of every bad thing that can be done to them, while blacks are natural nobles who rightly deserve to rule and be honored.

    Facts cannot alter those views.

  29. Njguy73 says:

    No. It was the members of war-losing tribes who got sold by war winners to White traders.

    • Replies: @CCZ
  30. fish says:

    The white “working class” is basically low-IQ, useless and a drain on societal resources and useless so fuck them.

    Indeed this is the approach being taken. I dare you to show me an elementary school in rural Appalachia where society is shoveling 16K a year per student into the shitter like the urban Baltimore schools.

    You probably have better results if you just paid the vibrant yoots 16K a year to stay away.

    Added Bonus…..Nike shoe sales through the roof….get to E-Trade ASAP!

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Jake
  31. rw95 says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    “Whites are my extended family.”

    Europe disagrees…

  32. Of course I am biased due to my own personal history, but I consider the loss, by the black community, of their wonderful musical heritage to be a major factor within the desintegration of black family life and community structure.

    Black kids today have no clue as to the innovative creative energy expressed by such potential black heros, such individuals as Duke Ellington or Count Basie, they have never heard of the musical Genius Charlie Parker, or Lester Young, and this being a great tragedy because music does indeed play such a bombastic role within human exiatance : Nietsche : “Life without music would be a mistake”.

    Just the idea of young kids looking up to and worshiping such idiots as P Diddy, or JayZ, makes me, as a jazz player, shudder and I can see before me the inevitible results of this perversion and slaughter of all musical taste within the black experience.

    Mozart said that “Bad taste” is a scourge of mankind, and what we are seeing is the results thereof within black society.

    No fifteen year old black kid will be listening to “Kind of blue” and then running out to mug someone. I know that this sounds simplistic and far-fetched, but there is truth within this standpoint.

    Trumpet star Wynton Marsalis, stated in interview that it breaks his heart to look at a concert audience and see only white faces.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet, and pro jazz musician.

    • Agree: rw95
  33. CCZ says:

    Exactly, slavery “took advantage of that which existed through the barbarity of the Africans, by saving from death their prisoners…” (see below) One can disagree with the religious references and even question the conclusion that life as a slave was less harsh than life as a “free” African, but the evidence that slaves were in large numbers the prisoners of war “saved” from death seems to have been widely acknowledged.

    Foreign Slave Trade, Abstract of the Information Recently Laid on the Table of the House of Commons on the Subject of the Slave Trade, London, 1821

    “SPAIN. In December, 1817, a decree was issued by his Catholic Majesty, for the restriction and ultimate abolition of the Slave Trade, carried on by subjects of Spain. It is as follows:

    This measure [the introduction of Negro Slaves into America], which did not create slavery, but only took advantage of that which existed through the barbarity of the Africans, by saving from death their prisoners, and alleviating their sad condition, far from being prejudicial to the Negroes transported to America, conferred upon them not only the incomparable blessing of being instructed in the knowledge of the true God, but likewise all the advantages which accompany civilization, without subjecting them, in their state of servitude, to a harder condition than that which they endured in freedom, when free in their native country.” [Pages 24-25].

    Full text digitized book at:;view=1up;seq=5

    • Replies: @Jake
  34. Truth says:

    I don’t think you are getting the point; believing in HBD means that “it doesn’t matter if you spend 16k, 160k or 1.6m per student, IQ is destiny and it is hardwired.”

    Although it seems that WV spends about \$12,000 per student, and Mississippi about \$8000.

    • Replies: @fish
  35. Truth says:

    Of course, this is why black music has been lauded as THE music in the black community, commercially in terms of marketing dollars, for almost 30 years now.

  36. fish says:

    IQ is destiny and it is hardwired.

    Ok….then we can eliminate education spending in WV, Maryland, any urban setting other than New York and Boston.

    I’m onboard!

  37. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Jews look out for Jews, as they should. They don’t say, Is he a smart Jew. They just ask if he’s a Jew.

    Like, duh, that’s a given. Jew = smart, and IQ averages broken down by race bear this out.

  38. @Wally

    I believe the statement, “African-Americans do as well as students of other races with the same IQ scores AND the same classroom behavior ” refers to individuals, not blacks as a group.

    For example, if Tayvon has an IQ of 105 and is placed in a classroom with whites and Asians who all also have IQs of 105, then Tayvon will do as well as his classmates if he behaves as they do.

    Unfortunately, blacks are often placed in elite academic settings where their IQ is lower than that of the whites and Asians admitted to those very same settings, resulting in academic, behavioral, and disciplinary disparities. This happens in gifted and talented programs (LINK), selective high schools, and elite colleges.

    • Replies: @Wally
  39. @anarchyst

    Then Africa must be heaven on earth. I hardly see any difference.

  40. EVERYthing is to blame Joooooooooooooooooooooooos

  41. Truth says:

    They gladly exported (got rid of) those who were detrimental to their society.

    Well now, that has been the official story for a few hundred years now, but the truth as to whom was exported, and why, may be a little different…and is getting louder…

  42. Jake says:

    In every state that has both mountain poor areas that are almost all white and urban poor who are overwhelmingly black, the black school districts will have the most money (often the same money per students as the richest 3 or 4 districts in the state) per pupil in that state, while the poor white areas will have the least money per pupil.

  43. @Wally

    Um, like blacks.

    Granted, that wouldn’t be a pretty sight if you’re another race, but it’s how blacks want to behave.

    Of course, this is why for 99.9% of history, people did their best to carve out a territory where their tribe/nation could live. It wasn’t just about protecting your people; it was partially about simply wanting to live among your own because those are the people that you feel most comfortable around.

    By shoving races and ethnicities together, our betters cause all kinds of unnecessary acrimony. I could care less how blacks in other countries behave. Let them live how they want. It’s only when they start moving into my neighborhood that their different behavior causes problems.

    It’s why we have separate countries.

    • Replies: @Wally
  44. Jake says:

    I know that Spanish proclamation to be true. And so did America’s first back poetess Phyllis Wheatley. “Twas mercy brought me from my Pagan land,”

  45. @rw95

    Not sure what you mean. Maybe you’re referring to the different ethnicities in Europe – German, French, English.

    Regardless, in the U.S., are just another racial group and either start to think that way or will disappear.

  46. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Of course Ashkenazi Jews are on average very bright – ~112 IQ. But there are still plenty of ~100 IQ Ashkenazi Jews. Also what about non-Ashkenazi Jews, who have more normal average IQs.

    Smart Jews still look out for their less intelligent cousins.

    Again, same with the Japanese.

    It’s not about IQ; it’s about family and your people.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  47. I am an old Australian teacher, run out of my profession by managers embracing the American system of de-education.

    Your understanding of education is deplorable, and the results of it are horrific, here are a few points that should be carefully considered together.


    IQ tests are nonsense.

    Testing and teaching are incompatible to one another, less tests and more teaching.

    Primary school is NOT the most important time, a few essential skills, a wide and rambling exposure to general knowledge, and some actual fun will do.

    Primary school should produce a student capable of writing coherent sentences, reading 80-120 words per minute (well written texts only with unusual words), general knowledge of science, the general framework of modern world history, and enough maths to do simple algebra — anything more is a bonus, but not essential to secondary school.

    Secondary school is the secondary level of knowledge — it has nothing much in common with Primary education.

    Secondary school is about the development of concepts in different subjects — and the study of literature (a self-contained concept), is foundational to all the other higher subjects.

    Literature is about concepts, not morals, slogans, good behaviour or anything else. They are complete, honest works supremely well written world view of the author. The quality of literature is it most important feature — the best and only the best.

    The conceptual integrity of literature, not a particular style of language is critical. Literature should not be chosen because it is reverent, but because it is good and great. Confession I hate reading Jane Austin, a girly book of all girly books, but when I finish her work I understand the world were being good is not just a virtue, but an aspiration. For many reasons she was one of the most read authors in the trenches of World War I.

    The quality of text books (books of text not pictures) is ESSENTIAL there is no choice in this, no leeway. They must be coherent, the work of the best minds in the subject, comprehensive, and clearly written — only a true expert can make things simple without also making it stupid.

    Text books of quality do not have to be up-to-date, but they have to be conceptually complete and clear — a good textbook is not necessarily a recent one.

    Textbooks are the last resort, which is the reason they have to be good — it is where the student goes to understand what they do not understand — that is always hard and they need a reliable source material — only the best textbooks will do.

    Textbooks are not teaching material, they are reference material.

    Standard tests are rubbish, written examinations twice a year are best — this is why text books are important — hitting the books is not easy, I say it again, they therefore need to be the very best — not the normal US textbook — which is CRAP.

    The best mark of a substantial work should be the grade, not the average mark — students who learn have to be brave and need to push things — a good student tries and fails long before they try and succeed (the order is sometimes in the reverse).

    A student’s progress is marked by their best mark, their highest achievement that counts, all the rest are run-offs. A student can be lazy, a student might rest on their laurels, that does not matter, what they achieved, not how they went about it is what examination should do.

    It does not matter what a teacher is called by students, but that teacher actually knows their area, is enthusiastic about their knowledge, is supported by the school, encouraged to do more and occasionally make mistakes in trying.

    Micro-management, in fact management in general, and good teaching are incompatible.

    School discipline is simple and only breaks down because of mismanagement.

    Heads and deputies are not there to attend meetings, they must be seen, patrol the halls, greet the students and be known.

    Teachers need only have a disruptive student leave the class room and stand in the hall. The deputies need to take them to detention where they sit and do nothing until the next lesson.

    Do not trap students behind files of bad behaviour. Boys especially do stupid things, often and repeatedly, only the mean acts should be recorded in detail.

    Stop trying to get kids to apologise, girls will do it, and the better boys won’t.

    Make sure the kids get food, and have fun exercise (competitive sport should be an elective).

    Running education is not hard, the fundamentals have been known for hundreds of years. What exists now has been made, it is a policy of de-education and it is working all too well.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jake
  48. @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Avg 100 ashekelnazis may have higher verby IQ… 😉 Remember the split be-twin performance and verb.

    The psychological aspect of ashekelnazis and sorrounds is more interesting and important to explain ”jooiwschsch suckcess”, but ”hbd” never talk about…

    Would be interesting analyse possible differences between assymetric and symmetric-cognitive profiles joooishshschen [ south or north german accent. whatever, i don’t remember]

  49. norm741 says:

    Until the taboo of IQ is understood its water under the bridge

  50. gutta percha [AKA "gp"] says:

    Only skimmed the article, counted 3 big grammar errors. Irony.

  51. How can slavery be the ‘original sin’ of America when slavery had been practiced by American Indians for 1000s of yrs before the arrival of the white man?

    • Replies: @Jake
  52. Wally says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    But they already act like blacks and the results have been disastrous.

  53. Wally says:
    @Simon in London

    And your proof is where exactly?

  54. Wally says:

    But you’re avoiding my question.
    I asked:
    “What other races have the same general IQ scores as blacks?”

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Triumph104
    , @CCR
  55. If I could put a caption on the accompanying photo it would be – shheeitt!

  56. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Why do you think that is, Wally?

  57. Rod1963 says:

    It’s about being tribal to a extent. Something the WASPs eradicated for their own selfish interests.

    We look after family, clan and those beyond it.

    It doesn’t matter if some have a 90 IQ, if they are one of us, we help them.

    Problem is most whites have been fed a line of crap that prevents them from working together – except ruling class whites who do a lot of it.

    This is why ruling class whites and Jews send their children to exclusive private schools that 90% of the people never heard of and then when they get older they’re sent to a Ivy to build friendships and networks with other members of the ruling class.

    Works like a charm too.

    You have to if you want to maintain power.

    • Replies: @Jake
  58. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    You seem pretty attached to this whole IQ thing. Why?

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  59. Alden says:

    I hope you have a \$250,000 down payment for a million, 200,000 house and have the income to pay a \$11,000 mortgage every month plus maybe \$18,000 per year property taxes.

    I also hope you won’t be replaced by an Indian or Chinese because you are a White American.

    • Replies: @Agent76
  60. @Wally

    So you want to permanently force blacks to act like whites?

    How do you propose to do that? Why to you propose to do that?

    Why can’t you just accept that the various races/ethnicities are simply different.

    Blacks as a group are never going to act like whites. Whites as a group are never going to grind like NE Asians. NE Asians are never to going to be as funny as Jews. Etc.

    It’s funny how people talk about diversity but what they really want is lots of different races and ethnicities acting just like us whites. You’re as bad of the SJWs.

    Blacks are different. Asking them to act white is like asking a Chihuahua to pull a dog sled. It’s cruel and pointless.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  61. HBD Guy says:

    It is this simple: Blacks on average have an IQ of 85. Blacks on average do not have the brain power to compete with Whites. They get angry because of their failures and blame White people. They are like short people on a basket ball court. They are too short to compete against the tall people around them.

    • LOL: Delinquent Snail
  62. @Wally

    True. You asked such a simple question that I thought you were confused about the post to which you were responding. I see from your other posts that you enjoy asking silly questions. I’ll let you go in peace.

  63. SJW typos are perfect for “naive or spontaneous propagandists” because on avg they are so dumb and liquidly dishonest they can’t note their own hypocritical behavior but on other hand exactly because their stupidity many people feel sympathy or even pity for them, without count the masses that even perceive how dumb and unintentionally/ or intentionally* evil they are being.

    * as certain peepoo

  64. Anonymous [AKA "Another Australian"] says:
    @Greg Schofield

    Why should anyone accept any of these blustery assertions Greg? You forget we are not your students. Rather than a rambling list of contradictions (however painfully acquired), how about taking one point at a time and arguing it with evidence?

    Otherwise it’s just embarassing, as if you aren’t able to adapt to different contexts outside the one you’ve obviously spent many years in. Perhaps it’s force of habit, in which case take this as friendly suggestion.

    • Replies: @Greg Schofield
  65. Albrecht says:

    So “shame, stigma, humiliation, dunce caps, browbeating even corporal punishment.” will make engineers out of multiple generations of feral bastards?

    Forget Black people. Let them sort out their own problems.

  66. JackOH says:

    “Education Failure Is the New Success”. I like the title. Fits with the exceptionalist American political dysphoria of the last few decades. Maybe, as an alternate title, “Education Extremism Is the New Moderation”? How about something about why the “success” of “education failure” is like spending \$1 trillion to get to the Moon by steam locomotive? Go tell the boilermakers their talents and the incomes they earned from them were wasted on a great lie. Morning coffee beckons.

    I’ve commented aplenty about education here. We’d be better off as a people cutting one-third to one-half trillion dollars annually from education budgets, secondary and tertiary. We are senselessly disparaging young people, both Black and White, whose native skills are better cultivated outside the classroom. Just an opinion, pixels on a screen.

  67. Elrod says:

    Here is the reality – money has been pissed away now for decades and what has it gotten us? NOTHING. Oh, I forgot, it got us something – a sense of entitlement and even more hostility from blacks.

    Lets get it though everyone’s thick skull – WHITES OWE BLACKS NOTHING.

    Read it again and lets repeat it – WHITES OWE BLACKS NOTHING.

    If they want to succeed its up to them to do it. No amount of white assistance is going to change that. Leave them be, if they want to be stupid, than so be it. Its their problem, its not our problem. We spend all this money on them and they still pump out criminals and welfare recipients. So why bother?

    As for the mention of the Jews. The Jews played a huge role in ramming equality and diversity down everyone’s throat whether you wanted it or not. Save the nonsense about everyone blaming the Jews. If the shoe fits wear it.

  68. Jake says:
    @Greg Schofield

    Jane Austen was widely read in the trenches by Brits and only Brits. American soldiers didn’t waste time with such girly tripe.

    Why did Brit soldiers like her? Well, the Brit Elites tended to have a lot of gay experience, if not personally then they knew about their cousins and friends from ‘good public schools’ being gay with one another at least at school. The lower orders copied their ‘betters.’

    • Replies: @Greg Schofield
  69. Jake says:

    “It’s about being tribal to a extent. Something the WASPs eradicated for their own selfish interests.”

    WASP Elites have acted to eradicate being ‘tribal’ for thee, but not for me.

    The Bush family. for example, is tribal: New England WASP Elite tribe, Yale branch.

    WASPs have acted to murder other white tribal identifications because then tribeless whites could never resist them.

  70. Jake says:
    @Priss Factor

    Well, slavery had to be so denominated because of the end of the cross-Atlantic slave trade. The slave trade created the first super wealth of the nation, and it was 100% in the hands of northeastern WASPs. That slave trade ends (it legal form) in 1807 (if I recall correctly). That meant that northeastern shippers can get filthy rich running slaves and rum in the triangle. and when that was the case, they and all their friends began to feel that slavery was the worst thing in world history. They did not feel that the descendants of slave shippers should be punished, even lightly fined. No – al their anger over slavery was directed at states to their south where slavery worked reasonably well in that larger farms made money (not fortunes, as with slave shipping) and save in frontier areas (which necessarily were no longer frontier after 15-20 years) the slaves outbred free whites.

    If you make a king’s fortune selling something, and then you no longer can sell it legally, you can get even, as it were, by blaming those to whom you sold and demanding that they be destroyed politically and economically for their immorality.

  71. Corvinus says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    “The “solution that dare not speak its name” is racially segregated schools.”

    Except the Southrons couldn’t even abide by the ruling in the Plessy case, which called for separate but equal. They were separate all right, but not equal in terms of funding and facilities. Perhaps had the Southrons abided by the spirit of Plessy, you would have your utopia in place. Your “solution” has been rendered impotent by the Brown case.

    You truly are not that bright.

  72. Corvinus says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    “Blacks as a group are never going to act like whites. Whites as a group are never going to grind like NE Asians. NE Asians are never to going to be as funny as Jews. Etc.”

    Now why do you disrespect yourself as a black man? Do you really hate yourself?

  73. @Jake

    re 86.
    Missed the point, which is that literature studied has a single shared feature :—: quality of composition. Jane Austen was an example quality without relevance that is useful for conceptual thought.

    The main reason she was read, in fact made popular in the war, was living day an night with men, mud and blood, where her world was a society of women, gossip, genteel, clean and safe.

    The real point is that schools without real education are just prisons; US ‘education’ has led the word in that trend.

  74. Barry says:

    Absolutely! Educators worth their salt nurture and build upon students’ strengths, not deny them. If students love music, provide opportunities to improve their musical abilities and then explore how to use music to teach academics. In Trinidad, for example, schools teach math through music.

    • Replies: @teacher
  75. @Anonymous

    What contradictions?

    The list was only intended to illustrate that it is not very hard to run schools well. It is a list of what is missing in the present school systems, which should be obvious, but never gets mentioned.

    What point would you like to be argued ?

    That too many tests mean too little teaching? That Secondary school should teach the secondary level of knowledge and not simply continue primary school for 12 years? That the textbooks are rotten? That teachers spend too much time dealing with disruptive kids, because managers keep inventing ever more useless systems? That deputies do nothing, but stay in their offices, if they are in school at all? That disruptive kids are kept in the classroom where they have an audience, instead of just being taken away for forty-minutes?

    How about a complete break-down in educational content?

  76. @Corvinus

    The history of the civil rights movement is the following: blacks were outraged at being considered inferior and the in the same breath demand lowered standards for their group.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @Corvinus
  77. CCR says:

    Yes Triumph104 got my meaning correctly. I’m speaking of individuals. A white American with an IQ of 80 will learn no better or worse than an African-American with an IQ of 80 — assuming the same attitude and behavior in both. Looked at this way, there is no gap.

  78. Agent76 says:

    Well Anonymous, you should view and listen to this thought exercise and attempt your answer of the question being proposed at the end.

    Aug 16, 2011 The Tale of the Slave – Robert Nozick

    “Anarchy, State and Utopia”. I would recommend re-watching the video to see clearly if Nozick’s question is answerable.

  79. lavoisier says: • Website

    So what happens to the white and asian students who happen to be born into families that are not wealthy?

    We have to stop destroying everyone else for the quixotic quest of making the unequal equal.

    • Replies: @Njguy73
  80. lavoisier says: • Website

    Very well put.

    Black kids have to learn to value intelligence. If they do not learn how to do this, they will inevitably fail.

    There are many admirable black people who have achieved significant things. These people should be celebrated.

  81. lavoisier says: • Website

    And also demanded that the rest of us not notice the hypocrisy of black people demanding equality while simultaneously expecting white people to grant them special treatment.

  82. lavoisier says: • Website

    The whole IQ thing is a pretty useful construct to make a number of predictions about human behavior.

    Do you have a problem with that?

  83. But, then again, perhaps inculcating passivity is the real aim for those who prosper from failure.

    Then they’re clearly failing even at that modest goal. Inner-city non-graduates comprise the bulk of America’s violent, aggressive criminal class.

  84. @Diversity Heretic

    The Civil Rights Era do-gooders made a hell of a bet. In their cocksure presumptuousness, they wagered, I guess they would have probably formulated it as “knew”, that with a little heavy-handed intervention from Washington and brilliant plans, like racial contact theory, that had been tested and proven in the hare brains of academics, they could bring the downtrodden blacks up to the level of whites within a few years. This would totally discredit the reigning social structure of the South and the racist ideas that underpinned it. The old racist kooks would be eating craw as negro women put astronauts on the moon and black communities across the country became models of civic harmony.

    Except that’s not what happened. Instead, the whole f***ing thing has been an unmitigated disaster. So two generations hence, literate white men stumble across American Renaissance and similar gold mines of information, having been often gifted the experiences, by those same Civil Rights Era policies, that only America’s urban war zones can provide, and find the message there to be sensible. Then they stumble on some incontrovertible data regarding this racially disparate phenomenon or that. This flies so directly in the face of anything they’ve ever read or heard, yet is so undeniably true or academically rigorous, that it sets off an obsessive frenzy of reading, trying to bring oneself up to speed on all the things one’s missed or been systematically lied to about.

    Eventually, that person realizes that the most exalted saints of the Civil Rights Era were mostly wrong if not outright con men, and the lowliest klansmen were mostly right, if not outright prophets.

    This is the bet they made. They lost.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  85. @TheJester

    but its coercive philosophy would be viewed as (white) cultural imperialism. And, to be frank, such critics are correct

    Looks like he’s suggesting a kind of benevolent imperialism, the imposition of strict discipline, dress and speech codes and zero tolerance for deviance. Perhaps the nuns and drill sargeants running the program would be POC, but they would be vetted and loyal servants of the imperial cause.

  86. @animalogic

    Tempting as this sounds, the chances of blowback increase as a student’s hatred & resentment increase. It’s not the 1950′s. (1950′s, kid could bugger up school, & still get a job….)

    This sounds an awful lot like the idea that we can’t stop Muslim immigration, because that might upset the Muslims, then they might hurt us.

    I don’t know the answers.

    Here at least one of the answers is straightforward – prison.

    • Replies: @Njguy73
  87. @Corvinus

    And the civil rights leaders can’t abide by their own reasoning in Brown
    Marshall conceded, however, that states could discriminate on the basis of individual qualities. When asked what should be done with individual students, Marshall answered: “Put the dumb colored children in with the dumb white children, and put the smart colored children with the smart white children.”[5]
    the next 25 years of civil rights activism was centered around smashing all standards.

  88. Njguy73 says:
    @Negrolphin Pool

    Here at least one of the answers is straightforward – prison.

    Or start the United States Disaster Corps, as Sailer suggested after Hurricane Katrina in 2005:

    “…one with the discipline of the military but somewhat less rigorous IQ requirements, accepting young men down to, say, the 10th percentile…When the worst happened, each community, instead of waiting passively for FEMA functionaries to fly in from around the country, would have 19-25 year old men on hand ready to take initiative to organize and protect their neighborhoods…rather than loot them…”

  89. Njguy73 says:

    So what happens to the white and asian students who happen to be born into families that are not wealthy?

    They’ll get good grades at public schools and state colleges, get middle-class jobs, and live ordinarily satisfying lives.

    Oh, wait. I forgot. This is the 21st Century. Average is over. If you’re not part of the 1%, you’re shit.

    So they’ll exit the mainstream economy altogether. They’ll homestead. Work just enough to be able to get some land, learn skills, and build lives outside the system as we know it.

    Smart people in the future will know better than to get sucked into the racketeering which passes for the U.S. economy. It’s a mug’s game.

  90. Black culture is low culture. In their white guilt, liberals zealously incorporated black culture into pop culture, directly resulting in the coarsening and downward trajectory of our national culture and societal values. Add to that the gang culture from the illegals. The whole country is going down the toilet. Millennials are easily the dumbest and laziest generation. The US and the entire western world have no place to go but down. Liberalism embraces and extends low culture and will bring on the eventual demise of western civilization.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  91. Eagle Eye says:

    Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday …

  92. JackOH says:

    Prof. Weissberg, Diversity Heretic, and other good commenters here: Imagine a memo from the early Soviet era uncovered in a Moscow archive that reads “bourgeois and aristocratic attitudes are a fierce, ever-present, challenging force . . . and dismantling them requires an equally fierce, consistent, committed effort.” I think many readers of that memo would regard it as a prelude to Russian shopkeepers and landowners getting whomped on.

    Well, you don’t have to go to Moscow to find that sort of provocative, inelastic posture. There’s something called the Racial Equity Institute, reported on by George Leef of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, which has as its leitmotiv: “Racism is a fierce, ever-present, challenging force…and dismantling it requires an equally fierce, consistent, committed effort.” Get it? Amelioration is not possible. Only “dismantling”, whatever in hell that is, will do.

    I’m a guy who, as a youngster, believed that some Whites harbored a genuine and undue animus against Blacks. But–Chrissake–how long is it going to take for us all to realize that the most noble intentions of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X (yup) have been hijacked by a vanguard of race hustlers working an angle?

  93. @The Chosen

    ” black culture is low culture”

    Yes and no.

    In the distant past when blacks were aware of and revered such musical geniuses as Charlie Parker or Dizzie Gillespie, or Miles or John Coltrane or Wes (Montgomery) or Charlie Christian, at that point in time blacks had something to look up to and to afford them a certain pride.

    The Germans always fall back upon Bach or Beethoven or Mozart, so why should the blacks not be proud of Charlie Parker, or Satchmo.

    However they have lost this tremendously important musical aspect of their society, and their youth is being propagandized towards violence on adaily basis though the omnipresent disgusting phenomena of “Rap”.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, aitborne qualified US Army vet and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  94. The left completely destroyed education, the same way they destroyed art, literature, music, pop culture, movies, tv, the media, academia, Silicon Valley…the left destroy everything they touch, due to their collective low IQ.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  95. @Disenfrenchised

    Left have very lower RQ [rationality quotient] as well people on the right, but not exactly in terms of IQ or better, CQ [cognition quotient].

    The difference between irrationality of on the left and on the right is

    the first group is excessive
    the second group lacks

    • Replies: @Disenfrenchised
  96. @Anonymous

    \$31 plus shipping on ABE Books

  97. So two generations hence, literate white men stumble across American Renaissance and similar gold mines of information, having been often gifted the experiences, by those same Civil Rights Era policies, that only America’s urban war zones can provide, and find the message there to be sensible.

    (raises hand – but only under cover of a pseudonym)

  98. @Authenticjazzman

    Wayne Shorter’s groups of the 60s did music that is as good as anything in history. It’s not only high culture, it’s arguably one of the peaks of America’s own unique aesthetic, as important as Art Deco or the skyscraper. And it was almost a completely black enterprise.

    I personally met Mulgrew Miller, another genius, and was struck by his towering size. Both he and Art Tatum made it, at first, difficult for me to accept there was an actual black/white intelligence gap that amounts to a whole standard deviation. But these are extreme outliers. They’re also both very large men, with fairly enormous skulls. Is raw size a prerequisite for black genius? Johnny Cochrane was a large man. Even Erroll Garner, while short in stature, seemed to have a large head.

    Oscar Peterson and Neil Degrasse Tyson are more examples along those lines. If fact, Tyson and Miller are strikingly similar in phsyiognomy.

    • Replies: @Richard Cavendish
  99. “Is raw size a prerequisite for black genius”

    Nonsense : Miles was little guy and a musical genius at the same time.

    You doing exactly what the Nazis did back in the thirties : trying to equate physical attributes with intelligence.

    Art Tatum and myself share the same birthday : 13 Oct.

    I shared an apartment for twelve years with a (black) drummer, a little guy, who had played with Coltrane, Dexter Gorden, Chet Baker, amongst others.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet and pro jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  100. Corvinus says:

    “The history of the civil rights movement is the following: blacks were outraged at being considered inferior and the in the same breath demand lowered standards for their group.”

    Corrected for accuracy –> Blacks and whites were outraged how Southrons handled Jim Crow laws. As a result of Southrons unconstitutional conduct over several decades, blacks and whites used the court system and Congress to ensure their legal rights.

    “And the civil rights leaders can’t abide by their own reasoning in Brown.”

    Actually, it is called the leveling of students in educational speak. Those students who are “slower” are put in remedial classes. Those students who are “smarter” are placed in advanced classes. This process occurs even today.

  101. @Corvinus

    Their legal rights to demand lowered standards? Why was aptitude testing attacked? Why does the eeoc attack universal validation? Because civil rights leaders are more afraid of iq testing than racism. If the only thing an employer was interested in was your race he would test your blood not your iq or aptitude. What authority did congress have in 1991 to overturn wards cove? They should have added a constitutional amendment if they were demanding racial quotas.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  102. @Corvinus

    Section 703j of title 7 of the civil rights act prohibits quotas on account of an imbalance. What authority does the eeoc have to over-ride that provision? It has always been in violation of that provision of the law.

  103. @Authenticjazzman

    Nonsense : Miles was little guy and a musical genius at the same time.

    I like Miles, but his main genius was choosing who he worked with. Is he really on the same plane as Art Tatum or Mulgrew? I believe there’s a clear and objective answer to that question, but I doubt I’ll be able to convince you if you don’t already believe it.

    You doing exactly what the Nazis did back in the thirties : trying to equate physical attributes with intelligence.

    I think that was more or less phrenology. Are you familiar with the last 50 years of intelligence research? Skull size is moderately correlated with intelligence, this is not in dispute. It’s therefore not unreasonable to question if it could more strictly bound the right tail of the bell curve among certain subpopulations than among others. Invoking Nazis and phrenology certainly doesn’t go anywhere towards refuting the idea.

    Art Tatum and myself share the same birthday : 13 Oct.

    I shared an apartment for twelve years with a (black) drummer, a little guy, who had played with Coltrane, Dexter Gorden, Chet Baker, amongst others.

    Elvin Jones wasn’t little, so I guess I shouldn’t ask? Cool stuff though.

  104. Corvinus says:

    “Their legal rights to demand lowered standards?”


    “Why was aptitude testing attacked?”

    It was’t “attacked”.

    “Because civil rights leaders are more afraid of iq testing than racism.”

    No. IQ scores are overrated.

    “If the only thing an employer was interested in was your race he would test your blood not your iq or aptitude.”

    Not quite.

    “Section 703j of title 7 of the civil rights act prohibits quotas on account of an imbalance. What authority does the eeoc have to over-ride that provision?”

    Congressional authority.

  105. This is probably the single most egregiously stupid essay I have ever read.

    Our African brothers and sisters to not want education because they do not value education, knowledge or learning.

    They are perfectly happy to dance and sing and steal and drink and drug away their lives on WT’s dime, laughing and smiling in their deep culture of ignorance and violence.

    Urban “education” is exclusively a criminal enterprise by a collaboration of cultural Marxists, National Socialist Justice Warriors, and common street thugs preying on white guilt.

  106. @Santoculto

    That’s just another way of saying what I’m saying. Smart people are rational, rational people are smart. Stupid people are irrational, irrational people are stupid, because they can’t think, and do not understand logic. Liberals are people who do not understand logic, that’s why most liberals are bad at math, and are LibArt majors, they do everything based on feelings, it’s the only thing they understand, they let their feelings control how they think. That’s why they are so easily brainwashed. They consign their thinking to others who they think are their betters…college professors, journalists, celebrities, politicians, because they are either too lazy or simply incapable of thinking for themselves.

    Rational people are the other way around, they think before they feel. Margaret Thatcher says it best in “Iron Lady”:

    “People don’t think anymore, they feel…do you know one of the great problems of our age, is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than thoughts and ideas.”

    • Replies: @Elf Himself
  107. Affirmative Action needs to go die for America to survive.

    Liberalism needs to go die for the West to survive.

    Islam needs to go die for the World to survive.

  108. @Corvinus

    Are you claiming that the eeoc has the authority to ignore or override whatever portions of the civil rights act of 1964 that it wants to? When did congress give it that authority? Some aspects of the civil rights law you like others not as much.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  109. @Disenfrenchised

    that’s why most liberals are bad at math

    Actually, most math professors are strident leftists, if they are political at all. I know, I am one (a math professor, not a leftist).

    • Replies: @Disenfrenchised
  110. Corvinus says:

    “Are you claiming that the eeoc has the authority to ignore or override whatever portions of the civil rights act of 1964 that it wants to?”

    Don’t be silly, I never made that claim. Congress crafts laws, some of which are broad, to provides federal agencie the required flexibility. This process is standard operating procedure. The EEOC, of course, does not have the authority to override legislation, and when individuals and companies believe there is legal overreach, then they go to court.

    We already covered this ground. Go back to the appropriate thread from our previous discussion on this matter.

  111. It isn’t a broad law though. Section 703j plainly states that there should not be an imposition of quotas to correct an imbalance. That portion of the civil rights act has never been followed. No governmental agency has the flexibility to override democratically elected laws to enact its mandate. The agency’s mandate is to follow the law and carry out the will of the people. If the people intended to give the government the power to impose racial quotas they should have been forthright in stating so. They were not able to do so because the people didn’t want it.

  112. @Elf Himself

    Most people who are good at math are not liberals, but there are exceptions – when they are Jewish or in academia. Over 80% of Jews are self-proclaimed liberals, they need to stick with the tribe. Academia is a libtard cess pool, like the media, Hollywood, and increasingly, Silicon Valley. In SV, most of the tech staff who are not Indian/Jewish are actually conservative(unless they are major stock holders then they are all for cheap foreign labor). Unfortunately this group who are fast being replaced by Indian H1b’s are in the minority, the majority of people in tech these days are non-STEM people: HR, legal, sales, admin, marketing, finance, operations, tech ed, usability, design now make up the majority in SV. They are overwhelmingly libart majors aka libtards. That’s why SV has now swung so far to the left.

  113. @Njguy73

    And what if my little snaggle tooth white youngun’ decides he wants to be solar energy engineer?

    And we happen to be stuck (through no real fault of our own other than failing to be upper middle class or above) in some neighborhood “in transition”?

    You obnoxious Jersey lout.

    • Replies: @Anon
  114. @Negrolphin Pool

    The problem is we have set up a society where the normal consequences of stupidity and reckless breeding have been removed.

    Low IQ people of all races are paid welfare to pump out children. Before welfare payments nature would take its course. The average IQ of blacks and whites will continue to decrease because lower IQ people are breeding out of control with no consequences.

    There are plenty of intelligent blacks out there but they are greatly outnumbered by the tribal savages who multiply at a much faster rate.

    I’m a jazzer in Australia. I saw Mulgrew with Ron Carter a few years back in Sydney. He must be one of the greatest living pianists along with Barry Harris.

    A word on IQ and music. Heaps of high IQ people have no musical ability. Music is more of a sensory and physical craft. To excel in jazz especially the required virtues are closer to a great athlete or dancer. Endurance, energy, fast reaction time etc play a large part. I think you would find that Coltrane and Wynton’s IQ is high but not especially so. If you have heard Wynton, or Nicholas Payton or Coltrane talking politics/religion you would know what I mean.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  115. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    He can do what all the Viets and Tamils do who want to be engineers. Seems to work for them.

    Tongue out of cheek though, it shouldn’t be too hard for most people to avoid black neighborhoods. Which they do, hence “white flight” (really an old problem by now). If “bussing” and so on are avoided, things work out.

    –Another Jersey lout

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  116. Well they have succeeded in one respect: they’ve lowered the performance of our better students against the international competition.

    So while the black-white gap may still be there domestically, internationally we have eliminated our lead over the rest of the world.


  117. ” To excell in Jazz especially the required virtues are closer to a great athlete or dancer”
    Okay myself, a Jazz player ( winds) with over fifty years on the bandstand ( the term “Jazzer” is not
    well accepted in the US), myself I really tend to disagree with you on this subject.

    As far as I am concerned dancing is fine, and one of the oldest human expressions regarding music, but as “required virtue” for the art of improvising : No way.

    Charlie Parker, Dizzy, Stan (Getz) Chet (Baker) Miles, etc, these non-plus-ultra artists most certainly were not avid dancers (or athletes ) rather they were endowed/blessed with a magnificent “melodic instinct”, “melodic imagination” and this being the ” required virtue” for the production of great melody within the field of Jazz improvisation, period.

    I have performed over the years with innumerable fine musicians who had absolutely no interest in dancing, and this lack of interest was most certainly not detrimental to their playing/improvising abilities.

    And another interesting aspect of your viewpoint being : Outside of the US there are some very strange viewpoints being held by Jazz players regarding the properties of Jazz music itself, one of them being : Jazz is leftist music, which of course does not jibe too well with the visions of Miles in the sixties zooming around Manhattan in his white Ferrari.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet and pro Jazz musician.

  118. @Anon

    You’re living in an alternate universe Anon and presume entirely too much. (my most charitable assessment of you) Try living in some Southern city jacked up on affirmatively furthering Black undertow on steroids in everything. (skools, housing, gov’t yobs, corporate yobs, publik transportation) If you can’t afford private schools for little Johnny and mom also has to work to make ends meet and pay for these parasites, then you might very well be able to “avoid bussing” little Johnny to publik skool because you have to get your ass up early anyway to go to work and can drop him off on the way. But you can’t avoid what gets “bussed” into to little Johnny’s skool. And you can’t avoid who’s teaching in and running little Johnny’s skool.

    So pray tell, what do the Viets and Tamils do? (when living in Amerika)

    • Replies: @Anon
  119. I don’t need any Goddamn links to Wikipedia from the likes of you to understand the concept of busing and desegregation. Go take a flying fuck on a rolling donut.

    • Replies: @Anon
  120. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Then why did you write in your comment above as if you didn’t understand it? Why did you reply to NJguy with a duplicate of Lavoisier’s reply (to which NJguy had already responded), with the addition of a gratuitous geographical insult? If your son wants to be “[a] solar energy engineer” I hope he learns to behave somewhat more rationally than his father.

    –A confused Jersey lout

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  121. @Authenticjazzman

    That’s not what I meant. Being a great dancer or athlete is not a required virtue for being a great musician, but the required IQ component is comparable, and physical training is a large part. I’m also a winds player but with admittedly less than half your number of years in the trade.

    As for leftism and jazz I agree that also makes me scratch my head. That is todays left wing musicians projecting themselves on the past. What are even more bizarre are the left wing symphony orchestra players I come across who make a living performing an aristocratic european style yet endorse multiculturalism and marxism.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  122. @Authenticjazzman

    “Jazzer” is another product of the irreverent Aussie lexicon.

  123. @Anon

    Well ‘scuse me for not going over all 110 reader comments with a fine tooth comb before throwing in my two cents worth. Now go catch that donut before it gets away from you.

    • Replies: @Anon
  124. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    You’re excused.

    But next time you can read the replies that the person you are randomly abusing (with, apparently, a quick escalation to filth) has made to the exact same point you think you are making.

    I’m not doughnut-sexual, unfortunately; don’t extrapolate from your own tendencies. If you must abuse other commenters at random, why not pick on someone like Corvinus?

  125. @Corvinus

    Corvinus if an employer was solely motivated by racism then why wouldn’t the employer attempt to test your genome or blood to determine your ancestry? Why would a “racist” employer test your iq or literacy or any of the other rejected metrics by the eeoc? Mlk said a lot of garbage about content of character but civil rights leaders don’t like criminal background checks either. The reason is that civil rights leaders reject all standards other than numerical quotas.

  126. @Richard Cavendish

    ” As for leftism and jazz I agree that also makes me scratch my head”

    Well I have been scratching my head over this issue for forty-plus years.
    I remember in Frankfurt encountering a guy who played with the so-called ” Radical links Jazz ensemble” : Radical leftist jazz ensemble, and I did in fact ask him just wtf jazz has to do with a “Radical leftist” mindset, and he proceed to explain to me, an American, that Jazz music is the artist expression of black people who hate America, and who are striving for a communistic form of gov.

    And to this day this absurd mindset prevails in Europe, of course there are exceptions, but basically the Europeans consider Jazz to be leftist anti-American music.

    And then you have such leftist nut-cases in the US as the Che’ worshiping lunatic Charlie Hayden ( he is dead) who make no bones about their anti-capitalistic standpoint, regardless of the fact that they are amongt the highest payed Jazz players, sort of like Michael Moore who admits that he made a hundred million bucks by dissing capitalism.

    My favorite uncle, long passed, a marvelous piano man and vocalist, who had been on the bandstand with such figures as Benny Goodman, he told me, as a young budding musician, that he never associated with other musicians as they were : “all crazy”.
    I could go on and on with this issue, but I’m, sure you get the point.

    I played with a guitarist, a “Greeny” who hated automobiles, but he always managed to hire other musicians, who did own cars, so as to provide him with transportation to and from gigs.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army Vet, and pro jazz musician.

    PS today is Eric Dolphy’s birthday.

    • Replies: @Richard Cavendish
  127. @Authenticjazzman

    Great comment. I have noticed the same on my travels in Europe. It’s typical behaviour from the modernist neomarxists who appropriated all the cultural domains in the 20th century.

    The problem is jazz has always been such a mish mash of values systems. You find aristocratic values such as virtuosity, clarity, melodic development, emotional restraint etc alongside hedonism, drug use, vagueness, mysticism, bohemianism, modernism etc. Often in the same band.

    I wasn’t around at the time but I feel like the two Johns have a lot to answer for. Coltrane and Lennon. Both began their careers making high art and later on became left wing hippie mystics. (Interestingly through the influence of women Yoko and Alice)

    This legitimised the left wing revolutionary aesthetic in the eyes of many because two cultural titans were sucked into it.

  128. @Richard Cavendish

    There’s no doubt that heaps of high IQ people have no musical ability, and to be sure, none at all. Reaction time is an established correlate of IQ, however. I agree that the skills required to be a great jazz player are analogous to being a great dancer or athlete on two levels, the first being that, like all performance art, it is physically mediated. The second, that there are many requisite and profound intangibles that likely have nothing at all to do with IQ, as it’s defined.

    If we wanted to quantify musical ability, then we might as well come up with a separate index for it, MQ, music quotient, or whatever. But there could be devised separate MQs, one for each instrument. The one for the piano, I’m guessing, would correlate most strongly with IQ, save perhaps for the orchestra as a whole, the realm of the orchestrater or arranger. If you pay attention to the credits of your favorite movie scores, the disproportionate number of Jewish surnames gives credence to this idea, even adjusting for the confounder of ethnic nepotism, the effect of which is probably small today anyhow.

    I’m a jazzer in Australia. I saw Mulgrew with Ron Carter a few years back in Sydney. He must be one of the greatest living pianists along with Barry Harris.

    Sorry to inform you, Mulgrew is no longer with us. He was, no doubt, one of the greatest, and is still. Speaking of Nicholas Payton

    Here he is at about 35, if anything in the jazz idiom has exceeded this for eloquence and aesthetic perfection, I can’t readily cite what it may be

  129. teacher says:

    1. You will have a room full of rappers.
    2. They will never stretch beyond their natural talents to discover new ones.

    I left education, too. My husband and I team-taught spec. ed, MS and HS, in OH (half black urban and half Appalachan white), multi (Seattle, Fairfield, CA, near Chicago), Indians (reservation in CA) and rural whites (MO). In places when and where we could teach code switching, that it’s a game, and you just have to learn the rules; enforce discipline, use consistent rewards and consequences, and teach that certain things do not belong in the classroom (as in the military — you leave certain things behind in the neighborhood), we were uber-successful.

    Once it got too PC (early 2000s) and we were in districts where ACORN or silly white women ruled, we were not. We never changed. What we were permitted to do (oh, yes — ignoring fads was one thing we did, as well), we did as long as we could…and saw miracles. Not all the time, but often enough.

    I finally got to the point where I couldn’t handle one more surprise “harrassment” meeting between a couple of PC staffers and a huffy parent and resigned early. He still teaches, in a small (but not “good ol-boys run ever’thin’” small) town in the heartland, where they leave him alone to do his thing. Outside of one sexual harrassment investigation (paid admin leave), he’s been fine. Found an aide that worked well with him, hung in there the first couple of years till they let him do his thing….It’s something he can still enjoy while he does some good.

    Wish I could say the same, but I wasn’t as emotionally tough. Now I spend a lot of time with my nose in books or on the net, talking politics and various happenings… on the web. Too bad. Could have helped a lot more kids, but eventually the stress of modern schools makes some get hyper sensitized, almost as if they have PTSD. I had my recurring “50 students, first day, and no one will even listen to me” dream just a couple of nights ago.

    C’est la vie.

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