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Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson–Perfect President for Conservatism Inc.
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A few days ago, the Heritage Foundation named a long-serving member of its board, a black woman, as the new president of the organization [Heritage Foundation taps Kay Coles James to be next president, by Nolan McCaskill and Eliana Johnson, Politico, December 19, 2017]. The old joke comes to mind: “What do you call a black person at a Heritage Foundation conference? The keynote speaker.”

Which brings us to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The half-Samoan/half-black professional wrestler turned Hollywood star leads in the reboot of Jumanji hitting theaters this weekend. The original starred Robin Williams, so the reboot is yet another example of unnecessarily remaking the same film, only this time with a multiracial cast.

“The Rock” has a history with conservatives, who believe he is one of them ever since he spoke at the 2000 GOP Convention [Watch the Rock’s Very Odd Speech at the 2000 Republican National Convention, by Osita Nwanevu, Slate, July 19, 2016].

Because of this appearance, the myth of The Rock being a conservative and a Republican has proliferated [A Major Republican Actor Is Distance Himself from His GOP ‘Buddy’ And Saying He’s Friends With Obama, by Zach Noble, The Blaze, July 19, 2014]. IMDB even lists him as a conservative actor.

Clickbait articles like Newsmax’s “Top 30 Hollywood Republican Celebrities” [by John Blosser, February 10, 2015]associate him with Clint Eastwood, Kelsey Grammer, and Sylvester Stallone, all of whom have made explicitly conservative statements over the years.

Of course, Johnson also attended the Democrat convention in 2000, so this is pretty thin stuff [The Rock’s Presidential ‘Campaign’ Shows We’ve Learned Nothing, by Ryan Teague Beckwith, Time, May 19, 2017]. Claiming Johnson is conservative is simply part of the old embarrassing Beltway Right tradition of campaigning against “Hollywood” while simultaneously latching on to any celebrity, no matter how obscure, who could plausibly be called “conservative.”

Seriously?Enter archetypal cuckservative David French, who slobbered all over Johnson a few months ago, with a cover story in National Review begging him to run for president in 2020 [The Celebrity We Need, May 15, 2017].

Between creepy references to Johnson’s muscularity, French outlines a questionable theory: Johnson is politically conservative because he promotes “hard work.”

When he “uses” his public platform, he uses it to promote the value of hard work. As he tweets (and constantly states), “Blood, sweat, and respect. The first two you give, the last one you earn.” The mantra is constant. And it accompanies every aspect of his personal story. Without hard work, you can achieve nothing. As a basic cultural message—particularly to an entitled generation—it’s hard to beat.

Furthermore, because Johnson “aims to entertain” instead of using his celebrity for activism, he’s a uniting figure. “The Rock is the right celebrity for our polarized time,” French squees. “The politics can wait.”

Thus speaks the journal which claims to define serious American conservatism.

But of course, French’s theory isn’t even true. Johnson’s a registered Independent, not a Republican [Will Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson actually run for president? ‘It’s a real possibility.’ By Marissa Payne, Washington Post, May 10, 2017]. More importantly, Johnson has already become involved in activism, attacking Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank when Plank called President Trump an “asset” to the USA for his “pro-business” stance.

Johnson, who partners with Under Armour for a clothing line, sneered:

“We don’t partner with a brand casually. I partner with brands I trust and with people who share my same values. That means a commitment to diversity, inclusion, community, open-mindedness and some serious hard work.”

[Dwayne Johnson, Misty Copeland Respond to Under Armour CEO’s Pro-Trump Comments, by Sam Reed, Hollywood Reporter, February 10, 2017]

Even bland praise of the Commander-in-Chief is too much for Johnson, hero of National Review. But a vague reference to “serious hard work” is probably good enough for French. You can almost see him raising his fist at the Democrats and shouting, “We believe in hard work and you do not!”

Standing respectfully for the National Anthem is also too much to ask for Johnson, as he came down hard on Trump for daring to speak against the “Take A Knee” movement.

“When the players are kneeling as a last resort, as a desire to be heard, clearly they’re not being heard. It’s an opportunity for our leaders, our president and his staff, to hear them, truly hear them, and not be angry.”

[Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: Trump needs to listen to protesting sports players, by Alicia Cohn, The Hill, December 2, 2017]

But “Take A Knee” isn’t about a “desire to be heard,” it’s about black racial solidarity. Black athletes feel they have far more in common with black criminals than white America’s flag.

Johnson also attacked President Trump’s travel ban from terrorist nations on the grounds he believes in “inclusion” [The Rock Completely Disagrees With President Trump’s Travel Ban: ‘I Believe in Inclusion, by Raisa Bruner, Time, May 10, 2017].

His condemnation of two of President Trump’s most pro-American actions show where Johnson’s true loyalties lie in a fragmenting America where political divisions are defined by race. Unquestionably, Johnson would run as a Democrat if he became a candidate. He could use National Review’s gushing cover in an ad.

But beyond this, there’s something even more fascinating about Johnson. As in Jumanji, his movie career has been defined by his being substituted into roles once played by white men—or even playing a white man himself.

For example, 1973’s Walking Tall was a loose retelling of the life of white Southern lawman Sheriff Buford Pusser. It was remade with the same title in 2004 with Johnson in the lead, only now he’s a Special Forces soldier named Chris Vaughn.

The Rock became the legendary demigod Hercules in a 2014 film, stepping into the role once played by Steve Reeves.

Most recently, he was cast in the Hollywood’s version of Baywatch, playing the same character as David Hasselhoff in the TV series.

Even in 2015’s San Andreas, a film praised by Cuckservative Revie w’s French, Johnson seems to be a white male, with his two daughters in the film (played by Alexandra Daddario and Arabella Morton) both very far from black or Samoan in appearance [‘Fate of the Furious’ Dwayne Johnson has been wrestling for years with the politics of race, pro wrestling and Hollywood, by David Dennis Jr., The Undefeated, March 31, 2017]. (The person I saw it with speculated that his wife in the film had had an affair.)

And in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, his character received General George S. Patton’s .45 pistol from the original G.I. Joe himself (played by Bruce Willis), a racially symbolic gesture if there ever was one.


The Rock’s ability to simply “take over” white roles is probably why he is so attractive to someone like French. The cuckservative believes racial polarization will somehow avoid consuming him if he simply doesn’t think about it. A cuckservative also believes, as a foundational principle, that the symbols and institutions of the Historic American Nation will endure and still retain the same meaning and function even as the population is transformed.

In cinematic terms, that’s the role Dwayne Johnson has performed during his entire career. And if he steps into politics, he’ll do much the same thing, as he’ll support far-Left causes like Open Borders and Black Lives Matter, but he’ll do it with a smile and vague allusions to unity.

The sad part: it would probably work. Johnson’s celebrity star power would allow him to compete effectively with Trump and turn out the non-white voters the Democrats depend on. Barack Obama used a similar trick of dishonestly posing as a “uniter” to launch his national political career while exploiting anti-white sentiments.

And you can count on the Main Stream Media to run cover for Johnson the same way journalists did for Obama.

In the “united” America people like Johnson and Obama exemplify, the Historic American Nation is written out of history.

Cuckservatives like French may not care. But Americans who actually want our country to endure should. After all, we want a real country. We don’t want some dishonest bastardization posing as the real thing. We don’t want the political equivalent of yet another crappy Hollywood remake.

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I’m happy Unz is publishing Kersey. One of the better dissident right writers out there. His work on “hidden figures” was legendary and even the MSM was forced to adress it – though of course claiming he was just a hateful bigot and trying extremely hard to avoid a factual discussion, since they knew they would lose that debate.

    As regards Mr. Johnson, vaguely black characters who are comfortable in a neoliberal system while supporting leftist social ideals do appear to be the favourite of the donor class. Look at Corey Booker or Kamala Harris. You use their race to appeal to people’s basest identity instincts but you can be certain that they will never challenge the economic system which their donors depend on to accumulate wealth even as the average American barely sees any real wage increases(adjusted for inflation) and debt due to education and healthcare accelerates.

    If Trump loses in 2020 and multi-racial democrat (like Harris or Johnson) wins, then you can expect them to spend a lot more time on BLM and a lot less on oligarchy. Just as Clinton in 2016 went all in on identity politics, even as she was fundraising off from Wall Street.

    The cuckservative response has been to decry identity politics and issue bland statements that we “must all come together”. Of course this rhetoric only really works on whites, and especially conservative whites, who want to avoid thinking about race to the greatest extent that they can. But this is why Trump is likely the last GOP president. He already lost the popular vote and only became elected due to the quirks of the electoral system. His actions in his 1st year has shown him to be a meek carboncopy of the GOP establishment. If he understands the importance of demographics, he certainly doesn’t show it in his actions.

    One way to think about him is to say that he’s the national version of Pete Wilson, the California governor who was the last Republican in that state and actually got serious about illegal immigration and the like. But it was too late at that point. California in many ways is a bellwether for America. The only difference is that whereas in California, the remaining democrat governors were all white men, on a national level we’re more likely to see vaguely multiracial/black characters like Harris, Johnson or Booker. And the cuckservatives will pretend that the only reason the democrats now rule is because “we didn’t do outreach enough” instead of the elephant in the room: immigration policy.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @Heros
    , @KenH
  2. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Personally I’ve always thought Johnson was a clown. He was a mediocre wrestler and his movies are a joke. In San Andreas I loved out loud at his two “daughters” when they appeared on the screen. It is inconceivable he could have produced two such white children.

  3. iseeit says:

    Merry Christmas!
    Lol to the “cucksersative”.
    Intelligent and well constructed.
    I can respect that.

  4. I once chuckled to a friend after sitting in on a briefing that a bowl of Jello® could be President, because all that was required was for the head to tilt or wiggle in a given direction. The Rock would make a fine President: He’s good looking, personable, and he can reliably read the script, prompter or cue cards his deep-state masters would prepare for him. Restoring the Republic is so passé.

  5. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Samoans appear to be people who kiss up and kick down.
    More intelligent than Black Africans, but also more organised, and more dangerous.

  6. Mitleser says:

    The new Jumanji is more of a sequel than a reboot.

  7. Tulip says:

    Johnson is great, but how long before the thotpolice run him in for inappropriate conduct.

    You can’t get that big without testosterone, and you can’t have that much testosterone and not have some pissed off or jilted lover coming out the woodwork to tank you for fame and political gains.

    I think sexual harassment and all the puritanism are just a way of culling high-T men out of positions of power.

    • Replies: @Alden
  8. Z-man says:

    ‘Cuckservative David French’, that says it all, methinks he might be a gay cuck also. LOL

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  9. Rich says:

    There is no such thing as a black conservative. Just because Thomas Sowell appeared to have an understanding of conservatism, doesn’t mean there are any others out there. I know hard core Christian, church going blacks, who would vote for Lucifer if he was a democrat, will vote pro-abortion democrat, pro-illegal alien democrat, even former KKK democrat, before they will ever vote for anyone on the republican ticket. Blacks belong to the democrat party, repubs have to give it up. The Sailer strategy is the only one that can work for the republicans, but their leaders, in many cases, are afraid to use it. It took an outsider like Trump to ride it to victory.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Rod1963
    , @bjondo
  10. neutral says:

    He would also be the perfect president for the Democrats.

  11. Since only a fraction of Western Indo-European Man have viability, genetically speaking, for the establishment and thriving of a White Homeland, then, a priori, this is the only salvation for us. Split the Jew Ese into separate republics, with Whites who are citizens obtaining a per cent according to demographics. From that point on, with a unified, genetically fit herd, the new White Nation can rebuild the herd, minus the sick and useless DNA of the beta male sucks and Shabbos, and the slut Dumb Terminals on total external control.

    Within 30 years, the Bleck and Brown republics will be bankrupt and dissolute, enabling the White Republic to buy them out, piece by piece. All White men and women in the New Country will use the Singapore government model of governance as a basis template. Women will be revered and coveted for their real feminine traits and the epicentral family focus. Three children minimum is the axiom. No woman would be able to ascend the professional ladder without that strict requirement.

    Anything LESS than the above is a continuation of the Graveyard Death Spiral of An Airplane for Whites. The ground is rising up to meet us soon and our REAL Holocaust.

  12. Rod1963 says:

    No the GOP leaders aren’t afraid to use it. The fact is the GOP is happy being a minority party as long as the bribe money rolls in for their votes. Why do you think they avoided the trade and immigration issues in their platforms even though they are real vote getters among whites? Because they don’t want to be a majority party, they just want the money. It’s the same reason why they repeatedly put up the most bland and generic old white guys they can find. They aren’t interested in winning, all they want is a seat at the table to get their bribe money.

    The Democrats and the GOP are merely two faces of the uniparty and the elite behind them that run the show.

  13. Alden says:

    I’ve only seen him in TV ads for his movies. I think his muscles are silicon implants and his slim waist a product of liposuction. He looks more like a robot than a human.

    • Replies: @Tulip
    , @Truth
  14. headrick says:

    we might ask Ron Paul for some suggestions (not Rand)

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  15. Mr. Kersey as usual nails it. This David French cuck is the root of our problems and these cucks will be the death of the West if they are not stopped. French imported an Ethiopian girl so there is a reason for his negritude (as if the USA is running out of blacks to adopt). He needs role models for this adoptee. These cucks are willing to destroy the West to help blacks/Asians feel better about themselves in the West. They will never feel better in the West because they had nothing to do with the creation of the West and will never fit in. The three most dangerous persons in the West are the Caucasian RCC male who accepts black/Asians priest-popes, the Caucasian male Zioevangizer who believes Jews are the chosen and the gentile Freemason who believes in universal brotherhood. These 3 stooges must be made to face the reality of race and IQ and why separation/deportation/repatriation is needed. Western culture becomes more degraded day by day. This Jumanji remake is a perfect example. Blacks/Asians contributed nothing to Western culture so their “stories” have no place in the West. Hence, remakes or turning white characters black/Asian, a white-washing of the our past. At the Vatican, on this most holy day, cuck poop Frannie was blathering about accepting migrants. This is not the meaning of Christmas. He did nothing about the “gay Nativity” in St. Peter’ Square. Affirmative action sainthood for blacks/Asians moves briskly. I’m a cradle RCCer who left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. I follow RCC news because the RCC is causing so many problems in the USA and Western Europe.

    We are lucky to have Trump as our president, but we need to look beyond 2020 and find potential leaders who will build on what Trump is doing.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @nsa
  16. @headrick

    Ron Paul is a cuck just like Rand. They would never do anything like what Trump is doing.

    • Replies: @Anon
  17. Alden says:

    You are the person who used to post as Betty on the occidental observer

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  18. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Most of the commenters here are cucks at heart . A good portion spend most of their time whining about the mistreatment of the same Muslims who would chop off their head if given half a chance . Their hatred of Jews is at such a manic level that they have lowered themselves to be cheerleaders for Muslims just for the hope that Muslims can do a job they are incapable of , as they are too impotent and atrophied to put the internet down for a while.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  19. @Alden

    You strike me as a website commentator stalker. Can you handle the truth?

    • Replies: @Alden
  20. When is the author of this vacuous article (along with the rest of the like-minded dumbasses) going to realize that it doesn’t matter whether the president is a half Samoan, half black professional wrestler OR a Hispanic lesbian OR anything else… IF…

    the policies never change!!!

    (It’s a rhetorical question. I know the answer… NEVER….)

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  21. @Anon

    Bingo!!! I can blame the Jews for many things, but big picture there is always an RCC/Zioevangizer/Freemason behind them giving them their “power.” I had an ephiphany several years ago and realized that it was these 3 who are causing our problems. As I have consistently stated, the most evil, oxymoronic belief – universal brotherhood – is what is destroying the West. Universal brotherhood comes into direct conflict with IQ (which is tied to race). The left is easy to understand because they work against the natural law and devolve into degeneracy. But the “right” is a bit more complicated. Cucks would go on about individualism, personal responsibility, freedom of association, the uniqueness of the individual. But this came into conflict for me one day when I was at a church service and I thought there was a black priest saying the mass. It was a dark-skinned East Indian (he had an accent). But this jarred me. I had never had a black/Asian priest at any mass I attended and it didn’t sit well with me. I began to question my beliefs and realized I could not accept black/Asian priests-popes. Then I read portions of the Bell Curve and made me realize that IQ is the beginning point of everything. I always understand about differences in intelligence. Where I lived we knew blacks/Asians were not as smart as Caucasians. This brought biology into conflict with beliefs. That is why I now state, biology first, then beliefs. Then looking at the West and its development we can see that only Caucasians/Europeans were the ones who created it. Jews/blacks/Asians had nothing to do with it. The Jewish question will bring out the 2 types of people: the Christian cucks who still believe Jews are the chosen and the trad RCCers/Neo-Nazis who blame the Jews for everything. These groups are easily dealt with. First, from a religious perspective, their covenant with God ended with the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. As far as the Nazis, Hitler was against the Bolshevik Jews in Russia and wanted to prevent a union with German Jews and a take over of Germany. Though Hitler was defeated in WWII, the Bolshevik problem was gradually solved with a now nationalist Russia. Let’s put a time perspective into this also. Up until Vatican II, the world was a large, still difficult to travel globe. But now with international flights so common the world has literally shrunk. Today’s cucks, Neo-Nazis can’t deal with this. They are focused on a long gone past and refuse to deal with the most dangerous present. This dangerous present can be summed up in 2 words: IQ, which is tied to race. It is also the sum of world history but we can deal with this later. So at this point in time we can see that the West is best. When we look at the peoples who created this West, we can see the 3 groups that are missing: Jews/blacks/Asians. Here is crux of the problem because it means the end of “universal church” and “universal brotherhood.” It is the “right” that is melting down because it cannot handle these realities. Leftists are very degenerate and cannot think logically. The right can think logically, but it refuses to deal with reality. Cucks won’t say Islam is a Christian heresy because most Muslims are black/Asian. Cucks won’t say Jews no longer have a covenant with God because they’re afraid of being called Nazis. So, since cucks refuse to deal with reality here is what will happen. The West will have to face its “Year Zero,” “Year One” around 2020. The RCC will be mostly gone in the USA. There will be no rapture for the Zioevangizers so they will have to rethink their beliefs. We will no longer be able to believe that education for anyone with an IQ of less than 89 will have a salutary effect on them. This is why dealing with cucks is the most important issue facing us. I’ll name names in another comment.

    • Replies: @Alden
  22. @Jonathan Revusky

    (((Jonathan Revusky)))??? Trump is changing policies.

  23. nsa says:

    Hennie, You might enjoy “Jesus Has Two Daddies”…..4.5 stars over at Amazon books. Chronicles the heartwarming saga of Tom and Tod as they start a family in the birthplace of the Republican Party. Remember to wash down your blood pressure pills with three fingers before turning the first page……..

  24. Alden says:

    Can’t you go back to occidental observer Betty?

    You might have more readers if you used paragraphs.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  25. Heros says:
    @Polish Perspective

    I am delighted to see that this is the same Paul Kersey from SBPDL. His great site was behind a paywall for a while, and now it has been opened once again. Thank you Paul, whoever you are.

    Kersey is a very witty race-realist, except when it comes to one self-chosen race. Plus he often cannot seem to break out of that US propaganda bubble. He is way over focused on sports (like Sailer) and other superficial and distracting shiny objects, so he cannot discern many greater truths.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  26. KenH says:
    @Polish Perspective

    If he (Trump) understands the importance of demographics, he certainly doesn’t show it in his actions.

    That’s right. Like many baby boomers he isn’t much bothered by the racial transformation that mass third world immigration has wrought and what it portends for his own people. And as a radical egalitarian he erroneously thinks that a thriving economy will remedy interracial strife and other social ills. So we’ll just be Brazil with a slightly better economy.

    Princess Ivanka was tweeting recently about how happy she was that Latino unemployment had dropped and I’m sure she made daddy really proud with that tweet. Expressing any concern about white unemployment would be “white supremacy and racial intolerance” in white privileged America.

  27. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The guy is a steroid user so he’s a fake muscleman. Pro wrestling is fake so he’s a fake on that score. Acting is also faking it so notch another one. He’s a fake conservative and a fake white man so he’s been counterfeit all the way for his entire life.

  28. bjondo says:

    sowell is a zionist bootlick.
    automatically disqualified from anything
    except bootlicking.

  29. @Alden

    This “Betty” about whom you comment, was she not barred from OCC? Does Pierre de Craon miss her?

    I will make note of your grammatical advice regarding paragraphs. Once I start typing, it’s a keystroke stream of consciousness and I just have to get everything out before my thought processes are interrupted. I try to proofread but I have a life and always have other things to do. The most important thing is get out ideas to help the West.

  30. Tulip says:

    Well, maybe he has no balls after all. But if he does, he won’t have the resources of an Arnold to buy up all the gossip press to keep a lid on his love children. All those big Hollywood guys seem to have some serious skeletons in the closet that would make them unelectable under “contemporary standards”. Have 5 kids by 5 different guys, or be a [female] prostitute, and you’re a role model. Screw a [female] intern once, you’re a predator.

  31. Identity politics and counter-identity politics only get you so far. I’m sure Johnson as a Republican would attract more black and Hispanic voters than Trump, but not enough to make a big difference at election time. Most Hispanic and black voters vote Democrat out of clear economic self-interest: they are poorer than whites and its logical for low-income minorities to vote for more government spending. Whatever candidate the Republicans run, they can’t get around this problem.

    The ideal black candidate would be left-wing on welfare and right-wing on immigration, an almost impossible combination in a right-wing liberal country like the US.

  32. @Heros

    You make a good point about Mr. Kersey and the chosen. I know he is a Southerner but I don’t recall him ever talking about his religious background. This is important and I hope he comments about this. This would give a better perspective as to how to deal with the chosen. He does podcasts on AmRen with Jared Taylor. AmRen is easy on the Jews and this has caused controversy among rightists, nationalists, etc. I don’t buy into the “blame the Jews for everything” craziness. But they do have to go to Israel and Jews cannot be a part of any political offices in the West. This is why I support the state of Israel.

    As for Mr. Kersey’s focusing on sports, this is actually working out well. The NFL/NBA has collapsed. Whites have abandoned these games which is a great boost to Western movements. It is fascinating to watch 2 multi-billion dollar businesses collapse with no one mentioning the reason for the collapse: the negrification of these sports. Negrophiliacs like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are very unhappy about this. They blame many factors except for the race factor. Now that this collapse has happened, Mr. Kersey will have to move on to other organizations. These would be the RCC and the Zioevangizers. But this is only possible if we know something about Mr. Kersey’s religious background. These 2 groups (along with the Freemasons) are the ones causing havoc in the West with their support of the chosen and immigration of third world peoples to the West.

  33. @Z-man

    We love to throw that term around but,by jiminy,David French is a real full metal cuck!

    • LOL: Z-man
  34. KenH says:

    The cucks are always looking for blacks and browns who appear conservative on the surface who they can hold up as a shining example that conservatism transcends race. At one time Rush Limbaugh had a man crush on Charles Barkley because he made some conservative sounding utterances and occasionally dissented from the anti-white musings of his more militant “bruthas”.

    But Chaz is now back on the reservation with his recent campaigning for Doug Jones and imploring Doug and the Democrats to do something for black people.

  35. Ohhh wow . . .

    There’s something new. White people, notably of the elite variety, selecting a black woman to head some elite organization.

    Uhhhhh it’s not new, it’s not unique and it is typical color manufacturing, so as hide the bankruptcy the organization cynical color game.

    I have no doubt that she is qualified and able, but one has to wonder in all of the organization’s history — there’s only been one and only a female . . . suspect.

    It’s called seasoning.


    I am completely unfamiliar with Mr Johnson as a conservative. An actor whose movies I have enjoyed — but as a conservative – unknown to me.

  36. TWS says:

    He’s an ex athlete and a performer. He seems charming and I happen to have Samoan friends. He is probably fun at parties or a barbeque but that’s hardly a reason to consider him for office.

    I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out than pissing in but there’s no reason to make him president of anything. He probably considers himself more Samoan than black, he couldn’t play a black nationalist very convincingly on wwf. My guess is that if we had conservative democrats he’d be one. We don’t really any more so he’s a republican.

  37. Dr. Doom says:

    Can you smeeeeeeelll what the Rock is cooking? Its the candy ass Lincoln Party.

    Cooked Goose.

  38. Truth says:

    Aldey, you and Atilla would both be all over that like a $20 dress.

  39. Gene Su says:

    Are they really going to have the Rock play Doc Savage? The world’s smartest super hero played by a pro “rassler”?

    Also, didn’t the movie Idiocracy show a black pro “rassler” becoming dictator of the whole world?

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