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The Great Russian Restoration III
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Note: I didn’t expect the last two articles on Russia to be so popular. Because of the rampant censorship in the West, I had given up all hope of writing seriously about politics in English about two years ago. But, so far, Substack has allowed genuine dissidents to stay platformed on their service, so I figured that I might give it a shot. Here is my recently made substack where I will be re-uploading what has already been published on Occidental Observer and reposted elsewhere. If you like what I’ve written, feel free to sign up there because I’ve got a lot more analysis articles in the pipeline in the coming days and weeks about the situation in Eastern Europe and also some essays about just how much I hate Liberalism and all that it stands for. A huge thank you to Professor MacDonald for publishing my articles. – Rolo

There appears to be a breather in the offensive campaign two weeks in. Every talking head with a Telegram channel, a LiveJournal or a radio broadcast has weighed in on what this means. Some accept the statements from Russian officials at face value—that it is a genuine effort to provide humanitarian relief to the civilian population and to save lives through evacuations. Others, that it is a chance for the Russians to resupply and mass up even more troops. Some patriot voices in Russia are furious that Putin refused to give the order to engage the enemy head-on, choosing the velvet glove approach instead. Others say that this stratagem to win over hearts and minds is the correct one. Most intelligent commentators have already pointed out just how intense and overwhelming the NATO/Ukrainian propaganda barrage was and just how ill-equipped the Russian side was to deal with it. In our previous article, we explained why that may have been the case— the government never really took combatting Western disinformation too seriously until it was almost too late. If there is one clear and objective failing of Putin’s long rule that can be squarely pinned on his decision-making, this would be it. However, Putin did have a media strategy and it was quite clear for many years what it was: he focused on controlling the main TV channels and left the rest of the enemy’s propaganda untouched. In Russia, the “boomers” are the main voting block and they turn out in strength for whoever the TV tells them to… or the Communists, if they’re feeling particularly peeved at the government during that cycle. So it wasn’t a bad plan on Putin’s part by any means and it was better than anything that Trump or any other modern populist leader was able to pull off, by far. It was however, a half-measure, and while the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the off-ramp was certainly built with half-measures.

Back on the warfront, rumors are circulating that Dniepopetrovsk might surrender by the time that the Russian forces reach it. Apparently, the Jewish oligarch Igor Kholomoisky, the kingpin of the city, may have sued for a separate peace with the Russians. I don’t want to make any hard predictions about the course that this war will take, but this isn’t really as absurd a proposition as it may seem at first glance. Rumor or not, mentioning it does cross us over neatly into the main topic of today’s post: the political power factions that control the Ukraine.

It is worth getting into the details here just so that we can come to an understanding of just what exactly Ukrainian politics was since independence. Ukrainian politics has been almost entirely dominated by the Eastern Mafias since the days of Presidents Kravchuk and Kuchma. There are two factions within the mafia that are worthy of particular mention: the Donbass and the Dniepropetrovsk groups. Both gained power when they took over the factories and the energy resources and the gas pipelines in their respective regions. Analysts who endlessly draw maps detailing ethnic compositions and language differences among the regions of Ukraine show themselves to be woefully uninformed and completely lost when it comes to understanding just what was happening in Ukraine over the last three decades. Dniepopetrovsk—–a Russian-speaking region (which shows how much that matters) has been the senior political power in the country since 2014. And the only shake-up that Ukrainian politics experienced over the last three decades, however minor, was the election and short-lived reign of Orange Revolution firebrand and then President (2005–2010), Victor Yushenko. Yushenko rose in on a wave of support from Western Ukraine, and crucially, he got many centrists in central regions to vote for him who were simply fed up with the corruption and criminal domination of Ukrainian politics. Nonetheless, Yushenko had to make a deal with Yulia Timoshenko (a Jewish gas baroness turned politician from Donbass) to form a powerful opposition block that became the ruling coalition once twice president (2002–2005 and 2010–2014) Victor Yanukovitch was ousted for the first time. Almost immediately, Yushenko ended up getting backstabbed by Yulia and her people. Or, to be fair, perhaps one could make the case that he betrayed her first and worse and got what he had coming. It doesn’t really matter in the grander scheme of things because the political elite of Ukraine always kept themselves busy tricking, arresting and stealing from one another. Yushenko’s ineffectual stint in power led to Yanukovitch’s (also a Donbass Mafia member) return to power and the events leading up to Euromaidan 2014.

That being said, the events that led to the current situation in Ukraine can be traced back to any point in history, really. One event leads to another so long as we are bound by the chain of cause and effect. It all depends on the skill of the writer to connect the dots and construct a narrative, really. So, my decision to pin the start of the sequence of events that led to this conflict on the events that occurred during the Yushenko era is arbitrary— we could just as easily go back to Kuchma and Kravchuk or to the events all the way back to the Khmelnitsky uprising in the seventeenth century if we wanted to. My goal is not to lay the blame on one corrupt politician or gangster to whitewash the others— only to shed light on a part of the story that Western readers might not be aware of and to push back against simplistic explanations offered for the conflict by ideologists with their own personal agendas informing their framing of events in a certain way.

As a direct result of Yushenko’s ascent to the presidency, a new faction began to rise in Ukraine that had hitherto not exercised power on the national level. We will pick up the story with the Orange Revolution president making the historic decision to start legitimizing and integrating the Galician right-wing radicals (often labeled “neo-Nazis”) into his government, but the lore behind the Galician faction stretches back to the bedlam of the Russian Revolution and is certainly worth delving into another time.

Once Yushenko began injecting die-hard Galician faction members into the security apparatus of Ukraine, they quickly carved out a niche for themselves in the secret police (SBU) and began taking up key positions in the military and defense offices. Assassinations, intimidations and power-grabs became the order of the day (not that they ever really stopped). Yanukovitch, who retook office soon after, did nothing to undo what was initiated by his predecessor and continued funding this operation up to the day that he was chased out of the country by many of these very same people working against him in the security services and in the mob that had gathered in the Maidan Square beneath his presidential residence. Why did he do this? Well, after the controlled demolition of the USSR, the political class of literally every single FSU country adopted something that has been derisively dubbed in Russia as the “sitting on two stools” approach to foreign policy. Put simply: they try to play the West and Russia off each other to extract more concessions from Russia. This was indeed a lucrative grift while it lasted, but eventually the stools toppled over and the whole thing came crashing down. Relative to Yanukovich, Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, got quite lucky. But that’s another story for another time.

Suffice it to say, in the FSU, the anti-Russian separatists/nationalists/Westernists have always enjoyed the secret support of even “pro-Russian” politicians and “pro-Russian” governments. This is because their job was to scare and intimidate the majority of voters, and shore up the power of the “moderate” government, which would prop up the radicals as scarecrows come election time. Now, I’m not a moral purist when it comes to politics by any means, and I can even appreciate a dastardly political stratagem pulled off by my enemies so long as it demonstrates acumen in the same way that a military man can appreciate and study a foreign army’s tactics while on campaign. But Yanukovitch was no Sun Tzu, and he ended up outfoxing himself. To be fair, perhaps he was too busy looting the country and settling old scores with his mafia rivals to notice the new pack of hyenas circling in on him. Regardless, after he was gone, the Galician faction got to finish their takeover of the entire security apparatus of Ukraine, helped along by the rebellion in Donbass and the annexation of Crimea, which gave them carte blanche to purge the ranks of unsympathetic officers, spooks and bureaucrats.

The bloggers who have been bellowing about UkroFascists!!! and the “nazification” of Ukraine on the internet for the last 10 years are probably talking about these people and their takeover of the security structures. But because of their use of the same hysterical buzzwords used by the beloved and trustworthy Western media and their thinly veiled USSR nostalgia, they have turned many sympathetic Westerners with conservative, nationalistic leanings away from them and their writings. The tone-deafness and poor persuasion skills of pro-Russian internet boomers aside, they are quite correct in stating that the Galicians or the Banderanazis(!!!) if you prefer, run Kiev now. However, this is only half the picture. The other half is the Eastern Mafia, which is very much still in the picture and hasn’t been sitting idly by. Kholomoisky of Dniepopetrovsk has successfully raised his own private army (the infamous Azov battalion) and he has defeated the Donbass mafia with targeted assassinations and because of his strategic alliance with the Galician faction, which runs the government. This is the power coalition running Ukraine now. The Galician faction runs the security apparatus/military with their gang and Kholomoisky controls the economy and media of the country with his gang. Needless to say, both groups have the support of Western spook agencies. And both groups believe that Ukraine is their turf and are willing to kill a lot of people to keep it that way.

But the largest feather in Kholomoisky’s cap is no doubt President Zelensky himself. Kholomoisky’s channel created and ran the “Servant of the People” show that featured Zelensky as an honest and intrepid President of Ukraine dedicated to fighting corruption and defending the Ukrainian people. When the elections came around, Kholomoisky’s people and his media resources went all out in campaigning for their man. My personal favorite play was when they bribed Facebook fortune-tellers to spin prophecies about the coming of the president-that-was-promised and thereby secured the superstitious peasant granny vote. If any Western politicians are reading this, put down Sun Tzu and try some of this Kholomoisky fellow’s stratagems during the next election cycle instead.

Now, Russia has declared that they are planning to do a thorough “denazification” campaign, which almost certainly means a thorough purge of the Galician faction from the positions that they have taken since Yushenko let them into the government. As for what will happen to the oligarchs who bankrolled this whole operation, well, that’s still somewhat up in the air. It’s worth point out that Russia used to have dealings with them right up until the events of Euromaidan. The arrangement was simple: Russia paid them to behave and not ally against Russia with the West. As we can see looking back, this was clearly a catastrophic strategy, and what’s worse, I can only shake my head at how uncreative and uninspired it was—a cardinal sin in my book. The worst possible outcome for Ukraine at this point is if Russia comes to a compromise with some element of the existing power structure in Ukraine once they wrap up the military operation. We now know that no negotiations with the Galician faction are possible, so we can cross them off the list. That leaves the Eastern Mafia. Rumors of Kholomoisky’s imminent surrender aside, I can’t help but hope that his chutzpah has finally crossed the line and that he will be forced to spend the rest of his days exiled in Israel along with his puppet Zelensky. As for the rest of the oligarchs, well, both Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Timoshenko held photo-ops in Kiev with Kalashnikovs in their hands, so we can cross them off the list as well. Further than that and we enter the realm of pure speculation.

Clearly, the best outcome would be for a military man from Russia with no history of doing politics or business in Ukraine to come in and take the reins as a vizier or military governor of sorts for a time. This solution may offend committed ideologists and apologists for Liberal Democracy (read: Oligarchy), but the hard truth of the situation that Ukraine finds itself in is one in which literally no one who was anywhere near the reins of power in that country for the last three decades has his hands clean. These people all looted, collaborated and murdered with near impunity for 30 years. With Russia now performing a political prison break from Liberal Oligarchic Occupation Government right before our very eyes, we can only hope that Ukraine will be able to follow suit and break free from the shackles as well.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: NATO, Russia, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin 
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  1. Excellent history lesson, Rolo. Funny, the washington post missed printing these tidbits. Of course if they did, they’d have to tell the truth about the Bidens. Mustn’t have that.

  2. Wielgus says:

    The Ukrainian armed forces regard the people of Donetsk as treacherous katsap (abusive Ukrainian term for Russians, of uncertain provenance) and were firing stuff long before February 24.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Thanks: showmethereal
  3. @Jim Christian

    Jim, you nailed it on what they would have to tell the truth about. Bravo. So many Americans are so deluded because of the lying worthless establishment media and their traitorous supporters. If these people had any integrity or self respect, they would resign their toxic positions and do some honest work.

    • Replies: @haha
  4. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Communism is gone, there’s no belief system left to take its place, only grab what one can if in a position to do so. Mafias and crime gangs exist where the state cannot provide protection or a lawful rule. It would be nice if the oligarchs could be prevented from fleeing, certainly with whatever they stole.
    Countries that emerge from outside rule often have a civil war in its wake such as Ireland, Finland, etc. The problem was that it couldn’t resolve it on its own but had other external actors, US/NATO, insert itself as an opportunist to turn it into a weapon against Russia. Things went too far and Russia intervened. Now is a good time to crack down and get rid of the parasitic oligarch class both in Russia and Ukraine, a corrupting influence of whatever governing system there might be. The article’s suggested solution seems to be the most plausible one. Also, many parts of Ukraine were put into it by communists regardless of what the residents may have thought about it. That’s over with so some regions may want to break away and become independent or ask to join Russia. Whatever they wish. They have resources and a capable work force; a Ukrainian version of Lee Kuan Yew could do a lot.

  5. “…The arrangement was simple: Russia paid them to behave and not ally against Russia with the West…”

    This is astonishing fact, if true. Where is the information/articles that supports this? I tend to think that siloviki, the true ruling class in Russia, hate the “ukro-nazi/dumb golem” scum and will never agree on any deal with them, but may be this miscalculation really happened.

  6. Anonymous[215] • Disclaimer says:

    This is an interesting take, but I find one major fault with it:

    The author looks at the situation as an internal power play between oligarch factions and secret services, but it greatly downplays the importance of Western, in particular, CIA influence in the events of the past 20 years. The CIA started bribing and taking over the Ukrainian secret services (SBU) in the 1990s and around the year 2000 it was already in full control of them (Russia was too weak and had too many internal problems to counter this back then).

    Through the SBU, the CIA created a network of contacts (oligarchs, media figures, nationalist paramilitaries, politicians-for-hire) and coordinated them all from Washington. This is the recipe by which the CIA took control of many Eastern European countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    This is why this all worked so well for the Americans. A bunch of rag-tag opportunistic oligarchs and dumb hohols from rural Western Ukraine would have never been able to control a country of this size and importance by themselves.

    • Agree: chris, annamaria
    • Thanks: Doug Hillman
    • Replies: @Rolo Slavskiy
    , @Soloview
  7. @Anonymous

    The author looks at the situation as an internal power play between oligarch factions and secret services, but it greatly downplays the importance of Western, in particular, CIA influence in the events of the past 20 years. The CIA started bribing and taking over the Ukrainian secret services (SBU) in the 1990s and around the year 2000 it was already in full control of them (Russia was too weak and had too many internal problems to counter this back then).

    You’re right. The CIA first infiltrated the Ukrainian diplomatic corps and then the ministry of defense. Also Yushenko’s wife was a CIA agent from the Galician diaspora in America.

  8. Rolo Slavsky has provided plenty to consider relative to the deep, dark underbelly of Ukrainian dystopian reality. That said, he constantly references the “Eastern Mafia”. This I consider to be somewhat disingenuous, as he full well knows that the proper term is the Talmudist Khazarian Mafiya.

    They have a deep agenda and that is to restore the ancient Khazarian Empire which was destroyed by Bogdan Chemielevsky (spelling?) who led Slavic forces of photo-Ukrainians and Russians along with Persian allies in ca 1016. That Khazarian empire (Gog and Magog according to the revelations of the Apocalypse) was engaged in some extremely invidious actions. They raided peaceful Slavic villages and took the inhabitants as slaves (Slavs) and sold them in the slave-markets in Constantinople/Istanbul. They also attacked Silk-Road caravans, then wined, dined and ultimately stole their identities after drugging and later murdering them. Thus they became known as the “Namestealers”.

    Why do they wish to own Ukraine? That sorrowful land happens to be the Khazarian’s old stomping grounds and they insist on taking it back from the Slavic peoples.

    In ca.740 A.D. their ruling Kagan (think Lazar Kaganovitch—Stalin’s henchman, responsible for the Holidomor; Robert Kagan, the notorious Neocon and Elena Kagan, one of the nine Blackrobes who make “rulings” as the Extreme Courtesans haunting the Di$trict of Corruption). That Kagan converted his pirate empire to Babylonian Talmudist Judaism. Those individuals who bear his title are Khazarian royalty. Their aim is to restore the Khazarian Empire for the Talmudists. One of their spokesmen insisted that each and every Khazarian Talmudist would receive 2,000 Goyish slaves to do with as they will.

    The Agency was established in 1947, allegedly to report to the president. The president at that time, Harryass Truman, was deep in hock to his campaign support from the B’nai Brith and other Zionists on behalf of UN recognition of the new “state’ of Israel. Under his administration, the Agency was created to not answer to the president (think Trump as an example) but rather to the Rottenchild and Rottenfeller Crime Clans on behalf of world domination via Babylonian Money Magick by means of private ownership of the “Federal” Reserve Bank. The rest is history.

  9. Miro23 says:

    Clearly, the best outcome would be for a military man from Russia with no history of doing politics or business in Ukraine to come in and take the reins as a vizier or military governor of sorts for a time. This solution may offend committed ideologists and apologists for Liberal Democracy (read: Oligarchy), but the hard truth of the situation that Ukraine finds itself in is one in which literally no one who was anywhere near the reins of power in that country for the last three decades has his hands clean. These people all looted, collaborated and murdered with near impunity for 30 years.

    Gonzalo Lira on The Duran has the opinion that the current war represents a definitive break between Russia and the West, pretty much on all levels (economic – sanctions, security – ZioGlob CIA, social – LGBT open frontiers). Putin has finally given up on the West, and is shutting down the media of his local neo-liberal opponents. Lira’s argument is that Russia is looking to build stronger links with a newly aware non-Western, potentially non dollar based world (China/Central Asia, India, Middle East) maybe best represented by the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative).

    The picture is of a terminally decadent US/Europe fantasizing that they still hold the power they did at the end of the 20th century.

    Lira (unfortunately for him reporting from Ukraine bandit occupied Kharkov) sees Russia retaking all of Ukraine with a new Iron Curtain dividing Europe along the Poland – Belarus/Ukraine border.

    One aspect that he doesn’t consider is that the Visegrad Group (Poland/Hungary/Slovakia/Czech Republic – physically located right next to this new Iron Curtain) are starting to show some ambivalence to Gayropa and are not automatically willing to accept EU dictates and sanctions related to green energy, transvestite toilets, LGBT education of minors etc. etc. So, in this sense, they’re trapped on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain.

  10. Pretty much what I have been saying although I didn’t go into specifics, the scenario is what I envisaged. What I would like is a few minutes with Kolomoisky alone, I am owed that.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  11. haha says:
    @Jim Christian

    The Washington Post has neither any knowledge of, nor interest in, the details of Ukraine. All they do is beat their war drums (pom-pom-pom-war-war-war-pom-pom-pom) and chant “Russia bad, Russia very bad, Putin evil, Ukraine good, Ukies good”. What do you you expect from a group of sub-100-IQ sold out whorish journalists?

  12. haha says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    “… do some honest work”. The most honest work that comes to mind is setting up gallows in market squares and putting their miserable necks in. Now that would count as true penance also.

  13. haha says:

    Reading this article was an eye-opener for me. If even 25% of the article is fully true and correct, then Ukraine is truly a basket case. A people so corrupt, so crime-ridden, lacking any social contract whatsoever, and devoid of any sense of right and wrong can never make a viable state. Stupid, ugly peasants and brutal thugs, that is what they come out as. Good luck to Russia – they will need tons and tons of it, else they will have have their own Vietnam and Afghanistan Version 2 combined into one.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @gT
  14. @Rolo Slavskiy

    Hi Rolo. Thanks for this informative article.
    Could you give us your views on Russia’s military stratagy in the Ukraine?
    Is it working or is Russia simply taking too much time?
    Is a diplomatic solution really possible? Or should Russia just take off the “velvet glove”.
    A Russian failure here is simply too grim a prospect for me to accept.

    • Replies: @Rolo Slavskiy
  15. GMC says:

    Well, Slavskiy pretty much nailed the political Mafia situation in Ukraine. Yushenko was in power when I went to work for a Russian/Ukraine company and Russian companies loved to work in Ukraine because of all the corruption, which was entirely out in the open and everyone who did business there, understood this…….

    Except for some wealthy Clients who had more money than brains, and had very naive or corrupt representatives. On one of the jobs I ran, we had a client Rep. that had very limited knowledge of building super resorts, much less heavy construction projects. The Company I worked for overcharged the Clients 12 million Dollars before the first year ended. The other Project Manager in the office, was the other American hired to run the job, and he was very experienced , especially at calculating the books. lol And now we can see why the infrastructure in Ukraine was rated #136th worse in the world in 08. And Russia is spending billions on infrastructure , in Crimea alone. So don’t worry what the War is doing to the roads and infrastructure – it was shit before the Russians showed up, Good article.!

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  16. The ‘West’ instantly identifies with the fascists and neo-Nazis, telling you all you need to know of the true nature of ‘Western Moral Values’. That they have added totalitarian censorship and increasing hysterical lies and threats, completes the picture. The Fourth Reich is giving birth to the Fifth.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • LOL: A. Nonymous
  17. @Rolo Slavskiy

    While eradicating the Ukronazi metastasis is essential, the primary lesion at Langley must be excised some day, or humanity is DOOMED.

  18. Anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    Map Russian MOD POV as of 14.March evening

    Biggest takeaway is the Peacekeepers are now driving to Liberate the important highway junction at Uman from both North and South.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  19. Clearly, the best outcome would be for a military man from Russia with no history of doing politics or business in Ukraine to come in and take the reins as a vizier or military governor of sorts for a time.

    Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has never been about any of the things mentioned in the article. The real goal is “demilitarization.” Putin told the Finnish president before and after the invasion that his real goal was demilitarizing Ukraine. Demilitarization the Russian way meant complete destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The author of the article is a blatant liar and an unskilled manipulator.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @DevilAdvocate
  20. @anonymous

    Countries that emerge from outside rule often have a civil war in its wake such as Ireland, Finland, etc.

    Good point, and certainly one that FUKDUS will be working on.
    The west is now too effete to fight a direct war against Russia/China, so will probably engage the usual “democracy” activists and given its control as stated of SBU etc, it seems the Russian vizier idea would be the best one. Maybe even an overtly military ruler for the time it takes for stability to be established and the warlords ejected.
    Also it has to be a matter of priority to expose western propaganda.
    This poisonous lie-machine has been and still is a major factor in western policy for well over a century. It deserves to be exposed and countermanded.

  21. RussiaSux says:

    No one likes Russia and no one likes you dumbass white nationalists.

  22. redCow says:

    With the victory of the West over the Soviet Union we see an era ushered in of unbridled degeneration in all spheres of human life. What with the Afghan trap set by Bzezinski

    With the removal of working toward a higher state of economic mode of production (socialism and the rise of their community and humanity) we see an era of unbridled individualism

    The rise of selfie culture of permissive and degenerate sexual pathologies.
    Of photoshopped reality in Instagram and outright denying reality in other areas of sexual pathology (trannies)

    It is no wonder Ukraine looks so fondly on the Soviet era (those who remember it).
    Can Russia replace this gaping hole in people’s lives with its brand of Christian traditionalism?

    The defeat of the Soviet Union in the East was also a defeat for the West.
    It allowed most disgusting pedophiles and degenerates to rise in our societies that see human development and human beings as parasites on the world – which is why they push Malthusianism with “net zero carbon” and push homosexuality and transfaggotry on kids

    Russia will be forced (by sanctions) to return to a semi-socialist economy but its future can only be secured by rejecting Western liberalism in its full entirety and returning to communism and the optimism of building for future humanity

  23. @Rolo Slavskiy

    Thanks for the interesting and informative article. I’ve not read a better one anywhere about the Ukraine. Even UR bloggers like Anatoly Karlin were not very informative about the matter.

    I do hope the Russian Government is able to impose a sensible settlement, and quickly: incorporate as much of South and East Ukraine into Russia proper as is feasible, and ensure a neutral government in the rest of the Ukraine. However, the West has an interest in keeping the rump Ukraine as a failed state. So we’ll see how that works.

    • Agree: PJ London, A. Nonymous
  24. Tom Welsh says:

    Everything described in the article seems exactly the same as in the West – especially the USA, where the systematic corruption began and from where it has spread.

    The big difference is that we are hardly ever given a chance to see the Western systems of corruption, because they have completely secured governments and media. Moreover, many of their most corrupt activities have been made legal.

    In the West, a literal interpretation of law has replaced personal and public morality. Wealth is identified with virtue, no matter how it is amassed – and experience shows that large fortunes are hardly ever acquired by moral or even legal means. As long as a person is not actually sent to prison, they continue to be revered. And, controlling the machinery of government, persons of such importance can hardly ever even be indicted. The prosecutor simply declares that prosecution is “not in the public interest”. That cannot be debated: it is a purely executive decision in the hands of a single appointed official.

    • Agree: GMC
  25. Biff says:

    Russia should just ‘Balkanize’ the Ukraine. Much easier to control the smaller ethnic sections; otherwise they are just herding cats.

  26. @emerging majority

    >This I consider to be somewhat disingenuous, as he full well knows that the proper term is the Talmudist Khazarian Mafiya.

    The Jews of today are the same Jews that are in the Old Testament.

    Bible-thumpers made up a cope theory to get around the fact that they worship Yahweh, a Jewish volcano demon and to deal with the cogdis of realizing that the First Christians i.e., the so-called gnostic heretics like Marcion were right while they continue to be wrong.

    Read up on Laurent Guyenot’s fantastic posts.

    Also, Laurent, I’d love to get in touch with you somehow, pls drop me a line.

  27. @animalogic

    >Could you give us your views on Russia’s military stratagy in the Ukraine?
    Is it working or is Russia simply taking too much time?
    Is a diplomatic solution really possible? Or should Russia just take off the “velvet glove”.
    A Russian failure here is simply too grim a prospect for me to accept.

    There doesn’t seem to be a possible scenario by which Russia could lose.

    In Ukraine at least.

  28. Anon[645] • Disclaimer says:

    Ukraine IS a basket case.

    Since 2014 Ukraine has become the poorest country in Europe pushing 70 year winner Albania off the podium.

    Since 2014 Ukrainians have voted with their feet with 2/3s of working age adults Working abroad. I haven’t seen the men-women split of this 2/3s but it’s easy to speculate that as much as 3/4s of working age Ukraninan men voted with their feet and went abroad for better pastures.

    These are extraordinary data points

    • Agree: annamaria
  29. Wielgus says: – Russian source – Deepl translation edited with my notes)
    The Victory Banner over Energodar

    15 March (2022), 9:47 am

    In Energodar, the Victory Banner (red flag with hammer and sickle modelled on one hung over the Reichstag in 1945) has been raised on a flagpole near the city hall.
    It is also reported that the Ukrainian flag in Melitopol was removed from the flagpole yesterday.
    (Photo of flag outside Energodar building)

    • Thanks: GMC
  30. @Rolo Slavskiy

    Thanks for your reply. It’s that “at least” that worries me. There’s always the “Pyrrhic victory”….
    So much hinges on a positive outcome here.

    • Replies: @Rolo Slavskiy
  31. Funny how everything at the top of Ukrainian society, economy, and politics is all about the Jews. Hopefully whoever comes next at the top when this is over … won’t be a Jew.

    • Agree: Carroll price
    • Replies: @Publius 2
  32. @Anon

    Looking at the map it is obvious that the Russian military can break up Ukraine into numerous ever shrinking cauldrons. Wait when they later turn onto Galicia from the east, southeast, and the north. Hopefully most innocent civilians won’t be heading out to Poland and elsewhere on the roads by then so they can give the escaping Nazis and foreign mercenaries their Road to Basra incinerations on the highways to hell. Cue AC/DC and let Hell’s Bells ring for the sold souls.

  33. Wokechoke says:

    Perhaps. It’s more that he doesn’t want to see military gear East of the Dneiper.

  34. Wielgus says:

    “Vzglyad” Russian website, Deepl translation edited

    SBU agents tried to enter Mariupol with humanitarian church convoy
    15 March 2022, 05:53Text: Anton Antonov
    The delivery of humanitarian aid to Mariupol and the evacuation from the city to Zaporizhia was disrupted by persons “planted” on the road, the organiser of the convoy, Metropolitan Luka of Zaporozhe and Melitopol (UOC), said.

    The metropolitan said that “good things happen with temptations”, with “temptations being created by citizens of Ukraine”. “While our convoy was on its way, they were planted on us,” he was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

    As the metropolitan explained, “due to these people there were problems with the convoy, problems with passing the control” by the Russian troops. He stated: “With God’s help and by the grace of God, we are solving these problems.

    At the same time, sources said that agents of the Security Service of Ukraine had boarded the convoy disguised as journalists. They wanted to get to Mariupol, having studied Russian checkpoints and positions on the way.

    We shall remind you that Mariupol is surrounded by Russian and DNR troops. DNR forces supported by the Russian military have destroyed almost all neo-Nazi firing points in the suburbs.

    Translated with (free version)

  35. @animalogic

    The only way Russia loses this showdown with NATO and ZOG is if Putin either blinks or gets deposed.

    I hope that patriotic Westerners seize this opportunity and the weakness of their occupation governments to start thinking seriously about taking power and throwing off the Jewish yoke.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  36. gT says:

    Exactly the reason why Ukraine is not a legitimate country, it never existed before the 1990’s and shouldn’t exist now.

    Russia should stay in Ukraine for as long as America has kept troops in Germany and Japan, that is over 70 years now with no sign of America’s occupying troops being withdrawn. If Russia withdraws from Ukraine the Americans will just take over the reins again.

    No chance of Ukraine turning into Vietnam or Afghanistan, apparently with a little monetary inducement most Ukrainians will willingly turn over their NeoNazi neighbours, that is just the type of people they are. Plus half the country is pro-Russian and half pro-Ukrainian, since the coup in 2014 the pro-Ukrainian half has been calling the shots and oppressing and killing the pro-Russian half, so it will be a breeze to arm and encourage the pro-Russian half to start oppressing and eliminating the pro-Ukrainian half. Its going to be a very low cost occupation for Russia.

    Ukraine is finished.

    • Replies: @Haha
    , @GMC
  37. Publius 2 says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yep. It’s the Jews.

    Every issue.

    Drunk Mel Gibson was right.

  38. @Ukraine Tiger

    I bet the queue for that is long.

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
  39. @Rolo Slavskiy

    he constantly references the “Eastern Mafia”. This I consider to be somewhat disingenuous, as he full well knows that the proper term is the Talmudist Khazarian Mafiya.
    . . .The proper term is the Talmudist Khazarian Mafiya.

    I agree that the term “Eastern mafia” is vague.
    I especially object to use of the word “mafia” — it conjures a different form of corruption and fails to properly identify the criminal element.
    Further, it is offensive (and confusing) to use a term that many automatically associate with Italy/Italian.

    In Guilt by Association
    Jeff Gates used the phrase, “transgenerational criminal gang . . . or zionists”, but that’s cumbersome.

    The Jews of today are the same Jews that are in the Old Testament.

    I haven’t finished reading Guyenot’s From Yahweh to Zion, but so far, I disagree with Rollo Slavskiy’s statement.

    In my amateur assessment, “Jews of today” are one of the most complex, multi-part groups in the world. I maintain that one way to properly counter the pernicious power ascribed to “Jews” that is then knee-jerk fashion condemned as “anti-semitic,” is to chop up the group/identity into its major constituent parts.
    Khazar Jews is one of those parts that has distinctive characteristics.
    Rothschild(ism) is another.

    Of course, such an analysis would require that Protestant Christianity be re-examined (and radically reformed!), along Marcion’s lines would be my preference.
    (It is helpful to understand Roman Catholicism as a political movement, not so much “instituted by Christ to give grace” as we memorized from Baltimore Catechism, but “instituted by Constantine to maintain control and unity,” and to come to a modus vivendi with revolutionary Jews.)

    @24, Tom Welsh wrote:

    Everything described in the article seems exactly the same as in the West – especially the USA, where the systematic corruption began and from where it has spread.

    If by “the West” Welsh means The USA, I don’t think it began here; it migrated to USA, perhaps far earlier than many of us imagine.

    That’s one major reason I think it’s important to identify the patterns that identify this “Eastern mafia”; attach an appropriate label to it; then trace its presence in the USA including specific places and institutions in the USA.

    For example, Florida is perceived as the place to which one may escape the wokism and authoritarianism that is polluting many other American cities, but a closer look reveals that the “Eastern mafia” pattern is deeply embedded and rapidly spreading in many of Florida’s population centers and critical institutions, such as its public school system.
    Moreover, the “Eastern mafia”crime bosses from Ukraine have selected Florida for their safe houses.
    Is Florida in line to be Donetsk-with-a-beach?

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @emerging majority
  40. I didn’t expect the last two articles on Russia to be so popular. Because of the rampant censorship in the West

    Which is worst, corporate censorship or government censorship?

    It amazes me at how the mindless masses, from both the “left” and “right” continue to cast blame at either Big Corporate or Big Government, continually calling on more of one in effort to keep checks on the other.
    Most completely unaware that both are dangerous.

    Authors and essays like this are just absolutely scary.
    Too many people have become far too lazy to effectively participate in & manage those “liberal” (the Latin root “liber” meaning free) democracies, and are thus now increasing calls for greater authoritarianism.

    Guess what?
    ANY system can be corrupted.

    And strong leaders are always prone to greater corruption.
    As ALL humans are fallible.
    The highly-antiquated notion of the Divine Rights of Kings is still highly-flawed.

    Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.
    -John Emerich Edward Dalberg (1887)-

    I can only thank god that Authors and essays like this are relegated & limited to fairly unpopular sites.

    • Replies: @Rolo Slavskiy
    , @Culpepper
  41. Ukraine sounds a lot like the Jew-run United States.

    • Agree: inspector general
  42. @Rolo Slavskiy

    Thank you.
    I agree — we need revolutionary change.
    The West had become toxic. At the least we need the US to lose power to the degree it can no longer interfere in the world at a whim.
    Dedollarisation as a 1st step.

  43. With all due respect, the Ukraine is just another corrupt, shitty little country that has overreached with its Jewish overlords. If the Ukrainians with all their macho bullshit can’t wrest control of their own future from the yeshiva boys then they deserve the pigsty in which they wallow. Learn from Finland: do you see the smart, rich and brave Finns joining NATO? No! Because they know their lives won’t be worth anything if they poked the grizzly.

  44. dimples says:
    @Rolo Slavskiy

    “I hope that patriotic Westerners seize this opportunity and the weakness of their occupation governments to start thinking seriously about taking power and throwing off the Jewish yoke.”

    Sadly this is a fantasy as I am sure you are aware. MICbucks control everything that isn’t controlled by the forces of wokeness. In the West both the proletariat and the intelligentsia actually believe in the enlightenment their brainwashing brings them.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  45. Emslander says:

    Communism is gone, there’s no belief system left to take its place, only grab what one can if in a position to do so.

    When the USA says that “democracy” has replaced whatever regime was previously in power, it just means that the correct people, i.e., the Bidens and Clintons, are getting their share.

    • Agree: Rich
  46. Emslander says:

    The “west” is a dying proposition. Poland will no doubt follow it down. Poland always bets on the losing horse.

    As someone here has written, Germany is the center of the planet again. Hopefully, after Russia completes its mission in Ukraine, it will quickly throw off the US military occupation and assert its proper influence.

  47. Thirdtwin says:

    “Liberal Oligarchic Occupation Government”

    LOOGies. I love it. Defenders of “Our Democracy” everywhere.

  48. Put Jews in charge of your country and reap the harvest – the Ukraine – a typical, archetypal case study, a case in point, a brutal demonstration. It should send shudders down people’s spines what can happen when you put Jews in charge. But are there any eyes opened out there, any brains processing the information, the data?

  49. Russian “restoration.” That is just funny. Ukraine has progressed much out from under the Russian thumb. They were trying to get a handle on their corruption, but pro-Russian fags on the courts short stopped most of the time, particularly when it involved the corruption of those judges.

    Putin, OTOH, is at the top of the corruption heap in Russia. His oligarchs have taken very good care of him and his net worth estimated to over 200+ billion dollars. Rather than try to end the corruption, Putin enriches himself on it. Peter the great tried to stop such men, but Putin love them.

    Fortunately, Ukraine is not the same country as it was in 2014. Putin is still the same corrupt liar he always was. I think Ukraine will win this.

    It’s spelled Dnipro.

    • Disagree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
    , @annamaria
  50. @RussiaSux

    As voice from somewhere in the crowd calls ….”ah, I do”

  51. RobinG says:

    Don’t like Mafia, eh? How about Nazi, lol. What are your Florida Ukies? Whichever, I’d forgotten that Franciss Boyle is a world expert on bioweapons.

    Biological Warfare Labs in Ukraine – Nazi Death Scientists

    • Thanks: GMC, Decoy, Agent76
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  52. RobinG says:

    Ah yes, the forces of wokeness. Today’s topic from Coach Red Pill.

    The Puppets Who Lead Us

    • Thanks: Levtraro, Robjil
  53. @Emslander

    How is Germany the centre of the planet? I see the centre of the planet now firmly in central China. Germany forfeited any resemblance of respect when it caved into the US on Nord Stream 2. The sanctions that Russia will now impose on the west will not be reversed in the forseeable future just as Sergei Lavrov said: “We will no longer be dealing with the west” or words to that effect. As I stated somewhere else, people just don’t seem to understand the gravity of those words.

    I am fervently hoping that Russia divides this country from Sumy to Transnistria along the Dnipro river and my city will be part of a new entity fully supported by Russia. I have no doubt that this country will rise quickly with the advent of Russian commerce once again flowing through to the Black Sea.

    Kick the dregs back to Lviv where they belong and they can suffer knowing they occupy a land with no resources, no coast, no decent infrastructure and no hope. They deserve it.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  54. @Barney Fiefdom

    Authors and essays like this are just absolutely scary.
    Too many people have become far too lazy to effectively participate in & manage those “liberal” (the Latin root “liber” meaning free) democracies, and are thus now increasing calls for greater authoritarianism.

    Free speech is a myth.

    The peasants have never been allowed to openly criticize the people with true power.

    When Liberals talk about “free speech” they mean speech that supports Liberalism. All other forms of speech are banned. Abandon your false idols.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @Jaded
  55. Not even a Hitler fangirl, and when the Russians called Bandara-ites Nazis I found it cringeworthy. It was ironic that the US led the charge to slap down the Russian UN resolution about Ukrainian Nazis. Anyone who disagrees with the American empire on election integrity, Russia in general, and Covid vaccines is now deigned a Nazis, you would think the US would have voted yes?

    Call the Ukrainian rabid killers either the Galicians or the Bandera-ites. Then point your finger at the Austrian Empire hubris that not only formed Stephen Bandera but Adolph Hitler. Between their fascination of Jews over Slavs and their use of diversity to hide the decay of the Hapsburg rule, the world is unwittingly still paying a price for the defunct empire. Plus it is a fascinating rabbit hole to go down.

    Odd how the Hapsburgs and their Empire have become forgotten entities ? Even more forgotten is it was the Soviets that took control of Galicia Ukraine. Kind of odd people who were anti property rights grabbing up real estate, but I digress. Russians are still paying for the Bolsheviks. Doubt they will be asking for a UN resolution on that. Pity because it is the expat descendants of the Bolsheviks that are leading the American manipulation of this conflict.

  56. SteveK9 says:

    Excellent. Short and to the point, especially the final conclusion. A Russian Military Governor after the conflict, until the political establishment can be reformed (denazified).

  57. @SolontoCroesus

    Slavsky’s rather crude and inept “same Jews as in Old Testament (testicles, as they are both wholly patriarchal and obscenely abstract—the book, you know, particularly Leveticus)…his usage does have a small germ of truth. When the Kagan converted his Khazarians to Talmudic Judaism, he specifically brought in Levites from Babylon, where they had long lingered during the changeover from centering on those Old Testicles into their own concocted new religiosity based on Rabbinical insertions into their new holy book: The Babylonian Talmud.

    We can reference Fiddler on the Roof here, where the Yenta admonishes “and SHE would marry the Rabbi’s son?!!” What this tells me is that Slavsky’s grain of truth is that the Levite (priestly and Aaronite) class, being descended from the worst of the ancient Hebrews, constituted the higher aristocracy in ancient Khazaria, ranking only below the Kagan and his various descendants, who in the eyes of informed Khazarians remain as Royalty.

    It would appear that the spirit of Chmielovsky struck back at the hidden empire of the revanchist Khazarians and their goal of reconquest of Ukraine for their long-gone for over a millennium Khazarian slave-taking and caravan pirating parasitical and predatory empire.

    That spirit has manifested through Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin. The frenetic “Hate Putin” campaign hyped by all the Tribal controlled media is proof positive that he is being targeted because he crushed their long-plotted master-plan. “Oy Vei, Oy Vei”. Elements of the Rabbinate must be tearing their hair out by the roots. “Curses, foiled again”. Or to quote Robby Burns: “The best-laid plans of mice and men gang oft agley and leave us naught but grief and toil for promised joy”.

    • Replies: @real.
    , @SolontoCroesus
  58. Soloview says:

    The CIA and MI6 would not be throwing all their eggs in this or that oligarch faction’s basket. Their primary interest was to destroy whatever influence Russia had in the political process. Thru SBU and the Interior Ministry they took apart first the Yanukovich power base through the lustration laws, then the Medvedchuk-Boyko opposition block with the return of Nuland to power in Washington. The US State Department understands the viscosity of the oligarch groupings and the political theatre is of no interest to the regime handlers. Whether it is Akhmetov via Poroshenko or Kolomoiskii via Zelenskyi is of no consequence. They hold , or held, the high cards in controlling the security and army apparatus of the country.

    • Thanks: chris
  59. Wielgus says:

    Russian troops on reconnaissance behind enemy lines, according to the description. They ask a local woman if she has seen military vehicles. She says no and then asks them if they are Russians or Ukrainians and they reply, “What do you think?” She says, “I don’t know.” Probably the wisest answer…

    • Thanks: Agent76
  60. Emslander says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    How is Germany the centre of the planet? I see the centre of the planet now firmly in central China.

    I think you’re correct about the effective division of Ukraine being along the Dnipro. That appears to be the goal of all the Russian activity since February 24.

    The reason I don’t think China will ever be the central force is that it has always resisted any temptation to do so. Xi has quite clearly and forcefully declared again that it wants no hegemonic role. China is pleased with itself, which is what the USA should be, given its natural condition and resources.

    Germany is now my primary candidate for leadership, because it has no choice.

  61. Jaded says:
    @Rolo Slavskiy

    They mean porn, that they produce.

  62. Agent76 says:

    January 26, 2022 What is NATO? Military alliance in spotlight as Russia tries to forbid Ukraine membership

    NATO was established in 1949 as a defense against the Soviet Union. Its core principal is mutual defense, enshrined in Article 5 of its founding treaty. There are 30 NATO member. Russia is trying to keep Ukraine from joining them. The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted NATO forces to mobilize across Europe, evoking for many the military alliance’s first reasons for being.

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With US

  63. @GMC

    When China got the monorail technology it offered in return to send 40.000 Chinese men to build a Munich City – MUC Airport highspeed monorail in shortest time… the local priests & politicians were in shock. (Not when the Kabal had decided to populate Germany with 180 mio Africans).
    Would it be a surprise if Ukraine will be become real quick “a much better place” as soon as it has a serious chief instead of Jewish priests & politicians.
    The Crimean mega bridge to the mainland also seems a good example?
    Just then Putin said: we are a modern state and we move quickly…

    (As most informed chief planer of the Russian Razzia (“in home office because of the flu”) I have just calculated, that the Ukraina has by now lost 45 % of its tanks; going by that rate there will hardly be any tanks in another 3 weeks time. So the Ukraina will also get an Army with the newest tanks – 2.500 pieces…Berlin is 700 km away; ca. 20 km a day through Pooland = 35 days. I have to go now and buy my Russian flag and Vodka.)

  64. Sanjay says:

    Russia’s government just wrote an international article describing how Russia is a dysgenic, multicultural, genetically diverse, ethnically diverse, feminist, homosexual, transexual, and philosemitic paradise, see Russia contrasts their genetic paradise with National Socialist Germany and supposedly Ukraine’s culture. Thus, if NATO really wants to destroy Russia, a good way to accomplish this would be to take Russia’s genetic diversity to even newer heights. For example, NATO can offer Russia sanctions relief in exchange for accepting even higher amounts of Brown and African immigrants, and for increasing the percent of homosexuals and transexuals in the population. The Russian elites, it seems to me, want two things: security and wealth. NATO can provide them with this in exchange for agreeing to rapidly further diversify their population. Russia can also agree to further increase feminism to even more extreme levels in Russia. Make sure every female in Russia has a full time job and takes on all the masculine roles so that they no longer have the time and/or desire to reproduce. Then simply rely on Brown, African, homosexual, and transexual immigration to keep the population growing so their GDP can keep on growing. And Russia can strengthen their already existing dysgenic trend where fertility is negatively correlated with intelligence, altruism, and industriousness to ensure their dysgenics rate in increased. But NATO must make sure the Russian elites’ wealth and security is constantly increased, or they will not agree to this deal.

    • LOL: Von Rho
  65. Haha says:

    Agree totally with you. Feels like you completed my thoughts for me. But still worry that if Russia slips up one bit or goes soft on these basttards, they could have a very ugly Vietnam on their hands

  66. Culpepper says:
    @Barney Fiefdom

    -John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton
    AKA Lord Acton

    • Thanks: Nancy
  67. sally says:
    @Rolo Slavskiy

    How would you propose throwing off the Jewish Yoke be done? Atheist Canada is not Christian Russia..

    All that is needed to remove the wrong people from power is to take away their monopoly powers..
    Reverse the deeds, copyrights and patents. Remove from the books any law that creates a monopoly power.

    That is all that is needed..

    • Agree: PetrOldSack
  68. real. says:
    @emerging majority

    So you were another one …

    Sorry jew it was the reverse

  69. Sean says:

    This is a poor article in my opinion , because it is obsessed with ‘Behindology’ and corruption. But that what the comic monologue of Zelensky on his sitcom that became viral and got him elected was about, because Ukrainians thought their position in relation to Russia was strong, if the continued integrating with Nato.The key thing being missed was that Ukraine was not going to be helped if Russia invaded. Even as late as January this year the rhetoric among the smart set in Kiev was ll about Ukraine had to take a hard line and give Russia no concessions. However Ukraine had already given huge concessions in Minsk several years before, they just did not want to fulfill the terms.

    Viktor Yanukovych defeated Viktor Yushchenko to win an presidential election in 2004 and that verdict was nullified by street protests orchestrated by Yushchenko’s campaign manager Poroshenko in what became known as the Orange revolution.In 2008 Nato announced Ukraine and Georgia would would become a members at some point. Georgia was invaded by Russia a few months later. In 2010 Yanukovych again defeated Yushchenko, and this time Yanukovych was allowed to take office. But in 2014 President Yanukovych was offered a superb economic deal in which Russia was helping out Ukraine in return for Ukraine not associating with the EU. The elected president Yanukovych was promptly overthrown in demonstrations orchestrated by (stop me if you have heard this before) éminence grise Poroshenko, who then became president. Russia proptly annexed Crimean and the toppling of a properly elected president in 2014 seems to have made the ethnic Russians in Ukraine think they were never going to be allowed a say democratically, so an armed uprising started and established a separatist enclave abutting Russia. Ukraine lost control of the East of the country where elected now ex President Yanukovych’s support was strongest (although Yanukovych’s support was from Ukrainian speakers too, as ethnic Russians are very much in the minority across Ukraine as a whole).

    President Poroshenko improved the effectiveness of his army and in sent it in to retake the separatist area in what he dubbed an anti terrorist operation. It was successful initially and pushed the separatists back. However, instead of his previous piecemeal assistance to the rebels, Putin sent entire Russian Battalion Tactical Groups that met the victorious Ukrainian units, forced them into Ilovaisk, where they were beseiged, and Russian drones pinpointed them for an inferno of indirect artillery fire. When the Ukrainians tried to breakout they were massacred along a veritable Highway Of Death. Ukrainian government (Poroshenko) sought to treat and made huge concessions on autonomy for the breakaway Russian speaking areas in the Minsk Protocol on September 5, 2014.H

    Having found his troops unequal to the task Poroshenko addressed the US congress, telling them “if [the Russians] are not stopped now, they will cross European borders and spread throughout the globe”, he. Unlike 2008, Putin had to deal with a very low oil price in 2014; he was not in a position to do all that much. Obama refused to give Ukraine weapon. In 2017 Donald Trump allowed himself to be persuaded to give the Ukrainian advanced artillery’s targeting radar and hand held anti tank missiles. While Poroshenko was preparing for his next offensive his well earned reputation for corruption caught up with him in the first round of the Ukrainian elections he hoped to win a second term in; he was losing to Zelinsky. Poroshenko then threw off his mask of being a pragmatic leader and started talking like a rabid nationalist about “a total mobilisation of all Ukrainian patriots”.

    Zelinsky attempted to jail Poroshenka for corruption and even treason, but it backfired and Zelisky became unpopular. The military aid to Ukraine accelerated massively after 2020 when Ukraine was granted further special status; Ukraine had been referred to by Nato officials as a Nato ‘partner’ for some time before they joined NATO’s ‘enhanced opportunity partner interoperability program”. They were de facto a part of Nato yet without any chapter 5 protection against being identified as such by the Russians, who had said that state of affairs was unacceptable.

    Zelinsky presumably was told that Ukraine being given weapons by Nato to fight a civil war against ethnic Russians backed by Russia was not placing Nato under any obligation to defend Ukraine from Russia, which had already annexed Crimea, and might do the same to the Ukraine. He does not seem to have fully processed that information.

  70. Truthor says:

    Well now that Ukraine is cleaning Russia’s clock and exploding the sham of the world’s second greatest army, one would think the Putinist propagand would try approaching some level of reality; but no, we get more deranged thought.

    Russia is a corrupt state, far more corrupt than Ukraine, possibly because Ukraine is fairly new. Yes, they have allowed some foreign corruption to seep in, largely Russian but also, obviously, American what with the Bidens, in the hopes of getting out of Russia’s grasp.

    This war, if Putin does not lead it into WWIII, will purge Russia of its expansionist dreams in the West for a time. China may well pivot and turn to take Siberia from a seriously weakened Russia – after all the Qing dynasty claimed Siberia before the Russians showed up and took it from them.

  71. I hope that patriotic Westerners seize this opportunity and the weakness of their occupation governments to start thinking seriously about taking power and throwing off the Jewish yoke.

    That’s the essentials! Putin @Moscow is walking a thin line between survival and an all out win. He must go all the way, the real battle is @Moscow. Ukraine must be a firm and clear mark of ownership!

    Very informative article, “if true”, makes sense. Great report of the premises. Comes late, three weeks ago, this would have spared a lot of needless ink. The missing tidbits retrieved.

  72. GMC says:

    Good Post – My opinion/2 rubles Russia, that has a little more than 1/2 its military in Ukraine will continue to the Transnistria border after clearing out Odecca, so that there is access for the Russian speaking folks to interact. The Ukies have been programmed for 6 years now, so it will take time for them to wake up and smell rats that did nothing good for their country. Russia, I think, stated that they will bring in special police type force to run that entire corridor.

    The spoiler would be for the US and Israel to plant a false Flag in Ukraine and there is a good chance that it was planted before the Americans left for Poland. Never rule out the Jews and their American puppets when it comes to evil scenarios.

    Good correlation between American occupation of Germany vs the Russians – staying in Ukraine. The Germans might even catch on to having Germans occupying Germania.

  73. @Miro23

    Russia is looking to build stronger links with a newly aware non-Western, potentially non dollar based world (China/Central Asia, India, Middle East) maybe best represented by the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative).

    Russia retaking all of Ukraine with a new Iron Curtain dividing Europe along the Poland – Belarus/Ukraine border.

    These statements are quite self-contradicting, because the BRI is intended mainly to facilitate the flow between the East and the West. If there is an new Iron Curtain, what markets the BRI is serving ? The tiny russian market of 150 million people and dwindling ?…

    • Replies: @Miro23
  74. @matzahballsgonewrong

    Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has never been about any of the things mentioned in the article. The real goal is “demilitarization.”

    But demilitarization cannot be just simply erasing the army, or rather the army’s infrastructure and equipment, because Putin does not clearly intend to kill all soldiers.
    The “denazification” part is just an obligatory extension, because they are the ones pushing for aggressiveness and war.
    Doing just the 1st aspect would be tantamount to take (dangerous) toys from irresponsible children while leaving them free thereafter. You coud be pretty sure they would grab other toys as soon as they could. Moreover with a West ready to give them…

  75. @emerging majority

    Thanks, emerging majority.

    But whom are we really addressing, Rolo Slavski, the author of Draining the Ukrainian Political Swamp, or Rolo Slavskiy, a juvenile trickster?

    Doubtful that author Rolo Slavski would misspell his own name.

  76. @Truthor

    No truth in Truthor—accept the consequences.

    • Replies: @A. Nonymous
  77. @RobinG

    Thanks, RobinG for keeping UR informed via Regis Tremlay; worth the time.

    Yes, “mafia” does bother this Italian peasant.
    As for “Nazi” — I’ve persuaded myself the label was a deliberate provocation: whoever dreamed up the scheme — to hire Banderites as mercenaries and to bandy about their “Nazi” connection — did so deliberately with the knowledge that Putin could not possibly resist that taunt.
    It would undermine narrative Russians have built, and Putin has used and endorsed, of the “Great Patriotic War.”

    Truth value, one way or the other, plays little part in this drama.

    BUT — as suggested in reply to emerging majority, “Rolo Slavskiy” might be a childish sock-puppet.

    • Agree: chris
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @chris
  78. @Quartermaster

    Somebody in appearance, of entitlement, prestige, “wholesomeness”(as opposed to integrity, meaning solid in any sense), compared to the Obama, Biden etc. slew of the West, cannot be grade A stupid to not realize that billions translate in melting snow when out of power?

    As far as corruption, it follows GDP, especially as it is accounted for as in the West, including finance, finance gains, stock-markets piles, Central Bank inflating and deflating, pulling money out of thin air. That makes the US, aka the West (Europe is puppets only as far as this generation of administrators) number one, no doubt there. Russia might be in the top five, by the same tally-stick, if really one longs for “corruption” free, then something as Haiti might be your shoe to fit. There is simply no mass and gravity to steal from.

    Corruption in a word or two? Systemics as in the West then follows up as Corruption Incorporated.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  79. @Rolo Slavskiy

    Bible-thumpers made up a cope theory to get around the fact that they worship Yahweh, a Jewish volcano demon

    Can’t argue with success. 😉

    Read up on Laurent Guyenot’s fantastic posts.

    Guyenot is an unabashed fan-boy for crusading non-historian Steven Runciman, which doesn’t say much for his academic credibility.

  80. @emerging majority

    No truth in Truthor

    Except the bit about Chinese territorial covetousness.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  81. @mulga mumblebrain

    The names of the criminals change but not their true nature.

  82. @mulga mumblebrain

    I’m not so sure almost anyone in the West, outside of government, believes anything about claims of neo-nazis and fascists in Ukraine. Our intelligence services decided they were an ally of convenience, and our media obey our intelligence services. So the existence of these radicals is almost unknown to the average layman.

    • Agree: Von Rho
  83. anon[981] • Disclaimer says:

    To subvert Ukraine, CIA greased a lot of its Ukrainian puppets with military Keynesian germ warfare contracts. CIA laundered the banned biological weapons funding through DoD and compartmented offensive development. You can start to trace it in the open-source documents:

    When Romney strokes out over Tulsi’s mention of banned biological weapons, it tells you that Langley’s Mormon mafia ran it. Russia should do some extraordinary rendition on Jessen and his proteges. These psycho cultists know where the teeny little germ bodies are buried. The Mormon spooks are Unit 731 with polygamy.

  84. @SolontoCroesus

    On the other hand, I think Temblay as well as Boyle are spreading a bit of bovine manure with their ascription of ultimate biological evil to “Nazis” and Dr. Mengele.

    John Wear offered a clear-eyed exploration of Germany’s Crimes Committed in German Concentration Camps — Medical Experimentation in Chapters Eight and Nine of his book, Germany’s War
    There we can learn that an American forensic pathologist, Dr. Charles Larson, considered the medical experiments regarding malaria conducted by Dr. Klaus Karl Schilling were useful. Even though they were criminal* and did result in the deaths of numerous subjects, Larson tried to save Schilling’s life because he had not carried out this work as a form of torture and did not attempt to deny his activities.

    Although both Temblay and Boyle made several references to “Dr. Mengele,” he is not mentioned in Wear’s overview of Nazi medical experiments in concentration camps. Stephen Speilberg has done more to plant that name in the American imagination than have facts-on-the-ground.

    It may or may not be the reality that those “Nazi biological weapons experts” were brought to USA and are the core of US biological weapons research.

    I am not persuaded. Boyle seemed to have been relying on a propagandized narrative that depicts “Nazis” as evil monsters.
    It IS a fact that Bayer, a prominent American brand, was one of the businesses broken off of German chemical-biological weapons producer I. G. Farben. It is not only a stretch, it is an injustice to propagate the narrative that Nazis are behind US bio-chem weapons research.

    Moreover, it misses another category of WWII-era bio-weapons researchers who were, indeed, migrated to USA and who form the core of US bio-chem weapons research. According to Matthew Ehret’s recent interview of Jeff J. Brown,

    “the Pentagon acqui[red] Unit 731 Japanese biological warfare specialists in the wake of WWII.”

    Unit 731 populates US bioweapons facility at Fort Derrick, MD and its neighboring labs at Walter Reed and NIH.

    Video Link

  85. Juvenalis says:

    Funny how these Moscow Kremlin propaganda pieces ignore the fact that Igor Kolomoisky is a pro-Putin Russian-loyalist who very dramatically switched sides and pledged allegiance to neo-Bolshevik Vladimir Putin 3 years ago—sounds just like Kremlin shills today—got all his same KGB☭FSB Putinist talking points!
    (Btw where is misspelling “Kholomoisky” from—there’s no /h/ to transliterate neither in Ukrainian «Коломойський» nor Russian «Коломойский»…this Russia-Ukraine expert author cannot even read Cyrillic?)

    Ukraine should give up on the West and go back into Russia’s fold, influential Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky said in an interview with The New York Times Wednesday.
    Kolomoisky’s business ties to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy have been under heavy scrutiny since the start of the former comedian’s election campaign this year. Both men have rejected suggestions that Kolomoisky has behind-the-scenes influence over Zelenskiy.
    The Moscow Times picked out quotes from Kolomoisky’s emotional and profanity-laced interview that The New York Times says marks a “remarkable change of heart” for Russia’s former opponent.
    On Russia:
    — “They’re stronger anyway. We have to improve our relations.” … “What’s the fastest way to resolve issues and restore the relationship? Only money.”
    — “We’ll take $100 billion from the Russians. I think they’d love to give it to us today.”
    — “Give it five, 10 years, and the blood will be forgotten.”
    — “I’m describing, objectively, what I’m seeing and where things are heading.”
    On disappointment with the West:
    — “You all won’t take us [into NATO and the European Union].”
    — “There’s no use in wasting time on empty talk. Whereas Russia would love to bring us into a new Warsaw Pact.”
    — “[The United States uses Ukraine to wage] War against Russia … to the last Ukrainian.”
    — “People want peace, a good life, they don’t want to be at war. And you [the U.S.] are forcing us to be at war, and not even giving us the money for it.”

  86. chris says:

    I know, it seems like they couldn’t possibly have racked up any more provocations than they did.

    Constant flow of armaments, „floating“ the idea of the Brits adding a naval base, bio labs, nuclear weapons, nato membership; you may well be right that the nazi „battalions“ were the icing on the cake that no Russian strategist could resist.

    Nazism is what brought legitimacy to the old Soviet Union. Finally mass murder that wasn’t home made; though the incredible number of Russian dead in the war, I suspect half were home made, their numbers were just racked up to Germany‘s bill, well, because they could, and who would know?

  87. R2b says:
    @Rolo Slavskiy

    No, that is wrong!
    The jews of today are not the jews of the old testament.
    That is talmudic, as you geheimly are, it seems.
    The jews of today, are the ones split up from the ones who became Christian, in line with the Prophets.
    Jews of today are broken of the Olive tree.

  88. Miro23 says:

    Russia is looking to build stronger links with a newly aware non-Western, potentially non dollar based world (China/Central Asia, India, Middle East) maybe best represented by the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative).

    Russia retaking all of Ukraine with a new Iron Curtain dividing Europe along the Poland – Belarus/Ukraine border.

    These statements are quite self-contradicting, because the BRI is intended mainly to facilitate the flow between the East and the West. If there is an new Iron Curtain, what markets the BRI is serving ? The tiny russian market of 150 million people and dwindling ?…

    I don’t see why the BRI can’t interact with both Eastern Europe and Russia (mostly European this side of the Urals). China is friendly with both Russia and Visegrad even if they aren’t friends with each other.

    BRI is a global initiative but by its nature of building on the historic Silk Road puts a major focus on countries in Asia, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, a region mainly composed of emerging markets. According to the Belt and Road Portal, currently 71 countries are taking part in the Initiative, together representing more than a third of the world`s GDP and two thirds of the world`s population.

  89. Agent76 says:

    March 14, 2022 Video: ‘There are 25+ US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine’: Tulsi Gabbard

    Gabbard urged the Biden administration in the United States not to cover up, but rather to take concrete steps to immediately stop the US military from operating “dangerous” Biolabs in Ukraine.

  90. @Rolo Slavskiy

    Russia has mastered hypersonics. As early as 2018 it made a successful launch of 15 Mach public.
    4 years ago!
    That gives Russia many many options and even makes nuclear encounters viable – as silly as it may sound, besides it is what zealous priests & politicians of the Moses religions hope for.
    Even with the “old” tech with 7 – 10 Mach (which others do not seem to have) it takes one single minute to take out any US installation and any lackey government for that matter in Europe.
    (Why did Russia not take out the Jew regime in Kiew before it started the razzia? Because of the Jews?)
    Versus the US bully: within 5 minutes a single submarine can sink the complete East coast (incl. Washington) into the ocean.
    All this talk about how the nuke powers will never… because of this and that and artificial intelligence etc. appears as small talk today. Russia today! If Russia does not have a nuclear first strike strategy with a chance, the JewS would provoke and prod Russia and not hiding behind Europe (like the Ukrainian Army must hide behind civilians).
    The most impressive and the most hopeful thing for me was the Russian president recently stating (before the Ukraine start) that “the US will have to leave Europe”.
    Before that the Chinese made a statement that the US will be punished in due time.
    Are they small talkers? Putin is a serious, sincere President and has not forgotten what America (the Jews) has done to Russia (re. Moscow Maidan, Kaukasus wars etc.) and now again…
    Russia has nothing to fear. For any law breaking (“rules based”) country Russia can now be more than a thorn in the side (within minutes).
    I do not think there has ever been a country as powerful as the current Russia and not only with its artillery.
    Russia does not need the world, but the world needs Russia (and even more so if and when Kiew is home) and Europe needs Russia very very badly…
    – especially to finally get the JewSSuckers out. Isn’t that Nazi?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  91. @anon

    Please inform us more deeply about your assertion of the “Mormon Mafiya” in the Agency. It doesn’t surprise, but seems not improbable. Mormonism as developed by Joseph Smith, was deeply connected to certain strains of Masonry (and I’m sure there are plenty of them as well in the upper echelons at Langley. So please propel the info.

    • Replies: @Von Rho
    , @orchardist
  92. Suede says:

    To get rid of the oligarchs would be tricky without turning it into a pogrom.

    • Agree: annamaria
  93. While I’m not as up to date on Ukrainian politics as I once was, this article seems more likely to be close to the truth than the glorious celebrations of heroism and devotion to democracy than I’ve been reading elsewhere.

  94. The Great Russian Restoration? Is that what you call bombing a maternity hospital?

    Or do you mean taking his economy back to the 90s?

    Speaking of the 90s it was Russia that agreed to recognize Ukraine in the 1994 Budapest convention. But Putin like Stalin is a loser and can’t stand an independent Ukraine.

    The Russians have once again proven themselves to be the bitter losers of Europe.

    First they sign up for Communism and now they support Putin’s pointless war that could cause worldwide hunger and a full on economic crash.

    Also hilarious that some of you think this will somehow stick it to the Jews. Yes their president is Jewish but he has about as much Jewish power as Seinfeld. Less actually. More like electing Adam Sandler.

    But if you think killing women and children to take out some democratically elected stand up comic will stick it to the Jews then you are truly deluded. Reminds me of Hitler thinking he was sticking it to Jews in Britain by killing Polish Jewish school teachers. Yea that will change everything you doofus.

    Even more deluded is to think that Putin wants to disrupt Jewish influence in the West.

    Where do you think Israel gets its oil? The Arabs won’t sell it to them. It all comes from Russia and Putin is pals with the prime minster.

    But back to your regularly scheduled fawning over a Napoleon wannabe that unlike the Jewish comic is afraid of debate and elections.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  95. anarchyst says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    If a nuke is detonated, it will have come from israel’s nuclear weapons stockpile. The samson option is real and is a threat by israel against the rest of the world, if israel’s “interests” are not fulfilled.
    You see, israel’s nukes are already pre-positioned and in place. No delivery systems are needed.
    Primary European targets for israel’s insanity are Rome (and the Vatican-the seat of the Roman Catholic Church), Paris or Brussels (seat of the European Union).
    North American targets are Atlanta, Los Angeles or Chicago. New York City is off-limits due to the proliferation of jews within the New York metropolitan area.
    Israel has been playing both sides with its extensive “honeypot” operation, which has proven to be quite effective.
    Israel supports Putin, but also supports Zelensky as israel has its grubby, greedy fingers in both governments.
    There is one way to blow this whole thing wide open and eliminate israel’s stranglehold on world leaders.
    All it would take would be for one leader to admit to being “honeypotted” (epsteined) and expose the whole operation. Naming names would “bring the whole diseased temple down”.
    This one leader could then plead for “forgiveness” which would easily be given. You can bet that more leaders would “come out of the woodwork” and expose the whole sordid operation.
    World jewry could then be “encouraged” to emigrate to israel without much persuasion. Having all of the “rats” in one geographical area would be a “plus”.

  96. @RussiaSux

    Thanks for sharing your opinion with all us dumb goyim, Shlomo

  97. @Miro23

    China brings other countries trade and mutual benefit. The USA and its goons bring death, destruction, subversion, organised and financed treachery, murderous sanctions, feminazism, sex and paedophilia tourism, organised human organ trafficking, junk ‘kultur’, ‘Woke’ arrogance and hypocrisy, ‘transgender’ lunacy etc. Good versus Evil.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  98. @A. Nonymous

    LYING racist troll. Like lice.

    • Troll: Automatic Slim
  99. @Commentator Mike

    Could the cosmos be so lucky? A stray piece of shrapnel….

  100. @Miro23

    I don’t see why the BRI can’t interact with both Eastern Europe and Russia (mostly European this side of the Urals).

    Which Eastern Europe ? If, as Gonzalo Lira points, there will be a new Iron Curtain along the Poland – Belarus/Ukraine border, the lion part of the markets, which the BRI was supposed to get into, will be out of reach for a long time.

    So, IMO Putin (and Xi) have all their interests on not creating this Iron Curtain as soon as the issue in Ukraine is finished.

  101. Abbybwood says:

    Hungary is especially a thorn in the EU’s side with not wanting illegal immigrants crashing their culture.

  102. Robjil says:

    I found this comment on the net. A warning to any mercenary who has been brainwashed by western MSM about the situation in Ukraine.

    This is good one. Another awakened from Matrix. American mercenary, who survived yesterday rocket attack and managed to escape from Ukraine, warns everyone that trip to 404 country is a trap.
    It is not a walk in a park. He also said that many mercenaries don’t even get a gun and there is huge shortage of ammo. Of course Ukies are hiding true number of the dead.

    • Agree: IncisiveOne
  103. @mulga mumblebrain

    China brings other countries trade and mutual benefit. The USA and its goons bring death, destruction, subversion, organised and financed treachery, murderous sanctions, feminazism, sex and paedophilia tourism, organised human organ trafficking, junk ‘kultur’, ‘Woke’ arrogance and hypocrisy, ‘transgender’ lunacy etc. Good versus Evil.

    Is that why so many people cross the ocean to risk sneaking into China?

    Oh wait no that’s America where Africans actually take boats to Central America and head north through Mexico.

    China has slave factories where rural peasants work 12-14 hours a day. Ironically working conditions are some of the worst in a country that still pretends to be for the proletariat. Some revolution.

    Now go ahead and hit the troll button to show us that you are unable to intellectually defend yourself.

    • Agree: IncisiveOne
    • Replies: @showmethereal
  104. @anarchyst

    Israel has been playing both sides with its extensive “honeypot” operation, which has proven to be quite effective.
    Israel supports Putin, but also supports Zelensky as israel has its grubby, greedy fingers in both governments.

    Yes they are playing both sides while making a ton of money. Duh.

    Putin is fine with the relationship because he can sell them oil at a premium.

    But good luck explaining that to the JOO hatin’ club here thinks this insecure loser Russian dictator is going to scare the Jews of London and NY.

    A Jewish financier like Soros will probably cash out on the Ruble and laugh at all the JOO haters that think removing a standup comic is somehow a win for them. Yea killing a bunch of Ukrainian women and children to get a Jewish stand up comic will really stick it to those Jewish billionaires. What a joke. Might as well execute Adam Sandler. TAKE THAT JEWISH POWER!!!! What is next? Bombing a shopping mall to take out Seth Rogen?

  105. The Western Media and State were less anti-Arab and anti-Muslim after 9/11 than they are against Russia now about a war that has nothing to do with US security.

    Think about it.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: Towey
  106. Barney Fiefdom [AKA "Corporate DeathBurger"] says:

    What about the Russian Political Swamp?
    And the American Political Swamp, of both the “left” and “right”.
    And the Chinese Political Swamp?
    And the various & numerous European Political Swamps?
    And the Australian Political Swamp?
    And the Canadian Political Swamp?
    And so on…..?

    Whilst the MINDLESS MASSES continue to engage in blind & idiotic TRIBALISM, massive wealth disparities continue to rise to record levels.
    This is AS TRUE of “capitalist” countries as it is of “socialist” & “communist” countries.

    But WEAK MINDS continue to follow their strong “leaders”.

  107. @Truthor


    Do you really think that the modern weapons that Russia invented and is currently using and that nobody else has at this moment have come from a “corrupt” country? How come the “non-corrupt” US and UK can only helplessly fart on Putin’s dick and pretend that the Russian gangbang is not hurting them? Can you process these facts in your tiny peabrain?

  108. Von Rho says:

    French occultist René Guénon wrote an essay on the origins of the Mormons. Joseph Smith was influenced by Rabbi Mordecai Noah, who made the Niagara Covenant: an agreement between Protestants and Jews to regard the creation of Israel as the accomplishment of a prophecy, which was also the germ for the future Zionist movement. Before that, Protestants were anti-Semitic.

  109. @John Johnson

    You’re simply bonkers and reality has no chance penetrating into your thick skull.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Disagree: IncisiveOne
    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @IncisiveOne
  110. @emerging majority

    some say that the young males who serve two year missions become easy to blackmail;

    BYU is known as a prime CIA recruiting location

    I was told that Langley looks like a Ward during the week: home teaching, Relief Society, Priesthood meetings, etc.

    some speculate that when Congress agreed to let Utah become a state, that it got Mormon souls in exchange – in perpetuity

  111. anon[106] • Disclaimer says:

    emerging majority, Mormons have long been heavily recruited by CIA. They have language skills and cultural experience because they’re taught to proselytize and annoy people of many lands. They also have the sectary’s propensity to prey on out-groups, and so they’re cool with the gravest CIA crimes.

    Jessen is the poster boy for CIA crimes against humanity: Mengele for CIA’s torture regime. Mormon bishop, for a while. But the worst SARS medical experimentation is done by more obscure cultists in DO. These are the fuckers who need to get hanged or nuked.

  112. I hope Vlad has better success than The Donald had in draining our swamp.

  113. @Humbert Humbert

    You’re simply bonkers and reality has no chance penetrating into your thick skull.

    A fascinating retort.

    Thank your for using the outline in your response to methodically address all my points.

    It really helped break up what was a complex set of ideas that you eloquently simplified.

    You really took it to another level.

    Just one point above:



    • Agree: IncisiveOne
  114. aandrews says:

    Fox News Correspondent Returns from Ukraine: “It’s a Done Deal. They Lost.”
    Andrew Anglin
    March 15, 2022

    In an interview with Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan, who has just returned from the Ukraine, he said that the war is already over and the Ukraine has lost.

    “For me, Ukraine is a done deal. It’s flattened and they lost,” Harrigan said.

    [But, but…at the DrudgeReport, right now, one of the top headlines is RUSSIANS ‘COULD BUCKLE IN 10 DAYS’!]

    • Disagree: IncisiveOne
  115. @aandrews

    Harrigan is but a tool and Drudgery is full of shit.

  116. @Rolo Slavskiy

    slavsky, if it’s your real name, please leave our Bible alone and stick to writing on superstitious ukrani grannies. passiba!

  117. Essential info re the internal politics of the Russian province known as “Ukraine” for only the last 100 years.  Thank you.

  118. @Humbert Humbert

    1. Your ad hominem attack proves, in and of itself, that you lost the argument.
    2. Your notion of “reality” is a personal, private, and subjective fantasy, no doubt heavily dictated by the malstream media and ideologies. We are somewhat attached to the single objective reality, and thus avoid argument with the insane.

  119. Bottolini says:

    Putin’s achievements so far:

    1. In the space of a few days, he’s vaporized 200 years of anti-Polish propaganda (of Austrian, German, Russian and Soviet Russian provenance) in the Ukraine.

    2. He’s led the Ukrainians to take up arms against their so-called Russian brothers in order to defend their country. The Ukrainians are now doing what the Poles did in 1920 during the Polish-Soviet War, when relatively few Ukrainians were willing to fight the Red Army. Without the Ukrainian “brother nation” under its thumb, the Russian Empire’s days are numbered. Unfortunately for Putin, the Chinese general staff are watching all this.

    3. He’s given a boost to the new European Union which is gradually coming into existence in what used to be called Eastern Europe. Britain and America now see that the best way to foil Putin’s scheme to set up a German-Russian Condominium is to make Eastern Europe “great again”. The huge influx of Ukrainian refugees to Poland goes a long way to solving Poland’s demographic problems.

    4. In an age of smartphones and instant news reports, Putin’s shown the whole world that he’s (hopefully) the last in a very long series of monsters ruling from the Kremlin. Even the politically-correct BBC has now started to make the comparison between Putin and Hitler.

    5. With his latest series of war crimes (the shelling of children’s hospitals as well as residential areas, the indiscriminate slaughter of non-combatants etc.) he’s dealt the final death blow to Marxist ideology. The only hope for Russia now is to return to real Christianity (which has nothing to do with the KGB version currently “in force” in Russia). This is bad news for all “leftists” and their “progressive” modern variants.

  120. Jaded says:
    @Commentator Mike

    IIRC He was a regular on Elliott Spitzer’s round table (with Supermodel Paulina).

  121. @Emslander

    Who in Germany is going to throw anything off? I’ve never in my life met such compliant, obedient and broken people. Back in 2016 I was stuck in a traffic jam in the countryside of Munich for about 7 minutes, until I got frustrated and drove up the shoulder to try and go around what I assumed was a wreck. it. It turned out that the stop light was broken. The Germans just sat there, waiting I suppose for Angela Merkel to come fix it. Even after I went on my way, not a single car moved, except to fill the gap I left. For all I now they’re still sitting there 6 years later.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  122. @ComradePuff

    Been in a hurry to get to the puff (or out of the puff)?

  123. A Rothschild is now demanding action from the British gvt./parlament:
    “Vladimir Putin is the most dangerous man since the defeat of Hitler, with Xi Jinping a close second.”
    “Ukraine is an essential piece that we cannot afford to lose, in the geopolitical chessboard.”
    “Russia must be excised from the international banking and economic system. We must bring Russia to its knees through any means possible, to send a strong signal to the Chinese and to protect our global system of norms and liberal values.”
    “We must be under no illusions: if we allow Vladimir Putin to seize Ukraine, it will send a signal to our enemies, Iran, China and North Korea especially, that we will do nothing when faced with an onslaught of force.”
    “In effect, our current path, of lack of military action, means that our global order is dead on its feet. I urge you to deploy more force against Russia and its proxies, step up information warfare to correct opinion, especially online, and send weaponry to our friends in Ukraine. Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive.”

  124. “Draining the Ukrainian Political Swamp”…and completing things with cleaning out (of of Prussia) the Polish hate stirrers:

    (The Polish are doing to Russia what they have done to Prussia).

  125. @Bottolini

    Ridiculous take. Who cuts your paycheck?

  126. @Kurt Knispel

    It would appear that little Natty is getting a bit nervous. Thanks for the Pound quote—far more valuable than a Pound note.

  127. “What does Putin actually believe? Nobody but him may know and that scarcely matters anyway. His objectives are as clear as his bloody criminality — and his loud-mouthed media apparatchiks regularly enunciate his regime’s hostility toward us. They exult in any setback for the United States, they imagine themselves rising with our destruction, they attack us covertly every day, and they persistently aim to divide Americans by race, region, religion and partisan affiliation.
    Putin is an implacable and extremely dangerous enemy of the United States and of the values enshrined in our Constitution. Those who provide aid and comfort to his regime betray this country and those values.” (Joe Conason)

    • Troll: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Poco
  128. Amazing collection of ziotrolls.
    Even bonehead “John Johnson” has returned.

    This is a big compliment to the value of your writing, Rolo Slavskiy.

    PS Just in case you are reading this —

    Fuck you, Igor Kolomoisky !

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  129. Poco says:

    You have confused Putin with the uniparty. It is they who do every one of those things.

  130. @Kurt Knispel

    The real “hidden hand”? The one who writes the script for the White House and the medias? Wow! Who else would call and implement economic sanctions on everyone and every country he dislikes?

  131. @Arthur MacBride

    Draining the Ukrainian Political Swamp

    Elsewhere on UR there is speculation on Russian financial assets that apparently have been deposited outside Russia, maybe in the Square Mile … if this is true, it seems like mind-boggling stupidity (some allege treason) at least a kindergarten level understanding of the Hyena west which has already confiscated/looted gold of countries that Mr Rottenchild considers enemies.

    In an earlier conflict, it has been said that Hitler’s greatest error was treating with Churchill etc as if with honourable statesmen whose word could be trusted.

    A couple days ago I saw a report (since can’t find it) that the murderous warlord Igor Kolomoisky is preparing to “surrender” in Dnipro; maybe he expects to then parlay with Russia as a sort of equal … Putin seeks to “negotiate” with Zelensky, a puppet of Kolomoisky and the ((west)), but the latter is playing coy …

    Just to say, Volodya, that this is NOT the way to clean up Ukraine.
    Western Hyena is watching, guaging and probing any sign of weakness and/or foolishness in its bid to colonise and loot Russia as a continuation of its Great Game.

    • Thanks: Towey
  132. @PetrOldSack

    Haiti is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Russia is as corrupt as any major country, and certainly more so than Ukraine. The fact remains that corruption in Russia is organic.

    One former Soviet Soldier wrote into one blog relating his experience in Afghanistan. The same logistics problems are showing up in Ukraine as he had to endure in the AFG. Nothing has changed and Russia is going to lose because of it.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  133. Russia must take the Mariopoll area. Odessa area and Zaporozhie. Then negoshiete.

  134. It seems there is a history of corruption, however many innocent people are dying to what end. The best solution for Putin to do is say mission accomplished … bio labs destroyed. Make the evidence public, pull back troops and help rebuild Ukraine. There is another reason I propose this. China encouraged Putin to follow through this. In the long game Russia can not be allowed to ally with the west against China. Xi has great ambitions and will resort to any methods. However , this an old tactic. I am surprised Putin fell for it.
    This must end today. It is time to end this. Take the bio lab evidence public.

  135. Anonymous[719] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    A bissel sekhil: The Khazarian empire was defeated by Svyatoslav I of Kiev (Norse name Sveinald), son of Olga (Helga), around 967. The Norse Vikings had come down the rivers and became rulers of Novgorod in the North, and Kievan Rus in the South. Before that, around 730, the pagan Mongol-Turkic Khazars, or Huns, under attack by the Arabs, converted to Karaite Judaism as a defensive measure. Karaite Judaism is NOT Talmudic. The Spanish Pharisees of Toledo, Spain (Sepharad in Phoenician) rivals of the Karaites, aghast at what happened, made great efforts to re-convert the Khazars to Talmudic Judaism which they did around 860, the “Obadiah Reforms” as described in the epic poem the Kuzari. Their argument was that as Turkic trash, or trayf, the Khazars did not have “Jewish Luck.” But if they became Pharisees they would be adopted into the Tribe, become “descendants” of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and get the “luck.” That is how they became “Ashkenazis” which means “Scythians,” and were assimilated to Gog and Magog, the forces of destruction at the end of the world, against whom, in Islamic legend, Alexander the Great built defensive walls (which were actually Sassanid Persian walls.)

    Around 1392, Vytautas, the Duke of Lithuania invited the remnant Khazars of Crimea and also Mongols (today’s Polish Tatars) to serve the Lithuanian state as mercenaries, and the Khazars became Tax Farmers. Lithuania joined with Poland to make one state. The Slav peasants were considered cattle, or mere animals, to be exploited, and they were exploited as such by the Khazars. The hetman of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, led a revolt against Jewish Khazar rule in Ukraine in 1648.

    Starting with the treaties made between the Khazars of Crimea and Duke Vytautas of Lithuania in 1392, the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth had become de facto a condominium with two separate internal governments, Polish Catholic and Khazar Jewish, eventually each with its own national parliament. In 1651, in the face of a growing threat from Poland and forsaken by his Tatar allies, Khmelnytsky asked the tsar to incorporate Ukraine as an autonomous duchy under Russian protection. The Russians were reluctant to enter into such an agreement. and it was not until October 1653 that a Russian zemsky sobor (“assembly of the land”) approved the request and tsar Alexis sent a delegation, headed by V.V. Buturlin, to the Cossacks. Only after the Cossacks had suffered a disastrous military defeat (December 1653), however, did the rada receive the Muscovite delegation at Pereyaslav and formally submit to “the tsar’s hand.”

    Some months later (March 1654), the details of the union were negotiated in Moscow. The Cossacks were granted a large degree of autonomy, and they, as well as other social groups in Ukraine, retained whatever rights and privileges they had enjoyed under Polish rule without the indignities and oppression imposed by the Jewish tax farmers and domain stewards which were the cause of Khmelnytsky’s revolt. But the unification of Ukraine with Russia was unacceptable to Poland; a Russo-Polish war (Thirteen Years’ War) broke out and ended with the division of Ukraine between Poland and Russia by the treaty of Andrusovo. By the treaty the left bank of the Dniepr, from Smolensk down to the Black Sea, including Kiev, became Russian. This territory of the Russian Empire formed from the Zaporizhian Sich was called Novorossiya (“New Russia”) when Crimea and the Odessa region down to Bessarabia was annexed by the Russian Empire from the Crimean Khanate of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the Russo-Turkish War in 1774.

    During the Russo-Turkish War of 1768–1774, Catherine the Great sponsored the Orlov Revolt against the Ottoman Turks in Morea (Mainland Greece). The Greek Project, also known as the Greek Plan, was Catherine the Great’s vision of reclaiming historically Greek lands under occupation by the Ottoman Empire and restoring the Byzantine Empire. Prince Potemkin, who masterminded the Greek Project, gave Greek names to the newly founded towns in Novorossiya.

    Here are some of the Greek names given to the cities in the historic region of Novorossiya, in present day Ukraine:
    1. Kherson (1778), named after Chersonesus – an ancient Greek city in Crimea, today Sevastopol.
    2. Mariupol (1780), named after the Greek settlement of Mariampol, as well as the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna.
    3. Nikopol (1782, renamed in 1786), named after Nike – the goddess of victory.
    4. Melitopol (1784, renamed in 1842), named after Melita (an ancient port city) and the Greek word for Honey (meli).
    5. Nikolaev (1789), named after St. Nicholas, combining the Greek words for victory (nike) and people (laos).
    6. Odessa (1795), named after the ancient Greek city of Odessos (after Odysseus), thought to be located in the area.
    Catherine the Great met with the Holy Roman Emperor – Joseph II and formed an alliance in her ambitions with Austrian monarchs. Unfortunately, after Joseph’s death in 1790, the agreement fell apart.

    It is evident that Novorossiya will become, first, auton0monous areas within post-war Federative Ukraine, and then they will vote massively to become part of the Russian Federation. West Ukraine may be offered to Poland as a consolation prize.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  136. @Anonymous

    Exceedingly well-researched. Wish I knew how at precisely 77.5 years to do screen-capture—being that I am technologically inept and slow to get on board. Our overall take as to the future of Ukraine and of Galicia are totally d’ accord. Yes, those Uniates in Galicia may well be beyond redemption—perhaps terminally locked to the Vatican.

    Should have realized that it took a Varangian Rus to put down the slave-taking, caravan-robbing Khazarian newcomers to Talmudism, with rules made by the Sanhedrin emanating out of Babylon.

    Information on the Greek connexion most interesting. My one significant squawk with Putin and the Russian General staff is that they did not rescue Mariupol in 2014 or 15. Such a move would have ultimately saved thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of lives—all due to the scum of the earth occupying that Russo-Greek city.

  137. The Germans are repeating their past crimes against the Russian people at the instigation of the Americans like Blinken.

    German Mercenaries on the Eastern Front 2.0

    Just like today, Ukraine welcomed German soldiers with bread and salt back in 1941.

    By W. SCHMITT | In Kharkov (Kharkiv), Germans in soldiers’ uniforms are shooting at Russians again. Who would have thought just a few weeks ago that we would ever experience such 1940s deja vu? And just like today, Ukraine welcomed German warriors back in 1941: as is well known, they welcomed the Wehrmacht there with bread and salt.

    Even the front has hardly changed: if the Germans fighting as mercenaries in the Ukraine today don’t know where the Russians are, they can easily help themselves with the dotted line to the front in 1941, which their great-grandfather entered in his world atlas. Roughly where Germans shot at Russians back then, they’re shooting at Russians again today.

    Of course, the political circumstances of today can only be compared to a very limited extent with those of 1941. Both sides, the Russians as well as the Ukrainians with their German mercenaries, have their respective reasons for this war, and these reasons are completely different reasons than in 1941. Also the usual questions of war guilt, who shot first and who shot back, who else oil in the poured fire, before the war and in the middle of the war, are to be answered in a completely different way than back then.

    And we should also be careful not to draw parallels between the Ukrainian-German alliance of 1941, which only existed in the imagination of Ukrainians, and the Ukrainian-German alliance of 2022, which is also seen as such by Germans today. Last but not least, the Ukrainians are now calling the shots and the German mercenaries are their helpers, not the other way around.

    But the scene of a young German in a soldier’s uniform shooting or being shot by a young Russian in Kharkov in March 2022 bears striking resemblances to the exact same scene in 1941. Perhaps the great-grandson of a Wehrmacht soldier is shooting at the great-grandson of a Red Army soldier, and their great-grandfathers were facing each other in exactly the same place. Despite all the historical and political differences between the two wars, in the actual fighting, in the mutual killing of Germans and Russians, there are frightening similarities: The Eastern Front of that time is again the Eastern Front of today.

    And of course there are also parallels with regard to the political mood in Germany. As then, German radio broadcasts non-stop anti-Russian slogans, reports on Russian atrocities are the order of the day in the German press. Weapons against Russia are rolling in the direction of Ukraine again by freight train. And just like back then, the people in Germany seem to be downright electrified with blind hatred of Russia – today perhaps even less critical, even more bellicose, even more collective than back then.

    In addition to the many major political questions that the Ukraine war raises, this war also raises the question: Kharkov 1941 and Harkov 2022, why are the pictures similar? Wasn’t that actually the meaning and purpose of the entire German policy of the past 81 years that Kharkov 1941 should never be repeated?

  138. @Miro23

    This time the iron curtain is to prevent West Europeans (and Americans) from settling in the east!

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  139. @emerging majority

    Re. screen-capture; One option is the print button in the top row of the keyboard (right side usually). Press “Print” and maybe open beforehand a writing document (MS Word? LibreOffice?…) and copy that “Print” shot into the doc by clicking your cursor into the desired position in the writing doc and pushing the Strg. button and then the V button of the alphabet… bingo?

    My preference is to mark the desired text/comment by putting the cursor at the beginning (or end) of a text and pushing and keeping pushed down the left mouse button, pulling it down the lines (or up) till everything is marked (it shows up coloured) then push the String and the C button (or the right button of the mouth); klick to your writing doc., put cursor onto desired position in the doc and push String and V button…bingo?

    Is it understandable? If not and you want my help and reply, I shall try harder. Maybe someone else is able to better explain and knows shorter ways?

    Congratulations to your good age. The older one gets the more valuable one becomes for the descendants. Prudent oldies are living carriers of history. That is one reason why the Kabal wants us poisoned and shortened.

    Regarding 2014/2015: The Novorussians are asking too why it has taken so long. And why only now? Did you get the 2 preceding speeches of the Putin (21st and 24th of Feb.)? They explain a lot. In addition I think that Russia is just now in an extraordinary military position. No one seems able to match the speed and preciseness of Russian artillery (being able to reach everywhere). Russia can hit Brüssel in one single minute and they would objectively not know where it came from. Bismarck, Gandhi, Putin and others said it time and again: the only thing that changes something in this world is iron and blood. And I like to add nobody is in effect as bloody in his deeds as the Jew.
    (Re. 2014/2015: I will never forget 2015 and Jewess Merkel the bloody Ferkel)

    Regarding history / chronology: It often reads precise and diligent etc. because some aspects and times might be proven (by old writings?), but who did the writing and recording? The rabbis’ churches? E.g. “…the pagan Mongol-Turkic Khazars, or Huns,…”; some historians say the Huns are the Saxons…
    Who is in power forces history – his stories; exemplary is Germany today. The victors are writing and violently pushing their “history”, which some still know to be fake, onto us and worse into our children. If we speak up we are forced into jail or bankrupted or both. The Jew is the most violent in my experience. (He has got the most to loose). As soul he is last in line. As soul many animals and even trees are closer to salvation, salvation meaning the soul no longer obliged into an earth body to suffer under whatever.

  140. @Old Brown Fool

    And for good reason.
    Somebody a few days ago hailed the possibility of Ukrainians being resettled in the west (I think it was Canada) as this would boost the Euro cause there.
    Yes, maybe here and there locally they might have a (short-lived) positive effect.
    But it would be quickly extinguished by globohomo “hate laws”, and the children of those unfortunate people would be soon unrecognisable to them after globohomo schooling.

    The west is a satanic cesspit of filth and depravity.
    The ongoing result of Jewish Frankfurt School influence, aided by very willing western Pussy Riot and Gay Pride enthusiasts. No sensible country wants such dreck. Like how Americans used to want to keep “liberal” Californians out.

    Not until those regimes are brought down, meaning the perverts (in all senses) in or behind government rendered powerless can there be hope.

  141. @Charles Martel France

    pi-news is an Israel org.

    The Ukraine conflict is like the First and like the Second Jewish World War of Jewish origin.

    And how many lost German souls are you finding there “fighting Russians again”?

    2? 20? 200? Show at least 20 lost souls out of Germany there. Show and show that they are Germans and not just FRG passport holders? Maybe they are Israelis? Any Israeli gets instantly a German passport if he likes (and far to many do).

    1/4 to 1/3 of the so called Bundeswehr are Turks today. Turkey too is an instrument of the Jew, just like the occupied remnants of Germany.

    So, what do you propagandise apart from your sick hatred against Germans?!

    Why do you not tell us about your Charles Michel, one of the main organisers of this war?!

  142. annamaria says:
    @Rolo Slavskiy

    There is an obvious and catastrophic deficit in “patriotic Westerners”

    Wait when the wide-chested US/UK brass shows up for the approaching V-Day next to the Ziocons-desecrated graves of the patriotic Westerners fallen during WWII.

    Judea Declared War on Germany – and the US/UK governments obliged to join Judea

    Judea Declared War on Russia – and the US/UK governments obliged to join Judea

    Smedley D. Butler, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient:

    War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. …It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

    The US Army is made of “muscle men for Big Business.” The Army functions as a “racketeer for capitalism” while “a few people make huge fortunes.”

  143. annamaria says:

    Both Dnipro I and Dnipro II were founded and funded by Kolomojsky, the leader of the Jewish Community of Ukraine. Ukrainian Banderites are owned by Jews.

    Mr. Ze (a Jews) had ordered all Ukrainian men ages 18-60 to join the Ukrainian Army – and then he immediately departed to a safe house away from Ukraine. How many Jewish men are in the Ukrainian army, by the way? There was a sadist who enjoyed cutting off prisoners’ fingers – was he the Jewish pride in the Ukrainian army?

    Mr. Ze has a lot of money on his offshore accounts. One assumes that the same is true for the Semite-led & bought White Fuhrers. Time and again it shows that Banderitess are easy to buy.

    Here is your White Fuhreress, the anti-Christ Chrystia Freeland, who is busy installing fascism in Canada. The fat Freeland is from a family of turncoat Chomyak; she is a turncoat herself and one can be sure that her progeny will be filled with turncoats. The Chomyaks always know where bread and butter come from and behave accordingly. No wonder Chrystia Freeland is a darling of American Ziocons. She is a friend of Victoria Nuland. Very fitting.

    “When will Canada wake up to the fact that Freeland is a neo-con war-monger?”

    Freeland and Soros:

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  144. Levtraro says:
    @Charles Martel France

    Great exaggeration. Just a few deluded (allegedly) Germans going to kill and die for a jew-infested country. Sure Germany is being swept along with the rest of the West by a propaganda tsunami but the German govt has been a bit more rational than the rest of the EU.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  145. annamaria says:

    “series of monsters … politically-correct BBC…”

    — Is this you, Anne Applebaum? – A faux historian. presstitute for the “Integrity Initiative,” and rabid Russophobe married to a dude from the “hyena of Europe?”

    Just confess that this is you, the beauty of the ZOG:ław_Sikorski

    • Replies: @Bottolini
  146. annamaria says:

    Russia will do just fine.
    Why don’t you focus on your people, the Banderites – the Servants to Ziocons?

    Judea Declared War on Russia:

    A Rothschild is now demanding action from the British government /parliament: “Vladimir Putin is the most dangerous man since the defeat of Hitler, with Xi Jinping a close second.”

    Jump, Banderites, jump higher to the Ziocon tune.

    After 1945, your forefathers the sadists from SS Galician were saved from the Nuremberg Process and sent to Canada. The usual suspects have carefully resurrected your Banderite Commiunitity by allowing you to hold Nazi celebrations and to build Nazi memorials. Now you are obliged to pay back the “Semites” with your blood: Judea Declared War on Russia. Onward, Christian soldiers!

  147. @annamaria

    Canada’s New Foreign Minister Lying About Family’s ...

    Freeland was asked directly to clarify her own claims about Grandfather Chomiak’s war record. Her press spokesman, Chantal Gagnon, asked for more time, but then the two of them refused to answer. “The sins of the grandfather can hardly be attributed to the granddaughter,” says Polish investigator Balcerac, “—except for two, race hatred and lying. Chomiak made a lucrative war selling hatred of Jews, Poles and Russians. Freeland is doing the same preaching race hatred of Russians. To mask what she’s doing, she has lied about the Nazi record of her family. The Chomiaks weren’t victims; they were aggressors.” A Washington source adds: “Chomiak was recruited by US intelligence to wage war in the Ukraine against the Russians. Let’s see what the US Army and intelligence files reveal about his role, and let’s compare that to the one Freeland is now playing in Canada.”

  148. Bottolini says:

    No, that’s not me. As Charlie Chaplin once famously said, “I have never had that honour.”

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @annamaria
  149. @Levtraro

    You’re letting Krauts off the hook. Why was the German super spy head of their intelligence agency the last Westerner of some import to leave Kiev? What was his mission there? To cool ZioNazi hot heads? I very much doubt it. And look at the massive anti-Russian demonstrations in Berlin, the attacks on anything and everything Russian, and a lot more. Sure, not all Germans, like not all Jews, like not all, whoever, but most, sure enough.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  150. Truthor says:

    Some interesting truth from Russian sources:

    Unlawful even by Russian standards Contrary to his claims, Vladimir Putin didn’t have ‘legal grounds’ for invading Ukraine

    A brief history of the Donbas War, in photos American Brendan Hoffman captures eight years of life along the contact line in eastern Ukraine

    Putin’s last stand How to lose a war simply by starting one

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  151. annamaria says:

    Judging from the tenor of your writing, you are a “spiritual” twin of Anne Applebaum.

    Mrs. Applebaum is a professional Russophobe i.e. a political ally of the Neo-Cons and R2P zealots that enabled the Ukrainian Coup, with billions of American dollars and a substantial investment of EU money. The cast of characters: Victoria Nuland, Amb. Pyatt, Yats, allied with Right Sector and Svoboda who acted as enablers for the coup, that ousted the utterly corrupt but duly elected Viktor Yanukovich. Add to that list the zealous Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and an utterly disingenuous and or clueless President Obama.

    Oh yes, they “can” and they did canned and conned the US citizenry.

  152. annamaria says:

    Why Russophobes are so ugly? Guess, their inside percolates on the outside.

    Anne Applebaum was outed as a presstitute for Integrity Initiaitve:

    The British government financed Integrity Initiative is tasked with spreading anti-Russian propaganda and thereby with influencing the public, military and governments of a number of countries. What follows is a contextual analysis of the third batch of the Initiative’s internal papers which were dumped by an anonymous yesterday.

    Christopher Nigel Donnelly (CND) is the co-director of The Institute for Statecraft and founder of its offshoot Integrity Initiative. The Initiative claims to “Defend Democracy Against Disinformation”.

    The Integrity Initiative does this by planting disinformation about alleged Russian influence through journalists ‘clusters’ throughout Europe and the United States. Both, the Institute as well as the Initiative, claim to be independent Non-Government Organizations. Both are financed by the British government, NATO and other state donors.

    This ugly profiteering rat Applebaum, who is unable to issue a single truthful word, has been tirelessly slandering the honest and courageous journalist Julian Assange.

  153. @emerging majority

    Thanks, Kurt. As I’m working with an iMac 19.2 and a Kinesis keyboard, much of which you so generously have shared needs further translation into the system/s I’m using.

  154. @Truthor

    Truthless Whore. Nuff said about your squawking.

  155. @annamaria

    Wonder how long it will take for dying, thrice-jabbed ex-military thugs to take things into their own hands and do what they like to do to these pre$$titute$.

  156. @aandrews

    Just a pity no one told him to ask the “incisive genius” Francis Fukuyama before making a fool of himself with crystal-ball pigshit. You see… Fukuyama also believes it’s almost all over, but… err… in a rather different way. LMAO

    Gotta love talking-heads who think they’re smart and then show you the (non-existent) evidence on prime-time tv. Same goes for the preening, over-rated idiot Fukuyama.

  157. @John Johnson

    Why argue ? We all seem to be agreed that:

    1) the Jews are playing both sides
    2) the Jews are making a shit-load of money
    3) the Jews are directly causing and assisting in the violent deaths of countless thousands of White
    Christian Russian soldiers
    4) ditto above White Christian Ukrainian soldiers and defenceless civilians

    And let’s not forget that the Jews in Ukraine – like the Jews everywhere else – are so immorally, obscenely rich, and so utterly ruthless and demonically evil, that they will simply disappear to that shitty little state in the Middle East when the war ends (taking their stolen billions with them of course), and not caring a rat’s turd what Putin or anyone else in the world thinks, says or does – because they don’t ever have to.

    But naturally, all of the above must simply be the fault of the

    “JOO hatin’ club here”

    – the only people on the planet who actually fully understand and never forget that the only viable long-term solution to the world’s problems is the second and very FINAL Final Solution. I don’ think any “JOO haters” believe that anything else under the sun is going to change anything – and certainly not anything which happens in Ukraine – dead Jew comedian / President / charlatan / war-monger or not.

  158. @Rolo Slavskiy

    The Jews of today are the same Jews that are in the Old Testament

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that is one of the stupidest things I’ve read on the internet so far this year (which is already a very high bar to reach). You are obviously VERY new to this website if you have not seen this specific topic discussed before. It has been – many times.

    Before you make a fool of yourself again I recommend to you a book called “The Thirteenth Tribe”, written by the (Jewish) author and philosopher, Arthur Koestler. The book explains coherently exactly where today’s Ashkenazis – 95% of the world’ s Jews, and more accurately called “Khazarian” – actually came from. They are nothing whatever to do with the “Old Testament” (or “New Testament”) Jews – that is simply an historically-illiterate delusion of the brain-dead Christian Zionists and “Born-Again” cretins across America and the West. I hope you’re not one of them.

    • Replies: @Kurt Knispel
  159. @Dave Bowman

    This myth is very widespread, but it is a myth nonetheless. The story was put into the world shortly after the First Jewish World War and the Bolshevik (Jewish) Revolution by New York Jews because they did not want to be associated with their European peoples and traditions destroying tribesmen in Eastern Europe. They referred to these Eastern European Jews as ‘Khazars’ and ‘fake’ Jews to maintain the claim that they were the ‘real Jews’, and of course ‘real’ Jews would never cause such trouble as the ‘fake’ ‘Khazars’ in Russia …

    The most “serious person” in Ukraine, Kolomoyskyi: Jew
    President Zelenski: Jew
    Premier Schmyhal: Jew
    Defence Minister: Jew
    Jazenjuk: Jew
    Pornoschenko: Jew
    Timoschenko: Jew

    The Ukraine horror is a Jewish horror and has been in the pipeline not only since 2014, not only since 1991 and probably even further back as 1986 as it became known to some GDR officials, the Jews decided on new prey in eastern Europe and last but foremost in killing The Bear. Never forget the Jew Jelzman and the very questionable Gorbachov.

    Zelenski’s is sponsored by Israel; Benett is calling Putin every 5 minutes “mediating” and pressuring for the Chabad devils.

    Every war is a Jewish war. Jew is Jew. Judaism is mafia. Judaism is the negative force on earth.

    Re. ZionLendSki:

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  160. @Kurt Knispel

    It is not fair to put all the blame on the Jewish people, is it ? The Jews didn’t set out from Europe to occupy places like the USA,Canada,New Zealand,Australia and South Africa. Others did that and killed lots of people in the process.

    The Jews didn’t start the mainly White-on-white/Christian-on-Christian violence aka WWI and WWII.

    If you insist that a single Jewish person is capable of beating millions of non-Jews into submission forcing them to fight wars on massive scale and kill each other then what is left for you is to admit that being Jewish is equivalent to being a superman in a well-deserved way.

    The truth is that the Jewish people are human beings like us with some extremely admirable qualities. A Jewish person who suffers persecution,humiliation and the Holocaust always gets up and continues his journey in life.

    Does that mean any Jewish person is incapable of doing bad things ? Of course not. He is human after all.

  161. @John Johnson

    “Is that why so many people cross the ocean to risk sneaking into China?”

    Silly comparison since China doesn’t have an open immigration policy… China makes it exceptionally difficult for foreigners.

    “China has slave factories where rural peasants work 12-14 hours a day. Ironically working conditions are some of the worst in a country that still pretends to be for the proletariat. Some revolution.”

    you are living 40 years in the past. China has the largest middle class in the world. Just ask all the American and European companies for whom China is their biggest market to sell to… Why are so many Americans so ignorant about the world?

  162. @Charles Martel France

    Jews ‘..human after all’??!! I’ve not seen SUCH vile ‘antisemitism’ in a long while.

  163. @annamaria

    She’s just getting ready to peel off her ‘human’ face, to reveal the reptile beneath.

  164. @Bottolini

    Such deranged lying is the West’s lingua franca of the age. Tiny, amphibian, brains, riven with omnicidal RAGE-the prospects for thermonuclear war are grim.

  165. @Charles Martel France

    They are human beings like you.
    Do you want to find out what makes “a human being”? Before you keep on eagerly reinforcing the Jew’s propaganda – his stories (are anything but true. The filthy one covers his big lies with a little truth here and a little truth there; fogging machine)! What makes a human being? Maybe find out first and then talk?

    If the Jew wants to join mankind (kind man) he must give up the mafia (codex) and serve, slave by starting to slave for the slavs (this time around). What goes around comes around.

    The way the Jew is evil, the way his Catholic carries a cuntiness or underhandedness too (I do not know a fitting English word) – every Catholic. If a Catholic wants to join the Christ he must give up Rome and he must give up the Bible, both the old and the new testament. Creation under the light of truth is a better crutch or at least one which will carry him beyond the meddled books of the 6 Moses religions. One can only do that if one is true and even proofs, i.e. verifies the devine, because the devil can appear as devi(ne) lish, another leash. The devil can appear as the most loving devine mother. How are you going to know wether it is The Mother and not the Jew’s father in the best holly woods? A.s.o.a.s.f.
    Good luck to you.

  166. @anarchyst

    The Jew recently nuked Beirut…
    What would happen if the RUS nukes the JewS out of Europe and parallel to that the schlomo on the RUS’ is forced to call the schlomo of Israhell (with those millions of RUS schlomos in Israhell)?
    Russia can now wipe out Berlin within 30 seconds…and there would be no automatic response because their are no given sensors to register that “too fast” flight.

  167. Levtraro says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I was thinking more about the German govt and German business class. German intelligence is closely linked to the USA and German people are being manipulated by propaganda.

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