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Don’t Compare the George Floyd Riots to Charlottesville! (Oh, On Second Thought, Antifa Was Guilty There Too)
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When nationwide race riots broke out over the death of George Floyd Leftist Main Stream Media operatives brought up the August 2017 Charlottesville Unite The Right rally in an attempt to smear President Trump:

(Eugene Scott is a black political reporter for the Washington Post who reports on “the politics of identity in the Trump era”).

My initial reaction, as one of the organizers of the Unite The Right Rally: there is simply NO COMPARISON between how badly white activists were treated at our event compared to the kid glove treatment of these black rioters today. And, at the most obvious level, this is clearly true. In Charlottesville, we had to win a hard-fought victory in federal court even to have the right to demonstrate in the first place. Then the Democrat-controlled city government conspired to sabotage the event. Police stood down and allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa carte blanche to attack UTR demonstrators so that an “unlawful assembly” could be declared.

The national MSM, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice and local law enforcement have essentially ignored these acts of brutal violence against the UTR participants, apparently because they were done for the “righteous cause” of “anti-racism”.

And this has led directly to the violence the George Floyd rioters now feel free to unleash on ordinary Americans now.

So, on second thoughts…I think there indeed is a parallel between Charlottesville in 2017 and these latest riots. We are looking at the same groups and ideologies that, with the aid of black street criminals, wreaked havoc on a legally-approved demonstration in Charlottesville, now upscaling their Anarchist and Black nationalist tactics to a nationwide campaign of terror.

Law enforcement authorities have had three years to put a stop to these groups’ activities. But they have instead allowed them to metastasize and build the infrastructure they needed to capitalize on the George Floyd riots and turn them into a national insurrection.

The names of nearly all the violent Antifa from Charlottesville, including convicted domestic terrorists like Brent Betterly, pictured below in the red helmet [3 in Chicago Face Charges of Terrorism in Protests, By Idalmy Carrera and Steven Yaccino, The New York Times, May 19, 2012] were identified by internet sleuth “Jack Corbin” and brought to the attention of the DOJ.

The FBI responded by arresting Corbin for internet harassment against one of the violent “protesters” [Florida man accused of cyberstalking, making racist threats against black activist, by Michael Kunzelman, ABC 7 News, September 19, 2019]. He is now in jail.

Does anyone remember flame thrower attacker Corey Long who used a spray can and a lighter to shoot flames into a crowd of protesters? He was given a slap on the wrist—20 days in prison—and lionized as a folk hero by anti-white media. [Interview: How Corey Long Fought White Supremacy With Fire, Yesha Callahan, The Root, August 14, 2017.

Well, this was the scene outside the White House on Saturday night.

Besides that, a number of videos have begun emerging of “protesters” attacking vehicles so that drivers are forced into a tragic life-or-death choice.

Similarly, there were multiple attacks on private cars during the Charlottesville chaos.

Martyrs of Leftist Violence

Everyone in the country knows Heather Heyer’s name. She has been lauded as a martyr and the civil liberties of millions of right-wing dissidents have been infringed in retaliation for her unfortunate demise.

But as tragic as her death may be, she was only one woman.

What about the victims of the George Floyd riots murdered by Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists?

If all you did was watch MSM disinformation you might not even know that they exist, much less their names.

(3rd Precinct in Minneapolis set ablaze by rioters)

I’ll leave the list of victims here for now, but I want to note that there may be many more related to the rioting that we just aren’t able to confirm at this time.

The point is that Heyer’s death was used to stoke a moral panic about the boogieman of “white supremacy” which has led to an unprecedented, un-American wave of political censorship against right-wing political dissidents and immigration patriots.

Meanwhile these victims of anarcho-tyranny will remain forgotten and nameless by our corrupt Ruling Class.

The Usual Suspects

After several days of Black Lives Matte- inspired looting and pillaging, the rioters were joined by anarcho-terrorists (or Antifa) who added the same kind of mob beatings and rampant vandalism they deployed from the 2016 inauguration riots in Washington DC to Charlottesville in 2017.

Despite the clear and unmistakable identity of the perpetrators, many of charlatans responsible for the Charlottesville hoax have now begun spreading the conspiracy theory that the riots are actually the work of “white supremacists”–an idea so crazy even the SPLC doesn’t believe it.[No Evidence White Supremacists Are Derailing The Protests, Left-Wing SPLC Says, by Chris White, Daily Caller, June 1, 2020]

Thus former Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy: “Let’s be very very clear: officials in Minnesota— those responsible for last night’s arrests—are saying it is white nationalists who are co-opting the protests.

NOT, as Bill Barr said, Antifa or “far-left” radicals.”

“While I’m certainly okay with protests and looting, I’m also aware that there are white agitators at these protests doing a lot of the worst property damage.”

Then there’s Amy Spitalnick, the Executive Director of Integrity First for America, a \$10 million slush fund financing a lawsuit targeting attendees of the Charlottesville rally (including me). This group has capitalized on misinformation and fearmongering to raise money and obtain favorable media coverage.

Spitalnick is now promoting the conspiracy theory that far right “boogaloo extremists” are to blame for “co-opting” the protests and turning them violent. As evidence, she merely retweets a photo of a young militia member wearing a “boogaloo” patch. He is neither taking part in the protests nor committing any acts of violence. This blood libel appears based only on the fact that the young man happens to be white.

Destroying American History

All BLM-Antifa rioters have a similar agenda of vandalizing American history—and politicians seem only too happy to look the other way. In Richmond on Saturday, rioters burned the Daughters of the Confederacy building incinerating a priceless General Stonewall Jackson flag and many manuscripts.

Vandals sprayed graffiti on several of Richmond’s Confederate monuments and hung a noose around a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

On Sunday night vandals set fire to the historic St. John’s Church in Washington DC, attended by ever American president since James Madison. It is (was?) a priceless national landmark.

Trump visited this church, accompanied by the Secret Service, today.

One thing that these mobs indisputably have in common: their hatred for white Americans and our history. If they have it their way, every statue of our ancestors will topple and our legacy burned to ash.

Jason Kessler [Email him] is a civil rights advocate and freelance journalist. He is presently suing the City of Charlottesville for violating the First Amendment rights of the Unite The Right demonstrators. He can be found on Twitter and at his website

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. It’s the blacks. Rule of Paw.

    Video Link

  2. I think I’ve seen at least a half dozen clips of frightened drivers (including cops) refusing to stop while being attacked by rioters…..doing the exact same action that got James Fields 400 years in jail.

    • Agree: follyofwar, Jett Rucker
  3. Uncle J says:

    White nationalist and Antifa. Different sides of the same coin. Both, diseases that should be eradicated and soon, before it contaminates the rest of the country. The white nationalist have to realize that without them there would not be an Antifa.

    And of course, both are tools of the elite 1% to sow chaos and division. An old Roman/Jewish pastime. In fact, sometimes recruited, nurtured and controlled by the same person. Gee, I wonder whose MO is that?

  4. We may need laws to get rid of gated communities. As long as “elites” can cordon themselves off from the daily realities they are creating for actual America they will keep this up.

    Throw it in their face that they actually live in neighborhoods that haven’t changed since the 1950s.

    • Replies: @Jett Rucker
    , @Oemiktlob
  5. Uncle J says:


    ……The white America has to accept the fact that they are a minority now and not in control and taking its last breath as the owners. The Jews, every four years prop up one of you and tells you what to do, what to say and where to sign. And if you don’t behave, they’ll toss you aside like a dirty rag.

    Wake up white America. Blacks are not your enemy or your problem. Neither is this pissant group Antifa. Look elsewhere or soon you will find yourselves picking their cotton.

  6. Ragno says:

    Relieved to see I’m not the only one secretly happy to see so many of The Good and Noble and Correct-Thinking thrust into the exact same nightmare reality that James Fields found himself in. I know they’ll never admit it, and they don’t have enough humility or humanity to demand he receive a new trial (after the most shockingly-fixed high-profile capital murder trial in memory, held in a courtroom so kangaroo it should have been named Marsupial Municipal – where was the ACLU? The Innocence Project? Crickets, in response), and so I can only hope for a measure of schadenfreude when many of these now-momentarily-shaken SJWs suffer horrendous assault or worse from the same sort of animals.

    What’s that? -not very likely, you say? But surely these worthies must understand that, between bail-reform setting up a laughable but permanent revolving-door for felons of color, and the shadow of The Kind and Friendly Martyred Giant George (Jesus II) Floyd looming over the shoulder of every prosecutor and high-ranking cop for years to come, the likelihood that they will inadvertantly initiate a fatal or near-fatal encounter with a now-legally-bulletproof predator has just exponentially increased. And that covers every scenario from mild disagreement to unfortunate fender-bender to I’m pissed off and you white – c’mere, bitch!

    But of course, I’ll tingle with the most excitement watching footage of shitlib-in-car being swarmed by orcs; smashing the plate glass, pounding relentlessly with blunt instruments, trying to reach in to physically yank said Casucasian driver out of the vehicle bodily, giving said Caucasian no alternative but to ram as many of them as possible with their 2000-lb death machine (which only gave Heather Heyer about a 600-lb disadvantage). When they suffer and scream and cry til the snot bubbles out their nose, to the deaf ears of the Racial Star Chamber who condemns to the Outer Darkness forever, well… won’t be much succor for poor James Fields, but I’ll still laugh like hell in his name.

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  7. Adûnâi says:

    How would the 2020 mini-race-war compare to the 2014 Ferguson race riots? I try to keep in mind recent history (which I know far worse than the distant past) not to get hyped over a nothingburger.

    Still, the current chimpout is admirable. Can you follow Chechar and imagine the scale when their bellies are empty?

    Law enforcement authorities have had three years to put a stop to these groups’ activities.

    The White race has had 200 years to put a stop to the non-Aryans’ lives worldwide. But Christians consider the death of foreigners evil.

  8. Rooster2 says:

    So one person backing up into an unruly mob is a capitol offense… yet multiple minorities driving their car into police officers is demonstrating their first amendment rights… got it!

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
  9. It has always unsettled me that in the I Ching Book of Changes, Conflict (hexagram #6) and The Army (#7) should emerge so early out of sixty four hexagrams. Per the succinct genius of Wu Wei, #7 (Collective Forces)

    “When a large group of people is brought together, whether by design or incident, achieving success and good fortune requires a strong leader and strict discipline. This is true of an army, a social or political organization, a public or private gathering, even a mob.”

    For line 3, for example or per my own intuition, he continues:

    “Leadership is either completely in the wrong hands, or a highly placed subordinate is undermining the leader. In either case, misfortune is incurred, and if the misplaced leadership or undermining is allowed to continue, defeat will ensue.”

    Taking the more pure Taoist perspective, which few will appreciate, Carol Anthony admonishes in Hexagram 7, line 5
    “The evil element has come out into the open to attack (either in ourselves or in others). We must punish this element by firmly withdrawing [you read that right] and steadfastly going our own way. Once the evil element has given way, we should let go of the matter and punish no more. To take up new issues or go further now would lead to defeat. In any case, we should not hold to grievances for more than a short time…”
    Note: She considers the Army to mean “achieving the correct relationship between the superior and inferior elements in our personality.”

    NOT avoiding an issue; the mass media programmers are clearly blowing this up against the best interests of America. Just wanting to stretch your mind and keep your moral compass straight.

  10. Besides that, a number of videos have begun emerging of “protesters” attacking vehicles so that drivers are forced into a tragic life-or-death choice.

    Well yeah, and one case was this driver:

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  11. There’s also this:

    I’m sure a lot of people with disparate views are involved and there must be some that would fall into the “antifa” category despite this FBI report. And there could well be former “alt-right” types who have changed their political position and are joining the protests, not necessarily as “white supremacists” any longer. I’m not on the ground there so I don’t know what’s going on but posting this to generate some debate.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @GazaPlanet
  12. gotmituns says:

    It will be interesting to see if the Minneapolis policeman gets the same type of commie show trial as James Fields did in Charlottesville. And I wonder if the feds will jump in with their usual “Hate Crime”/”thought crime” BS – (double jeopardy).

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  13. Jake says:

    The Negro IS Numinous. The Yankee WASP Elite declared it so.

    More WASP culture. More WASP Elites – that’s what we need.

    • Replies: @mark green
  14. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    Tao Te Ching (80)
    If a country is governed wisely,
    its inhabitants will be content.
    They enjoy the labor of their hands
    and don’t waste time inventing
    labor-saving machines.
    Since they dearly love their homes,
    they aren’t interested in travel.
    There may be a few wagons and boats,
    but these don’t go anywhere.
    There may be an arsenal of weapons,
    but nobody ever uses them.
    People enjoy their food,
    take pleasure in being with their families,
    spend weekends working in their gardens,
    delight in the doings of the neighborhood.
    And even though the next country is so close
    that people can hear its roosters crowing and its dogs barking,
    they are content to die of old age
    without ever having gone to see it.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Disagree: Achmed E. Newman
  15. @Uncle J

    Um, either you have been asleep for 200 years or so or you’re a foreigner, or black (same thing). But “white America”, if by that you mean the run of the mill citizen, has never been “in control”. And they know it.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  16. We can all relax, Trump tweeted he’s considering designating antifa as a terrorist organization.

    When Trump tweets something, his job is done. #sickofwinning

  17. @Sick of Orcs

    Trump will not designate Anti-fa a terrorist organization without first getting President Kushner’s permission. He never does anything without President Kushner’s permission.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Wally
  18. @ThreeCranes

    He’s Chinese. I can tell from the syntax and grammar errors.

    Can’t blame them for hating America after the US has financed a year long Ferguson in Hong Kong.

  19. @Sick of Orcs

    Actually what he tweets doesn’t get done. Anyway no American president will go after upper middle class brats having a hissy fit. Especially now that its diverse.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  20. @Anon

    Perhaps a [Disagree:] was too harsh, but I don’t go for this “governed wisely” crap. A country does best when it’s governed least. Oh, wait, I’m gonna hear from you all about “Somalia, Somalia”. I mean a country full of decent intelligent human beings. We had that.

    (This is not to take away from the rest of the poem, which I like.)

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  21. Boldizar says:

    If you are going to write a critique of dishonest media you might want to do enough research and proof-reading to make sure you aren’t making mistakes. The photo of the burning building was an under-construction housing unit. That is not the 3rd precinct.

  22. @Ragno

    Great comment, Ragno. I’m sure Mr. Dolan (commenter above) understands, but the lesson, if it even needs to be said, about “sheltering-in-car” (haha) has been learned by one Reginald Denny. He wasn’t driving a car but a semi-truck, and he stopped in Los Angeles back in 1992 to keep from hurting any rioters. They pulled him out of the cab and beat him so bad he had permanent injuries.

    Neither “just trying to get along” nor wanting to obey the law have precedence over the defense of yourself and your family. I’d be pissed getting damage to my vehicle in the first place. I’ve thought about what I’d do. After the horn and a slow but accelerating roll forward to give people in front a chance to get away, it’d be time to get the hell out. There are people with lots less to lose than me. I can see some of them hitting the gas and aiming after a while of this. People will have had enough by some point.

    BTW, thank you for the quick arithmetic regarding Heather Heyer. If I had more time on my hands, I’d run some quick calculations on momentum vectors in that inelastic collision. Momentum must be conserved and energy must be conserved. It sounds like 1st year college physics, but in real life things get more complex.

  23. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Itching to get a looting party started? Then take to Twitter, where you can tweet to other subversives what stores you want to plunder and liberate items that those silly normal Americans pay for!

    Twitter Allows Looters to Coordinate Criminal Behavior While It Declares ‘#BlackLivesMatter’

    Twitter is allowing its users to coordinate criminal behavior on the platform, with dozens of tweets identifying looting targets still on the platform despite the fact that the site was notified by concerned citizens. The company has however changed the description of its official account to “#BlackLivesMatter.”

    A Twitter search for “Santana Row,” which is the name of a shopping district in San Jose, California, reveals dozens of Twitter users encouraging their followers to target and loot the district. Many of the tweets have been on the platform for days.

    “let’s riot and raid Santana Row lol,” said one tweet, which was shared over 100 times.

    Santana Row is a boutique mall.

    Why settle for a mere Target when you can grab some Gucci and Calvin Kline?

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  24. MarkinLA says:
    @Commentator Mike

    The last thing I would do is give credence to anything coming out of the FBI in DC. I also wouldn’t give that reporter they used as any reliable source. Especially for stuff like Trump knew years in advance of a corona virus outbreak and is using it for political purposes. Ridiculous, especially with all his enemies in DC. Something like that would never work for him, maybe Obama but not Trump.

  25. Trinity says:

    People who were there to LEGALLY protest the right to keep statues where herded right into a mob of Antifa, BLM, and other sorts of malcontents by the cops. The people who chose to exercise their First Amendment Rights and obtained a permit to have a protest were offered no protection from police officers or the mayor of the city of Charlottesville judging by several accounts of people who were there and told their side of the story. WE ALL HAVE SEEN HOW JEFFREY FIELDS CAR WAS SURROUNDED BY A MOB WHO WERE BLOCKING A STREET, AND HOW THEY ATTACKED FIELDS CAR WITH BATS, LEAD PIPES AND ONE HAD AN ASSAULT RIFLE ACCORDING TO ONE SOURCE. Well, Mr. Fields is now sitting in prison for life for murder in the first degree!? Fields didn’t purposely kill anyone and he sure didn’t premeditate any act, and he surely would have been pulled from his vehicle and beaten to death had he just stood there and let the crowd have they way with him. And btw, didn’t the woman who died, actually die of a heart attack?? Something needs to be done about this young man because he and others were simply railroaded to satisfy a political agenda of anti-White bias and hatred.

    Others who attended the event in Charlottesville have faced lengthy prison sentences as well. One of the men pulled a black man off an elderly white man and now for doing the right thing, that young white man sits in prison for 8 years. The black man was assaulting an elderly white man with a flashlight and for stopping this assault the young white man receives a stiff prison sentence of nearly a decade. The black man who was beating up the elderly white man? Last I heard the guy is walking around free as a bird. And there was also the negro walking around with a damn flamethrower!? That negro might have served a few days or a week or two in county jail. And these people protesting now want to talk about disparity in the judicial system and how Blacks aren’t treated fairly??? That is nothing but a flat out lie and distortion of the REAL TRUTH. Blacks get away with things all the time, meanwhile you have a couple of white men sitting in prison for defending themselves from being beaten to death or for saving an elderly man from being beaten with a flashlight. America is indeed a RACIST COUNTRY, IT IS RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE.

  26. A123 says:

    The Muslim Stormtroopers of Antifa are funded by George IslamoSoros. It is surprising that it has taken this long to name them as a Muslim terror organization. Presumably, the delay has been to backtrack their financial ties to other Muslim Terror organizations, such as SPLC and CAIR.

    U.S. Citizens will be much better off without Antifa’s anti-Christian terrorism. This is an over due step, but a welcome one.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @anon-og
  27. Is this the same Jason Kessler who is a jewish professional provocateur, once organized OWS protests, dumped his liberal girlfriend for not being liberal enough, then switched sides just in time for Trump to help run the Charlottesville psyop?

    • Replies: @Truth3
  28. @Achmed E. Newman

    Well it’s the ancient wisdom of Lao Tsu. It paints a parochial, static, non-developing utopia. But nobody took heed of the old man’s book of wisdom and so wars and technological progress continued and we are where we are today. It’s been my favourite chapter of the Tao Te Ching and anon quoted probably the best translation. Needless to say, I have always liked travel, exploration, technological development, progress, and invention, contrary to the precepts of these wise recommendations. But then we’ve all tasted from the tree of knowledge and its taking us further away from that Garden of Eden – a Paradise lost.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  29. @gotmituns

    I recently read that Derek Chauvin is on suicide watch. So was Jeffrey Epstein. Something tells me that another “Epstein didn’t Kill Himself” may be in our future.

    Cops are often found not guilty of obvious crimes, and a “suicided” killer cop would prevent that possibility. With states bankrupt at all levels, it would save millions of dollars, another media circus, and additional riots if Chauvin is, against all odds, let off the hook.

    It would take very brave lawyers to defend Chauvin. Too bad none were brave enough to defend railroaded “white nationalist” sad sack James Fields, the victim of a kangaroo court.

    • Agree: Ragno
    • Replies: @KenH
  30. Truth3 says:

    Just like the Jews did in Odessa when they organized the thugs from Galicia to kill dozens in the fire at the Trade Center, the Jews controlling Antifa are organizing the riots here.

    Time for Americans to learn all about Jewish tactics.

    • Agree: Trinity
  31. If instigators aren’t careful they’ll have a civil war on their hands instead of riots … what are the hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of the real Americans for?

  32. @Old and Grumpy

    Actually what he tweets doesn’t get done.

    That’s the joke, although it’s impossible to tell if Fat Orange thinks by tweeting he’s actually done something or thinks his base is sufficiently fooled.

  33. Trinity says:

    hahaha. “Muslim Stormtroopers?” “George IslamoSoros?” Try AGAIN, hasbarat. Damn, hasbara must be a piss poor organization to even attempt the narrative that GEORGE SCHWARTZ AKA GEORGE SOROS is funding “Muslim Stormtroopers.”

    GEORGE SCHWARTZ better known to the world as George Soros is the prototypical JEWISH SUPREMACIST, who despite being a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE, claims to be for the downtrodden little guy and fighting racism and the Jewish manufactured LIE of White Privilege. The only PRIVILEGE CLASS IN AMERICA IS JEWISH PRIVILEGE AND TO A DEGREE, BLACK PRIVILEGE, BUT THERE IS NO WHITE PRIVILEGE AT ALL. Schwartz/Soros is nothing more than a Jewish Supremacist who in reality is an Israel Firster like nearly every Jew on the planet. Soros is doing nothing more than using the same old centuries old divide and conquer m.o. that has been used forever by Jews. In the old Soviet Union it was divide the rich vs. the poor, in 2020, it is Black vs. White, female vs. male, etc., etc.

    • Agree: Uomiem
    • Replies: @A123
  34. Alexander Mercouris at 20:14 says what we now seeing in the US is what the US has been exporting to other nations, like Libya.

    US uses sanctions and violent coups to topple regimes around the world.

    Trump got sanctioned under the cover of Covid. And now, he’s being Gaddhafied.

    And yet, the lowlife murdered Soleimani and serves the Zionists who are most behind the coup.

  35. Wellhowdy says:

    Who hates Antifa?

    Fascists hate antifa, and @#\$% fascists anyway.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Wellhowdy
  36. Do yourself a favour. Stop referring to `right wing dissidents` or `alt-right`. You have a political point of view guaranteed by the US Constitution. It is irrelevant whether that is `right-wing`, `left-wing`or `up the wazoo wing`. Labels create problems.

  37. A123 says:

    Try to get the FACTS right. George IslamoSoros abandoned the beliefs of his forefathers decades ago.

    The IslamoSoros is a genocidal Muslim rampaging across the globe. He and his organizations are totally committed to Jihad and the extermination of Jews. The Jewish people put out warnings about the danger that The IslamoSoros poses: (1)

    Financing tied to billionaire activist George Soros is a common yet largely under-reported theme among organizations that lead or support the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign attempting to delegitimize the Jewish state.

    In January, Israel released a list of 20 BDS-supporting organizations whose members will be banned from entering Israel due to their BDS activism, prominently featuring six American groups. At least four of the six BDS-promoting U.S. groups receive funding tied to Soros. Scores of other U.S. organizations that support the BDS movement are financed by Soros.

    George IslamoSoros is the prototypical MUSLIM SUPREMACIST, who despite being a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE, claims to be for the downtrodden little guy. He exists to create ISLAMIC PRIVILEGE, and impose Jihadi slavery, rape, and murder on all Infidels (Christians and Jews alike).

    PEACE 😷


    • LOL: Trinity
  38. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Where are all the angry Muslim truck drivers when you need them?

  39. Uomiem says:
    @Uncle J

    5 troll labels already? That has to be record.

    And of course, both are tools of the elite 1% to sow chaos and division. An old Roman/Jewish pastime. In fact, sometimes recruited, nurtured and controlled by the same person. Gee, I wonder whose MO is that?


  40. KenH says:

    Cops are often found not guilty of obvious crimes,

    What obvious crime did Chauvin commit? It appears be was using a restraining technique taught to some Minnesota police depts. by the Israelis and there’s zero evidence that Chauvin a) intended to kill George Floyd or b) used this questionable restraint technique just because he was black.

    A fair trial is impossible given the hysterical and hyperbolic media coverage and the fact that prominent defense lawyers might be scared away by death threats and retaliation from their legal peers.

    • Agree: fnn
    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  41. Video blames liberalism.

    No, the problem isn’t liberalism. America is not liberal but idolatrous. It worships blacks and Jews as special and supreme. If ANY OTHER GROUP acted like this, it would be shut down right away.
    So-called ‘liberalism’ sure acted tough against men at Charlottesville.

    But blacks are holy like god. That means whatever blacks do is noble. This isn’t a liberal attitude but an idolatrous one of blind worship. If America were truly liberal, it would freely discuss what is wrong with America. True liberalism is about free discussion and open exchange of ideas. US is not liberal. It is idolatrous of Jews, blacks, and homos. American Morality is blind faith and worship of one, two, or all three. What is called ‘liberalism’ should be ‘Idolatrism’.

    If US is so liberal and committed to equality, why the silence about victims of Jews around the world? Why the silence about victims of black thuggery in the US? So much for equality and open discussion.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  42. The UTR rally was pivotal moment in politics: It showed par excellence that the Trump government DOES NOT PROTECT his most ardent support. Meanwhile, the paramilitary wing of the Democrats (anti-fa) was allowed at that event, and is entirely shielded by the Democrat party.

    Charlotteville killed any possibility of tipping the balance, because Trump decided to spit in the face of his own supports. As Jason correctly describes, the current events are just a continuation of what was allowed then. Democrats defend their paramilitary wing, Republicans backstab their own supporters . Back their own support, who have personally nothing to gain, and everything to lose by going to the streets.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  43. Anonymous[192] • Disclaimer says:
    @Uncle J

    So, Uncle J, you overlook man and his world and see a moral equivalence between cartoonish “white nationalists” with more FBI moles than patsies protesting the loss of rights, on the one hand, and BLM/Antifa assassins, looters, and arsonists burning down and killing people in our cities, on the other? You’re way too timid. Take off your surgical mask and take a bow.

    In fact, based on the 1960s riots m.o., these riots may be Jewish-directed. Who, in your opinion, controls the MSM and social media and so has DOJ and FBI prosecutorial immunity to incite blacks and Mexicans to riot and commit murder with brazen impunity?

    For your information, these blacks and Mexicans don’t become violent criminals because they live in slums, but rather they live in slums because they’re innately violent criminals. Check out any country outside the US where they govern and police themselves—or, are racial generalizations only permissible if they implicate whites? As a factual matter, blacks are dozens of times more likely to kill or rape whites than the other way around, making the reality of racism in America a wildly disproportionate case of black-on-white crime. Talk about “systemic racism” is barely concealed condemnation of innocent white victims for the failures and racist crimes of Mexicans and blacks.

    Just a while ago during lunch I caught Melissa Frances on Fox News’ midday Karen Show asking her race-baiting, race-pimping co-host Juan Williams how she (as proxy for whites) can atone for our sins, actually saying she had pen and paper in hand to take down Williams’s orders. This sort of capitulation to the outrageous slander against whites going by the name of “systemic racism” is too constant a theme on Fox News to not be scripted by the same Wall Street crowd and Jewish billionaires who may be funding these riots. If slander against whites in the form of “systemic racism” is the buzzword of the day, it follows this is a top-down insurrection way above the Soros pay grade and mental abilities of BLM and Antifa’s goons.

    Fortunately, the people lining up at gun stores and waiting for hours agree with me and not you by a hundred-to-one margin. You, too, Uncle J may find yourself and your family possibly machete’d or burned to death in your own home if you don’t wake up to what’s really going on. It’s the government itself, from the federal to the local level, that might as well be doing the arson, looting, and killing since they have had to power to stop it all along and instead have thrown kerosene on the flames by standing down. And, have you ever seen anything more disgraceful than cops so castrated by their leaders that they’re giving Barney the Dinosaur kisses and hugs to the BLM and Antifa thugs burning down their cities?

    • Replies: @anon8383892
  44. @Trinity

    Is there not a single wealthy white American who will come forward and pay the legal fees for James Fields to get a new trial based on the incompetent legal representation he received at his first trial in the Charlottesville kangaroo court?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  45. @KenH

    A really good lawyer could get Chauvin off, but really good lawyers are very expensive. Will white police advocates come forward and help? My grandpa used to say, “Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whiskey.”

  46. @Priss Factor

    bang bang and bang.
    you hit enough nails square on the head to barricade the Washington Monument

  47. vot tak says:

    Hey, another article promoting likudite zionazi-(very)gay divide and conquer psywar from the penis envy commiseration society (otherwise known as vdare) ;-D

  48. @delta_hedge

    “Republicans backstab their own supporters.”

    Republican leadership abandoned Steve King and Trump abandoned Jeff Sessions. Shameful.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  49. @Sick of Orcs

    Usually, when Trump tweets that he’s going to so something it means he isn’t. He didn’t tweet about the travel ban beforehand, he just did it. Everything else has been nothing more than virtue signaling with no followup

  50. Antifa are funded and backed by the DNC/ADL/FBI/SPLC/DOJ.

    They are immune, allowed to run wild. They have defacto government approval. They are backed by the jewish media as brave anti-racist heroes, when in fact they are retarded violent scum.

    Antifa can attack and harm white men and nothing is done. But if those same white men try to defend themselves they get 400 years in jail.

    This is the jew run clown world we live in.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Kati
    , @Sick of Orcs
  51. Ragno says:

    But he’s not “sitting in prison for life” – they gave him 419 years. This was after a trial that lasted maybe the blink of an eye. Nobody much covered it until it was over a week later, and then to celebrate it. His public defender – likely all too willing to throw this case for the cause – made a weak-fish, and probably procedurally-inept, motion to have the venue moved. Trump’s people made sure to show Fields no mercy whatsoever, in yet another brilliant exhibit of pandering to people who hate you, who now hated him twice as much for being weak enough to forfeit the game in the name of Being Liked. (You really couldn’t blame them. When people wonder aloud when and if he’ll bend over to BLM and antifa this time, thereby emboldening and strengthening them for the next violent assault – they know whereof they speak.)

    In the interest of readers’ sanity and blood pressure, try to avoid reading in-depth coverage of the trials of the savage wild beasts who raped and murdered Chanon Christian & Chris Newsom, or of the perpetrators of the equally-hideous Wichita Massacre, as a compare-and-contrast. This is NOT meant as hyperbole. It will absolutely ruin your mindset for days – possibly weeks – and weigh down your soul with utter defeat. And you’re going to need all the strength you’ve got, because until we go to the Kent State option, these people will just keep coming back, and back. They won’t stop – they can only BE stopped.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  52. I hear that lawsuit isn’t going too well, Jason. Such a shame.

  53. Kati says:
    @Robert Dolan

    This article repeats it, clown world, as if those groups would give a … about Floyd with his criminal past.

    • Replies: @Anon
  54. @Priss Factor

    One of the tactics the “loudmouth Jewish lesbian” Amy Spitalnick and her co-counsel, “fat Jewish lesbian” Roberta Kaplan are employing — in fact, the key to their case against Unite the Right participants

    is to subpoena social media (SM) communications in order to prove an otherwise obscure law about conspiring to do violence.

    A judge in Charlottesville has ruled that Integrity First for America (IFA) may obtain those records.

    SOOO — I’d like to know what Jeffrey Feltman has been up to lately.
    Feltman has been involved in funding subversive organizations at least as far back as 2008 when he alluded to “NGOs” in Iran that “he could not name, for their own protection,” but who were “struggling to liberate Iran.”

    When Arab Spring emerged organically dontcha know, Hillary Clinton delegated Feltman to manage it

    Clinton appointee Victoria Kagan Nuland referenced Feltman, then at United Nations, in her famous “Fuck EU” phone call to Geoffrey Pyatt.

    So where is Feltman now?
    Shouldn’t it be possible to subpoena his SM and all other communications to investigate what hijinx he or his, ahem colleagues might be involved in?

  55. Oh good.

    Another Jason.

    OK Jason.

  56. Of late, I have been coming across a crescendo of bolder, and more openly-sited criticism of “Jews”. It is showing up in many sites, especially given the events of the last few decades, years, and weeks.

    Given that the Ashkenazim are such an intellectually superior group, the questions which befuddle me are:-

    Are they sensing the same thing that I am sensing?

    Are their wise elders pondering how to address its root causes, before it gets out of hand? I cannot believe that they are naïve enough to resort simply to internet censorship, and MSM control.

    Do they really believe that the hordes which they have facilitated bringing to this country (Catholic Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, and Africans) will side with them, ultimately?

    Do they truly believe that America, which is their real base of power, can continue to be so, given its downward trend caused by low-IQ immigration, cultural decline, and fragmentation?

    The Ashkenazim have made significant contributions to fundamental science, the humanities, and economics –you may not agree with the last two, but they are significant nevertheless. They are stimulating and fascinating people to deal with on a personal level, and always willing to help. Hence, I wish them only well.

    I hope that some of them (or others in the know) who read this site, could perhaps comment.

    Perhaps Ron Unz, who is a shining example of someone who has done great good, could himself comment.

    • Replies: @anon8383892
  57. Wally says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    – As if a senile & corrupt Joe Biden ever does anything without Pelosi’s, AOC’s, and The Squad’s permission.

    – The Communist “Democrats’ would never do this:

    Donald Trump Signs Exec Order to Curb Big Tech’s ‘Unchecked Power’:

    Trump Signs Executive Order Stripping Social Media Companies Of “Liability Shield”:

    Trump over the Communist alternative any day.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  58. @Trinity


    This is a stupid lie. Fields rammed into a crowd. The street ahead of and behind him was empty. And his name isn’t Jeffrey.


    No one did anything to him until he was speeding toward the crowd. This is on video, so you look a little more inbred than usual when you lie about it. No one in the crowd had an assault rifle. If they had, don’t you think they would have shot him?

    And btw, didn’t the woman who died, actually die of a heart attack??


    One of the men pulled a black man off an elderly white man and now for doing the right thing, that young white man sits in prison for 8 years.

    They stomped the black man while he was on the ground, breaking his wrist. That;s why they’re in jail. Again, this is all on video, you incredible dipshit.

    And there was also the negro walking around with a damn flamethrower!?

    The movement must be really going well with you guys having to make up all these lies. No one had a flamethrower. Some guy had a can on something flammable and was charged. No one was hurt.

    The amount of stupidity at this website is incredible.

  59. In Richmond on Saturday, rioters burned the Daughters of the Confederacy building incinerating a priceless General Stonewall Jackson flag

    Losers just keep on losing, lol.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  60. Okechukwu says:

    Hopefully you white nationalist alt-right types have finally gotten a sense of what a real mass protest movement looks like. It’s something you will never be able to replicate.

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @Quartermaster
  61. We hear so much about ‘systemic racism’.

    Okay, let’s speak some truth.

    There is systemic race-ism in the US. Why? Cuz races are different. Systemically, blacks rob, rape, and murder more than other races because they are racially different. Black Thug Supremacism is a systemic feature of American Society. Also, because blacks dominate sports and pop music, they are idolized as the Super Race. This systemic race-ist idolatry of blacks has led to black arrogance and sappy white cuckery.
    There is also systemic race-ism in Zionist domination of the US. The US foreign policy is about promoting Jewish Hatred. Jews hate Russia, so we must hate Russia. Jews hate Iran, so we must hate Iran. Jews crush Palestinians, so we must support Jewish crushing of Palestinians. (Jews shed crocodile tears about blacks-as-victims to hide the fact that they are oppressing and terrorizing Palestinians.)

    We need to move away from such systemic race-ism and choose honest race-ism that is rational, factual, and discusses the facts about racial differences. Blacks act like thugs cuz of 100,000 yrs of evolution, not 200 yrs of slavery. Jews got supreme power because they are smarter, pushy in personality, and very tribal in networking.

    Let’s have honest race-ism. But US is systemically race-ist. If white mobs were attacking random blacks and terrorizing blacks all across the nation, the State, which is systemically race-ist in favor of blacks, would have sent in the US military and tanks long ago. But as blacks are attacking whites and non-blacks, the systemically race-ist state does little or nothing. The systemic race-ism of America says blacks are above the law and can do as they please.

  62. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Protests have apparently calmed down except in 3 cities: L.A. (Beverly Hills), Manhattan(5th Ave) and DC (Capitol Hill) — the centers of Jewish cultural influence, money and power. Usually riots only occur in black neighborhoods. This time it is the posh shopping areas that are getting hit, especially jewelry and luxury goods stores. Nobody loves luxury, materialism and decadence more than the Jews.

    As Tucker Carlson pointed out, this is a class war under the guise of a race war.

    Jews have been working hard to bring Bolshevism to America for over a century, and it’s finally bearing fruit. Except it took one hundred years for these stupid Americans to finally get the concept. Back when they first tried to bring it here from their beloved Soviet Union, WASPs were running the country. Now that it’s finally taken hold, Jews are running the country, so all the protests are actually against them.


    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  63. @Jake

    Why are you obsessed with WASPs? They are an amorphous and atomized group. I know. I quailfy as one.

    WASPs of all classes have historically segregated themselves deliberately and methodically from blacks. It was rulings by the SCOTUS that forced WASPs to open their segregated neighborhoods to blacks, their segregated schools to blacks , and even their segregated businesses and hotels to blacks. These changes were imposed upon WASPs by a judicial elite during an era of extraordinary change (and subversion) which culminated in 60’s radicalism.

    As a ‘WASP’ with no religious affiliation, I experienced the forced integration experiment first hand. It was not a pleasant or healthy experience.

    Your claim that “The Yankee WASP elite declared…the negro numinous” is way over the top. Jews who control American mass media have done that. Why do always avoid examining the influence of Jews on American culture? This continuous oversight of yours undermines your already thin credibility.

    While this is true that the Earl Warren court transformed American culture, there were Jews on that court as well, not to mention a rising and powerful clique of jewish attorneys, professors, and judicial activists during that era, which marked the beginning of ‘post-Holocaust’ America.

    Secular, liberal thought and pop culture has proclaimed the negro ‘numinous’. And WASPs are certainly not the primary architects of modern liberalism or pop culture.

    Even by the 1950s, America’s intellectual (and pop cultural) milieu was drenched and dominated by Jewish intellectuals, publishers, commentators, entertainers, and movie moguls. This profoundly affected WASP thinking since WASPs were rapidly ceding cultural authority to an new, irrepressible and hostile elite.

    By the end of WWII, Jews had already made sufficient inroads in American life to such an extent that the old WASP guard had already become a shadow of itself. It took a brilliant and defiant young Catholic, William F. Buckley Jr., to capture and take control of American conservatism. For awhile, Buckley did bold and exceptional work, though even he finally surrendered his project to the Jews at the end of his life.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  64. @Wally

    You must be a troll. Because you think the Democrats, of all people on earth, are Communists.

    Only people who are out of their minds, or misinformation agents, assert such asininity.

  65. Murder somebody–you go to jail.

    The record of the murdered person has nothing to do with it.

    If you murder, or I murder, you go to jail.

    Cops who murder belong in jail.

    Come to think of it, send all cops to jail. Just on principle.

    Win-win: It will help keep the prison population up in rural areas whose only source of employment is screws.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  66. @Anon

    You fucking piece of shit.

    It is about class.

    And that is a good thing.

    The whole point is that blacks and whites get screwed equally by this free-market, no regulation, just-hand-over-all-your-money-to-the-looting-billionaires-and-like-it-or-else, shithole system we live in now.

    So you think that socialism would be worse than what we have now, eh?

    You are one of those sadly deluded individuals who will scream bloody murder that you are innocent when they come to get you, you mook.

  67. MarkinLA says:

    And a moron like you can’t even define what a “fascist” is.

  68. Anon[200] • Disclaimer says:

    The Israelis are right to be outraged. I’m touched by their heartfelt sentiments. They are right, America is an unlivable anti-Semitic and racist hellhole. They should bring back all their fellow Jews from the West to Israel, as well as all blacks in America. These two groups have suffered enough. It’s time to give them a permanent home in Israel. Let them enrich Israel the way they have enriched America, we don’t deserve them.

    • Agree: schnellandine
  69. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:

    WAKE UP Black people YOU have been played like a Fiddle by the DEM ZIO ANTIFA Machine…Trump is not the source…more blacks were killed incarcerated during Obamas days…BLUE DEM States have the highest rate of black homicides, crime, poverty, illeteracy, black abortions, etc. is NOT Red states they are kicking it back in peace…NYOrk, is ablaze how is that Trumps-GOP Fault??…ANTIFA using the BLMatter to carry out terrorism..while no blacks present, all white Antifa…JEWS were and are the Slave masters since 1400s America and they still using,abusing, exploiting BLACK people…jews control 100% of Black ECOOMICS…sports, music, movies, arts, etc. Rap music is a trillions\$\$ business who pockets the profits??? Its NOT Trump or illiterate WHITE hicks …NO….PD Warning to the GOP tat thinks that distacing from Trump will keep them safe…big mistake..

  70. @obwandiyag

    You’re on the wrong site if you think pearl-clutching and hurling abuse is going to get people on your side.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  71. Trinity says:
    @Joseph Doaks

    Poor guy got railroaded for sure, as well as some of the others. What in the hell was Fields supposed to do, sit there and let a mob of 30-50 people drag him out of the car and beat him to death with bats, lead pipes, fists, feet??? You know damn well they would have pulled that young man out of the car and beat him severely if not kill him. I mean they can be seen bashing in the car windows. How this guy received a first degree murder charge and how the others received such stiff sentences for protecting an old guy from being beat with a flashlight is a damn travesty. All anyone has to do is put themselves behind the wheel of the vehicle driven by Fields. Anyone would be scared to death in a situation like that and surely feel their life was being threatened. Even IF you believe Fields is somehow guilty of that girl dying ( what exactly did she die from) it certainly is not first degree premeditated murder. Hell, weren’t these thugs blocking the street anyway?? Looks like they were the ones violating the law. Who in the hell was on that jury? I guess we can’t look for “our” law and order POTUS to pardon those who were railroaded in Charlottesville, Mr. Trump is to busy freeing Black rappers from those harsh Swedish jails across the pond.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  72. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Hopefully you white nationalist alt-right types have finally gotten a sense of what a real mass protest movement looks like. It’s something you will never be able to replicate.
    Thank YWHW that the police protected someone!

    After Supporting Black Rioters, Jews In L.A. Cheer As ‘Racist’ Police Arrive To Protect Their Neighborhoods

    Communist/anarchist Antifa thugs, using the death of George Floyd as an excuse to go on another rampage, apparently targeted a couple Jewish synagogues in Los Angeles, tagging them with banal anti-Israel graffiti.

  73. Trinity says:
    @Joos Made Me Weak

    You LIE like a rug, (((troll))) boy.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  74. @Anon

    So They enjoy the labor of their hands
    and don’t waste time inventing
    labor-saving machines.ry,

    Now that’s not the American way…. If we can find a way over, under, around, or through it we will.
    It’s called technology and hard work, and it is what made us “king of the hill”.
    Our corporate captains and political pollie’s have sold us out once again, question is, will we be “fooled again”?

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  75. anon-og says:

    what a load of shit, hasabarat …….

  76. @Joos Made Me Weak

    You are a filthy godamned LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are endless clips of what happened at C’ville, you lying POS.

    Fields was attacked, they had him surrounded and he didn’t want to be the next Reginald Denny.
    At no time did his car exceed 26 MPH. He just wanted to go home. The kid is 20 years old FFS.

    The joggers and Antifa for SURE started the fight and there are clips that clearly show this. Deandre Harris started the fighting, attacked people and then people fought back.

    Fucking liar. Proud Boys have endless clips showing what happened.

    Lying scum.

    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Joos Made Me Weak
  77. @Joos Made Me Weak

    The fat pig coalburner died of a heart attck. You piece of shit.
    Funny how these antifa shits are so manly and strong while they’re marching,but when the car hit the other car,they’re all, “Oh my God! Help us!” Crying like bitches .

    • Replies: @Joos Made Me Weak
  78. @Greg Bacon

    The owners of destroyed businesses should look into suing Twitter as co-conspirators.

  79. @suicidal_canadian

    You mean a site infested with shithead trolls like you? And I mean the paid kind. You go to any site your owners tell you and earn your quarters. Like this one. I guess you’ll be seeing me in Mexico with your big quarter. Congratulations.

  80. @Johnny Walker Read

    It has been a long long time since Thomas Edison. Americans nowadays have that “Can’t Do” spirit. Their primary skill is explaining why everything and anything cannot be done, because blahblahblah.

  81. @Joos Made Me Weak

    And liars, like you, keep on lying. It just what you fringe leftists do.

  82. @Okechukwu

    It’s not a mass protest. It’s insurrection and was coordinated by Antifa, BLM, and others. The law is coming for you scum bags, the country is tired of your BAMN trash.

  83. @ponderingman

    Good insight. I was doing this a decade or more ago, and got burned for it. Made some progress however. We’ll see.

  84. Exile says:
    @Uncle J

    Three whole comments in your history, all on this piece.

    Agent, you have a lot to learn.

    Nice spin on the “J-woke but counter-signalling white nationalism” angle, though. Are you just banking this shot off the black-pill 8-ball or something a little (((trickier))) ?

  85. Exile says:
    @Joos Made Me Weak

    5 whole comments on this sock, all counter-signalling Charlottesvile/Whites, oldest in April.

    Antifa or one of Amy’s paralegals?

  86. Alt-right and Antifa/BLM really deserve each other. Knuckleheads all. Beating one another over the head while the ruling class rapes both from behind. Not smart!

    In Richmond on Saturday, rioters burned the Daughters of the Confederacy building incinerating a priceless General Stonewall Jackson flag and many manuscripts.

    This is not good. History should be preserved. Probably a Fed or a cop that did this. I really don’t understand the obsession with the statues of these dudes. I’m from Georgia and the descendant of a Confederate vet myself, many are buried just down the road from me, I even have a bed from the veterans hospital in Atlanta, many other items from the war passed down to me.

    Theres really not that much to fight over with these statues, sure take them down put them in museums or whatever, not worth fighting over. Think about it like this, poor white people were not treated much better in the South than black slaves. Why bring slaves over instead of hiring white people and paying them descent wages? No reason to fight over old greedy ass white guys. These were just the Jeff Bezos, Kochs and Walton families of their day.

    Anyhoo, the police seem to be the main instigators in all this from what I’ve seen, Trump, Cotton, and other politicians aren’t helping either.. Go watch the videos Jimmy Dore has made the past few days pointing this out. Go read through his twitter feed. I’ve seen at least 100 videos where the police were clearly trying to incite people to riot or act violently. Not even up for debate.

    Don’t be a bootlicker. Antifa is no more a threat than the “radical Islamic terrorists” that supposedly attacked us on 9/11 were, don’t fall for it again low IQ right wingers. Hows the Patriot Act and War on Terror working out for you so far? Want more? Haha

    Let me know when Trump declares Goldman Sachs and Blackrock to be terrorist organizations. Looters? Haha. Steal a TV, you’re a looter, steal billions of dollars you’re a smart businessman, right? FO

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
    , @fnn
  87. Thomasina says:
    @Commentator Mike

    That guy is lucky to be alive. I was watching a Minneapolis news channel and the talking heads at least acknowledged the truth: the highway had been set to be closed at 8:00 p.m., but they moved it up to 5:00 p.m., if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, nobody told this guy about the closure. As he was hauled from his truck, he kept saying, “I didn’t know, I didn’t know.” He must have been protected by a few people who actually believed him, otherwise he’d be dead.

  88. Thomasina says:

    We DON’T have a “free market”. There’s nothing free about it. What we have is corporate socialism where the wealthy take stupid risks, but then are bailed out.

    But the rich elites are not so stupid as to neglect the lowest class. They’re supplied with EBT cards, subsidized housing, free cell phones, free everything just to shut them up, placate them.

    It’s the middle class who are being creamed. Take out the middle class, and those on the bottom are going to be left twisting in the wind.

    You think you’re ever going to see socialism for the rabble? Dream on.

  89. @Commentator Mike

    “Veterans Today” is basically a shitlib outfit with the typical delusional mindset. (look at the nutty things they said about chloroquine) The notion that Antifa is NOT involved defies all credibility. The masonic New Dealer / Civil Rights movement mindset that worships the negro.

  90. @redmudhooch

    The attacks on the war memorials is an attack on the right of whites to honor their heritage and ancestry. It is psychological warfare of the most insidious kind. When you’re willing to let these people tear down your memorials, when will a stand be made? Realistically, it won’t happen.

  91. KenH says:

    Any black person left wing zealot trying to equate what happened in Charlottesville to the violent civil insurrection we’re witnessing around the nation is a liar, a dumbass or a combination thereof. The pro-white attendees at the rally are guilty only of exercising their first amendment rights and fighting back when the left wing mob was sicced on them by the authorities. The black “Bull Connor” police chief is on record as telling his officers to stand down and “let them fight” so the rally could be declared unlawful.

    Reverse the races and politics of the lawful protesters and unlawful counter protesters and Charlottesville would be facing a massive federal civil rights lawsuit and a flurry of lawsuits from far left wing law firms. Unruly black and leftist mobs would have intimidated the “justice” system and ensured that the black James Fields never saw a day in prison. But whites who don’t hate themselves have no civil rights and few allies in the legal profession.

    Then the dumbass leftists and blacks are comparing the COVID-19 protests by gun toting white rightists but again it’s apples and oranges. The gun toters were protesting peaceably and they weren’t attacking people, destroying property or looting.

    What we’re seeing now is the opening salvo of the American Jewish Bolshevik revolution. For decades they chose the long march strategy instead of blood in the streets. But now that the former is a resounding success they are now employing the more crude, blood in the streets Judeo-Bolshevik style approach a la Russia in 1917 and Spain in 1936.

    • Agree: Trinity
  92. Wellhowdy says:

    Oh, no. I can define them just fine. Why, I’ll bet that you’re one of them, fool.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  93. fnn says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The joggers and Antifa for SURE started the fight and there are clips that clearly show this.

    There’s also the official Heaphy Report, which the Jews seem to have thrown down the memory hole. The late Jewish Communist journalist I.F. Stone was right-you can almost always find the dirt in the official records if you look hard enough.

  94. Ahoy says:

    Take heart, the car is running on empty. Soon will come to a sudden stop and wither away in the depths of history as though they never existed. They admit their stupidity by their own signature. People are finally finding out.

    • Thanks: mark green
  95. This old song came to mind and I decided to review the lyrics. Although, I know they weren’t, it sounds like they could have been responding to the radical Left.

    On another note, has anyone seen the HBO film, “The Second Civil War?” It’s a little sophomoric, but it does have some very interesting parallels to what’s happening at present. I saw it when it first aired, and I purchased a Vhs copy.

  96. I’m a firm believer of the ideal that whites and blacks can live together in harmony. Unfortunately it won’t happen, and for a few reasons. The main one is that certain powerful groups don’t want it to happen, and secondly there are biological differences between races which, without addressing them, preclude the thought of equality.
    Since, tptb hold all the cards we will continue to descend into chaos, and this bodes ill for all the whites who believe that they can side with blacks and come out of it safely. Black on white violence is real. It is 50x’s more likely than the other way around. If, and I doubt this if, but if the rioters happen to take over a community and law enforcement withdraws and abandons their lines, eventually the black rioters will turn on the nearest white person (their sympathetic ally) and brutally assault them.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  97. MarkinLA says:

    Yet, you didn’t and you weren’t even smart enough to reply to the correct comment. I think that says about all anybody needs to know about you.

  98. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    I live in a gated community. How might I be creating daily realities for actual America? I’ve lived “out there,” and I’d prefer to live “in here,” the better, perhaps, to improve daily realities for actual America.

    In the meantime, it seems you advocate more laws.

    I’ll leave that right there, thank you.

    PS Daily realities in actual America are rather better than they are in, say, Zimbabwe. Don’t thank me. Even though I’d like to think I might have contributed some to that, I didn’t do it out of altruism.

  99. Jett Rucker says: • Website
    @Uncle J

    I suppose you mean Jews. Nasty of you to leave us guessing this way.

    (Many) Blacks hate us Whites. Antifa hate us Whites. Jews … they appreciate our value, such as it is.

    But not much more than that.

  100. @the grand wazoo

    They already have. Steve Sailer covered this incident in a column the other day. It probably isn’t the only instance, just the only one that has come to light so far. I only hope that these young men learned a valuable lesson. The funny thing is, they had to call the Police on the people whom they sought solidarity with against law enforcement. I wonder what will happen when, and if, the trial occurs?

  101. Anonymous[521] • Disclaimer says:

    “Murder somebody–you go to jail. “

    Quit spreading your lies…or ignorance. Floyd died resisting arrest. He was NOT “murdered.”

  102. @Robert Dolan

    The Narrative must be shaped so even the densest of Whites can see the ((( missing puzzle piece. ))) None of the other anti-Whites’ motives and actions make sense until it’s in place.

  103. fnn says:

    Antifa is no more a threat than the “radical Islamic terrorists”

    They look pretty pathetic, but it’s amazing how much you can accomplish if the DOJ/FBI and many local police depts and prosecutors look the other way and ignore your repeated acts of mob violence.

    I’m from Georgia and the descendant of a Confederate vet myself, many are buried just down the road from me, I even have a bed from the veterans hospital in Atlanta, many other items from the war passed down to me.

    I retrospectively support the Southern secession because these dimwits and/or rats were the most pro-intervention US demographic in both world wars. In the leadup to both the wars, there was virtually no enthusiasm for going to war outside the South. So likely there would be no American Empire today without Southern jingoism and warmongering.

    • Replies: @Oemiktlob
  104. Oemiktlob says:


    I find your statement interesting. It’s a non-sequitur really (it does not logically follow that gated communities are inherently wrong or problematic because the elites who legislate the laws the rest of us are required to live by live in them) but I’m curious how it is you believe that since the elites are the ones who legislate the laws they can be expected to pass laws condemning gated communities. That’s not even logical.

    I do agree with your general sentiment and frustration though; they isolate and insulate themselves from the consequences and costs of their legislation and it is not just.

  105. Oemiktlob says:

    Is it possible that the conditions you are describing are due to Yankee carpet-baggers who moved there to alter and/or influence the political landscape of the South?

  106. @Robert Dolan

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that James Fields will die in prison or the fact that it upsets you so much.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  107. @OsgoodDeLaPoopoo

    The fat pig coalburner died of a heart attck. You piece of shit.

    People actually remember her name. They won’t remember yours. Because you’re a pathetic white nationalist loser. Don’t forget that. Never forget that, you worthless little bitch.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
    , @Gogeta
  108. @Joos Made Me Weak

    People actually remember her name.

    Sure. Wasn’t it ‘Whaley Whale Fatbitch’, whale of an anti-diabetes walking whale ad?

    • LOL: Cowtown Rebel
  109. Gogeta says:
    @Joos Made Me Weak

    Would I be correct in assuming, then, that you can easily recite off-hand the names of the two LEO’s who died in Charlottesville along with ms. Heifer?

  110. @Joos Made Me Weak

    I don’t know which would be funnier. If N*ggers beat you to death, mutilate your corpse and drag you through the streets. Or, the fact that no one would give a Damn what happened to you. Your own Mother would probably be glad just to get you out of her basement.

    • Replies: @Joos Made Me Weak
  111. @Cowtown Rebel

    Some real angry white guy vibes in here. Just a matter of time before you snap and we toss you in with Dylan and James.

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