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Donald Trump’s "Platinum Plan" for Black America
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Last night, I sat at home, watched Tucker Carlson’s show and continued to scroll through Twitter and observe the chaos that Black Lives Matter and Anitfa were unleashing in Louisville and other cities around the country in response to the grand jury’s decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

In Portland, they set fire to the Portland Police union hall again. In Los Angeles, they tried to pull a man out of his car and kill him. In Louisville, they took over a Unitarian church and kicked out all the White people and tried to set the city library on fire. There were Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests elsewhere in the country which descended into violence. It has been going on for months now.

President Trump is currently in Atlanta to sell his “Platinum Plan” for Black America. The polls are close again in Georgia, not because blacks have become more numerous, but because he has lost so many White voters. Former Sen. Johnny Isakson won Georgia by 13 points in 2016 while Trump only carried Georgia over Hillary by 5 points. Trump had the same problem with White voters in Texas.

FOX News:

President Trump’s plan for Black America designates the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations and calls for making lynching a national hate crime, while pledging to increase access to capital in Black communities by nearly \$500 billion, Fox News has learned. …

The president is expected to tout the plan as “a bold vision that we can and will achieve over the next four years.”

The president’s plan, according to the campaign, will increase access to capital in Black communities by almost \$500 billion, help to create 500,000 new Black-owned businesses, and help to create 3 million new jobs for the Black community. …”

You might want to take a look at this.

In order to win the black vote in the 2020 election, Trump is offering to …

  • Prosecute the Klan as a terrorist organization.
  • Make lynching a national hate crime.
  • Make Juneteenth a federal holiday.
  • Expand the First Step Act by “continuing to make historic improvements in the criminal justice system.” More hardened black criminals will be let out of prison.
  • Replace the “failing public schools” with school choice so that more black kids can attend the private schools that White parents pay for because the public schools (more on that later) were ceded to them decades ago.
  • \$500 BILLION DOLLARS in capital for Black communities.
  • \$40 BILLION for black contractors.

Who is being lynched in 2020? Jussie Smollett? Bubba Wallace?

What about “identity politics”? I thought the GOP was against playing “identity politics” and in favor of preserving “the American way of life.” So you are doing that by offering to invest \$500 billion dollars in the black community and by making Juneteenth a federal holiday?

Who is being terrorized by the Klan in 2020? No one. It is Black Lives Matter that has been terrorizing the country for the past four months (two cops were shot execution-style in Los Angeles and two more were recently shot in Louisville), but President Lawn O’rder can’t do anything about that except tweet because it would offend the black voters that he is pandering to here. He also promised to label Antifa a “domestic terrorist organization” months ago which also predictably went nowhere.

What is actually being done though? Black criminals are actually being released from federal prison because the political capital of the 2016 election was spent on the First Step Act. White Nationalists like the Rise Above Movement, Atomwaffen, James Fields, Jack Corbin and Christopher Cantwell are actually being prosecuted by the DOJ and FBI and sent to prison for shitposting, internet flame wars, making crank calls, handing out fliers, unmasking Antifa or for defending themselves against them.

There are no “Klan terrorists” in 2020. Who do you think is going to be labeled a “terrorist” and prosecuted by the Trump Justice Department? It will be more people sharing memes, cracking jokes or engaging in flame wars that can be taken out of context by the DOJ and FBI. Two years ago, I went on Christopher Cantwell’s show The Radical Agenda to argue with him about supporting the GOP in the 2018 midterms. Cantwell’s position at the time was that we had to stop the Democrats. My position was that Trump’s Justice Department was prosecuting the Rise Above Movement and that we shouldn’t reward them by voting for them. Cantwell himself was later arrested by the FBI and is going on trial in federal court. Paul Nehlen and members of the Bowl Patrol have testified against him.

You may have noticed that Atomwaffen has also disappeared. Atomwaffen was taken down by the FBI through red flag laws, possession of marijuana, distributing posters and “conspiring” on the internet “to intimidate journalists and activists with whom they disagreed.” In spite of all the internet hysteria from Andrew Anglin, they weren’t actually doing anything and certainly nothing anywhere remotely close to what Antifa and Black Lives Matter have done for months now. After the El Paso shooting, dozens of White Nationalists were arrested by the FBI as part of Barr’s crackdown on anti-Semitism.

What is the Platinum Plan for White America? There isn’t any plan at all for White America because Trump and the GOP can take their support for granted. He just has to keep tweeting Lawn O’rder. White Nationalists are going to vote for Trump and the GOP anyway even though he promises to do nothing for them and send them to prison in order to pander to blacks who aren’t going to vote for him.

Note: I was already planning to sit out the 2020 election. I still think that is the best decision and especially after this.

(Republished from Occidental Dissent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Harpo II says:

    Reparations for blacks a few generations removed from slavery, plus persecution and punishment of Huwhite folks daring to not publicly hate themselves? Is Trump running on the Dem ticket this time?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @Richard B
  2. Exile says: • Website

    Trump has declared what side he is on. Whitey, it’s not yours.

    Voting Biden is not an alternative either.

    Vote for the people closest to your family’s lives – the local law enforcers, prosecutors, judges and other officials who might just matter and where your vote might just count. You might even bother with state races.

    But who you vote for on a national level has no significance because no one on that level from either party will work for your interests or put themselves at any inconvenience in stopping either Blue Team or Red Team from steamrolling you and your race.

    It’s up to us to take care of ourselves. Stop pretending anyone in Washington is going to help.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  3. Yet another pointless attempt by the GOP to saddle up and ride the “black vote” unicorn to electoral victory.

    Does the Ku Klux Klan even exist, at least in numbers large enough to fill a high school gymnasium?

    • Agree: Rich
  4. Gunga Din says:

    Not one prominent White person willing to advocate for White people. What a shame.

    • Replies: @Rahan
    , @europeasant
  5. Peter W says:

    Will there be genetic tests to determine who is eligible for the Platinum Plan? Or will they just hold up a color wheel to your skin to determine if you qualify? Maybe they will have to measure your skull shape with calipers.

    • Agree: frontier
    • LOL: Rich, Ralph Seymour
  6. Trinity says:

    I just commented about this GUTLESS ORANGE COWARD on another article.

    When was the last time the KKK was even relevant. I stated on the other thread that you could probably fit all the KKK members in America in a Volkswagen with enough room for a couple of six packs. When was the last time KKK members were seen dragging Blacks and nonwhites from their vehicles and beating them to within an inch of their life? Interesting how Trump designates the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization when the only thing these yahoos really do is gather around some backwoods field, drink beer and tell “nigra” jokes, maybe light a Cross or two. Oh, the terror. Of course Trump labels the Jewish hate group (((Antifa))) as a “domestic terrorist organizations” and rightfully so, but he can do that, because while (((Antifa))) is led by Jews, the bulk of their halfwit foot soldiers are white traitor trash misfits. (((BLM?))) The Orange Cuck won’t go there and label BLM as a “domestic terrorist organization” even though some of their members have shot cops and innocent civilians. This Queens “tough guy” is nothing more than a loudmouth who talks shit out of both sides of his mouth. Wonder if Javanka had a say so in this latest episode of Black foot and ass kissing?

    Props to the writer for writing this article and talking about the RIDICULOUS AND DOWNRIGHT RETARDED ACT OF DESIGNATING THE KKK ( DO THEY EVEN HAVE 100 MEMBERS?) AS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WHILE NOT EVEN TOUCHING THE PROVEN DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION OF (((BLM.))) And of course the even more retarded and cuckold act of making Juneteenth as a national holiday. Two years ago, the average American, Black, White or candy stripe had no idea what the hell, Juneteenth even was, Trump, shades of Ronnie Reagan, who had MLK’s birthday made into a national holiday on his watch, is another, USELESS, GUTLESS, TRAITOROUS, ISRAEL FIRSTER, REPUBLICANT POLITICIAN.

    All you cops out there who have been attacked by (((BLM))) how do you feel about Trump now?

  7. Rahan says:
    @Gunga Din

    Not one prominent White person willing to advocate for White people. What a shame.

    It’s just Orban, basically.
    Hopefully, when he steps off the stage, someone else from that region will pick up the mantle.
    Maybe Salvini can also make a comeback. But the Anglo-Germanic countries? Nope. All good goyim.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  8. There’s an old joke about Klan meetings: In any gathering of four KKK members, you will have three feds and a drunk. The KKK is an imaginary organization in the fetid brains of hwytes high on negro-worship. Will there really be any difference between four more years of Cheetohead the Clown and Grand-Paw Sniffy falling asleep all the time (assuming it even lives long enough to be sworn in)? Cheetohead makes a more entertaining ringmaster for the Clown-World Circus. He’s never been anything but a hopeless boomer tho – with Grima Wormtongue as his son-in-law. Kamala-ho has the makings of a another Pol-Pot, so the D-jersey rank-and-file will be motivated.

  9. KenH says:

    Brilliant 4D chess move! BLM is largely responsible for two billion dollars in property damage and dozens of innocent people killed or maimed since May 29th and Trump……….will declare the KKK a terrorist organization. I’d like to see how the MAGA tards are going to explain this one.

    This “Platinum Plan” for congoids is just Republican reparations by another name. It’s the BLM agenda minus defunding the police. This sound like the brainchild of WH advisors negro JaRon Smith and Jew Jared Kushner

    I was going to hold my nose and vote for Trump as a vote against Harris-Biden but now I will write in a candidate.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  10. KenH says:



    If they do then at least half are undercover cops, FBI informers and FBI agents. KKK loudmouth Jeff Berry was unmasked as a longtime police and FBI informant many years ago.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  11. AceDeuce says:

    It is maddening, I agree. But it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors to placate the 75 IQ crowd. Trump has his lapses (although I don’t think this stupid “plan” originated from him).

    But for God’s sake, four more years of him, especially when he doesn’t have to pander anymore, is INFINITELY better than Biden and that whiny she-baboon, who will be in the Oval Office before 2021 ends.

    The two choices are Trump and Biden. Period. One or the other. Sitting it out or wasting your vote is stupid as hell.

  12. Trinity says:

    I remember in the 90s when every (((daytime talk show host))) around seemed to always have skinheads and/or KKK members on “their” show. Doprah Pigfrey, Phil “The Vagina” Donahue, Jerry Rivers aka (((Geraldo))), and that clown (((Jerry Springer.))) All these shows were about as real as the WWE especially the (((Springer))) show. Oh my gawd, I just thought of that Jew clown that was the predecessor to the (((Springer))) show, the Jew with the Irish surname of Morton Downey Jr. Remember when Downey Jr. FAKED he was attacked by a group of “neo-Nazi” skinheads at some airport, but someone or maybe Downey himself drew a backwards swastika on his ugly mug? haha. These (((clowns))) are such PROVEN LIARS and get caught in lies time after time, but the stupid goyim keep falling for their horseshit. Anyhow, back to Doprah Windbag. Two Jews were found out later to be playing the role of skinheads. Before the Kosher Twins were outed they came back to the Doprah Pigfrey show and told the world how wrong they were to have so much hate in their hearts for nonwhites and Jews and how Whites have to overcome their inherit racism. You would think that Whites who always claim to be so smart, would have figured this shit out by now, I mean how many friggin lies can you catch someone in before you finally stop listening to their bullshit.

  13. Trinity says:

    Hey everyone, relax. We all know that Trump is playing 4D chess. ROTFLMMFWAO.


    • Replies: @Ralph Seymour
  14. Here’s 666-D Chess argument for you. It’s an argument Whiskey might make if he were a Trumpkin.

    This tawdry used-car salesman appeal is not really directed at the negroes you see, but to all the suburban hwyte females and wine-aunts who have problems with Oranage-Man’s pussy-grabbing (even though they all loved Bill Clinton’s). It is interesting to see the very disproportionate numbers of younger white females involved in the BLM/Antifa “mostly peaceful” rioting and looting (along with a few killings tossed in for fun and excitement). It does appear to be the case that white females are more heavily gaslighted than the males as a whole – though there are plenty good ol’ boy sports fans who can’t bear to not watch their favorite afleets – kneeling kneegrows all – on Talmudvision.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  15. Exile says: • Website

    If Trump wins the next four years are going to be worse than the first, not better.

    You’re falling for all of the usual (((tricks))) about “Dems won’t let him go HAM,” “the gloves are off now,” etc…

    There is nothing about Trump that is incrementally, much less INFINITELY better than any other Jewish puppet from either fake gay party. Nothing in his record after four years suggests otherwise.

    Kabbala Haaretz is no more a racist firebrand than Gay Mulatto – she’s the same kind of cynical mystery-meat empty suit full of Jewish money power that he-she was.

    The GOP has been running on “OMG Demonrats! There is no alternative! America is over unless you vote GOP” since Bill Clinton’s second term.

    But people keep falling for (((tricks))) anyway.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Disagree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  16. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    It was evident by day 2 of the 2020 RNC that all hopes had been irretrievably lost in the current system. The 2020 RNC was a Rubicon-crossing announcement that henceforth, the primarily white base of voters would be a mere donor population that would acquiesce, on demand, to any whimsy from racialist interests that the RNC was desperately courting.

    The GOP does not at all understand that the Boomer S.S.-collecting crew that watch enthralled as Diamond and Silk make hula dance gestures with their hands might well put up with this, but you will viciously alienate anyone who still produces their own testosterone.

    The outcome that most conservatives had wanted from the Trump Admin was for the Trump admin to take over RNC policy, however RNC policy in the end took over the Trump Admin. Voting for Jared/Ivanka to return to the White House is an absolute non-starter.

    The Trump campaign has probably the weakest opponents that anyone has ever faced, and under the guidance of his advisors, is still down. Whoever proposed / approved such absolute moronic idiocy as announcing Juneteenth as a Federal Holiday, in exchange for votes, tells you all that you need to know about who should have been bounced out on their ear a long time ago.

    This is about as outrageous and corrupt as passing out citizenship to tribal- garbed 3rd world aliens in a televised ceremony, during a great depression with mass unemployment.

    Or, painfully obligatory references to the ‘Haitian ones’ in every discussion touching on Coney-Barrett…

    One of the most interesting ancient historical discoveries are the Lachish letters, which in ancient-‘real time’ document the collapsing outposts under attack by the advancing Babylonians – “for we cannot see any more, the fire signals of Azekah”.

    The Republican Fire signal outposts are shutting down, as their strongholds have been falling all around them, not by the sword of advancing Babylonians, but by their own hands. Their own comfortable checks still cashed, and in the end, they tried to cobble together their own pandered electorate with ridiculous promises (Juneteenth) , that are completely laughable, while their policy priorities are those of global donors, and don’t match the general public’s needs.

    The Republicans have known and been warned over decades that the Outsourcing they endlessly profiteered from, and the Cheap Labor dumping into the US, which made them rich (crooked) men, was reaching critical mass. In small towns and once affluent suburbs, betrayed Americans were living on the sidewalk, and the Republicans still took the pay-offs, imported endless cheap labor, and betrayed their people. No serious action was taken against the labor Visa’s being handed out until the polls looked bad and the election was only a few months away.

    The only forward route at this point is to essentially, through voluntary admission policies, undermine the donor class by creating a party that is welcoming of all, but pandering to none. This entails a rebuilding cycle, and it will clearly get worse before it can get any better.

    You cannot block donation-payoffs through the courts and cannot demand platform policy compliance legally, but you CAN do so through a party platform that is fully voluntary as a condition of joining. This is basically a concept not dis-similar to the UKIP success in offering the populist policies people actually want, instead of the GOP practice of Lucy/Charlie Brown/Football.

    What Trump needed was a Ryan Girdusky ‘Consigliere’ who actually wanted to accomplish his professed policies. He needed a system to track policy development and required reporting on progress, and instead it appears to me that he had Jared substituting his own opportunistic goals while Trump either forgot or lost track of policy rollouts.

    The Dems could literally roll away effortlessly right now with a Sherrod Brown populist candidate, and the opportunity still exists to do so on the right with a properly formed party that can generate trust and imposes mandates on its members as a condition of office. Its just never going to happen with the GOP which is a business, not a party.

    • Agree: Exile, Kratoklastes
  17. TG says:

    Thank you, president Jared Kushner!

    ‘our voters aren’t going anywhere, the trailer parks are rock-solid.’

    Well… maybe they are going home?

  18. BuelahMan says:

    Brad Griffin is (was) one of the biggest Trump cheerleaders in the last election. He plainly showed what a sycophantic ass-kisser he was.

    Brad, you hold no respectable position in this entire thing. But you get the mic from Unz anyway.

    • Troll: frontier
    • Replies: @Exile
  19. Wyatt says:

    There’s a chance he also flips out and goes full 1937 Germany as well. One can hope!

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Reg Cæsar
  20. AceDeuce says:

    You replied:

    “If Trump wins the next four years are going to be worse than the first, not better.”

    That’s a non sequitur. (and I don’t agree with that statement of yours, either).

    I said Trump in the White House is better than Biden/Harris in the White House.

    Do you disagree? With that, I mean.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @36 ulster
    , @Rogue
  21. Trinity says:

    And I might find out I hit the Powerball Jackpot in a couple of minutes after I check my numbers from last night.

  22. Dr. Doom says:

    Well, wormtongue Jared Kushner is in his ear again.

    You’d think that the disaster of letting out felons would have soured this wormtongue.

    Something BAD has to happen to this clown.

    He’s always got bad ideas for the Trump wagon.

    He’s a bad fifth wheel that keeps turning out BAD IDEAS.

  23. @Wyatt

    There’s a chance he also flips out and goes full 1937 Germany as well. One can hope!

    Nah. He’s set in his ways. As is Biden.

    Who just compared Trump to Joseph Goebbels. (Well, hey, Joe is one of the few Americans extant who can remember Goebbels!) I can’t imagine the Donald poisoning all of his kids, can you?

    In the same interview, Biden said he’d served 180 years in Congress. Granted, that was probably intended as a joke, but you never know.

    Do the arithmetic: Who won the election 180 years ago? William Henry Harrison. Within a month of his inauguration, he was dead.

    However, Ronald Reagan survived the 0-year curse Harrison initiated, and Hillary’s Chappaqua curse was limited to losing the election, not her life, as with Horace Greeley.

  24. OT (well, tangential to topic because it concerns #CheetoCombover)…

    It’s long been my contention that Trump is what equity analysts call a ‘hollow log‘ – a nickname for companies that look solid, but have negative valuation based on a half-decent analysis. (News Corp was always my favourite example, back in the early 2000s).

    And now apparently we discover that his Federal tax bill was \$750 in the last two pre-Throne years, and that he paid no Federal income tax in 10 of the last 15 years. (That’s the ‘skinny’ of the NYT article about Trump’s tax returns. To be clear, though: I have not read the NYT story because in general NYT output does not reach my quality hurdle)

    If the story is even remotely true – if Trump paid less than about a million bucks in tax a year, on average – he’s in diabolically deep shit. Even the rubes who think that tic-tac-toe is 4D chess, won’t stand for being taken for absolute fucking mugs (which is quite entertaining, because of course they’re mugs).

    FWIW I’m indifferent as to whether #OrangeManBad or #PorridgeBrainJoe gets to be the figurehead for the US Death Machine: #PorridgeBrain will be a placeholder for the #HinduDindu, and that’s also irrelevant. The US is done as a global power and everyone ought to govern themselves accordingly: there will be some thrashing around during the death throes, but white countries are already distancing themselves from the US and its welfare waif in Occupied Palestine.

    So now the (D)s only have to stall the confirmation of the Catholic Whackball nominee for BlackRobe #6 for a month and a bit. Should be easy as piss.

    Seems to me that they can do that with relative impunity: there’ll be no “pushback” because the (R)s will be in complete disarray as they scramble to craft some messaging to keep the rubes believing that a jen-yoo-wine BILLionaire would pay Federal taxes of less than a million bucks a year on average (over 15 years).

    The next week or so will be great fun – watching that obese orange carnival-oddity try to think on his feet when confronted with the story, and Freeper types trying to ‘catapult the propaganda’ like so many chimps flinging their own shit.

    I never tire of being right about the types of people attracted to political life.

    • Replies: @Grahamsno(G64)
  25. @Exalted Cyclops

    suburban hwyte females and wine-aunts who have problems with Oranage-Man’s pussy-grabbing

    That’s why the tax return shit is important: if it sticks, it will alienate white housewives, who are – as a class – the sort of stupid mopes that blindly accept drivel like “everyone should pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes“.

    They’re already (D)-leaning (apart from the religious whackballs), but even the Religious Retards will look askance at a soi-disant BILLionaire who has a tax bill smaller than some kid who works part time at Burger King.

    My view is that having a near-zero tax bill is a good thing; I don’t even care if it’s achieved by hook or by crook – I don’t give a shit, so long as the Beast gets fewer dollars.

    However I’m not trying to convince sub-median-IQ idiots to vote for me… and my view is not a popular view among white housewives – who a priori have an average IQ under 100 (the Smart Fraction/Talented-20% of white women are overwhelmingly in the full-time workforce: they have higher priorities than shitting out new idiots and spending their days eating biscuits and watching infomercials).

    • Replies: @Hootsman
    , @Biff
  26. anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    AceDeuce says:

    I said Trump in the White House is better than Biden/Harris in the White House.

    Do you disagree? With that, I mean.

    I see an opportunity.

    The GOP/RNC clearly and openly moved against their own base, out of necessity, now that it has been shrunken down to a declining corps of docile boomers. The GOP policies killed off their voter base by exporting their work, and importing cheap labor, for payoffs from the global donor class.

    Really, you cannot have a political party in which a part of the base simply wants to continue the status quo benefits they receive, no matter its effect on the rest of the people, since that benefits segment will allow anything as long as they continue to get the checks in the mail. The GOP outsourcing/labor dumping scheme was only able to play out using this large retired Social Security voter base, who still voted GOP even as the factories went to asia and mexico.

    An unintended side effect of the GOP loss is an opening for a party that actually can represent legit americans, which the GOP will never do.

    Party’s are a dime a dozen, but what would be of actual value if timed with the GOP collapse would be a new structure in which you address the actual STRUCTURAL factors that make the GOP or Dem partys so easy to hijack by corrupt interests.

    You could actually enact a form of TERM LIMITS for instance through the party structure, by writing it into the party membership by-laws. You could enact donor-payoff reform in the bylaws, ensuring that business contributions can only come through the principal, and are limited to a total of a grand. No bundling or meeting with ANY LOBBYIST unless that person represents a company with its home office in the reps actual district.

    All PENSIONS that congress has voted for their own benefit are voided, and no one serves more than 2 terms in office.

    No corporate lobbying is allowed after Federal service.

    No money, speech fees, or remuneration of any kind can be accepted from any transnational / foreign company or alien nation.

    You sign a resignation letter in ADVANCE, and if a committee of members find you in violation of any of these terms of office, your letter is them forwarded to the Sgt at Arms.

    These reforms allow you to enact an actually representative party, that is staffed by civic minded individuals who voluntarily agree to refuse to participate in corruption and are accompanied by immigration laws that recognize the USA as a settled state, which acts on behalf of its legitimate citizenry whatever their ancestry is, but no longer accepts mass migration.

    The collapse of the GOP – if a focused effort to meet its demise with a functional alternative that addresses its betrayals – is still scary, but offers the only opportunity to right the ship.

    Pleading with corrupt outsourcers and cheap labor dumpers to refuse giant payments and not betray you has a 0% chance of success, conversely.

  27. 36 ulster says:

    I’m old enough to realize that you’re bound to be disappointed by those who you vote for. Trump has been not just disappointing but infuriating at times, what with his verbal ham-handedness. But my frustrations are superseded by my cold, absolute-zero hatred of the Left and its plaything, the Democrat party. My vote will probably be of little consequence, one way or the other, but little investment of time or effort will be involved. I’m not too worried about my future; I’ll survive and adapt, and while I view Our Precious Millennials with more than a little disdain, I don’t want them to live their lives in some playpen Gulag when they might–just might–realize the benefits of individual liberty and enjoy lives of their own design. What a concept.

    • Agree: Fred777
  28. KenH says:

    Blacks are all about the gibs and all about themselves. I haven’t heard any “good blacks” decry that this Platinum Plan is unfair to whites. OTOH whites are sentimental towards non-whites and if Trump announced a 500 billion dollar plan for whites they would be overcome with guilt and wailing that it’s unfair to other racial groups, especially blacks.

  29. stuff like this is what makes it so, so hard to vote for Trump again.

    Hunter Wallace and company have been correct for years about Americans are going to get the leftist agenda in general, whether Trump is President or not. he’s simply not going to do much about the leftist social march at least. anarcho-tyranny is just how things are gonna be.

    i’ve disagreed and continue to disagree about whether it was a mistake to vote for Trump in the first place. it wasn’t. you have to take the only chance you have. and, Trump HAS been better for the average Trump voter on several issues, than any standard GOP guy over the last 30 years would have been.

    but, the last year or so has revealed that Trump really isn’t going to be enough to hold on to the country. and the Trump family in general is really annoying. it’s painful to consider voting for these people a second time. the country is gonna be lost, either way. why put Kushner et al into power one more time.

    at this point you have to think about whether it would be better to get the permanent Democrat monopoly started in 2021 and the full leftist agenda going as soon as possible, for accelerationist considerations. a second Trump term is a speed bump AT BEST. and things could, possibly, get worse when Trump doesn’t have to worry about any more elections. as far as that goes, it would definitely just be better for Biden and Harris to be doing all that stuff, so at least the normal citizens can see that it’s the Democrat party who is their obvious enemy.

  30. @AceDeuce

    “But for God’s sake, four more years of him, especially when he doesn’t have to pander anymore, is INFINITELY better than Biden and that whiny she-baboon”

    yes, even second term Trump, as disappointing as he is, would be 10 times better than Biden and Harris.

    but you have to consider that after Trump, the country goes Democrat Monopoly forever. so whether you want that in 2021 or 2026, you’re getting it. Trump won’t do anything about that. Donald Trump will be the last Republican President ever, and the Republican party is about to go away at the national level.

    you have to weigh whether a 4 year delay of Democrat Monopoly is worth putting this orange clown and Kushner back in charge again. that’s a painful decision.

    primary considerations would be, continuing to avoid major wars, possibly replacing justices Thomas and Breyer, solidifying your own personal positions on your firearms collection for self defense, your 401K or financial holdings, your land and property, moving your kids out of public school and beginning the home school process, and so forth, before the democrats very directly come after all those things when Trump leaves office. not completely pointless considerations, and a 4 year reprieve gives you breathing room.

    with no reprieve, and Biden coming into office directly after the virus scam has wrecked middle America, you get no relief. the one two punch of the virus wiping out all those jobs and small businesses, will then be coupled with raised taxes, disarming you and making it illegal for you to defend yourself against leftist shock troops, going after your financial savings and 401Ks, legalizing pedos to go after your kids, and so forth.

  31. @Harpo II

    Fair question, Harpo. But your point is even stronger than the wording makes it seem.

    Most Africans who had ancestors in this country during slavery are not “a few” generations removed from slavery. With the Civil War ending in 1865, which is 155 years ago, African-AntiAmericans are more like six standard generations away from slavery — and more like eight to nine of their typically shortened rabbit-breeding generations.

    • Agree: europeasant
  32. @Exile

    For the reasons you so ably state, I would urge the following:

    in federal elections, ditch the Republicans (should have ditched the Dems long ago), vote third-party, and don’t waste any money or time on campaigns;

    focus your donations and campaign work first and foremost on local and county races— especially mayors, sheriffs, prosecutors, county commissioners, and judges — then on state assembly races, and then on state senate races;

    in States that have small populations and/or are narrowly divided, it can pay to volunter and donate in statewide races like governor and esp. attorney general.

    Local races, including judicial races, often have quite low turnout and very low voter knowledge or even familiarity. We can often tip the scales our way. ** FOCUS ON LOCAL AND COUNTY PRIMARIES in particular. That way we don’t keep facing a choice between a republican sellout who pretends to care about us and a democrat who openly works to harm us.

    A good example of the officials whom we can throw out on their asses by focusing donations and volunteer work entirely on non-federal races: the republican governors, AGs, judges, and state legislators who have imposed or allowed tyrannical lockdowns, mask mandates, and antisocial distancing mandates on supoosedly freedom-loving States with smaller populations.

    • Agree: Exile
    • Replies: @Rich
  33. @AceDeuce

    Maybe in swing States.

    But for those many millions of sensible self-respecting people who still live in the big three of California, New York, and Illinois, there is no point to voting for Trump/Pence or any statewide republican sellouts.

    Same for any sane person who lives in Massachusetts, Vermont, Hawaii, and other slam-dunk Dem States.

    That is the opportunity to rack up twenty million votes for third parties, gaining them name recognition and automatic ballot access in those States for 2022 and 2024. If they didn’t get on your State’s ballot, write them in. I’m writing in the Constitution Party candidate here in Mexifornia.

    • Replies: @Q-ship
  34. Q-ship says:

    I live in a solid red state, and I am voting third party for president. I would vote for Trump if I lived in a swing state. I think the best outcome in the presidential election would be a narrow EC win for Trump, and a massive popular vote loss.

    • Replies: @DrWatson
  35. Leaders are needed –someone who will be listened to and respected. Paying 750 in Federal Inome Tax on 2 occassions but boasting of great wealth is criminal. Ivanka getting 758 grand for consulting and double dipping? Then the alternative is an avid Amtrak rider taking America on a spin back in time –when USA supposedly had honest politicians and police who did a job and education was not a get rich gimmick. No child left behind has worked wonders and perhaps now kindergarten kids should be able to vote–the messages are aimed at their level.

  36. My son said he’d vote third party (probably Libertarian….I did that once way back when). Me? Not voting….

    • Agree: Liza
  37. The delinquent buckwheats burn down America….murder 60 people…..destroy countless businesses….terrorize the entire country……and Trump rewards them with half a trillion dollars.

    And they still won’t vote for him.

    Not saying I’ll vote for stupid Joe and bitch Kamala.

    It’s just so sad that we really don’t have anybody solid in our corner.

    Giving in to blacks is like dealing with a spoiled child that you try to placate when they really need their ass kicked.

    On the other hand…..the dumb negroes are simply doing the bidding of the jews…..

    What a mess.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
  38. I won’t be voting for Trump either. There is nobody to vote for and why should we be made fools of; like it will really matter who wins?

    If Trump wins we can be sure that most of his To-Do lists will be quickly forgotten while he continues to work closely with Israel to take Iran out and ensure the Palestinian slow-genocide continues on as scheduled.

  39. @Trinity

    Trump is effectively setting up whites as “terrorists” no matter what side they are on; left or right. By twisting what a white person says, even slightly, authorities and “anti-racists” can label them left wing antifa or right wing “KKK”.

    Trump is either being used by someone very smart or he knows exactly what he’s doing (maybe both). He has a way of making many of his supporters believe he will follow through with his promises, while simultaneously manipulating them to forget how he has done nothing for them.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  40. Biff says:

    Is this another Trump hit piece? Would the MSM even touch on this kind of subject? “Platinum deal for blacks” on The View? Whoopie needs a new pair of shoes!

  41. Hootsman says:

    Great post. Ain’t democracy grand?

  42. @Kratoklastes

    And now apparently we discover that his Federal tax bill was \$750 in the last two pre-Throne years, and that he paid no Federal income tax in 10 of the last 15 years. (That’s the ‘skinny’ of the NYT article about Trump’s tax returns. To be clear, though: I have not read the NYT story because in general NYT output does not reach my quality hurdle)

    If the story is even remotely true – if Trump paid less than about a million bucks in tax a year, on average – he’s in diabolically deep shit. Even the rubes who think that tic-tac-toe is 4D chess, won’t stand for being taken for absolute fucking mugs (which is quite entertaining, because of course they’re mugs).

    It’s over for this clown, He needed Biden to be a senile old fart during the debate and Biden didn’t oblige (OMG the bar’s that low), the system simply cannot tolerate 4 more years of Chaos, of course you’re going to have a constitutional crisis because the clown will not concede the election and the US’ reputation will be completely and irrevocably in tatters, there won’t be another Obama to repair it.

    What’s mind boggling is that he has a 90-95% rating within the Republican party, that’s just shocking it’s like Shareholders rewarding a CEO for turning a blue chip stock into a penny stock. The Republicans have become a cult, a terrible thing to behold, when they always considered themselves as the competent men in charge.

    • Replies: @Biff
  43. Yeah, a couple demonstrations are the end of the world.

    Of course, if that were true, then the 60s would have been the end of the world.

    • Disagree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  44. anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump 40 oz. plan,
    Gibs-4-Groids platinum tax,
    Redeem us, Satan.

  45. gotmituns says:

    trump, biden, it makes no difference to me. they’re both two old draft dodgers to me.

  46. Biff says:

    My view is that having a near-zero tax bill is a good thing; I don’t even care if it’s achieved by hook or by crook – I don’t give a shit, so long as the Beast gets fewer dollars.


  47. Biff says:

    there won’t be another Obama to repair it.

    Corporate house negros are a dime a dozen. I’m sure they can come up with another president so full of shit he is brown in color – why stop at one?

  48. Rich says:

    Ditch the repubs at the fed level and you will get president Harris. Is that good in any way for Whitey?

  49. You’re planning to sit out the 2020 election… are you nuts? Don’t you know that it’s better to deal with the devil you know than the one you know for sure that hates you? No wonder then the Biden camp is emboldened by actions of the likes of you. Straighten up and fly right, as the song goes and go vote for Trump … don’t be a putz!

  50. When did Trump promise to send White Nationalists to prison, Brad? I missed that.

  51. @Robert Dolan

    Thanks. Brad just said that in the article.

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan
  52. I tell this to anyone that strikes up a conversation….Trump or no Trump it doesn’t matter anymore….I tell people even if he wins 4 more what difference does it make…Once the LAST WHITE President you will ever see again is gone that’s it. The Dems have the demographics in the bag,why do you think they allow the invasion of illegals,and so called permanent residents who steal jobs from REAL White Americans…The Dems attack Trump for 4 years straight with BS and lies and no one does a damn thing…and his own party , the REpubs are traitors and stab him in the back as well every chance they get…all because he is a WHITE MAN …and the last breath of the White Male Patriarchy. If anything Trump is basically an independent…Their is only a one party system and it is plain to see as the nose on your face . It’s all about race,identity…that’s all this is about and has been.Obama was just the catalyst that brought it out front and center . And this country falls behind further and further. The IQ falls further and further as blacks breed out White Women and 3rd world Hispanic trash bring in what they left..3rd world politics. blacks have no idea how to govern and there is NO SUCCESSFUL black majority country anywhere…And another useless fake holiday for blacks…how pathetic…like giving MLK coon day…MLK the biggest womanizing drug addict queer degenerate cheating on his wife 24/7 ,365 black days a year…yea real hero…and yet Whites never stand up and say we want George Washington’s birthday officially reinstated and recognized…Thomas Jefferson’s reinstated and recognized…This looks like South Africa now…erase all White names and historical heroes and leaders and replace with low IQ black trash.So blacks rape rob steal loot burn destroy …cry like little 5 yr old whiny bitches and Whitey just caves and negotiates with black terrorists…nice. Time for Whites TO REALLY start fighting back like blacks do. Time to push blacks into the sea and back to Africa.

    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @Katrinka
  53. GMC says:

    Ya – plenty of money around to kick start another African American economy – but none for a nother CD 19 stimulus in order to bail out the unemployed, enlarge the food banks, pay the hospital bills, or how about just printing up a couple trillion bucks, to start rebuilding the infrastructure, or something that would help the entire country – Mr. ConMan. PS: Black votes, Latino votes, Gaylib votes, White votes, Purple votes – don’t put a Peoples President in office – – Because …….

  54. Richard B says:
    @Harpo II

    Blacks received \$20+ trillion from White tax payers in the last 50+ years.

    What did they get in return?

    Blacks have done more damage in those 50 years, to Whites and themselves, than anything Whites have ever done to them. Black on White crime exploded during that same time and hasn’t stopped.

    And now the WH wants to give half a trillion more!

    The only good thing that might come from this is that we will no longer be able to deny what a few have suspected for a long time now.

    That the human mind is literally insane.

    • Replies: @frontier
  55. Emslander says:

    I guess at Unz we’re just supposed to ignore the greatest presidential performance since Lincoln last night. Trump took down Wallace, Biden and the entire MSM-pussyboy complex. I’d give Trump the full power of the State to rid it of swamp creatures and reporter bitches once and for all.

  56. Since what is left of the KKK is probably run by SPLC and FBI, please arrest them. I won’t hold my breath. The sad thing is we “whites” can’t have a hissy fit and get a trillion dollars. Have to wonder wouldn’t reparations and return be cheaper? There has to be a return to African to ultimately make it right. Finally let me make a guess here that the half trillion dollars would be handled by Goldman Sachs, which is run by the real Aryan white supremacists. (Please Hitler fan boys, stop unwittingly running interference for the tribe. )

  57. Emslander says:

    Sitting out this election is an act of treason, if you would otherwise vote for Trump.

  58. One can only hope Trump is bullshitting Darkey about giga-gibs, just as he bullshitted Whitey about a still non-existent wall.

  59. Thim says:

    The KKk does not exist. So who cares? The point is, he wants to designate Antifa as a terrorist group.

  60. @Gunga Din

    “Not one prominent White person willing to advocate for White people. What a shame”

    I think I know what would happen. This advocate for White people would immediately be branded a White Supremacist and that would be the end of him.

    This is the kind of country we are living in now. Meanwhile the country gets darker and darker every year.

  61. @obwandiyag

    You are an utter moron… least 60 innocent people murdered by feral negroes……fires all over the west coast…..billions in damage…..

    You get the award for the low IQ comment of the day.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  62. The KKK (with no organizational continuity with the past) are just agent provocateurs and LARPers. Yet negroes really do believe the “Invisible Empire” is somehow still out there. That is a doctrine of the stupid religion of being a negro. And negroes “feel” terrorized by it.

    Trump mentioning the KKK is just pandering, and I suppose he thinks it’s harmless. But before you know it some random White dude is going to be lynched for being KKK.

    As for outfits that are consequential — BLM curiously not mentioned.

    And if Antifa are terrorists, then their bosses are terrorists.
    I refer to the Democratic Party. They are behind the terrorists, and so therefore their wealthy corporate donors (more or less the real government but not yet total control).

    If Nancy Pelosi cannot be treated the same way as the boss of ISIS, it’s all BS.

  63. Petermx says:

    “Who is being terrorized by the Klan in 2020?” We can do better than that. Name someone the Klan has terrorized since 1970. Has anyone seen the Klan anywhere in the last 30 years? If someone would put on the Klan outfit in Los Angeles in 2020 would that make him a Klan member to the organization from the deep south even if he had never met or spoken to someone from there?

    I think Trump is doing his best against the anti-white racists of the Jewish led left. If the whites were able to get half the amount of people of a typical Trump rally and organized rallies across the US protesting the anti-white racism that now dominates the US the whites might have a chance of taking back some power in the USA. Jews completely dominate the US with the whites being puppets to Jewish power and they exercise this power without hesitation. No American white would dare criticize the Jews even when their disgusting behavior (rapists Weinstein, Epstein, Maxwell) is on full display for the whole world to see.

    FOX news shuts down former congressman Newt Gingrich on national television when he mentions the name George Soros.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  64. Rogue says:

    Unfortunately, hard to argue with what you’ve written.

    As soon as I hear of any proposed legislation with the word “hate” in it, one can be sure of 2 things: (a) it’s anti-White – and (b) complete bullshit.

    Laws exist to punish wrong actions – not feelings or emotions.

  65. noname27 says: • Website

    Unless white Americans get organised, they’re screwed.

    • Agree: Just another serf
  66. Rogue says:

    I said Trump in the White House is better than Biden/Harris in the White House.

    Of course, but how many Black votes are going to be bought with this bribe?

    Hardly any, I’m sure. Trump should be far more concerned about White and Hispanic voters – the vast majority of Blacks that vote for Trump are gonna do so anyway.

    And when “conservatives” start bandying about words like “hate” with regards to proposed legislation, that’s seriously disturbing, as it’s always aimed at Whitey.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  67. Trinity says:

    Did anyone catch the debate on the Jew Tube last night? Chris Wallace the Jew with the Scottish surname asked both candidates about dealing with racism in America and neither Trump nor Biden addressed the question with the proper answer. The proper answer and THE TRUTH would have been to address the anti-White racism that is so in your face and has been for at least the last 40 or so years and counting. IF we had a REAL MAN OR EVEN A REAL WOMAN on that stage they would have brought up tens of thousands of Black on White rapes each and every single year for decades, Black and Jewish professors in major universities and colleges calling for the deaths of Whites ( happened at the University of Georgia just last year) or Blacks walking along and hitting an elderly White lady on a walker, knocking her to the pavement just inches from a fire hydrant. Granny would have bit the dust had her head hit that hydrant for sure. Instead we had (((Chris Wallace))) asking Donald J. Trump if he would condemn all those “White Supremacist” gangs out there causing all that trouble in those riots. Is this Jew POS really serious? We have heard the story before, these Jews can really come up with some whoppers can they not, but still lying about “right wing groups” participating in destroying these cities is beyond the pale and bringing it up in a national (((televised))) presidential SELECTION at that.

    “Systemic racism” the new word for the day was brought up over and over, oh PUKE. The only “systemic racism” that exists in America in the last 60 years has been Jewish racism against White Gentiles, Jewish hate groups like the ADL and \$PLC pushing their anti-White Gentile, anti-White Christian agendas, or the out in the open physical attacks by Blacks on Whites every single day in this country. Little white children grabbed by adult Black males and being thrown from balconies or shot execution style by Blacks in front of their siblings. A white child abducted and burned to death with a blowtorch in Texas a few years ago. I could type on here forever, but we all KNOW THE TRUTH. QUIT MEEKLY STANDING BY AND ACCEPTING THIS INVERSION OF REALITY AND THE TRUTH. STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH.

    • Agree: Ralph Seymour
    • Replies: @Poco
  68. Some idiot did tell Trump before discussion to be civilized. And Trump was civilized. Biden used this opportunity to demolish Trump. Unless Trump will come back in next two debates Trump is finished.
    Even if Biden wins, and he thinks that he can tame the unhinged antifa and Negroes he is delusional.
    I was skeptical about civil war in US but now I coming to the conclusion that civil war in one form or the other is inevitable.
    The only solution, in order for US to survive is to export all Jews to Israel and export all Negroes to Africa.
    Otherwise US will cease to exist.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
    , @Robert Dolan
  69. @Petermx

    Trump isn’t doing his best at all.

    Lying Christopher Wray said that Antifa is not an organized threat and that white men are the greatest threat to America. Wray was not fired for this blatant lie.

    Biden merely repeated Wray’s lie during the debate. And he rightly said, “Your own FBI said so.”

    Trump’s management is bewildering….he hires enemies instead of friends…..and then wonders why there are so many leaks and problems. He hires neocons and Goldman alums and globalist scum and they all actively work against MAGA.

    It’s Trump’s fault.

    Obama came in and fired everybody he didn’t like and hired commies for every position in government from the courts to the military.

    Trump came in and allowed the Obama creeps to stay.

    It makes no sense at all. Many of Trump’s problems are his own fault.

    Kris Kobach should have been appointment number one. Never happened. Trump keeps hiring open borders lunatics.

    Trump tries to please everyone and it can’t be done. The left doesn’t do that and that is why they are winning.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Rico
    , @Anonymous
  70. Rogue says:


    Ever heard of them?

  71. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    In the debate last night, Trump touted his influence on jump starting College football season, as if that was an accomplishment. Why on earth are we still supporting football? It is now an engine of the Woke Left. Look at this fiasco at Inside Higher Ed, when a white author wrote about “Why we need college football” and had to retract and apologize the next day, to the “black community” that football is enslaving for his white enjoyment, it’s nauseating:

    I learned that I could have titled the piece “Why America Needs Black Athletes.” I learned that Black men putting their bodies on the line for my enjoyment is inspired and maintained by my uninformed and disconnected whiteness and, as written in my previous article, positions student athletes as white property. I have learned that I placed the onus of responsibility for democratic healing on Black communities whose very lives are in danger every single day and that this notion of “democratic healing” is especially problematic since the Black community can’t benefit from ideals they can’t access. I have learned that words like “distraction” and “cheer” erase the present painful moments within the nation and especially the Black community.

    Upon such beginnings of reflection, I have also learned that my love for Black athletes on the field doesn’t translate into love within the larger community — that I have been dismissive of Black lives in moments not athletically celebrated. I have learned that I have taken pleasure in events that ask Black athletes to put their bodies on the line and take physical risks. I have been entertained by Black men who often are conditioned by society and structural racism in ways that lure them into athletics where the odds of making it are slim to none.

    Nothing would please me more than to see the whole pro sports world collapse into a heap.

  72. Katrinka says:

    Don’t get your knickers in a twist. Trump has no intention of following through on half the bull sh*t he promises. He just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. The stupid thing is that blacks won’t vote for him no matter what he plans to give them. Oh, and where’s our WALL?

  73. gotmituns says:

    Trump is a liar and so is the POS running against him – DON’T VOTE.

  74. Katrinka says:

    We need a strong man, and Trump is NOT that guy; much as I wish he was.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  75. @Katrinka

    Besides Trumps clumsiness, Trump is smarter than you can believe. He realizes that he cannot be the spark. But spark will happen eventually without him. Once the fire will spread and the movement will need a leader, Trump will join as moderate leader.

  76. frontier says:
    @Richard B

    Your comment sounded OK until this passage:

    The only good thing that might come from this is that we will no longer be able to deny what a few have suspected for a long time now. That the human mind is literally insane.

    Nobody is insane except some of the low level cannon fodder. Everything above is corruption, on top of corruption, on top of corruption… which is now an accepted part of life, as is the sham two-party system. If that doesn’t change, all wealth, sweet dreams, fun & games… all good things will go to hell, rather sooner than later. Too few of the smart people around understand it or take it seriously.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  77. @Zarathustra

    Antifa and BLM are totally controlled and the leadership is paid.

    They can turn the violence on or off at will. Why do you think Bitch Harris said, “The riots will continue. They are not going to stop.” You think she doesn’t KNOW? She bails them out of jail!
    The jew media can incite the buckwheats to murder or turn down the volume anytime they want.

    Biden did not “demolish” Trump. Biden did better than expected but Trump still came out slightly on top. The law and order and police support is a big deal for Trump, a big minus for Creepy Joe.

    And Trump had to deal with that POS Wallace asking loaded questions and siding with Biden.

    Covid and the riots are both jew psyops and both can be shut down anytime.

    The head medical director for Los Angeles County actually said that the covid shutdown will continue until “after the election.” She totally gave it away.

    Trump has fucked up in a lot of ways but Bitch Harris would have white men slaughtered.

    Once again we will have to vote for the lesser of two evils which seems to be our shitty fate.

    • Agree: throtler
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  78. Poco says:

    One of their favorite little sneaky tricks that most people are oblivious to. Asking questions that have false premises as if the question is asked in good faith.

  79. Rogue says:


    I gave him good advice.

    Most people don’t like granite-like blocks or walls of text.

    Lots of people simply skip such comments as it’s a tedious read.

    Pretty sure I’m not alone in that.

  80. @Robert Dolan

    Trump did more for Jews in Israel than any other president before him.
    Still diaspora Jews in US hate Trump unspeakably.
    So Jews in US are in contradiction with Jews in Israel.

  81. frontier says:

    Yeah, Trump’s been all show and opposite action since 2016. Just want to mention that there is no Antifa anymore, they have rebranded as BLM during the past few months, apparently in preparation for the fake action being announced now. The ideologies of these two groups are in complete agreement, but Antifa’s goals are only a small part BLM’s extortionist demands. In effect, Antifa has upgraded to the more radical BLM level and left an empty shell to be used as a fake target of fake law & order activities.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  82. Agent76 says:

    Sep 9, 2020 The Atlantic SMEARS Trump, tries to distract from Biden approved riots

    For the past two days, the press and the entire political establishment have crawled out of the fetid swamp to launch one of their most deranged attacks yet on President Trump.

    Feb 2, 2020 Criminal Justice Reform

    President Donald J. Trump has accomplished historic criminal justice reform in just his first term in office. Increasing job training for inmates, shortened sentences, and giving second chances to those that truly deserve it. By Donald J Trump youtube channel

  83. Anonymous[260] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump is right to make big promises to black people. If it resonates and gets votes, why not?

    Black people rely on political saviors so play the role!

    Reality doesn’t matter. Feelings are important. If blacks feel like they are being cared for that’s good enough.

    Politics isn’t about results. It’s about dragging out disputes between the people while the elites continue on unmolested with their plans. Any improvement to the life of the people occurs due to a vital necessity (it’s in the elite interest) or purely accidental.

    In the rare case a true leader rises to the top, the nation will rise with him. The improvements will be visible and self evident.

    It may also be that a group remains conscious and cohesive while all around it stirs chaos. They work together to the benefit of the group and themselves while ignoring what they can’t control that goes on around them. Or they find a way to exploit it for their benefit.

    Anyway, making big promises is just another tactic. Never an end in itself.

  84. Many comments here decrying Trump for pandering to non whites.
    I would be willing to give good odds that not one of the people who post theses complaints sent Trump an email asking him to pander to whites. I have sent several asking for Trump to explicitly ask white people for our vote. Have any of you? Posting here is preaching to the choir. Send Trump an email asking him to EXPLICITLY ask white people for our vote. I sent an email asking for Trump to ask for the white vote the day before Trump posted the video of the man shouting white power from the golf cart. I don’t think it was because of my email but the story that Trump did not know the man said that is a lie for sure.

    Send emails to Trump telling him you will not vote for him unless he explicitly asks for the white vote. What can it hurt?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  85. @Trinity

    It’s a total joke!

    But people still believe all this WWE bullshit.

    I commented recently on a conservative blog that there is nothing left of the USA to save and that the best we can hope for is mass secession by the states; a dissolution of the USG. And I included a Doug Casey article stating essentially the same thing.

    The hostile reply stated essentially that I was nuts.

    • Agree: Trinity
  86. Anon7 says:

    Initially, I believed in Trump’s plan to help blacks discover that they could stand on their own two feet, determine their own income (as opposed to welfare), etc. The pre-Covid19 job numbers for black employment were amazing.

    At present, though, I don’t think Trump has a chance with blacks, platinum plan or not. Take this example.

    A black girl gets pregnant at 16, has a baby, starts collecting welfare, gets her own apartment. By the time she’s thirty, she has two or three kids, has no skills and no plans to acquire any. She is completely dependent on the welfare state.

    How do you think she’ll vote? For a president with only four more years in office?

    Ninety-some percent of blacks vote democrat for a reason.

  87. Mike Tre says:

    Any plan that excludes repatriating negroes to the dark continent will result in failure.

  88. @Robert Dolan

    You are obviously an ignorant young person, and those three words go together like birds of a feather. And 40 is real young.

    Assuming your estimates are right, which I doubt, because I bet you got them from the MSM, then these minor disturbances are nothing compared to the 60s. But you are too young to remember, and the media have suppressed this information. Congratulations. Just another bozo on here who thinks opinions he made up out of following the mainstream mass media are somehow radical. Sheesh.

  89. @James Scott

    I send letters and emails to Trump all the time and I call the WH and leave messages.

    Often I do mass calls to Congressman and Senators.

    Generally I call when the offices are closed so I can leave a very specific message on their machine.

    When I call during office hours they want all of my info and they want to find out if I’m a constituent, because if you’re not in their district they don’t care what you have to say. The liberal offices are hell to deal with.

    I called Fox News today and left a complaint about Chris Wallace.

    In all of my messages and letters I always use the term “anti-white” this and “anti-white” that. I called Chris Wallace an “anti-white moron.”

    • Replies: @mark green
  90. MrVoid says:

    Blacks are already pandered to in every possible way. They get preferred status for public housing, small business loans unavailable to White males, Pell grants for tuition, affirmative action in both the public and private sectors. If they had any honor they wouldn’t even want to be treated like permanent wards of the state, but alas, they do not. And Trump is a scummy neocon.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  91. DrWatson says:

    Who is the third party candidate? Why there is no nation-wide recognised 3rd candidate? Most people seem to be disillusioned (to say the least) about these two gerontocratic candidates.

  92. @Robert Dolan

    I called Chris Wallace an “anti-white moron.”

    I’m no fan of Chris Wallace, but he’s clearly no moron. The case can be made however that Wallace is an anti-White Jew. All this hysterical chatter about ‘white supremacism’ (by Zionists like Wallace) will eventually be unmasked for the fraud it is.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  93. @MrVoid

    It’s remarkable (and insane) how much American blacks are pandered to.

    They have every possible advantage as you said. They get preference for jobs, schools, loans, everything. And it’s getting to the point now where they can’t even be arrested for crimes.

    The jew media works relentlessly to convince our people that we owe blacks special honors because of long ago slavery…..that was actually a jewish business.

    And yet with all the favors they get, it’s never enough. They just take and take and take… shakedown after another. None of their leaders have any sort of decency or honor…..all of them are shameless liars and race baiters. From Sharpton to Obama to Holder to Harris to Waters to Winfrey…..just anti-white hateful pieces of shit.

    Muhammad Ali spoke the truth when he said, “I’m sure glad my ancestors got on that slave ship!” He recognized what a blessing it is for blacks to be in the USA.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  94. \$500 Billion in de facto reparations. That is an outrage. I watched the debate last night and thought Biden held up quite well against Trump, even though his appeal to voters was essentially “vote for me because I’m not him”. I do believe that he must have been on some kind of stimulant. Trump just made a complete ass of himself. True to form, he dedicated exactly zero effort to preparing for the debate. His tactics were fine when he was just a candidate, since Clinton deserved to be verbally pummeled, but last night he was an embarrassment. No doubt he’ll give the shop away for a measly couple percentage points of the non-white vote. I’m with the others here who say that in the 11th hour, Trump is not our man. He would have lost no political capital to turn Chris Wallace’s question on white supremacy back on him by asking if white supremists were those rioting in the streets. Trump would be perfectly happy dispossessing the plebian whites of their nation if the S&P and DJIA were breaking records and the cooked up unemployment rate was acceptable.

  95. Rico says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Trump kept the Obamanoids simply because he had ZERO connections in the Swamp.
    (Beauty queen contestants, WWE potentates, and Jewish NY real-state tycoons don’t count)

    Also, I believe, word was out in DC by RINOs and such, not to work for Trump
    Ergo, a ragtag group of under-qualified, opportunistic, or downright traitorous characters materialized
    Hence the incessant firing and hiring but to no avail.

    America is heading for a national divorce no matter who wins on Nov.
    Hope it will be with no bloodshed

    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  96. @freedom-cat

    The manipulation is Trump’s acquiescence to the riots and BLM while pretending to stand against them. Trump = Jared Kushner. Trump is about one thing and one thing only, obtaining the objectives of the Jews.

    • Agree: freedom-cat
  97. @Rico

    You’ve really got to be kidding. Trump has blamed his own policies on his underlings not following his orders, then got rid of them, then found new sacrificial lambs ready to take their place. Working for Trump means you’d better be prepared to get the shaft, unless you’re a Jew.

  98. “Pull the trigger when the need arises and all will be well” – Lao Pue [3rd century BC philosopher]

  99. AceDeuce says:

    Agreed. I think all the pro groid butt kissing is dumb as hell. He’ll probably get a 2-3% jump if he’s lucky from the previously dismal black GOP vote, moving all the way up to….still dismal.

    You’re preaching to the choir. But my post was-it’s him or Biden, and I’ll crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump. He buys us four more years. If we’re lucky, he’s the gateway drug. He has at least dragged all the cuckwipe white folks to stare into the abyss, where they’ve been too clueless or scared to look for the past half century. That’s something. Who else has done anything close? Clinton and Biden, awful as they were/are, were better and more open race realists back in the day than just about any mainstream Republicuck. They weren’t great, but the GOP has been total crap.

    Ronnie Ray-gun was just another cuck. A good man, but played like a fiddle.

    • Agree: Alden
  100. AceDeuce says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Everyone gets Ali’s quote wrong. What he actually said was:

    “I’m sure glad they put my granddaddy on that boat”

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  101. \$500 BILLION DOLLARS in capital for Black communities.

    Back in the ’30s, the Germans let everybody work for a single Reichsmark.

    Economically, it worked [quite well, actually].

  102. @AceDeuce

    I got the gist of it, the point being that Ali appreciated the opportunities he was given, unlike the delinquent buckwheats we have to deal with today.

    Lebron James would not make a pimple on Ali’s ass.

    Up to me I’d send all of them to Liberia, the entire NFL and all of the NBA. I’d take the rims off their Bentley’s and make them squat in mud huts.

    Useless whiny overpaid cunts.

  103. Haha. Wasn’t Donalds old man arrested at a klan rally back in the day?

    I’m sure this would just be a giveaway to Trump, Kushner and their owners. Would probably help actual poor black people about as much as the Clinton Foundation helped Haiti. ZERO! End up building Synagogues or Trump hotels in Compton or some BS… Hahaha

    Anyhoo, I’m sure black folk as well as crackas would probably appreciate an increase in minimum wage much more, would help push up wages for everyone. Universal healthcare would probably earn you a few votes as well. But that won’t make Trump and friends any wealthier so…


  104. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The entire reason Trump was put up by jews to run in 2016 was to capture and divert White resentment and anger back into selling the PNAC agenda that had stalled out under Obama [either because Obama wasn’t enthusiastic or couldn’t sell it]. One of the first things his administration did was start bombing Syria using the same exact narrative of the out-going administration and his manufactured cult of personality was not enough to get anyone to buy into it.

  105. Richard B says:

    Everything above is corruption, on top of corruption, on top of corruption… which is now an accepted part of life

    If that doesn’t qualify as insane nothing does.

    After all, insanity is defined as an inability to distinguish fantasy from reality. Just look at Critical Race Theory. Though it’s called a theory it’s presented as the truth. When the truth is it isn’t even a theory. It’s a massive, well-organized, and well-funded flight from reailty. In short, it’s insane.

    If that doesn’t change, all wealth, sweet dreams, fun & games… all good things will go to hell, rather sooner than later.

    Couldn’t agree more. Except to say that it’s already happened because of the insanity.

    Too few of the smart people around understand it or take it seriously.

    So true. And, again, couldn’t agree more. In fact, their inability to understand it or take it seriously is enough to make one question their intelligence, and their sanity.

  106. Anon[244] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m surprised Unz is running articles from this ignorant Southern hick. He definitely confirms the stereotype about Southerners being backwards and stupid.

    So I’m guessing the point of this article was to dissuade people from voting for Trump and then by default we end up with a Harris presidency. As they say “stupid is as stupid does”, and Mr. Griffin is certainly stupid.

  107. Tough Guy says:

    It is sad but unsurprising to see a politician try to by votes with other people’s money. Anyone who thinks giving billions of dollars to communities just because the majority of people in those communities are of a particular skin color will not result in massive corruption and inefficient use of those dollars should contact me about some ocean-front property I am selling in Idaho.

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