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Do You Know All Coronavirus Victims Appear to be Chinese? Thought Not
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At the time of writing, 170 people have died of the Wuhan Coronavirus [Coronavirus Live Updates: Death Toll Rises, as Foreigners are Evacuated, New York Times, January 30, 2020], though that number is bound to have increased by the time this article is published. All of these deaths have been in China. The disease has spread to at least 16 other countries, including Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Finland, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, and a number of East Asian countries [This is where Wuhan coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide, by Eric Cheung, CNN, January 30, 2020]. The Main Stream Media, in Western countries, is stoking panic with rolling news coverage on the spread of the possibly Apocalyptic new plague [Corona Virus Outbreak, by Matthew Weaver et al., The Guardian, January 30, 2020]. But what nobody is openly reporting: the race of the victims. They appear to be all Asians—specifically, the yellow race formerly known (accurately but now Politically Incorrectly) as “Oriental.”

Thus two Coronavirus cases were just confirmed in the U.K. [Coronavirus: UK patient is University of York student, BBC,com, February 1, 2020], But if you read the article, both turn out to be “Chinese nationals.” Similarly a recent headline of The Helsinki Times read “First case of Wuhan Corona virus confirmed in Finland,[January 29, 2020]. But it turns out to be a Chinese tourist in Lapland, not a Finn.

In fact, as far as I can tell, all of the confirmed cases have been of Chinese people. According to Sri Lankan radio, the case in Sri Lanka was a “Chinese tourist” [Sri Lanka suspends visa on arrival for Chinese travellers after confirmed case of Corona virus, News On Air, January 28, 2020]. So are the cases in France and the one in the United Arab Emirates [Coronavirus is spreading as FIVE people in France are now confirmed to have the illness and Chinese traveller from Wuhan is quarantined in Finland, by Sam Blanchard, Mail Online, January 29, 2020].

If it is true that only East Asians are dying of, or even catching, Corona, that would be consistent with long-established race differences in the susceptibility to such viruses. This has been explored in a fascinating study, by a group of Chinese researchers led by C. L. Chen of Soochow University, entitled: Ethnic differences in susceptibilities to A(H1N1) flu [African Journal of Biotechnology, 2009].

The authors begin by noting that, from an evolutionary perspective, there is every reason to expect there to be ethnic or race differences in the susceptibility to different pathogens. Races—or, as they call them, “ethnic groups”—are breeding populations, long-separated, usually by geography, who are, therefore, genetic clusters adapted to different ecologies. Because they were exposed to different pathogens in prehistory, there are very likely to be race differences in susceptibility to the pathogens and in how well the immune system can fight them.

Many infectious diseases jumped the species barrier from animals to humans due to our close contact with animals while pursuing agriculture. For this reason, groups that never innovated agriculture, or who only innovated it in a limited form or only relatively recently took it up, can be decimated by flu-like viruses.

Thus the authors observe that the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 was three to 70 times more deadly to “natives” in Canada and the USA, as well as to the reindeer herding Saami people in Sweden and Norway, than it was to the rest of these countries’ populations. This is because most white and black people are descended from those who have long practiced farming. The authors add that the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009 was five times more deadly to Maori people than it was to other New Zealanders.

The Corona Virus is closely related to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) [Coronavirus vs. SARS: Health experts on the key differences between the two outbreaks, by Sam Meredith, CNBC, January 28, 2020], of which there was a major outbreak in 2003, which also began in China in 2002.

According to Wikipedia (which is, presumably, politically neutral on such numbers), total of 774 people died across 29 countries. This amounted to almost 10% of those who caught it. Potentially in line with the findings of the Chinese researchers, the mortality rate for SARS in Europe was almost nil. Minuscule numbers of people caught it and only one of them died, in France (where there were an, atypically high, 7 cases).

By contrast, in Hong Kong the mortality rate from SARS was 17%. In Taiwan, it was 10%. In Canada, it was 17%, but it seems pretty obvious that they were all “Chinese Canadians,” what with there being so many Chinese people in Canada and documented attempts made to “help” them (specifically) deal with the virus [see Beyond SARS: ethnic community organization’s role in public health—a Toronto experience, By W. Dong, Promotion and Education, 2008].

In Singapore, 13% of those who caught SARS died out of 238 cases. Other countries had very small numbers of cases or, as with Vietnam, their medical access would have been sub-optimal, rendering it difficult to make comparisons.

But essentially it can be said the SARS was an East Asian disease which, like Corona, can be traced to bats. SARS didn’t severely impact the rest of the world, despite people definitely catching it. It disproportionally killed East Asians. See SARS: The Immigration Dimension II, by Walter Pringle,, April 24, 2003.

This effect was so pronounced that, Wkipedia reports, “Many Chinese believed that the SARS virus could be a biological weapon manufactured by the United States, which perceived China as a potential threat.” (Ironically, the financial website ZeroHedge has just been banned by Twitter for reporting speculation that the Corona virus was developed during Chinese research into bioweapons—a ban that ZeroHedge attributes in a scathing post to U.S. capitalists’ notorious desire to appease China).

The difference between the two strains: the Corona virus, according to experts, is nothing like as deadly as SARS. Its mortality rate appears to be about 2% . It ‘s mainly taking people with serious pre-existing health conditions [Coronavirus vs. SARS: Health experts on the key differences between the two outbreaks, by Sam Meredith, CNBC, January 28, 2020].

So if I wanted to tempt fate, then I’d write the following:

The Corona virus is a virus that, for whatever reason, East Asians are susceptible to but other races are not, just like SARS. None of our people are going to succumb to this condition. The MSM’s constant hyping is just a way of making people panic, because people are more susceptible to being indoctrinated when they panic. By not reporting the race of those who have caught this disease in Europe, unnecessary panic is being fomented among Europeans…so that they can be more easily inculcated with the message than “race differences don’t exist, because race is a social construct.”

But race differences do exist. Race is a biological reality. And these kinds of viruses help to prove that.

Lance Welton [email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity, Science • Tags: China, Coron, Coronavirus, Disease 
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  1. Puffdaddy says:

    I thought there was a little American girl in China who got it, and someone from UMass Boston – they were also Chinese? Every victim is Chinese?

  2. Anonymous[681] • Disclaimer says:

    What about the 5 Germans who caught it from the Chinese woman who visited their auto factory? She didn’t show any symptoms and didn’t know she had the virus until on the flight home. Now one of those people has infected his/her child.

    • Replies: @New Salt
    , @thetruth
  3. Anonymous[866] • Disclaimer says:

    There were Russian scientists who concluded that SARS was man-made and likely a bioweapon developed by the US.

    The swine fever epidemic which killed off much of China’s pig population over the last couple years came through Russia and is believed to have originated in Georgia, where there are US bioweapon labs.

    The chair of Harvard’s chemistry department, Dr. Charles Lieber, was arrested a few days ago for working with a university and labs in Wuhan. Lieber worked on virus detection, including detecting bioweapon attacks.

    Lieber’s sudden arrest just days after news of the Wuhan outbreak suggests that China’s relatively quicker than expected detection and response to the virus hampered the US bioweapon operation to a degree and alerted the US government to the possibility that Lieber’s work with China enabled China to react and defend against the US bioweapon attack earlier than expected.

    Lieber’s arrest is a stern warning and message not to work with China in ways that may disrupt or impede US military operations.

  4. Yes, obviously this was a bio-weapon designed to target the Chinese. The Jews know who their real threat is. Unlike the pathetic, well-controlled white goyim who take unlimited amounts of (((freedom))) and (((democracy))) up the ass and continue to beg for more.

    But yeah, keep reading your ZionHedge and Alex Jewns, Lance. And be sure not to miss Nigger Bowl 53 tomorrow!

    • Replies: @Fascist by necessity
  5. When a new disease appears a measure of concern is natural since we don’t know yet what we’re dealing with, but just statistically it’s highly unlikely a disease, just because it is new, will be particularly deadly. On the contrary, chances are a new disease will be no more deadly or untreatable than the average existing one.

    We can applaud China for taking the threat seriously, just to be on the safe side, but there is no reason to fall for the media’s relentless attempts to maximize your stress levels. They’ll use every trick in the book to maximize your attention and earn a bigger advertiser buck.

    We go through this every couple of years. Mad cow disease, bird flu, SARS, ebola are just a few of the past examples. In the end, none of them ever racked up high body counts. How many people fell for the Swine Flu hoax and took an untested vaccination for that which big pharma made a lot money from the sale of that vaccine.. And we know that bigb phrma buys of politicians.

    Let’s not forget that it is the winter period where people do get the flu.

  6. clickkid says:

    It would appear that not only are viruses race-specific and to be expected to be race-specific, but that they have evolved the ability to sense patterns of human migration which give them the greatest chance to spread. Thus, this current corona virus seems to have developed the ability to sense when the Chinese New Year (with the associated huge movement of people) was about to take place, exploding just at the right time, and giving it the maximum opportunity to replicate and spread.

  7. Svevlad says:

    Hm, I wonder why

    They invented their own agriculture, had their epidemics… Shouldn’t have been so bad

    Maybe they eat low-quality, low protein food?

    • Replies: @Amon
  8. Anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    All the more reason to avoid chinese. If they’re sneezy, they must be chineezy.
    Also, if you see chinamans, best that you hit them with sticks and put them in trenches just to be safe.

  9. clickkid says:

    Of course – Americans had better hope this disease only minimally infects non-Asians.

    Compared to the comprehensive response adopted by the Chinese state, how would it go down in the US?

    Let’s start with the tens of millions of people with no health insurance.

    Then consider tens of millions more without the cash they would need to pay the deductible amount before the insurance kicks in.

    All meaning many people postponing hospital or doctor’s visits to the very last minute for the lack of the financial wherewithal.

  10. BuelahMan says:

    With most ‘flu’ cases not actually being flu (perhaps sepsis, or some other) after evaluation, nothing can prove to me that any of these are actually corona (or that it really exists). How would we know when they lie with abandon?

  11. It can certainly infect Europeans – see the Germans mentioned above.

    Whether or not it will have differential mortality is far too early to tell. There are still only 145 confirmed cases abroad – of whom one has died as of today (a Chinese man in the Philippines). But note that there were just 2-3 deaths in China at the equivalent stage in their epidemic.

    I have seen criticisms of that study claiming that ACE2 prevalence is greater in East Asians making them more susceptible; samples were apparently far too small to make sweeping conclusions like that.

    • Replies: @clickkid
    , @reezy
  12. clickkid says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    Quite likely they are Germans.

    However, whereas Chinese are always Chinese, Germans aren’t always Germans.

    In Germany, the word ‘German’ refers to citizenship not ethnicity.

    Additionally, they are not ‘German cases’, but ‘cases registered in Germany’.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  13. reezy says:
    @Anatoly Karlin

    I think that paper was saying that the ACE2 gene was expressed more in Asians, not that it had a greater prevalence. No specific alleles were mentioned in that study, and since it’s on the X-chr, everyone must have it.

    • Replies: @Snipe
  14. Wilson says:

    People mostly associate with their own kind, makes you wonder how much the differences between groups evolved as a permanent state of quarantine.

  15. I think living on a farm with livestock tends to make you stronger. It also until recent industrial farming trends , gives you plenty of sun exposure. Secrets your doctors don’t want you to know are the sun and Vitamin D are very good for you. Having said that, why do most bird and pork viruses start in China? Since globalism’s false promises are exposed here with all these Chinese based viruses, I’m not quite buying the American deep state targeting China. Could their viruses be as simple as air pollution, industrial farming, bizarre research, and crammed in cities?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  16. melpol says:

    Calling it the Oriental Flu means only East-Asians can be affected. But fortunately to this date there have been only 350 yellow race deaths. Bioweapon capable militarists are favoring wiping out clusters of terrorist with race specific viruses rather than using expensive ordinances. Virus weapons have become a bonanza for fanatic warhawks. Imaginations of racists who see a pathway for their supremacy is running wild. Bioweaponry will make other weapons obsolete.

  17. In 2001, a plane carrying Russian scientists concerned with protection from bio weapons was shot down over the Black Sea by a missile fired from Ukraine.

    The Ukrainians said the incident was a “tragic accident”.

  18. @clickkid

    Wow, ClickKid, those viruses are smart cookies! I would put a million 元 RMB against Godfree Roberts in an internationally televised debate with the leader of these Corona Viruses. We’d need to purchase one of those nano-microphones first, of course…

  19. @clickkid

    Just ran into an older lady of German origin/ethnicity who thinks the Commie Merkel is just the cat’s meow. She says she’s moving back to her empty house back in Germany in a year, believing all those new “Germans” won’t bother her in her little village. I hope they are squatting in her house right now.

    • LOL: songbird
  20. @Old and grumpy

    Those are all good points, O&G. As for:

    I’m not quite buying the American deep state targeting China. Could their viruses be as simple as air pollution, industrial farming, bizarre research, and crammed in cities?

    It may be somewhat pertinent here for folks to note that a brand spanking new “level-4” Bio-research lab was opened 2 years ago in Wuhan.


    Just sayin’, is all…

  21. AceDeuce says:

    N otice how quickly and vociferously the Chang Chongs, in the U.S. and abroad, are pushing back? Twatter is full of “Asian Americans” castigating YT for having the nerve to be concerned about the disease, crying “racism”-or it is “waysicm”? and defending the eating of bats in the motherland.

    Contrast that with YT bowing his head and silently taking it up the pooper from all aggrieved peoples. Even when these turds are wrong, they fight and have self-regard. That’s what we need to do. They act strong even when they are wrong-like groids-but we act like we’re wrong when we’re right. Time to change that.

    • Agree: Rosie
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. five times more deadly

    Is this the same as “six times as“? Logically, arithmetically, it should be.

    Please be more careful. This is science.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  23. Altai says:

    Preprint of one of the first papers on 2019-nCov.

    Single-cell RNA expression profiling of ACE2, the putative receptor of Wuhan 2019-nCov

    Key quotes:

    Men are 3 times as likely to get it, and men have 4 times as many ACE2 expressers that give you 2019nCoV
    Asians have 5 times as much as Africans/Europeans.

    We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area.

    The male difference is likely due to ACE2 gene being on the X chromosome. Thus males having a higher chance of being homozygous for risk variants than women since they only carry one copy of the X chromosome, classic x-linked pattern.

    This is similar to previous suspicions that a variant in the IFITM3 gene (The SNP rs12252) is associated with susceptibility to infection and severity of symptoms for flu viruses and that the relative population frequency differs with East Asians having a higher frequency of the flu risk variant and the apparent protective effects of this variant against yellow fever and malaria are thought to be the reasons. (Europe having been mostly malaria-free since the Little Ice Age is thought to have killed off the Malaria parasites but not the vector mosquitos.)

    IFITM3 Rs12252-C Variant Increases Potential Risk for Severe Influenza Virus Infection in Chinese Population

    IFITM3: How genetics influence influenza infection demographically

    IFITM3 protects the heart during influenza virus infection

    I know one researcher in London wanted to at least estimate the relative frequency of the variant in different populations and use the census data to see if the spread of seasonal flu could be correlated to ancestry and thus enable priortisation of public health efforts in high risk areas.

    For those at home who have had their genome sequenced. The C variant (According to dbSNP strand orientation) for rs12252 is the one associated with increased flu risk, if you’re hom for it, maybe a good idea to get your annual flu shot in your later years or if you have health complications.

    I should point out that though that ACE2 study comes from 8 samples, only one of whom is Asian, there is an extensive literature on clinically sigificant variants in ACE2 being very different in terms of population frequencies in Chinese populations versus European ones. In these cases linked to hypertension risks.

  24. Amon says:

    More like they eat anything they can get their hands on and that in their world view, raw, uncooked meat mixed with rice and other vegetables are a true delicacy. Add on top of that poor hygiene in food preparations and you got a recipe for a calamity.

    Contrast that with the west where after it was found that salmonella was caused by poorly cooked or raw meat/greens, we ran massive campaigns telling people to cook their food correctly while being busted with a filthy kitchen in a restaurant/cafe/food vendor cart can get you fined millions of dollars and even thrown in prison.

  25. barr says:

    “Ethnic differences in susceptibilities to””It has been know and it has been documented
    Certain diseases appear in certain areas and have certain features that are evolutionary important
    Sickle cell trait protects against malaria . Thallasemia trait has certain advantages

    But changing the malaria parasites to attack the Afrikaners is entirely a different game .
    Certain genetic mutation can alter the course of Alzhemiers and also confer lifelong immunity to HIV agent But inserting virus mediated gene to alter Alzheimer or changing the virus to target those population will be biological war .

  26. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    The Chinese have been farming for centuries, including chicken and pig farming. It’s likely the main problem was China’s historical isolation. China is the product of a small number Oriental tribal peoples who farmed along its rivers in ancient times, and the one billion people they are now are almost solely descended from this founding population. It’s like the Amish had a population explosion and ended up with a billion descendants. There would be immune system quirks characteristic of a small founder population that have now become spread all over a massive population. Unless they had much contact with outsiders and their diseases, they would have weak immune systems.

    China was closed to foreigners and very hostile towards them for many centuries. It wasn’t until the 1800s that foreigners began to enter China in any numbers greater than a few rare travelers, and that was because China couldn’t keep them out. If the Chinese had undergone the same historical mixing that Westerners did, they’d have stronger immune systems today.

    By contrast, the West has been in contact with other countries and cultures for a couple of thousand years, and this has caused Westerners with weaker immune systems to die out. In the era before Christ, many Westerners in prehistory were nomadic, wandering tribes (look at how the Romans described them), instead of settled farmers, and this wandering and brushing against other tribes had a very Darwinian effect on the survivors of disease. Moving forward to historical times, Westerners working the world’s trade routes exposed their home populations to a wide range of diseases, killing off their weaker citizens. We are less susceptible today because our collateral relatives paid the lethal price for us by dying off.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  27. d dan says:

    “It would appear that not only are viruses race-specific and to be expected to be race-specific, but that they have evolved the ability to sense patterns of human migration which give them the greatest chance to spread.”

    LOL. However, you forget to mention their greatest talent, i.e. their superb political astuteness to align disparate interest groups of big pharma, click-hungry media, anti-China trolls and conspiracists so as to maximize their name recognition in history.

    Other than that, I have to admit this is a very low performing species comparing with its other cousins:

    1. Wuhan Coronavirus (as of 2/2/2020): diagnosed: 15000, dead: 300.
    2. Flu (US alone for 2019-2020 season): estimated : 15 millions, dead: 8000 (including 54 children). [1]
    3. HIN1 of 2009 (US is one of the originating country) : affected 213 countries/regions with 16,900 death. [2]

    That’s it. Never has so much be devoted by so many on so small creature of so little harm.


    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  28. clickkid says:

    Corona Virus in China predicted 10 years ago:

  29. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    This virus has jumped species, what makes you think it can’t jump race? I’m ethnic Chinese, I really, really, HOPE that you are actually right — if only Chinese gets sick, that means the whites doctors can help, and I KNOW they will, just like with ebola in Africa.

    …but I really worried that you are wrong, because it has jumped species, and all the intermarriage between whites and asians means that the virus can jump into an eurasian, get comfy, and then jump to europeans.

    Hope for the best, prepared for the worse, all country should have closed the border to China ages ago, and quarantine. What really scares me is that it takes on average 14 days for the symptoms to show up. In 28 Days Later, the plague was contained to Britain, because the victims turn within seconds, can’t cross water and doesn’t know how to eat. Seen tons of zombie movies where the spread is not done by those who have already turned running around, but by those who are infected but are still thinking, like the girl who got bit on her leg and ran onto the train at the beginning of train to busan, BECAUSE she was still well enough to self-preserve she ran onto the train rather than somewhere else, and hid in the bathroom.

    People who are already feverish would be in bed, it’s those who are infected but seem healthy, travel around infecting everyone, then, 14 Days Later…

  30. ‘the SARS was an East Asian disease which, like Corona, can be traced to bats.’

    From Whitney Webb: “DARPA spent $10 million on one project in 2018 “to unravel the complex causes of bat-borne viruses that have recently made the jump to humans, causing concern among global health officials.” Another research project backed by both DARPA and NIH saw researchers at Colorado State University examine the coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in bats and camels “to understand the role of these hosts in transmitting disease to humans.” Other U.S. military-funded studies, discussed in detail later in this report, discovered several new strains of novel coronaviruses carried by bats, both within China and in countries bordering China.

    “Emerging Pathogenic Threats, or PREEMPT program, which was officially announced in April 2018. PREEMPT focuses specifically on animal reservoirs of disease, specifically bats, and DARPA even noted in its press release in the program that it “is aware of biosafety and biosecurity sensitivities that could arise” due to the nature of the research.

    “Beyond the U.S. military’s recent expenditures on and interest in the use of bats of bioweapons, it is also worth examining the recent studies the military has funded regarding bats and “novel coronaviruses,” such as that behind the recent outbreak, that have taken place within or in close proximity to China.
    For instance, one study conducted in Southern China in 2018 resulted in the discovery of 89 new “novel bat coronavirus” strains that use the same receptor as the coronavirus known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). That study was jointly funded by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Science and Technology, USAID — an organization long alleged to be a front for U.S. intelligence, and the U.S. National Institute of Health — which has collaborated with both the CIA and the Pentagon on infectious disease and bioweapons research.

    The authors of the study also sequenced the complete genomes for two of those strains and also noted that existing MERS vaccines would be ineffective in targeting these viruses, leading them to suggest that one should be developed in advance. This did not occur.
    Another U.S. government-funded study that discovered still more new strains of “novel bat coronavirus” was published just last year. Titled “Discovery and Characterization of Novel Bat Coronavirus Lineages from Kazakhstan,” focused on “the bat fauna of central Asia, which link China to eastern Europe” and the novel bat coronavirus lineages discovered during the study were found to be “closely related to bat coronaviruses from China, France, Spain, and South Africa, suggesting that co-circulation of coronaviruses is common in multiple bat species with overlapping geographical distributions.” In other words, the coronaviruses discovered in this study were identified in bat populations that migrate between China and Kazakhstan, among other countries, and is closely related to bat coronaviruses in several countries, including China.

    “The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland — the U.S. military’s lead laboratory for “biological defense” research since the late 1960s — was forced to halt all research it was conducting with a series of deadly pathogens after the CDC found that it lacked “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs and failure of staff to follow safety procedures, among other lapses. The facility contains both level 3 and level 4 biosafety labs. While it is unknown if experiments involving coronaviruses were ongoing at the time, USAMRIID has recently been involved in research borne out of the Pentagon’s recent concern about the use of bats as bioweapons.

    • Replies: @Anon
  31. Kakap Besar says: • Website

    This 8 year old article sheds any doubt that viruses can be DNA targeted – all the way to the level of detail of a single individual.

    We are talking about nothing less than a personalized bioweapon, easily developed by any wannabe technogeek, who has access to bio-AI techniques such as the a growing library of open source genetic Lego parts, known as BioBrick.

    Viruses are particularly easy to synthetically engineer, a fact made apparent in 2002, when Eckard Wimmer, a Stony Brook University virologist, chemically synthesized the polio genome using mail-order DNA. At the time, the 7,500-nucleotide synthesis cost about $300,000 and took several years to complete. Today (2012), a similar synthesis would take just weeks and cost a few thousand dollars. By 2020, if trends continue, it will take a few minutes and cost roughly $3. Governments the world over have spent billions trying to eradicate polio; imagine the damage terrorists could do with a $3 pathogen.

    That was then; this is now. Today, two trends are changing the game. The first began in 2004, when the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition was launched at MIT. In this competition, teams of high-school and college students build simple biological systems from standardized, interchangeable parts. These standardized parts, now known as BioBricks, are chunks of DNA code, with clearly defined structures and functions, that can be easily linked together in new combinations, a little like a set of genetic Lego bricks. iGEM collects these designs in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, an open-source database of downloadable BioBricks accessible to anyone.

    Personalized Bioweapons- Hacking the President’s DNA

  32. I stopped reading this piece rather soon. Talk about jumping to a conclusion that just happens to support all your preconceptions! Does Welton ever consider other possibilities besides his own pet ideas?

  33. @Reg Cæsar

    five times more deadly

    That’s just one of the awful ways that numerical relativities are expressed by journalists – “more” being journalistically “bigger” (i.e., more attention-grabbing) than “as“.

    My least favourite is “ten times less than” or similar constructions. That one’s particularly common among French journalists; “dix fois moins” rolls off the tongue more easily than “quatre-vingt-dix pourcent moins” (French numbering is retarded above 60).

    In the last ten years or so I have started to hear “X times [less|lower|fewer] than” in place of “1/Xth [of|as]” or “(100/X)% [of|as]” more often in Yanklish-language media. It seems primarily to be an attempt to compensate for people not understanding percentages or fractions (thanks, government schools!). It has started to Gresham its way into less-retarded versions of English.

    Thankfully, “different than” has thus far been confined to the US feedlot.

    A is different than B. Who the fuck says that? It’s pure Yanklish.

    If that one ever supplants “different from” in non-retard English, we’re doomed.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  34. @clickkid

    Quorum sensing (even across species) is common in bacteria (and less so in viruses), and is actually super-interesting … but this virus has given evolution a blast from the spice weasel and kicked it up a notch (BAM!): familiarity with the Chinese calendar, and with the link between calendars and upswings in mass movements of humans.

    IANAM (M: microbiologist) but the apparent bias towards infection of the Hop Sings of the world reminds me of things like kuru (a type of TSE* caused by ritual cannibalism in Papua New Guinea).

    Maybe yon Chinkee ought to reconsider the merits of eating flying rats.

    TSE*: transmissible spongiform encephelopathy; similar to vCJD (variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease), which was primarily caused by the livestock industry practice of slaughtering ‘downer’ cattle. In other words, it was karma, bitchez.

  35. @Kratoklastes

    (French numbering is retarded above 60).

    Can you imagine counting in French or Italian, but with the ones and tens flipped, as in German, Dutch, or “four-and-twenty blackbirds”?

    You don’t have to– that’s the reality in Danish. 76 is “six and half the fourth score”.

    A Swede once told me in exasperation that he can’t count in Danish. The other Nordic languages do it normally, like English. It would be like a Spanish-speaker trying to pronounce Carioca Portuguese– it’s uphill for him, downhill for the other.

  36. Thankfully, “different than” has thus far been confined to the US feedlot.

    A is different than B. Who the fuck says that? It’s pure Yanklish.

    If that one ever supplants “different from” in non-retard English, we’re doomed.

    Edwin Newman pointed that out to us 45 years ago. (He’d also have got[ten] you for “thankfully”.) I’ve been careful to use from ever since, but it doesn’t seem right before a clause: “Today I do it differently ___ I did in the past.”

    Also, I watch many British educational videos, and everybody seems to say “different to“.

  37. @Anon

    ‘ It’s likely the main problem was China’s historical isolation…’

    I don’t think what follows is a accurate summary of China’s history at all. To begin with, China has been conquered on several occasions by foreign invaders, who have not only injected themselves into the gene pool but who have at least temporarily made China part of a larger polity, as in the case of the Mongol Empire. With Mongol soldiers raping their way across the Chinese plains and contingents of Chinese engineers helping besiege Middle Eastern cities, all hope of genetic purity would have been lost. Ditto to at least some extent for the union between the Han and the Xiongnu and the founding of the Ch’ing dynasty. I doubt if all those contingents of Manchu Bannermen clomping around eighteenth and nineteenth century China were being scrupulously celibate!

    Then the Chinese themselves were not an isolated and homogeneous population. The absorption of Southern China into the Han polity was a protracted and halting process that involved the assimilation of many initially alien populations. To this day, Mandarin and Cantonese are distinct languages; hardly evidence of a single, homogenous origin.

    So China may have sought genetic isolation at various times. However, she never actually had it. I’ll bet China’s genetic diversity is just fine.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  38. anonymous[184] • Disclaimer says:

    There has at least been two confirmed cases from a non-Mongoloid ethnic group. Two people in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

    First case is a female medical student studying in Wuhan (there are about 20,000 Indian medical students studying medicine in English in China).

    Second case haven’t searched details.

    • Replies: @thetruth
  39. @clickkid

    Since when did insurance have anything to do with your immune system’s ability to fight a virus?

    I guess my dog’s private insurance really is better than Obamacare.

  40. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    ““The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland — the U.S. military’s lead laboratory for “biological defense” research since the late 1960s — was forced to halt all research it was conducting with a series of deadly pathogens after the CDC found that it lacked “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs and failure of staff to follow safety procedures, among other lapses. …”

    That is suspicious. The CDC inspecting a military facility??? Looks like making ‘plausible deniability’.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  41. @Colin Wright

    All this bullshit you typed could have been avoided if you had just looked up a Y-chromosomal DNA study of Chinese people, which clearly show that outside the northeastern regions which are already nominally Mongol, there is no Mongol admixture in China. Best be unplugging your computer and committing suicide immediately after you read this mesaage.

  42. @clickkid

    There is something else behind all of this. The outbreak seems to also coincide with the banks that were in cascade failure in China. Way too coincidental. What better way to remain in control of the populace than to release a bio weapon that would be limited to Orientals? Maybe someone even wanted to get revenge. 😉

  43. The victims are not all Chinese, although most of them are. What is the likely explanation for this? Well…

    “China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.”

    —Charles de Gaulle

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  44. New Salt says:

    All of the ethnic Germans that caught the virus recovered rapidly. Like in two days. One man reported the symptoms being so mild that he didn’t miss a day of work. Look it up. This is inline with what the article says. I was confused by this report at first but it seems genetic differences between races might be at play here.

    • Replies: @Som-Tin-Phishy
  45. @New Salt

    MSM needs to be reporting on genetic race, not generalized BS PC sh*t like “British National”. When in fact, the person is Asian genetically. Because at the moment, it appears anyone Caucasian is getting a mild flu, while Chinese “Oriental” genetically are getting trips to the crematorium. Very important facts to know.

  46. Mynock says:

    This one head take is asinine. Ethnic populations are not races. One race may have many highly diverse ethnic groups with in it and the general concept uniting all the ethnic groups may not correspond to biology – such is the case with the African race, which corresponds to the most diversity in our species. Conflating then concept of race (an artificial human construct) with populations is completely not supported by science and the two are absolutely not interchangeable.

  47. brymee says:

    I have a problem with people who want to put a racist tone on to every concern people may have about this virus.
    I too have searched the internet looking for an answer to the question, Is it only people of chinese ethnicity who are getting this virus.?
    There is nothing racist about that question but, it may go a long way to explaining where to concentrate the effort needed to find a cure .
    If it only affects people of Asian origins then it narrows the field down considerably and it means scientists can start looking at what specifically is the difference between Asian biology and other ethnicities.
    Surely it is not racist to ask such questions.

    • Replies: @thetruth
    , @Fbn
  48. thetruth says:

    those Germans are white in race, either NO symptom or very light symptom.

    so basically, people of other races can be infected, but either shows NO symptom, or light symptom. recovers a lot easier than Chinese or Eastern Asians. So it can be said this Covid-19 is NOT life threatening for other races.

    here is an American lady got confirmed buy healthy

    Patient with coronavirus speaks out – YouTube

  49. thetruth says:

    the difference is ACE2 receptor is several times higher among Chinese and Eastern Asians. And they are especially highly presented in Lungs, Heart, as well as kidneys. This Covid-19, as well as SARS, depends on the ACE2 receptor to invade the organs in human body.

    I would not be surprised if someone found out this, and created SARS as well as this Covid-19 in the lab to racially target Chinese.

  50. thetruth says:

    Not to say people of other races cannot get infected by Covid-19 (or SARS), it is to say when they get infected, vast majority of them either shows little or no symptom, or very light symptom.

    While Chinese or some Eastern Asians, such as Japanese, can see very severe symptom, and even death.

  51. Anonymous[522] • Disclaimer says:

    White trash!

  52. Snipe says:

    ACE2 has been studied for its specific link to certain medical conditions. High blood pressure, kidney problems and diabetes are three of the problems where the ACE2 or lack of it come into play. Also if you look at the secondary infection from the Wuhan flu you’ll note that the cytokine storm that was the cause of deaths in many SARS patients and is appearing now in the Wuhan flu patients is the result of the differing amount of the ACE2 in the subjects which is much higher in Asians.

  53. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    Ghan, creatures like yourself need to be placed in ovens.
    Watch your tongue……

    Blacks are getting sick and tired of the entire world sh*tring on them, MEANWHILE Euros get away with all kinds of murder.

  54. Fbn says:

    Then you’ve COMPLETELY missed the point. It IS ‘RACISM’ if one particular race is being ‘targeted’.

    Finding a cure is DEFLECTION although this situation necessitates it, however the key problem is finding WHO DID THIS.

    THAT’S THE POINT because you can find a cure all day but if the viral creators are still out there, then this will happen again.

    This IS a Race-Specific BioWeapon designed to destroy China. FACT.

  55. This article didn’t age particularly well.

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