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Diversity vs. Free Speech
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A student screamed at Yale faculty member Nicholas Christakis (left), who is married to Erika after he said he would not stop people from wearing offensive Halloween costumes (2016). Credit: DailyMail/The Fire
A student screamed at Yale faculty member Nicholas Christakis (left), who is married to Erika after he said he would not stop people from wearing offensive Halloween costumes (2016). Credit: DailyMail/The Fire

Free speech is not doing particularly well on today’s college campuses. The good news is that resistance to the little commissars is mobilizing; the bad news is that this “resistance” consists almost entirely of abstract scholarly essays or grandiloquent soapbox speeches (see here, for example). Indeed, these pontifications have reached industrial scale proportions and scarcely a day passes without me personally encountering boilerplate-like arguments about how intellectual life can flourish only with open debate, why democracy requires tolerating the most noxious views, how an inclusive public forum is vital to solving our current tribulations and on and on.

Great stuff but, unfortunately, all a waste of time. Hard to imagine the opponents of intellectual honesty being swayed by these erudite arguments even if they encountered them. I also seriously doubt that they are even aware of their existence. This is therapeutic, preaching-to- the-choir.

What can be done? Let me suggest that this war against the barbarians is largely misdirected. To be blunt, an unspeakable link exists between the smothering of campus free speech and its current obsession with upping racial diversity.

Begin with a simple question: why now? Surely the social sciences and humanities faculty has been overwhelmingly Left for decades but these ideological leanings never manifested themselves in demands for speech codes, safe spaces, mandatory sensitivity training, persecution of those guilty of micro-aggressions, and cleansing the campus of toxic whiteness.

What has changed is the burgeoning number of African American on campus (“critical mass”) who have been socialized to embrace political activism—marches, demonstration, occupying administrative offices, even manufacturing bogus hate crimes—as the all-purpose solution to whatever ails them. To make matters worse, these students are forever angry, veer toward paranoia, and are exasperated over what they see as the lack of racial progress. Most are in over their heads academically, genuinely puzzled why, for example, they cannot ace Organic Chemistry. Might it be because the classroom building is named after a slave-owner? Or the instructor sub-consciously devalues black contributions to science? That they hold an exaggerated view of their intellectual ability only exacerbates the problem. Now add a dollop of well-paid administrators ( “Dean of Diversity and Inclusion”) who put bread on their tables by keeping campus race relations simmering just below the boiling point. And, of the utmost importance, they enjoy a well-deserved reputation for solving their tribulations, real and imagined, by threats of violence

It is this toxic brew, particularly its penchant for violence, more than anything else that drives campus craziness. If one doubts this overwhelming racial character and its belligerent flavor, visit the website The Demands that (as of December 2015) catalogues student demands from some 80 colleges and universities. Nearly everything is about the plight of campus blacks and the need for draconian measures–mandatory sensitivity training and prohibitions of “hate” that must be implemented.

To appreciate the PC epidemic/diversity link, try a mental experiment in which the Supreme Court had unequivocally, as per 1964 Civil Right Act, banned any racial preferences in college admissions. The decision’s impact would, guaranteed, substantially reduce African American enrollment (perhaps to 2 or 3%) while those admitted could, happily, actually do the required work (and many of these would be apolitical immigrants or children of these immigrants). It would also add more Asian students to campus which, in turn, would mean scaling back Black Studies Departments and similar programs whose existence depended on rabble-rousing academically marginal blacks. In an instant, the likelihood of campus uproars over a Charles Murray or Heather MacDonald lecture would fall dramatically.

This is not to suggest that African American students are the sole source of today’s PC pox. Others campus groups also contribute to today’s anti-intellectual climate, notably radical feminists and airhead snowflake social justice warriors but these groups are easily quarantined or just ignored and, most of all, nobody fears them physically. From decades of experience as a professor, my sense is that nearly all feminists are practical careerists easily bribed with a well-paid tenured position in an autonomous women-themed academic departments plus the usual academic perks—research funds, low teaching loads, travel money, and the like. And, yes, snowflakes may demand trigger warnings for Shakespeare but professors hardly fear confronting such sensitive creatures provided administrators support intellectual integrity. Wacky Queer Studies professors and all the rest may make for entertaining stories on Fox News, but their existence has little to do with suppressing campus free speech.

Campus outsiders cannot imagine how the fear of offending quick-to-anger campus blacks can undermine the life of the mind. I’ve personally experienced it firsthand at Cornell in the early 1970s and this fear has never diminished. The slightest criticism of Black Lives Matter, let alone anything critical of the civil rights agenda, no matter how nuanced, can shut down the school for a week. And truth is no defense against those who sense dog-whistle racism everywhere or believe that only blacks can speak authoritatively on anything, anything that somehow touches on people of color. In today’s environment saying that blacks are disproportionately incarcerated because they commit more crimes is now judged “controversial” if not racist. Nor is it possible to take pre-emptive steps by funding a multicultural center or hiring more black professors to quell eruptions.

Think of today’s PC mania as “incident proofing” the campus as one might spray oil on stagnant water to stamp out malaria. Nobody can anticipate where the next outrage will occur, so take no chances. From white boy fraternities to professors with endowed chairs, everybody must be on full alert. Even a private Facebook post among friends poking fun at a “challenged” black professor invites serious trouble.


And make no mistake: in today’s super-sensitive environment, this orthodoxy is extensive and daily expands as past social engineering projects fail to work. Hard to imagine even a half-way honest discussion of crime, economic inequality, healthcare, financial regulation and the like without some white being condemned for micro-insults or stereotyping. Even those teaching 19th English literature may soon be up on charges if they “forget” to include people of color in their syllabus. Recall that the whole micro-aggression thing began with how to capitalize “Indigenous People.” The swords of Damocles are everywhere and nobody—even those who publically drink the PC Kool-Aid—are safe. Better to remain silent or get with the program.

In today’s campus atmosphere only a fool would try to connect the drift toward totalitarianism with the most sacred of all campus deities, diversity. Even worse would be to point out that that many cognitively “challenged” students cannot grasp the idea that “offensive” facts can be empirically correct and that “ought” is not “is.” How many of those in over their head academically grasp that professors occasionally explicate noxious ideas that they do not personally believe for the sake of a lively discussion? Or that scientific verification, not moral offensiveness or a group’s history of suffering, is the gold standard for ascertaining truth. And, the more diversity the greater the number of enrollees who just cannot grasp these relationships.

The free speech battle really ought to be about the intellectual costs of bringing ill-prepared students, regardless of color or ethnicity, to campus so as to achieve superficial diversity. Making brilliant distinctions between permitted and banned speech or the marketplace of ideas and Western Civilization is beside the point, a safe harbor for those terrified of speaking honestly.

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  1. Ace says:

    The threat of violence is key. It’s the blacks’ stock in trade. It’s a measure of white decline that every state legislature does have a Riot Act as a legislative priority.

    Weak-minded blacks think if they help bring about a leftist transformation even worse than the one we have they will be equal partners with their white allies. They are in for a rude awakening when those whites no longer need votes from anyone.

    • Replies: @Colleen Pater
  2. What has changed is the burgeoning number of African American on campus (“critical mass”) who have been socialized to embrace political activism—marches, demonstration, occupying administrative offices, even manufacturing bogus hate crimes—as the all-purpose solution to whatever ails them.

    This claim is not quite true.

    What has changed is a critical mass of Antifa have entered colleges, espousing violent rhetoric and perpetrating anti-free speech violence.

    Antifa ideology is identical to diversity ideology.

    Antifa is composed of all the whiny bitches of diversity, including especially these groups of victim culture people:

    Latinos and Hispanics especially illegals
    International Socialist

    For example, supporters of Antifa campus violence named Moldy Locks (Emily Rose Nauert) , Eric Clanton, and Melissa Click are all violent campus opponents of free speech.

    Neither Moldy Locks nor Eric Clanton nor Melissa Click is Black.

    In fact, both Moldy Locks and Melissa Click are Jewish.

    Moldy Locks posted to Facebook before a Berkley rally and stated that:

    Heading to Berkeley to disrupt the white supremacist/neo-nazi circle jerk today.

    Nervous af but determined to bring back 100 Nazi Scalps today


    • Agree: Che Guava
  3. Realist says:

    Nicholas Christakis is totally devoid of a set of balls. Perhaps he could borrow his wife’s. Does Christakis have any real male friends? If so how can he look them in the eye? But I suppose he is surrounded by friends of the nutless type.

    • Replies: @Hugo
  4. It will likely end in genocide. I’m not sure which side has the stronger will to live, though.

  5. eah says:

    I think Sam Francis covered this pretty well years ago when he coined the term ‘anarcho-tyranny’ — when you have diversity you get anarchy, so the response of an establishment unwilling to admit that diversity is not strength is tyranny — we see this everywhere in the West nowadays — his observation/formulation is one of the most prescient and astute of modern social/political thought.

    • Replies: @eah
  6. eah says:

  7. Che Guava says:

    I don’t recall the name of the institution, Evergreen or something like that, photos I saw show a couple of black guys and a lot of, mainly fat, white lesbian feminists, sitting around with baseball bats.

    Unlikely coalition indeed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous White Male
  8. The PC crowd:
    As mastibation is to genuine sexual relations — so is PC to genuine political action.
    They are the living embodiment of decades & decades of fraudulent Clinton/Obamaism.
    I almost feel sorry for them: what utter GULLS.

  9. nearly all feminists are practical careerists easily bribed with a well-paid tenured position in an autonomous women-themed academic departments plus the usual academic perks—research funds, low teaching loads, travel money, and the like.

    Little different from Blacks, but then, women were yet ANOTHER group that demanded “equality”. Why should THEY be bribed any more than Blacks? In fact, BRIBE the Blacks, tell the women to go screw themselves and be “equal”. Cut off the White feminists we’re endlessly trying to bribe in these ways, costly ways. Notice among races and genders, feminism excludes in huge degree, women of color. Why the hell did White women get their own privilege over the colors? White women hold the “Boss” narrative and in any case, White women dictate the narrative of acceptability in speech and thought.

    Hell, I’d rather bribe violent Blacks and cut off the White women to fend for themselves in true equality. End the gender and queer studies in the same way you end Black studies and you whittle women down to 40 or 50% of campus population from the 70 or 80% it is now. I’ve met lots of sexual-based humanities and women’s studies types and They. Are. Morons.

    Fact is, we allowed universities to start catering to women and minorities who were not “College Material” in order that the unis could collect lots more tuition and here we are with campuses crawling with morons, many of them violent, confused, too stupid to complete even watered down studies. Frankly, I think colleges made a Faustian Bargain for those extra receipts. And today, I couldn’t be happier that from Missou to UC Berkeley and far beyond in every direction, for reasons political and financial, the narrative is stretched too thin for those in charge to contain.

    I suspect I’m not alone. And I’m always so disappointed when one of these deals blows up that the cops show up to break it up before the whole college is in embers. I WANT it to all tip over. I want women of color to go after the White Feminist on campus for their racism, I WANT Hollywood and the media to go broke, I WANT feminists to have lots of abortions. THEY are the ones that fucked it all up, it’s only right that they suffer, that their larvae be murdered in the womb. We’re reaching a point where all of these is coming true.

    • Replies: @Nobody
  10. SJWs are zombies. But it’s illegal to destroy them. So flee! Abandon this reeking academia. It’s a dead thing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  11. We shouldn’t overlook the impact of money on all this. The government’s willingness to give student loans to anything that moves has enabled colleges to charge more and more and more, increasing tuition costs at a much faster rate than inflation. Students are no longer young people seeking education; they’re conduits for loan proceeds.

    That gusher of student-loan money has resulted not only in higher salaries for deans and other administrators, but also in entirely new administrative excrescences, including deans of diversity and such like. And salaries well into the six figures are addictive. No one wants to go back to the bad old days when college administrators didn’t live like surgeons, partners in white-shoe law firms, and other two-percenters. Deans grovel before angry customers — i.e., students — the same way a lawyer will grovel when a multinational threatens to take its business elsewhere.

  12. The charge of “racist” is now best understood with reference to J. L. Austin’s theory of “speech acts”. Calling someone a “racist’ is not a “locutionary” use of language, that is, the word does not have an actual referent; it does not refer to anything that can be defined separately from anything else in the real world. Rather, it is a social act, like a minister pronouncing a couple “man and wife.” Once this is done by a real minister, the couple is looked at and treated differently as social beings. But this social function of the word, “racist” is one of social condemnation. Thus, “you are a racist” means that you possess the status of a moral leper who must be shunned by polite society. This is the 21st century equivalent to the accusation of “witch” in the late 17th century. Because it is a illocutionary, not a locutionary act, no one so accused can “prove” otherwise. But at least the witches, if they survived the torture regimine were cleared. No such luck for today’s “racists”


  13. Dr. X says:

    What has changed is the burgeoning number of African American on campus (“critical mass”) who have been socialized to embrace political activism—marches, demonstration, occupying administrative offices, even manufacturing bogus hate crimes—as the all-purpose solution to whatever ails them.

    I disagree. In my observation, there still aren’t that many blacks on campus. Sure, there are some institutions that are exceptions, but overall, blacks have little interest in and little ability for college, and all the overt preferences they get haven’t changed that basic fact.

    Blacks are pawns on campus. They can easily be incited to stir up grief, but it is whites, mostly feminists and gays, who do the inciting.

    What has changed is that the ranks of college administration have been taken over by overtly political Social Justice Warrior feminists and gays. In contrast to the college administrators of 30-40 years ago, who were nearly all liberals but professional enough to be neutral and uphold standards, politicized contemporary administrators facilitate the grievance industry because they regard grievance and leftist social advocacy — not objective, Socratic critical thinking — as the core mission of the university. Consequently, they must encourage Maoist mobs to suppress the Socratic Method, because the Socratic Method would certainly expose the fraudulent nature of their beliefs regarding homosexuality, feminism, “transgenderism,” race relations and global warming.

    • Replies: @Beckow
    , @Ed
  14. Beckow says:
    @Dr. X

    I think these groups overlap, plus there is also the large frustrated Latino, Asian and foreign presence. Many of those provide the shock troops and add variety to the crazy identity groups. That validates it all. You also have the permanent querulants and people who simply hate the ‘system’, any system. Most of them are volatile whites, they join and un-join on a whim, next you might see some of them fighting for Rand Paul or Trump.

    The most likely outcome of this descend into irrationality, with modern witch hunts and suppression of rational inquiry, will be a massive devaluation of these institutions. They have ceased to serve their purpose and most likely new institutions will spring up over time to replace them. They still have the brand names (‘Harvard’ or ‘Berkeley’), but as with some other brands that have lost their luster in the business world, the brand is increasingly just well known but not positive. As with the church institutions in the past, they might eventually in the far out future reform and find a smaller niche, forever arguing that they have ‘changed’ and ‘mistakes were made’. But the damage is being done and nothing ruins a reputation as much as well deserved ridicule. But by then the current administrators will be happily enjoying their lifelong huge rewards, so why should they care?

  15. @Che Guava

    Black guys cannot lie. Dey liks big butts!

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  16. Anonymous [AKA "The Fascist Left"] says:

    After the last 24 years of Clinton-Bush-Obama, the left have been left fully in power through their Jewish led stranglehold on the media, academia, Wall Street, Capitol Hill(through the DNC and RINOs like the Bushes, McCain, Ryan), Hollywood and Sillicon Valley. Power corrupts. These leftist loons have basically gone off the deep end. Jews are the new fascists of the west and blacks and Antifa are their brown coats, forcing their ideology on everyone else through violence, public shaming and intimidation.

    The Democratic Party has completely lost its ways because the left has completely lost its ways. They are now cannibalizing themselves as can be seen on college campuses and the dysfunction of the Democratic Party. At the end of the day, whoever controls academia controls the country, because they educate all the journalists and future teachers who have enormous influence over young minds. This is why Jews are clinging to affirmative action to protect their benefitting overwhelmingly from legacy admissions. Since our elite institutions feed into the social club that contains all our business and political elites, they know that whoever controls the Ivies and Harvard in particular controls the country.

    The right simply needs to take back control of academia if we don’t want to see the country descend into complete anarchy in the hands of the leftist loons. This could be done by replacing traditional schooling in favor of private schools and homeschooling, and by deemphasizing the college degree in hiring through MOOCs and certification, I.e. Technology.

  17. Jewish-Homo-Globo Monopoly of Facebook, Youtube, and Google is the main enemy of free speech in America.

  18. yeah says:

    If you fill a space with monkeys you WILL get mayhem and mischief – does it surprise anyone? Make the universities offer courses in ‘disciplines’ like gender studies, black studies, cultural studies, and other such fluff and you WILL attract the mentally subpar – surprised? Let the scholastically unfit run riot without consequences and you WILL get trouble and riots – surprised?

    How about cutting off all public funding to institutions other than research and advanced science centers, schools of engineering, medicine, law, and the solid and useful? How about saying to the young “Sure, if you feel gender studies will help your career, find a private school that teaches you that stuff but don’t ask us for any financial assistance. And how about telling universities “Go right ahead and offer courses in navel gazing, witchcraft, and the social history of Batman and Superman, but not a cent from us for that. If there is a market for that stuff, go secure finances in the competitive market.”

    Rot and mayhem arises out of OPM – Other Peoples’ Money. Implement DIWYOM – Do It With Your Own Money – and I can wager that the fog of political correctness will lift, the search for safe places will be replaced by stampedes to get ahead, navel gazers will take up market gazing, and the troublemakers will run out of money to make further trouble.

    • Agree: Druid, Che Guava

    JPM or Jewish Speech Monopoly is going act Racial Facts. When they can’t win with truth, they just use muscle. Thoughtocaust & Factocaust are all over Facebook and Youtube.

    They are out to eradicate truth, facts, and honesty.

    Crazy stuff:

    • Replies: @ScarletNumber
  20. @Stephen Paul Foster

    An elegant interpretation. I’ve used very similar reasoning in real-time argument before.

    Problem is that, to get away from it, all your interlocutor has to do is say something like, “Really? Maybe it’s that way, but racism is still wrong,” — and you’re back at the beginning.

    There’s no reasoning our way out of this. Because this isn’t about reason, but millions of tiny power-grabs all with one overarching tendency and logic.

  21. I’ve argued before that while complete morons, these blacks, feminist, etc., SJWs are simply following what they’ve been taught by society to its logical conclusion. If you believe our teachers, media and leaders (Obama and others), here is how you would view the world:

    1. People of color and women are not succeeding at anything close to the rate that they should because of the racism of white men (and even white women, though maybe not as much).

    2. The neighborhoods of people of color – well, blacks and Hispanics – are incredibly dangerous due to historic and current racism by, yes, white men. Young men (and, to a degree women) of color are literally being killed because of white racism.

    3. Fifty years of various efforts to end the racism of whites have failed, yet the men and women in charge – mostly white – of universities, corporations and the government refuse to push for more, shall we say, punishing methods to stop whites from being racist.

    Therefore, white racism causes the evils of the world. Current efforts to reprogram whites and to rectify the situation have failed. (Whites simply refuse – or are unable – to give up their racism despite being aware of the havoc and pain that it causes.) Current leadership refuses to try more radical methods to stop evil white racism.

    If you believed that all of that was true (and everyone arm of society – teachers, media, professors, government leaders – say it’s true) and you were a black student, wouldn’t you be pretty damn angry. Wouldn’t you scream at one of those old guard leaders who refuses to push harder to end this white racism that is responsible for so much pain and suffering.

    Sure, these kids believe in a narrative that’s ridiculous, but, hey, they’re not the brightest bulbs, and there’s no reason that they shouldn’t believe the narrative in the sense that no one – and I mean no one – in any position of authority tells them that it’s wrong.

    The way that these students are acting is perfectly logical if you believe the official narrative.

    • Agree: Delinquent Snail
    • Replies: @Elsewhere
    , @Oldeguy
  22. Assuming that all of these people are simply “following doctrine” is by far the less parsimonious explanation.

    They may be operating with that heuristic bias, but the author is correct in chalking it up to critical mass.

    Otherwise, you’re a social constructionist, like those people claiming that “institutional racism is to blame for muh grades.

  23. joe webb says:

    time for brutal fact presentation…Social Cognitive Therapy. Social Problems are intractable and, if something has no solution, it is not a problem. Next!

    And time for mass lock-ups of mobs threatening or doing violence.

    Blacks have Hit The Wall after a half century of coddling and Programs.

    Tell them that their average IQ is 85 and that 90 % of them are unfit for college. Etc, etc.

    Deal With It.

    The Political Therapist will need Law Enforcement standing by.

    Kill looters, shoot assaulters, etc.

    That is where we are at. All the Words are exhausted and lie quivering in their death throes.
    Time for violent confrontation of those rioting, occupying, threatening, etc. With every conciliation, things just get worse.

    Joe Webb

    • Agree: Ace
  24. Canada has fewer blacks bur more censorious colleges.

    Sweden was once all-white but decided to become the most PC-nation.

    China, all yellow, had the Cultural Revolution.

    In the US, Jewish Media monopoly is key.

    If Facebook and Google-Youtube were owned by whites and banned Zionist speech the Jewish Media would howl with outrage. But notice the tribal collusion among Media and Social Networking platforms about the Big Chill on free speech. It’s Ice Age for free speech.

    The main problem is no longer colleges. Colleges are just a place for ideologues and careerists.

    Real free discussion was moving to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and etc, but they are being shut down.
    ADL has been hired as NKVD of Youtube.
    And Jewish money is buying whore politicians to shut down BDS.

    Modern World revolves around the axis of Jewish Neurosis. When Jews feared the anti-communists and needed free speech to carry on as radicals, they found free speech useful.
    But when Jews began to consolidate supreme power in elite centers of power, they knew that free speech was often a matter of speaking truth to Jewish Power.
    Also, as Asians fill up campuses, speech will further erode as Asians have servile careerist mentality that seek status and approval. Since PC is the ‘confucianism’ of the West, the Asian mind obey it to the letter.

    Homo vanity also plays a huge role. Notice the big chill on funny comments about Bruce Jenner. But then, homomania is largely a proxy-project of Jewish Power.

    As for physical threats posed by blacks, it’s because blacks are more muscular and more aggressive.

    I wonder… with all the ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, many blacks will steal white intelligence which will be used by mulattoes. After all, a 1/2 mulatto, 1/2 Jewish mulatto, and 1/2 Asian mulatto will be favored over whites, Jews, and Asians(and maybe even over black-blacks) by Aff-Action. ACOWW is happening all over. Go anywhere and you see white women with mulatto kids.

    WIBs — white-IQ-blacks — are playing an ever bigger factor. Obama is an obvious example.
    Even when both parents are black, they may have substantial white genes..
    It’s like ‘Japanese’ with black blood outrun all the other Japanese.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Che Guava
    , @Hcat
  25. joe webb says:

    Stop talking like “ill prepared.” That just leads to more Programs. These blacks,etc are ill equipped by nature /genetics.

    We have discerned the Truth biologically, now Tell the Truth. Stop cucking it up…ill prepared, etc.

    Joe Webb

  26. Ben Frank says:

    Government out of higher education. Student loans are another disastrous legacy from Bush II.
    Once colleges are exposed to market forces, the craziness will be dropped due to its costs.

  27. @Ace

    weak minded whites forget how we got all these blacks and their allies on campuses and elsewhere they have no business being, It was Jews who radicalized blacks, and constructed the legal and cultural framework multiculturalism operates from.

    While they were doing this they were also importing hundreds of millions of other non whites while simultaneously destroying white culture, nations, economies, etc. So now the jews are finished with the blacks and want to partner with the east asians as our new overlords. NO Thanks.

    Blacks are animals we would have no problem handling them if not for the jews, the answer is send everyone back home or perhaps keep a few at least stripped of citizenship rights and from holding positions of influence.

    Half the blacks are recent immigrants and their progeny thanks to the jews, all of the amerindian and asians are too. Jews are never ever going to stop doing what they do if their shenanigans in russia et al leading to the holocaust and the ensuing deliverance by americas did could not get them to rethink their strategy nothing ever will.They have to be mostly deported and who stays deterred from identifying as jewish. I suggest we only allow 1/16 th jews to work in finance law and medicine, 1/32 to work in politics and government, 1/64 to work in media arts academia. But we offer free in vitro fertilization with good aryan stock to jews staying as resident aliens,granting citizenship to 1/128 jews. Also instant banishment for networking with other jews.

    Its drastic but for evolutionary reasons we whites are hot house flowers, the traits of outbreeding, openness, high female status, anti authoritarianism etc which have served us so well while we were relatively isolated or militarily dominant are open wounds waiting for infection when we are exposed to the rest of mankinds tribality particularly the high IQ tribality of jews and east asians.

    Besides the Jewish driven holocaust narrative of racial affinity being evil and anti semitism being a special evil, we have a difficult time dealing realistically with the jews because to the untrained eye they seem so much like us, they are in fact 60% northern italian celt genetically and because they have been running this parasitic strategy on us for so thousands of years we share a lot of culture. They have a lot to recommend them and it would have been nice if they had learned their lesson in germany instead they doubled down in america before the war even started. So dealing harshly with them is difficult for us and we make excuses. The better way to imagine whats going on but is hard to see is to imagine jews were asians. Imagine 2% of the US population were asians but they controlled 50% of the wealth and positions of power in media, academia, law, finance. Imagine they were acting in their own self interest while the other 50% of white elites were culturally cowed into silence or bought off, so that effectively the chinese in america controlled america they owned the facebooks, googles, all the banks, all the media and artistic companies that put the fear of god in politicians, the were 60% of academic controlling the intellectual conversation and who got in and was allowed to remain in our universities, half the doctors and lawyers and commercial real estate owners. And that our government mysteriously spent its entire energy projecting the influence of and defending the interests of the communist chinese government. In short we were completely ruled by chinese except for a few token quislings, while these chinese pundits wrote about our whit privilege. Then how would you feel about dealing with the “chinese questions”. Exactly that would be a no brainer send the slant back to gook town. But these jews they look like us they are married to us they are so funny and smart we wouldnt want to hurt their feelings.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Ace
  28. Elsewhere says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    Very good synopsis of the official narrative. It honestly gave me a feeling of dread to read because I can feel how compelling it is, even though it is false.

  29. Larry Summers were brought down by ho’s.

    Do blacks act like this in Latin American nations?

    Or is it combo of black aggression inspired by Jewish radicalism and Anglo reformism?

  30. Scylla and Charybdis of Globalism

  31. Che Guava says:
    @Anonymous White Male

    They enjoyed the genes of peoples (of their own colour) they were wiping out to gain massive bums. That stupid reality progqamme.

  32. Anonymous [AKA "Ellis Kurtz"] says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    This fits in with Peter Brimelow’s definition: “A racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal”

  33. Diversity aside, does internet suppress youth work-incentives?

    Prior to the net, a lot of teens got jobs so that they could buy albums, watch movies, and stuff.

    But with so much free content on the net, why should any teen flip burgers to be able to buy stuff?

    When I was young, the only Zombies album one could find was Greatest Hits. All else were out of print.

    But youtube and other places have tons of stuff like this:

  34. Nobody says:
    @Jim Christian

    Fact is, we allowed universities to start catering to women and minorities who were not “College Material” in order that the unis could collect lots more tuition and here we are with campuses crawling with morons, many of them violent, confused, too stupid to complete even watered down studies. Frankly, I think colleges made a Faustian Bargain for those extra receipts. And today, I couldn’t be happier that from Missou to UC Berkeley and far beyond in every direction, for reasons political and financial, the narrative is stretched too thin for those in charge to contain.

    You nailed it.
    I teach at an art college and am presently steeling myself for the Fall session.
    The school doesn’t care about anything other than bringing in bodies and milking them and their parents for four years. Of course, the administration also pretends to want the faculty to uphold “standards” but the mostly part-time contingent faculty is all-too-aware that rehiring is based on student evaluation. Moreover, the dominant pedagogy is that profs don’t lecture (boring and authoritarian) but instead facilitate “active” classrooms in which the students teach themselves. This means that the school functions, to all intents and purposes, as a kindergarten for dull-witted young adults. From time to time, I run across a smart cookie or two, but I’m always left wondering how they will survive four years of dumbification. Mostly by shutting up and mastering enough PC lingo to stay under the radar. Through a process of (un)natural selection, what rises to the top of the dismal administrative swamp in this system are soulless, careerist morons who know how to pander to students’ inflated regard for their loudly proclaimed but wretchedly insipid identities.
    The cruel joke is American colleges are the very last place where anything resembling diversity can be detected. Like so many of the poisoned fruit of the ’60s, the notion of diversity has been realized as its exact opposite, as a thorough intellectual homogenization.
    This is not an educational problem. It is a cultural one. What’s happening on campus is an advanced symptom of a larger disorder. Feminists and SJWs have everything backwards. It’s not the weight of tradition that is oppressive. It’s the unraveling of tradition, which leaves us at the mercy of spoiled children.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
    , @Miro23
  35. @Elsewhere

    Well, if you really want dread, let’s take this to the true logical conclusion.

    NAM belief:

    1) Whites are responsible for their underperformance as human beings.

    2) No matter what non-violent program we try, NAMs still underperform whites.

    3) The only way to free NAMs to be as successful as whites is to kill/destroy whites.

    Because of genetics, NAMs will never be as successful as whites, not even close. However, if you believe that this lack of success is caused by whites (and not genetics), you must eliminate whites; they are the cause of your lack of success.

    That is the logical conclusion to all of this – if you believe that genetics play no role.

    This will not end well. It has to end either in the destruction of whites or the separation of whites from NAMs.

  36. @Nobody

    depends on the college and majors. I went to one specializing in engineering and sciences, no one gave a crap about politics or political correctness. the only snowflake/racist type I have met during my entire time there was a jewish landlord telling me how much he hated blacks 🙂

  37. lavoisier says: • Website

    Very thoughtful piece on the source of the craziness on today’s college campuses.

    Angry blacks demanding to be respected for nothing more substantial than the color of their skin are a major problem for sure.

    But the liberal whites helped to create this foolishness by giving it the oxygen it needed to survive. Do you really think a genuinely thoughtful person would pay much attention to an Obama or a Coates? For what possible reason would anyone with an ounce of sense care about what such self-absorbed fools think? Their whole universe is caught up in being black. Nothing more.

    Foolishness for sure, but dangerous foolishness.

  38. Oldeguy says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    It can’t be said too often: Blacks are not the problem- they are what they have always been and will likely always be.
    The real problem is the collapsing morale, self-respect and courage of the white elite. They seem utterly feckless in the midst of a society coming apart at the seams. There is a careerist self absorbed mindset that simply excludes considering the certain consequence of disaster tomorrow as the price of living in lies today.

    • Agree: Sowhat
  39. JohnDough says:

    The models for all these “victim” groups on campus were Hillel and Zionism! It’s also spread far and wide in all mainstream US media. Its’ brand of threats and continuous lies coupled with economic sanctions is a winning combination to destroy the truth and impinge on free speech and critical thinking.

  40. Lara says:

    There was definitely an unspoken threat of violence with that group. Anger is a normal emotion when one feels out of place and inferior. I’m guessing many black college students, especially at a place such as Princeton, are angry and frustrated. When people are confident in their abilities, they tend to be nicer.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  41. @Oldeguy

    Well, in their defense, most people are just trying to make it through the day. I understand it. I can’t speak the truth in my job, or I’d be fired, so I keep my mouth shut. However, I do lay plenty of hints that anyone could pick up on easily.

    I agree with John Derbyshire who said that what we’re going through is like a fever. We just need to ride it out until it breaks.

    It’s sad to contemplate the amount of damage that all of this will do, but there’s not too much to do until the patient wakes up, i.e. it doesn’t do much good to argue with a drunk.

  42. Miro23 says:

    Through a process of (un)natural selection, what rises to the top of the dismal administrative swamp in this system are soulless, careerist morons who know how to pander

    This is happening all over the US with regard to the Zioglob and their PC agenda. Congressmen are voted in by an unbelievably disconnected and ignorant public in the dismal swamp called the “United States”. It’s so bad that it’s difficult to draw parallels, but I did have doubts in the late 1960’s that the “Woodstock Generation” would be able to run the healthy society that they inherited . Their campus Counter Culturalism was aimed at the destruction of that society on multiple fronts, and after 50 years it is plain to see that they succeeded.

    And another point is that this ramshackle debt experiment of a country can’t issue the world’s reserve currency for much longer. In reality the Dollar is as debased as US society and is just waiting for a “Dollar Crisis” to reveal it = the US (if it still exists) having to discover a way of making its own goods since no one in the rest of the world will want to be paid with their confetti money.

  43. Anonymous [AKA "LastEvidence"] says:

    We cannot simply do this, the success of the physical sciences, engineering and mathematics are all tied into this system. Fortunately more and more people can research and collaborate using just the tools of the internet – perhaps we can make a clean break from academia soon. At the moment it will be difficult to train people in the fundamentals of science without the current academic infrastructure.

  44. Ace says:
    @Colleen Pater

    I know patriotic Jews but there’s no gainsaying the Jewish affinity for communism and subversion. The Jewish support for black “civil rights,” mass immigration from the third world, and every manner of PC insanity is in stark contrast with what Jews support in Israel. I don’t know of a dividing line between patriotic Jews and supremacist Jews. Lernerites perhaps. Orthodox Jews seem uninfected by this nonsense. But rest assured to raise the issues of Jewish involvement in radical politics, alliance with blacks, multiculturalism, and open borders will elicit outrage from the supremacists, for lack of a better word.

    In January 15, 2016, 1,284 Rabbis signed letter to Congress calling elected officials to exercise moral leadership for the protection of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. The letter was delivered by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Who are these people? What was the Jewish pressure to enact the 1965 Immigration Act but an attack on non-Jewish whites? It’s absurd to think that there was a benign motive. (Mormons, Catholics, Baptists, and Christian Zionists are whores on the immigration issue as well but that is a separate and equally important issue.)

    Whites have been unable to understand that their laws and customs were meant for whites. “Person” in the 14th Amendment was never meant to apply to foreigners crossing the border by the millions. Equal status was never meant to be granted to people who despise us and seek to extinguish us and our civilization. Jewish supremacists are besotted with the insane ideas of multiculturalism and equality. Only the coming economic spasms will purge those ideas from our thinking.

    I can’t improve on your last paragraph. The fact of enormous Jewish control over our politics is as plain as day. Our murderous war on Syria is not about a pipeline for Qatar. It’s about us implementing Israel’s primary foreign policy objective, which is to foment chaos in bordering states. With the U.S. doing the fighting and spending the money.

    God bless patriotic citizens of any stripe. But the idea that there isn’t a determined effort by Jews to dominate every country in which they live is as risible as the idea of the “moderate” Muslim.

    • Replies: @Sowhat
    , @Hugo
  45. These days your freedom of speech stops where a liberal’s emotions begin…

    • Replies: @joe webb
  46. joe webb says:
    @Captain Nemo

    good point. We talk about intelligence all the time but do not talk much about emotional constitutions.

    Testing for emotional volatility, anger quotient, etc. is not easily or cheaply done.

    Blacks are off the charts, if there are any, for emotional volatility. Generally, all these Nice third world specimens are very friendly when around a mark, or a White Wimp, who confesses his/her luv for the darkie du jour.

    But utter a discouraging word and get out your running shoes.,

    A still somewhat leftish friend was attending a meeting in Oaktown early this year ….global warming or something, and had a sign: “Earth Matters.” A darkie male stopped him and threatened to beat him up.
    My friend is a wimp, and managed to talk his way out of it after surrendering his sign.

    That is Blackness. Period. Joe Webb

  47. Sowhat says:

    I don’t know of a dividing line between patriotic Jews and supremacist Jews.

    Oh, I realize that people judge governments more than they judge individuals. I might have my guard up, even though it probably wouldn’t be necessary, if I were to meet a white South Fricaner, even today only because I was indoctrinated when I was younger and less wise. These guys are only doing what they’re told to do:
    I know. I find interesting articles, everywhere.

    • Replies: @Ace
  48. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor


    If you are to watch the vaunted 4 x 100 relay second-place, ‘Cambridge’ was already in position for second place at the last baton change.

    The three before him made it sure, only a dropped baton change would have changed the result.

    Even the name ‘Cambridge’ is almost certainly a fake, the law on registration is to be under the name of the Japanese parent.

    It is such a shame that media focus was all on him, and he, typical to type, accepts it, when Bolt was clearly being as lazy as possible in the last leg, while not willing to lose.

    We have the Rugby Union World Cup later in the year, unprecedented number of poiynerianh

  49. Hugo says:

    I find it hard to believe he is Greek. Most Greek men I know wouldn’t tolerate that behaviour. I suppose that’s happens when you move into the upper class; you trade your balls for a steady income and a white picket fence.

    • Replies: @Realist
  50. Hugo says:

    I would say its more accurate to state that Judaism and thus, Judaic is subversive and and socialistic inherently. thus, one who adhered to that religious belief system and is raised within that culture becomes of similar mind.

    The issue is not with individuals but, the culture. take a person away from that culture and he or shoe would function much differently.

    • Replies: @Ace
  51. Ace says:

    Thanks for the link. Israel is extremely sensitive to the media war.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  52. If you are to watch the vaunted 4 x 100 relay second-place, ‘Cambridge’ was already in position for second place at the last baton change.
    The three before him made it sure, only a dropped baton change would have changed the result.

    You’re missing the bigger pic. Japan has very very very few half-blacks, but they are dominating sports at elite level.

    It’s like this. China and India have combined population of 2.6 billion, but tiny Jamaica produces infinitely more fast runners.

    What does that prove? Blacks are so much superior to Asians in athletics that even a tiny speck can outperform Japanese. It’s not like Japan has 15% population that is black. Or 10%. Or even 5% or 1%. It has a tiny speck,and yet that speck with black blood outperforms Japanese. Look, Europeans are bigger and stronger than Japanese(in general), but European track meets are now almost all black in sprints.

    If 1% of Japanese population was black, I guarantee all of elite Japanese sports would be dominated by blacks. After all, Jamaica doesn’t even have 1% of population of China, but it outruns all Chinese.

    Now, it’s only right that blacks dominate global sports since they are the best at running and jumping and stuff.
    What I’m saying is that Japanese should at least create a safe space in their own nation so that they can dominate AT LEAST in Japan. After all, the ancient Greek Olympics were for Greeks only. Greeks didn’t put on national sports to let Persians, Italians, Africans, and Germanics win. They did it for themselves.

    If Japanese globalize Japanese sports, there will be no place for Japanese in it because Japanese cannot compete. Japanese are losing to a tiny speck of half-blacks. If Japan took in more blacks, blacks would totally dominate. Even if blacks were just 0.5% of Japanese population, they would totally dominate. It’s like Canada has far fewer blacks than the US, but its top runners and boxers are black.

    Also, why did Japan produce these mulattoes? Jungaru Feebah. I heard those Japanese women made a trip to Jamaica because they wanted to have sex with Negro men and give birth to mulatto kids. They are turned on by bigger Negro men in globalized culture. And as Japan becomes more PC and anti-‘racist’, Japanese women will feel freer sexually. Given global choice, why would they choose timid, short, scrawny Japanese men, a bunch of Yohei’s like in Seven Samurai, to big Negro men?


    This race-mixing is spun as ‘anti-racism’, but interracism is racialist because Japanese women will be rejecting Japanese men on the basis of their racial inferiority vis-a-vis others. If Japanese men are smart, they should shun and reject Japanese women and their mulatto kids. Why should Japanese men accept Japanese women who rejected them as inferior? Why should Japanese men honor the black children of Japanese women whose life choice is ‘no inferior Japanese seed in my womb’? Japanese women say to Japanese men, “you are inferior, I reject you”, but Japanese men must accept and embrace the sexual product of such rejection out of fear of being called ‘racist’? Sadly, such is the mentality in the West. Increasingly, white women insult white men as a bunch of cucky-wucks and say, “I reject your slow white ass and go with big Negro to have mulatto kid”, but white men are supposed to be ‘sensitive’ dorks who praise the mulatto baby that oozes out of the white woman’s vagina. White men are now supposed to cheer the colonization of not only white territory but white wombs, the very source of white life. Japan goes the same way. But then, along with Taiwan and S Korea, it is total whore of America which is total whore of Globalism. I’ve been saying forever that white men and patriotic white women should shun and reject any mud-woman and her mulatto kid, but the West is doing the very opposite. It even made one president, and Europeans were wild about him… and even welcomes tons of Africans to flood into Europe.

    Also, sports is related to sex drive. Women want to mate with sports heroes. It’s like Mongolian beasts who win in sumo take Japanese women. And Hawaiian sumo monsters took Japanese women too. Japanese men are vulnerable because they’re a bunch of Yohei’s. Samurai Culture weeded the wolves and left mostly servile dogs. Sure, there are some wolfish types left, like Toshiro Mifune. But most were weeded out, and that left a bunch of Yohei’s to pass down their genes.

    This is why, if Japan wants tougher-minded men, it has to make Takeshi Kitano hump a 100,000 Japanese women and produce kids. Kitano is like a badger. He bite and doesn’t let go.

    Japan is globalized now. It is into Negrophilia like the rest. Also, as murattoes win in sports in Japan, the media will promote them as New Heroes of Japan,and that will be more incentive for Japanese women to go jungaro feebah. You see, female loyalty is really to the winner, not to tribe or anything else.

    Look at white women. All across the US, black guys whup white guys and humiliate them. Do white women stick with white men? No, they go with Negro men who whup white guys. I recently went on a trip to Daniel Boone National Forest and saw so many mulattoes and mud-womenfolks. Whether it’s elite Ivy League or white trashville, the African Colonization of white Wombs is a reality. And now, it’s hit japan too since Japanese are servile and slavish and follow everything American.
    If whites go off the cliff, Japanese also gotta go over the criffu.

    If a Japanese woman has a kid with a Negro and if this muratto kid beats up a weaker Japanese kid, she will feel proud of her ‘winner’ son. Suppose a muratto kid becomes a boxer and whups all the Japanese kids. Do you think the woman will feel guilty for having created a black kid who whupped Japanese kids? No, female psychology doesn’t work that way. It’s like a mud-woman can see her white father robbed by blacks, her uncle beaten by blacks, but she will still have a child with blacks and if her mulatto kid beats up white kids, she will be proud of her kid. What is happening in the West is disgusting. These European women have sex with AFrican men and produce mulattos who beat up whites. Consider that beastly black female boxer in MILLION DOLLAR BABY. She is the daughter of white woman and black man. And she beat up all the white kick boxers.

    But the worst thing is that the West, and now even the East(as yellows do nothing but imitate the West) are promoting this Afro-colonization as a good thing. The narrative is spun as “spread of blackness all over the world is progress, and anyone who resists it is ‘racist’”. It totally overlooks the fact that interracism is ‘racist’ because it’s predicated on Superior Negros conquering other races.
    It’s like Milo’s loopy logic in his silly book DANGEROUS. He says he can’t be ‘racist’ because he admires blacks so much, only goes with black men, and worship their bigger penises. I swear, it’s pretty wild stuff. He fails to notice that his very reasoning is ‘racist’ since his exclusion of all races to bugger is bung is predicated on his belief that blacks are racially superior for bunging.
    ‘Racism’ no longer means a need for racial equality. It just means “not worshiping Negroes”. So, if you say blacks are better, that is not ‘racist’. You are ‘racist’ only when you say blacks are inferior in certain areas like intelligence and introspection. It’s like ‘antisemitism’ changed meaning from ‘blaming Jews for everything’ to ‘not being properly deferential to Jews’. Anyway, just like homos like a big thing up their bung — some even go for fists —, women say they like bigger genitals too. And Japanese women are among the most pervy in the world. One study says 1 out of 200 Japanese women are into porn. What kind of parenting do Japanese have that they raise girls like this?

    So, logically, ALL Japanese women would ideally prefer to do it with white men or Negroes. The only thing preventing them is Japan is still mostly Japanese and there are still social pressures on Japanese to keep things Japanese. But once such pressures and inhibitions are lifted, Japan will come apart at the seams. Japan is a tight but fragile civilization. Japanese are not a big and strong people. They lack the pushy personality of Jews. They lack the size of China or Russia. They lack the physique and confidence of Negroes. Japanese society works only because of intricate and mutual signals and rules, much of it understood only by Japanese. So, when those signals are jammed by globalism, the whole thing will fall apart overnight as Japanese, as individuals, cannot compete with pushy Jews, strong Negroes, white cowboys, and third world mobs. Japanese will begin to die off like bees as their honey is stolen by others.

    The fact is Japanese women are turning into shameless whores. Did you see WORLD OF KANAKO? What a vile worthless nation Japan became. How sickening.
    Kurosawa was a giant. A true nationalist and humanist and moralist. We now have Ape-Pan.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  53. Ace says:

    The dominant characteristic of Jewish culture appears to be its focus on the in group. That appears to have led to a culture of separatism and hostility toward non-Jews on the part of [fill in the blank] per cent. I have in mind the phenomenon of certain Jews spitting on non-Jews in Israel and the prohibition of marriage to non-Jews in Israel. I know, too, that I’ll be welcome to visit Israel but after a short period I will be required to leave. The Talmud contains vile anti-Jesus sentiments it is reported.

    Assimilation in the U.S. appears to occur at a rate that concerns some/many Jews. There is sentiment among Jews obviously then to maintain a status of people separate from the majority culture. All religions prefer that their members marry within the faith, it’s true. With some Jews it is a strongly-held position.

    I think Kevin MacDonald is on the right track. Barbara Specter, David Gelbaum, the ADL, the HIAS, and those 1,200+ rabbis are pretty strong evidence that rabid open borders and multiculturalism is a position strongly advocated by organized Jewry. Many righteous Jews are not on board with any of that garbage. But it is indeed garbage and it is evidence of an extraordinary malevolence. None of what has happened in Europe and the U.S. in the area of immigration can be explained by the actions of fools. No. There is viciousness and destructiveness that is behind it, and only that.

  54. annamaria says:

    As well as Mr. Rove and his very sensitive associates, such as Leura Canary:
    Capri Theater refuses to show the Siegelman Documentary.
    “A private group arranged to rent out the Capri Theatre next month to show “Atticus v. The Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman,” but the theater’s board of directors, which includes former federal prosecutor Leura Canary, overturned the arrangement.
    The documentary alleges that Canary was among a number of conspirators who wanted to take down Siegelman, including her husband, Bill Canary, a consultant for Bob Riley’s gubernatorial campaign against Siegelman, and former Bush White House strategist Karl Rove.”

    Mrs. Canary has put to jail an innocent man to please her GOP bosses. She is an amoral and servile operative of a Rove machine and a wife of the Alabama “kingpin” Bill Canary. Here is a quote from a detailed story in Harper, “Mr. Canary served as chief of staff for the Republican National Committee, as chief of staff to the 2000 G.O.P. Convention chairman and former Bush chief of staff, Andy Card, and as National Field Director for the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1992. I am told by senior Republican figures that Canary secured these various roles largely on the strength of his close personal friendship with Karl Rove and with Rove’s express endorsement. In 1994, Mr. Canary and his friend and mentor Karl Rove put together a grand strategy to turn around the court system in Alabama, putting the G.O.P.’s handpicked candidates in control of key Alabama appellate court races. This process was chronicled by Joshua Green in a major article on Rove’s remaking of the judicial politics of Alabama published in The Atlantic. In a 1995 article, Time Magazine’s Michael Kramer called Bill Canary a “legend in Republican circles” and in the same article, former RNC Chairman Rich Bond described Bill Canary as an “expert political paratrooper” and “someone you dropped into a state where something needed fixing and it got fixed.” Mr. Canary was the architect of a special relationship between the Alabama G.O.P. and the Business Council of Alabama that proved the finance lifeline for many Alabama G.O.P. election campaigns. He was widely described as the G.O.P.’s Alabama “kingpin.”

    • Replies: @Ace
  55. Ace says:

    I regret that I’m completely unfamiliar with Mr. Seligman’s case.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  56. annamaria says:

    Mr. Seligman’s case is a major national scandal that was maliciously “overlooked” by Obama (the Fraud):
    Obama “reluctance” had been happening in the context of the total deference to the bankster class of mega-thieves and toward criminal mega war-profiteers.

    The Canarys stinks. Wonder, what kind of church the pious Mrs. Canary has been attending. “An investigator in the office of Alabama Attorney General Troy King recently died under mysterious circumstances, adding to a growing list of suspicious deaths in the final 12 months or so of Governor Bob Riley’s two term. Is it a coincidence that Bob Riley has strong ties to Bill Canary, Karl Rove, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce–and Riley’s term is ending amidst a disturbingly high body count? … Solid information on these cases is hard to come by at the moment, but given the toxic environment that has engulfed Alabama for the past 15 years or more, we think the answer to that question is yes”

    How the Siegelman story began:
    “Siegelman is a Rhodes Scholar and although from Alabama, graduated law school from Georgetown. He studied international law at Oxford, and is a former cop and a black belt in karate. He is a complex, intelligent, agreeable man. In other words the exact opposite of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, of George W. Bush and of political Neocon fanatic Karl Rove.
    In the 2002 election for governor again, Seigelman was ahead, despite the vicious attacks and multiple lies of the opposition, a typical Rove campaign like that run against American patriot and war hero, Senator Max Cleland. Rove was reportedly overseeing the campaign and determined to remove the popular governor who seemingly could not be defeated, even in this heavily “Red” state.
    Siegelman was declared winner in the election but challenged and when a single voting machine in one county was claimed by Republicans to have “malfunctioned” enough votes for Seigelman’s opponent, Bob Riley, magically appeared (interestingly, after Democratic poll workers had left at the end of the night.) Riley was then pronounced winner.
    The state’s Lt. Governor, a longtime foe of Siegelman’s, Bill Pryor affirmed the recounted totals and proclaimed Riley the victor. But the Neocons knew that Siegelman would not go away quietly. And even though it is shadowy and much like New Jersey or Chicago mob activity in its code of silence, what happened next has all the earmarks of one of the most dangerous political situations in the country’s history.”
    And this is when the Rove-Canarys machine went full force.

    • Replies: @Ace
  57. Realist says:

    “I suppose that’s happens when you move into the upper class; you trade your balls for a steady income and a white picket fence.”

    Apparently so.

  58. annamaria says:

    This is interesting: Google and the state

    “Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept support and air cover. In reality, they are doing things the CIA cannot do . . .

    By all appearances, Google’s bosses genuinely believe in the civilizing power of enlightened multinational corporations, and they see this mission as continuous with the shaping of the world according to the better judgment of the “benevolent superpower.” They will tell you that open-mindedness is a virtue, but all perspectives that challenge the exceptionalist drive at the heart of American foreign policy will remain invisible to them. This is the impenetrable banality of “don’t be evil.” They believe that they are doing good. And that is a problem. …

    Nobody wants to acknowledge that Google has grown big and bad. But it has. Schmidt’s tenure as CEO saw Google integrate with the shadiest of US power structures as it expanded into a geographically invasive megacorporation. But Google has always been comfortable with this proximity. Long before company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired Schmidt in 2001, their initial research upon which Google was based had been partly funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And even as Schmidt’s Google developed an image as the overly friendly giant of global tech, it was building a close relationship with the intelligence community.”

  59. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    I fell asleep. The final word was meant to be Polynesians (possibly also Melanesians, I don’t know if the team will include a Fijian). probably also one or two of European descent.

    Not that I am dissaproving of any of those groups, people that I have met are pleasant, but it makes rugby union less popular, and soccer (with the occasional non-Japanese player, always South American) and baseball (with none or almost none at international level) more popular.

    In ancient war-time propaganda and previous animations, those that feature imported sports are always baseball or rugby.

    Relyiing on non-Japanese makes rugby union increasingly unpopular. There will be some attempt to whip enthusiasm up before the World Cup this year, I don’t think it will work much, dreading the influx of moronic supporters from other places, particularly England.

  60. Ace says:

    Thank you for your trouble to lay that all out for me. I think every state in the Union should be required to send at least one person to the White House so that for four years that state’s politics will be scrutinized. Clinton’s presidency sure shined a light on Arkansas’s politics.

  61. Ed says:
    @Dr. X

    University of Wisconsin is 2% black, Michigan 4%. The numbers are similar at California flagships. For all the hoopla over affirmative action and with dedicated diversity schemes, Texas-Austin is barely 4% black. Blacks are underrepresented at public flagships. It’s only at certain elite private schools that blacks punch in anywhere near their representation in the general population. Blacks although a linchpin group for the radical left aren’t the drivers of this nonsense, it’s mostly white women.

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I hate to say this but non-European racial minorities and the left, particularly leftist Jews, will be the death of America.

    They are ruining the country.

    But what does this say about Whites except that as a whole they are cowards afraid to confront minorities and Jews?

  63. Hcat says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    I thought East Asians were supposed to be superior to white people?

  64. @Priss Factor

    FYI that is Mindy Kaling’s brother

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    As murattoes win in sports in Japan, the media will promote them as New Heroes of Japan,and that will be more incentive for Japanese women to go jungaro feebah. You see, female loyalty is really to the winner, not to tribe or anything else.

    Quite the screed you’ve written. But I have to admit, nothing I ever did was so attractive (to both sexes) as winning big at a competitive sporting event. People threw themselves at me completely without shame.

    Separately, yes Kurosawa was a genius.

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