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Dissecting Tucker Carlson
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Tucker Carlson speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0

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For many on the dissident right, Fox News’ primetime anchor Tucker Carlson is a kind of hero. He’s pro-Trump and anti-liberal. He comes off as a true (“paleo”) conservative, and rails against the neo-con agendas of the dominant Right. He calls out attacks on Whites, both physical and ideological. He exposes lies and hypocrisy in the liberal mainstream media, especially at CNN and MSNBC. He is blunt, funny, and smart. What more could a White alt-righter hope for?

Lots, it turns out.

Night after night, Carlson manages to pull off a remarkable feat: He manages to criticize the self-serving lies and hypocrisy of the Left with an opposing but equally mendacious combination of self-serving lies and hypocrisy. This is no small task. He and his crew of scriptwriters must put in hours of work each day, to prepare for his masterful one-hour performances. And surely they have their own in-house censors and ideological gatekeepers who must approve all final topics, themes, wording, and guest-lists. But they succeed. Carlson’s Fox team is to be congratulated on achieving their goals, but they are to be utterly condemned for their pernicious, dissembling, malicious, and conniving presentations that masquerade as news. In what follows, I will make an attempt at dissecting Carlson and his crew, in order to lay bare the (occasional) insights and the (many) deceptions that he foists upon America each evening.

Let me start with his upbringing and family background. Now, in general, I try to avoid assigning blame for an individual’s faults to his past or his family. People are, for the most part, responsible adults, and must be held personally responsible for their own failings and shortcomings. But in this case, Carlson’s family history reveals a fairly lengthy tale of woe, malfeasance, and assorted immoralities; surely this has some bearing on his beliefs and actions as an adult. At a minimum, it helps us to better understand the man and his motivations.

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson was born in 1969 in San Francisco to Dick Carlson and Lisa McNear Lombardi. Both parents led troubled lives. Dick Carlson was born in Boston in 1941, to a 21-year-old male and a 15-year-old girl—a situation that today would qualify as statutory rape. Ashamed of her pregnancy, the girl gave baby Dick up for adoption. At the age of two, he was adopted by the Carlson family and took their name. Moving to California in his 20s, Dick became a freelance journalist, eventually becoming involved in a libelous story against the mayor of San Francisco. In the 1970s, Dick tried his hand at banking, but was soon involved in a political patronage scandal and accusations of dubious lending practices.[1]Dick Carlson ended up being interviewed by Mike Wallace for 60 Minutes, as part of the larger scandal. In the 1980s, after a failed run for mayor of San Diego, he was appointed chief propagandist (though of course they didn’t call it that) at the Voice of America radio station, under Reagan. In 1991, George H. W. Bush appointed him ambassador to Seychelles. Today, at age 79, he has settled into a comfortable retirement.

As for Tucker’s mother, Lisa, she was evidently a very—shall we say—flaky person. She married Dick in 1967, had Tucker in 1969 and then another boy in 1973, and then simply abandoned the family in 1975, when Tucker was six. Only a very disturbed woman would up and leave her husband and two young children for no apparent reason. Lisa’s whereabouts since that time remain a mystery.

Dick would eventually marry another troubled woman, Patricia Swanson, in 1979, when Tucker was 10 years old. Fortuitously, Patricia was an heiress to the Swanson Foods fortune, built up in the 1930s and 1940s by her grandfather, Carl Swanson. Her marriage to Dick was her third; at 18, she married a Jew, Howard Feldman, only to divorce a year later, and a second marriage ended in 1975. At any rate, Dick at least “married into money,” attaining by current standards a modest fortune. As they approach 80, both will soon be passing along a fair amount of money to Tucker.

In any case, Tucker led a privileged life from birth, despite his parental troubles. He grew up in the wealthy community of La Jolla, California, and was schooled in Switzerland and at the prestigious Trinity College in Connecticut, eventually earning a degree in history. Drawing on his father’s connections, he held various reporting and journalistic positions, eventually gaining his first television stint with CNN in 2000. Tucker jumped to MSNBC in 2005, and finally to Fox in 2009. In 2016, he was given his own program at that station.

Thus, by all accounts, Tucker is doing quite well for himself these days. His show on Fox recently earned the highest ratings ever for a cable news show. His salary is in the neighborhood of $6 million per year,[2]Significantly less than his competitor, Anderson Cooper at CNN, who earns around $12 million per year. and his net worth is variously estimated at $20 million to $30 million. At least his critiques of the wealthy of our country are well-sourced, given that he is a member of the very club that he loves to lambast.

The Tucker Model

Carlson seems to have been a life-long conservative, even during his tenures at CNN and MSNBC, where he played the conservative foil to the dominant liberal voices. So we need not doubt his sincerity on that matter, at least. But like all TV figures, he quickly learned how to “play the game” in order to get his share of airtime. The primary rule: never question, challenge, or ‘out’ your bosses; always stick to the party line. This of course is true pretty much everywhere, but in the news media, when your very job is to be an honest, diligent, and brave presenter of the truth, it seems particularly appalling to have to sacrifice basic morals—both personal and professional—simply to keep your job. Yes, much of the blame goes to the corporate bosses, who demand ideological conformity from their news teams, but blame also goes to the individual TV figures who allow themselves to be used and corrupted for the money and fame (an old story, I know).

This is particularly troublesome for the dissident right, because there are many who view Carlson as a real voice for their concerns, and as a courageous defender of the truth. But his real concern seems to be for himself and his fellow members of the wealthy elite, and his version of “the truth” leaves much to be desired.

Let’s start with what Carlson gets right. Yes, the Democrats are appalling hypocrites and liars. In the whole Covid crisis, Carlson has made much hay by exposing their double standards on things like mask-wearing, quarantine, haircuts, and salon visits. Yes, they will say and do nearly anything to defeat Trump and win the White House, and perhaps even Congress. Yes, Joe Biden is a near brain-dead dupe of party operatives, lacking in anything like personal principles or convictions. Yes, Miss AOC—or now, “Sandy” Cortez, as Tucker prefers—carries an outsized liberal influence and indeed has many “radical” policies she wants to implement. Yes, Democrats feign being environmentalists of the highest sort, and yet when in power they do little or nothing—witness the eight years of Clinton-Gore in the 1990s, or the eight Obama years. Democrats also claim to “support our troops” but find it impossible to end our hopeless foreign wars and bring the troops home, or to dismantle our global network of imperial military outposts that costs taxpayers upwards of $500 billion a year.

It’s a similar story on the media side: Yes, Tucker’s competing news celebrities at CNN and MSNBC are also appalling hypocrites and liars. He rightly calls out the blatant stupidity and ethical lapses of people like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon. CNN and MSNBC both are utterly predictable in which stories they present and which they don’t present, and Carlson has a field day with this. These are the kinds of things that earn him praise from the alt- and dissident right.

But let’s look a bit more closely at Tucker’s universe. In his world, things are relatively black-and-white. There are good things, and there are bad things. The Tucker ‘goods’ include: America, the American way of life, God (of the Judeo-Christian persuasion, of course), a second Trump presidency, capitalism, free trade, personal wealth, and unrestricted freedom of choice. These things are standard goods for conservatives, both paleo and neo-con, but not necessarily for the dissident right. Many in the DR see America as a failed state, as a disaster—at least in practice, if not also in theory. Many would like to see our present corrupt nation vanish into oblivion. Few in the DR are rich. Many see Trump as an embarrassment or worse, hardly worth defending. And many are at least skeptical, if not downright contemptuous, of the Judeo-Christian hoax and its ridiculous sky-god Jehovah.[3]Nietzsche’s account of Christianity is particularly appropriate on this count; see here.

On the other side, the Tucker ‘bads’ include: racism, anti-Semitism, White nationalism, Black Lives Matter, Antifa,[4]Both the term and the ideology have long roots, having been founded in Germany in the early 1930s. Only in the past four or five years has the concept assumed prominence in the US. riots and anarchy in the streets, unwinnable foreign wars like Afghanistan, the 9/11 attacks (involving “the Saudis”), Chinese global aggression (especially vis a vis Russian aggression), and climate change “alarmism.” Clearly and obviously for those in the DR, many of these things are in fact unconditional goods. Let’s go down the list in a bit of detail:

  • Racism, Tucker loves to repeat, is a great evil. “All men are created equal,” after all, according to his beloved Declaration. Both of these assertions are, of course, utter nonsense. The proper, positive reading of ‘racism’ is (a) to think in racial terms about all aspects of human society, and (b) to have an appropriate self-pride in one’s own race. Any sane and rational person would likely agree with this definition. Science, genetics, anthropology, and sociology all testify to the overriding importance of race or ethnicity in accounting for human values and behavior. And to not be proud of one’s own race is akin to hating one’s own family; normal, well-adjusted people have a positive self-image, and this applies to themselves, to their extended family, and to all those of their kind. Consequently, there is no meaningful sense in which all humans are equal—not in interests, abilities, values, predispositions, inclinations…nothing. If anything, humans are radically unequal. “Equal before the law” is trivial, relatively meaningless, and functionally-speaking not even true. “Equal under God” is sheer absurdity. Human equality is a fiction. Thus, any thinking, intelligent, and morally-intact person ought to be a ‘racist.’
  • Likewise, any thinking White is necessarily anti-Semitic, meaning, they recognize Jews as the primary threat to their collective well-being and indeed to the well-being of all humanity. To be openly and proudly anti-Semitic is to take a stand against the gang of criminals—the “planetary master criminals,” in the words of Heidegger—that have been plundering Western civilization for some two millennia.
  • White nationalism and White interests are of course the raison d’être of White activism. Whenever the topic crosses Carlson’s lips, however, it morphs into ‘white supremacy’ or ‘neo-Nazism’ and is summarily condemned. Whites never have valid interests as Whites, in his mind.
  • Antifa and BLM are motley collections of confused, self-hating, opportunistic, vicious, and mindless individuals, of all races (including Jews). They are loosely organized, if at all. Isolated hit-squads, perhaps assembled for pay, leap into action under their banners and make a big splash; but for the vast majority of Whites and the vast majority of American cities, they pose no real threat at all. Yes, they are contemptible, as Carlson says. Yes, they should be jailed, or worse. But no, they pose no existential threat to the DR movement. (Carlson’s main concern with them seems to be that they often target the wealthy, which hits too close to home for his comfort.)
  • Likewise, Tucker hates riots and anarchy because they threaten the comfortable order of the economic elites. But let’s get this straight: There are plenty of good reasons to be rioting in the streets—but George Floyd is not one of them. If we’re going to have riots, let’s do it, for example, over the American Judeocracy that has destroyed any semblance of fairness and justice in our society. Or over the $1 trillion spent every year in this country to maintain a global military hegemony, much of it on behalf of Jews and Israel. Or over the obscene accumulation of wealth by American Jews, amounting to as much as $50 trillion (see here). It’s not the rioting per se that is wrong; it’s the motivation behind it that matters. But Carlson will have none of this.
  • Both Iraq wars (1991 and 2003) and the war in Afghanistan were Jewish-instigated neo-con wars on behalf of Israel—period. They had nothing to do with American security. To this day, there are still some 5,000 troops in Iraq and about 7,000 in Afghanistan, fighting “terrorists” who might someday threaten Jews in Israel. This is an utter disgrace, and even a crime against humanity. It must end now, as Tucker says—though he will never speak the truth about these conflicts.
  • As for the 9/11 attacks, suffice to say that, once again, they seem to have been conducted on behalf Jewish and Israeli interests. To demonize the Saudis, as Carlson does, is to distract from the real issues at hand.
  • Distraction, too, seems to be his motivation for a focus on Chinese aggression rather than Russian. As a widely-detested global hegemon, the US naturally faces continual threats on many fronts. To pick out one or the other of these threats is to distract from the deeper issues involved. The short solution here is: stop being a hegemon, and you will have far fewer enemies.
  • Carlson claims to be an environmentalist, but it’s clear that he qualifies only as one of the shallow and instrumentalist types. By contrast, many in the DR have legitimate concerns about climate change and would like see this nation move toward less fossil fuels, while expanding protections for wilderness and undeveloped rural areas. Dare I add that the original dissident right, the National Socialists, placed great value on nature. Once again, Carlson is primarily concerned with the potential hit to his bottom line, and that of his fellow elites.

Tucker and the Jews

Finally we come to the black hole at the center of Carlson’s galaxy. And a supermassive one it is, too. Of that most influential, most wealthy, most corrupt, and most destructive of minorities, he offers us precisely nothing. Jews are all but invisible on the Tucker Carlson Show.

Correction: Jews qua Jews are invisible. He has plenty of them on his show, but they are almost never identified as such (of course not—because that would be RACIST!). Carlson’s regular Jews include Dr. Marc Siegel, Rick Leventhal, Mark Steyn (part-Jewish), and Dave Portnoy. The past few weeks have included several other Jewish appearances, including Glenn Greenwald, Alex Berenson, Seth Barron, and Dov Hikind. As on every news outlet, left, right, or center, Jews are massively over-represented. This is not an accident. For his part, Tucker seems more than happy to give the Jewish voice yet more airtime.

Yes, he condemns the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, and of Jeff Zucker and Michael Cohen, but again never as Jews. Their Jewishness is, for him, utterly irrelevant. Those of us who know better can see consistent patterns of behavior, clannish in-group defense, masterful lying, and an absolute lack of morality in these individuals. This is not a coincidence. We are dealing here with genetic, in-born traits that reach their highest and most ruthless fulfillment in such men. Wherever Jews number more than a fraction of a percent of the population, there will be Weinsteins and Epsteins, Zuckers and Cohens.

A typical Carlson viewer could be excused for thinking that such people as Jews didn’t even exist—unless it involves calling attention to anti-Semitism and Jewish victimhood. Apart from that, the word ‘Jew’ is virtually never uttered. Not even when it is most relevant; and not even when it involves the very people he loves to criticize the most. Consider the highly relevant and surely uncoincidental relationships between Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Jews. Take Biden, who has long had a cozy relationship with Jews, dating back at least to his fond memories of meeting Golda Meir in 1973. In early 2007, he famously stated that “I am a Zionist,” adding “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” (true enough).[7]On this and other related statements, see here. This certainly helped his political future, considering that the Judeophile and Judenknecht Obama soon thereafter chose him as his running mate.

But what secured Biden’s support among the American Judeocracy was surely his family connections. Joe had three children by his first wife: Beau, Hunter, and Naomi. The wife and one-year-old Naomi were killed in a car crash in 1972, but the two boys lived to adulthood (Beau died of brain cancer in 2015). Joe then had a fourth child, Ashley, by his second and current wife, Jill. Ashley married a Jewish doctor, Howard Krein, in 2012. Beau married a Jewish dry-cleaning scion, Hallie Olivere, in 2002; they had two children before he died in 2015. After his death, Olivere (now Hallie Biden) shamelessly began an affair with the alcoholic and married younger son, Hunter—he of the Ukrainian Burisma scandal fame. Hunter then divorced his first wife (Kathleen) to take up fulltime with the Jewess Hallie, but that relationship fell apart in 2018. After getting a stripper pregnant, Hunter then took up with another Jewess, “filmmaker” Melissa Cohen. They married in 2019 and had a boy in 2020.

Bottom line: All three of Biden’s adult children married Jews, and he has at least three Jewish grandchildren. This is remarkable, and surely not accidental. Jews flock to power, and those in power, at least the most depraved and corrupt ones, are only too happy to cement their Jewish family connections. The same holds, as we know, for the Clintons, Trump, and Nancy Pelosi, among many others.[8]One wonders what the children of these power-elites are thinking. What sane person would willingly marry into the lowest and most despicable minority on Earth? And then have children with them? Were they bribed? Coerced? Brainwashed? The topic is surely worthy of a book-length treatment in itself.

For her part, Kamala Harris married the Jew Doug Emhoff in 2014. As the offspring of an Indian mother and a Black Jamaican father, and now married to a Jew, Harris is a poster child for the degenerate racial mixing that passes for normality in liberal-Democratic circles these days. We can see why they praised her selection for VP.

But rest assured, you won’t be confronted with any of these ugly facts on the Tucker Carlson Show. No sir! Because that would be RACIST!

Perhaps the biggest Jewish problem, from Carlson’s standpoint, is the possible (likely?) Jewishness of his Fox corporate owners, the Murdoch family. The family patriarch, Rupert, now 89, has managed to obscure details of his family background. His mother, the former Elisabeth Greene (1909-2012), is claimed by some to have been Jewish. Journalist Richard Curtiss stated as much in 2003 (see here). There is a weird, possibly-doctored photo showing her looking quite chummy with an Australian rabbi (ibid.). And Rupert’s sister, Anne, apparently married a Jew named Kantor. Suggestive, but far from definitive.

But what is not in dispute is that the Murdoch empire has been relentlessly pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, and pro-Zionist for decades. Whether for personal, religious, or commercial reasons, the Murdochs have found it in their interest to sidle up to the Jews. This stance unquestionably works its way down the entire Fox media network, and thus we are unsurprised that the anchors avoid the whole topic whenever possible. The Jewish Question is, as always, That Which Shall Not Be Spoken.[9]I’m tempted to call it “the elephant in the room,” but that would be an insult to elephants, so I won’t.

It is particularly frustrating, though, when folks like Carlson actually provide cover and defense for the Jews. On many occasions, for example, he has stated or implied that Jews are White—that they benefit from “White privilege” or that they are targeted “because they are White.” Let me make this as clear as possible: Jews are not White—not in any relevant sense. Jews are White like Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal are Black; that is, only to the extent that it serves their interests to deceive. Yes, Jews’ skin tone matches ours, but that is merely an unfortunate and superficial fact of biology. To further obscure the issue, they use plastic surgery to hide the nose and to minimize the uniquely repulsive effects of Jewish aging. This allows them to circulate in White society unnoticed. But they are not White. Neither are Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, nor any other light-skinned Arabs or Middle Easterners. ‘White’ refers only to the indigenous people of Europe, Ukraine, and Western Russia. Jews are not White.

But this fact seems unable to penetrate Carlson’s skull, and thus he continues to perpetuate the “Jews are White” myth. Apparently he is unwilling or unable to grasp the alternative, namely, that Jews are a distinct ethnicity with distinct genetics, and therefore with distinct skills, abilities, values, and group interests—many of which directly conflict with those of Whites.

His sins against Whites are compounded by the fact that he is White himself. This situation is particularly galling to me and many in the DR. We can at least understand the patent self-interest when Jewish anchors like Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow (half), Chuck Todd, Ari Melber, and John Berman offer us biased reporting or lies of omission that benefit Jews. But for Whites and other non-Jews to do the same is utterly reprehensible. Carlson joins the likes of Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Chris Hayes among the leading White race-traitors in the mainstream media. No punishment is too severe for such betrayal.

Despite all this, Carlson has a path to salvation. Tucker, here it is: Pick a random night in the not too distant future, and go off script, live, and tell the truth about the Jews. You’re smart, you know the truth, just say it. When the inevitable firing comes, take it like a man. With $30 million in the bank, you’ve got more than enough for yourself, your kids, and your grandkids. Then use your fame to become a real advocate for the truth. Speak out against the Jewish monopolization of our power structure, and against Jewish malfeasance at all levels of society. They say you might even run for president in 2024. Imagine the commitment and support you would gain by speaking the truth. But do it now. There isn’t a moment to lose. We’ll be waiting.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books, including a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the book Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020). For all his works, see his personal website


[1] Dick Carlson ended up being interviewed by Mike Wallace for 60 Minutes, as part of the larger scandal.

[2] Significantly less than his competitor, Anderson Cooper at CNN, who earns around $12 million per year.

[3] Nietzsche’s account of Christianity is particularly appropriate on this count; see here.

[4] Both the term and the ideology have long roots, having been founded in Germany in the early 1930s. Only in the past four or five years has the concept assumed prominence in the US.

[5] See Mein Kampf (T. Dalton, trans), volume one.

[6] For more on Heidegger and Fichte, see my book Eternal Strangers (2020).

[7] On this and other related statements, see here.

[8] One wonders what the children of these power-elites are thinking. What sane person would willingly marry into the lowest and most despicable minority on Earth? And then have children with them? Were they bribed? Coerced? Brainwashed? The topic is surely worthy of a book-length treatment in itself.

[9] I’m tempted to call it “the elephant in the room,” but that would be an insult to elephants, so I won’t.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kevin123 says:

    Tucker goes as far as he can. I bet Tucker would love to be able to call out the Jew but he knows he would soon be out of a job even though he the most watched person on cable TV. Rick Sanchez was a very popular daytime host on CNN . He was fired for stating the obvious. Jews are not a persecuted people. Tucker is not perfect but he is the best we have.

    • Agree: follyofwar, Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  2. joe2.5 says:

    Thanks a lot. This made Carlson sound much better than I thought from the few times I had watched him. After reading your critique, he definitely sounds worth watching every time.

    • Agree: SteveK9
  3. 22pp22 says:

    Tucker is an unwoke as he can be ans stay employed.

    Thomas Dalton is a nobody and so nobody listens to him or cares what he says,

    • Agree: 36 ulster, Parsnipitous
  4. You come at Tucker with a jaundiced view. Perhaps if you were a WASP you’d get him better.

    • Replies: @Cho Seung-Hui
    , @BuelahMan
  5. Miha says:

    ‘What sane person would willingly marry into the lowest and most despicable minority on Earth? And then have children with them?’

    I.e., your mental status is suspect if you as a gentile, marry and have kids with a Jew (you know, that group of people who win 50% of the Science Nobel Prizes and are frequently found in commanding positions in life thanks to their generally impressive intellectual and other credentials). Actually if you accepted every Jewish Conspiracy theory published on this site, you’d might be even more ready to do it.

    One has to laugh. Anyway I’m glad is a genuine vehicle for free speech. Dalton should be encouraged to write more of this so that we can examine his arguments for what they are.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @Trinity
  6. LOL
    What a cheap shot. I’m not a conservative or liberal, I’m a centrist. Tucker is a as good as you’re going to get for no-spin truthfulness in modern American media. I also like Glenn Greenwald who is honest as well. You think that they are right and left? No, they are both honest and tell the truth as they see it.

    Spare the spin and tell the truth already!

  7. Rahan says:

    Despite all this, Carlson has a path to salvation. Tucker, here it is: Pick a random night in the not too distant future, and go off script, live, and tell the truth about the Jews.

    Naw, he’s a good enough “entry point” for the normies as it is now. Like Scott Adams the cartoonist. If both go up in a fiery display of JQ red-pilling, their fans won’t suddenly wake up. They’ll just lament how their favorite personalities “went barmy from the pressure”, while GloboHomo will have their final proof that yes, anyone who criticizes them in any way whatsoever, is in fact literally Hitler.

    Tucker should instead bide his time, the way Trump did. Then, when a window of opportunity opens (in years or in decades)–jump through, and start influencing the country for real. This is worth much more than having a public meltdown (as it will be experienced by the world) and dropping out of society forever.

    The “infiltrator and dismantler” type of Jews can’t achieve their aims, being a minority, without goyim allies. These goyim allies cannot appear without brainwashing through subverted and infiltrated institutions.

    Tucker and his ilk are busy pointing out the evils of the goyim allies of the “dismantler Jews” (who take over a society and then try to destroy it “in order to save the world”).
    His equivalents on the left, are busy pointing out the evils of the goyim allies of the “infiltrator Jews” (who take over a society and then use it as muscle for their schemes across the world).

    Hence the dismantler Jews constantly accusing the Right of antisemitism, and the infiltrator Jews constantly accusing the Left of antisemitism.

    In a sense both are right, because in both cases the sane folks of the Right and the Left are pushing back against the goyim allies of relevant Jews, without daring name the prime movers.

    And yes, this is also part of the good fight. This also needs to be done. It may not be suicidally glorious, but it’s necessary and dangerous work too. Anyone can simply “become a martyr in the fight against Jews”and be heroically destroyed. Any random Arab can and does do this every single day.

    Accomplishes crap all.

    • Agree: silviosilver
  8. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    I was hoping to see more about, e.g., Mr. Carlson’s Chinadiditry. He will always stick up for Uncle Sam.

    Thus, several of the (6) comments so far sound like the standard defense of Mr. Buchanan. What’s different is half of those are from first time (one-and-done?) “real handles.”

    • Replies: @anonymous
  9. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:


    To be clear, this

    Distraction, too, seems to be his motivation for a focus on Chinese aggression rather than Russian. As a widely-detested global hegemon, the US naturally faces continual threats on many fronts. To pick out one or the other of these threats is to distract from the deeper issues involved. The short solution here is: stop being a hegemon, and you will have far fewer enemies.

    deserves further analysis. No pundit will survive in the mainstream media unless he’s an orthodox Exceptionalian.

  10. Anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    Never trust the “media” and other celebrities. They will betray you even if you like what they happen to be saying at any point in time.

    Now Carlson could’ve had a perfectly idyllic family life (and who’s to say he didn’t, having a rich stepmother is no worse than being raised by a mentally-ill woman), and he still would be what he is now – a mouthpiece.

  11. Trinity says:

    Excellent article and SPOT ON.

    I recently stated on another thread that people like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, and Patrick Buchanan actually do more harm than good in the long run. These people speak the truth about 90% of the time, but by leaving out the MOST IMPORTANT 10%, they are doing the American public a HUGE DISSERVICE. People can clearly see what Blacks are doing to this country, they can clearly see how nonwhites are being allowed to flood OUR WHITE NATIONS, but they have no idea who is behind it. Ann Coulter in her book, “Adios America,” blamed the 1965 Immigration Reform Act aka the Hart-Celler Act on Ted Kennedy, when we all know the main culprits were (((Emanuel Celler))) and (((Jacob Javits.)))

    Since the days of Woodrow Wilson, the JQ and their agenda to usurp power in this country has been visible for all of those with a pulse and an ounce of intellectual curiosity to search for what is going wrong or why is this happening to OUR country. We have had CREDIBLE truth speakers like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, etc., speak out against this very real subversion of our nation, but PEOPLE REFUSED TO REALLY TAKE THE THREAT SERIOUS. The simple FACT THAT JEWS CANNOT BE CRITICIZED BY THE MEDIA PROVES THAT THEY HAVE ALREADY HIJACKED THE NARRATIVE AND CONTROL OUR MEDIA, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, ACADEMIA, AND DARE I SAY WASHINGTON, D.C.

    Who can forget when the late James Traficant was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren and Sean Hannity aka Pawn Vanity, ( Hannity is perhaps one of the biggest if not the biggest shabbos goy on the Jew tube.) Traficant told how much Israel decides what goes on in Washington, D.C. and of course was questioned whether he was an “anti-Semite” by both Greta and shabbos goy, Sean. To Greta’s credit, she didn’t go over the top, but Pawn Vanity put on Oscar winning performance. The late Traficant would not back off and would not deny that Israel controls Washington, D.C.

    RIP Mr. Traficant. Don’t know much about you or your political career and bad toupee aside, YOU PROVED YOURSELF AN AMERICAN HERO NO MATTER WHAT YOU MAY HAVE DONE IN THE PAST. THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUT.

  12. GeeBee says:

    An excellent article from a highly respected writer, whom I am glad has been given space at Unz, thus further expanding a growing team from the ‘Dissident Right’, with the likes of Gregory Hood and Laurent Guyenot.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, several commenters have already revealed themselves to be rather narrow-minded, if not actually blinkered, regarding the DR movement. All that Thomas Dalton writes is foundational to this growing socio-political phenomenon, which – as with National Socialism in the 1930s and ’40’s – seeks a ‘Third Way’ between the failed systems of Finance Capitalism (aka Neo-Liberalism) on the one hand and the various Marxian derivative forms of what is laughingly called ‘socialism’ on the other. Both are corrupt, both fail utterly to serve the interests of ‘the people’ and these failings in both cases are entirely deliberate – unsurprisingly so, bearing in mind that they are both tools that are carefully designed to serve the Money Power, and especially Jewish interests.

    That these ‘Conservatism Inc’ commenters are blinkered does not of course mean that their hearts are not in the right place. It is, however, vitally important that men such as Thomas Dalton point out that the likes of Tucker Carlson operate as ‘controlled opposition’. Many well-intentioned traditionalists and solid, populists (call them ‘right-wing’ if you must – I prefer to stick to Traditionalist) are lured into cheering them on, when in reality, pundits such as Carlson serve the interests of their masters (and indeed their own sort), which is to say the Neo-Liberal oligarchy.

    We’ll get there in the end, and Mr Dalton’s article is a fine step along the way.

  13. I don’t know how anyone with a brain can say Antifa and BLM are a loosely coordinated non-threat considering how much money they receive from big foundation, NGO’s, and corporations, and how much they’re glorified and defended by the mainstream media. It makes me think this clown is some controlled opposition agent in the alt-right. Also, his anti-Christian hate is absurd.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  14. Trinity says:

    Besides the JQ, yet another thing that people like Tucker Carlson, Coulter & crew need to DROP ASAP is this ridiculous worship of MLK. IF Michael King were alive today he wouldn’t be voting republicant, ( of course, the republicants kiss Black and Jew ass just as much as the demsheviks) but the “reverend” Martin Luther King would be a leading advocate of (((BLM))) and leading the Cancel Whitey Culture movement. Saint Martin is ALMOST as untouchable as the JQ in this SICK nation we reside in. We are constantly reminded that Washington and Jefferson were not saints, and I can buy that, most human beings are POS and very few even come close to being decent, honest, selfless and courageous, so don’t expect me to believe that our Founding Fathers were totally 100% perfect either, NO MAN OR WOMAN IS, but MLK? Give me a break. The guy was a cheat, a plagiarizer, a liar, skirt chaser who beat up White prostitutes. I once had a conversation with a Black lady who I worked with in Albany, Georgia in the early 1980s. She was living in Albany when the “reverend” Martin Luther King came to town and she told me that the “doctor” who wasn’t a “doctor” known as Martin Luther King was chasing women left and right trying to get his groove on. Was this lady telling it? Who knows, but I tend to believe she was keepin it a hunnert, cuz.

  15. sonofman says:

    First of all, Tucker Carlson’s upbringing and family background is irrelevant to his job and serves no purpose to even be mentioned here.

    Why should he, as a political commentator, focus upon the power of organized Jewish narcissism when they have only 6% representation in the US government? The black hole is not Jewish influence, but rather the representatives who allow themselves to be corrupted by that influence (and the voters who elect without a comprehensive analysis of the candidate and party finances). As Roger Stone mentioned, The Jewish lobby is just one of many seeking to influence an 88% Christian government.

    He’s right about “racism” being exploited.

    “White” is the new “nigger”. It used to be a simple generalization for European Americans, but the MSM and social media narrative has turned every noun that it precedes (nationalism, interests) into a derogatory invective.

    Anti-semitic? Pllllllease. This, along with “racist”, is the witless ad hominem attack against people who utterly destroy the narrative with facts, statistics, logic and common sense.

    The threat are the BLM and Antifa puppetmasters.

    There is absolutely no reason for the crush, kill and destroy rioting.

    The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were approved by the Christian majority US government.

    The 9/11 examination and murder investigation is an issue that should still be the priority of all journalists, every day.

    Russia aggression does not exist, so there is nothing to report about. And the Chinese? What goes around, goes around goes around, comes all the way back around, yeah….

    The comment about the degree of Tucker Carlson’s environmentalist-ism is opinion speculation.

    Tucker Carlson does get most things right because he makes a lot of sense. It’s no coincidence that he is so popular because he is a champion for sanity.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  16. @sonofman

    Herewith a major correction: you say that Jews have “six percent representation” in the federal government. That is not even close to correct.

    Of the US Supreme Court’s nine seats, three were held by Jews until Ginsburg’s death. That is 33.3%.

    Assuming Barrett is confirmed next month, Jews will still constitute 2 of 9 “justices”, i.e. 22.2%.

    As of 2017, the entire federal judiciary was almost one-fifth Jewish:

    The Supreme Court is just a wee bit important as a lever of fed gov power and policy, as are the lower federal courts.

    Then there is the US Senate. Despite being only two percent of the population of perhaps 350 million, Jews hold nine Senate seats, which is nine percent.

    I don’t know why you are understating jewish control of the fed gov so badly. I wonder.

    • Replies: @sonofman
  17. Anon1488 says:

    It is hard to discern what motivates this article. Don’t become too much of an ideologue that you fall into these purity spirals. Clearly Tucker is not part of our movement and probably views us as reprehensible, but on balance he serves an incredibly useful role simply by virtue of pushing back from a prominent perch against the MSM judeo-left’s groupthink. So what is the reason for a criticism of such length here? I think it’s best to simply let him continue to serve his function. Separately, the dissident right must focus on creating our own alternative media ecosystems and growing their influence. The information war is currently of the most vital importance. Tucker will never be a part of this and is tangentially related.

  18. Trinity says:

    Thanks for the 411 on Tucker Carlson’s “upbringing” which explains a great deal and usually determines how far someone will go and what kind of risks someone will take. It will take a man of the people to come along and lead the people, not some silver spoon guy that was schooled in Switzerland. It took a man who lived in flophouses, went hungry, fought in a World War and struggled to eek out an existence to turn Germany around in ONLY 5 years.

    The only time a hero emerges from the privileged class is in the comic books and his name is Bruce Wayne, not Tucker Carlson. Tucker NEVER had to attend schools loaded with hoodrats and other predatory vermin. When was the last time Tucker used public transportation in his stints in Washington and other large Northeastern cities? This makes me think about the time comedian Dennis Miller called out that HYPOCRITE Bill O’Reilly. I always thought Miller was a Jew but he isn’t according to Jew or Not A Jew site, he sure looks a little Jewy. Anyhow, Miller and O’Reilly used to have a segment and O’Reilly complained about the traffic going from his Long Island home into work and Miller asked O’Reilly what did he care because O’Reilly had a driver who drove him to and from work. smdh. My gawd, some out of touch soft dishrag like O’Reilly or Tucker is not a leader of men and neither is the Orange Clown. To Tucker’s credit, he has done a RELATIVELY good job, but look at the competition???? Anyone with an ounce of REAL credibility will not be on the Jew Tube. Example: (((They))) won’t ever have Dr. David Duke on and give him a fair debate, the last time I saw Dr. Duke on Bill O’Reilly, Bill the Shill wouldn’t even allow the man to talk, much less debate him.

  19. Wyatt says:

    Actually if you accepted every Jewish Conspiracy theory published on this site, you’d might be even more ready to do it.

    Can you explain the presence of Jewish neocons in the Bush Administration who pushed for and got wars in the Middle East that exclusively benefited Israel, the theft of American nuclear triggers by Jews, the presence of Israeli agents (with forged Port Authority work passes) in the Twin Towers in the days prior to 9/11 or the Lavon Affair?

    One wonders at the sheer number of “Jewish conspiracies” when those conspiracies always seem to leave tracks and have direct benefits for Israel. You would think a people with so many prizes in the sciences and “credentials,” they’d be able to achieve what the Chinese in Singapore have made: a highly developed, wealthy state reliant on finance and STEM because they have no natural resources. It might have to do with the culture of insularity that has formed from Talmudic, askhenazic Judaism that makes them unable to get along with their neighbors, be they whites or Palestinians. That is also the same insularity that has made them inbred and prone to a number of mental illnesses like paranoia and schizophrenia.

    At the very least, can you tell me why Nick Cannon was allowed to make his anti-white screed, but the moment he touched the kikes, he had to apologize and prostrate himself before his Jewish masters?

    • Thanks: Trinity
  20. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Correction Tucker doesn’t have a one hour show. He has a half hour, 30 minutes of speaking in between 30 minutes of commercials. The show is actually 20 3 minute segments alternative between 3 minutes of Tucker and 3 minutes of commercials.

    The DR doesn’t have to tell the awful truth about Michael King. Just ignore him. But they continuing praising him to the skies.

  21. Trinity says:

    Nobel Prizes have been awarded to people like Barack Obama for doing nothing and Bob (((Dylan))) aka Zimmerman for goodness sake. The (((Nobel Prize))) only matters to idiots who actually believe that sort of shit. Kind of like the Oscars where Jews masturbate to how great their idiotic filth or moronic comic book movies are by awarding each other trophies. No one but idiots were even paying to go to theaters before the Jew Flu hit, (((these people))) can’t even create a decent movie anymore. Everything is comic book movies, sequels or remakes, even remakes of remakes. smdh at how little talent Jewywood has out there.

    “One has to laugh.” Well, yeah, we are laughing but (((you))) are the one who we are laughing at, (((troll.))) smdh and lolololol.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  22. @Kevin123

    Although there is much merit in what Mr. Dalton writes, his argument ultimately fails. What good would it do us on the DR if Tucker told the whole truth and lost his platform? He doesn’t Name the Jew, but, I watch every night, and he doesn’t go around praising Israel either. When he condemns our endless ME wars (no other political talk show goes there), just read between the lines.

    The old saw applies here: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good!

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  23. @Jamesvkruse

    Why is anti-Christian hate absurd? Many of us, raised as god-fearing Christians, no longer believe in the fairy tale that a sky-god impregnated a virgin. Christianity is just a spin-off from Judaism, after all.

    In the US, Christianity lost its way one hundred years ago when it rejected 20 centuries of teaching, (going back to St. Paul), and made nearly universal the barbaric Jewish rite of infant male circumcision. No other predominately White country has done so. The US Christians who embrace mutilation of an innocent infant’s flesh, which is what circumcision is, should pray for their forgiveness.

  24. Trinity says:

    Well, Tucker and the rest of (((the media))) have no problem identifying China, Russia, or any other race, color, or creed so why should Jews be off limits? Jewish Privilege, anyone? Oops, I forgot, (((they))) control the narrative so that way they are always not guilty of anything and it is always the other guy’s fault. I guess if Paul Revere were alive today, he would have to say the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming, instead of uttering the J-word. Just imagine IF (((Epstein Pedo Island))) had been run by a bunch of Chinese, or Russians, or how about Iranians? Do you think (((the media))) would have a problem identifying the guilty party or identifying them by their nationality, race, color, or creed? I am sure (((the media))) would have connected the dots had the people been Russkies or Iranians. Don’t you love it when people like Rick Sanchez or Helen Thomas say Jews control the media and (((the media))) that Jews aren’t supposed to control prove they control it by firing people like Sanchez and Thomas who tell the truth about Jews controlling the media.

  25. sonofman says:

    I should have said Congress. The Supreme Court does not make laws. The Senate and the House are responsible for the distribution of taxpayer’s money. I am not understating Jewish control. I am emphasizing the fact that the elected representatives of Americans allow themselves to be controlled by a minority faction. This should be the forefront of every political discussion; not who controls, but what motivates politicians, who are consigned with objective power and who are comitted to defending the Constitution and the interests of the American people, to overstate the importance and act with too much preference to a wealthy foreign hierarchy.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  26. Very typical of the kind of garbage I’ve come to expect from this writer.

  27. Dan Hayes says:

    Praise Where Praise Is Due.

    Who else except Carlson would have the decency to devote time tonight (9/28/2020) on an absolutely top-rated national television program to honor the memory of the late Prof Steve Cohen.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  28. @sonofman

    The SCOTUS doesn’t make laws? Nonsense! They make final, big time Federal law dictating to every aspect of our lives with every opinion they offer up. SCOTUS re-writes every law (local state and federal) that comes before it with just a decision, that is then empowered with overwhelming Federal force. That’s making laws. SCOTUS is big-time law since Earl Warren. And that kids, is why these Supreme Court pics are such bloody feuds.

    • Agree: Alden
  29. The author’s anti-Christianity doesn’t help. White Christians have babies – white atheists and white neopagans don’t. Also, you alienate (completely) huge numbers of whites by being anti-Christian. You don’t have to be a believer yourself.

  30. @John H. Stewart

    What does being a WASP have to do with this?

  31. Perhaps someone with industry experience can elaborate on this, but I read somewhere that the real reason why old media really started to rot without anyone noticing is that their legacy monetization model become technologically obsolete. No grand conspiracy or anything. They just need to make money to continue to exist and servicing the rich (as opposed to charging for papers) is how they do so.

    I’m too young to really know what mainstream publications were like before the internet but the impression I get is that the New York Times and Washington Post were (more) legitimate sources of information 30 years ago. Many Boomers seems oblivious to all this.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Alden
  32. Trinity says:
    @Cho Seung-Hui

    The NYT and Washington Post along with all other newspapers and news outlets HAVE BEEN LYING TO AMERICA FOR AT LEAST A CENTURY NOW. Hell, longer than a century. Back in WWI they reported that Germans aka the Huns were spearing Belgian babies with bayonets to try and lure America into the WWI. PURE BULLSHIT, just like most of what was reported on WWII and the so-called, “holocaust.”

    Like Tucker Carlson, the media then as now wouldn’t touch Jewish crimes and war crimes. The people in power knew of the Holodomor and it is proven that they knew Jews were behind the takeover of Russia and many controlled the gulags and helped orchestrate the systematic starvation of millions in the Ukrainian Genocide/Holodomor. America sided with this evil regime and helped enslave half of Europe under Jewish/Communist rule after the war. Yep, the media wouldn’t dare talk about Jewish crimes against humanity but they were more than happy to INVENT PROPAGANDA about Germans spearing babies, turning Jews into bars of soap or lampshades, gassing Jews, blah, blah, blah… Kind of like now, how they completely coverup the atrocities committed against Palestinians or the brutal murders of Whites in South Africa.

  33. conatus says:

    Tucker Carlson says good stuff on cable TV you will not hear anywhere else. He calls people names and is as blunt speaking as you are allowed to be in the Land of the Free.  Carlson skates that fine invisible line of criticism night after night after night and sometimes he pushes a little and then ….he goes fishing. Bravo for him. He has the four and a  half million viewer podium and he handles it very well.  Leave him alone. Be happy with what little you get in the Home of the Brave. Jewish people are not perfect but they act like they are, and public criticism is not allowed. It would be better for them to let a little steam out of the kettle, but they don’t and they won’t.  And if they really have fifty trillion, like Dalton says, they are in control of a lot of American culture.
    Mr. Dalton’s obvious frustration with this lopsided situation comes through very clearly.But he can’t ask Tucker Carlson to commit career hari-kari over his own frustration. Besides, think about it, if Carlson did what Dalton asked, not only would he disappear down the memory hole (like Sanchez), his kids would have to move and change their names. Carlson would have to pay triple for his fishing guides and they would tell him to use a streamer when he should be using a midge.
    And one of the few voices singing from a different choir would be gone.

    • Agree: Alden
  34. BuelahMan says:
    @John H. Stewart

    I’m a WASP and I say that Carlson covers for the jew. Constantly.

  35. Alden says:
    @Cho Seung-Hui

    NYSlimes and Washington Post were never honest. They always lied about everything. I can remember their lies back to the 1970s.

  36. AndrewR says:

    Damn Dalton you’re a retard. Congrats Unz on letting this mouth-breather shit up your site

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