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“Die”: the Unlimited Radicalism of Antifa
Enforcer For Democrats (And, Tacitly, Conservatism Inc.)
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In the alien invasion movie Independence Day, the beleaguered President of the United States, hoping he can forge some kind of a peace which will at least allow the survival of the human race, pleads, “What is it you want us to do?” The alien’s response is simple. “Die.”

The mind of a rational person rebels at the suggestion of such an unlimited, existential conflict. After all, reasonable people should always be able to come to some kind of a compromise, some settlement which will avoid violence and chaos. But there are some people who cannot be reasoned with, whose objectives are so unlimited and irrational that not only compromise, but co-existence with them is impossible.

Americans face such an existential threat in the form of the Leftist vigilante group that calls itself AntiFa. And now American have the first examination of the so-called “anti-fascists” from a patriot perspective in a new book Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt-Left. (Published by the eccentric but basically orthodox conservative website WND, the book oddly lists no author).

Antifa have been plaguing immigration patriots for many years. But it’s only recently that the average American has become aware of their existence. The attacks on Trump supporters during and after the presidential campaign has made Americans aware of what the president eventually termed the “Alt-Left.

Of course, most Establishment conservatives were using the term “Alt” as simply a synonym for “bad.” And their typical criticism of the black-clad thugs was that they were “the real fascists.” The huckster Dinesh D’Souza has built an entire career in presenting this alternate history to the gullible and well-meaning [America: Imagine A World Without Her, by Gregory Hood, CounterCurrents, July 17, 2017].

Structured as a “Special Report,” Antifa rejects this Conservatism Inc. cliché and provides an accurate history of the rise of fascism as well as anti-fascism. It argues the entire debate about fascism and “anti-fascism” is essentially backwards: Fascism arose as a reaction to the Communist revolution in Russia and the attempted Communist revolutions in Hungary, Slovakia and parts of Germany:

“Without communist revolution and without the vanguard leftist parties that launched those revolutions, there would have been no reason for fascism ever to exit,” the anonymous author writes. “Essentially, the communist revolutionaries and their ‘direct action’ tactics had created their own nemesis capable of defeating them in the streets and willing to compete with them for the loyalty of the workers.

Similarly, instead of arising as a response to fascism, the modern Antifa movement was “just a brand for already existing communist and anarchist activists”—yet another “front group” in the long line of “front groups” the Reds have cobbled together throughout their bloody history.

In some ways, the brand hasn’t even developed since the 1930s, as contemporary Antifa still use the “flags within flags” and “three arrows” logos first created by the German Communists (KPD) and Socialist (SPD) parties.

“Anti-fascism,” as the author details, has been a remarkably consistent slogan of the Totalitarian Left in all its manifestations. From the Berlin Wall (the “Anti Fascist Protection Rampart”) to the British “Anti Nazi League” (a creation of the Socialist Workers Party), this Left (including left-anarchists such as the “autonomists”) always frames itself as the only defense against “fascism.” Of course, by “fascists,” it means everyone else in the world.

Given current events, it’s worth noting most of Orwell’s Homage To Catalonia is about the vicious infighting between various Spanish leftist factions, all ostensibly at war with Francisco Franco. And as Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt-Left points out, Spanish Republican heroine Dolores Ibarruri, who famously utilized the Antifa No Pasarán! slogan during the Battle for Madrid, was a Stalinist who thoroughly approved of the bloody purges against Trotskyists and anarchists because she claimed they were “fascists.”

Indeed, Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt-Left is a critical warning to every American, not just conservatives, that they are all being targeted by Antifa. Just as every Communist regime has always violently targeted “wreckers” to explain policy failures, so must Antifa target ever increasing number of “fascists” as the impossible (and undesirable) goal of “equality” remains forever over the horizon.

No one can even define “racism” anymore; being “colorblind” has gone from the definition of anti-racism to proof of white supremacy within only a few years. [Colorblindness: the New Racism? By Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs, Teaching Tolerance, Fall 2009]

As Antifa’s author notes:

[T]he process of continuous social revolution has no limits. Average citizens may say they are opposed to “racism” but… that word is being continuously redefined so that almost everyone who is not actually Antifa is a “racist,” and therefore a target. Words such as “ableism,” “heteronormativity,” or “transphobia” would have drawn confused stares from the vast majority of the population even a few years ago. Today, they are seen as grounds to get someone fired from his or her job or attack him or her in the street.

As “Anti-fascism” quite explicitly defines itself as anti-liberal (in the classical sense of liberalism), repudiates the right to free speech and takes upon itself the responsibility to enforce though violence a remarkably narrow definition of what people can and cannot say, it is of course quintessentially totalitarian. And, not surprisingly, it is Main Stream Media journalists, who themselves now operate almost entirely as commissars, who enable these terrorists by consistently providing them adoring coverage and spearheading their attack campaigns. Indeed, reporters keep running interference for Antifa even as Antifa itself keeps physically attacking them [Physical assault on journalists’ rap sheet reveal Antifa 10 – Trump Supporters 0, by John Nolte, Breitbart, August 31, 2017].


Of course, many “conservatives” don’t particularly want to hear this either. After all, Conservatism Inc. has a long history of tacitly working with Antifa to police “the movement.” Thus National Review was silent when Antifa began closing down American Renaissance conferences, even suppressing a diary item by John Derbyshire—because American Renaissance had made devastating criticisms of National Review’s cuckservatism and its betrayal of immigration patriotism that the NR girlyboys could not answer, especially while pursuing their real careers as MSM token rightists.

And the Beltway Right is hardly interested in a serious discussion of political history anyway. It’s quite content to voice platitudes about Progressives of being “the real fascists.”

But Antifa demonstrates that “anti-fascism” is not merely Left Totalitarianism, but now deeply anti-White. All efforts by well-meaning grassroots conservatives to try to prove they are not “fascist” or “racist” are doomed to failure: “By definition, Antifa must have enemies that can be dehumanized as evil and dangerous; otherwise they lose their entire reason for existence.”

Indeed, many European-Americans are starting to understand the demands for “equality” were never about equality. The goalposts will always be moved; the demands for more concessions and redistribution of wealth always increased. No matter how much conservatives (and whites in general) give, the Establishment Left, following in the train of its Antifa vanguard, will always demand more.

Immigration patriots also should pay careful attention to Antifa. Many grassroots Americans continue to show a baffling naivete when it comes to the immigration debate. It’s not uncommon to hear conservatives, or even Trump supporters, say they want to “be fair” to DACA recipients or welcome legal, as opposed to illegal, immigrants. But claims that illegals are “new Americans” are just as dishonest as claims that Antifa are simply “opposed to fascism.” In both cases, friendly -sounding propaganda is used to conceal a far more radical agenda.

In his weird way, and perhaps despite himself, Donald Trump has forced many Republicans into recognizing the Antifa threat at last. Antifa: What Americans Need To Know About The Alt-Left is an indication that mainstream conservatives are finally waking up to the terrifying reality of the American Left’s paramilitaries.

And perhaps it is a sign average Americans will no longer allow their declared enemies to tell them what they are allowed to think, say, and hear.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Antifa, Conservative Movement 
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  1. Pretty slick. TPTB turned Occupy Wall Street into an anti-Alt.Right terror group which allows Wall Street to go about their thievery without examination by their former tormentors. Most are Bernie supporters, but Hillary’s “people” are sprinkled in, too. Antifa is vile, hooded, violent and protected by police departments all over the country for pretty much anything they want to do and whatever crimes they wish to commit. All their protest years ago against the thievery Wall Street, the banks, especially the IMF and World Bank commits is over. Protests against the endless wars, over. They are now reassigned the task of terrorizing the campuses, Republican events and gatherings.

    Which means, they were only ever a terror group and it doesn’t and never did matter the who or the why, only the “when”, as directed.

    Well done, banks and Wall Street. Well done.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Talha
    , @alexander
  2. Talha says:
    @Jim Christian

    Hey Jim,

    Very interesting take. That would be an incredibly masterful strategic move if what you say is true. And you are right – the Occupy movement seems to have done a complete about face.


  3. KenH says:

    That’s why I always cringe when some conservative talking heads, like D’Souza, compare violent leftists to the brownshirts and claim violent leftists and rightists are really on the same team. Nazism and their brownshirt skull crackers arose in response to the red terror engulfing Germany after WWI. And you don’t defeat the radical left by refraining from violence or by being country nice.

    The left has spewed so much bile and hatred towards right of center whites that I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually learn that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was far lefty whack job who hated Trump, Republican and the “deplorables” and a much smarter and more lethal version of James Hodgkinson. He was dating a “me so horny” Asian woman so there was obviously some level of deracination and alienation on his part.

    The authorities have shown little inclination to deal with antifag violence and those of like groups. Similarly, left wing media personalities and politicians refuse to restrain their own passions and those of their left wing mobocrats. So at some point rightist Americans are going to have to create an American version of the brownshirts to deal with the violent left wing tyrants and radicals in the general population since it is they and not us who are creating an untenable and unacceptable state of affairs.

    • Agree: SMK
  4. Gleimhart says:

    [Choose one Handle and stick to it, or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise, your comments may get trashed.]

    I wouldn’t buy any book from WND. It is a hyper-pro-Jewish-Israel website. They will merely label “communists” and “the Left” but not point out that such things are essentially Jewish.

    • Replies: @nickels
  5. @KenH

    Nazism and their brownshirt skull crackers arose in response to the red terror engulfing Germany after WWI. And you don’t defeat the radical left by refraining from violence or by being country nice.

    Yep, I’m glad Mr. Kirkpatrick brought this up. All the history of the near-death by Communism of Germany in the 1920’s-’30’s seems to have been (conveniently?) forgotten. This is from PeakStupidity in a post about the new “Bizarro Germany” (i.e. everything is the opposite) they’ve got going on there now under the ex-Commie Merkel.

    Adolf Hitler was a man who came to power in terrible economic times for his country. One doesn’t hear very much about all the background of 1920’s Germany and the fact that the Communists, supported by the Soviets by then already entrenched in Russia, were all about making Germany into another Commie “workingman’s paradise”. The Nazi’s formed, with many ex-officers of the WWI-defeated German army, partly to save the country from this threat. At this time, due to a terrible deal from the treaty of Versailles (ending WWI), Germany was in a world of hurt economically. The deal did not give the country enough room to recover economically, and hyperinflation occurred to the point of wiping out most savers (those holding paper/account assets in German Marks). The social situation was getting pretty weird too, as I’ve read. ….

    The beginning of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” includes the Communists’ part in the Nazi tragedy.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Che Guava
  6. First of all, another great article, Mr. Kirkpatrick, with some truth you don’t hear very much. I just read Mr. Gleimhart’s comment, but I am still surprised that World Net Daily wrote some of this. I used to read a few articles on their site a decade ago or so, and they seemed like a branch office of Conservative, Inc.

    Another reason I’m glad to see the word “Communist” in use here, along with those comparisons to the commies of yesteryear is this: It seems like many of the alt-righters, here and elsewhere, are always bringing up points about using the “correct” terms for these antifa people. “No, they are not Communists. They don’t even know what Marxism is. No, ‘Cultural Marxism” is the wrong term.”, etc. Many think calling these people Communists is just out-of-date Cold-War-era stuff, and we are hold-outs from a different era. They never think about the fact that we won the EXTERNAL Cold War, but have been almost completely defeated in the INTERNAL Cold War.

    I don’t know all the local history of a century ago, but I kind of wonder if most of the Commies of old didn’t really give a rat’s ass about Karl Marx either. Sure, the useful idiots didn’t, but I think even some of the bigger shots did not really care what it was all about in principle. Like the antifa violent clueless morons of today, they just want to gain power and stuff. Hard work, diligence, and morals are just too much effort for them.

    The tactics of the antifa very much resemble those of the people the brownshirts formed up to fight in the streets back then, like rhyming history. Those brownshirts were derided for using the same tactics, fighting fire with fire. If you’re a Commie, you can’t have that. I don’t know how it will go down here – America is laid out much differently geographically, economically, and politically, but mainly, we have lots more guns. More here on these new Commies.

    • Replies: @Logan
  7. Kirt says:

    Sounds like an interesting book and a valid analysis. That said, the Antifa is far from being an existential threat to the country or even especially terrifying unless you happen to be caught in the middle of a bunch of them. Communist street action and terrorism was far more widespread in the US during the late 1960’s and early ’70’s. The apparent desire of many on the right to recruit Vegas shooter Paddock for the Antifa is the strange mirror image of the desire of the Daesh jihadists to recruit him for themselves. Without Paddock, I don’t think the Antifa have taken even one life. Now maybe Paddock will turn out to be Antifa or something pretty close to that but I think we need a bit more evidence than an Asian girlfriend. In any event, this is not “Weimar America”. We are in the process of losing two or three colonial wars (a good thing) but most of the people in the US don’t even really notice we are involved in those wars. It’s not like Germany losing WWI and then suffering a million starvation deaths from the British blockade. But let’s see what happens November 4, shall we? I’m expecting saturation media coverage but not much else.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  8. @Kirt

    I’m expecting saturation media coverage but not much else.

    Hope so, but in addition to the coverage, I expect more of the same even along the lines of another Dallas up to and including another Vegas. I’m not sure there’s any limit to the destruction at this point. Waiting in the wings? The Norks, the investigations. It all has a very touchy feel to it. A little hinky.

  9. Max Payne says:

    Hey! Don’t mistaken MOVIE Picard with TV Picard.

    TV-show Picard is this enlightened intellectual. He only uses violence as a last resort and always follows his conscious and a strict code of ethics.

    Movie Picard (linked above) is a crazed violent psychopath.

    Remember what TV-Picard said:

    There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute….

    I’m sorry Picard you had to be brought into this blasphemous discussion. Please forgive us.

    • LOL: Talha
  10. Wally says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    A tragedy indeed, but that tragedy does not include the impossible and quite absurd ‘6m Jews & 5M others’.

    The Big Lie is just that.


    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum displays standard German air-raid shelter door, describing it as the door to a gas chamber at Majdanek
    see text.

  11. Logan says:

    Pretty much true.

    However, I’d like to point out that antifa is a threat to the US in the same sense as Islamism is a threat to western civilization. Both movements do not of themselves begin to have enough power to destroy their enemies. Their only real advantage is that their enemies appear to be determined to commit suicide.

    • Agree: AndrewR
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  12. Wally says:

    Undercover video shows Democrat “operatives” admitting they incited violence at Trump rallies.

  13. Logan says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    This is all perhaps an argument over semantics, but I suggest that there is very little indeed that is Marxist about antifa, at least if by “Marxist” you mean “follower of the teachings of Karl Marx.”

    Marx built a very well-developed ideology. But among its absolutely key points were the unimportance of any divisions between people other than socio-economic ones, the critical importance of “ownership of the means of production,” and the dialectic process of society advancing with scienticfic inevitability toward a bright and equal future. Embedded in this was of course an antagonism towards capitalism and western civilization.

    Antifa, to the degree it has an identifiable ideology as opposed to simply being oppositionist, has completely thrown overboard the first three points I mentioned, while continuing to follow the last two and no doubt other aspects of the original doctrines of Marx.

    Antifa pretty much ignores socio-economic class, being apparently down with the moguls of Google and Facebook because they are also anti-white. The divisions they are trying to exploit are instead racial/ethnic and sexual/gender. Identity politics is about as inherently contradictory to what Marx taught as anything that can be imagined.

    Antifa, and the Left in general,isn’t interested in owning or running the means of production, that would be far too much like actual work. They’d much rather create dicta as to how the owners/managers of the MOP will operate, leaving them to figure out how to comply, and also tax the bejeebers out of them to pay for their programs.

    From what I can see there is nothing at all left in antifa and the left in general of a belief in the dialectic, the absolute core of Marxism as such.

    I will cheerfully agree that antifa is descended in a direct line from Marx and Lenin. It just seems that at some point a movement can have diverged so much from what was taught by its founder that it starts to seem silly to call it by the original name. For instance, Christianity was originally a Jewish heresy. But nobody calls Christianity a Jewish sect any longer. It used to be, but it isn’t any more.

    Or, possibly I’m being over-precise.

  14. Kirkpatrick slams another home run. The aggressive, totalitarian nature of Antifa must not be taken lightly. Kirkpatrick makes this abundantly clear. But the sympathetic coverage that this thug-left movement gets from the MSM is an outrage.

    Kirkpatrick reminds us also that ‘fascism’ (which emerged in Italy in the 1920s) was a populist bulwark against the most aggressive and murderous political movement in human history: revolutionary communism. Indeed, without the bloodletting impact of international communism, fascism might never have arisen.

    It’s also worth noting that the infamous crimes now associated with fascism and Naziism occurred only during the final three years of the most brutal (on all sides) military conflict in world history (WWII).

    Communist extremism and communist atrocities however preceded fascism and they have outlived fascism. Far Left extremism remains a growing and permutating movement. Yet it often gets sympathetic news coverage; despite the fact that communism has not only claimed far more lives than fascism, but has commonly erupted even during times of peace. As a ‘utopian’ ideology, communism has been an unmatched global disaster.

    Indeed, in the name of equality, commies murdered tens of millions of civilians in the 20th century alone. Yet unlike the defeated Nazis, only a handful of the commie perpetrators responsible for these crimes have ever been brought to justice. Even their reputations remain, in some cases, largely untarnished.

    True to form, today’s generation of politically-correct extremists (and their sympathizers) have successfully infiltrated American classrooms, courts, and our ‘mainstream’ media. These operatives foment discord guilt-free, often using their powerful positions to disparage and humiliate populist ‘deplorables’.

    Today, Antifa’s street warriors are ready and waiting to violently deny the right of Free Speech to their political opponents as they simultaneously unleash premeditated, physical attacks. This is pure, unadulterated totalitarianism.

    The rise of Antifa represent a real and growing threat to civil discourse and political liberty.

    • Replies: @helena
    , @Logan
  15. Republican heroine Dolores Ibarruri … was a Stalinist who thoroughly approved of the bloody purges against Trotskyists and anarchists because she claimed they were “fascists.”

    The purging of the (((Trotskyites))) is actually a pretty good reason to respect Stalin.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  16. alexander says:
    @Jim Christian

    Good points Jim,

    It says something to me that the “Antifa” manifesto, or “explique” has no author attached to it.


    I wonder who the mega donors are, who are nursing this baby…..don’t you ?

    There was , on the other hand,enormous legitimacy to the Occupy Movement. as there was enormous legitimacy to the Antiwar Movement.

    There was ,and is, enormous legitimacy to Bernie Sanders salient comment that too much of our nation’s wealth has migrated into the hands of a very few billionaire oligarchs, and our middle class is vanishing.

    The vanishing wealth of the middle class has substantially drained its political power and consequently, the right to control its own destiny.

    Nothing proved this point more then when the oligarchs, displaying their utter contempt for the peoples say, simply “gifted ” the DNC nomination to Queen Hillary.

    Antifa, at first blush, does not give two sh#ts about any of this, it seems hollow to the core …right out of the gate….

    Which, I imagine, is why Big Media has given it such a warm welcome.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @c matt
  17. Randal says:

    As “Anti-fascism” quite explicitly defines itself as anti-liberal (in the classical sense of liberalism), repudiates the right to free speech and takes upon itself the responsibility to enforce though violence a remarkably narrow definition of what people can and cannot say, it is of course quintessentially totalitarian.

    Exactly so.

    It’s the street manifestation of the basic violent intolerance inherent in the modern left, and of the self-righteous arrogance of the crusading antifascist/anti-racist/anti-anti-Semite/anti-homophobe (etc etc.), that is visible everywhere in modern political discourse.

    Threats of violence and expressions of wishes for suffering to be imposed on those they disagree with are commonplace from such people, from the “antiracist” academic calling for “white genocide” to the directly menacing abuse and actual physical violence (“it’s ok to punch a fascist”) directed at those who breach the taboos of the left, and routinely unpunished by any legal process despite the supposed modern politically correct concern to use the law to punish any kind of “offence” or “hatred” directed at special categories of victim.

  18. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    What’s Antifa got planned for us deplorables?

    The “Resources” page of the group’s website offers a number of publications that promote violence, including a 36-page manual called the “Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla,” which advises readers on how to conduct urban warfare, with sections on “sabotage,” “kidnapping,” “executions,” and even “terrorism.”

    Terrorism like what happened in Las Vegas?

    AMAZON has a number of these pro-Antifa books, preaching hate and overthrowing the govt using any means necessary. Guess promoting hate and violence is OK with AMAZON, just don’t ask any questions about WW II.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  19. @alexander

    I wonder who the mega donors are, who are nursing this baby…..don’t you ?

    Man, follow the donor-tree from Soros down through dozens of organizations, NGOs, the Clinton Foundation, the Global Initiative, and offshoots from all of these, to boot. They churn. And, I have to figure there are briefcases full of cash fronting riots and contrived horseshit like Charlottesville. If a stat that says the kill ratio is 18:1 cops:perps, so I’m not sure what #blacklivesmatter is but B/S. Yet, it lives on, with lots of franchisees out there, waiting. I expect marches throughout the season when the cold weather subsides with trouble clear to the election and trust me, the good folks at Antifa and #blm will be there. Well, who feeds them? These aren’t brain surgeons, these peeps. Where do they sleep when they’re in town? Who has their weapons and masks and transportation lined up when they get there? For added fun, like in Charlottesville and elsewhere, fringes, local Blacks, playing the #blm card, will be niggling at the edges, robbing the Whites trying to get out of a scuffle. Funny: more virtue-signaling Antifa Whites got robbed than Unite-Right Whites. Funnier: These guys, after they robbed them, they pulled off their pants and left them in the alley sans wallet, keys, phone and britches. It’s unbelievaboo.

    Antifa. #blacklivesmatter. Friends of Soros and Democrat-based NGOs worldwide! And, fun for the whole family! Come on down!

  20. @KenH

    so white guys who have Asian wife’s are all lefty?

    • Replies: @Joe Franklin
    , @Logan
    , @KenH
  21. Antifa is one part of myriad of internal contradictions beginning to tear the United States apart.

    A war with a state actor that can ‘shoot back’ an ‘Iran’ or ‘North Korea’ will expose our military to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot which will be the tipping point where we start gunning each other down in the streets.

    Stock up on ammo, your going to need it.

  22. @Logan

    Logan, it is partly semantics, but then, I agree with your point. The antifa people do try to exploit the racial and sexual differences vs. Marx’s class struggle. Definitely, these antifa ones have read neither Das Kapital (apparently a pretty boring book, per a friend) nor Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book of Stupid. Well, they don’t read books to begin with, just 140 (or less) character tweets. That’s the extent of their educations.

    I just used the “Marxist” term just to indicate that the antifa are the same type of worthless, violent scum, that the Marxists of yesteryear were. The “cultural” part describes their goal of tearing down everything of American and Western culture. Yeah, “Cultural Marxists” isn’t the best term, but “violent sick scumbags” has already been taken “Antifa” is neither correct nor easy to pronounce.

    Antifa, and the Left in general,isn’t interested in owning or running the means of production, that would be far too much like actual work.

    Good line!

  23. Joe Hide says:

    Scary-Informative. I liked it. Most readers need realistic but frightening information to activate their physical revulsion to this Antifa disease.

  24. @isthatright

    so white guys who have Asian wife’s are all lefty?


    Any guy that supports unconstitutional federal entitlements for federal protected class groups (aka diversity-and-inclusion) is a leftist.

    Antifa are street thugs for the diversity-and-inclusion scheme.



    Feminist are entitled by law because of assumed Male oppression
    Jewish are entitled by law because of assumed Gentile oppression
    Sodomites are entitled by law because of assumed Straight oppression
    Elective Abortionist are entitled by law because of assumed Innocent Life Advocate oppression
    Muslims are entitled by law because of assumed Christian oppression
    Disabled are entitled by law because of assumed Healthy oppression
    Afro-blacks are entitled by law because of assumed White oppression
    Latinos are entitled by law because of assumed Gringo oppression
    Hispanics are entitled by law because of assumed Gringo oppression
    Military Veterans are entitled by law because of assumed Militia oppression
    Native Americans are entitled by law because of assumed Paleface oppression
    Asians are entitled by law because of assumed Occidental oppression
    International Socialist are entitled by law because of assumed Local Government oppression
    Social Justice Crony Capitalist are entitled by law because of assumed Honest Businessmen oppression
    Zionist-Neocons are entitled by law because of assumed Anti-Fascist oppression

  25. helena says:
    @Mark Green

    Yes but how do we tackle it? The British youth have fallen for it and are ostracising other youth who haven’t, it’s a wholesale cultural collapse achieved by holding festival-style protests, controlling people through reward and punishment, and promising hand outs, which the country cannot afford.

    Young people are being brainwashed into accepting a massive loan with an undeclared interest rate.

    • Agree: SMK
  26. SMK says: • Website

    Yes, if not for communism, there would have been no Nazi Germany, no WWII, no holocaust, etc. We would live in a world in which no one ever heard the name Adolf Hitler in lieu of a world in which his name and legacy are uttered and evoked millions of times everyday as the symbol and avatar of evil to suppress criticism of the left and vilify people who simply tell the truth about blacks, massive nonwhite immigration, Muslims, Antifa, etc.

  27. c matt says:

    The only reason any politician give’s a rat’s behind about the middle class is because it is the tax cash cow. I have yet to see any tax reform for the middle class actually lower the taxes on the middle class. Whether GOP or Dem, as soon as they say “middle class tax cut” get ready for the middle class to take it up the a$$.

  28. Logan says:
    @Mark Green

    It’s also worth noting that the infamous crimes now associated with fascism and Naziism occurred only during the final three years of the most brutal (on all sides) military conflict in world history (WWII).

    Not exactly, though they did accelerate greatly during that period.

    For instance, the murder toll of the Italian Fascists during their first couple of decades in power is in the low hundreds. Not hundreds of thousands, which would still put them way back in the running, but hundreds.

    However, the Nazis were rounding up and killing Jews and leading Poles from the moment they crossed the border.

    • Replies: @Wally
  29. Logan says:

    Well, the Derb’s wife is from China, and he was thrown out of NRO for being overly race-realistic.

  30. Yes true as far as it goes, commie jews take over russia, begin to export their global communist genocide against rest of whites and germans develop national socialism to repel international socialism. and it’s been some iteration ever since.
    But the problems a bit deeper and to solve it we gave to deal with this. working backwards we have to see that that communism is also a sort of reaction, to capitalism industrialization and the social upheavals they had on the west as it transitioned from a agronomist serf organization to modern capitalist organization. without capitalism there’s no communism. Now this is not to say communism is not bad or capitalism is bad but to point out we on the right so reflexively defend capitalism we cant critique it from the right, and have forgotten it was once understood as a threat to the right to throne and alter.Also we are so mesmerized by capitalism quasi evolutionary self correcting structure etc that we claim all sorts of traits for it it doesnt actually have, we forget we love it because it serves us not for itself. Capitalism does not give us what we want it sells us what it wants to, and it is not inherently rightist it will work equally for any regime that does not entirely destroy it. Its not intelligent its singlminded it doesnt care how it makes a buck only that it makes one, it doesn’t have future time orientation but will almost always destroy its own markets labor force or nation protectors in the long term for short term profits.In short while socialism certainly can fuck it up, unrestricted capitalism will destroy us in nothing flat.
    The other issue farther back is classical liberalism and christianity which we also reflexively defend are actually a precondition for communism leftism etc. They’re universalist theologies that we rightists like to selectively remember the periods that were either farther back in the left ratchet they began or periods of reactionary pullbacks from the progressive impulses of liberalism and christianity.We also tend to not understand that when the benefits of this altruism etc from these theologies first accrued to only other europeans and their diasporas, and at a time when there was a lot of human capital in our nations untapped, and these systems biologically selected for all of us to not game the system, outsiders did not go through this selection and we are no longer geographically isolated from them our liberal christian theologies are to others a naive fault to be exploited until we are defeated as competitors. All men are not created equal or our brothers in christ,Most are low IQ savages of other religions, and all are still non altruistic organism competing to the death for biological hegemony. The moment we decide to give women slaves and men of no property a vote on how to spend the taxes and administer the civilization that white males of property built is the moment we opened the door to what would jesus do why is the third worlder not also allowed a vote on how to administer the nations of white men.
    We are in a catch 22 because we really enjoy this openness non authoritarian world we remember and don’t want to give it up, we are also pretty generous guys and are squeamish about dealing harshly with those who are pulling us down. The jews are great about obfuscating the true cost of this and how close we are to utter collapse so many of us feel we can continue to carry the white mans burden. Others are blinded by cuck christianity or neocuckism,some still dont understand libertarianism like liberalism has the sees of its own destruction and is unworkable.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  31. densa says:

    Great article and comments. The far left organization known as anti-fa meets the definition of domestic terrorism, yet they remain untroubled, as far as we know, by DHS or even many local police. But even more troubling is that without the media’s collusion, they would never have become the force they are now.

    Consider the NFL kneeling issue. This was to support BLM. When it was seen as disrespecting the flag the NFL’s solution was to make it about freedom of speech and stand but link arms to show “solidarity” with BLM. But done once, when will it stop? Do the players plan on continuing to show solidarity throughout the season? What about next year? After you’ve been bullied into obeying anti-fa, at what point can these sympathizers say it’s enough? Thus, the national anthem has been hijacked from being about national unity to being a symbol of our continued submission to political extremists.

    They want to destroy us, by that I mean white America, and a shockingly large number of whites are good with that. Meeting their demands only results in new demands. Reparations are a goal, but no doubt by the time we get there that won’t be enough either.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @henry_bowman
  32. nickels says:

    One must master the art of reading between the lines and making the obvious inferences.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Since, apparently, Trotskyists have been the holdovers (in the West ) of communism, and Trots are usually Jews, I wonder about the sociology of Anti-Fa.

    Has anyone done such an analysis of it? In other words, how Jewish is it, if at all?

    I suspect that the Jew factor is very small if for no other reason than the alternative totalitarian hate impulse is now directed into zionism for Jews. And of course that means War for Israel, fought by the US (and Christians, whom the Jews hate).

    Too bad that the usage “cuck” has been applied to conservatives in general who have adopted a basically liberal ideology. Cucked should have been reserved for the dramatically world- historical
    event of the US being played by Jews a la the ‘passionately attached to a foreign power’ Israel First, Last, and Always US Jews.

    The cuckoo bird lays its eggs opportunistically in other bird species’ nests and thereby is spared the hard work of providing for its chicks. However, arguably birds don’t love their adult children who just flap away into bird land and it is goodbye forever. Jews are not birds, and neither are the rest of us. For us, our adult children remain and Cucked America gets ever more more endangered by its pterodactyl chicks, who want to cannibalize their parents, but not before they have exhausted their usefulness in securing Eretz Israel, and genocide of Arabs generally.

    The jews clearly do this with regard to who pays for their wars…both financially and socially and politically. The many trillions of dollars that we have wasted in the ME on “our” wars, and the backlash of Arabs and Muslims visited upon us for doing so…has got to go down in history as the greatest coup de Race, against White people and Civilization. The Mother of all Cuckolding. And the cackling of the Jew Power.

    We had no cause for war against Arabs and Muslims. We had cozy relationships with Arab despots which kept the peace and the oil flowing. (There is zero chance of Bringing Democracy to the Arabs.)

    Social Life cannot be Changed! by Programs, or War.

    The cuckoo’s eggs hatched fanaticism, terror, and hatred against the US, mostly by Arabs/Muslims.

    Before jews took over the State Dept with Kissinger, etc, the Arabists held sway. They were recruited from old Christian families from New England who had gone to proselytize the Arabs and failing that, had stayed to just be nice white folks to the Arabs starting in 1830. They were recruited by State Dept cuz of their knowledge and their Arabic language skill. And they did not like jews or Israel. Time to go. Times change, especially when subjected to fanatic Jew world changers. Whether communists or zionists…it is the jewish fanaticism that leads some Whites as well…the Do-Gooding Altruistic types easily conned. So.

    World War now threatens all of us…That is the supreme Gift of the Jews in our time.
    Meanwhile I still wonder about jewish Trotskyism amongst the Anti-Fa. Trots continued long into the Neoconservative movement and are still around, but with reconfigured strategies to capture the goyem for the Jew Power.

    Joe Webb

  34. Dan23 says:

    What are we to declare of a society, and its course, whose de facto flagship paper (the NYT) constantly apologizes for and romanticizes communism, and which does not openly condemn paramilitary violence and organization from groups who openly present the communist symbols and colors?

    My submission would be that the society is obviously being slowly moved toward a violent communist revolution.

  35. @Greg Bacon

    AMAZON has a number of these pro-Antifa books, preaching hate and overthrowing the govt using any means necessary.

    Honest to God, if Antifa were really trying to overthrow the government, I might be tempted to join them. I have plenty of respect for some of the revolutionary movements of old, like the IRA, the ETA and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. But the Antifa aren’t like them at all. The only people they ever attack are their own fellow citizens, never government officials. They are only ‘revolutionary’ in the sense that Mao’s Revolutionary Guard was. They are not a movement for the people to overthrow the régime; rather, they are a tool that the régime uses to throw the people off guard.

  36. The Alt-Right scored a major victory in Charlottesville. The overreaction from the ruling class was a sight to behold. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the cuckservative politician whores in the Republican Party denounced the Alt-Right. The corporate propaganda whores denounced the Alt-Right. The anti-White scum in the Democrat Party denounced the Alt-Right.

    President Trump remained neutral about the government-sponsored chaos in Charlottesville, and that was a brilliant move by Trump. I am sure President Trump was told that The Democrat Party governor of Virginia had planned to stop the Alt-Right from speaking at a political event honoring the ancestors of many fine Americans and that these fine Americans had a government permit to do so. President Trump knows a media set-up and a government set-up when he sees one, and the Charlottesville affair was a set-up from the get-go.

    The Alt-Right must continue to proclaim loudly that the treasonous rats in the Republican Party ruling class are in bed with the Democrat Party leadership when it comes to the anti-free speech thugs in the Antifa crowd. The Alt-Right must not allow Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to claim the leadership of the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

    White Core Americans have had it with the weak, cowardly cuckservatives in the GOP ruling class. The Alt-Right must take the lead by superior will and bravery.

    What will the Republican Party cuckservatives say to this?:

  37. President Trumps says:

    You know they show up with the helmets and the black masks. They got clubs, they got everything — ANTIFA!

    President Trump has correctly and honorably recognized that the Antifa crowd is violent and that they will use violence to stop free speech that they don’t like. President Trump must have seen the Antifa crowds in Washington DC looting and attacking innocent civilians at his presidential inaugural. President Trump knows that Antifa was used as a political weapon to shut down the free speech of the people who went to Charlottesville to defend the memory of their ancestors.

    The Alt-Right must now keep up the counter-attacks against both the Republican Party ruling class and the Democrat Party. Antifa will be brought to heel by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    I hope the League of the South has a successful pro-American rally in Tennessee at the end of October.
    The Alt-Right and the League of the South should call for a complete and total moratorium on all legal immigration into the United States. The League of the South should call for the immediate deportation of all illegal alien invaders. The League of the South should call for a moratorium on all refugee resettlement and a complete halt to allowing any more asylum seekers to come to the United States.

  38. President Trump says:

    You know they show up with the helmets and the black masks. They got clubs, they got everything — ANTIFA!

  39. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Left-wing extremist group Antifa has been condemned for posting a vile Facebook post praising a man who killed at least 59 people in Las Vegas in the worst mass shooting in American history.

    Screenshots of the Melbourne chapter’s deleted social media post have been reposted on to their site, highlighting their support for dead 64-year-old gunman Stephen Paddock.

    ‘One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay,’ it said on Tuesday morning.

    Wonder if FAKEBOOK will block these heartless idiots or blabber on about the FAKE Russian hacking story?

    Maybe society is like that lab rat test, where they packed in too many rats into one cage, and the rats turned on each other, using their teeth to rip other rats to shreds?

  40. Wally says: • Website

    “However, the Nazis were rounding up and killing Jews and leading Poles from the moment they crossed the border.”

    Pure propaganda, juvenile nonsense. There is no proof.

    Why do so many people want ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ to be dead? Revisionists don’t.
    Jews should be elated to know that 6M of their brethren were not murdered.


    We’re talking about an alleged ‘6M Jews & 5M others’ … 11,000,000.
    There is not a single verifiable excavated enormous mass grave with contents actually SHOWN, not just claimed, (recall the claim of 900,000 buried at Treblinka, 1,250,000 at Auschwitz, or 250,000 at Sobibor, 34,000 at Babi Yar) even though Jews claim they still exist and claim to know exactly where these alleged enormous mass graves are.

    The Indu$try now claims that ca. 2,000,000 Jews were shot by the Einsatzgruppen into huge pits, so, anyone, please show us the excavated enormous mass graves that are claimed to exist, their locations are allegedly known.
    Is that:
    100 graves of 20,000?
    200 graves of 10,000?
    400 graves of 5,000?
    500 graves of 4,000?
    1000 graves of 2000?
    2000 graves of 1000?

    • Replies: @Logan
  41. Wally says:

    What would they say if our Congress refused to stand for Israel’s manical Netanyahu?

    This whole ‘stand for the national anthem’ protest is really veiled racism against white gentiles.

    Boycott the NFL & NBA in every way. Games, cable subscription, all goods, etc.

    Most of the players are spoiled ghetto thugs who would be unemployable in any other situation. Let’s put them out of work.

    Remember when the Zionist Israel First President of the NBA pulled the NBA All Star game from Charlotte, NC because NC made a law banning perverts from using restrooms of the opposite sex?

    NFL ignores own rules

    They need us, we don’t need them.

  42. Political Correctness is Radical Victorianism of the Mind, or Mental Corseting.

  43. @Logan

    Antifa, and the Left in general,isn’t interested in owning or running the means of production, that would be far too much like actual work. They’d much rather create dicta as to how the owners/managers of the MOP will operate, leaving them to figure out how to comply, and also tax the bejeebers out of them to pay for their programs.

    I’ve noted this as well. Therein lies their affinity with Wall Street and big offshored tech. The latter provides the tax money and goodies. Since their power seems “virtual”- degrees of separation from the grime and sweat of oilfields, mines, and farms, they become acceptable to the left by their very separation from the raw means of production.

    In this sense, the American left is a cargo cult- expecting an easy living from remote, ethereal dieties, while lashing out at the corporeality of this raw production and its working class.

  44. LauraMR says:

    Antifa are vandals, not terrorists. Beyond that, they are just idiots.

  45. Australia has a different and much less worrying problem or set of problems from the USA. Its biggest problem in future will be the complacent sense of entitlement that will elect Labor (left flanked by Green) givernments that will prey on the productive and reduce economic growth well below what it could be and will be needed if Australia’s good luck falters while its healthy and unhealthy aged population continues to grow. [As an aside, Australia’s ageing is well behind that of Japan for example so it is well placed to learn from others’ mistakes and successes, but it isn’t like Japan and many other older nations in having a monocultural, monoracial population. It may need to remain a bit richer).

    America’s big problem that the voters of a generation or two hence will be the product of today’s indiscriminate immigration of cheap labor and of the existing distinct underclass is not shared by Australia despite the major factor that is compulsory voting. On the contrary smart Indian and (ethnic) Chinese immigrants are an offset to the native underclass.

    There are other important differences such as the overwhelming imporance to Australian prosperity of its agricultural and mining induatries if one doesn’t count construction to accommodate the high rate if immigration and high foreign student population. Obviously America is an order of magnitude more complex. But I would, with all due humility, suggest that Americans who don’t like their current imperial model but would be happy with the life provided for its citizens by Australia consider how that destination could be approached. (Maybe a ridiculous idea. Why, after all, isn’t Canada a model? I can think of a number of reasons but the question “why don’t more Americans move to Canada” may help best to provide an answer).

    May I suggest high quality immigration only and doing whatever can be done to prevent low income immigrants and their children becoming voters….

  46. @densa

    Stop playing the national anthem before professional sporting events.

    Stop going to or watching professional sports.

    I haven’t owned a TV for 4 decades.


  47. KenH says:

    Didn’t say that, but generally speaking and in my experience white guys who date/marry Asian or other non-white women tend to be alienated from fellow whites and champions and supporters of their girlfriend/wife’s race instead of their own. There are exceptions like John Derbyshire.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  48. @KenH

    Derbyshire is the ultimate degenerate. His imported Chinese woman voted for Obummer, along with his Chinese daughter.

    He wrote a book in 2009 “We are Doomed.” This was something that came from the fact he had Asian people wandering around his house. Oops, they were his wife and offspring!

    He complains about illegal immigration but never mentions that the Chinese are behind the Hispanics in sneaking into the USA. Also, China refuses to take back their refuse. His wife is prime example.

    He also wrote an article about talking to kids into not dating blacks. A man with a nonwhite wife and children cannot say things like that.

  49. wayfarer says:

    “Why the Media Loves Antifa!”

  50. yeah says:

    No, you are not being over-precise. You are only calling for words to be used to mean what they were set up to mean. Once we start a free-for-all in words and meanings, we will lose the ability to think and communicate our ideas.

    Let us please call a spade a spade, and a socialist a socialist, and not use “communist” or “socialist” as a projectile to be hurled at anything or anyone we don’t agree with. The antifa is pure scum, vile and odious beyond words, but communist or socialist they most certainly are not. These are hired goons, paid thugs who, along with some useful idiots, are being deployed by BIG capital and big money to create an atmosphere in which American politics is reduced simply to squabbling over bathroom rights, LGBTQ stuff, and the rest of the gender/identity/race crap.

    Let us refer to our Oxford or Merriam Webster at least once in a while to maintain some semantic order in an otherwise disordered world. We enter cloud cuckoo land or Alice in Wonderland when we claim the right to use a word to mean whatever we choose it to mean or thinks it means.

    • Replies: @Logan
  51. Funny, I made this exact same comparison a couple weeks ago.

  52. Logan says:

    Well, thank you!

    Calling everything we disagree with Marxist seems about as stupid and lazy as the other side calling everything they dislike fascist.

    Genuine American conservatism is about as distant as it can possibly be from fascism, albeitin a different direction from leftism.

    Antifa has very little indeed in common with what Marx taught.

    I think a lot of this arises from the conventional two dimensional political spectrum, which runs, from Right to Left: Nazism, fascism, conservatism, moderates, liberals/progressives, socialists, Communists.

    Accepting this convention as representing anything genuine means that we force belief systems into it even when the simply don’t fit. Libertarianism and (many varieties of) anarchism, for example, don’t really fit anywhere on the continuum. I would contend that neither does genuine American conservatism.

    This single spectrum also means that the more opposed you are to one end of the continuum, the more you are moved towards the other end. Antifa, because they believe they are antifascist, are therefore moved left and classified as Communist/Marxist. The same in reverse if you strongly oppose antifa.

    But what about if you strongly oppose both ends? That presumably puts you into the squishy middle, where, more or less by definition, you can’t really feel strongly about anything. Who ever heard of an extremist moderate?

    Words of course mean what they are used to mean, and they change and even reverse meaning over time quite frequently. So in the long run a fight against “misuse” of a word is fruitless. If enough people misuse it long enough, the “real” meaning changes and the misuse becomes the new definition.

    I recently abandoned one of my pet peeves, the “misuse” of the verb “to decimate.” It now means essentially the reverse of what it originally meant to the ancient Romans, but all this means is that the modern meaning is different from the etymology. At some point, etymology becomes interesting but meaningless.

    • Replies: @yeah
  53. yeah says:

    I must follow your example and try to abandon my pet semantic peeves as well! Unfortunately, mine is a long, long list, some examples of which are: left, right, centrist, fascist, gay, gender-free, almost the whole lexicon employed by cultural Marxists and post-modernists (may the whole lot of them perish), etc. etc.

    Hail the tyranny of the dictionary! This is one tyranny that begets true mental freedom and, if used together with pure logic, can render us immune from the viruses of propaganda, nonsense, dangerous bullshit, and day-to-day minor bullshits that abound.

    • Agree: Logan
  54. AndrewR says:

    Well said. Despite slightly different views on topics like trannies, sodomy and females, antifa and ISIS are fundamentally the same: pro-Islam, totalitarian, terroristic, iconoclastic, working towards the wholesale massacre of peaceful people they dislike.

  55. El Dato says:

    That lead-in picture looks shopped though.

  56. Logan says:

    But of course you will simply repeat, “No evidence.”

    • Replies: @Uebersetzer
  57. Che Guava says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    ‘Ex-Commie Merkel’?

    I was liking much of your post, but what is making you think that ‘ex’ is valid?

    Have posted this link on the site once before.

    Please reading it.

    She never really was breaking from her past, just not under any kind of party discipline now.

    Also repeating myself to remarking on her favourite gesture, forming a triangle with her fingers.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  58. @Logan

    The only Polish ace on the Entente side at least in WW1 (there were also Poles in the Austro-Hungarian and perhaps German air services). Perhaps after the German invasion in 1939 he was on some arrest list, as someone known to have fought Germany and so potentially dangerous. Anyway, he was sent to Auschwitz in 1941 and all trace was lost, suggesting he was executed or died of starvation or disease.

  59. woodNfish says:

    Fascism is just another part of socialism. Both Hitler and Mussolini were socialists who became fascists. They didn’t give up socialism, they extended it. Trying to paint fascism as a rightwing ideology is a jewish lie. Fascist jews helped vote Hitler into office. They were taken by surprise when he decided to use them as scape goats (even though jews controlled an outsized proportion of Germany’s economy in respect to the size of the jewish population). Those fascist jews who escaped Hitler to other countries didn’t leave their fascism behind, they brought it with them , just like Russian jews fleeing soviet rule brought their socialism and communism with them.

    Jews have worked hard creating the big holocaust lie to cover up their complicity in bringing Hitler to power.

    Antifa are fascists and Kirkpatrick knows it. He’s just spreading more lies.

  60. @Che Guava

    Hey Comrade Che (joking, dude), I am late reading this, but I stand corrected. “ex” was wrong. I could have said “ex-EastBloc-Commie-apparatchnik” Merkel, as I read the same article as you linked to here. I have that link in “Frau Merkel – Bizarro-Hitler in Bizarro-Germany”.

    Is that triangle symbol some kind of lesbian thing? She’s a bit too old to interest me in any triangular parts, or any other for that matter.

    Good morning, my beret-wearing friend.

  61. Che Guava says:


    Can’t seeing how it could be lesbian.

    Would guessing that it is meant to suggest Illuminati, etc., not that I am saying it is real, only what she is to suggest by hand signals.

    If there is a major politician primed to be a Manchurian-candidate style, it is her.

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