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Democrats Impeach Trump for Withholding Arms to Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
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On December 18th, Donald Trump became the third U.S. president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. The second to be indicted before completing a first term, the 45th commander-in-chief must now survive a Senate trial before seeking reelection later this year. As many nonpartisan analysts predicted, the charges appear to have only improved his chances with the electorate as his approval rating saw an uptick after the articles were approved on grounds of “obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.” After dragging the country through three years of Russiagate which never panned out, the Democrats appear to be scoring yet another own goal. Even a near brush with war against Iran does not seem to have impacted Trump’s favorability, which could have been seen as a reversal of his campaign pledges to end America’s forever wars that were arguably a significant factor in his unlikely victory.

It was Trump’s rhetoric as a peace candidate suggesting rapprochement with Russia which made him a target of the political establishment and intelligence community, who subsequently blamed his shocking win on still unproven allegations of election interference by the Kremlin. Since he took office, Trump has done nearly everything short of declaring war on Moscow to appease the bipartisan anti-Russia consensus in Washington but to no avail. One such step was the decision to provide military aid to Ukraine amid its ongoing war in the eastern Donbass region against Russian-speaking separatists, a move the Obama administration decided against because of Kiev’s rampant corruption. Trump’s predecessor tapped his Vice President, Joe Biden, to head up an anti-corruption drive in Ukraine who instead used the opportunity to personally enrich his family by landing his son, Hunter, a job on the executive board of the country’s largest private gas company, Burisma Holdings.

Biden led the U.S. role in the 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine which overthrew the democratically-elected government of Viktor Yanukovych after he turned down a European Union Association Agreement for an economic bail-out from Russia that was the flashpoint for the subsequent Donbass war. Contrary to the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ narrative, one figure who tried to lobby Yanukovych into signing the pro-austerity treaty was none other than Paul Manafort, the future Trump campaign manager indicted during the Russia probe for failing to register as a foreign agent while consulting for the deposed Ukrainian president. Manafort’s influence went against Russian interests in favor of the EU and was years before Trump was ever a candidate, but this did not stop the Democrats from later misconstruing it as evidence he was a backchannel to the Kremlin. Meanwhile, Biden’s hand in the junta was revealed in an infamous leaked phone call between Victoria Nuland, Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and Geoffrey Pyatt, then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

Nuland, who is the wife of leading neoconservative figure Robert Kagan, also spilled the beans that the U.S. invested as much as \$5 billion dollars on regime change in Kiev when we were led to believe the Maidan was a spontaneous, popular revolt. Shortly after the putsch, Hunter Biden joined the board of directors at Burisma despite having no experience in Ukraine or the energy sector. The embattled fracking company was founded by a notorious oligarch and corrupt minister from the Yanukovych era, Mykola Zlochevsky, yet who unlike the former did not have to flee to Russia and curiously escaped prosecution in a money laundering case under the new Western-friendly regime — did he obtain immunity with Hunter Biden’s appointment? When the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, reportedly began to investigate the energy firm, the elder Biden did not just blackmail the post-Maidan government of Petro Poroshenko into sacking him by threatening to withhold \$1 billion in loan guarantees but openly bragged about it on camera.

As a reward, Poroshenko — nicknamed the “Chocolate King” for his background as a business tycoon in the confectionary industry — was touted as a reformer by the Obama administration despite multiple Wikileaks diplomatic cables featuring U.S. officials describing him as a “disgraced oligarch” “tainted by credible corruption allegations” and “a deeply unpopular politician that has widespread support among party leaders due to his past financial/organizational roles.” Incredibly, Poroshenko would replace Shokin with a former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yuriy Lutsenko, who had previously been imprisoned for embezzlement and corruption himself. It is still a matter of debate whether the top prosecutor was even actually looking into the activities of Burisma, but what is not in dispute — except to corporate media — is the criminal nature of Biden’s conduct who clearly allowed his family to profiteer off U.S. meddling in the country. After he became a 2020 presidential candidate and frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, the subject of Biden’s past wrongdoing was broached by Trump last July during a phone call with current Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The controversial exchange occurred just a day after former FBI director Robert Mueller delivered his anticlimactic testimony before congress where the lead investigator in the Russia investigation did not appear familiar with the details of his own inquiry. The call transcript shows that Trump asked the newly elected Zelensky if he would assist U.S. Attorney General William Barr in determining whether there was truth to the rumors that the infamous Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer server given by the FBI to CrowdStrike Holdings was located in Ukraine. CrowdStrike was one of the cybersecurity firms hired by the DNC which questionably determined it was Russian intelligence which perpetrated alleged cyber attacks during the 2016 election. In other words, Trump wanted to find out if it was actually Kiev which “meddled” and framed the Kremlin. While he did not offer Zelensky compensation, it is true Trump asked for the favor shortly after mentioning the javelin missiles being provided to Ukraine in the military assistance. However, Biden’s extortion and the firing of Shokin is only raised later in the conversation and whether or not either matter was contingent upon the military aid is dubious and implicit at best. At the time of the correspondence, Zelensky and his government were unaware that the nearly \$400 million in aid had been withheld and did not learn of it’s freezing until a month later, making any alleged ‘quid pro quo’ doubtful.

The ambiguity of the conversation has not prevented Democrats from surmising that the security aid was suspended on the condition that Zelensky cooperate with Trump’s requests. While the exploits were arguably unethical, for the content of the exchange to be considered sufficient grounds for impeachment would set a very low bar and virtually ensure any future president can be indicted on a technicality for politicized reasons. In the meantime, the focus has shifted to Trump’s firing of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, because if threatening to withhold foreign aid alone qualifies, Biden is not only guilty of the same crime but more explicitly. Forget that from a procedural standpoint, without the required constitutional majority in the GOP-controlled Senate, the chances of removing Trump are dead in the water anyway. This can only mean the trial is really meant to be a smokescreen for Biden’s own palm-greasing in Ukraine while legally requiring his biggest primary rival, Senator Bernie Sanders, to spend time away from the campaign trail in attendance.

Not only has the legitimate question of whether the former Vice President and his son should also be probed been dismissed by mainstream media as a “conspiracy theory,” but completely lost in the political theater of the proceedings is if Washington ought to be providing defense assistance and fueling a proxy war with Russia to begin with. The Russiagate hoax successfully transformed the entirety of the Democratic Party into new cold warriors and its Ukrainegate sequel has only continued that hawkish trajectory. To make matters worse, Western media coverage of the scandal has omitted that many of the militias fighting with the Ukrainian army in Donbass are far right, neo-Nazi groups previously instrumental in transforming the 2014 Maidan protests into violence. One of the three main political parties which formed the opposition to Yanukovych was the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, personally met with Biden in 2014 despite having been barred from entering the U.S. for his anti-semitism just a year prior.

Svoboda and its militant offshoots like the Azov regiment fighting in Donbass are the self-proclaimed ideological progeny of the fascist collaborators led by the Ukrainian nationalist, Stepan Bandera, who sided with Nazi Germany during its invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. In the Cold War, the CIA provided covert assistance to the post-war remnants of Bandera’s faction as it waged a failed insurgency in the 1950s. In post-Soviet Ukraine, a disturbing campaign of historical revisionism has rewritten Bandera‘s fifth column as nationalist heroes who fought solely for Ukrainian independence. This is not reflected in the historical record which shows they not only participated in the Third Reich’s war crimes but shared their racist ideology, as admitted in the CIA’s own declassified document s:

“Altogether, during the 5 weeks of its existence the Bandera “state” destroyed over 5,000 Ukrainians, 15,000 Jews, and several thousand Poles. The “Ukrainian State” Of Stepan Bandera ended its short but ignominious existence in August 1941, when it was announced in Lvov that Western Ukraine had been incorporated as the “District of Galicia” in the “General Governorship” (occupied Poland). And then a “new order,” Hitler style began to be introduced in the Ukraine. This in short, the story of Bandera’s “one-day holiday,” which his followers, relying on people’s forgetfulness, now try to present as a glorious and heroic page in the history of the Ukrainian liberation movement. In reality, it would be best, especially for the supporters of a free Ukraine, to erase from the history of their .. movement this infamous Hitlerite, fascist episode, which brought nothing. but shame and sorrow to the Ukraine.”

Despite provisions in the aid barring weapons from going to the Azov detachment, the U.S. military has continued to provide them with arms and training. We are already witnessing blowback for this decision in the case of Jarrett William Smith, an ex-Army soldier arrested by the FBI for planning to assassinate former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke and plotting terrorist attacks against major news networks. Smith had made plans to travel to Ukraine to fight with the Azov battalion and had previously volunteered in the Donbass war in 2017 with another Ukrainian neo-fascist paramilitary, the Right Sector. Smith reportedly sought help in making contact with Azov from another AWOL soldier, Craig Lang, currently under house arrest in Ukraine and wanted for extradition to the U.S. for killing a Florida couple. Lang, who is considered a hero in the country for serving as a private mercenary with Right Sector, also spent time with Georgian Legion, a unit formed by ethnic Georgians conscripted on the Ukrainian side in the War in Donbass whose members are believed to have perpetrated the ‘false flag’ sniper attacks on the Maidan that was blamed on the government of Yanukovych.

Coincidentally, just as Americans are following the impeachment, trending on the internet streaming service Netflix is a new documentary by a pair of Israeli filmmakers that touches upon U.S. harboring of a Ukrainian Nazi called The Devil Next Door. The series recaps the fascinating case of John Demjanjuk, a retired autoworker and Ukrainian-born immigrant living in Cleveland, Ohio, who is suddenly accused of being a notoriously sadistic Nazi guard at Treblinka concentration camp in eastern Poland during World War II known as “Ivan the Terrible” and is extradited to Israel in 1986 to face charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. After impassioned but inconsistent eyewitness testimony by camp survivors, he was mistakenly found guilty of being the mysterious guard by an Israeli court and sentenced to death until his conviction was overturned under appeal in 1993. Years later, Demjanjuk is identified as a different prison guard at another camp in Sobibor and re-convicted, this time more convincingly by a German court. He maintained until his death in 2012 that he was again a victim of mistaken identity and during the war was a POW himself after serving in the Red Army until his capture by the Germans who then “forced” him to work as a guard at Trawniki, but never Sobibor. However, newly discovered photos of Demjanjuk at the death camp were just released which contradict his denials and increase the likelihood he was a willing defector.

The documentary sheds light on how Demjanjuk was able to gain safe harbor in the U.S. because of amendments to the Displaced Persons Act of 1948 which restricted immigration of those persecuted by the Nazis while giving preferential treatment to Polish and Ukrainian nationals who hid under new aliases in refugee camps while fleeing the Soviets. U.S. immigration services were only able to detect the entry of formal members of the Nazi regime while their local collaborators like Demjanjuk often snuck through unnoticed. The show also speaks briefly of the U.S. embrace of many “former” Nazis such as Wernher von Braun and the thousands of other German scientists recruited in Operation Paperclip who were employed by the U.S. government during the Cold War in order to gain an advantage over Moscow in the space race. However, the series neglects to mention the CIA’s support for Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), much less their descendants in Kiev today who are renaming city streets after SS veterans and tearing down Soviet statues to replace them with effigies of fascist quislings. Unfortunately, it is unlikely viewers will make any connection between the show and the current political scandal gripping Washington.

Netflix did receive objections over The Devil Next Door from the Polish government and its right-wing populist Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, who accused the streaming giant of “rewriting history” in its production by using a map of the country’s post-1945 borders while implying that Poland shared culpability for Nazi war crimes that occurred in its territory. Much of western Ukraine became eastern Poland overnight with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and the German occupation, one of the reasons why a native of northwestern Ukraine like Demjanjuk ended up in the neighboring country. Like the Banderites doctoring history in Kiev, Polish nationalists are seeking to revise the historical record of the many Poles who collaborated with the Germans in the slaughter of their fellow compatriots as well. This historical negationism continued in Poland’s recent row with Russia over the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in which Morawiecki despicably made a false equivalency between the USSR and Nazi Germany with a disturbing reinterpretation encouraged by the U.S. who seek to take credit for the Soviet accomplishment of freeing the concentration camp in 1945. Nothing is sacred to the Atlanticists who are willing to politicize anything in the name of their geostrategy of encircling Moscow and ultimate goal of conquering Eurasia.

That the Democrats are not impeaching Trump for an actual unconstitutional offense like the diverting of military funds to his border wall without congressional approval is revealing of its true motivations. Trump only crossed a line when he went after another member of the political establishment and fleetingly halted the U.S. war machine in its aggression toward Moscow. It is reminiscent of what some have argued were the real reasons for the impeachment of Richard Nixon that resulted from the Watergate scandal. Similarly, Nixon was forced to resign in 1974 after he targeted other members of the elite in the wire-tapping and break-in of the DNC headquarters, not his use of the CIA to violate its own charter for domestic espionage on American citizens active in the anti-war movement. Like Trump’s rhetoric toward Moscow, Nixon had also broken with foreign policy orthodoxies both in his unprecedented restoration of diplomacy with China and détente with the Soviet Union negotiating arms control.

The dangerous consequences of the campaign against Trump for deviating from the anti-Russia foreign policy dogma can be seen in the unparalleled recent NATO war games and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists pushing the hand of the Doomsday Clock forward to just 100 seconds to midnight, its closest ever approach which even exceeds that of the beginning of the Cold War in the early 1950s. Trump would never have armed Ukraine to begin with if not for the constant pressure of the Russia investigation and the need to not appear soft on Moscow. It is clear that the impeachment is nothing more than an inter-war between different factions of the elite and not only has it reduced the American people to onlookers, it may get us all killed in a nuclear holocaust in the process. For an excellent in-depth investigation of the roots of the crisis, Revealing Ukraine, the anticipated follow-up to the 2016 documentary Ukraine on Fire directed by Igor Lopatonok and produced by Oliver Stone, is highly recommended.

Max Parry is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst. His writing has appeared widely in alternative media. Max may be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Wally says:

    Except ‘the Nazis’ never did what the discredited Max Parry fantasizes and certainly cannot prove.

    And the fact that Israel arms ‘neo-Nazis’ in Ukraine is further proof of that.

  2. Mr. Hack says:

    Max Parry comes late to the table (once again) giving vent to all of his mixed-up “Ukro-Nazi” fetishes in this rambling piece of incoherent clap trap. His descriptor should read:

    Max Parry – a marxist de journalist and geopolitical analist.

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @Gerad1234
  3. Max Parry says: • Website
    @Mr. Hack

    You and Wally should get a room.

    • LOL: Tusk, Crazy Horse, iffen
  4. AP says:

    This is already teenage Russian internet comment stuff.

    Nuland, who is the wife of leading neoconservative figure Robert Kagan, also spilled the beans that the U.S. invested as much as \$5 billion dollars on regime change in Kiev when we were led to believe the Maidan was a spontaneous, popular revolt.

    \$5 billion referred to total amount of aid given to Ukraine since independence. It included stuff like Chernobyl containment.

    Maidan was a spontaneous, popular revolt in the western and central half of the country, where the capital happened to be and where the population is mostly ethnic Ukrainians. It was unpopular in the east and south, where most non-Ukrainians lived. Foreign aid doesn’t change the popular nature of the revolt (in the west and center). It was no more a Western plot than the American Revolution was a French plot (the French provided much more help for the American revolutionaries than the West did for Maidan).

    as admitted in the CIA’s own declassified document s:

    Did you read the document? It was in the CIA files. It stated that it was a translation from Russian of some Soviet propaganda. Don’t dishonestly imply that it was a CIA conclusion by the CIA.

    Link here:

  5. Mr. Hack says:
    @Max Parry

    It looks like you and Vladimir Ilyich already share one. 🙁

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  6. Gerard1234 [AKA "Gerard2"] says:

    Except ‘the Nazis’ never did what the discredited Max Parry fantasizes and certainly cannot prove.

    And the fact that Israel arms ‘neo-Nazis’ in Ukraine is further proof of that.

    Except that many jewish bankers from America helped finance the Nazis in the 1930’s and 40’s. Oswald Mosley from Britain, a well-known fascist went to a Jewish guy first to finance his political group ( though it that case the jewish businessman refused)

    The Soviets delivered huge amount of oil and gas to Western Europe during the Cold War – does that mean the USSR was “pro-West”? Using your same ridiculous logic

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  7. Max Parry says: • Website
    @Mr. Hack

    Actually the photograph was taken in a museum.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @AnonymousUkr
  8. Mr. Hack says:
    @Max Parry

    Couldn’t have been the Larco Museum in Lima Peru?

    The two of you make a cute couple, I notice you prefer grooming yourself like your idol – you’re not related, are you? 🙂

  9. Wally says:
    @Max Parry

    – You should tell the truth for a change, little comrade.

    – And do note, you cannot refute what I post. In fact, you run.

    You have no chance:

    ‘Holocaust’ Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos:

    • LOL: iffen
    • Replies: @Just passing through
  10. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Loved your article Max. Just saw it posted over at Off Guardian. You probably know that Trumpenstein was acquitted. As I’ve said the Democrats remind me of Wile E Coyote.

    Enjoy 🙂

  11. Antares says:

    The call transcript shows that Trump asked the newly elected Zelensky if he would assist U.S. Attorney General William Barr in determining whether there was truth to the rumors that the infamous Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer server given by the FBI to CrowdStrike Holdings was located in Ukraine. CrowdStrike was one of the cybersecurity firms hired by the DNC which questionably determined it was Russian intelligence which perpetrated alleged cyber attacks during the 2016 election.

    FBI asked Crowdstrike for the server but never got a reply. So how can they give the same server to Crowdstrike?

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  12. Ghali says:

    Obviously, Trump has just survived. What is next?

  13. sally says:

    The situation in the entire world is reflected in the substance of Parry’s article. Unpunished Mobster instigated murder, intrigue and the like competing for power and money, done at the highest levels of armed and dangerous institutions.

    The problem in out globe is with the nation state system itself.. Mostly likely reason <=the nation state activities are represented by crimes against humanity patterns , where ever in the world such activities next appears is almost always the same <= A killed B, C killed A, D blackmailed C, and X who was behind it all because the nations biggest or first Head of State., the new head of state killed off millions of his own, instigates a war against a neighboring state, while the private behind the scene mobsters profit from the transition of the old system to the new one.

    What does not change is that the nation state system The nation state system is the vehicle that keeps on delivering ruling king like powers to the next kind of the mountain. The nation state system has been a massively effective tool for the mobsters, as it has enabled the Mobsters to take control over 8 billion humans by dividing them into 206 control units (called nation states). These control units appear where ever the mob needed more power or more control or more wealth to take control.

    Just as soon as a new mobsters kills off the old ones, and moves into power, and proclaims he or she is head of state, the mobsters in other parts of the world acknowledge the new mobster as a legitimate head of state, and the state is recognized receives global recognition as a nation state. All of a sudden, out of the blue, comes a leader of a new or reorganized state, who is clearing the way for global mobsters to privatize the local public resources, to kill off or take over the industrial empires that have merit, and on and on and on.

    In other words, no nation in the world, is or can be, headed or controlled by, honorable human beings. To be a nation state leader is to admit to being a corrupted human-being. Often this can be established as sufficient information gathers(history). <=Nearly always the information paints a trail that leads from the new local power or nation state back to the global MOBSTERS. The problem is, the delay in painting that picture negates doing much about it.

    In this thesis proves accurate, the world can be straightened out, by denying anyone who purports to, or indicates any tendency toward becoming a nation state leader.

    Wonder what a world without nation states for the mobsters to use to accomplish their nefarious purposes would look like? <==I think one would call a world without top down leaders a democracy, but the mobster controlled and owned media would call it tyranny and the activities of the humans against the mobsters, the media would call Terrorism. Just as the USA was formed (1789) from the Ashes not of the British Empire but from the Ashes of the honorable people who removed from America, the British mobsters and their profit making corporations in 1776. The government in between the defeat of the British 1776, and the rising of a government that allowed no citizen to be any part of it, 1789<=was the Articles of Confederation government, and its first president was John Hanson, President of the United States in Congress Assembled,1776-1781.

    I say it again, the problem is not with the mobsters, its with the structure that allows them to accomplish their purposes. The humanity of the world will always be challenged by mobsters but handing the power to accomplish their mobster activities, that is by appointing them to head of state or whatever, is like handing a loaded gun to the guy robbing you.

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @anon
  14. @Wally

    Since the Zionists are as Nazi as the Nazis were and follow Nazi tactics (including mythology as history) you are as wrong as when you call Max Parry “discredited”.

    • Replies: @Wally
  15. @AP

    “It was really the most blatant coup in history.” – STRATFOR.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @AP
  16. Kim says:

    This piece of writing….ramble much?

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  17. This one is a big miss for me. I think it’s an article filled with a lot of nonsense and speculation.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  18. AP says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Suuure. And the American Revolution was merely a sinister anti-British plot by the French.

    • Replies: @iffen
  19. Robjil says:

    The coup was a Zion US coup.

    It couldn’t got off the ground unless the Zion US allowed it to do so.

    It is like the many coups that Zion US does all over the world.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  20. Where ever zionists are involved in a nations affairs blood shed and wrecking and destruction follow, zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity.

  21. “Did you read the document? It was in the CIA files. It stated that it was a translation from Russian of some Soviet propaganda. Don’t dishonestly imply that it was a CIA conclusion by the CIA.”

    Should you check your sources too? The whole idea (here) is to remind people of their own credulous, uniformed views of the world and encourage them to believe in something else.

  22. iffen says:

    Suuure. And the American Revolution was merely a sinister anti-British plot by the French.

    Don’t you keep up with American history? It was a conspiracy to keep slavery in place.

    • LOL: AP
  23. Mr. Hack says:

    Maxwell, after rereading my slightly acerbic comment to this piece again today, I still feel that your writing style is too bombastic and certainly way too disjointed. Case in point, why did you decide to include an advertisement clip for some nonsense trying to showcase the trivial pursuits of one Oliver Stone in his fruitless investigative attempts regarding the poor blue collar Cleveland autoworker, John Demjaniuk, in an article supposedly about “Democrats trying to impeach Donald Trump”?

    You do realize that Demjaniuk was acquited in an Israeli court after a long and arduous trial? The Israelis aren’t prone to letting somebody off for committing a heinous crime against one of their own unless the evidence just really wasn’t there to support conviction.

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  24. anon[323] • Disclaimer says:

    are these folks really politicians or are they <have a look at this link, it claims
    several boxes marked bio-hazard discovered buried at 1. 5 meters in back yard of abandoned Embassy in Wuhan .. Now in Chinese security personnel possession

    what do you folks make of this .. ?

  25. @Wally

    Just wish to remind you that your orange-coloured hero perpetuates the Holocaust legend in addition to bending over for Zionists and crushing free speech for the Jews’ benefit.

    • Replies: @Wally
  26. Agent76 says:

    May 15, 2017 Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland

    Will Donetsk Rejoin Russia? The nation shares a near-1,500 mile land and sea border with Russia. Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff earlier explained Ukraine is “the decisive linchpin in plans by the US and its NATO allies to effect a military cordon sanitaire, severing Russia from Europe” – a sinister plot perhaps intended as prelude to nuclear war.

    Sep 9, 2016 US funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians, 2016

    Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.

    • Thanks: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @AP
  27. Robjil says:

    This Zion US coup in Ukraine woke me up. The US at that time was supposed to get out of Afghanistan. Suddenly out of nowhere this anti-Russian coup happens in Ukraine during the Sochi Olympics

    I thought the US was fighting terrorism in the middle east. Why was the US causing trouble with Russia? We had enough problems in the middle east.

    On top of it, the US was supporting neonazi Banderists. Ukrainian Banderists put on a traveling fashion show with symbolism such as the swastika on their clothing and on their bodies. They went on a grand tour of a large part of the Zion US world = Europe, US and Canada.

    Among the models shot for a photo exhibition of Ukrainian fighters with war disabilities is a 20-year-old man brandishing Nazi tattoos on his naked torso. The exhibition, currently in Kiev, is set to tour in Europe, the US and Canada.

    Called ‘Winners’, the photo exhibition was prepared by the Ukrainian fashion magazine VIVA and television channel TSN, both belonging to the same media holding ‘1+1’, owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoysky. It features as models 18 men and one woman who sustained debilitating injuries while fighting for Kiev against rebel forces in the east and are learning to live with prosthetics.

    One of the photos shows a man with a bare torso delivering a kick with his prosthetic leg. Stretching across his chest is a colored tattoo of a skull and a swastika. Not shown in the picture are his other tattoos, including the German Nazi emblem with a black eagle above a wreath with a swastika.

    Well, after this mess, I started questioning everything. Who did nine eleven? How about the 6 million in WWII? Soon I found holes in both of this big events, huge holes. Nine eleven was an Israel/US event. 6 million is an Israel first fixation, imagination number to get Israel with from the sympathy of the endlessly brainwashed non-Jews.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  28. Wally says:
    @Just passing through

    I remind you that your bleach-blonde Hillary would have been no different, if not worse.

    Hillary Clinton visits Auschwitz

  29. @Max Parry

    you are lying degenerate swine. you repeat basically all same stupid Russia propaganda points they puke out for 6 years. there was no separatist movement in Ukraine at all. purely pro-Russian parties in Crimea got 3% of vote at peak. Ukraine gave up nuclear weapon for Russia and USA guarantees of sovereignty and not meddling in election (which Russia did since 90-es via Russian mafia, corruption etc.) Yanukovich with Communists was the one who made coup, turned democracy into tyranny of mafia who robs small and large businesses, falsifies elections Communist style and forbids demonstration Russian style. and Manafort brought Yanukovich to power who appointed Russian citizens to lead Ukrainian security (is that a pro-European? or you are lying swine). they totally destroyed Ukrainian army. “junta” was elected on general elections and lost next elections (in Russia opposition always loses, note for lying swine ). Poroshenko made more reforms than all other Governments all together. photo is lie(it is clearly photoshop). Nationalist and Nazi is not same. and those nationalist sound more like liberals than Le Pen and have almost no popular support in elections anyway. Stalin was one who was Hitler ally. basically everything is stupid lie which is 6 years old. you only forgot to lie about crucified little boys or blood libels.

    • Troll: Alfred
    • Replies: @annamaria
  30. Wally says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Except the “Nazis” did not do what is absurdly alleged.

    So much for that.


  31. Alfred says:

    It was unpopular in the east and south, where most non-Ukrainians lived

    So you are telling us here that the people living in half the country are not Ukrainians.

    Thank you. I am very grateful for your honesty. So what right do those who live in the north west of this piece of land have to determine the future of those living elsewhere? That my dear sir is either Fascist or Bolshevist thinking- take your pick. There is nothing remotely democratic about it.

    So what you are saying is the area in blue in this map really belongs to Russia since the people there, according to you, are not Ukrainians.

    Ukraine election 2010

    Ukraine election 2010

    Ukraine election 2010

    BTW, millions of Ukrainians have fled abroad – mostly to Russia. They are not allowed to vote in these fake elections. If they were to vote, the blue area would be quite a bit larger. FYI, in the Ukrainian parliament, they all speak in Russian. Ukrainian is considered to be a peasant language – which the ruling Jews never use.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @AP
  32. Max Parry says: • Website
    @Mr. Hack

    Demjanjuk was reconvicted in a separate case in Germany later and I made it quite clear the first trial in Israel was bogus. I disagree about Oliver Stone, he is doing what few are willing to and has no incentive other than political conviction, he’s been vilified by Hollyweird for his recent work. Your critique of my writing is fair though, I have a tendency to be overwrought and I am still developing, I haven’t been doing this very long.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Wally
    , @PeterMX
  33. @Wally

    While we’re at it let’s not forget the requisition Hillary submitted while Secretary of State–for \$15,000,000 out of our pockets to subsidize the Auschwitz theme park. What bullshit. The so-called Israelis should be subsidizing an American theme park to commemorate the USS Liberty massacre.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  34. Mr. Hack says:
    @Max Parry

    Like I said:

    The Israelis aren’t prone to letting somebody off for committing a heinous crime against one of their own unless the evidence just really wasn’t there to support conviction.

    Germany, on the other hand, will bend over backwards and distort the truth in order to try and impugn and falsely assign guilt to others in the murder and devastation of many, including Jews, to their own leadership role in NAZI German war crimes. Anything to try and deflect their own culpability in war crimes against humanity. There was absolutely nothing in it for the Israelis to try and exonerate Demjaniuk and they should be lauded for their final judgement of this innocent man.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  35. @Max Parry

    Mr. Parry, I suggest you get some help. Anyone who believes the official narrative of NS Germany and WWII, needs it.

  36. @Gerard1234

    Except that many jewish bankers from America helped finance the Nazis in the 1930’s and 40’s.

    That has long been debunked. There is no question several American owned business interests invested in German industry. That is no more financing the Nazis, than all of the US companies moving manufacturing plants to China, is financing Communists.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  37. @Curmudgeon

    Read the book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton and Hitlers Secret Bankers by Sidney Warburg.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  38. vot tak says:
    @Max Parry

    “@Mr. Hack

    You and Wally should get a room.”

    LOL, I’m sure those 2 likud websayanim have. And are still in it. 😀

  39. Mulegino1 says:

    Mr. Parry, I suggest you get some help. Anyone who believes the official narrative of NS Germany and WWII, needs it.

    Exactly. The communists-as well as their predatory finance capitalist Satanic twins- exemplify perfectly Christ’s observation about straining the gnat and swallowing the camel. Soviet crimes are passed over and no one ever brought to justice for them, but poor railroaded Demanjuk becomes an exhibit in a Jewish owned judicial zoo. (It must be mentioned that the Israeli Supreme Court did do the right thing and exonerate Demanjuk).

    The very existence of National Socialist Germany became the pretext for the most horrendous mass killing and ethnic cleansing in history. Germany – after being bombed to rubble and dismembered yet again- has been rendered into a NATO satrapy of self-hating worker drones.

    • Replies: @PeterMX
  40. PeterMX says:

    I saw the title and read some of the gibberish yesterday. Of course this is an outrageous lie so typical of them. I assume Max Parry is Jewish or beholden to them. Schiff, Schumer and Nadler are all Jews that strongly identify as Jewish and of course all are strongly pro-Israel. The reason these Jews support Ukraine is because Jews have now taken over and dominate the Ukrainian gov’t. as well as the press Ukraine has its second Jewish president in a row since the Jewish/American support of the coup that overthrew Ukraine’s last gov’t that was not hostile to Russia. Victoria Nuland, Jewish neo-Con and John McCain, Israel firster and neo-con were in the crowd in Kiev and cheering on the protesters that caused the elected gov’t to fall. Talk about interfering in gov’t elections. The US helped carry out a coup against Ukraine and Jews were main people that did it. The Jews want to now use Ukraine against Russia, which they hate because it’s Christian and Putin won’t let the Jews there take it over the way they have taken over USA, Ukraine and so many other countries.

    With the help of the Jewish dominated media in Ukraine, the Jews (that murdered 8 to ten million Ukrainians in the 1930’s) are pressuring Ukraine to stop honoring their heroic patriots that fought the murderous Jewish Bolsheviks during WW II.

    And Ukraine will lose a lot more than Crimea if they continue to allow Jews to lead them. I would urge patriotic Ukrainians in their gov’t to make a joint statement with Putin that they will work to end hostilities and to take Ukraine back from the Jews so the two countries and peoples can have peace again. Putin has to be a supporter of that statement. Unfortunately, this won’t happen.

    I wish I could inform Ukrainians how much Jews hate Ukrainians who they view as “NAZIS” because they fought back against their Jewish murderers during WW II. In the USA the Jewish media hate propaganda was strong against Ukraine until only recently and they harassed and deported innocent Ukrainians like John Demjanjuk who served with the Germans fighting the Jewish Bolsheviks.

    • LOL: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Max Parry
  41. Robjil says:

    Whatever name one wants to place on this Zion US junta in Kiev, the US should not be giving any arms to it. It shells civilians just like the Israelis do in Gaza.

    They have been doing it since the beginnings of the junta in 2014.

    Here is them still doing it in 2019.

    On Sunday, June 30, on the Orthodox holiday of all Russian saints, Ukrainian armed forces launched a massive mortar strike on the DPR. Just by the morning alone, more than 80 rounds of various caliber were unleashed onto the territory of the Republic, the DPR representative office at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime (JCCC) reports.

    Here is something from 2017.

    Servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have shelled a civilian vehicle, using an antitank missile system, near Dolgoye village in the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), the Russkaya Vesna information website reported.

    According to the website, the vehicle was completely destroyed with an anti-tank missile. As a result of this war crime, a 67 years old man was killed, while several local residents were wounded.

    In 2015

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a phone conversation with French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, expressed concern over shelling by Ukrainian servicemen of civilian facilities, the Kremlin reported Friday.

    “The Russian side stressed its concern in connection with more frequent incidents of shelling by the Ukrainian army of civilian facilities that resulted in deaths of civilians,” the statement said

    We heard nothing in our Zion Macht Frei western press about what this “glorious” Zion US junta does with its “weapons”.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  42. PeterMX says:

    Hellstorm. The genocde of Germany. A documentary film based on the book by Thomas Goodrich.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
  43. Max Parry says: • Website

    I assume Max Parry is Jewish

    I’m Italian-Irish…

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  44. @Holocaust Propaganda Survivor

    “The so-called Israelis should be subsidizing an American theme park to commemorate the USS Liberty massacre.”

    Could not agree more.

    Further, “holocaust” curriculum in our public schools should be replaced with the following required reading:

    1.) “Remember the Liberty! Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas” (Philip E. Nelson)

    2.) “Blood in the Water” (Joan Mellen)

    3.) The complete “American Pravda” series (Ron Unz)

    Now that would be a REAL educational experience that our kids so desperately need…….

  45. @Max Parry


    Italian and Irish people can’t be jewish?

    I never knew that…….. 😉

    • Replies: @Max Parry
    , @Avery
  46. AP says:

    It was unpopular in the east and south, where most non-Ukrainians lived

    So you are telling us here that the people living in half the country are not Ukrainians

    I suppose English isn’t your first language?

    The fact that most non-Ukrainians live in the south and east of the country does not mean that most people living in the South and East are non-Ukrainians. Most Cubans-Americans live in Florida. This does not mean that most Floridians are Cubans. Understand?

    The only parts of Ukraine where Ukrainians were a minority were Crimea and the southern and eastern parts of Donbas. Not coincidentally, these are the only areas where separatism from a state that has become a Ukrainian one was successful. This is good for Ukraine.

    As for the 2010 election, Yanukivich didn’t run on a separatist platform.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Alfred
  47. Max Parry says: • Website
    @Mustapha Mond

    Even if I were, most Roman Jews are genetically European, idiot.

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  48. Avery says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    {Italian and Irish people can’t be jewish?}

    It depends.

    If one identifies as a religious ‘Jew’, then, yeah, an ethnic Italian or Irish can have adopted that religion. Trump’s daughter Ivanka is obviously not of Jewish* descent ethnic/genes wise, but became a “Jew” after converting to Judaism.

    So, no you can’t be ethnically Jew and Italian/Irish at the same time (….putting aside the cases where one parent is ethnic Jew and the other is ethnic Italian, for example.)

    But I am sure you already knew that.
    I don’t know Max Perry, but what he said is clearly neither deliberately (((ambiguous))) nor misleading. He is a more or less public figure ( why would he claim he is not Jewish if he was? He’d be outed as a Jew in no time. What does he have to gain by pretending?

    * I believe Trump is of mixed German+Dutch+English+Irish+…… descent.
    I don’t remember which one of Trump’s wives is Ivanka’s mother, but Trump had no Jewish wives, as far as I know.

  49. Wally says:
    @Max Parry

    – I remind you that charges about Demjanjuk were based upon claims about Treblinka, laughably alleged “extermination camp”.

    It’s claimed that ca 900,000 Jew human remains exist there, but they in fact do not exist.

    – How about debating me right here at on the preposterous, impossible “holocaust” narrative that you promote.

    – recommended facts about Demjanjuk here:

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  50. PeterMX says:
    @Max Parry

    Why would you trust the German puppet government more than the Jewish government? They would throw every surviving German soldier in jail today still if told to. You so easily move on past the first fraud, in which Israel wasn’t the only guilty one. The US was the first to go after him and deport him.

    An Evil Campaign to Frame an Innocent Man
    “the Demjanjuk affair was not simply a case of mistaken identity but, rather, a deliberate and cold-blooded conspiracy by superpowers United States and former Soviet Union, as well as Germany, Israel and Poland to withhold exculpatory evidence in their possession and send to the gallows an innocent no man’s man.”

    They just keep trying people until they get a conviction. The Israelis admitted they had the wrong guy (after eagerly jailing him). How do you know he’s guilty of what the German puppet government accused him of, especially considering Europe’s tyrannical jailing of those that write history that Jews and others don’t disapprve of. Also, the 91 year old Demjanjuk died before the German court ruled on his appeal, so he is not guilty. How many Judeo-Bolshevik communists have been tried for war crimes, or for that matter Britsh or Americans? None.

    Ukraine Accuses Jews of Genocide against their people

    • Replies: @PeterMX
    , @Commentator Mike
  51. Let’s not overcomplicate the story. Corrupt Dems who stole and laundered huge amounts of money via short-sighted US policies in Ukraine under Obama tried to impeach Trump for an attempt to investigate this massive thievery. Neither Dems, nor Trump give a hoot about Ukrainian Nazis. It’s all about money.

    On another note, Russiagate hoax flopped faster than its inventors expected, now impeachment circus ended in the Senate nine months before the elections. What would be the next trumped-up (no pun intended) hoax the Dems come up with? I am sure DNC is looking for ideas.

    • Agree: Alfred
  52. Like Poland and Russia, Ukraine is holy ground for the Orthodox Jews being that a lot of the sects had its genesis in the Pale of Settlement and its surrounding territories thus the fingers of Zion is in the pot in as much as they love Crown Heights, Borough Park and Upstate New York…

  53. Oh come already! Trump wasn’t doing what he did with Ukraine out any sense of honor. He did it for his own self-serving political ambitions.

    So he wasn’t stopping the weapons monies because western Ukraine is run by a bunch of thugs.

    • Replies: @Flubber
  54. @AP

    \$5 billion referred to total amount of aid given to Ukraine since independence. It included stuff like Chernobyl containment.

    Sure, but context matters. Nuland said, as I remember, that the U.S. got more of its money’s worth from Ukraine than Russia, suggesting very strongly that the aid was tied to geopolitical ends and not simply alms for the poor.

    On your point about Maidan being a “popular revolt,” I also feel urged to quote Mr. Scientism again (sorry):

    People generally accept the idea that there’s elite influence in democratic politics, but resist the idea of elite influence in protests. Yet the protest (and activism generally) is an obvious and easily manipulated site of perception management.

    Protests, and ’grassroots’ politics generally, typically involve mobilizing large networks of small groups. At the core are professional political activists who coordinate the mobilization. Few people will be aware of the overall structure. It’s perfect for elite manipulation.

    How would you manipulate protests (and political activism generally)? By having large, well-funded political organizations fund hundreds of small ‘grassroots’ activist groups. What do we see in practice? Exactly that.

    This is how political campaigns work too. The mobilization of voters is coordinated, the product of wealth and power, but discussed as if it reflects the ’public will’. It’d be kind of weird if the people who operate a completely fake political system don’t also fake protests.

    ‘Don’t people have to care about the issues to be mobilized?’ The issue will be framed in a certain way. Groups will be mobilized (e.g., church groups), so that participants will go along with it due to group pressure. Etc. There’s no pure, uninfluenced interests in society.

    This is really the central lie of democratic politics (which is also the central lie of capitalism): that there are pre-social, individual preferences that can be counted. It’s not simply that we can be manipulated; we’re always manipulated; there’s no not being manipulated.

    as well as a comment to that post

    Protesting is premised as being a tool of the people to “exert” power, so it immediately denies the possibility that it is another tool for elites, as if paying a group of people to chant and walk around for several hours is impossible

    To be clear, it’s not quite that there wasn’t discontent with the present run of things, or that Russia (or the United States) wasn’t meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs (as I’m sure they did — all global players do; even China in Sweden these past months). The thing to remember, rather, is that there is no such thing as a “spontaneous, popular revolt,” and if you believe so, you are victim to propaganda in one form or the another.

    Did you read the document? It was in the CIA files. It stated that it was a translation from Russian of some Soviet propaganda. Don’t dishonestly imply that it was a CIA conclusion by the CIA.

    Maybe, maybe not. I have now read that report twice, and I see no mention of the source other than his being a Russian speaker. This could mean anything. And even if he were a Soviet citizen, what is to say that the information is untrue?

    Or more to the point, given your wide reading on Ukrainian history, what exactly do you quibble with in his report?

    • Replies: @AP
  55. Flubber says:

    Max – this article is bollocks.

    The Dems impeached PDJT because he dared poke his nose into a gargantuan cess pit of corruption involving billions of dollars of graft of USAID funds, IMF funds, and Ukrainian National bonds.

    The Dems have been stealing via the State Department for the entirety of Obama’s 2 terms.

  56. @Max Parry

    Move to strike as non-responsive.

    The gentleman, PeterMX, stated he assumed you were jewish (which is certainly nothing to be ashamed of to my mind; see below).

    Your pseudo-answer did NOT address the issue, but offered a non-sequitur.

    Of course Irish and Italian people can be jewish. My little poke at you was simply to draw attention to your side-stepping the issue, which you obviously did. It was in fun. But you respond with another non-sequitur, and then call me an “idiot”. Interesting. Devolving to name calling is very telling. And not very mature, for someone who apparently wants to be a writer who wishes to be taken seriously.

    I happen to have jewish blood through my mother, who is of Czech descent. My father was Slovakian Roma (Hitler would have loved me.) Does that make me jewish? Of course not. I was not raised to be religiously jewish. If I were, I would be a Czech/Roma jew, but I make no claim to be such.

    The correct answer to PeterMX’s implicit question was simply either: 1.) yes; 2.) no; 3.) None of your goddamn business. Or better yet, ignoring it completely.

    This seems to be a very touchy subject for a very touchy person. Which leads me to ask: ARE you jewish? (It’s okay to be jewish. Ron is. I have jewish blood. Calm down. We’re not the enemy…..)

  57. @Robjil

    At the time, I was thinking how cowardly, to foment a coup of the legally elected Ukrainian government, while Mr. Putin was occupied with keeping the Sochi Olympics safe.

    Not to second guess Mr. Putin, who is the preeminent leader on the world’s stage today, but I’m so sick of hearing of this Ukraine nonsense that I wish he would have rolled the Russian tanks into the streets of Kiev right after the Olympics and been done with it. I remain confused as to why Putin has not granted the Donbass’s referendum to return to Russia, as he did immediately with Crimea.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Alfred
  58. Flubber says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    Are you capable of saying something Non-NPC, non CNN approved?

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  59. AP says:

    Russell Bentley – American petty criminal. Perfect specimen for Donbas, fits right in.

    In the federal courtroom with his hands behind his back, Russell Bentley looked somberly over his shoulder and blew a kiss to his wife. U.S. District Judge Filemon B. Vela sentenced Bentley to five years and three months in prison Friday, with an additional four years supervised release.

    Behind bars since February, Bentley, described by federal authorities as a long-time Minneapolis based drug dealer, was the last to be sentenced among eight defendants linked to a marijuana smuggling operation that stretched across the country, from Mexico to Seattle, Las Vegas and Leavenworth, Kan.

    “It’s a substantial smuggling ring,” said Assistant U.S. District Attorney Mervyn Mosbacker. “They weren’t transporting real large amounts at any one time, but it added up to quite a bit.”

    Bentley faced six counts of marijuana possession with intent to distribute and one additional count of money laundering. Like each of the other seven co-defendants, Bentley pleaded guilty to one of the charges and the state dismissed the rest.

    • Thanks: Mr. Hack, Agent76
  60. AP says:
    @Swedish Family

    Sure, but context matters. Nuland said, as I remember, that the U.S. got more of its money’s worth from Ukraine than Russia, suggesting very strongly that the aid was tied to geopolitical ends and not simply alms for the poor.

    Sure, same for Marshall Plan, etc. There is a big difference between paying for hospitals or to clean up Chernobyl in order to foster friendly ties for 20 years, and the lie that \$5 billion was spent to overthrow a government.

    ‘Don’t people have to care about the issues to be mobilized?’ The issue will be framed in a certain way. Groups will be mobilized (e.g., church groups), so that participants will go along with it due to group pressure. Etc. There’s no pure, uninfluenced interests in society.

    This is really the central lie of democratic politics (which is also the central lie of capitalism): that there are pre-social, individual preferences that can be counted. It’s not simply that we can be manipulated; we’re always manipulated; there’s no not being manipulated.

    By that logic there is no such thing as a mass uprising anywhere ever.

    The reality is that it depends on many factors. Mass loathing of the government by the people. Part of the local elite going along too. Lack of sufficient fear. America can pour \$50 billion into Russia, the Russian people won’t overthrow Putin. Local Russian oligarchs can try to overthrow Putin, Russian people will hang them.

    In the western and central parts of Ukraine (including the capital, Kiev) the masses utterly hated Yanukovich. Protests grew huge, many oligarchs threw in their lot with the protesters, the West provided diplomatic support and cover.

    In America, masses hated British taxes, local businessmen and landowners joined them, France supplied funding and diplomatic cover (and even soldiers).

    Maybe, maybe not. I have now read that report twice, and I see no mention of the source other than his being a Russian speaker.

    The source is mentioned right at the top. Where it says SOURCE.

    Read more carefully. It is a commie newspaper, Socialist Vestnik.

    CIA info gathered from a Commie propaganda source. This was falsely presented as a conclusion by the CIA.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Swedish Family
  61. Agree with most of what you write Parry. Disagree that the Hollywood impeachment was about Trump “withholding” lethal aid to Ukraine. Its clear the impeachment was nothing more than a distraction. In my opinion to derail Bernie Sanders campaign. I think the Dem establishment wanted this to go on for a while to give cover for their cheating in the primarys.

    Obama refused to send it, with bipartisan pressure to do so. Why not impeach him? Same with the theory the’re impeaching him to force him into starting a war with Iran. Why didn’t they impeach Obama for not doing so? Even getting the JCPOA Iran deal done. Doesn’t make sense. Trump was already ramping up the war on Russia well before the impeachment. Pulling out of weapons treaties, sanctions, targeting RT News, trying to overthrow Venezuela, sending tanks other military equip to Russias borders, etc..

    I think it was that Trump was calling out the corruption of Biden. A third rail in DC and a stupid thing to do considering Jared Kushners ties to Israeli settlements, it could come back to bite him if any Dems had the balls to call it out. Corruption, like war is bipartisan. Pols from both parties get rich and keep their mouths closed about doing so. Its like the G-code of street gangs.

    But like I said, they never wanted to remove Trump. If they did there were plenty of actual crimes they could have impeached him for. I’m pretty certain they wanted to drag it out through the primary to sabotage Sanders, keep the media talking about something other than the blatant cheating. I think the GOP wanted to end it early because they want Sanders to be the nominee, I guess they think he’ll be easiest to beat. Perhaps they’re right, I don’t think they are.

    Yeah, both parties suck. The CIA pretty much owns this MFer at this point.

    The Nazis were CIA/OSS puppets during the war. Nazis were CIA puppets after the war. The Nazis offspring today, Azov, are CIA puppets. It isn’t hard to figure out. Just look at who it was that built the CIA and you’ll know who was and still is behind the Nazis.

    Buttigieg must be their next pick for the Dems since Biden is DOA.

    Good read from David Sheen

  62. Robjil says:

    US ukraine is a Zion US colony.

    It has to do the same thing that you mentioned about the 1776 America.

    It has to throw out the Zion ZUS rulers and Zion Oligarchs.

    Here is an example of what Zion Ukraine is doing:

    In 2015, soon after the Zion US coup.

    In fact, a bit of political maneuvering by the IMF gave the Ukraine a \$17 billion loan – but only if they would open up to biotech farming and the selling of Monsanto’s poison crops and chemicals – destroying a farmland that is one of the most pristine in all of Europe. Farm equipment dealer, Deere, along with seed producers Dupont and Monsanto, will have a heyday.

    With an obedient client regime now installed in Kiev, a series of political, economic and military decisions have been made that have more or less extinguished Ukraine as a sovereign nation state. Along with its extinguished sovereignty comes a complete lack of desire for self-preservation, and so, sowing one’s fields with genetically tainted, unsafe, literal poison goes from being adamantly avoided, to being openly embraced.

    Thia sums up the what the Zion Coup did to Ukraine. Ukraine needs a real coup for its own people and not for US military, for US or western corporations and Israel interests.

    Like many other things in Ukraine, the so-called “Euromaiden” that was allegedly spurred for freedom and self-determination has clearly stripped Ukraine of both its freedom and its ability to determine what is best for itself. From a military set upon its own people, to an economy looted by foreign interests, to a government directed literally by foreigners who chair it, to now fields to be sown with genetically altered poison, the ruination of Ukraine is nearly complete and a lasting testament to what the West truly means when it says “democratization.”

  63. Max Parry says:

    Why would I waste my time “debating” someone who leaves repetitive comments on articles they don’t even bother to read? I lose braincells reading your comments. If I were to engage with someone on that subject, it’d be with someone I take seriously like Kevin Barrett, not you.

    • Replies: @Wally
  64. PeterMX says:

    My previous comment has a mistype. It should say “that Jews and others don’t approve of.”

  65. @follyofwar

    You are forgetting that Putin is the president of Russia, so his main responsibility is for Russian wellbeing. Rolling tanks to Kiev would mean feeding 25-30 million worthless parasites (that’s assuming that a few million are potentially useful) and hanging a few hundred thousand Banderites. Accepting Donbass would mean raising pensions there to Russian levels. Both would be a huge financial burden for Russia. Getting rid of Banderites would also be a problem. So, he chose not to place excessive burden on Russian economy and political system.

    Crimea was a strategic asset, NATO coveted the naval base at Sevastopol, and he couldn’t let that happen. Besides, >90% of people in Crimea wanted to join Russia (Crimea tried to get out of the madhouse since day one in 1991). In Donbass, ~70-80% of the population wants to join Russia, so there is a problem what to do with the remaining 20-30%. He did not want to burden himself with yet another problem.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  66. anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:

    The real point is that the US uses anybody as cannon fodder, whether it’s these Ukrainians or Muslim jihadis elsewhere. It doesn’t matter what or who they are, they’re just chumps to be exploited. In this case cause a problem for the Russians and in the process get a bunch of people killed. Just business as usual. Nobody is keeping score on the body count and besides there’s the additional opportunity for some worthless children of rich US politicians to go there and parasitize in a relatively poor country. It’s all pretty shameless.

    • Agree: Robjil
  67. Alfred says:

    The place currently called “Ukraine” was created by Lenin in the 1920’s. Earlier, it was a collection of provinces of the Russian Empire. Later, Khrushchev added Crimea. Lenin and Khrushchev were dictators. The local people were never consulted.

    The occupants of the south and east have lived in these areas for far longer than those who claim these lands while living elsewhere. They are Russian.

    Those in the north west have practiced ethnic-cleansing – with the help of the West. Millions of “Ukrainians” have fled to Russia. Russia now offers passports to these people who have been disowned and bombarded by their “own” government.

    It takes no genius to realize that these areas will revert to Russia – as soon as the USA starts worrying a bit more about its own domestic problems. As for the European Union, they now know that they were thoroughly suckered by the Americans. Currently, the Russians don’t want these territories. They prefer to watch the Americans and the EU squirm.

    It would be a wonderful piece of irony if the “Ukraine Question” ends up demolishing what remains of the Democratic Party of the USA. It was Obama after all who launched the grab. 🙂

    Here is how scared the West is of elections being held in the east of Ukraine.

    By joining Moscow in pressuring the Ukrainian government to organize elections in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine, Germany and France risk violating international law.

    International law may yet contain Putin in Ukraine – Atlantic Council

    Of course, if you think that local people don’t matter and that you are totally against any form of democracy, I will not respond any more to your nonsense.

    • Agree: Robjil, annamaria
    • Replies: @AP
  68. @PeterMX

    The strange case of Mr. D. – freed by Israel for crimes against the Jews yet convicted by Germany.

  69. Alfred says:

    I remain confused as to why Putin has not granted the Donbass’s referendum to return to Russia, as he did immediately with Crimea.

    Putin is much smarter than both of us. He wants to get France and Germany to go along with it first. And he is making progress as this piece of hysteria illustrates. 🙂

    By joining Moscow in pressuring the Ukrainian government to organize elections in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine, Germany and France risk violating international law.

    International law may yet contain Putin in Ukraine – Atlantic Council

    Please remind me. When was the last time the USA respected “International Law”

  70. Pandour says: • Website

    Ask why over 1.2 million Soviet citizens-Baltic nations,Slavs,Turkomen,Georgians,etc., fought in the German Army.I served in the Croatian Army and in my unit we also used the Roman salute,because it was traditional and used by the armed forces of the Independent State of Croatia.We were not Nazis but anti-communists.Commmunist terror in the Ukraine murdered hundreds of thousands such as the killing of 9,432 Ukranians by the Soviet secret police in 1937-1938 in Vinnytsia.These victims to you are not worthy of mention.Israeli Ynetnews is among the the top 10 on-line sites in Israel.On Dec. 21st 2006 on Ynetnews under the title Stalins Jews Jewish author Sever Plocker among other things wrote-We must not forget that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jews-.He adds that the commander of the NKVD Genrikh Yagoda was the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th century,responsible for the murder of at least 10 million people.The state of Israel has been killing Arab and Palestinian civilians on a near-daily basis for the last 70 plus years,not to mention the earlier killings of Arabs by Jewish terrorists.From Sept. 2000 to 11 Aug. 2018 alone Israeli forces killed nearly 10,000 Palestinians including 2,172 children.That blood is on the hands of Israels biggest backer,the U.S.In Southeast Asia,primarily Vietnam,U.S forces killed a million civilians.That was truly killing on an industrial scale,as among other sources,the book Kill Anything That Moves vividly documents.It is high time for people like you to sweep their own porch.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  71. Robjil says:

    All what you said is true.

    The problem is that ZUS ukraine is hitched to that this wagon that you are talking about and that is the USIsrael wagon.

    A lot of twisted games are played these days, Croatia hitched to that wagon too.

    The Galicians and Croatians both remember Zion Communist terror. USIsrael today uses this remembrance for anti-Russian hysteria. Yet Russia of today is not the Soviet Union. It was a victim of it too. USIsrael is the terror of these days.

    Little Israel hid behind a civilian plane to attack Damascus again today (2.7.2020). This is the second time that it did that. A classic example of the terror that USIsrael promotes on our planet these days.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  72. AP says:

    The place currently called “Ukraine” was created by Lenin in the 1920’s.

    Don’t try to fool the poor Western boomers.

    The borders of the Ukrainian National Republic, 1917. Lenin had nothing to do with its creation:

    (notice that it did not include Crimea)

    The Ukrainian SSR was based on this entity. So you have it backwards.

    In western Ukraine there was the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic. Lenin had nothing to do with that entity, either.

    The occupants of the south and east have lived in these areas for far longer than those who claim these lands while living elsewhere. They are Russian.

    Here you go again.

    The south and east was opened up for settlement in the late 18th century. Most of the settlers were simply Ukrainian farmers who moved south from adjacent long-settled parts of Ukraine. They were joined by smaller numbers of Russian, German and even Serbian settlers. But the majority of settlers were Ukrainians.

    In the late 19th century during industrialization new factories appeared. These attracted larger numbers of Russian settlers to the cities. That’ why the city of Donetsk is 49% Russian and only 48% Ukrainian today.

    Here is the Russian Empire census of 1897:

    The official term for Russians is Great Russians and for Ukrainians is Little Russians.

    So Kiev province was 79% Ukrainian (Little Russian), 12% Jewish, 6% Russian (Great Russian) and 2% Polish.

    Katerynoslav province (southern Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk oblast) was 69% Ukrainian (Little Russian), 17% Russian (Great Russian), 5% Jewish, 4% German, 2% Greek.

    Kherson province (modern Odessa and Kherson oblasts) was 53.5% Ukrainian (Little Russian), 21% Russian (Great Russian), 12% Jewish, 5% Romanian, 5% German, 1% Polish, 1% Bulgarian

    So there were more Russians here than in core Ukraine but it is a lie to claim this region was majority Russian.


    The pre-Bolshevik 1917 elections followed the demographics. Ukrainian nationalist parties got about 70% of the vote in Kiev province and around 50% in southern Ukrainian areas.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  73. @Antares

    “FBI asked Crowdstrike for the server but never got a reply. So how can they give the same server to Crowdstrike?”

    Good point. It was my understanding that the server was given to Crowdstrike by the DNC officials and that the FBI never had it to examine. If that is correct, then your observation is also correct. A small mistake in facts by the author, but significant.

  74. @Flubber

    “Are you capable of saying something Non-NPC, non CNN approved?”

    This is a trick question, right? 😉

  75. annamaria says:

    “Maidan was a spontaneous, popular revolt…”

    — Mister, have you noticed a special visit by Brennan (then a director of the CIA) and the cordial relationships between the Kagans’ clan and the Kolomojsky-financed Banderites during the 2014 putsch in Ukraine? (
    Again, who are the Ukrainian Prime-Minister and President right now? According to your decorations, they should be “mostly ethnic Ukrainians.” Oi vey, “AP.”

    And here is the word for the prominent dealers re Ukraine:
    Comment section:

    The Democratic Party will move heaven and earth to stop Sanders from getting nominated. The stealth-fraudulogenic ” Shadow App” was designed to allow the Clintobama Dems to create whatever result they wanted from their hidden bunkers in the shadows.

    In 2014, the Clintobama & Kagabandera had arranged a nice “democracy on the march” in the patchwork of other peoples’ lands known as Ukraine.
    The well-honed regime-changing skills are currently applied in the US.
    Chickens have come home to roost.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  76. Robjil says:

    The western areas of Ukraine was under Polish or Austrian rule for hundreds of years. Therefore, there is not much Russian connections. The central and eastern areas of Ukraine were under the Russian Empire for hundreds of years. Therefore, the Central and Eastern Ukrainians have a stronger connection to Russia.

    It makes sense for those Central/Eastern Ukrainians to want to be good neighbors with Russia. They are also on Russia’s border. It is an land border. This border is like the Canada and US border. Imagine the US and Canada as mortal enemies. This is what US ukraine has been acting like for the past six years. It has been shelling civilians in Eastern Ukraine right on Russia’s doorstep. Imagine Canada doing that to a part of Canada that wanted to be independent of Canada.

    US ukraine is Zion US colony. Shelling/attacking civilians is Amalek fighting. The ZUS has been doing Amalek fighting for a long time. The ZUS did it to Germany and Japan on a grand scale. France and Italy got a bit too.

    US ukraine is not an independent nation. It sells weapons to Isis for the US and Israel. No independent nation would do such a thing.

    The US is supplying weapons to terrorists in Syria through third countries such as Ukraine, the Syrian Foreign Ministry confirmed. Political scientist Yuri Pochta listed the reasons why Kiev participates in arms trafficking in the “gray” market.

    Earlier, the first secretary of the Foreign Relations Department of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Alaa Din Saeed Hamdan, said that Washington and its allies has been supplying weapons to terrorists in the Al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra and ISIS jihadist groups, taking advantage of “intermediaries”.

    “It is clear that the US and its allies provide a large number of ammunition and armaments through third countries, such as Eastern European countries, Ukraine or Balkan countries, to deliver arms to the al-Nusra Front or Daesh [ISIS],” said the representative of the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

    Ukrainians should get their independence back. The US ukraine is an ridiculous spectacle at the UN. At the UN, it spouts the exact same nonsense as ZUS as do the other vassals in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @AP
  77. @Desert Fox

    Again, you are conflating personal/party financing with financing the country. A crapload of money from banks went into Germany to help fund the Havarna Agreement. US, Swiss and other banks invested in German industries, and why wouldn’t they? German industry was kicking the crap out of French and British industry, and increasing its market share. Banks also invested in the Soviet Union. It’s what banks do – profit above all.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  78. @AnonFromTN

    Your sentiments mirror those of Dmitry Orlov. I subscribe to Club Orlov and read his every missive. If you and Orlov are correct, what is it in the Ukrainian DNA which makes them so inferior to those with Russian DNA? Just curious, not expecting an answer.

    I know that Putin does, and must, place Russia’s interests first, and I did not forget that. I did say I was not second-guessing Mr. Putin (that would be foolish), and was just expressing my frustration with this whole Russiagate nonsense, which has put a major cloud over the entire Trump presidency, and prevented him from keeping his campaign promise to seek better relations with Russia.

    BTW, just for fun I checked the figure you provided on the referendums conducted in Donetsk and Lugansk in May 2014, which went ahead despite Putin’s request for delay. Per, they had a combined participation rate of 74%, with the DPR voting 89.7% and the LPR voting 96.2% to join the Russian Federation.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  79. annamaria says:

    It was supposed to be “according to your declarations” — sorry for the funny typo.

  80. Truth3 says:

    Much of western Ukraine became eastern Poland overnight with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and the German occupation

    Uhhh… No.

    You’ve got it assbackward.

    Eastern Poland became Western Ukraine with the Pact and Soviet 1939 invasion of Poland.

  81. @Curmudgeon

    I agree with you, I am just saying zionists banks aka controlled by the FED had a major part in financing Hitler, just as they did in financing communism in Russia, read Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony Sutton , these books and the ones I mention previously can be had on amazon, and also read the book Trading With The Enemy by Charles Higham.

    The zionist bankers financed both sides and promoted the war between Hitler and Stalin and hoped they would destroy each other leaving the zionists in control of the world, this is the zionist method, divide and conquer.

    Zionists aka communists are wrecking and destroying the world and humanity.

  82. Truth3 says:

    Bassackward Commie Parry needs to get a real job. Better suited to being paid while wrong.

    Like, as a Tour Guide at Auschwitz Museum, Theme Park, and Hot Dog Stand.

    • Agree: Wally
    • Replies: @Truth3
  83. Pandour says: • Website

    The problem with much of the discourse on this site is Russians good guys-Ukranians bad guys.Russia has declared itself the legal successor to the Soviet Union and still regards Ukraine as part of its own strategic orbit.Ukranians remember Soviet Russification policies-in 1931 alone 51,173 Ukranian intellectuals were sent to Siberia.Between 1926 and 1932,the Ukranian Orthodox Autocephalous Church,its Metropolitan Lypkovsky and 10,000 clergy were liquidated because the Church refused to join the Russian Patriarch at Moscow,the Kremlins political tool.Many things have a local context-Croatia has always looked westward, is an EU and NATO member and views the U.S. as a natural ally,while the Serbs gravitate towards Russia.I certainly agree that the Russian people suffered terribly under the Soviet regime.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @annamaria
  84. annamaria says:

    “purely pro-Russian parties in Crimea got 3% of vote at peak.”

    Madame, you protest too much:
    1. The Crimean Institute of Political and Social Research conducted a survey from March 8–10, 2014, and found that 77% of respondents planned to vote for “reunification with Russia”…

    2. From March 12 – 14, 2014, Germany’s largest pollster, the GfK Group, conducted a survey with 600 respondents and found that 70.6% of Crimeans intended to vote for joining Russia

    3. Gallup conducted an immediate post-referendum survey of Ukraine and Crimea and published their results in April 2014. Gallup reported that, among the population of Crimea, 93.6% of ethnic Russians and 68.4% of ethnic Ukrainians believed the referendum result accurately represents the will of the Crimean people.

    4. The Crimean status referendum official result: 97 % vote for the integration of the region into the Russian Federation … with an 89 percent voter turnout

    5. In May 2014, Washington D.C. Pollster Pew Research published results of a survey that encompassed Crimea, Ukraine, and Russia, in which it was reported that 88% of Crimeans believed the government of Kiev should officially recognize the result of Crimea’s referendum.

    . Between December 12 and 25, 2014, Levada-Center carried out a survey of Crimea that was commissioned by John O’Loughlin, College Professor of Distinction and Professor of Geography at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Gerard Toal (Gearóid Ó Tuathail), Professor of Government and International Affairs at Virginia Tech’s National Capital Region campus. … overall, 84% of Crimeans felt the choice to secede from Ukraine and accede to Russia was “Absolutely the right decision”

    7. In 2015, Germany’s GfK post-referendum survey found that 82% of Crimeans “Fully endorse” Crimea’s referendum and return to Russia…”

    For the sanctimonious preachers on the supposed illegitimacy of the Crimean referendum, go to Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan to enjoy the fruits of American “democracy on the march” there.

    Iraq has voted to expel US troops. Whether they’ll actually be kicked out is far from clear.

  85. Truth3 says:

    I’m sorry. I meant… Kosher Hot Dog Stand.

    Didn’t mean to make the Israeli Mossad Unz watchers puke at the thought of eating Polish pig sausage when they were there.

    Now I’ll go back to eating my St. Louis ribs and bacon. Yummmmmm.

  86. Wally says:
    @Max Parry

    LOL That’s it, that’s your response?
    – I read everything I post, everything I comment on. Prove that I don’t.
    -The fact is that you cannot back up the “holocaust” narrative, so you make petty excuses to dodge debate. I would simply take your Zionist lunch in debate and you know it.
    – More projection from you.
    It is you who makes repetitive “holocaust” statements (like in your article above & almost all your repetitive articles here) I merely respond to them.
    I tell you what, I’ll stop telling the truth about you when you stop lying about history. Zionist ‘history’ which cannot be backed up.

    – Why Won’t Deborah Lipstadt [and Max Parry] Debate the Holocaust Revisionists? :
    – Debating the Holocaust:
    – The Holocaust Debate :

    • Replies: @Max Parry
  87. Robjil says:

    This time the Russians are the good guys.

    I can’t think of one thing that the Ukrainian Zion US puppet state is doing good now.

    It is puppet so it can’t do anything but follow ZUS orders.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Pandour
  88. @Robjil

    Agree, and God bless the Russians for saving Syria from the terrorists created and funded by the ZUS and Israel and ZBritain, and the greatest terrorists are wearing suits in Tel Aviv and D.C. and NYC and London.

    • Agree: Robjil
  89. Max Parry says: • Website

    If you really read the article, you’d know the word holocaust doesn’t appear once.

  90. annamaria says:

    It would be nice if you also added some important and relevant information, for example, that the 3/4 of the Soviet secret police in Ukraine were Jewish. Despite this source of discontent (recall that during WWII Ukrainians greeted Germans as liberators from Jewish Bolsheviks), the current administration of Ukraine is heavily Jewish and controlled by Jewish oligarchs like the criminal Kolomojsky (a financier of the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi in Ukraine).

    Wasn’t it Marx who proclaimed that religion is an “opium for the masses?” This proclamation had become a battle cry against the Russian Orthodox clergy immediately after the Bolshevik revolution.

    It is hard to accuse westerners of ignorance in relation to the role of the Jewish revolutionaries in the Russian tragedy, considering the heavy censure of all and any documents illuminating the role of Jewish bankers in fomenting the Bolshevik revolution.

    The very best book to read on Russian-Jewish relations is “200 Years Together” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The problem with this book is that has never been officially translated into English. Yup, that’s right. A CRUCIAL book by a Nobel Prize winner can be so controversial that nobody in the publishing business has dared to print it. Happily, a number of websites offer unofficial “samizdat” translations… I cannot vouch for the quality of these translations as I read the book in Russian, not in English. But yeah, in the “land of the free”, the putative “brave” do not get to read a book if that book debunks the western narrative about Russia and Jews. By the way, Solzhenitsyn’s masterpiece is not the only such book which exists only in Russian, there are many more including Andrei Dikii’s “Jews in Russia and the USSR” which can also only be found on the Internet Archive…

    What the Jews are so afraid of in the fact-based documentaries about the history of Jews in Russia? Why the assault on the freedom of information? Nobody needs the drivel of the Jewish faux historians like Anne Applebaum (a propagandist related to the “Integrity Initiative” and Atlantic Council) and of committed Russophobes like “Masha” Gessen and David Remnick (the fouler of the “New Yorker”).

    “The arc of the moral universe is long … but it bends toward justice,” Theodore Parker

  91. @follyofwar

    Ukrainians have a lot more Turkish DNA than Russians, pretty much like Bulgarians. That’s why they are usually dark-haired with brown eyes, in contrast to blond blue-eyed Slavs. However, I don’t think the DNA is the reason. It is more likely deep-seated inferiority complex: Poles, who have predominantly Slavic DNA, are mostly blond and blue-eyed, show the same symptoms.
    There is a Russian joke about it. Ukrainian prays to God:
    – Dear God, why did you make the world so unfair? Russians have oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds, great writers, poets, composers, painters, ballet dancers, while we have nothing.
    – But you had all of this.
    – When?
    – When you were a Russian.

    As for Russiagate, it was an obvious ploy by Soros and his ilk. If you take the narrative of Russiagate at face value, American political operators should flock to Kremlin to find out how to swing a \$2 billion election with a paltry few hundred thousand dollars. They don’t, which shows that nobody believes this BS, it is meant exclusively for dumb sheeple. But they seriously hampered Trump’s effort to have smarter foreign policy (always assuming that he intended to, rather than just lied during his campaign). As Russiagate fairy tale flopped a lot earlier than they expected, and the impeachment circus also flopped nine months before the election, I wonder what other BS story for the gullible DNC will come up with.

    • Troll: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @AP
    , @Alfred
  92. annamaria says:

    Meanwhile, in the UK, the authorities continue the gravest violation of human rights of Julian Assange while the supposed “progressives” in the US pretend to be blind and deaf towards the brave journalist’s situation.

    This is not only about protecting Assange, but about preventing a precedent likely to seal the fate of Western democracy. For once telling the truth has become a crime, while the powerful enjoy impunity, it will be too late to correct the course. We will have surrendered our voice to censorship and our fate to unrestrained tyranny.

    Compare the voice of truth with the idiotic blabberings of various Markles, Harries, Maddows, Madonnas, and other wealthy hypocrites of Clintobama mold about “truth” and “empowering.”

  93. The body count of Bandera’s “5 weeks” is not even a scratch of the surface. To get a more realistic picture, reckon with 100,000 Poles massacred by Bandera’s Ukrainians in 1943 -1945, add the Ukrainians Waffen-SS “Galizien” Division, sprinkle with Ukrainian genocidal “auxiliary police” Nightingale and 201st Schutzmannschaft Battalions, leaven with lots of photos on line showing the Nazi fever then and now in Western Ukraine, and you’ll begin to have a correct picture of just what half of the people behind the “Maidan” were and still are worshiping, and what US Dems’ stupidity and greed–plus John McCain’s reliable moronism– got the U.S. into.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  94. Pandour says: • Website
    @Max Denken

    The Polish Institute of National Remembrance has collected a list of 23,000-31,000 Poles killed in Volyhnia and Galicia.Gregor Motyka,one of Polands most well-known historians on the 1940s cites the Wladyslav and Ema Siemazko estimate of 33,000 Polish deaths in Volyhnia.Of these 19,000 names have been collected.In Kholm and Hrubeshiv-where Polish forces first began the killings of Ukranian civilians,and Zakerozne,for example,upwards of 10,000 Ukranian civilians in the former and 4,000-5,000 Ukranian civilians were killed in the latter by Polish forces where Ukranians were a minority.Although historians present different numbers,Ivan Patrlyiak,whose work on Ukranian nationalist groups is regarded as the best in Ukraine,calculates that 39,000-40,000 Poles and 17,000-21,000 Ukranians were killed.The claim of a one-sided slaughter of Poles by Ukranians is a simplification .No one mentions the villages destroyed by the Poles,such as Malyn in Volhynia,which was torched on 13 July 1943-374 Czech colonists perished there,many more than in Lidice,On may 28th 1943 Polish armed formations torched the village of Telchi and killed 27 Ukranians,which Ukranians claim was the instigation of Ukranian reprisals.In March 1944 in Kholm Polish Partisans killed 1,500 Ukranians,70 per cent of them women and children.Massacres of the Ukranian population in Kholm started as early as 1942.During the visit of the Ukranian president Yuschenko to Poland in 2006 a monument to 366 Ukranians killed in the village of Pawlokoma on March 3d 1945 was dedicated.Not all Ukranian fighters took part in the killing of Poles.In 1947 the Polish government launched Operation Vistula that deported en-masse Ukranian residents of the area as traitors,fascists and enemies of the Polish people.In the Volyhnia area during WW II a four-way struggle took place-Ukranian,Polish,Soviet and Nazi forces.No one there can claim collective sainthood.I in no way wish to diminish the horrendous,incalculable suffering and losses of the Polish nation by various participants during WW II which to this day is virtually unknown outside of Poland.

    • Replies: @Max Denken
  95. AP says:

    Ukrainians have a lot more Turkish DNA than Russians, pretty much like Bulgarians.

    Nonsense, they have almost no Turkish DNA, this is as much of a Russian nationalist myth as the Ukrainian nationalist myth that Russians are Mongols.

    That’s why they are usually dark-haired with brown eyes, in contrast to blond blue-eyed Slavs.

    Ukrainians aren’t any darker than southern Russians, who also don’t have a lot of Turkish DNA. Ukraine borders Romania, and Ukrainians (as well as southern Russians) have some Balkan DNA. Conversely, Russians and Poles have Finnic and Germanic DNA respectively, this makes those peoples lighter than Ukrainians.

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Mr. Hack
  96. AP says:

    The western areas of Ukraine was under Polish or Austrian rule for hundreds of years. Therefore, there is not much Russian connections.

    Correct. Most of these regions (Galicia, Transcarpathia, Bukovyna) were never part of the Russian Empire and were only ruled form Moscow for 45 years under the Soviets. Volynia (where Orthodox Ukrainians did most of the slaughtering of Catholic Poles) had been part of the Russian Empire but avoided the first 25 years of Soviet rule.

    The central and eastern areas of Ukraine were under the Russian Empire for hundreds of years. Therefore, the Central and Eastern Ukrainians have a stronger connection to Russia.


    The Right Bank (half of central Ukraine) was part of Poland until 1793:

    It was part of the Russian Empire from 1793 – 1917. Not “hundreds of years”, but merely 123 years. Prior to that it had been part of Poland for 224 years. Prior to that, it had been part of Lithuania for over 200 years. It had never been controlled from Moscow.

    Moreover, after 1793 Russia left things pretty much alone and as they had been until after the anti-Russian uprisings. So, most of the Ukrainians living there were Greek Catholics rather than Orthodox, as in Galicia, until 1839 when this Church was liquidated by the Russian government due to it having supported the Polish uprising of 1831.

    As for the rest of central Ukraine – Kiev was a border town until 1793, with a larger Polish population than a Russian one. Just as many modern Ukrainian town-dwellers speak Russian in Kiev, back then they spoke Polish, which was the language of instruction at Kiev’s schools until the 1830s. Kiev’s last ethnic Polish mayor, Józef Zawadzki (who also founded Kiev’s stock exchange) was in office in the 1890s.

    In 1917 central Ukrainian lands became part of an independent Ukrainian Republic; in 1921 they became part of the Ukrainian SSR and after 1991 again an independent Ukrainian state. Historically speaking the period of time under the Russian Empire was rather brief.

  97. Mr. Hack says:

    Any personal opinions about when the Balkan DNA admixture was grafted into the Ukrainian national genetic make-up? I can only point to two eras when Ukrainians had much to do with their “Romanian” neighbors: the Trypillian period and the Moldavian one. To this day you can see physical resemblances between the two peoples in Bukovyna. In either case, I don’t see any period when a large out migration of Bukovynian or Bessarabian Ukrainians mixed in with their fellow Ukrainians to the north or east?

  98. Mr. Hack says:

    I think that the “myth” that “Russians are Mongols” was founded on the absorption of Mongol statecraft and symbolism into the Russian mentality and wielding of power as much as any actual direct inclusion of Mongolian DNA, although there was definitely some of that too. Also, quite a few upper tier Tatar nobles (along with Baltic, German, Ukrainian and Polish etc) were absorbed into the Russian nobility and gentry classes.

  99. Pandour says: • Website

    The very fact that Ukraine opted for independence in 1991 was a blow to the ruling clique in the Kremlin.The Kremlin still sees the Baltic States,also victims of genocide and Russification,as geopolitical puppets of the West.Why do you have a problem with the Ukraine distancing itself from Russia and the president-for-life Putin.Russia,among other means,has been conducting hybrid warfare against Ukraine since at least 2014.Before the Crimea annexation,for example,the Russian FSB-security service-took over the servers of a popular social media network in Ukraine for propaganda purposes.During the recent war in Ukraine,Ukraine was targeted with thousands of Russian disinformation attacks by Russia.Russia continues to deny its military presence in Ukraine.As of February 1st 2015 in a top-secret memornadum,the Russian government has approved compensation for-I quote-2,000 families of fallen soldiers and 3,200 military personnel suffering heavy wounds and recognized as invalids-end of quote.A conservative estimate of Putins wealth is 70 billion U.S. dollars.Putins narrative of WW II demonizes the Ukranians as fascists,Nazi collaborators,etc.Check out the Russian version of WW II on the Russian English-language format RTL-it puts Zionist WW II mythology to shame.

  100. @Pandour

    It figures that Ukrainian sources you quote will have their own figures and their own created facts. The Polish underground army certainly engaged in reprisals in retaliation for the slaughter of innocents, but that’s what it was, reprisals. War is a dirty business, and he who unleashes it has no right to complain about the consequences. Besides, on the Ukrainian side it wasn’t merely the genocidal murder of 100,000 civilians; it was barbarism the like of which, if you compare the photographic portfolios, the only equal you can find in modern times is in the Congo and in black attacks on white farmers in South Africa.
    If you mention the after-war period, you should mention that what remained of UPA escaped the Soviets to the mountains of Czechoslovakia and preyed on the local population there until killed off . Both Poland and Czechoslovakia after the war deported large number of the minority populations that had sided with the Germans during the war and engaged in killing and robbery of the autochthons: mainly volksdeutsche Germans but Ukrainians too.

    • Replies: @AP
    , @Pandour
  101. @Pandour

    Russia continues to deny its military presence in Ukraine.

    Syria shows what happens when the Russian army is really present. Unfortunately for the Donbass people, Russian army is not there. If it were, within a week or two Banderites would be trying to cross the Polish border, where Polish border guards would be happy to shoot them.
    As the Russian joke has it, you ask Ukrainian:
    – If you say that Crimea is rightfully yours, why don’t you fight for it?
    – We are not stupid, there is Russian Army there.
    – But you say there is Russian Army in Donbass, and yet you fight.
    – That’s what we say, but in Crimea there really is Russian Army.

    A conservative estimate of Putins wealth is 70 billion U.S. dollars.

    Estimate by who? I heard this fairy tale many times, but never saw anything approaching proof. Did you ever ask yourself, where a person can hide \$70 billion? It is virtually impossible to hide even \$1 billion. When someone tries to use “honest” Western banks for that, the billions mysteriously “disappear”, like Gaddafi’s billions from a “safe and honest” European bank. It is equally pointless to hide this kind of money inside Russia: as long as Putin is President, all state resources are his to command. If he stops being President, the next one would “confiscate” everything.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Pandour
  102. Mr. Hack says:

    Hey “professor”, speaking about fairy tales, did you happen to notice how AP put to shame your own (#96), when he exposes your own myths regarding the supposed “dominance of Turkic DNA” found within the Ukrainian ethnos? And you’re supposedly a “Biology professor” at some hillbilly college in the US south? Isn’t genetics an integral part of biology and something that you should be well versed in? One can only wonder what other “valuable conclusions” you come up with in your other research projects ?? 🙂

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  103. Pandour says: • Website

    Why are you mixing apples and avocados.I do not approve of the Western-U.S. backing of anti-Syrian government factions in Syria.According to the Kremlin Putin earns around 133,000 U.S. a year and lives in a small apartment.If you believe that,I have a bridge in Croatia I can sell you for a paltry half-million Euros.Just check out his lifestyle.Former Russian government adviser Stanislav Belkovsky estimated his fortune is worth 70 billion U.S.Of the 20 state residences Putin has access to,nine were built during his tenure as president.In a recent book Russias Crony Capitalism Russia expert Anders Aslund writes that Putin has amassed a net worth between 100 and 160 billion U.S.Hell,why do you even have a computer if you are not willing to even critically judge the avilable evidence,which is overwhelming.All state resources are at his command,you write-you are a great candidate for a stand-up comedian in Vegas.Russia is a kleptokracy-in 2011 a fifth of the defense budget was stolen by corrupt officials,dishonest generals and crooked contractors,according to Russias chief military prosecutor,thats 10 billion U.S. a year.Corruption in Russia is endemic.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @AnonFromTN
    , @Alfred
  104. annamaria says:

    “…Crimea annexation… Russia, among other means, has been conducting hybrid warfare against Ukraine since at least 2014.

    — Sounds like a fragment of an opus concocted by some Jewish Russophobe affiliated with Atlantic Council. There are several commenters on this forum who have been trying to explain to you that Ukraine had suffered a putsch (“the most blatant coup,” a color revolution, a regime change) in 2014. The ziocon-made putsch had made the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation inevitable. Take your complaints, grievances, and quetching to Kagans’ clan and other ziocon stink tanks.

    Upon the putsch of 2014, Ukraine had become a fiefdom of Jewish oligarchs, but, for some reason, you are not able to notice this glaring fact. Ukraine is ruled by Kolomojsky, the pillar of the Jewish Community of Ukraine and a Ukrainian/Israeli citizen himself.

    “The Baltic States, victims of genocide…”
    — You mean the genocide initiated by the Bolsheviks? Then you need to check on the ethnicity of the leading Bolsheviks. As for the ongoing rabid de-russification of Ukraine and the Baltic states, the European Union is not amused by this barbarity.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Pandour
  105. annamaria says:

    “Russia is a kleptokracy – in 2011 a fifth of the defense budget was stolen by corrupt officials, dishonest generals and crooked contractors…”
    — Interesting. It seems that you are trying to take a high moral ground. Apparently, you are not an American citizen otherwise you would be aware of this fact:
    “The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed:”

    Congress had ordered an independent audit of the Department of Defense, the government’s largest discretionary cost center—the Pentagon receives 54 cents out of every dollar in federal appropriations—after the Pentagon failed for decades to audit itself. The firms concluded, however, that the DoD’s financial records were riddled with so many bookkeeping deficiencies, irregularities, and errors that a reliable audit was simply impossible.

    “Pentagon Racks Up \$35 Trillion in Accounting Changes in One Year:”
    “Over Two Decades, The Pentagon Has Lost \$10 Trillion:”

    • Agree: Robjil
  106. annamaria says:

    The main puppeteer of the Ukrainian government: Jonathan Brunson, who worked at the U.S. embassy in Kiev:

    “I think Kolomoisky is super-dangerous,” he said. “He is probably one of the most dangerous oligarchs because he’s one of the ones who’s willing to get his hands dirty.”

    Brunson pointed to Kolomoisky’s role in funding the ultra-far-right Azov battalion [of self-proclaimed neo-Nazi] … “He was one of the first oligarchs who began to act like a warlord. … Kolomoisky has been accused of commissioning contract killings.

    Kolomojsky as a mega-swindler (think of his kindred spirit Bill Browder)

    From at least 2006 through December 2016, the UBOs [Ultimate Beneficial Owners – Kolomoisky, Bogolyubov] were the majority and controlling stockholders of PrivatBank, one of Ukraine’s largest privately-held commercial banks. During that time period, the UBOs used PrivatBank as their own personal piggy bank—ultimately stealing billions of dollars from PrivatBank and using United States entities to launder hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of PrivatBank’s misappropriated loan proceeds into the United States to enrich themselves and their co-conspirators.

  107. @Pandour

    First, if someone says something, it does not make it true. I can call you a Martian, or clam that you are as rich as Bill Gates, but it won’t make it so.

    As to corruption and stealing from the defense budget, I have no doubt that it is happening. You say about a fifths of Russian defense budget gets stolen. What fraction of the US defense budget is stolen? How much must be stolen to make multi-billion super-duper military ship break down in the Panama canal? My guess is, a lot more than 1/5th. And even if only 1/5th of the US defense budget gets stolen, that’s a lot more than the whole Russian defense budget.

    The invasion of Iraq was a corruption scheme, including Halliburton \$10 billion no-bid contract. The bailout of bankrupt banks and insurance companies in 2008 was a huge corruption scheme, it cost taxpayers trillions. If that’s not kleptocracy, I don’t know what is. The thieves are happy, of course, but as a taxpayer I am not.

    Also, you sidestepped my simple question: where can you hide 70 billion, or even 10 billion? It’s just plain impossible.
    So, I don’t care who says what, I want to see proof. If you have none, just say so.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  108. @Mr. Hack

    Yea, AP is a great authority in human population genetics. As authoritative as I am in quantum mechanics or medieval theology.

    • Replies: @AP
  109. AP says:
    @Max Denken

    It figures that Ukrainian sources you quote will have their own figures and their own created facts.

    And why do yo assume Polish ones are necessarily more credible? It is not as if they are disinterested.

    War is a dirty business, and he who unleashes it has no right to complain about the consequences.

    Murdering civilians, even in cases of reprisal, is never acceptable or justifiable and one has every right to complain. I guess you don’t agree.

    Besides, on the Ukrainian side it wasn’t merely the genocidal murder of 100,000 civilians; it was barbarism the like of which, if you compare the photographic portfolios, the only equal you can find in modern times is in the Congo and in black attacks on white farmers in South Africa.

    You don’t have to look to Africa. Only 100 years earlier Polish peasants were doing the same to Polish nobles, sawing them in half and so on:

  110. AP says:

    You are the one who claimed that Europeans are genetically closer to Africans than they are to Asians. LOL.

  111. Pandour says: • Website

    I have long been aware of the ethnicity of the leading Bolsheviks-your comment is a fallacy in argument where you suppose I know nothing on the subject.To you the national aspirations of Ukranians,Latvians,Lithuanians,etc. mean nothing and the Russification policies implemented under the Soviet regime upon non-Russian nationalities never took place.The EU is a joke-they remained mum during the murderous Russian wars in Chechnya,because they did not want to rattle Moscows chain-amongst other factors,the EU heavily depends on Russian gas and oil.Do some serious homework and check out the horrendous butchers bill exacted upon the people of Chechnya during the Russian invasion.To you and your ilk president-for-life Putin who worked as a KGB-a criminal organisation- foreign intelligence officer for 16 years is a candidate for sainthood.Only the ignorant can claim that Russia is not an autocracy,and a corrupt one at that.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Robjil
  112. Gerad1234 says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Mr Hack, please don’t be such a dumbass. Mr Parry is a great writer and very credible.

    Lenin was idolised by both Rupert Murdoch and Steve Bannon – 2 pillars of the right-wing media in the last 50 years. No surprise seeing that many so-called western or right-wing politicians have been great admirers of him or Trotsky( Tony Blair of UK) or Marx. Lenin after all was merely an intellectual and not a bad man.

    Anyway, I can’t understand what your problem is, Mr Hack?

    Lenin is the genesis of Ukraine

    Stalin is the father of Ukraine-the creator of the modern day state

    Chikatilo is the ideologue/soul of Ukraine (lol by the age of 40 he could speak Ukrainian much superior to the last 5 presidents when they were at the same age)

    Zelensky is the anus of Ukraine – literal shit from all the waste ideas comes out of this clown

    Galicia is the appendix of Ukraine- a completely useless organ producing nothing and nobody of any value, which now that it has burst, is killing the country

    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
    , @Anon
  113. Pandour says: • Website

    I live in a post-communist state,Croatia and am definitely more aware of the nature of corruption present in the Russia and other former East-block countries.Russia inherited the infrastructure,mindset,cadres and practices of the former Soviet Union.Russia is de facto a mafia state.Hundreds of thousands of Russian businessmen have been the victims of corporate raids and many have turned over their businesses to organized crime predators after their families were threatened.Organized crime in Russia works hand-in-hand with tens of thousands of corrupt local officials.Russia is run by people who are stealing left,right and center.The Russian mafia is the gold-medal winner,Numero Uno,of the top nine mafias in the world and controls 70 per cent of the Russian economy.Its no coincidence that the Serbian mafia is 8th on the list.Russian,Rumanian,Polish,Albanian and other East European gangs are a scourge in Western Europe.The Polish mob specializes in the theft of luxury cars.Currently Russian mobsters operate in 50 countries with an estimated 100,000 in the U.S. as of 1995.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  114. Pandour says: • Website
    @Max Denken

    Any serious researcher on such a subject should beware citing round figures.Of the Polish victims, 43,987 are known by name,this according to Swedish-American historian in the study East European Jewish Affairs Vol. 36 No.2 DEC. 2006. pp 163-179-this may be closer to the truth.Crimes are crimes and one cannot justify them as retaliation-you dismiss any Ukranian sources as unreliable-hardly objective.Apparently you did not see that I mentioned Polish sources from the outset.Such barbarities in modern times can definitely be found outside of Africa,and in Europe at that.The history of communism is replete with countless such cases of which I will cite only one.In 1943 in Slovenia 42 communist Partisans kidnapped,raped and killed 17-year old Frieda Paulitsch.They made goulash from her remains and served it to other partisans.not telling them the source.In one part of Slovenia communist Partisans killed nearly all Roma,over 200 of them,from babies to adults,including pregnant women.In Nov. 2017 the Slovenian state commission for mass graves in Ig near Ljubljana exhumed the remains of 53 Roma killed by Titos so-called antifascists.

  115. Mr. Hack says:

    Lenin is the genesis of Ukraine

    Stalin is the father of Ukraine-the creator of the modern day state

    You’re trying to tell me not to be a dumbass?

    Your peddling this nonsense reminds me of this:

  116. annamaria says:

    You protest too much by presenting the Soviet/Russain history as exceptional. Where had these three Baltic republicks belonged to before the Bolshevik revolution? In short, when and why the “russification” had started and how it was different from imperial policies implemented by all other empires? Have you heard about Great Britain?

    And enough already with scaring the readers with the KGB; Putin was a KGB colonel whereas Puppy Bush the pres. was the former director of the CIA. Moreover, you started your Russophobic invectives with complaints about “bad Russians” in Ukraine, yet you carefully avoid responding to those commenters on this site, who explained to you that Maidan “revolution” was a putsch (regime change, coup d’etat) conducted by ziocons in collaboration with the local self-proclaimed neo-Nazi.

    Ironically, Ukraine, this patchwork of other peoples’ lands, has become a property of Jewish oligarchs (and the delight of the ever-greedy NATO). What’s your problem with the Russian Federation? Has she moved too close to the NATO borders? Or you are outraged that your beloved artificial toy-country of Jewish supremacists still did not get Syria because of Russian help to the multidenominational country with ancient cultural roots and history?

    • Replies: @Pandour
  117. Gerad1234 says:

    teenage Russian Internet stuff

    Lol…. Seeing as has been proven many times – you can’t speak Russian/Ukrainian ( which is disturbing considering the dumb obsessive fantasist posts a freak as yourself has done trying to imply otherwise)… It makes no sense to make that comment.

    stuff like Chernobyl containment

    Err…. Chernobyl containment done via European funded entities you thick POS. It is beyond dispute that the state department funded subversion projects in ukropia.

    “like the French helping the US during their war of independence”

    LOL what an idiotic comparison. Ukraine having its PM, all its finances, laws, “culture” dictated to by Americans, feeling that useless to have offered Defense Minister job to an American multiple times….. brought about by Soros funded ukrops and banderites is completely different from the French to the Americans, you attention-whore retard. Not to mention the context of France and Britain at the time, effectively have been at various stages of war for over 600+ years

    don’t imply it was a CIA conclusion

    LOL… Of course it is their opinion of him you idiot. No real need to have kept it classified for so long if otherwise. Even during the 1950’s, in the Cold War nobody in the US even dared promote bandera/upa despite having many of these, or descendents of these scum in the CIA. It is no surprise considering even Galicians were disowning these vermin during the late 40’s/50’s during their failed insurgency. His promotion has only been kept around by failed, sociapathic banderetard emigree North American morons in very closed societies .

  118. @Pandour

    Well, I live in the US, so I know a different reality and care about other things. The US is a mafia state through and through. Banksters and bankster-controlled Deep State and large corporations are stealing hundreds of billions of public money, via defense budget and other venues. They stage a cheap show of “democracy” for the gullible, using the fact that both so-called parties are controlled by them, with dirty thieves at the helm of both. They do not feel bound by any law. They never stop at murder or unlawful imprisonment, torture, chemical and physical (Seth Rich, Assange, and Guantanamo inmates are well-known examples of this; but the number of their crimes exceeds the number of crimes of any mafia). They often use state apparatus to commit their crimes, like in case of recent mafia-stile assassination of Soleimani, to scare the competition and force it to submit to the bankster godfathers. I would not call this mafia American, as it is an international criminal enterprise. They don’t give a hoot about any country, including the US, for them countries and governments are just means to an end. Compared to them, Don Corleone was a highly ethical and respectable individual. He even balked at drug business, which flourishes under the supervision of the US military in Afghanistan and Latin American client states.

    • Replies: @Pandour
    , @Mr. Hack
  119. Pandour says: • Website

    You virtually deny the the genocidal policies of Soviet nation killers-truly wonderful.To you and others on this site any Ukranian,Chechen,Georgian,Latvian,Estonian,Lithuanian,etc. who is not pro-Russian is in current Russian political parlance a fascist,pro-Western stooge,moral degenerate,neo-Nazis,etc.Greater Russian Imperialism to you never existed and is no problem.Enough with the Jewish oligarch tripe in Ukraine.Of 10 billionaires with Kremlin ties who funneled political contributions to Donald Trump and a number of top Republican leaders,at least five were Jewish. Jewish billionaire Oleg Deripaska owns the largest aluminum plant in Russia as well as car-and-aircraft manufacturing businesses and has close ties to Putin-he is one of several oligarchs who Putin turns to on a regular basis.Putin and Netanyahu are good pals and on several occasions have announced that they look forward to-shared victories.I live in Croatia-as far as I know there are no Jewish oligarchs there.The fact that you would deny the Ukranian people even their right to exist says everything about you.The fact remains that Russia is a kleptocracy,with or without Jewish oligarchs or Ukranians, headed by the shirtless Russian imperialist.Even for a pro-Russian propagandist,you are crude.

    • Agree: Mr. Hack
  120. Pandour says: • Website

    In most cases,people have the government they deserve.

  121. Robjil says:

    Chechnya is doing great now since it pushed out the USisrael terrorists.

    Russia’s southern land is no longer the perilous region it once was, in fact it’s now one of the safest places in the country. But be warned, you should still brush up on your knowledge of Chechnya’s culture and traditions before venturing there.

    Why are you worried about Chechnya?

    US ukraine has many problems. It ruled by USisrael terrorists now.

    Look how it started in 2014. It was Amalek (attacking civilians) fighting against its own citizens on a grand scale.

    Support by the United States government for Ukraine reached stunning levels of immorality with the clear endorsement of the Kiev government’s attacks on civilians in eastern part of that nation. Numerous reports (see below) in the world press indicate that the Kiev government is indiscriminately attacking the city of Slavyansk. That leaves no doubt that the Ukraine army and National Guard are attacking civilians. (Image: Save Donbass Children)

  122. Gerad1234 says:

    Ukraine is controlled by Jewish oligarchs you cretin. Russia isn’t… Plus Russia removed 3 of the most powerful and sinister Jewish oligarchs during Putin’s first 5 years (making the ukrop orange revolution even more of a stupid event). In doing it for just those 3 swine, Russia encountered severe resistance from the west at the time- which still goes on to this day.

    Soviet Union has nothing to do with the corrupt Ukrainian, Moldovan and gruzian elite trying to brainwash their population against Russia.

    • Agree: Robjil
  123. Mr. Hack says:

    For heaven’s sake, why don’t you leave this God-forsaken “mafia state” and go back to that bastion of snow white purity called Russia? Nobody is keeping you here hostage. I guess it only goes to show what a slave to the almighty dollar you are, an international pariah, a prostitutka enslaved to the “Benjamins”. Russkie go home!

    • Replies: @Gerad1234
  124. Gerad1234 says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Mr Hack, even you must have heard that old joke about Ukraine ( universally recognised as a cesspit of corruption)?

    The joke (well, actually fact) goes like this:

    ” who is the only Ukrainian official to go to jail since Euromaidan?…..

    …… Paul Manafort”!!

    That just about sums up this farce. Whereas Russia has arrested a gazillion officials at all levels in the last decade… for ukropia there has literally been f**k all, just laughable boasting about, many years later merely SETTING UP a so- called anti-corruption Court.

    BTW at all sectors in Russia there has been real progress against corruption.

    Just like the more these joke countries as Ukraine and gruzia become closer to America…. the exponentially more they start suffering from measles and diphtheria….they become even more corrupt

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Mr. Hack
  125. Mr. Hack says:

    All of the “corruptioneers” that either get killed or disappear in Russia are Putler’s perceived enemies, or journalists who write against the regime. Who are you trying to kid?

    • Replies: @Robjil
  126. Robjil says:
    @Mr. Hack

    Russia is quite different than you think.

    There are many discussion shows in Russia where all points of view are debated. Also this happens in real life among Russians too.

    5. Dispute

    Dispute is a unique phenomenon of daily life in Russia. In fact, it is quite hard to imagine a real dispute in any other western or eastern culture unless it is scientific debates. In Russia, a meeting or a holiday fest may result in a heated discussion on any possible topic, and it is commonly known that truth is born of arguments.

  127. annamaria says:

    “You virtually deny the genocidal policies of Soviet nation killers-truly wonderful.”

    — What do you mean as “virtual” in your above statement? That you could not find a real denial and decided to assign me your ideas in an obviously dishonest manner? Thanks but no thanks.

    “…billionaires with Kremlin ties who funneled political contributions to Donald Trump…”

    — What is your point? Why don’t you add Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs for good measure?
    Are all Ukrainians angelic creatures, particularly Jewish Ukrainians like Kolomojsky, Zlochevsky, and Pinchuk?

    Ukrainian have been leaving Ukraine en masse for Russia and the EU after the ziocon-banderite putsch in 2014. Do you have any ideas about why so many people in the central part of Ukraine don’t want to live in a country of the victorious ziocon-banderites?

    After the Euromaidan of 2013-1014, at least 2,500,000 Ukrainian refugees had settled in Russia. There are almost 5-8 million Ukrainian refugees and workers in Russia.
    Many Ukrainians did find decent existence in Russia, something that the zionized Ukraine is not able to provide.

    As of 2018, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe alongside Moldova in terms of GDP per capita. At US\$40, it has the lowest median wealth per adult in the world, and suffers from a very high poverty rate as well as severe corruption.

    You proclaim your special sympathy for Chechens as the collective victims of the Russian Federation. How about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and the millions of the innocent slaughtered there by the “democracy-loving” ziocons/NATO? You do protest too much.

    Have you heard about Beslan?

    In October 2002, Chechen rebels seized a Moscow theatre and took about 900 civilians hostages. The crisis ended with 117 hostages and up to 50 rebels dead, mostly due to an unknown aerosol pumped into the building by Russian special forces to incapacitate the people inside.

    In response to the increasing terrorism, Russia tightened its grip on Chechnya and expanded its anti-terrorist operations throughout the region. Russia installed a pro-Russian Chechen regime. In 2003, a referendum was held on a constitution that reintegrated Chechnya within Russia but provided limited autonomy. …

    In September 2004, separatist rebels occupied a school in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia, demanding recognition of the independence of Chechnya… 1,100 people (including 777 children) were taken hostage. The attack lasted three days, resulting in the deaths of over 331 people, including 186 children.

    After the 2004 school siege, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced sweeping security and political reforms, sealing borders in the Caucasus region and revealing plans to give the central government more power. He also vowed to take tougher action against domestic terrorism, including preemptive strikes against Chechen separatists. … In April 2009, Russia ended its counter-terrorism operation and pulled out the bulk of its army.

    Why has not the Ukrainian government allowed for limited autonomy of eastern Ukraine? Why had the CIA director Brennan rushed to Ukraine to help to initiate a civil war against the predominantly Russain population of eastern Ukraine, after the putsch of 2014?

    One more time for “Pandour” and “Mr. Hack:” The putsch of 2014 has made Ukraine into a fiefdom of zionists, while banderites played the role of useful idiots.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  128. Pandour says: • Website

    Banderites-typical lingo of brainwashed pro-Russian apologists and propagandists.Your idol Putin in a 2005 speech defined the the demise of the Soviet Union as-The greatest political catastrophe of the 20th century-.I am hard put to find a similar statement by any of the most hard-core communists,Jewish,or otherwise.In the same speech he also added-And what is the Soviet Union.It is Russia,only it had a different name-.So I suppose you also bewail the collapse of that criminal Judeo-Bolshevik experiment,the Soviet Union.Two weeks after seizing control in Eastern Ukraine,on April 12 2004,Russian-armed militants kidnapped Ukranians Yuri Popravka,19 and Yuri Dyakovsky,25 at a checkpoint and tortured them to death.Their savagely mutilated bodies were found in a stream near Sloviansk on April 19th.Volodyomir Rybak,a 42-year- old Horlivka City council Deputy was abducted and beaten by masked Russian separatists and was never seen again.A Human Rights Watch representative was present when local authorities exhumed 14 bodies from a mass grave in Sloviansk,bodies of those who were detained and killed by Moscow- backed-armed insurgents who were in control of the city from mid-April to early July.Sadists Yan Petrovsky and Alexei Milchakov,self-described Russian neo-Nazis, took part in an attack on a Ukranian troop column on Sept. 5th.They,beat,tortured and slaughtered the surviving wounded and photographed themselves with the mutilated bodies.Michakov was seen cutting off the ears of one of the victims.Petroysky was arrested in Norway and deported to Russia.Just a few glimpses of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.Pretty sad how you justify the murder of thousands upon thousands of civilians in Chechnya by Russian forces.Hundreds of Russians are candidates for war crimes in Chechnya.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  129. Robjil says:

    Here is a good quote that sums up your “Glorious” Zion USukraine. It is Amalek fighting all the way. Civilians are the target.

    On May 2 in Odessa, the right-wing extremists committed a crime against humanity: they burnt people alive. This is a fact that nobody can deny, as the amount of pictorial and video evidence is so overwhelming. Watching the Odessa massacre, we could not imagine anything worse, but it appeared to be only the beginning. You could see girls with Ukrainian flags round their necks pouring petrol into bottles, which were certainly intended to be thrown at people (what else could be the purpose?), and that night the Ukrainian flag ceased to exist for me. It was so defiled by being used for carrying Molotov cocktails, but nobody judged this profanation at the governmental level. You could see young guys with Right Sector symbols on their sleeves finishing the people off who had managed to get out of the Trade Unions House which was enveloped in flames. These are not my people who call to kill other human beings, and who can triumph above the bodies of dead humans. They burned Ukraine in the Odessa Trade Unions House, they killed it together with young Kristina and her baby in Gorlovka, they downed it along with MH17, they ran it over together with eight year old Polina in Konstantinovka, they gunned it down along with Oles Buzina in Kiev.

  130. Pandour says: • Website

    Not even a nice try- the source of your crude-Soviet style propaganda tract is,a rabidly anti-Ukranian and anti-Western site which demonizes everything not Russian.Anyone reading the original article will realize that it is not only bad propaganda,it is bad writing and merely the opinion of one pro-Russian individual who,it is clear,has primarily a political agenda.Ask the Crimean Tartars what they think of the Russian annexation of Crimea.To you and others,Russian war crimes not only do not count,they do not exist.You are merely conducting a monologue with yourself.Where do you get -…your Glorious ZionUS Ukraine….You sound like a caricature from a really bad grade B-movie.I have nothing to do with the Ukraine and am not Ukranian,nor do I live in the US.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  131. Pandour says: • Website

    Hell,if I was a Russian,I wouldnt be concerned about the U.S.,NATO or the Ukraine.I would be worried why so many of Putins critics wind up dead-shot,poisoned,strangled or stabbed.Two days ago vocal Putin critic Imran Aliev was found in a Paris hotel with his throat slit in what police are calling a politically motivated assassination.I hope Im not next.LOL.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @annamaria
  132. Robjil says:

    There were so many incidents of Amalek attacks on civilians in the first year of Zion USukraine. I call it that name because that what it is. US calls the shots. Zionists rule the roost.

    Here is another example of Amalek attacks on civilians by Zion USukraine.

    This morning January 22nd at 8:30 local time in Donetsk the Ukrainian army fired what appear to be 82mm shells at buses and trolleys near the center of the city.

    The targets were located within roughly a 25 meter radius of each other. The OSCE is investigating.

    The terrorist strike on the bus shown above claimed the lives of 13-15 people including children. There are reported to be over 20 other critically injured, many with blast amputations. The driver of a car next to the blast burnt to death. The blast was large enough to blowout 2nd story windows in an apartment across from it and stopped the clock at 8:30.

    Crimeans are very happy to be back with Russia. ZUS was caught in a mousetrap in Crimea. This is the first time in a hundred years that Zion US did not get what it wanted. It was a great moment in history.

    • Replies: @Pandour
  133. Robjil says:

    You insult the US and Israel. They are the greatest assassins of people who want a good world.

  134. @AP

    Sure, same for Marshall Plan, etc. There is a big difference between paying for hospitals or to clean up Chernobyl in order to foster friendly ties for 20 years, and the lie that \$5 billion was spent to overthrow a government.

    There is indeed, but my point was that Washington clearly saw this as a turf war between Russia and the United States (halfway across the globe), so while those \$5 billion dollars were not put to that one specific end, they were surely aimed at weakening any pro-Russian force. Or to put my argument more simply: in most places on earth outside the West, American bids at gaining “soft power” are simply false fronts for good, old-fashioned imperialism.

    By that logic there is no such thing as a mass uprising anywhere ever.

    He was writing in the context of the Iranian protests about a month ago — now fizzled out, I believe — so the parallel is far from perfect, but some of his points apply. The basic one is that Westerners are conditioned by our liberal upbringing to see mass protests as the “popular will of the people,” when they are really easily manipulated by powerful actors, and can even be faked to some degree. I obviously think this was true of Maidan, and you do not, but either way, it’s something to keep in mind when one comes across a fresh protest in some far-flung place (e.g. the protests in Macedonia).

    As for your specific question, clearly mass uprisings can and do flare up from time to time, this he doesn’t deny. But that’s the mere event itself. He asks us to look at what lead up to it: Why the discontent? Why now? Where do the protesters get their information? Are there paid professional organizers among them, and if so, who pays them? Are foreign interests involved, and if so, why and to what end? Is any fraction looking to escalate the crisis beyond the point of compromise? Etc.

    Tanner Greer had a great Twitter thread on this last point back in August (writing about the Hong Kong protests). It’s very long, so I won’t quote the whole thing, but here are the parts relevant to the Maidan protests:

    Some thoughts on Hong Kong, none pleasant.

    But first, an aside on extremism and it’s purpose.

    Revolutionaries, terrorists, and protest leaders all work on a similar principle. In a tactical sense this where American heroes like civil rights leaders and the 76 revolutionaries dovetail with villains like confederate secessionists from America and salafi-jihadist terrorists.

    In any given population there will be a wide distribution of opinion about What Should Be Done? Let’s make it a distribution. 1-100. The revolutionary wants people to all be at 100. But maybe only 10% are there. Most are somewhere between 30-70 like.

    A good revolutionary needs to make the population as a whole become more radicalized towards their position. Arguing does not really work.

    What works is manipulating events so that things are no longer about issues, but identities.

    You can compromise on an issue. You cannot compromise on an identity.

    And that’s the thing. If you are a revolutionary you don’t want compromise. So what you do is you create a crisis where compromise is not possible.

    Flipping the problem from issue to identity is the core purpose of the crisis. You are trying to get the people in the 50-90 range to say “well look, this is no longer about 45 v 65, it is either 100 or 0. So I guess I must go 100.”

    In practical terms that almost always is “well now it is no longer about what outcome you want, but who you stand with. Them or us?”

    There are lots of ways you can try to make this happen. In the civil rights movement that strategy was to provoke aggression on the part of the police, so that blacks who were afraid of protesting or who just disapproved of the idea, felt like “their side” was being attacked.

    Thus the logic of sending children to be but by dogs and ripped apart by fire hoses. “Look at what THEY are doing to US! Will you just stand by NOW?”

    And it worked.

    But it doesn’t have to be non-violent. Violence can do this equally well. Logic of civil conflict is that if it is a violent contest between 0 and 100, you pick the side closest to you because what else can you do? Violence quickly removes grounds of neutrality.

    You can read issues of Dabiq-that is ISIS’s journal—where they spell this out explicitly. The point of a terrorist attack in a place like France, they say, is to make it increasingly untenable for Muslims to be French. Majority will not trust them, moderates will lose ground.

    Again, the whole point of this suite of activities is to deligitmize the moderates. Extremists hate their own sides moderates far more than they hate their enemies.

    The source is mentioned right at the top. Where it says SOURCE.

    Read more carefully. It is a commie newspaper, Socialist Vestnik.

    CIA info gathered from a Commie propaganda source. This was falsely presented as a conclusion by the CIA.

    Aha, yes, I see it now. Thanks.

    Not the best source, agreed, and not an internal CIA report.

  135. annamaria says:

    Could you stay on point? This forum is not for immature teens with “progressive” Russophobic agenda but for informed people. You have started your complaints by accusing Russia of annexing Crimea and denying existence to Ukrainians. One more time for you: Crimea was reunited with motherland after holding a referendum; the absolute majority decided to part with Kiev. Meanwhile, the victorious zio-banderites in Kiev (installed there by American ziocons) were guided by the CIA to initiate a civil war against the pro-federalist population in the eastern part of Ukraine. See Brennan’s visit to Kiev in 2014:

    You don’t like the results of the civil war? Then you should direct your complaints and grievances to the real makers and initiators of the war — the Russophobic ziocons. Since the zio-banderite victory in 2014, Ukraine had become the most corrupt and poorest country in Europe. Mazel Tove, Pandour.

    Whenever you came to Croatia from, you should already know what beautiful Yugoslavia has been converted into under the guidance of the US/NATO war profiteers.

    “Aftermath of the US-NATO War on Yugoslavia. The Unspoken Impacts of Radioactive Depleted Uranium Ammunition,” by Rudolf Hänsel:

    More than a decade and a half after the US-NATO – under international law illegal – war aggression against Yugoslavia using highly toxic and radioactive uranium projectiles, the enormity of this war crime becomes clear: In Serbia, aggressive cancer among young and old has reached epidemic proportions.

    The suffering of the people cries out to heaven. Particularly affected is the south of Serbia and Kosovo. According to the Serbian Ministry of Health, every day a child suffers from cancer. The entire country is contaminated.

    Here is a story of Falluja in Iraq: “US fired depleted uranium at civilian areas in 2003 Iraq war:”

    … a University of Michigan study funded by the World Health Organization has uncovered “staggering” increases in sometimes bizarre birth defects—babies born with brains and other organs outside their bodies… The study found that in Fallujah, more than half of all babies born between 2007 and 2010 suffered some kind of birth defect.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Pandour
  136. Pandour says: • Website

    The title of your source speaks for itself …Psycopathic-Nazi-Ukranian…get serious.OSCE monitors stated that Russian backed-armed insurgents used residential areas as firing position.Pro-Russian insurgent shelling and fire from Russian-supplied Grad rocket-systems has killed and wounded scores of civilians.In one such attack on the city of Mariupol on January 24th 2015 a Grad rocket killed 27 people including two children.Another 102 people were injured including 75 hospitalized.Rebel shelling has been a daily reality for over five years-on May 13th 2017 rebel artillery fire in the town of Avdiivka killed four civilians including a 61-year old woman,for example.Russian artillery fire and air strikes killed thousands upon thousands of civilians in Chechnya.As a microcosm on Feb. 4th 2000 the Russians bombed the village of Katyr-Yurt slaughtering 363 civilians.Eight- year -old Tabasa Abakarova that day lost her mother,father,two brothers,sister and cousin.That sums up your man Putins war in Chechnya-why dont you pen us a title which would describe the indiscriminate slaughter of Chechen civilians,formally citizens of Russia. Everything about you is clear as day-civilians deaths other than Russian are OK.With propagandists like you Russians dont need enemies.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Robjil
  137. Pandour says: • Website

    Beautiful Yugoslavia-that sums up your indescribable ignorance of all subjects you have touched upon.On May 19th 1991 Croatia held an independence referendum which offered two options.In the first Croatia would become a sovereign and independent state,in the second Croatia would remain in Yugoslavia as a unified federal state.The referendum question proposing independence for Croatia passed with 93,24 per cent in favor,4,15 per cent against and 1,18 per cent invalid.The turn-out was 83,56 per cent.Anyone bewailing the fate of that artificial,Serb-dominated entity called Yugoslavia is either a total historical and political illiterate,insane, or a murderous psychopath.Most recently Greater Serbia elements who still have not grasped that they are on the wrong side of history have tried to destabilize Montenegro.The President of Montenegro Đukanović recently hit the nail on the head when he said-The Serbian Orthodox Church is guarding the infrastructure of Greater Serbia-.Montenegro has won a case in the European Court of Human Rights in regards to the restitution of property filed by the Serbian Orthodox Church.I was born in Zagreb and fought in the war of independence.I have no wish to repeat myself-if interested I refer you to my previous comments on Unz.You and the rest of the pro-Russian and pro-Serbian gang on Unz are not qualified to speak for Croats,Ukranians,Montenegrins,et cetera.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  138. Robjil says:

    You have to use non-mainstream sources see what is happening.

    All western MSM is same club – US ZION club.

    Here is a Tass report on what Lavrov noticed. The Kiev US army was purposely shelling civilians in Donbass. I noticed this too at the time. I followed this since the coup of 2.22.2014. That coup woke me up about the US. It shocked me to the bone. Soon, I found out that US and Israel did nine eleven. We have been living in the Zion Age since 12. 23.1913. Second century of Zion began on 12.23.5761 in the Jewish Calendar. In our calendar that date was 9.11.2001.

    MOSCOW, May 29 /TASS/. Reports about lethal casualties among civilians and destruction of the Donbass infrastructure appear only after shelling by the Ukraine army rather than militia actions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the “International Review” programme on the Rossiya 24 TV news channel on Friday. The Russian foreign minister said that the militias backed up by Russia were being blamed for all the misfortunes in the conflict zone.

    “Reporters of many Russian television channels are working ‘on the ground.’ Every day we can watch live reports about what regrettably is taking place, despite the announced truce, to the east from the disengagement line – in the militia-held territory…We see destroyed houses, hospitals, schools, social infrastructure and civilians with grave wounds.…All these facts are documented by Russian journalists who are working there with enormous risks for their lives,” Lavrov went on to say.

    Kiev’s actions are causing indignation of the people of Lugansk, Donetsk and normal people in the whole world. “It’s the militias who start all this. We only respond,” Lavrov said quoting the Kiev authorities as saying.

    “To our question what would they do to react to further substantiated episodes of Kiev’s non-fulfilment of its liabilities, our Western partners say nothing,” he noted. “I am confident they think about it to themselves and we know they are sending signals to the Kiev leaders, in a confidential regime so far.”

    “Although it seems to me that many Europeans are on the brink of doing it publicly, since such behind-the-scenes indoctrinations have no effect and yield no result so far,” Lavrov added.

    No one is showing “any destruction of civilian infrastructure and the death of peaceful civilians in the Ukrainian-government controlled territory to the west from the disengagement line,” the Russian foreign minister stressed. “Ukrainian news reports say only that three servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces or a fighter of a Ukrainian voluntary battalion have died as a result of actions by separatist terrorists. But I have never heard the Ukraine authorities report the death of peaceful civilians in territories adjacent to the militia-controlled areas,” Lavrov said.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  139. Alfred says:

    Ukrainians have a lot more Turkish DNA than Russians, pretty much like Bulgarians. That’s why they are usually dark-haired with brown eyes, in contrast to blond blue-eyed Slavs.

    If that were so, why do Turkish modelling agencies recruit so many Ukrainian models to participate in their “shoots”

    If you walk down any street in the centre of Odessa, you can instantly recognise who is Jewish, who is Slavic and who is Turkish/Kurd/Syrian.

    Tell me why all these girls at this Turkish modelling agency in Istanbul have Christian names. Do they look Turkish to you?

    Istanbul Modelling Agency

    The sad reality is that the Turkish consumer prefers Slavic girls over their own girls. 🙂

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  140. Robjil says:

    Why are you so “concerned” about Chechnya now?

    Chechnya is doing good now.

    You should be concerned about Kosovo.

    Kosovo is polluted with depleted uranium. NATO’s game did not help the Kosovans at all.

    They don’t come from a war zone, they’re not fleeing persecution, and the EU doesn’t want them. But for thousands of Kosovans fleeing unemployment and poverty, northern Europe is the only place to go.

    As Europe creaks under the weight of a massive influx of refugees and migrants, it is the plight of those fleeing bloody conflicts in the Middle East that have captured the public’s attention.

    But among the masses are thousands from the Balkans escaping economic misery.

    It is quite odd that Kosovans are the third largest group fleeing to Northern Europe. Why is that? I thought NATO freed them? You should have pity for Kosovo.

    Many people have simply given up and hit the road west, with Eurostat figures showing that in 2014, Kosovo was the third biggest source of asylum requests after Syria and Afghanistan.

  141. Alfred says:

    Putin is changing the Russian Constitution so that state functionaries and politicians cannot have foreign passports, keep money abroad and send their kids to schools abroad. They have to live in Russia for almost all their lives.

    If Putin had billions of dollars (of all possible currencies, it must be dollars) abroad, the Americans would have discovered it decades ago and the Mainstream Media would be gloating about it on a daily basis.

    Trying to smear Putin is a waste of time. I only wish that Putin could become president of the USA.

  142. Robjil says:

    Non- MSM reporters is the way to find out what is really happening in US Zion Ukraine. Here is Patrick Lancaster who has videos about what is really happening Donbass. It is very sad that this days all MSM is the same club- Zion uber alles. We are living in the Zion Age. A bit like the Stone age. Our minds are being turned in stones for Zion. Zion is like Medusa of the mind.

    These are the current videos coming out of the war zone where American investigative journalist Patrick Lancaster is located and has been reporting on the killing of Donbass civilians by the Ukrainian army who have been relentlessly attacking the breakaway regions for the past 2.5 years. In the past week shellings have escalated and a number of civilians have been killed. The US and EU media are completely ignoring what is currently going on in the Ukrainian war zones. It has completely fallen off their radar that Ukraine’s Right Sector National Guard battalions continue firing upon and killing innocent civilians.

  143. annamaria says:

    Sure. Where we heard this before that the Russian Federation had moved too close to the NATO-controlled borders? The same with Syria, Libya, and Iran — these countries dare to be too close to Israel’s borders.

    Ukrainians have been speaking with their feet against the zio-banderite regime in Kiev; there are millions of them who have relocated to Russia, away from your Kolomojsky & Biletsky union. As for the anti-Russian populations of western Ukraine (former Romania, Polan, Hungary, Chechoslovakia), they still believe haplessly in the ZUSA’ benevolence.

    “Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky Admitted That “Russian Aggression” in Donbass Is a Falsification:”
    Kolomojsky, the pillar of the Jewish Community of Ukraine was the principal financier of neo-Nazi battalion Azov.
    Here is the Wall Street Journal, the nest of ziocons, praises Mr. Kolomojsky to haven:

    • Agree: Robjil
  144. @Alfred

    Mixed breed chicks tend to be prettier than either of the breeds they came from. Most males would be sexually attracted to mixed breed chicks for that reason.

    The names of the models mean nothing, as they are virtually never genuine names.

    Yes, the population of Odessa used to be mixed and colorful. I don’t know about now. Last time I was there when the Soviet Union still existed. I won’t go there again until Ukrainians hang their wonnabe Nazis on lampposts.

  145. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    Lenin after all was merely an intellectual and not a bad man.

    Please don’t take this as a personal insult. But, as someone familiar with the sordid history of Bolshevism, one bridles at this part of your comment – and I’m sure I’m not alone among the readers here in doing so. It’s simply untrue.

    He was very, very bad man indeed.

    One could, ostensibly, admire aspects of his modus opperandi from an amoral and purely analytic perspective in terms of their efficacy – and I believe that was what you were implying in the paragraph preceding that comment – but that is hardly the same thing as an overall endorsement of his character.

  146. opat says:

    Rent-a-Revolution Otpor (Srdja Popovic) brought to you by USAID, NED, and Atlantic Council (with liberal sprinkling of Soros money).

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