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Death of the Israel Lobby?
It might be coming sooner than you think
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The key component of the Israel Lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is the most powerful foreign policy lobby in Washington. It exists only to maintain and increase United States support for Israel, no matter what Israel does and no matter what the actual American interests might be. It has a budget of more than \$70 million, an endowment in excess of \$100 million, and it employs more than 200. One of its senior lobbyists once said that its power over congress was so great that he could circulate a napkin and have the signatures of 70 Senators on it within one day. Israeli former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, referring to the influence wielded by AIPAC, said that “We, the Jewish people, control America. And the Americans know it.”

AIPAC is only one of a constellation of Jewish and non-Jewish organizations whose raisons d’etre are to shield Israel from all criticism and to increase the United States government’s commitment to support Israel and Israeli policies. For the Christian Zionists it is a matter of their interpretation of the book of Revelation, which suggests that a return of the Jews to the Holy Land is a precursor for the second coming of Christ and the End Time. As Jews who do not convert will also be killed in the process has meant that the Israeli government holds its nose when dealing with its Christian allies but is quite willing to exploit them nevertheless.

For the Jewish groups, many of which were founded to fight prejudice against Jews but have now found themselves without a purpose due to the decline of anti-Semitism, it is a particular irony that they now find themselves playing lapdog to a nation which has institutionalized both racial and religious discrimination. They too often choose to hold their noses and look the other way but they are being increasingly challenged by liberal Jews who are finding the mixture a bit too toxic and also by Jewish scholars who insist that Judaism is a religion while Israel is a nation and the two concepts should never be confused.

AIPAC’s annual conference held early in March brought together 1,400 supporters and hosted most of Congress as well as Joe Biden and John Kerry. The conference highlighted the alleged Iranian threat and included denunciations of the Palestinians, making clear that Israel longs for peace but the Arabs do not. These have been familiar themes at all AIPAC gatherings but there was also more than a trace of unease over the growing boycott and divestment movements that are increasingly being used to put pressure on the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

That Israel has become a rogue nation akin to South Africa under apartheid and is increasingly recognized as such is at the heart of Tel Aviv’s legitimacy problem and it is also the rotten core of the Israel Lobby’s message. While the friends of Israel might still have vast resources and the ear of every fearful politician, they have nevertheless found themselves defending the indefensible, meaning that they have lost the war of ideas and they know it. Few believe that Israel has any desire to make peace and most now accept that peace talks have been little more than a long running charade to permit continuous expansion on Arab land. Many have noted that Israel is any longer a beleaguered little democracy and most observers would instead conclude that it is the regional military super power bully that is rapidly becoming a country with a racist and supremacist ideology. The myth of Israel has crumbled. Benjamin Netanyahu is not Paul Newman anymore and Exodus is little more than theme music while charges of anti-Semitism are no longer working very well to silence critics.

The Israel Lobby’s has killed itself because of its own success. Failing to appreciate that Americans are tired of war and demanding retrenchment, it has suffered major defeats over the Hagel nomination, the bombing of Syria, and negotiations with Iran. Convinced that it was bullet proof and could get anything it wanted out of a spineless congress and a weak finger-in-the-air-testing-the-winds White House, it has continued to seek more and more for Israel even as the evidence grew that Israel is not exactly the kind of state that most Americans would have much sympathy with. Theocracies are not the American way and Israeli policies against Palestinians, reminiscent of racial discrimination in the Jim Crow South, are increasingly hard to justify. As long as the Lobby was able to dominate the media with its false narrative about Israel everything went its way, but the rise of the alternative media has permitted contrary views to surface and even become dominant.

AIPAC regularly claims that opinion polls demonstrate strong support for Israel. But asking simplistic questions about “who do you prefer, the Israelis or Palestinians” predictably continues to produce a pro-Israel result due to the relentless propaganda bombardment that the US public has been subjected to over the past fifty years. And when other less Manichean questions are asked, the results are somewhat different. Most Americans do not want to take sides in the Middle East and are strongly opposed to starting another war in that region. Many identify Israel as the major promoter of war with Iran. Increasingly, Americans are becoming aware that the United States has no real quarrel with the Iranians.

Regarding the Lobby itself, more Americans now understand how it has corrupted our political system through PAC money flowing to congress and in terms of how it plays domestic politics. The open Israeli support for Mitt Romney in 2012 was noted by many while, more recently, the push against politicians and journalists who are anti-intervention and therefore seen as unfriendly to Israel has been intensifying. The Emergency Committee for Israel, headed by Bill Kristol, recently decided against running an ad that it had bankrolled which attacked Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina because of his vote against Iran sanctions and his failure to support a 2012 bill pledging blanket support for Israel. The ad featured protesters burning Israeli and American flags, suggesting that Jones was encouraging such behavior and also pari passu linking Israeli security with that of the United States.

In spite of the opening of the door to criticize Israel and its Lobby which began with the publication of the Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy in 2006, one might well argue that groups like AIPAC continue to exercise great power, particularly over congress and the media, which might suggest that little has changed. Stephen Walt would agree but would also argue that the atmosphere today is much different in terms of the breadth and depth of the open criticism of Israel and the Lobby, much of it coming from prominent American Jews, while sentiment in many formerly sympathetic circles is shifting strongly against Israel. This is particularly true among those well informed on the issues and, inevitably, congress will figure out that knee jerk support of Israel is not an automatic ticket to reelection.

The recent media accounts regarding the Obama administration’s apparent willingness to free convicted Israel spy Jonathan Pollard demonstrate what I and others have been noting emerge in the mainstream media. A New York Times feature article on Pollard attracted 310 comments before it was closed. The comments ran about 20 to 1 against Pollard and, frequently, also against Israel and its wag the dog relationship with Washington. Some noted that the Israelis would accept Pollard as a gift from Washington, would celebrate him for spying against the United States and then would do absolutely nothing to return the favor. And bear in mind that the comments were moderated, which suggests that the more strongly expressed views reflecting genuine anger over the situation were likely suppressed. If one reviews similar stories about the Middle East in other outlets within the mainstream media the same imbalance almost always occurs in spite of moderation by editorial staffs that are likely to be inclined to be friendly to Israel. So that would suggest to me that opinion has shifted strongly, at least among the informed public.

Why are Israel and its Lobby so important? They are important not only because they have corrupted our politics but also because the so-called “special relationship” has created an entanglement that is without doubt a major impediment to a sane foreign policy on the part of the United States. Would the US have invaded Iraq if not for Israel? Possibly, but it would have been less likely. Would Washington be threatening to use force against Iran for a nuclear weapons program that does not exist? Undoubtedly “no.” Would there be a never ending war on terror or even a major terrorist problem for Americans if Washington were not seen as a surrogate for Israel? Again, “no.” So what America is today is sometimes a reflection of the imbalance that Israel brings to our political system. Will the Israel Lobby die soon? Undeniably, “no” again, but the writing is on the wall.

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  1. Don Nash says:

    The demise of the Israel first stranglehold on American government and media can NOT come fast enough. The Zionists overplayed their hand and have become tiresome if not hopelessly tedious.

  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says: • Website

    Gimme a break. The entire media-Wall-Street-Hollywood-academic-government nexus is the Israel Lobby.

  3. “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.” Good quote from Jewish scripture, that Israel’s current intransigent rulers ought to take to heart: “Thou art weighed in the balance, and found wanting.”

    Meanwhile, things don’t look so good for democratic accountability in the U.S., despite everything Phil Giraldi accurately weighs about the American people, Jew and Gentile alike, catching on to how a cabal with interests contrary to their own has subverted governance, as described above. The problem is the Sheldons and their now unlimited power to buy elections that the Supreme Court just gave them.

  4. NB says: • Website

    When I saw that Giraldi’s source for the Ariel Sharon quote about the Jews controlling America was, I immediately knew it was fake. It was originally reported in the US here:
    and being a reputable news source, they retracted it, as there’s no evidence Sharon actually said that.
    “Editor’s note: Georgie Anne Geyer’s May 10 column included a quote from Ariel Sharon, “I control America.” This quote was widely reported in the Palestinian press but cannot be confirmed in independent sources. Geyer and Universal Press Syndicate regret not having attributed the quote more specifically.”
    And the disputed quote was never about the Jewish people controlling America, but Giraldi went all out to distort the disputed quote to make it sound as nefarious as possible. bravo!

    And despite what Brownfeld says, most Jews regard ourselves as a people, not merely a religious group. In fact, 43% of European Jews even consider it anti-Semitic to assert that Jews are only a religious group and not a nation!
    Furthermore, 62% of Jewish Americans say being Jewish is mainly a matter of ancestry and culture, while just 15% say it is mainly a matter of religion. 23% say it’s all 3.

    Regarding Giraldi’s oft-repeated yet misleading assertion that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, here’s what Kerry had to say this week:
    Iran can produce fissile material for an atomic weapon in two months, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday told a Senate hearing in which he faced tough questions from lawmakers about negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

    “I think it’s public knowledge today that we’re operating with a time period for a so-called breakout of about two months. That’s been in the public domain,” Kerry testified at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  5. @NB

    You really are a whack job Nurit. You always focus on one or two minor issues that you claim are disputable to discredit an entire argument that you somehow feel offends your tribal sensitivities or your allegiance to Israel. I will not lower myself by getting into a pissing match with you over the nit-picking that you constantly engage in on this and other sites but I do have to wonder if your type of reasoning is something taught at Harvard or MIT. If so, the cost of your education was money very poorly spent.

  6. “…most Jews regard ourselves as a people, not merely a religious group.”

    “Merely” implies that religion is unimportant, which is a bias against it. But the government of Israel doesn’t see it that way, for it discriminates on the basis of it.

    The problem with this blanket assertion is it is a libel against Americans of Jewish ancestry as disloyal Americans, who are loyal to the government of Israel – “my Israel, right or wrong” – rather than to the country of their birth and their fellow Americans.

    You, Nurit, are free to make this choice for yourself, but not to pretend to drag everyone else along with you. It is true Israel as a political entity has proffered citizenship to those of Jewish ancestry worldwide – but only if they are of the Jewish religion. Thus, American-born Jewish people are not able to have “the right of return” if for instance, they have decided the claims of Jesus or Buddha are true. But traitors to the American people like Jonathan Pollard are considered political prisoners and given Israeli citizenship and protection for betraying their country of birth to the Israeli government. Needless to say, while some people are being granted a “right of return” to a country they were never born in nor have ever seen, others who were born there or whose ancestors have lived there continuously for millenia, are ethnically cleansed from it with no such “right of return” recognized.

    The fact of the matter is, the current Israeli government’s interests are not identical with those who are ethnically Jewish worldwide, though as a symbol it resonates powerfully with ethno-religious aspirations. No more than do the governments of England, Germany or Japan represent or claim loyalty from Americans whose genes identify them as having near ancestors from those nations, who lived there close to two thousand years earlier than those of Jewish Europeans lately conquering Palestine. To claim otherwise does conflate Zionism with racism – a development many leading Jewish figures in the past were fearful would occur.

  7. Rod1963 says:

    Normally I don’t give a rats behind ethnic interest groups as they are merely doing what all ethnic groups do – promote their interests over and above everyone else’s. Glorified tribalism. IOW. What I particularly dislike about the Isreali-Jewish lobby is the way every presidential candidate has to get blessings from Jerusalem before they are considered a viable candidate or the way Congress rolls on it’s back every time Israel squawks.

    Really do our candidates need the blessings of a foreign government who interests do not coincide with ours and who threaten and bully any politician with claims of anti-semitism when they don’t go along with what Bibi in Tel-Aviv wants.

    It’s extortion and makes for a toxic relationship.

    It’s one that has to end.

  8. Nurit, honeybun:
    You still haven’t grasped what Johnny Five and myself have been telling you: the monomaniacal lunacy you’re displaying here contributes more to anti-semitism among us dumb cattle people than the efforts of 10,000 Stormfront type organizations. I am well and completely serious here. From your idiotic attempt at a rebuttal to Unz’s noticing the over-representation of a certain kind of dimwit at the ivies (one which … just happens … to include you), to your continued monomania in the comments sections, denouncing all deviations from likudist orthodoxy: you are a walking, talking bad stereotype of a Jewish supremacist dimwit. It’s obvious you’re not too bright. It’s also obvious you have a totalitarian streak which would be the envy of a 1920s komissar. Your utter contempt, and yes, seething hatred for anyone not of the tribe is also completely clear, and not particularly appetizing to any non-Jewish person with a normal level of self esteem. Your pitiful hurling of the “anti-semite” accusation to anyone who disagrees with you; I mean, did Harvard teach you the word “projection,” or does that only apply to, you know, those OTHER kinds of people? You seriously do more harm to the reputation of Jewish people than any actually anti-semitic head-shaved stormfront loony could possibly do. You do realize that some people might mistake bad stereotypes like yourself as … some kind of normal thing among “most Jewish people,” right?
    I am fortunate enough I have only encountered a few seething hate-bubbles like yourself. Most Jewish people consider your views, your monomania and your attitudes to be abhorrent. The problem is, you’re obsessive and loud enough, that many people will only encounter the Jennifer Rubins and … other Baytches … of the world. Combine that with your idiotic “own goals” in denouncing people like Pat Buchanan who criticize swinish members of your tribe for being swine, rather than being members of your tribe: I mean, seriously. If you actually want to be a persecuted minority, move to Iran. Just one small example: I truly had no idea until you told me that Masha Gessen was Jewish. I already knew she was a scumbag trying to push my country into WW-3 with the Russkies. You come along and inform me not only that she’s Jewish, but that she’s supposed to be above criticism because she is Jewish (otherwise I am an evil anti-semite!), well, what am I supposed to make of that? Are you trying to turn me into an anti-semite? If I were even a tiny bit inclined in that direction, your activities are a lot more convincing than some obvious anti-semitic hater would be.
    You’re probably too stupid and malevolent to actually reach, but seriously: this is a concern of mine. I don’t want my Jewish pals persecuted because of the activities of nutbags like yourself. Believe it nor not, despite my appearing in the comments section of, I am actually a supporter of the State of Israel. I have colleagues, friends and former business partners in Tel Aviv. I may even have a bastard or two living there. I want them to thrive and prosper. I think the sheer lunacy you and your fellow obsessives have pushed on the American political system, right down to the comments section of obscure content aggregators is a bigger danger to Israel and Jewish people in general than Iranian nukes are.

  9. People who get their information online are able to read multiple viewpoints and make up their own mind. The newspapers and television news programs are no longer the only gateways for information.

    NB, what would you have President Obama do to Iran? I guess he could watch or help. He could further punish the population with sanctions and bombings on vital civilian infrastructure, leading to massive deaths and misery. He could annihilate them to make sure no Iranian is alive to ever make a bomb. He could follow vetted intelligence and engage in a peace deal with the Iranians.

    John Kerry also thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction too.
    “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force — if necessary — to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.”

    There is contention on his Syria claims. The CIA analyst wouldn’t cook the intelligence for him. He also may have left POW to rot in Vietnam. I knew a Vietnamese gentleman whose family lives there and they have seen them. They can’t both be right. Where is his declassified intelligence on Iran that proves his argument?

  10. NB says: • Website

    Philip, pointing out that you report a quote widely regarded as fake is not nit-picking. It speaks to your credibility, but as many of the replies show, readers don’t actually care that you report fake quotes. The Chicago Tribune retracted a less nefarious version of the quote, but clearly neither nor you are constrained by journalistic ethics.

    Fran MacAdam, as is clear from the Pew poll to which I linked, most Jewish Americans regard ourselves as part of the Jewish people, just as for example, Italian-American figure skater Marissa Castelli can say “I am 100-percent Italian and proud” and not have her loyalty to the US questioned. Your understanding of Israel’s Law of Return is flawed, so I suggest further reading.

    Johnny Ive, John Kerry knows the CIA’s current position on the state of Iran’s nuclear program; Giraldi does not.

    And by the way, despite the claims Scott Locklin makes in his crazy diatribe, my husband is a Gentile.

  11. “Johnny Ive, John Kerry knows the CIA’s current position on the state of Iran’s nuclear program; Giraldi does not.” Are you accusing Giraldi of fabricating stories. What is your evidence that shows that he is fabricating stories like this one: “The U.S. intelligence teams, in line with their previous estimates of Iranian capabilities, demonstrated that Iran is at least five years away from a viable nuclear weapon and even farther away from a delivery system even if such programs were fully funded, supported politically, and not subject to sabotage. Any slowdown of enrichment activity through multilateral agreements coupled with more aggressive monitoring would push that timetable even further back.”

    I want documentation because this completely contradicts John Kerry’s assertions on Syria:

    He probably is doing the same towards Iran. We are talking about war and peace after all.

    It is strange that you don’t want a policy towards Iran. It seems you just want people to believe it is up to no good. If the policy is going to be just finger shaking then I guess I could support that. I shake my finger eastward, saying “Bad, bad, bad Iran!”

  12. geokat62 says:

    Nurit, I noticed you focused on the latter of the two quotes Giraldi cited that underlined the power of the lobby. But you failed to indicate whether you take any issue with the former: “One of its senior lobbyists once said that its power over congress was so great that he could circulate a napkin and have the signatures of 70 Senators on it within one day.”

    This is a prime example of the term “cherry-picking,” which is how the OSP made the case that Iraq possessed WMD a “slam dunk”!

    Do you disagree with Giraldi’s main point that the lobby has undue influence on US mid-East policy? Yes or no?

  13. “And by the way, despite the claims Scott Locklin makes in his crazy diatribe, my husband is a Gentile.”

    Funny, a former pal who also spends her time in the exact same unproductive way as NB, is also married to a gentile. Maybe it’s compensation. Or maybe changing diapers is that boring.

  14. KA says: • Website

    Why Sharon has to control anymore or ever when Mark Kirk with AIPAC comes to the senate to bat for Israel according to him and for no other purpose or when Chuck Schumer reminds the congregation that he was sent to this world to be the guardian of Israel as his name he claimed signifies?
    Before these guys,there were Stephen Solarz, Joe Liberman! Lantos and Krystol , Herman,
    just name a few.

  15. Chris says:

    I think that the US has reached a point where it is time to consider cutting all ties and aid with Israel. The Israeli government is clearly in defiance of all international norms, it has shown no indication of change (quite the opposite really), and has acted in a way more consistent with a militaristic theocracy than anything resembling a democracy.

    This relationship offers no benefit to the average American, and indeed, it appears to be a source of strong anti-American sentiment in the Arabic world. That’s not without justification – Israel has done some acts which could be described as very bad, and the US has effectively been bankrolling it. There is also the fact that the US has been supplying arms, another source of great resentment.

    Here in North America, there are a lot of people who are Jewish who also oppose what Israel has been doing. Realistically, looking forward, I think that yes Israel has the right to exist, but at the same time, the Palestinians and the neighboring nations too have a right – the right to be treated as equals. That is not something that the government of Israel is willing to accept at this point, and I think that unless the world shows that there are consequences, not much is going to happen.

  16. “’I am 100-percent Italian and proud’ and not have her loyalty to the US questioned.”

    Something’s wrong with that math. If you are one hundred per cent for another country, how many per cent is left over for America?

    But I question whether being 100% Jewish is considered the same thing as being 100% Israeli for most. In any case, there is a lot of assimilation that means factually far less than being 100% Jewish genetically.

    There is definitely discrimination based upon religion within the “right of return,” although there’s a carve-out for atheism. Overall, the policy is thoroughly race-based discrimination otherwise.

    Do Americans of English, German, French, Italian or other extraction have a “right of return” to those nations of their ancestors based upon their ethnicity or religion, also necessarily making their primacy of loyalty and identity to the nations of their ancient forefathers?

    What about Americans of Persian ancestry? Do you think they could be “100%” American or are their loyalties necessarily divided by their ethnicity?

    Are you, Nurit, “100%” Israeli?

    I would rather take Albert Einstein’s view on “patriotic” notions.

  17. NB says: • Website

    Johnny Ive, I haven’t updated my research on Iran’s nuclear program since January when I posted this:

    I did not know Giraldi was claiming a 5 year breakout time. lol
    Well, I’ve cited two reputable sources (i.e. Kerry, who knows the CIA’s current position, and ISIS), but I didn’t see Giraldi cite anything but his usual array of anonymous intelligence sources.

    And I’ve pointed out previously when Giraldi’s anonymous intelligence sources contradict other public sources. e.g. his claim that his anonymous sources in the intelligence community “agreed on several points, namely that Pollard was the most damaging spy bar none since the Rosenberg espionage ring betrayed US nuclear secrets to the Soviets in the 1940s.”

    Or that “whether the victims of the attack suffered symptoms of Sarin was also disputed.”
    (re: Seymour Hersh, I haven’t read his article yet, but I’ve seen it widely criticized)

    I’m starting to wonder if Giraldi is a mouthpiece for Iran b/c he seemed to imply previously that he doesn’t consider Hamas or Hezbollah terrorist groups and falsely claimed that Iran has never threatened Israel. (see first link above)

    For example, the source for Giraldi’s claim that Sharon said “We, the Jewish people, control America” appears to have been the Islamic Association for Palestine, a Hamas organ.

    I don’t have a clearly defined opinion on what should be done about Iran’s nuclear program other than that I hope the current negotiations result in an agreement that will ensure Iran does not build a nuclear weapon. I think a slightly modified version of the current agreement would suffice, though again, I haven’t researched this recently.

    geokat, I would like the US to take a tougher stance against Israel’s settlement policies, and I believe doing so would benefit all parties. re: the napkin quote, this article offers some thoughts:

  18. Lorraine says:

    NB, Is trolling websites like this your full-time job? Please go away. I highly recommend The Jerusalem Post, where you will find many kindred spirits.

  19. NB says: • Website

    Fran MacAdam, funny you ask, German-Americans and Italian-Americans do have a “right of return” to Germany and Italy, respectively.

    Saying one is proud to be Italian doesn’t mean you are “for Italy” and not for the US. It means you take pride in your Italian heritage (like Italians’ cultural contributions to the world).

    Einstein called Israel “the fulfillment of our dreams,” so I’m not sure why you’re citing him.

  20. NB Wrote, “Fran MacAdam, funny you ask, German-Americans and Italian-Americans do have a “right of return” to Germany and Italy, respectively.”

    And yet how little they use it. They seem so content to be mere Americans. Perhaps they aren’t as smart as your people?

    Some German Americans used to have your mentality. They formed the German American Bund to lend their voices in solidarity with their blood kin overseas. Of course few German Americans actually joined the Bund. Compare that with the very large number of Jews in America who support AIPAC.

    You really should read the cites you use more carefully. According to the site you use, the right of return by basis of blood tie originates with good old Johann Fichte, who argued that Jews should never be allowed civil rights in Germany, being “….a nation within a nation.”

    Your commentary can be pretty amusing at times.

  21. “Fran MacAdam, funny you ask, German-Americans and Italian-Americans do have a “right of return” to Germany and Italy, respectively.”

    Very narrowly defined, nowhere is it the universal citizenship conferred by Israel on certain Jewish people alone. Not even close, limited as it is to children or grandchildren of a subset of current citizens. Being born within the borders of Israel doesn’t confer a right of return to non-Jews either. Israel’s policy, for better or worse, is unique in all the world.

    “[It] doesn’t mean you are “for Italy” and not for the US. It means you take pride in your Italian heritage”

    You were specifically writing about “being 100%.” You have been a stickler for narrowly interpreting Phil Giraldi’s words, straining a gnat of meanness from a mountain of truth. Being 100% for Israel is not the same as taking pride in the many accomplishments of individual Jewish people throughout history – including Jesus, for that

    I mentioned that the notion of Israel resonates with ethnic and religious aspirations. “Next year in Jerusalem” shows that there is indeed a deep-seated longing. But in what way that should take place consistently with traditional liberal Jewish sentiments is not according to Likudnik practice.

    I cite Einstein because I appreciate that great Jew’s wise views:

    “I am by heritage a Jew, by citizenship a Swiss, and by makeup a human being, and only a human being, without any special attachment to any state or national entity whatsoever.

    “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

    “I am against any nationalism, even in the guise of mere patriotism. Privileges based on position and property have always seemed to me unjust and pernicious, as did any exaggerated personality cult.”

  22. KA says: • Website

    Olmert wanted to speak to Bush Jr. He was in the midst of delivering a speech in Pennsylvania
    Olmert was told by the aide . But Olmert was also equally busy in Tel Aviv,wanted to talk immediately . So he ordered the aide to get the president on the phone there and then. Bush obliged. Olmert cautioned Bush about an effort on the part of Rice to vote on some Palestinian issue . Olmert told Bush to stop Rice . Bush did.
    Like Sharon,Olmert did not though gloat. He knew he was in charge.

  23. geokat62 says:

    NB writes:

    “geokat, I would like the US to take a tougher stance against Israel’s settlement policies, and I believe doing so would benefit all parties. re: the napkin quote, this article offers some thoughts:”

    Thanks for sharing that link, Nurit. I think most can infer the article’s thrust simply from its title: U.S. Policy Is Pro-Israel Because Americans Are Pro-Israel, Not Because of AIPAC

    So AIPAC wasn’t responsible for the defeat of legislators who criticized Israel, including senators Adlai Stevenson III and Charles H. Percy, and representatives Pete McCloskey, Cynthia McKinney, Earl F. Hilliard, and Paul Findlay. It was the public that heavily financed their opponents, not pro-Israel forces!

    Rather than reading the propaganda in Tablet Magazine, most Americans need to watch this video to get a better understanding of how the lobby distorts US mid-East policy:

    Really, Nurit. I must say, you must really have a low opinion of the intelligence of most goy. To think you could trick people in believing that the lobby is just doing the bidding of the American people is ridiculous. It’s clear that you haven’t thought this one completely through. If AIPAC was indeed doing the bidding of the people, why is there a need for AIPAC?

    By citing the Tablet Magazine article, it is clear that you have zero intellectual integrity and that you are merely a propagandist for the lobby striving to perpetuate the “special relationship”. Here’s some advice: try peddling your wares someplace else!

  24. NB says: • Website

    Fran, the link I gave does not say Italy’s or Germany’s laws of return apply only to children or grandchildren of a subset of current citizens but rather apply much more broadly to ethnic Italians and Germans.

    The Italian-American figure skater did not say, “I’m 100% for Italy.” She said, “I’m 100% Italian.” I’m sorry you don’t understand the difference. I also find it amusing that you thought I would question the patriotism of Iranian-Americans. Have you actually met any? [I’m guessing not, since you seem never to have encountered Americans who identify with their ethnic heritage, like Americans of Greek, Italian, Chinese, Korean, etc descent. It’s no coincidence that American cities have Greektowns, “Little Italy,” Chinatowns, Koreatowns, etc.] Every Iranian-American I’ve ever met has been strongly opposed to Iran’s theocratic regime and supported the Green Movement.

    If your intent in citing Einstein quotes [from the 1930s, I believe] is to discredit my interest in dispelling falsehoods likes to spread about Israel and the Jewish people, then I’m afraid you must be unfamiliar with the fact that Einstein became a passionate defender of Israel after it came to be. In fact, he was troubled by the disproportionate criticism Israel received and planned to give a televised pro-Israel speech just before he died:
    see point 4

    Funny how I supposedly have zero intellectual integrity for citing a Tablet article in order to address the napkin quote, but no commenters seem the least bit troubled that Giraldi cited a fake quote “reported” by a Hamas organ. Or that Giraldi previously claimed those anonymous intelligence sources of his disputed the fact that there was a sarin attack in Syria (along with multiple other claims contradicted by the UN report I cited). Or that Giraldi somehow concocted a way to deceptively tie Pollard to the Rosenbergs and no other spies in American history in his recent Pollard piece.

    Citing a fake quote from a Hamas mouthpiece is apparently undeserving of censure (in fact, I was attacked for pointing this out), while my linking to a Tablet article that cites reputable polls about how pro-Israel Americans are means I have “zero intellectual integrity.” lol

    In any case, those polls serve as a welcome reminder that Giraldi and his lackeys represent a tiny minority of Americans.

  25. NB says: • Website

    Oh, and Fran, here’s another Einstein quote (from 1952):
    “my relationship to the Jewish people has become my strongest human bond, ever since I became fully aware of our precarious situation among the nations of the world”

    So I guess Einstein was a “tribalist,” as Giraldi refers to me, like me.

  26. ” Of course few German Americans actually joined the Bund. Compare that with the very large number of Jews in America who support AIPAC. ”

    Actually the Bund did have an outsized influence and more than a few members. The thirties, with severe financial hardships engendered by speculators and compounded by aftereffects of World War I, had a lot of people believing various authoritarian schemes of government offered more hope than failed democratic capitalism.

    Only actual warfare dissipated these beliefs. But the aftermath of World Wars I and II has led us to our current problems which combined with economic strain, government domination and aggressive militarism have become our own progressive temptations.

  27. geokat62 says:

    “In any case, those polls serve as a welcome reminder that Giraldi and his lackeys represent a tiny minority of Americans.”

    Don’t be too smug about those polls. World opinion has been shifting and the American people will not be too far behind.

    And leading the shift in world opinion are liberal jews: “For several decades, the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism’s door, and now, to their horror, they are finding that many young Jews have checked their Zionism instead.” – Peter Beinart

    Here’s another example: A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion –

    Nurit, you are on the losing side of history. It’s not too late to join the forces of good!

  28. I wasn’t going to comment again but since the discussion is on opinions of Americans on Israel I thought this was pertinent: “If a two-state solution were not on the table, however, some two-thirds of respondents would support the creation of one state with equal rights for Jews and Arabs, the poll found. Some 9 percent would choose the annexation option, while 25 percent opted for maintaining the occupation indefinitely.”

    “When asked whether maintenance of Israel’s Jewishness or democracy were more important, two-thirds of respondents chose democracy over Jewishness.”

    I am not surprised that a majority of Americans would rather have Israelis and Palestinians live in a democracy with equal citizenship rather than having a Jewish state with an apartheid, or have the occupation be continued indefinitely if the two state solution fails.

  29. Noam Chomsky’s views and those of Max Blumenthal on the pro-Israel lobby have been thoroughly discredited by James Petras. When it comes to numerous matters, Noam Chomsky is not someone I would bother specifically challenging because I consider him (and many others including all his critics on the right) to be so ineffective and so easily discredited that you should just let your recommendations and strategic advice speak for itself. However, James Petras was generous enough to discredit them even though Max Blumenthal’s nonsense came several years after Petras’ book “The Power of Israel in the United States. As I will share later, discussion of the pro-Israel lobby in the way it has been handled by Walt, Mearsheimer, Blumenthal, and people other than Petras should have stopped after the publication of Paul Findley’s book.

    (When a commenter on this website tries to get you to think that Israel Shamir (a crypto-Zionist propagandist whose anti-Semitism is fake or possibly even genuine) is as good as Chomsky then you really need to wonder what that someone is really up to when Shamir long ago over-played his hand and revealed himself to be in effect a shallow, suspect shill for Zionism and Israel with something that resembles a flair for writing. Shamir self-destructed years ago and those who ‘improperly’ turned against him and took up the anti-Semitism canard cum anti-anti-Semitism banner, including Hussein Ibish, Ali Abunimah, As’ad Abukhalil,…and many others, will soon be self-destructing. I think this website it wasting its time with Shamir because I cannot even be paid 100,000’s of dollars or any amount of money to waste time reading even one of his articles.. I definitely read people I disagree with, but that’s only because the two whom I read regularly, Stephen Walt and Giraldi, have unwittingly helped me refine to a very limited degree a model that has unparalleled explanatory, predictive and strategy forming powers. In everything, not just in the hard and social sciences and medicine, you really have to get a handle as early as possible, on among other things, false positives, false negatives, statistical significance and practical significance. You need to have in your head the complement of John Quigley’s “The Ruses for War–American Interventionism Since World War II,” one of the best books ever written. I am not worried that Quigley will be manipulated by Zionists or corrupt elements in the US government or become a disappointment like Shamir, someone whom I have also praised, but certainly not to the degree I have praised Quigley. I say that because I don’t stand on the shoulders of giants, not even a possibly superlative giant like Quigley. I stand on a different type of shoulders.)

    “Part IV – Noam Chomsky and the Pro-Israel Lobby

    In the book’s final part, Petras challenges a man who may best be described as an iconic figure on the Left, an anti-war activist, and much more but not one unused to being challenged and sometimes harshly. Petras points out that Chomsky has been a sharp critic of Israeli policies through the years and has been strongly attacked for his views by pro-Israeli organizations and the major media on the rare times his name is even allowed in it. Still he defends the existence of the Zionist state and has a different view than Petras on the power and influence of the Jewish Lobby in shaping US policy toward Israel. Petras lists what he calls Chomsky’s fifteen erroneous theses reflecting his long-held belief that the Lobby isn’t as potent as the strong case Petras makes in this book that it is. Not wishing to take sides with two distinguished men this writer holds in high esteem, the points of disagreement will only be listed so the reader can decide who makes the better case.

    Petras begins by listing what he calls Chomsky’s eight “dubious propositions:”

    1. The pro-Israel Lobby is like any other one.

    2. The Lobby’s backers have no more power than other pressure groups.

    3. The Lobby succeeds because its interests coincide with those of the US.

    4. Israel is a tool of the US empire and used as needed.

    5. “Big Oil” and the “military-industrial complex” are the major forces shaping Middle East policy.

    6. US and Israeli interests usually coincide.

    7. The Iraq war and threats to Iran and Syria stem from the “oil interests” and “military-industrial complex.”

    8. US behavior in the Middle East is the same as what it practices worldwide.

    Petras then uses the above list to discuss what he calls Chomsky’s 15 theses and uses the persuasive evidence presented in his book to take issue with them, one by one. He sums up his case stating he’s done this because of Chomsky’s enormous stature making whatever his views are stand out prominently. It’s a matter of consequence when a man like Noam Chomsky believes the Jewish Lobby is like all others which in Petras’ view gives a “free ride to the principal authors, architects and lobbyists in favor of the (Iraq) war (and is an) obstacle to achieving clarity about whom we are fighting and why. To ignore the pro-Israel Lobby is (also) to allow it a free hand in pushing for the invasion of Iran and Syria (and any other regime in the region Israel may wish to remove).” Petras sums up saying that “the peace and justice movements, at home and abroad, are bigger than any individual or intellectual – no matter what their past credentials.” In this battle of noted titans on the Left, it’s for the reader to decide who’s right.”

    I will be sharing in a little bit where things really stand with the pro-Israel lobby and you can be sure that it is dead, doomed to remain dead and that its fate is a harbinger of what awaits Israel and those who vainly try to keep it or Zionist-aggression-based capitalism alive.

  30. NB says: • Website

    Johnny, regarding that poll, I’d like to emphasize the following sentence in the article: “An option combining a Jewish and democratic state was not offered to respondents.”

    In any case, several prominent Israelis have suggested that Israel unilaterally withdraw from the West Bank if the peace process fails, so I see that as more likely than the one-state solution coming to be.

  31. Several years ago in an article regarding Obama’s objections to Palestinian pursuit of statehood recognition, I wrote: “one most likely will also recognize that for positions with little or no merit — and Israel’s position is a classic example — both honest or disingenuous defenses unavoidably lead to the same unfavorable conclusion and ultimately a full and honest reckoning.”

    What I wrote about Israel applies to many things including Kerry’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (which certainly opens the door to a context and history that Israel, Russia, and Iran would like to remain closed meaning it not only does not help achieve the objectives of Israel and its supporters but sets Israel back and harms the case of those in the US who would like to get Iran to be only a US client-state or, as is the case with the pro-Israel lobby, foolishly/delusionally think that Iran can be both primarily a US client-state and secondarily an Israeli/Russian/Chinese one), the absolutely inane belief/argument (with all due respect to Giraldi) that the Israel lobby is going to die “sooner than you think” but not soon, Stephen Walt’s last few absurd postings…*

    What Kerry said is right now, as far as you (not referring to Giraldi but the rest of the world who will never be able to think) are concerned, neither here nor there and for you so burdened with assumptions that you would be fools to believe it can help Israel or the Israel lobby or even those who would like to get Iran to be only a US client-state (which is what Kerry is almost certainly after).

    Why would a breakout capability of two months (whether true or not) make the US (even the lunatic pro-Israel members in Congress) want to turn Iran into an exclusive US client-state rather than one that is shared with Israel, Russia and China (which is what the Israel lobby is after). 😉 I wrote that Snowden who was intended to help Israel and Zionist, especially Zionist Jewish, members of Congress, has ended up hurting them (because of me—I am now sharing “because of me” for the first time and tooting my own horn as they say). They are doomed. Doomed, and there is no room to maneuver and they don’t get a vote (the enemy always supposedly gets a vote) as they mistakenly say in books of strategy. Kerry’s testimony shows that they don’t get a vote.

    What could you ask Kerry during his testimony that would discredit one or more of the following: 1) Kerry, 2) others besides the ____ on the committee before which he’s testifying, 3) the ____ on the committee before which he’s testifying, and 4) Israel, Russia, China, and Iran, en masse? It’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Kerry was trying to help Israel, Russia, China and Iran and even if he is hoping to drive a wedge between Israel and Russia. I once made Eugene Rostow stutter and look like he suffered a brain-freeze and Martin “the ___” Indyk and the too-tanned socialite-founder of WINEP turn beet-red. If they deny this, I am more than happy to repeat the performance with them and others of their stature or a higher one on any of several topics including the faux whistleblower cum pseudo-hero Snowden. We can youtube it even though I am the kind of person who wouldn’t even bother to humiliate Chomsky or someone of Chomsky’s stature like James Petras did with regards to Chomsky’s views (or Max Blumenthal’s equally ludicrous views) on the Israel lobby.

    I said Israel and its supporters are all doomed so they shouldn’t get their hopes up when I say “if the lobby doesn’t die very soon and the US doesn’t get a handle on Israel (turn it into at most a virtual-cyberspace Potemkin village for its non-Palestinian savages, all of whom should try their best to go live elsewhere*** for their own best interests) then you can kiss this country goodbye (as they say) which is exactly the opposite of the nonsense that Stephen Walt (someone I have been reading closely for several years after his book on the lobby which made me extremely suspicious came out—it’s much worse than too little too late because it focuses on something that should have stopped being a topic of discussion at least 20 years ago (after Paul Findley’s book came out, which is what I said several years ago—Findley, Richard Curtiss (God rest his soul), Andrew Kilgore are among the best Americans to ever live and possibly surpass even the founding fathers of this country and none of them are anti-Semites contrary to the lunatic ravings of the Zionist- and Israeli-controlled As’ad Abukhalil. Richard Curtiss has upheld largely singlehandly like an Atlas the unbearable weight of the best values and principles of a nation (and even all of humankind) that has since its founding falsely and hypocritically attributed them to itself. How many of you can say anything close to that about anyone, even a Pope) and seemed intended to fool people as to the true nature of the threat which resides in Israel and elsewhere and which is used to manipulate Americans and to some degree force them to do Israel’s bidding because it appears to spineless officials and military leaders (with Zionist- and Israel-manufactured spines) too costly to resist. Retrenchment, pretending to be an empire while Israel builds one, and fighting senseless wars are not the way to go. Clinton, Jeb Bush, the Pauls*, Christie, Cruz,…and everyone else being talked about as a potential candidate in 2016 should all be rejected by the American people.)

    If the foregoing doesn’t make much sense, then think about things from Israel’s perspective and how it would have acted years ago to deal with the situation which Giraldi thinks is going to happen “sooner than you think” but not soon. What would Israel have done years ago? Don’t you think that Israel would be willing to use cruder ‘screws’ to get what it wants from the US, ones that are even cruder than those it has used in the past? See what I wrote with regards to Pollard. And if the price of using the cruder ‘screws’ includes harming millions of Americans (including American Jews) and even hundreds of CIA assets (such as the ones the CIA was knowingly forced by the corrupt Zionist-controlled political elite in the US to accept being killed in Eastern Europe and elsewhere as part of fooling the USSR into imploding “peacefully” after Israel’s empire building scheme/conspiracy using the USSR was discovered), Israel will definitely do it and many Jewish Americans and the Israel lobby know this and know that there is no win-win for any combination of them, Israel, the US, Russia, China, India, the most powerful states in the EU, Arab regimes….. Brazil, India and South Africa are stupid to think that such a thing as the BRICS existed (they never did a single thing that I believed needed to be done in order for them to exist) or can exist. If the leaders won’t grow up, their peoples should and will.

    After doing some additional reading on Pollard, I am certain that Israel along with Iran and possibly Syria were responsible for the bombing of Pan Am 103 in which several CIA officers were killed and Russia, as the successor to the security archives of the USSR, is aware of this and other instances in which Libya was unjustly blamed for the criminal acts of Syria, Iran or Israel. Iran and Syria are NOW the only countries blamed for the bombing Pan Am 103, NOT Libya. Israel now needs to be added to the list of responsible parties. Maybe Giraldi has pals in the CIA who want this sordid truth to be unofficially-officially confirmed in order to get even with Feinstein and her Israeli handlers for the Israel-favoring torture report pseudo-investigation. I really don’t care either way because my model that I have painstakingly built over the years has unparalleled explanatory, predictive, and strategy-forming powers as I unlike anyone else demonstrated through my ‘Arab Spring’ recommendations to all Arab protesters, to the Muslim Brotherhood (not to get involved politically or even compete for the highest offices), and even to their enemies and adversaries who will never be able to think and my recommendations to the stupid Syrian regime which along with Iran destroyed Syria so that Putin can get the Crimea and the Iranians can be wooed by and get benefits from Israel, EU, the US or all three (which is what is really happening despite the kabuki that is clearly fooling all of you) for having also helped the Russian mafia and the Israelis assassinate Arafat which is what Robert Levinson got too close to discovering.

    Some things said to me by two people who worked for the US government, one of whom was a high-level US military officer, about, at the very least, Soviet acquiescence towards and possibly even complicity in US attacks against Libya now make complete sense. The Soviets sold out Libya LONG AGO and more than once and it is absurd to think that Russia and China were surprised about what the British, French, Israelis and possibly some Americans, Spaniards, and Italians had cooked up for Libya and the other countries of the ‘Arab Spring’** They and the Israelis coordinated and unconvincingly pretended not to have done so just as Israel has done numerous times in the past with the US for which they agreed to plant stories in the media about agreeing not to coordinate because it is in their mutual best interests not to after the US ‘demanded’ coordination (kind of like the Zionist secret demand to the UK to offer them Kenya as a homeland with the understanding that the Zionists would reject it!). It’s always kabuki.

    Don’t you think that Israel would be willing to sacrifice some or all American Jews (not Jewish Americans) and some or all Jewish Americans for its benefit just as it is doing with Ukrainian Jews for the benefit of Russia? This is not the first time that some Jews have ‘accepted’ harming other Jews as inevitable but conspired against fellow Jews in order for some Jews and others to benefit. Pollard is not the ‘capstone’ of Jew turning against Jew.

    People like Joseph Nye, Walt, and many others simply cannot think properly and will never be able to. Nye is the clown who recently wrote an article about war with China not being inevitable and in support of his claim referred to 1) those who thought WWI was inevitable after it had happened and 2) those who thought war in general was inevitable before WWI happened but—it clearly seems—never thought of considering whether there were people who thought WWI was inevitable BEFORE it happened and what they did to make sure it happened and that they took advantage of it. Who were those people who self-identified themselves in the diaries of ______ in the foregoing terms?

    When this story concludes soon the winners are going to be most of the Iranian people, most of the Palestinians, most of the American people and many others in every country on every continent on the planet (who want to live a decent life in which they are neither victims nor victimizers and nothing more than a slave (of God) who is their own master but never the master of others), and the losers are definitely going to include Israel which will cease to exist, Israelis, Zionists, the Syrian regime, Rouhani and Iranian groups such as the Greens and similar groups in other countries that are the creation of foreign powers, and others of this ilk, including Western and non-Western war criminals that have yet to be held accountable and even if they are current or former holders of the highest offices…

    By the way, get used to the idea that the Palestinians are going to be made whole. All, including Palestinian and non-Zionist Jewish or non-Jewish fools, who claim that the Palestinians and Arabs will learn to live with former Zionists or colonialist Jewishh or non-Jewish settlers in a liberal pluralistic society are not doing anything very different from articulating the vision that Moshe Dayan and another Israeli politician stated when they said that the Palestinians and Arabs would get over what Israel did to them in the same way that bedouins get over rape; they deal with the fact of raising the product of a rape. For all who peddle liberal pluralism be sure that on any day of your choosing I would be happy to flip a sound coin, and depending on the side showing either have you in a public place re-enact what Israel and Zionists have done to the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and the world (yes, the world!) using me as the victim or allow me to do as much to you before you decide whether the Palestinians should do what they will be doing irrespective of what you decide which is making themselves WHOLE. Whole. Putting themselves in the position they would have been had the Zionists not engaged in the colonial enterprise they started about 200 years ago.

    I am going to share with you now some of what I shared with Giraldi in January in an email I sent via contact at councilfornationalinterest in which I recommended he look at “My name is still Trinity…” starting at the 34 minute mark. Hopefully, he got the email. I am now recommending that he and his readers check out “My name is nobody” starting at the 44 minute mark. Hopefully, after watching the foregoing scenes in these two movies you will come to appreciate that you are dealing with people who have absolutely no hope of winning. The easiest games to win are rigged games and even though ALL books on strategy tell you to avoid them. Israel, Zionists, and their supporters who number in the millions and are worth more and are more powerful than 99.99% of humanity are going to be defeated by torture and drone victims, non-Israeli veterans of the wars they fabricated, people with disabilities and survivors of suicide due to social and economic artifacts legitimately and undeniably attributable to Zionist-aggression-based capitalism or the Zionist lobby, formerly brainwashed masses who partly out of their trusting good natures were fooled into not recognizing their self-interest or were so physically and mentally disadvantaged that they had no hope of ever holding their exploiters and oppressors accountable….

    Walt’s latest post about why there have been no recent movies which make people laugh at the US military moved me to write a script for a movie titled “Dr. Walt–or how the illness known as Israeli/Zionist Jewish Premature Celebration Adjustment Reaction got its name,” a movie that will make viewers all over the world laugh WITH the US military and other militaries who will stand up to Israel and Zionists, veterans of all wars fabricated by Israel and those controlled by it, and the American people, all of whom are going to have the last laugh after the Palestinians are made WHOLE.

    *One of the Pauls (Ron, I believe) and the idiotic Carter want clemency or a pardon for Snowden. They want clemency or a pardon for someone who supposedly took 1.7 million documents and created his own ‘doomsday weapon’ so that–he claims the government–can be persuaded not to touch him. They are a doomsday weapon because more than 97% of the documents deal with matters other than privacy rights of individuals or businesses which is what he claims to be trying to protect and is doing an impossibly poor job of it despite all the tens of thousands of journalists, newspapers, pundits,…and a few award granters who are vainly helping and counting on him to succeed. Snowden, Ron Paul and Carter, have no idea what it means and takes to be a legitimate hero deserving clemency and a pardon. He engaged in exaggerated self-help that were it not successfully opposed would allow journalists, newspapers, and others to get away with unjustifiable and inexcusable criminal misconduct and would help Israel try to establish its empire. It’s not working and turning something he’s said on its head “he’s already lost” because of the dismal Israel- and Zionist-favoring nature of the public debate that he and his supporters will never be able to rectify without my intervention. A legitimate hero deserving of clemency and a pardon would know that he cannot be, at best, better off than his weakest and most vulnerable supporter and wouldn’t engage in Snowden-type self-help for his benefit or that of his supporters. A legitimate hero would be willing to stand ‘naked’ before any oppressive and illegitimate authority armed with a quiver of ‘arrows’ that are deadly and accurate because he’s aimed and used them against himself and ‘taught’ even his enemies how to do the same even though it will do them no good when they try to attack him or his supporters who are all also heroes. As I said several years ago, “one most likely will also recognize that for positions with little or no merit — and Israel’s position is a classic example — both honest or disingenuous defenses unavoidably lead to the same unfavorable conclusion and ultimately a full and honest reckoning.”

    Do you really want to vote for someone like Ron or Rand Paul, Christie, Cruz, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Biden, McCain,.. another Zionist-/Israeli-manufactured clown or even a reincarnation of the biggest idiot to be president, Ronald Reagan, whose idiocy and savagery almost made me want to leave this country permanently? Honestly! Have some self-respect. Even if you you can be shown to be a moron or an idiot, you are a better and smarter person than these charlatans and people like Greenwald, Snowden, Rusbridger, Poitras,…. Demand someone in the mold of Richard Curtiss even if turns out such a person does not exist and do not vote if one does not materialize or a fake version of him that believes in something other than the Palestinians being made whole is ‘made to appear.’ I say the foregoing, even though we don’t have to worry about the wrong person getting into office in the US. Maybe if Snowden had known Mr. Curtiss, he would have done things differently, but I really doubt that.

  32. I agree, I didn’t see an option saying “I favor Israel’s democracy and Jewishness. I support a single democratic state in which Arabs and Jews are equal.” If that is the case then wouldn’t it end up having a Muslim flavor also since they would probably be the majority? I bet the kids would love to have as many holidays as possible. I have always seen arguments where the one state solution threatened Israel’s Jewishness. I have never seen anybody say that the one state solution would have a single democracy where a majority Arab population and a minority Jewish population are equal and the state maintains its Jewishness at the same time. I’m not surprised that option was omitted because that is not the dichotomy presented to the public.

  33. Fran Macadam, the percentage of all German Americans who joined the Bund was really very small. According to some hastily conducted research, The German American Bund had only about 8,500 active members with perhaps 5,000 sympathizers. Hitler’s government forbad German citizens from joining. Never the less, as much as 25% of the Bund was composed of overseas German citizens living in the USA. The Bund had almost disappeared by the beginning of the war. The majority of members of the Bund were immigrants or first generation, living in large ethnic enclaves in New York and Chicago. They were mostly of lower middle class backgrounds.

    Contrast this with AIPAC, which is composed of supposedly loyal, acculturated Americans. While Hitler turn up his nose at the Bund, Israeli governments openly promote dual loyalty among American Jews. Unlike the Bund, AIPAC is funded by very successful people here who one might think would be more grateful and loyal to the country that took them in and allowed them to flourish.

    Sources:Bell, Leland. “The Failure of Nazism in America”. Political Science Quarterly. Vol 85(4). Dec. 1970, p. 585.
    MacDonnell, Francis. Insidious Foes: The Axis Fifth Column and the American Home Front. Oxford University Press, New York: 1995.
    Remak, Joachim. “Friends of the New Germany: The Bund and German-American Relations”. Journal of Modern History. Vol 29(1). Mar. 1957, p. 38.
    Smith, Gene. “Bundesfuehrer Kuhn”. American Heritage. Vol 46(5). Sep. 1995, p. 102.

  34. My point about the Bund, was that authoritarian state governance advocates, openly derisive of western democracy, enjoyed widespread consideration of their supposed merits in the democracies during the thirties, if not outright approval. The Bund was just one of many manifestations of support for authoritarian and totalitarian alternatives of left and right. That was only put to rest, as it was with the Bund, just before World War II, especially during the two years of open Anglo-German war before 1941. If you reread the popular magazines of the time, such as the eponymous Time Magazine, figures like Mussolini were seen as having things to teach democracies. It is no accident that even figures like Conrad Black have favorably spoken of Franklin Roosevelt having saved capitalist democracy from itself. The lesson for today, is that when large numbers of people experience financial distress, it discredits the systems they live under, opening up opportunities to demagogues of authoritarians.

  35. I think your larger point is correct. Many toyed with variations on authoritarianisms. But the Bund and kindred Italian organizations in America were just manifestations of racial/ethnic self-obsession. Just like AIPAC, ADL, etc.

    The Bund was not the first pro-Nazi org in America. The “Friends of New Germany” preceded them and it was, unlike the Bund, an active arm of the Third Reich. It failed miserably because German Americans were not at all confused about where their loyalties lay. In fact their leader was deported for failing to register as a foreign agent. The Nazi’s pulled the plug on it because it did more harm than good.

    Apparently the Government of Israel has more to work with here. And they never have to fear being asked to register their mouthpieces.

  36. ” But the Bund and kindred Italian organizations in America were just manifestations of racial/ethnic self-obsession. Just like AIPAC, ADL, etc. ”

    As someone said, “100%” proud? 🙂

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I can’t believe you guys actually maintain a conversation with a Troll. Nurit is a typical Israeli troll. Married to a Goyem to project a sense of openness? Really, Nurit?

  38. Israelophilia is the core of the tumor in the American psyche that instantly metastasizes whenever any question or honest inquiry into the truths of the Holocaust gains public attention.

    One wonders (hopes) that, with the mooted decline of Israel’s influence in the United States might eventually, if only later, be accompanied by some remission in this cancer.

  39. Pretty soon the power of the Israel Lobby won’t even matter. The United States is running out of money and is coming to the end of the line as the globe’s superpower. It is only a matter of time, and not very much time, before it is forced to close its foreign bases and bring its troops back home to America. When that happens, Israel’s defender of last resort will be gone. Can Israel then survive?

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Emergency Committee for Israel, headed by Bill Kristol, recently decided against running an ad that it had bankrolled which attacked Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina because of his vote against Iran sanctions and his failure to support a 2012 bill pledging blanket support for Israel. The ad featured protesters burning Israeli and American flags, suggesting that Jones was encouraging such behavior and also pari passu linking Israeli security with that of the United States.

    TOTALLY INCORRECT. I live here. I see all the time on TV. Check the records of local TV stations if you wish.

  41. ” Will the Israel Lobby die soon? Undeniably, “no” again, but the writing is on the wall.”

    Excellent article. I pray the author is wrong on the sentence above.

  42. @Anonymous

    I don’t live in your state, nor do I watch TV. Perhaps that is the problem. The “media” would not show this, don’t you think ?? I am from and do live in NYC (lived 9/11) and I can tell you that most of the country is in a state of apathy . NOT HERE !!

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I no longer post comments, share articles, or subscribe to Huffington Post. Out of the 256 “pending approval” comments I posted, over 4 year ago now and still pending, I questioned an author of an article, who was a Rabbi, about his choice of the phrase, “Chosen by God”. Apparently I wasn’t allowed to suggest we are all children of a higher-power, and we’re all chosen, or none of us are.

    As an American I believe it is time to break the cycle, no longer be silent and stand for peace the world over.

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