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Cutting Off the Oxygen: Kaitlyn Younger and the Vanishing High-IQ White
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As if on cue, only a couple of weeks after my article wondering whether – given its bizarre admissions formulae – Harvard was any longer fit for purpose comes the astounding story of Kaitlyn Younger (see Douglas Belkin, “To Get into the Ivy League, Extraordinary Isn’t Always Enough These Days,” Wall Street Journal [April 21, 2022]).

Kaitlyn Younger is a high school senior in a public school in McKinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. In addition to an uncountable number of after school activities and a 3.95 grade average, she just happened to score 1550 on her combined SAT’s. These reflect on – math and English – an average of 775 each. Or perhaps 800 on her English, 750 on her math. OK, so maybe she is as dumb with numbers as in the bottom quartile (which starts at 780) of MIT students. In any case, this score places her in the top one half of one percent of US applicants. In comparison, the loose and easy National Merit Scholarships require only that you be in the top 1% to be a coveted National Merit Finalist. Given that approximately 1.5 million students took the SAT in 2021, 2021 SAT Suite of Assessments Program Results – The College Board , this means she is in the top 7,500 SAT test-takers in the country. Combined with the 1.2 million who took the ACT instead, How Many People Get a 34, 35, 36 on the ACT? Score Breakdown (,with the combined total being 2.7 million, and assuming no overlap, she would still be in the top 13,500 students in the U.S. Although that might not entitle her to an automatic admit to the Ivys, which in aggregate admit 11,700 (approximately) undergraduates annually, it is worth noting that her combined SAT scores exceed the average combined SAT scores of every school in the country, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, University of Chicago, and, incredibly, even Cal Tech. See summary list below.

The McComb business school at the University of Texas, where she was rejected, has an abysmal average SAT of 1350 (625 average math/english), plus a lot of black faces on their website. USC, the ultimate richy, rich, rich party school, good for contacts if not for education, has an asserted – though not quite believable – average SAT of 1440 – 110 points below Miss Younger’s. Cornell’s average appears to be 1480, 70 points below Miss Younger’s, although it may be somewhat higher for the schools to which she presumably applied, either the College of Arts and Sciences or Dyson.*

Well, now for the punch line. She applied to 12 schools, including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Berkeley, Northwestern, all of which rejected her, Rice (waitlist), University of Texas (Austin) (accepted but not at her preferred school, McComb), and the University of Arizona (accepted) plus one other, not named in the article.

Nitpickers could argue that she made a strategic mistake in not applying to the rest of the Ivys and the University of Chicago (probably superior in a lot of respects to the Ivys). Perhaps she would have gotten into one of those. But then again, perhaps – even probably – not. Each of the other Ivys and the U of C, for example, are more selective than Cornell, Northwestern, USC, and the University of Texas, all of which rejected her. Nitpickers could also argue that a middle class girl from Texas had no more chance getting into a “lunch club” school like USC (read: the Beverly Hills crowd on the dumb end) than she would have of getting into the Knickerbocker or Brooke Clubs in New York based on a blind application and SAT scores.

That notwithstanding,

To put this in perspective, the total students admitted to the Ivys to which she did apply along with their “lower than Kaitlyn” SAT averages are as follows:

Here is the “dumber than Kaitlyn” crowd:


  • Harvard 1,600 (Average SAT 1520)
  • Yale 1,600 (Average SAT 1515)
  • Brown 2,500 (Average SAT 1485)
  • Cornell* 2,000 (Average SAT Arts: 1480 – not clear if A&S higher)

(1,000 if Arts and Sciences only; 2,000 incl eng.)

Total Ivy applied to: 7,700

Plus, Ivies not applied to:

  • Columbia 1,500 (Average SAT: 1505)
  • Princeton: 1,345 (Average SAT: 1505)
  • Dartmouth 1,200 (Average SAT: 1500)

Grand Total Ivies: 11,745

Plus: (Non-Ivies she applied to)

  • Stanford 2,000 (Average SAT 1505)
  • Northwestern 1,900 (Average SAT 1495)
  • USC 3,700 (Average SAT 1440)
  • Berkeley 6,400 (970 if count only out of state attending/admits)

Grand Total All Applied to

by which rejected less USC: 12,600 (rounded, counting only 970 out-of-state at Berkeley)

Total including USC: 18,300 (rounded)

Plus others she applied to, to which not accepted:

  • Rice 2,000 (approx) (1505 SATs)
  • University of Texas (McCombs) 1,200 (estimate) (Average SAT 1350 – 625 each !!)

Grand Total Applied to

and not Accepted: 15,800 (not counting USC)

Grand Total Counting USC: 19,500 (counting USC)


  • MIT (Average SAT 1535)
  • Cal Tech: (Average SAT 1545)
  • University of Chicago 1,100 (Average SAT 1520)

Total ideal application list:

Ivies, plus Stanford,

University of Chicago and

Northwestern and Berkeley 17,715 (Berkeley: counting 970 out of state only)

One would think that if she had applied to all the Ivies, plus Stanford, University of Chicago, and Northwestern, a total matriculant pool of approximately 17,700 she would have been accepted in at least one.

However, not so fast. Far more disturbing than the fact Kaitlyn applied to an inadequate number of top schools – and failed to get in any she did apply to — is the sub-text of the above-linked article by Douglas Belkin for the Wall Street Journal.

The sub text is that even if she had applied to the whole top-tier group she probably would have gotten in nowhere.

Namely, that the intake pool of Whites is now about half the total intake pool of 17,700 for the top Ivy and Ivy-equivalents computed above. That gets you down to 8,350. And of that, half are legacies and athletes.

So the remaining pool for high IQ, non-connected, Whites is a tiny 4,175essentially the intake pool of two lesser Ivies. In other words, not only are whites being shoved aside for minorities, but the admissions process purposefully shoves aside the smart Whites in favor of not-so-smart Whites.

Although all these numbers are approximate and inexact, the message to any recruiter at these top schools is that, if the applicant is a White, he is probably dumb. The high-IQ Whites are purposefully being squeezed out of the most prominent schools, so that they will have fewer opportunities to get the truly good and high paying jobs that allow the elite to accumulate capital and dominate society: The message? Whites no longer wanted in the elite.

They are being squeezed out. Their oxygen is being cut off.

As Belkin reports “Nearly half of white students admitted to Harvard between 2009 and 2014 were recruited athletes, legacy students, children of faculty and staff, or on the dean’s interest list—applicants whose parents or relatives have donated to Harvard, according to a 2019 study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“At Harvard, low-income students with top academic scores had an admit rate of 24% compared to 15% for all other applicants, according to a 2013 study by the school. Harvard has said it believes enrolling a diverse student body is important because the school wants students to learn to work with people from different backgrounds.

“The middle class tends to get a little bit neglected,” said Hafeez Lakhani, a private college counselor in New York who charges \$1,200 an hour.” .

No kidding.

How much better for society that a brilliant White like Kaitlyn be buried at the University of Arizona (her choice after her passel of rejections), from which she can launch into a middle-level job in an auto dealership. How much better this than having her be a superstar stand-out at Harvard, Penn, or Cornell (which, given her massive IQ she undoubtedly would be), taking one of those coveted jobs at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley which can make you several times a millionaire before you hit age 35. How much better to grind her hard working all-too-White, all too admirable family down into the dust of the soon-to-be destroyed lower-middle class than to allow her any chance at wielding power, accumulating capital, or getting anything else she might want in our society. How much better that she had never even been born.

Ok, honkey: so much for the oxygen. Its gone.

As they say in the outer boroughs:

Whacchya gonna do now, big boy?


  • Note, the Dyson school of undergraduate business has the lowest admissions rate – 2.9% – of any at Cornell, followed by the 7% admissions rate of the College of Arts and Sciences – 7.9% –so the school to which she applied may – in part- explain her rejection at Cornell. Likewise, the Penn admissions rate was 9%; the Wharton undergraduate business school (at Penn) admit rate was lower, approximately 7.9%.
(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Dr. Doom says:

    You can have education or you can have “jews” but not both.
    The Zion Pigs view of reality is everyone dumber than them.
    That’s very dumb indeed.

    DO NOT BELIEVE THE BIG LIE OF jewish genius.

    Their expectation of ruling a brown horde of dummies is mass extinction.
    Including the “jews” themselves.

    Satan did not create the “jew” to rule.
    Its a plan for a mass extinction event.

  2. Unit472 says:

    Back in my college application days I remember having to include an application fee along with my transcripts to be considered for admission. It wasn’t much ( \$20-25 as I recall) and might have only applied for private schools but that meant the Ivy’s and possibly elite state schools as well but it did mean you couldn’t just ”bomb” prestige schools with applications and hope you’d get into one. It made sense too since highly selective schools were already swamped with more applications than they had openings for and if your SAT/GPA were middling why waste money applying to MIT if you had a 650 math SAT score and no interest in majoring in physics or engineering.

    OTOH I note that Ted Kaczynski ( of Unabomber infamy) was a 16 year old working class public school high school student when Harvard recruited him to attend their university. Back in the days of mass aptitude testing elite schools kept an eye out for high IQ students to adorn their campus and compensate for the politicians sons they had to admit for other reasons. For example, Mario Cuomo’s eldest boy Andrew had to content himself with Fordham because Mario was not yet a big league politician but the clearly less intelligent Chris Cuomo somehow was admitted to Yale.

    That was more or less how higher education worked in pre Affirmative Action America. If you were wickedly smart, socially connected or rich and wanted to go you got into the elite schools but a degree from Yale or Princeton wasn’t everything. An anecdote. I was being lectured by my high school principal that I had better work on my grades or I would never get into a good college. Hanging on the wall behind his desk was his college diploma from North Carolina Appalachian State Teachers College. I held my tongue and avoided remarking “Like you did”. Wise that I did because the man who was lecturing me on ‘quality college degrees’ was soon made the Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools which is about as high as you can go in the public school teaching business.

    OTOH a Harvard educated biochemist became a professor at a southern public university until she was arrested for murdering her colleagues during a faculty meeting. As Chuck Berry sang “You Never Can Tell”!

    • Replies: @Atle
  3. Who cares.

    Colleges do not educate, they indoctrinate. 80% chance that four years of intense left-wing propaganda at an Ivy League school turns Miss Younger into a man-hating femi-dyke who welcomes illegal immigrants with open arms.

    You reap what you sow, and we let our higher education sow a crop of idiots who can parrot left-wing talking points in their sleep, no critical thinking required.

  4. Knowbody says:

    Don’t worry, if they all keep masking up everyone will be Dumber in short order. O2 deprivation via masking “for your safety” is a lie. Dumbing up the ones already to dumb to think for themselves.

  5. “Idiocracy,” here we come!

    Either that, or colleges/universities that actually take in high IQ whites along with minorities, such as Texas A&M or Hillsdale (if you can afford it that is), will become the new “Ivy League.”

    There have been “great resets” throughout history….and not always the ones the criminal psycho elites planned on, either… Beginning with Noah’s Flood, then Tower of Babel/confounding languages, then the continents divides in the days of Peleg… And not just listed in the Bible–what about the sudden Huns and Mongols hordes, the Khazars (Ashkenazim Jews), the New World, Dahomey Empire slave trade (using ships owned by Jews), Marxism-Jabobins, Manchus…and then the more recent “great resets”…which all cycle back at some point, because the criminal psycho elites are too stupid and arrogant to get it right for once. And, oh yeah, the ultimate fact that God, not Satan, is in control.

  6. Atle says:

    Love this site.

    Murdering your colleagues has never been a good career move.

  7. Bort says:

    If she wants to be really successful in life, having 12 kids and propagating those high IQ genes would accomplish more than any bullshit university degree.

  8. The “Tribe” runs the Ivy League schools. So, there is preferential treatment for their own. THEY also mandate the quotas and run the admissions. Great place to go to be a SJW.

    • Agree: Humbert Humbert
  9. jconsley says:

    This selection of religious, race and class segments has been active since the late seventies. After accepting a job at a New York University [upstate]. I found the systems of admission corrupt to say the least. This was not only in undergrad school with PSAT-SAT scores but in the Medical School MCATS and Math/Computer Science Departments GRE scores. In each of these departments, the white student with only top scores [but no other defining characteristics] was not admitted to the medical or graduate schools at the University. I remember one professor who marked a student as not recommended based upon the professor’s perception that the student seemed too interested in money and he majored in engineering. Another student was not acceptable because he “sprinkled” the conversation with “you know” at times. This student had an almost perfect MCAT score. A student who attended a Catholic college was rejected because the professor knew that Catholic schools never had the brightest students even ;though this student had scored in the 99th percentile on his GRE exam. There were many more instances of students selected with scores and grades inferior to those who were rejected. My own children, two who were in top one-half of one percent on PSATS/SATS faced this type of selection process.

    In 2009, I did a calculation that it would cost only \$4 billion a year to give each top finalist \$50.000 each year to attend college. This country would reap benefits far above the cost of \$4 billion from that investment! The politicians give 10 times that amount in foreign aid and 200 times that amount to the Pentagon!

  10. Anonymous[201] • Disclaimer says:

    Under Joe Biden, the United States is to become a copy of Rhodesia and South Africa.
    Ruled by Jews, blacks, other minorities, and women.
    Men are to be degraded .

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