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Coming soon at National Review: The Conservative Case for WAP

Conservatives rarely bemoan degenerate pop culture anymore. It was once a mainstay for Bill O’Reilly and other pundits to lambast the depravity and violence in popular music and film. That’s mostly disappeared with the advent of Twitter. Conservatives love to share how they like the latest rap album or gore-drenched prestige TV show. It’s now passé to play the 90s culture warrior.

One of the few who take up this unenviable role is Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire founder proudly hates rap and insists it’s not music. He regularly condemns pop songs for promoting tawdry values and themes, a rarity among prominent conservative pundits today. He drew widespread mockery last week for attacking the new Cardi B song “WAP.” WAP stands for wet ass pussy. In it, Cardi and her fellow rapper “Megan Thee Stallion” share how much they want a chad to commit assault against their genitalia.

If you’re curious about the song, you should take a brief gander at the music video:

The censored lyrics in the music video can’t hide the graphic content. That version will likely invade radio airwaves soon, and millions of kids will ask their parents awkward questions about the song. Shapiro read the song’s graphic lyrics on his show in his nerdy Jewish voice, prompting hysterical laughter from liberals and conservatives alike. Shapiro’s WAP segment earned a response from Cardi B herself.

WAP has gone from just a mere pop song to a heroic expression of female sexuality. You must all listen to and enjoy Cardi’s wet ass pussy. Plenty of doctors praised the song’s heartwarming message and attacked critics.

“In my medical opinion, it’s normal — important even — for women to have a WAP,” said Dr. Daniel Grossman. “Vaginal lubrication is common & orgasm experience depends on the individual. We should not shame women who have WAP.”

“I see so many women who have been mansplained by their partner that they are too wet. It’s medically incorrect, infuriating, heartbreaking, and harmful,” tweeted. Dr. Jen Gunter, author of “The Vagina Bible.” “Thank you @iamcardib and @theestallion for that vagina celebration! Wish I could hand out these #WAP prescriptions.”

Vice found the song perfectly appropriate for children. “I do think that if children are exposed to sexualized song lyrics parents can and should use the exposure as an opportunity for teaching and learning about sex, sexuality, and related topics,” psychologist Erin Harper told the outlet.

Several publications relished in how the song exposed conservatives’ fear of “female sexuality.” “Women’s sexuality has long been a threat to cisgender men, which we can trace even as far back as the Bible,” said Teen Vogue writer Brittney McNamara. “In the story of Adam and Eve, women are painted as temptresses who will lead to the destruction of man, as illustrated by Eve taking a bite of forbidden fruit. Women’s sexual desires were to be controlled, or the woman displaying desires outside the ‘norm’ was to be punished. During the Salem Witch Trials, promiscuity was one of many potential signs of a witch.”

You can understand a lot about elite morality knowing they prefer the message of WAP over that of the Bible.

Actress Lena Dunham (remember her?) shared a horrifying video of her dancing to the song. Dunham praised the rap song for normalizing “female desire,” while her dance is a fantastic argument against normalizing female desire. Readers beware: this sight may traumatize you for life.

Other outlets celebrated the song as a specific celebration of black female sexuality and lamented how our white supremacist society oppresses black women. There was even controversy over the inclusion of the white Kylie Jenner, a member of the Kardashian clan, in the WAP music video. Jenner’s presence apparently undermined WAP’s focus on black women and was another example of the Kardashians appropriating black culture. Black women can’t forgive the Kardashian girls for stealing high-status black men from them. The Jenner controversy, though, has largely been overlooked in the paeans to the song and music video.

Journalists compared the “outrage” against Cardi B to the heyday of the Parents Music Resource Center. The PMRC, led by Tipper Gore, was a powerful force that attempted to censor and ban heavy metal and pop records in the 1980s. It brought together liberals and social conservatives for the purpose of making teen culture family friendly. Its actions led to parental advisories on albums and famous congressional hearings on the music industry’s dangerous products. It’s idiotic to compare the PMRC to Shapiro’s rant—the real powers want you to listen to WAP, while Shapiro and others merely shake their head at the song’s message.

Much of the PMRC was driven by Christian concerns that heavy metal and pop music led to eternal damnation. These records supposedly threatened traditional American culture and values and thus warranted their ban. Social conservatives may prefer the return of WASP and Motley Crue to the charts over what’s now on the radio. In contrast, Shapiro couched his arguments in feminism, complaining the song didn’t empower women and was terrible because it objectified them. Pop music is supposed to make girls feel strong and confident, which, in fairness, is just about all pop music today. That is not the Moral Majority’s argument from the 1980s.

The phony scandal proves the old culture war is largely dead. Conservative pundits will soon enough sing along to Cardi B as they drive around town. There is no alternative culture for them to suggest to their audience. A major thrust of contemporary conservatism is to show their audience they “get” culture, which largely means they share an unending supply of Office gifs. They don’t want to be seen as out-of-touch Puritans.

Our current culture is best embodied by WAP. It’s performed by blacks, intensely vulgar, aimed at women, and can’t be escaped. It’s not even rebellious—the only targets offended are those without the power to take it off the radio. Liberals love it for the same reason conservatives love Donald Trump’s tweets: it triggers their political enemies. But there is no real rebelliousness, far less than the hair metal Tipper Gore hated back in the 80s.

WAP is created by the corporate elites, enjoyed by political elites, and imposed on you by the media elites. This is our culture now, and we’re all drowning in it.

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Ok, so Ben Shapiro did (and occasionally does) something good.

    If E. Michael Jones does that, no liberal cred-generating outrage will ensue, probably because he’s been deplatformed. Also, because he would point out that the “elites” mentioned in the last paragraph (corporate, political, and media) are predominantly Jewish, so all Ben has to do is take it up with his brethren, if he’s serious about it. But of course he isn’t.

  2. The A in the WAP is the core of the message.

  3. Why is it always black women?

    • Replies: @Drew
  4. Let’s push that social envelope. “Popular music”, like any product must constantly seek to stimulate over satiated desires (excite the membrane when the sense has cooled/ pungent sauces multiply variety in a wilderness of mirrors) . Of course, that reality gets lost in all the progressive virtue signalling.
    “Vice found the song perfectly appropriate for children. “I do think that if children are exposed to sexualized song lyrics parents can and should use the exposure as an opportunity for teaching and learning about sex, sexuality, and related topics,” psychologist Erin Harper told the outlet.”
    Indeed, this song raises important medical knowledge: “Vaginal lubrication is common & orgasm experience depends on the individual. We should not shame women who have WAP.”
    Indeed, we should use such tastefully packaged cultural reality for a range of childhood learning experiences. So, should we be blessed with a song such as “fist-fist-fist my cunt” we can use it as a jump off point for teaching boys that sex is NOT all about their selfish penises — “mummy what does fisting mean ?” “Well dear, a woman has a right to non-penile penetration….”

  5. Baxter says:

    I agree with the statement there is no alternative culture for ‘conservatives’ to promote. I take issue with the continuing use of the the word conservative. What precisely is a conservative? Or a liberal or a progressive for that matter? We still use these terms to classify people in our national political theater, though I think they no longer connote much substance.
    In a country as diverse as America has become the words conservative and liberal no longer carry any meaning, apropos political discourse.
    That’s my two cents.

  6. Truth says:

    The ironic thing about Wet Ass Pussy is that, from what I understand, the man made version that these and practically every other “female” celebrity have, barely gets wet at all…

  7. Wyatt says:

    Blacks are vulgar and women’s cultural contributions revolve around sex. The littlest Juden manages to get something right. What, does he want a gold star for pointing out the obvious?

    • Agree: mark green
    • LOL: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @padre
    , @Pat Kittle
    , @AceDeuce
  8. Gee when my first self-published novel was printed and sold in 1996 and the second one in 1998 conservative types were pissed off at all the cussing and the maybe ten sex scenes in the novels (really only one or two in the second), the novels being about a rock band (not death metal though) as if these rockers were the devils themselves…. I guess today these rockers would be considered almost saints? Funny how pop culture has evolved…or should I say devolved.
    The final in the trilogy is where the rock band “evolves” into fighting the evil in the industry. I do hope Cardi B and company can repent and do the same.

  9. @Parsnipitous

    EMJ has the most accurate explanation for the jews focus on marketing explicit sex to the goyim;

    it turns people’s minds to mush and wrecks the society at large. The overemphasis on sex diverts energy away from more important issues…..such as how the jews are currently wrecking the entire western world.

    Tucker says it sucks the soul right out of a person.

    And no, little Ben would never chastise his tribe for what they are doing to the dumb goy.

  10. Z-man says:

    As much as I want Shapiro roasting in a ghetto he did good here. He is providing a useful service.
    That hoe Carly err Cardi is going to be a great asset for Donald.
    How do the feminist shit libs justify that creature.
    I saw 5 seconds of that Lena Dunham video but now I can’t un-see it!
    The last paragraph by the writer says it all.

    • Replies: @cosMICjester
  11. Where is the outrage from Christian churches
    Also notice all the hellish demonic imagines in video.
    This video reveals the dark Jewish controlled music industry obsession with the occult, sexual, perversion , and satanic imagination. I am sure Hollywood Jews made video. This is evil.where’s the holy evangelicals? Their too busy helping poor Jews in Israel find food and clothing.
    The Pope is too busy being a social worker not a Christian pastor and conservatives are too busy defending corrupt Trump to speak ou.This is Jewish entertainment industry at its best.

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  12. anon[754] • Disclaimer says:

    No, I believe if you are stupid enough to want or allow yourself to get fucked up the ass by a black or a black dildo then you are so incredibly stupid that you don’t belong in any race. Don’t lay it on me as I look at you as dog shit. Sorry, some of us grew up before pc bullshit became a fashion.

  13. Biff says:

    Not sure how many Americans grasp the cognitive dissonance between Robert Kraft being railroaded by the Feds for getting a happy massage and the message behind this said video in question?

  14. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:

    Ridiculous song by a ridiculous person for ridiculous people.

    • Agree: Alternate History
    • Replies: @mark green
  15. “Conservative pundits will soon enough sing along to Cardi B as they drive around town.”

    I have no doubt of that because American “conservatives” are ridiculous. We need the opposite of “conservatism”, we need a revolution—a right-wing revolution that will sweep away the “all men are created equal garbage” this absurd country is based on. The position of America’s real right—all three or so of us—regarding Cardi B is simple: send her back to Africa, along with all of her melanin-gifted bruthas and sistas, and let her rap and twerk away once she gets there. There will be 10 billion Negroes in Africa by the end of the century, anyway. Another 50 million amounts to a rounding error and will hardly make the place feel more crowded.

    By the way, I don’t expect my wise weltanschauung to prevail. Instead, America will continue to undergo Congolization and then collapse into a big pile of looted, crapped-on dysfunction. That, however, doesn’t mean the real right isn’t right.

    • Replies: @Dr. X
    , @Glaivester
  16. JimDandy says:

    “Actress Lena Dunham (remember her?) shared a horrifying video of her dancing to the song.”


    True story, though: while perusing my girlfriend’s Facebook, I noticed several non-conservative non-puritanical 30-something females who expressed some extreme combination of mortification and rage over that song. Keep in mind, these are chicks who definitely see their own sexuality as an asset, etc., but still… they HATED it.

    • Replies: @Lost american
  17. @animalogic

    “Selfish penises”….that’s a good one and, often, accurate!

  18. Exile says:

    Sexual perversion and vulgarity have increased as all other forms of expression have been curtailed.

    We live in a Huxley-Orwell pincer anarcho-tyranny.

    The moral position for the Right to take would be to say “political expression should be free and WAP and the rest of the parade of perversion should be outlawed.” But NuConservatism’s libertarian roots won’t allow for this. (((Shapiro’s))) entire gig is being a “free speech warrior.”

    Heritage White Americans would welcome censorship of degenerate vulgar garbage like WAP and “Cuties.” They’ve been denied a voice and representation by the vastly unpopular “fiscally conservative socially liberal” Right represented by the every-gaying GOP like Goetz, Lady MAGA, Rubio, Rob Smith et al.

    That’s going to change.

  19. The video is puzzling. Snakes, fat ugly women, hypnotic barely understandable lyrics – what do the people producing this merde want from us? It’s not directly about money, because there’s no way this crap is popular. It’s not just music, either. Movies, art, literature – it’s all crap and all the sales are way down. Obviously someone wants to destroy all beauty, all art, all culture. But why? Can anyone help me out? Is it some sick satanic religion? Is it a project to lower the consciousness of the masses to that of beasts? To what end? Maybe the rulers want to atomize the people and to do so they have to destroy art and religion. I’d like to know what others think. Any ideas?

  20. Dumbo says:

    Vice found the song perfectly appropriate for children.

    A lot of these people in the elite want to FUCK CHILDREN. That’s all they dream about. So of course for their point of view it’s “appropriate”. Lena “walrus” Dunham herself molested her own sister or niece (forgot which).

    The problem for a parent is that there is no alternative contemporary culture, you have to shelter them from modern culture (which is almost impossible because if the don’t get it at home they will get it at school or through their friends) and use only the culture from the past (possible for adults, but children, like women, are more about following current fads).

    And the problem of the “right” is that they can criticize rap and sexual lyrics all they want, but they cannot create any alternative form of entertainment. Of course, if you have zero political power, it’s difficult to create culture. Culture flows from the barrel of a gun, as Mao or someone said.

  21. Allen says:

    There are still “mainstream” conservatives who have explicitly condemned WAP on moral grounds, such as Matt Walsh at DailyWire and Rod Dreher at American Conservative, so some of the claims of this article are flat out false. Likewise claiming that PMRC “was driven by Christian concerns that heavy metal and pop music led to eternal damnation” is absurd. However, it would be fair to say that PMRC was motivated by belief that mainstream culture should reflect some vaguely Christian moral standards, and a good chunk of both the left and right were willing to endorse those standards as late as the mid-90’s (but would not do so today).

    Nevertheless, it is true that more and more conservatives are taking the Shapiro route and trying to condemn modern degeneracy while embracing leftist presuppositions (like feminism or blank slate-ism), meaning they lose the argument before they even start.

  22. There is no good kike. We are all goyim to them. They control even the Palestine question on both ends, much less something like kiked music for which they are the only authoritiy.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Disagree: Thim
  23. Dumbo says:

    Personally, I am lucky that I am almost immune to contemporary culture. I didn’t even know who this negress was, and in general I dislike any kind of black music (possible exception jazz singers from the 30s, but even that I hardly listen to anymore).

    Pictures like the one that illustrate this article to me are just disgusting, not attractive. And it’s not only because they are black: degenerate white pop celebrities with trashy (lack of) clothes, tattoos, piercings, and vulgar speech are equally if not more disgusting.

    American culture is a cesspool of degeneration and evil and it’s infiltrating all the world. Current youth culture produced in Italy, Germany, etc, apes the same American black rappers and is equally disgusting.

    We live in the end of times. At least, I hope so.

    • Agree: Old Prude
  24. El Dato says:

    This WAP FLAP is a mystery to me:

    – Cardi B is comes out of nowhere
    – Drops grossest bullshit around except american foreign policy. LOOK AT ME PUSSY.
    – Sold as women’s liberation yadda sexual liberation yadda black liberation yadda (as if anybody still needed that, we are liberated so much that it’s getting hot in here)
    – Every self-respecting degenerate is on board with it. LISTEN TO DAT PUSSY.
    – Just in time for Cardi B to do a hardcore interview with Biden for the DNC. THE FUTURE WILL BE AMAZING!

    It’s as if one is really living in the Matrix. Soon The Architect will materialize out of nowhere and explain that this the Xth time they are doing this and they have become exceedingly good at it.

    Here’s an article of unhappiness from before the Biden Interview from August 14:

    Cardi B’s WAP is no sexual trailblazer, it’s just another money-making hip-hop track with a faux political agenda created by men

    Cardi B is a highly stylized character that Belcalis Almanzar [i.e. Cardi B] uses to project lurid, hypersexualized fantasies and she plays the game by claiming some sort of political agenda that makes the world a better place for young women.

    What those of us with young daughters are afraid of is that they might take Cardi B seriously and copy the behavior of this off-the-wall misandrist into their real lives. It would be disastrous.

    Cardi B Wikipedia revision history:

    First entry

    13:03, 13 May 2017‎ Hullaballoo Wolfowitz talk contribs‎ 38 bytes -1,039‎ redirect, negligible sourced content or evidence of individual notability

  25. El Dato says:

    Conservatism is a dirty word!

    ‘Reexamine your life choices’: Trump hater Soledad TRIGGERED by praise of Biden’s ‘conservative themes’ in DNC speech

  26. @Baxter

    “there is no alternative culture”

    What does this mean? That this bovine negress is celebrated everywhere?

    The only reason anyone would talk about this shit is that people are willing to listen. I’m sure there are enough people who have no patience to even let it be mentioned to constitute an “alternative.”

  27. chris says:

    Yeah, without the inclusion of Kylie Jenner, the video is only one of two overweight ho’s in skimpy outfits singing 6th grade level lyrics about their earstwhile ‘private’ parts, air humping themselves and each other.

    It turns out that the video provides ample evidence that the other orifice they apparently violently abuse is their ‘cake-hole!’

    The other disturbing part of the article, for me was one of the singers referring to the neocon, Ben Shapiro as a ‘conservative’! I’m not sure which of the ofences was worse.

    But thanks to the author, Mr. Hampton, for catching me up with the latest in American culture.

  28. padre says:

    If blacks are vulgar, whites are hypocritical!

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  29. @Wyatt

    The littlest Juden manages to get something right. What, does he want a gold star for pointing out the obvious?

    He’d deserve a gold star of David if he’d tell his audience (((who))) actually promotes the crap he denounces.

  30. These creatures are almost as sexy as Madeleine Albright.

  31. Truth is right that part of why this song is being pushed so far is the Satanic inversion of a tranny like Cardi B singing about his dry, man-made, hatchet-wound “pussy.”

  32. Emily says:

    Actually it all passes me over.
    I’m still back a fan of Roger Whittaker and Johnny Cash.
    However I do have a bone to pick.
    Black women and their sexuality is very expensive for white taxpayers,.
    The cost of their mega reproduction of low IQ offspring is becoming an ever increasing burden to the white people, being bled dry to pay for their upkeep and consequent lives of unemployment and BLM crime, due to ever more WAP without responsibility.
    I suggest the black population can get on with it, but start paying for their own breeding programme which is costing so much to white people, dragging down the national economy and white people’s ability to, never mind upkeep their kids – but their ability to even afford them.
    Family support for two kids only on the taxpayer – after that you keep your own.
    WAP all you like but start working to feed your own endless kids and start paying some rent instead of living off hard working white people often struggling themselves.
    Human parasites.

    • Agree: Lost american
    • LOL: chris
  33. Old Prude says:

    This is why I don’t go farther than the end of my driveway, and don’t watch TV. The honkey-tonk in my head doesn’t have ear gages, pierced septums, or black people. It looks like Pirates of the Mississippi singing Guy Clark’s “Too Much”. I don’t want my fantasy ruined by the reality of pop culture’s degenerate filth.

  34. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Our current culture is best embodied by WAP. It’s performed by blacks, intensely vulgar, aimed at women, and can’t be escaped. It’s not even rebellious—the only targets offended are those without the power to take it off the radio……..WAP is created by the corporate elites, enjoyed by political elites, and imposed on you by the media elites.”

    Note to author- This just in: You can escape- nobody forces you to listen to stuff you consider to be crap, or lewd, or whatever.

    Get a clue. It’s called “freedom of choice”. All you have to do is turn off the radio, or try another channel, or watch a different video.

    You have the power, use it, instead of [perhaps] fantasizing about how you will force everyone to listen to the music you consider to be suitable “for society as a whole” via some new law, enacted by some scumbag fascist overlord politician who shouldn’t even have a job.

    “This is our culture now, and we’re all drowning in it.”

    No, its not, or at least, it doesn’t have to be _yours_ , [or my] culture. If you wish to stop “drowning in it”, stop complaining and GET OUT OF THE DAMN WATER!

    Oh that’s right, your a “conservative” so everyone should be forced to accept your cultural values, ‘cos you know what’s best for everyone, right?

    A reminder: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    No regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @chris
  35. Renoman says:

    Just Black people acting like Niggers, nothing new, straight out vulgar turn off.

  36. That Der Sturmer of the self-styled liberals, the Guardian, also came out with praise for the ladies.

    “women of colour celebrating their sexuality, white patriarchy can`t accept that, how liberating/ feminist ” etc. etc. etc. `women of colour celebrating their sexuality, white patriarchy can`t accept that, how liberating/ feminist ` etc. etc. etc.

    One thing strangely missing is that the `ladies` sing

    whores in this house (several times)
    Let me tell you how I got this ring
    Swipe your nose like a credit card
    Ask for a car while your ride that dick
    make it rain if you wanna see some wet-ass pussy
    He got some money, then that’s where I’m headed
    Pay my tuition just to kiss me on this wet-ass pussy

    So it is pretty clear that the message is you need to pay for the ladies` charms.

    Somehow the prostitution part is overlooked – a little off message.

    In the end, though, surely it is the mainly `white` controlled music industry that is using the ladies to generate (or should that be degenerate) profits.

  37. I never heard of an ass pussy before. I thought it was two separate things. Maybe it’s like a perforated septum. Did Cardi take so much cocaine that her nether holes merged? I don’t think I want to know.

  38. bj0311 says:

    What ever happened to having a little class? The entire USA has become disgustingly trashy and has also done a marvelous job of exporting that trashiness to the rest of the world. If one needs an example of black female sexuality proclaimed in song look to Billie Holiday—but she did it with class. When blacks were actually oppressed, they brought great music into the world and black females were some of the best vocalists, e.g. Bessie Smith, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald et al. and a musician like Nina Simone in addition to her stellar vocals was a genius at the keyboard. Now America’s blacks are nothing but kaffirs (since I can’t use the N word). Rap like heavy metal, is nothing but anger and depravity expressed using musical instruments, it is not music in and of itself. The lyrical style of rap is reminiscent of a child learning to talk and discovering rhyme—cow, sow, wow etc.–it is infantile. The closest thing to rap I want to hear is Bob Dylan and the closest thing to heavy metal is “In A Gadda Da Vida”.

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  39. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    I think that real conservatives (not like the phony conservatives who scribble for National Review) don’t comment on popular music and other forms of “entertainment” because it’s become so degenerate that it’s not even worth commenting on any more. Merely noticing it is to give it some legitimacy and criticizing it gives it popularity. Kind of like saying a book was banned in Boston raised its popularity at one time. Conservatives should just ignore popular culture and leave it to the judgement of normal, intelligent and moral people to know what is acceptable for their children to watch and hear.

  40. @Sparkylyle92

    There is no some grand plan.

    Basically, the entire popular culture has always been about sex & vulgarity. But, let’s just look at last 100 years. Many now idolize the jazz age of the 20’s (and it did produce, in America, a few permanent works of art, especially in literature), but it was very openly about promiscuity, sex, lack of inhibition, drunkenness, crime & everything trashy.

    The same with the countercultural 60’s.

    Now this rap crap. Rap crap is a continuation of the Jazz age, and one must be blind, deaf & mute not to see it. But, while the 20s to 80s/90s era produced some worthy stuff, its essential ingredient was bestial degenerate vomit.

    Now, what is left is just this: bestial degenerate vomit & nothing else.

    • Replies: @bj0311
    , @Dumbo
  41. I see so many women who have been mansplained by their partner that they are too wet.

    I suppose this is better than the emasculating experience of telling her she’s not wet enough.

    Things like rap and shit usually catch on in White America when done by the likes of Gwen Stefani or Eminem.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  42. Dr. X says:
    @Ray Caruso

    If this America were still a sane country, “Cardi B” would be in a cotton field in Alabama or on a ship to Liberia.

    • LOL: Blue Juice
  43. It all started with “Gone With The Wind.” Preachers warned that if Clark Gable were allowed to speak the line, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”, the collapse of western civilization and the loss of all we hold dear would ensue, and so it has.

  44. VETCON says:

    I asked that very same question just recently. Its a term I long ago dismissed as relating to me. Patriotic Christian is it!

  45. No man has ever complained that their partner’s vaj is too wet. The doctor is lying to sell books.

    • Agree: TimeTraveller
    • Replies: @jsinton
  46. Anonymous[634] • Disclaimer says:

    We need to quantify how much more everything in America and Europe costs because of black welfare, black crime, unmerited black privilege and advancement, not to mention the diseconomies of their presence in the workplace. Is one-third a reasonable guess?

    The pretext is white responsibility while the “root causes” argument says blacks are so violent and lacking in impulse control because they come from the slums, when in truth it’s obvious they turn where they live into slums because they’re so violent.

    These flatulently obese women who’re reduced to the state of barn animals (mainly for laughs and not surely prurient interest) serve their Jewish paymasters well in the Jews’ project to destroy white America. I stupidly hit the play button on the video but fortunately for me it wouldn’t start.

    • Agree: Emily, Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @Emily
  47. Truth says:

    The black population percentage in this country is the same as it was in the civil war.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  48. Katrinka says:
    @John the Baptist

    Christian churches in the west were infiltrated and subverted well over one hundred years ago. The churches here in the U.S. have shown that they are absolutely impotent when it comes to addressing the culture wars. Gay and lesbian ministers, indifference toward abortion, encouraging border jumpers into the U.S, the total inability to acknowledge and address the jewish question, the perversion of the Scriptures. Many churches are fully onboard with the jewish scheme to take down western civilization and with it ethnic European peoples. Don’t hold your breath waiting for church leaders to demonstrate “outrage’”. They sold out a long time ago.

    I came across the unredacted version of the Cardi B video clip on another website a few weeks ago. It is unadulterated smut, a voice in the background repeatedly chanting “There’s a whore in this house”. The production is very slick, big money is behind the technical, deep fake aspects of the clip. A new video has since been released that is captioned, with all the foul language, so that nobody misses what is being said in the original video. This sort of trash hurts kids. Why does You Tube allow this filth on their platform? Because they hate us, that’s why. What’s next?

  49. I, too fear the vagina dentata.

  50. ariadna says:

    An effective anti-Biden message could be created by having scenes from her video interspersed in this one:

  51. Katrinka says:

    It comes down to three simple words……they hate us.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  52. ariadna says:

    An effective campaign video for Trump: “Biden — Supporting Our Values” combining scenes from her video interspersed with this one:

  53. GEN X Questions

    What happened to hair metal bands that sang about worshiping Satan?

    Heavy metal bands like Ozzy, Judas Priest (Though gay), WASP, AC-DC were all proudly white. Aerosmith even did a song with Run-DMC to point out the difference between white guitar rock and the rap of 1986.

    What happened to white heavy metal bands? What happened to white working class culture-the mullet, the sleeveless, the cowboy boots?

    What happened to Van Halen and other white bands?

    What happened to white screeching Banshees like the Heart Sisters or Joan Jett? Why are the Top 40 Artists black now instead of relegated to YO! MTV Raps?

    What happened to Andrew Dice Clay? Why aren’t there raunchy stand up comedians like him any longer.

    What happened to Motley Crue and Black Sabbath shows with their blood spraying and pyrotechnics?

    What happened to Polish-Americans who tattooed the Eagle on them or the ubiquitous Shamrocks of Irish-American working class? What happened to white ethnic pride?

    Why do young white people want to watch a bunch of not-terribly-attractive African-American women who look like two-bit strippers dancing the pole? What happened to the rock opera of yesteryear?

    Why are white bands like Iron Maiden on the Top 40 any longer?

    What happened to white men with long hair? I haven’t seen long hair on a white man in 20 years.

    Can you tell me the cultural change?

    Why isn’t guitar rock-once so quintessentially white-popular any longer?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Rich
    , @Ruckus
  54. Mike Tre says:

    Music is degenerating into simple buzzing and pulsing. Reflective of a population comprised of consumer drones.

  55. @Robert Dolan

    Decades ago, a Catholic priest I knew told me with great horror and disgust about an interview with a major Hollywood producer that he’d read, telling how the producer had said that they were going to make movies that would steal the souls of American children. I was in disbelief at the time, but now realize that the producer, whoever he was, had probably meant what he said.

    Ironically, the same Catholic priest still believed in the entire chosen people schtick, lock, stock and barrel. Although he is long since dead, I wonder if the old padre ever realized, before he left to meet his maker, who the majority of people in Hollywood putting out the artistic and moral degeneracy are.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  56. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:

    White people have been watching for years as blacks go on destroying everything they touch. Instead of watching whites should have poured gasoline on every square inch of every black neighborhood and burned the problem out of existence. Whites are lazy, apathetic or cowards. Or have been polluted by false Christianity.

    Now future generations will be forced to take up the sword to survive. Get your firearms now before it’s too late.

    If only Hitler had won the war.

  57. Well… let’s all go back to Elvis and the original complaints that Billy Graham had about those hip gyrations… I would say Billy was absolutely correct in his assessment of where that would lead. And now we live in a post-Christian world. If you aren’t a Christian and don’t care whether society in general is comprised of Christians, then really anything goes.

    Obviously we are going to have legal crack cocaine, porn on tv, and every kind of human brutality celebrated as normal behavior. It’s over from a normie point of view. I can’t say I am sorry to see that midwestern Christian perspective fade away.

    Like every other kid in the 80s, I rocked out to Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil. So, shout. We were all drawing pentagrams and growing our hair long and rocking out to heavy metal until the world switched to Hip Hop. The future of the American cultural industry is international. African consumers will love seeing hyper sexualized black women. They have a billion potential consumers there. Nebraska has like 1.5 million white people max. It’s pretty obvious where this is leading.

  58. You guys see vulgar, I see desperation. “Look at me!” kind of desperation. Its sad.

  59. Drew says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    As the old saw goes, if you can’t be pretty, be easy.

    • LOL: Richard B
  60. Emily says:

    Well we now know the c-rap that passes for black music.
    But what is sickening and a disgrace is – these same black degenerates under the title BLM are seemingly going to censure our English white music.
    They are demanding Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory be removed from the ‘Last night of the Proms’.
    Seemingly they could well succeed.
    When are the English going to stop going down on the knee collectively to this pack of violent, looting scum and defend what is ours.
    I am absolutely sick of it.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  61. kikz says:

    well ya know… Chapter Jackson said it best in 2011…… It Free ta Swipe Yo EBT.. all ya gotta do is F*CK!

  62. @John the Baptist

    None of the neighbors I go to church with probably even know who this “singer” is or what songs she has out.

    I know my only exposure to her was in some TV commercials last winter when I tried to figure out if she was even speaking English.

    As for Lil Ben, he is not a conservative. He is a NeoCon with prime allegiance to Israel.

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  63. @Anonymous

    If only Hitler had won the war.

    Not much would have changed since the system he was putting in place was doomed to collapse. Hitler was a great guy, if you love a man who got plenty of Whites killed.

    • Disagree: Cauchemar du Singe
  64. Emily says:

    are fully onboard with the jewish scheme to take down western civilization and with it ethnic European peoples

    Many of these so called christian clergy are Jews.
    Deliberately inflitrated in some cases I am sure.
    The current Archbishop of Canterbury is an eastern European Jew – with an anglocised name – only a generation or so on.
    And he was in oil until he got a ‘Damascene’ moment – or got his jewish foot in the church door by powerful political relatives.
    His record as archbishop has been one long Christian/western sell out.

  65. @Robert Dolan

    Trashing Christian mainstream values is a mainstay of Jewish entertainment, from the Velvet Underground to Howard Stern to The Beastie Boys to Sarah Silverman to Phillip Roth to any screenwriter you could name. Even “Seinfeld” did this, although the creators of that show were smart enough to know to balance it out by also trashing Jewish culture and being politically incorrect about sacred ethnic groups as well.

    Once you see this, all the “innovation” and “upending of cultural norms” that critics crow about starts to seem one-dimensional and pretentious.

    And, by the way, “WAP” isn’t even original. An all-female rap group called HWA (Hoe’s With Attitude) was doing the same thing thirty years ago with songs like “Eat This.”

    The difference then was that while their album might have hot the R&B Top 40, mainstream radio didn’t plays songs like that — especially not urban radio, which was still pretty phobic about most rap in 1990.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  66. “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” — Confucius

  67. jsinton says:
    @Elmer T. Jones

    You probably didn’t do any big black women then. Think Niagara falls. Throw out the mattress. Have a hazmat team clean up.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  68. chris says:

    this, I don’t agree with, OBF.

    The author is simply criticizing what he considers to be trash and noting its effects on society. This has nothing to do with coercion, from either side, and as such, is a valid criticism of our current cultural milieu.

  69. jsinton says:

    Cardi B. is just another thread in the War on America. How to destroy a nation from within using the useful idiots. People also complained about the hippies too, but at least the hippies listened to Beatles and Simon and Garfunkle. Even Black Sabbath had a really important social message.

  70. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker


    How do you recommend a young white guy leave the country? I have a good education and am pretty smart – and in a much better financial position than you.

    How do I find jobs? And a place to live?

    There is just not much information available online.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Jeff Stryker
  71. Emily says:

    Which country?
    Certainly not here in Britain.
    We were invaded post war.
    After the war the real British on being demobbed became a problem for the elite.
    They were well trained and had moved on from economic slavery.
    They started expecting decent conditions and decent wages instead of semi feudal cheap labouring.
    So the elite came up with a lovely scheme.
    £10 fares to ship the brightest and best with families to the ‘colonies’
    South Africa,Rhodesia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
    Where frankly they went on to the create fine nations although two are now black hell holes – no fault the British there betrayed as they were.
    So having got rid of the high wage problem the elite then cry ‘ labour shortage’ and import what seems like half of the indian sub continent, the West Indies and now endless rabble from Africa.
    Britain has been transformed – for the worse – but the elite got their low wage economy – for a while.
    In the case of these incomers its a no wage economy as they largely live for free on the pig’s back and on white labour and productivity.
    Sucking out much of the wealth of the country from those who earn it.
    And London and some ten other major cities are now majority reportedly foreign dominated and have foreign majorities as the are out breeding us a reputed six to one,
    The Serbs know how that ended.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, Curmudgeon
  72. bj0311 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I find it interesting that the end of WWI was the beginning of the end for Western civilization. The jazz age came about because of two important but I think related events–dried up old prunes campaigning for the 18th amendment to ban alcohol followed by the feminists who brought us the 19th amendment. The first thing women did when they got the vote was to raise their hemlines and hit the speakeasies. The rest of the century to this day has been a downward spiral because of females being allowed to vote. An oversimplification to be sure, but women are the root of the problem.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
    , @El Dato
  73. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Brainwashed fools throughout the current Chrsitian world. They believe because Christ was a Jew all Jews need to be pedestalized.

    This is the truth.

    Jesus was a rabbi. His message was for Jewish ears only. But it applies to all people. Essentially the value of forgiveness and mercy. It’s transformative.

    Paul spread the teaching. The message resonating in Roman and Greek hearts. No surprise it’s the truth.

    So we adopted it into our intellectual and moral heritage. It’s just one more valuable lesson.

    Essentially, we are to be a little kinder than necessary. We turn and give the other cheek. Until we have been slapped twice. Now we fight back.

    Believe it or not, the Jews of this day practice the rabbinical teachings of Christ. That’s my observation. They are very forgiving towards one another while spitting venom at everyone else.

    The European-Americans are the true Universalists with a sprinkling of Jews in the mix.

    Christ should be viewed rationally. Maybe then the churches can free themselves from the Jewish stranglehold on it’s activity so we can start defending ourselves again.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @John Q Duped
    , @Curmudgeon
  74. GeeBee says:

    Can they not make their mind up whether it’s their ass that is wet or their pussy? If the former, it’s nothing to worry about. Most donkeys are quite happy to remain out at pasture in all weathers. If the latter, surely it’s only necessary to settle it in front of the fire with a saucer of milk…

  75. Realist says:

    Yes…this country is done in so many ways

  76. macilrae says:

    And the majority of kids today can’t even hold a tune – I have mentioned this before (but not above a hundred times). Melody seems to be dead so far as this generation is concerned – the beat is all. There was a book written about a beat controlling everything but I can’t bring the name to mind – does anybody know?

  77. @bj0311

    Hardly anybody would listen to cRAP if it didn’t appeal to the depravity of women. When rap came into popularity, with, Ton Loc on the radio, boomers meekly complied with wiggerism – the key to the mystery is WHY did they tolerate it? IMO, it was their daughters. The pimp archetype has an appeal to women, and boomers whoring their daughters in the name of racial harmony – how could they say no?

  78. Rahan says:

    Normal modern pop music does exist, it’s called “power metal” (dismissed by lovers of harder stuff as “flower metal” and true, it’s not really metal, but it’s perfect clean pop music).
    Mostly made in Europe today. It’s rhythmic, exciting, and is frequently based on history, pulp literature, and various heroic feats.
    Every normal boy and girl will fall in love with some version of modern power/symphonic metal and this will be the “sane pop music” for them.

    Old farts Saxon have three excellent examples:
    The song Top of the World (2015), about conquering oneself in order to conquer a mountain.
    The song Conquistador (1999) about the wonderlust that drives geographic discoveries.
    The song Secret of Flight (2018) about humanity striving to fly over centuries and not giving up and finally succeeding.

    In fact, after listening to a power metal pop song together with a son or daughter, the parent can then give the book or film it’s based on.
    Listen to Grave Digger’s Excalibur? Watch Excalibur next.
    Listen to Blind Guardian’s Time What is Time? What the original Blade Runner and then give the kid a bunch of Philip K Dick books.
    Listen to Running Wild’s Treasure Island and then give them Treasure Island.
    Listen to HammerFall’s Steel Meets Steel and then discuss the Crusades, watch some flicks.

    Every pulp classic and every more or less significant legend or historical event are alive in today’s power metal. This is where European culture has taken refuge and hides, in pop music form. This is your cultural treasury with which to inoculate your kids and the kids of friends from the toxic poison pushed from all sides. This is how “ancient” knowledge can be transmitted, under the radar, to the next generation in a fun form.

    Today’s power metal, the new bands that is, are best represented by Italians, the French. The Scandinavians and the Germans used to be the best at it in the previous generation.


  79. Biff says:

    and in a much better financial position than you.

    Funny, ha ha…..

    How is it you know this?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  80. @Sparkylyle92

    Songs like this are “popular”, because they are repeated ad nauseam on radio and cable. With digital technology eating away at profits, I think the oligarchs just do whatever twisted thing they want without concern for “popularity “.

  81. fdgfghj says:

    This is such pearl-clutching, middle-class tripe.

    1. The degradation of young Afro-women (which is what “WAP” is) for the amusement of the dribbling masses is hardly worth getting angry over.

    2. Anyone who plans on winning the popularity contest that is an election *must* signal that he or she is “down” with the plebs and their gutter culture – this is one of the many wonders of democracy.

    3. 90% of this muck is avoided by simply throwing out the TV.

    4. “Boss Ass Bitch” is far, far superior.

    • Replies: @Truth
  82. @Sparkylyle92

    See, Piggy Guggenheim and her disdain for the canon of Western Art, promoting a new norm, just as today’s elite Jews are busy electing a new people.

    (Sorry Ron, and to all the other Jews who comment here.)

    (((They))) still can’t wrap their minds around the notion that European whites created the entire industrial, scientific and cultural revolution and that while doing so, the Jews were self isolating into ghettos and ruminating over the occult meaning of their Talmud. Wrapped up in self referential, ever inward spiraling, self adulatory behavior which isolated them from the march of progress going on around them, they missed the boat.

    Out of resentiment, they have a drive to appropriate that which they find useful, destroy what of it they don’t, lay claim to that of which they stand in awe (the phony Einstein lone towering genius fairy tale), and ridicule that which they disdain or fail to understand–which is much.

    From Wiki:

    “Ressentiment (French pronunciation: ​[rəsɑ̃timɑ̃]) is the French translation of the English word resentment (from Latin intensive prefix re-, and sentir “to feel”). In philosophy and psychology it is a concept that was of particular interest to the existentialist philosophers. According to the existentialists, ressentiment is a sense of hostility directed toward an object that one identifies as the cause of one’s frustration, that is, an assignment of blame for one’s frustration. The sense of weakness or inferiority complex and perhaps even jealousy in the face of the “cause” generates a rejecting/justifying value system, or morality, which attacks or denies the perceived source of one’s frustration. This value system is then used as a means of justifying one’s own weaknesses by identifying the source of envy as objectively inferior, serving as a defense mechanism that prevents the resentful individual from addressing and overcoming their insecurities and flaws. The ego creates an enemy in order to insulate itself from culpability.”

    • Agree: Lost american
  83. @Emily

    Family support for two kids only on the taxpayer…

    Why should the taxcattle support anyone’s children?

    It’s a horribly misguided policy that encourages and subsidizes dysgenic fertility.

    How about free vasectomies and tubal ligations for blacks?

    Or anyone else who wants one.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Emily
    , @Kratoklastes
  84. Mike Tre says:

    Just imagine this whore a week into an infrastructural collapse. She’s be crawling through alleys on her scraped up knees like the animal she truly is, her weave and fake eyelashes still grotesquely clinging to her filthy head, offering her WAP (Wrecked Ass and Pussy) to anyone willing to give her a few morsels of chewed up rat meat.

    • Replies: @Truth
  85. Anonymous[395] • Disclaimer says:

    For one thing, I’m not surrounded by “white trash meth heads, black she-boons, and PCP smoking cholos”.

    • Replies: @Biff
  86. AceDeuce says:

    Let’s see:

    Lox-eating Chew Toys getting rich(er) from bankrolling/exploiting/hebesplaining away the phenomenon of depraved, animalistic blacks corrupting dumbed-down, vapid, morally empty white goy skankshas-in-training. Even a cameo appearance from the Mudsharkians–who have replaced the bald eagle as 2020 America’s national symbol.

    Sounds like business as usual.

  87. The little I saw of the video demonstrated that this production is nothing but sterilized soft-porn.

    Anyone who who approves of such garbage for children and youth as some form of sexual educational experience should be rushed to a psych ward…

    • Replies: @Pericles
  88. FLgeezer says:

    >black females were some of the best vocalists, e.g. Bessie Smith, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald et al. and a musician like Nina Simone in addition to her stellar vocals was a genius at the keyboard.

    Don’t forget Nancy Wilson. Extraordinary vocalist and beautiful too.

  89. @Anonymous

    If you’re under 35 and have $50,000 and a hard degree, try Australia or New Zealand. I’m not saying those places are perfect and certainly have their problems but compared to the US they are a paradise. You might qualify for citizenship.

    You can never be a citizen of a Southeast Asian country nor would it offer you anything.

    But you can live for $800 a month. For a sustainable income, teach English or invest in lottery or open a store. I’m talking about Southeast Asia.

    Girly bars aren’t bad. Just because you own one doesn’t mean you have to be a pimp or whoremonger. Hire a Mama San and security guard. There are issues you have to deal with, like paying corrupt cops and taking the girls to medical checkups, but this is better than a trailer park or having to live next to whiggers or crackheads.

    I don’t know about Eastern Europe.

    Philippines is cheapest. A cheap bungalow outside major cities is only $100 a month. You can get by on $500 a month.

    I knew one African-American who got by as a hot dog vendor to students downtown.

    You can also run a restaurant for expats around Yacht Clubs. They’ll head straight for them off their boats.

    Some foreigners run dive clubs.

    Having a degree from Harvard Medical School might get you into Australia or New Zealand but won’t do anything for you in Southeast Asia-you simply won’t get hired. You have to run a business. Also, you should get married or have a girlfriend (Be selective) so you can have a front person for your business.

    My wife runs a convenience store and lottery dealership. We make $1000 a month.

    Every expat story is different. I’ve known engineers who taught English simply because they detested their country so much. I’ve also known guys who worked as foremen in factories. One man I knew ran a small shellfish factory.

    A few I knew run internet cafes but that is a dead business now. For awhile, it was very popular, not now.

    Some guys get by with online gaming. They just sit around all day doing that and manage to live better than those of us with brick and mortar businesses.

    Let me say this. If you are making 6 figures a year and married and halfway through a mortgage on a $900,000 house in the best suburb then throwing it all over to live cheap in Philippines is not the best choice.

    You have to have a unique profile. I have no roots in any community, I grew up in a bedroom community with anonymous white-collar workers like my scientist father. Then my parents divorced and my grandmother’s neighborhood went downhill. Maybe if you live in Malibu, things are different. I had nothing to lose. Also, I lived on the margins of US society (Though I always held a job and never committed a crime) because I had a useless degree. That was my problem. I was not prepared for how gross and disgusting the urban underclass (Of whatever color) are.

    If you can work in your field, it helps. International employment in your chosen field is always a standout on a resume. I’ve worked in my field overseas as a way of hedging my bets-my resume is more impressive than it would have been in Michigan because I was employed in Dubai and India and Asia. How can someone who lived in Michigan their entire life beat that?


    Countries like Canada and Australia have guys who will consider you a coward and a fair-weather friend. This is particularly true in Canada, where I took a course in Ontario taught by a professor who went AWOL from Vietnam. Students openly jeered him and some male classmates really flat out detested him.

    I remember asking one Canadian guy “Why are you giving the prof [email protected], you weren’t in Vietnam, how do you know what it was like?” And the Canadian guy replied “What if we needed him for a war?”

    You might be a legal immigrant to Australia but some Australians will view you as a coward and turncoat. Others feel that America made it’s bed and it’s citizens should lie in it.

    However, this is a lower-class mentality. Should you have the money and skills to immigrate, you won’t be dealing with patriotic proles anyhow.

    Some people hate Americans-learn the local accent fast. I’m talking about Oz or NZ.

    You’ll be amazed about SEA and Eastern Europe. Americans believe that people live in abject poverty but the average rural trailer park in the US is far poorer.

  90. Rich says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    White ethnic culture is still pretty strong, plenty of the young Irish kids I work with wear shamrock tattoos and the Italians have their tri-color tattoos. The Polish kids are first generation, so they haven’t ben infected, yet. Many of them, here in NYC, grew up fighting blacks, and dealing with black crime, so they aren’t stupid. Heavy metal is still out there, too, and these young guys like the old classic rock styles too. I actually came across two long haired White teenagers at a park on Long Island playing lacrosse while blasting country music. The leftist, MSM, just won’t let you see the real White culture that still exists. It’s not easy, and even good parents can lose a kid to the degenerated culture, because it’s pushed so hard, but it is possible. Whitey isn’t as far down as the media would pretend. White women actually had enough brains in 2016 not to vote for Hilary, so there’s still hope.

    • Agree: Lost american
  91. My wife’s response: “Good. This generation doesn’t even have sex or anything. Someone needs to explain it to them.”

    • Agree: Not Only Wrathful
  92. Emily says:
    @Adam Smith

    I think families do need a little extra over the childless.
    But for them there will be no succeeding generations.
    Kids are expensive.
    Two kids support – to my mind – is fair.
    But after that ….pay your own way.
    Two kids is population replacement.
    In fact it could be argued that those who do not ensure a replacement are letting down the indigenous peoples.
    After all – they are taking everything that the English have created as a people for thousands of years,
    Selfishly taking that inheritance and giving nothing back….
    Interesting concept.
    It could be argued that the childless should pay a suppliment to those who are prepared to produce an extra English child to continue on our race.
    Perhaps its time to take an overall look at the whole system as the ethnic indigenous English continue to decline in numbers and are being over run.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  93. Biff says:

    For one thing, I’m not surrounded by “white trash meth heads, black she-boons, and PCP smoking cholos”.

    I think you are lying and really are.

  94. A couple of disgusting looking black whores right out of the projects… when will the Americans wake up?

  95. Pericles says:


    Incontinence is indeed an important female problem.

  96. No one is forcing anyone to listen to Candi B. Therefore, the comments here are all about the problem of someone else listening to Candy B.
    From the step of banning Candi B, it’s just a short step to banning criticism of Israel or Jews in general.
    Here we have yet another compelling proof that the constant flag-waving and bleating about the Constitution by white trashionalists and Evangelical golems is a farcical bit of theater designed mainly to dupe themselves. The only part of the Constitution they need is the 2nd Amendment, which they fantasize using to shoot non-whites, but in reality they need to shoot anyone who stands up to their Jewish masters.

    Railing against the Jews while you slavishly serve their interests in exchange for nothing more than their contempt (and the contempt of the rest of us) is the absolute core of white Anglo Protestant identity. Really, it looks like his state is so miserable that he had a choice between getting hooked on hard dope and dying of an overdose on the one hand, and “finding Jesus”, heading to the Revival tent, and babbling incoherently while waving the Blue and White flag in front of the lectern adorned not with a cross, but the Star of David on the other hand. For the vast majority of white Americans, there seems to be no escape, or even awareness of the virtue of escaping.

    “At least I’m not a Nigger or Spic”, is the prayer that the white trash uses to propitiate his “God”, while he curses that same God for not having made him a Jew. His destination is the dust bin of history, and I have to wonder how he ever imagined any other. His consolation is to assure himself and other whites that the world would be doomed without him, while the world anxiously awaits his departure from the scene.

    I’ll take a WAP over a WASP any day.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
  97. Angharad says:

    The Comments share your views to a one. We are on our OWN. It’s up to us to STOP this.

    • Thanks: Emily
  98. An astute individual once declared: “Boys toys are shared joys, while girl’s histories are sheltered mysteries.”

    What we are witnessing in this latest hyped-up “trend” from the PopKultch arsenal is totally anti-woman, in the sense that a considerable measure of feminine allure is the sense of mystery a woman innately possesses. Devolution, cultural devolution, is where the essential psychic and spiritual elements which delineate sexual differences are dissolved and ultimately destroyed.

    It is the ultimate opening of Pandora’s box, which now sprawls totally ajar, dripping with sad sarcasm. Without that aura of mystery, the essential quality of feminine empowerment is hauled down and demolished.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  99. Angharad says:

    What is your Race, dear? You can take WAP 0 but not for long. If’ you’re not dark – you’ll be exterminated too.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  100. @Angharad

    It’s Eastern Euro/WOG/mystery meat, etc.

    So there’s this thing that a good joke and a good taunt have in common – a kernel of truth. That’s why the taunt stings you, while another WOG like me would laugh and agree.

  101. Susan says:

    Intellectualizing this trash is ridiculous. WAP is just NASTY. There’s nothing about it but nasty.

  102. Pericles says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    It’s basically stripper music, as far as I can tell. So perhaps it’s important to guide the future choices of young women of color.

  103. @Emily

    While I agree that kids are expensive, I do not understand why the childless should continue to subsidize the womb productive for their life choices. As you say, pay your own way.

    The English are being over run because of bad policy, not because the English are not producing enough English babies. England and the rest of the world could be very nice with a smaller, more responsible population.

    Smaller population = Less pollution + More tasty fish in the sea + more room for nature.

    Why is everyone so concerned with replacement fertility?
    Is the world not already overpopulated enough?

    Current trends and policy ensure a dark future for white children.

    • Replies: @Emily
    , @Reg Cæsar
  104. @Anonymous

    One of the greatest lies we’ve been taught to believe is “Jesus was Jewish.” If Jesus was a Jew then the Creator of the Universe is a Jew. How in the world could the Creator be Jewish or anything else but our Creator? Judeo – Christianity was shoved down our innocent childish throats in Mind Programming Centers called Christian churches … especially divided up Protestant churches. There was no better way for the children of Satan to deceive Yahweh’s people than to make Jesus into a Jew by altering the scriptures. Jesus was a Judean. Jewdeo-Christianity means Satan-Christ.
    The word “Jew” never existed until the 18th century.

    • Replies: @Truth
  105. Alfred says:

    In 2014, 55.4% of all reported cases of gonorrhea occurred among blacks. The rate of gonorrhea among blacks in 2014 was 405.4 cases per 100,000 population, which was 10.6 times the rate among whites (38.3). This disparity has changed little in recent years. This disparity was similar for black men (10.6 times) and black women (10.7 times).

    Health Disparities in HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STDs, and TB

    Please don’t think that the numbers for non-black Americans is anything to boast about. It is double that in Europe.

    Gonorrhoea – Annual Epidemiological Report for 2017

  106. @The Alarmist

    Do men really complain about it? I never have. It would be bad form to complain even in the unlikely event that you didn’t appreciate it.

  107. Thim says:

    This is why I shot my TV in the 80’s and put it out for the garbage, and never got another one. And no radio in my vehicles, not for 35 years. Used to have just a cassette player. Now it is much easier with Bluetooth. I just stream the music from my phone.

    I do not accept “push”. I choose what I listen to. And those two she-beasts of the field are not on my list.

    Radio and broadcast and cable TV should be abolished. Let everyone compete equally on the internet, access supplied by common carriers.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Stonehands
  108. @Anonymous

    “ Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war. ” – Geobbels

    Truth right there.

    • Agree: BloodSpirit
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  109. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Cardi B looks not-quite-real maybe a Swinewood, robot face.


    dollars will jam up her wet-ass
    out her p***y into the loving
    hands and vaults of Shapiro’s kin.

    Question:What does ‘Thee Stallion’, as in Megan T. S., mean?


    Relegate to trash bin. Move on.

  110. Emily says:
    @Adam Smith

    Sadly Adam if only England could have a smaller population.
    They dare not hold a census next year after holding them since about 1841 because of the fear that the English would in fact discover the lies from politicians for years.
    Discover there are some 85,000,000 not 65,000,000 in Britain.
    The 85 figure – now also outdated is the estimated number from food sales, electricity use and water etc.
    The English are now so heavily taxed to meet the astronomical costs of some 20 to 30,000,000 or even more fast breeding immigrants now on their fourth generation since the war.
    Each generation expanding hugely.
    It is estimated for instance there are now half a million Somalis in London alone , if not more – of whom only 5% work.
    The rest largely living off the backs of British workers – free houses worth mega millions and an increase of pay out for each of innumerably and low IQ kids.
    That is but a minor immigrant group.
    Other islamics are taking over our northern cities one by one.
    We now have an islamic and radical Mayor of London which is well over 50% non British.
    There is little chance of a white British mayor ever holding the job again.
    We have islamic and radical mayors now taking over other cities too.
    Recently a member of the House of Lords was quite clear.
    The English are being bred out of their own country 6 to 1.
    Young English couples faced with massive mortgages and huge taxation – both the result of mass immigration can no longer afford to breed.
    Unlike you I think that the childless have a civic duty to their country and their forebears to ensure the English continue as a race.
    They take the perks of England and its society.
    They owe something back.
    An allowance of some support for families to the extent of two children – race replacement – is hardly a sacrifice.
    It is utter selfishness to refuse actually.
    Take what England and its people give but are too greedy to even pitch in to its survival.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  111. theMann says:

    I only manage about 1 minute of the video, and I can honestly say that it was bar none the most ear shattering piece of garbage that I have ever been exposed to.

    For that crap to be refereed to as ‘music” is an insult to anyone who has ever written an actual song.

    The entire video should be met with derisive laughter and the absolute contempt which grade A garbage deserves.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  112. Skeptikal says:
    @Majority of One

    Well, men are a mystery, too.
    The clever woman has the task of transforming male lust into something more lasting.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  113. Why is it news that a wet pussy is good? The opposite is a problem, and plenty of women have to deal with that. As usual in our time, nothing is news, and everything is something that we learned and dealt with years ago.

    I swear, this century, this millennium, is a re-run.

    BTW yes, the video and plenty of pop music is garbage. That’s not new either.

  114. @Skeptikal

    The clever woman has the task of transforming male lust into something more lasting.

    And the clever man has the task of opening up and encouraging female lust.

    The sexual mystery between man and woman is simply a consequence of our having individual consciences and different, separate bodies. But think: The fun, the dance, is what happens when we come together and work that out. It has infinitely many outcomes…

  115. The degradation of our culture just keeps going lower and lower and lower.

    Soon we will be living in hell.

  116. @theMann

    I only manage about 1 minute of the video

    Congratulations. I couldn’t, combined, more than 5 seconds.

  117. @Sparkylyle92

    But why? Can anyone help me out?

    Isn’t it obvious? It’s simple negrolatry. Culture must match the least common denominator which in America is the 85IQ negro. What you see represents the absolute pinnacle of negro achievement. It is just that simple.

    Look at what the negroes are creating back on their darkie continent or anywhere else, it’s all the same.

    You want improvement? Wait at least 100,000 years for natural selection to perform its magic on the negro as it has on the civilized races.

  118. @Robert Dolan

    Yes. Dr. Jones often points out that during their attack on the Palestinians in 2002, one of the first things, if not the first, that Israel did was blast pornography on all the TV stations. It was an act of war, just as this is, an insidious attack on Western Civilization and the people that built it.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  119. Anonymous[265] • Disclaimer says:

    Jazz, blues, soul music, Spike Lee, some rap, all good. Bill Cosby, Jussie Smollett, and Chicago (the city not the band), bad. Apart from that the ongoing Negroization of American culture is a problem. And “Megan Thee Stallion”? Apart from the Spellbonics, a woman calling herself “Stallion” is as Bill O’Reilly liked to say “Luuuuuudacris”.

    Ben Shapiro sounds like he’s in 10th grade. A better spokesman would be nice.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  120. @Emily

    “Family support for two kids only on the taxpayer – after that you keep your own.”

    Believe it or not, this is now the official policy of Cuck Island and has been since 2015. After child 2 you are on your own as far as the benefit system’s concerned, although the usual suspects will doubtless be nibbling away at the edges.

    It wasn’t retrospective, but if you’d just had your second child at taxpayer expense in 2015, that was the last coach on the gravy train. It doesn’t seem to be stopping Muslim women by what I see on the street, mind. But their men have other sources of income.

    • Replies: @Emily
  121. @padre

    Why moron….blacks are the ones that appropriate what Whites invented , music, and blacks degenerate all of it. Whites use innuendo but with blacks it’s always degeneration of music…just like blues…blacks appropriate White country wholesome music and black blues players with their Jooooo songwriters,just like today, with degenerate rap,degenerate White country music and turn it into degenerate sexual escapades. blacks think everyone acts like degenerate POS losers like them . blacks think everyone is a pig like their ghetto trash baby mamas…sorry,,,,maybe your White pig mother is or she loves being plowed by 50 apes and you post it on WORRRRRRLSTAAAAAAAAAA but that’s not what the MAJORITY of White culture does….only useless weak White rap loving degenerate black lovers like you do.

  122. @Emily

    Thanks for the comments Emily…

    I agree with much of what you’re saying…

    Perhaps the real problem is 20 to 30 million fast breeding, low IQ, unassimilable aliens living off the backs and sweat of British workers and taxpayers. We have similar immigration stupidity here in the states. For example, why should Somali’s, who are not compatible with industrial or white civilization, be provided free houses, free heating/cooling, free food, free health care and baby bonuses when the indigenous whites are not provided such largess? Why should formerly white countries keep importing 70 IQ Africans to replace the white population? Who does this benefit? (Other than the Somali’s who obviously are not setting the policy.)

    I think the real problems facing England are not caused by those without children. The rulers in England (and the rest of the formerly white western world) have pursued policies designed to replace the legacy population with hoards of browns and blacks from the dark continent and beyond. Why would they do this? Is this not white genocide?

    Perhaps breeders would not expect to be subsidized by the childless if there were not so many Africans and other aliens on the dole. If England did not have the burden of 20 to 30 million unassimilable human parasites young English couples could enjoy lower rent, lower mortgages and lower taxes and could more easily afford to pay for their own children without stealing the labor of their childless countrymen.

    Childless people have no duty to subsidize those who choose to continue the race.
    It is not fair to the childless to force them to help pay for the continuation of any race.

    The childless do not owe anything to breeders.
    It is utter selfishness to think that they do actually.

    It sounds like it is the immigrants who are taking from England and not giving anything back.
    Perhaps it’s time to put them on a ship bound for Wakanda.

    England for the English.
    Everyone else, get on the boat.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  123. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    While there are obvious parallels with the jazz age and the 20s/30s, the level is another one altogether. Maybe then some black creations had vulgar lyrics (I’ve heard that even “jazz” meant sex, or something similar in black slang then), but the most famous songs that remained are not (most, incidentally, by Jews or gay Anglo – Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, etc).

    To say that “the entire popular culture has always been about sex & vulgarity” is silly. People like sex and vulgarity, sure, even Shakespeare could be bawdy to please his audience.

    But this is not “popular” culture, it is selected and created from above. It would never have arisen and achieved success organically, except perhaps in some black ghetto, and yet, I think even blacks are being brainwashed with this stuff.

  124. mad marc says:

    Rap does suck, as does R&B, in my limited old white male hetero view, with the exception of a few notable rap songs that actually have beat and rhythm. Most of the sh%& on the radio today is definitely not music, has no beat, and makes blacks who create it out to be self-entitled sell out hacks. When you hear rap music being played on diarrhea commercials, you know all you need to know about the genre. Schooly D would roll over in his grave and vomit if he saw where this crap has gone today.

  125. Alfred says:

    I know nothing about these people. I never watch the TV and I am not in the USA anyway. However, I came across this article which might interest some of you.

    The “WAP” and “Savage” rapper Megan Thee Stallion, real name Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, was shot in both legs in the Hollywood Hills last month after a night partying. She said she had undergone surgery in order to remove the bullets.

    the entire social media and the oligarchs who are pushing for social conflicts in the United States are not using examples like this because it is black on black crime.

    Who shot Megan Thee Stallion in both feet?

  126. anon215 says:

    Wet Aids Pussy is more like it. CardiB is a stankin’ ass ho.

  127. Emily says:

    I am surprised to read your comment.
    It has escaped my notice.
    Or did it not apply to existing large families.
    I noticed that they have cut back the total amount paid out – what to £26,000 tax free – was it and did they?.
    If you work black as many do – its a very handsome amount to receive.
    I would have thought that cutting child benefit back to only two children would have made some headlines and waves.
    Perhaps you can send some links.
    I would like to see the fall out.
    It would cheer me up no end.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  128. Black music was never like this before. It was never this vulgar. Back in the 60’s and 70’s blacks sang love songs and there was no foul language. RandB and soul was uplifting for the most part. Al Green, Motown, Jackson Five, Temptations, Four Tops, etc., were saints compared to the rap crap we have today.

    As the Unz crew surely knows, the small hats run the entire music industry. It looks like they did to black music what they did to ALL music…..they take a positive artist/genre with an established audience and then crap it up. Look what they did to Miley Cyrus and so many others. Even Madonna didn’t start out as disgusting as she turned out to be.

    And they hounded Taylor Swift so much that now she has to virtue signal left to be able to continue to have a career at all.

    Life was so much better before everything became politicized. I never could have predicted that chicken sandwiches and auto tires would become political. It’s very stupid.

  129. anaccount says:

    Why can’t we produce our own culture? I doubt Brave Heart was part of the approved programming since it turned me into a nationalist. I don’t know how Mel snuck that one in.

    We need real Christianity and real entertainment. It can’t be hard to compete with the jenkem entertainment discussed in this article.

    • Replies: @Pure Coincidence
  130. AceDeuce says:

    Reminds me of a couple of old jokes:

    Why did God give women pussies?

    So men would have a reason to talk to them at all.

    Why do black people have an offensive smell?

    So blind and deaf people can hate them, too.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  131. I love this. I love this article. It’s a slap in the face to all you Alex-Keaton clone perverts on here, discussing perverted movies, quoting perverted songs, admiring it all and thinking you are cool. There is nothing more uncool than thinking you are cool. As I have been at pains to say, you’re just “conservatives” (as if you know what that means) who want to smoke dope and fuck whores.

    Here’s a newsflash. Real conservatives don’t smoke dope and fuck whores. They try to avoid intoxicating substances if they can, mostly use only alcohol, if that, and feel guilty if they imbibe, believe in draconian measures opposing dope and whores, and are true and faithful to their spouse, disgusted by prostitutes and strippers and supporting the repression of them.

    Whites, for your information, are behind records like this WAP thing. I bet you didn’t know that. I bet you think the producers and recording executives are all black. I bet you think the general impetus for pushing this kind of thing comes from blacks. Sorry. It doesn’t. A long time ago, white demographers discovered you can make a mint huckstering this shit to 15 year old white, yes, I said white, and I mean white, boys. That’s where the money is. They like the cursing and the dirty talk. The blacks are just the conduits between the white 15-year-olds and the rich white producers and executives. A short lesson in the recording industry.

    But anyhow, there is nothing I despise as a worm beneath my feet worse than a “conservative” pervert. Like all of you.

    • LOL: Truth
  132. @Anonymous

    Spike Lee sucks. All rap sucks. You are a child idiot complaining about a pundit who sounds like a child. He does, by the way. But so do you.

  133. @Sparkylyle92

    “there’s no way this crap is popular”

    Number One on this week’s Billboard Hot 100.

  134. Truth says:

    1. The degradation of young Afro-women (which is what “WAP” is) for the amusement of the dribbling masses is hardly worth getting angry over.

    They are young Afro-men, and they threw a young Caucasoid man, Kylie Jenner, into the video, just because they knew you felt that way.

  135. Truth says:
    @Mike Tre

    Never really entered my nind what Cardi-B would be doing during the apocalypse, but hey; yeah, I guess I can see it.

  136. Truth says:
    @John Q Duped

    “Jew” comes from the Tribe of Judah. And “Jewish” is mentioned in Titus 1:14

    You are right that Jesus was not JewISH because that means “Jew-like”, like what we have in Israel now, non-semetic people who imitate Hebrew tradition.

  137. @Chris Mallory

    Not much would have changed since the system he was putting in place was doomed to collapse. Hitler was a great guy, if you love a man who got plenty of Whites killed.

    The reason for WWII was that the system he was putting in place would have made the international banking cartel and its spawn – finance capitalism irrelevant.
    Hitler didn’t get plenty of Whites killed, the usual suspects did.

    “When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.”
    – The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  138. @anaccount

    Mel made King Edward Longshanks the villian in Braveheart. What’s likely not well known by most people about the king was that he banished the jews from England in 1290, so at least, Mel had a certain degree of cover in telling a nationalist story with a kosher-approved “bad guy.”

    • Replies: @anaccount
  139. @Anonymous

    They believe because Christ was a Jew all Jews need to be pedestalized.

    Some may believe that fairy tale, but the Christ was a Galilean, not an Iudean. Judeo-Christianity is a myth. Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity, particularly the Talmud followers bit. The term was invented by Jews to pretend that the Old Testament was relevant to Christians. It isn’t, other than to show how the “Jews” f’ed up.

    What passes for Christianity in the (((West))) today would have real Christians sick to their stomachs.

  140. Even if the words were removed from this “song” it would remain obscene and grotesque. Hypersexualized beat hypnosis in the ears of billions of children: the future is not looking so bright.

  141. Sean says:

    Cardi and her fellow rapper “Megan Thee Stallion” share how much they want a chad to commit assault against their genitalia.

    My reading was the song is segregationist in tone; about her wanting a man with a penis bigger than any European (‘chad’ or not) possesses and she is offering casual sex to attract one. White girls don’t need to talk like that to attract blacks. She goes into more detail about her vagina than most white men find appealing, but she is looking for 100% hetrosexuality. The price to be paid is those types are extremely violent.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  142. Dannyboy says:

    His destination is the dust bin of history, and I have to wonder how he ever imagined any other. His consolation is to assure himself and other whites that the world would be doomed without him, while the world anxiously awaits his departure from the scene.

    In two or three years NOBODY will be listening to this talentless nigger slut. On the other hand, people who don’t already have their head ALL THE WAY up their ass, like you, will ALWAYS be listening to beautiful art like this.

    As for our “departure from the scene”, let’s just say that reports of our imminent demise are greatly exaggerated. You get my drift, you little gypsy monkey?

    Hope you can stick around for the finish. 😉

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Disagree: YetAnotherAnon
  143. Anonymous[265] • Disclaimer says:

    “Radio and broadcast and cable TV should be abolished. Let everyone compete equally on the internet, access supplied by common carriers.”

    You’re just an idiot.

  144. @GazaPlanet

    There are varying degrees of Whiggerism, you know.

    Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett all took took it on down, into the brown. Elvis got us grovelling in a darker dirt. Rap influenced White artists have taken Whiggerism, finally, to its musical endgame.

    That’s one reason why rap music has stood the test of time. Its the cul de sac at the end of the road. Low is easier.

    • Agree: MrVoid
  145. Adolescence must have its bacchic phase, and there’s always been the oleaginous huckster ready with the latest goods. We had “Louie, Louie”. The difference now is the greaser offering the wares is a Wall St type.

    Jeffrey Epstein is misunderstood. He was celebrating the fluorescence of teen sexuality.

  146. Z-man says:

    As testosterone levels decline in 21st Century man of all races, whores like Card-iac B will be more frequently employed to try to boost it, especially for the elite and their non white servents, soldiers, body guards etc.
    I wonder how that bitch whipes her fat ass with those nails. (Big grin)

    • Replies: @c matt
  147. @Dannyboy

    You aren’t any of these people, and neither is America. You’re a barbarian running around Scotland in a loincloth with your face painted blue that believes that he became the chosen of God when he “took Jesus into his heart.”

    It may surprise you, but I had never heard of Candi B. before you crackers brought it up and my knowledge of rap music is limited to Public Enemy and Ice Cube. Unlike you, who pulled a few names out of a hat to wewuz a little and defend your phony, “white” identity I actually spend my time searching YouTube for the best amateur version of Bach’s invention #12 or Scarlatti’s Sonata K. 27. I can tell you that Glenn Gould plays that invention faster than it should be played, but that he found the correct tempo for invention #2. And he’s no amateur, by the way.

    Just because I’m defending blacks and their music while critiquing Judaised Anglo identity doesn’t mean I’m a fan of this music. What it does mean is that I believe that whites are 1000 times the problem of blacks.

    You’re no Glenn Gould, white trashionalist. The things I say about you don’t apply to people like him and vice versa. As far as what your endgame is, I’ll say it’s going to look something like an army of white trash guarding the Jews’ granary from any Glenn Goulds trying to sneak a bag of wheat in order to keep from starving. Once a redneck, always a redneck.

    • Troll: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Truth
  148. El Dato says:

    The BEGINNING of WWI was the beginning of the end for Western civilization.

  149. profnasty says:

    Decorum is Liberty. If degenerate filth is normalized in American popular culture, US will lose it’s last vestiges of freedom. Guaranteed.

  150. Stuff like “WAP” really serves as a reminder of just how bad the deterioration of popular music has gotten. The Cheech & Chong routine nearly 50 years ago where a singer screams “I own apartment buildings and shopping centers and I only know 3 chords!” was a joking reference to early 70s era rock music’s lack of sophistication.

    It used to be considered something of a vanity project for a singer like Linda Ronstadt to collaborate with Nelson Riddle on an album of standards, but the finished product was quite impressive, and reminded a lot of us how good the music and songwriting of the middle third of the 2oth century was. It’s a safe bet that none of these so-called “singers” will be attempting the Great American Song Book. I wonder what Nat Cole would have to say about this stuff if he were still around.

    • Agree: gaston julia
  151. Ruckus says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    The Millennial generation happened.

  152. @Emily

    I think an exception is made in the case of multiple births, so if you have triplets you’ll get benefit for all of them, assuming you had 0 or 1 child before that.

    It only applies going forward, so people already getting benefits for 11 kids will still get them. But it’s the first eugenic bit of legislation in a century, in that going forward people will only have three or more if they can afford them.

  153. El Dato says:

    Do you sometimes feel holier than Ayatollah Khomenei and ready to twitch curtains on behalf of all of us?

  154. Don’t care what she does with her WAP, as long as Biden doesn’t ask her to consult on domestic policy . .

    . . yikes.

  155. AceDeuce says:

    “Waaaah! See what you white folks made us do!”

  156. Astaroth says:

    Braveheart was complete garbage. At one time Scotland had a better education system than England, but now both countries have sunk so low that it is frightening. At one time Scots had a reasonable understanding of their own history, but now seem to prefer the piffle served up by Hollywood. There are no Nationalists in Scotland. Those who claim to be Nationalists wish to remain in the EU. It is very sad that they fail to grasp that the aspirations of independence, and EU membership are mutually exclusive.

  157. @Adam Smith

    While I agree that kids are expensive, I do not understand why the childless should continue to subsidize the womb productive for their life choices. As you say, pay your own way.

    The fact that you see children as “life choices”, rather than as a contribution to keeping the community that produced you going into the future, speaks volumes. If it’s wrong to tax older people to support younger people, then it is equally (if not more) wrong to tax younger people to support older. There goes your state pension. And your NHS, for that matter.

    • LOL: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  158. @Dannyboy

    I went to a classical music concert not long before lockdown, and I was one of the youngest people there, and I’m 60.

    When I was 17 I had no interest in classical music, but I bought and played a couple of Beethoven symphonies (1 and 8 IIRC) because a lot of people in the wider culture (teachers, TV, radio) seemed to rate him, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

    How many curious 17 year olds will be buying Schubert or Bach because teachers or TV rated them, these days?

  159. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    You aren’t any of these people, and neither is America. You’re a barbarian running around Scotland in a loincloth with your face painted blue that believes that he became the chosen of God when he “took Jesus into his heart.”

    This is a somewhat angry mishmash, but I think I can decipher it.

    Thanks for letting me know that I’m none of those people. Never realized that until now.

    As far as your swipe at my Celtic ancestry, you must not have read much history. And I don’t mean the Marxist nonsense that’s taught in “institutions of higher learning” nowadays. masquerading as history.

    It is certain that Ireland had the use of letters very anciently, and long before England….Edmund Spenser.

    Aldhelm queried rhetorically: “Why, I ask, is Ireland,
    whither assemble the thronging students by the fleet-load, exalted with a
    sort of ineffable privilege?

    The Land of Saints and Scholars.,to%20have%20acted%20in%20concert.

    The Irish converted to Christianity without bloodshed.

    I’m not really sure you wish to trash the Scots either, considering their esteemed history of invention and literary prowess.

    As far as America goes, if you hate it and it’s undeniable “white European Christian” founding, why are you and your ilk still SQUATTING here? Of course we all know the reason. Same with the Turd World filth descending upon Europe.

    It’s a hard truth for your kind, but the bottomline is this: White European Christian Civilization is the Greatest in recorded history. Bar none. You are welcome to share in what our people produced, but remember your place. That’s all we ask.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  160. I clicked on this headline thinking it was something about a specific cultural use of a largely-deprecated mobile browser protocol; maybe someone’s reviving WAP browsers to evade surveillance… might be interesting? thought I.

    Turns out it was just a Yank pointlessly obsessing over some very very temporary aspect of Yanklish trash-culture.

    From the stills and the text, I gather that some overfat mixed-race chick released a song about either her vagina or vaginas more broadly.

    I thought the ‘Sex and the Big-Nosed Horseface Chick‘ TV show normalised vagina monologues over a decade ago – including (SHOCK! HORROR! Think of the Children!) using the ‘c’ word (no, not ‘cigger‘, you stupid Yanks).

    And for some reason it is relevant there’s a morbidly obese woman called Lena Dunham who tried to get a slipstream off the issue; the still-shot sufficed to indicate that this was a video I could ignore without compromising understanding of what was outraging the writer.

    I’ve never heard of either the chick or the song – and have some vestigial recollection that Lena Dunham was once about 80lb lighter (she was irrelevant to my life even then).

    Thank fuck I’m not a ‘conservative’. Imagine having nothing better to do with your day than to obsess over some tawdry urban slattern’s efforts at getting dumb teens to make her backers richer: that’s almost on a par with wasting clock cycles on what an imaginary Broze-Age sky maniac thinks about the whole imbroglio.

    Generation after generation of (allegedly) 100-IQ grownups have obsessed over the cultural preferences of adolescents. It’s so pointless that only ‘conservatives’ do it.

    Anyhow… turns out the story wasn’t about mobile communications: it was just more Yanklish cultural dross, wherein someone paid by the word wrote a bunch of pointless words about a thing that nobody will remember in 2 months’ time.

    I’ve said it before: Yank culture is to actual culture, as Isidora Duncan is to classical ballet; Jackson Pollock is to classical art; and Jack Kerouc and Maya Angelou are to poetry… i.e., not very good, not remotely original, and aimed at dummies.

    Pop songs last 3-5 minutes and are mind-numbingly repetitive because they aim for the cognitive centre-mass.

  161. Truth says:

    FannyBoy, you gon’ take that?

    • Replies: @Anon
  162. Took a few years, but with ‘wap’ here’s a song to make 2 Live Crew blush.

  163. @Curmudgeon

    His “system” could only last as long as he had other nation’s wealth to loot.

    Yawn, another “Po Lil Germany dindu nuffin wrong” advocate.

    The US should have stayed out of the war and let the Russians and Germans slaughter each other. The perfect ending would have been the last German dying from a heart attack after strangling the last Jew to death.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  164. @Anonymous

    “white European Christian” That should be “British Protestant”. Never should have allowed a single pope worshiping, potato gnawing, bog hopping Irish into the US. A shame all of their ships were not sank before they came into our territorial waters.

  165. @obwandiyag

    Whites, for your information, are behind records like this WAP thing

    (((((( ‘Whites” ))))))

  166. @Reg Cæsar

    If it’s wrong to tax older people to support younger people,

    and it is

    then it is equally (if not more) wrong to tax younger people to support older.

    Agreed – but that happens because politicians lied about the purpose of tax-system-based ‘retirement insurance‘ schemes.

    There goes your state pension. And your NHS, for that matter.

    I have, do, and will always support the complete abolition of government Ponzi schemes.

    That said: the day I turn 65 I will have been paying into one of these schemes for about half a century. So I will insist that any system that exists, gives me BACK every cent I ever paid into it… appropriately adjusted for normal expected returns (which are very high when I’m doing my own investing), and with a penalty for coercively taking part of my income under false pretences.

    I don’t – and won’t – give a fuck who’s footing the bill.

    I view it in much the same way that I view recovering my shit from a thief: it might deprive the thief of his livelihood and cause his children to starve to death… that’s just SEP (Somebody Else’s Problem): if nobody was trying to grift a living at my expense, the recovery of value stolen from me would not be necessary.

    As to the idea that there is some ‘cultural continuity’ obligation for Alphas (and Betas) to fund Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons for squirting out new halfwits: no sale.

    Non-breeders should not be on the hook when a retard decides to squirt out a new retard – no more than we are obliged to support the other vermin that live at our expense, be they gut parasites, ticks, mosquitoes, toe fungus, or priests.

    The ‘social cohesion costs 50% of your income‘ trope has to die in a fire. It’s not true – it’s as false as saying that vegetarians ought to be taxed to support slaughterhouses and butcher-shops.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  167. Anon[198] • Disclaimer says:


    You poor little retarded monkey.

  168. “white European Christian” That should be “British Protestant”.

    To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant….Cardinal John Henry Newman

  169. Talha says:

    Degeneracy via popular music is a one-directional road, it only gets worse. No one expects it to be less degenerate 20 years from now given its historical track record. Popular music (yes there may be some exceptions) seems to be produced by degenerate people and is an industry that is magnetic to the degenerate.

    “Oh, but…but…where is your sense of artistic appreciation??!!”

    Don’t be surprised to hear songs about sex with animals within your lifetime.


    • Replies: @anon
  170. @Adam Smith

    free vasectomies

    For those who want one, vasectomies are inexpensive anyhow – local anaesthesia, and the longest part of the procedure is waiting the mandatory 45 minutes after your appointment time, because fucking doctors are permitted to systematically abuse patients’ time in ways that would be unacceptable in a 1940s-era schedule for any business except theirs.

    Mine was $86 out of pocket (in 1987; more like $350 today): anyone who can’t afford that should be prohibited from impregnating anyone – at least for the time being.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  171. @GazaPlanet

    Some rap has merit.

    I can think of no better life advice in the Age of COVID than “Fous Ta Cagoule” (Put on your anorak) during winter… and these guys nail the latent homosexuality of ‘gangsta’ bullshit in “J’aime trop ton boule” (I really dig your ass).

    (Fatal Bazooka is Michaël Youn’s French rap-homage to Weird Al Yankovic: it’s pretty entertaining, and the rhymes scan which is how you can tell it is written by a white guy who passed grade 9… made clear by the incoherence of the ‘wigger’ freestyle bit in the middle of Fous Ta Cagoule)

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  172. Clip was shot in Epstain’s mansion.

  173. Skeptikal says:
    @Pure Coincidence

    Ah, the Jewish specialty.
    Disgusting to inflict on the Palestinians.

    But interesting to think about, because obviously the Zionists/Jews are the prime producers of this shite, which they obviously know is shite, because they themselves use it as a form of mental and social torture. Like defecating on another person.

    Truly depraved, on more than one level.

  174. It’s called the ‘music industry‘ for a very good reason [link to ‘Observer’].

  175. @Kratoklastes

    “Rap” is 100% Jew enabled Nigger garbage and you’re a loser whose had his nuts snipped because you’re incapable of controlling yourself.

    • Replies: @Truth
  176. There is no alternative culture for them to suggest to their audience.

    False, there is no alternative mainstream pop culture promoted by (((corporations))). There’s tons of great stuff out there.

  177. @Kratoklastes

    I don’t care to learn about how much you paid to ruin your male organs. Please don’t post pictures of your wide open mouth holding up a nintendo pokemon or some shit.

  178. WAP is created by the corporate elites, enjoyed by political elites, and imposed on you by the media elites. This is our culture now, and we’re all drowning in it.

    FYI, Dave McGowan has argued that many of the 1960s rock bands had ties with military intelligence. In other words, Pop music and Pop culture are basically PYSOPS.

    Case in point, the father of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the famous 1960s rock band “The Doors” was Admiral George Stephen Morrison. He was the commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin during the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident,” a false flag and casus belli  for Jews to wage war on Vietnam.

    Cf. Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream by Dave McGowan

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Truth
  179. @Chris Mallory

    You’re a retard.
    The ships were certainly not “their ships”!
    Yada yada yada the Irish were a blessing to America,as they have been to every country they have immigrated to.
    Many an Englishman is alive today because his ancestor had Irish beside him on the battlefield.
    And btw, GOD BLESS THE POPE!! KISS THE POPES FAT ASS YOU SATANIC FAGGOT! YOUR GRANDADDY GOT ON THE MAYFLOWER (oops) by offering handjobs to the sailors on the poop deck.

  180. @Chris Mallory

    The first I ever heard of Cardi B was the Amazon Super Bowl ad where she replaces Alexa’s voice. The ad also features Jeff Bezos. A good representation of the downfall of civilization in a nutshell.

  181. Bubba says:

    LOL! So that’s why I see mattresses on side of of the road on my way to work. And it’s always when I’m driving through “the Hood.” Thanks!

  182. Glaivester says: • Website
    @Ray Caruso

    There will be 10 billion Negroes in Africa by the end of the century, anyway.

    No. No, there won’t. If the West collapses, Africa will very soon have a much smaller population than it does today. China surely won’t feel any sympathy for starving darkies.

    • Replies: @Bogus Pogus
  183. More black “kultcha”, eh? If it looks like a ho, twerks like a ho and spews garbage like a ho…. Brutha… thats a ho!

  184. @Thim

    Agreed. I don’t take out ANY LOANS either. No public school, no radio, no tv, no debt. But the stupid goyim can always be counted on to give the heebs the bullets to shoot them with.

  185. It’s surprising what gets accepted, and what doesn’t. Currently the Netflix movie Cuties about 11 year old twerkers is creating MASSIVE backlash. Also, HBO just turned off the comments for the trailer for “Unpregnant”, a teen road movie comedy about.. having an abortion. So don’t give up on the people yet!

  186. @Glaivester

    With respect, the West has screwed over Africa as much as it has helped. Trump threatened to sanction Tanzania for wanting to start their own garment industry instead of buying garbage clothing sold by American Jews. The EU dumps fruit and veg in Africa at the cost of local farming. Africans existed before western incursion, and can likely survive if we leave them alone too.

    • LOL: Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  187. @AceDeuce

    Reminds me of a joke, too.

    What do you call the useless skin that surrounds the pussy?

    A: Woman

    • LOL: AceDeuce
  188. @Just another serf

    The man was a prophet.

    We’re living the reality right now.

  189. @Anonymous

    As this country, leader of the free world, drifts faster and faster toward Weimar style degeneracy, do not discount the real possibility of a leader emerging with many of Adolph Hitler’s considerable speaking skills and abject determination to right the many wrongs!

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  190. BaddyBone says:

    If this is supposed to be sexy then there are way too many degenerates calling the shots these days. Sexy, try grotesque.

  191. anon[386] • Disclaimer says:

    What makes naive whites and yellows here believe that bigger, stronger races won’t simply chow down on them? A Chinese man in Africa is meat on a stick in the case of starvation.

    Of course yellows and whites are far better at organized violence because their IQ is higher. That is assuming they were not starving too.

    It would be relatively easy for Africans to simply survive on cannibalism until they reached European shores and then the real chow down would begin.

    And let us be honest. While there are exceptions-for example Dolph Lundgren could probably eat Eddie Murphy and a Chinese martial artist who has devoted 20 years to studying martial arts could devour Chris Rock, on average blacks have more fast-twitch muscles and less restraint.

    The zombie movies like RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD are hilarious but accurate of what would happen when 1000 people charged with the intention of eating someone.

    Chinese might get off 100 rounds with an M16AI but soon Africans similar to the zombies chanting “BRAINNNNS” would overwhelm them and eat them.

    • Replies: @Truth
  192. Loup-Bouc says:

    Good comment. Suggests you may be a healthy beast (the only kind of creature capable of true goodness).

    But not

    we should use such tastefully packaged cultural reality


    we ought to use tastefully packaged cultural reality

    Grammar corrected [“ought to” not “should”] and “such” deleted [because the matter is tastefulness, not the taste of the pornographer that created the video, which was crude (like an intentionally misplaced fart), rather than artfully sensuous, or erotically evocative without “getting forcibly, rashly in the emotional face of the viewer].

    I confess (vitally heterosexual male that I am) that I appreciated the video’s luscious breasts and rumps — things of both artistic and sensual beauty. Twiggy was a disgrace, as are all the weight-loss diets and traditional women’s fashion designers.

    I pity the article’s author, Robert Hampton. He would benefit greatly from Orgone therapy.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  193. anaccount says:
    @Pure Coincidence

    Thank you for solving the mystery, that has to be why it made it through. Nothing even close to it could be released today because watching anything pre-2016 is like stepping into a time machine. As with everything, it gets niggardly by the day.

  194. anon[386] • Disclaimer says:


    Why aren’t Jewish children themselves quite as affected? Sarah Silverman has not sent the Jewish teen pregnancy rate soaring. BEASTIE BOYS came out in the eighties but all the NYC Jews did not drop their pre-law courses and medical school to imitate Mike D and hang around public places swilling Malt Liquor and chanting “INTERGALECTIC PLANETARY!!!”

    Muslims also don’t seem to be as affected as whites. Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of Pakistani gang members in UK but they don’t seem to want to be like these whites. They may be selling heroin but they don’t imagine themselves to be a black gang banger.

    Why are white kids, specifically from the suburbs, more affected.

    I mean, in the old days there were hardened white criminals but they were criminals for money and were genuinely tough. They were not adopting black behavior because they saw it in a video, they were cutting people up for the low-down reason of wanting their money.

    Asians also seem less affected.

    As a white man, Ii sometimes wonder if the white tendency towards the abstract due to our advanced right-brains somehow works on us more drastically through the media than left-brained Asians.

    Another question?

    In the past, heavy metal singers like Motorhead or AC-DC looked genuinely tough. They were muscular and scrappy and possessed the physiques of men who had done some hard labor before their musical careers took off.

    The whites in rap videos are skinny and ridiculous. They don’t look tough at all. It is almost as if they are making fun of themselves for being such p***ies…kind of like the Parsi Freddie Mercury would dress like a macho tough guy to make fun of the fact that he was a flaming well, Queen.

    And speaking of mystery meat, why do these American blacks look so indeterminate racially? They are not black like Africans. They have African features but their skin is too light. Why do African-Americans have so much white blood? They all appear to be 40 percent white. They don’t look like actual Africans at all.

    • Replies: @Talha
  195. Not adept at loading videos, so I hope it worked.

    Just in case, here is the link:

    Want to contrast this WAP song with that from a British artist, FKA Twigs.

    I’ll listen to FKA Twigs.

    As far as these two go, I have better things to do. Anyway, I already have a rap/hip-hop favorite: Bus Driver.

    These two obviously ain’t stupid and neither are the music execs behind it. If people are buying it, whose fault is that? The music industry is a business like any other business.

    • Agree: Not Only Wrathful
  196. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Men, I suppose, must now react equally. To wit:

    brag about sporting heat-seeking moisture-missiles;
    laud whores getting facials;
    honor women pulling trains for the fleet;
    champion ATMs (ass-to-mouth) boinking;
    salute sluts who accept stanley steamers;
    cheers ladies wearing pearl necklaces;
    seek randy rusty trombones;
    horn-in on hot carls;
    offering capistranos to swallowing lasses;
    promote more ‘2 girls, 1 cup’ adventures; and
    sing Shakespearean sonnets using Card-B-isms (the slattern who drugged, robbed, and raped men):

    “Wh*res…wh*res…wh*res…wh*res…[email protected] p*ssy…f*ckin’…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…n*gga…p*ssy…p*ssy…swallow…n*gga…d!ck…d!ck…f*ck…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…p*ssy A1…gulp…choke…dangly thing…[email protected]…freak b!tch…ate my @ss…bang…f*ck…d!ck…f*ckin’…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…[email protected] p*ssy…wh*res…wh*res… wh*res…wh*res…wh*res…wh*res…wh*res… wh*res…wh*res…wh*res”!

    • Replies: @trickster
  197. Anonymous[190] • Disclaimer says:

    Not exactly the sort of thing that encourages healthy social lives for Black kids.

  198. Truth says:

    “Rap” is 100% Jew enabled Nigger garbage and you’re a loser whose had his nuts snipped because you’re incapable of controlling yourself.

    Another erudite and sophisticated classical music lover finds Welcome abord!

    • LOL: Adam Smith, Sean
  199. Sean says:

    Ben Shapiro would be better discussing Ron Jeremy. Lena Dunham is hardly a role model or influencer. She is just insecure; any woman who looked like that would be.

    Bloody trail of Megan with cap in da tootsies

    Megan has a long second toe

    People with this shape are said to have a ‘fiery’ personality,

    And incredible in bed I’ll wager. As the old saw has it, a going foot is always getting.

  200. Truth says:

    What’s really wierd about Jimboni is who he “became” after he

  201. Truth says:

    Small peice of advice, My Friend. When you are laying in your bed at midnight trying to decide whether you should watch that 1983 Lance Henrickson movie, or turn in; turn in.

  202. Barf-worthy. And I used to be a DJ in a strip club. Yes, I did it “for the money” because I value survival, but even I found it had to stomach. What I realised at that job, was that many songs are produced for the explicit purpose of being used by strippers.

  203. Thomasina says:
    @Bogus Pogus

    And the West dumps aid on Africa in the form of food and medicine (mostly to help Big Ag and Big Pharma). This has resulted in an explosion in the African population (predicted to have 4 billion people by 2100).

    Yes, they will “likely survive if we leave them alone”. There’ll just be fewer of them.

  204. @Sean

    My reading was the song is segregationist in tone; about her wanting a man with a penis bigger than any European (‘chad’ or not) possesses and she is offering casual sex to attract one.

    She’s misinformed.

  205. Dumbo says:

    What I realised at that job, was that many songs are produced for the explicit purpose of being used by strippers.

    It’s worse than that, they want to turn your nieces and daughters into strippers. “Cuties” is the latest Netflix release about tween twerkers. They want to normalize sexual vulgarity among children and pre-teens. And it’s everywhere. And they’re succeeding.

    In the 60s, Brazil (bossa nova) and Italy (Mina, Vanoni, etc) were famous for creating romantic, lyrical songs of great success.

    Check out the lyrics of current (artificially created) “teen idols” in those countries now. It’s all about sex in the most vulgar way, and musically it’s like rap or hip hop.

    “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here”.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  206. The “conservatives” cough… “Republicans”, We’re against degenerate culture only for the most cynical of reasons. To capture the Christian coalition vote. Did many of them espouse traditional values in their own lives? Probably. How much milage did they extract from Roe vs Wade? What did they do to really go after it? Not a damn thing.
    Trump has endorsed some pretty conservative values, at least publicly. He’s about the only politician out there trying to protect the rights of Christian’s and the churches. Where are those self rightious high and mighty Conservative Republicans in the house and Senate to back him up? Crickets…

    • Thanks: Anonymousse
    • Replies: @onebelowall
  207. Never listen to what a woman says, pay attention only to what she does. Women bemoan men see them only as sex objects, yet it’s women who create and consume this trash! They use their sexuality to gain economic, social, and political advantage at every turn. Yet you have Karen’s and Becky’s trying to instill a new sexual puritanism “metoo.”
    Said same Karen’s and Becky’s however will get trashed and slut it up with some frat boy, then cry rape when the guy doesn’t call or text them the next day. A woman’s psyche is the very definition of “cognitive dissonance.”
    They’ll do everything in their power to save a stray dog or a seal, yet think nothing of having an abortion after a one night stand, “cognitive dissonance.”
    Women hate that men like porn, yet… They all want to be porn stars!
    Trash culture goes hand in hand with women’s lib, radical third wave feminism and the right to vote. Trash culture grew in parallel with it. Any coincidence?
    Just remember behind closed doors all women are mentally depraved, sadomasochistic sluts!
    Deal with them accordingly!

    • Replies: @Truth
  208. trickster says:

    I looked at the video for about 30 seconds and tuned out. Hoes, snakes, a boring beat and meaningless lyrics in a big house with niggers repeating the same refrain over and over ? What does it all mean ?

    The video and the song is sheer rubbish. It is amusing to read the intellectual discussions in the article about the significance of this or that aspect of this “song”, the cultural relevance and revolutionary ideas of big dicks, loose assholes and wet cunts. One gets the impression the discussion is about the Opera. In reality it is a a scholarly discussion and debate about a meaningless chimp chant.

    Even the calls of monkeys in the bush at daybreak are more palatable to the ear.

    We need to keep in mind that this type of bilge is for the multitude, the vulgar masses who are ignorant in their listening tastes and ignorant in everything else. This type of music is suitable for the trash of society who have already lost their minds and have have not much else to forfeit.

    I will stick with the classics !

    • Agree: Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @128
  209. trickster says:

    An extremely amusing comment on your part.

    Lyrics and tracks to make the great masters squirm in envy. The Chimps have finally chumped the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and the rest of the crew.

    You can bet some jiggaboo is going to soon come up with something even more idiotic which will be the next big craze.

  210. Juckett says:



  211. 128 says:

    Remember when this was nekulturny?

  212. This is not even music in any sense of the word. The backing track sounds like a truck reversing? Is Cardi B a transexual? I genuinely do not know? The whole thing would make more sense if she was.

    I cannot believe the support this utter crap gets, when they are talking about banning the songs traditionally played at the BBC Proms…as they are offensive to blacks. How the hell is ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ offensive when compared to this?

    Maybe they should change it to Land of Hope and Glory…Black Dildo Up My Ass – The Cardi B BLM – remix (most offensive, non musical version possible). Maybe and only if, white tradition is completley destroyed and replaced with liberals vulgar crap, will the fucking left be happy. I don’t even think most black people even know what the Proms are, let alone are offended by them. This is the uber left, the sexual fucking deviant white male hating, offended for the sake of being offended, jew funded clown army.


    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  213. Talha says:


    I wish I had solid answers.

    Why are white kids, specifically from the suburbs, more affected.

    As I mentioned in another thread, being a minority 9especially a religious minority) has some kind of inoculation effect from the influence of “popular” culture which is aimed at the majority population.

    They don’t look like actual Africans at all.

    They aren’t full Africans. Many of them have white or Latino or Native American in their heritage.


  214. Truth says:

    Just remember behind closed doors all women are mentally depraved, sadomasochistic sluts!
    Deal with them accordingly!

    Man, this is beautiful. A WN on a Right-wing board, on a thread about degrading black culture making a comment that defines his thought similarity with degrading black culture.

    Bravo, Old Sport!

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Vinnyvette
  215. @TimeTraveller

    “he curses that same God for not having made him a Jew.” Very few Whites do this.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  216. c matt says:

    During the Salem Witch Trials, promiscuity was one of many potential signs of a witch

    Could it be possible they just misread witch for something else? That old style writing is hard to read sometimes.

  217. c matt says:

    In the story of Adam and Eve, women are painted as temptresses who will lead to the destruction of man, as illustrated by Eve taking a bite of forbidden fruit. Women’s sexual desires were to be controlled, or the woman displaying desires outside the ‘norm’ was to be punished.

    And WAP disproves this how? Could WAP be a slick reverse-psyop in favor of the patriarchy?

  218. c matt says:

    Maybe we have been hearing it wrong all along because of her lack of enunciation – it’s not “wet as pussy,” but “white ass pussy” – a critical lament of all the effeminate white soy boys around and scarcity of chads.

  219. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Read BORN FIGHTING! (James Webb). Learn how the Scots-IRISH shaped America’s values by their bott0m-up allegiances, loyalty to proven leaders, distrust of landed-gentry, open-ness to other people, and their willingness to both suffer and fight. Here’s some related clips:

    • Replies: @Lost american
  220. @Truth

    Thanks for the kudo’s! A spade is a spade is a spade!

  221. @obwandiyag

    If a man sips a few fingers of bourbon, or downs a few beers, by your definition he is not “conservative?” Everytime I think I’ve seen the pinnacle of your genius, you manage to somehow out do yourself!

  222. gay troll says:

    So let me get this straight…the Jew Schapiro is standing up for his old time religion and it’s raison d’etre: locking down that pussy. I love the Bible because it constantly betrays its own crass ignorance; when it says G-d forbade humankind to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it reveals G-d as a false god who depends on ignorance for existence. It shows that G-d is particularly afraid of women in their capacity for understanding, and Christianity, in its condemnation of Eve as the originator of sin, significantly advances Jewish misogyny. All Abrahamic religions make femininity subject to masculinity; while Schapiro complains Cardi B “objectifies” women (i.e. renders them as objects of “male gaze”), Judeo-Christianity and its Islamic sibling subjectifies women (only masculinity is objective and considered capable of divinity). Perhaps Schapiro should consider that Cardi B has every God given right to act objectively, and not be subject to his “morals”.

    There is so much fear of sex in these religions. There is fear of a woman having sex with more than one man. There is fear of a man having sex with another man. YHWH places heavy emphasis on genital circumcision. Schapiro is perfectly in line with the Pentateuch to shame Cardi B for flaunting her WAP. He wrings his hands about the poor children who might gain knowledge of sex before it is foisted on them by puberty. The pious American dissociation between childhood and sexuality is pathologically insane. I believe that a child cannot consent to sex with an adult, but if a child does not even know what sex is, isn’t that child more likely to imply consent to a predator? Why can’t children even know about sex? Like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, the asexual universe is a fantasy imposed by adults on children for their supposed enrichment. It is a willful denial of reality. It does not protect the child, in fact it injures the child by perpetuating the injury of the adult. It is the psychological analog of physical circumcision.

    Hail satan, who is Lucifer, the Christ that lives in your heart.

    • Thanks: Polemos
    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  223. Polemos says:
    @Days of Broken Arrows

    Not quite thirty years, ago, but this song is from about twenty-seven years ago.

    I’m sure some of you remember this hook!

    One thing I notice that’s maybe “new”: Salt-N-Pepa aren’t suggesting that the man pay for the sex or that women need to exploit men’s sexual cravings for wealth or gain. Rather, they celebrate sexuality as an end in itself. The strong-black-women-who-don’t-need-no-man that I follow on Twitter are pretty uniformly against “WAP” and spotlight how sexual exploitation of men by women through prostitution is spiritually destructive of both the men and the women. This is what I take also from reading the Love Trilogy from bell hooks, for example, in writing about how to reconcile black men and women.

    There is a “conservative” disagreement with the song, but it seems that some white men don’t want to think the conservative position is today occupied by strong black women.

    • Replies: @Daniel Rich
  224. @Dumbo

    I believe Robert Plant did it the best with “The Lemon Song”.

  225. @rainmansmac

    Maybe they should change it to Land of Hope and Glory…Black Dildo Up My Ass…

    Change it to’ Land of Hope and Glory Hole‘ will suffice…

  226. @Polemos


    Sexy as efa [provided you’re into XXLLLLLL women]!!!

  227. @Vinnyvette

    The Republicans have been promising a return to the Fifties for decades, but never seem to deliver. Only thing they seem to do is pass tax cuts for billionaires.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  228. Our current culture is best embodied by WAP. It’s performed by blacks, intensely vulgar, aimed at women, and can’t be escaped.

    FWIW I’d never heard of this until just now. In 15 seconds I’ll turn my attention elsewhere, never to return.

  229. If I could go back in a time machine to 1619 when the first slave ship arrived in North America and show this video it would save so much trouble.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @GeneralRipper
  230. Hip hop is far better than the truly abysmal & icky rnb.

    I like the song that goes:

    Move beach. Get out da way. Get out da way beach. Get out da way.

  231. Corrupt says:

    (W)ide (A)ss (P)rimate (W.A.P.)?

    • LOL: bruce county
  232. Truth says:
    @White Memer

    If you went back to 1619 and showed someone a video, they would have burnt you on the stake for witchcraft on the spot.

    • LOL: Talha
  233. This is another reason to fear the vagina dentata.

  234. Hegar says:

    “produced by the corporate elites”

    No, it is produced by leftist Jews. Some of which are in business, but 90 percent of them are leftist and want a massive government, with welfare bribes, Affirmative Action, total control of business to enrich themselves and blacks and browns. But keep being a coward and pretend it’s “corporate”.

    Likewise, when working-class Blacks loot stores, we should blame “the workers”, Robert?

    “I see so many women who have been mansplained by their partner that they are too wet. It’s medically incorrect, infuriating, heartbreaking, and harmful,” tweeted. Dr. Jen Gunter, author of “The Vagina Bible.”

    Why no mention of sexist men enforcing dry sex? In Africa. Why is AIDS so widespread in Africa? To a large degree because they cut off a woman’s clitoris and labia, so they can’t feel pleasure and therefore are dry. Black men think that makes sex better for them as there is more friction, while the women feel only pain, another plus. AIDS needs to come in contact with blood to spread, and “dry sex” causes bleeding.

  235. @Chris Mallory

    I’ve read a good deal of your posts and agree with most of what you have to say…but…if white nations are to survive, we definitely need to forgive and forget in both religious and nationalistic terms. Catholic/Protestant, English/Irish, German/French, British/German, Russian/German etc.. etc…

    As far as Americans go it’s similar. Union/Confederate, Protestant/Catholic.

    The Jew lead Left has always financed and promoted division and revolution in Western Civilization. Continuing it only serves their goals.

  236. @White Memer

    You and Troof should elaborate on the awful sufferin’ your poor benighted ancestors endured at the hands of Evil Whitey. We haven’t about it enough yet.

    Or maybe get a Hollyweird Jew to make another movie about it.

    Although, he’s probably got a Holoco$t flick already in production.

    Keep bleating about your victimology, by all means. If Senile Joe wins it may very well mean a big payday for you stupid lazy monkeys.

    Just always keep in mind that no living thing on this fucking planet has ever SUFFERED remotely as much as God’s Chosen…lol

  237. @JimDandy

    Jim Dandy-I can see why these females were disgusted. This is maybe the worst garbage, but if not for Unz Review I wouldn’t know this garbage existed.
    What kind of a mind likes this?
    Does IQ play a role?
    I have got to believe that millions of decent black citizens will find it absolute garbage.
    Do black organizations ever rage against this demoralizing and idiot oriented trash.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
    , @JimDandy
  238. @Anonymous

    James Webb got trounced when running on the Democratic ticket for the presidency. He was a centrist or something like that but the radical left knocked him out.
    These Dems might have won the last Presidential election had James Webb been facing Trump.
    I know about Webb, Vietnam, read a few of his books. I was in Corps but no longer give a damn about Corps. I have no idea what Webb is these days.

  239. For the 2024 Democrat Presidential Convention how about Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton doing WAP as a trio?

  240. @Loup-Bouc

    Wrong on both counts. Animalogic’s original grammar is superior to your “corrections”.

  241. @Lost american

    I have got to believe that millions of decent black citizens will find it absolute garbage.

    There may be million of decent black citizens

    • Agree: bruce county
  242. JimDandy says:
    @Lost american

    A lot of black people are repulsed by this. The song wouldn’t have become #1 without a huge white fan base, primarily made up of bustout sluts looking for some affirmation for their disgusting lifestyles. The song begins with a loop of a man chanting: ““There’s some whores in this house.” It’s meant to be a rousing anthem.

    On the one hand, it’s just a return to that one branch of feminism that characterizes female prostitution as an act of liberation and female empowerment. The bigger takeaway, though, is the irony that so much of “feminism” is really a female adoption of the more grotesque extremes of masculinity. The thing is, a male rapper crowing about the omnipotence of his penis might have some metaphorical charm in a lowest-common-denominator party context. But simply swapping “vagina” for “penis” is just depressingly stupid and gross. Speaking of which, just in case you didn’t know, one of the two monstrous cretins singing this song calls herself “Megan Thee Stallion.” Where does one even start with that?

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  243. Larry says:

    You are correct.

    It is the case that the left is crazy, often to the point of criminality.

    But it is also the case that the right is unable to formulate its own narrative properly.

    And, btw, the left is not liberal in any sense of the word.

  244. TGD says:

    Sumner Redstone (f/k/a/ Murray Rothstein) died 2 weeks ago on August 11. He was the owner of MTV, the network that brought to the masses those vile “rap videos.” If there is someone else who did more to corrupt generations of youth than Redstone, please let us know.

  245. @Chris Mallory

    Essentially the same race. Though, the success of the new money Irish in America and ye old Swamp Yankees lack there of makes you wonder.

  246. @TGD

    This old Jewish man brought our young uncorrupted White daughters the interracial propaganda flick “Save the Last Dance”.

    • Replies: @PolarBear
  247. @Z-man

    the fact u watched Dunham’s vid after seeing what was ahead of u by looking at the fugly gorda slug in the pic smacks to me slight masochistic tendencies. I guess it was better then a 2 sharp sticks in the eyes.

  248. @Anti-WhiteHunter

    Jews are percieved by most whites as smarter, better educated, morally superior, better with money, better at politics, law, medicine, STEM, theology, government, even in crime.

    Take Jerry Falwell Jr., for instance. Like many Evangelical ministers in positions of influence, he knows that his position is secured not by donations from his goyish flock but by Jewish money, television access, political help, etc. This reality exists at the top of every profession.

    What does Fallwell do? His professional “cuckoldry” is watching the Jew fuck his flock through the infiltration of religious dogma. He becomes comfortable with it; it’s the secret to his success in life. It should surprise no one that the structure of his political life is mirrored in the bedroom.

    Jerry Falwell consciously wants to be a Jew; his inability to be one compels him to be a cuckold. Same with whites who watch BBC porn (many do) or encourage their wives to fuck blacks. This white person wishes, either consciously or subconsciously, that he was black.

    The vast majority of whites in the anglosphere are like this. They either wish to be blacks or Jews. Why? Because those castes are now superior to his own. This is yet another reason why self-loving mud people like me keep our Eastern Euro, Arab, Italian, Greek, etc. identities rather than assimilating to the WASP identity.

    You are expected to hate us for it.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Troll: Anonymousse
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @PolarBear
    , @anon
  249. @TimeTraveller

    It seems that the victors of ww2 are the kind of “whites” (lol) you are talking about.
    It is true though. The negro saxons with their kabbalistic obsession (British Israelism) has caused the two world wars to the benefits of kikes and everything Satanic. Well, it is the price you pay for allying with communism.

    • Replies: @TimeTraveller
  250. @HeebHunter

    You’re quite right, except now it’s now American Israelism.

  251. @JimDandy

    “Megan Thee Stallion.”

    I think it should be Three Stallion.
    Because she needs 3 bathroom stalls for her ghetto ass.

  252. @TGD

    Tommy Lee.
    Tom Jones.
    Huey Lewis..

  253. PolarBear says:

    Genius Whites > Jews > White Tards > Blacks. The exceptional Whites are better than Jews. Jews are better on average. I agree with the thrust of what you’re saying. The Jew and Black worshipping Whites are wrong though. The more one studies Jews, the more they are seen as “anti-semetic” . Black delusions of Kangship are pathetic and feel based. Only brilliant Whites go beyond Earthly materialistic base desires and reach for the stars.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
    , @TimeTraveller
  254. anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    Morally superior?

    JAPS are synonymous with being professional sluts in porn films. We won’t even get into Maxwell and Epstein. Lot’s of Gentile women do porn but the most shameless public spokeswomen are JAPS like Nina Hartley and Alexandra Silk etc. Jewish women in the porn industry revel in it-yeah, I’m 50 years old and doing MILF triple-anal.

    I should actually qualify that. Most Jewish women in porn are Russian and Polish Jewish origin, for some reason. Not Sephardic.

    True enough, their IQ’s are slightly higher and they managed to do gang bang porn without getting pregnant like dumb little Anglo-Celtic girls of the Hillbilly Elegy.

    But moral? My gosh, Jews are just synonymous with sex addiction from Weiner through Weinstein.

    Jews are libertines.

    That is their choice, of course. Nobody should have a right to stop them.

    White men want blacks to have sex with their wives? Please, I have some familiarity with the adult industry and those women charge $5000 per film. They aren’t doing it for free.

    Why would whites be armed to the teeth in America and hauling ass out of black cities if they want blacks to go near their wives?

    Jews like Asians are “bright normals” who produce less morons and less geniuses than whites. That is why European countries were always a pyramid while Jewish society was spherical.

    The scale of human IQ would be like this.

    Whites>Jews>Asians>dumb whites>Native Americans>blacks>

  255. PolarBear says:

    No one has promoted blacks more than jews. Magical black males talking down to stupid White men in Hollywood films. Same as porn, where the White man is cucked and the White woman is blacked. The swarthy jews grease is always used to lube the black bull.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  256. @PolarBear

    I agree with the thrust of your post, but IQ tests and raw talent don’t matter. What matters is that the vast majority of white people would rather throw those whites in the fire than their saints, i.e. the entirety of the Jewish people. That’s the fact you want to build on, unless it changes.

    I don’t see any sign that it has changed or will change, so I have to choose my political alliances accordingly.

  257. @Anonymous

    Ridiculous song by a ridiculous person for ridiculous people.

    Well said. It could also go this way:

    Vulgar degenerate song by a vulgar degenerate person for vulgar degenerate people.

    Fairly accurate description?

    • Agree: Talha
  258. See what happens when you give women the right to vote, WAP!

  259. Mishko says:

    Chris Knowles from the secretsun blog puts it rather eloquently:

    “• Cardi B and Megan the Whatever release a video that’s so over the top with
    pornographic imagery that it essentially forces critics to attack it and boost its signal.

    • Everyone watches it, thanks to the controversy, and get a potent dose
    of subliminal occult indoctrination.

    • The symbolism is subtle and in many cases unfamiliar to some of your typical
    occult-symbol watchdog-types, but that’s OK. The people producing this material
    are nothing but patient and realize conditioning the masses to the new-old religion
    is going to take time.”

  260. diconez says:

    hair metal was the previous step to this degeneracy. while looking great from this current degradation, hair metal made white rock so over the top, whether the satanism or the degeneracy or harsh sound or all three, that the less wealthy 90s white kids reacted with basic depression: with grunge. and those who didn’t wanna get depressed, well gangsta rap or stoner rock was waiting for them.

    from then on, rock got mixed with rap in the late 90s, then we had alt rock as a catchier yet shallower successor to grunge; and then the disgusted and disgusting soyboy emos and hipsters took over, because the W era gave alt-rock and rap-rock and Hummers a bad name. and then came Chappelle’s Show and the GTA videogames, specially the San Andreas ones, fully normalizing black music and culture among most American whites in the 00s. the only solution to keep a strong forceful white music alive might have been a whitefication of rap, and Eminem may have achieved it if he hadn’t cucked eventually to black rappers (Elvis instead went all the way his way, and made rock white). metal is still forceful, but bought too much into the “edgy darkness” that it achieved in the 80s, and now is too niche. rock stations close down more and more, and Latin ones slowly replace them – but the rock/metalheads will complain about the Christian station no one listens to, and love having nonwhite metalheads among them.

    in short, secular culture is eventually ethnomasochism. and, feminism has to be part of secular culture, as it helps in the dethronement of “patriarchal tradition”. we could abolish that process – and better yet, propose a parallel based/conservative culture, instead of simply complaining about dominant lefty culture like Shapiro. we need racial rock, crusader rock, white rap, patriarchal music, somber Latin chant, the return of alt-metal singles, and less dense/satanic proper metal albums. Christian movies like the Passion, full of blood and conflict – more of the lives of the martyrs and crusaders, less mom-friendly series and movies. and so on. what if the Jews don’t wanna air any of it? no matter, samizdat was successful before – as well as catacombs.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
  261. @profnasty

    If degenerate filth is normalized in American popular culture

    If? You haven’t been paying attention.

  262. @Baxter

    Add Trotsky’s invented word, “racist” to that list.

  263. @Truth

    The Official Federal number of 13% is laughable nonsense, it’s more like 20%.
    The Census misses the ones…dat be stayin’ wif…and the permanently transient…and the ones crapped out in a hovel with no birth certificate…and the Africans that come across the Mexiholian border.
    3 to 5% of the critters are males between 10 and 60, in human years, and are directly responsible for the vast majority of crimes of violence and property…apart from the (((vampire pirates))) in Big Finance. Out of approx. 330 million, that’s 9 to 17 million…the majority of which are on a rampaging criminal toot. The BLAK/Mulatto/Negrito females just add to the national shitshow.
    The goddam things are almost everywhere…except where I live now…and so help me, God…
    it’s going to stay that way.
    The presence of invasive toxic alien species are ab-so-fukkin-lutely not tolerated, or going to happen, at all.
    Negros Interdit Sous Peine De Mort…
    and I almost care who, or what, doesn’t like it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  264. Truth says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    Oh, so you know more about the US population numbers than the census bureau?

    You see, that’s why I come to this site, the expertise.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  265. @Chris Mallory

    Unthinking gobbler of Official History Bullshit & Lies sez…WHUT ?

    YO, Mr. Parrot…
    International jewry declared world war on Germany in 1933, after being all Verklempt over Hitler overturning their Notions and Porno cart.

  266. @Truth

    ATTENTION: Jabbering Mooky Boi
    The Census Bureau, like USPS and VA is littered with A A specimens, much like yourself; misplaced and unqualified for anything other than dumb field labor, misplaced on Planet Earth.

    The Negro Stayin’ Wifs/Perma-Transient Hoopty Sleepers/Homeless/Warm Dildo Transporters Hiding In The Attic etc. are well known examples of Wakandan citizenry, that escape Official Counting by part-time, disinterested, other A A lumps of crap, much like yourself, as well as undesireable Coalburner slags that only a Chimpoid, much like yourself, would bang.

    You virtually trot your shaggy ass/face to this site to be the equivalent of an annoying gnat, and well succeed in that role.
    Drink an insecticide solution at your earliest convenience, today.

    • Replies: @Truth
  267. @gay troll

    NOT, “fear of sex”.
    It’s clear awareness of feminine Id driven self-indulgence, selfishness and emotion based decision making that causes so much cultural and civilizational pollution and destruction.

    Now, do yourself a favor and don’t take the shafts in so deep, they’re bumping into your addled brain.

  268. Truth says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    Drink an insecticide solution at your earliest convenience, today.

    Bro, the only thing keeping me from suicide right now is the ability to ridicule you and GeneralFlipper a few days a week.

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