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Crucible of Choice
Part II of "America's Endgame"
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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold….
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming” (1919)

On the eve of the 2022 mid-term elections here, these words penned by Yeats as Europe reeled in the aftermath of that fratricidal bloodletting misnamed the Great War (1914-18), a time of broken lives and empires that benefited principally Bolsheviks and bankers (perhaps only two sides of the same shekel), have an eerie echo today. For the moment, it is less bloody now than that earlier conflict, but the upheaval within and across countries and societies is even greater in many respects. It helps not at all that the same people (I speak generically) who control the financial and information centers of power, and thus the political process in many countries, are simultaneously the primary source of funding and encouragement for the worst disruptors of those same societies. Throughout the West, the best are largely bereft of focus and lack a coherent response to what seems to be an unending, insensate assault by the worst within: the resurgent, insurgent Left.

Details differ in some respects in each country. But I am primarily concerned here with what has happened to the United States, and why, and what choices are open to those of us who wish to salvage something from the shipwreck it has become. In “Deconstructing the ‘Woke World’,” I laid out the elements in the U.S. which came together to dominate the Democrat Party and its political agenda, and what it meant for Americans in general terms. Here I will go into that crucible in some detail, looking at what the Left – within the general framework of the Democrat Party – has wrought to date; where we misjudged and missed the best opportunity to deal with it relatively painlessly; and what our prospects are in the coming months.

Into the Crucible

To fully appreciate the choices open to us in coming weeks and months, we need to understand how and why we got here in the first place. It appears painfully clear now, but it was also self-evident to some of us at the time, and more than obvious to many in retrospect.

I’ll not dwell on the details here – they merit a library of studies. Suffice to say there were three main currents to the opposition. One was overtly political, increasingly affecting – and moving leftward – the Democrat party, starting at the national level and permeating the infrastructure at state and local levels. The second was more subtle, eating away at – and capturing the leadership of – many of our prized institutions and professions: education, journalism, law, business and public health, to name but a few. And the third (less an independent current than something overlaying the first two) was the predominance of liberal–to–radical Jews as a controlling force in the media, elite academic institutions, law, business and finance – ALL favoring the Democrat party and the causes it promoted. This entire process went largely unnoticed until the last decade or so, when they converged with the altered political landscape and surfaced in Obama’s second term.

I’ve wondered why this went largely unnoticed and unremarked until then. There was certainly plenty of evidence of what was happening, had anyone bothered to look closely – but few did, and even fewer spoke or wrote openly about it. I suspect that part of it was sort of an “avoidance syndrome.” People who DID notice and spoke up about it increasingly became censored or sanctioned in their fields (a less structured precursor to today’s concept of being “canceled”) – I write here from personal experience, and saw it happen to others. People in the professions noticed, and prudently stayed away from looking to closely at any of those metaphorical “third rails.”

But it was also because we were so focused on affairs outside – first with the Cold War and its confrontation with the USSR, and then after the Soviet Union imploded, shifting into those miserable “regime change” wars in the Middle East. This was facilitated because In both situations, the two major parties – whatever their differences in domestic policies – largely stood together on many foreign policy issues. But there was a penalty. Aside from their overt costs, these conflicts were to us what the bullfighter’s cape is to the bull – a deadly distraction that led most of us to disregard the near-mortal rot within, just as the bull ignores the sword that kills him.

Storm clouds had been brewing on the political horizon for years, although I doubt if anyone – perhaps not even the Democrats – really apprehended just how deep and extensive they were. Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss in 2016 produced an odd bifurcation in the development of these these currents during Trump’s presidency. The two major parties still generally held together internationally, especially in the Middle East wars. Both parties are now dominated by AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee), and what Israel and its lobby wanted, they mostly got, thanks principally to the concentration of money and media influence on their side.

Domestically, however, uncertainties and outright animosity began to take center stage. In many areas and on many issues, the two major parties began pulling further apart. Whereas once they had overlapped in the moderate center, with the Democrats more liberal and the Republicans more conservative, the center balance was occupied largely by independents – the Republicans hadn’t changed their values all that much, but the Democrats (especially the leadership) had moved sharply Left over the years. This distancing had managed to spread through all levels of government, from local through national, and permeate all three branches – executive, legislative and judicial – at each level.

With Trump’s election, then, the institutions the Left had captured went into open opposition, ranging from public demonstrations and unswervingly negative commentary on anything and everything the Republican administration tried to do, to open attacks on individuals serving in that administration. And politically, Democrats at all levels mostly seemed determined to throw sand into the wheels of government, slowing or derailing anything their Republican counterparts attempted to do domestically. When the COVID-19 virus (which was real) was elevated into a pandemic (which was contrived) with enormous social, economic and political consequences, the stage was set for an explosion.

2020: The Path Not Taken

That explosion erupted in late May 2020, following the death in Minneapolis of a lifetime criminal named George Floyd while in police custody. (You can read elsewhere about the details and arguments over this incident.) What matters here is that protests and riots erupted nationwide, eventually afflicting over 400 cities – all but two run by Democrats, mostly in Democrat-run states. There were so many more or less simultaneously, with some indications of prior preparation (e.g. stacks of bundled bricks being dropped in places where “protesters” could get them), that it is hard not to believe that plans had been made for such things, awaiting only a convenient trigger.

Once that trigger was pulled, what followed for the next seven months was unexpected and unbelievably disruptive. Over $2 billion dollars in damage was done, shopping districts were looted wholesale and burned, statues and memorials were vandalized or removed, over 3,000 people were seriously injured and more than 60 killed – NONE by police or what few National Guard were deployed. Most of the protests and much of the violence were the work of two radical organizations: Antifa & BLM (Black Lives Matter), but not all of it. A liking for excitement and a desire for loot played their own part, and the victims of the mobs were remarkably diverse. The demonstrators, protesters and/or rioters – take your pick – essentially gave America an ultimatum: Give us what we want or we will burn the country down.

The response from the Democrats and their allies in the media was a telling combination of permissiveness, denial and outright support of the rioters – who were frequently described simply as “protesters” no matter how violent their conduct. The media fanned the flames of the violence by generally refusing to portray accurately what was happening, and by justifying what was happening as something attributable to police misbehavior and/or systemic white racism. (A CNN reporter’s characterization of them as “mostly peaceful protests” while the entire skyline behind him was on fire ought to go down as an epic understatement.)

Politically, with a solitary principal exception (Tulsi Gabbard, D-HI), elected Democrats at local, state and national levels either did nothing of consequence to stop the violence and to restore order, or excused it and sometimes even encouraged it by asserting that they stood with what they continued to call merely “protests.” This may have been because those doing the rioting were their constituents, or at least their ideological comrades-in-arms. I recall during the days of the antiwar protests in the Vietnam era, one radical student leader gave the best reason for where they chose to riot: “you always riot against your friends, and not your enemies, because you know your friends won’t shoot.”

But it also provided further excuses – they would say “added justification,” I am sure – for changes in voting in the November 2020 general election, emphasizing early voting and mail-in voting. These changes caused very real problems for election integrity, but they also provided opportunities for political organizations to manipulate election outcomes, especially in urban areas. And many large urban areas were controlled by the Democrats.

Faced with this chaos in the streets and the utter refusal of elected Democrat governors and mayors to use whatever means were necessary to restore order, one of two things needed to be done to salvage the situation. President Trump needed to invoke the Insurrection Act, use U.S. Marshals to arrest the most recalcitrant governors and mayors for sedition, federalize all National Guard units across the country, and deploy regular units of the Army and the Marine Corps to the worst affected cities with explicit orders to use deadly force to end the violence. Or without that being done, we the people – the most heavily armed citizenry in history counting millions of trained combat veterans in our number – needed to put an end to it ourselves.

Both of these are extreme measures, and as a Marine Corps veteran and a longtime student and practitioner of security affairs, I fully appreciate that. But America was faced with an extreme domestic threat that had been germinating for decades, and which had captured one of our two major parties – a Democrat party I had often supported in the past. President Trump had the Constitutional obligation to “ensure domestic tranquility” if governors and mayors abdicated their responsibility to do that in their states and cities. He had the statutory authority in the Insurrection Act to use his powers as Commander in Chief to act if necessary – and it assuredly was necessary then and there.

And what of the rest of us? Americans have prided ourselves on being different than so many in other countries without our advantages. As with most peoples, a good deal of this has been misunderstood and exaggerated over time. But at some point in the carnage – such as the murders ny BLM or common thugs of a retired black police captain in St. Louis, a pregnant 23 year old white mother in Indianapolis, an elderly black Trump supporter in Minneapolis, a 5 year old white boy in North Carolina – with nothing being done by authorities at any level, one would have thought people would have said “enough” and stopped it.

On the Road to Dystopia or?

Neither happened. There are many reasons given for this, and the debate on that will likely continue for years. But the implications were severe: The perpetrators of violence and their supporters won. This encouraged the Democrats to steal the 2020 election. And we are today where we are because of it.

Perhaps the only good news is that where we are today in America, is where we would have been 4 years or so ago had Trump not upset Hillary Clinton in 2016. For all of the insanity with which he, his Administration and decent Americans were afflicted by the Left generally and Democrats in particular during his tenure, we at least were spared the onslaught then of what we have endured under the Biden Administration. And spare me arguments about who is really in charge, or whose puppet he is, and all the rest of it. Someone – individually or collectively – is pushing a very radical agenda, and doing it with single-minded determination to remake America in their preferred image, and it is decidedly not an image the Framers of the Constitution intended or could have envisaged. But it is an image they would have loathed, whatever their differences might have been.

A history of this era – likely written in Russian (if you are an optimist) or in Chinese (if you are not) – will make fascinating reading. I doubt if any will really understand how what Raymond Aron called “The Imperial Republic” could have come to such a pass and fallen so far, so fast with so little open resistance. I’ll only mention the principal disasters here, all done deliberately by this Administration: the weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI as instruments of political repressions; treating political opponents as “enemies of the state” or “domestic terrorists”; the loss of energy independence; runaway spending and the inevitable spiraling inflation; upwards of a quarter-million illegals into the country each month; pushing CRT (an anti-white “Critical Race Theory” where “systemic racism” is the supposed key to everything) everywhere including in the schools; forcing the “woke” DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) agenda in the military; and using race and gender as tools of cultural disruption and restructuring – the list is long and painful. And it is not over – if this is not yet dystopia it assuredly verges on it.

There has been some push-back in some states and school districts against one or more of these tenets, and a slight diversification in the once-united front of the media and social media platforms, that may bear fruit someday. But only three things to date have really slowed the radical uprooting of our traditional institutions and culture. One is an evenly divided Senate: even with RINOs and only one or two Democrats occasionally breaking partisan traces, it remains a barrier to unrestrained wrecking. Another is a Supreme Court, with six nominal and perhaps five actual conservatives: the Chief Justice strikes me as at best compromised. And the third is the military: all of the service chiefs – even my beloved Marine Corps – have signed on to the “woke” DEI doctrine, but the majority of the people within the services cannot be considered reliable by the Leftists – yet.

So where does this all go? Constitutionalists or conservatives – especially Republicans – put their hopes in a Red Wave” which will allow them to flip control of both houses of the Congress in the 2022 midterms, as well as several governorships. Polls certainly indicate that this will be the case, and although the Democrats control the balloting in the same cities in the same states as in 2020, there has been a significant movement of Hispanic voters – and a smaller but still interesting one – of black voters to the Republican party.

Personally, I have my doubts: Nancy Pelosi is an evil witch if ever there was one, but she is a ruthless, experienced and cunning harvester in the Washington vineyard. I do not believe she would have run for re-election if she had thought that she would be handing over the Speaker’s gavel to a Republican in January, and have to face retribution there for what she and the Democrats have done over the past two years.

Moreover, there is the perennial problem of “it isn’t who votes, it is who counts the votes.” The excellent documentary, “2000 Mules,” demonstrated conclusively (at least to me, and I understand the methodology very well) how the 2020 general election was stolen. But it received little national attention, and most of what it did receive was critical. So all it really accomplished was to show the Democrats where and how they had to clean up their act in 2022, to do the same thing more smoothly with less chance of detection. Watch for pre-dawn ballot dumps or prolonged counting delays, especially in states with largely Democrat-controlled black majority cities.

But let’s say the Republicans do as they believe they will do and flip both Houses of the Congress in the mid-terms. In fact, it might be wise strategically for the Democrats to let that happen, and to refrain from doing anything that might even remotely look like illegal or unethical (I know, such words!) ballot harvesting or counting in 2022. That way, they could defuse criticism of whatever they did in 2020 by pointing to Republican wins in 2022, and clear the way for them to do the same thing as in 2020 very smoothly and very well in the really important 2024 general election. What, then will victory in the mid-terms mean? Well, first of all, a lot of radical legislation pending in the Congress now (e.g. Federalizing all election practices in all states) or desired but not yet formally proposed (e.g. automatic amnesty of all illegal migrants) will be blocked. But any legislation the Republicans want and the Democrats do not want, will not become law. Biden will veto them, and the Republicans – even the most optimistic of them – know they will not have a two-thirds majority in both chambers needed to override a veto. So legislatively, a stalemate, with Biden (or whoever) governing by executive order.

Second, really nasty appointees to any Administration posts won’t be confirmed. But none will be removed by the process of impeachment. They might be impeached in the House of Representatives, but they will not be convicted by the Senate – no two-thirds vote in a densely partisan political world will be forthcoming. So any vacancies will likely be filled by temporary (“Acting”) appointees who will remain that without confirmation. It has happened before.

Third, expect the Democrats to revert in the lower chamber to the sand-in-the-wheels strategy used in 2017-2019 when they were a minority there, coupled with a resumption of public protests and harassment of Republicans in both houses. Disruption, delay, and as much disorder as possible will be their rules of the day, every day. And in parliamentary terms, there will be damn little the Republicans can do about it.

Fourth, the RINOs like McCullough and McCarthy will likely retain leadership positions of their parties in the two chambers, or – if replaced – will still have senior positions and a number of followers in them. This poses an interesting dilemma for younger Republicans: If they retain the RINOs in leadership positions, it will be business as usual on the Hill. But if they replace them, they may split the party in one or both chambers for voting purposes, and hand the Democrats some victories that simple majorities could avert. It is a neat problem.

Fifth, Biden’s current political appointees (or their “Acting” successors) will continue to execute Administration policies. If the Democrats will not be able to get new ones through, they can block – at one level or another – whatever the Republicans want to do. This includes maintaining Administration support for CRT in the schools, DEI in the armed forces, open borders, energy policy, and support for certain policies overseas (e.g. aid for Ukraine). The powers of the purse (House of Representatives) and confirmation (Senate), for example, are real. But more than one past president has found ways to go around a hostile Congress – and while I doubt Biden can sniff his way around anything substantial, there are some very smart – if wrong-headed or even outright evil – people in his Administration who can do that quite nicely.

Finally, a real problem is the entire Department of Justice and its principal enforcement arm, the FBI. I do not know if the word “corrupt” is adequate, but I know that as long as Garland, his key subordinates, and the existing array of U.S. Attorneys are in place, conservatives or opponents of any Administration policies and practices are in deep trouble – and there is little or nothing ta reworked Congress can do about them. States can do something within thir jurisdictions if they wish, but the “leadership” of states like California do not, so we will end up abandoning part of the population to the mercy of their radical leadership and trying to save what we can – at least until 2024 is upon us.


Any who doubt what the Democrats intend for us and for America need only review Biden’s appalling speech on September 1, 2022 in Philadelphia, with his blood-red background and his dire threats to those who would stand against his party’s designs. And later demurrals or walk-backs by his staffers notwithstanding, its essence was repeated in another speech a few days ago on November 2nd. Both echoed what Speaker Pelosi, AG Garland and other leading Democrats have reiterated over the past two years: conservatives generally and Republicans in particular are domestic terrorists, national security threats and enemies of the state. It was no less than a declaration of war on the Constitution and what it rep[resents. It was literally an assertion of an emerging despotism – if we the people let it happen.

There is no compromise with these people. Reasonable people can disagree, reach understandings that respect the interests of both sides, and remain at peace. The emergent radical Democrat despotism is neither reasonable nor willing to compromise except in the classic revolutionary sense: one step back, then two steps forward, then repeat the process as needed – until you win absolutely.

In these circumstances, the best we can hope for if the mid-terms go our way is two years of disruption and no new wounds, but a continuation of most – if not all – of what we have experienced since January 2021. But if we lose the mid-terms – that is, if the Democrats go for broke and do (or attempt to do) in them what they did in 2020, and win – forget about changing anything in 2024. The die will be cast in stone, insofar as politics and the country is concerned.

Neither outcome is sustainable or acceptable, at least to me – and, hopefully, to others who love this country, warts and all. It was never so bad in 1775 when Patrick Henry proclaimed “Give me liberty or give me death!” Compared to what we face now, the wrongs enumerated in the Declaration of Independence were nothing but pin-pricks, and the worst of King George III’s Royal Officers little more than irritants. It needs to be clearly understood that we cannot vote nor legislate nor adjudicate ourselves out of this sewer. For those who share my views (or are simply interested in seeing where they lead!), there is the third and final installment of this series: “America Arise! A Manifesto for the Militia.”

Alan Ned Sabrosky (PhD, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran. He served in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and is a graduate of the US Army War College. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Somebody ought to give these people on here a couple of semesters of Freshman Comp. Or instead, send them back to grade school. Anyhow, somebody teach them how to write an actual essay that somebody would want to read.

  2. Phibbs says:

    I’m pinning my hopes on a military coup. The generals and admirals are mostly woke, but maybe a critical mass of colonels can save this country. And the first thing they should do is deport every single Jew and half Jew.

  3. Biff says:


    It isn’t democrats vs republicans; it’s Us vs Them.

  4. saggy says: • Website

    This was the first tip-off …

    I recall during the days of the antiwar protests in the Vietnam era, one radical student leader gave the best reason for where they chose to riot:

    To call the Vietnam antiwar protests ‘riots’ is just insane, I was there (Berkeley), protesting.


    The excellent documentary, “2000 Mules,” demonstrated conclusively (at least to me, and I understand the methodology very well) how the 2020 general election was stolen.

    So, Sabrosky does a great job of telling us what went wrong following the George Floyd hoax, but …. he’s really a nut, a crackpot, who will believe whatever suits his purpose, which I assume is an armed insurrection …

    “America Arise! A Manifesto for the Militia.”

    Anyone actively promoting the stolen election hoax might as well be promoting the Apollo hoax or the flat earth hoax.

  5. Datruther says:

    All of this is true except:

    (1) calling out the “National Guard” and declaring Deathcom 3 on BLM would only prove the malcontents correct and created martyrs.

    To date the BLM, Communist elitists have two heros: drug-addicted multi-felon George Floyd, who a colored person employee at the Minnesota mini-mart called the cops on & the BLM take-a-knee types who crowd-funded and bought mansions. The IRS and Calif. Taxation mafias want their cut, I’m sure.

    The people want this. Never forget. $8 billion or $10 billion in supposed damage is nothing. Insurance and scams probably bring the real damage to a net positive; black-on-black crime exploded, isn’t that a good thing?

    As for U.S. society today, whites stopped reproducing. I see it in myself and my own extended family. So what? I’ve retired at age 44 and collect as much welfare as possible: section 8 housing, free food stamps, free healthcare. I get all because I paid into the system. It’s their turn. They pay, they rule.

    I worked for 25 years. Democrats could have changed student loans and immigration laws and still can. They won’t. It’s a control thing. It’s a one-party system ruled by nepotism morons blood-thirsty for war. “Democrats” don’t exist and Republicans are basically ownership class loving tax deductions and free give-me like ag land subsidies not to plant crops. Disgusting corruption of a free market.

    I’m getting mine. And I’ll destroy anyone who bothers me. I’ve cast aside my middle class values and I rule the streets with an actual baseball bat. No one is stopping this white man. It’s the American way.

    Laws? I make my own and lie. Like the rest of American scum. It’s been like this since 1492, at least. I hope it continues. If not, I own matches and buckets for gasoline. To keep warm, of course.

    • LOL: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  6. JWalters says:

    “the same people … who control the financial and information centers of power”

    There have been several fictional stories about massive deception operations by information centers, but none quite matches our current massive deception. The Matrix involves a massive deception of an entire society, but the deceptive information is delivered via wires plugged directly into people’s brains. This allows the information about physical reality itself to be deceptive.

    In The Truman Show the deceptive information is delivered through the mass media (approximately as we know it), but the deception is targeted at a single individual. An analog in our world might be if the CIA had the corporate media broadcast some disinformation targeted at a particular individual, or small group of individuals.

    The deception in Orwell’s 1984 is perhaps closer to our current situation. The main broadcast channels are carrying the disinformation, and target the entire population.

    Our situation still differs from 1984, however. In 1984 there is only a single monopolistic broadcast voice, that of Big Brother. This is roughly analogous to the old Pravda propaganda outlet in the now-defunct Soviet Union. (“Pravda” means “truth”, a clumsy camouflage which most of the citizens saw through.)

    But in our current situation, the monopolistic voice of our Big Brother is cleverly camouflaged behind a spectrum of voices, from MSNBC to Fox. Thus, it is not so obvious, as it was in the case of Pravda, that there is a single source behind all our information. This system was created by gradually and seamlessly taking over and transforming what were once independent information sources.

    This model has the additional advantage that distracting conflicts can be created among these various voices. This gives the population the impression that these voices are still free and independent. It also effectively and distracts their attention from those matters of main importance to the Big Brother cabal behind the scenes. These matters are their highly profitable projects of devastating wars, and manufactured economic crises, through which they loot entire societies at a time.

    • Agree: Miro23, nosquat loquat
  7. JR Foley says:

    Brotherly Love –Respect–Love thy Neighbour–go to church — Obey the commandments —is ALL nonsense — therefore –collapse is coming !!

  8. JimDandy says:

    “And spare me arguments about who is really in charge, or whose puppet he is, and all the rest of it. Someone – individually or collectively – is pushing a very radical agenda, and doing it with single-minded determination to remake America in their preferred image, and it is decidedly not an image the Framers of the Constitution intended or could have envisaged.”

    You don’t have to spare me. Who is it, and why?

  9. JimDandy says:

    I was talking to a guy today who was in the military when Trump won. He said “all the girls were crying” and the minorities were furious. The purging of white patriots from the military has definitely been done to prevent your fantasy–and mine–from happening.

  10. Karl1906 says:

    The US establishment has fully instrumentalised (read: undermined) the radical left and doesn’t care about ANY victims. On the contrary, “the more the better” seems to be what they want the most as ANY victim can be spun in the “right” direction. “Toxic whiteness” and “white suppremacy” if it was a white person and “Uncle Tom” and “his own fault” if a any other race was the victim of these crimes.

    Media and “journalism” are now fully complicit to this and any narrative not supporting the “official” version will be ignored or worse. It’s not completely Orwellian yet but they (frontman: Biden) are clearly working on it.

    But the next big thing are the coming elections. Or better, the next STOLEN elections. Because the Dems and their puppet masters will rather double down than take a risk of losing any power.

    Just wait for Fox News to declare another “victory”…

  11. The election was not stolen. Trump just sucked.

  12. Anymike says:

    This is all very easy to explain. Violent leftists are on the right side of the issue and therefore redeemable even though violent. Conservatives who are peaceful and legal in their methods are on the wrong side of the issue and therefore unredeemable even though peaceful and legal.

    In fact, even many ordinary liberals might secretly see leftist violence as useful and necessary. As long as it doesn’t come to a boutique mall near them.

    • Agree: Miro23
  13. Kim says:

    I have to agree. This writing is simply incompetent at the most basic level.

    1. No thesis statement, implied or otherwise. No suggestion of the type of arguments or discussions that may follow or how they might be arranged or developed.

    2. Odd, hard-to-justify title. Author evinces an idiosyncratic understanding of the meaning of the word “crucible”.

    3. Idiosyncratic collocations. What does it mean to “go into a crucible in detail”? A crucible is a piece of equipment for refining by fire, it it not?

    4. Poor paragraphing. People may wish to think of themselves as such master stylists that they need not apply traditional paragraphing conventions but in fact it is very hard to improve on the pattern Topic Statement followed by Support (reasoning, examples, descriptions, examples, lists, etc) and perhaps a concluding sentence offering an appraisal of the foregoing or perhaps a conclusion. Such paragraphs can be arranged deductively or inductively, of course.

    5. Beginnings and endings of paragraphs do not match, in word choices or logically. If I read just the first and last sentences of a paragraph, it should be possible to see how they are broadly related, how we got from one to the other. Together, the first and last sentence may even summarize a paragraph. This is certainly not the case in this piece.

    6. Paragraphs not dominated by words with any apparent semantic associations.

    7. No control of Given and New information.

    8. No control of Sentence Information Order.

    9. A complete failure to use abstract nouns to control prospection (to characterize what kind of information we will encounter) or retrospection (to characterize what we have been told)

    10. Often unclear what pronouns are meant to refer to. Requires rereading of sentences.

    11. Doesn’t understand that readers – especially in the absence of good topic statements – will attempt to create linkages by relating the word choices of a preceding paragraph to what may appear in the next. Consider the use of the word “people” in the last sentence of the fourth-last paragraph with the use of “people” in the first sentence of the third-last paragraph. Is this not a stylistic howler?

    You are correct obwandiyag. This is not good enough.

  14. Zane says:

    America is being deliberately destroyed by the global forces of Khazaristan. Grok?

  15. SafeNow says:

    A Manifesto

    I was thinking that perhaps Part III would be “A Plan of Procedure.” “Manifesto” means a detailing of objectives that stops short of being like the coach’s X’s and O’s in a playbook. I stole “Plan of Procedure” from Frederick March in “Seven Days in May,” where President Frederick March must initiate action against a coming coup. He says to his aides, “This will be the plan of procedure” and proceeds to assign actual tasks. A commenter here writes perhaps s coup of colonels, but stops short of saying how they might achieve communication and organization.

    Virtually everyone here possesses the skills to lay-out a Plan of Procedure. No one has ever done so on Unz, to my knowledge. Understandable. It very probably would be deemed sedition, and off you would go to a fate that would make the detention of the January 6th trespassers look like a deluxe resort. I certainly will not do it. I was a coward in the 60s and am the same person now. (I was a spineless student at a very elite New England University during the late 60s. Exactly when and where it all began. Spineless students like me, and especially spineless administrators and faculty, could have stopped it all right then and there, in its infancy, but we had too much to lose personally.)

    • Replies: @Treg
  16. @Phibbs

    Unfortunately won’t happen. Jews have such a grasp on things worldwide everything will Tumble the moment they’re confronted anywhere. Just look at Kanye….not even a week and he’s relegated to a has been, all his businesses shut, all collaborations discarded.

    The only solution is secession. A new state must rise and self govern. But this requires unity and self believe…..something whites lack.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  17. Miro23 says:

    But I am primarily concerned here with what has happened to the United States, and why, and what choices are open to those of us who wish to salvage something from the shipwreck it has become.

    Even the Cultural Marxist true believers can now see what their cities have become. It’s taken from 1968 to 2022 for them to see the unambiguous results of their social activism. 54 years.

    It took their predecessors, the original Bolshevik Marxist true believers about the same time ( 1917 to 1971 = 54 years) to realize for sure that their “social justice” project only enabled a similar oppressive elite run dictatorship. The failed Soviet Union struggled on until 1989 before imploding.

    If the failed US gets those extra 18 years then it’s termination date is 2040. Still some years of decline before the ship sinks but that’s the way its going.

  18. Dream says:

    White men seem to be incapable of raw emotion – rage, anger, jealousy, passion, sense of persecution – and all that is necessary for nationalism. The only emotions white men can muster are snark, sarcasm and irony.

    White men cower before the “racist” word – that word has the same effect on the White Man as a whip on the circus animal. Yes, it is racist and discriminatory to put the interests of your race above other races, and that is good.

    White men are only capable of being mercenaries to states and corporations – like the Unsullied of Game of Thrones. Castrated, emotionless, servile weapons of war.

    If Jews really do run the West, then they have got to be the dumbest rulers in history – imagine destroying the most productive slaves in the Milky Way galaxy.

  19. @obwandiyag

    A handful of typos does not detract from the critical message Sabrosky conveyed.

    Thanks for your input just the same, obwandiyag-owitz.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  20. Franz says:

    I’m pinning my hopes on a military coup.

    I would agree — but have you seen OUR military lately? And I think they’re all brainwashed before they leave junior officer category. Now if senior enlisted guys took a shot…

  21. Kim says:

    “The Crucible of Choice”

    Uh huh. So is “choice” the crucible – and if so in what way – or is “choice” being put into the crucible – and in that case what is the crucible into which it is being put?

  22. You’re not supposed to know that all of your global “leaders” are working diligently to rapidly deteriorate your economy, society, security, and family with divide and conquer strategies because you’d be far less likely to go along with this charade if you knew you were just a gladiator in the Coliseum.

  23. geokat62 says:

    perhaps only two sides of the same shekel


    Someone – individually or collectively – is pushing a very radical agenda, and doing it with single-minded determination to remake America in their preferred image, and it is decidedly not an image the Framers of the Constitution intended or could have envisaged.

    not so based. Someone? Really? What happened to your based shekel reference? This nightmare has been engineered and orchestrated by Jewish Supremacist Organisations, period (see Prof. MacDonald’s Culture of Critique).

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
  24. @Dream

    “White men seem to be incapable of raw emotion – rage, anger, …”

    They also would rather ctitique someone’s writing style like a few of these nitwits have done in the comments with Sabrosky’s article. Form is more important to these betas than function. The points being made aren’t as important as the way they are written. White men, for the most part, are no longer men of action. The white man is growing sterile(low birth rates) because his thinking is sterile. No energy. He is afraid to hate anything with a passion.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Thanks: RobinG, Agent76
    • Replies: @Kim
    , @emerging majority
  25. Anonymous[499] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    “The only solution is secession. A new state must rise and self govern.”

    Ain’t you a dothead nigger? Why are you getting in the middle of the battle between Jews and Gentiles? It doesn’t matter who wins because in the end their will always be menial work for Untouchables like you. Don’t meddle with your superiors, Gunga Din!

  26. ariadna says:

    “Nancy Pelosi is an evil witch if ever there was one, but she is a ruthless, experienced and cunning harvester in the Washington vineyard. I do not believe she would have run for re-election if she had thought that she would be handing over the Speaker’s gavel to a Republican in January, and have to face retribution there for what she and the Democrats have done over the past two years.”

    I disagree. Precisely because she is ruthless, experienced and cunning she knows that even under a Republican admin. in January she will skate away with impunity, just as Hillary did and just as all the mandatory Vaxx criminal conspirators will. The vineyard (and the republican party itself) is crawling with vermin.

  27. Trinity says:

    Domestic & International Terrorist/Hate Organizations

    ((( BLM/Antifa, ADL, $PLC, individuals who lead these groups like George Soros & other Jewish Supremacist)))

    Lone wolf and groups of Blacks in America preying on Whites and Orientals. Brutal rapes, assaults, and murders somewhere in America daily.

    Pakis, Africans, Arabs raping their way through Europe. Grooming young White children.

    (((Soros and others))) leading the way for ALL White nations to be INVADED by Blacks and Browns, many of them unskilled, rapists, child molesters, etc.

  28. @Phibbs

    No chance of a military coup.

    These guys, from sergeant to General are focused on two things: paychecks and pensions.

    Same with the FBI, local and state police – they’re are going with the flow because that doesn’t jeopardize their finances. A friend of mine is a State trooper and studiously avoids any conversation about race, the true criminals, etc because his very generous paycheck depends on his avoidance of these topics.

    When Banana Republics finally fail, it’s because the cops and soldiers get bounced paychecks or their families are the hungry ones. In America we still have plenty of fiat to print to keep the guys in uniform paid and ready to follow orders.

    • Replies: @Shitposter_in Chief
  29. Kim says:
    @Ulf Thorsen

    His writing is a swamp of verbiage. He should not be published until he learns to organize his thoughts in a readable form.

    I am sure that he does not understand himself what he has written here.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  30. Excellent article. However, in your Venn diagram of dystopian novels you left out “The Camp of the Saints.” Also, I think you meant McConnell, not McCullah.

  31. Anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Biff – you are right —the Democrats and Republicans are not mortal enemies – they belong to the same country club.
    The principal Democrats (the bloody Clintons) hate the working class – they never made any attempt to raise the federal minimum wage and they will never allow any such thing to happen as long as they are alive. The Clintons/Obamas/Biden get daily memos from the American elites (those with money) informing said Democrats that “the serf class in America must be kept poor, because that is how you (sold-out Democrat) and I (rich elite) get Our seats on the gravy train. Income equality would be the death of yours’ and ours’ easy rides.”
    The Republicans have always had their seats on the gravy train, but the Democrats are kind of newcomers – (the wise-assed Clintons pioneered that move). Our fellow serfs have to understand that the Democrats made this change of leadership from working class to corporate managerial change under the Clintons and the Democrats will not go back to the working class until the Clintons are gone AND/OR corporate donations dry up.
    Fellow Serfs – Do not vote for any Democrat/Republican. Vote socialist, working party, or Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse instead.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  32. Servenet says:

    Here’s your chance, genius – prove to me the “election was stolen” claim…to be a “hoax.” You have 1000 words.

    • Replies: @saggy
    , @profnasty
  33. bj0311 says:

    I went to this concert the other evening with my wife—her idea. Concert? Maybe celebration of immaturity would be a better description. Anyway, this event was a Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper tribute band and the house was packed with these folks (now elderly) who had listened to this music as teenagers.

    I couldn’t enjoy the music because for the whole two hours (and now beyond) I kept thinking that it was this music and these geriatric teenagers who destroyed America. This was the first generation to come of age in a period of such affluence and they simply did not have to grow up like their parents (my parents) did. And I kept thinking as I sat there, of the absolute contrast between America 1959 and America 2022. Look at the acceleration of decline since you elected that teenager-in-chief Billy Clinton. It was the Vietnam generation who destroyed this country.

    There is no stopping this train wreck unless somebody decides to stand up and be the adult in the room.

    When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    `Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number,
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you —
    Ye are many — they are few.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Robert Dolan
  34. In 1913 , the zionists saddled America with the zionists privately owned IRS and FED and then came the zionist instigated wars , starting with WWI right on down to the war in the Ukraine, which has its genesis in the zionist Nuland led coup in the Ukraine in 2014, all of this according to the zionist plan to lure Russia into a war in the Ukraine via the Ukraine killing over 16,000 Russian speaking people in the Donbass region, which the zionists knew, that sooner or later Russia would not stand by and see these people slaughtered, and so it went, and the zionists have their war.

    Russia is led by Christians, Edgar Cayce said some 80 years ago, that Russia would throw off communism and return to its Christian roots and this has happened, and now Russia is the only force in the world standing for Christians and against the zionist satanist west and Russia will prevail in this war of Christianity vs satanic zionism.

    God bless Russia and the Russian people.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
  35. @geokat62

    Sabroski has been naming the Jew for years. He was the head of the US War College and outright blamed Israel for 9/11. He’s stuck to his guns for nearly twenty years on this

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  36. @American Citizen

    I’ve heard that things were getting close under Obama, which was why her purged the upper echelons of the military, but it’s hard to tell how much of this is LARPing and wishful thinking

  37. Emslander says:

    I guess the reason Trump failed to respond to real insurrection in the USA in 2020 with legal federal measures was because he was afraid it would cost him votes. The problem with that is that he didn’t protect the election, as he could have done with legal measures either, so he lost on both ends.

    Trump’s nomination may bring a needed violent confrontation, as Boy Cathay proposes, but his election will be a big problem, unless he pledges to do his job this time.

    He’s already started his childish insults of DeSantis, which shows that he can’t change, despite the seriousness of the times, so I don’t think he deserves the nomination either.

  38. ariadna says:

    I agree with you, minus the “thanks”

  39. When you don’t understand your enemy or yourself……you cannot solve the problem. Hoping that politics will save us is an impossible dream…..

    Regardless of who is our president, politics alone will not solve our problem, since it is what issues from the alimentary canal of American life and culture. Like a house infested by termites, blaming the danged bugs is a cop out – and we copped out.
    Consider – empirical evidence alone tells us that both Christians and Conservatives have been AWOL from the real battlefield – CULTURE – it is NOT politics! Politics is the outage from the alimentary canal of national life and culture. We lost every institution over the last 100+ years – EVERY ONE – BY DEFAULT!
    Our pathetic attempts in fighting DaLastWar by voting for some self-declaring savior to redeem our own lack of action hasn’t cut it – has it? And yet we continue to repeat our feeble wishing-well efforts in avoiding DaRealWar – right in our own families, churches and communities – AWOL again. And those schools – which were started and maintained largely by C&C efforts have become fertile training grounds for servants of Satan – SHAMEFUL! WhereTF were WE? – a list of headnotes of articles which thoroughly explain the process of restoration……but an utter collapse must come first….and it will….after which another remnant must pick up the pieces….as per history.
    This Empire of Evil Lies is history!

  40. Pinochet (PBUH) tamed the communist beast at the paltry cost of 3,000 leftists. Simply put, an American Caesar must be willing to do the same.

  41. Agent76 says:

    Nov 2, 2022 ‘Bumbling Joe Biden’ manages to get ‘several gaffes into one sentence’

    Things are going “from bad to worse” for “bumbling Joe Biden,” says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

    April 19, 2022 Jackboots Policing: No-Knock Raids Rip a Hole in the Fourth Amendment

    It’s the middle of the night. Your neighborhood is in darkness. Your household is asleep. Suddenly, you’re awakened by a loud noise. Someone or an army of someones has crashed through your front door. The intruders are in your home. Your heart begins racing. Your stomach is tied in knots. The adrenaline is pumping through you. You’re not just afraid. You’re terrified.

  42. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    two major parties – whatever their differences in domestic policies – largely stood together on many foreign policy issues.

    Both were as one, addicted to foreign wars for empire expansion with the only differences being who they wanted to target next. Repubs even today are mostly of the Shawn Hannity ilk, constantly screaming about the Russians and fabricating atrocity stories regarding Ukraine. They just had different domestic constituencies that they catered to, that’s all. The Dems seem to have slid downhill into ideological fanaticism with negro worship at its core. All the while finance capital has swallowed up everything of value. One percent of the population owns more than the lower ninety percent, if the word lower in this case is appropriate. The article is about reclaiming America and restoring some sanity. But what’s left to reclaim after all the damage that’s been done?Millions of low IQ illiterates have been allowed in. The demographics have changed and are shifting. The actual productive core population, the white population, has been shrinking relative to the dead weight of the black-brown population. The divisions and hatred have become entrenched in US political life and can’t be just waved away. Reestablishing law and order, suppressing out of control crime in all the cities requires cracking down on blacks, something that’ll be hard to do. What was built over a long period of time took only a short while to destroy. Stupid, effete, gullible white people who went for a good negro sob story allowed it to happen.

  43. TKK says:

    And I’ll destroy anyone who bothers me. I’ve cast aside my middle class values and I rule the streets with an actual baseball bat. No one is stopping this white man. It’s the American way.


    Is this sarcasm? If not, you are a delusional fool.

    Every night but Saturday nights, I work a second job. In that job, I read thousands and thousands of Correctional Officer reports about a large prison system in the south in preparation for litigation.

    Within 12 hours in a US prison, you will be frantically searching for ways to escape or kill yourself. You will be reduced to a quivering cowering mouse, begging black guards “with eyes as blank and pitiless as the sun” to put you in Restricted Housing so you can catch some sleep without a night of beatings, being robbed or raped.

    And don’t hold out for the Arayans, Skinheads or the Southern BrotherHood to save you. They are some of the biggest cry babies I read about.

    Blacks are the hammer in the Jewish and Elite tool box. You can be keyboard tough through anonymous (probably fictional) tough guy life , but in the Hell – the Absolute Abyss – of the American Prison system, there is no where to hide.

    With you are faced with spending the rest of your life in a small area with stinking, scheming, ultra violent orcs

    ……it’s checkmate.

  44. Old school US Marines will never get us out of this mess with more guns and domestic warfare. The Beast must be starved to death or at least mortally wounded (petrodollar collapse, global Scamdemic “vaxx” injury fallout, loss of critical tech and energy imports, sanctions boomerang in coming years from 6/7 of humanity, etc.). If guns and guerilla warfare and military action could save the world, it would have happened already.

    He requires our cooperation, but God WILL help humanity win this war against the Satanic Nazi West one way or another. And lucky for us, God works through Love not force, Truth not lies, and the Beauty of his mysterious green, buzzing, life-giving Creation we all depend on to survive.

  45. @Patrick Gibbs

    I had hoped like hell that Trump was going to cross the Rubicon, but he was a false messiah and had installed a bunch of Brutuses.

    We’re gonna need a lot more than 3,000

  46. Excellent post, Thanks!
    As someone who became radical lest in early 70s I can attest to some of what Sabrosky wrote, esp. the Jewish part. An org I hung out with, communist group, was at least half Jewish and its local leaders were Jewish. Further, a HS best friend, Jewish, had an aunt who lived in Greenwich Village and was radical left (and was Jewish); her parents were liberal but not radical. Left the communist group in 1973; it offered nothing, really, other than knowledge of communism, esp. Maoism.

    As to the (s)election of Trump: I think this was done on purpose, one, to radicalize the left again but this time with a purpose, and, as with Hillary losing in 2016, this was so that (considering the 2016 (s)election may have been stolen from Hillary for this purpose) the (s)election would be stolen from Trump in 2020. Biden, in a video, even claimed it didn’t matter is you voted for him or not, he’d “win the election” anyway. And after all, Trump, who pretends to be an outsider, will, as with Biden, do what he is told…and why did he let his daughter marry into Chabad Lubavitch, maybe the most anti-Christ organization on Earth? Noahide, right? Synagogue of Satan, right?

  47. @Dream

    White men seem to be incapable of raw emotion – rage, anger, jealousy, passion, sense of persecution

    In my section men are chock full of these womanish characteristics. They are also bitchy, vindictive, petty, and passive. Persecution? Are you kidding me? These birds would love to be added to the “victims” list. Gone forever are the attributes of the WW II Gen: patriotism, loyalty, stoicism, personal responsibility, and self control. I don’t see them enthusiastic about anything but legalisation of marihuana, beer, feetsball, frozen pizza, doughnuts, and getting more and more tats, pins, and plugs.

    This Saborsky guy is a effing loon. There will never be a white uprising nor secession of states. Most whites, both men and women, are just as happy as clams in the present environment.

    • Replies: @Alden
  48. I have been studying this topic as an armchair Historian for almost half a Century and cannot make rhyme or reason out of it. There must be some method to the madness as the top end of the media are upper middle class white kids who do not want to be murdered on the streets and have their houses robbed and their cars stolen or go down in flames. But they keep bringing it on at the office. My Cousin is a Professor up there in Canada in Ottawa the Capital and he is moderate right but has to pull all of his punches to keep his job. He lives near the rich tony neighbourhood of Rockcliffe where far left poster boy Justin Trudeau lives…in the richest section of Canada. Right across the Street, the dividing line is Vanier…the poorest section of Canada lined with strip clubs and pot joints and peep shows and hookers and every vice known to man. Rockcliffe does not even have one single corner store with their special zoning laws Rockcliffe continually votes Liberal at the Federal Level for the last 80 years. At the Provincial/State level it is even worse…impossible to elect even a center Conservative…at the City Level they just returned the only black guy out of 12 in the City and the just re elected a trany formerly a male for their school board….Rockcliffe has two of the richest private schools in the Country…the Groton of Canada called Ashbury and Elmwood. Those girls do not date welfare cases from Vanier but they all vote far left. Furthermore because many embassies are located in Rockcliffe including the American ambassadors house…the Federal Police ( the RCMP) are all over Rockcliffe…a woman can walk out at night in her bathing suit and feel safe….over the road in Vanier it is black shooting this and black shooting that …as 99% of the gun crimes in Canada are done by black immigrant males…..none of them in Rockcliffe. Justin is a great guy…and when people from Vanier and other parts of Ottawa wait routinely 12 hours in emergency wards…him and his wife and kids do not stand in line….and did you know that 24% of Ottawa residents…older people who built that City do not have a family Doctor….but Natives and Refugees get the Mercedes treatment…Canadian Health Care on a world level is a lie and a myth….and be rest assured…no one from Rockcliffe does not have a Doctor…and they keep voting in the same order takers…keep the scum in Vanier and we will vote far left liberal to sooth our consciences…we are good limousine liberals.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Curmudgeon
  49. anarchyst says:

    The Hart-Celler Immigration Act and civil-rights (for some)” acts were written, implemented and passed into law by the greatest (WW2) generation, NOT us “boomers”. We were too young and had no political power at the time. This was also the case with the forced implementation of the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws which destroyed “freedom of association”, but only for us gentile whites.
    I lived through the mechanations and dishonest dealings of “the greatest (WW2) generation” and saw for myself the destructive changes that took place.
    From the destruction of decent white neighborhoods to the elevation of dysfunctional subhuman blacks, I’ve seen it all.
    In fact, us aware whites had a saying: “Behind every black there is a jew”. This is still the case today.
    To paraphrase Billy Joel, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. The “greatest (WW2) generation” did.
    As everyone knows, it is much more difficult to get rid of (bad) law than it is to go along with it.
    Us “boomers” have noting to apologize for. The bad “laws” were already in place when we achieved political power.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Thanks: nosquat loquat
  50. @Kim

    Paragraphology. Some would demur and consider that a neologism. Those academistically biased individuals appear not to realize that language and word usage are dynamic. New words, new appendages to a single word can have the effect of syncretizing and thus avoiding the need for an entire assembly of verbiage to get the same point across.

    On some number of occasions I have chided posters for vastly overblown paragraphology. When a single paragraph deploys hundreds of words, even some logical progressions of paragraph development become relatively meaningless. As a recovering journalist, I do tend to utilize words which are challenging to the under-read. But my insistence is that paragraphs are our friends. One needs to break up those never-ending, thought repressing outpourings.

    Proper usage of paragraphs is fundamental to reasoned and inspiring discourse. One should ever bear in mind the KISS principal: “Keep it simple, stupid”.

  51. @Kim

    His writing is a swamp of verbiage. He should not be published until he learns to organize his thoughts in a readable form.

    I am sure that he does not understand himself what he has written here.

    And you yourself are a swamp of effete over-intellectualism. I am equally sure you don’t understand this about yourself.

  52. @bj0311

    Boomer bashing is a transparent attempt to blame old white people for the destruction caused by organized jewry.

    • Replies: @Crush Limbraw
    , @Hulkamania
  53. @Ulf Thorsen

    Ulf: You are obviously addressing the suburbanite majority of white men. It is somewhat different here in rural America. There is an immense dichotomy between the “Strawberry fields forever” (the Beatles reference was to a housing-estate suburb of their native Liverpool, and not to fields of strawberries in some imagined rural fantasy) as against those who live in an environment where they know their neighbors, trust a circle of friends and dwell amidst the manifold wonders of the natural world.

    Yes, “soyboys” lack the elemental foundations to become real men. They are soft and almost instinctively hie to the herd. They have been deliberately dumbed-down in order to become fearful and thus easy to control.

    So if the countryside folks decide that we have had enough, it does not much matter how the prissy, preppy, burbie-babies react out there in their world of dandelion-free, tightly manicured lawns. Real men are well accustomed to working with their hands and thinking for themselves. Such individuals are not uncommon in “flyover country”.

    In my little corner of the world, in a single-stoplight county, the surname Thorsen is quite common. So, just in case you dwell in multi-urbia, perhaps its high time to get the hell outta Dodge before TSHTF.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  54. @Hulkamania

    and if you don’t believe this, just ask Norah O’Donnell, or Jake Tapper, or Rachel Maddow, or…

  55. @obwandiyag

    You’re right, the first half is a stylistic mess. But the second half, starting with

    But let’s say the Republicans do as they believe they will do and flip both Houses of the Congress in the mid-terms

    is an insightful analysis of the difficulties a Republican majority faces after their electoral victory this Tuesday.

    A good editor woulda chopped this thing in half and thrown the first part into a wood chipper. Thank heavens I kept reading to the end, it was worth it.

  56. @JimDandy

    You don’t have to spare me. Who is it, and why?

    Both Obamas, Anita Dunn, Ron Klain, Susan Rice, every Deep State hack relying on BigGuv for their paychecks, and endless jewish “journalists,” committees, PACs and foundations as far as the eye can see.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  57. @anarchyst

    No whites of any age voted for open borders…..this legislation was written by jews who were pursuing subversive jewish interests. (Celler and Javitz)

    Same with the so called “civil rights” laws that robbed whites of self-determination.

    My father and my uncles fought in WWII to save the backstabbing small hats. I’m sure that if they had known the truth they never would have joined the military.

    Why do jews feel it’s a good policy to bite the hand that feeds them?

  58. @emerging majority

    In my little corner of the world, in a single-stoplight county, the surname Thorsen is quite common.

    Where might that be, somewhere in Minnesota? No need to give away your location, but Minnensota does in fact have many descendants of Scandinavian immigrants. That said, I have never been to Minnesota and even though I am of Norwegian descent, I have never been to Norway. I’m afraid my ancestors who hailed from villages in Rogaland and Agder would cringe at how most modern Norwegians have become, so other than going to see historical places or the Viking ship museum in Oslo, not sure I have any desire to travel there.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  59. @Hulkamania

    The election was not stolen. Trump just sucked.

    Every time facts are presented proving shenanigans in the last election, the TRUE Election Deniers (aka Democrats) protest that the facts are wrong, “courts have decided,” etc. etc. Nevertheless, in just a single state:


    Maricopa County accepted at least 20,000 mail-in ballots after Election
    Day 2020, including 18,000 on November 4, 2020, picked up from the
    US. Postal Service—more than the entire Election margin of 10,457

    A study of early ballot envelope signatures identified 229,430
    mismatched signatures in Maricopa County. Officials only reported
    25,000 mismatches, or 1.3%.

    The Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County identified numerous
    anomalies, fraud, and Election law violations that are determinative,
    including 17,322 duplicate absentee ballot envelopes, which surged
    after the Election. Between November 4th and November 9th, scores
    of mail-in ballot duplicates emerged. 96% of the ballots that came in on
    two of these days were duplicates.

    Auditors discovered evidence that millions of files of General Election
    data and security logs were deleted, with purges taking place on critical
    days, including the day before the audit began on February 2, 2021.
    The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors admitted they purged the
    system and moved Election data after they received a subpoena.
    Another analysis by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in Pima County found
    significant anomalies with mail-in ballots. In precincts with anomalous
    high turnout (over 92%), mail-in ballots started flipping from 6%
    Republican for Biden to 40% of Republicans voting for Biden, which is
    highly suspect.

    ‘Two precincts in Pima had over 100 percent turnout for mail-in
    ballots— which is impossible—and 40 precincts had over 97%

    The audit discovered numerous State Election laws were broken in the
    2020 Presidential Election, including A.R.S. 16-547, A.R.S. 16-548,
    ARS. 16-550, A.R.S. 16-551, A.R.S. 16-552, A.R.S. 16-621, ARS.
    16 Articles 1, 1.1, and 2.

    • Thanks: Ulf Thorsen
    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  60. And spare me arguments about who is really in charge, or whose puppet he is, and all the rest of it.

    Hear, hear!

  61. The real lesson of it all. Local police are worthless in protecting people. Look at the BLM attack on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles – they literally allowed thugs to burn a police car and allowed them to dance atop the carcass.

    • Replies: @Alden
  62. Datruther says:

    We live in a police state.
    I’ll leave it at that.

    I taught in Chicago Public Schools.
    I fought the black man and even worse
    The black principals, black superintendents, and blacks hate.

    They want revenge. I survived.
    Who says I would ever surrender alive to pure evil?

    I have my orders. Now get to work. Millions on welfare depend on you.

    I used a baseball bat in Chicago and the police Never stopped me. I roamed the streets and did justice, following self-defense.

    I roam the streets in my new, improved retirement city. With a baseball bat because I can. And I approach police and tell them.

    So go back to profitting as a legal cog in an evil system for money. Until you’re of no use. And pay your taxes.

    You have no idea what I’ve done to survive. Prison? You are a joke.

  63. Legba says:

    Democrats v republicans is like a pro wrestling match. You’re allowed to have fun cheering and screaming, but the result was preordained and nothing will change it. Plus, they all go out for drinks afterwards.

    • Agree: John Wear, Bro43rd
  64. Deep State (noun): a body of people, typically influential, dual-loyalty members of globalist cabals and/or central banking cartels, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.

    • Agree: Zane
  65. @Robert Dolan

    When your house becomes infested by termites, do you blame DaBugs? They’re termites! DaBoomers were given an inheritance which they totally wasted – – read them all.
    And who spawned DaBoomers? Yup – DaGreatestGeneration – who weren’t so great raising DaBooms.
    Bottom line, as I state on my website….”Anyone our age….Booms, Silent, DaGreatest….all slept while our house was infested by DaBastahds!

  66. @Patrick Gibbs

    Pinochet was a CIA man and did their bidding. What the majority of Americans refuse to accept, is that it is none of their business what government the people in other countries choose, unless that government either threatens to, or actually does, attack the US.
    As for the so-called “leftists” in the US, if North Korea (or China) is “left” why does it not have open borders? Even the USSR encouraged nationalism within their satellites. These scum are not “left” they are the useful idiots of those who wish to exterminate the nation state and implement the Kalergi Plan globally.

    • Agree: ariadna, Slav, nosquat loquat
    • Replies: @Alden
  67. Alden says:

    Succession was tried once before. The secessionist states lost the war. And were punished by 100 years of poverty after the end of the war.

    You might want to read the Wikipedia article titled American civil war.

  68. anarchyst says:
    @Political Science 101

    Columnist John Myers, a Canadian who often visits the United States wrote this about the Canadian vs. American health care system:

    United States: “My wife picked me up from the pool and took me to Rockwood Clinic. In minutes, I had a cardiologist hooking me up to an EKG machine and a nurse giving me an aspirin and testing my blood to see if I was having a heart attack. I got the results while I was there and was told nothing to worry about. I was suffering tachycardia, which is when the heart beats dangerously fast.”

    Canada: “I couldn’t catch my breath, so my wife rushed me to the emergency room at the Rockyview General Hospital. Even as I gasped for air, the triage nurse would not look at me. When my wife, who had once worked at that hospital, complained, she was told that the emergency room was ‘very busy.’

    “I didn’t want to die on some cot in a hallway. And that kind of thing happens too often in Canada. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a man named Brian Sinclair died during his 34-hour wait to see a doctor at an emergency health clinic. The medical examiner said that he had been dead for a couple hours before the clinic staff even noticed him.

    “Because of such stories and my own personal experiences with socialized medicine I begged my wife to take me home. Once she measured my pulse at a reasonable 110 beats per minute, she did take me home. I continued to improve throughout the night. The next morning, we lined up for two hours at a nearby doctor’s clinic. I was one of the 60 or 70 patients the doctor would see that day. The good news is that the doctor said my heart seems to be ‘OK,’ whatever that means. And he gave me an appointment to go see a cardiologist – in February”

    This took place in September, and an example of what we Americans will soon be subjected to. Anyone who says otherwise needs to explain how it’s going to work when 40 million new recipients of Obamacare come into the system without an attendant rise in doctors. He or she needs to explain how there WON’T be rationing of health care. You will be standing in long lines behind the third world to receive American health care.
    How’s that Hope and Change working out for you Obama voters now?

    As a Canadian, I don’t think my country’s health care system is really that good at all. It’s harder and harder to get health care that is ‘free’. If I want to see a dentist, I can see one tomorrow, but I pay either out-of-pocket or via private insurance coverage. If I want to see a doctor (which unlike a dentist is ‘free’), I have no choice but to go to a walk-in medical clinic and wait hours for a surly doctor who doesn’t even listen to me and ushers me out as fast as he/she can. Contrast this with a visit to the dentist, who is invariably chatty and pleasant and provides top-quality care. That’s what free health care is about – hardly anything is free, and getting that which is free is invariably not a pleasant experience to go through at all!

    A relative of mine in Canada died while waiting for his chemotherapy to begin. As in waiting months for the treatment to start after his diagnosis. Besides, the media in the US and Canada simply post poll information that’s made up – “adjusted” – in many cases. I know this from having actually worked as a television news writer for several years. I was just a kid, and thank heaven I woke up and made a run for it. The “news directors” all seemed to come from the same mold; fat, messy hair, grimy beard, slovenly, Marxist to the core, self-deceptive hate filled red diaper babies from New York. And when I say hate, I mean an easily discernible hatred of Whites, America, and the West in general. Self satisfied pigs, all of them. Tom Wolfe would have had a field day watching what went on.

  69. geokat62 says:

    The Crucible of Choice

    Gab comment posted by The Western Chauvinist;

    If you are a political dissident like us, chances are you will face consequences for it one day. When you face these consequences, many people who haven’t met you and know nothing about you will celebrate your misfortune.

    They will not see you as a human being with a valid point of view. They won’t worry that you won’t be able to provide for yourself or your family.

    They will take no account of your feelings, your humor, your generosity, your passion, your intelligence, or your substance as a person. They will simply see you as another piece on the enemies side of the chessboard being knocked out of the game.

    Here’s the thing though, they’re right to think that way. We ARE their enemies, and a threat to everything they hold dear.

    We ARE going to take it all back from them, and we will delight more in their downfall than they ever could have at ours. The enemies power has hit its high watermark, and now they are beginning to recede as the sleeping giant of White racial consciousness is reawakening.

    White Unity at every opportunity. Keep the faith, and by God we’ll have our home again.

  70. Alden says:

    Great comment. I’m an older Bonner and lived through the 45 to 75 year old greatest generation destruction of America.

    Idiots who blame the boomers can’t do second grade arithmetic. Even with a calculator. 1964 civil rights for all but Whites act. Oldest boomers 18, youngest 4. Unlimited third world non White immigration act 1965 oldest boomers 19 youngest 4. 1968 affirmative action act oldest boomers 22 youngest 7. 1968 de criminalization of homosexuality movement begins oldest boomers 22 years old, youngest 6

    1951 Brown vs Topeka School desegregation Scotus ruling oldest boomers 5 years old. School bussing to achieve school desecration 1956 oldest boomers 10 years old

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Trinity
  71. bj0311 says:

    I love you anal minded guys who can’t see the forest for the trees. Our people have endured a lot from the government since the founding of this country because they had limited means for find the real truth. It is not my mother and fathers fault that Roosevelt conspired to have the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor to get the US into a war most people were opposed to; a war which was the beginning of the end for America. They were decent minded folks who thought all people should be given a fair shake but they didn’t destroy the black family.

    It is not my parents fault that the Jews went into a full court press to destroy our society after the war doing things like convincing people to raise their kids according to Dr. Spock, and destroying the black family And though I did not mention it in my comment, I understand it is not the fault of the Vietnam generation how they were raised.

    This generation was the first generation of teenagers raised on TV and with an economic clout these Jewish record execs took advantage of. This Vietnam generation was the first generation that did not have to grow up and it shows. Look at what you did in the sixties—that behavior doesn’t embarrass you? The hair, the costumes? Now you know the truth about that war and how you were used and it is still my country right or wrong? However it matters not whose fault or even if there is fault, the fact is one cannot duck their responsibility for participating willfully in the fall of the empire. You can stop being a geriatric teenage in an instant so don’t blame your parents—that is exactly what children do.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  72. Alden says:

    If, if, the CIA supported Pinochet it was because the CIA was anti communist in those days. But as so often happens, a few communists in the CIA joined in were promoted, promoted and hired more ultra leftists and communists until 40 years later it’s a communist subversive anti American organization. Just like the FBI and every other government department.

    Greatest generation President Carter created the US Department of Education specifically as a full employment program for communists, especially Jewish women. And the great conservative Republican Ronald Reagan promised to abolish the education department if elected. Like every Republican President since Eisenhower, he continued the leftist anti White Republican Party tradition.

    • Disagree: Slav
    • Replies: @Slav
    , @Curmudgeon
  73. @Political Science 101

    Canadian Health Care on a world level is a lie and a myth

    I worked in and around the system for 38 years. As bad as the system has become, thanks to US “experts”, like Connie Curran, being brought in to advise us how to “reform” it, it was, as a 1980s delegation of visiting Swedes remarked, the model to which other countries aspired. “Reform” has turned the system into US style HMOs with more than triple the administration that previously existed, while shrinking the staff on the floor. It is being set up to privatize.
    As for the political parties, your cousin must be naive. The political parties here are all cut from the same bolt of cloth, just as the US. I punished myself and briefly watched a debate among those seeking the Con-job-servative Party leadership. It was a bidding war for higher immigration rates, which are already among the highest in the world. The “socialist” NDP dumped its “leave NATO and declare neutrality stance” and has become warhawks, now led by one of Schwab`s WEF young leaders.
    Rockcliffe may be tony, but is not in the top 10 in Canada. . Ditto for Ashbury and Elmwood schools

  74. Anonymous[262] • Disclaimer says:

    If the Russians were even superficially embedded in the American electoral process they wouldn’t bother trying to get Dems or GOPers elected. They’d try to make each side think the other stole the most recent contest to destabilise the entire system. Unfortunately, the Russkies have NO influence or entre’ into the American political clown show whatsoever, unless Killery is some kind of double or triple agent.

  75. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    1. Your claims are false. All election audits concluded there was no problem in Maricopa county.

    2. Even if your claims were true, which they aren’t, Trump didn’t lose the election because of Maricopa county. Even if he had taken Arizona, which he didn’t, he still would have lost the election. Because he sucked and ran one of the worst campaigns of all time.

  76. @Robert Dolan

    Old white people are to blame for the destruction caused by jewry, because old white people gave jews all of their power and worshipped jews like demigods (literally so, in the case of zionist evangelical christians). Without white complicity, jews would be nothing.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  77. anon[241] • Disclaimer says:

    RIP Jessica.

  78. @anarchyst

    Please see my response to Political Science 101 regarding the Canadian system at comment 72.
    As for the Brian Sinclair incident, the context is much more complicated than reported. Sinclair, a double amputee needed a catheter change. The Public Health Nurse who visited in order to do it, reported that he saw her outside his residence, and “rolled away” refusing to come back to have the change. Days later, he went to a small clinic, which then told him to go to the largest hospital in the city, and now the only trauma centre for treatment, rather than the Urgent Care Centre which takes no ambulances, about a mile away from the trauma centre. Because there was now only one trauma centre, it was always overcrowded, and being in the area of the city which has a high aboriginal population, of which Sinclair was one, many show up with phantom ailments, because they are looking to stay warm or dry. The complex is full of down and outs wandering around on a daily basis. Sinclair was one of those who showed up often with phantom ailments and was well-known to the staff. The problem of people seeking to report at hospital emergency departments (4 of which have been downgraded to little more than band-aid stations in the years since the Sinclair incident) instead of walk-in clinics or their own doctors`offices was problematic before “reform”, which has made it worse. On top of that, the system and facilities were never designed to handle the dramatic increase in population seen over the last 30 years, all of which is attributable to mass 3rd world immigration. The latest statistics show that 25% of “Canadians” were born in a foreign country, and are heavy users of the system­.

  79. geokat62 says:

  80. Anon[148] • Disclaimer says:

    Well aren’t you just peachy.

  81. saggy says: • Website

    Here’s your chance, genius – prove to me the “election was stolen” claim…to be a “hoax.” You have 1000 words.

    That’s not the way it works, blockhead. You have to prove, or at least present evidence that it was stolen. I did spend some time investigating the claims at the time, and they all turned out to be laughable, just pure prima facie idiocy, first the was the ‘kraken’ lawyer, a complete idiot, then there was Guiliani in Georgia with some cracker who claimed he hacked the voting machines or some such idiocy, there was also the claim that the voting machines had been programmed by some associate of, Noriega, and there was the hearing in Minnesota which resulted in an SNL skit. It was all a clown show. But … for dimwits like yourself that is apparently all it takes !

  82. @TKK

    Had a friend, who looked like a choir boy. His stepfather was a USMC hand-to-hand combat instructor. Used to beat this kid stupid on a regular basis.

    The kid ended up becoming quite lethal, with his bare hands. But look at him the wrong way, and without rhyme or reason, he’d morph into an uncompromising pit-bull.

    Ultimately, he got stuck in the prison system’s revolving door. Once some clueless gang leader decided to humiliate him in front of an incarcerated population of stupid jackals.

    So while working in the chow hall, he got a few cans of food, placed them in layered socks, and later ambushed the gang leader, bludgeoning him with no quarter, to within an inch of his life.

    No one dared to disrespect him ever again, in that prison.

    As a kid during the formative years, my psychopathic old man used to beat me too. For the most part, have been able to suppress my anger over the years.

    But now, as America’s streets have become some sort of prison yard, my attitude has changed. And a death wish that’s been courted my entire life, now has no problem if abused, with either killing or being killed.

    And in the bitter end, if necessary it would be suicide by cop, as prison is simply just not an option for me.

  83. Treg says:

    Well, at least you’re honest. But I think you can still publish anonymously… That would at the very least be “going out with your boots on and head held high”. Your life is not over yet!

  84. @Alden

    The boomer blaming is an obvious attempt to get the jews off the hook.

    The truth is that every facet of the destruction of America (and the west in general) can be attributed to organized jewry, and not to our own people. Our people do not own and run the media, so that in itself removes all blame from white people.

    You can say that long hair and bellbottoms were silly, but you can’t blame that generation for what the nation wrecking jews did behind the scenes.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Thanks: Alden
  85. @Ulf Thorsen

    Ulf: We may well be what the Norse call “Slektning” (relatives). One of my four primary ancestral pools was from Vest Agdir. They were smallholders and fisher-folk…usually both. As is typical in small settlements throughout Norway and also in most parts of the world, most everyone is some type of cousin to most everyone else.

    When my younger sister did a geneological search on my paternal grandmother’s family, she got in contact with a researcher in that field from that little town. In the process of going through the names, I realized that I am a three-way cousin to a man in the neighborhood here where I live, as two of his ancestors were “slektning” to the grandmother and one to the paternal grandfather.

    Last night and around noon today I was at both a local bar and restaurant, where I overheard three different women declare: “I’m Norwegian”. Yes, some of the best sons and daughters of Norway were the ancestors of us “Vestlanders”.

    Have you yet to visit the place, there is a wonderful Norse-American museum (Vesterheim) in the county seat town of Winneshiek County,Iowa? Decorah was the primary settlement center for Norse immigrants to the Upper Midwest during the second half of the 19th Century. My paternal grandfather, then in his late teens, managed a farm belonging to a Norwegian doctor in that town.

    True Norsemen are naturally noble. Reason for that was during the Black Plague in Norway, centering on 1352, that land’s aristocrats totally died off. Thus, there was no Norwegian ruling class until well into the 19th Century. Of course, another aspect of the noble character was the fact that because of fjords and mountains, those communities were all quite small, with only a relative handful of cities. When everyone is your relative, there may be disputes and rivalries. However, those spats rarely escalate beyond the meaning of yet another Norse word: “Samhold”. That word or term is directly cognate with the etymological English derivative words: “Same Hold”. We hold this the same, together, cooperatively.

    It is urbanization, plus oil-wealth, as well as the “NyNorsk” concocted language which have combined to largely demolish traditional Norse culture. It’s quite likely, though, that in some of those tiny communities, some of the traditional dialects, accents and cultural outlooks still survive. So should you ever decide to visit Norway, it would be best to spend very little time in the urban centers, while seeking out whatever you can discover in smaller towns.

    If you visit the “Folkmuseum” in Lillehammer, you may well chance to see various objects donated by one of my paternal lines in the Lake Mjosa region. In the fjord country in Western Norway, back in ’79 when I did some hitchhiking there, I was thrilled to see an ancient sod-roofed house built in the 14th century, including a moderate-sized birch tree growing in that elevated sod. Another thrill was to view the construction of a traditional small boat constructed wholly of local timber and based on an age-old traditional pattern.

  86. @saggy

    How can you be sure that our elections are accurate tallies of the will of the people when our votes are counted by computers?

    I have been asking this question since 2004. In 2006, I filed a suit in my state seeking to get the State Supreme Court to require paper ballots so that humans could count them.

    I lost the case, not on the merits, but on the grounds that I lacked standing.

    I will not ever assume our vote tallies are accurate until we get hand counted paper ballots. If we have to subpoena vote counters like we subpoena juries, then that is what we must do. But the odds of that ever happening are about zero.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  87. @Kim

    At least you critiqued it. But what about the substance? Were you able to figure out the substance and do you want to address that?

  88. @saggy

    Your problem is that you actually think that electronic voting in the US could not be fraudulent. Electronic voting is very hackable. And with the stakes being in the trillions of dollars, we should suspect that is the case.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  89. Alden says:

    As I’m always reminding the ancient men of UNZ. It’s 2022, not 1962 or 1992. An officer candidate can’t be accepted as 2nd lieutenant unless he, or she but preferably non binary is extremely woke. Then there’s the army troops and sergeants heavily black. And a very few, but highly placed and very subversive Jews such as the Vindman brothers. Remember colonel Vindman? Pentagon assigned him to the army White House staff. Listened to a conversation between Donald Trump and a Russian foreign services. officer And then lied that President Trump was colluding and committing treason with Russia in that conversation.

    How old are you that you believe the American military still consists of normal patriotic soldiers sailors airmen and officers?

    Along with agree disagree lol there needs to be a button. it’s 2022 almost 2023 not 1962 that I can just hit. Instead of posting the actual year and what’s gone on since 60 years ago.

    • Agree: Hulkamania
  90. @Robert Dolan

    How did jews get power in the west? White Anglo-Saxons gave it to them. That is historical fact.

    How do jews maintain power as a very small minority? Whites support and defend them.

  91. Alden says:
    @Reverend Goody

    Even worse were the police responses of the mostly White separate towns of Beverly Hilla and Santa Monica. BH police did nothing as BLM looters ravaged the stores. BH is a very safe city. Because the police do a perimeter patrol. Any black person entering the town is followed by police. But summer of 2020 blacks could enter and loot all they wished.

    Even worse were City of Santa Monica Police. Some of the worst looting happened on 4th street between Santa Monica and the 10 freeway. The looters had big SUVs and pickup trucks filled with loot. They even stole couches and other big furniture items.

    All this took place a couple blocks from the the city police station. Police parking lot is entered from 4th street. Yet the police hunkered down in the police station. All they had to do was look out the windows to the north. For a great view of the looting.

    Of course Santa Monica is one of the most radical left towns in the LA metro area.

  92. @Hulkamania

    You just proved my point. From my original post:

    Every time facts are presented proving shenanigans in the last election, the TRUE Election Deniers (aka Democrats) protest that the facts are wrong, “courts have decided,” etc. etc.

    And of course all this ignores Hillary and the United States Congress spending Trump’s entire term saying he stole the 2016 election. But that’s different, I guess.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  93. @davidgmillsatty

    If Democrats were engaged in mass vote switching during the 2020 election, why did they not also switch votes to win more in the Senate and house? They went to the trouble of switching votes to Biden, but then allowed republicans to have a strong performance in legislature, ensuring Biden could not pass most of his agenda? Instead they allowed Manchin to hamstring most of their legislation? The theory doesn’t even make sense.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  94. @Hulkamania

    You obviously know very little about computer auditing of elections. You run the program again and you get the same result. Unless there is paper to hand count, you will not get a true audit. The bigger the county, the less likely you are to get a hand counted audit.

  95. sally says:

    Sabrosky outlines current conditions in America to be very similar to conditions in Russia that facilitated the Bolshevik revolution culminating in take over of Russian in October of 1919? The similarity is astounding, IMO. Beginning in Russia after 1897.the move was progressive ending with overthrow and murder of the Czar and entire family. The conditioning involved violence, invasion, dominance and control of the academic space, infiltration of the prized institutions and professions, and blame and isolation of anything the Czar and his supporters tried to accomplish or do including his political appointments (the CZAR abdicated earlier in the year of 1919 in hopes that it would resolve the Chaos, as Russian had become ungovernable), the insertion of rising Bolshevik stars in the military and bureaucracy and the war against Japan 1905 financed by people from America created conditions that allowed the Bolshevik revolution to happen.

    If i remember correctly, Mussolini expired the leading opponents in his legislature , don’t remember the year?

    I thought the subject matter was difficult, and the background for the story well laid out.. There is a prior article that needs to be read to understand this one. for me this article was enlightening. I don’t keep up with this stuff much.

  96. KenR says:

    The first part of this article is right on the money, cogent, and a good analysis. I read the ending sections wistfully though. A faith in electoral politics sustains these sections. I no longer have such faith; the 2020 election unmasked the Uniparty and put to bed any doubts I ever had.

    Trump wasn’t supposed to win the 2016 election. That will not be allowed to happen again. From here on out, probably until the USA collapses in a heap, only approved candidates will be allowed on either side. The American voter will never be allowed to vote on any matter of critical importance. (Look around your district and state — can you vote this week for anybody out-of-step on Ukraine or COVID policies? I’ll be surprised if you can anywhere in America).

    I have no idea what do about this. But this is all theater, it’s all the staging of crafted narratives — one set for Blue Team people, another for Red Team people. Both teams are strung along.

  97. @davidgmillsatty

    When machines count votes, voters’ votes don’t count. Stalin famously remarked that he did not care how people voted, but did care very much about how and by whom the ballots were tallied.

    • Replies: @Hang All Text Drivers
  98. anarchyst says:

    It is apparent that you never lived in a city that was “changing” due to destructive “civil-rights (for some)” laws and statutes. I’ll bet that you have never been affected by “affirmative action” being denied deserved jobs because you are white.
    How did I actively participate in the “fall of the empire”?
    I KNEW what was going on but had not the political power to change it.
    It was all preordained by (((you know who))).

  99. @Curmudgeon

    “my cousin is naive” do you have aspergers syndrome? Those people cannot respond reasonably to anyone they are talking to…they listen to nothing and hear nothing and live in their own little world in their own heads.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  100. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:

    The following blockquote may be a “straw man” depiction of somebody other than Dartruther. However, for convenience, I refer to the person described as “Dartruther”.

    I’m getting mine. And I’ll destroy anyone who bothers me. I’ve cast aside my middle class values and I rule the streets with an actual baseball bat. No one is stopping this white man. It’s the American way.

    Laws? I make my own and lie. Like the rest of American scum. It’s been like this since 1492, at least. I hope it continues. If not, I own matches and buckets for gasoline. To keep warm, of course.

    The above is the American version of China’s “lying flat” or “let it rot”.

    “I’m getting mine.” is an interesting statement — Question: from whom is he getting his “mine”? Answer: From the entire rest of the world, from world trade based on the US Dollar and a Federal government that simply issues more US Dollars (or sells more Treasury bills) when it needs to buy something, or even (indirectly) pay the interest on the National Debt.

    That’s right, the Federal government exists to give Datruther (or at least the straw many he his describing) money. This has been the basic nature of politics since the formation of political parties in the us back in the early 1800s professionalized politicians, and reduced politics to propaganda and a cadre of paid voters. The “paid voters” can be paid by policies they favor (e.g. 1964 CRA) or by patronage jobs (Elementary school teachers, university administrators, the entire Federal bureaucracy) or by simple welfare payment or by whatever else human ingenuity can impose. During the 1930s, the New Deal established entire bureaucracies whose sole mission was to dispense Federal money to voters (HEW, much of DOD). This change was made necessary by the sheer volume of patronage.

    The weakness of such a system is apparent today. The ability of the US to borrow is under some threat now, and the Ukraine/Russian conflict is decreasing that ability. Should the Federal government become unable to place the entire burden of supporting Datruther (or at least the straw he his describing) on the rest of the industrialized world, Datruther will find that he has no income, nor does the city in which Dartruther lives. Resort to violence (

    ad baculum

    ) will do little good, as the intended audience of this “demonstration” will themselves have no income.

    In such a case, resort to military force (“martial law”) to get Dartruther’s income may be suggested. Military force has not paid great dividends since the end of WW II. In fact, military force has generally cost much more than it has brought in. This will not change, and Dartruther’s income will not come from that source. Similarly, instituting a USSR or North Korea type of command economy will not generate Dartruther’s vanished income, although it may will simply lead to his arrest and relocation to a camp in which the income he needs to sustain his way off life will become much smaller.

    So, although Dartruther’s comment attempts to portray the strength of uncontrollable wrath and destructiveness against a government that can shift the cost of Dartruther’s income to foreigners, it actually portrays a person supported by foreigners who get no benefit from that support, and are in process of ending that support. If Dartruther would like to travel to the various foreigners and panhandle/threated there, he is, of course, free to do so, but I would not advise that course of action. He would have too much competition from the other continental African immigrants. Also, who knows? There may be some ill feeling in foreign parts toward American panhandlers.

    • Replies: @Datruther
  101. anarchyst says:
    @Political Science 101

    …your jewish masters have really put the “zap” to your head.

  102. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    The Military, by not protecting Americans during the Floyd Riots, lost a lot of American’s trust. That’s the real reason recruitment is so down, ahead of the woke indoctrination and expected harassment.

  103. profnasty says:

    After 2020, any American who submits a mial-in ballot is a domestic enemy of this nation. Don’t let them slide. Get up in their face.

  104. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    You presented no facts. You presented bogus Q-tard nonsense.

  105. profnasty says:

    When Trump ordered Pentagon to stop the riots they spit in his eye. When he ordered Pentagon to guard the border, they spit in his eye.
    When Biden ordered them to the border, they went, to HELP the ((migrant)) invasion. When Biden ordered Pentagon to sequester the Capitol, they rushed in.
    If you think this military is anything but treasonous, you’re crazy.
    You’re on your own Witey. Dei on your feet or dei on your knees. Maybe your County Sheriff will help you. Maybe.

  106. @Anonymous

    And you must be a paid card-carrying member of jew supremacy that haunts comment sections trying to sew division between the goy. Gotta keep them at each other’s throats. Never let white or goy unity get a foothold. Keep playing them off of each other. Actually, you both sound like double agents. Ah, another ploy to cause paranoia, or paragoya.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  107. Why does this idiot refer to Diversity Equity and Inclusion – DEI??

    It should ALWAYS be written as Diversity Inclusion and Equity – DIE.

  108. @emerging majority

    “””When machines count votes, voters’ votes don’t count. Stalin famously remarked that he did not care how people voted, but did care very much about how and by whom the ballots were tallied.”””

    All vote counting should be done by people not machines – with cameras filming everything. But there will still be massive cheating even then. The only solution i see is to follow the constitution and bring back states rights. Then people can vote with their feet . You can’t rig that.

  109. profnasty says:

    Not to mention the “((Greatest Generation))” fought for the Soviet Union, and created Communist China.
    Everybody knows the Good Guys lost.
    Phuk the Greatest Generation.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  110. The White man didn’t invent slavery, but the White man invented abolition. And then “integration”. And then “welfare”. And then “equality”. And then “equity”. And then “bail reform”. And soon “reparations”. Nothing will ever be enough, however. Like their (((handlers))), they are eternal victims.

    • LOL: Trinity
  111. Trinity says:

    Boomers = 1946-1964. In 1964 the youngest Boomers were just being born.

  112. Datruther says:

    Drive your earned income to zero.

    Learn federal and state welfare laws and rules.

    Then, move to the most tropical part of the Empire you can think of.

    I appreciate the efforts on this board to warn me of the state’s desire to cage me. Points well taken.

    As an outdoorsman, survivalist, and over educated contemporary, I was curious how much free stuff the Feds give-out. In my latest food stamp telephone interview (Oct. 22) I was approved for $538 per month. The Feds provide my telephone with internet, housing, and complete free unlimited medical with free bus pass. I see a dermotolgist at will to check for sun cancer; my free doctors were trained at top-name schools and came here for the same reasons I did, we just have a different barter system.

    That’s the very tip of the largesse. As a single man who wore and wears condoms when I more selectively date, I am but a visitor here on this planet. No one owes me anything. I should earn my keep and then some. But the means of production have long been seized. I don’t mean to live my days hurting others at random; I want some other person to know a certain state is giving the store away for free. Just show-up and leave everything behind.

    130 million taxpaying American people will wake-up and go to work on Monday. The Empire’s tax stream is never-ending if you contribute. 130 million workers, all normalized to work their lives in pursuit of retirement. Obscene values. 40 hours a week isn’t natural law.

    This wasn’t my first or second choice. I was a hard, productive worker. I can’t blame things on divorce, or lack of college. I blame my past unwillingness to lie and be a complete political animal. Virtues are absent in our present-day culture; honor is a weapon used against men, I have found again and again in workplaces. And increasingly, society at large.

    I won’t give-up my God or sell my soul. I carry a baseball and glove, and a bat, in a duffel bag. Crime where I live is brazen and mocking.

    The person who needed to change was me. I actively seek ways to undermine the government, and soon I won’t care. Like those many who took packed lunches and had a picnic to watch the Civil War battles, I won’t fight. There won’t be a civil war. Too many are entrenched and vampiric pensioners.

    We’re descending into Africa and E. Europe. It’s being welcomed to keep domestic wages low. I’ll be at the beach or napping, protected by a military that is the worst welfare receiver. I’m a conscious objector. If you’re out there, get on an airplane. Your 500-year family built this country and died in coal and lead mines like my family. Starting over is easy when you don’t want a past.

    There is plenty of fish and tax food welfare here. Just be prepared to read the rules, get a folder for the government’s inability to follow its own rules. I win welfare appeals on due process violation claims, something I didn’t understand before my journey into welfare and leisure class living.

    Again, I exist. I am a flesh and blood man. I used to volunteer in community, I thought it was the right thing to do. I have no community. All that most individuals want is to be heard. I’ll be dead in 30 years or so. I expect others to leave me alone, or at least have a reason to physically attack me. That’s why I carry an innocent duffel bag with sporting equipment. This is all a game to the ANTIFA BLM thugs and many common criminals like federal farm subsidy receivers. So be it.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @RJ Macready
  113. @Hulkamania

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Biden “couldn’t pass his agenda?”


    The Biden jews have run this country into the fucking GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just go away. You are totally full of shit.

  114. @Datruther

    This is a good way to go. Make ZOG pay you.

    • Agree: Datruther
  115. @Datruther

    Great comment. I have taken the opposite route …become a full blown hedonist. Got a vasectomy, I sleep around, live solitary and my goal now is to get the citizenship of Monaco(tax is a reason, main reason is no affiliation to any state).

    This was a good society and it got corrupted. But then the good news from where I’m standing is that the shitshow will get worse and even the filth will suffer. Hence, my goal is to make loads of cash(I have become selfish to the core) and enjoy the shitshow, then fuck off into oblivion of death. I was born good and pure. Society and the system made me an asshole.

    • Agree: Datruther
  116. @Political Science 101

    You’re correct. It is a very rabid anthropogenic climate destabilisation denier, too. Anyone who praises the Evil Hell of the US medical industry, is beyond help. He should have gone to Cuba.

  117. @saggy

    If its Four Corners, the logo, it is SHITE.

  118. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve retired at age 44…I worked for 25 years.

    So…you only started working at 19? No part-time gigs in middle/high school? Did you bring your canine-consort dates to your stolen Sears tent to canoodle? Did you both dine on Kibbles-n-Bits avec vin?

    Most folks start working as early as they can, many off-book before 14 (mowing lawns, etc.).

    Your initials seem to be B. U. M.

    [I] collect as much welfare as possible: section 8 housing, free food stamps, free healthcare. I get all because I paid into the system.

    Bullshit. You’re not talking about Social Security…which citizens do, indeed, “pay into.” You’re talking about welfare: mooching-via-being-a-brokeass-bonehead.

    BEHOLD: an able-bodied wo/man bragging about living on the dole at 44!

    You didn’t “retire,” Shlomo. You failed, then grifted sympathy shekels.

    You saved nothing and have no regrets. What a cipher. I bet McDonald’s jumped for joy when you quit.

    Thank Yahweh you had no kids, though. It’s a hella job: teaching scamming skills to innocents.

    • LOL: Richard B, Hulkamania
    • Replies: @Datruther
    , @Hulkamania
  119. Blodgie says:

    Another proud, government-trained murderer.

    Fuck you for your service.

    • Agree: Hulkamania
  120. Richard B says:

    Bad articles will always be preferred to JIDF Trolls.

  121. @saggy

    “Anyone actively promoting the stolen election hoax might as well be promoting the Apollo hoax or the flat earth hoax. ”

    The 20 election looks to have been heavily manipulated. But then, too, so was the 2000 election.
    Let us not forget the Special Election of November 1963- decided by one vote.

  122. Datruther says:

    Update your files.

    Labor participation rates for teens are in the 30 percents and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says its declining.

    Black people have a saying, “White people like to work.”

    Save money? That’s funny and impossible. Compounded inflation is destroying savings at a 250-year record high rate.

    Now, excuse me while I renew my free LiHEAP electricity and write zeros in all the way down to have my $180 monthly bill taken care of. (It gets mighty warm here, so there’s a government program to fix that.)

    As for children, thank you for making the next generation. I just need this Ponzi scheme to keep going another few years and then my live-in Medicaid nurse moves in, I get a two-bedroom apartment, and daily sponge baths before my morning swim.

    Read and achieve. It’s not my fault the government wasted my forced FICA contributions. I want value for my labor. Karl Marx says to withhold labor until wages rise. I’m a political prisoner if you think about it.

    And no, I’m not paying back the $100,000 in student loans. Who cares? It’s the American way.

    • Agree: Hulkamania
  123. They came of age the heirs of ruin,

    When remnants of the West were carrion

    To a ravening madness, a fear whose name

    Their fathers knew but feared remember, for shame

    Had so unmanned them, and degradations

    By degrees for generations

    The Enemy bred them to embrace and cherish.

    The virtues of their forebears so would perish,

    And with them any memory of their worth

    As nations or the race from whom came forth

    A civilization peerless and sublime.

    To this end the Enemy over time

    By sophistry, by trickery and theft

    Had sabotaged their minds, until bereft

    Of truth the sons of Europe were slaves

    Most base, slaves who swore on their lives

    They were free….

    • Thanks: geokat62
  124. Even as rising, rain-redolent wind

    And the distant trembling it carries portend

    For the wary the coming of storms

    Whose energies the most terrible bombs

    Cannot rival, so for men in those days

    With sense intact the time to agonize

    Was past, the facts these lines belabor

    Unmistakable signals to prepare.

    As a man prepares his family home

    To face the hurricane, their wisdom

    Shaped all that remained in their favor

    For that imminent, momentous war

    That would decide the future, the fate

    Of the infant not yet risen to his feet.

  125. Dr. Rock says:

    Quite Simply- Never allow yourself to be taken alive.

    The “system” is corrupt, rigged, and inhumane. Better to die on the streets, in an instant, than to whither away in a gulag prison system.

    I’d add, there is no problem that cannot be fixed, if you kill enough of the right people.

    Prisons have parking lots, right? Where the employees park? Shift changes?

    EVERYONE is a “soft target” if you know when-where to look.

  126. Slav says:
    @Patrick Gibbs

    You don’t want that. Pinochet represented a treacherous compradorist class, stopped an attempt for national liberation.

    Allende’s mistake was not following Leninist revolutionary strategy, he should have impose proper proletarian dictatorship, he should have purge the reactionary elements in military and replace them with newly trained officers of working class background. He was a naive fool, paid for that with his life and lives of many copatriots.

    • Agree: Hulkamania
  127. Slav says:

    The CIA has always worked for preserving world imperialism, back then and now. They would support any traitor back then and now. Allende’s Chile nationalized its resource extraction industries, which was reverted by Pinochet, who returned it to Anglo-zionist corporation. Putin did the same as Allende, so did Chavez, so did Khomeini, so did Gadaffi.

    CIA hates sovereign nations, that tend happen to be economically socialist.

  128. @Political Science 101

    If by “those people” you mean academia, I had that figured out 40 years ago. I dealt with many PhDs that knew everything about their thesis topics but nothing about the real world. Universities are walled cities.
    If by “those people” you mean politicians, part of my job was meeting with government and the political hacks they employ. There is a reason for the old saw “You can tell when a politician is lying, because his lips are moving.” Few, if any, have independent thoughts outside of their marching orders. It’s a different kind of walled city.
    My reference to being naive was that you suggested he believed there was actually any substantive difference between the political parties. There is no political spectrum, only hues of the same colour.

  129. @Anonymous

    Most folks start working as early as they can, many off-book before 14 (mowing lawns, etc.).

    Losers and suckers do that, sure. Smart people learn early that there is little value in hard work (“value of hard work” is a lie that the rich tell their workers so they can suck more money out of them and buy a yacht without working hard themselves). Anyone who works hard for ZOG is a retarded dupe. For an example, see almost all boomers, probably the most retarded and most duped group of people in all of history. Boomers have been so well trained as slaves that many of them refuse to even properly retire. They do not even know what to do with themselves if they are not slaving away to make other people rich, so they pick up shitty bottom of the barrel retail jobs even after retirement.

    • Agree: Datruther
  130. @Geowhizz

    And the opinion of all other voters who flushed Trump like the turd he was and got President Brandon legitimately elected.

  131. @Alden

    It’s the same in all of the (((Western liberal democracies))). The intelligence services operate as one, and appear to report to Israel. The characters at the top change with a new dog and pony show at every election, but behind the scenes, on issues that really matter, the agenda continues. I had to deal with government for over 30 years, while there was a lot of noise about the flashy policies, the implementation of the real agenda only sped up or slowed down, depending on who was elected.

  132. @saggy

    Do you get paid for your trolling? Aside from the fact that many national and local US elections have been fraudulent (2000 and 2004, to cite two, but there are far too many more to cite tem all), the evidence for fraud in 2020 is far greater than the evidence for legitimacy.

    And, in case you’re wondering, pretty much most of the rest of the world (I live abroad) knows that 2020 was one of the most grotesque cases of fraud on record (far greater, say, than the already obvious 2000 and 2004 elections).

    I do hope they pay you well for your lies. Otherwise your credulity would be simply too pathetic.

  133. @Phibbs

    So does that include Ron Unz, or do you make an exception for him?

  134. @JimDandy

    They’re answering to themselves. There is no Higher Power than Our Overlords, the vast 1%-ers who e.g. enter the White House broke, but leave with a net worth of $40 million. Or take millions designated for Haiti relief and blow it on extravagant jaunts all around the globe in private jets.

    They don’t get together on a global conference call every Tuesday promptly at 7:00 p.m., but they all know they’re God’s Chosen People and act accordingly.

    I mean, I guess you could say they’re all serving Satan, but YMMV.

  135. QNS 38 says:

    LOL Excellent article. Thankfully we have obwang & Kim to inform us that this insightful essay was crap. Maybe you 2 should stick to “1 Fish, 2 Fish; Red Fish, Blue Fish.” I have faith in you both that you can cognitively handle such literature

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