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Could Trucker Populism Create A New North American Nation?
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Earlier: GLOBE AND MAIL: “Calling The Ottawa Protests ‘Peaceful’ Plays Down Non-Violent Dangers, Critics Say”

In both Canada and the U.S., anti-System sentiment is unmistakably rising among the very people the System depends on. In the ongoing Canadian trucker protest, the Left’s hysterical reaction shows that it is not just neurotic but also totalitarian [Canada Live Updates: Ending Protest Requires More Police, Ottawa Chief Says, New York Times, February 7, 2022]. In the U.S., there are open shows of contempt by U.S. Border Patrol agents aimed at their own superiors. The future of the English-speaking world may depend on what actual workers and frontline military and law enforcement decide to do when they are given unjust orders from corrupt and hostile Regimes.

The trucker strike in Canada is remarkable not just because of the courage showed by the individual truckers, but because of the massive hatred directed against them by the Regime and its media in Canada and the U.S. Perhaps the most sympathetic voice in the U.S. mainstream was Canadian journalist Jonathan Kay in the Washington Post and even he felt obliged to triangulate against the protest, dismissing it as a “stunt.” Nonetheless, he correctly noted how utterly unrepresented these people are in an ostensibly democratic country:

What’s worse (from a conservative’s point of view), the situation in Canada is fundamentally asymmetrical: While conservative populist sentiment is largely taboo within Canadian institutional politics and mainstream media, radicalized liberal dogmas are not only tolerated but performatively embraced

[Canada’s truck convoy is just a stunt in a country where populism is still taboo, February 7, 2022].

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau illustrated this when he bizarrely alluded to his own support for Black Lives Matter protests while denouncing the truckers in extreme terms [Freedom Convoy: Trudeau calls trucker protest an ‘insult to truth,’ BBC, February 1, 2022].

As Kay put it:

In recent years especially, Canadians have been greeted by the spectacle of Trudeau, a serial blackface enthusiast in days of yore, taking a knee to Black Lives Matter and denouncing his own country as a genocide state… And in 2020, when a mob tore down a statue of Canada’s first prime minister, Trudeau and other Canadian liberal leaders stared silently at their feet, a fact not lost on the truckers now being excoriated for every stray act of rudeness in Ottawa. You don’t have to be a trucker, or even a vaccine mandate opponent, to see this double standard as hypocritical[links in original].

Of course, patriots in America who assumed the rules had changed following 2020’s massive BLM protests learned that law enforcement can be suddenly draconian when the wrong side takes to the streets. Now Canadians are getting the same lesson. Truckers aren’t just being denounced by the Prime Minister, but even compared to revolutionaries by the Leftist NDP party and its leader Jagmeet Singh, the child of Sikh immigrants [Canada’s NDP leaders says trucker convoy aims to ‘overthrow’ gov’t, Al Jazeera, February 7, 2022]. While Trudeau has ruled out using the military against the truckers, he has also dismissed negotiations and said the standoff “has to stop” [‘It has to stop’: Trudeau accuses protesters of blockading ‘democracy’ during Commons debate, by Nick Boisvert and Peter Zimonjic, CBC, February 7, 2022].

This leaves the police, but police say they don’t have the manpower required, and even moving the trucks will be hard [Removing trucks could be almost ‘impossible,’ say heavy towing experts, by Michelle Allan, CBC, February 7, 2022]. It’s going to be especially difficult when even CNN reports that protests are spreading [Crowds of demonstrators join rallies across Canada as COVID-19 trucker protests spread, by Paula Newton, CNN, February 7, 2022].

A showdown seems inevitable, which means it will ultimately come down to whether police and/or military will clear the street. It will be interesting to see whether these forces will be as squeamish as the U.S. military was about stopping Black Lives Matter riots nationwide in 2020 [Top US general rejected Trump suggestions military should ‘crack skulls’ during protests last year, new book claims, by Zachary Cohen, CNN, June 24, 2021].

Ottawa police are already talking about “tracking” supporters and protesters:

So I doubt there will be much hesitation.

Still, Western Canadians at least won’t fail to see the double standard.

The trucker protest may have remained the Canadian issue that the U.S. Regime Media tried to confine it to were it not for GoFundMe [Tweet them]. The fundraising platform not only stopped people from donating to the cause but even said it would redistribute funds to other groups unless donors specifically asked for a refund. Needless to say, GoFundMe used no such tactics when serving as a platform for the CHAZ/CHOP anarchist occupation in Seattle [GoFundMe, now nixing Canadian trucker fundraiser, promoted Capital Hill Occupied Protest appeal, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, February 6, 2022].

The fundraiser for the truckers is still shut down, but donors will at least get their money back. Of course, that only happened after Florida (and others, including my home state of West Virginia) threatened a fraud investigation [GoFundMe backtracks on redistributing money for Canadian truckers, under threat of fraud investigation, by Timothy Nerozzi, Fox Business, February 6, 2022]. But if these states were governed by Democrats, communist charities would presumably be getting donations originally intended for patriot truckers.


For immigration patriots, the classic case of anarcho-tyranny and the selective rule of law is America’s non-enforcement of immigration laws. Even during the pandemic, even in the midst of COVID-19 scaremongering, the Biden Administration continued its mysterious flights of illegal immigrants into the United States [Biden Encourages Massive Illegal Immigration and Tries To Hide It With Secret Flights, by Lora Ries, Heritage, January 31, 2022]. The Border Patrol itself has been reduced to a “concierge service” for illegal immigrants, with our law enforcement professionals essentially serving the goals of cartels and human smugglers [Border patrol ‘working with cartels,’ to handle overwhelming migrant crossings: Former official, by Angie Wong, New York Post, February 6, 2022].

But recently Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas spoke to Border Patrol agents and received an outright defiant response. One agent reportedly turned his back to the DHS Secretary, to which Mayorkas reportedly responded that though they could turn his back on him, he would never turn his back on them [Border Patrol agents confront Homeland Security secretary in contentious meeting, by Erin Doherty, Axios, February 1, 2022].

But the secretary’s rhetoric doesn’t change the fact that he’s already turned his back on the Border Patrol through his actions. The most recent figures show that the monthly number of people encountered by the Border Patrol has been increasing to over 180,000. Illegal aliens also want to be detained so they can be released into the country, one of the specific charges Border Patrol agents made against the DHS Secretary [Migrants with criminal records among those being released in the US: ICE Agent, by Callie Peterson, Carl Campanille, and Bruce Golding, New York Post, January 27, 2022].

CNN, hardly a pro-border enforcement outlet, admitted that agents’ comments “were part of a wave of frustration expressed by an often-politicized workforce tasked with securing the border amid an increase in unlawful crossings and a lingering pandemic” [Leaked audio and video show Border Patrol agents confronting Homeland Security secretary at meetings, by Geneva Sands, February 1, 2022].

Selective law enforcement, double standards, and official hypocrisy are raising existential questions for North America.

Ultimately, it comes back to the National Question. Throughout the Anglosphere, we are ruled by an elite that views rural voters, conservatives, and whites not just as political opponents but domestic enemies or insurgents. Meanwhile, non-citizens seem to have more rights than conservative Americans.

Canadian conservatives face the same situation. When we look at our rulers in Washington or Ottawa, it is difficult to believe that we are really part of the same people, share the same values, or should have a common destiny.

It’s too early to say what this will lead to in the long run. For all we know, the Potomac Regime could provoke war with Russia soon.

Yet I see long-standing divisions persisting beyond the pandemic, and even a Wag-The-Dog war. Questions about Covid-19, deplatforming, and even immigration are no longer just about those issues. There’s something greater building.

Both North American polities seem to be fragmenting from within. Western Canada seems to have more in common with Red State America than it does with Ottawa. Not a few are noticing that support for the caravan is coming from Western separatist movements, not the mainstream federal Conservative party. An official from the pro-Alberta sovereignty Maverick Party, Tamara Lich, was instrumental in organizing the movement. She recently quit the party for reasons that are not clear [\$9.8M lawsuit targets convoy leaders after GoFundMe cuts off 10M fund; Tamara Lich quits Maverick Party, by David Climenhaga, Rabble, February 7, 2022].

The Canadian truckers themselves seem poised to face the kind of lawfare that substantially squelched the nascent Alt Right in the U.S. Border Patrol agents remain suppressed by the Biden Administration, smuggling out reports to media allies in order to create pressure from the outside.

What unites both these issues is that loyalty, identity, and even legality have all become subjective. The written rules no longer matter; only power is left.

Will dissidents in North America tolerate state repression when they see criminal movements from the Left not just indulged but endorsed?

If the “Alt Right” has been mugged, what has emerged from its ashes is a broader, more populist, and more amorphous Dissident Right.

We still don’t know what final form it will take. What we do know is that it’s a political movement that is crossing national boundaries [Alaska truckers form convoy to support Canadian protests, Associated Press, February 7, 2022].

Border security, vaccine mandates, and immigration law enforcement may soon collide in a political firestorm that could dominate the next year. If that occurs, dissidents in both the U.S. and Canada will find that we have a common fate.

We can turn our backs on Ottawa and the District of Columbia. But we should never turn our backs on each other.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him | Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. aandrews says:

    “But if these states were governed by Democrats, communist charities would presumably be getting donations originally intended for patriot truckers.”

    LOL True that!

  2. Anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Convoying over pandemic mandates is inane. There’s a real pandemic and wearing masks and distancing and vaccine passports to end it makes sense. Millions have died already and they’re not all old and infirm! Get real! The US should save the convoying for when they arrest Trump.

  3. Franz says:

    When we look at our rulers in Washington or Ottawa, it is difficult to believe that we are really part of the same people, share the same values, or should have a common destiny

    Good point.

    They are different from us. No matter how well they mimic us, they are not us and never were.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @3g4me
    , @ThreeCranes
  4. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Throughout the Anglosphere, we are ruled by an elite that views rural voters, conservatives, and whites not just as political opponents but domestic enemies or insurgents. Meanwhile, non-citizens seem to have more rights than conservative Americans.

    Canadian conservatives face the same situation. When we look at our rulers in Washington or Ottawa, it is difficult to believe that we are really part of the same people, share the same values, or should have a common destiny.

    They view us as goyim, and themselves as the Chosen Elect Vanguard.

    It’s truly unbelievable so many rubes can’t accept that, but over the years they’ve basically been bought off with central bank largesse printed by the usual suspects, who’ve taken the biggest chunk for themselves. As the Ponzi scheme unravels, the rube junior partners find themselves being thrown under the bus.

    Such is inevitable when you promote Judas to top man because you like the easy thirty pieces of silver he produces, seemingly at will. Only when you realize the true price do you start feeling tight around the collar.

    Does it ever occur to the rubes to terminate Judas, or is he now Too Big To Fail? Exactly how does Judas get so big in an ostensibly “Christian” civilization, anyway? Or did the real Christians lose WW2 to the Anglo-((Bolshevik)) sphere?

    Well, at least the Slavs have preserved enough of a remnant to stand a fighting chance, unless they’re stupid enough to let Judas divide and rule them — again — too.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @ThreeCranes
  5. LMAO if it does come to be it’d be hilarious it happened thanks to a nation renowned for humility, non violence and empathy. The nice Canadians. 😄 🤣 😂

    I studied and lived in Ottawa for 5 years and I can’t believe this is the reason that city is getting so much publicity. Say what you will at th dire state of world, absurdly I’m having a great time. You can’t make this shit up.

    • Replies: @Anon
  6. Looks as if a couple idiots, shills or rowing-bots got on board here tonight first. Oh well. You wanna get some real good video coming outta Canada? Check out She’s this sweet looking blonde, so don’t get distracted. What she brings out is a series of clips including one from the former personal body-guard of little dictator Trudy, an RCMP officer who could not any longer live with himself, being around all the lies and decisions which have resulted in damage to thousands upon thousands of Canadians who have taken the jab and also those who have lost jobs and pensions because they too refuse the mandates.

    Believe it or not those truckers have begun a genuine peaceful revolution coming outta the working-class whose motto seems to be “We just ain’t gonna take it anymore”. Former Premier Peckford of Nova Scotia, the last living statesman who created Canada’s equivalent to the Bill of Rights, is totally on the side of the truckers and their millions of supporters throughout “The Great White North, Strong and Free”.

    Obviously, millions of Canadians felt that their land was being transformed into the Canuckistan dictatorship on behalf of the Bank\$ter’s “Great Reset” agenda. Trudeau, incidentally, was one of the “future leaders” schooled by Klaus Schwab, who got his chops at the knees of none other than Heinrich Kissinger, the #1 Minion for the Rottenfeller Crime Clan.

    Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is hardly the only place getting trucker actions. On the Alberta-Montana boarder a group of truckers, augmented by farmers on John Deere tractors and cowboys armed with Canadian and American flags have become part of that adventure. They are not gonna call off their roadblock until the provincial and national governments shitcan those Vaxxations.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Randolph
  7. Mike-SMO says:

    Not “old and infirm”, but with un-addressed medical co-morbidities. Obesity, diabetes, immune suppression due to medications or age. For most people COVID ain’t nothing and is probably less of a risk than the vaccinations. Talk to your doc, test blood pressure, fasting blood sugar, Vitamin-D(3). Levels and get your BMI (Body-Mass- Index, it is a crude measure but can give you some feedback on “obesity”), exercise. Pneumonia, a respiratory infection from any virus or bacteria, has been killing “old people” for centuries. In Chicago, in 2020 as I recall, “” 95% plus of the “COVID” deaths had one or more serious co-morbidities. Treat’em if you Got’em!

    There is no “escaping” a respiratory virus, without isolation, extreme sanitation, etc. Masks and “shut downs” are mostly a waste of time and effort. The vulnerable with un-treatable co-morbidities have to be isolated. Cuomo showed what happens when you mix the vulnerable elderly with contagion. Wash your paws before you touch your face or your food. Avoid crowds. Someone in the audience will be a carrier of whatever their children brought home. Common Sense and a functional immune system will keep you safe. It is the things that a lazy physician didn’t check for that will get you in trouble.

    I’m in my 70s. I asked for a therapeutic “red head”, but my physician says there are none available under my insurance coverage. In the mean time, he tested for everything he could. The young shrug off respiratory challenges all the time. The China Cof (Kung Flu, Mao Tse Lung, etc) is just one more.

    “Shut Downs” are a waste that destroy the economy without providing any medical benefit. If you are scared, wear a mask. An effective mask to go along with effective sanitation. Tequila may help.

    • Replies: @Traddles
    , @brostoevsky
  8. nsa says:

    Canada is essentially a pathetic colony of the US. When resources get tight around 2050, nine of the ten provinces will be absorbed into the US as new states, allowing unfettered access to the wealth of the northern territories and the arctic. Quebec is somewhat protected by its language and culture, so it will be incorporated as a territory. 1 in 4 western Canadians would happily apply for US statehood right now if allowed to vote on it, as long as they could keep their hockey teams and medical plans.

    • Troll: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Fred777
    , @Jimmy le Blanc
  9. At a total of 180,000 illegals per month swarming across the southern border and aided and abetted by the unelected Administration, one wonders how many of those nice young men have received military training, say with Isis in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and are being primed to be shock troops in the crackdown on Americans who believe in the America which was and can be again.

    This whole thing stinks like a dead skunk what’s been lying on the road for a couple days of nice July sunshine.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Kirkpatrick’s analysis is very good, but he does wear those “alt-right” conservative blinkers a bit much. The issue is NOT “left” versus “right”. Benjamin Franklin, during our first Revolutionary War, a violent one, stressed that “If we don’t all hang together, you may rest assured they shall hang us all separately.”

    Didja notice that Ottawa cop entering numbers, names and all on his little device? He’s not courageous enough to take off his badge and join the Canadian People. It’s all about keeping the vast majority shrinking in a web of fear. Could be this time it’s not gonna work.

    Here’s where I feel Kirkpatrick, for all the good he has done with this essay, has partway missed the boat: Again, the issue is NOT about some battle between the righteous and the terminally deluded.

    If we don’t all hang together and win this one we will not have any RIGHTS LEFT.

    • Agree: Notsofast, Thomasina
  11. Nancy says:

    Are there no facts at all… none?… under your rock? Hope you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

  12. Common Time says: • Website

    …in 20 years, there will NOT be enough whites in Canada to make it a viable country! Either fight against the Muslem takeover, flee to somewhere else or join in some ” North American Union”, just to survive!
    ..” Given immigration and immigration trends, Canada will become a majority Muslem country by 2059!” …” American Thinker ..March 16 , 2016″

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  13. Nancy says:

    Well, the \$9M scared Mr. Breyer, Ashketurk billionaire major investor (w/ CIA ties) in GoFundMe… and probably the \$4.5M consequently raised in 24 hrs, when he tried to blow off those thousands of original donors. There seems to be power in numbers, when we have a trustworthy rallying point (per Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders – yea, I know they’re not perfect… but their opponents make them look real good!)

  14. Dumbo says:

    LOL. Idiot. All these measures are ridiculous. Lately I’ve been living in a place where no one uses the stupid masks and passports and no one died. While places where all those things applied are doing worse.

    Go hide under a bed or something. Or perhaps, turn off your CNN? Moron.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @JR Foley
    , @Anon
  15. Five or six million Canadians (Stephen Harper’s 2011 numbers 5,832,401) moving south likely upgrayedds the United States. Moving 2 million conservative Canadians to New York put its 29 electoral votes in play for the Republicans. Or moving all 6 million to California puts 55 electoral votes into play. But let’s get real, none of that’s going to happen. The United States needs a Revolution soon or it’s done.

  16. I seem to recall another Chiroptera guano, balloon juice spewing, reich-wing politics bloviator of 30 or so years ago, by a somewhat similar name. Same excreta, different era!

  17. Alfred says:

    A big mistake to let the Sikhs enter Canada in large numbers. All they care about is getting more of their kith and kin out of the hellhole called Punjab.

    THE 25 crore man stepped in like a thief, eyes wary, searching for a sign that he must run. Jagbeer Singh. Farmer. Bus conductor. Father. Heroin smuggler. Jailbird. Nobody. (

    So who did blow up the Air India plane?

    Air India Flight 182 was an Air India flight operating on the Montreal–London–Delhi-Bombay route. On 23 June 1985, it was operated using Boeing 747-237B registered VT-EFO. It disintegrated in mid-air en route from Montreal to London, at an altitude of 31,000 feet (9,400 m) over the Atlantic Ocean, as a result of the explosion from a bomb planted by militant, Canadian-Sikh terrorists. The remnants of the airliner fell into the ocean approximately 190 kilometres (120 miles) west-southwest of the southwest tip of Ireland, killing all aboard: 329 people, including 268 Canadian citizens, 27 British citizens and 24 Indian citizens. The bombing of Air India Flight 182 is the largest mass killing in Canadian history, Canada’s worst terrorist attack, the deadliest aviation incident in the history of Air India and was the deadliest act of aviation terrorism until the September 11 attacks in 2001.

    Air India Flight 182

  18. roonaldo says:

    Better watch out! Girly-boy Trudeau said he’ll hunt down U.S. citizens contributing to the truckers. Have at it, potato-face! Will this be before or after you emerge from hiding and put the whupass on misogynist, racist, swastica-adorned, double-parked Canadians? Oh my! Can only kryptonite stop you!?

    Of course, girly-boy is counting on “The one, the only, Corn-Poppin’, heart-stoppin’, lip-smackin’, Trump-whackin’, Dynamooooo…J-J-Joeyyy…Bubbaaa…Biii-dennn,” whose DOJ has declared that purveyors of misinformation or conspiracy theories are terrorists. I guess they’ll be dragging away the uppity Mr. Kirkpatrick soon.

    So, let the determination and courage of the intrepid truckers and all those who stand up, speak out, and oppose our tormentors–from youngsters refusing masks to scientists refuting lies–inspire us to keep on keepin’ on in hope of better times ahead.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, RadicalCenter
    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  19. @Anon

    Your algorithm was outgunned, deep state. Do better.

  20. Hitmarck says:

    Why dont open border politicians not just try to get elected in brown people countries?

  21. Working class view of trucks

    Jewish view of trucks

  22. Canada is a nation run by faggots, shrill bitches, and brown sludge, all coordinated by the kikes. Canadian “conservatives” have the same problem as their counterparts in the U.S., they won’t or can’t acknowledge the real problem. This protest, while laudable, is no more than a fart in a hurricane, a last gasp.

    • LOL: Sepp
    • Replies: @frontier
  23. HCQ says:

    How does a vaccine passport serve any purpose when the majority of new cases are among the fully vaxed?

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, Biff K
  24. padre says:

    Why is that populism? Populism is, when you use people for your own purpose!

  25. “May you live in interesting times”, the piece of paper in my cookie said. These times don’t have to be interesting just for the left, as they are in its latest push for Communist Totalitarianism.

    The times can be interesting for us Patriots too. God Bless the Canuck truckers who, along with the 1/6 gang, got things started. It’s high time the Patriots left even in the US Gov’t (as in, those BP agents) join in. Nobody says we have to keep taking shit from the Commie Establishment.

    Be a part of history, even if it’s a small part. Remember what movie General Patton said:

    “Thirty years from now, when you’re sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you, “What did you do in the World Revolution*,” you won’t have to say, “Well… I shoveled shit in Louisiana.”


    * No, we DON’T know how it ended yet.

  26. Regarding the Anarcho-Tyranny of those illegal alien flights you mentioned, Mr. Kirkpatrick:

    Joe Biden is a human trafficker and should be arrested as such.

    Peak Stupidity has a post – “Joe Biden is a criminal Human Trafficker!” – on the story of the secret nighttime flights by iAero Group Charters, formerly Swift Airlines, flying with the callsign “SwiftAir”. The Federal contractor MVM, Inc. has been arranging for these flights and providing on-board security.

    These flights have been landing after (tower) hours at a number of airports around the country, including White Plains, NY – Westchester County (HPN) where they are put into buses to be spread all over the country – the latest fleet seen were to Madison, NJ and down to Maryland.

    Please go to Flight Aware* to keep up with these human trafficking flights. (FAA code is SWQ, and you’ll have to stay up late.)

    Human Trafficking is NOT OK!


    * Note that not all the iAero, aka SwiftAir flights are nefarious. They have been flying the worst of the criminal illegals from the detentions center in Alexandria, LA to Miami and points south, formerly with the call sign “Repatriate”. They fly other charters and then do some DHL work out of Cincinnati.

    However, right now iAero, aka Swift Airlines, is also being a whore for MVM, Inc, which is a whore working for the US Feral Gov’t pimp named Joe Biden!

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  27. profnasty says:

    Every vaxxed person has been Alienated.
    They are all ‘Aliens’ now. They are in league with the invaders of our world- the infiltraters of our nation.

    Do not let them take your eternal soul.
    Fear not. The altered DNA will kill them all.

    Screwtape is too clever by half.

  28. JR Foley says:

    900,000 are gone and no need for more.

    • LOL: Marcion
    • Replies: @Dystopian
    , @Dumbo
  29. Lochearn says:

    Is it me or has something happened to the Unz Review over the past six months? It seems to have lost its edge and the Truckers’ Convoy is a good example of this. Here we have an article that instead of proclaiming that this is something massive – 50,000 trucks descending on Ottawa of all places being supported by ordinary folk on overpasses and road sides – is tepid and hesitant. The Convoy is a counter revolution. The revolution was the Great Reset. The Convoy has woken dozens of millions throughout the world.

    As an old-fashioned “fair days pay for a fair day’s work” type of guy, who loathes Communism and is fairly well versed in the antics of the Tribe, I have been glued to the screen since the convoy left Vancouver. The article fails to point out that Trudeau is Klaus Schwab’s favorite among his batch of “Young Global leaders.” It is no coincidence that the most repressive Covid regimes – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, France, Argentina, Italy – are all led by WEF clones. Schwab even boasted that the World Economic Forum had control over half of Trudeau’s cabinet.

    • Agree: Notsofast, 3g4me, Thomasina
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  30. Anonymous[406] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    At a total of 180,000 illegals per month swarming across the southern border and aided and abetted by the unelected Administration . . .

    And the Republicans hide their inaction behind the rule of law the putsch de zionistes in DC confirms no longer prevails, given Mayorkas’s claim that Legacy America is the enemy. . How cleverly it’s all balanced with McChao’s handwringing and toothless gumming, as well as DJT’s Barnum & Bailey stadium extravaganzas designed to neutralize rather than marshal patriotic reaction when it was required in the streets.

  31. Everyone can support the trucker convoy by doing a couple of things;

    1. refuse any more shots (given their sketchy record, you should be doing this anyway)

    2. boycott all businesses that require a vax pass (yes it’s not their fault, but they’ve all gone along with it, and closed down businesses will get the attention of the government far more than honking horns).

    And the most important thing of all that we can do – stop supporting the police!!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  32. Mike Tre says:

    Ron, is this you posting from your AOL connection?

    • Replies: @ld
    , @Catdompanj
  33. Mike Tre says:

    No new nation is possible until the Asians, Africans, and mestizos are removed. It’s as simple as that.

  34. Trinity says:

    Alright American Airlines, Delta,etc., you can do more damage than even truckers. Let people know what the most essential jobs are in our nations. Sanitation workers, railroad, shipping and dock workers, construction, farmers, etc., these are America’s most powerful people, we just don’t know it yet. Almost all pilots and farmers are White and male and these protests should have more to do with exposing Jews and their plans of White genocide from importing non white rapists and murderers to their role behind the Jew flu.

    Refund Whites and Defund The Jews. Give working class Whites every single thing that genocidal racist Jews, rich white traitor trash like the Bush, Clintons and Trumps have stolen from them. The Blacks need to cough up some money as well. They destroyed our cities and schools assaulted, and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Whites for 60 plus years and counting.

    Jew flu = Jew script

    • Troll: Ben Sampson
    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  35. I wish that people would shake off that right/left mentality. It seems to be a brain-worm that prevents people from seeing the higher truths. Even good articles like the author’s just can’t get away from it.

    If Einstein’s supposed theory of insanity needed verification, there would be no better example than the charade of voting in Western “Democracies”. It is ever amazing that the Coke vs Pepsi, Coke vs Pepsi light, New Coke vs Pepsi, Classic Coke vs Pepsi light etc etc.. just keeps on keeping on.

    The real battle, as presently waged with the Freedom Truckers is between Real Human Beings and Generational Reptiles and their groomed vipers. It would be a slam dunk if it were not for the army of ‘normies’ who think in these terms of political parties.

    I don’t know if the Truckers realize it but they are enacting one of Sun Tzu’s proclamations at the present time, ” balk the enemy’s power, force him to reveal himself”. Right now they are actually causing ‘normies’ to waver. The goons and very sloppy provocateurs were/are the tipping point. When the Reptiles lose the ‘normies’, it is game on!


  36. Fred777 says:

    “1 in 4 western Canadians would happily apply for US statehood right now if allowed to vote on it, as long as they could keep their hockey teams and medical plans.“

    I know a few Canadians and none of them wants to join the USA. But if they do they sure as hell ain’t keeping their medical plan.

    Wet pantied Karens will swing the vote towards Justin as long as he wants.

  37. One of my cousins is a China-based consultant for ABF. Canada is considering issuing emergency visas to Chinese truckers to replace these honking hypocrites. Hope they enjoy being the next victims of the great replacement. I’ll laugh when their kids grow up to be impoverished trannies.

    • Replies: @Boomthorkell
  38. Anonymous[619] • Disclaimer says:

    Sikhs thought that they would get the whole of the Poonjab from both India (first) and Pakistan and convert Hindoos and Moslems to their own creed… all those terrorists acts were designed to achieve that distant goal.

  39. KenH says:

    The Canadian trucker convoy is being falsely framed as a violent white supremacist erection by Jewish media and shabbos goy politicians in both Canada and the U.S.

    but even compared to revolutionaries by the Leftist NDP party and its leader Jagmeet Singh, the child of Sikh immigrants

    Ah, the wonders of turd world immigration. FOX has been trying to spin/frame the Canadian trucker freedom convoy as a multiracial thing and while there does seem to be Indian, Black and other non-white truckers the vast majority appear to be white which is why turd worlders like Jagmeet Singh have had such a visceral reaction to it.

    So Jew owned lefty media outlets frame the trucker convoy as white supremacist while kosher con outlets like FOX spin a narrative of a rainbow coalition of working class truckers. While the former is an outright lie and objectionable both are wrong.

  40. @nsa

    1. The US won’t be around in 2050 to absorb anything. It’ll be lucky to survive the rest of the decade.

    2. All Canadians, even Westerners, are cuck slaves. Instead of God, they worship socialized healthcare. To question Canadian health care is to open yourself up to scorn and ridicule.

    3. White Canadians, like their American cousins, freely swallow the diversity jizz after stroking off their Jew masters.

    Canadians have since the 60s been smug assholes; as long as they have their six packs of beer and the hockey game on, they’re happy. This “trucker’s protest” is merely the means to that end.

  41. @Anon

    Your comment is not even worth a roll of the eyeballs accompanied by the most listless “Oy Vey.”

  42. Dystopian says:
    @JR Foley

    The fictitious 900,00 by inflated government statistics. If they used the same counting protocol used in the 2018 H1N1 epidemic the number would be less than 80,000. The real killer is the government and medical industry denying life saving therapeutics to the sick. For proof look at dearths per capita in third world mostly un-vaccinated Ivermectin using India vs mostly vaccinated Israel or the United States. I would have given you a pass a couple of years ago but now the data is in. All of the measures rolled out by the western world have only made things worse. I would even go so far as to say that jab has killed and will continue to kill more than the disease it doesn’t prevent.

    • Thanks: Nancy
  43. I find it hilarious that many commenters on this forum see this as some sort of proto-revolution. It isn’t. The protestors merely want to get back to the way it was “before.” They have no desire to upend, let alone examine, the root causes of the tyranny they are suffering under. They are the pathetic proles in 1984.

    Sure, the powers that be may cancel the mandates, but those mandates were just one symptom of a larger problem. The globalists will find another bugbear to frighten the masses.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, mocissepvis
  44. @Alfred

    We are not in the 1980s. Yes Sikhs did commit acts of terror back them, most of the ire was towards the Indira Gandhi & her clan. As far as immigration goes, I don’t think Sikhs are behaving any differently from other groups. In US chain migration has to end. If someone has a wife (I mean 1 wife not a harem) and kids in a foreign country, when said person gets citizenship, of course they should come –but not brother X uncle Y and cousin Z. Let them file on their own merits.

  45. HT says:

    Protests alone will change nothing. The protest leaders in both Canada and America will be hunted down by the government and given long prison terms. If you don’t punish and eliminate the tyranny it won’t just go away. That is true in all of human history.

    • Agree: Agent76, mocissepvis
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  46. Dumbo says:
    @JR Foley

    They would have been “gone”, with or without “lockdowns”, “masks”, “social distancing”, “vaxx passports”, and other USELESS, and actually counter-productive, containment measures.

    I suppose there are people who like to live like that, with a mask all the time, and fearing their own neighbours. In fact, I met people who like that “pandemic” stuff. It makes them feel important, I guess.

    But, all that didn’t stop anyone from getting, or not getting, “Covid”.

    Perhaps a massive distribution of vitamin C and D would have helped more, I don’t know. But those measures certainly didn’t.

  47. Traddles says:

    Some inspiring, hopeful signs with these truckers and their allies. I’m old enough to remember the Solidarity movement in Poland. This reminds me of that, with regular working guys and their families making a stand against a very corrupt, evil system, at potentially great personal cost.

    • Agree: Agent76
  48. Agent76 says:

    Feb 8, 2022 RAW: Freedom convoy protest in Toronto’s downtown

    Rebel News reporter Tamara Ugolini was reporting live in downtown Toronto where protesters gathered to support the convoy for freedom movement currently underway.

    Feb 8, 2022 RAW: Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested AGAIN at home by undercover police

    Calgary police have made yet another dramatic arrest of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

    Feb 7, 2022 OTTAWA FREEDOM CONVOY – Are protesters honest and respectful citizens or not ? Justin Trudeau say…

    On the 31st of January, the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau addresses the nation about the protest that is taking place in Ottawa. He portrayed the protesters like violent people, racists and more. On the 2nd of February, he did put another layer with a tweet.

  49. Anon[128] • Disclaimer says:

    They are servants of Jewry. Savage ungentle Gentiles.

  50. @Anon

    Please read a variety of medical sources and educate yourself more thoroughly. Swiss Policy Project is one useful source, free from emotion and politics. The medical doctors and epidemiologists there do not have any financial incentive to lie or exaggerate — unlike many of the “experts” exaggerating the virus and the efficacy and safety of masks and injections. They regularly update with new data, and they are open to revising their assessment, like real scientists.

    Every US president could and should be arrested for the aggressive murder they order abroad without any defensive reason. That’s got nothing to do with the medical science, which we all need to learn to make rational decisions. And a calmer look at “the science” will show you that the PCR test is systematically unreliable, with a very high rate of false positives — and the test reacts to fragments of dozens of different viruses — which means that “case numbers” have been false all along.

    Don’t give up your own freedom — or worse, support the deprivation of other people’s freedom — just because you hate some of the people resisting the new pandemic police state or disagree with them on other issues. Please.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  51. Ultimately, it comes back to the National Question….

    Which, ultimately, is the Jewish Question.

    • Agree: Catdompanj, mocissepvis
  52. 3g4me says:

    @4 Franz: Shhh! You’re not supposed to notice they’re special unless they say it’s okay to notice because they’re suffering.

  53. @Johnny Smoggins

    Many business-owners here in LA actively supported injection “passports”, lockdowns, forced masking, and the whole hysterical police state. Don’t assume that all small-business-owners are lovers of liberty or willing to think and assess risks calmly.

    STOP SUPPORTING THE POLICE is right on. Any cop who does not actively join the movement to reclaim liberty is an enemy and both he and his family must be lawfully made to feel unwelcome and hated everywhere they go. But cops who stand with us should be thanked, welcomed, and defended.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  54. R2b says:

    Good article.
    Cast truck monuments!
    Incarcerate Turdeau.
    And the rest.
    Watch out!

  55. Mischi says:

    Now that the Canadians have taken the lead in fighting for their freedom, Americans want to annex them?

    How does that even make sense?

    Why should Canadians want to join a country that has started wars or been involved in wars in almost every year of its existence? That wants to start a war with Russia over Ukraine?

    Why do we want millions of illegal immigrants who walk around and commit crimes in a country we belong to? Why do we want millions of African Americans in any country we belong to?

    Answer me that.

    • Agree: mocissepvis, HdC
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  56. Anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    So if you’re not young and or fit as a fiddle you should die already! Talk about misplaced frustration at the powers that be, deep state! And fact is, fit as fiddles people have died from the virus. A pandemic is a passing thing, measures taken to end it make sense.

    No one has died where you are and no one is wearing masks, Dumbo.
    Good for you. Hopefully this means the pandemic is abetting. That THOUSANDS still die every day in the US alone from this infectious respiratory virus says it’s not quite gone yet.

    What’s the big deal about adhering to mandates for another few weeks or months to stem the spread of infections! And to stop variants from cropping up which may be less virulent but may be more virulent. MRNA “vaccine” are synthetics and do not contain any virus. Making them safer than traditional vaccines. They won’t give you covid as traditional vaccines using virus can give you the disease they’re supposed to prevent. J and J , Astra Zeneca are real vaccines and can theoretically cause covid itself. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you should not be forced but distancing should be enforced.

    That’s some great political stand to refuse to wear a mask during a pandemic? Up until now all you do was complain about policies and the meta political situation. [ except for Jan. 6, but no convoys to demand those arrested be released. They’ve been thrown under the bus]. But wearing a mask to stop a respiratory infection is just too much! Talk about moronic! The economy can recover just by printing money and sending out checks, and prohibiting evictions. Ending a pandemic is essential.

  57. Thomasina says:
    @emerging majority

    Amazing Polly is simply fantastic. Didn’t she get the boot off Youtube too? I haven’t watched her in awhile, but I will now. Thanks for the link.

  58. TPM says: • Website

    …the classic case of anarcho-tyranny and the selective rule of law…

    In an equally classic case of misdirection, in 1981 the government / Crown-in-right-of-Canada unlawfully and illegally revived the long-outlawed and criminal practice of non obstante or the giving of permission to friends of the Crown to violate the (civil) law, and then extended it into the criminal-law-realm so that its banker friends would be able to systematically violate the then (soon to be) new anti-money-laundering / criminal-interest-rate law under the Criminal Code:

    Senator Buckwold: Then….the bank, theoretically, could be prosecuted for [money-laundering / receiving or converting interest-in-advance]

    Mr. Wong…theoretically, yes. That is one of the reasons this section is unusual, in that it requires the consent of the Attorney General before [criminal] prosecutions are initiated, thus preventing the application of the section to [criminal] commercial practices to which it was not intended [by the bankers and other controllers of the money / credit system] that it apply. It then becomes a question of the Attorney General’s discretion. (Select Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce) (SSCBTC) transcripts; 4-11-1980 [November 4, 1980], 24:28)

    For the subsequent ten years the system in Canada oscillated like a drunk on a bicycle as the directly-appointed judges / former-bank-lawyers tried to contain the damage.

    Then in 1990 the Supreme Court of Canada fixed the problem by unanimously ruling that criminal / racketeering offences by financial corporations are not illegal. Problem fixed.

    Thirty-some years after that much of Canada’s vast resource wealth has been transferred to the money-power for nothing. Here is a brief summary of what happened, titled:

    What happened to the \$10 Trillion?


    Why are so many of us underperforming our birthright?

    For the majority in Canada the answer is because in 1990 the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ratified the decision of a group of ex-bank-lawyers calling themselves the Ontario Court of Appeal that criminal-law violations and racketeering offences committed by financial corporations are not illegal, because:

    [1] The criminal law only provides that offenders will be severely punished but does not otherwise directly state: Don’t do it;

    [2] Financial corporations are not among the “class of persons” to whom the criminal law was intended to apply; and

    [3] The financial corporation had been counselled and assisted (aided and abetted) by “two leading Toronto law firms” / members of the BAR.

    But the decision wasn’t just clinically insane by existing medical and psychiatric standards – it was also what the lawyers call precedent. Virtually all commercial crime sections of the Criminal Code are of the same form – none of them directly state – Don’t do it.

    Thirty years later, a typical mortgage in Canada today has between 14 and 24 prima facie domestic criminal law and international-treaty-law racketeering violations / offences.

    That is why, as just a relatively minor example, your nominal mortgage is most likely in the form of a wager or game-of-chance. Virtually every mainstream mortgage includes a provision to the effect:

    8.11 The Borrower agrees that neither the execution nor registration of this mortgage …will oblige the Lender to advance any…money hereunder but the advance of money from time to time will be in the sole discretion of the Lender. [This provision allows the bank to charge off the lead-underwriter’s [pretended-borrower’s] assets as an entry-fee for a wager to account for the bank’s otherwise unearned (unaccounted-for) gain (i.e., so that it does not have to pay-back the secured credit that it receives from the note-issuer / pretended-borrower / creditor-in-fact)].

    In plain English, and reduced to its essential and material elements, a typical nominal mortgage transaction is:

    “First, legally and unconditionally convey to us all of the assets (everything real or financial and specific to this nominal transaction), and then maybe we will agree that we owe you something in return, and maybe we won’t.”

    The scope and scale of criminal and international racketeering law violations is simply mind-boggling, and all hiding-in-plain-sight. It is not about whether you subsequently win the wager or game-of-chance – it is about the bank doubling its accounting (capital) gains and real profits by putting the alleged transaction into the form of a wager. From there on it’s all about leverage leverage leverage.

    That is why the owners of the private banking system own virtually everything, even though they do not produce anything tangible.

    The former bank-lawyers, who are directly appointed as judges by the former bank-lawyer or bank-director normally occupying the prime minister’s office at any given time, are masters at pretending that they don’t understand why these practices are illegal and criminal even as the nation itself is systematically harvested in violation of literally dozens of laws against precisely those practices.

    As an ultimate failsafe they add general disclaimers to their securities that the parties agree to disregard the criminal law and all other laws:

    NOTWITHSTANDING the provisions of any Statute [any lawful Act of Parliament including the criminal law] relating to the rate of interest payable by debtors this contract [and security] shall remain in full force and effect whatever the rate of interest received or demanded by [the Bank – (SUN LIFE FINANCIAL in this particular case)].

    Seventy-five years ago, at the end of WW II, we in Canada were fewer than twelve million people in possession of about one-tenth of the world’s broadly-defined diverse natural resources. Today we have an embarrassing level of widespread poverty, while a relative handful of elites and elite families, domestic and foreign, own virtually everything.

    They will tell you that I don’t know what I am talking about because I am not a lawyer. They will tell you that I am not capable of understanding their process of reasoning, which regardless stands on its own (res ipsa loquitur – the thing speaks for itself):

    “[T]here is no doubt that the corporate plaintiff [directly funded / reinsured by the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)] committed an offence under s. 347(1)(a) by entering into an agreement or arrangement to receive [convert and leverage] interest at a criminal rate” [also via front-loading (\$45,000 kick-back converted-in-advance) contrary to s. 347(1)(b), (and also forgery / falsified-securities and money-laundering) to conceal it] [and] “The parties…acted on the advice of their solicitors” [described elsewhere by the trial judge as “two leading Toronto law firms”]

    and / but

    “…[The criminal law [Section [347(1)(a)], … provides only for punishment of persons agreeing to receive interest at criminal rates but does not prohibit agreements providing for such rates….”

    “The purpose of [the criminal law [s. 347(1)(a)]] is to punish everyone who enters into an agreement or arrangement to receive interest at a criminal rate. It does not expressly prohibit such behaviour, nor does it declare such an agreement or arrangement to be void. The penalty is severe, and designed to deter persons from making such agreements. … It is designed to protect borrowers … It is not designed to prevent persons from entering into lending transactions per se…. Therefore the agreement [which the Court / judges have found and acknowledged to be contrary and offensive to the criminal law, and which criminal law is a designated racketeering offence] is not fundamentally illegal.” (Thomson, (William E.) Associates Inc. v. Carpenter [1989] 34 O.A.C. 365).

    Lawyers are trained in the art of deceiving humans by stringing together statements that are not categorically false.

    Eventually they lose not just the ability to perceive reality, but even the ability to understand that there is such a thing as reality.

    The primary theoretical difference between a Court of civil / commercial Law, and a mafia Don or Godfather, is that the Godfather has jurisdiction over contracts that are offensive to the criminal law.

    If Jimmy the Kid issues a contract on Johnny the Weasel, and Rocco the Enforcer then whacks Johnny the Weasel, then he can go to the Godfather for an adjudication if Jimmy the Kid refuses to pay him.

    Her Majesty’s Courts, however, are presumed not to have any such jurisdiction, and are in fact obligated in such case to charge all involved with murder, or as an accessory to murder.

    The former bank lawyers running the commercial courts in Canada don’t get that.

    Since 1990 the implementation and then massive expansion of this racketeering-based business-model (basically a double-cross-leveraged-double-counting device), and their ability to get away with it, has allowed the private financial system to harvest at least an extra / bonus \$10 trillion of unearned wealth / unjust enrichment (\$10,000,000,000,000), or an average of about \$1 million from each of ten million Canadian households.

    But it’s ok because they made sure that we never even saw it, so how can we miss it?

    If you can employ double-counting to capitalize interest in advance, or even just sufficient nominal loan-fees contrary to GAAP, and get away with it, then you can near literally buy the Earth with proceeds of crime in a single generation.

    And that is precisely what we have.


    It’s not about covid – it’s a diversion to avoid the only thing the money-power truly fears – a competent and comprehensive audit.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
    , @Athena
  59. @Anon

    I suspect that Mr. Anon writes with tongue firmly in cheek. Seems easy to fool those who don’t understand satire.

    • Agree: The Real World
  60. @Chris Moore

    I suspect that the answers to your last three questions are: Yes, Yes, Yes!

  61. Thomasina says:

    “The Convoy is a counter revolution. The revolution was the Great Reset. ”

    Excellent point.

  62. @Supply and Demand

    Canada getting its comeuppance for arresting the Huawei official on American Regime orders doesn’t please you? A shame.

  63. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden = Andropov

    Collapse is a certainty. it’s only a question when and how. When ? My guess it will take a few years before the system collapses. Just a wild guess. How ? Will it be peaceful like in East Germany or will it be gruesome like in the Spanish Civil War. Knowing our Elite; I doubt they’ll go away gracefully. My bet is more of a gruesome Spanish Civil War style collapse.

    My reccomendation is to get out while you still can. The forces gathering are beyond our control. Better to be a few years early instead of 1 day late

  64. Athena says:

    (The price of the Globe and Mail, print version, has exploded since the beginning of the scamdemic).

    Globe and Mail liars, manipulators:

    Of course these ‘experts’ are pro-military — follow the money

    Globe & Mail fearmongers about foreign influence while ignoring US government funding to Uighur Rights groups in Canada

    Canada joins with imperial ‘Mafia’ to threaten Venezuela

    Double standard blatant on Israel and China ‘foreign influence’ in Canada

    Globe columnist blinded by Canadian chauvinism

  65. “Could Trucker Populism Create A New North American Nation?”

    This is one of the silliest rhetorical questions I have ever encountered. The answer of course is obviously NO!

    Asking such a question goes well beyond mere white pilling and can only be described as delusional.

  66. @TPM

    Five stars!

    Thanks for an in depth compendium of Canada’s criminal governance.
    I and my family have experienced much of the government sponsored racketeering and misinformation since about 1978.

    • Replies: @TPM
  67. KenH says:

    Any back the bluetards should note that the Canadian cops are dutifully following orders in making arrests and preventing truckers from getting diesel fuel. No different than in America. They just mindlessly follow orders because they love their pension more than anything else.

    We in America shouldn’t necessarily hate the cops but should be indifferent towards them and not consider them our friend and ally because they aren’t and they’ve proven that they aren’t by their actions even though plenty white cops may privately agree with us.

    • Replies: @brostoevsky
  68. @Jimmy le Blanc

    If you had a brain, you would be dangerous.
    I have 2 cousins in the US that are/were physicians before the HMO Act of 1974. They were highly critical of our system. By the 1990s they were of the opinion that the insurance companies had destroyed the US system, and that Canadians should hold on to what we had. Sadly, we didn’t. Instead, post Free Trade Agreement, the country was flooded with US “experts” telling us how to reform our system. The results have been disastrous. We now have, what are essentially HMOs running our system with administrations more than 3 times the size they were, resulting in fewer people “on the floor” and reductions in service. Many of those services are no longer covered forcing people to seek private practice, which many cannot afford.
    How do I know? I worked in the system for 40 years. My parents were conservatives and leery at the time it was introduced. Once they saw how the old system worked, they were fine with it. Yes, there were problems, but there are in any system. The “reform” of our system didn’t address any of those problems, but created plenty of new ones.
    Smug? Perhaps, but not obnoxious assholes like you.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  69. annamaria says:

    The Ottawa Police … rather than forming a dialogue with the most peaceful, organized protest in Canadian history, in a most disgusting display, they [government officials] are now turning to Child Protective Services to possibly have their children taken from them.

    Truckers and their families, including children, have nowhere to go. Canadian police harass the truckers and their children on a cue from the owners of Canada. Time to arrest those fascists who dictate the subhuman policies against truckers. And first, Canadians must remove Christya Freeland and Co from the position of power. The Canadian fascist government wants violence, by any means.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  70. @Common Time

    It ain’t just Muslims. There’s a reason Vancouver is called Hong-couver by the locals. Plenty from the Indian sub-continent as well. The latest goal of the treasonous bastards in charge is to import Nigeria.

  71. @Timur The Lame

    If Einstein’s supposed theory of insanity needed verification, there would be no better example than the charade of voting in Western “Democracies”. It is ever amazing that the Coke vs Pepsi, Coke vs Pepsi light, New Coke vs Pepsi, Classic Coke vs Pepsi light etc etc.. just keeps on keeping on.

    I don’t think you should assume, Timur, that Mr. Kirkpatrick (and the rest of us) think of the right as being the GOP and the left as being the Democrat Party. You are quite right – they are just the Red Squad and the Blue Squad of the party. Don’t you figure the author knows that?

    The right/left divide is real, just as it has been for hundreds of years. There are the real Conservatives – the Canadian Truckers and their supporters being examples – and the Communist left. The latter has made successful efforts in Russian (with 70 years of misery), China (40 years), and elsewhere around the world. History may not repeat, but it does rhyme, Timur. The left could not take America 50 years ago from the outside, so the internal Long March through the American Institution was begun in the 1960s. It’s over. They got there.

    Still for cowardly reasons, None dare call them Commies. OK, that is, besides Peak Stupidity and VDare. James Kirkpatrick works for the latter.

  72. @Mischi

    Why do we want millions of illegal immigrants who walk around and commit crimes in a country we belong to? Why do we want millions of African Americans in any country we belong to?

    I don’t know. Why DO you? Or, have you never been to Toronto? It is your biggest city up there, you know.

    I can guess your answer is that “it was not MY idea.” Well, ditto, eh?

  73. @Timur The Lame

    There are some bad words in the political lexicon which should be considered as such by all concerned: We begin with this definition, or pair of them. Liberality is a blessing, both to the blessed and those who bless. “LIBERALISM”, on the other hand is a social disease.

    “PROGRESSIVE” is used by many who are not self-aware. Progress to where, to what, for whom? We should all ask ourselves those questions when some noodle brain hoots about progress.

    This leads us axiomatically to a meme which has inserted itself into the hollow minds of pro\$titicians and progno\$ticators alike—both being shills or dupes for the minderbinders. It’s a term, more than a word: “GOING FORWARD”. That’s pure brain rot. It’s meaningless, but a useful mask for those edjumacated beyond any possible residues of common sense in their herd mentality.

    “NORMAL” is another bad word in my estimation. When you are regarded as normal, you are part of the herd, an unreflective “follower of fashion”. When one is a member of a clinically insane, deliberately dumbed-down culture, double-dipped and taco-chipped, a state of normalcy is an overt indicator of systems failure.

    “Normies” are not so much bad people, as they live in a fog of delusion. Though blamable for mental laziness and perhaps, lack of courage, they essentially are victims. I know, victimology is also somewhat of a social disease among the Great Overwashed, but there is such a phenomenon as actual victimization.

  74. @Anon

    I’ve been waiting for the punch line for your multi post joke but it never seems to arrive. Are you serious about what you’re posting?

    I have to ask if you’re a woman? The amount of hysteria you emit is usually reserved for women.

    • Replies: @The Real World
    , @JM
  75. It’s now obvious we have our overlords on full attention mode. They’re scared shitless if they allow Canadian truckers join with US J-6th patriots. What’s coming is a REAL full scale insurrection, the one they imagined, the one we win.
    I’m betting against National Guard along with local, state and federal police trying to stop millions of armed gun owners from exercising their right to freely assemble and address grievances.
    I would hate to see thousand of National Guards-2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ and LEO’s slaughtered for being paid thugs protecting powerful elites.
    And it’s the elites that we’re after. They shall never be allowed to have a safe space, shelter or sanctuary from which to hide from crimes against humanity.
    CW2.0 or BUST.

  76. @Franz

    Yeah. Just last week they denied that we and they were even of the same race.

    Okay. If that’s the way they want it, then we’ll proceed on that basis. They acknowledge that they are aliens–insist upon it in fact.

  77. @Chris Moore

    “Such is inevitable when you promote Judas to top man because you like the easy thirty pieces of silver he produces, seemingly at will. ”

    Ah, yes. Let’s not forget that Rumpelstiltskin’s price for spinning the King’s straw into Gold was the Spinner’s (now the Queen’s, the King’s wife) first-born son.

    (Now where have we encountered a variation on that theme before?)

    From Wiki:

    “The name Rumpelstilzchen in German……means literally “little rattle stilt”, a stilt being a post or pole that provides support for a structure. A rumpelstilt or rumpelstilz was consequently the name of a type of goblin, also called a pophart or poppart, that makes noises by rattling posts….”

    So, the diminutive figure undermined the supporting structure of the edifice of the King i.e. the Kingdom’s finances. How edifying.

  78. @Mike Tre

    No it’s Linh, he’s still disgruntled because Ron wouldn’t allow him to moderate comments. He’d get offended if someone here called him a name but doesn’t bat an eye when calling us pussies. He has a blog that garners a dozen comments tops, after each article. He’s still calling out “White pussies” who are destroying America and again still no mention of the yellow pussies who refuse to admit all the anti Asian attacks are perpetrated by Blacks. Tried to call him out on this omission and his blanket White pussy comments and he immediately banned me.
    Anywho this could be Linh posting here since he’s bored at his traffic less blog.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  79. @RoatanBill

    Look, an opportunity for Bill to display his entrenched misogyny. Not shocking.
    Do give your long-suffering wife my regards.

    P.S. The comments of Anon-119 are SATIRE. You’re welcome.

  80. @Anon

    If masks, mandates and vaccines work. Then please explain why more people died in 2021, a year without any ppe, mask, ventilator, beds, disinfectants or testing kit shortages compared to 2020? Oh yeah, 2020 didn’t have 3 vaccines, in fact there were no vaccines in 2020 except for some in December yet more died in 2021, a full year of vaccines please explain.

  81. @annamaria

    “First the come for your children, then they come for you.” Not sure who wrote that, but it’s true as the light of day.

    It’s maybe too late for backup by indoctrinated kids brainwashed to worship Magik Negroz, Jews and 2SLGBTQQIAPWXYZ for support against GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM tyranny.

    At best we can at least disassemble the current CultMarx socialist state they wonder around in as zombies monitoring their social media pages.

    The great awakening is here and it’s just beginning to snowball.

  82. Athena says:

    The scope and scale of criminal and international racketeering law violations is simply mind-boggling, and all hiding-in-plain-sight.

    Canada: Paradise for Investment Swindlers

    ”JAY: So how does the Canadian situation compare to the American situation? ‘Cause especially since the Wall Street shenanigans, the United States has the reputation of being one of the least regulated, most Wild West financial business environments in the world. You’re saying Canada’s worse than that?”

    ”ROSEN: Much worse. Much, much worse. We have, most Canadians–like, I gave quite a few speeches in the last month or so to different group, like seniors groups, financial analysts, bankers, lawyers, and so on, and virtually nobody knows what the Canadian rules are, with just a few specialists here and there. The vast, vast majority of Canadians who are investing in the market just have no idea. Even a lot of the professionals have no idea. So we have looser rules. And therefore, when you go into court in Canada, you have a hard time pointing out that, look, here’s a rule that was violated that led to these people losing this amount of money. US has these tighter rules, and on that basis you can point to more of them.”

    • Replies: @TPM
  83. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Hey Jimmy, these guys drive for a living. They aren’t sociologists or politicians. What’ s wrong with going “back to the way it was before?” Isn’t that much better than our current dystopian nightmare? What gives an armchair quarterback like you the right to tell these brave truckers that they aren’t doing enough for the “revolution?”

    “They are like the Pathetic Proles in 1984?” Gimme a break. You sound just like snowflake Justin Trudeau.

    Sure, “the globalists will find another bugbear to frighten the masses.” So what??? That’s not their immediate problem, is it? By your logic, since they don’t have all the answers, I guess they should just shut up and show their papers, roll up their sleeves for another shot, and hope they don’t suffer a vax-induced heart attack while driving a big load down the highway at 100 kilos per hour so you can have food on the table.

    • Agree: Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  84. @Mike-SMO

    Haha! Mao Tse Lung. Good one. The lockdown has nothing to do with public health. It’s about fear, control, and the largest transfer of wealth in human history. I’m sure the roots of this plandemic go back to Davos. I will say it’s taking people longer to wake up than I hoped. I’m ready for this bullshit to end in a civil war, then I can settle down and have my family in peace. That’s all I want. The reason for living, but who wants to bring a child into our day and age?

  85. frontier says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    “This [trucker] protest, while laudable, is no more than a fart in a hurricane, a last gasp.”

    And your posturing is no more than a virus fart within that fart.

    It’s telling when you see do-nothings adopt the media tone and try to marginalize the people who actually got organized, got popular support and managed to drive the situation into a massive standoff – it’s much, much better than anything done in the US in the last 30 years. Your message is: “don’t paddle against the current dragging you into the waterfall of death, it’s pointless”… Hmm…

  86. @KenH

    You’re likely right unfortunately. Police aren’t paid particularly well and are trying to grind their way through a difficult job to a better future. They are betting on a system that we “the people” are at odds with. The best approach with the cops is a respectful distance. Hopefully some will act with conscience and decency when the time comes, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  87. Athena says:

    The Truckers Take Abuse in Ottawa: COVID Crimes Committed Behind the Cover of “Emergency Measures”


    ”The menace to society is great when governments enact all kinds of unnecessary and unjustified emergency measures. This process of societal degradation took place in spades after the 9/11 false flag event. In the responding to a concocted interpretation of what transpired, the Global War on Terror was declared. It involved outright invasions of many Muslim-majority countries.”

    ”The post-9/11 violations of many rights and freedoms effectively undermined basic safeguards like the need to prove guilt in court before punishment is imposed. This tended to translate into incarcerating mostly innocent Muslims who were often tortured in US black sites. The resulting attack on the rule of law has been augmented again and again especially over the last two years of the engineered COVID panic.”

    ”In 2011 and in 2020-2022 it happened that the constitutional provisions that exist supposedly to protect us were simply suspended when put to the test. The system is so rigged that it most often protects the criminality of elites, a pattern as true in Ottawa as in Washington DC or in London England.”

    ”There Peckford announced he is taking the Canadian government to court for violating the free travel provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He makes a compelling case addressing the need for the Canadian government to conduct its affairs within the framework of the Canadian nation’s supreme law.”

  88. Mac_ says:

    Not sure how the premise of article is put forward. There is no such thing as nation on this continent. It is a false image con continued by the many psychopaths who worked over time to seek the destruction of earth and death of most people and otherwise terroristic enslavement of those they haven’t murdered yet. What people on this continent have done is let a false paradigm go on, without personal input or steering, as the false paradigm continued to now. Supposed ‘voting’ is not input. It makes no difference, as every person knows, so there has been no input to any structure of supposed grouping as a ‘nation’.

    The situation of masses of people being in a territory of supposed boundary lines drawn by psychopaths over time isn’t a ‘nation’, it’s scribbles on a map, with people living inside the scribbled lines. It could be claimed that similar people of similar ideas living in a boundry area are a nation, but that doesn’t exist here. There are far more people here, more population than we are told, or the con websites such as wikpedia claim, which is extremely obvious, and the mass of people here now, with diapers strapped on their faces though you cannot ‘catch’ anything from saliva, only from skin contact such as syphillus or measles, don’t even subscribe to the idea of freedom or self-determination, or the phony constitution with it’s fake and its unprotected platitudes. People failed to make a future, or supposed nation, by creating own rules, or, protecting the phony constitution platitudes when they could have, and so are without any ‘rights’ –except for cons labeling themselves ‘govt’, or ‘state’. So the nonsense supposed constitution isn’t even a base of claim of binding most people here. There is no nation, or in so-called canada, or anywhere else on earth now, except maybe some tiny island or two of people who still live as tribe.
    The concept of nation today is a false paradigm.

    That’s not to say people can’t begin to share or actualize ideas and form bands of people making rules, within certain boundries, though now with the stupidity of continued false paradigm of ‘money’, and weapons that have been gotten in the hands of psychopath warmongers and mask and vaccine dictators, most everyone claiming to be ‘state’, it’s a bit more difficult than if people had bothered to stop breeding for five minutes and made some effort the last twenty years. Longer actually, but the nine eleven con, fraud ‘wars’, and fraud ‘bailouts’. and immigration the last twenty years failure has now changed things.

    Freedom and sharing, stopping tyrants schemes, should be the focus of every person, nothing else. Not a phony ‘job’, or fake ‘money’, but freedom. Actually would correct myself, the other tribe or nation would be the cons in govt or ‘state’, and media, and fake schools, and fake activist fronts. They’re a nation, wherever they are, similar to whatever island tribe would be left.

    People need to figure it out, idea of tribing, individuals acting, similar ideas, but not the big organized group.

    ‘nay-shun’. Sometimes a thing is obvious. The are many cons are in our faces.

    • Replies: @Mac_
  89. Mac_ says:

    Was adding edits and timer ran. I recognize a sort of point of article is -could idea of self-determination or freedom spread, yes, though people, anyone who wants any future at all have to get on it. The concept of sharing isn’t a disease, make effort, be serious, share.

    And take a hammer to the tv.


  90. Thomasina says:

    Great post. I suspect there are more than a few posters here who are purposely trying to make people “doubt” themselves, doubt their reality, make people question their own thinking, gaslight them.

    Right out of the narcissist’s playbook.

    They try to pull you back by calling people “stupid”, telling you that things are hopeless and futile, so why bother trying.

    If you listen carefully enough, who they are is in what “they don’t say”.

    Jimmy le Blanc fits the mold.

    • Thanks: follyofwar
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  91. Thomasina says:

    Amazing Polly (see link at Comment #7 by emerging majority) shows a picture in her latest video of two Canadian women walking around holding jerry cans. She said that people got word that police were confiscating gasoline (which people were bringing to the truckers in jerry cans), so citizens decided to walk around with jerry cans full of water, just to confuse the police. Get enough people doing that and the police can’t stop them all.

  92. level 4 autonomous driving is almost here.

    This is just the last death cries of a dying breed, truckers.

    • Troll: Vinnyvette
  93. @Anon

    “What’s the big deal about adhering to mandates for another few weeks or months to stem the spread of infections!”

    Why not years? The hardest part of “two weeks to flatten the curve” is the first 700 days.

    Why not forever? If we all hide in our holes, get our twelfth booster and wear our two masks really tight no one will ever catch the CoronaSniffles again…

    And Grandma will never die!

    “The economy can recover just by printing money and sending out checks, and prohibiting evictions.”

    “Ending a pandemic is essential.”

    We must do the full lockdown until the virus is gone!
    Shut everything down because of the big scary numbers!
    We must listen to the good doctor fauchi and wear those two masks tight!
    And get that twelfth booster shot! How ever many it takes!
    Scientists have proved it is safe and effective and very very very good!
    Shut it down and let the army deliver the food wearing the masks!
    The government can give everyone some stimulus checks every week!
    The government can print money and send checks and everyone can stay home forever!

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  94. A Canadian numbers cruncher guy who says he’s a bureaucrat at a mid-level Canadian federal government agency wrote this to VDARE in 2015:

    “Welcome to Canada: all the ethnic conflict of Malaysia, with none of the sunshine!”

    I was reading your piece on Richmond, BC the other day, and I found it very amusing. I actually live in Ottawa, Canada (Canada’s capital) and work as a mid-level bureaucrat for the Canadian federal government (obviously I’m writing this email to you anonymously to hide my identity). Anyway, as a Canadian government employee who has access to lots of government data, I can indeed confirm that European-Canadians are headed for minority status very soon.

    I actually took some confidential Government of Canada data and did some number crunching.

    I ran a few different scenarios: two which assume Canada’s government will keep immigration constant, and one that assumes a decrease in immigration as a result of pressure from a conservative government.

    Roughly speaking, these scenarios suggest whites end up as a minority by 2040, 2050, and 2060 (respectively and approximately). It’s important to note that a 50% white population in any of those years will contain lots of very old baby boomers and gen-x-ers sitting in wheelchairs. But European-Canadians will become an effective minority among the working-age population much sooner, probably as soon as the baby-boomers completely leave the labor force in 15 years or so.

    This is very obvious to anyone who has walked through a major Canadian city in the last ten years, and many compare this situation to America. But what few people point out is that America, with its growing Latino community will increasingly fit in better to the rest of the Americas. Not so for Canada.

    Canada is starting to look less like any other country in the Americas, and more like Malaysia, with large Muslim and Chinese communities. Pretty soon Canada will be a country with essentially nothing in common with any other country, while The States will fit in nicely to the rest of the Americas. I actually envy the US. Latino culture looks a lot more fun than some monstrous hybrid of Chinese culture and Islam (plus snow and long winters!).


    The funny thing is Canada has so many immigrants that we now have immigrants who are worried about other immigrants. I’ve seen Eastern European immigrants who are actually worried about ethnic conflict (“I never saw ethnic tension like this till I came to Canada…and I’m from the most violent region of Yugoslavia!”).

    Many of the workers in my government agency are immigrants themselves, and have no intention of supporting any government that would keep their relatives out (you’d be shocked just how totally stacked with immigrants Canadian federal agencies have become).

    Meanwhile the white liberals here wouldn’t dream of decreasing immigration. So if you consider yourself a member of Western Christendom, kiss Canada good-bye. It’s all over. I have many white friends with children that are moving away. One got into teacher’s college in Australia, several others are going to grad schools in the states, and one got a job as a teacher in England.

    Pretty soon our billboards will say “Welcome to Canada: all the ethnic conflict of Malaysia, with none of the sunshine!”

    P.S. I advise U.S. defense forces to keep a close eye on Canada, ’cause pretty soon you guys might have a full-blown Muslim and/or Chinese country directly to your north.

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Thanks: JM
    • Replies: @boy1988
  95. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Exactly. They’ve had their beta test with Australia and Canada et. al. And they might be ready to turn the page anyway.

    They’re just seeing how far thay can push this garbage in Canada; Trudeau is already thrown under the bus. He should stay out of light aircraft.

  96. Justin Trudeau is an evil globalizer thug who wants to destroy Canada as a home for the European Christian people. Trudeau has made it clear that the historic Canada of Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Celts and French Quebecois must be ripped up by the roots to be supplanted by Multicultural Mayhem Canada.

    Trudeau is just as much of a banker boy globalizer whore as that nasty little rat Macron in France.

    The globalized corporate media is trying to advance the rancid fop boy Trudeau as the face of globalization and mass immigration and financialization and multiculturalism for the New World.

    Trudeau is a nasty rodent who is using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration as demographic weapons to destroy the ability of young Canadians to enjoy Affordable Family Formation. Trudeau is using mass immigration as a demographic weapon to attack and destroy the White Core Canadian ancestral core of Canada.

    White Core Canadians must remove and deport all of the non-Whites from Canada. Young White Core Americans and young White Core Canadians will really enjoy all the AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION that will come about when the foreigners and their spawn are removed from the USA and Canada. The greedy, human filth rat scum in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate — FIRE — sector won’t like it, and they’ll call Whites racists, but that will be good because annoying accusations of racism by rancid globalizer Whites against other Whites will lead to the evil globalizer Whites being immediately deported to sub-Saharan Africa.

    • Replies: @JM
  97. LIB says:




    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  98. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    Have you sought counseling and/or medication for your mental illness yet?

    No time like the present, you know.

  99. anon[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Just my personal view but I wonder why some truckers don’t want take the vaccine, or did and wish they didn’t. I took the double jab myself but the more I read about the efficacy of it compared to the risks, the more I wish I hadn’t taken it.
    Truck drivers are not fools (forgetting the fact that if they chose long haul they obviously agreed to protect an army of belligerent sand flies every day, who never had a kind word to say about them), so maybe some of them went to alt sites and found pretty good documentation that pfizer can have very bad and even life threatening side effects.
    A few months after I took the second jab it became apparent that it was not a regular vaccine, i.e. it didn’t prevent one from catching the virus or transmitting it. Whoa! That’s what I signed on for; to protect myself and my community.
    Now; without admitting mistakes, they are rolling out unproven cures to kill the virus in its tracks before it kills humanity. All the while denouncing safe drugs like HydroxiChloriquine and Ivermectin as unsafe; even though both drugs have been around for at least four decades and are proven safe. Even if they are not effective there is no reason; except bombing the competition, to make it illegal for us to take Ivermectin as a prophylactic against covid. Judging by the massive support Ivermectin has in many countries as a cure/preventative measure it sure looks like the big pharmas are clearing the road with electric shock therapy stainless steel tanks in order to guarantee their own future profits. It is not as though they have never been convicted of selling poison many time in the past. They have
    What about the rest of the vaccines? Sinopharm and one other in China which are safely vaccinating the Chinese people? SputnikV in Russia which is improving every day?
    Why do I have only the choice between two mRNA drugs which never had anything like proper tests before they were pretty much forced on us?
    Let’s not forget that Pfizer was hauled in court a few years ago for fraudulently selling a drug for a purpose which the FDA (Federal Drug Agency) never approved. They were fined 2.3 billion dollars; the largest fine ever collected by the US government. Look it up yourself before you get caught in the Spinning Machine.
    Starting to look more and more like traveling snake oil salesmen.

    • Replies: @anon
  100. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    There are very many people here in the US ( and the West in general ) who tend to vacillate between hope and despair on a daily basis. Hope is a Christian virtue. Despair is weak and sinful.

    (((Our enemies))) rejoice when the people who built and sustained our great Civilization lose heart and despair.

  101. anon[341] • Disclaimer says:

    My friend Frank had a sorta stroke/heart attack a few months after he took the vaccine.
    Coupla months after I took the second jab my left foot swelled up a lot and my right foot swelled up too. Never happened before; got kinda scars coming out from the inside and can get really painful. Never happened before.
    Frank came back from the hospital they flew him to and looks okay, but I still have the swelling and pain on my feet. So I have a drink a little from time to time… Comment on Unz ‘cuz it is the only place I can comment without getting locked in.

  102. Randolph says:
    @emerging majority

    Just a small correction: Brian Peckford was the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  103. @Trinity

    Racist, inaccurate, lying crap, that leads nowhere positive for humanity.

    I will not even argue the truth in response bloody stupid racism, but point out that the positive evolution for humanity lies in successful ordinary revolutionary activity…working class and ordinary people across the ethic board.

    There is one human species, from one base and at the same time is biological success means racial and cultural mixing or the broadest, widest, limitless potential that produces the broadest human basis of experience and capability in nature that assures humanity its best chances of indefinite survival as we go in nature

    That in the point – a successful human species in nature! what that means! How we can achieve it. All this crappy, limited. feudal, cave man overall white shit has brought the world to this stage. It came from nowhere but Europe. The world is sick which means we are in the throes of getting well response as humanity tries to save itself. Of course the process of getting well can also kill us.

    The process of getting well is working class/ordinary revolutionary activity…taking over where they stand, live and work jettisoning the elites immediately organizing systematically ways to run their lives successfully, improving as they go limited by no constitution they must adhere to as if written in stone. They are guided by need and can chance as truth and facts become clear and guides them as to what must be done

    Screw the racism on the UNR! It leads nowhere but to hell! That is not where people are heading. The Human species is rapidly losing patience with racism, coming to know itself and in there the positive and saving human future that we can chose to fully flesh out is clear

    • LOL: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Troll: anarchyst






  105. Don’t know if this was mentioned, but the police are exempt from vaccine mandates just like members of our Congress.

    I been following events very closely it’s quite obvious that the Canadian Gov’t funded media is completely corrupt. RebelNews is doing a pretty good job and this has been a watershed moment for independent journalist live streaming and playing wack-a-mole with Ytube.

    Also our own media has been so skewed in the coverage, if it exists at all, that this will be another nail it their coffins.

    It’s nice that Unz finally discovers the country situated to our North of us finally.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  106. Reading through the comments I was surprised at how many still can’t connect the dots. These mandates and vax passports are not about concern over the health and well being of citizenry.

    James Corbett lays it out admirably in this recent interview harking as far back as the 1930’s and the elite’s embrace of a future technocracy.

  107. @Ben Sampson

    “There is one human species, from one base and at the same time is biological success means racial and cultural mixing or the broadest, widest, limitless potential that produces the broadest human basis of experience and capability in nature that assures humanity its best chances of indefinite survival as we go in nature”


    Natural Selection is all about specificity, sculpting each group genome to the particulars of its unique environment. A view such as yours is only made possible by the one constant, uniform environment in which you grew up and to which you are so accustomed that you imagine it to be the default setting of the entire human race, now and forever. Simply put, you grew up spoiled in an air-conditioned and heated space which placed no stress upon the organisms who sheltered within. You are a hot-house being and your world view reflects this.

    Difference is good. Each race evolved its unique attributes in response to local environmental pressures. Euros’ and Sub-Saharan Africans’ last common ancestor lived 200,000 years ago. Right up till recent times, African blacks were cross breeding with a race of hominids with whom we modern homo sapiens last shared a common ancestor who lived 700,000 years ago; this to such an extent that those archaic genes make up to 20% of the current African genome. (depending on location and population)

    White Euros are reluctant to intermarry with blacks because they don’t want to incorporate homo erectus genes into their genome. The differences between Africans and the rest of the world’s populations are self evident and stark. As, ostensibly, a member of the “Human species” you may “be rapidly losing [your] patience with racism”, but you can surly appreciate that the wisdom I have imparted to you is not “racism”, but science.

  108. anarchyst says:
    @Ben Sampson

    Your statement:

    There is one human species, from one base and at the same time is biological success means racial and cultural mixing or the broadest, widest, limitless potential that produces the broadest human basis of experience and capability in nature that assures humanity its best chances of indefinite survival as we go in nature

    …is laughable on its face.

    Blacks in Africa KNOW that they are not capable of creating and running a first-world civilized society. They might not want to admit it, but even the “talented tenth” blacks seem to know it without acknowledging it.

    Your premise has but two results…raising black IQ by infusing DNA of other races. Of course, the down side to this is the lowering of IQ in the “other races” by the infusing of black DNA. This is the only way that blacks can raise their IQs.

    Your “solution” is no “solution” at all but, if implemented would result in a “mud race” of low-IQ underperforming “drones”–just what the globalists want with their “great reset“..

    YOUR premise falls right into the hands of the globalists who would like nothing better than the creation of a slave “mud race” for their own nefarious purposes.

    YOU have a right to be proud of your race, just as everyone else has a right to be proud of their respective races…and to perpetuate their racial lines without interference.

    As an aside, the “overall white sh!t” that you so glibly complain about is what makes it possible for you to be removed from your normal jungle environment and to be able to spew your bile on the internet…

    Race-mixing with blacks does nothing but drag down the “other races” to the lower levels of blacks.


    • Agree: Bull Gator, sulu
  109. Ottawa police are already talking about “tracking” supporters and protesters

    Has it occurred to the cops that trucker supporters and protesters might be tracking THEM?

  110. @Randolph

    Thanks, it’s been years since I tuned into CBWinnipeg and was able to get a somewhat reasonably objective presentation by the likes of Don Herron, Peter Gzoski and Allan Maitland. So the old memory glands have sagged a bit. How many premiers were there between Peckford and the Codfather?

  111. @HT

    We in North America are about to be delivered a lesson in the reality that peaceful protest no longer works. Still, let the enemy be the one to fire the first salvo. They will have lost the war with that act, although there will be many battles fought (and alas, many lives lost) before that reality becomes obvious.

  112. @RadicalCenter

    Any cop who does not actively join the movement to reclaim liberty is an enemy and both he and his family must be lawfully made to feel unwelcome and hated everywhere they go. But cops who stand with us should be thanked, welcomed, and defended.

    Yes, and also add “military personnel” to that statement. They took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and anything they do in contravention of that is outright treason that makes them enemies of the People. If they join in on the side of those seeking liberty’s restoration, they are truly serving their country – unlike the treasonous, criminal, GloboSlave Generals and Admirals under whom they serve.

  113. Witless says:

    Could trucker populism create a new North American nation? It might, that and other factors all pulling in that same direction. Western Canada suffered enough at the hands of eastern Canadian interests, from the days of the Great Depression, more lately through the National Energy Program in the 1980s whose ultimate aim, according to one of Pierre Trudeau’s cabinet ministers from Quebec, was to keep capital and money from going west, and add to that the imperial disdain from elites in the Great Lakes basin and the St Lawrence River valley especially towards Albertans, and what you have is a separatist impulse that grows and shrinks but never goes away.

    And now we have pandemic policies which have become not about controlling disease but about power and money. Make no mistake, Canadian elites are as contemptuous towards Canadian workers as American elites are towards Deplorables, if not more so. These depredations, a fire-hosing of insults, all this plus a common mother country, a common language, similar customs, Christian religion, English common law and that there is the recipe. The state is there to serve the people’s interests, not the other way around, and if it doesn’t serve people’s interests but works against them, alternatives will be found. How many times have we seen this in history? You’d think the supposedly ‘educated’ would know this, but no, they apparently don’t.

  114. Memejon says:

    A north african nation…

  115. Anon[184] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @RJ Macready

    I agree. It’s a catastrophe to be ruled by clown world, but it is entertaining.

  116. Who are these sleaze on the midnite Express to every where. Trained terrorists, trained mercenaries. Young men all. Do they think American Patriots won’t dispose of them? Are they the demoscums militia. Pretty F ing illegal and treasonous. I am quite serious about who are these men.

  117. @anarchyst

    Awesome post. And you were so kind in your comments too! The big generous heart of the White Man! It’s because we are God’s favorite and the proof is he gifted us the best brains.

    • Thanks: anarchyst

    Lots of rumors regarding Justin’s pedophilia.

    I believe ALL of the rumors.

  119. JM says:

    I have to ask if you’re a woman? The amount of hysteria you emit is usually reserved for women.

    Actuarrrrly it’s a half-man.

  120. JM says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    You are historically illiterate. ALL revolutions have had similar roots – VAINLY trying to recover the past. It is within that impossibility that revolutions are made necessary. Only the very thin layer of “leaders” had different ideas.

  121. JM says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Trudeau is just as much of a banker boy globalizer whore as that nasty little rat Macron in France.

    The globalized corporate media is trying to advance the rancid fop boy Trudeau as the face of globalization and mass immigration and financialization and multiculturalism for the New World.

    Trudeau is a nasty rodent who is using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration as demographic weapons to destroy the ability of young Canadians to enjoy Affordable Family Formation. Trudeau is using mass immigration as a demographic weapon to attack and destroy the White Core Canadian ancestral core of Canada.

    White Core Canadians must remove and deport all of the non-Whites from Canada. Young White Core Americans and young White Core Canadians will really enjoy all the AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION that will come about when the foreigners and their spawn are removed from the USA and Canada. The greedy, human filth rat scum in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate — FIRE — sector won’t like it, and they’ll call Whites racists, but that will be good because annoying accusations of racism by rancid globalizer Whites against other Whites will lead to the evil globalizer Whites being immediately deported to sub-Saharan Africa.

    Indeed! From where I stand, he’s the very model of a cosmopolitan bum boy of the Money Power. One of the worse forms of humanity ever to appear on this Earth. Not ONE saving grace.

  122. sulu says:

    Throughout the Anglosphere, we are ruled by an elite that views rural voters, conservatives, and whites not just as political opponents but domestic enemies or insurgents.

    We are ruled by an elite bunch of Jews that see the White race as the greatest threat to their existence and have been implementing policies for years that result in our destruction. The great irony is that if they had simply left us alone and not engaged in actions that result in the destruction of our culture and race we would have let them live here in peace. But their fear of us is so great that by their own actions they bring down upon themselves the retribution that they so greatly deserve.

    Every Jew in America needs to be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Israel with one suitcase and a maximum of ten thousand dollars. The billions of dollars that are left in American banks should be redistributed back to the people that they stole it from.

    When I find myself in a charitable and humanitarian mood that is what I think needs to be done with the Jews. When my mood turns darker I can think of more direct ways of dealing with them.

    Jews do share a few things in common with their black pets. Wherever either of them go, chaos and destruction follows. Neither blacks nor Jews have any legitimate reason to think they should be allowed to live in a White country. Their own actions of genocide and violence against the White race mark themselves for destruction. If we feel charitable we should forcibly deport them. If we are not charitable they can always fertilize our fields.


  123. @Catdompanj

    But he’s also on Substack and that may have been a financially profitable decision as he and other anti-vaxers there are raking in millions, that’s if the msm is to be believed. He banned me too and I’m not really opposed to him, just made some silly joke at his expense.

  124. @anarchyst

    Your “solution” is no “solution” at all but, if implemented would result in a “mud race” of low-IQ underperforming “drones”–just what the globalists want with their “great reset“..

    Those mud race low IQ Yemenis are doing fairly well knocking together DIY garage style ballistic cruise missiles and drones that precision bomb targets more than a thousand km away and wreak havoc on Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE. I know whites invented all this techno but they’re making good enough copies given their circumstances. Who knows, maybe those blacks may improve yet. Originally they didn’t even know which way to point an AK47.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  125. JR Foley says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    The United States of Amnesia —-but who then will study American History? Step forward Mr Peabody and Sherman and the Wayback Machine will be the Wizard of Knowledge—Fractured Fairy Tales and Sergeant Renfrew will be the Canadian Head of State with his DC Counterpart – Rocket J Squirrel—Boing Boing Boing.

  126. JR Foley says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    Jimmy you are spot on. It all began February 1959 with Diefenbaker killing the Avro Aero—Canada lost 8,000 talents who went South but now are retired. 1960 started not only with the 6 pack of beer and hockey but Pro Wrestling –Toronto and Vancouver —-West Coast All-Star Wrestling with Canada’s Greatest Athlete ( by his very own admission ) Gene Kiniski. What would “Gene the Machine” think of wimps like Justin Trudeau – Amtrak Joe and the Jew Gallery–? He would demand they all come Monday Night Vancouver Gardens where Big Gene and Vladimir Putin are going to put an end to the Jew Gallery of Blinken- Boris Johnson – Justine Trudeau – Amtrak Joe – Reverend John Hagee and Donnie Trump along with the Jew Uke Twins–Porky Poroshenko and Clown Zelensky. Monday Night –it will be 2 against 8 and rest assured –when the Final Bell Rings –Me and Vlad will have the Titles – !!!!

  127. JR Foley says:

    Jagmeet Singh cares to disagree— ring a ding a ling. Canada needs more to civilize the North.

  128. @aandrews

    What the Next American Civil War May Look Like – By David Gordon

    The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future, by Stephen Marche, Avid Readers Press, 2022; 238 pp.

    “In this important book, Stephen Marche has disquieting news for us. America may be headed toward a civil war. We are no longer a united country, and the political split between progressive Democrats and right-wing Republicans has widened to an extent similar to that between North and South before the first Civil War. Marche’s forecast is not altogether a grim one, however; if secession can be peacefully arranged, it has considerable advantages over today’s discord.”


    • Replies: @Anon
  129. aandrews says:

    GoFundMe Cucks on Vow to Steal Money from Convoy Donors
    Andrew Anglin
    February 6, 2022

    I don’t know if it is legal for me to encourage it, so I won’t – but a lot of people are saying that they are going to call and instruct their credit card companies to cancel the charge, which means GoFundMe has to pay like, \$20 for each of those.

    MORE – GoFundMe suddenly announces to pro-actively refund all donations to the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser. Some users have stated on social media they will instruct their credit card company to do costly chargebacks.

    — (@disclosetv) February 5, 2022

  130. TPM says: • Website

    Thanks! And much appreciated!

    Normally the only people who read my essays are lawyers, bankers and judges, and they keep threatening to have my mind destroyed by way of a drug-based psychiatric assessment if I don’t keep my bleeping mouth shut about it.

    I also forgot to mention that, after deposing the Crown-in-right-of-Canada, the former bank-lawyers on the Ontario Court of Appeal tied up the loose-ends by laying down a brand-new standard for dealing with criminal-contracts in Canada. Henceforth (post 1990) whether a financial security that is offensive to the criminal law remains binding upon the pretended-debtor / creditor-in-fact depends upon the former bank-lawyers’ personal opinion of (wait – for – it):

    The serious consequences of invalidating the [criminal] contract, the social utility of those consequences, and a determination of the class of persons for whom the [criminal] prohibition was enacted…

    How’s that for foreboding – makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    One thing though – you referred to my comment as an “in depth compendium” while in fact it took me some doing to make it that short and direct. A much more comprehensive essay is at

    Also, in 1978 as per your comment, the most significant fraud was being orchestrated under what the bankers euphemistically refer to as the “nominal” method of interest calculation. A high-school-level explanation is at:

    and a university-education-level explanation is at:

    Thanks again, and hang in there! It’s been at least a 300-year run, but the system is in fact in its death throes. All good things have to come to an end. Tim.

  131. TPM says: • Website

    Hi: Thanks for that – quite interesting.

    I have spoken in the past with several financial people in Europe, and they absolutely despise Canadian bankers because Canadian bankers get away with murder in their domestic environment, and tend to sneer at their European counterparts who have some modicum of meaningful regulation.

    Basically the owners of the pretended banking system (credit-reinsurance-in-fact) in Canada control the Parliament, the Government, and the courts and they do whatever they please and don’t give a rat’s ass about law, equity or policy.

    But that is in fact the global system’s Achilles heel. Canadians are so docile and non confrontational that they have inadvertently lured the bankers into crossing the line into full-on racketeering.

    We have a true quantum-financial-system whose mascot is Schroedinger’s Cat – it’s all legal, lawful and equitable – as long as no one competent actually reads the securities!

  132. anarchyst says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You make a good point. However, I must point out that the Yemenis do not have “mixed” DNA but are relatively “purebred”.
    THAT is a major difference.
    If Yemenis bred with whites, their offspring’s IQ would increase.
    As to cruise missiles and drones, the technology such as GPS for targeting to “off the shelf” cruise missiles and drones, all of this technology is available “for a price” and doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to operate.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  133. aandrews says:

    Justin Trudeau’s Ceauşescu Moment
    Denouncing truckers for “unacceptable views,” Canada’s Prime Minister skipped town rather than face evidence of his own unpopularity. Is neoliberalism finally cracking?
    Matt Taibbi
    Feb 10

    Paul Kenyon’s Children of the Night describes the morbid black comedy that ensued. The Ceaușescus and a motley gang of undead apparatchiks that included the “morbidly obese Prime Minister, Emil Bobu” later tried to load into a single helicopter — Bobu “waddled, walrus-like, to the rear” Kenyon writes — but there were too many of them, and the copter barely got off the ground. “Where to?” asked the pilot, and nobody knew, because there was no plan, since none of them had ever considered the possibility of this happening.

    The sky was full of stuff, including other helicopters, which were dropping leaflets on the crowd giving what Kenyon described as a Marie Antoinette-like order to ignore “imperialist conspiracies” and return home “to a Christmas feast.” Four days later, a firing squad put the Ceaușescus against a wall and gave them their final, solid lead Christmas presents.

    Ceaușescu’s balcony will forever be a symbol of elite cluelessness. Even in the face of the gravest danger, a certain kind of ruler will never be able to see the last salvo coming, if doing so requires any self-examination. The neoliberal political establishment in most of the Western world, the subject of repeat populist revolts of rising intensity in recent years, seems to suffer from the same disability.

    There may be no real-world comparison between a blood-soaked monster like Ceaușescu and a bumbling ball-scratcher like Joe Biden, or an honorarium-gobbling technocrat like Hillary Clinton, or a Handsome Dan investment banker like Emmanuel Macron, or an effete pseudo-intellectual like Justin Trudeau. Still, the ongoing inability of these leaders to see the math of populist uprisings absolutely recalls that infamous scene in Bucharest. From Brexit to the election of Donald Trump to, now, the descent of thousands of Canadian truckers upon the capital city of Ottawa to confront Trudeau, a consistent theme has been the refusal to admit — not even to us, but to themselves — the numerical truth of what they’re dealing with.

  134. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    Four days later, a firing squad put the Ceaușescus against a wall and gave them their final, solid lead Christmas presents.

    Ceaușescu’s balcony will forever be a symbol of elite cluelessness. Even in the face of the gravest danger, a certain kind of ruler will never be able to see the last salvo coming, if doing so requires any self-examination. The neoliberal political establishment in most of the Western world, the subject of repeat populist revolts of rising intensity in recent years, seems to suffer from the same disability.

    The unvarnished truth.

    Excellent post. Thanks.

  135. @Curmudgeon

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! How fuckin’ naive can you be?? When the government insists you need to give up your children to pedophiles, or you have to welcome brown sludge refugees into your home or you won’ t get health care, you won’t give a flying fuck about any of that crap you wrote.

    Governments use health care to control people. Moron.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  136. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    Even if this courageous attempt to reclaim our dignity and freedom fails, it serves a very useful purpose. All revolutions start by degrees. Peaceful efforts which are met with dismissal, disdain, economic coercion, and force by those in power, are necessary in order to ultimately convince those with legitimate grievances that their only option left is violence.

    You’d be amazed how amenable those in power and their numerous apparatchiks are to compromise, when they and their children get to experience terror, injury, pain and death on a regular basis.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the trucks parked closest to the “Parliament” contained a few of these?

  137. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Ben Sampson

    All this crappy, limited. feudal, cave man overall white shit has brought the world to this stage. It came from nowhere but Europe. The world is sick which means we are in the throes of getting well response as humanity tries to save itself.

    There goes the ((Jew)) again, projecting his ancient “Chosen Race” conceit, racket and value system onto Whites, and acting lack the savior of humanity, when in fact he is the greatest menace and most lethal enemy of humanity.

    The (Jew)) can’t help but to emote righteous indignation and snearing contempt on [White, Brown, Black] humanity [according to the occasion] in the same way the snake oil salesman must go on the offensive and launch accusations when his grift is discovered to buy time to escape the angry townsfolk. He always lays it on thick, and always sounds authentic, until you realize your dealing with a swindler who believes his own lies as part of his instinctual act, built into his essence over millenia of theft, murder and lawlessness.

    Once again, you ((Jews)) are trying to shill your way out of the noose, today by scapegoating “shitty caveman whites” and presenting yourselves as high-minded, sublime, chosen moralists. Tomorrow you’ll be scapegoating Blacks, the next day Browns…

    Thanks to the Internet, we can all now see it was YOU, the “Chosen Race” at the root of the problem the entire time.

    You should have read Aesops fable about the Boy Who Cried Wolf instead of your own self-satisfied, supremacist doctrine and Talmudic operating manuel you’ve used to brainwash yourselves and humanity.

  138. @Curmudgeon

    Canada can afford socialized medicine because the dumb White low IQ taxpayers in the US fund your defense. How many decades have you Canadian cucks stiffed NATO and NORAD of what you owe? What’s the Canadian navy like now? Six broken down decades old ships? You mistakenly dismantled your airborne regiment because they snuffed some useless nog in Somalia.

    The US should stop defending you faggots; you’d need to deal with ol’ Vlad yourself. You’re too busy being ruled by useless women and disgusting homosexuals, while at the same time importing so much brown sludge you’ll bury yourselves in barbarity.

    “The True North Strong And Free!” What a joke.

  139. @Jimmy le Blanc

    I bet they don’t honk on Shabbos either.

  140. BORDER STATER here-

    Most of the Americans posting here are hicks from the South & Middle America who think of the border as cartels & “Coyotes”.

    I come from the USA-Canadian border.

    1) Canada has a poor entrenched underclass of First Nations whose problems are so severe that joining the USA would tank it because we already have the Cholos & White Trash & Ghetto Scum. The USA cannot cope with a fourth underclass of violent squalid primitives.

    2) Visit Northern Ontario. Or Edmonton. The Natives up there are crazed hicks who make the family of crazies in TEXAS CHAINSAW look civilized.

    3) Canada has SEVERE South Asian crime. The dumb American redneck rube local yokel townies here who have never traveled think all Indians are IT dorks. Brampton is dangerous. Tamil & Punjabi gangs are vicious & they have kept Bloods & Crips & MS-13 from entering Canadian drug sales territory.

    4) Canada will never form a union with the USA because they don’t want the Mestizos.

  141. Athena says:

    The Virus is a Mirror

    Meet the Secretive Committees that Run the Global Economy

    ”The top five shareholders of the IMF (United States, Japan, Germany, France and U.K.) reflect the membership of an ad-hoc group of finance ministers that began meeting in 1973, thereafter known as the Group of Five (G-5).”

    ”The G-7, or G-8 once Russia was invited in, remained the main forum for global economic leadership.”

    ”The hierarchy of global economic governance emanates out of the United States, in close cooperation with Germany, Japan and the other members of the Group of Seven.”

  142. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    This here Haaaaavard “Professor”, CNN contributor and former Obama Admin DHS stooge knows exactly how to remove those rednecks and their trucks from the Ambassador Bridge.

    Is there anything more entertaining than a clueless Leftoid twat filled with impotent rage?


    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  143. @aandrews

    Thanks, Mr. Andrews. That Matt Taibbi writes very well.

  144. Athena says:

    Video: Whistleblower Canadian Army Major Breaks Ranks and Spills the Truth on Covid-19 Mandates


    Canadian Army Major says the Canadian government has been using “tactics of fear, intimidation, coercion and financial and physical violence” against the people to “gain compliance for certain repeated medical procedures.”

    “They have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land and the Canadian Charter of the Rights and Freedoms (…)

    That folks is the very definition of tyranny.”

    • Replies: @lydia
  145. lydia says:

    The French know all about that

    French “freedom convoy” protesters merge ahead of planned rally in Paris
    10,006 viewsFeb 11, 2022
    Global News

    Hundreds of COVID-19 restriction protesters gathered in La Chapelle-Saint-Aubin on Friday as convoys hailing from various western French towns were converging on their way to Paris.

    Inspired by horn-blaring trucker convoy demonstrations in Canada, the motorists – from multiple cities across France – gathered outside Paris during Friday seeking to defy a police order not to enter the city.

    “The people have to go back and live normally,” said Maryse Richard, a pensioner who came to supporter participants to the convoy. “We have to stop now because (whether) you get the vaccine or not, you get COVID, so it’s really stupid.”

  146. @Carroll price

    “Justin—get the hell in here and bring in your dinky toys—and stop that racket—Get in Here !”

  147. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    Here’s “Professor” Julie slashing those insurrectionist redneck’s truck tires on the Ambassador Bridge.

    I’d pay damn good money to see that…lol

  148. lydia says:

    Ambassador Bridge – Police Heavily Armed (RCMP BACKUP)
    Fear any police who can’t show their face or their badge number or name in public. SHAMEFUL!

    Or who are exempt from the jab
    20 minutes ago
    Police Heavily Armed Ambassador Bridge –


    Keep your tickets. It will have Police ID and will be used in the legal reckoning as some police are supporting the tyrannical Gov. You Have to think ahead for a time in the eventual investigations and convictions as people do to the tyrants and their pawns

    Moderna CEO has cancelled his Twitter account, and has been selling many of his shares! Poop about to hit the fan. STAND STRONG!!!

    Civil disobedience and passive non-violent resistance are effective responses to petty tyrants and over reaching bureaucrats.

    O Canada!?!?!

    All of heaven and the whole world is watching.

    We are watching / witnessing.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  149. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Keep it up. Nowhere have I ever defended a government giving in to the perversions of homosexuality or paedophilia. I have been an opponent of Canada’s immigration policies for close to 50 years. I have been a member of a political party that advocated armed neutrality and leaving NATO. In the early 70s while at university overseas, I met several students from the Warsaw Pact countries and had several long conversations about how their system worked. It wasn’t for me, and I wasn’t foolish enough to believe all of it was true. A “refugee” Russian Jew I worked with told me that the “old guys” in the Soviet leadership had been through a war and seen its devastation. They weren’t interested in war.
    Here is reality:
    “I refer to the misunderstanding of Soviet Russia as an aggressive power, militaristically and ideologically bent upon world domination ‘seeing’, to quote a recent speech of the British Prime Minister, ‘the rest of the world as its rightful fiefdom.’ How any rational person, viewing objectively the history of the last thirty-five years, could entertain this ‘international misunderstanding’ challenges, if it does not defeat, comprehension. The notion has no basis in fact… If Russia is bent on world conquest, she has been remarkably slothful and remarkably unsuccessful.” ~ Enoch Powell
    “Yet we slink about like whipped curs:;… our self-abasement principally takes the form of subservience to the United States:;… we are under no necessity to participate in the American nightmare of a Soviet monster barely held at bay in all quarters of the globe by an inconceivable nuclear armament and by political intervention everywhere from Poland to Cambodia. It is the Americans who need us in order to act out their crazy scenario… We simply do not need to go chasing up and down after the vagaries of the next ignoramus to become President of the United States.” ~ Enoch Powell
    Most Americans, including some of my cousins, are so wrapped up in the bullshit of American exceptionalism that they don’t understand how fucked over they are. I don’t see anyone stopping the brown sludge flooding the Southern US border at much higher rates than are happening here. Pizzagate wasn’t a Canadian phenomenon. Fix your own problems.
    Fucking idiots like you do not understand that the provinces have control over health care, just as the states do. The only thing federal is a funding formula that the provinces themselves agreed upon. If I am “denied” health care, it would be because the physician chooses not to treat me. The government has no say in whom I choose to be my physician. The government only pays the physician according to the fee schedule that the physicians collectively, have bargained for with the province. It is illegal for a hospital to refuse treatment. You appear to be living proof of my decades old theory – the biggest fault Americans have is their incapability to see themselves as others do.

  150. @LIB

    No ruling class can be overthrown till they go bankrupt on money or people’s support.

  151. ‘The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.’

    The Goyim Spring continues. The bridge blockade:

    ‘Even though police have been moving in on protesters in Windsor, pushing them back, the crowd size actually seems to be growing. More protesters are arriving and few are leaving.’

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  152. @Colin Wright

    It will inevitably come down to how many are police and how many are goons. Police services everywhere have always have had their defectives. I would estimate that roughly 40% are psychologically unsuitable for the job handed to them but have always existed in any given force.

    Local cultures evolve. I remember when I traveled through the States in the 70’s being warned by friends about Wisconsin and Philadelphia in particular. I suppose that after a certain amount of lawsuits, a cleansing takes place and then another State takes on that notoriety.

    These days however the issue is the almighty pension. No other employment offers such benefits after your tour especially if you are a fuck all to be hired in the first place.

    I don’t see many forfeiting their pensions over an insurrection. Even if it gets ugly they will have the fog of the (ex) MSM covering up for their brutality.

    It comes down to the value they would place on their soul/integrity. If you can put it into a dollar value then you are a whore by anyone’s definition. Most, even good police will fail this test.

    Of course, after selling their souls and doing despicable things, if the Government has to back down they will be the first to be thrown under the bus by the same Government.

    But they will still have their pensions as they slowly drink themselves to death.


    • Replies: @anarchyst
  153. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    I don’t see many forfeiting their pensions over an insurrection.

    Q: What do you call an “insurrection” where all the “insurrectionists” come unarmed?

    A: A peaceful protest that the (((Left))) wishes to suppress.

    Q: What do you call a riot where private property and businesses are destroyed, and people are assaulted and killed?

    A: A peaceful protest.

  154. @GeneralRipper

    [i]’Q: What do you call an “insurrection” where all the “insurrectionists” come unarmed?'[/i]

    A remake of Gandhi but with white people and snow?

    What’s interesting is the extent to which the media is trying to hide this. Apparently, protestors have been blocking the Pacific Highway crossing south of Vancouver for a week now. Who knew?

  155. @GeneralRipper

    I think that you are provoking the wrong argument with the wrong guy. If it is not too physically difficult, do click on my username and you will see my commentary history.

    Thanks be to Ron Unz for the fantastic website system he has created. The ease of function are either gifts of genius or…. wait a minute, there is someone knocking at my door….ha ha .


    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  156. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:
    @Timur The Lame

    I think you may have misread my tone and response. I was not attacking you, or taking offense at what your wrote. I was simply noting the language used by the vast majority of Western “Governments” and “MSM’s”, and how they have characterized the numerous populist demonstrations that have taken place in the last decade.

    Cheers to you as well.

  157. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    I always enjoyed hearing the Canadian National Anthem when I still watched the Olympics years ago.

    When sung well, it is both pleasing to the ear and inspiring.

    Of course, I like the Star Spangled Banner most of all.

  158. ‘Covid protests: Hundreds fined and dozens arrested as convoy enters Paris’

    ‘They’ve had their warning!’

  159. I think the Jews have finally blown it big time.

  160. lydia says:

    Some quick update info. today.

    Ottawa and Coutts, Alberta protests are growing in numbers as the partying literally intensifies in the Canadian capitol. Hoonking has resumed in Ottawa after a several day lull following a judge’s order that was respected by the protestors, but new arrivals came for the hoonkening and they’re not leaving until they get some.

    Not a conclusive list, but other major protests are also happening in Toronto and Calgary.

    The latest report I can find from an hour ago by a CBC reporter Thomas Daigle in Windsor at the Ambassador Bridge is that traffic is still stopped, even though protestors opened on lane from US to Canada. Some vehicles were towed and no arrests have been made, although tactical units, snipers, etc., were there.

    An additional border crossing in Surrey, British Columbia (the second most busy one of three near Vancouver) popped up today.

    It appears that police are thus far unwilling to use any violence or strong arm methods on peaceful protestors. One of the OG protestors in Ottawa says their relations with the cops there are excellent.

    Not related to the Gofundme or GiveSendGo monies, but \$1.4 CDN from a trucker donation fund in a T & D bank in Ontario was seized by the courts. This has had zero impact on truckers’ logistics or morale as far as I can tell; none of them are complaining or even talking about it

    • Thanks: Colin Wright
  161. Mike-SMO says:

    I think most are missing the point. The Illegals are an army whose job will be to drive the useless ghetto People sinto the surround as they did in Compton, California. The ghetto violence will drive the last of the “normies” out of the cities so that “colonization” by the Illegal population will seem to make sense. Compton went from ~100% Black with ~100 homicides per year to ~70%+ Hispanic with virtually no violent crime. You are going to love your new refugee neighbors from the city….

  162. Of the very many positive events since the two tiers of government officially declared war on the Freedom Convoy and their supporters, there is a video of Veterans taking down the theatrically installed fences surrounding the war memorial in Ottawa (they were placed there by the federalees to try to support the undocumented myth that the truckers were desecrating the monument).

    The Veterans cussed out the media while cleaning snow, said the Lord’s prayer, sang O Canada and the whole crowd broke out in cheers. This gesture is nothing short of a cactus up the rectum of the degenerate so called leadership and their funded mouthpieces.

    All their sickening propaganda about ‘support the Veterans’ and “thank you for your service” when they were killing people, errr, spreading Democracy around the world had finally come home to roost in that they had made this group of Patriots beyond criticism.

    It reminds me of the old exploding cigars in the Laurel and Hardy era.



    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  163. boy1988 says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    Lol.malaysia boleh.well sure we have ethnic conflict here but so far we haven’t seen any race riots,bombings be honest Malaysia is indeed a shitty place

  164. ld says:

    I was at the bridge in Windsor yesterday
    I watched them leave… they went peacefully but the crowd grew and grew.

    They had to import cops from London because so many Windsor police called in sick.
    As I faced the line It was obvius that some of these ‘cops’ were very young… rookies

    Trudeau has lost hearts and minds and his outrageous insults have done nothing but unite Canadians. With every threat more people join the truckers. When the Military/Police/ Doctor’s /Right / Left/ Old and Young speak openly against you… the jig is up. Even the left are subscribing to Fox News because the lies in the CBC

    He has burned his career, savaged his children’s legacy and is declared the worst PM in Canadian history….it is obvious this fool is controlled by nefarious power. I can almost smell the sweat as he delivers his Boss’ message to the proles…. OBEY OR ELSE
    The entire political Canadian Cabal is lockstep in unison….. makes the strings so very transparent.

    I will not obey
    This is my hill

  165. @ld

    Yes, rookies. With cops they are dumb tattooed snowflakes on steroids. Another thing that I have noticed and this is from many years back, female cops are really nasty. They may be pretty blondes or obese lesbians but they have a real man-hate going on. You cannot reason with them especially if you are whitey.

    I wonder if it is for the same reason that people opposed female suffrage. They don’t think, they ‘feel’ and as such are suckers for the bait and switch in politics, namely looks and false promises. In the police context the political part of their training would have gained traction.

    ” Get me on television and I’ll get the women’s vote”. Ted “The Chappaquiddick Kid” Kennedy to his campaign staff.


    • Replies: @ld
  166. ld says:
    @Timur The Lame

    Thank you for responding

    Get me on TV so they can see my creepy looks and hear my nasal whine
    women love that

    Female cops are the worst

    The rookies were easy to pick out, they had theur guns out ready to fire… scared sheetless

    Cheers to you too

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  167. anarchyst says:
    @Timur The Lame

    It’s worse, especially in the USA…
    Since 1981, American cops have had “qualified immunity” which insulates their illegal actions from being brought into question. It is almost impossible to sue individual cops for their actions as their “immunity” is far encompassing and absolves them from responsibility for their actions.
    Add to that, police-friendly prosecutors, police union lawyers, and “internal affairs” departments which are almost always on the cops’ side regardless of their proven misbehavior or criminal actions.
    A “double standard” exists, which gives cops preference not only in the court system, but in their own behavior. Acts that would get an ordinary person in trouble are routinely dismissed by the “justice system” especially if cops are involved.
    If you have ever attempted to contest a traffic ticket, you will find that in 99.99% of cases, the word of the cop is taken over that of the defendant.
    The multi-million dollar awards that municipalities pay out are the result of “deprivation of civil-rights” lawsuits brought on by those aggrieved making the municipality responsible rather than the individual cop’s actions.

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  168. @anarchyst

    Added to which, at least here in Canada there must have been some Supreme Court ruling that concluded that a nebulous “officer feared for his safety” gives the goon a right to Swiss Cheese you with hollow points if you so much as dropped a candy wrapper. I have felt this on my skin. If you are a big guy you are done like dinner because the ‘learned’ judge will conclude that, well yes that guy would scare me too. No context matters for the nerdy bookworm.

    Oh and “resisting arrest” can stick like Gorilla Glue to anyone who does not cuff themselves and magically fly into the back of a cruiser while yelping “yassa massa”.

    The ubiquity of cellphone cameras mitigates these things for sure but I have never seen anything so disgusting on the net as the execution of Daniel Shaver. The fact that the goon walked made me want to puke in the direction of any LEO I come across.

    An accurate gauge of the corruption in any society is the conduct of their constabulary.


    • Thanks: anarchyst
  169. @ld

    The shot fired and heard around the world has happened in our own backyard of all places. Even if it were to end tomorrow, major victories have been won. The (ex) MSM will never recover. Fidelito is toast and so is fat boy Ford. They never figured that licking testicles had a downside.

    We are far from winning but heck, I haven’t felt so inspired in decades. Stay strong brother!


  170. There is already two Americas, the bicoastal elites and the rubes in red flyover country. There already is two New Yorks, the Jew conclave in the five boroughs and the Upstate. There already is two Canadas, the elites in Toronto and Ottawa and the rubes in the hinterlands.

    The problem with all these situations is that the subjugated masses aren’t willing to throw off their parasitic oppressors yet. Look how long the Colonies suffered under King George. Look how long the Romanians took before they mustered the will to arrest, try and execute Ceausescu. There seems to be a long period before the pot boils over.

  171. Athena says:

    Trudeau has hallucinations:

  172. JR Foley says:

    900,000 drinks and lost my job—HEY–I ain’t an alcoholic !!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. JR Foley says:

    Agree—CONservatives will now plant Jason Kenney in Ottawa now that his mission of bankrupting Alberta has succeeded !!!!

    • Replies: @ld
  174. ld says:
    @JR Foley

    If nothing else the machine is predictable
    The Left is the devil in the last four years of office; stealing our treasure for the invisible masters
    Then the right takes over and screws us in their last four years.
    On and on and on
    No matter who is in charge,… the money just keeps flowing in the same direction.

  175. aandrews says:

    • Replies: @aandrews
  176. aandrews says:

  177. @Curmudgeon

    Border State American Here-

    You can keep your crazy biker gangs & your primitive dangerous First Nations in squalor in Northern Canada in Third World Reserves & all the rest of it.

    The USA wants no part of it.

    At one point your Newfies wanted to be a 51st state as if the USA doesn’t already have Appalachia & a bunch of moonshine-swilling unemployed folks without needing yours.

    I spent almost 2 years in Northern Canada was unimpressed as a Guest Worker.

    No thanks, we Americans have all the problems you accuse us of having without inheriting Canada’s.

    American posters here have no idea what small Canadian towns are like being run by SOA-type biker gangs like Charming was while Indian primitives stalk the streets in packs assaulting whites.

    Brown people in Canada never leave the border towns or cities anyhow.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  178. Tony Hall says:
    @zagonostra nostra

    UR is definitely not a friendly place for Canada First nationalists. I have tried to rectify that here but with difficulty.

    Both these items were relegated by UR to the back 40.

  179. @jeff stryker

    My wife was from a small town. No bikers in site. There are some in small towns surrounding big cities, but they don’t “run them”.
    I don’t know when you were here, but in the run-up to the 1988 Federal Election, the treasonous bastard Prime Minister who had been sucking Reagan’s dick for 4 years was promoting Free Trade with the US. I predicted (correctly) that if he was re-elected and Free Trade established, it meant more than trade. Hitching your wagon to the American dream meant taking all of the other shit that came with it – gang violence, mass immigration, a bigger drug problem, and all of the bad shit we didn’t have at the time. The US political tactics of rah-rah jingoism and labeling/demonizing the opposition has become rampant. In short, civility has disappeared. Another “benefit” we received from the deal was “harmonization”, which meant we had to lower our manufacturing standards to match those of the US. The result was thousands of manufacturing jobs lost as US products flooded the country. All of the political parties have become wholly owned subsidiaries of Zion.
    Would we have become what we have become without that? Possibly, but not in my lifetime. Even Justine’s old man, a globalist through and through was opposed to Free Trade, and would be appalled at what is happening today. He would have met these people face to face and told them to fuck off, and I mean that literally.
    Newfies the 51st state? Lots went to New York to work on the steel skyscrapers, but I have yet to meet a Newfie, in Newfoundland or at dozens of conferences I attended, that wanted to be part of the US. If there is a 51st state, it is Alberta, which has been run by oil companies since the late 1960s, and has had significant emigration from the US. Alberta was also the entry point for the political malaise that began in earnest nationally in 1980.
    All of the shit you reference was absent prior to 1988.
    I have relatives and friend in the US, and used to travel there regularly. Most Americans are well meaning and friendly, but only see things through as right or wrong through their paradigm.

  180. @Curmudgeon

    Relax. Jeff Stryker is an idiot who got beat up by some niggers and beaners while he was growing up. He made some kind of work trip in Northern Canada and didn’t like it.

    The rest of his life is wandering around shitholes but making it sound like the Iliad.

    Sorry Jeff, but there is no”there” with you.


    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  181. Athena says:

    November 2017: ”The Genocide Bioweapon


    ”Russian President Vladimir Putin says DNA samples are being taken from people living in different geological regions within the Russian Federation. Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also confirmed Russia’s intelligence agencies have documented the collection of genetic material by nongovernmental organizations. In July the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command posted an inquiry on the government owned FedBizOp website. It was looking to acquire RNA and other genetic samples from Russians.”

    ”Since the end of the Second World War, the national security state has shown it will go to extraordinarily brutal lengths to control—as they put it—the battlespace, including the Russian people.”

  182. @Timur The Lame

    Jeff Stryker’s commentary about the Western World any time after the mid-1990s is taken from his watching TV shows and movies. I’ve appreciated his description of life for an ex-pat in the Far East, but the rest, he’s making it up as he goes along.

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  183. @Curmudgeon


    The Irish immigrants tended to view Newfoundland as a stepping stone to NYC or Boston where there were larger Irish communities is the reason for that

    Honestly, Canada’s lethal biker gangs & Native primitivity were always in Canada. Reserves in Canada are far more dangerous than the USA.

    The drugs don’t come from the states. The drugs come from Asia through Vancouver which is why drug-dealing Asian cartels & biker gangs battle it out on Painville & Wastings in East Van.

    In the past, the heroin came to Montreal via Europe but the Asian have vertically integrated this & Mexico has nothing to do with it. Cocaine was a different matter, but Ice & Opoids replaced cocaine (the currency of biker gangs along with peeler bars).

    Mass immigration in Canada has nothing to do with Mestizo Cholos, which are the USA’s problem. Canada’s immigration is from South Asia & China. The gangs in Brampton are not Hispanic.

    This may be a reassurance but the OPP is very vigilant with us Yank guest workers driving around in old clunkers with USA plates-particularly in small towns. They will immediately A) run your ID for warrants B) ensure you have a valid work visa & C) tell you their town is not for transients. The “Rambo” treatment is very common with OPP in small-town Ontario.

    Montreal & Maritime gang violence is pound-for-pound worse than the USA because it involves intelligent white men like Apache Trudeau or Mum in biker gangs who were demolition-trained soldiers who know how to use C4 explosives & not a bunch of dumb black ghetto scum who can barely operate a Tech 9.

    Also, Salvatore Calzetta & other Italian-Canadians made alliances with the traditional Quebec mafia & the unions (Especially roadwork) get totally shook down & that is why Quebec roads are bad.

    What is remarkable about Canadians is how focused they are on USA’s problems while their own are right under their nose: I’ve literally been lectured on racial inequality in the USA while watching OPP manhandle a Native teen prostitute in front of the world.

    True enough about Free Trade.

    Again, I am not saying the OPP is wrong but illegal immigration from the USA is virtually non-existent.

    Rightfully so, during the Iraq War your government put its foot down & said “enough of Canada taking on the USA’s instability” & refused to take the Iraqi War deserters.

    I don’t blame you.

    But Canada has its homegrown problems like the Natives up North.

  184. @Achmed E. Newman

    Agreed. I find merit in the study of statement analysis and because I read threads on this site to completion, I of course have read enough of his. I get the distinct impression that he sort of wants to come home and in his postings he is sub-consciously trying to convince himself that he did the right thing.

    That is my opinion and I mean him no ill will. My reaction to him was because of his tunnel visioned rant with respect to Northern Canada.

    Being an ex-pat when you are older and financially secure and want to stay in a certain climate is very different from leaving your homeland with your life ahead of you because of some grudges.

    We all miss Mama, so to speak, the good things when you were growing up, the environment that shaped your personality. Unfortunately for some this realization comes after the fact and manifests itself in an attitude.


  185. @Timur The Lame


    Keep in mind “Northern” Canada in Ontario starts at the French River. Not very far North.

    I spent some holidays in Southern Ontario with workmates & would have to concur that extreme Southern Ontario is nice enough. But I will say the following in response to Canadian posters here, and this is the Yank-in-the-street-view of a Guest Worker:

    * Canadian Natives are some of the most dense, unpleasant, crude, primitive, witless & amoral humanoids around. In the US our Natives have a great deal of white or Mexican blood. And even with half-whites you can tell there is something absent in them like common sense (though they have the clear logic of the dull) or any sort of refinement or internal restraint.

    * In some ways they are worse than USA Ghetto Hood Rats, of whom some at least possess Alpha male charisma or smooth pimp charm or a gaudy sophistication around the savagery.

    * Spend a month on a Reserve in Canada. Any romanticism for the noble First Nations will vaporize. You’ll understand why cowboys wanted guns.

    * The OPP & RCMP are at great pains NOT to arrest/prosecute Natives because this is a nightmare of legality & although they are dim & lack consequential thinking the Natives are dimly aware they can more or less get away with murder.

    * Canadian crime problems such as crazed biker chapters or mad Natives out in the bush have zero to do with the USA.

    On Being An Expat

    * I have not missed my birthplace for a single day but I actually moved to Dubai from Phoenix. That was a horror show again because of freakin Indians although in that case they were Mexican ones. In all fairness, the unfettered white trash meth addicts were equally bad.

    * I’m glad I left my homeland when I was a young man in the waning years of the Clinton administration.

    * I never got that worked up about my homeland.

    * Nobody here wants to read my personal bio but my working years abroad were productive enough.

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  186. @Timur The Lame

    I get the distinct impression that he sort of wants to come home and in his postings he is sub-consciously trying to convince himself that he did the right thing.

    I don’t know for sure about the former, but I definitely agree with the latter. Leaving the US might be the best choice for some, either young or old. However, there is a tendency to bad-mouth everything one leaves behind in order to feel better about that decision.

    The formerly-worthwhile pundit Fred Reed is a great example. I don’t doubt that he did the right thing for himself personally, by heading down to start a new life/family in old Mexico. However, to justify that he is no quitter, and that he is doing the right thing for everybody, he finds all kinds of stupid ways to justify his move. He will berate Americans about every single thing, on both sides of any issue, and hold up Mexico to be the bastion of modern society.

    Whatever. My take on Fred Reed from the this old Peak Stupidity post is below the [MORE] tag.

    Fred Reed likes to take both sides of every argument against every problem:

    [Fred Reed mode] America is decaying. There is no unified American culture anymore. There are lots of people mixed together from all over the world. There are bad ignorant Americans that are trying to prevent people from coming in from all over the world. Things don’t work well anymore. The new foreigners are better than those ignorant foreigner-hating Americans at working. America has changed for the worse from back when I was a kid when it was 90% white.

    Trump is a clown. The TV news that I watch all day is full of people criticizing the President for everything and making fun of him. TV sucks. Americans should see how bad their country is on the TV. Trump wants a wall built. Bad ignorant Americans want a border barrier built. Walls don’t work. Americans just don’t want we Mexicans to assimilate and exchange bodily fluids with them. Mexicans don’t want to assimilate and be part of the crass, new, sick American culture that I watch on TV. Mexican culture is better and we have great engineering schools and gated communities. Mexico is better, so Mexicans don’t want to go to America. There is no need for a wall, but they don’t work anyway. Bodily fluids! [/Fred Reed mode]

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  187. @jeff stryker


    I do have to agree with the native part from personal experience. I had the experience of befriending some who could be categorized as being ‘bad boys’. I had bought into the ‘noble savage’ part of their legacy as society and Hollywood conditions people to but getting to know them and especially hearing their stories I couldn’t conclude any other than the ‘savage’ part.

    If I was to be given the choice of being incarcerated in a prison with mainly black inmates or natives, I would choose the black option no ifs or ands… The ‘posse’ gangs natives have are truly scary.

    Though both groups have the ‘blame whitey’ thing going, natives have a form of nihilism in them that makes one question if they are from the same species. No average person can ever form such an opinion except from direct prolonged contact. To ‘normies’ they are all a form of kindly Chief Dan George types with organic wisdom who were done wrong by, of course whitey.


  188. Athena says:

    Who is this guy?

    Where does he come from? The bios and pictures found on the Net are strange (e.g. pics ”showing him when he was a child” do not correspond to this guy).

    He’s asking Trudeau to do anything he can to stop the trucker’s protest. What does ”anything in his power” to stop the protest imply? The martial law? Is this the kind of democracy the NPD (B’n B’rit) want to implement in Canada?

  189. anon[422] • Disclaimer says:

    The Blacks would rape you Mr.Lame.

  190. @Achmed E. Newman


    I did not leave the USA until I was 25 in Spring 1999, but I wish I had left in the mid-90’s. That is okay, however, I was young enough to have the energy to make the most of life abroad.

    I’ll never forget my college years in Michigan. The instance when my dormmate & I made a “Mangina” joke & the RA reported us to the Affirmative Action-appointed Head RA who was a bellowing black idiot who stomped around like Idi Amin as a negro-with-a-bit-of-power shouting he was “extremely concerned” about our “mangina joke”. We were then transferred but when I told the Head RA “look, I have to be on a plane to Arizona for Christmas Holidays in 3 hours” he gave me the resentful pinched sullen black look of the single-mother raised government project.

    Not that the meth-sucking redneck white trash of Arizona were much better.

    I do not feel like FRED REED.

    I feel like someone who walked into a public toilet stall where the last user left a big shite in the toilet who goes to the next stall quickly….I just wanted to leave as fast as possible.

    I did not go to SEA for women as some American males do. I did so to get away from the Cholos in Phoenix & the ghetto scum of Michigan.

    I was raised in a middle-class exurban bucolic bedroom community but cannot summon any good memories of Michigan. It was cold, the economy was crap, ghetto scum were molesting white girls everywhere, crackheads were downtown…

    Unlike Fred Reed, I was young. Most expats are either young or old.

    And look at the pitiful Zoomer generation now…out protesting in the street for black crackheads who would not piss on them were they on fire & living with Mom at an age when i was in Dubai.

    Of course many of the posters here are Asian man-child Desis posing as whites

    In that case…they need to watch this Sunny Leone film


    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  191. That’s exactly what is happening.
    That’s what CANZUK / The Anglo Saxon Mission / The Anglosphere Federation is all about. SERCO are running the ENTIRE Anglosphere. There has been a silent Aristocratic/ Military coup, It’s called “Anarcho Monarchy”. The Monarchy are cutting out the Jew Bureaucracy. We are forming a new nation. Genetic testing is in the new digital ID’s because we are going back to an Ethnostate of only Germanic Teutons. No Irish or anyone else welcome, they are going to be pushed down into the Southern states of the USA.

  192. Jack P says:

    At least we have a second amendment in the U.S.

    But we have to be willing to use it.

  193. Athena says:

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and friends (Singh, Freeland and friends of Davos) in service to US-UK NATO bankers

    Letter to NDP leadership about foreign policy

    To you understand just how racist and colonial the NDP’s foreign policy seems to many?


    ”The party’s apparent racism is on display in its response to widely covered issues such as China and those largely ignored like Haiti.”

    ”During the federal election campaign in October Jagmeet Singh said Canada should seek to join AUKUS, the Australia, US and UK nuclear-powered submarine initiative that’s designed to ramp up conflict with Beijing. The NDP has supported the Five Eyes diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Olympics and push to ban Huawei from 5G networks. The NDP explicitly supports Canada’s participation in the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing arrangement, which oozes of white supremacy. In “The settler colonial origins of the Five Eyes alliance” John Price recently detailed the alliance’s roots in stunting post-World War II decolonization: “The UK and its settler colonial offspring—the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—were to use their economic and cultural power, derived from Indigenous dispossession, global slavery, white supremacy, and racial capital, to establish Pax Americana …. This was the alliance that spawned the Five Eyes spy network in 1948.”

  194. Athena says:

    2020-088.htm Offsite: How the German BND conducts bulk interception, June 6, 2020

  195. The future of the English-speaking world may depend on what actual workers and frontline military and law enforcement decide to do when they are given unjust orders from corrupt and hostile Regimes.

    It appears that this notion is going to be put to the test in Australia.

    During the million-strong anti-government rally in Canberra on Saturday 12 Feb 2022, the Australian Capital Territory Police deployed and used directed energy weapons against the unarmed Australian men, women and children who were peacefully protesting.

    The use of sonic weapons was plainly evident, filmed in plain view.

    The police also used microwave weapons on the crowd, weapons which were used covertly and hidden from view.

    Video Link

    Video Link

    Video Link

    These are explicit crimes against humanity committed by the Australian police and their superiors against unarmed peacefully protesting Australian citizens.

    The gloves are coming off – this is going to tip one way or the other. Either the police and military side with the people and hold the psycho Globalist government to account, or the country will slide into full-retard permanent Globalist dictatorship.

    There’s no middle ground.

    • Thanks: lydia
  196. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Australia needs to stay stable while the UK and Canada/USA go through turmoil. It’s Australia’s job to provide food for Britain.
    They can’t allow a bunch of drunks and Abo’s (who were shipped in from PNG in the 1800’s) coming out and getting rowdy.

  197. ld says:

    I went to the bank to remove my money and the teller told me that they have to go through all your transactions to see if there are any funds donated to terrorists or subversive groups. If they find one they must freeze your account and inform on you.

    I tried to email all the Senators in Canada. Took me forever, Copied their address right off their page. Tenz of dozens
    Every email undeliverable. All my other emails worked perfectly

    I tried to log on to facebook today (I only use it for the protest info) and am still locked out. Loud voice blares out this ip address blocked for visiting subversive sites and locks my computer.
    Anybuddy still think this is about vaxine sales?
    What they have cooked up is much worse.
    The digital passport controls all dissent at the click of a button you are broke cut off and no one will ever hear you.
    all davoscountries guided by the invisble hand of the Permanent Ones

  198. You comment might be regarded as facetious, and also a little off-target, seeing as how it reflects the colonial attitudes of a bygone era.

    The Globalists likely don’t give a crap about feeding Britain or anyone else for that matter – the likes of Klaus Schwab and Bill and Melinda would all be tickled pink if we’d all just crawl away somewhere and die.

    The Australian Aborigines, meanwhile, were indeed a continental race prior to European colonisation, numbering upwards of 1 million in total. There were also (as you seem to suggest) a large number of slave-class shipped in from Pacific islands to work the sugar cane plantations in Queensland after colonisation.

    As for the rabble getting rowdy – you’re spot-on with that assessment. The common folk outnumber the Globalist elite and their stooges by orders of magnitude. If the people get it together en masse and unite against them, the Globalists will be cornered.

    What do they say about a cornered animal?

  199. @ld

    Will the shackles come out next?

  200. @ld

    I tried to log on to facebook today (I only use it for the protest info) and am still locked out. Loud voice blares out this ip address blocked for visiting subversive sites and locks my computer.

    Anyone who still uses Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, etc, really needs to stop and take a reality check. All those social media platforms and even email portals are controlled by the Globalists.

    Yeah, maybe it’s convenient to just keep using them, and not bother finding alternatives – until the sh*t hits the fan, and then it’s way too late, because the Globalists have you by the throat.

    I went to the bank to remove my money and the teller told me that they have to go through all your transactions to see if there are any funds donated to terrorists or subversive groups. If they find one they must freeze your account and inform on you.

    Mike Ryan at Natural News has been warning us for ages to get our money out of banks and into cash or precious metals.

    Looks like he was right.

    It’s looking more and more like Canada needs a lynch mob to string up girly-boy Trudeau and all his paid stooges.

    • Thanks: DevilAdvocate
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  201. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Mike Ryan at Natural News…

    Whoops! I meant Mike Adams at Natural News.

    Mike Ryan hosts [ AsiaPacificToday.TV ].

  202. GeneralRipper [AKA "SingSling"] says:

    Oh, by the way, Injuns and other “protected” people are exempt from Trudeau’s “Emergency Measures”.

    Basically it only applies to White people.

  203. lydia says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave


    Outstanding to see this. Ottawa ain’t the only rodeo in town!!

    Rimouski, Huge Convoy 🇨🇦🏳️

    Every where in Canada Trudeau puts pressure on truckers, he will leave himself vulnerable in another part of the country. He is the one who is escalating this

    Big trucker convoy, is on way to Quebec

    yeah thats the spirit , sadness yesterday but now my spirits are up

    Ottawa Police Trample Peaceful Protesters with Horses – Freedom Convoy 2022

    That officer quite literally grabbed and dragged that protestor by the throat!!

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  204. @lydia

    Looks like the Canadian government’s paid mercenaries are showing their true colours – just like in Australia and New Zealand.

    Hopefully there are enough police and military who are still loyal to the people to eventually step in and turn this thing around. Lord help those on the wrong side of history when the fat lady finally sings.

  205. @jeff stryker

    I’m curious, what Mich. city/cities did you live in?

  206. Anon[697] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Bard of Bumperstickers

    Or, stop just short of Secession by first forming Interstate Compacts between self-declared “Free States”. If that doesn’t work, then go to the next step and form a “Semi-Autonomous Republic” (“SAR”) comprised of “Free States”.

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