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Corporate America Tries to Uplift the Lumpenproletariat
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Americans seem to have an irrepressible urge to uplift the bottom—the lumpenproletariat, to use a fancy word– no matter how daunting the mission. The federal government has spent billions since the mid-1960s (e.g., AmeriCorps) with scant success. Numerous non-profits have also sought solutions and here, too, the results are not encouraging. Now the private sector is trying its hand. With Starbucks taking the lead ($30 million from the CEO’s own foundation), corporate America (Hilton, Microsoft, Walmart, J.C. Penney, among 13 others) is rolling out a plan to create 100,000 jobs, internships and apprenticeships by 2018 targeting the 5.5 million young Americans who are neither in school or in the workforce. These youngsters (called “disconnected youth”) are predominantly non-white, poor, and are often teenage single parents. That these youngster lack any extended work experience hinders getting even to the first rung of the economic ladder.

The Aspen Institute’s Opportunity Youth Network will monitor and oversee the enterprise. All and all, this is a mega buck project supported by a Who’s Who of corporate America with access to an army of policy wonks.

Will it succeed? Absolutely not, despite its corporate capitalist pedigree. Begin by recognizing the awaiting legal pitfalls. Any effort to target black kids without a similar outreach program for whites, Hispanics, and Asians may instigate litigation and EEOC complaints. This may tie up the project for years as Aspen lawyers seek to circumvent anti-discrimination laws in employment. And if that were insufficient to impede progress, what about hiring those with criminal records? Does Walmart really want to hire ex-cons and thereby face the potential liability if one of these employs assaults a customer? Even more vexing, what about those with drug addictions? Imagine making a reasonable workplace accommodation for a chronic sex offender? Clearly, many of the most challenging cases, those most in need of a corporate-supplied opportunity, will be risky bets and would justifiably never be hired in the first place.

Far more important, a few exceptions aside, these youngster will arrive with terrible work habits and I defy any firm, within today’s legal and political environment, to overcome these liabilities. I suspect that all the well-intentioned CEO’s and their white, middle class Aspen facilitators are clueless regarding the toxic underclass culture. It will be a major struggle to get these kids to be prompt, follow directions dutifully, avoid on-the-job conflicts, speak clear English absent profanities, disdain socializing or periodic texting, function without close supervision, always dress neatly and be well-groomed (including conservative haircuts, no piercing), eschew petty thievery, control one’s temper when challenged (“dissed”) and otherwise conduct themselves according to traditional standards of a “good employee.”

Invariably, civil rights activists will condemn this training as cultural imperialism, making blacks into whites, and this argument is not easily dismissed. The Al Sharptons of the world will insist that there’s nothing inappropriate with black slang and a “black accent” in the workplace, and corporate America should accept it much like they currently tolerate immigrants who speak with a Chinese or Indian accent. Ditto for program enrollees who continue to wear their pants well below their waist or otherwise dress in the ghetto “style.”

Then add the obstacles of bringing these “disconnected youth” up to speed on simple arithmetic, an 8th grade reading level, legible penmanship and properly filling out forms. In a nutshell, corporate America, with the help of the Aspen Institute must transform deeply rooted cultural habits, habits that may even be classified as survival tools in Hobbesian inner cities. Clearly, far more is involved here than simply spending an hour or two teaching how to make a tall soy milk latte and then use the cash register to make change from a $20.

There is no need to speculate on the awaiting tribulations. The historical record is unambiguous. In the 1966 the US Department of Defense initiated Project 100,000 in which youngster normally not suitable for military service due to mental or physical problems would be inducted (drafted or by volunteering) into the US Army (the actual number in the program was between 320,000 and 354,000). Though it served the military’s need for additional manpower during the Vietnam War, President Johnson viewed it as a Great Society’s War on Poverty program. The Project’s logic seemed reasonable—military discipline, training and the need to survive under dangerous conditions would somehow transform these youngsters, including those with low IQ’s, into solid, reliable mature workers once they left the Army. As the old cliché goes, the Army would make these misfits into real men.

To condense a long story, Project 100,000 according to a 1989 DOD study failed. They were disproportionately killed in Vietnam and all the tough military training did not translate into future civilian vocational or educational success. Put another way, the policy experts at the Aspen Institute hope to accomplish what the military with its tough drill sergeants and harsh punishment could not. One can only envisage today’s reaction if an Aspen job counselor forced a trainee to do 100 push-ups in the mud or spend a few days in the brig for sleeping during a lesson on the importance of customer courtesy.

If the failure of Project 100,000 is not persuasive, remember that each one of these recruits has already passed through years of public school without being cured of their tribulations. This failure is particularly notable at schools targeting these “disconnected youth” with experienced teachers, extra-guidance counselors, and many others who for years tried to straighten these kids out. There is certainly nothing on the Aspen Institute website that hints at a more effective menu than what public schools have tried for decades. Do these wonks honestly believe that these students will mend their ways when informed that America’s top companies are investing millions in their vocational success?


To make this hopeless fantasy clear, imagine if this scheme were being pitched to the Goldman Sacks investment committee. “Ladies and gentlemen, the investment advocate would begin, I am here to ask for $10 million as our contribution to a plan supported by 16 other major corporations to transform presently troubled youngsters, many with deplorable work histories and multiple personal problems like drug addiction, into dutiful employees able to hold decent good-paying jobs. It will not be easy. The federal government has run into similar problems with, at best, only limited success. Private philanthropies have likewise largely failed nor have specialized public schools been able to overcome an underclass culture that disdains the work ethic. Due diligence also requires that I admit that the program will be overseen by the Aspen Institute, an organization with limited experience with such daunting projects. I seriously doubt that few of these youngsters would make suitable Goldman Sacks employees or any of the other firms participating in the well-meaning project. Worse, given their likely troubled job performance vis-à-vis other workers, their presence will increase the odds of being sued for perceived employer unfairness. Finally, and to be blunt, jobs that could be done by these iffy hires are already being performed, and being performed well, by immigrants and there is no labor shortage here (and immigrants are less likely to sue for workplace discrimination). So, ladies and gentlemen, do I have your authorization to make this $10 million investment?”

Now for the troubling question: why would 17 generally hard-headed profit-driven firms flush millions down the toilet in a scheme they undoubtedly know to be doomed? Leaving aside the possibility of gross stupidity or airhead idealism, or that this a marketing ploy targeting bleeding heart do-gooders, let me suggest that the effort is all part of “corporate conservatism” to sustain the political status quo by going through the motions of “helping the downtrodden.” Capitalism needs domestic tranquility, and from a long-term political perspective, trying to uplift the lumpenproletariat is a sound investment even if the initiative fails. The real and unstated measure of success is not rescuing a few youngsters mired in a tangle of pathologies; the real metric is achieving a politically quiescent under-class. As with primitive tribes sacrificing goats to ensure a good harvest, there is something beneficial about taking action, no matter how futile, and in today’s political climate, making a doomed effort is far better than confessing that certain problems are intractable.

• Category: Economics, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Unemployment 
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  1. Not just the lumpenproletariat, but the humpinproletariat as well.

  2. – Cached – Similar
    Rocking the Boat empowers young people from the South Bronx to develop the … Kids don’t just build boats at Rocking the Boat, boats build kids. … get caught in a cycle of failure starting with dropping out of high school and skipping college.

    What do corporations build?

  3. @rustbeltreader

    “What do corporations build?”

    Uh, just about everything.

  4. SFG says:

    I’d go with the marketing ploy to target do-gooders myself. The underclass doesn’t care–they’d rather sit around and collect welfare checks. This is all pour le gallerie.

  5. It’s a cargo cult.

  6. MarkinLA says:

    After they spend 10 million of their own money they will point to the one guy who is now an assistant graveyard shift manager at a burger joint. They will ask Congress for 100 million to continue the work. Within 5 years they will be getting 500 million a year regularly for the program of which 400 million goes to salaries and perks for the staff running it in Washington DC including the CEO who makes 5 million a year.

    Who says these programs are failures?

  7. The last sentence sums it up: “As with primitive tribes sacrificing goats to ensure a good harvest, there is something beneficial about taking action, no matter how futile, and in today’s political climate, making a doomed effort is far better than confessing that certain problems are intractable.”

    This is why both political parties are completely useless. The Media Class rulers are playing the tune, and everyone must get up and dance. If you don’t like the music, you are flamed and shamed by said media. In fifty years of this tyranny, Trump is the only one with the money, influence, and spine to defy them. Let’s hope he shows us the way out of this.

  8. In ancient times when I entered eighth grade, Mr. Deveney, the very large history teacher, on occasion would treat certain malefactors to what he called “Remedial Humanity” sessions which consisted of entering a dark book storage room across the hall and him beating on a locker while screaming implications of impending doom.

    A pretty effective but, ultimately, a localized and short term solution for a largely intractable problem.
    Mr. Devaney had his job for thirty five years, so from his perspective, the program was a success.

  9. Flower says:

    The article is well written. If it were a poem, it would likely rhyme. But, it’s core is still one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. And we just sit here and take it.

    So, after the corporatocracy has sent all the jobs to China and India – because slave labor is so much gooder for the world economy – now somebody has noticed that “we ain’t got no jobs back home!” So, these corporations, in a fit of corporate altruism (is such a thing possible?), have decided that they are going to invest money to “create 100,000 jobs, internships and apprenticeships”. Doesn’t that just sound so nice. Of course, if you were to ask these corporations precisely what jobs they are going to “create” that haven’t already been given over to the slavers, the answer will be very akin to, “New Ones”.
    Imagine it this way: You have you house burglarized. They take everything. Then, a little later, the burglar is walking past your house and spies you sitting on the front porch crying your eyes out. You have nothing now. But, in a most uncharacteristic attitude, the burglar takes pity on you, for a moment he is actually sort of sorry for what he’s done to you. So he walks up to you, hands you some bologna and tells you to make a sandwich. His conscience is now clean.

    But the main reason this is a dumb idea is the psychology of it. If we were dealing with real company, i.e. a business that delivers goods or services on a professional level, a business that is in competition with other businesses and, therefore, subject to failure (and then everybody is unemployed), when young Rastus of the Inner City comes looking for a job he will quickly find that showing up for work looking and sounding like a boulevard Pimp, complete with pants around the ankles, bling out the kazoo, a speech pattern that fairly broadcasts arrogance and ignorance, which might be a hit on the street, but when it comes to real business, well, “we’ll keep your application on file for 6 months and call you…” Young Rastus is going to learn quickly that he will to have to change himself, his attitude, his dress, his speech patterns before anyone is going to risk THEIR jobs to him. Of course, Rastus will now attempt to burn down Baltimore because “whitey controls everything”.

    This “program” denies all that. This program tells young Rastus that he doesn’t have to change a thing, that the biz is there for Rastus because that’s the way Rastus “rolls”. Good luck training Rastus. I mean, it’s possible, but since Rastus is generally stoned on something all the time, he’s going to have a problem remembering anything you said more than 3 sentences ago. These programs naturally and consistently fail because the programs are NOT designed to do or be anything other than an excuse for corporations to continue the rape of Amerika. Somebody ask Microsoft why they would pay to train Rastus for work when Billy Gates and company are replacing Americans with Indians because Indians cost 1/10th of what an American costs? Indians are fine, Billy Boy, but Indians didn’t get you and Microsoft to the top of the heap did they? But, as Amerikans finally get tired of Billy Boy Gates and his BS lies, the corporate aholes will hold up Rastus by the scruff of his neck and announce, “But see! We’re helping Rastus!”

    The hiring line used to be the great mitigater in our society. Sure, you could be as radical and “out there” as you wanted to be, but when you showed up to get work, you better be wearing a tie, your pants pulled up, and with a lot of “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” to go with it. And if you wanted to KEEP that job, you best leave your bling and your attitude at home.

    Competition can be a wonderful thing.

  10. Wally says:

    IQ, IQ, IQ.

    • Replies: @Former Darfur
  11. iffen says:

    How about if these corporations upgrade 100,000 of their part-time, little or no benefit type jobs into full time jobs with benefits.

  12. This is just another slap in the face to the people who work hard and play by the rules, and still put up with affirmative action from the slightly better class of minorities. Lots of non-immigrant, non-minority adults are underemployed or unemployed due to affirmative action. Doesn’t it make more sense to just hire the best and have an economy and government that works and workplaces that are not completely chaotic, and then use the money generated and saved to support these people and keep them out of the way? What’s the difference?

  13. Black Americans evolved differently, having missed out, as it were, on the genetic changes in the past 10,000 years that occurred in other races through agriculture. Perhaps they cannot adjust. In many ways they are trapped in the hunter-gatherer world. No one yet has found a way to
    help them assimilate. And it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So that is one job for every 55 young people who could use a job. Isn’t that special! Judging by the comments and the story itself, the problem is “intractable”. The army however found it could use the people it trained — as cannon fodder. The lack of employment problem is not at all intractable, the truly intractable problem is the problem solvers. How can we get them out of the way? Every unemployed young person could be valuable just by being employed in the growing of vegetables. Every county could be provided with a cannery or similar vegetable preserving operation; think how many jobs that would create. There are plenty of other projects waiting, to turn the country into a garden instead of a garbage dump. The real problem is getting the money out of the hands of the problem solvers who pretend that capitalism works, and into the hands of the problems who know from experience that it doesn’t.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  15. Mr X says:

    The study appears to have compared the recruits to non-veterans but did it compare like to like. If the participants were drawn from the bottom of society it would not be surprising if they ended up worse than average even after significant training. The question should be did they end up better off than a comparable group who received no support. If you look at the Abecedarian study participants performed worse than average (compared to society in general) how ever according to Heckman they were significantly better than the control group on measures of income, employment, criminal history etc. Does anyone know the answer to this question (to save me having to read the 1989 DOD report).

  16. @Frank Messmann

    I would like to see this comment enlarged on because it is interesting, by no means clearly wrong, but in need of more refinement and precision I think if one wants to treat it as more than a slightly provocative intelligent dinner table observation, well calculated to press some PC buttons on those young enough not to have been mugged by reality. For example….

    “Hunter gatherers” is not, as I understand it, a correct description of thousands of years (not sure how many) of black African ancestry. “Pastoralists” or “herders” would describe many of them, and probably gardeners (females anyway). Also there are notably commercial ethnic groups like the I[g]bo whose children in the UK are relatively smart but perhaps because there is some kind of caste system within the Igbo tribe(s).

    I have never known what to make of the much greater diversity of DNA within Africa than out of Africa beyond the fact that there were at relevant times far more people in Africa reproducing than there were amongst the small groups adapting to Eurasia’s selective pressures. But the fact is consistent with Africa having generated groups of people with relatively high cognitive abilities, and no doubt a number of other more or less valuable inherited peculiarities outside athleticism.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What’s wrong with all you Judaists, Anglo-Zionists, (pseudo) hasbarists, Jew-baiters, anti-Semites, truthers….. out of bed! Not a Jew unearthed in all this yet, no Mossad angle, no Israeli plot to keep poor dumb Okies and hillbillies in thrall. An alert must be sounded. Action is needed.

    And consider how many of the 17 corporates are really just creatures of the Elders of Zion. Well we all know don’t we how that famous Jewish giving to charity and good causes earns a 200 per cent return even in countries where they can’t be made lords. Why, I’ve even heard Hebraic billionaires explain that they used to give anonymously until persuaded that publicity was good for the gallery/symphony orchestra/ whatever because it set an example for others to follow. Now that’s chutzpah for you!

    • Replies: @iffen
  18. Loved this insightful article.

    The point about how behaviors and attitudes that are completeky dysfunctional and destructive in the workplace are actually survival mechanisms in the no-go zones of St. Louis. Being conscientious, polite, etc. might get one of these kids eaten alive in that environment. Kind of reminds me of the Sub-Saharan Yam farmer-no need to save and invest because rebels will just take it anyway, and on top of that it puts a target on your back.

    I don’t understand why anyone would think anything good would ever come out of this.

    It seems to be just another example of how a lot of european liberals (no offense to anyone intended) seen determined to deny that any differences exist.

    Just a humorous case of the same principle in a totally different context. My little brother, who is in tenth grade, has a girlfriend (or did anyway). Her family were classic NPR types. We had her family over for a large special dinner and it was just so messed up. First of all the dad seemed almost get an erotic thrill out of trying to get my brother to show physical affection to his daughter. Seeing how uncomfortable my brother was (he is only 13), I kept hinting that Chinese take these things very slowly and youngsters are very insecure and hesitant, but he wouldn’t take the hint. Finally he just decided to hide in his room. And the mother damn near “flipped her wig” at the (very typical) way out grandmother barks orders at my mother and sisters. That’s find-I get that that’s alien-but don’t openly start describing yourself as saving oppressed asian girls.

    Sorry for the aside. I just have been thinking about liberal’s inability to butcher differences. Where does it come from? Is it due to them being totally self-centered and therefore unable to notice what others are really like, or are they so terrified of how others really are, or what?

    Everybody throws around the racist label on rightists, but it’s leftists who creep me out. I get the creeping feeling, rightly or wrongly, that once they finally do break it down and accept these differences, they will wctuakky start advocating wiping people out (“think of the children we’re sparing from a life of misery”).

  19. @Anonymous

    I’ve had thoughts along these lines as well; a portion of the economy will simply have to “fenced off” and subsidized and/or protected by tariffs for people of low cognitive ability to work in. I admit that this solution won’t cure the cultural behavioral problems and attitudes toward work identified by Mr. Weissberg. Whites have probably lost their ability to deal with black dysfunction. Asians and Mexicans, however, will likely be much more realistic and unforgiving.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  20. @St. Louis Asian

    This is pretty common in my experience. Most “racists” are live-and-let-live types. They live in less-dense areas where there’s room to get away from people you don’t like, or they carve out little bubbles for themselves, even in large urban areas. Nicholas Stix lives in NYC, of all places. He knows how to act courteously and treat people with respect or there’s no way he’d survive. Leftists by contrast are often hilariously awkward in the presence of ethnic minorities or their lower-status ethnic kin.

    Racists, from the crudest to the more refined are still more or less dealing with the world as it is. Leftist ideologues are perforce required to reinforce their cognitive disconnect from biological and physical reality if they are going to maintain their ideals.

    The interesting break now is on the Right, as conservative ideologues maintain furiously that abstract ideals like “the Constitution” or “free markets” or “Judeo-Christian principles” will patch everything over rather than deal with the fact that people are different on a number of planes and may require different systems in order to thrive. What works for Anglo-Saxons living in a strip along the east coast of North America with a whole frontier to the West may not be such a good idea for urban, African matriarchies.

  21. @Diversity Heretic

    In other words, you either have globalism and have the government tax and re-distribute, or you have tariffs and customers pay for welfare at the cash register. Free trade ain’t “free” when government can dictate interest rates and the money supply.

    I realized this when a Lebanese told me, well of course we don’t allow imports from China. WHAT in the name of Friedman, said I, and my friend pointed out all one town in China has to do is unload a bunch of Calvin Kleins and a whole bunch of Lebanese go out of business. The Krugmans and Caplans would snort “temporary frictions!” “lower wages, by hook or crook!” But the Lebanese seem more interested in keeping their fellow Lebanese employed, which seems like a good idea for a country that’s always on the brink of exploding into sectarian warfare.

    • Replies: @rod1963
  22. @St. Louis Asian

    “Everybody throws around the racist label on rightists, but it’s leftists who creep me out. I get the creeping feeling, rightly or wrongly, that once they finally do break it down and accept these differences, they will wctuakky start advocating wiping people out (“think of the children we’re sparing from a life of misery”).”

    I think you are exactly right. Most people who are labeled right-wing or racist just want to be left alone and to be able to preserve their own communities, traditions and demographics without outside interference. I think it’s the left that is most dangerous.

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    I think it’s better to call them Humpin’-Brawlin’-to-riot.

  24. Jim says:
    @St. Louis Asian

    The liberals you talk about often praise “diversity” and proclaim themselves “cultural relativists”. But they often seem to take it for granted that everybody in the world is just like them. Despite their proclaimed acceptance of other cultures they can’t seem to understand that their own liberal values are not at all universal but in fact restricted to a rather small subset of humanity. They seem to lack the imagination necessary to have some understanding of ways of understanding the world radically different from their own.

  25. iffen says:

    The Jews what done it!

    There, covered everything for you.

  26. @iffen
    I’m not supporting or attacking Anonomoz’s view. But Jews are a very tribal group, with lots of money and influence. Are you claiming that Jews don’t often act out of group interests or harm others? Is any criticism of Jews valid to you?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  27. @OilcanFloyd

    As a possible matter of interest a reply I made to SolontoCroesus on another thread addressed the issue of who notices and perceives accurately the form, extent and consequences of Jewish tribalism.

    What I find particularly interesting is how Jewish identity, in particular personally udentifying as Jewish, now has so little to do with religion without which it could never have established itself.

    • Replies: @SFG
  28. @Wally

    IQ, IQ, IQ.

    No. You need to add “Future Time Orientation”, and several other things as well.

    Some (nominally underclass) blacks did well in the post-Reconstruction, pre-Civil Rights era, because of several factors. One was constant white supervision and the other was a full-immersion campaign which at least many blacks supported, or didn’t too vocally object to, for blacks to conform to white norms, because they weren’t considered “white norms” but just “norms”. Also, there was throughout this time a positive differential selection process in which the most successful blacks had larger families and less successful ones fewer or none. As time went on each generation was more disciplined and had higher IQ than the previous one.

    When civil rights , Great Society thinking came in at the same time that “norms” included using contraception and having fewer children (because there was no more frontier and because for the first time in human history the vast majority of children born lived to ‘retirement’ age), successful blacks assumed white norms whereas the black underclass wildly bred in as dysgenic a fashion as almost can be imagined. Now there is a clear “shelf” in black demographics, where there is a black aristocracy and middle class whose kids usually do not too badly (though still under white averages), and a Black Undertow that is completely hopeless.

    If we were a sealed society and made a deliberate effort to go back to manufacturing all our own consumer goods, practice more labor intensive agriculture, and using only our own energy resources and if we had pro-civilization, pro-Western leadership intent on making us successful and improved with time, the current situation could be saved. We would make illegitimacy very unpleasant for the parents and unprofitable, and we would see to it that the very left of the Bell Curve simply didn’t breed at all. We would go back to early-twentieth-century farming and would have to uproot a lot of subdivisions and shopping malls for agricultural land, and most middle class whites would have to be put back in row houses or apartments. But they would be clean and safe, as safe and as clean as in the 1950s, because criminals, necessarily, would be executed or put to work on prison farms as they did in the South. As in Europe today, some health care modalities and technologies would be restricted so that many people died off earlier. It would be like Chicago circa 1938 writ large. But it is possible, in the sense that it does not contradict the laws of physics.

    It does, however, contradict the laws of history and human behavior. I believe we are now in the position of Rome at the beginning of the end of the Empire. The Mississippi will foam with much blood, both in the sense that Powell meant and in the sense it was incorrectly purported to mean. The end stage is not here yet, and I may not live to see it, but my kids will, and their kids certainly will live it out.

  29. @Frank Messmann

    Black Americans evolved differently, having missed out, as it were, on the genetic changes in the past 10,000 years that occurred in other races through agriculture. Perhaps they cannot adjust. In many ways they are trapped in the hunter-gatherer world. No one yet has found a way to
    help them assimilate. And it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.

    There was a way that worked somewhat. It did not work perfectly, but it did show some good results. It just is absolutely unpalatable and therefore will not be reinstated. It went by the name Jim Crow.

    What Jim Crow did was to separate Blacks and Whites, but not perfectly. Some intermixing occurred, but the mixed children were called “black” until they got to about the 1/16 Black level, at which point most would then “pass for” white. People who were 3/4 black generally did better than those who were all black, and the same up until they were at the awkward paper bag stage, when they didn’t fit into black culture much better than the white. Evolutionary pressure created a new race, in effect. Show me a “Black Genius” such as a Quincy Jones and I will show you the product of such a selective system in nearly or every case. Or a recent African immigrant or their offspring where the local missionary spread his seed long ago.

    May I say I do not advocate a return to this. I believe Blacks should have their own polities and that it would be much kinder and more beneficial for them to have such an arrangement. A permanently segregated society will eventually fail. On the other hand, integration only works on the Singapore model, where an authoritarian and micro-intrusive government controls all social and political behavior. Even at that, I somehow suspect the PAP is on borrowed time now that Senior Minister LKY is dead and once the multinationals no longer need it is a financial center.

    • Replies: @SFG
  30. What a relief. I’ve found a good Jewish or Israeli angle after all. Could Professor Weissberg or someone else tell us about how the Israelis go about assimilating Ethiopian Jews (genetically not Semitic I think) in Israel and with what success? I don’t know much more than that a lot of them rioted in Tel Aviv recently amd that their total numbers are about 120,000.

    Bedouins who are the great breeders of all Israel’s ethnic groups (now about 250,000) are never going integrate if the community leader I met is any indication. He denies Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish state which it is and intends to remain.

    • Replies: @KA
  31. KA says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    -Nine years ago, then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell delivered a speech on the Middle East in which he briefly called on Palestinians to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” Powell doesn’t recall how the phrase ended up in his speech, but David Ivry, then the Israeli ambassador to the United States, says he persuaded an aide to Powell to slip it in.”

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  32. SFG says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Times change. I doubt our current American identity could have held the country together in the eighteenth century.

    Admittedly, if the Civil War happened again we might just let the South secede.

  33. SFG says:
    @Former Darfur

    True that. I think Lawrence Otis Graham’s books about the black upper class mentioned they were on the pale side, and deathly afraid of getting a tan.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  34. @SFG

    Razib could probably tell us about the extent of the preference for lighter skin around the world and explain the sub-continental version (right down to the Tamil diaspora). The last dermatologist to whom I took my sun damaged Celtic skin was a stunningly gorgeous Tamil, whom I guessed was Sinhalese because she wasn’t nearly as dark as most Tamils. She said that her grandmother used to tell her not to go out in the sun too long because it would make her skin too dark.

  35. @KA

    At least some of Australia’s government ministers have stopped referring even to “occupied territories” which would please in particular the person who said “I don’t call them settlements:they are Israeli towns”. I guess there is nothing much more in it than to stir up trouble for the Labor Party which has a problem with its left wing that is difficult to distinguish from the Greens who include a madly BDS Senator. After all the Jewish community in Australia is not much over 100,000; there is only one federal electorate that is commonly represemted by a Jew and Jewish fnancial contributions to parties and political campaigns is large but nowhere near crucial (partly because Australia hasn’t had/couldn’t have a Citizens United case I suppose except that the mining industry used a massive TV campaign which managed to kill a mining duper-profits tax….).

  36. KA says:

    1″ at least some of Australia’s government ministers…..”
    It does not make it legal,moral.ethical ,nor permanent. It tells the fact that the Islamphobia in that country has combined or segued into nice readiness to be Zio friendly. Good for them.But as UK understood,as USA is , Australian will oneday understand but by that time the rat has jumped the ship and moved for new refuge .
    2 It doesn’t matter on the number of Jews peoplein Australia. Majority was anti Zionist in US at the begining of 20 th century all the day to 1940
    Right now apatently more Jews support Iran deal but money and ” name and shame” game work better both in Congress and in the Fox type media.
    Its money,fear of sanctions,attraction of benefit,and above all buying silence- ,in case God Forbid ,suddenly Australia is accused of human right issues – work behind the scene and in front of the scene .

  37. countenance says: • Website

    1. The EEOC won’t do anything here because this involves largely younger NAMs. Baraq Obama will make sure that the EEOC doesn’t cause this effort any problems.

    2. Trying to draw the analogy of this effort into a Goldman Sachs investment pitch is useful in terms of illustrating its inevitable failure and how illustrating that nobody would want to do it if it was serious investment money on the line, and illustrating that what would be going on here isn’t serious productive work. However, the reality, you know, I know, everyone reading these words knows, that this effort is little more than workfare make-work for young underclass NAMs, corporate do-gooderism to curry favor with the media and the Obama administration. It’s just basically a welfare giveaway transferred off public expense and onto private expense. And most of this “work” in all these new jobs/internships/apprenticeships will be pretend kiddie pool work.

  38. rod1963 says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    We certainly don’t have “free trade” at all. But it does benefit those at the very top in our corporations – just ask Apple for example.

    As for the attitude embraced by Lebanese, well that is smart because that keeps their country and society intact. They understand what’s at stake.

    Now neoliberal scum like Friedman and Caplan don’t care about that, they only care for those at the very top of the global economy food chain. The others are just part of the race to the bottom and of no consequence. They merely exist to be exploited and then discarded.

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