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Corbyn Is Being Destroyed – Like Blowing Up a Bridge to Stop an Advancing Army
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The latest “scandal” gripping Britain – or to be more accurate, British elites – is over the use of the term “Zionist” by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the head of the opposition and possibly the country’s next prime minister.

Yet again, Corbyn has found himself ensnared in what a small group of Jewish leadership organisations, which claim improbably to represent Britain’s “Jewish community”, and a small group of corporate journalists, who improbably claim to represent British public opinion, like to call Labour’s “anti-semitism problem”.

I won’t get into the patently ridiculous notion that “Zionist” is a code word for “Jew”, at least not now. There are lots of existing articles explaining why that is nonsense.

I wish to deal with a different aspect of the long-running row over Labour’s so-called “anti-semitism crisis”. It exemplifies, I believe, a much more profound and wider crisis in our societies: over the issue of trust.

We now have two large camps, pitted against each other, who have starkly different conceptions of what their societies are and where they need to head. In a very real sense, these two camps no longer speak the same language. There has been a rupture, and they can find no common ground.

I am not here speaking about the elites who dominate our societies. They have their own agenda. They trade only in the language of money and power. I am speaking of us: the 99 per cent who live in their shadow.

First, let us outline the growing ideological and linguistic chasm opening up between these two camps: a mapping of the divisions that, given space constraints, will necessarily deal in generalisations.

The trusting camp

The first camp invests its trust, with minor reservations, in those who run our societies. The left and the right segments of this camp are divided primarily over the degree to which they believe that those at the bottom of society’s pile need a helping hand to get them further up the social ladder.

Otherwise, the first camp is united in its assumptions.

They admit that among our elected politicians there is the odd bad apple. And, of course, they understand that there are necessary debates about political and social values. But they agree that politicians rise chiefly through ability and talent, that they are accountable to their political constituencies, and that they are people who want what is best for society as a whole.

While this camp concedes that the media is owned by a handful of corporations driven by a concern for profit, it is nonetheless confident that the free market – the need to sell papers and audiences – guarantees that important news and a full spectrum of legitimate opinion are available to readers.

Both politicians and the media serve – if not always entirely successfully – as a constraint on corruption and the abuse of power by other powerful actors, such as the business community.

This camp believes too that western democracies are better, more civilised political systems than those in other parts of the world. Western societies do not want wars, they want peace and security for everyone. For that reason, they have been thrust – rather uncomfortably – into the role of global policeman. Western states have found themselves with little choice of late but to wage “good wars” to curb the genocidal instincts and hunger for power of dictators and madmen.

Russian conspiracies

Once upon a time – when this camp’s worldview was rarely, if ever, challenged – its favoured response to anything difficult to reconcile with its core beliefs, from the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the 2008 financial crash, was: “Cock-up, not conspiracy!”. Now that there are ever more issues threatening to undermine its most cherished verities, the camp’s response is – paradoxically – “Putin did it!” or “Fake news!”.

The current obsession with Russian conspiracies is in large part the result of the extraordinarily rapid rise of a second camp, no doubt fuelled by the unprecedented access western publics have gained through social media to information, good and bad alike. At no time in human history have so many people been able to step outside of a state-, clerical- or corporate-sanctioned framework of information dissemination and speak too each other directly and on a global stage.

This new camp too is not easy to characterise in the old language of left-right politics. Its chief characteristic is that it distrusts not only those who dominate our societies, but the social structures they operate within.

This camp regards such structures as neither immutable, divinely ordained ways for ordering and organising society, nor as the rational outcome of the political and moral evolution of western societies. Rather, it views these structures as the product of engineering by a tiny elite to hold on to its power.

These structures are no longer primarily national, but global. They are not immutable but as fabricated, as man-made and replaceable, as the structures that once made incontestable the rule of a landed aristocracy over feudal serfs. The current aristocracy, this camp argues, are globalised corporations that are so unaccountable that even the biggest nation-states can no longer contain or constrain them.

Illusions of pluralism

For this camp, politicians are not the cream of society. They have risen to the surface of a corrupted and corrupting system, and the overwhelming majority did so by enthusiastically adopting its rotten values. These politicians do not chiefly serve voters but the corporations who really dominate our societies.


For the second camp, this fact was well illustrated in 2008 when the political class did not – and could not – punish the banks responsible for the near-collapse of western economies after decades of reckless speculation on which a financial elite had grown fat. Those banks, in the words of the politicians themselves, were “too big to fail” and so were bailed out with money from the very same publics who had been scammed by the banks in the first place. Rather than use the bank failures as an opportunity to drive through reform of the broken banking system, or nationalise parts of it, the politicians let the banking casino system continue, even intensify.

Likewise, the media – supposed watchdogs on power – are seen by this camp as the chief propagandists for the ruling elite. The media do not monitor the abuse of power, they actively create a social consensus for the continuation of the abuse – and if that fails, they seek to deflect attention from, or veil, the abuse.

This is inevitable, the second camp argues, given that the media are embedded within the very same corporate structures that dominate our societies. They are, in fact, the corporations’ public relations arm. They allow only limited dissent at the margins of the media, and only as a way to create the impression of an illusory pluralism.

Manufactured enemies

These domestic structures are subservient to a still-bigger agenda: the accumulation of wealth by a global elite through the asset-stripping of the planet’s resources and the rationalisation of permanent war. That, this camp concludes, requires the manufacturing of “enemies” – such as Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea – to justify the expansion of a military-industrial machine.

These “enemies” are a real foe in the sense that, in their different ways, they refuse to submit to the neoliberalising reach of the western-based corporations. But more significantly, they are needed as an enemy, even should they want to make peace. These manufactured enemies, says the second camp, justify the redirection of public money into the private coffers of the military and homeland security industries. And equally importantly, a ready set of bogeymen can be exploited to distract western publics from troubles at home.

The second camp is accused by the first of being anti-western, anti-American and anti-Israel (or more mischievously anti-semitic) for its opposition to western “humanitarian interventions” abroad. The second camp, it says, act as apologists for war criminals like Russia’s Vladimir Putin or Syria’s Bashar Assad, portraying these leaders as misunderstood good guys and blaming the west for the world’s ills.

The second camp argues that it is none of these things: it is anti-imperialist. It does not excuse the crimes of Putin or Assad, it treats them as secondary and largely reactive to the vastly greater power a western elite with global reach can project. It believes the western media’s obsession with crafting narratives about evil enemies – bad men and madmen – is designed to deflect attention from the structures of far greater violence the west deploys around the world, through a web of US military bases and Nato.

Putin has power, but it is immeasurably less than the combined might of the profit-seeking, war-waging western military industries. Faced with this power equation, according to the second camp, Putin acts defensively or reactively on the global stage, using what limited strength Russia has to uphold its essential strategic interests. One cannot reasonably judge Russia’s crimes without first admitting the west’s greater crimes, our crimes.

While the whole US political class obsess over “Russian interference” in US elections, this camp notes, the American public is encouraged to ignore the much greater US interference not only in Russian elections, but in many other spheres Russia considers to be vital strategic interests. That includes the locating of US military bases and missile sites on Russia’s borders.

Different languages

Two camps, two entirely different languages and narratives.

These camps may be divided, but it would seriously misguided to imagine they are equal.

One has the full power and weight of those corporate structures behind it. The politicians speak its language, as do the media. Its ideas and its voice dominate everywhere that is considered official, objective, balanced, neutral, respectable, legitimate.

The other camp has one small space to make its presence felt – social media. That is a space rapidly shrinking, as the politicians, media and the corporations that own social media (as they do everything else) start to realise they have let the genie out of the bottle. This camp is derided as conspiratorial, dangerous, fake news.

This is the current battlefield. It is a battle the first camp looks like it is winning but actually has already lost.

That is not necessarily because the second camp is winning the argument. It is because physical realities are catching up with the first camp, smashing its illusions, even as it clings to them like a life-raft.

The two most significant disrupters of the first camp’s narrative are climate breakdown and economic meltdown. The planet has finite resources, which means endless growth and wealth accumulation cannot be sustained indefinitely. Much as in a Ponzi scheme, there comes a point when the hollow centre is exposed and the system comes crashing down. We have had intimations enough that we are nearing that point.

It hardly needs repeating, except to climate deniers, that we have had even more indications that the Earth’s climate is already turning against humankind.

Out of the darkness

Our political language is rupturing because we are now completely divided. There is no middle ground, no social compact, no consensus. The second camp understands that the current system is broken and that we need radical change, while the first camp holds desperately to the hope that the system will continue to be workable with modifications and minor reforms.

It is on to this battlefield that Corbyn has stumbled, little prepared for the heavy historic burden he shoulders.

We are arriving at a moment called a paradigm shift. That is when the cracks in a system become so obvious they can no longer be credibly denied. Those vested in the old system scream and shout, they buy themselves a little time with increasingly repressive measures, but the house is moments away from falling. The critical questions are who gets hurt when the structure tumbles, and who decides how it will be rebuilt.


The new paradigm is coming anyway. If we don’t choose it ourselves, the planet will for us. It could be an improvement, it could be a deterioration, it could be extinction, depending on how prepared we are for it and how violently those invested in the old system resist the loss of their power. If enough of us understand the need for discarding the broken system, the greater the hope that we can build something better from the ruins.

We are now at the point where the corporate elite can see the cracks are widening but they remain in denial. They are entering the tantrum phase, screaming and shouting at their enemies, and readying to implement ever-more repressive measures to maintain their power.

They have rightly identified social media as the key concern. This is where we – the 99 per cent – have begun waking each other up. This is where we are sharing and learning, emerging out of the darkness clumsily and shaken. We are making mistakes, but learning. We are heading up blind alleys, but learning. We are making poor choices, but learning. We are making unhelpful alliances, but learning.

No one, least of all the corporate elite, knows precisely where this process might lead, what capacities we have for political, social and spiritual growth.

And what the elite don’t own or control, they fear.

Putting the genie back

The elite have two weapons they can use to try to force the second camp back into the bottle. They can vilify it, driving it back into the margins of public life, where it was until the advent of social media; or they can lock down the new channels of mass communication their insatiable drive to monetise everything briefly opened up.

Both strategies have risks, which is why they are being pursued tentatively for the time being. But the second option is by far the riskier of the two. Shutting down social media too obviously could generate blowback, awakening more of the first camp to the illusions the second camp have been trying to alert them to.

Corbyn’s significance – and danger – is that he brings much of the language and concerns of the second camp into the mainstream. He offers a fast-track for the second camp to reach the first camp, and accelerate the awakening process. That, in turn, would improve the chances of the paradigm shift being organic and transitional rather than disruptive and violent.

That is why he has become a lightning rod for the wider machinations of the ruling elite. They want him destroyed, like blowing up a bridge to stop an advancing army.

It is a sign both of their desperation and their weakness that they have had to resort to the nuclear option, smearing him as an anti-semite. Other, lesser smears were tried first: that he was not presidential enough to lead Britain; that he was anti-establishment; that he was unpatriotic; that he might be a traitor. None worked. If anything, they made him more popular.

And so a much more incendiary charge was primed, however at odds it was with Corbyn’s decades spent as an anti-racism activist.

The corporate elite weaponised anti-semitism not because they care about the safety of Jews, or because they really believe that Corbyn is an anti-semite. They chose it because it is the most destructive weapon – short of sex-crime smears and assassination – they have in their armoury.

The truth is the ruling elite are exploiting British Jews and fuelling their fears as part of a much larger power game in which all of us – the 99 per cent – are expendable. They will keep stoking this campaign to stigmatise Corbyn, even if a political backlash actually does lead to an increase in real, rather than phoney, anti-semitism.

The corporate elites have no plan to go quietly. Unless we can build our ranks quickly and make our case confidently, their antics will ensure the paradigm shift is violent rather than healing. An earthquake, not a storm.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His books include “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is

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  1. “The corporate elite weaponised anti-semitism not because they care about the safety of Jews, or because they really believe that Corbyn is an anti-semite. They chose it because it is the most destructive weapon – short of sex-crime smears and assassination – they have in their armoury.”

    I must admit I assumed it was because he’s less than 100% behind Israel and thinks, not unreasonably, that the Palestinians have had a pretty rough deal over the last 60 years. He raises the frightening (to some) prospect of a UK government that is more neutral on the issues, and doesn’t think we can bomb peace into the Middle East.

    Occam’s Razor would seem to suggest that’s the answer.

    “Corbyn’s significance – and danger – is that he brings much of the language and concerns of the second camp into the mainstream. “

    You’re right about the electorate being divided – but I’d suggest young Corbyn voters are just as blinkered as any Daily Mail reader. My kids all voted for him because they thought he’d cancel their student debt.

    Maybe Corbyn activists are better informed, but I very much doubt it.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
    , @Anon
    , @Z-man
  2. Corbyn has to resist the temptation to give way to them. He is right on the Palestinian issue, and, since the Palestinians are 100 % semites (though “anti-semitism” has been appropriated to mean anti-Jewish most Jewish emigrants from Europe have considerable non-semitic blood mixed in) the real anti-semites here appear to be the Israeli element bent on eliminating the Palestinians. The Gaza strip is a ghetto operated in a similar manner to how the Nazis operated the ghettoes in occupied Poland (though without the Auschwitz end game up to now). The thing is, if Corbyn stands up to this, in my view, his supporters will fully back him up. In my view, the Israelis are risking real anti-Israeli blowback which could resurrect evils buried with the collapse of the Nazi regime. Indeed, the way they are acting on this and other related issues, threatening those who criticise them in any fashion seems to be providing ex post facto justifications of the most absurd propaganda the Nazis put forward during that era.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. Grumbler says:

    Mr. Cook’s essay falls apart when he mentions “climate change”. CC is a fraud designed by the elite to gain even further power over the 99%. Taxing people simply for existing is a tyrants dream. Yet Mr Cook supports this scam?!

  4. Gordo says:

    I dislike Mister Corbyn and his policies, I would never vote for him.

    Having said that the present smears against him are blatant and obvious lies.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  5. @Grumbler

    Cook is a lunatic leftist, and of course he has to throw in every aspect of the leftist mindset to back up his leftist BS.

    Until the non-leftists finally realize that they are dealing with irrational deranged maniacs, and react accordingly, meaning to give up on the hopeless concept of “compromise” , and to view them, the leftists, as that which they, the leftists, are, namely “enemies”, they will keep losing to these abberated malicious fools.

    Corby is a crazed, stalinist asshole, and his goal is to transform the UK into a european version of Venezeula.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz musician.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Herald
    , @Kingfelix
    , @anon
  6. DFH says:

    The real question is why it is that even the slightest hint of a politician not being totally onboard with >1% of the population results in a years long campaign to destroy him by most of the media, but mentioning the open desire of all three parties to discriminate against and replace the native population of Britain makes you a pariah.

    • Replies: @Herald
  7. @Grumbler

    The use of the term “deniers” is also revealing. Mr Cook evidently has no problem with tyranny, as long as it is tyranny of the left.

  8. Herald says:

    So much then, for being Mensa qualified.

    • Replies: @FB
  9. Herald says:

    You said it. It’s because Corbyn is not totally on board with the less than 1% that he is seen as a threat. Total control of everyone and everything is their aim.

  10. I don’t think he is being destroyed.

    There is certainly an MSM/Blairite full court press to push the anti-Semitism story, that is mostly being fronted by goyim who are kissing up – Jess Phillips, Maajid Nawaz, Dan Hodges (Glenda Jackson’s son) etc. But it is getting no traction with the public at large. If they force another leadership contest Corbyn will win easily.

    These people live in a North London Anglo-American bubble, and they are now realizing that there is no large Evangelocon constituency in Britain.

    No Bubbas waiting to be raptured = Nobody much cares about Israel

  11. You, sir, seem to be trying to coopt the second camp to the cause of socialism. You should be ashamed. Do you think it is corporations, not the state that regulates them, that has any coercive power? Certainly people with wealth corrupt political actors, but only because the existence of an all pervasive state makes it profitable and perhaps even necessary to do so.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  12. @Bosun SMee

    Climate change is real enough and there is little we can do to stop its trajectory. The Earth will be fine, it’s been through much more extreme “events” since its inception. The pearl clutching concern the climate change faithful have for the planet and their belief that people can change the course of nature is human delusion, hubris and denial in one hilarious package. Nature doesn’t revolve around home sapiens and their delusions of grandeur. Progressives have a difficult time accepting this.

  13. Jeremy Corbyn enjoys spending time with killers – not only Hamas and Hezbollah, but also the Provisional IRA in the days before the ceasefire. He enjoys their company and refers to them as “friends” or “brothers”. His is an extreme case of the pathology described by Tom Wolfe as Radical Chic. It is a character flaw that disqualifies him as a candidate for Prime Minister of the UK.

    There are many other left-leaning MPs in the Labour Party who are as capable as Corbyn of implementing a programme “For The Many, Not The Few” – and who are not carrying such toxic baggage. The sooner Corbyn is replaced, the better it will be for the Labour Party.

    • Agree: Bucky
    • LOL: byrresheim
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  14. @Grumbler

    One of Corbyns few redeeming features is that he seems to be highly sceptical of climate change. His brother (the brains of the family) is a major climate change denier and seems to be some sort of commie conspiracy theorist (retweeting info wars and supporting Trump as an attack on Wall Street).

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  15. The “second camp” which the author describes has one far more powerful factor – the growing realisation of human biodiveristy. The laws of genetics are not going to disappear.

    Nobody believes the blank slate theory any more, and yet western governments and institutions have found themselves in an uncomfortable space where all social policy is based on an unspoken acceptance that we are somehow all born equal. This is proving to be a disaster.

  16. Anonymous [AKA "MidnightDumper"] says:

    Good article except for the climate change nonsense. AGW is another globalist weapon.

  17. Did this guy just throw in “climate deniers” to troll the commenters? This drive-by SCIENCE!-ing has no other purpose in this article that I can see.

  18. Will says:

    Trying to identify different camps is a red herring. Whatever camps there may be, they are the product of a media run/dominated by Jews.

    • Agree: renfro
  19. Kingfelix says:

    Cook is quite middle of the road. But you, Sir, most definitely qualify as a lunatic. Shame your chute never failed.

    • LOL: Biff, FB
  20. Alfred says:

    I do wish they would not bring fake Global Warming into the discussion. It is just another fake “enemy” to distract the plebs.

    Changes in climate are natural and cyclical and have gone on ever since the earth was created.

  21. Paul2 says:

    Interesting analysis of the two camps.

    I would argue that most significant disrupter of the first “trusting” camp’s narrative is…


    It should be obvious to anyone looking at the evidence that the New York buildings, WTC1, 2, and WTC7 were destroyed by pre-placed explosives.

    If that is true…
    What is wrong with our government?
    What is wrong with our investigative agencies?
    What is wrong with our media?
    What is wrong with our politicians?
    What is wrong with our society?

    Corbyn is not a even a truther. You do not have be a truther to be hated by the criminal forces that rule our society. But 9/11 gives you a really strong inside into the machinations that really go on in “western” politics.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @skrik
  22. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    The corporate elite weaponised anti-semitism not because they care about the safety of Jews, or because they really believe that Corbyn is an anti-semite. They chose it because it is the most destructive weapon – short of sex-crime smears and assassination – they have in their armoury.

    Bullshit. This (((elite))), and its media, are either Jewish or Shabbos Goys. There’s no hiding anymore.

    Jonathan Cook

    Jonathan Cook is a British writer and a freelance journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, who writes about the Middle East, and more specifically, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.More at Wikipedia
    1965 (age 52–53), Buckinghamshire, England, UK
    Nazareth, Israel
    British (LOL)

  23. Great column, but this:

    It hardly needs repeating, except to climate deniers, that we have had even more indications that the Earth’s climate is already turning against humankind.

    is cringe-worthy, as it almost always is when policy wonks pontificate on scientific matters.

    Nobody contests that we’re patently unable to predict economic developments even five years into the future, and the economic system is one we made ourselves, infinitely less complex than the interconnected physical and ecological systems that determine the planet’s climate.

    I bet the author is unable to write a single line of executable code or calculate compound interest on his own mortgage, yet he throws the term ‘denier’ around as if the climate models he accuses people of ‘denying’, are so self-evidently flawless that anyone would be able to assure themselves of their validity by taking a single glance at them. I have yet to meet ANYONE on the internet who were able to convince me they’d actually studied ANY of the computer model they trust so unconditionally. This includes staff writers from mainstream tech sites.

    And then there’s the irony of the term ‘denier’ itself: you could not have made up a more anti-scientific term if you spent a hundred years trying. The fact that the author even uses it, shows that he has no clue as to what science actually is.

  24. Glancing through the article I thought ‘are not both Merkel an Corbyn victims of the continuing WWII propaganda of allies and jews ?’.
    It is my idea that unless this WWII propaganda is debunked for the larger public, as Chrustsjow denounced Stalin, the game will continue.
    The seeds of this debunking even exist within Labour, Corbyn mentioned ‘even asserting that Hitler was misunderstood’.
    The WWII propaganda also is the basis of the disaster EU, both Churchill and Kennan were of the opinion that the great mistake of Versailles was not to encapsulate the evil Germans in a European union.
    Ludendorff understood quite well what WWI was about: ‘the destruction of Germany’, GB feared Germany because of the empire, jews hated Germany because of antisemitism.
    What Merkel does with regard to immigration I can only explain by her idea that the evil Germans must disappear, ‘ein neuer Mensch’, a new human being, according to a German author, must be created.
    I see the Germans as the most capable people in the world, a list of German inventions is quite long.
    Just yesterday on German tv an installation for sorting small discarded batteries was to be seen, each battery identified and photographed by X rays, at a dazzling speed.
    As the German owner of the installation said, unique in the world.
    What Merkel, in my opinion, is destroying, is the capacity to design and operate installations like this, back to the Middle Ages.

  25. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Recall that old saying, “The Jew cries out in pain while striking you?”

    That’s basically what these endless streams of anti-Semitism are, a Jewish crying out in pain when someone points out that Israel is committing crimes against humanity and war crimes on a daily basis in Palestine.

    Look at how the holocaust junkies and pro-Israel fanatics went after and obtained former London mayor Ken Livingstone’s scalp for pointing out a historical FACT; that Jews were helped by the Nazis in moving to Palestine from 1933-42 in what’s called the “Transfer Agreement.” It was terminated in 1942 by Germany because they needed all their resources to fight the war on the Eastern Front, which was going badly for the Wehrmacht.

    British Jews hate Corbyn because he has uttered a phrase repugnant to most Zionist Jew; peace in Palestine is possible, but Israel has to stop treating them humanely and not like Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were treated by Nazis.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Iris
  26. Akbar Ali says:

    Bernie Sanders was to be for USA like Jeremy Corbyn is for UK. Unfortunately, Bernie even after winning the nomination for the Democratic Party, he threw in the towel for evil Hellary. Thus, in this process he became “no body”. Where as, Jeremy Corbyn is growing from strength to strength. Blessed are the peace makers.

    Akbar Ali

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  27. m___ says:

    A fair macro view of what is going on globally within the middle classes (few within the middle classes, the masses of homo-globo are as ignorant as ever, and social media will not change that. What’s more they have a full pardon). The choice to be a whore, or a witch now is indeed slightly questioned within certain affiliate circles of the middle classes that subtend the real power and capital (today it is exclusively, “thinking as a witch, but acting as the whore”). Summarized opportunism since indeed some smell the unsustainability of power as is, and thus run who can comes into view.

    Now as for Corbyn, one cannot make a whore into a witch. As little as “once a Royal (conventional courting of power), never a maid” (cannot not be trusted with the broom). He has the past against him, unequivocally, sort of a Bernie Sanders in the US. So many others fit the profile. Lack of physical courage, no original dare or thoughts.

    The out with the systemics view adherers should create their own world, starting with their public heroes, Julian Assange is a good example to be projected in power, and stands a chance to survive the environment long term. Independent outliers are the apes to fill the eventual new zoo (Moltke). That would be a litmus test of any credibility to the new systemics being even possible. The chances are infinitely small, of new ideas emerging. All historical concepts and views of human society exclude the larger environment. From communism over fascism, to capitalism, democracy, any combination. All are numbers games and tend to the human world, the existing generation exclusively. New ideas require uncompromized people.

    Outliers, since rare individuals that hold original thought, did not emerge into middle-class adherence, none, so the crucial pivot for now is in the hands of “nature”, the environment, fate, fatality, hazard. Looks like the “taking responsibility” of humans, what we call the “God concept” is far off. Silly as we are, we prefer to “geo-engineer”, build up derivatives, for incremental short term, insignificant results for the better, to be inconsistent, irrelevant, short term oriented, and for most still sorting out the difference between planet and our own confined environments (religion, territory, race, ethnicity, age-groups and even “gender”).

    Great article was it not for the tail, promoting Corbyn.

  28. Anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    The trusting camp is, if we look at the middle-to-high intelligent (and cultivated) within it, made of

    1) Power seekers who pretend (usually, also to themselves. Just as lying and pretending comes easy to folks, knowing they are doing it, especially without the assistance of “I am doing it for the good of others” pasteboard rationales, is for a very tiny niche of folks.)
    2) People whose mind is primarily a comfort-building comfort-preserving cognitive-load-minimizing device.

    It is worth to point out, maybe, how most of the people placed (or self-placing) in the second camp are in actuality half first camp half second camp creatures. I mean, freedom of mind = social costs + mental overload, and everyone even a tad normal wants, even though they may doubt social narratives, to have some things they do not doubt, to have a floor beneath their (mental) feet.

    Also, camp-two people are quite similar to each other, as are camp-one (only a bit less).

    Most important, camp-one-ness and camp-two-ness are even more predetermined (“genetic”) than intelligence.
    The only thing you can change of the present power structure is the personal identities of the rulers.
    Pluralism NEEDS to be proximately as illusory as it is now and has been before; power-increasing wars NEED to be backed up with untrue rationales, as they are now and have been before; and so on. Because this is what camp-one desires, and camp-one NEEDS to be the nearly totality of a Mammalian social species. Or needs it not?

    The controlling structures are man-made and replaceable, but they can be replaced by other man-made structures of control, bound not to differ from the previous in their substance.

  29. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, I think you just described politics and politicians in general….they are lunatic left-us/right-us/religion-us or something-us.. else wise they w/n/b politicians. but in this case, C represents a major change in the posture of Britain in the world. He is vocalizing the voices of millions, who seek real change.. and if that change d/n come about by political means, then I think it will be forced on the Empires (Britain, USA, and Saudii Arabia, Israel) as if they were a spec of dust on a grain of sand in the floor of the ocean.

    C is expressing a global phenomena.

    I can envision Cs government as outlawing the queen or king; transforming EU independent Britain into a human rights responsible state, aggressively taxing its Oligarch wealth where ever such treasures might be hidden in the world. Certainly change is coming, top down Zionism is losing its power to control, people have discovered their is a queer in the crowd so to speak, the numbers of people using the dollar is halving at fairly exponential rates, global banks are being phased out, yes there will be many ups and downs, but in the end, control by manipulating the price and availability of dollar, pound or other currency is about to relegated to the books of history. Use of military to advantage trade or to force one’s view over another is about to be outlawed. One world one government is coming from the bottom not from the top, and its not going to be oligarch controlled, its going to be based in a population of humans, that refuse to allow government or corporations or groups to limit anyone’s rights.

    As the on going deep Oligarch imposed corruption in each state is exposed, as the criminal empires that exist in the intelligence agencies of the nations of the world are uncovered, as BRICS, SCO, Cybercurrencies, Gold backed Bonds, and state to state negotiated currency settlements [now occurring each day between nations in a fashion similar to between banks and bankers in the same town] advance into mainstream] you are going to see a real shift in power.

    Trade Settlements are quashing the value of the dollar, pound.. actually restrictions on trade have helped trade to move toward more openness, as the influence on currencies in trade declines so too will old conventional Britain “I am the powerisms. and as renewable energies find their way into mainstream use the power of oil is going to change. A modern way to look at it, who the hell is Britain. I never heard of them, what are they some kind of country or a corporate mafia posing as a state, or what?

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  30. Excellent, deep analysis! Congratulations, Unz readers, with arrival of Cook! Congratulations, Cook, with landing at Unz! It’s second time something good comes out of Nazareth!))

    • Replies: @unseated
  31. geokat62 says:

    The truth is the ruling elite are exploiting British Jews and fuelling their fears as part of a much larger power game in which all of us – the 99 per cent – are expendable.

    British Jewry are being exploited by the ruling elite? Are you seriously suggesting that powerful corporate interests are the ones exploiting members of the Israel Lobby in the UK – BICOM, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Lib Dem Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel, Conservative Friends of Israel – by pushing them to force JC out?

    Have you been fraternizing with PintOrTwo?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. @Jay Ritchie

    I suppose nobody denies climate change.
    From books about climate and geology anyone can know that climate changed all the time, in the history of the earth.
    I’m quite old, the summers in the Netherlands when a young sailing instructor, sixties, much rain, little sun, differed from the period say 1980 to 2015, far drier, since 2015 the rainfall pattern is so different that I had to install gutters under the roof of a shed, to prevent water entering.
    It had happened three times in this period, never from 2005 until 2015.
    The discussion is about if CO2 emission by human activities causes climate change.
    As in the western industrial era CO2 ppm just rose from 200 to 400, while when, from memory, 600 million years ago 7000 or far more ppm kept the earth at 52°C, scepticism about CO2 seems quite reasonable.

  33. @James N. Kennett

    ” Jeremy Corbyn enjoys spending time with killers ”
    should be
    Jeremy Corbyn enjoys spending time with resistance fighters.
    The protestants in N Ireland were nearly as bad as Israel still is.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  34. CT says:

    Brilliant analysis and a very useful framework to better understand what’s happening in our world.

  35. @Grumbler

    Agreed. He lost me at the “climate change.” The more likely culprit is the sun and its inactivity. Perhaps this video will help:

    • Replies: @Wally
  36. @YetAnotherAnon

    Corbyn has a business plan for Britain that is based on worker co-ops. worker co-ops eliminate the relationship between worker and eliminates the capitalists in favor of worker, and leads to social control… control not only of production but of society as well by workers, ordinary people when they capture control of the means of production.

    worker co-ops on a national scale is real socialism, the big start to eliminating capitalism all entirely. Occam’s razor should lead straight here..and nowhere else.

    capitalism has lead to the control of society by financial capital and financial capital must globalise in search of the profits that will keep their system alive. at that or this stage in search of such profits they must destroys nations and peoples, especially those who were once central the capitalism the British people who jobs have been outsourced

    the people must try to survive and the solution is obvious, simple: if the workers owned their job, the factory, the means then they wont outsource their own jobs. that is what it has come down to. this is not the day of Mondregon when they could start a co-op in an isolated region that had the space and quiet to grow as big as they have.

    all successful worker co-ops that began long ago and are still with us grown huge and successful had that kind of room wherever they are..all over the world. but this time its different. there is no more room to wiggle.

    if the nation is to survive the political party to get elected must address the question that begs and come up with the obvious answer. Corbyn has come up with the obvious answer..NATIONALIST PROGRAM OF WORKER CO-OPS! as a national government program that spells the end of capitalism.

    The Zionists/Jews are really synonymous with capitalism. like Black people and music so Jews and capitalism. they cant..and wont.. give an inch because worker co-ops on a national scale is the end for the. they must destroy Corbyn and his program. it is not Palestine and anti-semitism but economics

    Corbyn propose that any company shutting shop and outsourcing itself, moving to ‘greener pastures’ for itself must first offer itself in sale to its workers..and the his government would finance it all. no doubt he will be setting up a co-op bank for that purpose

    what puzzled me is why Corbyn did not expect such a Khazar reaction and to have been prepared for it?

    that is my point: how in the hell he did not expect this and long ago ready to defend himself and take his program forward? what did he expect the Khazar financiers to do..sit down while they are getting drowned?

    no sir! they would fight to the very end. and Corbyn had to be prepared for that all the way..prepared to beat the crap out of them as well, giving no quarter.

    and that is why I have been beating up on Corbyn who for all the ground he gave, all the compromises he made weakened himself , and now he is at least partially disarmed having given up so much ground..when he should have armed and on the attack , not on the defensive as he is now.

    I consider that to have been very foolish of Corbyn. I mean where has he been for the last 67 years?
    Britain has always been awash in Marxist derived political activity, an intellectual superstructure well versed in Marxism. how can you call yourself a socialist and not know all this kind of analysis and be able to predict what the capitalist will do when you develop plans and seek to effect them, win popular support for those plans etc

    I cant understand Corby at all..and how he finds himself in this position. and even now why is he so seemingly defensive? the people are on his side! does he not take polls to tell where he sits politically? I cant imagine that the vast majority of the British people not on his side relative to his program.

    but even if Corbyn does not have a majority his program is right..more right than anything the conservatives and the capitalists have for the people. WHY THE HELL THEN, ISN’T CORBYN OUT THERE IN FULL ATTACK MODE, BRINGING THE PEOPLE ONSIDE..IF THEY ARE NOT AHEAD OF HIM AND ALREADY THERE

    I do not understand Jeremy Corbyn at all. of course I am not there on spot to know the actual ins of whats going on. but by analysis we are aware of the social equation on which society spins..rather contradiction: you go work everyday, produce wealth of which you get only a small part..ratio of 1 to 4 I use for simplicity..everyday we make an 80% donation to the capitalist at the work place.

    and with that money the capitalist has elongated control over society..etc etc etc. when the capitalist stage changes, evolves,driven by social principle, the capitalist can do as he please to maintain and expand himself..always at the expense of society. but now in late stage capitalism we are at the wall…capitalism must evolve and it can go only into Brave new world. the people in defense must take over society and develop democracy or socialism, to take human society forward in the best shape we can muster

    and there in we have the social war between the rich and the poor. again where the hell has Corbyn been all this time….?

    I am so disappointed in the man I have lost interest in him. maybe there are some real strong democrats/socialist in the party for whom Corbyn may have cleared room..who can now emerge and push him aside, taking his program forward to a success that Corbyn could not muster

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @prusmc
  37. How is a Jew an anti Semite? Oh, the wordy games we play!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  38. at this stage and time we probably are experiencing the last opportunity to defeat capitalism and to evolved into, or build democracy in the world, all nations according to their cultural variant. the people of the world must not allow the current wimpy, prevaricating, scared shitless pink democratic leaders squander this chance

    we have Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, NDP in Canada..Maduro, Fernandez, Morales, Ortega, Lula, Dilma..all people, leaders, who in there heart of hearts cannot deal faithfully by Capitalism and will betray the people where they have not already done so already

    with technological advance in the hands of the capitalists, with surveillance states already elongated over the people almost everywhere, the future is clear for ordinary… folk if they do not rise and end capitalism, creating democratic systems to meet their needs as they go.

    the future in store for humanity at the hands of the capitalist is what should scare the hell out of everyone and gird the peoples leaders to move as they should in the interest of the people..or get out of the way. more importantly it should gird the people who would not wait on their leaders but take the lead themselves, to move en masse’ to changing society into the democracy we need to survive

  39. Miro23 says:

    I would argue that most significant disrupter of the first “trusting” camp’s narrative is…


    It should be obvious to anyone looking at the evidence that the New York buildings, WTC1, 2, and WTC7 were destroyed by pre-placed explosives.

    If that is true…

    What is wrong with our government?
    What is wrong with our investigative agencies?
    What is wrong with our media?
    What is wrong with our politicians?
    What is wrong with our society?

    Quite right that the whole thing returns to 9/11. It’s the West’s Gordian knot that requires the right person to cut it.

    1. … pertaining to Gordius, ancient king of Phrygia, who tied a knot (the Gordian knot) that, according to prophecy, was to be undone only by the person who was to rule Asia, and that was cut, rather than untied, by Alexander the Great.

  40. Anonymous [AKA "Spindrift_"] says:

    I dont care if Corbyn comes around my house rapes my wife and takes a dump on my living room floor while Im watching a ‘Land Of the Giants’ DVD.
    Im voting for him.
    After forty years of voting Tory Im ashamed to say even I can see what vermin they have become, nothing less than enemies of the British people.
    They have to be stopped. Corbyn is the only man who can bring it about.

  41. Che Guava says:

    I read the first twenty-something and expect it is the same to the end of the thread.

    Corbyn is playing to Moslems in no-go-zones at the same time as to fashionable places, at the same time trying to appeal to the heavily crypto-zionist left media in the UK, mainly failing at that. at the same time to vegan and vegetarian, mainly, women.

    From afar, he seems to fail, he wants to appear like an old-left figure, but defininitely is not in reality one.

    Such a person would be forbidden in Brit. politics of now.

    As neither is Jomathon Cook a truthful commentator, usually spouting some type of Zio line.

  42. renfro says:

    The truth is the ruling elite are exploiting British Jews and fuelling their fears as part of a much larger power game …..

    Bullshit……the ruling elite in Britain is the same as the ruling elite in the US…..the Jewish Fifth Column who literally owns the UK conservative party.

    Corbyn is not the first to get the smear and destroy treatment.

    • Agree: Iris
  43. Wally says:

    Indeed, measurements of sun activity correlate perfectly to temperature.

    • Replies: @Old Smokey
  44. Mike P says:

    The two most significant disrupters of the first camp’s narrative are climate breakdown and economic meltdown … It hardly needs repeating, except to climate deniers, that … the Earth’s climate is already turning against humankind.

    The very term “climate denier” gives the game away – seemingly forceful but devoid of meaning, an obvious smear. All the MSM, from allegedly left to supposedly right, push this phoney climate change catastrophism – that tells you all you need to know. It is simply a scarecrow, created to make the people voluntarily submit to a World Government. All the usual suspects – NASA, UN, EU – are on board, and Obama was it greatest champion.

    I have seen many silly claims about “climate change”, but the one made here – that its is going to bring down the ruling oligarchy – takes the story to a whole new level of absurdity. Well done, sir!

    • Replies: @Wally
  45. Sure sign of decline of the Empire and its sidekicks: the elites destroy anyone with a brain and common sense. Putin only has to stock up on popcorn and follow folk wisdom “if you see your enemy committing suicide, do not interfere”.

  46. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s lying, obviously. Another Israeli Jew telling us, the goyim, what to think.

    If elected, Corbyn might accelerate Jewish exodus from the UK and boost Jonathan Cook’s property price in Israel. That’s it.

  47. Mike P says:

    I do wish they would not bring fake Global Warming into the discussion. It is just another fake “enemy” to distract the plebs.

    It is more than that – it is currently the main propaganda ploy for persuading all the people of the world to “come together as one” – under the wise leadership of the oligarchy, of course – and “save life and the planet itself”. The first such ploy was the nuclear war scare; when that didn’t do the trick, the climate change scam was invented to take over.

    Also note the watering down of the original “global warming” to “climate change” – much more flexible; not just heat waves, but any and every bit of weird weather can now be co-opted as supporting evidence. And it is wildly successful – of course it is: rich opportunities for crony capitalists and their political hirelings, for corrupt and dishonest academics, for bird-brained journalists and bureaucrats – what’s not to like?

  48. @Akbar Ali

    Bernie was a fake. That’s why he pretended not to see Hillary’s massive fraud in primaries and then went full blast in support of that corrupt mad bitch. I am not British, but I hope Corbyn as not a fake. We’ll see.

    • Replies: @Iris
  49. I don’t get why so many are enthused about Corbyn. True, he is at odds with pro-Israeli & Jewish establishment. But- he is a hard-core leftist who hates English & whites the most; he is an apologist for all things non-white, non-European, non- Western. Corbyn, if politicians are to be judged by their deeds, is a pro-Muslim, pro-black & pro-anything nonwhite that exists.

    What did he say on Rotherham & Telford scandals? Ah, I see..

    • Replies: @bucky
  50. @donald j tingle

    Certainly people with wealth corrupt political actors, but only because the existence of an all pervasive state makes it profitable and perhaps even necessary to do so.

    You’re still basically conceding that money now controls the state, whatever the motive might be.

  51. @anon

    You are off into fantasy land if you think that Corbyn gives a shit about any of the various issues you have defined as in need of change. Corbyn is a communist lunatic and his ONLY goal is to transform the UK into a hideous “farmers and workers paradise” such as the old UDSSR. or Cuba, East Germany etc.


  52. bucky says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Exactly. Some people go so anti-Jew that they just lose all perspective. Corbyn is a cuck. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

  53. Jonathan Cook has done a lot of good reporting but this article is a hodge-podge of Leftist presumption and reductionism.

    I immediately tripped over the defensive assertion by Cook where he claims:

    ‘”I won’t get into the patently ridiculous notion that “Zionist” is a code word for “Jew”.’

    Why is that a ridiculous notion? Does the use of the word ‘code’ offend him?

    After all, Zionists are Jews and Jews are Zionists. It’s true. In fact, it’s undeniably true. Bring it on.

    Sure, not all Jews are Zionists blah blah blah… OK. Sure. Look at this rare exception or that one. (Jews love to split hair over such things.) But this is not central to the Big Problem. So don’t let these exceptions allow Zio-Jews to sabotage critical strands of political discourse. Exceptions do not gainsay the rule.

    Jews are Zionists. They are key Zionists. And the claim that there are abundant numbers of ‘Anti-Zionist’ Jews is a Jewish invention designed by Zionist Jews.

    This myth is used to ‘break down stereotypes’ (anti-Jewish ones). This sleight-of-hand helps protect the vast Zio-Jewish majority from outside criticism. Very clever. And very dishonest.

    Key generalization: Jews are the essential people of Israel. They created Israel. (And it took a lot of killing.) Jews dictate the rules there. The are THE citizens. They set policies. No US president can command the glorious Zions to do anything. The Zionist project is a Jewish project. And Jews outside Israel lavish the Jewish State with diplomatic cover and foreign aid like there’s no tomorrow. So let’s not split hairs about the implication of the word ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jew’.

    Jews are the key, core element within the Zionist lobby. Goy Zionists are mere cheerleaders. It’s the Jewish, pro-Israel heart of Zion that dominates Washington, Tinseltown, City of London, K Street, as well as the very discussion of everything in the public sphere that even touches upon the sensibilities of our ever-threatened ‘Jewish community’. It’s all a very very Jewish affair. Got that?

    Zio-Jewish achievement in this regard is nothing short of spectacular. And chilling.

    (Warning: Speech Codes in Effect. Speak carefully. Do not break the law!)

    Why can’t we make sensible, reasonable generalizations anymore? Well, we can. (On UNZ anyway.) For the time being…

    You can bet your bottom dollar that–right now–the ‘Jewish community’ is working feverishly on finding a way to shut down this discussion. To them, Free Speech = Fake News.

    (OK, not ALL member of the ‘Jewish community’ are conspiring blah blah blah). But the Zio-Jews are busy. Very busy. They absolutely hate Free Speech when it targets them critically.

    But generalizations are used routinely by Jews and for Jews when it suits them. Just consider how they make rank, moral generalization about ‘anti-Semites’.

    After all, there were plenty of good, decent Nazis, way back when. True. Millions of them: honest, intelligent, patriotic Germans who were ‘national socialists’. And they adored Hitler (just as most Jewish Israelis today admire Netanyahu and are also proud, patriotic ‘national socialist’ citizens of Israel). This is true. Really. Meanwhile, many of these wonderful Zio-Jews of today are grinding their gentile neighbors into oblivion. And I don’t hear a lot of protests about this coming from the ‘anti-Zionist Jewish community’. Do you?

    But today’s ‘national socialists’ compared to yesterday ‘national socialists’ just doesn’t jibe–at least not as far as the dominant conversation goes in our ‘Great Nation’.

    Today history lesson: Hitler = evil aggressor. Jew = blameless victim.

    These embedded, ongoing presumptions cannot be ignored. Don’t even try. But they do distort the conversation. And it’s no accident.

    The national socialist movement inside Hitler’s Germany has been disgraced and destroyed and sullied forever. Israel however is still getting away with its unique brand of socialized kosher exceptionalism. Just as the Palestinians. Jews are very clever about this (OK, well not all of them…)

    But Jews are Zionist and Zionists are Jews. It’s basically true. And that’s damn well good enough.

    Why not call them on it? It’s time we conflated ‘Jewishness’ with ‘Zionism’. It’s exactly what this monstrous lobby deserves.

    This is what Corbyn is doing. He deserves our support. Zionism is a cancer on the non-Jewish world. (Well, not ALL of the non-Jewish world).

    So the Zions pretty much deserve the same treatment that they helped heap on Nazi Germany. So let’s pull out all the stops. ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jew’ are two peas in the same pod. Run with it.

    Remember that in the Jewish state, gentiles–no matter how pro-Zionist– are still prohibited from immigrating there. (And native gentiles are being driven out).

    Zionist non-Jews are also prohibited from marrying a Jew inside Israel.

    This speaks volumes about how the glorious Jewish State views the goyim.

    So stop back-peddling, Mr. Cook. Don’t be such a wimp. Dare to offend. Tough speech is medicine that Zionists and the ‘Jewish community’ need.

    After all, Jews are not only the most ardent and effective defenders of the Zionist state, they are the architects of this ever-expanding entity.

    Where are the Jews in opposition to this?

    Answer: Missing.

    Jews and Zionists are two peas in the same kosher pod.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  54. sophiejo says:

    ‘…even if a political backlash actually does lead to an increase in real, rather than phoney, anti-semitism.’

    This is a very interesting angle, Mr Cook, and a uniquely astute one. I do wish you would write again, with it as your platform. I am most keen to know what your thinking is here. My guess is that you have inferred (and hence your above-quoted remark) that antisemitism in a society is neither here nor there unless the 1%-er (your first-group) Jews have in mind to use it for a purpose, like they did during WWII: i.e., to create a humanitarian argument for the establishment of Israel.

    It is curious that in our society, the 99%-ers (your second-group) have decided that ‘the Jews’ own everything, including the viciously us-stupifying mass media, and that the all-owning Jews are the fast friends of all Jews, and seek only their best interest, never ever minded to do them harm.

    I contend that this is where the second group of 99%-ers are just plain wrong, for it is the 1%-er Jews, not the rest, who own everything with people-manipulation power. This becomes obvious if we recall just one thing: It was not the European Jews who declared war on Germany (‘Judea declares war on Germany’) when Hitler came to power; it was the 1%-er US Jews.

    The antisemitism that followed accumulated the initial collection of the 60,000-odd Jews who were persuaded to leave Germany and go to Palestine on the German-sponsored Haavara Agreement; the rest went to concentration camps. Of course, the US 1%-er Jews watched with self-satisfied interest from their US comfort.

    Certainly, the comfortable 1%-er Jews had their British counterparts. That is why Chamberlin’s ‘peace in out time’ had to fail. And it is also true that since approx. 1960, affluence among Jews is great: the poor Jew is a thing of the past. The Jewish 1%-ers are certainly keeping their constituency sweet. But not all of it lap it up. Some have joined the truthers and revisionists among the 99%-ers …and your ‘passing of the aristocracy’ comparison, Mr Cook, seems to be kicking in.

  55. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark green

    Great post, but Jonathan Cook – from his perch in Nazareth, Israel – is probably pursuing a different agenda.

  56. m___ says:

    By deduction, from the gross of the comments, the Unz commenters (some, most) have a hard time subscribing to your rightful general view of how society, and the world at large works. There are a few hard coded errors in the Unz worldview (linear articles, of many repeats tend to substantiate groove thinking) that seem to have a life of their own. Good riddance, you Cook shattered some of them.

    Just elaborate your worldview further, find some gradients between “elite” and “deplorable”. Give a just quantifier formula as to cognitive capacity, oligarchy, capital, power. Elaborate on the relationship between global and local, the human centric versus the inclusive planetary view (include the environment, biodiversity beyond humans), define and quantify religion versus ethnicity, race, territory (nations), add some human psychology, and give the general dynamics of today a place, and have yourself and us a worldview beyond local contexts, beyond momentary snapshots.

    Forget Corbyn, he will bootstrap the next cohort of bread and butter politicians. As all other conventional politicians, he is waste basket material, a distraction.

    • Troll: Mike P
  57. prusmc says: • Website
    @Ben Sampson

    Why the obsession with a British Labor party potential Prime Minister who will be as anti American as Theresa May? There is far more space on both Ron’s posting and Steve’s blog than there is about low-life McCain.
    At least news of McCain’s treachery will soon cool off when Schumer gets the Senate office building changed From Richard Russel to McCain.
    BTW isn’t there a Hart Senate office building also, why not name both after McCain?

  58. skrik says:

    WTCs 1, 2 & 7 *were* destroyed by pre-placed explosives, just as you say. So:

    What is wrong with our government?
    What is wrong with our investigative agencies?
    What is wrong with our media?
    What is wrong with our politicians?
    What is wrong with our society?

    A: From government to politicians, they are ‘in on the conspiracy’ = totally corrupt, all their own ‘work.’

    Society is also corrupt – but by having been deliberately corrupted by Bernays haze lies.

    The ‘medium is the message’ = US/Z-MMH = corrupt&venal Media (aka press, radio + TV, incl. PFBCs = publicly financed broadcasters), Madison Ave., Hollywood etc.. rgds

  59. @Alfred

    Yea, kinda like otherwise respectable writers who repeat the US government’s absurd version of who did 9/11.

  60. @Greg Bacon

    Thumbs up on, what is by far, the best comment seen a long time.

  61. Anon[323] • Disclaimer says:

    Corbyn is scum too because he supports the Africanization of the UK.

    It leads to BAMMAMA factor. Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive.

    Look at the video below. Black woman beats up a white woman, and a black guy beats up a white man. And whites are too afraid to intervene. Pathetic. Without race-ism, a people are finished, esp when their society is overrun with blacks.

  62. Iris says:

    In Europe, notions of political right and left are now so blurred that they have become completely meaningless. Good values (progressive economics, social justice, peace-seeking, sovereignty) can be found only in “extreme” parties, either far-left or far-right.

    The pursuit of peace is the most relevant, non-deceptive criterion by which a politician should be judged today
    The honourable politicians, the ones to vote for, are the ones consistently seeking peace: Corbyn, Putin, Xi, and may be even Trump too, if he manages to survive the Deep States.

    Jeremy Corbyn has consistently been a man of peace and dialogue over a career that lasted four decades. He is a politician of great integrity (he always had the lowest expense claim of all Parliament). He will not disappoint his supporters, he is genuine. But the UK Establishment knows that too, and will go to extreme measures to stop him.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  63. @jilles dykstra

    Protestants in N. Ireland, who are English imports occupying land stolen from the Irish, and non-Semitic Jews who are illegally occupying land stolen from Palestinians, are alike in that they both bomb and kill the rightful owners of whose land they have stolen.

  64. Iris says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Jews were helped by the Nazis in moving to Palestine from 1933-42 in what’s called the “Transfer Agreement.”

    This collaboration of Zionists with Nazis was reported by Jewish-German philosopher Hannah Arendt in her book “Eichmann in Jerusalem”.

    “Of greater importance for Eichmann were the emissaries from Palestine,” she wrote.

    “They came in order to enlist the help for the illegal immigration of Jews into British-ruled Palestine, and both the Gestapo and the SS [Nazi secret police] were helpful. They negotiated with Eichmann in Vienna, and they reported that he was ‘polite’, ‘not the shouting type’.”

  65. Art says:

    Corbyn Is Being Destroyed

    Of course, the UK Jews themselves are going catatonic over the diminution of their power to intellectually control the narrative for Israel. This is existential to them.

    But leftist Corbyn is also an existential threat to the landed elite and the status quo.

    Empire is over – yet the nineteenth century monetary arrangements that held it together are still in place. The monitory capital “City of London” still has special privileges. The British Empire sucked the wealth out of the world and brought jobs to UK people. Today they are sucking the wealth out of the British people and bringing few jobs.

    The Labor voters still back Corbyn – he will be PM. The question is – will he go after The City? If he does not – nothing will really change.

    Think Peace — Art

  66. El Dato says:

    Changes in climate are natural and cyclical and have gone on ever since the earth was created.

    Indeed mass extinctions have been with the Earth forever.

    Not so much with humanity, which has come in rather recently and hasn’t been mass extincted much so far. In the big scheme of things, humanity is pretty unimportant and easily wiped out.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  67. @Iris

    If Corbyn is the real deal, Brits are lucky. We were not as lucky in the US, although we tried. At least we did not elect corrupt mad witch, who was a lot worse than the alternative.

  68. @El Dato

    Thing is, we are humans. Humanity is important to us.

  69. who does Corbyn hate..whites and who?

    Corbyn hates o one and maybe that’s the problem. Corbyn is a good man, good intent etc but to what depth?
    how prepared is he for the fight he bought as Labour Leader. the man should have some hate in his soul. you have to be a little of everything to win in the end

  70. renfro says:

    Changes in climate are natural and cyclical and have gone on ever since the earth was created.

    Yes…..but human caused pollution accelerates it.

    People who deny this obviously don’t get out and about much. I’ve seen the entre side of a mountain forest turned brown and dead from pollutions from one plant. Seen red tides with thousands of dead fish from ocean dumping .

    Maybe we need the US really divided into numerous ‘belief’ states. The right wingers who hate blacks, gays, government, etc , love Jews, don’t believe in human caused pollution can have their own states—the lefties who hate whites, loves gays and immigrants, want socialism, etc, can have their own states.

    Then the rest of us who have some intelligence and common sense can have our own states.
    And when all of you fuck up yours, as you already have done, don’t expect to move into ours.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  71. renfro says:

    Who’s running the US?

    AIPAC‏Verified account @AIPAC Aug 29

    U.S. Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin1 and Israeli Finance Minister @KahlonMoshe agreed to set up a joint team for the enforcement of economic sanctions against #Iran.

  72. Anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    one more casualty in the Corbyn movement, <= the long standing Z-whip puppet has stepped down..


    I agree with Ben Sampson Corbyn's Nationalist Program of Worker Coops will weaken Zionist powers and deny them control over many things. Not only in England, but through-out the entire world this movement is posturing. Worker Coops are one small step designed to remove "power and wealth singularities" from their ivory tower mountain tops. worker coops places the power to control who makes the profits in the hands of the workers, not the investors and their bankers.

    In America that idea has developed in a franchise form that started out to make it easier for corporations to comply with health and safety and payroll tax and fairness laws, .but workers have discovered they are powerful political groups, so independent worker owned coops are developing all over, and the talent to build high rises, streets and concrete bridges is moving into these independent worker-owned coops, soon no one will be able to build or engage programming projects until the politics is rendered bottom up and the profits are distributed to those who do the work. This will upset monopoly powered Capitalism and their Oligarch owners. it will deny owners of monopolies (copyrights, patents, and real estate deeds(Trump Towers)] and it will challenge to the those who have transferred ownership, authority or control of a government monopoly power, a government duty or a government asset from public government to privately owed Oligarch enterprises ( the process of privatization ). The worker vs capitalist is moving to favor the worker and the capitalist are busy once again trying to get government to stop them.
    Capitalism is about unbiased ardent competition, problem is competition is marginalized or denied when or where or if a competitor in the arena of capitalism is allowed to own or control a monopoly power. Only governments should have access to or own monopoly powers and only a very few monopoly powers should exist in a free and open democratic society.

    Corbyn has empowered an army of bottom up workers and pitted them against the use of government by capitalist to force and control everyone else into slavery. ( In the late 1950s, Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded: Sixteen Tons, what do get, but another day older and deeper in Debt).

  73. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dagon Shield

    Is Corbyn Jewish?

  74. renfro says:

    Where oh where does all our money go? Well it doesn’t go to secure public schools from teenage rampage shooters.

    The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.

    Homeland Security Nonprofit Grants to Double in Change Urged By ……/homeland-security-nonprofit-grants-to-double-in-change-urged…Homeland Security Nonprofit Grants to Double in Change Urged By Federations … which helps bolster the physical security of Jewish communities by funding …

    Jewish groups get security funding despite talk of rollbacks – Diaspora ……/Jewish-groups-get-security-funding-despite-talk-of-rollbacks&#8230;

    Sep 10, 2017 – The Department of Homeland Security disbursed the funding last week, the vast majority of which goes to Jewish institutions. … “Homegrown violent extremists and international terrorist organizations continue to pose a threat …

    US Jewish Groups Welcome $60 Million Federal Security Funding ……/us-jewish-groups-welcome-60-million-federal-security&#8230;
    2 days ago – The US Department of Homeland Security’s announcement last … of $60 million in federal security grants to nonprofit organizations at high risk …
    Young Israel synagogues awarded homeland security grants | The ……/young-israel-synagogues-awarded-homeland-securit&#8230;

    Sep 8, 2011 – Young Israel synagogues awarded homeland security grants …

    2014 Jersey City/Newark UASI Nonprofit Security Grant Program Recipients

    Academy of the Holy Angels $75,000.00 Bergen
    Beth Medrash Govoha of America $75,000.00 Ocean
    Chabad House Lubavitch, Inc. $75,000.00 Middlesex
    Congregation B’nai Jeshurun-Nathan Barnert Memorial Temple $23,500.00 Bergen
    Congregation Zichron Dovid $75,000.00 Ocean
    The Garden State Sikh Assoc. $75,000.00 Somerset
    Hawthorne Gospel Church $75,000.00 Passaic
    Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County $75,000.00 Middlesex
    The Jewish Community Center of Somerset, Hunterdon and warren Counties $73,000.00 Somerset
    Jewish Federation of Ocean County $63,400.00 Ocean
    Jewish Russian Center $75,000.00 Monmouth
    Life Town, Inc. $75,000.00 Essex
    Netivot Shalom, Inc $75,000.00 Bergen
    Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Monmouth County, Inc. $50,000.00 Monmouth
    Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Inc. $52,000.00 Bergen
    Temple Beth Or of Washington Twp. $43,000.00 Bergen
    Temple Emanuel of North Jersey $19,096.00 Bergen
    The Moriah School $75,000.00 Bergen

  75. Mike P says:

    I’ve seen the entre side of a mountain forest turned brown and dead from pollutions from one plant. Seen red tides with thousands of dead fish from ocean dumping.

    It is perfectly reasonable to object to uncontrolled dumping or smoke emissions, but these problems have nothing to do with “climate change”, which is supposed to be caused by “CO2 pollution.” Educate yourself instead of making sweeping statements about other peoples’ intelligence.

    • Agree: Hu Mi Yu
    • Replies: @renfro
  76. unseated says:
    @Israel Shamir

    Agree button does not work for me but nice comment!

  77. Wally says:
    @Mike P

    ” It is simply a scarecrow, created to make the people voluntarily submit to a World Government.”

    While we fork over more for ‘carbon taxes’, and less choice and higher taxed transportation options.

    If neo-Marxists can seize control of the energy sector of the economy they will essentially control the entire economy.

  78. renfro says:
    @Mike P

    You educate yourself buddy about what trees do for the environment instead of parroting the knuckle draggers of your party on how pollution doesn’t effect the climate.

    Go back to school and learn about photosynthesis, how trees release oxygen, clean carbon dioxide in their fibers and reduce the negative effects of CO 2.
    In one year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange.

    Ever flown into LAX?…..if so that big yellow cloud over the city that you descended thru was emissions pollution…..and why LA frequently has to issue air quality alerts and breathing problem alerts.

    • Troll: Mike P
    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
  79. Iris says:

    “The two most significant disrupters of the first camp’s narrative are climate breakdown and economic meltdown”,

    This is very interesting article, which has rightly identified that the political status quo is now imperiled by uncontrollable external factors.

    However, climate breakdown is a controversial topic, and rightly so. It is the ecological unsustainability of the “endless growth” postulate underpinning our current form of capitalism that is the real disrupter.

    The subject of “de-growth” is very important topic, well explored by pioneering reserchers such as French economist Serge Latouche:

  80. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    Another article: demonstrates how assertions are developed, manufactured, duplicated and promoted to project sufficient public outrage about one side of an issue that no one can oppose the assertion. Looked at: not as a Corbyn thing, but as an example of how local issues important to the Zionist in control almost always get resolved to the favor of the Zionist in control. Networking brings outsiders to the local place or local issue so much syndicated power it overwhelms local rationality.

    The factors or circumstances that have sufficient potential to produce significant outrage over an unwanted outcome are professionally invented, then the outrage inducing assertions are locally tested and tweaked for effectiveness, then the materials are manufactured and packaged into promotional materials, and the promotions containing the assertions are distributed to the massive numbers of Jewish organizations attached to the Zionist network, in a few hours, the organizational power of the Zionist Network uses these promoted packaged inventions to bring to the local place concentrations of so much power from so many places, all expressing the same message, that local decision, local debate, and local rationality on the issue are drown out. In this way, the Zionist nearly always get their way..

    It is important in my opinion to develop into recognizable understanding, the tactics used by Zionism. Local issue, local person, local group, supported or destroyed by a nearly invisible global network.

  81. Anonymous [AKA "Faisal"] says:

    Dear Mr. Cook,

    I enjoyed reading your article, even though I think the title is not really apt with respect to its main focus, which I take to be delineating the struggle between those who have ‘woken up’ (second camp in your article) from those who need to be woken up (first camp).

    While I will go a far way in agreeing with your analysis, I depart on the most crucial point: in fact, both camps you summarize are themselves still asleep, or worst, think that they are awake when really asleep, enlightened where they are both lost in the darkness. The elites (or purveyors of darkness) have both camps, including your second camp, exactly where they want them, lost in a sea of greed and nihilism, unable to recognize truth from falsehood.

    What is this falsehood: Zionism, capitalism, usury economics, corporate greed, yes it is all these things. And this is where the first camp misses the point and the second camp gets it. But the darkness is more than these things, it is the nihilistic, truth is relative, philosophy which underlies the western democratic world. The lack of moral guidance, this is where your second camp is just as lost in the darkness as the first camp, if not more.

    Unz is definitely the best website I have come across in unlocking the deceptions and those behind them. They have hit the mark in most respects, where literally all others have failed. However, where even Unz and its contributors fail is to see the spiritual darkness which is the actual aim of all the deception. This is the real darkness that is being purveyed. The real goal is to corrupt peoples souls. On this point, both the first camp (with its false religiosity) and the second camp (with its hopeless everything is permitted liberalism and relativity) are helpless.

    In fact, with all due respect, I think the second camp, with which I believe you would identify, may be guilty of exaggerating its enlightenment/disruptive/paradigm shift credentials. They have some but limited light or truth to offer.


    Alas nothing with any factual content in the article.
    What’s new ?

  83. Hu Mi Yu says:

    Ever flown into LAX?…..if so that big yellow cloud over the city that you descended thru was emissions pollution…..and why LA frequently has to issue air quality alerts and breathing problem alerts.

    They began issuing those air quality alerts in the 1950s. They are caused by smoke, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. They have nothing whatsoever to do with carbon dioxide or climate change.

    If you were familiar with California history, you would know that air pollution was already a problem a century ago. Because of the topography of the state, and frequent temperature inversions; air pollution tends to sit in low-lying areas. That is why they use natural gas instead of coal or oil, why outdoor burning has been banned for over sixty years.

    This has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, which is a global problem. Paleontology tells us what happens when CO2 causes warming. Instead of more extremes, we will see fewer of them.

  84. Z-man says:

    Did you see that vulture May dance in Africa? I wonder if she makes those same moves in front of her Zionist masters.

    • LOL: Akbar Ali
  85. @Grumbler

    Over the past 400 thousand years, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has oscillated between about 190 parts per million and 280 ppm. There have been four and a half cycles in that time. Carbon dioxide is the most significant contributor to what is called the greenhouse effect, which increases average global temperature by about 60 degrees F or 33 degrees C. Other greenhouse gases include methane, carbon monixide, and oxides of nitrogen. Burning oil, coal, wood and so on puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

    Around 1780, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere started increasing, and faster with each decade. Today it is about 405 parts per million. Since 280 ppm increases average global temperature by about 60 degrees F compared to 0 ppm, it is reasonable to ask whether 405 ppm will increase average global temperature by about 80 degrees F compared to 0 ppm (once everything equilibrates which will take some decades).

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Hu Mi Yu
  86. Mike P says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    The warming effect of CO2 is assumed to increase logarithmically, not linearly with concentration. Thus, the same amount of warming for every doubling of CO2 for example.

  87. This is about us reading and commenting about the world around us.

    This camp regards such structures as neither immutable, divinely ordained ways for ordering and organising society, nor as the rational outcome of the political and moral evolution of western societies. Rather, it views these structures as the product of engineering by a tiny elite to hold on to its power.
    Jonathan Cook gives Jeremy Corbyn a lot of leeway. Every morning when I read the so called ‘Independent’ I get incensed at his cowardice and stupidity. Only a politician or a lawyer vested in the corrupt system can have so much patience. All Corbyn has to do to win is come out swinging and call a spade a spade. Spineless old man letting us all down-fuck him.

  88. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    Over the past 400 thousand years, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has oscillated between about 190 parts per million and 280 ppm. There have been four and a half cycles in that time.

    That is the duration of the ice core record, yes. The ice core record only goes back through the most recent ice age which began around 1 million years ago. Before that there was no ice at the poles and indications are the CO2 concentration was higher. Something caused the CO2 concentration to fall, likely the evolution of C4 photosynthesis which is more efficient at low levels. Today, C4 plants represent about 5% of Earth’s plant biomass and 3% of its known plant species.[10][16] Despite this scarcity, they account for about 23% of terrestrial carbon fixation.(

    There have been four and a half cycles in that (400k years).

    Humans discovered fire about the same time. If you have a look at the ice core record you will see the period of these cycles has lengthened. The first cycle is about 70 thousand years followed by cycles of 90 and 110 thousand. The most recent glacial period was 160 thousand years. Climate acts like an astable multivibrator similar to a voltage controlled oscillator. The period of this oscillation is a sensitive measure of emitted CO2. So we can say that something was emitting increasing amounts of CO2 over the last 400,000 years. Most likely that something was humans using fire.

    Around 1780, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere started increasing, and faster with each decade.

    Not exactly. We can use ice cores to find CO2 levels going back to the end of the last glacial period 12 thousand years ago. At the beginning of that time, the CO2 levels declined just as they did during the previous four cycles. But eight thousand years ago the levels began rising again: at the dawn of civilization. Humans have been overpowering the natural decline ever since. The idea of a fixed pre-industrial CO2 concentration is an illusion that results from a massive population catastrophe that coincided with the discovery of the Americas. This resulted in a decrease in emissions that stabilized the CO2 levels for a time.

    Even chimpanzees are capable of mastering fire!

    My talk entitled Detecting Homo Erectus: A half million years of anthropogenic climate change was well received at a local college a couple of years ago, but I received threats, and I haven’t pursued it.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @mark green
  89. Doiarchy says:

    Nice work, distinguishing thinking human beings from suckers, and giving them kind euphemistic names. The appalling naivete of the suckers is now so blindingly obvious that even consummate diplomat V. Putin has has pointed to the soft plump two-pounder bobbing in your ideological punchbowl:

    Your democracy is fake. Your government is CIA.

    This has been the case for 70 years now. Everybody’s caught on but nine or ten anencephalic idiots. Your whole government cleared the decks for CIA totalitarianism while debating the National Security Act in 1947. Senate hearings were all about economy and Army/Navy pissing contests. CIA came up three (3) times, substantively once. Tydings pointed out that Sec. 202 makes CIA our totalitarian Gestapo. Gen. Vandenburg said, ah don’t worry, we’ll clean 202 up with a subsequent bill. Vandenberg pinky-sweared that the bill was all prepared. Guess what? No such bill, ever. And then McCarthy went after Tydings. Because, as Dulles wrote, CIA had to be free from interference of ‘political changes.’ Political changes, you know, that’s your shitty little shit vote, you puke.

    Of course Putin is their enemy. Putin is America’s only hope. Only Putin can nuke Langley and decapitate your totalitarian state.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  90. Mike P says:
    @Hu Mi Yu

    You received threats for something like that? Amazing.

    One thing to note is the limited time resolution of the ice core record – short term changes of CO2 levels like that observed over the recent couple of decades would be smoothed out. Doesn’t prove they happened, but they might have.

  91. @Hu Mi Yu

    Thank you for your informed contributions. CO2 is a life-giving gas and its abundance through the ages in our atmosphere has changed continuously, independent of human activities.

    Below is an informed view of CO2, [anthropogenic] ‘climate change’, and an explanation of why the modest rise in atmospheric levels of CO2 that we’re seeing today is probably nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, this rise is, on balance, probably beneficial if not vital.

    See this fascinating lecture on ‘climate change’ by ecologist and co-founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore.

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
  92. @Wally

    Quoth the Wally:
    “Indeed, measurements of sun activity correlate perfectly to temperature.”

    Ok champ, how do you reconcile the current lack of solar activity with global record high temperatures?

    I’m just wondering what you get in return for shilling for the anti-christ?

    • Replies: @Mike P
  93. Mike P says:
    @Old Smokey

    Your first question is valid – it is clear that there is no such “perfect correlation”; the cycle of ice ages and warm ages for example has more to do with the relative positioning of the Earth to the sun (Milankovic cycles) than with solar activity as such. The latter changes cyclically on a much shorter time scale, and even there the correlation with temperatures is far from “perfect.”

    Your statement that we currently have “record temperatures,” however, is false. The 1930s were warmer than any time in this century, and the medieval warm period or the Holocene optimum were warmer still. Earth didn’t end up in a runaway greenhouse then, and it won’t now. (And your likely repartee that during the Holocene optimum CO2 levels were lower then is irrelevant – runaway warming is supposed to be induced by water vapour feedback via accumulated heat, regardless of the cause of that heat; so if it was warmer then, that feedback should have been greater than now.)

    Never mind Wally’s personal finances – have a look at the MSM climate change propaganda to see which side has all the money. This is just another globalist ploy.

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
  94. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Mike P

    it is clear that there is no such “perfect correlation”; the cycle of ice ages and warm ages for example has more to do with the relative positioning of the Earth to the sun (Milankovic cycles) than with solar activity as such. The latter changes cyclically on a much shorter time scale, and even there the correlation with temperatures is far from “perfect.”

    Milankovich effects stem from motion of muliple orbital bodies, and as such they are aperiodic rather than cyclic. However they can be calculated numerically forward and backward using computers. These effects are not large enough to explain the differences in temperature. What happens is that a small rise in temperature triggers a release of CO2 from the oceans. After most of the atmospheric CO2 is absorbed into the oceans, the atmospheric CO2 drops to around 180 ppm. CO2 is disolved in water is unstable. Milankovich effects can trigger the release of massive amounts from the ocean like a bottle of soda. This is why Milankovich warming does not always trigger the end of a glacial period. I used a bit of calculus to model the positive feedback between warming and CO2. According to the model the feedback becomes infinite when the atmospheric CO2 drops to the trigger point of 180ppm. The higher the CO2 level, the less feedback there is.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  95. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @mark green

    While I substantially agree with Dr. Moore’s presentation, I would like to argue with some of the details.

    The opening graph is baffling. The referenced figure has no scale at all for CO2, and the time scale seems arbitrary and inconsistent. The periodic CO2 fluctuations shown clearly in ice cores are entirely missing. Probably the referenced graph adequately illustrated whatever point the original author was making, but it should not be used as a serious reference for other issues.

    The paradoxical reversal of the relationship between CO2 and warming at the end of the Jurrasic is easily explained. It is fairly well established that at the close of that era a large meteor slammed into the earth. This would have caused new volcanic activity and outgassing of CO2. In addition CO2 dissolved in water dissolved becomes unstable when shaken, such as when you shake a bottle of soda before you open it. Dust and debris from the impact would have caused cooling at the same time CO2 rose.

    The other anomoly cited by Dr. Moore during the eocine is not so large. It is of the same magnitude as the obvious errors during the recent 400,000 years.

    At 19:10 there is a familiar plot of CO2 and estimated temperature. The association between CO2 and temperature seems strong here. However we also suffer the bland announcement that Milankovitch cycles (sic) coincide with CO2 and temperature rises. He goes on to state that these “cycles” have a period of 100,000 years. A careful glance at the chart will show this is false. This is the same Vostok ice core data I used when I wrote the effects are aperiodic in reply 95. His graph is more accurately marked then the one I used. So I would correct myself to say the intervals between glaciation were 70 thousand, 80 thousand (rather than 90), 110 thousand and finally 160 thousand years. Thus the period of the climate cycles was increasing monotonically. The connection Milankovitch effects and glacial/interglacial transitions is not as clear as Dr. Moore implies. See:

    Since warmer temperatures cause CO2 to be released from the oceans, and CO2 rises cause temperature rises; cause and effect are not so simply defined as Dr. Moore claims. A change in either variable will cause a change in the other.

    At 22:00 Dr. Moore plots CO2 emissions versus temperature and points out that the exponential rise in emissions does not track the rise in temperature. Of course not. It
    is atmospheric CO2 levels which drive temperature: not emissions. Rather than directly relating emissions to temperature we must first relate emissions to atmospheric CO2. Other human activities than canonical emissions also contribute to atmospheric CO2 rise. If you plot atmospheric CO2 against emissions, you will find that prior to 1950 the atmospheric rise preceds the rise in emissions by fifty years. On the other hand atmospheric CO2 tracks world population well.

    The answer to this riddle should be obvious to anyone who has taken college chemistry. A molecule of carbon from biomass (such as firewood) has practically the same effect as a molecule of carbon from so-called fossil fuel. In the 19th century the world population exploded. We ran out of firewood and began using coal and oil for fuel. It is only the latter that are counted in emissions, but both cause CO2 levels to rise, and both will cause warming. This is how I claim that the CO2 signature of human generated CO2 extends all the way back to our Homo erectus ancestors.

    Finally I want to take issue with Dr. Moore’s statement that there has been no statistically significant warming. Anyone can download the data and run their own tests. The important variable here is not global average temperature, but how the distribution of temperatures is changing. Low temperatures are rising (less frost), but high temperatures are virtually unchanged.

    I have gone to the trouble of downloading the entire NOAA station temperature record and extracting all stations that have been reliably recording minimum and maximum daily temperature data for the century between 1915 and 2014. A linear regression of the highest maximum daily temperature recorded in each year within this data set shows a rise of 0.1 degree C per century with a correlation coefficient of exactly zero. On the other hand the lowest daily minimum temperature rose at a rate of 10.5 degrees C per century with a correlation coefficient of 0.65. There are roughly 36,525 data points in each data set. Using the statistics language R we can calculate the critical value for an alpha of 0.000000001 to be 0.032. Thus while high temperatures are not rising at all, low temperatures are rising with a confidence greater than 0.999999999: a scientific certainty.

    I agree with Dr. Moore that the optimum CO2 level is likely between 1000 and 2000 ppm: 3 to 4 times its present value. By the time we reach this level we will hopefully have the means to hold it there. We have a century or two to solve the problem. We will never succeed if we destroy our economy with quack remedies based on scientific nonsense.

  96. Mike P says:
    @Hu Mi Yu

    The greenhouse effect of CO2 is overrated in the context of ice age cycles (I use the term “cycle” loosely) also. You are perfectly correct, however, to state that the changes of insolation alone that are caused by Milankovic variations is not sufficient to explain the large amplitude of climatic change from ice ages to warm periods and back.

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
  97. Miro23 says:

    What Putin and the world need, is for the US public themselves to dispose of their own Deep State. The Deep State and their operatives are a relatively small number of hidden activists who don’t like the daylight.

    For eighteen years, I have been defending the thesis according to which the United States are no longer governed by their President and Congress, but by this replacement entity. Basing my work on official US documents, I interpreted the attacks of 11 September 2001 as a coup d’etat operated by this unelected authority.

    Thierry Meyssan:

  98. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Mike P

    The greenhouse effect of CO2 is overrated in the context of ice age cycles (I use the term “cycle” loosely) also.

    I simplified a bit for the audience here. The greenhouse effect exists, and it does contribute. Things are complicated by feedback and the uncertainty of exactly what temperature those ice core (and other) proxies are measuring. We are moving far off topic.

    • Replies: @Amber Dekstris
  99. @Hu Mi Yu

    The greenhouse effect exists, and it does contribute.

    Yes it does. The people here who think it is a conspiracy by governments or whatever should have a long think about the processes they use to assess the information they encounter. Not everything is a conspiracy, some of them are facts.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  100. Doiarchy says:

    Miro23, #98

    cracks me up when people vote even though CIA is going to whack anybody they don’t want, and whack any president that puts a foot wrong. If you want to get somewhere just burn some CIA scumbags.

  101. Mike P says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    The greenhouse effect is real. The propaganda that turns this real, but minor effect into “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming zOMG” is nothing more than a ploy by the globalist cabal.

    • Replies: @Amber Dekstris
  102. @Mike P

    minor effect

    The greenhouse effect raises the global average by about 60 degrees F. Without this effect there would be no human life on this planet. In calling this effect “minor” you show objectively that you have no critical faculties worth speaking of.

    I ignore the models and the predictions which are based on them. But facts such as those I presented cannot be wished away. Burning oil etc puts more energy into the system than it would otherwise have. You and I and everyone else are contributing to that.

    You might investigate “radiative balance” and see what you learn from that.

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
    , @Mike P
  103. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    The greenhouse effect raises the global average by about 60 degrees F. Without this effect there would be no human life on this planet. In calling this effect “minor” you show objectively that you have no critical faculties worth speaking of.

    I ignore the models and the predictions which are based on them. But facts such as those I presented cannot be wished away.

    You ignore the models, yes. Probably because you do not understand the math. The greenhouse effect generally agreed to be a logarithmic function of CO2 concentration. When the CO2 concentration doubles, the average global temperature rises 1 degree C (others claim 2 or 3 degrees).

    Burning oil etc puts more energy into the system than it would otherwise have. You and I and everyone else are contributing to that.

    Just like burning biodiesel, or firewood. Just like brewing beer (what do you think those bubbles are?). Just like your own breathing. If you wish to end your contribution to global warming, then cease breathing. I will continue looking for other, more practical solutions, such as carbon sequestration and carbon-free energy.

    You might investigate “radiative balance” and see what you learn from that.

    I looked up the wikipedia article and learned that that article is misleading, because
    it leaves out the math. Black body radiation is proportional to the fourth power of the difference between the body and the background. So a small energy imbalance does not lead to large temperature changes.

    Relax, you will live longer.

  104. Mike P says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    The “minor effect” refers to the incremental greenhouse effect caused by the recent increase in atmospheric CO2, not to the total greenhouse effect of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

    Burning oil etc puts more energy into the system than it would otherwise have.

    The energy released directly by burning fossil fuels is unimportant – it will simply dissipate and radiate off into space.

    Hu Mi Yu is right – you should relax. The global warming apocalypse won’t happen any time soon.

  105. FB says:

    So much then, for being Mensa qualified.

    Or being a pro jazz musician…or a trained paratrooper…

    Straight BS…

    I’ve rarely come across such a provincial, blinkered and plodding Clydesdale even at the 4H Club…never mind in jazz circles…

    The only thing ‘authentic’ about this meathead is the barnyard bouquet of his bovine excrement…

    • Agree: Herald
  106. RodW says:

    I believe that burning fossil fuels is the main factor in today’s climate change, and that corporate money is fuelling climate denialism. I also believe that regional energy self-sufficiency would lead to less globalism and more regional political independence. This self-sufficiency is hindered only by political will, not by technological constraints. This isn’t a ‘left’ or ‘progressive’ position at all. It’s based on an observation of how things are playing out in various regions.

    Corbyn needs to stand up and tell these Jews to mind their skins. He might just discover how many silent anti-semites there are in the U.K.

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