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Continued Black and Jew Attacks on Asians Show That Asians Are the Natural Allies of Whites
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The tender friendship of China people may bring big time happiness.

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The anti-Asian hate attacks by the blacks are continuing all across the United States.

Most of the news outlets are covering them up, even as they line the Twitter page of the NYPD Hate Crimes account.

Here are a few recent tweets from them, with the newest being only a few hours old:

The media did a long run of “anti-Asian hate” hysteria, following the Handjob Center Massacre in Atlanta. That evil attack was done by a white man who was mentally ill and was likely a victim of mind control (hypnotism) while he had been interned in an inpatient mental health center.

Because the media had produced this high profile attack on Asians – which the cops themselves admitted was not racially motivated – they then tried to say that “white supremacy” was responsible for all of these Asians being hate-attacked on the street by blacks.

However, people apparently started to notice that this was blacks, so the national media dropped the “anti-Asian hate” narrative for now.

However, one news outlet has continued to cover anti-Asian attacks, and that is ABC 7 of San Francisco, California.

The station broke the story of the really horrible incident of a Vietnamese family being burglarized and the blacks pointing a gun at the head of a 7-year-old girl.

That story was from April 1, so less than six weeks ago.

Since that report, reporter Dion Lim, who covered the story, has been doing an “Asian attack” story every 2-3 days.

I will post the ones from the last few weeks, just to give you an idea of the scale of this.

These are all good news reports, and they represent exactly what our national media should be doing – not just with Asian attacks, but also with the ongoing attacks on whites, all by the blacks (and for that matter, the black-on-black attacks, which are also going unmentioned!).

April 14 – Asian man recalls stabbing attack in SF’s Bayview as police address increase in violence

April 16 – Asian woman brutally attacked at gunpoint, robbed after being followed in SF

April 19 – Video shows man held at gunpoint after robber follows East Bay family home, police say

April 22 – 2 Asian women attacked, robbed in different neighborhoods; 1 close to SF DA’s home

April 23 – Family of 18 records video of attempted robbery along Fisherman’s Wharf

April 30 – President of Oakland’s Chinatown Chamber of Commerce attacked on way to visit with assault victim

(This is an Asian community leader – attacked by blacks on the way to visit a victim of a black attack!)

May 3 – Asian father brutally attacked while walking with 1-year-old child in SF

May 6 – Surveillance video shows violent stabbing of 2 older Asian women at SF bus stop

The first thing that must be noted about Dion Lim is that we have no white women who defend their race in the way Dion Lim defends her race, and that is very sad. This woman is a great reporter, a professional, and no doubt understands that due to political correctness, she is risking her career by reporting on these blacks and does it anyway because she wants to defend her people.

That should be an inspiration to everyone.

Asians and White People: Natural Friendship

There is no glorious future for white people that I can imagine that does not involve a relationship with the Asians based on mutual respect.

It is time for White Christians and Asians to realize that their only hope is to make friends with each other. We are the only two civilized races on the earth, and we are both under assault by the Jews, who are using every weapon against us.

When Asians come to America, they are subjected to the same abuses as white people are – they are attacked on the street by blacks, of course, but they are also discriminated against in university admissions and in hiring.

Frankly, Asians are so high IQ that they would outcompete whites in university admissions on an equal playing field, so that is an issue we would have to solve. But if there were not Jews in the middle of this situation, Whites and Asians could sit down and easily solve this and any other conflict we might have.

For example: there is a lot of money to be made in China. So we could make deals with China wherein we allow Asians in our universities on an equal basis that they allow Americans in their top universities. Also, we should have a program where Chinese language teachers at elementary and high schools help prepare students to study in China by teaching them the basics of Chinese language, as this is the biggest hurdle to whites being able to do business in China.

The other conflicts between whites and Asians are all very small – the trade deals are an issue, but that can all be worked out easily. Chinese people are very reasonable when it comes to deal-making, and if Donald Trump wouldn’t have been thwarted with that stupid Hong Kong Antifa hoax and then the dumb virus hoax, he could easily have fixed trade with China.

Donald Trump was making big time friendship of China people, but the Jews interfered with their diabolical schemes.
Donald Trump was making big time friendship of China people, but the Jews interfered with their diabolical schemes.

On the social level, we have the issue of race-mixing, which can cause social disharmony. However, pretty much 100% of White-Asian race-mixing is White Male-Asian Female, and the main reason this happens is because white women are so horrible and beastlike. Most white women are truly in full beast mode. In a future without Jewish meddling, where we are working with the Asians to build a glorious future, we will fix white women by restraining their eating behaviors, their cellphone use (no can allow), and their birth control pills (which make them masculine).

Also, I don’t think Asian men like White Male-Asian Female couplings, especially in China where they have a shortage of young women. So there’s an easy deal to make there. (Note: I do not support breaking up existing interracial marriages or anything like that, but simply allowing both groups to preserve their racial and cultural identity by moving away from this practice which threatens social harmony.)

The other issue is Chinese ownership of land in America. I don’t really think this should be allowed, other than on a small scale (i.e., Chinese restaurants and stores, and whatever buildings are in Chinatown). Obviously, the Chinese would be able to understand why we view this as not good. The details would have to be worked out, and maybe the solution would simply be to allow more white ownership in China (although I don’t know that they will go for that). Or, we can implement a program of buy-backs.

The Chinese didn’t do anything wrong by buying American property, because America was selling the property – why would they not buy it? It is the fault of our own Jew-infested government for allowing the insane concept of foreign property ownership, something which not even poor third world countries (that would really benefit from it) allow. But that is just an issue that would need to be worked out, and we would have to come to a deal.

The good news is: any negotiation is going to be easy, because the United States is occupying a part of China called Taiwan, and China really wants us to stop occupying that land. It is no problem at all to make a clean deal to give them back Taiwan and accept their ownership of the South China Sea in exchange for concessions on some of the other issues (such as too much property ownership in America).

The biggest problem right now is that Chinese people do not have good Public Relations with white people. If they had better PR, many white people would understand that Chinese people are only concerned about doing business and helping their families. They have no plan to hurt Americans. This is very much in contrast to the Jews who control America, who have the single goal of hurting Americans. Jews promote feminism, gay sex, multi-racialism and various other things only for the goal of hurting White Christians. They also want to control China, so they can do these things. In Taiwan, the part of China controlled by America, they already have legalized gay marriage – against the will of the people – and have big gay sex parades in the streets in front of the children.

Chinese people know that this is very bad for family happiness, and now they are beginning to understand that the US government wants to make all of China accept gay sex. I hope they are starting to understand that this is a Jewish agenda, just like the “human rights” agenda is so Jewish.

I’m sure it is confusing to Chinese people that the Jews are falsely accusing them of “human rights violations” in Xinjiang, and that they do this because they want to convince them to have gay sex. Chinese people need to understand that Jews have a very strange and mystifying agenda.

Americans need to realize that Asians are the most natural friends of White Christians, and we all stand to make a lot of money and create big time family happiness if we are able to deal with each other without the Jews getting in our way.

Right now, the Jews are not simply sending their orcs to attack Asians on the streets, they are sending their warships to menace China and try to start a war with them. The Jews think that Americans should have to fight a war to bring gay sex to China.

It would be very easy for Whites and Asians (Americans and Chinese) to build a nice future for the world, based on mutual respect and clear dealings. We can also ensure that in the deal, Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Vietnam, which are afraid of Chinese influence, have a good deal and can maintain independence, while also respecting that China is the Big Boss country in Asia. That is: we can use our own power to make good deals with China that make sure everyone in the world is happy.

The only party that will not be happy are the Jews and the weird globalist groups that want to build a single global government and mix all of the races together.

The only real problem facing the world right now is that these Jews and other globalists control the Western world, and they are on a maniac mission to bring down China and Russia in order to make these countries join the globalist system, which is not based on family and good trade relations, but on anal sex, race-mixing and oppression of the people.

(Republished from The Daily Stormer by permission of author or representative)
The China/America Series
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